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1 KCCounselor April Volume 15, Issue 4 inco de Mayo BBBC: Cinco de Mayo May 4-6 Deans of the Trial Bar & Barons of the Boardroom Award Winners LEAP Luncheon King and Queen Crowned Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conference Registration Form

2 BOARDROOM BARON Jim Polsinelli Congratulations from your friends and colleagues on being named one of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association's Barons of the Boardroom. Kansas City. St Louis. Chicago. New York. Washington, D.C. Overland Park. Topeka. Edwardsville

3 1125 Grand Blvd., Suite 400 Kansas City, Missouri (816) BOARD OF DIRECTORS President C. Patrick McLarney President-Elect Charles W. German Vice President Gregory M. Bentz Treasurer Rebbecca Lake Wood Secretary Thomas V. Bender Immediate Past President James P. Frickleton Executive Director Rae Jean McCall, Ph.D. MEMBERS-AT-LARGE James A. Heeter J. Dale Youngs Nancy E. Kenner Gene P. Graham, Jr. Rod L. Richardson W. Russell Welsh Kirk J. Goza Thomas W. Wagstaff Todd P. Graves Wesley O. Fields Lisa N. Gentleman KCMBF President Walter R. Simpson YLS President Jennifer M. Hannah Representative of AWL R. Denise Henning CLE Co-Chairs David V. Kenner Victoria M. Schroeder Membership Co-Chairs Michael J. Van Dyke David W. Russell Past Presidents Rep Sandra Schermerhorn SPECIAL LIAISONS TO THE BOARD Long-Range Planning Chair Cindy Reams Martin ABA Delegate Paul L. Wickens MOBAR Delegate John S. Johnston EDITORIAL KC COUNSELOR Editor Rae Jean McCall, Ph.D. Managing Editor Marci McNeal Graphic Designer Jessica Oertel Publications Advisory Board Chair Stuart K. Shaw Vice-Chair Stephen J. Cosentino Members Deborah J. Blakley C. Patrick McLarney David E. Everson Stephen B. Millin, Jr. Charles W. German Hon. Margaret L. Sauer Derron D. Gunderman Hon. J.D. Williamson, Jr. Contributing Photographer Bruce Mathews ADVERTISING KC COUNSELOR Display Ads David Miller (816) Classified Ads Marci McNeal (816) KC Counselor is published monthly by the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, Copyright No material may be reproduced in any form or by any means without express written permission from the publisher. Please direct advertising inquiries, editorial news, subscription information or questions to KCMBA. Statements or expressions of opinion herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of KCMBA or editors. The publication of any advertisement or product information is not to be construed as an endorsement of the product or service offered unless the ad specifically states that there is such an endorsement or approval. CONTENTS SPECIAL FEATURES Deans of the Trial Bar & Barons of the Boardroom Award Winners Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conference Registration Form LEAP Luncheon MONTHLY FEATURES President's Message Foundation Court News Heartland Diversity Legal Job Fair Calendar of Events CLE YLS Metro Voices Member Benefits Spotlight Keeping Up With the Bar Sustaining Members Classified Ads COMING NEXT MONTH... KCMBA spotlights the 2006 recipients of the Congenial Counselor and Conway Awards and the Young Lawyer of the Year Award. There will also be a wrap-up of the 2006 Law Week events and an update on the KCMBA Diversity Initiative. This much and more in the May issue of the KC Counselor. ABOUT THE COVER This Conference is Hot Hot Hot! The Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conference: Cinco De Mayo is rapidly approaching. Make sure you mark your calendars and join the KCMBA for the 33rd Annual BBBC Conference on May 4-6 at Tan-Tar-A Resort at the Lake. You will find fun, entertainment, parties and a beautiful and relaxing setting not to mention the year s best educational programs. Join us for the Conference you will be glad you did. Article on Page 4. Annual Subscription Rates: Complimentary to members and $36 to nonmembers. Single copy rate is $4. Postmaster: Send address corrections to: KC Counselor, 1125 Grand Blvd., Ste.400, Kansas City, MO April 2006 KC Counselor 1

4 president's message By C. Patrick McLarney Did You Feed Seabiscuit Today? The judicial system in the U.S. is the fairest and most advanced system in the history of civilization. The U.S. Court system only serves one out of every 22 people that live on earth. Other court systems of the world, which serve the other 21 people, are mostly corrupt, and serve only a fraction of the populations of their countries. The Courts in the Kansas City region are the finest in the United States. We as lawyers in Kansas City work in the finest judicial system that has ever existed. We are at the apex, the panacea, the Shangri-la of legal systems. Given this incredible legal system gift, don t we as lawyers have an obligation to preserve and improve this system? If you owned Seabiscuit, wouldn t you feed him? Our problems with our court system are miniscule in comparison to the corruption and inadequacies of the court systems of many countries. So what are we worried about? Isn t the fact we have such a treasure all the more reason we should be fighting to preserve and improve this rare treasure to pass on to future generations? We shouldn t sit aside and let our system slip by letting partisan politics creep into our court system. Proposals in both Missouri and Kansas pending today propose to undo the huge advances pioneered sixty years ago as the Missouri non-partisan court plan. Judges compensation in Missouri and Kansas in spending power has eroded 17 to 20% in the last five years compared to the rest of the working population. In Jackson County, three judge candidates are now being selected from a pool of only three to 15 candidates. Five years ago, it was three of 40 or 50 candidates. The budget for the third branch of government in Missouri is only 1.6% of the budget. The other 98.4% of the budget goes to the branches controlled by the elected officials. Why is this happening? Could it be inattention? Are we the Romans sleeping while Rome burns? Are we too busy sailing our yachts that we forget to feed Seabiscuit? Are there not enough of us? There are 28,837 lawyers in Missouri, and 13,072 active lawyers in Kansas. All have at least seven years of post high school education and relatively high incomes. Whose responsibility is it to care for our court system? Most of you would immediately say it is the responsibility of some organization the Missouri Bar, or Kansas Bar, or the Supreme Courts of these states, or the Judicial Committee of the local bar association. They have a role, but these organizations only operate through you, the lawyers in our profession. It s our job to feed Seabiscuit, each one of us. We need to do more for our precious court system. Maybe our lawyers should do more in the bar to improve the judicial system then attend receptions. Each of you needs to decide what you are going to contribute this year to helping improve our judicial system. There are many ways: 1.) Bar committees, 2.) interaction with the legislature, 3.) run for office, 4.) support a good candidate for office, 5.) write letters to the editor, 6.) visit with a judge about their issues, or 7.) take a judge or court staff member to lunch. If you can t think of anything, call me. I ll give you a bucket of oats! Last month s trivia question answer is Bob Welch, previously a President of KCMBA who is a champion arm wrestler. Want to take him on at the Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conference? Steve Bough was the winner of the first trivia contest when he identified John Johnston as the KCMBA past president all American Football Player. This month s trivia question: Name two female KCMBA members who play women s professional football? Contact Marci McNeal at with your answer. 2 KC Counselor April 2006

