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2 Table of contents Children and Young Adults 14 - Aletria 16 - Bamboozinho 18 - Callis Editora 20 - Companhia Editora Nacional 22 - Cortez Editora 24 - Cosac Naify 26 - Cubzac Editora 28 - DA Produções Artísticas 30 - Edições SM 32 - Editora Ática 34 - Editora Baobá 36 - Editora Claridade 38 - Editora Cobogó 40 - Editora Dedo de Prosa 42 - Editora do Brasil 44 - Editora dsop 46 - Editora Dubolsinho 48 - Editora Fama 50 - Editora Galpão 52 - Editora Hagnos 54 - Editora Manole 56 - Editora Moderna 58 - Editora Positivo 60 - Editora Rideel 62 - Editora RJH 64 - Editora Salamandra 66 - Editora Saraiva 68 - Editora Scipione 70 - Editora Viajante do Tempo 72 - Editora Volta e Meia 74 - Elementar Publicações 76 - Escala Educacional/ Lafonte 78 - Fino Traço Editora 80 - FTD 82 - Giostri Editora 84 - Girassol Brasil 86 - Global Editora 88 - Globo Livros 90 - Just Editora 92 - Komedi Editora 94 - Mar de Ideias 96 - Mauricio de Sousa Produções 98 - Mazza Edições Melhoramentos Mercuryo Jovem Papirus Editora Prazerdeler Editora Projeto Ema R&F Editora Selo Off FLI P Solisluna Uni duni Editora V&R Editoras White Balloon Books and rights catalogue Fiction and non Fiction Bamboo Editoral Boitempo Editorial Casa dos Espíritos Casarão do Verbo Companhia Editoria Nacional Cosac Naify Cubzac Editora Disal Editora Edições Loyola Edições SESC SP Editora Apicuri Editora Carpe Diem Editora Claridade Editora Cobogó Editora Europa Editora Évora Editora Master Books Editora Nova Alexandria Editora Peirópolis Editora Saraiva Editora Senac RJ Editora Viajante do Tempo Escrituras Editora Fino Traço Giostri Editora Giz Editorial Globo Livros Grupo Editorial Summus HUB Editorial Ideia Editora Imprensa Oficial Livros de Safra Luste Editora Mar de Ideias Melhoramentos nversos Editora Outras Letras Pallas Editora 200- Panda Books Papirus Editora Prazerdeler Editora Sá Editora Selo Off FLI P Solisluna Editora Terceiro Nome 214- Terra Virgem Terracota Editora V&R Editoras Religious Edições Loyola Editora Canção Nova Editora Hagnos Globo Livros Ideia Editora Mar de Idéia Scientific, Technical and Medical Alameda Casa Editorial Aleph Associação Internacional Editares Atheneu Autores Associados Blucher Cortez Editora Disal Editora Editora dsop Editora Évora Editora Galpão Editora Manole Editora Saraiva Editora Sarandi Editora Senac SP Editora Unesp Edusp Fundação Getúlio Vargas Grupo GEN HUB Editorial MJV Press Napoleão Oficina de Textos Papirus Editora Parábola Editora Uni Duni Editorial Yendis Editora 2

3 Brazilian Publishers Project Created in 2008, Brazilian Publishers is a sector project that encourages the export of content produced by Brazil s publishing houses. It is a result of a partnership between the Brazilian Book Chamber (Câmara Brasileira do Livro CBL) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos Apex-Brasil), The proposal of this initiative is to promote Brazil s publishing industry in the global market in an articulate and well-directed process and contribute to the professionalization of the nation s publishing houses. In order to achieve this goal, Brazilian Publishers encourages exportation via actions directed toward the sale of publishing rights, participation in international fairs and events and the professional practice of businesspeople, as well as collaborators and consultants specialized in business intelligence and prospecting foreign markets. In addition to promoting exportation, the project s work also contributes to the country s vision and positioning, showing the world Brazil s capacity for creating technical, literary and technical content of considerable importance and value for the international market. Brazilian Publishers is currently comprised around to 70 publishing houses which operate in the areas of Children s Books, General Works, Religious and Technical-Scientific Expertise. Learn more about our partner publishing houses and, take a look at our catalogue. Dolores (DOSH) Manzano Executive Manager 2 3

4 brazilian book chamber The Brazilian Book Chamber (Câmara Brasileira do Livro - CBL) brings together editors, booksellers, distributors and door-to-door sales companies since With more than 650 members, the entity s main goal is creating a better country through the promotion of books and reading. Brazil has for the second time been named (the first time was in 1994) as the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest and most important event of its kind in the world. Brazilian participation in the event is organized by the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Relations, the National Library Foundation (Fundação Biblioteca Nacional FBN), the National Arts Foundation (Fundação Nacional de Artes - Funarte) and the Brazilian Book Chamber (commonly known as CBL). Brazil s participation in Frankfurt will include more than 160 publishers who will present their catalogs. More than 70 Brazilian authors will participate, with a rich program of lectures and discussions on the themes of their works in addition to readings. Plus, a vast cultural and gastronomic schedule will showcase the diversity of our country and the Brazilian way of life. Brazil s recognition in Frankfurt is of immense importance for the country s editorial production, which will be the focus of the worldwide market. There are numerous opportunities for business growth and wide exposure in the international media. The Brazilian Publishers project, a partnership between the CBL and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos Apex-Brasil), plays an important role in this effort. It works so that exporting of books and sales of foreign language rights gradually leads to a strengthening of the publishing market. Another important showcase for Brazilian editorial production is the São Paulo International Book Biennial. The CBL promotes this event, which was attended by more than 750,000 people during its last edition, in The 23rd São Paulo International Book Biennial will take place August 21-31, The CBL also offers the Book School program (Escola do Livro), which provides continuing education for publishing professionals seeking to improve their knowledge. A partnership project between CBL and the Brazilian Publisher s Union (Sindicato Nacional de Editores de Livros SNEL) annually provides a complete survey of the market: the Brazilian Publishing Industry Production and Sales Study, which is conducted by the Economic Research Foundation Institute (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas FIPE), an institution affiliated with the University of São Paulo. As it is concerned with all areas of Brazilian editorial production, the CBL holds the CBL International Digital Book Conference. The fourth edition took place in June The organization also promotes the Jabuti Award, which has been recognized as the leading and most respected award in the Brazilian publishing business for 55 years. The award is given to publishers, writers, illustrators, translators, cover artists and designers throughout Brazil. Acclaimed names such as Ana Maria Machado, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Chico Buarque de Hollanda, Clarice Lispector, Ferreira Gullar, Jorge Amado, Lygia FagundesTelles, Raquel de Queiroz and Ziraldo are among those who have been honored. The CBL and its members demonstrate, through the various initiatives mentioned here, the interest of the Brazilian publishing market in internationalizing its literary production. We are a country that is a purchaser of foreign editorial rights, and we are ready to promote our editorial rights throughout the world. Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoy our books! Karine Pansa President of the CBL 4 5

5 national library Foundation The Support Programme for the Translation and Publication Brazilian Authors Abroad, launched by the National Library Foundation of Brazil, a body of the Ministry of Culture, aims at promoting Brazilian Culture and Literature worldwide. This funding scheme is available for any foreign publishers that have acquired publication rights and wish to publish or reissue works of Brazilian authors. In order to apply for a grant, the publisher must present a title for translation or reissue in print, e-book or both. All applications must include a marketing and distribution plan, the translator s résumé and contract with the publisher, and a signed copyright agreement between the publisher and author, if the work is not within the public domain. A special commission will evaluate each project, which may be awarded with the maximum grant of US$ 8,000. For further information, please contact: Fundação Biblioteca Nacional Centro Internacional do Livro Rua da Imprensa, 16 / Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Telephone: Website: Visit the blog : 6 7

