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1 mengabdikan: to enslave pengabdian: slavery; enslavement Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris (1/2) A abjad alphabet acu to direct weapon at target mengacukan: to aim weapon at target mengacu: to test; to try on acuan: a mould abad abadi abah century berabad-abad: for centuries eternal; immortal keabadian: immortality mengabadikan: perpetuate; immortalize father abu abuk abung acah ash mengabui: to cheat; to deceive dust pomelo tease acuh acum to care for; to heed mengacuhkan: to care for; to heed acuh tak acuh: to show indifference provoke or instigate mengacum: to provoke or instigate acuman: provocation pengacum: instigator pengacuman: agitation abah-abah harness abai neglect mengabaikan: to disregard; to neglect acapkali acar mengacah-acah: to tease often pickle ada have; possess; contain adakala: sometimes adakalanya: sometimes adalah: is; are; am; was; were adapun: with regard to berada: (1) rich (2) to be diadakan: to be held keadaan: condition; situation; circumstances mengada-ngada: to boast; to pretend mengada-ngadakan: to concoct an excuse mengadakan: to hold or conduct; to convene abang elder brother abang angkat: foster brother abang ipar: brother-in-law abang tiri: stepbrother acara event; item in a programme mengacarakan: to compere or host a programme pengacara: master of ceremonies; compere adab politeness; good manners; courtesy beradab: courteous; polite peradaban: civilization; culture abdi aci slave shaft adang obstruct; block Bahasa Melayu Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

2 adas adat adegan mengadang: to obstruct or block fennel (yellow-flowered fragrant herb) custom; social tradition or practice beradat: polite; customary; ceremonious mengadatkan: to make it a practice or custom teradat: has become a custom scene adu aduh (1)complain (2)compete beradu: (1)to report (2)to compete aduan: complaint mengadu: to report; to accuse pengadu: complainant pengaduan: complaint peraduan: a contest or competition exclamation of pain mengaduh: to groan; to wail agak agam murmuring sound mengagah: (1)to gurgle (2)to confront guess agak-agak: (1)to guess (2)approximately agaknya: perhaps; maybe beragak: not sure mengagak: to guess; to estimate teragak-agak: to hesitate; to be undecided immeasurable; immense adib adik adikung well-mannered younger brother or sister adik-beradik: brothers and sisters beradik: having siblings assistant officer aduhai aduk adun exclamation of sorrow mix; stir mengaduk: to mix or stir knead (dough) adunan: dough mengadunkan: to mix together agama agar religion beragama: having a religion keagamaan: religious so that agar-agar jelly adil fair; just afiat healthy agas gnat; sandfly keadilan: justice mengadili: to judge mengadilkan: to judge; to evaluate pengadil: judge; referee pengadilan: judgement afrit mengafiatkan: to restore to good health goblin; mischievous elf or spirit agih distribute diagihkan: distributed mengagihkan: to distribute pengagihan: distribution adinda younger brother or sister (esp. in letter-writing) agah aguk Bahasa Melayu 2/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

3 agung ah pendant supreme keagungan: supremacy mengagungkan: to honour; to revere exclamation of surprise ais ajaib ice aiskrim: ice-cream baffling; inscrutable; miraculous keajaiban: miracle mengajaibkan: miraculous ajuk akad imitate mockingly; tease mengajuk: to imitate mockingly; to tease ajukan: mockery; ridicule; teasing contract; promise mengakad-nikahkan: to promise marriage aha exclamation of triumph ajak invite akaid religious dogma Ahad ahli Sunday (1)member (2)expert ajal mengajak: to invite ajakan: invitation doom; death akal ability to think and reason akal budi: common sense akal-akal: to pretend or feign berakal: intelligent; smart mengakali: to outwit; to deceive mengakalkan: to think up a plan ahmak aib keahlian: membership stupid (1)disreputable; shameful (2)blemish; flaw; defect keaiban: shame mengaibkan: shameful ajar teach kurang ajar: disrespectful ajaran: teaching belajar: to learn berajar: educated; courteous mempelajari: to learn in greater detail mengajar: to teach mengajarkan: to teach pelajar: student pelajaran: lesson: education pengajar: teacher pengajaran: something serving as a lesson or warning terpelajar: educated; learned akan akar will; shall akan tetapi: but akan-akan: as if seakan-akan: like; similar; as though root berakar: having roots air water air batu: ice berair: watery mengairi: irrigate pengairan: irrigation aju moot; bring up for discussion; propose mengajukan: to propose; to put forward for discussion akhbar akhir newspaper final; conclusive; at the end; last Bahasa Melayu 3/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

