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1 WINTER two are twice as nice Another location coming soon!

2 Heart to Heart Atlanta Humane Society Doubles its Effort and Size The time is right. The cause is worthy. The desire is burning and just. The team is prepared. The longest journey begins with the first step. July 2009, the Atlanta Humane Society Board of Directors passed a strategic plan that directed the humane society to expand in order to enhance its mission and vision. The present location of AHS has served the organization well and will continue to do so in the future. There are no plans to eliminate or change any functions presently performed at AHS on Howell Mill Road. However, it is now time to broaden the organization s geographical pawprint. Over the past 137 storied years, AHS has operated extremely successfully from its one location. The Atlanta Metro area has grown significantly over that time. In order to better serve animal welfare needs and further our mission, expansion has been approved and will be pursued. The strong financial position, operational management capability, and strong Board allow for the logical next step in the progression of Atlanta Humane Society. Atlanta Humane Society is the leader in animal welfare initiatives and outreach in the Southeast. The partnerships we ve developed and proven volume of animals we ve helped is expanding at an ever increasing rate. The only way to keep up with the expanding demand and volume is to increase the capacity, improve education and enhance programs. This, in part, is being done through establishing a second AHS location. Few projects are without risk and this expansion, while vital and necessary, is no exception. Atlanta Humane Society will never set forth without the assessment of all foreseeable risk and try to mitigate all visible circumstances of risk. As the saying goes, you can t steal second base with your foot never leaving first. The time is right. The need has been established and Atlanta Humane Society is the correct organization to step up as the leader in animal welfare and bring all humane groups together to end pet overpopulation and animal cruelty. AHS, with 137 years of experience, has earned the right to do more and do better. We have the knowledge, know how and desire to be the best we can be. It must however, be done in a prudent and fiscally conservative manner. The truth of the matter is the realization that the bigger and better job Atlanta Humane Society does, the more lives of needy, disadvantaged animals are saved. The time is right. The cause is worthy. The desire is burning and just. The team is prepared. The longest journey begins with the first step. Atlanta Humane Society is taking that step to save more lives. Expansion plans have begun in the North Fulton area. Further details will be forthcoming. We will not be able to embark on doubling AHS s outreach without the help of all our compassionate donors and contributors. Thank you so much for your help and support. Enthusiastically, Carl Leveridge President Atlanta Humane Society and SPCA of GA, Inc. 2 ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER 2010

3 2010 Executive Committee Officers Chairperson Mr. Horace Nalle Vice Chairperson Ms. Wendy Hart Secretary Ms. Cindy Voyles Treasurer Lindsey Forsythe Lindsey Forsythe Susan Gordy Wendy Hart Marsha Holcomb Thornton Kennedy Robert Lindner Lisa McKay Horace Nalle Kay Quigley William Shaheen Cindy Voyles Anna Ware Neil Wasser Ex-Officio Mrs. Susan H. Gordy 2010 Board Members Michael Abreu Judge T. Jackson Bedford Abby King de Perez Gwynie Dennard Craig Eister Lindsey Forsythe Susan Gordy George Hart Wendy Hart Lance Hirsh Marsha Holcomb Phillip Holloway Thornton Kennedy Chrishaunda Lee Robert Lindner Lisa McKay Horace Nalle Greg Norred Virginia Philip Debby Pirrung Randolph P. Martin, MD Kay Quigley Ann Salo Jack Sawyer Brian Schmitt William Shaheen Pam Smart Mike Smith Bill Tolar Cindy Voyles Anna Ware Neil Wasser Janice Bracken Wright Ronald White Marti Wilson David York Executive Staff President Carl Leveridge Executive Vice President Richard Rice Senior Vice President of Development Cathy Sleva Vice President of Development Deborah Marshall Vice President of Administrative Services Richard Gilmer Vice President of Finance Chris Slee Vice President of Medical Services Gloria J. Dorsey, DVM, MPH Key Contacts Director of Operations Andrea Peacock Donor Relations Shemitria Smith Behavior & Training Mailey McLaughlin, M.Ed Special Events Karla Dempsey Volunteer Services Ashley Vitez Design/Web Teri French Web Website Follow Us Atlanta Humane Society Blog Location/Hours Atlanta Humane Society SPCA of Georgia 981 Howell Mill Road NW Atlanta, GA Administration Weekdays Adoptions Weekdays Weekends 9am - 5pm 11am - 7pm 10am - 6pm Animal Admission Monday Sunday 9am - 3:30pm Veterinary Clinic Weekdays 9am - 5pm Behind Shelter on Howell Mill Rd. Shelter closed on major holidays. Telephone Numbers Adoptions Animal Admission Veterinary Clinic Administration fax Our Mission To prevent neglect, abuse, cruelty, and exploitation of animals and to assure that their interests and wellbeing are fully, effectively, and humanely protected by an aware and caring society. ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER

4 Surgical Utility Vehicle Makes a Difference On August 6, 2010, the local community and media joined the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) in unveiling its HEART Surgical Utility Vehicle (SUV) - the newest addition to the AHS family of rescue vehicles. The purchase of this mobile unit was made possible through a generous donation by the Holland M. Ware Foundation as part of an ongoing commitment to reduce pet overpopulation in the state of Georgia. Since then, the SUV has travelled to numerous locations throughout the state providing low-cost spay and neuter services in communities that recognize the importance of pet sterilization, yet are unable to afford or access these services otherwise. The SUV is a 45 ft. 5th wheel trailer equipped with a stainless steel surgical suite and an animal holding area that can accommodate approximately 49 pets. The unit provides a clean environment optimal for performing surgeries. All surgeries are performed by board-certified veterinarians who routinely perform procedures on animals housed at the AHS shelter. As an extension of this outreach initiative, pets altered on the SUV also receive a complimentary 1 year rabies vaccination and 24 PetWatch microchip. Surgical events are scheduled at locations across north and central Georgia. Additional information on the SUV program, including a schedule of dates and locations, as well as pricing information can be found online at The ongoing success of this program greatly depends upon support from local communities. If you would like to be a part of this initiative by hosting and promoting an SUV event, contact us about becoming an SUV Ambassador. You can also make an impact in your community by sponsoring an SUV event or by donating to this life-saving program. For more information on becoming an SUV Ambassador or sponsorship opportunities, please call or Purebred Mutt Club Now your pooch can finally have papers! Just because your pet isn t necessarily pure doesn t mean it can t be a pedigree! After all, every breed at one time started out as mix of some kind This is a salute. To the mixes. The blends. And the half-breeds. A salute to the lovable, four-legged concoctions who warm our lives. Yes, this is a salute to the mutts. The Atlanta Humane Society s Purebred Mutts. The Purebred Mutt Club celebrates these wonderfully unique animals that are a breed unto themselves. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they re all pure-breeds to us. Join us as we give the Purebred Mutts of AHS the love and attention they deserve. Sign up to become a member of the PMC, or better yet, come by the Atlanta Humane Society and adopt your own Purebred Mutt. The Purebred Mutt Club is as exclusive as a Purebred Mutt himself. Membership is a one-time $15 fee that goes directly to promoting and growing the PMC and Atlanta Humane Society. With this membership you receive: An Official PMC T-shirt Membership Card PMC Certificate Quarterly PMC News Of course there is one other way to become a member of the Purebred Mutt Club. Simply adopt one our many Purebred Mutts. Each animal comes with a PMC membership and a certificate detailing their unique breed. Visit us at 4 ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER 2010

5 Yes, it s that time of year again! The Atlanta Humane Society s successful fundraiser, No Ball At All s m, is in full swing is the 20th year for our signature non-event. Over the years, No Ball At All has raised much needed funds to help care for our agency s Society Pets. So, instead of having a fancy party and paying for food, entertainment, and decorations, all the money raised goes to help the AHS homeless pets. However, if you do want to get together with fellow animal lovers, a No Ball At All s m Patron Party will be hosted by Board member Pam Ward Smart in the spring. This event is open to all donors who make a No Ball gift of at least $350 per person. Once again, Knox Jewelers is donating a custom-designed pin, Johnny Cain of Southern Style Studio has agreed to photograph the event for us, Atlanta Flower Market is providing our centerpieces, and Extreme Staffing is providing bartenders. If you d like to receive an invitation or you need more information, please call Subject: Thank you! I adopted my dog, Nathan, from Atlanta Humane Society almost ten years ago. Nathan is a (suspected) corgie mix, and is the most wonderful dog on earth. He has the sweetest disposition, and is the best pet anyone could imagine. He has turned my father-in-law, who previously did not like dogs, into a doglover. He is incredibly tolerant of my 2-year old daughter. He has turned my husband (then-boyfriend at the time of his adoption) into a dog-lover. My parents, family, and friends adore him. He has brightened my life through graduate school, law school, and through the first 5 years of my professional career. He s moved with me from Atlanta, to Knoxville, to Dallas, to Austin, where we live now. He s been a great snuggler on cold nights, and great companion when the weather is beautiful and calls for lounging in the shade of our backyard on a hot summer day. He has ears that are as soft as velvet, and fur like a soft teddy bear. He just had surgery to repair his ACL, but he s healing great. We suspect he injured himself while chasing squirrels in our yard- ah, to live a dog s life! He should be back in the squirrel-chasing game in another six weeks. I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful companion. Ten years ago, I visited your facility on a whim, without much intention of taking home a puppy that day. However, when I saw Nathan, it was love at first sight, and he s been such an important fixture in my life, my husband s life, and our daughter s life, that I can t imagine how the last 10 years would have been had I not taken him home that day. We ll be sending a thank you donation to your facility this year, in honor of Nathan s 10th birthday. Thank you for all that you do, and for all of the animals you help. Kindest regards, The Grossman Family Here at the Atlanta Humane Society we try to keep up with the growing internet trends. Social media is a great way to keep in touch with our fellow pet lovers and supporters. The AHS blog keeps our subscribers up to date on the latest issues, events, and animal education. The blog also offers ongoing series such as Tips, Tricks, and Tools by Mailey (our resident animal behaviorist and trainer) and Interview with an Intern (what it is like to work for AHS). Please Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. We have all kinds of trivia, caption contests, and prizes for our followers to win! It is also an excellent resource to keep up with our adoptable pets. We love to hear from you so please feel free to upload your pictures and tell us your adoption success stories! Follow us at Atlanta Humane Society Blog: AHS Facebook page: AHS Twitter page: ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER

