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2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents Vision Statement 1 Mission Statement 2 Letter from the Chairman 3 Leadership 4 Scientific Board of Directors 5 History 6 Research at the Heart, Lung & Blood Center 7 Research at the Pacific Meso Center 8 Onsite Research Projects at the Pacific Meso Center 9 Research Staff 10 Programs Fundraising The Future: Pathways to Innovation 15 Endowment 15 The Pacific Heart Center 15 The Pacific Thymus Center 15 The Comprehensive Mesothelioma Center of Excellence at West Los Angeles VA 11 Statement of Finanacial Activity 17 Donors by Category List of Sponsors 28

3 VISION STATEMENT THE PACIFIC HEART, LUNG & BLOOD INSTITUTE Vision: The Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (PHLBI) is envisioned as a nexus of international researchers and clinicians seeking open collaboration in both basic and translational science for the purpose of facilitating the development of next-generation therapies for life-threatening heart, lung and blood diseases. THE PACIFIC MESO CENTER Vision: The vision of the Pacific Meso Center (PMC) is to become an international leader in innovative evidence-based research, from the bench to the bedside that leads to novel and effective treatments for patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM). 1

4 MISSION STATEMENT THE PACIFIC HEART, LUNG & BLOOD INSTITUTE The mission of the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute is to serve as a center of cross-disciplinary scientific research that significantly contributes to discoveries of new treatments for heart, lung, and blood diseases, and to provide a platform for medical education for both consumers and professionals that improves accessibility to effective treatments of these diseases and enhances prevention of these conditions in the general population. THE PACIFIC MESO CENTER Mission: The Pacific Meso Center s mission is to better serve mesothelioma patients throughout the United States by supporting the first-of-its-kind national research institute designed to improve their longevity and quality of life, and to discover innovative therapies for approaching malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) as a chronic, treatable disease: GOALS OF THE PACIFIC MESO CENTER AT THE PACIFIC HEART, LUNG & BLOOD INSTITUTE ARE: To play an integral role in future treatment breakthroughs for mesothelioma and other cancers by conducting groundbreaking research that expands the base of published scientific data and provides a solid foundation for ongoing experimental and clinical studies on oncologic drug development. To facilitate cross-disciplinary biomedical research and the exchange of ideas about serious heart, lung & blood disorders in order to identify the efficacious therapies, particularly for orphan conditions or for diseases for which adequate treatment is currently unavailable. To provide, through free or affordable community service programs, up-to-date public education on the causes, range of treatment options, and various social support and ancillary care systems for patients with asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma and for their families. 2

5 LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN 2013 has been an exciting and productive year for the Pacific Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (PHLBI), including our main division, the Pacific Meso Center. In 2014, we have an opportunity to reflect on the important strides we have made, on our current goals, and on our strategies for realizing those goals. We remain focused on discovering both practical and costeffective treatments, as well as possibly cures for malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM), a deadly disease that may be able to be conquered through well-funded research. Since we cannot do this alone, partnerships and collaboration are vital to our success, as evidenced by the progress we have achieved through joint efforts with organizations such as UCLA, Menssana Research, Veterans Administration of Greater Los Angeles, and the Cancer Research and Biostatistics Foundation. Our collaborators also extend to you our funders, large and small who collectively are helping to make the PHLBI an internationally recognized organization with the vision and capabilities to conduct and sponsor groundbreaking studies on novel therapies for various heart, lung, and blood diseases. Over the past year, we have established, under the umbrella of the PHLBI, several new nonprofit centers to evaluate the benefits of mesenchymal stem cells as an intervention for mesothelioma, lung cancer, thymic cancer, and cardiac disease. Mesenchymal stem cells are one of the most promising therapeutic technologies currently available, but their sources, as well as their applications in treating diseases are limited. In keeping with the PHLBI's frontier spirit, we are boldly charting a new path in next-generation laboratory research to test the effects of mesenchymal stem cells from discarded placentas a safe and feasible source of these cells in stopping cancer. Plans are already underway to test the effects of specially modified mesenchymal stem cells, designed by our own laboratory-based research scientists, to halt cancer cell growth.. The Pacific Meso Center's endeavors in patient advocacy are also gaining momentum as we expand our complimentary services to include health education. Last year, in association with UCLA, PHLBI held its 3 rd International Symposium on Lung-Sparing Therapies that was well attended by doctors, nurses and patient families. Our recently revamped, richly informative, and user-friendly website is proving to be a valuable tool for fostering public health education about our focal diseases mesothelioma, lung cancer, heart disease, and anemia. Funding is still a priority. We need adequate financial resources to fulfill our mission to ultimately save thousands of lives through both disease prevention education and rigorous research on customized therapies, especially for cancer and heart disease. In 2014 we will launch an endowment campaign to become a sustainable driving force in mesothelioma research and patient empowerment. With your assistance, we can continue our existing costeffective programs while also embarking on seminal projects. Our efforts may lead not only to innovative solutions for mesothelioma, but also to viable new approaches to treating other serious diseases. We eagerly welcome the generous contributions of individual and corporate benefactors seeking to underwrite an endowment. And we thank our many donors, volunteers, and affiliate organizations who have made a difference in the lives of patients and their families we serve. We look forward to your continued and meaningful support. Together, we can transform the face of mesothelioma, perhaps one day turning it into a manageable chronic, but not inevitably fatal, condition. Hal Lieberman, Chairman 3

6 LEADERSHIP Executive Director Chairman Chairman Scientific Advisory Board Clare Cameron Robert B. Cameron, M.D. FCS Hal I. Lieberman As a division of The Pacific Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute, a 501(c) (3) non-profit research organization, the Pacific Meso Center is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community leaders, patients, and family members of mesothelioma patients. Board of Directors Hal Lieberman, MHA Chair Chief Executive Officer and President of Hemo Therapeutics Anu Venkatesh Treasurer Sr. Financial Analyst, Medtronic Minimed Brian Deagon Director Senior Reporter Investor s Business Daily Douglas Gamble Director International Vice President of the western states conference Heat and Frost insulators and Allied Workers International Union (formerly the Asbestos Workers Union) Warren S. Grundfest, MD, FACS Director Professor of Bioengineering, UCLA Brent Keeton Director Co- Founder, Chairman and Chief Investment officer of Grange Capital Rhonda Ozanian, PhD Director National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Governance Fellow. Retired Lieutenant Colonel - Department of Defense 4

7 SCIENTIFIC BOARD OF DIRECTORS SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD The Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute Scientific Advisory Board is composed of the following members: HEART Peyman Benharash, M.D. UCLA Cardiothoracic Surgery West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital St Johns Health Center, Santa Monica LUNG V. Courtney Broaddus, M.D. San Francisco General Hospital Robert B. Cameron, M.D, FACS David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA The West Los Angeles VA Medical Center Diana Gage, M.D., Ph.D. West Los Angeles VA Medical Center Jim tewaternaude MBChB, MPhil (MCH), FCPHM Asbestos Relief Trust Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA Sherven Sharma, Ph.D. David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and The West Los Angeles VA Medical Center Robert M. Strieter, M.D., FCCP, MACP Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc. Anne S. Tsao, M.D. Director, Mesothelioma Program University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Department of Thoracic/ Head & Neck Medical Oncology Olga M. Olevsky, M.D. David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA BLOOD Gary L. Schiller, M.D. David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 5

8 HISTORY ABOUT THE PACIFIC HEART, LUNG & BLOOD INSTITUTE The Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute is a 501(c) (3) non-profit research organization established in 2002 with the overarching mission of becoming an internationally prominent umbrella organization dedicated to innovative research and treatment on heart, lung, and blood disorders. Since its inception, the Institute has focused primarily on laboratory research on novel treatments for mesothelioma, a debilitating orphan disease that remains largely ignored by medical scientists and public health officials. The Pacific Meso Center was created in 2010 under the aegis of the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute to provide research and education on malignant pleural mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer affecting the lining of the chest (pleura). The motivation for establishing this Center was to provide accurate medical information and resource referrals to those affected by this disease. Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of cancer diagnosed in an estimated 2,000-3,000 people in the United States annually. Asbestos fibers, though finer than human hair and invisible to the naked eye, are easily inhaled and able to travel past the lung and lodge in the chest lining (pleura). Damage to the pleura that eventually leads to mesothelioma occurs over a lengthy period of 20 to 60 years. This rare disease often goes undetected and is sometimes discovered only after doctors knowledgeable about mesothelioma have ruled out other potential causes of a patient s symptoms. In 2011, the Pacific Meso Center launched the first free-standing national mesothelioma research laboratory for developing innovative treatments that ultimately may lead to a cure for mesothelioma. Today, the Pacific Meso Center is the only public charity committed to promoting integrated basic and clinical research on novel therapies for mesothelioma as well as cancer prevention education for asbestos-exposed individuals. The Pacific Meso Center is associated with world-renowned mesothelioma programs such as UCLA s Comprehensive Mesothelioma Program, headed by Dr. Robert B. Cameron, an internationally respected surgeon and research scientist. Dr. Cameron is widely recognized for his advanced lung-sparing surgical technique that has successfully extended the lifespan of many patients with mesothelioma, but without sacrificing vital lung tissue. 6

