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1 C h i l d r e n s B o o k s My conclusions concerning historical shifts in (attitudes toward) the noisiness of children are based upon my reading of the following children s books. Although authors of works for children often use rhyme, alliteration, and onomatopoeia, the titles listed here have plots or themes explicitly driven by sounds, by issues of loudness or quietness, by a quest for silence or for the source of an unfamiliar, hidden, or disturbing noise. This bibliography is neither global nor comprehensive. Most of the titles are Anglophone picture books that I have had in my hands (or in the hands of friends and here I must thank Harold Boll, Laura Nelson, Jane and Jeremy Palin, Anne S. Prussing, Bill Rable and Libby Reuter, David G. Roskies, and June Sekera). Entire genres are generally absent: comic books, introductions to all five (or more) senses, music appreciation texts, phonics series. Nor have I systematically searched the thousands of lullabies, poems, and stories in children s periodicals or in collections of folktales retold for children. In addition, I have neglected educational videos and electronic games, which may be noisy but are rarely driven by sound-plots. The titles appear in the following categories: fiction, animal noises, nonfiction, historical anthologies. Within the second category, I have designated a distinct subgenre in which a young animal, unable to make its species-specific sound, learns or prefers to make the sounds of other animals (i.e., displaced sounds, or noise) before it masters, or accepts, its own. Unless otherwise noted, the place of publication is New York City. c h i l d r e n s f ic t ion Aardema, Verna; illus. Leo and Diane Dillon. Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People s Ears. A West African Tale Retold. Dial, Ackerman, Karen; illus. Stephen Grammell. Song and Dance Man. Knopf, Adams, Edith; illus. Richard Hefter. The Noisy Book Starring Yakety Yak. Random House, Adcock, Irene; illus. John Tarlton. The Noise Festival: A Play. Bothell, WA: Wright Group, 1988/1993. Aesop (AKA Babrius, Phaedrus, et al.), The Cicada and the Owl, Babrius and Phaedrus, T S C H I T S C H A T S C H O T S, O R S O U N D B I T E S 1

2 2 M A K I N G N O I S E ed. and tr. Ben Edward Perry (Cambridge, MA: Harvard U, 1965) 285, = Phaedrus, Book III, Fable 16. [Dating of these fables is unsettled; Phaedrus, who translated many of them into Latin, lived in the first century C.E.] Agopian, Annie; illus. Beppe Giacobbe. Le Roi du silence. Rodez: Ed. du Rouergue, Aguilar, Luisa; illus. André Neves. Orejas de mariposa. Sevilla: Kalandraka, Albee, Sarah; illus. Sarah Willson, Tom Brannon. Elmo s Noisy Day. East Aurora: Fisher- Price, Alborough, Jez. Ssssh! Duck Don t Wake the Baby. HarperCollins, Alcántara, Ricardo; illus. Chiara Carrer. El gallo Jacinto. Léon, Spain: Everest, Alexander, Anne; illus. Abner Graboff. Noise in the Night. Chicago: Rand McNally, Alexander, Lloyd; illus. Judith B. Schachner. How the Cat Swallowed Thunder. Puffin/ Penguin, Aliki, illus. Hush Little Baby: A Folk Lullaby. Simon & Schuster, Aliki. Quiet in the Garden. Greenwillow, Allen, Jonathan. Don t Wake the Baby: An Interactive Book with Sounds. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, Allen, Margaret; illus. Kathleen Dunne. Mr. Noisy at the Dude Ranch. (Series: Book 16 of Dr. Maggie s Phonics Readers.) Cyprus, CA: Creative Teaching, Allen, Pamela. Fancy That! Orchard Books, Allinson, Beverley; illus. Barbara Reid. Effie. Scholastic, Ames, Mildred. Nicky and the Joyous Noise. Scribner, Anderson, Sara. Noisy City Day. Brooklyn, NY: Handprint Books, Noisy City Night. Brooklyn, NY: Handprint Books, Andreae, Giles; illus. Guy Parker-Rees. Giraffes Can t Dance. Orchard, Andreae, Giles; illus. David Wojtowycz. Rumble in the Jungle. Wauwatosa, WI: Little Tiger, 1997 / Wilton, CT: Tiger Tales, 2002, and many other editions. Angelou, Maya; illus. Jean-Michel Basquiat. Life Doesn t Frighten Me. Ed. Sara Jane Boyers. Stewart, Tabori and Chang, Anholt, Laurence; illus. Catherine Anholt. Chimp and Zee s Noisy Book. London: Frances Lincoln, 2002; as board book, Appelt, Kathi; illus. Dale Gottlieb. Hushabye, Baby Blue. HarperFestival, Board book. Apperley, Dawn. Don t Wake the Baby. London: Bloomsbury, Archambault, John; illus. Suzanne T. Chitwood. Boom Chicka Rock. Philomel, Archer, Mandy; illus. Emma Dodd. Parp! (Series: Noisy Noisy.) London: Ladybird, Translated into Spanish as Puaj! Arizona Indian Children; notes by Byrd Baylor. Why Dogs Don t Talk Anymore. Pp. 3 5 of their And It Is Still That Way. Scribner s, Armour, Michael C.; illus. Katie Lee. Orca Song. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian, Armstrong, William H. Sounder. Harper and Row, Arnold, Marsha D.; illus. Pierre Pratt. Roar of a Snore. Dial, Arnott, Kathleen. Why the Bush-Fowl Calls at Dawn and Why Flies Buzz. Pp of Tales from Africa. Oxford: Oxford University, 2000 [1962].

