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2 Further Reading & Internet Resources Tel Aviv Municipality Table of contents Tel Aviv Jaffa Tourism Site The Library Tel Aviv- Space for Entrepreneurship and Innovation The DLD Tel Aviv Conference (Digital, Life, Design) Greetings Facts about Tel Aviv-Yafo Practical Information Mazeh 9- Center For Young Tel Aviv Residents Fields of Study Masa Israel Journey Career Israel Connect TLV Tel Aviv Hotel Association Israel Airports Authority The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for visas) Tel Aviv University s Student Union Interdisciplinary Center s Student Union (IDC) Academic Institutions in Greater Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University Bar Ilan University The Weizmann Institute of Science The Open University IDC Herzliya- Raphael Recanati International School NYU Tel Aviv The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo Kibbutzim College Levinsky College of Education Academic Center of Law and Business Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art The College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) HIT- Holon Institute of Technology Wingate Institute NYU- Poly... 48

3 Shalom! Dear Students, Dear Friends, Greater Tel Aviv is the perfect place to study: it is the heart of the Israeli Start Up Nation and a hub of academic excellence, boasting a student body of over 100,000 students in 20 world-class universities and colleges. The city is also one of the most fun destinations in the world: with 14 kilometers of beaches, 300 days of sun a year, one of the world s most vibrant night life scenes, and a bubbly cultural and artistic scene, Tel Aviv today is a global city and a very enjoyable and safe one. The Municipality recently launched Study Tel Aviv an initiative aimed at doubling the number of international students in our academic institutions. Over the next few years, we will add more academic courses in English, more programs for international students and more dormitory rooms. I invite you to partake in our initiative. The New York Times recently called the city The Capital of Mediterranean Cool. We hope to see you among the thousands of international students and academics that already enjoy this cool. Sincerely, Ron Huldai Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel is a small, young country with only eight million citizens. Yet according to the Shanghai ranking for 2012, four of Israel s universities are among the 150 leading academic institutions worldwide. How is this possible? It is ultimately our human capital; Israel nurtures great talent, which leads Israeli academia towards tremendous achievements in various fields of research, especially in developing new technologies and groundbreaking scientific research. The six Israeli scientists who have won Nobel Prizes in the last ten years can attest to that. In addition to that, Israel s location in the Middle East and its history create a fascinating and rare opportunity for learning, first-hand, about the politics and history of the region. The State of Israel wishes that as many international students as possible take part in this success. For that reason, the Israeli Government has resolved to increase its investment in international academic infrastructure and programs. The city of Tel Aviv- Yafo was founded in 1909 when 66 entrepreneurial families who had big dreams and few prospects gathered on sand dunes to allocate plots of barren land so they could build a modern city on them. A little more than a century following that promise, on the very same spot, stands the heart of the Israeli economic miracle, the city - Tel Aviv-Yafo. As a city that was built on innovation and dreams, we value creativity and entrepreneurship and offer you to join us and enjoy that spirit; come to turn your dreams into reality, in the best city in the world for young people... The Non-Stop city! Welcome to Tel Aviv! Hila Oren, General Director, Tel Aviv Global City Administration 5 I invite you to come here and enjoy the unique combination of academic excellence and cultural wealth found only in the State of Israel. Zvi Hauser, The Cabinet Secretary and Chairman of Masa Israel Journey

4 1 // Young City The city has an extremely young population. 1 of every 3 residents is between the ages 18-35! 2 // Beach City With 14 kilometers of beach and 300 days of sun, it's no wonder National Geographic ranked Tel Aviv among the Top 10 Beach Cities in the World. 3 // Culture City Tel Aviv-Yafo is Israel's center of art, entertainment, gastronomy, design and architecture. It is home to the Israel Philharmonic, the Israel Opera, The Bat Sheva Dance Troupe, and numerous theatres. Last year the city introduced a new building for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, a new Cinematque, and a new National Theatre. 4 // Startup City Greater Tel Aviv is the heart of the Israeli "startup nation" phenomenon and home to 600 startups, as well as numerous meetups, accelerator programs and co-working spaces. 5 // Nightlife City An incredibly vibrant nightlife scene, hundreds of bars and clubs and an extremely safe environment led the New York Times to declare the city The Capital of Mediterranean Cool. 6 // Green City 20% of the total area of the city is green, and a new tree is planted every two hours. The city enjoys 120 kilometers of bicycle paths. 7 // Old and New City Jaffa is the oldest active port in the world, dating back 3000 years. Tel Aviv is an ultra-modern metropolis that was founded slightly over 100 years ago. 8 // Multicultural City Tel Aviv-Yafo warmly embraces people of all religions, ethnic groups and nationalities. It is home to Jews, Christians and Arabs, young and old, secular and religious. 9 // Gay-friendly Tel Aviv-Yafo has a large GLBT community and is considered one of the most gay-friendly and safe cities in the world. 10 // Global City Here is how leading publications ranked Tel Aviv-Yafo: Wall Street Journal // Europe's Main Technology Hub Gaycities // Best Gay City 2011 Globe and Mail // One of the World's Most Creative Cities TechCrunch // 5th Best Ecosystem for Startups Travel and Leisure // Tel Aviv Museum of Art is "Best Museum" in 2011 Foreign Policy // Tel Aviv Ranked No. 50 on the Global Cities Index Conde Nast Traveller // World's Best Cities for Architecture Lovers Traveler's Digest // Cities With The World's Best Looking Men; Cities With The World's Best Looking Women Lonely Planet // Top Ten Cities For 2011; Top Ten Hedonistic City Breaks; Top Ten Ultimate Party Cities 7

