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1 McDonald s WORKERS COMPENSATION STORE SAFETY AND CLAIMS GUIDE Phone: Fax: The Best Run McDonald s Choose Besnard Insurance Amerisure Client Book 1

2 Section 9 Claims Management 53

3 Attention Store Managers SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR WORKERS COMPENSATION COSTS! Experience has demonstrated that some employees will take advantage of an unmanaged claims situation. A cost control approach is simple when you follow these steps with every report of injury. MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES FOR CLAIMS HANDLING: 1. If the injury is serious or life threatening and requires immediate treatment, call 911 and have employee transported to the nearest medical facility. 2. For all serious or disabling injuries, you must immediately phone in the injury report. 3. For all other injuries, instruct the employee that it is mandatory to seek medical treatment from an approved medical facility/physician and to comply with post injury drug testing requirements. SEND EMPLOYEE TO HOSPITAL ONLY IF SERIOUS OR A LAST RESORT! 1. All claims must be reported to The Insurance Company within 24 hours of occurrence by either the company office manager, manager on duty, or the supervisor. Make sure someone is prepared to answer questions about the claimant and events surrounding the accident. 2. Prompt reporting of injuries has been shown to dramatically reduce claims costs and legal involvement! 3. If an employee refuses medical treatment, they should sign the waiver of medical treatment, but a post injury drug test should still be performed if this is a part of your HR policy. 4. Hand the employee their responsibilities packet and inform them to ask the doctor to contact you after the employee is treated to help establish Return to Work opportunities. It is imperative to get the employee back to work as soon as possible to lower workers compensation costs among many other benefits. 5. Any reported injuries that are felt to be questionable should still be reported as normal incidents, but let the adjuster know your concerns by phone. 6. Report to the adjuster immediately any of the following regarding Preexisting Conditions. o Pre-existing conditions which existed for the employee before the injury o Existing conditions which may have contributed or worsened the injury o Copy of any medical accommodation form which might have documented existing conditions 54

4 Workers Compensation CLAIM MANAGEMENT CHECK-LIST (Please attach this document to the outside of internal claim folder) Workers Name: Date of Accident: Store #: STORE MANAGER Offered the injured worker medical treatment o provided them with a list of clinics and corresponding forms to take to the physician Send the injured worker for a post-accident drug screen (if applicable in your HR policy) If the injured worker declines care, have them sign the waiver of medical treatment form Complete and perform an Accident Investigation (complete the form) Report Claim immediately (always within 24 hours) o Everything sent to the Insurance Company (or your Main Office) CLAIMS MANAGER Help Store Secure the video (gather surveillance tapes as soon as possible) Return to Work o o Follow-up with the worker to schedule their return shift Request that the injured worker return to you with a work status and Dr s note remember the 7 DAY PERIOD. It is important to get the injured worker back to work within 7 days. Return to Work (Leadership Communication) o Contact your leadership if it is not going to be possible to return them in 7 days from accident date or if they do not follow up with you o Call your claims adjuster with an update Follow-up with Store Manager o Ensured worker returned by the specified time/date Download this Form at 55

5 EMPLOYEE WAIVER OF MEDICAL TREATMENT DATE: EMPLOYEE NAME: As of the date noted above, I am notifying my employer of an injury that occurred on, 201 My supervisor did not receive notification of this incident. My supervisor did receive notification of this incident on, 201 This injury, (briefly describe condition) occurred during the normal scope and duties of employment. At this time, I have been requested by my employer to be medically evaluated by a preferred medical provider within the managed care network. I decline to be medically evaluated for the above noted condition. I understand that by signing this document, any future claims regarding this injury will require a medical evaluation by a preferred medical provider within the managed care network or I may be responsible for any medical bills or lost wages. I also understand that should I seek treatment for this injury, I must first notify my supervisor and go to a provider in the managed care network. EMPLOYEE STATEMENTS SHOULD THE CONDITION BECOME LIFE THREATENING SEEK APPROPRIATE EMERGENCY CARE IMMEDIATELY By signing this form I acknowledge: I have not sought medical treatment for this injury I understand that it is the policy of my employer to have a post-accident drug screen and this refusal of medical treatment does not remove the requirement that I receive a post-accident drug screen. I have read the above information and agree it is factual and true statement. I authorize any physician, hospital or healthcare provider to release and furnish any and all medical records or other information pertaining to the above listed condition. Employee Signature Date Supervisor/Witness Signature Date Download this Sample Form at 56

