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1 DOH shuts down a row of restaurants facing Starkist LBJ s HR VP Notice cites consistent acts of insubordination Japan beats out alifornia 6-4 for the LLWS title 2 3 B1 DOH is back focusing on businesses, after their extensive inspections of DOE school facilities, which caused a 2-week delay of schools opening on Tutuila and Aunu u. Today schools are officially opening (see story below). In the meantime, these restaurants were closed last Friday following DOH inspections. They are in such a bad state no date for re-opening has been given by the DOH. See story inside. [photo: B] Fa ataua afioaga Pago Pago ana tupulaga talavou 18 Daily irculation 7,000 PAGO PAGO, AERIAN SAOA onday, August 26, 2013 $1.00 School year begins today To make up lost time no Spring Break by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News orrespondent The Department of Education plans to cancel Spring Break next year to make up for lost classroom days due to the delay in the opening of the new school year, which is now set to officially open today for all public schools on Tutuila and Aunu u. School year for public schools was initially scheduled to start Aug. 12 but was delayed for a week due to unsanitary conditions and safety issues discovered by Health Department inspectors. As previously reported, anu a schools opened Aug. 19 after they were given the green light by DOH, while schools on Tutuila and Aunu u delayed opening for an additional week, so all repairs and renovations could be completed. During last Friday s cabinet meeting, Gov. Lolo atalasi oliga told directors today (onday) is the official first day of classroom instruction for Tutuila and Aunu u and he has asked the DOE director not to short change the school calendar, and make sure we have 180 school days and our children are given every opportunity to make up for the loss of time and activities. Because of the delay in opening the school year, we have cancelled our week of Spring Break to make up for lost instructional days, DOE director Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau said over the weekend responding to Samoa News inquiries. However, in her response, she said a few schools have been given the okay to open today with conditions but she didn t provide examples of conditions. (ontinued on page 15) Treasurer proposes a Gross Receipt Tax Applies only to suppliers, merchants a flat rate by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu Samoa News Reporter The Treasury Department is proposing a new tax revenue generation approach that has successfully been implemented in 26 US States and territories over the past several years and it s called Gross Receipt Tax (GRT). Treasurer Falema o Dr. Phil Pili made a presentation explaining to cabinet members the GRT during the recent cabinet meeting. GRT is a tax on the total gross revenues of a business, regardless of the source of revenue of a business or net income, and is similar to a sales tax but levied only on suppliers and merchants. The treasurer explained the GRT approach will reform the current orporate Tax Rate structure by initially reducing it by 30% and gradually reducing it over a three-year period until all orporate Taxes are completely eliminated and this will void any need for orporate Tax Exemptions for American Samoa. A final part of the GRT plan is to replace the outdated 2000 Tax Table with a current US Tax Table for use by all American Samoa residents. Falema o said. The territory currently has one of the highest orporate Tax rates in the world (44%) far exceeding the US Federal orporate Rate minimum of 35% Falema o said that with an initial reduction in orporate Tax Rates and eventual complete elimination of orporate Taxes, within three years, it should attract more businesses to the territory and stimulate the economy. Pointing to the final part of the GRT plan, he said, With the repeal of the current 2% Wage Tax law, $3.5 million will be infused back into wages earners pockets, an increase in disposable dollars to the wage earners which would have an immediate positive impact on the economy. The Treasurer explained, By using a current US Tax Table instead of the outdated 2000 US tax table, tax benefits will be more equitably distributed and provide another impact on the economy of American Samoa. (It is not known if Falema o is referring to the 2% tax currently levied specifically for the LBJ edical enter, or if he is referencing a reduction in the 4% local tax.) (ontinued on page 15) FA AILOGA FESILI AVANOA TA ITO A 7 AS TAAILOSAGA FITI tusia Ausage Fausia E ui o lea ua totogi le tupe e agava a ai ona auai le au ta ito a 7 a Amerika Samoa i le taamilosaga ta ito a 7 a le Oceania lea e faia i Fiti i le masina o Oketopa, peitai na taua e le Ta ita ifono o le Iuni Lakapi a Amerika Samoa (ASRU) ia Togiola T.A Tulafono e faapea, e le o mautinoa pe talia le talosaga ua tuuina atu mo le tatou au, ona o le aso Faraile i le lua vaiaso ua te a na faamuta ai le lesitalaina o au e auai i le taamilosaga, ae o lea faatoa totogi le lesitala a le tatou na se i mavae atu nei. O le fesili po o ai lea ua mafua ai le faaletonu i le tuai lea ona lesitala le au a le atunuu, e le o manino lelei i le taimi nei, na pau le saunoaga a Togiola, o le itu tau tupe le faafitauli numera tasi na mafua ai ona tuai le lesitalaina o le au. O le faaletonu na tula i mai, sa le mafai ona maua se sponsor e mafai ai ona faatupe le auina atu o le au i le taamilosaga i Fiti, ae o lea faatoa maua mai le fesoasoani... ina ua faatoa talia e le pule o le kamupani telefoni a le BlueSky le talosaga sa tuuina atu, ma maua ai loa le tupe lea ua totogi ai le participation fee a le tatou au mo Fiti. Peitai o le fa afitauli lea ua tula i mai, e le o mautinoa po o talia le talosaga sa tuuina atu ina ia toe tuu atu i tua le taimi e faamuta ai le lesitalaina o le tatou au, o le saunoaga lea a Togiola Se tasi o fonotaga a le ASRU sa faia i le masina o Iuni na te a nei, mo le talanoaina o ni isi i se talanoaga ma le Samoa News/Toasavili. o mataupu aua le manuia o fuafuaga a le Iuni i le lumana i. [ata: AF] (Faaauau itulau 14)

2 Page 2 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 The Department of Health has posted these notices on the windows of all four restaurants facing the Star ist main office building. The restaurants were shut down by DOH inspectors last Friday after they discovered filthy kitchen conditions that pose a health risk for the general public. The notices do not indicate a re-open date, meaning DOH has to conduct a follow-up inspection to make sure everything meets set standards. Papalii arion Fitisemanu who heads the DOH inspectors told the Samoa News that the conditions in these restaurants are really bad. [photo by B. hen] Teen survives flight in aircraft wheel in Nigeria LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) A young teenager dashed across a runway at a Nigerian airport, hid in the wheel well of a jet and survived a 35-minute domestic flight, the airline and aviation authorities said Sunday. Passengers and crew had alerted the pilots that a boy was seen running to the plane as it was taxiing to take off Saturday from southern Benin ity, Arik Airline spokesman Ola Adebanji said. The pilots alerted the country s aviation agency, he said. The incident highlighted the growing concerns about airport security in Nigeria, which is fighting an Islamic uprising mainly contained in the northeast of the country, where there is a state of emergency. We are worried by the incessant security lapses at our airports, Arik Airline managing director hris Ndulue said. The West African country also has a history of major aviation disasters and security challenges. Despite the possible presence of the boy, the pilots opted to continue with their takeoff, Federal Aviation Agency of Nigeria spokesman akubu Dati said. Immediately upon the departure of the aircraft, FAAN s security did another sweep of the area and found nothing unusual, Dati said. When the plane arrived in Lagos, Nigeria s commercial capital, a boy aged 13 or 14 jumped to the ground from the wheel and was detained by Arik personnel, Adebanji said. He said the teenager probably survived because the flight was short and the plane probably didn t rise above 25,000 feet (7,620 meters). ost stowaways don t survive. The body of a suspected stowaway fell from an Air France plane over Niger, also in West Africa, in July and was discovered lifeless in a western suburb of the capital, Niamey, officials said. The plane was coming from Burkina Faso s capital, Ouagadougou, and was scheduled to continue to Paris. In September 2012, a man s body landed in a street in southwest London. He was eventually identified as Jose atada, 26, of ozambique, who an employer said had expressed an interest in moving to Europe for a better life. Police thought at first he was a murder victim, but soon determined his lifeless body had fallen from a plane preparing to land at nearby Heathrow Airport. Last year, Nigeria gained a coveted U.S. safety status that allows its domestic carriers to fly directly to the U.S. DOH shuts down the row of restaurants facing Starkist by B. hen, Samoa News orrespondent The Department of Public Health has shut down the row of restaurants facing the Starist Samoa main office building last Friday, after site inspections uncovered unsanitary and filthy kitchen conditions. Grease-lined burners, oil-stained cardboard boxes laid out on the floor, burnt pots and woks, and buckets of waste in the kitchen were enough for the DOH inspectors to issue citations and shut the operations down until further notice. Head of the DOH Environmental Services Division Papali i arion Fitisemanu told the Samoa News yesterday the notices posted on the windows of the four restaurants in question state the businesses have been shut down by DOH as of last Friday, August 23, with no re-open date noted. He explained that businesses are usually given 7-10 business days to clean up and get things squared away before a follow-up inspection is conducted. However, in this case, the conditions are so bad he decided not to post a re-open date on the notice until follow-up inspections are conducted and the results are favorable. The restaurants in question are frequented by hundreds of cannery workers, bus drivers, and passers by everyday. The food is prepared inside and transactions are made through a small window facing the road. Benches and tables are set up outside where people sit and eat. In addition to the filthy conditions in the kitchen, there are also concerns that the seating areas also pose a health risk, as it is out in the open and facing the road, meaning a lot of fly-aways, bugs, flies, mosquitoes, and dust. One of the restaurants reportedly does not have proper plumbing, with water being drained down towards the area where people sit and eat. Samoa News visited the row of restaurants yesterday morning and noticed that two of the four restaurants were open. Papalii said their office received complaints from people about the same two restaurants and when DOH inspectors stopped by, they discovered that they are not open for business but instead, leaving the windows and doors open as they start their clean-up efforts. He said he was going to send some of his people out there anyway, to ensure that nothing was being sold and if there were any transactions being made, people will start going to jail, he said. Papalii said he and his crew will continue to conduct inspections throughout the island, now that they are done with the inspections of DOE facilities, which kept them busy for a few weeks. He said the only thing that stops them from conducting their job sometimes, is the lack of adequate manpower but we make do with what we got. After a two-week delay, due to the DOH inspection citations, local public schools on Tutuila and Aunu u are scheduled to open today. ost of the schools have clean bills of health, while a few are opening with conditions, according to the DOE director. See story elsewhere in today s issue of Samoa News. (all ANSWERs on page 14)