6 Simba and Kristen Send us your Friend For Life photo and story. Mail to Atlanta Humane Society, Attn: Heart Editor, 981 Howell Mill Road NW, Atlanta, GA We are looking for stories about animals adopted from the AHS shelter who have been constant companions for many, many years. Please include your name, address and phone number for verification. Friends for Life is a trademark owned by the Iams Company and is used under license by the Atlanta Humane Society. Men and Angels During my first day of caring for Richard he was informed that he had been deemed hospice appropriate. He was delighted that know that there was a room for him at a beautiful, safe, non-judgmental facility, but he was torn. In his heart he knew that he could not go anywhere without his beloved pet, Mitzi. Mitzi was an 18 year-old Pomeranian who came into Richard s life when she was just eight weeks old. She was his one true, loyal and constant companion. Mitzi was never far from his side. She would greet the customers who entered his flower shop, and accompanied him as he traveled the country. Richard was quite ill at this time, but as he told me about Mitzi the color returned to his cheeks, light came to his weary eyes and his anxiety melted into calm serenity. It was imperative that they be together. When we met with Richard s case worker she informed us that Mitzi was entirely welcome to stay with him throughout his hospice stay if he could document that her vaccinations were up to date. As it turned out, Mitzi s vaccinations were not up to date. She had always been a remarkably healthy dog, and because of the expense Richard incurred regularly for his health care, Mitzi had not been to a vet in years, and he did not have the resources to pay for these vaccines for her. By now our entire staff had grown very fond of Richard and Mitzi. It was decided that our team Friends For Life Dear AHS, Around Thanksgiving 10 1 /2 years ago, I came to AHS to adopt one adult cat. Instead, a kitten and a 1 1 /2 year-old cat in the next cage caught my attention and were not going to let me walk away without them. I left with both! I thought I could only handle one animal at that time, but now I can t even imagine not having both Simba and Ansley. I can t understand how anyone let them go, but am so happy you all took them in and cared for them until they were home with me. They keep everyone in stitches with their playfulness and loving personalities. As you can see, Simba loves to ride around on my back or around my neck (all 17 pounds of him!), while Ansley can jump as high as my waist when she s chasing her bird toy. They both love to nap in the sun on their window perch. Years after adopting them, I still remember that day around Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for them then and throughout the year! Thanks you, AHS! Kristen Moody would pay for Mitzi s vaccinations, so she could join Richard immediately. Then the phone call came. Richard s former roommate called to tell him that while he was moving furniture out of the house Mitzi had slipped out the door. Richard was devastated. Mitzi had never been an outside dog and possessed no street smarts. The temperature all week had been in the 90s and the house was located on a heavily traveled street. How could she survive for long in these conditions? A long, anxious week ensued. Each day I checked in to see if Mitzi had been found, but never received the news I was hoping to hear. Finally, a full week to the day Mitzi went missing, I received the call They found Mitzi and I cried tears of joy and gratitude. As it turns out, Mitzi was found the very first day she went missing. An anonymous angel rescued her and kept her safe for awhile until the Atlanta Humane Society could admit her. This angel even got Mitzi all of her required vaccinations! Mitzi was ready to be reunited with her Richard. I finally met Mitzi and visited her and Richard as often as I could. She always could be found resting contentedly at the foot of his bed. They were together and happy. A few weeks into their reunion Mitzi exhibited trouble breathing and with her balance. After a visit from the vet she was placed on medication and bounced back quickly. A few days later as I came in to work I learned that Mitzi had died over the weekend. I immediately went to see Richard, who assured me that he was OK and said I asked for just a little more time with her and I got it. She died in my arms. My friend Richard died the following Saturday, exactly one week to the day he lost Mitzi. Richard and Mitzi are clear examples that the bond between animals and humans cannot be underestimated. I believe that Mitzi s sudden illness and unexpected death were her way of telling Richard that it was OK to let go. Neither could have lived without the other. Now they are reunited again Richard is healthy and robust, while Mitzi is a blonde, brown eyed pup. From all of us who were touched by Richard and Mitzi, thank you to that kind, anonymous angel who found Mitzi and brought her to Atlanta Humane Society that scorching July day. And, thank you to all the angels at Atlanta Humane Society, for all the good work you do for so many nameless, faceless people and animals, especially our friends Richard and Mitzi. I hope you all recognize yourselves in their story and realize your role in giving this story a happy ending. God bless you. A Story by Michael Veillette, RN 6 ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER 2010

7 Sunrise of Decatur Claire, the House Puppy of Sunrise Assisted Living of Decatur In January of 2010, the Chief Executive Officer and other company executives of Sunrise Assisted Living visited the Decatur community at 920 Clairemont Avenue in Decatur. The visit was special considering that Sunrise had over 370 communities and 40,000 team members. Overall, the high profile visitors enjoyed the site inspection and found the Decatur community to be upholding the company s principles of service and mission. However, one deficiency was noted by the executive clan: there was no house pet (dog). Domiciling a house pet is a Sunrise Assisted Living signature, along with fresh cut flowers, afternoon socials, and weekly outings. Not having a full-time house dog was not issue of neglect; in fact the community sort of borrowed the golden retriever of their Marketing Director. Whenever she came to work, the adult retriever tagged along. This arrangement proved beneficial: the director did not need a pet sitter, and the Sunrise staff didn t need to deal with vet visits, feedings, and regular pet care responsibilities. When the Marketing Director decided to start a family and leave Sunrise Assisted Living of Decatur, the lab departed as well. This is why the executive visitors did not see a dog in the building. Thus, as result of this corporate visit, the directive was given to acquire a dog immediately. The Executive Director(ED) of the Decatur Community, Kara Anderson, called together her management team and sought input on how to go about making a successful pet acquisition. The managers made insightful points about many residents aversions to dogs; have an appropriately sized dog with a good temperament for a community of 85 residents, with an averaging age of 85 years old! This directive had an additional stipulation. The dog needed live in the building by the end of the week. Team discussions started on Tuesday. Executive Director Anderson partnered with her Activities and Volunteer Coordinator (AVC) to acquire a dog as quickly and smoothly as possible. The Activities Coordinator coined the term that we needed to Get a Dog in a Day. And so they launched the campaign to bring a dog home to Decatur. After a call to the Atlanta Humane Society, members of the Sunrise Decatur staff were invited to visit and meet the current Society pets. On Thursday January 21, 2010, the Sunrise ED and AVC traveled to the Atlanta Humane Society; on this day they adopted a 4 month old Labrador Mix puppy. The community voted on her name. The name Claire was chosen because she now lived in a home on Clairemont Avenue. (The building is located at the intersection on Scott Boulevard and Clairemont Avenue- if the puppy was a male, he might have been named Scott. ) Pups with Santa Has your pet been naughty or nice? Let Santa be the judge of that! Bring your pet to sit in Santa s lap this holiday season and have his or her picture taken for the family Christmas card. Santa will be at Doguroo on November 5, 6, and 7 as well as November 19, 20, and 21. Sittings at Doguroo are available by appointment only, so check our website for details on registration. In December, Santa will head to Atlantic Station s Central Park to pose with you and/or your furry friend by the famous Atlantic Station Christmas Tree! He will be there December 3, 4, and 5 as well as December 10, 11, and 12 from 6-9pm each night. No reservations are needed for this special sitting and cats are welcomed, too! Proceeds from Pups With Santa will benefit the Society pets in need at Atlanta Humane Society this holiday season. Doguroo is located at 1456 Northside Drive. MIDTOWN WEST ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER

8 In Memoriam Bequests and gifts remembering these cherished friends... These memorial donations were received between January 1, 2010 and September 30, Gifts received after that date will be included in the next issue. Bequests and gifts remembering these cherished friends... J. J. Adams by Ms. Harriette W. Bell Ginger Ackerman by Emelyn Arnold James Hicks Alexander, M.D. by The Andrew Heaner Family, Beth and Marty Owens, O. W. Hogan, Jr., Robert T. Johnson, Dunwoody Country Club, The Mangum Family, Dick and Alice Smith, Betty R. Thomas, James and Maybeth Rogers, Charlcie T. Forehand, Jane and Jack Essex, Natalie Hagan, Whitney and Brian Frank Marilyn Alikonis by Jill M. Bush Frances Jones Allen by George and Donna Hankins David Ashworth by Tara Robie Virginia Ginnie Elder Snyder Bailey by K. Maier, Caryl G. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George Chase, Robin A. Schmahl, Hugh Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bridges, Jr., Linda Smith, Jones Day, Elizabeth W. Dykes, The Lawman Family, David S. Phillips, Mrs. Charles H. Peterson, Deborah Sudbury, James R. Johnson, Stephanie Parker, Mrs. Kathryn M. McGrew, Johanna Wise, Associated Brokers, Inc., Matilda Dobbs, Irene Kent, Susan M. Hooper, Sheryl G. Bear, Claude and Camille Payne, Grace and Dodd Cook, Julie Shepherd, Susanna Rains, Sary Newman, Rhonda Taubin, James Shepherd, Kate Furfari Martinez and Marc Martinez, Sarah Booth, Rebecca Smith, Carol, Kathy, and Ginny, Lisa Giamoni, Jones Day, Beth and John Hesmer, Kendra Moon, Mike and Amy Bailey, Leanne Dennis, Dianne B., Donna Hayes, Albert Davis and Julie Conley, Mary Ellen Clar, Kim Johnson, Diane Przywara, Megan Taylor, Jason Williams, Don Walden, Greg and Judy Hanthorn, Scott and Pam Specht, Darby and Darlene Yale Charles Baird by Donna and Norman Perkins, Dawn Abrams, ATF, Brad, Teresa and Andrea, Ed McKita Donald Barris by Debra and Fred and Family Ann Snyder Bartlett, Miss Scarlett and Tommy Two by Denise A. Mummert, Royce Duncan, Roberta T. Pace, Cindi Mette and Ernie Baker, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Pennington, Diane S. White, Joan Hug, Bill Sanders, Karen J. Hardin, Elaine Vann, Lawton Lee Tollison, Iris M. Demery, Mrs. Viola Buford, Kathee and Harris Radford, Pat and Jens Valle, Suzi and Greg Giannoni, Mike and Jennifer Buford, John H. Drake, Fran and Joe Harris, Kay Beebe, Joan Parker, Mary Lauterbach, Joan Kaufmann, Carol Peterson, Linda Whitaker, Faye Williams, Susan Ware, Benson s, Inc., Carr, Riggs and Ingram, LLC, Kathleen B. Greene, Jeffrey W. Jowdy, Rhonda I. Striplin, Teresa and Fred Bioust, Bonney and Billy Shuman, Carol Hutchinson Johnson, Betty Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. George Dieterle, Garth Barrows, Charlene and Kelly Minor, Gifford, Hillegass and Ingwersen, LLP, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Maddocks, Trammell Newton, G. Laurence Coppedge, Laney, Boteler and Killinger, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals Georgia Chapter, Judy and Allen Poole, Selwyn and Jim Simmons, Kristi G. Cato, Mrs. Lee T. Newton, Anita Vann, Southern States Marketing, Inc., Eric A. and Christine K. Peterson, the Sisters of Tri Delta (University of Georgia), Brenda Kauffman, Gary V. Sledge, David H. Gambrell, Anna N. Smith, Gus Arrendale III, Richard and Lana Champion, University of Georgia Terry College of Business Board of Directors, Ron and Judith Bobo, Patti and Rob Hoyt, Terry R. Childers and Ruth Cooper, Rhonda R. Luce, Jan M. Connors, Sandra H. Wilder, Beth Dresher, R. Jason DCruz, Kathy Deberardinis, Ashley Ahern, Brenda and Gail Fesser, Laura E. Fowler, Hazel Hilsman, Dot Marett, Sandy Boyles, Mrs. Honey H. Shackelford, Mary and Phil Goode, Natalie N. Chase, Frazier and Deeter Foundation, O. W. Hogan, Jr., Colin E. and Jessica M. Blalock, Lisa Boyette, Linda R. Whitaker, Helen Rhea Stumbo, Robert E. Minnear, Mary Aiken Wright, Al Floda, Rick Salcedo, Robert Mandelbaum, Norine and David, Nick, SignatureFD, Jack and Wendy, Scott and Sabrina Serafin, Suzanne Verity, Paige Grisette, Jason and Kristen Coleman, Robinson and Miller, P.C., Debbie, Bill and Jake Hardin, Mr. and Mrs. William Blashke, Gina Gondron Hubert C. Barton III by Kata Carbone Sarah Swanson Belcher by Jacquelyn J. Hahne Brian Beussee by Mary P. Beussee Leigh Bielenberg by Leaders Bank, Amy and Angie Joe Bowdoin by Jerry Weaver Doris Faulkner Bradford by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Host Chloe Brown by Lou L. Norton Lois Boardman by Robert E. Boardman Eugenia T. Bonanno by Janice L. Winkler, Lai-Ping Sciuto, Phyllis and Joe Tokos, Corinne Mull and Jeff Milsteen, The Delan Family Leigh Bottoms by Tadd Haum Coleen Bowman by Jay A. Weisman Susan Boyd by Jeanne Marie Marcil Kathy Brandenstein and Winken Cat by Anne Horne Lucille Brooks by Rita and Dave Mary Elizabeth Broome by Jade L. Kurtz Lawrence Sidney Sid Brown by Paulette Brown Glen Burgess by Felicity Roger Burgess by Lamar and Shirley Perry Thomas Jonathan Butler by Dean Jim Curran, the Deans Office and the entire Rollins School of Public Health Joseph Buttleman by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Host Joyce Byrd by Pam Wood Mary Katherine Byrne by Mary Beard, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman, Donald and Margaret Gautreau, Greenwood Communities and Resorts, John and Barbara Buckley, May Louise Bosson Storey and Family, Tom and Bobbi Meany, Big Canoe POA, Doc and Donna Malone, Penny and Pete Watzka, Doris and Lou Kirouac, Susan and Frank Virgin Betsy Caldwell by Rachel A. Mathews Sid Calvo by Julia and Jeremy Fare James D. Campbell by The Worrells, James Lewis Glenn, Virginia K. Bondurant, Bob Glenn, Godfrey and Sheila Blake, Lonny L. Janes, Linda W. Allender, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Body III, Sarah T. McDaniel, Lisa M. Chalmers, Joann and Tom Gallagher, Steve, Cherry and Frank Harris, Leslie Holland, Nancy and Joe DeLany Veronica Carden by Sheila J. Dye Lauren Jean Carman by Charlie, Chicky and Family Dr. Richard Castle by Paces West Homeowners Association, Inc. Lori Chamberlain by Lauren Cate McGahan Christine Cheesman by Shawn Hitchcock Evelyn Clements by Bonnie and Bruce Bennett Kimberly Cleveland by Wayne K. Smith Harvey Cohen by The Wilhites Clay Collins by Phyllis B. Collins James A. Colquitt by The Lewis Family John R. Comer, Sr. by Carolyn and Sam Coker Peggy Conner by Dr. and Mrs. Armand Hendee, Cary and Bill Thorpe Eleanor Constargy by Carolyn C. Wasser Lois Cook by The Hugh Randall Family Sidney Adamson Cook by Mr. and Mrs. David M. Black Mary Anne Hargrove Coolidge by Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Sweeney, Foye and Ray Chapman, Your friends at Lanigan Insurance, Mr. and Mrs. Pete M. Ebersole, Anne Letbetter, Key to the City Connie Ellis Copeland by Beverly Bush Peggy Copeland by Lou Cumming Marian Cronin by Barbara Schwartz Joseph Gerard Cusick III by Jessica Cusick, The Nostaw Group, Ann Marie and Bill Kinzer, Sandra J. Sharer, Mel Emerson, Todd Emerson, Maureen Haas, Fischer Connectors, Inc. Darlene Davidson by W. John Davidson, Sr. Cleonard Dawkins by Al and Ginnie Hopkins Addie Deering by Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sanet Richard David Deets by Joan S. Spofford Margaret B. Dennis by Several Friends from the Office at Troutman Sanders LLP, Gail Smith Bill Devereaux by Seslee and Geoff Mattson William Dilts by Janice Kane and Family, Charles and Margie Tatter Marian Cecelia Diltz by Jim and Mary Funsten Doc and Margaret by Bruce Klein Elaine Dowis by Haynes Bridge Middle School, Lisa Lewy, Vicki Denmark, John, Sadie, Jake and Chelsea Kennedy, Barbara A. Prechter, Ella H. Moore, Laura A. Kaufman, Randee, Tom, Kathy and Kevin Smith, Carol Meyer Irvin Dubinsky by Your friends at Powers Ferry Philip James P.J. Duffy, Sr. by Eileen Corrigan, Charlice G. Wenger, Judy and Paul Faletti Shirley Dye by Sheila J. Dye Loraine Elliot by Vicki and Jack Gold, John and Carol Hausen, Bernard Nardini - Capitol District By-Products, Inc., Glen and Stacie Rubin, Phyllis and Jim Stiltner, Hauser Trucking Corporation, Bayla Wald, Marilyn Brizel, Alan and Alice Tobin Zaff, Deborah and Alberto Mizhari, William M. Bobo, Steve and Cindy Slutsky, Judith and Anthony DeChiro, Beth Thayer, Awards Atlanta, Judy Mapstone, Sissy Steinbreder and Joan Marcinko, Marcie Hirshberg and Gary Dreyer, Sheila and Tony Olga Ellis by Holly Holton, Paul and Liliana Major Meredith Emerson by Marilyn A. Bruce, Leigh-Anne Spokane, Holly Greene Alice Evans by Steve and Kris Widner Lillian G. Farrell by Laura O Callaghan Shani Fecht by Friends of Shani (Angi) Carolyn Feiler by Shirley Smelter Espy Sidney Farber by Patricia S. Aronoff Michael Scott Feinstein by Teresa D. Hoyt, Jennifer Lang, Danielle Pedderson, Amy Livingston Lourenco, Mrs. Lynn, Corey Cappelloni, Mary Moore, Friends of Mike - Roy Satterwhite III, Patrick Powers, Elyse S. Sharfman, Holly Grimes, Susan E. Story, Anita K. Brotherton, Mary Ann Sloan, Selisa M. Wright, Deborah M. Giesen Nadine Bowers Ferguson by Eva B. Thielke Marti Fesseden by The Shields: Susan, Will, Brody and Margot Donna Flagg (Mlynksi) by Donna s Spherion Family 8 ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER 2010

