Current Developments in Technology-Assisted Education (2006) Vol. 2

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2 Current Developments in Technology-Assisted Education (2006) Vol. 2


4 X CONTENT VOL. 2 TECHNOLOGICAL ISSUES 3D Environment Representation through Acoustic Images. Auditory Learning in Multimedia systems. D. Castro Toledo, S. Morillas, T. Magal and G. Peris-Fajarnés. 735 A Financial Investment Tutoring System M. Delgado Calvo-Flores, E. Gibaja Galindo, C. Molina Fernández and J. Núñez Negrillo A Human-centered information system Research framework: metasynthesis Cui Xia and Dai Ru Wei A strategy of an Introduction of Educational Robotics in the School System M.Ripoll Novales, N.Gatica Zapata and S.Mendez Chandia A wiki-based active learning system; how to enhance learning material in epistemology of computer science and computer ethics Federico Gobbo and Gaetano Aurelio Lanzarone An Approach for Interactive Educational Software in a Classroom Setting Elsa Soares Rodrigues and José Moreno An Intelligent Tutoring System for a Virtual E-learning Center W. Fajardo Contreras, E. Gibaja Galindo, E. Marín Caballero and G. Marín Caballero 768 CAT-MD: Computer Adaptive Test on Mobile Devices Evangelos Triantafillou, Elissavet Georgiadou and Anastasios A. Economides 773 Color management in multimedia applications I. Tortajada Montañana, B. Defez García, T. Magal Royo, F. Brusola Simón and G. Peris- Fajarnés 778 Creating interactive maps using Flash R. Workman 783 Design a Competence-based Networked Learning System: Using Sequence Control as Example Ping-Huang Wu, Chin-Hwa Kuo, Pei-Lin Wu and Tsung-Han Wu. 787 Do-IT: from a didactic experiment to an authoring toolbox H.-R. Vatterrott, M.Weicht and O Zbozhna Educanix: a Linux live educational distribution for kiosks C. B. Navarrete,, J. Rodríguez and E. Anguiano. 797 Educational multimedia S. Dervan, C. McCosker, B. MacDaniel, and C O Nuallain 801 eduweaver A courseware tool S. Fochler, D. Karagiannis, J. Kotauczek, M. Nemetz

5 XI E-learningHUB of production automation MattiVäänänen, Jussi Horelli, and Jari Jussila Enhancement of a dietary analysis program to facilitate education A. Wise. 816 Evaluating objectkarel - an educational programming environment for object oriented programming S. Xinogalos, M. Satratzemi1 and V. Dagdilelis. 821 Evaluation of the functional efficiency of applications multimediales S. Riascos Erazo. 826 Evaluation of the quality (norm ISO 9126) in applications educational multimediales S. Riascos Erazo 832 EVAWEB v2: enhancing a web-based assessment system A. I. González-Tablas, A. Orfila, B. Ramos, and A. Ribagorda Experience Management: Models and Implementation F. de Arriaga, A. Arriaga and M. El Alami. 841 Extending Collaborative Learning Coordination Support in the AulaNet LMS using mobile devices C. J. P. de Lucena, M. Lucena, H. Fuks and D. Filippo 846 exulis a Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework used for elearning and etesting R. Jadoul, P. Plichart, J. Swietlik and T. Latour. 851 Fast learning methodology for GNU/Linux driver development B. Caballero, J. Rodriguez, C. B. Navarrete and E. Anguiano. 856 FITS: Formalization with an Intelligent Tutor System José A. Alonso Jiménez, Gonzalo A. Aranda Corral and Francisco J, Martín Mateos General Architecture to an Adaptive Hypermedia System S. Sanz Lumbier, J. A. Vadillo Zorita and T. A. Pérez Fernández Guided practical activities for learning programming languages José María Rodríguez Corral, Ignacio García Vargas and Arturo Morgado Estévez 871 Handhelps and mobile phones to manage students and resources in classroom: A new handicap to the teacher? F. Montero, J. E Córcoles and C. Calero Hipermedia educativo aplicado a la formación del arbitraje de Fútbol M. Armenteros Gallardo Implementation of efficient proactive computing using lazy evaluation in a learning management system D. Zampuniéris 886 Improving web site usability for a better e-learning experience Christophe Renaut, Christophe Batier, Laurent Flory and Martine Heyde.. 891

