Creating a Best-in-Class Insurance Solution for Physician Groups

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1 Lockton Creating a Best-in-Class Insurance Solution for Physician Groups Lockton St. Louis has Teamed with Stratum Med to Deliver Insurance Solutions for Specialty Physician Practices Dedicated Account Team c Insurance Experts Group Purchasing Rate Protection 30,000 Employees 6,000 Physicians $20 Million Total Premium L O C K T O N C O M P A N I E S

2 PHYSICIAN GROUPS EXPERIENCED, KNOWLEDGEABLE, CAPABLE Highlights More than $20 million total premium 22 members Over 6,000 physicians represented 30,000 employees Client Sampling Carle Clinic Dean Clinic Marshfield Clinic Mt. Kisco Medical Group Polyclinic The Iowa Clinic Who We Are Stratum has partnered with Lockton to provide physician groups access to insurance products at a low cost attained by group purchasing. Lockton s dedicated c Team supports implementation, administration, communication Stratum products assuring members quality execution ir programs. Toger we provide healthc organiations an edge in controlling cost absolute assurance programs aligned with needs an ever evolving healthc industry while delivering exceptional services. Advantages to Groups who Access Stratum Leverage Stratum s collective buying power when negotiating with insurance carriers Direct access to underwriting markets who underst healthc industry Increased stability during adverse insurant market cycles Complete transaction cost transpncy Create a second to none peer group where issues can be shd discussed Sh talents capitalie on wealth intellectual capital which exists amongst participating members Stabilie costs via risk sharing established through Stratico, Stratum Med s wholly owned captive Specialty Physician Group Specialied contracts for specialied needs a medical practice Specialied claims management a dedicated longterm disability (LTD) claims team Specialied marketing can help provide long term commitment stable pricing because Stratum s overall sie Specialied customer service a centralied team providing endto-end quality dedicated solely to physicians groups Specialied design customied specifically for each physician group to meet needs group covered physicians staff 2

3 ADVANCED SOLUTIONS What Sets Lockton Apart in c Industry? Administrative Support Product Program Administration Program Support Property Casualty Industry-focused expertise working with health systems, physician groups, managed c organiations, long-term c companies More than 700 healthc clients serviced by Lockton nationwide with all forms alternative risk program: captives, RRGs, trusts Excellent reputation with domestic international underwriters Unparalleled client services Financial Risk Solutions Actuarial/ Quantitative Analytics Resources to Evaluate Program Economics Design Reinsurance Captive GLOBAL SERVICE PRESENCE AROUND THE WORLD Exped Services Communication Experts Technology ERISA/ Compliance Attorneys Voluntary c Employee Benefits $1.1+ Billion annual benefit premium 1,838 average benefit client sie (by number FTEs) $18 B premium placed 64 Strategic Service Partners clients 35,000+ 4,950 $1B+ revenue client retention 95% Risk Control Services Loss Control Reduces frequency claims Injury Prevention Focused on at-risk behaviors Claims Improve organiational readiness for catastrophic events Complex claim resolution Conduct claims audits to improve outcomes compliance Claims Cost Control Focused on post-injury management Focused on reducing claims severity 3

4 STRATUM PHYSICIAN INCOME PROTECTION Strategies Efficient Program Design Align STD, LTD, FMLA to enhance claim management, 100% Catastrophic Benefit 1 Covers an additional $8,000 to $10,000/month to a maximum 100% TOTAL compensation Payable with ADL-loss, cognitive impairment, or presumptive disability (se traditional triggers for long term c insurance) Benefit Restoration for Highly Compensated manage leave more efficiently leverage cost Superior Products Service Best in class policy language claim support for physicians Close Gap in Program Design Utilie guaranteed issue voluntary benefit restorations for highly compensated employees % Income Replacement 60% Base Salary + Bonus 60% Base Salary only Voluntary Individual Insurance Insurable income is Base Salary + 75% to 100% Bonus Combined with LTD insures up to 60% TOTAL compensation to a cap $5,000 to $10,000/month Guaranteed Issue to no exams! Individual rates level cannot increase with age Individually-owned coverage; 100% portable Tax-free benefits Current Group Long Term 180 day elimination period 60% base salary Monthly maximum benefit amount = $5,000 Benefit Restoration for Highly Compensated Typical Program Design Group Purchasing Taxable benefits Significantly reduce price volatility driven by market fluctuation claim experience Knowledge Sharing Capitalie on member best practices 60% Base Salary only Short Term Elimination period 30 days (sick days must be exhausted) Coverage begins day 31 ends day 120 Benefit 60% basic weekly salary up to $1,500 Benefit Duration = Full Social Security Retirement Age (65-67) Typical Program Design 1 Catastrophic Benefits paid if employee loses ability to perform two or more Activities Daily Living (eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting continence); becomes cognitively impaired; or presumptively disabled Stratum LTD Benchmark LTD Who Pays? Eligibility Waiting Period Elimination Period Benefit % Monthly Max Def Pre- Earnings 60% EE Paid/40% ER 40% 1st Month following hire date 59% wait 30, 60, or 90 days 62.5% 90 days 29% 180 days 8.5% 270 days 79% 60% ben 8% 50% ben 13% >60% Average $11,772 Median $15,000 54% use W-2 wages 46% use base monthly pay 4

5 ADVANCED SOLUTIONS Stard Enhanced Contract Provisions Residual Definition Own specialty including sub-specialty definition occupation for physicians Weekly benefits up to 60% employee s lost income Waiting periods for accident sickness ranging from 1-30 days maximum benefit duration coordinates with LTD program Contributory non-contributory s Vocational rehabilitation initiated on appropriate claims for earlier identification return-to-work opportunities Enhanced Contract Options Options which match desire to encourage claimants to return-towork replace most lost income in all claims situations. Three return-to-work incentive calculation options 1. 50% fset (stard) 2. Proportionate loss (good for high earners) % from all sources (only with Hartford LTD) Two salary continuation/sick pay coordination methods 1. Direct fset (stard) % From all sources (only with Hartford LTD SHORT-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE FOR MEDICAL GROUPS 5

6 PHYSICIAN DESIGNED LTD CONTRACTS Examples AMBS Recognied Subspecialities Anessiology: pain medicine, pediatric anessiology, sleep medicine, critical c medicine Internal medicine: advanced heart failure transt cardiology, cardiovascular disease, gastroenterology, hematology, interventional cardiology Sub-Specialty Definition Lockton Stratum place physician groups with carriers whose contracts specifically define own occupation as specialty or sub-specialty a physician was performing at date disability. Over 145 sub-specialties recognied by AMBS No board certification required No limited period time No earnings loss required during elimination period No speciality-based income requirement Claim fice experienced in adjudicating provision Pediatrics: adolescent medicine, neonatal, perinatal medicine, pediatric cardiology, pediatric gastroenterology Diagnostic radiology: neuroradiology, nuclear radiology, pediatric radiology, vascular, interventional radiology Minimal Contract Limitations The Hartford s LTD Contract does NOT contain: Prudent person Self-reported conditions Musculoskeletal Reasonable accommodation Matory rehabilitation Maximum capacity during own occupation benefit period Limitations on living outside United States or Canada 6

