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1 kl in NEWS RECORD Vol. 27, No. 4 Three sections, 64 page* Phone: Thursday, August 2,1979 Second class postage paid at Manvffle, N J $6 a year, 20 cents a copy Planners schedule hearings Ramada Inn hotel proposal site plan due Special Writer This little piggy. White tbesotngrset 4-H fair last weekend. Bob Malone of Middlebush did some hanging out with Snow White, a pig on exhibit at the fair and her seven piglets, five pictured here. For more on the 4-H fair see page 7-A. (Rich Pipeling photo) Discussion picks up tonight Council debate continues over measure to control stray cats bysandllowlch Special Writer Cat control was again the topic of debate at the Franklin Township Council's agenda session Aug. 21. A proposed «4Mnal and fowl ordinance would give the township health and animal control officers the power to catch cafe which are a public nuisance or habitually found on public or private property. The amendment is sponsored by Councilman Joseph Martino who said the health officer, John Carlano, it because there exists a toati$9robtem from stray cats in cats with parasitic incontaminate the soil and to children, Bsr. Bsartmo Council member Nancy Henry protected the ordinance amendment, saying it weitidtft solve the problem and is not fair ttftttise who have cats as pets. Them. J* no way of telling whether a catia»an owner, she said. A Ms. Henry, ajong with several other council members, supported considering olt fiscensing. andinskk The subject will again be taken up at tonight's meeting. In other council business, Environmental Commission Chairman Granville Quackenbush explained the intent and purpose of a conservation ordinance he helped to prepare. The ordinance's purpose is to regulate and control the destruction and removal of trees, the movement of topsoil, erosion of soil, and sedimentation within the township. It is primarily intended for major subdivisions and there are exemptions to the regulations provided, Mr. Quackenbush noted. After a few changes, including specification that topsoil cannot be removed from the township, it will be introduced at an agenda session. A performance evaluation of township employees by the entire counob was also discussed. Council member Richard Jensen indicated the proposed evaluation form is numerical rather than narrative, wmcfa he said would be very difficult to handle. Various problems with the form were expressed by the council, which requested evaluation terms on it be WttEOff In this week Vissne: Princeton architect Michael Graves is recognised internationally, but has had no major commissions in New Jersey. Cover story. If yon thought comic hooks were for ^cichf. target it. Fans of the four-color 1 en masse Saturday for a coovtotitm, viewmg the cosecting clarified and the signature space be deleted. Very low ratings will be documented and an employee with a deficiency will have time to correct it Councilman Andy Schnatter discussed-another matter: bike paths. Cycling should be encouraged, be maintained, yet there is an "opposing safety problem" on the roads as more and more people take up the transportation method. Preference has to be taken away from the automobile motorist ana given to the cyclist, he argued, and suggested.the possibility of lowering speed limits on Franklin Boulevard. A newly planned bike path wio wind down Easton Avenue to J.F.K. Blvd. - where a path already exists. At tonight's regular council meeting, a vote win be taken on expanding flw number of Board of Adjustment members. A decision will also be rendered on designating Church Street as a oneway street Nigro runs to 4th spot LINCOLN, Neb. _ Mark Nffn, the Franklin Park 17-year-oU whose fleet feet earned him a «* «* to conipefb in the AAU Junior Olympic National Meet held hare en Aug. 11 and IS, returned home with fourth and seventh place honors. winning at weir Sttaua an she- University of Nebraska Nigro reaebed the final hsmf a i fel^yarth^autdevandtfte tts Clyardi Several applications before the Franklin Township Planning Board are ready for a Sept 5 pubfic hearing. PMS Consolidated haiappatt for a revised site plan that was approved conditionally on April 5, UTS for toe construction of an addition to an existing building off New Brunswick Road in the M-l zone. The plan changes proposed lighting at the location. In another application, Prime Motor Inns is seeking site plan approval to construct a Ramada Inn at Campus Drive and Weston Canal Road in the M-l zone. The proposed 12 room hotel on three acres with a banquet room, restaurant and swimming pool requires several variances. Changes have been made in the plan, including removal of parking in the front of the hotel and the addition of landscaping. - v. Leonard Jones has applied for site plan approval to«onstruct an addition to two bays to an existing service station at 80 Route 27 in Franklin Park in the H-D zone. The application was referred to the landscape architect for some possible revisions. Development Planning, Inc. is seeking preliminary approval for a major subdmson for «tots off Dayidson^Avenne in the M-I James "iutauius is seettsg?", proval for a major subdivision for three lots off EUsabetti Avenue. Also, Nonaaalfc FMitrbM appbed for a minor subdivision for two hits in the R-A zone on Elizabeth Avenue. In a new application, East Millstone United Methodist Church is m-rting a minor subdivision for two tote on Elm Street and Canal Road hi the R-10 Finally, Federal Express has applied for construction of an electric generator at 110 Behnont Drive in the M-l zone. A variance is required. Total Intensity Calvin Howard, instructor of the ECH Karate Systern is about to break a board with his bare fist during a demonstration at Hamilton Park during "Week of the People" festivities which continued into the afternoon despite the rain. (Rich Pipeling photo) He's the man behind the superheroes Author Denny O'Neil visits CJ Comic Art Convention by Joseph 8apla Staff Writer FRANKLIN - Denny O'Neil is Superman, Green Lantern, Batman and Green Arrow ad wrapped up in one. Only his editor baa more power than bis. Mr. OKdL a writer for DC Comics, visited the Central Jersey Comic Art Convention in Franklin Saturday, Aug. 18. The convention was at the Travelodge motel 1850 Easton Ave. "I'm not as anarchistic as (Oliver) Queen (Green Arrow) nor as respectful of anflwrity as Green Lament," said Mr. OTfciL "Green Laiitoniisafteraaanintorgalactic cop. * i^sw» IBW w» an< moir ot fhu ihafaclbiulk of llwi niijui " the «year eld writer said. '1 try to make fate CM best poleaman who ever- existod/ book, Mr. O'NeU^afawt authors in DC to survive said Mr. O'Neil. "And I did him now and then when they needed someone to do him. "The stuff that gets talked about began with Green Lantern No. 76 (April, 1970)," he added. At the time, the Green Lantern comic's sales were down. The comic book company then gave Mr. O'Neil the opportunity to do what he wanted with the character. "I had always wanted to see if I could plot comic book stories from headlines," said Mr. O'Neil. "And tins was an opportunity to see if I could do it So, I tried. "Everybody was happy with the first result," he said. "And we kept doing it that way for 14 issues." What resulted from the 14 comic run is probably the most critically acclaimed commercial sent The Academy of Comic Book Arts, a group of comic umfcsgionnla, voted Green Lantern as the best continuing feature. Mr. O'Neil won the award for best writer in the dramatic category for "No Evil Shall Escape My Sight!" His stories wen relevant They took on social issues such as race... "Ibeenreadin' about you," said ti you work forifaabaaeskins. And bow eat theorange akte. Only (ten's bothered with the I want to know hew nie that, Mr. Green,'t," answered Green e* be wetted away COMIC BOOK illustrator Denny Of*e» was in town tost weekend at a comic book convention which was held at the Travetodg* in Somerset. For more on the convention, see page 10 of Time Off. (April Saul photo) like the rest of society, attack the symptom not the disease. (Green Lantern No. 81)......and ecology......"how can I compromise with death?" asked the young man. "Shall we have half-death? Shafl we have half-diseaae? Shall we pollute half the popuktion? ShaB we have one child dfe instead of two?" (Green Lantern No. M). * Then after Green Lantern No. 81, DC ceased pubusbing the comic for "They criticaqya^riwegoti cepung gotten," want the "That's a source ef me because I i**«mt we were writts«about to still a problem," said 1 As comics, Mr. O'NeU an "critidaad a let "The mala cri tfaattuse. f

2 I he franklin NEWSflECORD Thnnday, Amort police blotteri HOT WATER OR FORCED HOT AIR HEAT You Can Eliminate or Drastically 'Reduce Heating Costs With The BOILER QUALITY COMPONENTS Honeywell electrical units... large, airtight. cart iron door with camming lock handle.., 11 gauge steel bomer and firebox each unit leek and pressure tested. FaffyAsis CMMM * n r ftr MMH H«*tl Ea*t SPECIFICATIONS Diameter 27 Length. :... 8 Firebox Diameter. 2 Meats Height Apprex. 40 laches WM Satan Boiler Volume 9.69 Sft Approx.Weight. 25 Log Length Approx. II lachn EDCOURY PLUMBING & HEATING Somerset With Th# SFB- (Ml or GM Bacomaa The Supplemental Fuel. On Aug. tt a red 10 speed bicycle, vakwd at HO wu stolen from in front of a boon on Myrtle Avenue. A Martin Street resident was victimized by a burglar who gained, entry to bis home by smashing a cellar Window. Once inside the house, the thief made off with 12 silver dollars and a pocket calculator valued at $112. The break in was reported on the evening of Aug. 19. A Bobbins Avenue resident had his camper broken into while it was parked on the street between 9 p.m. on Aug. 18 and 10 a.m. on Aug. 19. After having forced the door open, someone removed a 21 channel CB radio from the vehicle, valued at $49. Sometime between Aug. 18 and 19 a Hilkrest Avenue home was entered when someone removed the glass in* a locked door. Taken was a cassette player, a digital clock, a 12 inch black and white television, an apartment sized refrigerator and a ring. The value of the stolen items has been set at $645. Sixteen gallons of gas, valued at $16, was siphoned out of a car on Acken Lane during the night of Aug. 19. A Somerset man, Keller, *gc *, was and charged with an larceny at a borne en i Street on Aug. 18. Ponce ny BIT. neuer removed a CHUMS dresser from that home mat belonged to aged women in a«nursing home. Ponce also say they arrested Mr. Keller at the scene after neighbors called to report a larceny in progress. The Dolly Construction Co. of South PlainOeld reported on Aug. 18 that 1 sheets of plywood were stolen from its construction site on HUkrest Avenue. They were valued at $72.,t0 p OB Aug. 17 and ajn. o» Aug. 18 tae Temple Bethel ea naffiiiron sued was broken into when a classroom window a Crown telephone recorder valued at $150 and two charity bans, which contained an unknown amount of cash. A purple go-cart, valued at $150, was stolen from the front yard of a Greenfield Avenue resident on the evening of Aug. 17. Haraydo earns degree from Somerset College Ms. Ann M. Harayda, who owns and manages the Harayda Agency in Highland Park has been awarded an associate degree in applied science in real estate and. marketing from Somerset County College in North Branch. The Harayda Agency was established in 1921 by the late John Harayda, and Ms. Harayda has been associated with the firm and in the real estate business since She holds the following national real estate designations: GUI (Graduate of the Realtor Institute), CRB (Certified Residential Broker Manager) awarded by Realtors National Marketing Institute, and has completed the requirements for IFA (Independent Fee Appraiser) National Institute of, Independent Fee Appraisers, and expects to receive this award early in the fad. She is also the author of two real estate articles which appeared in Real Estate Today a national real estate publication. Ms. Harayda has taught at Kean College as an adjunct instructor, and will be teaching a course in residential sales techniques at Kean during the fall semester. Ms. Harayda resides in Ski Shop SWEET CORN t VE6EMBIES Pick»d Daily PRQTINICK FARM Dwy NIL nwpsjqs najmt PJCL Tapping the keg It's only birch beer but Rick Karowski, son of Ptl. Henry Karowski, still seems to tend to the keg like"an old pro at the PBA which was held last Saturday. (Rich Pipeling photo) r 1.' re-opens with our annual NIRGRRB Sfll! (Bargains Spelled Backwards!) 7M-1Mt You Move You Store You Lock You Carry The Key The Depot SELF-STORAGE WAREHOUSE 'MHow Lowest.Prices of the VeorH! Sfc.xSft.tt10ft.i20 ft. art tog* Mm 4*M»vow door 14 4DHVSONLV Uled., Aug. 22nd thru Sot., Rug. 25th 50% THE SOLOMON SCHECHTER DAY SCHOOL OF CEMTRAL NEW JERSEY Located at Temple Sholom, No. Bridge St., Bridgewater WHI Open Wednesday, S«pt5,1979 A few openings for students in our full day kindergarten are still available. Development of the student's knowledge in both secular and conservative Judaic areas stressed. Jewish children from conservative, reform and orthodox backgrounds are welcome. For Further Information Call Rabbi Ron Isaacs, or Dr. & Mis. Ira Cohen, An Affiliate of the United Synagogue of America 5SP Clfll > < ^T-^"" s "/- f^ =«" ^--"'iv^ ON CNTIACINVCNTORY famous brond names such os: Rossignol g K^ White Stag Truofio Nordico Caber Rakhle lon Gerry Obermeyer Sportcaster Proflfc FUESHBMKT We've redecorated our banquet rooms to make your party extra special. BOOKMOW- JAN FEB- MARCH 1980 BANQUETS AT QUARAMTES) 1979 PRICES ROUTE SaSOMBMUE. m PHONE 79S-1415 VOW HOSTS ftobencenash GENE COHEN PTL. AL Cipolla finds breaking open a clam a lot easier than breaking a big case during the Patrolman Benevolent Association's annual picnic held last Saturday in Franklin. (Rich Pipeling photo) New tenant leases warehouse lime Distribution recently leased approximately 100,000 square feet of modern warehouse space adjacent to the Somerset-Valley Ofrice Center. The new tenant is using the one story structure on a 20- acre site on Cottontail Lane in an expansion of its public warehouse services. The seven-year-old, sprinklered building, which was 22 foot ceilings and f enced-in truck loading and parking areas, was leased from die Singer Corporation. Time Distribution leased the fadhty for an anticipated rental value of $790,000 through the Alexander Summer Co. Ronald Mabr represented Time in negotiations with Singer's broker Vincent Byrnes. Time Distribution also operates Universal Warehouse, a lo6,agmquar»- foot facility in the Carter* Industrial Center, the 17»-acre business park being develepad Development Co. oft N.J. Turnpiw interchange 11 in eastern MUkBasax County. County Indictment SOMERVILLE - The Somerset County Grand Jury handed down the fallowing indictment on Aug. 18 that pertains to an incident in Franklin Township. -Castel Avilet, 21, of 2W Handy St. New Brunswick, was cbarged with lisp fly breaking into the borne of Francis Fisher on Nov. 15. Mr. Avilez faces one cow* of breaking ana entering with intent toateal, accordugto tha' indictment

3 Thursday. August I he I rdnkun NEWS RECORD Produce Bonanza MARGARINE I tor! POTATOES ohdhondftibm otmoepamm jsomouttn, vny Divot umw 5 Star Rancher's Pride Beef Rib Steak Standing, Rib Roast # Re^Sa Onions 16) 6.59' Semi-Boneless Chuck Roast Boneless i Perdue ChUCk Roast I Qvon Stuf II 7f PIPER MILEY, surrounded by several of her people puppets, works on the porch of+»f^ teott^strbet-home-4o^r....,.:.. > «,..,. >. v,.....','^_ w, v w. v /. ' ; w.!. '...-.!,.' " ' '''.'. (Rich Pipeling photo) Steak Choteal Piper plys trade for self, others by R.Zuccarelli Special Writer Piper Miley's work is child's play. The Middlebush resident, who works part-time as an arts and - crafts specialist at Lane Robbins School, {designs and creates puppets and porcelain dolls. * "I have been interested in toymaking since my teen years," Ms. JVliley said. "When my daughter Jamie, now seven, was born, all the interesting soft baby toys were expensive, so I started making my own. "A friend with a business sense advised me to try selling them. I've come a long way since then!" she declared. And today, "Jamie loves getting the rejects," Ms. Miley noted, adding, ['she has far more toys than any child should have." I September through December is her busiest season, and she says she doesn't like having to do a lot of orders. "I like to do what I want to do," she laughed, pointing out that although post of her college friends were art majors, "I didn't have the discipline to major in art." Her major was in elementary education at Kent State University, where she met her husband, Chuck, who is an art teacher at Franklin High rhool. Ms. Miley first began making puppets six years ago when the /Griggstown community staged a icrafts festival in order to raise funds to pay an attorney's fees in their fight ito keep apartments from being built in {that rural area. "Up to that time I had made puppets ferfriends and maybe sold a few every paw and then," she recalled, explaining that she has "gone commercial" for the past three years. The ^intervening years were spent on perfecting her embroidery skills. ipefrocessfor making a puppet sounds fawy simpie, butin reality is tmo yfttnntftft not only J manual dexterity but great attention todteiltoiigtifl r n i t e g l said, she makes a and fi% it with polyester fiberfill. Then she puts in irm cardboard tubes to hold the tuffing, being sure to leave space for he puppeteer's fingers. "Next, I push the fabric back and jlue around the neck. I use a rubber Mind to hold the neck. The hair is yam, which I sew on curl by curl," she scplained, pointing out that the hair requires the most time in making a auppet. The facial features she draws on in Mllpoint pen and then embroiders over that. i find it easier to work on a dozen puppets at a time, so I do all the mouths, then all the eyes," she noted. The body of the puppet is the clothing, she added, pointing out that the hands are stuffed. "Some of my puppets have feet, but tnost of the females wear long dresses," she said, adding that she sews the costume onto the fabric part pf the neck and re-glues it. MAKING A puppet takes about 15 hours, she estimated. She spreads the Activity over a week's time, putting in two or three hours a day. : "If I did any more than that I'd go blind," she charged., "Occasionally, I get asked to make a puppet that looks like a specific child, frben I use that child's old dress for the Icostume, and it's a lot of fun. The kids really enjoy seeing themselves as puppets,'' she pointed out. f A Nantucket-type old man, "with tin jwhiskers and a bald head, a big nose tad a very self-satisfied look on his face" she said is her favorite curren.creation. '. Her people puppets are circulated by the Hilbborough Public Library, and she is currently designing puppets for the Franklin Township Library's Cricket Cage in Kingston and boutiques, such as The Tree in Washington, D.C. and Good Street in New Hope, Pa. sell her creations. ; "Having a show of my own here I ioukl have room to be creative" is her bream, Ms. Miley said, adding, "my nd and I tea: about such things Or mat 'someday' when he retires rom teaching. "I daft know if it'll ever happen, mt it's a nice dream." _ Settler Tavern Nuts MOW FfMh,Wlp#S lit 4,M fegesa,»h*a*l Sudgtt Ho BrcmcT Products nmslj box I cant HM.lSSOtOtlGH *t. 206 So. Moa.-Sat.Sa.m. -10 p.m. Sim. S a.m. - p.m. I Vegetable Ol 1 - a T"4».» m Vbom I XSgftuc* tv SSeSauce ^09 Wss X '2** 5 Star Country Ovon «*a wir 1 S17S rfwet» $ ] me IfOfsoialtoniitorQlourcuADiMnkWafaianfVttiaaflMlOlfnR MaMlo ) notjilbtlmliwcbwylofcl iea»a Sunday./^o.» flw SaMdoy. Aug. 28. W7ftlM inponatla tor f Chicken Legs Afrnour BonslMi Ham Steaks ones Potties i Steakburgers ^ ^JBi* Fronn sunned k O»v«ln«d, t, 09 Sliced Seef Uver *. roaomi 5 Star Dairvlond 5 Star Froi#nkmd A\mer«vac. pks. Broccoli Z Spoors Deluxe Hno *T Apple Juice can # W <2«S SSi AAt Lenders Sogels '^49^ < TT SggcgKQy^ )2ot.S lt Sift "*" "CMS phg. FraMn Gorton lofltvr Mad \2ot.l ran rwrwii i Cream can SwtttCtl#9M vocphb. I ICtCfMMI 5 Star Appy Dipt. S Star DoN loard Markets Prt. MANVULE S. Main St. Htm.-Itmn. JM.'V pjm..v 1

4 .. I 4-A Thursday, August 2,1979 editorial Television station harmed credibility of all media The media (an awful word) has been in the throes of deep self-analysis in recent years, pondering the sad fact that it is unloved. Or more precisely that it is not respected by the public. Perhaps the most glaring instance of media stupidity occurred last month when WNEW-TV, New York television station, had a cameraman follow the husband of a kidnapped woman as he attempted to pay the ransom. All other representatives of the media newspapers, radio, wire associations and other TV outlets readily acceded to the request of banker William Dedrick that they not jeopardize his wife*s life by following him. Only WNEW ignored his plea and trailed him with a camera crew as he followed instructions from one phone _ booth to another to deliver the ransom. Fortunately for everyone - including the conscience of WNEW officials Mrs. Dedrick was released unharmed the day after the ransom was delivered. - But there is no excuse for the action by the WNEW crew. Mr. Dedrick is now suing the station for $600,000, and although it might be difficult to prove that the Dedricks were actually damaged, it might, also be difficult to find a jury which would not slap it to the TV station and add a couple of dollars to the Dedrick's request. It is such examples as this blatant disregard for the -welfare even the life of an innocent person that have given all the media-its credibility problem. Certainly no restrictions should be imposed upon the press in its right to inform the public, except that it not endanger life in its desire to get a "scoop." It is to be hoped that the general public remembers that all other media covering the kidnap story and it was a big turnout realized that it had no right to put the kidnapped woman's life in jeopardy. The vast majority of newsmen realize that the rights granted to the press in this nation carry with them the unstated rules of responsibility. WNEW was guilty of irresponsible journalism. It is no thanks to that station that Mrs. Dedrick is alive and well todav. Give your views on Pinelands bv David F. Moore N.J. Conservation Foundation Pinelands development, and restrictions thereon, have been in the news so much for the past year or two. that many may regard that as an old issue. Not so. It was only last June 28 that Gov. Byrne signed the Pinelands Protection Act, guaranteeing a system to safeguard a vital chunk of New Jersey's future quality of life. Now, every one of us in New Jersey has the opportunity, and indeed, the duty, to help shape that system so as to best fulfill its function. Thanks to some very far-sighted action by the new Pinelands Commission, the public now can contribute its ideals, values and suggestions to the creation of the Pinelands master plan, which will be the official set of I \\v franklin NEWS RFCORD- PwbhcaMon No. USK SIMM Scoring Franklin Township. ' wbmshoa ovary Thursday at MOWHtwnpoonSt. f!! fcin M I OBSJA by Tho Wmtloii Poekof, Inc. Local effka: MS Hamilton St.. Samara*. NJ.0N7*. TolaokoMK(20t)l Stova SwoMripMoN rotas: Ono yaar ft ($10 oat of tola); Two yaors ft; Thraa years $11. NowMtona ptfco N coals par copy. directions for protection of the fragile Pinelands environment which accounts for about a quarter of the land area of this state we're in. ' WHAT KINDS OF development, where they can occur and in what density are a few of the facets of the master plan, which has to be completed by August of Ifto, according to terms of the Pinelands Protection Act. I don't recall another instance in which anything as important as the Pinelands master plan was laid open to public input at the inception of its preparation. Usually, something like this is prepared in draft form before the public is allowed to find out about its provisions. That's what I mean about a farsighted action. Much credit goes to Terrence D. Moore, executive director of the Pinelands Commission, for making certain that public participation is being fostered at tins early end of the process. Mr. Moore (no relation of mine, incidentally) is no stranger to the process. Before joining the Pinelands Commission in June, he was executive director of the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corp., charged with the knotty problems of designing development criteria for city-owned watershed woodlands of more than 00 square miles. THIS EARLY-INPUT process began witba public meeting on Aug. 16 at Burlington County College. A wideranging assortment of interest groups were invited to attend and make their suggestions toward shaping the Pinelands master plan. Among the interest groups were agriculture, industry; state auul community, builders, realtors, engineers, the legal profession, Fwaua~ttoB have hardtobesp ESCALATOR Juvenile delinquency no problem in India Despite its poverty, unemployment and teeming cities, India has no serious problem in juvenile delinquency. Whatever delinquency does exist in this nation of 600 million people is handled much differently than in the United States, where half of all crime is attributed to persons below the age of 21- These are the main-findings of a Rutgers-Newark sociologist and his wife, who spent a year studying the subject with a grant from the Indo- American Fellowship Foundation. They are Prof. Clayton A. Hartjen, a specialist in criminology in the department of sociology at the State University of New Jersey, and his wife, Dr. S. Priyardarsini, a social psychologist and specialist in research methods who was then on the Rutgers staff. THEIR DATA, collected in a study made in 1978 in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, suggests that the Indian public does not consider youth crime a'* serious social problem. Juvenile misconduct is thought to be a matter for family, teachers or village leaders, rather than to be reported to the police and dealt with by the courts. In some cases, the people feel it is best not to involve the police when, a child goes astray, "because it would only cause tiim or her to be suspect in future cases or pushed into further delinquency," the researchers reported. Less than 4 percent of all arrests in India are of persons below the age of 21, in contrast to more than 50 percent in the United States. And crime by the young in the United States are infrequent in India. The youthful rapist, mugger, murderer or burglar is almost never seen in Indian courts. This is not to say that only a few youngsters are committed to correctional institutions in India," the researchers point out. They said that more than 8,000 juveniles are incarcerated in what are called "approved schools" in Tamil Nadu alone (tins state has a population of 41 million). But the vast majority of youngsters are not delinquent in a serious sense. Although a good deal of petty theft does occur, youngsters are most often charged with breaking non-drinking laws (Tamil Nadu is a dry state), sneaking rides on public transportation or vagrancy. AS IN THE United States, most offenders are granted probation or released to the custody of their parents. But juveniles who are or whose parents either don't want them or are unable to care for them tend to find their way into an approved school Commitment is a last resort, preferable to turning a cbfld loose to starve or be exploited in "Very few people expnswd the idea Hal IMIUJIMH jimmiln i Iwil in in need of gome kind of therapy," to Dr. Hartjea and Or. the child to lead a usetttl adult life, which was once thought to be the hallmark of America's approach to delinquency," the sociologists said. Even though correctional facilities are hampered by low budgets, Indian delinquents in correctional schools obtain things many never had: adequate food, clothing and a chance to get an education and a trade. In contrast to the United States, runaways from correctional schools are very few, and authorities report that recidivism, even among serious pom hersh by Pam Hersh Staff Writer delinquents, is rare. In their study, the researchers interviewed some 800 urban and rural residents of Tamil Nadu, made a study of four approved schools, interviewed 400 delinquent and 500 non-delinquent high school boys, did a content analysis of the news in three newspapers over a six-month period and interviewed.a large number of officials. "THE FINDINGS of this study are surprising in light of what social scientists have traditionally said about the causes of delinquency," they conclude. They contend that "one might expect that India would be a hot-bed of juvenile crime, with its high unemployment rate, widespread poverty, great disparities in wealth, rapid social change and other characteristics that seem to be related to delinquent behavior in Western nations. ''But these factors are not contributing to widespread delinquency in India." The study will be published next year. Here's fo your health? Staying healthy is giving me an ulcer. It is a no win situation the foods that don't cause cancer, cause heart disease or diabetes; the exercise that is good for your muscles and circulation, is bad for your bones and kidneys; the vitamins that help one part of your body, destroy another part. The time, effort and expense involved in doing the right thing for my health is wearing me down. THE SITUATION which most recently drove me to drink is water. On my last birthday (a mid-thirties "passages" crisis birthday-, I decided I would become part of the Perrier generation and abandon diet soda, and coffee. I would injest only pure, healthful water. The source of water in my township is an underground aquifer, supposedly an excellent source of clean water. Shortly after my water resolution, one of the municipal weds in town was closed because of high levels of contamination from a chemical solvent, which the Environmental Protection Agency labeled as a "possible" cause of everything from cancer to hangnails. After purchasing a faucet water purifier, I was told by a local health official "those little filters don't really get the bad stuff out of the water." I then Went the bottled water route, which, I quickly learned is fraught with all sorts of hazards. First of all, my few bottles of water transformed my food bill from, to quote my husband, "ridiculous" to "ridiculously outrageous." Secondly, one of the consumer watchdog reports informed me mat anytbmg pot into a bottle can be called bottled water. I could put my top water in fancy bottle vitha watacfabi label and sell it as "bottled" water. The consumer should only boy water labeled ' mineral" water. TOf ttuerat a then owe is water and water. Some sparkle, sorte «re " **««% sparkling, and some are unnaturally sparkling. Some are high in sodium (sometimes good for you, sometimes bad for you), and some are low in sodium. All have different combinations and levels of magnesium, potassium, calcium and even lithium, curing bunions and split ends for centuries. Perhaps -the secret to the VUWtiil* French success is the wine, not the water. The complexity of it all was just too much for me to swallow. I am ashamed to say I have reverted to a life of soda, cheese twists, M&M's, chocolate chip cookies and an occasional swig of Perrier..Crump's, It seems like only '.If 'ii' by Stuart Crump Jr. The Packet Group "? The quiet is uncanny. Just six hours ago I was telling my 7- year-old daughter that she really ought to clean up her room because '' it's no fun to return to a mess. She said she would. She didn't. She took off a few hours later to spend a couple of weeks at Grandma and Grandpa's house, an annual event that occurs between the last day of summer camp and the first day of school. Now her room sits empty, quiet and as usual messy. She'll be in second grade this year, and when I look at her I am amased how quickly they grow up, these kids ' of ours. ' SEEMS LIKE only a few months ago that I watched the doctor exclaim as he delivered her, "It's a girl!" Maybe two weeks later it was - closer to 12 months but it seemed like * about two weeks as D.S.T. (Daddy Standard Time) is measured the took her first steps and promptly ' pulled a pan off the stove and onto her head. Fortunately it was a light pan and wasn't hot. She got a scare but no bums. The first words, "Mama" and "Dada," came what seemed like a mere 10 days later. A week later she was off to nursery school and a month later to kindergarten and a couple weeks after that to first grade. Time flies that way when you're a parent. An hour with an active kid can sometimes seem like a week. But so can a year, after it's over. If you want to get rich, invent a way to keep kids small and cute for just a few years longer. Grandparents will love you. You'll make a goes very well with vanilla, < if you give it a French name. That daughter of mine reads a little bit now. Not enough yet to figure out what I'm writing in my column. But it won't be long; then I'll have to watch what I say about her. BUT FOR NOW as I sit here typing away the house echoes with a certain stillness that is eerie. I have the place "f all to myself till she gets back in a couple of weeks; then we'll pick up where we left off. Telling each other those silly jokes (she even laughs at my bad ones), arguing over whether it's past her bedtime (it always is). J debating whether she should eat everything on her plate even if I * cooked it (an art I've never quite mastered) or whether she can have' another lifesaver (sugarless only,* I thank you) before supper. She usually i f wins the arguments. I don't mind. j Then we'll sing another song* I together that she just learned at school* and which I will have long forgotten* * that I once knew. Then she'll stag it) - again and again and again, wisttngj I all urgings from me that repetition: 1 does not make the heart grow fonder,' * She will continue to bring home those beautifut^jctures she draws in % school. She loves to draw. Our walls,. can't take too many more kid put, but > we'll find room for them some place. * THIS SORT of thing will go on for a few more years. It won't be long, however, before she'll grow up and spend less time playing with me and more time away from home until that big day comes when she goes off to college or maybe to get married and the house will be quieter than it ever was before. Time sure does have a way of getting past you. But I'll have to ask you to excuse me. I haven't time to think about such things anymore just now. I have to go clean up a certain young lady's room, She knew I would., letter policy All readers are encouraged to write letters to the editor. letters must be signed and include the writer's address. It is our policy to print the name and address of the signer, but names may be withheld from print m certain circumstances upon request of the writer and approval by the editor. We reserve (he nghl to edit letters for length: 250 words is ** IM-cfftrtd maximum. $v*ry l«i!«t m good taste«me«rateg ;i totally pertinent matter wim lie published

5 ThnmUy, August 2,1979 fhe Franklin NEWS RECORD 5-A tetters to the editor Students to pay for bad movt by board of ed TO the Editor: It is unfortunate that the Board of Education made id dnpitifin to pfaos all of the BWbDebnsh School children at Hillcrest School, displacing three special education classes. Tins move has left HUknst School with no selfcontained special classes while Coneriy Road School is Self-contained do got chance to move about To the Editor: The impression was given at last Monday's Board of Education meeting that children in self-contained special education i*lattft do not lea ve their room except for lunch. My son was in a selfcontained class at Coneriy Road School last year. Not only did he go out for lunch but left his room for gym, art, music and to run errands. He also enjoyed the facilities of the library and the assembly programs. I am writing to let other parents be aware of part of the typical day of a child in a selfcontained classroom. I would say, and most educators agree that these additional experiences are both helpful and beautiful to the child in the special education classes as weu as to the children in the regular school population.. PhyllisMorris 72ApplemanRoad overloaded with Although an of the children involved in the move wffl be affected, the special children will be the ones to'suffar the most They have previously established themselves at Hillcrest School, with educational programs which provided then with ideal opportunities for mainstreaming with their peer group. The mainstreaming possibilities will now be more limited at Coneriy Road School due to- the increased number of special children. There will be no special selfcontained classes to benefit from the program at Hillcrest School. The children at i Hillcrest will not have the opportunity to mingle win the special children so as to develop an understanding of their problems and abilities. The special children are in need «f a continuing educational program on a dafiy and yearly basis that provides tern witlia feeling of security, social acceptance and ff*y-fi**innpliihmfnt to compensate for their special problems. Doe to the board's decision, the special children who are to move to Coneriy Road School will be faced with the anxiety of g themselves in a new setting. They should be given more consideration since any change in their environment may have a devastating effect QO tlwlf P6nQrAaaU)C6 personal well being.. Nancy KUkus Special Ed Teacher. Teacher balks at decision lto the Editor- 1 I was shockedtohear of the Board of Education's decision toplaceallofhilkrestschool's self-contained special education students into Coneriy Road School. Even more shocking to me was the contention by the majority board members nor is this measure the only mean of estabishing racial equality within the school system. This act is clearly a convenient administration move to cover up years, of foot-dragging in racial integration. Who will pay for the Hillcrest Plan? Hillcrest students will pay, in an environment free of special ed. kids that's not the real world. Coneriy Rd. students will pay, by needlessly being placed in a predominantly behavior modification climate, with numerous special education students mainstreamed into their classes. Special education students will pay for the Hillcrest Plan when adequate services will not be available to them i.e., an administrative assistant or special attention in mainstreamed classes. Who will pay, majority Board members? The Kids. At whose expense was this convenient racial integration of schools achieved? The Kids. The Kids, Dr. Whyte, the Kids. Evans paces local twirlers at fair The Franklin Silver Shafts 4- H Twirling Club was well represented at the 4-H fair which was held on Wednesday, Aug. 15, as members of that group took three first, a second and a third in the Recent decision failure by board on all counts The following is a guest opinion expressed by the PTA for Exceptional Children in Franklin Township in a recent statement released to The News Record: The PTA for Exceptional Children in Franklin Township, following an emergency session of its executive committee on Aug. 16, has condemned a recent Board of Education action that would locate all self-contained special education classes at the four through six grade levels in Coneriy Road School. Attainment of racial balance in Hillcrest School was cited as a major factor in the school board's decision to send the special education classes to Coneriy. Cynthia Rockhill, president of the Exceptional PTA, characterized this action as callous and irresponsible. "It is unfair for the special education population to again be the pawns in the desegregation chess game that is going on in our district. Our students have been moved constantly in recent years to facilitate racial balance in the schools. The constant mobility of special education students is a deterrent to their ongoing school achievement. This action necessitates uprooting four established special education classes. The children involved, so desperately in need of stability in their educational programs, will again have to adjust to a new building, staff and student population," she said. The PTA is also concerned with the creation of a new James J. Kopencey imbalance, the over saturation Franklin teacher, on leave of one school with handicapped students. With the diverse school environments that Hillcrest and Coneriy Road will provide, equal access to the educational process Linda DeSantis was also a first place winner for thewill not exist for the town- Silver Shafts, topping all ship's fourth, fifth and sixth grade youngsters. she took first place in the intermediate plain march and copped a first in the intermediate fancy march as competitors in the beginning well. In addition, she finished fancy march while Patricia All special education third in the intermediate solo O'Brien was second in thestudents are entitled by state wand baton and was awarded beginning plain march. rules and regulations to the pewter plate for the Anyone interested in joining placement in the least Lisa Evans was the bighighest average in the in-thtermediate division. should call the 4-H office ' Educationally Franklin Silver Shafts restrictive environment. winner for the local twirlers as handicapped Dry Idea Anti Perspirant Playtex Deodorant Tampons Soaclens 4 oz Or Clens 2 oz. - n Fostex Cake % oz. Faberge Organics Shampoo Tylenol Extra Strength Tablets 1OO's Toni Silkwave Curad Bonus Box 80's pupils are guaranteed grouping or participating with non-educationally handicapped students in activities that are part of their educational program. To comply with this legal guarantee, handicapped students are placed in regular classrooms for some portion of the day. The number of special students needing the attention of grade level, music, art and physical education teachers at Coneriy Road School would defy sound educational guidelines. Further, giving special education students the specific related services also granted by law, such as speech therapy, psychological services, health services, social work services, and learning consultant services, would place undue stress upon present Coneriy Road School A' survey of the PTA membership reveals concurrence of the opinion that parents and teachers alike were denied the opportunity to express a voice in their children's educational future. Caning the proposed plan an administrative convenience, the membership is calling for an immediate end to the practice of using special education students to expedite racial balance. Resolved in its purpose to secure the educational programs guaranteed by law for special children, the PTA is determined to reverse the board of education's decision to relocate special education youngsters, either by school board Consensus, or legal action, if necessary. still on loose, seen in So. Brunswick A South Brunswick officer reported seeing a bear crossing a township highway Thursday, Aug. 16. In addition to the officer's sighting, three sightings were reported to township police. There have been 11 bear sightings reported to township police in the last three weeks. Mission slates healing day A Healing Day With Jesus will be held at the Consolata Mission Center on Route-27 beginning at 10 a.m. on.aujf 26. The day begins with songs, prayer, praise and witness with Jon Polce and friends and continues to 11:0 a.m. when a lunch break is held. Participants are urged to pack a picnic lunch and bring lawn chairs. Beverages and music will be supplied. A Healing Mass will be held beginning at 2 p.m. with Father Renato and Jon Polce. Mr. Polce, from the Community of Brotherly Love in Rumford, R.I., is the author of the albums "The Call" and "Your Love Is Changing the World." A $ donation will be accepted for those 16 and over. me BIND Officer Ron Horinka saw a bear crossing Route 1 just north of Sand Hills Road. The bear was crossing the roadway from west to east. Two bear sightings were reported to police from the Dayton section of I Sunday, Aug. 19. 'Police sai< the bear was seen at 10 a.m. near the Dallenbach Sand Co. on Deans-Rhode Hall Road. The second sighting occurred near the Lawrence Smith Farm on Route 522 at 5:15 p.m. Then, on Monday, Aug. 20, a bear was seen near Stouts Lane. This sighting occurred at 8:0 p.m. State authorities want to capture the bear and return it' to Northwestern New Jersey. In the last few weeks, bear sightings have been reported 'in Hopewell Township, Montgomery and Franklin. 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6 6-A Thursday, August 2,1979 Intersection's dangers worry officials in Rocky Hill Accidents add to concern, but county doesn't see need for 4-way stop by Joseph Sepia Staff Writer ROCKY HILL - The Borough Council's desire for a four-way stop at Princeton and Crescent Avenues does not seem destined to become reality because the county traffic engineer thinks the intersection "does not meet warrants fora four-way stop." Stop signs are now posted on Princeton Avenue, with Crescent Avenue the through street. Kenneth Fears, county traffic engineer, said he FREE DADY SITTING BEGINNERS WELCOME SNACK DAR CALL FOR INFORMATION «* JOIN believes shrubbery and parked cars at the intersection seem to be causing problems with sight obstruction. He recommended that no parking should be allowed in the area. The intersection's accident rate is not high enough to make the. four-way stop UScounty road (Crescent FOR SOME GREAT TIMES!! 'THERE ARE STILL OPENINGS IN WOMEN'S DAYTIME LEAGUES OMEKSET DOWLERAMA on the Somemlle Circle RARITAH necessary, according to Mr. Fears. Dating back to September, 1977, according to municipal court records, six accidents have occurred at the intersection and seven traffic summonses have been issued (in separate incidents) by the state police. (Rocky Hill does not have its own police department). The intersection is the meeting of a borough road (Princeton Avenue), which runs north and south, and a Avenue, which runs east and west. The intersection is one block south on Princeton Avenue from Washington Road (Route 518). The stop sign toward the north (between Crescent Avenue and Washington Road) is 25 feet from the intersection, according to a state police accident report. About 15 feet before the stop sign is another sign warning motorists there is no parking from there to the intersection. AT A MyNICIPAL court hearing, Thursday, July 19, Maryann Jensen of Laurel Springs testified she stopped at the intersection, proceeded when the road was clear and noticed a vehicle proceeding from her left (toward Kingston). Ms. Jensen's vehicle then was involved in an accident with a vehicle driven by Herbert McMullen of Cranbury. The accident occurred Dec. 1. Ms. Jensen said she could not see Mr. McMullen's vehicle because her vision was obstructed by about five parked vehicles on Crescent Avenue (parked in the direction and in lane nearest to which Mr. McMullen's vehicle was proceeding). She said if she had pulled into the intersection to check for traffic before proceeding mere was the possibility she would have been hit by any cross traffic. Judge Richard Kcemer said there are some intersections in the borough where a driver must "inch out" to see cross traffic. Judge Koerner found Ms. Jensen guilty of failure to yield from a stop sign and fined her $10, plus $10 court costs. Lou Ellen Davis, 5 Sycamore Lane, Montgomery Township, also had her case held at Thursday's municipal court. Ms. Davis was charged with failure to yield from.a stop sign after her vehicle collided May 14 with a vehicle operated by Donna Bastedo of North Brunswick. Ms. Davis testified she stopped at the sign before proceeding south and saw clear roadway (although she noted there was a curve in the roadway}. The Rocky Hill prosecutor asked. Ms. Davis if she was satisfied the road was clear. She testified, "The left was clear, the right was clear." She said, "If I can't see" any oncoming traffic, "then I need ESP (extra sensory perception)" to know of the traffic. William Patrick, the borough prosecutor, cited a precedent that a driver must continue to make observations of the roadway while leaving the stop sign, not only observing while the vehilcle is stopped. Mr. Patrick pointed-out that the reason for the'hearing was to determine Ms. Davis' innocence or guilt, not to determine what type of traffic control should be used at the intersection. He said that is a legislative matter. 'This is the third case I have heard this evening involving this intersection," said Judge Koerner. "Ms. Davis is concerned with the layout of the intersection. Yet her defense has nothing to do with the layout of that intersection." Because she said she stopped and saw no traffic, according to Judge Koemer, Ms. Davis' failure to see the approaching vehicle was not unique to that certain intersection. "To me, it's the tradtional problem, the person looking to the left, looking to the right and for whatever reason, not making the correct determination," said Judge Koerner. Ms. Davis was found guilty and fined $10, phis $10 court costs. Ms. Davis and her daughter were injured in the accident. The seven traffic summonses issued at the intersection since September, 1977, were for failure to yield from a stop sign. Four drivers pleaded not guilty, with three guilty pleas. Only one driver who pleaded not guilty was found innocent, according to court records. This driver was not involved in an accident. THE STOP SIGN from the" south (between Crescent Avenue and Grove Street) is a few feet from the intersection. A stop line is also painted on the road. However, a driver in a normal-sized car who stops the vehicle at the stop line cannot see to tbe left because of a grass-covered mound (on tbe property of tbe former borough hall) that obstructs vision. About 200 feet before tbe intersection, before this stop sign, another sign warns that there is a stop ahead. Going east on Crescent Avenue toward the intersection, there is a basically flat straightaway that extends for about two-tenths of a mile. This portion of the roadway contains four traffic signs, one warning of an upcoming intersection (Crescent Avenue and Church Street), another posting a 5 mile-per-hour speed limit and two warning of schoolchildren crossing. Schoolchildren use the intersection as a bus stop "during prime traffic time," according to Councilman William Geoghan. When children board school buses in the morning, Mr. Geoghan said, heavy traffic passet through the intersection. One school bus driver stops her bus in the middle of the road and blocks traffic to assure safety when picking up and dropping children at the intersection. A crossing guard worked at the intersection up until the last school year, according to the school bus See INTERSECTION, page 8-A "CART R T'S GIFTS M AK TH DIFF R NC. 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7 Thursday, August 2,1979 I he Franklin NEWS RECORD 7-A EVERY PARADE needs at least one float and the Week of the People parade was no exception. This one, provided by the Hamilton Park Youth Development Project children managed to roll despite in clement weather. Rain couldn't stop people's parade IF RAIN hampered anyone it was Black Odyesse drummer Craig Plummer who tries to set up his skins under a tarp on the band's float before the parade. Rich Pipeling photos HAPPY JACK the clown, ajias Mark Clark, puts on his stilts with some help from Sam (Ron Mastenka) as the Week of the People parade prepared ttfget underway last weekend., > l '. FOUR YEAR old Shane Amorosen didn't seem to be too thrilled by the weather as she stood by and watched the parade last weekend.

8 = Credit Mercer County ComiMinltygolleo^, Trenton, wih offer four csonaoja^crmm ootnws thistanvta the New Jersey Public Tele* vision network: Carndan (2); Montdair (50); Trenton (52); New Brunswick (58). - Information Processing and.the Computer: A Survey Credits. An introductory level course in computer science Broadcast Sept. 10-Dee. 17 Mondays 6:0 pm (R) Thursdays 12:0pm Connections: Technology and Change Credits A study of the impact of modem technology on human values Broadcast Oct. 5-Dec. 7 Fridays 6:00 pm Contemporary Society Credits An introduction to the social sciences Broadcast Sept. 10-Dec. 17 Tuesdays 5:00 pm (R) Wednesdays 6 pm The Long Search Credits An exploration of contemporary religions around the world Broadcast Sept. 16-Dec. 10 Sundays 10: pm (R) Mondays 12:0 pm (R)=Broadcast Repeated Fon itails on how ^register and fulfill the requirements n nmrtil nn...» - i.-ll HflHI. II. in.llff\n\ redit courses call Mr. William Frynn at (609) , ext 7 or mail in the coupon below. mailto:mr. William Flynn, Mercer County Community College, PO Box B, Trenton, N.J Name Address Telephone ( ) Interested in information Processing a Connections a Contemporary Society D Long Search Search for talented vets to begin this October Assemblyman David Schwartz (D, Middlesex- Somerset) bas announced that the New Jersey Veterans Administration Regional Office bas selected New Brunswick as the site for one of four Statewide location for a massive talent bunt audition for unemployed and underemployed veterans in New Jersey. James Purdy, Regional Director of Newark office, with the assistance of Jerry Leopaldi, one of New Jersey's leading promoters of talent for films, TV, stage and recordings has initiated the idea of a state-wide talent search Intersection [ Continued from page 6-A ] driver, but that person moved and was never replaced. Going west on Crescent among New Jengy veterans. The audition for "Tiffrani in the Central New Jersey area is tentatively scheduled for October 6 from 9 am-5 pm at the little Theatre on Douglass Campus. The finals, tentatively, will be held nf one of the major casinos in Atlantic City in the spring of Contestants in this talent search must be veterans. Some of the categories will be singers, musicians, comics, dancers and models. There will be a winner and runner-up in each category. Some prizes will include scholarships, portofolios, exposure on cable TV. and hopefully, a screen testswitha major studio and a promotional record or recording contract Every effort will be made to have the winners received in Washington, D.C. by the VA Administration and hopefully received at the White House. Assemblyman Schwartz and Director Purdy maintain that utilizing toe theatrical talents of veterans is geared to awaken the interest of the executives in the media to the legitimate needs of veterans, not only those whose talents may be demonstrated before the cameras, but also those who may seek employment and training behind the cameras." Leaders of New Jersey's Veterans' Organheatioas,.auch as the American Legion, American Red Cross, American Veteran, Disabled' Americans, Veterans, Jewish War Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Eastern Paralynd Veterans Association have all offered their full support on this project Thursday, August 2,1979 Veterans who wish to participate, in the auditions may do so by contactingtinva Regional Office, SO Washington Place, Newark, N.J. onoa or camng an-eav Wars, and the 48. They may also call the Housing survey begins next week The seventh annual survey of bousing in the United States will get underway in this area the week of August 27. The cautioning traffic from one Avenue toward the intersection, there is a fork stop is better because if a road. He believes a four-way (Crescent Avenue and River motorist does not stop from Road) about one-tenth of a one street, there is a better mile from the intersection. chance of avoiding an accident installation approval (even Oncoming traffic beyond the because a motorist on thethough the signs are in place). fork cannot be seen from th! The state transportation intersection. STATE POLICE accident reports show two of the accidents caused' injuries. Five of 14 persons involved in the six accidents received injuries, according to the reports. Althoufcn there have been no deaths or serious injuries at the intersection, according to Councilman Ben Crane, he said there have been "some fairly serious accidents".at Princeton and Crescent avenues. Mr. Crane's house is located at the intersection. "It's a very dangerous intersection," said Mr. Crane. Mr. Crane does not want a blinking light stopping traffic from one direction and other road should also have stopped. Mr. Fears explained the procedure to get a four-way stop at an intersection: The county must submit an application to the state Department of Transportation (DOT) and cite reasons why it wants the four-way stop. The state then would review the site and grant or deny authorization. If authorized by the state, the county votes on a resolution to place the fourway stop. Should such a resolution pass, Mr. Fears would place certified signs at the intersection. (However, at this point, the signs have not been sanctioned by the state. If a motorist were to receive a stop sign violation, the charge would have to be dismissed when verified that the final authorization had not been granted. The DOT could then give commissioner must approve all traffic signs, according to Mr. Fears. The same procedure can essentially be applied for other stop, speed limit and passing zone signs, a flashing caution/ stop or full traffic lights, according to Mr. Fears. The existing stop signs at the intersection have final approval, according to a DOT spokesman. COUNCILMAN Raymond Whitlock, the borough's public safety director, said he "personally (does) not like a four-way stop." However, he said he would back a council resolution for a four-way stop survey is conducted by the Bureau of the Census for the Department of Housing and Urban Development in because he thinks that remedy would be better than the situation that exists. But Mr. Whitlock said he thinks the intersection should be better marked (possibly with flashing lights calling attention-to the slop streets). 'That's our problem," he said. Mr. Fears said additional signs would be placed warning of the upcoming intersection. response to the need for frequent and up-to-date information on the nation's bousing inventory, considered a prime indicator of the nation's economic well-being. For the 1979 survey, a sample of 80,000 housing units out of the nation's 8 million has been selected to represent a cross section of all housing in the United States. The sample was originally selected from 1970 census records and has been updated each year to include new construction and conversions. Previously, information on the housing inventory came only from the decennial census This would involve the of housing, irregular sample (rimming of trees and the surveys, and one-time special relocation of some existing studies. With regular annual traffic signs, according to Mr. surveys it is possible to make Fears. year to year comparisons of "We've been after this thing the number and types of for the last three ur four housing, changes in the total years," said Mayor Albert housing stock resulting from Robot li. lasses and new construction, The borough has requested and changes in housing cost statistics from the state and the cost of services and regarding the number of utilities. accidents at the intersection in Timely information will be 1975, 1976 and Mr. available for a wide variety of Leopaldi School of Theatrical Arts or Pnttp Beachem at Assemblyman Schwratz's office - Census Bureau representatives will begin interviewing households the last part of August and the work will continue for about three months. Households in the sample will be mailed an introductory letter prior to the interviewer's visit. For unoccupied units, information will be obtained from landlords, rental agents, or neighbors. Joint HUD-Census reports on the results of the survey are expected to be issued in late Statistics will be tabulated for the U.S., for each of the four census regions for urban and rural areas, for Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas as a whole, both inside and outside central cities, and for the remainder J( non- of the country metropolitan areas). UNION CHANGE Members of the maintenance and engineering department at the Middlesex General Hospital in New Brunswick voted last week to end their seven year affiliation Whitlock said the 1978housing related items, such as statistics will not be available indicators of the physical until August. condition of residential with the National Union for Mr. Geoghan said the structures, as well as thehospital Care Employees as council is now trying to characteristics of the oc-theicupants including those who The vote was 20 to 10 to reject sole bargaining agent. 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9 Hmraday, August 2,1979 I he Franklin NEWS RECORD Physicals, practice set for Franklin athletes Athletic officials at Franklin ^g School have announced. 'times for physicals and opening practice sessions and have also put out a call in,'searoh of.a coach for the boys 'cross country team. Physicals for candidates for fall athletic teams will be held "on both Aug. 24 and Aug. 9 beginning at 8 a.m. Scheduled to report for physicals on Aug. 24 are varsity and junior varsity football, soccer, gymnastics and girls tennis. On Aug. 9 physicals have been scheduled for candidates for field hockey, boys and girls cross country and freshman JbotbalL Vanity and junior vanity footballwill begin practice at 8 a.m. on Aug. 27 when they will begin two-a-day drills. Girts gymnastics and giris tennis will also begin the same day, but at 9 a.m. All soccer candidates win Chamber golf outing to tee off on Aug. 29 The. Franklin Township, Chamber of Commerce will 'hold its second annual golf outing on Wednesday, Aug. 29 at the Raritan Valley Country Gub. Tee off time is 2 p.m. The cost is $45 per person which includes greens fees, golf cart and the awards dinner that evening. Prizes [ will be awarded to winters in '. both net score and gross score categories. In addition, there will be proficiency and fun contests public notice TO: IDEAL FENCE & SUPPLY INC.. GUARANTEED BLOCK COMPANY, a New Jersey corporation You ire hereby summoned and required < serve upon Kovaca, Horowitz * Rader, Esquires, attorneys for the plaintiff, whose address is 1 State Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, an answer to the Complaint and First and Second Amendment filed In I s Civil Action, in which the Federal r National Mortgage Association, is % plaintiff, and Alphonso Zimmerman, M... ahv are defendants, pending in the '- Superior Court of New Jersey (Docket No. W F-&75-7*). wilwn thirty-five days after, August a, i«79 exclusive of such data, if you fau iodo so. the relief demanded in the.,, Complaint and First and Second Amendment will be taken by default against you. K You shall file your Answer and proof of., service in duplicate with the Clerk of the Superior Court of New Jersey, State House Annex, Trenton, New Jersey, in accordance with the Rules of Civil Practice * and Procedure. This action has been instituted for the purpose of foreclosing a mortgage dated April IS. 1977, made by Alphonso Zimmerman and Brenda Zimmerman, Ms wife, to J.I. Kislak Mortgage Corporation as mortgagee and concerns real estate located tn SeTowmhlp of Franklin in the County of Somerset, New Jersey " '... M e victor You, ideal Fence it Supply Inc., are made a party defendant herein because you obtained a judgment in the V County District Court which was t in the Superior Court of New Jersey on January», 1974 in the amount of S4S.40 against Mr. Zimmerman k Kathy Zimmerman, who may in fact be the owqars of the mortgaged premises. v You, Guaranteed Block arty defendant I led a judgment In i _ /District Court which was) > Superior Court of Hew Jcney on... mber, 19, 1978 in the amount of «W 6 agaimt Mr. Zimmerman and Mrs. Zimmerman, who may in fact be the owners of the mortgaged premises. W. Lewis Bambrick W. LEWIS BAMBRICK, Clerk Dated: August 2. lire KOVACS. HOROWITZ * RADER Attorneys for Plaintiff By Oliver ft. Kovacs OLIVER R. KOVACS A Member of the Firm FNR*n-79 It Fce:$ for the players during tike tournament For further information or to make reservations, calf Bob Bugnand, tournament chairman, at or call the chamber office at obituaries Nellie Johnson SO. BOUND BROOK - Nellie J. Johnson, 87, of Franklin Street died on Aug. 17 at home. A lifelong resident of South Bround Brook, Mrs. Johnson was a communicant of Our Lady of Mercy R.C. Church and a member of the Altar Rosary Society and the South Bound Brook Senior Citizens., Surviving are a son, Herbert Jr. of South Bound Brook; three daughters, Eileen Fazekas, with whom she lived, Virginia DeLong and Claire Heitz, both of Hillsborough; 11 New members hosted by club Cedar Wood Woman's Club Membership Chairperson, Grace Pastorini welcomed prospective new members at the club's first coffee held at the home of Lorraine Pawelko. The dub is presently accepting new members and residents of Franklin Township who are interested can The membership committee plans to hold additional get acquainted coffees to familiarize prospective members with the club's purpose and activities. New members will be installed at the membership tea to be held in September. begin practice at 9 a.m. on Aug. 28 while field hockey, girls crass country and boys gymnastics will an begin the following day. Field hockey and girls cross country will begin at 8 gymnastics a.m. a.m. while boys win start at 11 Athletic officials have not yet been able to hire a coach for the boys cross country team. Consequently, candidates for the boys team should report to Mr. Dohn during physicals on Aug.». No athletes will be permitted to practice until they have had a physical by the school physician or another physician of their own choosing. A permission. Blip signed by their parents must also be handed in. Safety town pulls in sidewalks Safety Town *79 came to an end last Friday with the formal graduation of the last two groups of youngsters participating in the bicycle and pedestrian safety awareness program. The six, two-week semesters are sponsored annually by the Franklin Township Jaycees. Instructor Debbie Conway was assisted during the program this year by Franklin policemen Nick Marsicano and Carl Paul. Participants who received grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren. Services were held Monday at the Conroy Funeral Home, 21E. Second St., Bound Brook. A Mass of Christian Burial followed at Our Lady of Mercy Church. Burial was in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Bridgewater Surviving are two sons, Lawrence of Edison and Ozzie of North Brunswick; a daughter, Bella Markowitz of North Brunswick, eight grandchildren and six greatgrandchildren. Services were held Sunday at the Congregation Etz Ahaim, 20 Dennison Place. Rabbi David Glicksman officiated. Burial was in the Etz Ahaim section of Poile Zedek Cemetery, New Brunswick. Shiva was observed at the Lawrence Nahama residence, 18 Sycamore Ave., Edison. Arrangements were by The Crabiel Home for Funerals, 170 N. Main St., MiUtown. Lena Nahama Lena Oziel Nahama, 85, of the Central New Jersey Jewish Home in Somerset died on Aug. 17 at the home. Born in Greece, she had lived in the New Brunswick area for most of her life. : Mrs. Nahama was a charter member of Congregation Etz Ahaim, Highland Park, and certificates for completing the morning class are: NoeOe Rioux, Paul Sullivan, Chris Rojek, Michael Schmelzer, Donald Garwood, Julie Peace, Jennifer Gentle, Tara Cells, Narjana Cyrille and Kim Oteson. Erica Olsson, Jeffrey Wickersham, Marty Dever, Amanda Hale, Brett Hale, Stephanie Gutentag, Penny Gupta, Matthew Klikus, Ronald Dorf, Beth Vitucci and Amy Vitucci. Nancy Bonvino, John was a member of its sisterhood. Her husband Issac died in Howard Newman A Franklin Township man drowned Sunday when his canoe capsized, according to police. Howard C. Newman, 4, of IS Cypress Road and his wife Sharon were canoeing on the Delaware River around 4 p.m., when the accident occurred. According to State Police Mr. Newman and his wife were rescued by Leonard Artigliere and Joseph Gambino of Madison, but efforts to McGuire, Jin Sodie, Jacqnetyn Rodriguez, Bobby Piagentini, Matthew Shutske, Dana Pfefl, Renee Lokenberg, Alan Moore, Alex Moore and Tiernie Riveiro. Bobby Frese, Eris Malara, Philip Pawelko, Caroline Hatton, Christopher Kline, Scott Hendrickson, Todd Hendrickson, Jennifer Recifo, Michelle DeNteoia, Michael Gluck, Daniel Jones, Artavius Patron, Kathleen McGrath and Sandra Schock. Bicycle Safety Town revive Mr. Newman were futile. ' Born in New York, Mr. Newman had been a resident of Kendall Park. He was the proprietor of the Weiner Reinfield Agency in Dunellen and the Kilmer Agency in North Brunswick. Mr. Newman graduated from South Brunswick High School and Rider College. He also attended West Virginia Law School. Surviving are his wife, Sharon, and his parents, Frances and Seymour of Kendall Park. Services were held Tuesday in Hernpetead New York. Burial was in WeUwood Cemetery, Pinelawn, N.Y. nanpc MCKT0 UANl/t SCHOOL REGISTER NOWI HELEN PAUL SCHOOL OF DANCE Classes for Tots * Teens * Adults or Rt. 27 Kendall Park, N.J. (On Suburban Bus Rout*) Expert Instruction Experienced Teachers Member N.J. Dance Theatre Guild graduates are: Matthew Sahman, Frank Cirrincione, Michael Wiffiamson, Al Maglio, Vincent Buszko and Joey Catvo. Jamal Wade, John Casate, Daniel VanWickle, Keisha Baptist and Karthik Ratnanathan. Woman's club donates blood An urgent plea for O Negative blood was received by Cedar Wood Woman's Club Coordinator of Blood Services, Bernice Schnier. Donors responded and the blood was sent to Beth Israel Hospital in Newark. Residents of Franklin Township requiring blood credits should contact Ms. Schnier at for additional information and details. Cedar Wood Woman's Club also holds an annual blood drive each spring. NEW ARRIVAL SOMERVILLE - The Somerset Medical Center announced the birth of a girl to Robert and Nancy Bering of RD #, Box 98E, Grouser Rd., Somerset on August 7. by Arnold Mans Leaving the choice of string tension up to your stringer or local pro might seem to be the easy alternative to knowing what is best for yourself. tennis tips Each racquet has manufacturer's n tensions that are either on the can then dictate whether y«should select the more control or th hang tag or included in the higher - more power stringing instructions accompanying the racquet Read these and you will then be able The Racquet Mann sportiq But, it doesn't have to be a to choose from a range such as goods store which is located 1 unilateral decision. You SO to 60 pounds of tension. the Village Plaza should know certain basics. The type of gtfme you play center on Easton Avenue! 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10 ''Thursday, August 2,1979 I ho FrankliniNEWS RECORD Physicals, practice set for Franklin athletes Athletic officials atfranknn ^g School have announced r times for physicals and opening practice sessions and -have also put out a call in 'search of a coach for the boys ''crass Country team.' * Physicals for candidates for "fall athletic teams will be held on both Aug. 24 and Aug. 29 beginning at 8 a.m. Scheduled to report for physicals on Aug. 24 are varsity and junior varsity football, soccer, gymnastics and girls tennis. On Aug. 28 physicals have been scheduled for candidates for field hockey, boys and girls cross country and freshman football. Vanity and junior varsity football will begin practice at 8 a.m. on Aug. 27 when they will begin two-a-day drills. Girls gymnastics and girls tennis will also begin the same day, but at 9 a.m. All soccer candidates will Chamber golf outing to tee off on Aug. 29 The Franklin Township Chamber of Commerce will hold its second annual golf outing on Wednesday, Aug. 29 ' at the Raritan Valley Country Bugnand, Club. Tee off time is 2 p.m. The cost is $45 per person which includes greens fees, golf cart and the awards dinner that evening. Prizes will be awarded to winters in ' both net score and gross score ' categories. In addition, there will be proficiency and fun contests public notice TO: IDEAL FENCE 4 SUPPLY INC., GUARANTEED BLOCK COMPANY, a. New Jersey corporation You are hereby summoned and reouired io serve upon Kovaa, Horowitz * Rader, Esquires, attorneys for the plaintiff, whoae address is 1 State Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, an answer to the Complaint and First arid Second Amendment fifed in, a Civil Action, in which the Federal National Mortgage Association, is, plaintiff, and Alphonso Zimmerman, et.. ab. are defendants, pending in the ' Superior Court of New Jersey (Docket No.,- F ). within thirty-five days after August 2,1979 exclusive of such date. If you fail to do so, the relief demanded in the, Complaint and First and Second Amendment will be taken by default against you. : You shall file your Answer and proof of service in duplicate with the Clerk of the : for the players during the tournament. For further information or to make reservations, call Bob tournament chairman, at or call the chamber office at 46&-4U. obituaries Nellte Johnson SO. BOUND BROOK Nellie J. Johnson, 87, of Franklin Street died on Aug. 17 at home. A lifelong resident of South Bround Brook, Mrs. Johnson was a communicant of Our Lady of Mercy R.C. Church and a member of the Altar Rosary Society and the South Bound Brook Senior Citizens. Surviving are a son, Herbert Jr. of South Bound Brook; three daughters, Eileen Fazekas, with whom she lived, Virginia DeLong and Claire Heitz, both of Hillsborough; 11 Superior Court of New Jersey, Stale House. Annex, Trenton, New Jersey, in ac- Af AtA# fmaiilflai'c cordance with the Rules of Civil Practice I1BW if f fjff # /!9 and Procedure. This action has been instituted for the purpose of foreclosing a mo April made by Al merman and Srenda Zimmerman, his wife, to J.I. Kislak Mortgage Corporation as mortgagee, and concerns real estate located in the Township of Franklin in the County of Somerset, New Jersey being commonly known as 6 Victor Street, Franklin Township, New Jersey. You. Ideal Fence * Supply Inc., are made a party defendant herein because you obtained a judgment in the Middlesex County District Court which was docketed in the Superior Court of New Jersey on January in the amount of tms.40 against Mr. Zimmerman k Kathy Zimmerman, who mayin fact be the owners of the mortgaged premises. You. Guaranteed Block Company, are " a party defendant h r" " tallied a Judgment in t. District Court which wast > Superior Court of slew. Jersey on mber, 19, 1978 in the amount of.8 against Mr. Zimmerman and Mrs. Zimmerman, who may In fact be the owners of the mortgaged premises. W. Lewis Bsrabrick W. LEWIS BAMBRICK, Clerk Dated: August 2. 19TO KOVACS. HOROWITZ * RADER. Attorneys for. Plaintiff By Oliver R. Kovacs OLIVER R. KOVACS A Member of the Firm FNRfcB-7» It Feet* fig hosted by club Cedar Wood Woman's Club Membership Chairperson, Grace Pastorini welcomed prospective new members at the club's first coffee held at the home of Lorraine Pawelko. The club is presently accepting new members and residents of Franklin Township who are interested can The membership committee plans to hold additional get acquainted coffees to familiarize prospective members with the club's purpose and activities. New members will be installed at the membership tea to be held in September. begin practice at 9 a.m. on Aug. 8 while field hockey, girls cross country, and boys gymnastics win all begin the following day. Field hockey and girls cross country will begin at 8 a.m. while boys gymnastics will start at 11 a.m. Athletic officials have not yet been able to,hire a coach for the boys cross country team. Consequently, candidates for the boys team should report to Mr. Dolan during physicals on Aug. 29. No athletes will be permitted to practice until they have had a physical by the school physician or another physician of their own choosing. A permission slip signed by their parents must also be handed in. Safety town pulls in sidewalks Safety Town *79 came to an end last Friday with the formal graduation of the last two groups of youngsters, participating in the bicycle and pedestrian safety awareness program. The six, two-week semesters are sponsored annually by the Franklin Township Jaycees. Instructor Debbie Conway was assisted during the program this year by Franklin policemen Nick Marsicano and Carl Paul. Participants who received grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren. Services were held Monday at the Conroy Funeral Home, 21E. Second St., Bound Brook. A Mass of Christian Burial followed at Our Lady of Mercy Church. Burial was in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Bridgewater Surviving are two sons, Lawrence of Edison and Ozzie of North Brunswick; a daughter, Bella Markowitz of North Brunswick, eight grandchildren and six greatgrandchildren. Services were held Sunday at the Congregation Etz Ahaim, 20 Dennison Place. Rabbi David Glicksman officiated. Burial was in the Etz Ahaim section of Poile Zedek Cemetery, New Brunswick. Shiva was observed at the Lawrence Nahama residence, 18 Sycamore Ave., Edison. Arrangements were by The Crabiel Home for Funerals, 170 N. Main St., Milltown. Lena Nahama Lena Oziel Nahama, 85, of the Central New Jersey Jewish Home in Somerset died on Aug. 17 at the home. Born in Greece, she had lived in the New Brunswick area for most of her life. Mrs. Nahama was a charter member of Congregation Etz Ahaim, Highland Park, and certificates for completing the morning class are: Noelle Rioux, Paul Sullivan, Chris Rojek, Michael Schmelzer, Donald Garwood, Julie Peace, Jennifer Gentle, Tara Cells, Narjana Cyrille and Kim Oteson. Erica Olsson, Jeffrey Wickersham, Marty Dever, Amanda Hale, Brett Hale, Stephanie Gutentag, Penny Gupta, Matthew Klikus, Ronald Dorf, Beth Vitucci and Amy Vitucci. Nancy Bonvino, John was a member of its sisterhood. Her husband Issac died in Howard Newman A Franklin Township man drowned Sunday when his canoe capsized, according to police. Howard C. Newman, 4, of 15 Cypress Road and his wife Sharon were canoeing on the Delaware River around 4 p.m., when the accident occurred. According to State Police Mr. Newman and his wife were rescued by Leonard Artigliere and Joseph Gambino of Madison, but efforts to McGuire, Jill Sodie, Jacquelyn Rodriguez, Bobby Piagenum, Matthew Shutske, Dana PfeiL Renee Lokenberg, Alan Moore; Alex Moore and Tiernie Riveiro. Bobby Frese, Bris Malara, Philip Pawelko, Caroline Hatton, Christopher Kline, Scott Hendrickson, Todd Hendrickson, Jennifer Redfo, Michelle DeNicok, Michael Gluck, Daniel Jones, Artavius Patron, Kathleen McGrath and Sandra Scbock. Bicycle Safety Town revive Mr. Newman were futile. Born in New York, Mr. Newman had been a resident of Kendall Park. He was the proprietor of the Weiner Reinfield Agency in Dunellen and the Kilmer Agency in North Brunswick. Mr. Newman graduated from South Brunswick High School and Rider College. He also attended West Virginia Law School. Surviving are his wife, Sharon, and his parents, Frances and Seymour of Kendall Park. Services were held Tuesday in Hempstead New York. Burial was in Wellwood Cemetery, Pinelawn, N.Y. DANCE -52 REGISTER NOW 1 HELEN PAUL SCHOOL OF DANCE \& iz a* Z> ' C b /S>7P %'* Fairy* nd JJ *erol; ics \ i Classes for Tots * Teens * Adults or Rt. 27 Kendall Park, N.J. (On Suburban Bus Rout*) Expert Instruction Experienced Teachers Member N.J. Dance Theatre Guild graduates are: Matthew Salzman, Frank Cirrincione, Michael Williamson, Al Maglio, Vincent Buszko and Joey Calvo. Jamal Wade, John Casale, Daniel VanWickle, Keisha Baptist and Karthik Ramanathan. Woman's club donates blood An urgent plea for 0 Negative blood was received by Cedar Wood Woman's Club I Coordinator of Blood Services, Bernice Schnier. Donors responded and the blood was sent to Beth Israel Hospital in ^Newark. Residents of Franklin Township requiring blood credits should contact Ms. Schnier at for additional information and details. Cedar Wood Woman's Club also holds an annual blood drive each spring. NEW ARRIVAL SOMERVILLE The Somerset Medical Center announced the birth of a girl to Robert and Nancy Bering of RD #, Box 98E, Grouser Rd., Somerset on August 7. by Arnold Mann Leaving the choice of string tension up to your stringer or local pro might seem to be the easy alternative to knowing what is best for yourself. But, it doesn't have to be a unilateral decision. You should know certain basics. tennis tips Each racquet has manufacturer's recommended tensions that are either on the hang tag or included in the stringing instructions accompanying the racquet Read these and you will then be able to choose from a range such as 50 to 60 pounds of tension. The type of game you play can then dictate whether yo should sestet the more control or tb higher more power MR. MANN is the owner o The Racquet Mann sportta goods store which is located it the Village Plaza shoppin, center on Easton Avenue Sign-up dates set for donee NEW BRUNSWICK Evening, weekend and Call for schedule Tennis classes through the classes for children will begin classes by levels. YWCA of Central Jersey will in October at the East begin the week of Sept. 10. This Brunswick Racquet Club. Sign up now for the Wome first series will be held on Area experts, Judy Burt of Intermediate Doubles Leagt weekday mornings at Buc- Somerset and Ida Whitman of League will play on Sunda; celeuch Park. New Brunswick, will instruct. -4:0 p.m. \ PRINCETON Go to the At C&M Toys, you'll find values & variety for Back to School, for Birthdays and parties all year round that are always at the head of their class. Shop in complete comfort through wide, bright, colorful aisles of quality toys, games, crafts, electronic games, party supplies and infant & juvenile needs. 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11 10-A Thursday. August 2. l*>7f THE 4 H DRILL TEAM does the complex "Rambling Rose" figure at the annual 4-H fair. 4-H'ers give their all at annual fair The 4-H Fair held every summer by the Somerset County 4-H brings children and adults from all over the county to the fairgrounds on Milltoivn Road in Branchburg. There are the traditional, agriculture exhibits, more modern demonstrations of machines and some of man's newer discoveries. But the alluring thing about the 4- H Fair is the full participation by the 4-Hers themselves. The work put forth by the clubs and individuals which culminates each summer in the fair is well ivorth the effort. Shown here are just a few of the many individuals who showed their talents, be it on a motorcycle, a horse or with a chicken or a sheep. Photos by Linda Dezan and Rich Pipeling LIND ROEVER works on a sheep during the dressing competition. THIS IS a rrested Black Polish rooster affectionately called 'Stash' by his owner, Lisa Harvey. f- v ~s «iclub. Her horse Red Mai's Bright Joker looks Wee he could HILLSBOrtOUGH-S JrrrtWum < e w l w pu»fife 2S0 Suzuki through its paces. J,T

12 The Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday. AiipiM 2.1OTQ 16 batteries 15 ower by Tom Carroll SUff Writer Will the 1960s be the decade of the electric car? I Lou Mercantanti thinks so and hopes so. He is instrumental in the marketing of electric vehicles through Mercantanti Ford of Bordentown, which he claims is the sole distributor of electric automobiles in the state. The dealership recently received a shipment of Lectric Leopards, specially converted versions of Renault's Le Car which are produced by U.S. Electricar Corp. of Athol. Man "It is not conventional automobile," says Mr. Mercantanti. "It's an Innovation, a new technology. And It has an early market, thanks to the energy problem." This unconventional converted Le Car runs on a 15-horsepower motor powered by 16 six-volt batteries (six of them under the hood, the remaining ten behind the back seat). THE MAXIMUM SPEED of the vehicle is approximately 96 miles per hour and it has an operating range of miles per charge oh the average, with a greater distance attainable if the erasing ipeed is held below 40 mph. Government tests have shown that the car is capable of 108 miles on a charge in exclusively city driving. Allhighway driving cuts the range almost in half with a range of miles, according to Mr. Mercantanti. With a unique copyrighted electronic-advance computer system, the Lectric Leopard can be driven as either a manual or automatic transmission. In third gear the car can operate without any need for gear shifting, although this automatic mode is not recommended for optimal performance. On the Lectric Leopard's steering column are an amp-meter and voltmeter to inform the driver of the strength of the charge and the amount of electric energy used. Recharging the car can be done overnight by plugging it into a standard 115 volt 20 amp circuit at a cost of between 80 and 85 cents for a full charge.. "THE CAR is cost effective," says Lou. "It costs about "a penny to a penny-and-a-quarter per mile to run." The Lectric Leopard is also virtually maintenance free. There, are no starter problems. It's "on" all of the time when the key is in the ignition. There is no stalling, sputtering, exhaust problems or any need for tune-ups or oil changes. The motor possesses only one moving part: Every three years, or 6,000 miles, however, the battery supply should be replaced, at a cost of $640. "That cost is more than offset by the penny-per-mile charge." My* Mr Mercantanti, who claims that there is still a savings of $1,500 in maintenance costs over a three-year period when compared to a regular car. The Lectric Leopards are by far the most economically priced of the few electric can gradually making their way onto the market, according to Lou. A stripped-down version of the vehicle Mils for , and one with all of the options goes for about «,900. "We looked at some of the other electric car manufacturers who are converting the Volkswagen Rabbits and the AMC Pacers, and their prices are incredible - $14,000 and more!" he says "We decided on the RenaulU." The high prices are a result of the currently limited market for electric cars, according to Mr. Mercantanti. While the large auto manufacturers are researching the development of electric vehicles, it is only the small companies that are now making them and their costs are higher. The limited market for the electric car is the urban or college campus driver who makes short, low-speed trips. "The car has a limited use, it's primarily designed for delivery service, short distance correspondence, city or campus driving," says Lou. "It's not designed to drive from Trenton to Atlantic City." The most important part of the Mercantanti marketing plan for the electric cars is the public awareness program that will be conducted beginning the middle of this month, according to Lou. THE PROGRAM is designed as'a screening process to inform the interested public on the uses and limitations of an electric vehicle to make sure that no one purchases the car without first understanding what and what not to expect from its performance and capabilities. Mr. Mercantanti reports no problems at all in selling the car. "There are 15 to 18 individuals who have expressed interest and many of them want to put down a deposit," he says. City hall takes on federal rules fcy Edward Vaa AradaJe Stall Writer MILLSTONE It is unlikely that Lenard WSbberley was thinking of Mfflstone when be wrote "Tbe Mouse That Roared," but like the Dutchy of Grand Fenwkk, this smalltown of Just over 800 inhabitants is taking on the VS. government and what is even more absurd... it just may win. On July 5, Mayor Marty Patrick fought unfamiliar subways and mates of New York streets to testify before the US. District Court in Manhattan in support of a Westcbester county, N.Y. civic federation's claim that postal regulations restricting, unposted mail from mailboxes Arguing that "sucb regulation* violate the Pint Ammendment rights of all non-commercial entities," attorney John H. Hammer, a Federation member representing the * ** of Greenburgh Civic Associations, asked representatives of other small communities, political action groups, fire companies and civic groups in the tribute area to testify as to burdens these rij^awtieas cause, ^m* Millstone Borough Council, on occasion, places unposted messages in mailboxes reasoning that this speeds delivery, cuts costs, protects the messages from inclement weather and insures safety of homes by not having **/ *P Of* tvus messages protruding from door cracks and thereby announcing that no one is hoiue. "We don't abase tbe postal system," stated Mayor Patrick. "When we have an sportant message we attempt to give it directly to the people. If we can't, we leave it in the maifeoxes." Tbe postal service views it differently. "If (an item) is in, on or attached to the box it is subject to postage. The law protects the mail," stated Somerville postmaster Paul Frey who, a year ago last June, billed tbe Millstone Borough Council M9.92 to cover first class mailing costs for a total of 84 fliers that council members placed in local mailboxes on three separate occasions. <<60 Ptf WE CAN BE YOUR BETTER HALF. 'We have been lenient with them," continued Mr. Frey, noting that there is tbe potential of a $900 fine for each instance of unauthorised use of a mailbox. Since that time tbe matter was turned over to the Inspector's Office at the New Brunswick post office. Because of its site. Millstone is unable to make itself beard on its own. "What is important to us doesn't make it in tbe larger papers," stated Mayor Patrick. And even with the offer of free legal council by tbe local firm of Schachter, Wohl, Conn and Trombadore the expenses, quoted by the borough's attorney Stephen Offen, of $500 to $B00 if the case is appealed is too high for Millstone to wage its own suit. federation member, also placed fliers in residents' mailboxes. Unlike Millstone, the local Post ' Office Planners needed The Meadows Foundation will hold an open planning meeting to prepare for its ^ Instead, in February, tbe threatened the t«$ fine for Council deckled to add their each offense. Tbe federation voice to the Westcbester case chadeofsd the regulations by now being beard. tbe present suit arguing that costs and time delays of using Like Millstone, the Saw Mill regular mails are in- Valley Civic Association, a surmountable barriers to effective communication. The federation's case was one dismissed by the VS. District Court annual Indian Summer Bazaar on Thursday. Sept. 6 at 8 p.m. at the Van Wickle House Easton Ave. All township residents interested in participating in the organization of the bazaar set for Saturday. Oct. 6 are invited to join the planning group For further information, call John Krapcho at ^jf^- i* HEY KIDS! PRINCETON SHOPPING CENTER NORTH HARRISON STREET Moon Walk Kids can Jump around in I to their dehghi 1 Center ot Man aassy area next to " BonAooaM Would Like To Take You For A Ride! (on Saturday August 25th) We are having a back-to-school Carnival Celebration! Charlie & Jingles Clown Show Center ot Mali Two Performances noon Look for Special Back-To-School Values m our Stores The Whip Center ot Mali FT Frtebw (as long as supoty lasts) Center ot Mall &0TUT A»i _ Reading's "Great Factory Store" on Moss Street is a unique shopping experience with a great savings idea! The idea is to sell quality, famous name merchandise at exceptionally low prices. Through the Great Factory Store" over 200 manufacturers sell current seasonal fashions for men. women and kids. All merchandise is priced up to 75% off the regular retail price. JUSTAROUND We ve taken the best part of Reading s Moss Street, squeezed it into one Great Factory Store and moved it closer to you! You II now have the opportunity to enjoy its.unique shopping experience right in your own town 1 The Great ^ ^ Factory Store ticket tells it all 1 The regular retail price is. k v marked on it <&jr ^ \ /XYoupayV* & \ y \ this price :* ' "YOUf*Y\ uniess THIS ^ further.price V2. 'reduced. Shop where you find the Great &*!?% \ Factory Store ticket! \\ I* j You II get the best buys for half the price! REAMNG OUTLETS AREN'T AS FAR OUT AS THEYUSEDTOBE. YOU PAY 1/2 MENS ^ ^ S DOWN JACKETS FROM THE HUNTER Z MOUNTAIN COLLECTION _^, A - 4* a a e REG. YOU RETAIL $40 - S70 - $85 PAY MISSES DOWN VESTS THIS FALL S VEST FOR THE OUTDOOR WEAR IN FASHION 1 1 REG I RETAIL $40.00 YOU PAY YOU PAY 1/2! FAMOUS MAKER SBtRATES SELECTION IN KNIT SHIRTS. PANTS. JEANS. OVERALLS. CREEPERS & SKIRTS 5Q% gf 'Not shown \ Drawingtor4 8" Oaky Queen Cakes wittvctm(!»& Jingles From 11:00 AW to :00 PM Plenty of FREE PARKING Conveniently US! R4CTORY BANK AMERICARD, VISA AND MASTERCHARGE ACCEPTED IN THE MARKET PLACE MALLS: PRINCETON ROUTE 27 AND 518 OPEN MON. - TUES - WED - SAT 10-6 THURS - FRI 10-9:0 MATAWAN ROUTE 4 2 MILES SOUTH OF ROUTE 9 INTERSECTION OPEN: MON - TUES - WED - SAT 10-6 THURS - FRI CHERRV HILL ROUTE 70. MARLTON CIRCLE OPEN: MON. THRU FRIDAY.10.9:0 SAT 10-6 SUN 11-5 PENNSYLVANIA LOCATIONS: MECHAMCSBUfta READINQ NORMSTOWN \j

13 12-A Thursday. August 2,1979 Reporter takes time to ponder progress of women byruthwoedwatd Staff Writer 'Whenever I hear people speculating about how they win be able to make it through the summer with thermostats at 78 degrees, it makes me think of one of my favorite, people. I don't know her name, or exactly when she lived, but it was certainty before the days of air conditioning. I know of her only through some instructions that she wrote out for her about-to-be-married daughter, giving her the proper procedures to be followed on washdays. In a drawer near my washing machine I toss the tags and labels giving me today's washing instructions. They say things like, "Machine wash in warm water. Use mild soap. Spin dry or drip dry on plastic hanger." And on the wall over my washing machine hang the instructions of this colonial bomemaker. Receet for Wasbin cloe* Bild fire in back yard to bet kettle of rain water. Set tubs so smoke won't blow in eyes if wind is neart. Shave one hole cake of lie sope in bihn water. Sort things make three piles one pile white one pile cullord one pile werk bricbes and rags. Stair flour in cold water to smooth then thin with bilin water. Rub dirty spots on board scrub hard then bile rub cullord but don't bile just rench and starch. Take white things out of kettle with broom stick bandel then rench blew and starch. Spred tee towels on grass. Hang old rags on fence. Pore rench water on flower bed. Scrub porch with hot soapy water. Turn tubs upside down. Go put on cleen dress smooth hair with side combs brew cup tee set and rest a spell and count blessins. After a washday like this one, think of the ironing day that would immediately follow ironing through the day with heavy sad irons that^ame in pairs so that one ' always heating on the kit range while the other was in use. You could easily send the kitchen temperature soaring over 100 with that job. I've had this clipping so long that I often forget to glance at it as I hurriedly dump another load of clothes into the washing machine as I'm on my way out of the bouse. Or sometimes I'm in too much of a rush to get a load switched. from washer to dryer during the length of a television commercial to look up at the words of this housewife. long-ago I think of her as a housewife in the true sense of its meaning. She took care of the house and its household, and she was bound to the house by its many demands on her time and energy and strength. But she was. a woman of spirit She evidently cared about doing her job well, but she also demanded a Hii* of calm and contemplation as respite for soul as well as body. And she took her rest in style. There was no flopping in the closest chair, sweaty from stirring that boiling water. She changed her clothes an*- freshened up, even fixed her ~ hair. When she sat down with her cup of tea she was transformed from a drudge into a lady. It's good for us to be reminded of her, and others like her, women who maintained their sense of self'lad dignity in spite of the., overwhelming physical tasks that "You've come a long way, faced them each day. She'd baby. Why 78 degrees would be probably chuckle and say. just a breeze!" ; OPEN7A.M. FOR AUTO SERVICE' AUTO SERVICE CENTER J&OQDWYCAR fcservicfstores AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS serviced and repaired on all American and Foreign Cars. (Same Day Service in most cases) * PQLYGUS 5C. SIX-RIB POLYESTER Itodmn Silt B78-1 C78-14 F78-14 G78-14 H78-14 G78-15 H78-15 Cushion Belt Potygkis- DouMe Betted for Strength! SALE PRICE $2.50 $25.75 $28.75 $1.00 $4.50 $4.50 $6.50 PlKFET, Mtraate $1.69 $1.87 $2.22 $2.8 $2.61 $2.44 $2.66 Power Streak 78 Smooth-riding polyester 6ord body Six rib tread design Dependable diagonal ply construction Goodyear's best selling bias ply, now at sale prices Sale Ends Saturday Night Goodyear Retreads Don't Forgot Uz For All Your Car Care Ndt... REPAIRS UNLIMITED Rt.206 Hillsboreugh, NJ. It's in the with a Women artists to \oln state registry NEW BRUNSWICK - Women artists who live or work in the state are invited to join the Douglass College library's slide registry of New Jersey n mint ahlirit Established by reference librarian Lynn Miller six years ago, the State University registry serves as «research facility containing names, addresses and sbdes representative of the work of Extra "High Vacuum" power bags up to 0 bo. cuttings, leaves & litter. Resist* clogging during high moisture conditions. Maximum visibility for mowing in tight areas. The Bag-N-Wagon it also a handy haul-it cart. Before you buy. compare the quality and performance of a SNAPPER. Ifs worth more because it does mote and itsprice is competitive with other quality mowers. \ female artists in the state. The library presents annual group exhibits of works by selected artists in the registry. The registry is also used by art dealers, arts councils, curators and women's organizations and by Douglass students, faculty and alumnae. To be included in the registry, an artist should send her resume and three slides of current work to Lynn Miller at the Mabel Smith Douglass Library, Chapel Drive, Douglass College, New Brunswick, N.J Each of the slides should be marked with the artist's name, address and phone number and the work's title, medium, dimensions and date. For further information, call Ms. Miller at M07. PRODUCTIVITY 555 TRACTOR-LOADER-BACKHOE B78-1 whitewall, plus $1.86 FET and old tire OTHER SIZES LOW PRICED TOO! Retread Choose , C78-14 or D7S-I4 blackwall plus. 2(to41(Frrdepei«- in( on size. No trade needed. ena SUES tow MCED TN!WNITEMUS0RLY $MME. Any way you cut it. its a snap with SNAPPER! On* Ford 555 TLB and on* operator* PRODUC- TIVITY 60 Hp angina-, 14' - 15' or a 15' extendable backhoa, a machine designed with you lt» mind. 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Sabtoacttllgrcia «rt* iktliowc n«rtmi rmt m vmtum m* G n you imagine having a pod that keeps itself sparkling dean without you lifting a finger? \fe win build a pod like that for you. Because well install the Arneson Pod-Sweep* in your new pod. Totally automatical!* it deans dirt, debris, leaves, even rinses the tiles. All you do is turn on the automatic tinier. The Arneson Ibd-Sweep does all the deaning. You do all the swimrnifw KOOTSMMBECr.V M I s iiei SMia* AI H LOAM ARIWriNQ DAILY. WE HE RMAL PHASBOUT OF OUR 1f» CAW TRUCKS, LOS SOME LIFT- LAST YEAIti MWENTORY. KU8 LEFTOVERS FROM JANUARY, AMP MARCH BEFORE THE PRICE IN- : " COOOTfAt BefeMeed -