5 Student Visas Student Housing in Tel Aviv Scholarships Each of the city s academic institutions offers scholarships based on financial need and academic excellence. In addition to the universities and colleges, students can apply to a variety of other organizations for financial aid. Masa Scholarship: Masa Israel is a joint project of the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel, aiming to enable young Jews (18 to 30) from around the world to build a lasting relationship with Israel and gain meaningful experiences by participating in a long-term program in Israel. Masa provides connections to programs, grants and scholarships towards program fees, as well as support, activities, workshops and resources while in Israel. For further information please see the Masa website: Student visas are granted to those who come to Israel to study at academic institutions. Visas are valid for up to one year and allow multiple entrances and exits to and from the country. Keep in mind that a student visa does not allow its holder to work in Israel. The visa is granted to students who provide the following: A completed and signed application for an Israeli entrance visa Two passport pictures Certification of acceptance for study at a recognized educational institution in Israel Proof that the student has the financial means to pay for studies and accommodations throughout the stay in Israel A travel document that is valid for at least one year, provided that the country of origin has a diplomatic mission in the State of Israel. If there is no such mission in Israel, the passport must be valid for the entire period of studies and another six months beyond that time Payment of the fee Visas are issued through the Israeli embassy or consulate in your community, and in some cases in Israel at branches of the Israeli Ministry of Interior Affairs. In most cases, your program director will be able to lead you through the visa application process. Tel Aviv offers students vast and varied choices of places to live. Three main housing solutions are available: apartments (private accommodation), dorms and hotels for short periods of time. Dorms: check with the program coordinators. Usually, the easiest way to get arranged housing is through the academic institutions. Each institute has its own capabilities and criteria. Hotels: staying at a hotel is likely to be the most expensive option. For more information on hotels, visit the Tel Aviv Hotel Association s website: Private accommodation: the prices of apartments will vary depending on the quality, size, and location. Generally speaking, you will find that it is more expensive to live in central Tel Aviv than in other areas of the city. Many real estate agencies have online information about housing in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv Living Costs: average rent prices (private accommodation) are approximately 800$ per month. You should know- there are special discounts for students who pay city property taxes! 9

6 Center for young Tel Aviv residents The city of Tel Aviv has the highest percentage of young citizens in Israel and amongst the highest worldwide. A third of its citizens are between the ages of (about 130,000 people!). Therefore, the city established a special municipal center for young people and dedicated a beautifully-preserved, four-floor building in the center of Tel Aviv for that purpose. Newly launched, the center aspires to become the city's hub for young people in all relevant aspects, and is located on 9 Mazeh St. At the center you can find: a hub for social entrepreneurship, a gallery, a culture saloon, study rooms and special services in matters of- higher education, career, workers' rights, legal assistance, municipal services and so on. 11 The Social Hub is the heart of Mazeh 9 with the purpose of giving the young residents the platform to affect their society, community and city. In other words, making the craziest dream come true! In Mazeh 9, social entrepreneurs receive necessary professional tools in order to implement their social initiatives.

7 fields of study Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship Tel Aviv University...12 Bar Ilan University...16 IDC Herzliya- Raphael Recanati International School Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo (MTA)...32 Academic Center of Law and Business...38 The College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS)...42 Science, IT & Engineering The Weizmann Institute of Science...20 Tel Aviv University...12 Bar Ilan University...16 Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art...40 HIT Holon Institute of Technology...44 NYU-Poly...48 Middle Eastern & Israel Studies Tel Aviv University...12 Bar Ilan University...16 Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya...26 NYU Tel Aviv...30 Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo (MTA)...32 Kibbutzim College Politics Tel Aviv University...12 Bar Ilan University...16 IDC Herzliya- Raphael Recanati International School NYU Tel Aviv...30 Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo (MTA)...32 Humanities, Law & Media Tel Aviv University...12 Bar Ilan University...16 The Open University...22 IDC Herzliya- Raphael Recanati International School NYU Tel Aviv...30 Kibbutzim College Levinsky College of Education...36 Academic Center of Law and Business...38 The College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS)...42 Art, Design & Architecture Tel Aviv University...12 Kibbutzim College Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art...40 HIT Holon Institute of Technology...44 Hebrew Tel Aviv University...12 Bar Ilan University...16 NYU Tel Aviv...30 Kibbutzim College Levinsky College of Education...36 Sports Wingate Institute...46 Come study in greater Tel Aviv! * Please note: the following programs are subject to the academic institutions' changes

