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1 HOT LIST London 2013 Fiction / Non-fiction / Children s & Young Adult / Graphic Novel Maru de Montserrat Jennifer Hoge Provenza, 276, 1º Barcelona Spain T. (+34)

2 Inspirational thriller LA LUZ DE ALEJANDRÍA (The Light of Alexandria) by Álex Rovira and Francesc Miralles Spanish rights: Plaza y Janés (RHM), 304 pages, Oct Catalan rights: Edicions 62 Italian rights: Newton Compton An unprecedented adventure in search of the secret revelations of the seven most influential wise men in history. When darkness is looming above you, it s the right moment to find the light showing the way to a new path. After a period of professional failures, Javier, a radio scriptwriter and adventurer, decides to take a sabbatical year off in order to rethink his future. But just before setting off he finds out about a terrible tragedy: Marcel Bellaiche, an old college friend, has turned up dead at the Finisterre lighthouse. Javier decides to put his all into deciphering the strange circumstances surrounding the death and doing so discovers that Bellaiche was researching the existence of a secret scroll with the lost teachings of the seven most important wise men of all time. An enigmatic document was lost during the destruction of the legendary library of Alexandria, but it could have reappeared after being hidden for over twenty centuries. Side by side with his partner in adventure, the enigmatic professor Sarah Brunet, Javier sets off across half the world in dangerous pursuit of a discovery that could very well shake humanity from the current darkness in which we live. But a shadow threatens his investigation as well as his budding romance with Sarah. Álex Rovira and Francesc Miralles, the acclaimed authors of El laberinto de la felicidad and Un corazón lleno de estrellas, return to the novel with an adventure inspired in the search for the secret revelations of the seven most influential wise men throughout history. Álex Rovira is co-author of the international bestseller La buena suerte translated into over 40 languages and author of La brújula interior, Los siete poderes, La buena vida and La buena crisis, all international successes. In addition to collaborating with the most important press in Spain he gives conferences throughout the world. Francesc Miralles regularly writes for El País Semanal. He also works as a scriptwriter for radio and television. In addition to this book, the authors have worked together previously, co-writing El laberinto de la felicidad, Un corazón lleno de estrellas, El bosque de la sabiduría and El mapa del Tesoro. Their first inspirational thriller, La última respuesta (The Final Answer) (Plaza&Janés, 2010), winner of the 2009 Premio de Novela Ciudad de Torrevieja, has been acquired in the following territories: Spanish rights: Plaza & Janés Catalan rights: Edicions 62 (Grup 62) German rights: Ullstein (pre-empt) French rights: First Portuguese rights (Brazil): Record (pre-empt) Italian rights: Newton Compton Serbian rights: Madlinska Korean rights: ChungRim Russian rights: Eksmo Simplified Chinese: Jieli Complex Chinese: Ye-ren Turkish rights: Literatur Polish rights: Wydawnictwo Galaktyka Finnish rights: Atena Portuguese rights (Portugal): ASA Francesc Miralles is represented by the Sandra Bruna Agency and they handle rights in Greece, Brazil, Holland, Germany and Serbia, whereas IECO handles rights in: Israel, Italy, English, Scandinavia, Asia, Eastern Europe (except Serbia), Russia, and Turkey. Fiction

3 Women s fiction LOS BESOS NO SE GASTAN (Kisses Can t Be Spent) by Raquel Martos World Spanish rights: Espasa (Planeta Group), 283 pages, April 2012 Italian rights: Feltrinelli Serbian rights: Beoknjiga Over 20,000 copies sold in Spain and 14,000 in Italy Lucía, are you gonna get married? Of course. To who? To Starsky. To Starsky, the guy on TV? Yeah, and you to Hutch. And we ll live in the States and drive around in convertibles. Does a true friend become a part of you to such an extent that you end up needing them to breathe? This is what seven-year-old Lucía says, who has just lost her mom, to Eva, a girl with the typical Spanish family of the 1970s. From this moment on the two, very different but united by unyielding affection, share their childhoods, teenage years, until they turn forty and something happens that will radically change their lives This story, not a princess story, begins in the Spain of the 1970s with a grand total of two tv channels, almost always in black and white. In that very far-off and not necessarily happy time, Lucia, with her unruly hair, and Eva, who loves to eat green beans raw, are seven years old and are forging an unshakable friendship. Thirty years later, Lucía is an implacable director of Human Resources who doesn t know how to fall in love. Eva, about to turn forty, is a retired actress entranced by her daughter Lola and trapped in a broken marriage. And Lucía can t fathom that Eva is going to ask her the most important favor of her life. A surprising novel that has the power to make you travel through time to a childhood very much like the author s. A story of Friendship with a capital F, with good things and bad ones, like life itself. A novel that could very well be real and makes you alternatively burst into laughter and into tears. The author: Raquel Martos is a journalist, screenplay writer, creative and writer. Her professional career has been fundamentally in radio and for the last few years she s one of the main collaborators on the Spanish tv program, El Hormiguero, a program directed by Pablo Motos on Antena 3.She s participated with the books NO SOMOS NADIE and NO SOMOS NADIE 2, and together with Laura Llopis she co-wrote LA CHICA QUE SE QUERÍA QUEMAR A LO BONZO. LOS BESOS NO SE GASTAN is her first novel and Espasa has already acquired her upcoming second novel Upcoming untitled women s fiction novel by Raquel Martos World Spanish rights: Espasa (Planeta Group) Ms available February 2014 Fiction

4 Women s fiction Award winning Daína Chaviano is working on her new novel which will be completed in winter Daína Chaviano s previous title, LA ISLA DE LOS AMORES INFINITOS (The Island of Eternal Love), is the most widely translated Cuban novel of all times. It has sold in 26 countries. Daína Chaviano was born in Cuba and graduated from the University of Havana in English language studies. She is now a U.S. citizen. Daína Chaviano s Main Literary Awards and Events 2007: Gold Medal Winner (Florida Book Awards 2006) as Best Spanish Language Book, for La isla de los amores infinitos (The Island of Eternal Love) 2004: 25th Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts (Florida, USA), Guest of Honor 2003: Goliardos International Award (Mexico). 1998: Azorín Prize for Best Novel, Spain: El hombre, la hembra y el hambre (Man, Woman and Hunger). 1990: Anna Seghers Award, Academy of Arts in Berlin, Germany: Fábulas de una abuela extraterrestre (Fables from an Extraterrestrial Grandmother). 1989: National Prize for Children and Young Adult Literature La Edad de Oro (The Golden Age), Cuba: País de dragones (Land of Dragons). 1987: International Congress of SF Authors (Moscow, USSR). Only guest author from Latin America. Other guests: John Brunner (Great Britain), Frederick Pohl (USA), Alan Dean Foster (USA), Harry Harrison (Ireland), Olga Larionova (USSR) and Josef Nesvadba (Czechoslovakia). 1979: David National Prize for Best SF Book, Cuba: Los mundos que amo (The Worlds I Love). Rights sold to the island of eternal love World Spanish rights: Grijalbo (RHM), 382 p. North-American rights: Riverhead (Penguin) Italian rights: Mondadori pre-empt Polish rights: Muza auction Norwegian rights: Gyldendal auction Dutch rights: Wereldbibliotheek France rights: Buchet Chastel Portuguese rights: Presença auction Complex Chinese: The Eurasian Publ. Group Greek rights: Livanis auction Korean rights: Munhakdonge German rights: Heyne Japanese rights: Random House Kodansha Sweden rights: Bazar Finnish rights: Bazar Danish rights: Bazar Czech rights: Euromedia Hebrew rights: Kinneret Slovak rights: Ikar Hungarian rights: Trivium Rumanian rights: Humanitas Serbian rights: Laguna Bulgarian rights: CIELA Brazilian rights: Ed. Record Spanish Audio: Libervox Turkish rights: Altin Kitaplar Literary novel TINTA (Ink) by Fernando Trías de Bes Spanish rights: Seix Barral, 153 pages, Oct Italian rights: Rizzoli (pre-empt) French rights: Actes Sud (pre-empt) Portuguese rights (Brazil): Editora Autentica Simplified Chinese: China Citic Press English translation available A bookseller, an author, a printer, a proofreader, and an editor search for a book that will help them get over the loss of a loved one. Set in the Mainz of 1900, a woman has been bewitched by a spell that forces her to surrender her body to a stranger on a weekly basis. Her husband, a bookseller, tirelessly searches for the reason behind this injustice. And one day he meets a mathematician looking for the meaning of the injustice in his life: the death of his son. The mathematician will convince the bookseller that the books he sells contain repeated sentences that explain the injustices the two have experienced. By combining the sentences, the mathematician will make a singular and never before published book that explains the unexplainable: the reasons behind any injustice. Because the truth contained in the book would be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands, the mathematician needs an ink that erases itself upon being read. A skilled printer, also marked by a terrible loss, takes on the challenge. And he will go on to discover a one of a kind ink: one that makes texts legible and that afterwards, disappears. The text is then revised by a proofreader who spends his days correcting other people s words; a lost love - his injustice - made him incapable of writing his own texts. He ll have to correct directly on the forms, with the letters facing the wrong way round. The book will be published by an editor who has never read the titles he s published, a man who also knows the pain of loss. And, so, a book that is impossible to display, but supposedly capable of healing any wound, will see the light of day. Looking for reasons behind injustice and loss is absurd. Nevertheless, this story about this search culminates in a surprising ending that, unexpectedly, lends meaning to this noble pursuit. Tinta is a tribute to the world of the book and publishing, a story about the need to find meaning in one of the worst injustices, the loss of a loved one, through the written word. Booktrailer: Fernando Trías de Bes is a highly renowned consultant and economist and also the author of several bestsellers, most of them non-fiction. He has previously published the novels Palabras bajo el mar (2006), El coleccionista de sonidos (2007) and La historia que me escribe (2008) with the prestigious publisher Alfaguara. His novels have been translated into Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Catalan, Greek, Korean, Complexe Chinese, etc. Fiction

