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2 Table of Contents 1. Introduction Current initiatives and status quo Infrastructure Kerala State Wide Area Network (KSWAN) State Data Center Citizen Service Centers Service Delivery Platforms Mobile Service Gateway State Service Delivery Gateway/State Portal E-district Integrated Call Center State Resident Data Hub Common/Core Applications Transparency oriented Efficiency oriented Information oriented Security Initiatives - CERT k Digital inclusiveness projects E-gov initiatives by line Departments: Transport Land Record NLRMP Treasuries Commercial Taxes Municipalities Employment ( Under development) Home /Police Agriculture Gram Panchayat Road ahead The digital Society strategy E- Government Services Categorization and electronic delivery Services categorization and SLAs Integrated Services Delivery Certificate free access Enabling Society to be Digital Capacity Building Knowledge seeking to Knowledge generating State e-governance organization Nodal Agency for e-governance Decision making levels Overall structure for e-governance State e-governance Action plan Phases of development Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 1

3 1. Introduction Kerala is the leading state in India in the fields of education, healthcare, electrification, access, connectivity, and governance. Kerala is also ranked number one in UNDP Inequality- adjusted Human Development Index for Indian states report Kerala has been the pioneer in e-governance too. The e-readiness report by NCAER Applied Research 2008 ranks Kerala in the Aspiring Leaders position. The government envisages to further strengthen and expand the e-governance projects and programmes to all the departments so that almost all the government services to citizens could be effected electronically. The recently enacted Right to Service Act would also require a robust e-governance platform for its effective implementation. The Government is committed to Development and Care. This commitment can only be achieved through an efficient and transparent governance system which will do away with the leakages and intermediaries in government programmes. A holistic understanding of e-governance and the transformation it could bring into the society, by policy makers both political and beaurocratic and even the general public, is very much essential for the success of such programmes. Projects that bring benefits to the society shall be given support and continuity irrespective of the ideological difference of political parties. Certain departments having high citizen interaction and pain points have not initiated delivery of citizen services online. Government of Kerala acknowledges the critical importance of adopting the developments in the Information Technology in the delivery of its services to the citizens. The Government believes that imbibing the new generation technologies will make the system more transparent and efficient. The vision of the State is to utilize IT for the effective, transparent and efficient delivery of services to the citizens seamlessly through an integrated e-governance framework. The state proposes to make the state of Kerala 100 percent e-literate and digital. The government also understands the needs and requirements for realizing such a dream are it in terms of better IT infrastructure, Government process and records digitization and increasing the citizen access points. Efforts in these directions have Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 2

4 been taken up so as to ensure the connectivity till the last mile with appropriate bandwidth, sufficient storage and computing facilities, service delivery mechanisms and citizen service centers. This road map is a broad framework of what the state wishes to do, that will finally lead to the realization of the dream of a 100% digital Government in Kerala. 2. Current initiatives and status quo The broad categorisation of the various components of e-governance currently being implemented in the state consists of the following components. 1. Infrastructure (Network connectivity, Data centres, service centres) 2. Platforms (service delivery gateways, portal, service delivery projects) 3. Common/Shared Applications (for transparency, efficiency,security etc) 2.1. Infrastructure Kerala State Wide Area Network (KSWAN) Kerala SWAN (KSWAN) envisaged the connecting of all government offices upto the block level to the State Data Center, is today not fully accomplished due to the lack of last mile connectivity. The utilization of KSWAN is affected at the Village level due to the issues of reach of KSWAN. Many offices are using BSNL lines. The usage of KSWAN is also affected due to the fact that the internet access is not provided to it this again is a reason for the preference of BSNL lines over KSWAN or maintaining a additional line Kerala State Wide Area Network (KSWAN) was setup as a backbone of the State Information Infrastructure (SII), connecting Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode, extending to 14 districts and 152 Blocks of the State. The network will also connect 1500 offices of Government Departments through Wireless and a larger number through Leased Lines and LAN. The infrastructure would support integration of a large number of G2G, G2C services in hand with the applications Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 3

