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1 Celebrating circles of relationships Annual Report

2 Circles of relationships Contents 4 Sharing through ministries 6 Sharing through service 8 Sharing our resources 10 Sharing across borders 12 Financial information and board of directors 14 Supporting congregations and groups 20 Supporting individuals Photo above: Mennonite Voluntary Service participant Jenny Fast talks with Ariel Harris. Jenny serves as a librarian in the San Miguel School in Chicago. Photo by Cara Rufenacht. Cover photo: Joselín Cori and María Isabel Alvarez with Guardería Samuelito (Samuelito Day Care) director Juneth Vargas Cruz. The day care is a Mission Network partner program that provides care for the children of single mothers. Photo by Linda Shelly. T hrow two stones in a pond and watch the circles widen and overlap. Unbroken and continuously cycling back around, these circles serve as a metaphor for the connections we work to create both giving and receiving from one another, with Christ at the center. From village to town to city and back, Mennonite Mission Network helps people build relationships and forge connections with each other and with God through your support. Thank you! After repeated recommendations, I recently acquired and read The Shack by William P. Young. I finally succumbed after I decided that I needed to make sense of the growing popularity of the book. I read the book with a question: Why is this book so popular? Slowly, the answer became clear as I read. The book has captured the imagination of many people by introducing a God who is all about relationship. The key message of the text is that relationship is part of the very essence of God s being; God is living, dynamic, ever related, ever relating. As the Xhosa aphorism expresses it umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu a person is a person through other persons or I am because you are. Our relationships and relatedness define us. Relationships are not linear and static. They shape us, and we transform others for good or for ill. Relationships are a matter of give and take, mutuality and reciprocity. Since mission is of God, and engaged in by the people of God, mission is also defined by relationships. Mission is about relationships between the sender and the sent, between those who are the sent ones and those who are their hosts, between the disciple who witnesses and the Lord who sends. We give thanks for the circles of relationships that have come together and worked for good to bring healing and hope around the world. During this past year, families, friends, congregations and conferences sustained and strengthened their connections to make it possible for people in many places to experience God s good news in Jesus through word and deed. The fruit of these connections is the advance of God s good news and the expansion of God s eternal family. As God s family grows, the fruit is also new relationships across the street and around the world. This past year, you were a part of the circles of relationships that are bearing fruit for God s kingdom. In the closing months of 2008, we saw a meltdown in the economy. Your generosity and participation in circles of relationships that were focused on accomplishing God s mandate strengthened witness to God s kingdom. As we journey through 2009, economic challenges will force reduction of our capacity to be about the work of fulfilling the church s mandate in mission. These challenges can only be addressed if we experience again the continued generosity of God s people. We appreciate your support in the past year, and we thank you in anticipation of your faithful support in Together, in 2009, may we continue to share all of Christ with all of creation! Stanley W. Green Executive Director/CEO 2 Mennonite Mission Network 3

3 Sharing through ministries Circles of relationships Chicago Addie Banks taught at one of the sessions at the Urban Leaders Network meeting that was held at North Bronx Mennonite Church, New York City. A few of the attendees and the ministries they returned to: Steve Kimes went home to Portland, Ore., and his ministry with Anawim Christian Community. Steve and his family have dedicated themselves to walking with the homeless of Portland, and calling everyone they encounter to a new life in Christ. 4 Mennonite Mission Network Marco Güete at a gathering of mission and conference leaders in Pinawa, Manitoba, in September 2005 Yvonne Platts returned to her work as minister of youth and outreach at Nueva Vida Norristown New Life near Philadelphia, a church focused on unity in Christ, reconciliation, and community outreach. Marco Güete went back to Western District Mennonite Conference and his role as church planter and associate conference overseer, helping to strengthen new congregations. (Güete recently began a new position as Southeast Mennonite Conference minister.) Dan Dyck Church USA Executive Leadership and Mennonite Mission Network jointly sponsored the missional leaders meeting in Chicago. Forty individuals from congregations, conferences and churchwide agencies discussed concrete ideas for building relationships and community. They left with a message of hope to take back to their communities. Ryan Miller With your support, Mennonite 5

4 Sharing through service Circles of relationships With your help, Mennonite Mission Network sends thousands of participants to share the love and compassion of Jesus in practical ways through home repair, tutoring, refugee settlement, and more. Participants learn as they serve and, in turn, are changed by the people they encounter and the work that they do. At the same time, participants focus on the faith that inspires them to serve, and thus deepen their commitment to discipleship. After years of taking service trips with her Orrville (Ohio) Mennonite Church youth group, and listening to her parents talk about their time in Mennonite Voluntary Service, Megan Sohar decided she wanted to make a commitment to a longer-term service assignment. After graduating from college, Megan began work with MVS in Chicago. Since August 2007, Megan s home has been the MVS house in a diverse Chicago neighborhood. She spends her days at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly, where she splits her time between helping in the office and visiting older people who don t have family or other social networks. My time here has taught me that service isn t only about ministering to others, but also seeing what I can take from it, how I can grow, said Megan. And she said her service won t end when she s finished with MVS. I know that wherever I work in the future, I ll look for ways to practice being a servant. 6 Mennonite Mission Network Cara Rufenacht Chicago Mennonite Voluntary Service worker Megan Sohar serves at Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly in Chicago. Coworker Amber Meadows is on the right. Service In 2008, Mennonite Mission Network placed 3,598 people in service assignments. Service placements include: Yearlong community-based service Mennonite Voluntary Service, Service Adventure, and Dwell International learning and service Radical Journey Service and learning experiences for groups D OOR (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection) Individual short-term opportunities International internships, SOOP, Youth Venture, and international sabbatical experiences Leah Sharick of Shore Mennonite Church in Shipshewana, Ind., and Amanda Hunsberger of Emma Mennonite Church in Topeka, Ind., help prepare a site for the Samuelito day care center in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Gina Walczak Ohio 7

5 Sharing our resources Circles of relationships benin The children at Orrville Mennonite Church used their Mission Network mission banks to raise $ for La Casa Grande Children s Home in Benin, after hearing stories and seeing pictures in Sunday school. Samuel Otto, 5, put his Christmas and birthday money into his mission bank and then asked if he could send his toy cars and trucks along as well. It made me feel good that I m helping someone, said Samuel, when asked about his generosity. Resources like mission banks invite children to engage in the mission and stewardship practices of their congregations by collecting money to support various Mission Network ministries and partners. Last year, more than 10,000 children participated in the ongoing mission bank projects. Lisa Otto Ohio Resources Mennonite Mission Network provides resources that help widen the circles of relationships by making connections and assisting congregations and area conferences in carrying out their mission. Mission resources include: Prayer ministry Print and Web publications Ministry support teams Resources for leadership development Mission materials for congregations Consultation and coaching T hird Way Café (www.thirdway.com) Mennonite Media Peace and Justice Support Network 8 Mennonite Mission Network Online Samuel Otto donated his toy cars and trucks to La Casa Grande in Benin. Order the DVD Embracing Aging or other resources from Mennonite Media: Store.MennoMedia.org Mennonite Mission Resources: Third Way Café (www.thirdway.com), Relate (a newsletter for youth leaders) and Prayer Vine (monthly prayer requests). 25. Shirl in IT an ey Roth req ue d share th web design, sts prayer th at vo eir expe or rtise at interest in be lunteers with Nazaret ing a vil skills ase pray h Villa agency for a str ge in Isr lage guide wi pa ll ael. for Ou rtnerships for ong sense of treach com DOOR and Holly wo s (Disc munit y and od, M Reflection) Dwell overing Oppo positive iami an 27. Reme un d rtu its Sa nities n Anton in Atlan mber th Robin io. ta, e minis son in try of Darhan and ha Drew, Mon nd and M golia and sev will regain full ran. Pray that ary Ellen ere Mary ge of mo 28. Ple sprain. Ellen tion fol ase pray lowing s wrist as parti a fractu cipants for the Men re nonit society. respond to God s e Voluntar y Se 29. Miss call to ser ve in rvice program ion ass request a chan ociates ging pr College ayer for the Mike and Te resa Sh Aoyama wi err especial nter camp held ne Gakuin Wom ill, Tokyo, ly for stu ar the go spel me dents gradu Mt. Fuji th en s Junior is week ating in ssage. end. Pr March ay as they Ministr reflect on y 30. Pray with Ethnic M for Na in or to the tive Am ities Ea unident rth Project as erican Men nonit ifie th 31. Seve d ancestral remey prepare a fac es and the Retu ilit y to ains for rn Menno ral Colombia rec burial nite ch n with dig over urch in refugee fam differe nit y. nt ilie Quito, Ecuado s associated suppor countries in t in th th eir resett e next mont r, will be lea with the vin hs lem g. Pray ent. Prayer they wi to Elkha Vine is pub ll find rt lished mo Newton office: 1601 W. Bea nthly by Men rdsley Harrison office: 722 nonit Ave Ma Toll-fr burg office in St., P.O. Box., P.O. Box 370 e Mission ee : Ne, Elkhar 347, Ne : Virginia t, IN 465 twork wto n, Ave 26. Ple 72; Esp KS , Harris añ ennoni 7 temissi ol: onburg, VA 22802on.net; web: ww 62 w.menn onitem ission.net January Connect Togeth ed to the tru er, shar e ing all vine: of Chris Church Ministr 1. Don y t with 2009 all of cre ation. an emerging d Jan Rhein heimer Ecuado Mennonite request ch r. minister Pray for them urch and pr prayer for th esenc e to as 2. Man the people therethey study Sp e in Riobamba anish in y youn,. house g order to congreg adults in th e U.S. ati church desire planting ons. Mauric to sta io Chen will br consult ing lo, Miss rt emergent renewal. hope to pe ant, requests ion Ne ople sea twork prayer rching th 3. Pat an for holis at these tic spiri breakt d Rad Houm tual hr phan ask northea ough in a ne for pr w ste well. Pr rn Thailand. church plant ayer for a ing mi ay that A child nis Senavo the pa storal co ren s ministry try in ng, can bu up is le, ild relati 4. Seve go ral onships Samarn and ing partners visitors an Somlid with ad da hip in ults. in the Illinois group from co th wi prayer ming months ll be in Ch e Arm in Ar oe th m. will be at the mission Elizabeth Na le Choel, Arge chtig led nt wo 5. Please by the Holy Sp rk in which th all requests ina, irit. ey are pray for as the involved Mission tea Network strategic m takes tim s e Ex th planning is ec for 2009 week for spiri utive Cabin et tual ren. ewal an d 9

6 Sharing across borders Circles of relationships Benin Indiana Circles of relationship s from Benin to Goshen, Indiana : Mennonite Mission Network helped facilitate a partnership between Benin (West Africa) Provided Bible Institute and Waterford Mennonite Church () that proved to be a blessing to everyone involved. Mennonites from Mennonite Board of Missions (a predecessor agency to Mission Network) and Mission Network partners have been working in Benin since One mission Students at Benin Bible Institute worker who spent time in Benin, Rod Hollinger-Janzen, now attends Waterford Mennonite Church, and made the introductions between the two groups. Americans have a way to connect, they are able to better understand each other. Benin Bible Institute leaders explain that the North International ministries Mennonite say that, thanks to visits from All around the world, 168 Mennonite Mission Network workers and associates are working with their communities and with North American congregations to share the love of Christ with all of creation. their Beninese friends, they have become The ministries include: more open to differences in worship, seeing Bible translation, literacy Community development Evangelism and church planting Health services and educatio Mediation and reconciliation Peace and justice Training leaders in theology Teaching English Youth and children s ministries American Mennonites they ve met are good examples of involvement and witness in public life, while members of Waterford the work of the Holy Spirit, and dealing with their own oft-hidden cultural and racial stereotypes. 10 Mennonite Mission Network La Casa Grande children intend to share cars from Samuel Otto of Ohio with others in their community who have less than they do. Here, Moise passes on cars and trucks to Gloria. Bruce Yoder Now that the Beninese and North 11

7 Financial information Congregational contributions 30% Contributions 83% Individual contributions 14% Mennonite Mission Network has ministries and partners in more than 50 countries. These ministries depend on the generous contributions of the congregations of Mennonite Church USA, businesses, organizations and individuals. Compared to the prior year, giving through partnerships increased by 27 percent while annual fund giving from congregations and individuals together decreased by 8 percent. Contributions from individuals increased by 2 percent and contributions from congregations fell 2 percent. Mission Network received bequests totaling $1.1 million, down $2 million from the prior year and down $1 million from a three-year average. For the fiscal year ending Jan. 31, 2009, contributions decreased 1 percent overall. The Joining together, Investing in hope campaign has provided an important boost for annual fund giving while raising $3.6 million over the past two years toward building a Mennonite Church USA office facility in We are moved by the commitment and generosity of so many people, said Peter Graber, director for the campaign. In the face of significant economic uncertainty, people are still willing to invest in the future of mission and the church. Where Mission Network resources originated Operating income $10,690,000 Annual fund contributions congregations 3,250,000 Annual fund contributions individuals 1,490,000 Partnership-related contributions 1,590,000 Program revenue 1,340,000 Other income 240,000 Investment income 240,000 Bequests applied to operations 2,540,000 Bequests 24% Investment income 2% Other income 2% Partnership contributions 15% Program revenue 13% Board of directors Program ministries 83% U.S. ministries 6% How Mission Network used its resources International ministries 38% Richard W. Baum Deep Run Mennonite Church East Perkasie, Pa. Bill Hochstetler, chair Iowa City Loren E. Horst* Zion Hill Mennonite Church N. Leroy Kauffman Asheville (N.C.) Mennonite Church Heidi Regier Kreider Bethel College Mennonite Church North Operating expenses $10,690,000 International ministries 4,060,000 U.S. ministries 610,000 Christian service 1,940,000 Mennonite Media 770,000 Resources, education and communication 1,040,000 MC USA firstfruits grant 500,000 Support services 1,150,000 Fundraising 620,000 Fundraising 6% Support services 11% Christian service 18% Mennonite Media 7% Mattie Marie Mast Sonnenberg Mennonite Church Dalton, Ohio Craig Maven Harrisonburg (Va.) Mennonite Church José Ortiz Iglesia del Buen Pastor Tanya Ortman Rainbow Mennonite Church Kansas City, Mo. Steve Penner Reedley, Calif. Firstfruits grant 5% Advancement (resources, education and commmunication) 10% Steve Cheramie Risingsun Native Christian Fellowship Gretna, Ala. Lee Schmucker Hope Mennonite Church Wichita, Kan. Richard Showalter** West End Mennonite Fellowship Salunga, Pa. Tonya Ramer Wenger Madison (Wis.) Mennonite Church Sherilee Williams College Hill Mennonite Church Tampa, Fla. Additional notes 1. Mennonite Mission Network fiscal year was Feb. 1, 2008, to Jan. 31, These numbers are preliminary estimates. For final figures, contact after June Program revenue includes funding from partner organizations, program fees, event fees, sale of publications and resources, and worker earnings. 4. The total value of bequests received during the fiscal year was $1,020,000. These funds are used over a four-year period. 5. Cash held in reserve as of Jan. 31, 2009, totaled $3,930, In addition to operating fund programs, $280,000 was dispersed to short-term projects funded by special contributions. 7. Confidentiality policy: Giving information in the Mission Network/Mennonite Church USA database will not be shared. Address information may be shared with other Mennonite Church USA agencies. * Virginia Mennonite Missions ** Eastern Mennonite Missions 12 Mennonite Mission Network 13