5 MEDIATION 50 Years of Litigation Experience James W. Humphrey, Jr Main Street, Suite 2620 Kansas City, MO (816) or (816) Completed Federal Court Mediation Program for Neutrals in 1991 and Advanced Program in 2000 Completed Mediation Requirements under Supreme Court Rule 17 and Jackson County Circuit court Rule 25.1 Ethics committee of the 16th Judicial Circuit, Jackson County, MO, 1990 to General Chairperson of the Ethics Committee from 1994 to 1998 Disciplinary Hearing Officer for the Supreme Court of the State of Missouri Certified as a civil trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in 1982 Member of American Arbitration Association since 1981 Settle with your opponent on the way to court... Matthew 5:25 Essentials of Negotiation T he KCMBA has announced that Cheryl K. Rose is the new Diversity Coordinator for the Association. This part-time position is responsible for coordinating the KCMBA diversity initiative including all communications with the diversity committee, the managing partners diversity committee and the legal diversity job fair committee. She will also plan, organize and implement the annual Job Fair, foster the expansion of member firms and publicize the success of individual project and collective initiative results, provide coordination with specialty bar associations and other diversity efforts in the Kansas City area, create, maintain and share with member firms a resume bank and/or database of ethnic minority law students and attorneys, and provide coordination of projects of the diversity committee, such as the minority clerkship program. Rose formerly worked for the KCMBA as Director of Communications/IT/Membership before leaving in 2004 to become a stay-at-home mom. May 5/6 and 19/20 KCMBA May Social Hour: Learn Negotiation Strategies and Tactics Improve Communication in Negotiation Discover the Top 10 Rules for Virtual Negotiation Manage Misperceptions and Cognitive Biases Visiting Faculty from Southern Methodist University Michael Collatrella, J.D. LL.M. and Anthony Picchioni, Ph.D. ENROLL TODAY SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL AND GRADUATE STUDIES Classes held at Baker University Overland Park Campus Thursday, May 18 5:30-7:30 pm Frondizi s Ristorante (4558 Main) Sponsored Sponsored by by Roe & Epstein, LLP, Lexsum, Inc. and the Association for Women Lawyers 8001 College Blvd, Suite 100 Overland Park, KS Classroom hours/3 Graduate Credit Hours Approved Kansas CME, Kansas and Missouri CLE Pending April 2006 KC Counselor 3

6 KCMBA Honors the 2006 Deans of the Trial Bar and Barons of the Boardroom Award Winners The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association (KCMBA) has selected Willard B. Bunch, John C. Noonan and James W. Tippin as this year s recipients of the prestigious Deans of the Trial Bar Award. Presented annually, this award spotlights individuals whose superb litigation skills and professional demeanor are viewed as exemplary by their peers. Recipients of the honor must have practiced for at least 30 years or have reached age 60. This year s recipients will be recognized at an awards dinner on Thursday, May 4 during the Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conference to be held at Tan-Tar-A Resort. These three recipients certainly exemplify longevity, excellence and leadership, said C. Patrick McLarney, KCMBA President. This year s award winners represent a combined 120 years of service to their communities and the legal profession as a whole. Willard B. Bunch Willard B. Bunch graduated from the UMKC School of Law in 1967 where he was a member of the Law Review and awarded the Order of the Bench and Robe. He attended law school at night while Supervisor of Employee Relations with Bendix Corp., the Kansas City Division. From 1968 through 1970, Bunch became the Chief of Criminal Division, Legal Aid and Defender Society, and then became the Public Defender for the 16th Judicial Circuit from 1971 to He was the first public defender under the authorizing statute, and was appointed by Governor Warren Hearnes. From there, Bunch was appointed by Mike White, County Executive, as the Jackson County Counselor where he held this position from 1975 to Thereafter, Bunch went into private practice. During this time he was dedicated to special Willard, his wife Barbara, Ruth Ann and Jim Willard s brother and sister-in-law. commissions as well as the UMKC School of Law. Starting in 1979 and ending in 1982, Bunch was a Special Hearing Officer for the Missouri State Tax Commission; as well as serving on the Missouri Public Defender Commission from 1976 to 1985 (he was chairman from 1983 to 1985). If that wasn t enough, Bunch also taught evening classes at UMKC School of Law for eight years and authored the Evidence Chapter for the Missouri Bar Criminal Law Series. He served as Chairman of the Missouri Bar Criminal Law Committee from 1991 to 1993 and was the KCMBA President in Bunch said being President of the KCMBA is the proudest accomplishment of his career. Bunch really can not say why he became interested in the legal profession it was just something he always knew he wanted to do. He did say that if he hadn t become a lawyer, he would have most likely remained as an executive with the Bendix Corporation. We all know what an important role that mentors play in the careers of young lawyers, and Bunch was lucky enough to have a mentor that helped shape his career. I had the good fortune to have J. Arnot June Hill as a mentor, one of the most capable criminal lawyers. He was innovative, imaginative, skillful and dedicated. Bunch has noticed the changes in the profession since he first started practicing. It has changed dramatically with technological advances, i.e., computers and computer generated documentation and Internet filing. It remains an open question as to whether or not the profession has changed for the better. The view of the general public would indicate otherwise. He does offer advice to those just entering the profession of law he says to serve the profession, judiciary, clients and humanity. Worry little about anything else. What is the idea of success to this Deans of the Trial Bar recipient? Success is not to be measured by economic reward alone; it must include the satisfaction of having performed in a manner that has brought not harm to society and with the rule of law. I am afraid the latter receives less emphasis today than deserved. It isn t always just work for Bunch. He is a dedicated hunter and fisherman. He has two daughters and three grandchildren his oldest daughter Kelly is Courtroom Deputy for the Hon. Scott O. Wright. His wife, Barbara, graduates this May from the Honors College, University of Texas San Antonio with a degree in Psychology. When asked one thing that might surprise KCBMA members about him Bunch responded, I am a frustrated writer. Bunch s proudest personal accomplishment in his life is a valiant one. He was named outstanding leader of the 7th Army, NCO Academy, Munich, Germany in The Academy included Special Forces, Air Borne and Rangers. Bunch was a draftee from the Combat Engineers. It is a great honor to join the list of those exceptional lawyers who are Deans of the Trial Bar award recipients. The comraderie that exists among This photo taken in front of the bay in the town of Wick, Scotland is Will s favorite place on earth. 4 KC Counselor April 2006

