,.J p. JAY B. SHENK. I don't know for sure if I will be able to make the I just went back to work f:larch 1 - last year I only

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1 ~-- J p :r: " July IP LETTERS Narvin & Charlotte Cartwright Hope enough people respond to Project ~lemorial to make our anticipated goal He enjoy the Poopsheet very much and especially those picture~ of Da~t reunions which I recognized several faniili:ar:~faces '~;:tt vias' 1i ke: }'eceiving a letter from: Ed: and -De lores ~10b1ey~readi ng their letter in the last Poopsheet ~Je:re still waiting for them to come UP ow- way as well as any of you lolst people t~e eat p-vpy'y otncl-:' vfeek ~ d ~-' _ 0' r~laril~n (\II/ife of Charles R Olson) Your most welcome Poopsheet arrived thls morning which reminded me that I must send our change of address~ I have enclosed a clipping from our local newspaper telling of Ray's promotion to general manager of the Inter-f1ountain Newspaper of Elkins9 West Virginia He has been gone for four months while I have the duty of selling our house and whatever else must be disposed of Hopefully I have disposed of everything and I win join him next weekena_innj'l~ jnj:>lij]rl'r+h ; -a- _->~-: ;;--<~~~~:!r~ ~ p'fign lit~ [';~ =_ ~~ ~- _ ~ '10-_ yo 4 o~'f Paul J f~lckenna I was sorry to hear of the passing of Alex ~!alusik I hope eno~g~ people come thtzough wi th money to get our ~'1emor:ial buil t JAY B SHENK I don't know for sure if I will be able to make the Houston reunion I just went back to work f:larch 1 - last year I only worked five months As you Know9 I live in Albany but I am \ljorking in New Yorl< City There is no big money being spent up there til after Rocky gets re-e 1ected governor then we wi 11 go to town aga in I have been thinking of flying down to the Houston reunion on Thursday night after work and return on Sunday CHRIS (wife of ~\iichae1 Olesh)Nike is a very proud lolster not well We both hope and pray we see our 10lst I'ilemorial built Arlington National Cemetery" '~"~~~:'~':-'~;;' i" :~~~"~_ ~~'} j~ -1: "n' t ~ ~\ 1 but he is in 'i <lp ::" ~

2 ~1rs Jolmf'k (Shirley1J~EITH" Sort:'yJ'I11":~b;tslow;~J~ry>theProject _ f4emorial donation but I haven't forgotten "and 1 m sure John would approve completely 1 Ivan R Hershner I am proud of all the Company I people for supporting Project Memorial louis Stranzl I hope an you people who are attending "Old Timers Daysll at Fort Campbell have a very interesting time Several years ago when I was there I lost some laundry in the PX and I am wondering if you \'Ji11check on it for me For the 1\1emorialDay weekend I will be spending my time in the woods about nine miles from my home Hope my luck runs goodjqr~tl1e po~er: gti'!le "over Jhe ~~~kef1d_:j ~t:ncer~ai"~lymaking plans to a ttend" tne'''aousl'on'''tieuif{~n";<'in '-Jfugust-: ">~e" '''f_sr'g'r~r''r~'afd<'1fel~yo'''al'l'd _3 I wi sh him and his wife the best of everythi n9 I attended the Phil adelphia Chapter's D-Day affair on June 2 I arrived about 1:30 and every'thi ng was pop-ping-at full'swi ng There was much: food to' eat: and games to be played but I kept myself occupied with beer most of the time After the big meal at 6 pm I left for home to attend my neighbor's wedding Project Memorial when completedwill be a living thing for Company I and the entire 101st I'll see everybody at the Houston reunion lam a::riving on t1ednesday General John H Cushman Kommander 101st Airborne Division) The encouraging words whicllyou'}\ave-wr-fffen us are deeply appreciated But the "thanks" should go to you and your fellow nold Timers for making the "Week of the Eaglesll a most memorable occasion for us Your enthusiasm and obvious pride was contagious and instilled a new sense of pridei RaH of"-l!isf~" espec lal Iythe :your:i!:jertrooper$ - you wij 1 never know what an tnve lueb'le contr+but ionyou i-}ave made to todays - 101st Airborne Division as a result of your visit with us On behalf of the entire division many thanks and bss t wishes ll -c Bill Shanklin (our 101st vice president) We want to say that you and your group are doing a terrhicl60 with your Poopsheet He enjoy it very much This wee~onu Joe Ludwig~ Frank Facenda Steve Husak and I are going down to wildwood N J to collect some more money from the L~i1dwood Noose Lodge #585 for our I'i/emori a 1 Fund They had promi sed us another check at our D-Day picnic We sure had a grand time at Fort Campbell at the Old Timers week He a lways enjoy being with 1 01H~ (;e rt~onr!?ji'~~~;!'!:'lf-l~>iljj"i~~~~~ \11] 1 p!~1?~~&\~to~~ rx-2 ~K~~tJ:~~"r~u"'~t >!1_ c~_ In ous ' r4rs Elwgod-DLiQla L~ illner I am sending a contribution for Project f'iemorla1 Does till'smean Elwood's; name- will be on the Honor Roll - or the name of the donor? I would hope his would be on it After all he had the Purple Heart Bronze Star Oak leaf c luster Arrowhead and more and if anyone deserves to be remembered I am sure he is He lived a dedicated life like a soldier would be expected to He loved his country He lost his health there and died young and it is my belief it all related to his injuries from combat ' '~'''''~H -;"":" 7'-:; ' 1'" ft : ~ ~_ '