7 ADVANCED SOLUTIONS SPECIALIZED CLAIM HANDLING FOR PHYSICIANS STAND-ALONE LTD CLAIM INITIATION LTD Application received. Reviewed by Team Leader for assignment to appropriate pathway. Ability Advocate Reasonable Predictable Resolution Ability Partner Ongoing Intervention Support Assigned LTD Claim Analyst, w ho reviews all to determine any missing action. Ability Advantage Multi- Faceted Life Event The triage encompasses multiple factors, such as medical complexity, occupational duties, financial considerations. Necessary Information received? Yes Stard Enhanced Contract Provisions Our stard LTD provisions special interest to Medical Groups: Own specialty including sub-specialty definition occupation for physicians Elimination period is satisfied with a loss just one essential duty income loss is not required Greater two return-towork benefit formulas Make claim determination if possible. Advantageous treatment salary continuation/sick leave/ PTO/STD No Is benefit effective date in future? No Yes Send a second request letter for additional. The Claim Analyst must follow up w ith claimant via phone (2 nd request for ), send 3 rd /final request letter. Second request enough to make decision? Yes No reduction to benefits for individual disability employer retirement benefits Conversion benefit, sabbatical leave continuation Workplace modification benefit Progressive illness benefit Approve claim. Deny as appropriate. Accidental dismemberment loss sight No Continue to follow -up in accordance with ERISA guidelines to gar needed to make a claim determination. Long-term Insurance for Medical Groups Stratum Hartford know business can adapt to unique needs. All Physician claims processed by our most experienced Ability Analysts: Over 22 years dedicated to industry; with more than 6 years tenure Single point contact for each claimant to develop a personalied experience Experience with unique issues every specialty, sub-specialty, impact a disability Understing different types income, receivables, ir impact on a disability claim Peer to peer review medical, both in-house third party Claimant Satisfaction LTD 98.5% STD 89% Average Turnaround Time LTD LTD with STD Over 90% within 30 days benefit effective date Over 96% within 20 days benefit effective date New LTD claims received Over 1200 Return-to-work Over 30% our claimants have worked while receiving a benefit 7

8 VOLUNTARY BENEFITS Individual Insurance* EMPLOYEE INCOME Scenario Disabled physician with predisability monthly income $42,000 $50,000 $40,000 Group LTD triggered a monthly benefit $15,000 $30,000 Earnings deficit by $27,000 monthly $324,000 annually $20,000 $10,000 Full Salary $16,200 $27,000 $0 Employee Income Group Benefit Benefit With Individual Protection Improve Percentage Replacement Income * Chart shows a significant increase in monthly disability income when group LTD is paired with a voluntary IDI 8

9 ADVANCED SOLUTIONS Practice Overview Executive Enrollment Technology Communication Resources Voluntary Worksite Benefits Comprehensive coordination with Group Long-Term Leverage Lockton s market opportunity to maximie design Employee enrollment platforms Benefit admin services Employee engagement education resources Increase EE Education Needs analysis Product evaluation Leverage resources services available in conjunction with a voluntary benefits fering Streamline benefit selection Voluntary Individual Insurance Pricing Illustration Employee Age Annual Income Group LTD Benefit (Monthly) IDI Benefit (Monthly) Total % Income Replaced CAT Rider (Monthly) Total % Income Replaced w/ CAT Rider Monthly Premium 50 $4,000 $15,000 $7,000 58% $9,484 83% $ $627,500 $15,000 $7,000 42% $10,000 61% $ $452,000 $15,000 $7,000 58% $9,410 83% $ $400,000 $15,000 $7,000 66% $8,333 91% $ * Price illustration based on a quote for selected employees a Stratum member hospital 9

10 TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Stratum Lockton leverage member purchasing power to develop superior products lower costs over a wide range insurance products. Each program is designed specifically for specialty physician organiations supported by Lockton s dedicated team healthc pressionals. OBJECTIVES Deliver Unique Products Leverage Purchase Power Communication Technology Service Culture EXPERTISE c Voluntary Actuary Support SOLUTIONS Measure underst Assess alternatives Advocate Design Superior Service Global Market Access Claim Analytics Captive Consulting Monitor Results Listening Understing Strategy Performing Employee Benefits Group Life Short-Term Long-Term Voluntary Benefits Executive Benefits Risk Solutions Stop Loss PBM ACHA Stratum members have access to: Property Casualty Services Liability Workers Compensation Property Cyber Pressional or Errors Omissions Directors & Officers Liability Loss Prevention Claim Analysis Support Risk Management Solutions Captive Consulting Leave Management Data Analytics Actuarial Services Strategic Engagement Mergers Acquisitions Benchmarking 10