6 About Apex-Brasil The mission of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) is to foster the competitiveness of Brazilian companies by promoting their internationalization and the attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Brazil. Apex-Brasil currently supports about 13,000 companies from 81 sectors of the Brazilian economy, which export to more than 200 markets. In partnership with sector associations, the Agency organizes trade promotion initiatives, such as prospective and trade missions, business rounds, support to the participation of Brazilian companies in major international fairs and customized tours to foreign buyers and opinionmakers introducing them to the Brazilian productive structure. Apex-Brasil also releases business and competitive intelligence studies which play a critical role in the decision of Brazilian companies to enter the international market. Besides its headquarters in Brasilia, Apex-Brasil has Desks in Brazilian states and Business Support Centers (BSCs) around the world. These BSCs serve as platforms to assist Brazilian companies in expanding their businesses to global markets, to explore new business opportunities, to increase Brazil s market share in key global markets, and to serve as a benchmark for foreign investment attraction. BSCs are strategically located in Asia (Beijing - China), Middle East (Dubai - United Arab Emirates), North America (Miami - USA), Central America and the Caribbean (Havana - Cuba), Western Europe (Brussels - Belgium), Eastern Europe (Moscow - Russia) and Africa (Luanda - Angola). Next to the Brussels BSC is the Brazilian Business Affairs (BBA), an Apex-Brasil office established to monitor trends and decisions of the European Union that may affect Brazilian exports. Apex-Brasil plays a leading role in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) into Brazil, working to identify business opportunities, promoting strategic events and lending support to foreign investors willing to allocate resources in Brazil. The aim is to attract productive capital from foreign companies that may introduce technological innovations and new business management models into Brazil and to strengthen supply chains. 8 9

7 Brazil, the country of diversity and bibliodiversity The tribute to Brazil at this Frankfurt Book Fair is an opportunity to delve into the rich cultural universe of the country. So, anyone who wants to learn about the best in Brazilian editorial production should take a look not only at books published by major market players. In Brazil there are numerous publishers that deserve attention due to the quality and robustness of their catalogs, built on bases of knowledge that the industry s major players cannot emulate. Brazil boasts the largest association of independent publishers in the world, LIBRE the Brazilian League of Editors (Liga Brasileira de Editores). It is composed of 117 companies that exchange information and knowledge daily through their own network, doing business in a collaborative manner. Some of the country s best publishing imprints can be found among these publishers. In some fields, only they publish the best of literature and essays in the country, for both adults and children. There are publishers whose titles are references throughout the country, in fields like education, popular culture, Afro-Brazilian culture, Brazilian history, sociology, Marxism, literature, literary criticism, sociology, etc.. As the president of this association, I cannot just mention one without giving due credit to the rest. But I invite the reader to to check out Brazilian independent production in particular. I am sure a closer look at these companies will reveal one of the finest features of current Brazilian society: its cultural, political, religious, literary, and intellectual diversity

8 Children and Young Adults 12 13

9 In 2009, we began our work of enchanting readers. We publish Brazilian and international authors and illustrators. Publishing electronic books is a priority for us. We use instudio narration and music to bring books alive for our readers, and, currently, you can find our audio books distributed across a wide range of the most popular digital media outlets. Aletria aims to ignite a passion for reading. As writer Alberto Manguel says, The act of reading brings back voices from the past, sometimes carrying them long into the future, where we might be able to use them in courageous and unexpected ways. For this reason we believe in the process of reading and re-reading for in one moment, we are one with the text, and then in another, we are no longer the same. Av. Afonso Pena, 748. Salas 711, 712 e 713. Belo Horizonte MG Brazil Ms. Juliana Mont Alverne Flores Children and Young Adults Creatures Author: Ronaldo Simões Coelho Illustrator: Angela-Lago Format: 22x24 cm - 48 Pages ISBN: The boy who wanted to become the wind Author: Pedro Kalil Illustrator: Luisa Helena Ribeiro Format: 20 x 20 cm - 56 Pages ISBN: *Available in e-book Jabuti Finalist 2010 FNLIJ 2010 Award in the Poetry category White Ravens Catalogue Library of Munich nd place in the National Library Foundation s 2010 awards, category: children s books. A bat, a frog, a lizard, a gecko. This book is not just about well-known creatures, it s about other ones too. Ronaldo Simões Coelho discovers their details and similarities and writes about them, helping us see how they are similar in many ways to the world around us. Coelho writes in a poetic style such as that of the Woody Woodpecker stories that tickles a giant tree and the locust that pretends to be a leaf. The illustrations for this award-winning book are by Angela-Lago. What can a child do when really missing someone? The result of a harmonious collaboration between friends Pedro and Luisa, The boy who wanted to become the wind shows that long distances between people who love one another can be bridged by relying on one s imagination and sensitivity. The artist Luisa Helena Ribeiro approved the creative graphic design and created illustrations that provide young readers with a fun journey. * 2nd place in the 2012 João de Barro National Literature Competition, Municipality of Belo Horizonte. In the depths of the heart Author: Mauro Martins Illustrator: Marlette Menezes Format:: 24.5 X 27 cm - 40 Pages ISBN: The Cat Boy Author and Illustrator: Pablo David Format: 21x23.5 cm - 40 Pages ISBN: April is a girl who has a deep hole inside her heart. But April is not alone in her quest for an explanation for this emptiness that she thought only she possessed. During her journey, she makes friends and discoveries, but what she learns goes far beyond what she was looking for. A book about the infinite possibilities of love, encounters and solidarity. A sensitive theme masterfully explored in the writing of Mauro Martins, perfectly illustrated by Marlette Menezes. It was a day like any other inside Ismael s apartment. The same activities, the same games until Ismael saw something different out the window! Was it a cat? Funny, it looks like a boy! A story about adventure and self-discovery for the one who has courage to get close to others and make friends. Written and illustrated by the Argentine Pablo David. My Father is a Character Author: Rosana Mont Alverne Illustrator: Maurizio Manzo Format: 20.5x26.5 cm - 40 Pages ISBN: *Available in e-book The last tale Author: Rodolfo Castro Illustrator: Enrique Torralba Format: 20x28 cm - 40 Pages ISBN: Rights sold to: Portugal Do you know any jokesters? They are so funny that they might be anything... you might even say: What a character!. Some of these characters have children, and these children might say: my dad is a character. And yours? Written by storyteller Rosana Mont Alverne, this book is illustrated by Maurizio Manzo, who found a very fun way for the reader to play around with the jokester father. Because, let s be honest, everyone has one! Nobody could remember anymore the day when Jacinto told his first story under that tree. In the neighborhood, rumors were he had always been there. The elders would say that only tales existed before he did, and everyone was sure that the tree, the houses and everything else only existed because Jacinto talked about them. Everyone believed that his stories would be heard forever, until one day A charming book for children and youth, and one that adults will love too. Written by the Argentine author and storyteller Rodolfo Castro and illustrated by the award-winning Mexican illustrator Enrique Torralba