3 C H I L D R E N S B O O K S 3 Aroner, Miriam; illus. Dominic Catalano. Clink Clank Clunk! Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills, Arro, Lena; illus. Catarina Kruusval; tr. Joan Sandin. Good Night, Animals. Stockholm and New York: Rabén and Sjögren, Asch, Frank. Barnyard Lullaby. Simon & Schuster, Auch, Mary Jane and Herm Auch. Poultrygeist. Holiday House, Austin, Margot. Growl Bear. Dutton, [Awdry, Rev. W]; illus. Richard Courtney. The Monster Under the Shed. Random House, [Awdry, Rev. W.]; illus. Christopher Moroney. Thomas the Tank Engine s Sounds. Random House, Board book. Awdry, Rev. Wilbert; illus. C. Reginald Dalby. Thomas the Tank Engine. The Complete Collection. London: Heinemann, 1996 / Random House, 1998 ( ) especially Mike s Whistle, from Small Railway Engines (1967); Cows! from Edward the Blue Engine (1954); Gordon s Whistle from Henry the Green Engine (1951). Aylesworth, Jim; illus. Ted Rand. Country Crossing. Atheneum, 1991 Aylesworth, Jim; illus. Tom Centola. Siren in the Night. Niles, IL: Whitman, Baer, Gene; illus. Lois Ehlert. Thump, thump, rat-a-tat-tat. Harper & Row, Bagert, Brad; illus. Sachiko Yoshikawa. Shout! Little Poems That Roar. Dial, Baker, Alan. I Thought I Heard... A Book of Nighttime Noises. Brookfield, CT: Copper Beech, Bang, Molly. When Sophie Gets Angry Really, Really Angry... Blue Sky / Scholastic, Banks, Steven; illus. Vince DePorter. The Song That Never Ends. Simon Spotlight / Nickelodeon, Barkan, Joanne; illus. Tom Cooke. [Weekly Reader Presents] Baby Piggy and the Thunderstorm. Muppet Press, Barthelme, Donald. The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine; or, the Hithering Thithering Djinn. Farrar Straus Giroux, Barton, Byron. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. Aladdin, Baxter, Nicola; illus. Harmen Van Straaten. Noisy Little Truck. London: Ladybird, Baylor, Byrd; illus. Ronald Himler. Moon Song. Scribner, 1982 Baylor, Byrd, and Peter Parnall. The Other Way to Listen. Scribner, Baylor, Byrd; illus. James Marshall. Plink, Plink, Plink. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Bazaldua, Barbara; illus. DiCicco Visual Arts. One Noisy Night. MouseWorks, Bearden, Romare. Lil Dan the Drummer Boy. Simon & Schuster, Beaty, Andrea; illus. Pascal Lemaitre. Hush, Baby Ghostling. Margaret K. McElderry/ Simon & Schuster, Bechdolt, Jack [John Ernest]; illus. Aurelius Battaglia. Little Boy with a Big Horn. Simon & Schuster, Bechdolt, Jack [John Ernest]; illus. Dan Yaccanno. Little Boy with a Big Horn. Random House, 1950 / Beck, Andrea. Elliot s Noisy Night. Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can Press, Becker, Bonny; illus. Kady M. Denton. A Bedtime for Bear. Somerville, MA: Candlewick,