8 Sharing with you T he ministries of Mennonite Mission Network would not be possible without the generous gifts and prayers of the congregations and individuals on the following pages. The names on these lists represent 257 congregations, 29 businesses, 50 organizations, 83 estates, and more than 2,350 households that believe in the work that Mission Network is doing, and are a crucial part of the connections that are being made. Also crucial to our work are the 408 prayer partners and our international and national associates who work with us 365 days a year. These lists include everyone (those who wish to be recognized) who made a contribution to Mennonite Mission Network during our fiscal year from Feb. 1, 2008, to Jan. 31, If we missed you, please contact our development office at or Congregational giving Organized by area conference Allegheny Mennonite Conference $54, Barrville Mennonite Church Reedsville, Pa. Blough Mennonite Church Hollsopple, Pa. Canan Station Mennonite Church Altoona, Pa. Glade Mennonite Church Accident, Md. Hyattsville Mennonite Church Hyattsville, Md. Kaufman Mennonite Church Davidsville, Pa. Martinsburg Mennonite Church Martinsburg, Pa. Morgantown Church of the Brethren Morgantown, W.Va. New Life Mennonite Church Listie, Pa. Oak Grove Mennonite Church Grantsville, Md. Philippi Mennonite Church Philippi, W.Va. Pinto Mennonite Church Pinto, Md. Scottdale Mennonite Church Scottdale, Pa. Springs Mennonite Church Springs, Pa. Thomas Mennonite Church Hollsopple, Pa. Tressler Mennonite Church Greenwood, Del. University Mennonite Church State College, Pa. Atlantic Coast Conference $249, Akron Mennonite Church Akron, Pa. Ark Bible Chapel Boyertown, Pa. Bethel Mennonite Church Gettysburg, Pa. Blossom Hill Mennonite Church Lancaster, Pa. Cedar Grove Mennonite Church Greencastle, Pa. Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster Lancaster, Pa. Conestoga Mennonite Church Morgantown, Pa. Emmanuel Mennonite Church Reinholds, Pa. Forest Hills Mennonite Church Leola, Pa. Hebron Mennonite Church Hagerstown, Md. Holly Grove Mennonite Church Westover, Md. Hope Community Fellowship of Phoenixville Phoenixville, Pa. Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship New York, N.Y. Maple Grove Mennonite Church of Atglen Atglen, Pa. Neffsville Mennonite Church Lancaster, Pa. North Baltimore Mennonite Church Baltimore, Md. Oley Valley Mennonite Church Oley, Pa. Ridgeview Mennonite Church Gordonville, Pa. Zion Mennonite Church-Birdsboro Birdsboro, Pa. Central District Conference $413, Assembly Mennonite Church* Ames Mennonite Church Ames, Iowa Bethel Mennonite Church(C) Pekin, Ill. Boynton Mennonite Church Hopedale, Ill. Carlock Mennonite Church Carlock, Ill. Chicago Community Mennonite Church Chicago, Ill. Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship* Cincinnati, Ohio Columbus Mennonite Church Columbus, Ohio Comins Mennonite Church Comins, Mich. Community Mennonite Church* Markham, Ill. Eighth Street Mennonite Church Evanston Mennonite Church* Evanston, Ill. of Champaign-Urbana* Urbana, Ill. Berne, Ind. Bluffton, Ohio Wadsworth, Ohio Sugarcreek, Ohio Florence Church of the Brethren-Mennonite Constantine, Mich. Grace Mennonite Church Pandora, Ohio Hively Avenue Mennonite Church Lafayette Mennonite Fellowship* Lafayette, Ind. Lima Mennonite Church* Lima, Ohio Madison Mennonite Church* Madison, Wis. Maplewood Mennonite Church Fort Wayne, Ind. Meadows Mennonite Church (C) Chenoa, Ill. Mennonite Church of Normal* Normal, Ill. Milwaukee Mennonite Church Greenfield, Wis. North Danvers Mennonite Church Danvers, Ill. Oak Grove Mennonite Church* Smithville, Ohio Paoli Mennonite Fellowship* Paoli, Ind. Pleasant Oaks Mennonite Church Middlebury, Ind. Salem Mennonite Church Kidron, Ohio Shalom Community Church Ann Arbor, Mich. Shalom Mennonite Congregation Silverwood Mennonite Church Southside Fellowship St. John Mennonite Church Pandora, Ohio Topeka Mennonite Church Topeka, Ind. Central Plains Mennonite Conference $322, Ashland Christian Fellowship Ashland, Mont. Beemer Mennonite Church Beemer, Neb. Bellwood Mennonite Church Milford, Neb. Bethany Mennonite Church Freeman, S.D. Bethel Mennonite Church Mountain Lake, Minn. Bethel Mennonite Church Wayland, Iowa Beth-El Mennonite Church Milford, Neb. Bethesda Mennonite Church Henderson, Neb. Casade Oracion Emanuel Davenport, Iowa Cedar Falls Mennonite Church Cedar Falls, Iowa Christ Community Church Des Moines, Iowa Des Moines Mennonite Church Des Moines, Iowa East Union Mennonite Church Kalona, Iowa Eicher Emmanuel Mennonite Church Wayland, Iowa Emmanuel Mennonite Church Shoreview, Minn. Faith Mennonite Church Minneapolis, Minn. Mountain Lake, Minn. of Iowa City Iowa City, Iowa Friedensberg Bible Church Avon, S.D. Hutterthal Mennonite Church Freeman, S.D. Julesburg Mennonite Church Julesburg, Colo. Kalona Mennonite Church Kalona, Iowa Lower Deer Creek Mennonite Church Kalona, Iowa Manson Mennonite Church Manson, Iowa Milford Mennonite Church Milford, Neb. Pulaski Mennonite Church Pulaski, Iowa Rochester Mennonite Church Rochester, Minn. Salem Mennonite Church Freeman, S.D. Salem Mennonite Church Shickley, Neb. Salem-Zion Mennonite Church Freeman, S.D. Sermononthe Mount Mennonite Church Sioux Falls, S.D. Sugar Creek Mennonite Church Wayland, Iowa Washington Mennonite Church Washington, Iowa Wayland Mennonite Church Wayland, Iowa Wellman Mennonite Church Wellman, Iowa West Union Mennonite Church Parnell, Iowa Wood River Mennonite Church Wood River, Neb. Zion Mennonite Church Donnellson, Iowa Eastern District Conference $87, Church of the Good Samaritans Holland, Pa. Fairfield Mennonite Church Fairfield, Pa. Grace Mennonite Church Lansdale, Pa. New Eden Fellowship Schwenksville, Pa. Upper Milford Mennonite Church Old Zionsville, Pa. West Swamp Mennonite Church Quakertown, Pa. Zion Mennonite Church Souderton, Pa. Franconia Mennonite Conference $284, Ambler Mennonite Church Ambler, Pa. Bally Mennonite Church Bally, Pa. Bethany Mennonite Church Bridgewater Corners, Vt. Blooming Glen Mennonite Church Blooming Glen, Pa. Boyertown Mennonite Church Boyertown, Pa. Covenant Community Fellowship Harleysville, Pa. Deep Run Mennonite Church East Perkasie, Pa. Doylestown MennoniteChurch Doylestown, Pa. Finland Mennonite Church Pennsburg, Pa. Franconia Mennonite Church Telford, Pa. Frederick Mennonite Church Frederick, Pa. Garden Chapel Dover, N.J. Lakeview MennoniteChurch Susquehanna, Pa. Line Lexington MennoniteChurch Line Lexington, Pa. Methacton Mennonite Church Norristown, Pa. NuevaVida Norristown New Life Mennonite Church Norristown, Pa. Perkasie Mennonite Church Perkasie, Pa. Perkiomenville Mennonite Church Perkiomenville, Pa. Plains Mennonite Church Hatfield, Pa. Providence Mennonite Church Collegeville, Pa. Rockhill Mennonite Church Telford, Pa. Rocky Ridge Mennonite Church Quakertown, Pa. Salem Mennonite Church Quakertown, Pa. Salford Mennonite Church Harleysville, Pa. Souderton Mennonite Church Souderton, Pa. Spring Mount Mennonite Church Schwenksville, Pa. Steel City Mennonite Church Bethlehem, Pa. Swamp Mennonite Church Quakertown, Pa. Taftsville Chapel Mennonite Fellowship Taftsville, Vt. Towamencin Mennonite Church Kulpsville, Pa. Vincent Mennonite Church Spring City, Pa. West Philadelphia Mennonite Fellowship Philadelphia, Pa. Franklin Mennonite Conference $1, Chambersburg Mennonite Church Chambersburg, Pa. Gulf States Mennonite Conference $6, Des Allemands Mennonite Church Des Allemands, La. Gulfhaven Mennonite Church Gulfport, Miss. Jubilee Mennonite Church Meridian, Miss. Native Christian Fellowship (C) Gretna, La. Pearl River Mennonite Church Philadelphia, Miss. Illinois Mennonite Conference $232, Arthur Mennonite Church Arthur, Ill. Bethesda Mennonite Church St. Louis, Mo. Cazenovia Mennonite Church Roanoke, Ill. Community Mennonite Church* Markham, Ill. East Bend Mennonite Church Fisher, Ill. Amparo Ortiz, Cristina Ortiz, Esperanza Ortiz and Amparo Rodriguez enjoy a balanced meal between morning and afternoon classes at Los Pinos Comedor in a neighborhood south of Bogota, Colombia, where many displaced families have located. East Peoria Mennonite Church Englewood Mennonite Church EvanstonMennoniteChurch* of Champaign-Urbana* of Morton First Norwood Mennonite Church Freeport Mennonite Church Hopedale Mennonite Church Living Water Community Church Lombard Mennonite Church Madison Mennonite Church* Mennonite Church of Dillon Mennonite Church of Normal* Metamora Mennonite Church North Suburban MennoniteC hurch Plow Creek Mennonite Church Prairieview Mennonite Church Reba Place Church Rehoboth Mennonite Church Roanoke Mennonite Church Science Ridge Mennonite Church St.Louis Mennonite Fellowship Willow Springs Mennonite Church East Peoria, Ill. Chicago, Ill. Evanston, Ill. Urbana, Ill. Morton, Ill. Peoria, Ill. Freeport, Ill. Hopedale, Ill. Chicago, Ill. Lombard, Ill. Madison, Wis. Hopedale, Ill. Normal, Ill. Metamora, Ill. Libertyville, Ill. Tiskilwa, Ill. Flanagan, Ill. Evanston, Ill. St. Anne, Ill. Eureka, Ill. Sterling, Ill. St. Louis, Mo. Tiskilwa, Ill. Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference $675, Assembly Mennonite Church* Belmont Mennonite Church Benton Mennonite Church Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship Bethel Mennonite Church Greenville, Mich. Bonneyville Mennonite Church Bristol, Ind. Burr Oak Mennonite Church Rensselaer, Ind. Cedar Grove Mennonite Church Manistique, Mich. Clinton Brick Mennonite Church Clinton Frame Mennonite Church College Mennonite Church East Goshen Mennonite Church Emma MennoniteChurch Topeka, Ind. Fairhaven Mennonite Church Fort Wayne, Ind. Family Worship Centerat the Lighthouse Fellowship of Hope Mennonite Church Middlebury, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Fort Wayne, Ind. Forks Mennonite Church Middlebury, Ind. Grand Mara is Mennonite Church Grand Marais, Mich. Harlan Mennonite Fellowship Ages-Brookside, Ky. Shalom Wiebe *Indicates congregation has membership in two Mennonite Church USA area conferences. *Indicates congregation has membership in two Mennonite Church USA area conferences. 14 Mennonite Mission Network (C) Indicates church has closed. (C) Indicates church has closed. 15

