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1 FINANCIAL PLANNING GUIDE FOR AIA MEMBERS & COMPONENTS PLANNING FOR RETIREMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS When D Yu Have Enugh? Page 2 Asset Allcatin 4 401(k)s 4 Rth IRAs 5 LIFE INSURANCE Hw Much D Yu Really Need? Page 7 Emplyee Benefits 9 Term versus Whle 11 DISABILITY INSURANCE Facts Page 13 Hw Much D Yu Really Need? 14 LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE What Is It and What Des It Cver? Page 16 Ten Imprtant Cnsideratins 17 PERSONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE Page 18 ABOUT THE AIA TRUST Page 19 This infrmatin is prvided as a service t AIA Members and Cmpnents and neither the Authr nr the AIA Trust is rendering legal r financial advice. Laws vary by state and readers shuld seek cmpetent financial advice and/r legal cunsel t evaluate these suggestins and t advise prper investment advice. The authr and AIA Trust assume n liability fr the use f this infrmatin by anyne wh agree t use this infrmatin at their sle risk. Any ther reprductin r use is strictly prhibited. Rev

2 WHEN DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO RETIRE? PLANNING GUIDELINES Early Career (Ages 25-35) Start cntributing t a 401(k) n matter what $500 cntributin per mnth starting at age 25 with an annual average 7% return will yield a nest egg f $1.3 millin by retirement age! And, if yu wait until yu re 45 t cntribute this same amunt, yu ll nly end up with $260,000. Pace yur student lan payments and minimize large credit expenses t ensure yu dn t shrtchange retirement cntributins. If yur emplyer ffers matching funds, be sure yu cntribute sufficiently t btain the entire match. In light f the time yu have until retirement, place mst f yur mney in stcks which, while riskier, yield greater earnings, and time will minimize market risk ver the lng haul. Grwing Respnsibilities (Ages 36 45) Determine what yu need annually during retirement, e.g. can yu live n 80% f current annual incme? Cnsider whether yur mrtgage will be paid and/r yu ll relcate t a retirement cmmunity. Then, given years until retirement, cmpute what annual savings rate yu need t achieve it. Max ut 401(k) cntributins. If meet incme limits, cnsider starting r adding t a Rth 401(k). If these cntributins dn t yield yur gal, cnsider buying IRAs each year, and/r ther lng-term investments such as real estate. Build up an emergency fund f six mnths expenses s prblems wn t cause yu t invade yur retirement fund. If yu have financial respnsibilities fr thers children, spuse, parents be sure t buy adequate life insurance fr yurself. Be sure t carry disability insurance fr yurself and that yur spuse is cvered as well. Yu are much mre likely t becme disabled, even if nly fr several years, and that culd cripple yu financially whether yu live n yur wn, are married, r have kids. Peak Earnings (Ages 46 55) Resist scaling back retirement cntributins t bst educatin savings fr kids. Cnsider Cllege lans and financial assistance t fund cllege educatins. At age 50, start annual catch-up cntributins up t $5000 additinally fr yur 401(k). If meet incme limits, cnsider starting r adding t a Rth 401(k) Develp realistic retirement budget that includes all f yur interests! Yu want t have sufficient resurces t pursue activities yu enjy travel, glf, classes, clubs, etc. 2

3 Verify yur prgress in retirement savings. If yu re retiring in 15 years (age 50+), yur savings shuld already be at least three times yur annual incme. Investigate lng-term care insurance; prices generally rise at age 55. Cntinue t carry life insurance sufficient t cver family bligatins if yu have a family. Cntinue t carry disability insurance thrughut yur earning years t prevent a disability frm curtailing yur incme. Pre-Retirement (Ages 56 65) Cnslidate 401(k) accunts and pensins frm previus jbs int rllver IRA fr easier management. Verify yur prgress in retirement savings. If yu re retiring in 5 years (age 60+), yur savings shuld be at least six times yur annual incme. Cnsider yur spuse s needs & cntributins. Cnsider shifting sme f yur prtfli frm stcks t bnds fr less risk, but maintain sufficient equities t prvide grwth during retirement. 3

4 ASSET ALLOCATION: A SOUND INVESTMENT STRATEGY Yur asset mix typically is determined by investment time frame and risk tlerance. Generally speaking, the lnger time hrizn, the mre risk yu may be able t take n. The shrter yur time frame, the less risk yu may want. Here's a clser lk at risk and reward ptential f the majr types f assets: Stck funds: Well-knwn fr fluctuating in value, stcks carry a high level f market risk - the risk that yur investment's value will decrease ver the shrt term. Hwever, stcks histrically have earned higher lngterm returns than either bnds r cash investments. Stck returns have als utpaced inflatin - the rising prices f gds and services - thrugh the years and, therefre, carry very lw inflatin risk. Bnd funds: In general, these investments experience fewer shrt-term price fluctuatins than stcks and, therefre, have lwer market risk. On the ther hand, their verall inflatin risk tends t be higher than that f stcks, as their lng-term return ptential is als lwer. Bnds are subject t interest rate risk - when interest rates rise, bnd prices typically fall, and when rates decline, bnd prices are likely t rise. Mney market and stable value funds: While these investments carry very lw market risk, histrically they have nt demnstrated ptential t generate lng-term returns that exceed the rate f inflatin. If yu are ver the age f 45, there is a retirement plan that may allw yu t put mre mney away fr yurself. It's called the New Cmparability Prfit-Sharing Plan and its main attractin is that it lets yu cntribute mre n yur wn behalf as yu get lder. The New Cmparability plan allws plan participants t be gruped int different classes by age, allwing larger cntributins fr lder grups clser t retirement. At the same time, ne may minimize cntributins t ther grups while still meeting tax law rules. New Cmparability plans require extra administrative wrk t determine annual cntributins using a cmplex mathematical frmula that satisfies the IRS nndiscriminatin requirements. Hwever, with the AIA plan, there's n added wrk fr yu because the AIA Members Retirement Prgram will d all the cmplicated wrk fr yu at a very reasnable cst. CHANGING FROM TRADITIONAL TO SAFE HARBOR 401(k) Firms and Cmpnents spnsring traditinal 401(k) plans are familiar with the cmplexities and ptential hassles invlved. Yu and yur staff may benefit frm changing t a Safe Harbr 401(k). Traditinal 401(k) plans allw individuals t defer a part f their salary ver and abve cntributins the firm may make. Cntributins made by emplyees are n a befre-tax basis, and this plan is a gd way t have emplyees share in the cst f saving fr retirement. Of curse, the IRS sets limits as t hw much emplyees may cntribute t a 401(k) plan. Imprtantly, traditinal 401(k) plans generally require mandated cmpliance "testing" every year t make sure the plan des nt discriminate in favr f highly cmpensated emplyees. Testing cmpares the percentages f salary deferral cntributins between "highly cmpensated emplyees" (HCEs) and nn-highly cmpensated emplyees (NHCEs). If a plan fails, it must return sme r all f the salary deferrals made by HCEs r the emplyer may be able t make additinal cntributins fr NHCEs. Nt crrecting a failed test culd mean substantial penalties and pssibly even disqualificatin f the plan's tax-favred status. Hence, Traditinal 401(k) is highly reliant upn the participatin level f the nn-highly cmpensated emplyees and can becme cumbersme. The salary deferral limit fr this plan type, subject t discriminatin testing, is $17,000 fr SIMPLE 401(k) plans allw individuals t defer a part f their salary and the firm is nt subject t "discriminatin testing" r minimum cntributin requirements. The firm must ffer eligible emplyees wh defer part f their salary a dllar-fr-dllar matching cntributin up t 3 percent f cmpensatin r give a 2 percent cntributin fr all eligible emplyees regardless f participatin. The firm must als prvide an annual ntice t all eligible emplyees at least 60 days befre the beginning f each year. The ntice 4

