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1 castles, forts, parks and gardens Travel back in time to the Royal Route in Niedersachsen

2 2 3 Take a journey through time and experience magnificent castles and proud forts. The many grand estates and residences of Niedersachsen awaken dreams of splendid celebrations, heroic deeds and exuberant banquets. Pass through the stone portals and find yourself transported back to a bygone era. Once upon a time, beautiful maidens in the palaces were consumed with longing for their paramours and wicked rogues in the castles planned their dastardly deeds. Today, these magnificent buildings offer a wealth of possibilities, provide overnight accommodation and great events in a historical ambience. Visitors can have an entertaining time and unforgettable experiences behind the thick walls, in the princely halls, the ladies chambers or the castle courtyards. Don t just take our word for it embark on your own journey through time! Enjoy browsing and see you soon in Niedersachsen! Enchanted parks & fairy-tale castles Regal periods & castle fortresses Moated castles & rose gardens from page 6 from page 16 from page 24

3 4 5 Kiel How to get there Contents 245 km Marienburg Castle The fairytale castle built by the last King of Hannover... page 8 Be it with your own car, public transport, by ship or air all routes lead to Niedersachsen. Bückeburg Castle Noble estate with royal riding school... page 10 Bevern Castle Built by the Münchhausen family ducal residence cultural centre... page 11 Bad Pyrmont Castle An island of culture in the heart of the city... page 12 Amsterdam Köln 375 km 295 km Hannover 280 km Berlin By air: Hannover Airport (HAJ) is the main hub from which to get there. Other international airports in close proximity: Hamburg Airport (HAM) Paderborn Airport (PAD) Airport Münster / Osnabrück (FMO) Airport Bremen (BRE) Bad Pyrmont Spa Gardens A jewel in Weserbergland... page 12 Porcelain manufactory FÜRSTENBERG Living culture... page 13 Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen Baroque splendour and botanical treasures... page 14 Landestrost Castle Wilhelmstein Island Fortress Castles in charming scenery... page 15 6 km By car or by ferry: Are you thinking of travelling to Niedersachsen in your own car taking advantage of the ferry links to Germany, the Netherlands or France? You can reach Niedersachsen within only a few hours after leaving by ferry. The road system is excellent. Especially the A 7 Autobahn (running north to south) and the A 2 Autobahn (running east to west) make for fast connections. Celle Royal residence with unique 18 Braunschweig The Lion 19 Gifhorn Castle Renaissance and time of the Guelphs... page 19 Zeitorte Emperors, crowns and dazzling jewels: Welcome to the land of time travel... page 20 Wolfenbüttel Palace Experience the Baroque... page 21 Hardenberg Castle Ruins Classic Elegance and modern comfort... page 22 Goslar Imperial Castle World Heritage cultural site... page 23 München Quality seal of approval: ServiceQualität Deutschland. What s this all about? Backing ServiceQualität Deutschland, Germany s it easy. You are assured of guidance that can be quality management system, are 3 quality conscious service providers from very diverse industries. They all subscribe to one common goal: To deliver quality services relied on in your search for the right service providers. Select businesses denoted with a letter Q for special attention and good service during your stay here. Let us bring a smile to your face! throughout Niedersachsen and expand this on an ongoing basis so that we can offer you, the guest, the best possible service quality. When booking be sure you look out for businesses that have been awarded the letter Q. For further information go to: Be it as a guest or customer, you have the opportunity to choose from a multitude of specials on offer and compare them. The quality seal makes An overview of distances: Amsterdam Hannover: 3 hours 45 minutes Calais Hannover: 6 hours Flensburg Hannover: 3 hours Hamburg Hannover: 1 hour 15 minutes Kiel Hannover: 2 hours minutes Rotterdam/Hoek van Holland Hannover: 4 hours 25 minutes By train: One option worth considering for your trip to Niedersachsen is public transport. The majority of Niedersachsen cities are linked to the high speed ICE rail network of the Deutsche Bahn. For further information go to: under the Service category. Osnabrücker Land Discover old treasures anew... page 26 Bentheim Castle Built on Emsland Gems in 31 Oldenburg Classicism and garden 32 Castle Park Lütetsburg More than nature... page 34 Evenburg Castle Water Castle in new glory... page 35 s for courtly experiences and special events...from page 36 Niedersachsen at a glance Overview map... page 38 38 s for royal accomodation and princess dreams... page 39 Contact details How to reach your 40 Further brochures for your Niedersachsen holiday and image credits... page 41

4 6 7 Enchanted parks & fairy-tale castles The superb castles of Niedersachsen bring childhood dreams back to life: hair pinned up, abundant curls of a white wig falling around the neck, a sumptuous lace dress sweeping across the floor during the dances at the sparkling ball... The splendid architecture makes it easy for visitors to immerse themselves in the historical atmosphere. The desire of the absolutist rulers for wealth is reflected in the rich decoration of the buildings. Even today, an exclusive ambience dominates the noble mansions with their sophisticated gardens and parks. Drawing on French and Italian influences, the architects of the day created castles that are now admired as important cultural monuments. The adjoining parks amplify the magic of times gone by.

5 8 9 The fairytale castle built by the last King of Hannover Weddings That very special day calls for a very special location. Say I do to one of the most magical and enchanting locations and celebrate your dream religious wedding in the castle chapel with up to 70 guests. A choice of suites and rooms in the castle and the castle restaurant are available for your reception. Tours Marienburg Castle Experience history at first hand with a guided tour of Marienburg Castle (daily from the 1st Saturday in March until the 1st Saturday in November) or simply enjoy the view from the tower. Groups of 15+ people are kindly requested to pre-book. Audio guides are available in English, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, French and Polish. Hämelschenburg Castle The story of this magnificent castle is a tale of true love. Located between Hannover and Hildesheim, at 135 metres above sea level, it is a tranquil, untouched monument to a great romance. Every detail in this superb, authentically preserved summer residence speaks of a tale of two hearts, the true story of the love between Queen Mary and King George V, the last King of Hannover. The name of the castle, Marienburg, records for all eternity the person this manifesto of love was dedicated to: Queen Mary. As a token of his love and a gift for her 39th birthday, in 1857 King George gave his queen the Marienberg hill along with the plans for a castle which was to be built on it. That same year the building work started on what was to become one of Germany s most impressive and attractive historical buildings. However, fate intervened: in 1866, before the castle could be completed, the Prussians forced King George V into exile in Austria; he was followed a year later by his queen, Mary. Since 2004, Marienburg Castle has been owned by the great-great-great grandson of Queen Mary and King George V, HRH Ernst August Prince of Hannover, who has restored life to the castle of his great-great-great grandmother. In addition to informative tours through the rooms of the castle which have been restored to their former glory there is also a carefully selected programme with a variety of festive events and concerts, making Marienburg Castle what Queen Mary had always dreamed of it becoming: a monument to love and a cultural centre of music and art! The lives and fates of kings, counts and genteel families can be experienced at first hand between the Rivers Leine and Weser in the magical Land of Castles. In addition to Marienburg Castle, within a radius of 50 km around Hameln the city of the legendary Pied Piper there are six other truly sublime castles, all of which immerse visitors in culture and history, and offer a wide programme of exciting events: Bückeburg Castle, Hämelschenburg Castle, Bad Pyrmont Castle, Bevern Castle, Fürstenberg Castle and Corvey Castle bring to life nobility, history, architecture, garden design, ancient legends, sad, romantic and fantastic tales from the past two thousand years, allowing visitors to see them with their own eyes, hear them and experience them with all their senses. All these castles bear testimony in stone to courtly intrigue, to the rise and fall of mighty dynasties, to the lives of princesses, rulers, kings and their lovers at the royal courts and they tell fascinating stories in which great joy and sorrow are closely intertwined in tales that have eternal appeal. In several castles the authentic furnishings have also survived the ravages of the years and they make history come alive more vibrantly than any book could ever do. Dining Dine like a king or queen and let yourself be treated like royalty: at the castle restaurant in the former stables and coach house skilled chefs await you with selected regional specialities, fine gateaux and cakes. Groups are invited to pre-book and choose from our enticing group menu. 1 Marienburg Castle