9 RESEARCH AT THE PACIFIC HEART, LUNG & BLOOD CENTER The Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute is an autonomous nonprofit research facility dedicated to advancing medical research that may pave the way for new treatments, early detection, and prevention programs for chronic heart, lung, and blood disorders. Our Institute is currently exploring working relations with scientists working in each of these areas. All of our efforts are ultimately designed to inform patients and to facilitate access to the best treatment options about malignant pleural mesothelioma and other degenerative diseases of the lungs, blood, and heart. HEART DISEASE The Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute addresses heart disease, the leading cause of death in American men and women, through web-based user-friendly education. In addition, the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute recently established the Pacific Heart Center with an initial goal of investigating the feasibility of stem cells to target cardiac diseases. While scientists have been using stem cells to treat mesothelioma, lung cancer, and possibly other cancers, stem cells also have recently garnered attention as a possible therapeutic approach to heart diseases. Consequently, the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute is strengthening relationships with researchers engaged in both basic and clinical biomedical research utilizing stem cells to treat cardiac diseases. LUNG DISEASES Mesothelioma is a relatively rare medical condition, but lung disease overall is the second leading cause of death among Americans. Some of the cutting-edge therapeutic models that the Pacific Meso Center is evaluating for malignant pleural mesothelioma may shed new light on innovative therapeutic approaches to treating lung cancer and thymic carcinoma, also a rare cancer. In addition, the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute is assessing safety and efficacy data on novel treatments for bronchitis, a common respiratory condition, with a goal toward sponsoring research on promising new drugs in the future. Chronic bronchitis not only has a high mortality rate, but it also increases the risk of developing lung infections and even lung cancer. Our preventive educational campaign to reduce the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), including bronchitis, may have an additional benefit of potentially diminishing the risk for lung cancer. BLOOD DISORDERS In response to the growing prevalence of anemia in and outside the United States, the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute will be investigating in the near future, new treatments for anemia, a serious condition caused by abnormally low red blood cell counts or low hemoglobin levels. The Institute is evaluating the feasibility of novel therapies such as tissue engineering and artificial blood as a therapeutic intervention for anemia. There is an urgent need for safe and effective blood substitutes that are rapidly available for patients on the operating table, in accidents, or afflicted with acute or chronic anemia. 7

10 RESEARCH AT THE PACIFIC MESO CENTER OVERVIEW The Pacific Meso Center sponsors multiple research and public projects on mesothelioma, with the primary objective of finding a cure for this cancer, and extending the longevity and quality of life of mesothelioma patients. We focus on the discovery of promising new treatments, as well as early detection and prevention programs. The exploration and collegial exchange of innovative ideas form the foundation of the Pacific Meso Center s frontier research program, and provide a seminal crossdisciplinary platform for accelerating the development of therapeutic breakthroughs. Through our inhouse expertise and our collaborations with both laboratory and clinical scientists worldwide, we shepherd the advancement of translational medical research on mesothelioma from the bench to the bedside. The Pacific Meso Center supports two research laboratories: the Punch Worthington Laboratory at UCLA and our recently-opened laboratory, dedicated to mesothelioma research, in Santa Monica. David Punch Worthington Laboratory founded in 2005, is located at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. The Laboratory was made possible by a generous initial donation and continuing support from Roger G. Worthington. This facility was named in commemoration of his father, Punch Worthington, Ph.D., who died after battling an asbestos-related cancer. Dr. Punch Worthington earned a Ph.D. in genetics, but left a promising career in academia to pursue his true passion in life: labor union organizing and advocacy. CRYOABLATION- DEPARTMENT OF BIOENGINEERING, UCLA In partnership with UCLA School of Engineering's Biophotonics Laboratory in the Department of Bioengineering, the Pacific Meso Center is pioneering a study on cryoablation -- "tissue freezing" to treat mesothelioma. The goal of this project is to develop a prototype cryosprayer designed to safely deliver liquid nitrogen into the chest cavity of mesothelioma patients undergoing surgery. This initiative grew out of research findings recently presented by Drs. Robert Cameron and Dongmei Hou, both affiliated with the UCLA Punch Worthington Laboratory, demonstrating that human pleural mesothelioma cells are sensitive to extreme cold. Under the direction of Professor Warren S. Grundfest, M.D., FACS, Director of the Biophotonics Laboratory, the UCLA team has designed and manufactured a unique cryogenic coolant nossle to target mesothelioma cells. The study will determine if liquid nitrogen used to freeze a thin portion of the chest wall surface after all visible mesothelioma tumors have been surgically removed can destroy any remaining tumor cells. If cryoablation is an effective tool in preventing local mesothelioma in the lab, it might be beneficial in reducing the risk of mesothelioma recurrence in patients in the clinic. 8

11 ONSITE RESEARCH PROJECTS AT THE PACIFIC MESO CENTER SPHEROIDS Scientists at the Pacific Meso Center are developing novel methods for creating and studying mesothelioma tumors outside of the human body. This will allow them to more efficiently and more accurately test the effectiveness of promising new treatments. By combining human mesothelioma cells, connective tissue (stroma), and immune cells in culture dishes, our scientists have successfully created small, nodule-like structures called spheroids. These spheroids appear nearly identical to the mesothelioma nodules that are usually located on the lining of the chest cavity in patients with this cancer. Many potential therapies, including immunotherapies, are so complex that they cannot be properly evaluated unless they can be tested fewer than in hundreds of different conditions. However, this is not feasible in standard laboratory research. With the Pacific Meso Center tumor spheroid model of human mesothelioma, our researchers -- Dr. Raymond Wong and Dr. Irina Ianculescu -- can test promising therapies for mesothelioma and produce viable experimental results. This process ultimately may speed up the translation of basic research in our lab into clinical trials to evaluate candidate drugs for mesothelioma patients. MESENCHYMAL STEM CELLS AND IMMUNOTHERAPY In 2013 the Pacific Meso Center was awarded a $100,000 donation from the Law Office of Worthington and Caron PC for startup funding for the Center's Mesenchymal Stem Cell Program. This goal of this Program is to develop innovative treatments for malignant pleural mesothelioma and possibly other cancers, including lung carcinoma. Mesenchymal stem cells are found in various tissues, and the FDA has already deemed them safe in therapies for inflammatory autoimmune diseases. Mesenchymal stem cells from the placenta are especially promising for cancer treatments because the human body does not reject cells from the placenta as foreign tissues. Our Program will use mesenchymal stem cells harvested only from discarded human placentas because these cells are universally compatible with patients undergoing cancer therapy. In addition, mesenchymal stem cells can be genetically modified to not only seek out cancer cells, but also to act as effective vehicles for delivering therapeutic proteins to targeted cancer sites. EARLY BREATH DETECTION TEST/WHOLE-GENOME SEQUENCING In 2013 the Pacific Meso Center initiated a mesothelioma screening and prevention program, in collaboration with Dr. Michael Phillips from Menssana Research in New Jersey, to test and characterize a second-generation breath test. This joint project has as its objective the correlating of the characteristics (such as exhaled volatile organic compounds) of the mesothelioma breath profile with whole-genome sequencing of mesothelioma cells. Breath tests comprise an emerging important area of cancer research, and Menssana Research is a global leader in the development of advanced breath tests. This project, when fully funded, will recruit 50 patients with mesothelioma, 50 people exposed to asbestos but without mesothelioma, and 50 healthy individuals (controls), and then compare breath test outcomes in all three groups. This cutting-edge clinical trial holds significant implications for early screening of mesothelioma and certain other cancers. 9

