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2 ARKANSAS GAZETTE INDEX AN ARKANSAS INDEX BY SHANNON J. HENDERSON Copyright 1994 Arkansas Tech University Library Russellville, Arkansas

3 The Arkansas Gazette Index consists of brief summarizing statements of the news of Arkansas as it was published in the final edition of the Arkansas Gazette. Only those articles dealing with Arkansas people, places and events are considered for inclusion. Material not considered useful for future reference is omitted. Routine articles reporting on sports, social events and business activities are omitted. HEADINGS Subject headings (entries) are the main type of entry and are used when possible. Names of prominent persons and of firms and organizations are used as entries, but most names are crossreferenced to subjects. All subject headings (entries) are arranged alphabetically, wordby-word. Example: Old Washington Oldham Use of commas in subject headings result in an unusual filing system since the computer considers them when arranging entries that are identical up to the comma. Example: Harris, Summer Michelle Henderson Farms Henderson State University Henderson, John David Henderson, Shannon Elizabeth Abbreviations used as subject headings are arranged alphabetically as if they were wards. Example : P ayne PCBs Pea Ridge Cross references are arranged in alphabetical order and are listed before summaries of articles under that same heading. LOCATION SYMBOLS Each summary is followed by the month, day, year, page and column number where the article appeared in the Final (City) edition of the Arkansas Gazette. Reference from a person's name to a subject does not indicate if the named person is directly involved or is merely commenting on the topic. In all cases, the article should be read for clarification of this point.

4 ARKANSAS GAZETTE INDEX 1960 ABDUCT I ON see Kidnapping ABrnATHY, RALPH D Civil rights - Little Rock ABORTION see Birth control and abortion ACCIDENTS AND SAFETY Aviation accidents Construction industry Education - Accidents and safety Explosives and explosions Falls (Accidents) Industrial accidents Railroads Weather and storms Youth restored to life after receiving 110-volt shock 8/ 4/60 A2 2 ACE BWLING BALL CO see American Hard Rubber Co ACME BRICK CO Malvern plant to expand 7/13/60 B1 7 ACT 10 OF 1958 (Ark) see Civil rights - Educators ACTORS AND ENTERTAINERS Arkansas native Elton Britt is candidate for president 1/17/60 A4 2 Mahalia Jackson to sing at LR in benefit for Negro church 1/18/60 A2 4 Interview with Mahalia Jackson at LR 1/24/60 A9 1 Jerry Van Dyke. The Browns entertain at banquet in LR 2/14/60E5 2 Helena declares Conway Witty Week for native son ADAMS, HUGH LYNN 6/23/60 I31 4 Philander Smith College ADULT EDUCATION see Education. Adult ADULTERY AND PREMARITAL SEX Negro man, white woman arrested at Cats Motel near NLR AESTHETIC CLUB (Little Rock) Club was founded in 1883, still going strong AGED Halliburton, Mattie Jane Cotton State conference on aging to hear welfare official Committee on aging adopts 1961 conference proposals Sara Jane Diffee celebrates 93rd birthday William Shearer, 101, regrets be retired 4 years ago Jacob Calvin Adkison, 109, dies at Fort Smith Mrs Kate Washington. 113, dies at Lockesburg

5 AGGREGATES AND TRANSPORTERS CO Arkansas firm chgs Teamster harassment in Louisiana AGRICULTURAL STABILIZATION AND CONSERVATION SWVICE Officer says soil bank program administered fairly in Ark William R Overton, 71, loses court fight in werplant case Court cannot take wer cases of R G Holden and G D Clements Holden and Clements accused of filing false claims with govt AGRICULTURE Elms Planting Co Livestock and poultry Ohlendorf, Harold F Pollution, wastes and hazardous materials Winrock Farm ALC gets proposal to end pink boll worn control program Mickey Nakamura is mushroom farmer near Scott W H Fuller credited with starting rice industry in Arkansas Tschudy Farms sells acres to Morrison-Quirk Grain Peach industry in Johnson County hits bottom Peach harvest in full swing Legislators ask Plant Bd to ease up on pink bollworm control State reduces curbs against cotton pink bollworm Arkansas Farmers Union holds convention, passes resolutions Cotton planters approaching goal of no hand labor Federal govt may place bollworm quarantine on whole Btate Pink bollworm found in St Francis County Arkansas Farm Bureau convention opens at LR Harold F Ohlendorf tells Farm Bureau anti-socialist fight on L F Seidenstricker family named Farm Family of the Year About 50 Arkansans attend American Farm Bureau cow at Denver Over 50,000 farms disappeared in Ark fran 1954 to 1959 AIR CARS see Inventions and inventors AIRPLANES see Little Rock Zoo ALAGOOD. OSCAR Broadcaster mwes to new job ALBARES, EDWARD A Oil and Gas Commission (Ark) ATXOHOLIC BEVERAGES Beer permit for store near Booneville riles residents Gav Faubus promises to have beer permit at Boonwille revoked Gov Fauubus insists Logan County will stay dry Agents raid 100-gallon-capacity still near Benton Owner gives up beer permit near Boonevile ATTU Agent William F Ellis retiring after 34 years NLR ministers to urge boycott of Pike Plaza Shopping Center Ministers begin campaign to outlaw liquor in NLR Federal agents arrest alleged moonshine king. Virgil G Riley Negro accused of illicit distilling says it was flu medicine Moonshine cases net 19 convictions in federal court at LR White County's 1958 liquor vote won by drys, court rules 2/13/60Al 5 2/28/60 El 1 3/ 2O/6O El 1 4/22/60 B1 7 5/ 1/60 C3 2 7/17/60 El 1 8/12/60 Al5 1 8/13/60A2 1 8/18/60 B7 1 9/4/60B& 1 9/21/60 All 1 10/ 4/60 A1 5 11/20/60 A2 2 11/22/60 B / 9/60 I /18/60 C1 1 12/29/60 B1 4