10 Bamboo Editorial is a Brazilian publishing house focused on high quality illustrated books for children and adults. Bamboo s goal is to introduce new authors and illustrators and to make sensitive, full of information and fantasy books that will bring that wonderful feeling of discovery when we found pleasure learning something that we did not know before.and more, Bamboo also wants to combine editorial tradition with new technologies, developing digital products for each of our books. So, readers do not need to choose between paper or tablet: with Bamboo s books, they can have both, making their reading more enjoyable and fun. We make books that remain in the minds of our readers as a valuable source of knowledge and entertainment. Av Faria Lima 1912 cj 208 b São Paulo SP Brazil Ms. Aloma Carvalho Children and Young Adults Curupira, Will You Play With Me? Author: Lô Carvalho Illustrator: Susana Rodrigues What if you were in the middle of the woods and wanted to play? Who would you invite? What games would you play? The book Curupira, will you play with me? playfully introduces little kids to the most important mythological beings of the Brazilian folklore. And there is a surprise at the end: every plays together! I body The book Curupira, will you play with me? was especially created to foster the pleasure of reading. Its format, size, illustrations, text and themes stem from a joint work of several different experts with the purpose of creating an intelligent and playful book. The amazing creatures of the Brazilian folklore found in the book will also charm readers of all ages. Cleo and the Mapinguari Authors: Saulo Ribas and Xavier Bartaburu Illustrator: Fernanda Ribeiro 40 Pages ISBN Pages ISBN there are animals that... Series Author and Illustrator: Toni & Laíse The giraffe has a long neck; the sloth is relaxed; the peacock is a show-off; the penguin likes to flock; and the chameleon can change colors The four books that make up there are animals the that... Series show kids a little about the ways and the peculiarities of many animals: owl, gorilla, anteater, lion, octopus, shark, bee, tiger, zebra, chameleon, tapir, ant, panda, seal and several others. When children read the books There are animals that... Series, they also learn a bit more about themselves too. After all, every child likes, every child knows, every child is and every child has... something of his own. There are animals that know Pages ISBN: There are animals that have Pages ISBN: There are animals that are Pages ISBN: There are animals that like Pages ISBN: One day, Cleo woke up and noticed that a tail had somehow grown on her backside. Very rough alligator tail... With her friend Pingo, she discovered that she is not an ordinary girl, but a Cuca (a mythological creature from the Brazilian folklore)! Cleo and the Mapinguari tells the adventures of fantastic creatures from Brazilian mythology in search of their identity o longer in the forest, but among us. The adventure introduces children to Brazilian traditions. After all, Cleo and her friends are half people, half mythological creatures, but they go to school, have a family, and are growing up just like any other children. Brazil Soccer Guide for Children Author: Lô Carvalho Illustrator: JP Farias 80 Pages ISBN Where is Brazil? Which cities will host the matches of the 2014 World Cup? Brazil Soccer Guide for Children introduces children to the country and the cities that will host the 2014 World Cup. The texts are short, easy to read, well illustrated and filled with information that will introduce kids on the history, culture and geography of Brazil and the host cities. It is a travel guide written for boys and girls that like to play football with a round ball. Animal Sounds! Series Author: Lô Carvalho Illustrator: Ana Alzueta Sigaud The hen cackles and the dog barks. What about sounds that a snake or a crocodile make? What are the names of these sounds? Most people don t know that the camel grunts, the toucan croaks, the jaguar roars and the agouti laughs... How about the armadillo? Poor thing, it whimpers! In the midst of so many noises, thank goodness that great rhea only sighs! The Animal Sounds! Series is a collection of 4 books. They teach kids that animals make a great variety of sounds, and invite everyone to mimic these sounds or to devise ways of writing them. A fun way to learn and play! Brazilian animals 32 Pages ISBN: African animals 32 Pages ISBN: Domestic animals 32 Pages ISBN: Animals in our surroundings 32 Pages ISBN:

11 Callis Publishing Company has been in the market for 25 years with more than 300 titles in its catalogue. Miriam Gabbai founded Callis Editora in 1987 and published Famous Children, its first children s series. Callis towards better education for children and young adults in Brazil. The publication catalogue includes works on art, history, popular culture, music, mathematics, and literature by well-known authors such as Daniel Munduruku, Ilan Brenman, Silvana Tavano, Jonas Ribeiro, André Neves, and Ionit Zilberman. A great number of books have earned recommendations from Fnlij (National Foundation for Children s and Young Adult s Books), winning the Jabuti and João-de-Barro awards. The promotion of Brazilian publications through bookfairs and international events is an important part of Callis mission. Rua Oscar Freire, andar São Paulo SP Brazil Ms. Miriam Gabbai Children and Young Adults Time machines Author and illustrator: Romont Willy Format: 21 x 25 cm - 40 Pages ISBN: The Amazing Story of Rodolfo and Valeska Author: Jonas Ribeiro Illustrator: Tatiana Paiva Format: 21x25cm - 32 Pages ISBN: Nowadays, children use the computer for almost everything. They listen to music, talk to friends, do homework, and lots of other things. But, do they know how those things were done when their grandfathers were young? Time Machines is a funny story about the different ways of learning. Sometimes things are not exactly what they seem, and we can always find different ways to learn. Valeska had many beautiful gowns. All of them were gorgeous, but also HUGE. Nobody could approach her because her clothes were always in the way. One day, she met someone special. As she fell in love, her dresses started to get thinner. Eventually,she let her boyfriend come closer to her heart. Richly illustrated, this book tells a story about the fear of letting people into our lives and how true love can break that barrier. Tell me why? Author: Silvia Zatz Illustrator: Ana Terra Format: 21x25 cm - 32 Pages ISBN: The tale of the two towers Authors: Alessandra de Paula and Graham Meaden Illustrator: Ana Luiza de Paula Format: 21x25 cm - 32 Pages ISBN: The four boys - Joe, Tom, Lou and Max - love to play the why game. They try to find questions adults cannot answer, or they find new answers when they are not satisfied with the adults replies. And there are many questions to think about. Why are there stars in the sky? Why is there sand on the beach? Why do we exist? Why do we need to sleep? Why are children smaller than adults? The answers that the four friends find to these questions are funny,poetic, or simply logical for a child s mind. They can be the starting point for philosophical conversations with young children. Mr. Mouse and Mr. Hedgehog both loved lying in the sun and having tea. One day, disturbed by Mr. Mouses cherry tree, Mr. Hedgehog built a tower in order to lie in the sun without any shadows. As Mr. Mouse discovered the tower, he had the idea to make one for himself to be nearer to the sun. But this created new shadows for Mr. Hedgehog. So the two towers grew taller and taller, until they finally collapsed because of an earthquake. Now, the two friends must try to find a solution together... A special avocado tree Author: Jonas Ribeiro Illustrator: Romont Willy Format: 21x25 cm - 32 Pages ISBN: The peace prayer by St. Francis of Assis Illustrator: Anna Göbel Format: 21x25 cm - 36 Pages ISBN: The story in this book combines trees, moss, a grumpy old man, a dash of humor, and a world of imagination. From that mix, the Special Avocado Tree comes to life. It is a messy and dreamy tree that helps his old friend regain the joy of life. This famous prayer gives hope and strength to people all over the world. Anna Gobel s emotional and beautiful illustrations are a perfect match for the purpose of this text