5 prvides the emplyees with infrmatin n the SIMPLE plan including whether the firm will make the matching r nn-elective cntributin in the cming year. SIMPLE plans d nt allw fr any ther types f cntributins. Althugh the maximum salary deferral limit is lwer in a SIMPLE 401(k) -- $11,500 fr the lwer cntributin cst is attractive t many firms. Safe Harbr 401(k) has a dual advantage - the emplyer can defer mre current incme and eliminate cmpliance testing as lng as Safe Harbr requirements are met. There's n cmpliance testing with Safe Harbr 401(k) when emplyer meets cntributin and ntice requirements. The firm chses ne f tw cntributin requirements either a 3 percent nn-elective cntributin r a matching cntributin based n the fllwing frmula, dllar fr dllar up t 3 percent f cmpensatin and 50 cents n the next 2 percent f cmpensatin. The firm must als prvide an annual ntice t all eligible emplyees at least 30 days, but nt mre 90 days befre the beginning f each year. The ntice prvides the emplyees with infrmatin n the plan including whether the firm will make the matching r nn-elective cntributin in the cming year. With a Safe Harbr plan the firm can als cntribute t a Prfit Sharing plan. The salary deferral limit fr this plan type is $17,000 fr Ntificatin abut changing t Safe Harbr 401(k) must be given t emplyees 30 days prir t the beginning f the plan year. Hence, December 1 is the deadline t make this change fr the next plan year. Owner s 401(k) plans are fr a sle wner with n emplyees r wners wh emply nly family members. The impact f increased cntributin limits and deductin rule changes allw the wner t emply a 401(k) plan, typically used by larger firms, t drastically increase his r her cntributin. An AIA Member Retirement Prgram Specialist can explain hw any plan will wrk fr yu and can arrange fr yu t receive a custmized plan prpsal at n cst r bligatin, by calling extensin ANOTHER WAY TO SAVE FOR RETIREMENT: ROTH 401(k) When an emplyer adds the Rth 401(k) ptin t their plan, participants can defer their after-tax salary (subject t IRS cntributin limits) t a Rth 401(k) Salary Deferral accunt which ffers a new way t save fr their retirement. In general, the difference between a Rth 401(k) and a traditinal 401(k) is that the Rth versin is funded with after-tax dllars while the traditinal 401(k) is funded with pre-tax dllars. After-tax dllars represent mney fr which taxes are paid in the current year, and pre-tax dllars are thse that d nt represent federal taxable incme in the current year. Typically, the earnings n Rth cntributins will be tax free as lng as the distributin is made at least 5 years after the first Rth cntributin and the attainment f age 59 and ne half, unless an exceptin applies. Therefre, a Rth 401(k) plan will prbably be mst advantageus t yunger wrkers wh are currently taxed in a lwer tax bracket but expect t be taxed in a higher bracket upn reaching retirement age. Hwever, since n ne can predict marginal tax rates in the future, yu shuld cnsult a tax advisr first. Under the Rth 401(k), emplyees can decide t cntribute funds n a pst-tax elective deferral basis, in additin t, r instead f, pre-tax elective deferrals under their traditinal 401(k) plans. An emplyee's cmbined elective deferrals t any 401(k) cannt exceed $17,000 (fr tax year 2012) if a participant is under 50; if they are ver 50, they may cntribute an additinal $6,000 (fr tax year 2012). Emplyer's matching funds are nt included in the elective deferral cap, but are limited t $50,000 fr Emplyers are permitted t make matching cntributins n emplyees' designated Rth cntributins. Hwever, emplyers' cntributins must be allcated t a pre-tax accunt, just as matching cntributins are n traditinal, pre-tax elective cntributins. 5

6 T start, the emplyer must amend their 401(k) plan t permit Rth salary deferrals. It is the emplyer's decisin as t whether the cmpany will prvide access t the Rth 401(k) in additin t the traditinal 401(k). Many emplyers may feel that the added administrative burden utweighs the benefits f the Rth 401(k). Participants must irrevcably designate the salary deferral as a Rth salary deferral at the time it is made. The emplyer will treat the amunt cntributed as the participant's earned incme at that time and withhld the applicable taxes. Rth salary deferrals must be kept in a separate accunt, apart frm all ther plan cntributins. The plan must track the prtin f the accunt attributable t Rth 401(k) salary deferrals. Emplyees are able t rll their Rth 401(k) cntributins ver t a Rth IRA accunt upn terminatin f emplyment. INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS (IRAS) SIMPLE IRA plans wrk the same way as the SIMPLE 401(k) plans described abve except the cntributins are made t emplyee IRAs. It ffers many f the same advantages as a SIMPLE 401(k) with generally lwer csts and n annual gvernment filing requirement. Individual Retirement Accunts (IRAs) are set up by individuals n their wn behalf. Individuals are able t make relatively lw annual cntributins t an IRA. These cntributins may nt be tax-deductible, depending n incme and whether the individual participates in a retirement plan. Earnings n the IRA accumulate n a tax-deferred basis until withdrawal at age 59 1/2 r later. Withdrawals at an earlier age carry a penalty. Plan details. Regarding IRS and federal pensin plan requirements, the IRS has rules relating t "qualified plans," SEPs, Simple IRAs, Rth IRAs and IRAs which direct firms with retirement plans t establish eligibility criteria, vesting schedules, cntributin allcatin frmulas which may include integratin with Scial Security benefits. These plan requirements ften change annually and must be adhered t s it is imprtant t mnitr and fllw current requirements. Hwever the retirement plan is designed, the key fr firms as well as fr individuals is t start early. Demgraphics (increases in the retirement age) and plitical necessity (taxing benefits fr a grwing number f peple) have already caused majr reductins in Scial Security benefits. In tday's challenging times, it's imprtant t recgnize that it pays t cntribute as much as yu can affrd t nw, but even lwer amunts help yu t reach yur retirement gals sner. If yu haven't started a retirement plan yet, make this the year yu begin ne. 6

