DESCRIPTION. Centennial Campus Dirty Bomb (SBI Bomb Squad, Raleigh Hazmat, NC Mass Casualty unit)

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1 DESCRIPTION Emergency Operations Center Exercise - Testing the EOC Infrastructure on generator power HAZMAT Reactor drill (Raleigh EMS, Raleigh Fire, Raleigh Police, NC Emergency Management) Campus HAZMAT spill Tabletop (with RFD, Larry White, NC Emergency Management) Centennial Campus Dirty Bomb (SBI Bomb Squad, Raleigh Hazmat, NC Mass Casualty unit) Quarterly December 2001 May 2002 April 2003 Information Technology Plan Walkthrough Exercise April 4, 2003 Testing of the Crisis Communication Plan Drill - Small Pox Scenario April 25, 2003 Information Technology Plan Walkthrough Exercise May 14, 2003 Dirty Bomb Scenario Emergency Response Drill May 16, 2003 EH&S Tabletop November 2003 Information Technology Disaster Recovery of Mainframe Environment at Hot- Site, Smyrna, GA October 21-22, 2004 Nuclear Rector test - Reactor plane to building drill (Raleigh Fire) November PULSTAR Nuclear Reactor Drill Emergency Response Drill December 15, 2004 Radioactive material spill drill was (Raleigh Hazmat) April 2005 Terrorism Drill - Wake County (Carter Finley scenario) May 12, 2005 Nuclear Reactor Tabletop December 2005 Information Technology Disaster Recovery Exercise - Recovery of Mainframe Environment December 5-9,

2 Business Continuity Department Drills 2005 April 11 April 11 April 13 April 14 April 14 April 22 April 22 April 25 April 27 April 29 May 4 May 5 May 6 May 6 May 11 May 16 May 27 June 16 June 25 July 6 July 21 August 30 September 1 September 27 October 7 October 11 October 31 November 21 November 29 Cashiers Office Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid Environmental Health and Public Safety Student Health Services University Housing Benefits Controllers Office Foundations Accounting and Investments Advancement All Campus Dining FACILITIES: Construction Mgmt FACILITIES: Operations FACILITIES: Planning and Design FACILITIES: University Architect Payroll Undergraduate Admissions Registration and Records Libraries ITD Employment & Compensation Real Estate Contracts & Grants Materials Management (Materials Support, Graphics, Purchasing, Materials Management) Transportation College of Humanities and Social Sciences College Of Management College of Veterinary Medicine College Of Engineering College of Natural Resources College of Agriculture and Life Sciences College of Education College of Textiles College of Design College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences PULSTAR Nuclear Reactor Drill. Simulated explosion in Burlington Labs on North Campus. Included mock injuries, re-routing of North Campus and the Wolfline buses. The NC State Crisis communication plan was not activated. January 25,

3 CAPRAC Pandemic Flu (Influenza) Tabletop Drill February 23, 2006 Provost Office Direct Reports Tabletop Exercise March 2006 Dean s Council Tabletop Exercise March 2, 2006 Quarantine and Isolations Drill with Wake County February April, 2006 CYPHER - Pandemic Influenza Exercise, NC Emergency Management Center May 24, 2006 NC Emergency Management Pandemic Flu Tabletop Exercise May 25, 2006 Suspicious ticking bag Reactor drill December 2006 Wake County School Closing Drill February 6, 2007 Campus Wide Train Derailment Exercise March 13, 2007 Pandemic Flu Tabletop Exercise with Executive Officers October 2007 Business Continuity Department Drills July 14 Office of Contracts and Grants July 16 Cashiers Office July 21 Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services July 23 Materials Management (includes Warehouse, Purchasing, Wolf Copy, Graphics, Administration) July 24 July 28 July 30 August 1 August 1 August 1 August 7 August 7 August 13 August 14 September 26 September 29 October 9 October 9 October 15 EHS ( includes Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Industrial Hygiene, Radiation Safety/ Biosafety, Environmental Affairs, and Insurance and Risk Management) Employment & Compensation (includes Background Check, Employment, Compensation, and Temporary Services) Transportation University Housing Registration and Records University Benefits Office ( includes Benefits and Leave Administration) HR Information Management Facilities ( includes Facilities Operations, Office of University Architect, Design and Construction Services, and Capital Projects Management ) University Payroll Office Campus Police Real Estate Office Office of Undergraduate Admissions - Jim Price Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Student Health (includes Student Health Services and Counseling Center) Fire Protection - Bill Stevenson

4 October 21 October 28 October 30 November 13 December 10 University Controllers Office - Matt Wilson Advancement Services - Carla Brown University Dining/All Campus Network - Randy Lait Foundations Accounting Office of Information Technology - Communication Technologies - Mardecia Power Outage Walkthrough Drill with Crisis Communication Team January 15, 2008 Shots Fired Active shooter table top May 15, 2008 Active Shooter Tabletop with Crisis Communication Team/Campus Police Fall 2008 Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise with Executive Officers Winter 2008 Nuclear Reactor Drill February 12, 2009 Business Continuity Department Drills August 4 College of Humanities and Social Sciences August 27 College of Veterinary Medicine August 28 College of Natural Resources September 16 College of Management October 1 College of Design October 5 College of Textiles October 29 College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences December 15 College of Education 2009 HazMat Explosion Functional Exercise December 8, 2009 HazMat Explosion Tabletop Exercise December 9, 2009 Business Continuity Department Tabletop Drills 1/20/10 Division of Undergraduate Academic Programs /30/10 EOC Workshop 6/3/10 GA Funded IT Functional Exercise 7/7/10 University Payroll Functional Exercise 10/7/10 College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (PAMS) 10/7/10 College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHASS) 10/12/10 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) 10/21/10 College of Veterinary Medicine 10/28/10 College of Education (CED) 11/22/10 College of Textiles (COT) 4

5 12/6/10 College of Management (COM) 12/8/10 College of Engineering (COE) Business Continuity Drills 1/6/11 College of Design 1/21/11 College of Natural Resources 2011 Operation Red Rail Exercise January 13, 2011 Radioactive Material Security Tabletop Exercise January, 2011 Nuclear Reactor Functional Drill March, 2011 EOM Drill/Campus Police April 2011 University Housing Sheltering Non Residents Tabletop Exercise May 2011 CDC Select Agent Tabletop Exercise October, 2011 Emergency Response Exercise with APHIS Resource Unit December, 2011 Executive Officers Emergency Response Tabletop Exercise January, 2012 CyberTerrorism Exercise February 8, 2012 EOM Reputational Risks Tabletop Exercise March 6, 2012 Campus Police Emergency Response Tabletop Scenarios April, 2012 PULSTAR Reactor Tabletop Exercises June, 2012 University Housing R/CDs Emergency Response Tabletop (Sprinkler Flood) July 25, 2012 University Housing RD Emergency Response Action Steps Drill (Tornado Warning) July 26, 2012 University Housing R/CD & RA Communications Response Drill August 1, 2012 University Housing R/CD & RA Emergency Response Action Steps Drill (Power Outage) August 2,

6 University Housing Response Drill (Accessing Warehouse Supplies) August 28, 2012 NCSU Vigilant Guard DNC Exercise August 31, 2012 University Housing Tabletop Exercise (Decisions and Mobilizing Resources During Emergency Situations) September 2012 University Housing Full Scale Tornado Exercise Day 1 September 18, 2012 University Housing Tabletop Tornado Exercise Day 2 September 19, 2012 University Housing/Campus Police Active Shooter Drill January 4, 2013 Other: Hazwhopper Refresher: July 13, 2007 NIMS certification courses: June-August