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1 Fact Book Bethune-Cookman University Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Accreditation 640 Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard Daytona Beach, FL

2 PREFACE The Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Accreditation is pleased to present the thirtieth edition of the Bethune-Cookman University Fact Book. This publication is the definitive source of information that chronicles the University s progress over the past year in fulfillment of the Bethune-Cookman University mission. The Fact Book is intended to provide the university community and others with a summary of institutional data about Bethune-Cookman University. The Fact Book is a consolidation of institutional information gathered from various sources. The information contained within this document is used for strategic planning, annual decision making, program accountability and ultimately institutional effectiveness. The data presented is a compilation of information collected, recorded or retrieved by the fall and spring Census dates and used in reporting to both internal and external agencies. An electronic version of this publication can be accessed through the University s home page or directly at The fact book is placed on the web in its entirety to allow users to view, download or print the entire book or sections as needed. Our sincere thanks are extended to the Great Bethune-Cookman family for their time, information, and effort towards this publication. Requests for the inclusion of additional information that you feel is pertinent should be forwarded to the Office of Institutional Research to the attention of the director. Compiled by the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Accreditation Dr. Willis Walter Jr., Vice President OIRPA Department Members: Tarji Kinsey, Research/Data Analyst Gloria Sims-Brown, Executive Assistant 1

3 Table of Contents PREFACE TABLE OF CONTENTS QUICK GLANCE UNIVERSITY PROFILE Accreditation...7 The History of Bethune-Cookman University...8 The Mission and Vision of Bethune-Cookman University University Strategic Plan University Majors by CIP* Codes, Division & Degrees Offered ADMINISTRATION The Paradigm of Bethune-Cookman University Core Values The Points of Integrity The Organizational Structure of Bethune-Cookman University The Board of Trustees Membership The President of Bethune-Cookman University University Officers Administration and Directorship University Department Heads.. 21 STUDENT INFORMATION Student Enrollment Profile Student Headcount by School, Department, Classification, and Gender Student Headcount by School and Department.. 27 Undergraduate Enrollment by Ethnicity and Gender Undergraduate Enrollment by County

4 Undergraduate Enrollment by U.S. States and Territories.32 Student Enrollment by Religious Preference Undergraduate Degrees Conferred 35 Student Right to Know Cohort Retention and Graduation Rates..38 Initial Career Placement of Graduates 39 Crime Statistics...40 FACULTY INFORMATION Instructional Faculty by Full-Time, Part-Time, and Full-Time Equivalent...42 Faculty/Student Ratio...42 Full-Time Instructional Faculty by School, Gender, Ethnicity, Rank, Tenure, and Degree 43 Full-Time Teaching Faculty Profile.45 Five Year Staff Profile 46 LIBRARY & LEARNING RESOURCES CENTER Learning Resources Center Profile..48 Academic Computers Available for Student Use.49 Enrollment in On-line Courses/Electronic Information Services...50 FINANCIALS & RESEARCH INFORMATION Student Cost per Academic Year 52 Distribution of Financial Aid Recipients by Program.53 Distribution of Financial Aid Recipients by Category 54 Pell Grant Distribution.55 Revenues, Gains and Support.56 Expenses and Losses (Fiscal Years ).. 57 Funded Grants and Contracts 58 Bethune-Cookman University Campus Buildings..61 3

