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1 Annual review Issue France Paris I Italy Milan I UK London I Hong Kong I China Beijing I USA New York I UAE Dubai I Belgium Liège Going tapeless Embracing HD TV Empowering studio production Creating value for customers

2 Key Figures KEY FIGURES, CONSOLIDATED AND AUDITED ACCORDING TO IFRS STANDARDS (IN MILLION EUR) /2005 Operating income 49,9 51,9 85,2 +64 % Goss margin % 79% 86% 86% - EBITDA 26,0 33,4 58,9 +76 % Operating result (EBIT) 24,2 32,0 56,9 +78 % Operating result group share (EBIT) (1) 24,5 32,0 56,9 +78 % Net profit 21,5 20,0 39,4 +97 % Net profit from operations (2) 16,7 20,2 36,9 +83 % Net profit margin (3) 33 % 39 % 43% - Return on equity at the beginning of the year 100 % 93% 117% TURNOVER (5) 2,3 5,0 9,5 (IN MILLION EUR) 21,7 20,3 36,6 34,7 36,4 39,1 49,9 51,9 85, PER SHARE (IN EUR) /2005 Average number of shares excluding treasury shares Net profit from operations per share (4) 1,22 1,46 2, % Dividend / capital reimbursement per share 1,00 1,20 1, % Pay-out ratio 82 % 82 % 62% Average stock price (after split) 9,88 23,42 38,02 Highest stock price (after split) 16,50 31,85 44,85 Lowest stock price (after split) 6,50 16,05 27,85 Stock price at closing date (after split) 16,16 28,69 43,80 Average volume traded daily (after split) Equity as of 31/12, before dividend allocation (in thousand EUR) Market capitalisation as of 31/12 (in million EUR) 220,3 393,5 597,0 Price/earning ratio (excluding net cash) 12,0 18,6 15, NET CURRENT RESULT (5) (IN MILLION EUR) 0,1 0,3 0,9 3,9 4,0 6,3 5,1 4, DIVIDEND / REIMBURSEMENT AND TREASURY SHARES BUY BACK (IN MILLION EUR) 11,3 7,6 15,3 16,7 19,2 20,2 36,9 28, , ,5 2,3 2, (1) EBIT means «Earnings Before Interests and Tax» and corresponds to the operating result before interests and taxes. The EBIT margin is the EBIT divided by the operating income. (2) The net profit from operations is the net profit (group share) excluding goodwill amortization and extraordinary income taking tax items into account. (3) The net profit margin is the net profit from operations divided by the operating income. (4) Calculated on basis on the number of shares excluding treasury shares and warrants. (5) The figures up to 2002 are communicated in accordance with Belgian standards.

3 Contents INFORMATION TO SHAREHOLDERS Letter to shareholders 2 Corporate Governance 4 Track record 5 PRODUCTS AND MARKETS EVS in a nutshell Key facts 9 Management Report 10 Shareholding (as of 31 December 2006) 18 Profit allocation policy 19 Stock market report 20 The future of TV production 22 Technology & applications 26 Solutions for the digital cinema 34 EVS WORLDWIDE 36 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 38 GLOSSARY 42