12 The IBEP Group was founded in 1965 and is one of the major publishing houses in Brazil. The group is formed by four imprints: IBEP, Companhia Editora Nacional, Conrad Editora, and Base Editorial; and three other companies: the IBEP Gráfica (a printing company), IBEPLog, and IBEP Digital. IBEP is one of the biggest textbook publishers in Brazil, in a market that has been recently experimenting a steady, fast-paced growth. Companhia Editora Nacional focuses mainly on commercial books, both from Brazilian and foreign authors. Conrad is the main responsible for bringing to Brazil and popularizing traditional Japanese and Korean comics. Base Editorial is specialized in school programs. The IBEP Gráfica has an area that covers over 37,000 square meters and features the most modern printing equipment available today. Rua Alexandre Mackenzie, 619 Jaguaré São Paulo SP Brazil Ms. Silvia Tocci Masini Ext Children and Young Adults Aquariaroom Author: Francesco Zullino Yunes Illustrators: Sami and Bill 48 Pages ISBN: João e o Mundo Bocão Author: Toni Brandão Illustrators: SOPA 112 Pages ISBN: Aquariaroom is the story of a boy whose bedroom was flooded by a heavy summer storm. The bedroom then became an incredible aquarium, full of fish and other creatures. The place attracts a crowd everybody wants to get to know the fantastic aquariaroom! Written by a 6 year-old boy, this book aims an audience that can relate to its fantastic and imaginative tone. Written in both English and Portuguese, it can help the young reader in learning a second language. Francesco Zullino Yunes wrote this book inspired by a funny dream he had. His father owns a traditional publishing house and his mother is the author of two children s books. What is the World of the Gigantic Mouth? Find out the fantastic world of dreams (or nightmares) that exists inside Johnny s mouth, a boy who doesn t like to brush his teeth. After being turned down by Marcela because of his terrible breath, Johnny finds himself inside the World of the Gigantic Mouth, clueless of what he s supposed to do and why he ended up there. Toni Brandão is a famous crossplataform author. His books have sold over 1.5 million copies and discuss topics that appeal to preteens and young adults in a clear, humorous and reflective style

13 Since Cortez Publishing House was established in 1980 it has released over 1200 titles and grown to become a reference in academia to professors, alumni and professionals alike in the fields of Social and Human Sciences especially in Education, Sociology, Social Work, Linguistics, and Psychology. In 2004, the first catalogue with titles for children and young adults was released and as of June 2013, over 200 titles were published in this category. Today, the high quality works of Cortez s qualified professionals, internationally acclaimed award winning Brazilian scholars, authors, and illustrators are in classrooms of public schools all over Brazil awaking people to the importance of education, mutual respect, tolerance, sustainability, multiculturalism and social diversity. Rua Monte Alegre, 1074 Perdizes São Paulo SP Brazil Mr. Antonio Erivan Gomes Children and Young Adults The boy who collected water Author :Elaine Pasquali Cavion Illustrator: Lucia Hiratsuka 32 Pages ISBN: Rights sold to: Spanish Young boys love to collect things, stamps, rocks, coins, truck toys, and even bugs. Francisco collects water and he has thousands of reasons to collect it. Water nurtures our imagination, quenches our dreams and holds us forever close to everything and everyone we love. Francisco keeps in his room a jar filled with the peaceful and wise water he collected the day he went fishing with his grandpa. And he loves the way water reflects the moon! Every tear, every dive in the river, and every summer shower keeps within itself the simplicity of happiness. Little Captain Francisco invites children and adults alike to navigate through life with love, poetry, and joy. Rita s black sheep Author and Illustrator: Silvana de Menezes 40 Pages ISBN: The ABC of Human Rights Autor : Dulce Seabra and Sérgio Maciel Illustrator: Albert Llinares 64 Pages ISBN: Rights sold to: Spain How great it is to have friends! Rita s best friend is a black sheep. They do everything and go everywhere together. They skip, play on field of flowers and give each other log warm hugs. One day Rita falls ill and the black sheep with a little help from some friends - prepares her a sweet surprise proving they are indeed the best friends ever! An endearing tale of a friendship built on love, understanding, and mutual appreciation, this is a quality picture book with beautifully crafted illustrations that is sure to enchant and entertain both children and adults of all ages. A is for Article and there are 30 of them in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The first one states that all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. The Human Rights is an extremely important document that exists to ensure justice, peace, mutual respect and dignity to every person. They are applicable everywhere and are the same to everyone regardless of creed, race, and gender. This book is fun and entertaining way to introduce the subject to children from an early age so they can build a world ever so gentle, just, happy, understanding and abundant with mutual respect

14 Cosac Naify is recognized for its high-end catalogue and for the quality of its publications. Currently Cosac Naify s catalogue includes over 900 titles distributed among subjects such as Art, Architecture, Design, Photography, Essays, Literary Fiction, both Classic and Contemporary, as well as a distinguished list of Children s books. In 2013, Cosac Naify was chosen as the Best Children s Publisher of the Year in Latin America at the Bologna Fair, the most important literary event in the world dedicated to children s literature. To contribute to the expansion of the readers horizons, to form new audiences and to intervene constructively in Brazil s cultural and artistic debate are some of Cosac Naify s goals. Rua General Jardim, 770 2º andar São Paulo SP Brasil Mr. Ricardo Lelis Children and Young Adults Sinbad, the Sailor Authors: Stela Barbieri and Fernando Vilela Format: 22,5 x 26 cm - 80 Pages - ISBN Hard cover All that Water Author: João Anzanello Carrascoza Illustrator: Leya Mira Brander Format: 15.5 x 22 cm - 96 Pages - ISBN Rights sold to Switzerland Brochure with dust cover Giant birds, bandits who chase elephants, sea horses and deadly storms are just some of the challenges faced by Sinbad, the sailor. Stela Barbieri compared more than thirty translations of Sinbad s voyages to write her own version of the story. The illustrations by Fernando Vilela, author of the award-winning Lampião and Lancelot, which received an honorable mention in the Bologna Ragazzi Award (2007), are inspired by oriental architecture, colors and shapes, using wooden and rubber stamps to recreate the adventurer s universe. In the eleven short stories gathered in All that water, Carrascoza transforms everyday situations into memorable events of deep meaning. The stories approach experiences that stay with us forever, such as one s first love, moving to a new house or one s first time at sea. Chosen as the best short story book in 2012 by APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critcs), it also won the prize for Best Book for Young Readers and Illustrator Revelation from the National Foundation for Children s Books