7 the members of the Bar is the envy of members of every other profession. You cannot get along if you have to get along but we do not have too. John C. Noonan John C. Noonan graduated from Webster Groves High School in Webster Groves, Missouri in He received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York in 1952 and his law degree from Washington University in He was a regular infantry officer on active duty in the United States Marine Corps from 1952 to Thereafter, he served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve until he was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain in In 1957, he was hired as an associate in the litigation section of the law firm then named Stinson, Mag, Thompson, McEvers & Fizzell (now Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP). In 1960 he became a partner in that firm. Noonan practiced law full time in the litigation section of the firm and its successors for more than 40 years. During that time he was Chairman of the Litigation Section of the firm for more than 15 years and was a member of the firm s then five-person Management Committee for some ten years. He also served for many years as General Counsel for the firm. In 1998, Noonan retired from the full-time practice of law, but continued as General Counsel for the firm and carried a reduced case load. He currently is Of Counsel with the firm. Noonan s varied practice included general business litigation, product liability litigation, MDL litigation, personal liability litigation, anti-trust litigation, business tort litigation, environmental litigation, personal injury litigation, federal false claims act litigation just to name a few. John is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and a Fellow of the John and his wife Mary. American College of Trial Lawyers. Noonan became interested in the practice of law while an infantry officer in the USMC overseas. I was appointed to represent several marines before special court martial. I had no legal training, but was provided a court martial manual. In any event, it was an intense and interesting experience and served to interest me in the John enjoys some time with a puppy that was for his daughter s family. practice of law. He credits Dick H. Woods and Lawrence R. Brown (partners in the Stinson, Mag, et al Law Firm with the all important role of being his mentors. They were great lawyers with whom I was privileged to work. They became mentors, friends and confidants. Great advances in the technology used in the practice of law, is just one of the changes in the profession that Noonan has seen during the course of his career. Lawyers now advertise and many retain marketing specialists to promote their businesses. There is greater mobility of lawyers between law firms. The sheer number of lawyers in many law firms has increased dramatically (I can recall when the largest firm in the Kansas City area consisted of 20 to 25 lawyers). I believe that these changes and others have caused law firms to become more competitive and to operate more like businesses. There is probably good and bad in these changes. Hopefully, they have not come about at the expense of professionalism. What is Noonan s idea of success in the legal profession? I believe satisfied and appreciative clients, mutual respect between you and other members of the bar, community service, the ability to appropriately balance the demands of your profession and family, and earned compensation sufficient to provide for your family. Noonan s proudest personal accomplishment is his wonderful family. He has been married to his wife Mary for 48 years. They have one child (Ann Thompson) and four grandchildren (Stephen, Christopher, Abeygail and Madeline) all of whom reside in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Outside of the office, Noonan enjoys visiting his daughter and her family in South Carolina, tennis (about two or three times a week), hanging out at his place at the Lake of the Ozarks, reading, sailing, and the occasional round of golf and travel. I have also enjoyed working with my daughter and granddaughter (Abeygail) for an organization called Homework it is similar to Habitat for Humanity and I hope to do more in that regard. Recently, I have spent some more time working with the Midwestern Innocence Project at UMKC. And if this profession has not been lucky enough to have Noonan as a lawyer he says he would have become a U.S. Marine Corps pilot or a realtor/home builder. Humble, surprised and honored are the comments Noonan made upon learning of this award being presented to him. He also offered some parting words, Don t let the practice of law be all-consuming. Try to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life. Always act with integrity and in the best interests of your client. Work hard and enjoy the practice. James Tippin James W. Tippin graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City with his J.D. in 1973, and received his undergraduate degree from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri in He founded the James W. Tippin & Associates law firm in His areas of concentration are insurance defense, general liability defense, employment litigation, creditor s rights and bankruptcy. He is the past chairman and current member of the Mid-City Towers Board of Directors and a member of the Second Baptist Church of Kansas City, Inc. He received the KCMBA Congenial Counselor Award in 2002 and the KCMBA President s Award in He also received the Judge Lewis Clymer Community Service Award in 2003 from The Jackson County Bar Association. I prize the Clymer Award from the JCBA because I so admired Judge Clymer he was admired by me and so many others in this community and to be deemed worthy of his award was very moving, said Tippin. I also prize my Congenial Counselor award because I have tried to practice law by getting along with others...not that others have always wanted to get along with me. Getting that award meant that I actually did, at some level, what I set out to do. Tippin is a member of the American Bar Association (The Missouri Bar s Representative to the House of Delegates); National Bar Association; MOBAR (Liaison to Fee Dispute Committee; Committee to Review Code of Ethics and Mencontinued on page 6 April 2006 KC Counselor 5

8 continued from page 5 James, his wife Billie and their grandson CJ Cutler celebrate the Holidays together. James gets ready to bowl, as members of Tippin s church stand by. tor Program); Jackson County Bar Association (Past President); and KCMBA (Vice Chair of the Fee Dispute Committee). The misguided concept that being an attorney would give him some freedom was the reason Tippin became interested in the legal profession. So what does success in this business mean to Tippin? Helping clients while having sufficient income to support a family, and gaining the respect of others in the profession would be my definition of success. Watching his two partners (Dana Tippin Cutler and Keith Cutler) grow into their legal careers is what Tippin said was the proudest accomplishment of his career. What career would Tippin have chosen if he had not become a lawyer? My undergraduate degree is in education. I always thought I would have been a good teacher, but in reality in my prior life before the law, I did everything but teach. The legal profession has made many changes since Tippin first started practicing law. He smiled as he said there wasn t enough space to answer this particular question. He did say one thing that is a concern is that the profession is in such a hurry these days that we don t have to time to give reflection to issues and build personal relationships with the Courts and other attorneys like we did in the days of yore. His advice for those just entering the profession of law is simple. Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Get active with a bar association at some level. Bar association activities keep you balanced in your professional life. Having a strong religious belief system and a strong family love are his proudest accomplishments of his personal life. Tippin is active with serving at his church, family outings and activities, and being home with his wife playing UNO. I won t say I play golf, but I do enjoy being on the golf course. When asked one thing about himself that might surprise our KCMBA members, Tippin commented that he has visualized himself as a comedian. Tippin offered these final words, First, I cannot emphasize the notion of doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Second, when your ego raises it head, because of the perceived action or actual action of opposing counsel, remember to re-establish control by pushing your ego back into your back pocket which usually de-escalates the issue(s). The Recipients of the 2006 Barons of the Boardroom Award are James A. Polsinelli and J. Harlan Stamper. This award recognizes a distinguished career representing corporate and business clients. This year s recipients will also be recognized at the awards dinner on Thursday, May 4 during the Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conference. James A. Polsinelli Born in September of 1943, James A. Polsinelli is a founding shareholder of Polsinelli Shalton Welte Suelthaus PC. He is a member of The Best Lawyers in America and the Chamber/USA Leading Lawyers, and past chairman of the Business Law Department. Polsinelli has led Polsinelli Shalton Welte Suelthaus PC from a small Kansas City business law firm to one of the area s largest full-service law firms with both regional and national practices. He received his Juris Doctor with distinction from the University of Missouri at Kansas City Law School where he was a member of the Order of the Bench and Robe Honor Society and Contributing Editor of the UMKC Law Review. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri. He concentrates his practice in the area of corporate law, with an emphasis in mergers and acquisitions and business succession planning. He has handled transaction matters and special committee issues for publicly held entities ranging from Fortune 100 firms to mediumsized, familyowned businesses. Often acting in the role of corporate general counsel, Polsinelli regularly assists Jim and his wife Kathy. clients with a variety of tax, shareholder, and ongoing day-to-day corporate matters. He serves as general counsel to one of the largest retail grocery operations in the Midwest and represented it in the acquisition of operations from both individuals and wholesale cooperatives and as general counsel to a major private equity fund that specializes in the acquisition of food manufacturing companies. Polsinelli is a member of the American Bar Association Business Law Section, MOBAR and the KCMBA where he is past chair of the Corporate committee. He is also a former member of the Board of Trustees for Rockhurst University; Past Chair of the Rockhurst High School Board of Trustees; Former Member of the Board of Trustees, University of Kansas City; Past President of the UMKC Law Foundation; Past Chair, Kansas City Area Transportation Authority; and Past Chair, Jackson County Land Trust Commission. He became interested in the practice of law after he graduated from college at the age of 20 and had no job prospects so going to law school seemed like a good alternative. He clerked during law school for Judge Don Murphy and Shown from left to right is son Jim Scott, daughter Beth, Jim, daughter Jennifer, son-in-law Jim Tennille, wife Kathy and son Josh. 6 KC Counselor April 2006

