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1 Student and Exchange Visitor Program U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement FOIA Submitted to SEVP FOIA March 7, 2013 Summary The information presented in the tables below contains the names of SEVP-certified schools located in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina and Virginia that have received certification or are currently in the SEVP approval process, between January 1, February 28, 2013, to include the date that each school received certification. The summary counts for the schools are as follows: Certification type Count of schools approved in duration * School certifications currently in process * Initial Recertification (*) In the requested states Initials Approved School Code School Name State Approval Date ATL214F Glenwood School ALABAMA 1/17/2013 ATL214F Restoration Academy ALABAMA 11/28/2012 ATL214F Eastwood Christian School ALABAMA 9/12/2012 ATL214F Tuscaloosa Christian School ALABAMA 9/11/2012 ATL214F Bayside Academy ALABAMA 7/27/2012 NOL214F Bigelow High School ARKANSAS 11/1/2012 NOL214F Booneville Public Schools ARKANSAS 9/27/2012 NOL214F Westside High School ARKANSAS 1/22/2013 NOL214F Charleston High School ARKANSAS 10/22/2012 NOL214F Atkins Public Schools ARKANSAS 9/19/2012 MIA214F Barnabas Christian Academy 1/2/2013 MIA214F The Potter's House Christian Academy 1/10/2012 MIA214F Conchita Espinosa Academy 11/6/2012 MIA214F St. Michael Lutheran School 11/14/2012 MIA214F Calvary Christian Academy 11/16/2012

2 MIA214F Hillsborough Baptist School 9/19/2012 MIA214F Saint Paul's School 10/18/2012 MIA214F Citrus Park Christian School 12/14/2012 MIA214F AEF Schools 1/9/2013 MIA214F Electrolysis Institute of Tampa, Inc. 10/15/2012 MIA214F BEAUTY ANATOMY INSTITUTE OF COSMETOLOGY AND WELLNESS 10/11/2012 MIA214F Dade Christian School 11/28/2012 MIA214F Score at the Top Learning Center 1/18/2013 MIA214F Allied Health Institute 11/5/2012 MIA214F Lingua School, Inc. D.B.A. Lingua Advanced Lan 7/12/2012 MIA214F Kaplan International Centers 2/20/2013 MIA214F Palm Beach Day Academy 3/13/2012 MIA214F Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers 4/4/2012 MIA214F Harry Wendelstedt School For Umpires 2/14/2013 MIA214F American Institute College of Health Pro 2/11/2013 MIA214F The Blake School of Lake City, Inc. 4/5/2012 MIA214F MIAMI DADE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 4/17/2012 MIA214F Summit-Questa Montessori School 12/3/2012 MIA214F East West College of Natural Medicine 2/22/2013 MIA214F Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 1/22/2013 MIA214F Foundation Academy 9/11/2012 MIA214F Adventist Christian Academy 11/8/2012 MIA214F Treasure Coast Flight Training 2/14/2012 MIA214F Highlands University Preparatory School 2/5/2013 ATL214F Curtis Baptist School GEORGIA 7/26/2012 ATL214F First Baptist Christian School GEORGIA 8/8/2012 ATL214F Georgia Military College GEORGIA 9/21/2012 ATL214F Stratford Academy GEORGIA 11/9/2012 ATL214F Skipstone Academy GEORGIA 3/7/2012 ATL214F The Waldorf School of Atlanta GEORGIA 11/23/2012 ATL214F Athens Technical College GEORGIA 1/17/2012 ATL214F Georgia Gwinnett College GEORGIA 3/8/2012 ATL214F GLOBAL EDUCATION - SAT ACADEMY GEORGIA 1/7/2013 ATL214F Lyndon Academy GEORGIA 2/26/2013 ATL214F Underwood University GEORGIA 1/10/2013 NOL214F Cordia School KENTUCKY 9/5/2012 NOL214F June Buchanan School KENTUCKY 1/12/2013 NOL214F Sayre School KENTUCKY 8/22/2012 NOL214F Elizabethtown High School KENTUCKY 9/25/2012 NOL214F Heritage Academy KENTUCKY 8/21/2012 NOL214F Calloway County High School KENTUCKY 1/7/2013 NOL214F Hopkinsville High School KENTUCKY 11/14/2012 NOL214F Hattiesburg Public School District MISSISSIPPI 8/28/2012 NOL214F Columbia School District MISSISSIPPI 10/26/2012 ATL214F Hopewell Academy 10/16/2012 ATL214F Hickory Grove Christian School 1/18/2013

3 ATL214F Cherokee County Schools 9/7/2012 ATL214F Alamance Christian School 1/15/2013 ATL214F Edgecombe Community College 8/31/2012 ATL214F ECPI University - Raleigh 12/11/2012 ATL214F Summit School 9/25/2012 ATL214F Cape Fear Christian Academy 4/5/2012 ATL214F University of North Carolina School of the Arts High School 9/28/2012 ATL214F New Hope Christian Academy 1/9/2013 ATL214F Catch the Fire School of Revival 1/9/2013 ATL214F Greenfield School 10/19/2012 ATL214F Haywood Christian Academy 11/5/2012 ATL214F Davidson County Community College 2/1/2013 ATL214F Freedom Christian Academy 1/7/2013 ATL214F Carmel Christian School 1/4/2013 ATL214F SKEMA BUSINESS SCHOOL 6/27/2012 ATL214F Sherrill's University Of Barber & Cosmetology 1/18/2013 ATL214F Comenius School for Creative Leadership SOUTH 1/22/2013 ATL214F Shannon Forest Christian School SOUTH 8/22/2012 ATL214F Sea Pines Montessori Academy SOUTH 5/16/2012 NOL214F Highland Elementary School TENNESSEE 2/27/2013 NOL214F SAE Institute of Technology TENNESSEE 11/15/2012 NOL214F New College Franklin TENNESSEE 7/13/2012 NOL214F Adventist Christian School of Maryville TENNESSEE 1/14/2013 NOL214F Ensworth High School TENNESSEE 11/14/2012 SNA214F Academy of Oriental Medicine, Austin 2/26/2013 DAL214F Parish Episcopal School 1/31/2013 HOU214F Oak Ridge Christian Academy 7/9/2012 DAL214F Texas Torah Institute 2/26/2013 HOU214F Iman Academy 2/9/2013 SNA214F Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children 3/12/2012 SNA214F International Academy of Design and Technology 8/22/2012 SNA214F The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts 2/21/2013 HOU214F Bay Area Christian School 12/21/2012 DAL214F Tint School Of Makeup & Cosmetology 12/7/2012 SNA214F The Art Institute of San Antonio 12/7/2012