14 'Thursday. August 2, A Spider at work This large spicier wasted no time getting to his prey after catching a fly in his web. He has wrapped up his dinner for a future snack. (Rich Pipeling photo) School's open for o fund accounting. The planning and zoning series is intended for members of local planning boards, zoning boards of adjustment and governing bodies. En- NEW BRUNSWICK Rutgers University's Department of Government Services and Bureau of Government Research are offering courses in local planning and zoning and vironmental municipal financial management starting in September as locations throughout the state. The series of seven courses in financial management trains municipal and county finance, personnel in the responsibilities of everyday fiscal operations. Five of these courses are required for state designation as a certified municipal finance officer. The courses include municipal finance administration, principles of public purchasing, municipal capital and trust fund accounting, and municipal utility commission members, board attorneys, construction and zoning officials, professionals and interested citizens are also eligible to participate. In addition to introductory courses on planning and zoning, there will be courses in such subjects as site plan review and approval, new directions in community planning and the effects of the Municipal Land Use Law on local communities. Certificates and continuing education units are awarded after the satisfactory completion of each course. The Department of Utters to the Editor make ***! Government Services is a part of the State University's Division of Continuing Education. The Bureau of Government Research is a part of Rutgers College. For more information, contact the Department of Government Services, Building 406, Kilmer Campus, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, 0890; or call AUTHORITY MEETS The Commissioners of the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority will hold an open meeting on Tuesday, September 25 at 9 a.m. at the Authority headquarters at 157 Parkside Avenue, Trenton. Farm prices rising TRENTON Farmland in New Jersey sold for an average of $,607 per acre from July 1, 1977 to June 0, 1978, according to a recently completed study prepared by the state Department of Agriculture. The study shows that of the 18,969 acres of farmland sold during that period, 58 percent will continue in agriculture, 19 percent will be developed, and 2 percent will be held as an investment. Farmland purchased for development purposes sold for an average of $8,75 an acre as compared to $4,55 an acre during the same period of the previous year. The amount of farmland sold for development purposes totalled,509.8 acres, up 1,461.8 acres over the previous year. The price of land for development ranged from a low of $1,642 an acre in Salem County to a,high of $29,119 an acre in Essex County. More than one quarter of all of the purchases of farmland for development' purposes occurred in Middlesex County, where the price of farmland for development averaged $14,71 an acre on the acres sold. While the number of acres of land sold which will remain in agricultural use totalled 11,005.4 acres, up 2,81.7 acres over the previous year, the percent of purchases of land for agricultural use declined. In addition, the value of land bought for agricultural pur- Tomatoes set for weigh-in on Saturday EATONTOWN - Fifty finalists are expected to compete Saturday, August 25 for the $500 top prize in New Jersey's second annual Championship Tomato Weighin at Monmouth Mall, Eatontown, from 5 to 6 p.m. Governor Brendan Byrne has proclaimed August 25 Tomato Day throughout the state. In addition to the grand prize, there will be ten runnerup prizes of $50 each, plus 20 random-drawing prizes for one-pound tomatoes and holders of coupons distributed by participating local garden centers, of $50 each. To be eligible, finalists at the Mall must have weighed in, and won, in the heaviest tomato competition at local garden centers between 9 and 10 a.m. on Saturday. The contest is sponsored each year by Championship Tomato Weigh-in, Box 12, Monmouth Beach, N.J SAILING INSTRUCTION For Beginning fr Arimfe^sMl Ssafltaws. On 8RMM BlMrtS to Ocean Crulnn. Agriculture study shows 1 Princeton Siilin ( School I Boats IN-GROUND POOL REPAIRS Let be the answer SPECIALIZING IN: Pool Repairs Diving Boards Covers Filter Replacement & Servicing Ladders Slides Heaters Spas Pool Sweeps Colorful Selection of Liners WE ALSO DO NEW POOL INSTALLATION CALL NOW FOR FREE ESTIMATE SPECIAL PRICE ON POOL OPENING WITH THIS AD poses increased only slightly. Farmland bought for the purpose of continuing its agricultural use had an average value of $1,974 an acre and equalled 58 percent of all the farmland sales. In the previous year, however, the farmland bought for the purpose of continuing its agricultural use had an average value of $1,824 an acre and equalled 6 percent of all the farmland sales. During the most recent study period, farmland purchased for agricultural use ranged in price from a low of $1,051 an acre in Salem County to a high of $,125 an acre in Monmouth County. Land purchased for investment purposes totalled 4,24.5 acres. The average per acre price of land purchased for investment was $,556, ranging from a low of $1,266 an acre in Ocean County to a high of $12,165 an acre in Middlesex County. The greatest number of investments, equalling 1,55:2 acres, was recorded in Hunterdon County. A total of acres of farmland was purchased strictly for residential use. Tc be included in the report, a farmland sale had to involve six acres or more. Transactions between famil) members were not included According to state Secretary of Agriculture Phillip Alampi, the study was funded by the Rural Advisory Council which studies and makes recommendations on social and economic conditions in rural area. Surveys are now being conducted for a farmland sales report for the period July 1,1978 to June 0,1979. Results are expected by the winterof For copies of the report, "Agricultural Land Sales in New Jersey," contact the Rural Advisory Council, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, P.O. Box 1888, Trenton, N.J , or call Bob Bruch at Magazine will be N.J. Reporter' "New Jersey Magazine" is becoming "New Jersey Reporter," the Center for Analysis of Public Issues announced today. Afterh three years of wrestling with an identity problem, New Jersey's oldest - and possibly smallest - general interest magazine has selected a new name. The identity problem was created in 1976 when "New Jersey Monthly" started publishing. Subscribers, salesmen, writers, and readers got the two magazines confused from the start. It was easy to do. Both magazines are located in Princeton, and, for a while, both had offices on the same street. There are several differences between the two periodicals. The "Magazine" concentrates on politics and public issues, is published by a non-profit organization, and carries no advertising. The "Monthly" is a profit-making venture, printed on slick paper, and carries plenty of ads. A big difference is circulation. The "Monthly" has over 100,000 subscribers, the "Magazine" less than,000, according to editor Tom O'Neill. The new name for the "Magazine" was selected after conducting a contest among the journal's readers. The name "New Jersey Reporter" was submitted by Kim Drezenr of Princeton. She JQ. was awarded a bottle of champagne for her entry, In an odd twist, before being notified that she won the contest, Ms. Drezner had cancelled her subscription. The price ($15 a year), she said, was too high, and she would read the magazine in the library. She now has a complimentary subscription from the Center. According to O'Neill, the confusion between the two magazines was disappointing. "After three years of trying to cope," he said, "It began to look as if there was no way to establish a clear separate identity with a non-descript name like 'New Jersey Magazine.'" '"Reporter,"' he added, "Comes closer to describing the investigative and analytical articles on statewide political, policy, governmental and other issues for which the magazine is best known." This name change, which takes effect with the September issue of the magazine, is the third in the history of the publication. Originally, it was a four-page newsletter called "Public Issues" when the Center began publishing it in By 1976 the newsletter had expanded to the point that it was obviously a magazine, concentrating exclusively on New Jersey affairs, and its name was changed accordingly. MORE B0RR0WINC POWER FOR NEW JERSEY HOMEOWNERS. You can borrow up to YEAR CREDIT FREE SPECIALS! I AUTOMATIC.TRANSMISSIONS w OVER, 500 CARS, unmn * VANS IN STOCK aaitu. Ml Mily urn you aim Mt MS Of purclum. I tfu u*t fm MnMM r SMCM mrtmt fioacti VOLARESI $4499 ptckmti, AM Mail NEW JERSEY'S with a secondary mortgage Simple Interest Loan... 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15 14-A Thursday. August 2, 1979 Cesarean parents promoting awareness by R. Zuccarelli Special Writer Nancy and Vinnie Inzano of Somerset have been celebrating birthdays recently. Their second child, Christopher, was born in July, joining their first son, ISmonth old Nicholas. The Inzanos, along with several other families are also celebrating the first birthday of the Cesarean Parents Association of Central Jersey. Cesarean births, once shrouded in disappointment as a method of last resort, are becoming more common, but are still a bit risky. "C sections," as they are called, are used when the mother's pelvis is too small for's passage or when the obstetrician decides the mother has been in labor too long. Once a woman has given birth by Cesarean,' her other deliveries must usually be by the same method. Also, C sections require a longer recovery.time in the hospital and at home. Medical patients today have become assertive, consumers have become aggressive and expectant parents are learning about prepared or "natural" childbirth. Where does this leave the Cesarean parent? The answer, for the Inzanos, is the Cesarean Association. Parents THE GROUP was founded by Michele Hodapp, a former Spotswood resident. Last August, she and her husband Bill were the first to be allowed a family-centered Cesarean section at the Middlesex General Hospital in New Brunswick. The Inzanos became interested in the group after the birth of their first son. "We had planned to be involved in the delivery and had taken LaMaze classes. But when the doctor told me Nancy had been in labor too long and that the birth would have to be a Cesarean, it burst my bubble," declared Mr. Inzano. "I'd been so worked upto be there at the delivery. I wanted us to be a family right from the birth of our N child," he explained. "When we had our second son, we were prepared for the Cesarean delivery," Mr. Inzano said. "It helped Nancy. She was very calm, and I was the first to hold Christopher. "It was a great experience for both us," he emphasized. "I don't say 'My wife had a baby,' but rather 'We had a baby'," he pointed out. "I don't want to be left out." THE CESAREAN Parents Association is concerned with educating the public, but even more important, said Mrs. Inzano, it is the emotional support they extend to Cesarean parents, since such a delivery can be upsetting," especially if it is not anticipated. "Telephone calls and person-to-person contact is extended whenever needed," she noted, "even if it's on a onetime-only basis." "Having a Cesarean baby can be a positive experience and a treasured memory if you are aware of your needs, set your priorities and plan the birth accordingly," says the group's literature. The emphasis in on being not only an informed consumer but an involved parent. "The father belongs with the mother and the baby, throughout labor, at the moment of birth and during the recovery," says one pamphlet. The group hopes to gain support from medical professionals through referrals and from libraries in Winter weather blamed for problems TRENTON A widespread, tack dogwood trees," acserious decline of dogwood g cording g to William Metin terhouse of the Agriculture trees has been observed many parts of northern New Department's Division of Jersey, according to the State Plant Industry. Wet weather Department of Agriculture. encountered earlier this year Reports indicate there is created the perfect breeding sparce foliage and many dead grounds for those enemies, he branches and wilted, stunted said. leaves, with Hunterdon County Leaf spot and canker possibly suffering the greatest diseases, anthracnose and losses. twig blight fungi, and the The poor condition of the dogwood borer and the dogwoods and tree mortalities have apparently been caused by weather conditions which weakened trees and encouraged tree fungi and bacterial diseases that can severely weaken dogwoods. "There is a complexity of diseases and insects that at- RIDER COLLEGE dogwood twig borer, are just a few of the insects and diseases plaguing the trees. The two borers can, simultaneously attack a dogwood from both the trunk and limbs. The dogwood borer is a flat-beaded insect that works its way under the bark School of Education Graduate Division Fall 1979 GRADUATE PROGRAMS BUSINESS & DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION, & SUPERVISION AND SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION AND SUPERVISION LEADING TO THE DEGREE Master of Arts GUIDANCE & COUNSELING READ ING/LANGUAGE 'ARTS '.'(ifu-.iiioii Programs for Principal, Supervisor, School Business Administrator,..i.i.ini Superintendent for Business, and Director of Student Personnel Services September 4-5 Academic Annex ; in r i >u 1 urn Strategies Bus. & Voc. Ed. I'rai-t u-iiin in I'.uid, & Counseling colloquium in Curr, Instruc, Superv Sti.itooy of Curriculum Chanae School Business Administration 1'sy. [lev. of the Adult & Aqing I'lli.m Soi'iolooy & the School Psv. >; I'.vl.iqoqy of Rdg/LA Process 1:00-9:00 p.m. MONDAY TUESDAY Mo.i Tchq Shrthnd Sec Prac IniliviiiiKil Counseling Practicum K,l. Ids: Phil/Historical Perspectives Theories of Educational Administration School/community Relations IMiK-,it iraial & P.sycholoqical Statistics KOSI>JI eh into & Survey of Lit. for Chldrn. Mod St rat Tchq Socio-Bus Subjects! :it I oduft ion to Counseling Services " Counseling in*-. Theory, Applic, & Practices Via M i i,jw iiar in School Admin. & Superv. m School Admin. & Superv. WEDNESDAY THURSDAY counseling & Interviewing Techniques Curriculum Theory, Design, & Applications Methods & Instruments of Research Supervision of Instruction Supervisory Management Techniques Secondary School Guidance Data Processing for Teachers Orei. & Admin. Coop. Work Exper. Proa. Mod Dev in the Tchg of Science McGuire Air Force Base SATURDAY Classes Begin Classes End: All courses carry three semester hours credit * Off-Campus Offerings Registration: September 11-5:00-6:00 p.m. September 11 to October 27 Vocational/Career Development (Tues.) November December 22 Community Agencies (Tues.). ' 4:0 7:10 4:0 7:10. 7:10 4:0 4:0 4:0 7:10 4:0 4: 0 4:0 7:10 7:10 4 : 0 7:10 7:10 4:0 4:0 7:10 4:0 7:10 4:0 7:10 7:10 4:^0 7:10 4:0 9:00 9:00 9:00 : September 6 December 15-7:00-9:40-7:00-9:40-9:40-7:00-7:00-7:00-9:40-7:00-7:00-7:00-9:40-9:40-7:00-9:40-9:40-7:00-7:00-9:40-7:00-9:40-7:00-9:40-9:40-7:00-9:40-7:00 p.m. p. m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.- p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. - 11:0 a.m. - 11:0 a.m. - 11:0 a.m. 6:00-10:00 p.m. 6:00-10:00 p.m. For additional information call.- Dr. Peter Yacyk, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies, School of Education, (609) , Bxt'. 65.? ; tte accept VIS* and MASTBRCBARGE. on the trunk and girdles the tree, eventually killing it, said Mr. Metterhouse. The dogwood twig borer, meanwhile, attacks the small twigs. Homeowners with diseased dogwoods are advised to contact their county agricultural agents. Hunterdon County agent Robert Schutzki estimates he received five to six calls a day from homeowners with damaged dogwoods during a six-week period this year. While Mr. Schutzki recommends spraying the trees with a fungicide at three specific intervals to combat the anthracnose which was the most prevalent fungus this year, be said the most damage was done by the winter weather conditions. After two extremely cold and windy winters with minimal snowfall, the dogwood roots and trees weakened and were unable to recover during the very wet spring, he said. Since fungicides should be applied early in the year when the buds break, Schutzki said their. purchases of recommended publications. Meetings are held in members' homes on the first Tuesday of the month. For further information about the Cesarean Parents Association of Central Jersey, or about Cesarean birth in general, call or the only thing homeowners can do now about their trees is prune away the dead wood and then fertilize the base of the tree in the fall and in the early spring to build up the root system. County agents can also advise homeowners regarding the types of fungicides available and how and when to apply them. NANCY INZANO designed this logo for the Cesarean Parents Association of Central Jersey a group that promotes awareness of and confidence in family-centered Cesarean births. Adult school catalog available from county BRIDGEWATER The Adult Continuing Education division of the Somerset County Vocational and Technical Schools here has issued its comprehensive MIGHTY MUFFLERCENTER U.S. HWY. 206 PRINCETON INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE All Clothing 8 Dress Fabrics All Drapery Hardware 20fo -^0% Off All Decorating Fabrics in Stock ZJhe Zrabric (Center Montgomery Shopping Center Route 206 Rocky Hill course offerings catalog listing all adult evening school programs for the school year. The catalog is distributed annually to all Somerset County residents. The 6-page book lists descriptions, schedules, fees, and registration dates for all of the adult school's vocational, technical, and avocational courses and programs. A mail-in registration form is provided. The school conducts 19 vocational and technical programs offering certification of completion, as well and 20 one-semester nonprogram avocational courses ranging from applied math to floriculture and gourmet cooking to medical assistant's training. Certificate programs include Air Conditioning. Auto Body, Beauty Culture, Office Occupations, Solar Energy. and Legal Secretarial training. A state-approved apprenticeship training program is also available Mail-in registrations for evening courses will be accepted from now through September and in-person registration will be held week days from 8:0 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on September ll and 12 in the cafeteria between 6:0 p.m. and 10 p.m. Anyone interested in the adult evening school program or copies of the catalog should contact the Somerset County Vocational and Technical Schools Continuing Education Division, at Dachshund Club plans show S0MERV1IXE Somerset County Freeholder Michael J. Ceponis has called for the adoption of "rigid regulations" when the County confronts the problems of county automobiles, space and facility studies, travel expenses and conventions and professional contracts not subjected to State bidding requirements. Ceponis, the lone Democrat on the fivemember Freeholder Board, said these items represent "controllable county expenses." Ceponis said the county, currently owns about 08 vehicles, most which are automobiles, and operates a vehicle maintenance garage. He added the county must specify all future purchases as subcompact and compact vehicles and eliminate all future car trade-ins by renovating the autos at the Somerset County Vo-Tech in Bridgewater. The used repaired cars would be placed into the fleet or sold, at a nominal cost, to municipalities. * The freeholder stated that additional space and building studies must be accomplished in-house with the planning board and with special blueribbon citizen committees. About $105,000 was spent in the past four years on such studies, according to Ceponis, when outside county firms were hired. The freeholder said the freeholder board must limit the amount of travel and conventioneering done by both elected and appointed officials. "Each convention must be educationally or economically beneficial to the county, before any approval is given for attendance," he commented. Ceponis said little or no checks have been given on the possible benefits of a convention. Ceponis also proposed that Pinto society hosting show this Sunday The Pinto Horse Society of Delaware Valley will bold an Open Horse Show on Sunday, August 26. The show will be held at North Branch Park, Milltown Road,- Somerville. A full slate of English and Western performance classes will be offered. The entry fee is $ per class and the snow will begin promptly at 9 a.m. Three championship awards for a one-horse, one-rider combination will be offered in each ring. The public is welcome to attend free of charge and refreshments will be available. For further information please call 20l-S»*427. local County professional firms, in contracts not subjected to State bidding requirements. be given preferential treatment on professional architectural and other services. He said local firms, which are equally comparable in professional work to outside county firms. should be given the opportunity to match the lowest cost quotation for the professional service. "This procedure places confidence in our local businesses and represents a 'thanks' for their location and tax ratable in Somerset County," Ceponis Smith bill to reduce youth minimum wtige To combat the rising tide of unemployment among teenagers, Assemblyman Elliott F. Smith has introduced legislation to create incentives to hire youths by reducing the minimum wage rate for them. Mr. Smith, a Republican who represents the 16th District of Somerset. Morris and Hunterdon counties. would reduce the prevailing minimum wage for 16 and 17 year olds to 85 percent of the prevailing rate. "Every time the minimum wage rate is increased, a vast number of job opportunities are lost by all segments of the population, with teenagers being particularly vulnerable," Mr. Smith declared. Mr. Smith cited one study by the National Chamber of Commerce which indicated that nearly one million teenage jobs would be lost by a pending increase in the minimum wage of $.15 an hour. Another study estimated that in 1970 legislated minimum wages reduced employment of 16 and 17 year olds by 27 percent. "A two-tier minimum wage Folk performer appears Sunday, August 26, 1979 the Somerset County Park Commission is presenting Mr Gary Struncius in concert. The 7:0 p.m. concert will be held at the Joseph I. Bedell Bandshell in Duke Island Park located on Old York Road, Bridgewater Township. Gary hails from Howell Township, New Jersey For the past seven years he has been performing in various college concerts as well as local parks. The folk and blues songs that Gary sings have been inspired by such singers as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Woodie Guthrie. This concert is for the entire family with songs ranging from child ballads to current folk songs. Those people planning to attend this concert are advised to bring their own seating. In case of rain the concert will be held at the Somerset County College Gym, Route 28, North Branch. wouldiie a strong incentive for many businesses to employ these youngsters in suitable jobs that would otherwise be lost." he said. Mr Smith noted that his proposed legislation would not change current laws and regulations governing the hours and working ^conditions of these minors, which >aleguard their health and safety. The Somerset County legislator also said that the reduced minimum wage for teenagers would be of help to many marginal kinds of businesses that might otherwise fold because of escalating labor costs. Is wilt killing maple trees? The maple trees have about as many different leafspotting diseases as any shade tree we have. The fact that your tree is not dying from this onslaught is a good indication that most leaf spots are not too serious. On the other hand, a fungus that goes by the scientific name of VerUcillium can be a killer if it enters the roots and branches of your tree, advises Clare Sperapani, county agricultural agent, at Somerset County Extension Service. Verticillium wilt, as it is called by the arboriculturists who care for trees, can enter the tree through its roots, explains Ms. Sperapani. Inside the tree it spreads through water-conducting tubes and can result in dead branches or a dead tree. If a branch suddenly wilts and dies, peel the bark and cut into the wood. You may find a bluish-green streak or stain that is a sure sign of wilt fungus. Removing dead branch* does not prevent the fungus from attacking other parts of the tree, but it does improve the appearance of the tree, Ms. Sperapani *"fl"q+t Applying fertilisers with a high nitrogen content will bain the tree to overcome tksj disease in many instances. For a free leaflet describing most of the maple and their control, i county agricultural agent

16 RIDER COLLEGE School For Continuing Studies FALL 1979 COURSE OFFERINGS Business Accounting Introductory Accounting I Introductory Accounting I Introductory Accounting II Cost Accounting I Cost Accounting II Intermediate Accounting I Intermediate Accounting I Intermediate Accounting II Auditing I Advanced Accounting I Federal Taxes I Business Administration The Social and Legal Environment of Business The Social and Legal Environment of Business The Social and Legal Environment of Business Administrative Policies and Decision Making Business Law Business Law I Business Law III Business Law IV Decision Sciences and Computers Introduction to Decision Sciences. Introduction to Decision Sciences Decision Sciences I Decision Sciences I Decision Sciences II Statistical Methods I Statistical Methods I Statistical Methods II Statistical Methods II Production and Operations Introduction to Computer Programming and Information Systems Introduction to Computer Programming and Information Systems Economics -Operation of the Economic System Operation of the Economic System Price System Managerial Economics Contemporary Economic Issues: Inflation - Who Wins, Who Loses Finance Introduction to Finance Introduction to Finance International Finance Managerial Finance I Principles of Risk Management Social Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance Life & Health Insurance Real Estate Commercial Banking Management Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior Principles of Labor Relations Personnel Administration Compensation Administration Small Business Management Organization Theory Interpersonal and Group Processes in Organizations Selected Topics in Management and Organizational Behavior M W T'h Th T M T W T Th M Marketing Marketing Principles T Marketing Principles s Th.Consumer Behavior ' ['. Th Advertising Principles T Retailing Management WM Marketing Research Creative Advert is i ng* Th M T W W M W Th M W M Th T M W T W W Th M Th M W M W Th Humanities English. Understanding Literature Th Satire, Caricature and Farce W The Business Ethic in American Literature M Short Story T Technical Writing W Creative Writing II T English Composition Elements of Composition Research and Exposition Writing Skills Writing Skills Writing Competency Writing Competency Research and Report Writing Research and Report Writing Research and Report Writing Music Masterworks of Music Music and Society Applied Piano-Baroque Theatre Acting I Theatre Appreciation Stage Make-up Foreign Languages French French I French III German German I M Th T W M W M T Th M T T W M T Th T Th. M T M T German III T German Literature in English Translation:. Modern Prose. Masters M Spanish Spanish I Spanish III Introduction to Spanish Literature Philosophy Social Philosophy. Ethics M T W W T Math and Science Biology Principles of Animal Biology (4) M Principles of Animal Biology - Lab - (0) W Heredity and Society T Chemistry Organic Chemistry I M Organic Chemistry I - Lab (1) T Laboratory Sequence V (2) S Physical Chemistry I T-Th Special Topics in Chemistry M Geosciences The Earth Physical Geography Environmental Geology M T M Mathematics Algebra and Trigonometry (4) T-Th Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (4) T-Th Calculus and Analytic Geonretfjrlll (4) M-W Physics Energy, the. Environment and Man T Law Enforcement Principles of Law Enforcement M Criminal Law Th Non-Credit Studies Reading Improvement (0) English Review (0) Algebra Review I (0) Algebra Review II (0) Real Estate - Salesman (0) Professional Office Management (2) T W Th Th W Enrichment All courses carry three semester hours credit unless indicated by a ( ) after the course title. * REGISTRATION: s TUESDAY - THURSDAY,, SEPTEMBER 10:00 A.M. - 8:0 P.M. FRIDAY/ SEPTEMBER :00 A.M. - 4:0 P.M. AUDIT REGISTRATION: MONDAY - THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10'- 1 6:15 P.M. - 8:0 P.M. CLASSES BEGIN: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 The above courses are offered in the evening. Further information concerning day and evening course offerings, finances, admission and registration can be obtained by calling the School for Continuing Studies, (609) , Ext. 2. General information can be obtained by calling the Office of Admissions, (609) , Ext We accept VISA and MASTERCHARGE. M Social Sciences Journal ism News Reporting and WritingII Speech Communications Speech Communications Speech Communications Argumentation and Debate Communications "" Mass Media Communication W Public Relations M History Colonial and Revolutionary America World of Ancient Man The Shaping of the Modern Near East American Worker Socialism and Marxism Political Science Introduction to American Politics Understanding Politics State and Local Politics Psychology Introduction to Psychology Three Psychological Views of Mankind: Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism and Humanism Personality Personality Development of Women Developmental Psychology I- Child Social Psychology Fine Arts Art Fundamentals of Drawing Art and Society Sculpture and Three- Dimensional Design Graphics Sociology Principles of Sociology Anthropology: Cross- Cultural Perspectives Racial and Ethnic Relations The Family Sociology of Retirement and Leisure Among the Elderly Education Education Education in Contemporary America Theory and Practice in Bilingual Education Teaching English as a Second Language The Urban School Development of Educational Thought Seminar and Practicum in Cross-Cultural Studies and the Bilingual Child Elementary Education Children's Literature Teaching in the Nursery School Teaching in the Nursery School - Practicum Secondary Education Teaching Reading in the Secondary Schools I Secretarial M TTh W Th M TTh M T W M M T Th W W Th W T Business Mathematics W Typewriting I M-W Typewriting II T-Th Typewriting III T-Th Shorthand I M-W Shorthand II T-Th Shorthand III T-Th Secretarial Procedures (6) T-Th Human Relations in theoffice S M M M T W T M W M Th Th ) m

17 K)-A Thursday. August 2, 1«79 County offers hints on health, shopping The following column of helpful hints and other information dealing with the home is compiled by the Somerset County Extension Service in Somerville. For further information, please call , ext. 26. Mildew Hot and muggy weather this summer has caused homemakers much stress with the formation of mildew the thin, whitish growth that discolors, and even rots, clothing, shoes, upholstery, and wood. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has some advice about how to remove and prevent mildew: Mildew is caused by certain types of molds. These molds are always in the air. Under the right conditions of temperature and humidity, the molds grow rapidly, especially on cotton, linen, wool, silk, and leather. Mildew forms best in closed, humid, and poorly lit places like closets and basements. To fight mildew, first change the temperature and moisture conditions. Ventilate closed areas. Use chemicals, dehumidifiers, air conditioning, or briefly heat your home to reduce moisture. In confined areas, turn on a light bulb for overnight, or longer if needed. Mold grows best on soiled things. So be sure to clean clothing, shoes, and other items before storing them. If you find mildew on fabrics, brush off the surface mold right away. It's best to do this outdoors since mold can spread. Then drydean or wash the item in plenty of soap or detergent and water. Rinse well and dry outdoors in the sun. If stains remain, try a mixture of lemon juice and salt or use a chlorine bleach. Remember, though, never use a chlorine bleach on silk or wool. Check label directions first. Mildewed furniture, or mattresses are a special problem. After brushing off mold, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up more of the mold. Sponge remaining spots lightly with thick soap or detergent suds and wipe. Use as little water as possible to prevent soaking the filling. Leather should be wiped with a cloth wrung out with diluted alcohol. Use equal parts of water and denatured or rubbing alcohol. After drying, spots can be sponged with soap or detergent suds. Smoking and Medication Smokers may be pvlfirig away the effectiveness of any medication they are taking, according to the Food and Drug Administration. In some cases smokers need a larger dose or have to take a drug more often than nonsmokers. The reason smoking affects drug metabolism in your body is that nicotine speeds up the way the body uses and eliminates drugs. Not only can the drug become less effective, but the length of its effect could be shortened too. Then, if the prescription doesn't do the job it's supposed to, the patient and physician may make the mistake of concluding that a particular drug doesn't work. For this reason, it's important to tell your doctor about your smoking habits. A recent test found that Darvon (Propoxyphene) is less effective in smokers than in nonsmokers. One possible explanation for this effect is that smokers have a low threshold for pain. And smoking while taking oral contraceptives or estrogens can be a serious health risk. Women who smoke and take the pill, have an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and other circulatory diseases. And new FDA evidence also suggests that women aged 9 to 45 who take noncontraceptive estrogens may also run an increased risk of heart attack. Smoking can also effect responses to certain diagnostic tests. For jmrfpin'o. smokers show higher levels of white blood cells, even when they don't have an infection or other illness that would tend to raise the white cell count. But, just because smokers differ from nonsmokers in their response to some laboratory teste doesn't mean they're ill. To make sure your diagnostic tests are interpreted correctly, remember to tell your doctor that you smoke, and how much. For more information, send for a free copy of Drug Effects Can Go Up In Smoke. Just send a postcard to the Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colorado Lead Poisoning Lead poisoning is a centuries-old problem; some historians have implicated it in the fall of the Roman Empire. Children are at greater risk of lead poisoning than adults they may absorb 40 percent of the lead they'are exposed to, while adults absorb only 10 percent or less. Lead-based paint is probably the major cause of severe lead poisoning in children. The effects of longterm exposure to low levels of Grand Opening ' Hi. l.i holds, lit" in.ul,u plume itrji-iv i,n «an.nine,.,,.pk seconds,.ill Hems Mihicil inpnm sjlem»itlulr.i\.ll. p, In change, nnl luihlc-lor i> p«>jii aphic arms Maim cluni;c-- hoi red Vi>;i. MaVfrihar^i 1 and Arnvrican I ipri:^ IViMinal ihcckv cccp led w llh pr%>pci idcnlit'icalum link Main mmnrc spccj.iu n»»t shorts and shirts 25-5OIa f tents Sierra Design Airflex Arch Bow Tent. Price: $ (-25% off). All shorts in stock are by Sportif, Robbins, Patagonia, Woolrich and One Wear. Men's, Women's and Children's styles. Assorted colors and sizes. Prices: $1.OO-$28.OO (25-50% off). ISummer shirts by Coming Attractions and Woolrich. Selected styles and colors. Prices: $15.00-$ (25-50% off). 2O-4OXa f parkas and vests Down parkas by Sierra Designs and Northface. Prices: $92.50-$ (20-0% off). Polarguard Parkas by Alpine Products and Wyoming Woolens. Prices: $60.00-$80.O0 (20-0% off). Thinsulate" Jackets by Sierra Designs and Camp 7. Prices: $65.00-$79.00 (25% off). Down and synthetic filled vests by Camp 7 and Alpine Products. Prices: $9.5O-$52.OO (20-40% off). lead are also a concern, although the resulting dangers are somewhat unclear. Of the average dairy intake of lead, the majority come* from food. The soil, packaging, and handling conditions contribute to the lead content of noncanned foods. In canned foods, lead can teak from the soldered seams of the cans and add to the lead content of the food. Children are exposed to small amounts of lead from many sources. Chewing on many non-food items such as lead-based paint chips, colored newsprint, some painted, food wrappers, and dirt can increase a child's exposure to lead. Home-Sale Tax Exclusion A one-time only home-sale tax exclusion can offer important savings to retired persons and other older homeowners. The Revenue Act of 1978 allows a homeowner 55 or older to exempt a gain of up to $100,000 from taxation. To qualify, the taxpayer must have owned and used the home as principal residence for three of the five years preceding the sale. To figure the size of the exclusion allowed under the new law, a taxpayer subtracts kelty GoreTex 0 jackets Men's Macintosh $110.00, Lady's Macintosh $104.00, Anorak $74.00 and All Weather Parka $89.00 (all at 25% off). Other assorted GoreTex foul weather clothing: parkas, anoraks and chaps 25% off. from the selling price of the home the "basis" that is, the original price and the cost of substantial improvements made since the purchase and selling costs such as brokers' commissions, legal expenses, and so on; $100,000 of the remainder is tax-free. Heating With Wood Because of rising costs of fossil fuels, many people are converting to wood-burning furnaces and stoves. Persons considering such a switch should be aware of the total costs, energy requirements, and problems entailed by a change to wood. Conversion costs can be high; a stove or furnace and complete installation including stovepipe, chimney, and protection for floor and walls may amount to several thousand dollars. Wood prices vary, but those who must purchase cut wood should remember that it takes about 10 standard cords to heat a well-insulated, single-level, 1800 squarefoot home for a year. Those who choose to cut their own firewood need chain saws, wedges, axes, and access to vehicles suitable for transporting the cut logs. They should remember that cutting wood is strenuous and I EAR. L PROFESSIONM. PIERCING PRIVATE GFFICIS EDRRINGS HVAILABIE 24 HOUR M W U M G SERVICE RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS. INFANTS - ADULTS PRINCETON Nassau St. Hours by appointment (Thompson Court across from Bellows) Alcohol in the Diet Alcohol, like food, is a source of calories in the diet. One jigger or one and one-half ounces of most hard liquors contains calories. If 12 ounces of beer are consumed, that's 170 calories. An average wine glass holds three and onehalf ounces of wine, which adds up to 80 calories for dry wine and 150 calories for sweet wine. These calories can be used for energy or stored as fat. A person who has a couple of cocktails at lunch, cocktails before dinner, followed by wine with the meal and a late night drink may acquire more than half of the calorie needs from alcohol. These are calories consumed without any nutrients. If a substantial amount of alcohol is consumed in addition to a balanced diet, weight gain can easily occur. If a person compensates for calories in the alcohol by eating less food, then nutritional deficiencies result. Crash Dieting can Crash dieting is not the answer to weight control problems, and may result in serious health problems. Losing weight suddenly, only to gain it right back, is psychologically defeating, and a stress on the body. Low carbohydrate and liquid protein diets may be especially dangerous; in fact, a threat to life. Instead of buying a bottle of liquid protein, question the reasons behind overeating. Fewer calories, increased physical activity, and changed eating patterns are the key to losing weight and keeping it off. Check with a doctor before attempting any reducing diet. Eyewear Shopping Until recently, comparison shopping for eyewear was all but impossible, because a patient usually had to buy from the examining doctor. Now, however, a consumer can shop the market thoroughly before purchasing eyeglasses or contact lenses. A new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule requires a doctor to give the patient a written prescription immediately after an eye exam. No extra charge may be made for this; the patient pays the doctor for the exam only, and is then free to have the prescription filled at the outlet mat offers the best buy in terms of price, quality, and selection. Save Energy To save energy, use a fan instead of an air conditioner. If you don't have a window fan, try using the circulating fan in a window air conditioning unit, but don't turn on the cooling unit. To take advantage of cool night air, open the house at night. In the morning when the sun begins to heat things up, close the house and enjoy the cool, dry air captured overnight. School bds. back older drinking age The New Jersey School Boards Association reaffirmed its stand on the State's minimum drinking age, urging that the 21 year old limit be restored. "Ever since 197, when the State Legislature lowered the drinking age from 21 to 18 years of age, alcohol abuse among persons 18 and younger has become a major problem for the public schools," declared Martha Crowley, vice-president of the Association. Speaking for the federation of 611 local school boards of New Jersey, Mrs. Crowley noted that, "There has been a significant increase in the number of injuries and deaths from auto accidents in which persons aged 18 and younger were intoxicated." According to Mrs. Crowley, who is also a member of the Mercer County Special Services Board of Education, the statewide School Boards Association took an official stand on the matter last January. "Association policy is established primarily through periodic Delegate Assemblies at which representatives of school boards from throughout the State gather to set goals and positions This subject was addressed at our January, 1979 Delegate Assembly. School board members present reported that 18 year olds have been routinely purchasing and supplying alcohol to younger pupils, resulting in considerable problems with drunkenness and alcohol abuse among students. "The delegates voted to support legislation restoring the drinking age to 21 in the hope that the problem would be substantially reduced. "Society must face this serious problem head on," concluded Mrs Crowley, "Using a variety of approaches to combat it including educational efforts. The school boards of New Jersey view current legislative proposals which would allow 18 or 18 year olds to drink as a step in the right direction. However, we will continue to press for reinstatement of the 21 year old limit." 5OX0fi altra sewing kits Vests, parkas, sleeping bags. Selected styles and models. shells Wind and sport shells by Wyoming Woolens, Sportcaster, Peter Storm and Coming Attractions. Prices: $16.00-$60.00(5%off). sleeping bags 25loff Alpine Products.7 Mummy style, 0 Rating. Polarguard filled. Prices: $84.00 Regular, $87.00 Large (25% off). 25-5OXaff cross country ski equipment Assorted skis by Fischer $75.00-$ (0% off), Trak Marathon-S $95.00 (0% off). Ralleye $85.00 (0% off) and Trucker Mountain Touring $ (0% off). Cross Country ski boots by Trak, Fabiano and Alfa. Prices: $5.0O-$62.OO (25% off). Cross Country ski clothing by AFRC. Assarted styles and colors. Prices: $ (50% off). THE NICKEL 80 State Road (Rte. 206) Rincetorx NJ W sweaters and turtlenecks 25-6OX< Sweaters by assorted manufacturers. Prices: $19.95-$70.00 (25-60% off). Turtleneck shirts by Medalist-Allen-A. 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BON APPETIT! Call about Montgomery National Bank's full bank services: Free Personal Checking Saturday Hours Safe Deposit Boxes Three Drive In Windows Bank By Mail 24 hour Depository (J S Savings Bonds Securities Bought and Sold Money Orders Travelers Checks Treasurers Checks Foreign Remittances Wire Transfers Federal lax Depository Savings Plans Loan Plans Commercial Services Lobby Hours: Monday Fnday-9 00 A M. 5:00 P M Thursday-9 00 AM 7 00 P M Saturday 9:00 A M 1200PM Bolmers Corner Routes 206 and 518 Rocky Hill, NJ 0855 Phone: 609/ Drive-In Window Hours: Monday Friday P M Thursday-7 0 AM 7 00 P M Saturday-9 00 A M P M Member FDIC.

18 Thursday. August ions net few Mends among fishermen i NEW BRUNSWICK The extending U.S. jurisdicftknal waters and national ' regulations over fishing to 200 nautical miles offshore has netted few friends among New Jersey commercial fishermen, according to a Rutgers University researcher. Partly, it's a problem of plenty brought on by the greater expanse of coastal waters placed under the American flag, the increased catch by domestic fishermen and the difficulties arising from the stepped up Competition among those who fish for a living. More significantly, it's anger over federal regulations that set fishing quotas and other govermental restraints in violation of what fishermen consider^ their traditional fishing rights. These are the findings developed by Dr. Bonnie J. McCav, assistant professor of anthropology at' the State University's Cook College. She is in the midst of the second year of a study on the social and cultural effects of fishery management in the New York Bight area resulting from passage of the Fisheries Conservation and Management Act of Dr. McCay, whose study is financed by the Office of Sea Grant of the U.S. Department of Commerce, says the law accomplished a major goal of forcing most foreign fishing fleets out of U.S. coastal waters.. The law, however, also mandated the development of appropriate plans for themanagement of fisheries in the 00-mile area in an attempt, in part, to help replenish such depleted stock as cod, haddock, yellowtail flounder and surf clams and to prevent severe overfishing of other stock. Wheelchair race set for Sept. 15 A Wheelchair Marathon Race, believed to be the first of its kind in the Delaware Valley, will be held in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 15, starting at 9 a.m. The race is sponsored by the "alumni" (former patients) and auxiliary of the Magee Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, and is open to anyone who is a legitimate wheelchair occupant. Phillies' shortstop Larry Bowa will serve as general chairman of the race, which will cover 10,000 meters (6.2 miles). The race will start and finish at Carousel House, a facility for the physically handicapped, located at Belmont Avenue and South Concourse Drive. "The purpose of the marathon is to provide physically handicapped athletes an opportunity to join the marathon craze," said Bowa. "Many wheelchair occupants participate in such ARE YOU READY? We have unusual sales opportunity which will mean $12,000$20.0O0 or more you* first year. Only quality men and women need apply Call for details. FRANK GETZ 'om - 5 pm DAY NURSERY v OPENINGS The University - N.O.W. Day Nursery in Princeton, N.J.. has a limited number of openings for children aged 22 mopths through 6 years. The Nursery offers a full-day year-round educational program.. DJJ Horns: 8 am-6 pm For rafonrution call grueling events as the Boston Marathon - and do extremely well.". There are no age restrictions for participants. Those who are not members of the Delaware Valley Wheelchair Sports Association, however, must submit a form from a licensed physician certifying good physical condition. There is ar egistration fee of $2, with proceeds benefiting the Delaware Valley Wheelchair Association. Sports In addition, each participant must arrange to have his or her own coach or handler to provide assistance enroute, in the event of mechanical difficulties or other problems. Coaches will not be permitted to push or help advance the participant during the event. To obtain a registration form and medical release for the Wheelchair Marathon, call Magee Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Center at (215) v CONSUMER BUREAU REGISTERED means APPROVED CONSUMERS for ««««f-or up-to-date Register information or for free assistance with, any local consumer transaction, call and Consumer Bureau's Staff Mediator will respond. 152 AleunrJer St., Princeton EstiMohMl 1967 Hillsbpreugh Baptist Church New Amwell & Auten Roads Somerville. New Jersey Rev. Robert L Haslam, Pastoi Phone SERVICES: Sunday 9:45 A.M. 11:00 A.M. 7:00 P.M. Thursday 7:45 P.M. Don't go out on the town without first checking WE Off The number of foreign trawlers represented mostly by Russian an Sovietbloc, West German and Norwegian ships dropped sharply along the Northeast coast from a peak of approximately 180 ships just prior to the establishment of the new coastal regulations to less than 40 vessels permitted today. - That decrease left most of the fishing grounds to American fishermen, which should have been good. But, it also brought in its wake waves of new domestic fishermen, intensified competition for fish and fishing space and a host of other problems. An unexpected consequence of the new 200-mile limit, according to Dr. McCay, has been the increasing conflicts between offshore lobster-pot fishermen and those, including quite a few from New Jersey, who use trawlers to drag for lobsters. "Lobster-pot men have expanded into deeper waters," Dr. McCay says, "have put out many more pots and have caused draggers to leave the lobster business entirely, despite governmental attempts to ameliorate the situation. "Up and down the coast," she adds, "there's been an expansion of what is called 'fixed gear technology' in the fishing grounds and an intensified conflict with those fishermen who use 'mobile gear,' particularly those dragging nets through the water for catching lobster, cod and other species." The competitiveness in what New Jersey fishermen and others like to call a "dogeat-dog business" extends to other areas of the industry. "There's been intensified competition," the Rutgers researcher says, "between inshore and offshore boats, conflicts between those fishermen who own their vessels and outside investors and the large corporations that are increasingly entering the fisheries, and conflicts between commercial and sports fishermen." In a sense, these difficulties are an outgrowth and the indirect effects of the new 200- mile limit law. A more direct and even greater concern has been the new regulatory powers under the law that allow the Department of Commerce through regional management councils to set fishing quotas; allocate some fish, such as squid, for which there is a poor market in the U.S. to foreign fishermen; and other management devices. One fishing cooperative that Dr. McCay has studied, which consists primarily of trawler fishermen, is not yet affected he. The Redwood Square Th* managtmtnt or* local residents "W» or* your neighbor*." Rt Amwell Road Belle Mead. N.J. 0o"502 (201) Buyers and Sellers meet weekly in the CLASSIFIED PAGES We give you a 100 o guarantee on 100 o of our work. AHforeigncers or* Mtf guaranfmd for on* yar. Custom Pip* tending B.V.t, Plek-ups * Trucks»Fr««Safety Inspection.Foreign Cor. ' 2 y*" 1 " 0 " 0 " 0 "*** " all Exhaust Pip** Custom Dual Systems. > Ltfotlmo Guarantor on American Muff Urt (609) MIGHTY MUFFLER CENTER fomwriy Scoffl Muffter Cantor DIV. OF JJ. NEMES & SONS, INC. U.S. HWY. 206 PRINCETON When you're planning to landscape... Patios Pools Shade Trees Foundation Plantings Walks Hydroseeding Sodding Play and Rest Areas Privacy Plantings landscape with a plan! Call one of our landscape architects today. doerler landscapes phone Genuine State O'Maine by official management plans, except when its members fish in New England waters, she says. But, like most fishermen, these trawlermen, she says, "are very disturbed about having new regulations that reduce their ability to operate as fairly free, private enterpreneurs." In some cases, the Rutgers researcher notes, the regulations "amount to little more than having to obtain a license. In other cases, such as the surfclam fishery, it amounts to whether or not you can be involved in surfclamming, how much you can take and when." Trawlermen, she claims, "anticipate more of this type of regulation that will affect their livelihood as fishermen." The. fishermen Dr. McCay has been studying don't decry all regulations. They recognize that some fish stocks may be depleted, that too many boats are entering the business and that some controls are warranted. In their own cooperative, which focuses heavily on catching whiting a fish whose price fluctuates wildly according to supply the fishermen, in fact, maintain their own controls by limiting membership and setting their own fishing quotas. These fishermen "welcome government fisheries management, insofar as it helps reduce effort and maintains price," the Rutgers researcher says. However, she adds, plans which set limits on catches with no relationship to market conditions seem "arbitrary and objectionable" to the fishermen. An ancillary concern she says, is that plans will be formulated without adequate imput by commercial fishermen, who believe they are currently underrepresented on state and regional fishery management bodies. Increased federal regulations over fishing has stirred still another worry that it will cause "more involvement of large corporations in fishing, which can cope with them better, while the small guy is squeezed," she says. On a lighter side and closer to home the fishermen's homes, that is there had been concerns that the new U.S. fishing limits would came many domesticfishermenand their ships to head for more distant waters for fish, extending their time at sea to a week or more per trip. But generally, that hasn't materialized. "Some fishermen have tried it and have given it up," Dr. McCay says. "Others have tried it and are unhappy with it. "Even more fishermen, however, have decided not to try it at all proof that while many fishermen love fishing, they love their wives and famines even more." Xe^t COLLEGE COURSES YOU CAN AFFORD KjLfBa UyVfffil AND CANT AFFORD TO MISS COURSES FOR FALL PART-TIME STUDY \ S ^ MERCER COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE ih-person Registration $16 per credit 1lour for residents of Mercer County West Windsor Campus West Windsor Campus James Kerney Campus Monday, August 27,1:00 pm 7:00 pm., 2000)d Trenton Road Broad and Academy Sts Tuesday, August 28.1:00 pm 7:00 pm Trenton. N.J Trenton. N.J James Kerney Campus Wednesday, August 29,1:00 pm 7 00 pm "Discover MCCC Day" at Independence Mall Late Registration* West Windsor Campus Saturday, August am 4 pm Thursday, September 6,4:00 pm 7:00 pm Exhibits Displays Demonstrations Monday, September 10,4:00 pm 7 0 pm Engineering Liberal Arts Ornamental Horticulture 'Late Registration Fee Applies Physical Education Nursing And More COURSE TITLE CREDITS ACCOUNTING AC 10 Principles ol Accounting 1 AC 104 Principles of Accounting II AC 106 Office Accounting I AC 201 Intermediate Accounting I AC 20 Federal Income Taxation AC 208 Cost Accounting AC 0 Financial Statement Analysis AVIATION AE 102 Aviation Transportation ARCHITECTURE AT 127 Architectural Drawing 1 AT 129 Architectural Drawing III BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BA 101 Business Organization a/id Management BA 107 Business Law 1 BA 108 Business Law II BA204 Management Skills for Women BA205 Business Statistics BA 209 Business Communications BA 270 Real Estate Principles SCIENCE - BY 101 General Biology 1 BY 10 Anatomy and Physiology I BY 201 Microbiology CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY CE 106 Mechanics CE224 Soil Mechanics CHEMISTRY CH 100 Preparatory Chemistry CH 101 General Chemistry I CH 102 General Chemistry II CH 105 Agricultural Chemistry CH201 Organic Chemistry 1 CH205 Analytical Chemistry CRIMINAL JUSTICE CJ 101 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System CJ 20 Principles of Criminal Investigation CJ 204 Police Organization and Management * COMPUTERS CO 101 Basic Computer Hardware CO 10 Computer Operations 1 CO 201 Computer Operations III CULTURE CU101 Biblical Heritage (A) CU 10 French Culture (B) DATA PROCESSING DP 10 Information Processing and the Computer A Survey t DP 117 Systems and Procedure Documentation DP 125 Keypunch Operator DP 11 Computer Science Introduction DP 12 Fortran IV Programming DP 14 Computer Programming I DP 205 Computer Applications Field Project I DP 210 DP and Accounting Systems DP 22 Advanced COBOL Language DP 225 Computer Programming II DP 21 Numerical Analysis DP 25 Structured Design and Programming in COBOL DP 299 Data Processing Co-op Education DP 12 Computing Basic " ECONOMICS EC 102 Principles of Economics II EC 10 Basic Economics ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TECH EE 119 Electrical Circuits I EE 121 DC Circuits EE 126 Electronic Components EE 142 Fundamentals of Electronic Devices EE20 FCC Rules and Regulations I EE209 DC and AC Machinery EE 216 Pulse and Digital Circuits EE226 Pulse and Logic Fundamentals ENGLISH EG 101 English Composition 1 EG 102 English Composition II EG 10 English as a Second Language 1 EG 104 English as a Second Language II West Windsor Campus Evening and Extension COURSE TITLE CREDITS EG 114 Technical Report Writing EG 20 World Literature 1 EG 212 Intro to Literature Poetry C) EG 215 Creative Writing EG 220 Science Fiction GRAPHICS AND DRAFTING EN 107 Drafting 1 EN 11 Engineering Graphics EN 211 Machine Drafting ENGLISH SKILLS AND READING ES 100 Basic Composition ES 110 Reading 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Si Francis Senior Citizen Center rpl HamiMon Hnh Rise and Luther Towers ONLY O) West Windsor and Eggerts Crossing Village R) Jewish Community Center. Lower Ferry Road ONLY S) West Windsor Campus and Greenwood House T) West Windsor and Trent Center Greenwood Ave 2 2 t

19 C8-A I ho Frnnklin NFWS RECORD Thursday, August Debate continues over PAs By Tom Carroll Staff Writer - Each year, approximately 2;000 students graduate from aboutso physician's assistant. programs in the country. These physician's assistants, or PAs, are employed in almost all of the 50 states. But not in New Jersey. Legislation. to enable physician's assistants to practice in the state is pending. The enabling bill has been defeated and revised numerous times, most recently last month. It is expected to come up before the slate assembly again in a few months. Despite the fact that PAs are not allowed to practice in the state. New Jersey does educate them, through a baccalaureate program offered jointly by the School of Allied Health Professions at the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (CMDNJ) and Rutgers University, Instituted with the help of a federally funded grant in 1974, the program has recently graduated its third class. Because of the current situation, graduates of the program are forced to pursue their careen out of state. Those that remain in New Jersey must either enter into related areas, such as teaching or research, or else change professions altogether. The pro and con battle over the legalization of the physician's assistant profession in the state continues to rage. Those supporting the right for PAs to practice include numerous professional medical organizations on the national level, the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners, support groups such as the New Jersey State Society of Physician's Assistants and Physicians for Physician's Assistants, the Department of i Higher Education, the governor's office and, obviously, the Board- of Trustees, the administrators and the program's students at the College of Medicine and Dentistry. St. Peter's graduates NEW BRUNSWICK St. Peter's Medical Center School of Medical Technology held its 12th annual commencement exercises on Aug. 10, graduating eight students. With the completion of a year's studies and practical training in the medical center's laboratories, the students have earned their Bachelor of Science degrees in medical technology. Among the areas in which the graduates NBA material? received training were microbiology, hematology, chemistry, bacteriology and histology. The graduates are: Patricia Mahler of Carteret, Karen Koes and Mary Havay of Bridgewater, Sandra Sylvester of South Bound Brook, Sylvia Stutzmann of Bridgeton, Kim Joho of Roselle, Carmen Pantauzzo of Hamilton Square, and Marlene Mataloni of Dunmore, Pa. Opposers to the legislation consist of other national organizations, the New Jersey Medical Society, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the entire nursing profession and many physicians themselves. There has even been a switching of sides on the part of some groups. The state Board of Medical Examiners, which originally was against approving the practice in New Jersey, recently turned around,and came out in support of it. The New Jersey Medical Society Board of Directors' decision to support the bill was overturned when the Medical Society delegates voted to oppose it. The Academy of Family Physicians also left the bill, as did New Jersey Assemblymen James Saxton and Clifford Snedeker, who were originally co-sponsors of a recent reincarnation of it. Supporters of the bill feel that physician's assistants, who provide a variety of supportive functions under the direct supervision of their employing physicians, will help to ease the physician workload in the state and also aid in remedying the often debated shortage of physicians. "It is a terrible waste of talent and needed health manpower for this state," said John Martin, dean of the allied health school. "It is unreal that this state should balk at accepting a profession that has proven its value in each and every other state." Dr. Martin expressed disappointment that the profession has not been able to secure the enabling legislation in the state, but noted that CMDNJ has no specific plans New Jersey Nets player Tim Bassett gives some pointers to a future star, Kristin Shaffer, during the basketball clinic held at Hillsborough High School last Friday afternoon. The clinic was sponsored by the Hillsborough Recreation Commission. The Nets will again play their home games in the Rutgers Athletic Center in Piscataway. (Rich Pipeling photo) * Superhero (Continued from page 1 A) the incident Mr. O'Neil does not think writing comics is degrading. "Ifs certainly no longer die lowest common denominator, medium," said Mr. O'NeiL "That's been taken by television." Besides his full-time comic writing, Mr. OWiil said he tries doing one or two maguine pieces every year, akog wim five or six B^aflattfltHa^aM^Bah ' g a a k j ' ^^arvflbsal a^mk, Jam ^aalabat abbajvaflabbbtjhbabv reviews,, major HIHIMBT project which could be a book on some big, difficult thing that is not a IIJI.IT LjuX» comic DOOK. Mr. CNeO's work tas appeared in such ""g"*"** as New York, Publisher's Weekly and Gentleman's Quarterly. He has also written four bosks, fawlwttng a science fiction novel and a book on As for futne goals, the SoHo resident wants to write "a good, aow nowl" (tat agent it now drculatibg» pages of a novel), a movie script and "a thorough inof comics." for its program if the legislation should eventually be defeated altogether. "At this point, we are not speaking of. dropping the program," the dean said. "We've received encouragement to continue even without legislation." David Gibson, an administrator at CMDNJ, claimed that the school is adopting a "wait and see" attitude. "If there is no hope left at all, we are faced with an ethical decision how can we continue it?" Dr. Gibson asked, referring to the school's fiscal responsibility to the state, which, with diminishing federal grants, funds the program. "I'm not sure we're at that point yet." One person fighting to keep the legislation in the realm of hope is Nancy Becker, of the Nancy Becker Associates lobbying firm which was hired by the State Society of Physician's Assistants, to lobby in support of the bill. "The bill is not dead,", claimed Ms. Becker. "But it won't be up for a vote again until after the election, in a lame duck session." She has been "intimately involved" with this legislation for over a year and a half and has seen the bill go through many significant changes since its first introduction. "The bill was rejected last month on the same arguments," Ms. Becker said.. "They are a) We don't need physician's assistants, b) Nurses perform the. same duties, and c) Just because we train them in New Jersey doesn't mean they have to work here." Those arguments are being wielded by a very powerful opposition. The New Jersey Medical Society and the State Nurses Association are only two of the opposers. Vincent Maressa, the executive director of the Medical Society, said his organization does not believe the evidence is there to support legislation for PAs. "If New Jersey has a physician shortage, the answer is not a different level of practitioner, but more primary care physicians," he said. "Instead of accepting FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 48 West High St. Somerville Henry J. McKinnon, Minister SummorSdladulo: :JO AJW. War»M» Saralca :0 AM. Intel* Car* ond Church Tim* Strnday School COME JOIN US! students out of high school into a four-year baccalaureate program, the state should devote that time and money to turning the more than adequate students who are rejected from medical school each year into physicians. "A physician's assistant is neither a physician, nor an assistant," Dr. Maressa said. "We must correct the physician manpower deficiency by producing physicians, not some kind of hybrid." Barbara Wright, a baccalaurate nurse on the faculty of CMDNJ's nursing school who has served as a nursing consultant to the Department of Higher Education, also feels that nursing and medical schools should be improved instead of creating a new profession. "We don't need a third party," Mrs. Wright said. "I feel we need to make better use of the baccalaureate nurses. They're the best prepared. "The nursing profession is non-supportive of the physician's assistant legislation because it will jeopardize patient care," she explained. "We'll get second level health care." Mrs. Wright claimed that, contrary to popular belief, New Jersey is not the only state that does not allow PAs to practice. She said that the Nurses Association of Wyoming has prevented them from practicing in that state and that a similar situation may exist in Alabama. A spokesman for the New Jersey State Nursing Association said that the nursing profession opposes the legalization of the-physician's assistant professiorf in the state because "much of what PAs do is a duplication of what a nurse practitioner does." He also expressed 'doubt about the existence of a physician shortage in the state. "We should spend money on medical schools to produce more family practitioners that's where the shortage is." The spokesman claimed that what most people believetobe a shortage is actually a "geographic maldistribution" of physicians in the state. Dr. William J. Prinsket Optometrist Carteret Savings Building Rt. 206, New Amwell Rd. Hillsborough Hard and Soft Contact lans *t Day and Evening Hours By Appointment GARAGESALE Houseful of items including antique German wall clock; photocopy machine; several framed prints; 4-drawer steel files at $50 apiece; few coins and penny rolls; glassware; lapidary supplies and magazines; set of butternut furniture by Basic Witz including expanded dining room table, china cabinet, buffet; -drawer unit and components like hanging bar, shelves and drawers, speaker enclosed, all for $150; Polinex whirlpool with attachments; queen-size Herculon sofa bed with matching love set, $750; small desk with Formica top; 8MM movie camera, $60; typewriter tables and other office equipment; some silver plate; fishing rods and gear; rosewood folding table; many good books; twin double dressers with matching mirror, $175; oak bookcase with glass front doors, $180. 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Founder LANDSCAPING BUSINESS GLIDE LANDSCAPING RAILROAD TIES LAWN MAINTENANCE SNOW PLOWING PATIOS ROTOTIUING TREE CUTTING FMEWOOO WHEN AVAILAHf PLUMBING PARK PLUMBING CHEATING InstaHatiofl & Repair of all your plumbing needs FREE ESTIMATES Ik. Ma* ' KondallPorlt.NJ. (201) t CALENDAR OF EVENTS Enjoy August THURSDAY, AUGUST 2 Franklin Council - 8 p.m. Municipal BkJg. Franklin Board of Adjustment - 8 p.m. Municipal Bldg. "Week of the People" Hamilton Park Youth Development Project awards dinner. 7 p.m. Community Room, 429 Lewis St. Smokey the Bear visits Somerset County Park Commission's Environmental Education Center, 190 Lord Stirling Road, Basking Ridge. 1:15 p.m. Nature movies shown after Smokey's visit. Franklin Jaycee-ettes - Regular meeting. Home of Pat Dever. Information FRIDAY, AUGUST 24 "Week of the People" Mini Jazz Festival 6 p.m.. Community Room, 429 Lewis St. Sponsored by SCAP, Info & tickets, Franklin H.S. Physical exam for Varsity and Jr. Varsity soccer, football. 8 a.m. in gym. SATURDAY, AUGUST 25 Movie - "My Seventeenth Summer" benefit Kerri Troyan Fund. Hillsborough Cinema, 12 noon $1.50. Also Sunday. SUNDAY, AUGUST 26 Buffet Supper & Dance Social Somerset-Hunterdon Chapter of Widows or Widowers p.m., Holiday Inn, Rt. 22 Somerville. Him - "If I Should Die," about life after death. 7 p.m. Emmanuel Baptist Church. South rd Er Washington Aves., ManviHe. Dedication of garage at Bogan Meadows. Somerset County SCETA project. 2-4 p.m. Concert in the Park - folk singer Gary Struncius - 7:0 p.m.. Duke Island Park. MONDAY, AUGUST 27 Franklin Fire District #1 Commissioners meeting. 8 p.m. Somerset Fire House. Guest Month - open house & auditions, Somerset Hills Hounds for Harmony Barbershop Chorus. 8 p.m.. First Baptist Church, New Market Road, Piscataway. All men invited. Info Franklin School Board. Adjourned regular meeting, 8 p.m Sampson G. Smith School. Hillsborough Board of Education - Public meeting. 8 p.m. Hillsborough H.S. Library. Hillsborough Environmental Commission - 8 p.m. Ragtown Annex. \ TUESDAY. AUGUST 2t Hillsbbrough Township Committee - 8 p.m. Municipal Bldg. Special meeting - Franklin Council & Library Board - 8 p.m. Municipal Bldg. Films far children - "K9000. A Space Oddity". "Kosmodrome, "Round Trip to Mars" & "Astronauts" 10:0 a.m. Mary Jacobs Library, Rocky Hill. Cable TV meeting - Franklin Municipal Bldg. 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2* Franklin Chamber of Commerce - Second Annual GoH Outing - Raritan Valley Country Club. Bridgewater. $45. entrance fee. For reservations call Franklin H.S. Physical Exams for varsity, cross country, field hockey, freshman football. THURSDAY, AUGUST, 0 Film documentary "Who Are the Debotts" - 7:0 p.m. Mary Jacobs Library, Rocky Hill. HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING E.R. CLEWORTH & SON HEATING AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRICAL SHEET METAL FABRICATION WARM AIR REPLACEMENT FURNACES HUMIDIFIERS ELECTRONIC AIR CLEANERS Call for Frew Estimate- Financing Available 297-4S41 So. Brunswick UcfMU HMtlUBaSeOOUa* safes* sfttk* M-474B BI BICYCLES FRANKLIN BICYCLE CENTER RALEIGH SCHWINN PEUGEOT ROSS Rapairi Parts Accessories SS HAMITION STREET loo m. - 6p.m. OPEN SATURDAYS Closed Wa>d. Sundays HOME & FARM HORSE FEED I SUPPLIES PET FOODS. WILD BIRD SEED. ANIMAL FEED. WE ALSO CARRY WATER SOFTENER SALTS LAWN t GARDEN SUPPLIES. SHOES BOOTS. JACKETS (CLOVES. BELLE MEAD FARMERS' CO-OP LINE ROAD BELLE MEAD COPYING SERVICE XEROX COPIES I.I hi. / TOWNSHIP PHARMACY M.VHHHil I _' I l.i mil Inn St.. Su \<>l \ m H III l( MOVING & STORAGE SOPKO Agents lor Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. MOVING b STORAGE, INC Permit #5 Local & Long Distance 1 5 No. 17th Ave. Manville To Rent This Spate Call LUMBER BELLE MEAD LUMBER CO., INC. Reading Blvd.. BeNe Mead A Csmplefe line of BUILDING MATEIWAIS Coot t Dunn Paintt Comb Doofi t Windowl Angartait Windo«< Calinal -»otio M«tonoU Carp*tma " Vinyl Til* Bilco toiomont Doort Railroad 1»o» " Hordworo * Oocoratof Panali * Roatina MotoooW Irtswlotton Glaif * Plrwood»..<l > Uo>on., MaloiHili LANDSCAPING DLM LANDSCAPING a Complot* Lawn Car* a Landscaping Patios a Decks Sod a Railroad T««Walls. PLUMBING BASIL KUUCK nmnimthutmc ELECTRIC SENERCUMMC K)MJN6tM.TEMTKMS njiot NTim, movsniml. comicww. (201) 72S-SM NJ.UC.fM4S FREE ESTIMATES * MOM OWRMREEB 1019 HUFF AVE. MANVILLE, N.J. i

20 THE PRINCETON PACKET The ImvrennR I ixkjer THE CENTRAL POST WINDSOR-HIGI1TS HERALD Classified Advertising Eight For Central Jersey WILLSBOROUGH The ManvilleNews The Franklin NEWS RECORD Cranbnrg press.* Weok of August *) Business Opportunities SEEKING A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY we wish to invest our time & knowledge to run a small business or sell from our home. If you want an outlet for your product, we have the know how, the experience & the location. Call after 6 pm, or TAVERN & PACKAGE - New Bruiis. Estb. 12 yrs., Owner retiring, Hi-gross, Business & bldg w/6 rm. apt., asking $15,000, exc oppty for interested buyers. Reply Box c/o Princeton JPacket. THINKING OF YOUR VERY OWN BUSINESS? Begin at home full or part time. Ideal for singles or couples. Call No obligation. No information over the telephone: Let's have coffee & talk. REST HOME - in Hamilton Twp. Solid brick, licensed over 0 years setting on a large corner approx. 2 acre lot. One block from 1-195, close to shopping center. Lots of room for expansion. Good income. All guests are ambulatory. Call , ask for Mr. Mancuso for any information. PLANNING for PROFITS - N Stewart Associates. Tax & Financial help for small firms RETIREMENT OR FULL TIME BUSINESS - Local territories still opened for a Metal Masters Restoring Business. Earn $00 a wk. PWefifrrt; PtfWirt; 1 at mnei tifrqtt 982=5111 Mr. Wiikins OWNER MANAGER marketing program. Low investment, high potential. Excellent opportunity COLLECT MY MONEY. Publishing company seeks to establish long-term, profitable business relationship with a collection agency that really can collect money without flooding me with tons of paperwork or millions of flimsy excuses. No subscription work, just hard collections from on-going businesses and corporations who refuse to pay for advertising. Sell me in your letter. Find me at P.O. Box S21, Cranbury, N.J Business Opportunities HAVE $40,000 TO INVEST in any on-going NJ business as a working partner or buy out situation, write with details & your phone number. Reply to Box «02551, c/ o The Princeton Packet. RETIRED SALES- MARKET- ING executive available for consulting, sales training, other assignments. Record of exceptional results in diversified experience. BSEE plus plus. Box #02620 c/o Princeton Packet. FAST FOOD RESTAURANT in Princeton area. Available due to owner's other interests. Financing available for qualified buyer- Principals phone Edwin Hall, Realty World - Audrey Short, Inc. Realtors, LIQUOR BUSINESS Mercer County-Liquor store in prime suburban location with Broad "C" license. Volume $450,000. Well stocked & doing excellent wine business. Price $50,000. Terms available. Principals only. Lawrence Twp., N.J. - Restaurant and lounge, ample parking, high gross "C" license, professional clienteleexcellem area. Serious buyers only. " WRITE P.O. Box 5201 Trenton, N.J MAIN STREET LAWRENCE- VILLE - Transferring owner offers an exceptional business and investment property for auick sale. 2 apts, 1800 sq. ft. store front, ample parking always rented. Present income $12,100 per year. Low expenses. Excellent value for only $110, BUSINESS WANTED Executive wishes to purchase or enter into partnership of a small. manufacturing or service business. Please reply to Box # c/o Princeton Packet. Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted PICKUP DELIVERY - 4 general shopwork in rug cleaning plant. Temporary or full time. Call for appt. CREATIVE COOK WANTED - part time, The Glass Onion Restaurant WAREHOUSE PERSON - part time. Furniture showroom has position available for hard working, energetic person. Job consists of unloading, assembling, storing and light repair. We will train if necessary but prefer some experience. Hrs: Thurs, noon to 4pm; Fri & Sat, 10am - 6pm. Call PROFESSIONAL OPPOR- TUNITY - 2 year old Plainsboro home on well traveled road.. Eight rooms, 2 l n baths, PLUS 4 room professional suite.. Parking for 6 cars.' WAITRESS/WAITER - Day &.$114,900. RICHARDSON eve-\ shift open. Full time REALTY, &/or part time. Gd. salary, gd. benefits. Apply in person; Treadway Inn, US Rt. # 1, South, Princeton. PROGRAMMER BAUFORTRAN Applied Data Research. Inc., world's oldest and largest software products company, has immediate need for an IBM.60/70/0 assembly language programmer who has experience in an on-line environment and familiarity with FORTRAN. Position involves state-of the art software product development and enhancement. Excellent opportunity for applications programmer who feels ready to make a move to more challenging and rewarding employment. ADR offers good-starting salary, superior work environment and outstanding benefits (including dental insurance and a prescription plan). For further information contact Mr. E Smith, Personnel Director, at (609) or send resume, including salary history to: APPLIED DATA RESEARCH, INC. Rout* 206 CenterCNt Princeton. NJ. 0M40 AHn: Personnel Director NURSES RN'S LPN'S Nurse only on assignments you like and only at the times you choose. We have an urgent need for nurses to work on home care, private duty and staff rekef assignments. We provide: highest pay rates of all nursing services paid malpractice and liability insurance ^.in-service education programs paid staff relief orientation RN consultation When you join Medical Personnel Pool you^ be part of the most highly respected and quality minded national supplemental nursing service in its field. Give us a can. we wtt be happy to tafc with you about your career. v. An equal opportunity tmptoyw CHILD CARE NEEDED - for kindergartner, afternoons 2- days per week, Rocky Hill, Montgomery area. Call (609) after Aug. 18. SPECIAL ED TEACHER - & Aide needed part time for Sunday School class. Beth Chaim Synagogue & eves. DESK CLERKS - Day & even, shift open, full time. Gd. salary, gd. benefits. Apply in person: Treadway Inn, US Rt. #1, South, Princeton. PART TIME TELEPHONE INTERVIEWER - needed for Social Science research. Several studies starting in Sept. day, even, & weekend shifts avail. Previous exp. a plus, but not necessary we will train. Some bilingual (Spanish & english) interviewers needed. Call Barbara Primas, Personnel Dept. Mathematica Policy Research, Princeton Jet Ext EOE/MF. TELLERS EXPERIENCE PAYS! ( per week) COMPUTER INPUT WORK - Intelligent person with aptitude for figures wanted for preparing input for computer ana doing general work in small office. College graduate preferred. Call Eva Giordano, Princeton Financial Systems, for an appointment. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Local company now hiring men and women in its display sales and management trainee department. $800. $1,000. Per month base pay plus incentive raises, profit sharing, company paid vacations, bonuses and contests. No experience necessary. Car required. Princeton Area Call Morrisvilte & Trenton Area Call If you have banking experience, your talents can earn you an excellent starting salary. At Franklin State Bank, our interesting and flexible work schedule can be just what you're looking for. Internal positions have created several immediate openings in the: KINGSTON F/T In addition to your salary, you will receive outstanding benefits (including incentive bonus) and the opportunity to advance into other bank areas. To find out more about our unique and innovative work schedule, please call or We whi also be happy to arrange a convenient interview for qualified candidates. Corporate Headquarters 60 Franklin Blvd.. Somerset. N. J rfcvf Bookkeeper F/C 10-12K LEADING PERFORMER Your special knowledge and ability to self-start is what this firm is looking for. If you enjoy allphases of bookkeeping call MEA today and become a leading performer in this unique company. Never a fee to the applicant associate^ I-awrenceville, N.J. [609] WAITRESS/ WAITER 18 years or older. Full time or part time. Lone or short hours, day or night. Apply in person, Buxton's Country Shop, Montgomery Shopping Center, Rt. 206, Rocky Hill. COOK & WAITRESS WAN- TED - In a natural foods restaurant. Call Tues-Sat 10- pm JANITORIAL SUPERVISOR - part time, for Hightstown Cranbury Area. Call NURSE-LPN or RN needed by 24 yrs. old female, quadriplegic, for morning care, early on Sat. & Sun. Rocky Hill - Griggstown Area. Phone DELIVERY PERSON - Wanted. Good Driving record required. References. Call for interview. H&H Gas & Appliances, Windsor NJ. TELEPHONE SALES Great commissions for great closers. Tele exp. preferred. If you have a good voice we will train you. Full & part time post, available. Call Mr. Hudson. MAINTENANCE ASST. - with general knowledge of maintenance, carpentry and mechanical skills. Call Johnson Atelier Tech. Inst. Sculptor, Ken Ford, SALES POSITIONS Enjoy meeting people. Like fine clothing? A few full and part time Sales Positions are now open in one of Princeton's finest women's department stores. Telephone Mr. Garretson for an appointment WANTED - Violations ClerkA Deputy Court Clerk for Cranbury Twp. Municipal Court. Part time. For further information call Mon-Fri SALESPERSON - full time, flair for interior decorating, Bound Brook area. W. Berman Decorating Marketplace, Equal Opportunity Employer. COOK Small school in Princeton seeks experienced cook for full time position. We need a reliable and energetic person who enjoys having children around and who is willing to work some weekends. Responsibilities include menu planning, food ordering^some paper work. Average day runs 10-7:0 wage negotiable. Please send personal statement. and reference to Box #0265, c/o Princeton Packet. BANK TELLERS - Male or female. Please apply in person at Hightstown or East Windsor Office, Colonial First National Bank. BASS PLAYER WANTED Funky Style for full time disco band. Must sing. Anytime or MATURE BABYSITTER - needed for IVi yr. old in Twin Rivers. 2 full days. Call EXPERIENCED ASPHALT SHOVELERS & RAKERS WANTED immediate employment Acct. Trainee To $190 GOOD WITH PUZZLES? Using your 2 yrs acctg background can land you this diversified detail-oriented position. Will train for computers and pay your college tuition. Fantastic benefits. Call for details & appt. Fee paid. ASK FOR LORRAINE DAVIS OFFICE POWER Personnel Rte 10 at Black Horse Lane North Brunswick, NJ [ BABYSITTER Ewing, Wed. 9-5pm, start Sept. For toddler, refs., own trans, after 6pm. HOSTESSES / HOST - eart^cafeteria EMPLOYmoney at home. E. Windsor MENT - no nights or only. Call weekends. Hightstown area , ext SECRETARY - experienced. With good steno & typing for diversified position. Princeton Forrestal Center location. Salary commensurate with experience plus benefits. Call ^8465, 9-5 pm. PART TIME *-diversified job entails errands, packing, shipping, some heavy lifting, general office duties also required hours per week. Call for appt RUN CLASSIFIED ADS AT OUR SPECIAL TIMES RATE (WITHOUT CHANGES) PERSONNEL ASSISTANT CLERICAL (benefits) Internal promotion has created a vacancy for an individual experienced in benefits administration (billings) and so forth. Familiarity with wage and hour procedures helpful. Pleasant working conditions. Excellent fringe benefits. APPLY PERSONNEL DEPT. Mon. to Thurs. 9 am to 4 pm CARRIER FOUNDATION toad. NJ. Equal Opportunity Employer M'F PAYROLL/PERSONNEL Base Ten Systems, Inc. has an exciting career opportunity for an enthusiastic and outgoing individual with good interpersonal skills to take charge of its payroll/personnel function. We offer an excellent starting salary and good company benefits. If you are looking fora career growth and advancement in pleasant working conditions call Accounting Manager at BASE TEN SYSTEMS, INC. 14 Franklin Comer Rd. Lawrenceville, N. J. CAREER OPEN HOUSE WELCOME ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING A... SECRETARY? HOUSEWIFE? RETAILER? ETC. DO YOU BEUEVE IN YOURSELF?!! ARE YOU CAPABLE OF EARNING $20,000 A YEAR OR MORE? IF YOU ARE TIRED OF THE HUMDRUM ROUTINE THAT MAKES YOUR UFE A DRUDGE, THEN COME TO OUR CAREER OPEN HOUSE AND HEAR HOW TO START YOUR UFE ANEW!! CALL NOW! LORRAINE DAVIS TEACHER SUBSTITUTES - K-8, send resume to L. Gantwerk, Roosevelt Public School, School Lane, Roosevelt, NJ Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. TEACHER NEEDS sitter starting in Sept. in her H'boro home. 2 children days weekly. References. Own trans. After 8/19, PHOTOTYPESETTER(S) Experienced only with preferable A-M procedural knowledge. Part time applicants may be considered. Call Graphics Design at for appointment. CLERK Office experience, typing not necessary. If you can work a day, a week, a month or longer, please come in and register today. Warren Plata West Rte. 1e, Bldg. B Hightstown 11 Princeton Pike Lawrenceville 8M-1MQ KELLY GIRL Division of KeUy Services Equal Opportunity Employer. M/ F CLERICAL POSITIONS - with Princeton based firm. Excellent working conditions and competitive salary package. Position requires good typing and communication skills. Call Charles Wilson BANNER SECRETARY Our clients need experienced secretaries with and without shorthand. Salary depends on skills and background. Take your pick from the many orders we have open. All fee paid. BANNER BUSINESS ASSOCIATES INC. 228 Alexander St. * Princeton, NJ DENTAL ASSISTANT - experienced. Part time & evenings. Call after 6 pm GOOD CHRISTIAN WOMAN - to be a companion to my wife who is ill. Job also requires preparation of meals and light housekeeping. Hours 8 am - 1 pm. Please call evenings after 7 pm, References required. Tht Princeton Pecfcef Newt peeen 900 Mrffherspoon Jf., P.O. BOM 90 Prfnctfon, N.J. I PART TIME SECRETARY - for small Princeton firm. (4 or 5 days per week). Must have experience in dealing with executive level clients. Typing and shorthand required Forward qualifications to: Johnston Assoc. Inc., Pretty Brook Rd., Princeton, NJ TEACHERS AIDES - for nursery school in East Windsor. No experience necessary. Duties include assisting teacher in classroom plus driving mini-van. We train fot special driving license. Hours 11:0 am - 4pm or mornings. Young child may accompany you. Call SALES HELP - Leading gourmet store. Mature, will train. 5 days, full time, Tues thru Sat. Permanent DENTAL RECEPTIONIST - needed for busy East Windsor office. Experience preferred. Please call BABYSITTER - 2's days a week for infant in my home. References RIVERSIDE KIN- DERGARTEN - is over at 1 o'clock. That's why we need a kind, reliable person to care for our daughter from 1-5:0, weekdays, at your home or ours. If you like having mornings free, and are able to enjoy a charming, funny, energetic but well behaved litue girl, please call eves, to arrange an interview. BABYSITTER HOUSEKEEPER 2 days per week to care for 1 child for working mother. Must have own transportation In Princeton call To Place a Classified Ad IB NURSES - RN's or LPNs, male or female. to 11:0, full. & part time. 11 to 7:0 part time. Call Applegarth Care Center, RELIABLE CLEANING PERSON - needed, I day per wk. for 6 hrs. Private home CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISOR uptot40k WASTE TREATMENT TOWN Have you never really reached your fullest potential? Would you like a chance to try? Work for a boss who is a "wild and crazy guy" by night, a savvy pro by day. Job involves complete on site supervision of a $5 million sewage and waste water treatment plant. Position requires strong background of on-site supervision and heavy rigging and sewage treatment experience. Engineering degree - a plus, but not absolutely required. Call TOWN PER- SONNEL today. This is an immediate hire situation for the right individual. Town Personnel Agency Princeton Forreslal Center 101 College Road East Princeton, N.J <eo»> ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN - background in electronics plus good mechanical ability Read schematics and perform electrical & workmanship inspection on custom built electronic equipment. Call Abacus Controls, VOCALIST WANTED Full time disco band. Must be attractive. Into Donna Summer, Chic, etc. Anytime or WAITRESS/ WAITER - for restaurant and cocktail lounge weekdays and/or weekends. Call Coach & Four Restaurant for interview, Sewfh Somerset Newteoperi ; P.O. tea 14* Somerrflle, N.J. (01) 72SSM0 8 W A Y C L A S S I F I E D A D V E R T I S I N G FORM (en* *ouar* for och IcHtr, numbor. space or punctuation) 4 LINES 1 INSERTION $4.00 INSERTIONS, no changes. paid before billing $6.00 If billed add 50* billing charg* NAME ADDRESS CITY.STATE. _ZIP. CLASSIFICATION JNSEimONS JNTPAID All Classified eds appear eutomaticshy in all 8 Packet newspapers: The Princeton Packet, The Lawrence Ledger. The Central Post. Windsor Hights Herald; The Cranbury Press, The Manville News, The Franklin News-Record and the HMsborough Beacon. Ads msy be mailed or phoned in. The deodbns for new ads is 5 p.m. Monday if they ere to be property denmed. Conceeetions cormot be accepted after noon on Monday. 'Too Late to Oestify" eds wm be accepted until noon Tuesday. EATB: A Ctasejfiod Ad coots M.00 tar up to 4 fines for one insertion, or.» originety ordered, (no changes). S2.00 adcsoonel for 2 consecutive weeks or issues, the rd consecutive insertion Is FREE. Thereafter, eech ooneecusive ineertion only «JBO f ptsced wwi nsjinei order. Cat tor intormetion on the smeh charge for eddwonpf finesge. Ads rney be displayed with white apace margins and/or additional capital letters at M.fiO per inch. A speciel discount rate is available to advertisers running the seme displayed cl sifisd. ad for a minimum of 1 consecutive weeks or Afferent displayed cr Wed eds totaling 0 <* more inches per month with swenqernents for monthly billing. Box numbers are $1.00 extra peroroer or per montn. THMSi There is a 50* Hong charge if ad is ndr paid in advance. Personals. Situations Wanted,' HoueeeWing, Apartment Sublets, Wonted to Rent or Shore end al out of area and moving eds are tor errora not oottecmo Pv «n> jmr i