9 Hilltop Fellowship Petoskey, Mich. Holdeman Mennonite Church Wakarusa, Ind. Hopewell Mennonite Church Kouts, Ind. Howard-Miami Mennonite Church Kokomo, Ind. Hudson Lake Mennonite Church New Carlisle, Ind. Kern Road Mennonite Church South Bend, Ind. Lafayette Mennonite Fellowship* Lafayette, Ind. Lake Bethel Mennonite Church Wolcottville, Ind. Liberty Christian Fellowship Somerset Center, Mich. Locust Grove Mennonite Church Burr Oak, Mich. Maple River Mennonite Church Brutus, Mich. Marion Mennonite Church Shipshewana, Ind. Mennonite Churchof Warsaw Warsaw, Ind. Michigan Avenue Mennonite Church Pigeon, Mich. Midland Mennonite Church Midland, Mich. Ninth Street Community Church Saginaw, Mich. North Goshen Mennonite Church North Main Street Mennonite Church Nappanee, Ind. Olive Mennonite Church Paoli Mennonite Fellowship* Paoli, Ind. Parkview Mennonite Church Kokomo, Ind. Pleasant View Mennonite Church Prairie Street Mennonite Church Rexton Mennonite Church Naubinway, Mich. Shalom Mennonite Church Indianapolis, Ind. Shore Mennonite Church Shipshewana, Ind. Sunnyside Mennonite Church Valparaiso Mennonite Church Valparaiso, Ind. Walnut Hill Mennonite Church Waterford Mennonite Church Wildwood Mennonite Church Engadine, Mich. Yellow Creek Mennonite Church Lancaster Mennonite Conference $48, East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church Lancaster, Pa. East Petersburg Mennonite Church East Petersburg, Pa. Elizabethtown Mennonite Church Elizabethtown, Pa. Ephrata Mennonite Church Ephrata, Pa. Erb Mennonite Church Lititz, Pa. Erisman Mennonite Church Manheim, Pa. Frazer Mennonite Church Frazer, Pa. Green Terrace Mennonite Church Wernersville, Pa. Hershey Mennonite Church Kinzers, Pa. James Street Mennonite Church Lancaster, Pa. Kinzer Mennonite Church Kinzers, Pa. Landisville Mennonite Church Landisville, Pa. LaurelStreet Mennonite Church Lancaster, Pa. Masonville Mennonite Church Washington Boro, Pa. Meadville Mennonite Church East Earl, Pa. Metzler Mennonite Church Akron, Pa. Old Road Mennonite Church Gap, Pa. Pilgrims Mennonite Church Akron, Pa. Rossmere Mennonite Church Lancaster, Pa. Slate Hill Mennonite Church Camp Hill, Pa. Stumptown Mennonite Church Bird-in-Hand, Pa. Mountain States Mennonite Conference $64, Albuquerque Mennonite Church Albuquerque, N.M. Arvada Mennonite Church Arvada, Colo. Beth-El Mennonite Church Colorado Springs, Colo. Carlsbad Mennonite Church Carlsbad, N.M. East Holbrook Mennonite Church Cheraw, Colo. Emmanuel Mennonite Church LaJunta, Colo. of Denver Denver, Colo. Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship Fort Collins, Colo. Glennon Heights Mennonite Church Lakewood, Colo. Greeley Mennonite Church Greeley, Colo. Light of Life Mennonite Church Farmington, N.M. Mountain Community Mennonite Church Palmer Lake, Colo. Peace Mennonite Community Church Aurora, Colo. Perryton Mennonite Church Perryton, Texas Pueblo Mennonite Church Pueblo, Colo. Rocky Ford Mennonite Church Rocky Ford, Colo. New York Mennonite Conference $18, Alden Mennonite Church Alden, N.Y. Clarence Center-Akron Mennonite Church Akron, N.Y. Lowville, N.Y. Harris Hill Mennonite Church Williamsville, N.Y. Rochester Area Mennonite Fellowship Rochester, N.Y. Yorks Corners Mennonite Church Wellsville, N.Y. North Central Conference of the Mennonite Church $14, Bethlehem Mennonite Church Bloomfield, Mont. Exeland Mennonite Church Exeland, Wis. LakeRegion Mennonite Church Ogema, Minn. Lakeview Mennonite Church Wolford, N.D. Red Top Mennonite Church Bloomfield, Mont. South Lawrence Mennonite Church Glen Flora, Wis. White Chapel Mennonite Church Glendive, Mont. Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA $790, Aurora Mennonite Church Aurora, Ohio Beaverdam Mennonite Church Corry, Pa. Beech Mennonite Church Louisville, Ohio Berean Fellowship Church Youngstown, Ohio Berlin Mennonite Church Berlin, Ohio Bethel Mennonite Church West Liberty, Ohio Bethel Mennonite Church Rittman, Ohio Central Mennonite Church Archbold, Ohio Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship* Cincinnati, Ohio CrownHill Mennonite Church Rittman, Ohio Dayspring Christian Fellowship Massillon, Ohio Emmanuel Mennonite Church Monclova, Ohio of Canton Canton, Ohio Friendship Mennonite Church Bedford Heights, Ohio Gilead MennoniteChurch Chesterville, Ohio Grace Community Church Bryan, Ohio Hartville Mennonite Church Hartville, Ohio Huber Mennonite Church New Carlisle, Ohio Jubilee Mennonite Church Bellefontaine, Ohio Kidron Mennonite Church Kidron, Ohio Lafayette Christian Fellowship West Lafayette, Ohio LeeHeights Community Church Cleveland, Ohio Leetonia Mennonite Church Leetonia, Ohio Lima Mennonite Church* Lima, Ohio Lockport Mennonite Church Stryker, Ohio Longenecker Mennonite Church Winesburg, Ohio Maple Grove Mennonite Church NewCastle, Pa. Martins Creek Mennonite Church Millersburg, Ohio Martins Mennonite Church Orrville, Ohio Midway Mennonite Church Columbiana, Ohio Millersburg Mennonite Church Millersburg, Ohio Moorhead Mennonite Church Holmesville, Ohio North Clinton Mennonite Church Wauseon, Ohio North Lima Mennonite Church North Lima, Ohio Oak Grove Mennonite Church* Smithville, Ohio Oak Grove Mennonite Church West Liberty, Ohio Orrville Mennonite Church Orrville, Ohio Owl Creek Mennonite Church Lucasville, Ohio Peace Mennonite Church Elyria, Ohio Pike Mennonite Church Elida, Ohio Pine Grove Mennonite Church Stryker, Ohio Pleasant View Mennonite Church North Lawrence, Ohio Salem Mennonite Church Elida, Ohio Salem Mennonite Church Wooster, Ohio Sharon Mennonite Church Plain City, Ohio Smithville Mennonite Church Smithville, Ohio Sonnenberg Mennonite Church Kidron, Ohio South Union Mennonite Church West Liberty, Ohio Southside Mennonite Church Springfield, Ohio Stoner Heights Mennonite Church Louisville, Ohio Summit Mennonite Church Barberton, Ohio Sunnyside Mennonite Church Conneaut Lake, Pa. Tedrow Mennonite Church Wauseon, Ohio Toledo Mennonite Church Toledo, Ohio Valley View Mennonite Church Spartansburg, Pa. Walnut Creek Mennonite Church Walnut Creek, Ohio West Clinton Mennonite Church Wauseon, Ohio Wooster Mennonite Church Wooster, Ohio Zion Mennonite Church Archbold, Ohio Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference $101, Albany Mennonite Church Albany, Ore. Calvary Mennonite Church Aurora, Ore. Corvallis Mennonite Fellowship Corvallis, Ore. Emmaus ChristianFellowship Meridian, Idaho Evergreen Heights Mennonite Church Caldwell, Idaho Evergreen Mennonite Church Bellevue, Wash. Filer Mennonite Church Filer, Idaho Aberdeen, Idaho HydePark Mennonite Fellowship Boise, Idaho Lebanon Mennonite Church Lebanon, Ore. MennoMennoniteChurch Ritzville, Wash. Mountain View Mennonite Church Kalispell, Mont. Pacific Covenant MennoniteChurch Canby, Ore. Peace Mennonite Church Portland, Ore. PlainView Mennonite Church Albany, Ore. Portland Mennonite Church Portland, Ore. Prince of Peace Mennonite Church Anchorage, Alaska River of Life Fellowship Sweet Home, Ore. Salem Mennonite Church Salem, Ore. Spring Valley Mennonite Church Newport, Wash. Warden Mennonite Church Warden, Wash. Western Mennonite Church Salem, Ore. Zion Mennonite Church Hubbard, Ore. Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference $54, of Paso Robles Paso Robles, Calif. of Phoenix Phoenix, Ariz. of Reedley Reedley, Calif. of San Francisco San Francisco, Calif. of Upland Upland, Calif. Indonesian Christian Fellowship Maranatha Northridge, Calif. Koinonia Mennonite Church Chandler, Ariz. Life House Community Church Surprise, Ariz. Mennonite Community Church Fresno, Calif. Mountain View Mennonite Church Upland, Calif. Pasadena MennoniteChurch Pasadena, Calif. Shalom Mennonite Fellowship Tucson, Ariz. Sunnyslope Mennonite Church Phoenix, Ariz. Trinity Chinese Mennonite Church Irvine, Calif. Trinity Mennonite Church Glendale, Ariz. South Central Mennonite Conference $159, Calico Rock Mennonite Fellowship Calico Rock, Ark. Crystal Springs Mennonite Church Harper, Kan. Faith Mennonite Church South Hutchinson, Kan. Greensburg Mennonite Church Greensburg, Kan. Hesston Mennonite Church Hesston, Kan. Mount Pisgah Mennonite Church Leonard, Mo. Pleasant Valley Mennonite Church Harper, Kan. Pleasant View Mennonite Church Hydro, Okla. Protection Mennonite Church (withdrewin2008) Protection, Kan. South Hutchinson Mennonite Church South Hutchinson, Kan. Spring Valley Mennonite Church Canton, Kan. Whitestone Mennonite Church Hesston, Kan. Southeast Mennonite Conference $33, Ashton Mennonite Church Sarasota, Fla. Bahia Vista Mennonite Church Sarasota, Fla. Bay Shore Mennonite Church Sarasota, Fla. Berea Mennonite Church Atlanta, Ga. Ebenezer Christian Church Apopka, Fla. Emmanuel Mennonite Church Gainesville, Fla. Virginia Mennonite Conference $206, Asheville Mennonite Church Asheville, N.C. Big Spring Mennonite Church Luray, Va. Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship Charlottesville Mennonite Church Chestnut Ridge Mennonite Church Christiansburg Mennonite Fellowship Community Mennonite Church Crest Hill Community Church Crossroads Mennonite Church Family of Hope of Richmond Gospel Hill Mennonite Church Greensboro Mennonite Fellowship Harrisonburg Mennonite Church Hickory Mennonite Church Huntington Mennonite Church Immanuel Mennonite Church Lindale Mennonite Church Mount Clinton Mennonite Church Mount Pleasant Mennonite Church Mountain View Mennonite Church Mountain View Mennonite Church Park View Mennonite Church Raleigh Mennonite Church Ridgeway Mennonite Church Springdale Mennonite Church Stephens City Mennonite Church Trissels Mennonite Church Warwick River Mennonite Church Weavers Mennonite Church Williamsburg Mennonite Church Zion Hill Mennonite Church Zion Mennonite Church Tillie Yoder (right), a SOOP participant, picks oranges with a friend for the food bank, in Phoenix. Durham, N.C. Charlottesville, Va. Orrville, Ohio Christiansburg, Va. Wardensville, W. Va. Broadway, Va. Richmond, Va. Greensboro, N.C. Hickory, N.C. Newport News, Va. Chesapeake, Va. Hickory, N.C. Lyndhurst, Va. Raleigh, N.C. Waynesboro, Va. Stephens City, Va. Broadway, Va. Newport News, Va. Williamsburg, Va. Singers Glen, Va. Broadway, Va. Western District Conference $401, Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church Goessel, Kan. Beatrice Mennonite Church Beatrice, Neb. Bethel College Mennonite Church North Bethel Mennonite Church Inman, Kan. Bethel Mennonite Church Hydro, Okla. Buhler Mennonite Church Buhler, Kan. Burrton Mennonite Church Hesston, Kan. Deer Creek Mennonite Church Deer Creek, Okla. Eden Mennonite Church Moundridge, Kan. Eden Mennonite Church Inola, Okla. Faith Mennonite Church Pretty Prairie, Kan. Beatrice, Neb. Halstead, Kan. Cara Rufenacht *Indicates congregation has membership in two Mennonite Church USA area conferences. *Indicates congregation has membership in two Mennonite Church USA area conferences. 16 Mennonite Mission Network (C) Indicates church has closed. (C) Indicates church has closed. 17

10 McPherson, Kan. Hillsboro, Kan. Hutchinson, Kan. Ransom, Kan. Clinton, Okla. of Christian Moundridge, Kan. Goessel Mennonite Church Goessel, Kan. Grace Hill Mennonite Church Whitewater, Kan. Grace Mennonite Church Enid, Okla. Greenfield Mennonite Church Fort Cobb, Okla. Hanston Mennonite Church Hanston, Kan. Herold Mennonite Church Cordell, Okla. Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church Inman, Kan. Hope Mennonite Church Wichita, Kan. Houston Mennonite Church Houston, Texas Iglesia Menonita Casa Betania Inman Mennonite Church Inman, Kan. Kingman Mennonite Church Kingman, Kan. Koinonia Mennonite Church Clinton, Okla. Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church Wichita, Kan. Manhattan Mennonite Church Manhattan, Kan. Mennonite Church of the Servant Wichita, Kan. Peace Mennonite Church Dallas, Texas Peace Mennonite Church Lawrence, Kan. Rainbow Mennonite Church Kansas City, Kan. Salina Mennonite Church Salina, Kan. San Antonio Mennonite Church San Antonio, Texas Shalom Mennonite Church Southern Hills Mennonite Church Topeka, Kan. Tabor Mennonite Church Trinity Mennonite Church Hillsboro, Kan. Turpin Mennonite Church Turpin, Okla. West Zion Mennonite Church Moundridge, Kan. Zion Mennonite Church Elbing, Kan. Other congregations $140, Andover Community Church Andover, Vt. Bethany Mennonite Church Virgil, Ontario Bradshaw Mountain Christian Assembly Prescott Valley, Ariz. Calvary Mennonite Church Washington, Ill. College Community Church-Mennonite Brethren Clovis, Calif. Community House Church Washington, D.C. Community United Church of Christ Morton, Ill. Cornerstone Church Garden City, Kan. Covenant United Methodist Church Bath, Pa. Dove Outreach Center Wooster, Ohio East Central Mennonite Ministry Fellowship Berlin, Ohio Ebenfeld Mennonite Brethren Church Hillsboro, Kan. Emmaus Road Mennonite Fellowship Berne, Ind. Fairview Mennonite Church Fairview, Mich. Faith Community Church Live Oak, Fla. First Evangelical Free Church Wichita, Kan. First United Methodist Church Franklin, Pa. First United Presbyterian Church of Dale City Woodbridge, Va. First United Spanish Mennonite Church Vancouver, British Columbia Garden Valley Church Garden City, Kan. Germantown Mennonite Church Philadelphia, Pa. Gibson City Bible Church Gibson City, Ill. Grace Community Church Dallas, Ore. Grace Community Church Great Bend, Kan. Hereford Mennonite Church Bally, Pa. Iglesia Cristiana Carismatica Lancaster, Pa. Iglesia Evangelica Menonita-Aibonito Aibonito, P.R. Immanuel Presbyterian Church of Fremont Fremont, Calif. Indian Valley Mennonite Church Harleysville, Pa. Ivanhoe Reformed Church Riverdale, Ill. Listowel Mennonite Church Listowel, Ontario Maple View Mennonite Church Wellesley, Ontario New Life Community Church Wellman, Iowa New Life Fellowship Ephrata, Pa. New Testament Fellowship of Pensacola Inc. Pensacola, Fla. NewPointe Community Church Dover, Ohio North Oak Community Church Hays, Kan. Northview Christian Life Church Carmel, Ind. Open Door Fellowship Kouts, Ind. Our Lady of Fatima Church Nicoma Park, Okla. Parkview Mennonite Brethren Church Hillsboro, Kan. Peoples Community Church Berea, Ohio Pine Grove Church Bowmansville, Pa. Pleasant View Mennonite Church Millersburg, Ohio Pleasureville UM Faith Promise York, Pa. Sargent Avenue Mennonite Church Winnipeg, Manitoba Sharon Mennonite Church Elida, Ohio Skyline Acres Baptist Church Fredericton, New Brunswick St. Paul Lutheran Church Clyde, Ohio Tabor United Methodist Church Woxall, Pa. The Great Commission Greenville, S.C. Victory Chapel Cowboy Church Mountain City, Tenn. West Eighth Street Wesleyan Church Marion, Ind. Winnetka Bible Church Winnetka, Ill. Women in Mission (SK) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Wood Green Mennonite Church London, England Zion Mennonite Church Swift Current, Saskatchewan Businesses $465, Affinity4 Norfolk, Va. C D Arnold Co Inc. Noblesville, Ind. Custom Mobile Equipment Inc. Baldwin City, Kan. Dutchman s Country Market Inc. Schaefferstown, Pa. Excel Industries Inc. Hesston, Kan. Harper Industries Inc. Harper, Kan. Harrison Hauling Inc. HRM Enterprises Inc. Hartville, Ohio Jayco Inc. Middlebury, Ind. Keim Leasing Limited Sugarcreek, Ohio LCC International Fund Inc. Lehman Hardware and Appliances Kidron, Ohio Middle East Media-USA Wheaton, Ill. Miller Concrete Inc. Miller Poultry Orland, Ind. Mission Woodworking LLC Bristol, Ind. O Leary Pontiac-Buick-GMC Ltd. Fredericton, New Brunswick Sandusky-Seneca County Chapter Clyde, Ohio Schantz Haus Davidsville, Pa. Son Lin Farms Cordell, Okla. The Calvary Hour Inc. Kidron, Ohio Trainor Surveys Ltd. Fredericton, New Brunswick The Troyer Group Mishawaka, Ind. United Hardwoods Ltd. Strasburg, Ohio Vistashare LLC Walnut Creek Wood Design Ltd. Walnut Creek, Ohio White Pigeon Mini Storage White Pigeon, Mich. Willowdale Apartments Ltd. Fredericton, New Brunswick Yoder Insurance Agency and Financial Services Hartville, Ohio Foundations $191, Brethren in Christ Foundation Grantham, Pa. Fidelia E. Plett Foundation Inman, Kan. Henderson Community Foundation Henderson, Neb. Hospira Employee Giving Campaign Princeton, N.J. Maust Foundation Pigeon, Mich. Mennonite Foundation Inc. Mennonite Foundation of Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba Mersynergy Charitable Foundation Saint Jacobs, Ontario Ong-Chu Family Foundation Cincinnati, Ohio Schowalter Foundation Inc. United Service Foundation Inc. New Holland, Pa. West Clinton EC Fund Archbold, Ohio Other organizations $65, ACC/VEMZO Partnership Administration Akron, Pa. Bethany Christian Schools Bethel College-North Newton North Bluffton University Bluffton, Ohio Brethren in Christ World Missions Grantham, Pa. Canada Helps Org. Toronto, Ontario Central District Mennonite Women Fort Wayne, Ind. Central Plains Mennonite Women Iowa City, Iowa Christ Community Ministries Memphis, Tenn. Christliche Dienste Bammental, Germany Davis Family Trust Colorado Springs, Colo. Dorema Charitable Trust Amersham Bucks, England Eastern Mennonite Missions Salunga, Pa. Executive Leadership MC USA Fairview Mennonite Home Cambridge, Ontario Fellowship of Mennonite Churches in Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan Friends of the Wolof Goshen College Hamilton Family Trust Monument, Colo. Heartland Quilters Hesston College Hesston, Kan. Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Women Wakarusa, Ind. Interfaith Housing Services Inc. Hutchinson, Kan. Iraq Veterans Against the War Philadelphia, Pa. Liberty Fellowship Church Hays, Kan. Mennonite Central Committee Akron, Pa. Mennonite Church Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba Mennonite Medical Association Mennonite Mission Network Auxiliary Mennonite Nurses Association Mennonite Women USA Mission Fish San Jose, Calif. Northwest Ohio Partners in Mission Wauseon, Ohio Ohio Mennonite Women North Canton, Ohio Souderton Mennonite Homes Souderton, Pa. Tabor College Hillsboro, Kan. Virginia Mennonite Missions Wolof Witness Support Team Fredericton, New Brunswick Estates $1,013, Lawrence Bartel Estate Souderton, Pa. Marie Becker Estate Hesston, Kan. Frederick E. Beltram Estate Gainesville, Fla. Marvin and Kathryn Benner Estate Louisville, Ohio Curtis Bergey Estate La Vera Birky Estate Valparaiso, Ind. John I. Bontrager Estate Virgil Brenneman Estate Minneapolis, Minn. Jacob Brenneman Family Estate Lenexa, Kan. Virgil Brenneman Trust Frederick, Md. Donald E. Brilhart Estate Irene Britsch Estate Esther E. Buller Estate Henderson, Neb. Aaron J. Claassen Estate Anna Margret Claassen Estate McPherson, Kan. James R. Clemens Estate Thelma Cook Estate Cora Crossgrove Estate Leona M. Decker Estate Ringwood, Okla. Ernest S. Detweiler Estate Magdalene Diener Estate Moundridge, Kan. Joseph Drawbond Estate Martha Dyck Estate Marie Flaming Estate Goessel, Kan. Irene L. Gehman Estate Jerry Gingerich Estate Clifford Goering Estate Palo Alto, Calif. Bertha Good Estate Champaign, Ill. Saag, a local chief, and Ibu, a regional talibé Insa (followers of Jesus) leader, pose with seed peanuts to be planted during a Senegal drought. One of the village chiefs fought back tears when he witnessed the delivery of the seed peanuts and expressed his desire to be more involved with the group who is following Christ. Harry Hauder Estate Seward, Neb. Aaron Huber Estate Waynesboro, Va. Martha Jantzi Estate Ila B. Kauffman Estate Ruby J. Kauffman Estate Englewood, Colo. Marie Kaufman Estate Celeste A. Keener Estate Lewisberry, Pa. Willie H. Klingenberg Estate Peabody, Kan. Ivan Kropf Estate I. Wilbur Lapp Estate Orpha Leatherman Estate Quakertown, Pa. Helen Leichty Estate Glenola B. Leinbach Estate Hoffman Estates, Ill. Dorothy A. Martin Estate Reading, Pa. Allen Miller Estate Mildred Moyer Estate Souderton, Pa. Clara L. Neuhauser Estate Ithaca, Mich. Alma R. Newcomer Estate Wooster, Ohio Goldie J. Regier Estate Roselena R. Roupp Estate S. Milford Roupp Estate Harley Sauder Estate Pioneer, Ohio Mildred M. Schertz Estate Peoria, Ill. Margaret M. Shenk Estate Ida Showalter Estate Merl R. Smucker Estate Orrville, Ohio Mildred Steiner Estate Hartford, Conn. Margaret L. Strubhar Estate Regina Stucky Trust Marion, S.D. Amanda Stump Estate Eva R. Swartley Estate Souderton, Pa. Grace Toews Estate Lawrence, Kan. Ora Yoder Endowment Fund Henry Zehr Estate William M. Zehr Estate Hutchinson, Kan. Merle K. Zook Estate Aurora, Colo. Margaret De Jong *Indicates congregation has membership in two Mennonite Church USA area conferences. 18 Mennonite Mission Network (C) Indicates church has closed. 19