7 HOW MUCH LIFE INSURANCE DO YOU REALLY NEED? There are many reasns t buy life insurance. Sme are as simple as funeral expenses while thers are mre cmplicated dealing with estate settlements and inheritance tax. Figuring this ut is easier than yu think - it takes less than 15 minutes t determine hw much life insurance yu really need. Sme cmmn but misguided methds t calculate life insurance needs are: 1. Multiply yur annual salary by seven r eight. While it's a simple frmula, it fails t take int accunt yur individual needs and bligatins. Life insurance experts say there's a gd chance yu'll buy t little r t much cverage with such a simplistic frmula. 2. Calculate yur value. This methd gives yu the incme yu will earn frm yur present age until retirement, assuming a reasnable rate f salary increases. The prblem is that this frmula des nt cnsider yur beneficiaries' specific needs. Yu may end up with a figure that requires yu t buy a huge amunt f life insurance, pssibly mre than yu really need. 3. Cver yur debts. This invlves buying nly enugh life insurance t cver debts such as yur mrtgage, student lan bills, r utstanding car ntes. This methd des nt cnsider any future debts r needs, such as childcare r cllege educatin csts. A MORE RELIABLE METHOD: Five Easy Steps Shrt-term needs + Lng-term needs - Resurces = Life Insurance needs. This is the mst lgical methd in what is an imprecise science. Analyze yur needs every three years r whenever yu have a majr life change, such as a new baby, new hme, r a change in educatin r childcare csts. Step 1 - Shrt Term Needs Add up all f yur shrt-term needs int three categries: 1. Final expenses - such as estimated medical, hspital, and funeral expenses, attrney r executr fees, prbate curt csts (if yu d nt have a will), and any utstanding taxes that wuld need t be paid. 2. Outstanding debts - such as credit card balances, aut lans, cllege lans, and all ther utstanding bills. 3. Emergency expenses - fr medical emergencies and repairs t yur hme r car. Step 2 - Lng Term Debts Next, add up yur lng-term debts, which include mrtgage balance and cllege tuitin. Calculating an educatin fund may be tricky if yu have n idea where yur children will be ging t cllege. Perhaps the best methd is t use the present average cllege cst in the United States ($20,000 fr a private fur-year institutin) and the number f years away yur children are frm entering cllege. T figure ut hw much it will cst fr cllege fr yur children, assume cllege csts inflate by five percent per year. Multiply $20,000 by 1.05 (fr 5 percent inflatin) fr the number f years until yur child wuld start cllege. Then multiply the inflated tuitin rate times fur years f cllege. Fr example, if a child is nw 12, it wuld be abut 6 years until s/he attended cllege: $20,000 x (1.05)6 r $20,000 x (1.05) x (1.05) x (1.05) x (1.05) x (1.05) x (1.05) = $26,802. Then the cst f fur years f cllege at cntinued inflatin ($26,802 x 1.05) = $115,520 as the estimated tuitin. Step 3 - Family Maintenance Expenses These expenses include necessities such as childcare, fd, clthing, utility bills, entertainment, travel, and 7

8 transprtatin. Calculate this figure based n a year's wrth f expenses, then multiply that times the number f years yu want t prvide this incme. Once yu've dne that, add yur shrt and lng-term debts and yur family maintenance expenses. Step 4 - Yur Current Resurces It's imprtant t cunt nly liquid assets (thse that culd be quickly cnverted t cash) amng yur resurces. Dn't cunt items such as yur hme r autmbile, since selling them wuld drastically change yur family's lifestyle. Add all available savings, stcks, bnds, mutual funds, existing life insurance (such as grup life thrugh yur emplyer), and Scial Security. Add yur present salary and assume 5 percent cmpunded salary increases if expected. Step 5 - D The Math Shrt-term needs + Lng-term needs - Resurces = Life Insurance needs. Subtract yur resurces (savings, liquid assets) frm yur ttal expenses. This figure represents the amunt f life insurance yu shuld buy. The final figure that shws hw much life insurance a persn needs can be quite alarming. If yu end up with an astrnmical figure that requires a premium that is t high, g thrugh the analysis again and select areas fr which yu think yu can allcate less mney. THE AIA TRUST HAS THE SOLUTION The AIA Trust ffers numerus ptins fr life insurance. Grup Life Insurance with special, negtiated rates; 10-year and 20-year level term life plans t ensure n premium increases fr thse perids; Firm term life plan t ffer yu and yur emplyees an imprtant benefit; and nw Individual high level term life insurance fr thse lking fr cverage ver $1MM. The lwer cst 10-Year r 20-Year Term Life Plan underwritten by New Yrk Life Insurance Cmpany ffers highly cmpetitive rates. Grup plans with New Yrk Life are available up t $1 Millin. Term Insurance is the mst ecnmical way t cver the amunt f insurance necessary in yur calculatins abve rate charts by age, gender, and smking status and detailed plan infrmatin is available n the Trust website. Spuses may apply fr up t $1,000,000 cverage, based n their wn age and nt t exceed the primary plicyhlder s amunt. Rates remain level fr a 10-year perid. The plan als ffers a living benefit r Accelerated Living Death Benefits ptin f up t 50% f yur life insurance benefits if qualified. A new dmestic partner rider has als been added t the plan. In additin, a new AIA Trust buying service thrugh Life Insurance Central nw ffers higher limit individual term life insurance prducts frm highly reputable carriers fr $1,000,000 t $10,000,000 cverage t AIA members. Members may qualify fr the lwer rates and higher cverage levels while still being able t participate in an AIA Trust prduct. Besides prviding flexible cverage, yu will receive bjective advice and guidance. The prcess is cnvenient since the Trust buying service des all f the legwrk fr yu by reviewing insurance carriers, benefit ptins and rates t tailr the plan and save yu time. Fr mre infrmatin n high-limit plans, call ext Fr mre infrmatin abut the AIA 10-Year and 20-Year Level Term Plans, r the grup life r firm term life plans, call and ask fr the AIA Member Insurance Center. 8

