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2 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 2 1. ADMIN/LEADERSHIP/EDUC.MANAGEMENT POLICY J. of Education Policy Australian Educational Leader, The Educational Management, Administration & Leadership J. of Educational Administration J. of Higher Education Policy & Management Educational Administration Quarterly International J. of Leadership in Education: Theory & practice Educational Leadership: A J. for educators, by educators 9.78 School Effectiveness & School Improvement: An International J. of 9.78 Leading & Managing: J. of the Australian Council for Educational 9.78 School Leadership & Management 9.45 Education Leadership Review 9.45 Educational Policy: An interdisciplinary J. of policy & practice 9.45 J. of Educational Change 9.08 Educational Evaluation & Policy Analysis: A quarterly publication 8.68 Education Policy Analysis Archives 8.24 International Studies in Educational Administration: J. of the Co 7.21 Policy Futures in Education 7.21 International Electronic J. for Leadership in Learning 6.58 J. of Educational Administration & History 6.58 J. of Research for Educational Leaders 5.84 Management in Education 5.84 Leadership & Policy in Schools 4.95 N A S S P Bulletin 3.84 Educational Research & Reviews 3.84 Education Next: A J. of opinion & research 3.84 International J. of Educational Reform 3.84 J. of School Leadership 3.84 J. of Women in Educational Leadership 3.84 Economics of Education Review 2.33 Canadian J. of Educational Administration & Policy 2.33 International J. of Educational Advancement 2.33 AASA J. of Scholarship & Practice 2.33 New Educator, The 2.33 Education Economics 2.33 Educational Horizons 2.33 J. of Access Policy & Practice 2.33 J. of Education Finance 2.33 J. of Personnel Evaluation in Education 2.33 JCEL J. of Cases in Educational Leadership 2.33 National Association of Student Affairs Professionals J Canadian J. of Education.00 Improving Schools.00 J. for Critical Education Policy Studies.00 Educational Planning.00 Urban Review, The: Issues & ideas in public education.00 Academic Leadership: The Online J..00 Online J. of Distance Learning Administration.00

3 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 3 2. ASSESSMENT/MEASUREMENT/RESEARCH METHODS Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education: An international J International J. of Qualitative Studies in Education Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice J. of Educational Measurement Evaluation & Research in Education Educational Action Research: An international J Educational Measurement: Issues & practice 9.62 Applied Measurement in Education 9.62 Educational Assessment 8.53 Action Learning: Research & Practice 7.85 Structural Equation Modeling: a multidisciplinary J International J. of Testing 6.09 J. of Educational & Behavioral Statistics 6.09 Assessing Writing: An international J Evaluation Review: A J. of applied social 3.05 J. of Psychoeducational Assessment.00 Qualitative Research J..00

4 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 4 3. COMPARATIVE/CROSS-CULTURAL/INDIGENOUS/ETHNIC EDUCATION Comparative Education: An international J. of comparative studies Comparative Education Review Globalization, Societies & Education Australian J. of Indigenous Education Compare: A J. of Comparative Education International Review of Education International J. of Educational Development 9.89 J. of Research in International Education 8.60 Current Issues in Comparative Education 7.78 J. of Studies in International Education 7.78 Oxford Studies in Comparative Education 6.77 European J. of Education: Research, development & policies 5.44 World Studies in Education 5.44 J. of Border Educational Research, The 5.44 Canadian & International Education 3.52 T E S L Canada J Development Education J., The 3.52 J. of American Indian Education 3.52 Canadian J. of Native Education.00 Chinese Education & Society: A J. of translations.00 African Symposium: A J. of education research on Africa.00 Frontiers (Carlisle): The interdisciplinary J. of study abroad.00 New Era in Education: The J. of the World Education Fellowship.00

