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1 VMware vsphere 6 Nyheter Claes Bäckström RTS Här läggs leverantörsloggor om det finns

2 Platform Features Increased vsphere Maximums Up to 4X Scale Improvement with vsphere 6 vsphere 5.5 vsphere 6 Hosts per Cluster VMs per Cluster 4,000 8,000 CPUs per Host RAM per Host 4 TB 12 TB VMs per Host 512 1,024 Virtual CPUs per VM Virtual RAM per VM 1 TB 4 TB 2x 2x 1.5x 3x 2x 2x 4x

3 Platform Features - Virtual Machine Compatibility ESXi 6 (vhw 11) ESXi 6 Supports: 128 vcpus 4 TB RAM Hot-add RAM now vnuma aware WDDM 1.1 GDI acceleration features xhci 1.0 controller compatible with OS X xhci driver Serial and parallel port enhancements A virtual machine can now have a maximum of 32 serial ports Serial and parallel ports can now be removed

4 Platform Features - GPU Acceleration Enhancements New Support for Intel GPUs vmklinux driver Driver provided by Intel Expanded NVIDIA support NVIDIA GRID vgpu. Native driver Driver provided by NVIDIA Note: GPU cards assigned to VMs must not be used by the ESX console.

5 vsphere 6 with Operations Management Edition Line-up 1 Price (per CPU, license only) Features New feature in Q Health Monitoring and Performance Analytics Capacity Management and Optimization Operations Dashboard and Root Cause Analysis High Availability, and Fault Tolerance vmotion, X-Switch vmotion, and Storage vmotion Data Protection (VDP) 2 vshield Endpoint Reliable Memory Storage DRS Host Profiles and Auto Deploy / and VM Data Replication Virtual Volumes and Storage-Policy Based Management 3 APIs for Storage Awareness Distributed Resource Scheduler and Distributed Power Management Big Data Extensions APIs for Array Integration, Multipathing Distributed Switch I/O Controls (Network and Storage) and SR-IOV Flash Read Cache X-VC and Long Distance vmotion Multi-VC Content Library vgpu vsphere with Operations Management Standard Enterprise Enterprise+ $1,745 $3,625 $4,245 2 vcpu SMP-FT 2 vcpu SMP-FT 4 vcpu SMP-FT 1 All reference pricing above is suggested MSRP for the US, in USD. Regional prices will vary, please refer to regional pricing resources. 2 Advanced backup features (app-aware agents, replication, integration with Data Domain, etc.) are now available in VDP 3 Storage Policy-Based Management provides the same functionality as Profile-Driven Storage, but has been renamed to reflect a complete policydriven engine

6 vcenter Server 6.0 Features Här läggs leverantörsloggor om det finns

7 vcenter Server Features - Enhanced Capabilities Scalability supported by both Windows Install and vcenter Server appliance. Windows install supports Postgres and External SQL and Oracle DBs. Metric Windows Appliance Hosts per VC 1,000 1,000 vcsa supports embedded Postgres and external Oracle DBs. Powered-On VMs per VC 10,000 10,000 Hosts per Cluster VMs per Cluster 8,000 8,000 Linked Mode

8 vcenter Server Platform Services Controller Platform Services Controller Platform Services Controller includes takes it beyond just Single Sign-On. It groups: Single Sign-On (SSO) Licensing Certificate Authority Two Deployment Models: Embedded vcenter Server and Platform Services Controller in one virtual machine - Recommended for small deployments where there is less then two SSO integrated solutions External vcenter Server and Platform Services Controller in their own virtual machines - Recommended for most deployments where there are two or more SSO integrated solutions vcenter PSC vcenter

9 vcenter Server Certificate Lifecycle Management for vcenter and ESXi New vcenter Server solutions for complete certificate lifecycle management: VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA) Provisions each ESXi host, each vcenter Server and vcenter Server service with certificates that are signed by VMCA VMware Endpoint Certificate Service (VECS) Stores all certificates and private keys for vcenter Server and vcenter Server services Managing VECS is done via vecs-cli While you can decide not to use VMCA in your certificate chain, you must use VECS to store all certificates, and keys for vcenter Server and services. All ESXi certificates are stored locally on the host.

