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1 ABATE of NEW YORK The Freedom Writer ISSUE 3 W E L C O M E! Our newest chapter ABATE of New York Genesee Chapter Chapter Officers take their oath American Bikers Aimed Toward Education ABATE of New York State Office P.O. Box 167 Walker Valley, NY OR CURRENT RESIDENT NON-PROFIT Org. U.S. Postage PAID Binghamton, NY Permit No

2 ABATE OF NEW YORK SUPPORTS THIS PROGRAM FOR ITS MEMBERS Visit us on the web at 110 Offices Throughout North America Free Legal Consultation No Recovery = No Fee We make House Calls Attorneys in Every State and Province Who Ride No Fee on Motorcycle Damage Recovery Also Auto Accidents Over $ 150 Million Recovered For Our Clients Law Offices ofrichard M.LESTER Founder, Aid to Injured Motorcyclists New! We are endorsed by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and more than 800 motorcycle groups throughout the United States and Canada, and serve as Legal Counsel for the Confederations of Clubs. Aid to Injured Motorcyclists HIRE ATTORNEYS WHO RIDE Criminal Defense Nationwide 24 Hours - Toll Free (800) (800) ON-A-BIKE Affiliated New York Offices to Serve You LAW OFFICES OF MITCH PRONER ATTORNEY AT LAW New York's Authorized Representative for the Law Offices of Richard M.Lester Toll Free 24 Hours East 42nd Street, Suite 1448, New York, NY MEMBER OF ABATE OF NEW YORK Call for Your New A.I.M. Card with Lost Key Finder THIS BIKE AND RIDER ARE PROTECTED BY LAW FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION OR LEGAL REPRESENTATION A FIRM DEDICATED TO SERVING THE INTERESTS OF THOSE WHO RIDE 1-(800) Law Offices of Richard M. Lester ATTENTION ABATE/CMRO MEMBERS: Our nationwide network of A.I.M. attorneys donate a significant portion of their legal fees from motorcycle accident settlements back into motorcycling by being the sole financial sponsor of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists. In Case of Accident ABATE of New York, Inc State Officers President Tom Alton Vice President Matt Grossmann Treasurer Deb Trask Secretary Prospector Legislative Coordinator Mike Giarrusso Sergeant at Arms Dev Lovick Public Relations Terry Higinio Western Region A Coordinator OPEN Region B OPEN Cnic Region C Coordinator Bob Cunningham Metro NY/LI Region D Coordinator Tanya Cruz Hudson Valley Mohawk Region E Coordinator Tim Werder State Appointees State Office Manager Chris Werder P.O. Box 167 Walker Valley, NY Treasury Manager Deb Trask Newsletter Editor Tanya Cruz Webmaster John Cholewa Yahoo Moderator Tim Werder NEWSLETTER SUBMISSIONS Deadline: May 31 st for the July / August 2013 Issue Send submissions to: Tanya Cruz c/o ABATE of New York State Office PO Box 167 Walker Valley, NY NEWSLETTER ISSUE: CONTENT SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September / October July 31, 2013 November / December September 30, 2013 January 2014 / February 2014 November 28, 2013 What is ABATE? American Bikers Aimed Toward Education is a not for profit corporation formed to promote and protect the interests of New York state motorcyclists. ABATE monitors and interacts with the legislative process, enhancing the image of motorcycling, and provides educational and social opportunities for members and non-members. ABATE will continue to strive to stay acquainted with the issues and the people of the motorcycling community. We encourage all our members to be informed registered voters. ABATE of New York, Inc. supports Motorcycle Riders Education classes currently being offered throughout NYS. We welcome the interested people to any of our activities and to join our organization. All makes and models of motorcycles are welcome. For more information, visit our website at: New York State Websites New York State ASSEMBLY Sheldon Silver, Speaker New York State Assembly Assemblymen: New York State Senate: Senators: To search for a New York state bill go to 2 3

3 Abate of New York 17 th ANNUAL FREEDOM RALLY RIDE to the CAPITOL ALL MOTORCYCLIST ARE WELCOME MOTORCYCLE ONLY CHECKPOINTS MOTORCYCLE CONFISCATION MANDATORY HELMET LAW PROFILING AND DISCRIMINATION HEARD ENOUGH YET??!! Abate of New York, a motorcyclist rights organization, has been fighting these & other issues for ALL motorcyclists since 1974, AND WERE STILL HERE. WE ARE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE. We urge ALL motorcyclists to join us on Monday, May 20, 2013 to make our voices heard at the Capitol in Albany, NY. THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS MEETING PLACE: Samson s Bar & Restaurant, 1736 RT 9 Castleton-on-Hudson, NY. Ride leaves at 11:00 am Sharp!!!!! Refreshments will be available For info call Prospector OR Erik NO ATTITUDES PLEASE! From Albany East to Exit 12, left on Rte. 9 North 3.6 miles on right ABATE of New York, Inc. CHAPTERS Albany Chapter P.O. Box 3808 Albany, NY Brooklyn Chapter P.O. Box Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Alliance Chapter P.O. Box 193 Brooklyn, NY Buffalo-Erie Chapter P.O. Box 286 West Seneca, NY Cattaraugus Chapter P.O. Box 204 Cattaraugus NY Cayuga Chapter P.O. Box 74 Auburn, NY Chautauqua Chapter P.O. Box 572 Dunkirk, NY Columbia Chapter P.O. Box 227 Hudson, NY Cortland-Chenango Chapter P.O. Box 245 McGraw, NY Finger Lakes Chapter P.O. Box 353 Hornell, NY Greene Chapter P.O. Box 92 Leeds, NY ABATE of Genesee P.O. Box 233 Elba, NY Lewis Chapter P.O. Box 245 Port Leyden, NY Long Island Chapter P.O. Box 22 Yaphank, NY Monroe Chapter P.O. Box Rochester, NY North Ulster Chapter P.O. Box 13 West Hurley, NY Onondaga Chapter P.O. Box Syracuse, NY Ontario Chapter P.O. Box 546 Canandaigua, NY Orleans Chapter P.O. Box 43 Medina, NY Oswego Chapter P.O. Box 133 Central Square, NY Southern Tier Chapter P.O. Box 2441 Binghamton, NY Wayne Chapter P.O. Box 332 Ontario, NY Visit Wayne ABATE on Facebook The First in Synthetics SINCE 1972 ABATE of New York, Inc. SPONSORS The following clubs, businesses and organizations have joined ABATE of NY, Inc. to help further our goals and to help us fight for motorcyclists rights by becoming a sponsor. THANK YOU! We appreciate your SUPPORT! FULL THROTTLE INS AGENCY- Patchogue, NY SWAHN INSURANCE- Riverhead, NY Sponsors pay $25 per year to have their business or organization name printed in our state newsletter and receive a certificate. If your club, business, or organization supports our mission and would like to become a sponsor, contact Mike Grasby, our Advertising Manager for further details. You can reach him by at: or by phone: SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US! ABATE of New York, Inc. AIMS & PURPOSES ABATE of New York, Inc. MEETINGS 2013 Meetings are held at: American Legion Post 80, 76 Main St. Binghamton, New York STATE CHAPTERS MEETINGS The State Chapters Meetings start at 1:00pm. The ABATE Board meets at 12:00pm before every State Chapter Meeting. May 19, 2013 STATE BOARD MEETINGS The State Board Meetings start at 10:00am. June 16, 2013 ROBERT BOBP PIACENTE AMSOIL AND ALTRUM AUGHORIZED DEALER ZO# th Street Douglaston, NY (917)