4 DAL214F FSC Dallas, LLC 11/30/2012 HOU214F Royal Beauty Careers 12/17/2012 DAL214F Christian Heritage School 11/20/2012 ELP214F Southwest University 12/21/2012 HOU214F Legacy Christian Academy 11/13/2012 HOU214F Alexander-Smith Academy 9/11/2012 DAL214F The Art Institute of Fort Worth 11/6/2012 DAL214F Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts 1/9/2013 HOU214F The Art Institute of Houston - North 11/13/2012 DAL214F Jarvis Christian College 1/10/2013 HOU214F Saint Thomas' Episcopal School 1/14/2013 WAS214F Cornerstone Christian School VIRGINIA 5/4/2012 WAS214F Southeast Culinary & Hospitality College VIRGINIA 9/6/2012 WAS214F Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Inc. VIRGINIA 3/2/2012 WAS214F ECPI University - Virginia Beach VIRGINIA 12/11/2012 WAS214F Fuqua School VIRGINIA 8/29/2012 ATL214F Mountain Mission School VIRGINIA 2/20/2013 WAS214F American College of Commerce & Technology VIRGINIA 2/14/2013 WAS214F ECPI University - Newport News VIRGINIA 12/17/2012 WAS214F Norfolk Academy VIRGINIA 7/6/2012 WAS214F Chelsea Academy Inc VIRGINIA 12/17/2012 WAS214F Fredericksburg Academy VIRGINIA 7/29/2012 WAS214F South Stafford Christian School VIRGINIA 9/20/2012 WAS214F Tabernacle Baptist Academy VIRGINIA 5/31/2012 WAS214F Faith Christian School VIRGINIA 9/13/2012 WAS214F Veritas School VIRGINIA 9/24/2012 WAS214F Faith Christian Academy VIRGINIA 9/25/2012 WAS214F The Art Institute of Virginia Beach VIRGINIA 10/22/2012 WAS214F World Missions College of the Greater Washington VIRGINIA 1/23/2013 WAS214F IGlobal University VIRGINIA 1/23/2013 WAS214F ECPI University - Northern Virginia VIRGINIA 12/10/2012 Initials In-process School Name Black River Technical College Keswick Christian School Yvonne Learning Center TECHNI- PRO INSTITUTE Microcamp International Corp Uceda School of Boca Raton Inc. Maelin Aviation University School of Nova Southeastern University DADE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Lincoln-Marti Community Agency Uceda ARKANSAS State

5 Censa Miami Institute Hollywood Beauty Academy, Inc. Florida Healthcare Academy Shelton Academy North County Flight Training, LLC LIFE-LINE MED TRAININGS, CORP Florida School of Preaching Sunair Aviation Skywarrior, Inc. Oldsmar Christian School Apex Language Center Greenacres Christian Academy Beaches Chapel School The Umpire School Real Life Christian Academy AVIATION CAREER ACADEMY, INC DBA SPACE COAST AVIATION Reformed Seminary Agape International Institute Faith Christian Academy Berry College Inc. International Montessori Training Institute Medtech College Kingdom Christian Academy & Preparatory School Faith Baptist Christian Academy First Presbyterian Christian Academy Iverson Institute Skys International Flight School Wesley Christian High School Forest Hill Military Academy East Central Community College Beaufort County Community College Woodlawn School Impact University, Inc. ACE South University, High Point Riverside Christian Academy Covenant Classical Christian School AIRWOLF AVIATION SERVICES, LLC Innovative Flying, LLC Montessori School of Anderson FLS International - Cookeville Nashville School of Law Hermitage Hall School Aviation Dispatch Institute Inc Weakley County Board of Education Bright Ideas School Calhoun Air Center GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA KENTUCKY KENTUCKY MISSISSIPPI SOUTH SOUTH SOUTH SOUTH TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE

6 All Nations School of Ministry PRAAT AIR SERVICES INC. Round Rouch Christian Academy Golf Academy of America The Selwyn School The Winston School Brown Mackie College Dallas/Fort Worth Salon Boutique Academy Cornerstone Christian Academy ProFlight Aviation Services LLC Central Texas Christian School East Texas Christian School JAMIE'S HOUSE CHARTER SCHOOL Wharton County Junior College Tuner School, LLC SKY Helicopters, Inc. SimCom, Inc. The Clariden School, Inc. Rick Aviation, Inc. Global Health College VERITAS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY Valley Forge Christian College Woodbridge Campus Best Academy Dulles University Capital College Pinnacle Academy Virginia Academy Washington Global Academy All American Training Center/All American Bodyguard Tng Cntr VIRGINIA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA VIRGINIA Recertification Approved School Code School Name State Approval Date ATL214F Birmingham-Southern College ALABAMA 11/05/2012 ATL214F Huntingdon College ALABAMA 12/28/2012 ATL214F Indian Springs School ALABAMA 04/26/2012 ATL214F Southern Union State Community College ALABAMA 03/09/2012 ATL214F Tuskegee University ALABAMA 03/09/2012 ATL214F The University of West Alabama ALABAMA 03/06/2012 ATL214F Athens State University ALABAMA 02/15/2013 ATL214F Enterprise State Community College ALABAMA 02/29/2012 ATL214F Northeast Alabama Community College ALABAMA 01/13/2012 ATL214F Lurleen B. Wallace Community College ALABAMA 08/16/2012 ATL214F Lawson State Community College ALABAMA 12/21/2012 ATL214F TRENHOLM STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGE ALABAMA 10/05/2012 ATL214F University of North Alabama ALABAMA 01/13/2012

7 ATL214F Wallace State Community College ALABAMA 09/27/2012 ATL214F Altamont School ALABAMA 06/29/2012 ATL214F The Donoho School ALABAMA 10/26/2012 ATL214F St. Paul's Episcopal School ALABAMA 01/24/2013 ATL214F George Corley Wallace Community College ALABAMA 12/28/2012 ATL214F Springwood School ALABAMA 08/04/2012 ATL214F Central Park Christian School ALABAMA 02/12/2013 ATL214F Lee-Scott Academy ALABAMA 12/28/2012 ATL214F The Capitol School ALABAMA 09/07/2012 ATL214F Saint James School ALABAMA 02/08/2013 NOL214F University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ARKANSAS 11/02/2012 NOL214F Crowley's Ridge College ARKANSAS 10/12/2012 NOL214F University of Arkansas - Fort Smith ARKANSAS 11/28/2012 NOL214F Arkansas State University ARKANSAS 04/19/2012 NOL214F University of Central Arkansas ARKANSAS 09/20/2012 NOL214F University of Arkansas at Little Rock ARKANSAS 10/12/2012 NOL214F University of Arkansas at Monticello ARKANSAS 12/13/2012 NOL214F John Brown University ARKANSAS 09/27/2012 NOL214F Williams Baptist College ARKANSAS 01/08/2013 NOL214F Ouachita Baptist University ARKANSAS 01/11/2013 NOL214F PHILANDER SMITH COLLEGE ARKANSAS 12/11/2012 NOL214F Subiaco Academy ARKANSAS 11/21/2012 NOL214F Pulaski Academy ARKANSAS 02/06/2013 NOL214F University of Arkansas Community College at Hope ARKANSAS 03/23/2012 NOL214F Arkansas State University ARKANSAS 01/02/2013 NOL214F Pulaski Technical College ARKANSAS 12/31/2012 NOL214F NorthWest Arkansas Community College ARKANSAS 12/07/2012 NOL214F University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville ARKANSAS 03/13/2012 NOL214F Spring International Language Center ARKANSAS 11/30/2012 NOL214F Arkansas Baptist School System ARKANSAS 12/13/2012 NOL214F Webster University - Little Rock ARKANSAS 01/03/2013 NOL214F College of the Ouachitas ARKANSAS 12/11/2012 NOL214F Arkansas State University - Newport ARKANSAS 02/22/2013 NOL214F Little Rock Christian Academy ARKANSAS 06/22/2012 NOL214F Arkansas State University Mountain Home ARKANSAS 09/25/2012 NOL214F Union Christian Academy ARKANSAS 12/28/2012 NOL214F Shiloh Christian School ARKANSAS 01/11/2013 NOL214F Harding Academy ARKANSAS 02/08/2013 MIA214F Archdiocese of Miami 10/31/2012 MIA214F Daytona State College 10/25/2012 MIA214F University of South Florida 03/08/2012 MIA214F The Baptist College of Florida 08/09/2012 MIA214F The Bolles School 08/23/2012 MIA214F Everest University 01/18/2013 MIA214F The Florida State University 11/30/2012 MIA214F Forest Lake Academy 11/15/2012 MIA214F Miami Christian School 02/06/2012