5 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 5 4. COMPREHENSIVE British Educational Research J Australian Educational Researcher Harvard Educational Review Educational Researcher American Educational Research J Review of Educational Research Australian J. of Education Oxford Review of Education British J. of Educational Studies International J. of Educational Research Review of Research in Education Phi Delta Kappan Asia Pacific J. of Education Theory into Practice Educational Research Educational Review American J. of Education European Educational Research J Issues in Educational Research Asia Pacific Education Review Educational Research & Evaluation: An international J. on theory J. of Southeast Asian Education New Zealand J. of Educational Studies Change. Transformations in Education Review of Education, Pedagogy & Cultural Studies, The J. of Educational Research, The Educational Forum, The PJE: Peabody J. of Education J. of Youth Studies 9.11 Alberta J. of Educational Research 9.11 International Education J Theory & Research in Education 9.11 Current Issues in Education 9.11 McGill J. of Education 9.11 European Education: Issues & studies 9.11 Interchange: A quarterly review of education 9.11 Scandinavian J. of Educational Research 9.11 Irish J. of Education 9.11 Educational Studies.00 Education Today (London).00 Educational Research Quarterly.00 International J. of Research & Method in Education.00 Irish Educational Studies.00 American Secondary Education.00 Educational Perspectives.00 Perspectives in Education.00 Education J..00 Educational Insights: Electronic J. of graduate student research.00 Educational Research for Policy & Practice.00 J. of Educational Enquiry.00 J. of Maltese Education Research.00 J. of Transformative Education.00 London Review of Education.00

6 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 6 Mediterranean J. of Educational Studies.00 Networks: An on-line J. for teacher research.00 Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation.00 Research Papers in Education.00 Themes in Education.00 Welsh J. of Education.00 Education in the North: The J. of Scottish education.00 Educational Studies: A J. of the American Educational Studies Ass.00 Essays in Education.00 Florida J. of Educational Research (Online Edition).00 Global J. of Educational Research.00 InterActions (Los Angeles): UCLA J. of Education & Information S.00 International Schools J..00 J. of Indian Education.00 Lagos Education Review.00 Micronesian Educator: A J. of research & practice on education in.00 Nigeria Educational Forum J..00 Philippine Educational Forum.00 Research & Teaching in Developmental Education.00 Research in Education (Manchester).00 Research in the Schools.00 Scottish Educational Review.00 South African J. of Education.00 The Clearing House: Educational Research, Controversy & Practice.00 The Ontario Action Researcher.00 Thresholds in Education.00 University of Cape Coast Institute of Education J..00 Weaver, The: A forum for new ideas in educational research.00 West African J. of Education.00 Zimbabwe J. of Educational Research.00

7 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 7 5. CREATIVE ARTS/MEDIA/COMMUNICATION EDUCATION British J. of Music Education International J. of Music Education Research Studies in Music Education Australian J. of Music Education Research in Drama Education International J. of Education & the Arts Australian Art Education J. of Research in Music Education Music Education Research Update: Applications of research in music education Australian Online J. of Arts Education, The Studies in Art Education: A J. of issues & research in art education J. of Music Teacher Education Arts Education Policy Review 9.78 Australasian Music Research 9.78 Arts & Learning Research: J. of the Arts & Learning Special Inter 8.68 Research in Dance Education 8.68 Art Education 8.68 J. of Visual Literacy 8.68 Visual Arts Research: Educational, historical, philosophical & ps 8.68 Canadian Music Educator 7.21 International J. of Art & Design Education 7.21 CREArTA: The International J. of the Centre for Research & Education 7.21 J. of Museum Education 7.21 Teaching Artist J.: A quarterly forum for professionals 7.21 International J. of Education through Art 4.95 Canadian J. of Learning & Technology 4.95 Canadian Review of Art Education: Research & Issues 4.95 Art Design & Communication in Higher Education.00 American String Teacher.00 Asia Pacific MediaEducator.00 Canadian Art Teacher.00 J. of Cultural Research & Art Education.00 ism & Mass Communication Educator.00 Technical Communication Quarterly.00

