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2 THIS GUIDE TO state Game Production Areas (GPAs) and federal Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs) in South Dakota was prepared to help sportsmen locate public hunting areas. The following abbreviations are used to identify state and federal areas, area use and game species using them. Upland Game...UG Waterfowl...WF Big Game...BG Furbearers...FB Game Production Area...GPA Water Access...WA Park Facilities...P Controlled Hunting...CH Waterfowl Production Area...WPA Refuge...R GAME PRODUCTION AREAS State Game Production Areas are owned and managed by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks for game production and public hunting. The GPAs are purchased at appraised value with hunting license revenues and Pittman-Robertson (P-R) Wildlife Restoration funds. P-R funds derived from an 11 percent excise tax on the manufacturers and importers of sporting arms and ammunition, handguns and archery equipment are rebated to the states annually to carry out wildlife habitat restoration. All GPAs are taxed at their true value by the counties in which they are located. In 1998, Game, Fish and Parks paid an average of $3.13 an acre in property taxes to the counties. Motor-propelled vehicles cannot be operated on GPAs except on designated roads and parking areas. All or parts of some GPAs may be a refuge. Check the current hunting regulations for a listing of those areas. In addition, all refuges are posted. WATERFOWL PRODUCTION AREAS Waterfowl Production Areas are acquired and managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service through its Small Wetlands Preservation Program. Funds to buy WPAs come from the sale of federal Waterfowl Stamps. Under the Revenue Sharing Act, payments in lieu of taxes are made each year to counties in which WPAs are located. WPAs are mainly temporary or permanent wetlands and associated uplands bought to protect waterfowl nesting areas. WALK-IN AREAS Walk-In Areas, a part of Game, Fish and Parks Pheasants for Everyone program that began in 1988, are designed to provide additional public hunting and trapping opportunities. These sites are selected annually based on habitat quality, location and sporting pressure in the area. No permission is required to hunt these lands, but the future of these areas depends largely on hunter and trapper behavior. Areas are not included in this booklet. An annual listing of Walk-In Areas is available at Game, Fish and Parks Wildlife Division offices. The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks printed 100,000 copies of this document at a cost of 6.1 cents per copy Equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs of the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks is available to all individuals without regard to their race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap. Complaints of discrimination should be sent to Office of Equal Opportunity, U.S. Department of Interior, Office of the Secretary, Washington, D.C

3 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION AURORA COUNTY Crystal Lake GPA 160 UG-WF-BG-FB 7N, 1W, 1/2N Aurora Center Fish Lake GPA 420 UG-WF-BG-FB 5E Plankinton Hanson Lake GPA 80 UG-BG-WF 1S, 1 1/2E Aurora Center Humphries Slough GPA 239 UG-WF-BG-FB 2N 1W, 1N White Lake Kramer Slough GPA 160 UG-WF-BG 4S, 2E White Lake Nelson Lake GPA 160 UG-WF-BG 2N, 3E Stickney Pebble GPA 40 UG-WF-BG 6 1/2E Plankinton Pleasant Lake GPA 667 WF-UG-BG-FB 6S, 3W, 1/2S Plankinton Stickney Lake GPA 80 UG-WF-BG 5E, 1N, 1/2E Stickney Tielebein GPA 80 UG-WF 1S, 3E Stickney Wilmarth Lake GPA 320 WF-UG-BG 10N, 4W Plankinton Althen WPA 160 UG-WF 4S, 2W, 1/2N Plankinton Crystal Lake WPA 629 UG-WF 4S, 4W Plankinton Foster WPA 160 UG-WF 9 1/2S White Lake Humphrey WPA 666 UG-WF-BG 4N White Lake Koch/Martin WPA 99 UG-WF 3S, 4E White Lake Krell WPA 160 UG-WF 3E, 5S White Lake Lutz WPA 160 UG-WF 4E White Lake Maine/Neilsen WPA 800 UG-WF-BG 6W, 1S Plankinton Miller WPA 62 UG-WF 1/2S, 1 1/2E Plankinton Nielsen North WPA 480 UG-WF 2E, 5N, 1/4E White Lake Overweg WPA 110 UG-WF 6W, 3S Plankinton Schute WPA 147 UG-WF 2S, 3E White Lake Scott WPA 182 UG-WF 2E, 9N, 1/2E Plankinton Sorenson WPA 622 UG-WF-BG 4S,3W Plankinton Stanley WPA 250 UG-WF 3E, 1N, 1/2E White Lake White Lake Saddle Club WPA 30 UG-WF 1 1/2W White Lake BEADLE COUNTY Borden/Norwegian GPA 640 UG-WF-BG-FB 3S, 2W Wolsey Brecken Slough GPA 300 UG-BG-WF-FB 5W, 1/2N Wolsey Byron Lake Hogsback GPA 59 UG-WF-FB 11N, 3E, 2N, 2E Huron Bryon Lake WA 10 P 11N, 3E, 1N, 1E Huron Byron Lake, NE GPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 11N, 6E, 2N, 1/2W Huron Cavour Lake GPA 680 UG-WF-BG-FB 3N Cavour James River, North GPA 171 UG-WF-BG-FB 6E Hitchcock James River, South GPA 13 UG-WF-BG-FB 15N, 1W Huron Mallard Slough GPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 11N, 5E, 1N, 1/4E Huron Mud Lake GPA 200 UG-WF-BG-FB 11N, 3E, 2N Huron Pheasant Country GPA-WA 145 UG-BG-WF 6E Hitchcock Staum Dam GPA 161 UG-WF-BG-FB 15N, 1 1/2W Iroquois Stengle GPA 160 UG-BG-FB 2 1/2W Virgil Third Street Dam WA 1 Access Huron Upper Cain Creek GPA 160 UG-BG-WF 4W, 7N Wolsey Andresen WPA 160 UG-WF 3W, 4S, 1W, 1/2S Wolsey Bauer WPA 800 UG-WF-BG 5W, 1N Iroquois Boomsma WPA 100 UG-WF 2N, 3W, 1/2N Broadland Clouser WPA 308 UG-WF-BG 1N Virgil Davis WPA 240 UG-WF 6S, 1W Huron Glanzer WPA 190 UG-WF 7N, 1 1/2W Yale Mud Lake WPA 113 UG-WF 11N, 3E, 2N, 1/4NW Huron Kahre WPA 140 UG-WF 2E, 1/2S Wolsey Kleinsasser WPA 320 UG-WF 3E Broadland LeClaire WPA 480 UG-WF 6N, 3 1/2E Yale Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA 1,112 UG-WF-BG 8W Huron 3

4 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Marshall WPA 65 UG-WF 7W, 1S Wolsey Moser WPA 71 WF 1E, 2N Wolsey Quiram WPA 33 UG-WF 7W, 1S 1W Wolsley Reed WPA 80 UG-WF 12S, 1/2W Iroquois Rogers WPA 320 UG-WF 4E Wolsey Ruppel WPA 56 UG-BG-WF 3S Virgil Shoemaker WPA 120 UG-WF 5W, 1/4N Wolsey Schull WPA 320 UG-WF-BG 1/2N Virgil Weaver WPA 480 UG-WF-BG 9W, 1S Huron Wieting WPA 292 UG-WF 6N, 2E, 1/2S Broadland Wipf WPA 115 UG-WF 11N Huron Yauney WPA 160 UG-WF 1 1/2E Broadland BENNETT COUNTY Lacreek Refuge (Special refuge permits are required to hunt portions of refuge for pheasants and grouse) CH 7,967 UG 1W Tuthill Little White River GPA-WA-P 160 UG-WF-BG-FB 2 1/2W Tuthill Todd Ranch GPA 2,720 UG-BG-WF 5S, 1/2E Martin BON HOMME COUNTY Bon Homme, North GPA 79 UG-BG-FB 3 1/2W, 1/2S Tyndall Bon Homme, South GPA 120 UG-BG 3 1/2W, 1 1/2S Tyndall Hersman GPA 155 UG-WF-BG 2N Tyndall Lake Henry WA 32 Access 3/4E, 1/2S Scotland Long Spur GPA 0 UG-BG 6 1/2S, 1/2W Tripp Running Water GPA 1,441 WF-UG-BG-FB 4W, 3S, 1W, 1S Springfield Sorenson GPA 240 UG-WF-BG 7 1/2N Avon Buchholz WPA 251 UG-WF 7N, 1/2E Avon Cosby WPA 163 UG-WF 7N Avon Hieb WPA 284 UG-WF 9N, 1W, 1/4N Avon Schaefer WPA 151 UG-WF 5N, 1E Avon Scheffel/Singleton WPA 320 UG-WF 1E, 1N Tyndall BROOKINGS COUNTY Beck GPA 160 UG-WF-BG-FB 2E Sinai Black Slough GPA 234 WF-FB-BG-UG 6N, 7 1/2E White Cheevers Slough GPA 200 BG-UG-FB-WF 2S, 2E Sinai Interstate Lake WA 30 WF 1S, 1/2E Brookings Kvernmoe Slough GPA 201 UG-BG-FB-WF 6N, 9E, 1/2N White Lake Campbell GPA-WA 13 FB-WF-UG-BG 3S, 1 1/2W, 2S, 1/2W Brookings Lake Hendricks WA 1 Access 7E, 4N, 2E White Lake Hendricks WA 12 Access 7E, 2N, 1 1/2E, 1/2N White Lake Sinai WA 128 WF-UG-BG 1 1/2N, 1/2W Sinai Lake Sinai, North GPA 93 WF-UG 2 1/2N, 1W, 1S Sinai Mehegan GPA 51 UG-WF-BG-FB 1W, 4N Brookings Oakwood/Moe Slough GPA 555 UG-WF-FB-BG 4W Bruce Nelson GPA 31 UG-WF-BG-UG 10N, 2 1/4E Arlington Pederson Slough GPA 60 WF-FB-UG-BG 3E, 2S Sinai Winterhaven GPA 120 UG-WF-BG-FB 2S, 7E Siani Bjornlie WPA 158 WF-UG-FB-BG 6N, 9E, 1N 1/2W White Bolstad WPA 40 WF-UG-FB-BG 2E, 1N Sinai Brush Lake WPA 638 WF-UG-FB-BG 3S, 1E Arlington Cotton WPA 77 WF-UG-FB-BG 9N, 4E Arlington Doop WPA 240 WF-UG-FB-BG 7N, 5E Arlington Dry Lake/Selken/ Van Moorlehen WPA 1,294 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2E, 1S, 2E, 1N Arlington 4