8 MIA214F Miami Country Day School 01/15/2013 MIA214F Saint Leo University 01/23/2013 MIA214F St. Petersburg College 12/21/2012 MIA214F Southeastern University, INC. 03/16/2012 MIA214F Stetson University 12/07/2012 MIA214F Eckerd College 12/02/2012 MIA214F Broward College 02/10/2012 MIA214F Brevard Community College 01/25/2013 MIA214F Gulliver Schools 10/02/2012 MIA214F Indian River State College 08/29/2012 MIA214F Saint Andrew's School 10/05/2012 MIA214F St. Johns River State College 02/22/2012 MIA214F Trinity International University, Florida Regional Center 10/11/2012 MIA214F Admiral Farragut Academy 11/28/2012 MIA214F Barry University 01/20/2012 MIA214F Florida College 09/26/2012 MIA214F Pine Crest Preparatory School, Inc. 11/19/2012 MIA214F Ransom Everglades School 11/23/2012 MIA214F Trinity College of Florida 10/26/2012 MIA214F University of Miami 01/04/2013 MIA214F Montverde Academy 11/16/2012 MIA214F Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 01/27/2012 MIA214F Ringling College of Art and Design 10/09/2012 MIA214F Northwest Florida State College 11/29/2012 MIA214F Miami International University of Art & Design 11/16/2012 MIA214F Florida Gateway College 02/24/2012 MIA214F The Vanguard School 04/25/2012 MIA214F Santa Fe College 02/17/2012 MIA214F Remington College 02/06/2012 MIA214F Florida Keys Community College 03/02/2012 MIA214F Jacksonville University 01/31/2012 MIA214F Flagler College 08/15/2012 MIA214F Palm Beach Atlantic University 12/07/2012 MIA214F Polk State College 10/25/2012 MIA214F The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale 01/03/2012 MIA214F Florida International University 01/04/2013 MIA214F The King's Academy 11/29/2012 MIA214F Clearwater Christian College 12/03/2012 MIA214F American Learning Systems, Inc. 08/15/2012 MIA214F St. Johns Country Day School 02/08/2013 MIA214F Palmer Trinity School 09/24/2012 MIA214F Wyotech 02/10/2012 MIA214F Oak Hall School 12/28/2012 MIA214F Boca Raton Christian School 01/04/2013 MIA214F Talmudic College of Florida 01/04/2013 MIA214F Northwest Christian Academy 01/03/2013 MIA214F North Florida Christian School 11/02/2012

9 MIA214F Saint Mark's Episcopal School 07/27/2012 MIA214F ELS Language Centers/St. Petersburg 03/13/2012 MIA214F Trinity Baptist College 10/18/2012 MIA214F Berlitz Languages, Inc. / Coral Gables 09/20/2012 MIA214F Sheridan Hills Christian School 01/11/2013 MIA214F Westminster Christian School 09/20/2012 MIA214F Beacon Hill School 08/03/2012 MIA214F Episcopal School of Jacksonville 04/17/2012 MIA214F Saint Thomas Episcopal Parish School 08/04/2012 MIA214F Tampa Preparatory School 11/20/2012 MIA214F Saint Edward's School 04/13/2012 MIA214F Berkeley Preparatory School 10/01/2012 MIA214F Carlos Albizu University at Miami 11/16/2012 MIA214F Lakeland Christian School 01/10/2013 MIA214F New England Institute of Technology at Palm Beach 12/12/2012 MIA214F Florida Career College 02/20/2013 MIA214F Diocese of St. Petersburg 02/06/2013 MIA214F Seminole State College of Florida 03/27/2012 MIA214F Valencia College 01/30/2012 MIA214F International Academy of Design & Technology 10/25/2012 MIA214F Lake-Sumter Community College 09/14/2012 MIA214F St. Thomas University 03/26/2012 MIA214F Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart 01/18/2013 MIA214F Everest University 01/18/2013 MIA214F EF International Language Schools, Inc. 12/22/2012 MIA214F Lake Highland Preparatory School 04/20/2012 MIA214F Educating Hands School of Massage 12/09/2012 MIA214F Vanguard School of Coconut Grove, FL., Inc. 01/27/2012 MIA214F Jupiter Christian School 12/28/2012 MIA214F St. John Vianney College Seminary 07/06/2012 MIA214F City College 11/30/2012 MIA214F ELS Language Centers/Miami 02/29/2012 MIA214F Hollywood Christian School 11/09/2012 MIA214F Zoni Language Centers 09/04/2012 MIA214F Golf Academy of America 11/21/2012 MIA214F Fort Lauderdale Preparatory School 01/25/2013 MIA214F Florida College of Natural Health 04/16/2012 MIA214F ASM Beauty World Academy, Inc 01/03/2013 MIA214F Shorecrest Preparatory School 04/20/2012 MIA214F Beauty Schools of America - Miami 02/22/2013 MIA214F Aerosim Academy, Inc. 04/24/2012 MIA214F Tampa Bay Christian Academy 01/02/2013 MIA214F ITT Technical Institute 01/27/2012 MIA214F Webster University - Orlando 11/20/2012 MIA214F ELS Language Centers/Melbourne 02/29/2012 MIA214F Seacrest School, Inc. 09/27/2012 MIA214F Naples Christian Academy 03/29/2012

10 MIA214F Sarasota School of Massage Therapy 05/09/2012 MIA214F Acupuncture & Massage College 11/13/2012 MIA214F Knox Theological Seminary 01/27/2012 MIA214F The Cambridge School 02/20/2013 MIA214F Key College 12/07/2012 MIA214F Reformed Theological Seminary 01/24/2013 MIA214F Miami Ad School 11/28/2012 MIA214F The Praxis Institute 12/18/2012 MIA214F LAL Language Centers US 02/13/2013 MIA214F ITT Technical Institute 02/15/2012 MIA214F Florida College of Integrative Medicine 02/08/2013 MIA214F Saddlebrook Preparatory School 01/20/2012 MIA214F Academy at the Lakes 10/05/2012 MIA214F Pine Castle Christian Academy 11/30/2012 MIA214F The Sagemont School 09/21/2012 MIA214F Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences 11/21/2012 MIA214F Word of Life Bible Institute Florida Extension 12/07/2012 MIA214F Florida Coastal School of Law 02/15/2013 MIA214F City College 11/28/2012 MIA214F The Language Academy, Inc. 09/10/2012 MIA214F Argosy University/Tampa 08/16/2012 MIA214F Central Florida Preparatory School, Inc. 05/21/2012 MIA214F Seacoast Christian Academy 02/15/2013 MIA214F Academy of Healing Arts & Facial Skin Care, Inc. 03/07/2012 MIA214F Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine 12/08/2012 MIA214F DeVry University 11/28/2012 MIA214F New World Symphony Fellowship Program 12/07/2012 MIA214F Faith Christian Academy 02/22/2013 MIA214F The Language Company 04/12/2012 MIA214F Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University- Worldwide 10/17/2012 MIA214F SABER College 02/13/2013 MIA214F International Academy of Design and Technology 02/24/2012 MIA214F ELS Language Centers/Orlando 03/01/2012 MIA214F Chaminade Madonna College Preparatory 04/24/2012 MIA214F Boca Raton Preparatory School, Inc. 01/18/2013 MIA214F Page Private School 04/20/2012 MIA214F Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Orlando 02/01/2013 MIA214F Digital Media Arts College 10/18/2012 MIA214F Epic Flight Academy, Inc. 02/08/2013 MIA214F Southwest Florida Christian Academy 12/07/2012 MIA214F Palm Beach Academy of Health & Beauty 02/17/2012 MIA214F Christopher Columbus High School 01/08/2013 MIA214F Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico 06/25/2012 MIA214F Dean International, Inc. 01/25/2013 MIA214F Everest University 12/31/2012 MIA214F Calvary Christian High School 01/11/2013 MIA214F Holy Comforter Episcopal School, Inc. 09/27/2012

