CONTENTS. 1.0 Introduction. 2.0 About Qubit Tech. 3.0 Products of Qubit Tech. 1.1 The past, present and future of the cryptocurrency industry

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CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 1.1 The past, present and future of the cryptocurrency industry 1.2 The future of quantum computing industry 2.0 About Qubit Tech 2.1 The Qubit Tech Company 2.2 Ideology, mission and goal 2.3 Team 2.4 Corporate structure 2.5 Strategic partners 2.6 Third-party services used 3.0 Products of Qubit Tech 3.1 Trading robots 3.2 Digital licenses 3.3 Multi-asset, crypto-enabled debit card 03 1.1 1.2 08 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 18 3.1 3.2 3.3 CONTENTS 01

CONTENTS 4.0 Platform Operation Process "4.1 Platform Operation Strategy 4.2 Market data analytics 4.3 Algorithmic methods 4.4 Traditional methods 4.5 Other methods" 5.0 Asset storage security 5.1 Operational risks policy 5.2 Trading risks policy 6.0 Audit and insurance 7.0 Roadmap 8.0 Risk factors 9.0 Legal information 23 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 30 5.1 5.2 31 32 37 37 CONTENTS 02

1.0 INTRODUCTION. 1.1 The past, present and future of the cryptocurrency industry The world changes at an incredible speed. Every year more and more people appear on the Internet. Every day over the past five years, an average of 640,000 people logged on to the Internet for the first time. Rapidly growing network coverage and its increasing bandwidth, together with the availability of mobile devices that allowed users from all over the world to access the Internet on the go have given a huge boost to the digitalization of many areas of the economy, industries, and businesses. Digitalization and widespread use of the Internet has affected a huge number of areas of our life. Internet companies that once were just small start-ups are now corporate giants, that not only made it into world s expensive most companies list but also have their weight and influence, even at the government decisions level. The appearance of digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) was just a matter of time. In 2009, the world s first decentralized digital currency called Bitcoin was created. Since the appearance of Bitcoin, a plethora of new cryptocurrencies (Also referred to as Altcoins) appeared, each offering alternative methods of working with the digital economy environment. The developers of Bitcoin (alias - Satoshi Nakamoto) paid special focus to the security and anonymity traits of the first cryptocurrency by creating Blockchain,- technology used for the decentralized distribution of cryptocurrency data. Blockchain is an ever-growing register (or ledger) that records all cryptocurrency transactions and protects each block using INTRODUCTION 03

cryptography. The main advantage of Blockchain technology is that once a block has been saved, it cannot be changed, ensuring that cryptocurrency transaction registers cannot be forged or manipulated. Probably everyone who uses the internet in 2020 has heard about cryptocurrencies by now. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to go mainstream, but altcoins were also rapidly growing in popularity. Central Banks in many countries initially tried their best to ignore the phenomenon of internet money, whilst some even tried to ban cryptocurrencies. Obviously, the main reason for that was anonymity and decentralization that the technology offered to its users. After a while, most of the world's leading economies began to look for any viable opportunities to take the lead and outrun the competition in a race for Blockchain and cryptocurrencies adoption, by introducing a legal framework for digital assets, thereby protecting asset holders and providing additional liquidity. There is no doubt that 2019 was the year of blockchain adoption by big enterprises. The words blockchain and cryptocurrency were all over the news as tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, AWS, Oracle and many, many others started applying these technologies in their services and solutions. Even the Banking giants and payment companies like JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Square, Circle and Skrill took their chances and seized new opening opportunities in deciding to offer cryptocurrency services. INTRODUCTION 04

In May 2010, the price of one Bitcoin was at $ 0.01, while at the end of December 2017, its price peaked at $ 20,000. The average price of Bitcoin throughout the period from 2017 to 2020 was approximately $ 8,000. According to optimistic forecasts of analysts, the average price of Bitcoin by 2025 will be starting from $ 30,000, peaking at the levels above $100,000. The cryptocurrency market capitalization was valued at more than 200 billion $ in 2019 and is projected to reach the value of 1 to 5 trillion $ by 2025, according to realistic forecasts. Major drivers for market growth are the transparency of distributed ledger technology, high remittances in developing countries, high cost of cross-border remittance, fluctuations in monetary regulations, and growth in venture capital investments. 1.2 The future of quantum computing industry Whilst modern-day computers are truly remarkable, there are still some problems that are so complex, that they become impossible to process using traditional technology approaches, despite all the technological progress demonstrated by the industry. Quantum computing can help us change this in our favour, opening new opportunities to solve some of the world's most pressing problems in areas of national security, climate change, forecasting of economic models and asset management, financial and cybersecurity and of course learning and education. Although quantum computing is relatively new in the public eye, the benefits of and principles involved have been discussed in scientific circles for over 30 years. INTRODUCTION 05