9 OFFER A NEW EMPLOYEE BENEFIT Finding ways t retain and mtivate gd emplyees is a challenge. The mre expensive items are salary increases, bnuses and medical insurance. But there is an ptin that every emplyee needs that is priced right fr yu as the emplyer, the AIA Trust's Emplyee Term Life Insurance Prgram. This plan is available t emplyees f members and cmpnents, as lng as the emplyee is wrking at least 20 hurs per week and has been emplyed there fr three mnths. Fr a maximum benefit level f $100,000, the plan is reasnably priced. A rate chart can be viewed here. Firms with 10 emplyees r mre have a special "guarantee" feature, which allws each emplyee t enrll with n questins asked abut their health histry. This applies fr plicies up t $50,000 f life insurance as lng as the firm pays 100% f the premium fr the emplyees. Fr firms with 4 t 9 emplyees, each emplyee may cntribute up t 75% f the premium each mnth. This applies if 75% f yur emplyees participate in the plan. On a vluntary basis, emplyees f AIA members can apply fr benefit limits up t the $100,000 maximum. In this case, each applicant will be required t g thrugh the nrmal underwriting prcedures. In mst cases, a firm can deduct this cverage as a business expense, prvided firm pays yur emplyees premiums. TWO PLANS AVAILABLE There are 2 plan ptins fr an emplyer t cnsider when setting up this benefit plan: 1. Plan 1 gives each emplyee a life insurance plicy f their annual salary at a maximum benefit level f $50, Plan 2 gives each emplyee a life insurance plicy fr twice their annual salary at a maximum benefit level f $100,000. Each emplyee's base salary is runded t the nearest $1,000. Each emplyee may designate their wn beneficiary and the plicy can be assigned t a bank as cllateral fr aut, hmewner r persnal lans. The fllwing plicies enhancements are included in the price f the basic life insurance cverage: Accidental death and dismemberment cverage. This substantial benefit dubles the amunt f the death claim shuld the emplyee be killed in a cvered accident. If dismemberment ccurs due t the accident, such as lss f a limb r eye sight, up t 100% f the plicy benefit may be paid depending n the severity f the injury. Waiver f premium benefit. Shuld an emplyee becme ttally disabled, the premium fr the life insurance will be waived after 6 mnths f disability and the life insurance will cntinue at n charge until the emplyee returns t wrk full time. Accelerated Death Benefit allws 50% f the life insurance benefit t be paid while the emplyee is still living if diagnsed as terminally ill (less than 12 mnths t live). This benefit gives the emplyee cash t help settle estate matters and pay medical bills when the mney is needed the mst. The AIA Emplyee Term Life Plan is underwritten by New Yrk Life Insurance Cmpany. New Yrk Life has been given the highest ratings pssible by A.M. Best (A++) and Standard and Pr's (AAA) fr financial strength and claims-paying ability. Valued incentives such as the AIA Emplyee Term Life Plan can be a significant additin t the emplyment package at a very reasnable price. Applying fr cverage is simple, by calling the AIA Trust Insurance ffice at

10 EMPLOYEE HEALTH INSURANCE If yu currently ffer health insurance t yur staff r if yu are cnsidering this benefit as an additinal emplyee benefit, the AIA Trust ffers a shpping service which may be accessed thrugh the Trust web site under healthcare cverage r by calling (Mn-Fri 5 AM t 6 PM Pacific time). Yu will be prvided n-bligatin infrmatin, which may include qutes and benefits, fr individual and small grup prducts ffered by the tp insurance cmpanies in the cuntry. 10

11 TERM vs. WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE Term Life Insurance Term insurance is like leasing a car. Yu purchase death benefits fr a specified perid --usually 5, 10 r 20 years. When the perid is ver, it's like turning in the leased car. The deal is dne and yu walk away. Term insurance pays a specific lump sum t yur designated beneficiary if yu shuld die during the term f the plicy. The plicy prtects yur family by prviding mney they can invest t replace yur salary, and t cver immediate expenses incurred by yur death. Term life insurance is best fr yung, grwing families, whse financial needs are especially high but wh ften have limited resurces t cver thse needs. The premium n a Term plicy is lw cmpared t ther types f life insurance because it builds n cash value; yu pay nly fr the cst f insurance (COI). The COI is the amunt f mney the insurance cmpany charges t keep yur life insurance plicy in frce, depending n yur age and health at the time yu apply fr cverage. Under a Yearly Renewable Term plicy, the COI is determined at the time yu apply and increases at each plicy anniversary (as yu get lder, it becmes mre expensive t insure yur life). Under a Level Term plicy, such as the 10-year level plan ffered by the AIA Trust, the COI remains level during initial guaranteed perid and then increases. Prs: Affrdable cverage that pays nly a death benefit, Term Insurance initially csts less than ther insurance plicies mainly due t the fact that, unlike ther plicies, it builds n cash value. Cns: Term Insurance premiums increase with age because the risk f death increases as peple get lder. Sme Term Insurance premiums may rise each year (e.g., "Yearly Renewable Term), r after the initial guarantee perid f 5, 10, 15, 20, r mre years. Over the age f 65, the cst f Term Insurance becmes very expensive, ften unaffrdable. Permanent Life Insurance Permanent, r "Cash Value," Life Insurance is like buying the car yu plan t drive frever. As lng as yu pay the premiums, permanent insurance stays in frce as lng as yu live. It prvides prtectin fr yur dependents by paying a death benefit t yur designated beneficiary upn yur death. In additin, a prtin f yur premiums are depsited int a tax-deferred cash value accunt that yu can use while yu are alive. Whle Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance and Variable-Universal Life Insurance are examples f permanent life insurance. Whle Life Insurance is permanent life insurance prtectin fr yur entire life, usually t age 100. A Whle Life plicy is cntractually guaranteed nt t lapse, prvided that yu pay sufficient premiums each year t keep the plicy in frce. Besides permanent lifetime insurance prtectin, Whle Life Insurance features a savings element that allws yu t build cash value n a tax-deferred basis. A prtin f the premiums yu pay build up the savings element f the plicy and are invested by the cmpany. The interest rate return n yur investment is added t the savings prtin f the plicy. This is hw the plicy builds cash value. In additin t crediting yur plicy with interest, "participating" plicies issued by mutual insurance cmpanies may als give yu the pprtunity t earn dividends. Dividends are a NON-guaranteed return f part f the premium intended t reflect a cmpany s favrable perating experience. Prs: Whle Life Insurance has a savings element (cash value) which grws tax-deferred. If the cntract is set up prperly in advance, yu might build up enugh cash value t stp paying premiums by a certain age, r t brrw frm the cash value (take a plicy lan) during yur lifetime n a tax-advantaged basis. Unlike Term Life Insurance, whse premiums eventually rise after the initial guarantee perid, Whle Life Insurance premiums will nt increase during yur lifetime (as lng as yu pay the planned amunt and repay any plicy lans). Cns: Yu are nt allwed t chse separate investment accunts, i.e., mney market, stck r bnd funds; the insurance cmpany cntrls hw and where yur premium dllars are invested. Whle Life Insurance 11