4 > INFORMATION TO SHAREHOLDERS Letter to shareholders Dear shareholders, 2006 was a successful year for our company. Our teams have contributed to the success of many prestigious sporting events at international level. It is also worth noting that our diversification strategy towards fixed studio productions has started to noticeably contribute to our results, with 30% sales in 2006, a sporting year nevertheless. We were expecting good results from the sporting events in the first half year, and the orders rate did not slow down into the second half year. All in all, 2006 is a new record year in our company s history, with sales rising to 85,2 million EUR, i.e. 64% more than 2005 (and this without accounting for XDC sales, deconsolidated as at 1 July 2006). The growth of our activities in the studios area has had a positive impact on our operating margin. This results from our decision to grow organically whilst opting for a better product distribution towards new markets. We are happy to witness not only the increase of our share value, but also the increase of the liquidity of the shares and the entry into our capital of new shareholders, attentive to our particular positioning on high-growth markets. Our innovation and concentration strategy on niche markets seems to be paying off. First of all, innovation. Listening to customers, identifying their operating methods, anticipating their needs, offering them creative and reliable solutions so that they in turn can serve millions of television viewers. The product is at the heart of our passion. The strong interaction between the customers and our development teams will remain an essential advantage for ensuring our growth. Secondly, serving our customers. Today, more than operators all around the world use our equipment and applications on a daily basis, often under difficult conditions or in environments subject to intense pressures, which is the case in the majority of live broadcasts of major events to hundreds of millions of television viewers. Our teams train, advise and assist our customers, whether they be operators, engineers, directors or production managers. One of our priorities is to provide a rapid solution to our customers concerns. Finally, our positioning in niche markets. The world of television production is relatively complex and incorporates the most advanced digital technologies. We are therefore concentrating on the products and the applications in which we have the greatest expertise and are striving towards creating new niches of activity. During 2006, we saw the start of High Definition Television (HDTV) in Europe. As in the United States and Asia, sport in HD is proving to be a content favoured by television viewers for adopting the new HDTV format. 25% of US households may already own a «HD ready» TV screen, but only 7% of European households do. Our Speed to Air strategy, introduced a few years ago, has led to a global solution for live sports production, from external production through to the studio environment within the television networks themselves. Production is becoming more flexible, faster and more efficient, making it possible to offer the best live images to the viewers. Products such as the HD [LSM] XT server are the workhorses of many sports event productions, whereas the [IP]Director becomes a reference application platform and greatly completes our existing product range. EVS first driver of economic growth remains and will remain for a few years yet the replacement of video tape recorders. 65% of professional video workflow are still currently tape-based. This percentage is expected to decrease to 35% within the next 5-6 years. The television industry is gradually migrating from analogue to digital technology and there are many new markets still to be explored and developed. We have created 50 new jobs in two years and EVS has now 167 associates worldwide, of which 120 are based at our headquarters in Liège, Belgium. Our recruitment of additional personnel in R&D, sales and support allows us to continue our growth while maintaining our leadership position in our niche markets. Each year, we have been enriched through our own experiences and the expertise of our new colleagues. Annual Report 2006

5 + 64 % pro forma is a record year with sales amounting to 85,2 million EUR Our subsidiary, XDC, has clearly positioned itself as the digital cinema services leader in Europe with the largest number of installed screens to-date, that is more than 250, and over 2 million EUR sales were concluded in In order to finance the cinema network development in Europe, XDC needs additional funding. And this is why XDC has raised 15 million EUR in 2006, thus leading to the decrease of EVS holding percentage in XDC from 60.17% to 47.20%. XDC contribution in the group s accounts appears as «contribution from equity companies». On one hand, XDC assists operators in the digitisation of their projections, and on the other hand, XDC also works with films distributors and offers to encode, transport and maintain quality for digital copies for a cost 50% inferior to the actual cost of 35mm copies. There are theatres worldwide, XDC is concentrating its efforts on the European segment, meaning a potential theatres. At the end of 2006, however, only 1% of the European market is digitised and XDC shows a 4,4 million EUR loss will witness the arrival of the hybrid server JPEG2000-MPEG2. Whilst self-financing the organic growth, the operation has still generated enough cash-flow and this has allowed the redistribution of 28,5 million EUR to the shareholders in 2006 as dividends or own shares repurchases. The principal objectives for 2007 remain the strengthening of the organisation and new applications development, in particular in the area of fixed studio productions. While remaining dependent on the general economic climate and the US dollar rate, EVS is well positioned to continue its profitable growth over the coming years Michel COUNSON, Managing Director & CTO Pierre L HOEST, Managing Director & CEO

6 > INFORMATION TO SHAREHOLDERS Corporate Governance Board members as of December 31, 2006 Francis BODSON, Independent Director 9 Michel COUNSON, Managing Director & CTO 5 CYTINDUS S.A., represented by Michel DELLOYE, Chairman & Independent Director 6 Jean DUMBRUCH, Executive Director 7 Jacques GALLOY, Executive Director & CFO 8 Pierre L HOEST, Managing Director & CEO EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. 3 LYS CONSEIL S.P.R.L., represented by Laurent LEVAUX, Independent Director 4 Laurent MINGUET, Managing Director & CEO XDC 1 Pierre RION, Independent Director 2 Audit Committee LYS CONSEIL S.P.R.L., represented by Laurent LEVAUX, Chairman CYTINDUS S.A., represented by Michel DELLOYE Compensation Committee Francis BODSON, Chairman LYS CONSEIL S.P.R.L., represented by Laurent LEVAUX, Independent Director Executive Committee Michel COUNSON, Managing Director & CTO Pierre L HOEST, Managing Director & CEO EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. Jacques GALLOY, Executive Director & CFO Statutory Auditor Philippe PIRE, Ernst & Young S.C.C. (B160) Boulevard d Avroy, Liège, Belgium EVS Broadcast Equipment s.a. Liege Science Park Rue Bois Saint-Jean, Ougrée, Belgium Tel. : +32 (4) Fax : +32 (4) Annual Report