6 10 11 The Renaissance Castle of Bückeburg Weserrenaissance Castle Bevern Erlebniswelt Renaissance, guided tours of the castle / themed tours, NÄCHTLICHES SCHLOSS erleben, castle restaurant, folk museum, exhibitions, concerts, theatre. Built by the Münchhausen family ducal residence cultural centre At Bückeburg Castle you can not only celebrate but also marry in royal style: in a civil or church ceremony. Our historical rooms are suitable for festivities of every sort, from 20 to 260 persons. 2 Bückeburg Castle, which has been in the ownership of the House of Schaumburg-Lippe for over 700 years, is a Renaissance castle with magnificent halls originating from a period of four centuries. Ever since 1925 the princely residence has been a tourist destination for individual visitors, families and groups. Although Bückeburg Castle is now known far beyond the region for its major events such as the Landpartie and Weihnachtszauber ( Christmas Magic ) festivals, this is not the only reason for the many visitors in fact, it has a wealth of sights and attractions all year round. Amidst an idyllic 80-hectare park, one can find the mausoleum Europe s biggest privately owned monumental burial site and the Royal Riding School where visitors can watch enchanting demonstrations of Baroque riding skills with a tradition going back 400 years. Take a guided tour of the castle to discover how courtly life looked in the various epochs. And stop by at the Alte Schlossküche (Old Castle Kitchen) café/restaurant or the Park Café for seasonal fresh cuisine and a rich selection of cakes and gateaux. The castle s events calendar is rounded off by concerts, exhibitions and conferences. Bückeburg Castle Bevern Castle was built by the nobleman Statius von Münchhausen in the style of the Weser Renaissance from 1603 to It later became the royal residence of Ferdinand Albert I, a son of Duke Augustus the Younger of Braunschweig (Brunswick) and Lüneburg. Elisabeth Christine, the later wife of the Prussian King Frederick II, was also descended from the line of Braunschweig- Wolfenbüttel-Bevern. Following 400 years of vicissitudes and turmoil, destruction and decay, this former stately home of a country aristocrat underwent a renaissance in the 20th century, rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Today, the Renaissance Castle of Bevern is owned by the administrative district of Holzminden which, over the years, has increasingly established the castle as a cultural centre of supraregional importance. With high-level master concerts, varied folk concerts, inspirational theatre performances, exciting guided tours of the castle, multimedia shows and interesting and expertly realized exhibitions, the Kulturzentrum Weserrenaissance Schloss Bevern ( Bevern Castle Cultural Centre ) is worth more than just one visit. Bevern Castle is an architectural jewel that breathes the zeitgeist of the Renaissance: in summer, the ornamented facades of the inner courtyard serve as backdrop for the multimedia open-air production entitled NÄCHTLICHES SCHLOSS erleben ( Experience the Night-time Castle ) which brings the chequered history of the castle to life. Erlebniswelt Renaissance Geld regiert die Welt ( Renaissance Experiences Money makes the world go around ) recounts the rapid rise and deep fall of the castle builder, Statius von Münchhausen, and gives insights into the Renaissance era in general. In an audio drama with technically perfect acoustics and visual effects, the castle builder himself tells a story about the interplay between money and power. Guided tours of the castle are provided in and around the building from April to October, on Sundays and public holidays at 3.00 pm. In addition, the followed themed castle tours can be booked: Children s tour: exciting mystery tour with fun, games and suspense Tour in the dark: tour for night owls and romantics, with special effects Architectural history tour: Castle Special Pearl of the Weser Renaissance Tour for people with a disabilities: Handicapped? not us! (Wheelchair, deaf, blind, mentally disabled). The castle restaurant die Schlosswirtschaft takes care of the overall culinary pleasure, the café is in the most attractive courtyard of the Weserbergland region. The outstanding service and creative team is able to meet nearly every wish on every occasion. For more information on events in the Kulturzentrum Weserrenaissance Schloss Bevern, please visit 3 Bevern Castle

7 12 13 Bad Pyrmont Castle An island of culture in the heart of the city Bad Pyrmont Castle, a Baroque summer residence, is a fortress complete with moat, ramparts, casements and corner bastions (open daily from am 9.45 pm). The castle grounds are the cultural heart of the ancient city of Bad Pyrmont, a spa resort steeped in tradition. The municipal museum (Tue Sun, am 5.00 pm) on the Cultural Island has a wide and fascinating range of exhibits that illustrate the history of the region and places beyond its borders. The museum tells the 2000-year history of the Pyrmont springs and the spa s famous guests, who included Tsar Peter the Great, Frederick the Great, Queen Louise and Goethe. The Culture Island is also renowned for the many events that are held in the castle courtyards, which form a perfect backdrop for all kinds of open air events. As a special highlight, couples are invited to celebrate their civil wedding ceremony in the romantic Tischbein Hall in Bad Pyrmont Castle. Bad Pyrmont s famous spa gardens are immediately adjacent. 4 Castle tour Oh Trampel, meine Nerven! (A historic tour of the castle with re-enacted scenes) April October, Sunday, 2. pm; meeting place: museum ticket counter Admission: adults 7 ( 9 without the Pyrmont Card); students and trainees 50% discount; children up to a height of 1.20m free of charge. Due to the great demand for tickets we recommend advance booking. p +49 (0) Bad Pyrmont Castle Living culture in the porcelain manufactory FÜRSTENBERG A visit to the magnificent castle of the porcelain manufactory FÜRSTENBERG is one of the highlights of any trip to Weserbergland. Situated high above the Weser River and close to the charming little halftimbered town of Höxter, FÜRSTENBERG takes pride in the fact that it is one of the eldest porcelain manufacturers in Europe and the only porcelain museum in Northern Germany. The incredibly rich heritage of FÜRSTEN- BERG is tangible everywhere in the castle grounds. The fascinating permanent exhibition, special shows, museum tours, workshops and many other events focusing on porcelain make for an enlightening and eventful visit. Special porcelain manufacturing techniques are demonstrated in an open workshop. For couples looking for a special place with a unique ambience to exchange vows, civil wedding ceremonies can be held in the castle s Wedding Salon. The personal handprints of bride and groom in porcelain a wedding gift courtesy of FÜRSTENBERG and a glass of champagne add a special touch to this most memorable of days. The 600-square-metre factory shop presents the entire FÜRSTENBERG collection of fine porcelain and beautiful accessories and tableware in attractive surroundings. The Schlosscafé & Restaurant Lottine serves delicious refreshments and offers a stunning view across the Weser valley. 6 Porcelain Manufactory FÜRSTENBERG Follow in the footsteps of kings and princes from the late 17th century and be captivated by these charmingly landscaped gardens. The 17 hectare, listed spa gardens in Bad Pyrmont attractively combine a network of tree-lined Baroque avenues and elements inspired by classical English landscaped parks, including several very rare tree species. A jewel in Weserbergland Bad Pyrmont Spa Gardens Since George Friedrich, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont, laid the foundation stone for the park when he had the main avenue laid out in 1668, the spa gardens have evolved gradually, incorporating a range of different garden styles and themes. One very special feature: the attractive tropical plants in the famous palm garden, where 3 types of palm trees and 400 sub-tropical pot plants and shrubs create a Mediterranean atmosphere. The spa gardens play an important role in the resort s health services: they are a place of serenity and reflection, the perfect environment in which to relax and unwind, recuperate and restore one s inner balance. The scent of flowers, the exotic flair of the palms and the gentle splashing of the park s numerous fountains transport visitors to another, more tranquil world. 5 Bad Pyrmont Spa Gardens magic Fairytales Fables If a fantastical fairytale figure should suddenly appear at the roadside and give you a friendly wave, don t be startled: the Weserbergland was the home of the Brothers Grimm, who wrote all of their famous tales and stories here, and the entire region is imbued with the mystery of their fantastic tales. A magical world is brought to life in the land of fairytales and fables. The most beautiful section of Germany s Fairytale Route meanders picturesquely around serene mountains and hills. Under blue skies and in front of a historic backdrop Rapunzel lets down her long hair and conquers the prince s heart. Cinderella slips the dainty slipper on her foot and the ugly stepsisters receive the punishment they deserve. The breathtaking cannonball ride of Baron von Munchausen sounds too farfetched? Not a bit of it! Once you have seen the actual cannonball and the horn with the frozen notes with your own eyes you ll believe every word the old daredevil said. And by the way: should you hear the sound of a pipe while walking through the ancient cobbled streets of Hameln, you d better cover your children s ears...

8 14 15 In addition to the three most famous castles in the Tourism Region Hannover Celle Castle, Marienburg Castle in Pattensen and Bückeburg Castle there are also many other smaller, but equally well preserved castles set in charming countryside. Landestrost Castle On many summer evenings, the illuminations set the scene for relaxed strolls and picnics in the festively illuminated gardens. The current dates are announced on the internet. Landestrost Castle in Neustadt am Rübenberge was built between 1573 and 1584 by Duke Erich II of Braunschweig-Lüneburg as a lavish residence in the style of the Weser Renaissance. The castle vaults are home to Niedersachsen s only sparkling wine cellars, and the high-quality wines produced here have won multiple awards. Guided tours with wine tasting are available for groups of 10+. Baroque splendour and botanical treasures Wilhelmstein Island Fortress The Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen in Hannover are among the most beautiful parks in Europe. Three styles of garden art are presented here in perfection. The Großer Garten (Great Garden) impresses with its Baroque ornamentation and superb fountains. The grotto designed by Niki de Saint Phalle adds colourful elements of modern art to the mix. In the neighbouring Berggarten you can discover botanical treasures and glasshouses with blooming orchids and tropical plants. The idyllic Georgengarten is laid out in the style of an English landscape garden and is ideal for walks. You can also pay a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium in the Berggarten or the Wilhelm Busch Museum in the Georgengarten, go on a fascinating guided tour and stop by at one of the restaurants or cafés in the gardens with all this, you can easily spend a full and enjoyable day here. From May onwards the gardens are transformed into an outdoor festival hall: adorned with almost 60,000 summer flowers and 1,000 tub plants, they form the venue for diverse events such as the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen, the International Fireworks Competition, the Kleines Fest im Großen Garten and performances in the historical Garden Theatre. The regular evening illuminations in the Großer Garten are a further atmosphere-rich spectacle. On many summer evenings, the illuminations set the scene for relaxed strolls and picnics in the festively illuminated gardens. The current dates are announced on the internet. William, Count of Schaumburg-Lippe, had the island fortress of Wilhelmstein built between 1761 and 1767 on a small artificial island in the Steinhuder Meer. This star-shaped fortress has four bastions and a citadel. The very first submarine in the world was stationed here; called the Pike of Steinhude, it is said to have operated very successfully in the lake. There are many more attractions listed on the Tourism Region Hannover adventure map. 7 Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen During the summer season, various guided tours provide visitors with information and entertainment. You can, for instance, take a tour in the company of Electress Sophie or the master gardeners of the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. The winter season features botanical exhibitions and orchid advisory days. 8 Tourismusregion Hannover e. V.