11 MIA214F The Weiss School 12/28/2012 MIA214F The Art Institute of Tampa 12/11/2012 MIA214F Calusa Preparatory 02/20/2013 MIA214F Jackson County School Board 02/15/2013 MIA214F Seven Rivers Christian School 02/01/2013 MIA214F Brevard Christian School 02/20/2013 MIA214F Hebrew Academy Community School 02/20/2013 MIA214F UNIVERSIDAD METROPOLITANA 02/04/2013 MIA214F UNIVERSIDAD DEL ESTE 02/04/2013 MIA214F Universidad del Turabo 02/12/2013 MIA214F Indian River Charter High School 02/22/2013 MIA214F Lake Worth Christian School 01/18/2013 MIA214F First Academy-Leesburg 12/28/2012 MIA214F Beacon College 11/16/2012 MIA214F The Ogburn School, Inc. 02/17/2013 MIA214F Coral Springs Christian Academy 02/22/2013 MIA214F The Art Institute of Jacksonville 02/07/2013 MIA214F Ave Maria School of Law 12/31/2012 MIA214F Killian Oaks Academy 02/08/2013 MIA214F Hernando Christian Private Academy, Inc. 02/13/2013 MIA214F Jose Maria Vargas University 02/22/2013 MIA214F Highlands Christian Academy 01/18/2013 MIA214F Florida Flyers European US Flight School, Inc. 02/13/2013 MIA214F Millennia Atlantic University 02/01/2013 MIA214F Jacobs Flight Services, LLC 02/20/2013 ATL214F Agnes Scott College GEORGIA 02/14/2012 ATL214F University System of Georgia GEORGIA 01/12/2013 ATL214F Fort Valley State University GEORGIA 12/04/2012 ATL214F Georgia State University GEORGIA 01/03/2012 ATL214F Gordon College GEORGIA 05/25/2012 ATL214F Emory University GEORGIA 01/25/2012 ATL214F Atlanta's John Marshall Law School GEORGIA 11/14/2012 ATL214F Georgia Health Sciences University GEORGIA 02/17/2012 ATL214F Piedmont College GEORGIA 10/12/2012 ATL214F Reinhardt University GEORGIA 02/14/2012 ATL214F Savannah State University GEORGIA 12/03/2012 ATL214F Southern Polytechnic State University GEORGIA 10/04/2012 ATL214F Spelman College GEORGIA 02/29/2012 ATL214F Valdosta State University GEORGIA 12/04/2012 ATL214F Interdenominational Theological Center GEORGIA 01/24/2013 ATL214F University System of Georgia GEORGIA 11/28/2012 ATL214F Georgia College & State University GEORGIA 10/16/2012 ATL214F Point University GEORGIA 02/10/2012 ATL214F Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College GEORGIA 07/31/2012 ATL214F Brandon Hall School GEORGIA 01/16/2013 ATL214F LaGrange College GEORGIA 02/10/2012 ATL214F Georgia Southwestern State University GEORGIA 01/06/2012

12 ATL214F Darton State College GEORGIA 08/16/2012 ATL214F MERCER UNIVERSITY ATLANTA GEORGIA 01/18/2013 ATL214F Berlitz Languages, Inc. / Atlanta GEORGIA 08/24/2012 ATL214F Darlington School GEORGIA 08/14/2012 ATL214F Kennesaw State University GEORGIA 10/23/2012 ATL214F Gainesville State College GEORGIA 01/31/2013 ATL214F Clarke County School District GEORGIA 02/22/2013 ATL214F Clayton State University GEORGIA 01/25/2012 ATL214F Dalton State College GEORGIA 08/08/2012 ATL214F Macon State College GEORGIA 07/13/2012 ATL214F DeVry University GEORGIA 12/26/2012 ATL214F Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service GEORGIA 06/14/2012 ATL214F Athens Academy GEORGIA 04/25/2012 ATL214F ELS Language Centers/Atlanta GEORGIA 12/11/2012 ATL214F The Walker School GEORGIA 11/23/2012 ATL214F Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Edu. GEORGIA 12/21/2012 ATL214F Portfolio Center GEORGIA 12/12/2012 ATL214F Bainbridge College GEORGIA 01/27/2012 ATL214F Atlanta School of Massage GEORGIA 08/24/2012 ATL214F Valdosta City School GEORGIA 06/25/2012 ATL214F Morehouse School of Medicine GEORGIA 01/10/2012 ATL214F The Art Institute of Atlanta GEORGIA 01/24/2012 ATL214F The Creative Circus GEORGIA 10/19/2012 ATL214F University System of Georgia GEORGIA 11/30/2012 ATL214F Tallulah Falls School GEORGIA 12/04/2012 ATL214F Atlanta International School GEORGIA 12/21/2012 ATL214F Argosy University/Atlanta GEORGIA 08/31/2012 ATL214F International School of Skin, Nail Care and Massage Therapy GEORGIA 12/07/2012 ATL214F Killian Hill Christian School GEORGIA 11/27/2012 ATL214F Atlanta Technical College GEORGIA 09/07/2012 ATL214F Ogeechee Technical College - TCSG GEORGIA 12/13/2012 ATL214F Maranatha Christian Academy GEORGIA 12/21/2012 ATL214F Georgia Piedmont Technical College GEORGIA 08/24/2012 ATL214F Community Christian School GEORGIA 02/22/2013 ATL214F Reformed Theological Seminary/Atlanta GEORGIA 01/14/2013 ATL214F General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Schools GEORGIA 01/15/2013 ATL214F Atlanta Girls' School GEORGIA 10/23/2012 ATL214F Prince Avenue Christian School GEORGIA 12/27/2012 ATL214F Covenant Christian Ministries Academy GEORGIA 02/15/2013 ATL214F MCGINNIS WOODS COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL GEORGIA 02/15/2013 ATL214F Calvary Christian School GEORGIA 02/16/2013 ATL214F Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy GEORGIA 01/25/2013 ATL214F Cliff Valley School GEORGIA 02/20/2013 ATL214F Whitefield Academy GEORGIA 02/08/2013 ATL214F Mount Vernon Presbyterian School GEORGIA 02/15/2013 ATL214F Catholic Diocese of Savannah GEORGIA 02/24/2013

13 ATL214F Sherwood Christian Academy GEORGIA 12/29/2012 NOL214F Paris Independent Schools KENTUCKY 02/01/2013 NOL214F KENTUCKY CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY KENTUCKY 07/26/2012 NOL214F Spalding University KENTUCKY 10/12/2012 NOL214F Univeristy of Pikeville KENTUCKY 12/06/2012 NOL214F Bellarmine University KENTUCKY 07/30/2012 NOL214F St. Catharine College KENTUCKY 10/24/2012 NOL214F University of Kentucky KENTUCKY 02/29/2012 NOL214F Georgetown College KENTUCKY 09/21/2012 NOL214F University of the Cumberlands KENTUCKY 11/29/2012 NOL214F Asbury College dba Asbury University KENTUCKY 02/17/2012 NOL214F Alice Lloyd College KENTUCKY 01/03/2012 NOL214F Northern Kentucky University KENTUCKY 12/21/2012 NOL214F University of Louisville KENTUCKY 03/09/2012 NOL214F Campbellsville University KENTUCKY 09/20/2012 NOL214F Kentucky State University KENTUCKY 12/11/2012 NOL214F Eastern Kentucky University KENTUCKY 07/31/2012 NOL214F Transylvania University KENTUCKY 12/11/2012 NOL214F Midway College KENTUCKY 01/25/2012 NOL214F Western Kentucky University KENTUCKY 03/02/2012 NOL214F Simmons College of Kentucky KENTUCKY 12/14/2012 NOL214F Union College KENTUCKY 11/01/2012 NOL214F St. Francis High School KENTUCKY 07/19/2012 NOL214F Mount Carmel High School KENTUCKY 02/23/2013 NOL214F Mid-Continent University KENTUCKY 07/06/2012 NOL214F Fayette County Public Schools KENTUCKY 02/24/2012 NOL214F Spencerian College KENTUCKY 11/21/2012 NOL214F Murray Independent Schools KENTUCKY 03/29/2012 NOL214F Christian Academy of Louisville KENTUCKY 02/19/2013 NOL214F Hazard Community & Technical College KENTUCKY 07/31/2012 NOL214F Elizabethtown Community & Technical College KENTUCKY 01/05/2013 NOL214F Jefferson Community and Technical College KENTUCKY 01/04/2013 NOL214F Owensboro Community & Technical College KENTUCKY 03/16/2012 NOL214F Big Sandy Community & Technical College KENTUCKY 12/21/2012 NOL214F Somerset Community College KENTUCKY 09/05/2012 NOL214F Bluegrass Community & Technical College KENTUCKY 09/20/2012 NOL214F rose hill christian school KENTUCKY 10/17/2012 NOL214F Heritage Christian Academy KENTUCKY 12/05/2012 NOL214F Oakdale Christian Academy KENTUCKY 12/28/2012 NOL214F Belhaven University MISSISSIPPI 12/19/2012 NOL214F Copiah Lincoln Community College MISSISSIPPI 03/23/2012 NOL214F Jackson State University MISSISSIPPI 03/09/2012 NOL214F The University of Southern Mississippi MISSISSIPPI 12/20/2012 NOL214F Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College MISSISSIPPI 12/21/2012 NOL214F The Piney Woods School MISSISSIPPI 07/13/2012 NOL214F Reformed Theological Seminary MISSISSIPPI 03/02/2012 NOL214F The University of Mississippi Medical Center MISSISSIPPI 06/29/2012