4 Long Island ABATE Marches and Rides in the Rocky Point St. Patrick s Day Parade This year, Long Island ABATE was invited to participate in the 63rd annual Rocky Point St. Patrick s Day Parade. On March 17th, 50 bikes participated and rode and about 20 of our members walked the 3 mile parade route which drew about 40 thousand spectators. Our tailgater was a member s semi truck which had our Awareness Signs all around the back of it. And a thousand of ABATE S Watch out for Motorcycles bumper stickers were handed out. It was a great day for us to wear a little green and to spread the message to watch out for motorcycles. Hello from ABATE of Ontario County From the Desk of ABATE of NY s State President Welcome back riding season! We need to plan now to ride on May 20th and bring as many of our fellow riders as we can convince to take vacation, sick, personal, floating holiday or whatever day to ride with us. As I write this passage the law making Albany crew is out on a small break from work because they think they created a budget. Now as is the norm in Albany, three men in a room came up with a plan and the other many more are just signing on. The system that they use to get the job done is very hard to participate with, so I ask that we try to do our job the old fashion way and get our representatives to talk to each other and agree to outlaw the State of New York from taking anymore federal monies for mandatory road blocks of motorcycles only. We have agreed in the recent past that this is what we need to do, so now the news that the Second Circuit US Court of Appeals has upheld the use of roadblocks to detain motorcyclists. The appellate judges agreed with the lower court s analysis that the governments need to enhance safety is greater than the interference with individual liberty. New York is one of only nineteen states that mandate helmets, one of only twenty one states that will not allow fracking, one of a small number to allow same sex marriage, it is the state with the most gun laws, very near the highest state taxes and near the very lowest high school graduation rates. This great state of ours needs direction from its people to keep it from isolating itself from the rest of the United States. We have very good presence in Albany because of the ongoing actions of Prospector and the contacts with the chapters that get support from their local representatives. This year Mike G. the new ABATE state legislative coordinator is starting to make his character know to the lobby scene in Albany. Every year that we return to Albany in May to ride into the Capitol, it is obvious that we are not going away, we are not just going to say whatever, we are the motorcyclists that must have safer roads to share and help educate the driving public and not just tie ourselves into some more safety gear. All of the motorcycle rights organizations are having membership soft problems. AMA,MRF, and ABATES in most states but none of them are going out of business. Like us they are getting leaner and able to do just as much with less. We and them have not cut programs or stopped acting on the core matters because that is not the way to make the difference but only to loose ground. As volunteers our work is paid by the facts that we see you the membership returning to the activities that bring the public to know the generosity, dedication and the continued fight for the lifestyle that says freedom has a price and it is not the ride that you can take from us. Find time to be with us in Albany on May 20th. Help show them the strength of the motorcycle community coming together. TOM- Riding season is upon us and needless to say, we are so Don. Don Mohr is our president elect, and he will be sharing ready for the first ride of the season. some news from Albany as well as local, concerning us as As of this writing we had our Swap Meet, annually held at riders. Inn on the Lake. Absolutely a really great turn out and seeing We all received a big surprise when we were turning into everyone again was terrific. Meeting new people as well. So the parking lot at the Inn. Through the generosity of Darlene many of our members turned out to assist where needed. and Jeff Rogers and the creativeness of Ewing Graphics in Thank you so much, again for your support. Farmington, NY, we now have a beautiful 4 x8 sign that will Inn on the Lake gets a big Thank You as well. Every year be displayed at all our further events. Thank you both so they go out of their way to make us feel welcome, and all much. who come as well. Thank you all for your support!! Ride careful: Look Twice and Save a Life We will be starting a new section called, From the Desk of Rita Bradshaw, PR 6 7

5 News from Buffalo Erie All is well in Buffalo Erie. We are looking forward to a new MSF training school opening in April. Sorry to see Ride with Pride close. We also have some of new Chapter officers this year. Everyone wishes the best for our past officers were ever they go. I hope the new officer will enjoy the organization. I plan to get new product for ABATEmac this year, I hope that all chapters that would like to participate can and do. I feel that we should take advantage of the opportunities now, no one can tell how long they may last. Have a safe spring see ya in Albany Pete Campanella Buffalo Erie Chapter Pres 8 9

6 ABATE OF NEW YORK SPECIAL BOARD MEETING FEB 16, MEETING CALLED TO ORDER at 1020 by Tom Alton Bill Cox: Bylaw/policy manual explanation. MOTION: B1-13 Tanya/Matt to appoint Bill Cox to chair committee on bylaws/policy manual -- MOTION PASSED MOTION: B2-13 Tanya/Matt to adjourn special board meeting of 2/16/13 MEETING ADJOURNED 1046 BOARD MEETING FEB 16, 2013 MEETING CALLED TO ORDER at 1207 by Tom Alton Bob Cunningham and Tim Roadkill Werder sworn in as regional coordinators Roll call: all board members present Discussion: Format of meeting minutes MOTION: B3-13 Mike/Matt to accept minutes of Dec 2012 board meeting -- MOTION PASSED Tom read request from MRF to vote on SMRO Rep on their board, Dave Dwyer is running unopposed. MOTION: B4-13 Prospector/Roadkill to cast vote on behalf of ABATE of NY for Dave Dwyer as SMRO Rep to MRF board -- MOTION PASSED MOTION: B5-13 Matt/Tanya to approve Prospector to continue as NY State Rep to MRF. -- MOTION PASSED Correspondence: Tom Alton Treasurer s Report: Deb Trask Mike Giarrusso requests reimbursement for travel to Javits motorcycle show Discussion: Use of legislative budget for travel expenses for legislative coordinator. MOTION: B6-13 Tanya/DT to use legislative budget funds to reimburse legislative coordinator for expenses to Javits and to each region. -- Roll call vote MOTION PASSED with 2 