5 hosted in the State. The total estimated outlay for the project is Rs.78.7 Cr. Later it was revised as per contracted outlay to Rs.63 Crores, in which the DIT share is Rs Cr and Rs.17.2Cr as State Share. United Telecoms Limited (UTL) is the implementation agency of the project, they are implementing the project on BOOT basis, with a Quarterly Guaranteed Revenue-based payment for a period of 5 years. CDAC, who was originally proposed as the Third-Party Agency is being replaced by a new TPA agency M/s.KPMG based on the guidelines of GoI. Current Status: Completed 3NOC, 14 DHQ, 152 BHQ and 1322 wireless remotes More than 2150 offices integrated to KSWAN ( All modes) 52 MiniPoPs completed State Data Center The old Data center at CoBank Towers is currently operated by Reliance and their period will be over within a year. The current Data center has its own limitations in terms of storage capacity and the equipment s. The optimal utilization of the Data center is to be worked out and the operations should be handed over to a suitable agency after reliance moves out. The possibility of consolidating the data centers is also being reviewed. Current status Hosting of more than 300 Web sites/applications Co-location of more than 250 servers of various Departments ISO & ISO certification process of the SDC in progress The New Data center in Techno park is ready and is already hosting various applications this could now be treated as the Server farm for the state Ensuring that all government applications are hosted at the State data center following the guidelines / security requirements etc The assessment of the server space requirements and hosting to be Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 4

6 discussed and determined with KSITM Services and facilities offered (Common to both SDC s) Co-Hosting (Server Sharing) Co-Location SAN based mass storage Mail service Back up service Web / Application / DB management service 24/7 redundant power Internet Connectivity and Network Management Services Security (Manned security and Biometric & Smart Card based Access Control, CCTV based Surveillance, Network Firewall, Network based Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Authentication & Anti-Virus Services) Adavnced Enterprise Management and Busniess Management Systems (EMS and BMS) Redundant cooling Citizen Service Centers Akshaya : Akshaya centres were initially established in every Panchayat, for providing e-literacy to the citizens. They are now providing all kinds of G2G, G2C and G2B services. Akshaya project has been within the fold of KSITM but has been functioning as a independent project. While we promote Akshaya entrepreneurs to look for business models beyond the G2C services it is also critical that we ensure that the CSC network is available and accessible to the citizens. The activities of Akshaya centers are coordinated by the Akshaya project and it has this dual responsibility of getting more and more services (G2C ) through the Akshaya centers and also ensuring that the CSC network is available for Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 5

7 government to roll out its services. The latter is more critical from the state wide roll out of various e-gov initiatives. FRIENDS: These citizen service centers have its presence in all the district headquarters and these government centers act as a single window integrated remittance center. The Enterprise enabled any-where any-payment system titled "FRIENDS Re-Engineered and Enterprise Enabled Software" (FREES) has been developed to replace the standalone software running in individual FRIENDS centres. The centralised web enabled system will help the citizens to pay utility bills at any FRIENDS centre. The participating departments can upload the demand details (bill data) and download collection details themselves. Alternately, the participating departments can expose web-services in their servers to deliver demand details which can be consumed by FREES as and when required. Collections are made available to departmental server immediately for select services. FREES Application has centralised database system with the feature utility payment can be done on any FRIENDS or AKSHAYA all over Kerala with a single user interface. Through this system new services or agency can be added without changing the software. It has online data fetching and updation from and to the departmental servers- for Vehicle Tax, Water Bill and Property Tax. FREES (FRIENDS Re-engineered Enterprise Enabled System) was implemented in FRIENDS Janasevanakendram Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Idukki, Malappuram and Wayanad. The rollout of FREES will be completed by the year The new solution is a centralized web enabled system and will enable FRIENDS and Akshaya centers to use the same application which is hosted at the State Data Center. Integration of the CSCs : Currently there exists an anomaly in the fact that the services offered in the urban area by Friends center is free and the same services offered in the rural areas through the Akshaya centers is charged. The Akshaya centers are entrepreneur driven models and the Friends centers are government employees on working arrangement. Further the individual departments were to provide their staff in the Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 6