4 4 M A K I N G N O I S E Becker, Bonny; illus. Benrei Huang. The Quiet Way Home. Henry Holt, Bedford, David; illus. David Howarth. Josh and the Whoo Whoo. Irvine, CA: QEB, Bee, William. And the Train Goes - -. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, Beeke, Tiphanie. Roar Like a Lion! A First Book About Sounds. London: Gullane, Behn, Harry; illus. Harold Berson. What a Beautiful Noise. World, Behrman, Carol H.; illus. Hideko Takahashi. The Ding Dong Clock. Henry Holt, 1999 Beim, Jerrold; illus. Meg Wohlberg. The Smallest Boy in the Class. Morrow, Bell, Babs; illus. Bob Staake. Sputter, Sputter, Sput! HarperCollins, Bellah, Melanie; re-illus. Kathy Wilburn. My First Book of Sounds. Golden, 1963; Racine, WI: Western, Bendall-Brunello, John. Snore, Dinosaur, Snore. Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish, Benjamin, Alan; illus. Christopher Santoro. Howl-o-Ween: A Book of Spooky Sounds. Simon & Schuster, Bennett, David; illus. Rosalinda Kightley. Sounds. Toronto: Bantam, Bennett, Jill, comp; illus. Nick Sharratt. Noisy Poems. Oxford University, Bennett, Rowena. The Power Shovel (1948), in Hopkins anthology, p. 9. Benson, Judith; illus. Shane Hill. The Noise in Grandma s Attic. Edmonton: Hodgepog, Bentley, Nancy; illus. Kathy K. Arnsteen. Listen To This, Ears. Price Stern Sloan, Berenstain, Stan and Jan. The Bears In the Night. Random House, 1971/1998/2002 The Berenstain Bears Get the Screamies. Random House, Berg, Jean H.; illus. Art Seiden. The Noisy Clock Shop. Wonder, Berger, Samantha; illus. Gloria Elliott. Honk! Toot! Beep! Scholastic, Berger, Samantha; illus. Dan Kanemoto. Nighttime Noises. Danbury, CT: Scholastic, Bergström, Gunilla; tr. Elisabeth K. Dyssegaard. Good Night, Alfie Atkins. Stockholm: Rabén and Sjögren, Originally published in Swedish as God natt Alfons Åberg Translated into Hebrew by Vivian Barski as Laylah Tov, Eliyahu. Ramat-Gan: Masadah, Translated into Spanish by Ana Valdés as Que duermas bien, Alfonso! Estocolmo: Nordan, Berkes, Marianne C.; illus. Robert Noreika. Marsh Music. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook, Bernstein, Margery; illus. Dorothy Handelman. Stop That Noise! Brookfield, CT: Millbrook, Bertrand, Cécile. Noni Hears. Golden Books, Board book. Bevis, Mary; illus. Consie Powell. Wolf Song. Ely, MN: Raven, Biklou, Eliyana. Lady Treble and the Seven Notes. Vancouver, BC: Simply Read, Bilezikian, Gary. While I Slept. Orchard Books, Bilgrami, Shaheen; illus. Sally Chambers. Thunder in the Jungle. Sterling/Pinwheel, Bilgrami, Shaheen; illus. Daniel Howarth. Too Much Noise! Sterling, Flap/board. [Bilgrami, Shaheen;] illus. Sally Chambers. Whispers in the Woods. (Series: Curious Creatures.) Sterling/Pinwheel, Board book. Binding, Tim; illus. Angela Barrett. Sylvie and the Songman. David Fickling, Binkow, Howard. Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen. Marina del Rey, CA:

5 C H I L D R E N S B O O K S 5 Thunderbolt, Black, Charles C.; illus. James Stevenson. The Royal Nap. Viking, Blackaby, Susan; illus. Amy B. Muehlenhardt. Sunny Bumps the Drum. Minneapolis: Picture Window, Blackaby, Susan. Turn It Down! Sydney: Pearson / London: DK, Blackstone, Stella; illus. Clare Beaton. How Loud Is a Lion? Bath, UK, and Cambridge, MA: Barefoot, Blades, Ann. Too Small. Vancouver, BC: Douglas & McIntyre, Blanchard, Arlene; illus. Vanessa Julian-Ottie. Sounds My Feet Make. Random House, Blathwayt, Benedict. Be Quiet, Bramble. London: Sainsbury/Walker, The Little Red Train Goes Chuff, Chuff, Chuff: An Adventure with Noises. London: Hutchinson s, Blonder, Ellen. Noisy Breakfast. Scholastic, Blue, Rose; illus. Tom Feelings. A Quiet Place. Franklin Watts, Blumenthal, Deborah; illus. Harvey Stevenson. The Chocolate-Covered-Cookie Tantrum. Clarion, Bond, Rebecca. Bravo, Maurice! Boston: Little, Brown, Bonner, Mary G.; illus. Luxor Price; music by Harry Meyer. The Magic Music Shop. Macaulay, Bonsall, Crosby. The Case of the Cat s Meow. HarperCollins, The Case of the Dumb Bells. HarperCollins, Borten, Helen. Do You Hear What I Hear? London and NY: Abelard-Schuman, Boswell, Addie; illus. Eric Velasquez. The Rain Stomper. Marshall Cavendish, Bottner, Barbara; illus. Alexander Stadler. Charlene Loves to Make Noise. Philadelphia: Running Press, Boulanger, Fabrice; illus. Clément Peyrous. Un Boucan d enfer. Saint-Laurent, Québec: Renouveau pédagogique, Bourgeois, Paulette; illus. Brenda Clark. Franklin and the Thunderstorm. Toronto: Kids Can, Bovetz, Marcie; illus. Steven Petruccio. Machines. Bothell, WA: Wright Group, Bowdish, Lynea; illus. John Wallace. Los Tuenos no me asustan! [Thunder Doesn t Scare Me!] Children s Press, Boxall, Ed. Francis the Scaredy Cat. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, Boyd, Patti. It s So Noisy. Grosset and Dunlap, Board book. Boyer, Cécile. Woof, Meow, Tweet-Tweet. Seven Footer Kids, Originally published in French as Ouaf, Miaou, Cui-Cui. Paris: Albin Michel Jeunesse, Bradman, Tony; illus. Jason Cockcroft. Daddy s Lullaby. Margaret K. McElderry, Braun, Sebastien. Meeow and the Pots and Pans. Sterling/Boxer, Bravi, Soledad. El Libro de los ruidos. Barcelona: Corimbo, Braybrooks, Ann; illus. Arkadia Illustration Ltd. Rabbit s Ears. Florida: Advance, Brett, Jan. Berlioz the Bear. SRA McMillan/McGraw Hill, 1991 Brett, Jane; illus. Frances Thatcher. Noisy Garage. Lake Mary, FL: Tangerine, Bridwell, Norman. Clifford s Noisy Day (1992) in Clifford: Preschool Treasury. Scholastic,