abstentions. Discussion: State fair, on-line sign-ups, complimentary memberships, state office manager contract, transfer of office contents to new storage facility. MOTION: B7-13 Prospector/Tanya to adjourn MEETING ADJOURNED 1305 Correspondence: Board has approved Dave Dwyer for MRF board and Prospector as MRF State Rep. LI distributed a proposal for weighted voting to be discussed under regional report. Pete Campanella stated that chapter officers are being held to a higher standard than state board members under current bylaws Wayne chapter arrived President s report: Tom Alton; 2013 goals. Vice president s report: Matt Grossman; nothing at this time. Treasurer s report: Deb Trask. North Ulster arrived MOTION: S2-13 LI/Onondaga to accept treasurer s report -- MOTION PASSED PR report: DT Legislative report: Mike Giarrusso Region A report: Pete Campanella/ Eric Carlston Region B report: Ontario Region C report: Bob Cunningham Region D report: Tanya Cruz LI/ Jim Barr proposed that chapter voting at state meetings be a weighted vote by number of chapter members. Discussion followed. A funeral home ass n. has offered a discount to ABATE members. Call Jim Barr for info Region E report: Roadkill. Newsletter report: Tanya Cruz Office manager s report: Tom Alton/ Dev Lovick: Membership is declining, office needs a new printer. Pete Campanella commented on past practice of not allowing children at state parties, thinks it was a mistake. Freedom rally report: Prospector MOTION: S3-13 Buff-Erie/Onondaga to move May 2013 meeting to Sun, May 19 at Blackthorne at MOTION PASSED 11 yes, 1 no, 1 abstention Online membership: John Cholewa Matt Grossman: complimentary membership, trifolds Tom Alton: state fair Tom Alton/Bill Cox: bylaw changes MOTION: B8-13 Tanya/Prospector to buy a new printer for the state office with a limit of $ MOTION PASSED MOTION: S5-13 Greene/Onondaga to adjourn Meeting adjourned at 1600 INFORMATION TO GET IMMEDIATELY 1. Witnesses: This is listed first for they will disappear the fastest (especially due to the public s fear of bikers). Try and get some sort of identification so they might be contacted later, i.e., name, address, phone number, license plate number, where they work, etc. 2. Other Driver: All traditional information is needed: name, address, phone number (at home and work), driver s license, make/model/color and license of the vehicle. In addition, a very helpful piece of information is the insurance carrier of the driver of the car. If this is not obtained and if the other driver does not respond to letters sent by your attorney, you will find that most states require long waiting periods before supplying the necessary information to pursue your case - that means recovery for your injury could be delayed. 3. One Final Thing: Listen to and memorize statements made by the other driver. These statements (also known as admissions) may be used as evidence in many jurisdictions. An example of this would be the driver of the left turning car saying, I didn t see you. His statement could be used to prove the accident was his fault. NOTE: Remember, this also works in reverse. Anything you say can also be used against you. POLICE REPORT - Although most of what is recorded in a police report cannot be used in court, it is a great negotiating tool. Keep in mind that most personal injury cases are settled rather than go to trial. A favorable police report can be instrumental in bringing you a quick and generous recovery for your injuries. As we all know, cops can be a mixed bag. However, (in an accident situation) I have found most police to be fair in their assessment of fault. This is especially true of the motorcycle cop. INJURIES - This is not the time to show how macho you are. After the actual collision, take a few minutes to check yourself out. The initial shock may numb you as to how injured you really are. Remember, the human body is not made to be bounced off the ground. It is a good idea (and will aid in showing the validity of your case) to get checked out at the local emergency room (hospital) or by your own doctor. Be sure to explain all your pains to the doctor so he or she can make a complete evaluation and treat you appropriately for the injuries. On January 27, 1986, leaders of various motorcycle groups from across America met in Las Vegas to discuss a coming together and the overwhelming need for a national voice to protect our lifestyle and right to ride. The National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) was born. Accident Information Collection NO STATEMENTS - When you are contacted by the insurance company, (which is usually immediately - even right at your ho spital bed) tell the adjuster you don t wish to give a statement at that time. Even if your statement seems favorable to you, the insurance company would have lots of time to pick out the flaws. Keep in mind that the adjuster s job is to save the insurance company money and, therefore, any money offered as a fair settlement will usually only be fair to the insurance company. CALL A PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY - The first 24 hours after an accident are crucial for your case. An immediate investigation should be started including photographs showing your injuries, the accident scene and the involved vehicles. Statements from witnesses and the other driver should be gotten as soon as possible. The police report should be requested and an inspection of the point of impact for skid marks and other material evidence should be made. You will notice that I advised you to call an attorney who specializes in personal injury. The law, as with medicine, is highly specialized, and you are entitled to be represented by an attorney who is best qualified to obtain a maximum recovery for your damages. A quick call to the attorney entitles you to the following services: 1. Protection from insurance company employees - the magic words are: I am represented by counsel and don t wish to make a statement. 2. A house call if you are unable to go to the office. 3. Immediate investigation of your claim. 4. The possibility that your bike will be fixed prior to the settlement of your injuries and a rented vehicle while you wait. 5. The evaluation and protection of your legal rights RIDE FREE KNOW YOUR RIGHTS RIDE PROTECTED ABATE of NY STATE MEETING FEB 16, 2013 MEETING CALLED TO ORDER at 1315 by Tom Alton PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Roll call: 11 chapters present. (2 arrived late for total of 13) Reading of minutes of Nov 2012 meeting. MOTION: S1-13 Greene/Oswego to accept minutes Join ABATE of NY, Inc. of Nov 2012 meeting -- MOTION PASSED Protect Your Right to Ride 10 11