9 Saerreé Fielder by Lenore and Chris York, Nicole Annes Nancy Finley by Dave and Colleen Hazel E. Flierl by The Youngdales Lisa Floch by Martha Kim Stephen Flynn by Michael and Sylvia Flynn Allen Friedman by Alan and Karen Bragman Rita Freeman by Stephen and Sharon Paskoff, Stewart and Ann Marie Factor, Doug, Jane and Wade, Linda Trickey, Dan and Sandy Sigmund, Mark and Molly Padilla, Stacy and Jon Regitsky, Elarbee Thompson, Frank Moiger Mary Ann Frontz by Judy Power Sue Funk by Felicity Robert Lee Gaston by Glynn A. Jenkins, Alice Eriksson Forrest Thomas Tommy Gazaway by Steve Goodman, Pam Simon Paul Albert Gleason by James and Ruth Barnwell John Gooding by Iris amd Barbara Schwartz Tom Goodman by The Wilhite s Mary J. Gordon by Lynne Gordon Ernst Mary S. Gordon by John and Linda Roger Gould by Nancy and Zane Pollard Granny by Jean Jordan Mr. Gras by Adele Grout - Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc. Kimberly Green by Nadeen Green and Ned Cone Lawrence Martin Greene by Judy Frankel Hugh Reeves Grigereit, Jr. by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Host Dan Guimond by GDOT/Chip Meeks, Highlands at Akers Mill, The State Road and Tollway Authority, Cookie and John Fosselman, Jo, Bob and Carmen Simon Adam Gundling by Nancy Pierce Gus Gustafson by Tarin Crookston Coach Guthrie by Sharone and Scott Bolnick John Guthrie by Your friends at Savannah Drywall, Luis Grillo Sam Hale by Jean Glenn Opal V. Hammond by Jerry Smith Family, Kenneth and Sandra Smith Mollie Hampson-Dawkins by Thomas B. Hampson Sylvia Hansell by Jean Jordan Paul Heitgerd by The Gang Jean Hewett and Her Dogs by Roberta Capo Elizabeth (Betty) Ann Hodges by Nancy G. Taylor, Peggy and Rod Vetterlein, Kathy, Ned, Matthew and Amanda Sparkman Julia Holden by Richard and Karen Shick Sally Ann Taylor Holland by Betsy Pape, Patricia J. Chennault, Jeannie and David Dyson, Jane C. Carney Michael Hope by Etteene T. Hope Mervyn Houston by Byron Henning Duke Howell by Catherine McCrary Sara Kathryn Hoyt by the Employees of RelayHealth Morgan Humphries by Stuart J. Alston Julie Hungerford by Ann Stacy Patsy Culver Hurst by Brian S. Brown, Frances W. Ramsey, Barbara F. Martin, Mrs. Marvin (Ellen) Davis, Cathy and Art Rollins, Madge Sidwell, Mrs. Frank (Dodie) Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hawie, C. Dale Harman, Carolyn Kelly Baker, Jane and Bill Roszel, Pamela Couch - A. Montag and Associates, Dana Foster, Elizabeth and Frederick Muller, Sharol and Earl David Paul Isringhausen by Carroll, Sue, Patrick Holland and Marianna Mellon Mary Izzo by Your Friends in Information Systems at Atlanta Medical Center Robert Jackson by Joe and Gladys Jackson, Mary Leveridge Charlie Jenkins by David Whittier Shirley Jenkins by Donna Vann Richard Kaufman by Merrill and Gina Shemaria Ryan Henry Keeton by Marc, Sandra and Zane Adams James Kellogg by her Tables and Chairs, Inc. Family Trish Kelty by Craig and Margaret Smith Charles Joseph Keyes by Kay and Bud Thompson Charlotte Kiss by Karen Ross, Ph.D. Minnie Kolodkin by Judy and Barry Frankel Serafima Kolotilin by KLG, LLC Lynn B. Kosky by Lindsey M. Forsythe, Mary and Larry Hansen, Sammy R. Merrill Linda Burgner Krebs by Ms. Jobeth Watson, Mrs. Jo P. Watson Sarah Lambert by Milholland Family William Bill Lassiter by GTC Cosmetology Class of 2010 Jack Leonard by Kay and Bud Thompson Myron Levin by Sue Levin Gloria Lewis by Vicki Lewis, Cade and Courtnie Lewis, Andrew and Sasha Asumaa Lisa Lewis by Contact Center Team - CCCS Louise Lewis by Catherine and Rick Chernecky Randall Lewis by Marion Hood Reba Lois by Marie Kurtzer Edward Holt Ned Lovell by Eric Strickland, Cynthia McCall, H. Boyd Pettit III, Anverse, Matthew J. Santini, Terry and Shirley Cockrum, Tom and Billie Gibson and Howard Miller, Karl and Dee, Tom and Bonnie Wall, Patsy Spencer, Jason and Gerard Jody Lowe by Sandra L. Davis Adrianna (Peggy) Mannaert by Marie M. Boone, Julie E. Oster, Charna C. McCurry, The Murray Family James Ryan (Jim) Marietta by Eileen Corrigan Roy A. Martin by Margaret Wood Mulligan James Mitchell (Mitch) Mason by The W.W. Henry Company Addie Belle Bogard May by Jeanne Marie Marcil Nola May by Nancy F. Kent Edward Mazer by Jody and Ken Franco Richard Dick McBride by George Davis and Lynna Davis Howard McClelland by Betty M. Parker John McClure by Paul W. Rush Tom McClure by Griffin B. Bell Annette Hightower McCullough by Stuart J. Alston, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moore, Suzanne Allan, Holly Lanahan, Elizabeth and Paul Ray, Jr., Jane and Major Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil L. Walker Jon Randall McGee by Rachel Knutton, colleague of Chuck McGee, Julie Taylor Sam H. McPhaul by Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Starr Marjorie Elizabeth Plaster Meeler by Steve and Betsy Shi Barbara Mortimer by Dr. Karen Weekes Brendan Miller by Maureen Nipaver Patsy Howell Mills by Sharon M. Steeves Alison Mitchell by Helen and Jim Anderson, Nancy and Tad, Leanne and Clay, Elizabeth and Pierce and Shirley James H. Mize by Kathy and Sammy Oates Mary Ann Tattrie Moon by Your AJC Family, Kristine Ellis-Petrik, Moon by Deanna and Rudy, Ann M. Bell-Honan June Moore by The Phillips Family (Janet, Lynn, Cindy, Angela and Julian) Judge Charles A. Moye, Jr. by John G. Despriet, Janet F. King, George and Violet Reynolds, Robert I. Uhl, Beverly B. Martin, Don and Sondra Autry, Doug and Seunhee Pike, Jeanne de Boer, Pat and Ron, Judge G. Ernest Tidwell John Naughton by Ms. Connie Baker and Ms. Kay Moski George M. Nault by Christine M. Papazian, Steve and Kathy Barbiere Family, Jill Kalish Donald Neustadt by Virginia and Henry Woodhead William Newlin Papi by Cindi and Mescal Knighton Jean Nichols by Jennifer and Tom Venker Herbert and Mary Lou Ninemire by Carol J. Ninemire Margy Nowack by Clare M. Ohara Barbara Oberlander by Martha Wilson, Barbara Durkee, Meeraine Canon Howard Michael Oppenheimer by Jean W. Frey, Ross Lane and Company, LLC, Jones Morrison and Womack, PC, Carriage Nissan, Inge Robbins Anna Virginia Jernigan Pace by Hurwitz and Fine, P.C. Mary and Howard Palmer by Bill Milton Sara Papp by Kevin and Patty Gretchen Paprocki by Michael G. Chapman, Luise Bruno Travis Payne by Max Dupree and Tom Kalmbach Sheila Pearce-Harris by Mom and Moe, Mike and Jill, Julie and Gregg and David Hollis M. Peek by Elizabeth Higginbotham, Tommy and Kay Mary Percevecz by Mark Brown and Family Amber Perry by Linda Perry Christine Peterson by Cathy Temple Pamela Peterson by Elinor C. Eaves John L. Peurifoy by Roger F. Hensley Sophia Pia by Barbara Blender Kenneth Pittman by Piedmont National Corp. Paul Prescott by Crawford Communications, Inc. Rosalind A. Prince by Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Prince Zach Proctor by Dianne G. Proctor Andrew Pusateri by Marilyn K. Weigle Gary Rackow by Gina and John Johnson Jonathan Ratner by Stacy and Andrew Kushner, Shirley and Stanley Cohen, Roger and Dana, Aaron Lebovitz and Donna Myers, Dr. and Mrs. David Greene, Ann Gordon Berss, Barbara E. Fine, Frances C. Eizenstat, Faye L. Peterken, Sherry Z. Frank, Jerry Cooper Nancy Richey by David M. Armitage, Walter Moeling, Dr. and Mrs. Lyndon Waugh, Kay and John Marshall, the Partners of Bryan Cave Powell Goldstein, Susan and Paul Concannon, Katherine Koops, Clarence and Dianne Roberts, GlassRatner Advisory and Capital Group, Bill Shearer, Glen Bailey, Vjollca, Victor and ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER

10 Joe, Ann and Jay Ferebee, Dana and Jim Rawls, Pat and Tom McNeill, Eliot Robinson and Liane Schleifer Mary Rissanen by Kathy Zankos Nan Strater Ross by Fran and Mary Jo Dzikowski Travis M. Ruark by Walter and Kimberly Ruark Linda E. Saltzman by Charlie J. Weeks Barbara Sausville by Mrs. Jean Brown, Mrs. Peggy Wilhelm Terry Schuck by Diane M. Zeman, Tom and Helen Greg Schutt by Rachel Bell Louis Schwartz by Geraldine Schwartz Audrey B. Scupine by Linda and Michael Friedman, Jim and Janet Brandt, Mary R. Harrison, Doug and Becky King Susan Mette Serena by Connie Holmes Larson Kathryn (Punky) Seaton Shank by Laura Peterson, Kathleen Watkins, Mary Naylor, Carol DiBattiste, Jan and Terry Boutiette, Renee, Kat, Anna, Marsha, Deb, Marc, Shelly, Creighton, Leslie, Sam, Joe, Darren James M. Shaw by Fran and Dave Prentiss Wilmer Shifflett by Susan Gauntt Laddie Shull by Charles and Carol Horne Willard Shull by Ardath Weck Harvey Siegel by Andrea and Richard Settles Lottie Silva by John R. Silva and Sharon T. Silva Tommy Siragusa by Cathy A. Siragusa Ryan Small by Nancy and Jason Brener Aimee Smith by Troy and Janice Ayers Cheryll (Sherri) Smith by Billie Hackemeyer Eileen Smith by (Ms.) Clyde Thomas Roger and Elizabeth Smith by the Staff of WSB-TV Jonathan David Spanier by Carol and Henry Nagel, Earle D. Balis, Dr. and Mrs. John B. Neeld Jr., Bill and Sariece Rubin, Tom and Linda Hill, Charlotte Wilen, Carolyn G. Gold, Claire and Arnold Balser, Lyn and James Hansberger, Reene and Jay Weinstein, Shirley and John Wender, Marcia and Allan Rosenberg, Edith M. Kipling, Marion and Ken Goodman, Beth Hope Goodman, Suzy, Hadley and the boys, Bob and Merrie Beth Donehew, Alan and Barbara Kaplan, Sherry and Zack, Dean Cambron, Bruce and Judi Schindler, Merrill and Michael Stern, Herb and Ann Alperin, Suzi Brown, Herb and Martha Blondheim, Judy and Sam Appel Florence Faye Sparkman by Ginger Amoni Brian Andrew Spruell by Mr. Rodney Moore Rita Stevenson by Lori Fuller Robert W. Storey by Walter F. Gordy, Marie McLain Shirley Harris Strickland by Friends in the Georgia Tech College of Computing Office of Communications, Thad Starner and Tavenner Hall, Carrie D. Edwards Evelyn Terrell by James Hallenberg, The Wallflowers, Uma Iyer, Dennis and Lynda Barnes, Francis Lyew-Kong Emilee Thomas by Hinson and Evelyn McAuliffe Sara Davis Tillis by Dovie and Irv Helen Tolar by Katey Breen, Ingrid Harder, Dewy and BillyBob, Fred and Martha Fuerst Bob Tolsma by Dennis Tolsma Jayne Trillo by A Woman s Place Staff Timothy Tim Trivers by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Nix Dr. Carl J. Tschappat by Jane Leigh Lassiter, The Staff of Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool, Lee Crowe, Kelly and David Asbury, Gul Anne, Uncle Ali and Brother Onur Betty Anne McKenzie Tucker by Ellen Feinsand Ruby Vann by Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Dunbar and Family, Jeanne Krise, Robin Jones Fred Veal by The Slocum Family Shirley Verner by Jeff and Joe John von Hohenstein by Valorie Baylis Rivero Adelaide Waller by Christina Grimes, Barbara Blender James Jim Wallin by Barbara Wallin Isabel Warren by Mary Bart Houston John A. Watson by Barbara P. Langlois John A. Wayt, Jr. by Mrs. Thornton Kennedy Lillian Klein Webb by Ms. Libby A. Wilson Alfred G. Wich by Harry and Marilyn Mayer, Lola and Bubba Molly Willis by Patricia A. Marshall Andrew Barrett Wilson by Keely Haynie, Georgia Masonry Supply John T. Winn by Megan Ann Hopkins Ken Woods by Linda Kearney Walter Warren Woolsey by Ann Hudson Ed Wylie by Al and Charlotte Duggan, Brian Tencza, Cheryl Lackey Erwin Zaban by Bill and Cindy Voyles, Ben and Krist Voyles, Kathy West Andy Zebrowitz by ipartners (David Zebrowitz s employer) Jan Carol Zoellner by Joyce F. Zoellner Gifts remembering these beloved pets... Abby by Jeanne Guidetti, Nancy and Harold Alexander Abby by Mom and Dad Abby Rose by Randi Drake Abby Young by Nancy and Sioux Ada by Boyd Coons Addy by Lisa, Kenny, Stephanie and Wayne Alabama by Stuart Albert by Mom (Linda Ginn) Alex by Pam and Will Attridge Alicia by Misty, Spooky and Ginger Allie and Ben by Jan Amy by Meg and Mike Schneider Andy by Wendy, Bill, Ezzy and Jagger Shepherd Angel by Jayne and Molly Anushka Nushi Sobin by Lisa, Jack, Shel Ansley Puls by Mom and John April by Emelyn Arnold Archie by Sheryl Adair Ariel Hess Johnson by Syl Murphy Atlanta Cat Jenny by Judith B. Anderson Aubie by Maura Mandyck, Susan Grattan Audie Murphy by Audra, Matt and Duncan Auggie by Betty and Ron Austin by Katherine and Laura Autumn by Jacki Brown Avalon by William T. Milton Inc. B Brain by The Statons Babe Martin by Dawn and Justin Baby Raiford by Erin Baby Raiford by Ned, Vanessa, and Scarlett Reid Bailey by Molly Bailey by Fran Cain Bailey by Greg and Trisha Addicks Bailey by Kara and Ty Bailey by Christopher and Bob Bailey by Connie H. Baker Bailey Bonvissouto by Melanie Trammell Bailey Graves by Julia K. Greene Bailey Kahn by David B. Kahn Foundation, Inc. Bailey LoPinto by Donna, Ralph and Will Gensler Bailey Statham by Constance and John Statham Baily by Caro and William Bama by Betsy and Phil Culberson Bandit by Sharon T. Silva Banjo by Wayne and Steve Banjo Flanagin by Scott Johnson Barlee Smith by Bill and Lynn Sapp Barney by Kurt and Stephanie Bart by Gail Russell Baxter by Georgia Baxter Sontag by Suzanne and Steve Protz Beauregard by Cat Clinic of Cobb Bean Miller by Beans Parents Bear by Bob and Linda Beare Gilgor by Tricia and Michael Beau by Spot For Dogs Beau Gardner by Leanna Ampola and Family Becky by Mary Johns Bella by Jill Canelli Bella by Leo and Catherine Gentile Bella Blackmon by Robert, Lindsey and Nala Belle by Mona, Eileen and Eileen Belle by Jenni Ferguson Belle Mitchell by Alan, Susan and Katie Rose Bentley by Mom and Billy Cohen Berkley by Scot and Emily Bert by Scott and Donna Betty by Jean W. Jordan Big, Bubbles, Coco, Schoshi by Gail and Al Shulhan Binny by Ruby, Saffy, and Ethan Biscuit by Claire and Frank Summers Bishop and Zero by Richard M. Ducar Blackie Jones by David Jones Blaze by Adele and Robie Bo by Harriet, Parks and Robson Bo by Steve and Laurie Bo by Ms. Grace Rich and Tanner Bob by Deb and Murray Bob Soran by Shari C. Steinberg Bogey Heil by Todd Bogie Betts by Jodi and Ryan Bones Morgan by Drew Blake Family Boo by Greg and Trina Boo, Ginger, Sugar, and Lizzie by Frederic W. Schumann 10 ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER 2010