4 akhirat akhir-akhir: lately; recently akhiran: suffix akhirnya: finally berakhir: ended mengakhiri: to end pengakhiran: process of ending terakhir: last one eternity; the next world; life after death aku me; I akuan: confession; acceptance memperakui: to certify memperakukan: to certify; to recommend mengaku: to confess; to admit mengakui: to admit: to accept; to acknowledge pengakuan: acknowledgement; confession; admission perakuan: recommendatory alang address; sign beralamat: addressed to mengalamatkan: to address to (1)crossbeam (2)of little account alangan: obstacle alangkah: how mengalangi: to obstruct mengalangkan: to put crosswise akhlak akibat akidah akikah akil behaviour; character; morals consequence; result akibatnya: as a result berakibat: resulted in mengakibatkan: to cause; to result in belief; faith; confidence head-shaving of an infant clever akur akusaksi attest alabangka crowbar alah agree; consent; approve mengakuri: to agree; to consent; to approve keakuran: agreement; approval (1)allergic (2)lose; defeated alahan: allergy beralah: to surrender mengalah: to surrender mengalahkan: to defeat alas alat algojo foundation; basis; framework; underlayer alasan: excuse; reason; explanation beralasan: well-founded beralaskan: to base on; to line with mengalaskan: to base on; to place an underlayer appliance; instrument; tool alat ganti: spare part alat kelamin: genital organs alatulis: stationery alatan: various tools peralatan: various tools beralatkan: to equip memperalatkan: use as a tool hangman; executioner akrab akil baligh: grown up; adolescent intimate in relationship alam (1)nature; world; universe (2)experience berpengalaman: experienced mengalami: to experience pengalaman: experience sealam: having the same nature alih displace; oust; shift; change beralih: altered; shifted mengalih: to shift; to alter; to change; to displace pengalihan: displacement peralihan: transition; alteration akta act; law passed by legislative body alamat alim Bahasa Melayu 4/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

5 alir alis learned; pious; religious flow aliran: current or flow; trend of opinion mengalir: to flow mengalirkan: to direct or channel the flow pengaliran: process of channelling the flow of eyebrow alpa alpukat alu negligent kealpaan: negligence mengalpakan: to neglect avocado pounder (rice) mengalu-alukan: to welcome or greet ceremoniously dialu-alukan: welcome or accepted aman amanah peaceful keamanan: peace mengamankan: to pacify pengamanan: act of creating peace pengaman: peace-maker trust mengamanahkan: to entrust pengamanah: trustee aliterasi alliteration alun billow; great wave amanat commendation alkisah the story is that alunan: act of billowing or rolling beralun-alun: wavy; billowy mengalunkan: to billow; to rise and roll like big waves amar command; order mengamarkan: to order Allah Muslim name for God alur groove; furrow amaran warning allahyarham the late; the deceased am general (not detailed or specific); common amat very; extremely almarhum the late (for male royalty) amah female housekeeper; maid mengamati: to scrutinize pengamat: controller pengamatan: observation; scrutiny almarhumah the late (for female royalty) amal practice; good deed ambang (1)threshold; lintel (2)bob; float almari cupboard amalan: practice; good deed beramal: to do good work; to perform good deeds mengamalkan: to practise pengamal: practitioner pengamalan: performance ambil ambang pintu: doorway; doorstep mengambang: to hover in the air take; obtain; fetch Bahasa Melayu 5/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

6 mengambil: to take; to obtain; to fetch ambilan: derivation from pengambilan: act of taking or fetching keampunan: forgiveness; pardon mengampunkan: to forgive; to pardon pengampun: one who forgives or pardons pengampunan: amnesty or pardon andai if; suppose amboi oh! amuk amuck; violently out of control; state of murderous frenzy andainya: suppose andaian: assumption berandai: to discuss; to debate mengandaikan: suppose ambul bounce; rebound mengambul: to bounce or rebound mengambulkan: to cause to rebound anai, anai-anai termite mengamuk: attack without thinking pengamuk: person who runs amuck andam beautician who does the make-up for the bride and bridegroom mengandam: to make-up the bride and bridegroom ambung back-basket anak child andas anvil; chopping block amin amir amen; so be it emir (Muslim ruler or commander) anak angkat: adopted child anak bulan: new moon anak dara: virgin anak merah: newborn anak-beranak: together with the children anak-anak: many children; still a child anak-anakan: doll; puppet anakanda: son or daughter (in letter-writing) beranak: to bear a child; to give birth keanak-anakan: childish peranakan: native anduh aneh suspend by means of a sling bizarre; odd; unconventional; funny; strange ampai (1)hang (2)tall and slim ampai-ampai: jellyfish mengampaikan: to hang clothes out to dry terampai: hung to air or dry ampaian: clothes-line anasir an element; a distinct social group anasir jahat: bad social element aneka multifarious; varied; all sorts of aneka ragam: variety show beraneka: having a variety of anekarama: concert ampu ingratiate; bring oneself into a person's favour mengampu: to ingratiate pengampu: sycophant; supporter ancam menace; threaten mengancam: to threaten ancaman: a threat terancam: threatened angan imagination angan-angan: imagination; a day-dream berangan-angan: to day-dream mengangan-angankan: to wish for; to day-dream about terangan-angan: to constantly wish for ampun anda pardon; forgiveness; amnesty you angau Bahasa Melayu 6/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