8 Friends center and thus avoiding setting up of a collection counter at their premises but in reality both these are live and thus increasing the expenses (manpower and collection centers). The Akshaya centers charge for the services at their counters as per the EDS rules adopted by the state in This is a variation from the GoI guidelines where the G2C services are not charged by the government agency. The cost of consumables and service at the CSC is however chargeable Service Delivery Platforms During the early days of e-gov evolution in Kerala, the focus was given to provide more and more e-services to citizens and the autonomy given to the departments has enabled multi-tasking and has resulted in the parallel roll out of departmentcentric e-services, the development of such services did not had a holistic dimension, and was happening in a fragmented and isolated stovepipes. Though by delivering departmental E-services the individual projects have gained visibility and acceptance, the inter-dependencies, cross-perspective aspects such as standardization, security, knowledge management, and a shared architecture was not given adequate attention Mobile Service Gateway The Project Mobile Governance was initiated by Kerala State Government in order to utilize the strengths of Mobile penetration in the State using the concept of always-on connection for the delivery of citizen services to set up M-Government Services offered by government departments through mobile phones accessible to the citizens in the field, in the street, at home or other convenient locations on a 24 X 7 basis, rather than the users having to visit government offices or log on to the internet portals to access services. The project M-Governance in Kerala is perhaps the first comprehensive project of its kind undertaken by any state in the country. Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 7

9 An encapsulated and comprehensive integrated Service Delivery Platform is being created and integrated with the e-governance infrastructure, for enabling m- Services of various Departments in a Plug and Play fashion. The mgovernance Service Delivery Platform (SDP includes an uniquely branded, easy to remember ShortCode (KERALA) the citizen has to remember the spelling of Kerala and type it in non-qwerty mobile keypad, which is the single touch point for availing many m-services of 90 State Government Departments. The three channels of mobile communication (Voice, Signaling and Data) and a wide range of technologies (Voice Applications, Applications using signaling channel and data service based Applications) are being used for this purpose. The Common Mobile Service Delivery Platform can be leveraged by departments for m- powering their services which include setting up of services for SMS, MMS, Voice and IVR platform ( a stack of hardware and software). The focus is to build a centralized platform into which the services/solutions for each and every Department can be integrated. The approach adopted is to identify services and design solutions, wherein the primary focus has been to leverage the existing networks and available wireless technologies. As many as 90 Departments are using the m-sdp to provide their services and the portfolio of services is expanding. 20 pilot services for Citizens has been implemented which are given below: 1. Kerala Women s Commission (KWC) SMS based complaint registration system for Kerala Women s Commission 2. Kerala Engg/Medical Entrance Exam Results 2010 / 2011,Results were made live in the shortcode Green Kerala Express The Ministry of Local Self Government, GoK and Suchitwa Mission initiated the Social Reality Show- Green Kerala Express where the Panchayat representatives present their work carried out during the last one year and the CITIZENS sending the marks based on the presentation in addition to the marks awarded by jury members, to find the best Panchayat in Kerala. 4. Kerala State Film Development Corporation Mobile Ticket-Reservation A Mobile Ticket Reservation Platform was set-up for KSFDC using SMS services. Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 8

10 The service is configured and running live at for Kairali/ Sree / Kalabhavan through Shortcode Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan SMS Based file tracking system has been introduced in Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan by KSITM using the M-Governance infrastructure. 6. Motor Vehicles Department SMS based Information System has been set up for Kerala Motor Vehicles Department. Citizens can query information by sending SMS in the prescribed format to shortcode Kerala Forest Department SMS based Timber Auction Alerts has been introduced for Kerala Forest Department. 8. Kerala Police An SMS based Helpline and Information System was introduced for the pilgrims to Sabarimala during The various information services provided for the devotees are information on pilgrim queue status, parking availability and weather status. 9. Department of Lotteries: CRM has been successfully integrated with the Database Management system of Lotteries Department. Lottery results are made available in the shortcode 10. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation: KSRTC bus timings are also integrated in the M-Governance Service Delivery Platform. Citizen who wishes to find the bus timings can pass a message to in the prescribed format for getting the information. 11. Kerala Water Authority: M-Governance SDP has been successfully integrated with the Billing Platform ABACUS of Kerala Water Authority. Details regarding water bill is available in the shortcode Bulk SMS platform is also integrated to provide monthly bill alerts to customers. 12. Agricultural University: An Agricultural Information Service is being initiated for the farmers of Kerala by Kerala Agricultural University. Farmers are asked to register for the service by messaging to Nearly thousands of farmers have registered for the service through this channel. Regular Agri-related updates on Weather/Pest/Seed/Price is being provided to registered farmers through M- Governance Platform. Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 9