7 [Cycle enews] AIM/NCOM MOTORCYCLE NEWSBYTES MARCH 2013 THE AIM/NCOM MOTORCYCLE E-NEWS SERVICE is brought to you by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester. If you ve been involved in any kind of accident, call us at 1-(800)ON-A-BIKE or visit NCOM BIKER NEWSBYTES - Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish, National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) LEGISLATION WOULD PROHIBIT E15 GAS PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) has introduced H.R. 875, which would require the Environmental Protection Agency to stop the use of gasoline containing 15% ethanol (E15) until its harmful effects are investigated further. H.R. 875, introduced on February 28, would repeal the EPA s waiver decision approving the use of E15 and the authority of the agency to grant further decisions until the EPA seeks an independent scientific analysis of the effects of the E15 blend. There have been several tests and warnings highlighting E15 s harmful effects on engines and their components, but they have all been dismissed by the EPA. Therefore, we must force the EPA to stop the use of E15 fuel until the serious safety, durability, performance and environmental concerns have been addressed, announced Rep. Sensenbrenner. Sensenbrenner has introduced several bills to address the risks associated with E15, and his latest legislation to halt the sale of the 15% alcohol blended fuel until further studies are completed, came less than a week after witnesses from automobile and motorcycle industry and consumer groups testified before the Science, Space and Technology Committee that more testing is needed. We have a responsibility to ensure that Americans using gaspowered machinery whether it be cars and boats or chainsaws and lawnmowers are not put at risk due to faulty fuel that has not been adequately vetted, Sensenbrenner said. BILL INTRODUCED IN CALIFORNIA TO REGULATE LANE SHARING No sooner had the California Highway Patrol published guidelines on how to safely maneuver your motorcycle between lanes of slowmoving traffic, than SB 350 was introduced by State Senator Jim Beall (D-San Jose) to codify the rules into law. California is the only state that allows lane sharing or lane splitting, precisely because there are no laws against it; though officers have a variety of charges they can levy against a reckless rider such as unsafe lane change or too fast for conditions. Beall s bill would restrict the practice by prohibiting motorcycles from splitting lanes unless specifically allowed; when a highway has been divided into three or more clearly marked lanes for traffic traveling in the same direction, a person operating a motorcycle shall not pass another vehicle in a portion of a lane occupied by that vehicle unless the following conditions are met: (1) The passing occurs during traffic congestion. (2) The passing occurs at a safe speed. Following furious feedback from motorcyclists opposed to over-regulating an act that 87% report doing almost daily during crowded commutes, Sen. Beall soon pulled his proposal and turned it into a two-year bill for future reconsideration. In the meantime, although ABATE of California did not initiate the measure, the group will work with Beall to amend the language, and vows our goal is to ultimately submit a bill that addresses the concerns of the motorcycle community; a bill that can be supported and endorsed by the ABATE membership. If the final bill doesn t meet ABATE s requirements, ABATE will vigorously oppose the bill and try to kill it. DRIVERS CAUSE MOST CRASHES WITH MOTORCYCLES, RESEARCH SHOWS For motorcycle riders, people in cages bear a disproportionate share of the blame for the high number of motorcycle crashes, while car drivers feel careless motorcyclists careening in and out of traffic are putting their own lives at risk. So who s mostly to blame when four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles collide? According to a recent Florida Department of Transportation study, bikers are right. Motorists driving cars and trucks are mostly at fault, often failing to yield the right of way to the smaller vehicles. In analyzing 10 years of Florida motorcycle crashes, Chanyoung Lee, a senior researcher at theuniversity of South Florida s Center for Urban Transportation Research, found that 60% of the time motorists in other vehicles are at fault when they collide with motorcycles. But the study uncovered more: When looking at all motorcycle crashes, motorcycle operators bear a lot of responsibility as well. They have a significantly higher number of single-vehicle crashes than other drivers. Some 34% of motorcycle crashes involve one vehicle, according to the study, compared to only 19% of car crashes involving one vehicle. When looking at really severe and fatal motorcycle crashes, 50% involve just the motorcycle and no other vehicle, but when multiple vehicles are involved, greater blame falls on fourwheeled drivers. And most motorcycle crashes involve other vehicles. But it s also a matter of awareness, according to Lee, who is part of FDOT s Motorcycle Safety Coalition. In driver surveys, FDOT has asked people how often they see motorcycles. Those with motorcycle endorsements on their driver s licenses report seeing motorcycles all the time, while those without endorsements who live in the same area report occasionally seeing motorcycles. Due to minimal levels of protection to their riders, approximately 80% of motorcycle crashes result in injury or fatality, according to the Network of Employees for Traffic Safety, while only 20% of passenger car crashes injure or kill the vehicle occupants. MMA HELPS DEFEAT SOUND WARRANT IN YARMOUTH, MA The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) is pleased to report that a town bylaw proposal has been successfully defeated in Yarmouth. With short notice, the MMA in concert with the Yarmouth Chief-of-Police and Deputy Chief attended a recent Boardof-Selectmen meeting and were successful in convincing the board that such a Bylaw would be unsuccessful. Armed with prior testimony used successfully around the state, including used to overturn a similar bylaw passed in Falmouth and subsequently struck down by the Commonwealth Attorney General, MMA Legislative Director Rick Gleason joined the Chief and Deputy Chief of the Yarmouth Police Department in their argument that Town Bylaws cannot exceed State Law, and that such a measure would essentially be meaningless. The MMA has long held strong opposition to the use of the OEM EPA Stamp on stock exhausts as an enforcement tool, because it is a consumer protection mechanism and not meant to be used against the consumer. It is also hard to locate on many models of motorcycle, hidden under seats on sport bikes, under saddle bags of cruisers, or simply facing the wrong way for aesthetic reasons. Most critically, per the very regulation that entitles it, it expires in one year or 3,729 miles, whichever comes first!! Instead, the MMA ( continues to hold a firm belief that the existing laws on the books are sufficient if properly implemented and enforced, specifically that simple test procedures do exist for muffled exhaust, whether replaced with after-market or not, with a reasonable sound level. LICENSE PLATE CAMERAS - A NEW WAY TO NAB SCOFFLAWS First came red light cameras attached to traffic lights to catch drivers trying to beat the light; then came speed cameras along the roadway to ticket lead-footed speeders; but now police are deploying cameras in their cruisers to scan our license-plates in order to get instant feedback on unpaid tickets and other warrants. It also allows authorities to monitor where average citizens might be at any particular time. That bothers some privacy advocates and organizations like the ACLU that oppose public intrusions into individual privacy. The groups are becoming more alarmed about license plate tracking as a growing number of police departments acquire the technology for electronic surveillance of traffic on public streets. Little Rock, AR Police Chief Stuart Thomas said the law enforcement benefits outweigh any concerns about possible abuse of the information, which, as a public record, is legally available for anyone to see. Lawmakers in several states, including Minnesota and Utah, have suggested setting a time limit for their departments regarding how long such data can be collected and stored, but many places like Little Rock have no set policy and have a growing archive of license plate photos, along with time stamps and the locations, showing where motorists were at certain times. Privacy advocates worry about the potential uses for such outside law enforcement, from snooping by stalkers and private investigators to businesses that sell personal data. Given how few rules are currently on the books to protect our privacy, it s plausible that private investigators and data-mining companies could acquire this location data, said ACLU staff attorney Catherine Crump, adding that the organization has requested more information from government agencies, but hasn t filed any lawsuits. AUSTRALIA BANS BROTHERS BEHIND BARS Since last Nov 19, the Australian State of Queensland in Northeastern Australia has banned the distribution of the monthly newsletter Brothers Behind Bars in its prisons. Brothers Behind Bars is a digest of biker club and motorcycle news edited by retired Sons of Silence patch holder Iron Mike Davis, and is an outreach program supported by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM). BBB is specifically aimed at motorcycle club members and is stubbornly non-partisan. Mike Davis was notified that the words he publishes were illegal in Oz with a peremptory, unsigned form letter from the government of Queensland that read in full: On 7th of November 2012 Queensland Corrective Services issued a directive from head office that all correspondence between prisoners who are members of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) & OMCG members & associates was to cease immediately. As a result the author of this letter has been identified to be either a member or associate of an OMCG as such your mail has been returned to you. Iron Mike recently told The Aging Rebel (, Something I ve said for years: Australia today, Canada tomorrow, and the U.S.A. the day after. I truly believe countries likecanada, Germany, U.S.A., and others are watching to see what works in Australia to outlaw motorcycle clubs starting with the 1%er ones. The Aging Rebel article went on to describe Anti-Bikie Laws down under: Queensland has been trying to outlaw motorcycle clubs since 2009 when the state passed legislation formally called the Criminal Organisation Act of These anti-bikie laws give police the power to declare which organizations are criminal & which are not. Similar sets of laws have been passed in the Australian states of New South Wales & South Australia, and have been challenged in the courts by the Hells Angels, Finks & Rebels MCs. Australia s strategy has been difficult to implement in the United States because the U.S. Constitution specifically guarantees citizens & visitors rights to move freely, assemble peaceably, to keep & bear arms & to express themselves freely in numerous ways including the right to wear a patch on your back. Various Fed police forces in Americaincluding the FBI, the ATF & increasingly the Dept of Homeland Security have attempted to subvert these Constitutional guarantees using the Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) & in several recent cases trademark law. CANADIAN RIDERS BALK AT HEFTY INSURANCE HIKES Premier Brad Wall says maybe mistakes were made and the Saskatchewan government will revisit motorcycle insurance rate hikes proposed recently by Saskatchewan Government Insurance. Our MLAs are reporting a lot of feedback on the issue, not just from those who are riders or have motorcycles, but others in general who note that these increases seem to be very high, Wall told reporters. When the legislature reconvenes for its spring session next week, the Saskatchewan Party caucus will discuss its next steps, Wall said. He said he s not convinced SGI has exhausted all of its options to help eliminate a $9-million deficit between crash injury payouts and fees charged to motorcyclists. Obviously, what s being proposed by SGI for the rate rebalancing means huge increases and immediate increases, if approved, for riders, Wall said. SGI s proposal to the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel would mean a sudden 73% jump in insurance costs for the average motorcycle owner, compared to an overall vehicle insurance rate increase of 1.03%. The move prompted a backlash from bike enthusiasts and business owners, who fear a big blow to new and used bike sales which could devastate the motorcycle industry. If approved, the rate increases would take effect in August, but Wall said the chance is slim the proposal will stay as is. He wants the government and SGI to look at other creative options, such as using better price incentives to reward motorcyclists who have taken training courses. QUOTABLE QUOTE: I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. Stephen R. Covey ( ) author, one of Time magazine s 25 most influential Americans 12 13