6 6 M A K I N G N O I S E Bright, Paul; illus. Guy Parker-Rees. Quiet! Orchard, Reissued as The Loudest Lion. Scholastic, Bright, Robert. Georgie and the Noisy Ghost. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Bright, Robert. Gregory, the Noisiest and Strongest Boy in Grangers Grove. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Brimner, Larry D.; illus. JoAnn Adinolfi. Loud Larry. Chanhassen,MN: Child s World, Brine, Mary D.; illus. William Hatherell. Jingles and Joys for Wee Girls and Boys. Cassell, 1895 [1883]. Brodmann-Menkes, Aliana, and David Fillingham, translators; illus. Hans Poppel. Such a Noise! A Jewish Folktale. Brooklyn, NY: Kane Miller, Bronzaft, Arline; illus. Steven Parton. Listen to the Raindrops. League for the Hard of Hearing, Brook, Judy. Hector and Harriet s noisy parties. First of two stories in Hector & Harriet, The Night Hamsters: Two Adventures. London: A. Deutsch, Brook, Sally; illus. Stephen Cartwright. I m So Noisy! Worldwide Media, Brown, Alan; illus. Rimantas Rolia. Hoot and Holler. Knopf, Brown, Craig M. City Sounds. Greenwillow, Brown, Jane Clark. Whonk and Whonk Again. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Brown, Marc T. Moose and Goose. Dutton, Brown, Margaret Wise (listed by date of first publication): The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile, illus. Roberta Rauch. Dutton, The Noisy Book, illus. Leonard Weisgard. W. R. Scott, Country Noisy Book, illus. Leonard Weisgard. Harper, Seashore Noisy Book, illus. Leonard Weisgard. W. R. Scott, Indoor Noisy Book, illus. Leonard Weisgard. W. R. Scott, Runaway Bunny, illus. Clement Hurd. Harper, Noisy Bird Book, illus. Leonard Weisgard. W. R. Scott, SHHhhhh bang: a whispering book, illus. Robert De Veyrac. Harper, City Noisy Book, illus. Leonard Weisgard. W. R. Scott, The Little Island (as Golden MacDonald), illus. Leonard Weisgard. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, The Winter Noisy Book, illus. Charles Green Shaw. Harper and Row, Goodnight, Moon, illus. Clement Hurd. Harper, Quiet Noisy Book, illus. Leonard Weisgard. Harper and Row, Summer Noisy Book, illus. Leonard Weisgard. Harper and Row, posthumously (an ever-growing list, but only sound-driven works noted here): Big Red Barn, illus. Rosella Hartman. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, Nibble Nibble: Poems for Children, illus. Leonard Weisgard. W. R. Scott, On Christmas Eve, illus. Beni Montresor. Young Scott, The Whispering Rabbit, and Other Stories, illus. Garth Williams and Lillian Obligado. Golden Press, 1965; later edition, 1992, illus. Cyndy Szekeres.