3 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Page 3 NOW SERVING BREAFAST OPENS at 6:00A ON-SAT The Oasis for Lunch ONDA-SATURDA 11A-2P SANDWIHES LOAL GROWN SALADS BURGERS FISH N HIPS DAIL SPEIALS FINE DINING ONDA-SATURDA 5-10P also The Department of outh and Women s Affairs (DWA) is hosting a Women On Wheels (WOW) training project that is being conducted in Utulei by ASO otors Toyota. The project, which is in its third week, teaches women how to diagnose and deal with basic automobile problems like how to jump a car or look for loose cables on a battery, how to charge a battery, change tires, check tire pressure, and keep track of fluids such as oil, water and transmission fluid. The eight-week class is every Wednesday and Friday in Utulei in front of the Social Services building from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. So far this year, the DWA has offered several programs aimed at training not only women and youth, but also males who are interested in learning basic skills such as sewing, cooking, financial management and computer training. Samoa News spoke with some of the participants with one saying that she is so glad to be part of this class, because before the class she had no idea how to fix any problems if her car was ever to break down. I learned so much in this class. Now if I have a problem, I will know how to diagnose it and find out if it is a real big problem or a small one that I can fix myself, said one participant. Pictured here are the participants of the WOW program this past Wednesday with ASO technicians and management team, and the DWA Acting Director Pa u Roy Taito Ausage (far right, back row). [photo: Jeff Hayner] LBJ s HR VP Suspension Notice cited consistent acts of insubordination by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu Fleming, in his letter, told Hargett he consulted with interim board chair ase and all Samoa News Reporter onsistent acts of insubordination, violation other board members, including the former of local and federal government regulations and board chair Sandra ing oung, and have concluded that I am forced to exercise my authority poor work performance were among the reasons LBJ Hospital EO Joe Davis-Fleming moved as ASA/LBJT EO in a manner that I to place Human Resources Vice President, Ana was hoping to avoid. ageo Hargett on disciplinary suspension. He notified Hargett of his intent to terminate This was revealed in an Aug. 16 letter from her employment from the ASA/LBJT Fleming to Hargett. by Friday, August 23 for your continuous acts Samoa News has obtained a copy of the of insubordination and your role in inciting letter in which Fleming blasts Hargett saying, employees against me and the hospital board I have reached the conclusion that your continued employment at LBJ would be seri- private personnel information since ay 2013, witnessed and unauthorized public release of ously detrimental to the hospital s future and in addition to your many years of management malpractice as demonstrated by the many would only further hinder my ability and that of the rest of my team to implement the many serious staffing, financial, operational, and regulatory compliance problems that has put our improvements needed to best serve the people of American Samoa. hospital at risk of closure. Fleming s letter noted the subject matter as Fleming wrote, In the interim, I will serve Notice of Immediate Suspension/Pre-termination Notice. Prior to obtaining the letter, fied replacement. He told Hargett she has the as acting HR director until I can hire a quali- Samoa News sent queries to the hospital EO opportunity to submit in writing directly to him, who explained that Hargett was still employed a notice of voluntary resignation/retirement at LBJ until last Friday, August 23, after which from employment no later than 9a.m. on Friday, she will be officially retiring after working August 23, 2013 otherwise I will conclude here since 1971, and will be recognized accordingly for her 43 years of service. involuntary termination. your employment suspension period with an In his , Fleming explained that he (Samoa News could not confirm whether or cannot say more about Hargett or any other not Hargett submitted a notice.) employee at LBJ past and present since Fleming also told Hargett that her suspension from duty would be with pay, and she was it is hospital policy to protect our employees right to privacy. prohibited from entering the hospital premises However, Fleming s letter-notice tells a different story. purposes or if requested to meet with him unless it s related to personal family medical In his letter, Fleming informed Hargett she is regarding this matter. relieved of her duty as vice president of human Additionally, Hargett s hospital computer resources effective immediately. This action privileges were also revoked and she was prohibited from removing any hospital documents is taken for many reasons that I shall present to you in a follow-up letter next week, but was and other hospital property from the premises. decided after receiving your letter dated July 18 Hargett has the right to contest the action (but only delivered on Aug. 12) with the subject by submitting a formal written request for a title Falsification of Application in regards to hearing with the hospital board within 10 calendar working days from date of the letter my employment as hospital EO with request that I be terminated, Fleming wrote. which according to the date of the letter, Aug. It was Hargett who informed hospital board 16, would be today, Aug. 26. members through a letter that the newly hired opies of Fleming s letter were forwarded hospital EO made a false statement on his to hospital board members, O Dr. Akapusi application for employment with the hospital. Ledua and FO Leilua Stevenson. (Refer to Samoa News August 22, 2013 edition for complete details.) Reach reporter PRIVATE PART & BANQUET ROOS AVAILABLE BAR & RESTAURANT ON thru SAT 6A-2A LOATED IN SAOA SPORTS BUILDING, AIRPORT RD AERIAN SAOA DEVELOPENT ORPORATION (A.S.D..) THE RAINAER HOTEL RE: PLAE: ANNUAL SHAREHOLDERS EETING REX LEE AUDITORIU NORTH WING DATE: THURSDA, SEPTEBER 5, 2013 TIE: 3:00 P.. AUTO NATION WINDSHIELD IN STO $ Hundreds of RADIATOR IN STO We carry Genuine Aftermarket and Used Parts All PPG Paints 10% OFF Auto Nation in Nu uuli next to Talofa Video Notice for Proposed Registration of atai Title NOTIE IS HEREB GIVEN pursuant to Section of the Revised ode of American Samoa that a claim of succession which has been filed with the Territorial Registrar s office for the registration of the atai Title FALEALAA of the village of NUUULI by SONE T. APU of the village of NUUULI, county of ITUAU, EASTERN District. THE TERRITORIAL REGISTRAR is satisfied that the claim, petition by the family and certificate of the village chiefs are in proper form. NOTIE IS FURTHER GIVEN that anyone so desiring must file his counterclaim, or objection to the registration of this matai title with the Territorial Registrar Office before the expiration of 60 days from the date of posting. If no counterclaim, nor any objection is filed by the expiration of said 60 days, the matai title FALEALAA shall be registered in the name of SONE T. APU in accordance with the laws of American Samoa. POSTED: JUL 22, 2013 thru SEPTEBER 20, 2013 SIGNED: Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar Fa aaliga o le Fia Fa amauina o se Suafa atai O le fa aaliga lenei ua faasalalauina e tusa ma le aga o le tusi tulafono a Amerika Samoa, e pei ona suia, ona o le talosaga ua faaulufaleina mai i le Ofisa o le Resitara o Amerika Samoa, mo le fia faamauina o le suafa matai o FALEALAA o le nu u o NUUULI e SONE T. APU o NUUULI faalupega o ITUAU, falelima i SASA E. Ua taliaina e le Resitara lea talosaga, faatasi ma le talosaga a le aiga faapea ma le tusi faamaonia mai matai o lea nu u, ma ua i ai nei i teuga pepa a lea ofisa. A i ai se tasi e faafinagaloina, ia faaulufaleina sana talosaga tete e, po o sana faalavelave tusitu sia i le Ofisa o Resitara i totonu o aso e 60 mai le aso na faalauiloa ai lenei fa aaliga. Afai o lea leai se talosaga tete e, po o se faalavelave foi e faaulufaleina mai i aso e 60 e pei ona taua i luga, o lea faamauina loa lea suafa matai i le igoa o SONE T. APU e tusa ai ma aiaiga o le tulafono a Amerika Samoa. 07/26 & 08/26/13

4 Page 4 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Letter to the Editor LET FREEDO RING Dear Editor, The Democratic Party of American Samoa invites all the people of American Samoa to help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of America s most iconic and transformational moments the historic civil rights march to Washington D.. which took place fifty years ago this week. On Wednesday, August 28, Americans and the world will have a chance to reflect upon the inspiration and courage that brought Dr. artin Luther ing to Washington D.., where he delivered one of the most powerful speeches in America s history I Have a Dream. Dr. ing s speech reminds us of the facts of the era that it was President Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Democrat, who signed the historic ivil Rights Act, soon after taking office from another champion of civil rights and equality, President John F. ennedy, another Democrat. Although we in American Samoa live half a world away from Washington D.., we have welcomed people of many races and countries to live amongst us in this far away territory of the United States. Our diversity continues to be a source of great strength and harmony here in this distant corner of America. Following the example of artin Luther ing, the Democratic Party of American Samoa will join good people throughout this great country of ours who continue to fight injustice and prejudice wherever it exists, whether it be political or economic in nature. The Democratic Party of American Samoa also calls on all churches throughout the territory to help us celebrate freedom by ringing a bell of freedom at 3pm, next Wed., Aug. 28, Soifua ma Faafetai, Aliimau JR Scanlan, hairman, Democratic Party of American Samoa Tri arine International s fishing vessel ape od shown here last week on the slipway at the ASG Ronald Reagan arine Railway Shipyard at Satala. The vessel completed its dry dock service last Thursday. [photo: Tri arine] Update Samoa Tuna Processors Projects LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Samoa News welcomes and encourages Letters to the Editor. Please send them to our Box 909, Pago Pago, American Samoa ontact us by Telephone at (684) ontact us by Fax at (684) ontact us by at Normal business hours are on. thru Fri. 8am to 5pm. Permission to reproduce editorial and/or advertisements, in whole or in part, is required. Please address such requests to the Publisher at the address provided above. Osini Faleatasi Inc. reserves all rights. dba Samoa News is published onday through Saturday, except for some local and federal holidays. Please send correspondences to: OF, dba Samoa News, Box 909, Pago Pago, American Samoa ontact us by Telephone at (684) ontact us by Fax at (684) ontact us by at Normal business hours are on. thru Fri. 8am to 5pm. Permission to reproduce editorial and/or advertisements, in whole or in part, is required. Please address such requests to the Publisher at the address provided above. BASED ON PRESS RELEASE Tri arine International is very pleased to provide an update on our activities at Samoa Tuna Processors, Inc. in Atu u Village. As reported at the end of ay, STP received the Army orps of Engineers permit to build the seawall and small vessel dock at STP. The mandated transplantation of corals and seagrass has been completed and the engineering firm is on site to begin construction of this critical component of the project. We are very pleased to announce that STP received financing from GE apital to complete funding of this major project. This is yet another sign of the commitment of Tri arine to the Territory and tuna processing in American Samoa. It is also a sign of the confidence of the financial community for our vision to grow and support the economy and tuna industry here. ajor progress has been made on the Fresh and Frozen processing facility with the completion of the refurbishment of the building. ajor equipment components, which have been ordered, still need to be installed. The expected completion date for this part of the project is the end of December. This work has been performed by Paramount Builders who are now also working extensively on the tuna processing part of the project. We are also extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new brand of canned tuna in the US market. Ocean Naturals brand canned Skipjack tuna in Water is in nation-wide distribution at all Walmart stores. It is packed from sustainably caught skipjack, packed in water with salt added. There are no additives. Please check out our website at www. While this product is currently being co-packed for Tri arine, it will be produced in American Samoa as soon as the Samoa Tuna Processors tuna cannery is up and running. The new 5,000 ton capacity cold store has been in continuous operation since opening in April in support of the locally based fleets of purse seiners and longliners as well as the Starist cannery. Since the initial opening we have continued to receive the balance of the new fish boxes and the automatic sizing and loading equipment has been received and commissioned. The ability to unload fish directly from the catcher vessels to the cold store is without equal anywhere in the world. Tri arine and Samoa Tuna Processors would like to take this opportunity to recognize and congratulate Starist Foods on the momentous occasion of 50 years of continuous operation in the Territory. Tri arine and STP look forward to continuing to support them as a supplier and as a good neighbor. The achievements of Starist are an opportunity to highlight some key factors and additional challenges for the growth of the industry in American Samoa. We recognize that the development of the tuna industry in American Samoa and its continued success depends on a long list of factors that required many years to develop in the Territory. It is much more than just one or two canneries. We thank the many contributors to the success of tuna canning in American Samoa. This begins with the skilled workforce that have for generations provided the labor and expertise necessary. The American Samoa Government, including ASPA, has been a constant supporter of the industry and the ompanies who have operated here. The freight and stevedoring companies, can makers, fuel suppliers, contractors, suppliers and service industries have all developed and are key to making the industry competitive in the Territory. The supply of fish is critical. We are very concerned about the economic viability of the local longline fleet who must compete with foreign vessels that in many cases receive significant subsidies that lower their cost of operation. Tri arine and Samoa Tuna Processors would very much like to see the local fleet prosper and grow. The local infrastructure that supports the fishing vessels based here is key. The shipyard and net yards are extremely important to maintaining the fleet s ability to operate and must be supported and expanded. In this regard Tri arine is pleased to announce that one of its purse seiners, the ape od completed its dry docking at the Ronald Reagan arine Railway in Satala on Thursday of this week. Once again, the management and staff of Samoa Tuna Processors and all of Tri arine worldwide are very eager to complete the work underway at the facility in Atu u and to participate in the growth of tuna industry in and the economy of American Samoa. Background on STP, Tri arine Samoa Tuna Processors is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tri arine Group of ompanies. Tri arine s business includes fishing, procurement, processing and trading of tuna and other seafood products. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Tri arine has offices in 14 countries and processing plants located strategically around the world. Its fleets of tuna purse seiners and Pole and Line vessels operate in the Western Pacific. Tri arine was founded in Singapore in 1971 as a base for albacore tuna. Since then it has grown to be one of the largest tuna supply companies in the world and it provides an efficient, cost effective and flexible supply chain solution for its customers.