7 Track record 1994 EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. was founded in February 1994 by Laurent MINGUET, Pierre L HOEST and Michel COUNSON. The founders of EVS aimed to develop equipment for the digital recording of pictures on hard disks (disk recorders) for professionals within the television industry : the Broadcasters In September 1995, EVS developed a super digital hard disk recorder in partnership with Panasonic, who released the first Super Motion camera (3 times more pictures than a classical camera) for the Atlanta Olympic Games. This enhanced the international reputation of EVS , EVS opened two subsidiaries in the United States and Hong Kong to market its equipment on the American and Asian continents. EVS increased its worldwide reputation In July 1998, EVS opened a subsidiary in France in order to follow up the important developments of the World Cup market, in which the group took part. In October 1998, EVS listed on the first market of the Brussels Stock Exchange and collected 7,4 million EUR. This amount has been used to guarantee the company s expansion and attract top quality employees , EVS set up a two further subsidiaries in Italy and the United Kingdom In 2000, in order to vitalise its growth, EVS opted for and invested in video broadcasting systems and digital cinema. EVS was involved in Euro2000, the 2000 World Expo in Hanover and the Olympic Games in Sydney, for which NHK, the dominant Japanese television station, asked the company to develop a high definition recorder prototype In 2002, EVS deployed the XT platform at the FIFA World Cup for the first time, networking more than 80 recorders. EVS teams also assisted customers at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. The Latin American markets were followed up by the New York office, while a new office was opened in Los Angeles, particularly for the needs of digital cinema In spring 2003, EVS opened new premises with a floor area of m 2 : a superb blend of glass, wood and concrete erected in a green setting to reflect the company s growth signalled the real take-off of high definition television in the USA, South Korea, Australia and Japan. In America, ESPN set the scene by producing 100 sports broadcasts in high definition after having three new production OB vans built, each incorporating 6 EVS XT HD units marked the 10th anniversary of EVS by setting a new record for sales. In December 2004, the XDC digital cinema initiative was vitalised by the spin-out operation and the raising of 9 million EUR. XDC positioned itself as the biggest deployment initiative for digital cinema in Europe In June 2005, EVS launches the XT[2] television production platform, which allows efficient transition of standard definition images to high definition images. At the major NAB trade fair in Las Vegas, EVS demonstrates the interoperability of its new products with, in particular, Sony, Panasonic and Thomson. In September 2005, EVS gains new projects by enabling near-live workflows in the studio productions. The European television broadcasters begin their transition to the high definition format In February 2006, our teams assist those of the largest television networks in the world during the Olympic Games in Torino with more than 200 EVS systems deployed; the new [IP]Director architecture used at the heart of this mega-production made it possible for the finest images to be sent to more than 900 million viewers. In September, EVS set up a similar workflow in the New-York s NBC Studios for the NFL coverage.