9 Judge Dick Koenigsdorf. A young law student could not have had two better mentors. Integrity, competence, work ethic they were the full package. Both judges played a huge role in my legal career but I would have to say that my grandmother was the single biggest influence on my life as the matriarch of our family. Polsinelli credits the proudest accomplishment in his career as the law firm. We started the firm with three lawyers and one secretary. We now have 230+ lawyers and a total staff of approximately 500. I am very proud of this organization of such fine people. His idea of success in this business hasn t changed. Polsinelli believes success is having great partners, clients who you like and respect, and finally a law practice that is intellectually challenging. Community activities keep Polsinelli busy when he isn t at the office. I have been very involved with academic institutions including Rockhurst High (Chairman of the Board), Rockhurst University, St. Teresa s High School and the UMKC Law Foundation. I like to golf, read and travel. Polsinelli is married to wife Kathleen and has four children (James Scott, Marion Elizabeth, Jennifer and Joshua). One thing that might surprise KCMBA Members about Polsinelli is that he is half Irish. I have a great wife and four great kids. My family is the most important thing in my life and I feel blessed to have such great relationships and we all work very hard to support each other. Polsinelli said he is honored to receive the Barons of the Boardroom award and that he feels privileged to join the past honorees and to be honored by his local peers. Integrity this is the single most important trait of a successful lawyer and if as a lawyer you are not viewed as someone whose word can be trusted you will never be successful. J. Harlan Stamper J. Harlan Stamper, shareholder in the firm of Shughart Thomson and Kilroy, PC in Kansas City, chairs the firm s Tax, Estate and Business Planning Group. His legal focus is tax planning and tax controversies (litigation), corporation law and business transactions, corporate and public finance and securities Law. Stamper received his A.B. in History from the University of Kansas and his J.D. from the Washburn University School of Law in Topeka. He was an Adjunct Professor at Washburn University in Accounting from 1959 through Stamper also was a professor at the University of Kansas City (University of Missouri-Kansas City) in Accounting from , and with Rockhurst College in Taxation from He is active in the legal profession and is a member, director and trustee with many professional organizations across the Kansas City Metropolitan area. He served as the KCMBA President in and was chairman of the KCMBA Tax Committee from 1973 to He served on the special committee on certification of legal specialists as well as a special committee on Missouri Bar Examination. Stamper also served on the Missouri Bar Board of Governors from 1976 to The legal profession isn t the only field that Stamper has dedicated his time and effort too he is also involved in a wide array of civic organizations including the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, Blue Hills Country Club, Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club #13 of Kansas City, Missouri, and The Pembroke Hill School. Stamper s respect for the lawyers he knew in his hometown of Great Bend, KS and boredom after 2 ½ years in a pre-med curriculum at the University of Kansas was what initially got him interested in the legal profession. That career decision was a good one as confirmed in 1982 when President Ronald Reagan nominated Stamper to be a Judge on the United States Tax Court. Though Stamper ultimately determined to decline the nomination he has said that was his proudest career accomplishment. Mentors played a big part in Stamper s Career. I had several mentors. The late A.P. Henry, a Topeka accountant, who encouraged me to become a tax lawyer; Philip H. Lewis, Topeka attorney and Bar leader, who taught the tax courses at the Washburn Law School, and my first and longtime senior partner, Harry A. Morris, who not only understand tax issues, but could relate them to a client s needs or case and present the client s case to a judge or jury so well that, most The newest board member of the family is Megan Mayer shown here recently with Harlan the proud grandfather. continued on page 8 Congratulations! The Law Firm of James W. Tippin & Associates proudly congratulates our Senior Partner, James W. Tippin on his selection as one the 2006 KCMBA Deans of the Trial Bar April 2006 KC Counselor 7

10 continued from page 7 of the time, the client taxpayer prevailed over the IRS. In addition, the many outstanding lawyers with whom I have had the privilege to work or practice in a variety of capacities throughout my practice have made an impact on me professionally and personally. Stamper s definition of success would be consistently providing quality services and work product that, in turn, provide the most appropriate results for clients. This may not make the lawyer wealthy, but should provide a good lifestyle and satisfaction and pride in the work of being a lawyer. Over the years, Stamper has seen many changes in the legal profession. I fear that it has become more commercial and less professional. I believe that lawyer advertising and the impersonal aspects of communicating through faxes, voic and , although in many ways helpful, have also contributed to the decline in collegiality and professionalism. Today s ease and speed of communication have also created expectations by the communicator that the lawyer should immediately hear, read, analyze and respond to the request or document they have sent. This is not always possible or sensible and represents an additional challenge when a serious minded lawyer is trying to provide good, quality service. One advantage of mail service in the good old days was that is provided some time for the lawyer to research, consider and draft a response. Now, the lawyer not only has to be good and quick on his or her feet, but also quick in responding to voic and electronic messages. The increased stress level is self-evident. Outside of the office, Stamper believes that lawyers can and should make a contribution to their community beyond simply being a good lawyer who does good legal work. Lawyers, because of our training and experience, can and do add a great deal to community organizations in which they become active and involved. My wife Judy and I have been blessed with a variety of travel opportunities, and enjoy time at our condo at the Lake of the Ozarks. Spectator sports (now including grandchildren s games) and golf have always been favorites. Stamper says that helping his wife Judy raise and educate two fine daughters (Stacy and Megan) who, in turn, are great mothers and have excelled in their chosen professions has been the proudest accomplishment of his personal life. So what where Stamper s thoughts on being Shown are Harlan and eight of his nine board members in the spring of From left to right is Harlan, holding Ben, and daughter Megan who is holding Grace. Next is Harlan s wife Judy holding baby Isabel and their daughter Stacy who is holding J.J. and James. Not pictured are Ex-Officio board members: Sons-in-law Tim Mayer and Steve Cote. the recipient of the Barons of the Boardroom Award? As a tax and business lawyer, most of whose victories are not published I can think of no higher honor. I appreciate it very much, especially coming from my brethren in the KCMBA. Offering some parting words that we all can relate too, Stamper said Work hard, but find time for yourself and your family. Get involved in Bar activities and some form of community service. Remember, you are there for the client, the client isn t there for you the client s needs must come first. 8 KC Counselor April 2006

11 John C. Noonan onan Congratulations John Noonan The law firm of Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP congratulates our Partner, John Noonan, honored as one of the Deans of the Trial Bar for John has always provided exemplary service to our firm, its clients and our community. We believe him to be very deserving of this recognition. We congratulate all honorees of the Deans of the Trial Bar Award. Each of you are true examples of success, not only in the courtroom, but also in life. s t i n s o n m o r r i s o n h e c k e r l l p For more information, contact: Mark Foster, Managing Partner 1201 Walnut Street, Suite 2900 Kansas City, MO Tel: Toll Free: Kansas City/Overland Park/Wichita/Washington, D.C./Phoenix/St. Louis/Omaha/Jefferson City The choice of a lawyer is important and should not be based solely on advertisements. (Mo. Sup Ct. Rule 4-7.2)

12 Congratulations Willard B. Bunch 2006 KCMBA Dean of the Trial Bar Document Efficiency At Work. SM Legal Document Services LEGAL SERVICES NATIONWIDE Willard Bunch is being honored as one of the 2006 Deans of the Trial Bar. This award is given to individuals whose litigation skills and professional demeanor have consistent recognition by their peer as superb. Document Imaging With Your Load Files OCR (Optical Character Recognition Bates / Electronic Labeling EDD (Electronic Data Discovery) Litigation Photocopying Digital Printing for High Quality Electronic Publishing One-to-One Quality Checking Service 24 Hours-A-Day, 7 Days-A-Week, Nationwide In Kansas City at Secretary at Law From our office to yours in minutes... Permanent & Temporary Legal Secretaries File Clerks Receptionists Document/Copy Clerks Litigation and Corporate Paralegals Document Retrieval and Word Processing Operators One Year Guarantee - 10% Fee on Replacements 24-hour Answering Service (816) or visit our website Come visit with us at the Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conference on May 4 & 5! 10 KC Counselor April 2006