14 NOL214F Alcorn State University MISSISSIPPI 02/29/2012 NOL214F East Central Community College MISSISSIPPI 01/18/2013 NOL214F Wesley Biblical Seminary MISSISSIPPI 02/15/2013 NOL214F Educational Institutions of the Catholic Diocese of Jackson MISSISSIPPI 05/10/2012 NOL214F Tougaloo College MISSISSIPPI 01/18/2013 NOL214F Starkville School District MISSISSIPPI 08/23/2012 NOL214F Southwest Mississippi Community College MISSISSIPPI 02/05/2013 NOL214F Heritage Academy MISSISSIPPI 09/28/2012 NOL214F Jackson Preparatory School MISSISSIPPI 01/31/2012 NOL214F The University of Mississippi MISSISSIPPI 03/29/2012 NOL214F Northeast Mississippi Community College MISSISSIPPI 11/02/2012 NOL214F Mississippi University for Women MISSISSIPPI 12/06/2012 NOL214F Coahoma Community College MISSISSIPPI 07/31/2012 NOL214F St. Andrew's Episcopal School MISSISSIPPI 07/31/2012 ATL214F Burlington Christian Academy 02/01/2013 ATL214F Grace College of Divinity 12/28/2012 ATL214F Hood Theological Seminary 02/20/2013 ATL214F The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham 01/18/2013 ATL214F Central Academy at Lake Park 02/15/2013 ATL214F Appalachian State University 11/29/2012 ATL214F The Asheville School 04/18/2012 ATL214F Barton College 10/10/2012 ATL214F Belmont Abbey College 05/25/2012 ATL214F Bennett College 07/25/2012 ATL214F Brevard College 07/16/2012 ATL214F Campbell University 10/18/2012 ATL214F Catawba College 01/18/2013 ATL214F Catholic Schools Diocese of Charlotte 12/15/2012 ATL214F Davidson College 08/10/2012 ATL214F Durham Technical Community College 10/03/2012 ATL214F Elizabeth City State University 08/23/2012 ATL214F Elon University 06/26/2012 ATL214F Fayetteville Technical Community College 10/26/2012 ATL214F Fayetteville State University 08/20/2012 ATL214F Gardner-Webb University 05/11/2012 ATL214F Guilford College 08/27/2012 ATL214F High Point University 08/21/2012 ATL214F Lees-McRae College 10/03/2012 ATL214F Lenoir-Rhyne University 09/27/2012 ATL214F Mars Hill College 07/28/2012 ATL214F Mitchell Community College 08/13/2012 ATL214F Montreat College 12/21/2012 ATL214F North Carolina State University (UNC System) 12/24/2012 ATL214F University of North Carolina School of the Arts 01/03/2013 ATL214F North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University 05/11/2012 ATL214F William Peace University 10/26/2012 ATL214F University of North Carolina at Pembroke 12/21/2012

15 ATL214F Piedmont International University 01/02/2013 ATL214F Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 11/15/2012 ATL214F St. Andrews University 01/09/2013 ATL214F Salem College 07/31/2012 ATL214F University of North Carolina at Asheville 09/06/2012 ATL214F University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 09/17/2012 ATL214F University of North Carolina at Charlotte 09/26/2012 ATL214F The University of North Carolina at Greensboro 09/14/2012 ATL214F Wake Forest University 08/24/2012 ATL214F Warren Wilson College 11/19/2012 ATL214F Western Carolina University 12/04/2012 ATL214F Wingate University 07/20/2012 ATL214F Winston-Salem State University 09/28/2012 ATL214F Arendell Parrott Academy 12/28/2012 ATL214F North Carolina Central University 08/02/2012 ATL214F University of North Carolina Wilmington 08/09/2012 ATL214F Johnston Community College 04/03/2012 ATL214F Vance-Granville Community College 09/19/2012 ATL214F Durham Academy 04/20/2012 ATL214F Kerr-Vance Academy 04/20/2012 ATL214F Providence Day School 07/19/2012 ATL214F INTERLINK Language Center / UNCG 06/15/2012 ATL214F Westchester Country Day School 07/13/2012 ATL214F Cape Fear Academy 01/06/2013 ATL214F Chowan University 12/18/2012 ATL214F CENTRAL PIEDMONT COMMUNITY COLLEGE 12/21/2012 ATL214F Isothermal Community College 08/08/2012 ATL214F Sandhills Community College 09/27/2012 ATL214F Pitt Community College 08/06/2012 ATL214F Randolph Community College 02/03/2012 ATL214F Rowan-Cabarrus Community College 06/29/2012 ATL214F Richmond Community College 09/19/2012 ATL214F Nash Community College -NCCCS 06/29/2012 ATL214F Coastal Carolina Community College 11/21/2012 ATL214F Stanly Community College 09/06/2012 ATL214F Salem Academy 07/05/2012 ATL214F Carteret Community College 03/01/2012 ATL214F Carolina Day School 09/20/2012 ATL214F Greensboro Day School 08/01/2012 ATL214F Living Arts School of Communication Arts 01/27/2012 ATL214F Southern Evangelical Seminary 12/07/2012 ATL214F Brookstone College of Business 02/16/2012 ATL214F Reformed Theological Seminary 12/20/2012 ATL214F ELS Language Centers/Charlotte 03/27/2012 ATL214F Bible Baptist Christian School 01/31/2013 ATL214F Cary Academy 04/20/2012 ATL214F Strayer University 10/15/2012