7 lovesick wind anggap assume; deem berangin: windy; breezy mengangin: to winnow menganginkan: to put in a windy place peranginan: holiday resort angsa goose anggar menganggap: to assume; to regard as anggapan: assumption; opinion beranggapan: of the opinion estimate angka numerical figure perangkaan: statistics aniaya maltreatment; abuse; injustice; tyranny menganiayai: to oppress; to do injustice penganiaya: oppressor penganiayaan: oppression; tyranny; abuse anggaran: estimation; budget menganggarkan: to estimate angkara bad or nasty behaviour anjak shift position slightly anggerik orchid angkasa space (beyond earth's atmosphere) beranjak: to shift position slightly menganjakkan: to change the position of anggota (1)limb (2)member beranggota: (1)having limbs (2)having members anggota badan: part of the body keanggotaan: membership menganggotai: to be a member of angkat angkasawan: astronaut lift; raise angkatan: troops; armed forces berangkat: to depart; to leave keberangkatan: departure; act of leaving anjal anjing elastic; flexible keanjalan: flexibility; elasticity menganjal: to be elastic or flexible dog angguk nod anggukan: act of nodding mengangguk: to nod terangguk-angguk: to keep nodding angkuh haughty; arrogant; proud keangkuhan: arrogance anjung projecting facade (of a building) anggur (1) grape (2) jobless angkup callipers; pincers; forceps anjungan bridge (platform on a ship) angin menganggur: unemployed penganggur: one who is unemployed pengangguran: unemployment angkut convey; transport; transmit mengangkut: to transport berangkut: to transport several times pengangkutan: transportation; means of transport Bahasa Melayu 7/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris anjur to jut out menganjur: to jut out anjuran: proposal; sponsored by menganjurkan: to propose; to advocate penganjur: organizer; sponsor; promoter

8 ansur progress or move in stages beransur: to progress in stages ansuran: instalment mengansurkan: to pay by instalments anu so and so anugerah award; honour; grace menganugerahi: to bestow an award; to confer an award menganugerahkan: to bestow; to confer penganugerahan: bestowal April squeezed between two surfaces berapit: wedged in between; closely situated mengapit: to squeeze between two surfaces pengapit: best man (at wedding); maid of honour April antah antan rice grains left unhusked after pounding pestle anut embrace; accept; profess; adopt (religion) menganut: to follow or profess (a religion) anutan: adherence (to a religion) penganut: follower or convert (religion) apung float; drift berapungan: floating or drifting in great numbers mengapungkan: to allow to float terapung: floating or drifting about antara among; between mengantarai: to mediate; to separate perantara: mediator perantaraan: mediation; medium anyam weave; plait menganyam: to weave; to plait anyaman: product of plaiting or weaving; act of plaiting or weaving ara arah fig direction antarabangsa international antero anti whole; totally seantero: the whole; totally opposed to; counteracting; against apa api what apa-apa: whatever; anything apakah: what apalagi: above all apabila: when apakala: when; if berapa: how much; how many mengapa: why mengapa-apakan: to harm fire arak arahan: command; order; instruction; direction berarah: having a direction mengarah: to direct mengarahkan: to direct towards pengarah: director searah: in the same direction (1)liquor (2)procession berarak: to walk or march in procession mengarak: to walk in procession pengarak: participant in a procession perarakan: procession arak-arakan: cortege; procession; pageant anting pendulum anting-anting: ear-ring berapi: on fire berapi-api: fiery mengapikan: to provoke; to instigate aral obstacle; hinderance; difficulty apit Bahasa Melayu 8/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

9 arang charcoal batu arang: coal asa hope asar afternoon aras a level asah sharpen; grind; whet asas foundation for a theory; basis; principle arca image; picture mengasah: to sharpen asahan: act of sharpening pengasah: sharpener; grinder pengasahan: act of sharpening or grinding berasah: whetted asasnya: in principle berasas: founded or based on mengasaskan: to base on pengasas: founder ari abdomen ari-ari: abdomen asak pack; cram asasi basic; fundamental arif arkib arloji learned; wise kearifan: cleverness archives clock; watch asal asam berasak-asak: packed; crammed mengasak: to pack; to stuff asakan: crowd; jam; cramming origin; source asalkan: provided that asalnya: originally berasal: originated sour asin asing salty mengasinkan: to preserve in salt foreign; separate asing-asing: separately berasingan: separate mengasingkan: to separate terasing: isolated; separated pengasingan: segregation; exile arnab rabbit asam jawa: tamarind mengasamkan: to preserve in vinegar or tamarind (as pickle) asam-asaman: sour fruits preserved in salt askar soldier arus arwah current (flow) of water, air or electricity late (no longer living) asap smoke berasap: emitting smoke mengasap: to become smoke; to vapourize mengasapi: to fumigate pengasapan: fumigation perasap: censer Bahasa Melayu 9/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris asli asmara indigenous; native; natural; original keaslian: originality love; passion