11 Individual contributors Alabama Kent and Lita Martin James and Rachel Metzler Judith Stahly Alaska Bill and Irma Zito Arizona E. Faye Beckler Al and Evelyn Cross Paul and Ellen Davidhizar Alice L. Dye Lloyd J. and Evelyn Fisher Jacob and Jane Friesen Lillian Gascho Sonia Graber Glen Habegger David O. Hostetler Richard S. and M. Arlene Hurt Elizabeth Kauffman Kate Klopfenstein Dale and Betty Kutz J. Mervin and Leanne Y. Lantz Mervin and Berniece Nafziger David and Cheryl Paulovich Kathleen Ramer Gary and Deborah Slabaugh Jeannette and Jonathan Slater Larry and Janet Stoltzfus Louise Swartzendruber Peter B. and Rheta Mae Wiebe Maurine Woods Charles and Janet Yoder Hazel C. Yoder Henry P. Yoder David and Laura Yost Herman and Marian Zuercher Arkansas Meryl and Gladys Grasse Galen and Carolyn Wenger California Diane Barnhart Edward Beres Edward and Barbara Boldt Loren and Barbara Buller Eric and Cara Caindec Arthur and Nancy Cash Jeff and Andrea Chen Hung-Chuan Cheng and Christie Ong Julie Landis-Cheng Ronald and Roxanne Claassen Marlin and Gladys Davis Dennis and Lynn Denby Dale and Ronnie Dreher Loren and Donna Entz Paul Fast Edward and Marianne Fisher G. Delbert and Anna Friesen Harley and Treva Gossen Robert and Twila Guengerich Marianna Habegger Ethel K. Harder Pearl Hartz Thomas and Lenore Hiebert Beth Jones Douglas Kliewer and Hope Nisly Wei and Thomas Kuo Judy Lincoln Christy Mast D. and Vicky McGavack Fred Meng Cory Mullet Gerald and Ellen Neufeld Dolores Nice-Siegenthaler Keith and Nancy Oberlander Thomas and Patricia Oliver D. Duane and Kathi Oswald Stephen and Glena Penner Ralph Ramirez Matthew Ropp Rick and Cricket Sayre Jaw Ming Sheng Merle and Florence Siebert Sally Spalding and Karen Roddy David and Rebekka Stutzman Yi-Ming Tang and Shangmin Wei Chi-Mei Wang Vern and Judi Warkentin David and Marian Yoder Lena Yoder Roxanne D. Young Alfred G. Zook Colorado Claude and Viola Bender John and Naomi Bender Melvin and Jane Birky Thomas and Trinda Bishop Robert and Elsie Bohrer Clair and Faye Brenneman Tim and Teresa Briese Joel and Elin Bubna Samuel N. Cutrell Rick Dalrymple Lisa and Merle Detweiler Steve and Janelle Diller Leta M. Eichelberger Roberta Ernst Lisa Franz Menno and Jessie Gaeddert Ruth Gahman Mark and Sharon Hartman Melvin R. Headrick Franklyn and Esther Heatwole Samuel and Joyce Hofer Philip L. Jantz Kathy King Mary T. 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Bare Royal Bauer Philip and Connie Bauman Jim and Omie Baumgartner Bertha Beachy David and Bonita Beachy John and Miriam Beachy LeRoy and Irene Bechler James E. Beitler Jr. and Melissa J. Beitler Geneva Bender John and Martha Bender Deron and Annette Brill Bergstresser Maurice and Cecelia Berkey David and Evaleen Bertsche Hilary and Gladys Bertsche James and Genevieve Bertsche Ben and Jodi Beyeler John and Dee Birkey Anne Birky Harley and Miriam Birky Margaret B. Birky James Bixler Bill and Gwendolyn Black Becky K. Tyson and Perc Blosser James A. and Amy Boehlke Virginia Bohnenkamp Michele Kristine Bollman J. Rohrer Bomberger and Arloa J. Bontrager Radical Journey participant Melina Hunsberger helps to sort books in the library at Colegio Americano Menno, La Mesa, Cundinamarca, Colombia. Alma Bontrager Alvin and Mary Bontrager Ellis and Ruby Bontrager Mark and Clara Bontrager Wilbur and Sarah Bontrager Harold and AnnaBelle Bontreger Shawn and Melissa Bornman Krissie K. Boss Sue Breiner Grace Brenneman Jerry and Vickie Brown Robert and Beverly Brown Rosetta N. Brown Andrew and Elise Brubacher Kaethler Genevieve Fern Buckwalter Peter and Gladys Buller Timothy and Sharon Burkholder Paul and Carie Burrus David and Joyce Buschert Mario and Shirley Bustos Keith and Anita Butler Deborah Byler Ron Byler and Mim Shirk John and Martha Byler Mark and Anne Byler Sue Ann Byler Dr. Peter M. Carney Milton and Ruth Cender Rosa Cender Miriam Jeanette Charles Charlene Christophel Randal and Lori Christophel Warren H. Christophel Harvey and Carolyn Chupp Virgil and Louise Claassen Donald and Marie Clemens Ronald and Betty Collins Paul L. Conrad II Danielle Creech Delbert and LuEtta Culp Esther Deal Sthephanie Hollenberg 20 Mennonite Mission Network 21