5 Noir novel OSTRAS PARA DIMITRI (Oysters for Dimitri) by Juan Bas Spanish rights: Ediciones B, 248 pages, Feb French rights: Actes Sud From the creator of the Trilogy of Excess we have a succulent plot seasoned with a biting sense of humor. Historical thriller A FILHA DO PAPA (The Pope s Daughter) by Luís Miguel Rocha Portuguese rights: Porto Editora (Portugal), 2013 Portuguese rights (Brazil): Pensamento Italian rights: Newton Compton Ms available in 2013 Bestselling author Luís Miguel Rocha is back with his latest thriller. Pacho Murga, an uppercrust native of Bilbao (the main character of Bas s successful previous novels, Alacranes en su tinta and Voracidad), is posh and immoral and seriously down on his luck: he s serving a prison sentence in the Salto del Negro jail. There he meets Dimitri Urroz, an ambiguous and explosive character, half Russian and half Navarran, who will become his protector and will also complicate his life in an adventure spanning a surreally described rural Northern Navarra and an over the top Moscow. The novel s theme, the permanence of guilt and its impossible exoneration, is articulated through a hidden plot that, like betrayal, slowly reveals its true face, and ends in a denouement as sharp as the edge of an oyster shell. Ostras para Dimitri is a novel by Juan Bas, meaning that the reader will find a risky and welldone mix of noir, picaresque and tragedy. And of course we have the signature style of the author: his elaborate sense of dark, caustic humor. This novel has been incredibly well received by the critics and figures in many bestseller lists even months after publication. Ostras para Dimitri, absorbing, light and at the same time profound, is the novel of the later years of a protagonist and writer who have their very own singular perspectives and styles. Juan Bas (Bilbao, 1959) has published the collections of short stories Páginas ocultas de la historia (1999), written with Fernando Marías, and La taberna de los 3 monos (2000), as well as the novels, Alacranes en su tinta (2002) and La cuenta atrás (2004). He s also the author of the Young Adult historical novels El oro de los carlistas (2001) and Glabro, legionario de Roma (2002), as well as the false essay, Tratado sobre la resaca (2003). His novel Voracidad (Ediciones B, 2006 y Zeta Bolsillo, 2008) won the Euskadi Prize for Literature in This same year he published El número de tontos, a compilation of his newspaper articles. In 2009 he came out with another false essay, La resaca del amor as well as the children s humor novel Los desastres de Asier Cabezón, written with his daughter María. And in 2011 he published the fun En mi furor interno y otros jocosos surrealismos semánticos. Bas s books have been translated into French, German, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Norweigan and Basque. Bas is an editorial columnist in the newspaper El Correo as well as other Vocento papers. Additionally, His the director of the festival La Risa in Bilbao, an International Week of Humorous Literature and Art. Juan s previous title, Alacranes en su tinta, with the same protagonist, Pacho Murga, has been acquired in: France by Editions Gallimard (Série Noire) in 2005, Germany by Editorial Frankfurter in 2004 and in pocket by Heyne in 2007, in Russia by Ast Publishers in 2008 and in Italy by Alacrán Edizioni in When Niklas, a young priest is kidnapped, no one imagines that this event is just the beginning of a great conspiracy that aims to expose one of the best kept secrets of the Vatican - the daughter of Pope Pius XII. Rafael, an agent of the Vatican faithful to his Church and its faith has a mission: find out who is behind the kidnap and avoid at all cost that one of the deepest wounds of the Catholic Church to be revealed to the world. Will Rafael once again be successful? Or this time the Catholic Church will not be spared a scandal with incalculable consequences? Discover why Pope Pius XII has not been beatified yet. Rights sold to the last pope (2006) World Spanish rights: Suma (Grupo Santillana, 2006), 377 pages Portuguese rights (Portugal): Saída de Emergencia Portuguese rights (Brazil): Ediouro Italian rights: Cavallo di Ferro English rights (World excl. UK): Putnam UK rights: Michael Joseph German rights: Lübbe French rights: Éditions de l Aube Dutch Rights: De Vliegende Hollander Russian rights: Arabesque (AST) Greek rights: Livanis Polish rights: Wydawnictwo Otwarte Hungarian rights: JLX Kiadó Japanese rights: Shinchosha Publishing Co. Indonesian rights: Gramedia Croatian rights: Naklada Ljevak Turkish rights: Artemi Complex Chinese: Rye Field Publishing Simplified Chinese: Chungijang Literature Press Thai rights: Nanmee Books Rumanian rights: Tritonic Serbian rights: Alnari Luis Miguel Rocha was born in Porto (Portugal) in Having studied humanities, he worked in the production field for TVI television. He then spent several years in London supervising scripts for various British production enterprises. Since his return to Portugal, he has worked in television and writes fiction. His first novel, Um País Encantado, was published in His thriller O Ultimo Papa (The Last Pope, 2006) and A mentira sagrada became international bestsellers, and The Last Pope has been translated into over 20 languages. Praise for the last pope An immensely entertaining book. Carol Memmott, USA TODAY The best thriller I ve ever read. Fascinating. Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston Rocha selects a group of real and complex characters and uses them with the mastery and sophistication of a senior writer. Fiction