8 From London and Los Angeles to Berlin and Beijing, knowledge-seekers of all ages, cultural and educational backgrounds are studying at Tel Aviv University. Drawn to its culture of openness, knowledge and innovation, students immerse themselves in TAU s bustling marketplace of ideas - and enjoy the social and cultural experiences of living in one of the world s most exciting cities. Tel Aviv University is the largest university in Israel. TAU is active across a wide spectrum of teaching and research, and plays a focal role in all areas of economic, high tech, social, and national debate. Today, 29,000 students participate in the degree programs of the University s 105 different departments and 27 schools in nine faculties. Tel Aviv University is consistently ranked as one of the top institutions of higher learning world-wide. As a world-class academic institution, many members of its distinguished faculty have won international recognition and are considered leaders in their fields of research. Programs for International Students (TAU International) TAU International gives the opportunity to students from all around the world to come and study in English in Tel Aviv - for 3 years, a year, a semester or the summer. Graduate Programs // 12 international graduate degree programs guarantee a world-class educational experience. Designed for international and Israeli students and taught entirely in English, the one-year, full-time programs are uniquely tailored to meet the academic interests and needs of the university s diverse student population. MA in Archaeology and History of the Land of the Bible: an exclusive window into the country s perplexing and complex past, using the most up-to-date scientific tools to study the archaeology and history of ancient Israel. MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation: this one-year Masters offers the opportunity to study the fundamentals of international conflict resolution at its core. EMPH - Masters in Public Health Program in Emergency & Disaster Management: the program integrates academic study, managerial abilities and practical knowledge based on best practice experience. MA in Environmental Studies: provides a multidisciplinary insight into environmental studies with an emphasis on Israel s unique geographic and geopolitical setting. MA in Jewish Studies: offers a series of encounters with classical Jewish texts from biblical to modern times. MA in Migration Studies: an interdisciplinary look into the world of migration from a global and local perspective. MA in Middle Eastern Studies: designed for international students interested in careers pertaining to the Middle East in the fields of journalism, government, policy research, and advocacy/activism. MA in Political Science in Action- Leadership, Communication and Elections: provides students with deep and comprehensive knowledge of the dynamics and complexities of politics in the global age. MA in Security and Diplomacy: provides advanced knowledge and analytical tools for the study of strategy, diplomacy, decision-making and the shaping of security and foreign policy. 15 tel aviv university

9 MA in Social Work with specialization in Crisis and Trauma Studies: Israel is a living laboratory for research and practice in stress, crisis, and trauma. Over the years, Israeli scholars have developed considerable knowledge in these areas. Sofaer International MBA: designed for Israeli and international students, this is an intensive one-year general MBA program that reflects the energy, creativity and pace of the world s start-up capital. MA in TESOL -Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages: taught by internationally known lecturers, the one year program combines academic studies with teaching internships in Israeli schools. and Psychoanalysis, Middle Eastern Studies, Israel and Jewish Studies, Digital Culture and Communication, Philosophy, and Literature. Study Abroad Programs // TAU International undergraduate study abroad programs offer a rich variety of exciting courses in the fields of International Relations, Social Sciences, Arts, Environmental Studies, History, Religion, Business, Jewish and Israel studies and more. International students may enroll in a semester or year-long study abroad program either independently or through their home school. In addition, qualified high school seniors may apply to spend their first semester or year. tel Rothschild aviv university blvd. Undergraduate Programs // TAU International offers two complete bachelor s degree programs taught entirely in English that give the opportunity to complete a full Undergraduate degree in three years. These programs are specifically tailored for international students. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B.Sc.): located within a regional hub for R&D and high-tech, students are exposed to industry via an integrated internship, a classroom providing a global network, an internationally-ranked top 100 faculty and a supportive staff. Multidisciplinary Program in the Humanities (BA in Liberal Arts): this multidisciplinary 3-year degree program encourages students to explore a wide variety of fields in the Humanities; at the same time, it ensures focus by allowing concentrated study in Psychology Summer Programs // The unique summer programs of TAU International offer undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn a new language and enroll in inspiring courses in a variety of fields, including contemporary, global, and Middle East topics. Intensive Language Program // Intensive language programs are offered in Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic. Hebrew Ulpan is offered twice each year (summer/winter) prior to the beginning of each semester. The Intensive Arabic and Yiddish programs are offered over the summer. Tel: +972.(0) Fax: (0)

10 Bar-Ilan University, where excellence and Jewish values meet. We prove that Jewish values not only coexist with academic and research excellence, but that the synergy between them has the potential to change the world. Bar-Ilan University is the fastest-growing institution of higher education in Israel, with a main campus just outside Tel Aviv and six regional colleges across Israel. The university warmly embraces students from all walks of life: secular and religious; Jews and non-jews; Sabras and new immigrants all are part of the university s multi-faceted academic faculty and administrative staff. Bar-Ilan University is one of Israel s premier universities for new immigrants and overseas students. Since 1955, students hailing from around the world have chosen to study in Bar-Ilan. The university offers over 500 different B.A., M.A. and PhD. programs that are recognized globally, including international degrees that are taught in English. Programs for International Students Degree Programs // The International B.A. Program for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: enables students to combine studies in diverse fields in order to promote academic thinking and analysis. Students can choose between the Micro Track (Criminology, Psychology, Sociology), which develops their ability to understand and investigate the functioning of the individual in an insightful manner, and the Macro Track (Economics, Political Science, Sociology), where they gain a comprehensive perspective on the business cultures prevalent in society, and enhance their capabilities to succeed in today s global world. 19 bar ilan university Tikvah-Bar-Ilan Summer Institute for Graduate Students: an interdisciplinary summer institute offering graduate students a unique opportunity to explore three major fields of statesmanship: Political Philosophy, Economics and Strategy. MA in Creative Writing: since its inception in 2002, the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program has attracted dozens of local Anglo Israelis, oversees students and writers from around the world to spend a year (or longer) in Israel, honing their creative skills in English with the guidance of