6 Ark Supreme Ct voids cities1 liquor option act of /17/60 Bl Ministers start wet-dry petitions in North Little Rock 7/11/60 A6 Wet=dry vote campaign reported progrssing in NLR 8/21/60 B6 Ten wet-dry votes scheduled for this fall 9/14/60 B1 Ernest Woodrow Vaughn chgd on 15 federal liquor law counts 9/15/60 C12 Wet-dry election petition in Yell County fails by 47 names 10/ 1/60 A2 NLR Ministerial Alliance protest ads shming 'wet pol ice 10/27/60 C12 Wet policeman stays on ad at MLR despite protests of drys 10/29/60 B8 Rolla Fitch says Bradley County to have no on-premise permits 11/ 3/60 A5 NLR'a prohibition squabble to be settled by voters 11/ 6/60 A14 Christian Civic Fdn to propose new laws on drinkers 11/ 6/60 A14 NLR voters refuse to outlaw alcohol sales 11/ 9/60 B1 Virgil Gen Riley goes on trial accused as bootleg boss 12/ 7/60 I31 Virgil Gene Riley convicted on liquor charge 12/ 8/60 B1 Virgil Gene Riley gets 3-yr prison sentence in moonshine case 12/17/60 A3 Neighbors of illicit still at LR surprised after raid ALDRIDGE, HERBERT Aviation accidents - Pulaski County &FORD, DALE Congress - House Dist 5 ALFORD. GEORGE M Pine Bluff fire chief dies.&ford, T J (Mrs) Blue Star Mothers of America AL IENATION OF AFFECTION June T Groh drops alienation suit against Thelma D Karcher Suit says Hildreth spied on Karcher and Richard W Groh Thelma Karcher files slander suit against Marie Bildreth AL IENXATION OF AFFECTION Slander suit filed by Thelma D Karcher dismissed ALL-AMERICA CITIES CONTEST Green Forest ALLEN. BEN Legislature (Ark) ALLEN, TOM Government contracts and purchasing ALLIED TELEPHONE CO Fordyce asks PSC to halt firm from charging 10 pct penalty ALLIGATORS see Wildlife ALTHEMR Residents seek to avoid population loss ALTHEIMER, BEN T. FOUNDATION Validity of foundation uphdd by chancery court &TON BOX BOARD CO Jonesboro chosen for site of new plant ALY (Yell County) Changes in population typical of rural populations Ira 0 Trowbridge of Aly, shown with his horn fiddle AMENDMENT 52 OF 1960 (Proposed) see Education - Civil rights

7 AMERICAN FOUNDATION-PIONEER WESlIlERN LIFE INSURANCE 'Pwo companies at LR merge to form new company AMERICAN GREETINGS CORP 10/ 6/ Firm may build $3 million plant at Osceola 8/25/ 60 B1 3 Osceola bids on greeting card plant 10/14/60 B1 2 Osceola voters approve $4,500,000 bonds for factory 10/26/60 A3 2 AMERICAN HARD RUBBER CO Ground broken for new plant at Booneville 1/ 5/60 B1 5 Gov Orval Faubus to speak at dedication of Booneville plant 6/26/60 C2 8 Ace Bowling Ball Co at Booneville is subsidiary of American 8/ 5/ AMERICAN LEGION see Defenses (Military) - Little Rock Air Force Base see Veterans AMERICAN VETERANS COMMITTEE see Defenses (Military) - Little Rock Air Force Base AMERICANISM SEMINAR see Harding College ANDERSON, MARION Garland County ANDERSON, SAM L Garland County ANDERSON. TOM Conservative publisher speaks to LR Chamber of Commerce The Anderson speech (ed) ANDREW S, GEORGE T Defenses (Military) - Missiles ANIMAL s Little Rock Zoo Arkansas had record outbreak of rabies last year 1/17/60 A10 1 Old Shep's life on Clweland County farm almost a legend 3/24/60 El 2 Rabies cases in animals running ahead of last year 4/ 3/60 A14 4 Wolf attacks ranch worker near Mulberry 5/2/60Al 6 Great Dane mauls Regenia Smith, 9 6/13/60 A3 4 LR looks at ordinance on dogs running loose 6/24/60 A9 5 Dog that mauled girl, attacks officer, is shot 7/6/60A2 2 Rabies outbreak reported in Phillips County 10/18/60 A2 6 Tough hog attacks two Harrison men at livestock auction 11/24/60 A2 3 ANTS see Insects APPLE. W M SR Rivers - Lakes and Dams - Greers Ferry ARCADE BUILDING (Little Rock) see Buildings and off ices ARCHEOLOGICAL SOCIETY, Arkansas Meeting held at Petit Jean State Park 10/ 4/60 A12 1 ARMEOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Univ of Ark to sponsor open house at Indian site in NCJ Ark 8/12/60 Bl 5 Indian relics being excavated near Helena 11/3/60B6 5 Eight Indian skeletons unearthed near Blytheville 11/19/60 B6 3 Amateur archeologist John T Simpson explores Toltec Mounds 11/27/60 A1 4 Artifacts at Toltec Mounds easily recovered. picked up 11/27/60 A1 4

8 Ancient skeletons, relics uncovered near Helena ARCHITECTURE AND ARCHITECTS Thompson. Charles Louis E Fay Jones has studied with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin E Fay Jones, professor at UA, has growing influence in field Little Rock called architect's history book Exterior tile trend taking hold in LR building Firms under fire of Architects Board agree to terms AREA PLANNING AND RENEWAL Conway Fayettwille Jonesboro Little Rock Little Rock Metropolitan Area Morrilton North Little Rock Planning beyond city limits wins apprwal of Ark Supreme Ct ARK-LA-TEX OIL CO Roads ARKANSAS Chronicles of Arkansas Contracts and purchasing. Govt Finance and budgets, State Govt Geology Guvernment departments and agencies (Ark) Gwernment employees and officials (Ark) History (Ark) Old State House (Ark) Changing state flower discussed Author Mary L Day Arms describes Arkansas in the 1870s Court rules land near Tennessee. Mississippi belongs to Ark Marble Falls is one of state's true beauty spots Jokes about Arkansas began in frontier days Samples of humorous stories about sorry state of Arkansas Traveler describes poor condition of state in 1866 Arkansas became a Territory 141 years agon on July 4 Some of state's prettiest scenery is along Highway 23 ARKANSAS A & M COLLEGE Basketball - College Football - College Plans for $1,000,000 housing job announced Dr Jack Mears urges program to hold youths in southeast Ark New Mexico Gov Burroughs. W R Stephens to be honored Facelifting project at AW nears completion ARKANSAS A M & N COLLEGE Civil rights - Pine Bluff Football - College School to make bid for increased funding by state Board asks Legis Council to clarify role of college Gov Faubus commends college for efforts in education School asks for vocational building for Negroes 3/13/60 All 3/16/60 A2 3;/16/60 A2 3/16/60 A2