12 RESEARCH STAFF RAYMOND WONG, PH.D. Dr. Raymond Wong received his PhD from the University of Southern California s department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology. He also earned his B.S. in Biological Sciences at the University of Southern California. He joined the Pacific Mesothelioma Center after serving as a research scientist at MannKind Corporation, where he supported the advancement of therapeutic cancer vaccines from preclinical stages to Phase I/II clinical trials. Dr. Wong has more than a decade of experience in the research and development of novel immunotherapy strategies to improve the medical outcome of life-threatening diseases. IRINA IANCULESCU, PH.D. Dr. Ianculescu was awarded her PhD in Genetic, Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Southern California. She earned her B.A. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Ianculescu's doctoral dissertation focused on the role of histone acetyltransferases in androgen receptor mediated transcription in prostate cancer cells. She has over ten years experience applying molecular biology techniques to the understanding and treatment of various diseases including cancer and diabetes. 10

13 PROGRAMS OVERVIEW Education is vital for the treatment and risk reduction of serious diseases. Since its founding the Pacific Meso Center has been involved in disseminating educational information to patients stricken with mesothelioma as well as their families. While research remains the priority of the Pacific Meso Center Laboratory, our medical referral services and support resources, including networking opportunities, reflect our allegiance to patient advocacy. OUTREACH In 2013, the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute moved forward with outreach activities, including enhancement of our web presence. Our website features disease information, patient testimonials, patient/family resources, community events highlights, and research updates. With the help of staff and volunteers, we have a growing presence in both the Blog sphere and Twitter universe. PUBLIC EDUCATION The Pacific Meso Center not only conducts studies that may make an impact on translational medical research, but our organization also fosters public education and prevention about this often lifethreatening disease through the Internet, social media, lectures, and other platforms. We are committed to educating the consumers from all walks of life about asbestos-related diseases and the best treatment options available to individuals who develop this cancer. With cost-effective investments in recording equipment, we are now poised to produce an ongoing series of short video clips addressing a wide array of key medical topics for health consumers. Our initial productions will provide patient education, including resources referral information on mesothelioma, thymic tumors, heart diseases, and stem cell therapies for patients, their families, and interested individuals. Our public education activities encompass our annual flagship International conference on Lung- Sparing Therapies as well as a coordinated program to promote patient support and connections. INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON LUNG-SPARING THERAPIES In May 2013 The Pacific Meso Center and UCLA jointly hosted the 3rd Annual International Symposium on Lung-Sparing Therapies for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma. This unique continuing medical educational (CME) course featured an international roster of distinguished mesothelioma experts, and was attended by nearly 100 scientists, physicians, nurses, as well as mesothelioma patients and their families. Keynote speakers included Dr. Raffit Hassan from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Marco Trovo from Aviano, Italy, Dr. Joseph Friedberg from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Michael Becich from the University of Pittsburgh, and several prominent experts in mesothelioma medicine from UCLA. The presentations addressed the latest surgical techniques for removing cancerous tumors as well as adjunct techniques and therapies to destroy residual cancer cells following surgery and to halt the spread of tumor growth while preserving vital lung function in mesothelioma patients. 11

14 PROGRAMS CONTINUED FIRST MESO CONNECTION PROGRAM Patients afflicted with malignant pleural mesothelioma face daunting medical challenges that affect other critical areas of their lives. One of the Pacific Meso Center s core guiding principles is recognizing and upholding the dignity of each person --- patients, family members, donors, and volunteers as well as doctors, surgeons, and scientists. We believe that we add purpose, awareness, and tangible benefit to our efforts by valuing all stakeholders in the mesothelioma community. Our Meso First Connection Program is a networking group that provides assistance and emotional support for newly diagnosed patients by connecting them with other patients, survivors, and families who have had similar experiences with mesothelioma. Individuals who have been directly affected by this disease have firsthand insights that can be illuminating for people recently impacted by this disease. Patients and other participants in our nationwide mesothelioma community network who have "been in the trenches of the meso experience" are uniquely qualified to share their experiences of coping with -- and in some cases surviving this debilitating cancer. EDUCATIONAL LITERATURE The Pacific Meso Center is proud to be the official sponsor of the book, Mesothelioma - A Patient s Road Map: How We Can Help You Navigate the Mesothelioma Medical Maze, written expressly for patients with this disease as well as their families, healthcare providers, and caregivers. Mesothelioma - A Patient s Road Map highlights practical steps to facilitate patient improvement and well-being, and it summarizes medical information that is not always readily accessible to nonprofessional health consumers. It is also a valuable guide for asbestos-exposed individuals who have not been diagnosed with mesothelioma but are at risk for this cancer. Physicians who are not specialists in mesothelioma may also learn new information from the contents of this book. This colorfully illustrated book contains evidence-based information on statistics, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and diagnosis, including staging levels of mesothelioma. Readers are given practical guidance on preparing for their doctor visits, and on organizing test results, x-rays, and other medical records to bring to doctor appointments. With an emphasis on treatment, this one-of-a-kind educational compendium discusses pharmacologic and surgical therapies as well as cutting-edge promising treatments, strategies for coping with side effects, nutrition, and follow-up care. The last sections of the book include a directory of resources, current research, and a list of questions that patients can ask their doctors. 12

15 FUNDRAISING The paramount fundraising goal of the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, including the Pacific Meso Center, for 2014 is to increase revenues raised to $1,000,000. We seek to achieve this goal through multiple avenues involving community outreach, including the Internet and social media, various "meso community" inspiring activities, and our flagship event, the Fourth Annual International Symposium on Lung-Sparing Therapies. Other events, either recurring or new, that we will host in 2014 include the Hike/Walk for Meso, The Greatest Escape Motorcycle Ride, Make your Mark For Meso - Casino Evening, and Special Appeals for donations targeting individual and corporate donors as well as friends of our Institute. Additionally, our researchers have submitted grant proposals to various philanthropic funding agencies and the United States Government Federal Grant Programs for research funding to underwrite our critical unmet needs for adequate laboratory equipment. 3 RD INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON LUNG-SPARING THERAPIES The Annual International Symposium on Lung-Sparing Therapies sponsored by the Pacific Meso Center is primarily aimed at doctors and nurses to provide continuing education credits (CME). It was attended by mesothelioma victims, their families, students, and other interested parties as well as physicians, medical students, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. THE GREATEST ESCAPE MOTORCYCLE RIDE In September 2013, the Law Firm of Worthington and Caron, P.C. hosted the Pacific Meso Center s first annual motorcycle event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the movie, starring Steve McQueen who lost his life to mesothelioma. Hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts joined in the scenic 32-mile ride up Pacific Coast Highway that started at Bartels' Marina Del Rey and ended at Sycamore Cove Beach in Malibu. Escorted by policemen, the parade of motorcyclists cruising under the glittering sunshine drew hundreds of spectators. A dozen California Highway Patrol officers joined the ride. The action-packed day featured auction prizes, the Walking Phoenixes, a Johnny Cash Tribute Band, and the Phoenix Line Dancers. The event generated more than $108,000 to benefit victims of mesothelioma. The nearly $50,000 raised in revenue was matched by Worthington & Caron PC, making it the Pacific Meso Center s largest fundraising event to date. 13

16 FUNDRAISING CONTINUED ANNUAL 5K WALK/HIKE FOR MESO In 2013 the Pacific Meso Center hosted the Second Annual 5K Walk/Hike for Mesothelioma Research at the Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains. The historic Paramount Ranch movie set is an exquisite nature setting for visitors, and last year s event was attended by 200 families that joined in the hike. Nearly $76,000 was raised in 2013, surpassing the $67,000 reached in 2012 and even the 2013 target goal of $70,000. In 2013, the Irish Stampede placed first among the 21 competing teams and 200 supporters, raising $13,460 in memory of Gerald McCarthy and Kevin McCarthy, two brothers who lost their lives to mesothelioma. The event was supported by Worthington & Caron PLC, the Platinum Sponsor; the Michael Mandelbrot Law Firm and the Gold Law Firm Trial Lawyers, Gold Sponsors; and the Johnson Family and Mr. Marc Willick, Attorney, Bronze Sponsors. Luncheon cuisine was donated by the Belvedere family of Ottavio's Italian Restaurant, in honor of Ottavio Belvedere who died from mesothelioma in