6 McDonald s Worker Injury NOTICE OF INJURY 1. Caller s Name: 2. Caller s Job Title: 3. Caller s Contact Phone: 4. Caller s Fax Number: 5. Operator Name: 6. Operator s Office Mailing Address: 7. Name of Injured: 8. Male or Female: 9. Injured s Home Phone: 10. Injured s Social Security: 11. Injured s Date of Birth: 12. Injured s Home Address: 13. Job Duty When Injured: 14. Full or Part Time: 15. Date of Injury: 16. Time of Injury: 17. Address & Store Number Where Injury Occurred: 18. Was Injury on Property: 19. If not, where? 20. Body Part Affected: 21. Description of Accident: 22. Description of Injured: (height, weight, color hair, length of hair, facial hair, glasses, etc.) 23. Any Video of the Accident? 24. Do you agree with accident? 25. Did injured receive medical treatment? 26. If yes, where? 27. Was treatment authorized? 28. Has Injured Returned to Work? 29. Injured s Hourly Rate of Pay: 30. Average Hours Per Week: 31. Injured s Supervisor: 31. Has Supervisor Been Notified? 33. Date the Injured Last Worked: 34. Injured returned to work yet? Please use as a tool to help you when calling the claim into your insurance company. It is very important to get as much detail as you can about the claim including witness statements. Contact your claims adjuster for more specific reporting questions, State specific forms, etc. Download this Form at 57

7 Benefits of a Thorough Investigation A thorough investigation often results in many benefits: It may prevent incident recurrence. It reveals the possible causes of operational interruptions and indicates possible corrective action. It eliminates economic losses resulting from possible damaged tools, machines, and materials. It creates an awareness of areas to consider. It may reveal how methods and procedures can be improved. Investigations Reduce Claim Frequency Studies have shown that investigation also results in a substantial decrease in claim frequency. Through investigation, the cause of an incident may be determined, potentially reducing the risk of a similar incident recurring. What to Investigate Explore as many details as necessary to uncover the root cause of the incident. Details could include: Practices utilized. Was there a departure from the proper procedure? Physical conditions. Was there a physical issue with equipment or tools? Incident source. Were there any tools, materials, or equipment involved? Type of incident. How was the person affected or what damage occurred? Part of body affected. Which part(s) of the body is the subject of complaint? Personal factor. What was the reason for the person's unsafe action or practice? Whom to Interview and How Interview all crew members or customers involved immediately following the incident. Follow these basic guidelines when interviewing those involved and those who witnessed the incident. Put the person at ease. Emphasize prevention as your goal. Interview at the scene of the incident, if possible. Ask for the person's version of the incident. Let the person speak without interruption. Ask only necessary questions. Avoid "why" questions to avoid defensiveness. Repeat the person's story as you understand it. This assures the person that you understand clearly what happened and allows the person to correct any mistakes, if necessary. Close the interview on a positive note of prevention. This reaffirms the purpose of the interview and sets the tone for the rest of your investigation 58