5 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Page 5 OFFIE OF THE GOVERNOR Pago Pago American Samoa August 26, 2013 Proclamation A PROLAATION DELARING LABOR DA, SEPTEBER 2, 2013, AS A DA OR ELEBRATION OF THE ONTRIBUTIONS OF AERIAN SAOA S WORING EN AND WOEN, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, TO THE BETTERENT OF OUR SOIET AND TO THE FULFILLENT OF OUR LIVES. WHEREAS, Labor Day, the first onday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to t he social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to th e contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country; and, WHEREAS, the first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882, in New ork ity, New ork; and, WHEREAS, between 1885 and 1894, many municipalities and 31 states adopted legislation recognizing Labor Day as a holiday, and on June 28, 1894, ongress adopted legislation making Labor Day a national holiday; a nd, WHEREAS, historically, we in American Samoa have not properly celebrated the contributions to our society, t o our way of living, and to our successful transition over the last 50 years from a largely subsistence ba sed economy to an industrial and service sector based economy, by a workforce of skilled and unskilled, blue and white collar, men and women, all of whom, collaboratively, have made us what we are today; and, WHEREAS, it is appropriate that American Samoa pay tribute on Labor Day to the creators of so much of Americ an Samoa s strength, freedom, and leadership-our working men and women; and, NOW THEREFORE, I, LOLO ATALASI OLIGA, GOVERNOR OF AERIAN SAOA, HEREB PROLAI LABOR DA, SEPTEBER 2, 2013, A DA OF ELEBRATION of the accomplishments of the working men and women of the territory, and invite the participation of the federal, territorial and private sector workforce in commemoration of their role in building our economy and improving our lifestyle. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereby affix my signature and seal of my Office on this 26th day of August, in the year of our Lord, two thousand thirteen. LOLO. OLIGA Governor of American Samoa

6 Page 6 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 o-defendant in drugs, weapons case given 2 yrs probation Pictured here is the faaluma (song leader) for the Fagaloa Zone of the Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago during last Thursday s celebrations for the ordination of Bishop Peter Brown at Fatuoaiga. The four zones of the local diocese entertained a crowd of more than a thousand spectators with siva and pese performances. The Fagaloa zone includes the atholic churches of Aua, Lepua, Afono, Pago Pago, Fagatogo, Fagasa, Utulei and Fagaalu. [photo by B. hen] House Os Supplemental Appropriation Bill for Fono operations Speaker insists Fono has a balance of $2.9 from $20illion loan proceeds by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu, Samoa News Reporter The Administration s second supplemental appropriation bill of $1.1 million to fund the operations of the Legislature for the remainder of F 2013 was approved in final reading in the House of Representatives last Saturday. A Senate hearing on the proposed bill is set for today where the Treasurer is scheduled to appear. Governor Lolo atalasi oliga has moved to suspend the processing of Legislative F 2013 expenses, until the supplemental is approved, noting that in light of the chronic deficit position of the Fono s F 2013 budget, there is a need for intervention. Although the House has approved their version of the bill, House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale is adamant the Fono has a balance of $2.9 million from the $3 million the Fono received through the $20 million loan from the Retirement Fund which was allocated to build a new Fono Building. The only money we used from that $3 million was $100,000 to renovate the Fono properties that were damaged in the 2009 tsunami which is why there s $2.9 million left, he said. The Speaker said they had an agreement with former Governor Togiola Tulafono that expenses incurred during the construction of the Information Technology Building would be taken from the $2.9 million they had in their budget. However, when the new administration took over, they charged all the expenses for the IT building to the Fono s budget and this, according to Talavou, shouldn t have happened in the first place. (Last week, Samoa News reported on the issue brought up by the House Speaker, noting there is no money because the current administration has taken whatever balance of the $20 million dollar loan there is and its no where the $2.9 million according to reports and initiated an Emergency Reserve Fund account. Lolo said during a cabinet meeting, there were just too many projects to complete and just not enough money left of the loan, and he believed this was the best use of the remaining money. The governor also said he had had a meeting with the Fono leaders on the matter.) Treasurer Dr Falema o Phil Pili told Samoa News their accounting records clearly substantiate the $1.1million overrun. I believe the math is quite simple, he said, before breaking it down as follows: The Fono s total approved budget was $6,700,000 ( it s recorded in the system) As of 7/31 actual expenditures with encumbrances total $ 6,821,136 or overrun status of $121,136 ($6,700,000 less actual expenditures of $6,821,136) With two remaining months of the fiscal year, the government calculates it would take $978,868 to complete the fiscal year. (Allowing only for personnel costs, allowances, utilities and small recurring expenditures.) With the overrun on 7/31 of $121,132 plus forecasted costs to complete the fiscal year of $ 978,868, this equals to a projected overrun of $1,100,000. With respect to the $2.9 million, I am not sure where this number is coming from. I can only surmise, but I have to see the source or how it was calculated into the budgetary process, said the Treasurer in response to Samoa News queries. According to the supplemental bill approved in the House, the largest allocation of $500,000 goes to personnel costs, followed by lawmakers allowances of $260,000. Electricity stands at $250,000 and ontractual Services amount to $90,000. Reach reporter ruse: The court is not in the business of forgiving people by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu, Samoa News Reporter The court is not in the business of forgiving people, said hief Justice ichael ruse when he handed down the sentence for a woman charged with her boyfriend in a drug related case. ruse s comments were made after co-defendant Teroa Faletoi s mother pleaded with the court to forgive her daughter s wrongdoing. However, the hief Justice explained the court has to render sentencing to defendants who break the law to ensure that they will not repeat the same mistake. Teroa Faletoi and Samuel Tupuola were each charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) with intent to distribute, possession of an unlicensed firearm, and unlawful possession of ammunition. Tupuola a former cop faced an additional count of resisting arrest. In a plea agreement with the government, Faletoi pled guilty to the misdemeanor charges of possessing an unlicensed firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, while the rest of the charges were dismissed. She was ordered to pay a fine of $1,000 and sentenced to a jail term of one year for each count; however, the execution of the sentence is suspended and the defendant is placed on probation for two years. ruse ordered Faletoi to stay at her mother s house in Vaitogi. Any violation of that order will result in Faletoi being imprisoned at the TF, he said, adding Faletoi is not to possess any drugs. ruse also reminded Faletoi that the court can issue an order deporting her back to her country of origin which was not identified by ruse or in court documents. Prior to sentencing, Faletoi pleaded with the court for a second chance so she can return home and care for her mother who is sick. The defendant s mother also took the stand and pleaded with the court to forgive her daughter. She told the court that before her daughter was incarcerated, every time she was sick, her daughter would pick her up and take her to the hospital; but since Teroa has been in jail, she s worried there will be nobody to take her to the hospital if she gets sick again. In response, ruse said the court is not in the business of forgiving people and noted that based on the probation report, the ammunition and firearm found on Faletoi were not hers, but she had possession of them because of her relationship with her boyfriend, Tupuola. The case against Faletoi and Tupuola came about after police approached Tupuola at his workplace at the hospital, and found a yellow container with 20 cut-up straws with sealed ends containing meth, and three plastic baggies of methamphetamine. A search of the couple s Ili ili residence uncovered baggies containing methamphetamine, a hand gun with ammunition, $1,000 cash, three glass pipes commonly used to smoke ice, approximately 1,200 empty Ziploc plastic baggies, and a digital scale. Sentencing for Tupuola has been postponed until October 4 after the hief Justice inquired about the evidence for this case and was informed that it s still off-island and won t arrive until October 1. He said the court must see the evidence before a sentence can be handed down. Last week, crying, Tupuola apologized to the court for his actions, saying he s learned his lesson since being incarcerated. He pleaded for a second chance and told the court he will not repeat the same mistake, saying he needs to prioritize his life with a fresh start. Assistant Public Defender ike White asked the court to consider the defendant s age, and take into consideration the fact that he has eight children. ruse responded that White should consider the children of others to whom his client is pushing drugs. White assured the court his client is remorseful and has learned his lesson. But hief Assistant Attorney General amille Philippe believes differently, saying the defendant does not seem to have learned his lesson, given that he was charged in the past for similar conduct. Philippe said the court must impose a lengthy sentence for Tupuola, considering the seriousness of the matter. Tupuola has faced drug charges before, but they were dismissed as part of the plea agreement that required him to testify in a jury trial against another drug defendant several years back. Reach reporter

7 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Page 7 NEWS IN BRIEF Police: an kills four in Australian opposition latest hina knife attack launches election campaign BEIJING (AP) hinese police say a man ANBERRA (AP) Opposition leader has gone on public stabbing spree in a southwestern city, killing four people and wounding tralian prime minister at national elections next Tony Abbott, a strong favorite to become Aus- 11. It is the latest in a string of apparently month, has officially launched his conservative random stabbings in hina. coalition s campaign with a speech that offered The public security bureau in hengdu said few clues to how his spending promises would onday on its microblog that the 41-year-old be paid for. suspect began attacking fellow passengers on The Liberal Party-led coalition s launch a bus Sunday night. He then exited and began took place Sunday in the east coast city of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland state, a major attacking pedestrians. The attack continued until the man was shot and wounded by police. battleground in the Sept. 7 elections. Police said the man told them he d had a financial dispute with family members and arrived in formed the ruling Labor Party in opinion polls Abbott s coalition has consistently out-per- hengdu on Sunday from his hometown of Jintang. hina has seen a number of mass stabbings personal approval rating. for more than two years, despite Abbott s low in recent weeks attributed to grudges, social dislocation and mental illness. Private gun owner- seminarian urged voters to trust his government The 55-year-old former Roman atholic ship is virtually nonexistent in the country. to return the Australian budget to a surplus after president Obama: ollege five consecutive deficits delivered by Labor shouldn t be roll of the dice since the global economic crisis. WASHINGTON (AP) President Barack 91-year-old beaten, robbed Obama says higher education shouldn t be a during a walk in San Diego luxury or a roll of the dice. He says it s an economic necessity and every American family searching for a suspect who beat and robbed SAN DIEGO (AP) San Diego police are should be able to afford it. In his weekly radio 91-year-old man out for his daily walk. and Internet address, Obama promotes his plan Sgt. Ray Battrick tells U-T San Diego the to make college more affordable. He wants the assailant came up from behind the victim, government to rate colleges based on opportunity pushed him to the ground and began punching so students can pick schools with the best value. him Saturday morning in earny esa. Obama says not everyone will agree. But he The male suspect then grabbed the victim s says the current path of skyrocketing tuition is wallet from his pants pocket and ran off. unsustainable for students and for the economy. Battrick says the victim was taken to the In the Republican address, Gov. ike hospital with injuries not considered to be Pence of Indiana says businesses and workers life-threatening. are in survival mode because of Obama s Police say the assailant was Latino, about health care law. He says Republican governors 6 feet tall, bald or with a shaved head, and have solutions to improve health care without wearing a light blue shirt and jeans. weighing down the economy. (ontinued on page 12) Large crocodile takes a swimmer in Australian river DARWIN, Australia (AP) A 5-meter (16-foot) crocodile snatched a 26-year-old swimmer in a notorious Australian river as several people celebrating a friend s birthday watched, police said. The victim and another man crossed the ary River and were swimming back when the crocodile attacked, Senior Sergeant Geoff Bahnert said. Several of the group in the party witnessed the male being taken in the jaws of the croc for a period of time, and then he was out of sight, he said. The group had been celebrating a friend s 30th birthday on Saturday at the ary River Wilderness Retreat, an Outback tourist destination 70 miles (110 kilometers) southeast of the Northern Territory capital Darwin. The victim was from Darwin, but his name was not released. Police and a government crocodile management team were searching for the man s remains, including dragging the river, Bahnert said Sunday. An officer shot one of the largest crocodiles there for the safety of searchers, but it was not yet known if it was the killer crocodile. Alcohol may have played a part in the men s decision to swim, he said. The ary River is known worldwide to have the greatest saturation of adult saltwater crocodiles in the world. ou don t swim in the ary River, Bahnert said. rocodile numbers have exploded across Australia s tropical north since the species was protected by federal law in The crocodile population is densest in the Northern Territory and is promoted as a major tourist attraction. The advice to tourists is to come, look, take photographs and stay out of the water, Bahnert said. ORI GIN ENERG S FOUR EAR AN NIVERSAR SALE ON UNTIL AUGUST 30TH AT TAFUNA SHOWROO INDUSTRIAL PAR-TAFUNA Talk to us for the right gas advice Our specialist gas technicians provide safe, reliable installation AWARENESS TIP: Gas is cheaper than Electricity, Help us keep the air we breathe clean. Package: 2burner cast iron w/regulator an d hose 1 x 10# (4.5kg) full cylinder Package price: $ burner cast iron w/reg& hose GB02LP Sale Price: $ burner cast iron w/regulator and hose GB01LP Sale Price: $ inch wok fry pan 24inch wok fry pan Sale: 10% Off RH31LT Hi Pressure wok HPA100LP Sale: 10% Off NATE-2burner mini oven Sale: 20% Off For more information please call Tafuna Showroom / LPG-4burners stove run w/ 9volt.battery ignition. 20inch AANA AGG2200DAAW Free Delivery-Free Installation & Including regulator & hose