7 C H I L D R E N S B O O K S 7 Quiet in the Wilderness, in Once Upon a Time in a Pigpen and Three Other Stories, pp , illus. Ann Strugnell. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, Bunny s Noisy Book, illus. Lisa McCue. Hyperion, Two Little Trains, illus. Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon. HarperCollins, Robin s Room, illus. Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher. Hyperion, Brown, Petra. Shh! Don t Wake the Baby. Sterling, Brown, Richard, illus. Street Music. Sterling, Brown, Ruth. The Big Sneeze. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, Cry Baby. Dutton, Bryan, Ashley. The Cat s Purr. Atheneum, The Story of Lightning and Thunder. Jean Karl/Atheneum, 1993 [an Eastern Nigerian Ibibio story retold also in Arnott, pp , above]. Bublitz, Mona. Quiet. Pierre, SD: South Dakota Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, Bunting, Eve; illus. Emily A. McCully. The Banshee. Boston: Clarion, Burchard, Peter. A Quiet Place. Coward, McCain, and Geoghegan, Burgess, Melvin. The Earth Giant. G. P. Putnam, Burleigh, Robert; illus. Beppe Giacobbe. Clang! Clang! Beep! Beep! Listen to the City. Simon & Schuster, Burnett, Frances H. Editha s Burglar. Boston: Jordan Marsh, Burnett, Frances H., illus. Harrison Cady; re-illustrated by Wendy A. Halperin. The Racketty-Packetty House. Simon and Schuster, 2006 [1906]. Burningham, John. Hushabye. Knopf/Random House, Originally Husherbye. London: Jonathan Cape, Burningham, John. Noisy Words series of books for Viking, by title: Cluck Baa Jangle Twang Skip Trip Slam Bang Sniff Shout Wobble Pop Burrell, Heather A.; illus. Bonnie Adamson. Bedtime Monster. McHenry, IL: Raven Tree, Bursik, Rose. Zoë s Sheep. Henry Holt, Busse, Sarah M. and Jacqueline B. Martin; illus. Barry Root. Banjo Granny. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Butler, John. Hush, Little Ones. Atlanta: Peachtree, Butterfield, Moira; illus. Rachael O Neill. Be Quiet, Little Hen = Pieh chào le! Hsiao mu chi! Taibei: San min shu ju, Minguo 86, Button, Lana; illus. Tania Howells. Willow s Whispers. Toronto/Tonawanda, NY: Kids Can, Byars, Betsy C.; illus. Marc Simont. Ant Plays Bear. Puffin, Cabral, Olga; illus. Bruce Ingman. Seven Sneezes. Golden Book, 1948/1976.

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18 18 M A K I N G N O I S E Hilario; illus. Loti Scagliotti and Ale González. Raparap Rap Rap: Pope y Nicolás Bailan Rap. Montevideo, Uruguay: Hardenville, Board book. Hillenbrand, Will. Cock-A-Doodle Christmas. Marshall Cavendish, Hilton, Nette; illus. Ann James. Prince Lachlan. Orchard, Hindley, Judy. Soft and Noisy. Hyperion Books for Children, Hinojosa, Francisco; illus. El Fisgón. Las orejas de Urbano. México, D. F.: Alfaguava, Hirsh, Marilyn. Could Anything Be Worse?: A Yiddish Tale Retold. Holiday House, Hissey, Jane. Hoot. Random House, Ho, Minfong; illus. Holly Meade. Hush: A Thai Lullaby. Orchard, Hoban, Russell; illus. Lillian Hoban. Henry and the Monstrous Din. Harper & Row, Hobart, Lois; illus. Martha Alexander. What is a Whispery Secret? Parents Magazine, Hobbs, George W., publisher. Little Rhymes for Little Folks, in The Illustrated Primer. Charlestown, MA, Hobbs, Will; illus. Jill Kastner. Howling Hill. Morrow Junior, Hogg, Gary; illus. Mike Wohnoutka. Look What the Cat Dragged In. Dutton, Hood, Susan; illus. Shelley Dieterich. Noisy Baby. Chicago: Learning Curve, Hood, Susan; illus. Serrat, Rosa & Marta. What s That Noise? All About Farm Sounds. Westport, CT: Joshua Morris, Hooper, Maureen B.; illus. Diane Paterson. The Christmas Drum. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills, Hopkins, Lee B., comp.; photos by Anna H. Audette. Click, Rumble, Roar: Poems About Machines. Grosset and Dunlap, Horác ek, Petr. Beep Beep. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, Board book. Look Out, Suzy Goose. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, Horne, Jane. Busy Baby Noisy Book. Berkhamsted, UK: Make Believe Ideas, Horstman, Lisa. Squawking Matilda. Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish, Horwich, Frances R., and Reinald Werrenrath, Jr.; illus. Katherine Evans. The Ding Dong School Book. Chicago: Rand McNally, Howard, Arthur. The Hubbub Above. Orlando, FL: Harcourt, Howe, James; illus. Amy Walrod. Horace and Morris Join the Chorus (But What about Dolores?). Atheneum, Howe, James; illus. Marie-Louise Gay. Houndsley and Catina and the Quiet Time. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, 2008 Howe, James; illus. Marie-Louise Gay. Houndsley and Catina Plink and Plunk. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, Howland, William; illus. William Barnett. Life on the Farm; in Amusing Rhyme. (Series: Redfield s Toy Books, ser.1, vol. 4.) Kiggins and Kellogg, Hubbell, Patricia; illus. Diane de Groat. Pots and Pans. Harper Festival, Huey, Debbie. Bumperboy & the Loud, Loud Mountain. Richmond, VA: AdHouse, Hughes, Monica; illus. Serena Feneziani. Ned s Noise Machine. Crystal Lake, IL: Rigby, Hughes, Shirley. Noisy. Final story (p. 53) in The Nursery Collection. Lothrop, Lee &

