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1 Approved Meeting Minutes Board of Trustees for Adams State University May 15, 2015 Adams State University Richardson Hall Alamosa, Colorado The Board of Trustees for Adams State University convened a regular meeting on Friday, May 15, 2015 on the campus of Adams State University, Richardson Hall, room I. Call To Order The meeting was called to order by Chairman Arnold Salazar at 9:13 a.m. II. Roll Call Board of Trustees Chairman Arnold Salazar Present Trustee Farley Excused Trustee Griffin Present Trustee Rogers Present Trustee LeRoy Salazar Present Trustee Simpson Present Trustee Singletary Present Trustee Vigil Excused Trustee Wright Present Faculty Trustee Benson Present Student Trustee Gomez Present ASU Staff, Students, and Others Aaron Abeyta Department of ETC Charlotte Bobicki Sen. Bennet s Office Eric Carpio Admissions Kevin Daniel Computing Services Belle Faust PEBC Carol Guerrero-Murphy CIELO Heather Heersink Finance & Administration Matt Hildner Pueblo Chieftain Stephanie Hilwig Department of Sociology Danny LeDonne Mass Communications Karen Lempke Developmental Education Frank Novotny Academic Affairs Nick Saenz Department of History Jessica Salazar Atty. General s Office Bill Mansheim Finance and Govt. Relations Michael Mumper Enrollment Management Beverlee J. McClure Incoming ASU President Tracy Rogers Human Resources Carol Smith Nielsen Library David Svaldi Office of the President James Trujillo Office of the President Julie Waechter Office of the President Rosann Ward PEBC III. Approval of Agenda Page 1 of 6 APPROVED BOT 5/15/15

2 Chairman Arnold Salazar called for a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Trustee Rogers moved the motion. Trustee LeRoy Salazar seconded. The motion passed and the agenda was approved. IV. Public Comment Danny LeDonne, Visiting Adjunct Mass Communications Instructor, presented a hard copy letter to each Board member regarding his pursuit to be retained as a professor at Adams State University, and provided a brief background on his education and accomplishments. V. Approval of Consent Agenda Chairman Arnold Salazar called for a motion to approve the consent agenda items as submitted which included the following: Approval of the April 2-3, 2015 Board of Trustees regular meeting minutes Approval of the April 9, 2015 Board of Trustees special meeting minutes Approval of the May 8, 2015 Board of Trustees special meeting minutes Trustee Griffin moved to approve the consent agenda. Trustee Singletary seconded. The motion passed unanimously. VI. Action Items A. FY Tuition and Fee Rates and Operating Budget Heather Heersink, Assistant Vice President for Budget and Technology, presented proposed tuition and fee rates for the fiscal year for the board's consideration of approval. She briefly reviewed the calculations and assumptions that were used to derive the proposal, and answered various questions of the Board including cost of living, tuition, enrollment, accessibility, capacity, and the need for the State to fund institutions at a minimal level of funding vs. the current proportional funding model currently used. Chairman Arnold Salazar called for a motion to approve the proposed FY Tuition and Fee Rates as presented. Trustee Rogers moved the motion. Trustee Wright seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Vice President Heersink then presented information regarding the proposed FY Operating Budget. She answered question asked of the Board including depreciation, PERA, enrollment, etc. Chairman Arnold Salazar called for a motion to approve the FY Operating Budget as presented. Trustee Simpson moved the motion. Trustee Griffin seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Chairman Arnold Salazar, on behalf of the full Board, thanked Assistant Vice President Heersink, and all those who worked on the budget, for their hard and dedicated work. B. July 2015 Board Retreat Page 2 of 6 APPROVED BOT 5/15/15