21 2-B Classified Advertising Wee* of August If 79 Help Wanted Help Wonted Help Wonted Help Wonted Help Wonted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wonted Help Wanted CHURCH SECRETARY-Part time Monday-Friday Send resume to Box #02596 c/o Princeton Packet. Systems Analysts ADVANCEMENT To f 29k IBM 70, COBOL. 2 years system design experience.: Excellent company. Top benefits. Never a fee. Call in confidence SELECTIVE PERSONNEL Mercer Mall, US#1 (nexttok-mart) Princeton, NJ. " RESTAURANT HELP Openings include Cashier, Waiter/Waitress. Bus Per- ; sons. Please apply in person to -'Food & Beverage office. Hilton Inn, East Windsor. No Phone Calls. COMPUTER OPERATOR Princeton area company in Information - Processing - based business has a growth opportunity for^an individual with minimum '1 years experience. Openings on our 4 to midnight shift & midnight to 8 a>m. shift. Excellent working conditions & benefits, including dental insurance' & tuition assistance. Please call 60MS2-100, ext An OEO, M/F. NURSE COMMUNITY HEALTH - Immediate openings in a certified voluntary home/health agency providing generalized public health nursing program. BS degree for NLN accredited program preferred. Will consider "graduate of an accredited hospital school of nursing or AA degree program with 1 CLERK for screening of Ijrear medical & surgical experience. Contact Director, experience helpful but not input documents. Clerical.Visiting Nurse Association in necessary. Excellent benefits Middlesex Inc., 1915, Old including dental insurance & Georges Rd., North Brunswick, N.J Mrs. Pascale, tuition assistance. Please call Equal Opportunity Employer. ANALYST $27-$0K MATH TEACHER - N.J. certification required. Apply to Asst. Supt. Personnel, East Windsor Reg. School District, 84 Stockton St., Hightstown, NJ , ext. 20. Equal Opportunity Employer F/M. CARPENTER - Good all around carpenter for general contracting work. Call 5 to 7 pm SYSTEM TOWN Are you looking to increase your salary? If your background can fill this spot, your career will take a definite turn upward. Our client is searching for an individual with -5 years experience in System Design. A degree in Math or Computer Sciences, IBM 70/158. OS, CICS, hardware experience and strong command of COBOL are the basic requirements. Call Marianne and step into a new and exciting phase of your career. Town Personnel Agency Princeton Forrestal Center 101 College Road East Princeton, N.J [ GREAT JOB great boss, unfortunately I have to give it up due to husbands transfer. Initiative, motivation & basic secretarial skills are needed to do this job. Pay isn't that great, but work is varied & interesting. Call Megan at Engelbrechtit Assoc., and I'll be happy to answer any questions. ROGERS ft KING PERSONNEL, INC NJ ENGINEERING POSITIONS FEES PAID BY EMPLOYERS - CALL JANE ROGERS Electric Power to *40,090 - B.S.E.E. to PhD. level System design Er specification of system configuration, ratings for generators, transformers, switch gears, etc. System studies include load flow, system transients, reliability analysis and relay coordination. h**om. n HE t ", Project - B -S- ChE. Environmental background. Plant process. phis yrs. exp. with chemical co New facility construction. 421,000 - B.S. ChE. Must have lite experience with computer technology in gauging vinyl film. Computer to $40,000 - Software programming and hardware interfacing. Troubleshoot and redesign process control computers. MaMsJ ChcuM - ttxooo Digital logic and microprocessor exp. to SS.0O0 - Digital image processing. Hardware, software, firmware and transducer knowledge. pfifi yrs. exp. in high speed digital signal processing circuit and system design. B.S.E.E. Mactianlei. Electrical or Chemical to $0,000 Scheduler. 5 plus yrs. exp. in process plant work, construction exp. Knowledge of cost control ft estimating techniques. MsrhanlceJ. O a c l i l f l, ChsmtcaJ to $8,000. Design.refinery systems, select equipment. 5 plus yrs. exp. project management, contract negotiations, cost and schedule control 'purchasing negotiations. B.S. or M.S. level. Mscftenloel to $MMW0. Exp. in refinery engineering, maintenance & construction related to piping. Knowledge of machine design. B.S.M.E. Beetrtoal N U N. Degree can also be in physics or math. Systems engineering for aerospace. Electrical MC to'phd level of EE. Princeton firm seeks Senior development Engineer for RErD. Microprocessor familiarity. Low level data acquisition design. 1 Msohanlcat - tajm - BSME - Design and analysis of enclosures, packaging techniques, thermal and physical stress, fabrication techniques and processing. BSEE - Processing and control circuitry, i.e. mutnpiers, computer interface, digital filters. W bigkwer ttsjm -BSEE Solid state amplifiers, multipliers ft oscillators - Synthesizers, receivers & transmitters. I '-.BSEE - Communications, radar or Counter Measure Equipment exp. ChawteaHo M M - BSOiE to PhD tewl -10 yrs. of R&O. Polymers, petrochermcels, plastics, styienics and potyethyfenes. 100 Co. BSME. +yrs. exp. Machine design for Fortune MS. in Enginoonng. Knoniange or economics, cost onginoeiing, project engineering, planning and scoping. I MSME or EE Product management. 10 yrs. exp Engineering Section Head. Fortune SO Co. Local. %MBSM to MMM - MSME. +yrs. exp. in the engineering of" - - "" Magi MSEE Exp. in high voltage appbcation* for th» electric povw conversion system* field BS ChE to PhD level Pn development ^ ^^_.."._- WMllf - Supervisory spot. HBO Uason ith marketing and pant modhicauon of existin dustryapkjs. of air fctat. B.S.M.E., I.E.. ChE. New equipment, iqujprnent cost. farnsar ww> cosmetic inturuo Exp. w*h HVAC and electrical exp. Control STOCK CLERK Assist in stock room: receive and dispense materials, deliver and put up materials in various plant location*.fill out stock withdrawal forms, post records, perform other light clerical functions. When required, fill in on shipping/receiving or material control work. Moderate lifting required. Some previous experience in stock work or in shipping/receiving would be helpful... BUT we are willing to consider a bright, conscientious beginner who wants to learn and grow with us. We would prefer a high school graduate. EMR Photo Electric is a fast growing developer and manufacturer of electrooptical instruments and systems, conveniently located in the Princeton area. Working conditions are excellent. We will pay a good starting salary and we nave an excellent fringe benefits program. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT [ Secretary EMR PHOTO ELECTRIC AnE.O.E.,m/f SALES... Totno Manager needs your pleasant phone manner to assist customers, your 60, wpm typing and light steno to take charge whiletie travels. Corp benefits. Fee paid. Call for details and appt. ASK FOR CAROL TURNER OFFICE POWER. Personnel Rte 10 at Black Horse Lane North Brunswick, NJ [ TRANSFORMER ASSEM- BLER - to assemble power transformers, must have good mechanical ability, will consider trainee. Call Abacus Controls, LPN'S & NURSES AIDES - part time or full time, small nursing home SECRETARIES Shorthand helpful but not necessary, if yon can work a day, a week, a month or longer, please come in and register today. Warren Plata West Rte.lM.BMg.B, Hightstown ENGINEERING The Wenczel Tile Co. a leading manufacturer of ceramic wall tile and an equal opportunity employer has challenging positions available in the following areas: Laboratory manager to supervise the testing of raw materials, in-process materials and product quality. Kiln engineer to control the operation of tunnel kilns. Mechanical engineer to work in plant improvement projects and new process facilities. Engineering degree desirable but not absolutely necessary. Salary commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits including company paid medical and life insurance, profit sharing fund and 100% professional tuition refund. Send your resume in strict confidence to: Mr. Julius Kish, Personnel Director, Wenczel Tile Co., P.O. box 508, Trenton, N.J Technical Recruiter An opportunity to join the world's oldest and largest independent systems software products company APPLIED DATA RESEARCH. INC. has expanded its total work force by an average fifty employees per year over the past five years. Projections for hiring in the next five yean are expected. to be twice that number. To accomodate the Company's future employment requirements, the Corporate Director of Personnel is seeking to employ a Technical Recruiter who will be responsible for field recruiting of programming development and support personnel. Applicants for this position must be degreed and have a minimum of two years business experience. Some knowledge of data processing essential; IBM/JCL highly desirable. Must be willing and able to travel (overnight up to 50% - weekdaysjwlyj. To apply, send resume, including salary history, to: """ Director of Personnel Applied Data Research, Inc. Route 206 Center CN-8 Princeton. NJ APPLIED DATA RESEARCH. INC. O Ms* Jmy. Onimrtt ffiaai in Atlanta. I itmyci. San I, OJC lmamauu 1 «Ww to At An Equal Opportunity Employer 11 Princeton Pike LawreaceviDe SM-ltit KELLY GIRL Division of ReUy Services Equal Opportuity Employer, M/ F COLLECTOR - Fast growing Princeton firm is seeking exper. telephone collectors. Excellent benefit package. Salary based on exper. plus commission EOE Programmer Analysts To I2K COBOL Analysis and design. RPG II a plus. IBM 70. Order entry systems and financial applications. Excellent benefits. Never a fee. Call in confidence SELECTIVE PERSONNEL Mercer Mall, US #1 (nexttok-mart) Princeton, N.J. PART TIME $205. a week. Work at home Mailing letters. Mr. Johnson, RFD #4, Box 496- C, US n. North Brunswick, N.J MESSENGER - needed for busy Ad Agency in Princeton. Must have own transportation. Submit previous experience & salary requirements to Mort Barisn Assoc., Inc., Research Park, State Rd., Princeton, N.J No phone calls please. NURSES AIDE - experience preferred. Day shift. Full or part time. For interview contact Administrator, Sunnyfield Nursing Home, Cranbury NJ RUN CLASSIFIED ADS AT OUR SPECIAL TIMES RATE (WITHOUT CHANGES) ADR THE ONLINE SOFTWARE BUILDERS ARCHITECT'S FIELD REPRESENTATIVE Fieldinspector knowledoable of construction & administration, central NJ area. Send resume to Box #02645 c/o Princeton Packet. P/T SUPERVISORS Customer service persons hostesses, M/F "GAg SAVERS" Service. No Sales - We Train EARN $500. to $800 per month, part time. Call Marie. Thurs. 54pm PART TIME POSITION for control area of Racquetball Club. Individual should be willing to work some evenings & weekends. Exciting position for conscientious worker. Written replies only: Court Work I, Rt. #1, Mercer Mall, Lawrenceville, NJ PART TIME - receptionist/ manger at tennis club CHILD CARE - Light housekeeping in my home. 8am-4:0pm, Mon-Fri. Call after 5pm. Acct, Jr K NO TIME AT ALL A little experience and eagerness to learn will eventually place you in chasge of this local firm's anting dept Call MEA today-and in no time at all you could be supervising your own department. Remember never a fee to the applicant associate^ Lawrenceville, N.J. [ WANTED - Teaching assistant, part time, for young children. Please write to box #02649, c/o Princeton Packet. HOUSEKEEPER to care for congenial family of 4, clean, cook. Must be cheerful, dependable, loves babies. Live-in (own room). Pleasant, quiet neighborhood. Experience & refs. required Sec/Medical - F/P to $12K Admin, duties, steno Top ben. Call Dinah SneUing & Snelling 20 Nassau St., Princeton. SALES Do you enjoy meeting people? Enjoy working in a friendly atmosphere while earning extra income? If you do, why not join us? We have a Part Time Sales position available, hours TO am - 2 pm and 2 pm - 6 pm Mon.-Fri. We offer a good starting salary and store wide shopping discounts. Please call for interview appointment. PRINCETON (609) Equal Opporerity Employ* Mff SALES ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY St.SK PRINCETON TOWN Plush, downtown Princeton office has come to us for a special Sales secretary to handle phones. Some dictation, taking of orders and will train in customer relations. Typing and steno are requirements as well as good phone voice. We need to fill this spot by*the 24th, so come to see us at TOWN immediately for instant hire. Town Personnel Agency Princeton Forrestal Center 101 College Road East Princeton, N.J (609) RECEPTIONIST - desired for real estate-insurance agency. Must be pleasant as job requires much public contact. Good typing skills a must. Call Miss Higgins, JANITOR NEEDED - with floor cleaning experience part time, 6 mornings. Transportation necessary RETIRED PERSON to help in care of male invalid in return for room and board plus small salary. References required. Reply Box #02650, c/o Princeton Packet. OPENING for clerk typist. Pleasant working conditions, call An E.O.E. Bookkeeper/Sec. - F/P to $10,400 gd typing, grow to Off. Mgr. Call Dinah Snelling & Snelling 20 Nassau St., Princeton. MOTOR ROUTE DRIVER - Needed to deliver existing Trenton Times motor route in the Ewing Twp-Pennington & Princeton area. Ideal for housewife, college student or as supplemental income, liberal allowances & profit, reliable car necessary. For information call collect Ext. 275 between 9 & 7 or write: Circulation Mgr. c/o Trenton Times, 500 Perry St. Trenton, NJ NEW CLASSIFIED DEADLINE FOR CANCELLATIONS IS NOON MONDAY TECHNICIANS FIELD SERVICE Immediate opportunity available for individual with electro-mechanical experience, preferably in the copier industry. Duties include customer contact and the repair and upkeep of copiers. We're a fast growing copier dealer and are offering a good benefit package with salary commensurate with experience. Call Mr. Charles 609-9*664 Eqml Opportunity mploy»r rnff TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT Long 4 Short AttefHIMfriS Typists *Stenos * Mag Card * Keypunch * Secretaries ASSOCIATES Street PART TIME DISHWASHER wanted hours 4 to 7:0. Call for interview, bet 9 & TELEPHONE SOLICITORS your home/our office. Experience preferred. Part time evenings , 9 to 12 weekdays. SECRETARY for downtown law' office. Accurate typing required. Accurate transcribing required IBM mag card experience a plus. 5 hour week. Call for interview, HANDYPERSON for general Maintenance around airport. Some experience necessary. Call between 9 & 5. INSURANCE PERSON - needed with knowledge of rating and writing of property, special multi-peril and all related lines. Congenial working conditions. Good Benefits. Call Miss Higgins, INSIDE SALES Local manufacturing firm offers $15,000 or $25,000 depending on experience. Fee Paid. Call Pat Carrol, SWIFT & SWIFT OF LAWRENCE, 690 Whitehead Rd., TEACHERS ASS'T for central NJ Nursery School, full time, starting Sept yr. college exp. nee. Send resume Box 181 c/o Central Post, K.P. IF YOU ENJOY FINE WORK such as needlepoint or crocheting, we need you to assemble small electronic components. Full time employment with pleasant atmosphere and liberal benefits Princeton Advanced Components, Rte 206, Research Park, Princeton. In Princeton coll To Ploce> a Classified Ad SECRETARY IN-SERVICE EDUCATION Interesting position requiring shorthand, dictaphone and typing skills. Good salary and fringe benefits package. Apply Personnel Dept. Mon.-Thurs., 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. or call (201) CARRIER FOUNDATION Belle Mead. New Jersey Equ* Opportunity Employ* M/F QUALITY CONTROL TECHNICIAN Varied work in a high interest field Join a leader in advanced devises and instruments - enjoy working at state-of-theart levels. Requires 1-2 phis years in instrument calibration and repair, electronics school graduation or equivalent. Do inspections, para screening, etc. as needs arise. Good initial salary, room to move ahead and liberal benefits. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT (8M)7M-1M6 EMR PHOTOELECTRIC An E.O.E., m/f PAINTERS WITH EX- PERIENCE wanted Please call CONSTRUCTION FORE- MAN / W - Excellent salary, benefits, etc. tor qualified and energetic person to take charge of installation of sanitary and storm sewers with new and growing corporation. Resume to Box #02642, c/o Princeton Packet. OPT. FOR MATURE MIN- DED PERSON, live-in housekeeper to help partially handicapped working woman. Room & Doard, salary. Refs ext. 14, 9-5. PART TIME SECRETARY hrs. per week. Newly established medical products company. Person with experience to help set up office. Helitrex, Inc. U.S. Rt. «, Monmouth Jet SITTER Honest mature, responsible person needed to sit in my T R home beginning in Sept. Steady part time schedule. Please call for details. ADMISSIONS REGISTRAR PART TIME Part time alternating weekends and some day fill-in. Mum be available for training. Fringe benefits. Coll Penomtel for appt. (201)t74-4M0 CARRIER FOUNDATION ell* Mead, New Jeney Eqml Opportunity Employ*' M if mdusthal TIME IS MONEY Convert your Hours to DoMon Now I TEMPORARY Our clients are so pleaied with all our super temps, they keep calling us for more. Put your skids to work for you! Long or short term Become a RO-Temp & take your pick of our great SECRETARY CLBBC/TYPIST TRAINEES MAC CARD XttOXMO NSVEffAFK IMTtcosLoiie, 201 2*2101 Career Opportunities! EqurtOppoRunitr Employ- KEYPUNCH RU CLERK INDUSTRIAL Due to recent growth we are looking for people that are interested in devoting their time and talent to building a new career for themselves. If you possess a High School diploma or equivalent, and some familiarity with chemistry or biology, this could be the opportunity you've been looking for. We are interested in you if you have a strong desire to succeed and move up the ladder of success. These opening are "ground floor" positions in one of New Jersey most rapidry expending companies. The advancement opportunities are unlimited for persons with a high degree of motivation and the ability to work with others and learn new steals in a nighty technical field. rf you are-interested in starting a career with a rapidly growing company that" offers exceflsnt corporate benefits including 100% tuition refund and good working conditions. CALL for an application (201) Ext 287 or sand your resume to PERSONNEL MANAGER ROCHE Clinical Laboratories S Johnson. Raritan. N.J»m/T PART TIME HELP WANTED - in Landscape work. Drlva* license required. Phone MV* after 6. PROGRAMMERS Knowledge of COBOL phis CICS wutget you in this local expanding company. Salary to PfrMoTTee rtikr Call Pat CarroLSWlFT ft SWIFT OF LAWRENCE, 090 WUtebead Rd., 809-9B THREE HOURS/5 DAYS a week, light housekeeping ft care of elderly woman, or Cust. Serv./ Inside Sales TRAVEL... totlm...three days a month. Type a little, talk a lot while handliag the coordination of customer service. Your independence can be rewarded with a - month review. Must enkty people contact. Corp benefits. Fee paid. Call for details and appt. ASK FOR LORRAINE DAVIS OFFICE POWER Personnel Rte 10 at Black Horse Lane North Brunswick. NJ vsmz [201] AIDES - no experience necessary. We will train yon to care for ill patients in their own home. Full time or part time work available. Car necessary. Starting salary $.25 per hour plus travel reimbursement. Call Princeton Homemaker Service, RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER KYCHMTRIC ORDERLIES/ NURSING ASSISTANTS Full time 7 to. Part time - to 11. Good salary and fringe benefits. APPLY PERSONNEL DEPT Mon -Thurs. 9 am - 4 pm of call ( CARRIER FOUNDATION Equal Olvonin* tmotoyw M/f STEEL WAREHOUSE HELP Need people to put stock away, load trucks, etc. Can lead to skilled iobs such as a saw. sheet or crane operator. Full time steady work, excellent pay, top fringe benefits, 9-4 p.m. Ask toj plant Manager, call for irv terview. BARBOUR BROS. STEEL COMPANY Roman An Equal Opportunity Employe* RESTAURANT OPPORTUNITIES If you enjoy the exciting atmosphere of a busy restaurafn and are interested in eerntngia good salary & liberal benefi s including a store wide shopping discount, BAMBERGERS CARRIAGE HOUSE RESTAURANT is the place asr you! > I O--I. We working individual who isfamiliar with restaurantoperations to work a fuf time 401' hour week, Mon.-Sat. (With a*' day off during the wee*).? KHcfl#fll UflHty * wo Matt nsjra wonuno in-* dividual* to work part tim sjchodulw Mon.-Sstt. (with dt/fs off durinq ths) WM!0< * Enjoy good tips on our part thm? schedules. MorvSet. (with a day; off during the weak). QUAKER BRIDGE MAH Lawrancsjvil«.niJ \

22 Week of August Classified.Advertising -B Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wonted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted TotUS DOE GREAT PEOPLE BMutiful facility, super maple. Experience preferred Dof will consider eager trainee. Lovely benefits. Never a fee. Call 60M SELECTIVE ' J6 r : -.;; PERSONNEL Mercer Mall. USI1 (nerttok-mart) Princeton, NJ. Clerk-F/P to «65 Diversified duties gd typing.. Call Dinah SnelOng & Snelling 20 lassau St., Princeton. LABORATORY ASSISTANT We are a facility- of a Swiss company involved in creation ( 6f fragrance compounds for the cosmetic industry. A position is available now in our pejfumery laboratory, pounding formulas. We. lire at least a high school actuate who has successfully mpjeted a course in Chemistry or preferably 'JMneone with 2 years community college science work. "Comprehensive company paid benefits program including.100% tuition refund plan. 'Apply in person to: FIRMENICH INC. Plainsboro Road Plainsboro, N.J RENTAL RECEPTIONIST for a multi-doctor office. Mature, good communications & office skills. Salary com- * mensurate with ability. Fringe,-benefits. Call or PART TIME BOOKKEEPER '"(preferably from Hight- - tttown/twin Rivers area) familiar with One-Write Systems needed to start im- ' rhediately. Please call for appointment. RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER NURSE&AIQES We have a need for Nurses Aides who live in the Hopewell. ADentown, Hightstown, South Brunswick and Princeton areas. 2 years recent experience required. We offer top pay, choice of days and shifts, complete insurance coverage. For interview call:.medical PERSONNEL POOL (609) Brunswick tot. LnrrencwriMe, NJ SELLING SPECIALIST Men's Contemporary.' ff YOU have experience or interest in selling high fashion. \hen we have the job for you! ^We have an immediate Opening for mature individual who has a proven track record in selling Men's Contemporary fashion. ^his full time permanent position offers a good starting" salary, excellent company paid benefits, including a store wide employee discount, and no commission pressure. Schedule includes 2 evenings '^nd Saturday APPLY PERSONNEL QUAKER BRIDGE MALI LAWRENCEVILLE, N. J.. equal opportunity mipluyi M/F X!L, l SiCtfTARIES iron rubs! STENOGRAPHERS J RESTAURANT East Windsor. French restaurant needs experienced person to work noon thru pm,mon-fri. Steady work, fao/weekly includes tips for 15 hours. Call Corky weedkays for interview. GARDENER Old fashioned care & pride in work a must for this Job: Weekly lawn care, gardening, some planting. Begin midto late Aug. for season. Refs *6606, 799- after 6pm. Clerk/Typist To $150 TIME ON YOUR HANDS? Why not let it pay off for you using your 50 wpm typing and math ability working for this international firm. Corp benefits. Fee paid. Call for details and appt. ASK FOR CAROL TURNER OFFICE POWER OFFICE POWER Personnel Rte 10 at Black Horse Lane No. Brunswick, NJ (201) IF YOU HAVE SOME FREE TIME in Sept. and want to make some extra money? We need temporary full time cashiers from Sept Please apply in person, Mrs. Watts, Personnel, Princeton University Store, 6 University Place, Princeton. (PART TIME SALES HELP - apply Cogito, Marketplace in Princeton WANTED - landscape forman, must know plant material, be able to read & follow a landscape plan & operate landscape machinery. Experience necessary. Usual benefits. Salary open. Call for appt. Doerler Landscapes, Lawrenceville NJ MCCC is seeking an assistant coach for women's basketball with 2 years coaching experience and ability to recruit players and develop a program with high competitive performance standards. BA required. Send resume to: Mercer County Community College, Personnel Services, Dept. AL, P. O. Box B, Trenton. N. J Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Cmployi SALES AGENT WANTED We need a dynamic man or woman to sell our exclusive calendars and an extensive line of advertising specialites/business gifts. If you have a past history of sales success or wish to begin a career in sales, you can benefit from one of the most lucrative commision structures in our industry. What we need is an individual who can deal directly with businessmen who use calendars and specialty items to promote their business. This is an excellent time for you to associate yourself with the. Thos. D. Murphy Co., a pioneer in the advertising field since Your initiative and planning will determine your growth and success with our established company. Your accounts are protected and repeat orders make money for you. If you can organize your time and work with a minimum of supervision, this can be an excellent full time or part time business for you. Write Bob McKenzie. Marketing Manager, The Thos. 0. Murphy Co., P.O.Box 122, Locust Valley, New York WEU.EXCUUUUSEME! But don't you think itt time to come to TOWN TEMPS? Who is going to pay for Qutta» wardrobe?the Idds haw theirs, he hn * ^'B now suits, and a* you're left with are overflowing bib. Now is the time to fill your needs with your own paycheck. Lef s get together. We have Hnmedata naajde Ion - KEYPUNCH OPERATORS MAG CARD Come in today become a TOWN TEMP and take your pick of ran taautiful aaainnmnnti neatest you. f( >6 Tcwn Temps DIVISION C* TOWN BBONNB AGWCTI i m V, GETTY PERSONNEL CaUArkne Administrative Secty To $250. Bookkeeper Si2k+ Accoonts Payable Clerk $iok+ Secretary/ Sales $iok+ Inventory Clerk $iok Secretary/ Executive $225. Customer Service $190. Accounting Clerk $175. Typist $170. Clerical/General $140. Call Judy D.P. Mgr./Mfg. Background $0k Sales/Mgmt. Concepts ^-=> $0k Sr. Systems Analyst $29k Sales/Outside $28k Field Service Rep. $28k Programmer Analyst $26k Assistant Controller /Public Experience $2% Sr. Financial Analyst $2k Programmer/Cobol Pl-1 $19k Staff Accountant $l8k Sates/Inside $16k Accoutant/Jr. $lk Personnel/Benefits Specialist $12.5k Management.Trainee /Supervisor $ll.5k Administrative Assistant $10k Research Math /Statistics Programmer/Cobol -Statistics Call Ms. Paul $OPEN $OPEN Engineer/Chemical $26k Traffic Analyst $22k Supervisor /Maintenance $20k Production Supervisor $l8k Supervisor/Shift $l7k Mechanic/ Maintenance $l4k Production Test Tech. Trainee $iok Machinist Tool& Die Maker Top Hour Rates Top Hour Rates GETTY PERSONNEL Hightstown LOR Personnel Agency State Raid, Princeton aotk1-fl880 TYPIST TECH WRITER, computer LAB TECH. chemical SALES, canon SECRETARY SALES, video ape ACCOUNTING, cost LABOR RELATIONS PROGRAMMER, rpg. oc. PROGRAMMER, cobol SALES, odp rented PROCESS ENGINEER, bsee MRS. ENGINEER, me or ie ACCT EXEC, pharnucautical ENGINEER, plastic molding AUTOMATIC TEST. mor. Ho orxppdnlmiiit S 9K S11K»11K»14K J15K S15K $17K S18K $19K $19K $20K»28K»CK S0K (0K MOK PROGRAMMER tm-t2sk MICROPROCESSOR TOWN A national leader in the field of digital surveying instrumentation has an excellent opportunity waiting for "YOU.' r Your background with RCA 1802, Motorola 6800 or 280 combined with machine language profieacy are the basic requirements. Plus factors are degree in EE and any Civil Engineering applications or experience. You will be joining a team that is developing a new product line. Exciting, challenging and rewarding. Fantastic benefits with a capital "B". Call Marianne today! SB Town Personnel Agency Princeton Forrestal Center 101 College Road East Princeton, NJ DATA INPUT CLERKS - for Data Processing Dept. Knowledge of typing required. Call , ext (SITTER for 2 little girls. In jour Princeton Jet. home. or 5 days per week. 7:0 to :0, it housekeeping PART TIME CLERK TYPIST busy office needs person with strong typing skills & ability to handle detail. Min. 20 hours - S days a week. Write or call, PtfP, 41 Williams St. Princeton NJ WELDERS & HELPERS - with experience needed. Call, , 8:0am-4:0pm. SECRETARY/ TYPIST - financial statements, for CPA, new IBM model SO electronic typewriter, full or part time , ask for Kim. CLUB MANAGER Full time house manager including food and beverage operations. $*&&*, ^4 JjSWfits negotiable. Submit resume, HopeweU Valley Golf Club, c/o House Committee, P.O. Box 204, HopeweU, N.J EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Vice President Public Affairs Experienced Secretary with topi el skills. Excellent benefit! {package provided. WHY PERSONNEL OFFICE CUOHAU. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY Princeton, N. J. An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/H REGISTERED NURSES Plan for September! Apply now! Head nurses - Utilize your leadership qualities and nursing experience on one of our many Medical Units. 7-. no rotation. Relief Charge - Assist in the {direction and aid in the development of your patients and staff. 7-. no rotation. Fulltime-.. "' CCU Modleal Modlcal E.R. Maternity. Telemetry Medical Orthopedic E.R. Nursery Part Time - Positions available on all shifts, 2 days per week. Per Diem - Somerset offers a unique opportunity for the nurse to work a minimum of 8 hrs/week. No rotation, only 1 weekend per month. Excellent orientation, salary and benefit program for all full time and part' time employees. For additional information contact Betty Sheridan ext. 71. Somerset Medical Center - Equal Opportunity Employer HDUSTRIW. t\pprnscr Excellent Entry Level Opportunities With Variety and Travel AMERICAN APPRAISAL is the world leader in appraisal/valuation counsel for business, industry and government with tacsties in Princeton. New Jersey. We are looking tor quarfied individuals with a mechanical aptitude to train to become professional municipal and institutional appraisers." Travel w> be extensive: We provide competitive starting salaries, comprehensive benefits package and an opportunity to advance your career. For further information, send your letter of interest or resume in confidence to: 525 E. Michigan Avenue BWwaufcay Waopnato wwr LEGAL SECRETARY - Princeton firm, full benefits, parking experience necessary; call Mrs. Curto, PERSONAL IN- TERVIEWERS The Gallup Organization needs part time interviewers for occasional > pre-test work. Evenings & weekends. This is permanent on-going work. No selling. We will tram right person. Good hourly rate. Phone to 4:0 Mon. to Fri. Equal Opportunity Employer. BABYSITTER NEEDED for 6 r. old boy entering kiniergarten, hah" days, near Weston School in Manville. :all eves., Jr. Secretary STENO $165 Excellent start for Rood typist. Steno at 80. Unbelievable benefits. Never a fee. Call SELECTIVE PERSONNEL Mercer Mall, US #1 (nexttok-mart) Princeton, N.J. FIGURE CLERK - Are you looking for a career? Do you enjoy working with figures? If so, this is your opportunity. Start $160 Wk. Fee Paid. Call Jackie Smith, SWIFT & SWIFT OF LAWRENCE, 680 Whitehead Rd., SURROGATE PARENTS for 15 year old boy with European-South American background. Speaks fluent German, Spanish, English. Will be attending school in Princeton. Adequate compensation. Call and leave name and phone number on answering machine In Princeton call To Placo a Classified Ad DIETITIAN PART TIME A part time position (2 days per week) is open for Dietitian to direct the nutritional aspects of patient, care. Excellent working conditions plus pro-rated fringe benefits. Call Personnel Dept. for appt. (201) CARRIER FOUNDATION Ball* Mead. Now Jarsoy Equal Opportunity Employer M/F COST ACCOUNTANT We are a medium size, growing company requiring an aggressive, career oriented individual with minimum 2 years standard cost experience and degree. We offer excellent salary and fringe benefits. Send resume to Box 02678, c/o Princeton Packet. Retail Sales Full ft Part Time We are looking for responsible persons who desire a permanent position and enjoy working with the public in pleasant surroundings. Experience helpful, but not necessary. Interested applicants should apply in person 0 Store Manager Thrift Drug Princeton Shopping Center N. Harrison Street Princeton, New Jersey A Division J. C. Penney Co. -. An equal oppomintty mtptayr m/f COMPUTER OPERATOR TRAINEE Must have minimum semesters of computer operations at county corage or better than average grades or successfully completed course at a OP technical school or 6 months hands-on experience on HoneyweR or IBM 60V70. Second shift 4-midnight. Salary $165 phis 10% plus excellent benefits. Location miieoiataiy off Highway 287, New Durham exit. Ukmm.VU.tma RECEPTIONIST/ SECRET- ARY for busy real estate firm. Must be enthusiastic, responsible, mature, organized and have pleasant telephone personality. Great opportunity for the right person to work with a large, growing real estate corporation. Call for an appointment, EXPERIENCED CANDID photographers - With own 2V 4 X 2V A or 2V«X V«equipment for local growing photography studio. Call Jay Tues-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m or eves., weekends ASSISTANT MANAGER of Racquetball Club. Excellent job opportunity for experienced individual. Applicant must be mature & hard working for this challenging position. If you qualify, please send resume to: Court work I, Rt. mi, Mercer Mall, Lawrenceville, NJ BABY SITTER WANTED to care for 5 mos. old, 2 days per week, preferably in our home. Stan Sept. Good pay. We welcome you to bring your own child along JCLEANING PERSON Top pay for good thorough worker. Permanent Sat. job in Twin Rivers after 6pm. JANITOR NEEDED part time evenings Dayton area. Call HOUSEKEEPER WANTED for daily cleaning and supervision of three teens & dog. Mon-Fri, :0-5:0 S4/hr. w/one late night. Please send recent experience & refs w/phone no. to box #0264 c/o The Princeton Packet. WOMAN - to sit AM kin-. dergarten child, my schedule flexible, from 6-21 hours per week, Princeton Jet , TEMPORARY EVENING WAREHOUSE POSITIONS LIGHT & HEAVY WORK Hours 4 PM 9 PM, 5 nights per week. $.75 per hour. Apply Personnel Office BAKER & TAYLOR COMPANY 50 Kirby Ave. Somerville An equal opportunity employe* FACUITY- MATH/PHYSICS PART TIME MCCC has part time day teaching position available for first-year math/physics courses at correctional facilities. Master's Degree required. Teaching experience desirable. Respond. Teaching experience desirable. Respond in writing to: Mercer County Community College, Personnel Services. Dept. PL. PO Box B. Trenton. NJ Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer EDITORIAL FREELANCE SUBJECT EDITORS Context editing of encyclopedia entries. Requires strong academic background in fine arts, especially dance, anthropology, literature, political science, law, economics, geography, and general technology. Qualified applicants will have minimum 2 years editorial and rewriting experience and live in the New YorkCity/Pniladephia< REPLY ATTN: M. FACQ FREELANCE CAPTION WRITERS Strongi jmic background in science, geography, and the arts to write interesting, informative captions for new academic encydopaoia. Experience preferred. Must five in New York Chy/Phaadephia «rd samples if REPLY TO: K. KOLOOZIEJ Send resume to: ARETE WBUSHING CO. Ill Cafe*MM Programmer BASIC $MK For business applications. Ground floor opportunity. DEC PDF 114 a plus. Call in confidence. Never a fee. Call SELECTIVE PERSONNEL US liwy Mo 1. Mercer Mail Princeton. NJ. CLERK TYPIST - Move up to senior level position. Topnotch fringe benefits, excellent hours and more! Start $170 wk. Fee Paid. Call Jackie Smith, SWIFT & SWIFT OF LAWRENCE, 690 Whitehead Rd., PAINTERS Interior- Exterior. Experienced only. Steady year around work Bookkeeper/ Gay/Guy Friday To $175 SHOW ME... "A new way" says this boss, "and I'll try it." Handle A/P. A/R, own corresp., credit card bills, light typing and phones. Two month review. Corp. benefits. Fee paid. Call for details & appt. OFFICE POWER Personnel Rte 10 at Black Horse Lane No. Brunswick, NJ (201) Travel Agent - F/P to $9200 Fortune 500 Co. needs Travel agent with 2 yrs. exp. super ben. Call Dinah Snelling & Snelling 20 Nassau St., Princeton. SALES IAKERBRIDGE SALES Full and Part Time Several interesting selling positions now available, both ull and part time in various exciting depts. For App't Call Manager's Office equ«l opportunity employ** M/F Marjorie M. Halliday PRINCETON EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Specializing in Temporary Help Permanent Placements in Secretarial, Clerical Executive, EDPand Technical 52 Nassau St.. Princeton (609) CLERICAL Immediate OPENINGS with large commercial clinical laboratory. Excellent salary and benefits. Many full and part time openings on all shifts. Flexible hours phis shift differential. CLIENT SERVICE CLKS experience in customer service ft knowledge of medical terminology helpful. KEYPUNCH OPERATORS Experienced on I8M 129. will train on CRT. Second ft third shifts available. SPECIMEN Control ak High school graduate or equivalent preferred. WHI train but some clerical or typing experience helpful. BILLING CLERK Some clerical or typing experience in bwng, department helpful. High school or equivalent preferred. For an application cad Ext 287 or send resume to PERSONNEL MANAGER ROCHE Clinical Laboratories 5 Johnson Drive Rarrtan, N. J. PROGRAMMERS - National rum interviewing individual* experienced in FORTRAN language. Lite background also considered. Salary commensurate with experience. Start to $aa,000. Fee Paid. Call Pat Carrol, SWIFT & SWIFT OF LAWRENCE, 690 Whitehead Rd., CLAIMS PROCESSOR - Clerical challenging & interesting position for responsible in- : dividual to process medical & dental insurance benefits. Applicant should possess good (secretarial skills & ability to work independently. Excellent working conditions & fringe benefits. I.E. Schaffer k Co. (Princeton, NJ RECEPTIONIST/ TYPIST for prominent Princeton based apartment management company. Absolutely the finest working conditions. Duties include typing, phone filing and banking. Must be accurate, neat and personable. Salary open. Contact Jeff, DENTAL ASSISTANT - Experienced for AVi days in Hightstown Office. Starting Sept BABYSITTER for 1 yr old & yr. old. Mon. &Tues 9:0 to 5:0. My home or yours. Robbinsville Area RECEPTIONIST/ TYPIST For busy ad agency. Excellent typing skills & experience at front desk necessary. Must be able to work under pressure. Submit resume & salary requirements to PO Box 60, Princeton, NJ BOOKKEEPER Part time. Small growing company in Kingston. Plesant working conditions. Respond to Box #02644, c/o Princeton Packet. I$YSICAL THERAPY ASST. Full time positions available im iriediatefy. Must be registered or eligible for registration in New Jersey. Competitive salary benefits. Contact Carol Merchiore (609) Ext. 256 Morris Hall Health t R*hab Center Lawrenceville, New Jersey Equal Opportunity Emplov«f Applied Data March, Inc. (ADR), th* world's om«s«and largest Indffwdtrt software firm is continuing to expand IN hoadquartar stah and Is soaking to fill a numbar of now positions. All full time employees are eligible to participate in the company's comprehensive benefits which include medical surgical, life insurance, dental, long term disability, educational assistance, retirement plan, vacation, holidays and sick leave. The following opportunities are available to qualified indviduals. DOMESTIC BILLING CLERK Accounting department, excellent typing skills (55 plus wpm), will handle weekly sales summary, prepare and type invoices and file. ORDER PROCESSING CLERK Business Services department, typing skills 150 plus wpm), working with numbers, check orders for completeness, make up files, enter orders on sales reports, set up monthly expiration lists and maintain several monthly reports. LIBRARIAN/CLERICAL ASSISTANT Primary function is to maintain an up to date leference Kbrary, wi8 order and receive IBM manuals, maintain programmer profiles, updating library manuals and related publications, provide secretarial back-up. SECRETARY 2- years previous office experience. Excellent verbal and typing stuks. (66+). Good organization skms aisantlal. MAIL/SHIPPING AND RECEIVING CLERK Pick up. sorting and deliver mail. Perform other related functions as directed. VaKd N. J. driver's license. Apply to Personnel Director, Rt mis* outside of Prin- I ceton TEACHERS ASST. - $7000. For 4 yr. pre-scbool AA Degree in early chucui education. Call 80B-M&-7SS. LAWN TECHNICIAN - Dependable. We will train the right person. Clean driving record required. MM4UM01 between 9 It 12.weekdays. TIME MARCHES ON I1M+ Interesting diversified position for the person who doesn't want the ordinary. General office experience and light computer knowledge will march you in this area company. MEA is waiting for your call. Never a fee to the applicant associates Lawrenceville, N.J. [«M]88-5M ORGANIST - for Hightstown Presbyterian Church. Septmid June 4 weeks during the summer. Due to vacations please reply to WHH #094, PO Box 146 Hightstown, NJ SECURITY GUARDS - Permanent & part time uniforms & equipment supplied. Work in Lawrencevilie- Plainsboro For appointment call between 9-4 Mon-FYiday EOE TYPIST - for busy downtown office. Accuracy It speed essential. Self-starter to handle diversified assignments. Able to deal well with people. Reply to Box #02674 c/o Princeton Packet. NEW CLASSIFIED DEADLINE FOR CANCELLATIONS IS NOON MONDAY SECRETARY/JUNIOR For busy sales/marketing department. Accurate Itpiof). filing, phone. Good benefits. Contact Kaihy, ext. 214 ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN \ In house final test and calibration of industrial! electronic products with 25 < X( field service travel. Working knowledge of analog and digital circuitry. 2 years tech school or equivalent required. Contact Bob Perry. ; ELECTRONICS ASSEMBLY Full time position in expanding production department. Must be capable of PC board assembly and soldering, chassis and cable wiring, and other assembly tasks. Exponent* required. Contact Bob Perry. SENIOR TECHNICIAN Tech School Grad with experience to provide technical support for various groups. Duties win involve computer ono ponpnerais, majntanoi ica, special hardware repair* atonp with general engineering technician duties, such m breadboarding and wire wrapping. Working knowledge of data communication* doairad. DEC computar oxporionca a definite plus. Salary commensurate with abnwee and experience. Contact Gary Schnerr. MECHANICAL TECHNICIAN/ MACHINIST Diversified experienced individual capable of building prototype and one of a kind mechanical assemblies *or electronic equipment. Duties include embly of rnecnenical perts for tnted production runs. ivnm uv ivmn«w WIUI 11 WLI in tn nil lai*,^. UIIIM* AIIJIM loots, Rnnet, numng mecntne, etc. ConteKt Bob Perry. DRAFTSMAN Mechanical, Bectronic-knowladge of schematic* PC Board Layouts and mechanical design required. Prater 2 years technical school graduate & or job rotated axporinoca. Contact Bob Parry. BUILDING MAINTENANCE Late afternoon and evening nours. aoma ekpenano* wnn heavy duty poaamnti and FuH tima position with al benefits. Contact John Rzuczak. HSllfccfcylOLIU. ( M24-71I

23 4-B Classified Advertising Week of August Help Wanted Help Wonted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted SECRETARY Be right-hand tc-vp. of Finance. Great benefits, beautiful surroundiags. Lite steno. Start $10,500. Fee Paid. Call Jackie Smith. SWIFT k SWIFT OF LAWRENCE, 690 WbJtehead Rd., SECRETARY - Princeton bftsed international onanization is seeking individual with good typing skills to perform a variety of secretarial and clerical functions. No steno required. Exc. company benefits including tuition refund and dental plan. Call for immediate appointment. Mary Deane, Equal Opportunity Employer. PAINTERS WANTED - 5 yrs. experience necessary. Year round work btwn. 7-9 p.m. CLERK - in collections. Princeton based organization needs high school graduate with typing and some general clerical experience to work independently on client collections. Call for immediate appointment, Mary Deane, WAITRESS/WAITER wanted - full time includes lunches and some dinners. Also part time needed. Located just north of Princeton. Please call after 11 a.m. COOK/HOUSEKEEPER - for Clerk Typist $150 small rest Home in the country. Live in. Own room & 45 WPM hath. Prefer non-smoking, lively ST. Citizen. Salary $600 Good phone personality. Exciting office. Benefits. per mo Never a fee. Call REGISTERED NURSES - part time, 2:0-10:0pm, full time or part time, 10:0pm- 6:0am. To assist adult residents when medical emergencies arise. Also, office j- assistant for doctor's office hours approx. 20 hours per week. Clearbrook Health Care Center, PART TIME handyperson, yard work, 5-10 hrs. weekly, continuous after 6 pin. No commercial jobber. RN'S LPN'S - wanted for nvo bile insurance examinations in the Princeton area. Call ARE YOUR KIDS going back to school? Do you have Uhie to fill? Come join the dynamic salespeople at Egndau's. Applications are being taken for retail sales & _ ILEHK TYPIST PART TIME to work in various lents of the college to rms, memos, etc, and telephones. Also assist facult and/or students as necessary. Must be able to' deal with public. Hours variedafternoons & evenings. Salary. $.25 per hour. Call (609) ext 249 for appt. Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer SELECTIVE PERSONNEL Mercer Mall, US #1 - (nexttok-mart) Princeton, N.J. CRT Operators - F/P to $ yrs exp. on key to disc. Nice spot, full ben. Call Dinah Snelling & Snelling 20 Nassau St., Princeton. PERSON FRIDAY Architects assistant. Typing, shorthand, telephones, other varied and interesting duties. Full time. R.M. Engelbrecht & Assoc., 925 Hwy #1, Princeton SALES Leading lawn service seeking part time sales representative. Salary guarantee. Must have own transportation. Experience not necessary , 9 to 12 weekdays. STORE CLERKS must be of We legal age to work part time in CaU us for Somerset Farms Food Store, Landau s, located in Princeton. Call from 8:0 to 4:0. HOUSEKEEPING AIDES FULLTIME-TEMP. For Hospital Housekeeping Dept. Day shift, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Excellent Working conditions, benefits & salary. Apply Personnel Dept. Mon.rThurs. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (201) CARRIER FOUNDATION Belle Mead. NJ Equal Opportunity Employer M/F DP FINANCIAL PRODUCT SPECIALIST ADR Services. Inc., subsidiary of Applied Data Research, is seeking to employ experienced marketing support personnel. Will be responsible for product presentations, training and installation of E M P IRE (a financial modeling software package). Candidates should have a degree in accounting, finance, statistics onepplied math and be able to function effectively in an environment of high client contact. Must be willing, and able to travel 0-50%; some previous customer support and/or marketing experience desirable, but not required. Excellent salary and benefits.- Interested individuals are requested to send resume, including salary history to: APPLIED DATA RESEARCH. INC. Route 204 Canter CNI Princeton. NJ 0(540 Attn: Personnel Director An tqud opportunity employs' ENGINEERING POSITIONS : MARY ERMCKSON ASSOCIATES has developed a technical ' department and is anxious to help our client companies fill these positions. Each of these positions are with substantial local companies who have a fantastic growth record and excellent benefits. PROJECT DESIGN 2O-25K 2 to years exp. in design of digital circuitry memory products. Familiar with conception and design through development TEST EQUIPMENT ENGINEER 5 years exp., BSEE desired. Instruct techni i>t and tasting procedures. 20-2SK ms in trouble-shooting "QUALITY CONTROL ENGUtHR 19-2K 4 yrs. exp. and BSEE preferred. Compile & maintain data on returned products & implement test standards for digital memory '^products.. QUALITY CONTCOLENGINEEt ** Experience in Q/C analysis and evaluation of electronic circuits and ct* numbty apacww«aiiuia> or flrsome cnc.«pius. Si " ' WLKnomcoBiOHWuotmar u.«aircraft electronics firm seeks exp. enginaar 'm design of digital and analog mjcmntncaaaai aquipmant Expand your horizon* and use your technical skife to pin yourself in >' a dynamic powth position.. -. " Hernernber-neverafestotheappBcant.!yi t TECHNICIAN MAINTENANCE HIGH VACUUM SYSTEMS We require H.S. education, electro - mechanical background. Previous experience with high vacuum systems is essential and familiarity with various types of vacuum pumps is highly desirable, i.e., befl jars, pumpdown stations, teak detectors, vacuum furnaces. Perform mechanical and electrical maintenance, repair equipment, set up preventatjve maintenance programs, working under minimal supervision. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT (609) EMR PHOTO ELECTRIC An E.O.E., m/f BUILDING TRADES TECHNICIAN Knowledge & experience in carpentry, electrical wiring, basic plumbing, glasscuttmg, tile & carpet installation. Skill in operation of power equipment. Black Seal Boiler's License desirable. Ability to work with students under direction of Instructional Coordinator. 12- mo. work year. Salary $8, $11,160. Apply to Asst. Supt. Personnel, East Windsor Reg. School District, 84 Stockton St., Hightstown, NJ jqual Opportunity Employer DATA ENTRY MACHINE OPERATOR - (Terminal), part time, hours flexible, experience desirable. Call Juana Schultz, N.J. Election Law Enforcement Comm., SECRETARY, EXPERIENC- ED center city law office, 2 yrs. experience in use of transcriber. Hours 8 to 4. Call Mrs. Smith, EXPERIENCED PART- TIME cook for small French Restaurant, Thur., Fri., Sat., also exp. waiter/waitress part-time for lunch/dinners. (609) PART TIME CHEMIST for research laboratory. Good lab. skills essential. Send resume to Personnel: Box 2027, Princeton, NJ Market Raeirch Inttrmwen $4.00 per hour, hrs. p/wk. Work in Mercer County. Send Resume or Call: Executive Off ices Collegiate Survey of N.J. 1MB WcttBtH Mall Wqst,KJ EXPERIENCED MECHANIC wanted for a small; in Hopewell. Prefer i with experience in foreign k domestic automobiles. Salary commensurate with experience. CaU PRINCETON EATING CLUB - has positions starting in early Sept These positions are full time kitchen assistantpart time housekeeper, and part time breakfast cook. All salaries are open. Please call for appointment, , ask for Steve or leave message on machine. CHEMICAL ENGINEER - 28,000. Fee Paid. Research oriented. Good instrumentation. Excellent opportunity for advancement to Project Director. CaU Jean Simmons, SWIFT ft SWIFT OF LAWRENCE, 690 Whitehead Rd., Secretary $175 SUPER! 1+ years experience. Lite steno or learning steno for beautiful company. Excellent typing. Growth potential. All benefits. Call Never a fee., SELECTIVE PERSONNEL Mercer Mall. US #1 (nexttok-mart) Princeton, N.J. Lab Tech - Nationwide co seeks some college chem or lab exp. To $1K FTP Top Ben. Call Tom Snelfing & Snelling 20 Nassau St., Princeton. WAITERS/ WAITRESSES/ BUSPERSONS needed days & eves, for our outdoor TERRACE CAFE til the end of the season. Contact Steve Hall, Mon, Thur. or Fri. REGISTRAR - Wide variety of clerical duties in small educational firm. Includes xeroxing, mailing, careful attention to filing, overseeing 000 client Tiles. Light typing preferred. College background preferred. Salary commensurate with experience. Nassau St. location. Call IES, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Long established firm. Excellent position for right person. Starting salary $225. per week. Submit return* to: BoxMttM c/o Princeton Packet PART TIME SALES Newspaper Advertising Franklin Township Somerset County. If you like people...have a creative flair...and have 16 to 20 hours a week you'd like to put to work...this may be your job. Some experience in sales and or layout helpful but not a must. Car is necessary (mileage allowance). Call Mrs. Lee Schmiffberger for an appointment. GET THE COMPETITIVE EDGE. CENTURY 21 WANTS TO TALK TO YOU - about an exciting and rewarding career in Real Estate! WHEN YOU JOIN the ranks of the NEIGH- BORHOOD PROFESSIONALS, you've made the winning team. CENTURY 21 is # ONE in listings...# ONE in sales. Because we work hard for our clients. BACKING US UP are the resources of the strongest Real Estate Sales Organization in the WORLD! 7400 Offices coast-to-coast... CALL or DROP by for our brochure. "A Career in Real Estate?" ASK for Martin Lombardo, Adm. Mgr. 1101, $ 10NSWt,lttlff2M CENTURY 21. WE EXPECT EVERY PERSON WE TMMTO EMM THEMIKPR0FESSI01ML PLEASE HELP YOU COULD MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE I'M AN ADULT LIVING IN A STATE SCHOOL FOR THE MENTALLY RETARDED; t'm TOLD I CAN MOVE BACK INTO THE COM- MUNITY AND I NEED A CONCERNED FAMILY TO GIVE ME LOVE A HOME & SOME TRAINING IN RETURN FOR A MONTHLY STIPEND. flf YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP IN ANY WAY PLEASE CALL MY SOCIAL WORKER: ROBERT WIERSKI - (609) THANKS PART TIME DENTAL HYGIENIST for Lawrenceville office CHILD CARE wanted for 1 year old; 1 or 2 days a week in my home. Light housekeeping could be included - salary negotiable. Call after 6 p.m., BOOKKEEPER - Full charge. Experienced for Ewing Twp. office. Send resume to Box 5457, Trenton N.J TELEPHONE INTERVIEW- ERS Part time 18 years & older. Market research for the Gallup Organization. Evenings & weekends from our office, we will train. Call , pm-8pm. PART TIME Foundry work in Princeton area. Call between noon. RECEPTIONIST - v $150 PERSONALITY TOWN Light typing skills (50wpm) and a pleasing phone personality are the keys to tfiis front office spot. The winning candidate will be answering phones and greeting visitors and clients Tor this young, growing firm. Lovely modern offices, push button phones and a fun group of co-workers. Remember, never a fee to the applicant at TOWN. e SRTown Personnel Agency Princeton Forrestal Center 101 College Road East Princeton, N.J [609] SUPER TYPIST Immediate openings for excellent typist (at least 65 wpm). Mag or Memory a plus. Opportunity to learn IBM System 6 Word Processor. Join a sophisticated downtown Princeton firm with super people. Financial subject matter. Some statistical. Occasional overtime. Top salary and benefits. Our employees know of this ad. Please respond to: PERSONNEL, Box 71 Princeton, NJ GETTY TEMPS OFFICE TEMPS Typists Secretaries Bookkeepers Stenographers Keypunch Operators We can be the MATCHMAKERS! Let us Match your skills to the company's needs Excellent Rates + Bonuses + Vacation Pay Short and long term assignments. Come in for your complimentary tote bag. GETTY TEMPS Route 10 Hightstown Secretary To $225 RUN THE SHOW......while the boss travels internationally, handling travel plans and appt. calendar. Typing and steno can be the vehicle for this once-in-alifetime career opportunity. Well-known consumer co. Corp benefits. Fee paid. Call for details and appt. ASK FOR GAYLE RIGGS OFFICE POWER Personnel Rte 10 at Black Horse Lane North Brunswick, NJ [201] PART TIME CLERK To work in retail store, evening and weekend hours available. Profit sharing, retirement plan. Apply in person. CUMBERLAND FARMS 15 Mercer St., Hightstown 24 Gatzner Ave., Jamesburg 49 Main St., East Brunswick Union Hill Rd., Manalapan PRODUCTION WORKERS WANTED Equal Opportunity Employef mh Our manufacturing plant needs people to work rotating shifts. Hourly rate $5.10 to start. Good company benefits, small andi friendly operation with good working conditions. Applications being accepted at: COSDEN OIL AND CHEMICAL COMPANY Msftn St., Windsor, EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AT PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Part tin* SecwtauM Aaatant to Top Administrator Office Challenging position for person with excellent skills. Dictaphone, shorthand required. Salary commensurate with ability. Part Ti Sttfttitj - To assist student oriented administrative office. Typing and transcription skills including shorthand required. All part time positions involve 25 Hours per Week between 8:0 AM & 4:0 PM Full T i t Stcfttny/Tipirt needed for newly established administrative office. Excellent typing skills and ability to transcribe from dictation equipment required. Call Business Manager or 2- for interview , Ext 204 DENTAL HYGIENIST - part time for prevention oriented office REAL ESTATE SALES Full or part time. Contact the Leonard Van Hise Agency, Hightstown, for a confidential interview MECHANIC WANTED - Full time at least years experience necessary. Excellent pay, Uniforms, insurance, paid vacation. Apply in person at Griggs Corner Amoco, 66 Witherspoon, Princeton CLERICAL AIDE - offic" entry level, to provide main phone coverage; learn & control file systems. We need a typist who will learn other office machines, display good retention, run errands and be eager. Write Personnel, P.O. 454, Princeton, NJ m/r MATERIALS COOR- DINATOR - Our materials planning department is seeking an individual with 1-2 years experience in production and inventory control. 'Major responsibilities include determining trends for worldwide manufacturing plans; working with materials planners concerning inventory / production schedules and related functions. Responsible for coordinating production and distribution of 5 year manufacturing / supply plan book. We offer an excellent starting salary and a good benefits package. For further information contact; Carol Morgan, E.R. Squibb k Sons, Inc., princeton, N.J Phone: An E.O.E., m/f/h. RELIABLE HELP NEEDED - to care for school age children, -6pm, weekdays & do light housework. Must drive EXPERIENCED GROOM WANTED for top show horse stable. Excellent benefits. Live-in facilities. Permanent position. Call Glenburn Valley Farm, after 8pm. PART TIME EVENING SUPERVISOR wanted experience not necessary. Will train. Call for interview bet. 9 &, PART TIME SECRETARY - Excellent typing, shorthand preferred. Excellent pay. Send resume to Box #02658, c/o Princeton Packet. BABYSITTER Plainsboro, for infant. Start date Oct. 1st. Mon. - Fri. 7 am to 5 pm. References required. Call BICYCLE MECHANIC shop experience preferred. Calf after 11am. CARPENTERS HELPER - 5 days, full time. Job in Princeton. Car needed. Call B. Yedlin, INSTALLER TV AN- TENNA & home appliances. Call a.m.-5pm. Weber's TV BOOKKEEPER ASST. Permanent, part/full time. Small Nassau St. office TECHNICAL ASSISTANT TESTING CENTER Temporary month position starting September 4 in MCCC testing center working with students and testing materials, require BA and ability to maintain professional library of center and handle student problems. Respond in writing by August 28: Mercer County Community College, Personnel Services, Dept. RS, Box B, Trenton, NJ An Equal Opportunity Employ* M/F LIBRARY BIBLIOGRAPHER PART TIME FREELANCE Hrs. Princeton encyclopedia publisher seeks an individual lor work in the library. Library Science degree preferred, liberal arts background helpful Call Linda Goldman ARETE PUBLISHING CO AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER M/F Secretarial- Technical Full Time We currently have a number of technical secretarial position* available in several academic departments. Experience is desired, but strong typing skits and a willingness to learn are a must We have comprehensive benefit package including on* month paid vacation. Come and talk to us about our vacancies. AfflVrOBONNn CUOHAUOtCAU FOt AN APPLICATION (em)4s2-41k SOMEONE SPECIAL - to sit for 2 loving chudren, ages 7 k 8. Afternoons k 1- overnights per week. Own transportation. Nice situation. Speak to Carleen at work, OB or home SITTER Start Sept. Mpm, M-F, Devonshire ares, E. Windsor. Reliable k refs. 60» after 6pm. AMATEUR GO-GO Girls wanted for New dab. Call Day , nights BABYSITTER - mature responsible person mornings. Twin Rivers. Perry Drew School area. References MONEY BLUEStt* Kids need clothes? House need repairs? Are you bored? Come in and register as a selective temporary and wash all your worries away SELECTIVE TEMPORARIES Mercer Mall, US 1 (nexttok-mart) Princeton, N.J. CLERICAL ASSISTANT - The Gallup Organization needs person for field dept Work involves hiring k supervising interviewers in national field areas. No travel. Attention to detail & ability to work with people important. Phone , ext. 12, 9-4. An E.O.E., m/f. SECRETARY - General office assistant (Friday type) Wanted for architectural firm, full or part time. Organicational and typing skills essential. Some bookkeeping, telephone. Low paying but Interesting. Reply to Box #02666, c/o Princeton Packet. EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITY in advertising sales and public relations. Applicant should be college graduate, enthusiastic, highly motivated person. Established and rapidly growing company. Excellent salary plus bonus opportunities. AH major benefits. Caf TNI ML 221 HOSTESS/HOST - Day * eve", shift open, full time */or part time. Gd. d salary, gd. d benefief ts. Apply ppy in person; - Treadway d y Inn, I, US Rt. #if Sth South, Princeton. P i t PART TIME - Salesperson for Card k Gift store in pleasant Princeton area shopping center. Person must be available year round in daytime & evening. Call Jam Coulson, for personal interview. CLERK WANTED - for delicatessan store. Apply between 4pm & 7 pm. Nassau Delicatessan, l Palmer Square, Princeton or call DISHWASHERS FULL TIME. Immediate openings. Apply in person to Food ft Beverage office Hilton Inn, East Windsor. No phone calls. CLEANING WOMAN - with transportation & references for l day a week. Call EARN $100 - Week or more. Work approx. 2 hrs/day. Good adv TRAIN ON THE JOB TO BECOME MICROFILM TECHNICIAN Steady work available on night or day shift. Comfortable working conditions in modern building miles out of Princeton on Hwy. #1. CaU for appointment, Princeton Data Film. RELIGIOUS SCHOOL TEACHERS - (for Jewish Studies, taught in English k Hebrew); Junior Congregation Leader k Haftoran tutors needed. Contact: Beth El Synagogue, MAINTENANCE MECHANICS Must have at least 5 years industrial experience. Knowledgeable in all phases of factory production machinery repairing. Apply in person only to: WENCZEL TILE CO. KfegAve. Trenton. NJ ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY WANTED Stcntirr to tht RtfioMl Sdtt M*na tt Good telephone voice a must, communications with outside salesmen, customers, etc. Good office skills necessary, typing, filing, some dictation. Salary commensurate with skills, good company benefits. Applications received at: COSDEN OIL AND CHEMICAL COMPANY Mam St., Mister, II. J. SECRETARIES TYPISTS. CLERKS Immediate assignments available. You still have time to earn summer money. Register today/work tomorrow SWIFT TEMPS "The nicesf people work for Swift, why don't you?" Princeton-Win rln Viol Pork Everett Drive, off derkivllle M. new Quaker Bridge Mail PnnctytOfi Junction, N.J W-9M1 609-M2-00M Interview Hours 9:0 a.m. to 2:0 p.m. NURSES Progressive central New Jersey psyematne noapnai pleasantly situated in campus-mc* setting has the following nursing positions available for: REGISTERED NURSES GRADUATE NURSES FULL TIME 7to,to11ft11to7*hrfts PART TIME 7to,to116nto7shrfts W» offer cornpetittv* mtmm. wcejbjnt frjngt benefit* and pleasant working condition*. APPLY PBISONNa. DEPT. Mon. to Thur*. 9 am - 4 pm (201) CAJtJOa FOUNDATION ENGINEER WATCH ENGINEERS Immediate openings for individuals with at least New Jersey Blue Seal license in steam generation and experience with absorption refrigeration machines. WHI be in charge of our steam generating plant and absorption unit. Ability to parform routine maintenance,ft necessary. Salary is»71 par weak plus one of the finest fringe benefits programs in the country. APPLY IN PERSON OR WRlit personnel Mgr. Dapt. AP T GJMERALmiK Tocnivctf CtfttBT Prospect Plains Road Cranbury, N.J tin iiraumiwi wnnn --*-

24 Week of Aueust 22-24,1979 Classified Jtdvertising 5-B Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted COMPUTER NETWORK EDUNET, a national computing network far higher QBQCAtjQQ 8 ltd IMStftil IS expanding its network services and staff. Academic computing centers at is leading universities provide services through EDUNET to educational and research institutions throughout the US. Use* EDUNET is based on an advanced international pickets witched data communications network. Challenging and exciting opportunities exist for tbe person who fill these two new professional positions. Documentation/ User Services. Person to develop and maintain computer documentation and nandle inquiries from EDUNET users. Documentation includes program descriptions, sample terminal sessions, brief user manuals, also an online data base d EDUNET suppliers and resources. Person will also assist users in locating programs and accessing remote computers. BA/ BS degree, interactive computing experience, and technical writing skills essential. Salary $10K-$14K. Billing and Accounting. Person to take responsibility for network billing and accounting procedures, including the development implementation, ana operation of a computer-based billing system to be integrated with a vendor-supplied general ledger accounting package. Position will involve substantial contact with EDUNET users and suppliers in rebilling of computer and data communications services. BA/ BS and accounting experience required. Programming and systems design skills a plus. Salary $1K-$18K. EDUNET is operated by EDUCOM, a nonprofit organization in Princeton, NJ. Benefits package includes 4 weeks vacation, company paid Be/ BS, dental and Major Medical insurance, tuition reimbursement, and an excellent retirement program. Send resume and salary history with cover letter to Elizabeth Kilcoyne. EDUNET/ EDUCOM, PO Box 64, Princeton, NJ An equal opportunity emfloyer. STOCK & DELIVERY PERSON - Over 20. Must have driver's license, full time some evening work ABLE PERSON - to do general -maintenance work, driving, 'packing, for industrial complex in Pennington. Must be reliable & have good references. Remuneration depending on qualificgtion. Call for interivew, , Mr. Paul. HOUSECLEANING - 1 day»*eekly, business couple, no -children, must have own 1 transportation & refs * 172 after 7pm. 'WOMAN TO LIVE IN - - Domestic work, top salary. I nice surrounding; no small 'children. Call or * write Mrs. J.C. Nevius, 1 South [Main St., Yardley, PA I RECEPTIONIST - part time twork in beautiful surroun- * dings, June. Mon-Fri, t U:0am4:0pm. Call between 12-pm. ^HOUSEKEEPER WANTED - References necessary after 6 pm. CHILD CARE NEEDED home, -5:0 pm, 6 yr. old. after 6 pm, *646. ROOFING HELPER - local roofing company has an opening for an experienced helper Call 60B-4U OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR - part time 1-5 pm, Mon-Fri. Involved in all aspects of small office^procedures: typing, light fifing, dictation, _ client service, «ne^j!n wl»cf " TYPISTS Typists needed immediately for long and short term assignments in your local area. Please come in and register today. Warren Plaza West Rte.l«.BIdg.B HlgMstowa 11 Princeton Pike LawrencevBle 8M-M10 KELLY GIRL Division of Kelly Services. Equal Opportunity Employer, M/ F DATAANALYST Biological Research firm is seeking an individual for an entry level data analyst position. Duties include compilation, calculation & statistical "analysis of biological data. High school with math & science. Please call or send resume: BIO/DYNAMICS, INC. Box 4, Mettlers Road E. Millstone. NJ CLERICAL HELP NEEDED - publisher needs secretarial assistance to prepare forms for data entry. Neat handwriting essential. Call for an interview. Computer Operator 11.9K TOP CORPORATION years experience operating on IBM 60/70, DOS/VS Power and CICS. DEC equipment a plus. Excellent benefits. Never a fee. Call SELECTIVE PERSONNEL Mercer Mall. US Hi (nexttok-mart) Princeton, N.J. DESIGNER Work Under Minimum Supervision EMR developes & produces high precision electro-optical components & assemblies. The designer we seek is capable of working under minimum supervision to prepare and/or update detailed drawings used for Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, and Repair. The types of drawings you will prepare include Design Layouts, Isometrics, Flow Charts, and Schematics. You will respond to Engineering Change Notices and will have the authority to initiate ECNs. You must have the ability to prepare a complete drawing ackage ; including all ELECTRONIC TECH - $14,000. Fee Paid. Analog/Digital background preferred. Straight days. ' Local firm. Top benefits. Call Jean Simmons, SWIFT & This position requires 2 yrs. of SWIFT OF LAWRENCE, 690 Engineering College or Whitehead Rd., minimum 2 years of Senior drafting level experience. SPEECH PATH., M.A. - private school, team teaching, primary age, communication handicapped. Princeton area. requirement Call 6OWW-SO0. Spm, ACCOUNTING CLERICAL POSITION - emphasizing budget analysis and the maintenance and oversight of financial records. Will provide assistance in the plfln.nin.ff - ftqjfl irmn^ffinc of University i Accounts. Other duties will include preparation of financial reports and projections; assist members of Faculty in the development of Grant Applications to Private Foundations and Governmental Organizations. Related duties as required. Desire experience and/ or training in accounting and financial management. Apply Personnel Services Clio Hall or call for an application, Princeton University. Princeton, N.J. An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer M/ F/ H. SALES HELP WANTED - sales & management trainee. Full & part time. Ladies Apparel. Apply Baileys, Princeton Shopping Center. Princeton. WAITER - WAITRESSES - Experienced, full time-part time, Heritage Restaurant, Princeton Holiday Inn, PRE-SCHOOL - Teachers trainee, full time position in daycare center. High school diploma & previous teaching experience helpful. Reply to Box #02684 c/o Princeton Packet. familiar with Princeton area. ocumentation, and you mayexcellent benefits & pay for also be called upon to perform additional related duties. EMR is located in Princeton Jet, NJ, and we offer good salaries & benefits. Call For Appointment EMR PHOTO ELECTRIC AnE.O.E.,m/f EXPERIENCED waitresses wanted - full time. Bus person wanted. Apply Old Yorke Inn, Rt. 10, mghtstown WANTED - Freelance artist to paste up mechanical pages for books. Good per page rate. Will train artist with ability but limited experience. Call CLERK/TYPIST - with some record keeping experience. Good telephone manner. Pleasant working conditions, benefits. 9-4:0 pm. Princeton area SECRETARY - Growing Princeton architectural firm looking for mature, dependable individual Male or Female with good typing <r tin» (60WPM plus) and willingness to accept responsibilities. Stem ana light bookkeeping a phis but not required. We offer a competitive starting salary, excellent combeneuts and pleasant conditions, fair an The Hillier Mon- Fri. between 9-5. EOE. GENERAL OFFICE ASST. - M/F, full time, needed for busy architectural firm, could be evening student interested in architectural or design, fields, but need not be. Duties are interesting and varied: making deliveries, keeping inventory, operating office machines, making minor repairs, working with office manager. Dependability a must, plus valid NJ license and knowledge of Mercer County and Central NJ. Excellent company benefits and pleasant working conditions. For appointment call The Hillier Group at Mon-Fri. between 9-5. EOE. VAN DRIVER - part time. Good starting salary. Montgomery Twp. Schools Equal opportunity / affirmative action employer. BOOKKEEPING POSITION - avail, for neat, responsible, mature person. Some experience necessary. Small Princeton office. Diversified duties. Send resume to Box #02677, c/o Princeton Packet. PLUMBER JOBBING - Position avail. Minimum 10 yrs. experience. Must be right person. Send resume to Box #02677, c/o Princeton Packet INSIDE SALES - Opportunity for dynamic & experienced person with some electronics background to manage inside sales activity for growing electronic company in Princeton area. Call Ann at for appointment. An E.O.E. MEDICAL TRANSCRIBERS - opportunities to work at home. We have immediate openings for medical transcribers, experienced in all phases of medical transcription. Must have extensive knowledge of medical terminology. Excellent earning potential. Call or after 2 pm. WANTED part time employee for handling telephone inquiries. Medical technology or laboratory background desired but not essential. Will train. Pleasant working conditions. Please call for further information. E.O.E. PICTURE FRAME SUPERVISOR - production oriented person wanted to supervise and operate established frame shop. Job requires ability to organize, plan and control all aspects of operation including ordering, personnel, production. Good base salary plus benefits. Pay increases will be based on your ability to make the shop grow financially. Send resume to Box #02681 c/o Princeton Packet PART TIME AFTER SCHOOL position available. Diversified duties. Drivers license required. Apply in Bon. srrr Imagine, " ie, lit10, RN-full time charge nurse for 8-4 shift Fun time* part time ft LPN's 4-12 and 124 SprtofviewNuriing Home, 419 Highway 9, Freehold. DISHWASHER - part time, eves, weekends. Immed GENERAL OFFICE work - typing, filing, mailing, duplicating small office. 5 hour week. Pleasant environment in western section. No age requirement , Mr. Slizinske. BABYSITTER NEEDED for 9 month old girl preferable in my Princeton Jet. home, on Mon's & part of Wed's. Must commit until June. Call Sharon RECEPTIONIST - Thur Fri, Sat evenings Light typing, some bookkeeping. Call between 9-5 Mon-Fri. DENTAL ASST. - Princeton. Experienced for chair side assistance, X-ray. Call WAITERS/WAITRESSES Must be 18. Full & part time positions. No phone calls please. Apply at The Jolly Ox, Rt. 206 So., HillsborouKh. STATISTICS - See our ad. under Data Analyst, Secretary S10K STENO SURVEYING & RODMAN/W - outdoor woman, no experience necessary. Amertech Engineering, Inc SITTER with car, after school for boy age 6. $2.50 per hour eves. SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST for days per week. Must have N.J. certification. For application, contact: Or. Malcolm D. Evans, Superintendent of School. Montgomery Township Schools, Box 147B, Skillman, N.J Phone: [201] An equal opportunity employer, M/F. SECRETARY - We need just the right person. A self starter with strong typing skills, a sense of putting it all together, combined with the ability to handle occasional heavy work loads and at least years secretarial experience. Some one who doesn't mind reporting to our Office Manager, a former secretary, and who can handle input from 2 executives. We are a young landscape construction company based in Windsor with just a plain office with good gross potential. Might be just the job for someone returning to the work force! Mon-Fri Call Mrs. Mateland METHODS ANALYST - midteens. Degree and 2 years experience to include job designs, slow charting, problem definition and analysis, etc. GROWTH! Fee Paid. Call or send resume to Walt, , Select Staffing, 27 Nottingham Way, Trenton. NJ East Windsor Twp. CROSSING GUARD POSITIONS - East Windsor Twp Police Dept. Criteria: 1) citizen of N.J., 2) sound of body & good health, ) good moral character, 4) no conviction of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude, 5) responsible person. Preference given to East. Windsor Twp. residents. Apply before Aug. 28. Applications available at E.W. Twp. Police Hq, 80 One Mile Rd, East Windsor, NJ. OPPORTUNITY - For a director of educational programs able to work creatively at all educational levels, with a wide variety of universities, schools, and agencies to develop a major Droeram of Marine Education. Imagination and energy a requirement "Applicant should have broad exper. and an educational backroom. Preferable Marine relative to the doctorate level or equivalent. Position located in Princeton, NJ. Please state salary requirements. Submit resume to Joan Sheridan, Building #22, Ford Hancock, NJ By Sept. 15. EOE. SECRETARY Interesting position in our sales department for personable individual capable of handling wide range of job assignments and working under pressure. Good typing and shorthand skill required. Competitive starting salary and comprehensive company benefits paid, including a dental plan. For further information call FIRMEN1CHINC. Plaiasfcara, N J. CflSM HARD WORKING - Sec/administrative asst. No glamour, Programmers $2fK but no boredom. Strong secretarial skills including FLUENT COBOL shorthand, good memory ft good command of lang. 2- years 70. needed. Writing skills useful. Knowledge Assembler. CICS Opportunity for bright person or MRP. DOS/VS Power or to learn a great deal about OS/VS. Manufacturing applications. Top benefits in Marketing approaches and to earn a good salary (phis incentives). Princeton location. growing corporation. Never a fee. CaB in confidence EOE. Call Herb Gopstein SELECTIVE LAB TECH $1,000. Fee Paid. Product development lab. Plastic background helpful. Top area firm, full benefits. Call Jean Simmons, SWIFT ft SWIFT OF LAWRENCE, 690 Whitehead Rd., MATURE PERSON for teachers aide, must enjoy small children, 2-5:0 Mon- Fri Average steno plus excellent typing for gorgeous facility. Low-key office. Excellent benefits. Never a fee. Call SELECTIVE PERSONNEL Mercer Mall, US #1 (nexttok-mart) Princeton, N.J. PERSONNEL TELEPHONE RESEAR- CHERS - publisher needs' aggressive people to do Visiting Homemaker Service telephone research for new of Trenton. Apply in person, publication. Immediate 151 Mercer St., Trenton. Mon. positions available in Princeton office. Pleasant & ef- thru Fri., at 10am or 2pm. ficient telephone manner essential. Call for an interview. CHILDCARE - for 6 yr. old 6am-9am in Kendall Park home. Own transportation Clerk/Gal/Guy Fri. CLAIM THIS, exciting spot, processing medical insurance policies while handling busy phones and your own corresp. Willing to learn? This company will train. Corp. benefits. Call for details & appt. Fee paid. ASK FOR GAYLE RIGGS OFFICE POWER OFFICE POWER Personnel Rte 10 at Black Horse Lane No. Brunswick, NJ 0B902 (201) SALES - to work in fine ladies shoe store. Experience preferred, but will train the right person. Pleasant surroundings, excellent benefits, salary commensurate with experience. Call between 1-6pm. NIGHT AUDITORS part time & full time Apply in person to Mr. Schuster after pm. Hilton Inn, East Windsor. No phone calls. SCHOOL BUS DRIVE - Kendall Park area. Will train OFFICE CLEANERS - Waxers, supervisors. Part time, Cranbury - Somerville areas. 2 - hrs. nightly, Mon. - Fri. CaU p.m. 6 p.m. DESK CLERK - Dart time, weekends. & evening shifts. Apply in person, to Mr. Schuster, Hilton Inn, East Windsor, after pm. No phone calls. SECRETARY cheerful, bright sett-starter to handle front desk. Varied general office duties for Ad agency in center of Princeton. Detail oriented. Room to grow. Important: state minimum salary requirements. Reply to Box, #02671 c/o Princeton Packet. In Princeton call ToPtacva Mercer Mall, (nexttok-mart) Princeton. N.J. TYPIST/RECEPTIONIST - For small Princeton, publishing company, Nassau St. office, gd typing skills, excellence in grammer required. Part or full day, phone only 9-10 am MAG CARD OPERATORS We have 2 openings for mag card operators. One permanent full time, the other temporary full time. Minimum 1-2 years previous experience preferred. For more information please call , ext. 27. Opinion Research Corp. No. Harrison St. Princeton. N.J. HOMEMAKERS, PARENTS, ACTIVE GRANDPARENTS - who have some free time & would like to earn money taking care of sick neonle at home. Applications now being taken for a free training course given by professionals to begin in Sept. Flexible hours; part time or full time. Second language & car an asset but not necessary. Start a rewarding new career as a home house aide with the APPLICATIONS - for full time sales positions now being taken at Landau's, 114, Nassau St. Princeotn. Previous sales experience is highly desirable. The ideal candidates should be mature, ambitious & personable. Please phone for an appointment, EAST WINDSOR PAL Soccer program is in need of volunteer Coaches for Fall Soccer. If interested please call between 10am & 2pm Mon-Fri. BOOKKEEPER - Part time - WORK IN YOUR HOME. Experienced through G/L, Reply WHH #0946, Box 146, Hightstown. WAITRESSES/ WAITERS/ SALAD PERSONS/ PREP PERSONS needed. Experience desired but willing to train. Full or part time. Apply in person. Perkins Cake & Steak, Rt Twin Rivers. MATURE, EXPERIENCED SECRETARY - needed for Princeton law office. Legal experience preferred, but not required. Please reply to Box #02507 c/o Princeton Packet. INTERNATIONAL COS- METIC CO. - looking, for quality people to teach skin care. Free training, management positions available. Call Donna, afjer 6 p.m. ^s TEN KEY adding machine operator - Good with figures, 'paid company benefits. Apply Cream-O-Land Dairy, 680 Somerset St., New Brunswick. CAREER. JOB SEARCH ft EDUCATIONAL COUN- SELING Testing & Resume included. Dr. Michael L. Rosenthal, PART-TIME JANITORIAL. Iwork - Apply Cream-O-Land Dairy, 680 Somerset St., New Brunswick. DELIVERY. PERSON Permanent. Flexible hours SPEECH THERAPIST part time. C.C.C. or Clinical Fellowship year required. Call after 5 pm. EARN A GOOD INCOME While you train for a professional career in Sates. Call Mr. Cohen, E.O.E. m/f. MOTOR ROUTE DELIVERY early morning newspaper delivery, clearing $ per month. Excel, permanent part-time position. Must have reliable ear. Open in all parts of Somerset Cty Call or TRAVEL AGENT minimum 2 yrs. experience. Call CUSTODIANS 12 mos., pension plan & many benefits. Call or apply at Hillsborough Township Board of Education, Rt. 206, Belle Mead, N.J or 101. SALESPERSON - part time. Telephone contact. Old firm. Good job JOB ' INTERVIEW,.skill development : workshop / groups. Attend one session or more. Reasonable rates Dr. Michael ' L. Rosenthal (609) MOTEL MANAGEMENT - Couple to manage 2 rm. motel ai Seashore. Living quarters supplied. Reply. Box 177, Central Post, Kend. Pk. PAINTERS - Interior & Exterior painting: Hillsborough area. Some experience preferred bet. 5 & 7 pm. SECURITY GUARDS, permanent & part time. Middlesex County, Hightstown & Lawrenceville Areas. Uniforms furn. All ages. For appt., call betw. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Equal Opportunity Employer. PART TIME HOUSE- KEEPER - Hillsborough - Franklin area. Live-in preferable, child care 2:0-5:0 weekdays, light housework. To start Sept. Reply to Box #02548, c/o Princeton Packet. SALES REPRESENTATIVE Train at $200 weekly with over 100 yr. old highly respected life insurance company. Phone Mr. William J. Abell SECURITY SPECIALISTS Full time and Part time positions available with an expanding young firm. Good character and background necessary to qualify. Those who show dedication and interest will enter the investigative field. Benefits available. Contact: Continental Independent Security for interview. ASSISTANT CONTROLLER - full financial responsibility. Small rapidly growing company. Salary mid-teens, excellent benefits. Growth opportunity. INFOMED 260 U.S. Route 1 Monmouth Jet., NJ 201-2S-4527 EOE. GOLF COURSE - & landscaping personnel wanted. Full time work for those who qualify. Apply at the Deer Creek Leasing Office, Linpro Company, Plainsboro, N.J RECEPTIONIST/ TYPIST - Princeton Advertising Agency seeks pleasant person with good typing skills & figure aptitude. Congenial atmosphere. 9-5, good benefits. Immediate start. Call SECRETARY - needed by the Development Director of the Lawrenceville School. Must have good typing k filing skills and ability to use Lenier dictating equipment. Attractive campus setting, benefits. Send resume, including salary requirements, to Mr. Miller, Box 6125, Lawrenceville, N.J No calls, please. BAR & RESTAURANT HELP - needed full or part time. Good for retirees. Princeton Meadows Country Crab, Interesting Outdoor Work LANDSCAPING Lots of fresh air ft- work satisfaction. Past experience helpful but not essential. This is hard physical work and you must be in top shape. Ambleside Gardens, Rt. 206, Belle Mead. ~ OUR For appointment call 2M-SM88,days 2fl-«*-42» after 8pm CLMSmCDAMAT TMCSRATE BABYSITTER - Warm-lovingenergetic person needed weekdays in our home for children, ages 7 (after school) *1%. Farm setting. Flexible hours. Own transportation. Terhune Orchards. Call SALES JOB WITH A DIF- FERENCE - Must enjoy people & selling. Full or part time. Terhune Orchards RECEPTIONIST/ SWITCH- BOARD OPERATOR - previous experience required. Light typing 4 some clerical duties. Attractive salary plus company paid benefits. To arrange interview call Mrs. Kowakhuk at ext CHEERFUL PERSON - with pleasant telephone manner, must be good typist, for International Company in Pennington. Remuneration depending on qualifications. Call for interview Mrs. Katz. BOOKKEEPER - exp. only, prefer full time. Apply with resume to Nassau interiors, 162 Nassau St., Princeton. SELECTIVE TEMPORARIES TYPISTS RECEPTIONISTS MAG CARD OPERATORS BOOKKEEPERS ACCOUNTING CLERKS KEYPUNCH OPERATORS STATISTICAL TYPISTS GENERAL OFFICE WORKERS SECRETARIES (WITH OR WITHOUT STENO) Selective'? temporary division is accepting applications for temporary office help. If you have hours to spare and want to earn top $$ come in and register SELECTIVE TEMPORARIES Mercer Mall,IS i i ne\t to K-Mart > I'rincpton. N.J. RECEPTIONIST - part time, for weekends ft holidays. light typing & other clerical duties.. Attractive working conditions, Call weekdays ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIST- ANT - in educational program for autistic children, l person office. Organizational skills ft ability to meet the public are important. $7,500 minimum of 2 week vacation, health & life insurance, 9am to Spm weekdays. Call Mr. Fenske on Au. 27th, for appt. CAFETERIA HELP NEEDED - Cranbury area. Grill, salad, utility. 7am-pm, Mon-Fri INSTALLMENT LOAN CLERK - good typing skills, knowledge of teller function a plus. Involves loan processing & credit checks. 5 day week, good benefits and good income potential. Call Ask for manager. BUS DRIVER - full time, experience with type 2 license. Call operator will be trained to us* DISHWASHER - RCA por-machinetable, energy saver gold, Organization, , ext The Gallup wooden top, 1 year old, perfect, $ , after 6 1 EOE. pm. LIVE-IN companion for elderly woman. Your own private quarters - Cranbury area RAPID - accurate typist wanted part or full time. Law office WAITRESS/WAITER - full or part time days. Choose your own hours. Apply in person, Buxton's, 84 Nassau St., Princeton. CASHIER - 'Full time days. Heritage Restaurant, Princeton Holiday Inn, WAITRESSES/ WAITERS - only, part time. Immediate. Lunches, dinners, weekend shifts TEMPORARY EVENING WAREHOUSE POSITIONS" Light and heavy work Hours 4pm-9pm. y-flights per week. $.75 per hour) Apply Personnel Offijee BAKER A TAYLOR COMPANY 50 Kirby Ave. Somerville An equal opportunity employer. SECRETARY - Permanent, full time position available immediately. Excellent typing skills. Maturity and attention to detail are necessary. Shorthand not required. Hours 8:0-5pm. If you are interested in an interview call , ext 27. Opinion Research Corp. No. Harrison St. Princeton, NJ. TYPISTS for trade typesetter. Must be able to use electric typewriter, good speller, apply Trentypo Inc., aotstokes Ave., Trenton RECEPTIONIST - wanted immediately for Nassau Broadcasting Company, radio stations WHWH ft WPST. Must have good typing skills ft good telephone technique. 5 day week. Equal Opportunity Employer. Call Mrs.HenBley, THE Princeton University Store offers opportunities in several departments. Only those interested in permanent full time employment need apply. Pleasant working conditions, excellent benefits. Phone Mrs. Watts, CARPENTER local building company is looking for an experienced carpenter in all phases of new & old construction. Call AUTO PARTS COUNTER PERSON - Imported automobile dealership has ah immediate opening in its parts dept. Exc. salary k benefits. Phone for interview. ZftW Enterprises, Rt. 206, Princeton, KEY ENTRY - System Operator. Key to disc. The work involves coding ft CODERS ~ part time, per* manent, clerical help, no experience required. A minimum of 0 Hrs. a week required. The Gallup Organiiation, ext 1. EOE. SECRETARY The Gallup Organization in Princeton» seeking experienced typist with no shorthand required, Full time year long position. Interesting work q, ext. 1. EOE. SECURITY GUARDS - Hillsborough - Montgomery area. Permanent put time too available on the 12 midnight to 8am shift, Fri. k Sit k 4 pm to 12 midnight, Sat. k Sun. No experience necessary! Uniform & eouipment supplied Must nave drivers license ft transportation'. $.25/ hr. to start. Abo nee* several on-call guards to wort various shifts as needed. No experience necessary, retinal persons welcomed. For more information call * day or night. 1-1 OFFICE CLERK - Gr imported automobi dealership has an imr need for an office clerk. to include general office' filing, light typing, some pa work. Phone for intervm. Z&W Enterprises, Rt. WC Princeton ~ PROGRAMMER - Expert ienced with mini-computer business applications; Recession proof, rapidly growing Data Processing Company. Excellent salary f benefits. * INFOMED 2MU.S. Route #1 So. Bransiwek, NJ 201-2>-4527 Equal Opportunity Employer SHEET METAL WORKERS' To set up and operate powet brake, power shear, pows press. Spot Welders. AD company paid benefits. Cal Dan Wakunan between 12:<t and 2:00 PM, 609-/ * * Programmer - xpt Burroughs, to $24K, af benefits. F/P Call Tom Swelling It Snefling at Nassau St., Princeton. J ASSEMBLERS/ I FACTORY WORKERS * Mature, responsible mechanically inclined P«rM# needed to fill «J»W* openings. Call DM Wakta* between 12:00 and 2:00 PM, 609-/4««-9400.

