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1 End-To-End Loans & Leases One System IFSLeaseWorks provides seamless lease and loan structuring, credit scoring, documentation, booking, contract administration and accounting. Compete! Front Office Automation Web Portal for Vendors and Dealers Credit Scoring Documentation Imaging Application Workflow Back Office Automation Invoicing Collections Customer Service Asset/Inventory Management Robust Lease & Loan Accounting FEATURES: Page Overview 2 System-Wide Features Front Office Features Back Office Features Interfaces 20 SERVICES: Contact IFS... On the web Telephone (888) x201 Fax... (201) Page ASP / Hosting 21 Consulting 21 Development 21 Data Center Operations 21 Application Testing 21 Write us or stop by Integrated Financial Solutions 500 Route 17 South Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604

2 Overview Vendor/Dealer Web Portal Front Office Processes How many software packages do you need to support your business? Back Office Processes ONE IFSLeaseWorks Support all your processes with the unrivaled functionality of IFSLeaseWorks. IFSLeaseWorks efficiently and reliably manages the entire life cycle of a lease or a loan from a single, integrated, software package. IFSLeaseWorks is ideal for finance companies needing an assetbased solution to manage high-volume originations and administration of lease and loan portfolios. The IFSLeaseWorks system is designed to manage traditional vendor financing programs as well as captive or in-house portfolios. As a premier developer and consultancy, IFS will work with you to review your processes and customize IFSLeaseWorks to support your business. Page 2

3 System-Wide Features Deal Structures Leases Direct Finance Leases Operating Leases Synthetic Leases Progress Payment Leases Cost-per-use Leases True & CSC Leases Interim Rent Advance Payments & Security Deposits Flexible Residual Options Add-on Schedules for Trade-Ups Loans Fixed & Floating Daily Interest and Fixed Amortization Interest Only and 0 Interest Structures Leases and Loans Monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual or variable step payment plans. Customer Credit Lines Vendor/Dealer Advance Funding Lines Portfolio Financing Discounted Leases Securitizations Syndications Sale-Leaseback Workflow Work Queues IFSLeaseWorks supports your unique work flow with flexible, user-defined, work queues. Work queues are driven by user configurable deal status and sub-status or by specific events. Separate work queues, each with their own unique workflow, are available for: Application Processing Customer Service Collections Legal Collections Suspended Cash Asset Management To-Do Management Configurable work queues for managing front office or back office to-do s that are associated with a lease or loan. Tickler System Create a user specific event tickle as a reminder or generate them automatically by certain system events such as the receipt of faxes without a barcode or for vendor/dealer s to communicate with inside representatives. Comments Enter an unlimited number of unlimited length comments for a customer, lease/loan, vendor/dealer, or an asset. File Attachments Attach a file of any type (Excel, Word, SuperTrump,.jpg) to a customer, lease/ loan, vendor/dealer, or an asset. User-Defined Fields and Screens IFSLeaseWorks supports an unlimited number of userdefined screens and user defined fields to support your unique data requirements. Associate a custom screen with a customer group, customer, contract, schedule or asset. Fields can be of various types including currency, percentage, social security number, integer, phone number, date/time as well as user maintained pick lists. Fields can be required or optional. These fields can be used in queries, reports, downloads and lease/loan documents. Page 3

4 System-Wide Features Fax Services Fax services automates sending and receiving faxes, improving process efficiency and customer service. Inbound faxes are integrated with the imaging services, allowing bar-coded documents to be automatically associated with a lease or loan. Unassociated documents are queued for processing. Any document in IFSLeaseWorks can be faxed including, quotes, contract documentation, vendor/broker communication, invoices, buyout letters and any userdefined back office letter. Services Similar to fax services, e- mail services automates your document communication using internet . services can send any document in IFSLeaseWorks. Imaging Services Contract documentation can be archived and retrieved on-line, eliminating the need for costly manual processes. The result improved process efficiency and improved customer service. Imaging services supports scanned documents or documents received via fax services. Documents are associated with a lease or loan, document type, and up to 5 other user-defined keys for easy retrieval. Documents received via fax services that were generated by IFSLeaseWorks documentation services are automatically associated with a lease or loan and document type through the use of IFSLeaseWorks unique bar-coding technology. Archived documents can be retrieved and ed or faxed, significantly enhancing customer service and productivity. Reporting Services IFSLeaseWorks contains approximately 150 canned Crystal reports and downloads. Each report has run-time data selection criteria. Reports can be printed or produced as.pdf files. IFSLeaseWorks uses the Oracle database allowing users to develop their own ad-hoc reports using Crystal reports. Vendor/Dealer reports can be generated by vendors and dealers on your IFSLeaseWorks web portal. User Security and Auditing Users who don t have privileges to execute a particular function won t see that function on their menu. Through the assignment of roles, users are given privileges to perform certain functions and are assigned various authorization levels. An audit trail is maintained for all key transactions and a snapshot of the deal is taken during key contract changes. Page 4