16 ATL214F Berlitz Languages, Inc. - Raleigh 01/03/2012 ATL214F Fayetteville Christian School 12/19/2012 ATL214F Charlotte Christian School 12/06/2012 ATL214F Halifax Community College 08/02/2012 ATL214F Harnett County Schools 10/12/2012 ATL214F Center for Massage & Natural Health 02/19/2013 ATL214F Caldwell Academy 12/21/2012 ATL214F Faith Christian School 12/07/2012 ATL214F Beaufort Academy, Inc. SOUTH 08/09/2012 ATL214F Pinewood Preparatory School SOUTH 02/01/2013 ATL214F Hilton Head Christian Academy SOUTH 09/21/2012 ATL214F Trident Technical College SOUTH 08/27/2012 ATL214F Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary SOUTH 01/03/2012 ATL214F Horry County Schools SOUTH 02/08/2013 ATL214F Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic SOUTH 03/02/2012 ATL214F Wofford College SOUTH 02/11/2013 ATL214F Florence-Darlington Technical College SOUTH 11/30/2012 ATL214F University of South Carolina SOUTH 03/09/2012 ATL214F University of South Carolina Upstate SOUTH 11/15/2012 ATL214F Medical University of South Carolina SOUTH 10/04/2012 ATL214F Converse College SOUTH 11/30/2012 ATL214F Greenville Technical College SOUTH 11/30/2012 ATL214F Francis Marion University SOUTH 07/31/2012 ATL214F CLAFLIN UNIVERSITY SOUTH 12/08/2012 ATL214F Limestone College SOUTH 10/15/2012 ATL214F The Citadel SOUTH 11/01/2012 ATL214F Presbyterian College SOUTH 02/22/2013 ATL214F South Carolina Independent Schools SOUTH 04/19/2012 ATL214F Benedict College SOUTH 12/19/2012 ATL214F Darlington County SOUTH 04/19/2012 ATL214F Charleston Southern University SOUTH 02/29/2012 ATL214F Golf Academy of America SOUTH 12/17/2012 ATL214F Voorhees College SOUTH 02/22/2013 ATL214F Ben Lippen School SOUTH 02/14/2013 ATL214F Carolina Christian Academy SOUTH 10/10/2012 ATL214F North Greenville University SOUTH 02/01/2013 ATL214F Christ Church Episcopal School SOUTH 12/31/2012 ATL214F Clinton Junior College SOUTH 08/31/2012 ATL214F ELS Language Centers/Clemson SOUTH 01/09/2013 ATL214F Erskine Theological Seminary SOUTH 11/29/2012 NOL214F Remington College - Nashville Campus TENNESSEE 12/04/2012 NOL214F St. Andrews School at Wears Ranch TENNESSEE 11/21/2012 NOL214F Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville TENNESSEE 12/15/2012 NOL214F Harding Univ Graduate School of Religion TENNESSEE 10/01/2012 NOL214F LAMBUTH UNIVERSITY TENNESSEE 01/23/2012 NOL214F Nashville Auto-Diesel College TENNESSEE 02/17/2012 NOL214F St. Andrew's-Sewanee School TENNESSEE 07/28/2012

17 NOL214F Southern College of Optometry TENNESSEE 02/15/2013 NOL214F Southern Adventist University TENNESSEE 10/24/2012 NOL214F TENNESSEE TEMPLE SCHOOLS TENNESSEE 12/06/2012 NOL214F Tusculum College TENNESSEE 11/09/2012 NOL214F Union University TENNESSEE 02/29/2012 NOL214F The University of Tennessee Health Science Center TENNESSEE 09/13/2012 NOL214F The Webb School TENNESSEE 11/27/2012 NOL214F Johnson University TENNESSEE 09/27/2012 NOL214F St. Mary's Episcopal School TENNESSEE 06/29/2012 NOL214F Emmanuel Christian Seminary TENNESSEE 11/29/2012 NOL214F Milligan College TENNESSEE 12/14/2012 NOL214F Chattanooga State Community College TENNESSEE 01/10/2013 NOL214F Memphis Theological Seminary TENNESSEE 04/03/2012 NOL214F Columbia State Community College TENNESSEE 08/08/2012 NOL214F Cumberland University TENNESSEE 10/12/2012 NOL214F Belmont University TENNESSEE 02/08/2013 NOL214F Meharry Medical School TENNESSEE 10/05/2012 NOL214F Tennessee Wesleyan College TENNESSEE 06/15/2012 NOL214F East Tennessee State University TENNESSEE 11/16/2012 NOL214F American Baptist College TENNESSEE 11/23/2012 NOL214F Lee University TENNESSEE 10/17/2012 NOL214F Christian Brothers University TENNESSEE 05/25/2012 NOL214F Southwest Tennessee Community College TENNESSEE 02/01/2013 NOL214F The Vanderbilt University TENNESSEE 09/27/2012 NOL214F LeMoyne-Owen College TENNESSEE 11/30/2012 NOL214F King College TENNESSEE 08/24/2012 NOL214F Aquinas College TENNESSEE 09/20/2012 NOL214F Maryville College TENNESSEE 12/21/2012 NOL214F Motlow State Community College TENNESSEE 11/09/2012 NOL214F Dyersburg State Community College TENNESSEE 03/02/2012 NOL214F Nashville State Community College TENNESSEE 09/20/2012 NOL214F SOUTH COLLEGE TENNESSEE 05/24/2012 NOL214F Clarksville-Montgomery County TENNESSEE 09/25/2012 NOL214F Cleveland State Community College TENNESSEE 08/10/2012 NOL214F Girls Preparatory School TENNESSEE 06/29/2012 NOL214F Roane State Community College TENNESSEE 11/15/2012 NOL214F Martin Methodist College TENNESSEE 12/18/2012 NOL214F Lausanne Collegiate School TENNESSEE 08/10/2012 NOL214F Pentecostal Theological Seminary TENNESSEE 12/07/2012 NOL214F Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary TENNESSEE 08/15/2012 NOL214F The Harpeth Hall School TENNESSEE 04/20/2012 NOL214F Montgomery Bell Academy TENNESSEE 02/08/2013 NOL214F Bethel University TENNESSEE 08/13/2012 NOL214F Draughons Junior College TENNESSEE 01/31/2013 NOL214F The McCallie School TENNESSEE 12/22/2012 NOL214F Memphis College of Art TENNESSEE 10/05/2012 NOL214F Pellissippi State Community College TENNESSEE 11/21/2012

18 NOL214F Jackson State Community College TENNESSEE 01/26/2012 NOL214F The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga TENNESSEE 10/01/2012 NOL214F The University of Tennessee at Martin TENNESSEE 11/07/2012 NOL214F International English Institute TENNESSEE 12/10/2012 NOL214F Nashville Christian School TENNESSEE 10/05/2012 NOL214F Battle Ground Academy TENNESSEE 12/28/2012 NOL214F Nossi College of Art TENNESSEE 03/29/2012 NOL214F HIGHLAND ACADEMY TENNESSEE 05/17/2012 NOL214F Diocese of Knoxville Catholic Schools Office TENNESSEE 02/13/2013 NOL214F Ezell_Harding Christian School TENNESSEE 04/30/2012 NOL214F Volunteer State Community College TENNESSEE 09/05/2012 NOL214F Macon Road Baptist School TENNESSEE 10/10/2012 NOL214F Margolin Hebrew Academy TENNESSEE 09/24/2012 NOL214F The University of Tennessee, English Language Institute TENNESSEE 01/03/2013 NOL214F Kaplan Career Institute - Nashville TENNESSEE 02/16/2012 NOL214F Baylor School TENNESSEE 10/24/2012 NOL214F Walters State Community College TENNESSEE 01/27/2012 NOL214F Lane College TENNESSEE 02/15/2013 NOL214F O'More College of Design TENNESSEE 12/29/2012 NOL214F Bachman Academy TENNESSEE 02/08/2013 DAL214F Southern Methodist University 08/30/2012 DAL214F Texas Tech University 01/13/2012 DAL214F Navarro College 08/28/2012 DAL214F Amarillo College 08/30/2012 DAL214F Dallas Christian College 12/29/2012 DAL214F Texas A&M University-Commerce 11/30/2012 DAL214F Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary 01/28/2013 DAL214F South Plains College 03/02/2012 DAL214F Frank Phillips College 10/12/2012 DAL214F North Central Texas College 11/07/2012 DAL214F Texas A&M Health Science Center 10/26/2012 DAL214F Hill College 12/15/2012 DAL214F Dallas Institute of Funeral Service 04/12/2012 DAL214F Catholic Diocese of Dallas 05/22/2012 DAL214F Tarrant County College 08/30/2012 DAL214F Texarkana College 08/21/2012 DAL214F DeVry University 12/21/2012 DAL214F The University of Texas at Dallas 08/20/2012 DAL214F Eastfield College 12/21/2012 DAL214F Scurry County Junior College District 11/30/2012 DAL214F East Texas Baptist University 02/06/2012 DAL214F Criswell College 12/27/2012 DAL214F The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center 09/05/2012 DAL214F Fort Worth Country Day School 01/31/2013 DAL214F Dallas Baptist University 01/03/2013 DAL214F Cedar Valley College 12/14/2012 DAL214F West Texas A&M University 09/04/2012