6 XII Interactive Visual Interfaces --- the hypermedia content based CM + SS + KOD retrieval system Chyi-Wen Hwang Issues in Position Determination for Mobile Learners D. O'Carroll, M.J. O'Grady and G.M.P. O'Hare 901 Issues to be taken into account when calibrating items R. Arruabarrena Santos and J. López-Cuadrado 906 La importancia de los contenidos en la adquisición de conocimientos en entornos m- learning T. Magal-Royo, G. Peris-Fajarnes, J. García Laborda and Julio Riquelme Madrona Learning experiences from an interdisciplinary and cross- institutional innovation project as part of a Robot Festival Lars Bojen and Michael Koch. 916 Low Cost Distributed Architecture for Supervising Systems Valentim Realinho, Filipe Fidalgo and Pedro Silva 922 Mixing Standards, IRT and Pedagogy for Quality e-assessment Silvia Sanz-Santamaría, José Á. Vadillo Zorita and Julián Gutiérrez Serrano 926 M-Learning and Webquests: the new technologies as pedagogical resource João Batista Bottentuit Junior, Clara Coutinho and Dulclerci Sternaldt Moving studies to e-environments: a case study T. Robal, A. Kalja Multimedia: an instructional tool in the teaching process of alpine ski. Antoniou Panagiotis, Moulelis Elias, Siskos Apostolos and Tsamourtzis Euagelos Platform of e-learning management: Aula Virtual. Universitat de València development based in open source and collaborative software P. Moreno Clari and V. Cerverón Lleó. 946 Projects for educational robotics: engines for the innovation Ana Lourdes Acuña Zuñiga. 951 Rapid development of media-rich, interactive elearning N. Watts 957 Robótica: para el desarrollo de habilidades en diseño con niños, niñas y jóvenes en América Latina. La estrategia metodología Ana Lourdes Acuña Zuñiga. 962 Sign Language to Voice Recognition: Hand Detection Techniques for Vision-Based Approach Noor Saliza Mohd Salleh, Jamilin Jais, Lucyantie Mazalan, Roslan Ismail, Salman Yussof, Azhana Ahmad, Adzly Anuar and Dzulkifli Mohamad Simul-e: a simulator designed for learning financial economics and accounting S.H. Otal Franco and R. Serrano García. 973 Smart Fashion and Learning about Digital Culture M. Reichel, H. Schelhowe and T. Grüter.. 978

7 XIII Synchronous e-learning room: scenarios, tools and usage V. Triantafillou, P. Markopoulos, K. Villios and P. Ilaridis 983 The Development of accessible interfaces. Human-technology interaction in e-learning platforms design. N. Lloret Romero, M. Cabrera Mendez, A. Muñoz Garcia, H. Perez Lopez 988 The echalk system: Potential of teaching with intelligent digital Chalkboards Sabina Jeschke, Lars Knipping and Oliver Pfeiffer 996 Use of three-dimensional environments in educational multimedia: new posibilities for improving learning M. Armenteros Gallardo Using Mobile Phones and QR Codes for Formative Class Assessment Hitoshi Susono and Tsutomu Shimomura Using rough set as a tool for knowledge discovery in DSS Ahmad Farhan Bin Jaafar, Jamilin Jais, Mohd Hakim Bin Haji Abdul Hamid, Zarina Binti Abdul Rahman and Djamel Benaouda, Dr Using sequential pattern mining for links recommendation in adaptive hypermedia educational systems C. Romero Morales, A. R. Porras Pérez, S. Ventura Soto, C. Hervás Martínez and A. Zafra Gómez Wiki Tool for Adaptive, Accesibility, Usability, Colaborative Hypermedia Courses: WikiCourse Carlos de Castro Lozano, Alfredo Artiles Larralde, F. Javier Burón Fernández, Enrique García Salcines, Angel Fidalgo Blanco and Enrique Rubio Royo KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT A blended learning approach in the news domain Bilal Zaka, Christian Safran and Frank Kappe A process-oriented and technology-based model of Virtual Communities of Practices: evidence from a case study in Higher Education G. Secundo, G. Elia, C. Taurino Ambient Intelligence and the Role of Education of Future Managers V. Bureš and P. Čech 1037 Experiences on developing Diploma Supplements for Lifelong elearning Qualifications based upon Europass models: Tutor online Diploma, University of Salamanca A. M. Seoane Pardo and F. J. García Peñalvo 1042 Intelligent Agent based Business Intelligence Samo Bobek and Igor Perko 1047 Personalized Access to Meeting Recordings for Knowledge Transfer and Learning Purposes in Companies C. Gütl and C. Safran 1052 The Moderator in Knowledge-Management Networks D. Rodríguez Gómez, C. Armengol Asparó and J. Gairín Sallán

