American National CattleWomen 2016 Annual Cattle Industry Convention Executive Committee Meeting (New Team) January 29, 2016

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1 American National CattleWomen 2016 Annual Cattle Industry Convention Executive Committee Meeting (New Team) January 29, :00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Convention Center Room 25-A President Ann Nogan cell: Theme: Coming together is a beginning; staying together is a process. John Maxwell Committee Purpose: The Executive Committee shall act in place and instead of the membership and the Board of Directors in the interim between the stated meetings of the Board of Directors or the membership except that they shall not modify or rescind the budget or any other action taken by the Board of Directors or the membership. The Executive Committee shall authorize the formulating and awarding of contracts and legal agreements. (Articles of Incorporation Article VIII) The Executive Committee shall perform the duties prescribed for them in the accompanying Policies and Procedures adopted by this corporation. Call to Order and Roll Call The incoming ANCW President, Ann Nogan, called the meeting to order at 8:08 a.m. The roll was taken. Present: President Ann Nogan, President-elect Penny Zimmerman, Vice President Gwen Geis, Past President Melanie Fowle, Chair of the BOD Evelyn Brown, Region 2 Emily Dent, Region 5 Jeannie Kiehn, Region 6 Beth Anderson, Region 7 Sharon Gerbig, non-voting members: Parliamentarian Susie Magnusen, Secretary Sheila Bowen and Executive Director Katie Carruth Absent: Region 1 Jennie Hodgen, Region 3 Kasey Wallace, Region 4 Elizabeth Parker, and Ways and Means Chair Crystal Walker. Adopt Agenda Gwen Geis moved to adopt the agenda as presented. Motion carried. The minutes from the January 27, 2016 Executive Meeting at the convention will be approved at the next Executive Committee meeting. Financials A copy of the 2016 budget was given to the Executive Committee. This budget was approved at the General Membership Meeting. (The budget is attached at the end of the minutes.) 1

2 Unfinished Business Non-voting Member Appointments Gwen Geis moved to accept Susie Magnusen as Parliamentarian and Sheila Bowen as Secretary as appointed by Ann Nogan. Motion carried. Capital Membership Campaign Evelyn Brown reported that the parameters of the Capital Membership Campaign will be posted on the website. She has heard good things so far. This info can also be put in the E News ( A copy of the Capital Campaign Handout is attached to the end of the minutes.) The Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) The Memoranda of Understanding between ANCW and the ANCW Foundation was discussed at the ANCW Foundation Meeting. The Foundation has established a committee to work on developing a workable MOU. New Business Policy and Procedures The Executive Team will be moving forward with updating Policy & Procedures. Much of the groundwork has been done. Changes will originate with Executive Committee and then be presented to the bylaws committee. Communication Conference calls will be on the last Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time. The first conference call of this new term will be on February 29, The newsletter deadline is Feb. 19th. Beth Anderson plans to have it in the mail by March 18th. Silent Auction Region Packages Everyone needs to think about what your region's silent auction package will include. Get this information to Reba Mazek, the chair of the silent auction, so that it can be advertised well in advance of the summer meeting. Chair: Reba Mazek - phone # (352) Sponsorship Please send thank you notes to the ANCW convention sponsors. Katie will send an E News with our sponsors contact info. (Sponsor names and addresses are attached at the end of the minutes.) Nebraska Affiliation Nebraska CattleWomen does not have their own bylaws. They are a committee under the Nebraska Cattlemen. ANCW will look at the Nebraska Cattlemen's bylaws to see if they meet the requirement for each state affiliation to provide their bylaws to ANCW. 2

3 Logo Although the proposed ANCW logo was not approved, there seems to be interest in updating the existing logo. Given that, Cheyenne Sparks ( ) and Kalyn McKibbon, will work on this. Submit ideas to them. This information will go out in the E News. Give/Get Commitment Form ANCW has developed a form they would like ANCW members to fill out pledging a personal donation to ANCW, a membership recruitment pledge, and a list of prospective donors. Donations will be run through the ANCW Foundation. ANCW feels this is an essential bit of fundraising from a perception perspective. (The form can be found at the end of these minutes.) Leadership Development Meeting The ANCW Leadership Development Meeting will be April 12-15, 2016 in Washington DC in conjunction with the NCBA Legislative visits. It is important that the ANCW Executive Committee attend this event. A schedule will be developed and shared with the Executive Committee. In addition, the Region I Meeting will meet on April 11th in Washington D.C. The Executive Committee members should make their own flight arrangements. ANCW will arrange the accommodations for this trip. Other information Powder River offered ANCW space in their booth at next year's Cattle Industry Convention. Powder River will be a sponsor of ANCW. Caterpillar will sponsor a specific event. More USDA internships are a possibility. Katie Carruth will need some time to finish a Masters Degree. Her thesis deadline is the end of March. Melanie Fowle will handle ANCW s. Evelyn Brown, the chair of the Board of Directors, needs updates on who the state presidents are. The ANCW membership list can be imported onto our new website as a pdf. Adjourn Meeting Gwen Geis moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. 9:00 a.m. Respectfully submitted, Sheila Bowen ANCW Secretary 3

4 Attached to the January 29, 2016 ANCW Executive Committee Meeting Minutes are the following documents. Get/Give Commitment Form 2016 ANCW Budget ANCW Capital Membership Campaign Document 4

5 AMERICAN NATIONAL CATTLEWOMEN 2016 GIVE/GET COMMITMENT FORM Name: My personal "giving" goal: I personally pledge a contribution of $ to the American National CattleWomen (ANCW) to support our 2016 fundraising campaign. I would prefer to make: (please check) ( ) One yearly payment ( ) Quarterly payments of $ (All ANCW executive committee members and ANCW staff should make a personally significant contribution to ANCW. The general rule is that ANCW should be one of the top organizations to which you make a donation. It is important to set a giving example.) My goal for "getting" donations: As an ANCW executive committee member, I will personally get (raise) a total of $ from individuals, associations, corporations and/or foundations in I will assist in building our donor list by submitting a total of potential 2016 donors. Please list here key prospective sponsors you are targeting, including their geographical location: My goal for "getting" new ANCW members: I will personally get (recruit) new ANCW members in I agree to participate in other fundraising activities as needed. I accept this commitment as an understanding of my responsibilities as a member of the ANCW leadership team. Signature Date 5

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9 Capital Membership Campaign Prizes 1. Powder River 2. Weber Grill/Cutco Cutlery 3. Grilling sets w/logo on it. Per State or Per Person 1 st prize: 50 new member or renewals (that have not renewed in 1yr) Plus 3 new associate memberships 2 nd prize: 30 new members or renewals (that have not renewed in 1yr) Plus 2 new associate memberships 3 rd prize: 20 new members or renewals (that have not renewed in 1yr) Plus 1 new associate membership State name or individual person can be entered into drawing for prizes. If you get 50 new members or renewals plus 3 associate members, your name/ state will go into all three prizes category 1, 2 and 3. If you get 30 new members or renewals plus 2 associate members, your name/ state will go into two prizes category 2, and 3. If you get 20 new members or renewals plus 1 associate member, your name/ state will go into 1 prize category, 1. There will be a form provided to keep up with new or renewal members. 9

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