6 Historical fiction LA SACERDOTISA DE LA LUNA (The Moon Priestess) by Emma Ros Spanish rights: Umbriel (Ed. Urano), Jan Historical fiction EL MÁRMARA EN LLAMAS (The Marmara Sea in Flames) by Blas Malo Spanish rights: Ediciones B, 521 pages, March 2012 In the pages of this book a great civilization awaits you; the second Rome, emperors sworn in clad in robes of flowing purple; the dromons, the huge Byzantine war ships, face to face with the greatest threat of history: the Muslim Empire of the Uymayyads of Damascus. Hernán Cortés may have destroyed Tenochtitlán but he wasn t able to wipe out the faith of the people. And Ameyali, a Xochiquetzal priestess, a priestess of the beautiful bloom, is not ready to give up, even when her gods seem to have been defeated by the invaders and the struggles for power among the Spanish separate her from her son. Meanwhile, in Barcelona the life of Martí Alzina has taken a turn. Forced to join the army, he finds out that, in reality, he is a count, the son of a baron who had been to Tenochtitlán when it was thought that white men were sent there by Quetzalcóatl. When the Catalonian noble and Ameyali fell in love, she found herself faced with a painful decision. The leader of her people and the clandestine priestess of all gods, she soon discovers that the batttle, now, is going on inside of her. La sacerdotisa de la luna is a novel about the conquerers and the conquered, the limits of love and the birth of a new society. Emma Ros has a degree in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. A creator and screenplay writer for cartoons, she is also the author of four children s books. In 2010 her first novel, En tierra de dioses was published which was an absolute success among critics and readers. Constantinople! August 15th in the year 717 the capital of the Byzantine Empire woke up desperate to discover at its gates the triumphant armies of the Uymayyads. That day, led by general Maslamah, the forces of Islam unleashed the most severe siege that the city had been through since being founded by Constantine, and even at the Hagia Sophia the voices of the muezzins called out from the other side of the imposing triple wall of Theodosius. A senator s ambition to be the basileopator, father figure or tutor of the emperor, will endanger the hopes of the empire. When in the enigmatic lands of Egypt this secret is in peril, Irene, an imperial translator with a mysterious past, and Cassiodorus, Callinicus s apprentice, will risk their lives to safeguard this secret before its discovered by the Arabs. Nevertheless, they don t know that not only the destiny of an empire is at stake, but also fate of their own souls. This novel invites readers to stroll under the porticos of the Mese and admire the marble, ebony, the emeralds and the silk offered by merchants calling out their wares. Savour the octopus and tuna stews in the neighborhood nestled on port of Eleuterion, and stay out of the way of furious stevedores. We meet insomniac nuns from Saint John Studios and avoid the Excubitors, the emperor s imperial guards, who are charged with imposing order at the exit of the Hippodrome, while from the maritime walls of the imperial palace the Basileus Leo III contemplates with clenched fists the immense fleet in which the Suleiman, the caliph of Damascus, threatens to destroy with his armies more than one thousand years of Latin civilization, by sea and land. And only one man and stop them. Blas Malo (Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real, 1977), now living in Granada, an engineer and passionate about history,gives conferences on historical literature and organizes literary tours in Granada which visit the settings of his novels. His first novel El esclavo de la Al-Hamrá, set in Granada in the 14th century, was published in 2010 by Ediciones B in Spanish and Alnari in Serbia and was warmly received by readers and reviewers. El Mármara en llamas is his second novel. A voracious reader and historical enthusiast, in this novel he submerges us in the Byzantine Empire, a civilization replete with heroes and traitors, passions and hatreds, hope, life and death, whose capital, Constantinople, is one of the most fascinating cities in history. Fiction

7 Business Self-improvement LA VIDA QUE MERECES: la 4ª vía para armonizar trabajo y felicidad (The Life You Deserve: the 4th Way to Harmonize Work and Happiness) by Álex Rovira and Pascual Olmos World Spanish rights: Conecta (Random House), 190 pages, Feb Portuguese rights (Portugal): Esfera dos Livros The Life You Deserve: a manifesto for humanity. A complete essay integrating spirituality and the economy, productivity and living life to the fullest, awareness and social justice. Álex Rovira and Pascual Olmos reflect on what the causes are of the problems that humanity is going through today: economic and financial crisis, ecological crisis, institutional crisis, ethical crisis. And they propose a model of holistic transformation and management integrating psychology, the economy, and spirituality, creating a Fourth Way for social management on three different levels:people, organizations and businesses, and society. The book is made up of 3 parts: The Being: the person, with all of their nuances and potential for fulfillment, from the ego to awareness, with an exhaustive analysis of how people function. The Organization: the authors put forward models of value management, something that is transforming the organizations where the they work or have worked in the past. Starting with an analysis of the dysfunctions common to a huge number of organizations and businesses they propose a different way of creating teams: from the integration of handicapped people into teleworking, to a new focus on cooperation, social responsibility, and ecology and ethics as essential cores of respect and how to act. The World: analyzing concepts like the Gross National Happiness Product and future trends, what s still to come, the new mines for opportunity and talent. The Life You Deserve is a book offering solutions, opening new doors, and inspiring hope. This is a title targeted as much at entrepreneurs as executives, at restless people looking for new way to create and distribute wealth, of living according to values that, since they were distorted in the past, have created our current crisis. Àlex Rovira is co-author of the international bestseller La buena suerte translated into over 40 languages and author of La brújula interior, Los siete poderes, La buena vida and La buena crisis, all international successes. In addition to collaborating with the most important press in Spain he gives conferences throughout the world. Pascual Olmos (Catarroja, Spain1952), has a solid training in economics in Spain (with an MBA and a PADE from IESE) as well as abroad (Michigan Business School e Insead - Fontainebleau). His entire professional career has centered around two multinational companies, Ford, where he had 10 different positions during 17 years and was able to move upwards and Repsol where he is currently responsible for sales (with a team of more than 11,000 people and a turnover of more than 25,000 millions of euros a year). Since 1993 he s had a variety of positions in Repsol in Europe as well as Latin America such as the General Director of Marketing based in Buenos Aires where he managed during the turbulent era of the Corralito ( ). It could be said that Pascual Olmos is a humanist in the world of business. His interest in Judo for the last 15 years (he s a black belt/ national champion and ex-president of the Spanish Federation) got him closer to Eastern philosophy and in particular Buddhism. For personal reasons he s been a fervent supporter for the integrating of people with different capacities and he s developed a business model that has successfully reconciled a company s ability to compete with the personal satisfaction of employees and clients. One of his primary motivations is to work toward achieving harmony in the efficient use of resources, people s needs, and achieve social and environmental balance. Publishers who acquired rights to the international bestseller La Buena Suerte, co-written by Àlex Rovira and Fernando Trías de Bes include: World Spanish rights: Urano Polish: Amber Publishing Spanish Book Club: Circulo De Lect. Greek: Klidarithmos Publ. Spanish Audio: Jorge Lis Coaching Finnish: Bazar Kustannus Italian: Sperling & Kupfer Norwegian: Bazar Forlag English World: Jossey-Bass Swedish Audio: Storyside Japanese: Poplar Publishing Swedish: Bazar Förlag Portuguese: Pergaminho Catalan: Urano Brazilian: Sextante Galician: Xixirín Korean: Eiji21 Basque: Alberdania Dutch: Deboekerij (Rights Reverted) Lithuanian: Jotema Danish: Bazar Forlag Estonian: Vaïke Vanker German: Ariston Verlag Latvian: Zvaignazne Abc Publ. Complex Chinese: Eurasian Publ. Gr. Bulgarian: Iztok-Zapad (Lik) Thai: Nanmee Books Hungarian: M-Ertek Kiadó Turkish: Epsilon Indonesian: Karisma Publishing Russian: Popuri Serbian: Mono And Mananas French Canadian: Stanke Czech: Euromedia Group (Rights Rev) World French (Ex. Canada): L archipel Slovak: Ikar Simplified Chinese: Liaohai Pub House (Liaoning) Slovenian: Učila Icelandic: Verold Publishing Hebrew: Keter Vietnamese: First News Publishing Croatia: Teovizija Rumanian: House Of Guides Non-fiction