11 13. Kerala Shops & Commercial Establishment Workers Welfare Fund Board: KSITM has also associated with KS&CEWWFB for M-Governance Project for delivering major information services to Board Members through M-Governance Platform. 14. Audio-Guide for Kerala Tourism: Audio Guide Service is designed to be a recorded, spoken-commentary for the major tourist locations of Kerala based on IVR, to help the tourists in having a self-guided tour in the State. 15. SSLC Results on Mobile: SSLC/VHSE results were made live on mobile using the M-Governance service Delivery Platform. 16. Kerala State Financial Enterprises: Services to KSFE for sending chitty alerts and for official communications. The Paper-based system of sending chitty alerts is slowly being replaced by SMS system 17. Kerala State Transport Project: Complaint Registration System of the Department, where as soon as a complaint is registered an SMS is sent to the complainant with the Complaint ID. The complainant can also query the status of the complaint by messaging to the shortcode Kerala Legislative Assembly: M-Governance System in Kerala Legislative Assembly for providing meeting alerts to Ministers. An account has been allocated for KLA with Sender ID Niyamasabha for providing regular meeting updates to Ministers. 19. Information Kerala Mission: KSITM, in association with the E-Governance Initiative of LSG- IKM, has integrated various services with the M-Governance Platform. License Details (Corporation of Trivandrum): - Subsequent to receiving an application for License (under D&O or PFA), a demand for payment of the requisite fee is generated and this intimation is sent to the applicant as an SMS. Later, when the license is processed, the final status (whether accepted or rejected) is also sent as an SMS. Property/Building Tax Demand Notice Profession Tax (Traders) - demand notice Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 10

12 Dues related to Rent on Land and Buildings (owned by Corporation) 20.Department of Collegiate Education - Department of Collegiate Education is providing various Scholarships to students for promoting Higher Education. Timely SMS alerts regarding scholarship information are being sent to students. Other services As many as 60 Departments are using the m-sdp to provide push and pull based services to the citizens and the portfolio of services is getting expanded. About 110 accounts has been created and is in use by various Government Departments. Dr.SMS : Ds SMS is a significant mobile based project that provides users with a comprehensive list of medical facilities available in a chosen locality, like hospitals having expertise in various medical specialties etc. Out Bound Dialing Facility for KISSAN KERALA project: The Mobile Service Delivery Platform has been integrated with the KISSAN KERALA project for providing push and pull based SMS services as well as Out Bound Dialer integration has been done for providing voice based services to Farmers in regional language (Malayalam). Computerized Call Centre for Commercial Taxes Department The Multi-lingual IVR based Call centre and help desk has been established for the Commercial Taxes Department. The computerized call Centre is a fully managed Interactive Voice Response Server System. A citizen who wishes to lodge complaint or a feedback can dial a 10 digit Number and record the complaint/feedback through an interactive process. Callers will get a Unique registration number by SMS and Voice. They will receive alerts via SMS and Voice at various stages of the Complaint State Service Delivery Gateway/State Portal To achieve the one government view focus will be on for creating a visionary and flexible/ accommodative E-Governance knowledge structure with a constant Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 11

13 monitoring and assessment of emerging technologies, its adoption and potential use in E-government. This is planned to be achieved through the implementation of the State Service Delivery Project, which will be a vital cog in providing mutimodal public service delivery by provisioning adequate set of interfaces which will result in achieving interoperability amongst the various e-gov applications and a seamless and full integration of the front and back office systems. SSDG is a core component in e-governance infrastructure under the NEGP, aimed at providing seamless interoperability and exchange of data across departments. The project involves, State Portal including Applications & electronic forms, State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG), Training and Manpower for SSDG, State Portal and Gap Infrastructure, Gap Infrastructure at the destination offices including gaps in connectivity. The project covers 55 services from 14 departments E-district E-District Pilot project was inaugurated on 17th December 2010 in Kannur and 8th February, 2011 in Palakkad Districts. It is a State Mission Mode Project under the National e-governance Plan. The Project aims to back end computerization to enable the delivery of the services through citizen services centres (Akshaya) nearly lakhs certificates issued through the website Government of Kerala decided to roll out the e-district project through out Kerala by March 2013 and inaugurated the state wide rollout on the 4rth of December In this connection, districts of Pathanamthitta, Kottayam and Malappuram, went live and Ernakulam and Alleppy shall go live in Dec 12 itself. A District e- Governance Society (DeGS) shall be constituted in all districts for monitoring the development of e-district project under the chairman ship of the District collector. The formation of DeGS in districts is progressing. 14 more services of RTI, FCS, LSGD and Election in pilot districts are in the pipeline for launch. The implementation of online database verification process will help the citizen more effectively. After the launch of online database verification process, the public will give only the serial number of concerned Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 12