8 Page 8 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Governor balances old budget woes with new solutions The Fagaloa Zone of the Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago presented a performance that featured traditional Samoan cultural practices like the ava last Thursday during their siva and pese performance at Fatuoaiga, in celebration of Bishop Peter Brown s ordination. Fagaloa s message was clear: Hold on to your culture at all times. [photo by B. hen] by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News orrespondent Gov. Lolo atalasi oliga has told his cabinet that the 10% across the board reduction in local revenue for all government entities made earlier this year will help balance the books for ASG at the end of fiscal year 2013, and the government is looking now at a $6 million overrun. The Administration imposed the 10% reduction weeks after Lolo became governor on Jan. 3, when it was learned that ASG was facing serious financial woes. This was coupled with the reduction of 5% in federal grants due to the federal sequestration. However, it remains unclear how much of a savings will be realized for ASG from the 10% reduction, which was for the executive branch only, but not enforced for the other two branches of government. During last Friday s cabinet meeting, Lolo said some directors have questioned why we withheld 10% [of your budget] when we first started. Now we re facing an overrun of almost $6 million but that 10% comes in handy at the close of the fiscal year, he said but didn t elaborate further on the projected overrun. And that s why, when the Budget director, and the Treasurer imposed controls especially from the beginning all of us should know why. Because at the end of the fiscal year, that will come in handy when balancing the books, and also give you leverage to operate at the close of the fiscal year, he said. It is unknown at this time if Lolo is referring to a projected $6il over run, after the 10% reduction is applied. Treasury had forecast, at the end of the first quarter which ended Dec. 31, 2012 that the total general fund deficit would be $8.86 million. With all other funds in the Treasury cash pool added, ASG projected a deficit of more than $9.8 million by the close of F However, in the second quarter performance report (ending ar. 30, 2013), Treasury said ASG was looking at a deficit of $1.25 million for the general fund. If other funds in the Treasurer s ash Pool are added, ASG was forecasting a deficit of $3.01 million for F Samoa News should point out that the Treasury Department s third quarter performance report covering the period of Apr. 1-Jun. 30, 2013 does not provide the usual expenditures and revenues for the end of that quarter, making it difficult for some lawmakers to determine where the government stands financially. Lawmakers should be able to get some answers on ASG s financial status on Wednesday, which is the start of the F 2014 budget hearings, where the Budget Office director and the Treasurer will be the first to testify. LOSING F 2013 During the meeting, Lolo told directors they have until the end of August to submit any important and urgent expenses to be reviewed and considered for payment. He says the government must give enough time to the Budget Office director and the Treasurer to process the closing out of F After August 30th, nothing else will be reviewed. We have to follow the law in terms that no expenditures from the last fiscal year will be paid in the next fiscal year, he said. We have to make sure that we follow that, so that we don t run into the problems that we ve (ontinued on page 9)

9 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Page 9 Solutions ontinued from page 8 been running into in the past. Lolo recommended directors work with their finance people to review all the numbers in their budget, because this is critical when it comes to closing out the fiscal year. I know some of you overran your budget by big numbers, he said but didn t elaborate further. ou have to understand those numbers. Don t let the budget [director] and the treasurer fix your budget you fix it. ou put the budget in, it s your responsibility to fix it. I know we have a hard time with the current budget because we didn t start the budget. But I m hoping, come 2014, the budget that we submit to the Fono will be the budget that we have to live with, Lolo said, adding he has made a commitment, in accordance with the law, that any new revenue earned during the fiscal year will first go through the Fono for appropriation and to make sure the Fono understands that revenue. FONO SUPPLEENTAL The governor also told directors the $1.1 million supplemental is now before the Fono, whose leadership has been told that it s either they approve the supplemental or they will not be paid, because they overran their budget with some big numbers. (This is the second supplemental for F 2013 and it covers only Fono expenditures) Lolo hopes the Fono approves the supplemental because that is the only way to make their operations legal for the rest of the current fiscal year, as far as paying expenses. He said this is the same problem faced by the Fono in past years: an overrun budget. Lolo told directors they, too, must abide with the budget approved for their respective departments, agencies and offices. It s very important that once we book the numbers into the [financial] system no one can change it. We follow the law and... we live within the budget. So let s work s together with the finance people and let s make sure you understand every penny that is spent by your office, he said. STAFF DEVELOPENT Lolo told directors they must look at staff development in their offices. That s one thing that we have to keep in mind. our job and my job is to develop the future leaders of this government, he said. The governor pointed out that some directors are traveling off island under federal grants but if you have a chance, send somebody else because this can be very useful in the future for the government. We re only here for a certain amount of time. I don t want us to take what ever we learn. I d rather see that we invest in our people. When we leave, we leave a lot of that experience and training with the staff, he said. Reach the reporter at Food & Wine Fair 2013 A elebration of ulture in uisine Saturday 14 September (Samoa date) Business entre ~ Guest omputer onference Insel Fehmarn Rooms Hotel ~ Parking Lawns THE HALLENGE Promote your ethnic Food alongside Apia s finest! THE OPPORTUNIT Showcase your designs alongside Samoa s Premier Fashion House FAIR INFO PREPAID AOODATION SPEIALS Garden Room: SGL-USD65, DBL-USD75, TPL-USD85 ALL: HOPE TIVA Office of Highway Safety Local contact: DPS Office of Highway Safety (Fred Scanlan )

10 Page 10 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 atagaluega o Fefa atauaiga, Faletupe o Atina e o Amerika Samoa, Sosaiete a Pisinisi o Amerika Samoa Pa aga a le alo ma Pisinisi Talanoaga o ataupu i Pisinisi Aso Tofi, Aukuso 29, 2013 aota o Rex H. Lee (Fale Laumei), Utulei, Amerika Samoa FA AOEOE: Ia faia ni Talanoaga o ataupu i Pisinisi mo le mamalu o le atunuu, ina ia lagolagoina le atina eina o pisinisi i le teritori o Amerika Samoa. O le uluai Talanoaga o loo fa atulagaina e fa atatau i le mataupu E fa apefea ona amataina lau pisinisi i Amerika Samoa. O vasega taitasi e faia i le gagana Samoa (8:45 i le taeao e oo i le 11:45 i le taeao) ma le gagana Peretania (12:30 i le aoauli e oo i le 3:30 i le afiafi). O lenei Talanoaga e faia i le aso atoa ma e tatala mo le mamalu o le at unuu e aunoa ma le totogi. E maua foi le taumafa mama. o fesili valaau DO POLOALAA O LE TAEAO 8:45 i le taeao e oo i le 11:45 i le taeao: Vasega e faia i le Gagana Samoa O vasega taitasi e 10 minute le folasaga a le Failauga + 5 minute fesili ma tali= 15 minute le aofai o le taimi o vasega taitasi 8:45 8:55 i le taeao: SAUNOAGA AATA 9-9:15 i le taeao: OVERVIEW OF TOURIS INDUSTR IN A. SAOA Developing tours and business opportunities catering to the cruise ship industr y Failauga: David Vaeafe, Executive Director, ASVB Falefata oli Taai Lemana, Division Head, TIP-DO 9:30-10:00 i le taeao: NATIONAL ARINE SANTUARIES OF A. SAOA NATIONAL PARS OF AERIAN SAOA Opportunities and Tours Failauga: Gene Brighouse, NSAS Superintendent ichael Larsen, National Parks Ranger 10:15-10:30 i le taeao: TIPS ON BEING A SUESSFUL TOUR OPERATOR Local Tour Operator Testimony Failauga: Alofa Tours 10:45-11:15 i le taeao: HOW TO GET STARTED How to apply for a business license When do you need a Land Use Permit and how to apply for one Failauga: Rachael Peters, DO Business License Analyst arvis Vaiaga e, PNRS oordinator 11:30-11:45 i le taeao: WHERE TO GET FINANING AND BUSINESS BANING SERVIES icro-lending opportunities for small businesses Failauga: Ruth atagi-fa atili, DBAS Loan anager ** Emcee: Falefata oli Taai Lemana o le resitalaina o lou suafa, fa aaoga le laina i luga o le upega tafailagi

11 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Page 11 Department of ommerce (DO), Development Bank of American Samoa, American Samoa Visitors Bureau and American Samoa hamber of ommerce (ASO) Tourism Business Workshop Thursday, August 29, 2013 Rex H. Lee Auditorium, Utulei PURPOSE: To support development of small businesses within the Tourism Industry to foster entrepreneurship and sustainability. Each topic will be presented in Samoan (morning session) and English (afternoon session). This one-day workshop is open to the public at no cost. Light refreshments will be provided. For more information, please contact DO at AFTERNOON PROGRA 12:30pm - 3:30pm 12:30pm 12:40pm English Session 10 min. presentation + 5 min. Q&A = 15 min. total OPENING REARS 12:45pm - 1:00pm OVERVIEW OF TOURIS INDUSTR IN A. SAOA Developing tours and business opportunities catering to the cruise ship industry Presenters: David Vaeafe, Executive Director, ASVB 1:15 pm 1:45pm NATIONAL ARINE SANTUARIES OF A. SAOA NATIONAL PARS OF AERIAN SAOA Opportunities and Tours Presenter: Gene Brighouse, NSAS Superintendent ichael Larsen, National Parks Ranger 2:00pm 2:15pm TIPS ON BEING A SUESSFUL TOUR OPERATOR Local Tour Operator Testimony Presenters: Alofa Tours 2:30pm 3:00pm HOW TO GET STARTED How to apply for a business license When do you need a Land Use Permit and how to apply for one Presenter: Rachael Peters, DO Business License Analyst arvis Vaiaga e, PNRS oordinator 3:15pm - 3:30pm WHERE TO GET FINANING AND BUSINESS BANING SERVIES icro-lending opportunities for small businesses Presenter: Ruth atagi-fa atili, DBAS Loan anager ** Emcee: Falefata oli Taai Lemana To pre-register online go to