8 MANAGER S ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION FORM DATE TIME EMPLOYEE INVOLVED AGE AM PM NOTE TO SUPERVISOR: Remember, an accident investigation is not designed to find fault or blame. It is an analysis to determine because that can be controlled or eliminated. When completing the investigation, try to answer these questions. How did the accident occur? Where did it happen? What station did this occur? Who was injured? When did it happen? RECOMMEND CHANGES: POSITION MANAGER ON DUTY HOW LONG HAS THE EMPLOYEE BEEN DOING THIS TASK? HAS THE EMPLOYEE HAD THE PROPER TRAINING? DID THE ACCIDENT RESULT IN INJURY? NATURE AND EXTENT OF INJURY? DATE INJURY REPORTED? HOW DID THE ACCIDENT OCCUR? PRIMARY CAUSE OF ACCIDENT? DATE EMPLOYED HAS THIS INCIDENT BEEN REFERRED TO THE SAFETY COMMITTEE? YES NO WAS THE TASK: ROUTINE INFREQUENT NEW EXPERIENCE WERE THERE WITNESSES? IF SO, ATTACH STATEMENT HAVE SECURITY RECORDINGS BEEN RETAINED? WAS FIRST AID GIVEN? No investigation is complete unless corrective action is suggested. FOLLOW-UP: Determine what action is being taken on your recommended changes. RECOMMENDATIONS TO PREVENT RECURRENCE NAME OF PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR CORRECTIVE ACTION WHAT ACTION HAS BEEN TAKEN? SIGNED DATE Download this Form in both English/Spanish at: 59

9 Accident Additional Statements Please use this form to gather additional written statements from the claimant about the accident as well as any additional witnesses CLAIMANT STATEMENT (Please explain in detail how the accident occurred? What are your complaints/injuries?) Name: Signature Date I confirmed this information is accurate and true. WITNESS STATEMENT (What did you see, what do you remember? Were there any additional witnesses? What did the injured worker tell you?) Name: Signature Date I confirmed this information is accurate and true. Download this Form at 60

10 Insurance Claims When accurate and detailed information is sent to an insurance carrier immediately, claims are more accurately evaluated and costs are reduced. Claim costs increase significantly when claims are reported more than 3 days after the accident occurred. Benefits of Prompt Reporting Reduces fear and anxieties of those affected by the incident Assures proper medical attention and future medical direction Creates earlier return-to-work results Eliminates hidden costs of workers' compensation Initiates case management Report All Incidents within 24 Hours Report any incident at your restaurant within 24 hours. Reporting incidents within 24 hours ensures that the injured employee will get the care they need as quickly as possible, and also, that further investigations may be performed. Also, corrective action can be accessed and shared with other locations immediately. Fraud Worker s Compensation fraud can be a costly to your stores. Working closely with insurance adjuster is one way to reduce the potential for fraud. Being familiar with the indicators of fraud is another way. Whenever fraud indicators are identified and reported to the insurance company, there is a good chance that the claim can be denied (if it is confirmed to be fraudulent). Indicators of fraud include: Injury that has no witness other than the employee Injury occurring late Friday or early Monday The circumstances of the injury change as time goes by The injury changes, or becomes worse Employee is disgruntled Injury not reported until a week or more after it supposedly occurred Injury occurring before a holiday, or in anticipation of termination Injury occurring in a location where the employee would not normally work Injury that is inconsistent with normal job duties Employee observed in activities inconsistent with the reported injury Employee history of workers' comp claims Conflicting diagnoses from subsequent treating providers Evidence of employee working elsewhere while drawing benefits Note Report all injuries, even if multiple indicators of fraud are identified. Indicators of fraud are not guarantees that the injury did not happen. It is important to ensure that employees are taken care of, and to let the insurance company investigate the claim. Alerting them to your concerns will trigger the investigation! 61