9 16 17 Regal periods & castle fortresses Impressive residences and remarkable buildings in Niedersachsen you will find a rich and extensive heritage of various art styles and epochs. Even today, the quality and power of these buildings is surprising. Moreover, they also house important artworks and tell many stories from a time when the people were ruled by emperors and kings. In the 12th century the powerful imperial prince Henry the Lion made Braunschweig (Brunswick) his city of residence and even today many buildings in Niedersachsen bear witness to the great influence of the Royal House of Hannover. Of the various epochs that have left their mark on Niedersachsen, the Renaissance and the Baroque are now the most visible. Charming medieval towns full of half-timbered buildings and enchanting palaces are the finest reminders of the Renaissance, which stretched from 1350 to 1650 and was one of the most innovative epochs in human history. The historic townscapes of Niedersachsen bear impressive witness to our cultural history and invite modern visitors to take a relaxed stroll through the streets.

10 18 19 Gifhorn Castle in the Südheide A residence of the Royal House of Hannover Celle Royal residence with unique flair In addition to the many cultural highlights, the museums and galleries of Celle also create a link between different epochs. Notable examples here are the 24-Stunden-Kunstmuseum (24-Hour Art Museum) and the Bomann Museum the third biggest museum in Niedersachsen. Moreover, the town contains the biggest cohesive half-timbered ensemble in Europe with over 500 half-timbered houses (dating mostly from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries) in the old town alone a feature that makes this town truly unique. Celle Castle (1292), which includes the Residenz Museum, is one of the most beautiful German castles of the Royal House of Hannover. Visitors will feel courtly history come alive again, with Celle as a Baroque residence, the place of exile of the Danish Queen Caroline Matilda and the summer residence of the kings of Hannover in the 19th century. The Baroque State Rooms feature superb stucco ceilings by Italian masters while other impressive rooms of the castle display rulers of the House of Celle, which once gave birth to kings of Prussia and Great Britain. The King s Hall contains imposing pictures and selected treasures from the time of the personal union between Britain and Hannover and the Kingdom of Hannover in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Castle Theatre is the oldest Baroque theatre in Germany that regularly hosts performances. Another notable feature is the Castle Chapel, constructed in 1485, with Renaissance interior design from 1565 and the picture series from this time that includes over 70 paintings. 9 Tourismus und Stadtmarketing Celle GmbH Braunschweig The Lion City Braunschweig (Brunswick) is the largest city in the region between Hannover and Berlin and it has several large parks. The River Oker loops around the city centre and creates an oasis of peace amidst the urban hustle and bustle. Right in the middle of the city lies the Guelph Palace, known as the Residenzschloss. After its destruction, the facade was completely restored using original architectural elements. The Schlossmuseum (Palace Museum) presents the varied history of the palace since its construction in the period 1833 to Before the gates of the city lies Richmond Palace, an outstanding example of late-baroque architecture. The palace was built in a superb location above the Oker, while the adjoining park is laid out in the style of a classical English landscape garden. The Riddagshausen Europe Bird Reserve also serves as local recreational area and features idyllically situated lakes and the natural countryside around the Cistercian abbey. 10 Discover the Lion City on a weekend trip. Arrange your stay to fit your own interests: explore Braunschweig on a tour of the city s sights, visit fascinating exhibitions or be thrilled by exciting crime stories that are read aloud during a raft trip on the River Oker. The Lion City Duke Francis had this moated castle built in Renaissance style in The historical museum contains the great wolf that was shot near Gifhorn in 1956 just one of the items sure to appeal to children, along with the museum rally. In the vaulted cellar, Pater Laurentius treats his guests to medieval dishes. And the castle courtyard is a popular venue for events, such as the entertaining Allerlay Speyß vonn Spiess cultural festival in May and the atmospherically illuminated Advent market in December. 11 Südheide Gifhorn Feudal glory In Niedersachsen all the style epochs are brought to life and you can join the history trail. Discover medieval fortresses, cross castle moats and take part in spectacular knights festivals. Ascend the towers of the castles and enjoy breathtaking views across superb, skilfully laid-out gardens. Is the castle haunted? Or is it just the good spirits of the kitchen who look forward to serving you the best of Niedersachsen s cuisine, from a hearty knights banquet to a princely delicacy? Have you always wanted to be kissed awake by your fairy-tale prince? Then marry in royal style in the wonderfully romantic ambience of a splendid castle. Enjoy the grand atmosphere at a garden festival or a concert, or take important decisions in historical surroundings during a conference in the Knights Hall.

11 ZeitOrte - Expeditions to time-travel land Heide BraunschweigerLAND Harz mountains Emperors, crowns, and dazzling jewels: The rich history of this region manifests itself in treasures of the past, pacesetters of the present day and laboratories of the future. ZeitOrte (time places) are historic settings such as excavated, geologically unique phenomena, archaeological excavations, medieval buildings or complexes, libraries of the Enlightenment, old factory premises, modern sites of art and architecture, museums of the future and world-renowned production facilities. Welcome to the land of time travel Did you know that for centuries the ruling dynasty of the Guelphs had its roots and residences here? Emperor Lothair was born in Süpplingeburg and chose the impressive imperial cathedral at Königslutter as his royal burial site. Henry the Lion bequeathed unique cultural treasures to posterity, and you can discover these on your journey through time. Embark on exciting journeys through time in our castles: follow the trail of the Royal House of Hannover in medieval Braunschweig (Brunswick) at Dankwarderode Castle and the Residenzschloss (Residential Castle) with its newly opened museum. enjoy the delights of the Baroque as you wander through Wolfenbüttel Castle, a residence of the Royal House of Hannover. visit inspiring museums in the Renaissance-era castles of Gifhorn and Wolfsburg and in Brome Castle. take a trip in the time machine at Salder Castle in Salzgitter. discover the Archaeology Park at Werla Imperial Castle. experience the fascinating history of important castle ruins. discover picturesque cloister sites and imposing church buildings. and as you travel through the region, visit countless manor houses with impressive parks and gardens. There are more than 80 ZeitOrte awaiting you. With stories that range from primordial times through to the present day and divided into six different epochs, you can be sure of enjoyable and fascinating experiences. Begin your voyage of discovery! Don t miss the culinary delights of time-travel land either there s so much to enjoy, from farmhouse cafés to starred gastronomy. Would you have guessed that our timetravel land has the highest concentration of starred cooks in Niedersachsen? You can dine and indulge yourself in style at many castles in the region so ask us about the insider s tips! Wolfenbüttel Palace Experience the Baroque During the Evening with Casanova at Wolfenbüttel Palace (dinner theatre) you can listen to stories told by the bon vivant and enjoy a Prosecco and a three-course meal, including beverages, in the festively decorated Renaissance Hall of the palace. It was at Wolfenbüttel that Casanova spent the best weeks of his life. Price: p.p., Bookings: p +49 (0) Wolfenbüttel Palace contains the only state and private apartments of the High and Late Baroque in Niedersachsen. For some 400 years up to the year 1754, the palace served as the residence of the Dukes of Braunschweig (Brunswick) and Lüneburg. Created from a medieval castle and a Renaissance palace, the superb facades and exceptional state apartments of Wolfenbüttel Palace now make it a complete baroque artwork. Various notable personalities of German and European history were born in the palace, grew up here or were active at the court. The later Empress Elisabeth Christine the wife of Emperor Charles VI, mother of Empress Maria Theresa and grandmother of the French Queen Marie Antoinette was born here, as was Duchess Anna Amalia of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach, who gave her name to the famous Weimar Library. Two famous visitors to the palace were Electress Sophie of Hannover and her son, the later King George I of Great Britain, while other illustrious visitors to Wolfenbüttel Palace included Tsar Peter the Great of Russia and the Prussian King Frederick William I, the Soldier King, and his son Frederick the Great. The ducal apartments are the only ones of their kind in Niedersachsen and here one can gain an idea of everyday courtly life in the age of absolutism. Every Sunday at am, visitors can experience various aspects of the courtly culture during a guided tour. Take a special guided tour with Monsieur de La Marche, the dancing master to his most gracious Duke of Braunschweig and Lüneburg, who leads his guests on an entertaining trail, spiced with amorous stories, through the superb halls, apartments and closets of world-famous Wolfenbüttel Palace. Booking: p +49 (0) Wolfenbüttel Palace