11 Boomer by Nancy and Paul Segal Boomer by The Danhof Family (Marcia) Boots by Cat Clinic of Cobb Boots by Kelly Bootsie Boy by Sandy Prillaman Bootsie Murphy by Aunt Lisa, Coker Appleton Boris by Dan Monroe Bosco by Kathy and Jim Braxton Beebe by The Muellers Bridget by Laurie and Steve Adley Brie by Kristen and Bill Brie by Marsha and Thomas Holcomb Britt Clay by Dawn Clay Britt Staelens by The Sorans Bubbles by Ellen P. Rafeedie Buck Carmichael by Nancy R. Morrissey Buddy by Jo Anne, Gene and Steve Buddy by Susan, Senita, Rebecca and Amy Buddy by The Schepps Family Buddy Andrew Nix by Ella Nix Buddy Glenn by Jean and Jack Glenn, Jill Helmer, Betty, M.A and Libby Buddy Mitchell Craven by Mrs. J. Warren Mitchell Buddy Sokolowski by Shelly and Ansley Buffy by Ann Walker Bumper by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rupe Buphey by Marion, Margaret and Cy Burt by Spook Bradley Buster by Beth Buster by Laura, Scott, Kaci and Kellen Buster and Toody Dog by Michael Shivers Buster Hailey by Robert Hammond Buster Little by Alan, Susan and Katie Rose Buzz and Christy by Mark Coffino Bypass (a.k.a.) Beeper by Susan A. Davis Caesar by Martha Griffin Caesar Boland by Glenn and Anne Summerlin Calli by Calland and Art Callie by Danna Callie by Laura Callie by Rob and Kris Callie by Cat Clinic of Cobb Callie Caldwell by Keith and Shannon Campbell Bourlier by Gail, Maxx, Bitsey, Dakota and Lucy Camper by Ed, Katherine, Davis and Alex Candy Hinkle by Claire L. Hinkle Carlos by Leonidas Vassilaros Carly by Suzann Settle Carmen by The Reinhards Casey by Martha and Sam Joyce Casey by The Wilsons Casey and Chloe Manning by Susan and Bill Manning, Charlie, Ginger and Holly Barrier Casey and Tasha Gray by Eleanor Colmer Casey Canine by The Mion Family Casey, Misty and Alex by Brigitte and Brian Zeringue Casey Nichols by Drew, Kristi and Chloe Casey Sprong by Clare M. Ohara Cash by The Muellers Casie by Jennifer K. Neet Catherine by Luanne Clarke Cato by Donna Wolff Catsy by Linda and Ed McGinn Catty by Carole Bennett Caymus Gibbs by The zumbrunnen Family CeCe by Tina Marshall Charlie by Anthony and Susan Peter Charlie by Carol Goetzheimer Charlie by Rocky and Julie Charlie by Bill, Nancy, Pam and Will Charmin Spitzer by Dorothy and Fred Volpe Cheeseburger by Joyce Li Chester by The Danhof Family Chewbacca by Karen B. DeChant Chico by Janet Cook/Franklin Bost Chipper Blake by the Drew Blake Family Chloe by Mickey and Pat Hallum Chloe by Dad and Joan, Caryn, Marc and Rebecca, Jenn Hall Chloe by Cindy Narcisse Chloe by Harriet, Parks and Robson Chloe by Sally and Margaret, Janet Cain Chloe by Beastie Darlings Chloe Scott by Patti, Dennis, Charity and Rusty Chrissy Berg by Steve, Lois, Buster and Trax Wolf, Amy Hauser Clairol Silverthorn by Alice L. Silverthorn Clancey and Victoria by Mr. Stiles P. Cobb, Jr. Clara by Elisa Good Clarence by John and Cathy Mullins Clementine by Lane and Daddy Briggs Cleo Martin by Your Unboundary Family Coal by Molly Simmons Coby Ridall by Virginia Torbert, The Stairs Coco by Eleanor A. Camarata Coco by Dick Grosswald Coco by Ann and Jean Coco by Barbara and Floyd Hoffman Coco by Your Friends At Moxie Coco by Mary and John Naismith, Julie Wooley Coco Campbell by Tom, Jane and Sugar Coco Cooper by Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mulliniks Coco Evans by Happy and Trouble Jeffries Coco Green by Mr. and Mrs. J. Troy Green Coco Kicak by Susan, Laura, Patch and Scout Cocoa by Nyda Rauscher Cosmo by Tish and Dan Piroli Cosmo Pipes by Marly A. Glaw Cody by Louis, Kay and Marilyn Cody by Sheadren Pride Cody Bliss by Debbie and Claus Comanche by Janet Cain Conway by Weezie, John Boy and Jackson Cooper by Amy and Tom Olney Cosmo by The Tramonte and Elmgren Families Cosmo Lucy by Quie Cracker Adams by Sophie, Max and Scout Cry Baby by Cat Clinic of Cobb Crystal Price by Kay Dunaway Cubbby McGurk by Elial and JoAnne McGurk Cupcake by Isabelle Curly by Marti and Sandi Cyrano by Jerry Weaver Daisy by Eleanor and John Mueller, Alison and Granger, Shawn Hitchcock Daisy by Anna and Bird Daisy by Margaret and David Withers Daisy Cobb by Elizabeth Smithgall, Carol and Charlie Funk, Cookie and Harrison Daisy Griffin by Miriam C. Boland Dale by Janet Snyder Daphne Sutphin by Allen and Steffanie Dee Dee by The zumbrunnen Family Delilah by Matt and Sheri Broom Denise, Al, Charky, Sam and Tippy by Bettye S. Allen Dexter by Campbells and McGills Dexter Gorbandt by Your Friends at Common Sense Solutions, Inc. Diabla by Anonymous Dido by Mr. and Mrs. Andy Beard Ditto by John and Cathy Mullins Ditto Clay by Dawn Clay Diva Fustino by Jim Fustino Diver by Wanda L. Wenger Dixie by JoAnn M. Overstreet Dixie by Anita, Price, Mason and Dixon Dixie by Mark and Kelly Erwin Dixie by Katie Fisher Dixie Belle Stultz by Frances Ciancolo Dixie Golden by The Kessenichs - Peter, Ronnie, Peter and Veronica Doc by Imerys Legal Dept. Dolly by Andrea Breault Dooley by The Mansfield Family Doozy by Jay Weisman, Moe and Shirley Weisman, Steve Monday, Caren and Brian Golenberg Dossier Hinkle by Claire L. Hinkle Draven by Mrs. Barbara P. Langlois, Lori Conway Duchess by Joan Diemer Duchess, Mitzy and Babe by Alice Zerof Dudley by Ellie, Perry and Philip Dudley by Stuart Dougherty Dudley Brown by Mr. and Mrs. John Brown Duke by Sharon and Jason Elkin Duke by Bob and Peggy Dennis Dumplin Bell by Harriette W. Bell Duncan Bellinger by Glenn and Anne Summerlin Dust Bunny by Sydney Davis ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER

12 Ellie by Mom and Dad Ellie Mae by Susan Pope Elliott by Cassandra Crawford Elly by Cat Clinic of Cobb Elmer Lyons by The zumbrunnen Family Elsa by Allyson and Bruno Elu Rahimzadeh by Claire and Weezie Elvis by The Mansbachs Elvis by Ginger and David Elvis Daniels-Dobb by Suzi, Gary, Ben, David and Barney Emily by Sharon T. Silva Emily by Phyllis A. Clayman Emily by The Roses Emily Dickinson Barcus by Liora, Amir, Sam, Eddie and Shai Emma by Emmett and Susan Emma by Janet Cain Emma Roo by Laurence A. Coe Emmer by Pat Ramm Emmett by Alison Hoehn Ernie by Jeannine Cordak and Jon Hayano Esmerelda Essie Lucille Appelbaum by Laura Gildenberg Ezzy Hinerfeld by Eleanor Mueller F. Scott Fitzpug Shaw Street by Stephanie, John and Priscilla Presley Stinn Fido Margrave by The Niquets - Koko, Kacee, Tana and Boogie Figi, Maui and Teton Packtor by Lenny and Yaz Packtor Filip Tworzecki by Maggie and Jackie Finn by Mom, Maxx, Shelby and Jack Flash Corby by Honey H. Shackelford Fluffy by Bobby C. Brown Fondly Remembered Pets by The People s Pets Frances by Courtney and John Adank Bailey by Fran Cain Francisco and Conner Mirowski by J. G. Earl Frank by The Shields Family Frankie G. by Kathleen Greenwell Franz by Dottie Fred by Helen Shean Fred by Mary Kay Kilgore Fred Babush by Martha H. Moseley Frisky, Junior, Champ and Jimmy by Frieda N. Porter Fritz by Betsy Howerton Gabby by Dr. Lanier Gabby by Fran Carroll Gabby McNabb by Blackberry Gardner Gaia by Erin Justen Gardenia by Mr. and Mrs. Bond Almand Gateway (aka Lil Bit) by Paul and Debra Hackett Gauge Reeves by Marydale Reeves George Harlow by Tom Soderberg Georgia Brinker by The Szambelan Family Georgia Kirk by Pamela Kirk Georgie by Steve and Debbie Gill Gert by Julie and Ralph Compton Ginger by Nell Moeling Ginny by Jan Eason Gino by Giovanna DiMauro Gitta by Cathy Gizmo by Sharon and Jason Elkin Gracie by Louis and Kay Gracie by Judy Gracie by Lucy and Shelley Gracie by Edie and Maria Gracie by Courtney and Debbie Gracie Dillingham by Ann and Michael Gracie Maddox by Linda G. Maddox Gracie Ray Vance by Todd Cerda Griff by Amy Weil Goldie Bartlett by Jane Malik Anderson Gulliver by Donna Donelli Gus Edmondson by The Belfi Family Guzy by Albalis Smith H.I. Massey by Caroleta Hal Bennett by Phyllis Brusco-McLay Hampton by Emily E. Stromquist Hana by Aunt Gina and Uncle Dick Watson Hank by Kate and Rob Larsen Hannah by Rene and John Happy by Susan E. Tucker Harley by Larry Fisher and Denise Mummert Harley by Alissa, Chris and Matt Harley by Shaaron Guerra Harmony Wilkinson by Frances Ann and Bob King, Suzan and Gary Saidman and Family Harry by Nancy Richie Harry by Cheryl, Tony, Reid and Theron Harry and Bruno by The Fink Family Hawkeye Greenwood by Gantt Hazel Castello by Jeanne Marie Heide by The Cavanagh Family Heidi by Betty Hambrick Henri by Daryn Kagan Henry Dabney by Ann A. Owen, the Williams Girls Henry Viebrock by Sperry M. Wilder, The Viebrocks Hensleigh Bliss Brown by Catherine D. Brown Hershell Northcutt by Irvin and Mary Jane Hershey by Rudi Moore and Donna Polk Hershey by Heather Teitell Hobbs by Courtney Tomlin Hobbs Rubel by The Orsons Hobbs Tomlin by Grandpa Tom and Bobbye Tomlin, Charlie and Rhonda Lokey Hobi by Paul and Debra Holly Regruto by The Barnes Family Honey by The Newkirks Honey B by Connie and Kenzie Honey Bear Smith by The Blocks, Harriett and Dow Kirkpatrick Honey Bee by Laura and Carter Smith Honey Bella Rose Glenn by Helen, Maudie and Emmy Lou Honey Glenn by Sophie Lanier Honey Valentine Mims by Jimmy R. Mims Howard Scardina by Lenore, Chris and Nick, Edward and Claire Hudson by Laura, Mike, Caitlin and Henry Rayburn Hunter Cat by Georgia Ibu by Lisa Mahon Ida by Carolyn Brown Iddy by Matt and Monique Iggy Hensley by Roger F. Hensley Iko by Jane, Mitch, Gabe, Sam and Levi Ilsa by David Yarbrough Indy by Claire L. Hinkle Invic by Mom and Dad Izzy Baker by Jess Lembach J.J. Harper by Rose Mary Kolpatzki J J Moran by Dr. and Mrs. Martin Moran Jack by The Beavers Family Jack by Barbra Flick Jack Barr by Marjorie Moran Jacket by Peggy, Katie and Luke Jackson by Ben and Ramsay Jake by Barbara Langlois and Sam Kirson Jamie by Carol O. Sutterfield Jasmine Taylor by Judy Ford Jamie Zion by Goose and Jamie Jasper Burns by Von and Georgia Jay Medlock by Lori and the Thompsons Jazz by Hannah Jazz by Susan McPherson Jellybean Schreiner by Christy Newsome Jennie by Imie and Gene Guilliams Jenny by Lou Cumming Jenny Anderson by Sheila Hudson Jerry Lee by Steve and Wayne, Judy and Dan Jersey Maynard by Mara B. Young Jessie Hess by Roy L. Simmons Jessie Rossino by Stephanie, John and Presley Stinn Jett by Jeanne Marie Marcil Jewell by Daphne and Linda Jezebel by Sara and Marvin Brockmann Jimmy by Ashley and Ellie Joe by Shiraz N. Dharamsi Joey by Liz Hayden Johnny by Concetta Veronie JoJo by Tom Murphy Jordan by Pam and Will Attridge Joris Karl Bastet Babush by Martha H. Moseley Joy by Rachel Selber and Jon Kropp Jubilee by Carol and Hecther Clark Jubilee by Diane LeGette Judy by Beth Collier Junior by Maxwell Davidson Chastain Justice by Nancy and Erik 12 ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER 2010