5 Quick Glance at Bethune-Cookman University (Picture shown of Harrison Rhodes Memorial Social Sciences Building) 4

6 Bethune-Cookman University Quick Glance Established in 1904 and located in Daytona Beach, Florida is a four-year, private institution of postsecondary learning. Bethune-Cookman University is ranked by U.S. News and World Report 2009 America s Best Colleges edition as one of the top baccalaureate institutions in the South and one of the nation s top historically black colleges and universities. The institution is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the Florida State Department of Education, NCATE, the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc., the Accreditation Programs in Hospitality Administration and the NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association. This university features the Nursing program and offers approximately 37 programs leading to baccalaureate and masters degrees. For More information, please visit Campus Life Enrollment (Full- and Part-Time; Fall 2009) Mascot Wildcat Enrollees/Head Count 3,614 Colors: Maroon & Gold Males 1,445 Campus Size 83 acres Females 2,169 Campus Buildings 58 Undergraduate Studies (Full-Time) 3,461 Dormitories (4 Males, 5 Females) 9 Undergraduates Studies (Part-Time) 153 Tuition & Fees $12,936 Graduate Studies 20 Room & Board $7,672 Undergraduate Admission (Full- and Part-Time; Fall 2009) Degrees Conferred (Academic Year ) 459 First Time Freshman 1,027 Out-of-State (Includes International Students) 1,126 Most Popular Majors: In-State 2,488 Nursing, Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Biology, Psychology, Teacher Education Academic Majors Accounting, Business Administration, Business Education 6-12, Biology, Biology Education 6-12, Chemistry, Chemistry Ed. 6-12, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Computer Sciences, Criminal Justice, Educational Studies, Elementary Education K-6, English, English Education 6-12, Exceptional Education K-12, Gerontology, History, Hospitality Management, International Business, International Studies, Mass Communications, Mathematics, Music, Music Education K-12, Nursing, Physical Education K-12, Physical Education/Recreation, Physics, Physics Ed. 6-12, Political Science, Psychology, Religion and Philosophy, Social Science Education 6-12, Sociology, Speech Communication & Theatre Arts, and Transformative Leadership (Graduate Program). Faculty & Staff Finance (Fiscal Year ) Full-Time Faculty 202 Staff (Full-Time) 298 Endowment (June 2009) $34.8 million Part-Time Faculty 28 Faculty/Student Ratio 1:17 Total Revenues $58.8 million Total Expenses $63.3 million 5

7 Bethune-Cookman University Profile (Picture shown of Old Faith Hall, Bethune Cookman College) 6

8 Accreditation Bethune-Cookman University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia or call for questions about the accreditation of Bethune-Cookman University. The University is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and also accredited by the following agencies: Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration Florida State Board of Nursing Licensure Florida State Department of Education National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission, Inc. Bethune-Cookman University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, in its administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship or loan programs, or other college administered programs. The University is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. 7

9 The History of Bethune-Cookman University Bethune-Cookman University began in 1904 as the Daytona Educational and Industrial Training School for Negro Girls. Mary McLeod Bethune, who would eventually become a noted black educator, leader of African American clubwomen and in the 1930s, a political appointee in the Franklin Roosevelt Administration, began the school with only $1.50 and five students. Through dedication to teaching, an extraordinary organization of volunteers, and her remarkable fundraising skills, Bethune was able to expand the girls training institute into an accredited high school. In 1923 it merged with the Cookman Institute of Jacksonville, Florida and became a coeducational high school. The following year Bethune-Cookman Institution became affiliated with the United Methodist Church, an association which for the first time provided regular support. In 1931 the Institute became an accredited junior college now called Bethune-Cookman College. A decade later, in 1941, the Florida State Department of Education approved Bethune-Cookman's request for expanded liberal arts and education programs which allowed it to become a four year college. Mary McLeod Bethune served as president of Bethune-Cookman until 1942 when she retired. James E. Colston served as president until 1946 when Dr. Bethune resumed the presidency for one year. In 1947 Richard V. Moore, Sr., became the institution's third president. In 1970, during his administration, the college gained accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-COC). Oswald P. Bronson, Sr., Ph.D., an alumnus of the College, served as the institution s president for 29 years from 1975 until 2004 when he was named president emeritus. Commitment to academic excellence was the cornerstone of his presidency. Under his leadership, major fields of study increased from 12 to 37. In addition, seven continuing education centers for students began operating throughout the state. While maintaining accreditation by SACS-COC, Florida State Board of Education, and The University Senate of The United Methodist Church Board of Higher Education, the college added new accreditations in the Nursing and the Teacher Education programs. In 2004 Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed became President. In 2005 she launched the International Institute for Civic Participation and Social Responsibility to help train future civic, professional, and political leaders and as a tribute to Founder Mary McLeod Bethune's successful engagement in all three areas. Bethune-Cookman institution achieved University status in early 2007 under Dr. Reed's administration. The current enrollment of Bethune-Cookman University is approximately 3,600 undergraduates. Majority of the students are from Florida and are of African American descent. Since 1943, the university has graduated over 13,200 students and offers 37 programs, including a Master s of Science in Transformative Leadership. Sources: Rackham Holt, Mary McLeod Bethune; A Biography (Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1964); Bethune-Cookman University, (official website) 8