8 AMA News and Notes: March 2013 Pickerington, Ohio: The AMA is pleased to announce that Maggie McNally was unanimously elected chair of the AMA Board of Directors at its meeting in Indianapolis on Feb. 16. McNally, of Albany, N.Y., was elected vice chair in December 2011 and has been a member of the board since 2009, representing individual AMA members in the Northeast Region. With her election, she becomes the first woman to lead the AMA board in the association s 89-year history. I m honored that my fellow AMA board members have chosen me as chair, and I m humbled by the historical significance of a woman taking this office, McNally said. At the end of the day, however, the important thing is not the gender of the board s chair, rather it is the united commitment by the board and the AMA staff to carry out our mission to better protect and promote motorcycling. Doing so enables us to nimbly and ably meet the needs of our existing and future members. McNally succeeds South Central Region Board Member Stan Simpson, who did not seek re-election as chair. Simpson, who remains on the board, was elected to the AMA Board of Directors in 2005 and served as its chair from In 2008, he was recognized as the AMA Motorcyclist of the Year. Also at the meeting, AMA Business Member Russel Brenan of Kawasaki was elected vice chair, and Ken Ford of the Southeast Region was elected assistant treasurer. Members elected at-large to serve on the executive committee were Perry King of the Northwest Region and business member John Ulrich of Roadracing World. At the AMA Business Member meeting earlier that same day, Scott Miller of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Brenan were re-elected to the AMA board. Washington, D.C.: In response to concerns expressed by the AMA and power equipment makers, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued new guidelines to help ensure that motorcyclists and others don t inadvertently use E15 fuel. On Feb. 7, the EPA posted a new option for retailers on its website s E15: Misfueling Mitigation Plans page to try to avoid misfueling by consumers. Under the new option, retailers who use a blender pump to sell E15 and E10 fuel through the same hose must also have a separate E10/E0 fuel pump. Those retailers would be required to have a label on the blender pump that reads: Passenger Vehicles Only. Use in Other Vehicles, Engines and Equipment May Violate Federal Law. Retailers would also be required to have signs indicating the location of the dedicated E10-or-lower fuel pump. There would be no minimum-fuel-purchase requirement at that pump. Retailers who want to sell E15 also have the option of having a dedicated E15 pump or hose, or a pump that dispenses E15 and higher ethanol blends through a single hose. If a blender pump dispenses multiple fuels that include E15 and higher ethanol blends, the EPA may require a minimum purchase requirement. Washington, D.C.: The Coalition for Recreational Trails, a federation of national and regional trail-related organizations, has announced its 2013 achievement awards to recognize outstanding trail projects funded by the national Recreational Trails Program. The awards will ITHACA HARLEY-DAVIDSON, INC Rt. 13, CAYUTA, NY Hours: Monday Friday 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. Sat. 8-3 Phone Fax AMA News & Notes is a monthly publication compiled and edited by the American Motorcyclist Association Government Relations Department. Designed to inform motorcyclists of rights-related issues and events in the United States and around the world, AMA News & Notes welcomes your input. Suggestions and editorial contributions can be sent to AMA Western States Representative Nick Haris by at be presented in Washington, D.C., during Great Outdoors Week in June as part of the Coalition s ongoing effort to build awareness and appreciation of this highly successful program, which has greatly enhanced the quantity and quality of trail experiences available to the public. Award winners will be selected from projects nominated by public agencies, trail administrators or other project sponsors. Projects must be completed in order to receive an award, but projects completed before 2005 are ineligible. Project award categories include: construction and design; maintenance and rehabilitation; education and communication initiatives; accessibility enhancement; multiple-use management or corridor sharing; environment/wildlife compatibility; and use of youth conservation/service corps. This year, for only the second time, those making nominations are encouraged to solicit support from their members of Congress both U.S. representatives and U.S. senators to build awareness of excellence in RTP-funded projects and the RTP program itself. Additional information can be found on the nomination form. The nomination form and any supporting materials, including pictures, should be returned by March 29 to the chair of the Coalition s Awards Committee: Duane Taylor, Director of Federal Affairs, Motorcycle Industry Council, 1235 South Clark Street, Suite 600, Arlington, VA If you have any questions, please call him at (703) or send an to Winners will be notified no later than April 30. Eastern Kern County, Calif.: The Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division has proposed a plan to acquire and manage 59 privately owned parcels (approximately 28,275 acres) in Kern County, Calif.,from ReNu Resources, a private company that owns and manages agricultural land in California. The parcels are largely interspersed with lands owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Property management includes visitor activities, maintenance and operations, resource management, minor projects, and special events. These activities could involve minor grounddisturbance activities such as the installation of fencing, signage, vault toilets, or re-routing of recreational trails. No changes in land uses or significant site improvements are proposed. No expansion of open riding or the existing route network is proposed. No new points of access to the project property or changes to open range grazing are proposed. The OHMVR Division has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Eastern Kern County Acquisition project and is requesting comments on its contents. The Draft EIR is available for public review and comment for 45 days, which began on Feb. 15. Your response should be sent at the earliest possible date, but no later than April 1. Instructions on how to provide comment can be found in the Notice of Availability document. In addition, the OHMVR Division encourages all interested individuals, organizations, and agencies to attend the public hearing for the Eastern Kern County Property Acquisition on Saturday, March 16, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Express, 901 Capitol Hills Parkway, Tehachapi, CA Los Angeles: Thanks to a software update to the cameras, the ExpressLanes on the I-110 & I-10 freeways now recognize standard (non-vanity) motorcycle license plates, ensuring riders won t receive a notice for not having a transponder. The recently opened I-10 lanes run for 14 miles along the freeway, between Union Station in downtown Los Angeles to the 605 Freeway in El Monte and the I-110, also known as the Harbor Freeway, connects San Pedro with downtown Los Angeles. Riders who have opened motorcycle-only accounts will be notified by and issued refunds when they return the transponder. Moreno Valley, Calif.: The U.S. Bureau of Land Management s California Desert District is soliciting nominations from the public for five members of its California Desert District Advisory Council to serve three-year terms. The council s 15 members provide advice and recommendations to the BLM on the management of 11 million acres of public land in eight counties of Southern California. The council meets in formal session three to four times each year in various locations throughout the California Desert District. Council members serve without compensation, other than travel expenses. Members serve three-year terms and may be nominated for reappointment for an additional three-year term. The secretary selects council nominees consistent with the requirements of Federal Land Policy and Management Act and the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), which require nominees appointed to the council be balanced in terms of points of view and representative of the various interests concerned with the management of the public lands within the area for which the council is established. Any group or individual may nominate a qualified person based upon education, training, and knowledge of the BLM, the California Desert, and the issues involving BLM-administered public lands throughout Southern California. Qualified individuals also may nominate themselves. The nomination form is on the Desert Advisory Council webpage at gov/ca/st/en/info/rac/dac.html. Nominations should be sent to Teresa A. Raml, District Manager, BLM California Desert District, Calle San Juan De Los Lagos, Moreno Valley, CA For further information, please contact David Briery, BLM California Desert District External Affairs, (951) or via at Sacramento, Calif.: The sponsor of a California Senate bill that would have restricted the current practice of lane-splitting by motorcyclists will place the bill on hold from consideration for Lane-splitting by motorcyclists in California is recognized by the California Highway Patrol and helps ease traffic flow. An aide to state Sen. Jim Beall (D-San Jose), who sponsored S.B. 350, confirmed in an to the AMA that the bill would be put on hold, pending the results of a University of California- Berkeley safety study expected later this year. The bill, introduced Feb. 20, would have allowed lane-splitting only in certain instances: on divided highways with three or more lanes of travel in the same direction, only when traffic is congested and only at a safe speed. Nick Haris, AMA western states representative, noted that lane-splitting has been an accepted custom and necessary strategy to ease traffic congestion in California for years. He We ride, So Don t Get Taken For A Ride! CALL OUR 24 Hr.Toll Free Helpline If you ve been injured in an accident PROUD MEMBER OF THESE ASSOCIATIONS ABATE - American Bikers Aimed Towards Education HOG - Harley Owners Group AMA - American Motorcycle Association noted that Beall s bill proposed a sudden and significant shift in traffic management strategies in the state with respect to motorcycles, which could have had a serious impact on traffic flow. Boulder, Colo.: the Outdoor Industry Association recently released figures quantifying the economic impact of outdoor recreation in all 50 states, with a separate report for each state that tallies direct spending, jobs, salaries and tax revenue. This data demonstrates that outdoor recreation is an important driver of state economies, supporting jobs, businesses and communities. The state-by-state figures expand upon a national report OIA published in June 2012, which found that nationally Americans spend $646 billion each year on outdoor recreation, directly supporting 6.1 million jobs and generating nearly $80 billion in tax revenue. OIA commissioned Southwick Associates, a research firm that specializes in shooting sports, hunting, angling, natural resource and environmental economics, to perform the research. The Motorcycle Industry Council and National Marine Manufacturers Association contributed funding and data to support this study. The national report, as well as a one-page fact sheet for each state, is available on the OIA website at Springfield, Ill.: The secretary of state would administer a program to set standards and establish training for volunteers to become certified motorcycle road guards, under House Bill 1539, sponsored by Rep. Kenneth Dunkin (D-Chicago). A motorcycle road guard would have the authority to stop and direct traffic during a motorcycle group ride if certain conditions were met. Under another Dunkin proposal, House Bill 2253, the owner of property used as a cycle rider safety training course would have immunity from civil action for any injury or death to persons or damage to property that occurs during instruction or training on the training course. Topeka, Kan.: House Bill 2318, offered by the House Transportation Committee, would authorize the use of FMVSS-compliant motorcycle headlamp modulation systems and permit the addition and use of body or wheel lamps of any color that are visible from the sides of the motorcycle but not the front or rear. Lansing, Mich.: Operators of bicycles, mopeds, and two- and three-wheeled motorcycles could proceed with caution through an automated stoplight if, after being stopped for one full cycle of the automated stoplight or 60 seconds, the automated stoplight fails to detect their vehicle, under House Bill 4265, sponsored by Rep. Mike Shirkey (R-Columbia). Jefferson City, Mo.: Law enforcement agencies would be barred from establishing a roadside checkpoint or roadblock pattern based on a particular vehicle type, including the establishment of motorcycle-only checkpoints, under House Bill 594, sponsored by Rep. Robert Cornejo (R-St. Peters). The bill doesn t prohibit roadside checkpoints for commercial motor vehicles or any other type of checkpoint or roadblock established and operated in accordance with the provisions of the United States Constitution and the Missouri Constitution Main Street Williamsville, NY Trust in our experience WE GET RESULTS! 14 15