9 : The needs of AM&N (ed) Board meets with legislative auditors on funds charge Over 1,000 students protest removal of President L A Davis Trustees ask President Lawrence A Davis to resign Students press protests over firing of Dr Lawrence Davis Alumni protest ouster of President Lawrence A Davis Students rally in defense of Dr Lawrence A Davis Knox Nelson disappointed with performance of Dr Davis Legislative auditor charges Dr Davis party to funds misuse Rep Paul Van Dalsem recalls other financial incidents at AM&N Rep Paul Van Dalsem warns school to get its affairs in order Petitions supporting Dr Davis signed by 1,200 AM&N students Dr Lawrence A Davis responds to auditor's finding Civic League of Arkansas supports Dr Davis Jamaican disputes charge islanders keep Arkansans out Faculty votes to support Dr Lawrence A Davis Weighing the issues in A M & N audit (ed) Gov Faubus hints not all told about college's problems Board to ask agri dept head J M Cheatham to resign Alumni leader Dr C A Flowers assails Dr Davis, stirs uproar James F Wahl resigns from board Ouster of Dx Lawrence A Davis stirs move to integrate Analysis of problems that brought downfall of Dr Davis Article on contraversy at A M & N (part 1 of series) Article on controversy at A H & N (part 2 of a series) Illusive chain links 1957 crisis to ouster of Dr Davis Dr Malvin Moore Jr interested in becoming president Arkansas Embalmers and Funeral Directors support Dr Davis Students cut classes, vow to quit if Dr Davis leaves Article on controversy at Arkansas A M & N (part 3 of series) Relationships of friends and foes cloud chg against Dr Davis Davis supporters ask Dr A C Flowers to resign New problems in sight if Davis dismissed (ed) Students heed Dr Davis ' plea. hold off on boycott President Lawrence A Davis tells trustees he will not resign Students, faculty, others make plea for Dr Lawrence A Davis Trustees delay deciding fate of Dr Lawrence A Davis Trustees want audit of academic, moral and financial status State Senator Fred H Stafford gets petitions supporting Davis Dr Davis's reprieve (ed) Board delays appointment of probe group Negro Baptist Ministers Union of LR backs Dr Davis State Rep Johnny Boatright says funds paid to known Communist AME Church Conf condemns action against Dr Lawrence Davis Homecoming to offer public display of support for Dr Davis Alumni Assn ousts Dr C A Elowers in feud over Dr Davis AME: Church Conf expresses support for Dr Lawrence A Davis Legislative Joint Audit Comm expresses faith in Dr Davis Dr Davis and AMW: his role and responsibility (ed) College okay financially, C E Larrison says AME Church Conf supports Dr Lawrence A Davis 3/20/60 A4 2 9/14/60 A6 3 9/15/60 B1 7 9/15/60 B1 7 9/16/60 B1 6 9/17/60 A7 4 9/17/60 A7 4 9/18/60Al 4 9/18/60 A1 4 9/18/60Al 4 9/1&/6OAl 4 9/1&/60 A2 1 9/18/60A3 6 9/19/ /20/60 B14 1 9/20/60 B14 2 9/21/60 A4 1 9/21/ /21/60 B1 8 9/22/60 A2 3 9/24/60Al 3 9/24/60 A1 3 9/25/60 A1 4 9/25/60 A1 4 9/26/60 Al 4 9/26/60 A1 4 9/26/60 Al 5 9/27/60 A1 3 9/27/60Al 3 9/27/60A1 4 9/27/60 A1 4 9/27/60 B12 1 9/28/60 A4 1 9/28/60 A9 1 9/29/60 A1 4 9/29/60 A1 4 9/29/60 A1 4 9/29/60A1 4 9/29/60 A2 7 9/30/60 A4 2 10/ 2/60 A6 3 10/8/60A2 4 10/23/60 A4 1 10/27/60 B6 6 10/30/60 A4 5 11/ 7/60 B /12/60A3 3 11/19/60 A1 5 11/21/60 A4 1 11/24/60 Bll 1 11/27/60 A16 6

10 Ds Lawrence A Davis takes budget request to ALC Legislators approve rise of $25,000 in budget ARKANSAS AND OZARKS RAILROAD see Railroads ARKANSAS ARTS CENTER see Culture and the arts ARKANSAS ARTS FESTIVAL see Culture and the arts ARKANSAS BAPTIST (Newspaper) see Education - Little Rock District ARKANSAS BAPTIST HOSPITAL see Medicine and health ARKANSAS BAPTIST STATE CONVENTION see Baptist Church ARKANSAS BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION Annual meeting held at Petit Jean 3/20/60 A10 7 ARKANSAS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CORP Lenders Service Co Inc Stockholders ask receiver for ABDC 2/24/60 A12 1 Suit alleges irregularities by ABDC president Alan C Springer 2/24/60 A12 1 Alan C Springer links suit to proxy fight Stockholders relax efforts to close ABDC President Alan C Springer succeeded by James C Davis 'Ituo of nine defendants excused from case Ex-president Alan C Springer accused of embezzling $2.250 Alan C Springer denies theft charge Five ABDC plaintiffs accused of illegal acts Auditor test if ies ABDC insolvent Ike Murry named ABDC receiver; charges rebutted Creditors ask court to rule ABDC broke Referee rules ABDC firms are bankrupt Many stockholders have lost life's savings Stockholders told that everything is lost Joe C Harding wants probe of ABDC by grand jury Ties of Claude Carpenter Jr to ABDC noted Stockholder Herman Morris calls for grand jury probe Office furnishings go on auction block Injunction issued against firm Stylish off ice fixtures go on auction block Trustee asks return of assets for benefit of creditors Thirteen called to testify on ABDC dealings Former ABDC says firm sent letter with false information James C Davis says he does not recall all his dealdngs Fuller Matthews explains his company's dealings with ABDC House-stock swapout finds surprised witness on stand Trustee seeks equal division of ABDC funds Trustee finds 3 affiliates almost without assets Ex-President Alan C Springer ordered to tell facts of ABDC Alan C Springer cleared of theft when accusers fail to appear Claude Carpenter Jr seeks to revive chg against A C Springer Stock deal bared