19 DAL214F Howard County Junior College District 09/20/2012 DAL214F The University of Texas at Arlington 02/08/2012 DAL214F Southwestern Adventist University 11/27/2012 DAL214F PARKER UNIVERSITY 12/12/2012 DAL214F Austin College, Sherman TX 07/18/2012 DAL214F Kilgore College 12/28/2012 DAL214F Midwestern State University 10/19/2012 DAL214F Paris Junior College 07/31/2012 DAL214F St. Mark's School of Texas 11/21/2012 DAL214F Wayland Baptist University 12/14/2012 DAL214F Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 01/07/2013 DAL214F Dallas Theological Seminary 11/08/2012 DAL214F Tarleton State University 01/03/2012 DAL214F Abilene Christian Schools 10/04/2012 DAL214F Hardin-Simmons University 11/19/2012 DAL214F Abilene Christian University 09/21/2012 DAL214F McMurry University 11/30/2012 DAL214F The Oakridge School 10/23/2012 DAL214F Northeast Texas Community College 04/05/2012 DAL214F Collin County Community College District 09/27/2012 DAL214F Texas Conference of Seventh-Day-Adventist School System 11/14/2012 DAL214F KD COLLEGE, CONSERVATORY OF FILM AND DRAMATIC ARTS 10/26/2012 DAL214F Paul Quinn College 08/27/2012 DAL214F Prestonwood Christian Academy 02/14/2013 DAL214F The Brook Hill School 07/06/2012 DAL214F Covenant Christian Academy 05/23/2012 DAL214F Pantego Christian Academy 02/22/2013 DAL214F Texas State Technical College Marshall 12/22/2012 DAL214F Harvest Christian Academy 02/06/2013 DAL214F Arlington Career Institute 10/31/2012 DAL214F Hub City Aviation, Inc. 01/30/2013 DAL214F Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 02/14/2013 DAL214F All Saints Episcopal School 02/22/2013 DAL214F Tyler Street Christian Academy 02/23/2013 DAL214F Longhorn Helicopters, Inc. 01/18/2013 DAL214F Remington College - Fort Worth Campus 12/21/2012 DAL214F Trinity Christian School 02/20/2013 DAL214F Trinity Christian School 12/17/2012 ELP214F Radford School 02/22/2013 ELP214F Immanuel Baptist Christian School 02/20/2013 ELP214F Career Centers of Texas - El Paso 08/06/2012 ELP214F Jesus Chapel School 04/24/2012 ELP214F Western Technical College 02/15/2013 HLG214F The University of Texas-Pan American 02/28/2012 HLG214F University of Texas at Brownsville & Texas Southmost College 02/24/2012 HLG214F Texas State Technical College 12/22/2012

20 HLG214F University of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences 02/06/2013 HLG214F First Baptist School 12/17/2012 HLG214F Episcopal Day School 08/08/2012 HLG214F Valley Christian Heritage School 01/11/2013 HOU214F San Jacinto College Central 01/13/2012 HOU214F Houston Baptist University 02/24/2012 HOU214F Alvin Community College 08/06/2012 HOU214F Stephen F. Austin State University 12/07/2012 HOU214F Galveston College 03/09/2012 HOU214F College of the Mainland 11/02/2012 HOU214F Baylor College of Medicine 02/03/2012 HOU214F ELS Language Centers/Houston 11/27/2012 HOU214F Brazosport College 12/15/2012 HOU214F THE OCEAN CORPORATION 01/20/2012 HOU214F Memorial Hall School 01/16/2013 HOU214F The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 01/13/2012 HOU214F Kaplan Test Prep, a div. of Kaplan, Inc. 02/21/2013 HOU214F Houston Community College System 09/25/2012 HOU214F Houston Graduate School of Theology 02/01/2013 HOU214F Universal Technical Institute, Inc. 01/18/2012 HOU214F Aetas, Inc. d/b/a Bilingual Education Institute 02/27/2013 HOU214F American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine 03/16/2012 HOU214F Northeast Christian Academy 05/23/2012 HOU214F Remington College 12/11/2012 HOU214F St. Stephen's Episcopal School Houston 02/27/2013 HOU214F The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center 01/24/2012 HOU214F DeVry University 01/16/2013 HOU214F San Jacinto College South 02/02/2012 HOU214F San Jacinto College North 02/02/2012 HOU214F Culinary Institute LeNotre 01/04/2012 HOU214F St. Mark Lutheran School 01/11/2013 HOU214F Cypress Christian School 02/15/2013 HOU214F Remington College - Houston Southeast Campus 12/18/2012 HOU214F Texas School of Business 01/16/2013 SNA214F Castle Hills First Baptist School 12/29/2012 SNA214F Howard Payne University 12/19/2012 SNA214F Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP) 12/10/2012 SNA214F Southwest Texas Junior College 12/05/2012 SNA214F Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Austin 01/13/2012 SNA214F Huston-Tillotson University 11/08/2012 SNA214F Texas Lutheran University 04/10/2012 SNA214F Central Texas Summit Christian School System, Inc 12/21/2012 SNA214F Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary 11/21/2012 SNA214F Texas State University-San Marcos 01/10/2012 SNA214F University of Texas at Austin 01/23/2012 SNA214F Oblate School of Theology 11/30/2012 SNA214F Texas A&M University 01/20/2012

Name Change Cross Reference List Updated 7/30/2015

Name Change Cross Reference List Updated 7/30/2015 Abilene Christian College Abilene Christian University of Dallas Aiken Technical Education Center Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College Alabama Christian College Alabama Christian School of Religion

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State-by-State Index. Senior Colleges Alaska, U. of (Fairbanks) Alaska, U. of (Anchorage)

State-by-State Index. Senior Colleges Alaska, U. of (Fairbanks) Alaska, U. of (Anchorage) The National Directory of College Athletics ONLINE Only $29.95 for One Year or 365 Daily Logins. State-by-State Index Order at Alabama Alabama A&M U. Alabama State U. Alabama,

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FOUR-YEAR GRADUATION RATES FOR FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES FOUR-YEAR GRADUATION RATES FOR FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES A college s average graduation rate is a very important characteristic to consider when deciding which college to apply to and attend. If the college s

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Smokefree and Tobacco-Free U.S. and Tribal Colleges and Universities

Smokefree and Tobacco-Free U.S. and Tribal Colleges and Universities Photos Baylor Marketing & Communications, South Carolina Hospital Association, UCLA, UTTC Smokefree and Tobacco-Free U.S. and Tribal Colleges and Universities Campus-Wide Policies: Public Institutions

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ThAT have AccepTed AccelerATed christian education graduates The FuTure Is BrIghT For AccelerATed christian education AlumnI

ThAT have AccepTed AccelerATed christian education graduates The FuTure Is BrIghT For AccelerATed christian education AlumnI That Have Accepted Accelerated Christian Education Graduates The Future Is Bright For Accelerated Christian Education Alumni This booklet contains a list of colleges and universities submitted to us by

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2015-16 Institutions & Fellowship Sponsors Approved to Receive GRE Scores

