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1 HELPFUL INTERNET SITES Interest Surveys and Personality Tests A short version of Myers-Briggs personality test. Asks 72 questions about preferences then, based on your answers, explains your personality type. Explanation of what the Myers-Briggs test is and helps explain your results. If you take the personality test above, go to this site to see what jobs match up with your personality type. Take the Career Key, a professional career test. It takes about 10 minutes. It measures your skills, abilities, values, interests, and personality. Identify promising jobs and get accurate information about them. Once you have taken the test, a graph of your True Colors personality spectrum will be displayed for you to print and keep. Take a career quiz, learning style quiz and gives practical information about the whole application process From the US News page, scroll down to Tools (on the lower left). Take the inventory of college styles and find out how your personal style influences the style of college you should attend. Take a short quiz on this site and it analyzes this information and suggests six majors to think about because they match your interests and high school experience. It can also give you more information about these majors, what type of courses you would take to get a degree and what jobs are available to graduates with various degrees. Career aptitude test, career test, career personality test. Find your ideal career within 30 minutes. Job Information Find Your Career --A classic reference about occupations from A to Z. Compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. --Self-assessment, academic and career options, relevant/practical experience, job search, school preparation. Information about becoming a professional athlete. Information about other sports-related careers. America s Job Bank American Universities Career Center (On-line)

2 Career Center For Teens Career Magazine Career Mosaic Career Resource Center College Board Careers It s My Future JobBank USA JobSmart Guides for Specific Careers Job Web Find your dream career with access to 1000 s of careers and educational resources. Mapping Your Future National Career Development Association Occupational Outlook Handbook The Monster Board Virtual Career Counselor Community College Websites --Community College Review lets you find free, detailed profiles of community colleges and their surrounding communities. College Search Websites Mainly U.S. and Canada (one that I use frequently) Look for "Finding the Right College". Universities and Colleges only in the U.S. (another I use frequently) Sponsored by Princeton Review. Look under "college', then "search for a college". Contains some colleges outside of the United States. Comprehensive site with getting to know you tests, how to choose a college, college search help, how to pay for college. Sponsored by Peterson's - includes excellent general search but also specific searches for visual and performing arts, culinary, nursing, etc. Start your college search today. Use College Search Engine to compare colleges and get free information.

3 Excellent search engine - hotlinks right to the schools that interest you. Has on-line applications and customized Internet admissions applications built for over 1500 colleges and universities in the U.S. When applying to more than one program, you save redundant typing since common data automatically travels from form to form. A fee online college search service with profiles of 3,500+ colleges and university sites, virtual tours, electronic applications, financial aid information, career planning tools, and more. Find others with similar interests in Coffee Shop. A general application form used by over 150 independent colleges that is available on-line. College Ranking Websites All U.S. schools Discusses the pros and cons of ranking colleges. The University of Illinois has gathered links to a collection of sites that rate colleges with various criteria. The site also discussed the philosophical difficulties with the whole process of ranking colleges. U.S. News and World Report's yearly rankings of "America's Best Colleges." Includes tips on latest trends. General Information Websites in the U.S. Excellent search engine for colleges, test prep, and financial aid. Use this database to search for colleges by program, state, type of school, sport and school name. This site not only searches for college programs by state, but also allows you to find colleges by specific career fields, majors, and occupations. The Campus Tours Index provides fast and easy access to interactive tours of colleges across the United States. Huge site contains links to careers and majors, college selections, financial aid, scholarships, test preparation, and summer programs. Comprehensive site guides you through the entire process from researching colleges to getting in and paying for them. This site, created by the National Center for Education Statistics in the U.S. Department of Education, is a direct link to over 9000 colleges and universities in the United States. Features in-depth profiles with information about academic programs, athletics, campus life, and financial aid, along with geographic search, directories for honors programs, women's colleges, statistics on minority enrollment and numerous other resources for prospective college students. Site is run by National Center for Fair and Open Testing. University section includes latest on college testing and list of schools that do not use standardized tests as part of application process in the U.S.

4 Comprehensive resource covering college admissions, financial aid, educational options and surviving college. Dedicated to providing information and services related to historically black college and universities. A complete list of all known American universities. Each item listed is a link to that institution's homepage. On this site you'll find information to help you plan your career, select a school and plan for your future. (great site, but charges a fee) Comprehensive site allows you to explore majors, find a college and research careers. A searchable database of 900+ career fields, vocational schools, colleges, and universities and links of scholarship, sources of loans, financial aid and advice. Next Step Comprehensive new college information site. Major publisher of materials about college and process of selecting a college. Preparing Your Child for College This site produced by the U.S. Department of Education explains the benefits of a college education and about ways to put college within reach academically and financially. The National Association for College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) distributes a bi-monthly newsletter with timely college advice. Articles are on many topics of interest to students and parents. U.S. Government - wide initiative to deliver electronic services from government agencies and organizations. The site has links for information on planning and paying for your education, internships, community service, career development, and military service. Comprehensive college guidance site has sections on searching for a college, admissions and tests and scholarships. Search for the college that's right for you by geographic region, state, city, type, major, or Title IV eligibility. U.S. News and World Report - tools and reports to take through the steps of the college process - from choosing where to apply to the application process itself. (What can I do with a major in?) Site from the University of North Carolina links career to the majors available on campus. Comprehensive site assists students with preparing for college, test preparation, and obtaining financial information. Summer Programs -- An encyclopedia of a range of summer programs.

5 Lots of types of summer programs allows you to search a database full of them -- Teen summer camps --Searchable data base for enrichment summer programs. US College and Universities outside the United States - This website will introduce you to the possibility of studying in an American college or university around the world. All of the universities and colleges described here are members of the CIS group of American Colleges Overseas (CIS/ACO). All offer American style degree programs that are accredited either in the United States or have state recognition in their host countries with English as the language of instruction. English universities around the world. General Information Websites from Around the World Offers a little something for everyone: a comprehensive list of colleges from around the world, chat rooms, financial aid sites, and links to information on college prep exams. AMERICAN TYPE PROGRAMS IN WESTERN EUROPE Canada --Overview of Canadian colleges and universities along with scholarship opportunities British University System the Universities in the UK and recommends the best courses to take in order to gain employment. The BBC runs a series of student essential pages. The student guide offers information and university listings giving you real-life guidance and resources.,10085,488282,00.html The Guardian publishes a UK university guide, placing a strong emphasis on the quality of teaching at each ranked institution. comprehensive information on UK degree programs. - Gives colleges and universities in the UK according to one s needs. India Universities

6 educational institutions in India by areas of the country. --Admission requirements for India Universities. Malaysia An online guide to education in Malaysia that includes information on private schools, colleges and universities. Australia Guide to studying in Australia. --Another guide to studying in Australia. --Another guide to studying in Australia. --Good guide to programs in Australia. --Gives a good overview of universities in Australia SCHOLARSHIP WEB SITES IEFA is the premier resource for financial aid, college scholarship and grant information for US and international students wishing to study abroad. At this site, you will find the most comprehensive college scholarship search and grant listings plus international student loan programs and other information to promote study abroad. --Scholarship database. - This site helps international students who want to study in the USA with time-saving international student scholarship search tools. It also contains advice sections for international students. The Soros Foundations Network This foundation offers international student scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Many are restricted to students from specific countries. --Only will grant scholarship if can already afford to go to school and live in U.S.

7 STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS Director of worldwide study abroad programs