12 Page 12 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Thousands of Filipinos protest govt. corruption A gigantic steel arch under construction to cover the remnants of the exploded reactor at the hernobyl nuclear power plant, in hernobyl, Ukraine, on Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013, the scene of the world s worst nuclear accident. The No. 4 reactor at hernobyl nuclear power plant was the scene of a major explosion in 1986, resulting in the evacuation of the nearby town and the ongoing legacy of protecting against any possible radiation leaks. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky) NEWS IN BRIEF Greenpeace says its ship enters Russian Arctic OSOW (AP) The environmental group Greenpeace says one of its ships has defied Russian authorities and entered Arctic waters to protest against oil drilling. Greenpeace says Russia this week denied permission for its Arctic Sunrise ship to enter the ara Sea, a section of the Arctic Ocean off Siberia. But the ship entered the waters on Saturday morning, Greenpeace said in a statement. The group is protesting offshore oil exploration adjacent to Russia s Arctic National Park, which is habitat for polar bears, walrus and other animals. Greenpeace campaigner hristy Ferguson said in a statement that if the companies bring in oil drilling platforms, there s a risk of oil blowouts and spills that could severely damage the park. NJ nuclear reactor back up after leak repaired LOWER ALLOWAS REE TOWN- SHIP, N.J. (AP) A nuclear reactor in southern New Jersey resumed operations Saturday after crews repaired a leak in the containment building that was discovered two days earlier. Regulators say the spill was confined to the containment building, and there was never a threat to the public or workers. PSEG Nuclear says about 4,800 gallons of slightly radioactive water leaked out, and the water went through the plant s drain system as designed. The entire system holds 90,000 gallons. The Salem Unit 1 in Lower Alloways reek Township was manually shut down around 7:30 p.m. Thursday, after the water was discovered leaking at a rate of 4 gallons per minute. The initial investigation determined the leak came from a valve in the reactor coolant system. 10 bodies ID d so far from mass grave in exico city EXIO IT (AP) Families in exico ity say authorities have told them that 10 of the bodies found in a mass grave outside the capital have been identified so far as being among a dozen young people kidnapped three months ago from a bar in the city. One mother, Julieta Gonzalez, says federal officials told her Sunday at a meeting that her daughter and nine others had been identified using DNA tests on the 13 bodies recovered from a grave on a ranch east of exico ity. Tattoos and physical characteristics also were matched to make some IDs. Authorities have not said who the 13th victim may be. The bodies were unearthed Thursday. The young bar-goers vanished from the Heaven club ay 26 a block from touristfriendly Paseo de la Reforma. ontinued from page 7 German magazine: NSA spied on United Nations BERLIN (AP) The German magazine Der Spiegel says the U.S. National Security Agency secretly monitored the U.N. s internal video conferencing system by decrypting it last year. The weekly said Sunday that documents it obtained from American leaker Edward Snowden show the NSA decoded the system at the U.N. s headquarters in New ork last summer. Quoting leaked NSA documents, the article said the decryption dramatically increased the data from video phone conferences and the ability to decode the data traffic. In three weeks, Der Spiegel said, the NSA increased the number of decrypted communications at the U.N. from 12 to 458. Snowden s leaks have exposed details of the United States global surveillance apparatus, sparking an international debate over the limits of American spying. Fresno stabbing suspects stopped by game warden FRESNO, alif. (AP) Fresno authorities say two men wanted in a fatal stabbing were arrested after being stopped by a game warden for fishing without a license in Humboldt ounty. Police Lt. ark Salazar tells the Fresno Bee that Samuel Whitmore and Branden Forrest, both 25, were booked Saturday for the murder of ichael Tunnel. The 31-year-old was killed Aug. 14. Investigators say they believe Whitmore and Forrest knew Tunnel, and that there was a dispute before the stabbing. Along with murder, both face DUI charges. Additionally, Whitmore was charged with possession of narcotics and Forrest was charged with driving on a restricted license. Justice Dept. tries to stop La. school vouchers NEW ORLEANS (AP) The U.S. Justice Department is trying to stop the state from distributing school vouchers in any district that remains under a desegregation court order. In papers filed Saturday in U.S. District ourt in New Orleans, the Justice Department said Louisiana distributed vouchers in to nearly 600 public school students in districts that are still under such orders, and many of those vouchers impeded the desegregation process. Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal called the department s action shameful and said President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are trying to keep kids trapped in failing public schools against the wishes of their parents. The Obama administration thinks parents should have to seek their approval any time parents want to send their child to a school of their choice, Jindal said in a news release. After generations of being denied a choice, parents (ontinued on page 13) ANILA, Philippines (AP) Tens of thousands of Filipinos protested in a anila park on onday to call for the scrapping of a corruption-tainted development fund that allows lawmakers to allocate government money for projects in their districts. A government audit released Aug. 16 found that $141 million of the fund allocated over three years under the previous administration was released to questionable aid groups and ghost projects. The scandal centered on a powerful businesswoman who allegedly collaborated with lawmakers in channeling some of the funds. She has gone into hiding after she was charged with illegal detention of a whistle-blower. Local media reports of her lavish lifestyle have angered many ordinary taxpayers in the Southeast Asian country where nearly 28 percent of the 97 million people are extremely poor. That prompted calls on social media for onday s protest in Rizal Park, where more than 100,000 turned out including students, workers, priests and nuns. Police said there were around 60,000 protesters. Similar protests were being held in a dozen other cities across the country, in New ork and other cities where there are concentrations of Filipinos. Some protesters carried placards saying Senators, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Others wore masks with a picture of a pig s face, or shirts calling for the abolition of the fund. Archbishop of anila ardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, speaking to the cheering crowd, urged all to show that the Filipino is honorable, to support policies that offer a way to heroism and to feel the heartbeat of the nation and the sufferings of the poor. The rally coincides with National Heroes Day. Let us also listen to the voice of God, especially in our conscience, Tagle added. Activist-actress ae Paner wore a pig s snout, a wig and a barrel around her body. I am being one with the millions of Filipinos who are saying no to pork, she said. We all want to abolish the pork barrel system in our country. ritics said President Benigno Aquino III s promise Friday to reform the system was not enough and all pork barrel funds must be abolished because they are prone to corruption. Aquino, who has made fighting against corruption a centerpiece of his administration, said there was nothing intrinsically wrong with the system but it has been abused by a few greedy individuals. He vowed to prosecute those responsible for misusing the fund. He said under the new system, legislators could still identify projects but they would need approval and would be closely scrutinized. Aquino also issued guidelines to safeguard public funds, including the publication of bids and awarding of projects. In his speech marking National Heroes Day, Aquino reiterated his promise. We will do everything in our power to find those who conspired to take advantage of the PDAF s good intentions, and to hold them accountable, he added, referring to the Priority Development Assistance Fund. Talofa Video OREAN, FILIPINO, EXIAN DRAA SERIES NOW FOR RENT NEW RELEASES: The Great Gatsby UF 160: Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2 Pain & Gain N Underground Pavaiai Nuuuli Fagatogo

13 People visit the artin Luther ing, Jr. emorial after the march to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1963 arch on Washington at the Lincoln emorial in Washington, Saturday, Aug. 24, years ago ing delivered his I Have a Dream speech during the arch on Washington. (AP Photo/Jose Luis agana) NEWS IN BRIEF finally can choose a school for their child, but now the federal government is stepping in to prevent parents from exercising this right. Shame on them. Parents should have the ability to decide where to send their child to school. Anthony Weiner involved in minor car crash in N NEW OR (AP) New ork ity mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has emerged unscathed from a minor car crash on a busy anhattan highway. Weiner s spokeswoman says the car he was riding in was involved in a chain-reaction crash Saturday morning on the FDR Drive, which runs along the borough s east side. It wasn t immediately clear where Weiner was headed or if he was on official business. A Fire Department of New ork spokeswoman says no one was hurt in the crash. She says it happened near East 96th Street. Weiner is seeking the Democratic nomination for mayor. The primary is Sept. 10. Police: d. man shoots daughter, wife, himself DUNDAL, d. (AP) Police say a aryland man shot and injured his 25-year-old daughter before killing his wife and turning the gun on himself in his home. Shawn Vinson of the Baltimore ounty Police Department says the incident began about 3:30 a.m. Saturday, as Shannon Nicklas and others socialized at the house. Vinson says she heard noise and went upstairs, and her father shot her. She made her way downstairs, and the group left and called 911. Vinson says officers and a tactical unit arrived. They entered the house and found 51-year-old James Burnham, dead from what appeared to be self-inflicted gunshot wounds, and his wife, 47-year-old Terri Ann Burnham, also dead from gunshot wounds. A man who had been asleep in the basement was unharmed. Former Fort ampbell officer cleared of charge LARSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) The former head of the sex harassment program at Fort ampbell has been cleared of charges stemming from a domestic dispute. But Lt. ol. Darin Hass, who was immediately removed from the position after his arrest, told The Tennessean that the situation damaged his reputation and his career. Hass was charged in ay with violating a protective order and stalking after his ex-wife filed a complaint against him. Haas attorney, Stacy Turner, said authorities voluntarily dismissed the charges after a meeting revealed details of a contentious divorce. The judge issued an order to dismiss the charges on Wednesday. Haas says he will have to fight to restore his good name. His retirement from the Army is expected to become final in December. ontinued from page 12 ichelle Obama, daughters see Trip to Bountiful NEW OR (AP) ichelle Obama and her daughters caught Broadway s The Trip to Bountiful after spending part of the day watching tennis at the U.S. Open. The first lady and her girls slipped into their seats at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre just as the first act was starting Saturday night and received a huge ovation when they took their seats for the second act. The trio went back stage after the show and met the crew and cast, including icely Tyson, Vanessa Williams and uba Gooding Jr. Tyson stars in the Horton Foote revival as a widow who wants to revisit her old home in Bountiful and recapture the vitality and purpose she seemed to lose when she left for the big city decades ago. The first lady was in town to promote her Let s ove campaign during Arthur Ashe ids Day at the U.S. Open. urder suspect shot by US Park police in SF SAN FRANISO (AP) Authorities say a man suspected of fatally stabbing a woman was shot and wounded by U.S. Park police in San Francisco after he threatened officers with a knife. The San Francisco hronicle says police began searching for the man Friday after a woman was found in her arin ity apartment dead from numerous stab wounds. While deputies were investigating the stabbing, alifornia Highway Patrol dispatchers received a report that a man covered in blood and carrying a knife had gotten on a public bus in arin ity. Park police spotted the man exiting the bus in San Francisco s arina District and opened fire when he threatened them, officials said. The suspect, whose name wasn t released, was treated at a hospital for gunshot wounds. Order sought for Newtown gunman s school records NEWTOWN, onn. (AP) onnecticut s attorney general wants a judge to order Newtown school officials to release the records of the gunman who killed 26 people at an elementary school, including 20 first-grade students. Attorney General George Jepsen wants Adam Lanza s school records to be released to the state child advocate office so its hild Fatality Review Panel can examine the Dec. 14 attack. The panel reviews unexpected and unexplained child fatalities. The 20-year-old Lanza killed his mother at their home, then killed 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School before killing himself as police officers arrived. The hild Advocate s office first sought Lanza s school records in arch, but Newtown school officials have not released the information. (ontinued on page 15) samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Page 13 Fort Hood gunman now begins sentencing phase FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) The Army psychiatrist convicted of the Fort Hood rampage that killed 13 people begins the sentencing phase of his trial onday facing a possible death sentence for the deadliest mass shooting ever on a U.S. military installation. aj. Nidal Hasan showed no reaction after being found guilty last week by a military jury, which will now decide whether the Virginia-born uslim who said he opened fire on unarmed American soldiers to protect insurgents abroad should be executed. Twelve of the dead were soldiers, including a pregnant private who pleaded for the unborn child s life. ore than 30 others were wounded in the 2009 attack on the Texas Army post, where investigators collected more than 200 bullet casings. At the minimum, the 42-year-old Hasan will spend the rest of his life in prison. This is where members (of the jury) decide whether you will live or whether you will die, ol. Tara Osborn, the trial judge, told Hasan on Friday following his conviction. She then again implored Hasan, who represented himself during the 14-day trial, to consider letting his standby attorneys take over for the sentencing phase. He declined. Jurors deliberated for about seven hours before finding Hasan guilty on all counts. He gave them virtually no alternative, as he didn t present a defense or make a closing argument, and he only questioned three of the nearly 90 witnesses called by prosecutors. His silence convinced his court-ordered standby attorneys that Hasan wants jurors to sentence him to death. Hasan told military mental health officials in 2010 that he could still be a martyr if he is executed. The sentencing phase will be Hasan s last chance to say in court what he s spent the last four years telling the military, judges and journalists: that the killing of American soldiers preparing to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan was necessary to protect uslim insurgents. Hasan was prohibited from making a defense of others strategy during the guilt or innocence phase of his trial, but he will have more latitude during the sentencing portion. This has led legal experts and his civilian lawyer, John Galligan, to believe that Hasan could put himself on the witness stand this week. Osborn didn t ask Hasan whether he might testify following his conviction. But she did ask whether Hasan felt he had been subject to illegal punishment or been unfairly restricted since being put in custody after the shooting. He told Osborn he wasn t ready to answer. I m still working on that, Hasan said. Prosecutors want Hasan to join just five other U.S. service members currently on military death row, and are planning to put more than a dozen grieving relatives on the witness stand. Three soldiers who survived being shot by Hasan but were left debilitated or unfit for service are also expected to testify. But most will be widows, mothers, children and siblings of the slain, who are expected to tell a jury of 13 high-ranking military officers about their loves ones and describe the pain of living the last four years without them. What they won t be allowed to talk about are their feelings toward Hasan or what punishment they think he deserves. Osborn told military prosecutors Friday to make sure their witnesses understood what topics were out of bounds. She was also considering excluding some family photos that could be considered duplicative, such as two different pictures of a victim in uniform. Jurors must be unanimous to sentence him to death. No American soldier has been executed since any military death row inmates have had their sentences overturned on appeal, which are automatic when jurors vote for the death penalty. The U.S. president must eventually approve a military death sentence. Find anything yet? Place an ad now!