5 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Elmore/Engelstad WPA 295 WF-UG-BG-FB 6N, 7E, 1/2N White Englestad WPA 87 WF-UG-BG-FB 1S, 2 1/2E Astoria Eriksrud WPA 90 WF-UG-FB 1/4W Sinai Geardink WPA 335 WF-UG-FB-BG 1S, 4E, 2S Sinai Goodfellow WPA 238 WF-UG-BG-FB 2N, 6W Bruce Henrikson WPA 133 WF-UG-FB-BG 2N, 2W Sinai Holm WPA 79 WF-UG-FB-BG 6S Arlington Kangas WPA 68 WF-UG-FB-BG 10N, 3E, 1N, 1E, 1N, 1/4W Arlington Kasperson WPA 115 WF-UG-FB 3/4W Sinai Brookings WPA 360 WF-UG-FB-BG 4N, 2 1/2E Arlington Kneip WPA 76 WF-UG 1N Arlington Larsen WPA 228 WF-UG-FB 5S Arlington Lund WPA 173 WF-UG-FB-BG 1N, 3W Volga Matson WPA 74 WF-UG-FB-BG 10S Arlington Nelson WPA 153 WF-UG-FB-BG 10N, 2E, 1/2S Arlington Nelson WPA 122 WF-BG-FB 1S, 1E Sinai Olson WPA 14 WF-UG-FB 9 1/2S Arlington Pittenger WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 4S, 3 1/2W Bruce Rottum WPA 84 WF-UG-FB-BG 6N, 5E, 1/2N White Henrikson WPA 79 UG-WF 1 1/2W, 1N Lake Sinai Wenk/Dahl WPA 316 WF-UG-BG-FB 7S Arlington Ziegler WPA 51 WF-UG-FB 2W, 1S, 1/2W Volga BROWN COUNTY Casanova GPA 640 UG-BG-WF-FB 6W, 2S Aberdeen Columbia GPA 40 WF-UG-BG 1N, 1W Columbia Diagonal Trees GPA 70 UG-BG-WF 13N, 2E Columbia Elm Lake GPA 160 UG-BG-WF 8W, 2 1/2N, 3/4W Frederick Hart Quarter GPA 70 UG-BG-WF 13N, 2E Columbia Hecla, Controlled GPA 480 UG-BG-WF 4S, 2W Hecla Hecla, East GPA 160 FB-WF 1E Hecla Hecla, Managed GPA 640 UG-BG-WF 2S, 2W Hecla Hecla, West GPA 160 UG-BG-WF 1W Hecla Jilek-Dahme GPA 54 UG-WF-BG-FB 6W, 1N, 2 1/2W Warner Piggors Lake GPA-WA 120 UG-WF-WF-FB 5E, 1N Ferney Putney No. 1 GPA 160 WF-UG-BG 7N, 1 1/2W Claremont Putney No. 3 GPA 979 WF-UG-BG 4W, 1N Claremont Putney Slough GPA 2,721 WF-FB-UG-BG 6N, 5E Bath Renziehausen GPA 1,654 WF-UG-BG-FB 8N Claremont Richmond Lake GPA-WA 160 UG-BG-WF 4W, 7N, 1 1/2W Aberdeen Sand Lake, North GPA 160 WF-UG-BG 1N, 2W Hecla Wanttie GPA 80 UG-BG-WF 6E, 6N Frederick Willow Dam GPA 1,560 WF-UG-BG-FB 4N, 4 1/2W Westport Zabrasha GPA 1,119 UG-WF-BG 3S, 1E Hecla Braun WPA 100 WF-UG 3N, 3W Warner Crow Creek WPA 284 WF-UG-BG 4W, 3N Claremont Dennert WPA 50 BG-FB-UG 3N Columbia Engle Dam WPA 144 WF-UG-BG-FB 4W, 2N, 1W Hecla Evelo WPA 90 WF-UG 5 1/2S Aberdeen Fuhrman WPA 264 UG-WF-BG 6S, 2 1/2W Warner Hayes WPA 318 WF-BG-UG 6S, 7E, 3N Hecla Hecla WPA 952 WF-UG-BG 2N, 1E Hecla Heis WPA 34 WF-UG-BG 7E Frederick Hoellein/Ristau WPA 245 UG-WF-BG 7W, 1N, 1W Aberdeen Horn WPA 240 WF-UG-BG 5W, 1S Aberdeen 5

6 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Kalt/Brick WPA 120 WF-FB-UG 9W Warner Krause WPA 35 WF-BG-UG 4N, 1W, 1/2S Mansfield Lord Lake WPA 246 WF-UG-BG 5W, 4N, 1/2E, Warner Luoma WPA 80 UG-WF-BG 7N, 7E, 1/2S Frederick Mardian/Ryman WPA 414 WF-UG-BG 3W, 1S Warner Maunu WPA 137 WF-UG-BG 8W, 1 1/2N Hecla Proud WPA 325 UG-WF-BG 4N Aberdeen Swanson WPA 150 UG-WF-BG 3N Hecla Thorpe WPA 160 WF-UG-BG 3E, 1N Hecla Wiedebush WPA 189 UG-WF-BG 4N, 4W Warner BRULE COUNTY Boyer GPA 1,393 UG-BG-WF-FB 8S, 4W Chamberlain Brule Bottom GPA 2,000 UG-BG-WF-FB 6N, 1W Chamberlain Brule/Buffalo Co. Corps Land GPA 1,145 UG-BG-WF-FB 8S, 4W Chamberlain Chamberlain GPA 172 UG-BG-FB 3N Chamberlain Holoubek (Chain Lake) GPA 480 UG-BG-WF 4W, 12S Kimball Hoover GPA 840 UG-BG-FB 17S Pukwana Jorgensen R 105 UG-BG Pukwana Kimball GPA 42 UG-BG 1 1/2E Kimball Lake Sixteen GPA 78 UG-WF-BG 5E, 1S Kimball Red Lake GPA-WA 65 UG-WF-BG 2S, 1/2W Pukwana Koss WPA 820 UG-WF-BG 5E, 8S Kimball Pipal WPA 160 UG-WF 8S, 2W, 2S, 1E Kimball Stanek WPA 179 UG-WF 3W, 12S, 1E Kimball BUFFALO COUNTY Pease Area GPA 280 UG-WF-BG-FB 8N, 1W Chamberlain BUTTE COUNTY Belle Fourche Dam Mitigation Area GPA 164 WF-UG-BG 9E, 3N Belle Fourche Newell Lake GPA-WA 800 WF-BG-UG 8N,2E Newell CAMPBELL COUNTY American Game Assoc. GPA 394 UG-BG-WF 2S Mound City Salt Lake GPA 981 UG-BG-FB-WF 6S, 7E Mound City Sand Lake R 160 BG-UG-WF 7S Mound City Beck WPA 58 WF-FB 10E, 1S, 1 1/4E, 1/2N Mound City Berndt WPA 51 WF-FB 2N, 4W Herreid Cooper WPA 320 UG-WF-BG-FB 10E, 2S, 1E Mound City Eberhart WPA 70 WF-UG-BG-FB 9 1/2S, 5W, 1S, 1/4E Eureka Fischer WPA 410 WF-UG-BG-FB 5W, 6S, 1 1/2W Eureka Goehring WPA 70 WF-FB 3 1/2E Mound City Goetz WPA 155 WF-BG 8W, 4S Eureka Helm WPA 160 WF-UG-FB 8W, 8S, 1/2 W Eureka Schlomer WPA 99 WF-UG-BG-FB 5W, 9S, 1W, 1 1/2S Eureka Sieler WPA 72 WF-UG-FB 6E, 2S, 1E, 1/2S Mound City Thulner WPA 127 WF-FB 2W, 1N Herreid US WPA 200 UG-WF 6W, 1N, 3/4W Eureka Cooper II WPA 320 UG-WF-BG-FB 8W, 7S, 1W, 3/4 N Eureka 6

7 NAME CHARLES MIX COUNTY TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Academy Lake GPA 75 WF-UG-BG-FB 1 1/4W, 1/4N Acadamy Bovee Lake GPA 352 UG-WF-BG-FB 3S, 3E Platte Center Platte GPA 90 UG-BG 11W, 1S, 1W, 1S Platte Corps Land North GPA 1,200 UG-BG 10 1/2W, 1/2S, 1/2SW Platte Corps Land South GPA 4,706 UG-BG-WF 4 1/2S, 1W, 1S Geddes Dante Lake GPA-WA 78 UG-BG 2N, 1/2E Dante Gray Area GPA 1,973 UG-BG-FB 6W, 2S Platte Lake Andes GPA 20 UG 2W, 1N Ravinia Lake Andes, East WA 6 3N Ravinia Lake Andes Units GPA 51 UG-BG-WF 3W, 1N Ravinia Lake George GPA 80 UG-BG-WF 6W, 4N Platte Paulson Area GPA 830 UG-BG 8W, 2S, 3W Platte Pickstown GPA 600 UG-WF-BG NE edge Pickstown +1/2S Platte, West GPA 646 UG-BG 13W Platte Red Lake GPA 833 WF-UG-BG 2E, 1S Ravinia Turgeon GPA 160 BG-UG 3W, 2N, 3W, 2S Academy Wheeler, North GPA 349 WF-BG-UG 7S, 7W Geddes Williamson GPA 40 UG-BG 3E, 5S, 1E Dante Blackthunder WPA 131 UG-WF 1/2N, 5E Lake Andes Broken Arrow WPA 960 UG-WF-BG 6N, 6E Platte Fousek WPA 210 UG-WF 6 1/2N, 9E, 1/2N Lake Andes Fuchs WPA 65 UG-WF 1 1/4E, 6N Geddes Green/Schulte/Jones WPA 220 UG-WF 9N, 2 1/2W Lake Andes Huber WPA 274 UG-WF 1N, 4E, 3N, 3E, 1/2S Lake Andes Juran WPA 109 UG-WF 8E, 2N, 1/2E Wagner Kafka WPA 320 UG-WF 6S, 1E Wagner Koupal WPA 160 UG-WF 3S, 1/2W Dante Novotny WPA 62 UG-WF 3W Geddes Putnam WPA 160 UF-WF 9N Lake Andes Raysby/Dvorak WPA 246 UG-WF 10N, 1/2W Lake Andes Sherman WPA 244 UG-WF 12N, 5W Lake Andes Soulek/North WPA 409 UG-WF 1N, 4E, 3N, 3E, 1/2N Lake Andes Trout WPA 200 UG-WF 11N Lake Andes Tucek WPA 108 UG-WF 12N, 3/4W Lake Andes Van Zee WPA 90 UG-WF 6E,4N, 1E 1/2N Platte Vanderpol WPA 56 UG-WF 3 1/4E, 6N, 1/4W Geddes Varilek WPA 320 UG-WF 12N, 3W Lake Andes CLARK COUNTY Alexander GPA 40 UG-BG-FB-WF 2N, 1W, 1/4S Henry Bailey s Lake GPA-WA 32 WF-FB-BG-UG 9N, 1W, 1S Clark Begeman GPA 80 WF-FB 5W, 5N, 1E Willow Lake Bradley GPA 80 UG-WF-BG-FB 1/2S, 3/4E Bradley Cherry Lake GPA 162 WF-FB-UG-BG 2W, 1S Bryant Chistopherson GPA 160 UG-BG-FB-WF 5W, 1 1/2N Naples Cottonwood Lake GPA 160 UG-WF-BG-FB 1 1/2W, 2N, 1/2W Bradley Crocker GPA 80 BG-FB-UG-WF 4S, 1W, 1N Crocker Dry Lake No. 1 GPA 720 UG-WF-BG-FB 1E, 2N Clark Dry Lake No. 2 GPA 3,754 UG-WF-BG-FB 5N Willow Lake Dudley GPA 100 UG-WF-BG-FB 1 1/2S, 1W, 3/4S Naples Dybvig GPA 80 UG-WF-BG-FB 1E, 3/4N Naples Faehn GPA 130 WF-BG-UG-FB 6E, 1S Bradley Fairferlick GPA 434 UG-BG-FB-WF 3 N Vienna 7