8 XIV Towards a Digital Library. Bibliographical Semantic Portal M. Delgado Calvo-Flores, F. Bobillo, J. Gómez-Romero and M. C. Moreno-Vazquez Towards unstructured and just-in-time learning: the Virtual ebms e-learning system G. Elia, G. Secundo and C. Taurino SPECIAL EDUCATION SOFTWARE A special tool for special children: creating an ICT tool to fulfil the educational and social needs of long-term or chronic sick children. E. Lombaert, P. Veevaete, D. Schuurman, L. Hauttekeete and M. Valcke 1075 Adapted multimedia design for language learning in children with autism Fai-Kim Lau, Allan H.K. Yuen and John M-G. Lian Development of educational multimedia software for children with different abilities Delia Esquer Meléndez, María Victoria Meza Kubo Diseño e implementación de interfaces accesibles para acercar las matemáticas a niños con síndrome de Down. C. Gonzalez, J. Sigut, H. Sanabria, D. Guerra, M. Noda, A. Bruno, B. Hernández, A. Hernández, and L. Moreno El Centro Español de Subtitulado y Audiodescripción. Accesibilidad en los medios de Comunicación Audiovisuales y Multimedia. M. Armenteros Gallardo, F. Utray Delgado and L. Moreno López 1096 European Unified Approach for Accessible Lifelong Learning Olga C. Santos and Jesús G. Boticario Open and Accessible Training Olga C. Santos and Jesús G. Boticario Practical use of interactive tactile graphic display system at a school for the blind T. Watanabe, M. Kobayashi, S. Ono and K. Yokoyama 1111 DS: Sistema de Ayuda a la Comunicación y al Aprendizaje J. L. González Sánchez and M. Cabrera Cuevas Comunicador educativo y pedagógico para niños con necesidades comunicativas especiales M.D. Paredes-Garrido,, M.J. Rodríguez-Fórtiz, M. Gónzalez-Gónzalez and E. Rodríguez- Parra 1121 Story-based e-learning as a vehicle for inclusive education Lisa Gjedde Supporting post secondary learners with psychiatric disabilities in online environments R. Scott Grabinger, Ed.D., Cary Aplin, Graduate Assistant and Gitanjali Brenner-Poppanna 1131 The use of a forum of discussion like average for the participation of the families of people with discapacity in the elaboration of a common ideario Manoel Baña Castro and Rosana Fresco Gómez 1136

9 XV MULTIMEDIA AND ICTS IN SCIENCE EDUCATION A new way to assess medical competencies: the Script Concordance Test (SCT) on line J.M. Dubois, C. Michenaud and Ph. Isidori A Software for learning about Artificial Reverberation Noha Korany A survey of AulaWeb question types for continuous evaluation in a mandatory course M.J. Villamide, Y. Alegre, M.R. Alvir, R. Carabaño, N. Nicodemus and D. Menoyo A system for Learning Ecology with 3D graphics and Local Materials Database Satoru Fujii, Hirokazu Aoyama, Masaru Sota, Jun Iwata, and Tadanori Mizuno 1156 Accessibility and Model-Based Web Application Development for elearning- Environments Sabina Jeschke and Helmut Vieritz 1161 Agroforestry: Participative Education in Statistics E. Ayuga Téllez, C. González García, J. Moral Medina and A. Martín Fernández An Interactive Evaluation System for Learning Mathematics P. Semião 1171 Application of simulation and interactive virtual laboratories in university teaching of physics and chemistry in a project for establishment of ECTS credits in the E.P.S. of the university of Córdoba P. Martínez-Jiménez, M. Varo-Martínez, G. Pedrós-Pérez, M.C. García-Martínez and R. Posadillo Sánchez de Puerta b-3mlearning: a blended multimedia system for mathematics learning Gilberto Catarino, João Campos, R. Neves Madeira, and Carlos Luz BioTune, a component based repository of BioInformatics teaching modules. Q. Mubarak, J. Dmitrieva, T. Vermeulen, Y. Zhou, L. Groenewegen, S. Basmagi, R. van Beek and F. J. Verbeek Ciclope Astro CCD: A Webcam Astrophotography Tool for a Remote Astronomical Observatory D. López, R. Cedazo, F.M. Sánchez and J. M. Sebastián Computer simulation and modeling in virtual physics experiments W. Tłaczała, G. Gorghiu, A. E. Glava, P. Bazan, J. Kukkonen, W. Mąsior, J. Użycki1 and M. Zaremba Computer Supported Clinically Oriented Reasoning Exam Management System with Client/Server Architecture : COREBuilder Kemal TURHAN, Serbulent UNSAL, Neslihan KALAYCI, Vildan KAYIKCI and Ecren UZUN Converting the physical to the virtual: providing a laboratory experience for distance learners in engineering R.E. Blanchard, S.D. Morón-García and M.R. Bates Creating a Reflective Learning Community: The Role of Information Technology in Genetics Learning Mustafa Cakir, Serhat Irez