Quantum computing takes advantage of curious and often baffling quantum effects that become visible at the subatomic level of the physical world around us. Unlike a traditional computer, which uses information stored in bits as 0's and 1's; a quantum system uses qubits. A qubit can be thought of a little like a closed box, inside which there is a light that is constantly changing colour. When the box is opened the colour freezes and you see one colour, but when it is closed, the light (although we know it is changing) could be any one of the many possible colours. The chances of seeing a red light or a blue light become a matter of probability governed by multiple factors and is called superposition state. in which we can say that the light is a superposition of all colours at the same time. This is the subject of the famous 'Schrodinger's cat'. Scientist Erwin Schrodinger (a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian-Irish physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in quantum theory) stated that a cat in a closed box is both dead 'and' alive until you open the box to find out. Sometimes referred to as the uncertainty principle. When more than one qubit is reliably connected to another, the qubits are said to be entangled. This makes the qubits a powerful tool in solving extremely difficult mathematical problems that would benormally considered exponential or intractable in nature. Intractable simply means difficult, or that the more variables involved the possible answers increase not by one or two but perhaps by millions and billions. Problems like recognizing faces in digital images, graphic templates and formations, planning routes and modelling the galaxies all have inherent difficulties that quantum computing will help to solve. INTRODUCTION 06

In a future in which Quantum Computing dominates the power landscape, there is no place for "business as usual. Whether we choose to ignore or meet the challenges facing future computing technology, one thing is certain - Quantum computing is going to change the very fabric of our lives, from the way we spend money to the way we treat cancer. In 2019, the value of the quantum computing industry was estimated at $507.1 million. According to forecasts published by experts, the value of the quantum computing industry may exceed 65 billion $ by 2030, and according to McKinsey's forecasts, the value of the quantum computing industry may reach $1 trillion by 2035. Today, we can already see significant efforts being made to develop standards for quantum computing technology. Among the many standards developed by the IEEE Standards Association Quantum Computing Working Group, there are benchmarks and performance matrix that will help experts analyze the performance gains quantum computers provide over traditional computers. INTRODUCTION 07

2.0 About Qubit Tech. 2.1 The Qubit Tech Company Qubit Tech was founded by a group of independent experts in algorithmic and traditional asset management methods. As of today, cryptocurrency market allows Qubit Tech to generate profit unmatched by the operations on traditional markets through the application of complex traditional and non-traditional methods of market data analysis, algorithmic trading systems and traditional methods of asset management. 2.2 Ideology, mission and goal The development ideology of Qubit Tech implies creating its own unified ecosystem based on quantum technologies, investing its financial and human resources to support business growth of developing companies offering unique products or technologies, as well as to help accelerate development of the quantum computing industry. The main mission of Qubit Tech is to provide retail investors with an effective way to invest cryptocurrency assets based on the use of quantum computing technologies and margin trading methods. The main goal of Qubit Tech is to reach company's capitalization value of $ 10 billion by 2025, as well as to become an acknowledged leader in applying quantum computing to the various areas of finance and asset management. Qubit Tech already uses the advantages of quantum technologies, gaining a serious advantage over the competition by adopting ABOUT QUBIT TECH 08

quantum neural networks data processing and applying computing power of quantum algorithms. Such implementations allowed to significantly improve the accuracy of analytical data acquired used for development, set up and adjustments of algorithmic systems, and as well as generally improve the efficiency of asset management departments. Qubit Tech team is paying a lot of attention to the quickly approaching era of quantum computers. The company is exploring the nuances of post-quantum cryptography and the impact that quantum computing can have on the Blockchain and digital asset industries. 2.3 Team Among fundamental factors towards achieving the success of any company, the professional team is being one of the main pillars. Only professional experience allows to adequately determine the most effective strategy for the company's development, competent and timely application of advanced technologies, as well as identify the key needs of the market and its customers Greg Limon Chief Executive Officer Co-founder and shareholder of the Toronto-based DigiMax Global, which helps companies from all over the world to effectively conduct STOs. Greg conducted two successful IPOs and participated in numerous venture projects. Greg s outstanding sense for the market s needs, creative and fluid strategic planning helped to successfully kick-off numerous startups that now thrive in the global businesses arena. ABOUT QUBIT TECH 09