17 THE FUTURE: PATHWAYS TO INNOVATION The Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute continues to make an indelible mark on translational medical research by sponsoring coordinated next-generation basic science research that has the potential to expedite the delivery of effective clinical treatments, and possibly even cures for a variety of diseases. We remain focused on malignant pleural mesothelioma, but we are expanding our research to other diseases for which our laboratory research may hold important clues for treatment breakthroughs. ENDOWMENT The Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute is relatively small, but it is distinguished by the talents of topnotch researchers, the seasoned experience of nonprofit administrators, and the staff s relentless drive to set exemplary new standards in both basic science and clinical research on mesothelioma. To ensure that we can continue and expand our work, we are establishing, over the next 5 years, an endowment fund to support our current and emerging programs, including molecular genetic, immunologic, and stem cell/regenerative medical translational research on mesothelioma and various other cancers. Generous individuals, corporate, or other charitable benefactors of our Endowment Fund will be invited to participate in a special ceremony for officially naming our new and expanded laboratory as well as other project workplaces and a distinguished chair and endowments for young researchers and other research fellows within the Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute. THE PACIFIC HEART CENTER The Pacific Heart Center was established to provide a platform for biomedical research scientists at Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute and UCLA to explore the use of stem cells in gene therapies targeting heart failure and coronary artery disease. In previous studies, genetically modified human placenta stem cells were capable of maturing into heart muscle cells. This approach may open up new therapeutic possibilities for patients with heart diseases. The Pacific Heart Center is presently endeavoring to create a basic science research program to leverage human placenta stem cells in novel treatments for these two cardiac diseases. Researchers from these two institutions are in the planning stages of designing catheter-based systems to deliver stem cells to the heart. THE PACIFIC THYMUS CENTER In 2013 the Pacific Thymus Center was founded for the purpose of discovering new treatments for thymic tumors, a cancer even rarer than malignant pleural mesothelioma. Tumors in the thymus gland a tiny structure located in the upper front of the middle of the chest -- often behave similarly to mesothelioma, spreading diffusely in the lining of the chest cavity. Treatment strategies for thymic tumors and mesothelioma are, therefore, often identical. By leveraging the work of the Pacific Meso Center, the Pacific Thymus Center is cost-effectively employing many of the same research strategies for find novel therapies for mesothelioma. Cryoablation and other new therapies are slated for rigorous scientific investigation using the custom designed tumor spheroids developed by researchers at the Pacific Meso Center. 15

18 THE COMPREHENSIVE MESOTHELIOMA CENTER OF EXCELLENCE In 2013 the Pacific Meso Center joined forces with UCLA s Comprehensive Mesothelioma Program, and the Cancer Research and Biostatistics Foundation (CRAB) to propose the expansion of The Comprehensive Mesothelioma Center of Excellence at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration. The problem is that the Center remains a virtual secret. There is no mention of it on the VA website and even most doctors in the VA system have never heard of it. As a result, patients who could be quickly diagnosed and started on the latest treatments by mesothelioma specialists are suffering through delayed diagnoses and ineffective outdated treatments, while their aggressive cancer progresses. For those veterans fortunate enough to learn about the Center, they are promptly diagnosed and provided some of the most innovative and effective treatments by one of the nation s leading mesothelioma specialists. With modest additional funding, the Center of Excellence can be expanded so that it can provide its unsurpassed level of treatment to a greater number of veterans and conduct research and clinical trials that will benefit ALL veterans who are diagnosed in the future. Families of veterans who are casualties of mesothelioma are strongly behind this effort. The family of Navy Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, who died of mesothelioma in 2000, has agreed to lend their name to the program. The new center would be called The Elmo Zumwalt Comprehensive Mesothelioma Treatment and Research Center. 16

19 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITY The following financial information is compiled from PHLBI's 990 for fiscal year 2011 & 2012: Support and Other Income Expenses General Contributions $ 730,905 $ 787,657 Investment Income $ 3,063 $ 7,035 Other Revenue $ 189,953 $ 85,127 Total: $ 923,921 $ 880,319 Grants $ 105,176 $ 189,954 Salaries, employee benefits $ 506,788 $ 340,169 Other Expenses $ 260,815 $ 223,310 Total Expenses $ 872,779 $ 753,433 Revenue Less Expenses $ 51,142 $ 126,886 Total Assets $ 839,692 $ 788,550 17

20 LIST OF DONORS BY CATEGORY Platinum Sponsors - $20,000 + Silver Donors - $1,000 to $9,999 Tom Reed 18 Roger Worthington Toney Pilato Peregrine Advisors Mandelbrot Law Firm Margo Sommerfield Ha Zarlin Construction Sue Johnson Geri Lepore Kristy Reinholz John and Sue Johnson Susan Arnold Melissa Card Erwin Bergquist Erik Lange Arturo and Martha Munoz David Vanderhyde Michael Bittner Joanne Sharkey Nasseem and Sanna Faraq Juniel Worthington Stanley and Kathleen Taylor Patricia Crawford CDS Medical Legal Consulting, LLC Henrik and Monica Anderson David Worthington Farrise Law Firm PC Robert Vitale Mike and Suszie Sutherland Sonia Jarvis-Ciuro Harowitz & Tigerman, LLP English Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation Michael Sherman Walters & Kraus, LLP Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Randy and Virginia Evens Brent and Susie Keeton Gold Law Firm Virginia Evens Florence Curran Robert Cameron Amgen Inc Simmon Cooper LLC Mr. Robert Vitale Joan and Don Porteous Noella Belvedere Allen Christiansen Sobhi and Angelene Michail Richard Donnelly and Meris Hatfield Bruce Bell Charles Lundy Meris Hatfield Mary Alice Shank Jane Rickbeil Mr. Mongdon Tran Sandra and Thomas Hazen Kristin Welter Jacob and Norma Jager CDS Medical Legal Consulting, LLC Nicholas Brown Jacqueline Jackson Kurt Luebke Rocket Entertainment, INC Brent Keeton Thomas and Joanne Sharkey American General Private Security Corp. Sandra Hazen The Tagliaferri Foundation Elizabeth Cameron Charles and Sonia Jarvis Joseph Losch Perkins Foundation Sonia Jarvis Bob and Theresa Vitale Bronze Donors - $1 to $999 Franz Losch Speziali Greenwald & Hawkins Laura Evens Irene Koch Richard Churchill Gimlin & Udy Insurance Agency, Inc The Oregon Community Foundation Maria Kovacs John Daugherty Gold Donors - $10,000 to $19,999 Marilyn and Reed Grgich Wesly and Judith Marx Julie and Jeffrey Donnelly Vicki Hart Donald Russel Gerry and Rosanne McCarty Joesph and Kim Blanks Carol Grisanti Rosanne McCarthy Cliff and Kay Gilpatric Mr. and Mrs. James and Dianne Bandler Antony Chomo Rosemarie Ganoe Antonio and Filomena Di Leva Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos 82 Daniel and Cendi Botti Alexis Fisheries Napoli Bern Ripka & Associates LLP David Stanley Susan Murat Terry and Maryla Latham Lawrence and Judith Belfer John Provenza Rick Keeney Lawrence Belfer Erica and Lucas Mendoza John Bodnar Onebeacon Charitable Trust Bryan Russel Dennis Curran Gerald and Judith Casey Peter and Teresa Costa John Markovich George and Jeana Radovcich Robert Soell Elizabeth Burrows

21 DONORS CONTINUED 19 Charles Jarvis Sydney Ziff AutoFinders, Inc. John Caron Jacek Brzezinski Wayne and Caroline Rayfield Patricia Morman D. Krock John Anshus Geneva Putman Seth Davidson Christopher Hipp Thomas McCabe Dustin Belvedere Terrence Lynch Sylvia Ramirez Michael Lepore Why Not You, Inc Randall Coxworth Diane and David Demaria Jon and Marie Morrison Patty Vonnegut Mary and Louis Mendoza Angela Kewish Richard and Patricia Newman William and Rachel Viramontes John and Yolanda Gascon Laura Zuluaga Domenic Costa Barrington Hilsley Jean-Louis Armand Dalton Watson Fine Books, LTD Greg and Margaret Leibert Donald and Beverly Flynn Steven and Sharon Gerjets Radi Inc Virginia McCarthy Normad and Jessica Bessette Robert Smith Neva Meier Heather Daily Patrick and Marilyn O'Brien Harry Simkins Ms. Jennifer Burton Joanne Gingras Gene Stirone Mark Mancini Richard Shuttleworth Steven Gill Antoinette & Thomas Mancini Bonnie Stedman Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs' William and Lois Morrow Association Frederic Hallam Karen Lauer Gordon and Mary Peterson Melinda Castillo Vito Canuso III and Renee Canuso Margaret Bergin Murray and Lori Rudin Janet Simkins TTEE Kevin and Annmarie Kreager Troels Larsen Steven Weinberg Joell Bodnar Michael and Maryann Sanders George and Ruth Lachepelle Teresa and Michael Tockstein Frank Tomlinson Pleasant Valley Lions Club Denise Archer-Allen Asbestos Workers Local Dana and Sue Anderson Nikolaus and Jami Heidegger Louise Maraist Jeremy Martinson and Katheryn Sanchez Elena Daser Craig Frost Geoffrey and Nancy Stack Giovanni and Mary Russo Sysco Food Services of Ventura, Inc Sares Regis Management Company Preferred Auto Centre Ann O'Connor Mr. John Grubiak Margaraet Sklarsky Michael Melano Marc I. Willick, Attorney Clare Cameron Sandy and Joesphine Balesteri James and Jean Macgregor Paul and Diane Ybarra Raquel Bautista Julia Chen Allen Beyersdorf Gloria Madera William White Gail Buccieri TTEE Mary Murat Ugo and Marie Luciani Jerry and Loretta Scott Andreas Beyersdorf Mr H. Brigham Bill and Raelene Manzer Van and Virginia Garner Joseph and Elenor Dunn Leeton Lee and Stephanie Takeuchi Christopher and Deborah Dahl Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local #5 Thomas Stakem Jr. Jeremy and Kristin Reinholz Audrey Magana Howard and Barbara Skurka Beckie Grgich James and Carla Boudreau Michael and Laura Garrick Louis Vanderveen Stuart Avery Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies Lieselotte Beyersdorf Jack Warren Johnny DiMeglio Ms. Barbara Finamore