9 Milestone Members We would like to acknowledge our newest Milestone Members and thank them for their continued dedication to the organization. 10 Years: Lynn Swinehart Joseph Ricco Laura Price Eugene Squillace Carolyn Squillace Brian J Winser Ed Thomas Joel E Dyslin John Raynor Ron Fruin Lou Camassa Jack Grumpy Benson Michael Spencer Steve Corts Kathy Grasby Michael Grasby Sr 15 Years: Mihaly Decsi Emily-Su Shappy Thomas Shappy Rudy Hildebrandt Jim Keene Randy Mathes Geoffrey Shulkin Jackie Polisse Manlio C Mondo Steve Faughnan William Mott Jr Gertrude Chudzinski Jim Gorton Jeff Grube Jim Grube Tony Saurini 20 Years: Jeddy Tranquill Wayne Frost Mark Ginter Jack Lane Jim Priestley Rich Tallcot Thomas Buss Annette J Holowka Robert Marranca Roberta MacGray Gerald H Powell 21 Years: Steven Brady Roy J Randall Gary VanValkenburg Lewis Fleming 22 Years: Joe Tazz Valla Robert C Bancroft 23 Years: Joseph R Garces Tracey L Arnett Salvatore A Bonafede Rose Costantini Michael Farrell 24 Years: Jan Mahoney David B Wells 25 Years: A.J. Travis 26 Years: Ryder Fitzgerald Becky Persons 27 Years: Roddy Niesen Dan Wind Smallwood Gaeton Guy Godios 28 Years: Woody Bustle 29 Years: Jeff Barkley William Clay Richard L Gardner Jr 30 Years: Paul W Siejak 31 Years: Bruce Roemmelt Mike Gleber 32 Years: Dennis Hollfelder 34 Years: Keith C Mark Our Newest Charter Life Members 25 Years: Paul W Prochilo Ronald Knatz John F McDonald Jay Heyd Jack Helfric Richard L Ward Sr. Curt Dunnam ABATE BOARD MEETING DEC 16, 2012 Call to order at 1020 by President Tom Alton 2012 board members present: Tom Alton, Deb Trask, Dev, Tanya Cruz, DT Matt Grossmann, Prospector board members present: Tom Alton, Deb Trask, Dev, Tanya Cruz, DT Matt Grossmann, Prospector, Caryn Grossmann. Mike Giarrusso arrived later. Pledge of Allegiance Motion: Waive reading of Sep minutes. Approved Letter to Chautauqua Chapter sent certified mail was returned unclaimed. Albany Chapter account paperwork was completed. Discussion: Taxes on advertising, fees paid for advertising income paid by ABATE of NY. Motion: Tanya, Dev; To authorize seminar copying costs to be paid to Deb Treasurers report: Att. Discussion: Insurance renewal, storage unit. Motion: Matt, Dev; To keep our current accountant Approved Approved Motion: Matt, Dev; to pay all bills. Approved. Legislative report: Roster of new state legislators is almost complete. Prospector will be back in Albany at start of session meeting with new members. Mike Giarrusso will accompany. Discussion: Public relations. Region D report: Tanya, nothing at this time. Region E report: Matt, nothing at this time. Discussion: Plan for regional coordinators for starting new chapters. report: Dev will set up 2013 meeting locations. Newsletter report: Tanya; problem with printer re. Nov issue has been resolved. Office manager report: Membership is down. Office manager s contract to be renewed. Seminar committee report: Dev; Lunch will be sponsored, speakers are set. Optional President s roundtable 8 PM Friday. Board to be there Saturday 9AM. Motion: Matt, Dev; to pay for no more than 5 rooms for Friday night only at seminar. Approved- 1 abstention Discussion: Foundation to pay for seminar and ABATE to reimburse? Is it legal, we need more info. Freedom Rally report: All preparations are on schedule to date. Tom will contact Governor re proclamation at Freedom Rally. Discussion: Establishing a warchest to help individuals fight court cases. We will appoint a committee to research. Discussion: Policy manual changes. Motion: Dev, Prospector; to have a special board meeting on 2/16/13 at 10 AM to address proposed policy manual changes Approved. Tom distributed info from National Safety Council re helmets. Tom met with Chautauqua president re patches. They will comply with bylaws and will not make any more patches. Discussion: Membership drive. Motion: Matt, Dev; to offer a free 6 month membership patterned after LI program, to anyone who buys a new or used motorcycle at any shop or dealer. To be administered Approved. by Chapter membership officer. Discussion: State fair booth. Discussion: Trifolds, we will ask chapters if they need any. Discussion: Javits. Discussion: Bylaw changes, suggestions will be solicited from chapters Discussion: Legislative Gazette. Prospector will attempt to get info on past ads from gazette office. Discussion: ABATE charged for a foundation expense. Motion: Matt, Prospector; to request $67 rebate from attorney for services not performed. Approved Discussion: AMA now has a membership category for SMRO s. We will no longer have to be classified as a social club. Discussion: We need to fill Regional Coordinator positions. Oath of office recited by 2013 board members. Motion: Tanya, Matt; to adjourn. Meeting adjourned 1615 Join ABATE of NY, Inc. Protect Your Right to Ride SUPPORT THE BIKER LOWDOWN RADIO SHOW WITH YOUR BROLJJAMES &PREACHER CHUCK D LIVE WEDNESDAY'S AT 8pm East Coast All shows archived and available 24hours a day from every on-line computer world wide. SUPPORT THE SHOW THAT SUPPORTS THE MOTORCYCLING WORLD $100 amonth gets you On-Air and Online Advertising 16 17