Per Lind Company s Advisor Co-founder of and first advisor to Greg Limon, CEO of Qubit Tech. Business development expert with over 18.000 contacts on LinkedIn. Per helped to succesfully develop several new big software companies in Asia. Cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology expert, deeply involved in the next big things, STO and stable coins. As a business development specialist, he helps blockchain, DLT and AI companies to expand into the fast growing Asian economies. Marc Swickle Chief Marketing Officer Over 25 years experience in international investment banking. Marc attracted more than 50 million to Asian startups focusing AI Robotic Trading. Since 2014, engaged in business development at JKD. Since 2009, owns a company that advises hedge funds and family offices that have over $ 500 million under their management. Since 2015, Marc is acting as an adviser to the Ministry of Energy of Thailand. Arijit Bhattacharyya Business Development Director He has over 22 years of experience helping Startups, Entrepreneurs and Governments across the world to solve problems using Technology and Innovation. Founder & CEO Virtualinfocom- India's one of the first game development & VR app development company since 1998. Senator (India) of World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF). Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Business Matchmaking Expert, Government Advisor, Community Builder (Since 2010), Game Programmer (Since 1998), Virtual Reality Specialist (Since 2006), AI Evangelist (Since 2002), Blockchain Specialist and Startup Mentor. ABOUT QUBIT TECH 10

Scot D. Forshaw Company s Advisor Lead research scientist and co-founder at Toridion developing high speed Machine Learning based on quantum inspired topologies. An expert with 25 years experience in delivering enterprise platforms at scale. His focus is change-leadership in High Performance Computing, developing cutting edge memory and optical processing technologies that will power the next generation of Artificial Intelligence. He is an active member of the MIT Foundation of Life Institute, supporting AI research and initiatives for safeguarding life and developing optimistic visions of the future. Jorge Sebastião Company s Advisor A seasoned CTO, Advisor and International speaker, with experience in Blockchain, Cyber Security, AI, IoT, 5G, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery, Bigdata, & Managed Services. Jorge is professional advisor in several innovative startups using disruptive technologies with focus on generating business value. He created the powerful framework A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness & Agility. Eddie Kotler Company s Partner Co-founder and President of EZ365. EZ365 has a unique background and its own development of the implementation of blockchain technology in online gaming. At the core of EZ365 is its own ecosystem with three elements: a blockchain platform for online gaming, a educational platform and a digital asset exchange structure. ABOUT QUBIT TECH 11

2.4 Corporate structure Every successful company divides its operational tasks and supervision responsibilities among competent workgroups. Qubit Tech has developed a transparent and fluid communication in its corporate structure, which allows the company not just to set the most ambitious goals but to also successfully achieve them within a designated timeframe. Corporate structure: 1. Information Technology Department: ensuring the development, effective implementation and timely updates for technical solutions and software used; maintaining the stable operation of the company s website and servers; 2. Financial Department: cryptocurrency assets accounting and financial workflow; interaction with counter-parties on operations with cryptocurrencies; supervision and assessment of existing operational risks of the company; 3. Marketing Department: competitive analysis; development and implementation of promo strategies, marketing materials, products and services of the company; development and implementation of general sales strategy for the company's products and services; ABOUT QUBIT TECH 12

development and implementation of partnership programs to ensure effective cooperation with partners; 4. Legal Department: ensuring Qubit Tech s compliance with industry s legal regulations; interaction with regulators, legal, insurance and audit companies. 5. Analytical Department: development of analytical models based on historical market data; market data analysis: traditional methods of analysis (, neural networks data analysis (, quantum algorithms neural networks data analysis; fundamental assessment of specific segments and the digital economy as a whole. 6. Algorithmic Asset Management Department: development, modernization, testing and implementation of algorithmic systems by professional programming trading team; adjustment and control of algorithmic systems by operators team; 7. Traditional Asset Management Department: development, implementation and improvement of a strategy for the traders' team; supervising a traders team within fixed model through remote prop-office. 8. Risk Management Department: development, implementation and adjustment of the risk policy; ABOUT QUBIT TECH 13

algorithmic and traditional asset management departments supervision to the compliance with the company s risk policy; 9. Compliance and Security Department: development and implementation of the company's corporate security guidelines; control and suppression of corporate threats and violations; 10. Technical Support Department: providing technical and informational support to the company's clients and partners. 2.5 Strategic partners TORIDION Toridion is able to solve specific problems that are impossible to process using traditional approaches of market data analysis. Toridion s unique quantum developments that were tested and rolled out using IBM s technological facilities, unveiled an exclusive set of tools based on machine learning methods, quantum algorithms, and quantum neural networks. These tools and methods are already being used by a number of tech giants as Amazon, SpaceX and Tesla, as well as Qubit Tech. Toridion quantum neural networks are used by Qubit Tech to generate quantitative market data, whereas quantum algorithms are used to process quantitative data and significantly reduced the time it takes to process raw data into information accurate enough to be successfully used in asset management operations. ABOUT QUBIT TECH 14