13 Conference Registration *Register by April 15, 2006 to Save Please print or type all information, sign and return with your payment. Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association 33 rd Annual Bench-Bar & Boardroom Conference May 4-6, 2006 Name First Time Attendee? Yes No Firm Address City Phone State Zip Fax Emergency Contact & Phone Which seminar track will you attend? (Please mark one): Litigation Business/Corporate Family Law *Before April 15 After April 15 Meetings, Meals & Materials (does not include hotel accomodations) $295 $360 PLUS OPTIONS Non-Member Registration add (includes 2006 KCMBA paid membership) $225 Texas Hold em Poker Tournament, Thursday, 10 p.m. $0 17th Annual 5-K Walk-a-Thon, Friday, 7 a.m. $20 23rd Annual Rum Run, Friday, 7 a.m. $20 Golf, Friday, 1 p.m. 4-person team scramble, shotgun start, (Teams Posted at Registration) $90 Avg. Score 17th Annual Canoe Trip, Friday, 1 p.m. (Meet in Lobby for transport to Big Niangua) $50 Bowling Tournament, Friday, 1 p.m. $30 Shopping Tournament, Friday, 1 p.m. $0 Grand Total $ /pp Enclosed is my full payment in the amount of $. Check # American Express VISA MasterCard Credit Card # Exp Date: Signature: Date: Activity Waiver --- Participant Signature Necessary: I, the undersigned, assume full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident, which may occur during my participation in the events. I hereby release and hold harmless the sponsors, promoters, and all other persons and entities associated with the event or their agents or employees or otherwise. I have read the foregoing and certify my agreement by this signature. Signature of Participant Make checks payable to KCMBA KCMBA Federal Tax ID# Special Needs: If you need special accommodations, please contact the KCMBA prior to the event at Cancellation Policy: Before April 15, refund less $75 administrative fee, after April 15 NO REFUNDS Mail to: Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association 1125 Grand Blvd., Ste. 400, Kansas City, MO Phone (816) Fax (816) All hotel reservations are made directly through Tan-Tar-A Resort. March 2006 KC Counselor 11

14 leap LEAP Raises $65,000 for Operation Breakthrough sell out crowd attended the Twelfth Annual Mardi Gras Luncheon held A on February 28 by the Foundation for Lawyers Encouraging Academic Performance (LEAP), celebrating Kansas City s local legal profession s commitment to public service. LEAP is a not-for-profit foundation established in 1994 to provide needy children with mentoring services. It is comprised of a unique, joint professional effort of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, the Eastern Jackson County Bar Association, the Association for Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City, Lawyers Association of Kansas City, Jackson County Bar Association, Hispanic Bar Association, and the Kansas City Chapter of the Association for Corporate Counsel of America. Each year, LEAP s fundraising efforts culminate at its annual Mardi Gras luncheon held on Fat Tuesday. Operation Breakthrough is currently LEAP s primary recipient. Since its inception, LEAP has raised more than $500,000 for various Kansas City charities. Lisa Gentleman, LEAP President-Elect, presided over the festivities with the assistance of celebrity emcee Meredith Hoenes of Channel 41 NBC Action News and event chair Vickie Schroeder. The lunch program was highlighted by the presentation to Sister Berta Sailer of a check for $65,000, raised and donated by area lawyers, judges and organizations. The lunch also marked the unveiling of LEAP s new Congratulations Sandy Krigel 2006 LEAP King Children from Operation Breakthrough performed several songs during the event before heading out into the crowd to say hello to everyone. logo, a playful design artfully combining the scales of justice with books and representing the emphasis LEAP s members place on the academic performance of our community s children. The design for the logo was donated and created by Kathy Swartz. Lunch attendees were entertained by musical numbers presented by some of the children of Operation Breakthrough, wearing t-shirts bearing the new LEAP logo. A raffle awarded more than a dozen sought after prizes, including the grand prize of a week getaway in a luxurious four-bedroom private retreat in Scottsdale, AZ, donated by Monsees, Miller, Mayer, Presley & Amick, P.C. and round trip airline tickets donated by Vickie Schroeder and Diana Jordison. Laura Tyler chaired the raffle, which has become an important part of the annual festivities. Dick and Carol Vermeil received the prestigious President s Awards and accepted the awards in a video presentation donated by Jim Lodes of TBC Video. Carol and Dick Vermeil are special friends of Operation Breakthrough. Two years ago, Carol began volunteering weekly with the younger children at Operation Breakthrough. While volunteering, Carol saw other needs of the children at the center; particularly the boys aged twelve to seventeen. She helped organize a Boys Group, which now meets weekly to promote healthy psycho-social development of these older boys. She often attended these group meetings to facili- Almost two years ago, Sandy started going on Wednesday afternoons to Operation Breakthrough to work with a child after school. He was matched up with Damon (on left) who was then 12 years old. They worked on homework and practiced reading. Sandy started spending Saturdays with Damon. Damon asked if his friend DioVionne (on right) could come along. Soon, the three of them were spending every Wednesday afternoon playing basketball, swimming, doing homework and having dinner. Their time together grew to include Saturdays. Now, they spend Saturdays playing baseball, basketball, bowling, pool or swimming. Sandy recently went with Damon to Worlds of Fun so that he could apply for a summer job. With Sandy s helpful suggestions, Damon was successful in being selected for a summer position at Worlds of Fun. Sandy has had conferences with Damon s teacher to help Damon succeed in school. Both Damon and DioVionne adore Sandy and he loves being with them. -Erlene Krigel 12 KC Counselor April 2006

15 leap Queen Jolie and Angel and King Sandy and Damon take some time to smile after their crowning at the LEAP luncheon. tate and brought Chiefs coaches and players to meet the boys and give motivational talks. To Carol Vermeil, no need was too big or too small. She helped teenaged girls find jobs and purchased clothing for children in need. Sister Berta Sailer knew that she could call Carol Vermeil any hour of any day to ask for help. Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil joined his wife in her passion for Operation Breakthrough. Besides their personal financial contributions to the center, they chaired the 2004 Operation Breakthrough Annual Fundraiser and the Chiefs Children s Charity Game in When Dick and Carol Vermeil turned on the Plaza Lights last Thanksgiving, they reserved seats at the VIP tent for Operation Breakthrough kids. Toward the end of his tenure with the Chiefs, Dick even gave many of his personal Chiefs items to the boys at the center. Although the Vermeils presence in Kansas City is greatly missed, they stay in touch with Operation Breakthrough, calling weekly to check on the many kids they came to love. Also honored at the Luncheon for their continued commitment to LEAP and Operation Breakthrough were LEAP s 2006 King and Queen Sandy Krigel and Jolie Justus. King Sanford ( Sandy ) P. Krigel was born and raised in Kansas City. He attended the University of Pennsylvania for his undergraduate degree in Urban Studies. He graduated cum laude in He obtained his legal education at St. Louis University School of Law, graduating in Since 1976, he has actively practiced law in Kansas City at the firm of Krigel & Krigel, P.C. His wife, Erlene W. Krigel, has been his law partner for over 25 years. Sandy s practice is primarily in the areas of corporate/transactional services, commercial litigation, real estate, estate planning, assisted reproduction technology law and adoption law. Sandy is a member of Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys as well as other local and national bar association. Over the years Sandy has been involved in numerous civic and charitable activities. Among his current favorites are Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association and Operation Breakthrough. While serving as a volunteer tutor at Operation Breakthrough, Sandy has developed a mentoring relationship with Damon and DioVionne. Damon and DioVionne get together with Sandy and his wife, Erlene, a couple of times a week to do homework, read books and to have a lot of fun. Queen Jolie L. Justus is the Director of Pro Bono Services for Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP. Under Jolie s direction, SHB has been recognized as one of the top 100 pro bono programs in the nation by American Lawyer Magazine and the firm bills approximately 30,000 pro bono hours per year. In 2001, Jolie became a LEAP Study Buddy at Operation Breakthrough. At first, Jolie spent Tuesday afternoons tutoring kids of all ages, but she soon developed a special relationship with a bright young 6th grader at Lee A. Tolbert elementary, Angel. Over the past four years, the mentoring relationship between Angel and Jolie has grown from weekly tutoring to daily mentoring. Jolie has also developed a close relationship with Angel s uncle and guardian, Leonard. Today, Uncle Leonard and Jolie act as proud coparents of Angel, who two years ago became a Kauffman Scholar, a program LEAP had the honor of presenting Sister Berta with a check for $65,000 to help the children and programs of Operation Breakthrough. continued on page 14 April 2006 KC Counselor 13