8 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Fordham GPA-WA 640 UG-BG-WF-FB 9S Raymond Foxton GPA 40 UG-BG-FB-WF 3W, 1/2S Naples Hamre GPA 120 UG-BG-FB-WF 2W, 2N Vienna Helgeson GPA 240 UG-BG-FB-WF 2W, 2S Vienna Lynbye GPA 115 UG-WF-FB 1/2W, 2N Bradley McPeek GPA 40 WF-UG-FB 5W, 3N, 1/2E Willow Lake Naples (two tracts) GPA 80 3N, 1/4E Naples Sherwood GPA-WA 400 WF-UG-BG-FB 1E, 4 1/2S Crocker Spring Valley GPA 80 WF-FB-BG-UG 1W, 1/2N, 1/2W Crocker Stadem Slough GPA 71 WF-UG-BG-FB 5E, 1S, 1/2E Willow Lake Stairs Slough GPA 561 WF-UG-BG-FB 7S, 1E Clark Stewart GPA 205 UG-WF-BG-FB 7E, 1N, 1W Clark Swan Lake GPA 1,218 WF-BG-UG-FB 5E, 2N, 1W Bradley Valberg-Lamb GPA 360 UG-BG-FB-WF 2W, 3N, 3/4W Vienna Wagner GPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 3W, 3/4N Crocker Willow Lake GPA 58 WF-FB-BG-UG 1/2N Willow Lake Anderson WPA 160 UG-WF-BG-FB 10S, 2E Clark Ash/Moe WPA 148 WF-UG-BG-FB 5E, 3 1/2S Bradley Austin WPA 84 WF-UG-BG-FB 6N, 3E, 1S Clark Bender WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2W, 1 1/2S Bradley Christopherson WPA 40 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2S, 3W Naples Evans/Kelly WPA 376 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2S Garden City Evenson WPA 40 WF-UG-BG-FB 3W, 1S Vienna Froke/Waldo WPA 407 UG-WF-BG-FB 3 1/2N Willow Lake Giedd/Hough/Lane WPA 291 UG-WF-BG-FB 6E, 1/2N Bradley Geise WPA 240 UG-WF-BG-FB 5N, 3W Willow Lake Graves WPA 149 WF-UG-BG-FB 9N, 1E Clark Herker WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 4S, 2 1/2 E Willow Lake Hunt/Jennings WPA 39 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2W, 5S, 1W, 1/4S Bradley Kadinger WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2S, 3W Willow Lake Kannegieter WPA 52 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2S Willow Lake Kannegieter WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB N edge of Willow Lake Kramer WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 1 1/2S, 1/2E Vienna Kuecker WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 3N, 1E, 1/2N Bradley LaCraft WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 7 1/2S, 1E Clark Lamb WPA 320 UG-WF 5S, 2E Clark Lee WPA 122 WF-UG-BG-FB 3N, 4E Bradley Markrud/Larkin WPA 280 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2W, 4S, 2 3/4E Bradley McLain WPA 40 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2S, 4E Willow Lake Milburn/Foster WPA 176 WF-UG-BG-FB 2N, 1/4W Garden City Neal/Barton WPA 320 WF-UG-BG-FB 2E Bradley Ness WPA 160 UG-WF-BG-FG 4N Willow Lake Poppen WPA 120 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2N Garden City Reinhart WPA 57 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2S, 1 1/2W Vienna Roe/Eck WPA 61 UG-WF-BG-FB 3N, 3 1/2E, Garden City Saboe WPA 281 UG-WF-BG-FB 5N, 1/2E Willow Lake Seefeldt WPA 170 UG-WF-BG-FB 5W, 3S Naples Smith WPA 184 UG-WF-BG-FB 2S, 1 1/2W Naples Storbeck WPA 101 WF-UG-BG-FB 1E Garden City Tulowetzke WPA 76 WF-UG-BG-FB 1N Naples US Tract 1 WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 5E, 3N, 1/4W Bradley Wells WPA 60 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2E, 2S Clark CLAY COUNTY Cunningham GPA 110 UG-BG 15N, 2 1/2W, 1/2N Vermillion Donnelly GPA 66 UG-BG 1E, 1 1/2S Burbank 8

9 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Frost Wilderness GPA 112 UG-BG 3S, 1W Vermillion Myron Grove GPA 62 UG-BG 2 1/2W, 6S Meckling Anderson WPA 40 UG-WF 4N, 1E, 3N, 1E Vermillion CODINGTON COUNTY American Game Assoc. GPA 532 WF-UG-FB 1SE Florence Andrisen GPA 429 BG-WF-UG 1N South Shore Bach GPA 110 BG-FB-WF-UG 5E, 1 1/4S Florence Benn GPA-WA 20 Access 1/2E South Shore Blythe GPA 960 UG-BG-WF-FB 2N, 1E Henry Christopherson GPA 160 UG-BG-WF-FB 7 1/2E Henry Clarksean GPA 40 WF-UG-FB-BG 4E, 2N Henry Cotton Slough GPA 621 WF-UG-BG-FB 3NW Watertown Curley Slough GPA 80 UG-BG-FB-WF 3 1/2E Henry Dayton WA 3.6 WF 3W, 1N Florence Donnelly GPA 120 WF-UG-BG-FB 2E, 3S Florence Eckmann GPA 27 UG-BG-FB 3NW, 1/2W Watertown Elmore GPA 120 BG-WF-UG-FB 2S, 3/4W Wallace Gilbert GPA 240 UG-WF-FB 2N, 3E Henry Goose Lake GPA 1,206 WF-UG-BG-FB 2N Grover Hansen GPA 66 WF-BG-UG-FB 1S, 1E South Shore Hanten GPA 40 WF-FB 4E, 6N, 1E Henry Henning GPA 278 5N, 3E Henry Hodgins GPA 277 WF-UG-BG-FB 9N Henry Horseshoe Lake GPA 33 WF-UG 4 1/2S Florence Larson GPA 135 WF-BG-UG-FB 1/2E South Shore Long Lake GPA 1,053 UG-WF-BG-FB 5N, 3E Henry Lynwood WA 5 Access 3W, 1S Watertown McKilligan Lake GPA 160 WF-UG-BG 6W, 4N, 1 1/2W, 1/2N Watertown Nichols GPA 160 UG-WF-BG-FB 7S, 1E 1/2N Wallace Nichols, North GPA 140 WF-FB-UG-BG 4S, 1E Wallace Pelican Lake GPA 117 UG-WF-BG-FB 1S, 1 1/2W Watertown Punished Woman, South GPA-WA 15 UG Adjacent South Shore Redhead Pass GPA 9 WFUG-BG-FG 3W, 1 1/2S Florence Redlin, Terry GPA 1,116 WF-UG-BG-FB 11W, 3N Watertown Sailboat Landing WA 2 4W, 1N Watertown School Quarter GPA 160 WF-UG-BG 4S, 1E, 1N Wallace Scott GPA 164 UG-WF-FB 6N, 1W Henry Spencer GPA 40 UG-WF-FB 4E, 3N Henry Stink Lake GPA 40 WF-UG-FB 6N, 3E Henry Stover Ranch GPA 80 WF-BG-UG 2S, 1/2E Wallace Wolf Slough GPA 80 UG-WF-BG 1/2N, 4W, 1S, 1E Grover Briggs WPA 80 UG-WF 2E, 2S Florence Bruflat WPA 190 WF-UG-BG-FB 1S, 1/2W Wallace Burnstad WPA 49 WF-UG-BG-FB 4W Florence on Hwy 20 Coplan WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 6W on Hwy 212, 4N, 1/2W Watertown Darling/Sandell WPA 440 WF-UG-BG-FB 5S, 2E, 1S, 1E Wallace David WPA 214 WF-UG-BG-FB 6N, 1E Henry Drake WPA 20 WF-UG 1/2N South Shore Elmore WPA 57 WF-UG-BG-FB 2S, 1W, 1/4N Wallace Geiger/Hauff WPA 145 UG-WF 2E, 1 1/2N Henry Halse WPA 77 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2N, 1E Florence Hansen WPA 45 WF-UG 6N, 3E Henry Johnson WPA 290 WF-UG-BG-FB 3S Florence 9