10 May 2013 New York State Motorcycle Road Test Waiver The Freedom Writer DMV offers an option to the traditional motorcycle road test given at the DMV locations. A person is now eligible to secure a class M or MJ license provided that he or she is the holder of a valid New York driver s license, and has successfully completed the 15-hour Basic RiderCourse developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). The course must be completed at a DMV/MSF approved training site. The course includes a written test and a skills test which must be passed, and the individual must have a motorcycle permit in order to receive the waiver. The approved MSF course is offered in New York State through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). To find the nearest training site, you may access the MSF web site at or call them at The Freedom Writer New York State Motorcycle Safety Program: May

11 YOU CAN READ THE STATE NEWSLETTER ONLINE! You can download your ABATE of NY Freedom Writer from our website instead of receiving the printed version. Give your name and address to the state office manager, Chris at: You will receive an letting you know when the state newsletter is available online. Trouble seeing a pdf? Update your Adobe Acrobat Reader FREE ABATE of New York, Inc. - Membership Application ABATE of New York State Office P.O. Box 167 Walker Valley, NY ARE YOU MOVING? Bulk Mail is not forwarded; please update your address. Mail to: ABATE of New York, Inc. P.O. Box 167 Walker Valley, NY Name: Member #: Chapter: Address: City: State: Zip: Date this new address is to take effect: Phone: Fax: Other members in the household who will need to be updated: Name: Member #: Signature: For many people, motorcycling is a fun sport as well as an energyefficient means of transportation. However, motorcycling requires skill, concentration and reasonable precautions. Although it is possible to ride a motorcycle without specialized training, trial and error is a tough teacher of motorcycling skills. That s why virtually all motorcycle groups have endorsed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation s Motorcycle RiderCourse (Basic RiderCourse or BRC) for beginning riders; Basic RiderCourse - 2 (BRC2) for experienced riding skills; and the Advanced RiderCourse (ARC) for learning advanced specialized techniques. THE COURSE The Basic RiderCourse is designed for beginning riders. It was developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. It consists of classroom and on-motorcycle instruction including the following: 1. Preparing to ride 2. Turning, shifting and braking 3. Street strategies 4. Special situations 5. Increasing riding skills 6. Maintenance and insurance Course Overview MOTORCYCLES MAKE SENSE - SO DOES PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Motorcycle Rider Courses LEARN FROM THE PROS PROVIDED BY THE COURSE: The Basic RiderCourse is taught using a lightweight (100cc - 350cc) motorcycle provided for class use. These motorcycles are restricted to off-street use only. THE STUDENT PROVIDES: Students provide the following protective clothing: 1. Boots with walking heels, high enough to cover ankles; 2. Long pants of denim, other heavy material or motorcycle riding pants; 3. Leather gloves - full fingered and unlined but not too thin 4. Long-sleeved jacket or shirt, made from denim or other heavy material; 5. Approved eye protection; 6. USDOT-approved motorcycle helmet. Some training sites have loaner helmets available, check with the site for information. Taken from New York Governor s Traffic Safety Committee website: Comments: 20 21

12 ABATE of NY, Inc. Life Membership Program The Life Membership Program consists of a one time payment based on the number of years the member has in the organization. Beginning with their 25th year, they are automatically a Charter Life Member and dues are waived. 0-5 yrs Membership $ yrs Membership $ yrs Membership $200 ABATE of NY Forever Members In addition to all benefits of a full member, the Life Member will receive: A Life Member patch A distinctive Life Member card Yearly pins The ABATE of NY State Board is honored to present another level of membership, designed to memorialize members passed. The ABATE of New York Forever Member will be memorialized through a unique card and memorial certificate, and continuing annual ABATE of New York pins. Forever Members names will be published in a special section of every subsequent issue of The Freedom Writer and on the ABATE of New York website. The card and certificate are meant for the memorializing party to treasure, pins perhaps to be saved or placed at the grave, and the publication so all remember. Forever Membership has been established at a one-time cost of $100, and eligibility is limited to those who were members of ABATE of New York at time of death. For further information, or to memorialize an ABATE of New York member through Forever Membership, please contact the State Office Manager at , or Forever Members You can shed tears because they are gone, or you can smile because they lived. Chris Allen Stan Bach Donald Blasko Dorothy Falt Tom Fleming Brenda Force Dick Fulton Victor Green Michelle Hall Martin Hourihan Frank Martorana Gary P. Myers Terry Doc O Rourke Brian Paschen Chris Peek Barbara Rancourt Robert Ritchie Walt Rutski Angie Shufelt Robert Shuster Martha Strouse Robert Taylor John V, Jack Wrigley Advertiser Index Page HURT American Harley-Davidson, Inc. 11 AMSOIL Dealer 4 Bad Pig Saloon 8 Brunswick Harley-Davidson, Inc. 19 Eagle Beverage Co. 5 Extreme Biker Leather 7 Falcon Designs Bullet Jewelry16 Geneva Harley-Davidson 5 Gowanda Harley-Davidson 16 Hardtails Magazine 8 Harley-Davidson of Jamestown 14 Harley-Davidson of Suffolk 11 Harley-Davidson of Utica 17 Haymond Law Firm 9 Iron Block Harley-Davidson, Inc. 8 Ithaca Harley-Davidson 14 JJ Cycle 4 Joe s Cycle Repair 11 Kantor & Godwin 15 Lighthouse Harley-Davidson, Inc. 7 The Biker Low-Down Radio Show 17 Mid-State Trikes 8 Niagara Falls H.O.G. 17 Proner & Proner 2 Road Hazard 19 Ronnie s Motor Sports, Inc. 7 Seeber s Tavern 17 Stan s Harley-Davidson 14 Staten Island Harley-Davidson 19 Stone s Snow Sled 11 Woodstock Harley-Davidson, Inc. 14 Support those who support us Date: Freedom Writer Advertising Form Web page: Business Name: Your Name: Street: Phone: City: State: Zip: JANUARY MARCH MAY JULY SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER ADVERTISING RATES ** Extra charge applies for front or back inside cover placement. All Advertising, Including Renewals - Must Be Prepaid. FULL YEAR ADVERTISING - 6 ISSUES SINGLE ISSUE ADVERTISING Full Page 9 x 10 $1,000 Full Page 9 x 10 $170 Half Page 9 x 4.95 $500 Half Page 9 x 4.95 $85 Quarter Page 4.48 x 4.95 $260 Eighth Page 4.48 x 2.45 $140 How Many Issues: Business Card $120 Please supply your ad, with this form. Business Card Sponsors can supply a business card or similar size ad. If you do not have a suitable ad, we can prepare one for you. Just supply us with the ad text and any graphics. Print clearly or type all ad text. ABATE of New York, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that is not in the best interest of our organization. We also reserve the right to change our advertising rates without notice. Circulation 3500 per issue. ABATE of New York Sponsored Events Non-ABATE of New York Sponsored Events DISCOUNTS FREE $102 for Full Page / $51 for Half Page PLEASE REMIT YOUR PAYMENT WITH YOUR ADVERTISEMENT Make Checks Payable to: ABATE of New York, Inc. 223 Lincoln Street Wayland, NY Freedom Writer Advertising Manager Michael Grasby Phone: Cell:

13 24 HURT in an Accident? Find out your rights, FAST! Motorcycle Accidents Car Accidents Pedestrian Accidents Boat Accidents Train/Aviation Accidents Slip &Fall Accidents Construction Accidents Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect Birth Injury Call 24 hours /7days NEW JERSEY NEW YORK Robert Plevy, Esq. Joshua D. Pollack, Esq. &Philip L. Frankel Esq. 10 Rutgers Place 143 Willis Ave, Mineola, Long Island Trenton, NJ 116 John Street, NYC FREE consultation! We will come to you! We will immediately protect your rights! Don't speak to the insurance company before you call us! We will fill out all forms for you! We will advance the money to investigate &pursue your claim! 1/3 Legal fee is paid at the end of your case! HURT-911, Inc HURT-911 is a registered trademark owned by Philip L. Franckel, Esq.

The Freedom Writer. ABATE of NEW YORK. Our 2013 ABATE of NEW YORK STATE OFFICERS. Permit No. 1039. Binghamton, NY. Walker Valley, NY 12588

The Freedom Writer. ABATE of NEW YORK. Our 2013 ABATE of NEW YORK STATE OFFICERS. Permit No. 1039. Binghamton, NY. Walker Valley, NY 12588 ABATE of NEW YORK The Freedom Writer ISSUE 1 Our 2013 ABATE of NEW YORK STATE OFFICERS Standing left to right: Terry Higinio, Public Relations; Dev Lovick, Seargeant at Arms; Tanya Cruz, Metro

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Not a member? JOIN RIGHT NOW, flip this newsletter over!

Not a member? JOIN RIGHT NOW, flip this newsletter over! MAY 2014 Election Season is here, Check out the people at the capital who have worked for Georgia s Riders and those who worked against you on pg 5 National Motorcycle News from the AMA, NCOM and the MRF

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Chairpersons Letter. MEETING SCHEDULE: NMMRO Monthly Meetings: January 14-12:00 pm American Legion Post 49 11005 Central Ave NE Abq.