11 Return to Work Procedures Returning an injured crew member to the restaurant is important to all of the parties. Employees heal faster when they return to work, and make more money while working than while on Worker s Compensation. Employers also benefit from keeping a trained employee on staff, and not having to shift schedules around for the missing employee, or worse yet, having to train a new employee. Return to work keeps insurance costs down, and is easier to implement than one might think. The key in the process then is how to create an effective program that allows employees to return to gainful employment, as fast as possible? The first key is having transitional duty job tasks available prior to the injury. Obviously it is impossible to know who will be injured, when, and what the restrictions will be, but it is possible to identify tasks that any injured employee can perform. Looking for tasks in four major categories can cover just about any type of injury an employee will have. Restrictions typically cover the amount an employee may lift, whether or not they can use both hands, or whether or not they can stand. Here are the categories to address: Lifting 25 Pounds Or Less This restriction is common on any strain injury. At a McDonalds, there items that weigh more than 25 pounds. Boxes of frozen foods and containers of iced tea are some of these items. Most positions can be easily modified with lifting eliminated. Use of One Arm Employee s who strain an arm, burn a hand, or fall and injure an arm/hand will have this restriction. Sitting If an employee suffers an injury to his or her leg or back, the restriction may be for the employee to sit. Sitting and Standing Some doctors will want the employee to take frequent breaks, or alternate sitting and standing. The Drive Through attendant may be a good position for this restriction, or cashier. 62

12 Return to Work Procedures (continued) Once the program is in place, it is important that all employees in the store be trained. Supervisors should be made aware that employees will be returned to work, and may need assistance once they return. Employees should be trained from their first day that if at any point they have an injury, they will be returned to work. Employees should be made aware of how Worker s Compensation works, and that they will make more money when they return to work, than if they are away. Use the modified duty program defined below to assist a crew member in returning to work. Modified Duty Program The modified duty program includes four job classifications. These classifications define the physical abilities required for the task and allow you and the attending physician to determine the type of work a crew member may be able to handle when he or she returns to work. The table below outlines the classifications of duties including various restrictions. Note: Jobs may need to be varied for specific restrictions offered by the attending physician. McDonalds Transitional Duty Jobs by Classification Sedentary-type Work Light Work Medium Work Heavy Work 63

13 McDonalds Transitional Duty Jobs by Classification Classification Definition Sedentary-type work Sedentary-type work includes lifting 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) maximum. This work involves sitting, occasional walking, standing, and wrapping and packaging finished food products, such as hamburgers and fries. The following positions would be considered sedentary-type work: - Drive-thru or front counter order-taker cashier - Assemble Kids Meals Boxes Light work Medium work Heavy Work Light work involves lifting 20 pounds (9.1 kilograms) maximum, with frequent lifting or carrying up to 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms). These jobs also include a small degree of pushing and pulling of arm and leg controls, and walking or standing, some to a significant degree. The following positions are light- work positions: - Runner - Milkshakes and soft serve preparation - Fry station - Production caller - Biscuit preparation - Salad assembly - Setup transition or service - Hotcakes preparation - Pie preparation - Host or hostess Medium work involves lifting 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms) maximum, with frequent lifting or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 pounds (11.3 kilograms). These jobs include the following: - All grill area positions - Grill setup or transition - Dining room and restroom pre-close and close - Service pre-close and close - Back room pre-close and close Heavy work involves lifting 100 pounds (45.4 kilograms) maximum with frequent lifting, or carrying objects weighing up to 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms) these positions include the following: - Maintenance - Unloading Trucks 64

14 RETURN-TO-WORK POLICY (Sample) Please read the following carefully. This policy applies to all employees with work related injuries. Our Company is committed to maintaining the safety, health and productivity of our employees. Modified and transitional duty is a temporary work offer pending determination of an employee s ability to return to regular duty work. It is this company s policy that injured employees accept and fully cooperate with modified and transitional duty work found suitable by the attending physician. Failure to accept modified or transitional duty work that the attending physician has found to be within the employee s capabilities may result in the reduction or suspension of time loss benefits. Failure to comply with the company s return-to-work policy and procedures without authorized exception may subject the employee to disciplinary action. All employees are responsible for reading and understanding this company s policy and procedures for return-to-work and discussing any questions or concerns with management. Employee Name: Employee Signature: Date: Download the English/Spanish of this document at 65