12 Craig Detweiler Jay and Barbara Detweiler Helen Detwiler John and Suzette Dhaemers Waldo and Hazel Dick Carrie Diener Daniel and Lynn Diener Carl and Darlene Dintaman John and Bonita Driver B. Harry and Lois Dyck Sylvan and Connie Eash Dorothy Eberly Donald and Carol Ebersole Kurt and Rachel Eby John and Mary Eicher Barbara J. Eichorn Carol and Arlen Epp Robert and Sylvia Ewert Kenneth and Ruby Farmwald Royce and Elva Farmwald David and Melissa Fisher Fast Marlyn and Amanda Fast John and Pauline Fisher Matt and Amy Fisher Eric and Janet Fleck Jacob Flisher Roger and Mary Flueckiger Richard and Lillian Fox Richard and Vicki Frantz Dayton and Gayle Frey G. Weldon and LuEtta Friesen Julia Fry Paul and Rosemary Fry J. D. and Gloria Ganger Daniel and Sylvia Garcia Oneta B. Gardner Ardith Garreffa James and Lila Gascho Luke and Rebecca Gascho Leonard and Linea Geiser Laverne and Luella Gerig Winston and Sibyl Gerig Milton and Gloria Gibson Glenn and Mary Gilbert Richard and Mary Gilliom Shirley E. Gingerich Simon G. Gingerich Elizabeth Gingrich Jon and Rita Gingrich John and Sally Glick Maggie Glick Melvin and Sherrill Glick Paul and Wilda Goering Andrea and Jason Golden Carmen and Judith Good Marjorie Good Marty and Ann Good Maynard and Ruth Good Ron and Lori Good Lois M. Gotwals Alvin and Dolores Graber Calvin Graber Daniel and Mary Graber Jonathan and Phoebe Graber Peter and Mary Graber Ronald and Esther Graber Samuel and Adeline Graber Sidney and Paula Gray Lawrence and Frances Greaser Stanley and Ursula Green Michael C. and Elisabeth A. Grieser Daniel and Brenda Grimes Ruth and Ron Guengerich John and Susan Guipe Opal E. Gunden Randal and Debby Gunden Ruth E. Gunden Gladys Haarer Phillip and Shari Haarer Marge Habegger Rollin and Debra Handrich Paul and Thelma Harley Miriam Kesler Hartman Scott Hartman Gregory and Eudora Hartzler Ruth Ann Hathaway Michael and Rebecca Heinold Hannah and Justin Heinzekehr Dean and Tacy Heisey Daniel and Brenda Henley Edward and Delia Herr Joshua and Rebecca Herschberger Galen and Karen Gladys Marcella J. Jeanne and John Heyerly Scott and Lisa Hicks Richard and Jean Hirschler Steve Hite Glen and Ruby Hochstedler Rex and Angela Hochstedler Daniel and Arie Hochstetler Laban and Agnes Hochstetler Moses Jay and Helen Hochstetler Verda Hochstetler Ethel Hoffman Joyce and Stanley Hoffman Stephen and Kathleen Hollenberg Rodney and Lynda Hollinger-Janzen Emery and Mary Holsopple Martin and Carol Honderich Karen Honderich-Griffin Rex Hooley and Marty Lehman Carol E. Hoover Elizabeth B. Hoover Frances Hoover Keith Horner James C. and Laura Fay Horning Gary and Tina Horst Kenneth and Rebecca Horst Laurence Milton Horst Eldon and Esta Hostetler Gordon and Phyllis Hostetler Marian E. Hostetler Richard and Joy Hostetter William L. and Pam Hunsberger Robert and Sandra Huston Horace D. Jackson Ann and Booker T. Jacobs Ward and Karen Jamesen David and Cindy Janzen Andrew and Cara Jeeves Elizabeth Miller Jeschke Marlin Jeschke Gladys Johns Barry and Janeen Bertsche Johnson Mary Kalbfleisch Alvin and Beulah Kauffman Gerald Kauffman Marlo and Deanna Kauffman Maxine Kauffman Rebecca Kauffman Duane and Dorotha Kauffmann Ivan and Lola Kauffmann Miriam Kauffmann Martha Yutzy Kaufman H. James and Lois Kaufmann Jeremy and Erin Kempf David Kieper Paula Killough Family Stanley and Bonita King Rebecca Kiogima James and Vicky Kirkton Claramae L. Klink Sheri Klopfenstein Wilbur and Doris Klopfenstein Roy and Martha Koch John and Michelle Koppin Nancy B. Kosteck Joseph and Carol Kotva Anthony and Sarah Krabill Grace Krabill James R. and Jeanette Krabill J. Nelson and Ellen Kraybill Alan and Eleanor Kreider Evelyn Kreider J. Robert and Virginia Kreider Rachel W. Kreider Marlene Kropf Eric and Carmen Kurtz Eric and Kimberly Kurtz Gene and Mary Lackore Goldie Lambright Kevin and Carrie Lambright Susan E. Lambright Wendell Lantz and Doris Weaver John F. and Sandra Shenk Lapp Edna Larimore David and Julia Leatherman Kathryn Leatherman M. Grace Leatherman Aaron D. Lehman David and Janet Lehman Dennis and Romaine Lehman Fred and Sonia Lehman Jane M. Lehman Jim and Roberta Lehman John and Margaret Lehman Mabel Lehman Merritt and Dierra Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Reuel Lehman Richard and Jolene Lehman Richard and Colleen Lehman Thomas and Mary Lehman Verl Lehman Paul and Twila Leichty Ekkehard and Wilma Lichti Tim and Carolyn Lichti Fredrick and Magdalene Liechty Robert and Miriam Liechty Russel A. and Marjorie S. Liechty Ruth E. Liechty Stanley and Ruth Liechty Dean and Bek Linsenmeyer Christina Litwiller Richard and Cynthia Litwiller Wendell and Betty Litwiller Alton and Lois Longenecker Robert and Rose Love Lowry and Ruth Mallory Jeannine Mann Leroy Mann Mildred Mann Rudolph and Elvina Martens Arvilla Martin Gary and Pat Martin Grant and Janelle Martin Jeffrey and Amy Martin Richard E. Martin Walter S. Massanari Allen and Norma Mast Andrew and Anna Mast Dennis and Martha Mast Don and Doreen Mast Luke and Sara Mast Weldon and Linda Mast Rodney and Martha Yoder Maust Bill and Linda McKean Carl J. and Phyllis Metzler Carl and Doris Metzler Everett and Margaret Metzler Thomas and Kaye Meyn Bryan and Louise Mierau David Mierau B. J. and Carolyn M. Miller Bradley and Cheryl Miller Brent and Roma Miller Bryan and Gretchen Miller Cynthia A. Miller Richard Miller Donald and Sylvia Miller Edward and Olive Grace Miller Elroy and Marie Miller Forrest and Anne Miller Frank and Miriam Miller Glen and Marilyn Miller Kevin and Lorene Miller Jeffrey and Kaylene Miller Kenneth and Sally Miller Lynn and Darlene Miller Marvin J. and Ruth C. Miller Maxine S. Miller Sandy Miller Randall Miller and Marsha Hooley Robert and Sue Miller Roberta A. Miller Ryan and Lisa L. Miller Tony S. and Leah R. Miller Wayne and Leabell Miller William and Phyllis Miller Brice and Judy Minger Donald and Martha Minter Mary K. Mishler Rebeka Moeljono Stephen and Nancy Momany Richard and Nancy Moore Larry and Elida Morr David Moser and Ingrid Friesen Moser Viratham and Amy Mounsithiraj M. Geraldine Lehman Mumaw Glenn and Lois Musselman Dale and Bethsaba Nafziger Eldon Dean and Laverne Nafziger John and Lois Nafziger Mary K. Nafziger Alex and Julia Naula Timothy and Amber Near Benjamin and JoAnn Neff J. Larry and Norma Jean Neff Jim and Kelly Neff Marjorie A. Neufeld Myrl and Phyllis Nofziger Steven and Rachel Nolt Gregg Nussbaum and Judy Snyder John and Dorothy Nyce Jose and Iraida Ortiz Myra Oswald Chuck and Mary Owens Cliff and Lois Oyer Mary K. Oyer Don and Brenda Paetkau William and Rosemary Pletcher John and Jo Ann Preheim Richard Preheim and Leanne K. Farmwald Tom and Ann Price J. Christopher Rahe and Carolyn Rahe Jason and Andrea Ramer Barbara and Donald Reber John and Cynthia Reed Mark Regier and Marlene Kroeker La Mar and Adele Reichert John Rempel Neil and Beth Richer Dale and Karen Ritchie Kathryn and Dwight Rodgers Larry and Sharon Rohrer LeRoy Rohrer Earl W. Roth Loren and Julie Roth Alice M. and Willard E. Roth Ferne E. Savanick Walter and Margaret Sawatsky Reynold and Maurine Sawatzky Joyce M. Schertz Lois Schertz Dennis and Dianne Schmidt Vyron Lloyd and Elvina Ruth Schmidt Homer and Karen Schmucker Walter and Vera Schmucker Adlai and Jane Schrock Allen and Doris Schrock Daniel and Elaine Schrock Daniel and Jennifer Schrock Jonathan Schrock and Amanda Yoder Larry and Kay Schrock Merlyn R. Schrock Mervin and Anna Schrock Mildred E. Schrock Laura Schumm Douglas J. Schwartzentruber and Diane T. White Earl and Genevieve Schwartzentruber Gerald H. Shaffer Mildred Shaffer C. Kathryn Shantz Virginia Sharp Alton and Elisabeth Shelly Karl and Michelle Shelly Dale and Karen Shenk Lon and Kathryn Sherer Gary and Carol Shetler Leslie and Frances Shetler Peter and Jan Shetler Eugene and Rebekah Short George and Kristine Skyrm Dean and Dorothy Slagel Arthur Smucker Mark and Jeanne Smucker Mark and Vicki Smucker David and Elizabeth Snyder Donald and Leta Snyder Darrel and Karen Sommers Karl and Roxanna Sommers Shirley Souder Barbara Ann Sprunger Carol Sprunger Carolyn and James Sprunger Irena Sprunger Kent and Lillian Sprunger Brenda and Jody Srof Bruce and Barbara Stahly Paul and Pat Stahly James and ChloAnn Stalter Kenneth and Marilyn Stauffer Kathryn Steckly Amanda J. Steele Dan and Vera Steiner Dan and Cindy Steiner Elno and Mabel Steiner William and Beverly Stieglitz Dennis and Rhoda Stoesz Randall and Ellen Stoesz Daniel and Rosalie Stoltzfus Eldon and Rachel Stoltzfus Timothy and Donna Stoltzfus Victor and Marie Stoltzfus Roland and Cynthia Stuckey Mervin Stutzman Clayton C. and Elsie E. Sutter David L. and Janice Yordy Sutter Earl and Margaret Sutter Lela V. Sutter Willard and Mary Swartley Edward and Mary Swartzendruber Harold and Lucille Swartzendruber John and Kathryn Swartzendruber Melvin and Mary Swartzentruber Sarah Thompson Timothy and Margaret Thut Dallan and Janice Troyer Weldon and Frances Troyer LeRoy and Phyllis Troyer Matt and Lisa Troyer Ora and Mary Troyer Living Water Church in Thailand at baptism service Samuel and Elizabeth Troyer Merl and Gloria Tyson Ethel K. Umble George and Dorothy Unger Daniel and Annabelle Unternahrer Marcia Vierck Sueann Von Gunten and John E. Alter Melvin and Marilyn Voran Elmer and Winifred Wall Joan Walsh Robert and Emilie Walson Byron and Connie Warkentin David S. Weaver Donald and Phyllis Weaver Howard M. and Maxine B. Weaver James and Vera Weaver Maynard and Phyllis Weaver Roger and Betty Weaver Vance and Karon Weaver Dean and Wanda Weirich Kyle and Tracey Weirich Alan and Carla Weldy Betty L. Weldy David and Ruth Weldy Grace Weldy Karen Weldy Miriam Weldy Tina Weldy and Margaret Farr Vera Faye Weldy Marion and Anna Frances Wenger Ronald and Arlene Wenger Jonathan and Mary Wieand Leonard and Joan Wiebe Marcella Wiebe Stephen and Dorothy Wiebe- Johnson Eugene and Marcia Williams Grant and Lindsay Williams David Fast 22 Mennonite Mission Network 23

13 Leonard and Jacqueline Wilson Phyllis J. Windsor Gerald and Sandra Wingard Steve and Bonnie Woodward Elsa and Ray Works James and Sharon Wyse Allen and Marie Yoder Brad Yoder Carl J. and Phyllis E. Yoder Cheryl Yoder Craig and Nancy Yoder Delvon and Shirley Yoder Elva M. Yoder Erma Lou Yoder Esther Yoder Gordon and Esther Yoder Harold and Ruth Yoder John and June A. Yoder Jonathan and Leanna Yoder Joseph and Janice Yoder Leroy and Maxine Yoder Pauline Yoder Martin L. and Rhonda L. Yoder Michael and Mary Lehman Yoder Orv and La Jane Yoder Paul and Anita Yoder Richard and Nancy Yoder Roger and Rhonda Yoder V. Ray and Mary A. Yoder Yolanda Yoder and Curtis Thill Edith Yordy John and Mary Winifred Yordy Katherine Yutzy Daryl and Maxine Zook Roger and Evelyn zumfelde Iowa Byron and Betty Augspurger Lonnie and Julia Bartel John and Becky Bixler David and Shana Boshart Douglas and Diane Brenneman Jeanette Christner Arleen Cook Larry and Elva Evers Roger and Mary Lou Farmer Thomas and Margaret Kay Fleming Kevin and Tara Goering Dwight and Mary Graber Ruth A. Graber Dean and Donna Hartman Neva Audrey Hochstetler Bill and Rosie Hochstetler Dean and Miriam Josten Nyle and Lauralee Kauffman Arnetta Kaufman Peter and Janel Kaufman John and Margaret Keiser Barbara King Ardell and Judy Kliewer Kevin Kummer and Maria Ortega Kummer Calvin Leichty Ellis Leichty Lyndon and Elaine Leichty Royce and Carla Leichty Dean and Doris Meyer Jeanette Miksch Byron and Ellen Miller Duane and Jill Miller Henry D. and Ethel M. Miller Jason and Stephanie Moyer Richard and Margaret Oyer Steve and Kayleen Patton Carroll and Cynthia Peterson Edith Piper Clinton Poock and Sara Douglas-Poock Jared and Jacquelyn Powell Donald and Arline Roth Larry and Mary Lou Roth Bruce and Elsa Shauger Michael and Janeen Springer Karla Stoltzfus Wilma Stutzman Naomi Ulrich Lowell R. and Elizabeth Underwood David and Arlene Wenger Alta Widmer J. Glen and Helen Widmer Walter and Wini Wilt Darvin and Martha Yoder Floyd and Marjorie Yoder Frank and Ada Yoder Kathryn Yoder Kenneth and Dorothy Yoder Marvin and Neta Faye Yoder Miriam Yoder Richard and Orpha Yoder Marvin and Florence Zehr Kansas Eldon and Edna Andres Eva Mae Andres Elda Bachman David and Kristina Balzer Lois Barrett and Tom Mierau Barry and Brenda Bartel Floyd G. Bartel and Justina D. Neufeld Gladwin and Lois Bartel Harlan and Grace Bartel Daniel and Loretta Baumgartner Edwin D. Becker Robert and Nancy Becker Alma Blosser Vernon and Brenda Blosser David and Donna Boesker Marion Bontrager Jim and Belle Boyts Bruce and Mary Bradshaw Hubert and Helen Brown Bruce and Meribeth Buhr Arlin and Maretta Buller Eric and Ruth Buller Shelley and Jon Buller Stanley and Carol Buller Howard and Eileen Burkholder Larry and Rose Buschman Rodger and Kay Buskirk Jon and Cheryl Christian Paul and Brenda Christophel Kim and Debbie Claassen Milton A. Claassen Herman and Leila Dalke Kenneth L. Deckert Joseph and Mary Detweiler Nathan Dick Raymond and Amanda Dick Clayton and Inez Diener Wilmetta and Arnold Dietzel James and Jan Diller Robert and Marcella Diller Steve and Kathy Dinkel Kelly and Karla Doerksen Lois Doerksen David and Mary Duerksen Duane and Agatha Duerksen Joseph and Mary Lou Duerksen Richard and Virginia Ediger Tina Block Ediger Ina and Orlin Eigsti Wesley and Bernice Eilers Lena Eitzen Alan and Joan Entz Alden and Laura Entz Thurman and Marcene Entz Katharina Epp Pamela Epp Virgil and Nadine Epp Walter and Mary Erb W. R. Esau Roger and Carolyn Evans Jim and Wilma Fast Dwight and Marilyn Flaming Marvin Flaming Leland and Kathy Flickinger Melvin and Helen Flickinger Fabiola Flores Herbert and Mary Fransen Rodney and LaDeen Frey Barbara Friesen Joachim and Lois Friesen Max and Dee Friesen Richard and Dorothy Friesen Darwin and Kimberly Funk Sandra Raquel Funk John and Ladonna Gaeddert Lillian F. Galle Daniel and Regena Garber Bonnie Goering Catherine Goering Clarence E. Goering Eugene and Waneta Goering Howard and Darlene Goering Jay and Linda Goering Leonard Goering Lorene Goering Lowell and Judy Goering Suzanne Goering Timothy and Susan Goering Victor and Elizabeth Goering Tim and Judy Goertzen Lou Gomez Jr. Lorene Graber Martha F. Graber Roger and Grace Hamilton Delbert and Rebecca Hanneman Ruth E. Harder Thomas and Lois Harder Matt Harms Peter and Marilyn Hartman Phillip and Estella Headings Delvin and Michele Howard and Martha Don and June Hiebert Elda Hiebert Dale and Lucile Hochstetler Bob and Ruth Holliday Kendra Horst Tsweiying Huang Vern and Helen Jantz Paul and Elaine Jantzen Douglas and Janet Johnson Karen and Lynn Kaufman Marilyn Kaufman Howard and Tamra Keim Jeremy and Rebecca Kindy David King Nicholas and Ronda King Viola King Melvin and Donna Klaassen Lucille Klassen William and Thea Klassen Roland and Marjorie Krause Marie Krehbiel Melva Krehbiel Reuben Krehbiel David and Heidi Regier Kreider Daniel and Annette Kreis Betty Kroeker J. Michael and Kathleen C. Lehman John and Joanna Lehman Ralph and Evelyn Lehman Barbara K. Lehmberg Keith and Viola Leinbach Norman and Vicki Lichti Virgil and Mary Loewen Lanoy and Mary Loganbill Marilyn and Joe Loganbill Wilma Loganbill Randall and Cynthia Loucks James Lynch William and Ruth Mason John and Lisa Masson Randall and Michelle Mettling Herman and Louvina Miller John S. and Rachel B. Miller Michael and Lois Miller Phillip and Maribeth Miller Roland and Ruth Miller Steven and Marcia Miller J. Harold and Rosemary Moyer Adolf and Wanda Neufeld Edward and Laura Neufeld Herbert and Lilly Ann Neufeld Russell and Kendra Neufeld Bennet and Eleanor Nickel Esther Nisly Susan Nisly Elam and Nancy Peachey Lowell and Rita Peachey Alvin and Susanne Penner Don and Carolyn Penner Lauren and Twila Penner Walter and Evelyn Penner Harvey and Lillian Peters Elva Plett Vern Preheim and Norma Johnson Marathana and Brett Prothro Heber and Cheryl Ramer Steve and Joni Rankin Wayne and Bev Regehr Dwight and Janet Regier Gary and Jean Regier Raymond and Gladys Regier Gladys Reimer Erwin and Angela Rempel Edwin and Marianna Roth Laverne Rutschman Orville and Naomi Rutschman Tim and Lela Sawatzky Zandra and Phil Sawatzky Merle and Karen Bauman Schlabaugh Alfred and Mary Schmidt Alvin and Wilma Schmidt Archie and Kristin Schmidt Art and Ruth Schmidt Dora Schmidt Doris J. Schmidt Dorothy M. Schmidt Earl A. Schmidt Evelyn M. Schmidt Helen V. Schmidt Jill Schmidt Jo-Ann Schmidt Kenneth and Phyllis Schmidt Randolph and Meribeth Schmidt Richard A. Schmidt Roland and Ethel Schmidt Wilbert and Eunice Schmidt Kristine and Blake Schmucker Marvin E. and Lee Schmucker Kyle and Robin Schrag Leona M. Schrag Ronald and LaVerle Schrag Sam and Luana Schrag Wilda Schrag John and Phyllis Dale Schrock Elaine Schroeder Joel and Kay Schroeder Rob and Diana Schunn David Shelly Linda Shelly Patricia Shelly Ann Showalter Mary and Paul Shue Bradley and Ruth Snapp Cynthia Snider Peggy Souder Sid and Carol Sprunger Lois Stolifer Janet Harder Stucky Marvin and Marjorie Stucky Mildred Stucky Alice Stutzman Orville Stutzman S. Don and Elnor Stutzman Joel Suderman Tim and Mary Jean Sweigart Hulda Banman Thiessen Carl and Louise Thieszen Donald and Stephanie Thompson Jerry and Leann Toews Dana Tolle Robert and Sondra Tolle Belva Unruh Robert and Ruth Unruh Steven and Lanae Unruh Arnold Voth Robert and Jenny Wall Phil Walton Joyce and Mark Watts Irene Weaver James and Jean Weber Delbert and Carol Wedel Norman and Nadine Wedel Rose and Verlin Wedel Tony Wedel Troy Wedel Verlin and Rose Wedel Esther Wenger Chris Wiebe Glenn and Maura Wiebe Marvin and Janet Wiebe Willard and Mary Ann Wiebe Bradley and Jane Wiens Elroy and Loretta Wiens Ernst and Margaret Wiens Jim and Connie Wiens Violet Wildeboor James A. Will Vaughn and Diane Willems Noman and Elizabeth Williams Arlan and Ila Yoder John H. and MaDonna L. Yoder Marvin and Jeannie Zehr William and Joyce Zuercher Kentucky Edward and Karen Diller Eric and Debora Liechty John and Lynn Mays Carol L. Monson Louisiana Mary Lapeyrouse Don Voorhies Maryland Rosalyn Alleman Alan J. Beitler Shirley Brandes Miriam Brenneman Maurice and Jane Phyllis Brown Judith L. Bushong Merle and Evelyn Christner Roger L. Claassen and Cheryl L. Martin Lewis and Mary Coss Barbara W. Diehl Neptune and Doreen Dixon Robert and Wilma Fitzner Dan and Marian Goering Tobi B. Goldfus Patricia and Michael Hannon Ellen M. Horst Allen R. Inversin Ying-Hsiu Liu Leah K. Magal Ida Jo Martin Mark and Judith Nord Michael and Susan Schrock Eric Stoltzfus and Cynthia Lapp Ponnuswamy and Saramma Swamidoss John Swarr and Eva Beidler Kimberly Warde James and Faith Wenger Donald White Timothy Wiens and Mary Jo Schumacher Massachusetts Mark and Jacquie Amstutz Marilyn E. Bullock Verlin Garber The Radical Journey team trains in Chicago. Edward and Sherry Meyer Erik Meyer Michigan Emerson L. Andersohn Theodoor and Elisabeth Beels Stephen and Twilla Bornman Heidi Burkhart Robert and Lorraine Christophel Diana K. Cook Carl and Laura Dube Ira and Velma Esch William and Doris Friesen Paul and Arlene Gingerich Gene and Janet Goering Mark Goertzen and Sue Ehst Zheng Gu Katherine Hengeveld Virgil and Margaret Robert and Rachael Hochstedler Marlin and Rachel Kauffman Stan Kauffman Ruel and Nicole Lirio Susan Miller John L. Mishler and Elizabeth A. Baergen Doris and Richard Morgan Jonathan and Becky Nussbaum Ike and Joy Porter John and Shirley Powell Stanley and Janet Reedy Leland J. Ropp Virginia Ryan James and Esther Shaum Stuart and Shirley Showalter Patricia A. Speers John and Gloria Stalter Donald and Elizabeth Stauffer Cara Rufenacht 24 Mennonite Mission Network 25