16 continued from page 13 that will provide Angel with tuition to the college of her choice. In addition to Jolie s work as a LEAP Study Buddy, she has provided pro bono legal assistance to Operation Breakthrough families, representing them in municipal and family courts. Jolie provides countless hours of free legal assistance throughout the metro, including legal clinics in some of Kansas City s poorest neighborhoods; management of the Election Protection Project, a non-partisan effort to ensure that all people have access to the voting booth; as board member of the ACLU legal panel, PROMO and other statewide civil rights organizations; and through her volunteer efforts in community projects dedicated to creating and maintaining diverse, sustainable, affordable and safe neighborhoods in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri. LEAP could not do what it does without the generous support of the many contributors of monetary donations, raffle donors and volunteers who spend countless hours making things happen. A special thank you goes out to KCMBA/ KCMBF for their ongoing support of LEAP leap through the donation of the Bar Center for the luncheon, providing staff to help coordinate the lunch and process registration forms. In addition, LEAP thanks raffle donors Monsees, Miller, Mayer, Presley & Amick, P.C., Judge Christine Sill-Rogers, Diana Jordison, Vickie Schroeder, Trish Sexton, Lisa Gentleman, Judy Heeter and the Major League Baseball Players Association, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP, Consentino s, and LAKC-YLS. LEAP also gives special thanks to Sue Supelver at Horizon Printing Company who donated the color programs and banner for the event. Founded in 1971, Operation Breakthrough s mission is to help children who are living in poverty develop to their fullest potential by providing them a safe, loving and educational environment. The center also strives to support and empower the children s families through advocacy, referral services, and emergency aid. Operation Breakthrough provides service for the children and families of the inner city of Kansas City, Missouri, including day care, meals, Children s Mercy Clinic, dental services, speech therapy, play therapy, housing assistance, food and clothing, and social services. For more information or to volunteer your services as a Mentor or Study Buddy, call (816) or at Carol and Dick Vermeil were presented this year s President s Award for their dedication to Operation Breakthrough. Lawyers Encouraging Academic Performance 2006 List of Contributors PLATINUM ($5, and Above) Davis Bethune & Jones LLC Robb & Robb LLC Shughart Thomson & Kilroy, P.C. GOLD ($2, $4,999.00) Polsinelli, Shalton, Welte, Suelthaus Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP SILVER ($1, $2,499.00) The Accurso Law Firm Bartimus, Frickleton, Robertson & Gorny, P.C. Stephen & Suzanne Block Bryan Cave, LLP Law Office of Tim Dollar The Edgar Law Firm, LLC Lisa N. Gentleman Jim & Judy Heeter James, Totta & Parrish, LLC Kansas City Power & Light Lathrop & Gage, L.C Lewis Rice & Fingersh, L.C. Stephen B. Millin, Jr. Monsees, Miller, Mayer, Presley & Amick, P.C. Kirk & Jill Presley The Redfearn Law Firm, P.C. Rouse, Hendricks, German & May, P.C. Shaffer, Lombardo, Shurin Hon. Christine T. Sill-Rogers Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP Stueve Siegel Hanson Woody LLP The Walters Law Firm, LLC 14 KC Counselor April 2006 BRONZE ($ $999.00) Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Bert Bates Hon. Patricia Breckenridge Hon. Justine E. Del Muro Foland, Wickens, Eisfelder, Roper & Hofer, PC Gilmore & Bell, P.C. Diana M. Jordison Kenner & Kavanaugh, P.C. Kutak Rock LLP Seigfreid Bingham Levy Selzer & Gee Hon. Ortrie Smith Wagstaff & Cartmell, LLP Wyrsch Hobbs & Mirakian, P.C. FRIENDS OF LEAP ($ $499.00) Richard F. Adams AlphaGraphics Baker, Sterchi, Cowden & Rice LLC Jerry Brant Brendan Buckley Teresa Clark John Cowden Crews, Waits, Brownlee & Berger Denise J. Davis Hon. K.A. Forsyth Mark S. Foster Brian S. Franciskato David W. Frantze Hon. Fernando Gaitan, Jr. Hon. Gregory B. Gillis Hon. Jon R. Gray Hon. Lisa Hardwick FRIENDS OF LEAP con't. Hon. Ronald R. Holliger Jack & Peggi Kilroy Stephen Kyle Stephen Kyle Hon. Nanette K. Laughrey J. Gary McEachen Hon. Peggy S. McGraw Hon. Ann Mesle Hon. Sandra C. Midkiff Hon. Kelly J. Moorhouse Hon. Thomas H. Newton Alice & Les Redfearn Hon. Sherrill L. Rosen Hon. Howard F. Sachs Hon. Margaret L. Sauer Victoria Schroeder Patricia Sexton & John Dorsey Sylvan Siegler Hon. James M. Smart, Jr. Tracy Smedley Swanson Midgley, LLC Totta & Parrish, P.C. Hon. Robert D. Ulrich Withers, Brant, Igoe & Mullennix, P.C. ORGANIZATIONS SUPPORTING LEAP Eastern Jackson County Bar Association Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association Young Lawyers Section of Lawyers Association of Kansas City

17 foundation president's message By Walter R. Simpson Why The Foundation? What is the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation? Is it different from the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association? If so, why do we have two organizations? What does it do? How do you become a member? How is it funded? Do we have offices and staff for both KCMBA and KCMBF? Isn t that inefficient? Who puts together the Liberty and Justice Gala? If you can answer all of the above questions, you do not need to read further. If not, read on. The need for a foundation was recognized in 1979 and the KCMBF was incorporated that year. It is a 501 (c) (3) Not For Profit Charitable Corporation. Under this section of the tax code, donations to the Foundation are considered charitable contributions and are therefore deductible. This is not the case with the KCMBA. While it also is a Not For Profit corporation and your dues may be deductible as business expenses, donations to KCMBA are not charitable contributions. However, the Foundation and the Association have always worked closely together toward their stated purposes. For example, membership in the Association automatically provides membership in the Foundation without any additional cost. The two organizations have entered into a written shared use agreement that outlines the cooperation of effort between the two organizations and the shared use of the Bar headquarters at 1125 Grand. One of the Whereas clauses in the agreement perhaps captures best the relationship of the two organizations. It reads as follows: the Association and Foundation have enjoyed a long standing cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship in that they share the same membership and have often joined in the sponsorship and promotion of activities, events and programs that further their mutual interests and missions. The goal of the Foundation is to create, support, and fund public service programs which promote education and the ideals of justice in the Kansas City Metropolitan community. The Foundation is operated by a skeleton crew, to say the least. Bobbie Lou Nailling-Files is the volunteer Executive Director. The only paid employee is Debbie Skaggs, who is part time as far as the Foundation is concerned. Of course, KCMBF relies heavily on the volunteer services of its members. As a result, a minuscule amount of your contributions go to the organization s overhead. O.K., so what has the KCMBF been doing with contributions? Existing programs include the following: 1. Nailling Society and UMKC law school scholarship. Recently, funds donated to the Foundation s Nailling Society were donated along with matching funds from UMKC to provide over $50,000 for an annual scholarship for a law student at UMKC. The criteria for the scholarship is currently being developed. 2. Voice of Justice. This program sponsors a mock trial in area junior high and senior high schools. Lawyers and judges play their roles while students play the roles of parties and witnesses. Students make up the jury that deliberates and renders a verdict. This program also provides attorney speakers on various topics of the law. Anyone who has watched the Jaywalking spot on Jay Leno s show easily recognizes the critical need for this type of educational program. 3. Summer Law Internship Program (SLIP). This program places high school students from Kansas City, Missouri public schools with sponsoring law firms for five weeks of employment in the summer. Students learn first hand the day to day workings of the law and what it is like working in a professional environment. 4. Holiday Hero Project. The Lawyers for Children Committee of KCMBF organized this project last year for several families adversely affected by spouses serving in Iraq or helping with relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina. Over $4,000 in holiday gifts was given to deserving families. 5. Woody the Witness. A lawyer dressed in a woodpecker costume along with other lawyers visit area elementary schools with a program that addresses the issues of diversity, what is a good joke and what is not and why making fun of others is wrong. 6. Domestic Violence Conference. This is a conference at the KCMBA headquarters held in October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The conference is for individuals who deal with domestic violence victims on a daily basis. The goal of the conference is to support the war on domestic violence. How can you donate to the Foundation AND receive something of value in return? There are two easy methods already in place this year. The first is the Silent Auction at the Bench-Bar and Boardroom s Cinco de Mayo conference at Tan-Tar-A on May 4-6. Excellent items will be available so bid high! Funds from the auction go to the Foundation. The second is the Fourth Annual Liberty and Justice Gala on November 4, 2006 at the Inter-Continental Hotel on the Country Club Plaza (Previously, The Fairmont). This is a black tie dinner and dance that provides an opportunity to honor our Legacy Award Winner and to enjoy an evening of good food and good company. This event has been a huge success and grows each year. As this year s President, I look forward to continuing the excellent work of so many who have gone before me. We are well on the road to making a significant difference in our community. Don t be left out! April 2006 KC Counselor 15