8 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 8 6. SOCIAL CONTEXT/SOCIOLOGY/ANTHROPOLOGY British J. of Sociology of Education Discourse: Studies in the cultural politics of education Gender & Education Critical Studies in Education International Studies in Sociology of Education Education & Society Race, Ethnicity & Education Education in Rural Australia Intercultural Education Ethnography & Education 9.43 J. of Gay & Lesbian Issues in Education 8.34 Youth Studies Australia 7.67 Anthropology & Education Quarterly 7.67 J. of Postcolonial Education 7.67 Sociology of Education: A J. of research in socialization & socia 6.89 J. of Research in Rural Education (Online) 6.89 Ethics & Education 6.89 J. of Intercultural Studies 5.92 Melbourne Studies in Education 5.92 Education, Citizenship & Social Justice 5.92 Rural Educator: J. for rural & small schools 4.69 Diaspora, Indigenous, & Minority Education: An International J Equity & Excellence in Education 4.69 Our Schools, Our Selves 4.69 Education & Urban Society 2.95 E-J. of Teaching & Learning in Diverse Settings 2.95 Multicultural Perspectives 2.95 School Community J J. of Education & Social Change.00 Urban Education.00 International J. on School Disaffection, The.00 J. of School Violence.00 Race Equality Teaching.00 ACH: The J. of the History of Culture in Australia.00 Education as Change.00 Home School Researcher.00 J. of Latinos & Education.00 J. of Negro Education.00 J. of Urban Education: Focus on Enrichment.00 Slavic & East European J..00

9 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 9 7. DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION J. of Technology Education International J. of Technology & Design Education Design & Technology Education: An International J J. of Industrial Teacher Education Echo: J. of the Victorian Home Economics & Textile Teachers' Assoc 8.17 Education through Technology: Occasional issues 8.17

10 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Australian J. of Early Childhood Australian Research in Early Childhood Education Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Early Childhood Research Quarterly Early Child Development & Care YC - Young Children International J. of Early Years Education Early Years: An International J. of Research & Development J. of Early Childhood Research Early Childhood Research & Practice: An internet J. on the develo European Early Childhood Education Research J Early Education & Development 9.64 Early Childhood Education J J. of Early Childhood Literacy 8.87 J. of Early Childhood Teacher Education 7.94 NHSA Dialog: A research-to-practice J. for the early intervention 2.42 Canadian Children.00

11 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA ECONOMICS/ACCOUNTING/BUSINESS/MANAGEMENT EDUCATION J. of Workplace Learning: Employee counselling today Accounting Education International J. of Management Education, The J. of Accounting Education J. of Marketing Education J. of Education & Work Management Learning: J. for managerial & organizational learning The International J. of Educational Management Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching & curriculum innovation Australian J. of Accounting Education International J. of Learning & Change J. of Management Education: A publication of the Organizational B J. of Strategic Management Education International J. of Entrepreneurship Education.00 International J. of Information & Operations Management Education.00 International J. of Innovation & Learning.00 International J. of Knowledge & Learning.00 J. of International Business Education.00 J. of Teaching in International Business.00 J. of Economic Education.00 Delta Pi Epsilon J..00 Issues in Accounting Education: A quarterly J. of the American Ac.00 J. of Education for Business.00 Quality Assurance in Education.00

12 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY J. of Educational Psychology British J. of Educational Psychology Cognition & Instruction Child Development Learning & Instruction Educational Psychologist Contemporary Educational Psychology Australian J. of Guidance & Counselling 9.62 Australian J. of Educational & Developmental Psychology 9.62 Educational & Psychological Measurement: Devoted to the development 9.62 Educational Psychology Review 9.11 Educational Psychology: An international J. of experimental education 9.11 J. of Applied Developmental Psychology 9.11 Education & Psychology Review 8.53 J. of the Learning Sciences 8.53 Elementary School J J. of School Psychology 7.85 Learning & Individual Differences 7.06 Psychology in the Schools 7.06 Learning & Motivation 7.06 Developmental Review 7.06 School Psychology International 7.06 School Psychology Review 6.09 Merrill Palmer Quarterly: A J. of developmental psychology 6.09 European J. of Psychology of Education 6.09 Educational Psychology in Practice 6.09 International J. of Learning 6.09 Technology, Instruction, Cognition & Learning 6.09 J. of Behavioral Education 6.09 J. of Cognitive Education 6.09 Australian Educational & Developmental Psychologist 4.83 Society for Research in Child Development. Monographs 4.83 J. of Cognitive Education & Psychology 4.83 Psychology of Music 4.83 Social Psychology of Education: An international J Educational & Child Psychology 4.83 J. of Creative Behaviour, The 3.05 J. of Cognitive Affective Learning 3.05 School Psychology Quarterly 3.05 Counselor Education & Supervision 3.05 J. of Research in Childhood Education: An international J. of res 3.05 Reading Psychology.00 Teaching Educational Psychology.00 Measurement & Evaluation in Counseling & Development.00 The J. of Genetic Psychology.00 J. of Educational & Psychological Consultation.00 Annals of Behavioral Science & Medical Education.00 Canadian J. of Counselling.00 Education Sciences & Psychology.00 J. of Education & Psychology (India).00 J. of Humanistic Counseling Education & Development (HEJ).00 J. of Instructional Psychology.00 Professional School Counseling.00