14 certificates at the time of filing the application. The village officer can verify each application with concerned department's database through online and hence possible them to issue the certificates immediately. In the second phase, it is decided to open the online application facility for the public through e-district portal so that any one with an internet connection can apply at their convineance and those who don t have access to the same shall do it with the support of CSCs. The e district project which aims at delivering the district level services to the citizen has been piloted in 2 districts has been a success in Kerala and the success of the pilot can be attributed to the readiness of the concerned department, (revenue), the operational CSC network (Akshaya) and the active involvement of the project management team. E District is delivered through the DEGS (District e governance societies under the Chairmanship of the respective collectors ensuring a decentralized delivery of services to citizens even while being implemented and monitored as a State wide roll out Integrated Call Center Government of Kerala has set up an Integrated Call Centre at Trivandrum to attend to general queries pertaining to the services offered by different Government departments and Universities in the state through a local call anywhere from Kerala. The official commissioning of the Centre was on The details of schemes, plans and policies of various departments are available from the centre. For example the documents required to be produced and formalities to be observed for obtaining a Ration Card, a Ration Dealers License, an Electric Connection, a Building Permit, Correction of date of Birth,Registering Name in Employment Exchange, Registration of New Motor Vehicle,obtaining different types of Certificates such as Nativity Certificate, Income Certificate, Community Certificate and whom to contact are available from this centre through a telephone call at local call rates anywhere from Kerala. Replies to such queries are being answered by Call Centre Executives trained for the purpose in a polite manner. The Telephone Number allotted to Call Centre is and the number is Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 13

15 available anywhere from Kerala (without any code) with a group dialing system consisting 30 lines. The PRI/ ISDN connection provides easy access to the Call Centre without any disturbances. The Call Centre is working on 24*7 basis except on National Holidays. The other available Telephone Numbers are given below:- 1. From other Networks , & State Consume Help Line (Toll Free Number) i. It acts as a guidance and information help line to the public on various activities and schemes implemented by government. ii. Round the Clock services. iii. Prestigious programme of the Chief Minister's Sutharya Keralam is being dealt through Call Centre. iv. The programme of Labour Minister's Labour Help Line is handled by the Call Centre. v. Complaints on PDS under State Consumer Help Line are another important event attended to by the Centre. vi. Access to the Call Centre from anywhere in Kerala without any queue and delay at local call charges. vii. viii. 30 line PRI /ISDN connection. Calls are attended by specially trained agents. ix. Complaint registry mechanisms on departments having high public interface are available. x. Telephone calls are transcribed and forwarded to Head of the Departmetns via with sms alerts to predesignated numbers and resultant of action intimated to the complainants. xi. xii. Facility to record complaints for future reference. Information updated in the database on a regular basis. Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 14

16 Participating Departments Animal Husbandry Archeology Civil Supplies Consumer Affairs Co-Operative Department Cultural Department Economics and Statistics Department Education Department Electrical Inspectorate Employment and Training Department Health Department IMG Industrial Training Department Industries and Commerce Kerala Public Service Commission Kerala State Electricity Board Kerala Water Authority Kerala Womens Commission Law Department LSGD Motor Vehicles Department Norka Parliamentary Affairs Government Organizations Film Development Corporation Chalachitra academy Kerala Language Institute Kerala Sahithya Accadamy Vyloppilli Sanskrithi Bhavan State Institute of Encyclopedic Publications Kerala Folklore Accadamy Jawahar Bala Bhavan Bharath Bhavan Gurugopinath Natanagramam. Kerala State Balasahitya Institute Directorate of Culture Universities Kerala University M.G University Calicut University Sree Sankaracharya University Complaint Registry Mechanism Hon.Chief Ministers Sutharya Keralam State Consumer Help Line Commercial Taxes Check Post Complaints Akshya Help Line Kerala Women s Help Line Registration Department Revenue Department Scheduled Caste department Sports and Youth Affairs Scheduled Tribe Department Commercial Taxes Department Projects 1.Insight 2.IDEAS 3.IPMC( Investment & Promotion Management Cell) 4.Malayalam Computing Water Transport department Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 15