13 K.C. by Jeanne, Michael and Fargo Riggall K.C. and Lucky by Robert W. Kelso Kaboodle by Cat Clinic of Cobb Kate and Woody Bottorff by Celeste Bottorff Kato by Cat Clinic of Cobb Kayla by Adele and Rob Kayro by Bob and Hilary Wolfe Keeba Haynes by Shane and Yoda Kelsie by The Szambelan Family Kezi by Mary, Susie, Paris, and Susan Kiki by Jeanne Witt Kirby by Arlene and Aiden Kita by Gail and Sherry Kitty (Kat) Lokey by Martha R. Lokey Kitty Kruglewicz by The Poole Family Kiwi by Barbara Blender Kobe by Maxine B. Terk Kolchak by Jennifer R. Garrett, Sherry E. Campbell Kona by Lee, Lisa, Ella, and Gabriel Kramer by Tammy and Debbie Kudzu by Cindy Narcisse Lacy and Rocky by Penny Lady Day by William and Elaine Holiday Lady Welch Jordan by Rogers B. Toy, Danny and Mary Jane Lani by Mr. and Mrs. David Somerville Lanta by The Fortners Larry by Ruth, John and Tony Leah by Polly Heyward and Ruth Dickinson Lexi by Arlene Fisher and Star Fisher Newman and Family Lexi Schilling by Sam, Jaron and Dara Brenner Libby by Guy and Debra Sommers Liesle by Carrie J. Soles Lillie Reser by Kip Ford and Michael Parvin Lily by Mary Beard Lily by Donna and Grits Lily by Merrill Lily by Mom and Dad Lily by Caro and William Lily Young by Mara B. Young Lipton by Melanie, Taylor, Madison and Sophia Little Dog by Your Jeckil Promotions Family Liza Greenlee by Drew Blake Family Louis Sagman Holliday by Uncle Gregg Lucie Anderson by The Chambers Family Lucky by The Belfi Family Lucky by Emily Wells Lucky by Lucia M. Eastham Lucky Sligh by Granny and Granddaddy Lucy by Helen Shean Lucy by Peggy and Bob Lucy by Marla R. Appel Lucy by Cheryl Linden Lucy Mabrey by Arden, Walter, Wyatt, Angus, Seymore and Hazel Lucy Steinberg by Margie Diddle and Anne Albenberg Lucy Vennes by Rachel A. Mathews Lulu Augustine by Spot For Dogs Lyda by Patricia B. Derose Mac by Walter, Pat, and Barney Mac Prince by Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Prince Maddie by Tammy and Debbie Maddie by Mike and Kip Maddie by Randy and Joan Travis Maddie Ellis Brogan by Ann Daane Maddie Julianno by The McGahans Maddie Perkins by Katie Maggie by The Cavanagh Family Maggie by Wanda L. Wenger Maggie by Your Friends at the Barking Lot Maggie by Andrea Maggie by Aunt Marci and Uncle Robert Maggie by Elizabeth Knight Maggie by Ray and Peggy Maggie by Nancy and Erik Maggie by Helen Shean Maggie Gruenhut by Ken and Cindy Wilson Maggie Rowe by Michele Womble Maggie Symbas by Jenny, Yancey, Yancey and Foster Maggie Whitlark by The Woottens Magic by Maria K. Schiffgens and Bill Goodman Magic by Tara, Tom, Teddy and Iris Maizie by Ann E. Edwards Malachi Jones by Alan, Susan and Katie Rose Ketzes Mam by Margaret and David Withers Mandy by Dad, Alice, Dock, Beau and Buck Maple Holliday by Sally Simmons Mariah Sperling by Bret S. Sperling Maris and Yogi by Berlin and Studioplex Condominium Association Marley Williams by Mike and Erin Bell Marlie Bunting-Yavaliollah by Johnny Bauman Mattie Mokotoff by The Frohman Family Max by Pam, Will, Robert Plant and Penny Lane Max by Vicki and Bobbie Max by Betty Smith Max by Dan Wolbe Max by Jane Armstrong Max by Daphne and Linda Maxwell Boy by Your Mama Mazie by Bethann, David and Rachel Meg by Suzanne Pruitt Mellie Craig by The Monahans, Bill, Sue, and Megan Merlin by Mary Ann and Ellen Mickey by Daryn Kagan Mike by Joe and Yancey Surber Miko by Mother Miles by Stacey and Bill Stoddard Miles by Lori, Mark, Rose and Sophia Miller Brown by Honey, Porter, Tulah, and Bio Millie by Jen Mautz Mimi Chesney by Mary Ann Sainsbury Mingus by Mom and Dad Minni by Sharon T. Silva Minnie by Cheryl Hagedorn Minnie Miles by Leslie and John Wallace Minnie Sorrow by Chrissie, Chris, Lucy, Maggie Mae, Nigil and Stella Miracle by Cheryl Manley Miss Kitty Pelfrey by Suzanne Minotto Miss M by Scott Miss Priss by Giles and Genie Guthrie Miss Sally Jane by Emily, Hannah, and Melissa Missy by Ann and Jim Edwards Missy by Sue Carrigan Missy Brock by Michele P. Smith Missy P by Phyllis A. Clayman Misty Reed by Amy Dorrill Mitsie Goolsby by Susan and Alex Yeilding Modi by Pat Burdett and Rhett Butler Mollie Nance by Jeff, Caryn and Sydnee Cohen Molly by Cherry Peurifoy Molly by Jenni Ferguson Molly by Peggy and Bob Molly by Lynn and Paul Powers Molly by Sharon and Jason Elkin Molly and Murphy by Dianne L. Norwood Molly Ellin by Barbara and Z Mona by Georgia A. Savage Monster by Cheryl K. Moody Mookie Binns by Dixon and Stephanie Moose by Elizabeth Jackson Moose by Danee Mastagni Mopsy by Bruce, Judy, Mauri and Sarah Moses by Jessica and Mickey Mother by Tina R. Miller Moxie by Angie Hord Mr. Benson by Julie K. Chesin Mr. Cat by Dianne L. Norwood Mr. Max by Jan Mackoff Murphy by Paul and Marissa Murphy by Cecile F. Ross Murphy by Cat Clinic of Cobb Murphy by Erica and Gregory Lewis Murphy by Alfred Tollison Murphy Mullins by Robert D. Mullins Nayla Bernstein by Bret, Tammie, Matthew and Micah Nellie Bellinger by Anne and Glenn Summerlin Nelson Family Pet by Mary Ann Just, Ellen Stilwell, Kathy Todd Nico Zawacki by Lori, Sam, Ela, Tobi and Lucy Ninja by Mary and Yvonne Nolan Ryan Bean a.k.a. Nolie by Sylvia Lopp O Brien Diemer by Joan Diemer Odin by Marnie Sosnovsky Okay by Penny Burgess Oliver by Michelle Koufman ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER

14 Ollie Freedman by Douglas S. Freedman Olympia by Jack and Phyllis Gilliam Oscar by Your Family Pal Defayette by Robert and Sandi Miles Pancho by Walter and Pat Hood Paris Key by Latosha Key Patches by Dianne L. Norwood Pat s Peppy Pepper by Florence and Danny PD by Charles and Vicki Butler Pearl by Pat Meadors Pearle by Nancy P. Buckhannan Pebbles Brown by Catherine D. Brown Pee Wee by Mom and Dad Penney by Peggy and Adrian Penny by Richard and Sally Penny Howe by Heather, Anthony and the 4 furry kiddos Pepper by Nancy Richie Petey by Desiree and Lesley Petey Hickman by Judy Thomas and Sophie Petra Handley by The Wilkins Phoebe by Suzanne T. Bowcock Phoebe by Ray Rubin and Jeff Shelton Picadilly by Polly Heyward and Ruth Dickinson Pinkie Lowe by Sarah, Sugar, Blackie and Otie Piper by Robert and Sandi Miles Polo by Pam and Will Attridge Poo Poo and Arthur Sebastian by Wanda L. Wenger Pooty by Julia K. Thomas Presley by Stephen, Jennifer and Thomas Anderson Puddin by William C. Curns Puddy by The Danhof Family Pup by Darwin D. Drury Q-Tip by Franklin E. Smith Queenie by Byron Henning Rachel Wener by Debra and Ed, The Marcus Family, Merle and Myron Smith, Marie and Jim Gilbert, Sheryl and Ben Blatt Rainbow, Paws and Pandora by Adele Shepherd Raisin by Kay Huff and Marilyn Payne Ranger by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kincaid Rascal by Janet and Larry Rascal The Boss by Buddy and Michael Ratface by Cat Clinic of Cobb Reigel by Emelyn Arnold Remy Horne by Aunt Kathryn Ricky by Wanda L. Wenger Riley by Jim and Al Riley by Your Friends at Mt. Vernon School Riley by Christi, Peter, Zelda, Family and Friends Riley by Barbara Meinert Robbie by Hershey Behr and Wanda Rocky Bagley by Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mulliniks Rocky, Bo, Snuffy, and Haagie by Alison and Luke Saleeby Roger by Diane and Will Roque Mattingly by Spot for Dogs Rosie by Irma and Basil Rosie by Janet and Harriet Cain Roxanne by Anita and Price Williams Roxanne by Sharon T. Silva, Grace Rich and Tanner Roxie by Tyler and Andrea Roxy by Trina Busby Roxy Schexnayder by Joanna Blythe Roxy Walrich by Claire and Weezie Ruby by John Woodson Ruby Dixon-Woodson by David Rudy Casey by CJ, Toby, and Schultz Ciofalo Rusty Robinson by Pat and John Sable by Eleanor Mueller Sacha by Gail and Sherry Sadie by Laura I. Martin Sadie Furlow by Mary Virginia Baughman and Eleanor Baughman Sadie Percher by Mara B. Young Sake Shemaria Canales by Rachel Selber or Jon Kropp Sallie by Ken and Stratton Sally by Linda and Daphne Sally Riley by Robin and Chad Kelly Sam by Kathi and Bob Caspar Sam by Steve and Wayne Sam by Rachel and Nora King Sam and Booger by Stacie and Ed Schagren Samantha, Barney, Max and Katie by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bell Sammie by Laurie, Mike and Lili Sammie by Ellie, Perry and Philip Sammie Abercrombie by Ken and Cindy Sammy by Jan and Bonky Sammy by Ada and Bobby Sammy by Caitlin and Jeff Campbell Sammy, AKA, Porkchop by your friend and fellow animal lover, Melissa Sammy Rosenthal by Mark and Phyllis Rosenthal Sammy Wheeler by Suzanne and Steve Protz Sampson by Molly Simmons Samson by Susannah Hendrix Bellew Sandy by William Richard Bonner, M.D. Sandy by Joy, John and Zazu Sandy by Charles Brown and Slick Sandy K. Jackson by The Federation Sandy Rechtman by Alan, Pam, Brandon and Molly Sapphire by Anne Burney Sara by Jean, Scarlett and May-May Sarah by All the L and Ds Sarah and Spooky by Vince and Julia Adams Sarah Bennett-Morgan by Debby Teitsman and Carolyn Sudberry Sasha by Nancy B. Huff Sasha by Kate and Jerry Savannah by June and Judy Savannah Hicks by Drew Blake Family Scarlet by Courtney Scarlet by Sidney, Steve and Tom Scooby Teague by Emily and Brad Wareham Scooter by Suzanne T. Bowcock Scout by Fern M. Dahlke Scout Dierdorff by Linda and Terry Scout Lummus by Susan and Sam Evins Seamus by Pamela J. Myers Sebastian by Jani G. McDonald Sebastian by Cat Clinic of Cobb Sebastian by Mom and Dad Sebastian Campbell by Brad, Sammy, and Sake Shadow by Adam and Stephanie--Tigger and Winnie Shasta by Adele Ogilvie Shelby Jones Krohn by Scout Dog and Family Sherman by Suzann Settle Simon by Pam, Brad, Maddy and Ally Carter Simon by Joe and Mike Simon Bartenfeld by Beverly S. Beach Sister Crawford by UCR Staff Skeeter Barnettt by Ozzie Burroughs Sky by Hugs, Timothy and Craig Skyler by Michael Thomas Roe Sly by Melissa Smitty by David, Laura, Josh and Molly Smokey by The Lombardi Family Smokey by Margaret Ann and Joe Bond Snickers by Grandma Snickers Foster by Lenore and Chris, Claire and Edward Snuki Mason Seetoo by Stephanie and Dixon So K Hui Coleman by Judith R. Brown Soda by Pat and Bobby Sole Andersen by Mom and Fritz Sophia by Cindy Narcisse Sophie by Jeffery P. Sammons Sophie by Leigh-Anne Spokane, Nana and GrandBob Sophie by Kay and Louis Sophie and Molly by Katherine, Phil, Maggie and Rich Sophie Cooper by Rabbi and Mrs. Philip Kranz Sophie Halter by The Wade 5 (T&K, MM&K), The Thompson Family Sophie Taratoot by Rolando Sparky by Debbie and Peter Maltese Spencer by Liz Hayden Spike Eddie by Wendy Sue Sanders Squeaky by The Hoffmann Family - Joy, Marc, Michael and Zachary Star by Jim and Judy Bicknell Star Silverman by Diane and Bob Gundeck Stella by Libba Wilson Stella by Gail Bowman St. Jude by Marie McMenamin Sully by Faye and Jim Dickson Summer by The Ridall Family Sundance Grattan by Shirley Grattan Sunny by Eric Sturdy Sunshine Sadie Roas by Pop and Mimi 14 ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER 2010