15 Cubzac Publishing House was founded in 2007 in the city of Recife, in the Northeast of Brazil. It publishes national and international authors in genres such as theater, short stories, children s novels, youngsters and adults as well as in non-fiction areas of education, health and psychoanalysis. Besides classical authors, Cubizac also focuses on the publication of newcomers. The segment for children prioritizes narratives that allow the young reader to reflect on his role as a critical individual, who is able to transform the world with his own knowledge. Our books are distributed and sold throughout the Brazilian territory. Cubzac is a publishing house that believes in the joy of reading and that reading with pleasure leads to a world of knowledge where the reader is never alone. Rua das Pernambucanas, 282 conj. 601 Graças Recife PE Brazil Ms. Deborah Echeverria Children and Young Adults Astrokiss Author: Ana Beatriz Manier 24 Pages ISBN Wandering Donkey Autohr: Habib Zahra Illustrator: Valeria Rey Soto 40 Pages ISBN: Lying on a bench in the garden, eyes wandering the starry sky, mother and daughter start talking. They talk about the stars, about popular superstitions and the Portuguese maritime explorations. While they chat, they change the names of things in a funny linguistic controversy. But be aware! This funny game is just between them. After all, words are inventions and conventions. Playing with words, having fun with them and then taking them seriously. This is the unpretentious aim of Astrokiss, which allows both children and adults to bring words into discussion and talk about their use and origin. Are all monkeys thieves? Are mice as dangerous as people say? What about donkeys? Is it true that they re all dumb? After all, is there really such a thing as a good animal and a bad animal? These are the sort of questions faced by the wandering donkey during his unforgettable journey, full of surprises and new friendships, and, along with every friendship, a new discovery, a new teaching, a whole new way of looking at the world! Using the metaphorical language of fables, Habib Zahra offers young readers a reflection on exclusion, difference and identity. Birdboy Author: André Resende 200 Pages ISBN Ilberon s Eyes Author: Valdir Oliveira 80 Pages ISBN: If he had to choose something to do all day long, Pipo, 14 years old, would choose to stay on the internet playing some online game. Battles, weapons and virtual friends invaded his head. At school, his attention decreased and, with it, his grades. He lost interest in other activities, such as football after classes. When he arrives home, he goes straight to the computer. There, he becomes Birdboy. One day, he receives a request from a girl asking to be his friend on MSN. An intense exchange of messages reveals somebody who is in danger on the other side of the world. Friends from the online game start to interact with Pipo, who participates on a plan to save the girl involving the United Nations, the World Health Organization and embassies. Ilberon sees his eyes being stolen by the crafty eagle Canderina. To have them back, he looks for the support of witch Querencia. On a mix of medieval and contemporary symbols, the misleading witch tries to delude our wise long-bearded protagonist, until the day he decides to go for his eyes by himself. On the way to the Mirante Focal hill, he gets cursed by the spell of Querencia, who turns his body into a wild cat, but cannot change his sagacity and the look of his eyes. It is a battle of giants, where the triumph lies on one s wisdom and generosity

16 D.A. Produções Artísticas founded in 2002 by author, composer and writer Dulce Auriemo has been acting as a publishing house, a record label (D.A. MUSIC) and artistic producer. D.A. was created with the single purpose to develop the Espantaxim Project, based on the children s music literature work Espantaxim and the Little Magic Castle, by Dulce Auriemo. The focus is to make a real contribution to children s music and literature by offering high quality content. The goal is to encourage children to learn music and appreciate reading and literature early on; to highlight ethical and moral values associated with the healthy development of children, to promote sports practice as well as to stimulate nature preservation and culture of peace. site: Rua Gomes de Carvalho, º Andar Conj. 22 Sala 01 São Paulo SP Brazil Ms. Dulce Auriemo Children and Young Adults Espantaxim and The Little Magic Castle 14 Songs Author and composer: Dulce Auriemo Arrangements: Amilton Godoy Illustrator: Villa Nova Format: 23 x 30.5 cm - 84 Pages ISBN l - Book/CD This beautifully illustrated publication is the first book/cd of the Espantaxim Project. The book has 14 songs that ensemble a rich collection of typical Brazilian rhythms and presents the characters of a new children s universe story. Including poetry, music scores and a chapter with pedagogic aspects dedicated to parents and educators. This is the essence of Dulce s literary and musical work. It comes with a CD interpreted by Dulce Auriemo and with arrangements by Amilton Godoy, one of the most important Brazilian musicians. Second edition. It has been adopted by hundreds of schools and institutions. My First Songbook Authors: Dulce Auriemo and Amilton Godoy Illustrator: Gilmar de Godoy Format: 23 x 30.5 cm Pages ISBN Bilingual book/cd Portuguese/English Award 2009 Jabuti Best Didactic/Paradidactic -This Book/CD presents 14 beautiful compositions of the children s musical literature Espantaxim and the Little Magic Castle by Dulce Auriemo, transcribed for piano solos by Amilton Godoy. It is a bilingual edition, richly illustrated with the lovely characters of Espantaxim s Team. This album, containing Brazilian rhythms, is especially dedicated to beginners who have already acquired a little experience with the piano keys. It includes music scores and harmonic analyses for each song and the lyrics translations for the songs to be sung in English. It comes with a CD with all the arrangements, which are categorized, by degree of difficulty. Little Magic Castle of Trovas Author and composer: Dulce Auriemo Arrangement: Amilton Godoy Illustrator: João Alves Format: 22 x 22 cm - 64 Pages ISBN Book/CD This Book/CD leads us to the magical world of poetry. It displays the pedagogic importance of the Trova (the most popular Portuguese poetry) together with music. The story brings the lovely characters of the Little Magic Castle and the kids will discover their favorite musical instruments. Delicately illustrated in watercolor, it includes the sheet music, a musical glossary and an interactive song that, through the same melody, will enable children to sing all the Portuguese poetry. It includes a CD with the song Trovas do Castelinho, the playback and some explanatory tracks where the author, Dulce Auriemo, tells how to use this funny and instructive book. Makiko & Tatuiuiú The Forest Guardians English Edition Author and composer: Dulce Auriemo Arrangement: Amilton Godoy Illustrator: Gilmar de Godoy Format: 22 x 22 cm - 76 Pages ISBN Book/CD Book/CD that tells, in 7 chapters, a moving story about two new ecological characters, Makiko, the monkey and Tatuiuiú, the armadillo, born together in the heart of the largest rainforest on the planet. Since childhood, they become aware of the Amazon forest devastation, and always concerned with the nature preservation they are seen as heroes who deserve a beautiful song. It shows a realistic view of the forest s animals against the invasion of the man in their habitat. It includes a CD that brings the story narrated in Portuguese, with the sound effects of the forest and a song created by Dulce Auriemo: Makiko & Tatuiuiú - a Brazilian rhythm, capoeira. Babies Collection ABC Colors 123 Author: Dulce Auriemo Illustrator: Gilmar de Godoy Format: 12 x 15 cm - 28 Pages ISBN The Babies collection contributes to children s education as a playful and attractive way of introducing children to the alphabet, numbers and colors through lovely images and words with the presence of 18 friendly characters of the Espantaxim team, created by Dulce Auriemo. Babies will find, among the drawings, their new friends of Little Magic Castle and will certainly learn a lot with them. Contains 3 beautiful and practical booklets ABC colors created purposefully in an ideal size and shape so that babies can hold them very easily. Makiko & Tatuiuiú Guardiões da Natureza Author and composer: Dulce Auriemo Arrangement: Amilton Godoy Illustrator: Gilmar de Godoy Format: 22 x 22 cm -76 Pages ISBN Book/CD Book/CD that tells, in 7 chapters, a moving story about two new ecological characters, Makiko, the monkey and Tatuiuiú, the armadillo, born together in the heart of the largest rainforest on the planet. Since childhood, they become aware of the Amazon forest devastation, and always concerned with the nature preservation they are seen as heroes who deserve a beautiful song. It shows a realistic view of the forest s animals against the invasion of the man in their habitat. It includes a CD that brings the story narrated in Portuguese with the sound effects of the forest and a song created by Dulce Auriemo: Makiko & Tatuiuiú - a Brazilian rhythm, capoeira