10 10 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Korth WPA 400 UG-WF 1 1/2N South Shore McClung WPA 156 UG-WF-BG-FB 3E, 1/2S Wallace Moe WPA 160 UG-WF 2N, 2 1/2E Florence Moorhouse WPA 44 WF-UG-BG-FB 2E on Hwy 212, 2S Watertown Neal WPA 80 UG-WF 5N, 3E Florence Nichols/Railroad WPA 72 UG-WF 1N, 1 1/2W Florence Orthis WPA 120 WF-UG-BG-FB 4S, 1W, 1/2N Florence Owen/Mills WPA 145 WF-UG 4N, 1/2E Henry Peterson WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 6W Florence Rasmussen WPA 185 WF-UG-BG-FB 2S, 2E, 1/2S Wallace Roe WPA 617 UG-WF 5S Florence Roe WPA 177 WF-UG-BG-FB 4S, 1 1/2W, 1S Florence Roe WPA 720 UG-WF 3S Wallace Roe/Eck WPA 258 UG-WF-BG-FB 5S Wallace Springer WPA 751 WF-UG-BG-FB 1W Florence Struckman WPA 282 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2E, 4S Henry Swan WPA 140 UG-WF 6E, 2N, 1/2E Henry Thompson WPA 227 WF-UG-BG-FB 6E, 5N, 1/2W Florence US WPA 1 WF-UG-BG-FB 4 1/2E, 5N, 2E, 1N, 1/2E Henry US WPA 3 WF-UG-BG-FB 2E, 5 1/2N Florence US WPA 25 WF-UG-BG-FB 4S, 1W Wallace US WPA 3 WF-UG-BG-FB 4 1/2E, 5N, 6E, 1N, 1/2W Henry CORSON COUNTY C.C. Lee GPA 320 WF-UG-FB-BG 2W, 8 1/2S Keldron CUSTER COUNTY Pleasant Valley Elk Area GPA 465 BG-UG 4W, 9S Custer Spring Valley GPA 766 BG 12S Custer DAVISON COUNTY Bluestem GPA 155 UG-FB-BG 5S, 1/2W Mitchell Hubbard Slough GPA 90 UG-WF-FB-BG 3S, 3E Mt. Vernon Roduner GPA 120 UG-WF-BG-FB 5S, 1/2W Mitchell Tjomsland GPA 80 UG-FB-WF-BG 5N, 2E, 3/4S Mt. Vernon Kurtenbach WPA 72 UG-WF 2S, 1E, 3/4S Ethan Lindeman WPA 80 UG-WF 1W, 3 1/4N Ethan Vogel WPA 43 UG-WF 1W, 1/4S Ethan Zehnpfenning WPA 30 UG-WF 1W, 1 1/2S Ethan DAY COUNTY Aasved GPA 40 UG-BG-WF 9 1/2N Bristol Arneson GPA 240 WF-UG-BG-FB 10S, 10E, 1/2S Webster Amsden Park 145 WF-UG 1N, 10W, 1/2N Bristol Batie GPA 217 WF-UG-BG-FB 1 1/2W Webster Beczkwski WA 7 Access 1S Grenville Bitter Lake GPA 2,364 WF-UG-BG-FB 2S Waubay Block GPA-WA 38 WF-UG 1W, 4N, 1 1/2W Waubay Dale GPA-WA 80 WF 3E, 1S Lily Foldager GPA 240 BG-UG-FB-WF 1W, 8S, 1/2E Waubay Goose Lake GPA 375 WF-FB 1W, 6S, 1/2W Waubay Grenville WA 11 WF 1/2S Grenville Grovard GPA 40 BG-UG-FB-WF 7W, 3 1/2N Roslyn Hauge Marsh GPA 224 WF-BG-FB-UG 1W, 4N Roslyn

11 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Haugen GPA 40 UG-BG-FB-WF 4 1/2E Lily Hazelden Springs GPA 169 WF-BG-FB-UG 2E, 1N Roslyn Hedtke/Breske/ Helwig/Waubay GPA 562 BG-WF-UG 5N, 3E Webster Hedman GPA 395 WF-BG-UG-FB 9W, 4N, 1/2E Webster Hemmingway WAA GPA 2 WF-FB 1/2W, 1/2N Waubay Hemmingway/Zubke GPA-WA 104 WF-FB-BG-UG 1W, 1/2N Waubay Holmquist GPA 169 BG-UG-FB 1N, 1/2E, 1/2N Holmquist Horseshoe Lake GPA 62 WF-BG-UG-FB 1N, 2E Lily Ingvold GPA 103 WF-BG-UG-FB 6W, 1/2N Roslyn Kanago WAA WA 6.3 WF 1E, 4N Webster Krause Farm GPA 360 BG-UG-FB-WF 1W, 1S, 1 1/2W Roslyn Lardy/Dakter GPA 160 BG-FB-WF-UG 2W, 1S Roslyn Lewno GPA 148 WF-BG-FB-UG 1W, 4N Waubay Lily GPA 480 WF-BG-UG-FB 4W, 1S Lily Lohner/Vincent GPA 250 WF-UG-BG-FB 5E, 7 1/2S Webster Minnewasta WA 28 WF-UG-BG-FB 2W, 4N, 3W Waubay Mydland Pass GPA 1,460 WF-UG-BG-FB 9W, 2S Roslyn Nelson/Johnson GPA 200 WF-FB-UG-BG 5W, 1 1/2S, 1/2W or 3W, 1S, 1W, 1S Roslyn Ninke GPA 80 WF-BG-UG-FB 2E, 1N Webster Owens Creek GPA 258 WF-BG-UG-FB 2E Waubay Pickerel Lake, North WA 35 UG-BG-WF 1E, 13 1/2N Waubay Pickerel Lake GPA-WA 120 BG-UG-FB-WF 1E, 10N Waubay Redetzke GPA 320 WF-BG-UG-FB 5E, 5S Webster Redhead Slough GPA 125 WF-FB 1 1/2W, 1/2S Waubay Sports Haven Partners Property WA 7 1E, 4N Webster Stianson/Liberty/ Hemmah/Krause GPA 234 WF-BG-FB 1W, 4N, 3W Roslyn Sundahl GPA 206 WF-BG-FB 3E, 3 1/2N, 1/2W Roslyn Sunnybrook GPA 172 WF-BG-FB 5E, 2N, 2E Webster Waubay South GPA 62 WF-FB-BG 4E, 2N, 1W Webster Wheatland GPA 40 WF-BG-UG-FB 6S, 2E, 3S, 1E, 1/2N Webster Akerson/Mattson WPA 146 WF-UG-BG-FB 4 1/2W Webster Augustana/Stangland WPA 642 WF-UG-BG-FB 5W, 1N Roslyn Baily WPA 38 WF-UG-BG-FB 4N, 4W, 1N, 1/2W Webster Bristol WPA 43 WF-UG-BG-FB 8 1/2W Lily Cramer WPA 110 WF-UG-BG-FB 3W, 2S, 1/2W Bristol Denholm/Nelson WPA 79 WF-UG-BG-FB 1W, 4S Roslyn Donley WPA 134 WF-UG-BG-FB 5W, 3 1/2N Roslyn Donat WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 1S, 5 1/2E, 1S Webster Dulitz WPA 150 WF-UG-BG-FB 1S, 5 1/2E, 1S, 1W Webster Eidahl WPA 45 WF-UG-BG-FB 5W, 4N, 1W Roslyn Fishbeck WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 3W Roslyn Gonsoir WPA 93 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2S, 1E, 1S Roslyn Gruba/Teigen/Kwasniewski WPA 134 WF-UG-BG-FB 1N, 1E, 1N Grenville Hagen WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 11S on Cty Hwy 1, 3 1/2W Waubay Hanse WPA 99 WF-UG-BG-FB 4N on Hwy 25, 1/2E Webster Hanson/Thurow WPA 280 WF-UG-BG-FB 1W, 1S, 3W Roslyn Hanson WPA 14 WF-UG-BG-FB 3E Butler Hawkinson WPA 41 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2N Webster Henrickson WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 5W, 2S, 1/2W Roslyn Hilt WPA 62 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2W Webster Holden WPA 81 WF-UG-BG-FB 4N, 1E, 1 1/2N Holmquist 11

12 12 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Hozerland WPA 206 WF-UG-BG-FB 6S Waubay on Cty Hwy 1 Hubsch WPA 32 WF-UG-BG-FB 2E Webster Hanson, T. WPA 124 WF-UG-BG-FB 1W, 2N, 1W, 1N, 1W Webster King WPA 160 WF-UG 7W Armour Kriesch WPA 494 WF-UG-BG-FB 1S on Hwy 25, 1 1/2W, 1/2S Webster Langager/Reprich WPA 174 WF-UG-BG-FB 1S, 1 1/2W, 1S Webster Lundeen WPA 150 WF-UG-BG-FB 1W, 1/2S Bristol McCarlson WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 4 1/2N Grenville McKane WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 3N Bristol Meuer WPA 318 WF-UG-BG-FB 3 1/2N, 2 1/2E Bristol Nicolay WPA 40 WF-UG-BG-FB 4 1/2W, 3 1/2N Waubay Opitz WPA 71 WF-UG-BG-FB 3E, 1N, 1E, 1S Roslyn Peterson WPA 27 WF-UG-BG-FB 3W, 1 1/2N Webster Schmig WPA 83 WF-UG-BG-FB 1S, 5 1/2W, 1/2S Webster Schmit WPA 64 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2W Lily Storley WPA 75 WF-UG-BG-FB 1E, 1 1/2N Roslyn Storley WPA 196 WF-UG-BG-FB 4W, 5N, 3W Roslyn Taylor WPA 180 WF-UG-BG-FB 1W, 1S, 1W, 1S Roslyn Taylor WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 1W, 3S, 2W, 1S Roslyn Thompson WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 5 1/2W Lily US WPA 40 WF-UG-BG-FB 1W, 1S, 1W, 1/2S Roslyn US WPA 9 WF-UG-BG-FB 3S, 2E Webster US WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 1W, 7N, 1/2E Holmquist US WPA 40 WF-UG-BG 1W, 4N, 3W, 1N, 1W Roslyn Wagner WPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 4W, 2 1/2N Roslyn White WPA 45 WF-UG-BG-FB 1 1/2E Roslyn Wika WPA 40 WF 1S, 1/2W Grenville Zenk WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 4E, 2N, 1/2W Webster DEUEL COUNTY Altamont GPA 200 WF-BG-UG-FB 1N, 1W Altamont Astoria GPA 40 WF-FB East edge of Astoria Bjerke Area WA 113 UG-WF-UG 3E, 4N, 1/2W, 1N Goodwin Briggs Lake GPA 128 WF-BG-FB-UG 4W, 2S Gary Cole GPA 80 BG-FB-UG-WF 1W, 1 3/4N, 1/4E Gary Cornell Slough GPA 31 WF-FB-UG 9E, 2S, 1/2W Clear Lake Coteau Lakes GPA 593 WF-FB-UG-BG 1S, 1W Altamont Crystal Springs GPA 520 WF-BG-FB-UG 1 1/2S, 1E Altamont Fox Lake GPA 120 WF-FB-UG-BG 5N, 2E, 1N, 1/2W Astoria Gary Gulch GPA 120 FB-BG-UG 1/2W Gary Ketchum Lake GPA-WA 173 WF-FB-UG-BG 3N, 1/2E Clear Lake Lake Alice WA 10 2E Turnerville Lake Francis GPA 238 WF-FB-BG 7E, 5N Clear Lake Lake Oliver GPA 65 WF-BG-UG-FB 10E, 1 1/2S Clear Lake Lake Sutton GPA 40 WF-FB 2N Clear Lake Lone Tree GPA 62 WF-FB-BG-UG 3N, 5E, 1S, 1 1/4E Altamont Marquardt GPA 40 UG-BG-FB 3E Goodwin Mitchell GPA-WA 240 BG-WF-FB-UG 3E, 1/2S Tunerville Mud Lake GPA 640 BG-WF-FB-UG 4E, 1N Clear Lake Nelson GPA 80 BG-FB-UG 1 1/2S, 4E Goodwin Rome GPA 80 WF-FB-BG-UG 1/2N, 4E Goodwin Round/Bullhead GPA 1,078 WF-BG-FB-UG 4N, 1 1/2E Goodwin Runge Slough GPA 40 WF-BG 1/2N, 6E Brandt Rush Lake GPA 320 WF-FB-BG-UG 3E, 1S Altamont Severson WA 25 WF-FB 10E, 2 1/2S Clear Lake