12 ffers n premium flexibility r face amunt flexibility; the plan yu buy tday remains fixed fr life. It is therefre imprtant t plan carefully, because Whle Life Insurance is nt very gd at adapting t insurance and/r retirement plans that change significantly. Universal Life (UL), als called "Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance," entered the life insurance market in the early 1980s as a mre flexible versin f Whle Life Insurance. Like Whle Life, UL features a savings element that grws n a tax-deferred basis. A prtin f yur premiums are invested by the insurance cmpany in bnds, mrtgages and mney market funds. The return n the investments is credited t yur plicy tax-deferred. A guaranteed minimum interest rate applied t the plicy (usually arund 4%) means that, n matter hw the investments perfrm, the insurance cmpany guarantees a certain minimum return n yur mney. If the insurance cmpany des well with its investments, the interest rate return n the accumulated cash value will increase. Universal Life allws yu t chse frm tw death benefit ptins. Optin A pays the death benefit ut f the plicy's cash value; the mre cash value yu build up means the cmpany is n the hk fr less insurance (and therefre csts less). Optin B pays the face amunt stated in the cntract, plus any cash values yu accumulated ver the years (csts mre). Many UL plicies tday ffer a n-lapse guarantee: as lng as yu pay the minimum designated premium, the plicy will stay in frce t age 100 (r even t age 120). Hwever, paying the minimum guaranteed premium is rarely sufficient t build up significant cash values. Prs: Universal Life gives yu the flexibility t adjust the death benefit as yur needs change, as well as the flexibility t pay smaller r larger premiums - depending n yur financial circumstances. This is ften an imprtant feature fr families wh may have fluctuatins in their ability t pay. Cns: If yur premium payments are t small fr t lng, the plicy culd lapse, leaving yu withut insurance prtectin. Als, if the insurance cmpany des prly with its investments, the interest return n the cash prtin f the plicy will decrease (but never belw the minimum interest rate guaranteed in the cntract). In this case, cash values will prbably fall, frcing yu t pay mre premium in the later years. Variable Life Insurance is als called Variable Appreciable Life Insurance - prvides permanent prtectin t yur beneficiary upn yur death. This type f life insurance is "variable" because it allws yu t allcate a prtin f yur premium dllars t a separate accunt cmprised f varius investment funds within the insurance cmpany's prtfli, such as an equity fund, a mney market fund, a bnd fund, r sme cmbinatin theref. Hence, the value f the death benefit and the cash value may fluctuate up r dwn, depending n the perfrmance f the investment prtin f the plicy. Althugh mst variable life insurance plicies guarantee that the death benefit will nt fall belw a specified minimum, a minimum cash value is seldm guaranteed. Variable is a frm f whle life insurance and because f investment risks it is als cnsidered a securities cntract and is regulated as securities under the Federal Securities Laws and must be sld with a prspectus. Prs: Allws yu t participate in varius types f investment ptins while nt being taxed n yur earnings (until yu surrender the plicy). Yu can apply interest earned n these investments tward the premiums, ptentially lwering the amunt yu pay. Cns: Yu assume the investment risks. When the investment funds perfrm prly, less mney is available t pay the premiums, meaning that yu may have t pay mre than yu can affrd t keep the plicy in frce. Pr fund perfrmance als means that the cash and/r death benefit may decline, thugh never belw a defined level. Als, yu cannt withdraw frm the cash value during yur lifetime. 12

13 WHAT ARE THE FACTS ABOUT DISABILITY INSURANCE? Take a few minutes t cnsider what yu wuld d if yu suddenly became disabled and culd n lnger wrk, either at all r in yur current prfessin. Here are sme facts: Accrding t the Disability Status Reprt published in 2010 by Crnell University, 40.4% f Americans between the age f 21 and 64 with a disability are unemplyed. Accrding Lifehappens.rg, the average mnthly disability benefit paid is nly $1,063 and mre than 39% f disability claims t Scial Security are denied. Wrkers Cmpensatin nly pays if yur disability was due t an accident that ccurred while yu were wrking but accrding t the Natinal Safety Cuncil (Injury Facts, 2011 Editin), mre than 73% f disabling accidents and illnesses aren t wrk-related and nnfatal injuries affect millins f Americans. 82% f peple surveyed have n lng term disability insurance r severely inadequate cverage. (American Cuncil f Life Insurers) 40% f thse aged 45 and lder will have a disability lasting lnger than 90 days during their career. Mst cmmn causes f disability are: 18.2% Back injuries 12.7% Emtinal/psychiatric 11.3% Neurlgical 9.0% Extremities 4.1% Cardivascular If these statistics d nt make yu seriusly cnsider securing apprpriate disability insurance cverage t prtect yur incme, then yu may be independently wealthy. The AIA Trust is cncerned that the average architect r cmpnent executive des nt have sufficient disability cverage t replace incme during a lng-term recvery perid. The Trust ffers a very cmpetitive, inexpensive Lng Term Disability Insurance Plan t help members & cmpnent execs prtect their greatest asset: their incme. Yu buy insurance prtectin fr yur car, yur huse, even yur jewelry, but frequently insurance t prtect yur salary falls thrugh the cracks. Please cnsider that, married r single, disability is yur mst imprtant insurance cverage. Life insurance becmes imprtant when yu have a family t supprt and t help thrive in yur absence. Disability insurance is cverage that yu need regardless f yur family situatin. Yu need it t survive a disability withut lsing yur hme and yur ther assets. And cnsidering the statistics abve, it s a much safer bet t be cvered than nt. Briefly, the AIA Trust Lng Term Disability Incme Plan is ffered t AIA members & cmpnent executives wrking at least 20 hurs per week and under age 60 wh are U.S. r Canadian residents. The plan is prtable and therefre nt dependent n yur lcatin, firm r emplyer. Lng-term cverage prvides mnthly disability benefits t at least age 65 and is preferable t shrt-term plicies which nly prvide benefits fr perids f 12 t 60 mnths. The mst cmmnly purchased plan has a 90-day waiting perid and a benefit perid extending t age 65. The maximum mnthly benefit yu may apply fr is $10,000. The plan cvers disabilities due t accident r illness in additin t permanent, ttal and partial disabilities, with variable eliminatin perids. A waiver f premium benefit and a special death benefit are 13

14 als included. If under age 60 and disabled, future premiums are waived until emplyment is resumed. If death ccurs due t the disability, an amunt equal t three times the last mnthly benefit is payable. In additin, the AIA Trust Firm Grup Lng Term Disability Insurance Plan prvides financial prtectin fr emplyees up t $6,000 per mnth, based n the amunt they were earning befre their disability began. Eligible emplyees must be wrking at least 25 hurs per week t qualify fr this emplyee benefit. Yur chances f becming disabled are greater than yu think. At age 45, yu have a ne in five chance f being disabled--with the average disability lasting mre than fur years, the Sciety f Actuaries reprts. Since the average persn under age 55 is disabled fr at least fur years, hw wuld yu supprt yurself and yur family if yu were disabled and culdn't wrk? The simple answer: prtect yur incme with disability insurance. While disabled, yu wuld receive tax-free dllars every mnth frm the insurance cmpany t help replace yur current incme. Disability insurance can be cmplicated with many different types f plicies available. Fr example, the AIA Trust ffers a grup disability plan underwritten by New Yrk Life Insurance Cmpany (NYLIC) and an emplyee disability plan underwritten by UNUM, fr tw r mre emplyees. Many ther insurance cmpanies ffer individual disability plans. Cmparisn f the AIA grup and individual plans is difficult because f different plicy frms. Here are sme issues t cnsider when shpping fr disability cverage. Hw Much Mnthly Disability Insurance Is Adequate? A simple rule is that the amunt f yur mnthly disability insurance shuld equal yur take-hme pay, plus pensin cntributins nrmally made each mnth. If yur salary is $100,000 and the after-taxes net abut $60,000, this equates t $5,000 a mnth needed in disability cverage. The mnthly insurance benefit shuld replace yur net take-hme pay s yur current lifestyle des nt change. Disability insurance guarantees this incme. Cmpanies usually insure an individual fr up t 65% f ne's annual salary. Cst is a majr difference between grup and individual disability plans. Premiums paid fr a private, individual plan are level and never change fr the life f the plicy. The premium is a substantial amunt that in essence "vercharges" the plicyhlder in the earlier years t cver upfrnt expenses. This "nncancelable" rate structure, fund in mst individual plans, sets high fixed rates at inceptin t cllect sufficient premiums t invest ver time, which subsidizes the fixed rate as the insured gets lder and health risks increase. In additin, expenses such as large cmmissins t agents, cmpany prfit, and taxes make individual plans mre cstly. The AIA's endrsed grup plan ffers disability rates that are very lw at plicy inceptin, cllecting nly what's needed t cver mdest expenses and the risk f disability assciated with the ne's current age. The rate then increases every five years as yur health risks increase. There are n heavy expense lads, which keeps rates affrdable. Rates are nt guaranteed and may be increased by the insurance cmpany if lss experience is pr (r may be reduced if the lss experience is favrable). Fr example, a 30-year-ld member purchasing $5,000 f mnthly benefits (assuming benefits t age 65 and a 90-day waiting perid) will pay abut $1,200 per year fr an individual plan. Under the AIA's endrsed plan and assuming the same benefit ptins, the member pays $292 annually until age 35, $475 at age 40, and s n until age 50 when the premium matures at abut $1,200 per year. In this example, the member pays significantly less fr the first 20 years f cverage. This example applies at any age f entry. Gender Differences Wmen pay a higher premium than men under an individual plan than under a grup plan. This is because the average frequency f lifetime illness is higher fr wmen and, therefre, statistically their chances f disability are greater. Under the AIA grup plan, hwever, wmen and men pay the same rate. Rates will vary based n age, waiting perid, and length f cverage which can be fr tw years r until age 65. Ttal Disability The "ttal disability" definitin is a significant cnsideratin when buying disability insurance. It is usually 14