19 C H I L D R E N S B O O K S 19 Shepard, Hughes, Shirley. Noisy. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, Hunt, Roderick; illus. Alex Brychta. What a Din! (Series: First Phonics.) Oxford, UK: Oxford University, Hunter, Anne. Possum and the Peeper. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Hurd, Edith T.; illus. Emily A. McCully. I Dance In My Red Pajamas. HarperCollins, Hurd, Thacher. Mama Don t Allow. Harper and Row, The Quiet Evening. Greenwillow, Hutchins, Carleen M.; illus. Arthur Schaffert. Who Will Drown the Sound? Coward, McCann, and Geoghegan, Hyde, Heidi Smith; illus. Johanna van der Sterre. Mendel s Accordion: The Story of the Klezmorim. Minneapolis: Kar-Ben, Ichikawa, Satomi. My Father s Shop. La Jolla: Kane/Miller, Idle, Molly S. Nighty Night, Baby Jesus: A Noisy Nativity. Nashville: Abingdon, Impey, Rose; illus. Moira Kemp. The Flat Man. Barron s, Ingalls, Ann and Maryann Macdonald; illus. Giselle Potter. The Little Piano Girl. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Ingersoll, Ernest. New Noise. St. Nicholas Magazine 23 (November 1895) Inkpen, Mick. Lullabyhullabaloo. Artists and Writers Guild, Irbinskas, Heather; illus. Ken Spengler. How Jackrabbit Got His Very Long Ears. Flagstaff, AZ: Northland, Irving, John; illus. Tatjana Hauptmann. A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound. Doubleday/Random House, Excerpted from Irving s novel, A Widow for One Year (1998). Isadora, Rachel. Ben s Trumpet. Greenwillow, Listen to the City. G. P. Putnam, James, Albert; illus. Kay Marshall. Noises. London: Macdonald Educational, Janeczko, Paul B., comp.; illus. Chris Raschka. A Foot in the Mouth: Poems to Speak, Sing and Shout. Somerville, MA: Candlewick, Janowitz, Tama; illus. Tracy Dockray. Hear That? SeaStar Books, Jenkins, Emily; illus. Sergio Ruzzier. Love You When You Whine. Frances Foster Books, Farrar Straus Giroux, Jenkins, Emily; illus. Tomek Bogacki. Plonk, Plonk, Plonk! (Series: Bea and Haha.) Farrar Straus Giroux, Jiménez, Vita; translation by Gloria Ramos. Qué sonidos hay? Bloomington, MN: Yellow Umbrella/Red Brick Learning, Johansen, Hanna; illus. Jacky Gleich. Sei doch mal still. München: Carl Hanser, Translated into French by Bernard Friot as Fais moins du bruit. Paris: Autrement, Translated into Spanish by L. Rodríguez López: Calla un momento. Salamanca: Lóguez, English: Please Be Quiet. Seoul: Newton, Johnson, Angela; illus. Rhonda Mitchell. Joshua s Night Whispers. Orchard Books, Johnson, David. Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Johnson, Jacob (author?); illus. Alexander Anderson. Trifles for Children. Part II. London:

20 20 M A K I N G N O I S E Johnson, Johnson, John E. Who Gives a Toot? Random House, Johnson, LaVerne; illus. Martha Alexander. Night Noises. Parents Magazine, Johnson, Marion, adapted for print from animation by CINAR, as adapted by Eric Sévigny from story by Thor Bishopric and Todd Swift. Caillou, What s That Noise? Montréal: Chouette/CINAR, Johnston, Tony; illus. Robert Bender. The Chizzywink and the Alamagoozlum. Holiday House, Johnston, Tony; illus. Cyndy Szekeres. Night Noises and Other Mole and Troll Stories. G. P. Putnam, Johnston, Tony; illus. Ed Young. Whale Song. G. P. Putnam, Jolin, Dominique. Binoo et les sons. Translated into English as Binoo Loves Sounds. Saint- Lambert, Québec: Dominique and Friends, Jolley, Mike, and Emma Dodd. Noisy Day! Dorking: Templar, 2007/San Diego: Silver Dolphin, Board book. Jones, Rebecca C.; illus. Shelly Jackson. Great-Aunt Martha. Dutton, Jordan, Taylor; illus. Frank Remkiewicz. Hiccup. Golden Books, Jorgensen, Gail; illus. Patricia Mullins. Crocodile Beat. Scholastic, Juster, Norton; illus. Jules Feiffer. Dischord and Dynne, Ch. XI of The Phantom Tollbooth. Random House, Animated version: MGM, Kanzawa, Toshiko; illus. Eizo Hirayama. Ma, Do You Hear Anything? (1980) Translated into French by Elisabeth Duval as Dis, maman, quel est ce bruit? Paris: Kaleidoscope, Kapon, Shai; illus. Dovi Kaikh. Numi Shomer al ha-sheket. Tel Aviv: Am Oved, Karapetkova, Holly, and J. Jean Robertson. What Do You Say? Vero Beach, FL: Rourke, Karlins, Mark; illus. Jack E. Davis. Music Over Manhattan. Bantam Doubleday Dell, Katz, Bobbi, comp.; illus. Susan E. Kwas. A Rumpus of Rhymes: A Book of Noisy Poems. Dutton, Kauffman, Lois; illus. Allan Eitzen. What s That Noise? Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, Kay, Verla; illus. Michael McCurdy. Iron Horses. G. P. Putnam, Keats, Ezra Jack. Whistle for Willie. Harmondsworth, UK: Penguin, Keep, Richard C. A Thump from Upstairs: Starring Mr. Boo and Max. Atlanta: Peachtree, Keller, Beverly; illus. Jacqueline Chwast. Pimm s Place. Coward, McCann and Geoghegan, Kelling, Furn; illus. Mariel W. Turner. Listen to the Night. Nashville: Broadman, Kemp, Moira. The Noisy Baby. Auburn, ME: Ladybird, 1992/London: Hodder, Kerins, Tony. The Brave Ones. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick, Appeared also as Little Clancy s New Drum. Khan, Farheen; illus. Sharelle Haqq. Ibrahim Khan and the Mystery of the Roaring Lion. Markfield, Leicestershire: Islamic Foundation, Kidd, Ronald; illus. Adam Devaney et al. Bambi: A Noisy Neighbor. Advance, Disney Enterprises, Translated into Spanish as El vecino ruidoso. México, D. F.: Hachette