25 ) Classified Advertising Week of August 22-24,1Q79 5i -' 1l He.p Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Jobs Wanted Jobs Wanted Announcements 2 Secretary 9W NO $i*k pij;? romotable spot in top area Tfeeility. IBM Memory aphis. /.(terrific people. Great qbflnefits. Never a fee. CaU 609-,l«a % SELECTIVE i - PERSONNEL oar' Mercer Mall, U8 #1 (nexttok-msrt) Princeton, N.J. -TEACHERS for nursery jsohool. Part time morning or afternoon session. Preschool child may accompany you. CaU m» ; SECRETARY-needed for our rnf-awrenceville facility. Good typing and steno skills are asbequired. 1-2 years related -adjkperience in purchasing, particularly with contact of vendors. Knowledge of chemical terminology a phis.. We offer an excellent starting?l#lary and good benefit ^package. For further information contact Peggy Daily, E.R. Squibb ft Sons Inc., Princeton, N.J An equal n«pportunity employer. ^WAITRESSES/ WAITERS - ' * gart time nights, 5:0-9:0 pm. ^ ;i$ental ASSISTANT - chairside. Experienced or CD.A. full time, salary commensurate with experience MATERIAL HANDLER/ SHIPPING ASSIT. - Some lifting required. Call or Apply NJE, Culver., Dayton, NJ 08810, EOE. GIRL/GUY FRIDAY, $10,500 -,.Construction Company needs ' '" Office person to do easy '"Iwokkeeping, check invoices,. ^llte typing and be responsible >'" ft$r office running smoothly. l *ip fee. CaU Selma Davis, 609- i 1 S.'frKING L. INC. 500 Rl. HI lawrenceville 60»-771-fi900 Payroll HOW TO SUCCEED tollk :.;Cood Ground Floor Opportunity for the bright selfstarter. If you have exp. in payroll and a real willingness to take responsibilities this ^position could be for you..""succeed with this growing firm. Call MEA today for an interview. And REMEMBER NEVER A FEE TO THE APPLICANT jj&. vc&yetficksaq, %:\ associate^,riw, lawrenceville, N.J..1 p. [ ,j:i-% : '"loance TEACHER for bauet, toe, tap & jazz. Contact evenings. After 8/26,, dauy., mv TEACHERS are needed for the ManviUe School District in au grade levels. Certification required...^jlnterested parties should to: Salvatore C. CirUlo, *8 ntendent of Schools. 110 Brooks Blvd., ManviUe, N.J Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. JXfi - ^EXPERIENCED - party plan people needed to help introduce new fashion jewelry line by C&B of Pa. Excellent,' -commission program & w'i'ltaperior hostess programs, appt cau PART TIME lady for medical office. Typing, bmng, etc.; hours in morning, days a week after 9 p.m. REGISTERED NURSE part TEACHER - Special Ed. N.J. time relief. Flexible for aucert, for HS age E.D. Send shifts. Medical faculty of adult resume to: Sandra Calnon, 2 community. Mrs. PfeUfer Vanduyn Dr., Trenton, N.J LOUNGE PERSONNEL - Bartenders, cocktail waiters/waitresses, full time. Apply in person to Food * Beverage Office. Hilton Inn, East Windsor. No phone calls. WAITRESS/WAITER - Nights ft weekends available. Experience preferred but will train. Flexible bra. Apply in person. Buxtons Country Shops, Dorchester & Old Trenton Rd, East Windsor. A BETTER WEIGH at Warren Plaza is looking for a Mommy' with l small child to help in their nursery. Hrs. at $2 per hr. CaU EXPERIENCED CLOWN OR MAGICIAN for 5 yr old's birthday party. CaU INTERESTING AND CHALLENGING: Position for couege grad. Publisher needs person to use phone, gather information from reference sources, use library, and in general understand how to research a subject. In addition, individual must be able to type and perform secretarial duties. Call to arrange an interview. BABY SITTER NEEDED 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM in my home. Experience and references necessary. Own transportation, RobbinsviUe area. Call MOTHER'S HELPER - Part time/after school: watching 4th grader and light house work for working parents in our Twin Rivers home. Weekdays 44pm. Own trans. Salary opened. CaU after 7pm; BAIL ME OUT Magazine publishing comp. needs an individual who can type over 60WPM, we wul teach you the rare art of computer typesetting, easy for a quick learner. Great opportunity to learn publishing business. Other diverse duties involved as weu. FuU time starts immed. Non-smokers only. CaU Thur or Fri only, BABY SITTER WANTED - for 1 yr old girl. Mon-Fri in our Kingston Area home. Own trans. Call Clerk To $150 NO EXPERIENCE... TAXI DRIVER fuu time, DELI-BAKERY clerks steady work. Seeking reliable ^fteeded- Flexible hours. Ex- person. Hightstown area. ^rn^jerience helpful but will train. Inquire in person. Johnny's ;S*tust ut be 18 or over. CCaU ortaxi, 110 Main St Higtotown. apply l Swiss Si Bakery Bk & Deli, l ol HOUSEKEEPER Monday to Friday. Noon until 7 pm. Must jw&eliable salesperson have transportation, beabfe to ^needed for handbag tas-" store *- in cook ana have excellent LawrenceviUe. pehence references. Lawrenceville preferred but home. Top salary. CaB after CLUB DIRECTOR, -. Direct ad activities connected with Youth Club Tuesday after school Serves grades tu. rteriao. Chorch,»n. Needed for this LOCAL growing company's purchasing dept. Lighttyping and math, earn while you learn. First job? Returning to work? CaU for details & appt Fee paid. ASK FOR GAYLE RIGGS OFFICE POWER Personnel Rte 10 at Black Horse Lane North Brunswick. NJ [201] SOCIAL WORKERS - Child Abuse & Parenting Education Center has the following Entry level MFWj preferred. Social. BSW or BA with social work experience, familiarity with Trenton area ft resources, desired. Send resumeto:miu HiU Child & Family Service, 101 Oakland St., Trenton, N.J FASHION COUNSELOR PARTTIMB WORK - FULLTMRPAY _ 'IFQBVIQ OK EXPERIENCED or semi experienced outside painter needed to work in Hillsborough Twp PORTERS M/F, Housekeeping Dept. FuU time. Hrs. 8:0 am to 4:0 pm ft 1 pm to 9 pm. Skilled nursing facility, experience not necessary; in service provided. Apply in person, Monday thru Friday between 9 am & pm. Ask for Connie Mierta. Franklin Convalescent Center, Rt. 27, Lincoln Hwy, Franklin Pk. PUBLIC OPINION - Interviewers needed for part time telephone interviewing assignments. No selling involved. No experience necessary, wiu train. Must be willing to work at central location in Princeton. Late afternoon, evening & weekend shifts available. CaU Opinion Research Corp, , ext. 2 weekdays from 8:0 a.m. to 5 p.m. ADMINISTRATIVE ASST. - outstanding opportunity for mature intelligent person to work with executive vice president. Some college with background in insurance or finance a plus. Good typing & clerical skills, especially nice environment. Full salary & benefits. CaU or write in confidence; Ms. Gallagher, Scottish & York, International Insurance, P.O. Box 220, Princeton, N.J , SECRETARY - Belle Mead law firm. Real estate experience preferred. However, wiu train ambitious applicant. Call MC DONALDS Housewives, college students, McDonald's of Hillsborough is in need of good people to work mornings and early afternoons - now thru the fall. Flexible hours to fit your needs. Free uniforms and good working conditions. Please apply in person between and 5 p.m. McDonald's, 410 Route 206, Hilhborough. BABYSITTER - reliable individual to sit in our home from 11:0am - 5:0pm, Mon- Fri. Starting Sept ADULT SCHOOL SECRETARY - good secretarial skills required.. Part time position. 2 hours per day in the afternoons. 5 days per week. (Some evenings required). Contact Mr. Richard E. Scheetz, TEACHER - 6th grade, elementary certification required. Reading/Language Arts background. Send resume to HopeweU Valley Regional School District, 2 Academy St. Pennington, NJ Att: Mrs. Paulette Bearer. An Equal Opportunity Employer. REGULAR ORGANIST - auditions. New Rodgers comb, organw/pipes. First Church of Christ Scientist. Princeton, N.J. CaU Music Chairman, AUDITOR - for large hotel full & part time. Must be experienced. Good salary & benefits. Send resume to "Auditor," P.O. Box 08, Princeton, N.J PERSON INTERESTED in outside Nursery work. FuU time preferred, but will also consider part tune help during digging season. Arie Peters Nursery, SkiUman, NJ RESEARCH TECHNICIAN - must have mechanical and/or electronics skills and interest in learning. Permanent position withweu established research organization. Requires ability to assist in design, construction and operation of laboratory ex ;. Never a fee to the applicant. Call or send pertinents. resume to: Steve Milazzo, AeroChem Research Labs, P.O. Box 12, Princeton, N.J. $ 540. $ Equal Oi Opportunity Employer. El ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE CLERK - general Hght office. Princeton FueL 6W4M-110. INSPECTOR* REQUIRED - RESPONSIBLE DRIVER SECRETARY our New TWNHSE. for sheet metal and tran-.wanted Saturdays & possibly C1C&D0U rstt. '" 'rrv'ti UVM«0*. Brunswick facility is seeking a sformer work. CaU Sundays. Country Florest. secretary with 1 to 2 years Your place will sparkle or apply NJE, Culver Rd., B call for apexperience. Good typing ft am-10pm. Dayton,NJ 08810, EOE. ^ointment., shorthand skills are essential. This position requires a high level of accuracy and neatness. Chemical terminology a CARE? Or do you want to plus income for older person licensed teacher, former DO YOU NEED CHILD LIVING ARRANGEMENT EXPERIENCED MOTHER, plus. We offer an excellent provide child care? Call our starting salary ft a good 4C Family Day Care System at or retired couple. Inq. Lincoln assistant director of TR benefits package. For further Rest Center (201) Toddler program with established babysitting information please contact: business has openings. Peggy Dauy.TEjL Squibb & Finished playroom, yard, Sons, Inc., Princeton, NJ FINANCIAL ANALYST - nearby playground, daily Phone An Opportunity for young man or outings, meals k snacks Equal Opportunity Employer woman with college provided. McKnight School PART TIME - Salesperson wanted for children's shop Experience preferred ^ CLERK - we have an opening at our Lawrenceville facility for a clerk with experience in the area of inventory control. This position entails a variety of clerical duties including statisical typing. We offer an excellent starting salary & a godd benefits package. Interested candidates should contact: Peggy DaUy, E.R. Squibb & Sens, Inc., Princeton, NJ Phone , An Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/H. SALESPERSON - full time, men & women's shop. Opportunity for advancement. Apply Leather Warehouse, BABYSITTER - 5 or 7 days a week, live-in preferred, newborn infant light housework. CaU evenings, UTILITY WORKERS - fuu time, days. 6to 2:0 pm. Part time nights, 5 to 10 pm. Call LAWN - Garden-Misc. helper wanted; From age 16-60; Penns Neck area; CaU SECURITY GUARD Male/female, fuuft part time. For adult condominium community. CaU " ' A U f l <. i : - PROGRAMMER - 2 years BAL experience. Recession proof, rapidly growing Data Processing Company. Excellent salary & benefits. Sec-y INFOMED 260 US Route #1 So. Brunswick. N.J Equal Opportunity Employer BOOKKEEPER - Princeton imported automobile dealership has an immediate opening for an experienced bookkeeper. Work requires general bookkeeping, fifing of service k parts department paper work and related general ledger work. Phone for interview, ZfcW Enterprises, Rt. 206, Princeton PROOFREADERS FULLTIME Encyclopedia publisher seeks qualified individuals with at least 1-2 years publishing house experience proof reading trade or reference books. Good Starting Salary - and Excellent Benefits CaU Linda Goldman ARETE PUBLISHING CO. Princeton, NJ Equal Opportunity Employer, m/f A FINE TIME associates} Lawreacevflle. N J. [SS BE YOUR OWN BOSS! $200 Move into a cha with a great company. not required, but excellent typing is. If you are willing to learn, and have years office exp. now is a fine timetocau MEA. ITU, JO Z2 or SECRETARY - to the Dean of Students. Interspenonal skills required. Full time. Contact Wm. Alexander, Westminster Choir College, Princeton, N.J , AAEOE. Secretary MAG CARD fits Excellent typing skills, some statistical. Mag or Memory a phis. Top company with super benefits. Never a fee. CaU SELECTIVE PERSONNEL US HWY No 1. Mercer Mall Princeton, N.J. Park BABYSITTER for one year old wanted 2 days & week night evening per week in Princeton home. Hours 7:0-4pm 1 day, 7:0-7pm the other DRAFTSPERSON Detail Draftsperson to support design and layout perosnnel. Prepare detail and assembly drawings, bills of material, etc., under supervision. Minimum drafting experience years. Sheet Metal experience helpful. Send resume to Department LS#2, P.O. Box 00, Hopewell, N:J ~ HIGHLY EXPERIENCED TYPIST $11,500 PLUS BENEFITS A pleasant and professional Organizations. We also offer staff is seeking an excellent^ an interesting bonus plan as typist to join the team. This is incentive. For confidential a key position with rapid interview ask for Len Cooper, salary advancement for themid-jersey REALTY, right person. Nassau St. Princeton location. Send resume to Box #02672, c/o Princeton Packet. PRINCETON WASH-O-MAT - needs reliable help to work every Sat. year round from 9-6. CaU PART TIME - child care in my Montgomery Twp. home disabled person or senior citizen with car. Children 10 & 8. Pay negotiable. CaU after 6 pm. RESEARCH ASSISTANT - full-time, to help with energy data handling and analysis. Bachelor's degree required, preferably in math, science or engineering. Qualifications desired include quantitative ability, thoroughness and attention to detail and some computer experience. Must love data to apply. Salary $12,000 per year. Send resume to Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, D29 Engineering Quadrangle, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J (An equal opportunity employer.) Credit Investigator - Major bank has growth spot for sharp person to prepare legal documents, talk to customers. Lite typing to $10K F/P Ben. incl. tuition refund, dental CaU Tom Snelling ft Snelling 20 Nassau St., Princeton. RN DIRECTOR OF NURSES for small nursing home. Also RN or LPN, part time. :0 p.m. to U p.m. Inquire Administrator, Sunnyfield Nursing Home, Cranbury, DIETITIAN/ADA - Challenging fuu time position for qualified therapeutic dietician in 75 bed teaching hospital. Excellent salary & benefits package. PERSONNEL DEPT HELENE FULD MEDICAL CENTER 75* BRUNSWICK AVE. TRENTON. NJ M9-M491 EOE RESPONSIBLE BAB\ SITTER needed for several hi?, daring day in my home BeUe Mead beginning in Sept. Can 2O1-874HP8I. SALES PERSON NEEDED - part time k weekends. Experience hcjpfcd in floral indnstry. MusTbe presentable k intelligent. Call for appointment Country Florist. RICYCLI background in accounting and District. CaU corporation finance to advance with established Princeton consulting firm. (WILL BABYSIT Mother- Please send complete resume teacher in Kingston offers to Box #02560, c/o Princeton Ichildcare. Large yard. CaU Packet. IB HOUSEKEEPING PER- SONNEL Maids & porters, t'uu time. Excellent benefits. Apply in person to Mrs. Brown, Hilton Inn, East Windsor. No phone calls. OPERATORS, exp. on sewing machine, section work, union benefits. CaU or see Herman 429 Raritan Ave., Highland INTERIOR DESIGNER - talented person with training in interior designw/abilitv to sell. Residential interiors & or office furniture. Submit resume with salary history to: Leonard LaPlaca, Nassau Interiors, 162 Nassau St. Princeton, N.J INCREASE YOUR INCOME Active and progressive offices in Belle Mead and Franklin Park seeking full and part time sales agents, experience preferred motivation and ability to deal with people a must. We are members of Middlesex and Somerset Multiple Listing Systems. And members of Multiple Relocation CHILD CARE - Dependable woman needed to care for infant in my home 7:45-4:0 pm week days. East Windsor area. Own transportation, references required. CaU Resumes CAREER, JOB SEARCH & EDUCATIONAL COUNSELL- ING Testing & Resume included; Dr. Michael L. Rosenthal, RESUMES BY GENE RYAN. Your personalized & effective job marketing tool. Evening appointments available. Dayton, N.J , RESUMES UNLIMITED - Your complete one stop resume service featuring resumes professionally written to highlight your qualifications, expertly typed & offset printed. For personal, confidential service call RESUMES UNLIMITED at EFFECTIVE RESUMES - over 10 yrs. experience as a personnel manager k placement counselor. I can present your background in a professional manner which wiu enable you to stand out from the rest. CaU me k get your career in gear. By ap only. After 5 pm ~~ THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT RESUMES will just have to wait. We will be on vacation Aug. 15 to Sept. 4. PRIN- CETON WRITING ASSO- CIATES Jobs Wanted HOUSECLEANING _ T «, cleaning, Window washing, Floors washed It waxed. General cleaning. Reasonable rates. CaU after 5 p.m. CHILD CARE - in my home, ftiu or pert time. Experienced MOTHER/TEACHER - wiu care for your children, her home, while you work or play CHILD CARE in my home for working mothers. Ex- UUM5ULCO. KCXCTODOeS. 1WIU Rivers ara WELL KNOWN - and reliable mother wishes to babysit day or weekly. Located across the street from the Ethel McKnight School EXPERIENCED MOTHER - would like to watch your child in my home between 6:0 am k 7 pm Mon-Fri. Lg. yd, near Dutch Neck k Hickory Corner Rds MOTHER OFFERS NURSE'S AIDE, w/exp. for CHILDCARE for private duty preschoolers (2-5 yrs). Playroom crafts, snacks, crib, TLC. Twin Rivers, ItEFINED INTELLIGENT WOMAN available as nurse companion days or night. CaU BABYSITTING my home. Experienced. Near Rts 10 & WOMAN WISHES DOMESTIC WORK - by the day, $27 per day INFANT CARE for working parents in Twin Rivers. 1 opening MAN SEEKS PART TIME WORK in the evenings, mowing lawn or janitorial work WILL BABYSIT - In my home loving atmosphere hot meals, playground, pool Twin Rivers DAY WORK - Woman-experienced, wants light housekeeping. Princeton references. No transportation HILLSBOROUGH Will babysit in my home. Experienced, any age child LIGHT BOOKKEEPING - sm. business in my home or business. Reasonable yssfrjrbs rented by the hour or day EXPERIENCED MOTHER WiU babysit for your children, Hot meals included. Reas. rate ILD CARE in my home. I meals, activities, lots of HOMES CLEANED by very responsible person. Reasonable rates. CaU WILL BABYSIT in my Kend. ~?k. home, full/part time. as. rates. CaU RELIABLE - & experienced babysitter available in my home. FuU or part time EXPERIENCED - Housekeeper-desires work 5 days a week. Good refe Call WOMAN DESIRES caring for sick person. 20 years experience ft references. Call evenings, LADY SEEKS DAYS WORK workbytibe day if $0 day. Mon-Wed Refs. Own trans,, roncetonor Ewing area need d only can. WILL BABYSIT in my home. Reasonable. Near Intermediate School Princeton. 6094J NEED WORK - to do at home. Fast, varied exp. CaU Julie HONEST PERSON-seeks day work. CaU after 5 PM. RELIABLE AND EX- PERIENCED babvsitter avail, in my home fuu or part time, any age, ManviUe WILL BABYSIT in my home. I prefer toddlers ft older children. Between the hours of 7 and 4 pm WRITER - seeks freelance, part-time or fuu time work. Heavy ad copy experience, have pubushed numerous articles ft 2 books. Masters Degree in English ft Library Science, CHILDCARE IN MY home. Hillsboro area. Just off Route 206. Hot meals, experienced WRITER / EDITOR - Versatile, prolific, heavy business management experience. Unique talent for making complex subjects understandable. Available for interesting and rewarding free-lance assignments. Advertising copy, speeches, articles, etc. Currently residing N.J. shore area. Call or reply box #02685 c/o Princeton Packet. 2 COLLEGE students want odd jobs. Hours available - 8 to 4, Mon. thru Thurs. CaU Philip, {COLLEGE GRADUATE - Seeks part time employment Iwith optometrist for career experience. CaU (YOUNG WOMAN DESIRES JOB - Housecleaning 1 day per [week. $0 a day, References. ^ Experienced housekeeper seeks PT work in Princeton. Call WILL BABYSIT in my Kend. Pk. home, weekdays. Playground, hot lunch LIVE IN - Senior Citizen looking for a good home in exchange for fight duties & small salary. Walking distance to town preferred. Reply Box # c/o Princeton Packet. Announcements EXPERIENCES IN LIVING - LEARNING - Learn to identify and fulfill personal needs increase self esteem and improve interpersonal communications. These themes and others will be explored in a supportive setting through group interaction. Certified group leader. Offices in. Princeton and KendaU Park. Contact B. Blank, RIDDERlNG: DAY NUR- SERY SCHOOL has several openings for children 2 1 * to 5 yrt. d.- HaVor au day; flexible hours for working mothers. Hwy. 27 bet. Kingston ft KendaU Park. State licensed. CaU THE FOURTH WAY is a method of self-development, introduced into America by Mr. Gurdjieff. AKHALDANN II is a school in the Fourth Way led by an experienced teacher. 609^ FREE ART LESSONS - Artist wiu exchange for space to teach. Classes being organised for adult drawing ft painting, an wonsnop tor cnuaren tooning for kids. Please call 798. LOOK, LOOK, LOOK. There is parking at Princeton Station. Rates 50 cents per day. $1.00 for overnight, by the week $.00, by the month $8. The only overnight parking in WHERE ARE YOUR FEET TAKING YOU? Is there a discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be? Join Women hi Transition, a "group for women to encourage growth k awareness. Professionally trained leader. For information call 02 or CHILD* FAMILY HOME COUNSELING At their own home, child ft family learn how to cope with problems arising from emotional, physical or developmental handicaps. PrisciUa Maren Learn WAYS TO COPE with ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING, SELF IMAGE BUILDING & RELAXATION EXERCISES plus other behavior modification techniques for personal ft professional growth. Open & closed groups & private training conducted in Princeton area. Contact Theresa Tomarchio at , MONTESSORI FAMILY SCHOOL - of Mercer County - now accepting applications for Mulii age programs (2'2-5) for pre schoiil & EX- TENDED DAY ENRICHED KINDERGARTEN Located in Lawrenceville AMS certified. Call CAROLS PLACE - Personalized stationery, invitations and gift items at discount prices. Call WINDOW FASHIONS: VERTICALS, WOVEN WOODS BY DELMAR, LEVOLOR BLINDS, ALL AT 25,, OFF! Professionally measured & installed. Drapery treatments also available with retainer of $50. Designer Fabrics Exclusively! Call Nikki Harris, Registered Interior Designer for price quote. Professional Consultation for your ENTIRE HOME $40. Why not deal with a "designer at 25% off? NUMEROLOGY ASTROLOGY Combination Birth Charts for more extensive and informative reading. One hour consultation, $ SINGLE PEOPLE: Need a spiritual lift? Come to our Worship Service for Singles, 12 noon any Sunday at the First Presbyterian Church, 20 N. Main St. Hightstown. MONTESSORI CHILDRENS HOUSE - Nursery day-care kinderearten 67 Georges Rd. North Brunswick , NURSERY SCHOOL Trinity All Saints' Nursery School program for -4 year olds, 5 days per week, 9am- U:'45, non-cooperative, located at All Saints' Church, off of Terhune Rd. CaU Mrs. Rolph for information. MASON SHOES known for quality celebrates 75th Anniversary. For free brochure send self-addressed stamped envelope to R. Kulesa, Box 199P Fresh Pond Rd.. Jamesburg, NJ. 0881, or call GESTALT TRAINING PROGRAM an opportunity for professional l development l using both an experiential ft didactic approach to GestaH. Open to professionals ft graduate students. Bucks County Institute. CaU Marie Fenton, or Sally Mallery, CREATIVE PLAY GROUP - ages -7. Mornings / afternoons at peaceful farm near Rocky Hill off Rt Sit. Licensed teacher. Concern is with happy natural growth of child's being t74» 2. Matjorie. LOOKING - for Jewelry? Tor the Cameo CoUectim Ordft ironj local uimiievtor. <ui OVEREATERS ANONY- MOUS meets Thursday eves. prices below retail. CaU M Hightstown. Call for in formation: or PLANTS - need hssj? IMasi horticultural^ avxoabk far consultation and ren maintenance. Call

26 "Week of August Classified Advertising Announcements PersonQis Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart PCNS the 'cooperative - pre-school experience* Princeton Cooperative Nursery School - an open space facility with multi-age programs (2%-5). We provide a warm supportive atmosphere where your child can learn at his own pace. Call or or write PCNS Membership, 407 Nassau St. * non-coop openings also. The Princeton Cooperative Nursery School Admits Students Without Regard- to Race, Creed or National : Origin. Will care for aged or convalescing person in my home. Private facilities. 24 hr. care. Weekly, monthly, or permanent. Call after PICNIC FOR A SMALL PLANET - Specially prepared vegetarian cuisine. Music, sunshine, games. Bring the children. Sunday, Aug. 26,12-2 pm. Adults $4.50, children Marquand Park. WARM. CAR WASH, Saturday, August. 25, 10 ajn. - 2 pjn., Trinity Church Circle, Mercer Street. Hoagies and sodas and MINI FLEA MART. too. Benefit Trinity Choir of Men, Boys and Gins Tour. ED'S AIRPQRT TAXI - Transportation to all Airports. Or, if you prefer, Ed will drive you in your car to the airport or elsewhere. Call Personals 25 YEAR OLD - handsome, well built professional male, new to Princeton, seeking females for good times and possible long term relationship. Reply Box #0269, c/o Pnnceton Packet. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS HELP AND INFORMATION CALL HIGHTSTOWN PLANNED PARENTHOOD CLINIC - Monday evenings. Call GAY SWITCHBOARD information center. Call Best hours 7-10 p.m. Mon. thru Thurs. COLLEGE SELECTION k APPLICATION COUN- SELLING individuals & small groups. Dr. Michael L. Rosenthal, HAVE PROBLEMS? The Magic of the occult world can overcome any problem. Information: Maestro, PO Box 998, Laredo, Texas TALENTED pretty, world traveled, seeking tall, fine, unattached male, PROF. MAN; 4, seeks goodlooking, long-haired, bright woman, 25-5, for whatevermay develop. Nonsmoker, no dependents, Princeton area. Box #02648 c/o Princeton Packet. JINGLE GUY - Mid SOS lesires to meet.italian peaking girl for friendship indsharing musical'interests. ply to BOX 02647, c/o The inceton Packet. SENSITIVE Attractive woman in mid-twenties seeks relationship with man who appreciates Jewish culture and humor. Enjoys music, art, dance. Outdoors, biking, etc. Nonsmoker. Reply Box #02664 c/o Princeton Packet. ENTHUSIASTIC GAL seeking cultured male companionship, 48-55, over 5*9" to share the Arts,, outdoors, di versation, quiet to B #0)66 c/o GENTLEMAN WELL TO DO driving to CaBforaia with new vebfcle. WouM like to meet an attractive young lady^for companion. No smokers, no jxfcaers. Reply Packet Box #0*66. PROFESSIONAL WOMAN INT. classical music, sports, riiflrifttf & n^mfpntffni relationship with man Write Box including phone number. KAY'S INTRODUCTION SERVICE all ages. Meet a partner for a friendship or marriage FEMALE - 25, loves classical and country music, the beach, the mountains,- camping, male who shares these interests. Reply to Box #02680 c/o Princeton Packet. CONGENIAL - Cultured man, age 5, responsible, goodlooking, loves traveling, seeks position as companion or escort to woman traveling anywhere. Please call late pm or early am. PRETTY. ATHLETIC, professional woman, 2, 57". no dependents, wishes to meet attractive intelligent man, 0-45 for sharing, caring, fun, travel. Reply with photo, Box #02686 c/o The Princeton Packet. CHEERFUL WOMAN - To watch seven month-old in our home' days. Recent references required; telephone ATTRACTIVE - fool still searching for a feminine miracle who's 21-, petite, pretty & still believes in monogamy & miracles. Box #0268 Princeton Packet. YOU - good-looking successful businessman / professional type; mid-0's to 40's; single long enough to appreciate a sincere relationship with a woman; too busy with work & keeping in shape physically & mentally to meet a quality female fii today's convttstibnal meeting places. Me: career businesswoman also too busy to try to be at the right place at the right time & bred of revolving door romances. A moment to write about ourself and to enclose a photo S possible might be the best investment you've made in some time! Reply to Box #02679 c/o Princeton Packet. SINGLES: Looking for a friendly group to spend some time with? Come to the Singles' Fellowship any Friday evening at 8:45 pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 20 North Main in Hightstown. Call of if you wish more information. ATTORNEY MAKES House calls on wills (from $4), house closings ($200-buyer, $100 seller), Unc. divorces ($10). All plus costs where applicable. James E. DeMartino, Hillsborough, NJ (leave message). RIDE NEEDED - from Mc- Donald's in Hillsborough to downtown Somerville area, l way only, must be in town by 9am. Will supply $10 a week towards expenses ask for Vince. Bargain Mart PLYWOOD SHEATHING - ext. new 4x8-/ 8" $6.58,1/ 2"- $ / 8", $10.28, / 4" $1.28. lumber 1xx8, 50 cents 2xx8. 188, 2x4 studs, $.90, Andersen windows 27% off Tex. Ml plywood siding 4x8, $1188; R.R. tie, newly creosoted 8', $9.26. Can deliver , or from Trenton DISCOUNT LIGHTING -The Roosters coup. Lighting fixtures, lamps, shades, parts and repairs. Clocks, gift items 4 fireplace equipment. Huge assortment of brand names at discount prices. THE ROOSTER'S COUP, on Rt 29, LambertviOe, NJ. OPEN 7 DAYS, 8084*74(07. SAVE MONEY and reduce your heating expenses. Buy a WOOD STOVE^efore price increase. Tempwoods, Quakers, Hunter furnaces, Insulated pipe, and other air tight stoves available. Call {VIBRANT FORTYISH FEMALE - wishes to meet warm, intelligent, trim man.with fantastic sense, of humor (under 55): Box c/o Princeton Packet Alabaster. Carrara FOR SALE freezers, washers, dryers. Guaranteed. Can deliver and do etoctriial or gas hook-op H» w alllcqmmi COH 4W.M4-M50 SOAPSTONE - Green, White, soft stone, easy to carve. White, pink, translucent Marble, African wonder Stone, power tools and accessories, Sculpture House Inc., Open Mon-Sat. Skillman, NJ RUBBER STAMPS School or College address. Home, business, zip code. Rubber stamps of all kinds and sizes made to your order at: HINKSON'S 82 Nassau St. CASH - for your ^jgg diamonds & estates. Mac- Donald Jewelers, Yardville, N J REGISTERED 6R NOT I will buy your guns legally. I am licensed and will pay a good price. Call Bert days. BARN BEAMS FOR SALE old oak beams, hand hewned or sawed, 6-28', A-l TOP SOIL - Call STRAW - Rye, Barley, Wheat, and Mulch by the bale or ton WOODEN DOORWAY ARCHES - 4ft. x 6ft. 8in. with trim after 6 pm. WINDOW FASHIONS: VERTICALS, WOVEN WOODS BY DELMAR, LEVOLOR BLINDS, ALL AT 25% OFF! Professionally measured & installed. Drapery treatments also available with retainer of $50. Designer Fabrics Exclusively! Call Nikki Harris, Registered Interior Designer for price quote. Professional Consultation for your ENTIRE HOME. $40. Why not deal with a designer at 25% off? POOL TABLE SALE Used 7' table w/new cloth, 1-pcs slate, good condition. $ ' used table, new doth- l pcs slate $ ' table w/ pcs l" slate - special price $ Many more available Call Princeton Pool Tables - Store or warehouse SPRING MEADOW FARM freezer beef, naturally raised, No steroids. Also nitrate-free ham, bacon, sausage & corned beef , after 6 and weekends. TRIO TAG SALES. INC. - "We do all the work.'* Profitable sale of entire or partial contents of your home. Professionally conducted at your convenience , , or THE RESALE SHOP 901 Camplain Rd.. Manville. Buying and selling You name it! Antiques, furniture, tools and useable items POTTERS Clay, kilns, wheels, tools and chemicals. STANDARD CLAY MINES. Open Mon-Sat. Skillman, N.J HOW TO Increase Your Work Productivity 7-point plan for working better, not harder. Money-back guarantee. Send $1 to MiUstonePubhcations, POB, 054, Princeton. NJ EDISON FURNITURE is still open at the same location. For USED FURNITURE of i come see us. Rt 611 soum of Doylestown, Pa. 9-4:0, closed Sunday. FUEL EFFICIENT HEATING - Bum wood or coal in a high efficiency, air tight wood stove or multi-fuel furnace. European * American brands. Pipe It venting supplies. Hair Bros WoodW\«K North Olden Am Trenton, NJ VIP HUSBAND & WIFE Lifetime membership Holiday Spa $ or TWO GOODYEAR SNOW TIRES D78-14 on wheels. $ FT. ALUMINUM "Johnson" cap for pick up truck, $ USED KITCHEN CABINETS turquoise eyelevel gas oven & 4 burner counter top range also sink. Call after 4pm m 19" b&w TV, $55. Silverton 17" b&w TV, $5. 40 annel CB, $ :0 pm. INTERNATIONAL HARVES- TER RIDE ON MOWER Cadet 85 with grass catcher $450, YEAR OLD, almost new, Kenmore gas dryer, $ p.m. MY COLLECTION of glassware, china, metal, Avon pieces plus other items which I have had in my attic for 25 years. Carved sofa & chairs, Mediterranean marble top tables, pair. Other things too numerous to mention. Call for appt HTOE-A-BED SOFA - queen size, 4 years old, Colonial, good cond. $ SECRETARY DESK with closed shelves & drawers, Marble tables tick lamp. All in excellent condition. Must sell. Excellent buy INFINITY 000 base reflex speakers $50/pr. Call Art, WINDOWS Mullion size 2'6" x4'6",$45,2'8" x'6", $ SAVE MONEY and reduce your heating expenses. Buy a WOOD STOVE before price increase. Tempwoods, Quakers, Hutner furnaces, Insulated pipe, other air tight stoves available. Expert installation service ALMOST NEW - complete beauty salon equipment including 6 cherry red barber chairs. Must be seen to be appreciated. Sacrifice $5400 or best offer or eves. TYPEWRITERS Electric, manual, portable, office models. New - reconditioned. ADDERS, CALCULATORS. Name Brands. Rentals. Repairs. Trade-ins, CENTER BUSINESS MACHINES, 104 Nassau St DISCOUNT GUNS & AMMO Shotguns & rifles $10 over wholesale Ammo discounted 10% off most hand guns Reloading supplies-discounted Buy Sell & Trade Murphy's Sprtsmen's Den 152 Rt. 27, Kendall Park Off Season Hrs.: Tues.-Wed. lzpm-fipm Thurs.-Fri. 12pm-9pm' Sat. 10-6pm Sun. & Mon.-closed SWIMMING POOL SUP- PLIES - Deal with wholesale distributor - Lower prices - special deals on swimming pool covers k filters.. Pool service also available ANTIQUE POOL TABLE 5'xlO', 1%" slate, totally restored - Impressive looking $ Call Princeton Pool Tables or BED maple with bookcase headboard, extra length double size, mattress, boxmattress pad, 4 fitted 4 top sheets, bedspread. $00 or best offer VING MUST SACRIFICE d i g room table with 6 back chairs k woven New condhkn. Avocado du oven self cm gas (range; used 1 yr MATTRESS MONGER Visit our Dank, Dark t Dingy Dismal, Wret c ned Repugnant Ratbole. ftattressfactory SEE THEM MADE RIGHT on the PREMISES We personally manufacture, with our own grubby, sweaty little hands, everything we sell and we can' demonstrate,' prove and GUARANTEE for 10 YEARS that our mattress is- SUPERIOR! There is absolutely NOTHING BETTER MADE, ANYWHERE ANYTIME, ANY PRICE. In our eleven years we have manufactured and sold over 17,60 Mattress units to 17,60 of the most suspicious,, sagacious, cynical,- sapient/ sophisticated, sarcastic, spnerebreaker buyers in N.J. ONE PRICE ONLY This Is The FACTORY! We do not give DiscountsOff of Fictitious Retail Prices (which not even the idiots pay)' and we do not run SALES, 65 days a year. CrilSia $2049 Bank Bed $8.90 Twm 9x75x6 $59.90 DMMC 4I75IS $69.90 QMMCOXSOXS S9M6 Kinf 7*40x6 $UtM Delixt Frames $1100 Box sprint SMt PRICE King Set with Box Springs & Frame $ Queen Set & Frame $ CUSTOM SIZES MADE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. No Excuses, No Alibis, No Double-Talk. We guarantee our Mattress TEN FULL YEARS Our Mattresses are SIX Solid Inches of cool, breathing, Allergy-Free, Polymeric Crystalliferous Foam. Unconditionally 0 day - Refund if unsatisfied ' THE FOAM FIRM OUR NEW STORE 157 Main St. Peapack Peapack is a right turn off Rt. 206, 28 miles north of Princeton and worth the drive! 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. & 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. Saturday-10to4 THE FOAM FIRM LENS-CanonFD15mmf2.5 tele, $160 w/la filter. Call Peter, INDIA DISCOUNT Store Inc. 001 Rt. 27 & Finnegans Lane, Franklin Park, N.J Indian groceries - garments V appliances - saris - gifts - cameras - film - Samsomte luggage - Indian records. Call MOVING SALE Lowry Teenie Genie organ with magic cord. Like new. Best offer or CONTEMPORARY LIVING room - piece, new $450. Sears water softener, never used $ 'l0 SPEED FOR SALE-Only 2 months old. Excellent condition. Only asking $ anytimebetween 2 and 4pm. BRIDAL HAT & VEIL brand new, still in box. Asking $ ROTOTILLER - rabbit equipment appliances, yard jquip, lumber, TV, furniture, teds, dehumidified, many more BLACK CONTEMPORARY NAUGAHYDE sofabed, $100, matching modern recliner, $50, cycle caddy bike rack, $ ACOUSTIC 850 P.A. amp - 8 channel mixer w/master vol. & reverb. $400. Call Larry, after 6pm. CAMERA - Kodak Retina IIC, 5mm. f2.8 lens, hi exc. mechanical k optical cond., $ USED AIR CONDITIONERS 5 refrigerators, 2 washers, 6 orycrst S portnote dlhiwsttwis 1 wood wardrobe, 1 metal wardrobe MAGNAVOX MODEL CONICAL FIREPLACE STEREO - AM - FM and T.V. includes all pipes, $ combination, call M. WHOLESALE FIREWOOD Unspat, cot in 24-S4" sections. Seasoned hardwood. Call NIKON F2 SYSTEM Used ex. cond, black body & case, 50 mm; Fl.4,28 mf.5,15 mf 2.8, braun 2;000 flash, FB 5 Nikon bag, meter, assorted filters MOVING SOUTH - furniture must go: lamps, end tables, Hitchcock chairs, cabinet stereo, dressers, sofa, Tea wagon, etc d., $125. Westinghouse dryer, like new, $ eves. ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER exc. running condition. $50 or best offer WALNUT BREAKFRONT china closet and server to match KIDDIE KORNER - Back to School Fashions at low discount prices. Infants, toddlers, boys & girls. 4 to N. Union St., Lambertville, ROYAL LITTON electric typewriter - 5 yrs. old, excel, cond. $50. Call after 5pm, WOOL CARPETING golden brown, approx. 11 x 1, $ PC orange velvet sofa. Early Amer. Chair, lamp. Eves, DON'T BE LEFT IN THE COLD wood or coal furnaces tie into non-electric heat system. Interested write Energy Mate, 52-K West MiUstream Rd., Cream Ridge, N.J: SEARS WASHER & DRYER in good condition. $75 each NEED TO RENT occasional use of plain paper book copier MISC. SELECTION - of finest quality chairs, silver, china, crystal, cut glass, etc. For information &7or appointment 'Send your name, address & telephone # to: Box #02670, c/o Princeton Packet. Private buyers only. BIKE WOMEN'S 26" Raleigh/ Dunelt -speed. $ :-20", good cond..,_.,, tew unicyde, 20" tire, $ KURNITURE AND DESIGNER CLOTHES - CONTOUR CHAIR $175; - sectional couch $150; apt-size refrigerator $100: single bed w/carved headboard $125. Antartex shearling (curly) lined coat size 12, like new, $200. Beautiful formal, informal dresses, coats, suits, size Call RIVER RUNNER 12' raft with accessories. Call STEREO AMP - Dynaco, ST416, kit & C-100 power mod. Never used. $704. Call , 7-10pm. FURNISHINGS - 29 Station Drive, Princeton Jet. Next to railroad station in rear warehouse. Open Tues., Wed. Thurs. evenings 6 to 9 pm 2 ROOMS light green carpeting & padding, 12 x 14 & 1 x 19, modern loveseat & matching chair, a bar, ass'td lamps SMALL ANTIQUE - ornate wood and coal burning stove. Excel, cond. $50. After 4:0, HIGH RISE BED $50. Drape fabric, baby equipment or 5»7508. DOG KENNEL POR- TABLE - 20'x20'x6\ cham link fence, double gate w/removable center divider. New $650; asking $475. After 5 p.m., HOT TUBS 4 JACUZZI'S - we are one of the best, with low prices. Call us today, ORNATE IRON fireplace fender $ CARPET - KARASTAN ORIENTAL STYLE 11x22*, perf. cond. $ S-12J7 or ONKYO Stereo receiver. Exc. cond., 24W per ch. $15. Call ADLER TYPEWRITER large office electric, takes both carbon & fabric ribbons. Has had light home use, nearly new in first rate condition. Asking $ COLONIAL SOFA - & loveseat, ideal for den. $125. Ping-pong table, $ SOLID OAK & old 54" round table with leaves, $200 firm, with 4 chairs $00, also 2 orange plastic couches with large corner table $ METAL WARDROBE, 42"; 2 white hutch shelves, Kenmore Ganister Vac, coachman's lamp, -tier metal table plus many toys "LOGER" MODEL, cast iron woodburning stove, 8 mos. old, good cond aft. 5. SOFA BED like new, twin bed mattress and box spring, plank-bottom chairs, many misc. items. Moving out of State FIREWOOD Tree Service, Wood stoves, Nashua Double Heat. Ton's of firewood & Tree Cutting Service eves. OAK COFFEE table, solid oak handmade w/handmade tile inlaid top. 20"x50", $ UNITED AIR LINES - discount tickets for sale. Good thru Dec. $40/ea., 6 left. Call Anita days, Mon-Fri, , eves TV 2" COLOR CONSOLE excellent condition. Must sell. $100 Firm HAND WOVEN INDIAN RUGS Hi-fi cabinet, bar on casters, many more items NEW DARK CHERRY - Pa. House chairs, rush seats, $65 ea. $250 all, GOLD ROLEX 18K - DAY/DATE, Chronometer. Rolex guarantee. Asking $2400., % disc , days. GE WASHER dryer, stove. $50/ea. Bike 24" ladies, one spd, $5. Exc. cond YEAR OLD entire kitchen for sale. Wall cabinets, island cabinet with butcher block counter top. self-cleaning gas oven, 18.5 side-by-side refrig PORTABLE WASHER/ DRYER - Whirlpool deluxe. Ideal for apt. $00./pr. GE refrig., 22 cu. ft., side by side, frost free, almost new, $ USED REFRIGERATOR $50: Call BOY'S 10-SPEED bikes Call O ^ - 19 " Admiral portable, solid state, 1 yr. old, deluxe dble. ^o. cau evenings TRIPLE DRESSER - $100., Dinette & 4 chairs,$20., double bed complete w. headboard, $90., Sears Queen size mattress & base, new, $100. and other misc. items DUNCAN PHYHE DINING TABLE 6 chairs, buffet, exc. cond POWER TABLE SAW 7" blade. 24" steel table on frame with dust chute, V* hp motor. $ ft extension ladder, wood. $ after 6 pm. RECYCLE THW NEWSPAPER REMODELING, MUST SELL -15 feet of dark pine kitchen cabinets, top & bottom sections, very good condition. $150.; 1 dble. stainless steel kitchen sink, 4"x21 V, 1 yr. old, $90.; 1 Frigidare custom self-cleaning oven, 4 burners, 1 yr. old, gold, 9"x6", $90.; 1 16 ft. wood garage door, $100.; 1 lg. red & gold couch, $50.; 2 hanging Spanish bronze lamps, small, $20., Lg. $60.; iron window, $0.; interior & exterior doors, many sizes, $10. each. Call ANTIQUE SLEIGH with shalves. good condition, $00. All Craft 80 gal. gas hot water tank used mos., like new $200. 6> 2 ft. metal exec, desk and swivel chair, $100. Relocating to Fla., must sell. All offers entertained FULL SIZE hand crochet bedspread, pure white cotton, imported from Italy: provincial large solid oak table, Simmon sofa convertable - single, one chair. Best offer MODERN SOFA - unique 6' long velour sofa w/matching ottoman, walnut trim. Best offer , ext. 229 before 5 p.m after 6 p.m. OLYMPUS OM2 - Camera, with mm & 15 lenses MOPED Jawa. in superb health, $00, will bargain, Eric, , LIKE BRAND NEW - refrigerator, washer & dryer. Reasonable a'fter 5 pm. STEREO for sale. Multicomponent unit; turntable, am/jm radio-receiver, 8- track, speakers, and stand. $ after 5pm, ask for Jeff. STEREO - Radio Shack 8tt, turntable, AM/FM. MPX, 2 spkrs, $100/bo TWO PHARAONIC Mahogany one-of-a-kind stands with their vases all inlaid with mother of pearl, ivory and copper. Call morning and afternoon. FURNITURE Bedroom, dining room, living room furniture for sale. Reasonable. Call CARPETING - SAVE GAS - I will come to you with a load of samples or you may visit my Metchen showroom. All carpets just above wholesale FURNITURE - Just like having a relative in the business. Obtain manufacture & all accurate code numbers. Call for a price just above wholesale. AMF-WHITELY -exercycle with tension adjustment, speedometer and odometer. $ Almost new only 149 miles. On Consignment at Reed House, 200 North Main Street, Hightstown, N.J PM. HAY FOR SALE several kinds & grades to choose from, also straw, mulch. Will deliver Vfc ton minimum, reasonable distance. Call eves FREEZER BEEF Home grown naturally fed steers. Cut to your own specification, wrapped and frozen. Kaufman Farm , Master Chg. avail. COMPLETE SHARPENING SERVICE Circular saws chain saws, hand saws, shears, knives, scissors. Also lawnmower and small engine repairs. Ward St, Hightstown. TYPEWRITERS -BS Government surplus, perfect for home or office use. We purchased a limited quantity of government surplus, See new electric office typewriters & they have been completely reconditioned by our shop. Choose from Royal, Remington, Underwood, Olivetti, & IBM. Priced right. $229 to $95. Include* full warranty, financing available, limited quantity CB 40 CHANNEL SSB' "- Courier Centurion, D104, extras ETHAN ALLEN HEIRLOOM TABLES 2 end, 1 drum, 1 cocktail, $100 each. Dining rm table, 8 x 56 w/2-12" leaves, $ Queen Anne green velvet chairs $100 each RIDING MOWER /- elfectric start wheel horse vt' cutlaoo or best offer PORTA-CRIB, $15- Toastmaster counter oven, $10, 2-matching ceiling fixtures, both $15, floor lamp, $ KITCHEN CABINETS - fine quality, individually styled & grafted. Also refinishing or resurfacing existing cabinets with wood veneer & new doors. PARK LANE CABINETS, SHEEPSKIN COAT - full length, size 12. Call between 4-6pm, ,000 BTU air conditioner, 6,000 BTU air conditioner, 50 ft. chain link fence MOVING - Selling 19" solid state BW TV in excellent condition, floor lamp, coffee table, pictures, 14' aluminum ladder, old wash bench, kitchen electric clock, 4 antique rushbottomed chairs STAINED GLASS SUPPLIES Distributors & Discounters. Custom designs. Repair k restoration. Lamps, mirrors, planters etc. Princeton Stained Glass, 8 Spring St., ^ BEDROOM SETS 2 couches, 1 club chair, 1 hifi bar console, 1 dining rm. table k hutch with 4 chairs, 1 kitchen table with 4 chairs. Reasonably priced or RECORDS - all speeds. 6 for $1. Juke box, $950. Call John LARGE black shag rug, portable Kenmore washing machine, Sealy Orthorest double bed, complete foundation. Kitchen set, Double bed, 2 chests of drawers. Large wall paintings. Black k white contemporary living room set. Coffee table BEIGE VELVET SOFA - slate top cocktail table, baby furniture and clothing LAMPS - Meditteraneao brass, 50" tall with shade, $55 pr. Call MANS COASTER BRAKE bike - good condition, $ eves. 2 AIR COMPRESSORS T- 1 with tank, $15, 1 needs pump. Router: belt santer. New CB, Royce 40 channel base. New car radios, $0. Vt" electric drill; key machine; 20 year accumulation of tools, some antiques. Many more items, too much to list FREEZER cu. ft. Coldspot upright, exc. cond eves, keep trying. WALNUT VENEER-droptoaf dining rm. table w/4 chairs; 9x11 brown nylon carpet after 6 pm. TELEVISION ZeniaVportable, 9" b*w, iflte $10, sell, $ M17*, 94, Bruce. nn,i,i.i, «MENS 19 SPEED, WmripOH COO* nmmlml T " " CTSPWS?5BP* r

27 $-B Classified Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart MOVING - Gold Antique satin lined drapes 96 length rod included, sets $75. White utility cabinet $15. Dinette Walnut 4 chairs formica top gd. cond. $ PC TWIN bedroom set - Italian Prov. excel, cond, $400. Pr. lamps, $ FRIGIDAIRE IMPERIAL cu. ft. Exc. cond. Quick sale, $100«ofa w/ slipcovers, $85. Uphol. chair, $50. coffee table, G.E. toaster, rottsserie, etec. type, an good cond. bargain prices EPIPHONE "F" hole $485. Camerropn idol & mask, 150 years old, $ beveled edge crystal mirror, $75, marble coffee table, dining table, ice box, paintings, plants, chairs, etc COUNTERTOP - range, cabinet & hood, $25 each; golf shoes $20. After 6 pm 201 : FREEZER-COLDSPOT, 19 cu. feet, frost-free. $ MOVING OUT OF STATE - garbage compactor-lady Kenmore, cost $00+ quick sale - $ pc. upholstered indoor patio set. cast $40+, bargain - $ MAHOGANY DINING - room set, $50; heavy dinette, $60: other furniture & household goods WORKING G.E. REFRIGERATOR - $75. Full size, firm Simmons mattress, box and frame, like new, $ Keep trying. GIRL'S BICYCLES - 20" & 24", $20 each GOOD QUALITY - Alfalfa & Timothy hay FOR SALE - Aug & 1,6-8 pm: Kitchen table, leaf; 4 chairs, $50; exc. cond. Singer sewing machine w/stool, blond wood, $75; bed, springs, mattress, $50: 2 matching end tables $20: coffee table $20; old painted dresser $15; dishes, etc. Directions - from Blawenburg, County Rt. 1, first house past ana on same side of SkiQman Post office. DOUBLE BED Includes box springs, mattress, frame $75.00; Electric heater, $5.00. Porch or lawn settee, excellent condition $ Best offer for: ping pong table includes net and rackets; plastic garbage can after '6 p.m. GE cu. ft. refrigerator, avacado, 4 yrs. old, $ WASHING MACHINE - Maytag. Dryer. gas Westinghouse. Like new condition. Moving this week must sell DINETTE SET - 4 rust colored swivel chairs, wrought iron base, $200; twin matt, and bx. spring, $60; Built-Rite carriage, $50; Sorocco lavabo planter, new. $20: Heritage cane/wood duel headboard, $ after 6 pm. LEVOLOR RIVIERA BLINDS VERTICAL BLINDS 0% off list delivered Etenby Products Call for quote or BED Kingsize complete with box springs, $100, implete CON- IY dining room. 6 chain, hutch, bible and. Asking $500.2Q1-094S91. APPLES - PEACHES - PEARS-Tired of fnrit snipped for days from CaBfornia or Florida. Come to Terbune Orchards where delicious home frown petcfeesjmn * apples are sold. Terhune Orchard is a Sim family U GOBI wt 4BQ 6 tbs twit td O ti SOLID OAK - frame living room set, sofa, chair, rocker, ottoman, 2 end tables, coffee table, 2 lamps. $100. Solid maple butcher shop block, 0" cutting $ L '" LARGE WOODEN DESK - 60"x2" gray formica top, 7 drawers, $ REFRIGERATOR - Amana, 19 cu. ft. freezer on bottom, refrigerator on top. Older frost-free, hinged on left. $ after 8pm. RELOCATING - must sell furniture new and excellent condition. Plus many other household items. Call MODULAR FURNITURE chain. 2 Ottomans, dark brown, needs new pillows. $175. B STEREO - Console, excellent cond, $200. Dining room set, Medit, table, leaves, 6 chairs, hutch, $ PEUGEOT 10-SPEED - 21" man's frame. Best offer. Call OLD MAHOGANY tea cart - $75. Green upholstered love seat, very good cond. $40. Occasional over stuffed chair, gold, $ FOOT QUEEN-SIZE-TEAK HEADBOARD with attached night tables. Hollywood frame and box springs. $200. Exc. cond evenings. UTILITY TRAILER - 8', asking $250 or best offer. -C78-15 Dunlop tires only 1000 miles, $25 each, $60 for all. 197 tawasaki 250cc, cyl., engine tartially apart, $100 as is. Mack walnut slabs, various hickness & length, starting at 20. Call days, eves. OMEGA XL Enlarger & darkroom equipment. Used several times $20. Robert CONTEMPORARY - beige chair, sofa set. Folds into twin & double beds. $200. Call after 6 pm 'CARPET - Karastan Oriental, 11x22. exc. cond. asking $1495 including padding or VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER - Brand new, records 2 hours of color TV while you are away or watching another show. Also plays TV camera or commercial cassettes. Below discount price. Phone eves. FIVE-PIECE bedroom set; solid maple kitchen table w/4 chairs; odds & ends TOP QUALITY STEREO - equip. Brand new or excel, cona. w/warranties. Eg - asking or best offer. Pioneer SX626, $20. Cannon 100, $25/pr. Philips 877, $170. SAE 2200, $55. More! BABY ITEMS crib, $25; Perego stroller, $15; high chair, $15; walker, $7; swing, $10; carry-all bag, $ AIR CONDITIONERS -14,000 BTU Fedder, and 5,000 BTU, both window units. $l20/both PC. Mahogany dining room set with 6 chain; bedroom dressers. Best offer. Days , eves, KENMORE Washer -portable, used 11 mos. GE Dryer, used 6 mo. Call 60SM4JM190. FRIGIDAIRE A/C-5000 BTU, 1 yr old. $ M MOVING: MUST SELL Whirlpool washer, dryer. Best offer/call aft 5 pm' ,500 BTU AIR CON- DITIONER - Not new but works perfectly. $60. W-7J7-88S, after 6 pm...» NOON MOMMY TOR Advertising Week SWEET BLUE PLUMS Immediately after Labor Day. 157 Oak Lane, Hightstown. J.C. PENNEY - 20 cu.ft. nofrost refrigerator. 11 mos. old. $ UNITED AIRLINE l h price coupons $5 ea betw. 5 & 7 pm. WATER DISTILLERS - for the home or office. Reasonably priced units will produce clear, clean, distilled water. Call CB RADIO w/full luxury antenna, base station, 2 channels $ aft. 7 pm. LAWN MOWER - typewriter. CB, water pick. Harvard bed frame, escape ladder, used Michelin tires, car ramps, must sell, will bargain RYE - $ bushel. Call at noon. GREAT FALL BARGAIN - Harvest gold gas range, 2 yrs. old, uses propane or reg gas after 6 pm. WOMEN'S SIZE 5 & 7 winter coats, exc. cond. Dress '& coat ensemble. Call SHRUBS Dig your own at Riverhill Farm, starting Sept. 8th. See Sept. 6th paper for details " SLIDING GLASS DOOR & SCREEN UNIT - new, $150 firm %. APPLIANCES - for sale due to remodeling. Large GE refrigerator with extra large freezer drawer, $125. Selfcleaning oven, $25/ Portable dishwasher with butcher block top $40. Also wing chair $ BOYS LONDON FOG - lined trench coat, size 10, like new, $45. Boys 5 spd. bike, like new, $ ARTIST'S DRAWING TABLE - 5" x 48" with storage console, $85, artmetal executive armchair, list price $285 - selling price $ WE NEED A DOUBLE STROLLER - or stroller with Tandem seat; also low cabinet suitable for stereo., Call after 1 pm. POOL above ground pool 15x0, Oceanic Hawaiian, with deck, filter and automatic skimmer, $750. After 5 pm, MOVING - must sell-modern sofa with matching ottoman, $70, new 12x14 blue/ green shag carpet, $70, air conditioner, exc. cond. $ ext. 229, before 5 pm, after 6 pm. (FIREWOOD FOR SALE - $65. a truckload. Cords avail. Call Bill, at BABY CARRIAGE - Built Rite, navy/white checks, very good cond, $25. White insul. drapes, TR home $ SOFA - 90", burnt orange crushed velvet, good cond., best offer FOAM CUT AN V SIZE ANY SHAPE WHILE-U-WAIT Soft, lumpy, powdering old cushions made like new before your eyes. Bring your old cushions and we will replace with new FOAM on the spot. AVERAGE SOFA CUSHION 2"x2S f W - $5.98 ALL NEW CUSHIONS MADE New Cushions including new FOAM, FABRIC, ZIPPER & labor. Large selection of luxurious upholstery fabric. 2"x24*x4"-$ "X6"X4" $ "X72"X4"-$1.9Q O"X72"X4" $6.90 ' Tough-High Density CarpetPaddmg-$1.5OSq.Yd. Price Gladly given over phone THE FOAR FIRM PEAPACK 2*1-24-1(22 Peapadt is a right turn off Rt: 206, 2 minutes north of Princeton. COMPUTER KIT & PARTS - Motorola 6800 evaluation kit, fully assembled, needs power supply, $90, all chips & manuals for MOS tech. 6502, no board, $ UNITED AIRLINES - Discount coupons, best offer over $40. Call or CUSTOM DESIGNED SPEAKERS - all JBL components, 14" woofer, unfinished cabinets, must be heard, $ SOLID OAK - family rm. furniture, sofa, 2 chairs, coffee * table. Draperies, woven wood shades & Lambrequin DRYER" - GENERAL ELEC- TRIC - old but in good condition. $ after 6 pm. ETHAN ALLEN sofa - chair, dark pine book stacks, dry sink cabinet with TV, end tables and lamp. Sofa bed, walnut end tables, coffee table. File, cabinets, typewriter table, secretary chair and metal coat rack KENMORE - apt. size washing machine & clothes dryer, yrs. old, $160 the pair COLOR TV'S - Magnavox consoles. $50 ea. Elec. stove, $5. Gas stove, $25. T.V., blk.- & wh, $ FOR SALE - small wardrobe, 2 iron beds (l full size, 1 4 size), antique baby carriage and doll carriage between 10am-4pm, Sat. Aug. 25 only. ORGAN COTTAGE HOUSE, Bentley Chicago, $ Chevie, $250, W Chevie 1 ton pick-up truck, $800.14' boat, motor & trailer, $100. Metal detector $ BICYCLE - woman's 5 spd., exc. cond. Call eves WASHER & DRYER - 12 lb. capacity excel cond, $250, also 17x1' yellow short shag rug $75. Call eves. 2 HOLIDAY SPA - lifetime membership, regularly, $700. asking $50. Call SEARS - 5 yr old lawn tractor. Mower deck needs replacement, otherwise ok; 5 drawer chest and 2 night stands also, best offer INEXPENSIVE - Blond dining set 7 pc.. Living room set, Sofa, Chaise lounge, washing mach., sewing mach., Antique mirror, Schwinn bike. Typewriter chair, 200 Nat. Geo AAAAA FACTORY OUTLET - FREE with every STIFFEL lamp, a pair of slacks from our Back Porch Boutique. 118 Lamp styles to pick from. Some 40% OFF AUG. 20 to Sept.. FURLONG LAMP FACTORY OUTLET largest for a 99 mile radius. 5 miles South of Lahaska's Peddler's Village on Rte. 26, Furlong, Pa. Weekdavs 84, Sat. 10-7, Sun Micro Dot Pricing (215) CASE OF THE HUNGRY HUSBANDS. All week an irate group has picketed. Instead of groceries, Dresses, Tailored Slacks, sizes 2 to 49'? in 87 pastel shades, with coordinating Blouses (Blice) all at Micro Dot Lamp prices, come home in the of merrs slacks, too. 'Wy Favorite Shoppe"' inside The Lamp Outlet at Furlong (above). "BENJAMIN ROOM" features Spode, Royal Worcester, Bing ft Grondahl bone china and quality brass home furnishings. (215) CINDER BLOCK - chimney block and second hand lumber given away free. Call bet p.m BUTCHER BLOCK - top Hotpoint dishwasher, 10 mos. old. Portable, convertible to under counter. $ In Princeton call To Mac* a OassfffedAd Bargain Mart Merchandise - Wanted MOVING Must sell spindle back sofa bed, spinet organ,. contemp. sofa 4 chair, double yumjne COUPONS - want to b & f ec^i^\j exchange United for American - DINETTE SET, 42" round table, 2 lvs., walnut, 4 chairs SILVER COINS WANTED - Best offer Pre Call eves, or days, PHILCO PORTABLE dish- washer, exc. cond J. After Aug. 2, copper TONE ^ ^ ^ dryer. Recent models in good condition. Call MINI-BIKE - $150. Excellent condition Merchandise Wanted POLITIGAL CAMPAIGN items - buttons, ribbons, banners, etc. Call Irwin, DEHUMIDIFIER - good condition. Also "-5" jaw vise and anvil WANTED - juxebox, 78rpm' type, any condition or WANTED TO BUY: Scrap copper, brass, lead, aluminum, stainless steel, sterling silver, etc., solids & turnings, Industrial, business or private. Correct market rice. cash paid. S. Klein R letals Co. Inc Camplain Rd., Somervilie, N.J Phone WE BUY good usetr &, antique furniture. One piece to entire estates. Call 609T ENTIRE CONTENTS - of home furniture wanted for my home. Excellent price will be paid WANTED TO BUY - Scrap metal, light iron, steel, batteries, radiators, capper, brass, aluminum and used machinery. Currently paying the highest prices in the area. Payment at time of delivery. Receiving hours 12-5 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. 8 to 5 on Saturday. No quantity too large or too small. Gale Industrial Scrap Iron and Metal Co., North Valley Road, Roosevelt. For info, call CASH FOR GUNS. SWORDS military items, coins. Licensed Collector/Dealer will pay more. Bert, days. ALL LIONEL TRAINS.-* Highest prices paid. Have cash, will travek *" after 5 p.m. USED BOOKS NEEDED for Brandeis University. We recycle your old books. Look for our Spring Book Sale at Quaker Bridge Mall. Tax Deductible Receipts available. Will pick up used books. For further information call , or $$ BUYING THE FOLLOWING ITEMS. Top cash paid. Antiques of all kinds: jewelry, silver and gold, etc.; diamonds and other valuable gems also; foreign gold and silver coins; scrap silver and gold; any form antique pocket watches running or not, $25 and up; all and any pre-1964 silver coins NICE paying $9 per $1 face and up; U.S. silver dollars 195 and older NICE $12.50 per $1 and up; also very old copper coins, stamps, U.S. gold coins or anything of value and interest, write for appointment and appraisal. All transactions cash and confidential. Write: Boxholder, P.O. Box 8772, Trenton, N.J Musical Instruments REMEMBER VALENTINE? - MXR phase 90, $42, 4 Thiel cab's. w/jbl 2220's, $240/ea. or best offer. Bi-amp eq. More IBANEZ Professional 200 guitar, exc. cond., 1 yr. old. $ , 12 to 6 pm. KAWAI - Piano, conservatory model BL-51,.2 yr. old. Excellent condition. $1950, list $ ORGAN Thomas, colorcoded w/rhythm, lesson & song books HAMMOND ORGAN model B, with Hammond speaker. Excellent condition BUNDY - alto sax selling for $220. ROTH large violin, $120. Call EBONY GRAND PIANO Kawai. 1 year old $ GIBSON EB BASS - $225. Interested buyers only. Call after 4:0. ORGAN Swinger 100, Kimball, just like new, exc. cond WANTED - US SILVER & pirrnl _ GOLD COINS - Call ^ C O L O - new cond., 5522 or after 6pm. Ask (Gemeinhardt, Wm. S. Haynes for Joe. P* 10 *- For inf <> QUARTER GRAND PIANO. - we are.a walnut, exc. cond.; "Ovation'' np«,-n?, R ec1^llz l ' g! guitar, acousuc (C) 6-string; Oak. Willing to buy 1 piece to n g y pe ^Turner" entire contet contents microphone ORIENTAL RUGS WANTED BEFORE YOU SELL ANY CHINESE OR PERSIAN RUGS LET US MAKE YOU A CASH OFFER. Sell direct to the European buyers. Appraisals free. We go anywhere, anytime, anyplace. 6M ORIENTAL RUGS we pay cash for antique & semiantique oriental rugs. One or many STAMP COLLECTIONS - wanted. Immediate payment for U.S. & foreign. CaI160» AIRLINE COUPONS paying $25 each. Call Rick after 6 p.m ACOUSTIC 150 amp -150 watts RMS, thru 6 Altec 10" speakers, 4 inputs, 2 sets of controls, lots of extras. $ , weekdays by 9pm. EXCELLENT B.V. Hammond Organ - with tone cabinet, beautiful tone, completely checked, in a perfect condition. Call for appointment or ESTEY ORGAN, play-bynumber, solid state, good cond. $ CONN TENOR SAX - Marching band. Good condition. $ ACCORDION - Galanti, $120 bass. Good condition, $ FINE ART - We are always interested in the purchase or sate of quality works of fi^e ALT0 FLUTE - by.? "fse!**!* Gemeinhardt. Silver bead Pj^twGaDe^offtneArt, joint Tabs and snrinp in fine 162 Nassau St., Princeton, 609- cood $ B41&. Musical Instruments REMEMBER VALENTINE? - Peavey 900, 9-chan. mixer w/400w R.M.S., 2 festival cabs, w/2-15'8 & 2-12's, 2 monitors & 260 amp. $1500 or best offer. More LEM ELECTRIC PIANO - with built-in amplifier, 5 octaves, exc. condition, $800 or best offer PIANO FOR SALE, antique, upright, hand-carved $400; Goya Guitar & case, exc. cond., $200. Call eves PIANO - Jensen Steinway, model upright, completely rebuilt, $ between 9-5:0. HAMMOND ORGAN E-100, 2 manuals, full pedal board, perfect cond. $ QfifiA HOHNOR CLARINET D6 - Excellent cond. $425, Days up til 7 pm. MARTIN D-5 GUITAR with hardshell case. $50. Mint. cond CONN SAXOPHONE - like brand n6w, exc. cond w/music stand. $195. Call Flea Markets & Rummage Sales RUMMAGE SALE Save up to 70% on summer merchandise. Kiddie Korner, 15 North Union St., Lambertville FLEA MARKET - Hightstown Chapter #10 Aug pm. Masonic Temple N. Main St. (formerly Grange Hall) Limited table space available at $5. "Call RENT CRAFT/FLEA table space now for the Indian Summer Bazaar at the Meadows, 1289 Easton Ave., Somerset, on Saturday, Oct. 6 from 10am - 4pm. For information, call or FLEA MARKET-5TH Annual benefit* West Windsor- Plainsboro High School Scholarship fund, Sept. 15, 1979, 9-4, High School parking lot. Clarksyille & Hightstown Road, Princeton Jet. Rain date Sjept. 16. $8 per parking space. For info and reservations call , or Garage Sales MOVING SALE - 2 families. Everything must go. Designer clothing, books, household items, beautiful modern drapes, 5'x8', if you don't see it ask at 69 Famngton Place, Twin Rivers, Sat. Aug. 25,104. BARN SALE Sats, during Au?» 10 to 4 pm. antiques & collectibles: Heisey, Cambridge, cut & pressed* glass, Lenox, lamns. furniture, quilt tops.clocksetc. Hickory Comer Rd. between Rts. and 10 behind Hightstown Lumber YARD SALE - Starts Wednesday (Aug. 22) 9 a.m. to dusk. 19 Sturgis Rd. Kendall Park. Furniture, two and a quarter camera, backdrop, various household & children s items. MOVING SALE 6" riding mower. 19" mower, rugs, picnic benches, crib k mattress, changing table, chest, brand new twin beds. Thurs. Aug. 2rd, 1-8 pm. 26 Herrontown Circle, Princeton. MOVING SALE - Freezer, four poster dble Jwd, Colonial bedroom set, lawn tractor, and much more Aug. 25 & 26. Twp. line Rd, Belle Mead. (Farm View Acres) YARD SALE Aug. 25, 10-6pm. Half Acre Rd, Cranbury. By Ctoarbrook. Toys, books, domes, everything. Garage Sales BRAND NEW - Junior size ieans & brand new missy size jeans. Denim & cordoroy, $5. Brand new tops, solids, stripes & plaids, $4. Fur coat, patio set, records, other items. Sat. 11 to 4, 419 KeUington Dr., Twin Rivers. Rain or shine. ANTIQUE LOVERS come and browse among old treasures. Ladies bureau, couch, small tables, rocker, humidor, gun rack, pressed glass, many unusual things. Sat., Aug p.m. 50 Aiken Ave., Princeton. GARAGE SALE - Aug. 25 & 26. 8:0 to 5 pm. Household appliances, tires, ping pong table, furniture, clothes etc. 160 A. South Main St. Cranbury. Near Hagerty the Florist. THREE FAMILY DESIGNER CLOTHES FLEA - all sizes, Sat. Aug. 25, 9-4, 7 Hastings Rd. Kendall Park. MOVING SALE - Sat. & Sun, Aug. 25 & 26. Old records books, furniture, china and glassware, clothing, garden tools, TV, tape deck, 198 Conover Road (off Edinburg Rd), Dutch Neck. GARAGE SALE - Lamps, pool filter & ladder, toys, games, etc. 179 New Amwell, Jfsboro. Aug. 25 & 26, GARAGE SALE - Sat. Aug. 25th, 9-2 pm Rain date Sun. Aug. 26th. TVs, black vinyl easy chair, Ford carseat, bike childs carrier, childrens clothes - 25c an item, toys, books, etc. 11 Cherrybrook Lane, E. Windsor. Take Dutch Neck Rd. to Wiltshire Dr to Cherrybrook Lane (near Kreps School). Follow green signs. GARAGE SALES at , 42, 4, 45 & 47 Oxford Dr. E.W. Sat. Aug. 25, 9-4. Rain date Aug. 26. A fine assortment of items (Some new, never used) from baby items, to toys & games, skis & poles, to housewares, lamps, to clothes from baby to adult sizes. Directions: Dutch Neck Rd. to Oxford. Priced to sell 2-FAMILY + GARAGE saletoys, household items, clothes, 10-speed bike & parts, furniture, Snapper Ride-on mower, shutters, -I- more. 21 Welcome Farms Rd., Monmouth Junction (Fresh Impressions) Sat. - Sun., Aug. 25, 26, ANTIQUE COMMODE - punch bowl set, drapes, spreads, rug, child's stereo, bikes, canopy for twin bed, Sat. Aug pm, raindate Sunday, no early birds please. 49 Walnut Lane, Princeton. GARAGE SALE - Household items, Sun. Aug. 26, Riverside Dr. Princeton. MOVING SALE - Sat. A»g. 25, 9am-lpm. Furniture, sofa bed, bikes, toys, household items. Manor Ave., West Windsor (off Wash. Rd). MISC. - 16mm projector, typewriter, adding machine, more. 24 Palmer Rd., Kendall Park. Sat. 8/25. SAT. & SUN. - Aug. 25 & 26. Rt 5181 mile from Market Place - follow signs. MOVING SALE - Sat. & Sun, Aug. 25th & 26th Wallingford Dr., W. Windsor. Furniture, draperies, household items, clothing toys, tires. MOVING - 1 day only. Furniture, tables, lamps, bric-abrac, swing set. Many children's items, skis, much more. Sunday, Aug. 26, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 1 Starview Dr., H'boro. HOUSEHOLD garage sale - Bicycles, toys, misc. 181 Woods Rd., Hillsborough, 1M Sat. Antiques (ANTIQUE DENTIST CHEST, 2 drawers; low-boy; antique (sewing machine and table; 8 day OG clock from ' eves. of August Antiques SUMMER SALE- 1»%OFF OWENS ANTIQUES 77 Main St.. I Closed Sunday ft 1 MIRRORS RESILVERED 2154*-548. TEA SERVICE - seven piece silver plate over copper in as new condition. $15.00 On consignment at Reed House, 200 "North Main Street, Hightstown, N.J PM. CASH we pay top dollar for old & antique furniture A glassware. Call us for l item or for a housefuu. We will go anywhere east of tne Mississippi. Please call US at or W. SUMMER HEAT WAVE SALE 10% discount on all merchandiser over $5. Larger discounts on specially marked items. THE TOMATO FACTORY ANNEX Hamilton Ave.. Hopewell. N.J. Now thru Labor Day Air Conditioned Open 7 days a week STAINED GLASS WINDOWS - Stained glass lamps, paintings by American artists, bronzes 4 orienlalia. Paying generous finders fee for signed tiffany lamps. Call Ellie at ANTIQUE CANNING & fruit jars - ball, atlas, mason, plus many rare names, over 200 jars, all in exc cond. Retail values from $ each. To be sold in 1 lot Best offer ANTIQUES PLATED POLISHED * HANKINS ANTIQUES, 169 Mercer St., Hightstown, N.J. we buy & sell furniture, china, ^lass, jewelry, lovely things. Come in and browse. Open 11 I o 4:0 Tues 10 Sat or THE TOMATO FACTORY Hamilton Avenue Hopewell, N.J. turn at Sunoco Station) 21 ANTIQUE SHOPS Open Daily 10-5 Sunday COUNTRY ANTIQUE SHOP TABLES - Good selection drop leaf, 54" round w/5 leaves m others, round inc. 4 ex. If. pine farm tables. Many sets chairs, cupbds. of all kinds and woods, inc. corner, 8 Armoires, If. library tables, 6 dry sinks, pie safes, jam cupbds. Pine and wal. chests of drawers, desk*, bookcases, coffee tables. benches, mirrors, walnut hallsund, early settle, blanket chests, trunks, 250 lamps and fixtures!! ONE OF N.. LARGEST AND BI STOCKS OF REFIf ANTIQUE FURNIS MODESTLY PRICED Pluckemin. N.J.,. miles No. Somervilie Circle Wed. thru Fri, 10-5, Sat. & Sun, 104. Visa ft Master Charge. ANTIQUE 2 horse sleigh tongue and bridle, 200 yrs. old. Exc. cond., $1, TIFFANY CANDLE! Cherry and pine cu. potbelly stoves, large 1 of fireplace equipment, cupboards, mirrors, ' desks, clocks, juke boxes, lamps, 1902 brass bed, wash blanket chests,.. much, much more. MILLER-TOPIA 41E. Aftaa Ave. Yardley.Pa. 21S-4SS4114 -^ Complete lamp repair tarvm and polishing and platttf shop. Openl0am-5pm LARGE (WOOL spinning wheel, $125. KENDALL PARK, 5 MARBLE TOP hall with Hastings Rd., Sat ft Sun., drawer. $ on con- RUSHBOTTOMED AugTiBft 26, 9-5. Everything sfgnment at Reed House in very good condttiflfc must go! ' North Main Street, Hightstown bench, handmade weil New Jersey PM. ^

28 -«**** Week of August 22-24,1979 Classified Advertising Pets & Animals Pets ft Animals Pets ft Animals Pets ft Animals. Autos Wanted Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale "HIlSEAWAY FARM - offers the veiy finest for boarding or training your horse. Super sized indoor and outdoor rings, heated lounge. Stalls cleaned daily.,24 hour supervision, top cuauty care. Lindberg Road, ftopewell Riverview Stables Belle Mead. N.J. ~ Boarding Instruction Indoor Facilities or HORSES BOARDED - Box. stall, pasture, riding ring, unlimited trails, Plainsboro. Mike Bub HORSE BOARDING. & training at Molli G Ranch in Belle Mead. Large airy box stalls, training ring, many miles of open country trails. Leather & blanket repair work done. (201) FOR SALE 10 yr. old Appaloosa gelding. 15., genue & sound TERRIERS ONLY ;- dog grooming, fine quality, plucking & stripping hair. Princeton day or evenings. BORZOI Elegant pups, champion lines, lovely temperament. Call Phyllis, days, , eves. & wkends, DOG FOOD Frozen meat: beef chicken, tripe & kidney. 2 & 5 lb. packages. Also handlers of WAYNE Jim Dandy Science diet dog food. Call Kauffman Kennels ,114 Kt. 10, So. of Hightstown: ALL BREED - dog grooming Your pet will ask to come back after a visit to the Pooch Parlour. Free pick-up and delivery in the Princeton- Hightstown area and north. For as appointment call Feeds and Grains for all animals at KOSKD.YI.E M1I.I.S 274 Alexander St. Princeton LITTLE VALLEY - Canal Rd. Princeton. 1 mile from ky Hill. Box stalls, lighted, turnout. Unlimited trail Sng. Adjacent tow path of DftR canal REG. ARAB GELD years old, Chnt. Asking $850, make offer after 6pm. 2 REGISTERED MORGAN Mares - 14 years $900, 6 yeafs $1200. One reg. quarter horse mare, 16 years $ paint ponies. yr. old stallion $00. 7 yr. old mare $400. One grade horse mare, 10 yrs. $ after 5 p.m. FORMER INSTRUCTOR at the world-famous Seeing Eye is now conducting infiyidual dog obedience training in the Princeton area. Off leash - voice control of your dog, the result of years of research at the Seeing Eye, can now be -"achieved in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of your own home. In addition, there wutbe classes specializing in teaching children how to train and properly care for their" dogs. Contact J< tfrey Loy at or leave your name and phone no. at CHESNUT SADDLEBRED PLEASURE MARE , fides & drives beautifully. $ SIBERIAN HUSKIES - AKC %. Champ, blood line CORGEOUS 7 WK OLD nan Shepherd puppies, eptionally good blood s. Cnampionsmi or " YORKSHIRE TERRIER AKC, male. $250. Call % YR. OLD quarter hone chestnut gelding, green broke, good mover EXPERIENCED GROOM.WANTED - for top show ione stable. Excellent - Live-in facilities, mt ^position. Call._ Vauey Farm,»1- i after 8pm. ARABIANS all ages.$600 - $1200. Overstocked. Also quality stallions standing, most breeds A.P.A.W. Animal Placement Agency of the Windsors. Inc. 112 S. Post Rd. W. Windsor Open Daily 9 am to 12 noon 609-7M-12C Adopt with confidence Dogs & Cats RESERVATIONS BEING TAKEN on 6 adorable AKC reg. Shih-Tzu puppies. Will be ready for sale this week. Mother is a classy, lassie from L.A. and dad is best of breed champ from N.J POODLE PUPS, GIANT STANDARD - AKC, black males, champion Wycliffe line, 8 wks, paper trained. Show or pet, SEVERAL - big goodwell bred quarter horses. 2 & year olds. Mares & geldings. Ready to break & ride. Sacrifice prices, negative Coggins HOR"SE BOARDING - HARBOURTON - Mare & foal care - 24 hour supervision - box stalls - indoor exercise trackoutdoor ring-race track lay ups - daily turnouts - rehabilitations or SHETLAND SHEEP DOG Show quality male, 6 mo old, excellent temperament. Housebroken & Show trained. Call HORSE TRAILER, 1968, Hartman Quarter, good cond. Asking $1, GREAT DANE PUPS - AKC Black. Call after 5, WIRE HAIRED Fox Terriers AKC reg PUPPIES - $10 each. Weaned. Labrador / Wirehair SNAKE - 6" Boa, healthy. Call FREE abandoned kittens, beautiful colors, had first shot, Vet certified. Healthy & happy eves. PRINCETON DOG TRAINING CLUB - Obedience classes. Beginning Sept. 6. Beginners* Intermediate* Novice*. Show handling. Preregistration required. For information call REGISTERED BAY THOROUGHBRED - mare. 16.2h. Has been shown and hunted successfully. Great disposition. Price negotiable. Call Georgi Krause at PURE BRED ARABIAN gelding chestnut, flashy, 10 yrs. old, 15.2 h, professionally trained, shown successfully, many championships. Serious inquiries only, GOLDEN RET. PUPS AKC, Champ, lines, great pets. Sire/Dam on prem. Ready SOW PIONEER PET CARE - Finest facility in the state boarding & grooming all breeds ENGLISH SADDLE Borelli Mercury 17Vi supple leather, very good condition. $ STD POODLE puppies - AKC, males and females. Outstanding pedigree. Gorgeous heads. Also some young adults available. Call , let ring. FREE - part Lab/Springer spaniel 2 year old pup. Healthy SH1H TZU PUPS - AKC, 9 weeks, healthy, shots, irresistible fluff balk DOBERMAN PUPS AKC, top quality. Champion flwl'nfnfftihiatl rttvnffwl f d v D U B Q / Shots AIREDALE PUPPIES AKC, male & female or BEAGLE PUPS - available now, eligible for AKC registration, from good' hunting stock after 5:0. SMALL STABLE - In South Brunswick, has box stables avail, best of care. Manure for sale HANDSOME - TB/ QH geld. 15. H, 8 yrs. extremely well manneredrthildrens hunter or equitation mount. Easy to ride. 100% sound no vices after 2. BEAUTIFUL BLOND COCKER SPANIEL - AKC female, 4 mos. to good home only. $250. Call eves SIAMESE KITTENS - CFA reg., grand champion blood line, $ ENGLISH SPRINGER Spaniel pups - whelped 6/21; AKC; champion lines; sired from Maidenhead Kennels FREE, DALMATIAN TYPE, male, 2 yrs. loving, gentle, obedient, needs good nome or GOLDEN RETRIVER - pups, 1 wks. old. AKC, OFA, sire & super Ch. Call FREE - Male Beagle, approx. 4 yrs. old, found wandering, half starved. Health good checked by vet, needs good home. Call SIBERIAN HUSKY MALE - black & white, AKC papers, altered, 419 Kellington Drive, Twin Rivers Sat. between 11-4 pm. IRISH SETTER - puppies, pet & show. AKC papers, shots, ready to RO. Championship lines FLASHY BLACK - thoroughbred gelding. 15 h. Aged, championship hunter, Dressage potential, terrific trail horse, outstanding stable manner. Powerful mover. Needs experienced rider. Price negotiable HORSES BOARDED - Family stable, box stalls, excellent pasture, ring, beautiful trails, TLC, $100/mo. English & western lessons THOROUGHBRED MARE - 5 years good for showing, Intermediate to Advanced riders. Call Kathy FREE TO A GOOD HOME - year Airdale AKC, exc. for breeding Princeton Small Animal Rescue League i SAVE) : 'A GOOD FRIEND IS HARD TO FIND"... but not at our SAVE shelter. Young male black labrador type dog. Female mixed breed, terrier type dog. Picked up on Alexander St. Male, German shephard type pup Male Hungarian Puli Male 2 yr. old chocolate labrador Male 2 yr. old Dalman'on Male Young Shetland sheep dog. Three 2yr. old shephard type dogs, prefer outside' living. Male 4 yr. old German shorthaired pointer. Male 1 yr. old sable and white purebred collie. Female 2 yr. old blue Merle collie Male 4 yr. old purebred Airdale Black female spayed med. size collie type dog, 1 yr. old. Mate6yTold purebred Bichon Frise Call us about our female spayed cats, altered male 2 yr. old grey and white decjawed cat and kittens. To claim or adopt a pet please can Mrs. Grave* for an ap- 1-OM. Hours Uj>.m. Sat Report lost ana found pets within 24 hr. period and can the police if you find an injured pet RED DACHSHUNDS year old female, $50,1 week old male, $125, papers. After 4 pm, J BAR W RANCH INC. HORSE TRANSPORTATION FIREWOOD ADORABLE KITTENS - free to good homes. Have had shots LABRADOR PUP - black/- white markings. 12 wk. old female, playful and healthy BEAGLE MIX, female, spayed, all shots, 1 year old, needs good home, free after 6 pm. POODLES - Std. puppies M & F - brown, black and cream; Sire Ch. Stormy Lane To Sir w/love by 'Ch. Bel Tor Bringin' Home the Bacon ex Ch. Bel Tor Awishin' & Ahopein', Dam by Ch. Tor Simon of, Story Tale; OFA hips; Home Raised; Whelped 7/19/ BOX STALL for rent - Ridge Road, Monmouth Jet. $50/mo. Call between 9-5:0pm HART HORSE TRAILER - $1500. Cart & harness for small pony, $100. Western saddle, 15", like new, $ Lost ft Found REWARD OFFERED - for return of mo. old tan & white kitten. Vic. of E. Windsor Elks club. 7/ Belongs to heart broken 6 yr. old girl. $100 REWARD for return of lost dog. Blond female Cocker Spaniel named "Nema" lost Aug. 2 vicinity of Jefferson & Valley Rd. Call LOST REALISTIC CASSETTE tape recorder with medical tape enclosed - in vicinity of Willow & Hendrickson Road, Lawrenceville. Reward offered. Call after 6 p.m. GOLDEN RETRIEVER - Male 10 months, blond & curly missing from 164 Cherry Hill Rd. on 7/ days, eves. LOST-SMALL MIXED-breed dog, black with patch of white on chest. Answers to Ruffie, last seen Aug. 14 vicinity of Beekman Rd., Monmouth Junction FLUFFY GRAY male cat w/white feet & nose lost Irwin Place, Lawrence, Sat, Aug. 11. Call FOUND - May or June, Lawrenceville. Male Schnauzer approximately 8 years old. Scar on left rear back area. Call LOST - Boston Terrier female, black & white, Russell Terrace, Hamilton Twp. Child's pet. needs medication. Please call LOST CAT - Gray tiger, white chest. Vicinity Rt. 287, So. Bound Brook, Somerset, Aug Autos Wanted ALL JUNK CARS and trucks wanted. Free towing $15 and up. Scarpati Auto Wrecking, PROBLEMS HAVING YOUR small or foreign car reparied? Call Carl betw. 6 & 9 p.m. daily. Personalized auto repair. JUNK CARS WANTED - $20- $ JUNK CARS WANTED ANY CONDITION CARS WANTED AMERICAN AND FOREIGN Top Dollar Paid Nebbie Chevrolet Rte 1» Hightetowa. N J. MM484»1«587422* MACKEYS TOWING SER- VICE wants your junk car Any condition. Call WRECKED/ DAMAGED FOREIGN cars wanted. Call Carl, p.m. daily.. JUNK CARS FREE TOWING WE PAY THE MOST! or Auto Parts Repairs/Services JAfiUAR & MG REPAIRS - reasonable prices, quality workmanship, Call Joe, MGB PARTS used parts for your "B" Must come & see. Call TRANSMISSION SERVICE - foreign & domestic, all work fully guaranteed, Call Walter, TIRES 4,8.75X16.5 on Chevy rims, brand new $75 each CAR REMOVAL & REPAIR SERVICE - Call , 8-6, Mon-Sat. HEADERS for Ford 60, 4" tube roll bar, $5 each after 5. NEW SEARS volt battery APLIANCE chrome wagon wheels for 6-lug Chevy truck, size 8x15. After 6 pm, Autos For Sale NO MONEY??? NEED A CAR??? Many makes and models available. Also trucks and vans We need Customers who can qualify to just make payments on our inventory. Call dealer at for information. CADILLAC '74 Coupe DeVille excellent cond. Call Al at BUICK ELECTRA ^2b - 4- dr., mi. AC. PS, PB. PW. P. seats, beautiful shape. $995, , MOVING? BEING TRANSFERRED? MUSTSELLYOURCAR? We buy cars outright. Call VISTA MOTORS for details riamc 22nd Anniversary Clearance of the all new Spirit, Concord, and Pacer Greater Savings, Bigger Selection No salesman commission. COLONIAL MOTORS U.S. Rt. 22 West North Branch M '7 PONTIAC LeMans - 0,000 miles, excel, shape. A/c, p/s. p/b, reg. gas. $1800. Call between 6-7 pm VOLKSWAGEN DASHER DIESEL -1979,45-50mpg, 5,000 miles, a/c, condition, Bice new, Can be reached or CHRYSLER eves. BMW 75 50i, orig. owner, stick, 62,000 miles, new tires, shocks, stereo RECYCLE 75PONTIAC LEMANS- 4 dr. a/c, 8 trk, 61,000 miles going to school, must sell $ SUBARU STATION- WAGON front wheel drive, automatic, ex. cond. $400 firm after 6pm & weekends. 66 VW BUG Excellent running condition, 7,000 mi., $ PLYMOUTH - '72 Scamp, 2 dr., vinyl roof and int., auto, f/h. Clean and sharp looking. Asking $ OLDSMOBILE, 4 dr., good cond. $200 or trade for your old guns FORD LTD Wagon - wht. with wood trim, roof rack, recently tuned up. 1 to 15 Im.p.g. $2400. Call am to 9pm FORD Galaxie for sale. nooo.oo. Excellent condition. l\ir conditioning, stereo, etc. all anytime between 2 and 4pm. '69 OLDS CUTLASS 50 cu,. p/s, p/b, good transp. Best offer over $525. Call '75 BUICK LASABRE CONV. Fully loaded ex. cond. $600. Must sell VOLKSWAGON 1970 Squareback, auto. 66,000 miles, former owner VW mechanic, asking $ after 7 pm. VEGA 1975 Estate Wagon, 27,000 m" AT, good condition. Call after 6 pm. 197 PINTO WAGON a/c, heat, good cond. good mileage, $ TOYOTA CELICA ST - Auto trans. AM/FM stereo. Exc. cond. Asking $ '71 CHEVELLE, 120,000 mi., original owner. Overall good cond. Uses reg. gas. Lot's of potential! Will consider reas. offers aft. 5:0 p.m. '75 CHRYSLER NEWPORT 2 dr. hdtp, p/s. p/b, a/c, radials, exc. cond. $ DODGE VAN B Reg. gas, p/s, p/b, insulated, carpeted, many extras, $ PONTIAC Grand Prix p/s, p/w, a/c, am/fm stereo, mag wheels, 76,000 miles after 6pm PINTO 2-dr, excel, cond, 4-cyl, 4-spd', a/c" 2M* trim P&^.OOO mi Best offer over $ after 7pm OLDS CUTLASS New brakes, starter, exhaust, needs some body work evenings AUSTIN HEALEY 000 MK. HI Sports convertible roadster, BMC Ltd. good condition. $ MERCEDES 220S convertible, very rare, body perfect, interior completely redone, new exhaust, etc. Cars of this vintage go for over $12,000. Partnership breaking up must sell, asking $ , MUST SELL ANTIQUE 199 CHEVY - Master deluxe 4 door, excellent mechanical Condition. Beautiful inside fc out. Always garaged. Best Offer. Office: Home New Yorker, Braughm, completely powered, air, am/fm (7 new radials) FAIRMONT Squire Wagon- Burnt orange firemist w/woodgrain. Air, auto, am/fm stereo, PS/PB. chrome luggage rack. Spotless mtsee at jcrestfield Acres Trailer Park, Rt 10, East Windsor. '76 DODGE Charger SE, AC, PS, PB, stereo, small V8. Showroom cond. Best offer or FIAT - only 5,000 miles, good cond. needs some work, $750 as is before 9am or after 6pm. 197 VW SQUAREBACK - auto, very good condition, $ FORD T-BIRD Town Landau, all options including moon roof, take over lease $225/mo. thru March FORD LTD - 4 dr. loaded, 70,000 miles, very good cond. taooo '75 PINTO SQUIRE WAGON - superior condition - gas saver, asking $2400. After 5pm, '7 CAPRI New shocks, brakes, tires, exhaust, AM/FM 8 track, gd. cond., 0 MPG. $ STATION WAGON - Toyota, Deluxe, roof rack, good tires & snows. Runs good. Exc. int. Body good, but front two fenders need work. $ MERCURY MONTEGO VW THING Great in the 1 exc. cond., orig. owner. 52,000 snow, Great in the sun. Great i mi., Reg. gas, AC, PS, PB, on gas, and lots of fun. Ex-o AM/FM, Radials, cruise cellent condition, 12,000 miles,v control. Call 6:0-9:0 pm. hard + soft top, Blaupunkti am/fm, $ green ^? 8 ~ C / nve / rtib!fi' PORSCHE '69-912, A-l cond., white a/c, p/s, p/b, ne W paint & engine 0mpg ; &A 0 m fe S» SW & clssette^elt' offer "69 PONTIAC LEMANS V8, TOYOTA COROLLA 77 - auto., air, PS, PB, $ stereo. 5 spd. 5mpg. askmg; $ or VOLKSWAGEN - Station Wagon, deluxe 412. A/C, automatic, AM/FM radio, exc. cond., 48,000 miles. Any gas. Eves: '67 CHEVY Nova 2-dr, low mileage, as is, best offer , ext. 15 days. '77 GREY MAVERICK 4- dr., AC, good cond mi. $ , days, 9-5, ext. 61. CHEVY '69 - Wagon, exc. cond., snow tires, new battery, $500. Call '76 ELDORADO CON- VERTIBLE 50,000 miles, $ after 6pm. '69 DODGE - 4 dr.,, clean jjjjfc^ white C edition. P Fuel interior, a/c, / reliable, lbl $400. injected,+spd, cruise control, racing bucket seats, am/fm 8- track w/4-speaker stereo, CB, front spoiler, rear louvers, n.*,m^ i t. i * E AA cloth interior, 26mpg city, PINTO-Auto, 4 cyl, $500. h ^995 Call o Mon-Fri CORVETTE-exc. cond CHEVY Chevelle - $7,000. Call Tom, custom paint and interior, 96 Serious inauiries onlv semi-built. Show condition PORSCHE T Targa, no rush, rebuilt engine, 5 spd. exc. cond. extras. $ or AUTOS, trucks and vans - Save up to $750. Franklin Auto and Truck Broker. Call (201) DATSUN 240Z - tinted glass a/c, 4-spd, special Rally wheels, am/fm radio, excel, cond. $500. Days , eves. 609' CHEVY IMPALA '61-4 dr. auto. 80,000 miles, $ Buick engine, auto, trans. Best offer eves. '76 TRIUMPH TR7 - white, AC, 4-spd., 8 track stereo tape, 17,000 mi. Good cond. $995 or best offer CONVERTIBLE Olds Cutlass, needs engine work, asking $ CHEVY IMPALA - 8 cyl., 28 eng., 125,000 mis., not 'running. $ '75 NOVA - 2 dr. 6 cyl. p/s, a/c, roofrack, good gas mileage, snow tires, exc. cond. $ after 5 pm OLDS CUTLASS - full pr., a/c, radials, gd. cond., $ COUGAR excel, cond. New paint, clean int. Engine in excel, cond. Have to see. $ FORD PHAETON Good solid car, Cardoba Tan, Engine. Top, Upholstery. Tires all very good. A real collectors item Excellent Investment with a little work could be restored and worth double. Price $14,500 - Serious Inquiries only. (609) Cranbury, NJ. FORD 1970 LTD convertible, new top, am/fm, air, runs beautifully Buick Century Wgn-mid size, 6 cyl auto, green Wwoodgrain sides, fully incl. air cond. 60»- In Princvten call *09-91ft-2S0 To Hoc* a 197 CHRYSLER NEWPORT - low mileage, fully loaded, mint condition. Cheap after 5:0. '77 BUICK REGAL - 4 dr. sedan, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm stereo radio, vinyl roof, low mileage, extras TOYOTA CELICA - 4- spd 77,000 mi., good cond., $ afterjlpm 1974 CHEV. Suburban - 46,000, mi., p/s. p/b, 9-pass, full carpeting, trailer package CHEVY LAGUNA - 8 cyl. auto, a/c, p/s, am/fm stereo, bucket seats, exc. cond. Must sell BMW 2002 white, 4-cyl, pre-em ission. 25mpg minimum, sunroof, am/fm stereo, needs some body work. Good investment for BMW bugs. Days , eves JAGUAR 1978 new 12L leftover. $560 below label price of comparable V12 engine, PS, PB, auto., air, 2 miles, $18,500 excl. tax & M.V T & T Motors Inc., Auth. Dlr. 210 Woodbridge Ave, Highland Pk.. N.J OLDS CUTLASS - 4 dr., a/c, ps/pb, low mileage, good economy car, asking $ Call after 5:0, , 68 PONTIAC Firebird - V8, 50 CID, auto trans, p/s, metallic It. blue, very good to excel, cond. in ana out. A classic, $ MAZDA RX2 - parts available Sam PONTIAC LEMANS - 2 dr. V'a. a/c. reg. gas, exc cond., exc buy. $ ALFA ROMEO 7 DODGE POLARA - 4-dr ALFETTA - 18,000 miles, a/c. Reasonable. After 6 p.m. 201 am/fm cassette, 5 spd. 2mpg, 59_ 18 6i $ BMW 2002 Best used for parts. Body is shot. Engine, '74 CHEV. VAN - auto. 50 trans, drive train, good shape. V8, Call Ask for New Koni shocks, 2 new Greg. radials. $ Call VE<JA WAGON new 197 TRIUMPH TR6 New ivia iniumrn inn»^»* motor, motor, no no aluminum, aluminum, radials lauiaia «c tt exhaust, clutch, brakes, top, radial snows, new shocks, 50K mis eves. AM/FM. 1 owner DATSUN 280-Z-red, a/c, 1970 PLYMOUTH Duster - - auto, new radial tires, reg gas, cy aut 0, $U50. Call mi, mint condition or STATIONWAGON STATinwwAnnw.- «~wd good ~»,^ cond 1971 VW SUPER BEETLE - 4 except for minor transmission spd. new stl radials, extras, problem. $250 or best offer. 70K Mis.. $ Valerie, AUDI FOX - a/c, am/fm, 27 Hwy/22 city, $2900 or best offer SPORT SEDAN fuel injected Audi Fox. Excel cond, 2 dr, brown, 48,000 mi. Best Offer, $ '7 MERCEDES BENZ 280C - fully equipped. AC, sunroof, low mileage. Call anytime '76 VOLVO 264 blue / leather int.. fully equipped, Michelins, sunroof, cruise, 4 spd. + OD, SW car, uses any gas. Musi -.sell. Excellent condition. Best offer DRIVE A CLASSIC - 2 Early 60's Mercedes for sale. Models 220 & 22OS. Both running and impecuble S88, 5-7 pm best. SOMEONE IS MISSING the car buy of the year. My 1977 German Ford Capri V6,4 spa. is still for sale. Mileage is a mere 20,000, and optioni include sunroof, am/fm, rustproofing, mag wheels, air dam. sway bars, and koni shocks. This is one of the finest Capris in the state, and combines 22mpg with out- "-^ cn 1966 MERCURY 4 dr sedan, good transp. excel, tires tt battery, trailer hitch. $ '57 CHEVY CONV - gi running cond., needs restoring day* eves. '66 VW BUG good transportation. $695. Call or CHEVROLET Malibu 2- dr, hardtop, good cond, $ '74 CELICA LT good safe transportation & running cond., needs washing & waxing desperately. After.5 pm AUDI 4-dr. 100LS, 65,000 mi, 2m gas, good cond eves & wknds. '72 MERCEDES Ben ,000 miles, call B1 Mon to Fri 9 to 4, $5,500 clean. 79 CHEVD VAN - C-» Fully equipped, mint condition, only 40b0mniuat be seen. Aiking $6000. Call after «pm»14* 894. "V. *.