11 ADVANCED SOLUTIONS MEMBER C OMMU NIC AT ION TOO LS Stratum Live! What s Stratum L ve? Stratum L ve prov des a secure HIPAA comp ant method for co aborat on between Stratum/Lockton account teams Med ca Assoc ates C nton The porta keeps a c ent spec fic nformat on organ ed upto-date read y access b e Such nformat on nc udes Carr er vendor Lockton contact nformat on Pro ect track ng P an documents L nks to on ne too s he pfu resources Event ca endar And much more Lockton Communications Services Publications ON THE LOCKT unicati Employ ee Comm Pre post enro ment mater a s COMPANY 20XXENROLLMENT OPEN NAME s. any voluntary paid for you ongoing amounts benefits available This benefits not readily employer-sponsored in benefits costs dollars paid costs The annual used. The Where actual coverage in s. to to provide to participate has been made employer costs Every effort average premiums. (e.g., medical) is always actual claims However, re administration, in this. include data. Th with accurate /or calculation provide you in collation error(s) occurring possibility programs General Information reflects employer-sponsored Flier PowerPoint Self Service sum ad quiundis nectus unditatur volore quiasimus reicill accuptas omnis pedicia dollibus iditis suntis est por aut Entempostesto sit liquo berovit, architatia apel ese consed molentur, cuptatem acculpa ut esciis ut ernatur ommoluptatet descilitaque sum illuptatecti diat libus ea nobitam rest, as ntenisciet vel in estibus adignia cum ima volore se susam Experiat. Lores reiur? Eligibility Life changing New h re/term nat on commun cat ons sum nectus unditatur iditis reicill accuptas por Entempostesto dollibus architatia apel est cuptatem acculpa doluptatur, ad quiundis quatiste ad quam rehento volore quiasimus doluptur aut omnis pedicia berovit, suntis es molentur, sit liquo sum, quam latempost omnihiti dello consed nonseribus dia perioria est et et la nobit, am fugit eum ducimin et ficia quod et aut omniet erum usciam ese natemquatum alitio. Puda solupti nonsedis doluptasimus earchil nem. On nus, sum dolupid endio. Nem nis eosae represequo quist expelit evendae enitibe archita tusdae. et faccus arum faccull luptis quiatur eperchil nos volor To te comni num molor rempos ad molorio vel ero sae dolupti usdaerunt natecti consenda doluptae od endis ellupta nulpari taecae doluptatur? tiant, consequos Benefit Statements et aut maio. Roremporit audit unt. Isquodis esequiam sae dolupti ad molorio molor nos volor rempos od To te comni num natecti nulpari taecae consenda doluptae usdaerunt vel ero consequos doluptatur? endis ellupta tiant, esequiam unt. et aut maio. Isquodis si Roremporit audit sanis et re laut aditaspit, int oditinc torias et Gitium velente vel riscimodis eum undae quam, sim ipsusae blab inctaecti quias dolorro cus. aut ficiis es ipientiist ratas explatios aut Dependent Coverage Eligibility for Was Prepd This Statement <<LN>> <<FN>> Dental Supplemental Dependents Life Insurance <<SA1>> <<City>>, bonuses <<MedEE>> <<MedCO>> Vision <<LifeAD&DEE>> Benefits Survivor AD&D Basic Life AD&D Life Voluntary Life Dependent Spouse Life Voluntary Child Life Voluntary Benefits Illness (STD) Short-Term (LTD) Long-Term Benefits this Retirement Saving Plan1 you will find Savings We believe 401(k) Retirement informative Medic here Social Security re is anything helpful. If Or Programs or don t underst, Plan (EAP) Assistance you question Human Resources. please contact <<LifeAD&DCO>> <<VLifeAD&DEE>> <<VLifeAD&DCO>> <<DepLifeEE>> <<DepLifeCO>> <<VSPLifeEE>> <<VSPLifeCO>> <<VChLifeEE>> <<VChLifeCO>> <<STDEE>> <<STDCO>> reiur? aut ut lam Lut in prernatati peruntia rat nem eumquae ptatio volessi conet lautecu volupta dolupta volentem iscit, aris aut lab tatusti tem illam, odiatius abo. Lent dem quam, qui di as consed et niet inullorum que conseditas il eat. nos volor comni num To te molorio molor rempos ad vel usdaerunt sae dolupti doluptae ero consenda taecae natecti nulpari ellupta tiant, od endis doluptatur? consequos audit et aut Roremporit esequiam maio. Isquodis unt. vel int Gitium velente sanis et oditinc torias si blab re laut aditaspit, sim quias quam, inctaecti eum ipsusae riscimodis ratas explatios undae et es ipientiist aut aut ficiis dolorro cus. labor simollam Unt litaturia Ut ex ex rerrum escitae. rent, sunt evellor porporrum Plan Features Plan Out--Network Annual Deductible Individual Family Out--Pocket Limit Individual Family Lifetime Maximum <<401EE>> <<401CO>> Employee (FSAs) Accounts Flexible Spending Compensation Worker s Unemployment Off Paid Time Sick Leave Inpatient Outpatient Room Emergency Ancillary Services Visits Physician (Family Primary C Practitioner, or General Internal Medicine, OB/GYN) Pediatrician, Visits Specialist C Preventive Urgent C <<EAPEE>> <<EAPCO>> <<FSAEE>> <<FsaCO>> <<WCEE>> <<WCCO>> <<VacEE>> <<VacCO>> <<HolEE>> <<HolCO>> Educational Program Assistance policy It is COMPANY S financial assistance to provide in interested to employees education, ir formal furring ir college error Facts about applied which includes possibility Important is accurate, adult education, governed always be will Statement education, be sure this benefits will taken to not be actual has been (LTD) etc. The company should While c amounts document technology, any is not a legal The availability tuition, or a guarantee always exists. This costs Long-Term employment Plan Documents. a contract per month reimburse by ficial limited by constitute any questions. $X to $X It does not $<<LTD>> books if you have as such. construed protects Premium in increments direct fees Human Resources benefit. Contact capped allowance to elect coverage or unlimited. This coverage require particular maximum You eligible completing X months c facility, X months, to a long-term upon successfully home c payable for confined pressional event you family or require course. you in coverage for living facility an assisted you may add services premium, Travel an additional Business services. For Medical our employees Accident majority members. $<<MED1>> to Premium coverage. The by CLIENT have choice in «MedPlan» Employees at X% You covered reimbursed You enrolled CARRIER PPO. that you lose services 401(k) Plan by in event CLIENT to save in-network $<<401>> covered where in-network where traveling on allowing you Stard life while benefit or in Premium deductible. An alternate Client Contribution through INVCO, enroll in is 1% to X% deductible This $300,000 is fered contribution individual business. a $X individual 401(k) to eligible after a $X at X% after Your allowable A pre-tax in addition X% reimbursed is payable retirement. will match X% benefit. Your in a. services money for match contribution may be available basic life insurance covered The COMPANY The Company to you. HMO base pay. to. children always belongs contributed spouse vested after you on business compensation is immediately month if accompanying on first Dental directly to by relocation. contribution in s administered travel or during /or access you may enroll will mail quarterly $<<Dent>> dental If eligible, Premium You may also coverage. A Fidelity minor restorative, Certain exclusions. preventive, in «DenPlan» INVCO X days employment. investment may apply. covers You enrolled apply. limitations a day by contacting The dental reflecting limitations internet (www. is fered. home c. Certain or via CARRIER 7 days a week/24-hours access orthodontic line at 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX available to major services answer PIN number automated have You must <<SickEE>> <<SickCO>> year. 20XX personal Compensation Designations designation(s) beneficiary is however, it Your applicable in this ; review such not reflected that you periodically important status changes, If family. beneficiary to change forms may you may wish If so, necessary designation(s). Resources. from Human be obtained Beneficiary s. any voluntary programs Information paid for you amounts reflects employer-sponsored ongoing benefits available This benefits not readily employer-sponsored in benefits costs dollars paid The costs The annual used. Where actual coverage in s. made to costs to provide has been to participate employer Every effort average premiums. re is always (e.g., medical) actual claims However, administration, general in this. include data. The /or calculation with accurate versions provide you in collation shorth occurring abbreviated error(s) shown possibility amounts in this only. The The benefits purposes may vary. reference descriptions actual benefits for documents with current assumptions in accordance based upon estimates will be determined The company reflect only all benefits in all cases. availability advance which govern amount or without documents, time, with existing ficial s at any eliminate provisions benefit modify or to change may supersede, right an employment reserves Revised provisions do not constitute any reason. for benefits a guarantee notice, for eligibility to represent intended provisions not (s). Plan or or) document or implied. contract (legal expressed or benefits, Compensation employment Personalied General Facts about possibility is accurate, always sure this benefits will taken to be actual has been document amounts While c is not a legal availability exists. The This employment error always Plan Documents. a contract constitute any by ficial does not if you have be governed as such. It Human Resources not be construed should benefit. Contact any particular or a guarantee Important Statement X-Ray/Radiology Inpatient Hospitaliation Hospital 30, ending June fiscal year For current is contributing 3.09% 20XX, CLIENT payroll to Ascension total our CLIENT s Plan on behalf Pension Associates. that pension benefit years amount on The actual is dependent earnings you earn annually highest average service, credited age. (HAE) provided pension samount total Personalied amount illustrate annually including have earned, calendar benefit you most recent during you earned pension s personalied end June. year. The by normally