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1 Al Musanna College of Technology Computer Services Policy Purpose and Needs Analysis 1. To ensure the safety and security of high-tech equipment. 2. To ensure the requirements of staff and students are met. Scope of Application This policy applies to staff and students at. Staff and students must abide by the procedures of the policy. The maintenance of the equipment used in the computer laboratories is done annually by private companies on a contract basis. Policy Statement The college is concerned with the safety, security and maintenance of equipment provided in the computer laboratories. It provides general guidelines for using the computer laboratory. Security and safety measures are followed by staff and students to prevent the misusage of equipment in the computer laboratory. Maintenance involves repair, replacement and restoration of equipment. Procedures 1. User Accounts, Internet and , Printing Services Responsibility: Head of Section 1

2 1.1 User Accounts Staff and student of the college must obtain an account from the Computer Services Section and must sign the User Computer Lab Contract form. Account will be active for the duration of the person's tenure with the college. Accounts may be suspended for violations of computer laboratory usage policies. Before an account of the user is suspended, a warning is given by the Head of the Centre and the respective head of center/department is informed. In certain circumstances, an account may be suspended without a warning. Accounts have few resource limitations placed on them and misuse can be prevented by the general guidelines as follows: Only authorized users may use the laboratories. An authorized user is either a student or a staff Users must not share his/her login ID and password with any other user Users must not alter files on computers or network drives, other than the files they created themselves Users are not allowed to load software onto computers or network drives or change the settings of any hardware and software in any way i.e desktop backgrounds, screen resolution etc Any viruses, hardware or software errors must be reported to concerned Laboratory Technician or Help Desk Access to the Network Laboratory, Project Laboratory is limited to students who are registered for a related course, offered in that laboratory. While in the Network Laboratory, students are only allowed to perform official networking course related activities Sending of broadcast messages is not allowed. All real time interactive applications which include but are not limited to, instant messengers, chat rooms, online games and multi-user domains are strictly prohibited. 2

3 1.1.8 Use space on network disk responsibly. Students are expected to keep their usage under the assigned disk quota (this will be assigned by the Computer Services Section) for any special project which requires big space and arrangement for the project space is given. 1.2 Internet and Internet access is available to all registered users. The following applies to Internet Usage: Authentication is handled automatically, using login ID and password. Login ID and password must be kept secret and must not be given to other users In the Network Laboratory, Internet usage will be restricted to Network course related study no or any other unrelated access will be allowed Users must avoid forwarding spam mail and chain mails. 1.3 Printing Services The following applies to printer usage: In the campus, laser printers are provided for registered students. The printers are located in laboratories where students can print from a designated printers (network/shared) Never press cancel on the printers. This cancels the print jobs of other students, which is a waste of their printing efforts If the printer displays Offline, press the big green button to get it back online. 3

4 1.3.4 Use of paper other than recommended like colored printed paper is strictly prohibited as it may damage the printers Printing pages are continuously monitored by the assigned Laboratory Technician Large print jobs is schedule for off hours. The maximum number of pages allowed for printing is 10 pages or otherwise authorized by the Academic Staff. Class notes should be printed and made available by concerned staff. Maintenance, Security and Safety 1.4 Maintenance All authorized users of computer laboratories must sign the User Computer Lab Contract agreement before utilizing all its resources No user may tamper with, move or remove equipment from any laboratory If any problem is noticed with a piece of equipment or the rooms in general, report it to the staff-in-charge immediately Each laboratory is assigned to a Laboratory Technician to ensure proper functioning of the equipment and laboratories College equipment must not be used for hacking or other illegal practices Concerned staff who encounter problems with these resources should report the problem using the College Interactive Portal s Help Desk or submit a Complaint/Repair/Service Order form (Form No. ETC-01) addressed to the Educational Technology Centre Once received by the Technician, the report goes on queue along with other requests and priority is given on the basis of urgency. 4

5 1.4.8 If a component is available, it is immediately replaced, if not, a request is forwarded to the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs Upon completion, the requesting staff fills out a completion form and is forwarded to the Educational Technology Centre In general, maintenance is done within the college, but if it is still under warranty the request is forwarded to the company who supplied the equipment Laboratory facilities must not be used to damage or gain unauthorized access to the information, files, or property of another person or organization No food or drink is allowed inside of the laboratories or near any of the equipment Smoking is not allowed inside laboratories. 1.5 Safety and Security of Equipment The following applies to Safety and Security of Equipments: All authorized users must take proper care while working in the computer laboratories. They are advised to handle the electrical sockets, switches and other equipments carefully to prevent themselves from electrical shocks and other relevant hazards Incident such as shocks from certain equipment/device within the computer laboratory, it must inform to the assigned laboratory staff Laboratory facilities must not be used to bypass campus network security system or any other computer security system Temperature of heaters and air conditioners must be properly set in order to maintain appropriate room temperature for users and machines User account must be kept secret to avoid the misuse of the account by another person. 5

6 1.5.6 Equipment must not be monopolized. If the user is going away from the machine for more than 15 minutes, User must log out before leaving, for security of their account, and to ensure that others are able to use the laboratory resources Equipment must not be tampered. Computer laboratories are monitored by security cameras installed in every laboratory and are recording 24 hours everyday to ensure safeguarding procedures. 1.6 Misuse of Computer (Adopted from West Shore Community College Computer Lab 1 ) If there is any violation of the above procedures, the following offenses will be referred for possible disciplinary action as per College-By-Laws: Intentional damage to college software, equipment or data Misuse of laboratory facilities that results (or could result) in damage to college software, equipment, or data Use of laboratory facilities to bypass the campus network security system or any other computer security system Use of laboratory facilities to damage or gain unauthorized access to the information files, or property of another person or organization Theft, including but not limited to, the illegal copying of software or data Use of college equipment and/or network for any illegal purpose Refusal to obey laboratory authority, including instructors, and other agents acting in the performance of their duties. In case of any offense/action, network access will be suspended and disciplinary action will be applied. References: 1. West Shore Community College Computer Lab 6

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8 RMO File/Document Number Policy Custodian RMO Head of Educational Technology Center Responsible Officer Computer Services Section Endorsed by: Approved by Policy Development Committee College Council Related Documents and Policies Quality Sub-Manual for Computer Laboratories Maintenance Policy Related Legislation College-By-Laws Superseded Policies Date Effective November 8, 2009 Next review date November 8, 2011 Contact for queries about the Policy ADAF and ETC 8