The unchallenged success of Toridion in the area of machine learning allowed Qubit Tech algorithmic systems to become more sophisticated in terms of adjustable settings available and therefore gradually improve risk to reward ratio indicators. DBS Bank With growing competition and technological progress that only picks up the pace, consumers of financial products and services have become more demanding to the time it takes to process operations and services for currency conversion. DBS Bank is the largest bank in Southeast Asia, which conglomerates a number of financial companies, including the Embily processing centre, which Qubit Tech uses to issue and service Qubit Tech MasterCard. Embily is a leading partner of DBS Bank in the implementation of cryptocurrency transactions with cash. Qubit Tech MasterCard is linked to personal segregated accounts and has a feature that provides automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies to a broad variety of different fiat currencies. ez365 EZ365 uses the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology to create a unique experience for customers in online gaming (igaming) and digital asset trading spheres and offers reliable technology solutions for businesses representing these industries. The EZ365 ecosystem consists of three main elements: a blockchain-based igaming platform, digital asset exchange, and a blockchain/digital asset education platform. Using the technology developed for these offerings, EZ365 also allows companies in a wide range of industries to quickly and easily convert digital assets into. ABOUT QUBIT TECH 15

target assets (cash), providing them with the liquidity needed to succeed EZ365 plays a key role in providing Qubit Tech customers and partners with exclusive terms of use for online games (igaming), as well as favourable conditions for entering the digital asset trading market. 2.6 Third-party services used Santiment Blockchain technology is quickly changing the world around us and even though it has already been adopted by many industries and businesses, there is still a substantial lack of reliable data on cryptocurrency industry and its main participants. Santiment is a powerful platform that uses neural networks to aggregate non-standard market data, which is otherwise simply not possible to collect using traditional methods. Santiment neural networks allow users to get analytical data on cryptocurrency prices, capitalization data of different projects, dynamics of transactions movement in the network, the sentiment of cryptocurrency market participants, as well as people's behaviour on social media. TradingView Blockchain technology is quickly changing the world around us and even though it has already been adopted by many industries and businesses, there is still a substantial lack of reliable data on cryptocurrency industry and its main participants. Santiment is a powerful platform that uses neural networks to ABOUT QUBIT TECH 16

aggregate non-standard market data, which is otherwise simply not possible to collect using traditional methods. Santiment neural networks allow users to get analytical data on cryptocurrency prices, capitalization data of different projects, dynamics of transactions movement in the network, the sentiment of cryptocurrency market participants, as well as people's behaviour on social media. Bitfinex & Binance To deliver stable, safe and professional management of cryptocurrency assets to its clients, any competent company should only use services provided by the most reliable prime-brokers and exchanges. Qubit Tech uses a direct connection to Bitfinex and Binance exchange platforms to access the cryptocurrency markets. Such instruments as borrowed liquidity (Leverage from exchanges) and futures trading open unlimited opportunities for obtaining investment advantages in the cryptocurrency industry. Equinix Data Centre The amount of data being processed is growing so fast that traditional methods of centralized management and storage are no longer feasible. Collecting data and consolidating it in one place becomes an insurmountable problem, indicating the need to store and process data on reliable servers. Qubit Tech has deployed its technical infrastructure on Equinix dedicated servers and cloud services. Equinix is undoubtedly among critical elements of Qubit Tech's success, as it provides a new level of control over critical data through direct, secure, and high-speed communication maintained between the client and server. ABOUT QUBIT TECH 17