11 Embezzlement chg renewed against Alan C Springer Alan C Springer reports receiving telephone threats Alan C Springer refuses to identify Martha Garrison Name on check baffles Mrs Emma Carolan Alan C Springer's trial date set Alan C Springer ordered to circuit court Martha Garrison identified by Alan C Springer in testimony Name of Martha Garrison used to help Springer avoid taxes Trustee sues to recwdr funds from Mrs Emma Carolan Alan C Springer chgd with two counts of embezzling ARKANSAS CHEMICAL CORP New multi-million dollar bromine plant set for El Dorado ARKANSAS CHILDREN' S HOSPITAL see Medicine and health ARKANSAS CHRIS TI AN MOVEMENT see Civil rights - Little Rock ARKANSAS CITY Town among 22 finalists as All-American City Columnist visits Desha County and Arkansas City ARKANSAS COLLEGE Dining hall to be built on New East End Heights campus Expulsion of athletes sparks protest demonstration Feature article on Lorena Hall, housemother for boys ARKANSAS COMMUNITY ACCOMPLISHMENT CONTEST Semi-finalists selected Winners of contest announced ARKANSAS COUNTY Government employees ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT see Arkansas Development Corp ARKANSAS DEVEtOPMENT CORP Arkansas Democrat, Phillip G Back firm added to libel suit H E Williams. Ellis Ramsey were original defendants in case ARKANSAS EDUCATION ASSOCIATION see Education Association, Arkansas ARKANSAS F-S ASSOCIATION Changes name to Southern Farmers Association ARKAMSAS FEDERATION OF GARDEN CLJJBS see Garden Clubs, Arkansas Federation of ARKANSAS FOUNDATION OF ASSOCIATED COLLEGES see Colleges and univs - Fund raising and gifts ARKANSAS FUEL OIL CORP SEC approves sale of all public stock in firm ARKANSAS GAZETTE see Laster, Robert W see News and news media ARKANSAS GRAIN GORP Farmers to share in soybean mill profits ARKAMSAS INVESTMENT CO Axticle outlines operations of Joseph P Pecory Joseph P Pecory now under indictment in Alabama

12 ARKANSAS KENNEL CLUB INC see Dog racing ARKANSAS LIVES'l3lCK SHW ASSOCIATION State can be proud of big coliseum on show grounds in LR ARKANSAS LOUISIANA CHEMICAL CORP Firm to build petroleum bulk plan in LR area ARKANSAS LOUISIANA GAS GO Arkansas Louisiana Chemical Corp New meter plant at Russellville to employ 200 Big jump in income reported Asks to merge Consolidated Utilities Corp of Okla into Ark La Jury awards $20,000 in death of Mrs Lucille Hawille Mrs Rarville died in explosion at Fuller High school Rushang family files suit wer near-asphyxiation Consolidated Gas Utilities Corp to merge into Ark La Absorption of Consolidated Gas Utilities expected by fall ARKANSAS METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT see Methodist Student Movement, Arkansas ARKANSAS OPPORTUNITY FUND see Rockefeller, winthrop see Scholarships and loans ARKANSAS PIONEERS State group holds meeting in LR; group formed in 1911 ARKANSAS POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE Basketball - College Football - College Parachute jumping College pennant: flown over Antarctica by Bryan Simpson 3r G B Turrentine retiring from Tech for second time W E Parks donates lumber fox new seats in west grandstand Women's dorm named for Lillian Massie ARKANSAS POST NATIONAL MEMORIAL see Parks. recreation and tourism ARKANSAS POWER AND LIGHT CO Construction industqr Electric power Roads Robberies and thefts AP&1 to spend $35,000,000 building and expanding in 1960 Apprwal sought to sell stock to Middle South Utilities W G Shurgar Jr to head new power plant at Helena Honored for donations to Little Rock University Dismissal of suit by Alice Vines upheld by Ark Supreme Ct Transmission line from Helena plant under construction New president probably will be Paul. 0 Canaday President Robert E Ritchie already past retirement age AP&L stockholders name Paul 0 Candady president Reeves Ritchie elevated to vice president post Lineman Robert Merlyn Moyers killed in fall frm pole W Albert West named to head Ozark Division of AP&L ARKANSAS PRESS ASSOCIATION 3/27/60 El 3/16/60 B8 1/ 6/60 B1 3/29/60 B9 3131r60 A5