15 Return to Work Letter - SAMPLE Instructions for Employer: This is to be sent by the employer to employee with a copy of the doctor s release via regular and certified mail. Please be sure to copy your insurance company. A reasonable time has to be given for the employee to show up timely for light duty work. (Date) (Address) Dear : We are pleased to learn that you have been released to return to employment at. According to, you are able to return to duty position. Such a position is available at, the details of which are as follows: Position Title: Job Description: Date to Report to Work: Location to Report to: Person to Report to: Time to Report: Schedule as Follows: Wage rate: We are please to be able to offer you this position within the work guidelines established by. If you have any questions prior to your start date, please call me at. Very truly yours, Download the English/Spanish of this SAMPLE document at 66

16 Section 10 Other Resources 67

17 Helpful Safety Web Sites McDonald s Safety Resources (and Newsletter) Insurance Company Specific Sites Amerisure: Other Sites Workers Compensation 101 Learn the Basics Hiring Support Automobile Safety Property and General Liability Employment Practices Liability 68

18 The Latest in Slip and Fall Prevention Preventing slips and falls is most directly related to a clean floor, but there are new, cutting edge techniques that can not only help keep your floors clean, but also reduce the time and effort it takes to keep them clean. Also, floors can be treated to help to increase the coefficient of friction. Here are a few of the many cutting edge methods to help keep the floor clean, and reduce slip and falls: Automated Floor Scrubbers Automated floor scrubbers put down water and cleaning solution, scrub the floor, and vacuum it back up again. This helps to clean the floors, and also reduce drying times as well. Cleaning is much faster, and requires less effort by your employees. In addition to a cleaner floor, the potential for strains is also reduced. Approved floor scrubbers can be found at See Safety Product ECOLAB Scrub N Go. Weighted Deck Brushes A weighted deck brush is similar to a regular deck brush, with the exception that it has a weighted head. This allows for the brush to provide the pressure to the floor, opposed to the employee. The issue with standard deck brushes is that as the employee fatigues, the scrubbing of the floor is reduced, causing sections of the floor to be not as clean as others. If the employee is tired by the time they arrive at the fryer, then most likely, the floor of the restaurant will not clean, as grease can be tracked from the fryer to other parts of the restaurant. In addition to the weighted deck brush, additional deck brushes are available with U- Shaped heads, that are helpful in cleaning around fixed tables, and V-Shaped heads, that are helpful in cleaning baseboards. Note, all three of these brushes can help to reduce time and effort in cleaning effectively. Approved, alternative deck brush reviews can be found at to include videos and analysis of the problem. See Smarter Floor Cleaning, and The Meaning of Dirty Mop Water. Floor Treatments Older tile may not have the same coefficient of friction, even when clean, as newer tile. Years of foot traffic and scrubbing may have created a smoother surface that can lead to increased slips and falls. Even new tile can be made to have a higher coefficient of friction, even when wet, after being treated properly. All floor treatments, however, are not the same. First, not all are approved. Also, some can etch the floor and remove group sealants. Approved floor treatment articles and reviews can be found at See Reducing Slips and Falls in Restaurants. This article reviews the NO-Slip floor treatment. 69

19 WORKER INJURY SERIOUS OR LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY REPORTING PROCEDURES Report all work-related injuries and illnesses that have, or will, result in medical attention other than on-site first aid to: AMERISURE MUTUAL INS CO 24 Hour Reporting Hotline (888) (MCMC Amerisure s Claims Adjusting Company) IF ACCIDENT/ILLNESS/ THEN REPORT TO AMERISURE: INCIDENT RESULTS IN: 1) Fatality Call Report in Immediately 2) Serious or Severe Injury Call Report in Immediately 3) Hospitalization Call Report in Immediately 4) Loss of Consciousness Call Report in Immediately 5) Disability Call Report in Immediately Any other illness or injury Mail or fax report within 5 calendar days. WHEN IN DOUBT CALL IN REPORT TO AMERISURE MUTUAL INS CO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 70