12 22 23 The ruin of Hardenberg Castle The castle ruin has a history going back 1000 years and now forms the venue for stories with a fairy-tale touch: during a one-hour guided tour of the castle, visitors take a trip back in time. One of the historical vaults now accommodates a registry office. And from time to time the castle ruin becomes the romantically lit backdrop for concerts and theatre events. At the foot of the historic castle ruin lies the Hardenberg Keilerland estate with various attractions: the Gräflich von Hardenberg schen (Count of Hardenberg) corn distillery with its continuing tradition of distilling fine spirits, the Hardenberg Keilerschänke tavern, the Keilerladen shop and the romantic Castle Park. The Hardenberg Atrium regularly hosts lively celebrations and classical concerts. And every year the Hardenberg equestrian arena is the scene of an international show-jumping tournament: the Hardenberg Burgturnier. History at first hand The exhibition Revolution From Above Prussia s state chancellor Karl August von Hardenberg in the Old Customs Storehouse visitors centre presents visual and text panels that recount the career and private life of Karl August von Hardenberg. The story begins with his student years in Göttingen and Leipzig and continues with his term as Prussian foreign minister and his subsequent appointment as state chancellor. The exhibition also includes faithfully reproduced clothing from the period 1790 to Original antique furniture owned by the comital Von Hardenberg family provide insights into the time of the Prussian state chancellor. The Castle Park Visitors can follow winding paths through the extensive Castle Park with its large pond, its lawns and old, gnarled trees. With a little luck, one can watch proud horses being ridden in the practice arena in the middle of the romantic park. Hardenberg Castle, which still serves as a residence, occupies an imposing position at the edge of the Castle Park and can be admired from a distance. Hardenberg also has a fine reputation in the world of art and culture: the Castle Park hosts various exhibitions such as the Klassika Festival for garden art and lifestyle, and Kunst im Park which features changing sculpture exhibitions. In the winter season part of the park is transformed into an ice-skating paradise the 1,200 m² Hardenberg ice-rink is the largest in the region. Fine entertainnment: Gräflich von Hardenberg sche corn distillery Castle ruin Permanent exhibition Revolution From Above Prussia s state chancellor Karl August von Hardenberg Registry office in a historical vault Castle Park Guided tours of the castle and the distillery Agricultural guided tour Hardenberg ice-skating rink (Nov. Mar.) Gräflicher Landsitz Hardenberg Hardenberg is the home of the wellknown brand of spirits that features the boar s head. The beverages are natural, authentic and boast a fine tradition. The striking boar s head is also the symbol of the tourist brand: Gräflicher Landsitz Hardenberg (Comital Country Seat of Hardenberg). This umbrella brand unites the Relais & Châteaux Hardenberg Burg- Hotel, the design-oriented Hotel Freigeist, the nearby Hardenberg Golf Resort and the Hardenberg Keilerland estate with its varied events. The Gräfliche Landsitz Hardenberg is always a fine destination for short-break visitors, groups and daytrippers, families and bridal couples, conference and golf guests and all just 10 minutes away from the university town of Göttingen. Experience, enjoy, relax that s the Hardenberg trinity. 14 More information on the guided tours of the castle, the distillery and local agriculture and on other events is available on p +49 (0) or on the internet at: or visit Hardenberg Castle Ruins The abode of the emperor World Heritage cultural site Goslar Imperial Castle The Kaiserpfalz Imperial Castle was built in the period from 1040 to 1050 and is a unique monument in the tradition of secular architecture a must-see for every visitor to Goslar. The building ensemble of the Imperial Castle was used above all by the Salian emperors as a favoured residence and even shortly after its completion it impressed contemporaries so much that the chronicler Lampert von Hersfeld spoke of the most famous residence in the empire. Since 1992 the castle complex, together Since your childhood have you yearned to pace ancient stone floors like a damsel or a knight? In Niedersachsen, fantastic castles and manor houses open their gates and invite you to spend a night in the finest style. Castles offer a very special ambience, because noblesse oblige: logs crackle in the bedroom hearth and languorous cello melodies drift from hidden loudspeakers. Your toes sink into the luxuriant carpet with the old town of Goslar and the Rammelsberg, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage culture site. For over 200 years, German history was made at the Imperial Castle during numerous imperial assemblies and court councils. All the wall compartments of the aula regia, the Imperial Hall measuring almost 800 square metres, have been decorated with scenes that recount the history of the Holy Roman Empire. Every hour, a guided tour lets visitors view and appreciate the paintings and learn about the exciting Dreams and in the middle of the room stands a four-poster bed that would delight a princess. Now you can appreciate that a night in these lordly bedchambers will bring you delightful rest and the sweetest dreams. And when you awake, the butler will bring you breakfast in bed. Your journey through time continues outside the medieval walls. Beautifully laidout gardens, idyllic castle ponds and statues and fountains are waiting to history of the Imperial Castle through the ages. An exhibition in seven vaults on the ground floor displays outstanding art. In the Castle Chapel of St. Ulrich, a notable jewel of medieval architecture, the heart of Emperor Henry III lies under a memorial slab. The narthex of the cathedral in the vicinity of the Imperial Castle is formed by the preserved foyer of the important abbey church of St. Simon and Judas, which was demolished due to dilapidation in It contains outstanding architectural fragments and the richly decorated sandstone plinths of the imperial throne. Today the Imperial Castle functions not only as a museum but also hosts weddings and events. The registry office of the town of Goslar offers various options for weddings in the historical rooms, while the imposing Imperial Hall has also proved itself an excellent venue for conferences. be discovered by you. Take a leisurely stroll through the castle gardens like the fine ladies and gentlemen of yesteryear. Many a heart has been taken by storm during extended walks on these delightful paths... For more information on overnight stays in castles and manor houses, please go to

13 24 25 Moated castles & rose gardens The crunch of gravel underfoot and delightful flowery scents all around Niedersachsen s garden treasures are sure to enchant you. The best way to enjoy the colourful floral splendour, set off against the lush green lawns, is a long, leisurely walk that may also take you past antique statues and romantic ponds. Even today, the charm of bygone days can be experienced in the wonderful gardens: the lordly residences are girdled by ancient ornamental and display gardens, the grounds of monastery and medieval castle gardens. The rulers of Niedersachsen vied with Louis XIV, the Sun King, by emulating his famous Gardens of Versailles. Gardens have been used as places of rest and leisure for many centuries. Poetry was composed in secluded pavilions and many a romance unfolded in the winding paths of the labyrinths. Gain an impression of festive courtly culture at a concert, a theatre performance or at the garden festivals that are regularly held in these green jewels.

14 26 27 Did you know. that Sophie Charlotte was born at Iburg Castle in October 1668? In 1701, as the consort of Frederick I, she became the first Queen of Prussia. Her birth chamber can be viewed during guided tours of the castle. Ippenburg Castle, where the tradition of the German garden festival first began. Since 1998 Viktoria Freifrau von dem Bussche has been organising splendid events in the imposing grounds of the castle several times a year; in 2010 Ippenburg was the venue for the successful State Horticultural Show in Bad Essen and lent extra flair to this major event. Be it the rose island, the kitchen garden or the magical wood, Ippenburg Castle is a source of imagination and inspiration and a must-see for all garden lovers and fans of rural life. Every year, four celebrations and festivals take place in the castle gardens of this 600-year-old family residence, and thus year for year Ippenburg Castle attracts thousands of visitors from all over Europe to Bad Essen. Discover old treasures anew! The Osnabrücker Land boasts an impressive number of castles and manor houses. Depending on their epoch or purpose, they can present an elegant, daunting, imposing or romantic face to visitors. Whatever their style, they all reflect a varied and eventful history and the leading personalities who helped to shape it. Take a journey of discovery: many of these buildings are open to visitors or are popular tourist attractions. Schelenburg Castle is the finest moated castle in the region, situated in the Bissendorf holiday region. Visitors can rest a while in the shade of the mighty, 12th-century fortified tower or they can enjoy refreshments in the café-restaurant that is housed in the former kitchen of the main building, constructed in the style of the early Weser Renaissance. Here you can dine in style, sip a glass of wine on the castle terrace by the moat or enjoy some great entertainment during an event dinner. What s more, the picturesque environs of the castle and its accompanying buildings form a perfect backdrop for receptions and presentations. Hünnefeld Castle near Bad Essen lies at the end of a romantic avenue. The castle often forms the backdrop for open-air theatre performances and exhibitions and also accommodates a small private museum. In the inner courtyard, dominated by the 18th-century pigeon tower, visitors will find a café in the old Revenues Office where they can enjoy the fairy-tale atmosphere of the castle at their leisure. Hünnefeld Castle is also an ideal base for exploring the attractive surrounding region and offers both high-class overnight accommodation and bed & breakfast options. Gesmold Castle near the town of Melle was originally a simple 12th-century residential tower and bastion, and acquired its current baroque appearance in the first half of the 17th century. It is surrounded by a remarkable garden and park that in 1997 regained its baroque character thanks to its current owners, Hans- Adam Freiherr und Henriette Freifrau von Hammerstein. Today, the grounds have many notable features that visitors can enjoy during an extended stroll. The castle, which is surrounded by three moats, provides theme-oriented guided tours, exhibitions, English-language theatre performances and a small guest shop with selected articles. Moreover, the historical orangery now accommodates a wholefood café with fine products and a very special ambience. Experience castles and forts in romantic and first-class style: on a perfectly marked cycling route that takes you past a total of 16 superb architectural monuments. Ask about our attractive cycling packages! Tourismusverband Osnabrücker Land: p +49 (0) 541 / Osnabrücker Land The town of Bad Iburg is crowned by the imposing hilltop castle of the same name, with a history going back to the 11th century. Within its walls you can embark on an impressive journey into the history of the castle, which was also the residence of the Osnabrück prince-bishops and was built as a twin complex with a cloister. During guided tours of the castle and of the castle museum and church, visitors will experience many interesting and startling sights and stories. The baroque Knights Hall is the superb venue for high-quality castle concerts, while the historical Iburg Advent in the inner courtyards has a special magic. paradisiacal! Combine garden enjoyment with cycling fun during a short-break trip on our GardenDream Tour. Our 3-day Von Schloss- und anderen Gärten (Castle Gardens and More) package will take you in comfort through idyllic landscapes and to fascinating gardens. Information: p +49 (0) 541/ , The castle keep in Fürstenau has been the town s landmark for over 600 years. For a time this attractive moated castle was the residence of the Osnabrück bishops; today it is an ideal location for couples to celebrate their registry office wedding. The north-east bastion on the castle island is a highly atmospheric venue for celebrations and receptions, while caravanners can park opposite the castle and enjoy the historic vistas. Discover the Osnabrücker Land in your own individual way as you visit its cultural and spiritual locations. You will find fascinating history, startling stories and interesting details regarding castles, manor houses, cloisters and churches of the region in our high-quality image brochures Zeitreise (Journey through time) and Klosterreise (Journey to the cloisters). You can order both these cultural guides from us, or view them online or download them at our website. For more information, tips and short-break trips relating to this and other themes in the Osnabrücker Land, please call p +49 (0) 541 /