15 Susie by Lou Cumming Susie Corley-Morris by Ruth Matthews Suzie by Michael Martin and Dan Cameron Suzy Ford by Rogers B. Toy Suzy Shornick by Linda and Lee Shornick Suzy Spot by Suzanne T. Bowcock Sweet Catherine by Patricia Ahlers Sweet Nermal by Susan G. Hiers Sweet Sadie by Kathy Sweetie by Amelia and Tom Sweetie Pie by Alice Hern Sydney by The Tocci Family Sydney Morgan by Mom and Dad T.C. by Ruth Ann Long and Barbara Keller Taffy Rao by Ritu Rao Tag by Sharon Silva, Elizabeth Ryon Tanner by Donna and Uwe Brockmann, Boo, Scout and Atticus Target Fustino by Jim Fustino Tasha by Wanda L. Wenger Tasha by The Pozzo Family Tassie by Lindsay and Brad Tassie by L. and D. Taxie Lee by Katherine D. Dixon Taylor by The Wagner Family Taylor and Duke by The Ridall Family Taz by Debbie Worthy Tess by Cat Clinic of Cobb Tex by The Mommas, Sandy, Logan and Bailey Tex by Grela, Cheryl, Sage and Ella Tex Burns by Daniela Burns The Dude by Mr. Scott D. Cahalan and Ms. Erika E. Sybers Thor by Pam, Will, Billy and Nancy Thor by the Andersons Thu by Taylor, Melanie, Madison and Sophia Tiano Maddox by Gaby and Erika Tiera Casey by Leslie R. Greenberg Tiger by Enid and Mike Mescon Tigger Everhart by The Lancaster Family Tigger Maslia by Phyllis Brusco-McLay Tilly Bruening by Kristen Moody Timshel Archibald by Andy and Jen Cobb Tina Coker by Carrie J. Soles Tipper by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Akers Tipper by Judy and Dan Tito by Harriet E. Cain Toby by Judy C. Gladden Tomas by Tony, David and Mac Tony by V. Jan Conway Tooky and Kiki by Elizabeth Knight Tootie by Janis Goodheim Toto by Phyllis Brusco-McLay Toto by Maria K. Schiffgens and Bill Goodman Traveler by Dona and Bill Humphreys Traveler by Dana Cravey Treylle by Britten O Dell Tribles by Mary E. Harvey Tubbo Frazier by Tubbo s Loving Family Tux Bloom by Sheryl Adair Tuxedo by Rachel Sokoloff Tyler the Cat by Martha Barnes, Jean S. Callier Valentino by Ruth W. Webb Van Gogh Haines-McCarty by Jess Lembach Virginia Cat by Ed and Darlington Wall Street by Becky and Larry Keister, Elizabeth and Mike Nadal, Judy and Randy and HCH Family Wally Marshall by Lynn P. Currin Watson by BD and Roberto Weasel by Debra Robinson Wesley by Cat Clinic of Cobb Whiskers by Cat Clinic of Cobb Whiskers by Georgia and Ken Whisky Brooks by The Brooks Family Charitable Trust Whistler by Sharon and Jason Elkin Wiggles Ashe by Florence M. Chandler Winnie by Jen and Brent Winston by Sharon and Jason Elkin Winston by Mr. and Mrs. Marvin and Betty Ralston Winston by Pat and Paddy Winston by Betsy Howerton Winston Martin by Jonathan, Jeanne, and Henry Wolfgang by Vicki McLemore Wolfie by Laura, Philip, Jenn, Suki, Mila, and Driskill Wonderful Wallace by Keffie, Dovie, and Irv Woodrow by Martha, Bill and Hillydog Milton Woodrow by Julie K. Chesin Wylee by Judy J. Candler Wylee by The Drake Family, Nan and Michael Yoshi by Judith M. Zielenski Zach Proctor by Dianne G. Proctor Zachary by Mike and Stephanie Zachery by Barbara Schwartz Zack by Cindy Narcisse Zack Gruber by Patricia Engel Zane Vandiver-Williams by Martha H. Moseley Zeke by Alison Bearman Zeke by Betsy Culberson, Diana McGinnis Zoe by Association Services Dept. Zoe by James A. Pittman, Jr. Zoe Gordon by Biggs Callahan Zoe Sleva by Marsha and Thomas Holcomb, Melissa and Ramon Zooey Steely by Spencer and Mary Anne Godfrey, Martha and Jim Zorro by Michele P. Smith Zorro by Jimmy Jenkins A Special Way to Remember If you would like to make a donation in memory of a deceased person or pet: Send your gift to A.H.S. 981 Howell Mill Road NW Atlanta, GA A notation of MEMORIAL on the outside of the envelope will help speed the acknowledgment of your gift. Enclose a note with your check including the name of the deceased, whether the deceased is a person or a pet, the name and address of the family to be notified of your gift, and your name, address and phone number. The family will receive a card of acknowledgement, recognizing your gift to the AHS in the name of the deceased (the amount of your gift remains confidential). You will also be sent a note of thanks for your gift. Phone inquiries should be directed to Thank you for remembering your friends and family in such a wonderful, helpful way! Pet Memorial Photos If you would like to submit a photo of your beloved pet, please high resolution photos to If you prefer to mail your photo, please send to Heart Editor 981 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER

16 Thank You... Thank You... to the following groups and individuals for their donation of money, time and/or wish-list items to help the animals: The Peachtree Council of the AT&T Pioneers donated $ 300. Agave Restaurant donated $ 1,014 from their dine-out event in February. Brownie Troop raised $ for the animals. Brownie Troop saved $ 140 in cookie money to help the homeless pets at AHS. Congregation Bet Haverim 4th grade Sunday School class raised $ for the animals. Coventry Health Care of Georgia employees collected 12 boxes of donations and raised $ through an appreciation event. The ACT committee would like to thank everyone who helped with this event. Abby Fenbert, age 11, donated from a project for school. Sam Freeman donated $ 69 in honor of his 8th birthday. Zack Gilbert donated $10 and a gift card to help the animals of AHS. Madelyn Harris, age 11, donated $ 30 she saved of her own money. Hailey Hurowitz, a student at the Greenfield Hebrew Academy, donated $ 180 she received from her Yad B yad B nai Mitzvah Fund. Bridget Nabors Virginia Weston Hannah Hurowitz, a student at the Greenfield Hebrew Academy, donated $ 180 she received from her Yad B yad B nai Mitzvah Fund. Maya and Cole Kaplan Maya Kaplan, Cole Kaplan and Annaliese Remper raised $ for the animals with their lemonade stand. David S. Kinser donated $ 80 that he received in lieu of birthday gifts. Matthew and Katie Mowrer raised $ to help the animals of AHS. Charlotte Nichols donated $ 320 to go towards the sweet animals of AHS. Sari Olim and her brothers saved money from their allowance. Imani Blunt with Pebbles Tossers baked all-natural doggie treats for our Society dogs. Rollins Children donated $ 159 from their Summer Education Program. Maeve, Brenna, Veda, Victoria, Cloe, Kaya and Elizabeth from Save Our World Now 5 donated $ 162 to help our animal s health care, food and anything else they might need. Kylie Silva, in lieu of gifts for her 8th birthday, donated $ 30, a $ 15 Target gift card, assorted dog, cat toys and treats, kitty litter, plastic bags, paper towels, etc. Maria Simmons and her neighbors collected medicine bottles for the clinic. Bridget Nabors and the Sarah Smith Elementary School Beta Club collected bowls, collars, leashes, combs, toys, etc. and donated $ Virginia Weston raised $ 100 to help our Society pets. Mikayla, Piper, Allie, and Regan 5th graders at Sarah Smith Elementary had the Purr-fect Plan and raised $ 150 from bake sale items and various treats and toys for the homeless pets. Sari Olim and her Grandma. AHS Employees Johnathon and Patrick with donor Kylie Silva. 16 ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER 2010

17 AHS President and the Rollins Family Children. Coventry Healthcare AHS Employee, Deanie Haynes and donor Charlotte Nichols. Imani Blunt and Family. Front, L to R: Allie and Regan. Back, L to R: Mikayla and Piper Members of the AT&T Pioneers Peachtree Council Deborah Francis, Diana Watson, and Dee Gonzalez presented Deborah Marshall (AHS employee, center) with their donation. Thank You The numbers are in, and it s safe to say that our 2010 Pet Parade was a howling success! With nearly 700 registered walkers and over $ 127,000 raised, we were able to make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of homeless animals. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in our 20th annual Pet Parade the sponsors, the participants, the attendees, the vendors, the volunteers, the contributors. We couldn t have done it without you, and we hope to see you all again in 2011! The walk will be longer, the prizes will be bigger, and the surprises will be greater than ever before! ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER

18 saturday, april 30 join us in Piedmont Park* as animal lovers and their pets come together to walk their paws for a wonderful cause. Pet Parade is back, bigger and better than ever before, with all proceeds directly benefitting the Society pets in need at Atlanta Humane Society. the walk Participants will follow a mile-and-ahalf long scenic route through Piedmont Park, with or without their pets. For smaller or less active dogs, a shorter route will be available. Attendees will enjoy the special offerings of our festival, including an array of adoptable animals, vendors, games, contests, training demonstrations, and displays by local rescue organizations. registration The festival portion of Pet Parade is open to everyone, but you must register to participate in the walk itself. Advance registration rate: $ 30 per person Children age 14 or younger are not required to pay a registration fee but are encouraged to raise money for the animals. All pets walk free of charge with a paid registrant. Everyone who registers will receive a commemorative Pet Parade t-shirt. Children (age 14 or younger) who raise a minimum of $ 30 will also receive a t-shirt. You may register to walk as part of a team. fundraising Create a personalized fundraising page online or collect pledges offline. Raise money as an individual or as part of a pack. The average cost to find a Society pet a new home is $ 300. For every $ 300 you raise, you ve personally helped a homeless animal find their forever family! Whether you re raising money alone or as a group member, $ 300 is an excellent personal goal. For more information on creating your fundraising page, please visit Fabulous prizes will be awarded to the top individual fundraisers, the top youth fundraisers, and the top youth team. Trophies will also be awarded to the Top Packs. *pending park approval. all proceeds directly benefit the animals of ahs.