13 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Sharp GPA 80 WF-BG-FB-UG 3N, 3W Altamont Singsass GPA 120 WF-FB-BG 1E, 2N Astoria Adams WPA 64 WF 1/4E Astoria Black Slough WPA 19 WF-UG-FB-BG 1S, 2E Astoria Bork WPA 107 WF-UG-FB-BG 1W, 13N Gary Coteau Prairie WPA 320 WF-UG 3N, 1 1/2W Altamont Eilen WPA 150 WF-UG-FB-BG 1N, 5W Gary Fox Lake WPA 120 WF-UG-FB-BG 5N, 1 1/2E Astoria Johnson, David WPA 124 WF-UG-FB-BG 3E, 1S, 1/2E Astoria Johnson, Henry WPA 119 WF-UG-FB 4E Astoria Johnson, Walter WPA 188 WF 5N, 2E Astoria Kloos WPA 48 WF 4W, 1S, 1/2W, 1/2S Gary Kreger WPA 73 WF-UG-FB 3W Clear Lake Miller WPA 187 WF-UG 1N, 2E Altamont Milton WPA 30 WF-UG 1N, 1E, 1N Astoria Montogomery WPA 30 WF 1W, 1/2N Astoria Mundahl WPA 147 WF 8N, 1/2W Astoria Nelson WPA 236 WF-UG-BG-FB 5N, 2E Altamont Norquist WPA 325 WF-UG-BG-FB 3E, 1/2S Clear Lake Quail WPA 33 WF 1E, 2N, 1 1/2E Toronto Roe WPA 23 WF 3N, 2 1/2E Altamont Round Lake WPA 221 WF-UG-BG 6N Goodwin Salt Lake WPA 83 WF-UG-BG 1W, 12N, 1E Gary Schafer WPA 235 WF-UG 3N, 1W, 1N, 1W, 3/4N Altamont Severson WPA 158 WF-UG-BG 8E, 2S Clear Lake Stoltenburg WPA 80 WF-UG-FB 3E Alamont Thompson WPA 30 WF-UG 6E, 2S, 1/4W Altamont DEWEY COUNTY Firesteel GPA 80 WF-UG-FB-BG 1N, 1W Firesteel Isabel GPA 640 WF-UG-BG-FB 3N Isabel Little Moreau GPA 3,040 WF-UG-BG-FB 5S Timber Lake DOUGLAS COUNTY Broken Arrow WPA 1,691 UG-WF-BG 3W, 4N New Holland Coler WPA 231 UG-WF 6W, 1N, 1/4W Armour DeCook WPA 530 UG-WF 2N, 3W, 1N, 1/4E Corsica DeLange WPA 38 UG-WF 4W, 1S, 1/2W Corsica DeVelder WPA 181 UG-WF 3S, 2E, 1/2S New Holland Denning WPA 155 UG-WF 9W, 1N, 1/2W Armour Dubes WPA 80 UG-WF 6W, 2N, 1/2E Armour Huizenga WPA 80 UG-WF 1 1/2S Harrison Korevaar WPA 28 UG-WF 9W, 2 1/4N Armour Kuil WPA 91 UG-WF 1 3/4 Corsica New Holland WPA 410 UG-WF-BG 1/2E New Holland Plooster WPA 160 UG-WF 4W, 2S, 1/2W Corsica Somek WPA 171 WF-UG 3N Armour Star WPA 295 UG-WF 2S, 1E New Holland EDMUNDS COUNTY Bowdle-Hosmer GPA 183 UG-WF-BG-FB 9W Hosmer Heilman GPA 144 WF-UG-BG-FB 5N, 2E Bowdle Hosmer GPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 3W, 1 1/2S Hosmer Lake Scatterwood, North GPA 334 WF-FB 1W, 13S, 1E, 1/4S Mina Light GPA 160 UG-BG-FB-WF 12 1/2E, 2N, 1E Ipswich Losse GPA 194 UG-WF-BG-FB 7S, 1E Roscoe 13

14 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Loyalton WA 37 WF-UG-FB-BG 1S, 3E Loyalton Mina GPA-WA 90 UG-BG 1E Mina Rosette GPA 80 WF-UG-BG 7 1/2N, 1/2W Ipswich Schaber GPA 160 WF-BG-FB-UG 5N, 2E, 1 1/2N Roscoe Shaner GPA 320 UG-FB-BG-WF 3/4E Mina Steigelmier GPA 320 UG-WF-FB-BG 9S, 6 1/2E Bowdle Allbee WPA 184 WF-UG-BG 7S, 1 1/2E Roscoe Anderson WPA 365 WF-UG 2N, 2E Loyalton Bieber-Buechler WPA 228 WF-FB-BG 7N Bowdle Bierman, West WPA 90 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2S, 1 1/2W, 10S, 1E Mina Binder WPA 60 WF-UG-BG-FB 10S, 5E, 1S, 1 1/4E Bowdle Bowdle Lake WPA 318 WF-UG-BG 9W Hosmer Dewald WPA 483 WF-UG-BG 5E, 1S Bowdle Feiock WPA 18 WF-UG 1E Bowdle Grismer WPA 100 WF-UG-FB 2 1/2S, 2 `/2W Hosmer Herman-Jutzy WPA 250 WF-UG-FB 12S, 2E Bowdle Hettich WPA 480 WF-UG-BG 5E, 5S, 1E Bowdle Hoerner WPA 146 WF-UG 6W, 3N Roscoe Holsing WPA 97 WF-UG 4E, 1 1/2 S Loyalton Hosmer WPA 100 WF-FB 2W, 1/2S Hosmer Huntsinger WPA 160 UG-WF 9N Bowdle Kilber WPA 80 WF-UG 6W, 3S, 1/2W Roscoe Lassle WPA 308 WF-UG-FB 12S, 1 1/2E, 1/4S Bowdle Leboldus WPA 468 WF-UG-FB 8 1/4W Loyalton Lewis WPA 90 WF-FB 4E, 1 1/2N Craven Mertz WPA 240 WF-UG-BG-FB 4S, 1W Bowdle Miller WPA 181 WF-UG-BG-FB 9S, 4E Bowdle Mitzel WPA 160 WF-UG 9W, 1S Loyalton Palmer WPA 139 WF-UG 1/2S, 1 1/2E, 6 1/4S Mina Pfaff WPA 320 WF-UG-BG 8S, 1W Ipswich Rieger WPA 165 WF-UG-BG-FB 1 1/2N Bowdle Ryman WPA 480 WF-UG-BG-FB 8W Loyalton Scatterwood, North WPA 160 WF-UG-BG 1/2S, 1 1/2W, 11S, 1/2E Mina Scherf WPA 98 WF-FB 2S, 1E Roscoe Schoolhouse WPA 480 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2S, 1 1/2W, 10S Mina Schurr WPA 276 UG-WF-BG-FB 3N, 3E 1/2N Roscoe Simon/Schmidt WPA 359 WF-FB 13S Bowdle Stephan, No. 1 WPA 323 WF-UG-BG 5E, 7S, 2E Bowdle Stephan, No. 2 WPA 160 WF-UG-BG 9S, 5W, 1S, 1/2N Roscoe Stotz/Hagele WPA 800 WF-UG-FB-BG 5E, 4S, 1W Bowdle Tang WPA 320 WF-UG-FB-BG 2E Loyalton Thompson WPA 123 WF-UG 4N, 1/2E Loyalton Woodworth WPA 160 WF-UG-BG 7E Loyalton FALL RIVER COUNTY Angostura Reservoir GPA-WA 2,400 BG-UG-WF 7SE Hot Springs Battle Mountain GPA 3,080 BG-UG-FB 1/2E Hot Springs Buffalo Gap GPA 156 BG-UG-WF 2S Buffalo Gap Friendshuh GPA 4,407 BG-UG-FB 2NE Hot Springs Oral GPA 640 UG-BG 2E Oral Romey GPA 967 BG-UG-FB 3SE Hot Springs Scherbarth GPA 673 UG-BG 1/2W, 1S Oral Williams Dam GPA-WA 40 WF 1 1/2S, 5W, 1/2S Oehrichs 14