10 XVI Development of a General Chemistry Course for teacher students of Primary Education adapted to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) by means of the use of the Communication and Information Technologies Aguirre-Perez, C.1; Vázquez Moliní, A. and Villén Altamirano Didactic innovation in the subjects of Statistics in Environmental Sciences and Biology S. González Aguilera and R. Fernández Pascual Discovering Space for Educational and Learning Purposes I. P. Chochliouros, A. S. Spiliopoulou, G.K. Lalopoulos and S. P. Chochliouros Diseño en formato web del Curso Fundamentos de la Física sobre la base de los Principios y Lineamientos Tecnológicos de la Universidad Pedagógica Libertador. Maracay Hermes A. Iturriza, Rubén Maduro and Hugo García 1235 e-antenna : Antenna web based course using matlabserver Olivier Vidémé Bossou, Juan R. Mosig and Emmanuel Tonye El Excel Como Herramienta Para El Uso De La Prueba No Paramétrica De Cramer Von Mises E. Bolívar, N. Barrios, H. García, H. Iturriza, R. Maduro and J. Rodríguez 1244 EULER, the Challenge of the Mathematics for Blind A. Mora Bonilla, S. Merino Córdoba, J. Martínez del Castillo, M.J. Villarejo Contreras and G. Gutiérrez Barranco 1248 Evaluation of a Radiology Picture Archiving and Communication System Laboratory Exercise A. Tzavaras and E.Ventouras Experiencia docente en asignaturas de Expresión Gráfica mediante uso de TIC,s. J. Martín Gutiérrez and R.E. Navarro Trujillo 1258 FERMAT: e-learning of Mathematics G. Gutiérrez Barranco, J. Martínez del Castillo, S. Merino Córdoba, A. Mora Bonilla, F. Rodríguez Sánchez, M.L. Muñoz Ruiz, J.M. González Vida, E. Mérida Casermeiro, P. Cordero Ortega, J.L. Galán García, P. Rodríguez Cielos and Y. Padilla Domínguez Instructional design of a multimedia system into the learning of photoelectric effect at high school level J. Torres Montealban and M. S. Ruiz Chavarria Integrated learning in engineering at UWA: designed by students for students Ruza Ostrogonac-Seserko, Nathan Scott & Mark Bush Introduction to particle physics at High School with a remote experiment B. Dias, N. Lourenço, A. Maio, C. Marques, L. Peralta, G. Popovici, N. Popovici, J. Santos, J. Silva Laboratories Based on Internet: comparative analysis of current experiences and development of a virtual laboratory. João Batista Bottentuit Junior and Clara Coutinho 1284 Las TICs en el proceso de enseñar matemáticas I. Escudero Pérez, M. García Blanco and V. Sánchez García Mössbauer experiment accessible via LAN and Internet W. Tłaczała, G. Grajner, J. Gałązka-Friedman, J. Użycki, A. Zagórski and M. Zaremba. 1295

11 XVII Multiagent System to support botanic study W. Fajardo, E. Gibaja, J. Gómez-Romero, and R. Pérez-Pérez Multi-user measuring systems in the nuclear physics laboratory based on the virtual instrumentation W. Tłaczała, G. Grajner, A. Zagórski and M. Zaremba On Remote and Virtual Experiments in elearning in Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics S. Jeschke, T. Richter, H. Scheel and C. Thomsen 1310 Quantitative Development of Mechanical Energy Concept of Physics Based on Markov Chains Observation Chi-Wen, Hsieh and Tzu-Chien Liu The Creation of Applets by the students of mechanic in the E.T.S.I Montes (U.P.M.) Tevar Sanz, G.; Grande Ortiz, M.A.1 and Ayuga Téllez, E The CRESCERE Muon s Lifetime Experiment J. Santos, J. Augusto, A. Gomes, L. Gurriana, N. Lourenço, A. Maio, C. Marques and J. Silva 1322 The TEUTATES-Project: Tablet-PCs in Modern Physics Education N. Dahlmann, S. Jeschke, O. Pfeiffer, H. Scheel and C. Thomsen The Use of Artefact Production to achieve learning objectives in a second-year Zoology course at UWC Daniels, A. D., Holtman, L. B. & Keats, D. W Tutored self-teaching of the colorimeter and its physicochemical applications, using an interactive software via the web M.S. Climent Bellido, P. Martínez Jiménez, M. Varo Martínez and G. Pedrós Pérez 1337 Virtual laboratory for the supervision and control of scale models of industrial processes M. Damas, H. Pomares, J.A. Tarifa, G. Jiménez Mesa and M.V. Roldán Herencia Virtual instruments for the study of life sciences and biotechnology C. Dellacasa1, E. Rinaldi and G. Stabile Virtual Reality technology applied in Civil Engineering education A. Z. Sampaio and P. G. Henriques COLLABORATIVE LEARNING/GROUPWARE La Piazza - Convivial Spaces for Inter-generational Learning: What places for the digital age? E. Ackermann, A. Chabert-Ramon, F. Decortis, R. Magli, L. Napoletano, and M. Owen 1359 A collaborative tagging system for learning resources sharing Wen-Tai Hsieh, Wei-Shen Lai, and Seng-Cho T. Chou A Virtual World Environment for Group Work M Hobbs, M.Gordon and E.Brown 1369 About scripting: The effects of two CSCL scripts on university students critical thinking T. Schellens, H. Van Keer, B. De Wever and M. Valcke 1374