5 Front Office Features Vendor / Dealer Portal Credit Scoring Auto Doc Auto Book Vendor / Dealer Automation Pricing Status Tracking Documentation Rules Based Documentation /Fax/Web Unlimited Docs Private Label Rules Based Scoring Fair Isaac Liquid Credit Bureaus/D&B - Online Risk Based Pricing Booking Checklist Payables Imaging IFSLeaseWorks provides unmatched support for your front office workflow. IFSLeaseWorks manages your vendor/dealer relationships via a web portal that is fully integrated with pricing, credit scoring, documentation and booking via workflow dashboards. Page 5

6 Front Office Features Single Screen Design IFSLeaseWorks unique single screen design ensures that the entire origination process is managed through a single screen. Options are context sensitive relative to userdefined status, ensuring that IFSLeaseWorks is easy to use while maintaining a rich set of features and tools. Efficient Application Entry Easily associate new applications with a customer for full access to all customer data including bank and trade references, addresses, and credit data. Real time exposure is available for drill-down analytical analysis. User-defined templates populate fields for simplified, efficient, data entry. Work Queues IFSLeaseWorks supports your unique work flow with flexible, user-defined, work queues. Work queues are driven by user configurable deal status and sub-status. Web Portal for Vendors and Dealers The web portal allows vendors, dealers or branch offices to manage their applications from your web site, integrating their processes with yours. Customize the look and feel for each vendor or dealer, including customer logos, color schemes, web links, pricing, tools, required fields, hidden fields, and user-defined fields. Each vendor or dealer can have an unlimited number of users, managed by their administrator. Applications are processed using your custom workflow. Communications to and from the vendor or dealer are managed through he web portal. Vendors and dealers are restricted to their customers for inquiry and reporting. Dashboard views allow vendors and dealers to easily manage their workflow to quickly and easily execute documents, rectify credit holds and funding holds. Decisions are communicated via the dashboard and/or . Lease and loan amortization calculators create printable or Excel formatted amortization schedules. Price transactions with on-line rate plans customized for each vendor or dealer Contract documents are automatically generated based on user-defined rules and pushed to the web portal. Interactive vendor or dealer reports. Interactive vendor or dealer reporting tool for portfolio reporting for end-of-term management and delinquency management. Page 6

7 Front Office Features Pricing Rate Plans - Rate plans assures compliance with vendor negotiated agreements and internal underwriting guidelines. To price commissions, lease payments are grossed-up to maintain the target yield. Rate plans are enforced for deals originated from your IFSLeaseWorks web portal and those entered internally. Yield Target - Pre-tax yield target pricing considers equipment cost, advances, residual assumptions and commissions. Risk Based - Risk based pricing is integrated into rate plans and credit scoring. Scenario Tracking and Proposal Generator Generate proposal letters (fax or ) and save them as scenarios for latter retrieval. Asset Level Capabilities Enter an unlimited number of assets per schedule. Enter an unlimited number of asset detail records. Addresses - Each asset can have its own address separate from the billing address. The address is associated with a GEO code (Vertex or DPC) to derive the sales tax jurisdiction. Sales Tax - Sales tax methods (on-rental, upfront on receivables, upfront on cost, etc.) are automatically associated with each asset based on a state sales tax methods table. Up-front taxes can be collected up-front or financed. IFSLeaseWorks integrates with Vertex or DPC for rates. Sales tax can be reported on a cash or accrual basis. Property Tax - Property tax handling method is managed at the asset level. True/CSC - Assets are either true or CSC based on rules. Vehicle and Title Tracking - Track vehicle and title information for each asset. Insurance Tracking - Track an unlimited number of insurance contracts for each asset. Insurance can also be tracked at the contract level. Make/Model Table - Associate a make and model with each asset from a user-maintained table. Asset Cloning and Asset Import Capabilities - IFSLeaseWorks simplifies entering multiple assets with user-defined templates for cloning an asset and upload templates for importing assets. Easily move an asset from inventory to a lease application. The related accounting is handled by IFSLeaseWorks. Page 7