8 Current affairs LOS CUERVOS DEL VATICANO: benedicto xvi en la encrucijada (The Crows of the Vatican: Benedict XVI in a Bind) by Eric Frattini * includes 47 previously unpublished and unreleased documents, the whole story of Vatileaks! Spanish rights: Espasa (Planeta), 238 pages, Oct A leading title for Espasa for Fall 2012! Portuguese rights (Portugal): Bertrand Italian rights: Sperling & Kupfer On April 19th 2005 the cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope. At that time he didn t know that, in the same shoes as his predecessors, he was going to find himself with a nut hard to crack: the The Institute for Works of Religion (in Italian, the IOR), commonly known as the Vatican Bank, The Crows of the Vatican reveals a true story of treacherous butlers, the leaking of documents, secret investigative as well as spy and counterspy commissions at the Vatican, of prelates who report corruption and are immediately transferred far from Saint Peter, money laundering, high-ranking members of the Sicilian mafia, a plot to assassinate the Pope, a missing teenage girl supposedly forced into sexual slavery, a war between journalists and the heads of the Catholic press, an IOR president who is dismissed and fears for his life It s simply the case that in the Vatican City State reality always surpasses fiction. A State which is not governed according to justice would be just a bunch of thieves Benedict XVI quoting St. Augustine in his first Encyclical Letter Deus caritas est (2005) Great efforts are being put into assuring absolute transparency as regards the Vatican Bank and its respect of the norms and procedures that allow them to include the Vatican on the White List. Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican s press office (23 September 2010) If I m murdered the reason can be found in this letter. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, ex Presidente of the IOR, speaking about a letter of his in the hands of two of his friends. I never thought I would find myself in such a disastrous situation, one that despite being unimaginable was known throughout the Curia. Archbishop Carlo María Viganó, ex General Secretariat of State of the Vatican who was appointed Nuncio to Washington after his denunciation Eric Frattini was a correspondent in the Middle East and lived in Beirut, Lebanon; Nicosia, Cypress; and Jerusalem, Israel. He s the author of over twenty nonfiction titles including Osama bin Laden, la espada de Alá (2001); Mafia S.A. 100 Años de Cosa Nostra (2002); Secretos Vaticanos (2003); La Santa Alianza, cinco siglos de espionaje vaticano (2004); ONU, historia de la corrupción (2005); El Polonio y otras maneras de matar. Así asesinan los servicios secretos (2006); CIA, Joyas de Familia (2008); Los Papas y el Sexo (2010) and his tetralogy on the history of the most famous spy organizations (CIA, KGB, Mossad y MI6) all of which were published in Spanish by Espasa. His books have been published into fifteen languages in thirty six countries. Frattini is the director and screenplay writer of some twenty investigative documentaries for the primary Spanish television channels and he regularly collaborates with several radio and television programs. He gives courses and conferences on security and Islamic terrorism to various police, security and intelligences forces in Spain, the UK, Portugal, Ukraine, Romania, and the US. His three novels, El Quinto Mandamiento, El Laberinto de Agua y El Oro de Mefisto have been translated into 14 languages. Option publishers include: Arabic: Arab Scientific Publishers Portugal: Bertrand Brazil: Editorial Boitempo Brazil: Editorial Seoman Italy: Il Punto d Incontro Italy: Ponte alle Grazie Denmark: Politikens Forlag Rumania: Tritonic Publishing Poland: Bertelsmann Poland Portugal: Porto Brazil: Pensamento-Cultrix Russia: Eksmo Publishing Italy: Editorial Nord English (UK): JR Books Holland: Querido s Uitgeverij B.V Bulgaria: Uniscorp Publishing Non-fiction

9 Inspirational/Self- Improvement VIVIR PARA SENTIRSE VIVO: pasos hasta el fin del mundo (Living to Feel Alive: 2,304, 400 steps to the end of the world) by Albert Bosch World Spanish rights: Ediciones B, 208 pages, February 2013 Catalan rights: Ediciones B Albert Bosch is a vital adventurer who doesn t settle for dreaming up projects but rather always attempts to carry them out in order to live an intense and interesting life. After a long trajectory of adventures, on the 4th of January 2012 he finished his integral crossing of the Antarctic, from the sea until the South Pole. Sixy seven days of expedition without receiving any provisions from others, days in which four were spent advancing with a colleague, fifteen were spent trapped in a tent due to a huge storm, and forty eight days were spent completely alone pulling a sleigh that weighed one hundred and thirty four kilos until he reached his objective. In total, 2,304,400 steps until the end of the world. From his telling of this extreme experience, Albert Bosch brings us a thrilling reflection on the leadership of our own vital projects and our possibility of carrying out extraordinary activities. This is a book targeted at all of us who don t give up, nor will ever give up, on having a special existence, coherent with our own dreams and designed as a path to personal evolution through committed action. In Bosch s own words: An adventure is much more than a sport; it s a global project that is very much like a business plan. If we get stuck in the field of dreams and don t act, we will always be living in the conditional. Motivation means having motives for action. We should never confuse risk with recklessness. Beyond becoming an example of perseverance, we need to aspire to be a model of prosperous and conscious leadership that goes beyond a mere individual objective. The solitude that is a result of a voluntary decision is very expansive and provides us with the possibility of experiencing exceptional moments, a great adventure through our interior landscape. I m radical in the sense that I try to be someone who investigates origins, reason and the need to find the essence and roots of myself. On arriving at the South Pole I felt euphoric for having come to the end but I was also sad at the prospect of leaving the Antarctic. Albert Bosch is a multifaceted figure with a long trajectory as an adventurer and entrepreneur. Born in 1966 in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona, Spain), married with three children, he studied Business and an MBA at ESADE in Barcelona. Among many other adventurers, he has crossed the Antarctic without assistance from the coast until the South Pole ( a journey of 1,152 kilometers, of which 98% of the time he traveled alone), he s complete the 7 Summit Project (climbing the highest mountains of every continent, with Everest as the last), he s participated in 8 Dakars ( two by motorcycle and 6 by car), is a habitual runner in ultra marathons, and has participated in over one hundred races in a wide range of disciplines of extreme sports. An entrepreneur from the age of twenty six, in 2004 he founded INVERGROUP, a platform for managing and promoting investment projects in the areas of energy and the environment. In both facets he s also accumulated a great number of failures, something he accepts with pride and that he feels is inseparable from his vital path. Non-fiction

10 Practical LA BUENA ONDA: claves para crear espacios saludables y disfrutar de una vida sana y feliz (On a Good Wavelength: Keys to Creating Detriment-Free Spaces and Enjoying a Happy and Healthy Life) by Pere León Spanish rights: Grijalbo (Random House Mondadori) 176 pages, March 2013 Offers received in Portugal An eminently practical book about how to reduce in our homes the harmful waves and magnetic fields created by technology. We live surrounded by waves. Some come from the earth and others are generated by human activity. Being exposed to waves for several hours a day affects our health; some effects are immediate as is the case with insomnia, headaches or alterations in our nervous systems and others are long term such as cancer, autoimmune or degenerative diseases. Therefore, it s important that we implement measures. Here Pere León offers us useful advice and tricks for prevention, some which are so easy to carry out that we can apply them even before we finish reading the book. Become aware of your environment, implement necessary changes and surround yourself with a good wavelength. Our health depends on the place where we live, the heartbeat of the earth through electromagnetic waves, and the very waves that are generated by telecommunicates or our domestic activities [ ] This book is written with the aim of being eminently useful, and providing us with health. Àlex Rovira You can find extensive press in Spanish and Catalan here: The following is excerpted from this title to give you an idea of some of the practical suggestions offered. TEN SIMPLE TIPS THAT CAN BE APPLIED IMMEDIATELY: 1. If you suffer from insomnia on a regular basis it could be caused by an underground current, a fault line or Hartmann or Curry crossed lines (about the later you can refer to: html). Try changing the position of your bed, and if after a few weeks the problem persists, consult a geo-biologist. 2. Ventilate your house for ten minutes in order to avoid potentially dangerous concentrations of radon gas. 3. Reduce to an absolute minimum the use of a cell phone. Use headphones or keep the cell phone away from your head and body when talking whenever possible. 4. Don t let children under the age of 14 use cell phones or cordless phones, as these both can affect their development. 5. Stay away from the microwave when in use and avoid employing microwaves as much as possible. 6. Have the electric installation in your house checked and make sure that it isn t emitting electromagnetic contamination, that is has a ground connection and and that this is properly connected. 7. Do not install a washing machine, a microwave, an oven, a water heater, a dishwasher, a fridge or an induction plate on the wall behind your headboard or a place for resting. Electromagnetic fields generated by these appliances pass through walls. 8. Do not place clock radios, cordless or cell phones on your bedside table at night. 9. Turn off wi-fi at night and every time that it s not going to be used. 10. Ask a geo-biologist to measure the radiation that comes from outside your house (from telephone lines, electric networks, etc.) and determine its intensity as well as how hazardous it is. The author, Pere León Married with two kids, this interior arquitect and geobiologist specialized in environmental analysis and bio-construction also manages his own studio as well as a consult for geobiology, environmental analysis and bio-habitability. Trained in Geo-biology at the Escola Sert (the Association of Architects of Catalunya) and the GEA (theassociation of Geo-biological Studies) associated with the Hartmann Institute and the Foundation for Geo-Environmental Health, Pere León is an expert in bio-construction, environmental consultancy, and measurement of high and low frequencies as well as electromagnetic fields. Moreover, he has collaborated with the press including Catalunya Radio, RAC1 Radio, Cadena SER and COMRàdio, et al. Non-fiction