14 Kevin Tang Stanley and Marilyn Troyer Steven and Christine Van Zanen Curtis and Shelly Weaverdyck Herbert and Eileen Wenger Christian and Anita Wickey Luke and Cora Yoder Marie Yoder Minnesota Glen Birky Fergus and Vicki Couch John and Nancy Cripe Michelle Ruth Friesen Philip and Kim Friesen Elizabeth Harder Lawrence and Katherine Harder Leslie and Gladys Harder Steve and Judy Harder Tiffany Hochstetler Arthur and Lois Kennel Bertha and Loyal Klassen Joan Kreider Ralph Stephen Lehman and Kathleen A. Childers Rodney and Luann Lindell Paulson Steve and Kay Nussbaum Alice Barbara Sawatsky Kenley D. Schmidt Lyle and Muriel Swardstrom Richard and Sandra Westby Virgil Wiebe and Susan Schmidt Mississippi Gene Egli D. Glenn and Emma Myers Missouri Mary Elise Baer Craig and Kendra Baumgartner Wesley and Carol Boshart Bradford D. Boyd-Kennedy Paul and Lee Ewert David Herholz John and Kathryn Hewitt Michael and Michelle Kaufman Karta Purkh Khalsa Kathleen Kremer William Lorenz Mary Beth and Scott Neufeld-Wall Bob Ross Samuel and Rachel Voth Schrag Arnie and Jan Sprunger Tanya Ortman and Ky Stoltzfus Elvin and Bernita Wade Barbara Wyman Reita F. Yoder Montana Jeffrey and Lisa Bollman Russell Conrad Thomas and Lavon Devlin Cliff and Catherine Goodman David and Bonnie Graber Elaine Hooley Paul Kauffman Lloyd Edwin and Joann Miller Delphia Sawatzky Paul and Myrtle Schultz Richard and Bonnie Waltner Nebraska Verda Bialac Brenda and John Burkey Sidney and Peg Burkey Don and Gertrude Claassen Norma Cole Sandra Oswald Conrad Elvera Epp Louis and Martha Goossen Letha Hamm Edgar and De Elda Donald and Shirley Kempf Wayne and Esther Kempf Clinton Lauber Keith Lauber Rolland and Marilyn Oswald Sammie and Dorothy Oswald Willard and Elsie Penner Alvin and Nadine Peters Ivan and Anna Regier Doyle and LeAnn Roth William Roth Gordon and Diena Schmidt Aldon and Erna Theiszen Matthew and M. Elizabeth Troyer-Miller Jack and Ruth Yoder New Hampshire Helen Louise Elliott Dick and Barbara March New Jersey Edward and Anne Antonucci Robert and Carol Cassel John M. and Ella Mae Eby Linda Hsieh New Mexico Earl and Donna Burkholder Richard and Ruth Claassen Cathy Conrad Ken and Leona Gingerich Arnold and Carol Miller Richard and Laura Rhodes Robert and Elize Rutschman New York Lloyd and Edna Brugger John and Laurel Buckwalter Alex and Anna Deikun Stephanie and Benjamin Fouse Herman Habegger Joseph and Elaine Haines Victor and Susan Klassen Robert and Jennifer Lerch Simpson and Esther Linke Linda Palliser A. Theodore and Nancy Sobel Douglas and Pamela Stein Willie and Beverley Werner Earle and Betty Widrick Elaine Widrick John and Mary Ellen Widrick Ruth Widrick Loren and Darlene Yousey Elaine and Sidney Zehr Rebecca Zimmerman and Jason Tyne North Carolina Louise Bird Dennis and Kathy Boos Spencer and Renee Bradford Jonathan and Holly Brower David and Anne Cooper Karma Dixon Zelda Eisenberger Grace B. Hostetter Timothy and Charlotte Hurt William H. and Naomi R. Kale N. Leroy and Judith A. Kauffman Rosemary King Eric and Brenda Kniss Kelly Moyers Lloyd and Rebekah Nice Karin Shank Arthur and Nova Smoker Wayne and Linda Steele Larry and L. Jane Wilson David A. Yeazell North Dakota Franklin and Treva Graber Kathryn Yoder Ohio Galen Aeschliman Carimine and Helen Antonucci Joseph Antonucci Jesse J. Armstrong William and Jean Barnes Albert and Katherine Bauman Dean and Linda Beachy Henry Lee and Mary Beachy Mose and Ellen Beachy Garold and Neva Beck Meredith Beck Scott and Stacey Beck Marie Beechy Laura and Erik Beun Milton and Jeanette Beyeler Daniel and Rebecca Blackford Velma Blosser Waive O. and Vera E. Boyd Claude and Mary Boyer Robert and Lovina Brandt Frances Brashear Bruce and Jill Detweiler Breckbill Laura Brenneman Melonie Buller and Charles Wilson Harlan and Rebecca Burk Elsie Byler Roy and Ruby Byler Charles and Susan Cook F. Larry and Virginia Cress Harold and Louise Cullar J. William and Ruth Detweiler Les and Debbie Dornon Thomas Dunn Titus and Debora Dutcher Rebecca Ebersole Royce and Betty Engle John D. and Iris Esch George and Priscilla Falb Milton and Janice Falb Kelly Ferguson Lillian Ficzner Mary M. Ficzner Michael and Mary Ann Ficzner Thomas and Diane Ficzner Matt and Kris Flinner Calvin E. and Janet Franks Mark Alan Frey Robert and Joyce Frey Roger and Sharon Frey Melissa Friesen Ronald and Phyllis Friesen Charles and Marjorie Gautsche James A. Gautsche Roger N. Geiser David and Leora Gerber Mike and Shirley Gerber Wallace W. Gerber Steven and Susan Ortman Goering Charles J. Graber Harry L. Graber Conrad and Rachel Gratz Thelma D. Gratz Richard and Conna Grieser Teresa A. Griffith Robert and Sharon Gsellman Andrew Hamsher Beverly Hamsher Kathryn M. Hamsher Margaret Hamsher Robert D. Hamsher James and Karen Harder Daniel and Ramona Hartzler Cindy Harvel Craig D. Helm Alice M. Helmkamp Conrad H. and Bobbi Ernest and Janice Irene Merlin Terry and Louise Marc Hochstetler Marvin and Marilyn Hochstetler Paul and Barbara Hodel Brent Hofstetter Leonard S. Holman and Kathy R. Holman Donald and Mary Ina Hooley Vernon and Mabel Horst David and Sarah Hostetler Delmar and Margaret Hostetler Dennis and Jeanne Hostetler Grace Hostetler Jason and Brenda Hostetler Keith and Julie Hostetler Kenneth and Jeanette Hostetler Ron and Anna Mae Hostetler Vernon and Janet Hostetler Stanley and Iona Hostetter Barry and Brenda Hummel Bruce and Anne Hummel Harlan Immel Merle and Elizabeth Jacobs Carl R. and Anne Koch Jantzen Theodore and Jacqueline Jarmol Virginia Johnson Stanley and Marilyn Kamp David and LouAnn Kanagy Ada Kauffman Byron and Barbara Kauffman Dale and M. Irene Kauffman Roger and Rachel Kauffman Paul Kaufman Eldon and Dorothy King Herbert and Mary King Mary Kay King Leonard and Velma Kingsley Jacqueline M. Jacques Kitwana D. Wayne and Phyllis Kornhaus Marvin and Virginia Krabill Robert and Ellen Krabill Dennis and Susan Mark Landis Ross and Vesta Landis Stephen and Miriam Lapp Bryce and Katherine Lehman Celia Lehman Eric and Marcia Lehman Freeman and Eileen Lehman Galen and Sherri Lehman Jay and Emma Lehman M. David and Lois Lehman Eric and Gayle Lehti Melvin and Lois Leidig Mark and Marlea Leinbach Allen and Virginia Liechty Harold C. and Treva F. Liechty Loveda M. Liechty Kandy Light Randy and Marla Longenecker James and Hallie Loomis Darvin and Evelyn Luginbuhl M. L. and Linda Mantz Barbara Martin Betty Martin Clare Martin Grace L. Martin Alva and Clara Mast Gail Mast Marion and Norma Mast Mattie Marie and Michael M. Mast Spiro and Pamela Matsos Robert and Marsha McCleary Dean and Rhonda Mease Patricia Merkle Patricia Merrill Albert F. and Sharon E. Miller Dorothy E. and Wayne E. Miller Earl and Mary Miller Edna Miller Ervin and Lois Miller James and Joy Miller Lester J. and Martha L. Miller Marlene Miller Martha F. Miller Mary E. Miller Rachel A. Miller Ross and Judith Miller Russell and Beth Miller Ruth Miller Vernon and Margaret Miller Virgil and Mary Ann Miller Warren and Marcia Miller Thomas and Rachel Moreland Chris Moser and Carmen Ordonez-Moser Ivan and Geneva Mullet Lloyd and Ferne Mumaw Mary Hull Naumoff Lynette Neuenschwander Carl and Elaine Newcomer Ruby A. Newcomer Darin and Ramona Nissley Delmer and Lauretta Nofziger Edward L. and Carol L. Nofziger Merrill and Marcile Nofziger Ada R. Nussbaum David and Eldina Nussbaum Scott and Bethany Nussbaum James and Dolores Nussbaum Sanford and Virginia Oyer Allan and Elizabeth Patterson Ruth Pershadi Curtis and Sandra Plank Christine Purves Chad and Michonda Ramseyer Eric and Roxie Ramseyer Robert and Alice Ramseyer Kari and Alan Regier Richard and Lois Reimer Abraham and Lisa Reshad William and Edna Ressler Herbert and Joan Robertson Ella Rohrer Paul D. and Alta M. Rohrer Juan A. and Odette Leininger Rolon David and Juanita Ross Michael and Dawn Ross Richard and Elizabeth Ross Richard L. Ross Stanley and Shirley Ross Hank and Marilyn Rossiter Paul and Caroll Roth Lynn and Karen Rupp Marlin D. Rupp Roger and Peggy Rupp Daniel and Karen Ruth Alysa M. Sauder Delmar J. Sauder James and Mona Sauder Myrl and Freida Sauder Mary Esther Schmid Steve and Cathy Schmid Howard and D. Jean Schmitt Nanchong, China, city pastor Jiang Miao (with book) teaches rural Christians a new song as Mr. Deng sings over her shoulder. Leonard and Lucille Schmucker Mahlon and Gwendolyn Schmucker Fern Schrock Carol Schrock-Ropp Michael R. and Barbara A. Seguine Elizabeth B. Shelly Luther and Geneva Shelter Charles and Liz Shenk Paul and Marjorie Shenk Robert L. and Ruth E. Shetler Gerald E. and Karen Short Arthur and Velma Shoup Lester and Janet Shoup Terry and Kay Shue Rebecca Slabach Brenda Smucker David H. and Geneva J. Smucker Janet Smucker Ralph and Lila Smucker Howard and Carolyn Snyder Sandra and Norman Sohar Willis and Betty Sommer Michael D. and Karlene R. Sommers John C. and Dorothy South Frederic and Ellen Sprunger Harold R. and June M. Steiner Paul E. Steiner Steve and Kim Streisel Rodrick and Jill Stutzman Patsy A. Suman Phyllis Suter Eleanor R. Swartz Diana G. Thomas Jeremy and Kara Troyer Levi and Lillis Troyer Vaughn W. and Inga Troyer John and Sherri Waidelich Todd Hanson 26 Mennonite Mission Network 27