13 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 13 Psychology & Education: An interdisciplinary J..00

14 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY/COMPUTING/ICT British J. of Educational Technology Australasian J. of Educational Technology A L T -J: Research in Learning Technology Computers & Education Educational Technology, Research & Development Australian Educational Computing J. of Computer Assisted Learning Educational Technology & Society J. of Technology & Teacher Education Technology, Pedagogy & Education E-learning 9.74 J. of Interactive Learning Research 9.23 International J. of Educational Technology 9.23 J. of Research on Technology in Education 8.64 Interactive Learning Environments 7.97 Computer Assisted Language Learning: An international J Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education 7.17 Innovations in Education & Teaching International 7.17 Information Technology, Education & Society 6.19 Access 6.19 International J. on E-learning: Corporate, government, healthcare 6.19 J. of Educational Multimedia & Hypermedia 6.19 International J. of Computers for Mathematical Learning 6.19 Internet & Higher Education 6.19 J. of Computers in Mathematics & Science Teaching 6.19 Computers in Education J Computers in the Schools: The interdisciplinary J. of practice, t 6.19 Electronic J. for the Integration of Technology in Education 4.92 Education & Information Technologies 4.92 Education Libraries J International J. of Artificial Intelligence in Education, The 4.92 International J. of Information & Communication Technology Education 4.92 J. of Computing in Higher Education 4.92 J. of Information Systems Education 4.92 Computers & Composition 4.92 J. of Asynchronous Learning Networks 4.92 J. of Educational Computing Research 4.92 School Library Media Research 4.92 Learning, Media & Technology 3.12 J. of Computing in Teacher Education 3.12 Knowledge Quest 3.12 Computer Science Education 3.12 Convergence: The J. of research into new media technologies 3.12 Education for Information 3.12 International J. of Interactive Technology & Smart Education 3.12 J. of Interactive Media in Education 3.12 Research Strategies 3.12 Computer Education: A J. for teachers (especially classes of Education Libraries 3.12 International J. of Learning Technology.00 Interacting with Computers.00 Information Technology in Childhood Education Annual.00 International J. of Education & Development Using Information & C.00

15 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 15 ReCall.00 Flexible Online Learning.00 J. of Educational Technology Systems.00 T O J E T: A quarterly, peer reviewed international electronic J..00

16 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA ENGLISH/LITERACY EDUCATION Reading Research Quarterly Reading Teacher, The: A J. of the International Reading Association J. of Adolescent & Adult Literacy Changing English: Studies in culture & education J. of Literacy Research J. of Research in Reading Research in the Teaching of English Children s Literature in Education: An international quarterly 9.92 Literacy (Oxford) 9.92 Discourse Process: A Multidisciplinary J J. of Reading Education 9.22 J. of English for Academic Purposes 8.38 J. of Reading, Writing & Literacy, The 7.33 Literacy Learning: The middle years 7.33 Composition Forum 5.96 Language & Literacy: A Canadian educational e-j Writing Instructor 3.93 Scientific Studies of Reading 3.93 Reading Horizons.00 College Literature.00 English Education: Official J. of the Conference on English Education.00 English Quarterly.00 J. of Basic Writing.00 J. of College Reading & Learning.00 Ohio Reading Teacher: A J. of education whose objective is to imp.00 Reading Research & Instruction.00 The Writing Center J..00