29 10-B Classified Advertising Weekof Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Autos For Sale Motorcycles.. m CXCSl. cond. 25,000 miles an completely rebuilt auto. $ ttfa T-BmD - 16,000 orig. miles, very good cond. $ *7 CHEVY Impala - Auto, p/s, p/b, a/c, 4 new tires. $700. miles ? VW - Campmobile, 47,000 nu., orig. owner. $ MG MIDGET - Convertible, 5,000. Rebuilt engine, new clutch, brakes, tires. Ex- #Uent condition. $2, after 4 pm. 7 OLDS DELTA 88-4 dr. sedan, fblly loaded, just passed inspection. $ ^441. "h CAMARO - orig. owner: Regular gas, auto., PS, radio */ dual speakers, extra radial SQOWS, exc. cond. $2195. Eves: CHEV. MONTE CARLO - Landau, fuuy equipped with nearly all options. Executive aiito, like new, 10,700 mi. $ after 5 pm CHEVELLE MALIBU CLASSIC - 05 V8 engine, power stering, power brakes, a>r conditioning, saddle brown, white wall radial tires. 19,000 miles, $4500. Excellent condition CHEVY BLAZER wheel drive automatic air and Cneyenue pkg. Many extras. Call '72 PORSCHE #914, new paint, excel, cond. 79,000 miles. Best offer. Call days. AUSTIN HEALEY 000, Original, unrestored, excellent mechanical condition. Best Offer over $ after 10 pm. Keep trying CAMARO - Rally sport, 07 automatic, p/s, p/b, air condition, new paint, new battery, & 55,000 miles. $1200. Call after 2 pm CHEVY MALIBU CLASSIC - 2 dr. a/ c, am/ fin, p/ s, p/ b, 66,000 mi. $ BUICK SKYLARK S/ R - mint, w/ w, snows, blue int/ ext, 0,000 mi, asking $ PLYMOUTH FURY - Exc. condition, a/ c, $ after 6 pm. 2 CARS BY OWNER Buick Sportwagon ft '68 Ford Galaxie, exc. Transportation, some rust, call after 5pm, '68 FALCON 140,000 miles, well maintained. Good body, brakes and radials. Needs dutch and battery.- Engine has some life. Good for town or parts. $ VEGA '7 - new tires ft brakes, good cond. Std. Best offer ext before 5 pm, after 6 pm. 197 GRAND TORINO brougham - AM/FM stereo, air, radials, all power, vinyl ftp. $ after OLDSMOBile door. Loaded. Tape djeck. Uses regular gas. Exc. con. $1400 w/snow Ures or CUTLASS SUPREME - «Wbody, perfect engine, 44 Rocket/dSck, dependable and good lowiing. is mj Need $ for school, must $ tm LINCOLN Ma* IV - Moon roof: special series. Bold,neVpatot,kiaded,Tow $ HELP I'm looking fora home. Tin a 78 Concord DL, 2 ions blown, with. tot a look MONTE CARLO - Landau, light blue, white int. full power, exc. cond. 19,500 mi., asking $ , ext. 461 days, or , after 7 pm FORD GRAND TORINO - Brougham, loaded, low mileage, $1200.Call after 5pm TOYOTA CORONA Mark II, 4 dr., a/c, fm-am / stereo, auto, p/b, additional 2 snowtires, 28 mpg hwy, call ALFA ROMEO coupe 5 spd, purchased '75. Rust proofed, must sell this week '76 RED PACER a/c, good condition, ready to go, 6,500 mi, CLASSIC CONVERTIBLE CheveUe Malibu SS. This is the first model convertible built by Chevrolet, it has a 28 V8 engine, auto trans, p/s, p/b, electric top, spoke wheels. This car is in immaculate cond. and only has 56,000 orig. miles. Best offer. For further details ask for Jerry at Serious inquiries only. OFF TO COLLEGE - '71 Challenger 18, p/s, automatic, needs paint, $ HONDA CIVIC 1977 red w. blk. int., 4 spd., radials, fine condition. $2975. or best offer "197 FIAT S only 6,000 miles, fairly good cond. but needs some work. $ after 6pm. '76 CHEVY CHEVETTEauto., 2-dr hatchback, 50,000 mi. Good cond, $ VW '75 - LaGrande Edition. Excellent, 0,000 mi., best offer over $ VOLVO - Station Wagon. Std. transmission. Good condition. $1700. After 5 call PINTO - Hatchback, automatic, 24 MPG, AM/FM, 52,000 miles. Very good condition X-l/9 FIAT Why pay $7400 for a new one when you can have my 1976 with only 1,000 miles for $400. Never driven winters - as new. In Princeton PONTIAC TEMPEST - 6 cyl., 20 mpg, fully equipped. $ CLASSIC - '72 VW Karmann Ghia conv., needs work. Call after 7 p.m '74 GRAN PRIX - Needs some work, $2200. Call anytime, PONTIAC - a/c, radio, good tires & engine. Needs body work. Best offer after 5 pm PLYMOUTH DUSTER - good condition ft good gas mileage, $ after 2 pm COUGAR - XR7-51 cub. inch Cleveland. Runs excellently, 8 trie. CB & new brakes. Asking $ CHEVY CAPRICE - fully loaded 4 dr. bardtopjteg. gas. $750. Call PONTIAC SUNBIRD Hatchback. 14,000 mi., auto, 4 cyl, a/c, am/fin radio. Asking $ COUGAR XR7-51 V8, high mites, good cond. i t Stgg*"* BUICK LE SABRE 1989, exc. cond., im m transmisi t s, tins. A/C, seme e body mar, retobte transportatioh, BUICK REGAL - V8,1,000 mi. Blue, 2 tone, warranty. $ pm Kidd, 146 Witherspoon Princeton, N.J "72 MUSTANG - V8, auto, saddle brown metalic, white vinyl roof, radio, cassette, Cragars, high mileage, clean, welfcared Tor. $ T-BIRD - Classic 2 seat convertible with hard & soft tops. This car is in excellent condition throughout with expensive restoration. White w/red interior, p/s, 4 way power seats, p/c, radio, auto, with 12 engine. This flawless Classic is mechanically ' excellent & perfect in all details. An appreciating investment against rising inflation. Must sell. Sacrifice. $11, DODGE VAN - Stick six, 7 motor, new clutch, new water pump, new carb., FM Stereo, carpeting, paneling, chrome wheels, excel, cond. Very dependable. Asking $ am-6pm CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLE - white with black vinyl top, fully equip, am/fm stereo radio, please call , after 6 pm PLYMOUTH VALIANT - 2 door sedan, ,000 mi., auto trans, a/c, radio, always garaged, one owner. Snow Ores on wheels. $ St., 197 PLYMOUTH Duster - 18 eng, p/s, p/b, -spd. 105,000 mi. good cond. $1000 or near offer. HONDA 50 SL, good cond. $ aft FORD VAN - 6 cyl., auto, custom mags, 75,000 mi., $1200. or best offer after 6 pm. KAWASAKI KD less than 2000 miles recent,'74 GREMLIN - $1295. orange, 6 cyl., air, just inspected, 26 mpg. 72 MAVARlCK, $ BUICK REGAL - full pwr, am/fm stereo, small V8, gd. cond., must sell, best offer PORSCHE spd, good cond., new paint, extras. $ eves. 197 OLDS 98 - p/s, am/fm,. 85,500 miles, exc. cond. Must sell. $900 or best offer CLASSIC 1969 AUSTIN HEALEY 000 Mk II engine trans, good, needs'body work, spare transmission, $650. or best offer. Call after 5 pm, JEEP 78 CJ-5 4 sp. excel, cond., fully loaded, originally $8,000. Asking $6, after 6 p.m. 76 CHEVELLE MALIBU Classic Estate Wagon, loaded w/extras, 40,000 mi., $, MARK II Toyota - recently inspected, good cond, $ FIAT X19 - Yellow, excellent condition, cassette, 0 MPG. Day , evening ,.GB Overdrive, wire wheels, AM/FM Stereo, tape, Tonneau cover, excellent condition. Asking $4200, call evenings MONTE CARLO - Landau, Red exterior, white interior, fully equip. A/C. p/s, p/b. p/w, power door locks, dual front seats passenger side reclines, cruise control. Call , after 6 pm V.W. SQUAREBACKS - Two for the price of one runs well, 1968 for parts. $600 or best offer FOR SALE Dodge Dart, deanjood gas mileage. $1650. '09 CUTLASS - p/s, p/b, and a/c Excellent running condition. $550. Call VW 411STATTONWAGON 25 mpg, new brakes, new fuel good cond. $00. - or CHEV. CAPRICE -9 pass. Station wagon, fully equipped with nearly 'all options. Like new, 11,500 mi. $ after 5 pm. 74 TOYOTA COROLLA - S/5, 5 spd., stereo tape deck, 0 mpg, $2000 firm TOYOTA CELICA GT - 5 speed, stereo, excellent cond. $ anytime. HONDA HAWK it - CB 400, like new, less than 500 miles. Call KAWASAKI KD100 - dirt bike excellent shape, many new parts, $ YAMAHA - 500cc street bike. Excel, cond, aluminum wheels, low mileage, 45mpg HONDA SUPER SPORT - Sissy bar. crash bars, 2 helmets, new battery. Red, excellent condition $1,075. Call Fred MOTORCYCLE TRAILER - Holsclaw, 1978, ratedat 750 pounds. rails, less than 50 miles, $ CLASSIC 1956 THUN- 75 HONDA XL125 - garage DERBIRD - exc. condjsenous kept, 1700 miles, perfectcond, offers only $ BUICK SKYLARK - good transportation $ FUEL INJECTION - VW bus. Standard trans, gas saver, very good condition. must sell going to school. Call Motorcycles tune up. Well maintained, never raced $00 below current list price. $ HARLEY DAVIDSON SPORTSTER 1978, XLCH, exc. showroom stock cond., very low mileage, days eves. Trucks - DUMP TRUCK G.M.C. heavy dutv. Looks like hell but runs real'well Asking $ or CHEVY VAN - V8, automatic, air. p/s, p/b, fully customized interior with captain chairs. Low mileage. $5500. Call HONDA 50 Exc cond. 197 CHEVY SPORT VAN - 8 many, new... r parts : ex. gas byl. white, r/h, standard shift, mileage, $ good condition KAWASAKI - KZ450, 1977, low mileage, good condition. Call after 4pm weekdays YAMAHA Street bike. 000 mi., great condition. $ HONDA CB needs minor work. Best offer. "Must sell FUEL EFFICIENT MOPEDS. MOTOR CYCLES & SCOOTERS - in stock. Financing available. Harr Bros Yamaha North Olden Ave. Trenton. NJ MOPEDS BUY DIRECT FROM THE #1 GWiNT - PRICED LOW AT $269 (FINANCING ARRANGED). LICCARDI, RT. 22, GREENBROOK, N.J MINI-BIKE -.5 H.P., B & S engine, Sears blue and silver frame, new throttle, $ '77 MOPED - Good condition, exc. mileage. $225 or- best offer. Call after 5 pm KAWASAKI -174 Enduro, 48 mi., $500, showroom cond aft. 6 p.m. MOTORCYCLE/ TRAILER - 5 bike heavy duty trailer. Good cond. Lg. wheels, reasonably priced at $ ) YAMAHA YZ250 - monostock, excel, cond, never raced. After 6 pm, CHOPPER BSA 650 CC - twist springer front end, lots more chrome. $ YAMAHA XT500-exc. cond. $1100 or best offer. Call after 5pm, MOPED 197* - Motobecane, 000 mfles. Good cond., $00. Call Pete, after 5. HONDA 197 CB50-4-cyL 4- stroke, 1,000 miles, excel, cond. $ DUMP - Stake body. 14 feet.' 197 Ford F ever worked. less than easv miles. Asking $ FORD PICK-UP 79 Ranger Lariat with bedcover, 4 wnl. drive, auto, trans, am/fm, 2 sets of tires, very low mileage F250 FORD PICKUP - new cap. new steering system $ , 5-7 pm. 2 DODGE VANS - 76 B100, 6- cyl std, I9mpg, perfect, $450/offer. 7 Maxi, 50,000 miles, runs good, $175/offer Free kitten with each purchase. 22nd Anniversary Clearance CMC: TRUCKS OVERSTOCKED ' Savings No Salesman's Commission Big Selection of Pickups, Vans. 4-WD. Jimmys, HD Chassis, Used Trucks and Some Leftovers. COLONIAL MOTORS "Truck Center" U.S. Rt. 22 West North Branch DATSUN LONG-BED pickup w/5 speeds. 46,000 miles. Exc. maintenance record. $900 incl. AM/FM cassette, canvas cover, snow & spring tires, 26-2 mpg on regular gas. Call FORD BRONCO - loaded, fence $7200. Call feves ft weekends to 5 weekdays. '77 CHEVY VAN 20" - /4 ton, 18,000 mi., great shape, $ FORD F100 - good cond., reg. gas, asking $ after 6 p.m. '65, 4 WHEEL DRIVE JEEP - 6 cyl., wrecker ft snow plow, newly reboot eng. ft trans. Needs new front seat 2047, cafl after?pm, if no J call J Machinery & Equipment 1 VAN NORMAN 0 Sr. brake drum lathe ton Lempco press, hydraulic S boring bar. Call after 6 p.m., i97 GMC 10 ton wrecker Factory air conditioned. Good bond Recreational Vehicles 1965 WHEEL CAMPER "Chuckwagon", hardtop, sleeps 8, new canvas - needs assembling (1977 APECO 22 ft. motor home, excel, cond., 7000 mis., teg. gas. Best offer APACHE - solid state popup, no canvas, easy tow, sleeps 8. 2 tables, stove, ice box, heater, 2 LP gas bottles, many extras. Used 2 seasons, excel, cond. $1800 or best offer eves or weekends. 2 FT. MH - 29,000 miles, good cond. Cen air/110/auto, $ FOR SALE - small travel camping trailer. Nearly new, lightweight, save on gas MOTOR HOME - 20', all extras. 2-0 ga. gas tanks, 50 cu. in Chevy motor, 16,000 mi ARGOSY MOTOR HOME - 28'. fully equipped, 21,000 miles, mint. cont. Bought new Coach, must sell SMOKEY travel trailer - 17', excellent condition. $2250 or best offer Boats TRAILERS & accessories for small sailboats, canoes, yachts & power boats to 0'. Golf cart models, motorcycle, tractor, snowmobile & utility models. Also, fuel saving models, kits & parts, special 7 multi-purpose types designed & built. Delivery BOATS Sunfish, Sunbird. sidewinders, family boats, small trailable yachts. AM-. F/ ALCORT, MFG. Princeton Sailing School & Marine, Delivery. TRAILER - Parts and kits to build your own. Almost any type and size SAILBOAT - 15'8", trailer & motor. 2-sets of sails plus extras. $1150 or best offer SAILBOAT - DINGHY - Boston Whaler Sqall 9 ft. includes trailer, anchor, compass, oars, etc. Can take up to hp motor. Ex. cond. $1, KOLIBRI 12 Ft Sloop & trailer, German Import, ex. cond. $995. Call FOOT LUGER - Sailboat, running lights, compass, motor mount & other extras. Luger trailer. Unused past three years. Exc. cond., $ ' BLUE JAY sailboat - Whitney fiberglass, aluminum, mast & boom, peak trim, racing sails, vib., main and spinker, seats and rigging. Stallion trailer with lights. Ready to sail; nothing needed. $600. Call after 4pm. Mobile Homes MOBILE OFFICE TRAILER, 10 ft. X 40 ft, 2 rms., carpeted, bath, A/C, beat, exc. cond. $5, Instruction TUTORING READING. ENGLISH STUDY SKILLS WRITTEN AND ORAL COMMUNICATION AdoUsACMUrai. THE LEARNING EXCHANGE 157 S. Main St. Higbtstown Aujriist Instruction Instruction Photography PIANO TEACHER - Conservator}- Graduate FRENCH LESSONS Beginner. Intermediate. Advanced. Conversation A/or Grammar PIANO. FLUTE LESSONS - Experienced, certified teacher. All ages, all levels. Hillsborough SPANISH LESSONS - by college teacher. Native speaking. All levels for business & travelers. For foreigners - English as second language. Call after 4pm SAXOPHONE - ALL LEVELS - Exp. instructor and soloist BA-MA former student of V.J. Abato. Frank Miller (609) GUITAR INSTRUCTION - Experienced teacher will give lessons in your home. Ppenings for Sept. Beginning ithru Intermediate students, tiightstown* East Windsor area MATH TUTORING by Ph.- D. High School & College. Preparation for SAT Exams also available DRAKE BUSINESS COLLEGE 17 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick. N.J. Complete Secretarial and Accounting Courses Day and Night Courses Telephone: SCHOLA PRINCETON PRIVATK INSTRUCTION" SK It VICES -remedial help, support, enrichment -all school subjecls as well as writing, study skills, editing -English as a Second Language -Young people & adults. Call or PIANO INSTRUCTION Recording artist will teach Rock 'n Roll to intermediary students & will also teach Theory & Scales to beginners GUITAR AND BASS LESSONS - teacher with music college experience.. reasonable rates SAILING INSTRUCTION - Experienced University instructor teaches novice and advance sailors ages Lessons given locally. Bay, ocean and Carribean lessons arranged on any type boat. Handicapped welcome. Certified Maisa Call PIANO European Conservatory Teacher is now accepting serious students in the Princeton area or KUNDACINI YOGA EVENING CLASSES For information call HO FOUNDATION PIANO Experienced teacher, good with children. Woods Road School area COLLEGE PREP MUSIC INSTRUCTION - Call eves PIANO-ORGAN INSTR. - In your home. Roger P. Turney, FA.GO., L.T.C.L GUITAR LESSONS Songwriting/Vocal coaching by professional artist. Bob Korman GUITAR - All styles taught by Berklee College of Music Graduate. Also organizing PIANO - Theory lessons with summer groups for beginners experienced pianist - teacher. Call Ed Cedar B. Mus., Mi. - Juilliard. Intermediate and advanced students preferred. Recommended in the Juilliard Private Teacher Directory A UNIQUE APPROACH to language learning. 25 languages. Native teachers and translators. Instruction tor children and adults. AH levels. Brush-up. conversational and literary classes. Intensive courses for travelers and business people. Tutoring. Call or "DISCOVER FLYING LESSON" - $10. Raritan Valley Flying School, Kupper airport, Manville. Appointment: Sill. GUITAR LESSONS - Folk, blues, rock n roll, country. Funky but doc W. OIL PAINTING LESSONS - Call Eli evenings, 7-10 pm, GUITAR LESSONS - Jaa ft rock, a few place* available for enthusiastic students. Robert Davidson, M8-9X479. GUITAR LESSONS Jazz, pop & folk. Beginners fundamentals to advanced diatonic and polymodal improvisation Entertainment MAGIC SHOWS - For children's birthday parties. Balloon animals included. Have performed in Princeton & surrounding areas. Call MUSIC ON THE MOVE - disc jockey service for any occasion, disco, rock 50's or Bis Bands, complete sound system Catering WE CATER ANYTHING - Picnics to banquets. 5 to 500. Special dietary platters available. Chicken Inc Photography CAMERA 5 mm SLR GUITAR LESSONS - te ft StamS^outfit, SO mm, 185?* L&^Pj!?** *!!ggfc 'nunvsx converter, flash ft for enthusiastic students, Fiobert Davidson? - JONJIE THE MAJIC CLOWN Magic comedy & balloon animals. Available for school shows, birthday parties, grand openings and fund raisings. For further information call DISCO EXTRAVAGANZA - Weddings, Birthday Parties. Any Occasion. Competitive Prices. Excellent D.J. Ralph Matarese, DISC JOCKEY FOR HIRE - Weddings. Parties, Dances, Live Band Sound. For low cost, any type music - Disco. 50's. Pop, Elvis, etc. Barry Davison, MAGICIAN AVAILABLE - for all occasions, private parties & birthday parties a specialty ITS MAGIC From spectacular stage shows to intimate close up magic Children's birthday parties banquets, any event. Each show personally planned to your needs by a professional magician. Reasonable rates Call after 6 pm Ask for Ed. Smoot. MAGICIAN - shows for school, -cub scouts, parties, clubs & more. Audience participation & balloon animals. Low price! Call Ted, CLOSE-UP MAGIC - Performed for dinner' parties, etc. Have performed in Princeton ft surrounding areas. For further information call t4771 EXCEPTIONALLY CREA- TIVE, yet highly economical approach to weddings fc ( portraiture. Zurich Photography PASSPORT 4 ID. PHOTOS : instant color. 2 for $8. Tur-: tier Russo Photographers, 2nd floor. Gallery Nassau St.. Princeton WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY at the right prices. Favors, invitations, call Metaxas NATURAL COLOR Portraits. Bar Mitzvahs. Wed-- dings, social events from S125. Remarque Studio DO YOUR HOMEWORK" before vacation. We will make a photographic inventory of your property and prized possessions. PHOTOPROOF, P.O Box Princeton. N.J Piano Tuning PIANO TUNING Regulating Repairing ROBERT HALI.IEZ P.T.G. Registered Craftsman SINCE A and Z PIANO TUNING AND REPAIR. Call Furniture Restoration' B.M. RTDER FURNITURE - repaired & refinished. Antique restoration. Caning 4 Rushing. Hand stripping. Pick up & delivery service. Our only location rear of 75 Main St.,"Kingston. Open Mon - Sat. 9-5, CHAIRS - CANED-RUSHED - reglued, tightened. Furniture refinished. Years of experience. Free pick-up and delivery BIX FURNITURE STRIP- PING "there is none belter" in I he Lace Works Building, Lambertville. NJ WW-S7-W98. safe lor antiques DiP N STRIP - free pick-up ft delivery. Hand stripping, refinishing, repairing, caning, & rushing. Our reference.your neighbors. DIP N STRIP, 49 Main St., Kingston, NJ Open Mon-Sat. 9-5 pm. FURNITURE REFINISHING & REPAIR - custom built to specifications. THE YAR- DLEY CABINET MAKER :.654. CANED & RUSHED - Make an old chair better. Give it a new seat Expertly done Fencing ALL TYPES OF FENCING - installed at low' prices. Free estimates Quality work STEEL WIRE -1" mesh. 2 2x rolls, 10'xlOO' each/best offer Business Services STONY BROOK ELECTRIC ft LIGHTNING PROTECTION CO. ELECTRICAL ft LIGHTNING CONTRACTORS CALL LI8. # TRUCK ft WINDOW LET- TERING - show cards, paper signs. Herbert C. Rodger* RESUMES UNLIMITED - Your complete one-stop resume service featuring; resumes professionally written to Highlight your qualifications, expertly typed ft offset printed. For personal, confidential service call RESUMES UNLIMITED at HARRIS JANITO SERVICE

30 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of August 22-24, B Charlotte McLaugnMr Tarry Mantek Linda Hoff Judy McCaughan WWaStackpole Katharine & Wart Baanor Young REAL ESTATE 4 NASSAU STREET PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY MLS _ I CONVENIENT COMMUTER LOCATION Quiet street in Princeton Junction for an attractive split-level. Three bedrooms. Large' treed lot. $92,500. YOUTHFUL COLONIAL With Contemporary addition. Tree covered hillside setting. Four bedrooms, two and a half baths. Attractive decor. $249,000. TEMPTING TUDOR Brick, stucco and natural cedar shingles for easy maintenance. Four bedrooms. Large treed lot on Gallup Road. -«-- $20,000. A RARE FIND! Beautiful old stone house, circa Four large bedrooms plus a separate wing - would make a lovely apartment. Restored barn. $245,000. EDWARDIAN COTTAGE A delightful surprise of a house tucked behind high hedges on Hodge Road. Five bedrooms, three baths. Lovely garden and pool. $270,00Q. A GREAT FAMILY HOUSE < Located on a quiet street in Hopewell. Four bedrooms, one and a half baths. Lovely heated pool. A hard to find property at this price. $82,500. Business Services ACCOUNTING SERVICES Personal and Business Tax Returns -Low Fee between 4-6pm. - " Princeton Packet Inc.* has some Press Time Available Web Offset Press Let us print your newspaper or fit-house organ. Camera ready mechanicals or negatives required. We print regular standard pages or tabloids. Your paper can be printed on regular 0# newsprint or 501 white offset stock. There is a nominal extra charge for a second spot color, if you so desire. Our capacity for your needs is 24 pages standard and 48 pages tor youu tabloids. Call Mr. Hutchinson or Mr. Burke at (609) for partiuclars on your, printing (We have won state & national press awards for quality press work.) JFESSIONAL TYPING tvice - Carduner's cupping Center, Rte. 10 & JJrinceton-Hightstown Rd., Hightstown, NJ Your complete secretarial service featuring ERROR FREE AUTOMATIC TYPING - every page an original. Also, letters, resumes, theses, term, dissertations,* news, addressing & mailing, formation storage & "rieval, Xerox copies: pment: IBM Correcting _.citric II and an IBM Memory typewriter. Technical, hooks, etc. 6 yrs. exp> 609- NO MATTER WHAT and how i tasumbs you do, record - - ji neccwary. This ING, I win do at or mine for a fee. CaB Business Services TYPING, ALL KINDS, phone dictation, professional secretary. Reas aft. 5:0.. WOODSTOVES Nashua Double Heat, firewood, tree service. Tom's Firewood & Tree Cutting Service eves. ^Financial Services INCOME TAX SERVICE - Personal and business. Call for free appointment to review 1979 taxes. Remember, waiting til April 1980 is too late to plan or Special Services Special Services Special Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Repairs Building Services GARAGE DOOh hard to open? Call for all points checik, springs, cables, pulleys. Free estimates. Steve Hover. Central vacuum. Burglar, Fire Alarms, Garage Door Openers & Repairs PAINTINGS RESTORED ART & ESTATE APPRAISALS KALENS FINE ARTS PALMER SQUARE PRINCETON MARIA IDA NACCARATO Ladies custom tayloring, informal & formal wedding gowns. All kinds embroidery and monograms. Alterations. Lessons after 5 pm. BICYCLE REPAIR MAIN- TENANCE - Call for Steve. PROPER CARE- - of your". ipainting, MASONRY & Irees should rtol be a guessing' CARPENTRY -experienced& game. If your trees are* reliable firm offering work in show-ing signs of trouble or if Princeton area. Call 609- you are considering a 924-«;i2 for Steve. preventive maintenance program, call a company with an owner of over IS years experience in the field. Tree Care, Inc., DRESS MAKING & ALTERATIONS Clip ad for future reference. ILLUSTRATIONS Cartoons and rhymes for advertisements, posters, books, displays, cards, murals. Logos. Chalk talks for children's parties. Phone PRESSURE WASHING for homes, orator homes, trailers, trucks, boats, etc. Call WaUtBgWsPainting, or COLOR SEPARATION Scanning surface, high quality and reasonable prices A SOLID DECK needs a smart design & a professional approach. Deck design and construction by Alan Trovato, student of architecture. Free estimates & design sketch. After 6 p.m DRESSMAKING AND ALTERATIONS - Janice Wolfe. Call I LOVE TO SEW Let me»fc^ it. Custom sewing - alterations, pattern / fabric shopping, experienced + COLLEGE SELECTION ft APPLICATION COUNSEL- LING -individuals ft small groups. Dr. Michael L. RosenthaL THE PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE CENTER - for relief of muscle strain & general stress. New Hope, Pa We offer gift certificates. CHIMNEY SWEEP - have your fireplace, wood/coal burning stove cleaned. Air out for the summer months. Clean, efficient vacuum system eliminates soot on carpet or furniture. Call Robert Ackers, HOME COMFORT, WANT CLEAR PURE WATER with no unidentified floating objects in it or chemicals? Purchase a pure water home distilling macnine reasonably priced. Princeton Home Inspection Service, Inc. 20 Nassau Street Princeton, NJ 08540, SUMMER WARDROBE TOO SMALL? Professional alterations and custom clothing construction PLUMBING & HEATING - call after 5:0 pm and weekends LEARN TO TWIRL - Lessons in H'boro on Sat mornings for beginners, ages- 6 to 12. For details call HOUSECLEANING - Established couple. References, Reliable. Rocky Hill area. Call or Home Services WOOD STOVE V IN " STALLATION - please call Scott Demme, styled ft craned of" wafiufj; oak, cherry, butternut or maple. Also rwimiiimg or i esurfacing exmong caomeis. PARK LANE CABTOETS 201- CESSPOOLS AND SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED 7 Trucks - No Waiting EXPERT HANDYPERSON No job too small, efficient + reliable. Call Eric HUSSEU.REIDCO. _. _. FLOOR SANDING nara- 20 Years Experience wood floors sanded and finished. Phone CARPET CLEANING SPECIAL - Any size room steam cleaned by experts. $24'95. New Dawn / CARPET CLEANING - steam & shampoo. Quality work at best prices. Phone estimates. Paulmar Floor Care, CUSTOM MADE SLIPCOVERS BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME YEAR ROUND - Your fabric - Labor only. Call for yardage needed. References on request. BOB'S SLIPCOVERS TREE WORK - ALL TYPES Pruning, Topping, Feeding, Removal, Storm Damage, Land Clearing & Chipper Service. Firewood & wood chips available. Competent work at a fair Drice. Fully insured. Free estimates. Consumer bureau registered AVAMIAN Appliance Repair & Service Air Conditioning Washers Refrigeration Dryers Heating Dishwashers Ranges, etc. Reasonable!!!! All work Guaranteed M or 60M4-6S89 LOCKS security deadbolts & entrance locks, professionally installed PRACTICO ASSOC. - expert housecleaning. Call LAMP SHADES Lamp mounting and repairs. Nassau Interiors, 162 Nassau St., Princeton. WE ARE RE-INSULATION SPECIALISTS Using Cellulose Fibre To Save You Money Year Round. Enenrv Conservation Inspection. No Obligation. Wasco Builders NEED HELP WITH YOUR" REMODELING IDEAS? Custom Carpentry. Call SANGEET SINGH, CARPENTER All forms of oupentry, designs, included with free estimates. Call HOUSE CLEANING cleaning, Window wai Floors washed ft wax* General cleaning. Reasonable rates. Call after 5 p.m. BROWNING FERRIS -* INDUSTRIES Residential & Industrial Refuse Collection Cranbury Station Rd. Cranbury.NJ Buyers and sellers meet every week on the Classified pages. f HOMESTEAD CHIMNEY SWEEP. Clean, Reliable, Service. Experienced & Fully Insured. 'Certified Member of National Chimney Sweep Guild. Full-time. 24 hr. Service. Inspections & Repairs Woodstove Sales & Installations. Home Repairs REPAIR PARTS for all major appliances. Vacuum cleaner bags, belts & repairs, Bunce Appliance Parts, 255 No. Main St., Manville ?2. CUSTOM HOME REPAIR - carpentry, dry wall. We cater to all kinds of home repair DOVE'S HOME IM- PROVEMENTS - all repairs, interior and exterior. Free estimates. Call HOME REPAIRS - gutters, roofs, garages, porches, fences, hauling, landscaping, pruning, painting, minor plumbing, insulation, masonry patching, basements, stairs, glazing, etc. References HAVE HAMMER will travel! Quality workmanship by skilled craftsman. Siding, roofing, alterations ft additions. No job too large or too small. Fully insured. Free est Call Doug Renk, or CERAMIC TILE REPAIRS - tile, installed permanently with new cement board. Bathroom remodeling, lowest prices. Tile for do-it-yourselfers. DELAWARE VALLEY TILE, 29-years of experience vm. MASTER CRAFTS - Quality home improvements ft repairs done with old fashioned pride. Reasonable rates. Rivers -' HOME REPAIRS & ALTERATI9NS - Edward Schlinski. Roosevelt. NJ NOVOBILSKY & VAN DX)RN - HOME IMPROVEMENTS Carpentry, roofing, siding, int. & ext. painting, insulation & screening MASONRY & CARPENTRY WORK Fireplaces, additions, remodeling, kitchens & home improvements. Free ' estimates. W.A. Wortelman HOME IMPROVEMENTS - Repairs & alterations. Interior & exterior. Free estimates CARPENTRY ADDITIONS, REMODELING KITCHENS RESTORATIONS CUSTOM BARNS Peter Wikoff ALL HOME & APARTMENT REPAIRS - plumbing + carpentry + much more. Very reasonable J&D HOME REPAIRS, call between 6-9 pm. Building Services HII.1.SIDE BUILDERS, INC. General Contractors All types masonry ft ceramic tile work. Newjconstruction as well as repair work BKONSON WOODHULL JR. New Homes, Additions, Renovations ft Kitchens Quality Workmanship or ALTERATIONS ft AD- DITIONS, skylights, greenhouses, basements, decks, windows, etc. Free est. ft design FLEETWOOD CON- STRUCTION - Masonry, carpentry, decks, patios, sidewalks, stone work. Interior and exterior remodeling and renovating! Professional quality work , ask for Jeff. NELSON UkASS ft.' ALUMINUM 45 SPRING ST. PRINCETON MIRRORS ; AUTO GLASS PLATE ft WINDOW GLASS '. GENERAL CONTRACTORS ^ New homes, addition* 1, garages, driveways, roofing* custom masonry, fireplace*, swimming pools and pauoe Full line of aluminum products. ' WM. FISHER BUILDER'S INC. : Serving Princeton area for s years. Financing arranged ALL TYPES of excavating; land clearing; septic system*; drains; driveways installedcut out, stoned or paved - call Al Padgett (201) aftet 5 p.m. I. A. CONSTRUCTION - Patios, sidewalks, asphalt and stone driveways. Gooi reliable work at low price Free estimates. Call 201-6* 128. MASON Concrete, brick*, olock, repairs ft other types of work. Free est. John $) * ROOFING ft RE- MODELING. Free etts. Dependable. Reas. Call \ RUM CLAMMED AM AT OURSKCIAL S TM (WITHOUT CIIAMQCW

31 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 12-B Week of August Donald Bartons. Lorraine Boiee Larry Collins Sheila Cook Ted David Jo Ann Dvralet Barbara Ellis Harriet Eubank TOOK V «^ IrCOMrANY ' ESIA81ISHED189 REALTORS P.O. Box Alexander Street Princeton, N.J Betsey Harding Charles Hurford MarjorieKerr TedKopp Elizabeth Lo Joan Qoackenbush Cecily Ross Ralph Snyder A COMPLETE REAL ESTATE ORGANIZATION REAL ESTATE Electronic Realty i Associates, Inc. II U ^1!!. _..^ t^ - I I LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP This bedroom, l>/fc bath home on a lovely street in Lawrence Township is perfect for any family. There is a den, family room with fireplace, and nice trees surrounding the house. Don't miss this opportunity $79,000. MOVE IN JUST IN TIME FOR SCHOOL The timing would be perfect for you to occupy this split level in Princeton. An oak-floored entry, L.R. with a fireplace, a dining room connected to a screened-in porch, and a modern eat-in kitchen create a wonderful' 1st floor design. There are also 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Available in September. $129,500. NO WORRISOME "SURPRISES" This bright, sunny 4 bedroom colonial is attractively set on a low traffic street in convenient East Windsor. This home is centrally air conditioned and the floor plan affords all the room your family will ever need for comfortable living AND THE Buyer's Protection Plan will save you those costly repairs that can occur the first year. Call now SW.900. LIVE ON A 2% ACK FARM and be only minutes from PRINCETON JUNCTION and the train station in rural Plamsboro. A well-kept farm house with several barns and outbuildings; bedrooms, a very nice family kitchen, dining room and living room. The trim on this home has just been painted and is awaiting your inspection. $110,000. -s,v ENERGY EFFICIENT!! This immaculate "Longmeadnw" colonial was ; built with energy-saving in mind. The Penns Neck location is ideal for the growing family. There are 4 bedrooms, a large center hall, a family room, and much more. For the artistic eye, there is magnificent Avallpapering and lovely fixtures all included in our price. The commuter can walk to PRR yet have a PRINCETON address. LISTED at : $110,000. MOVE RIGHT IN! The former owners have left now and the house is truly ready for immediate occupancy. This well-arranged colonial in Princeton Junction ; ; hasfc4 bedrooms and 2V6 baths; there is a welcoming entry way, an attractive living room, a»" family room with a raised fireplace, a dining room with a chair rail and silk <!) wallpaper. Well listen to offers; asking Just Reduced $128,900. ROLLING HILLS. MEADOWS. two brooks and even an orchard make this country home on 14 acres a delightful retreafin East Amwell. Also a bedroom home with a 5 room apartment which can easily be converted to a 7 bedroom home. There are many possibilities for subdivision, which combined with the apartment income, makes this a very appealing property. WARRANTED FOR ONE YEAR.., SHOP AND COMPARE Then come buy this well maintained 2 apt. home in rural Perrineville. There are bedrooms, living room and kitchen, upstairs with 2 bedrooms, larger kitchen with no-wax floor, large living room and enclosed back porch downstairs. LOCATED ONLY 8 MINUTES FROM EXIT 8 of the N.J. Turnpike and only 0 minutes from downtown Princeton. Don't delay $40,900. A UNIQUE MOKRTY This distinguished stone and stucco home on a professionally landscaped double lot is enhanced by old brick terraces, an apple orchard, specimen plantings, and superb in-ground pool. Three bedrooms, 2 baths, panelled den and thoroughly modern kitchen are all in immaculate condition. Built-in bookshelves, many French doors, and numerous luxury features make this an unusual buy at $127,000. This 4 bedroom, center hall colonial features central air, brick fireplace, a Kitchen Aid dishwasher (just 1 year old) and a new kitchen floor. The exterior is presently being professionally painted and there is a 1 year warranty to the buyer. $9,000. PLENTY OF PRIVACY 17 ACRES OF BEAUTIFUL WOODS in a secluded area of rural Allentown. A house sits on the property 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bath and a full basement. Just sit back, close" your eyes and think of this lovely area with sunshine glimmering through the many trees with all its many possibilities. All this for only $100,000. HANDY HANDS, OPEN MIND can make this bedroom, 1 bath, central air, full basement ranch into a real beauty, on one acre of land in rural East Windsor can be yours for only OWNER ANXIOUS TO SELL! This.ranch is just across the Princeton border in Montgomery. There are bedrooms, 1 bath, a living room, dining area, an eat-in kitchen and more. Price just REDUCED to $79.<>00. VACATION AT HOME In your prixate in-ground pool. Located on a quiet Penns Neck street (Princeton Post Office), this home offers such amenities as a fireplaced living room, a x12 screened porch, a basement, garage and shop. All on a beautiful landscaped lot offered at $92, ym reed Sheila Bramande Joy Capwell Midi* Coggin Connie Darrow Howard Eldridge Potrico S. Bell Lois Fox Alice Hollander Sharon Knight Hal Kuehn Janet Lachapelle Ruth W. Bly Jerry Lancaster Maureen Longer Arlene Mulry KayTighe We* Umphrey Open 7 Days a Week Princeton-Hightstown Rd., Princeton Junction MLS TENNIS ANYONE? An Eapenhorst tennis court is always available to the owner of-this 4 bedroom colonial. In addition there is a redwood deck and gas BBQ for after-game delight. Insid'e, you are graced with a slate entry, a living room, dining room, fcmiry room with fireplace, an eat-in kitchen and more! A barium Montgomery for...',... i....$12,500.. r*?-?v. * NEEDED: BUYER WHO ENJOYS IN-TOWN CONVENIENCES! A living room, dining room, study with a fireplace, bedrooms, 2 baths, and a garage make this Princeton home a real charmer! There is a lovely private yard, a new roof, and a dry basement. You can send your children to Princeton Twp. schools in September. All this home needs is a buyer who enjoys the luxuries of the Princeton atmosphere... Asking $115,000. Pointing ft Painting ft Paperhanging Paperhanging CUSTOM PAINTING SER- YK Ridtil, com L, exterior. AD. Call now for WANT THE JOB DONE RIGHT? Can a professional, fil g, dry y wall, masonry, wtfanatw, reasonable & CONTRACrN Painting ft Painting ft Painting ft Painting ft Painting ft Paperhanging Paperhanging Paperhanging Paperhanging Paperhanging INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PAINTING free estimates, reasonable rates, clean work. Call T. Laski PROFESSIONAL Paperhanging & Painting. Call Santos, HOUSEPAINTING interior & exterior. Airless spraying available. Free estimates. Carpentry, good work at reasonable rates. WLW Contracting Co PAINTING Interior, exterior, waupajpering, light carpentry. Quality work. Can John: / PROFESSIONAL PAINTING interior and exterior. Ed Noebefe. Phone after 6prn. %, PAPER HANGfNU SCRAPING Prompt personal service. All types of wall covering. Free estimates DanRudenstine JULIUS H. GROSS - Professionally painting the town of Princeton for 22 years NEW ENGLAND PAINT CRAFT Interior, Exterior painting. Experienced ft in- Sired. 2D (local call) from Princeton. Res. PETER FIUMENERO, JR. painting ft paperhanging DOMINICK PINTINALLI JR. Painting Contractor - Interior & exterior. Residential & commercial. Free estimates. Call any time, PAPERHANGING - Excel work, low rates. Refs. Also paper removal PAINTING,- by Jess Savadge. Int. ft Ext. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call DARBEEBR08. Interior ft exterior CAPITOL PAINTING interior ft exterior, reasmahu rates, fully insured. 15J7. PRINCETON PAINTING PARTNERS - Quality work for your home or business. Int. or ext. Top references on request. Call Tom or Mark for a free estimate ft special money saving offer EXTERIOR ft INTERIOR PAINTING free estimates, satisfaction guaranteed PAINTING WATLINGTON'S PAINTING Recommends to have dirt removed by pressure washing before painting. Call for further urfonnabon or 44-47M. To Places Is Princeton can 0*-?24-t290 LOUIS BALDINO ft BROS. - Painting ft Decorating Interiors & Exteriors Wallpapering CUSTOM INTERIOR PAINTING - no job too small, free estimates, reasonable prices. Willis Paine ft Call (809) 44M578. DRIPLESS PAINTERS - Two experienced college age pamten. SpecianMrT in exterior ft interior. Local references. Call anytime ON- 9M-M17. NEED A PROFESSIONAL? - Wall-papering ft Graphics. Call-JSANGEET SINGH, ftt- V

32 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 5Peek of August OUTSTANDING WEIDEL LISTINGS One of this areas oldest, largest and most active Real Estate Companies. BRIG ALS! Specialists Since 1915 REALISTICALLY PRICED, this darling cape cod located in park area of charming old Hightstown offers a lot to the starter home buyer. On the first floor is living room, eat-in kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Upstairs is third bedroom with built-in dresser and bookcases, and full basement, situated on nearly a half an acrea. Why pay rent when you can start building your own equity. Call today and see the home offered at only S THE "PUBLIC HOUSE" CIRCA A designated historical site in West Windsor recently renovated in excellent taste. Old worjd charm yet all the modern conveniences, bedrooms plus an impressive 15x27 master bedroom, very private rear yard, easy access to Princeton Jet. trains with Princeton, address, adjacent to "Greenacres", riparian rights to Delaware-Raritan canal. First time offered $149,900. A TOUCH OF PARADISE - Tucked away among a most picturesque setting, you find a charming well done Colonial with central air, family room with fireplace ultra-modern kitchen, 2 bedrooms, plus rear grounds with gorgeous inground pool and cabana, your own little garden, fruit trees, even a mini golf course to improve your putting. Offers invited $85,000. A BREATH OF FRESH AIR If a magnificent view from a high vantage point in a very desirable area just minutes from Princeton is appealing to you, then you must see our frame and brick ranch. There's so much to add to your living pleasure - Vermont marble fireplace in living room, brick fireplace in large family room, finished basement, eat-in kitchen, an acre of lovely grounds, zone heat and lots more $114,900. THE ANSWER TO A BARGAIN is this newly listed two bedroom ranch, featuring an ultra-modern kitchen with built-in dishwasher, large living room, bedrooms with large rlnsots. sot on a super landscaped deep lot with wood patio, this home offers much to the starter home buyer at $5,900., SIT BACK, RELAX and enjoy the large screen^ Dprch found with this lovely 4 bedroom Colonial OHVtretnW'iii desirable Cranbupy Manor. Winter woes are overcome by the two fireplaces, one in the living room, one in the den. Add to all this a % acre lot, 2V4 baths, and room for the large family, you'll want to see this unique offering at v $88,500. CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN i& WOMAN K A WOODED SETTING MAKES THE HOUSE - Hidden away on 4.2 gorgeous acres approx. 20 minutes from Princeton, this quality built contemporary offers 8 rooms, 2 l A baths, 4 bedrooms, a fireplaces, zone heat, large thermopane windows overlook this tranquil setting that even includes an old fashioned "swimminjihole".perfect for the kids. Don't miss this beauty at $168,000. HOW'S THIS FOR STARTERS? This home in HopeweU Twp. is just perfect for anyone just starting out - 5 rooms and bath, new aluminum siding, new roof and freshly painted throughout, Owner transferring and very anxious to sell. Asking low 50's. See it and get your offer in - who knows? you may be the lucky one. LOVELY NASSAU I HOME - Set among many mature trees and offering a great family home in a fine residential neighborhood. The family will enjoy and be comfortable in this 4 bedroom with 1V4 + V& bath, big family room. Why not see it today $78,500. REFRESHINGLY ROOMY That's the first impression you'll get when you enter this new -4 bedroom home in nearby Plainsboro. You'll also be impressed with the lovely decor, the 21' sunken family room with fireplace and wet bar, the large deck overlooking the woods, cheerful eat-in kitchen with no-wax floor, upgraded new carpeting, energy 1 saving thermo timer and terrific floor plan. The 10-year new home warranty is an added assurance of value Asking $ I vo ENJOY THE FREEDOM YOU DESERVE One of the best values around is this bedroom, 2 X A bath modified contemporary home with full bsmt.. central air, gas heat, fenced yard for privacy, a nice quiet street, walk to N.Y. & Princeton buses, elementary school, shopping, pool, tennis, restaurants - and your outside maintenance is taken care of for you so you can have time to enjoy your special interests. Best of all the price is only $69,900. A+ - this three bedroom split ranch rates high grades in every scoring. Large rooms; lovely lot with fenced yard; convenient- location; immaculate condition; all the amenities of the good life for $89,900. Extra, Extra see our newly listed ranch In East Windsor for only $77,900. Call for details. ROUTE 10, EAST WINDSOR YOU CAN PAY LESS - And still go first class in this sprawing 9 room stone and frame ranch, high on a hill in a prime area of Ewing, 9 rooms, 2V& baths, large fan lily room, elegant dining room, ultra modern kitchen, large screened porch, central air, alarm system, car garage w th electric doors, now priced at $99,900. ROUTE 1, PENNINGTON, NJ. / Offices and 6 Multiple Listing Services dftarming CAPE - Located in fine Lawrenceville area featuring 4 bedrooms, ultra modern kitchen, living room, dining room, paneled family room. Perfect blend of home and grounds $6,000. OPEN HOUSE - Sunday, Aug p.m.."> 1 Merrick Dr.. Lawrencoville Very special to 5 bedroom s/1. Inground Pool... $76,900. DIRECTIONS: Rt. 206 to Darrah Lane to Barnett Rd. to 51 Merrick Dr MAIN ST. (RT. 206) LAWRENCEVILLE A SHORT WALK TO EVERYTHING yet the setting is country-like. On a LOVELY TREED ACRE LOT near the Princeton Jet. train, shopping, banks and schools, our charming 4 bedroom, 2 bath cape with full basement will just delight you. Especially appealing are the screened-in breezeway and the immaculate condition of this well cared for home $87,9(M). 242y 2 NASSAU ST., PRINCETON VAIUYISION WEIDEL Interior & Exterior Color Photos REAL ESTATE ^rt REALTORS - INSURORS Richard A. WeideU Pres. International Relocation Service Li- Painting ft Paperhanging PAINTING tat. tt ext. Paper-hanging. Quality work. Guaranteed, insured. Free estimates COMPLETE INTERIOR PAINTING - walls, ceiling, trim, clean, quick, professional & inexpensive HOUSE PAINTERS - Two experienced house painters woukl like to paint your home. Fora estimate call Peter *452 or BUI HOUSE PAINTING - Airless paint spraying company Rj. int?u» iimnavi RECVCLI Electricians ALL- TYPES OF ELEC- TRICAL WORK. Call ELECTRICIAN Residential, Commercial, Industrial Wiring Frecestimatea m««sat "N.W.MAUL*8ON jorid EXPERt Repair Service EledScal Power* ELSCTRICAL isirib'' Plumbing f ARK ACRES PLUMBING & HEATING - Installation & repair of all your ' lie # "PLUMBING SERVICE-REPAIRS C.ALBANESE MM52-1MS license #29 PLUMBING - Lie #4621. Need a plumber, free estimates - all types of plumbing. Call Mike anytime day or night. Phone Roofing & Siding ' -. ROOFING CONTRACTORS, specialising in Kendall Park homes. 6 D.m.. For estimate, can aft. F ^ Roofing ALLIED ROOFING New and old roofs of all types repaired. Fill and driveway stone delivered. All work guaranteed. No job too small Free estimates. "Why.wait until the roof teaks?. Plan ahead'for your roofing NEW ROOFS REPAIRS - COOPER A SCRAFER 6Moran Princeton ROOFING All Kinds Free Estimates WILLIAMSON CONSTRUCTION CO. ttum BELLE MEAD ROOFING - 28 yrs. in business. Free estimates on an type roofing and leaders and gutters and chimney flashing. Call anytime, 80HM-W or (local call from i) Roofing G. J. DEGREE - Roofing. Gutters, masonary, General Contracting, Repairs. Small jobs welcome as wen as major construction SL. CHRfSTENSEN ROOFING Asphalt Shingling with Craftsmanship at Unbeatable Prices Guaranteed, Insured Consuma 1 Bureau Registered 184 Carter Rd. Princeton Moving ft Hauling STUDENT LIGHT HAULERS Local 4 Long Distance Call Don or Kirk no job too small Moving ft Hauling Moving ft Hauling WILL HAUL IT - Cellars, LIGHT & HEAVY HAULING attics and garages cleaned. _ long or short distances. Call Consumer Reasonable rates Bureau Registered. GOT A PROBLEM getting rid of leaves, grass, brush, junk, etc.? Need a small move or a small haul? Call (201) FURNITURE, bedding, apaces, household goods. ng and deliveries. Our may be less than doing it yourself or 201- S (PMf7») LIGHT HAULING k MOVING Yards, basements, IT1 dear it out for you. Bill DELIVERY SERVICE k light Hauling. Van and Driver rented* by the hour or day BEE LINE EXPRESS Household movers. Reasonable rate. Free estimates )646. JTOVlNG - HAULING - Small tor large. CalrDavjd at Gardening ft Landscaping SEA WEED - Liquified or granular. The ideal plant vitamin. At Peterson's Nursery, Rt. 206 between Princeton * Lawrenceville. Gardening ft Gardening Landscaping Landscaping LAWN & GARLfiN MAIN- BOB'S LAWN SERVICE TENANCE pruning & cleanup and fertilizer. «' mulching. ulcg. Aim indoor plant *il care after 6 p.m. LANDSCAPING & GAR- DENING WORK - Residential or Commercial. Lawn mowing, sod, seeding, shrubs, trees, clean-up & hauling. Also sidewalks, patio, fencing, driveways constructed. Back Hoe service, top soil, railroad ties, etc anytime. GARDENING & LAND- SCAPING - If you need garlandscaping, lawn dening and mowing for RESl SIDENTIALft commercial just call vittorio Pirone, B. RUM (WITHOUT AM AT RATE HUBER'S LAWN SEW COMPLETE LAW MAINTENANCE Sod & reseeding & planting of trees k All work guaranteed after 6 pm. INCREASE GROWTH k VIGOR - Hydrfrchemical Me & shrub fe«ling. Now it tfce time to call Tree Care, toe TREE WORK - ALLJ Pruning, Topping, Removal, Storm Land Clearing k Service. Firewood chips available.. work at a fair price insured. Free estimates' Consumer bureau recis

33 B Week of August Hot!. Hot!.. Lawrence ( ) Bucks County ( ) Windsors ( ) Lambertville ( ) CONTEMPORARY ESTATE IN THE COUNTRY GARDENING AT ITS BEST! Fraah vegetables, raspberries, and much more all on 214 beautiful jgreen acres with towering pine trees. PLUS a splendid colonial with foyer, study, living and Mining rooms, five bedrooms and 2V baths. A garden room, too, of cottfse! All this dose to the bus line for New York and Princeton, Lawrence Township with a Princeton address. $145,000. Please call Florence Dawes to see this quickly! ONE OF YARDLEY'S FINEST HOMES! This Georgian set among stately trees in a park-like setting on a quiet street is truly superb. A New York decorator lent this fine 4tand over the 55' living room, kitchen with sliding doors to patio, and the master bedroom suite plus much more. Slate roof, copper gutters, two bar-b-que grills and much more. FUR- NISHED: $275,000. UNFURNISHED: $250,000. DO YOU LIKE A HOME WITH SPACE WHERE EVERYONE'S ACTIVITIES CAN BE SEPARATE? THEN THIS IS IT! 4Bedroom*. 2 baths, living room, dining room, family room, den, solarium and screened porch on the first floor. 2 extra bedrooms with built-ins on 2nd floor. For the active housewife an easy to run compact kitchen. A great family house with room for everyone where everyone has room. Brick <* ana frame construction on a half acre landscaped and treed lot. Just a brisk walk from Princeton Jet. for the energy conscious commuter who does not want to spend more than $85, and this includes a I-year homeowner's warranty! T A magnificent redwood and stone contemporary completely hidden from view, but conveniently situated on Route 518. on 10V4 rolling, wooded acres. This home has been tastefully decorated with a sophisticated but subtle flair in warm and mellow tones, fabrics, and textures. Conveniencw range from in-ground 20x40 Dream Pool to a Master Bedroom Suite equipped with a mirrored dressing room and a steam shower room appointed with Italian China fixtures. The entire home has been rewired and redecorated within the put year. Custom made Levelor blinds, earth toned fabric wall coverings, and floor to ceiling windows throughout create a tranquil mood in this low-maintenance high style contem mrani. WE ARE PLEASED TO OFFER OUR NEWEST LISTING IN THE DESIRABLE ACADEMY MANOR SECTION OF LAWREN- CEVILLE, situated on a lovely lot with mature trees and plantings -plus a brook - this brick and frame raised ranch has a lovely entry foyer, living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, bedrooms, 2 full baths. The lower level has a large family room with fireplace A French doors leading to a patio, 1 full bath, bedroom, study and laundry room. Within walking distance of the village of. Lawrenceville and elementary school, this ideal family homes is offered at. $112,500. iniili Unique lownhouses with a minimum of maintenance, sophisticated design and innovative architectural style. Skylighted cathedral ceiling, glass doors to private balcony, custom eat-in kitchen with butcher block lormica counters and lots of wood cabinets. On 2nd level there are bedrooms anrl 2 baths. Energy efficient design, economical heat pump and central air. quality materials and an in-town location add up to an excellent investment in gracious living. Priced in the $70"s with 0% financing available to qualified buyers. Also investor financing available OWN YOUR OWN BRIDGE TO PARADISE! Magnificent blending of stone, glass, and wood tucked away on the Canal in a superbly designed house. Complete privacy but not isolation. A fantastic room for entertaining with sweeping view! A fireplace in living and family rooms. Porches on two levels. 4 bedrooms, baths, two-car garage and central air i $140,000. ON A CUL-DE-SAC WITH A WOODED BACKDROP is this better than new ranch featuring bedrooms and two full baths, central air conditioning and a fireplace in the living room. Extras include a sun deck with a gas grill and wall to wall carpeting throughout.reduced to $69,900. WE AR PLEASED TO OFFER THIS WELL-MAINTAINED HOME IN LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP COLONIAL LAKELANDS. Large entry foyer, den or 4th bedroom, family room, dining room & kitchen on the first level + a powder room, spacious living room on the 2nd level. bedrooms and 2 baths on the rd level. A slate patio off the family room adds to the charm of this family home situated in a perfect neighborhood for children and convenient to public transportation and shopping. Call us now!!! $75,000. JUST OFF COLD SOIL ROAD IN THE DELIGHTFUL VILLAGE OF LAWRENCEVILLE. where it's still possible to walk to almost everything...we are proud to offer an exceptionally lovely five-bedroom, three-bath colonial on a professionally landscaped lot. Large comfortable living room, dining room for entertaining, entrance hall and kitchen - both with ceramic tiled floors. The family room has a fireplace and handsomely stained pegged oak flooring. There's a panelled basement game room, as well. Many other extras, too! Please call Florence Dawes... $19, IDEAL ACRES...running from the Delaware River to the Canal, this is one of the few choice properties left in Lower Bucks. Fronting on the River in an area of beautiful homes, near shopping and commuting this land is waiting for a developer. Call Peggy Nevius for details. TOWNHOUSE FOR RENT...Never lived in! Three bedrooms. 2>/, baths, living room with dining area. One-car garage. $450/mo. PLUS utilities. New Benson Building Downtown Princeton APARTMENTS NOW RENTING N. RANCH-STYLE LIVING IN WEST WINDSOR Just move in and enjoy this charming center hall ranch! Spacious entry. f formal living room and dining room, fully equipped kitchen with breakfast area. bedrooms. 2 full ceramic baths and a beautifully finished basement family room with bar. Brick patio, gas grilk private yard bordering park, central air, wall-to-wall carpeting and much more... Reduced to $92,500. NEW LISTING - DELAWARE AVE. Lovely brick semi with 2 apartments. Completely remodelled with new oil burner, roof, patio awning and carpeting throughout. Studio apartment on first floor. Four bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bath complete the picture of this -floor apartment. Fenced in yard on a quiet, residential street. Priced to sell at $65,000. NEW LISTING - PROFESSIONAL ZONE On Main and Delevan in downtown Lambertville, a two bedroom stucco cape cod suitable for office in the home or a professional building. Completely renovated with beamed ceiling and Franklin stove in the living room, modern custom kitchen, copper plumbing, 200 amp electric, new gutters and paint. Several private entrances, off-street parking, private yard. A buy at S58.<M0. AN EXCEPTIONAL COLONIAL in the Terrace Green Section of Mercerville featuring 4 bedrooms. 214 baths and an exciting and sensible floor plan. Sparkling clean and excellent condition with wall to wall carpeting and hardwood floors throughout, professionally landscaped and a fantastic 25x1" sundeck and adjoining 27x17 patio. Call today for an appointment. Priced fairly at $8,<*)0. Air conditioned, elevator, balconies, cathedral ceilinged-living rooms. JUST WHATTHE DOCTOR ORDERED! Improved to the nth degree, thboastanding four bedroom colonial will give you just about every extra imaginable, iadading a fimthed bawmtnt with wet bar, half bath, and three room*! There's a madam feeling throughout the Irving room, with crown moulding, dining room, and cheery eat-in kitchen with butcher block aad bay window, overlooking the step-down panelled family room with built-in desk and fireplace wall of muted brick. Outside is a fenced yard.with kite of fruit trees, flagstone patio, and inground vinyl pool! Track lighting, air conditioning and much more! MEMBER: MERCER, HUNTERDON, BUCKS <S SOMERSETMULTIPLE LISTING SERVICES RELOr-WORLD LEADER IN RELOCATION EoOae Square HopewelLN.J St. LpunbertvtUt, N.J. 1 (609) From $550 por month A SUMMER DELIGHT in this beautifully decorated cape in Lawrenceville featuring 4 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces and a family room that leads to a sundeck and inground swimming pool. Two car garage andmuchmore $8,00. ^HENDERSON INC. 4 Charfton Street Princeton, N.J REALTORS WINDSORS Princeton Hightstown Rd. Cranbury, N. J (609) EWING YARDLEY 1565 Parkway IS. Main St. Ewing, N.J Yardky, Pa (609) (215) CLASSIC LAMBERTVILLE VICTORIAN Live in this gorgeous five room first floor apartment with the ambience of a by-gone era: high ceilings, marble mantels, fancy plaster extrusions, plus modern plumbing! A four room second floor rental apartment (plus attic rooms) gives help with the mortgage. A solid brick home with a new roof, a : t i i $62,ooo. MEMBER: FARM d LAND INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE FEDERATION PRINCETON REAL ESTATE GROUP HAMILTON 21jHwy. RobbitnviUe, N.J (609) Route 206 Belle Mead, N.J (201)













46 WEEK OF AUGUST 22-28,1979 MICHAEL GRAVES: Inventing a language of form By ANN WOOLFOLK There's a house in Princeton near the Herrontown Woods that leaps out of the context of its surroundings like a starfish might if seen in a swimming pool. The facade of 124 Snowden Lane is painted in tones of grey, green and maroon. It is broken up in puzzle-like forms that give a lively design to the framework. There is a perfection of balance in it that resembles a simple cubist collage that has suddenly come to life. The house facade, along with the new living room and garden wall addition, has been designed by architect Michael Graves. It is one of the several house which Mr. Graves has worked on in the area that can be seen from the street without anyone's privacy. > Michael Graves is a 44 year old architect who has arrived in Princeton by way of Harvard and Indianapolis. He is a professor at the school of Architecture and Urban Planning at Princeton University and has a practice on Witherspoon Street which is so discreet that the. mailbox with his name on it is hanging inside of the building. Mr. Graves is a highly acclaimed, much awarded architect with a small but visible nucleus of work in Princeton. His recent show at the Max Protetch Gallery in New York was covered enthusiastically in the New York Times by the critic Ada Louise Huxtable. She wrote: "He is slowly, painstakingly and lovingly inventing a different language of form and meaning, taking us into a realm of architecture where we have not been before." (Continued on page 4) TIME OFF is i weekly supplement to the Princeton Packet, Lawrence Ledger, Windsor-Hignts Herald. Central Post, Manvllle News, Hillsborougn Beacon, Franklin News-Record and Cranbury Press.

47 TIME OFF AUGUST 22-28, 1979 KALEIDOSCOPE PAA plans trip to NYC galleries The Princeton Art Association's August bus trip to New York museums and galleries is a chance to see some of the shows of the current season. The PAA's charter bus will leave the Princeton, Shopping Center at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 28, and head for Manhattan's "Museum Mile." The first stop will be at Fifth Avenue and 91st Street, where passengers are within walking distance of the International Center of Photography, The Jewish Museum, Cooper- Hewitt Museum and the Guggenheim. Cooper- Hewitt's exhibits, "Fantastic Illustration and Design in Britain 1850 to 190" and "Urban Open Spaces" will be leaving in early September; works by Finnish designer Alvar Aalto will remain until mid-september. The Guggenheim opens "Matisse and Master Drawings from the Baltimore Museum of Art" on Aug. 24th. The bus will stop next at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue, where "Treasures from the Kremlin" will be entering the final week of its run. "Summer Loans," a group of works by Picasso, Braque, Miro, Stella and others, will remain throughout September. A third stop, at Fifth Avneue and 70th Street, leaves passengers near the mansion housing the Frick Collection, and within easy range of the Whitney Museum and Madison Avenue galleries. "George Segal: Sculptures" is at the Whitney until Sept. 9; a group of works by Nevelson, Hopper, dekooning, and others will remain at the Whitney until Sept. 16. Lubin House, 11 East 61st Street, is showing 26 humorous drawings by Mary Petty that once served as New Yorker covers. This exhibit closes Aug. 1. The bus's final stop will be at Fifth Avenue and 5rd Street, where passengers have access to the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, and the Museum of American Folk Art. MOMA's exhibit of drawings by Balthus, Dubuffet, Miro, O'Keefe and others will remain until Sept. 11. Its architecture and design display of furniture and objects by Guimard, Dresser, Noguchi and others will remain throughout September. At the Museum of American Folk Art, 49 West 5, the exhibit if Hawaiian quilts will remain until Sept. 2. For the return trip the bus will make pick-ups along Museum Mile, and leave from the Museum of Modern Art at 4 p^m. This is a do-ityourself tour; there will bet no guides or lectures. The PAA will provide passengers with a list of galleries and museums, and offer information on current shows. The trip costs $8 for members, or $10 for* non-members. For further information, call the PAA at Directory of women artists available NEW BRUNSWICK - A revised edition of the "Directory of New Jersey Women Artists" is available free of charge from the library of Douglass College, ihe women's college of the State University. The directory lists the names, addresses and media of 450 artists on file with Ihe library's slide registry of women artists. In most cases the artist's phone number is also included. The paperback guide was published as a cooperative project by the library and the New Jersey Division on Women. The directory's compiler, Lynn F. Miller, a reference librarian at Douglass, said she hopes the booklet will help women artists in the state contact each other and develop a network. The directory can be obtained by sending a request and a self-addressed 8<L> X 11 inch manila envelope stamped with 54 cents in postage to Lynn Miller at the Mabel Smith Douglass Library, Chapel Drive, New Brunswick. N.J The library's slide registry, which Ms. Miller began in 197, is open to all women artists living or working in New Jersey. The registry is used by arts councils, women's groups, interior designers and curators as well as by students and faculty. included in the registry, an artist should send her resume and three slides of current work to Ms. Miller at the library. Each of the three slides should be marked with the artist's name, address and phone number and the work's title, medium, dimensions and date. For further information call Lynn Miller at (201) Musical groups hold auditions The Masterwork Music and Art Foundation is holding auditions for two of its groups, the Young Artist concert series and the Masterwork Chorus. Auditions for the Young Artist concert series will be held Saturday, Sept. 8 and Saturday, Sept. 15 at the foundation headquarters 00 Mendham Road, Morristown. The series, sponsored by the foundation, provides an opportunity for public performances by talented young musicians. Such performances give the serious student a chance to appear before a sophisticated audience and experience the accompanying exhilaration and tension which a concert situation provides. It also gives the public an opportunity, free of charge, to hear today's outstanding young musicians. Auditions for the Masterwork Chorus will be held Monday, Sept. 10,17 and 24, and Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 8 p.m. Singers are required to have blending voices and some ability to read music. Openings exist in all voice parts. The Masterwork Chorus sings choral works by classic and modern composers. Among the works to be performed this year will be Handel's Messiah and Bloch's Sacred Service. For applications and information, write the Masterwork Foundation or call , between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Talented people, have a heart Local people will provide the entertainment at the Mercer County Chapter of the American Heart Association's talent show at Angeloni's Restaurant, 1445 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road, Trenton, from p.m. until the talent runs out. Prizes will be awarded in the 9 to 16 and 17 and up age categories, and any kind of act is eligible. Entries are still being accepted. Master of ceremonies will be WPST disc jockey Lee Tobin and the judges will be from the Trenton Times, the Trentonian and WTTM. Entry forms are available from the association's office on 1819 South Broad St., Trenton, or by calling or World invited to Paterson fair History, entertainment, games, food and prizes will all be included in the Great Falls Festival. The event is Paterson's invitation to the world to visit its natural and industrial wonders. The four day festival will be held Aug. 1 through Sept.. The festival will be held near downtown Paterson. It will include a spectacular act, fireworks, historical tours, music, dance, poetry readings, a mini-marathon, antique auto show, amusements, rides and ethnic foods. For further information, call Time is growing short if you wish to take one of the daily three-hour voyages aboard the Young America, the largest American-built square rigged ship still sailing the high seas and the only tall ship accommodating the public as passengers. Each weekday at 2 and 7 p.m., and Weekends at 10 a.m., 2 and 7 p.m., the ship departs from Gardner's Basin in Atlantic City. Aug. 1 is the last day.' The fare is $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12 and includes admission to the seaport village of Historic Gardner's Basin. Further information and reservations may be obtained by calling rcover STORY Princeton architect Mkhool Grave* ha* designed a D f l f l ^ TO COfMtOCv NOrtn POfcOKI CMMl flwrn#sovo ill fffeo Fargo-Moortood CuftvroJ Confor. Tbo cover photo Is o sfcofdt or his doslgita Story coittlituocl front covor to pago4. SOUAfl UtVOSfAVOUT COLUMNS Tho Growing Roason 7 SowWfaafsNaw * Art; A wow ooflory oponi hi Rocky HW ; < WostStdoStory'12 Droarfo' ran* stntoqfli > 14 DEPARTMENTS OnVtow...,4 Coloador...*# 11 HMTOE:EH«i ««?» %» * #» * * * O ' >", ««,f. - :* " TO*: Too-Aim Doughty J

48 AUGUST TIME OFF e Studio Ensemble Theatre presents SIDE BY SIDE BY SONDHEIM A musical entertainment featuring the best of Stephen Sondheim directed by Michaol Lawronco August pm Fino Arts Confer. Rider College Call609-S96-0SU> b*tw..n 2-5 pm «7-10 pm u Auditions Mercer County Symphonic Orchestra Matteo Giammario, Conductor New member's auditions will be held: Tuesday, September 11, 1979 at 7:0 p.m. in the Music House at The Lawrenceville School. For audition time write: New Auditions. Mrs. Ev*lyn Krosnick, Mgr. Th«lawr«nc*villo School, lowrancevilu. N.J Returning members auditions will be held: Monday, September 10 from 7-10 p.m. Members will be notified regarding audition time. A heart-shaped dish is one of the specialty pieces produced from concept to finished product by John Shedd and Nina Gelardi at Clayphernalia. The studio and gallery recently opened at 200 Washington St. (Route 518) in Rocky Hill. Couple sinks everything into 'Clayphrenalia' shop WESTMINSTER 1 CONSERVATORY DIVISION announces WESTMINSTER GROUP PIANO PROGRAM Pre Piano Classes (Ages 4-6) Group and Private Lessons For Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Special Teen Classes By ANN WOOLFOLK A new pottery factory and showroom is, opening in the town of Rocky Hill by the name of "Clayphrenalia." It is the creative brainchild of a young couple by the names of John Shedd and Nina Gelardi. An unusual family project, it seems to command great support from all sectors. When I arrived at the converted mill where the pottery wares are made, Nina's parents, the senior Gelardis, were sweeping^ up. Although they were only there for the day, it was nice to see parents who pitched in and lent their energy in shaping their children's dreams. Nina's REVIEW parents had come up from Bridgewater to help prepare for the "Clayphrenalia" opening which was scheduled for Aug. 16. The mill, which is separated into studio and gallery, was purchased with the money John and Nina received when they sold their house in South Carolina. The couple had been there for a year, setting up a workshop. "We decided that, rather than buy a house, we would sink all of our money into our own business." Extensive remodelling had to be done on the mill. The previous owner, an inventor, and it filled with contraptions that had to be removed. A flue had to be cut through the ceiling, shelves, storage bins and water-control problems had to be faced. The main attraction in the workshop is a huge. 40 cubic foot up-draft kiln with a shuttlecar loading system. The shuttle system allows the bisquing and glazing of the clay to be conducted smoothly, in and out of the kiln on a rail. Although John has built many kilns in the past, this one is factory made, with the car giving tremendous efficiency. They process, according to John's estimate about a ton and a half to two tons of porcelain a month. "It takes three weeks, more or less to make the pieces," said Joh, "and then an additional week to fire and glaze." When their wares are ready, they take them around to the big trade shows in the area. They have a line of 25 set items which they both sign, to avoid constant worry about who has done what. In a show which displays pottery from all over the state, in Atlantic City, for example, they will receive many orders for their pots which they will bring backto Rocky Hill and produce together. v As of now, they are the Mamma and Pappa of all the pots, creating them, firing them, and hand decorating them. When I suggested that it might help to have someone else painting them too, Nina said, "Oh, no, that is the part we like the best." The.decorations do have a kind of joyous enthusiasm that gives the impression that they are about to take flight at any moment. Nina studied with the renowned New Jersey potter, Toshiko, and has a great love of good craftsmanship and inventiveness that often finds her dreaming of forms other than the ones they now produce. "I would like to retire some day," she said, "and do garden sculpture." While not yet ready to retire, they are making some nice commercial products which have some of the personal warmth of such pottery out of the south as the Mary Hadley ceramic line from Tennessee. They sell a covered baking dish, collander, steamer, funnel, cookie jar, heart shaped dish, soap dish, oval vase, eggs, and many small dishes vases and jars. The two potters first teamed up at the Rochester Institute of Technology where John was a graduate student and Nina an undergraduate. They say they have learned a lot working together, and their teamwork seems to have produced impressive results. Their studio and gallery are located at 200 Washington St. Rt. 518, in Rocky Hill, just before you cross the canal bridge. For the moment they will only open on Thursday, Friday,. and Saturday. Betty Handelman Stoloff, Co-Ordlnator Information ft Brochure: (609) (609) Westminster Choir Collag* Hamilton Av«. at Walnut Lan* Prlnctton. N.J. 0*540 AUG. 28 THRU LABOR DAY AUTO RACES * 4-H COMPETITION HORSE SHOWS * THRILL SHOWS N.J. DAIRY PRINCESS CONTEST CHAMPIONSHIP HORSESHOE PITCHING GRANDSTAND & MIDWAY ATTRACTIONS COUNTRY WESTERN MUSIC Firemen's Parade * Cattle Judging Blue Ribbon Lamb Sale Horse & Tractor Pulling Competition Square Dancing * Grange Exhibits Much, Much More! 7 DAYS 7 NITES RT. 1 JUST NORTH OF FLEMINGTON

49 TIME OFF AUGUST Michael Graves: Conductor of jfbrm and space (Continued from cover) This realm exists within driving or strolling distance while architectural students from all over the world visit the Graves houses in Princeton by the busload, occasionally overwhelming the prize-winning sights. Mr. Graves neighbors remain largely unaware of the significance of having his own house in their midst on Patton Avenue. "Eighty Dutch architects and students trooped up my driveway in their leather jackets the other day, and no one in the area could make out what the commotion was all about," he said recently. His home on Patton Avenue is the sight of a converted warehouse which can be seen from the street. Stepping into this domain is like stepping into the old-fashioned world of a mastercraftsman, architect-builder from another age. His house reflects something about himself. BUILT BY Tuscan workmen, it radiates a combination of warmth and dignity, that one rarely finds in newer buildings. It is a stucco and brick building that forms an "L" shape on its lot. The textures of its time-worn facade, which alternates between an old brick and a mauve stucco, help to break the heaviness of its massive rectangular forms. Ivy adds a touch of softness to the outside, and the old trees and garden give it a lovely setting. Mr. Graves, contributing to the feeling of old-world elegance walked around his garden in a closely-tailored European shirt, carefully fitted trousers and stylish European shoes. His hair is a littie long, salt and pepper toned and his mod glasses reflect a suggestion of the sense of amusement that easily enters his eyes. He is content talking about his work. "Over there," he said, referring to the garden, "will be a hedge of Ilex trees about six feet in height. The trees are small now, but they grow rapidly. Your car is parked the wrong way in the driveway, but if it faced toward us the view of the house would be more interesting." He locates, measures, adjusts everything visually. As a conductor orchestrates sound, he i. arranges forms in relationship to each other and the space around them. INSIDE HIS house, one can feel his preoccupation to detail extend. The objects of the interior, art Decc mixed with pieces of other periods, combine his love of Italian Renaissance buildings with contemporary design. The furniture, the glass bricks that let in light, even the household's cooking utensils, are wed on a formal level. Graves" interiors and exteriors have a text. They are made up of bits and pieces of the periods of art and architecture that he admires, the way a cubist collage contains scraps and pieces of life that make it refer to a whole realm of ideas generated by the ambiance in which the artist lived. Graves turns a page in the monograph on his work which has just come out. was said that the five architects included could be called "The New York School." The Benacerraf house addition, with its thin walls and complicated spacial dynamics is a good example of the kind of vision and craftsmanship of this period. The addition on the back of the Benacerraf house was designed as a free-standing pavillion and a con tinuation of the original house grid that was already standing. It shuffles space around in a complex way. making it go upstairs and back downstairs, in and out and over railings, and generally behave like a nimble dog going through its tricks. The accents are of brighter colors than the Schulmun house on Snowden Lane addition, and serve lo enhance 1 the complex inner-outer space circulation as well as adding a sense of joire-de-vive. V Composite sketches of the chairs Michael Graves and his firm are working on. Michael Graves in the courtyard of his Patton Avenue home. The heading reads "Furniture, Lamps, and Sconces." "We are going to design our own furniture," he said. "We have already started with some chairs." Like the architect-craftsman that he is, he is engaged with painting his own murals within and without his houses i one can be seen on the front of the Patton residence) and making his own sculpture. What one deals with in a Graves' house is a total visual system. The effect is refreshing and exhilerating. There is a sense of lightness and relatation on leaving because one has been treated to an aesthetic experience that purifies rather than clutters the senses. ANOTHER GRAVES house on the Princeton tour is the Benacerraf House. This house faces on Broadmeade and can be approached from a cul-de-sac off Prospect Street. It belongs to an earlier period in Mr. Graves work when he was known as one of the "F\ve Architects" group whose white buildings explored notions of complex abstract shapes. The label first appeared as a title for a Museum of Modern Art book edited by Arthur Drexler. In the introduction it OF HIS USE of color Mr Graves remarks: "I never studied painting as Ada Louise Huxtable suggested in her article. However. I have always painted and been interested in painting. Sometimes, born out of frustration. 1 have sensed that the buildings need resolutions you can't build I end up painting on the final surface." Ms. Huxtable also suggested that the two arts partake of each other's nature in a way that adds dimension to each, that neither would have had without the interaction. This seems an apt observation, for the bright, factual colors Mr. Graves used in his prize winning Gunwyn Office Building <14 Nassau St.) give an extra dimension of expressive content that couldn't have been arrived at in any other way. Sometimes he uses color to bring out a particular architectural structure, as he did in his warehouse home. "The painting I did at the door was an effort to elaborate the entrance, to call attention to the threshold or the significance of entry." Mr. Graves is particularly involved with passages, with the movement from out to in, from here to there. In general, it can be concluded that

50 AUGUST TIME OFF 5 The facade of a home at 124 Snowden Lane designed by Michael Graves is.painted in tones of green, grey and maroon. It is divided into puzzle-like forms and resembles a cubist collage. Michael Graves has a vision, and that it pulls at him from a great depth. In the show at the Max Protetch Gallery, a most remarkable design was revealed. It was the Fargo-Moorhead Cultural Center that will join North Dakota with Minnesota in a single structure. His other designs for houses and factories, office buildings and museums range around the United States and have a strong unity. Few, however, can be found in the state of New Jersey. Although he is a prize-winning architect maving received two National Honor Awards from the American Institute of Architects a kind of Pulitzer Prize in Architecture and a Prix de Rome, to mention only a few among many recognitions, he has been given no major commissions here. On this subject Mr. Graves is wryly humorous. "I used to get letters from the governor after I received my national honor awards saying, 'The only thing I regret is that the building is not in our state.' I would write back and say, 'Well, it could have been!' Then we would have a drawn-out corresponcence in which he would say, 'I am passing your remarks on, and so on.' This never got anywhere. "Fifteen years," he adds, "is a long time not to be given major commissions locally." He is given work outside the area, for instance, in the midwest, Texas, and California. It is said that Michael Graves is better known in Europe and the Orient than in New Jersey. Decor and architecture become synonmous in a Graves' home. He plays light and space as elements which are balanced by a blend of furniture styles, in this case art deco. Photos by Mark Cxajkowski Trompe I'oeil mural is one of several Michael Graves painted near the doorways in the courtyard of his home.