11 Current affairs EL FUTURO ES UN PAIS EXTRAÑO una reflexión sobre la crisis social de comienzos del siglo xxi (The Future is a Strange Country: A Reflection on the Social Crisis of the Beginning of the 21th Century) by Josep Fontana World Spanish rights: Pasado y Presente, Feb total pages 230 and excluding notes and alphabetical index 153 pages An incisive look into today s social politics throughout the world written by bestselling author Josep Fontana. This title will present Josep Fontana as one of the most lucid and incisive analysts of present day social politics (up there with Tony Judt or Paul Krugman and known as Spain s very own Noam Chomsky). Number 9 on the bestselling lists for nonfiction! After concluding his 800 page masterpiece POR EL BIEN DEL IMPERIO (For the Good of the Empire) Josep Fontana went on to further analyze current events in light of the conclusions he drew in his previous bestselling book. His new and much shorter book EL FUTURO ES UN PAIS EXTRAÑO. UNA REFLEXIÓN SOBRE LA CRISIS SOCIAL DE COMIENZOS DEL SIGLO XXI (The Future is a Strange Country: A Reflection on the Social Crisis of the Beginning of the 21th Century), number 9 on the bestselling lists for nonfiction, delves further into a historical and critical analysis of the events throughout the world in Europe, the States, Asia, Africa- in the last few years, in particular the crisis and its social consequences, which Fontana summarizes in two recurring patterns: the privatization of politics and the creation of a repressive state that silences and stamps out the social rebellion being organized today. But this is also a title that will present Josep Fontana as one of the most lucid and incisive analysts of present day social politics (up there with Tony Judt or Paul Krugman). This book is a fabulous introduction to all readers who have yet to discover the most important living historian in Spain. This book comes out of the preoccupations that came up for me upon completing POR EL BIEN DEL IMPERIO (For the Good of the Empire). The deepening of the crisis and, above all, what has happened since its spreading rampantly throughout Europe, has brought to light the harsh reality of what, even beyond the economy moving backwards, is currently a serious social crisis, a social crisis whose most visible features are the privatization of politics, first, and of the very State, with a parallel formation of the repressive system that is capable of preventing and dampening public protest. What rhetorically is justified by the politics of austerity - presented as a temporary setback destined to get through some tough times - actually in reality is a permanent alteration of our social rights aimed at definitively liquidating what is left of the state of well-being and ensures a new society of inequality. The vision of history in which we were educated, a vision that guaranteed us a future with continuing progress, has stopped being valid, and the future has been turned into a strange country that we ll have to discover and conquer. Non-fiction

12 Business Self-improvement JEFES: APRENDA A CONOCERLOS Y GANE SU CONFIANZA (Bosses: Learn to Get to Know Them and Win their Trust) by Xavier Guix World Spanish rights: Conecta (Random House), 224 pages, March 2013 Self-improvement QUERER ES PODER la fuerza de la voluntad puede entrenarse (Wanting is Power We can train our will power) by Xavier Guix World Spanish rights: Ediciones B, 215 pages, Feb Catalan rights: Portic (Grup 62) What are the preconceived beliefs and ideas we hold about our bosses? What consequences do these beliefs have when we interact with our managers? The majority of these ideas and prejudices are negative and greatly condition our relationships in organizations. All of us have said or at least heard the following: 1. At work the boss can never be your friend. 2. Bosses will never accept that they re wrong. 3. Bosses don t do anything, they just fiddle away at meetings all day. 4. Bosses make decisions without really knowing what the problems are. Xavier Guix brings together and dismantles these as well as many other negative beliefs we hold about bosses, beliefs so widely spread among employees, and proposes that we substitute them with new more useful attitudes which will help to generate positive change in our relationships with those higher up in our work hierarchies. At the end of the day, the way in which we deal with the boss will condition our ability to progress professionally and to widen our horizons at work. Xavier Guix has a degree in Pscychology with a specialization in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). In addition to his work as a therapist, he s a professor at the business school EADA as well as at several universities, and he gives conferences throughout Spain and Latin America. A collaborator with a wide variety of media such as the newspaper supplement, El País Semanal, L Ofici de viure on Catalunya Radio, and Bricolatge emocional on Catalunya s Televsiaon or 8tv, he has published the following books: NI ME EXPLICO, NI ME ENTIENDES, SI NO LO CREO NO LO VEO, DESCONTRÓLATE!, and EL SENTIDO DE LA VIDA O LA VIDA SENTIDA, among other titles. Please see the pitch with a list of his previous titles attached. This is a necessary book, lucid and with the don to inspire and transform. Do those of us who want something do more than those who can? Yes, without a doubt. And Xavier Guix shows us and proves this as well as teaching us how we can create a new life thank to the power of will. Once again, thanks from my hear, Xavier, for teaching us with expertise and clarity the trade art of living. Àlex Rovira, author of LA BUENA SUERTE. During a time in which adversities multiply and everything requires even more effort, this excellent book by Xavier Guix is a true lighthouse to help us navigate, with work, hope and clarity, through the storm of everyday life. Francesc Miralles This book invites us to reflect on the meaning that willpower currently has, above all the recognition of the value of willpower. We ll see, for example, the psychological energy that we waste on a daily basis and that ends up being one of the main things that upset us, when we could very well avoid it and live with more fluidity. As well, QUERER ES PODER offers us tips and some tools that are very useful for achieving what we set out to do. It likewise covers how to go about managing motivated behaviors in times of crisis, just when we most need it. So that everything goes according to plan, speaking in accessible terms we need: a well-defined objective (mission), planning (vision), a high level of responsibility (sense of duty), effort (sustained will or perseverance), to aspire to a bigger purpose (ideal) and a state of physical wellbeing with a balanced level of energy and tension. Non-fiction