20 Introductory letter to Physician Coventry/ First Health Date: Employer Name: Employer Telephone Number Dear Health Care provider, is scheduled for an initial visit as an employee of, which is a participant in the AMERISURE INSURANCE COMPANY / COVENTRY FIRST HEALTH NETWORKThis letter does not confirm that the injury or condition is covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. That determination will be made as soon as an investigation is completed by our claims adjsuter. DRUG TESTING IS REQUIRED: Urinalysis Breathalyzer (blood test if necessary) We are working closely with COVENTRY/ FIRST HEALTH and the envolved medical providers to ensure that out employees receive access to timely and medically necessary treatment for their industrial injuries. In the best interest of our employees, we will have modified work available, which would allow the employee to return to work at the earliest possible date. 1. New Injury with disability greater than 7 days 2. Hospitilization 3. Anticipated Surgery 4. Physical Therapy of Chiropractic Treatment Recommended 5. Referral to provider 6. Assistance Required to Return Injured Employee to Work 7. Repeat Major Diagnostic Studies PLEASE CONTACT AMERISURE INSURANCE COMPANY At (800) WHEN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OCCURS All claims for treatment must be submitted to the address below on a HCFA 1500, UB 92, or the appropriate form required by the state. Please submit all medical reports with the Bills within the time frame required by the apllicable state law.. AMERISURE INSURANCE COMPANY P.O. BOX Detroit, Michigan Phone: (800) o- Fax: (727) Should you have questions regarding your participation in the COVENTRY/FIRST HEALTH NETWORK, please refer to the provider s manual. Sincerely, Print Name Signature Download at: 71

21 Carta Introductoria al Médico (Coventry/ First Health) Fecha: Nombre del Empleador: Numero de Teléfono del Empleador: Estimado Proveedor de Cuidados de Salud: está programado para una visita inicial como empleado de, el cual es participante de AMERISURE INSURANCE COMPANY / COVENTRY FIRST HEALTH NETWORK. Esta carta no confirma que la lesión o la condición esté cubierta por el Seguro de Compensación para Trabajadores (Workers Compensation Insurance). Esa determinación se hará tan pronto nuestro ajustador de reclamos complete la investigación. ES REQUERIDO EL EXAMEN DE DROGAS: Análisis de Orina Breathalyzer (análisis de sangre si es necesario) Estamos trabajando conjuntamente con COVENTRY/ FIRST HEALTH y con los proveedores de salud involucrados para asegurar que nuestros empleados reciban acceso al tratamiento médico oportuno y necesario para sus lesiones laborales. En el mejor interés de nuestro empleado, nosotros modificaremos los trabajos disponibles, lo cual le permitirá al empleado regresar al trabajo lo más pronto posible. Por favor tenga esto presente al tratar a este empleado. POR FAVOR PONGASE EN CONTACTO CON AMERISURE INSURANCE COMPANY AL: (800) CUANDO ALGUNO DE LOS SIGUIENTES OCURRA: 8. Nueva lesión con incapacidad mayor a 7 días y No dada de alta para regresar al trabajo 9. Hospitalización 10. Cirugía anticipada 11. Terapia física o Tratamiento Quiropráctico Recomendado 12. Referido al proveedor 13. Asistencia requerida para regresar al empleado lesionado a trabajar 14. Repetir estudios de Diagnóstico Mayor Todas las reclamaciones para tratamiento tienen que ser sometidas o presentadas a la dirección que aparece debajo, en un HCFA 1500, UB 92 o los formularios apropiados requeridos por el Estado. Por favor someta o presente todos los reportes médicos dentro del margen de tiempo requerido por la ley del Estado aplicable. AMERISURE INSURANCE COMPANY P.O. BOX Detroit, Michigan (800) o- Fax: (727) Si usted tiene alguna pregunta acerca de su participación en COVENTRY/ FIRST HEALTH NETWORK, por favor refiérase al manual de proveedores. Sinceramente, Nombre Firm Download at: 72

22 Your McDonald s Insurance Team 3000 Bayport Drive Suite 400 Tampa, FL PHONE: (877) FAX: (877) Joe Besnard Account Executive, Ext. 204 Adam Besnard Account Executive, Ext. 205 Vivian Arencibia (Florida) Account Service Manager, Ext. 203 Vanessa Alfonso (Non-Florida/Other States) Account Service Manager, Ext. 208 Kristina Baker Account Services, Ext. 201 Milly Travieso Account Services, Ext