13 see News and news media ARKANSAS RECORDER see News and news media ARKANSAS RIVER see Rivers - Arkansas River ARKANSAS RIVm BASIN ASSOCIATION see Rivers - Arkansas River ARKANSAS SHERIFFS AS SOCIATION see Sheriffs Association, Arkansas ARKANSAS SPORTS HALL OF FAME see Athletics and sports - Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame ARKANSAS STATE COLLEGE Warren Eagle Democrat says school should not gain univ status Warren Eagle Democrat editor gets hot letters on univ status Gubernatorial candidate Joe Hardin would study univ status Hal Millsap favors univ status if no more funds required Univ of Ark trustees re-affirm opposition to univ status Reply to Univ of Ark criticism of univ status issued Craighead Farm Bureau favors univ status Marching band to represent Ark at Kennedy inaugural parade ROTC drill team to perform at Kennedy inauguration ARKANSAS STATE DENTAL ASSOCIATION see Dentistry and dental health ARKANSAS STATE JEECTRIC CO-OPERATIVE CORP see Electric power ARKANSAS STATE JUNIOR COLLEGE Basketball - College ARKANSAS STATE TEACHERS C ILLEGE Federal loans received for construction of two dorms Dr H L Minton to retire Bids to be taken on two new dormitories ARKANSAS STATESMAN see News and news media ARKANSAS SUPREME COURT see Courts. State and local ARKANSAS TERRITORIAL FSSMRA'EION Lawmakers call for end to charges fox visiting Restoration Operation funds for a historic heritage (ed) Buildings stand as one of state's major historical shrines ARKANSAS!IWCVEL,ER (Newspaper) see University of Arkansas ARKANSAS TRAVELER (Painting) see History (Ark) ARKANSAS TWVELERS BASEBALL CLUB see Baseball - Professional ARKANSAS VALLEY INDUSTRIES INC AVI seeks to register debentures and stocks with SEC AVI sets plan to raise new capital Daxdanelle hopes to purchase bldg for use of AVI Scott County voters apprwe bonds for AVI plant Dardanelle voters apprwe bonds to purchase Fox DeLuxe Foods

14 ARKANSAS VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL see Trade schools ARKANSAS WESTERN GAS CO Gas firm will spend $ for expansion this year ARKLA VILLAGE State features private tourist attraction in its ads ARLINGTON HOTEL (Hot Springs ) see Hotels ARMY-NAVY HOSPITAL see Rehabilitation Center, Hot Springs ARRINGTON. GRADY P Books and writing ART see Culture and the arts ART CENTERS see Culture and the arts ARTS see Culture and the arts ASHDOWN Fire destroys store building ASHLEY COUNTY All voters at Portland swear vote results are correct Grand Jury finds no evidence of fraud in Democratic runoff ASHLEY, LEO PAUL Culture and the arts ASHMORE, HARRY S Ashore to edit Encyclopaedia Britannica ASPHYXIATION AND SUFFOCATION Couple found dead in hme at Hot Springs Kenneth Walker dies in Arkansas River gauging shaft at LR Arkadelphia boy and girl killed by fumes in parked auto Fumes kill well cleaner at Clarksville Man found dead in car at Newport ASSAULTS AND DISORDERLY CONDUCT Education - Dollarway District Jennings, Alston Murders - Bright. Jewel1 Irene McGaugh ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Women's Missionary Council holds 11th annual convention First meeting of Assemblies was at Hot Springs in 1914 Homer A Tomlinson says Assmbl ies offspring of Church of God ATHLETICS AND SPORTS Baseball Basketball Football Retired athletic jerseys subject of Orville Henry article ATHLETICS AND SPORTS - Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame Biographical sketch of Hall of Famer Jimmy Haygood Article on Arkansas Hall of Fame induction set for tonight Travis Jackson, John Barnhill enter Ark Nall of Fame Nall of Fane night a time to remember

15 Jimmy Haygood inducted posthumously into Hall of Fame Steve Creekmore, Jim Eenton, Don Hutson in Ark Hall of Fame Inductees for 1960 listed ATHLETICS AND SPORTS - College Harding College Faculty Comm favors athletic scholarships AIC refuses round robin proposal ATHLETICS AND SPORTS - Professional Baseball - Professional ATHLETICS AND SPORTS - School Conway Supt explains success of Conway High School ATTORNEY GENERAL (Ark) Civil rights and discrimination Congress - House Dist 5 Gwerment buildings and offices (Ark) Government employees and of ficids (Ark) University of Arkansas Medical Center Bruce Bennett to appear before U S Senate panel on voting Amis Guthridge hints at seeking office if Frank Holt does J Frank Holt to seek Democratic nomination for office Bruce Bennett denounces proposal for U S voting registrars Bruce Bennett testified before U S Senate committee J Frank Holt pays filing fee to seek office his Guthridge files to oppose J Frank Holt Holt ' s election would encourage race-mixers, Guthridge says his Guthridge says LR has syndicate-type crime his Guthridge opens campaign on TV, airs vice charges J Frank Holt opens campaign headquarters at Hotel Marion his Guthridge calls J Frank Holt ingtegrationists cohort Amis Guthridge tagging along with Faubus J Frank Holt swamped Amis Guthridge for nomination Bruce Bennett to return to El Dorado in Jan, practice law Final vote totals for each candidate in Dem primary Frank Holt ready to install his staff when he takes office AUCTION HOUSES Legislators hear debate on need for regulatory laws AUDITOR (Ark) Jimmie (Red) Jones files for third term Jimmie (~ed) Jones has no election opponent AUTHORS see Books and writing AUTOMOB ILE JUNKYARDS see Environment - Solid wastes AUTOMOB ILES AND AUTOMOB ILE DRIVERS Contracts and purchasing. Govt Education - Curriculum and teaching methods Inventions Candidate Bruce Bennett proposes license fee reduction License plate prefix nrnnberi assigned to each county (list) State to tighten licensing rules on traded cars AUTOMOBILES, Antique Museums