15 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION FAULK COUNTY Gerkin GPA-R 960 UG-BG-FB-WF 2N, 1E Miranda Ingalls GPA 80 UG-BG-FB-WF 4 1/2S, 6W, 1N Faulkton Lake Faulkton GPA 270 UG-FB-WF-BG 2W, 1/2S Faulkton Scatterwood South GPA 778 WF-BG-UG-FB 1/2W, 1 1/2N Chelsea Sprague GPA 160 WF-BG-UG-FB 3S, 1/2 W Miranda Christianson WPA 670 WF-UG-FB-BG 1E Miranda Lane WPA 180 WF-UG-BG 6 1/2W, 2N Faulkton Scatterwood, South WPA 313 WF-UG-BG 3N Chelsea Siedschlaw WPA 96 WF-UG-FB-BG 3 1/2N, 1 1/2W Wecota Stephan WPA 160 WF-UG-BG 1/2N, 2W Onaka Voight WPA 47 WF-FB 4N Chelsea Waldman/Vogel WPA 703 WF-UG-BG 2N, 1/2E Onaka Zell Lake WPA 310 WF-UG-FB-BG 2 1/2N, 1 1/2E Rockham Zens WPA 76 WF-UG-BG 6N, 1/2W Zell GRANT COUNTY Eye Refuge R 9 UG-BG 4N, 2W Milbank Holtquist Slough GPA 71 WF-BG-UG-FB 5E Milbank Kolb WA 4 Access NE Big Stone City Markve GPA 167 WF-BG-UG-FB 1S, 1/2W, 9S, 1/2W Ortley Mazeppa GPA 160 WF-BG-UG-FB 2S, 3W, 1 1/2S Marvin Mud Lake GPA 160 WF-BG-UG-FB 3S LaBolt Summit Lake GPA 523 WF-BG-UG-FB 2E, 1S Summit Troy Lake GPA 99 WF-BG-UG-FB 1W, 1/2S Troy Altroinen WPA 40 WF-UG-BG-FB 2N on Hwy 12, 1W Big Stone City Anderson WPA 65 WF-UG-BG-FB 3N, 1 1/2W Albee Berger WPA 207 WF-UG-BG-FB 15W, 1S Marvin Case WPA 203 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2S, 2W Strandburg Garvey WPA 104 WF-UG-BG-FB 5S on Hwy 77, 4 1/2E Milbank Garvey WPA 53 WF-UG-BG-FB 5S on Hwy 77, 3 1/2E Milbank Green WPA 87 WF-UG-BG 1 1/2E, 1S, 1/2W Troy Janssen WPA 280 WF-UG-BG-FB 1 1/2S, 6W, 1 1/2S Twin Brooks Jensen WPA 72 WF-UG-BG-FB 2 1/2E, 3N Albee Kaufman WPA 340 WF-UG-BG-FB 3 1/2E, 3N Albee Keeney WPA 34 WF-UG-BG-FB 2E, 3N, 1/2E Marvin Larson WPA 127 WF-UG-BG-FB 1 1/2S Troy Meyers WPA 1,325 WF-UG-BG 2N, 1W, 3N South Shore Miller WPA 109 WF-UG-BG-FB 3 1/2E Milbank Nelson WPA 27 WF-UG-BG-FB 4W Strandburg Pew WPA 23 WF-UG-BG-FB 6N on Hwy 15, 3 1/2W Milbank Reyelts/O Farrell WPA 1,193 WF-UG-BG 2 1/2W Marvin Skoog WPA 46 WF-UG-BG-FB 5S on Hwy 77, 1E, 1/2S Milbank Solem WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2S, 4 1/2E, 1 1/2S Revillo Steich WPA 82 WF-UG-BG-FB 1 1/2W on Hwy 12, 1S Big Stone City Street/Cronen WPA 131 WF-UG-BG-FB 3 1/2E, 1S Albee VanHout WPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 5N on HWY 15, 1 1/2E Milbank GREGORY COUNTY Buryanek GPA 3,639 WF-UG-BG 2W, 2N Platte-Winner Bridge Dixon Dam GPA 320 UG-WF-FB-BG 10N, 3W Gregory 15

16 16 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Fairfax Dam WA 42 UG-WF-FB 1 1/2N Fairfax Gregory Corps Land GPA 4,776 BG-UG 1/2W, 7N Bonesteel or 2E, 4N Bonesteel or 4E, 1N, 1/2E, 4N Fairfax Herrick Lake GPA-WA 160 UG-FB-WF-BG 1S Herrick HAAKON COUNTY Bad River WAA WA 4 SW Philip Billsburg GPA 80 UG-BG-WF 2E, 1/4S Billsburg HAMLIN COUNTY Almos and Outlet Addition WA 97 WF-FB 1N, 6 1/2W Estelline Baxter Slough GPA 400 UG-BG-WF-FB 2E, 1N Hazel Bocheck GPA 276 UG-BG-WF 1E, 1N Vienna Dixon GPA 40 UG-WF-BG-FB 3E, 1S, 1/2W Vienna Eidsness GPA 159 UG-WF-BG 6N Vienna Gertsons Slough GPA 100 WF-UG-FB 1 1/2S, 2 1/2W Lake Norden Halde GPA 25 UG-BG-WF 3 1/2N Hayti Harju GPA 373 UG-WF-BG 2W, 1 1/2N Lake Norden Hayes GPA 320 UG-WF-BG 5N, 1 1/2E Bryant Izaak Walton GPA 80 UG-WF-BG 4E, 2S Lake Norden Johnsons Slough GPA 385 UG-WF-BG 1E, 1S Bryant Lake John GPA 49 UG-WF-BG 1E Lake Norden Lake Marsh, North GPA 386 UG-WF-BG-FB 1W Hayti Lake Marsh, South GPA 164 UG-WF-BG 2S, 2W Hayti Lake Marsh, West GPA 440 WF 3W, 3N Lake Norden Lake Poinsett, West GPA 40 WF-UG 4E, 2 1/2S Lake Norden McShane GPA 80 WF 2S, 1 1/2E Bryant Mickelson GPA 1,665 WF-UG-BG-FB 2N, 3W Estelline Opdahl Slough GPA 422 UG-WF-BG 3N, 3W Hayti Preston Slough GPA 21 WF 3S, 1W Castlewood Rasmussen GPA 321 UG-WF-BG 1S, 1E Vienna Saaranen Beach WA 34 WF 12S, 6 1/2W Lake Norden Sioux Poinsett GPA 2,134 UG-BG-WF 5S Castlewood Abraham WPA 50 WF 1S, 4W Hazel Arneson WPA 58 WF-UG 1E, 3N, 1E Hazel Boeder WPA 80 WF-UG 6W Estelline Cox WPA 444 WF-UG 4W Castlewood Giedd WPA 193 WF-UG 4W, 2N, 1/2W Hazel Halligan WPA 463 WF-UG-FB 1E, 2S Bryant Heim WPA 53 4W, 3N, 1/2W Hazel Juntunen WPA 180 WF-FB 5N, 3E Bryant Kangas WPA 16 WF 6W, 2S, 1W Estelline LeClair WPA 162 WF-UG 2S, 4 1/2W Hazel Liljargren WPA 41 WF-UG 7W Estelline Opdahl Slough WPA 90 WF-UG 4W, 3N Hayti Pearson WPA 240 WF-UG-BG 1 1/2E, 1N Hayti Preston WPA 201 WF-UG-FB 2E, 1 1/2N Hayti Rider WPA 300 WF-UG-BG 3W, 1N Hazel Struckman No. 1 WPA 32 WF 2N, 1 1/2W, 1/2N Hazel Struckman No. 2 WPA 37 WF 4E, 1N Hazel Struckman No. 3 WPA 40 WF 1N, 1/2W, 1/2N Hazel Wayrynen WPA 100 WF-FB 4W, 2S Castlewood HAND COUNTY Buss WPA 45 UG-WF 3W Zell

17 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Cahalan WPA 356 UG-WF 8S, 1E, 2S, 1/4W St. Lawrence Campbell WPA 480 UG-WF 8S, 2E, 1 1/2S St. Lawrence Carlson WPA 40 WF-UG 16S, 1 1/2W, 1/2S Miller Collins Slough GPA 960 UG-BG-WF-FB 10S, 6W Miller Curtis GPA 480 WF-UG-BG-FB 17S, 6W, 1N, 1W Miller Dakota GPA 160 BG-UG-WF-FB 4W, 4S Miller Fischer WPA 47 UG-WF 14S, 5W, 1N, 1/2E Wessington Hawkins GPA 800 WF-UG-BG-FB 14S, 2E Ree Heights Johnson WPA 19 UG-WF 11S, 4W Wessington Jones Lake GPA-WA 120 UG-WF-BG-FB 3S, 2E Miller Lake Louise GPA 960 UG-WF-BG-FB 7N, 8W Miller Lechtenburg GPA 320 UG-WF-BG-FB 1/2S Polo Lingemann WPA 159 UG-WF 4 1/2S Zell McGillvrey WPA 40 UG-WF 11S, 4 1/4W Wessington Millerdale WPA 442 UG-WF 8S, 8W Miller Muellenberg WPA 80 UG-WF 1/2W, 2S, 1/4W Zell Pearl No. 1 GPA 160 UG-WF-FB 9S St. Lawrence Pearl No. 2 GPA 80 UG-WF 9S, 7E Miller Reinhart GPA 160 UG-BG-WF-FB 19N Miller Rosehill WA 19 WF-FB-BG-UG 7 1/2S, 4W, 2S Wessington Reinhardt WPA 214 UG-WF 5E, 6S, 1W Orient Slunecka WPA 481 UG-WF 14N, 5W Miller Spring Lake GPA 200 WF-FB-UG-BG 17S, 3 1/2E Miller Spring Lake WPA 542 UG-WF 8S, 1E, 8 1/2S St. Lawrence Treichler WPA 292 UG-WF 7W, 1S Orient Wall Lake GPA 80 WF-UG-BG-FB 17S, 1 1/2W Miller Weideman WPA 41 UG-WF 5 1/2S Orient HANSON COUNTY Long Lake GPA 232 UG-WF-FB-BG 5N, 1W Farmer Spencer GPA 320 UG-BG-FB-WF 3E, 5 1/2N Farmer Bertels WPA 178 UG-WF-BG 7 1/2N Fulton Boggs WPA 240 UG-WF-BG 6N, 1E Farmer Delger WPA 86 UG-WF 4E, 1/2N Farmer Kayser WPA 21 UG-WF 1W, 1 1 /2S Alexandria Schneider WPA 127 UG-WF 5N, 2 1/2E Farmer Welker WPA 177 UG-WF 5E Alexandria HARDING COUNTY Gardner Lake GPA-WA 318 WF-UG-BG 3W, 1 1/2N Buffalo Mallula Area GPA 904 UG-BG 3W, 11NW, 1S Buffalo HUGHES COUNTY Arikara GPA 1,200 WF-UG-BG 4SE Pierre Big Bend, West GPA 389 WF-UG-BG 24E, 3S, 1 1/2W Pierre Cowan GPA 228 UG-WF-BG 11N, 2W, 1S, 1W Pierre Gutenkauf GPA 219 UG-BG 4N, 1W Pierre Woodruff Lake GPA 110 UG-WF-BG 2W, 1 1/2S Harrold Hyde WPA 320 WF-UG 3N, 1/2E Pierre Robbins WPA 136 UG-WF 9S, 2E Blunt Hughes Co. Corps Land 3,049 UG-WF-FB-BG HUTCHINSON COUNTY Brandt WA 32 UG-FB-BG 1 1/2S Olivet 17