17 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA HIGHER EDUCATION Higher Education Research & Development Studies in Higher Education International J. for Academic Development Teaching in Higher Education Higher Education: The international J. of higher education & educ J. of Higher Education Research in Higher Education International J. of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education Cambridge J. of Education Higher Education Quarterly Higher Education Review 9.36 Quality in Higher Education 9.36 Higher Education Policy 8.60 J. of Further & Higher Education 8.17 Active Learning in Higher Education 7.68 Review of Higher Education, The 7.68 Higher Education in Europe 7.68 Australian Universities' Review 7.13 Innovative Higher Education 7.13 Education Review 7.13 Perspectives: Policy & Practice in Higher Education 7.13 J. of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning 7.13 Tertiary Education & Management 6.51 Higher Education: Handbook of theory & research 5.77 New Directions for Teaching & Learning 5.77 Education Research & Perspectives 4.89 J. of University of Teaching & Learning Practice 4.89 Research in Post-Compulsory Education 4.89 College & University 3.78 College Teaching 3.78 J. of Institutional Research 3.78 J. of Marketing for Higher Education 3.78 Tertiary Learning & Professional Development 2.29 Unicorn Online Refereed Articles 2.29 International J. of Sustainability in Higher Education 2.29 J. of Academic Ethics 2.29 On the Horizon: The strategic planning resource for education prof 2.29 Open Learning: The J. of open & distance learning 2.29 Canadian J. of Higher Education 2.29 J. of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice 2.29 J. of Developmental Education 2.29 Liberal Education 2.29 The J. of Student Centered Learning 2.29 J. of Graduate Education.00 J. of the First - Year Experience & Students in Transition.00 Industry & Higher Education.00 J. of Applied Research in the Community College.00 J. of Higher Education in Africa.00 J. of S T E M Education (Online Edition): Innovations & research.00 South African J. of Higher Education.00 Studies in Research: Training, Evaluation & Impact.00 J. of College Student Development.00 College Composition & Communication.00

18 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA 18 College Quarterly, The (Online Edition): A J. of Research & Disc.00 College Student J.: A J. pertaining to college students.00 Community College J. of Research & Practice.00 Community College Review.00 Community Education J..00 J. of Blacks in Higher Education.00 J. of College Admission.00 J. of Continuing Higher Education.00 J. of General Education.00 J. of Hispanic Higher Education.00 J. on Excellence in College Teaching.00 N A C A D A J..00 Planning for Higher Education.00 Thought & Action.00

19 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA HISTORY/PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION Educational Philosophy & Theory History of Education Review Paedagogica Historica: International J. of the history of education History of Education Educational Theory: A medium of expression J. of Philosophy of Education J. of Moral Education Studies in Philosophy & Education: An international quarterly History of Education Quarterly Historical Studies in Education 9.97 Critical & Creative Thinking: The Australasian J. of philosophy 9.11 JET: J. of Educational Thought 9.11 History of Education Researcher 6.60 Studies in Educational Policy & Educational Philosophy Discourse 6.60 Philosophy of Music Education Review 4.45 J. of Alcohol & Drug Education.00 American Educational History J..00 Educational Considerations.00

20 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA LANGUAGES/LINGUISTICS/ESL/TESOL/LOTE TESOL Quarterly: A J. for teachers of English to speakers of other Australian J. of Language & Literacy Applied Linguistics English for Specific Purposes Modern Language J.: Devoted to research & discussion about the le Prospect: An Australian J. of TESOL English in Australia J. of Child Language Australian Review of Applied Linguistics Linguistics & Education: An international research J Language Learning: A J. of research in language studies International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching International J. of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism Language Teaching Research Language & Education System Babel 9.02 J. of Multilingual & Multicultural Development 9.02 Foreign Language Annals 9.02 Canadian Modern Language Review 9.02 TESL-EJ 9.02 Language Testing 9.02 World Englishes 9.02 Second Language Research 7.52 J. of Language, Identity, & Education 7.52 Issues in Applied Linguistics 7.52 Language Assessment Quarterly: An international J Bilingual Research J L1-Educational Studies in Language & Literature 5.22 Language Policy 5.22 R E L C J.: A J. of language teaching & research in Southeast Asia 5.22 College English 5.22 J. of Second Language Writing 5.22 Mosaic: A J. for language teachers 5.22 Language Learning & Technology.00 Canadian J. of Applied Linguistics.00 EA J..00 First Language.00 Prospects: Quarterly review of comparative education.00 Reading & Writing: An interdisciplinary J..00 The International J. of Multilingualism, The.00 The Reading Matrix: An international online J..00 Learning Languages.00