15 Mike and Eileen Waidelich J. Richard and Margaret Weaver John and Annetta Weaver Sara A. Weaver Vernon R. and Bertha Weaver Mark Weber Mark Weidner and Kay Fransen Robert and Mary Wells Melvin Wengerd Mose and Katie Wengerd Jerry Whitmer Carl and Mary Wiebe Juliene and Ronny Wise Dan and Maxine Witmer Marjorie Witmer Dale and Geneva Wyse Merle Wyse Steven J. and Susan K. Wyse Calvin L. and Sharon K. Yoder Elvin and Theo Yoder Emery E. and Esta Yoder John and Joyce Yoder Lizzie Yoder Mary Yoder Wayne and Linda Yoder Jeremy and Erin Yoh Burton and Elnore Yost Dennis and Lois Zimmerly Mahlon and Beulah Zuercher Oklahoma Leonard and Edna Abrahams Robert Boese William and Edith Chupp Milton and Katharine Harder Marilyn Harms Thelma Harms Kevin Horn Theodor and Doris Horn Wilma McKee Aileen Miller Pat and Delbert Penner Kristin Regier Jack and Karen Sawatzky Daniel and Debra Webb Eddie White Oregon Merlin and Kathleen Aeschliman Linford and Alicia Beachy Kenneth Berkey Jonathan and Emily Shirk Birky Sheldon and Janis Burkhalter Glen and Lila Byers Rodney and Marcia Byers Wayne Call Ronald and Gloria Camp Lawrence and Mary Jane Eby Edward Epp and Marilyn Johnson Beulah Fretz Ruby Friesen Terisa and Matthew Friesen Melva Garber Douglas and Gloria Gingerich John and Louise Gingerich Bruce and Kathleen Harder Warde and Patricia David and Cathleen Hockman- Wert William and Violet Hopkins Oren Horst Gene and Wilma Kanagy Ray and Tina Kauffman Robert and Darlene Kauffman Ruth Kauffman Benjamin and June Forsyth Kenagy Dwight and Lydia Ann Kennel Willard P. Kennel Timothy P. Klassen John and Linda Knox Estelle Krabill Lester Kropf and Ruth Yordy Floyd and Claudia Lapp W. James and Colette Leatherman Christopher and Bonelou Lehman Earl and Grace Miller John and Miriam Morris Teresa Moser Christopher and Angela Nord Joseph Penner Tim and Sarah Peters Ruth and Clarence Reeser Marcus and Hannah G. Rempel Leon and Wanda Rohrer- Heyerly Glenn and Naomi Roth Stella and Del Schrag Stephen and Elisabeth Sethi Kenneth and Frances Shenk Myron and Carol Shenk Cheryl and Anthony Sherwin Merle and Grace Stutzman Harold and I. Joan Weaver Robert and Vicki Williams John and Jeanne Zook Pennsylvania Ronald and Marilou Adams Lester and Louise Alderfer Russell and Gladys Alderfer Claude and Marilyn Allebach Alexander and Rhoda Atzeff Floy Baker Dan and Christine Balmer David and Rebecca Bartow Richard W. and Jeanette D. Baum William and Donna Baum David and Debra Bauman Harvey and Kathleen Bauman O. and R. Beam Glenn and Sharon Bechtel Jesse and Catherine Bechtel George and Lois Beck S. Ken Beidler and Elaine Shenk Vida K. Beiler Carolyn Benner Gerald and Rhoda Benner Philip and Evon Bergey Robert and Mary Jane Bergey Curtis and Linda Berry Harriet and Dale Bicksler Reuben Bigelow Duane and Patricia Bishop Eugene and Mary Blessing Robert and Janet Blum April Boalton Luke and Mary Bomberger Herman and Jeanette Bontrager Ivan and Irma Bowman H. Wesley and Lois Boyer Jere E. and Sara Ann Brady Clifford and Jean Breneman Tim and Ruth Broms J. Lester and Lois E. Brubaker Orpha G. Burkholder Arthur Byler J. Clayton and Dorothy Charles Janet D. Cholewinski Alfred and Gladys Claassen Rhoda Clemens J. Paul and Esther Clymer Kevin and Joanne Conley James and Mary Conrad Emma Conway Christina Cruz Marie E. Cutman John and Sharon Defassio Michael and Rebecca Degan Durrell and Margaret Delp Ron Denlinger and Lisa Newcomer Mark and Carolyn Derstine Mary M. Derstine Lowell and Ruth Detweiler Russell and Evelyn Detweiler Ryan Detweiler Gladys F. Diehl Dennis Diller Albert and Iris Driver Daniel and Elizabeth Dunmore Miriam Eberly Andrew and Irene Ebersole H. LaVerne and Susan Eby John and Joyce Eby Timothy and Sheryl Ehst Chalmers Ensminger Gertrude Evans Aaron and Julia Feitner Jonathan and Becky Felton Carla Ferrier James Frank David and Shirley Frankenfield Herbert and Janet Frederick Darryl and Patricia Freed Sarah Jeane Fretz Rev. Henry and Audrey Gable Abraham and Drollene Gehman Anna A. Gehman Nelson Gehman Rhoda K. Gehman Carl and Sherry Geissinger Lowell and Lois Shank Gerber James and Joan Gingrich Larry Gingrich Mary Glick Earl and Ruth Godshalk Paul H. Godshalk John and LuAnn Goldfus Donald Good Lawrence and Grace Good John and Janet Goshow Robert and Lucy Gotwals John and Betty Grasse J. Lester and Eileen Graybill Don and Beth Green Earl and Mary Groff Florence K. Groff Paul S. and Margaret G. Groff Lizzie Guntz Jeff and Rose Hackman Harold and Marilyn Halteman Raymond and Ella Harnly Gerald and Gwen Hartzel J. Alex Hartzler Roger and Donna Haun Lester and Sara Heacock Nathan and Arlene Hege Raymond and Julianna Henry James and Carol Herr David and Sandra Hersh Hiriam and Mary Jane Hershey Aldus and Ruth Hertzler Emma Hess Robert and Martha Hess Ken and Susan Hochstetler Clyde Hollinger Joyce Horner John L. Horst Robert and Eloise Hostetler C. Nelson and Esther Hostetter Carol Dean Huber E. Jane Hunsberger Kendra Hunsberger Norman W. Hunsberger Dolores Jenkins Mary Johnson Brian and Elizabeth Jones Dennis and Rose Kauffman Fred and Minh Thi Kauffman Zella Kauffman Carl and Gladys Keener Jeryl A. Keener Robert and Rhoda Keener Joe and Darlene Kelso Joel Bishop and Jenny Bishop Kempf Brian and Marilyn King Frank R. and Lydia B. King Laurence and Shirley King Linford and Mary Etta King James M. Kniss Wanita Knouse Aaron and Mary Kolb Homer and Clara Kolb Marcus and Carol Kolb Roy and Alice Kolb Wilmer and LaVon Kolb Ronald and Martha Kolb- Wyckoff Nel Kopp Arlan and Alda Kratz Rodney and Carissa Kratz Fred Kraybill Lloyd and Goldie Kuhns Samuel and Lorraine Kulp Catherine E. Kurtz Gregory and Ellen Lacher Paul L. Landes Ray and Loretta Landes Steven R. Landes Edith M. Landis J. Rodney and Edith J. Landis James and Nina Landis Jeffrey and Alicia Landis John and Gladys Landis R. Laverne and Jean Landis Arlin and Janet Lapp James Lapp and Miriam Book John and Alice Lapp Melvin and Pearl Lapp Samuel and Helen Lapp Thomas L. Lapp Walter and Glenna Latshaw Henry B. and Marian G. Leaman Ivan and Mary Ellen Leaman Richard and Phyllis Leaman Dennis and Joyce Leasher Paul and Mary Lederach Lois and Milton Lehman David and Arlean Lilly Kenneth and Laura Litwiller Cherie A. Lloyd Crystal Lloyd Gary and Nancy Lloyd Dale Long James and Ellen Longacre Ken and Cindy Longacre Jr. Kenneth and Cora Longacre Mark and Ruth Longacre David and Marichelle Lutz Charles Philip Magal MD Geneva and Melvin Martin Jay and Ruth Martin Kenneth and Arleta Martin Linford Martin and Marcella Zimmerman Linford Martin and Chloe Grasse Lois Z. Martin Marlin and Arlene Martin Mary Alice Martin Paul and Dorothy Martin Ruth M. Martin Stefan and Heidi Martin Vera M. Martin Walter and Faye Martin Cathy Mellinger Jaye I. and Linda D. Meyers Alfred and Karen Miles Duane and Sharon Miller Glen and Linda Miller Jean C. Miller Thomas L. and Jill Miller Emma Mininger Dorcas Morrow Doris B. Moyer Elizabeth A. Moyer Phillip and Betsy Moyer Joseph and Eva Moyer Merrill S. and Nancy C. Moyer Verna A. Moyer Elizabeth D. Musselman Herbert and Sarah Myers Joe and Charlotte Myers June Nafziger Jean Noel Ndjali and Dorothy Ann Hunsberger Keith H. and Lori A. Newswanger Theodore and Audrey Newton Dennis L. Nice Sara A. Nice Kenneth and Elizabeth Nissley Larry and Marilyn Nolt Phil Nolt Roger and Carolyn North Donald and Faye Nyce Helen Oberholtzer Miriam N. Oberholtzer Robert and Evelyn Parson William and Beth Parson Stephen Paylor B. Frank and Carol Peachey Michael and Jana Peachey Titus and Linda Peachey Urbane and Gwendolyn Peachey Harold and Barbara Penner Elmer and Ruth Petersheim Brian and Lynette Plank William and Julia Quickel Donald and Kathleen Ranck Mary Anne Rankin Mary and Ernest Reinford Merle and Ruth Reinford Neil and Donna Reinford Salina A. Rhodes Albert and Miriam Rice Robert and Gladys Rice Evan and Marie Riehl Norman and Alice Rittenhouse William and Resa Roberts Norma and William Rogers Calvin and Donna Roggie Donald E. Rosenberger Henry and Charlotte Rosenberger James and Gloria Rosenberger Geneva Rufenacht Richard and Ethel Rush Willard and Sonja Rush Eleanor C. Ruth Marlin and Sharon Ruth Walton Ruth Arlene D. Saner Clair and Nancy Sauder Tony and Kathie Sauder Mary Alice Sauder Marty Savanick Florence G. Saylor Clyde and Alda Scheib Mark and Susan Schildt Kathy Schwartz Timothy and Christi Seidel Walter and Miriam Seigfried Karl H. and Carolyn Winifred Setzkorn Lester C. Shank David and Kelly Shenk David and Grace Shenk James and Donna Shenk Pastors from Benin Bible Institute preached and shared a children s story during their 2005 visit to Waterford Mennonite Church in From left to right: Lynda Hollinger-Janzen (translator), Celestin Djimadja, Germain Noukpakou and Alphonse Godonou. Larry and Brenda Shenk Norman and Jean Shenk Jessica Shirk Doris J. Sollenberger Arvilla Souder Wayne and Joanne Speigle Charles and Geraldine Sprunger Edwin and Sandra Stabler Patty Stahley Rick Stamm Janet Stanley Roy and Anna Mary Stauffer Gary and Elsie Stenson Levi and Robin Stoltzfoos Harvey and Lillian Stoltzfus Paul Stoltzfus Ruth W. Stoltzfus Beth A. Sutter Ruth S. Sutter Steve and Ruth Swartley Robert and Ruth Swartz Thelma Swartzendruber Julia M. Swartzentruber Bruce and Dorothy Tiffany Robert Turnipseed Robert and Ruth Walden Steve and Lisa Walter Jeffrey H. and Leslie Waybright A. Richard and Ruth Weaver Anna Mae Weaver Dale and Irene Weaver Duane and Donna Weaver Glenn and Anne Weaver Mark and Barbara Weaver Naomi Weaver R. Michael and Sheri Weaver Rhoda Weaver Wendell and Jolene Weaver Rebecca Weber Valerie Weidman and Robert Weidman Chester and Sara Wenger Erma Wenger L. Larry and RaDella Wenger Sadie Whisler Brent Whitley Kenneth and Cecile Willet John and Lynn Williamson Lois Wolgemuth Thelma Wolgemuth Iva Lou Yoder Julia M. Yoder Leonard and Ruby Yoder Nelson and Patricia Yoder Ray L. and Jane Yoder Thomas and Fannie Yoder Zelda Yoder Lois M. Zartman Melvin and Mabel Zimmerman Richard and Betty Zimmerman Lois Zook Puerto Rico Valetta Bonilla Miriam Godshall Pearl M. Graber Aurelio Rodriguez South Carolina J. Randall and Genevieve Bishop Clyde and Anne Dobson J. Michael and Ellen Henson Harold and Elizabeth Hoff Leah Hooks Lloyd and Lucille Merritt Daphne Moore Dr. Joseph and Juanita Rogers Bobbie Stewart Richard and Karolyn Taylor Dr. Theron and Sara Walker South Dakota LaVonne Brockmueller Janette and LeRoy Epp Walter Epp Glenn and Vivian Gering Aaron and Marcella Glanzer John D. Yoder 28 Mennonite Mission Network 29