18 18 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Freeman GPA 60 UG-WF-FB-BG 2N, 1/2E Freeman Hogrefe GPA 262 BG-UG-FB-WF 11E, 1N Parkston Knodel GPA 524 UG-BG 4E, 1N Menno Lake Menno WA 7 UG-BG-FB 1W, 1 1/2N, 1/4W Menno Mogck Slough GPA 106 WF-UG-FB 10E, 3S, 1/2E Parkston Solay GPA 81 UG-WF-FB-BG 6E, 1 1/2N, 1/4E Parkston Weiger Slough GPA 213 UG-WF-FB-BG 10E, 1S, 1/2E Parkston Henke WPA 167 UG-WF 5N, 3E, 1/2N Tripp Hohn WPA 160 UG-WF 4N, 2W Parkston Mayer WPA 160 UG-WF 3S Clayton Roth WPA 207 WF-UG 3E, 4 1/2S Parkston Ziebart WPA 70 UG-WF 2N, 4 1/2E Parkston HYDE COUNTY Chapelle WA 176 WF-BG-UG-FB 2S Highmore Rezac Lake GPA 260 WF-FB-UG-BG 3E, 19N Highmore Rice Lake GPA 256 WF-FB-UG-BG 20N Highmore JACKSON COUNTY (No Areas) JERAULD COUNTY Crow Lake GPA 488 UG-WF-BG 8W, 8S Wessington Springs Harmony School GPA 120 UG-WF-BG 9W, 5N, 1/2W Wessington Springs Horseshoe Lake GPA 225 WF-UG-BG 7S, 3W, 1S, 4W Wessington Springs Long Lake GPA 358 UG-WF-BG 7W, 6N Wessington Springs Twin Lakes GPA 200 UG-WF-BG-FB 4W, 8S, 1/2E Woonsocket Brandenberg WPA 41 UG-WF 2N, 1E Lane Freudenberg WPA 71 UG-WF 2S, 1/2W Alpena Hoarty WPA 13 UG-WF 5W, 2 1/2N Wessington Springs Jackson WPA 960 WF-UG 4S Lane Kraft WPA 52 UG-WF 2W, 5S Wessington Springs Linn WPA 261 UG-WF 7W, 7N, 1/2W Wessington Springs Winter WPA 240 UG-WF 16W, 7N, 1E Wessington Springs Zink WPA 160 UG-WF 2N, 2W Lane JONES COUNTY Buxcel GPA 640 UG-WF-BG-FB 6W, 4 1/2N, 3W, 2S Okaton KINGSBURY COUNTY Albrecht GPA 80 UG-BG-WF-FB 10S, 3/4W De Smet Apland GPA 40 UG-BG-WF-FB 12S, 2E De Smet Arnold GPA 80 UG-BG-WF-FB 2N, 5 1/2W Badger Boll GPA 84 UG-BG-WF-FB 3 1/2W, 3 1/2N Erwin Converse GPA 103 UG-BG-WF-FB 1 1/2E, 1S Badger De Smet Forest GPA 152 UG-BG-WF-FB 1/2SE De Smet Hogsback/Lake Albert GPA 53 UG-BG-WF-FB 3S, 2E Lake Norden Iroquois GPA 153 UG-BG-WF-FB 1/2E, 1S Iroquois Kopperud GPA 40 UG-BG-WF-FB 1/2W, 5 1/2N Lake Preston Lake Agnew WA 46 UG-BG-WF-FB 2E, 1N, 1/2E Bancroft

19 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Lake Albert, East WA 5 UG-BG-WF 3 1/2W, 3N Badger Lake Albert Island GPA 19 WF-UG-BG 4NE Badger Lake Carthage GPA 160 UG-BG-WF-FB 1 1/2N, 1E Carthage Lake Osceola GPA 43 UG-BG-WF-FB 1/2E Osceola Lake Thompson GPA 2,887 UG-BG-WF-FB 6S, 2E De Smet Mud Lake GPA 73 UG-BG-FB-WF 7E Bancroft Tenneboe GPA 80 UG-BG-FB-WF 2W, 5 1/2S Arlington Whitewood Lake GPA 5 WF-UG-BG-FB 3 1/2S, 2E, 1/2N Lake Preston Whitewood Grade GPA 6 WF 3 1/2S Lake Preston Whitewood Slough GPA 1,985 UG-BG-WF 4S Lake Preston Albrecht WPA 251 WF-UG 5S, 1W, 1S Arlington Buer/Holland WPA 397 WF-UG 3N, 6W Oldham Anderson, C.E. WPA 22 WF 3W, 3N Badger Anderson, R.S. WPA 220 WF-UG 7N Lake Preston Apland WPA 111 WF-UG 11W, 1S, 1/2E Oldham Bennett WPA 21 WF-UG 3E, 1/2N Hetland Brunick WPA 160 UG-WF 2S, 2W, 2S Arlington Duffy WPA 86 WF-UG 4W, 1 1/2S Oldham Easeland/Jensen WPA 240 WF-UG 4N, 1W Lake Preston Graham WPA 105 WF-UG 2W, 1N, 1/2W Erwin Halverson WPA 359 WF-UG 1/2N De Smet Hodges WPA 232 WF-UG 9W, 3N, 1W Badger Hojrup WPA 114 WF-UG 1/4E Erwin Hoyer WPA 160 WF-UG 4W Oldham Isaacson WPA 121 WF-UG 4W, 1N Lake Preston Jensen WPA 140 WF-UG 2W, 2 1/2N Lake Preston Kapelle WPA 106 UG-WF 2W, 5 1/2 S Arlington Kattke/Hansen WPA 211 WF-UG 3W, 1S Oldham Kopperud WPA 130 WF-UG-BG 6S, 1 1/2E De Smet Lake Thompson WPA 265 WF-UG 6SE De Smet Loriks WPA 133 WF-UG 5E, 1/2S Oldham McFerran WPA 63 WF-UG East side De Smet Muser WPA 221 WF-UG-BG 4N, 2E, 1/2S De Smet Neu WPA 155 WF-UG 6N, 2E, 2N De Smet Noyes WPA 182 WF-UG 1N, 1/2E Erwin Penney WPA 250 WF-UG 1E, 1/2S De Smet Pickering WPA 364 WF-UG 1S, 1/2E Hetland Plum Lake WPA 284 WF-UG 6N, 3E, 2N De Smet Ratfield WPA 280 WF-UG-BG 1W, 3S Arlington Schultz/Christensen WPA 150 WF-UG 3E Badger Shutler WPA 238 WF-UG 4S, 1E De Smet Steffenson WPA 20 WF-UG 6N, 3E, 1N, 1/2W De Smet Sterr/McMasters WPA 168 WF-UG 4S, 2E De Smet Warne WPA 54 WF-UG 1 1/2S Hetland Williams WPA 240 WF-UG 2W, 1N Lake Preston LAKE COUNTY Bourne Slough GPA 117 WF-UG-BG-FB 1S, 2E Madison Bourne Slough WA 95 WF-UG-BG-FB 1S, 2E, 1/2S Madison Brandt Lake, East WA 2 Access 1 1/2N Chester Brandt Lake, South WA 6 Access 1N, 1W, 3/4N Chester Brandt Lake, West WA 52 WF-UG-BG-FB 2E, 2S, 1/2E Madison Buffalo Slough GPA 660 WF-UG-FB-BG 1S Chester Davis Slough GPA 160 WF-FB-UG-BG 6W Ramona Dooley GPA 48 WF-UG-BG-FB 1/2E Ramona 19