provided Pension questions. Statement 20XX <<TOTALEE>> <<TOTALCO>> Statement Flyers Posters aut ut lam nem Lut in prernatati lautecu peruntia conet eumquae rat dolupta volentem ptatio volessi iscit, aris tem aut lab et volupta tatusti illam, consed abo. Lent odiatius que conseditas quam, qui di as dem il eat. inullorum niet Lab Services OPEN ENROLLMENT C Chiropractic Abuse Substance Mental Inpatient Outpatient Company provisions Descriptions major benefit s Summary Plan to highlight some refer to prevail. is only intended Plan Descriptions. Please Summary representation Benefits Newsletter This Employee a complete detailed Summary Plan Descriptions, relied upon as differ from should not be Should this newsletter for furr detail. blat eatia Harum iniassi res audita dollene perfernatin Quo nos plabo. quibeaquae quis sus. <<SSMEE>> <<SSMCO>> TOTAL COMPENSATION Compensation quasperunt. Holiday ut ommoluptatet Experiat. Lores sum illuptatecti esciis ut ernatur as diat libus nobitam rest, ima descilitaque adignia ntenisciet ea vel in estibus cum reiur? volore se susam Hospital Outpatient Services Enrollment Open <<LTDEE>> <<LTDCO>>, this benefits For purpose pay as defines annual as company paid to you is gross compensation represented DATE. 401(k) based on Benefit costs as DATE. company s costs. Pay THISYEAR been annualied benefits have one year cost for with less than for employees DATE. service as Off paid to an annual You entitled CLIENT also time f benefit. throughout 10 holidays recognies events odigenim Benefits quiam qui Coordination verio incim qui tota moluptam non ratinctatem aspellecto Aped utatumet, sinulpa sanim et temqui optatio faci dolupta alique aciis facius, ium iusciet am eost, es estist eperchicit est, quo tem fugitaque quae ea dolupta et eum nos atemolo rporem alique verum rae sequidis molore si serio et quam dolupta tiuntiur alit, eliquis optassi ipsaepe rcitas que cuptatiur quatur? Qui coriorem seque nos sum fugitio nditam nis Itaestios audae. odicim eario. quam quaspie sime etur, earcipsaped pa dolupta de dit, consequae Natiant. Benefits PPO Medical In-Network <<VisEE>> <<VisCO>> Dental Vacations volupta tatusti Lut in prernatati que dolupta volentem di as dem quam, ptatio volessi consed et qui odiatius illam, aris abo. Lent niet il eat. conseditas inullorum <<DenEE>> <<DenCO>> Medical Voluntary Sincerely, odigenim During Year quiam qui Changes verio incim qui tota moluptam non ratinctatem aspellecto Aped utatumet, sinulpa sanim et temqui optatio faci dolupta alique aciis facius, ium iusciet am eost, es estist eperchicit est, quo tem earcipsaped quae ea dolupta et eum nos atrio et quam alique verum rae sequidis molore si dolupta tiuntiur nos quatur? ipsaepe rcitas seque nditam nis quam quaspie January 2014 <<AS>> <<Bonus>> Welf Benefits This detailed just for you. prepd benefits was to show you It is designed benefits package, value part significant which is a total compensation. 4 Enrollment Lores ut ernatur esciis ut ommoluptatet descilitaque sum illuptatecti libus ea rest, as diat nobitam adignia ntenisciet vel in estibus cum se susam ima volore Experiat. Your Contribution Company Contribution Bonus Dear <<FN>>, blat eatia Harum iniassi res audita dollene perfernatin plabo. Quo quibeaquae nos quis sus. 3 to Month XX Month XX Enrollment booklet New hire booklet Electronic newsletter OPEN ENROLLMENT to Month XX Month XX rights reserved. Thinkstock. All Images 2014 Newsletter\-14\14EG\14EGLorenIpsum.indd Templates\EB\OE 23 S:\ALDRIDGE\ISSDocs\ Postcards Calendar OPEN ENROLLMENT Month XX Month XX to OPEN ENROLLMENT Antibiotics Annual Breakdown Costs Benefits Direct Compensation Annual Salary personal quasperunt. Disease Management verio non ratinctatem Aped utatumet, facius, ium qui odigenim incim quiam aspellecto sanim et alique sinulpa dolupta tota quae eanotes: moluptam qui dolupta am faci eperchicit iusciet molore si alique temqui optatio tem eost, nos est, quo verum et eum dolupta ipsaepe rcitas es estist aciis rporem sequidis atemolo que tiuntiur rae fugitio coriorem fugitaque sum et quam eliquis serio cuptatiur alit, nditam quam quaspie earcipsaped optassi de quatur? Qui nis seque nos sime etur, pa dolupta dit, consequae Natiant. Itaestios audae. odicim eario. Vision) RX Enhanced conet lautecu Medical (including nem eumquae rat peruntia iscit, aut ut lam tem aut lab Open be well. <<Zip>> total estimated shows The table on is based for 20XX Raises 12/31/XX. data as after 12/31/XX received amounts Compensation not reflected. dollar amount. to nest rounded compensation labor Unt litaturia simollam Ut ex ex rerrum escitae. rent, sunt evellor porporrum 2 contains about This publication benefit important employee program. read thoroughly. Please Life changing <<State>> for cus. For: Medical vel int oditinc Gitium velente re laut aditaspit, torias sanis et quias quam, si blab inctaecti eum sim ipsusae riscimodis explatios aut undae et ratas dolorro aut ficiis es ipientiist Annual Pay Paid Time Holidays s. any voluntary to programs Information paid for you amounts reflects employer-sponsored ongoing (e.g., benefits available This benefits not readily employer-sponsored in benefits include costs dollars paid The costs The annual used. Where actual with coverage in s. provide you made to participate costs to provide has been employer error(s) Every effort average medical) possibility premiums. re is always actual claims benefits However, administration, general descriptions in this. for data. The documents accurate /or calculation versions assumptions in collation based upon shorth occurring only estimates abbreviated will be shown reflect in this all benefits amounts which only. The availability purposes documents, The amount reference may vary. time, ficial s at any actual benefits current provisions benefit with to change modify in accordance right may supersede, reserves determined The company Revised provisions all cases. do not constitute any reason. govern in for benefits notice, for a advance eligibility to represent with or without intended Plan provisions not existing (s). or or) or eliminate document or implied. contract (legal expressed an employment or benefits, Compensation employment guarantee Personalied General include: Eligible dependents il eat. OPEN ENROLLMENT XX to Month Month XX aut ut lam Lut in prernatati rat peruntia nem eumquae ptatio volessi conet lautecu volupta dolupta volentem lab iscit, aris tatusti tem aut illam, abo. Lent odiatius di as dem quam, consed et qui inullorum niet que conseditas Eligibility Enrollment Open Welcome Letter et..... am fugit eum quod et est Letter.. evendae nis es doluptur erum et ficia quist expelit natemquatum aut omniet solupti usciam faccus arum alitio. Puda eperchil et doluptasimus luptis quiatur tecabor aut Nem earchil...6 sum nonsedis volupitaspic dolupid endio. eri dolupta sim events.. eosae represequo usti ssenda reruptae volectur Vision). tusdae. Or modisimus....7 faccull enitibe archita aut ventias RX Enhanced et, con est nobistiur am harum alitibus. Medical (including blabo. Nem quibusciasi aut estiorro tem rate plia Vision Benefits itiam autem ficient fic Enhanced maximi, ius, litem..10 lab ium quunt est, quam sit ad quisciat Benefits. omnimin parum quundis doloria Si volor restiunt Prescription ratenim enimet ersperia dipsa et prerspe...10 sunt arcius, nem fuga. Harciet cusdam evenis exere molupta ipsam, suntia nis apero to Et aut apel Vitality Program tusus num fuga. senis dolupta tisquate nonserion esciis pere, eum aciassi onsequas imusam ipsum faccus Dental Benefits Benefits/ volum nis molupti Insurance commolorro AD&D Insurance Basic Life et volesse niscidis Life restibus. dis eos eos Supplemental odi necuptis verempedi enihit omni harciusda debit Benefits. accatur adit optibus, excerovid molest Incille sequos Short-Term berchici ficiet consenis maximusam, quistrum res pero Benefits. tem none que natis simagname raepudant apic a doluptata Long-Term apelibus et re nis estempo cusa natem Program saepudae intibusdae idellat eatendi Accounts Assistance sin evercip Spending quo enienisquo Employee qui dolo quiducipis C Flexible...14invelendam alis as parchit ernat ut volum autem Dependent non naturereiunt taturia nus C consed magnihi..14is sit moluptam veriam vent plique volendiae Plan... delibus, odit vernatempos eratioribus Information! fic te 401(k) Savings ma sequasp Beneficiary netur sanisit nonsero ipsus et et, sa commolorem 401(k) Vanguard aliquatur volorum con voluptis es Update Your consequodit....15restinctia at. none rerum pla consequiae sequaero blatem aut int alis Pension Information....15moluptinis sae nimint Tuition Reimbursement Sincerely, Policy... Bereavement Policy... Off (PTO) Paid Time First Last Holidays. COO President Contact Information Notice. Important Notes.. Welcome Benefits br ng Postcard latempost quatiste omnihiti dello... sum, quam Contents doluptatur, dia perioria Table quam rehento nem. On nus, ducimin nonseribus et la nobit, ad Tota compensat on s Poster Guide Open Enrollment We ness benefits news etters Enrollm ent ons Comm unicati employees which include: Suite) Option 2 (14EG L fe event commun cat ons E We fer three to be complete suits customied for Suite) Option 1 (14BG Dec s on support too s Commun cat ons campa gns DIFFERENC on Service s Title GOES HERE cuptatem acculpa quiundis quatiste dello consed unditatur sum ad accuptas nectus doluptatur, omnihiti latempost ad quam rehento dollibus iditis reicill perioria sum, quam Entempostesto volore quiasimus nonseribus dia por aut omnis pedicia fugit eum ducimin nonsedis doluptasimus architatia apel est es doluptur am nem. 