10 berasmara: to be in love; to make love awalan: grammatical prefix berawalan: having a prefix asrama hostel atuk grandfather awam civil; public; common; general astaka asuh asyik pavilion bring up (a child); educate mengasuh: to bring up (a child); to educate; to nurse (an infant) asuhan: up-bringing; care (of a child) pengasuh: baby-sitter besotted; infatuated; in love; engrossed atur aum arrange mengatur: to arrange atur cara: programme aturan: regulation; arrangement; rules; procedure; order beratur: arranged: to queue up beraturan: orderly mengaturkan: to arrange peraturan: regulations teratur: orderly; arranged roar mengaum: to roar awan awas cloud berawan: cloudy merawan: to be high in the clouds caution mengawasi: to supervise; to watch closely berawas-awas: to be cautious pengawas: supervisor; monitor pengawasan: supervision atap asyik maksyuk: infatuated; besotted mengasyikkan: engrossing; occupying one's attention fully roof beratap: having a roof beratapkan: to have as a roof mengatapi: to roof aur aurat bamboo parts of the body that should not be exposed according to Islamic belief awet ayah conserve; preserve; embalm mengawet: to preserve pengawet: preservative pengawetan: preservation father atas above; up; upon auta bluff; deceit berayah: having a father ayahanda: father (in letter-writing) atasan: superior or upper class mengatasi: to overcome teratas: the highest awak you ayak sieve atau or ataupun: or awal perawakan: personality; posture early; beginning ayak-ayak mengayak: to sieve pengayak: a sieve; a person who sieves pengayakan: act of sieving Bahasa Melayu 10/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

11 ayam ayan crane-fly chicken; fowl ayam belanda: turkey ayam denak: jungle fowl ayam sabung: fighting cock tin; corrugated iron azan azimat berazam: to be determined keazaman: determination a Muslim call to prayer talisman baca bacul read membaca: to read bacaan: act of reading; material to be read membacakan: to read for pembaca: reader pembacaan: act of reading cowardly; timid ayat sentence (set of words) ayatullah senior Muslim religious leader ayu ayun azab azali pretty oscillate; swing berayun-ayun: to swing mengayunkan: to swing suffering mengazab: to torture keazaban: sufferings from time immemorial bab babad babak babas babi babit chapter chronicle B act or scene(of a play); episode; section of a long piece of music drift; sweep away terbabas: driven out of its course; driven away from from one's goal or principle pig embroil; involve (in argument or quarrel) kebaculan: cowardice badut membabitkan: to involve; to implicate clown; comedian pembabitan: involvement azam determination; firmness of purpose Bahasa Melayu 11/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris badai badak badam badan badik hurricane rhinoceros almond (1)body (2)organization berbadan: having a body berbadan dua: pregnant memperbadankan: to corporatize perbadanan: corporation; institution dagger

12 Badui Bedouin bah deluge; flood heat membahang: to heat bagai as if; like bahagi allot; distribute; divide bahantara medium (environment) bagaimana how bagaikan: as if berbagai-bagai: of various types kepelbagaian: variety pelbagai: various bahagian: division; part; portion; section membahagi: to divide membahagi-bahagikan: to distribute; to give away membahagikan: to divide; to distribute pembahagi: divider pembahagian: allotment terbahagi: divided bahari baharu ancient new bagaimanapun: however; no matter how or what sebagaimana: as; like bahagia blissful; lucky; blessed membaharui: to renew pembaharuan: renewal bagasi baggage; cargo berbahagia: fortunate; blissful kebahagiaan: bliss; happiness membahagiakan: to cause to be happy bahas debate or discussion baghal mule bahak guffaw terbahak-bahak: to laugh loud and long berbahas: to debate; to discuss membahaskan: to discuss; to debate; to criticize pembahas: debater perbahasan: a debate or discussion bagi (1)for (2)give membagi: to give baham gobble membaham: to gobble bahasa language berbahasa: courteous; cultured; using a language perbahasaan: speech; customary etiquette baginda His or Her Majesty bahan substance; matter; material bahawa that bahan api: fuel bagur bagus large and clumsy nice; pleasant; good bahana loud noise or sound bahaya danger berbahaya: dangerous membahayakan: to endanger bahang Bahasa Melayu 12/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

13 bahkan moreover membajak: to plough bahlul inane; silly baji a wedge membaji: to split using a wedge bakat talent; flair; aptitude berbakat: talented bahu shoulder bajik welfare bakau mangrove baiduri opal kebajikan: welfare bakawali a medicinal herbal plant baik good; all right; fine bajingan scoundrel; rascal bakhil stingy; miserly baik-baik: carefully berbaik: to be on good terms kebaikan: goodness; benefit membaiki: to repair memperbaiki: to repair pembaikan: correction; improvement sebaik-baik: as good as; just sebaiknya: better; as it should be terbaik: the best baju bak clothes; dress berbaju: dressed membajui: to put on clothes like; similar baki bakti balance; remainder berbaki: having a balance or surplus devotion; dedication bait a poem with two lines; couplet baka heredity berbakti: to be devoted or dedicated membaktikan: to dedicate baitulmal treasury kebakaan: hereditary baku standard baja fertilizer bakal future (adj.); aspirant; destined to become membakukan: to standardize pembakuan: standardization membaja: to fertilize bakar burn bakul basket kebakaran: a fire bajak membakar: to burn a plough terbakar: on fire; burnt bakung pembakaran: act of burning amaryllis (lily-like plant) Bahasa Melayu 13/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