3.0 Products of Qubit Tech. 3.1 Trading robots Qubit Tech has developed trading robots for its clients who want to manage their assets on their own, without having to transfer any of their assets to the company's operating accounts. Qubit Tech trading robots have the following advantages: Full automation Robots quickly react to price fluctuations, automatically open and close positions, as well as automatically set stop-loss and 'take profit parameters. Optimized risk The risk control system was optimized based on historical data gathered over the past few years, which allowed to determine the best risk-to-profit ratio. Stable returns Optimization of position opening and closing levels based on historical trading data allowed to identify optimal strategy settings to generate stable returns. Trading robots automatically open and close positions set take profit and stop-loss orders using the following order types: Market, Limit, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stop. Trading robots are designed to allow remote management of clients PRODUCTS OF QUBIT TECH 18

cryptocurrency assets on the Binance and Bitfinex exchange platforms via an API connection. 3.2 Digital licenses The main product of QubitTech is the Digital License. Cryptocurrency resources of platform users are transferred to segregated QubitTech operating accounts, after which they are distributed among trading accounts and cold wallets in accordance with the platform's strategy. Each QubitTech user can simultaneously activate an unlimited number of digital licenses. Digital licenses have a fixed cost from 100 USDT to 100,000 USDT and can be activated using BTC or ETH. Refunds to the initial cost of licenses are included in the daily rewards. Key indicators of digital licenses The daily result - a floating percentage of up to 2% per day. The monthly result - a floating percentage of about 25% per month. The total reward for any license is 250% (including the refund of the initial license cost). After receiving a reward of 250%, the digital license is automatically deactivated. The digital license cost is paid in USDT. PRODUCTS OF QUBIT TECH 19

Accrual of reward Reward on the digital license is calculated daily after 15:00 (UTC). The withdrawal of the reward is available daily. If the digital license was activated before 15:00 (UTC) on any day, then the accrual of rewards should be expected the next day after 15:00 (UTC). If the digital license was activated between 15:00 and 24:00 (UTC), then the first accrual of reward on the digital license should be expected after 2 days and after 15:00 (UTC). License Upgrade Each user can increase the base license cost at any time by paying the required amount manually. This improves the indicators of possible reward for the purchase of a license. Deposit and withdrawal of funds Deposits and withdrawals are possible in BTC and EHT. The withdrawal process usually takes up to 24 hours. In some cases, and with a high load on the blockchain network, the withdrawal process can take up to 72 hours. It is allowed to create one withdrawal request per day. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT, and the maximum withdrawal amount is limited by the weekly withdrawal limit. PRODUCTS OF QUBIT TECH 20

Weekly withdrawal limit The weekly withdrawal limit is set at the total cost of QubitTech user's active digital licenses. 3.3 Multi-asset, crypto-enabled debit card Thanks to the Embily processing company available instruments, each Qubit Tech client can order himself a cryptocurrency-enabled MasterCard debit card, that offers the possibility of instant replenishment with a wide range of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX). Qubit Tech Card is a Prepaid (depersonalized) debit bank card (MasterCard) issued in full compliance with international legislation, which allows our clients to quickly and reliably manage their digital financial assets anywhere in the world. PRODUCTS OF QUBIT TECH 21

Qubit Tech Card offers the following advantages: Instant deposit of funds Almost instant replenishment with the cryptocurrency of your choice (BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX); Low commissions Ones of the most favourable transaction exchange rates and low commissions starting only at 2,5%; Security Embily processing centre guarantees the top-level safety and security for your funds; Privacy Prepaid card transactions are not displayed in payment receipts; Worldwide shipments We deliver our card to more than 100 countries; Embily operates in strict compliance with international banking laws, including counter-terrorism and money laundering regulations and guidelines. To activate the card, the client must first pass the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. Each deposit operation is charged with 2,5% service provider commission (Calculated from the amount of the deposit in cryptocurrency) when paying for any kind of goods or services, cryptocurrencies are automatically converted to USD at the bank s official exchange rate. Performing cash withdrawal operations with Qubit Tech Card will withhold a certain percentage commission set by the Bank or ATM owners. PRODUCTS OF QUBIT TECH 22

4.0 Platform Operation Process. 4.1 Platform Operation Strategy QubitTech uses a direct connection to exchange platforms Bitfinex and Binance for trading as these platforms provide high liquidity for margin trading and secure service for their clients. QubitTech takes an integrated approach to the way the platform operates, significantly reducing potential risks while maintaining a high level of diversification of the assets of the company and its users: Algorithmic methods Traditional methods Other methods Asset management process 23