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April T F S S M T W S:\ALDRIDGE\ISSDocs\ All rights reserved. Thinkstock. Images S:/filepath 25 1 XX to Month Month XX First Last President COO reserved. Postcard.pdf All rights 2014 Thinkstock. Images Newsletter\-14\14EG\14EG Templates\EB\OE S:\ALDRIDGE\ISSDocs\2011 its Forms Affidav custom Lockton can create s for you. forms affidavit VERIFICATI Form S:\EB\Shd in at least 80% Diabetes Academy Driven is Now in Session Diabetes Academy is a free class given by a Novo Nordisk Diabetes Educator to help you learn managing diabetes. about Plan? characteristics: following in Consumer have coverage kicks Plans is a or even hospitaliation, What risk illness, insurance loved Driven Out--Network virus to A flu vaccine reduces before choice 6 months Consumer you from spreading In-Network deductible Everyone, death can prevent get vaccinated. doctor You have family from flu: Diabetes Management works: you meet to ones. Protect to meet older, is to go until vaccine? Diabetes You need flu101 covers kind ageservices getting this freedom drug basic diabetes terminology get What benefits We to sh to how prescription You have in recommended self that name with basics excited Staying y provides to get you for Protection for medical who too young with Company a infants convenient tips amount healthy staying Here pay for 100% prescriptions against for newborns for eating fering our active deductible costs vaccinated Protection Maximum You be for annual Novo Nordisk from flu will medical vaccinated option coverage. s Out--Pocket flu. new risk for complicationsdiabetes Products you sh services have for people at high Diabetes that, will you reach medical Protection 30 Medication reviews After rate when enroll until severe. Over a period basics about beglp-1 Associates to can discounted agonists company insulin in demonstrates deaths insurance Flu seasons unpredictable Novo flu-related opportunity deductible Nordisk how to use estimates devices about Network $3,000 Driven amount, remainder year providers , in a you pay years, between people to a high Maximum more for (CDHP). Note: from a low 3,000 Consumer h by In-Network will Plan hospitalied nothing United States range name $3,000 than 200,000 people Out--Pocket rendered you pay Each year, more We look children younger than 5 49,000 people. Company well women in you reach costs; an average 20,000forward to seeing for se Once all you! physicals, be fering from flu, including $4,000 will pay annual pay nothing deductible. This years age. c (i.e., so you year place medical at 100%, Please join our several entive deductible next class first ns that by (CDHP)? is Plan covered Remember prev January 22, healthc communicatio For more etc.) ven provide CDHP exams, in making impact on 11:30 a.m.-12:30 will about seriousness active p.m. services. just pay influena benefits regarding Savings has more a Consumer-Dri more Participants talk have visits influena vaccination, to become a CDHP you ten (HSA). can earn 35 s, do we Vitality visit doctor s attending or nurse, individualsservices under Account Why se educational points for control to doctor traditional encourage cost or call CDC at sessions. Under actual costs in direct CDHPs The actual s. seat CDC-INFO. not realie in driver decisions. under traditional may puts you costs. you than copay dollar A CDHP healthc a flat on you spend prescriptions. much how Curriculum includes TAKE TIME TO GET A FLU VACCINE C om ny P A Y me O M P A N n AC N A M E H E R E cessation program may have a tobacco a physician. developed by Making a False Recourse for Statement falsifies his/ who intentionally An employee form will status on this her non-tobacco immediate revocation be subject to face a release could potentially discount falsification for intentional from employment paperwork. employment-related rights reserved. Thinkstock. All Form.pdf Images Communications\Fliers\\Verification Resources\EE Fliers\NonSmokeVerify.pdf l ica Med or N e w f i ts f e BeN Provision or participated (Printed) Date curriculum. Employee Signature 3 SPOUSAL/DEPE COVERAGE partner or spouses form to <company> company contact Working Spouse [Client] requires Via fax to: for all employees, health s must ir employer s fax number to elect that to keep costs down via to: medical, coverage through In an effort Scanned copy his/her employer applies to <company> about have access to comprehensive coverage through for health s. This asked questions employees who <company> who have medical s will pay secondary list commonly partners <company> to be eligible for coverage under <company> see below for a Spouses domestic in order will pay first coverage. Please ir employers partner s employer s elect coverage through spouse s or domestic programs. The this effort: following: dental vision partner meets partner s coverage. or my domestic spouse s or domestic legally married, Verification to whom I am employees spouse loses coverage? or vision coverage. my Status that my spouse, would be able to What ifwhich medical, dental Non-Tobacco Name s employees, I hereby certify spouse Select for Company program access to comprehensive apply) Employee good health a qualifying event or vision coverage. event without does not have tobacco cessation (Select all that overallcomplete medical, dentalto encourage is considered does not work in a recognied 30 days qualifying must alsothis comprehensive In an effort or domestic partner partner s employer employees enrolled within that does not fer My spouse tobacco Your spouse/domestic works for a company enroll in [Client] who do not use partner s employer. limitations. or domestic partner page. medical rates. period or pre-existing My spouse spouse s or domestic Form on next fered by a waiting can receive discounted you will be ineligible coverages not but gains Coverage Certification is June 20, 2011, his/her employer Partner Employer Vision indicated below Resources by Spouse/Domestic update have coverage through s coverages this form to Human Spouse/ does not currently Dental status. You must in[year] year? coverage for do not return also complete through you tobacco What if my spouse If partner s his/her employer s employer must medical Medical elected to take an employer-sponsored period for discount, regardless spouse/domestic through works has enrollment coverage open coverage. Your for non-tobacco would need or domestic partner annual eligibility for s as secondary My spouse spouse at each subsequent on next page. for <company> status a qualifying event tobacco discount. Date: through refore eligible Certification Form Effective non-tobacco This is considered Employer Coverage Group # & Coverage order to qualify for terminate coverage Domestic Partner Carrier Name, update our employer s Effective Date: Medical: List so that we can to join his/her Conditions immediately Group # & Coverage Tobacco Terms notify HR Carrier Name, an Approved Discount Dental: List Effective Date: [Client]. Please Completion Non-tobacco Group # & Coverage or domestic partner s Carrier Name, User under spouse s Tobacco Vision: List Cessation Program eligibility files accordingly. benefits begin Definition fulfill 80% indicate when least one tobacco who is able to waiting period, who uses atvision If any An employee s. or is in a benefits a tobacco An employee or chew) requirements medical, dental or domestic partner that pipe, cigtte, <company>(i.e., cigar, If spouse form you certify participation Coverage to, product By signing this Dependent use have coverage under will be subject for our medical partner will not claim payments. employer: or social tobacco cessation program eligible month spouse or domestic per week. Casual be subject to reimbursing Name s verify that dependents first dependent this form, outlined below. partner, you may discount by Company If you do not return In an effort to Conditions to certify thattoir non-tobacco spouse or domestic present constitutes tobacco Eligibility Terms an Affidavit for an ineligible employee s ability vision s. must complete claims paid <company> Dependent following domestic partner underst medical, dental, completion spouse oremployees definition. you have read to remain on who decls ir status. to Company Name from an employee or self-employment child(ren) eligible verification Terms Conditions documentation to prove non-working Documentation online. program. Dependent Eligibility right to request for tax records repayment an approved affidavit is available <company> has right to ask The Right to Request subject to immediate documentation: addition, we have for right to request this form will bename has Right to request Plan. In from employment on Company ir Employer s may be released an employee who Cessation Programs s intentionally falsifies is not eligible for An employee who Approved Tobacco under <company> documentation from a false : coverage terminated cessation programs a tobacco user Recourse for making s, may have Approved tobacco community paid by health decls him/herself cessation paperwork. upon available premium or claims approved tobacco employment-related may vary based enrolled in an tobacco users attended intentional falsification an alternative, employee resources. As to verify that Please return this Employee Name What to Do or people doctor doesn t Will not keep Just because or upper c doesn t mean from getting sick Colds many give you an antibioti s, as well as you or child respiratory infection Will not help you n t sick. s, caused by some ear infection feel better If antibiotics about viruses, not bacteria. y with doctor Talk things for ten Do used too for or What Not to best treatment colds or or antibiotics can t treat like better when dem feel not To Do can stop child s illness. says y not viral infections y has an upper when a doctor ly against bacteria you or child working effective : needed child really needs respiratory infection when you or c for n antibioti e whe an resistanc or pharmacist Do not take m. Antibiotic Ask doctor like a cold or no longer cure a viral infection antibiotics can about over--counter s has been a most sore throats that may help bacterial infection ed treatment options is consider s concern for years prescribes an reduce symptom most critical If doctor one world s infection: intake antibiotic for bacterial Increase fluid public health threats. rest cs doses when antibioti Get plenty Do not skip Get smart about vaporier or fight bacterial t any iate to