13 Business LA REBELIÓN DE LAS MOSCAS Reflexiones, principios y pautas para una organización optimista (The Rise of the Flies. Thoughts, Concepts, and Guidelines for Optimistic Organizations) by Belén Varela World Spanish rights: Ediciones B, 224 pages, March 2012 Portuguese rights (Portugal): Sinais do fogo Extensive 30 page summary with table of contents available in English. Complete English translation forthcoming. Optimism and Positive Psychology emerge as useful tools for dealing with crisis. Belén Varela - a member of the Internacional Positive Psychology Asociation and director of RH Positivo - puts forward enterprising optimism for all of us who want to improve our surroundings and lives: directors and advisors, parents, educators, trainers as well as just about everybody. Every type of organization is born out of optimism. What tends to happen is that some people forgot about this very early on; other lose this initial optimism bit by bit, by getting caught up in more important matters. And lastly there are those who are aware of the importance of optimism but wouldn t dare to say so as they re afraid of being called naive. La rebelión de las moscas (The Rise of the Flies) takes on the concept of optimism, this hope and enthusiasm that our brains unleash, from an enterprising point of view, when we re faced with challenges. The optimism that the author proposes is not a passive hope hinging on favorable circumstances, but rather an ambitious optimism, capable of triggering all of an organization s potential, capable of bringing together all of the talent necessary in order to reach goals. Belén Varela is an attorney and a specialist in management. She s dedicated her most recent years to studying human behavior in organization and exploring the field of human strengths and subjective wellbeing. She collaborates as a professor in several business schools and gives classes and conferences on the management of optimism, leaderships and strengths of happiness. Currently she is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association and is the director of RH Positivo. Self-improvement SINCRONIZA TU VIDA! (Synchronize Your Life!) by Juna Albert Spanish / Catalan rights: Ediciones B, 216 pages, Feb A book that applies current knowledge about the functioning of the brain so that not only our wellbeing is improved but also, and above all, our lives. Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, author of Reinventarse Promotional video in Spanish: Sincroniza tu vida! (Synchronize Your Life!) offers us fresh and practical training so that we can learn to coordinate both cerebral hemispheres in our daily lives. In recent years Western society has favored the preferential use of the capacities of our left hemisphere analytical, logical and sequential reasoning- and has pushed into the background concentrating on developing the capacities of the right hemisphere. This has made us forget the particular language of the right hemisphere: the power of imagination, the power of stories, the power of autosuggestion and the power of acting on a what if scenario. Much more than we think, emotions come into play in every single conscious and unconscious decision in our lives. Recent neuro-scientific discoveries have proven that neither our social and personal reasoning nor making decisions in real contexts and in general, asserting ourselves in complex social environments are possible if we aren t capable of feeling emotions and feelings. Therefore it s fundamental that we know how to connect with our emotions and sensations. If not, we are only led to personal, social and professional failure. Because of this, knowing and using the language of the right hemisphere of our brains is absolutely imperative. And this book teaches us how to do it. It explains the path of synchronization: the path of our happiness as individuals and as a species. Born in Granollers in 1963, Marina Pineda writing as Juna Albert has a undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona and has a Master s in Coaching PNL granted by the Spanish Institute of PNL & International Coaching Center. She has been a professor in the Master s Emotional Intelligence in Organizations at the University of Lleida in the section Communication in Organizations and collaborates in summer courses at the University of Girona in the general program The Summer University. A trainer in communication and decision making in companies, she worked for 19 years managing teams in Banco Sabadell and la Caixa, work that she combined with teaching Mathematics for the Administration and Direction of Organizations at ESADE business university. She is the founder of Verbopedia ( and her website is Non-fiction

14 Business Self-improvement EL MAPA DEL TESORO (The Treasure Map) by Álex Rovira and Francesc Miralles Spanish / Catalan rights: Grijalbo(RHM), 195 pages, Fall 2011 Japanese rights: Achievement Final Spanish pdf available. IECO handles world rights excluding: Germany, Brazil, France, Russia, and Holland. From the law of attraction to the law of action. New extended edition available with over 30,000 copies sold. This book is targeted at people who are surprised by the achievements of successful personalities such as Richard Branson, Anita Rodick, and Steve Jobs and who ask themselves how do they do it? For our purposes here it would be much more useful to ask what have they done that I haven t tried? Our manual swaps the law of attraction for the law of action. To get out of a rut or improve our situations it s not enough to generate thoughts of prosperity, but instead we need to move towards prosperity with clear ideas, planning each step of the way as though it were a sailing trip, forecasting the storms and contemplating alternative routes, without ever losing sight of our objective on the horizon. Beyond providing readers with tools for analysing their resources, Àlex Rovira and Francesc Miralles teach us step by step- how to draw a personal map to new goals so that the journey will be a success. Included are the secrets of the most audacious and successful entrepreneurs of recent times. The Treasure Map is targeted at people who... have not struck the jackpot with the law of attraction have a plethora of ideas but don t know how to put them into play, and are willing to embark on a personal adventure whose destination is the island of prosperity Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them. - Orison Swett Marden A new extended 2012 edition is available of LA BUENA CRISIS (The Good Crisis) by Álex Rovira Spanish rights: Aguilar (Santillana), 208 pages, October 2009 Catalan rights: Pòrtic (Grup 62) Portuguese rights: Vogais e Companhia Czech rights: Synergie Publishing Overcoming a crisis the crisis doesn t mean having and owning again, but managing to be, facing every moment with dignity, hope and a sense of reality. The crisis is what you make of it states Alex Rovira in this book. This book assumes difficulties as a sign of life, as a necessity that teach us to cherish the memories of the good experiences from our past, to surrender to change, to challenge our routine, to create and to think in a different way, to find sense in pain, and to enjoy a good crisis! It s a moment of learning to fight difficulties, sudden change, immobility, and a moment for using intelligence, having faith and continuing to grow. If you say you re experiencing a crisis, then you re still alive. Celebrate it! In the line of La buena suerte and La buena vida, books which have inspired readers all over the world, Alex Rovira writes a series of letters to the reader, which present clues for changing one s life parting based on the learning that a crisis (of whatever kind) generates. An essential book for turning crisis into opportunities! Self-improvement Alex Rovira is co-author of the best-selling La buena suerte (translated into over 40 languages) and author of international best-sellers like La brújula interior and Los siete poderes. He cooperates with the national radio station Cadena Ser on a weekly basis, gives conferences all over the world and writes opinion pieces for the weekly magazine of the biggest Spanish newspaper El País. He also directs a collection of inspirational titles for Aguilar (Santillana). Non-fiction

15 Management LA PELOTA NO ENTRA POR AZAR (Goal: The Ball Doesn t Go in by Chance) by Ferran Soriano Aguilar (Santillana): world Spanish new edition September 2012 Pages: 298 Management ideas from the world of football. Edited English translation available. Spanish rights: originally Leqtor (March 2009) Brazilian rights: Larousse World English rights: Palgrave/ MacMillan Japanese rights: Achievement Italian rights: Vallardi (Mauri Spagnol) Mexican rights: Santillana México Portuguese rights: Pergaminho Korean rights: Zam Publishing (rights reverted) Catalan rights: Ara Llibres Czech rights: Baronet Turkish: Ntv Yayinlari Ferran Soriano (Barcelona, 1967) is the former vice president of the F.C. Barcelona ( ), as well as its General Executive Director. He has a degree and an MBA in Business Studies. An entrepreneur and a consultant, he has worked in the industries of consumption products, telecommunication and entertainment in more than ten countries of Europe and America. He has given speeches and published numerous articles on management and football in business magazines and newspapers. Ferran Soriano has had the privilege of contributing with his talent and experience to the F.C. Barcelona as a vice president from 2003 until During these years, he led the club out of a serious technical breakdown, a sense of discouragement and an old fashioned management structure into a period of pros perity, turning the F.C. Barcelona into one of the best structured, most successful and most sophisticated football clubs in the world. Over the years at the F.C. Barcelona, Ferran Soriano has learned valuable lessons for both business and life. He learned from the leading styles of the coach, the hard negotiations with the football players, the strategies of the leading football clubs In this book, Ferran Soriano analyses his experience and extracts relevant conclusions, answering universal questions like: How do you build a winning team? How do you close a negotiation successfully? How do you manage human capital (great talent, that is)? How do you innovate in an efficient way? This book includes many entertaining and impressive anecdotes which will fascinate football fans and businessmen alike. But this is much more than a book about football and a book about management. If you want to understand the logic hidden behind the decisions taken in the world of football, or if you re looking for new ideas for your own job, this book will fascinate you. It tells you what you will neither find in the sports press nor in the business press Non-fiction