14 bala disaster; calamity membalas: to reciprocate balasan: reciprocation; response; reply; revenge berbalas-balasan: exchange balung comb (of fowl) balada ballad baldi pail; bucket balut wrap; envelop; bandage balah balai balak bicker berbalah: to bicker or quarrel membalah: to oppose or defy hall; station balai raya: community hall log (timber) membalak: to log pembalakan: logging baldu baligh balik velvet puberty (1)return (2)behind berbalik: to turn back; to return kebalikan: contrary to membalik-balik: to flip over membalikkan: to invert; to reverse to position menterbalikkan: to turn upside down pembalikan: act of turning upside down; act of returning sebaliknya: on the contrary terbalik: upside down; reversed banci bancuh balutan: wrapping; bandage berbalut: bandaged membalut: to wrap; to bandage membaluti: to wrap pembalut: wrapping; bandage census bancian: census mix; stir membancuh: to mix; to stir bancuhan: mixture pembancuhan: act of mixing or stirring balam spotted-neck dove berbalam: unclear; vague; hazy baling throw; fling membaling: to throw; to fling bandar town bandaran: municipal perbandaran: municipality bandaraya: city balang flagon (vessel with lid, lip and handle for serving wine) baling-baling propeller; wind-vane bandela bale; large bundle balar albino balu widow banding compare membandingkan: to compare balas baluarti berbanding: compared with reciprocate; reply; avenge bulwark; stone wall of defence perbandingan: comparison Bahasa Melayu 14/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

15 sebanding: comparable pembangkang: the opposition; one who is opposing banduan convict; prisoner bandul pendulum bangkit evoke; bring to one's mind; get up berbangkit: to get up kebangkitan: awakening; resurgence; emergence membangkitkan: to evoke; to awaken; to raise; to arouse a feeling in one's mind banjar row; range banjaran: range of mountains berbanjar: forming a line or row membanjarkan: arrange in a row membandul: to swing like a pendulum bangang duff; stupid bangku bench; stool banjir flood membanjiri: to flood bangat fast; quick bangsa race; nation of people kebangsaan: national sebangsa: of the same race bantah protest; disobey; oppose membantah: to protest; to oppose bantahan: a protest pembantah: opposer bangau stork; flamingo bangsal barn; shed bantai slaughter; beat up bangga elated; proud berbangga: feeling proud kebanggaan: pride membanggakan: to arouse a feeling of pride bangsat vagrant; scoundrel bangsawan high class or rank; nobility; Malay opera bantal membantai: to slaughter; to beat up; to thrash pembantaian: act of slaughtering pembantai: butcher pillow banggul hillock; mound bangsi bamboo flute berbantalkan: to use as a pillow bantal golek: bolster bantal peluk: bolster bangkai carcass bangkang oppose membangkang: to oppose bangkangan: protest; objection; opposition bangun stand; get up; wake up bangunan: building membangun: to get up; to rise; to develop membangunkan: to awaken someone; to develop; to construct pembangunan: development; construction banteras fight against; eradicate; exterminate membanteras: to fight against; to eradicate pembanterasan: eradication Bahasa Melayu 15/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris banting

16 bantu bantut lambaste; reprimand severely membanting: to beat; to lambaste; to thrash membanting tulang: to work hard help; assist; back; aid membantu: to help; to assist bantuan: assistance pembantu: assistant; helper stunt; hinder; stop membantutkan: to stunt; to hinder; to stop terbantut: stunted baran barang berbarah: having cancer membarah: cancerous grumpy; ill-tempered goods; things barangan: goods; commodity sebarang: whatever; any sembarangan: whatever; any barangkali perhaps; maybe barut basah baru-baru: recently membarui: to renew memperbarui: to renew pembaruan: renovations; reforms diaper; dressing; bandage wet basah kuyup: drenched basahan: daily used items or clothes membasahi: to wet membasahkan: to wet banyak much; many barat west basi stale; mouldy (of food) banyak-banyak: in large quantities banyaknya: amount; a large number of kebanyakan: most of; majority of membanyakkan: to increase sebanyak: as much as; as many as sebanyak-banyaknya: at the most terbanyak: the most baring kebaratan: westernized kebarat-baratan: westernized pembaratan: westernization lie down basmi eradicate; destroy membasmi: to eradicate pembasmian: eradication bapa father berbaring: to lie down; to recline membaringkan: to place in a recumbent position terbaring: in a recumbent position basuh wash bapa saudara: uncle berbapa: having a father sebapa: having the same father baris line; row basuhan: something that is washed membasuh: to wash bara embers membara: furious; smouldering barisan: line; front; troops berbaris: to line up membariskan: to arrange in rows pembaris: ruler perbarisan: parade bata batal brick invalid; null; cancelled barah cancer baru new membatalkan: to cancel pembatalan: cancellation Bahasa Melayu 16/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