17 Present in Brazil since 2004, Edições SM s main commitments are to encourage reading and the development of reflection and creativity in children and young people, forming critical readers and conscious people as well as supporting teacher s work in their role as educators.a variety of themes, several classical and contemporary authors and illustrators categories from Brazil and from others countries, literary and graphic quality are trademarks of SM catalogues. Thus, this catalogue was elaborated thinking of young readers, respecting their world, their needs, fantasies and anxieties, however without ignoring the importance of learning and reflecting about the past, about dilemmas and the demands of the present and the future. Rua Tenente Lycurgo Lopes da Cruz, 55 Água Branca São Paulo SP Brazil Ms. Mariana Zanacoli Children and Young Adults The Dragon s Wings Author and Illustrators: Janaína Tokitaka Album Collection Format 30 x 25, cm - 32 Pages ISBN Spacey Rita Author: Armando Antenore Illustrator: Rita Taraborelli Album Collection Format 23 x 15.5 cm - 32 Pages ISBN While one dragon lives on a mountain, another is living in a cave. They are alone, far from each other, and they have never met. One day, they both decide to spread their wings and fly freely. Amidst the unknown landscapes, such as snowy mountains and skyscrapers, there is a devastating surprise. A sensitive look at loneliness in a book with an oriental touch, written in prose and haiku formats. What does Rita ride on when she is daydreaming? Does she float on the steam from a teapot? Sweep through space on a banana zeppelin? Cross a sky of fruit on a bicycle balloon? When it comes to escaping the chains of the earth, Rita goes a long way, traveling to a variety of places full of tastes, textures and colors. This book - along with Júlia e Coió - are the first titles in the Que figura collection! A Doll s Life Author: Vera Lucia de Oliveira Illustrators: Maria Eugenia Poetry Collection Format 19 x 19cm - 36 Pages ISBN Maracatu Nation Author: Fabiana Ferreira Lopes Format 19 x 19 cm - 48 Pages. ISBN Do dolls feel fear, cold, have fear? Do they call out for their fathers, beg for their mothers? Do dolls dream, walk in the rain, go on honeymoons? Do dolls ask for dolls? In this book, dolls are bursting with life waiting for you. Masking her debut as a children s poetry writer, Vera Lúcia Oliveira relates the desires, fears and exploits of these creatures with souls in their cloth frames: simple mirrors of the children who play with them. During carnival in Recife, Maracatu groups reconstruct cultural manners that African peoples left behind when they came to Brazil as slaves. Dressed as kings, queens, ladies and pages, players enact a coronation pageant to the beat of original percussion instruments like bumbos, tambores, chocalhos and surdos. Another Parties and Dances collection volume, which includes Festa da taquara and Bumba-boi. The Moon Author and Illustrators: Renata Bueno Album Collection Format: 17 x 24 cm - 24 Pages ISBN Alfayaguayara Author and Illustrator: Nelson Cruz Album Collection Format 21.5 x 21.8 cm - 48 Pages ISBN How is it that the moon ended up in the mouth of a fish, on a cat s tail, in Nara s hair, on the king s beard? Look carefully and pay attention: restless, it is everywhere, hidden in the most unlikely places. Where do you think the moon has decided to hide now? An entertaining way to correlate forms, through poetry and illustrations. Uncle Einstein is missing. Fascinated by the stars, he disappeared right after telling his family about a cryptic dream he has had and whispering Alfayaguaiara into his nephew s ear, while sticking in his pocket a drawing, illustrating the map of the stars. Years later, the boy, who is now a young man, types the mysterious word he has never forgotten into a computer. Suddenly, an Arabian lamp appears on the screen, where he could read: Rub here. This is the password to amazing revelations about his uncle s whereabouts, the reach of science, the mysteries of the Universe, and the power of perseverance

18 Editora Ática, with over 50 years of successful history, bears in its catalogues leading series of textbooks and Literature for Children s and Young Adults which have fostered education for generations of Brazilian people. With countless titles and authors awarded with Prêmio Jabuti, among other relevant prizes, Ática has been responsible for innovations in the editorial area such as, among other initiatives, the now famous teacher s guide, a format that has been largely adopted. Featuring iconic series such as Bom Livro, Vaga-lume and Para Gostar de Ler, as well as some of the greatest Brazilian authors, Ática conquered a vast and faithful readership. Since 2004, Editora Ática is part of Abril Educação, one of the leading educational groups in Brazil. Av. Otaviano Alves de Lima, º andar São Paulo SP Brazil Rights Department Ms. Sintia Mattar Children and Young Adults The Target Author: Ilan Brenman Format: 22.5 x 27.5 cm - 32 Pages ISBN: Thorny Brushwood of the Deep Jungle Author: Ricardo Azevedo Format: 17 x 24 cm Pages ISBN: In a small Polish town, there was an old teacher who helped people by telling stories. He was always able to find the right story for the right person at the right time. One day, a student asked him how he did it and he replied by telling another story: there was a young boy who loved archery. One day, he came across more than 100 targets, each with an arrow right in the center. Who would be capable of such a feat? A 10 year old boy solved the mystery: First I shot the arrows and then paint the targets around it. So, the old master explained to his students that he did just as the boy: he listened to people s problems and then painted a story around their difficulties. In the 16th century, a 15-year-old boy finds himself abandoned after the death of his mother, who was persecuted on false charges of witchcraft. He is fated to join the Portuguese overseas fleet, setting off on a risky voyage to the New World. His ship is wrecked, however, and the boy faces months of solitary survival in the unknown and exotic lands of Brazil in its early historical period. Encountering settlers, he witnesses the curious relationship between catechized natives and the Portuguese. Amidst passions, encounters, dangers and discoveries, the youngster is exposed to the conflict between established truths and the unrest of a vibrant and questioning life. The Athenaeum Author: Raul Pompeia Script and artwork: Marcello Quintanilha Format: 19 x 26 cm - 96 Pages ISBN: Look There! Author: José Paulo Paes Illustrations: Rubens Matuck 17.5 x 30.5 cm - 16 Pages ISBN: At the age of 11, Sérgio must leave behind his toys, the comfort of his home and his caring parents to enter a new phase: boarding school. He is enrolled in the prestigious Athenaeum commanded by an also illustrious director: Aristarco. At first dazzled by the aura of excellence that hovers over the school, Sergio finds himself alone in a completely foreign world. Behind an acclaimed modern education that attracts the children of the elite to the great school of its time, we discover a tyrannical system, driven by the greedy excesses of the director. Keeping the original text of Raul Pompeia, Marcello Quintanilha creates a masterpiece in comic book form. The animals of the Brazilian fauna are the protagonists of this delicate masterpiece by José Paulo Paes and Rubens Matuck. It consists of eight poems accompanied by beautiful watercolors, each one dedicated to a different creature: the ant, the macaw, the sloth, the alligator, the hummingbird, the anteater and the agouti. Through short and amusing verses, the book stimulates children s sensibility to the expressiveness of language. In the Dark Night Lays a Tree of Wonders! Author and illustrator: Ricardo Azevedo Format: 20 x 24 cm Pages ISBN: The First Kiss Author: Marcia Kupstas Illustrator: Eduardo Medeiros Format: 14 x 21 cm - 56 Pages ISBN: Once upon a time there was a range of stories that great-great-grandparents told great-grandparents, who told grandparents, who told parents who suddenly stopped telling them. They are stories about life that spread radiance and magic anytime, anywhere, and yet are at risk of being lost forever. But before they disappear completely in the dark night, Ricardo Azevedo, a researcher of Brazilian folklore and an exceptional storyteller, chose some of the most delightful tales and wrote them down the way everyone likes to hear them: from parent to child. Alex is unhappy with his new life in a big city apartment. He would rather go back to the countryside, where he could play in the street, his parents had time for him and no one called him a hick. Back in his town, he had no problems at school and did not have to put up with obnoxious girls like Beth. She could just leave him alone, especially now that he was being punished for something he didn t do... If someone would just let him explain himself he would have much to say. Not knowing how to deal with so many changes, Alex barely notices the transformations occurring inside of him. But conflicts do not prevent him from experiencing one of the best discoveries in life