15 28 29 In the Osnabrücker Land, the sign with the rose bloom directs cyclists to Open Gardens. In the United Kingdom the open gardens concept is an 80-year-old evergreen, and now the idea of opening private gardens to interested guests is flowering in Germany as well. The special GardenDream Tour in the Osnabrücker Land has its roots in a private initiative that was founded eleven years ago and now links 37 of the most beautiful gardens in the region by means of a 169-kilometre circular cycling route. Discover GardenDreams Just follow the rose The distances involved enable visitors to view five or six gardens per day in the Osnabrücker Land. Some of the gardens are fairly small, but people who open up their garden gate to the public are generally happy to talk as well. So you can quickly strike up a conversation, share knowledge about fuchsias and whatnot and obtain tips and ideas for other gardens. This is one reason why the idea of the open garden is so popular aside from the fact that people are naturally curious! The biggest garden on the Dream Tour is Ippenburg Castle. In the other direction, the excellently signposted cycling route takes you along the Mittelland Canal, through the pretty little half-timbered town of Bad Essen and finally to the multi-generation garden at Meyerhof zu Stirpe. Be amazed at ancient robinias, a species which one normally thinks of as little housetrees that have been trimmed into ball shapes. Here they have grown to a size of 20 metres or more and now cast their shade across the romantic flowerbeds full of roses and superb herbaceous borders. In order not to find yourself before a locked garden gate, we recommend that you make a telephone call before visiting some of the private gardens. However, the route also includes various gardens that are always open to the public, often adjacent to museums in the region. At the Eisenzeithaus ( iron age house ) in Venne, a reconstruction of a prehistoric home, you will find the same cereals and vegetables being cultivated that people were already eating thousands of years ago. At the Tuchmacher Museum ( cloth-makers museum ) in Bramsche, idyllically situated on the little River Hase, old dye plants such as weld and woad are cultivated. The Varus-Schlacht-Museum ( museum of the Varus Battle ) in Kalkriese includes a park as well. But you can also experience fascinating history lessons in private gardens, discover rare shrubs, rhododendrons and other exotic species, and admire startling decorative ideas. Each garden has its own story to tell, and awaits your visit. Take a tour of the centre with an expert guide, test your green fingers in the Mini-Emsflower experience garden or enjoy culinary treats in the Mediterranean winter garden. Emsflower horticulture park Emsflower, located in Emsbüren right by the A/A31 motorway intersection, is Europe s largest visitable horticulture centre. With a total area of some 100 hectares and a production of up to 500 million plants, it is the European market leader. The heart of the horticultural centre is the Emsflower horticultural park. With 38.5 hectares currently under glass, this attractive excursion destination for young and old gives visitors barrier-free paths to view parts of Europe s biggest bedding plant production centre. Light-filled halls with resting spots amid fresh foliage and flowering plants ensure that a visit is an unforgettable experience. In the demonstration greenhouse, known as the show garden, visitors can become acquainted with modern cultivation methods. And at the same time they can immerse themselves in a sea of roses, gerbera and anthuria and enjoy the vibrant colours of flowering cucumber plants, ripe capsicums, tomatoes, aubergines and chili peppers. When it comes to vegetables, the centre gives high priority to biological pest control. The tropical garden creates a touch of holiday atmosphere. Amid exceptional vegetation with 100-year-old olive trees, lemon trees and orange trees, visitors can rest a while in shady corners. And then continue on their path and marvel at enchanting pond landscapes with fully grown koi carp, parrots and the small-bird aviary. Visitors to the Emsflower garden centre can purchase flower accessories, bedding plants, fresh vegetables and much more. In addition to regularly changing seasonal plants they will also find refined flower arrangements, decorated by expert florists. Children can let off steam in the indoor playground that includes a bouncy castle and in the outdoor play area.

16 31 Bentheim Castle - built on sand 16 County of Bentheim Feast like the knights of yore did in Bad Bentheim. You will, of course, be expected to eat the roast fowl with your hands. What did knights eat back in the olden days? Sweetbreads and maize, boiled and roast potatoes, lettuce picked from the fields, leg of pork from the tame pigs that roamed the sties, all manner of roast fowl and veritable rivers of mead and wine. Bentheim Castle is widely considered one of the oldest and most impressive castles in north-western Germany. Standing high over the valley on top of the mighty sandstone cliffs of the Bentheim Ridge, the castle towers over the small spa town. Bentheim is first mentioned in historical records in Walls that are five-and-a-half-metres thick and made of solid Bentheim sandstone protect the inhabitants against intruders. A branch of the noble family still lives in the castle, a large part of which is open to the general public all year. History is still very much alive behind these walls in the knights hall, the powder tower and the torture chamber. Sandstone is the material that defines Bentheim, and nowhere is this more masterfully in evidence than in the Kronenburg wing, which was built in the Gothic style and features spacious chambers with historic furnishings, such as in the Ernst-August-Salon. Explore the castle in daylight or after dark in a guided torchlight tour. In May, knights, knaves, market women and jesters set up camp at the foot of the castle and sound the trumpets for the start of the Bad Bentheim Knights Tournament. Accompany the night watchman on his walk around the historic centre of this old spa town and listen to amusing tales of everyday life in the town through the ages, to mysterious rumours and anecdotes and the traditional songs of the night watchmen. The night watchman tour takes place on Mondays and Fridays at 9.00 pm. Altenkamp Manor The Baroque hunting lodge of Clemenswerth Castle in Sögel, with its central pavilion surrounded by eight smaller lodges for guests, is the only remaining star-shaped hunting complex in the world. The graceful 18th century buildings unite art and nature to create a wonderful experience. The museum has a wide range of fascinating exhibits, including pieces inspired by Baroque hunting, fine porcelain, and faience ware from Strasbourg. Numerous events take place here, making the most of the stunning setting provided by the castle grounds: a museum night, the ParkArt art fair, drag hunting and falconry days, and the Kleine Fest im großen Park (small fete in the grand park). Gems in Emsland Altenkamp Manor near Papenburg radiates grandeur, power and simplicity. Magnificent frescoes dating back to 1750, the impressive Baroque gardens and carefully curated art exhibitions make this manor house well worth visiting. Haren (Ems) features three superb castles and manor houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. What makes these buildings so special is that all three are presently used as accommodation for visitors and tourists. Dankern Castle forms the centrepiece of one of the largest holiday parks in Europe. The magnificent water castle is The Dankern Castle Holiday Park is the ideal holiday location and day-trip destination: a leisure pool with a giant waterslide, open air pool and leisure lake with a water-ski course, a 5000m² indoor playground, a 1000m² adventure castle, swimming pool, pony rides, carting ropes course, a cinema and restaurants holiday fun for the whole family. surrounded by approx. 700 holiday cottages and an incredible choice of leisure and games facilities for all kinds of weather. Düneburg Manor is a paradise for golfing enthusiasts. The old manor house with a hotel and restaurant sits at the centre of an 18-hole tournament course. Directly adjacent is the spa resort EVE Resort with its luxury holiday cottages. Landegge Manor (familotel) is a multiple award-winning riding and holiday resort. Visitors who experience its unique atmosphere for the first time tend to return time and time again. 17 Emsland Exchange your vows in princely surroundings: Bentheim Castle s Ernst-August-Saal situated in the Gothic Castle of Kronenburg is a magnificent venue for a wedding fit for kings and queens. Illuminated by stained glass windows and standing in front of an intricately carved wooden table, the bride and groom can tie the knot in the former royal suite under an ancient chandelier. heiraten.html The circular salon in the main pavilion of Clemenswerth Castle, the Baroque chapel and the abbey gardens provide the perfect backdrop for that very special day. Coach rides, music, photo shoots and culinary delights: Clemenswerth Castle and its Schlosskeller restaurant offer a full range of wedding services.