11 leading poets and fiction writers, in a context both Jewish and creative. imba Program: one-year program, taught entirely in English. MA in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL): this 2-year program includes core courses in curriculum studies offered by the School of Education, and courses in the specialty area of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. An internship in various schools in the area, a written exam and two mandatory courses in Jewish Studies are required. A thesis track is available for excelling students. Graduate Program in Linguistics in Clinical Research: offers an M.A. and Ph.D. in Linguistics in Clinical Research within the linguistics program already offered in the English Department. The studies greatly deepen the students understanding of how language works and deal with issues important to clinicians working in Israel, including bilingualism, dyslexia, and first and second language acquisition. Non-degree Programs // The Preparatory Program (Mechina) & Ulpan: a special study program for New Immigrants (Olim Chadashim) and tourists, run in conjunction with the Student Authority at the Israel Ministry of Absorption. The aim is to prepare overseas students for higher education in Israel, and to instill them with the knowledge of Hebrew (through the Ulpan program included within the Mechina), Jewish history and traditions, and Israeli culture and customs. The Bar-Ilan Postbac Premed Program: Bar-Ilan offers a post-baccalaureate premed program to college graduates and highly-motivated career changers who never took premed courses, affording them the opportunity to complete preparation for medical school in the USA, dental school, veterinary school, or nursing school in just one year, in English. The Israel Experience Program: a one year program. Bar-Ilan - Yeshiva University Summer Science Internships: enables undergraduate science majors to work in the research group of one of Bar-Ilan s distinguished faculty members in the biological and/or physical sciences. Summer School for Law BIU-MIT Summer Internship Bar-Ilan University Ramat Gan, Israel Tel: street art in tel aviv Broken Fingaz Crew

12 weizmann institute of science The Weizmann Institute of Science is one of the world s leading multidisciplinary research institutions. Hundreds of scientists, laboratory technicians and research students working on its lushly landscaped campus embark daily on fascinating journeys into the unknown, seeking to improve our understanding of nature and our place within it. The Feinberg Graduate School is the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science. It was founded in 1958 with the support of the United States Government. The School s goal is the advanced training of new generations of creative and original researchers in the natural sciences and mathematics. Therefore, all FGS students are directly involved in the research conducted at the Institute. Major Fields of Study and Research: Study programs are offered in five major fields of study- Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science and Science Teaching. The official language of instruction at FGS is English. Programs for International Students FGS offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees: Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) // MSc Track: applicants must have a Bachelor of Science (BSc), or a Medical Degree (MD), or other certificate deemed equivalent by the specific Board of Studies. PhD Track: applicants must have a Master of Science (MSc) degree with thesis, or a Medical Degree (MD), or other certificate deemed equivalent by the specific Board of Studies. The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program: the Graduate School is responsible for the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the Institute. 23 Weizmann Institute of Science The Kupcinet-Getz International Summer Science School: an enrichment program designated for undergraduate students who are majoring in the sciences, to become part of a research group at the Weizmann Institute. Tel:

13 The freedom to choose: study on campus in Tel Aviv, or online. Distance learning at the Open University of Israel. The Open University of Israel (OUI) was established in 1974 as the eighth accredited university in Israel. As a distance learning institution, its main mission has been to broaden access to higher education to wide segments of Israeli society, by opening its gates to all who are able to cope with high-level academic studies. The Open University of Israel is a university of the 21st century, using state-of-the-art technologies to enhance academic studies and serving over 45,000 students throughout Israel and all over the world. Programs for International Students The OUI offers undergraduate and graduate study programs in a wide range of disciplines, as well as inter-disciplinary programs. Among over 700 courses, it offers a variety of courses in all academic disciplines, from Judaic Studies, Israel Studies and Middle Eastern Studies, through Management, Education, Communication, Psychology, History, Philosophy, and much more. OUI lectures through video-conferencing: The OUI provides a variety of broadcast courses in Judaic Studies, Israel Studies and the Middle East, taught by OUI lecturers. The lectures are broadcast to higher education institutes abroad. Dr. Yoram Kalman, Director, International Academic Initiatives: Study abroad (for Hebrew-speakers residing abroad) - Rachel Rimmer, Assistant Dean of Academic Studies for Overseas, Students: 25 the open university of israel English Department- Online Courses: Online English Academic Reading for University Students- a series of online interactive reading comprehension modules - English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Open Learning Resources (OLRs) for Acquisition of English Academic Vocabulary: an internet-based instructional tool for independent study to help learners acquire general academic English vocabulary that occurs most frequently in academic texts.