10 The Mission & Vision of Bethune-Cookman University Mission Founded by Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune in 1904, Bethune-Cookman University is an historically Black, United Methodist Church-related university offering baccalaureate and master s degrees. The mission is to serve in the Christian tradition the diverse educational, social, and cultural needs of its students and to develop in them the desire and capacity for continuous intellectual and professional growth, leadership and service to others. The University has deep roots in the history of America and continues to provide services to the broader community through a focus on service learning and civic engagement. Bethune-Cookman University accomplishes its mission by providing quality instruction in an intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures the mind (intellect), the heart (transformative leadership) and the hand (service learning) according to our founder s motto and the institution s seal. Revised, March 14, 2008, by the Board of Trustees of Bethune-Cookman University. The President s Vision To bring an institutional identity to Bethune-Cookman College for the 21 st century by becoming a top post-secondary institution in the region and nation and continuing the legacy of Mary McLeod Bethune, our founder, by allowing students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through learning, research, and service opportunities valued by students, parents, and communities, and to maintain an accountability system that measures institutional progress towards our mission. Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed (2004) 9

11 University Strategic Goals Goal #1. Enhance academic excellence. Priority: To enhance academic excellence so that students who graduate from Bethune-Cookman University will have the complex cognitive skills; practical knowledge and competency; an appreciation of human differences; and transformative leadership, an integrated sense of identity and civic responsibility, that prepares them to work and live successfully within a multicultural and global community. Goal #2. Increase the endowment and fundraising. Priority: To develop and implement programs and services plan of action that will strengthen the financial stability, increase endowment growth, and provide effective marketing and brand identification for the university. Goal #3. Facilitate an effective learning community. Priority: To provide a nurturing campus environment that empowers students to succeed in university by fostering an effective learning community built on the rich tradition and legacy of Dr. Bethune, which is inclusive of academic excellence, service learning, spiritual and leadership development and critical thinking skills that promotes reflection and dialogue regarding ways to improve society. Goal #4. Create and facilitate an international institute for Civic Participation and Social Responsibility. Priority: Reconnect the college s Vision to a core value from the legacy of the college founder, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, to provide an institutional identity for Bethune-Cookman University in the 21 st Century. Goal #5. Increase continuing education opportunities of excellence. Priority: Increase non-traditional, degree-seeking student access and enrollment at satellite campus programs. Implement curricula for accelerated programs, with on-line components, to attract adult learners and non-traditional students. Initiate Accelerated Degree program and continuing and professional studies in line with feasibility studies. Develop programs in graduate and professional studies. Goal #6. Ensure financial stability, growth, and administrative practices. Priority: Strengthen and ensure the university s financial and administrative integrity, efficiency and operating processes. Assess financial management program of the university is on track and consistent with, not only our priorities, but also accepted best practice measures of fiscal responsibility and accountability. 10

12 List of Majors by CIP Codes, Division & Degree Offered Source: Office of Academic Affair School of Arts & Humanities Degree CIP Code English B.A Mass Communications B.A Music Technology B.A Music Performance B.A Religion and Philosophy B.A Speech Communication B.A School of Business Degree CIP Code Accounting B.S Business Administration B.S Hospitality Management B.S International Business B.S School of Education Degree CIP Code Elementary Education K-6/ESOL Endorsement B.S Exceptional Student Education K-12/ESOL Endorsement B.S Physical Education K-12 B.S Physical Education/Recreation B.S Educational Studies B.S Biology Education 6-12 B.S Business Education 6-12 B.S English Education 6-12/ESOL Endorsement B.A Music Education K-12 B.A Social Science Education 6-12 B.A School of Nursing Degree CIP Code Nursing B.S School of Science/Engineering & Mathematics Degree CIP Code Biology B.S Chemistry B.S Computer Information Systems B.S Computer Science B.S Computer Engineering B.S Mathematics B.S Integrated Environmental Science B.S School of Social Science Degree CIP Code Criminal Justice B.S Gerontology B.S International Studies/International Affairs B.S Political Science B.S Psychology B.S Sociology B.S History B.S School of Graduate Program Degree CIP Code Transformative Leadership M.S

13 Bethune-Cookman University Administration (Picture shown of Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute during meal preparation) 12