17 32 33 Face to face with the duke Oldenburg Castle is a wonderful shade of pale yellow. Duke Anton Günther built his royal residence on the foundations of a medieval water castle. The castle bears the bold signature of Duke Peter Frederick Louis, who at the end of the 18th century built the library wing and decorated and furnished the castle in the Classicist style. Today, the castle houses the State Museum of Art and Cultural History. The museum s highlights include a collection of paintings by old masters, a collection of works by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, arts and crafts from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and an excellent collection of works of German classical modernism. Breathtaking garden art The gardens adjacent to Oldenburg Castle, with their mature trees, magnificent bushes and shrubs, water details and gentle meadows, were designed to be a living painting. More than 200 years ago, rhododendrons were planted here, and can now be admired as the oldest specimens of this plant in Germany. The castle garden was designed and laid out in the English landscape park style in the early 19th century by the royal gardener, Bosse. An ancient city firmly rooted in the future The clear language of the white stones Very close to the grand castle a surprise awaits those who set foot in the Lamberti Church for the first time: the Neo-Gothic brick church has a rectangular layout on the outside, but has a round hall under a vast dome inside, the result of renovation work at the end of the 18th century. The red brick facade was built around the Classicist rotunda when the Neo-Gothic style became popular. The resulting building symbolises the architectural sights and delights that await visitors to the city of Oldenburg, which is widely considered the secret capital of Classicism. 18 Oldenburg The International Ceramic Fair Oldenburg, which is held in and around the castle grounds is globally renowned. The highlight of the event is the two-day ceramics fair featuring more than 100 of the world s leading ceramics artists. Tourist-Information Oldenburg Did you know that Oldenburg is one of the world s centres of hearing? One of the products of Oldenburg s inventive talent can be found in 80 per cent of all hearing aids worldwide. This was also the inspiration for a very special attraction: the Hearing Garden which surrounds the House of Hearing, a wonderful place to stroll and explore a wide variety of acoustic phenomena. Garden Culture Route The Garden Culture Route comprises several leisurely daytrips through north-west Niedersachsen. Experience the amazing variety of the region s parks and gardens, many of which are true hidden gems simply waiting to be discovered. The flat plains of the north-west seem to extend for miles. Embedded in the beautiful and varied natural scenery lie historic farmhouses, tranquil villages and charming little towns. The best way of exploring this tranquil region is to take the Garden Culture Route, which will lead you through the prettiest, most inspiring corners of this lush countryside. Laid out almost like paintings, over idyllic, individually designed, elegant parks and gardens await you. Time literally seems to stand still in these masterful compositions, inviting visitors to enjoy tranquil moments of pure relaxation. Dream weddings in a fairytale setting Avery special day deserves a very special setting. Lovers come to Niedersachsen from all over to exchange vows. Niedersachsen abounds with picture-perfect settings for wonderful weddings, memorable places the happy couple will keep in their hearts forever. A wedding in a fairytale castle is an occasion steeped in romanticism. The bride and groom can exchange vows in the historic castle chapel, dine with their guests in the magnificent courtyard at a sumptuously decorated table and celebrate a joyous reception in the festive ballroom, thus celebrating the start of their new life together in enchanting style. Spent in one of the luxurious castle suites, the wedding night is equally stylish: from their window the happy couple can enjoy the wonderful view of the romantic castle gardens. For birthdays and weddings, jubilees and corporate events, Niedersachsen has ancient castles to ensure your special occasion is truly unforgettable. Further information about dream weddings in Niedersachsen is available at

18 34 35 Lütetsburg Castle Park More than nature Visit our annual events: May-June: rhododendron and azalea blossom Ascension Day: large open air religious service in the castle park August: Lütetsburger Jazz Festival (Hager Kulturwochen) September: Autumn in Lütetsburg stalls and activities for Horse & Hound Hunting & Fishing Sports & Leisure Garden & House Fashion & Lifestyle Current events and programme: Evenburg Castle Guided tours of the castle and park take place every Sunday at am and 2. pm. Tickets: adults 3, children (7 17) 1.50 Details of other tours, including brunch, and group prices are available on request. p +49 (0) 491 / Nature-lovers, walkers, treasure hunters and botany enthusiasts will find an incredible wealth waiting to be discovered at Lütetsburg Castle Park, the largest English-style landscaped park in northern Germany and home to more than 150 species of mature trees and shrubs as well as historic buildings and garden ornaments. The castle park has always been open to the general public, a fact that is appreciated by both locals and holidaymakers who pop in for a walk and fall in love with this enchanting English landscape park with Evenburg Castle set at its centre. Situated in southern East Frisia, Evenburg Castle is an old water castle; after falling into disrepair, it was rebuilt in the 19th century in the Dutch style by the Duke of Wedel. The castle is now owned by the district of Leer. This utterly unique complex is an unmissable attraction for visitors and locals alike. Stroll around the castle grounds, past streams and ponds, mighty trees and over numerous bridges, and open your senses for nature, architecture, art and relaxation. Expert guides offer tours of the inside and outside of this important historical monument, taking in the large hall, the magnificent staircase, the lavishly embellished ceilings and the splendid entrance. 20 Südliches Ostfriesland Located only 8 km to the south of the Wadden Sea, in the wide expanse of the East Frisian countryside, a hidden gem and a masterpiece of the European school of landscaping lies waiting to be explored: the lovingly tended, hectare grounds of Lütetsburg Castle Park. Follow in the footsteps of Theodor Fontane, along meandering paths, back into the 16th century and let the sensitively integrated historic buildings and benches with inscriptions tell you their tales and provide authentic insight into the creation of this jewel of a garden. Stroll along winding paths and explore nature s incredible variety. Experience the breathtaking magic of the banks of rhododendron and azalea blossom in May and June, and enjoy the park s seasonal charm at any time of year. The Park Café serves seasonal specialities on its sun terrace or in the old greenhouse under the verdant roof of an ancient vine. The park is open to the public from May Sept: 8.00 am 9.00 pm and Oct Apr: am 5.00 pm. The entire park is wheelchair accessible; Admission is 2. Say I do in a very special location... Celebrate that very special day in one of the exclusive buildings of the park and make it as memorable and magical as the park itself. 19 Lütetsburg Castle Park Priceless treats for gourmets Can you smell the irresistible aroma coming from the kitchen and hear the sizzling pans? Niedersachsen s chefs and restaurateurs look forward to pampering your taste buds with their delicious culinary creations. The region s top restaurants serve exquisite dishes, award-winning chefs offer world-class cooking. Niedersachsen s many castles provide the perfect location for a princely meal. Enjoy a lavish medieval-style spread in a castle; take a step back in time into cosy parlours and cellars and savour hearty specialities and sumptuous traditional dishes. Meals fit for knights and damsels are served and eaten in ancient vaulted cellars with vast open fireplaces. Just don t expect to find newfangled cutlery: eat with your fingers and a dagger, as was customary in the olden days. Dig in! Further information for gourmets can be found online at