15 defined as "the insured's inability t wrk full time at his r her current ccupatin fr which he/she is educated and trained, and must be under a dctr's care." This preferred definitin prtects the specialty f wrking as an architect, r as a cmpnent executive, and the disabled member cannt be frced t wrk at any unsuitable ccupatin. Sme plicies indicate that if a member is disabled and unable t wrk at "his/her wn ccupatin" but capable f wrking in any ccupatin after 24 mnths, then benefits will cease. The preferred "ttal disability" definitin prtecting "yur wn ccupatin" with n time limits r ther restrictins, as in the AIA plan, is the ne t cnsider. If yu vluntarily wrk at any ther ccupatin ther than the psitin held at time f disability, the private plan will cntinue t pay full benefits regardless f the ther incme, whereas the AIA grup plan will reduce the amunt f the mnthly disability benefit prprtinate t the lss f incme. This is called a "residual disability benefit." The aim f the grup plan is t replace the member's lst incme due t a disability--nt t increase the prfitability f the disabled persn. The AIA Trust Plan has a vluntary returnt-wrk prvisin, s if disabled, the insured is nt frced t return t wrk at any ccupatin. Guaranteed Renewability An individual plan's guarantees that the cmpany can never cancel the plicy, as lng as the member pays the premium when due, is called "guaranteed renewability." The AIA Trust plan cannt use this term; hwever, the AIA Trust and nt the insurance cmpany cntrls the reasn fr any terminatin. Under the AIA cntract, New Yrk Life cannt cancel the members' disability insurance plicies under any ther scenari. Since the purpse f the AIA Trust is t ensure quality benefits fr AIA members, the Trust intends t cntinue cverage. There may be ther differences between grup and individual plans depending n the plicy ffered. Generally, grup plicies are less expensive, while individual plicies may ffer slightly better benefits in sme areas. An imprtant issue is whether the cmpany ffering cverage is an A-rated carrier that specializes in disability insurance--a strng indicatr that the cmpany will be there fr yu when yu are disabled. One thing is fr certain: yu need disability insurance--whether it's prvided by an emplyer r purchased independently by the member. The AIA Trust strngly suggests that yu review yur current and future financial bligatins, years t planned retirement, and liquid savings t determine hw yu and yur family wuld survive financially shuld a serius disability hit yur husehld. Yur greatest asset will always be yur ability t earn a living in yur prfessin. Prtect that earning ability and yur incme. The AIA Trust Disability Plan fr AIA members & cmpnent executives is highly cmpetitive and underwritten by New Yrk Life Insurance Cmpany (A+ rated). The AIA Trust Insurance Office, , can answer questins abut disability insurance r prvide a persnal qute. EMPLOYEE DISABILITY INSURANCE The AIA Trust has partnered with UNUM, the natin s largest disability carrier, t develp a grup disability plan fr firms and cmpnent ffices that ffers excellent reasns t switch t this plan r add grup disability cverage t yur emplyee benefit package. The plan ffers extremely cmpetitive grup rates and the highest level f custmer service. Features include 60% incme replacement, cverage until age 65, tw year wn ccupatin definitin with residual and yur chice f eliminatin perids. One f the mst imprtant benefits f this grup plan is guaranteed insurability f all participating emplyees. As a service t AIA members and cmpnents, UNUM will prepare a custm prpsal f grup disability cverage ptins at n cst r bligatin t help yu decide whether UNUM grup disability makes sense fr yu and yur emplyees. Fr mre infrmatin, cntact Dave Msher at 15

16 LONG -TERM CARE INSURANCE Accrding t the 2010 Lng-Term Care Cst Study by Prudential and LifeCare, the average annual cst fr a private rm in a nursing hme exceeded $90,000 in 2010 a 14% increase in the past tw years. Nursing hme rates increased mre than 10% since 2008 and nearly 50% since With the average stay in a nursing hme apprximately 2.5 years, depending n gegraphic lcatin, ne may need $250,000 r mre t supprt ne. Estimates are that these expenses (including inflatin) will multiple dramatically in cming years. Fr many, the slutin is lng-term care insurance. Mst buy it t prtect assets and t preserve independence. Hwever, with mre than 100 different plicies n the market, finding the right ne can be difficult and exhausting. The AIA Trust nw ffers a service that gives AIA members and cmpnent staff the ability t shp fr lng-term care insurance effrtlessly. This prgram is prvided by a cmpany called Lng Term Care Resurces (LTCR), a buying service fr lng-term care cverage. Once yu cntact LTCR via the Internet r phne, yu will receive a custmized LTC planning kit entitled "Risk Management and Lng Term Care Understanding Yur Optins". Yur persnalized LTC planning kit will include Member Case Studies, Lcal Cst f Care Infrmatin, Tp 5 LTC Planning Mistakes and the 5 Majr Prgram Advantages which will be sent at n cst t yu. Yu may wrk with their representatives t chse a cmpany and prduct that suits yu best. LTCR uses a hst f tp-rated cmpanies, cmmitted t the lng-term care industry. What Des Lng-Term Care Cver? This cverage prvides basic benefits fr the csts assciated with nursing hme care and hme health care, such as: Nursing facility care, including assisted living; Hme nursing care and cmmunity-based care; Skilled intermediate and custdial care; Adult day care; Respite care; Hspice care; Hmemaker and meal preparatin services; and Medical equipment/ in-hme safety devices. Many ther ptins and benefits are als available, allwing yu t custmize yur lng-term care insurance plan based n persnal needs r financial cnsideratins: Frm $30 t $400 in daily benefits Benefit perids frm ne year t lifetime Eliminatin perid chices frm 0 days t 365 days Premium discunts fr preferred health status and spuse cverage Renewal guaranteed as lng as the premium is paid when due Prtable frm state t state N exclusins fr Alzheimer's disease Waiver f premium while in a nursing hme The premium rate is lcked in at yur age at the time f purchase. The yunger the member at the time f purchase, the lwer the rate will be fr the life f that plicy. Mst individuals wh purchase this prduct d s befre age 65. Hw t Use This Service Call LTCR at t request a planning kit, r visit the AIA Trust's Web site at and click n "Lng-Term Care." Identify yurself as an AIA member r member affiliate (cmpnent) and discuss yur needs and ptins with a lng term care specialist. 16