14 The Paradigm of Bethune-Cookman University Core Values Bethune-Cookman University employees draw motivation and direction from six strongly held principles. These principles guide the manner in which we treat each other and those we serve. Christian Mission. We exist to serve the needs of our communities and incorporate Christian values at every level of service. High ethical standards. We conduct our business with integrity, honesty and fairness. As responsible stewards, we use our financial resources wisely by choosing business practices which are cost-effective, productive and result in a fair return on investment. Quality and service excellence. We strive to meet or exceed both the service standards of the education industry and the expectations of the students we serve. We measure our success through continuous surveying of student satisfaction. Compassion. We are sensitive to the needs of the individuals and families we serve and meet their needs with kindness and empathy. Focus on Community. We commit time, talent and financial support to involve and educate our neighbors in the principles of civic service and social responsibility. Examples are the Town Hall forums held year around and meetings with the stakeholder groups, i.e. church, community, businesses, political leaders, alumni, parents, etc. Cultural diversity. We value the diversity of our students, employees, business colleagues and visitors and treat them with kindness and respect regardless of their background, race, religion, or culture. 13

15 Points of Integrity From administrators to service staff, to outside contracted services, regardless of our personal responsibilities, everyone associated with Bethune-Cookman University is a representative of the total University and expected to honor our points of integrity. Fulfill Regulatory Responsibilities Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, being guided by the basic principles of honesty and fairness. Provide Excellent Customer Service Deliver necessary services in a compassionate, respectful and ethical manner without regard to race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender or disability; treat customers with dignity and respect at all times. Maintain Accurate Records Ensure accurate and reliable individual and institutional records; and prepare reports honestly and in accordance with established finance and accounting procedures. Ensure Appropriate Official Contacts Maintain contacts with, federal, state, local government and accrediting agency officials and personnel in a professional manner, affirming the high integrity of the university. Deliver Financially Responsible Service Maintain openness, honesty and accuracy in billing for services. Provide students with understandable explanations of services provided; hold responsible parties financially accountable only for services rendered; and seek to resolve conflicts in a fair and equitable manner. Follow sound accountability principles and ethically centered leadership practices. Advertise and Communicate Honestly Carry out our institution s public and commercial communications in a manner consistent with our mission; and ensure that our marketing and advertising statements are accurate and sensitive to community culture without false or misleading statements. Strive for Fairness in All Activities Continually examine our practices to identify, avoid or eliminate potential conflicts of interest. Ensure Privacy Maintain the privacy of our students and our employees information. Adhere and Fulfill Standards of Excellence Comply and meet with all required standards and regulations governed by federal, state, and regional accrediting bodies. 14

16 Organizational Structure C.A.R.E.S. = Center for Academic Retention and Enrichment Services C.A.S.S. = Center for Academic Support Service 15

17 The Board of Trustees Board of Trustees Officers Dr. Larry Handfield, Esquire, Chairperson Dr. Lee Rhyant, 1 st Vice Chairperson Bishop Timothy Whitaker, 2 nd Vice Chairperson Dr. Irving J. Matthews, 3 rd Vice Chairperson Mr. Philip Roughton, Secretary Mr. John Schroepfer, Finance Chairperson Rev. John Harrington, Institutional Advancement Chairperson Dr. William Hogan, II, Educational Policies Chairperson Rev. Dr. Kevin James, Sr., Nominations and Governance Chairperson Mr. Johnny McCray, Esquire, Student Life Chairperson Mr. Audley Coakley, At-Large Dr. Joyce Cusack, At-Large Rev. Dr. Randolph Bracy, Jr., At-Large Rev. Dr. Robert Gibbs, At-Large Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed, Ex-Officio Spring 2010 Membership Mr. Berrece Andrews Jr. Rev. Dr. William S. Barnes Mr. Byrd Bonner, Esquire Mr. Jacob Bryan, IV Judge Prince Cartwright Rev. Dr. Ronald Durham Mrs. Lois Fry Mrs. Dorothye Henderson Mr. Michael P. Johnson Dr. Margaret McPhillips Mr. Ben Novello Mrs. Joyce Odongo Mr. Joe Petrock Mrs. Alexis Pugh Mrs. Madeline Scales-Taylor Ms. Evelyn B. Walker Mrs. Linda F. Wells, Esquire Mr. Etienna R. ET Winzer Rev. Dr. Thomas S. Yow, III Dr. Patrick David Roberts Mrs. Kathleen C. Rydell Mrs. Brenda Schofield Rev. Dr.Eugene Zimmerman University Attorney Cobb & Cole 16