22 DONORS CONTINUED 20 Ms. Kathryn Keisling Ellen Tuohey Bluekube Technologies Pat and Irene Califano Martha and Daniel Lyons Mackey Construction and Restoration Jennifer Dodge Giancola Bros Inc. ECS Motorcycle Messenger, LLC Rebecca Saenz Wallace Pauley Robert and Ilise Welter Susie Thompson Peter and Susan Richardson Patricia McCarthy Kurt and Debra Marsden Annie Pfeifer Marilyn Elder Gary and Diane Pangelina Kent Pollock Hudson Motorcycles Stephen Mascoli Paul Sanchez Bill and Janet Voelker Roger John Dodie Reed David Rivera Chiropractic Donald and Susan Jones Sharon Barron The California Wellness Foundation Luscombe Engineering Hogan Insurance Services, Inc. Lewis Madsen Robert Rakestraw Gary Morandi Justin Fong Eggs N Things Gary and Karen Grigg Kelly Schoonover Philip and Lisa Howell Georgene and Patrick O'Shea Mr. Walter Diaz and Deborah Vogler-Diaz West Coast Pulmonary Critical Care Ms. Carrie Larsen Physicians, Inc. Eleonora and Lorenzo Taverna Michael Andonian Claudia Degouville-Sandle Carina Castrege Mr. and Mts. Igor Olenicoff Jennifer Kalsch William Cameron Annette Nickel Kathleen Archard Johnny and Sandra Romero Vanessa Nygaard and Kristine Wade William Dooley Greg Freisen Fred Divernardo Richard Cheski Kenneth and Pamela Schoonover Eileen Morgan Marilou Meditz John Carson Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Sharon Meyers International Union of Operating Engineers Daniel Upham Tim Zindler Mary Glass Edward van Lier Ribbink Christopher and Margaret Forman Terry Goldfarb Michelle Meditz The Lanier Law Firm, P.C. Barry Barlcom Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett Diana Evens-Hein Jene and Shirley Anderson Mr. Kyung Deblock Terry Harner Daniel Ganoe Ron Moon Colleen Bailey Robert and Phyllis Baranic Conrad and Shirley Conway Michael and Mari Johnson John and Elizabeth Clenens Edith Hertenstein Geraldine Bidwell Ilse Ttee Lisa Kadowaki Taina Munoz Margaret Donahue Hall Acorn Appliance Service I Discover, LLC dba ABC Digital Solutions Thomas and Diana Gagner Frank and Linda White Juliana Oelsen Mr. & Mrs. Mancini Private Export Funding Corporation Westaire Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Legaspi Patrick and Keiko Duffy Aid to Injured Motorcyclists Barry Lefkowitz Teresa Short Michael Bissell Mr. Timothy Bradford Chaz Distributing LLC Marshall McLain Richard and Linda Bortolott Linda Reinstein Andrew and Janeen Murray Raymond and Ardeth Smith Craig and Sharon Champion Jill Serup Stephen Scott Donna Dahl NITC Maureen Phillips and John Horan Michael L Kreutz Chiropractic, Inc. Melissa Sullinger Claire Marie Bruce and Judith Beyne

23 DONORS CONTINUED Law Offices of Steven R Young Eugene and Lucille Mascoli Ms. Terry Prince S. Lehman Russ Brown Jane Warner Gladys Haines Giovanni's Ice Tammy and Sean Peasley Caroline Sims Ebony Leslie Gisella Riggle Michelle Brenner Carlos and Maria Leon William and Sara Ashbaugh Mim Strickler Annette and John Malinowski David and Francine Friar Henjum Goucher Reporting Services HCC Mitchell and Jewel Pochter Billie-Pinnick Lovmark Ervin Lee Gregory and Jocelyn Hamblin Dawn Lamb Victoria Adams Carol Gohrick Cove Reality Mr. Todd Perone Sandra Trinka Jasper & Jasper Kevin and Linda Horton AML Communications c/o Ottavio's Restaurant Louis and Linda Aguilar Ron Picard Pam Leighton Randy and Anna Gomez Lenore Stern Grace McAdams Thomas and Debbie Hoagland Pat Socha Deborah Colman Janice and Eric Perez R. and Diane Griffin Martha and David Coulter Vincent and Dottie Rudinica Dale Marini Andrew and Betty Davis Harold Lieberman and Linda Kaiser James Haderlein Jack and Marie Derks Cathy Coleman-Ackerman James Fast Paul and Cynthia Gilbert Sonia Jarvis-Bayek and Edward Bayek Robert Bartel and Deborah Marsi Michelle Graff Evelyn Thomsen John Caponetto Anna and Charles Hawley Jennifer Stapish Nancy Patterson Linda and Robert Harris Ryan Douglas Sharon and Dick Thomas Peter and Christina Ciolino Tom and Pat Dodds Gordon Galloway P Martinez and C Martinez Michael and Joanne Schiazzano Michael Curran Judy and Scott Kroesen Michael and Michelle Krokes Jeffrey Maichen Diane Lass John Carlin Daniel and Kathleen Conley Joe and Lena Legaspi Cynthia Hausheer Robert Hawk Vincent and Pamela Leonardo Randi Liepman Ramona Stites Robert and Patricia Lerma Fibrenew-Wefixleather Patrick Lenihan Bruce and Pennie Lubbers Kara Belvedere Olivina Becerra Vito and Lori Terzoli M Riley Sharon Sherman Judy Vidaillet Valerie Fields The Mulligan Law Firm Nicholas and Bianca Sementilli Jill Ingram Paula Hultman Annette Shannon Conrad Prevost Edward and Virginia Lenhardt Richard and Vera Smirnoff Nancy S Fagan TTEE UA DTD Ralph Maiello DDS Evangeline Negrete Mr. Mike Harris Jeffrey and Diane Skaleski Ivana Odak Ms. Kerry Kelley Cheryl Roberts Barrie and Karen Olsen Larry Kinseth Tony and Lori George Humberto and Mary Robles Ted Munn Karen Linscott Daniel and Esther Imbagliazzo Ms. Audrey Weber Phillip and Judith George Domingo and Lynda Rubilar Samuel and Madeline Bynder Eunice Blacklock William "Bill"Saller Madeline Bynder Linda Treggett 21

