Audiovisual Services over ADSL

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1 Audiovisual Services over ADSL November 17, 2004 Pierre Quentel FT/R&D Division Laboratory "Distribution and Protection of Contents" Le présent document contient des inf ormations qui sont la propriété de France Télécom. L'acceptation de ce document par son destinataire implique, de la part de ce dernier, la reconnaissance du caractère conf identiel de son contenu et l'engagement de n'en f aire aucune reproduction, aucune transmission à des tiers, aucune div ulgation et aucune utilisation commerciale sans l'accord préalable écrit de France Télécom R&D D1-23/06/2004

2 France Telecom, R&D Division 3rd R&D center in the world in the telecom sector 3400 R&D staff, 15 locations in the world 1,3 % of France Telecom revenue spent on R&D + 20 % in 2004 main stakes : n Deliver growth services for the FT group n Anticipate the services of the integrated operator D : short or mid term projects for France Telecom, Orange, Wanadoo, Equant D2-23/06/2004

3 Plan Service definition : live TV + VOD Network options : open Internet or dedicated network Devices : PC, STB/TV, others Video encodings and required bitrates Sharing intelligence between service platform and terminals Access control, content protection VOD : content distribution on VOD servers / on STBs malignetv implementation conclusions D3-23/06/2004

4 Service definitions There are 2 main kinds of audiovisual services Audiovisual broadcast (TV, live event) : "one-to-many" bouquets : mosaic, zapping, EPG local recording : PVR, time shifting On-demand video : "one-to-one" service Streaming / download Pull / push Free (ads) / pay per view / subscription Network Video Recorder content saved on a server in the network (time shifting...) issue : volume saved / time to live D4-23/06/2004

5 TV service Set top box (STB) < 0 > Ok D5-23/06/2004

6 VOD portal D6-23/06/2004

7 Open Internet Streaming server (ISP) modem ATM Streaming server (CP) DSLAM BAS ISP ADSL Distribution ADSL Collect IP Backbone ISP Internet Content Provider D7-23/06/2004

8 Operator network DSLAM Internet "best-effort" ADSL Modem ADSL collect network xdsl Architecture with QoS guarantee Home network Gateway Devices Walled Garden "trusted" D8-23/06/2004

9 Network options Open Internet better use of subscriber line better potential integration with Internet services Dedicated network better quality of service Unicast or multicast? unicast much easier to implement but much more resource-consuming D9-23/06/2004

10 Devices PC widespread powerful unmanaged, open, difficult to protect image quality < TV sets STB + TV better quality, better control (smart cards) cheap STBs less powerful than PCs other devices PDAs, portable players (ipod like), "network-agnostic" devices integration in home network D10-23/06/2004

11 Bandwidth requirements (SD TV) Image Complexity MPEG-2 Sports AVC Non standard MPEG-2 Availability Movies, Information Non-standard AVC MPEG-2 MPEG Today End of 2005 Cartoons MPEG-2 MPEG-2 Non-standard AVC VHS Quality TV/DVD ,5 1,5 3,5 Bitrate (Mbps) D11-23/06/2004

12 Client and server Same problems as for all distributed architectures "thin" or "thick" client? Example : zapping information a short message to show the title of current program on a channel option 1 : regularly upload all STBs with these information requires persistence on the STB and APIs between mosaic and data option 2 : a request to the server for each zapping heavy load on the server must handle the case when server is off D12-23/06/2004

13 Access control and content protection A very important issue for content providers pay-tv channels right owners for VOD content providers Good security level for STB/TV solutions network access control platform access control reuse of satellite/cable technologies : encrypted content, descrambling keys stored on smart cards More problems for PCs capture of contents on the clear D13-23/06/2004

14 VOD : delivery network Centralized or decentralized architecture? network costs vs. VOD server costs at least for frequently asked contents Content Delivery Network architecture the provider sends its content to the VOD platform the content is sent to n VOD servers FTP secure multicast (VFDP protocol) "Push" to STBs movie previews, offline order (with mobile?), gifts... secure multicast D14-23/06/2004