17 batang bar; strip; long solid piece; numerical coefficient for cylindrical objects smell; aroma; odour bau-bauan: scent; fragrance; perfume berbau: to emit an odour terbau: got the smell baya age sebaya: same age group batang hidung: bridge of the nose bauk sideburns; whiskers bayam spinach batas batik batin (1) limits; confines; boundaries (2) vegetable bed membatasi: to limit pembatasan: limitation perbatasan: border area; frontier area terbatas: limited; restricted berbatas: having a border type of textile print of the inner feelings; mental tok batin: Proto-Malay tribal chief batiniah: spiritual kebatinan: inner self baur bawa bawah mix berbaur: mixed (with) bauran: mixture; hotchpotch bring; carry membawa: to bring; to carry membawakan: to bring something for someone terbawa: taken unintentionally terbawa-bawa: to be involved; to be influenced pembawa: bearer; carrier pembawaan: talent below; under bayang bayar shadow; reflection bayang-bayang: shadow; reflection; imagination bayangan: shadow; image berbayang: shadowy; to cast a shadow membayangi: to form an image; to follow and spy on membayangkan: to suggest; to imply terbayang: reflected; pictured terbayangkan: imagined; reflected pay membayar: to pay bayaran: payment membayarkan: to pay pembayar: payer pembayaran: payment batu (1) stone; rock (2) mile batu api: instigator batu asah: whetstone berbatu-batu: stony membatu: to keep silent batuan: rock bawal bawahan: subordinate; of lower rank or position; inferior terbawah: lowest terkebawah: lowest ponfret bayi bayu baby breeze batuk cough terbatuk-batuk: to cough uncontrollably bawang onion bawang merah: shallot bawang putih: garlic bazir waste membazirkan: to waste pembaziran: wastage bau bebal Bahasa Melayu 17/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

18 imbecile; idiotic; silly; foolish; stupid becak muddy headstrong; hard; firm beban burden; responsibility bebanan: burden; responsibility membebani: to burden someone membebankan: to burden someone becok bedah fond of chatting; talkative operate; dissect begini begitu like this like that; so bebas bebat free; independent kebebasan: freedom membebaskan: to liberate; to release bandage; dressing membebat: to apply a dressing to a wound bedak membedah: to operate pembedahan: surgical operation powder bedak sejuk: powder made from rice berbedak: powdered membedaki: to powder beguk bejana bekal mumps canister cater; supply food bebawang bulb (of plant) bedal whip; beat membedal: to whip; to beat bekalan: provisions; stock; supply; ration berbekal: having a supply of membekalkan: to supply; to provide; to furnish pembekal: supplier pembekalan: that which is supplied bebel incomprehensible utterings membebel: to utter incoherently bedek aim at membedek: to take aim at bekam seize; grip membekam: to draw blood from beberapa several bebibir flange; projecting rim bedil gunpowder; gun bedilan: shooting; firing membedil: to shoot bekas (1) former; ex- (2) container (3) traces bekas darah: blood stain bekas luka: scar berbekas: having marks or traces beca trishaw; rickshaw beduk big drum used in the mosque bekat full begar Bahasa Melayu 18/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

19 beku frozen; hardened; solidified otak beku: stupid person membekukan: to cause to freeze or solidify membeku: to coagulate or clot pembekuan: coagulation belak mottled belanja expenses; expenditure belanjawan: budget berbelanja: to spend membelanjakan: to spend perbelanjaan: expenditure belaka altogether; entirely; quite bekuan hot belantan club; bludgeon; truncheon belakang back; rear; behind bela belacan (1) advocate; defend; avenge (2) rear or breed membela: to defend; to avenge; to look after pembelaan: defence; protection belaan: that which is taken care of shrimp paste belalai belakangan: recently membelakangi: to ignore; to disregard membelakangkan: to ignore; to disregard; to place at the back terkebelakang: out-of-date; far behind elephant's trunk; proboscis belantara forest belas (1) compassion; pity; mercy (2) numerals from eleven to nineteen belasan: teenager; numerals from eleven to nineteen kesebelasan: eleventh berbelas: having sympathy or pity belacu calico belalang grasshopper belasah flog; whip belah to split; to bisect; to cut in half Belanda Dutch membelasah: to flog; to whip belahan: cleft; cleavage berbelah bagi: half-hearted membelah: to split menyebelahi: to take sides; to side with sebelah: half; beside; towards sebelah-menyebelah: on both sides bersebelahan: side by side; near terbelah: apart; separated belang belanga stripe berbelang: striped clay cooking pot belat belati fish-trap European belai cherish; coaxing; caress belaian: coaxing; caress membelai: to cherish; to caress membelai-belai: to cherish; to caress belangkas king-crab belau shimmering belauan: diffraction of light Bahasa Melayu 19/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