8 EVS in a nutshell Television systems Leader in live sport production EVS is the leader in live mobile digital video production systems. Its products are intelligent recorders combined to highly reactive applications that have now become a standard worldwide. The XT[2] production platform enables the creation, editing and exchange of video files, leading to an appreciated evolution of TV production process. Over operators of all nationalities now use our group s applications on a daily basis. EVS has developed substantial know-how in compressed video and audio data processing. EVS intends to remain an innovator in the migration from analogue to digital in television networks. In mobile production, at world level, about only 35% of cameras are recorded on hard disks. In the new high definition production outside broadcast vans ( OB vans ), the penetration level is up to 50-80%. The replacement cycle accelerates with the introduction of HDTV format. Challenger in multicamera near-live studio production The evolution is similar for television stations, with the gradual replacement of tapes by new digital solutions. Today, 65% of production workflows are still tape-based. EVS is focusing, in particular, on applications where the speed of production is a key factor for success. Key products are the XT[2] platform, the software suite [IP]Director that manages flows of digital video and the speed editing solution CleanEdit that is mainly used by news departments. This is the «Speed to Air» strategy, particularly well suited to near-live studios production. The EVS market share in this segment is minor currently but this new market does already represent 30% of group sales, compared to 10% in EVS is also facing other major exciting challenges! Outside broadcast van Over operators use the group s applications on a daily basis Digital cinema solutions For some years now, EVS has been convinced that the cinema will be the last mass medium to be digitized. It is a matter of providing a digital solution to replace the 35mm reels used to project movies in the cinemas. The integrated XDC solution meets the needs of the cinema operators, as well as the film distributors and producers. More than digital screenings have been carried out so far for around 250 different films. The potential is around the level of the calculated risk taken by XDC, a 47,20% EVS-owned subsidiary. The digital conversion has started and XDC is set to play a major role. Annual Report 2006

9 TELEVISION SYSTEMS SALES (in million eur) , ,3 5,0 9,5 27,8 28,4 30,6 34,6 21,7 16,6 46,2 51,

10 Case Story Since introducing the EVS production workflow in 2006, everyone involved in the production process has noticed a dramatic improvement in workflow efficiency and productivity Eugeni Margallo From Diagonal TV (Production Company) Tapeless TV series production in Spain Tight deadlines and pressure on budgets is now a worldwide phenomenon, so it s not surprising to see three production companies in the same country more or less simultaneously concluding that they need a more efficient alternative to traditional tape-based methods. > The challenge The three Spanish production companies Diagonal TV, Conta Conta and Video Report knew they needed a more efficient alternative to traditional tape-based methods, but faced a familiar dilemma. With ongoing commitments to supply TV series and drama serials to some of Spain s biggest broadcasters including TVE, TV3 and TVV, any new technology would have to fit into their established pattern of production. After all, a disruptive changeover whether in terms of downtime or re-training would jeopardise the very thing they were trying to improve. Doing this with tape used to mean that 40 episodes shot on three cameras capturing seven or more scenes per day could generate up to 250 separate cassettes. All had to be carefully filed with various logs from the sound engineer, floor manager, lighting designer and so on before post production could begin. And if any continuity queries were raised during production, a tedious search would have to be made through the tapes while technicians and talent stood idle. The EVS solution All three companies chose carefully integrated systems from EVS, including the EVS XT[2] server controlled by a workstation running the EVS [IP]Director software, alongside the EVS XStore[2] with an external mass storage array. One of the key benefits of the XT[2] is its loop recording feature, which owes much to the slow motion heritage of EVS. By constantly recording the audio and video feeds from each camera in a continuous loop, this ensures that scenes are never missed because the cameras are always rolling. Operators can view and work instantly on the recorded footage without waiting for the sequence to be recorded before starting work. Another important feature is the capability to accurately control multi-camera recording from a single point with the [IP]Director application, even when multiple EVS XT[2] servers are being used, so eliminating cumbersome manipulation of multiple tapes. Time is saved by the system s capability to provide direct access to the desired content, not only during production but also in post production. For instance if anybody wants to check that a sequence has been recorded, all the relevant camera feeds are always in synchronisation even before recording is finished. Annual Report 2006