23 Disclaimers Besnard & Associates and its insurance company partners assist employers in evaluating workplace safety exposures. Surveys, materials, and related services may not reveal every hazard, exposure and/or violation of safety practices. Inspections by your insurance company do not result in any warranty that the workplace, operations, machinery, appliances or equipment are safe or in compliance with applicable regulations. Any recommendations and related services are not and should not be construed as legal advice or be used as a substitute for legal advice. Employee protection and safety is ultimately the responsibility of the employer. Statements in this book or on web sites as to forms, policies, coverages, or other information provide general information only. This information is not an offer to sell insurance. Insurance coverage cannot be bound or changed via submission of any online form/application provided on this site or otherwise, , voice mail or facsimile. No binder, insurance policy, change, addition, and/or deletion to insurance coverage go into effect unless and until confirmed directly by a licensed broker. Any proposal of insurance we may present to you will be based upon the information you provide to us via this online form/application and/or in other communications with us. Please contact our office at (877) to discuss specific coverage details and your insurance needs. All coverages are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the actual policy issued. Not all policies or coverages are available in every state. Information provided on this Site does not constitute professional advice; if you have loss control, HR, legal, tax (or financial planning questions), you should contact an appropriate professional. Any hypertext links to other sites are provided as a convenience only; we have no control over those sites and do not endorse or guarantee any information provided by those Sites. McDonald s, Big Mac, the Golden Arches Logo and McDonald s building design are trademarks of McDonald s Corporation and its affiliates, used with permission. All material in this book is 2012 Copyright Besnard & Associates All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction or use of any materials is strictly prohibited by law. 74

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PATIENT INFORMATION. Patients Last Name First MI. SSN: DOB Age Sex: M F. Address. City State Zip Code. Home Phone # Alt. Phone #

PATIENT INFORMATION. Patients Last Name First MI. SSN: DOB Age Sex: M F. Address. City State Zip Code. Home Phone # Alt. Phone # Boguslaw Gluszak, MD Date: PATIENT INFORMATION Patients Last Name First MI SSN: DOB Age Sex: M F Address City State Zip Code Home Phone # Alt. Phone # Parents/Guardians: N/A Name of Primary Insurance:

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The ACCG Claims Office staff is here to help you. Please feel free to call us with your questions and concerns.

The ACCG Claims Office staff is here to help you. Please feel free to call us with your questions and concerns. 1 WELCOME This handbook contains information prepared by the Association County Commissioners of Georgia - Group Self-Insurance Workers Compensation Fund (ACCG - GSIWCF) to assist employees and management

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Health and Safety for Hospitality Small Business

Health and Safety for Hospitality Small Business Health and Safety for Hospitality Small Business About WorkSafeBC WorkSafeBC (the Workers Compensation Board) is an independent provincial statutory agency governed by a Board of Directors. It is funded

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Claims Management & Rehabilitation Manual

Claims Management & Rehabilitation Manual Claims Management & Rehabilitation Manual University of Auckland MARCH 2010 Reviewed March 2010 Foreword This Claims Management and Rehabilitation manual is designed to assist University of Auckland managers,

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AAFA-OSHA Alliance Volume 2: A Guide to Implementing an Ergonomics Process

AAFA-OSHA Alliance Volume 2: A Guide to Implementing an Ergonomics Process AAFA-OSHA Alliance Volume 2: A Guide to Implementing an Ergonomics Process WORK GROUP PARTICIPANTS Gloria Carter TC², Cary, North Carolina Michael Della Mea HANESbrandsINC., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS IN CONTRACTS A PROCEDURE MANUAL INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS IN CONTRACTS A PROCEDURE MANUAL This page intentionally left blank for double-sided printing. VERSION 8.1 December 2013 This manual was originally developed and placed in public

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