16 Moses Glanzer Jerry and Rachel Graber Ardella Gross Gordon Gross Jake and Irene Gross Edward and Gay Kauffman Larry and Lois Kaufman S. Roy and Loretta Kaufman Dennis K. Lehmann and Eloise Schrag Joe and Cindi Newcomb Orville Ortman Peter and Lynette Preheim Dennis and Shirley Ries Duane and LaVonne Schrag Sharon and Keith Waltner Tennessee Arthur and Susan Akagi Douglas and Lori Beck Lethan and Jean Dyar Tewan Fair William C. Garber David and Carol Hippensteel Brahton and Gina Voraritskul Texas Harrison and Cindy Axum Yu-Hung Chen Robert and Sherry Curtis Darrel and Leona Diener Cythnia Dinneen Larry Egly Steven and Janice Friesen Murray and Jeri Gossett Mark Grasse Del and Christi Guynes Randall and Carol Kaufman Joel and Mary Kulp Larry and Cynthia Marcus Hugh and Catherine Miller Neil and Christine Rowe Miller David and Joanna Moyer- Diener Giang Nguyen Mike Schmidt David and Teresa Sellers Robert and Susan Steiger Allison and Ruby Unruh Allen and Jo Wyse Utah Jeffrey and Susan Kittle Vermont Larry and Althea Derstine Allen and Mary Guntz Kenneth and Joanne Hershey Michael and Annette Merrow Robert W. Rosenberger Virginia Jason and Kirsten Alderfer Myron and Esther Augsburger Nathan and Elaine Barge C. Ray and Patricia Barrier Glendon L. Blosser Brian and Yvonne Boettger Donald and Judith Bomberger John and Hazel Bowman James and Carley Brubaker Bob and Margaret Bruckhart George and Ruthann Miller Brunk Donald and Lois Bucher Brian and Linda Burkholder Patrick and Paula Burton Kevin and Cheryl Carey Steven and M. Christine Carpenter Mei-Yin Chou Stuart and Melodie Davis Russell and Pamela DeYoung Eugene and Gloria Diener Peter Dula Roy and Phyllis Early J. Robert and Rosalie Eshleman Lareta Finger Wayne and Carmen Gehman Ray and Wilma Gingerich Eric and Wendy Good James and Dorcas Good Cecil and Doris Grove Glen and Cynthia Guyton Carl and Herta Harman Curtis and Jacqueline Hartman Dwight W. and Pearl Hartman John F. Henderson Ray and Betty Hertzler Robert and Marie Hertzler Shelby Hertzler and Jodi Nisly Hertzler Wilmer and Lois Hertzler Jerry and Mary Holsopple Sharon W. Hoover Ray and Violet Horst Samuel L. and Mary Ellen Horst Mervin J. and Fern Y. Hostetler Robert Hueston James H. and Patricia S. Hulsey Andrew and Rachel Jenner Hadley and Janice Jenner Lois and Dale Jones Philip and Janine Kanagy Hahns and Suzanne Kanode Stanlee and Marcia Kauffman F. Dale and Faye D. King Mark and Betty Kniss Paul Kniss Robert and Brenda Kniss John and Betty Kreider Philip and Lois Kreider Kenneth and Ruth Kurtz Dick and Pearl Lantz Anna Stahl Leakey J. David Leaman Robert and Nancy Lee Galen and Gloria Lehman Harold and Ruth Lehman Lisa and Welby Lehman Russell and Salome Leinbach Milton and Regina Lewis Clifford and Hope Lind Joseph and Constance Longacher Paul Longacre and Nancy R. Heisey Barry and Susan Loop Arlin and Janet Martin Dwight and Pamela Martin Raymond and Luann Martin Virginia M. Martin Tom and Georgia Mast Hoyt and Patricia Maulden Evelyn B. Maust R. Michael and Debra Medley Kimberly Metzler Gordon and Gail Miller Lillian L. Miller Merlin and Sara Grace Miller Mildred Miller Paul R. and Edna Miller Laura Moyer Catherine R. Mumaw and Clair L. Basinger Grace N. Mumaw Anne Murphy James and Aldine Musser Wayne and Doris North Millard and Joyce Osborne Laban Peachey Charles W. and Anna M. Pellman Hubert and Mildred Pellman Calvin and Freda Redekop Joel and Valerie Reinford Wesley Ross Anthony C. and Deena G. Roth Amy Lavonne Rush Jack and Gloria Rutt Fidel and Patricia Santiago William and Bertha Schaefer Verne and Carol Schirch Randall and Patricia Seitz Calvin and Marie Shenk Harold K. and Nelly Moreno Shenk J. Donald and Jewell Shenk James and Eileen Shenk N. Gerald and Sara Wenger Shenk Joanna Showalter Paul and Elizabeth Showalter Samuel and Janice Showalter William and Barbara Showalter David and Sheri Smucker Sanford and Gloria Snider Del and Lee Snyder Susmita Solanki Eugene and Alice Souder James and Ruth Stauffer David Stenson and Esther Yoder Stenson Timothy and Ruth Stoltzfus Jost Ethel Strite Ervin and Bonita Stutzman Eldon and Lynn Suter Paul and Bertha W. Swarr Edwin and Charlotte Swope Nelson and Gloria Swope Dorothy Jean Weaver Elwood and Ruth Weaver Ken and June Marie Weaver Steve and Elsie Weaver Dean and Janet Welty Darrell and Hannah Wenger James and Carol Wenger Sheldon and Evelyn Wenger Philip and Therese Witmer Robert and Joy Woodworth Carol Joy Miller Wyant Alma Jean and Harvey Yoder Carroll D. and Nancy A. Yoder Joel and Judy Yoder John and Esther Mabel Yoder Lois Yoder Marlin and Joni Yoder Ronald and Shirley Yoder Washington Gregory and Kathleen Abell Paul M. and Elizabeth C. D. Brown Sandy Chan James and Cynthia Coyle Linferd and Pearl Goertz Darryll and Linda Graber Forrest and Charlotte Hardt A. M. and Kathleen Harper Keith and Barbara Herzog Lisa and Jim Lady John W. Lee Jr. R. Michael and Lois Massanari Marvin and Mary Miller David and Irene Morrow Charlie and Dianne Mumma Art and Molly Ratcliffe Lewis and Mary Riker Rob and Wendy Shelly Janice L. Smith Carol Smucker and Chuck Back Neil and Clarice Solvik West Virginia N. Leroy and Catherine Lapp Evalyn Long Wisconsin June Bare Donald and Terri Carufel-Wert Arlen and Shirley Delp Jonathan J. Dyck and Lisa D. Weaver Mark Ediger and Jocelyn Milner Norris and Sandra Glick John and Mary Ellen Kauffman Shun-Hwa Li Chao-Guel Lu Mary and Peter Monkmeyer Steven and Rachel Nice William and Gail O Neal Denis and Diane Sherbeck Walter and Karen Thieszen Tonya and Jonathan Ramer Wenger Ben and Liz Yoder Wyoming Richard and Linda Beery CANADA Alberta Alissa Bender Werner De Jong Gary Giesbrecht Verla Haas Frieda and Paul Voegtlin British Columbia Rie Beugelink Dan Doerksen Judy Gytenbeek George Janzen and Martha Giesbrecht Janzen Peter Kehler and Susan Martens Kehler Heide Klassen Harold Neufeldt Dieter and Susan Nickel Manitoba Ella Federau Tom Guenther Homer and Margaret Janzen Anne Motriuk David and Margaret Penner Jean Sander New Brunswick Douglas Ames Lorene and John Brubacher Peter and Ada Bunnett Karl Csaszar Constance Davidson Uta Doerr Donald H. Duval Monica Evans Lynda Hachey Bonita Hanscomb Bryan Howell Calvin D. MacIntosh Frances MacIntosh Marie E. Mahar John Malcolm Richard McBeath Evelyn McCracken Doreen Mierau Fred Nordemann Julaine K. Palmer Kenneth Robinson Jennifer Ryan Corinne Snider Barbara Stephens David Wagner Nova Scotia Beth Elliott Ontario Rebecca Bauman Siegelinde De Jong Irene Dernesch Margie Enns Paul and Viola Fretz Elizabeth S. Froese Mary Anne Froese Tina Froese Mary G. Hogarth Frederick Loganbill and Renee Sauder Eldon and Ina Martin Wilmer and Janet Martin Henry and Leonora Paetkau Florence Schlegel Lorne Smith Ruth Snider Roy and Clara Snyder Glenn and Irene Steiner Phillip and Joan Steininger Nelson Weber Saskatchewan Orren and Emma Bartel Helen Fehr Reg Friesen Fred and Toni Peters Waldtraut and Edward Schmidt Pauline Steinmann Other countries Delbert and Frieda Erb, Argentina Keith and Gretchen Kingsley, Argentina Donald and Jan Rheinheimer, Ecuador Janet Hall, England Wayne and Lois Hochstetler, England Pierre and Mary Jane Goldschmidt, France Hava Bausch, Israel Paul Parks, Italy Mary Beyler, Japan David A. Husby, Japan Philip and Christine Lindell Detweiler, South Africa Dennis and Connie Byler, Spain Tom and Disa Rutschman, Sweden Sheldon and Marietta Sawatzky, Taiwan Banks help children understand the value of mission Above: Braden Fox (left) and Aaron Coffman of Scottdale (Pa.) Mennonite Church crafted and sold woodworking projects to support Quito (Ecuador) Mennonite Church through Mission Network s mission bank program. They also sold water balloons and fruit cups at a local summer festival. Fewer than 12 children raised more than $900! In 2008, more than 10,000 children participated in the ongoing mission bank projects. Mennonite Mission Network annual report Executive director/ceo Stanley W. Green Senior executive for advancement Paula Killough Editor Leanne Farmwald Designer David Fast, Rebeka Moeljono Copy editor Karen Ritchie Online edition Craig Welscott Financial information David Weaver Giving information Carol Honderich, Shelly Coffman, Kendra Neufeld Writer Melanie J. Hess Toll-free: Español: Elkhart office: Newton office: Mennonite Media: 30 Mennonite Mission Network 31

17 Annual Report 32 Mennonite Mission Network

1936-1939. Anthony F. Noto 3414 Drighton Court Bethlehem, PA 18020-1334 (610) 758-8055

1936-1939. Anthony F. Noto 3414 Drighton Court Bethlehem, PA 18020-1334 (610) 758-8055 Class Notes 1936-1939 Alumni who don t see their class listed here and would like to volunteer to serve as a class correspondent, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs, alumni@lafayette.edu, (610)

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Being Well. Thank You for Making a Difference. 2013 Annual Report. Fighting Hunger Improving Lives Strengthening Communities

Being Well. Thank You for Making a Difference. 2013 Annual Report. Fighting Hunger Improving Lives Strengthening Communities Thank You for Making a Difference Being Well Fighting Hunger Improving Lives Strengthening Communities 2013 Annual Report To Our Friends and Partners 2013 was another year of tremendous growth for the

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Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey

Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey Cost of Care Survey 2014 Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey Care Providers, Facilities, Living Facilities and s 130568 03/25/14 Cost of Care Survey 2014 Build a Better Plan with the Genworth 2014 Cost

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Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006

Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006 Alumni News Spring 2006 GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet Back by popular demand, GSC alumns from far and near will be returning to campus for their special reunion weekend on April 22, 2006.

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WHEATON. For the Short Term. Rethink and reform the short-term mission experience.

WHEATON. For the Short Term. Rethink and reform the short-term mission experience. SPRING 2013 WHEATON For the Short Term Rethink and reform the short-term mission experience. Inside: Make Career Connections New: Humanitarian Disaster Institute Students Tour Nashville Wheaton College

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Heyworth Bu zz. 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 janias@frontier.com 309-242-9325

Heyworth Bu zz. 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 janias@frontier.com 309-242-9325 75 The PRST - STD US Postage Pd. Heyworth, IL 61745 Permit #24 Heyworth Bu zz September 2011 August 4, August 18, 8, 2011 2011 Vol. 1 No. 35 33 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 janias@frontier.com

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ClassNotes CLASSNOTES ClassNotes 29 In August 2007, the late Dr. James Otis Brooks was elected to the Marion County (Al.) Sports Hall of Fame. Brooks, who practiced medicine in Hamilton County from 1939 until his death in 1972,

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U.S.S. IOWA VETERANS ASSOCIATION U.S.S. IOWA VETERANS ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER Volume 41 Number 4 Printed in Davenport, Iowa F 2011 / Winter 2012 Edition From the President s Desk Shipmates: I am sure that each of you is excited about the

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ALUMNINEWS. Table of Contents. Greetings, Centenary alumni!

ALUMNINEWS. Table of Contents. Greetings, Centenary alumni! ALUMNINEWS An Alumni Newsletter for Centenary College of Louisiana SUMMER 2012 1 Greetings, Centenary alumni! I am thrilled to share with you our newly crafted alumni newsletter! In the pages that follow

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Summer 2008. IATL Journal. a publication of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers

Summer 2008. IATL Journal. a publication of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Summer 2008 IATL Journal a publication of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF TRIAL LAWYERS 2009 INTERNATIONAL TRIP I N D I A JANUARY 4-27, 2009 INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF

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Life With SIFE. Outreach Programs Make All the Difference to Students, Communities. Spring 2006

Life With SIFE. Outreach Programs Make All the Difference to Students, Communities. Spring 2006 Life With SIFE Outreach Programs Make All the Difference to Students, Communities Spring 2006 2 President s View It warms my heart not only to see the Franciscan sculptures and the value banners attached

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June 10, 2015. Serving Bosque County Since 1895

June 10, 2015. Serving Bosque County Since 1895 TEXAS PRESS ASSOCIATION 2014 AWARD WINNING NEWSPAPER Vol. 121, No. 23 75 cents June 10, 2015 www.bosquecountytoday.com Serving Bosque County Since 1895 Securing emergency services funds Commissioners form

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Ninety-one-year-old tackles challenge of rehab head-on Dorothy Smith never imagined a stroll to

Ninety-one-year-old tackles challenge of rehab head-on Dorothy Smith never imagined a stroll to northeastern pennsylvania Ninety-one-year-old tackles challenge of rehab head-on Dorothy Smith never imagined a stroll to her tomato plants would result in a lifechanging event. Last summer, after checking

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and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels

and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels Spirit of Giving and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels 1 Benedictine College Fall 2013 EDITOR Tom Hoopes, G 10 PRODUCTION MANAGER Beth Hoffman, 09 DESIGNER Hayleigh Diebolt

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HOW GOOD ARE YOUR STATE S NURSING HOMES? HOW GOOD ARE YOUR STATE S NURSING HOMES? A report from the Center for Consumer Health Choices Consumers Union Trudy Lieberman, Director Center For Consumer Health Choices Sambhavi Cheemalapati, Research

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onewith Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION those who are Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 www.ssjphila.

onewith Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION those who are Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 www.ssjphila. Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia onewith Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 those who are Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION www.ssjphila.org Welcome to One With, the magazine of the Sisters of Saint

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Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts

Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts Published by John Burroughs School for Alumni, Parents and Friends July 2009 Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts It had been more than a decade since so many JBS constituents had gathered

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2000-2001 Honor Roll of Donors

2000-2001 Honor Roll of Donors 2000-2001 Honor Roll of Donors Wake Forest M A G A Z I N E Volume 49, Number 2 D e c e m b e r 2 0 0 1 Wake Forest M A G A Z I N E a n d 16 23 28 F e a t u r e s After Disaster by Cherin C. Poovey An American

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connections HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Legacies Point to Our Future

connections HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Legacies Point to Our Future HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College Legacies Point to Our Future connections WINTER 2011 John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Dr. John Ski Sygielski designated 7th president To improve your

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Covenantal Conversation

Covenantal Conversation Message From The Bishop Michael McKee Perfect love casts out fear Listening over the last several weeks to the different voices in our communities and across our nation, I have heard many expressions of

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From the Hill. Graduates with class years ending in one and six gathered at. Graduates return to alma mater. Visitors Catch BioBus on Campus

From the Hill. Graduates with class years ending in one and six gathered at. Graduates return to alma mater. Visitors Catch BioBus on Campus From the Hill The Publication for Alumni of Albertus Magnus College DECEMBER 2001 Graduates return to alma mater Graduates with class years ending in one and six gathered at the College on September 21

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PA s Quality Initiative Works in South Central Regional Key

PA s Quality Initiative Works in South Central Regional Key KEYSTONE STARS SOUTH CENTRAL REGIONAL KEY Annual Report 00-0 To The Community F I S C A L Y E A R 0 0-0 00-0 HIGHLIGHTS ERS Scores Show High Quality in Family Care Homes, Groups and Centers Number of STAR

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4,. DEGREE DAY AT WALKER LODGE 28 SEPTEMBER 2002. LADIES AUXILIARY PArRIARCHS MILITANT CONGRATULATIONS. Vol. 77. 002 No.8 4,. 0-0 ' -' Vol. 77 DEGREE DAY AT WALKER LODGE 28 SEPTEMBER 2002 The Degree Rally at Walker Lodge #306, on Saturday, September 28, 2002 went on as scheduled. The Lodge was opened at 11 :00 by Grand Master

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REPORT FROM THE NATIONAL SUMMIT ON SCHOOL DESIGN REPORT FROM THE NATIONAL SUMMIT ON SCHOOL DESIGN A RESOURCE FOR EDUCATORS AND DESIGNERS Convened by the American Architectural Foundation and KnowledgeWorks Foundation Convened by: The American Architectural

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Directory of Local Homeless Service Organizations

Directory of Local Homeless Service Organizations Directory of Local Homeless Service Organizations Alabama The Old Firehouse Shelter The Old Firehouse Shelter is an emergency shelter for homeless adult men. The shelter functions through these main programs:

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With a Bar membership as diverse as

With a Bar membership as diverse as GBJ Feature Georgia Lawyer Legacies by Sarah I. Coole, Jennifer R. Mason and Johanna B. Merrill Illustration by Marc Cardwell With a Bar membership as diverse as Georgia s where people relocate to our

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CONNECTION. Deep in the Heart of Texas. LU to D2 Campaign Completes Phase One. A PUBLICATION OF LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY FOR THE ALUMNI [Spring 2011]

CONNECTION. Deep in the Heart of Texas. LU to D2 Campaign Completes Phase One. A PUBLICATION OF LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY FOR THE ALUMNI [Spring 2011] CONNECTION A PUBLICATION OF LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY FOR THE ALUMNI [Spring 2011] Deep in the Heart of Texas Page 11 LU to D2 Campaign Completes Phase One Page 21 1 Pro Christo et Agape Dear Alumni and Friends,

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From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past

From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI Vol. 32 No. 1 Spring 2008 School of Law From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past News for Alumni and Friends of the University

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