18 The Board of Trustees Ex-Officio Membership Ms. Chandra Fleet, SGA President President Trudie Kibbe Reed Ms. Sharon Luther Rev. Dr. Wayne D. Wiatt Trustee Emeriti Mr. Lee E. Rhyant Rev. Philip H. Roughton Mr. Robert Billingslea Mr. Arthur Brinson Mr. Matthew Brown Mr. Robert Carter Dr. Nathaniel Davis Mr. Charles Courtoy Dr. M. McCoy Gibbs Mr. James Gregg Mr. David Hochstetler Dr. Wendell P. Holmes Bishop James Knox Mr. F. Michael Kyle Dr. L. Gale Lemerand Dr. J. Stanley Marshall Dr. Mary Massey Dr. LaDoris McClaney Mrs. Jacquline Mongal Dr. Patrick David Roberts Mrs. Kathleen Rydell Mrs. Brenda Schofield Rev. Hilton O. Smith Mr. William G. Talley Jr. 17

19 President of Bethune-Cookman University Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune founded a normal and industrial school for girls that she transformed into a premier co-educational liberal arts college. The first woman to serve as president after Dr. Bethune, Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed, turned the college into a university now known as the Great Bethune-Cookman University. Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed assumed the presidency of then-bethune-cookman College on August 16, 2004 after a successful career in higher education as both a college president an a high-ranking administrator within The United Methodist Church. She is a student-centered leader, educator, taskmaster, administrator, visionary, transformative leader, public speaker, motivator, and fund-raiser. Dr. Reed pulls from a wealth of experience that includes two presidencies at the college/university level, as well as a member of the General Secretariat of a women s advocacy organization, and over 18 years in various top-tier rankings of The United Methodist Church administration. Dr. Reed s leadership skills are widely recognized and utilized in varied arenas. She was elected to the board of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson selected her to serve on Florida s Federal Judicial Nominating Commission. In 2008, she was elected as a member of the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. In 2006, she was selected by the Governor of Florida to serve a three-year term on the state s Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service. Appointed by the US Secretary of State Arne Duncan, she serves on the HBCU Capital Financing Advisory Board and has served the White House Commission on HBCUs under appointment by President Bill Clinton. Education: Dr. Reed received a B.A. degree in Sociology and a Master s degree in social work from the University of Texas at Austin. She earned an M.A. degree and Doctorate degree from Columbia University in the area of adult and higher education. Again, following in the footsteps of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, Dr. Reed received an Honorary Doctorate for her humanitarian work from Rollins College. Career Highlights: Dr. Reed served 18 years as a senior level administrator with The United Methodist Church. At age 28, she became the youngest CEO elected to the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women. When later serving as Associate General Secretary for the General Council on Ministries, she developed educational programs for eight national agencies, seminaries, colleges, and universities. She also coordinated the denomination s first national initiative in prison ministry, deaf ministry, and ministries by, with, and for older adults. She drafted legislation and conceptualized a church-wide study that developed into a major quadrennial emphasis for the denomination: Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century. Vision for Bethune-Cookman University: Dr. Reed s goals for Bethune-Cookman University include enhancing academic excellence, developing distance education programs, and reinvigorating the legacy of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune for the 21st century. S As an elementary school student, Dr. Reed became enamored with Bethune-Cookman after playing the role of the school s founder, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, in a school play. Dr. Reed states: I never thought I would walk in the footprints of such a remarkable leader who served as my role model during my formative years. Dr. Reed reminds students to sustain the legacy of faith, scholarship and service by giving back to society and engaging in civic leadership opportunities. Dr. Reed s vision for preserving Dr. Bethune s legacy includes the development of an International Institute for Civic Participation and Social Responsibility. Source: Bethune-Cookman University, (official website) 18