12 XVIII Ambiente Colaborativo para la Composición de Escenarios de Aprendizaje Víctor Germán Sánchez and Fernando Téllez Mora Applying role assignment and self-assessment to support social knowledge construction in asynchronous discussion groups Bram De Wever, Hilde Van Keer, Tammy Schellens and Martin Valcke Are collaborative learning face to face or online seminars more effective in enhancing professional skills, meta-social competencies and social capital? D. Francescato, M. Mebane, A. Solimeno, R. Sorace and M. Tomai Bridging the gap between instructional design and double loop learning Howard Spoelstra, Maristella Matera, Ellen Rusman, Jan van Bruggen and Rob Koper Bringing Intelligence to the Web 2.0: An expert system approach to support scheduling group meetings H. Gamboa, C. Sapateiro and J. Filipe Bringing it all together - reflections on a multi-institutional learning collaboration project Joe Griffin 1405 Building a collaborative learning environment based in Wiki Juan Ramon Pérez Pérez, María del Puerto Paule Ruiz and José Emilio Labra Gayo Collaborative e-learning display for acquiring professional skills S. Metz and C. Renaut Collaborative Learning Environments for Teacher Education M. Meirinhos and A. Osorio 1422 Collaborative work in a virtual environment in higher education: an experience on Teacher Training courses C. Ruiz Bueno, O. Mas Torelló, E. Fernández Lafuente, P. Jurado de los Santos, A. Navio Gámez, J.M. Sanahuja Gavaldà and J.Tejada Fernández 1427 CSCWL, an environment for community of practice and collaborative learning Onofrio Arpino, Paola Plantamura and Teresa Roselli Enabling Effective Collaborative Learning in Networked Virtual Environments R. Webster and F. Sudweeks Evaluation of different methods of on-line collaboration/group work supported within a virtual learning environment (VLE) A. Hilliard 1442 Experiencia practica en el uso de herramientas CMS/LMS de-ntro de un programa piloto para la implantación del EEES G. Areitio y A. Aretillo FORMAL, NON FORMAL AND INFORMAL COLLABORATION: Relationship Models for the New Media M. P. Prendes Espinosa and L. Castañeda Quintero Gender differences in online collaborative learning groups promoting affective education and social capital M. Mebane,, R. Sorace, A. Solimeno and M. Tomai LAS COMUNIDADES VIRTUALES DE APRENDIZAJE. Nuevas fórmulas, viejos retos en los procesos educativos O. Mas, P. Jurado, C. Ruiz, E. Ferrández, A. Navío, J.M. Sanahuja and J. Tejada 1462

13 XIX Motivating learners in an online collaborative environment using a blended model for enhanced learning Marissa Wettasinghe and Mazlan Hasan 1467 Negotiation of Spatial Configurations in Collaborative Virtual Environments Filipe Santos, Benjamim Fonseca, Paulo Martins and Leonel Morgado Redesigning a knowledge portal J.H. Lappia, M. de Kreek and E. ten Thij Redificación de los Saberes Haceres Docentes desde la Rutina a la Cotidianidad Ana Méndez de Garagozzo Student perceptions of participation opportunities in online synchronous tutorials H. L. Lim and F. Sudweeks The ludic aspect of competence development in collaborative learning environments through the Internet: A use case with Journalism students. O. Martínez Bonastre, and J.A. García Avilés 1491 The use of Collaborative Virtual Environments to provide student s contextualisation in programming Micaela Esteves, Leonel Morgado, Paulo Martins and Benjamim Fonseca Virtual teams and team nets E. Kasparova. 1501