3 Chairman Arnold Salazar reminded the Board that at their February 2015 meeting, the board approved the Trustee Meeting Scheduled that included holding the annual Board Retreat on July 9-10, 2015 in Salida, CO. It was explained that Dr. McClure will start as president of Adams State University on Monday, July 6, 2015, and the board was asked if it would be beneficial to reschedule the retreat in order to allow Dr. McClure an opportunity to better acclimate herself to the institution. After a brief discussion, the Board agreed to move forward with having the retreat on scheduled date, and if needed, and additional meeting would be scheduled in the future. The Board then discussed the overall meeting structure and suggested various topics to be addressed. It was decided that the meeting would focus on the overall strengths and weakness of the institution, and what steps need to be taken in the future to ensure the viability of the University. VII. Boettcher Teacher Residency Program Report Dr. Rosann Ward, president of the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC), and Dr. Belle Fauste, Executive Director of the Boettcher Teacher Residency Program, presented information on the Boettcher Teacher Residency Program. They provided background information on the program, explaining that the goal of the program is to serve high-need schools and districts by recruiting, preparing, supporting and retaining high-quality teachers for our partner schools, explained particulars of the grant cycle, and emphasized the importance of the partnership that exists between PEBC and Adams State University. Dr. Faust then presented an overview of the program including length of completion, partner school districts, explained the cohort system, program/participant requirements, scholarship opportunities, etc. VIII. Sabbatical Reports/ASUPD Presentations At a previous meeting, members of the Board had expressed their desire to have presentations from those faculty who were granted sabbatical leave and completed their sabbatical work from the previous cycle. Dr. Tracy Doyle, Professor of Music, Dr. Robert Astalos, Professor of Physics, and Mr. Eugene Schilling, Professor of Art, gave presentations on their sabbatical work to the board. In addition, Adams State University Police Chief Paul Grohowski, presented commendations to ASU Police Officers Michael Martinez, Nate Rale, and Edward Rodriguez, for performance of work done above and beyond the call of duty. ** Note: The meeting recessed at 11:57 a.m. for lunch. ** Meeting reconvenes at 1:30 p.m. with the following Board members present: Chairman Arnold Salazar Trustee Griffin Trustee Rogers Trustee LeRoy Salazar Trustee Simpson Trustee Singletary Trustee Wright Faculty Trustee Benson Student Trustee Gomez Page 3 of 6 APPROVED BOT 5/15/15

4 **Note: The following was taken out of order by board consent** B. Climate Survey Report Carol Guerrero-Murphy, Professor of English/Inclusive Excellence Liaison/ Chair of the Community for Inclusive Excellence, Leadership & Opportunity (CIELO) group, Nick Saenz, Assistant Professor of History, Aaron Abeyta, Professor of English, and Stephanie Hilwig, Professor of Sociology, presented information to the Board regarding the 2014 Campus Climate Survey. They provided brief background information, reviewed how the group organized, communicated, and collected/processed the surveys and data received from the surveys that were sent to the campus community. They then reviewed at length with the Board their key findings including racial, ethnic, social class, gender and sexual background concerns, lack of professional development opportunities, the need to engage the community better, lack of promotion/recognition of ASU s status of being an HSI, and discussed specific responses and data received from faculty, staff and students and addressed specific questions of the Board. Additionally, various recommendations to address the concerns from the survey were addressed, along with an overview of steps that will be taken in the future including increasing survey responses from students, finalize and implement an action plan, secure funding, etc. After further discussion, the Board thanked the group for their report and looks forward to additional discussion in the future. Agenda Resumes A. Adams State University Foundation Board Report Duane Bussey, Adams State University Foundation Board President, presented a Foundation update and explained that the ASU Foundation encompasses the Adams State University Grizzly Club, the Adams State University Alumni Association, in addition to managing the contributions that are received by the Foundation on behalf of the institution. He provided financial information on the Foundation s total assets as of the March 31, 2015 recording period being $18,126,723, noting a 7% increase over the amount from the same period last year, with the majority of the funds being restricted. Total Foundation income and gifts to-date, (contributions, investment earning, and Grizzly Club earnings), stands at $1.5 million which is down from the same period the previous year partially attributed to significantly lower gains on the investment market. Total scholarship program support stands at $757,925, and total Grizzly Club support stands at $122,427. Mr. Bussey then discussed the Foundation s long-term goals, one of which is to be able to hire a full-time fundraiser, and informed the Board of changes in the Foundation/Alumni area including the promoting of Lori Laske, Alumni Relations Director, who will be taking on expanded duties as the Executive Director of Alumni and Donor Relations. Mr. Bussey also noted that Ms. Laske has received her certification as a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). An administrative support person has been added to the Foundation and Alumni office which will allow Tammy Lopez, Executive Director of the Adams State University Foundation, and Ms. Laske better opportunity to pursue funding opportunities. Page 4 of 6 APPROVED BOT 5/15/15