14 27 14 km of sandy beaches

15 Study with a world-renowned faculty, Interact with students from around the globe and Enjoy a wide array of extracurricular activity. Modeled on distinguished small colleges in the United States, IDC is a non-profit corporate entity with 16 research centers. IDC seeks to train a future Israeli leadership of the highest caliber in the fields of law, business, government, computer science, economics, communications and psychology. Its motto is liberty and responsibility. IDC Herzliya adopts an interdisciplinary hands on approach and its academic programs combine the many resources of its internationally renowned schools; the Radzyner School of Law, the Arison School of Business, the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science, the School of Economics, the School of Sustainability Founded by Israel Corp., ICL & ORL, the Sammy Ofer School of Communication, the School of Psychology, the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy and the Raphael Recanati International School (RRIS). Programs for International Students- Raphael Recanati International School: IDC has more than 40 exchange programs with leading universities from around the world. BA Programs // B.A. in Government: the three-year program is comprised of a core curriculum during the first and second years of study, which serves as the basis for a specialist concentration in the third year, including: diplomacy and strategy, government and politics, security and terrorism, the Middle East and international conflict resolution. B.A. in Psychology: the core curriculum includes positive psychology, political psychology, business psychology, psychology of the internet, and exposure to new and experimental fields in psychology. B.A. in Communications: focuses on issues related to new media while providing up-to-date theoretical knowledge through practical workshops and seminars guided by Israel s leading communications professionals. It offers specializations in Interactive Communications, Persuasive Communications, and Television Studies. 29 IDC Herzliya The International School offers bachelor s degree programs in six semesters. International students learn side by side with their Israeli counterparts and are involved in all aspects of campus life. 1,450 international students from 84 countries make up ¼ of the IDC student body. It is a true global village that in the years consisted of: 31% North America, 23% Israel & Middle East, 25% Western Europe, 8% Latin America, 6% Africa, 5% Eastern Europe & Russia, 2% Asia & Oceania students. B.A. in Business Administration: Israel, a country of just 7 million people, produces more start-up companies than nations like China, Japan, India, Korea and the UK. This program, with specializations in marketing, finance, accountancy and information technology, includes both classic management courses and innovative courses and workshops in topics such as entrepreneurship and marketing strategy. MA Programs // M.B.A. in Global Strategic Management (GMBA): run jointly with the Wharton

16 School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Its Global Consulting Practicum includes sponsored international travel and provides global collaboration and practical experience, including access to an extensive international network. M.A. in Organizational Behavior and Development: combines social psychology, organizational psychology, business administration and management. M.A. in Government- thesis track: while research is at the core of the program, it also includes a selection of core and elective courses. The program offers basic and advanced courses in government, politics, and international affairs. M.A. in Government- Diplomacy & Conflict Studies: combines the theory and practice of contemporary diplomacy with the study of conflict. It emphasizes the acquisition of tools for dealing with conflict: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, public diplomacy, and track-two engagement, as well as the psychological, cultural and legal aspects of conflict. for students from Israel and abroad who wish to acquire the necessary skills to start their own venture in the global market. It provides state-of-the-art innovation and entrepreneurship studies together with theoretical and practical tools needed to conduct business in the global arena. The curriculum addresses entrepreneurship in all its aspects and builds on Israel s status as a center of high-tech entrepreneurship. It also works with the new media lab on campus to create new technology that will be brought to the market. The Global Business Leadership Program (GMBA): a new and entirely unique arrival on the Israeli MBA scene. While it is the first of its kind in Israel, elite international business schools have long incorporated leadership development as a core element in their curriculums. The goal of the program is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the global business environment and enable them to master business fundamentals, while simultaneously helping them to cultivate the key leadership skills necessary to navigate today s complex and ever-changing global business environment. 31 nightlife in tel aviv M.A. in Government - Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Studies: this program, in collaboration with the International Institute for Counterterrorism, combines academic study, simulations and workshops to offer special tools for critical thinking in this field. Each course provides concentrated, in-depth exposure to the phenomenon of modern terrorism and its characteristics, modus operandi, scope and dissemination throughout the world. M.B.A. in Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE-GMBA): designed North America: Tel: (212) Israel & Abroad: Graduate studies Tel: Undergraduate studies Tel: Photos by: Pini Siluk

17 NYU Tel Aviv NYU helps students become citizens of the world; at the Tel Aviv NYU Global Academic Center, students have the incomparable opportunity to experience the culture of a foreign city firsthand with access to some of the country's most influential politicians, top journalists, distinguished musicians, and accomplished scholars. NYU Tel Aviv, centrally located in a residential neighborhood directly across from the lovely Hayarkon Park and River, offers undergraduate courses. The curriculum is well suited to students studying economics, journalism, media, politics, prelaw, and other subjects in the social sciences. A course in Hebrew or Arabic at the appropriate level is required. NYU Tel Aviv provides students with an incomparable vantage point from which to survey and explore the social, cultural, and political forces that shape not only the Middle East but all parts of the world today. Courses address the most fundamental questions asked in societies throughout the world and study ways to approach local and world events from different perspectives. Varied topics take students through the labyrinth of Israeli society to better understand its people, culture, and politics. Extensive curricular programming allows students to experience the country and its culture in ways not available to the casual tourist. Guest lectures, special seminars, and debates on current events featuring renowned professionals and public figures are an important aspect of the curricular offerings. The extracurricular program is varied and robust. The staff arranges trips and activities to help students get to know the city and its many hidden gems. It may include an architectural walking tour of the White City, a visit the new Yitzhak Rabin Center, a trip to Jerusalem to the religious sites, food tours, local art tours, as well as group activities throughout the semester. 33 NYU Tel Aviv Dr. Gal Levy, Director:

18 Located in the bustling and colorful heart of Jaffa, MTA shares many of its most prominent qualities with its geographic surrounding and its neighbours therein. With an entrepreneurial spirit serving as the bedrock of its vision, the college maintains an ever-present commitment to innovation and close ties with the local as well as global business communities. The Tel Aviv -Yaffo Academic College is a public establishment of higher education dedicated to the joint promise of academic excellence and serving its surrounding community. Since its establishment in 1994, MTA has steadily grown in size and stature to become one of Israel s foremost establishments of higher education and a shining example of academia-community relations. Serving a student population of over 4,000 in six undergraduate and five graduate degree programs, and boasting an alumni body of over 8,000 students, MTA has earned a name for itself both in the academia and the business world as a forward-thinking, innovative and often ground-breaking hub for young thinkers and future leaders. Programs for International Students Generating Change in a Multicultural Society: a 10- day program (non-credited) that introduces students to key aspects of Israel s multicultural society, carried out through a combination of academic classes, field trips and encounters with Israeli social leaders. The students get a taste of the complex layers of the Jaffa community and other communities in Israel, and a closer look at a few study cases of initiatives being conducted locally trying to confront some of the social, political, and economic challenges facing Jaffa and Israel at large. Jaffa will be studied as a microcosm of the Israeli society. Israeli Society and Politics: a 6 week summer program that introduces students to key aspects of Israel s diverse and multifaceted society, carried out through a combination of academic classes, films, field trips and encounters with Israeli social leaders. Through hands-on experiences and academic courses, students get a taste of the complexities within the Jaffa community and in Israel at large. International Entrepreneurship Training Program (IETP): the program provides a first-hand genuine experience of the country s internationally renowned entrepreneurship. Students receive the opportunity to meet leading entrepreneurs, study how the country developed to become an international hub of creativity and ingenuity, and witness Israel s exceptional entrepreneurial infrastructure through visits to business parks and technological incubators. Summer programs: 4-6 week tailor-made programs for particular groups of students attending the program. Semester programs: week programs designed to immerse students in various courses focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation. Social Entrepreneurship in a Multicultural Society: the program is dedicated to introducing students to the work of social entrepreneurs in order to better prepare them to start their own venture and be successful in the field. With the growth of corporate social responsibility and the third sector (NGOs), more students bring together both the social and the business. These two worlds are necessary for those who seek to create ventures that promote social changes as well as make profits. Liat Weiss Shahaf, Director of External Relations and Resources Development: Tel: / M: Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo (MTA)

19 Kibbutzim College The overall academic structure of the program // students are able to choose between focusing their course selections within an area of concentration or select a spectrum of courses from various concentrations. The classes involve field trips and/or excursions. Kibbutzim College, 149 Namir Road, Tel-Aviv Tel: Kibbutzim College Expand your Israeli experience - meet, travel and study with Israeli students. Kibbutzim College Explore, Enjoy, Engage! Hebrew: all international students who register for a full semester will be offered an opportunity to participate in a Hebrew class for credit. Established in 1939, the college was envisioned as the source of educational leadership for the Kibbutz movement. The founders wished to promote a humanistic and democratic approach to education combined with creative artistic experience and based on a multicultural and progressive worldview. In the course of the last decade, Kibbutzim College has become Israel s largest college of education. Programs for International Students The international experience is based on three key components: Academic studies, living experience in Tel Aviv and professional encounters in Israel. At the end of the program, students return with a deeper and broader understanding of Israel, and a feeling of being personally and academically challenged. Pathways Thru Israel: explore themes and sites taking into account the students personal interests. Online College: since 2009, the Online College has been offering a growing number of certificate programs and online courses in various disciplines. 37 The college serves a student population from all sectors of society, with commitment to humanism, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. The College has six academic concentrations // Education Innovation and Social Change Modern Israel Society and Culture Performing Arts Film and Communication Environmental Sciences International Democratic Education The College places the well-being of its students among its highest priorities. The relationship with international students is no different. The College welcomes the students into the country, the campus and its home. The courses are designed to expand the horizons, create meaningful interactions between students from diverse backgrounds and utilize Israel as a critical backdrop for classroom learning. Significant learning is based on site experiences, interactions between participants and a dialogue with a wide variety of source texts.