2015-16 Institutions & Fellowship Sponsors Approved to Receive GRE Scores 2015-16 Institutions & Fellowship Sponsors Approved to Receive GRE Scores The institutions and fellowship sponsors listed below are approved to receive GRE scores. If an * appears to the left of an institution

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SAT Score-Use Practices by Participating Institution

SAT Score-Use Practices by Participating Institution SAT Score-Use Practices by Participating Institution (Information accurate as of 08/31/2012) Table of Contents Score Choice Overview... 3 SAT Score-Use Practice Descriptions... 4 List of Colleges and Universities

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FairTest. Colleges and Universities That Do Not Use SAT/ACT Scores for Admitting Substantial Numbers of Students Into Bachelor Degree Programs

FairTest. Colleges and Universities That Do Not Use SAT/ACT Scores for Admitting Substantial Numbers of Students Into Bachelor Degree Programs FairTest The National Center for Fair & Open Testing Colleges and Universities That Do Not Use SAT/ACT Scores for Admitting Substantial Numbers of Students Into Bachelor Degree Programs As of Summer 2015

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MAT Score Recipient Codes

MAT Score Recipient Codes United States MAT Score Recipient Codes Alabama 2762 Alabama Library Association Montgomery Loan Board 1002 Alabama State University Montgomery School of Graduate Studies 2683 Amridge University Montgomery

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U.S. Community Colleges Registered With SEVIS

U.S. Community Colleges Registered With SEVIS U.S. Community s Registered With SEVIS (s advertising in this Guide are in bold) ALABAMA Bevill State Community Bishop State Community Central Alabama Community Chattahoochee Valley Community Enterprise-Ozark

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US Recognition List: Educational Institutions, Professional Organizations and Accrediting Bodies Recognizing IELTS

US Recognition List: Educational Institutions, Professional Organizations and Accrediting Bodies Recognizing IELTS IELTS International 825 Colorado Boulevard, Suite 112 Los Angeles, CA 90041 USA Phone: 323 255 2771 E-mail: US Recognition List: Educational Institutions, Professional Organizations

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Michigan. Baker College. Davenport University. Ferris State University. South University Novi. Augsburg College. DeVry University Edina

Michigan. Baker College. Davenport University. Ferris State University. South University Novi. Augsburg College. DeVry University Edina The following business schools accept GRE revised General Test scores for admission to some or all of their MBA programs. There are also many specialized MBA master's and doctoral programs in business

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Members of the WGU Community College Partnership. *Arkansas* Cossatot Community College

Members of the WGU Community College Partnership. *Arkansas* Cossatot Community College Members of the WGU Community College Partnership *Arkansas* Cossatot Community College *Arizona * Cochise College Eastern Arizona College Maricopa Community College District - Chandler-Gilbert Community

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Four-Year College Price Estimates for Florida

Four-Year College Price Estimates for Florida Four-Year Estimates for Florida This table lists the estimated four-year average (net) price paid by students who start college in 2013. This is the average estimated price across all students starting

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FEDERAL SCHOOL CODES. For 2011-2012 Effective August 1, 2011

FEDERAL SCHOOL CODES. For 2011-2012 Effective August 1, 2011 Domestic FEDERAL SCHOOL CODES For 2011-2012 Effective August 1, 2011 Table of Contents Page Alabama... 1 Alaska... 2 American Samoa... 2 Arizona... 2 Arkansas... 5 California... 6 Colorado... 20 Connecticut...

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FEDERAL SCHOOL CODES. For 2012-2013 Effective August 1, 2012

FEDERAL SCHOOL CODES. For 2012-2013 Effective August 1, 2012 Domestic FEDERAL SCHOOL CODES For 2012-2013 Effective August 1, 2012 Table of Contents Page Alabama... 1 Alaska... 2 American Samoa... 2 Arizona... 2 Arkansas... 5 California... 6 Colorado... 21 Connecticut...

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Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey

Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey Cost of Care Survey 2015 Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey Home Care Providers, Facilities, Living Facilities and s 130568 03/20/15 Cost of Care Survey 2015 Long term care plans start with the Genworth

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Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey

Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey Cost of Care Survey 2014 Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey Care Providers, Facilities, Living Facilities and s 130568 03/25/14 Cost of Care Survey 2014 Build a Better Plan with the Genworth 2014 Cost

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MAT Testing Centers. Contact the Testing Center directly for specific information about testing including how to apply, directions, and fees.

MAT Testing Centers. Contact the Testing Center directly for specific information about testing including how to apply, directions, and fees. Alaska City Phone Kenai Peninsula College Soldotna 907-262-0227 University of Alaska Anchorage 907-786-4500 University of Alaska Fairbanks 907-474-5277 University of Alaska-Fairbanks/Northwest Nome 907-443-8418

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C. Rules Committee Report. <Start Text Here> Do we want to use I. CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL III. INTRODUCTION OF VISITORS Do we want to use Gary Chartrand, Chair John R. Padget, Vice Chair Members Ada G. Armas, M.D. John A. Colon Marva Johnson Rebecca Fishman Lipsey

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Current Non-Profit Entities Filing IRS Tax Form 990 with the Attorney General

Current Non-Profit Entities Filing IRS Tax Form 990 with the Attorney General 6944 1000 Missionary Movement North America 10461 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games Organizing Committee, 6414 21st Century Parks Endowment, $297,436.00 $1,394,982.00 2013 471 West Main Street,

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Fit-Friendly Worksites HONOR ROLL

Fit-Friendly Worksites HONOR ROLL TM 2012 2013 Fit-Friendly Worksites HONOR ROLL itting in front of a computer for eight hours. Attending back-to-back meetings. Conducting conference calls. Working late. Racing against deadlines. Employees

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Fit-Friendly Companies Gold Award Recognition

Fit-Friendly Companies Gold Award Recognition Fit-Friendly Companies Gold Award Recognition Companies listed below achieved Gold recognition for the January 31, 2012 deadline (renewal applications are due January 31, 2013. For a list of July 2011

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CLI Outreaches May 2015. US Prisons and Youth Centers 1334. Alabama - 25

CLI Outreaches May 2015. US Prisons and Youth Centers 1334. Alabama - 25 CLI Outreaches May 2015 US Prisons and Youth Centers 1334 Alabama - 25 Baldwin County Corrections Center, Minette, AL Bibb County Correctional, Brent, AL Bullock Correctional Facility, Union Springs, AL

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Alabama Andalusia Regional Hospital Andalusia Alabama Athens-Limestone Hospital Athens Alabama Atmore Community Hospital Atmore Alabama Brookwood Medical Center Birmingham Alabama Carraway Methodist Medical

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College Planning Guide & Financial Aid for Texas Students

College Planning Guide & Financial Aid for Texas Students College Planning Guide & Financial Aid for Texas Students It s called higher education, because that s where it takes you. College for all Texans Educación Superior para todos en Texas

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Support Services. Military Culture. Flexibility

Support Services. Military Culture. Flexibility Welcome to Military Advanced Education s 2013 Guide to Military- Friendly s & Universities. You will notice that our Guide looks quite a bit different than in years past: This year, the MAE editorial team

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Facilities Approved as Areas of Critical Need

Facilities Approved as Areas of Critical Need Alachua ACORN Clinic 23320 N. State Road 235, Brooker, FL 32622 (352)485-33 2/5/02 Secretary Alachua Alachua County Health Department 730 NE Waldo Rd, Gainesville, FL 3264 352-955-2356 - Alachua Clinic

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Red de Proveedores Preferidos - EE.UU.

Red de Proveedores Preferidos - EE.UU. Pan-American Private Client 1 Esta lista cuenta con los hospitales más importantes en nuestra Red de Proveedores Preferidos dentro de los EE.UU. Para una lista completa, por favor visite

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