21 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA LAW/POLITICAL SCIENCE/INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS/SOCIAL WORK Legal Education Review J. of Legal Education J. of Law & Education Australia & New Zealand J. of Law & Education: The J. of the Aust International J. of Clinical Legal Education J. of Social Work Education Education & the Law Social Work Education International J. of Peace Studies 7.61 J. of Legal Studies Education 7.61 Education & Law J J. of Correctional Education.00 J. of Security Education.00 Children & Schools: A J. of social work practice.00 Human Service Education.00

22 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA MATHEMATICS EDUCATION J. for Research in Mathematics Education Mathematics Education Research J Educational Studies in Mathematics: An international J For the Learning of Mathematics: An international J. of mathematics J. of Mathematical Behavior, The Mathematics Teacher Education & Development J. of Mathematics Teacher Education Mathematical Thinking & Learning: An international J Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom Teaching Children Mathematics International J. for Mathematics Teaching & Learning International J. of Mathematical Education in Science & Technology Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics J. of Statistics Education International J. for Technology in Mathematics Education, The 9.44 Hiroshima J. of Mathematics Education 8.75 Statistics Education Research J Teaching Mathematics & Its Applications: An international J. of I 3.61 Mathematics & Computer Education 3.61 Issues in the Undergraduate Mathematics Preparation of School Tea.00 British Society for the History of Mathematics. Bulletin.00 N C S S S M S T J..00 T M E Online: The mathematics educator.00

23 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA MEDICAL/NURSING EDUCATION Medical Education Medical Teacher Academic Medicine BMC Medical Education Teaching & Learning in Medicine: An international J Nurse Education Today J. of Nursing Education Focus on Health Professional Education International J. of Nursing Education Scholarship Advances in Health Sciences Education: Theory & practice Health Education Research J. of Intellectual Disability Research Clinical Teacher, The J. of Continuing Education in Nursing 7.61 J. of Clinical Problem-Based Learning 7.61 Nursing Outlook 7.61 J. of Continuing Education in the Health Professions 7.61 Education for Primary Care 7.61 J. of Dental Education 7.61 Children & Society.00 Patient Education & Counseling.00 J. of Nutrition Education & Behavior.00 Academic Psychiatry.00 American J. of Pharmaceutical Education.00 Educational Gerontology.00 Health Education & Behavior.00 Australian Electronic J. of Nursing Education.00 J. of Chiropractic Education.00 Learning in Health & Social Care.00 Nurse Education in Practice.00 Pharmacy Education.00 Education & Health: A quarterly J..00 Health Educator, The.00 J. of Continuing Education Topics & Issues.00 J. of School Nursing.00 J. of Teaching in the Addictions.00 Nursing Education Perspectives.00 Optometric Education.00 Perspective on Physician Assistant Education.00

24 EDUCATION JOURNAL ESTEEM RANKING BY AREA PE/SPORT/PERSONAL HEALTH/HYGIENE Sport, Education & Society J. of Teaching in Physical Education Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy ACHPER Healthy Lifestyles J Sex Education: Sexuality, society & learning Quest (Champaign) Australian J. of Outdoor Education European Physical Education Review J. of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance British J. of Teaching Physical Education, The J. of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning Physical Education New Zealand. J Health Education J Health Education 9.54 International J. of Health Promotion & Education 8.45 J. of School Health 6.99 Measurement in Physical Education & Exercise Science 6.99 Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy 6.99 American J. of Health Education 4.77 Education & Treatment of Children 4.77 J. of Hospitality, Leisure, Sports & Tourism Education.00 J. of Drug Education.00 International Electronic J. of Health Education, The.00 Pastoral Care in Education: The J. for pastoral care & personal &.00