10 vcenter Server Cross vswitch vmotion Transparent operation to the guest OS Works across different types of virtual switches vss to vss vss to vds vds to vds Requires L2 network connectivity Does not change the IP of the VM Transfers vds port metadata vcenter Server vmotion vmotion Network vds A vds B VM Network (L2 Connectivity)

11 vcenter Server Cross vcenter vmotion Simultaneously changes Compute Storage Network vcenter vmotion without shared storage Increased scale Pool resources across vcenter servers Targeted topologies Local Metro Intra-Continental vcenter Server vds A vmotion vmotion Network vcenter Server vds B VM Network (L2 Connectivity)

12 vcenter Server Long Distance vmotion Intra-continental distances up to 150ms RTTs Maintain standard vmotion guarantees Does not require VVOLs, but supported Replication Support Active/Active only Synchronous Asynchronous Use Cases: Permanent migrations Disaster avoidance Multi-site load balancing

13 vcenter Server 6.0 vmotion Requirements Requirements ESX & vcenter 6.0+ at both source and destination SSO Domain Same SSO domain to use the UI Different SSO domain possible if using API 250 Mbps network bandwidth per vmotion operation Unchanged from previous versions L2 network connectivity on VM network portgroups IP addresses are retained Features VM UUID maintained across vcenter server instances Not the same as MoRef or BIOS UUID Data Preservation Events, Alarms, and Tasks History HA/DRS Settings Affinity/Anti-Affinity Rules Automation level Start-up priority Host isolation response VM Resource Settings Shares Reservations Limits MAC Address of virtual NIC MAC Addresses preserved across vcenters Always unique within a vcenter Not reused when VM leaves vcenter

14 vcenter Server Content Library Overview Simple content management VM templates vapps ISO images Scripts Store and manage content One central location to manage all content Beyond templates within vcenter Support for other file types Share content Store once, share many times Publish/Subscribe vcenter -> vcenter vcloud Director -> vcenter Consume content Deploy templates to a host or a cluster

15 vcenter Server vsphere Web Client Usability Improvements Can get anywhere in one click Right click menu has been flattened Recent tasks are back at the bottom Dockable UI

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17 vcenter Server 6.0 -Multiple TCP/IP Stacks vmotion network will cross L3 boundaries vmotion & NFC network can now use it s own TCP/IP stack vcenter Management Network vcenter VM Network ESXi NFC Network ESXi vmotion Network

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19 Storage IO Control & Storage DRS enhancements Datastore Cluster VASA Vendor Provider Capabilities Thin Provisioned Storage DRS is now aware of storage capabilities through VASA 2.0 Array-based thin-provisioning Array-based deduplication Array-based auto-tiering Array-based snapshot Storage DRS Integration with Site Recovery Manager Aware of consistency groups! vsphere Replication full support (replica awareness) Set IOps reservation on a per disk basis using the API Deduplication Auto-Tiering 1

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21 vsphere 6.0 VMware Fault Tolerance Additional new features Enhanced virtual disk format support Ability to hot configure FT Greatly increased FT host compatibility Benefits Protect mission critical, high performance applications regardless of OS; No application-specific management and learning Continuous availability zero downtime and zero data loss for infrastructure failures; no loss of TCP connections Fully automated response Instantaneous Fast Checkpointing Failover Sync 4 vcpu 4 vcpu Primary Secondary Primary ESXi ESXi 21

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23 vsphere 6.0 -VMware vsphere Replication End-to-end network compression Further reduces bandwidth requirements Network traffic isolation Controls bandwidth, improves performance and security Linux file system quiescing Increased reliability when recovering Linux VMs Host Mgmt vmknic0 VR Traffic vmknic1 LAN WAN VMware Tools