51 TIME OFF AUGUST A THMTftE West Side Story Musical Comedy August 2, 24, 25 (ram date August 26) Mutts $.00-Under 12 $1.50 Curtate &0PM Ba office op* 4:00 PM ptrformince (UtBonrj (609) Coming! THREE PENNY OPERA ta wt0,1 S«ptl,2, FRAMING Mwh«rt COT you pt bttur (nunwg lor nert or kn money. NOTICE DO-IT-YOURSELFERS Wt ort introducing a Ntw BUDGET antwn franw tin* to our airway oopular "Nowlitre can you ttt botttr framing etc. lino." Our Now BUDGET lino coitt llttlo. or no mort than "fromt it yourttlf. ana otlon com l«*... but naturally better and no brultci. In a world full of change we Ve still the same... PEACOCK 20 Bayard Lane, Princeton, N.J. (Route 206. just off Nassau Street) Lunch Dinner Cocktails Overnight Lodgings gay people pnnceton,nj. $1.50 donation. Men and women of all ages welcome MEETINGS HELD AT UNITARIAN CHURCH. THURS. 8:00 P.M. Aug. 2 PORNOGRAPHY: A NEW ISSUE FOR FEMINISTS - Lynn Campbell, a member of Women Against Pornography, will present an eye-opening slide show detailing the media's support for violence against women and children, and will talk about an upcoming conference and 'Take Back the Night" march. For information call NJ Gav Switchboard 1609) Vf rame foctar DO-IT YOURSELF AND SAVE 10-60%! 1. Select your Mats and Mouldings from our vast selection - always in stock. 2. Relax with coffee or tea while we cut your materials to size.. Assemble your frame (with our expert guidance) right here in our fully equipped shop. 4. Go home an hour later and proudly hang your picture on the wall. Needlework, Posters, Fine Prints, Photos, Paintings...Anything that can be framed! AMATEUR PHOTO CONTEST ft EXHIBITION OCT PRIZES AWARDED WATCH FOR DETAILS Open Hon.. Toes., Wed.. Sat. 104 MERCER MALL mm. i Fri. 104 Route 1 &filakerbridgerd. doscdsmdqs JtrijjtAui. (Across from Quakerbridge Mall) "B flft Lawrenceville (609) Works of artist Starling Spadea arc on display through August in the lobby of Western Electric'* Corporate Education Center on Carter Road near Hopewell through August. Specializing in portraiture and landscape, Mr. Spadea has exhibited at galleries in New York, London and France. The lobby is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from-2 to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Antique china on view in Cranbury Antique china from the 18th and 19th centuries is on exhibit at the Cranbury Historical Museum, 4 Park Place, Cranbury, through August and September. Included in the collection is the delicate Belleek, the first porcelain produced in Ireland; and the old Willet Belleek, made in Trenton about 1900 prior to the establishment of the Lenox pottery. Also on display is blue and white Bow china, circa 1745; Canton china, Staffordshire, flowing blue. Ironstone, Royal Copenhagen, and pieces of Bisque and Bristol pottery. An unusual feature of the exhibit is a table setting of the oldest pattern made by the Rosenthal pottery tiie Kobalt Rose by Sanssoussi. No longer produced, it was the pattern selected by Adolph Hitler who had the blue center rose replaced by a German eagle dangling a red swastika from its mouth. The musuem is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m. Admission is free. For further information, call Group to sing on the green' NEWTOWN, Pa. The Rainy Day Singers, a vocal group sponsored by the Arts Alliance of Bucks County in cooperation with Bucks County Community College Performing Arts Department will present "on the green" on Thursday, Aug. 2 at 8 p.m. in the Library Auditorium of Bucks County Community College here. The Rainy Day singers, under the direction of David R. Anderson, coordinator of performing arts for the Arts Alliance and Bucks County College, is made up of young people from the Lower Bucks County area who have recently graduated high school. The program presents Broadway music in an upbeat style. Admission is free. For more information, call One man show comes to university A one-man show of paintings in a variety of media will be on view at the Princeton University Art Museum on Sunday, Nov. 11. "Paintings ( ) by Lynton Wells" will contain 2 paintings executed in oil, acrylic, or chalk on photo-sensitized linen. It will be the first museum exhibition of Mr. Wells' work of the 1970s. The museum hours (beginning Sept. 4) are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sundays 1 to 5 p.m. It is closed Sundays and major holidays. Arts Alliance has members' show A multi-media art exhibit will run through Aug. 29 at Peddler's Village in Lahaska, Pa. The show is comprised of work by members of the Arts Alliance of Bucks County, the sponsor of the show. The show will be held in the Arts Alliance Gallery in Peddler's Village. The gallery hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. For further information, call Summer Intime Presents for the final show of the season Arthur Miller's AFTER THE FALL "Him autobiographical ploy of controversy" by the author of Pulitzer Prize winning "Death of a Salesman" Is this the relationship between Miller & Marilyn Monroe? August 2 26,0 - Sept. 2 at 8:00 At Air Conditioned Murray Theatre at Princeton University Call Now PRINCETON STREET THEATRE PRESENTS AN EVENING OF THREE ONE ACT PLAYS FINAL PERFORMANCES Thurs., August 2...Littlebrook School 8:00 p.m. Friday, August 24...Redding Terrace 7:0 p.m. Saturday, August 25...Princeton High School 8:00 p.m. admission free donations to replace our mobile stage gratefully accepted in case of rain performance cancelled

52 AUGUST TIME OFF THE GROWING REASON Virgo's birthday in the garden By DORIS H1RSCH By golly, it is my birth-time, my Virgo sign; so this week's column is my birthday gift to me: Hopefully, you will share and enjoy my party. So let's hear it for the Virgo seeds and plant needs. Indepth research reveals that I am a true-blue predictable Virgoan. This astrological sign's clues to characteristics, traits and trends of those of us born in this natal time indicates that our animal preference is small domestic pets; tree-liking category, nut-bearing (I've been told, I fell from one); and, ah yes, the flower relating small brightly colored posies. Before we become entrenched in Virgoan horticultural depths, here are more tell-tale props explaining the personalities of the Aug. 22 through Sept. 22 zodiac period. It is projected that Virgo people tend to put work before pleasure, mainly because the satisfaction is derived from helping others. Virgos are workers; they require jobs to challenge a high-scored intellect and overly-active mind. These mental traits result in highstrung nervous personalities. SO FAR, gardening would be a super satisfying outlet, vocationally or avocationally. Working in the good earth with Mother Nature is nerve-soothing; it can be darn hard work, a way of working off that excess energy; it is challenging: attempting to retain good health for nature's possessions; we humans have adopted plant material and rooted it in unnatural habitats, both indoors and outside. In order to have our plant progeny flourish, we must lead sensational lives, being aware, caring, constantly researching and experimenting Because Virgo-borns cannot sit still and relax, the fresh air of the urban scene best suits their needs. Yet, any area of gardening activity from greenhouse growing to tubbed tomatoes on a terrace or indoor hanging plants aids a Virgo in staving-off becoming the "high-strung basket-case." Astrologists claim Virgo to be the worst worriers and the most up-tight perfectionists of all the Zodiac signs. The Virgo is the sign of the virgin inferring in this instance charm and creativity. Throw all these characteristics into a bowl, toss well, and surely one has the ingredients to create a perfect "gardener" salad. IF 1 HAD my druthers, my birthday present would be a gardener's combination salad of sometimes rare but always unusual species or varieties of indoor potted plants. The following components from which the donors can select are certain to keep me tip-toeing through the botanical books and eagerly applying precautious attentions. After all, Virgos need to strive for perfection. Not necessarily in order of preference, the recipe for a "green salad delight" would include the rare beauty, crystal Anthurium (botanically Anthurium magnificum) so lovely in its display of crystalline sparkling white-streaked deep green foliage. Add a silver queen, a variety of Aglaonema commutatum. Although native to the Philippine Islands, the natives never had it so good, for this colorful variety was developed state-side. Bright green foliage fantastically marbled with ivory and white is so "yummy" looking. Zamia furfuracea or the sago palm's uniqueness is a must. Leaves grow out of a short thick trunk with each leaf consisting of a midrib with rows of stiff green leaflets covered with a soft brown fuzz. The sago palm's spectacular form truly provides a living sculpture. In addition to the native Mexican Zamia how about a touch of exotic Brazil. Birthed way South of the border is a flaunting beauty, the genus, Aechmea fasciata. This air plant of the Bromelia family commonly called an urn plant presents its features as a rosette of arching long stiff leaves, the leaf edges toothed. There is a striated coloration across each leaf of silver-gray on a dark green field. From the cup or base of this rosette erupts a spiny globe of deep pink bracks spangled with the actual purple flowers followed by long-lasting scarlet berries. INCLUDE. PLEASE, a candelabra (botanically the Euphorbia boughegi). Strong features resembling a cactustype appearance <a cactus it is not) display as an important decorative element from a hanging basket. It somehow "mosied on over" from the sandy shores of Mozambique to share its handsomeness with our citizenry. Dark green with a pale green band between each pair of ribs, stems branch out in candelabra style. Add a tempting Arabian sea grape (Cissus rotundifolia). With leaves like a grape genus, a close relative, this species vines dramatically from a hanging position. Which reminds me not to forget a pink lemon tree, Citrus limon 'variegata. A miniature native to the Orient features zigzag multi-colored leaves, on again-off again sweetscented flowering and tablequality lemons; the fruit is exceptional with green striations on the lemon to orange base color and pink inside. Well, you know my birthday wish. Feel free to borrow it and if you fail to. elicit pleasant possession at least have pleasant green dreams. COMING, ATTRACTIONS MrcwMoll "7 * \ 1 ^ - \ Rti. South of PrlnotoT" WED. AUG.22 KKart oum. Hard SUN. AUG. 2 6 Jxttcrs Country RocK THUR. AUG. 2 Windfall Colorado THUR. AUG. 0 at 'it's Be &t. AUG.27 Nut r«. AUG. 21 Top 40 TUES. AUG. 28 AUG. 1 Last Call 'pen. SAT. SE /o.r for 'COCONUTS ' ' n Jd Z I last Call THE EAST BRUNSWICK CHATEAU OFFERS THE CHOICE OF TWO WORLDS AT NOONTIME THE DINING ROOM Selections from our extensive Luncheon menu including Omelettes and Bouchees Price from $.25 Including a Glass of Wine THE BUFFET ROOM Help yourself to a large variety of Hot and Cold Continental Dishes including Coffee and Dessert Prix Fixe $5.50 Luncheon Tuesday thru Friday 11:0 until 2:0 Dinner Tuesday thru Friday 6 pm until 9:0 pm Saturday Dinner 6 pm until 10 pm Sunday Brunch 12 pm until pm Sunday Dinner 2 pm until 8 pm Valet Parking at Dinner Elegant Catering at Sensible Prices Accommodations from 25to Cranbury Road East Brunswick, N.J For Reservations Tel Closed Mondays SAT. AUG. 25 R\tz. WED. AUG. 29 Khartoum *T. 1 Se P tel ">> e r ' - r -it

53 8 TIME OFF AUGUST 221 imi-'- * *** jc^icr \' : --- AUGUST 2-29, 1979 f < KfflI EAST BRUNSWICK Chateau, 678 Cranbury Rd.: Karen and Annette Israel, guitar, vocals, soft country rock, Thurs. 6:0-10:0 p.m.. Friday 7:0-11:0 p.m.; Carol Lee on the piano. Saturday nights EAST WINDSOR Conquistador Hilton Inn, Monmouth St. Ext.: 50's Nite. Mon.; Disco live entertainment, Tues.-Sun Hightstown Country Club, Rte. ft Monmouth St.: Ballroom dancing with live. orchestra. Wed. ft Sat p.m. Free dance lessons Wed. 8-9 p.m "The Three Penny Opera," with music by Kurt Weill and book and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht, will be presented at the Open Air Theatre In Washington Crossing on Aug. 0 through Sept. of 8:0 p.m. Ken Hart (far right) portrays Macheath while Vickie Swan (far left) plays Polly Peachum. The photograph is taken from the wedding scene. The box office opens at 4 p.m. on show, dates only. Information may be obtained by calling HAMILTON SQUARE Nottingham Ballroom, Mercer St.: Dick Anthony, Sat. 8 p.m. midnight: Stan Maze. Sun. 8 p.m. - midnight HIGHTSTOWN Coach Er Four at the Town House Motel. Rte. : Sal Trippi, Tues.-Sat LAMBERTVILLE The Towne House, Bridge St.: Bob Korman, Guitar and vocals. Fri. 8 Sat evenings LAWRENCE Emerson's, Rte. 1: Tommy Edwards, folk guitor, Fri.; Bob Korman, singer songwriter ft folk guitar. Wed. MANVILLE BLOOMFIELD Blithe Spirit, Actors Cafe Theatre, in residence at Westminster Theatre. Bloorhfield College, Franklin ft Fremont Stt., Aug. 0-1, Sept. 1, :0 p.m. Bring your own beverage and snacks. HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PA. Oliver, Huntingdon Valley Dinner Theatre, through Oct. 28. Wed. 1 Thurs.. dinner 6-7:45 p.m.. show 8 p.m.; Fri. ft Sat. dinner 6-7:45 p.m., show 8:0 p.m.; Sun. dinner 5-6:0 p.m.. show 6:45 p.m. MADISON New Jersey Shakespeare Festival in repertory; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Aug ; A Streetcar Named Desire, Aug ; Monday Night Special, The Chuck Davis Dance Company, Aug. 27; The Importance of Being Earnest Aug. 28-0; Drew University Campus, Rte. 24. Mon.-Fri. 8 p.m.; Sot. 6 A 9:0 p.m.; Sun. 7 p.m MIDDLESEX Count Dracula, The Foothill Playhouse, Beechwood Ave.. through Aug NEWHOPEEr Bucks County Playhouse, The King and I, Aug ; My Fair Lady, Aug Sept. 9, Tues.-Fri. 8:0 p.m.. Sat. 5 ft 9 p.m.; Sun. 2* 7 p.m NORTH BRUNSWICK The Odd Couple, Inne Towne Dinner Theatre. 746 Livingston Ave.. Aug ; Sept. 1. Dinner 6 p.m.; curtain 8:0 p.m. Call lor reservations. PRINCETON After The Fall, Summer Intime. Murray Theatre. Aug Aug. 0-Sept. 2, 8 p.m. Sept. 2 matinee at 2:0 p.m Three one-act plays. Curtains, Interview-Job and Please Call Me Sol, Princeton Street Theatre. Litrlebrook School. Aug p.m.; Redding Terrace, Aug. 24, 7:0 p.m.; Princeton High School. Aug p.m. WASHINGTON CROSSING* West Side Story, presented by Theatre-By-The-lake at the Open Air Theatre, Washington Crossing State Park, Aug. 2-25, 8:0 p.m. Rain date Aug. 26. Three Penny Opera, presented by Princeton Opera Association. Aug. 0. 1, Sept. 1., 8:0 p.m. Colonial Inn, 500 S. Main St.: Nat Wilson at the Hammond organ and piano Fri. ft Sat. 9 p.m MCAFEE Playboy Resort and Country Club at Great Gorge: Blood, Sweat and Tears, featuring David Clayton Thomas, Fri. ft Sat.; Bobby Rydell, Sun.; Julie Budd Tues. ft Wed NEW HOPE John fr Peter's Place, 96 S. Main St.: Duke Williams and the Extremes, Thurs.: The John Cadillac Band, Fri.; Rockbottom, Sat.; Hot Property, Sun.; Chris Smither, Mon.; Michael Hurley, Tues.; Rosalie Sorrels, Wed PHILADELPHIA Stars, 626 S. Second St.: Yusef Latent, Fri.; Kenn Kweder ft The Secret Kidds, Sot PRINCETON Nassau Inn, Palmer Square: In the Terrace Cafe: Peter ft Maria, Wed. 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Vince Taylor, Fri. to 6 p.m.; Bob Korman, Fri. 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.; Vince Taylor, Sat. to 6 p.m., Barry Peterson, Sot. 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.; Vince Taylor Sunday 1 to 4 p.m., Bab Korman, Sun. 4:0 to 8:0 p.m.; Bob Korman, Mon. 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., Barry Peterson, Tuesday, 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. In the Tap Room: The Stan Rubin Orchestra, Fri. ftsot. 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. TRENTON Angeloni's, 1445 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd.; Entertainment nightly Music by Holiday V, Thurs. 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Benny Snyder and His Big Band, Fri. 9 p.m. - 1 a.m Glendale Inn, 48 New Hillcrest Ave.; Three Piece Band, Fri. ft Sat. 9 p.m. - 1:0 a.m. WASHINGTON CROSSING, PA. The Washington Crossing Inn: Adult Singles Dance. Fri.. 9:0 p.m. YARDVILLE Boathouse Pub, Rte. 156: Bill Dowd, Sot. ft Sun TIME OFF will be glad to list any At Night entertainment received in writing by Thursday of the week before publication, c/o Princeton Packet. Box 50. Princeton. N.J *,*^- "*W^ lir. 'k >«* *«, ^ Calendar copy deadline is Thursday at noon p.^

54 CLINTON The Delaware VaNey Jazz Band, Clinton Historical Museum Village, 56 Main St.. Aug. 25, 8 p.m. Bring your own chairs. Rain date Aug. 26. HAMILTON TOWNSHIP Benny Snyder Orchestra, Kuser Farm Park. Aug p.m. Raindate Aug. 27. HOLMDEL Uberace, through Aug. 25; Lena Home and Vic Damone, week of Aug. 27; Garden State Arts Center Concerts. Exit 116 of the Garden State Parkway. All shows at 8:0 p.m or LAKEWOOD Bob Smith's Lamplighters, Rockefeller Park. p.m. Free. LANGHORNE Now Time Singers, Core Creek Park. Tollgate Rd.. Aug p.m. No rain location. NEW BRUNSWICK Music in the Parks, featuring Irish folk music with GeraMne Fitzgerald, Buccleuch Park, Aug. 2, 8 p.m. Rain site, Rutgers Gym, College Ave. NEWTOWN, PA. The Rainy Day Singers, Library Auditorium of Bucks County Community College. Aug. 2.8 p.m. Free ' PHILADELPHIA Dizzy Gillespie and His Quartet, Temple University Music Festival, Aug. 26, 8 p.m. Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger, Temple University Music Festival, Aug p.m. TRENTON New Jersey State Opera Gala Concert, War Memorial Auditorium, Aug. 26. p.m. Bill Connolly and the Moody Blues, Columbus Park. Aug. 26, 7 p.m. Jimmy Saunders and His Orchestra, Frontenoc 8 Levick Sts.. Aug p.m. No raindate. -. /~) n CLINTON. Photographic Vision, works of still photographers. Hunterdon Art Center, through Sept. 16. CRANBURY 18th and 19th century artifacts recovered in 1977, Cranbury Historical Society Museum, Scott Place, through Aug. EWING Paintings, photos and sculptures by JW Radnor, Ewing Branch of the Mercer County Library, 41 Scotch Rd., through Aug. 0. HOPEWELL Portraiture and landscapes by Sorting Spades, Western Electrics Corporate Education Center, Carter Rd., through Aug. 1: LAHASKA, PA. Arts Alliance of Bucks County Membership Show, Peddler's Village. 11 a.m. 5 p.m. through Aug. 29. LAMBERTVILLE Photographs of Philip R. Haines, 1812 Room, the Lambertville House, through Aug. NEWARK Woman: A Portfolio by the Princeton Printmakers, through Sept. ; Japanese prints and books, through Sept. 0; The Newark Museum, 49 Washington St., noon-s p.m. daily. NEW BRUNSWICK The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker: (Images of Labor, Labor Education Center.) Rutgers University, Ryders Lone S Clifton Ave.. through Aug. 0, weekdays 8:0 a.m. - 4:0 p.m. PRINCETON JUNCTION Chinese StoryteMng by Cecelia Chiang, children 5 and up. West Windsor Branch of the Mercer County Library, 2 p.m. Pre-registration required NEW BRUNSWICK TCB Elvis Convention, beginning 2 p.m. Fri., continuing through Sat. * Sun.. Holiday Inn. Rte. I. HIGHTSTOWN HkjhUtown Singles' Fellowship Social Activities, First Presbyterian Church. 20 N. Main St., 8:0 p.m or PRINCETON World FoNcdance Cooperative,outside 1922 Hall, 8 p.m. TRENTON Children's Planetarium Show, New Jersey State Museum. 10 a.m. SHTURDflT FLEMINGTON \ Artists' Outlet, Lorain Mfg. Building. 95 Main St.. 10 afrin. 5 p.m. Every Sal. & Sun. during July and Aug. TRENTON Movies for children. The Red Balloon and The White Seal, p.m. Free. Planetarium Shows at New Jersey State Museum: Apollo and the Moon, 214 p.m.; Summer Sky Sights, p.m. SUnDflT PISCATAWAY Band Concerts, Johnson Park Band Shell. 6 p.m. TRENTON Movies for Children, The Red Balloon and The White Seal, New Jersey State Museum, p.m. Planetarium Shows at New Jersey State Museum: Apollo and the Moon, 214 ranr p.m.; Summer Sky Sights, p.m. EWING ' Monday is Funday, weekly programs of folk dancing and games for children 6-8, Ewing Branch. Mercer County Library. Call to register. MANVILLE Films for children, pro-school to grade. Three Robbers, Tale of Lazy People, RurnplestHtsfcin, Monville Public Library. 10 a.m. MANVILLE Senior Crazens Social,Manville Public Library. 10 a.m. PRINCETON Princeton Art Association trip to New York Museums and Galleries, leove at 9 a.m Movies for a Summer Evening, A Hard Day's Night, preceded by two shorts, Princeton Public Library, 8 p.m. Free. International Folk Dancing, outdoors near the Graduate School Tower, 8 p.m. Scottish Country Dancing, 1st floor. Murray-Dodge Hall, 8:0 p.m. PRINCETON Photographs by a m Moore and Herb Spiegel, First National Bank of Princeton. 70 Nassau St.. through Aug. Oil Paintings by Jeff Epstein, Center for Health Affairs, 760 Alexander St.. through Aug. Milled Media exhibits of the-work of Princeton Art Association students. New Jersey National Bank of Princeton, 194 Nassau St.. through Sept. ROCKY HILL Pottery by John Shock) and Nina Gelardi, Cloyphernolio, Designs in Clay. Studio and Gallery. 200 Washington St. Thurs-.-Sat. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.: Sun. by appointment. Prints by Cia McDermott. First National Bonk of Central Jersey, through Aug. TRENTON Recent Acquisitions and Friends Collect, through Oct. 7; Trenton-made Parian Porcelain, through Oct.; Children's Ptoydothes From 180 to 190, through Oct. 7; Ruth Adams' Wikfflowor Watorcotors, through Oct. 21; New Jersey State Museum, Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.: weekends 1-5 p.m. Free. MANVILLE Films for children, grade and up. Captain KkJd and Dracuta, Manville Public Library, 1 p.m. PRINCETON Puppetry Workshop for children 9 to 12, Princeton Art Association, Rosedale Road, 10a.m. -2 p.m TRENTON Outdoor Lunch-Hour Concert, Outdoor Sculpture Garden New Jersey State Museum, 12:15-1:15 p.m. Free.

55 10 TIME OFF* AUGUST 22-28,1979 Denny O'Neil, a writer for the Green Lantern {& Marvel) series, was among the- artsts appearing at the Central New Jersey Comic Art Convention Saturday. Collecting Comics: Better than mutual funds? By BERNADETTE FOLMER and ALICE CAVE A comic book convention? Imagine a small scale gathering of fans, swapping, buying and selling. their comics, haggling over prices, discussing their favorites, even bickering over which stories were the best. That's the way it was at the Comic Book Art Convention held last Saturday at the Travelodge in North Brunswick, although for some it was a ho-hum, business as usual affair. The convention was organized by two young comic book fans, Jim Huff and Jeff Bethune. Their purpose was to hold an inexpensive convention accessible to central Jersey fans. It was held in a room full of tables set up flea-market style. Dealers ranging from kids selling their doubles to full time merchants who make their living this way, peered over cartons of comics. Collectors browsed through the merchandise while artists demonstrated their craft and sold their sketches. Writers and artists such as Howard Chaikyn, Terry Austin, Bob Wiacek,. Rudy Nebres and; Denny O'Neil represented the professional world of comicdom. While they worked they amiably conversed with the fans. Collectors could buy their sketches and comic books from the dealers for prices ranging from SO cents to $100. It appears "that the comic book professionals, busy sketching, inking and coloring, enjoyed the conventions as much as the fans. Terry Austin and Bob Wiacek, two inkers from Marvel and Denny O'Neil, a writer from the same company, agree that there are two basic groups of people that frequent the conventions: those who are interested in the quality of the artwork and stories and those who are involved with the hobby purely to make money. ~ "Conan the Barbarian" (O Marvel) is a superhero created by Robert E. Howard. Here he is sketched by Rudy Nebres, an artist for Marvel. According to Mr. O'Neil collectors he met at past conventions were more interested in comics as a classic art form while now there are more "pocket calculators," people who are more concerned with the resale value. Frank Caprio of Jamesburg, who has been investing in comic books for almost six years, feels that it is "better than money in the bank. You can, in a year, turn over the value from 20 to 0 percent depending on the rarity of the books." His collection numbers close to 7000 books. Where does he store them? His wife, Pat, smiled. "We used to have a dining room." Mr. Caprio. whose collection includes a full s^t of Marvel comics, claims its value is over $10,000. He insures them for this reason. Another collector, Karl Troeller of South Brunswick, is more interested in the content of the books. Karl, whose specialty is science fiction, said that the hobby has become too commercialized. Looking around at the dealers, he mused, "I wonder if anyone even reads the comics." He also observed that the quality of printing in recent publications isn't up to par. Sometimes the coloring is faded or out of line with the drawings. Mr. Austin and Mr. Wiacek agreed that the quality of printing has gone down, attributing this to the use of new printing techniques with plastic plates. The artwork, however, is finer now than in the past. Rudy Nebres, an up and coming artist, was recruited by Marvel from the Phillipines. Despite the fact that he produces at least 17 pages a week, he demonstrated a precision and skill that supports the collectors' claim that comic books are an art form. For whatever reason people flock to these conventions both types of collectors take their hobby seriously. As Frank Caprio pointed out it is more than just a growing fad, it has for some "become a way of life." Bernadette Folmer and Alice Cave, both of whom are comic book fans, work in The Princeton Packet's production department.

56 AUGUST TIME OFF 11 Unusual gems <^r t. ~^i Dianne Williams found at shore By DIANNE WILLIAMS The lines outside shore restaurants this summer have been staggering and often misleading. They seem to have little or no correlation to the quality of food found inside. It appears that vacationers, having better things to do with their two weeks in the sun than scouting out restaurants, use the safety-in-numbers theory for finding a place to eat and simply queue up on the longest line., Using this method, they unfortunately will miss some of the glorious alternatives to the frozen fried fish factories that line the coast. The best seashore spots to my mind are slightly unconventional and can take more than one season to find. If you are in the mood for one final shore dinner, here are some of my favorites but hurry all of these places are open for the season only. Filomio's Surfside Restaurant has its home in a tiny ramshackled bungalow on the Point Pleasant inlet right next tto the Manasquan Coast Guard station. It might seem a little strange to go to the shore for an Italian dinner, but park your car in the lot across the street and sign in. 6e. prepared for a wait even if you come early and avoid weekends. Have a tailgate party and watch the boats go by; Filomio's has no liquor license but they wisely provide waiting customers with Dixie Riddle cups. Inside is small and cramped. The rafters attest to a lifetime collection of Chianti bottles (belonging to someone long dead of cirrhosis of the liver no doubt there have to be at least 400 of them). Once seated one is more or less committed to remain there for the evening as any move requires the cooperation of at least a dozen people. So why drive all the way to Point Pleasant only to have to wait an hour to be shoehorned into someone's boozy past? Because the food is wonderful... and so are the prices. Owner-chef Filomio cooks like a dream; everything on the menu is good, but his pasta is inspired. One has to admire the individualist who has chosen to keep his establishment small and his pasta homemade. Share, a hot antipasto for an excellent introduction to the kitchen. For $4.95 it includes an assortment of tortellini, homemade sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms and meat- SMGU*mMCED WIDOWED SEMMTID MEET Cr MIX EwijSitfcMpntillam CAROLIER LANES INGUEMLOUWE ROUTE 1 WITH, N.MUHSWICK liw MMK - 2 Dance noon Adm.S.00-In our 9th ftai (Ulj «$,Ut«20 1 JtoM$o)w Public Imited - No Club toloin Helen (609) Add. Info. P.O. Bd 225 HiiMstown. HJ. M52O LAST WEEK'S ANSWERS ataan annas nraaa SBQQB woaa aanqa oaan anaan DssaQBaassacKagQ Btanas Banana Dana nanaram ass naana Hasaa annsaa BOBBa aran BQE aaso naob asan nan nonaa saaan aanaa ana oas raanos HHaraaa BDca QOSH ana QQID! Banna aaec] sanaa ana nsci a SODGHJI BQOEI balls made with plenty of Italian parsley and Romano cheese. The crock of shelled mussels in garlic, butter and wine or the simple minestrone are great starters also. There are some very interesting seafood and veal dishes in the $6 - $9 price range but I always regret not ordering either the manicotti or the lasagne ($4.50). In the past three years the manicotti dough has evolved from a crepe-like texture to more of a standard type pasta but the ricotta filling is still the same light, airy marvel. Gnocchi is served straight up in just butter and cheese. Ravioli comes big and fat. A side order of Bracciole ($2.50) will more than satisfy most meat lovers. Thin slices of pork are wound around a bread crumb, herb and cheese stuffing and simmered in a tomato gravy. Desserts at Filomio's match the rest of the meal. Try either the crisp Cannoli or the Baba-like rum cake. For $20 two can dine well here, for five dollars more they can dine in ecstacy. There is only one problem. Mr. Filomio's vacation lasts from the middle of September to the end of April. The restaurant will be open until the end of August and then for the first two weekends in September. THE BOAT HOUSE Restaurant in Beach Haven is one of the few places on Long Beach Island where you may dine outside on the water. (Why are there so many restaurants at the shore that resemble dark iceboxes?) The staff is very young, the kitchen is a makeshift section of what really was once a boat house and one wonders how it all ever comes together. But it invariably does often with superb results. This year it is better than ever. Try the fish chowder or the Gazpacho as a first course. Specialties vary with whatever fish is running; last week it was fresh tuna, this week, bluefish. The soft shell crabs are especially good, or have the steamed shellfish combination of mussels, clams, scallops and shrimp. Dinners, which include garlic bread, incredible corn on the cob and French fries, average about $8.50. Children's platters are every bit as good as adults' and are priced around $2.95. Another nice thing... if you bring wine, an ice bucket appears in short order. The Boat House has kept its dessert list short and sweet. There is a moist almond sugar cake which, rumor has it, js rffade by a little old lady on the island, and a Key Lime pie that rivals anything made in the south of Florida. Both are $1.25 and should not be missed. Again hurry, come the end of the summer the whole staff goes back to school. IF YOU HAVE a yen for lobster, the Harvey Cedars Shellfish Company is the place to go. For $6.95 they feature a platter which includes a steamed one pound lobster, mussels, an ear of corn and plenty of melted butter. The main dining room is a screened in porch complete with picnic tables and overhead fans. Bring your own wine or buy some at the liquor store across the street. All these places have conscientious service and an informal dress code. Filomio's Surfside Restaurant Inlet drive. Point Pleasant, N.J. No reservations Closed Tuesdays Hours 4:0 - about 10 Boat House Restaurant Take a right off Bay Ave. on to Second Ave. to the bay. Beach Haven, N.J Open 7 days a week to Labor Day Hours 5:0-10 Master Charge/Visa Harvey Cedars Shellfish Company 7901 Long Beach Blvd. Harvey Cedars, N.J days a week Hours 11 a.m p.m. Visa Notes and Comments Recently (7/18/79) I placed one of Delaware's great natural resources, Rehoboth Beach, in Maryland. My apologies, geography was never one of my better subjects......a return visit to the Thai Royal Barge in Philadelphia (4/25/79) was a disappointment, alas. No reason for the difference in cooking was given, but I suspect that the Yuthasastrkosols took a day off. At least I hope they did. Angeloni's Every Thursday Night CAESAR'S FEAST I "Do as the Romans do!" We invite you to feast rith us. All for one low price! Drinks 5 pm -12 am Food 5 pm - 9:0 pm $12.95 per person MENU Prime Rib Virginia Baked Ham Roast Pork Roast Beef Roast Chicken Stuffed Shells Noodles Alfredo Pencil Points Stuffed Shrimp Baked Flounder Assorted Vegetables Complete Salad Bar Assorted Desserts. $ 1.00 chary* for food and drlnkt wasted Proper AWra s»rvo«on$ Accepted MUSIC BY 'Sjimmprtime' 9-1 AM PRESENTS Every Friday Night S AUTHENTIC morpsbord Served from 5 pm - 9 pm Freshly Cut Meats "* Seafood Pasta Vegetables Desserts Complete Salad Bar $4.95 children under 12 BENNY SNYDER and His Famous Big Band $7.95 per person Every Friday Night 9 p.m. 1 a.m. Singles Bar Lots off Free Parking No Cover or Minimum Spacious Dining Re ^^ SI FAMILY DINNERS Every Sunday Served from 2 pm on 1445 WHITEHORSE - MERCERVILLE (Between Klockner & Kuser Rd.) Trenton, N J anr-ian BEQQ aaase HOOQ

57 12 TIMFOFF AUGUST ofistfkif Side by Side by Sondheim' Delights the ears and eyes Bv SUE ALLEN Stephen Sondheim is Broadway bigtime. And so is the talented crew that is taking its audience on a nostalgic voyage through the Broadway genius's musical highs and lows at Rider College's Fine Arts Center -again this week-end. The Studio Ensemble Theatre production is a hit. Not since Gilbert (or was it Sullivan?) have performers and audiences alike had to pay such close attention to the nuance, the cadence. REVIEW and the polymorphic sophistication of the English language as they do with Sondheim. This contemporary wordwizard, who plays language games for recreation, has created his own style of syncopation, too, that not only delights when it works, but blows every melodic mind within earshot. The show begins with an upbeat version of "Comedy Tonight" which promises "something for everyone." And by the end of the final finale; it has to be said: there is just about something for everyone in the non-stop musical melange. Good songs and bad songs, favorites from West Side Story and Gypsy, and unknowns from Evening Primrose and Pacific Overtures. There are beautiful girls, a handsome leading man, uptown dancing, exquisite vocal shadings, and some memorable individual numbers. It is an entertainment trip that rarely goes-off-course. THE PIANO score is handled so superbly by duo-pianists Clarence Chang'and Martine Uveges, that the singers whether they are running up ramps, sitting in the third row of the house, perching on high platforms or standing smack in down-stage center are hand in glove with the complex accompaniments. A credit to the precise, sensitive musical direction from Richard Loatman, and the excellent symphonizing from all the performers. It is a marathon songfest, and every moment has a meaning, every movement a justification. It is tightly, technically bright, and full of both vocal and visual surprises. Deborah Du Gan, blonde and lovely, with a deep, husky voice more husky than normal because of extra rehearsals (when she sang "1, think I've Lost My Mind." I kept hearing her say "I Think I've Lost My Voice!") does a haunting number called "Trumpets"' about heroes. And she also bumps through a burlesque bit with a real horn in sketches from "Gypsy" that broke up the center section Sturday night. Her mellow and melancholy version of "Send in the Clowns" near the beginning of the second act was welcomed like an old friend by the local audience, and from that point it warmed to even the most obscure Sondheim offerings. Carol La Cross begins with a little too much harshness in "I Must Meet Your Wife" from A Little Night Music and in another series with Edward Teti that featured "Were Gonna/Be All Right." but she really sparks in^the second act with two sizzling numbers, "I'll Never Do Anything Twice," and "I'm Still Here." That last one almost brought the house down. Edward Teti holds his ground with comfortable finesse, especially strong in the more serious ballads, and capable nonetheless in any comedic or dramatic moment flung his way. "Whistle for Me." a quiet plea sung from a small, straight chair at the lonely rim of the stage, is from a musical that lasted for only nine performances. Mr. Teti's poignant version of the song will last for a long time. Bombastic Ellen Botwin is unforgettable. From her frothy soprano solo in "I'll Never Get Married," to the "Barcelona" air terminal scene to her languorous Cathtillian Thpanish." take-off "The Girl from Ipanema." called "The Bov From Tacarimbalatumba-del Fuego-Santa Milaga- Saletegas-Loonto del Sol- y Cruth." Ms. Bgtwin is a delight. Although serious numbers from West Side Story were not as successful for her or for Ms. La Cross, Mr. Teti and Ms. Du Gan handled the sentimental side with great charm. IT'S A SHAME director Michael Lawrence couldn't have stayed backstage where directors traditionally live. He announced from the outset as "Narrator," that there wa.s no'dialogue in the show. True. The only spoken words were from his own interminable monologue. We know he had immense problems with the staging of this thing in such a small space.he succeeded admirably. We know that a principal actor resigned three days before the opening, which forced a complete recrafting of the entire show. Tlie hecticextra rehearsal hours worked We know there was all that research he had done as director on Sondheim s professional and harmonic life. A conscientious director always does it But why he felt that all of it had to he shared so the audience could appreciate the complete integrity at the core of this presentation, well never know. Mr. Laurence launched each set of songs with a,-lring of quotes, anecdotes, and personal observations which he delivered with such artificial joviality and jagged inflection that it detracted painfully from the-superior performances of the musicians Side h\ Side bv Sondheim did not need a play-by-play by Lawrence. If there is a main flaw, it is that the director doesn't know when to stop A happy patron behind me said, when the case concluded the finale with firecrackers, "Well, that's an evening that ended with a bang." But how wrong she was Out came the tireless Mr. Lawrence to nng-in another round. After 20 minutes, we were being treated to still another finale. Like "The Boy from tacarim...iyou remember)", he just couldn't be satisfied with stopping where he was. The boy. by the way. went to livein Wales in Llanfairpluthgwingithgogerahwirndrubluthllantricilliogogogothoch! 'West Side Story' works in park By JAMES OLSON Theatre-by-the-Lake's production of West Side Story has some fine singers. It also has some fine dancers and actors. But it doesn't have a lot of people who can sing and dance and act equally well. It is a show of artistic compromises which are for the most part successful. The "Prologue." a finger-snapping collage of past confrontations between Jets and Sharks, lays the show's best choreography on the line in the first few minutes on the stage of the open air theater in Washington Crossing Park. Energetic and tense, it uses space efficiently and artistically. Other ensemble members are less effective. The choreography by DiAnna Muela is mostly wellconceived, but it tends to confuse itself by imposing too many dancers on a small space. "The Dance at the Gym" and the "Ballet Sequence" both are muddied because little can be sorted out of the mass of arms and legs. The problem dissolves when the crowd moves to the background and gives the space to featured performers. The marvelous pas de deux by Ruth Fields and Scott Roberts i wisely posing as Tony and Maria who are lesser dancers) is one of the evening's finest moments. This sort of focusing could have been used to great advantage throughout the show. There are some excellent numbers which use fewer bodies and allow more clarity in staging. "America" I Continued mi I ^ HILTON Our name says it all.. invites you to visit our new restaurant. Freshly prepared continental cuisine Special cocktail hours 4-7p.m. in our lounge 8 Princeton Ave., Hopewell, N.J. -mmutes fiom Princeton- - Open weekdays for lunch, 7 days for dinner and after theatre ( % OFF WHH The food po'don ot low check anytime a; the CONQUISTADOR HILTON RESTAURANT. EAST WINDSOR Entrees fronf$7.95 Steak Diane - cooked tableside Italian Combination Platter Scallops Wrapped in Bacon Steak & Shrimp Franchise Red Snapper JMmondine Seafood En Brochette Veal a la Oscar X CONQUISTADOR HILTON INN N.J. TURNPIKE EXIT 8, MONMOUTH ST. EXT. (609) East Windsor, N.J.

58 AUGUST TIME OFF 1 'Dracula' scares without sex By COLLEEN ZIRNITE "Oooooh. I'm scared," the tender voice of a moppet in the last row of the Foothill Players Middlesex barn, confided to a conforting sibling presence beside her. She was thrilling to the dramatic entrance of Wayne T. sdilts in the title role of Count Dracula. So were the rest of spectators on REVIEW opening night last Wednesday, for who.among us doesn't enjoy being scared? All evening the audience rippled with laughter as the vampire count radared in and out of Dr. Seward's living quarters in his asylum for the insane, searching out the lovely throat of the woman he wanted for his eternal bride. H was like the good old days of Saturday afternoon movie "matinee horror shows, even to the post show wolf-howls by the children who were generously sprinkled among the viewers. This production of Ted Tiller's adaptation of Bram Stoker's chilling novel is ideal family fare for families whose children are six to 6 years old Director John Cramer has wisely chosen to emphasize the frightening rather than the sexy possibilities of the plot, despite the exceptionally - handsome figure Mr. Dilts cuts as the count. Like many of the old Hollywood thrillers, the presentation is far from perfect, but it is fun. And, once the stage hands got Dracula's eerie mist off the ground, all the special effects by John Hickson III were professionally startling - even mystifying. Did Mr. Dilts get so deep into his character that he really turned into a bat to escape his captors who were left holding Dracula's empty big black cape? He wasn't hiding behind the sofa because its legs were high enough to show he wasn't there. Dracula is turned out in just the right measure of suavity and ominous mystery by Mr. Dilts who also speaks in a modified, evenly maintained Carpathian accent. Some of the other players adopt strong British inflections that waiver pronouncedly. Not Dennis Sheffield's, however; he comes by his naturally. The poise and gentility of manners he gives the role of Dr. Arthur Seward are also his own, and he lends authenticity to his portrayal of asylum director and concerned, guardian of Mina who is wanning away with an unidentified anemia. As the eminent Dutch doctor of rare diseases. Heinrich Van Helsing, Sid Winters adds a different accent, and it isn't Dutch. Like the effervescent personality Mr. Winters gives Van Helsing, it is hearty and enthusiastic Yiddish. Mr. Winter plays the doctor as a comic Einstein who immediately surmises that Count Dracula is one of the undead, a vampire who has been sapping Mina's strength. Mary Gust languishes beautifully in the role of Mina. As gentle Mina falls under the power of Dracula, she is just as beautiful playing a possessed seductress. Three characters remain unconvincing. Richard Kline looks uncomfortable and unsure in the part of Mina's fiance; Marc Watrel and Ampy Napoles are noticeably too young for their respective roles as Hennessey, the asylum keeper ever chasing after the escaping inmate Renfield, and Sybil Seward always chasing after a glass of sherry amusing as Arthur's eccentric sister, but she destroys the image she creates by mugging. Although the role of Renfield is very difficult to keep up, Anthony Assini's ever-spontaneous portrayal of the wild-eyed madman who is being weaned to vampirehood on a diet of flies and spiders never flags. Throughout the first two acts a playful spirit keeps the viewers tittering as they tingle to this happy horror show, but the tempo slows a bit toward the climax. The difficulty is probably with the profile placement of Dracula's coffin bed, flat stage center front. The terror of the stake-in-heart scene would be more complete if the box were tilted and faced forward. Despite its flaws, Count Dracula at the Foothill is effective entertainment. It will play through Aug. 25 with curtain time at 8:40 p.m. For reservations call Baring his vampire fangs is Wayne T. Dilts in the title role of "Count Dracula" at the Foothill Playhouse, Beechwood Avenue, Middlesex, through Aug. 25. After the Fall' next at Intime Arthur Miller's play. After the Fall, which stirred a controversial storm over its autobiographical revelations, when it was first produced in New York in 1964, will be presented at Summer Intime. This play, opening Aug. 2 and running for only two weekends, will close this twelfth season of Summer Intime. In the play Miller portrayed his second wife recognizably as the playwright's own world-famous second wife, Marilyn Monroe. Richard Maynard and Celeste Clark will be seen at Summer Intime in the key roles of a self questioning lawyer named Quentin. and the egotistical, demanding, pitiful beauty he cannot save Irom self destruction. Supporting players include Michele Ferber as his first accusing wife, Wendy Saivetz, John Whitesell II, and Len Galla as his troubled parents and his -affectionate brother, Daley Coye as a colleague willing to betray the lawyer's brief Communist affiliation in the past. Kevin Meconi as another laywer who is driven to suicide by the threat of this betrayal, and Laura Halperas the German girl from whom the lawyer hopes will come his redemption. After the Fall will be presented at 8 p.m. on Aug and Aug. 0-Sept. 2 at Murray Theatre on the Princeton University campus. For reservations, call DANCING EVERY SAT. I SUN. NITE NOTTINGHAM BALLROOM Mercer St.. Hamilton Sq.. N.I. The Urges! Ballroom jn the East With Ml Bi( Bands Sot.9-12 Eddie Show Sun Dick Anthony ADULT SINGLES $ DANCE SEvervFri. l >:0 p.m. Has mm iii (mm Trriittun\ Inn /Vinr.'Kin in The Washington Crossing Inn Washington Crossing. Pa Uv» Band Gu»«t W*lcom* For information rail 21.V Ymtr Hosts are Jerrs Poirell& Kav KressU-r Karla's ii'un Cafe Atmuxphcrf Hrrakfa-I * l.uiirli Dinni-r * Cnrklail I"riilav X \iluril;i\ l.ulf \iuhl \hiui (tl'in 1 > V11 ^»::<ll am ti.'.' "> \\ i-»t MIM llallir Si. NI«H.IIII-. I'a. Superb Steaks, Seafood & Italian Specialties Cocktails & Fine Dining Weekend Entertainment Banquet Facilities (201) (local call from Princeton) Hours: Mon.-Fri. Lunch 11:0 a.m.- p.m.; Dinner 5 p.m.-11 p.m. Sat. Dinner 5 p.m.-12 p.m.; Sun. Dinner 4 p.m.-9 p.m. U.S. Highway 206 Skillman < llitv. Odette is a beautiful country lnuw. built in 1.')-!. with -r\rr;i! ilinintr ntonii-wseach with a different ambience. I he view f ihi- 1 )i'la\\(iri' Ki\er ne> «>n fr mile-. The f<hhl is French and ( ' nlim.-ntal in [(reparation, with homemade ^tnidels and tortes,m<l emrre- MI dclirimio you'll want U> tr> them all. The Sunda> (!liani >ai*:ne Brunch. «*er\e<i from 1 to :'1O i** a lo\el\ way to njo\ a Sundav afternoon. Dance to the John Coles Trio on r rida\ and S (fez Odette South River Hoad. \<'\\ Hope. Pit. All major rrrdit rariis arrrptnl. Hrsrrtations sug

59 TIME OFF AUGUST SCHEDULE MEIV DISCO SOUND & LIGHTING!!! Open Daily: Mon.-Sun. 1 to 4 P.M. Tues., Wed.. Thurs. Nites 7:0 to 10:0 P.M. Fri. & Sat. Nites - 7:0 to 11 P.M. Sun. Nite - Special "SOUL' DISCO Music - 6:0 to 10:0 P.M. Call for Special Group Arrangements PRIVATE DISCO SESSIONS 4 Reg. Skating Parties. AIR CONDITIONED - NO SMOKING KENDALL PARK ROLLER RINK 550 Rt. 27, SO. BRUNSWICK, N. J A NEW DOUBLE-FEATURE EACH WEEK 1 LAST WEEK: Ends Sun. Aug. 26 JACK NICHOLSON & ART GARFUNKEL in JULES FEIFFER's Comedy of Sexual Mores Carnal Knowledge Directed by MIKE NICHOLS with CANDICE BERGEN & ANN-MARGRET Still one of the more original, concerned and merciless film comedies of the decade -plusleverybody's FAVORITE COMEDY HIT OF 1976! Jean-Charles Tacchella's Cousin, Cousine with Victor Lanoux & Marie-Christine Barrault Just about the most accurate representation of happy, healthy sensuality you'll see on film! Wed., Thurs. & Sun.: Carnal Knowledge at 7:0. Cousin at 9:15 / Fri. & Sat.: Carnal Knowledge at 8:00, Cousin at 9:45. 'One-maner' is tear-jerker By COLLEEN ZIRNITE A one man show sent two hot tears rolling down my cheeks. I dabbed them away before the lights went up at the Bowen Theater on the Drew University campus, in Madison but the performance by Paul Barry, artistic director of the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, in his own adaptation of Edward Everett Hale's short story. The Man Without A Country has haunted me ever since. Mr. Barry's monologue was a Monday Night Special, performed twice because of popular demand, on August 1 quite an exhibition of stamina in addition to all else. The play is stirring written as propaganda for the presidential campaign of 1864 to sharpen patriotism during the dark days when the ache of Civil War dulled the pledge of loyalties. Its publication in the Atlantic Monthly did much to strengthen the Union cause. As Lt. Frederick Ingham, U.S.N., who narrates the story of Philip Nolan's exile, Mr. Barry stimulates ardent sympatny^or a man condemned to mofe than 50 years outside his homeland, a period in which he was never permitted to see or hear a word of his country. Mr. Barry's qufet Paul Barry recitation records the fictitious account of how an eager young Army officer became involved in Aaron Burr's infamous plot against the U.S. government and was brought to trial after Burr's treason was revealed. When, in exasperation, he uttered the words, "Damn the United States; I wish that I may never hear the U.S. again," the federal judge pronounced that wish to be his punishment. Nolan was placed aboard a naval ship with a letter to the captain explaining his peculiar punishment, and from there to another and another for 56 years. Mr. Barry told how he wore an Army uniform stripped of national emblem and decorated with plain buttons. His voice echoed the urgency and despair felt by Nolan, a model officer who over and again proved his courage and loyalty as his sentence remained uncommuted. The words stick in Mr. Barry's throat, and indeed viewers feel a sympathetic inability to swallow as he relates an incident when officers were gathered on deck one day reading aloud to one another from Scott's Lay of the Last Minstrel. Nolan took up the poem with the lines. "This is my own, my native land!" He choked, threw the book into the water and ran to his room where he stayed for two months Mr Nolan wished himself dead rather than experience the exile he was forced to endure to his death. Mr. Barry's sensitive recital of The Man Without A Country which is particularly recommended for student audiences is available through the year to schools, colleges, community arts associations or clubs. For further information, contact the festival public relations office, or write to the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, Madison, N.J 'Sunburn' is, well, sort of nm«,nt Air conditioned KRESGE AUDITORIUM on the» * $O 1 1 fifl Princeton University Campus at Washington Road & William St. FREE PARKING! W«WW Information: Call McCarter Theatre Plauhousc PRINCETON! ON PALMER SQUARE LAST TWO DAYS! Ends. Thurs. Aug. 2 ROBERT DE NIRO in MICHAEL CIMINO'S THE DEER HUNTER 5 ACADEMY AWARDS including BEST PICTURE On* showing nightly ot 7:0 Illii STARTS FRI. AUG. 4 (through Wed. Aug. 29) JANE FONDA: A Special Double-Feature Presenfaffon. ACADEMY AWARDS: BEST ACTOR * BEST ACTRESS OF 1978 Jane Fonda JonVoight Bruce Dern Coming Home" THE WEST: Won by Men and Challenged by a Woman I JAMES CA AN JANE FONDA JASON ROBARDS Fri ft Sot: Coming Home at 8, Comes a Horseman at 10:10 / Sun-Thurs: Coming Home at 7:0. Comes a Horseman at 9:40. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ MR^R^R^R^R^R^R^RI For further tnf orrn ation PARKING tall 9? By MICHAEL PALLAS Of the hallmarks in the life of Farrah Fawcett including reaching puberty, separating from Lee Majors and not making any public service announcements the movie Sunburn is not one of them. It is a movie which fits into the new genre which has come into prominence this year. There isn't a name for this type of film yet, but it might as well be called a "neuter" film. As was the case with Lost and Found, The Main Event, The Champ and others, Sunburn is not funny, nor serious, nor sort of funny, nor sort of REVIEW serious, nor a little bit of both, although it sort of tries to be. The story is about Jake Decker (played by Charles Grodin), an insurance man who goes to Acapulco to investigate a $5 million claim which seems spurious. He wants to mingle with the chic, so, for $500 a day plus expenses, he hires Ellie Morgan (Farrah) to pose as his wife (an intejrffcing euphemism for a womafln her profession). They team^ip with an old guy named Al (Art Carney) who knows the local scene and wants in. And they take on organized crime in Mexico. In between the few laughs we watch some remarkably incongruent scenes. For examples: We see many scenes in which Farrah shows us the everywhich-way-to-slit-a-dress world of fashion; a scene in which a man gets shot full of bloody holes in a confessional; a scene at a disco; a scene of a very bloody dead man in a bathtub; a car chase in which Farrah outmaneuvers about 7 motorcyclists and professional drivers of the underworld. These scenes are unravelling in all their gratuitous grandeur to the sounds of such giants of the music industry as Kandidate, 10 C, Heatwave and John Ferrara. This is all part of what was to be Farrah's vehicle. She did just great with the walking and smiling portions, and she was all right with the dialogue as long as she was limited to around six words per sequence. But this was not to be the film in which Farrah rose above her image, as say Ann-Margret and Sally Fields have done. Farrah seemed more at ease with the cougar in those car commercials. Because of Farrah's showcasing, the roles of Art Carney and Charles Grodin suffer tremendously. Carney didn't do anything funny or especially endearing, as hard as that still is to believe. Grodin, a truly funny man who showed his better stuff in The Heartbreak Kid and Heaven Can Wait, cannot help but evoke some laughter with his great knack for deadpan. For example, Grodin is still wearing that dopey, hang-dog expression he has become known for when he describes himself as "the fourth-best guy in the business." When a woman shows off a garish family portrait and asks Grodin to guess who it is, he responds, "Lee Van Cleef." And when a man tells him the house he is about to rent is $10,000 per month, he swallows hard and then says, "It's a steal." He is quite amusing to watch, but the film keeps getting in the way. The most fun to be had with this film might be to imagine yourself a greasy producer who gets ahold of Farrah's film option and decides to create the proper mode of expression. Now, right then.and there you know that anything by Shakespeare is out. In fact, you can probably whittle the field down pretty quickly. And, after pondering countless scripts, you realize that a film with Farrah shouldn't get hung up on something like a plot. So, you hire a man to play the lead who has a reputation for looking funny. You add on a long-established actor, - and you pack your monogram-' med leather bags and head for Acapulco. And, of course, you don't throw in the cliff divers, because every one has done that. You simply dress Farrah up, get her teeth polished, and throw caution to the wind. You finish the film with a groovy lop 40 song from Wings, and then you reel off the longest list of credits since Bloomingdale's, including credits for a nightclub, a motorcycle company and a car company. And, as the last wry joke, you put a copyright warning at the very end.

60 AUGUST TIME OFF 15 NOW PLAYING EAST WINDSOR MANVILLE The Cinema I: SUPERMAN. 7:10, 9:45 daily. Sat. & Sun. matinees at 2. The Cinema II: JAWS, 7:15,9:5 daily. Sat. & Sun. matinees at 2. HAMILTON SQUARE ' King's Fair Cinema I: JAWS. 7:15,9:5 daily. King's Fair Cinema II: NORTH AVENUE IRREGULARS. 7:0,9:20 daily. Matinees at 2 daily through Tues. HILLSBOROUGH Hillsborough Cinema: THE IN-LAWS. Wed. & Thurs. 7:15, 9:15. STAR WARS starts Fri. 2,7:10,9:0 daily. LAWRENCE Eric I: ROCKY II, Mon.-Thurs. 1:10, 7:20, 9:40; Fri«& Sat. 1, 5:45, 8, 10:15; Sun. 1,:15,5:0,7:45,10. Eric II: MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Mon.-Thurs. 1, 7:0, 9:5; Fri. & Sat. 1, 6:10,8:20,10:0; Sun. 1:40, :45,5:50,7:55,10. Mercer Mall Cinema I: FRISCO KID, 1:10,:20,5:20,7:45,10 daily. Mercer Mall Cinema II: MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI, 1:0, :25, 5:40, 7:50, 10 daily.. Mercer Mall Cinema III: STAR WARS, 1, :10, 5:20,7:0. 9:45 daily. Quaker Bridge Mall Cinema I: THE JUNGLE BOOK, Fri.-Sun. 1, 5, 8:0. UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL. Fri.-Sun. 2:0,6:0,10. Quaker Bridge Mall Cinema II: THE MUPPET MOVIE, Fri.-Sun. 12:0. 2:45, 5, 7:0,9:55. Quaker Bridge Mall Cinema III: THE SEDUCTION OF JOE TYNAN, Fri.-Sun. 12:0,2:45,5:15,7:45,10:15. Quaker Bridge Mall Cinema IV: DRACULA, Fri.-Sun. 12:0, 5:15,7:45,10:15. 'West Side Story' (Continued from page I-1 and "Gee, Officer Krupke'" both reach artistic peaks and capitalize on the performers' energy to make smashing musical statements. "Cool," though, turns dancers into cheerleaders and should have been more carefully designed for its space ONE STRENGTH of this show is the stylish and exuberant singing. Michael Esposito's Tony is refreshing with his strong baritone, especially when he sings "Maria." He is'less effective as an actor and dancer, and thus fails to pull off the role with all the emotional artistry that it needs. The same is true of Suzanne Slachurski's Maria, though even her singing falls short in occasional bouts with stridency. Their love scenes lack the passion that is at the core of their starcrossed union. Their "One Hand, One Heart" duet is musically proficient but emotionally bland. Overall they tend to come off as secondary characters. Miss Stachurski is weak in the closing moments of the show when she has her greatest opportunity to bleed emotion from the, audience. Mechanical acting brings the show to an ineffectual end which~ merely dissolves to black. That Tony is shot MONTGOMERY CENTER THEATRE with what sounds suspiciously like a cap gun does not provide a very dramatic introduction to the scene. As Anita, the lusty Puerto Rican firebrand, Connie Harcar is exquisite. She sings with gusto, dances with electric energy, and acts with spirit. She is excellent and convincing at every moment, playing from the gut and grabbing at the audience's emotional core. This is Theater-by-the-Lake's first production at Washington Crossing's Open Air Theatre, and it may be that the company had difficulty adjusting to the unusual space. There are some lighting problems and the production seems rather confined when it might have been expanded to utilize more open space in that wonderful natural setting. Most of the action is consigned to a platform whose size is limiting, though certainly desirable for dancing. The set is visually effective except that the balcony scene is played AOULTS $.00 STUDENTS i SR CITIZENS WITH TWI-UTE SHOW $1.50 CHILDREN $1.50- The Cinema: THE CONCORDE, AIRPORT 79, 7:0 & 9:0 daily. MONTGOMERY Center Theatre: Wed. & Thurs. PRETTY BABY, 7:0, ONCE IN PARIS, 9:20. Starts Fri.: EL SUPER and THE SPIRIT OF THE BEE-HIVE, Fri. & Sat. Bee-Hive. 7, 10:10, El Super, 8:40; Sun.: El Super, 5:45, 9:10, Bee-Hive, 7:0, Mon.- Tues. Super, 9:10, Spirit, 7:0. PRINCETON Garden Theatre: Call for information. Princeton Playhouse: THE DEER HUNTER. Thurs. 7:0. COMING HOME. Fri. & Sat. 8, Sun.Thurs. 7:0. COMES A HORSEMAN, Fri. & Sat. 10:10, Sun.- Thurs. 9:40. Summer Cinema,79, Kresge Auditorium: CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, Wed., Thurs., Sun. 7:0, Fri. & Sat. 8. COUSIN, COUSINE, Wed., Thurs., Sun. 9:15, Fri. & Sat. 9:45. Sun., Aug. 26, last show of this series. SOMERSET Rutgers Plaza Cinema I: THE IN-LAWS, 2,4,6,8,10 daily. Rutgers Plaza Cinema II: ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ, 2:15, 4:45, 7:0, 9:45 daily. WEST WINDSOR Prince I: THE VILLIAN, Fri.-Sat. 6:0, 8:10, 9:50; Sat. matinee at 1; Sun. 1, 2:40,4:25,6:05, 750, 9:5; Mon.-Thurs. 7:0, 9:10. Prince II: THE AMITYVILLE HOPROR, Fri.-Sat. 5:0, 7:45, 10; Sat. matinee at 1; Sun. 1, :10, 5:20,7:0, 9:40; Mon.-Thurs. 7:15,9:25. Prince III: ROCKY II, Fri.-Sat. 5:45, 8, 10:15; Sat. matinee at 1; Sun. 1, :10, 5:0, 7:0,8:40; Mon.-Thurs. 7:15,9:25. without a balcony. With Maria only a foot or so above Tony, the scene fizzles. Scene designer Tom Cardea (who doubles admirably as musical director) should have cut corners just about anywhere else in order to inclpde'the balcony which is absolutely essential. Imagine Romeo and Juliet without it! It is one compromise that doesn't work. Jeffrey,R. Holcombe's staging gets bogged down here and there with too many actors in too little space, resulting in some ineffective crowds and static lines. He has guided his actors to some good characterizations, but a few scenes seem merely to stop rather than coming to dramatically motivated ends. He should also have given a sharper eye to his actors as singers. They tend to drift emotionally away from the action and turn to sing directly to the audience, a convention that is inappropriate to this show. They sing well, but often fail to sustain the emotional pitch that leads up to the songs. West Side story is a complex and super-challenoing musical in all tumntir trite M. respects. While its production is not perfect, Theatre-by-the Lake has conjured up a respectable show that is certainly, worth seeing. It continues this weekend. Aug (rain date Aug. 26) at 8:0 p.m. at Washington Crossing'.s Open Air Theatre. ( ). GENERAL CINEMA THEATRES ALL CINEMAS $1.50 'TIL 2:0 P.M. MERCERMALL 4S-7UI nun MMKJVIMCI I M «OAD FRISCO KID 1:10. :10. 5:10. 7:«S. 10 MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITTI 1:0.:15 5: STAR WARS I 1:10 S:M 7:JO»:*S THE^PRBVCETOJV e PLA e VtiOUSE invites you to join its new mailing list. STARTS FRIDAY CHECK TIMETABLE "Often funny... IT RINGS WITH THE TRUTH." -Gene ShaH. NBC-TV VERY FUNNY, it's the r of everyone who's Lto New York, and that's all 'of us.",,-joel Siegel. WABCTv -» CMAM-AMMtC AM COMOV SMASH CO HIT! "A true work of artr rwmslen/nypost Starring ALAN MERYL BARBARA ALDA STREEP HARRIS Fri. IhniSun. 11:0.1:45 (US 5:1) 7:4t. 10:15 FRANK LANGELLA DRAOJ1A "JUNGLE If you d like to receive our bulletin this fal 1. with advance notice & information on our coming attractions. ust drop this form in the handy box provided, or give ii to an usher.or drop it in the mail and while you re at it. wed also like to know if there s something you d particularly like to see at the Playhouse in the future (please be realistic) We make no promises but we don t have all the answers, either 1 PLAYHOUSE MAILING LIST, Box 41, Princeton, N.J YES: Please add my name to your mailing list for future programs at the Playhouse Name. Address City. State _Z,p _ and if the Playhouse were my theatre, id like to see

61 16 TIME OFF AUGUST 22 28,1979 SEW WHAT'S NEW Skirting the issue What's New? By ALIDA MACOR An open letter to mothers: I would like to teach your daughter to sew a new wrap skirt for school. I will "lead her by the hand," step by step, from size selection to comdletion. The total cost can be as little as $5 depending on your fabric choice. Even a pre-teen can succeed with this pattern (Simplicity 7876) if she can use a sewing machine. This may be a solution to the end-of-the-summersyndrome, (I have nothing to do"), and the start of a profitable hobby. McCall Pattern Co., Six Flags Over America, and Teen Magazine are jointly sponsoring a sweepstakes contest, with 50 prizes, for anyone 21 years, or under, as of Nov. 0. Use an entry blank or a by 5 inch piece of paper. Include name, address, birth By William Lutwiniak ACROSS incarcerate ZhivagiJ s love Ponder Ski lift Frogner Park city ' Athens assembly First class Memorable Hollywood name Stravinsky opus: Phrase In (beset) Lees voce Bypasses Angular function Cap (From headto foot) Siberian antelope Certain radios Small combos Melt Quilt liners Year Irritate Pang Tres y tres Assns. Ovid's yesterday Colorado- New Mexico border peak Inexorable procession: Phrase With 57 Down, a French com- Doser.,.; 5'. c date, and two favorite McCall pattern numbers. Mail separately, before Nov. 0 to: McCall Six Flags Sweenstakes. c/o Teen Magazine, 8490 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA Make a wrap skirt [Part 1] I've selected Simplicity 7879 for you because it is easy to sew and it fits from 2>2 inch to 44 inch hips, give or take an inch. So let's determine first your size, by measuring your hips at their widest point, usually 7 inches to 9 inches from the waist. Buy the size nearest to this measurement. If not in stock, the store can order your size. Next check the back of the pattern envelope for the yardage required and the fabric suggestions. Do not buy a knit, a plaid, or stripes. Choose a firmer fabric Mike poplin) to look heavier, and a soft, but not clingy, one <like Challisi to look slimmer. You Off Crossword Puzzle Kdi(ed b> Margaret Farrar and James C. Bold) Froncf puet ^PP'oachts Cha'.eao features Inner Hebrides Residents of 17 Across Hebrew letter: Var Split Cow Deferential Tages (one day): Ger. Year components Kine's milieu Podium Contented sound Festal octave Utter foolishly Yrly. Virgil's phrase for 49 Across Pelota accessory Composes again Latin moth "In signo vinces' Scintillae Certain stitch efense technique Phrenic Buccaneer city Teenage infatuation Singer John Dodgers of bestseller: Phrase!»? * I 99 oo o ' Opt" a house 'eature Ni,:'Lupa!'.e Ante Span s second longest river All talerl) Prepare Overwhelm Former Tunis VIPs DOWN Notes quicmjy Camiifire remains France Shellencased Gets on in time Representative Radix Sandy's sound Dovetail feature Colligate Light cotton Delay Scar- "borough's island Yosemite spectacular: Phrase "Rule Britannia" composer Ohio athletes Beset Opulent Mosque tenants B Russiaradio Dioneei Bridge hands Tonsonal service Word with told Hebrew letter Campus pads Capt. Nemo's creator Departs Writer Vicki Official proceedings Vehicle for Hepburn Oscar award: Phrase Semester Ripple pattern Thermoplastic wrap Compels to go Deified Roman spirits own Staghorn and moonwort Discrimination Cum grano. Lady friends See 5 Across Erstwhile Pleasant Island Fragrant wood Tropical.'Tip ciimsiny p'ant Ha-.ieis Rome s port Scull or shell Undiluted Bye Is boiling mad Euripides' Arcadian princess Flower feature In the doldrums Tethys and lapetus Trip 192 Dempsey victim Untwists rope strands Ionian island Copter essentials Admiral "Bull" Song of praise "The Metamorphosis" author Indian drum Partner for each Boundary Famed essayist Done, for short Anthracite Piccadilly Circus statue Toddler Main and Market: Abbr might like a small print in black, taupe, or burgundy, which would carry over nicely through the fall. Buy one spool of matching thread at the same time. When you get home, take a' few minutes to read all the enclosed information so you'll understand the markings and the sewing terms. Find the cutting layout that applies to your size and fabric and circle it. I usually suggest pre-shrinking the fabric; but since a wrap skirt is size-forgiving, just steam press you material. Remove the wrinkles from the paper pattern, if necessary, with a warm, dry iron. The finished skirt length is 27 inches; so measure a favorite skirt and decide on the length vou want, before cutting. If you want 25 inches, for example, carefully measure 2 inches from' the cuttingjine, all around the bottom, and trim it off. (Remember what my mother told me: "measure twice and cut once "> If you wish it longer, tape strips of wax paper to the bottom, and add on from the cutting line. Find a flat surface to lay out your material and fold it over just enough to be able to place the skirt on a double thickness Follow the picture, but only cut A first, remembering to place the edge with the arrow along the fold. Then take your leftover fabric and cut oneeach of B, C, and D. You can mark the d"6ts with a n 4 inch scissor snip; but cut out the notches on the pattern, at least for the first time. Next week, we wrap it up! LAST WEEKS ANSWERS ARE ON PAGE 11 LETS DO IT TOGETHER By DOROTHY RUBIN The goal of today's "game is to choose the word from the list that covers all the meanings in each set. Intermediate-grade level children and up can play. Word List: apprehend; butt; knit; pale; test; detail; mark; forward; fold; bore 1. an external hard or firm covering, criterion, trial, try 2. to report distinctly, to assign a particular task, item, a part of a whole. trace, vestige, sign, symptom, indicate, note, stamp 4. to make a hole, to move ahead, caliber, a tidal flood, something devoid of interest 5. an enclosure for sheep, a flock of sheep, pleat, collapse 6. advance, brash, near,* extreme, promote,-a mainly offensive player, to or toward what is ahead, precocious 7. arrest, seize, understand, foresee, perceive, fear 8. to cause to grow together, to link firmly, to become compact 9. to trim or square off, target, a blind for shooting birds, to thrust or push head foremost 10. an area or the limits within which one is privileged, enclosure, picket, feeble, dim Answers: 5 JIU> -g puai %iddb ]_ -9 pjoj -c djoq -f (JBUI " 1! B '»P 'Z ' sal 'I FUN WITH WORDS The answers for the following clues are two rhyming words. 1. a moist animal 2. a girl friend. a considerable bet 4. a subdued amusement 5. an animal offspring 6. an exhausted fish Answers: duiuue dtui -9 JHi jauuo c auiei) auiei JOTBUI ed j«2 tad» M j

62 Week of August VB Henderson Houses, Of Course! Hopewell ( ) Belle Mead ( ) Princeton ( ) Evfing ( ) OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY AUG. 26, 2 to 4 p.m. CLASSIC COLONIAL on IVz acres only houses from private sailing. swiniminj;/if*>-skatink lake. Entrance hall with soft brown imported French wallpaper and deep luxurious Hershey-brown carpeting. White walls accented by custom ebony-stained shutters and wall-to-wall bookshelves. 2'/i ceramic tile baths. Master bedroom carpeted in white shag with cop[mt brown walls. large children's rooms with enormous closets. 9' high ceiling in dry basement. Extra insulation. Of course a fireplace in the living room SI DIRECTIONS: From Pennington: E. Delaware Ave. to Pennington Rocky Hill Rd.. Right on Elm Ridge Rd., 2nd left on Blue Spruce Drive. Right on W. Shore. Left on Meadow Lane to sign. MONTGOMERY TWP. Four bedroom cape w/2 full baths, kitchen/family room w/fireplace. Immediate occupancy... $99,500. JUST RENOVATED IN-TOWN CAPE COD...Brick and aluminum, with a Township approved "flat" that produces $00 per month income! Here's a chance to save gas and mortgage payments! The main house has living room with fireplace, dining area, library wing, compact kitchen, master bedroom, den, two other bedrooms and two full baths. The studio apartment features one large room with separate modem kitchen, full bath, its own entrance and laundry facilities. All for $ HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP Rancher near Pennigton. excellent condition/on a 100x200 treed lot. Foyer, large living cmm. formal dining room, eat-in bright kitchen. large bedrooms. 1 '/baths, full basement. 1 car garage. Maintenance free. $76,000. NEW LISTING: Privacy yet close to everything. Expanded ranch in Lawrence Township with bedrooms and 2 baths. Wooded one acre lot with mature plantings. Two car attached garage with electric garage door opener. Central air. Hardwood floors with wall-to-wall carpet in the living room. hall, master bedroom and family room. Beautiful Condition... * $14,000. JUST LISTED IN MONTGOMERY Enjoy the privacy and summer scenery from the redwood deck of this - bedroom ranch on 1+ acres offering living room, formal dining room, family room, eat-in kitchen. 2 baths, central air. full basement, 2-car garage. 10 minutes from Princeton. Walk to the Pike Brook Country Club Offered ««"-500. WERE PROUD AS PUNCH TO OFFER OUR NEWEST COLONIAL IN THE DESIRABLE PINE KNOLL AREA OF LAWRENCE. A lovely center hall plan with living room, dining room, family room with fireplace.-.and comfy kitchen. Four bedrooms. 2V< baths, partial basement. Two-car garage, central air AND all on a wooded lot for just $97,500. Please call to see this right away! 'UNIQUE.. Immediate octmancy in this spacious Cape. Large screened porch off eat- J in kitchen. 4 Jecooms. 2 full baths. Panelled game room with bar. an- "'tique brick fir»pl«e. Call for more details $7<>.<XMI. A SUPER VALUE Tin' Cla-sir Colonial Iteaulifully Reproduced features four bedrooms, a catlicdral-ccilinucd fumil) room with beams and nmgh-hewned cedar wall around the fireplace. W arm. earth tones carefully selected b> the nielii'iilousowner. Center hall, diniiif! room with chair rail, spacious living room with second fireplace, and a kitchen that o >ens to un invitinc deck. Mam features. includiiu! dark-stained floors, crown moulding. micro\\a\e and self-cleaninc ovens, central '.. $168,500. HILLSBOROUGH. ROUTE 206. IDEAL FOR A STUDIO OR IN-HOME BUSINESS TH&4BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Is offered to you in this super new listing in Belle Mead. Not only do you get an immaculate 4 bedroom colonial, with two baths, living room with beamed ceiling <S heatolator fireplace, dining room with built-in corner cupboard, kitchen with dishwasher & disposal, full finished basement, solarium and screened sun porch. But also a huge 24x0 barn with floored attic and bessler stairs. COUNTRY CHARM WITH A PROFESSIONAL LOCATION$8,900. The Reality is here and your last chance to have a custom designed contemporary in an Exclusive private area of Princeton Township! Secluded and splendid situated on I professionally landscaped acre with ownership in a park-like setting of o + more acres. The flexible arrangement of rooms will meet the needs of an active family who require the utmost in comfortable living. This innovative plan includes the usual amenities of living room, dininc room, kitchen, four iiedrooms. three baths, family room, large basement with space for more recreational needs, two car garage, air conditioned. Call for details $225,000. SECLUDED RETREAT ft Privacy se»rs will want to preview this unusual rancher in Ewing Township'srestigious Mountainview area. Nestled amid towering trees on a halfia* lot. this rustic cottage conceals an ultra-modern interior with a r*m kitchen, fireplace, skylights, built-in stereo system and rosewood pnelling. There's also a -car garage with a huge workshop area for dertist-in-residence. A new listing at $76,500. TWIN MAPLES FARM Secluded ileek off the living room overlooks fenced pastures under old shade from this Circa Itl.'iO farmhouse that has been completely renovated foi loditv '-> li\iiuj. \ cedar clapboard Colonial in the executive estate area of ll<i N'ui'll I m\n-hip. Situated.on almost."> acres with room and facilities f.'i lior-.-~. tin- Imnie features a from to hack living room with brick fireplace, large familv rmnu. (urinal (warned dining rimini with closed ualk-in.fireplace. <'al-in kitchen and combination full bath and laundry on firsi floor. Front and hack staircases serve four bedrooms and ram- HK4u»Milali7fd baths on x-rond floor. Presently in use as a horse farm. A hard!! find property at this price SI.'iK.OOO. ONE (terrific house) TWO (fireplacesi THREE (tiered deck! GO! This is a house to race to see. It has four bedrooms, l x h baths, formal dining mom. eat-in kitchen, family room, game room...and it's all in beautiful condition. Act now to be in the Montgomery schools early!... $108,900. IN LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP FAMILY LIVING AT ITS BEST IN THIS COMFORTABLE TWO STORY COLONIAL ON A LOVELY CORNER. Close to schools and shopping, das four bedroom two and a half bath house has a spacious living room, dining room, eat in kitchen, familv plus a large -unroom w/fireplace lor year round pleasure, a new central air system, two car nnr Q basement. S^.oOU. "Exciting New Listing" Unusuiexpanded ranch. 4 or 5 bedrooms. Two family rooms, stone fireplaf Modem kitchen with breakfast room, jalousied screen porch. Dreanix>l. enclosed yard, immaculate condition, available immediately. Asking $79,9(10. Bjcks County ( ).*- V*.«' NEW LISTING: If you tried to get all the best things into one house you couldn't improve on this! In Pennington Born with old shade, a three bedroom rancher with two full ceramic tile baths. Super up-to-the-minute eat-in kitchen overlooking a sunken family room with adjoining dining room. Glass walls give free access to secluded and tree-shaded patio, two car garage. See it now. This will not last long $95,000. BUILDING LOTS Beautiful, partiallv wooded lot on quiet, paved road conveniently located to Princeton. Hopewell. and Sonierville. With road frontage of 29 feet in \ it mit\ of custom home~. Call for more particulars $4,000. Su >er heavily wooded acre building lot in the Sourlands... $1,000. MEMBER: MERCER, HUNTERDON, BUCKS & SOMERSET MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICES RELO-WORLD LEADER IN RELOCATION A REAL FAMILY DELIGHT in this four bedroom colonial in Montgomery Twp. boasting a beautifully planned home with a country kitchen, spacious family room w/fireplace. formal dining room, large living room, central air conditioning. A MUST SEE IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A REAL BARGAIN $12,900. NEW ARRIVAL: " ' - An amazing value in Montgomery this four bedroom home located on a country lot with mature plantings and trees. Family room w/fireplace. carpeting, thru-out, 2 car attached garage are just a few of the pluses...see it now $9,000. JOHNT IF HOUSE BEAUTIFUL HAD A CENTERFOLD. THIS WOULD BE IT! A pristine Colonial on 21* acres in Princeton, designed for everyday living and gracious entertaining! Formal living room with fireplace, spacious dining room, cherry panelled family room with fireplace, gourmet kitchen with bay-windowed dining area, laundry. pantry and convenient rear stairway. A king-sized master bedroom with fireplace, full dressing room and bath. Three other large bedrooms, hall bath, and a large dormer room with private bath and access to the rear stairs. Completely air-conditioned, three-car garage, professionally landscaped. To complete the picture, a 42" custom Sylvan pool and tennis court! * : $295,000. ^HENDERSON DCAT TADC^W REALTORS J!\'C. IN ONE OF BUCKS COUNTY'S MOST PtSTIGIOUS NEIGHBORHOODS - EDGEHILL GARDENS Unttal is the word for this Brick & Aluminum Colonial. The eat-in kitdn 120x261 is breathtaking with glassed wall, raised fireplace with adjiing large greenhouse. The panelled gameroom, basement, has hairood floors and is 2x1'/$. In all, 12 rooms and 5 bedrooms, 2> bal screen porch 2x14, 2 patios, sitting room - Newly decorated Mi iwave oven Newly Fenced Yard - Convenient to Shopping - Taxes onl 1192.' $169,000. MEMBER: FARM & LAND INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE FEDERATION PRIEETON REAL ESTATE GROUP HOPEWELL Hopewell House Square Hopewell, N.J (609) LAMBERTVILLE 12 S. Franklin St. Lambertville, N.J. (609) PRINCETON 4 Charlton Street Princeton, N.J (609) WINDSORS Princeton Hightstown Rd. Cranbury, N.J (609) EWING 1565 Parkway Ewing, N.J (609) 88-94D0 YARDLEY 1 S. Main St. Yardley,Pa (215) lamilton U Hwy. RobUwville, N.J » BELLE MEAD Route 206 Belle Mead, N.J (201)