14 Page 14 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 TA ITO A 7 s AS Na faamanino atili e Togiola e faapea, e $11,000 (NZD) e mana omia e lesitala ai le au i le ta amilosaga, ae o le totogiina o le pasese ma le nofoaga e nonofo ai le au, e faatupe uma mai e le Faalapotopotoga o Lakapi a le lalolagi, le IRB, ae faatoa gaioi le IRB e faatino la latou matafaioi pe afai e muamua totogi la tatou lesitala. a e ui lava o lea faatoa talia le talosaga mo se kamupani e sponsor ina le auina atu o le tatou au i Fiti, ae o le itu taua o lea ua maua le tupe e faatino ai le faamoemoe, o le isi lea saunoaga a Togiola. Na taua e Togiola e faapea, o le tupe foi na mafua ai ona le mafai ona auina atu le au ta ito a 15 a le atunuu lea sa fuafua e auina atu i le taamilosaga sa faia i Papua Niu ini i le masina na te a nei, ina ua le mafai ona maua se kamupani latou te lagolagoina le auina atu o le tatou au i lea faamoemoe. I le tele ai o faasea mai ni isi o kalapu lakapi lotoifale i le tuai lea ona fili se au a le ai itulau 1 atunuu, na taua ai e Togiola e faapea, e le o iloa mai e le Iuni le faigata o le galuega o lo o latou taumafai atu i ai, ae foliga mai e na o le faasea lava o au o lo o fai ae aunoa ma le tuuina atu o sa latou fesoasoani tau tupe e fesoasoani ai i le Iuni i le unaia ma le faaleleia o le lakapi i le atunuu. O le isi faafitauli i le va o le Iuni ma alapu lakapi e pei ona faailoa e Togiola, o le toatele o tama lakapi e fia o i le au ae mumusu e o atu i taimi o koleniga. Ou te talitonu o lo o toatele tama taaalo lakapi lelei o lo o i ai i kalapu eseese i le atunuu e le i maua lava le avanoa e malaga ai ia tatou au fili, ua matou fiu fo i e tauanau faiaoga o kalapu eseese ina ia avatu igoa o i latou nei ma o atu e koleni i le au ae mumusu, pau lava le mea e manana o i ai o le fia o i le au ae le fia faalogo i faatonuga e fai atu pe fia auai fo i i koleniga, o le saunoaga lea a Togiola. E ui i le tuai lea ona fili se au taitoa 7, na taua e le Peresetene o le ASRU ia Aumoeualogo Te o J. Fuavai e faapea, e leai se mea o le a popolevale ai. E leai se mea o le a vevesi vale ai fua kalapu lakapi ma fesiligia fuafuaga a le tatou Iuni Lakapi, e le gata o lo o lava pea le taimi ae o lea fo i o lo o faagasolo pea le taamilosaga ta ito a 15 i le taimi nei, o iina lea o lo o faamoemoe e piki mai ai tama e fili ai se au a le atunuu mo le taamilosaga a le Oceania, o le saunoaga lea a Aumoeualogo, o se tasi sa tele tausaga o lona soifua o taalo lakapi i Amerika Samoa. O le taamilosaga taitoa 7 a atumotu o le Pasefika, le Federation of Oceania Rugby Union - FORU, ua faamoemoe mo le aso 3 & 4 Oketopa, 2013, e sailia ai ni au se lima mai le Pasefika e ofi atu i le taamilosaga taitoa 7 a le IRB o lo o faagasolo i tausaga taitasi, lea e faaigoaina o le HSB Sevens World Series. E tolu au mai le Pasefika ua agavaa mo le taamilosaga, sei vagana ai au e lua e tatau ona sailia mai i le mae a ai o le taamilosaga taitoa 7 a le FORU lea e auai atu i ai ma Amerika Samoa. IPORTANT PUBLI NOTIE B THE AERIAN SAOA DEVELOPENT ORPORATION (ASD) The American Samoa Development orporation (ASD) which owns the old Rainmaker Hotel buildings, hereby notifies the public that any individual, business or entity that removes any type of material (sink, bathtub, window, mirror, lumber etc.) from the old Rainmaker Hotel buildings without the written authorization of ASD, will be reported to the Department of Public Safety and Attorney General s Office for criminal prosecution for the crimes of Stealing and Trespassing. The public is encouraged to report to the Administration Office (telephone number ) of the Development Bank of American Samoa (DBAS) located at the Second Floor of the Lumanai Building at Fagatogo, any suspicious activity at the old Rainmaker Hotel premises. In The High ourt of American Samoa TRIAL DIVISION HA ROBIN NEUBUHL ROUSH, FRANES. OPELLE and BENJAIN ( BEN ) NEUBUHL, JR. Plaintiffs, vs DOUGLAS RANE IE NEUBUHL, DOUGLAS NEUGHL, JR., ARRIE SUE NEUBUHL LAVIGNE EERT, and ELL NEUBUHL NADINE FULTS, Defendants NOTIE TO: DOUGLAS RANE IE NEUBUHL Newport Beach, alifornia DOUGLAS NEUBUHL, JR. Las Vegas, Nevada ARRIE SUE NEUBUHL LAVIGNE EERT Newport Beach, alifornia ELL NEUBUHL NADINE FULTS Newport Beach, alifornia PLEASE TAE NOTIE that a Summons and omplaint for Declaratory Relief has been filed against you in the above entitled ourt by the above entitled person as Plaintiffs. ou must respond within 2 months and 10 days of the date of first publication of this Notice unless you receive the Summons, omplaint and Order by personnel service or by mail in which case the time runs from that service date, or a default will be entered against you and a judgment or decree rendered thereon. Dated: July 5th, 2013 Published 7/16, 8/16, 8/26 O le tausaga e 2011 na faatoa ofi atu ai se au taitoa 7 a Amerika Samoa i totonu o le taamilosaga lenei, ma latou mauaina ai le tulaga ono ina ua faiaina ia Niue i se taaloga finau i ai e 12-7, ae i le tausaga na tea nei, na toe maua ai foi e Amerika Samoa le tulaga ono ina ua faiaina ia Papua Niu ini i se taaloga finau i ai e O se tasi o matati a na mafai ona ausia e le au a Amerika Samoa i lea taamilosaga, sa ia faatoilaloina ai le au malosi mai Tonga i ai e Na taua e ni isi o sui o le Iuni i le Samoa News e faapea, e le taitai lava le taimi o lo o totoe e tapena ai se au a le atunuu mo le taamilosaga i Fiti, pe a fuafua atu i le tele o le taimi na amata tapena ai le au sa auina atu i le tausaga na tea nei. Na taua foi e ni isi e faapea, e le talafeagai le faaaoga e le Iuni o le taamilosaga taitoa 15 o lo o faagasolo i le taimi nei e fili mai ai tama e taalo mo le au taitoa 7, ae tatau lava ona i ai se taamilosaga taitoa 7 e faia ina ia fili mai ai tama e fai ma sui o le atunuu, e pei ona faia e ni isi o au lelei e i ai Fiti ma Samoa. O le isi tulaga e le o mafai ona maua i le taimi nei, e le gata e le o i ai ni fale taalo ma mea e talafeagai ona koleni ai tama taaalo, ae le o lava foi se lagolago mai a le Iuni i le itu tau tupe, pe a faatusatusa i isi atunuu o le Pasefika e pei o Samoa, e le gata ua lelei fale taalo e koleni ai a latou au lakapi ae toe lelei le lagolago mai a le malo i le itu tau tupe, o le molimau lea a se tasi o molimau e lei finagalo e faailoa lona suafa. Ina ua fesiligia e le Samoa News le afioga a Aumoeualogo po o lava le taimi e tapena ai se au a le atunuu mo le taamilosaga ua lata mai, na saunoa Aumoeualogo, o lo o lava le taimi. Sa toe fesiligia o ia pe faamata e lava le taimi lea o lo o totoe e koleni ai se au mo le faatumauina o le tulaga maualuga ma le mataina sa i ai ana taaloga i le tausaga na te a nei, na toe saunoa le alii peresetene o le Iuni Lakapi, e leai se faaletonu o lea tulaga. O le aso lea ua faatulaga e fono ai le Iuni mo le talanoaina o ni isi o mataupu aua le aga i i luma o fuafuaga a le Iuni, atoa ai ma le faamautuina o le au o lo o faamoemoe e auina atu i Fiti. O le Aso Faraile ua te a na maua ai e le Samoa News le lisi o i latou lea ua filifilia e le ASRU e fili mai ai se au a le atunuu, ma ua faamoemoe o le vaiaso nei e tatau ona amata tuu faatasi ai le au ma amata ai loa koleniga, e pei ona faamaonia mai e le Sui o le fono fa afoe a le ASRU, le afioga Peseta Sa avaega. O i latou la nei ua filifilia o latou igoa e fili mai ai se to a 12 e fai ma sui o le atunuu i le taamilosaga i Fiti. amilo Soi David Laben Andrew Vou athew ariota Failautusi Sefo Felise Felise Faamasino Uili Ioane Levaula Falelua Hall ika Aasa Fa apoi Fa apoi eighen Fanolua Siliva Filiva a Douglas Lam uen ark avaega Louis Aguimbag Epitacio Aguimbag ax Taukilo Pung Pung Jr. Taeao Paaga Ryan Paaga Laulii harles Taufetee Siale T.J.Taufetee Toetu Eaea Aiotaota Vaiolo Patric Nglam David Umu Sosene Faumuina isilei isilei Quinton Oman Seui alisi Tiaalii Alesanalesili. Suiaunoa Nard Junior Umgyam Iakopo Atonio Iulai Pouvalu Edward Smith Eveni Schuster Peter Schuster Lotu Tafaumu Pau Pau isi Patisela ulitalo Iosua andall Afa Jr. Afa Laauli Leiataua Joseph Aivalu Tiperio Fainautele Tali Tauese Osigafeagaiga ollins Ailao Tualaulelei Poyer Samuelu Grey Auvaa Lotonuu Feagai Jamie Tago Leala Vaeau Dave Satele Nathan agalei ahe Lolesio Ropati Taliu James Wilson Aneti Fuimaono Foloreni ua orsten aa en Tupu Faiaai erisiano Iosefo Venasio Tuaoitau Gaopoa Sione Tulua Ieteli Taitafe Tusialofa Lagai Hymie Sefo Finau (Po o) Noa Henry Leatio o Lua ei Ioapo Iakopo Atonio Feite Okesene Niki ata Siauvale Roe Tesimale Faitamai Davey Silva Lesitala Laiitiiti Nard Umayam Uiti ollins Esau Time Ross Poyer Joe Poyer alata Telea Alefaio Alefaio Salevao Sikipi Lealaalii Sagele Jr. Fa agata Henry Leatioo Darren Levi Sala a Fa agata Loa Noga Isaako Fomai Beck oulter Rudy Steffany augalei Veavea So onalole So onalole Lia Lia Jr. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia

15 Gross Receipt Tax proposed ontinued from page 1 Besides the benefits of the elimination of orporate and Wage Taxes and the update of the US urrent Tax Table, the most significant benefit will come from the GRT forecasted revenues, Falema o said. Based on conservative estimates, GRT would generate additional revenues of $35 and $40 million. The additional revenue would be used to improve healthcare, improve governance, fiscal accountability, improve general infrastructure, eliminate ASG debt obligations and improve financial solvency, he stated. The Treasurer explained historically, corporate tax revenue collections in the Territory have been very unsuccessful and the results have been astronomically low and it will continue in this same debilitating manner unless a major change to the tax structure is implemented immediately. He pointed out that in 2011, these collections were only 1.5% of total gross receipts on over $800 million total receipts (or only a mere $12 million in taxes), while in 2011, 80% of corporations that paid taxes paid less than 1% of gross receipts to corporate taxes, and 50% of the corporations did not pay any corporate taxes. Falema o said too many businesses show losses on their tax returns, thus paying few, if any taxes, and many of the territory s largest businesses are exempt from paying orporate taxes. This includes semi autonomous government agencies and authorities like ASPA, ASTA and the Shipyard. The Treasurer said in order to effectively realize the results of GRT, a recommended initial tax rate of 5% on all gross receipts should be imposed, and this will generate $35-$40 million in revenue annually. The calculation is based on $800 million gross receipts from all businesses during the first year of implementation (except certain tax exempt companies.) He said tax proceeds will be received monthly and tax calculation is simple, and collections will improve. All the business in the territory will pay their fair share of taxes and allowable deductions on business tax returns, Falema o noted. The GRT approach provides a vertical integration of available resources that lends to a more dynamic economy an economy stimulated by economic reality, not just a philosophical idea, that business drives the economy which in turn provides resources to administer the fiscal affairs of the territory. He added the GRT will restore the confidence of the business community and the people that all businesses operate under the mantra, equal share of taxation. Also, local residents will benefit from the updated individual tax structure and regain fiscal confidence to consume greater resources that will stimulate the economy. Falema o stated that even non-profit organizations would not be exempted from the GRT, only religious groups. samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Page 15 School year begins today ontinued from page 1 Vaitinasa said, the rest of the schools are pretty much cleared and contractors at the schools had until yesterday to clear everything, while some schools have minor things to complete. During the cabinet meeting, Lolo told directors that everyone has been quite busy last week with the Adopt-A-School program and it s been quite an experience for all of us, adding that what is happening [is that] we have a different mindset as far as education is concerned. We always think education is just the [DOE] director, teachers and all educators who are involved. Now we have a different perspective in terms of education. And as I said many times, education is everybody s business, he said before asking Vaitinasa to address the meeting. The DOE director thanked her colleagues and their departments for their support in the Adopt-A-School program, which has been a great help to the department in getting schools prepared for the new school year. She said there is a new policy in place, requiring all school principals, administrators and personnel to clean their respective schools before school gets out every Friday, and parents and teachers associations have been asked to assist in any way they can. The DOE director said it s important to get parents involved, because children are first taught at home and they should have respect for government assets and properties set aside to educate them. Lolo also thanked directors and their departments for their support in adopting a school and helping with the clean up. It s our job to provide the support and services they (DOE) need, and it s their job to deliver the mandate they are given to deliver which is educating students, the governor said. It is our intention to keep and maintain our Adopt-A-School program. We ll try to get as many private schools involved. I feel that we have an obligation to the private schools, they are tax payers Lolo said. The governor said he plans to organize a group of public and private school administrators to come together and work as a team to make sure that all public and private schools are given the same requirements of getting cleared by DOH inspectors. Earlier in the cabinet meeting, the governor said that for the first time, he witnessed the ordination of a atholic bishop, the ost Rev. Peter Brown, who is now the new leader of the Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago. Lolo says it was a once in a lifetime event and it was also quite an experience. He suggested cabinet directors attend these types of events when they get the chance because they will learn from it, the different issues and ideas surrounding the territory. Vaitinasa said the word that she kept in mind from the ordination is evangelization preaching the gospel and keeping the people close to Jesus hrist. Well, I hope through this whole process, that not only the community but especially the Department of Education, becomes evangelized in keeping up all of the good work that you have done and the parents, who are coming to help out, she told directors. Reach reporter NEWS IN BRIEF ontinued from page 13 ideast defense chiefs to meet in Jordan WASHINGTON (AP) The Pentagon says U.S. entral ommand and the Jordanian Armed Forces are co-hosting ideast defense chiefs in Jordan over the next few days to discuss the region s security environment. The chairman of the Joint hiefs of Staff, Gen. artin Dempsey, is attending. The meeting, planned since June, comes as the U.S. and other nations ponder what action to take, if any, in the wake of reports that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons in its civil war. Although Syria denies such claims, they are certain to be a leading topic for the gathering. A Defense Department spokesman, George Little, says the exchange is designed in part to increase the collective understanding of the impact of regional conflicts on nations. commander of nuclear unit removed ALSTRO AIR FORE BASE, ont. (AP) The Air Force has removed the commander of a nuclear weapons unit at a ontana base following a failed safety and security inspection that marked the second major misstep this year for one of the military s most sensitive missions. ilitary leaders say the decision to relieve ol. David Lynch of command at almstrom Air Force Base stems from a loss of confidence. They say it is not the result of the failed inspection this month first reported by The Associated Press on Aug. 13. Lynch will transition into retirement, base spokesman Sgt. Robert Biermann said Sunday. Lynch s command included the 341st issile Wing, which operates land-based nuclear missiles known as 450 inuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missiles. The unit failed a review of its adherence to rules that ensure the safety, security and control of its nuclear weapons. Pope disturbed by images from Syria VATIAN IT (AP) Pope Francis says he has been disturbed by terrible images of atrocities occurring in Syria, and he is urging the international community to step up its efforts to end the civil war there. Francis told tens of thousands of people in St. Peter s Square on Sunday that Syrian and rebel forces must put down their arms. He renewed his call for dialogue as the U.S. considers a military response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria last week. Francis cited the intensification of the war among brothers, including massacres and atrocious deeds, and he urged the international community to put all its efforts toward helping Syria find a solution to this tragic situation. Reach the reporter at American Samoa Power Authority PO Box PPB, Pago Pago American Samoa Phone: (684) Fax No: (684) NOTIE TO SUPPLIERS ISSUANE DATE: July 22, 2013 RFQ NO.: F ESD-WW PROJET: SUPPL SEPTI TANS, INFILTRATION HABER SSTE OPONENTS & APPURTENANESF LOSINGDATE/TIE: August 30, 2013 at 10:00 A.. American Samoa Time The American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) hereby issues this Request for Quotes ( RFQ ) to supply 102 Dual hamber 1,250 gallon Septic Tanks, 612 ulti-port End aps to accommodate aforementioned chambers and other appurtenances (Refer to QUOTATION FOR for detailed information on requested materials). A complete package may be picked up from ASPA Procurement Office in Tafuna. ou may also view this on ASPA website: For more information about this RFQ, you may contact the following: s. Jeanette Poasa Procurement Specialist aterials anagement Tel: (684) The American Samoa Power Authority reserves the right to: 1. Reject all quotes and reissue a new or amended RFQ; 2. Request additional information from any submitting a quote; 3. Select a firm for award based on other than least cost (e.g. capability to complete work in a timely fashion or proven technical capabilities); 4. Negotiate a contract with the firm selected for award; and 5. Waive any non-material violations of rules set up in this RFQ at its sole discretion. Approved for Issuance: Utu Abe alae, Executive Director, ASPA

16 Page 16 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013

17 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Page 17 In Loving emory of SENATOR LETULIGASENOA SOLI Sunrise : January 20th, 1932 ~ Sunset : August 3rd, 2012 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. --Isaiah 26: 3 FUNERAL PROGRA Friday, August 23rd, 9:30pm Arrival from alifornia on Hawaiian Airlines He will be transported to the AS in Iliili Vaipuna o le Ola for his Family Service Tuesday, August 27th, 9:30am Funeral Service at AS in Iliili Vaipuna o le Ola Senator Letuligasenoa will be laid to rest at his home in Iliili. Always in Our Hearts, The Letuligasenoa Family