cool-mis save a Use appropr Do not to relieve m for viral next time you saline nasal spray infections. Taking antibiotics for sore as a cold, most sick congestion infections, such or child gets is many throats, acute bronchit s: sinus or ear infection infection Will not cure 2014 ON FORM Coverage Verification Partner spouse/domestic employee you electing s. this form if dental or vision You must complete effective date. for medical, to benefit (15) days prior family coverage Via mail to: approximately fifteen Spouse/Domestic NDENT [Client] will Effective [Date], audits which implement dependent through ADP. will be conducted is process A dependent audit dependent/s verifying that in eligible to participate you example, [Client]. For show some type may be asked to spouse is a spouse pro that a or a child (ex. marriage certificate) birth certificate). is child (ex. have dependent All employees who through an audit. coverage will go I am a... gone through certify you have I hereby After will only be audited non-tobacco initial audit, you for to user eligible if you make a change Non-tobacco again a premium adding to medical that includes discount coverage approved dependent. user who is enrolled in an Tobacco July 1, program as tobacco cessation at least 80% or participate in I pledge to attend to education in order required classroom discount upon qualify for non-tobacco underst I will program. I completion pro Name to provide be asked by Company an approved completion enrollment program. enrolled in an who will not be Tobacco user as cessation program approved tobacco that I am not July 1, I acknowledge to non-tobacco discount eligible for medical premium. Your name (printed) date Your signature l s, Specia Fliers, Poster Newsle tters any nonlockton can format tion into a copyrighted informa poster or flyer. Images Thinkstock. All rights reserved. S\eb\barwe\eecom\flyers\Diabetes.pdf Text rights reserved. Thinkstock. All Images 2011 EB\SR\EE Communications\Fliers\2012\FluShot2012.pdf reserved. All rights 1.pdf Thinkstock. Images s\eb\shd\eecom\flyers\\cdhp ss Month ly Wellne Newsle tters creates three Every month ISS Benefits clients. newsletters for provided in These also client. Spanish for each LIVE EAT well BE well DOG CTO O Calories BITE BER Total fat Saturated fat Cholesterol BUTTONS PREVE NTION 013 OCTOBER 2 well PASTA STAYING AND BOWS ACTIVE DURING PREGNANCY OCTOBER g 1g 0 mg 127 mg chicken Sodium In a bowl, combine Physical 9g 5 minutes Mix well. Activity 5. is broth cornstarch. Total fiber Prep time Aim for 2 hours for Childrenan unfamiliar 13 g Important 4 servings with vegetables, 30 Safety approach Protein Add to panminutes Follow se Yields 59 g a week tips Do not physical 2 cups Regular boil. Simmer gently moderate Carbohydrates activity Don t strain; bring to a aerobic Sie activities Serving 331 mg a dogmay help dog do more reduce Activities risk from into Potassium complications Start slowly; roll for 1 minute. repetitions with 220%dog spread not run lighter weights during Preventionbring a Do pregnancy. by a dog, Directions Vitamin lemon est, activity pasta, over by A out you over to 25% week Make sure you saucepan, bring 6. Add parsley, 1. In a 4-quart If knocked over n t holding bitten lie still Vitamin C Before Toss gently dog 6%pressional a boil Choose toa ball Ifyou pepper. water breath household: with a weren t activities Americansone in five active before dogs 3 quarts into Calcium is hot. that make eye contact pasta breeds household heat. cook 4.5 million year, is until Consultwhat 10% heart beat faster, Avoid exercises not too late to who that require high pregnancy, it s direct Iron each that could strain learn pasta likewalking dogs Avoidaccording a dogstart.serve for 2 cups in injuries ways fit for fast, dancing, lower back before cooknot disturb 7. results There best or caring a dog2. Add pasta to bites per portion. Before with Do or raking leaves eating, vegetablesswimming, attention. less likelyingredients you drain. bowtie time Avoid exercising begin... it to package directions; 2 C dry whole-wheat sleeping, medical being while lying Be sure to drink o) (8Spend dog bites from pasta (farfalle) Talk to olive into oil or adopting on back after extra doctor. to water Ingredient Tidbit oil without a dog As long to make Meanwhile, heat puppies children buying 3. first spray for olive youbefore, a a dogas Substitute oil re isn t a medical while, heat inpet to bring sniff cooking trimester 1 Tbsp olive fat. after you reason for help prevent garlic over medium decide clove) Do not reduce save calories exercise minced to see you you(1 to avoidpan; by dogs. cook until st, preventable physical 1 tsp garlic, If dog large sauté Stay away from activityitduring bitten home: learn activities that o) froen peas largely can pregnancy,allowing Take a break 1 bag (16 games bites you can begin or if you get short increase risk not browned. first Dog carrots children being falling or Spay/neuteraggressive butcontinue any to do moderate breath or feel uncomfortable broth play being hit in trainpeas carrots; cook physical adults ir chances 2 C low-sodium chicken stomach, like 4.Add activity. Don t socialie household basketball or soccer to reduce until vegetables 2 Tbsp cornstarch gently chopped Properly parsley, bitten. heated through. 1 Tbsp fresh dog entering seek pressional (or 1 tsp dried) or for lemon, rinsed, Immediately 1 medium if aggressive develop 1 tsp est advice behaviors black pepper undesirable ¼ tsp ground Resources: Recipes Tools for, prep, Keep Beat help people shop Lung, To help organiations National Heart, meals, by Keep serve healthy to you has created se Institute (NHLBI) brought is Blood Resources. for al Tools medical Bulletin Beat is Recipes for Benefits substitute doctor as a Department Employee Thinkstock about This this publication inadvice Resources is not intended Images questions seek Human only. It Always if you have CDC. purposes treatment. or treatment. or advice medical pressional diagnosis at provides or or condition,provided health scientific any medical for credible (CDC). topics, over wellness online source CDC safety an site health Web gov is resources ficial to important tools is access statistics, A-Z Index. direct Thinkstock data articles, in topics publication 900 in this Images This Employee Benefits Bulletin is brought to Human Resources you by Department is for al purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute advice or treatment. for medical Always seek advice or or medical doctor pressional if you have questions medical condition, about any diagnosis or treatment. provided wellness at online source is an for credible health Web site is ficial CDC (CDC). provides direct to important health safety access topics, scientific statistics, articles, data tools resources A-Z over 900 topics Index. in Images in this publication Thinkstock Viva bien Y PERMANEZCA DE BOTONES S PASTA LAS ACTIVA DURANTE NIR PERRO EL EMBARAZO CORBATINES DE PREVE OCTUBRE D ASU B R E D E E CÓMO EDUR O C T MORD D E Coma bien bien TUB RE OC Calorías Total de grasa Grasas saturadas Colesterol 329 6g 1g 0 mg 127 mg de Sodio 9g combine el caldo niños 5. 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Hay Siempre sean tanto, y de ajo, picado o(1 Mientras a cuo 3.a un Asegúreseingredientes durmiendo, no haya una en de perro ayudar 1 cucharadita alguna atención comprarlo medio raón más a fuego sus de cachorros médica sin permitirsobre los dedebeber traer y el ajo Información oliva para agua oliva para diente) que usteda evita aceite antes, de durante, quea un perro maneras decide aerosol las mordeduras mordidos hasta la actividad y después de hacer Sustituya y hay guisantes y sean física gre y cocine acaricie primero ejercicio o) de usted y la grasa. sartén durante casa: niños el embarao, 1 bolsa (16 Si probable lo huelducir las calorías a su no doradas. puede No pero que los vea y comenar anahorias congelados esténo blos, a su perro perro continuar participo que lo en Tómese un prevenir bajo en de pollo agresivos Esterilice actividad descanso si se le en gran caldo perros. física guisantes y las son 2 taa de juegos 4. 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Thinkstock usted médico estao publicación informativos. o tratamiento. de Imágenes con fines médico diagnóstico en presional obtener u otro médica, y bienestar para consejo médico condición de salud en línea CDC (CDC). de de su de fuente alguna nformación es una Web icial importantes sobre hallar a temas y estadísticas, el sitio Puede índice y es directo datos en el acceso científicos,900 temas información proporciona artículos y más de CDC.govseguridad, y y recursos salud Thinkstock herramientas publicación A-Z de de esta Este boletín de beneficios del empleado es por su departamento presentad a usted de recursos humanos informativos. y es sólo con No tiene fines médico o tratamiento. el propósito de sustituir al consejo Siempre busque u otro presional el consejo de médico si tiene su médico preguntas sobre condición médica, alguna diagnóstico o tratamiento. Se información de proporciona salud y bienestar en gov es una fuente en línea para CDC. obtener información sobre la salud y es el creíble proporciona sitio Web icial de los CDC (CDC). acceso directo salud y seguridad, a temas importantes artículos científicos, de herramientas datos y estadísticas, y recursos y más de 900 A-Z de temas en el índice Imágenes de esta publicación Thinkstock Imágenes you by is brought to Benefits Bulletin This Employee is for al Department for medical Human Resources as a substitute It is not intended doctor purposes only. advice Always seek about any advice or treatment. you have questions pressional if wellness or or medical diagnosis or treatment. is an medical condition, at is ficial provided access for credible health online source provides direct CDC (CDC). articles, data Web site topics, scientific in health safety to important d over 900 topics resources an tools statistics, Index. A-Z 2014 Thinkstock publication Images in this 4 11

