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1 Welcome to DAVI s Extended Donor Profile DAVI voluntarily provided the following information which will be disclosed to future parents as an aid in their selection General information and characteristics Height: 199 cm Weight: 88 kg Build: Athletic Shoe size: Clothing size: Extra Large Skin tone: Fair Facial shape: Oval Lips: Full Eye colour: Blue/Green Eyebrows: Dark brown Beard: Dark brown Hair: Brown, thick and straight Words that describe my personality would be: Cheerful, kind, unfaltering and adventurous. I am also good at being self-reflective. DAVI does not use prescription lenses. He does not suffer from any allergies, medical conditions or physical abnormalities. DAVI resembles the American actor Brian Austin Green and the British comedian Jack Whitehall. Click here for photos of Brian and Jack. Academics DAVI has been going to school for a total of 17 years including primary and lower secondary school. After finishing high school, he began studying for a Bachelor s Degree in Engineering and Management at the university. Besides studying, DAVI works as a firefighter. His career goal is to keep his job as a firefighter and to get an additional job on an offshore platform. His former jobs include working as a sales assistant, education ambassador and production worker. DAVI has carried out voluntary social and political work. His native language is Danish and he also speaks English, German, Swedish and Norwegian. He has not served in the military. My career goal is to keep my job as a firefighter and to work at an offshore platform.

2 Q&A with DAVI DAVI answers questions about his life, experiences, and good memories Which words describe your personality? Cheerful, kind, unfaltering and adventurous. Describe your strong sides: I keep trying to find a way to do things. I love trying new stuff. I am self-reflective, and I have a kind personality Describe your weak sides: I often have too much going on at the same time. What is your marital status? Single. Do you have any children? No. Which types of sport do you play or have played? Mixed Martial Arts, swimming, handball, boxing, badminton, kayak and climbing. List which musical instruments you play or have played: None. Religion: Christian. How many hours of sleep do you get on an average night? 8. Do you eat healthy? Always. Do you smoke? No. Do you ride a bicycle? Often. How much alcohol do you drink on average per week? 0-5 beverage. Which countries have you visited: All countries in Northern Europe and some in Africa. Describe the best holiday you have had: A tent vacation with my sister, brother-in-law and their kids in Italy. What do you like the most about your own country: The nature and the technological advances. Which other types of sports are you interested in? None. List any other hobbies you may have or have had: Playing videogames.

3 Q&A with DAVI - continued DAVI s dreams, favourites and experiences Who are your idols/heroes/heroines? None. I will find my own way. What are your goals in life? Get a nice wife, kids, dogs and a good job. What is your favourite colour? Red. What is your favourite animal? Wild ones. What were your childhood dreams: To be Spiderman. Which values do you rank the highest? Being nice to others. Which childhood experience made the biggest impression on you? My days at the sea. Which was your greatest experience or moment? Becoming an uncle. What is your favourite kind of food? Sushi and Italian. Happiest: When I got my own dog. Funniest: Times spend together with my friends. Scariest: First time watching a scary film. Proudest: Becoming a firefighter. What is your favourite kind of music? Rock. What is your favourite kind of car? Audi. What is your favourite kind of pet? Dog. What is your favourite time of year? Summer. Most dangerous: Firefighting. Greatest sorrow: Being totally isolated from friends and family during 6 month of sailing. What is your favourite book and/or author? Tolkien. What is your favourite movie and/or director? Avatar.

4 DAVI s family tree Information about DAVI s siblings, parents and grandparents Paternal Grandfather Age: 84 Alive: No Education: National economics Occupation: National economics Height: 177 cm Weight: 90 kg Hair colour: Dark, but had an unhealthy lifestyle Paternal Grandmother Age: 88 Education: Economics Occupation: Accountant Height: 155 cm Weight: 45 kg Hair colour: Brown Health: Heart problems due to an unhealthy lifestyle Maternal Grandfather Age: 80 Alive: No Education: Salesman Occupation: Shop owner Height: 180 cm Weight: 78 kg Hair colour: Dark Eye colour: Brown Maternal Grandmother Age: 88 Education: - Occupation: Shop owner Height: 175 cm Weight: 48 kg Hair colour: Dark blonde, but has had cancer Father Age: 60 Education: Banker Occupation: Freelance Height: 187 cm Weight: 79 kg Hair colour: Dark blond Mother Age: 66 Education: Hairdresser Occupation: Hairdresser Height: 167 cm Weight: 52 kg Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Brown Brother Full or half: Half Age: 40 Education: Health care assistant Occupation: Health care assistant Height: 178 cm Weight: 96 kg Hair colour: Dark blond, but had leukemia at the age of 8 Sister Full or half: Half Age: 43 Education: Banker Occupation: Middle manager in a bank Height: 173 cm Weight: 67 kg Hair colour: Dark blonde

5 A personal message from DAVI My motivation for being a Cryos International donor Extended Profile data filled out on 29MAR2016 Layout and design modified on 18JUL2016