3 Bob Steele (Secretary of 101st Southeast Vir inia Cha ter Receive the copy of the Poopsheet yesterday just in time for our monthly meeting last night t~e enjoyed receiving i"t' I pctssed~it"';;( i'--vc'r'''' around to our members and all looked it over We don't have any Company I 502 people in our chapter right now but who knows! t~ecare recently organized just beginning to get some publicity so maybe\je'h run across some of your old guys if so 1'11 be sure to pass along the Poopsheet I would 1ike to stay on your mai1 ing 1ist If you run across any 3/506 Infantry people from up your way please put them in contact with me Tommy Gre1 Heard from David Jackendoff(after I sent a picture to him taken in New England in March in his pink pajamas!) He said: "f"lanlthanks for the photo No I don't remember when it was taken but ::::::appairently I was havlnqa helluva good time f"lygulss is the ~tdltl::~::!'~ _::: Day Party in r~ew England when so many of you "I" fellows turned out You fellows are fortunate in having someone like Bob Hartzell He sure is a tremendous worker Reminds me of Chappie Hall~:' ~Jill~be ij{i Houston on Tuesday August 14 Hope to see you then All the way Dave J * II About BU 1 Purdy Our Angel of i\1ercysent me-a letter she had received from BflT' s wife Ruth in whtch she said: "Bill has had considerable time off because of a bad hip After much medical advice and X-rays it turned out to be severe arthritis It really puts him out of commission; therefore all our plans are indefinite" After receiving this letter I called Bill and he is in pretty good shape again and back to work - would you classify this as complications of old age Bill? ~le certainly hope Bill and Ruth can make the Houston reunion because they are the operators of our Company I Hospitality " Roo"l- better known as Purdy's Foxhotet l: ii?'l <t ~> *;" "h'~~''''~''' PHONE CALLS Phone call from Edward C Thomas On June Hi%Ed called tlo give me his new address He moved to New Jersey and works at Fort Monmouth for Uncle Sam He visited with Bob and Dot Boyce in 1969 and has not seen any of the other guys since 1945; however he still remembers most of the guys and recalls them by name He appreciates reading the Poopsheets and seeing those pictures very much Phone call from Joe and Louise Zamb1auskis On June 10 Joe and ~"Louise called upon receiving the death notice of t~glusik~ ~nd inquired _iff had any more details Joe and Louise visited"lex often <liri1tg:njs!:::=~:~: long recuperation in the hospital in California They also commented on ~ow well they liked the pictures of Company I p~ople in thepoopsheet ~' -~t :f :l:~ ;> ~- ~\l: Phone call from Tommy Grey to Joe Zamb1auskis Talked to Joe and Louise on June 30 Joe says he and Louise will arrive in Houston on Saturday August 11 for the reunion They both sounded great ' -3- I ~:; '