The platform resources may be used or not be used (at the discretion of the platform) to conduct transactions in the spot and OTC market, as well as for venture capital investment in promising projects. Every day, QubitTech users receive a report on the platform's performance in the cryptocurrency market, as well as results on rewards for digital licenses. 4.2 Market data analysis The Qubit Tech team focuses on applying the latest technological trends to collect and analyze market data to ensure maximum effectiveness and rationality of trading and investment decisions made. The Analytical Department of Qubit Tech creates profitable financial models applying methods of econometrics, neural networks (Santiment and Toridion) as well as methods of traditional analysis through access to the TradingView analytical platform. To perform market analysis Qubit Tech uses the following types of data and indicators: Graphical and candlestick patterns; Qualitative and quantitative data reflecting the changes in trading volume over various timeframes; Qualitative and quantitative data of transactions in Blockchain networks; Qualitative and quantitative data tracking changes in the capitalization of individual projects in the cryptocurrency industry; Indicators of technical oscillators and indicators for specific assets in different periods of time. Social networks activity deep search for key inquiries and their dynamics; Public analysts opinions and data from analytical resources; Asset management process 24

Market data collected for analysis is processed using quantum algorithms (Toridion), and is also analyzed by the company's analysts. Once theoretically successful financial models are identified, they are tested on historical market data through the application of special testing algorithms. If these financial models can be optimized to deliver successful results, they are passed to the Asset Management Department to be used in the real market environment as a next step. Financial models must be constantly improved to remain effective. The Analytical Department of Qubit Tech constantly monitors, analyzes and adjusts the effectiveness of developed financial models in accordance with changing financial market conditions. Crypto-market database (Tradingview, Toridion, Sentiment, Fundamental Data) Data collection and processing (Equinix Data Centre + Toridion Quantum Algorithms) Development of financial models (Analytical Department) Application of financial models (Asset Management Department) Asset management process 25

All the software solutions and codes used to process and test financial models were installed on the Equinix Data centre cloud server. Such approach allows to store a large amount of data in one place, and thereby effectively test and develop specific conceptual solutions. A comprehensive approach to collecting and analyzing market data can significantly improve the effectiveness of asset management decisions, whereas measures preventing trading operations risks help to positively affect the Fund's profitability in the long run. Analytical Department closely monitors the state of the cryptocurrency market in real-time and quickly analyzes all fundamental changes in the financial environment, timely providing the Asset Management Department with accurate analytical reports that help to carry out the most effective trading operations. 4.3 Algorithmic methods Over the past 15 years of traditional financial markets development, algorithmic trading methods have demonstrated its significant advantages over traditional trading strategies in a wide variety of trading situations. Qubit Tech is one of just a few cryptocurrency companies that has implemented algorithmic trading methods with the use of machine learning methods developed by Toridion. Qubit Tech algorithmic trading systems are developed and upgraded by programmers with specific skill set and experience, based on the financial models provided by the Analytical Department. After receiving financial model data, programmers develop the algorithm code and then put it in a virtual simulation environment to perform testing and debugging procedures. Asset management process 26

Algorithmic system testing procedure includes the following checkpoints: Testing an algorithmic system based on historical market data in a virtual simulation environment; Post-test data analysis; Definition of operating parameters for the real market environment; Re-testing an algorithmic system based on historical market data in a virtual simulation environment; The final setup stage and strategy parameters adjustments; Having successfully passed all the testing and setup procedure checkpoints, the algorithmic system is connected to Bitfinex or Binance exchange platforms. Final setup steps include adjustments to the appropriate acceptable risk levels, trading volume, transaction cycles, as well as set the methods defining special orders used to open positions. To additionally enhance the performance of algorithmic systems, Toridion machine learning instruments were connected directly to the algorithms, which allows to track a variety of performance indicators and accumulate data essential to the future adjustments relevant to a specific financial model. The possibility of unstable operation of one or other algorithmic systems was thoughtfully balanced by the successful operations of other systems in the same time period. Based on a certain number of key performance indicators, the allocated trading volume is being dynamically shifted towards more profitable strategies. Using a large number of different algorithms allowed Qubit Tech to bring maximum diversification to the managed portfolio, therefore, achieving significantly more stable and predictable results in comparison to traditional approaches to the investment process. Asset management process 27

None of the algorithmic systems has access to more than 5% of the total volume of assets allocated for algorithmic trading. In addition, each system runs on a separate sub-account. The work of algorithmic systems is supervised by operators, while acceptable risk limits are set by the Risk Management Department. 4.4 Traditional methods Despite all the obvious advantages of algorithmic trading methods, their effectiveness is still limited to certain conditions. To increase the overall profitability of Qubit Tech investment products and to further diversify the investment portfolio, Qubit Tech also actively uses traditional trading methods implemented by a team of professional traders. Every trader on Qubit Tech team has more than a decade of successful stock market trading experience, including experience in leveraged trading. Moreover, each trader has at least three years of proven experience in managing digital assets. The distribution of managed capital between traders is based on the use of the remote proprietary trading model. Each trader has access to professional software connected to the Binance and Bitfinex exchange platforms. To ensure full compliance with the trading risk policy, every trader has certain daily, weekly and monthly risk limits. Such an approach method allows Qubit Tech to minimize the risks of losses and maximize potential returns. Qubit Tech is always on the lookout for new talents and constantly hires the best specialists on the market. After passing a thorough evaluation, which includes mandatory verification by the Qubit Tech Compliance and Security Department, as well as proven compliance with all the necessary performance indicators and professional experience, traders are granted access to special software and a proprietary room. Asset management process 28