20 The President & 2009 Officers of the University Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed President Mr. E. Dean Montgomery Executive Vice President Finance/Chief Operating Officer Dr. Sarah Williams Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Ray Shackelford Vice President of Student Affairs Mrs. Shirley Range Vice President for Institutional Advancement Mr. Franklin Patterson Chief Information Officer Dr. Willis Walter Jr. Vice President, Institutional Research, Planning and Accreditation 19

21 Fall 2009 Administration & Directorship Associate Vice President for Finance and Budget/Director of Accounting Services Director of Advancement Service Director of Athletics Director of Career Placement & Counseling Services Director of Academic Retention and Enrichment Services Director of Academic Support Services Director of Faculty Development Center Director of Admissions Director of Financial Aid Director of Human Resources Director of Library/LRC Director of Physical Plant/Maintenance Director of Religious Life Director of Student Health Services Director of Transportation Director of Campus Security Registrar Melissa Peters Valerie Powell Lynn Thompson Davita Bonner Joan Thompson Joyce Ellenwood Deborah Freckleton, Ph.D. Aixa Melendez Joseph L. Coleman Cynthia Hawkins Tasha Youmans Ervin Ross Rev. Walter Monroe Colleen O Brien, RN Rev. Raymond Carswell Chief Melvin Williams Annie Redd 20

22 Department Heads for Degree-Granting Programs SCHOOL OF ARTS AND HUMANITIES English Edmondson Asgill, Ph.D. Mass Communications Camesha Manzueta, Ed. D. Music Kimberly Haynes, Ph.D. Religion and Philosophy Alice Wood, Ph.D. Speech Communication & Theatre Arts Kekeli K. Nuviadenu, Ph.D. Modern Languages Connie Curtis, Ph.D SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Accounting Business Administration Hospitality Management International Business SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Biology Education Business Education Educational Studies Elementary Education English Education Exceptional Student Education Music Education Physical Education/Recreation SCHOOL OF GRADUATE and PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Leadership Studies SCHOOL OF NURSING SCHOOL OF SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS Biology Chemistry Computer Science/Computer Information Systems/Computer Engineering Mathematics Physics SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Criminal Justice Gerontology History International Studies Political Science Sociology Psychology David Caslan, Ph.D. Gina Beckles, Ph.D Graham Bowcher, MBA Aysar Sussan, DBA Kenneth Lindberg, Ph.D. Earl Burney, Jr., ABD Maureen Davin, Ph.D. Joanne Robinson, Ph.D. Edmondson Asgill, Ph.D. Janice Jacob, Ph.D. Lisa Lawrence, MS Walter Fordham, Ph.D. Meta Harris, Ph.D. Paula Pritchard, Ph.D. Kenneth Lindberg, Ph.D. Thomas O. Richardson, Ph.D. Morrison Obeng, Ph.D. John Douglass, Jr. MA Sunil David, Ph.D. Sampson I. Oli, Ph.D. John Ukawuilulu, Ph.D. Jeannette Ford, Ed.D. Cheryl Grimes Long, MPA A. Smart Uhakheme, Ph.D. Janice Allen-Kelsey, Ph.D. Yvonne Mahy, Ph.D 21

23 Bethune-Cookman University Students (Picture shown of Daytona Educational and Industrial Training School for Negro Girls) 22

24 Student Enrollment (Fall 2009) New Students Male Female Total Number of Applications Submitted 1,901 3,287 5,188 Number of Admissions 1,235 2,352 3,587 Number of Admitted First-Time Freshman Headcount Percentage New Transfer Male % 46 Female % 53 TOTAL 1, % 99 Ethnicity Male Female Total Percentage Black (Non Hispanic) % White (Non-Hispanic) % Asian/Pacific Islander <1% Hispanic % American Indian/Alaskan <1% Non-Resident Alien* % Other (2 or more Ethnicities) % Headcount % 23



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Graduate School Catalogue & Handbook 2012-13

Graduate School Catalogue & Handbook 2012-13 Graduate School Catalogue & Handbook 2012-13 The John E. Weems Graduate School at Meredith College Master of Business Administration Master of Education Master of Arts in Teaching Master of Science in

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Academic Register 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3

Academic Register 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3 Academic Register 2 0 1 2 / 2 0 1 3 2 Contents Contents 4 Calendar 7 Union College Mission Statement 8 General Information 9 About Union College 13 Admissions 17 Costs 20 Financial Aid 26 Student Life

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