16 Classic cars of bygone days gather at Winrock Farm AVIATION Environment - Noise NLR Airport Corn to try to buy out 0 W Noble's assets Expansion of Adams Field at LR backed by Chamber of Commerce LR probably will have prop-jet service by 1960 Dale Alford asks US to free Adams Field for imprwements Prop-jet service to begin at Adams Field Federal govt relinquishes rights to LR's Adams Field American Airlines give local guests flight around state Albert Carter of El Dorado is veteran of 39 years of piloting AVIATION - Civil Air Patrol CAP plays important role in aviation AVIATION ACCIDENTS List of 6 other crashes of 8-47 Stsatojets frum LRAFB Harrisburg girl killed as she walks into propeller AVIATION ACCIDENTS - Benton County Plane crash at Rogers kills pilot Leland Thanas Lord AVIATION ACCIDENTS - Faulkner County Crash of plane piloted by James W McClellan object of ct suit James H McCZellan was son of Senator John L McClellan Queries draw objections in death suit over 1958 crash Mrs James H McClellan asks $1.9 million in plane crash suit Federal. govt says James H McClellan at fault in crash Nine lawyers, Judge Henley con er on crash suits AVIATION ACCIDENTS - Gar1 and County Plane with 4 disappears on way to game at Univ of Ark Plane crash near Avant kills all four aboard AVIATION ACCIDENTS - Logan County Pilot killed when Cessna crashed on Mt Magazine AVIATION ACCIDENTS - Lonoke County Crop duster dies in crash near England AVIATION ACCIDENTS - Mississippi Little Rock businessman J Harry Stacy Sr missing 2 days AVIATION ACCIDENTS - Polk County Hunters find plane ruins, remains of Dr Hubert H Larson Remains of plane of Dr Larson found near Mena AVIATION ACCIDENTS - Pulaski County Air Force bomber from LRAFB crashes into Heights area of LR Bodies of two LRAFB crewmen found near crash site Falling bomber killed Mrs Andrew L Clark immediately Survivors describe scene as parts of plane fell to earth Bomber's wing gashes homes 9 blocks away on Appianway Hellish, bubbling crater marks disaster scene in Heights James A Hollabaugh died when bomber set house on fire B-47 Stratojet bomber exploded wer LR at low level Capt Herbert Aldridge among bomber crewmen killed List of dead in LR crash include 4 airmen, 2 civilians Map shows where pieces of plane fell on LR Nightmare and requiem in jet plane explosion (ed) Photographic essay on bomber crash in LR

17 Photographic essay on bomber that crashed in LR LR Fire Chief Gann L Nally commends his Dept's heroic fight Air Force wants all pieces of plane wreckage turned in Air Force seeks clue to cauae of jet explosion over LR Lt Thauas G Smoak recounts events around crash of bomber Col Reynolds S Watson buried at National Cemetery at LR Sen 3 L McClellan seeks law to over-ride limit on claims Most pieces of bomber moved from LR neighborhoods Air Force says crash damage at LR at least $ Faulty flying cited in crash of bomber wer LR High humidity helped hold down damage in bomber crash at LR Cleanup from crash of B-47 still going on Pilot killed when small plane crashed into bauxite pit Misery lingers 8 months after AF plane disaster at LR AVIATION ACCIDENTS - White County Plane, body of pilot Rufus Galloway found in White County AVIATION ACCIDENTS - Yell County Army plane crashes south of Dardanelle AWARDS AND HONORS Who's Who in America AXUM. DONNA Miss Hospitality to enter Miss Arkansas contest BACHELOR HOTEL (Conway) see Land and real estate BACK, PHILLIP G Arkansas Development Corp BAILEY, LUTHER Sex crimes BAILEY, 0 C Hendrix College BAKER. TRUMAN Guvernor (Ark) BALCH. FRED S JR Lightning strikes Balch home at LR BALD KNOB Weather and storms BALES. JAMES D Letter says buying Cuban sugar strengthens Fidel Castro Letter on the liberal clergy Letter on Chiang's China Letter on downing of American spy plane in Russia Letter on Red spies Letter on Joe Louis and his dealings with Cuba Letter an Kruschw's actions toward President Eisenhower Open letter to communists in America Letter on preeidentid candidate John F Kennedy Letter on aims of communism BALLMAN-CUMMINGS FURNITURE CO Fire sweeps through Fort Smith plant BANKERS ASSOCIATION, Arkansas Seventieth annual meeting set for Hot Springs

18 Convention opens at Hot Springs BANKERS PREFERRED LIFE INSURANCE CO R E Wilson of Osceola, sues to inspect books BANKRUPTCIES Arkansas Business Development Corp BANKS AND OTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Robberies and thefts Alfred G Kahn to retire as head of Union National Bank Court rules W D May must pay debt to Natl Bank of Eastern Ark Citizens Bank of Booneville headed by Mrs Long John Williams Banks in Pulaski County report growth Rumors started run on northern Arkansas bank Arkansas Bankers Seminar to attract 175 to Univ of Ark First National at Magnolia shows steady growth, expansion BAPTIST CHURCH Illiteracy Arkasnas Baptist State Conv buys site for headquarters History of Antioch Baptist in LR Women's Missionary Union to meet at Arkadelphia Windows in Immanuel Church honor Dr W A Vaught, C C Warren Rev M L Moser Sr tells of his call to ministry Fayetteville First Baptist to dedicate new auditorium Ozarks site purchased for use by Southern Baptist Cow Dr W 0 Vaught calls for end to racial hatred Dr W 0 Vaught elected first vice pres of Southern Bapt Cow American Baptists vote to build natl youth camp near Mena Rev W 0 Vaught says John Kennedy threatens religious liberty Rev W 0 Vaught Jr to lead natl GOP convention in prayer Rw W 0 Vaught Jr gives prayer at final session of GOP conv Arkansas Baptist State Conv sets $1.675,000 budget Woodlawn Baptist members defend Breyel sale of land on Univ Erwin L McDonald lr on Baptists and Roman Catholics State meeting called to discuss church-state separation Dr S G Whitlow says anti-kennedy drive is news to him Arkansas Baptists call mass meeting to oppose John F Kennedy Religious liberty mass meeting to be held tomorrow at LR Religios Freedom rally draws 500; Rome, not Kennedy, blasted Erwin L McDonald urges Baptists to mir religion, politics Baptist State Convention to meet at Fayettevilla Erwin McDonald says Baptist Cow views not changed on JEX State Conv opens at Fayetteville, hears sermons, reports State Convention hears reports. allocates funds to agencies Baptist State Corn vows to give Kennedy its prayers, support Missionary Baptists to hold state convention at Jonesboro BAPTIST EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION see Education - Private BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Cosmetology Board rules draw protest of Sen Guy H Jones Elizabeth R Jones (Mrs Guy ones) apptd to Cosmetology Bd Cosmetology Board accused of being too strict with rules Cosmetology Board dispute aired by legislators B / A16 3