Friends School Haverford Books Arranged by Guided Reading Level

Friends School Haverford Books Arranged by Guided Reading Level Friends School Haverford Books Arranged by Guided Reading Level These trade books are available at many public libraries as well as bookstores. If you don t know your student s guided reading level, scan

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English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks

English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks common core state STANDARDS FOR English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks Exemplars of Reading

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Personal Accounts of Madness by Survivors Themselves

Personal Accounts of Madness by Survivors Themselves 1 Bibliography of First-Person Narratives of Madness in English (5th edition) This Bibliography is in four sections: (1) personal accounts of madness written by survivors themselves; (2) narratives written

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ROSE SAYER "Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put into this world to rise above.

ROSE SAYER Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put into this world to rise above. 1 ACE VENTURA All-righty then! ACE VENTURA, PET DETECTIVE Warner Bros., 1994 Jim Carrey Jack Bernstein, Tom Shadyac, Jim Carrey Tom Shadyac James G. Robinson 2 SHERLOCK HOLMES Elementary, my dear Watson.

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San Diego Public Library New Additions December 2009. Adult Materials

San Diego Public Library New Additions December 2009. Adult Materials San Diego Public Library New Additions December 2009 Adult Materials 000 - Computer Science and Generalities 100 - Philosophy & Psychology 200 - Religion 300 - Social Sciences 400 - Language 500 - Science

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2013 Annual Report. Spring 2014

2013 Annual Report. Spring 2014 2013 Annual Report Spring 2014 100 Purpose Road Pippa Passes, Kentucky 41844 Pippa s Song is published for friends, alumni, and students of Alice Lloyd College. Third class postage is paid at Pippa Passes,

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Lakeland: ProBike/ProWalk Florida city comes up with the right answers

Lakeland: ProBike/ProWalk Florida city comes up with the right answers Vol. 13, No. 2 Spring 2010 OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE FLORIDA BICYCLE ASSOCIATION, INC. Reviewing the April 8 event. Florida Bike Summit brought advocacy to lawmakers doorstep by Laura Hallam, FBA Executive

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Reserveer ook een karaoke set op www.karaokeverhuurnederland.nl.

Reserveer ook een karaoke set op www.karaokeverhuurnederland.nl. Pagina 1 van 48 10176 (I LOVE YOU) FOR SENTIMENTAL REASONS SAM COOKE EN 8545 (JUST LIKE) STARTING OVER JOHN LENNON EN 10220 (LAST NIGHT) I DIDN'T GET TO SLEEP AT ALL THE 5TH DIMENSION EN 10417 (SITTIN'

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Harding experience equips students for the challenging days to come

Harding experience equips students for the challenging days to come Kyle Holton finishes folding his laundry before curfew. Several hours were spent by students at the laundry washing their piles of clothes. Photo by Aaron Gillihan. 284 Index Harding experience equips

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25 december * 12:00-13:00 uur

25 december * 12:00-13:00 uur 25 december * 12:00-13:00 uur 2000 Stevie Wonder Master Blaster (Jammin') 1999 Madonna Borderline 1998 The Who Substitute 1997 Barclay James Harvest Titles 1996 Backstreet Boys As Long As You Love Me 1995

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CLASS ACTION. in as a freeman of the City of London and installed as a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators.

CLASS ACTION. in as a freeman of the City of London and installed as a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators. CLASS ACTION Class of 1954 Reunion Pictured first row: Wesley Nuxoll, Robert McKanna, John O Connor, Leonard Cockrill. Pictured second row: Maurice Clark, Elvin Vandeberg, Keith McGoffin, Harry Hartinger,

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A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community.

