Mobile GIS at Washington State Department of Natural Resources

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2 Mobile GIS at Washington State Department of Natural Resources By Jeffrey Holden

3 Washington DNR Lands 5.6 million acres of state land Aquatic Lands

4 Manage Forests for Schools $300 million annually for schools

5 Regulate Forest Practices

6 Manage State Aquatics Lands

7 Geology Survey

8 Fight Wildfire in Washington

9 Washington DNR Employees 1,500 employees 900 ArcGIS users 500 mobile devices Many different teams each collects different data

10 For Navigation Garmin 60 CSx Custom Map Source base map

11 For Editing in the Field ArcPad Trimble Nomad GPS devices Trimble Pro XT, and XH Antenna

12 Steps to move to mobile 1. Mobile GIS Strategy 2. Prove the new technology works 3. Justify the cost 4. Maps for navigation 5. Develop the editing work flow 6. Train and enable staff

13 Prove the technology works Capitol Forest. Northwest Temperate Rainforest

14 Survey Points 1. Survey points know locations

15 Collect with GPS 2. Collect GPS location with each GPS device at each survey point

16 3. Repeat for many survey points

17 GPS devices tested Collector running on: ipad Android Bluetooth receivers: Trimble R1 GNSS receiver Bad Elf Surveyor Garmin GLO

18 Locate 4. Compare the GPS location at each survey point

19 Measure 5. Measure from survey point to GPS point

20 Samsung Galaxy Tablet Item Cost Accuracy Samsung Galaxy Tablet $ feet Total $149

21 ipad Mini

22 Bluetooth Devices Garmin GLO Bad Elf Surveyor Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver

23 Summary of Devices

24 Avenza

25 Collector File Geodatabase Using ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro to publish a Feature Service ArcGIS Online Feature Service Sync changes ArcGIS Online Web Map for Collector Download local Area to Mobile Device

26 Collector Groups Base Maps Feature Services

27 Services Feature Services Updated weekly For offline

28 A Web Map for Collector

29 Survey 123 Create Survey 123 Form with Survey 123 Online or Survey 123 Connect Publish Survey 123 Form Survey 123 Feature Service on ArcGIS Online Complete Form on Mobile Device Sync changes

30 Collector and Survey 123 File Geodatabase Create Survey Create Feature Service Publish Survey 123 Form Feature Service on ArcGIS Online Survey on ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Online Web Map for Collector Download Collector Download Survey Form Sync changes To Survey 123 Service

31 Mobile Map Packages Create Mobile Map Package with ArcGIS Pro Upload to Portal or ArcGIS Online Mobile Map Package on Portal or ArcGIS Online, or a file

32 Example Applications DNR has many different teams GIS Analysts develop their Web Maps and editable layers Editors gather data with Collector and/or Survey 123 Mobile GIS Committee recommends: Base maps DNR shared services Publishes services with regular updates

33 Aquatics Geoduck 1. Dives route with Web App Builder Application. 2. Inspection forms are completed with Survey Dashboard and report 4. About 20 users

34 Aquatics Derelict Vessels 1. Derelict vessels 2. Located by County Marine Sheriffs 3. Stored on our GIS Portal 4. Reviewed by DNR

35 Urban Forestry Puget Sound Corps Crews Track Planting, Pruning, invasive species removal Shared with Cities and Counties

36 Land Owner Assistance Program 1. Land Owner Assistance 2. Thinning 3. Reduces forest fuels 4. Homes protected

37 Forest Resources 1. Measure timber volume 2. Plan the harvest 3. Plan regeneration

38 Forest Resources 1. Map the location of Forest Inventory Plots in Collector 2. Link to Survey 123 Form

39 Forest Resources 3. Inventory with Survey 123

40 Geology 1. Create tile packages with LiDAR 2. Map past and potential landslide areas with Collector

41 Forest Practices 1. Roads, culverts, drainage, and road decommissioning 2. Link to Survey Inspection with Survey Custom tile packages

42 Forest Practices Mobile Map Package 1. Download from Portal or ArcGIS Online 2. Viewing only 3. Attributes are available

43 Engineering Bridge Inspections 1. Bridge location in Collector 2. Inspections completed with Survey Updated in ArcGIS Online 4. Synced to Oracle Database nightly

44 Mobile GIS at Washington Department of Natural Resources By Jeffrey Holden