A short introduction to RWTH

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1 A short introduction to RWTH

2 Location of RWTH Aachen University

3 RWTH Mainbuilding

4 Development of RWTH Aachen University until 2004 Students Foreign Students Polytechnical School Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Business Administration & Economics Students Institute of Technology -present-day Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Natural Sciences -present-day Faculty of Civil Engineering -present-day Faculty of Mechanical Engineering -present-day Faculty of Georessources and Materials Engineering Faculty of Arts present-day Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Faculty of Education Medical Faculty Year 0

5 Diplom Bachelor/Master Courses Diploma Engineer Master Intership Advanced Studies 3 years Basic Studies 2 years Intership Master Studies 2 years Bachelor Bachelor Studies 3 years Classical Engineering Education Bachelor / Master

6 Master & Bachelor Courses at RWTH Aachen Bachelor Courses Materials Sciences Biotechnology (limited admission) Master Courses Automotive Systems Engineering Biomedical Engineering Science Chemical Engineering Communications Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical Power Power Engineering Energy Engineering Materials Science Media Media Informatics Metallurgical Engineering Production Engineering Simulation Techniques in in Mechanical Engineering Software Systems Engineering Textile Textile Engineering Changeover to to BA/MA for all programmes: 2008

7 Technical Universities in Germany TU 9

8 Share of TU9 Engineering Graduates Share of TU9 engineering graduates among German universities in Other universities TU RWTH Aachen TU Berlin TU Braunschweig (58%) (62%) TU Darmstadt TU Dresden U Hanover U Karlsruhe TU Munich Diploma / Master PhD U Stuttgart RWTH Aachen, Abteilung 6.4 Quelle: destiats / Herr Beck 09. Nov. 2004

9 Development of budget volume including medicine 700,0 600,0 Third-party funds Rent Budget without third-party funds 500,0 Millions Euro 400,0 300,0 * ** 200,0 100,0 0, * 2001 nach Rechtsformänderung des Universitätsklinikums Aachen ** 2002/03 erstmalig veranschlagt Mieten/Pachten an den BLB NRW in Höhe von 43,3 Mio. EURO

10 Extra Budget according to Research Fields 2003 Energy Research Mobility and Traffic 6,3% 7,9% Information and Communication Technologies 30,9% others 11,4% 17,2% Collaborative Research Centres (SFB) 13,8% 12,5% Materials Science Research Life Sciences and Medical Technology

11 Interdisciplinary activities at RWTH Aachen 14+2 Collaborative Research Centres Forschungskolle g SFB 289 SFB 476 "Medien und kulturelle Kommunikation 6 Graduate Colleges Graduiertenkolleg Software für Kommunikationssysteme Graduiertenkolleg Biofinterface - Detektion und Steuerung grenzflächeninduzierter biomolekularer und zellulärer Funktionen" Graduiertenkolleg "Elementarteilchenphysik an der TeV-Skala" 6 Interdisciplinary Forums FORUM MOBILITÄT &VERKEHR 16 Interdisciplinary Competence Centres Virtual Reality Center Aachen zmb BIONIK Zentrum Aachen

12 Mission statement of RWTH Aachen University 1. Educating highly qualified graduates aware of societal and economical responsibility 2. Excellence in research 3. Interdisciplinarity 4. Developing solutions for societal and environmental challenges 5. Transferring scientific results into economical and technical application 6. Contributing to the public discourse on progress in Science, Technology, and Medicine 7. International co-operation and competition

13 Characteristics 1. Research university 2. Network of competence centres 3. Research - driven by competition 4. Professor: manager of a competence centre 5. Consense oriented interaction and development 6. Students - educational self-management

14 Future at RWTH - Super C

15 Workshop Program Mrs. Bernadette Conradts Senior Advisor of the EUA with general information on workshop procedure Dr. Christiane Ebel-Gabriel Secretary General, German Rectors Conference (HRK), Germany Prof. Jane Grimson Member of the European Research Advisory Board (EURAB) to the European Commission; Vice Provost of The University of Dublin - Trinity College, Ireland