8 Front Office Features Credit Underwriting Bank and Trade References - Track an unlimited number of bank and trade references for each application. References can be updated for future applications or covenant tracking, maintaining a full credit history. Corporate and Personal Guarantors - An unlimited number of guarantors can be associated with an application. Interfaces directly with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion for seamless access to credit data. This credit data is associated with the guarantor. Interfaces directly with PayNet, D&B, Experian and Fair Isaac Liquid Credit for seamless access to business credit information. Lines-of-Credit - Lines-of- Credit can be associated with each customer. Automated Credit Scoring The IFSLeaseWorks credit scoring system automates the credit process with userdefinable rules based score cards. The credit scoring system is fully integrated into the application workflow for efficient credit adjudication and with the web portal for seamless vendor/dealer notification. Interfaces directly with Fair Isaac Liquid Credit, D&B, PayNet, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion for credit data. Unlimited number of score cards with userdefinable score card selection criteria. Flexible score card rules using credit data, application data as well as calculated or derived data. Supports weight and value scoring with replacement rules for missing elements. Pre and post scoring decisioning. Auto-mode - Fully decision an application without user intervention. Risk based pricing - The credit scoring system is integrated with the pricing system, providing risk based pricing. Documentation IFSLeaseWorks rules-based documentation system generates contract documentation based on your documentation guidelines. You develop and maintain your documentation templates using Microsoft Word. Documents are generated as either Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) readable files or password protected Word documents. The documentation system integrates your documents with the fields in your contract (including userdefined fields). Documents can be faxed, e- mailed or pushed to vendors or dealers through the web portal. Page 8

9 Front Office Features Automated Booking Process A booking checklist ensures that all required documents are received and that all approved terms and conditions are complied with. User-Defined Booking Discrepancies are enforced and can be waived with appropriate user authority. Advance Payment Accounting - Payments for administration fees, deposits, advance payments, etc. are managed at booking. Options for managing advance payments include: funds received with documentation, withhold from vendor invoice for funds received by vendor, applied from suspended cash or invoiced on the first invoice. Interim Rent - Automatically calculates and bills interim rent. Setup administrative terms - Payment type (ACH or lockbox), recurring fees, etc. can be setup at booking to ensure that the lease does not require backend modification. Funding (Accounts Payable) Invoices & Commissions Payable - Create and pay invoices and commission to a vendor, dealer or other payee via check or ACH. Pay an unlimited number of invoices for each schedule. Withhold funds for reserves or other userdefinable reasons. Generate checks or ACH for miscellaneous A/P. Supports trade-up programs. Profile funding sources and send funding packages by or fax. Generate custom funding reports. Vendor / Dealer Management IFSLeaseWorks offers unparalleled support for managing your vendor or dealer relationships, programs and related processes. Fully integrated into all aspects of IFSLeaseWorks, this seamless support vastly improves cycle time for credit approvals, documentation and booking. Vendor/dealer customization includes: Risk based rate plans Restrictions by type of lease, residual %, equipment type, etc. Private label support for documentation, invoicing and customer service. Commissions - A commission is associated with each rate plan, ensuring that planned yields are protected. Decision notification and documentation rules Reporting by vendor or vendor group. Page 9