A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community. A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community. Gettysburg Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2012 Gettysburg Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2012 Be proud of what you ve helped

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1936-1939. Anthony F. Noto 3414 Drighton Court Bethlehem, PA 18020-1334 (610) 758-8055

1936-1939. Anthony F. Noto 3414 Drighton Court Bethlehem, PA 18020-1334 (610) 758-8055 Class Notes 1936-1939 Alumni who don t see their class listed here and would like to volunteer to serve as a class correspondent, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs, alumni@lafayette.edu, (610)

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and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels

and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels Spirit of Giving and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels 1 Benedictine College Fall 2013 EDITOR Tom Hoopes, G 10 PRODUCTION MANAGER Beth Hoffman, 09 DESIGNER Hayleigh Diebolt

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THE LAWYER IN POPULAR CULTURE: A Bibliography A-F G-J K-N O-R S-U V-Z THE LAWYER IN POPULAR CULTURE: A Bibliography A-F G-J K-N O-R S-U V-Z A-F Adamson, Martha Ann, "Most Ingenious Practitioners": A Study of Lawyers and Clerks in Six Novels By Charles Dickens, MA Thesis,

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MESOTHELIOMA APPLIED RESEARCH FOUNDATION MESOTHELIOMA APPLIED RESEARCH FOUNDATION Annual Report 2006 Board of Directors Chairman Nicholas J. Vogelzang, MD Nevada Cancer Institute Secretary M. Ann Abbe Arlington, Texas Treasurer Ulf Jungnelius,

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Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery

Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery FY2011 annual report edition Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery FROM THE CEO Respect roots, embrace future Rosecrance leads the way in behavioral

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President s Letter. 2 NITA 2012 Annual Report Letter. Sincerely,

President s Letter. 2 NITA 2012 Annual Report Letter. Sincerely, 2012 ANNUAL REPORT President s Letter Transitions at NITA honor the fabric of our network. Last year s 2011 Annual Report focused on the 40th Anniversary events, transitioning to our next 40 years. What

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ATRS Announces Cash Buyout Program

ATRS Announces Cash Buyout Program Volume 55, Number 4 Parkview Towers 1200 Commerce, Ste. 103 Little Rock, AR 72202 501-375-2958 Winter 2013 ATRS Announces Cash Buyout Program The Arkansas Teacher Retirement System (ATRS) has announced

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Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises

Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises CAMBRIDGE Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises SECOND EDITION with answers Helen Naylor with Raymond Murphy Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises With Answers Helen Naylor with Raymond

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Nummer Titel Artiest

Nummer Titel Artiest 5808 Poor Little Fool 3 3149 How Do You Want Me To Love You? 911 3179 More Than A Woman 911 4052 Private Number 911 8638 Dreadlock holiday 10CC 9754 Dreadlock Holiday 10cc 8772 I'm not in love 10CC 2432

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Heyworth Bu zz. 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 janias@frontier.com 309-242-9325

Heyworth Bu zz. 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 janias@frontier.com 309-242-9325 75 The PRST - STD US Postage Pd. Heyworth, IL 61745 Permit #24 Heyworth Bu zz September 2011 August 4, August 18, 8, 2011 2011 Vol. 1 No. 35 33 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 janias@frontier.com

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onewith Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION those who are Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 www.ssjphila.

onewith Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION those who are Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 www.ssjphila. Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia onewith Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 those who are Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION www.ssjphila.org Welcome to One With, the magazine of the Sisters of Saint

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Base Words and Endings -er and -est

Base Words and Endings -er and -est Practice Master ES 1 1 Akiak Name Base Words and Endings -er and -est Write a sentence using each of the numbered words. 1. loud 2. louder 3. loudest 1. strong 2. stronger 3. strongest 1. silly 2. sillier

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Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006

Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006 Alumni News Spring 2006 GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet Back by popular demand, GSC alumns from far and near will be returning to campus for their special reunion weekend on April 22, 2006.

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OUR YEAR. Annual Report 2012/13

OUR YEAR. Annual Report 2012/13 OUR YEAR Annual Report 2012/13 OUR MISSION PRESIDENT HRH The Prince of Wales To train and educate outstanding classical ballet dancers for The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and other top international

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Building Conservation Communities, Inspiring Lifelong Learning 2013ANNUAL REPORT. Boston Nature Center GREEN DESIGN ADVANCING GREEN TECHNOLOGY

Building Conservation Communities, Inspiring Lifelong Learning 2013ANNUAL REPORT. Boston Nature Center GREEN DESIGN ADVANCING GREEN TECHNOLOGY 2013ANNUAL REPORT Boston Nature Center GREEN DESIGN ADVANCING GREEN TECHNOLOGY INTERPRETIVE TRAILS PATHWAYS TO NATURE PRESCHOOL Building Conservation Communities, Inspiring Lifelong Learning SCHOOL VACATION

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Scottish Rite News For the Valley of Dallas

Scottish Rite News For the Valley of Dallas dec05sr.qxp 11/28/2005 8:01 AM Page 1 Scottish Rite News For the Valley of Dallas www.dallasscottishrite.org December, 2005 generalsecretary@sbcglobal.net R:.W:. and Illustrious Jack E. Hightower, S.G.I.G.

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