11 EVS Los Angeles January 2006 The 63 rd Golden Globe Awards provided an interesting opportunity for E! Networks to use EVS technologies on the «Red carpet». EVS Torino February 2006 Over 200 EVS systems, as well as many XFile[2], CleanEdit, MediaXchange applications or the new application series [IP]Director have been used by over 300 experienced operators for the production of the Winter Olympic Games. EVS Melbourne March 2006 The Commonwealth Games were a showcase for EVS platform s new multimedia specifications, which enable «Speedclipping» used in interactive TV, webcasting or even TV on mobile phones. EVS Geneva April 2006 TSR, Télévision Suisse Romande (French language Swiss TV channel), has chosen EVS XT[2] platform for its digital production in both studio and remote environments. EVS Japan August 2006 Fuji TV uses EVS servers for the satellite acquisition of HD format from mobile units equipped with EVS systems. The open architecture of the XT[2] platform enables a perfect integration with Musashi editing system. As soon as the editing is over, it can be broadcasted with XT[2] servers. EVS Amsterdam September 2006 During the IBC international trade fair, EVS announces that Avid DNxHD codec can be natively encoded and decoded with its XT[2] servers. EVS also introduces its new module XStream to enable recording storing in SD as well as in HD, from XT[2] into XFile key facts EVS Las Vegas / Moscow April 2006 Channel One, Russia s first private channel, decides to digitise its newsroom and will therefore be the first in Russia to own a 100% tapeless TV news production system. The CleanEdit applications series constitutes the cornerstone of this project. The contract with broadcast partner OKNO TV has been signed during the NAB international trade fair in Las Vegas. XDC Liège June 2006 XDC concludes its second financing round by raising 12,5 million EUR in order to increase its leading position on the European digital movie market. EVS has decreased his holding in this subsidiary from 60,17% to 47,20%. In 2007, XDC capital thereby increased by 15,5 million EUR. EVS Munich June 2006 EVS innovates and sets a media server at Munich IBC during the Football World Cup. This database enables over clips to be available for use by the 17 partner televisions. EVS Paris July 2006 For the first time, the complete production of the Tour de France is 100% tapeless. France Television and VCF accomplished this when they chose EVS. EVS London October 2006 EVS is at the centre of the post-production of the famous reality-tv show Big Brother. 51 hours of saved images are instantly available to Avid editing stations. The broadcast is also carried out through EVS servers. EVS Doha December 2006 Over 60 XT[2] are used in the production and broadcast of the 15 th Asian Games held in Qatar, this constitutes the icing on the cake for a beautiful EVS sporting year. EVS Dubai December 2006 EVS opens a subsidiary in Dubai to better service this promising market. EVS USA January 2007 NBC Sports has chosen EVS technology to support its comeback on the American Football arena (NFL) with «Sunday Night Football» and with its studio companion «Football Night in America». NBC has elected a modular high definition infrastructure to enable fast-pace editing of various subjects. EVS Spain January 2007 EVS helps greatly improve the production of series on the major Spanish TV channels (TVE, Antena 3, TV3 and TVV). More than EVS systems installed worldwide

12 Management Report Studio production in Spain (1) EVS has spun out its digital cinema activity on 1st October 2004 and was holding equity capital up to 60,17% since investors participated into the new company, XDC SA. Since 27th June 2006, EVS holding in XDC has been brought back to 47,20%. Therefore, between 1st October 2004 and 27th June 2006, XDC was fully consolidated into EVS accounts. These accounts showed 60,17% EVS holding into XDC. Since 27th June 2006, EVS 47,20% holding into XDC has been accounted as per the equity method. Consolidated keys figures (in million eur) / 2005 Turnover 49,9 51,9 85,2 +64% Gross profit % 79% 86% 86% - EBITDA 26,0 33,4 58,9 +76% Operating result - EBIT 24,2 32,0 56,9 +78% Operating result - EBIT group share (1) 24,5 32,0 56,9 +78% EBIT margin group share % 49% 62% 67% +5pct Profit before taxes and non current items 24,1 32,7 56,3 +75% Non current items, translation differences and capital gain 4, Income taxes -7,5-10,4-18,5 +78% Net profit Group share (1) 21,5 20,0 39,4 +97% Net profit from operations Group share (1) 16,7 20,2 36,9 +83% Net profit margin 33% 39% 43% +5pct PER SHARE DATA (in EUR) Diluted number of shares ,7% Basic net current profit per share 1,22 1,46 2,89 +98% While we were expecting a good year with a weaker second half following the large sport events, our products have continued to gain strong appeal from broadcasters and TV production companies throughout the full year. Overall, we have achieved sales growth of 64% for 2006 to 85,2 million EUR, an additional key milestone in our company history that solidifies market potential for our key digital products XT[2] and [IP]Director in all markets. Our teams gave brilliant performances in Torino Winter Games, in Germany Football World Cup and mainly in significant near-live studio projects. The growing sales inside fixed studio environments are based on our robust XT[2] platform combined with dedicated applications. This open and modular system architecture translates into strong operational gearing, leading margins to record levels: 67% EBIT margin for the year 2006, compared to 62% in Our affiliate, XDC, leader in Digital Cinema, needed additional funding to further expand its network and service organisation across Europe. XDC raised 15,5 million EUR equity in 2006, diluting EVS stake from 60,17% down to 47,20%. XDC is therefore booked at equity in the group 10 Annual Report 2006