10 Back Office Features - Administration Invoicing Cash App Auto Rebook Termination Private Label Print or Bureau Reproduce Any Historic Invoice Web Enabled Flexible rewrite Asset split Check, Lock Box, ACH, Credit Card Multiple Hierarchy Payment history available via web Full or Partial Write-Off/Down Trade-Up IFSLeaseWorks was designed to efficiently manage hundreds of thousands of leases and loans. Consequently, our uniquely efficient screen design and user-defined work queues can improve the efficiency of any back office. IFSLeaseWorks automates many processes that are often manual or require manual intervention in other systems. Page 10

11 Back Office Features - Administration Bookkeeping Bookkeeping Work Queue - Users in other departments (e.g. Customer service or asset management) make online requests to perform functions such as terminating contracts, etc. Requests are routed to department managers and then the bookkeeping department. This process eliminates the paper trail often associated with these requests. Rebooking - Change terms, conditions or contract type for a contract - prospectively or retroactively - for errors or workouts (such as payment extensions). This powerful option automates changes that require a manual rebooking in most systems. Accounting adjustments are automatically calculated and related accounting entries booked by the rebooking system. Termination - Terminate all or individual assets (partial termination). Assets disposition is automatically managed via this process, including return of equipment, repossession, sale of asset, lessee purchase, or write-off. Written off contracts can continue to be available for collections. The termination process properly accounts for sales tax in situations such as private exempt sales and vendor buyout of equipment. Gains or losses are automatically calculated by IFSLeaseWorks and related accounting entries booked by the termination process. Asset Split - Break single assets into multiple assets. This option allocates accounting detail to the new assets. This allows for partial terminations, partial buyouts or simply enhances asset tracking. Recurring A/R Assessment - A/R items can be scheduled to recur indefinitely (evergreen), until lease termination, or for a specific time period. Change Due Day - Modifies the due day and number of advance billing days for a contract. Change Sales Tax Treatment - Change the sale tax treatment of an asset. Options are exempt, on-rental, or upfront. The effective date of a change can trigger sales tax assessment or can generate a sales tax credit. Rates can be overrode for special tax situations. Customer Group Maintenance - Maintain a group of contracts to be billed on one invoice. Manual Vouching - Cut checks or ACH payments for miscellaneous payables such as customer reimbursements. Page 11

12 Back Office Features - Administration Cash Application Pending Check Work Queue - Process cash in suspense for checks that are not identified by the lock box process or are explicitly identified as exceptions to automatic posting. Checks received by other departments can also be entered as pending checks, eliminating paper requests. Post a check to multiple contracts - Cash can be automatically (according to the cash application hierarchy) or manually applied to one or multiple contracts. Check Search - Search for a check by date or check number. Lockbox or Manual Application - Cash can be automatically applied via a lockbox or manually applied. The cash application hierarchy is supported for both methods. Cash Application Hierarchy - Payments are posted according to a table-driven payment hierarchy. Excess lease or loan payment credits can be automatically or manually applied (via a system rule). Invoicing Billing Methods - Produce paper invoices or ACH debits. On-line credit card charges are supported for collections. Generate invoices daily or on any other schedule. Group contracts to be billed on a single invoice. Bundle items into a single line item on an invoice. Unbundled details are visible by customer service representatives. Predefined invoice format or create custom formats via an.xml interface ACH notifications Custom invoice messages at the company, line-ofbusiness, vendor/dealer or contract level. Custom item descriptions at the vendor level. Invoice detail available on-line for all past invoices. Duplicate invoices can be faxed or are available on-line. Cost-per-use administration and invoicing - Provides for billing based on usage activity. Accounting Monthly accounting accrual for income and depreciation. Bookings and cash are posted daily. First month lease income can be prorated or taken into income in full. Depreciation (Book and Tax) - Tax methods for federal and state include ADR, AMT and Bonus. Lease extension accounting for postmaturity leases (evergreen). Page 12