18 foundation Wanted - Liberty & Justice Legacy Award Nominations The Nominating Committee for the Liberty & Justice Gala is now accepting applications for the Fourth Annual Liberty & Justice Legacy Award recipient. This award will be presented on November 4, 2006 at the Fourth Annual Liberty & Justice Gala at the InterContinental Hotel on the Plaza. Nominees should be individuals who by their extraordinary efforts have demonstrated a unique dedication to the principals of Liberty & Justice by virtue of professional service, community service, exercise of civic responsibility and promotion of the general welfare of a democratic system of government. This person may or may not be a licensed attorney. Nominees for Liberty & Justice Legacy Award Date: Name: Firm/Business: Address: City/State/Zip: Office Phone: Nominee s qualifications for the Liberty & Justice Legacy Award: (Please be detailed and use additional sheets if necessary) Complete the form and send it with a letter to: Bobbie Lou Nailling-Files, KCMBF 1125 Grand, Suite 400 Kansas City, MO Nominating Committee Chair: Walter Simpson KCMBF President, Sanders Simpson & Fletcher, LC Patrick McLarney, Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP Rae Jean McCall, Executive Director KCMBA Bobbie Lou Nailling-Files, Executive Director KCMBF Cindy Reams Martin, Cindy Reams Martin, PC Deadline for submission is: July 1, KC Counselor April 2006

19 court news Media and the Law Judges Breakfast KCMBA President C. Patrick McLarney, Judge Scott Wright and Judge David Waxse addressed the large crowd for the Friday breakfast. Members of various news entities and a large number of the judiciary from both Kansas and Missouri gathered on Friday morning, Feb. 25, to talk about issues that relate to judges ability to comment on pending cases. oooothe event was hosted by the Media and the Law Committee of the KCMBA, which has hosted various gatherings of these two groups over the last few years in an effort to encourage the relationship and communication between the two entities. It was held at the offices of Lathrop & Gage, Kansas City, Mo. The event opened with several videos of television reporters interviewing judges some that showed how judges can handle these situations while staying within the guidelines that exist for comments made outside the courtroom. Other videos showed judges who had difficulties with such communications, one to the extent that food was thrown at the reporter. This was an opening for both sides to discuss their relationships and ways to better meet the needs of the public that both represent. Among the judiciary attending were members of the state and federal court bench, including both appellate judges from both branches and members of both the Kansas and Missouri Supreme Courts. The committee, which also hosts an annual media law gathering which draws attendees from across the nation, intends to make this gathering a regular event to encourage the relationship between these two groups. New Docket Times for Contempt of Court Cases Effective April 1, 2006: Due to continued growth of our dockets and continuing efforts to improve docket management, the Lee s Summit Municipal Court will set all probation violation/contempt of court cases on the 4th Friday court dockets. This applies only to cases unrelated to new charges. Any contempt of court case issued as a result of a new charge will be set on the court date of the new charge. Judges from both Kansas and Missouri attended the breakfast including Judge James O Hara, Judge Michael Manners, Bernie Rhodes, and Judge Duane Benton. District Judicial Nominating Commission Elections for Kansas The purpose of each commission is to nominate persons for appointment to the office of district judge and to appoint persons to the office of district magistrate judge in judicial districts that have adopted the nonpartisan method for the selection of judges. There are currently seventeen nonpartisan judicial districts: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 21st, 25th, 28th, 30th, and 31st. The Clerk of the Supreme Court has recently conducted elections for lawyer members whose terms are expiring on March 6, There were vacancies in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 21st, 25th, 28th, 30th and 31st judicial districts. Below are the election results with terms ending March 1, 2010, except as noted. JUDICIAL DISTRICT First (1 position) First (1 position) Second (2 positions) Third (1 position) Fourth (2 positions) Fifth (2 positions) Sixth (1 position) Seventh (1 position) Eighth (2 positions) Ninth (2 positions) Tenth (1 position) Eleventh (1 position) Twelfth (3 positions) Twenty-first (2 positions) Twenty-fifth (4 positions) Twenty-eighth (1 position) Thirtieth (2 positions) Thirty-first (2 positions) ELECTED LAWYER MEMBER J. David Farris (to complete the term of John Tillotson, ending March 3, 2008) Robert D. Beall Edward W. Pugh & Marlin A. White Alan F. Alderson James R. Campbell & Craig E. Cole Michael C. Helbert & Theodore J. Hollembeak Ronald P. Wood Edward G. Collister Victor A. Davis, Jr. & Edwin M. Wheeler, Jr. William E. Gusenius & John S. Robb Karen Arnold-Burger Richard G. Tucker Jerry L. Harrison, Douglas G. Simms & Robert A. Walsh Rodney C. Olsen & Derrick Roberson Jake W. Brooks, Robert H. Gale, Jr., William L. Heydman & Gerald O. Schultz Robert G. German Robert Eisenhauer & Gordon B. Stull John K. Chenoweth & Robert V. Talkington There is a new kid in town, with a fresh eye for the back office management of your Home Owners Association! To find out more call us at (816) or stop by and see us on the Web -- Home Owner Association Services 4050 Broadway St., Suite 215, Kansas City, MO April 2006 KC Counselor 17