12 Our Mission To be worldwide value service leader in insurance brokerage, employee benefits, risk management Our Goal To be best place to do business to work Saint Louis Three CityPlace Drive, Suite 900 Saint Louis, Missouri (314) Memphis 1715 Aaron Brenner Drive, Suite 512 Memphis, Tennessee (901) Lockton, Inc. All rights reserved. Images 2014 Thinkstock. All rights reserved. [Rev 01/17/14] S\EB\CLIENTS\S-Z\STRME08\\Specialists.pdf

Administrative Handbook

Administrative Handbook Quality health plans & benefits Healthier living Financial well-being Intelligent solutions Administrative Handbook Small Business Employers For groups with 2-100 employees B

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INTRODUCTION...2 PART I: UNDERSTANDING MANAGED CARE TERMINOLOGY...2 PART II: A CONSUMER GUIDE TO SELECTING AN INSURANCE PLAN...15 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION.............................................................2 PART I: UNDERSTANDING MANAGED CARE TERMINOLOGY.....................2 Description of Managed Care.............................................2

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Important information about your health benefits

Important information about your health benefits Quality health plans & benefits Healthier living Financial well-being Intelligent solutions Important information about your health benefits Aetna Select SM Aetna Select SM Open Access Elect Choice Aetna

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A Workbook for Injured Workers in New Mexico

A Workbook for Injured Workers in New Mexico A Workbook for Injured Workers in New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration Published by the New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration, a state

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Questions and Answers About Health Insurance

Questions and Answers About Health Insurance Questions and Answers About Health Insurance A Consumer Guide Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Advancing Excellence in Health Care Note to reader: This guide offers general information

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Health. Insurance. Guide to. This guide: John Kasich Governor. Mary Taylor Lt. Governor / Director

Health. Insurance. Guide to. This guide: John Kasich Governor. Mary Taylor Lt. Governor / Director Health Guide to Insurance This guide: Describes how to find, keep and use health insurance Explains how to appeal a decision by your health plan John Kasich Governor Mary Taylor Lt. Governor / Director

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In Treatment. Financial Guidance for Cancer Survivors and Their Families

In Treatment. Financial Guidance for Cancer Survivors and Their Families In Treatment Financial Guidance for Cancer Survivors and Their Families In Treatment Financial Guidance for Cancer Survivors and Their Families When I think about it now, I realize I ve had two lives.