16 Cover Image Coming Soon Cuando el mar despareció (When the Sea Disappeared), a truly gorgeous album is inspired by Isabel Coixet s amazing documentary for the We are Water foundation. Ben Kingsley, the narrator, describes how the Arral Sea literally disappeared in a tragic ecological disaster, leaving a surreal landscape: a desert scattered with abandoned boats. The link to the documentary is: Illustrated Album Children s-crossover CUANDO EL MAR DESPARECIÓ (When the Sea Disappeared) with text by Francisco Sánchez and illustrations by Bárbara Sansó World Spanish rights: Juventud, Spring 2013 Catalan rights: Juventud Francisco Sánchez, texts After half of a lifetime working in the world of publishing (Ediciones B), 2011 was the year Francisco went to the other side. He wrote the script for the prize winning graphic novel Chernóbil la zona. (Chernobyl. The Zone) published by Ediciones Glénat (world Spanish) in French by Des Ronds dans l O, Korean by Hyeonamsa Co (this is the first Spanish comic ever to be published in Korea) and in Japanese by Asahi Press. In the 2011 edition of Angoulême Chernobyl was awarded with the Prix Tournesol for the best work of social denunciation published in France. Currently the author is making a graphic adaptation of Álvaro Colomer s Los bosques de Upsala (Alfaguara). And in parallel he s working on another illustrated album. Bárbara Sansó, illustrations Originally from a small village in Mallorca, Bárbara studied Fine Arts in Barcelona. She s worked as an instructor for different graphic application at the IT school New Horizons later centering on graphic design and illustration when she joined the team at AMR (Aguilera, Morillas, Ruiz). Bárbara went on to collaborate with the publicity agency Lowe Lintas FMRG working for clients such as Carolina Herrera, DKV, Nestlé, Gallo, and JVC. Then she joined the visual communications studio Xtutatis while in parallel working with the communications agency Edecom21 where she did illustrations, design and layout for the children s publication Toppi, the illustrations for the children s supplements Orza y Girasol as well as illustrations for different publications such as Expone and Organiza. Some of Bárbara s most outstanding work was for Burberry. Her website with her portfolio is Little Alexandre asks his dad: if boats are supposed to be in the sea, what re they doing in the middle of the desert? His father explains how the desert spread before them was at one time an enormous sea overflowing with fish; fishing was how everybody used to make a living around there. The story saddens little Alexandre and he tries to cook up a solution for how to get the Aral Sea back. One of the most major ecological disasters in the history of the planet took place in Central Asia between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: the disappearance of the Aral Sea. The Kremlin ordered the massive cultivation of cotton in this area which diverted all of the water from the rivers that fed the sea and ultimately meant its slow and irreversible disappearance. Children s & Young Adult

17 Fantasy / YA romance LA ESTRELLA (The Star) by Javi Araguz & Isa Hierro Spanish pub: Ed. Viceversa, May 2011 Brazilian pub: Rai Editora Film rights: Magnus Evo Studio Booktrailer: English sample available Complete English screenplay available upon request Centuries ago a catastrophe turned Linde into a hostile planet; since then, the survivors have learned to live in isolation within the boundaries of the Safe Limits. But, the planet is constantly subjected to a change in shape and people are lost, never to return. After a violent planetary transformation, Lan, a courageous girl from the Salvia clan, wakes up in the middle of the desert, only to be rescued by her worst enemy. Their destinies will become inevitably intertwined when they arrive in the most prosperous city on the planet, where, unexpectedly, they will discover how to save Linde from its instability. During their personal odyssey they will have several adventures and even an impossible romance, that, ultimately will teach them how to deal with the difficult decision they must make in order to save the planet, a decision with a high personal cost for the two of them. The Star is an adventure novel with a fine dose of romance that speaks to us about hope and the importance of cultivating ecological awareness. Javi Araguz (Barcelona, 1982) debuted with his first novel in 2007, El mundo de Komori Vol.1: La tierra de Alidra (The World of Komori Vol. 1: The Land of Alidra), a trilogy that continued with El mundo de Komori Vol.2: El príncipe de los Gatos (The World of Komori Vol. 2: The Prince of the Felines) in 2008 and came to a close with El mundo de Komori Vol.3: La Guerra de los Vientos (The World of Komori Vol. 3: The War of the Winds) in Now, he s teamed up with Isabel Hierro (Camarles, 1976) for their first book written in collaboration. Children s & Young Adult

18 CHERNOBYL. LA ZONA (Chernobyl. The Zone) by Francisco Sánchez & Natacha Bustos Spanish pub: Glénat, 184 pags, 2011 French pub: Glénat, 2011 Korean pub: Hyeonamsa Co. Japanese pub: Asahi Press Winner of 2011 Prix Tournesol at Angoulême for best work of social denunciation published in France! Winner of the Best Comic at the Imaginamalaga Festival, Málaga, Spain There are things that must not be forgotten. Catastrophes that could have been avoided. Consequences that we still face today. Well distanced from any type of sensationalism, the authors depict the circumstances of three generations of fictional characters, inviting readers to understand, explore, and reflect on what Chernobyl means today. On April 26th 1986 the 4th reactor exploded at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, in what was the worst nuclear catastrophe in history. Almost 50 Mci of radioactive material was released into the atmosphere, the equivalent of several dozen Hiroshima bombs. Radioactive rain was registered at more than 2000 km. from the site of the accident, and over twenty countries found themselves affected. Twenty-five years later, this is not the story of nuclear catastrophe, but rather the story of three generations, who, like many others, found themselves forced to abandon everything. They left their homes convinced of being able to go back a few days later, yet an invisible enemy had already taken over their land. Thousands of years will have to go by until, the city where they lived, will be habitable. Their story is told so that it won t be forgotten. Francisco Sánchez (Barcelona 1962) was born the same year as David Fincher. Perhaps influenced by this, he has directed two short films: Quién mató al Sr. Moonlight? (Who killed Señor Moonlight?) and Redacció (Writing) -the adaptation of a story by Quim Monzó. Francisco is also the same age as Spiderman. Who knows if this is the reason why he has dedicated over half his life to publish and edit comics. Chernobyl. The Zone is his debut graphic novel. Natacha Bustos Magalhaes (Ibiza, 1981). With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, she spent a year in Beijing where she experimented with paintbrushes and ink and shaped her current style She has already received several prizes. Graphic Novel

19 BALTIC COUNTRIES Graal Agency Marcin Biegaj: BRAZIL International Editors Co. São Paolo Flavia Sala: CHINA, TAIWAN, and THAILAND Grayhawk Agency fiction Gray Tan: EASTERN EUROPE (Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine) Prava & Prevodi Tamara Vukicevic: Milena Kaplarevic: ENGLISH (world) International Editors Co., Barcelona Jennifer Brooke Hoge: FRANCE International Editors Co., Barcelona Rosa Bertran: GERMANY Paul and Peter Fritz Agency Antonia Fritz: GREECE Ersilia Literary Agency Evangelia Avloniti: HOLLAND and BELGIUM Susanne Theune & Asociados Susanne Theune: HUNGARY and CROATIA Graal Agency Marcin Biegaj: INDONESIA Maxima Creative Agency Santo Manurung: ITALY Silvia Meucci Agenzia Letteraria Silvia Meucci: JAPAN Owl s Agency Mario Tauchi: KOREA Momo Agency Geenie Ha: POLAND Graal Agency Marcin Biegaj: PORTUGAL International Editors Co., Barcelona Jennifer Brooke Hoge: ROMANIA Simona Kessler Agency Simona Kessler: SCANDINAVIA Susanne Theune & Asociados Susanne Theune: TURKEY Istanbul Copyright Agency Barbaros Altug: Co-Agents

HOT LIST. Frankfurt 2014. Fiction / Non-fiction / Children s & Young Adult

HOT LIST. Frankfurt 2014. Fiction / Non-fiction / Children s & Young Adult HOT LIST Frankfurt 2014 Fiction / Non-fiction / Children s & Young Adult Provenza, 276, 1º 08008 Barcelona Spain T. (+34) 93 215 8812 Jennifer Hoge

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Positive Psychologists on Positive Psychology

Positive Psychologists on Positive Psychology Positive Psychologists on Positive Psychology Contemplation, introspection, curiosity turning inward, and this entire meaning making system is fertile terrain for the future of positive psychology Todd

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Good Work and Our Times. Report of the Good Work Commission Lucy Parker and Stephen Bevan, July 2011

Good Work and Our Times. Report of the Good Work Commission Lucy Parker and Stephen Bevan, July 2011 Good Work and Our Times Report of the Good Work Commission Lucy Parker and Stephen Bevan, July 2011 Contents Executive Summary 5 Chapter 1: Work In Our Times 8 Chapter 2: Meaning and Purpose 13 Chapter

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By more than 24,000 very friendly people and Mark Woerde

By more than 24,000 very friendly people and Mark Woerde The time has come for a radical paradigm shift in branding as we know it. Where, in the past, branding has seemed mainly focused on fulfilling hedonistic individual needs, it s gradually becoming clear:

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Title Page. Leading By Example: Creating. Motivation That Fosters Positive Change in Young People. Curtis G. Aikens, Sr.