17 State Resident Data Hub The Digital Odyssey 2012 The resident citizen data that will be obtained as part of the AADHAR registration process shall be the base citizen data for the delivery of government services. All department initiatives will have to be aadhar enabled and this will enable the integration of the various governance initiatives in the state. Leveraging AADHAR data the departments will be able to streamline their applications and KSITM shall walk closely with the departments in this process to ensure interoperability. SRDH shall evolve as a Common database and hence efficient data storage and management. The first step to and integrated database is to ensure interoperability among the various applications and then move on to a common database 2.3. Common/Core Applications Transparency oriented e Procurement e-gp is a Mission Mode Project (MMP) under National e-governance Plan (NeGP) and is initiated by Ministry of Commerce, Government of India (GoI). Government of Kerala has implemented the e-government Procurement system to enhance transparency and efficiency in Public procurement activities and monitor the same on a real-time basis. Online Services: (i). Registration/Enrollment of Department users and Bidders (ii). Tender Creation and Publishing (iii). Publishing of Corrigendum (iv). Publishing of Pre bid meeting decisions / documents (v). Online Bid submission/ resubmission/ withdrawal (vi). Facility for offline/ online payment of Tender Fee & EMD (vii). Encryption of bids submitted by the bidders (viii). Facility for single/two/multi cover bid system (ix). Online tender opening by designated Officials Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 16

18 (x). Live bid opening for the bidders Facility to update committee recommendations at each stage of tender process (xi). Award of the contract (xii). eauction - Forward and Reverse (xiii). Limited Tender/Expression of Interest (EOI) (xiv). General Technical Evaluation (xv). Multi currency provision (xvi). Digital signing of all documents which are uploaded (xvii). Comprehensive Report/MIS module Objectives: Transparency Non-discrimination among bidders Access of tender documents to any bidder & bid submission from their place of convenience Promotes open competition Accountability Security of the entire process using PKI Technology Digital Work flow and file tracking To ensure an efficient movement of files within departments the file flow is being made electronic and provisions are being made available to the citizens to track their files electronically through the State Portal. 1. Workflow automation Digital workflow is a web based file/ tapal flow & management system. It is a Less-paper office concept introduced by Department of IT, Government of Kerala. It covers the entire life cycle of a document, beginning with the creation of a Tapal and ending with the closure of the File. Rich and user friendly interface enables the users to work effortlessly with their files. The system is highly secure with each operation monitored and audited. All users are given access based on their user profile/ roles Digital workflow system has been implemented in the following Government departments/ organizations: Department of Information Technology Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 17

19 Directorate of Technical Education Kerala State IT Mission (KSITM) Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP) Kerala State IT Infrastructure Limited (KSITIL) Agency for Non-Conventional Energy & Rural Technology (ANERT) Akshaya Citizen Call Centre State e-mission Team 2. File tracking (IDEAS) IDEAS is a web based online File, Petition and Government Order tracking system implemented by Kerala State IT Mission with technical support of NIC. The system facilitates tracking & monitoring of Government documents, serves as a mechanism for reminding the Government departments about the pending status of files and also provides a real-time status of Government files/ petitions. It is developed using open source technology. Benefits to Citizens: Citizens can track their petitions/ letters using the IDEAS system from anywhere in the world using an internet enabled PC. Also, if the petitioner provides his -id along with the Petition, the system will automatically send messages to the petitioner on each and every movement of the petition and then the corresponding file, till the concerned file is closed. Benefits to Users: Government department users can register the files in the IDEAS system. Once registered, system will automatically send messages for each file forward till the file is closed. IDEAS project was implemented in Higher Education department and Finance department of Government Secretariat on a pilot basis. After the successful pilot implementation, it has been implemented in the following offices:.all the office of Ministers All departments in Government Secretariat Forest Headquarters and 9 Subordinate Offices in Districts Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 18