24 DONORS CONTINUED 22 Lisa Rahe Thompson Robert and Marjorie Ransdell Sharon and Bob Drain Phillip Serrins Robert Martin Lori Karp Lidia Farrow James Thomason Thomas Evans Kathleen Downey Holiday Cleaners Derek and Sylvia Wrobel Inga Feiter Camarillo Health Care District Bruno and Edith Nickel Gail Garciamendoza William McTomney Mitchell and Anita Faus Lorraine Mongeon McCarty & Sons Towing Johnathan and Ann Molvik Philoptochos Society of St. Demetrios Irini William and Patricia Brabner Chapter No Michael and Patty Sappingfield David and Barbara Lipman Cal Coast Construction Specialists, Inc Ramin and Angela Panahi Dorsey and Whitney LLP Joseph Prater Plumbing Inc Lee Anne Loek Edward O'Brien Al and Petra Lowe Anu and Venke Ventakesh Steve Parsons Donald and Emily Deakin Carol Stanley David Pride Michael and Evelyn Williams Johnny DiMeglio Robert Ruland James and Evelyn Maddux Mr. and Mrs. Eric Henriksen Amgen Foundation Charles Croll Paul and Patricia Zippwald Willis McClintock The Curtiss Team Glenn and Sharon McKenzie Dorothy Sullivan Sharon Edwards Robert and Patricia Aston Navasky Foundation For Life American Legion Riders Chapter 741 Marilyn Darling Randy Swanstrom Billy and Denise Smith Jodi Bynder Goldberg and Solovy Foods, Inc. John Atwood Sally Daws Michael and Dayna Logan Adam Keuhn Linda Gordon Elma Huff Katie Jackson Dana Cannon Richard Sklarsky Mary Pat-Hely Theresa Evens Rick and Debbie Hagle Joe and Antonia Jeffers Charles and Linda Landis Craig Loft George and Jeanette Garkovich LAPD Robbery Homicide Division Jeffrey Perkins Patrick and Teresa Gannon Suzanne Swanson Frank Butvich Annette Esparaza Diane Soloman Lawrence and Mary O'Neil Michael and Patricia Leonard Ingrid Harris Vittorio Balsano D Klesges and A Klesges Pete and Laurie Livermore Frances Donato Nina and Danisa Mircovich John and Laurel Lilinthall Armando Belvedere Jack and Phyllis Kuljis Danielle Goor Doug and Anita Moyer John and Kathleen Tipich Tom Augelepi Nancy Wagner David Martinez Eric and Meghan Yang Herbert and Patricia Bostrom Lawrence Hebert S Price Carl and Ella Bishop George and Lorena Gutierrez Patrick Henry Del and Patricia Ault Robert and Brandi Shock Jerri Scott Charles and Joy Hill David and Suzanne Gascon Sheng Xu Local 5 Retirees Club Sharon and Bob Drain Myung Chung Anthony Piscopo Luther and Judy Davidson James Thompson Michael and Sharon Bruno Robert and Janet Blair Harold Ulvestad Clifford and Sherry Slamey Walter Mosher Robert Dittberner

25 DONORS CONTINUED Virgina Dickinson Deborah Vogler-Diaz Timothy and Jodi Trainor Elizabeth Dickinson Dennis and Jean Irace Rita and Frances Migliaccio Nancy Paul Christopher and Carlyann Martinez Mark McKnight Margaret Chespak Winifred Carnegie Miguel Grajeda Stefan Hardy and Jason Hardy Irene Watson Martin Gonzalez Mayrbeth Forbes Max Kistler Ms. Mary Jo Burfeind David and Janet Spiewak Pat Yost Gregory and Shari Sullivan Eileen McCarthy Eric and Robin Forbes Ed McCauley Tunde Gaal Kathleen Downes Diablo Bounders Club Treasury Sally Kinney Jim- Deborah Tassano Karin Guerrero Roger Katona and Cynthia Hall Richard and Jerryne Soto Brian Deagon Benrich Service Company Union Bank Mr. Fred Baugher Gary Labb Sossy's, Inc. Mr. Jeff Oliver Joe Wright Mr. & Mrs. Lauro Ms. Rhonda Ozanian Nancy Benstead Sarolta Haklar Ms. Linda Rubilar Mr. and Mrs. Bragg Gerald and Joan Olsen Rick Avila Gino and Christine Barra Tony Iacopelli Bob and Mary Kohli Bill Voelker Paula Meek Linn County Assessor's Office Leroy Baca UK International Kenneth and Eleanor Wilson Phyllis Ford Tom and Laura Adams Engine 29/Ladder II/car II Ms. Cindy Carmichael Doug and Cynthia Kolb Robert Purdy Lien Hua-Feng Sun Trust Banks, Inc. Linda Moody Ms. Janet Kwuon Richard Bergman Ms. Mary Hambleton Ms. Lois Markovich Dick and Barbara Krum Patricia Blazewich Mr. Joe Parsley Erwin Saenz J.D. and Kim Johnson Bo Phillips Mavis Silk Shoshana Weissman Mr. Ali Rabbani Tod and Jaime Prentice Mr. Linda Reinstein Mr. Michael Rosen Florentina Aldrete Carpenters and Joiners of America Ms. Cindy Safran Barbara Bentovoja Summerset 1 Kare Bears Mr. and Mrs. Rachel and Tim Stanley Anne and Terrance Boyle Carolina Onorato Ms. Laura Yeager John Califano Kim and Anthony Dileva Ms. Mira Zimet Marguerite Di Bernardo Jilil Romano Sandra Martinez Anthony Dimaggio Judith and Stanley Shamitz Ronald McConville Ernest Espinoza Ann Hohimer Patricia Williams Rosalie Jacobs and Pamela Costa Barbara Dwyer Lucille Brisbane Christina Skacan Randy Churchill Paul Lotharius Lucille Pophoff Theresa McConville Frederick Lu Jean Goza Martha Beckman Margaret Haw Jamie Jones Todd Welty Lydia Chen Sherry Lopez David Edwards Josephine Yao Catherine and David Markham Alice Fast Kenny and Shelley Chan Lauren Thompson Homer and Ellen Lowe 23

26 DONORS CONTINUED Maxine Brown Mario and Lydia Travaglini Nan Gunnell Viola Rixey Thomas Deardorff Jeanne Sias Kathryn Nyce John and Lua Hooper Thomas and Vera Rader James and Ruth Graf John and Gloria Innocenti Stanley and Marie Reynolds Barbara Vernon Roxanne Prevost Timothy and Denise Behen Katrina Jones Bruce Woodling, M.D. Frank and Lucy Felando Aiko Takahashi Domenico and Rose Donato Jeanne and Neal Balestrieri Sharon Welty Donald Hayes Paul Kraft Diana and Rickey Tolliver John and Diane Reed Marian Messina Rita Franco Bob and Linda Triol Giovanni and Rita Migliaccio W. Tsui and S. Tsui Pacific Coast Produce, Inc. Angie Trapani June Cassidy John and Shirley Ditgen Mark and Sharon Karmelich Derek Steveson Edward and Katy Stoll Christina Kelada Kathleen Taylor CAL-SHASTA Club Inc Margo and Gary Kowalski Sara Solnick Cindy Cossette Timothy and Nadine Boyle Patricia Neal Peter Chifo Roy and Nancy Cootes Toni Peters Deborah Erez Peggy and Peter Roan David Edsall Preceptor Omicron Luci and Sal Salvato Manju Mayer Paul and Julie Maibaum Thomas and Ursula Dragich Jean Mello Beach Garden Cafe My Ngoc Nguyen Julia Freschauf Michelle Tofoya Rosalia and James Carswell Marcia Vanden Brink Mary Repasky Mary and Henry Zbojniewicz J and L. Elfenbein Thomas Judge Andrew and Antoinette Zankich First State Bank of Atlus John Butler Michael and Florence Zamperini Steven and Cheri Filson Linda Repasky Brain and Jan Walsh Sharyn and John Koenig Ferro Interior Design A Russo and F Russo William and Jean LeBeau Jody Marie Eric Villasenor Jane Schaffler Thomas and Jane Rozanski Devan and Cathleen Shockley Ms. Janet Clark Carol Lopez Cliff and Karen Day Linda Meditz Susie Hogan Direct TV Mataching ft Center Patrick Schaffler Ann Kennedy Katherine Rossler Richard Milgrub Henry and Helen McGrath Mike Nickel Sandra Warner Shirley Fitzgerald Lorraine Kozloski Lee and Susan Levine David Baer Lenora Beyersdorf Jennifer Howard Mickey Huntsinger Jim and Helen Damato Frank and Carmen Uhalley Barlow- Williams Realty Sherry Griffes Genevieve Basso Bonnie Prieto Richard and Laura Dolan Robert Sullivan Suzanne Pitre Richard and Carole Gapter Alvin Stacey Raymond and Jean Rosa Carol and Jon Anderson Lois Barcroft Bernard and Barbara Kaye Lacie Rivera Tom and Toni Peters Rolf Linden T.A. and Jetta Miles John Phillips Steve Joubert Carrie Rieth 24