18 Page 18 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Le Lali FINAGALO TUIA- SINA TOE SUI SE VAEGA TULAFONO FEALAGAAIGA Se vaaiga i tama ma teine o le autalavou a le Ekalesia EFAS i Pago Pago, fa atasi ai ma ni isi o a latou ta ita i i le fa amae aina ai o le latou polokalame fitu vaiaso na faagasolo mai ai e fesoasoani ai i olaga o tupulaga talavou a le Ekalesia, i se latou ata sa pu eina totonu o le malumalu a le Ekalesia i le faaiuga o le vaiaso na te a nei. [ata: AF] Fa ataua afioaga Pago ana tupulaga talavou tusia Ausage Fausia fa aleagaga o tupulaga talavou, o le a oa oina o O le ave o le fa ataua i le tapu eina lea o le aganuu, o se tasi lea o auala e toe faamasani olaga o tupulaga talavou ina ia ta ita i ese mai atili ai tupulaga i le taua o tu ma aga i fanua a ai i latou i fiafiaga o le olaga, ae fa aaoga o Samoa, ae o le fa aalia o taleni, o se auala lea latou olaga mo le galuega a le Ali i, o le autu na faia ina ia maua ai e tupulaga talavou le ola lea o se polokalame o lo o taula i i ai le silasila maloloina ma le malosi o latou tino. a le afioaga o Pago Pago, e pei ona fa ai uina O ni isi sa lagolagoina le faamoemoe a le ai se polokalame na faagasolo mo le 7 vaiaso i autalavou e aofia ai polokalame o le High-Way totonu o le Ekalesia EFAS, faapea ai ma le isi Safety a le atagaluega o le Puipuiga o le Saogalemu Lautele, o le afioga i le ali i faipule ia polokalame lea ua faamoemoe e tu u fa atasia ai tupulaga uma o le afioga i le faaiuga o le Va amua Heny Sesepasara, faatasi ai ma le vaiaso nei. kamupani a le Trophie n Things. POLOALAE FITU VAIASO AFUTAGA TUPULAGA O le polokalame sa faagasolo mo le fitu TALAVOU PAGO PAGO vaiaso i totonu lava o le lotoifale a le Autalavou O le Aso To ona i e o o atu i le Aso Gafua o EFAS, sa i lalo lea o le ta ita iga a le susuga le vaiaso fou lea ua faapolokalame e faia ai se i le Feagaiga ia Rev. Fa atauva a Auelua Talamoni ma le faletua ia afumaiala, fa atasi ai ma Pago Pago, e pei ona fa aautuina ai - SAILI I mafutaga tele mo tupulaga uma a le afioaga i le lagolago a ta ita i ma auofisa a le autalavou. LE AIO TA USA AFIA. E tolu vaega sa vaevaeina ia i lenei polokalame, ae na ogatotonu lava i A oa oga faa Tusi faipule ia Va amua Henry Sesepasara e faapea, Na taua e se sui o le afioaga, le afioga i le alii Paia na saunia e le alii Faifeau, faatasi ai ma isi o lenei polokalame na afua mai i se fetufaaiga a polokalame e pei o le a oa oina o le aganuu lea ta ita i o le nuu ma susuga i Faifeau, ma manatu na taitaia e le susuga a Sefo Palepua, aemaise ai ai e tatau ona fai se mafutaga mo tupulaga uma le vaega o le faaaliga lea o taleni. i totonu o le afioaga, e le gata e faamasani ai O ni isi o ta ita i o le autalavou sa mafai ona tupulaga ae ia avea o se auala e taofia mai ai lagolagosua i le Faifeau ma lona faletua i le tu u i latou mai le fiafia atu i le ava malosi ma le fa atasia o lenei polokalame e aofia ai le Peresetene o le Autalavou, susuga Ropati Simi, ma le O le polokalame ua faatulaga mo le aso fa aaogaina o fualaau faasaina. Ta ita i Autalavou, susuga Lewis alala. To ona i o le vaiaso nei, Aokuso 31, 2013 ua Na taua e le susuga Palepua e faapea, o le faamoemoe e tatala i se faatasiga tele e faia i le agaga fa afetai o le ali i Faifeau ma le Ekalesia, Pago Park, lea o le a maua ai le avanoa o ta ita i ina ua mafai ona fa a iu ma le manuia lenei o le afioga e saunoa tima i ai i tupulaga, ina polokalame mo fanau aoga, a o feagai ai latou ia saili i le amio tausa afia ma ia ola fealofani ma malologa o aoga. tagata uma. O le agaga, ia i ai ni polokalame e fa afiafia O le mae a ai o se sauniga lotu puupuu o le ai tupulaga talavou a o malolo mai aoga, ina ia a taitaia e Faifeau o le afioaga, ona sosoo ai loa taula i o latou mafaufau i auala e ola fiafia ai nai lea ma se saunoaga mai le afioga i le aoputasi, lo le fiafia atu i isi fiafiaga le lelei o le olaga, o le ali i Senatoa ia auga Tasi Asuega, ma faagasolo ai loa taaloga ua faatulaga mo le aso e le saunoaga lea a le susuga Palepua. O aoaoga faa Tusi Paia na saunia e le Faifeau, aofia ai ta aloga volipolo ua fesoasoani malosi ai i le fa aleleia o olaga (Faaauau itulau 22) tusia Ausage Fausia O le maitauina ai e se tasi o sui o le omiti Faafoe a le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga a le malo, le afioga i le alii Senatoa ia Tuiasina S. Esera o ni isi o faaletonu i le Tulafono o Femalagaaiga, na ia talosagaina ai loa le Peresetene o le Senate i le vaiaso ua te a mo se avanoa e toe faia ai se suiga i le tulafono o lo o i ai, ae tuu i ai ni suiga ina ia mautinoa e puipuia ai le lumana i o alo ma fanau a le atunuu. O vaega o le tulafono na taua e Tuiasina o lo o tulai mai ai le tele o le faaletonu ma le faafitauli i le atunuu i le taimi nei, o le vaega lea e mafai ai e le tagata mai fafo ua atoa le 20 tausaga o nofomau i Amerika Samoa ona ia toe sponsor tagata mai fafo. O iina tonu lea ua mafua ai ona tula i mai le tele o le mau faafitauli e le gata i pisinisi ma faleoloa ae faapea foi i oloa faatau solo i luga o le auala, ona o le toatele o tagata mai fafo ua ulufale mai ma soona nonofo i ou laueleele Tutuila ma anu a, o le saunoaga lea a le alii Senatoa i le aso Tofi na te a nei. Saunoa Tuiasina e faapea, e le afaina lava uso mai le malo o Samoa tuaoi, ona o aiga ma sootaga faa Samoa, ae o tagata mai isi atunuu e pei o Asia lea ua fau ma soloi i le atunuu, o i latou tonu ia o lo o faatatau i ai lana faamatalaga. O lenei tulafono o se tulafono e mata utia le le sa o, ua aumai e le tagata mai fafo ua avea ma tagata nofomau isi tagata mai fafo, ona nonofo solo lea i eleele o Tutuila ma anu a, ma o se tulaga le talafeagai tele lea i lo u mafaufau, e le gata ua ave i ai le nofomau ae ua toe ave i ai ma le aia na te sponsor ina ai tagata mai fafo, o le saunoaga lea a Tuiasina i luma o le aota aualuga. Na faaoloolo maau le alii senatoa i luma o le maota maualuga ina ia sisila toto a i lenei mataupu, aua o i latou o tama o le atunuu, o i latou e tua atu i ai le lumana i o tupulaga talavou i le lumana i. O fea a tua i ai alo ma fanau a Tutuila ma anu a pe afai e alu alu suaga o le va atele ae tatou vaaia le fau ma soloi o le mau Asia i ou eleele Tutuila ma anu a, o ai o le a tua i ai a tatou fanau, a o lea o lo o maua lo tatou avanoa e fa asa o ma faaleleia ai tulafono ua tatou vaaia le faaletonu, o le isi lea saunoaga a le alii senatoa, ma ia fautuaina ai loa le maota ina ia toe iloilo toto a le tulafono ma fai i ai ni suiga talafeagai, sei vagana o se tagata mai fafo e i ai sona sootaga tau toto i Amerika Samoa, ona faatoa mafai lea ona ia sponsor ina se tagata mai fafo. Na taua e le peresetene o le Senate ia Gaoteote Palaie Tofau e faapea, e ui o se mataupu taua lea ua saunoa i ai le alii senatoa, ae le o se mataupu e fou i le faafofoga a le maota, aua o ni isi nei o mataupu ua tele taimi o saunoa i ai tama o le atunuu i nofoaiga ua mavae atu. Sa fautuaina e le alii peresetene le alii senatoa ina ia galulue faatasi ma le Ofisa o le Loia a le Fono, i le toe vaavaai ma iloilo lea o le tulafono ae toe faaulu se isi suiga pe a finagalo ai, aua o le tiute tonu lena o le Fono Faitulafono, o le fausiaina lea o tulafono e manuia ai le atunuu. (Faaauau itulau 22) Le afioga i le alii Senatoa ia Tuiasina S. Esera [ata: AF]

19 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Page 19

20 Page 20 samoa news, onday, August 26, 2013 Fa atonu ovana ia Fa atonsili uma ina ia auai iloiloga Paketi Office of Highway Safety faaliliu Ausage Fausia A o sauni atu le Fono Faitulafono e iloilo le Paketi a le malo mo le Tausaga Tupe fou 2014 i le Aso Lulu o le vaiaso fou, ua fautuaina e le afioga i le kovana sili ia Lolo atalasi oliga susuga i Fa atonusili uma o atagaluega ma Ofisa a le malo, ina ia aua ne i i ai se tasi e malaga ese ma le atunuu, a ia auai uma i iloiloga o le paketi. Sa ia faailoa fo i i fa atonusili, na te le taliaina ma se talosaga mo se faatonu e malaga ai i fafo, ae tatau ona i ai uma i latou i totonu o le atunuu mo le amataina ai o iloiloga o le paketi a le fono. Sa ia fautuaina fo i fa atonusili e i ai a latou sootaga ma sui o le fono po Local contact: DPS Office of Highway Safety (Fred Scanlan ) o tagata faigaluega, ina ia tuu atu la latou fesoasoani mo le faa faigofie lea o le pasiaina o ni isi o tofiga ua ia tuuina atu i luma o le Senate ma le aota o Sui. Na faailoa e Lolo i sui o lana apeneta i se fonotaga sa faia i le Aso Faraile na te a nei e faapea, o lea ua toe amata galuega a le fono, o lo o tele fo i ana tofiga o lo o i luma o le fono e tatau ona faamaonia e pei o tofi faatonu ma totino o komiti faafoe. O i latou uma e i ai a latou sootaga i faipule po o isi sui o le fono, o se tulaga taua tele lou fesootai ia i latou na ma faailoa i ai, tatou te le o soona tofia ni isi ina ia faatumu ai avanoa faatonu po o totino o komiti faafoe, ae o lo o tatou tofia tagata pito sili ona lelei, agava a ma fa atuatuaina i le fa atinoina o le galuega, o le saunoaga lea a le alii kovana. o i latou o le a valaauina mo le faamaoniaina o i latou, sa fautuaina e le kovana i latou ina ia tali lelei fesili ma ia faapu upu u ma fa a faigofie a latou tali, se i vagana ua finagalo le fono e fa amatala atu se vaega o le tali, ona fa atoa fa amatala lea, ae o le tele lava o taimi ia sa o ma pu upu u le tali. Sa ia taua fo i e faapea, o le Fono Faitulafono, o se tasi o lala o le faigamalo, ma o le tele o taimi e leai ni a latou tulafono, o le mafuaaga lena e fai ai tulafono a le Senate ma le aota o Sui, ae mafai fo i ona latou toe suia i isi taimi, lona uiga afai latou te le fiafia i le auala o lo o selu ai lou ulu, o se tulaga le manuia lena mo oe. Afai fo i e te nofo lava oe ma vivi i oe, ona e toe mafaufau lea i le mea o le a latou faia, o le saunoaga lea a Lolo na tali e ai le kapeneta. Ae mo fa atonusili o lo o fuafua e malaga i fafo, na saunoa le alii kovana e faapea, ua uma ona ia folafola i ta ita i o le fono o le a auai uma atu fa atonusili i le taimi o le paketi, Afai la e te le o o atu i luma o le fono, o le a le ilolioina lau paketi. Afai e le i ai le faatonu i le iloiloina o lana paketi, lona uiga o le a pule lava le fono i le faaiuga e faia i ai, e pei ona saunoa le alii kovana. Afai fo i e aveese e le fono ni fuainumera mai totonu o lau paketi, e le mafai ona ou toe tuuina i totonu na numera, lona uiga, e tatau ona e sauni e faamalamalama i le fono tupe ta itasi uma o lo o i totonu o lau paketi, ma o lou tiute fo i lena, ia mautinoa e fa amalamalama vaega ta itasi uma o lau paketi. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia

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Jobs For Felons Michael Ford Jobs For Felons How to find employment if you have a criminal record. Michael Ford NEITHER THE PUBLISHER NOR AUTHOR MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES WITH RESPECT TO THE ACCURACY

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CODE OF CONDUCT. Our reputation and integrity depend upon each of us assuming a personal responsibility for our business conduct.

CODE OF CONDUCT. Our reputation and integrity depend upon each of us assuming a personal responsibility for our business conduct. responsibility CODE OF CONDUCT Our reputation and integrity depend upon each of us assuming a personal responsibility for our business conduct. 02 Letter from Our CEO Dear ConocoPhillips Employees, Our

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