19 G w Faubus asked Cosmetology Bd to use s little restraint Legislature could abolish Cosmetology Bd, Guy Jones warns Warning ends Cosmetology Board probe Gov Faubus not trying to dictate, Cosmetology Board told Cosmetology Bd wants to build exam center on Capitol grounds BARNETT, ROSS Presidential election of 1960 BARNHART, RALPH C UA Law School dean loses appeal in $109 wage case BARNHILL. JOHN Athletics and sports BARS AND NIGHT CLUBS see dso Gambling Old stone castle on Highway 5 at LR to become private club Bomb shakes B-and-1 Club north of Swifton; one man injured Top of the Rock described as one of nation's finest Top of the Rock social club opens atop new Tower Bldg in LR Padlocked clubs in Pulaski County to reopen Court lifts lock on South Main Businessmen's Club BARTON. BOBBIE JEAN FARABEE Lawyer at LR is also talented singer BARTON, THOMAS H Col Barton hospitalized in critical condition in California Condition imprwed, but Col Barton faces long hospital stay Grand Old Man of oil and gas, dies at age 79 Editorid tribute to Col Barton Funeral to be at El Dorado today El Dorado lays to rest one of its best-lwed figures BASEBALL - Professional Arkansas Travelers back in Southern Association Capacity crowd welcomes Travelers after one-year absence c rave lei fans riot wer calls against player, umpire's action BASKETBALL - College Arkansas Tech clinches AIC championship Arkansas A & M wins Diet 17 playoff. will go to Kansas City All-AIC team named Arkansas A & M defeats Western Washington in NAIA tourney Arkansas A & M eliminated fram NAIA tourney by Hemline Coll Arkansas State Junior College to play in natl tournament Little Rock Univ to resume basketball, seek AIC admission BASKETBALL - School Jasper sets new Class B boys records in state tournament Jasper captures state Class B championship Mulberry defeats Nettleton for state Class A title Leachville is state Class AA-AAA champion BATES, DAISY Civil rights Defenses (Military) - Little Rock Air Force Base Education - Little Rock District Governor (Ark) Moral Rearmament

20 Negroes Speaks at Freedom Fund dinner in Topeka Mrs Bates visits G w Faubus. gets data for book BATES. L C Civil rights Civil rights - Pine Bluff BATESVILLE Seiberling Rubber Co Historic town on White River sees new era of progress 2/14/60 El 1 City expects to grow as result of major industry location 10/26/60B1 2 BAUGH, S R Stocks (Securities) BAXTER COUNTY JAIL see Prisons - Baxtet County Jail BAYOU MET0 see Environment - Water pollution BEAUTIFICATION. Lands cape see Landscape and beautification BEAUTY SHOPS see Barber and beauty shops Bwm LAKE see Monte Ne BEAyEES. SPdEL GRAEGN see dso Education - Little Rock District BECKER, J BILL Labor - Unions BEER see Alcoholic beverages BELL, CLARENCE V Education - Civil rights Governor (Ark) BELLE POINT HISTORIC SIm see Historic buildings and sites BELLS AND CARILLONS Henderson State Teachers College BELMONT SHIRT CO Marked Tree plant to close BENNETT ORDINANCES see Civil rights BENNETT, BRUCE Attorney General (Ark) Civil rights Employment Security Division (Ark) Governor (Ark) Bennett did not say he will seek US Senate seat BENNETT, 0 A (MKS) Mother of Bruce Bennett named Mother of the Year BWSON, GEORGE S Harding College Warns business group of dangers of Communism BENTON. JIM

HAM, EVERETT A JR see also Conway County

HAM, EVERETT A JR see also Conway County GRAPES Wiederkehr Wine Cellars GRAS INGER, JACK Children and youth GRAVES. LESTER Legislature (Ark) GRAVETT Nuts GRAY, JOE Culture and the arts GRAY. MARION H Dentistry and dentists GREATER LITTLE ROCK

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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June 10, 2015. Serving Bosque County Since 1895

June 10, 2015. Serving Bosque County Since 1895 TEXAS PRESS ASSOCIATION 2014 AWARD WINNING NEWSPAPER Vol. 121, No. 23 75 cents June 10, 2015 Serving Bosque County Since 1895 Securing emergency services funds Commissioners form

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Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi

Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Hazırladığımız liste, 7037 kelime içermektedir. Listede yer alan kelimelerin 1468 tanesi fiil (verb), 3566 tanesi isim (noun),

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The Natchitoches Times

The Natchitoches Times CD RELEASE COMMEMORATES 300 YEARS HERALDING OVER A CENTURY OF NEWS COVERAGE 1903-2014 LIFESTYLES School starts Monday! See Page 1B The Natchitoches Times And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall

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AMSTERDAM, N.Y. A PORT JACKSON MEDIA PUBLICATION 75 CENTS A step closer American Pharoah is one of 16 horses nominated for the mid-summer derby. Page 22 Flag bearer Rob VanAernam and Stewart Friesen find themselves in Fonda s victory lane. Page 24 TheRecorder

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Potential disaster averted

Potential disaster averted Laser Hair Removal Legs Armpits Upper Lip Chin Bikini Line And More! 259738 Dr. Steve Ahmed 1700 E. FM 700 432-264-1900 The Law Offices Of R. Shane Seaton, PLLC 1301

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Clarence Darrow Timeline of His Life and Legal Career Michael Hannon

Clarence Darrow Timeline of His Life and Legal Career Michael Hannon Clarence Darrow Timeline of His Life and Legal Career Michael Hannon Clarence Seward Darrow was born on April 18, 1857 in Farmdale, Ohio. Farmdale is a small community in southwestern Kinsman and Kinsman

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June 28, 2014. on a sequel to this work. Obama sent Congress a $500 million request Thursday for a Pentagonrun program that would