17 TOP 10 LIST OF LONG-TERM CARE POLICY CONSIDERATIONS Lng-term care insurance is a relatively new type f cverage that transfers the risk f needing expensive, lng-term care services t an insurance cmpany. Althugh there are many things t cnsider when purchasing a lng-term care plicy, the fllwing are the ten mst imprtant features: 1. A large, well-rated, experienced insurance cmpany. The insurer yu select shuld be rated "excellent" by A.M. Best and "strng" by at least tw ther independent agencies, such as Standard & Pr's r Mdy's. 2. A plicy that has reasnable "benefit triggers." Benefit triggers are the requirements that yu must meet befre the insurer will pay yu benefits. Generally, there are tw: the inability t perfrm basic activities f daily living and cgnitive impairment (i.e., memry lss). Avid plans that require tw triggers r that mit bathing. Als, lk fr a plan that cvers bth "hands-n" and "stand-by" assistance. 3. A plicy that ffers cverage fr all types f care. Tday's plans shuld cver nursing hme care, hme health care, assisted-living care, alternate care, adult day care, respite care, and hspice care. 4. A plan that pays sufficient benefits fr an adequate perid. Cnsider the cst f care, and purchase insurance t cver at least 90 percent f that cst. Since the average length f stay is tw-and-ne-half years, a plicy with at least a three-year benefit perid is recmmended. The plicy shuld pay 100 percent f actual expenses up t the daily maximum selected. 5. A plicy that allws yu t chse the dctr r nurse wh certifies yur eligibility fr benefits. 6. A plicy that ffers built-in inflatin prtectin. This allws yur benefits t increase ver time while yur premiums remain level. Mst plans ffer either 5 percent f yur riginal amunt (called "simple") r 5 percent f the previus year's amunt (called "cmpund"). 7. A plicy that waives r stps yur premiums in the event yu require care. Many plicies will allw yu t stp paying premiums nce yu actually start receiving benefits. Insist n ne that waives premiums fr all types f care, nt merely facility care. 8. A plicy that ffers discunts fr being married and fr being in abve average health. Many insurers ffer married cuples a discunt, usually percent fr each spuse. If yu are in abve average health fr yur age, yu culd be eligible fr a "preferred health discunt," which can range anywhere frm percent. 9. A mnthly maximum plicy that cvers the cst f hmemaker services and hme medical equipment and allws fr hme mdificatins. The "mnthly maximum" benefits are imprtant because the cst f hme care can fluctuate dramatically and this prvides mre flexibility with yur insurance dllars. 10. A plicy that specifically cvers Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsn's disease, and senility (if diagnsed after yu secure the plicy); des nt require a prir hspital stay; is fully underwritten at the time f applicatin; and is guaranteed renewable. 17

18 HOW MUCH PERSONAL LIABILITY COVERAGE DO YOU NEED? If yu wn a hme, yu have made a significant investment. Yur hmewners insurance helps yu prtect yur hme and belngings; hwever, yu may nt be aware that it can als help prtect yu frm persnal liability claims. If yu r smene yu're respnsible fr causes harm t anther persn r their prperty if yur child thrws a ball thrugh a neighbr's windw, fr example yu can be fund negligent and held liable fr financial damages. Yu may als be held accuntable fr harm r damage caused by yur pets r an injury if smene slips and falls n yur prperty. Yur hmewners insurance can prtect yu frm catastrphic lss when a persn files a lawsuit r a claim against yu. Yur plicy cvers the cst f yur legal defense and, if yu are fund t be legally liable, will als pay any damages up t the amunt cvered by yur plicy. Hmewners liability cverage applies anywhere even ff yur prperty if yu r a member f yur family causes an accident. Hwever, this type f insurance des nt apply t autmbile accidents r ther excluded activities. While all hmewners insurance plicies include a basic amunt f persnal liability cverage usually $100,000 basic cverage may nt be enugh. The amunt yu need depends n yur persnal situatin. We suggest that yu purchase liability insurance equal t at least tw t three times the value f yur assets. Umbrella insurance extends the cverage yu have fr liability claims against either yur hmewners r yur autmbile insurance. Call yur insurance representative t get a mre cmplete descriptin f liability cverage and determine hw t ensure that yur liability limit fits yur needs r visit their website. Liberty Mutual insurance cverage is available t members and cmpnent staff f the American Institute f Architects thrugh Grup Savings Plus which prvides special member discunts n tp-quality, affrdable insurance thrugh cnvenient checking accunt deductin r direct bill at hme. Fr mre infrmatin r a n-bligatin qute n yur aut and hme insurance, please call

19 The AIA Trust serves as a free risk management resurce fr AIA members. The AIA Trust cntinuusly updates its resurces fr members n the AIA Trust website, (a separate web site frm the AIA.rg web site). Under the Member Resurces buttn lcated at the tp f the hme page is listed a hst f member & firm resurces and tls including risk management articles, white papers, seminars & webinars, and nw an all-new prfessinal liability insurer database - all made available free f charge t aide members in their architectural practices. The Cmpnent Resurces page n the AIA Trust web site lists the cmpnent prgrams that the Trust ffers such as grant pprtunities fr cmpnent prgrams. Mst AIA Trust benefit prgrams are available t AIA Cmpnent staff. The purpse f the AIA Trust is t develp and make available at the greatest pssible value, insurance and benefit prgrams fr AIA members and cmpnents and t serve as a risk management resurce. AIA Trust gals are clearly defined t: 1. Prvide respnsive prgrams. 2. Prvide quality service. 3. T add value by prviding balance between cst & benefit. 4. Remain financially stable. 5. Be and be perceived as a valuable and essential member benefit. Fr the last 60 years, the AIA Trust has develped and ffered insurance and benefit prgrams f the greatest pssible value t AIA members and cmpnents. The Trust is self-funded and dedicated t assisting AIA members in making decisins abut cmplex matters s they may be successful in their practices. The Trust als serves as a member-advcate in getting members infrmatin abut the spnsred insurance prgrams and assisting members t have claims handled prperly and prmptly. Six AIA members and ne CACE representative serve as Trustees, appinted by the AIA President. They wrk with independent experts wh advise n insurance, legal, and financial matters t enable the Trustees t make the best decisins pssible - and tgether they wrk with AIA Trust staff t evaluate, select, and mnitr prgrams that meet the Institute's high standards f quality, value, financial stability, service, and cverage. Fr mre infrmatin n AIA Trust prgrams, visit the website r call directly. 19

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08 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

08 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 08 Custmer Relatinship Management (CRM) What s inside: An intrductin t custmer relatinship management (CRM), and why CRM plays a massive rle in marketing. We lk at different frms f custmer relatinship

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Certification Handbook. The IIBA guide to gaining the CBAP designation.