13 Back Office Features - Administration Accounting (Continued) Flexible mapping of accounting detail for general ledger and financial reporting. Investor Codes are used to track and account for various portfolio funding mechanisms such as on or off balance sheet securitizations, discounted sales with residual retention, and syndications. Support for on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet accounting. Foreign Currency / Canadian Tax support. Manage multiple currencies and Canadian taxation. Maintain an unlimited number of A/R types. Sales tax treatment for each A/R type is maintained by state. Payment Types Cash / Check / Wires ACH Debit - Automatically process ACH payments and returns. An ACH payment is available as the standard payment for a lease/loan or can be used as a one-time payment option for collections or end-oflease settlement. Userdefined processing rules determine how rejected ACH items are managed by type of rejection (NACHA standard codes.) Online Credit Card payments can be used for collections. Are you managing your accounting processes or are they managing you? Accounting is an afterthought for many of the leasing and lending systems on the market today. Accounting is an integral aspect of IFSLeaseWorks design. With IFSLeaseWorks you can be confident that your financial reporting and Sarbanes Oxley 404 compliance is fully supported by your leasing and lending system. Page 13

14 Back Office Features - Customer Service User Defined Actions Buyout Fax/ Integration Cust Svc Web Site User-defined customer service workflow Letters, buyouts, payment history, etc. User-defined buyout methods On-line, fax, e- mail Partial or full buyout quotes Address changes (asset / billing) Payment history Reprint current / Past invoices Buyout quotes With IFSLeaseWorks customer service portal and user-defined customer service workflow, IFSLeaseWorks provides exceptional capabilities for enhancing your customer relationships and improving your operating efficiency. Page 14

15 Back Office Features - Customer Service From the lease/loan summary screen, and with the appropriate security, a CSR has access to the following information and functionality: Customer Service Work Queue - Manage your customer service workflow using IFSLeaseWorks user definable customer service work queues. Contract Search - IFSLeaseWorks allows you to easily find a contract by various search criteria including: lease number, lessee name, contact name, lessee address, telephone number, guarantor name or social security number, equipment serial#/vin, asset description, asset location, or by UDFs. Payment History - View all past payments of a lesee, including how each payment was applied. Fax or the payment history to the lessee. View payment schedules Open Items - View, create or waive (with appropriate security) open items (assessments). Open items can be bundled for billing purposes and viewed individually or bundled. Duplicate Invoice - View all previously generated invoices and print or fax a duplicate invoice. Name and Address Maintenance - Maintain billing and contact information. Assumptions - Assume a lease or loan using an existing or new customer. Credit Information - View or modify bank references, trade references, personal guarantors (including CBRs), corporate guarantors and D&B reports. Bank and trade references can be expired and updated, retaining full history. Buyout Quotes - Produce a buyout quote for a full or partial buyout of a contract using userdefined buyout methods. The buyout quote can be faxed or ed and are saved in IFSLeaseWorks. User-defined buyout quotes include any component of a lease as well as other information such as property tax estimates and data contained in user-defined fields. The Asset Split function allows you to easily break-out assets that may have been entered as a single asset. Letters - User-defined customer service letters can be printed, ed or faxed and are archived for retrieval. Customer Portal The IFSLeaseWorks customer service portal allows customers to: change billing address or asset location, reprint past invoices, view open items, and view past payments and how they were applied. Page 15

16 Back Office Features - Collections Aging Actions Letters Legal Collections Aging based workflow Exposure is integrated with underwriting Collector actions and customer commitments are tracked User defined letters can be faxed or ed Outside council/agency or in-house legal Track costs Negotiation screens IFSLeaseWorks collections capabilities efficiently manages the collection of delinquent accounts, protecting your portfolio asset quality. Page 16

17 Back Office Features - Collections Collections From the lease/loan summary screen, and with the appropriate security, a collector has access to the following information and functionality: Collections Work Queue - Manage your collections workflow using IFSLeaseWorks user definable collections work queue. Delinquent accounts are automatically assigned to a collection unit based on various criteria such as line of business, vendor, state, time zone receivable balance, past due amount and amount delinquent. Collection managers assign collectors to a collection unit. A sub-status can be assigned to each collection account for more granular work flow. Letters - User-defined letters can be printed, e- mailed or faxed and are archived for retrieval. Call Completion Actions - After completing a call with a lessee, a collector can take the following actions. Many of the actions remove the item from the work queue until a follow-up date. If the contract is current as of the follow-up date, it will not be re-queued. Follow-up call - Removes the contract from the work queue and places it back on the queue on a specific date. Letters (fax, , or print) - Print and archive custom collections letters. Track payment commitments made and lost. Assign contract to another collector, collections manager or to legal collections. View Collectors Delinquent Activity - View the collections activity by collection unit. Late Charge Maintenance - Override the default late charge rate and grace period days for a contract. Account Transfer - Transfer all contracts for a given vendor/dealer or for a given collector to a new collection unit. View previously closed out and paid-up contracts on work queues. Legal Collections / Workout From the legal collections screen, a legal collector has access to the following information and functionality: User definable legal collections work queue. Manage accounts in advanced stage collections. This system tracks the agencies and legal council that is working on the collection or recovery activities. Expense tracking Legal action - Track status, actions, disposition and follow-up. Page 17