63 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 16-B Week of August HILTON REALTY CO. OF PRINCETON INC. ESTATE LIGHT Karl and Pat Light, Brokers Realtors 247 Nassau St SALES ASSOCIATES Constance Braucr John Cartwright Morcy Crimmlns Cormlla Dialhcrm Laurtncewlle Sperialists Jonal Mattason Stuart Minton Carl Poo* Braxton Pr*ston Marg* Dwytr Glody^Wrlght Princmton K»ol Estate Grovp MulHplm UxMng Icrvfc* TWO NEW LISTINGS 1. BOROUGH COLONIAL MOVE INTO this newly constructed 4 bejroom Ranch. Another fine home by William Bucci Builders located to Section I of Brookmead. Slate entrance foyer, living room, diningjroom, family room with fireplace and sliding doors which lead to a urge deck. Modern kitchen, 2V& baths, central air conditioning, Anderan windows and a two car garage. Call today to see this outstanding honje $15,000. MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP Highly desirable area. Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, den, 4 bedrooms, 2V4 baths, family room, playroom. Gorgeous grounds on the edge of old woods. Quiet secluded street. $129,500. J Location, size and condition are the notable assets of this pretty, freshly painted Colonial, tucked away on a peaceful Borough street. Large living room with fireplace, dining ell, pleasant kitchen, study, sunny corner bedrooms and U4 baths provide just the amount of living space lots of people are looking for these days. In addition, the house is attractive, beautifully built, and comes complete with stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer! $19, TOWNSHIP CAPE COD How often can you find a bedroom, 2 bath house in a nice Princeton area at this price? Living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, study, and bath are on the first floor; 2 bedrooms and bath on the second. Nature landscaping on a nice lot backed by woods. Some tender loving care is needed, but if it weren't, the price would be considerably higher. PRINCETON TOWNSHIP Let the sun help save you money! Intriguing contemporary with living room, dining area, kitchen with breakfast room, study, 4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths. stunning setting. $195,000. $92,500. NF.W CONSTRUCTION ON WOODED I.O1- Immediate nccupancy and convenient for <*immuters. 4 Bedrooms. % baths, spacious li.\ inji. dining and family room with fireplace. Modenlitrhen with eatinjr area, central air conditioning, aluminum siding, stork and screens, deck and two-car fjarafie. Call Hilton for an appointment fsee this super house $ WEST WINDSOR Peaceful rural setting within biking distance of the station. Solid, homey bedroom, 1 V4 bath house; many handsome outbuildings; almost 7 acres with fruit trees, berry bushes, woods, fields, brook/' Rustic garage apartment. $159,&00. EXCELLENT TOWN HOUSE RENTAL in Queenston Commons - walking distance to everywhere. Living room with fireplace wall, separate dining room, study. Oversized master bedroom, 2 other bedrooms, 2 Vi baths. Pool and tennis court rights. Available for one year or longer, August 15 or September 1. $850 mo. PRINCETON BOROUGH! Wee town house within walking distance of almost everything. Living/dining rooms, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 Vi baths. A discerning buyer could turn this house into a charmer. $125,000. INCOMPARABLE GRAND OPENING Wanted To Rent Wanted To Rent YOIADONT HAVK TO BUlLD-we have a less Ian year old. two-story CnloAial on a woixlpd lot The home is in excient condition with 4 bedrooms. 2Vi> baths, large living room, dining n^i. den with fireplace, large nmdern eat-in kitchen, full basement, two-ciiaarage. The redwood deck has a built in California hot bath. There are nny other extras. TWO WORKING WOMEN seek 2 BR dwelling in Princeton or surrounding area End Aug occupancy. References available. Call weckdavs. H PROFESSIONAL COUPLE - seeks 1 BR apt. in Princeton. Beginning Oct. 1. Please call bet. 9 & After EXCELLENT'DUPLEX.IN PRINCETON - i<> bedrooms, living room.-bath and kitchen on 1st floor. 2nd flooiapartment has one bedroom ami living room-kitchen room with fireplace. * SO'OO EXCELLENT RANCH - in the Franklin Park an close i«. l>u- line to N.Y.C. and Princeton. Vi'ooded lot with tall sluullrees. secluded one acre yard having \\ bedrooms. 2 baths, wall-to-wall irpeting and central air conditioning.. _ s«4.r>oo.. 5 MINUTES FROM NEW YORK AND PHILAI1LPHIA TRAINS bedroom Split Level with family room, livingroom-dining room combination, kitchen (new stove. I Home in tip-top srpe.... $8.WO. SURROUNDED BY WOODED SCENERY <r latest two-stor> Colonial contains. 4 bedrooms. 2'/; baths in a neigh>rho<xl convenient for commuters. A total of eight spacious rooms for mifortable family livinc. Readv for immediate occupanev. Call Hilton fmn appointment..'.' Sl.V.i.OOO. HOUSES FOR RENT at $ each per month. HOUSE FOR RENT in Lawrence Township. Imr-diate occupancy. Call Hilton for further details. RENTALSvHouses and Apartment MEMBER: Princeton Real Estate Group Mercer & Somerset County MLS Affiliated Independent Brokers (Nationwide Referral Service) 194 Nassau St Hilton Bldg., 2nd Floor Gardening & Landscaping H.D. LANDSCAPING e landscaping service. intenancetshrubbery ed. Merion sod in-, top soil & driveway delivered. Please call -mi. Gardening & Landscaping SCENIC CREATIONS, INC.. Designing and planting, lawn maintenance, sodding. Commercial and residential. Free estimates. Call open 7 ays till 5 p.m. Evenings ad Weekends Call: William Suessler, Harvey fje R Margolis Allen hrcy Russ Edrftds Jim Ajiian Asa G fwery FriederilCoor hardening & andscaping EERLER LANDSCAPES Landscape Designing and Contracting Gardening & Landscaping Bucks County has a new prestige address in Lower Makefield Township Pebble Creek Elegant single homes on extra large lots in a magnificent community Luxuriously comfortable homes of varied design and superior workmanship To reach Pebble Creek take I-95 to Yardley New town exit at Route 2 Take 2 East 1/2 mile to Creamery Road Turn left to Quarry Road then right to models Open 12-6 everyday except Wednesday & Friday Phone MOWING tall weeds grass, small & large fields or pastures, free estimates GEORGE'S GREENERY Landscape Design &. Maintenance Commercial & Residential I.awn cutting, spraying, fertilizing and field cutting Front end loader rental RESIDENTIAL DESIGNS - and professional planting consultation by accredited landscape architect. Reasonable rates. Call after 5pm. TREESCAPE - Tree care & Landscaping. Create outdoor living spaces. Design & maintenance. Tree removal & pruning , Models are priced in the low nineties. Gardening & Landscaping GROUND COVER - for sale. Myrtle (periwinkle), pachysandra. Delivery fcrlums, field grown cushion, Inany varieties. Wholesale & retail. Buy direct from Grower. Tindall s Preenhouses, LANDSCAPES - trees relocated, new lawns, top soil, shade trees & ornamentals & root feeding. Call Tree Care, Inc TOP SOIL, STONE & FILL Bulldozer work, trench lg and land clearing W24 or In Princaton coll To Ploc* a ClassHiadAd A gracious Bucks County community of prestigious single homes, HAMPTON ESTATES creates new standards of excellence as the measure for all others. On roiling terrain, these stately homes of varied design in private cul de sac settings are picture-perfect in their country environment. Models priced from Upper $70'S. Plonned CommuZtl 'OR WELSH RD HORSHAM PA 65" 4 70 Paving DRIVEWAY CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE We've been serving Central Jersey for over 12 years. UMBERTO PIRONE DRIVEWAY CONSTRUCTED with asphalt, crushed stone or concrete. Back Hoe service, top soil, etc anytime. Wanted To Rent From 1-95 Yardley Newto^n Exit take 2 west into Newtown proper then south on 52 to Middle HoMand Rd Right to St Leonard s Rd then nqnt NE Phila north on Bustlpton Ave continuing on 52. Buck Rd. past Buck Hotel continuing on 52 to Middle Holland Rd Left to St Leonard s Rd then right Phone: Open 12-6 everyday except Wednesday and Friday. Wanted To Rent TEACHER seeks small cottage or apt. in Princeton area. Prefer country. Willing tohousesit. Call YOUNG PROFESSIONAL COUPLE looking for quiet rental in Princeton after 5 p.m. TEACHER - desires nice one bed-room apartment in Penning ton area for Seplember 1st. Reasonable rent. Call evenings. RURAL HOUSE, low rent in RETIRED GENTLEMAN exchange for upkeep Seeks room and Board in 9269 or Princeton area. Replv Box # 02665, c/ oprinceton Packet. APT. MATE SOUGHT to lex* for 2 BR apt. late 20's, 0's. $150 ea MARRIED COUPLE desires apt inr Mercer Co. Will do maintenance work lor fair rent RESPONSIBLE FEMALE - looking for 1 BR apt. in general Princeton area. Excellent references, also have 2 verv well behaved cats, i.e. they don't destroy apts. & references from previous landlords supporting this. Needed by 9/15/79. Please call after 8 pm. PROFESSIONAL COUPLE - seeks 2 bedroom apartment in Princeton borough for Oct. 1 or earlier References. Call after f> p m ; MONMOUTH JUNCTION. -4 ihrm house., family w/5 ^children. Rent betw. $50-$400. Need immed SMALL LOW COST HOME - or apt. needed for refugee family. 10 mile radius of Princeton Please call TSC PROFESSORS - Married, with well trained Bassett, seek efficiency apt or rooms for Sept. thru May. Call , after 6 pm. KINDERGARTEN TEACH- ER at Littlebrook needs housing for herself and one child Desire bright space in family neighborhood reasonable rent Leave name, number for Eileen Lawrence, Will call back. WORKING COUPLE seeks 1 or 2 bdrm apt up to $00/mo Starting Sept. l. Leave message tor Debbie YOUNG COUPLE -relocating from Toronto looking for private spacious quarters in quiet neighborhood. Dog & ca t Reasonable. Call after noon, PROFESSIONAL COUPLE - wishes to rent an apt. house or cottage in the Princeton - Hightstown area. Preferably with charm. Exc refs. Please call or SINGLE WORKING MAN SEEKS - Log cabin, cottage or Bungalow south of Menlo Park Mallw/ country setting , ext. 51/ 52 Mon-Fri., 4pm-i2 midnite & ask for Rich. TEACHER desires to rent apt. or small house in Princeton or Hightstown area. Susan WANTED Furnished room or share aptmt. Young, professional female. P'ton Boro preferred. Kathy, a.m., p.m. YOUNG PROFESSIONAL - looking for l bedrm apt or loft near Princeton. Rent under $ eves. MATURE, PROFESSIONAL WOMAN - seeks 2 bdrm apt. dg. l bdrm. passible) in quiet Princeton area. No children, no pets. Reasonable rent. Needed end of October , X, weekdays; , eves & wknds. Housesitting HOUSESITTER AVAIL. - for family that is going on jsebatical. Will care for plants land animals starting Sept * HOUSESITTING - Available, mature writer, teacher, nonsmoker, non-drinker, highly resposnible, local references from previous homes PROTECT YOUR HOME - and property while on vacation. This full-time house sitter will provide needed security, pamper your pets, even feed & transport your teenagers. Over 5 years ex-' perience in the Princeton area Apts. /Houses To Share ROOMMATE TO SHARE - Two bedroom apartment m Hopewell. $158 + > utilities. > Call after 6 pm. ' t VEGETARIAN FEMALE? TEACHER and delightfully precocious 4 year old son need cheerful person (s) for large, lovely Kingston home. Room for another 1 or 2 non-smoking, - non-drinking, neat & orderly people. Child O.K. v.eave name, number for Eileen Lawrence I'll call back. WANTED - Non-smoker females to share unfurnished 4' bdrm. duplex in Princeton with others. Rent $18.50 plus utilities with 4 people. Security deposit and references v required SHARE HOUSE in stown. Moderate rent Keep trying. NEW I CLASSIFIED DEADLINE FOR CANCELLATIONS IS NOON MONDAY f

64 . - *» - * - Week of AuKUst T-B There* More To A Gold Jacket Than Meets The Eye. OrM i Vfe're Here For \ CEMUBV : BARROOD, REALTORS SOUT.; BRUHSWICK/KENDALL PARK i Were the Neighborhood Professionals 1 1 \ SOUTH BRUNSWICK - (FRESH IMPRESSIONS) - Large 9 room Bi Level; 4/5#edrooms; 2V* baths; 2 car garage; built in concret^swimming pool; professionally landscaped and shrujbbed; property fenced in. Asking $99,500. OUR NEWEST LISTING ROOMY EXPANDED CAPE 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, Florida Room in East Windsor $86,500. GREAT STARTER HOME in Village of Allentown. Duplex with 2 plus bedrooms upstairs, wall to wall carpet in living room and dining room. Large eat-in kitchen, partial basement. Convenient location. $,000. LOOKING FOR J.OW UPKEEP??? GO CONDO!!! Two spacious bedrooms, two full baths, upgraded carpeting, lovely wallpaper, 5 appliances, central air. $4,900. We also have 1 bedroom condos from $25,000. HILLSBOROUGH $112,500 GRACIOUS COLONIAL Large 5/6 bedroom home located on cul-de-sac. Brick fireplace in family room. SOUTH BRUNSWICK - (SAND HILLS AREA) - Custom built brick coated ranch on over an acre; 7 rooms; bedrooms; 1V4 baths; full basement; 2 car garage; many extras. Asking $109,990. SPECTACULAR COLONIAL - West Windsor. Traditional 4 bedroom Colonial with 2% baths, family room, beautiful eat-in kitchen, lovely lot with patio. This is an excellent home in immaculate condition. $10,000. CHARMING PENNINGTON BOROUGH Colonial on King George Road - 4 bedroom, walk to shopping and school in the village. Spacious living room, formal dining room, fireplace, delightful bedroom suite on top level with skylights and full bath. $114,500. RIVERSIDE easy access to University from this well-built Cape Cod in beautiful setting. Breezeway, two fireplaces. Perfect for smaller family. $128,000. SUPER INVESTMENT NEAR GREAT ADVENTURE. This 2 family home has bedrooms and 2 full baths on each side. Lovely country lot with mature landscaping. A really fine property. $74,500. SPACIOUS COLONIAL - Our new listing features panelled professional offices with separate entrance. The gracious home has /4 bedrooms. White marble fireplace in living & dining rooms. Corner property, desirable Peddie School area. $94,000. Just reduced! Hurry won't last! Hillsborough excellent buy at $62,000. Three bedroom ranch on more than a Vi acre in a quiet residential neighborhood. Financing arranged. Call Doris at or PRINCETON JUNCTION - Charming bedroom Colonial in excellent condition. Older neighborhood. Modern kitchen with breakfast area, large living room with dining area. Excellent commuting. $67,500. SOUTH BRUNSWICK - (BRUNSWICK ACRES) - Large Executive Cedar Colonial - 8 rooms; 4 bedrooms; 2V4 baths; 2 car garage; finished recreation room in basement; beautifully decorated; carpeted throughout; many extras; this property must be seen. Asking $120,000. KINDAU PARK BEST BUYS $ Vacant Ready fo mnve in munodmtt'lv 6 rocim rjnch bediooms. 1 S baths; _ cyntrjl jif nirumummij f.jrpwnij $44.«00-4 t>eiin)onis 2 hath* Possess, on i}j(age (encpti m yard. Immediate $44,900- New, L'stmt] *8 (ocms 4 thfilrtvms l '. baihs. garage qutet street, com, plfli-iy I'd in pu>i*-'t\ ' ''u'.il h* 1 s*tmi W7.S0Q- Vaf.i $47,900- Beautifu*.' r Stove fjrpt't MONMOUTH JUNCTION i,',-imt.' iv»s.-ssion 8 iiwms 4 bedrooms IS baths New chfm i\\\-<- HI,:I>U LuMsraptKl IrtH»s and Shrubs 1 'j luths srrefned m po*ch. Franklm 1*4.WO OtAt 2'i story t 1 ' baths enclosed iront patch. 2 PRINCETON TOWNSHIP - Immaculate bedroom Ranch in Shady Brook. Family room plus large downstairs recreation room. Beautifully maintained home. Patio & secluded yard all make this an exceptional home in lovely area. $149,500. CONTEMPORARY FAIR- FIELD SPLIT on a /«acre corner lot in Hickory Acres. We have a new look, in-.eluding redwood & brick patio with fencing, contemporary LR and DR; den or 4th bedroom. Super family home. Just Reduced $84,000. SPLIT LEVEL Townhouse with bedrooms, 2 Vi baths, finished basement, gas grill plus more. Completely upgraded in mint condition. $64,900. LEASE OR BUY - Industrial building in Hightstown 6,800 square feet with rail and 20 ft. ceilings. Masonry building. $150,000. COMMERCIAL BUILDING FOR RENT - 4,000 sq. ft. in Robbinsville. Suitable for offices or stores. Good parking, near major arteries. $917 per mo. HILLSBOROUGH TWP. CHARM OF A BYGONE ERA $149,900. This completely restored story Victorian home is a rare find. New country kitchen with custom cabinets, breakfast room, bay window sitting area in master bedroom, 2 fireplaces, parquet floors. Aluminum sided Call today eves. Frank SOUTH BRUNSWICK ^BRUNSWICK ACRES $ 7,00- Relocation i split level b*»<i?ivm> J. tuths garage,vw at ri'flf fut <V s.ii MifH't LatgeStooni tx i Call our relocation sptvi nattonatly ' Let w v ot our f Relocation painted, central atr; prtmetot fenced m V;HI "> yfht' home finding anywhere, "tocalry or?n ivnti-fs dswst A her ever you may be transferred. 1S ac»e» of wooded land situated oft of U S Highway No 1 m South Brunswick Towrwhip having 15 foot frontage wth public water tt.obo pm acr*. Cowwrclal Slfa* Avallablo: Rtf 2' South 8iunsw»ck 1 55 acres of prime tot fronhng on the highway, approved vanarve rtvp'vpd for a tam.l> sryie restaurant Plans and blueprints MEMBER OF MIOCHQEX AND SOMESStT. MUITIPIE LISTING SYSTEM. BETTER THAN NEW Gracious Colonial - Plainsboro - 2 year old 4 bedroom home with all amenities, in pristine condition. $80,000$. Geodesic Home, Lawrence Township, spectacular, spacious two connecting domes. Cathedral ceilings, sunken living room, ultra modern kitchen. $20,000 Princeton Township, wooded lot, all utilities, 2. acres $65,000. Lawrence Township, Longacres building lot, $52,000. Lawrence Township, secluded 9 acre parcel, acre zoning, can be subdivided. Per acre SJ8.C &18,000. RENTALS NEW PRINCETON COLLECTION - 4 BR..) $650. FRESH IMPRESSIONS SOUTH BRUNS. BR $600. HISTORIC LANDMARK CENTER HALL COLONIAL 200 year old homestead on beautifully landscaped acres in E. Windsor Twp. Lovely open stairway leads to 6 large bedrooms. Huge living room and dining room each have fireplace. $99, ACRES - zoned commercial, 484' highway. Rte. frontage. Ideal for strip stores. $80, ACRES - E. Windsor - Zoned P.R.D$500 per ocre ACRES - wooded residential lot, E. Windsor. $17,500. BUILDERS ATTENTION - IVi acre parcel situated in residential area of Hamilton Twp. All utilities. $75,000. Hillsborough T-f 1-1 I-I Custom colonial in superior neighborhood. Four bedrooms, 2'/? baths. Family room with raised-hearth fireplace. Spacious kitchen leading to private sun deck. Central air, landscaping and much more. BARROOD, Realtors 060 Highway 27 South Brunswick Twp. Kendalr Park, N.J (201) Evening: CARNEGIE REALTORS 14 Nassau St., Princeton Princeton Circle, Rt. 1 SCS AGENCY REALTORS 07 N. Main St., Hightstown COLONIAL HILLS REALTY 409 Route 206. Hillsborough SIX OFFICES SERVING CENTRAl NEW JERSEY 1 1

65 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 18-B OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, AUGUST 25 & SUNDAY/AUGUST 19, TO 5 PM IN MONTGOMERY TWP. Philadelphia, Princeton, New York... Fresh Air, Privacy, and a little bit of country. \X «><>k of August !<>?<) NEW TUDOR WITH A FLAIR OF NORMANDY ELEGANCE. Welcoming foyer with double door entrance. Library or music room. Casement windows in spacious living room. Dining room windows frame a treed, rear view. Ultra kitchen to delight the gourmet cook. Paneled family room with parquet floor,' corner fireplace, sliding doors to rear, wood deck. Four bedrooms, including Master bedroom with SITTING ALCOVE, dressing area. Pleasing colors in 2Vj ceramic tiled baths. EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED. COME SEE THIS AND THE OTHERS. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY FROM $12,000. DIRECTIONS: Rt. 206 to Cold-Soil Road. First right to Woodfield Lane in Hudler Farms. DISTINCTIVE DESIGN ENHANCED BY BEAUTIFULLY PLANNED LANDSCAPED LOT WITH TREES AND FLOWERING SHRUBS. Gracious foyer with open stairs to second level gallery. Living room and dining room, perfect for the art of formal entertaining. Expertly arranged ultra kitchen with desk unit and SPECIAL DETAILS for the family cook. Antique brick fireplace in paneled family room with parquet floor, sliding doors to rear, wood deck. Four large bedrooms including huge MASTER BEDROOM WING with closets (2 walk-in), basin vanity unit in dressing area. Softly colored 2ft ceramic tiled baths. IMPRESSIVE DECOR. JUST MOVE IN. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY $18,500. PROVINCIAL DESIGN REFLECTING CHARM. QUALITY AND GRACIOUS DETAILS. Center foyer with two guest closets. Unusual, bay picture windows with wide sills in spacious living room and dining room. Bright, ultra kitchen with many cabinets, desk unit. Raised hearth fireplace in paneled family room. First floor laundry-mud room with double door pantry closet. Four bedrooms, including front to back Master Bedroom with basin vanity unit in dressing area. Attractively decorated 2Vi cerafnic tiled baths. MANY MORE ITEMS INCLUDED. MINT CON- DITION. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY $128,000. BUCKS COUNTY COLONIAL This nearly new beautiful home has everything one could desire. A magnificent curving stairway in the spacious entrance hall sets the tone for the entire house. Beautifully decorated and encompassing everything needed including custom drapes, all appliances,* rich carpeting, central air with electrostatic filter, professional landscaping and offering 4 large bedrooms, 2'/4 baths, huge living room, formal dining room with crystal chandelier and sconces, delightful eat-in kitchen, unique family room with fireplace and bookcases, first floor laundry and extra room for play or study. ONLY8142..iOO JISS, TIMBER RIDGE REAL ESTATE COMPANY Riverview Plaza - Suite 6B Yardley, Pa (215) TWIN RIVERS CONDOS, 1 & 2 BEDROOMS, FROM $26,900 Beautiful bdr. Split-level Townhouse, facing the lake finished basement, Dk. brown shag carpet in living room, cent/air, S/C oven, F/F ref., dishwasher, washer, dryer, Cement patio, shutters on windows, L. R. drapes, Owner will give second mortgage to help purchaser assume a 7% mortgage balance of $25,600, monthly pyts. of $9.00 which pays Print. Int., R.E. Taxes, H. 0. Ins. Price reduced for quick sale to $58,900. New listing, Bdr. T. H. excellent Quad I location Asking $57,900. FHA or VA mortgages available to qualified buyers. STEELE, ROSLOFF & SMITH Twin Rivers Shopping Mall o bedroom, bath colonial surrounded by almost 2 acres of trees. Stained hardwood floors throughout. Immediate Occupancy. $ 1<).<)00. GRANDER REALTORS Station Sq.. Route 206. Belle Mead ency Need a carpenter or a plumber? Check the Classified ads. MULTIPLE OPPORTUNITIES offered with this beautiful Circa, 1880's Center Hall Clapboard farmhouse featuring 8 spacious ] room, 1 % baths, plus large sunroom, as the focal point of this fifty-four (54) acre farm in Ewing Township near Trenton State ' College. It is made up of three separate parcels, is Zoned for IN- DUSTRIAL-OFFICE RESEARCH PARK and includes a 20 x 48 > two story office building along with a bay garage. The north. property line abutts Interstate Route 95, the Delaware Bound. Brook Railroad runs along the westerly line. Route 1 North, and South is less than 5 minutes east and Mercer Airport is ap-. proximately 4 miles to the west of the property TERMS.AVAILABLE FOR QUALIFIED BUYER 1 CALL FOR COM PLETE DETAILS! am 159 P«iaiitft«hHarbmftM M. Peonin ton, N.J Eleanor S. Suydan Broker Princeton-15 miles Trenton- miles toll free Philcxjelphia-2O miles on I 95 Trains to Philadelphia & New York- miles away D Oxford Valley Mall-2^ miles The Bradley Colonials, Split-Levels and Ran * chers surrounded by wooded Bucks County country, just { minutes from the world where you work or play. Remarkable homes from $69,990. CTQNY of YardleyMILL (215) or Hours 12-5 Daily Dir: Take I 95 South to Newtown Exit take 2 West to Stony Hill Rd.; left on Stony Hill Rd. miles to model homes GPGRANOR PIUCCHomer. 246 NASSAU STREET PRINCETON NEW JERSEY ' JUST LISTED! DUTCH COLONIAL WITH A MARK OF RARE OLD FASHION CHARM. Front covered porch leads to entrance. Large living room with brick fireplace. NATURE'S VIEW from the formal dining room windows. Eat-in kitchen with stainless steel sink. Four corner bedrooms. Family bath. Full basement with work shop area and laundry area with tub. ADDITIONAL TREED LOT INCLUDED. WILL CONSIDER A REASONABLE' OFFER!!!!! YOUR OWN PRIVATE PARK. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY $64,900. NEW LAWRENCEVIILE COLONIAL BUILT WITH CARE AND THOUGHT JUST ADD YOUR PERSONAL DECOR. A COME- ON-IN FOYER. Triple picture window in spacious living rm. Formal dining room. Ultra kitchen with custom wood cabinets plus pantry closet. Focus lights above fireplace in paneled family room, with parquet floor, sliding doors to rear wood deck. Four private bedrooms, including Master bedroom with basin vanity unit in dressing area. Touch of colors in 2V4 ceramic tiled baths. MUCH MORE INCLUDED. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY $95,900. KAUTOUl LIVH. LAND WITH MATURED TRHS. UTILITIES AVAILABLE - GAS, ELECTRIC. SEWER. TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES ARE CLOSE BY. SCHOOLS. CHURCHES. SHOP- PING AREAS WITHIN SHORT DISTANCE CALL TOR AD- DITIONAL INFORMATION. NATURE'S SETTING FOR YOUR HOME $7,500. CALL US ABOUT THE OTHEKS CALL US ABOUT NEW CONSTRUCTION Cold Soil Rood and WoedfteMUm Lawi»«eivlll«.NJ. 609-tM4005 Apts./Houses To Share ROOMMATE WANTED Male or female to share 2 bdrm apt. in Princeton near shopping center & University, reasonable rent, avail. Immediately, call Allen anytime. CHRISTIAN PROFES- SIONAL WOMAN Looking for roommate- single parent with child OK. To share my semi-furnished 5 room apartment. Princeton Township car a must, non 'drinker, non smoker preferred eves. TWO FEMALES - to share large house off 195 Trenton exit. Own bathroom, partly furnished. Call after 6:00 for details. (609) EASY-GOING athletic businessman, late 40's seeks trim, affectionate woman (5-45) to help find & share a house or apt. within '* hr. of No. Bruns. by 9/1. Call 20U weekdays. WORKING WOMAN in early 20's looking for female to share spacious apt. in Cranbury. Own room. $125/mo plus I util. Avail. Sept. 1 a must. Call after 6pm, , leave name and number. NON - SMOKING Housemate(s) - wanted to share bedrm hse. in Princeton. $147 phis util. Prefer working female(s) SHARE - BR house, suburb, setting, but near Pnnct. bus line. Washer, dryer, air cond. Mature. Share responsibilities. $160/mo. Avail, immed. After 5 pm, or Apts./Houses To Share TO RENT - master BR w/private bath in shared house 15 min. walk from Univ. Non-smokers, those willing to share cooking only. $145+util for David or Nadja. GRAD OR PROFESSIONAL women wanted to share spacious country home in Franklin Park. Own room, $105 plus util. Avail. Sept. l. Call or JHILLSBORO Female to share furnished carriage house. $140 plus utilities & sec YOUNG. NONSMOKING - orderly professional male, seeks same for central Nassau St apt. $250 each includes heat p.m. ROCKY HILL - Share great 4 BR house with young professionals $170 + utilities. Call days, ext. 4. Eves: FEMALE, MID-20'S, seeks same to share spacious two bedroom apartment in Central Hopewell. Please call Early morning or late eyenings best time. PRINCETON BORO - Share 2 bdrm house. Avail. Sept. 1st. Walking Dist. to Univ. $200 month phis util. deposit. Call Tom HOUSEMATE (s) - wanted to share 200 year old farmhouse on 87 acres, 7 miles from Princeton. Prefer non-smoker interested in cooperative living. Rent & utils. $16O/mo. Call Warren, Lorraine or Joan Apts./Houses To Share SHARE LARGE PRINCETON HOUSE - Ouiet, sunny, comfortable - for very reasonable rent.- Own bedroom, bath, study'. Indoor pool & sauna. Laundry. Utils. included in rent. Write: PO Box 521, Princeton, NJ Or telephone Best time: 8-10am. Keep trying! WANTED - 2 person to share large house in Hopewell. Call David afternoons or evenings, SHARE APARTMENT - rent free in exchange for babysitting nights. Woman with 1 child OK. Bound Brook COUNTRY LIVING - lge. home on 12 acre mini-farm. Has for rent beautiful furnished room, $115/mo & another -$145/mo. Kitchen privileges. Hopewell Boro area ROOMMATE WANTED (F) - To share two bedroom apt. in Fox Run after 6pm. YOUNG MALE - Professional seeks similar person or grad student to share luxury apartment evenings, weekends. FEMALE ROOMMATE - to share large stately house in Belle Mead. Be clean, neat and working FEMALE ROOMMATE - wanted to share comfortable house near New Brunswick. $17.50 phis utilities. Prefer grad student interested in collective living Apts./Houses To Share HILLSBOROUGH Person to share expenses on new house, fully furn, utilities included. $0 per month, CUT YOUR RENT COSTS IN HALF! Select a compatible roommate safely. References thoroughly checked. Call for information. Roommate Finding Service CONTEMPORARY house to share in Princeton. Cathedral ceilings. Need one or two people to respond. Lovely setting, woods, quiet. Call after 5 pm, HOUSE TO SHARE female roommate needed for house w/other graduate students. 4 blocks from University. Must share cooking & household chores. Rent $150 & utils. Nonsmoker days, or eves. MALE/FEMALE grad or professional to share 2 bdrm Lawrenceville apt. Aubrey, ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A LOVELY Little cottage or estate. Excellent location, beautiful surroundings, reasonable rent. Share this cottage/with Career-minded fema e7 Call eves. YOtilNG MSNC PROFESSIONAL woman - looking for quiet, comfortable room to rent or apt to share 2- nights per week in Plainsboro area. Call ext. 80 Mon- Thurs, i-4 only, or after 7 pm or weekends. A magnificent Princeton Property with splendid grounds and wonderful location. This spacious three bedroom rambling traditional combines gracious living room and ease of day-to-day can- The larqe livmq room has built-in bookcases and an 18th Century mantle piece the separate dining room has room for fine furniture, the kitchen is fully equipped and has a pretty breakfast bay. There is a large panelled family ronm plus a heated lower level area that makes a neat office For more Details Call Today $170, Apts./Houses Apts./Houses Apts./Houses To Share To Share To Share FEMALE WANTED - To share house. Bedroom with closets and private bathroom. Near Princeton Univ. and train station. $250/mo. & share of utilities. Call or FARM HOUSE to share. Use of 100 acres and pond. $90 k utilities a month. Call John after 4: SHARE SUNNY, charming 5^4 room house witn professional woman in Princeton Junction near train station. $190/mo includes utilities. Prefer professional person over 25. Call Susanne evenings. 2 BEDROOM HOUSE on Linden Lane to share. $170 plus utilities. Call Mark at STRAIGHT, SINGLE PROF MALE - 7, wishes to share furn. 2 bdrm townhouse in Hillsboro with Straight prof, male or female, (no prurient interests). 11 miles from Princeton and reasonable rent Call LOOKING for responsible person, steady income to share house with others, 2 females, 1 male, preferably another female. Call after 5. ask for Dave, HAVE LARGE - 4 BR house in East Windsor to share with professional adult(s). Call after 7 pm. BDRM HOUSE - in Princeton Twp. Desirable residential area. To share with single man, $285/mo. Utils. incld Looking for a job? Try the Classified pages. ROOM AVAILABLE - to nonsmoker, full house privileges, $125/mo. plus utils , Call Dave. ROOMMATE WANTED, for 4 Bdrm house. 1 mile from campus Share cooking. $125 mo Call PROFESSIONAL PERSON - student wanted to share house in Hopewell. $15/mo. phis utilities after 7pm, ask for Peter. YOUNG, PROFESSIONAL MAN will share furnished 2 BR apt. on Nassau St. near University. $275 plus utils. Call days, eves WANTED gentleman looking to share hse. in country; Bet. Flem. k New Bruns. Business person, nonsmoker, quiet, clean. Call Brian

66 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of August B A HOME FOR EVER YONE NEIGHBORHOOD rceauygrcoyp HOW DO YOU SPELL SERVICE! S-U-S-S-M-M!! i; Realtor. Independently Owned. * and Operated 1 WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF VILLAGE OF LAWHENCE VILLE, this brick and frame colonial has double doors at front entrance, 4 bedrooms, 2V4 baths, full wall fireplace in family room, full basement, central air and 2 car side-turned garage. ^1 \ SPECTACULAR REDWOOD CONTEMPORARY HOME in Princeton Township situated on 2 plus acre lot! Featuring 4 bedrooms, % baths, living room, library, study, family room, 2 fireplaces, fantastic kitchen, central air, and 2 car garage, this custom contemporary has everything you could possibly want in a home. An added attraction is the heated Sylvan Pool with lighting both inside and out. $50,000. THE PRIDE OF ELM RIDGE PARK - Large 5 bedroom, 2% bath colonial featuring living room w/fireplace, dining room, eat-in kitchen w/jenn-aire range, family room w/fireplace, central air and central vac system, and 2 car garage. $207,000. NOW'S THE TIME TO INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE I We offer you a Princeton Contemporary brick ranch with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, livincf room w/brick freestanding raised hearth fireplace, dining room, family room, central air and 2 car garage. $169,900. JUST LISTED Three-bedroonr, LAWRENCE rancher situatefeh on a large TREED corner lou Entrance foyer, living roorij dining room, 2 bather PANELLED family room; laundry, and loads of storagij REALISTICALLY PRICED.. COMPARE IT TO A MERCEDES; I A MASTERPIECE IN CUSTOM QUALITY I Three bedroobij rancher in notable MOUN- TAIN VIEW of Ewing. Living room with handsome BRICif fireplace, 2 baths, family room, laundry, CENTRAL AlFfc draperies, ANDERSON WINDOWS, 2 car garage. REALISTICALLY PRICED SM.MM 'V >>. THE PERFECT PRINCETON LOCATION next to the Herrontown Woods - watch the deer browse and the birds feed. 4 bedrooms, 2% bath Colonial on wooded 1V4 acre lot. Large living room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen with deck for outside dining, family room with full wall brick fireplace, full basement, 2 car side-turned garage, and central air. Landscaping by Ambleside. $169,900. LARGE AND LOVELY IN LAWRENCE is this 4 bedroom, 2% bath colonial with living room, dining ^ room, eat-in kitchen, family room w/fireplace, central air and 2 car garage. $122,500. T CHARM of this 80 plus year old Victorian home tocated in Hightstown Borough becomes evident as you enter its high-ceilinged double living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and 2 baths. Conveniently located. Walk everywhere. $9,500. JUST LISTED - SITUATED ON WOODED V> ACRE LOT, this 4B/R, 2-V2 bath home has L/R, D/R, eat-in kitchen, panelled family room w/fireplace. $71,900. NOW IS THE TIME to call for an appointment to see this bedroom, 2 bath ranch located on a half acre lot. Lovely screened-in porch and many other amenities.. $10,500. Apts./Houses To Share Are you an amiable, nonsmoking person looking for living quarters with charm, walking distance to the university? Is $25 month phis utilities (except heat) within ur means? Would you be SBpy suauriiifl your Kitchen, DABVOOPQ 2nd liviiis room/~ dining room area with a young, friendly professional woman who has a strong^ lean towards classical and folk musk? Call noon to pn only. Apts./Houses To Share PART-TIME \ GRADUATE STUDENT seeks quiet, tidy person to share small 'apt. in Lawrenceville. Available 9/ 5/ 79, $15 mo. Call Dan eves days. SHARE - a comfortable country bouse near Princeton. Call THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WEST WINDSOR awaits you! Come see this spotless center hall colonial with 4 bedrooms, 2!4 baths, family room w/fireplace, separate dining room, living room, kitchen, central air & 2 car garage. / $129,500. QUALITY ft INTEGRITY PERSONIFIED! OuVfavorite bedroom custom ranch has>a lovely entry, living room, dining room and super country kitchen, full basement and 2 car garage. Handsome and maintenance free, it sits well back from the road and has a deep private yard with large shade trees. Enjoy top school system, commuting convenience and the satisfaction in owning the type of home that "nowadays is hard to find"! Reduced to $85,500. IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO SCHOOLS, SHOPPING AND SWIM CLUB, this East Windsor ranch features bedrooms, 1 V2 baths, garage, full basement, eat-in kitchen and living room and dining room w/cathedral ceiling. $71,500. A GOOD BUY - bedroom ranch with large modern eat-in kitchen, panelled family room, 1 full bath, 1 car garage and central air. $42,000. EXECUTIVE SIZED COLONIAL - Expansive in size and in move-in condition, your family will love this 4 bedroom, 2Vi bath, 6 year old home. With a huge living room, formal dining room and lovely family room, it lends itself to gracious entertaining and is within walking distance to a fine new elementary school. " $8,500. IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A HAPPY ENDING TO HOME HUNTING, this could be it! bedroom ranch with living room, separate dining room, kitchen, bath, full basement and garage. $59,000. ATTRACTIVE INCOME PROPERTY - The ultimate hedge against inflation. good houses on 1 property - a bedroom ranch home to live in or rent, 2 rental houses with new kitchens and roofs and fine tenants, numerous outbuildings on 20 acres of land for farming, horses, etc. Terms for eligible buyer. $115,000. CUSTOM COLONIAL UNDER CONSTRUCTION featuring large rooms throughout. 4 bedrooms, 214 baths, separate dining room, family room w/fireplace, kitchen w/separate breakfast, area, central air, full basement and 2 car garage. Wooded lot w/greenacres in rear. Occupancy, Sept. 15th. $149,900. Adlerman, Click & Co. FOR UATWMS For All Area Listings Realtors and tnsurors 4-6 Hulfish St., Princeton, N.J. (609) (609) Evenings (609) Member: Princeton Real Estate Group, Multiple Listing Service, World Wide Relocation Service "Our Competenf Staff Can Show You Any & Every Home in the Area" Joan Alpert Dan Faccini Ros Greenberg Barbara Pinkham Sarah Laroch Esther Pogrebin AAyrno Annwo Rosary O'Neill ONE LOOK at this lovely 4 bedroom, 1 % bath colonial situated on a half acre lot will convince you of its fine quality. Notwithstanding its attractiveness, it offers entry, living room, dining room, family room off kitchen, full basement and central air. $79,500. NEW LISTING - Jewel of a house set on a beautiful % acre lot. B/R's, L/R, dining area, all butcher block kitchen. Many amenities., $52,900. RENTALS STORE FOR RENT - Princeton Borough, approx. 1,200 sq. ft. ' $900 per mo. OFFICE RENTAL - center of town - approx. 2,200 sq. ft. - will consider subdividing - New building. WEST WINDSOR RENTAL - 4 bedroom ranch w/modern kitchen, family room w/fireplace, and screened porch. $599. per mo. OFFICE SPACE on Nassau Street $50 per mo. IN-TOWN - Apartments & Townhouse $00 ft $500 per mo. LAND ft INVESTMENT PROPERTY i $45,000 - Treed building lot of 2.55 acres can be subdivided. $65,000-6 acres on Route 1 near turnaround. $180,000 - for 5 houses - fine income on 2 acres. 120 stunning^octes"- PR. "RFD" area - farm assessed. 49 Acres - Industrial Land - Washington Township Acres - Contiguous to American Cyanamid. Commercial building in Hightstown. $95,000. Stained Glass Studio in the heart of Princeton. $55,000. LAND IN PRINCETON JUNCTION: Heirs must settle estate We have been instructed to sell the following strategically located property: 68+/- acres (with farm house "as is") Zoned Residential. Plus 18+/acres - Research-Office-Lt. Mfg. Excellent frontage - Top location plus potential. To induce a package sale, property is being offered below market value. Only $5500 per acre. Phyllis Levin Suki Lewln Dorothy Kramer Jane Lamberty Natalie V. Katx Ed Kimble, Jr. Marten* Horovitz Edyce Ro*«nthol» Rooms For Rent Rooms For Rent Rooms For Rent Rooms For Rent Rooms For Rent Rooms For Rent l KENDALL PARK - Room for rent. Professional man only ROOM & SEMI-EFFICIEN- CIES at weekly rate. Princeton Manor Motel, Monmouth Jet US Hwv n. FURNISHED 2-R00M suite, private bath, private entrance. On bus line. Partial utilities. $50 per wk. Reply Box 6171, Lawrenceville, N.J SO. BRUNS., 1 furn. rm., priv. entr., female only, $45 wkly anytime; aft. 6. ROOM FOR RENT avail, immediately. Central Nassau St. low rent ROOM FOR RENT - in PRINCETON JCT. - sinele Lawrenceville. Complete room avaiiable immediately. house privileges and parking. Call RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER mahire person, $140/mo ^JP or , 5-6 pm. 20 PRIVATE ROOM - in shared house, prefer responsible middleaged female. All house privileges %. ROOM FOR RENT - 1 block from Nassau St. Call ROOM CRANBURY - area, Ueman < LAWRENCEVILLE lovely room in private home. Nonsmoking gentleman. Refs. required LG. SUNNY ROOM w/bath, park-like surroundings. Walk to Palmer Sq. Min. kitchen priv ROOM FOR RENT in! Princeton with adjoining walk-in closet. Walking distance to campus, private entrance, shared bath. $165/mo includes heat and all utilities. Cooking privileges in room. Call , if no answer A LOT OF LIVABILITY IN LAWRENCE 5 bedrooms, 2H baths, family kitchen, BRICK fireplace in family room, PATIO and-basjgitoallcourt, flowering shrubberyanhtrees. A stone* throw from schools, shopping, and REALISTICALLY PRICED... $107,0001 TRADITION I TRADITION! TRADITIONAL LAWRENCE colonial with parquet floored foyer, 4 bedrooms, 2% bath*,, serenely elegant dining room, kitchen designed for easy cooking, sliding glass from dan to patio, full basement 2-car garage, CENTRAL AIR, atl APPLIANCES. REALISTICALLY PRICED SfS.wii TAKE ONE LOOK I - Just take one little peep at this -A bedroom BI-LEVEL in Timber Glen. That's all you need to appreciate its value. PANELLED family room with FIREPLACE and sliding glass to beautifuny tree-shaded lot, laundry 2M baths. ULTA kitchen, CENTRAL AIR, 2 car garage REALISTICALLY PRICED.... SUBURBIA AT ITS BEST - BRI& front EAST WINDSOR rabbling rancher situated among tall trees and lush greenery. Three bedrooms, 2% baths, family kitchen, entrance foyer, family room with BRICK fireplace, 2-car garage, CEN- TRAL AIR, flowing custom draperies. HAWAIIAN lanai. REALISTICALLY PRICED....;....-SW.50W IN THE SHADE OF OLD APPUE TREES - Captivating HOPEWEU. cape with BRICK' fireplace, party-loving. kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 1v4 baths, full basement, screened porch, WASHER, DRYER and dish washer. REALITICALLV PRICED S77.90CP MUCH ADO ABOLO SOMETHING PnrrrjE MOUNTAINVIEW section «tf EWING. Gracious -bedroofri colonial with DRAMATIC raise* living room, 1 % baths, super kitchen, family room w$t BRICK fireplace, CENTRAL All, intercom, heat detectoit, carpeting PLUS easy corfi muting via l-9i REALISTICALLY PRICED....1 sso.wap CONTEMPORIZED 40't HOMt* - Located in tranquil ROOSEVELT nestled among tall trees. ULTRA kitchen wtfh REFRIGERATOR 4 bedroonj* includes master bedroom suite. DRAMATIC oak spiral subcase, family room wrjh fireplace, 2 baths, beamed ceilings and sliding glass, three zoned heat insures energy conservation, garage, separate studio with fireplace. REALISTICALLY PRICED..' $74,tOt I PRINCETON FARIAS COLONIAL SLATE entrance foyer, 5 bedrooms, 2% b»tt». family room with FIREPLACJE, family kitchen, 2-car garafll, carpeting, all APPLIANCES, laundry, CENTRAL AW, professional landscaping REALISTICALLY PRICED $ios.eofi Rooms For ROOM FOR RENT. - refrigerator, parking. Call after 5 pm 60WB jr ROOM IN Family Home FURNISHED 2-RQOM w/kit./laund. priv., parking. S" suite, 1 * 8. Pnyate private bath, b, private MANVILLE - Rm. for lent, Male pref. Avail. Sept. 15, $140 entrance. In Lawrence, on bus prefer gentleman. 2Ql Mmo , 9110 or 6584 line. Partial utilities. $90 per 871. week anytime. i

67 -20-B Week of August Gallery of Homes, Inc. - Real tors A\ IXTI-KXATIO.Wl. M-IWOKKOriMHIMNDl \I FULLTIME SERVICE FOR YOUR EVERY REAL ESTATE NEED Property Pricing Assistance Trained Professional Sales Counselors National Marketing System Convenient Office Locations Marketing Analysis Report Full-Time Advertising Coordinator Multiple Listing Systems Financing* Assistance Land and Commercial Real Estate Service rd Party Negotiating Nationwide Relocation Assistance Corporate Transferee Specialists AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY BEYOND THE ORDINARY - This huge new Colonial beautifully situated on a heavily wooded mountain lot boasts 2 fireplaces; custom kitchon with Jonnair range, double wall oven, no-wax floor and oak cabinets. All the quality features you'd expect to find in a prestigious home are here - oak hardwood floors. Anderson thermopane windows,. 6 panelled doors and more. Excellent financing available to qualified buyer. For appointment to see $154,800. TRULY UNIQUE A Beautiful showplace overlooking the Millstone River. 2 private acres of gently rolling land with large shade and flowering trees and an infinite variety of shrubbery enhancing large brick terraces. While the grounds are magnificent they are only the setting for the classic beauty of the home. Some basics include a country kitchen with hand carved cabinets, large living room with fireplace, sun room highlighted by full wall brick planter, wood burning stove and bluestone floor, attached greenhouse bedrooms plus a studio where the owner/artist-designer CREATES The Ouin tessence of Elegance offered at $175,000. Call for a private showing. WIDE ANGLE VIEW The large glass areas offer a beautiful woodland view from every room of this new contemporary home. Over 2100 sq. ft of living space includes 4 bedrooms, a study, a spacious enclosed porch, a 29' living room Outstanding features include a 2nd floor laundry area, plush carpeting, fireplace, central vacuum system plus heavily wooded acres *154,900 JUST LISTED IF YOU REALLY KNOW VALUE you'll want to see this Hopewell home Note the remodeled kitchen, custom wallpapers, number of built ins j. There's a fireplace in the living and a wood-burning stove with a fieldstone wall in the family room. This 2-bedroom Ranch with central air should lead your list of must-see homes $84,500. CAPTIVATING KITCHEN - Bright and sunny, attractively decorated, nice to cook in <MI m or relax in with a cup of coffee. There's also a beautifully nstil h.mrth fircpl.icc with white brick in the family room and a large brick patio If you don't need 5 bedrooms, 1 could be an office, playroom or <>xtu den Hillsborough... $97,500. PREPARE TO BE AWED by the sheer size of the magnificent entertaini-- A PERFECT PLACE TO RA SE A FAMILY - Super family home, superb ng area with cathedral-ceiling beautifully panelled to match the walls, decor, beautiful landscaping. Highlights nclude attractive patio with brick fireplace, and sliding doors leading to the pool. Outstanding country and railroad ties, family room with fireplace, a kitchen to en oy. kitchen, 4 large bedrooms, plus an income or in-law apartment. In bedrooms; built only 1 \? years ago Asking $99,500. Hillsborough and only $89,900. NO WORDS NEEDED - One look and this bedroom Ranch will sell itself. Cheerfully decorated for comfortable living, so clean you can movt; right in. conveniently located for good schools and easy access to shopping and ma Or roads. All the amenities are here Come see Belle Mead... $91,900. HIDEAWAY Hidden from the street by trees and landscaping, you'll en oy privacy i"<t in.ipi>ealing natural setting. A sun room off the kitchen is perfect tor c.ultiv.itmo, plants and entertaining friends. This 2-bedroom Ranch is like.i huru-ymoon haven. Neshanic $72,900. ALL BRICK - Plus 4 bedrooms and a family room. Refrigerator, washer, and dryer are included. The fenced property features attractive fruit and evergreen trees. You can buy it all for under $60,000. NO EXTRAS TO BUY - They are all included with the house washer. dryer,'refrigerator, central air, light fixtures, custom window treatments, no-wax floor in the kitchen, carpet in the rec room. Come see the rest in thissuper split. Super Clean Super Nice Super Price Manville. $69,900. PACKED WITH POTENTIAL Large 9 room Cape Cod plus 40x60 barn with basement located in historic Neshanic Station. Excellent potential for artist s studio and gallery, antique business, etc. Tremendous storage in attic and basements. Excellent condition... $109,000. i HORSE COUNTRY W.oods. stroan, or.i.tnci land riding ring, horse barn and livestock barn" plus a sp;u:ious & fit-mroom home on 4.81 acres in Hillsborough. 2 family rooms with ti'.>pi.>io Fi.inklm stove, and 2 custom kitchens are ideal for large parties or mnltvr daughter arrangement $128,500. A CASE OF GOOD TASTE. Carpeting, wallpapers, window treatments have been chosen with care and coordinated throughout this appealing 4 bedroom colonial. It's easy for you to just move your furniture in. Designed for comfortable living, there's a first floor laundry room, family room and fireplace. Great area for children; walking distance to elementary school in Belle Mead $110,500. EDEN-UKE GARDENS - Forma! gardens, rose covered gazebo, foot bridge with running fountain add charm and perfection to the setting around this elegant expandable Ranch m Belle Mead. bedrooms with potential for more, family room, eat in kitchen and many custom features throughout. The interior decor is as impressiv as the gardens $102,000. QUALITY AND QUANTITY Spacious 5 bedroom Colonial on magnificent lot in prestigious area Beautiful trees and landscaping, enormous yard with 2 stall bam large brick patio. The family room is cozy and intimate with brick fireplace and built-in bookshelves, the kitchen with all modern conveniences, has a cheerful eating area with picture window Tastefully decorated, in mint condition, it's expensive but priced wefl under replacement cost Mon tgomery Twp $16,900. JUST RIGHT The location in Belle Mead - an easy commute to Princeton or New York.i rotujmble school system. The neighborhood - all well-kept nearly new homes, lots of children and friendly faces. The house - so spacious with room k everyone and everything; a play room, a family room, 4 bedrooms and 2? baths. The Price - only $99,900. A GREEN ACRE - Surrounded by Green Acres and a spectacular view of the Sourland Mts. You'll love the peacefulness of living in Montgomery Twp. in this attractive 4-bedroom Colonial only % years young. Central air, fireplace, redwood deck are just a few of the many extras you'll find here... Offered at $128,900. OUT JUST FAR ENOUGH TO BE COUNTRIFIED; but in close enough to be convenient. Beautiful wooded area; elegant young homes; excellent schools. Built only 1 year ago, this spacious 4 5 bedroom home is still in new condition. Outstanding is the master bedroern suite with sitting room and dressing area. There's a fireplace in the family room, a deck, and a full basement. Owners transferred, must move soon Belle Mead... $114,500. MASTERPIECE - Located in one of Montgomery's finest areas, this elegant Colonial is beautifully decorated with fine carpeting, custom drapes and wallpapers, magnificent Dental moldings The fantastic living area includes an outstanding family room with brick fireplace, cathedral ceiling, and barn siding. The rooms are all oversized and customized Truly a work of art inside and out that must be seen to be fully appreciated Call us fora personal tour $146, I 1 to Mr THE BEST When the. owner is a builder, you can expect to finjd "more" and "better.".so it >s here. There is a beautiful and unusual free-form deck. There is an appealing and large raised living room. There are 2 fireplaces -1 in the family room and 1 in a spacious studio which is ideal for an in-law apartment or home business. To see it all. call today. Montgomery '...^ AaUng*110 B0. Route 206, Montgomery (201) OFFICE/RESIDENCE - Zoned P-2; ideally located close to the Somervilie Circle. 7 rooms plus enclosed porch. This is a well-built home in excellent condition; full basement $85,000. PROFESSIONAL PROPERTIES WELL-MAINTAINED VICTORIAN HOME in Somervilie Offers 5+oom suite of offices with 2 entrances plus 7-room residence on upper levels. Corner lot with macadam parking for 9 cars. Zoned P-2 $129,000. IDEALLY LOCATED property on Route 206 in the heart of Hillsborough Zoned Commercial. 9-room house can easily be converted into offices. Approx. 2 acres offers ample room for parking $170,000. CAPE COD with 8 rooms, 1 ' > baths Enclosed porch would be ideal as a reception area. Good Somervilie location $96,000. EisENhowER Gallery of Homes, Inc. REALTORS Bound Brook (201) Bridgewater (201) Branchburg (201) A MUST SEE HOME - You'll be amazed at the care and remodeling that have been put into this unique Ranch in Flagtown. Unusual beamed ceilings, raised brick fireplace in living room, modern kitchen, bedrooms. Enclosed patio, deck. Several rooms have been finished in the basement plus efficiency kitchen for easy entertaining. The kind of house you always wanted to own for only $700. Route 206, Hillsborough (201) MLS

68 Week of August B HOWE FOR HOMES REALTORS INSURERS SERVING PEOPLE SINCE 1885 CREAM PUFF LISTING IN KENDALL PARK - Owners have given this bedroom, 154 bath home lots of T.L.C. Move-in condition so new buyer can be settled by the time school starts. Lovely large lot. This one won't las!' Call today!! -. $64,500. TRANSFEREES-OCCUPANCY IS FLEXIBLE for this mint condition Colonial, well designed floor plan for a growing family in a neighborhood that's great for children. Four corner bedrooms, 254 baths, Gas Heat, Central Air, Electronic Filter, Municipal Sewers, Montgomery Twp. Schools...Convenient to Rt. 22, Rt. 202, Rt. 206, Rt. 287, Princeton and Somerville. Let us show you today! Call $12,500. THIS IS A FANTASTIC CUSTOM BUILT HOME WITH AN INCOME APARTMENT which can be converted back to a single family if desired. It has spacious rooms, a two car garage, maintenance-free aluminum siding, all appliances and carpeting, a beautifully finished basement with full kitchen and full bath and a nicely landscaped half acre property. Call to see this e«ment buy $87,900. HOPEWELL TWP. - Happy little hearts can romp for hours on this 100x5 lot in Harbourton, play indoors (in the bad weatherl in the full basement. This bedrooms, 154 bath Rancher with it's 2 car detached garage won't be around long. Better call today $69,900. NOT QUITE YEARS OLD "BETTER THAN NEW" two story Colonial with 4 bedrooms. 254 baths, family room with fireplace, large eat-in kitchen, full dining room with chair rail, perfect sized living room, 2-car garage, basement, central air conditioning, new storms and screens, hardwood floors plus new wall-to-wall carpeting. Landscaping is lovely also. Call /?. $110,000. PLAINSBORO CAPE - You'll be pleasantly surprised when you see how much room this 4 bedroom, 2 plus bath has, plus natural woodwork and all white walls in immaculate condition. Immediate occupancy and many extras. Call HOPEWELL BORO - A tastefully decorated 4 bedroom, l'. bath home in an established neighborhood. Mature landscaping for summer enioyment and a large family room for indoor activities. Call for price and location. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY! Move in before school starts. See this lovely central air conditioned 4 bedroom, 254 bath Colonial with large living room, formal dining room, large eat-in kitchen, family room with brick fireplace on a beautifully wooded lot in one of the most desirable sections in Lawrenceyille. Offers are invited. Please call $89,900. NEW LISTING - HOME WITH A STUDIO/OFFICE - This four bedroom,, 2 54 bath spacious home features a completely finished 20' x 1V studio with a separate entrance. It is centrally air conditioned, has a large family room, an oversized garage, basement and is ready for immediate cupancy. Call " $96,000.\ i OUR CRANBURY CAPE COD is maintenance free and charming on a picturesque lot with multiple trees and flowering shrubs. Features -4 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a finished family room in the basement. CIRCA Two hundred year old Colonial on 20 plus secluded acres with constant running stream. Three working fireplaces, full baths, hand hewn beams in living room, large barn, 2-story carnage house and other out-buildings. Modern bedroom caretaker house ot rental unit Call $179,000. PROFESSIONALLY LANDSCAPED ON ALMOST AN ACRE, this charming stucco house. Circa 1776, has 4 bedrooms, new bathrooms, sunken living room, full dining room, newly remodeled kitchen and lovely screened porch. Excellent condition. Call $169,500. SHERBROOKE - This immaculate 4 bedroom, 254 bath Colonial has all the conveniences your family could want. Walk to train, schools and shopping. It includes a fireplace in living room, a large redwood deck, a large eat-in kitchen, air conditioning, and other extras. Call Only$124,000. NEW LISTING - Located in Mercerville and situated in a secluded area, this charmer has so much to offer - foyer, formal living room and dining room adjacent to a rear screened porch, ultra modern eat-in kitchen, 4 nice bedrooms with 2 full baths! In addition, there is an attached garage and a partially finished basement. Many extras such as carpeting, dishwasher. Call now to see this one All for $66, ACRES - One hundred year old 5 bedroom brick filled frame f.irm house with all the charm of the 1880's. The formal dimnq mom is 18x1 7. the kitchen is 15x20, the master bedroom is 15x20 The setting among mature trees on a quiet country road offers much privary and yet is only 10 minutes to Highway 78 at Clinton Call $15,000. ONE BLOCK OFF NASSAU STREET, this gem is one of the most picturesque homes on the tree street, on a small neat borough lot that requires very little maintenance with its own detached 2-car room with stone fireplace. bedrooms, study. Call us quickly for an appointment before it's too late at $119,600. HOPEWELL - Three bedroom, 1 bath home in the Boro. The owner of this charming older home has moved from the area and is ANXIOUS TO SELL! Complete face-lift and more. Call $69,900. NEW LISTING - Exclusive western section of Princeton. A cliff top site on Brookstone Drive is the setting for this spectacular 4 bedroom Contemporary. Exciting design on 2 wooded acres. Under consturction for February occupancy. Call $280,000. THIS LOVELY EAST WINDSOR HOME is the one to pick. It features 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, gracious living room, dining room, newly decorated kitchen, enormous family room, central air, private patio, 2 car garage, and all in mint condition. Call $89,900. ONE STORY LIVING with two story privacy, built into a scenic hillside overlooking Princeton Ridge. This 4 bedroom Ranch has a walk-out basement finished into a family room and a study; fireplace in the living room, formal dining room,,eat-in kitchen and covered porch along the back of the house. Very close to shopping and Research Park. Call > "... $124,500. BETTER THAN NEW - Custom built center hall Colonial on 1 acre. Five bedrooms, fantastic family room, book lined study, screened porch, full basement. 2-car garage, paved driveway. Gas Heat, Central Air, Municipal Sewers. Montgomery Schools, Convenient to Princeton, Somervilte and Rt 287. Call for an appointment... $1S2JM0. TEN LOVELY ACRES, ponds and pool surround this cared-for Rancher in Hopewell Twp. There's a spacious outbuilding as well for varied possible uses. Call for details. SMALL COUNTRY ESTATE - This comfortable old country Colonial (Circa 1790) on 6 acres and the other many features make this convenient MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP property one to be considered for the growing family that wants to be close to Princeton. Walk to schools K through 12. Price Reduced! Call A WINNING COMBINATION - Quality and Superb Location 4 years young, 4 or 5 bedroom home with excellent construction. On the first floor are a beautiful, bright sunny living room with fireplace, a library with fireplace, kitchen-family room combination with fireplace, a large airy dining room, powder room and sun deck as well as a flagstone patio. On the second floor there are 4-5 bedrooms and 254 baths. All professionally decorated. Property is on 2 wooded acres. Call $260,000. HOPEWELL TWP. - Perfect location for farm or development, this land is really beautiful and ready for sub-division. The land is rolling pasture with trees and pond and borders on a group of high priced homes. Call $^Mparacra. FOR RENT - Charming older home in Princeton Jet., very convenient to train. Living room with fireplace, dining room, kitchen, sun porch, 4 bedrooms. 1V4 baths, basement. Available Sept. 1st. Call $660rmo. WEST WINDSOR - PLAINSBORO RENTALS - WEST WINDSOR - Colonial, 4 bedrooms. 254 baths, air conditioned, appliances, freshly painted $C2S.OO PLAINSBORO - PRINCETON COLLECTION Split level, 4 bedrooms, 254 baths, fireplace, basement $ PLAINSBORO - PRINCETON COLLECTION Colonial, 4 bedrooms. 2% baths, fireplace, basement $ PLAINSBORO PRINCETON COLLECTION Colonial, 4 bedrooms, all appliances, air conditioned $ PRINCETON IVY EAST - Available September 1 Madison Colonial. $ WEST WINDSOR - Colonial, 4/5 bedrooms, 254 baths in Princeton Junction $ NEW LISTING - Prime Mercerville location-lovely 8i level on a beautiful landscaped corner property. Entrance foyer, large living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, bedrooms, family room, children's playroom' 1 v, baths, attached garage. Call today to inspect this beauty $69,900. GET AWAY FROM IT ALL in our lovely West Windsor Ranch home of three bedrooms, open living and dining areas and modern eat-in kitchen Large full basement with outside entry plus an enclosed Buster Crabbe in ground pool all on one acre. Call $SS,0O0. i MLS "We or* on* of th» largest insurers of homes in New Jersey.- See us for your HOMEOWNERS POLICY before you close on your new home." Princeton Sales Staff F. M. Comizzoli Cathy Geoghan Z*Ma Laschever Edith Mesnick Ruth Skillman Oacottiy Zopoloc PRINCETON One Palmer Square WAITER b. HOWE serving people since 1885 realtors insurers (609) PENNINGTON FLEMINGTON HAMILTON n WEST WINDSOR Princeton-Hightstown Rd. Princeton Junction (609) Windsor SoUs Staff Vivian MacPhcrson Bill Baranyay Irma Bruschini Kay Conniki* Clair* Gaylcy Nancy H*al*y Edith Jones Adam Martin Judy Martinet! Marti* Maxwell Cliff M0ssenh«im«r Barbara Nixon Don P«rrine JudyWiUy

69 r 7. HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 2-B \npust 22-24, 1070 Van Hise Realty Realtor Pennington, New Jersey., Tel: or * CRANBURY AREA OPEN HOUSE PREVIEW^ We invite you to preview the fellmvinir, homes on Sunda\. Autrust 2oth between the hours of 1-4 P.M. EAST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP 08 OAK CREEK ROAD S«>4.«>00. Weidel is Proud to Present WILBURTHA TERRACE lexrlusn, h tt ing Ttrp. Area) (Qualit\ Huilt h\ Bassuood. Incl CUSTOM DESIGNED HOME - has excellent flow pattern for entertaining. Modern kitchen with eating area, laundry area, for mal dining room, large entrance foyer, living room with log burning fireplace, den, family room, study or library, bedrooms, 2% baths, screened-in porch with bar with barbecue grill, large patio, 14' x 18' completely equipped greenhouse, 2 car carport. wooded acres with privacy, Forrest Blend Area. Call for appointment and additional information : $210,000. Lovely old Colonial. Magnificent stairway rises from stately center hall. Many visible fireplaces, pumpkin pine flooring, living room, formal dining room, library, dinette, solarium - greenhouse 10' x 25', 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths, full basement. One acre landscaped lot. 28StationRd. Sale$115,000. Cranbury Village Rent $650/month. Presenting this lovely five bedroom expanded ranch on Vz acre wooded lot offering finished basement and three and one-half baths, two car garage, central air. fireplace. DIRECTIONS: Route 10 to Dutch Neck Road turning left at Oak Creek Road. HAMILTON TOWNSHIP 5 TUDOR DRIVE $82.:>OO. Offering immediate occupancs in this lovely three bedroom rarich with large living room, formal dinini; room, eat-in kitchen, one and one-half. baths, paneled family room, fireplace, brick barbetiue and more. DIRECTIONS: Route to left on Limewood. ri»ht on Tudor. *C»ntrl olr conditioning carpet. flrvploc.t and much, much more arm ftandard In our Som.t - NOT OPTIONS Check our package and compare I Some ready for'immediate occupancy to start the school year. HOPEWEU TOWNSHIP CRANBURY MANOR ft GREENBROOK DRIVE S">.«)00. Presenting the ideal four bedroom colonial located on './> acre offering JloodjJocjrfion. one car <;ara^e. paneled family room, large laundrx room off VidpA&n. wall to wall carpeting, full basement. first floor family >r>omi at-in kltch.nt formal dining toomi flr*ploc«t wall/wall carpeting gat h»ot 7 cor garagm 'i acr» lots on cul-da m tlr.t floor laundrim mortgages at comavmmva rot»» (0 yoar) Buildar pay* closing cotti located luti oh Weil Upp#r Ferry Hood READY - WILLING 4 ABLE - to accommodate a large family, well designed Colonial in Princeton Farms Large modern kitchen with eating area, formal dining room, spacious living room, cozy family room with log burning fireplace or gas burning, 4 generous size bedrooms, 2V? modern baths, 2 car garage, patio, close to Princeton, Trenton and all major high ways 8 years old and in excellent condition $99,000. HOPEWEU BOROUGH This 19th century home has a center hall, living room with fireplace, large formal dining room. 22' family room. den. modern eat-in kitchen, and two half baths, all on the first floor. On the second floor are four bedrooms and two full tile baths. Also featured are a screened porch, combination storm/screens throughout, main and back staircases, detached three-car garage with second floor storage, and a % acre treed lot. Bonus: Additional kitchen off family room. Easy conversion to two family or mother-daughter. 57 S. Main St., Cranburv. $15,000. DIRECTIONS: Route 10 N to lefl on Old Cranburv Road. Left on Holland Right on Oak branch. Left on Greenbrook. TWIN RIVERS 482 MADISON DRIVE $...->.<><.<>. Please preview our newest listing... three bedroom townhouse offering upgraded carpeting,re-designed kitchen with butcher-block counter, stone panel wall, papered. and additional table. Parquet entrance leads to professionally finished basement with carpeting, paneling, built-in bookcases, cedar closest* and more. DIRECTIONS: TWIN RIVERS Ol AD II. FOLLOW SIGNS.. PAULA CHESTNUT ABBY MILLER. "' HARRY CHIAPPONE JEANNE NEWMAh DiDONATO REALTY CO. INC. K«CHRISTIE ETTA PASCALE D.:«~. u- u*~_ o.. DINAJEFFERS JUDY SATROWSRI Pnnceton-Hightstown Rd. SHELLIMETZGER CUFFSPATZ E.W,ndsor/Cranbury,N.J SAN0IMARG0TT for Apptt. at Anytime Caff Op»n for Inipection Sat. 8 Sun. 1-4 PM. (NrKitam: From I M Nc HtfWiirtwi po.t M..C unty t,.p,,,.!,,i,h. >< )lr» ll«m W««t Upp«r f.r. «d I mil Offered [xctutlvmly Through: WEIDKL REAL ESTATE (NEW HOMES DIVISION) 2681 MAIN STREET AWRENCEVILLE OFFICE Brochur#i Avoilobl* Apts. For Rent Apts. For Refit WAITING JUST FOR YOU - is this beautiful Cape Cod. Modern kitchen with eating area, formal dining room, living room with bay window. 2 bedrooms and full bath on first floor. 2 bedrooms and full bath on second floor, full basement, corner lot with quiet setting. IV? blocks to Public Transportation, children bussed to school..- $69,900. HOPEWELl TOWNSHIP DON'T MISS THIS ONE Well designed Colonial with a wooded setting. Modern kitchen with breakfast area, formal dining room, large living room, family room with log burning fireplace, laundry area. 4 bedrooms. 2 ' > modern baths, full basement. 2 car garage, patio» $119,900. PENNINGTON BOROUGH ATTRACTIVE CAPE COD - situated on a quiet back street. Modern kitchen, formal dining room, living room, bedrooms, 2 full baths, recreation room in basement, patio. 1 car garage. ;-..'..; $71,900. jstately VICTORIAN : on one acre, modern kitchen with teating area, pantry, utility room, entrance foyer, formal dining foom. living room, family room. 4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths, 1 car Saraqe, $85,000. (INVESTMENT PROPERTY 5 spacious apartments in a three tstory dwelling, excellent location within walking distance to rpublic transportation, library, schools, shopping and churches. Itall us for more details. $185,000. EWING TOWNSHIP ATTRACTIVE COLONIAL Modern kitchen, formal dining room, living room with fireplace entrance foyer. spacious bedroons. 1'.- baths laundrv room, partially finished basement. 1 cjr qar<)go $79,900. BUY LAND: THEY DON'T MAKE IT ANYMORE Call us for mort information on the above listings ACRES Hopewell Twp. Residential Zoned. ~ :.. : $4,000 p«r acre. 8 ACRES -Hopewell Twp. Residential Zoned.. $2,000 per acre. Member Multiple Listing Service Holidays Call: Bev Willever Cathy Nemeth Theresa Jarvis Beverly Glasson Under the shade of the largest horse-chestnut tree, a truly unique Cranbury Colonial Town House, with sparkling new kitchen, 5 bedrooms. 2Vi baths, formal dining room and living-room, a cozy den with a brick fireplace. A real find at Station Rd.. Cranbury $95, N. Main St. Davs: Rooms For Rent Rooms For Rent Apts. For Rent LARGE - desirable room, no smoking, no cooking. 2 minutes to campus, parking FURNISHED MOTEL rooms with 8/c &TV: Hightstown- Windsor area. From $70 per week ROOM FOR RENT - In private borne. With 4 adults. $125. includes kit/laund. privs. No * WJB. Princeton Jet , days, , eves. HILLSBORO Private home has 2 rooms to rent. Bedroom & study with private bath & kitchen privileges. Quiet country setting & convenient location. Perfect for student or career person. Call days, , eves, NEW CLASSIFIED DEADUNE FOR CANCELLATIONS IS NOON MONDAY Realto STORE FRONT TWENTY NASSAU STREET do. Cranbury. N.J. Evenings: Approximately 1,000 square feet with large display window on Chambers Street, the most exclusive Princeton Shopping area. OFFICE SPACE square feet, could be divided or partitioned, suitable for display room, architects or large business. I Call BUILDING LOT Large building lot on exclusive Province Line Road in the Princeton Area. (2.6 miles from Nassau Hall) Approx. 4 Acres. Heavily wooded. Beautiful area. $75,000. Offered by principal: OLD FASHIONED CITY LIVING 640 West Apart, ments. 1 BR. decorator's delight. 2 BR. 2 bath, also available to 2 working persons. Please call Mrs. Kenney at Trenton. 2 ROOM APARTMENT - $25 including all utilities. Former kitchen and bedroom of once larger apartment. Located at 8 Vi Leigh Avenue (near Princeton Hospital). Available September between 8-9 a.m. or PM only. Apts. For Rent DARIEN AT VILLAGE 2 - New Hope. Pa. Modern, luxury. 1 bdrm. apts. and Townhouses. All modern conveniences, free swimming pool, 4 tennis courts, sauna. Immediate occupancy YARDLEY BOROUGH - Overlooking Yardley Canal, 2 bedroom townhouse with finished rd floor, living room, kitchen, utility room, small yard. $250 plus heat and other utilities. Adults. No pets Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent ONE ROOM EFFICIENCY APT. Available immediately $225 per month walking distance to Nassau St ALLENTOWN, N.J.-modernized & redecorated 7 rooms with l'/2 baths, large living rm w/fireplace, large room - 21 x 21 with h/c water, panelled dayroom, large dining rm, large kitchen w/washer-dryer outlets, & 2 rooms on 2nd story with bath. Also basement storage, parking & yard near lake. Most utilities paid $455/mo. Call , 245. UNFURNISHED - new luxury apartments. 1 & 2 bedrooms. $5 and up. Meadow Lane Apts. 5 minutes to Princeton Jet. Call BR APT. living room, modern kitchen w/dining area, 1 large bedrm, 1 medium sized bedrm, new tile bath & private entrance foyer. Suitable for 2 persons; discount to est graduates. Approx. an 8 minute jog to Nassau Hall, or minute walk to Princeton Hospital. Asking rental of $15 excluding all utilities. Avail. Sept. 1. for a minimum rental term of 1 year. Premises shown by appt. only. Please call leave name & number. TWIN RIVERS - modern, garden apts. furnished or unfurnished. Exc. lease (long or short term* THREE BEDROOM APT - For rent»4 miles from Mercer County College $400 per month plus utilities kitchen with refrigerator, PRINCETON BORO - Walk to stove, dishwasher, disposal; everything. 4 room apt. rear roofed deck, 1 garage modern kitchen with space, feels like a house! washer/ dryer & dishwasher. Avail. Sept. l. $500. Firestone Avail. Sept. l-june l. Not Real Estate. Realtors suitable for pets or children Security deposit & references required. Avail, him. or unfurn. $495/ mo. including heat EWING -1 BR apt. in 2 family & parking W. TRENTON - l BR, newly remodeled, new carpet. Exc. location. Ail uuis paid H1GHTST0WN SUBLET - 2nd floor-garden apt w/balcony, central air, free gas stove & heat 1 BR, lge. bath, walk-in closet 5 months lease. Convenient to Rt. 10, Cranbury. Occupancy Oct. 1st $247/mo. Call after 6pm. 2 "STORY GUEST COTTAGE - on 4 acre country estate. 5 mins. from Palmer Sq., Princeton. Includes living rm, kitchen w/ breakfast area & appliances, full bath, bedroom & sitting area. Spiral staircase, balcony, air conditioning & private parking just some of the features. Rent $475/ mo. plus utilities. Call before 9am or evenings. LAMBERTV1LLE - large 1 BR, private entrance on ground level. Recently redecorated. Walk to town. No lease, no pets. Security required. $ LAMBERTVILLE -1 bedroom apt. Victorian accent. Available Sept. 1. $295 includes heat & hot water. Tennant handles other utilities. Adults. No pets PRINCETON TWP - newly remodelled 1 BR, near mass transit and Nassau St. Sep. entrance & parking. Avail. Sept. l for l year lease. $75 including utils MALE - over 40. Clean, with good vacuum, wanted for a recently renovated room apt. in the country. $15/mo. includes heat, not water, electric, garbage collection & refrigerator. 2 mos. security with lease. Call after 5:0 pm. Refs. please. PRINCETON; renovated 2 bedroom apt. $60/mp. hot water included eves. EXCEPTIONALLY NICE - 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, full ceramic tile bath, home. Lge. yard, quiet residential neighborhood. LR, eat-in kitchen, panelled porch/ den, air conditioner, 2nd floor. Avail. Sept. l. Adult professionals preferred. $ ONE & TWO BEDROOM APTS FOR RENT - Central air, patio & balconies, heat hot water & cooking gas supplies. 1 br, from $260, 2 br from $05. Office open 10am - 4:0pm 5 days a week, Sat 12-4 pm. Windsor Regency Apts. East Windsor, NJ & YARDLEY - Spacious redecorated 2 bedroom, tile bath apt, overlooking river. Easy access Avail. Sept CENTRAL PRINCETON BORO - first floor apt. 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room kitchen, and bath. Available September. $525 monthly. Telephone , , or PENNINGTON BORO - avail 9/ l, lge 2 BR apt in Victorian house, walking distance to town, nice yam, patio, porch. $85/ mo. heat incl. no pets. Security & refs after 7pm. FURNISHED STUDIO APT utils. air, parking, bus ONE BEDROOM - Bungalow in back of our home with lots of grass and shade. New kitchen and carpeting throughout. Ideal for the established, single mature person. $25 per month plus gas. Write "RENTAL," box 476, Kingston PENNINGTON BORO, 8 ROOM APT., 5 bedrooms, lvg room, kitchen with dining area, recreation room, 2 full baths, basement, garage and rear yard. Available on or about Sept. 1. Asking rental $550. excluding all utilities. 12 W. Delaware Ave. (on bus route) or PRINCETON BORO APT. - Central location, 5 rooms, 11/2 baths. Attractively renovated, central a/c. Lg. modern kit, dishwasher, full basement, washer, dryer, small private yard. No pets, not suitable for children. Avail Sept. 15. Refs & sec. required. Heat & utils. not included. $485/mo DUPLEX - 4Vi rms. with basement, yard, driveway priv. Couple w/1 child preferred. No pets APARTMENT FOR RENT - in Princeton. John St. Kitchen, living, bedroom, full bath bet. 9am-9pm. f BEDROOM - apartment available for sublet starting September at Fox Run Apartments, carpeting dishwasher, heat included. Call Audrey at or to leave a message. RENTALS.Modern Apt. with iirt-ul;: 1 Living room, eat-in kikfw:.. j bedrooms, bath, garati-. mi fenced yard. AvaiP'x'p: : $450. No pets. A quiet 5 room apt ' ' '" country. Living in..a! ;. kitchen. 2 bedrooms. <.] :.,in<; bath, avail. Oct 1 S-4.».v. pets Realty World Laurence R. Ma\. liu i PfeNNINGTON i i..-c;n.--:: apartment in a quair.t in:! Century building, p.-irkirv included. $25/month Peyton Associates. Realtors coi'ntry HIDEOUT - large iiwrtment living rm, large khchen. 2 BR, fireplace, fuil bath, spacious yard. Must be working & reliable. Nopets or children $75 plus utils anytime. I'KNNINGTON BORO, 5 ROOM APT. 2 bedrooms, lyg. room, kitchen with dining '.-irea. study, basement, garage and rear yard available on or ;ilmui Sept l. Asking rental swr> excluding all utilities. 12 Wcsi lielaware Ave., n74(. or BKimooM DUPLEX modern kitchen, large yard,, onvenient to train station. Princeton Jet. area &-.'415 Avail. Sept. 1 PENNINGTON BORo 4 ROOM APT - 2nd floor, room apartment: Hvu.i. < walking distance to Nassau St. eat-in kitchen, dining n«> : Parking facilities. $40/ mo. study, 5 bedrooms. tw<. i.-; Security. Available Sept. 1. and large parking \; one year lease. Call Available August 1 Sr,.".(i eluding all utilities K 1 V Delaware Ave fioy 92-i < 741 ARTKR RD PRINCETON - Avail immed. large rooms & PENNINGTON BOH" bath eaj >eted, private eniranw^*& parking. $80 in- room apartment living n«>, dining room or studv c;ii i cluding all utilities. Call 609- kitchen, two bedroom. ;i!«8w-1h21 bath. Available Augusi ; $>:s;c> excluding all utilities ].' vv«-s Delaware Avenue *>'^ H.S.\PK<TACULAR FUR N1SHKI) MODERN APT in beautiful New Hope. Avail. Sept 17 June 1. 2 bdrms, Vk baths, stereo, TV, deck, dishwasher, washer / dryer, wood 4', ROOMS. ', HOL'SK floor No pets No utiliti' burning fireplace." Tennis, N 7th Ave.. Manvillc " paddle tennis available.!v>(krmo Refs required i'.i7 :noo davs ONE & TWO BKI.'h'ntM APTS -- for immediate o<cupanciat Windsor Castle, i. Windsor Twp. From Prmi-eton take 571 to Old Trenton Rd make a right then proceed!', the first left beyond a couple hundred feet from Old TiT-nton Road i ROOMS kitchenette & liaih near Choir School. 5-',7:> mo includes utilities. Lease and security. Broker, W Bncklev, FOR RENT Apartment completely furnished except lineas. centrally located, with accessibility to university and PRINCETON BORO beautiful 1st floor apartnlent -em i nary, one block from 4 rooms, & bath Modern Nassau Street. Living room kitchen not suitable for pets & with Iireplace; bedroom with fchildren. Security deposit bath, den (with sofa convertible to bedroom and ac- (required. $495 Avail Sept.Call cessible to bath); dining room, or with outdoor deck; kitchen, furnished with gas range, electric refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, clothes washer SUBLET HUNTERS GLEN and dryer. All utilities, including one car garage, $ bdrm, 2 bath, on golf course $55/mo. Call per month. Reply Box #0267 to Princeton Packet. SUBLET 1 bdrm apt Fox Run, Plainsboro. $l5/mo Avail. Sept. 1. Heat included after 5:0 In Princeton call To Place a Classified Ad LAWRENCEVILLE AREA - Ten minutes to Princeton - First floor apartment; bdrms & bath; living rm w/fireplace, large kitchen w separate Mining area. Finished basement w/paneled walls & w/w shag rug to use as playroom or den. Plenty storage. Front & back entrance & yard. Rent heat. Avail. Nov. 1. Call

70 Week of August 22-24, 197') 2-B If youye spending $76,000 to $50000 or more for you r next home, buy it from someone you can trust to know the market. HISTORIC COLONIAL This lovely 1826 Vintage home is situated on over 22 breathtaking acres in West Amwell Twp. Carefully restored to retain its original charm. It's a great bjy for only $175,000. WALK TO TRAIN Exciting Split-Colonial 5 Bedrooms, 2%. Baths, Finished basement with wet bar, 2 fireplaces and a fantastic custom pool. See this today $159,000. JUST LISTED Charming Old Colonial (Circa 1850) on a beautifully landscaped lot with a 214 car detached garage with loft, garden house and fantastic English Garden. All In Historic Cranbury offered at $14,000. NEW LISTING Benford Estates Colonial with a flagstone foyer, 5 Bedrooms, 214 Baths, fireplace, full basement and much more. ~ Call Now >. $128,500. NEW LISTING Rustic Redwood Chalet on 4 plus wooded acres adjacent to quaint Imlaystown. Features include a massive fireplace with Bar-be-que pit, pine walls throughout and an exceptional view. Offered at $149,900. NEW LISTING Princeton Junction Colonial with 4 bedrooms, (Beamed ceiling in Master Bedroom), Fireplace and a lovely rear redwood deck. Call today, only $119,000. PRINCETON TOWNSHIP Huge Thompson Colonial - 5 Bedrooms, 4Y2 Baths, wet bar anp 1 a screened in rear deck. Much More, $264,900. CUSTOM CONTEMPORARY Unique Princeton Township home on a beautifully manicured acre near Stuart Day School. Reduced to $148,500. REDUCED East Windsor "Brandywine Ranch" - 5 Bedrooms, % Baths, full wall fireplace and a super covered redwood deck. Just Reduced to $89,900. ASK ABOUT OUR EQUITY RELEASE PROGRAM Draine Division 166 Nassau Street Princeton, IM. J REALTORS 18 OFFICES Equnl Housing Opportunity 54 Pnnceton-Hiyl its town Road Princeton Junction, N.J SINCE 1886 ASK ABOUT OUR GUARANTEED SALES PLAN! McCay Division Rtes.10 r206 Bordontown, N.J

71 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 24-B Week of August The seclusion of Princeton Court RAYMOND ROAD 5OUTH NUNWICK NEWJEAS Y n T> minutes North of Princeton brtwmi Route* 1 and 27 MONTGOMERY'S MILL POND ESTATES Outstanding 4 ancfis bedroom homes with all the amenities everything you need for comfortable living. OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY & SUNDAY N00NT06 IMRKCTIONS: NP«Jersey Turnpike tofc^fit 4. West on Route 18 to Route 1. South on Route I to Kavmomi Kiiad.-Turn ri^ht tfirrinceton Court models on your left. CHENDERSON REALTORS 4 Charlton Street. Princeton. N.J Built by R. and S. Colonial Builders CLASSIC Four and Five Bedroom COLONIALS starting at $129,000. ^HENDERSON B«ll»M«ad Route 206, Belle Mead, New Jersey Circa 1860.Colonial updated for today's li\ inji. Formal li\ine n»m «ith <-\ nwd.inirrnw. dining room with alcove, eat-in kitchen with fireplace, three bedrooms plus sewinc mom and bath on second floor. Two car garage. l">ny snen. <1og kennel..'?."> \ IH barn with second floor studio. Even a north window! CharmincW decnraled and lan(lsca wd. < Md shiihi' SH'i.'illO. CHENDERSON REALTORS^ Hopewell Hopewell House Square, Hopewell. New Jersey (609) **etcer County * Somtrttt County Multiple Listing S*rvie«Multiple lilting S«rvtc«Hunterdon County MultipU Listing S*rvic«Princeton Real Estate Croup Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent 1 I I 246 NASSAU STREET PRINCETON NEW JERSEY 1 AVAILABLE NOW! The most idylic setting and mpst perfect location in Princeton Imagine having country tranquility and beauty yet being so close to the town center. This charming, traditional house has two fireplaces, five bedrooms, panelled family room (huge), lovely screened porch and many, many special features Call Today..;,.: $229,000. Another Unique Peyton Listing ^Briarcrest at Ewing Township thetossibledream 9*4% with Model it open lor inspection everyday (12-5) (closed Thursdays) From 20% down - 0 year term to $67,990. qualified buyers Welcome. We are pleased that you have stepped into the possible dream. Come, journey with us through acres of a country setting; witness the green elegance that adds just the right touch of warmth and peace for family living. Featuring and 4 bedroom homes ranches, colonials, multi-levels all with 2-car garages. ModeJ phone: (609) ; 4494 fadinhwag«itmaaltmltyco..lik. Realtor (201) 54M720 DWKTIONS: (Only 0 minutes from New Brunswick) Take Rt. 1 south to 1-96 south to Exit 71B (Federal City Rd.). Follow through to-emringvme Rd. Turn left and follow to models on your right. ROM FKINCXTON: Take 206 Souttvto 1-6 South to Exit 71B and fo*»w as mentioned. «O PA.: 1-96 to Rt. 1 South. Turn -,Hi«t«l&<»inavaeRd. Models on yourfight. OFFICE SPACE RESEARCH PARK 1101 State Road. Princeton, N. J. $.50 per square foot net, net areas up to 0,000 square feet. 427,000 square feet in Park Occupied by approximately 50 Tenants Princeton Mailing Address and Phone Number CALL: Research Park Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent TRENTON new carriage house efficiency apt. with garage. $250/mp plus elec. & neat. Refs. & security. Gentleman preferred. On bus line. 7 min/to State House. Reply Box #02646, c/o Princeton Packet. AREE BEDROOMS Princeton Jet. 2 miles, Nassau St. Group okay, $450 per month. Princeton Crossroads Realty, Inc BR LUXURY APT swimming & tennis, $00 / mo, plus'utils BR APT. - good quiet neighborhood. W. Windsor Twp., private bath & entrance, parking. Also l single Bedrm MODERN 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT - new appliances, washer & dryer, wall-to-wall carpeting, central NEW HOPE, PA - Private air conditioning, private entrance & walled patio. Sm. backyard. Landlord pays heat apt. 1 bedroom; liv. rm., mod. and utilities. $S00/month. No kitchen. Rental $285+ sec. pets, please. Call dep. Ideal for l person. No after 6 pm or anytime dogs after 5 p.m. weekends. 1 BEDROOM - modern apt. Village II New Hope, sublet 6 mo, $25 plus elec after 6pm , ask for Barry. HILLSBOROUGH - rooms bath, kitchen, washer & dryer; dishwasher, heat supplied, near all conveniences, on l acre of land, $85 per mo after 5pm. CHEERFUL RESIDENTIAL 2 bdrm. apt. w/living rm, new kitchen, conv. to shopping & bus lines. $ LAWRENCEVILLE - Townhouse apt avail. Aug. 26. $l85+elec. Females only. Call eves. SUBLET - Hunters Glen, Princeton Meadows, 2 BR, 2 batjis, Sept 15. $ LAMBERTVILLE rooms, river view, $275/mo. includes heat & gas. 1 month's security, refs. Sept. l occupancy For Refit Hamilton Square, bedrooms East Windsor... 4 bwlw"t"*. $5S. Montgomery Home, S bedroom*, immediate occupancy Princeton, 4 bedrooms, Sept. l occupancy $750. Call «e*lty World/ Audrey Short, Inc PRINCETON TWP. - NY busline. 4 BR, 2 bath, LR w/fpl., DR, kitchen, fam. rm., garage & full bsmt. Avail, late Aug. for 1 yr. or longer. $675/mo after 6 p.m. SUMMER RENTAL June 15-Se.Dt 15. Large country house. Western edge Princeton near ETS, completely furnished, central air, bdrms, baths, living rm, dining rm, study huge kitchen, huge family rm, 40' patio tall trees, large secluded yard. $650 month UNFURNISHED PRIN- CETON - Contemporary, excellent location for schools, shopping & commuters, 4 BR, 2 baths, large LR with fireplace, family room, study. Avail. Sept. 1. $650. Call or BEDROOM 2-V4 bath Colonial split in family neighborhood. 8 mm. to train station and all shopping. Major apair conditioned. $625/ < mocau RENT EITHER CHARMING HOUSE brand new to 4 bedrm. Bi-Level or BR Colonial. Each has LR, DR, FR, 2 car garage, central air, carpet. Owner WEST WINDSOR - By owner. Executive 4 bdrm colonial on wooded 2/ acre cul-de-sac. 5 minutes to NYC train, outstanding schools, 40 foot redwood deck. Immaculate condition. Priced to sell! $142, KINGSTON RANCH BR, 2 baths, family rm w/fireplace, central air. Unfunushed.Walk to NY bus. Avail. Sept. 1 for 1 year or longer. $625/mo or EAST WINDSOR COLONIAL 4 bdrms, 2% bath home with 2 car garage, central air, in lovely Devonshire estates. Available Sept. 1 $600 per month THREE BEDROOM KEN- DALL PARK RANCH - for rent. Beautiful landscaping with many other added features. Avail. Sept. 1 $475 plus Utilities JENJOY COUNTRY home {ving. Extra large pedrooms, 2-Vi baths ftownhouse close to shipping, schools and train station. (45 min to Phil.) $525/mo plus util eves & weekends. NEW HOPE, PA. - Village 2 Townhouse, eat-in kitchen, all appliances. Two story living room, open to secluded deck facing woods, fireplace, 2 bdrms. upstairs, phis bdrm. downstairs with sliding doors to patio, I 1 * baths, central air carpeted & drapes. $475 phis utilities. Walking distance to town LOVELY - 4 BR Colonial in Penns 'Neck. Close to trains. W. Windsor schools. Avail now. Call N.Y. Callaway, Realtor, BEDROOM 2 bath house in excellent condition, 1 acre of privacy. Good Ewing location, 20 mins. from Princeton. Avail. Sept. $475/ SPACIOUS 4-5 BDRM. - Colonial house in rural setting of Hopewell Twp. 1 yr. lease, call eves ! RENTALS School year rental - Sept. thru I June furnished cottage, l bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, den and bath. $75/mo. No pets. Gracious duple* - for family with lots of room, storage space. Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, den and bath. Avail, immed. $485. No pets. Realty World Laurence R. May, Inc FURNISHED PRINCETON RENTAL In beautiful wooded area, -4 bedroom contemporary ranch with central air, fireplace, pool and lawn maintenance at owners expense. Available September 1st. $790.00/month. Weidel Real Estate Inc., 242Mz Nassau St. Princeton EAST WINDSOR AVAILABLE SEPT. 1st Lovely 2 story colonial - 4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths, central air, all appliances, 2 car f arage, great family neighorhood. $650/month plus utilities. FARMHOUSE RENTAL ANIMALS WELCOME Available immediately bedrooms, 2 baths, fireplace in family room, living room, dining room, kitchen, dishwasher & refrigerator included. House surrounded by beautiful 45 acres. Rural setting but close to main road. Only $450/month + utilities. Call Weidel Real Estate, Inc LAKEVIEW TWO BEDROOM - lvfe baths. Townhouse, superb finished basement, quality carpeting, all appliances, 1 or 2 year lease. No pets. $475/mo. plus utilities. THREE/FIVE BEDROOM - Home located on lovely '.-i acre in East Windsor. Living, dining, family rm, eat-in kitchen, 2% baths, basement, central air, fireplace, carpeting, & 2 car garage. Avail, now $675/month. RICHARDSON REALTY 601 Hi JOOO EAST WINDSOR - Beautiful 2 BR split level Twin Rivers townhouse, finished basement, 5 ajppl, many extras. Walk to,nyc bus, school, tennis, pool.,5 min exit 8 Tpk. No pets. Available immed. $440/mo after 4pm on or after Aug. 24. WESTERN SECTION residence with beautiful landscaping & illuminated tennis court. $1200 per month tolus utilities. Avail Oct. 1 Call , no answer, call LAWRENCEVILLE - lovely brand new -4 bedrm. Bi- Level. Panelled family room w/fpl., CA, carpet, 2 car garage. $585/mo. Avail. Sept Owner, HOPEWELL convenient to Princeton & 1-95, charming 2 bedroom log cabin on 22 acres. Attached garage FURNISHED HOUSE IN PRINCETON BOROUGH - 4 bedrooms, living room w/fireplace, dining room, kitchen, study, available until June or August of 1980 at $650/month. Peyton Associates, Realtors PRINCETON HOUSE FOR RENT - bdrm. Ranch, 1', baths, carpeting, dishwasher, finished casement, patio. Ideal quiet Boro location, walk to schools, shopping, busses Sept. 1. occupancy. $640/mo. Call after 5 pm LAWRENCEVILLE COLON- IAL 4 BR, 2'-j baths, fpl., in Living rm., fam rm., central air, 1 car garage. Avail. Sept. 1st. $625 per month. Call from 5 to 6 p.m. or after 9 p.m. KINGSTON - 4 BR, 2' 2 bath Colonial. Fireplace in family rm., central air, 2 car garage, beautiful condition Walking distance to N.Y. bus. 6 mins. to Princeton. Avail, immed. for 1 yr. or longer $650. per month Princeton Crossroads Realty, teruni ACRES RANCH, -located on cul-de-sac, wooded ilot, brms., lv. rm., dn. rm.. fm. rm., huge country kit., full abasement, central air, 2-car.gar., all appliances, $575 mo. ino pets. Call aft. 6:0 p.m RENT COUNTRY LIVING - in convenient location. 1/2 farmhouse, 5 lge. rms. w/bam storage, stable/pasture avail. Avail. Sept. 1. $525/mo after 8 p.m. F.OR RENT - Victorian home, Hopewell Boro. 4-5 bedrooms, lvj baths, study with fireplace, (1 cord wood provided), washer and dryer. Sept. l occupancy, l year lease, renewable. Family preferred, references required. $500/mo. plus utilitiestcall TOWN HOUSE - In Lambertville for rent. 6 charming rooms, basement with washer & dryer, and small enclosed garden. $20 per month plus Utilities. Call for an appointment. PRINCETON TW P COLONIAL 4 bdrms. 2', baths, liv room, din room, lam room w fireplace, eat-in kitchen. 2 car gar. full basement, central air. $82") mo LAMBERTVILLE HOME BR. (2 furnished) w/w carpeting throughout, kitchen quipped with modern Ireezor'refrigerator, selfcleaning oven, washer & dryer. $90 plus utils. Call 921- TWKI ext. 8 days "ves. STRIKING PRINCETON CONTEMPORARY /4 bedrooms, siews from every window, set on 4 beautiful acres Avail. Sept. 5 for 1 yr or longer $1000 per month" 609- ' FOR KKM half of double house in Princeton Boro. Living rm. dining "L." kitchen. & powder room on first lloor. bdrms & bath on 2nd tooor Garage. 2 year lease required $475/mo Available <»ct LAWRENCEVILLE AREA Ten minutes to Princeton - First floor apartment; bdrms & bath; living rm w/fireplace, large kitchen w/separate dining area. Finished basement w/paneled walls & w/w shag rug to use as playroom or den. Plenty storage. Front & back entrance & yard. Rent includes heat. Avail Nov. 1 Call BUNGALOW - l'z BR, $275/mo. Plus utils. Woods, near Hopewell, 9 miles to Princeton. Some furnishings day or night. WEST AMWELL TWP. - or 4 bedroom rancher Wooded seclusion with large family room, and redwood deck $500 plus Util SHORT TERM RENTAL - bedroom home in Montgomery Twp Unfurnished Month to month basis EAST WINDSOR RANCHER Lovely Hickory Area Section, 5 Bdrm, ' 2 bath, central air, 2 car garage. $600 plus utilities, after 5, HALF OF DUPLEX -in Lambertville, nice location, bdrms, bath w/shower, eat-in kitchen, large living rm, professional couple preferred, no pets. Call after 4'pm. FOR RENT - Victorian home, Hopewell Boro. 4-5 bedrooms, 1 14 baths, study with fireplace, (1 cord wood provided), washer and dryer. Sept. 1 occupancy, 1 year lease, renewable. Family preferred, references required. $S00/mo. plus utilities. Call