4 MORE INFORf1ATIONON ALEX t~alusik At the time of our mailing the death notice of Alexander Wa1usik we didn't know the cause of death Since then we have received further information from his brother who says that he died of a coronary occlusion at the Southern Nevada r-1emorial Hospital in Las Vegas Nevada on ~1ay six days after he was admitted Alex was 54 years old and was a widower His occupation listed on his death certificate was laborer for the U S Government at Nellis Air Force Base As far as I can gather he ts survived by his mother a brothers and a sister all 1ivingin New Jersey 101st REUNION IN HOUSTON The st Airborne Division Reunion will be held at the Shamrock Hilton Hotel 6900 r'la in at Holcombe Street in Houston Texas on Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday August 15 to Start planning now to attend Reunion registration is $25 per person which covers the cost of the Friday night Memorial dinner; the two annual beer parties and the Saturday night banquet and dance I plan on arriving in Houston on Monday noon August 13 so somebody from Company I will be there early last year five Comoany I guys and their wives got there before I did t1ote1 rates are $1700 per single and $2200 double: per day IT IS GETTING LATE IVlAILYOUR RESERVATIONS IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE The only other costs are the meals not covered by the registration fee and a few drinks at the bar All hospitality rooms will be functioning hy mid-week with one or two of them functioning at the beginning of the ~e~kforthe ones arriving early The main purpose of these hospltal1ty rooms ~ to dispense booze The hospitality rooms are also a focal place to gather where we can continue our comradeship Everyone is welcome at all of these hospitality rooms - where a11 booze is free t4any tours will be available for those who want them I'm sure we will have time for a few Company I parties at this reunion at which the ladies seem to have as much fun if not more than the men This is a MUST reunion for all of us the 101st Talon Chapter of Texas our host chapter is going all out to give us a real blast Texas style' The Talon Chapter is well organized determined and working hard toward this goal and from what information we have received they've lined up one terrific program for our 1973 reunion in Houston We are asking all Company I men to bring at least one bottle of booze to this reunion and to all of our future affairs so that we will be instantly prepared to party THE BIG 502 CHAPPlE HALL PARTY WILL BE ON THURSDAY NIGHT FROM 8:30 UNTIL I~IDNIGHT THE COST vjill BE $300 PER PERSON WHICH INCLUDES ALL BOOZE MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT -4-

5 CHICOPEE MASSACHUSETTS - MARCH 1973 Company I 502 invaded the New England Chapters Installation Dinner and Dance (Front row) left to right Edward Augustynowski Eva Matte Dot and Bob Boyce Tommy Grey Dave Bonfiglio Bob Tripp (Back row) Maria Augustynowski Wilfred Matte Bob Hartzell Ruth and Bill Purdy Marie De Rose Bernice Grey John De Rose Ann Bonfiglio Joe and June Hennessey and Betty Tripp Col George Van Horn Moseley and Co I wives: from left Ruth Purdy Bernice Grey and Eva Matte (at Chicopee Mass) Charles "Ray" Olson composing room foreman of The PostJournal has been appointed general manager of the Inter-Mountain Elkins W Va The appointment was announced today by G Ogden Nutting president of The Ogden Newspapers Inc which owns The Post-Journal the InterMountain and eight other newspapers in West Virginia Iowa and Missouri Mr Olson will assume his new post immediately and will move his family to Elkins in the near future Born in Donora Pa Mr Olson was graduated from Donora High School After graduation he joined US Steel and took the firm's production management course Mr Olson subsequently serzed four years with the IOIst Airborne Division's502nd parachute regiment during World War 2 and saw action in Europe Upon his discharge Mr Olson moved to Jamestown where he was employed at Proto Tool before joining The Post-Journal in 1951 CHARLES 'RAY' OLSON

6 BLOOD ON THE RISERS He was just a rookie trooper and he surely shook with fright He checked all his equipment and made sure his pack was tight; He had to sit and listen to those awful engines roar "YOU AlNT GONNA JUMP NO MORE!" "Is everybody happy?" cried the sergeant looking up Our hero feebly answered "Yes " and then they stood him up; He jumped into the icy blast his static line unhooked AND HE AINT GONNA JUMP NO MORE! He counted long he counted loud he waited for the shock He felt the wind he felt the cold he felt the awful drop The silk from his reserve spilled out and wrapped around his legs AND HE AINT GONNA JUMP NO MORE! The risers swung around his neck connectors cracked his dome Suspension lines were tied in knots around his skinny bones The canopy became his shroud; he hurtled to the ground AND HE A/NT GONNA JUMP NO MORE! The days he'd lived and loved arid laughed kept running through his mind He thought about the girl back home the one he'd left behind He thought about the medicos and wondered what they'd find AND HE AlNT GONNA JUMP NO MORE! The ambulance was on the spot the jeeps were running wild The medics jumped and screamed with glee rolled up their sleeves and smiled For it had been a week or more since last a 'Chute had failed AND HE AINT GONNA JUMP NO MORE! He hit the ground the sound was "SPLAIT" his blood went spurting high His comrades then were heard to say: ~ helluva way to die!" He lay there rolling 'round in the welter of his gore AND HE AINT GONNA JUMP NO MORE! There was blood upon the risers there were brains upon the 'Chute Intestines were a 'dangling from his Paratrooper suit He was a mess; they picked him up and poured him from his boots AND HE AlNT GONNA JUMP NO MORE! GORYGORY WHATAHELLUVA WAY TO DIE GORY GORY WHAT A HELLUVA WA Y TO DIE GORYGORY WHATAHELLUVA WAYTODIE AND HE AlNT GONNA JUMP NO MORE!