19 36 37 Grafschaft Bentheim How did people live over 00 years ago? Experience this for yourself during the weekends at the Bronze Age Farm in Uelsen. In June, the open days at the Bronze Age Farm are a hive of activity. Emsland The Falconry Festival takes place at Clemenswerth Castle in September. The flying skills shown by the birds of prey are even more impressive in these majestic surroundings. There is also a children s programme! Osnabrücker Land The leading address for garden festivals is and remains Ippenburg Castle in Bad Essen: the Narcissus Festival in spring, the Gartenlust and Landvergnügen festivals in early summer and the Ländliches Herbstfest in September. Weserbergland The Landpartie festival at Bückeburg Castle, which always takes place at the feast of Corpus Christi, has been a favourite with the public for many years. This garden festival has a new motto each year. Hannover Each summer, the world s best pyrotechnical teams battle for the trophy at the International Fireworks Competition. On five evenings they conjure up fantastic fiery pictures in the Baroquestyle Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. Braunschweiger Land During the Culture Summer the courtyard of Wolfenbüttel Castle is transformed into a grand open-air stage with theatre, cabaret, comedy and many types of music as well as children s theatre, dance and song. Braunschweiger Land The Culture Night is a great event for night owls and culture fans. Artistes from the Wolfenbüttel region present their cultural talents in Wolfenbüttel Castle and at 40 further locations. Ostfriesland The Kleine Fest im großen Park ( Little Festival in the Great Park ) is the highlight at Evenburg Castle. Visitors can experience a magical summer evening here with a wide range of artistes. ZeitOrte A whole range of festivals, events and markets at castles, manor houses or historical town centres lets visitors experience medieval flair at first hand. nd ola min 10 Ostfriesland The Lütetsburger Herbst festival is a unique experience for young and old, with varied stalls and join-in activities relating to hunting and fishing, horses and dogs, sports and leisure, home and garden. Ostfriesland Every year in May the major open-air church service takes place on Unico Hill. Experience an unforgettable service in the special surroundings of the castle park. Hannover In May/June the Herrenhausen Garden Festival, featuring more than 150 exhibitors, attracts many visitors to the idyllic Georgengarten where they can stroll at leisure, find beautiful or tasty or practical items and enjoy varied entertainments. 2h Weserbergland The Ährensache agricultural show for the Schaumburger Land, held at Bückeburg Castle on the first weekend of September, always draws many visitors with its rural charm. Many of the exhibitors are from the agriculture and forestry sector. Grafschaft Bentheim Frenswegen Abbey near Nordhorn has a rich and varied history. The former Augustinian monastery is now an ecumenical meeting place. In May it hosts the Festival of Cultures. Strolling in gardens and parks Region Hannover In the late summer, visitors can experience concerts by leading classical, pop and jazz artistes in the romantically illuminated courtyard of Marienburg Castle. Braunschweiger Land Richmond Castle with its superb park directly by the River Oker is the perfect scene for a journey back through time, to Baroque-era Braunschweig. Courtly life is recreated during the Richmond picnic. m in SchleswigHolstein min 1h min min 19 1h Nordseeküste 3h min 1h Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer Schilling Harlesiel Neuharlingersiel Horumersiel Neßmersiel Dornumersiel Bensersiel Werdum Hooksiel Borkum 2h Helg Emsland On the second weekend of August, Clemenswerth Castle is transformed into a colourful art mile full of ceramics, paintings, sculpture etc. Meet the artists and hunt down your favourite item! Osnabrücker Land The legendary site of the Varus Battle Museum und Park Kalkriese presents folk festivals on alternating years: the Easter Fires in 2012 and the Romans and Teutons Festival at Whitsun in Ostfriesland A highlight for lovers of music and arts in August: during the Jazz Weeks, part of the Hager Kulturwochen, top musicians give performances in a fantastic ambience. Courtly life Oldenburg Every year in the four weeks before Christmas, the Lamberti Market enchants hundreds of thousands of visitors. 45 min Oldenburg The International Ceramics Fair, held in August, has an excellent reputation that extends far beyond the borders of Germany. The central event is the two-day ceramics market with over 100 leading international ceramic artists. Grafschaft Bentheim Every year at the beginning of May, a host of knights gathers at Bad Bentheim. A medieval military camp appears below the castle, and accompanying jugglers, traders and craftsmen enter the castle town. Norderney Das Land zwischen Butjadingen Elbe und Weser 31 Emsland In the Advent period, Clemenswerth Castle is transformed into a sea of lights. The Christmas Market features unusual gifts, stylish Christmas decorations and tasty specialities. Hannover Old and new music, music theatre, installations, performances and film concerts are all part of the varied programme of the KunstFestSpiele arts festival that takes place in the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen in summer. Weserbergland The outdoor facilities on the Culture Island in Bad Pyrmont provide the ideal setting for the events of the Pyrmont Summer and other openair events. in m Braunschweiger Land The historical Allerlay Speyß vonn Spiess cultural festival takes place in the courtyard of Gifhorn Castle in mid or late May. It includes tasty specialities, entertainment and archaeological techniques that visitors can try out for themselves. Knights festivals & gatherings 3h min Markets markets in historical surroundings let past epochs come to life again. Braunschweig In the summer the ensemble of the Braunschweig State Theatre moves outdoors. At the Burgplatz Open-Air festival, high-quality operas are performed in the open air on the Castle Square. nd ola T magic of superb parks and gardens. Go on castle tours in historical costume or let a fine lady lead you around a castle where you can relive bygone days. Events and events Braunschweig At the Braunschweig Christmas Market, the market stalls shine in festive splendour amid superb medieval surroundings around the cathedrals and in front of the town hall. lg He min 4h he castles of Niedersachsen have a lively culture and they provide many opportunities for events and special experiences. Discover history and enjoy the special Courtly Christmas 45 experiences Song & music & tomfoolery nd gola Hel Courtly 38 Ostfriesland Emsland NIEDERLANDE Oldenburger Münsterland 17 Mittelweser Hodenhagen Sachsen-Anhalt Grafschaft Bentheim Hannover Region 31 Osnabrücker Land Bad Eilsen Braunschweiger Steinhude Land Weserbergland Nordrhein- 5 Westfalen Region Hannover What happens in the castle when night falls and dim candlelight illuminates the chambers? Take an evening tour with the lady-in-waiting or maidservant and experience the evening before Queen Marie goes into exile. Braunschweiger Land Dine with Pater Laurentius: Pater Laurentius treats his guests to hearty dishes and entertaining stories in the vaulted cellar at Gifhorn Castle. Brandenb Lüneburger Heide Bispingen 28 1 Osnabrücker Land Things take a romantic turn in the Christmas period. The Historic Christmas Market in Osnabrück and the Iburg Advent at Iburg Castle are in a class of their own. MecklenburgVorpommern Sittensen Harz 6 Nationalpark Harz 14 Hessen 38 Thüringen 7 Weserbergland For many people, the Christmas magic at Bückeburg Castle is part of the pre-christmas ritual. Between the first and second Sundays in Advent, exhibitors and traders transform the park and the castle into a magical winter landscape. Braunschweiger Land Christmas market in Wolfenbüttel Castle: every year during the first weekend of Advent this Christmas craft market draws visitors to the noble ambience of the castle. Braunschweiger Land On the first weekend of Advent, Gifhorn Castle and the castle courtyard are festively illuminated for the Castle Market. Craftspeople, storytellers and domestic music all help to recreate the atmosphere of historical Christmas markets. City conurbation of morecity than residents conurbation of thanresidents residents Overmore Imprint Bundesstraße Sonstige Straßen (in Auswahl) Eisenbahn mit Personenverkehr Fähre Publisher Katamaran TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH Essener Straße Hannover Design B:SiGN Werbeagentur GmbH Ellernstraße Hannover Printing BWH GmbH Beckstraße Hannover Städtischer Ballungsraum über Einwohner Autobahn Flüsse Gewässer Kanäle Über Einwohner Über 000 Einwohner Über Einwohner Unter Einwohner residents OverOver 000 residents Legend ICE-Bahnhof 000 residents OverOver residents City conurbation of more than residents Flughafen Over residents Under residents Nationalpark Under residents Autobahn Motorway Kultur-ps Over residents Autobahn Motorway Federal Highways Erlebnis-ps Over 000 residents Federal Other StreetsHighways Over residents Responsibility for the content of editorial articles lies exclusively with the respective Wald partners and hosts. Kreisfreie Stadt / Other Railway Streets Commuter conurbation Commuter Railwayof FerryCity more than residents Catamaran Ferry Over residents Catamaran Rivers Under residents BREMEN Stadt mit Sitz einer Kreisverwaltung Stadt / Stadtteil Über Einwoh Commuter Railway Seevetal Über 000 Einwoh Ferry Vechelde Catamaran Lebenstedt Über Einwoh Friedeburg Neuhaus Unter Einwoh Rivers Gemeinden Gemeindeteile Lakes and Ponds Canals Commuter Railway Cultural s National Park Ferry National Park Catamaran ICE Station Airport National Park Rivers Cultural s Lakes and Ponds km 0 Canals Scale 1: LGN 2008 Scale 1: ICE Station LGN 2008 Über Einwoh Other Streets Over 000 residents Rivers Lakes and Ponds LÜNEBURG Over residents Lakes 15 and000 Ponds LAATZEN Canals Gemeinde / Gemeindeteil Under residents In Niedersachsen sind alle Städte und Gemeinden verzeichnet. Canals DAMME HARBURG Bei Samtgemeinden ist die Gemeinde mit dem Sitz der SamtgemeindeverwaltungICE Station verzeichnet. FALLERSLEBEN HORNBURG Autobahn Außerhalb Niedersachsens sind alle Städte verzeichnet. Bei Gemeinden, VerwaltungsgemeinICE StationMotorway Airport schaften und Ämtern sind die Orte mit dem Sitz der Verwaltung nur in Auswahl verzeichnet. Städte Stadtteile Federal Highways Airport National Park Other Streets National Cultural s Park 0 Autobahn Motorway Federal Highways National Park km Airport National Park Scale 1: km