20 heartland diversity legal job fair Diversity Job Fair Why Should You Participate? Have you thought about hiring a law clerk or summer associate for the summer of 2007? Are you looking for a new associate? Have you considered participating in the 2006 Heartland Diversity Legal Job Fair (HDLJF)? Plans are underway for the 2006 Job Fair which will be held September 8-9, 2006 at the Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza. We need your participation to make it a success. The inaugural HDLJF was held in September 2005 with 74 students from 28 law schools from across the nation in attendance. The Job Fair was very successful and the statistics below show why: 28 law firms and legal organizations conducted interviews at the job fair On average, each student had nearly seven interviews 52 of the 74 students (70%) who attended the job fair received call back interviews 21 of the 52 students (40%) with call back interviews were extended an offer 17 of the 21 students (81%) who were extended an offer accepted the offer Below is a breakdown of information about the 17 students who accepted offers: Graduation Year % % % Total 17 The HDLJF core team is working to make the 2006 Job Fair even better than last year. The HDLJF was created to bring more diverse lawyers in Kansas City and the statistics prove that we can do just that. This year we have expanded our contact list to include nearly 200 law schools throughout the United States. In order to accommodate the students, we must have employers who are willing to interview at the job fair. Information regarding the employer fees is available on our web site at Fees vary for firms (based on firm size), in-house legal departments and notfor-profit/government agencies. If your firm, corporation or organization is unable to interview at the job fair, please consider providing support to the 2006 HDLJF through sponsorship. Several sponsorship levels are available, however if your firm/organization cannot participate at one of the predetermined levels we would graciously accept your donation in any amount. The success of last year s Job Fair was due in large part to the generous donations by our sponsors, comments Pat Konopka, HDLJF Chair. My personal goal is to broaden our sponsorship support for With your help, we will put Kansas City on the map as the place for diversity in the legal community. Information was mailed in March to firms, corporations and organizations regarding the 2006 HDLJF. Please contact Cheryl K. Rose, KCMBA diversity coordinator, at (816) or via e- mail at for further information. We look forward to your participation in the Job Fair. Gender Female % Male % Unknown % Total 17 Ethnicity Asian/Pacific Islander % Black/African-American % Caucasian/White % East Indian/Pakistani % Unknown % Total 17 Todd Rogers visits with students in the exhibit area about the Kansas City legal community. The first annual Job Fair provided an excellent opportunity for Kansas City based law firms to interview well-qualified, minority law students from around the country which will lead to an increased number of minority lawyers in our firms, said John W. Cowden, Chair of the KCMBA Managing Partners Committee. The continued support by Kansas City s legal community in this diversity initiative will benefit not just the legal profession, but the entire Kansas City community. Jim Wirken visits with a student about employment opportunities at his firm. 18 KC Counselor April 2006

counselor July/August 2010 Volume 19, Issue 7 37th Annual KCMBA Bench-Bar & Boardroom Wrap-Up

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TENNESSEE BAR ASSOCIATION PROGRAM Premium Estimate Request TENNESSEE BAR ASSOCIATION PROGRAM Premium Estimate Request Fax back this application for a premium indication. Questions? Please call Brian Murnane at (800) 251-5644 Fax back to: Debbie Matthews, Account

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June 2009 Volume 40, Issue 6. The Marin Lawyer. An Official Publication of the Marin County Bar Association

June 2009 Volume 40, Issue 6. The Marin Lawyer. An Official Publication of the Marin County Bar Association June 2009 Volume 40, Issue 6 The Marin Lawyer An Official Publication of the Marin County Bar Association An Official Publication of the Marin County Bar Association GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING THERE S

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n A tribute to Judge n Young Lawyers Division n Annual Wine CLE p. 13 Where The Legal Community Connects

n A tribute to Judge n Young Lawyers Division n Annual Wine CLE p. 13 Where The Legal Community Connects INSIDE... n A tribute to Judge William P. French p. 6 OCTOBER 2013 Volume 32, Number 10 n Young Lawyers Division special section pgs. 8-9 n Annual Wine CLE p. 13 THE 2013 MCBA ANNUAL

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Lawyer. Multnomah. mba CLE To register for a CLE, please see page 3 or go to and log in as a member to register at the member rate.

Lawyer. Multnomah. mba CLE To register for a CLE, please see page 3 or go to and log in as a member to register at the member rate. Est. 1906 Multnomah Lawyer May May 2015 Lawyers associated for justice, service, professionalism, education and leadership for our members and our community 2015 Volume 61, Number 5 Multnomah Bar Association

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Women in the Law Issue: Practice Leadership! Practice Group Chairs at Ryley Carlock & Applewhite.

Women in the Law Issue: Practice Leadership! Practice Group Chairs at Ryley Carlock & Applewhite. greater Phoenix edition april 2012 Women in the Law Issue: Practice Leadership! Practice Group Chairs at Ryley Carlock & Applewhite (left to right: Susan Brienza, FDA Law;

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Blackburn. court. a tribute. a legacy. the honorable. a place to meet. Atlanta s John Marshall Law School Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2011

Blackburn. court. a tribute. a legacy. the honorable. a place to meet. Atlanta s John Marshall Law School Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2011 Atlanta s John Marshall Law School Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2011 ajmls alumni sworn-in to U.S. supreme court PHOTOS, PAGES 22-23 dedicating the blackburn center a place to meet PAGE 5 take five with

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Myths, Truths and Consequences of Health Care Reform. Benefits

Myths, Truths and Consequences of Health Care Reform. Benefits The magazine of florida COASTAL SCHOOL OF LAW Benefits Myths, Truths and Consequences of Health Care Reform SUMMER 2012 greetings from Coastal Law intracoastal Drafting my latest welcome note for Coastal

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New session, new leadership

New session, new leadership Walk to the Hill draws hundreds Healy named Lawyer of the Year 8 11 See page 2 for a complete listing of this issue s contents. WWW.MASSBAR.ORG Volume 22 NUMBER 6 February 2015 PRESIDENT S VIEW Marsha

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NEWSLETTER. Extreme Family Law Makeover X, Feb. 24

NEWSLETTER. Extreme Family Law Makeover X, Feb. 24 NEWSLETTER Official newsletter of the San Antonio Bar Association February 2012 Vol. LXXXVII Number 7 in this issue ABA Workers Comp Conference in SA Memorial Service 49 th Annual Criminal Law Institute

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C O M M E N T A T O R SPECIAL Representing ISSUE The Family Law C O M M E N T A T O R Volume XXII, No. 4 Winter 2007 Carin Porras, Ft. Lauderdale, Editor IN THIS ISSUE: From the editor...2 Meet Your 2006-2007 Executive Council...3

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INDEX F2 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 WWW.THESTATE.COM THE STATE, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA F2 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2012 WWW.THESTATE.COM THE STATE, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA INDEX Young leaders making an impact on the Midlands Building a community takes leaders who are dedicated not only to building

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Inside this issue. Board Meeting for legislative purposes. Board Conference call, 11 am CT

Inside this issue. Board Meeting for legislative purposes. Board Conference call, 11 am CT N O V E M B E R /DE C E M B E R 2 0 1 3 I S S U E N O. 2 7 1 Happy Holidays! Inside this issue. 19 Ways to Make the Court Reporter Happy page 8 SDTLA is Catching Fire! - see page 9 From Public Sector to

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TOP RATEDLAWYERS. ken nunn law office. excellence in personal injury. the wall street journal. A Special advertising supplement To

TOP RATEDLAWYERS. ken nunn law office. excellence in personal injury. the wall street journal. A Special advertising supplement To i n d i a n a S TOP RATEDLAWYERS 2 0 1 2 E d i t i o n THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION IN indiana ken nunn law office excellence in personal injury A Special advertising supplement To THE

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LAWYER. Contra Costa. Your Bar Association. Member-Only Benefits page 23

LAWYER. Contra Costa. Your Bar Association. Member-Only Benefits page 23 Contra Costa LAWYER Volume 28, Number 1 January 2015 Your Bar Association Member-Only Benefits page 23 Meet Your 2015 Board Members, Board President & Section Leaders pages 5, 9, 11 The headline says one

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From Lawyer to Administrator

From Lawyer to Administrator From Lawyer to Administrator NALP 2006. NALP grants permission to NALP law school members to reproduce print copies of this publication for distribution to students and graduates. For all other inquiries

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