4.5 Other methods Qubit Tech is fully aware of all the risks accompanied by margin trading operations, therefore asset management strategy implies the use of 40% of the company's active liquidity in low-risk transactions on the OTC and Spot markets. Such operations are far more predictable and are performed based on the insights provided by the Analytical Department. Operations performed on a spot market are aimed at increasing the volume of the company's main underlying asset (Bitcoin) and are performed more frequently than operations on the OTC market. OTC deals share the same ideology with spot market deals but are aimed at obtaining temporary liquidity in traditional currencies to perform operations with strategic partners. As a part of its long-term investment strategy, Qubit Tech always considers various commercially promising projects for direct investment. Such method of capital allocation implies thorough due diligence of a specific project: technology, legal structure, team composition, business processes, the likelihood of obtaining patents and regulatory documents, offered products, estimated demand from potential customers and, of course, general marketing strategy. After carefully studying all the aspects revealed by the due diligence process, Qubit Tech invests a share of the company's available free capital and sets the framework of cooperation with a project, addressing issues of business optimization and growth, as well as helping improve its the key performance indicators and achieve its goals. As of today, Qubit Tech works in close cooperation with Toridion and ez365, which have offered Qubit Tech their solutions that allowed to considerably improve certain business processes through the application of some of their technologies, products, services and insights. Many of Toridion's technological developments are already used by Qubit Tech Analytical Department on a daily basis, whilst ez365 will offer a wide variety of additional financial and entertainment services to the Qubit Tech audience in the future. Asset management process 29

5.0 Asset storage security. 5.1 Operational risk policy The highest level of Qubit Tech clients assets security is ensured by strict adherence to the following measures: Assets allocated towards operations of Traditional Asset Management Department are under the full and direct control of the Risk Management Department; Assets intended for other investment operations (Spot market, OTC market, Venture capital investments) are deposited to the exchange platforms wallets and multi-signature cold storage wallets. The Compliance and Security Department protects Qubit Tech clients assets from any fraud, industrial espionage, and other types of electronic or physical threats or attacks. 5.2 Trading risk policy Maintaining high-performance asset management requires identifying acceptable risks levels and applying them to both algorithmic and manual asset management operations. All funds used in active trading operations are distributed to sub-accounts. The volume of assets managed allocated towards various algorithmic systems or individual traders is determined by evaluating the asset management efficiency KPIs. Qubit Tech uses its own proprietary software to remotely manage and monitor trading operations across all sub-accounts and blocks any operations with cryptocurrency assets in critical situations. ASSET STORAGE SECURITY 30

This solution allows the risk management team to quickly and effectively make decisions regarding trading permissions, daily limits for the entire Qubit Tech trading system, ensuring strict compliance with risk management protocols at all times. 6.0 Audit and insurance. The professional asset management industry is associated with good returns, but also with high risks. A number of audit and insurance companies started offering their services aiming to protect consumers of financial products from fraudulent actions and incompetent financial service providers. In order to provide high standards of service, a guarantee of its financial solvency, and transparency of the business model, any credible financial company undergoes an audit and insures its asset management activities. Qubit Tech is one of the few companies in the cryptocurrency industry that uses the audit services of Ernst & Young. Ernst & Young is one of the world's largest audit and consulting firms, a part of the Big Four that also includes such corporate giants as Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG. Based on the Ernst & Young audit results, Qubit Tech was able to insurance its activities by signing an insurance contract with European-based insurance company CSOB Pojistovna. This step was a necessary measure to ensure the security of asset management operations in the cryptocurrency industry and provide Qubit Tech clients with a solid foundation for their investment decisions. AUDIT AND INSURANCE 31