20 Royal accommodation princess dreams Adresses Marienburg Castle Marienberg Pattensen p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Tourismus Region Hannover e. V. Vahrenwalder Str Hannover p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Hardenberg BurgRuine Gräflicher Landsitz Hardenberg Nörten-Hardenberg p +49 (0) f +49 (0) town & cityscapes Stroll and discover Niedersachsen 2 Bückeburg Castle Schlossplatz Bückeburg p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Tourismus und Stadtmarketing Celle GmbH Markt Celle p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Tourismusverband Osnabrücker Land e. V. Krahnstraße 52/ Osnabrück p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Ostfriesland: Fort Berum Fort Berum stands sheltered by tall trees just minutes from the sea. Step through the castle gate to enter one of the most significant sites in the history of Ostfriesland (East Frisia). Whatever the season, the stout walls of this ancient building provide guests with a snug, secure home in each of the nine apartments for 2 5 people. Osnabrücker Land: Forum Kloster Malgarten Surrounded by tranquil countryside extending an irresistible invitation to switch off and unwind, the nunnery with its Romanesque cloisters and Baroque parsonage and lodge is a centre of art and culture. The 16 nuns cells have been preserved in all their original simplicity and now serve as guest rooms. Forum Kloster Malgarten also comprises four large function rooms for celebrations and seminars. Osnabrücker Land: Castle Hünnefeld This manor house was first documented in The present building dates from around On the upper floor of Café Alte Rentei, there are three attractive, individually furnished double rooms offering views of the Wiehen Hills. The castle grounds are wonderfully peaceful and romantic, a perfect place to enjoy a moment of perfect stillness. Land zwischen Elbe und Weser: Diedrichshof and Hoetger Garden Inspired by Paula Modersohn-Becker, sculptor/ architect Bernhard Hoetger ( ) bought this estate in the artists village of Worpswede and erected sculptures around the landscaped garden. Today, the garden has been restored to its original state and reopened, and the former residence has been converted into a conference hotel. Each of the 13 single and 9 double rooms has been individually decorated and furnished in country-house style. Lüneburger Heide: Castle Lüdersburg This 18th century manor house nestling in the picturesque landscape of the Niedersächsische Elbtalaue (Elbe valley meadows) Biosphere Reserve is an exquisite hotel and golf complex today. Whether you book a room in the nostalgic manor house or in the sumptuous mews conversion, a stay at romantic castle Lüdersburg comes with a feel-good guarantee. Braunschweig Region: Fort Warberg This 800-year-old moated castle provides a breath - taking setting for conferences and a variety of events. Situated on the northern rim of Elm Nature Reserve, the fort offers guests generously appointed rooms where they can relax and regenerate. Region Hannover: Wilhelmstein Island Fortress Three lovingly furnished rooms await guests in the historical soldiers quarters of the Wilhelmstein island fortress in the middle of the Steinhuder Meer. Once the last sightseeing boat of the day has departed, over night guests are the only people left on the island apart from the island s reeve and can revel in the atmosphere and live for a spell like Count William of Schaumburg-Lippe, who had the 1.25-hectare fortress-island built. Region Hannover: Manor Remeringhausen Romantic Remeringhausen manor house is situated in the Schaumburger Land region of northern Germany. As well as rooms steeped in history inside the manor house, the estate also boasts more than 1000m 2 of indoor space for weddings, product presentations, company anniversaries and other events. Six individually designed rooms offer guests the chance to spend the night in peaceful surroundings after a successful celebration. Region Hannover: Moated Castle Hülsede This moated manor house at Hülsede is a typical specimen of early Weser Renaissance architecture and dates from Its four large, elegant halls, the manor kitchen, vaults, inner courtyard, courtyard buildings and park combine to make the ideal setting for a host of exclusive events. The two double rooms inside the manor house are furnished with fine antiques and modern ensuite bathrooms. Region Hannover: Manor Oberg The medieval manor house situated south of Peine and on the edge of the Hildesheimer Börde today houses the Graf von Oberg castle hotel, complete with conference facilities and an English landscaped garden. Bare oak beams create a snug atmosphere in the guest rooms, and along with the Tristan cellar bar with its vaulted ceiling and fireplace and the conference room with its ancient coat-of-arms chimneypiece above the hearth all combine to create an exceptionally historical atmosphere. Weserbergland: Castle Hotel Münchhausen This extensively restored castle hotel has been returned to all its former glory and today offers guests a renaissance in princely hospitality. A haven of peace amid restored castle gardens. The five-star hotel has rooms inside the castle building and 36 in the tithe barn. Weserbergland: Burghotel Hardenberg The Burghotel Hardenberg has a total of 43 single and double rooms. Tucked away among gently rolling hills, it offers guests a winning combination of classic elegance, rural idyll, intact nature on the doorstep and modern comforts. For more details about events and accommodation, please visit: Kulturzentrum Weserrenaissance Schloss Bevern Schloss Bevern p +49 (0) o f +49 (0) o Bad Pyrmont Castle Schlossstraße Bad Pyrmont p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Bad Pyrmont Spa Gardens Schlossstraße Bad Pyrmont p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG GmbH Museum im Schloss Meinbrexener Straße Fürstenberg/Weser p +49 (0) f +49 (0) The Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen Herrenhäuser Straße Hannover p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Braunschweig die Löwenstadt Schild Braunschweig p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Südheide Gifhorn GmbH Marktplatz Gifhorn p +49 (0) f +49 (0) ZeitOrte TourismusRegion BraunschweigerLAND e. V. Willy-Brandt-Platz Wolfsburg p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Wolfenbüttel Palace Museum Schlossplatz Wolfenbüttel p +49 (0) f +49 (0) or Tourist-Information Wolfenbüttel p +49 (0) Grafschaft Bentheim Tourismus e. V. van-delden-str Nordhorn p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Emsland Touristik GmbH Ordeniederung Meppen p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Tourist-Information Oldenburg Kleine Kirchenstraße Oldenburg p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Castle Park Lütetsburg Landstraße Lütetsburg p +49 (0) f +49 (0) Touristik GmbH Südliches Ostfriesland Ledastraße Leer p +49 (0) f +49 (0) The latest brochures and leaflets for the travel destination Niedersachsen can be obtained online at no cost by going to or by calling +49 (0) 511/ Image Credits Copyright and/or usage rights of the images rest/s with the following persons / institutions: Front page: Castle Park Lütetsburg Page 5 (Events): Emslandmuseum Schloss Clemenswerth Page 8 9 (Marienburg Castle): Stiftung Rittergut Hämelschenburg Page 14 (The Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen): Herrenhäuser Gärten / Nik Barlo jr., Herrenhäuser Gärten / Hassan Mahramzadeh Page 19 (Braunschweig): Braunschweig Stadtmarketing/Sascha Gramann Page 20 (ZeitOrte): FOTOSBK/Andreas Greiner-Napp; Schloss Wolfenbüttel Page 23 (Goslar Imperial Castle): GOSLAR marketing GmbH Page 26 (Osnabrücker Land): Ippenburg Castle Page 28 (GartentraumTour): Tourismusverband Osnabrücker Land e. V. For excursion tips, events highlights and route planners for your Niedersachsen holiday go to: With a newsletter subscription you will regularly receive additional holiday ideas for Niedersachsen as your travel destination of choice. active & outdoors Hiking, cycling and more in Niedersachsen Page 29 (Emsflower): VVV Emsbüren Touristik GmbH Page 31 (Emsland): Emslandmuseum Schloss Clemenswerth Page 33 (Garden Culture Route): Ammerland-Tourist-Information Page 36 (Courtly experiences and special events): Hannover Marketing und Tourismus GmbH / Michael Siebert Page 37 (Courtly experiences and special events): Emslandmuseum Schloss Clemenswerth, Schloss Bückeburg, Grafschaft Bentheim Tourismus e. V. / Anneke Drees If not listed here, the copyrights and/or usage rights are held by the respective originators of the editorial articles.

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Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi

Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Hazırladığımız liste, 7037 kelime içermektedir. Listede yer alan kelimelerin 1468 tanesi fiil (verb), 3566 tanesi isim (noun),

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YEAR:15 NUMBER: 2014/5 SEPTEMBER 2014 YIL:15 SAYI: 2014/5 EYLÜL 2014 ISSN: 1301-4587 FİYATI: 8 TL

YEAR:15 NUMBER: 2014/5 SEPTEMBER 2014 YIL:15 SAYI: 2014/5 EYLÜL 2014 ISSN: 1301-4587 FİYATI: 8 TL turizm aktüel YEAR:15 NUMBER: 2014/5 SEPTEMBER 2014 YIL:15 SAYI: 2014/5 EYLÜL 2014 ISSN: 1301-4587 FİYATI: 8 TL What makes Istanbul one of world s Top 10 conference destination? İstanbul is one of the

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Sharing our Stories. Using interpretation to improve the visitors experience at heritage sites Sharing our Stories Using interpretation to improve the visitors experience at heritage sites This Manual focuses on what you can do to make a measurable improvement to how visitors experience your heritage

More information GLOBAL Partner GLOBAL MEDIA Partner Official supporter Host Hotel Contents Suppliers Buyers Sponsors 1 Allegroitalia Hotels and Resorts 2 Armani Hotel Milano 3 Autograph Collection

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