June 28, 2014. on a sequel to this work. Obama sent Congress a $500 million request Thursday for a Pentagonrun program that would Kane Republican Saturday June 28, 2014 the Vol. 120, No. 141 50 cents KAHS grad Donna Ingersoll working on 3rd novel By Amy Geer Staff Writer When Kane High s Class of 1969 meets later today for their

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Minnesota Police Journal

Minnesota Police Journal Minnesota Volume 88 No. 2 April 2015 Police Journal The Official Publication of The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association Photo by Michael Murray St. Paul Police Federation Helps to Score a Goal

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VOTERS RENEW BETTER PLACE PLAN A few thunderstorms 30% rain chance Free services at health department Lowest summer gas prices in 6 years The state Department of Health in Putnam County is offering a few of its services free in celebration

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The Boca Raton Tribune

The Boca Raton Tribune Community Gov. Scott Promotes Business Rent Sales Tax Reduction see page 3 Community New Homeowner Help Initiative Launched see page 4 Municipal Boca Raton man Convicted in Most Lucrative Insider Trading

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THE ARLINGTON JOURNAL, Arlington, Texas. 1925 1 Strong Wind Blows Cotton Out of Ground CLEBURNE MAN DIES IN AUTO ACCIDENT CARD OF THANKS

THE ARLINGTON JOURNAL, Arlington, Texas. 1925 1 Strong Wind Blows Cotton Out of Ground CLEBURNE MAN DIES IN AUTO ACCIDENT CARD OF THANKS THE ARLINGTON JOURNAL, Arlington, Texas. 1925 1 Strong Wind Blows Cotton Out of Ground Friday July 17 This cotton was planted May 10, and has had no rain on it. CLEBURNE MAN DIES IN AUTO ACCIDENT Friday

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FORT COLLINS AT 150 A Sesquicentennial History

FORT COLLINS AT 150 A Sesquicentennial History FORT COLLINS AT 150 A Sesquicentennial History By Wayne C. Sundberg A publication of Visit Fort Collins in cooperation with the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Fort Collins FORT COLLINS

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BBN Brevard Business News

BBN Brevard Business News BBN Brevard Business News Vol. 32 No. 6 February 10, 2014 $1.00 A Weekly Space Coast Business Magazine printed in Brevard County, Fla. since 1984 Longtime area resident Weinberg is elected to the Fidelity

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Working to keep kids healthy

Working to keep kids healthy MONDAY April 27, 2015 129th Year, No. 288 Serving Sheridan County, Wyoming Independent and locally owned since 1887 75 Cents Press THE SHERIDAN ON THE

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From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past

From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI Vol. 32 No. 1 Spring 2008 School of Law From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past News for Alumni and Friends of the University

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Looking Back Over 2010 Focuses On What Holds The Community Together

Looking Back Over 2010 Focuses On What Holds The Community Together Susquehanna String Band To Perform This Friday Page 3 Winners Are Announced In Holiday Contests Page 2 Downloadable Books Available At Local Libraries Page 5 Friends of the Libraries to Show March of the

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Pioneers, Warriors, Advocates: A History of San Diego s Black Legal Community, 1890-2010

Pioneers, Warriors, Advocates: A History of San Diego s Black Legal Community, 1890-2010 Pioneers, Warriors, Advocates: A History of San Diego s Black Legal Community, 1890-2010 by Robert Fikes, Jr., Librarian San Diego State University In association with the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association

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YOU CAN T SAY THAT?! You Can t Say That?!: Limits on First Amendment Freedoms Unit Overview We believe that your visit to the Newseum, along with this unit of study on the exceptions to the First Amendment, will immerse you

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ABOUT THE. Elaine Kirn

ABOUT THE. Elaine Kirn ABOUT THE Elaine Kirn About the U.S.A. About the U.S.A. Elaine Kirn Published by the Office of English Language Programs Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs United States Department of State Washington,

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Mr. Allen s Notes. U.S. History I

Mr. Allen s Notes. U.S. History I Mr. Allen s Notes 1 U.S. History I The Shaping of North America 225 million years ago-pangaea supercontinent 10 million years ago- Rocky Mountains exist Appalachians exist Continents are separated 2 million

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Heyworth Bu zz. 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 309-242-9325

Heyworth Bu zz. 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 309-242-9325 75 The PRST - STD US Postage Pd. Heyworth, IL 61745 Permit #24 Heyworth Bu zz September 2011 August 4, August 18, 8, 2011 2011 Vol. 1 No. 35 33 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745

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Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI

Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI Second Class Permit Paid at Bronx, N.Y. USPS 114-590 Volume 38 Number 3 April 2009 Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI One Dollar Filming on City Island: Nice or Not? By BARBARA

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Duluth Central Body endorses five more

Duluth Central Body endorses five more An Injury to One is an Injury to All! WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2012 (ISSN 0023-6667) VOL. 119 NO. 7 Erik Simonson s (left) campaign for Duluth s MN House District 7B seat got a boost from DFL House Minority

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ESSAYS. Kenneth M. Casebeer*


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Judge Vincent Giblin The Life And Times of a South Florida Attorney and Judge

Judge Vincent Giblin The Life And Times of a South Florida Attorney and Judge 59 Judge Vincent Giblin The Life And Times of a South Florida Attorney and Judge William G. Crawford, Jr. During a controversial professional career spanning nearly halfa century, Vincent Claude Giblin

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The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 8 August 2010

The. Informant. The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 8 August 2010 The Informant The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association Volume XXX, No. 8 August 2010 San Diego Police Officers Association 8388 Vickers Street 858.573.1199 (Office) San Diego,

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dialogue DePaul University College of Law Brightest in intellectual property share scholarship, offer critiques

dialogue DePaul University College of Law Brightest in intellectual property share scholarship, offer critiques dialogue Winter 2012 THE MAGAZINE OF DePaul University College of Law Brightest in intellectual property share scholarship, offer critiques Professor Roberta Kwall s vision of a collaborative ip scholars

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