19 To us, publishers, Editora Baobá represents the fulfillment of a long-term project. It was created with the purpose of offering to the public works which express our commitment to ethics, aesthetics and playfulness in the education of the young readers inspiring them to be engaged citizens with society at large. Holding this catalogue and flipping these first pages of Editora Baobá, you will find both wellknown authors and new talents, a variety of genres, from prose to poetry, drama and short stories. All the material is carefully selected, aiming to please not only the young readers, but parents, teachers and those who will, somehow, become the link between literature and the education of our youngsters. Rua Selênio, 292 Bairro Prado Belo Horizonte MG Brazil Rights Departament: Ms. Maria Zoé Rios Fonseca de Andrade 55 (31) Children and Young Adults O Quarto Porquinho Author: Angelo Machado Illustrators: Luis Sartori do Vale 36 Pages. ISBN O Incrível Mundo Dos Nínuys Author: Antonio Navarro & Zu Escobar Illustrators Jovan de Melo 72Pages. ISBN Inspired by one of the most famous classics of children s literature, The fourth piggie, filled with wonderful illustrations and written in a lovely, charming way, will surely entertain the young reader. The adventurous narrative will not only instigate his curiosity on finding out the identity of the fourth little pig, but also make him aware of the possibility of creating new versions for a classic fairy tale. With an unexpected outcome, this book presents a playful, ludic reading experience to those taking their first steps into the world of literature In this book, two enthralling stories are woven in parallel to describe a magical world, inhabited by fantastic characters, in which the adventures of three friends - Dorotéia, Nicolinos e Débora - take place. Permeated by the allegorical language peculiarities, the text invites the reader to participate in the unfolding of the story, to engage with the magical atmosphere of the book and the emotions experienced by the three friends. Both the discoveries made by the main characters and the emotions experienced by them are an invitation to the reader to get into the fantastic world of the Nínuys, stimulating the taste for reading. O Torcedor Verde-Amarelo Authors: Zoé Rios. Illustrators: Mário Silva ISBN Que quintal! Author: Laís Corrêa de Araujo Illustrators:Thais Mesquita 24 Pages ISBN The yellow-and-green fan approaches soccer and the World Cup in a different manner than the usual. It emphasizes the social and cultural aspects of the Brazilian soccer fans and the emotions they experience when watching a football match. The book also brings up the Brazilian people interacting with soccer fans from other countries during this great international championship. Rythm, rhymes and attractive images encourage the quest for more nuts and bolts about the sport. Reading this text, the young football fan will surely be amazed by the way the Brazilian soccer fans experience this great celebration of the sport. In Brazil, with the growth of big cities, houses are being demolished to give place to apartment buildings. The houses and their backyards are slowly disappearing and it is precisely about these spaces that What a backyard! is about. Blossoming with life pets, plants and people Laís backyard is a sprightly place, where different sounds and noises mix together, a constant celebration, inviting kids to play and grown-ups to recapture their childhood. In the words of the poetess Thais Guimarães in her presentation-poem: all it takes is to enter this book for the readers to find a place which is so very lovely and full of bliss, Laís backyard. O Lobisomem Que Quase Morreu De Medo Author: Ronaldo Simões Coelho Illustrators: Warley Assis 28 Pages ISBN The cunning little mouse Author: Vander de Melo Ribeiro. Illustrators: Carolina Merlo 20 Pages. ISBN In this book, the world is seen from a different perspective, inspired by elements of children s imagination. The captivating narrative - a mix of humor, horror and thriller - offers to the reader a playful experience, full of new emotions and feelings. The editorial design offers to the young readers an easy, amusing experience, and will also arouse their interest in folkloric literature. The images used to illustrate the book add realism to this funny fictional narrative. A story which will surprise the young readers. As the main character a cunning little mouse presents the possibility of reinventing reality, he provokes a reflection on what is out of the ordinary, the ideas of the unusual and the unexpected. The text is enriched by illustrations which are appealing to the taste of the novice readers

20 Claridade, part of the Nova Alexandria Editorial Group since 2002, publishes books on general knowledge, spirituality, health, wellness and children s literature. In an effort to diversify its editorial line, Claridade also included the genres of fiction, short stories, and humor in its current catalogue. We have selected for this exhibition a few titles highlighting children s literature, food and health. However, you can find all our titles in the Nova Alexandria Editorial Group s catalogue. Av. Dom Pedro I, 840 Fundos São Paulo SP Brazil Rights Departament: Ms. Juliana Messias Children and Young Adults The Fox s Tail Author: Costa Senna Illustrator: Murilo Silva 28 Pages ISBN: The Fox s Tail combines two traditions in a single book: fables about foxes and cumulative tales. Metaphors for human behaviors, the fable, from Aesop to La Fontaine and passed on by Phaedrus through a sea of anonymous people, has one foot rooted in the magical and another in moral formation. The cumulative tale, whose origin disappears during European Low Middle Ages, also tends to have a formative dimension, despite its popular and entertaining function. The Battle Between Oliveiros and Ferrabrás Author: Leandro Gomes de Barros Adapted by Klévisson Viana and Eduardo Azevedo Illustrator: Klévisson Viana and Eduardo Azevedo 52 Pages ISBN: Written by Leandro Gomes de Barros ( ) at the beginning of the 20th century, The Battle Between Oliveiros and Ferrabrás is a classic work of Brazilian cordel literature and tells how Charlemagne and his knights battle the invaders, but do not prevent the destruction of the city. Back in the Iberian Peninsula, Ferrabrás with all his bravado challenges the French knights to a one-on-one duel. Despite being wounded, Oliveiros steps forth to battle Ferrabrás. Illustrators Klévisson Viana and Eduardo Azevedo recreate this story in comic form, fully preserving the original text written in verse. Zungo Zunzungo Author: Antonio Elias de França Illustrator: Rafael Limaverde 24 Pages ISBN: Concerns of a Frog-Bird Author: Luiz Galdino Illustrator: Rafael Limaverde 32 Pages ISBN: Retold by Antonio Elias de França and illustrated by Rafael Limaverde, Zungo Zunzungo gathers popular verses from children s games and nursery rhymes found in Brazilian oral tradition. The clarity in rhyming, repetition of chorus, musicality of words and distinctive vocabulary not only evoke children s emotions, but also reference popular culture. Often poems like this are chanted in groups accompanied by rhythmic clapping. Concerns of a Frog-Bird, geared towards a young audience, combines the Brazilian fauna and flora to discuss very relevant issues today: being respectful of differences and the right to self-esteem. The book deals with the relationships between forest animals, starting with a frog determined to make himself more bird-like in order to become beautiful in their eyes. The result might not be ideal for anyone involved, until an ever unpredictable, but equally desirable element intervenes: love

Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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PHOTO BY A TELLING STORIES THAT MATTER A TOOLKIT PHOTO BY A TELLING STORIES THAT MATTER A TOOLKIT AUTHORS AND CONTRIBUTORS Author Kiran Singh Sirah has developed a number of award-winning peace and conflict based programs in museums and cultural centers

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CATCHING THEM YOUNG. How involved Are Young Sierra Leoneans in the Art of Writing? Good Bye Teachers Good Bye Friends

CATCHING THEM YOUNG. How involved Are Young Sierra Leoneans in the Art of Writing? Good Bye Teachers Good Bye Friends Vol 1 A Publication of Sierra Leone PEN No.1 CATCHING THEM YOUNG How involved Are Young Sierra Leoneans in the Art of Writing? Good Bye Teachers Good Bye Friends Honorary PEN President Talabi A. Lucan

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Festivals: Challanges of Growth, Distinction, Support Base and Internationalization

Festivals: Challanges of Growth, Distinction, Support Base and Internationalization Festivals: Challanges of Growth, Distinction, Support Base and Internationalization TABLE OF CONTEST PREFACE 4 PART ONE An overview of the festivals involved in the project 10 1.1. A presentation of the

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Practical guide. Sensitizing school communities on street children issues using non formal education methods

Practical guide. Sensitizing school communities on street children issues using non formal education methods Practical guide Sensitizing school communities on street children issues using non formal education methods 1 2 ORGANIZATIONS DYNAMO International Street Workers Network In partnership with: ARSIS (Greece)

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A practical guide to improving boys literacy skills

A practical guide to improving boys literacy skills Me Read? No Way! A practical guide to improving boys literacy skills Contents About This Guide......................................................... 2 Who the guide is for.....................................................