20 Levinsky College integrates excellence in teaching with Jewish ideals and universal morals. The college is known for its tolerance and pluralistic spirit, and encourages interaction between cultures, religions, races and identities. Custom made programs (Study abroad): courses include a combination of courses of B.Ed or M.Ed delivered in English or Hebrew, with experiences of field work and Ulpan. The Intensive Seminar: a two-week program designed for principals and experienced Pre-school (Kindergarten) and Primary school teachers focusing on high level classes and workshops in education, Jewish studies and current affairs. Seminar for Jewish Community Leaders: provides teachers in Jewish schools and prominent leaders in the Jewish community an opportunity to refresh and strengthen their ties with Israel. Intersession workshops for Early Childhood and Primary School Teachers: a three week intersession workshops which provide early childhood and primary teachers the opportunity to learn and experience diversity and globalization as it affects the lives of children and families. Students visit religious and secular frameworks for Children in Jewish, Muslim and Christian settings. 39 Levinsky College of Education Ulpan (Hebrew Language Studies) Levinsky College of Education is the first academic institute in Israel to have trained nursery and school teachers in Hebrew, ever since it was established 100 years ago. The College led the academization process in teacher education in Israel, and was the first to receive full academic validation in all its teacher education programs. Levinsky College has trained over the years some 40,000 teachers and educators. Levinsky College of Education is subsidiary of the Jewish Agency. Levinsky College consists of five schools which offer a variety of programs // The School of Education (B.Ed.) The School of Music Education (B.Ed.) The School of Master Degrees (M.Ed./M.Teach) The International School The School for Continuing Education The College s special programs include Computers and Mathematics, Children s Literature, Art for Preschoolers, Music Education, Computers in Education, Special Education and Literature in High-Schools, Education with Animals. Levinsky Campus is located five minutes away from the Tel Aviv beach, at the heart of Tel Aviv s academic, cultural, entertainment and commercial center. Programs for International Students The International School accredits all branches of education studies for the B.Ed. and M.Ed. degrees. The school offers unique programs in Spanish, English and Russian. Online joint courses with students from the Hebrew College in Torun (Poland) and the University of Amsterdam. Levinsky College Campus 15 Shoshana Persitz St. P.O.B, 48130, Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel:

2014-2024 Strategic Plan

2014-2024 Strategic Plan 2014-2024 Strategic Plan table of contents Letter to the Board of Visitors... 1 The Mason Vision... 2 A University for the World... 9 Strategically Planning for Our Future... 10 Goals for Students... 11

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BUSINESS. Postgraduate courses 2013

BUSINESS. Postgraduate courses 2013 BUSINESS Postgraduate courses 2013 Welcome to Business at QUT Business can be considered the engine room of the economy it drives recovery in hard times and growth in good times. Postgraduate study provides

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NDERGRADUATE PROGRAM COURSES OF STUDY GRADUATE PROGRAM Academic Calendar... 3 Message from the President... 6 Introduction... 7 History of Wagner College... 7 Mission... 9 Majors and Minors... 14 Pre-Professional Programs... 23 Joint Degree Programs... 23

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M.Sc. & specializing masters 1

M.Sc. & specializing masters 1 Graduate programs A.Y. 2015/2016 M.Sc. & specializing masters 1 Cattolica 4 6 9 10 12 13 15 16 18 20 22 24 27 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 Why choose Cattolica Cattolica facts & figures Milan 42

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Taiwan 0.01. Getting to know. 1 Taipei 2 Keelung 3 Taoyuan 4 Hsinchu 5 Yilan. 12 Tainan 13 Kaohsiung 14 Pingtung

Taiwan 0.01. Getting to know. 1 Taipei 2 Keelung 3 Taoyuan 4 Hsinchu 5 Yilan. 12 Tainan 13 Kaohsiung 14 Pingtung etting to know Taiwan Where is Taiwan? 6 4 3 1 5 2 Welcome to our friendly island paradise Taiwan is a modern, free, and democratic society where people are hardworking, fun-loving, educated and friendly.

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Postgraduate courses from Bristol Business School.

Postgraduate courses from Bristol Business School. Postgraduate s from Bristol Business School Practical Learning for the real world Staff and students from diverse cultural backgrounds bring a global perspective to the overall learning

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Master s Programs 2012 / 2013

Master s Programs 2012 / 2013 Master s Programs 2012 / 2013 Foreword Welcome from the President I am delighted that you are considering graduate studies at Freie Universität Berlin. Freie Universität is one of y s foremost research

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Handbook and. Guide to Learning. Woodbury University 2014-2015 Catalog

Handbook and. Guide to Learning. Woodbury University 2014-2015 Catalog Handbook and Guide to Learning Woodbury University 2014-2015 Catalog Guide to Learning Accreditation Woodbury University is accredited by the Senior Commission of the Western Association of Schools and

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MBA HANDBOOK 2011-2012

MBA HANDBOOK 2011-2012 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MBA HANDBOOK 2011-2012 Committed to Excellence in Europe Committed to Excellence in Europe CONTENTS Welcome Why in Cyprus University of Nicosia Introduction MBA Programme Philosophy

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2013 14 Undergraduate Catalogue

2013 14 Undergraduate Catalogue 2013 14 Undergraduate Catalogue Meredith College Undergraduate Catalogue 2013 14 VOLUME 37 MEREDITH COLLEGE INTENDS TO adhere to the rules, regulations, policies, and related statements included in this