19 Become A Corporate Sponsor Throughout the year, the Society hosts several events to raise funds for the animals in our care. Each event contains the opportunity for visibility within the community, recognition on all event collateral pieces, and media exposure. To get more information about the various opportunities, please contact Karla Dempsey at or Advertise your Business & Love for Animals with AHS! available dogs cat curious pet of the month Atlanta Humane Society is offering local businesses an opportunity to make a difference in the community and in the lives of our Society pets. Businesses may sponsor a dog or cat by simply covering the adoption fee for that animal. AHS will place a sign on the dog or cat s kennel for the duration of that animal s time at our facility with your company s logo and the following message This dog/cat s adoption fee is paid for by [your company name here]. For more info call Karla at or Become A Foster Care Volunteer Foster Volunteers: Nurse ill or injured animals back to health Care for puppies and kittens under eight weeks of age Work with animals displaying minor behavioral issues To get started: Attend a volunteer orientation Interview with the Foster Care Coordinator Complete a home visit with an AHS employee Check the AHS website for the next Volunteer Orientation to find out how you can become a Foster care Volunteer. ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY FALL/WINTER

20 981 Howell Mill Road NW Atlanta, GEORGIA Return Service Requested Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Atlanta, GA Permit No. 649 Calendar of Events Leave a legacy To ensure that your love for animals continues beyond your lifetime, please remember the Atlanta Humane Society in your estate plans. For information, call Deborah Marshall, Vice President of Development November 13 Canine good citizen testing AHS Parking Lot. By appointment only. Call November 13 Social Club AltoRex Rooftop Lounge Nov. 13, Dec. 11, Jan. 8 Mendaheart counseling AHS Administrative Area at 11am Nov ; Dec. 3-5, Pets with Santa Doguroo & Atlantic Station November 21 Atlanta Thrashers vs. N.Y. Islanders Philips Arena, 5pm November 25 Atlanta Half Marathon Turner Field, Downtown Atlanta, 755 Hank Aaron Drive November 25 CLOSED for Thanksgiving December 25 and 26 CLOSED for Christmas December 31 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Parade January 1 CLOSED for new years April 30 Pet Parade Piedmont Park Newsletter Mailing In an effort to reduce printing and postage costs, our next newsletter will be offered on our website. If you would prefer to receive this newsletter via , please send us a message at with your mailing information. We ll update our records and begin ing you the newsletter for all future issues.

and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels

and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels Spirit of Giving and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels 1 Benedictine College Fall 2013 EDITOR Tom Hoopes, G 10 PRODUCTION MANAGER Beth Hoffman, 09 DESIGNER Hayleigh Diebolt

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2013 Annual Report. Spring 2014

2013 Annual Report. Spring 2014 2013 Annual Report Spring 2014 100 Purpose Road Pippa Passes, Kentucky 41844 Pippa s Song is published for friends, alumni, and students of Alice Lloyd College. Third class postage is paid at Pippa Passes,

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ATRS Announces Cash Buyout Program

ATRS Announces Cash Buyout Program Volume 55, Number 4 Parkview Towers 1200 Commerce, Ste. 103 Little Rock, AR 72202 501-375-2958 Winter 2013 ATRS Announces Cash Buyout Program The Arkansas Teacher Retirement System (ATRS) has announced

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A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community.

A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community. A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community. Gettysburg Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2012 Gettysburg Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2012 Be proud of what you ve helped

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MESOTHELIOMA APPLIED RESEARCH FOUNDATION MESOTHELIOMA APPLIED RESEARCH FOUNDATION Annual Report 2006 Board of Directors Chairman Nicholas J. Vogelzang, MD Nevada Cancer Institute Secretary M. Ann Abbe Arlington, Texas Treasurer Ulf Jungnelius,

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Lakeland: ProBike/ProWalk Florida city comes up with the right answers

Lakeland: ProBike/ProWalk Florida city comes up with the right answers Vol. 13, No. 2 Spring 2010 OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE FLORIDA BICYCLE ASSOCIATION, INC. Reviewing the April 8 event. Florida Bike Summit brought advocacy to lawmakers doorstep by Laura Hallam, FBA Executive

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Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery

Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery FY2011 annual report edition Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery FROM THE CEO Respect roots, embrace future Rosecrance leads the way in behavioral

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Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006

Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006 Alumni News Spring 2006 GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet Back by popular demand, GSC alumns from far and near will be returning to campus for their special reunion weekend on April 22, 2006.

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A.G. RHODES Health & Rehab

A.G. RHODES Health & Rehab A.G. RHODES Health & Rehab Quality Care, Quality of Life ANNUAL REPORT 2013-2014 Call us toll free at 1-800-247-7887, or contact us at these convenient locations: A.G. Rhodes of Atlanta 350 Boulevard SE

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onewith Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION those who are Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 www.ssjphila.

onewith Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION those who are Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 www.ssjphila. Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia onewith Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 those who are Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION Welcome to One With, the magazine of the Sisters of Saint

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CLASS ACTION. in as a freeman of the City of London and installed as a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators.

CLASS ACTION. in as a freeman of the City of London and installed as a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators. CLASS ACTION Class of 1954 Reunion Pictured first row: Wesley Nuxoll, Robert McKanna, John O Connor, Leonard Cockrill. Pictured second row: Maurice Clark, Elvin Vandeberg, Keith McGoffin, Harry Hartinger,

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AIM: For the Difference!

AIM: For the Difference! '- On July 1, 2006, AIM, started its seventeenth year of operation providing, malpractice insurance,' with stable rates, quality coverage and dedicated services to its insureds. Isn't it time you JOINED

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NEWSLETTER. 2012 Peacemaker Awards Rodeo Round Up, Jan. 28

NEWSLETTER. 2012 Peacemaker Awards Rodeo Round Up, Jan. 28 NEWSLETTER Official newsletter of the San Antonio Bar Association January 2012 Vol. LXXXVII Number 6 in this issue TX Bar Foundation Nominations Enter to Win a 7-Night Cruise Alpha Home Honors Sakai &

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2012 ANNUAL REPORT. Hanover Area YMCA.

2012 ANNUAL REPORT. Hanover Area YMCA. 2012 ANNUAL REPORT Hanover Area YMCA Dear Y members: On behalf of the Hanover Area YMCA Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and YMCA staff, thank you for your support in 2012. Our

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WINTER 2005. The. Hail to the Chief. Alum Leads Rome s Finest

WINTER 2005. The. Hail to the Chief. Alum Leads Rome s Finest A M A G A Z I N E F O R S U N Y I T A L U M N I, F A M I L Y, F R I E N D S & S T U D E N T S The WINTER 2005 Hail to the Chief Alum Leads Rome s Finest Bridge The 2 3 4 22 23 Staying the Course SUNYIT

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The Official Journal of the. Texas District & County Attorneys Association. A most unusual suspect

The Official Journal of the. Texas District & County Attorneys Association. A most unusual suspect THE TEXAS PROSECUTOR The Official Journal of the Texas District & County Attorneys Association Volume 37, Number 5 September-October 2007 It shall be the primary duty of all prosecuting attorneys not to

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LAWYER THE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION TAMPA, FLORIDA MAY 2013 VOL. 23, NO. 6 LAWYER THE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION TAMPA, FLORIDA MAY 2013 VOL. 23, NO. 6 One day a hurricane, fire or flood will destroy the home or business of a valued client and an insurance carrier will

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HACC Foundation Annual Report 2009/2010

HACC Foundation Annual Report 2009/2010 HACC Foundation Annual Report 2009/2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 About the HACC Foundation HACC Foundation Board of Directors 2009-2010 3 Message from the Board Chair and Executive Director 4-5 Celebrating

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First Safe & Sound Bridges Complete

First Safe & Sound Bridges Complete A Publication for Employees of the Missouri Department of Transportation First Safe & Sound Bridges Complete story by Bob Brendel, photos by Cathy Morrison Spring is the favorite time of year for mushroom

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PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION PALM BEACH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION July/August 2005 Tri-County Appellate Seminar September 16 Mark your calendars now for the Tri-County Appellate Seminar An Afternoon with the Judges

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Building Effectiveness Through Continuing Education. page 2. Insights. IECA Set for Texas Spin as We Celebrate 35th Anniversary Conference

Building Effectiveness Through Continuing Education. page 2. Insights. IECA Set for Texas Spin as We Celebrate 35th Anniversary Conference Building Effectiveness Through Continuing Education page 2 Building Blocks to Independent Living page 6 Remembering Leslie Kent page 7 The Newsletter of the Independent Educational Consultants Association

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University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business School of Accounting. Reflections 2009

University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business School of Accounting. Reflections 2009 University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business School of Accounting Reflections 2009 Table of Contents From the Director. 3 Faculty Recognition. 4 Student Recognition... 8 Friends of Accounting.

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VOTERS RENEW BETTER PLACE PLAN A few thunderstorms 30% rain chance Free services at health department Lowest summer gas prices in 6 years The state Department of Health in Putnam County is offering a few of its services free in celebration

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Photo by Karen Brune Mathis. New Jersey-based bank buying CNL

Photo by Karen Brune Mathis. New Jersey-based bank buying CNL Financial News & Daily Record 35 Vol. 102, No. 141 Two Sections Monday, June 1, 2015 Bringing evidence to life in 3-D Local company adds new dimension in courtrooms By Kevin Hogencamp

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RIDE ON WINTER 2015. Bikes have a place on the road. Let s just start there.

RIDE ON WINTER 2015. Bikes have a place on the road. Let s just start there. WASHINGTON AREA BICYCLIST ASSOCIATION RIDE ON WINTER 2015 Volume 43 No. 1 Board Mark Blacknell p r e s i d e n t Martin Moulton v i c e p r e s i d e n t Paul d Eustachio t r e a s u r e r Bo Pham s e

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justice system in making a successful transition to their families and communities

justice system in making a successful transition to their families and communities 2010-2011 Annual Report The Center assists women in the criminal justice system in making a successful transition to their families and communities through practicing and promoting restorative justice.

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Annual Report 2013. Celebrating student success

Annual Report 2013. Celebrating student success Annual Report 2013 Celebrating student success From the College President Greetings: Inver Hills moves through its 43rd year proud of a lustrous past and anticipating a bright future. At a time when colleges

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1936-1939. Anthony F. Noto 3414 Drighton Court Bethlehem, PA 18020-1334 (610) 758-8055

1936-1939. Anthony F. Noto 3414 Drighton Court Bethlehem, PA 18020-1334 (610) 758-8055 Class Notes 1936-1939 Alumni who don t see their class listed here and would like to volunteer to serve as a class correspondent, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs,, (610)

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Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI

Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI Second Class Permit Paid at Bronx, N.Y. USPS 114-590 Volume 38 Number 3 April 2009 Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI One Dollar Filming on City Island: Nice or Not? By BARBARA

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