Chairpersons Letter. MEETING SCHEDULE: NMMRO Monthly Meetings: January 14-12:00 pm American Legion Post 49 11005 Central Ave NE Abq. Inside this issue: M-STEP 2 2011 Accomplishments 3 No Colors Welcome 4 A.B.A.T.E. News 5 Death Wobble 5 Thanks Steve 5 Bitch Please! RR Toy Run 6 Another Perspective 7 CNMMRO Update 7 Sharing the Road

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A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho. American Bikers Aiming Toward Education FREE!!

A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho. American Bikers Aiming Toward Education FREE!! A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho Newsletter July-August 2010 American Bikers Aiming Toward Education FREE!! 2 ABATE of North Idaho EAGLE July-August 2010 A.B.A.T.E of North Idaho

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CALIFORNIA MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT HANDBOOK CALIFORNIA MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT HANDBOOK Edward A. Smith Attorney at Law Who I am and why I wrote this book I am Ed Smith, founder and owner of the Law Offices of Edward A. Smith. As a trial lawyer in California

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Copyright 2013 by PILMMA Publishing

Copyright 2013 by PILMMA Publishing ABOUT THE AUTHOR Florida Attorney Frank M. Eidson has practiced law since 1998 in Central Florida. Since that time he has represented thousands of injured clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents,

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MINUTES OF THE SENATE COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION. Seventy-Eighth Session March 26, 2015 MINUTES OF THE SENATE COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION Seventy-Eighth Session The Senate Committee on Transportation was called to order by Chair Scott Hammond at 8:06 a.m. on Thursday,, in Room 2135 of the

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The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED

The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED Tricks and traps that wreck Washington injury cases. The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accident Cases in

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Well, it s time again for another article.

Well, it s time again for another article. POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION S UN C OA S T The official quarterly publication of the Sun Coast Police Benevolent Association Volume 41 Issue 2 April 2014 INSIDE THIS ISSUE 2 SCLEC Keeping Busy! 4 What

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The Essential Consumer Guide for Accident Cases in Florida

The Essential Consumer Guide for Accident Cases in Florida The Essential Consumer Guide for Accident Cases in Florida The Seven Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case Don t Let The Insurance Company Take Advantage of You! WHETHER YOU HAVE BEEN

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TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New York By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch

TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New York By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New York By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch WWW.LYNCHLAWYERS.COM COPYRIGHT 2008 BY ACCIDENT BOOKS PUBLISHERS All rights reserved.

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Personal Injury Claims in Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Injured Victims & Their Lawyers in Car Accident Cases

Personal Injury Claims in Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Injured Victims & Their Lawyers in Car Accident Cases Personal Injury Claims in Georgia: The Definitive Guide for Injured Victims & Their Lawyers in Car Accident Cases By: Gary Martin Hays Copyright 2013 by Gary Martin Hays. All Rights Reserved. Published

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The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio

The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio The Ohio Motorcycle Accident Book THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT INJURY CASES IN OHIO Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC 405 Madison Ave., Suite

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Automobile. Insurance. Guide to. This guide: John Kasich Governor. Mary Taylor Lt. Governor / Director

Automobile. Insurance. Guide to. This guide: John Kasich Governor. Mary Taylor Lt. Governor / Director Guide to Automobile Insurance This guide: Describes the types of auto insurance available Explains your rights and responsibilities as a driver Advises how claim disputes are resolved John Kasich Governor

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Who Should Be Reading This Book? Who Is Behind This Book And Why Should I Listen To You?

Who Should Be Reading This Book? Who Is Behind This Book And Why Should I Listen To You? INTRODUCTION Who Should Be Reading This Book? Were you involved in a serious car wreck? Was a family member killed in a sudden and tragic traffic collision? Are you or a loved one looking at a lifetime

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TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch

TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch TEN Things You Need to Know if You are Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey By James S. Lynch and Arthur V. Lynch WWW.LYNCHLAWYERS.COM COPYRIGHT 2008 BY ACCIDENT BOOKS PUBLISHERS All rights reserved.

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COLORADO INJURY LAW A Reference for Accident Victims

COLORADO INJURY LAW A Reference for Accident Victims COLORADO INJURY LAW A Reference for Accident Victims by Michael R. O Connell, Esq Speaker Media Press Colorado Injury Law: A Reference for Accident Victims Copyright 2009 by Speaker Media & Marketing Derivative

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Car & Truck Crashes 1 Copyright 2011 Marc Whitehead All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Marc Whitehead & Associates, Attorneys at Law, L.L.P. 800.562.

Car & Truck Crashes 1 Copyright 2011 Marc Whitehead All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Marc Whitehead & Associates, Attorneys at Law, L.L.P. 800.562. Car & Truck Crashes 1 WARNING: This ebook is for your personal use only. You may NOT Give Away, Share Or Resell This Intellectual Property In Any Way All Rights Reserved Copyright 2011 Marc Whitehead.

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1-800-CALL-SAM 1-800-225-5726 CALLSAM.COM

1-800-CALL-SAM 1-800-225-5726 CALLSAM.COM Sam Bernstein is our founder, of counsel, and retired shareholder. 1-800-CALL-SAM 1-800-225-5726 CALLSAM.COM BERNSTEIN BOOKS Since 1970 our firm has worked to educate the public about the law and safety

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CAROLINA INJURY LAW: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims

CAROLINA INJURY LAW: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims CAROLINA INJURY LAW: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims Michael A. DeMayo Speaker Media Press Carolina Injury Law: A Reference for Accident Victims 2010 by Speaker Media and Marketing ISBN 978-1-935411-01-7

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FBA 2014 awardees aimed high for better bicycling

FBA 2014 awardees aimed high for better bicycling Vol. 18, No. 3 Summer 2015 OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE FLORIDA BICYCLE ASSOCIATION, INC. FBA 2014 awardees aimed high for better bicycling ast issue we revealed names of organizations, groups and individuals

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Top 10 Mistakes that can Wreck your Oregon Accident Case IMPORTANT

Top 10 Mistakes that can Wreck your Oregon Accident Case IMPORTANT Top 10 Mistakes that can Wreck your Oregon Accident Case IMPORTANT The information on this website and in this report is general only and may not apply to your case. Each case is different, depending upon

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O Connor calls on attorneys to perform more pro bono work By Teena Booth Maricopa Lawyer. Random drug tests of firefighters declared unreasonable

O Connor calls on attorneys to perform more pro bono work By Teena Booth Maricopa Lawyer. Random drug tests of firefighters declared unreasonable L MARICOPA Juvenile court gets a new presiding judge By Jack Levine Maricopa Lawyer W ithout much fanfare there has been a changing of the guard at the juvenile court division of the Maricopa County Superior

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The good councillor s guide

The good councillor s guide The National Training Strategy for Town & Parish Councils The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for town and parish councillors Second Edition foreword I AM THRILLED to introduce this second

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The Last Five Years: A Retrospective

The Last Five Years: A Retrospective Inside... Illegal Immigration Bills Stir Debate...see page 3. How Using a PI Can Affect a Trial s Outcome... see page 5. History & Hearsay: Pioneer Attorneys Battle for Female Juror Rights...see page 12.

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Copyright 2013 CelebrityPress LLC All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written

Copyright 2013 CelebrityPress LLC All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written Copyright 2013 CelebrityPress LLC All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written consent of the authors, except as provided by the United

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American Bikers for Awareness, Training & Education

American Bikers for Awareness, Training & Education American Bikers for Awareness, Training & Education NEWSLETTER December 2014 NEXT GENERAL MEETING January 13, 2015 1 1-888-LIABATE(542-2283) A B A T E is American Bikers for Awareness,

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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The abcs Of DUI Defense a guide for those arrested

The abcs Of DUI Defense a guide for those arrested The abcs Of DUI Defense a guide for those arrested BY JAMES FARRAGHER CAMPBELL, ESQ. 2008 James Farragher Campbell, Esq., San Francisco, California THOSE IN TROUBLE BEHIND-THE-WHEEL, EXPECT TO SEE SAN

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