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Your Options for Financing Long-Term Care: A Massachusetts Guide

Your Options for Financing Long-Term Care: A Massachusetts Guide Your Options for Financing Long-Term Care: A Massachusetts Guide DIVISION OF INSURANCE 1000 Washington Street, Suite 810, Boston, Massachusetts 02118-6200 (617) 521-7794; Springfield (413) 785-5526 FAX:

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Workplace Wellness Programs Study

Workplace Wellness Programs Study Workplace Wellness Programs Study Case Studies Summary Report Contract Number: DOLJ089327414 Prepared for: Office of Policy and Research Employee Benefits Security Administration Department of Labor Office

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Personal Injury Protection Plan. Your Guide

Personal Injury Protection Plan. Your Guide Personal Injury Protection Plan Your Guide Section 1 Medical and Personal Expenses Your Reference Page Date of Accident Injury Claim Number Personal Injury Case Manager Telephone number Best time to call

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Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers Compensation Benefits Workers Compensation Benefits A guide for injured workers Know your rights and responsibilities Guide to Benefits This is your guide to workers compensation (industrial insurance) benefits. It explains

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CALIFORNIA. LIFE INSURANCE and ANNUITIES. 800-927-HELP (4357) TDD 800.482.4833 DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE Materials presented in this borchure are a collective effort of the staff of the California Department of Insurance. CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE Consumer Education and Outreach Bureau

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Health Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance Coverage Protecting Your Health Insurance Coverage This booklet explains... Your rights and protections under recent Federal law How to help maintain existing coverage Where you can get more help For additional

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Managing Physical Rehabilitation in a Managed Care Environment

Managing Physical Rehabilitation in a Managed Care Environment Managing Physical Rehabilitation in a Managed Care Environment Peter R. Kovacek, MSA, PT Kathleen A. Jakubiak Kovacek, PT KovacekManagementServices, Inc Harper Woods, Michigan KovacekManagementServices,

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Dear New Jersey Driver,

Dear New Jersey Driver, Dear New Jersey Driver, Auto insurance is required in New Jersey. As a New Jersey driver, you have many choices when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. Each choice you make affects the coverage you

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State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development

State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Please Read This Guide And Save It For Future Reference PR-94 (R-3-15) ON THE INTERNET Visit for unemployment and reemployment

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CHILD CARE. a guide for family home providers. illinois

CHILD CARE. a guide for family home providers. illinois illinois CHILD CARE a guide for family home providers Illinois Department of Human Services USDA Rural Development Illinois Child Care Resource Service University of Illinois Illinois Network of Child

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HEALTH INSURANCE. Types of Health Insurance. Know Your Rights and Their Limits. Using Your Health Coverage. Where to Find Help and Information

HEALTH INSURANCE. Types of Health Insurance. Know Your Rights and Their Limits. Using Your Health Coverage. Where to Find Help and Information What Cancer Survivors Need To Know About HEALTH INSURANCE Types of Health Insurance Know Your Rights and Their Limits Using Your Health Coverage Where to Find Help and Information A publication of the

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UC Health Benefits. Guide to Your. A Complete MEDICAL, DENTAL AND MORE

UC Health Benefits. Guide to Your. A Complete MEDICAL, DENTAL AND MORE MEDICAL, DENTAL AND MORE 2015 A Complete Guide to Your UC Health Benefits Listed below are telephone numbers and website addresses for some of the resources UC employees routinely use. MEDICAL PLANS Blue

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Getting Ready to Retire: What You Need to Know About Annuities. Table of Contents

Getting Ready to Retire: What You Need to Know About Annuities. Table of Contents Getting Ready to Retire: What You Need to Know About Annuities Table of Contents A. Planning Your Retirement Income ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Life Insurance. Annuities. and. A Guide for Consumers

Life Insurance. Annuities. and. A Guide for Consumers Life Insurance and Annuities A Guide for Consumers Dear Fellow Floridian: Insurance coverage is an integral part of a solid financial foundation. Insurance can help us recover financially after illness,

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Justice for the Injured

Justice for the Injured Justice for the Injured A consumer guide to Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Law 3580 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1800 Los Angeles, California 90010 Tel: 213.739.7000 Fax: 213.386.1671

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Substance Abuse Services for Youth in Florida: A Guide for Families

Substance Abuse Services for Youth in Florida: A Guide for Families Substance Abuse Services for Youth in Florida: A Guide for Families March 2009 Florida Certification Board/Southern Coast ATTC Monograph Series #4 Substance Abuse Services for Youth in Florida: A Guide

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Table of Contents. Leaving Your Money in the TSP...3 Transferring Money Into the TSP... 3 Limitations on Leaving Your Money in the TSP...

Table of Contents. Leaving Your Money in the TSP...3 Transferring Money Into the TSP... 3 Limitations on Leaving Your Money in the TSP... Table of Contents Introduction... 1 Life Expectancy for a 65-Year-Old Person...1 Questions to Ask Before Withdrawing Your Account...2 Tailoring Your Withdrawal Decisions to Your Personal Needs...3 Leaving

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Foreword 2. Introduction 5. Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12. Child Support Handbook CONTENTS. Establishing Fatherhood 15. Where the Money Goes 31

Foreword 2. Introduction 5. Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12. Child Support Handbook CONTENTS. Establishing Fatherhood 15. Where the Money Goes 31 CONTENTS Foreword 2 Introduction 5 Finding the Noncustodial Parent 12 Establishing Fatherhood 15 Establishing the Support Order 19 Collecting Support 23 Where the Money Goes 31 Working Across Borders 33

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Your Retirement Plan A Member Handbook for Michigan s Public School Employees

Your Retirement Plan A Member Handbook for Michigan s Public School Employees Your Retirement Plan A Member Handbook for Michigan s Public School Employees Public School Employees Retirement System State of Michigan February 2015 About the Office of Retirement Services The Office

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Introduction 1. Personal Assessment 2. Steps to Starting a Small Business 3. Business Plan Outline 14

Introduction 1. Personal Assessment 2. Steps to Starting a Small Business 3. Business Plan Outline 14 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 Personal Assessment 2 Steps to Starting a Small Business 3 Business Plan Outline 14 Ways to Legally Structure a Business and Registering a Business Name 21 Licenses, Permits

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A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities When Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut

A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities When Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities When Claiming Unemployment Benefits in Connecticut DISPONIBLE EN ESPAÑOL Llame a la Línea de TeleBenefits o visite Su officina local del Departamento de Trabajo

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Idaho Health Plan Coverage. A Benefits Guide to Medicaid, CHIP, & Premium Assistance

Idaho Health Plan Coverage. A Benefits Guide to Medicaid, CHIP, & Premium Assistance Idaho Health Plan Coverage A Benefits Guide to Medicaid, CHIP, & Premium Assistance 2014 Table of Contents Idaho Health Plan Coverage 1 Prevention, Wellness, and Responsibility 1 Important Numbers 2 How

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