20 belebas ledge; lath beliau he or she belulang hide; untanned leather; patch of hardened skin belek scrutinise membelek: to scrutinise belikat shoulder-blade belum not yet sebelum: before belengas sticky belimbing starfruit belut eel belenggu manacle; handcuff; shackle belerang sulphur membelenggu: to handcuff; to shackle terbelenggu: handcuffed; shackled belit circumlocutary; twisting; twining membelit: to coil or twine around belitan: a coil berbelit-belit: coiled; twined; twisted membelitkan: to entwine pembelit: swindler; deceiver terbelit: coiled; twined bembam roast in hot embers membembam: to roast in hot embers benak silly; stupid beli buy beliung hatchet; small axe; adze benam embed; immerse in water membeli: to buy belian: the purchase membeli-belah: shopping membelikan: to buy for pembeli: purchaser pembelian: the purchase terbeli: able to buy belok turn (in direction) membelok: to turn (in direction) membelokkan: to change the course or direction belokan: a bend or curve; a change of direction benang terbenam: immersed in water; embedded membenamkan: to immerse; to embed thread belia beliak youth dilated; wide open (of eyes) belot betray membelot: to betray pembelot: traitor pembelotan: betrayal; treason benar genuine; true; real; correct benar-benar: really; truly; very kebenaran: truth; permission; approval membenarkan: to allow; to permit sebenarnya: in fact terbeliak: wide open membeliakkan: to dilate belukar bush; shrub; secondary forest bencana (1) harmful; very unpleasant (2) disaster Bahasa Melayu 20/216 Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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a man If this is New York by Primo The Orion Press / Levi Translated from the Italian by Stuart Woolf

a man If this is New York by Primo The Orion Press / Levi Translated from the Italian by Stuart Woolf If this is by Primo a man Levi Translated from the Italian by Stuart Woolf The Orion Press / New York All rights reserved 1959 by The Orion Press, Inc. - New York Library of Congress Catalog Card Number:

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The 1000 Most Common SAT Words

The 1000 Most Common SAT Words The 1000 Most Common SAT Words A abase (v.) to humiliate, degrade (After being overthrown and abased, the deposed leader offered to bow down to his conqueror.) abate (v.) to reduce, lessen (The rain poured

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The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Other Stories. F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Other Stories. F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald Table of Contents...1 F. Scott Fitzgerald...1 The Diamond as Big as the Ritz...1 Winter Dreams...26 The Jelly Bean...41 Bernice Bobs Her Hair...55 The Camel's Back...74 Head and Shoulders...95

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The America I Have Seen : In the Scale of Human Values (1951) By Sayyid Qutb. First Episode

The America I Have Seen : In the Scale of Human Values (1951) By Sayyid Qutb. First Episode The America I Have Seen : In the Scale of Human Values (1951) By Sayyid Qutb SAYYID QUTB was Egypt s most prominent Islamic activist and the most famous member of the Muslim Brothers organization until

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The SAT s Top 1000 Vocabulary Words

The SAT s Top 1000 Vocabulary Words The SAT s Top 1000 Vocabulary Words The following words have most often appeared on SAT s. The acronym, SAT, has had several meanings over the years: From 1901 to 1941, it meant Scholastic Achievement

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WHEN LIFE BEGINS ABU YAHYA WHEN LIFE BEGINS ABU YAHYA Smashwords Edition ISBN No. 978-130-1851-980 TRANSLATED BY BASHIR NAZIR, ABU MASROOR, FIZZA RASHID, ASMA KHAN ET AL. Copyright 2012 Inzaar Publications ********** Thank you for

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contents where we stand introduction 1 Class Matters 1 Making the Personal Political 10 Class in the Family 2 Coming to Class Consciousness 24

contents where we stand introduction 1 Class Matters 1 Making the Personal Political 10 Class in the Family 2 Coming to Class Consciousness 24 contents preface where we stand vii introduction 1 Class Matters 1 Making the Personal Political 10 Class in the Family 2 Coming to Class Consciousness 24 3 Class and the Politics of Living Simply 38 4

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ADOLESCENCE A TIME THAT MATTERS ADOLESCENCE A TIME THAT MATTERS Copyright The United Nations Children s Fund (UNICEF), New York, 2002 Permission to reproduce any part of this publication is required. Please contact the Editorial and

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The Scarlet Letter. Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Scarlet Letter. Nathaniel Hawthorne Nathaniel Hawthorne This ebook is designed and published by Planet PDF. For more free ebooks visit our Web site at http://www.planetpdf.com/. EDITOR S NOTE Nathaniel Hawthorne was already a man of forty-six,