27 DONORS CONTINUED 25 Adrian Loo Silomena Dileva Mr. Brian Mellem Dennus and Barbara Richards Union Bank Anastacia Oliveras Fredric and Catherine Hardy Ms. Cindy Galmish Ms. Elissa Rosenberg George and Catherine Gary Ms. Debby Hight Ms. Laura Vincent Peter and Lynne Glick Svetlana Kotova Steven and Denise Beckendorf Gerald Dobard and Rebeca Rodriguez- Sylvie Bidet Ms. Amanda Krugh Dobard Janice Kerbel Morrow Meadows Corp John Murphy Phyllis Russell Mr. and Mrs. Trina and Kelly McKay FG and Dorothy Gorman Deloris St John Chellette Rustad Beth Vujovich and Patty Vujovich Audrey Kieckhefer Mr. Brian Stanley Charles and Jill Scholler Dorothy Tully Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Dorene Wood Diane Ferguson Leslie Carson Juan Leon Brian and Peggy Gaskill Kenneth Scott Delores O'Neill Julie Thomanson Diane Webb H B Air Duct and Carpet Cleaning Juan and Maria Valadez Carol Askin Cynthia Pettyjohn Alphabet Soup Puppeteers Ofelia Tellez James Brown Joseph and Sarah Burja Jack Jay Lillian Balsano Ina and John Bell Grace Garcia Christopher Fields Michelle Levesque Scott Sussman Audra Herman Joyce Caraveo Julie Fahndrick Michelle Serafini Allison Carroll Elaine Rothman Elizabeth Murphy Deborah Carroll Teresa Giannini McNee BNL Designs Estancyl Mason Dorina Kohler Chantal Seguin Thelma Valenzuela James and Dolores Mellein P Johnson Worthington & Caron PC Suzi Oliver William Wallace Mr. Paul Colicchio Mr. and Mrs. John and Melissa Kath John and Joyce Brannis Ms. Jennifer Dodge Charles and Melinda Smith Tamra Seghi Ms. Kathy Downes Lindsey Chespak Joseph Gentile Mr. Carlos Gonzalez Emily McEwan Donna Tainter Ms. Irina Ianculescu Larios Air Conditioning, Inc William Weber Haley Leonard Amanda Aycock Va Ms. Martha Martinez Matthew Yoo Deborah Diaz Ms. Donna McGhee Ann Cronin John and Dorothy Hughey Joe & Clara Vickie Andrews-Willis Roy and Aiko Kawamoto Ms. Theresa Repasky Jose and Tonia Arias Genevieve Vernold Ms. Marla Salewsky Susan Vanvonderen Bernard and Lillian Wold Ms. Filomena Spinello Conor and Patricia Murray Marina Tebben Caitlin Sweasey Patricia Kersbergen Kenneth Moulton Tianna Thomason Rick and Faith Goedde James Antenucci Ms. Cathy Trent Ms. Michele Birch Reaven Gately Mr. Raymond Wong Ms. Linda Browman Gracelyn Cammareri John and Patricia Rush

28 DONORS CONTINUED John Matesich Mary and James Gayle Mary Scalo Wendy Nelson Dewey and Dorris Cashion Martha and Michael Sementilli Lea Adams Lawrence and Lisa Kunkel Ronald and Maria Roemer Stephen Wagler Stephen Maroon Vincent and Carolyn Di Leva Robert and Barbara Wold Geraldine Ness Joan Weaver Thomas and Beth Laird Fred Wolven Marie Katnic Roger and Lise Prevost CT Corporation Alison Hudak Don and Lora Treadwell Robert and Carolyn Wild Daniel and Mary Mehner Joe Murakami George and Vera Bonsell Regina Denman Sally Ashbaugh Saul and Edith Moses Rayanne Zapf Nora Andreanelli Paul and Betty Aiello wendy manor Donald and Helga Terfansky Don and Priscilla Driscolli Kathy King David and Emmy Daws Ethel Foy Gerald and Betty Taylor Ingrid Culbert Mary Bell R and Judy Sannes Jewel Germany Reid and LeAnn Johnson Jennifer Cordsen Ms. Alicia Arrozogaray Larry and Jill Kaplan Dorothy Adams Ms. Serena Fierro Sylvia Patrice Nancy Chomo The Pampered Chef Pete and Jeanne Etchechoury Erin and Michael Antrim Yolanda Cabrera Gerry and Patty Matesans Ro Pierson Janet and Barry Krantz James and Betty Eyraud Gilbert Romoff Bobby and Marette Jones Kathyrn Medley Steven and Kay Cameron John and Helen Hansgen Jim and Bene Alexander Nancy White and Jack Reno Mark Chimarusti Toby Whitley Jules and Marcia Satz M. Prouty Gerald and Betty Austin Joseph and Clarice Caporusso Pam Long Steve and Kathy Elliott Mary Ann Swaney Gloria Freidrich-Reed Anses and Louise Joseph Stevi Dempsey Juanita Craig Marge Farrell Sue Rudman Harold and Phyllis Ewy Michael Freeland Arleen Dale Erlene Farr Pleasant Valley Chapter of Hadassah Michael and Barbara Virga Edith Miller Jane Lax Pamela Loomis Bonnie Schottie Rosamond Kohen and Jennifer Phillips Victor Ianculescu Claudia and Dennis Hughner Elizabeth Saunders Anca Ianculescu-Taylor George and S. Warren Shirley Randall Gail Haller Cheryl and Albert Zralka Albert and Susan Sassoe Carrie Jones Marian Melendez Valerie Krum Brian Dennison Carl and Dolores Peden Thomas and Shirley Carson Nancy Norris H. and J, Kawamura Susan Castaneda Maria Martin Patricia Kuss Stephen and Stephanie Jamelkowski Brent Spencer and Barbara Myarand Raenell Bergantz E Jeanne Bendot Craig and Colleen Sharmat Hobart and Barbara Simons Mary Walter Monica Flores William and Norma Tyra Bruce and Honey Ettinger Sara Blatt Carol Ridens Patricia Lines Erin Swanson 26

29 DONORS CONTINUED Lynn Phillips Alicia Kaupang Robert and Kathy DeLiema Tom and Wendy Mascoli Bryce Lindenberger Robert and Daani-Ruth Svonkin Kevin and Susan Crisp Frank Parker Susan Tuxen Camille Boatwright Patricia Galbraith US Department of Commerce Aravinda Shetty and Arati Shetty Janine Newby CT Cooperation Christina Lozonski Dario Avello Silvana and Giuseppe Pasian L Meyers US Department of Commerce Len and Phyllis Beckel Paul and Mary Reitler US Department of Commerce Judith Seigel Steven Le Lam Export-Import Bank of the US Tom and Kay Conner Jeffery and Pamela Grothe US Department of Commerce Nicholas Perone Crystal Bernal Ray and Diane Uebner Suzanne Brenner Ms. Karyl Osher Sandy Kasitz and Patricia Evans David Ingalsbe Mario and Regina Petti Mikhael and Micheline Zaarour Jamie and Constance Makuuchi Carolin Migliazzo Catherine Hurry Ernst and Helga Oelke Catherine Wu and William Chu Doris Stephens Nancy Soell Donna Hayes Travis Sue Sally Samaris Aspen Land Company Audra Kirkman Gitanjali Borkar Ms. Christina Aegerter Fred and Lorraine Burgess Mr. Calvin Chang Ms. Elizabeth Brioso Julia and Dean Ueda Mr. Adam Johnson Ms. Susan Cohen Jeannie and Steve Lee Thom Kowatch Janez Demsar K Rojas Ms. Marissa Oconnor Ms. Tammy Hermes Linda Russell B Vitale Ms. Tracy Justo Joyce Wrychowny Lonnie Monte La Placa Family La Placa Family Ms. Jayne Cassidy Bianca Morgan Ms. Jacqueline Lewin Union Bank Lisa Laffey R Pierson Ms. Sarah Rademaker Amy Freeman Ms. Colleen Quinn Baby Sacks Pat Patterson Ms. Mary Repasky Stanley Stosel and Marilyn Appell Joyce Steedebaker Mr. Tom Sasaki Maria Wallace Ada and Gary Hildenbrand Mr. Michael Streck-Woodard Finola Campbell Ms. Carla Vesper A-Hi Computers & Electronics Carol Fehr C. Atkinson Marie Marcigliano Jill Baricovich Alice and Edward Beserra Netgear Mr. & Mrs. Dornseif Office Depot Patricia Hernandez Darlene Pickrel Stephen White Angela Clifford Vicky Daneman Kristine DeDiana Cardlee Fithian Penny Robinson Simone and Nils Sorbom Mary and Ovadia Grant Ray and Evelyn Stoner Selma Brodkin Terry and Cathy Hockins Carmen and Thomas Akerstrom 27 Thank You to Our Donors