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2009, 2010 Government of Alberta, Advanced Education and Technology

2009, 2010 Government of Alberta, Advanced Education and Technology This publication can be ordered online or downloaded at ISBN 978-0-7785-8131-4 For copyright or more information about this resource, contact: Advanced Education and Technology

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You re Not Alone. The Journey from Abduction to Empowerment

You re Not Alone. The Journey from Abduction to Empowerment U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention You re Not Alone The Journey from Abduction to Empowerment You re Not Alone The Journey from

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California High School Exit Examination. English-Language Arts Released Test Questions

California High School Exit Examination. English-Language Arts Released Test Questions California High School Exit Examination English-Language Arts Released Test Questions California Department of Education October 2008 2008 California Department of Education (CDE) Permission is granted

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Foundations of Interpretation Curriculum Content Narrative. Foundational Competencies for All NPS Interpreters

Foundations of Interpretation Curriculum Content Narrative. Foundational Competencies for All NPS Interpreters Foundations of Interpretation Curriculum Content Narrative National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Interpretive Development Program Foundational Competencies for All NPS Interpreters This

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with a great concern in literary quality, illustrations and graphic project. In 2013 we complete 13 years of existence.

with a great concern in literary quality, illustrations and graphic project. In 2013 we complete 13 years of existence. EDITORA BIRUTA is a children s and youth publishing house, with a great concern in literary quality, illustrations and graphic project. In 2013 we complete 13 years of existence. IF YOU NEED FURTHER INFORMATION

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PROSPECT S DESCRIPTIVE PROCESSES 1 PROSPECT S DESCRIPTIVE PROCESSES THE CHILD, THE ART OF TEACHING, and THE CLASSROOM and SCHOOL Revised Edition Edited by Margaret Himley Revised Edition edited by Lynne Strieb, with Patricia Carini, Rhoda

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About the Performance...

About the Performance... Sofrito! David Gonzalez with Bobby Sanabria s Cuarteto Aché At Ordway Center What s in this Study Guide? About the Performance pg. 3 About Sofrito! pg. 4 The Art of Storytelling pg. 5 Music Styles and

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THE ONE WORLD SGHOOLHOUSE THE ONE WORLD SGHOOLHOUSE............ EDUCATION REIMAGINED SALM AN KHAN l T W E L V E NEW YORK BOSTON Copyright 2012 by Salman Khan All rights reserved. In accordance with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976,

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Selling the way your customer wants to buy... Not the way you like to sell!

Selling the way your customer wants to buy... Not the way you like to sell! Selling the way your customer wants to buy... Not the way you like to sell! shfgsgh Unleashing the Power of Consultative Selling Selling the way your customer wants to buy Not the way you like to sell!

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A Toolkit for Promoting Empathy in Schools

A Toolkit for Promoting Empathy in Schools A Toolkit for Promoting Empathy in Schools Back-ups scheduled for March 31, 2013 1 Presented by: Ashoka The Ashoka Story: Ashoka is known for its relentless insistence

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Assessing. Career Planning. The First Step in. What am I good at? What do i want to do?

Assessing. Career Planning. The First Step in. What am I good at? What do i want to do? Assessing you The First Step in Career Planning What am I good at? What do i want to do? WHERE DO I Start? Assessing You The First Step in Career Planning Career Practitioners and Educators Assessing You:

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International Journal of Education & the Arts Editors Margaret Macintyre Latta University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U.S.A.

International Journal of Education & the Arts Editors Margaret Macintyre Latta University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U.S.A. International Journal of Education & the Arts Editors Margaret Macintyre Latta University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U.S.A. Christine Marmé Thompson Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.

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Easy Ways for Families To Help Children Learn

Easy Ways for Families To Help Children Learn Easy Ways for Families To Help Children Learn Activities and Suggestions for Families to Enhance Learning for Children Preschool - Grade 6 Deborah Davis NWREL s Comprehensive Center Edited and Revised

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Knowing GOD. The Good and Beautiful. by Matthew Johnson

Knowing GOD. The Good and Beautiful. by Matthew Johnson A p p r e n t i c e S e r i e s C u r r i c u l u m Knowing The Good and Beautiful GOD L e a d e r G u i d e by Matthew Johnson TABLE OF CONTENTS Instructions...2 Study Schedule...2 Opening Retreat...3

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Premier s Message 3. Minister s Message 5. Introduction 7. Our Vision: We can build the best education system in Canada 7

Premier s Message 3. Minister s Message 5. Introduction 7. Our Vision: We can build the best education system in Canada 7 Contents Premier s Message 3 Minister s Message 5 Introduction 7 Our Vision: We can build the best education system in Canada 7 The Cornerstones of Change 8 Three Clear Goals 8 Commitments 9 COMMITMENT

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AP English Literature and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition Professional Development AP English Literature and Composition Close Reading of Contemporary Literature Curriculum Module About the College Board The College Board is a mission-driven not-for-profit organization

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The world of positive energy. John Baselmans

The world of positive energy. John Baselmans The world of positive energy John Baselmans Curaçao, 2008 This book is written by; John Baselmans (2006) Illustrations are from the hand of; John Baselmans With thanks to all those people who are supporting

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it s complicated the social lives of networked teens danah boyd

it s complicated the social lives of networked teens danah boyd it s complicated new haven + london it s complicated the social lives of networked teens danah boyd Published with assistance from the foundation established in memory of Philip Hamilton McMillan of the

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The Foundations of Place-based Learning

The Foundations of Place-based Learning Learning to Make Choices for the Future 1 The Foundations of Place-based Learning If you don t know where you are, you don t know who you are. Wallace Stegner z Seventh-grade students use approved scientific

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Abril Group São Paulo, 2006

Abril Group São Paulo, 2006 The Abril Group São Paulo, 2006 Principles Focus on the client Profitability Competitiveness Values Excellence Integrity Pioneering Spirit Respect for People Vision To be the leader in integrated multimedia,

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He was learning to read, but he wasn t learning to live.

He was learning to read, but he wasn t learning to live. He was learning to read, but he wasn t learning to live. Socially inclusive learning in a community setting Greg Marston and Jeffrey Johnson-Abdelmalik Greg Marston and Jeffrey Johnson-Abdelmalik Illustrations

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Advanced Techniques for Work Search

Advanced Techniques for Work Search Advanced Techniques for Work Search Target your work search Develop your network Market yourself effectively Stand out in an interview Government Career Practitioners This workbook was developed to help

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