13 Our products have been broadly welcomed by broadcasters and TV production companies all over the year TURNOVER TURNOVER EVOLUTION (in million eur) Mobile Live Production Europe, Africa, Middle-East 80 85,2 73% 27% In Studio Near Live Production 57% 24% 19% Americas Asia-Pacific ,3 5,0 9,5 21,7 20,3 36,6 34,7 36,4 39,1 49,9 51, accounts, and does no longer negatively influence the margins of the core business: Television systems. Strategic plan EVS Speed to Air strategy is about delivering a complete workflow solution for live broadcast production from outside broadcasts to fixed studios within TV stations, making their production smoother, quicker, more reliable and allowing them to be able to offer the best live or near-live images for their audience. EVS pursues its double growth strategy : first, to benefit from its leadership in mobile TV production and the transition of all production trucks to HDTV over the next 5-8 years; second, develop the near live studio production market, for which the XT[2] platform combined with the [IP]Director suite will become the core engine. Servicing and advising customers as well as training hundreds of highly-skilled operators remain other key EVS priorities for future years. The broadcast industry is converting from analogue to digital and there are still new markets to explore and develop. The re-shaping of current heavy tape-based operations and the HDTV replacement market are new long term objectives for EVS business and will allow for higher penetration of servers in TV production areas. HDTV will impact the business over a long period of time and shall follow usual equipment acquisition wave patterns. Sales 2006 sales amount to 85,2 million EUR, a 64% increase, and have not suffered any seasonality effect. This evidences EVS increasing independence to great events. Moreover, major television networks choose the scalable EVS platform, perfectly adapted to their complex production processes. SALES SEGMENTS BY PRODUCT (in million EUR) / 2005 Total 49,9 51,9 85,2 +64% Total at constant Exchange rate (2) 49,9 52,0 85,3 +64% According to products : TV systems (Broadcast) 46,0 51,9 85,2 +64% Digital cinema (XDC) 0, Netia (Radio solutions) (1) 3, SALES SEGMENTS BY REGION (in million EUR) EXCLUDING NETIA AND XDC Mix 2006/ 2005 Europe, Africa, Middle-East 19,1 31,1 48,1 57% +55% Americas 19,5 14,3 20,7 24% +44% (at constant exchange rate) (2) (19,5) (14,4) (20,8) +45% Asia-Pacific 7,4 6,5 16,4 19% +153% TOTAL 46,0 51,9 85,2 100% +64% (1) Netia is a specialist in automation solutions for general radio stations. EVS sold it and therefore deconsolidated on 1 July (2) Reference exchange rate :

14 Video codecs XT[2] 5,5 million EUR Television R&D investments in 2006 Television systems The first driver for EVS sales growth has been the transition from analog tape-based to digital tape-less workflows, accelerated by the conversion from Standard Television towards High Definition. The recent deployment of HD ready consumer set-top boxes (mainly MPEG4 HD PVRs) helps early stage expansion of HDTV broadcasting in Europe. Nevertheless, the broadcast industry anticipates this major shift by upgrading their facilities. Geographically, EVS Broadcast sales grew stronger in all regions over Europe, Middle-East and Africa ( EMEA ) with sales up 17 million EUR (+55%). EVS products have been at the digital heart of the Torino Winter Games and the Football World Cup but also famous reality TV shows like Big Brother in the UK or very popular weekly (near-live) drama s like award winning Amar en Tiempos Revueltos on TVE in Spain. America s revenues ( NALA ) increased by 8 million USD (+44%) to 26 million USD, thanks to the replacement cycle of outside broadcast trucks migrating to HDTV but also to major studio projects wins like Sunday Night Football on NBC. Last but not least, Asia and Pacific ( APAC ) sales grew by +153% (or 10 million EUR) to 16,4 million EUR mainly thanks to Japan, China, India, Australia, Singapore and Korea. Overall, EVS booked 5 million EUR from rental agreements with major events organising committees, a non recurring characteristic of Since its launch in 1994, EVS has deployed more than systems around the world, most of them being networked in nodes of 4 to 5 units to create modular TV content workout platforms. EVS has gained more than 100 new customers over 2006 from all over the world. HD still only represents 27% of the installed base (compared to 20% at the end of 2005), which calls for further growth potential, considering that 45% of the sales still refer to SD solutions. Current, but mainly future customer needs are at the centre of EVS teams attention. EVS has already won market shares in the field of production studios which represent 30% of its total revenues, as opposed to 20% in 2004 and around 10% in During the last two years, the majority of EVS foreign offices almost doubled in size in order to create areas intended for training, organising demonstrations on the latest tapeless solutions and welcoming EVOLUTION OF R&D INVESTMENTS OVER 10 YEARS - PROFORMA (in million eur) 0,4 0,6 0,8 1,3 2, ,4 3,2 3,5 4,0 4,4 5,5 STAFF BREAKDOWN BY DEPARTMENT General Services 16% 16% Production & Operations Sales & Marketing Research & Development 39% 29% 12 Annual Report 2006