Annual Report 2008. Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. Research Education Support Advocacy. Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation

Annual Report 2008. Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. Research Education Support Advocacy. Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation Annual Report 2008 Research Education Support Advocacy Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation research - education - support - advocacy Our Mission The Mesothelioma

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MESOTHELIOMA APPLIED RESEARCH FOUNDATION MESOTHELIOMA APPLIED RESEARCH FOUNDATION Annual Report 2006 Board of Directors Chairman Nicholas J. Vogelzang, MD Nevada Cancer Institute Secretary M. Ann Abbe Arlington, Texas Treasurer Ulf Jungnelius,

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2010 Annual Report Edition. Celebrating our New Acute Care Pavilion Honoring our Most Generous Donors

2010 Annual Report Edition. Celebrating our New Acute Care Pavilion Honoring our Most Generous Donors 2010 Annual Report Edition Celebrating our New Acute Care Pavilion Honoring our Most Generous Donors INSIDE RADY CHILDREN S MAGAZINE Rady Children s Magazine is published three times a year for the friends

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For Good. For Ever. The Difference is You

For Good. For Ever. The Difference is You For Good. For Ever. The Difference is You Annual Report 2013 Making a difference starts with an individual. Every time someone decides to get involved in an issue they care about their lives are enriched.

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Cord Blood Collection Expands Options for Stem Cell Transplant Candidates

Cord Blood Collection Expands Options for Stem Cell Transplant Candidates Spring 2008 A publication for friends of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Promise BANKING ON HOPE Elizabeth Shpall, M.D., left, director of the M. D. Anderson Cord Blood Bank, and Ping

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it comes to the partnership of the UF College of Nursing and the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SGVHS).

it comes to the partnership of the UF College of Nursing and the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SGVHS). the gator Summer summer 2008 volume XI, Number 1 nurse the newsletter for the alumni of the uf college of nursing Innovation through Collaboration: UF and VA partner to address nursing shortage, education

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2006-2007 Annual Report. inspired innovation Cancer Care and the Drive for Discovery

2006-2007 Annual Report. inspired innovation Cancer Care and the Drive for Discovery 2006-2007 Annual Report inspired innovation Cancer Care and the Drive for Discovery At the University of Chicago Cancer Research Center, our mission is to understand, cure and prevent each of the scores

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Taking Care of New Jersey

Taking Care of New Jersey 10 years Taking Care of New Jersey Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration. OUR MERIDIAN

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No one has to face cancer alone. 2012 Annual Report

No one has to face cancer alone. 2012 Annual Report No one has to face cancer alone. 2012 Annual Report Supporting Patients Families Caregivers One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Over 100,000 people will

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I wa. W o r l d Cl a s s Pe o p l e. W o r l d Cl a s s Me d i c i n e. f o r Io w a a n d t h e Wo r l d.

I wa. W o r l d Cl a s s Pe o p l e. W o r l d Cl a s s Me d i c i n e. f o r Io w a a n d t h e Wo r l d. I wa W o r l d Cl a s s Pe o p l e. W o r l d Cl a s s Me d i c i n e. f o r Io w a a n d t h e Wo r l d. Wor l d Cl a s s Edu c a t i o n Wor l d Cl a s s Edu c a t i o n University of Iowa Health Care

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USC & Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center: A Partnership That Changed the Practice of Physical Therapy

USC & Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center: A Partnership That Changed the Practice of Physical Therapy BIOKINESIOLOGY & PHYSICAL THERAPY DIVISION OF BIOKINESIOLOGY AND PHYSICAL THERAPY AT THE HERMAN OSTROW SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY OF USC Fall 2011/Winter 2012 USC & Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center:

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Asbestos: An International Public Health Crisis

Asbestos: An International Public Health Crisis ADAO 2012 Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference Agenda Asbestos: An International Public Health Crisis FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2012 4:30-5:30 PM Private Gathering for Family, Patients & Caregivers

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SCIENCE AnnuAl Review 2009

SCIENCE AnnuAl Review 2009 SCIENCE Annual Review 2009 Jean Cui (center) and her La Jolla Laboratories team are pioneering new approaches to non-small cell lung cancer. 3 find videos of jean cui and other scientists at

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Lakeland: ProBike/ProWalk Florida city comes up with the right answers

Lakeland: ProBike/ProWalk Florida city comes up with the right answers Vol. 13, No. 2 Spring 2010 OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE FLORIDA BICYCLE ASSOCIATION, INC. Reviewing the April 8 event. Florida Bike Summit brought advocacy to lawmakers doorstep by Laura Hallam, FBA Executive

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Private gift support for UC Santa Cruz

Private gift support for UC Santa Cruz U C S A N T A C R U Z Private Support Making a Difference Inside: Annual Report of the UC Santa Cruz & Honor Roll of Donors, 2004 05 November 2005 shmuel thaler At her investiture as chancellor, Denice

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Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery

Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery FY2011 annual report edition Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery FROM THE CEO Respect roots, embrace future Rosecrance leads the way in behavioral

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Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013

Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Southern California National Commander Visit 12/9/13 (Monday) 1000 Riverside National Cemetery 22495 Van

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Yale Nurse Honors Her Husband s Memory

Yale Nurse Honors Her Husband s Memory Yale Nurse Honors Her Husband s Memory WHILE SUPPORTING DISCOVERY TO CURE When Lois Ravage-Mass first came to Yale Cancer Center with her husband in 1987 she had no idea how many times her path would cross

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President s Report Supplement

President s Report Supplement President s Report Supplement Program Listing and View of IOM Finances 2012 EDITION TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Contents Letter from the President 2 Degrees of Impact 11 President s Office and Executive Office

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Reaching Excellence in Health Management and Policy

Reaching Excellence in Health Management and Policy Program Proceedings Reaching Excellence in Health Management and Policy A Symposium Honoring Professor John R. Griffith, FACHE November 5, 2010 :::: Lydia Mendelssohn Theater :::: Ann Arbor, Michigan 1

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NOVA Conference August 14-17, 2011

NOVA Conference August 14-17, 2011 NOVA Conference August 14-17, 2011 With Liberty and Justice For All Victims: Let Freedom Ring! 510 King Street, Suite 424 Alexandria, Virginia 22314 703-535-NOVA (6682) Philadelphia Marriott

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Oregon s Statewide Plan for Heart. Disease and Stroke. Prevention and Care. Working for a Heart-Healthy and Stroke-Free Oregon

Oregon s Statewide Plan for Heart. Disease and Stroke. Prevention and Care. Working for a Heart-Healthy and Stroke-Free Oregon Oregon s Statewide Plan for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Care Working for a Heart-Healthy and Stroke-Free Oregon Developed in 2005 by Oregon s Coordinating Council for Heart Disease and Stroke

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A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community.

A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community. A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community. Gettysburg Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2012 Gettysburg Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2012 Be proud of what you ve helped

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The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction

The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction under a contract from the National Institutes of Health U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health National

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South Texas College of Law / Houston Alumni Magazine No. 10, SPRING 2014

South Texas College of Law / Houston Alumni Magazine No. 10, SPRING 2014 South Texas College of Law / Houston Alumni Magazine No. 10, SPRING 2014 Human Rights First Expands to Houston We are proud to have Human Rights First open its new office here at South Texas.This is an

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Preparing Tomorrow s Leaders

Preparing Tomorrow s Leaders Illuminations School of Nursing News from The Adelphi University School of Nursing Leading to New Horizons in Nursing 2010 Preparing Tomorrow s Leaders 2 ILLUMINATIONS Spring 2010 message from the dean

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the publication of the university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law Fall 2011 Law Campus Has A Bright, New Face

the publication of the university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law Fall 2011 Law Campus Has A Bright, New Face the publication of the university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law Fall 2011 Law Campus Has A Bright, New Face Message from The Dean These are challenging times for us all. The economic downturn

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STSNews. THE SOCIETY OF THORACIC SURGEONS Vol. 20, Issue 1 Winter 2015. The first e-learning topic area focuses on the epidemiology of error.

STSNews. THE SOCIETY OF THORACIC SURGEONS Vol. 20, Issue 1 Winter 2015. The first e-learning topic area focuses on the epidemiology of error. STSNews THE SOCIETY OF THORACIC SURGEONS Vol. 20, Issue 1 Winter 2015 STS Expands E-Learning Offerings with Patient Safety Program STS will offer a new educational resource with the launch of a patient

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