18 Back Office Features - Asset Management End of Term Residual Valuation Remarketing / Negotiation Inventory Manage end-ofterm options. Auto-extend (evergeen), purchase, remarket, re-lease or inventory Update/writedown residual value Manage remarketers/ Brokers Negotiation Screens Owned assets can be tracked in inventory and sold or re-leased IFSLeaseWorks asset management and inventory features ensure lessors are maximizing end-of-lease potential and minimizing asset risk. Page 18

19 Back Office Features - Asset Management From the lease/loan summary screen, and with the appropriate security, an asset manager has access to the following information and functionality: Asset Management Work Queue - Manage your asset management workflow using IFSLeaseWorks user definable asset management work queue. This work queue is populated nightly with contracts that are within a specified balance (e.g. $25) or within a specified number of days to maturity (e.g. 30 days). Follow-up - Trigger a follow-up to place a contract back on a work queue. Generate correspondence such as confirmation letters, purchase order invoice or return instructions via print, fax or . Lease Extension - Extend the lease term post maturity. Bookkeeping Requests - Forward requests to the bookkeeping work queue for closeout requests, waive receivable requests or cash application requests. Instructions are easy for bookkeeping to automatically accept. Inventory Capabilities - Purchase assets directly into inventory or move asset into inventory after repossession or lease termination. Inventory Expense Tracking - Track capitalized or expensed costs associated with an asset. Inventory Sales - Enter check information for assets being sold from inventory, which is then automatically forwarded to the bookkeeping pending check work queue for posting. Chose a customer proven solution developed with the right technology IFSLeaseWorks IFSLeaseWorks is a three tier client server application, developed using the following technology: Oracle Database Microsoft Visual Basic Microsoft ASP.NET Java Crystal Reports Page 19

20 Interfaces IFSLeaseWorks interfaces integrate IFSLeaseWorks with specialized software and services. IFSLeaseWorks interfaces with many of the top providers of software and services for lease insurance services, property tax assessment and reporting, sales tax reporting, sales tax rates, UCC lien filing and financial reporting. Many of the vendors supported by IFSLeaseWorks can outsource administrative processes such as sales tax, property tax and invoice printing, reducing costs and allowing you to focus on your core business. Lease Insurance - Interfaces IFSLeaseWorks with lease insurance providers American Lease Insurance and Premier Lease and Loan Services to track insurance requirements, assess or credit premiums, and account for insurance commissions. Property Tax Assessment/Reporting - Interfaces IFSLeaseWorks with various providers of property tax management services and software. Sales Tax Reporting - Interfaces IFSLeaseWorks with various providers of sales tax management services and software. Sales Tax Rates - Interfaces IFSLeaseWorks with Vertex or DPC sales tax rates. UCC Lien Filing - Interfaces IFSLeaseWorks with UCC Direct Services for UCC filing services. General Ledger - Interfaces IFSLeaseWorks with popular general ledgers such as Great Plains, Oracle Financials, SAP, Peachtree and QuickBooks. Custom interfaces to other general ledger systems can be developed cost effectively. Contract Bridge (Booking Interface) - The contract bridge books leases into IFSLeaseWorks for transactions initiated in non-ifs front-end systems or for converting large portfolios into IFSLeaseWorks. Credit Bureau Data - IFSLeaseWorks Interfaces directly with Fair Isaac Liquid Credit, D&B, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion for credit data. Page 20