20 NAME TYPE ACRES SPECIES LOCATION Fods Slough GPA 119 WF-UG-BG-FB 2E, 4 1/2S Madison Gaardner GPA 386 WF-UG-BG-FB 3W, 1N Nunda Gabrielson GPA 160 WF-UG-BG-FB 4N, 5E Madison Green GPA 151 WF-UG-FB-BG 13N Madison Johnson Point WA 0 Access 3 3/4W, 2S Madison Lake Henry GPA 164 WF-FB-UG-BG 1 1/2E, 7S, 1/2E Winfred Lake Herman, West WA 14 UG-WF-FB 2 1/2E, 1 1/2S Junius Lake Madison, West WA 22 WF-UG-FB 1S, 2E, 1/2S Madison Payne WA 22 WF-UG-BG-FB 2E, 2S Madison Reynolds Slough GPA 573 UG-BG-FB-WF 5S, 4 1/2W Madison Stratton GPA-WA 20 UG-WF-FB 2S, 1 1/2W Wentworth Swartz GPA 126 WF-UG-BG-FB 3E Rutland Townswick GPA 80 UG-WF-FB 4N, 2W, 1N Madison Walkers Point WA 37 Access 3S, 4E, 1/4N Madison Wentworth GPA 680 UG-BG-WF-FB 3E Wentworth Zimmerman GPA 40 WF-UG-FB 3S, 3E Rutland Adamson WPA 41 WF-UG 6N, 1W Madison Alquire WPA 583 WF-UG-BG 1E, 1 1/2N Nunda Bickett WPA 46 WF-UG 7N, 1/2W, 5N, 1/2E Winfred Buseman WPA 23 WF-UG 1 1/2E, 10 3/4S Winfred Cassutt WPA 61 WF-UG 1E, 1 1/2S Ramona Children s WPA 275 WF-UG 1N, 1W Nunda Crandall WPA 143 WF-UG 7N, 1/2W, 6N, 1E Winfred DeBoer WPA 33 WF-UG 6N, 2 1/4W Madison Demaray WPA 76 WF-UG 2W, 1/2N Nunda Erickson WPA 148 WF-UG 3 1/2N Ramona Fisher WPA 193 WF-UG 1 1/2E, 2N, 1E, 1N Winfred Gerry WPA 160 WF-UG 4N, 1 1/2E Chester Glatz WPA 59 WF-UG 1 1/2E, 1 1/2S Winfred Habeger WPA 80 WF-UG 1N, 2W Nunda Hankins WPA 160 WF-UG 3 1/2W, 1 1/2N Ramona Hansen WPA 447 WF-UG-BG 3E, 1N Madison Hart WPA 138 WF-UG 1E, 2N Madison Kattke WPA 185 WF-UG 1/2W, 4N Ramona Krug-Hagen WPA 97 WF-UG 2 1/2W, 1 1/2N Ramona Lake Henry WPA 480 WF-UG 1 3/4E, 5 1/2S Winfred Lentsch WPA 72 WF-UG 1/2N Nunda Long Lake WPA 401 WF-UG 5W, 3N Chester Madison WPA 453 WF-UG 1S, 2E, 1/2S Madison Molskness WPA 60 WF-UG 2 1/2N, 2 1/2E Wentworth Murfield WPA 400 UG-WF 1/2E Nunda Noordsy WPA 60 WF-UG 3 1/2E, 3N Winfred Pearson WPA 73 UG-WF 1 1/2E, 8S, 1/2E Winfred Pekarek WPA 285 WF-UG-BG 7N Winfred Pulford WPA 33 WF-UG 5 3/4E, 3N Winfred Ravenberg WPA 100 UG-WF 1/2S, 6 1/2W Ramona Regan WPA 115 UG-WF 2W Nunda Taylor WPA 17 WF-UG 3 1/2N Winfred Vanhove WPA 90 WF-UG 3W, 5N, 1/4W Madison LAWRENCE COUNTY Beilage-Hepler GPA 1,000 BG-UG 6S, 2E Spearfish Coxes-Mirror Lakes GPA 1,040 UG-BG-WF 7W, 3N Spearfish Harrison-Badger-Trucano GPA 2,124 BG-UG 2S, 1W Spearfish 20

AP U. S. History Presidential Review

AP U. S. History Presidential Review 1 AP U. S. History Presidential Review The Young Republic/The Critical Period, 1788-1815 1. George Washington, 1789-1797 VP - John Adams Secretary of State - Thomas Jefferson Secretary of Treasury - Alexander

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Trapping. Regulations. Wisconsin

Trapping. Regulations. Wisconsin 2014 Wisconsin Trapping Regulations Photo by Thad Molling This photo of a bobcat was taken in early November 2013 in Dane county, Wisconsin. Bobcats have short ear tuffs, moderate cheek ruffs, small feet

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Beyond Jamestown: Virginia Indians Past and Present

Beyond Jamestown: Virginia Indians Past and Present Beyond Jamestown: Virginia Indians Past and Present Canoe Dance, Virginia Indians (Big Day Out Festival in Kent County, England, July 2006) Edited by Melanie R. Brimhall, Carole Nash, and Karenne Wood

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Increasing Landowner Compensation for Ecosystem Services

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Increasing Landowner Compensation for Ecosystem Services United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station General Technical Report PNW-GTR-842 April 2011 Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Increasing Landowner Compensation

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The State of the Birds 2014 United States of America

The State of the Birds 2014 United States of America The State of the Birds 2014 United States of America The State of the Birds 2014 at a Glance One hundred years after the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, the nation s top bird scientists from conservation

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Most Endangered Rivers

Most Endangered Rivers America s Most Endangered Rivers of 2007 About America s Most Endangered Rivers The America s Most Endangered Rivers report is one of the best-known and longestlived annual reports

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Facts about Water in Alberta

Facts about Water in Alberta Facts about Water in Alberta water for life If you require additional copies of this publication or need further information about Alberta s water, please contact: Alberta Environment Information Centre

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Chicago Streets for Cycling Plan 2020. Department of Transportation

Chicago Streets for Cycling Plan 2020. Department of Transportation Chicago Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 Department of Transportation 2 Ta b l e of Contents Introduction from the Mayor and Commissioner 5 Bicycling in Chicago NOW 10 What We Heard 16 2020 Network 22 Making

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Shoreline Fishing. Ramp. Motor. Fee. Wabash River N IO F N. Wildcat Creek 245 Y IO G N 43 Y IO P N 260 Y EO G Y Y IO G N Y IO F N N IO F N Y IO F N

Shoreline Fishing. Ramp. Motor. Fee. Wabash River N IO F N. Wildcat Creek 245 Y IO G N 43 Y IO P N 260 Y EO G Y Y IO G N Y IO F N N IO F N Y IO F N Where to ish in Indiana Indiana has more than 21,000 miles of fishable streams and rivers, along with 452 natural lakes and 580 impoundments. The table below includes DR-owned access areas, as well as

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Nashville Past and Present

Nashville Past and Present Nashville Civic Design Center Nashville Past and Present Nashville s Public Square. (Photograph, 1855: Tennessee State Museum) Christine Kreyling The first known photograph of Nashville is of the public

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Friends School Haverford Books Arranged by Guided Reading Level

Friends School Haverford Books Arranged by Guided Reading Level Friends School Haverford Books Arranged by Guided Reading Level These trade books are available at many public libraries as well as bookstores. If you don t know your student s guided reading level, scan

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A Basic Guide for the Beginning Angler

A Basic Guide for the Beginning Angler A Basic Guide for the Beginning Angler WELCOME TO FISHING IN TEXAS! Learning to fish can be as simple as tying your shoe. You may find yourself sitting on the bank of a river or pond using a cane pole

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WE HAVE KEPT OUR PART OF THE TREATY THE ANISHINAABE UNDERSTANDING OF TREATY #3 WE HAVE KEPT OUR PART OF THE TREATY THE ANISHINAABE UNDERSTANDING OF TREATY #3 Grand Council Treaty #3 P.O. Box 1720 Kenora, Ontario P9N 3X7 3 October 2011 Chief Powassin mending his canoe (circa 1910)

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An Educator s Guide to the Nisqually River of Mount Rainier National Park

An Educator s Guide to the Nisqually River of Mount Rainier National Park An Educator s Guide to the Nisqually River of Mount Rainier National Park Where e River Begins An Educator s Guide to the Nisqually River of Mount Rainier National Park written by Cynthia Ocel & Theresa

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Indiana. Presented by

Indiana. Presented by Indiana Presented by Indiana Department of Natural Resources 317-232-4080 This booklet is designed to aid Indiana pond owners who wish to enjoy their ponds by growing a crop of harvestable fish. Naturally,

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J~20/0 GREATER PHILADELPHIA J~20/0 GREATER PHILADELPHIA O U R M I S S I O N The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission is dedicated to uniting the region s elected officials, planning professionals and the public with the common

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What They Make County and Municipal Payrolls in New York Average Pay by Employer, 2013-14. Timothy Hoefer Daniel Russo

What They Make County and Municipal Payrolls in New York Average Pay by Employer, 2013-14. Timothy Hoefer Daniel Russo What They Make County and Municipal Payrolls in New York by Employer, 2013-14 Timothy Hoefer Daniel Russo 2014 by the Empire Center for Public Policy, Inc. Empire Center P.O. Box 7113 Albany, NY 12224

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The Department of the Treasury approved the design on May 25, 2007. The other designs considered include "Polar Bear," featuring a polar bear with

The Department of the Treasury approved the design on May 25, 2007. The other designs considered include Polar Bear, featuring a polar bear with Alaska The fourth quarter released by the United States Mint in 2008 commemorates the State of Alaska. It is the 49th coin to be issued in the Mint s 50 State Quarters Program. On January 3, 1959, Alaska

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English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks

English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks common core state STANDARDS FOR English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks Exemplars of Reading

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Mr. Allen s Notes. U.S. History I

Mr. Allen s Notes. U.S. History I Mr. Allen s Notes 1 U.S. History I The Shaping of North America 225 million years ago-pangaea supercontinent 10 million years ago- Rocky Mountains exist Appalachians exist Continents are separated 2 million

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Federal Income Tax on Timber

Federal Income Tax on Timber United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Southern Region R8-TP 39 Revised November 2011 Third Edition 2011 Federal Income Tax on Timber A Key to Your Most Revised by Linda Wang USDA Forest

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Recovering aspen follow changing elk dynamics in Yellowstone: evidence of a trophic cascade?

Recovering aspen follow changing elk dynamics in Yellowstone: evidence of a trophic cascade? Ecology, 96(1), 2015, pp. 252 263 Ó 2015 by the Ecological Society of America Recovering aspen follow changing elk dynamics in Yellowstone: evidence of a trophic cascade? LUKE E. PAINTER, 1,4 ROBERT L.

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Carbon Dioxide Reduction Through Urban Forestry: Guidelines for Professional and Volunteer Tree Planters

Carbon Dioxide Reduction Through Urban Forestry: Guidelines for Professional and Volunteer Tree Planters United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station General Technical Report PSW-GTR-171 Carbon Dioxide Reduction Through Urban Forestry: Guidelines for Professional

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Past, Present and Future Issues in Great Basin Archaeology: Papers in Honor of Don D. Fowler

Past, Present and Future Issues in Great Basin Archaeology: Papers in Honor of Don D. Fowler U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Land Management NEVADA Past, Present and Future Issues in Great Basin Archaeology: Papers in Honor of Don D. Fowler Edited by Bryan Hockett Cultural Resource Series

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YEAR ROUND GRAZING 365 DAYS YEAR ROUND GRAZING 365 DAYS Year Round Grazing 365 Days was published by the Livestock and Forage Group of Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA) November 2006. Additional copies

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Every Day! Get Up and Go! A PHYSICAL ACTIVITY RESOURCE GUIDE COUNTY, MAINE Every Day! Get Up and Go! A PHYSICAL ACTIVITY RESOURCE GUIDE for CUMBERLAND COUNTY, MAINE For additional copies of Get Up and Go! or for more information, please contact Let s Go! at Let

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The State of New York s Failing Schools

The State of New York s Failing Schools The State of New York s Failing Schools 2015 Report Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Report was prepared by the Policy Office, Education Team and the Division of Budget. The State of New York s Failing

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