20 Port Directorate Town Planning Department KSEB (O/o the CE(IT- Projects) & Safety Commissioner) PWD ( DRIQ Board and O/o the CE (Design & Admin) DPI Motor Vehicles Department Efficiency oriented SPARK Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala (SPARK) is an Integrated Personnel, Payroll and Accounts information system, which is Web based application implemented for all the employees in the State of Kerala. The system has been developed with a view to cater to the Administration, Payroll and other Accounts activities of Government Establishments. Each employee is allotted with a unique Permanent Employee Number (PEN) through the system. This centralized system helps the departments to get details of any employee immediately, achieve highest level of transparency in dealing with the employees, more consistent application of rules etc. Being a well-integrated system, the changes made through one module reflect in all related areas of activity. In the payroll side, accurate and automatic payroll processing is facilitated. It also ensures that the rules and regulations are uniformly applied to all employees there by avoiding complaints and achieving better employee-employer relations. The Main features are: G2E web based Personnel Administration and Accounts software for Government Establishments System allots unique Permanent Employee Numbers (PEN) to all employees Addresses all requirements in Service and Salary matters Entire Service Book of each employee is digitised Kerala: e-governance roadmap Page 19



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FY 2008 Report to Congress on Implementation of The E-Government Act of 2002

FY 2008 Report to Congress on Implementation of The E-Government Act of 2002 FY 2008 Report to Congress on Implementation of The E-Government Act of 2002 March 1, 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction... 3 Section I: Compliance with Goals and Provisions of the Act... 5 Section II:

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Business Overview. Technology & Resources page 16 People page 20 Brand & Distribution page 22. Vodafone Business

Business Overview. Technology & Resources page 16 People page 20 Brand & Distribution page 22. Vodafone Business Vodafone Business Business Overview This section explains how Vodafone operates, from the key assets it holds to the activities it carries out to enable the delivery of products and services to the Group

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ICC CYBER SECURITY GUIDE FOR BUSINESS ICC CYBER SECURITY GUIDE FOR BUSINESS ICC CYBER SECURITY GUIDE FOR BUSINESS Acknowledgements The ICC Cyber security guide for business was inspired by the Belgian Cyber security guide, an initiative of

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CONSULTATION PAPER TASK FORCE ON DIRECT TAXES CONTENTS CONSULTATION PAPER TASK FORCE ON DIRECT TAXES Sl. No. Subject 1. Executive Summary 2. Chapter I : Approach to Tax Reform 3. Chapter II : Reform of Tax Administration 2.1 Role of Tax Administration

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PROJECT FINAL REPORT PROJECT FINAL REPORT Grant Agreement number: 212117 Project acronym: FUTUREFARM Project title: FUTUREFARM-Integration of Farm Management Information Systems to support real-time management decisions and

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Unified Library Services Business Plan

Unified Library Services Business Plan DECEMBER 22, 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Executive Summary... 1 1.1 Overview... 1 1.2 Background... 1 1.3 Structure... 1 1.4 Expandability and Flexibility... 3 1.5 Required Budget... 3 1.6 Timeline of Activities...

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Quality Technology Innovation Customer Satisfaction Win together

Quality Technology Innovation Customer Satisfaction Win together MARG s COMMITMENT Our approach focuses on new way of business, thereby combining IT innovations and adoption while leveraging an organization s current assets. Our team is committed to provide IT Services

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B.2 Executive Summary

B.2 Executive Summary B.2 Executive Summary As demonstrated in Section A, Compute Canada (CC) supports a vibrant community of researchers spanning all disciplines and regions in Canada. Providing access to world- class infrastructure

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LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS INC LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS INC FORM 10-K (Annual Report) Filed 02/27/14 for the Period Ending 12/31/13 Address 1025 ELDORADO BOULEVARD BLDG 2000 BROOMFIELD, CO 80021 Telephone 7208881000 CIK 0000794323 Symbol

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The Definitive Guide. Cloud Computing. Dan Sullivan

The Definitive Guide. Cloud Computing. Dan Sullivan The Definitive Guide tm To Cloud Computing Ch apter 10: Key Steps in Establishing Enterprise Cloud Computing Services... 185 Ali gning Business Drivers with Cloud Services... 187 Un derstanding Business

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