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Interview With The Vampire

Interview With The Vampire Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice " SENSUOUS, THRILLING, WONDERFUL " SENSUOUS, THRILLING, WONDERFUL! " Houston Chronicle " SENSATIONAL AND FANTASTIC... WOVEN WITH UNCANNY MAGIC... hypnotically poetic

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When God Doesn t MAKE SENSE. Dr. James C. Dobson

When God Doesn t MAKE SENSE. Dr. James C. Dobson When God Doesn t MAKE SENSE Dr. James C. Dobson This booklet has been printed in response to the horrific Victorian fires, the North Queensland floods, the communities being afflicted by the ongoing drought,

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Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding David Hume Copyright 2010 2015 All rights reserved. Jonathan Bennett [Brackets] enclose editorial explanations. Small dots enclose material that has been added, but

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We re (Nearly) All Victims Now!

We re (Nearly) All Victims Now! We re (Nearly) All Victims Now! We re (Nearly) All Victims Now! How political correctness is undermining our liberal culture David G. Green Civitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society London Registered

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HOW TO DEVELOP A DOMINIC O BRIEN. Lybrary.com HOW TO DEVELOP A DOMINIC O BRIEN Lybrary.com To my dear mother Pamela who is forever saying, How does he do it! The author would like to thank Jon Stock for his invaluable assistance in preparing this

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All Men Are Brothers

All Men Are Brothers (Life & thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi as told in his own words) Compiled & Edited by : Krishna Kripalani Introduction by : Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Price: Rs. 40/- Printed & Published by : Jitendra T Desai

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Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities

Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction... 4 Public Spaces: How They Humanize Cities Authors: Debra Efroymson Tran Thi Kieu Thanh Ha Pham Thu Ha Editor: Lori Jones Photography: Debra Efroymson HealthBridge - WBB

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Frankenstein. The Modern Prometheus

Frankenstein. The Modern Prometheus or The Modern Prometheus Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley This ebook was designed and published by Planet PDF. For more free ebooks visit our Web site at http://www.planetpdf.com/. To hear about our latest

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Download free ebooks of classic literature, books and novels at Planet ebook. Subscribe to our free ebooks blog and email newsletter. Then wear the gold hat, if

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Joseph Murphy: The Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind

Joseph Murphy: The Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind Ailish McGrath MICHP, ADHP www.ichoosetoheal.com Welcome, you have here at your fingertips a fantastic insight into the power of your subconscious mind. When you incorporate these teachings into your life

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One Heart One Vision For the People

One Heart One Vision For the People One Heart One Vision For the People Content 2 CY Leung Chief Executive Foreword One Heart 4 Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor Chief Secretary for Administration A sentimental fighter 6 John Tsang Chun-wah Financial

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THE BOOK. On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

THE BOOK. On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are THE BOOK On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are ALAN WATTS Alan Watts, who died in 1974, held both a master's degree in theology and a doctorate of divinity, and was best known as an interpreter of Zen

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Translated from the German by A. W. WHEEN FAWCETT CREST

Translated from the German by A. W. WHEEN FAWCETT CREST ERICH MARIA REMARQUE All Quiet on the Western Front Translated from the German by A. W. WHEEN FAWCETT CREST This book is to be neither an accusation nor a confession, and least of all an adventure, for

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2. We and They OVERVIEW

2. We and They OVERVIEW 2. We and They Democracy is becoming rather than being. It can easily be lost, but never is fully won. Its essence is eternal struggle. WILLIAM H. HASTIE OVERVIEW Chapter 1 focused on factors that shape

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FIONA lived in her parents house,

FIONA lived in her parents house, 110 FICTION THE BEAR CAME OVER THE MOUNTAIN 6 BY ALICE MUNRO FIONA lived in her parents house, in the town where she and Grant went to university. It was a big, bay-windowed house that seemed to Grant

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A Grief Like No Other

A Grief Like No Other S E P T E M B E R 1 9 9 7 A Grief Like No Other by Eric Schlosser Copyright 1997 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved. The Atlantic Monthly; September 1997; A Grief Like No Other; Volume

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All I have to say. Separated children in their own words

All I have to say. Separated children in their own words All I have to say Separated children in their own words The artwork used in this publication is by young people involved in this project. Many thanks to Kitty Rogers and the Hugh Lane Gallery for facilitating

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OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET C. S. LEWIS OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET C. S. LEWIS GREAT PAN G403 First published 1938 by John Lane the Bodley Head Ltd. This edition published 1952 by Pan Books Ltd, 8 Headfort Place, London, S.W. 1 2nd Printing 1955

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Real-Time Relationships

Real-Time Relationships Real-Time Relationships The Logic of Love Stefan Molyneux, MA Host, Freedomain Radio www.freedomainradio.com 1 By the same author: On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion Universally Preferable Behaviour: A

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Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting one s Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences

Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting one s Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting one s Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences René Descartes Copyright 2010 2015 All rights reserved. Jonathan Bennett [Brackets] enclose editorial explanations.

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