7 J PRO E C M T E M 0 R I A L As you know we set a Company I goal for Project Memorial of $50200 As of now we have received $48400 for thjs project to build a permanent memorial to the lolst in Arlington National Cemeter-y I am sure that all of you who have not yet responded will want to get your name on the Company I Honor Roll and to participate in this great 10lst project As you also know the deadline for the project is reunion time' ~'''''' in August 1973 All money we receive will be presented to the Project ~lemorial Committee at the Houston reunion There are probably many reasons why some Qf you have not yet responded BUT lets try to have every man s name on the Company I Honor Roll' for Proj ect Mernoria 1 in our next Poopsheet Send whatever you can afford and according to what your feelings sthl are toward the men we lost in combat It is our moral Obligation to see that these men are never forgotten through this memorial I The deadline is August 1973 SholtJthat you care on the Company I Honor Roll even if it is just $100 contribution you can - $19 $5 $10 $25 $50 $101 Send your contribution to: Get your name Send whatever 9 Robert Hartzell 313 \tjentzstreet Tiffin Ohio Dear Bob: NA~1E Please add my name to the Company I Honor Roll of "Project ~ilemorial" ~------~ ~--- ADDRESS (Cash) (Check) (~1oneyOrder) enclosed ~--- (make checks payable to Project Memorial) -7-

8 A SPECIAL NOTE TO YOU GUYS IN THE TEXAS AREA- The lolst reunion has neve~been in Texas and I know many Company I people from all parts of the natiqn~:are;going:toattend this HOUSTON reunion T;heirmail)pur-; pose in attending this particular reunion is to have a chance to see you guys Don't disappoint your buddies Make an extra special effort to be there and have a ball with your friends from Company I and the entire 101st I f you can t attend the \~ho1e reunion try to be there for a few hours visit with your friends I 7 PICTURES FOR THE POOPSHEET - By investigation and through phone calls to our Ange" of j'1ercy7 we can now use color prints along with black and white pictures for publication in the Poopsheet So check through your album and send us a few pictures and tell us when and where the pictures were taken and the names of the people The response from the guys about these pictures in the Poopsheet is great If you have some good pictures of''''cornpan~r'"edple~lneasesend-them to us 4 ~ ii7 #011>""" '?:: f? J" h_~ CO~1PANY I TREASURY REPORT Since our last Treasury report 'in June we have received donations to the Poopsheet from Tour people amounting to $2100 We had a balance of $17339 giving us a total of $19439 Our expenses since June are $17 for postage on Halusik's death notice; $10 for printing one page of pictures in this Poopsheet; $17 for postage on this Poopsheet a total expense of $4400 leaving us a balance of $ Yours in the 101st -BOBRobert J Hartzell 313 \~entz Street Tiffin Ohio :}"c " 1~~_ :;" COMPANY I HONOR ROLL Charles M Windham Charles t~ Young Robert I Boyce Jay B Shenk Ward N Faulkenberry Paul J McKenna James K HO\'Je 11 Leroy J~ Gravelle : FranK M ~ja1ker Lew t~~ Roush t-1rselwood (Viola) Bittner Robert J Hartzell Bill and Margie Shanklin Thomas C Grey Alphonse T Felderhoff Richard C Snow totl'is'''''j~'''1:'l)1't:m~r ~~\l>" ''''i/» ~~ John Yarnelt ~ ~ a ~~~~~ t1rs Frank(Jane) LiTlymarr: ' Jesse M 1'4eason ' Ivan R Hershner Angelo FYzquierdo Michae 1 01esh Louis J Strahzl JosephPaql iol o Michael W Cavanaugh Glenn A ~10e Charles R Olson Marvin D Cartwright Edward M Smith Champ L Baker Thomas J Boyd Mrs John (Shirley) Keith <1;" ~ (The names of all donors will be forwarded to the 101st Airborne Division Association to be included on their Honor Roll) -8-