5 $50,000 of one-time support was given to the University this past year, with a strong possibility of additional funds being available in the future. The full cost to produce the A-Stater magazine, approximately $35,000, is now being covered by the Foundation to free-up additional funds for the University to be used elsewhere. In addition, Mr. Bussey reported that as of January 2014, 11 new endowments have been created, $21,585 has been collected from pledges received during the annual phone-a-thon fundraising event, and a new McDaniel internship program has been created which allowed 14 students to be hired on campus and in the community. C. President s Report President Svaldi reported that just after three years of its inception, the Adams State University Baseball team played in their first RMAC championship tournament and is pleased at the team s progress. Additionally he reported that the ASU indoor track team were victors in the Division II Indoor Track Championship; the ASU Model United Nations team was very successful during their recent international conference that took place in Menton, France where several members were recognized as Best Delegates in their respective committees; the scheduled meeting of a Trustees Summit on October ; the recent meeting of the Boettcher Residence Teacher Program and Lt. Governor Garcia; the hosting of a symposium sponsored by PEBC and the Boettcher Foundation that will include current and former teachers in the Boettcher Teacher Residency Program; the upcoming marriage of James Trujillo; and of his last day in office being June 30, He thanked everyone for their support over the years and is very confident that Adams State will continue to grow and prosper in the future. D. Enrollment Report Dr. Michael Mumper, Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management and Program Development, informed the Board that higher education enrollment in general is very cyclical, and he believes that the enrollment trends that the institution is currently experiencing is very similar to that of past years where there have been several years of near record enrollment, followed by several years of incrementally decreased class sizes. He provided the Board a hardcopy of year-to-date comparative enrollment data and discussed various aspects of the data including first-time, transfer, readmitted, and high school (concurrent) students, noting that there is also a decline in internal continuing student enrollment. He also noted that the decrease in undergraduate, non-resident enrollment is down due in part to changes in the coaching areas in the Department of Athletics, as a significant number of non-resident students are athletes. He informed the Board that approximately 60% of fall registration has been completed and efforts are ongoing to reach out and contact students and advise them on registration. Eric Carpio, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management, provided information about the upcoming freshman enrollment, noting that nearly 300 new freshman have been pre-advised and pre-registered for classes with an additional 60 students who have submitted housing materials, but have not yet been advised or registered. The target freshmen enrollment number is 500 students, and he is very optimistic that they will reach that goal. He further discussed current enrollment trends and obstacles institutions are facing, including student making their decision to attend college much later in the season, financial concerns, etc. Michael Mumper then informed members of the Board that he anticipates graduate enrollment to mirror the previous year s enrollment at near 1,000 students. Page 5 of 6 APPROVED BOT 5/15/15

6 The Board continued in a brief discussion regarding recruitment, timing strategies, scholarship offerings, etc. E. Faculty Trustee Report Faculty Trustee Benson reported that with the end of the semester, typical end of semester fatigue is evident among faculty and students, however everyone is in good spirits and classes are progressing well. He informed the Board that the ASU Title V STEM program is working in conjunction with the Boettcher Teacher Program to develop workshops for teachers, and of the interest among faculty of the possibility of new programing involving unmanned aircraft systems. F. Student Trustee Report Student Trustee Gomez reported that the AS&F student government funded over 53 different events and programs during the academic year, totaling $85, In addition, AS&F allows for sponsorship of non-club organization requests through their Campus Impact Fund, and funded such items as the annual Student Scholars Days and the San Luis Valley Regional Science fair events, recycling bins located across campus, and several standup paddle boards for summer water activities on the Rio Grande. She also informed that Board that AS&F Senate underwent restructuring in order to better represent students among the different departments on campus. Additionally, in an effort to better address club requests for funding, a new rubric and process has been implemented. IX. Executive Session Chairman Arnold Salazar called for a motion to convene an executive session pursuant to (3)(b), C.R.S. for the purpose of discussing certain employment matters personal to particular employees and/or pursuant to (3)(a)(II) C.R.S. to meet with the Board s attorney to discuss pending court action and to receive legal advice on specific legal questions. Trustee Wright moved the motion. Trustee Griffin seconded. The motion passed unanimously and the public was excused. Open Session XI. Adjournment Chairman Arnold Salazar called for a motion to adjourn. Trustee Griffin moved the motion. Trustee Simpson seconded. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 3:52 p.m. Page 6 of 6 APPROVED BOT 5/15/15