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G R A D U A T E P R O G R A M S School of Education G R A D U A T E P R O G R A M S The American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said: Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee. At the University of Bridgeport School of Education, our

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Priorities for Excellence. The Penn State Strategic Plan 2009-10 through 2013-14

Priorities for Excellence. The Penn State Strategic Plan 2009-10 through 2013-14 Priorities for Excellence The Penn State Strategic Plan 2009-10 through 2013-14 Table of Contents The Context for Strategic Planning at Penn State... 1 The Process for Creating the University Strategic

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MBA Courses 2014/15. Learn today Lead tomorrow

MBA Courses 2014/15. Learn today Lead tomorrow MBA Courses 2014/15 Learn today Lead tomorrow Contents A Word from the Dean 4 Welcome to the Smurfit MBA 5 Why choose an MBA? 6 Why the Smurfit MBA? 7 Our courses: Full-time MBA 9 Executive MBA 15 Careers

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Masters courses 2015

Masters courses 2015 Masters courses 2015 ontents 2 7 19 Introduction 2 Studying at Essex Business School 4 Employability 6 Your future 8 Accounting courses (olchester ampus) 10 MSc Accounting MSc International Accounting

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Master Degree Programs

Master Degree Programs Master Degree Programs for Educators Living and Working Overseas Traditional Class Setting C. Louis Cedrone International Education Center 100 State Street Framingham, MA 01701 508.626.4964

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Engineer Generalist! 134 / 20 / 20 123 /en

Engineer Generalist! 134 / 20 / 20 123 /en 2013 2012 / 2014 2013 S c e a u x ( P a r i s ) T r o y e s M o n t p e l l i e r Tomorrow s Engineer is ageneralist! Water, Energy, Environment, E-Health, Mechanics, Information and Communication technologies,

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Innovative. Collaborative. Progressive.

Innovative. Collaborative. Progressive. Innovative. Collaborative. Progressive. s c h o o l o f G r a d u a t e S t u d i e s a t T r e n t u n i v e r s i t y Peterborough Ontario 2012 Take Your Education to the Next

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My career. starts here! Student Services. We re Here 2 Help you. How to get ready for College. Financing your education? Explore the options.

My career. starts here! Student Services. We re Here 2 Help you. How to get ready for College. Financing your education? Explore the options. 2015 OTTAWA PERTH PEMBROKE ONLINE INTERNATIONAL Three Steps pg16 to Apply pg41 How to get ready for College. CONNECTED TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO pg 18 Financing your education? Explore the options. My career

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Postgraduate Prospectus. Going further with The Open University

Postgraduate Prospectus. Going further with The Open University Postgraduate Prospectus Going further with The Open University 2015/2016 1 Life-changing Learning Everything you need to know to start your journey with The Open University is right here. Read on and find

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Postgraduate Programs 2016

Postgraduate Programs 2016 Postgraduate Programs 2016 Adelaide s revitalised Riverbank Precinct including Adelaide Oval (upper left), Festival Centre (lower right) and the River Torrens footbridge (centre). Study in ADELAIDE Australia

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UNIVERSITY THE VIRTUAL. University of Maryland University College (UMUC), USA. Mark L. Parker. Edited by Susan D Antoni

UNIVERSITY THE VIRTUAL. University of Maryland University College (UMUC), USA. Mark L. Parker. Edited by Susan D Antoni THE VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY Models & Messages Lessons from Case Studies Edited by Susan D Antoni University of Maryland University College (UMUC), USA Mark L. Parker An evolution of an existing institution

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MBA Degree Online. Top 10 Ranked Online MBA Programs BEST. Advance. Lead. Succeed. In a constantly evolving world. Washington State University MBA

MBA Degree Online. Top 10 Ranked Online MBA Programs BEST. Advance. Lead. Succeed. In a constantly evolving world. Washington State University MBA MBA Degree Online Washington State University Advance. Lead. Succeed. In a constantly evolving world. MBA BEST ONLINE PROGRAMS GRAD BUSINESS 2014 Top 10 Ranked Online MBA Programs U.S. News & World Report

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BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY 2013-2014 UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY 201-2014 UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG How can I apply to Boise State University? See Chapter, pages 24-28 How can I register for classes? See Chapter 4, pages 29-0 How much do I have to

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International Master Programs at Cologne University of Applied Sciences

International Master Programs at Cologne University of Applied Sciences Legal Notice Publisher Design & Layout Editorial Staff Number of copies 2,500 Cologne University of Applied Sciences International Office Elisabeth Holuscha Claudiusstraße 1 50678 Köln

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The Academic Program. Advising. Associate of Arts Degrees

The Academic Program. Advising. Associate of Arts Degrees THE ACADEMIC PROGRAM: ADVISING The Academic Program Dordt College offers a wide variety of programs and majors for students wishing to earn a bachelor s degree. Dordt College also awards associate of arts

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UNDERGRADUATE DEGREES GUIDE 2016. Know more. Do more. UNDERGRADUATE DEGREES GUIDE 2016 Know more. Do more. Welcome to Griffith University Griffith is a top-ranked university with a welcoming atmosphere. We re one of the leading providers of higher education

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