7.0 ROADMAP. Q1 2020 Preparation of Qubit Tech White Paper; Testing and evaluating software solutions applicability; Selection and approval of counter-parties for operations with capital; Development of Qubit Tech security protocols; Formation of Qubit Tech advisory team; Conducting market feasibility research with the advisory team; Legal entity registration for the Qubit Tech brand, obtainment of relevant legal documentation in accordance with current regulatory standards; Company s official social media pages preparation: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram and others; Benchmarking and testing of several marketing strategies; Preparation of legal and technical documentation for the implementation of Qubit Tech MasterCard. Q2 2020 Implementation of adjustments to the asset management processes; Implementation of all the security protocols of Qubit Tech post successful stress-testing; Debugging of Qubit Tech systems based on the first feedback received during live tests; Global marketing strategy implementation kick-off: first partnerships with international agencies and partners. Relevant media contacts activation; ROADMAP 32

Q3 2020 Major system update and Beta version launch of Qubit Tech; Affiliate program kick-off; Affiliate program first promo campaign announcement; Signing an audit agreement between Qubit Tech and an audit company; Signing an insurance contract between Qubit Tech and an insurance company; Implementation of Embily processing services in the operational workflow; Introduction of branded Qubit Tech MasterCard cards; Q4 2020 Qubit Tech official launch; Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; Opening Qubit Tech client office; Opening more than 10 partner offices; Additional updates followed by stress-testing of Qubit Tech security protocols; Q1 2021 Qubit Tech Blockchain development process kick-off; Stepwise definition of signatures to be used in Qubit Tech Blockchain; ROADMAP 33

Overview of quantum-resistant methodologies after in-depth research of the current generation of blockchain technology with developers team and post-quantum cryptographists; Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; Q2 2021 Implementation of Qubit Stable Token (QST); Implementation of the transaction debugging mechanism; Security protocols stability testing against potential vulnerabilities to external hacking attempts; Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; Q3 2021 Implementation of Qubit Dynamic Token (QDT); Implementation of the transaction debugging mechanism; Security protocols stability testing against potential vulnerabilities to external hacking attempts; Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; Q4 2021 QDT Proof-Of-Stake (POS) consensus algorithm development process kick-off; OTS and extended Merkle signature scheme (XMSS) were defined as optimal multi-signature solutions; Development of a prototype node with a basic POS algorithm and integration of extended Merkle signature scheme (XMSS); Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; ROADMAP 34

Q1 2022 Network testing with nodes running on MacOS, Linux, Windows; Optimizing the C++ node. Inter-node encrypted communication (Lattice-based cryptography); Intelligent integration of electronic certificates, contracts and agreements into Qubit Tech Blockchain; QST и QDT networks update; Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; Q3 2022 Asset management solutions based on the Qubit Tech Blockchain security protocols; Social and economic interaction platform based on the Qubit Tech Blockchain; Development of Qubit Tech financial ecosystem offering financial services and products based on the Qubit Blockchain; Development of the proprietary payment system based on the Qubit Tech Blockchain; Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; Q1 2023 Preparation of relevant legal and regulatory documentation for opening a Digital Bank; Implementation and consolidation of variable frequencies for digital signatures; ROADMAP 35

Inclusion of the possibility of updating the digital signature scheme in the Qubit Tech Blockchain (Xmss, sphincs,+ future), updating the address format, support for various cryptographic hash functions (SHA2_256, SHAKE_128, SHAKE256 etc.). QST и QDT networks update; Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; Q3 2023 Qubit Tech Blockchain testing against vulnerabilities to external hacking attempts; Initiation of public hacking test conducted by third-parties; Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; Q1 2024 Launch of Qubit Tech cryptocurrency bank based on Qubit Tech Blockchain; Launch of Qubit Tech own payment system based on Qubit Tech Blockchain; Launch of social and economic interaction platform based on Qubit Tech Blockchain technology and ez365 ecosystem; Affiliate program new promo campaign announcement; ROADMAP 36

8.0 Risk factors. Risk is an inseparable part of any investment process, and even though Qubit Tech is operating within strict guidelines aimed at managing and minimizing the potential risks, that can lead to loss of assets, our clients should be aware of all the existing investing risks: Inherent risk; The risk of impairment of assets; The risk of tighter cryptocurrency assets regulation or restrictions on Qubit Tech operations by the regulator; The risk of inefficiency or failure of the algorithmic trading systems; The risk of incompetent internal actions and processes; The risk of unauthorized access to the Qubit Tech assets by third parties. 9.0 Legal information. Qubit Tech headquarters is located in Estonia. This jurisdiction offers a relatively low level of political, economic, and regulatory volatility, as well as clear conditions for cryptocurrency companies to operate in full compliance with local laws and regulations. Company address: Estonia, Harju maakond, Tallinn Kesklinna linnaosa, Roosikrantsi tn 2-1275, 10119 Company registration: No.14983934 RISK FACTORS 37

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