Title Page. Leading By Example: Creating. Motivation That Fosters Positive Change in Young People. Curtis G. Aikens, Sr. Leading by Example: Positive Change in Education 1 Title Page Leading By Example: Creating Motivation That Fosters Positive Change in Young People Curtis G. Aikens, Sr. Submitted in Partial Fulfillment

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PRIMO BG GUIDE ON MANAGING INTERNATIONAL TEAMS IN BUSINESS TRAININGS PRIMO BG GUIDE ON MANAGING INTERNATIONAL TEAMS IN BUSINESS TRAININGS Which is a result of the Leaonardo da Vinci Partnership Project B-In-Skill 2012-1-PL1-LEO04-28167 1 General Introduction Objective:

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M INDTOOLS. Essential skills for an excellent career. how to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You by james manktelow, Felix Brodbeck and Namita Anand

M INDTOOLS. Essential skills for an excellent career. how to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You by james manktelow, Felix Brodbeck and Namita Anand M INDTOOLS Essential skills for an excellent career how to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You by james manktelow, Felix Brodbeck and Namita Anand How to Lead: Discover the Leader Within You By James

More information Spring 2010 Spring 2010 Grant awarded by the European Commission, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, for the project 08/0025-G/1057 within the Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig : Learning partnership. Sole

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Where the world is heading: Failures and prospects up to 2025

Where the world is heading: Failures and prospects up to 2025 Where the world is heading: Failures and prospects up to 2025 By Roberto Savio* If we were to evaluate the violent events that occurred in the century we have just left behind, it would be a century of

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A Penn State Lehigh Valley Student Newspaper May 2009, Vol. 6, No. 3. Influential Journalist to Speak at Commencement by Lauren Coughlin

A Penn State Lehigh Valley Student Newspaper May 2009, Vol. 6, No. 3. Influential Journalist to Speak at Commencement by Lauren Coughlin Tim Brion, 1997 Penn State graduate, values the importance of networking with and guiding fellow Penn Staters. See story on page 4. Dr. Jennifer Talwar and her students Sam North and Anthony Amato flank

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A better start for Scotland s children AN INDEPENDENT REPORT BY PROFESSOR SUSAN DEACON

A better start for Scotland s children AN INDEPENDENT REPORT BY PROFESSOR SUSAN DEACON A better start for Scotland s children AN INDEPENDENT REPORT BY PROFESSOR SUSAN DEACON Contents Preface Introduction About This Work What This Work Can Contribute The Early Years Matter FACT Scotland Can

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ADOLESCENCE A TIME THAT MATTERS ADOLESCENCE A TIME THAT MATTERS Copyright The United Nations Children s Fund (UNICEF), New York, 2002 Permission to reproduce any part of this publication is required. Please contact the Editorial and

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nubiz The magazine for the Nottingham University Business School alumni community Issue 11 / Spring 2014

nubiz The magazine for the Nottingham University Business School alumni community Issue 11 / Spring 2014 nubiz The magazine for the Nottingham University Business School alumni community Issue 11 / Spring 2014 Feature Creativity and innovation in business plans Research It s the strength of the team that

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PHOTO BY A TELLING STORIES THAT MATTER A TOOLKIT PHOTO BY A TELLING STORIES THAT MATTER A TOOLKIT AUTHORS AND CONTRIBUTORS Author Kiran Singh Sirah has developed a number of award-winning peace and conflict based programs in museums and cultural centers

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Are We Good Enough for Liberty?

Are We Good Enough for Liberty? Are We Good Enough for Liberty? Are We Good Enough for Liberty? By Lawrence W. Reed Foundation for Economic Education Atlanta Jameson Books, Inc. Ottawa, Illinois Copyright 2013 Foundation for Economic

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NOT THE OF WORKING. Ernie J. Zelinski. Zelinski. A book for the retired, unemployed, and. overworked. Ernie J. Zelinski

NOT THE OF WORKING. Ernie J. Zelinski. Zelinski. A book for the retired, unemployed, and. overworked. Ernie J. Zelinski Ernie J. Zelinski 21 st century edition Over 150,000 copies sold 21 st century edition Over 150,000 copies sold Ernie J. Zelinski Zelinski THE NOT OF WORKING A book for the retired, unemployed, and 21

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THE COMMON GOOD AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH'S SOCIAL TEACHING THE COMMON GOOD AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH'S SOCIAL TEACHING A statement by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales 1996 Preface by Cardinal Basil Hume Introduction and Guide to The Common Good

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HOW TO START A REVOLUTION 1 HOW TO START A REVOLUTION [Transcripts] 82-Minute Version pg. 2-18 52-Minute Version pg. 19-31 2 HOW TO START A REVOLUTION [Transcript 82-minute version] CAPTION: "Dictators are never as strong as they

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A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur

A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur WE GLOBAL NETWORK A Day in the Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur STORIES FROM AMERICA S RUST BELT WELCOMING ECONOMIES LEADING RUST BELT IMMIGRANT INNOVATION ...every aspect of the American economy has

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Beatrice Achaleke. Follow. to Africa. In an unspoken conversation with Nelson Mandela. diaspora edition

Beatrice Achaleke. Follow. to Africa. In an unspoken conversation with Nelson Mandela. diaspora edition Beatrice Achaleke Follow me to Africa In an unspoken conversation with Nelson Mandela diaspora edition Follow me to Africa In an unspoken conversation with Nelson Mandela Beatrice Achaleke diaspora edition,

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the journey into adulthood

the journey into adulthood the journey into adulthood understanding student formation boston college Understanding Student Formation Boston College College is a critical stage in the development of young adults. They leave behind

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Connect. If I Knew Then... In This Issue... THIS MONTH S THEME: August/September 2014 Vol. 3, Issue III

Connect. If I Knew Then... In This Issue... THIS MONTH S THEME: August/September 2014 Vol. 3, Issue III August/September 2014 Vol. 3, Issue III Connect THIS MONTH S THEME: If I Knew Then... In This Issue... No money for commissary? Ask HF! (page 5) Free Minds Profile: Outreach Coordinator Sherman on his

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2014 SUNSHINE STATE SURVEY Director s Report

2014 SUNSHINE STATE SURVEY Director s Report 2014 SUNSHINE STATE SURVEY Director s Report Table of Contents Letter from the Director Sunshine State Survey Overview Timeline Student Feedback Inclusion of Student Questions/Ideas Question Construction

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The Top 100 NGOs 2013.

The Top 100 NGOs 2013. The Top 100 NGOs 2013. #15 switzerland 15CHF, France, Belgium, luxembourg 10, united kingdom 9 Special Edition + The Post-Disaster Disaster in Haiti + Rediscovering Iran + The Future of Philanthropy +

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Visit our web site :

Visit our web site : Secretariat of ECRI Directorate General of Human Rights DG II Council of Europe F - 67075 STRASBOURG Cedex Tel.: +33 (0) 3 88 41 29 64 Fax: +33 (0) 3 88 41 39 87 E-mail: Visit our

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