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GLOBAL MARKET LEADER IN. chemical distribution

GLOBAL MARKET LEADER IN. chemical distribution GLOBAL MARKET LEADER IN chemical distribution Annual Report 2010 KEY FINANCIAL FIGURES AT A GLANCE Consolidated Income statement 2010 2009 Change Sales EUR m 7,649.1 6,364.6 20.2% Gross profit EUR m 1,636.4

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made for entertainment

made for entertainment made for entertainment -- Key Figures m4e AG 2007 2006** Change in EUR m in EUR m in % Group Sales * 13.66 4.27 220 Group EBIT * 2.56 1.58 62 *) Figures on a pro-forma basis, and before one-time costs

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MANAGEMENT S DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS Dated: July 9, 2015 MANAGEMENT S DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS Dated: July 9, This Management's Discussion and Analysis ("MD&A") for the three months ended (second quarter of fiscal ) provides detailed information on the operating

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Key Figures. /+ (%, %p) 01.01.2011 31.12.2011 01.01.2010 31.12.2010 *

Key Figures. /+ (%, %p) 01.01.2011 31.12.2011 01.01.2010 31.12.2010 * Annual Report 211 Profile Delticom is Europe s leading online tyre retailer. Founded in 1999, the Hanover-based company has more than 1 online shops in 41 countries, among others the ReifenDirekt domains

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The way ahead. introducing Vodafone 2015. Vodafone Group Plc. Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2013

The way ahead. introducing Vodafone 2015. Vodafone Group Plc. Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2013 Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2013 Registered Office: Vodafone House The Connection Newbury Berkshire RG14 2FN England Registered in England No. 1833679 Telephone: +44 (0) 1635 33251 Fax: +44

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Annual Report 2013. Moving forward

Annual Report 2013. Moving forward Annual Report 2013 Moving forward PostNL brand vision We live in a world where digital applications play an ever greater role in our daily lives. These services are developing rapidly. Using our inventiveness

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+ + + + + + + + ANNUAL REPORT 2011

+ + + + + + + + ANNUAL REPORT 2011 ANNUAL REPORT 2011 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31 31

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R E F E R E N C E D O C U M E N T R E F E R E N C E D O C U M E N T 2004 ANNUAL REPORT CONTENTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Serge Kampf CHAIRMAN Ernest-Antoine Seillière VICE-CHAIRMAN 01 Financial highlights 02 The Capgemini Group 27 Management

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Document de référence 2005 English Version

Document de référence 2005 English Version Document de référence 2005 English Version PRESENTATION................................. P. 3 Key figures.................................. p. 4 Alcatel overview............................. p. 6 Fixed

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annual report 2010 working on a dream

annual report 2010 working on a dream annual report 2010 working on a dream contents profile 2 our services 2 our global presence 2 our mission 2 our culture 2 our strategic approach 2 our core values 3 our field steering model for staffing

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Building. sustainable performance. Annual Report & Accounts 2013

Building. sustainable performance. Annual Report & Accounts 2013 Building sustainable performance Annual Report & Accounts Direct Line Group (the Group ) is Britain s leading personal lines motor and home insurer 1, with motor insurance operations in Italy and Germany.

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