Certification Handbook. The IIBA guide to gaining the CBAP designation. Certificatin Handbk The IIBA guide t gaining the CBAP designatin. April 16, 2014 Table f Cntents Table f Cntents... 2 1.0 Abut this Handbk... 3 2.0 Abut Internatinal Institute f Business Analysis... 3

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insurance what every business should know

insurance what every business should know insurance what every business shuld knw cntents Intrductin 1 Welcme t insurance what every business shuld knw 1 Types f insurance cverage 2 Emplyer s liability insurance 2 Public liability insurance 2

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Your comprehensive car insurance policy details

Your comprehensive car insurance policy details Yur cmprehensive car insurance plicy details Thank yu fr chsing cmprehensive car insurance. we have made this plicy simple and straightfrward s that yu can understand what we

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European Investment Bank. Guide to Procurement

European Investment Bank. Guide to Procurement GUIDE TO PROCUREMENT fr prjects financed by the EIB Updated versin f June 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS Intrductin 1. General Aspects...4 1.1. The Bank s Plicy... 4 1.2. Eligibility f Cntractrs and Suppliers

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The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services

The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services A Frrester Ttal Ecnmic Impact Study Prepared Fr KPN The Ttal Ecnmic Impact Of KPN s Managed Vide Services As Used By A Large Financial Service Organizatin Prject Directr: Sebastian Selhrst March 2012 TABLE

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Annuities and Senior Citizens

Annuities and Senior Citizens Illinis Insurance Facts Illinis Department f Insurance January 2010 Annuities and Senir Citizens Nte: This infrmatin was develped t prvide cnsumers with general infrmatin and guidance abut insurance cverages

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A Beginner s Guide to Successfully Securing Grant Funding

A Beginner s Guide to Successfully Securing Grant Funding A Beginner s Guide t Successfully Securing Grant Funding Intrductin There is a wide range f supprt mechanisms ut there in the funding wrld, including grants, lans, equity investments, award schemes and

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Integration Competency Center

Integration Competency Center Integratin Cmpetency Center ICC Handbk Versin 3.0 29 Nvember 2012 ICC - Integratin Cmpetency Center ICC is a shared service intended fr cmpanies wh wish t design, develp and maintain integratin slutins

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guide minimising the cost of personal injury claims arising under employers and public liability

guide minimising the cost of personal injury claims arising under employers and public liability guide minimising the cst f persnal injury claims arising under emplyers and public liability cntents Intrductin... 2 Target audience fr the guide... 2 The authrs credentials... 2 Why publish the guide

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Check the GRE website (link to for registration and test writing dates and locations. Register online, by phone, or by mail.

Check the GRE website (link to for registration and test writing dates and locations. Register online, by phone, or by mail. Applying t Graduate Schl I. General 1. Backgrund U f S Psychlgy students are bth able and well-trained. Over the years they have had measurable success mving n t graduate schl. They d well n the GREs,

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Cloud PBX Master Service Agreement

Cloud PBX Master Service Agreement Clud PBX Master Service Agreement Versin 1.2 Updated 7/1/2012 1 This Master Service Agreement (this Agreement ) is entered int this day f ( Effective

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RETAIL DEVELOPER S GUIDE RETAIL DEVELOPER S GUIDE Karina Kreja, Assciate Directr, CBRE: After tw decades f dynamic develpment the Plish retail market is nw mature. Despite increasing cmpetitin it still ffers cnsiderable develpment

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WHITE PAPER SPON. Understanding the Benefits of Online Backup and Data Synchronization. Published September 2011 SPONSORED BY

WHITE PAPER SPON. Understanding the Benefits of Online Backup and Data Synchronization. Published September 2011 SPONSORED BY WHITE PAPER Understanding the Benefits f Online Backup and Data Synchrnizatin An Osterman Research White Paper Published September 2011 SPONSORED BY by SPON spnsred by Osterman Research, Inc. P.O. Bx 1058

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No Unsafe Lift. Workbook

No Unsafe Lift. Workbook N Unsafe Lift Wrkbk Cver and Sectin Break image prvided curtesy f Arj Canada Inc. Table Of Cntents Purpse f this wrkbk... 2 Hw t use this wrkbk...3 SECTION ONE A Brief Review f the Literature...5 SECTION

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Learn Start Play. Learning the game. Starting up the organisation. Playing in different ways

Learn Start Play. Learning the game. Starting up the organisation. Playing in different ways Learn Start Play Learning the game Starting up the rganisatin Playing in different ways Table f Cntent INTRODUCTION... 3 WHY CHOOSE FLOORBALL?... 4 Alternative sprt... 6 HISTORY OF FLOORBALL... 7 VALUES

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Readers may download a copy of this paper from the web site, which contains the full references..

Readers may download a copy of this paper from the web site, which contains the full references.. is permitted t assume the electrnic signature is that f the sender. In this instance, the recipient is under a duty t carry ut such prcedures. Shuld the sender dispute they sent the electrnic message with

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Strategic Plan for Human Resource Management. 2007-08 to 2009-10

Strategic Plan for Human Resource Management. 2007-08 to 2009-10 Strategic Plan fr Human Resurce Management 2007-08 t 2009-10 Cmmissiner s Message Human resurce management is increasingly imprtant in tday s changing wrkfrce. Sme f the challenges CSC currently faces

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A Call for Clarity: Open Questions on the Scope of FDA Regulation of mhealth. A whitepaper prepared by the mhealth Regulatory Coalition

A Call for Clarity: Open Questions on the Scope of FDA Regulation of mhealth. A whitepaper prepared by the mhealth Regulatory Coalition A Call fr Clarity: Open Questins n the Scpe f FDA Regulatin f mhealth A whitepaper prepared by the mhealth Regulatry Calitin December 22, 2010 Authrs Bradley Merrill Thmpsn Epstein, Becker & Green P.C.

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The Gender Dimensions of the Green New Deal - an analysis of policy papers of the Greens/EFA New Deal Working Group. Mara Kuhl

The Gender Dimensions of the Green New Deal - an analysis of policy papers of the Greens/EFA New Deal Working Group. Mara Kuhl The - an analysis f plicy papers f the Greens/EFA New Deal Wrking Grup Mara Kuhl Study cmmissined by The Greens/EFA Grup in the Eurpean Parliament, initiated by Elisabeth Schredter in cperatin with Prf.

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MEASURING AND/OR ESTIMATING SOCIAL VALUE CREATION: Insights Into Eight Integrated Cost Approaches MEASURING AND/OR ESTIMATING SOCIAL VALUE CREATION: Insights Int Eight Integrated Cst Appraches Prepared fr Bill & Melinda Gates Fundatin Impact Planning and Imprvement Prepared by Melinda T. Tuan P.O.

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