72 ^ ;,.,. HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE of August <)7<) 25-B, _ ; ;. ; > ca.066fwad& ptunczton cjio66fioad& ptunciton Uio&hKoadb pkbititon cao&&koadl> pfunazton caoaakoada ptuntaton caoaafioada pfuncexon caoaahoada pfunttton cto*an.oacu> p.'uncexcn ctoaafioada : 1. : o P Si & ; N C E T CROSSROADS PRINCETON CROSSROADS REALTY, INC. 195 NASSAU STREET PROSPECT AVENUE COLONIAL larp- c'.mforlahl.' \ bedroom. :\ A HOME TO ENTERTAIN IN - In Princeton's Riverside. Gracious bath Princeton home. Living room, dining room. famik room with living room with fireplace, large dining room, stone patio shaded by tall fireplace, eat-in kitchen. Super location. $17/>.(MKI. trees. Only $12,500. Q. o Q i m R O N COUNTRY FRENCH IN PRINCETON - Hand-hewn beams, brick EXECUTIVE HOME IN TALL TIMBERS - Top notch quality: Four LUXURY LIVING IN DOWNTOWN PR IV! K >\ \,,u.,«.- it t, floors, 2 fireplaces, a 9wimming pool and large flagstone patio all set on bedrooms plus an in-law suite. Florida room overlooking the yourself to see this award winning townhou-c t- 'mir l>..ln»oms. _''. baths. 1 Vi wooded acres. $210,000. professionally landscaped grounds. $ Charming garden. * }C>.(MH 8: 5 Aniuta Blanc Linda Carnevale 2 Q to- 6- I Lois Fee Hazel Stix LOVELY VIEW - Four bedroom colonial with a large living room; IA-IVCBCITV t u- i>- J - T ATFST 1 ISTING IN PRINfF TON \\,11 I.,M1.,M,U'and familv room with fireplace. V Walk to New York bus. W A L K IO T H $118,000. L UNIVERSITY from this spacious area.-> LA1LJ, UM1INO1N KIV.KM N - W,lk to, h,,,,k,hu,,,,in L a ml bedroom home. Study, family room, fireplace, central air and much transportation. Cathedral c.. hnir and fir.-.!a.t in hwn- n.c>m. I ricndlv more ' ' $1TQ 5(H( ~ neighborhood. Quite cul-de->ac.sihd.tmmt. 9ictton caoaakoadapfunc.ex.on caoaakoada ptunc.ex.on caoaatioada ptuncexon caoaah.oa.da pfunczxon CAOAAKOOXLA pfuncexon CAoAAKoadA pfuncexon caoaafioada pruncoxon caoi&fioadi p»jr.coton cio6i>fioada Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent IMMACULATE Rental Lawrenceville Village, modern, energy-efficient 4- bedroom, -bath house on dead-end street in quiet, family neighborhood. LR, DR, beautiful eat-in kitchen, separate study', large family room w/fireplace, 2-car garage. Central Air.- ^all-towati carpeting, drapes, many extras. Shady yard with tall 'trees, stream at back. Convenient to 1-295, NY-Trenton bus. $725/month. Available Sept PRETTY-- 4-bedroom. 2'- bath, clean Colonial on deadend street in Lawrence. LR with beamed ceiling and heatolater fireplace, separate DR. eat-in kitchen, family room, attached garage, full basement, gas hot water and heat. Wall-to-wall carpeting, drapes, many extras. Lovely yard and neighborhood. Convenient to 1-295, walk to NY-Trenton bus. $650/month. available Sept. l PRINCETON JCT. - 6 yr. old house, mins. to station, 5 mins. to Princeton. Exc. school system. 4 BR. 24 baths, LR, family rm., formal DR, eat-inkitcnen, 2 car garage, & bsmt. Wall/wall carpet. Central vacuum system, refrigerator, washer & dryer, 1 yr. lease. $650/mo + utils HOPEWELL - Old fashion town house bdrm, den. laundry, porch and yard, no pets, lease, security, $275 a month plus utilities. Phone FARMHOUSE BR it bath. Eat-in kitchen, LR, big yard. $25 plus util. Lease, security, references. Avail, now. Reply WVHH, #0944, P.O. Box 146. [Hightstown, N.J CHARMING - 9 room Colonial in Middlebush Village, Somerset. 12 miles from Princeton. Available Sept 1. Moo/mo JTHREE PLUS BEDROOM RANCH - near Lake Carnegie. avail Oct. Gas beat, central! air, w/w carpeting. Call IN.T.CALLAWAY, PRINCETON JCT - 5 year old colonial split. 5 bdrms, ex. location. 2 to miles to R&R, school & mall, minutes to Princeton. Formal living rm with fireplace, dining rm, family rm, dishwasher & eatin kitchen, basement & brick patio, 24 baths & central air, carpet on hardwood floors, 2 car garage. Avail, early Aug. 1 year lease. $675/month plus. Call if no answer call after 5 pm. GR1GGSTOWN/PRINCETON mailing address, renovated farmhouse on acre estate, bedrooms, eat-in kitchen, wall-to-wall carpeting, dining rm., living rm. with fireplace, enclosed sunporch, basement, use of 25 x 50 inground swimming pool. Avail. Dec. 1, prefer professional couple with 1 or no children. No pets. References. $425 plus utilities. Write J. G., PO Box 274, Princeton, N.J TWO PRINCETON CONTEMPORARIES Beautiful views from every window of this -4 bedroom architect designed home, set on 4>? acres, minutes from center of town. Unfurnished, available Sept. 5, one year or longer. $1000/mo. HANDSOME - modern ranch on Autumn Hill wooded lot with swimming pool, -4 bedrooms, fully furnished. Available Sept. 1 for one year. $790/mo. Princeton Crossroads Realty BEAUTIFUL - bedroom home located in nice area of Ewing. Fully carpeted, large shaded yard, garage. No maintenance needed, No pets. Convenient to Princeton area. $ BEDROOM Duplex - in beauttfbl Boro neighborhood, 1 Mode from Unhrenity and Nassau St. Available Oct. l. Call eves after 5 pm. PRINCETON - Walk to University 4 bedrooms. Lease. attic, garage, SSOO + heat P. 0. Box 416, N.J COUNTRY HOUSE - 20 min. from Princeton. Quiet and secluded. bedrooms, deck, fireplace in Uving raomtlmo phis utilities or lftsh»48. LAMBERTVILLE - a lovely 1 bedroom, fully carpeted and modernized, private entrance on ground level. On quiet street, walking distance to everything. Heat and hot water supplied. $25/mo. Security and references required EWING TWP. SPLIT LEVEL - 4 bedrooms, 2'* baths, family room, gar. & carport. Newly painted Near Trenton State College & short drive to Princeton. Yearly lease, refs. & sec. deposit required. $550. per month FdR RENT - Victorian home, Hopewell Boro. 4-5 bedrooms, 112 baths, study with fireplace, (1 cord wood provided), washer and dryer. Sept. 1 occupancy, 1 year lease, renewable. Family preferred, references required. $500/mo plus utilities. Call "BEDROOM Duplex - wood burning fireplace, fully carpeted, lovely location with tennis court privileges. $50/mo. Security and references required SECLUDED farm house near Skillman 15 min. from downtown Princeton, lg. 1/r w/fireplace, 2 b/r, wood furnace 2 adults only, no kids, animals welcome. Perfect for 2 adults who love rustic country living. $25. plus util Resort Properties NEAR MT. POCONO - waterfront Chalet, sleeps 12, 2 boats, good fishing, available weeks of Aug! 11, Aug. 18, Aug. 25. Off season rates starting Sept. 4. Call days, after 6 p.m. VACATION IN Vermont's finest townhouse condominium. BR, 2 bath, LR, DR, & fully equipped kitchen. $275/week includes heated pool, tennis, linens, firewood & washer/dryer. Call after 5 p.m. for free folder & info. NONE OTHER LIKE IT Approximately 4.27 acres of total privacy One story ranch style home with fireplace for cozy winter evening after ice skating on the lake or your own lagoon as pictured below. r Rear screened extra large porch for summer time enjoyment Overlooking the lake during swimming or boating fun bedrooms. 1-'-'? baths. Formal dining room Huge eat in kitchen. Electric garage door for double garage Aluminum exterior for easy maintenance. Shopping within bike nde $112,000. Independently owned/operated NEIGHBORHOOD REALTYGROUP U.S.A. 'll help you make the right move. KIDOLFI Realtor STORY NEAR PARK: This lovely Hightstown home has a very nice location. Living room, formal dining room, knotty pine kitchen, bedrooms and bath Full basement. Some wall to wall carpet. Within walking distance of schools, churches and shopping areas $55,000. HIGHTSTOWN TWO FAMilY INCOME PROPERTY: Lovely old home with 12 rooms and TWO baths and two car garage Each apartment has living room, kitchen. 4 bedrooms and bath Each apt. has its own furnace and hot water heater, elec. and gas meters At present each gp T rents for S65.00 per month, $75,900. I! REALTOR* TWO STORY WITH ALUMINUM SIDING It's amazing what can be done with an older home. The interior walls and ceilings have been replaced with sheet rock and panelling. The rooms are larger than you'd think and contain hardwood floors. Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bath. There is plenty of storage space, screened porch, basement, asphalt driveway, and about a V«acre lot $55,000. Q Q I' l "*> 1 Vn Kiriiin slyl" knr hen >rv IOUS n;ar -.."irri^ k'l $ V, STORY WITH RURAL SETTING IN WASHINGTON TWP: T w o arrr; lo: \>j\\h r,\r\ f,t,,nf(! ' '<[.. I ' I. ' :,' rioms w i t h C^nt^r hnfi M o r j f r r H / r. l ^. l. - /. < > \,< i<<(-(\ b e a m s. n u m e r o u s I'noTTy riri'-.:*..!-'.;;.,-( -...']<. ri'-w fluo H >"..< h,v, iarq- " i o n -. AMih!,., :;>,!.., $ 5 7, EXCELLENT STARTER HOME: great s^ape' DownsT^irr- -s Chen and Toderr. rja'h T h* house r^as been rec.ontly oair plumbing, circuit breaker',,, yourself Leonard Van Hise Agency MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 160 Stockton St. Hightstown, N.J. Office: S-4250 Aft*r Hours* Sunday Call: Richard Van Hise Jean Esch Maurice James. Jr Warren Olsen Melvin Krep* Anastasia Essl :1: 1'tcr Hiqhstown home is in*» ;; ";'>r T ' r riming room, kit ',-,..r rooms upstairs The.s i,f: si7p ydrd. copper.! tar.'jqu Take a look for $ w

73 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 2 6-B Week of August 22-24, 1979 nr to the Princeton Meadows Ufel it's active: swimming, tennis, go\f, \ and our private \ '. clubhanme with lounge and disco are just a i few steps from your\ door, it'mfum historic Princeton, I with its endless* shopping and entertainment V possibilities, is \ minutes away- Nearby,.too, is the Philadelphia- [New York train. And now, il's more [ available than even 1 we'vejust opened a brand new section.called Pheasant Hollow with distinctive one- and twobedroom apartments. For more information, phone todays (609) Princeton HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP Featherbed Lane 9.9 Acres Main House and Two Tenant Houses 989,500 CALL JAKEWOOLUM Real Estate Multiple Listing Servici Store For Rent in Princeton sq.fe«t Call BARGAIN MART IS A BARGAIN MART IN CLASSIFIED PAGES Now Building BROOKMEAD NOW RENTING PRINCETON ARMS Luxury Apartments 1 and 2 Bedrooms Starting at $280. per month Features: Wall-to-Wall carpeting over concrete in 2nd floor apts. All utilities except Electric Individually controlled heat 2 air conditioners Private entrances - Walk-in closets Individual balconies Storage room within apt. Laundry Rooms Superintendent on site. Open Mon.-Fri. 12:00-5:00 p.m Directions: From Princeton: Princaton-Hightttown Rd.. tv. 1 right on Old Trenton Rd., V, mil* turn I«H and follow signs. NOW RENTING! NORTHGATE APARTMENTS On* Mil* Read and Princ**on-Hightstown Rd. (opposite McGraw Hill) East Windsor. N. J. 1 and 2 Bedrooms from $260. per month Features: SWIMMING POOL PLAYGROUND FACILITIES OFFSTREET PARKING AIR CONDITIONERS KITCHEN WITH DINING AREA THERMOSTAT CONTROLLED HEAT (included in rental) WASHER & DRYER FACILITIES RESIDENT SUPERINTENDENT MASTER TV ANTENNA MODEL APARTMENT OPEN DAILY (609) in Montgomery Twp. Wm. Bucci Builder, Inc. For informattfftpall FOR SALE BY OWNER RIVER FRONT LOTS 2 approved buildings lots in Mont. Twsp. r, 1 f Resort Properties LONG BEACH ISLAND -i- - Lovely ocran front house.bedrooms, l-«.a baths, available May, June, Sept. $40/day, also low weekly rate SPECTACULAR BARNEGAT UGHT DUPLEX - 50' from beach, avail, all Fall. Heated OCEAN FRONT HOME Barnegat Light bdrms, all "modern conveniences. Avail from Aug 18 to Sept 1. $1200 hxdtkungutiktks. Call orll5* "^tnjoy THE SHORE IN ""SEPTEMBER BR home & 2 BR apartment in Beach Haven Terrace. Avail, with reasonable rates WALDEN, VERMONT-800 sq. ft. 5 year old contemporary Son with 18 acre* of land on town road. View of Mt. Mansfield, 160, Resort Properties OCEAN FRONT - Long Beach Island, beautiful new bedroom JM~ spectacular. view. w/. petfog, wasber/dryer --- washer. Summer rentals. Low Stereo. Nice small season rates or VILLA FOR to F6R SALE BY OWNER Princeton Borough Cedar Colonial Located on a beautifully landscaped lot in:,trie Riverside section of the borough. This elegant 5 bedroom, 2V4 bath architect designed home offers many extras - spacious rooms throughout, hardwood floors, dining room with French doors to a lovely rear yard, family room with built-in bar, central air and much, much more. WalKing distance to the University, NY bus and the center of town. An excellent offering at $148,500. For on appointment call (609) leave name and number or rent all con- outdoor for HEART OF THE POCONOS - LONG BEACH ISLAND - 2 bedroom i< 2 bath mobile ucea.n front lovely modern home, all electric. Cable TV, house, bedrooms, sleeps 6, shed & awning. Completely I 1 - baths. Avail. Labor Day furnished, including TV & week $00. After Sepi. 7. park, minutes to big lakes, skiing & shopping. Adults, no pets. $9900. (717) or (201) POCONOS - wooded building lot. Year round resort location, lvi acres, $7800. Call SEPT-Oct.-Vermont lakefront cottage. Avail, by week,, bedroom apt. avail, same all of Sept. $250/ week. Also LONG WEEKEND. Completely private on 8 mi. long $175/ week Lake Bomoseen. (near Rutland) bdrms., liv. rm., FLORIDA, NEW kit, deck & fam. rm. LUXURIOUS condominium in overlooking lake, Exc. Clearwater Beach. Beautifully swimming & fishing. Boat furnished; all appliances, included. Perfect location to private bead) & swimming enjoy fall foilage season. pool, 2 bedrooms, 2 $175/wk., $110 for long bathrooms; a terrace with a weekend bet. pretty view. Dec-May, Aug. 18 k Sept., call $1200/month. Call after 9 p.m P1TTSFIELD VERMONT 4 season house. Spectacular mountaintop view, BR, bath, sleeps 10, washer/dryer, 12 mileb from KUBngton, Pico, 1 mile from ski touring. Weekly or weekend CAPE GOD On cove off WeUfteetfHa National Sea Shore. U bay at Sept-Oct. Fosters aoi-5»- write Box 5 EAST WINDSOR Twin Rivers Lake Condo This 4% room Condo offers kitchen, utility room, 2 bedrooms, living room, dining area and 2 baths with carpeting throughout. It also features a carpeted and cement patio, central air and 5 appliances in a country club setting. All this for only $7,000. for further info, coll MLS 4k or after 6 and weekends. jggjjl ' "At Sherlock. Its Elementary' Wm herlock Homes Resort Properties $225/ week REAL ESTATE -MORTGAGES APPRAISALS 49 W. Prospect St.. East Brunswick, N.J POCONO ROUND HOUSE bedrooms, deck; TV, fpl, Weekends or weekly avail. After 6pm LONG BEACH ISLAND Harvey Cedars. 4 bedroom house, all appliances. Available Labor Day week and VACATION HOUSE - in Big Baas Lake of Poconos. 100 miles from Princeton. Indoor swimming, tennis etc Offseason price until Xmas. Weekly * weekends. For farmer info. 60W8-415 or TSMMOeve*. FLORIDA - new condominium near Clearwater, beautifully furnished. 2BR, 2 bautovagpoks 18th fairway, golf, dodooase, tennis, pools, coveredparicmgavafl.nopets, 2B1-65-S15. Business Properties WANTED TO RENT 24WF 000 sq.ft. light industrial space for workshop. Reasonable rent OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT central Nassau St. Small or large, avail, now, low rent. Telephone secretarial services available MONT. TWP. new office space for rent or 2000 sq. feet. $4 sq. foot. Ready to go. Rt. 206, across from Foodtown Shop. Ctr. Call Builder, STORE FRONT on Nassau SL Approx sq. ft. $1550 per mo plus utife.. plent j, * C ALLA&AY, Real Estate, 609^ AVAIL. IMMEDIATELY sq. feet of air conditioned office space in professional building zoned for medical or allied specialties. At door off street parking. Near center, on bus lines. month. Call or ' PRINCETON OFFICE SUITES available Attractive one story buklnm.parking at door. Two suites proxiinately 1080 ft each or one suite of ^ sq. ft. feasible. BARGAIN MART IS Business Properties OFFICE BUILDING FOR SALE Pennington Borough. Large Victorian Townhouse consisting of 1 offices with lavatories. Located adjacent to Pennington Borough Post Office.WilT renovate to suit NEW OFFICE BLDG and* 1500 sq. ft. gross area suites for rent. Separate electric, HVAC, tel. trunks, parking. 15 Main St., Kingston days eves. PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SPACE Main St. Flemington, 200 sq. ft. to 900 sq. fttftom $125 and up. The Hunt Agency, N.C. Hunt Realtor, RI>T#1 Old York Road, Ringoes, N.J. 0B or days eves. STORE SPACE AVAIL. HOPEWELL Approx. 524 sq. ft. in small active shopping center EAST WINDSOR - 2 room suite at Warren Plaza West, $260/mo. including utilities. lvfe mo. security required, 1 year lease. Call Debbie weekdays 9am-4pm. MOBILE OFFICE TRAILER, 10 ft. X 40 ft., 2 rms., carpeted, bath, A/C, heat, exc. cond. $5, COIN OP LAUNDRY and Dry Cleaners with right location, size, machines k expense for a Depression and inflation proof business. Owner must sell, moving to Florida. $75,000. Phone HIGH VISIBILITY OFFICE SPACE - on Rt. 206 in Montgomery Twp: 1000 sq. ft: $550/mo plus utilities. Firestone Real Estate, Realtors, PROFESSIONAL OFFICES FOR LEASE - Hightstown, Rt. at NJ Tpk. 200 sq. ft Will subdivide and renovate to suit. Ample of} street parking. Call or after 2pm. NASSAU STREET OFFICE SPACE - Approx. tw iqjl: First floor: rooms: avail. mid-sept.:> $750/mo phis utilities. Firestone Real Estate, Realtors, FURNISHED OFFICE SPACE in downtown tndognu OTOUuNB abk. 1. Perfect far one or two Lovely three bedroom, 2 bath ranch with dining room, living room, kitchen, family room, screened porch and large 2-car garage. This house is in excellent condition, situated on a nicely landscaped 1 -acre lot in the most desirable area of Montgomery Township. Available immediately. In the 90's. Call (609) Business Properties STORE ON WITHERSPOON ST Princeton, (RB-Zone 440 sq. ft. Also suitable for office.) Contact P.O.B.07, Hewitt, N.J TWIN RIVERS - administration building for sale sq. ft. prime office space with approved expansion. Call PENNINGTON CIRCLE FOR RENT 4500 sq. ft. sq. ft. office/ retail space for office building near to Exits 8 lease. $4.25/ ft. W5. Borden & 8A. This building was built to Realtor, be able to accomodate a computer operation (with extra AC and floating floors) or it can be used for general offices. Maurice H. Hageman, Realtors, OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT 400 sq. ft. or less. Secretary available. Princeton Area RENTAL West Windsor corner store formerly Dance Studio sq. ft. with lavatory. $45/mo. does not include heat and hot water. Lease and security. Broker, W. Brickley, WHSE SPACE sq. ft. available Oct. 1, Princeton Jet. area OFFICE FOR RENT Pennington Borough. Large Victorian house consisting of 1 rooms with bathroomsformerly residence and doctor's offices. Located adjacent to Pennington Borough Post Office. Will renovate to suit; ample parking. Lease all or part. 6(»- COMMERCIAL SITE sq. ft, Monmouth Jet, will alter to suit or consider alternative proposals. Call between 9-5:0 pm. ATTENTION - Doctors, Lawyers, etc., etc. Unique ultra-modern office bmg. for tease all or part 7,500 sq. ft on 5 acres. 18 executive offices, conference room, plus Latefc Research. Parking. Rt 206. Bext to Montgomery Shopping Center. Immea. nn<1,t_7 IWM1 il%1 ffjill Business Properties FOR RENT square feet. Ideal for retail or office space. Fully carpeted, paneled k central air. Avail, immediately. Call OFFICE SPACE WANTED sq. ft. On or about Jan. 1, Call Dr. Hurwitz, PANELLED OFFICE SUITES sq. ft. offices. Ewing Twp. Modern air conditioned office building. All custodial services. Ample parking. Ideal location for professional practices. Modest rentals acres $9,000 ^.45 acres $9,900 A most scenic and inspiring setting for the buyer with a distinctive home plan. JOHNT. CHENDER ON INC REALTORS Belktyead Rout* 206, toll* M*ad, N»w J»rs*y 0t502 (201) Because... the cost of a new house leaves little room in the budget for unexpected expenses, let- our experienced LICENSED PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS inspect your new home from the foundation to the roof before you buy. Comprehensive written reports Call for our brochure PRINCETON HOME INSPECTION SERVICE, INC. Land For Sale Land For Sale 45 ACRES Walden, Vermont, 15 acre field, remainder BUILDING LOT - located in WOODED CRANBURY OFFICE SPACE - Luxurious forest, town road, electricity, lovely village of Cranbury.89 Colonial/traditional facility $2, acres, municipal water k sewer, $41,900. located on major road, a few miles from Turnpike exits 81 x 8A, near Clearbrook and MILLSTONE 6 acres, Rossmoor retirement villages, beautiful wooded lot by owner. Suitable for a variety of uses, approx sq. ft. $9.50 per sq. ft. phis utilities between 9-5:0. for Rent HOPEWELL 2-car garage storage space $60. (Vz $0) STORAGE SPACE FOR RENT HIGHTSTOWN AREA Reof Estate Wanted HOUSE WANTED Male with small business need* bouse located in suburbs or bouse on farm wife 1 or 2 storage buildings. WuHng to teaseat least 1 yr. Mustnave space to run business. 1 or 2 acres. WiBngtoshare boose If bis enough. Mature stowmalem late SO**, 4SSS. Ask for Ted. 4>/i ACRES APPROX. - in Montgomery. Prime land. $9,500. Only part down. Op- Call PRINCETON AREA Wooded lot, 8 acres, prime location. Peres approved, ready to build, many extras. Out of state owner selling for $68, TTTUSVILLE 18 acres for rent including barn and pasture for horses or cattle. Call l pha acre, West ELM RIDGE ROAD, HOPE- 15,000. plus acres, wosded, WELL TOWNSHIP bordering Stony Brook; large protected by Green Acres, HUlsboroBgh, HM00. MftcetoB Township It east. lots 2.A, 4.0A, and 11.5 Acres: partially wooded beautiful $45,008. Cmll Realty area. Perc Approved World/ Audrey Short, lac m- R7GHTSTOWN 4; 100 x 150' Ws. $l«,000 each. One % acre lot $17,000. Or will buiw to smt Call E. WINDSOR TWO HALF ACRE WOODED BUILDING LOTS - Municipal water k sewer, curbs existing, $22,900 each. RICHARDSON REALTORS BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS in Bensalem Twp. Bocks County, Pa. Ready to go. SB lots for single family detached homes. Approved subdivision. Public water k sewer at site. Ask for Mr. Taylor, Granor k Co ELM RIDGE PARK Wi acre lots. $45,000 It up. Wooded lots, $65,000 net. Call MONROE TWP. - frw L Owner setting with mortga 201-Sff-lUl

74 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of Anjpist 22-24, B Hunt & Augustine Inc. EXECUTIVE HOME IN BEAUTIFUL CRAN- BURY FARM RANCH IN WYNNEWOOD. Five large bedrooms, three full tile baths, living room with wad of bookcases. Large formal dining room, den with brick fireplace, large ultra modern eat-in kitchen with all appliances, brick exterior, screened in porch, large patio. Three car garage with automatic openers. Home is LOADED with extras. Professionally landscaped, four zone heat, large finished family room in basement, oil fired electric generator, 00 gal. inground gas tank with pump, so. you can avoid gas lines, central vacuum system, six phone and T.V. jacks, intercom and F.M. speakers thru-out home, hardwood floors and wall to wall carpeting. This is truly the most comfortable and convenient home available in a secluded residential area. $200,000. Allen & Stults Go. INSURORS REALTORS IN TK HOKWEU VALLEV WE'ME THE NEIGHBORHOOD PROFESSIONALS. CAU US FOt ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS. Active family will love this maintenance free home! Newjy constructed split level on the Delaware River Living room dining room, kitchen, family room with fireplace 4 bedrooms, 2% baths, 2 car garage. Ready for immediate occupancy. Reduced to si M.MO. We have several lots available (Hopewell Township and Pen nington Borough) upon which our builder will construct a home designed for you and your family's needs Call for an ap" ** pointment to discuss details EXCITING AND IMAGINATIVE "CALIFORNIA CONTEMPORARY, on two secluded wooded acres at Bedens Brook with spectacular panoramic view of the golf course. Kitchen-family room with fireplace and greenhouse; living room with cathedral cehing; first floor master bedroom and bath; front and back stairs; 4 bedrooms and 2 baths on second floor and large studio-den with skylights and cathedral ceiling. -car garage. Front garden court, U-drive, patio decks. All amenities including air conditioning, central vacuum system. Utilities underground. Central sewers. A house and a location that cannot be duplicated in the Princeton area. 2- months delivery. LOTS: -. Six new lots available including three on The Bedens Brook Club golf course. Contact William W. Augustine. 55 Rosedale Road Princeton. New Jersey Phone STORE OR OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Foodtown Shopping Center, Highway 206 Hillsborbugh-4,080 sq. feet can be expanded to 1,600 sq. feet (24x45 or 24x66) available immediately Suitable for retail store, service store or professional office. (201) Somewhere out there, we feel there are a limited number of people who still believe in quality, who demand it, and who won't compromise it in their next home. You are the ones for whom we have built a limited number of Townhomes in Sutphin Pines. We also feel that you are sophisticated enough to know that true quality and craftsmanship must be seen and examined for authenticity. So rather than waste your time with the usual grandiose phrases, we make this simple invitation: Visit Sutphin Pines and inspect our custom built models. See for yourself what meticulous details are blended into the architectural style of Colonial Williamsburg. See how these spacious homes are surrounded by woods and fields. If you want only the best, we think you 'II enjoy your visit. '^ Summer Hours: Tues.-Sun. 1-5 Mon Timber Ridge Real Estate Company DIRECTIONS: Take 1-95 to the Yardley Exit, go couth. miles on Yardley Rd. to Sutphin Rd. and the Townhomes. NORTHAMPTON TOWNSHIP EASTBURN EXCLUSIVE A beautiful restored country- colonial home situated on 8 prime acres in Northampton Township. Main dwelling has living room with redwood deck overlooking property. Dining room with fireplace, modem kitchen, large breakfast room with ~ lovely view of woods, o bedrooms. 2 1 /fc baths, full basement. Carriage house contains heated offices over a 2 car garage plus a large storage area. Asking $ Hugh B. Eastburn, Realtors 156 North State St. Newtown, Pa, (215) From $90.00 lac. heat 106 S. Main Street Hightstown, N. J NEW CUSTOM HOMES PRINCETON JCT.,NJ. Eliminate your 2nd car - within walking distance to train STANDARD FEATURES INCLUDE: 1) Energy saving design 2) Anderson thermopane windows ) Fireplace 4) Gas forced air heat 5) Poured concrete foundations 6) % acre lots 7) City water & sewer 8) Maint. free alum.-brick exterior FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Call (609) BROKERS PROTECTED OFFICE RENTAL SPACE Two-1,000 square foot offices in a very convenient and high traffic location in Montgomery Township. Available immediately with 4,000 more square feet under construction if desired. Ask for Fred Skillman. JOHN T. REALTORS INC. Rout* 20*. «Utood. Now Jorsoy 00SO2 (201)174-51*1 REALTY PLUS INC. Pennytown Shopping Center Pennington REALTORS NASSAU STREET PRINCETON NEW JERSEY OFFICE MANAGER WANTED A TERRIFIC OPPORTUNITY for a person with Real Estate Experience and a desire to succeed. We are looking for any able and ambitious manager who knows the Hopewell - Pennington area and would like to take charge and have an unlimited income potential. Call For A Meeting Poyton Assocurtss Licensed Heal Estate Broker FOR SALE BY OWNER Each Office It Independently Owned and Operated Choose your next apartment? carefully... you'll live there for many years. Consider the finest... Eott Windsor In the Princeton Hightstown area Luxury garden apartments in quiet, suburban settings All have private, balconissr* and spacious well kept grounds. Wall!o ivili ciitpntiny Free of» street parking Swirr, Out) J 1BR from $2*4» 2 BR from $96 j, WYNBROOK WEST Dutch Neck Rd Mr. & Mrs WNte BROOKWOOD GARDEIfS Hickory Corner Rd " Mr Ptashinski CHESTNUT WILLOW Dorchester 1 Dr. Mrs Ash Robbinsville Rural setting with acres f breathing space around lov«y apartments Extra large u with wall-to-wall carpetings. Free parking for 2 cars. Convenient to all highways. SHARON ARMS Sharon Rd. across from The Country Club Just East orfrte. 10 at Rte North of ME at Exit 7A. NJ Tpke "--."i Mr Sheehan B"«: Ewing Township '^ Desirable Princeton Forms y* - (fharming 4 bedroom Colonial with fireplace in living room, -dining room, large eat-in kitchen, rec. room and laundry room. Central ^air on nearly an acre with full basement and 2 car garage." * Principals Only CaU(Mf)4M-«074 Aiklng $109,900. Land For Sale EXCLUSIVE acres perk approved. East AmweUJtwp. 15 min. to Princeton. 16, after 5 p.m. MIDDLESEX COUNTY Builders! Approved 8 lot subdivision. $55,500. firm. Broker, MBSHANK AREA: 10 to Somenrffle or Princeton. Real Estate For Sale PRINCETON 167 Linden Lane. bedrooms, kitchen, living room, 2 baths, full basement, fence all around the parking space yard. Call from 5-6 pm, 609* CONDOMINIUM Twin Riven. 1 bedroom k den, ti and a HOURS: PHONE: 11 AM 6 PM Princeton Avenue Montgomery Township. New Jersey Real Estate For Sale AMAT HOME INSPECTION by BY OWNER East Windsor, licensed engineers. i One dj j^ 9,500. Split level 4 BR, pnled. service. Call for information. 8m rm, Ig. Ivnn, formal Princeton Home Inspection dnrm, 2*4 baths, w/w cpt, fin W basement, mdscpd V4 acre w/fish pond, central air, 2 car garage, lg. patio. Immediate occupancy, NO Broker, save dn commission. 15 Dorchester Drive, or»l MOR- TGAGE? room Princeton Township bouse. Presently 2 family dwelling can be converted to original single famiftr home (or live in cot 'apartinentandrent the other). Located on John Street near ife Ateme. Asking 165,000 Managers, Inc., 6»- Real Estate For Sale EAST WINDSOR 2 BR townhouse located in the most desireable section, Quad IV. W/w thruout, C/a. dw, gas BBQ, all drapes, full partially fin. bsmt. Asking $4,900. Immediate occupancy. Assumption 9 1/2 percent mortgage with $7000 down to qualified buyers. Call evenings, days. PRINCETON BOROUGH TOWNHOUSES: Two townhouses needing complete renovation. Each has a living room, kitchen with dining area, 2 bedrooms, basement and rear yard. 227 V4-229% John Street (between Lytle and Clay Streets). Asking $17,500 each ormowfor both MJ746 or PRINCETON JCT. AREA - bedrooms, 2- Vz baths, newly renovated throughout. Kitchen with Med. cabinets, living room, dining room, family room with fireplace, utility room, 2-car garage, central air and gas heat. Walking distance of train and schools. Contact or Real Estate For Sale HAMILTON SQUARE - 4 BR custom Colonial 15 mos old. Lg economic well built beauty loaded with extras on Vi acre wooded lot. Min. to shopping, excellent schools & Princeton Junction. $91, PRINCETON Linden Lane. bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, living room, full basement,. parking spaces. Fence all around the lot and yard. Can SOMERSET exeeqent 2 BR ranch, foil basement, aluminum-exterior, a real gas saver, ekaeto bo«ptt»ta * all facilities. Bay-aD terms (FHA- VA). Call ACA REALTY, Broker, Real Estate For Sale GOLDEN CREST HAMILTON SQ. - Large colonial. 4 bdrms. 2Vz baths, largekitcben, family rm, living k dining rm, laundry rm, large basement, hartt wood floors, gas heating. Principals only. $8, PRINCETON - B{. 206, near airport. 200 ft. frontage, 11 rooms, full basement. 2-car garage. Commercial zone. Good investment. Call 5-6 pm, BY OWNER - 4 BR 2% bath extra lg fmrm. c/ a, cpt thru wit, pvfyfllwah lndwnv. fin play rm, all Formki UtSea il only, low $». «n»: EAST WINDSOR RANCHER Excellent move-in condition. Five bedrooms.!/4 baths, large room*, hardwood floors, central air, basement. 2 car garage. 6% assumable mortgage. Available Sept. 1 For $84.90(1. Call 9-5 (609) * After 5 (609)921-21*6 Real Estate For Sale.TWIN RIVERS townhouse Quad IV, 2 BR lake view, upgrdept thruout, all ceramic tile, appl entry, no wax kit fl. new painted, Move in condition. Call any day after 6 p.m FAMILY HOUSE FOR SALE - Hightstown Boro on Main St. targe house, 2 apartments, ^including large CUSTOM-BUILT RANCH, 1 bdnns., 2 baths, lg. kit., do. rm., fin, nn. wmupjua, hr. nn., foil b air, m % toropoce, rural seftfns, $90,000.tow taxes. 201-r Real Estate For Sale TWIN RIVERS - bedroom townhotue, new carpetyig thruout, oversized backyard, gas grill, all appliances. Assumable 7% mortgage. MANY OTHER EXTRAS. Principals only UPPER FREEHOLD TWP Cream Ridge area, 4 BR Cape, baiement, -garage, IN- GROUND POOL, 4 ACRES IN COUNTRY. IW.OBO. All offers considered. GALE REALTORS, In rrinc*moft cow Of-9244*50 UHmmm OosslftedAc) Luxury apartments with private pools. Efficiencies to oversized 2 bedrooms Large roortis. Beautiful landscaping. Con veniently located, fret fcff street parking. For future occupancy, call our Resident Managers. "'" WOODMOOK HOU$C 866 Lower Ferry Rd^,- r 6 story elevator bldg..,_, Mr. Lazzari 88-5.,«HIGHGATE,, Olden Ave. at Parkway $«Jor> elevator bkjg. Mr. & Mr. fan DeWeghe ^ ' >>r EASTGATE '"'* Parkside Ave. 2 story garden apts. Some-» lth rxivate balconies and^sfmjtetery carpeted. 2 t Mr. Johnson ^ PARKSIDE MANOR Parkside Ave. la' 2 story Garden Ap^bt Mrs Singer 882-ftjfc 220Sullivan Way "' Opposite Trenton Country Ctob. 2 story gardsn mpwi Mr, Peroots L _

75 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE 2 8-B Week of August POLICY: KROL GUARANTEES THE BEST EXPOSURE TO EVERYONE OF OUR SELLERS! WIUKTV ;.«.., :! ON THE KOCNS BROOKS...A Water-Fall Vlaw... There have been numerous properties in Lake Montgomery, however, this one is the most SPECTACULAR! It has just been reduced for immediate occupancy and all the custom appointments are quite plentiful to describe in a few lines. Total Sq. Ft. is 4000; FULL BRICK EXTERIOR. SCIENCE KITCHEN, WOOD-PEG FLOORING, CIRCULAR DRIVE amidst a park like neighborhood at the end of a private cul-de-sac...$250,000! PRINCETON'S UTUEMOOK...along "Harry's Brook" offers a setting suburb! A tremendous amount of privacy surrounded by tad towering trees and evergreens on a fine comer lot with residence offering formalized contemporized living and formal dining rooms onto a deck, spacious kitchen, three well-planned bedrooms, two full bathrooms, studio room, breezeway, two car oversized garage, thermo windows through...a beautiful weh established home site at a realistic Princeton Value...$12.000! BELLE MEAD OPEN HOUSES SUNDAY 26th (1-4 P.M.) -HISTORIC WrJDGEPOINr...Along the Mitt-Pond Nine Room Covered entry Cotonial-NEWLY BUILT I $IM,900...DMECTIONS RTE#206 to Bridgepoint to Dead Tree to Mill Pond Rd. _ u., M "CRANSUtY COUNTRY ESTATES Estate Housing planned for personalized custom desjjins..ours or yours! Above is an available model with approx sq. ft. of TOTAL LIVING including an array of appointments rarely built on-today s market...let US INVITE YOUR INSPECTION through our specially planned tract on PETTY ROAD IN THE VILLAGE OF "CRANBURY" OPEN HOUSE EVERY SUNDAY 1-5 P.M. DIRECTIONS: RTE 1 to PLAINSBORO RD., TO PETTY ROAD FROM $ HOACLANO FARMS: NEW CONSTRUCTION...Center Hall Traditional Colonial, 12X0 decfc/catnedrai-cehing-skylights-oversized lot... '. $119,900. DIRECTIONS: RTE #206 to River Rd. to Co. Rte #20 to Hoagland Drive. MOORES MIU-MT. ROSE RO. overlooking Hopewell Valley Golf situated a one-of-akind newly constructed rustic contemporary featuring all natural cedar exterior, wooded lot with winding stone floor, open-vaulted beamed ceilings in formal living room/entertaining center and library, tile entry foyer, recessed covered deck/french doors from formal dining room, three skylights surrounded by cathedral ceilings, large eat-in country kitchen, laundry room, two car garage and full basement...$115,000. LlMEMBER: MERCER CO. MLS SOMERSET CO. MLS MIDDLESEX CO. MLS REAL ESTATE Each office is ia Equal Housing Opportunity fmt DRAMATIC COLONIAL SPLIT in WoodMere... ~A\ $ DIRECTIONS: Rte #206 to River Rd. to Line Rd. to Woods Rd. KROL, REALTORS 1000 State Rd., Rte # 206, Princeton "Working Partners for People on the MOVE!" 60* BUYERS: DONT FORGET TO CALL US ON OUR OTHER 29 NEW LISTINGS! Princeton Multiple Family home or investment property in an established neighborhood welcomes your visit. The family seeking additional income to help them own their first home will find this property an excellent opportunity. * South Brunswick rancher accessable to public transportation $69,900. * Established Princeton Dry Cleaner business available.. $ * Excellent men's clothing store being offered for $110,000. * Restaurant and Pizza Princeton establishment $72,150 * "Sound Odyssey" music shop...$175,000. THE PRINCETON REAL ESTATE GROUP HUNTERDON CO. MLS VIP INTERNAT'L RELO TOMNSCOVNTHY SPECIALISTS OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2 TO 4 fe: COUNTRY WILLIAMSBURG STYLE fc&efore undertaking the job of building this house ftihe builder visited "Historic Williamsburg" just to Vlhe sure that every detail was authentic. Here's 9 K*ooms, 2V& baths so unique that it must be seen to Kfully appreciate the great detail work done with the Kjustom milled trim and beautiful random planked ^floors. It certainly is "one of a kind" for $14,900. KpIRECTIONS: Rt. 202 at Ringoes, take Wertr *svule Rd. to VanLieu's Rd. and our sign. Your hostess - Joyce Hixson. BUCKS COUNTY COUNTRY ESTATE,,In Solebury Twp. with just under 15 acres with that perfect farm Betting,, plastered stone and irame exterior dating back to the early 1800's, 12 ; :'*»y charming and spacious rooms, deep window ;', Jrills, custom mouldings, fireplaces, including one jlfe the master suite, library 5 or 6 bedrooms, second iot study. Outside there's very attractive new 2 ry bank barn set up for veal plus a second barn ^ horses, a 20x40 pool. Owner transferred and wants a fast sale. Asking $249,000. DIRECTIONS: From Yardley, north on River tjtd. to Ru 26 (Wmdybush Rd), torn left, go mfln - look for Weidd sign on righl - Earl Sneddon. REAL ESTATE, ING Roote1 NJ. 246 NASSAU STREET PRINCETON NEW JERSEY NEW LISTING Your own private Bird Sanctuary nestled on a wooded lot. The house, almost completely out of sight when you drive up, is a most spacious, easy-living home, large living room, with double fireplace which also opens to formal dining room. There is a glassed-in "Florida Porch" with barbeque, a huge family room with fireplace, four bedrooms, two and a halfs baths, two-car garage and more $142,000. Real Estate For Sale CRANBURY 7 year old custom built colonial situated on one acre wooded lot. Entrance hall with ceramic tile floor; living room with brick fireplace and bow window; formal dining room; hardwood floors throughout with wood-stained molding sawtooth molding around ceilings in living room, dining room and hallway; extra large panelled family room with circular fireplace, window seats and skylights: large kitchen with extra cabinet and counter space with laundry room adjoining it; 4 bedrooms with master bedroom having access to the fourth bedroom ideal for nursery or library; 2>* baths with ceramic tile; full basement with panelling and carpeting; 2; car garage with asphalt drive. All thermopane windows, central air, gas heat with humidifier, central vacuum' system, intercom ^system and many more extras. Asking $1J00O PRINCIPALS ONLY. Call HO7 Another Unique Peyton Listing Real Estate For Sale IMMACULATE BR, l'/4 bath. Ranch, on treed 1/2 acre lot. Extras include: huge finished basement with wet bar & additional 1/2 bath, carpet throughout. Asking $7,500. Call for appointment 60* BY OWNER EXCLUSIVE ELM RIDGE PARK 4 bedroom brick ranch at 109 Arvida Dr., Pennington. Best buy in Elm Ridge Park. $179, or for appointment. MAINTENANCE FREE - custom Colonial bi-level /4 acre lot. Washington Twp. $84,900. Call , owner. In Princeton cofl To Hoc a CtassfttedAd Real Estate For Sale COMBINE BEST OF urban, rural worlds with Civil War borne, renovated inside and West Windsor farmers fields with a hone farm down the road. The 2 bedroom bouse is a 10 min. drive from Princeton Jet. train station, 15 min drive from Princeton and Trenton. Small barn, cook boose and 2Oxj5O vegetable garden included in 1-% acre lot with beautiful shade trees and open grassy areas. Excellent school system. Shown by appointment only. $78, eves. No i SOUTH BRUNSWICK / KENDALL PARK - Owner transferred, n t seff this 4/5 bdrm, 2 bath Ranch on 1/ acre, with Bring raett, doing nn, eat-in kitchen, w/w * * rjsss weekdays. Real Estate For Sale COMPLETELY - custom renovated is this Hightstown home, situated on a 150' x 140' adj. part-corner lot; within is a zoned!? x 140' lot. Roofed stone built barbecue and hedged in picnic area. Large 2 story double garage barn, attached 2 fenced in dog runs w/concrete floor 4 drain. Paved driveway exits to 2 streets. Fully landscaped lawn, trees, evergreens & hedges. The home features upstairs, bedrooms w/built in closets, sliding doors & varnished red knotty pine floors, bath w/shower & aluminum siding glass doors, ceramic tile, custom built in cabinets, American Standard fixtures & carpeted floor. Hall & quarter turn open stair w/wood railing & carpet. Downstairs, hall & large living room w/varnisned redknotty pine floors. Kitchen w/formica counter, trash compactor, stove & refrigerator - freezer, vinyl floor. Study wood panelled walls, matched custom built in cabinets w/book shelves, carpeted floor. Large enclosed back porch w/wasber, built in sink, suspended acoustical panel ceiling, panelled walls, file floort$89,000. Call (609) after 6 pm. Principals only. RIVERSIDE AREA Fieldstone and cedar shake ranch on wooded lot convenient to buses. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, family room, study, living room with fireplace and dining el, galley kitchen. 2 car garage, attic storage plus half basement and crawl space. Private flagstone patios, heated greenhouse, central vacuuming ESTATE SETTLEMENT PRIME AREA custom built Colonial by owner himself in Hillsboro sq. feet, BRs, bams, dining room w/walkin angle bay window, eat-in kitchen, sunken den w/fpl., French doors, laundry room, 2 car garage, the best of everything on a beautiful wooded lof $149,000. Call for appt days, Eves & ' S9-O77. CHALET only $89,500. acres + Canterbury Ct. R. Wicks - Quintal Agcy PRINCETON BORO - Double House. One side is 4 bedroom house, other side has 2 apartments. Live in one T"*t and rent the other two or rent ahttree. Excellent location, sand property, priced to sen. Deal directly with owner. Write Box 182*87 c/o Princeton Packet Real Estate For Sale KENDALL PARK - by owner. -4 bdrm ranch, living rm, dining rm, den, eat-in kitchen, panelled hobby room, many extras, mid $60's. Principals only BELLE MEAD large Split Level If- acre. 4 BR, 2 l k baths, dry bsm't, 2 car gar., paved driveway, walk to school & much more eves. & wkends. Owner, $99,000. NORTH BRUNSWICK - near Hidden Lake, large lot, 4 year old split, brm, fam rm, 2> baths, fireplace, eat-in kit. 2 car garage, c/a, walk to NYC bus principals only. $99,500. MAINE RETIREMENT HOME between Portland Headlight and Two Lights Lighthouse. 4te acres, formal dining room, living room and family room each with fireplace and beamed ceilings. bedrooms and study. Pool. Woodlot in Cape Elizabeth, 6 miles from Portland, 10 minutes to shopping center. $155,000. Contact Nancy McKusick, Mark Stimson Assoc. 758 Mian St., So. Portland, Maine, 04106, SO. BRUNSWICK 1% yr. old Colonial on half acre culde - sac. 4 BR's, sewing / laundry room, central air, sprinkler system, bsmt., 2 car garage, patio & walk to NYC bus. Asking $102,900. By owner. Make an offer TWIN RIVERS - 2 BR Split Level Townhouse with 8»/i% assumable mortgage. Includes raised formal dining rm., w/open landscaping overlooking living rm,, also includes eat-in kitchen, bath & a half, new upgraded carpeting, 5 major appliances (washer, dryer, self-cleaning oven, frostfree refrigerator dishwasher) custom drapes, finished bsmt: immaculate move-in condition. By owner. Principals only. $51, S477. WEST WINDSOR Large 4 bdrm contemporary house. On 1 acre wooded lot, fudy carpeted with fireplace. Close to train station, school & snop- ' Must Sell By owner, 609- CREAMPUFF IN KENDALL PARK living rm, kitchen, dining area. Hi baths, garage, 1 acre psas lot. mint condition after 5pm. Real Estate For Sale SOUTH BRUNSWICK DOCTOR, LAWYER, INDIAN CHIEF Great professional location, custom-built brick ranch, living room, dining room, bedrooms, enclosed breezeway, kitchen, 1 bath, full basement, asking in low 80's. REALTORS <201) Cor. Dayton-Jamesburg & Georges Rd. Dayton, N.J. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SOUTH BRUNSWICK MARK SPITZ DELIGHT Kitchen, dining room, living room, family room with Franklin stove, bedrooms, 2 full baths, central air. Swim all year in your enclosed heated pool. Asking in the 90's. REALTORS (201)'29-11 Cor. Dayton-Jamesburg & Georges Rd. Dayton, N.J. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SOUTH BRUNSWICK JUST LISTED BEST OF 2 WORLDS Great income property, 2- family house on 6+ acres. Downstairs and upstairs apartments. Asking in the $50's. REALTORS (201) Cor. Dayton-Jamesburg & Georges Rd. Dayton, NJ. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK LOVELY EAST WINDSOR 'RANCH in immaculate con- 'dition on V4 acre wooded.professionally landscaped lot. includes bedrooms V/z :baths, vinyl aluminum siding, finished basement with * bar, Real Estate For Sale OPEN HOUSE SGarfieldCt., Dayton SUNDAY, AUG. 26,12-5 p.m. SOUTH BRUNSWICK EXECUTIVE TRANSFER Dayton area. Custom-built central hall Colonial with gas heat, > acre wooded lot on culde-sac. House 9 months old, features large entrance hallway, living room, formal dining room, country kitchen, family room, utility room, 4 (bedrooms, 2' 2 baths, full basement, deck, central air, fireplace, 2-car garage, many extras, asking in low $100's. AGENTS ON PREMISES (201)29-11 Cor Dayton-Jamesburg & Georges Rd. Dayton, N.J. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SOUTH BRUNSWICK DAYTON SQUARE TOWNHOUSE Mint condition. Entrance hallway, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, 2Vi baths, family room, full 'finished basement, central air, all appliances, many extras. Asking in the $60's. REALTORS (201)29-11 Cor. Dayton-Jamesburg & Georges Rd. Dayton, NJ. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SOUTH BRUNSWICK BRUNSWICK ACRES SPLIT A Mrs. CleaiT delight. House features entrance foyer, living room, dining room, country kitchen, bedrooms, 2% (baths. Family room plus full finished basement. 2 car garage, fireplace, central air, many other extras. Asking (mid SBO's. ^ ^ REALTORS <aui29-ul Cor.Daytan-JanMeburg & Georges Rd. Dayton.NJ. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

76 HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE WWk of August B-> EST. J99 TWIN RIVERS HOTvIES tand SPECIALISTS DIAL ROGERS AVE..HIGHTSTOWN HOME IN THE COUNTRY on 1% Acres in East Windsor. Completely remodeled. 6 ropnj^ 1 %. baths, screened porch, full dry basement. M^ew copper plumbing, wiring, basemboard heat, modern kitchen, w/w carpet., living room, dining room and 2 bedrooms.. $7,000. CONDOMINIUM on Avon Drive in excellent condition, 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. Upgraded wall-to-wall carpeting, throughout. No wax floor covering in kitchen ;,.... *. $4,900. FOR RENT Square Foot Office Building near Exit 8 and 8 A. Building set up for general office purposes or for computer operations, with extia air conditioning and\floating floors. EAST \0HNDSOR TOWNSHIP LAND 10 acre rectangular property with 5 room house. 5 acres clear - 5 acres wooded. Zoned Industrial/Office $170,000. Real Estate For Sale SELL BY OWNER - bedroom house plus a lot on US1 Lawrence Township. Price $41,500 call after 5 pm or REDUCED Brooktree section 2 story Colonial, BR, 2W bath, family room, eat-in kitchen, full basement, wall/wall carpet, '/$> acre corner lot. $79,900. Call TWIN RIVERS Immaculate BR end unit with decorator's touch, Remodeled kitchen, fin play rm, upgrd fl & cpt, many other extras. Assumable Mortgage. Oct. Occupancy. Move in condition FOR LEASE Twin Rivers Townhouse. 2 BR, 1' 2 bath. Call between 8 to or after 6 pm. TWIN RIVERS - BR 24 bath twnhse end unit. Lots of (extras (upgrd cpt, slate foyer, C/humidifier, upgrd appl, therm o-pane windows, & pore) Mint cond evenings & weekends. BY OWNER - Expanded (Colonial Cape with 2-car garage in prestigious Hanover Hills next to Hanover Country /Club. 4 bedrooms, family room E(with fireplace, sunken living with fireplace, formal e room, nude country en with dishwasher and {compactor, wood deck on Jtitchen, 2'- baths, private bar tend many extras. $120,000. Principals only. Call after 6pm. ^ CONDO - Twin Rivers, upstairs end unit, 1 BR, den, enclosed porch, all appliances, asking $29, COLONIAL HOOME circa 1860, for sale. 9 rooms & bath. Just redone, new. addition, carpeting, septic, driveway, paint, storm windows & more. Large 2 story barn new roof, siding, converted to studio (2ndlioor skylight, S'x8' north window), workshop & oversized garage, carport, wood shed. Small barn for ponies new wood fencing. Huge old pine & maple trees, flower garden, etc. All on large jot. Excellent quiet location (HopeweU Twp, Woodsville) Ideal for artistic, craftsman, tradesman or family living. 15 mins. to Princeton, Trenton, New Hope, Flemington. Must se«to appreciate. 189,500. Also 2- y< acre lot, E. Amwell Twp. Perc & soil log. High, dry, open, bordered by large trees. 5W frontage fit! ' frontage Woodsville Rd. Excellent location, home occupation zoning, 128,500. Gall owner, or your broker. ELM RIDGE PARK - by toner. Ne* 5 BR Cane, 2* 1»tBB, panelled family rm ^ -^ fn basement, 2- or ^ Real Estate For Sale LAMBERTV1LLE - by owner. I BR brick townhouse. Modern kitchen, laundry on beautiful street. $67, PLAINSBORO Colonial, remodeled 200 year old house, large bdrms comfortable living room with fireplace. Paneled dining room with Bay window. Large eat in kitchen. Natural wood work through out. Screen porch, 2 car garage and aluminum siding. Corner lot with 2 driveways. $87,000. Please call BY OWNER RANCH - bdrm, gas heat, heatilator fireplace, 2 car garage, full attic storage, no basement, professionally landscaped, Vi acre, Ewing Twp. Mt. View Delaware Rise, mortgage assistance, call Mon-Pri. 9am-5pm, , taxes $1480 per year. Price $74,900. GRIGGSTOWN - Custom built stone ranch. 4 spacious bedrooms, 2 fireplaces, 2-'^ baths; large formal dining room, full basement, 2-car garage. All on 2.7 acres. Many, many extras. Also includes a Princeton address. Call Mid- Jersey to see now. MID-JERSEY REALTY Rt.206 Belle Mead, N.J f SO. BRUNS. - Bruns. Acres charming BR 5 yr. Split Col. Wooded cul-de-sac, inground pool, patio, gas grill, carpeting, central air, appliances, etc. Near school & NY bus. $84,900. By owner BRICK HOUSE beautifully located along river for privacy, in Somerset County. bedrooms, Us baths. Immediate possession, $69,500. Phone WILL BUILD TO SUIT - on acres in HiUsborough Twp. Call Benchmark Builders, Inc ROSSMOOR CONDO - Gettysburg. 2 bedrooms. Call after 6 pm SO. BRUNS. (BRUNS. ACRES) BMevel, 4 brms., 2 baths. 2 car gar., mother/- daughter, N.Y. bus, near school. Owner transferred for quick sale. Low 80's, by owner EAST WINDSOR - lovely 4 BR split in desirable section of East Windsor on % acre wooded lot, quiet street, w/w carpeting, patio off fam rm, c/a, ft many other extras, low taxes, energy savins gas beat/ near schoote, Horary ft SOLBBURYBARNimaoination * the -ft room yany wabb of sedmbd model W^P& Vi ttsls%hi «1<BBJ Own? gg«gj««^«ll«n n^" asset*- whfcb viable at FIRST FLOOR END UNIT CONDO featuring private entrance and private landscaped patio. Living room, formal dining and modern kitchen, 1 large bedroom, central air, wall to wall capret, 5 major appliances and more $29,500. ' SUPER TWO BEDROOM CONDO featuring upgraded beige carpeting throughout. 12x18 living room and formal dining, modern kitchen, sliders to balcony, 2 full baths and central air. Move-in condition $7,500. SUNDAY Twin Riv«rs 1-5 P.M. togtainhif at S»«n.lngton Drhr*. Quod I.. Follow >l«m. CompMo commvtihy. Tonnlnium. itagh family homos oml comlommluim. 20*s «o 70*f. Many y moaoh ooooowo. All mdoao lon- mt. pooh,. comimrior buikig. l SUPERIOR QUAD I TMtEE BEDROOM townhouse featuring formal living and dining rooms with upgraded carpet, kitchen/family room combination with no wax floor, frost free refrigerator, dishwasher and serf cleaning oven, brick patio with gas grill, 2K baths, full basement, wood entry foyer, central air, central vacuum, freshly painted and more. Won't last long $57,900. END UNIT TOWNHOUSE located in Quad II and featuring large bedrooms, 2V4 baths, 11'5 x 22 kitchen/family room combination, carpeted living and dining rooms, landscaped brick patio with grill, < a and finished basement. All that plus 5 major appliances, central air ['and carpeting throughout. Just listed at $59,500. CALl FOR YOUR ' HOMES FOR LIVING" MAGAZINE J.OCAL AND NATIONAL LISTINGS R/CHARDSON REALTORS Real Estate For Sale SOMERSET PINE GROVE MANOR SCHOOL AREA 1 block off Highland Ave. #4 Robert Keri Court IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY TO THE QUALIFIED BUYER Four bedroom, multi-level, l'/s> baths. Fourth bedroom excellent set up as apartment for the older daughter. $59,900 - VA or FHA - immediate occupancy based upon mortgage qualification. THROCKMORTON REALTY CO CARTER ROAD RANCH - 1-1/2 treed acres, living room, diningl, eat-in kitchen, BRs, 2 full oaths, rec. rm., adjacent to 2 car garage, full bsmt. Reply #0261, c/o Princeton Packet for particulars. No agents please. MANVILLE - 2-family duplex, 4 rooms and bath each side. 2 car garage, full basement, separate Tieat and utilities, excellent investment. Principals only. Call Asking $6,500. WEST WINDSOR - By owner. Lovely 4 bedroom Colonial. 2'? baths, family room*.w. fireplace, eat-in kitchen, spacious living & dining room. $11,000. Call TWIN RIVERS Townhouse, BR's, 2ME baths, partially finished basement, end unit, great assumption. Available immediately. Asking $54,900. Call Century 21, Einbinder Realtors. TWIN RIVERS - Patio Ranch, BR's, 2 baths, full finished basement, frostfree refrigerator, self-cleaning range, dishwasher, washer & dryer, gas barbecue. A unique opportunity, asking $80,900. S?U M1-4*M&59. Century 21, Kinbiflder Realtors.. HILLSBOROUGH CONDO - 2 BR, 2 baths, washer, dryer, refrig., $48,900. M1-&74-M67. FWE VICTORIAN - in Trenton, large deep lot, ~~ ioaally landscaped. ed gang. P]g*}** oak It pte floors, W.S. Berden Reafttn, I960. ASS AT Real Estate For Sale TWIN RIVERS - Townhouse,^ BR's, 2'/2 baths. This immaculate home features grass cloth wall coverings, gas barbecue, extra insulation. Triple track storms & screens for heating efficiency. Asking $55,900. Call Century 21, Einbinder Realtors. FOR SALE BY OWNER - Hopewell Twp. 4 BR, 14 bath, full basement, full attic on 1 + acre with oversized, fullypowered' workshop with full loft: plus, 2 car garage & a small storage building; many old shade trees on the property. PRINCIPALS ONLY. $54, , after 5 pm. HOPEWELL Secluded showplace. Personally planned so passersby can't see a thing! All the treasures are for the owner to enjoy in privacy. 2 story brick, bedrooms, on approx. acres. This home features 2 full baths, dining room, fireplace - in living room, flagstone screened front porch, modern kitchen, new appliances to be picked by purchaser. Owner anxious to sell. Reduced to $109,000. The Paulus Agency , MLS., ROSSMOOR CONDOMINIUMS Delaware Model - 2 bedrooms, l'/i baths, move-in condition, $55,000. Penna. Model - 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, den and enclosed patio. $75,000. Virginia II - 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, eat-in kitchen, covered patio, oversized garage, $7,000. ALLEN &STULTS CO. Realtors ESTATE TYPE RESIDENCE - situated on 7 wooded acres overlooking the Delaware River in Stockton, N.J. House consists of 4 bedrooms, large living room with stone fireplace, large family room with skylight and a sleeping loft for guests. The.main bath has sunken tub, his and her sinks, bidet, shower and sauna room. Large country kitchen with wood burning stove. Outdoor facilities include 20x40 swimming pool, tennis court, barn suitable for horses. Asking 2S0,OW by owner. " income. available. Reply Box c/o Princeton BRICK RANCH -1 acre rural paradise. "g»»*"* location tor-working couple, single, or V 5 i t Princeton. NYC, Princeton 4 New Brunswick BUB goes by frontdoor, why pay rent ACA REALTY, S7-I944. Real Estate For Sale KENDALL PARK RANCH - BR, i> 2 baths, panelled fam rm, living rm w/dining rm, den eat-in kitchen, w/w carpeting. Attached garage, fenced backyard,, patio, mature trees. $62, HOPEWELL BORO PRICE REDUCED! In Town convenience with country atmosphere. Maintained with T.L.C. this spacious 5 room and bath Rancher ( bedrooms) comes with lots of special features i.e. corner fireplace, carpeting and FINISHED BASEMENT] Anxious owner offers QUICK OCCUPANCY! Asking price m the $80's Sutfdam c/iealtif Pennington, N.J Pa. Properties BUCKS COUNTY - Centre Bridge, just above New Hope. Picturesque early 1800 plastered stone Colonial on 9 wooded acres - perfect for the small family or weekend home. 2 bedrooms, huge fireplace, mellowed random floors, large slate patio (partially covered) with barbeque and wishing well and much more. Convenient to Rt. 202 for easy commuting. Just $112,000. ELLIOTT REALTY, Realtor, , New Hope office, Eves BUCKS COUNTY - Upper Makefield Twp. 15 acre country estate. If you are looking for a 5 bedroom, V4 bath Colonial with room for the large family with many indoor and outdoor interests, you must inspect this great home. First floor master suite with den, huge country kitchen with adjoining family room ft fireplace, 12x22 dining room, spacious living room, llxsb enclosed porch overlookmg the woods and rolling coonr tryside. 4 car Quaker shed garage, small horse barn with attached greenhouse, fg. storage buuding and ttwav court. Perfect for formal or casual living is a private setting wira stream. Ckae to I-*5 - Phik., N.Y, and Princeton commute, $M6,0Q0. ELLIOTT REALTY, Realtor. 6W , New Hope office 21S48> Eves. 2&V7-SH. HOMES FOR LIVING THREE YEAR OLD RANCH featuring bedrooms, 2 full baths, beautifully carpeted living room and formal dining room large eatin kitchen, panelled family room with sliders, laundry room and 2 car garage. Maintenance free siding and convenient location $59,900. ONLY TWO AND HALF YEARS OLD and in immaculate condition this lovely bedroom, 2 full bath ranch home features wall to wall carpeting throughout, picture windowed living room, formal dining, cheery eat-in kitchen, family room with sliders leading to a privtle patio and half acre lot $74,900. CLASSY CAPE located in the lovely Cranbury Manor section of East Windsor. Mature Vi acre surrounds this 4 bedroom, 2 full bath home Eat-in country kitchen with beamed ceiling and no wax floor, formal living room, new 16 x 22 patio, central air, basement and garage. All this for only $79,900. OVER ONE ACRE of well manicured grounds surrounds this custom built all brick ranch in Washington Township. Living room with bay picture window, formal dining, modern eat-in kitchen, bedrooms, ceramic tiled bath and mud room. Full basement, 2 car garage and hard wood flooring throughout $89,900. LOVELY COLONIAL: Located on a mature 129x214 site with established quality landscaping and backing onto beautiful, quiet orchard and wooded area sets this East Windsor Colonial in a class by itself. Beautiful foyer, pictured windowed living room with brick fireplace, formal dining, custom eat-in kitchen, pine panelled family room opening to a 14x20 enclosed porch, convenient laundry room, 4 large bedrooms, 2V4 baths, full extra deep basement, 2 car garage, cooling central air, wall to wall throughout and more. S91,500. ENERGY SAVING SOLAR HEATED INGROUND SWIMMING POOL with equipment is only one of the super features that this lovely four bedroom, 254 bath Colonial has to offer. There is a family room with brick fireplace, 21x12 living room and formal dining. Two car garage with electric garage door opener, central air and more. Great half acre West Windsor location close to all $ 124,900. MLS Pa. Properties BUCKS COUNTY Solebury Twp. Seclusion & privacy on wooded acres. 12 yr. old custom Colonial in prestige location. Custom designed pool & professionally landscaped. Just 2 minutes from New Hoj» & 15 min. to 195. A superb property. Asking just $170, YARDLEY, PA. AREA - to be completed in time for school. Builder offers new homes. One of which is presently a model home at $97,500. Loaded with extras on a 1 acre beautifully landscaped lot this home is /4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths, features country kitchen, den w/fireplace, & the possibility of a 4th bedroom, residential office or study. Top quality construction including energy saving super insulation. Buy today & move in tomorrow. Other 4 to 5 bedroom homes priced at $99,500 to $128,000. Call 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at BUCKS CO. - Nearby new Solebury Twp. Colonial nested m the woods with it's own stream. Raised panettns ID'hvinffflfKi (itninff roonn ^nn ball anacious open stairway to 4 roeurulous bedrooms and 2 baths, large combination kitchen-family room with picturesque small paned windows >Bt a step away fr am a magnificent redwood deck, brick wait and Sylvan Pool. Oversixed 2-car i Plenty of privacy _^, traveled road with easy Princeton commute. $162,500. ELLHWT REALTY, Realtor. mm*u&, New Hope office 215-tt2-S11. Eves HOME OF THE WEEK SUPERIOR BUILT W-IEVEL located on 1.7 acres in Washington Township. Wrapped in aluminum siding this 4 bedroom home is quality throughout. Slate entry foyers, huge eat in kitchen with dishwasher, trash, compactor, frost free refrigerator, and built-in microwave oven, formal dining room with sliders carpeted living room, enormous 29'6 x 22 family room with fireplace, storage room, laundry room, and 2 car detached garage. In addition there is central air, fire and burglar alarms and above ground pool $109,900. Ask About Our TRADE IN GUARANTEED SALES PLAN rtary spacious 4 area. 2% baths, doors open to carpeting AppFOXffTIBfBty I ami underground heat, vwh-to-wall aiding, storms Too Late To Classify PART TIME - Homemakers earn extra Christmas cash. Make own hours. For appt. call )942 bet. 4 & 8 pm. SIAMESE KITTENS Bhiepoint, CFA reg. champion stock, show quality shots, $ ONE YEAR OLD - 4 bedroom, 2 story colonial, 2 acres in country near Hopewell. No pets, reference required, available Sept. l. $700 per month plus utilities. Call collect ask for William Meyer for appointment. MUSTANG good running cond. Dealer maintained, $1000 or best offer eves. & wknds. WILL CARE - for your baby week nights or days. Loving care, experienced, reliable VOLVO 264GL - all luxury sedan w/economy. 28,000 pampered miles.. Fully equipped, power, sunroof, stereo. Very reluctant sale, moving to Manhattan. $6000 firm. Serious inquiries only, B10. MAIDS k PORTERS - part time. Weekends k holidays. Skilled Nursing facility. Expaience not necessary. In service provided. Apply in person: Mon. thru Fn. bet 9am ft pm ask for Mrs. Mierta, Franklin Convalescent Center, Rt. 27, Franklin Park. RENTAL - MANVILLE NORTH SIDE Prime location. First floor 5 room apartment with three bedrooms, use of basement. $450/month* Owner pays heat and water. Available Sept. 1 MANVILLE PRIVACY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME Custom built 4 bedroom Cape Cod, 2 full ceramic tile baths, cozy living room, modern kitchen. Full basement, 1 Vi car garage, roofed patio, macadam driveway many extras. On a landscaped 100' x 100' lot. 10% DOWN TO QUALIFIED BUYERS. $62,500. BRANCHBURG MINI ESTATE Older 2 story Colonial featuring 8 rooms. 2 car garage, large 2 story cinderblock building. Other outbuildings on a treed 5 acre parcel. 10 miles from Somerville. Best offer - owner anxious to sell Charneski it Bongiomc Too Late To Classify REWARD - for a female Siamese cat, lost 8/16, area of Woodland Drive, East Windsor, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY - Central New Jersey Research Firm has an excellent opportunity for an experienced secretary with excellent organizational & communication abilities phis a minimum of 4 years experience. Position requires excellent typing skills, attention to details and willingness to work overtime when needed. We offer competitive salaries k excellent benefits. Interested candidates may call Eleanor Pickens at SI0. ext. 202 for appt. Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F. EXTERIOR - tinting, Interior repairs, ibte rates. Free estimates. Call (save this ad for future needs). RESPONSIBLE - young professional to share spacious home. Air conditioning, landscaped ground, garage, 1 mile from Princeton Jet. station. Call M or 4S24S41, ask for Rasin. in St., M;ifv, ; Tllf"-, T» Asking $79,900. Too Late To Classify VW RABBIT - '75, 4 dr. i am radio, exc. mpg, best i over $ &-5 AMISH KITCHEN SET - tame, 4 chairs, dated & signed. Ever NASSAU COOPERATlVl NURSERY SCHOOL Walnut Lane, Princeton.! Offers a small, warm, ning environment for your j school child ages 2Vfc-5 ' Positions available In I cooperative program,! noon 4 in non-cooperative J day program tam-spm. f or *7 or \ STORAGE TRAILERS $900. Can be seen at the < of Old Trenton Rd. ft Main St., Cranbury N.J PC. PLACE Wedgwood china pert. cond accent I offer ZEBRA FINCHES-$*S a I 60f-S»4-«MS between M

77 M-B Classified Advertising Week of August > Too Late -To Classify >*. MAVERICK - 70,^6 cyl. spd. % RLPOOL - rwlgerator/f reezer, 19 cu. ft., 2«*yrs. old, $275; Velvet tufted sofa, rust, like new, $450; Flowered stoneware, $ PLYMOUTH SUBUR- BAN - Station Wagon, 78,000 mi. Best offer over $00. Call or to 7 pin. FURNISHED HOUSE - for rent Sept. 1st - Feb. 1st. Attractive 5 BR's & study in Riverside. Large living room with fireplace, dining room, family room. Lovely yard. Within walking distance of town & buses. Air conditioned. $875/mo. Call WJISH MODERN DINETTE - 4 chairs, 2 leaves, pads, " open, $ LAWRENCEVILLE - 1 BR, kitchen & bath, $195/mo TRANSPORTATION - CARPOOL - from Plainsboro to Pennington School by 7:50 am. return 5 pm after sports. Will start a carpool or join one. 6( after 5 pm. '79 CHRYSLER - Fifth Avenue Edition. Loaded. You name it, this has it. Selling due to sickness. 800 miles, $ : Call between 4-7:0 pm. FULL TIME ASSEMBLY - for small growing corporation, $.50/hr. with raise in months ask for Vera. YAMAHA 50 - completely rebuilt, & improved, better than new. 2 step seat, hi-rise bars, custom paint, very fast, $800 firm includes many spares & helmet bet 4:0-7pm. WAITER-WAITRESS, for private country club, full & part time positions available. Experienced only APPALOOSA - Broodmare by Mr. Bud Bars X Arrapaho Dove. Come see her produce at the farm. She's a bargain at $2000, FOR SALE - G.E. ref cu. ft. $50 & Whirlpool 19.6 c.f. (rost free ref. $ SERIOUS DRAMA - Student seeks aspiring actress as spene partner & to accompany * to New York Drama classes. Reply Box c/o Princeton Packet UTILITY PERSON Needed immediately. Must be of legal age and have current drivers license and some mechanical ability. Must be ambitious and willing to work to do utility work in automotive dealership. Apply: PRINCE CHEVROLET Princeton. N.J. Across from Princeton airport No phone calls please HOUSE SALE - featuring 2 ma beds, household items, djain saw, car wheels, tires, childrens toys, collectibles. Sit. & Sun. Aug. 25 & Heathwood Dr., E. Windsor, «^ at once. $250. Call aker, W4. ROOM APT - All very rooms, Washer/dryer, asher & freezer. on 25 acres with two lots of woods. Call iger, He Sept 1. M5RNT1 * Agent LGE SALE - everything go! Sat Aug. m Sua Is. Rain» «htoe!90 Dr.KemJaDPk.lOunto Too Late, To Classify Keypunch Operator - needed in the Cranbury area for 5-6 weeks on a temporary assignment. Experience on the Data Decision 9610 preferred, but not necessary, will train. Top Rate J&J TEMPORARIES 296 Rt.l Ltawrenceville, N J No Fee HAIR CUTTER - with experience and preferably some clientele following in Princeton area for Robert Joseph Hair Cutters. Call for interview. TAKE ADVANTAGE of Sept. 10 school opening - Long Beach Island, Bay side. Vj. price direct or TEACHERS NEEDEBUy- Typing, Office Practice, Computer Programming, General Math, for adult evening classes. Call East Windsor Community Education Center, 124 Stockton, Hightstown PRINCETON - Univ. student needs to rent garage for car near Campus Tor the school year. Willing -to pay reasonable amount. Call collect or write: D. Lebau 50 W. Northgate Rd., Peona, Illinois HONDA MT. EL Sonar 125. New motor, dirt bike parts for street use HONDA 125 CR El Sonar after 5 pm. WANTED - artist models - male &.female, part time for professional art school. Somerville area between 9am-12noon for appt. '71 CAPRI - good shape, new parts, new snows. Good mpg. Best offer after 6 pm. 'z ROOM APT - in Manville. No children, no pets. Couple preferred. References MOVING SALE - refrigerator, washer & dryer, air conditioners,, sewing machine, kitchen set, living roim furniture, portable dishwasher, dining room set, beds, 2 wardrobes, lamps, cedar chest or ROD MAN/w - Transit men/w. Draftsman/w. Some experience perferred. Salary commensurate with experience. M.S. Kachorski & Associates, BEAUTIFUL - fluffy kittens, free to good liomes, male and female MAGAZINE ANTIQUES - in binders (1950, '52, '5, '54, '59-60 issues) Complete $90 F.O.B.; others over 100 cop: $2 each. Call evenings LEASE YOUR NEXT CAR! Call after 6 pm for information. YARD SALE - Sat. Aug pm. Everything must go. Books, games, musical instruments, electronics. 114 Broadmead. Princeton. WE BUY USED MOTORCYCLES All makes & models! p CYCLE RANCH Mon-Fri, 10-8, Sat 9- Rt # Hamilton Square TYPING SERVICES Offered in my home, IBM executive 10 years Secretaries Be ready to work when the cmurengobacfclo school! We have loog ft short te stown, -Princeton Tfe West Trenton areas. Come in new! No Fee Top Pay J*J TEMPORARIES '" 'it',nj. Extended regulations net few fishermen friends NEW BRUNSWICK The law extending U.S. jurisdictional waters and national regulations over fishing to 200 nautical miles offshore has netted few friends among New Jersey commercial fishermen, according to a Rutgers University researcher. ' Partly, it's a problem of plenty brought on by the greater expanse of coastal waters placed under the American flag, the increased catch by domestic fishermen and the difficulties arising from the stepped up competition among those who fish for a living. More significantly, it's anger over federal regulations that set fishing quotas and other govennental restraints in violation of what fishermen consider, their traditional fishing rights. These are the findings developed by Dr. Bonnie J. McCay, assistant professor of anthropology at the State University's Cook College. She is in the midst of the second year of a study on the social and cultural effects of fishery management in the New York Bight area resulting from passage of the Fisheries Conservation and Management Act of ' Dr. McCay, whose study is financed by the Office of Sea Grant of the U.S. Department of Commerce, says the law accomplished a major goal of forcing most foreign fishing fleets out of U.S. coastal waters. wake waves of new domestic fishermen, intensified competition for fish and fishing space and a host of other problems. An unexpected consequence of the new 200-mile limit, according to Dr. McCay, has been the increasing conflicts between offshore lobster-pot fishermen and those, including. quite a few from New Jersey, who use trawlers to drag for lobsters. "Lobster-pot men have expanded into deeper waters," Dr. McCay says, "have put out many more pots and have caused draggers to leave the lobster business entirely, despite governmental attempts to ameliorate the situation. < "Up and down the coast," she adds, "there's been an expansion of what is called 'fixed gear technology' in the fishing grounds and an intensified conflict with those fishermen who use 'mobile gear,' particularly those dragging nets through the water for catching lobster, cod and other species." The competitiveness in what New Jersey fishermen and others like to call a "dogeat-dog business" extends to other areas of the industry. "There's been intensified competition," the Rutgers researcher says, "between inshore and offshore boats, conflicts between those fishermen who own their vessels and outside investors and the large corporations The law, however, also that are increasingly entering mandated the development of the fisheries, and conflicts appropriate plans for the between commercial and management of fisheries in the 200-mile area, in an attempt, sports fishermen." V In a sense, these difficulties in part, to help are an outgrowth and the replenish such depleted stock as cod, haddock, yellowtail flounder and surf clams and to indirect effects of the new 200- mile limit law. A more direct arid even greater concern has prevent severe overfishing of been the new regulatory other stock. powers under the law that The number of foreign allow the Department of trawlers represented Commerce through regional mostly by Russian an Sovietbloc, management councils to set West German and fishing quotas; allocate some Norwegian ships dropped sharply along the Northeast coast from a peak of approximately fish, such as squid, for which there is a poor market in the U.S. to foreign fishermen; and 180 ships just other management devices. prior to the establishment of the new coastal regulations to less than 40 vessels permitted today. That decrease left most of One fishing cooperative that Dr. McCay has studied, which consists primarily of trawler fishermen, is not yet affected the fishing grounds to by official management plans, American fishermen, which except when its members fish should have been good. in New England waters, she But, it also brought in its says. PSSSSSST, The classified pages of the seven Packet Newspapers reach more than 2,000 families PASS IT ON! But, like most fishermen, these trawlermen, she says, "are very disturbed about having new regulations that reduce their ability to operate as fairly free, private enterpreneurs." In some cases, the Rutgers researcher notes, the regulations "amount to little more than having to obtain a license. In other cases, such as. the surfclam fishery, it amounts to whether or not you can be involved in surfdamming, how much you can take and when." Trawlermen, she claims, "anticipate more of this type of regulation that will affect their livelihood as fishermen." The fishermen Dr. McCay has been studying don't decry all regulations. They recognize that some fish stocks may be depleted, that too many boats are entering the business and that some controls are warranted. In their own cooperative, which focuses heavily on catching whiting a fish whose price fluctuates wildly according to supply the fishermen, in fact, maintain their own controls by limiting membership and setting their own fishing quotas. These fishermen "welcome government fisheries management, insofar as it helps reduce effort and maintains price," the Rutgers researcher says. However, she adds, plans which set limits on catches with no relationship to market conditions seem "arbitrary and objectionable" to the fishermen. An ancillary concern she says, is that plans will be formulated without adequate imput by commercial fishermen, who believe they are currently underrepresented on state and regional fishery management bodies. Increased federal regulations over fishing has stirred still another worry that it will cause "more involvement of large corporations in fishing, which can cope with them better, while the small guy is squeezed," she says. On a lighter side and closer to home the fishermen's homes, that is there had been concerns that the new U.S. fishing limits would cause many domestic fishermen and their ships to head for more distant waters for fish, extending their time at sea to a week or more per trip. But generally, that hasn't materialized. "Some fishermen have tried it and have given it up," Dr. McCay says. "Others have tried it and are unhappy with it. "Even more fishermen, however, have decided not to try it at all proof that while many fishermen love fishing, they love their wives and families even more." Rutgers historian elected to society NEW BRUNSWICK A Rutgers College historian, who has written numerous scholarly works on Dutch and French history, has been elected to the prestigious Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Herbert H. Rowen of Rocky Hill, professor of history and a member of the faculty of the State University since 1964, was one of four scholars chosen this year as foreign members in the Division of Letters of the academy The academy is regarded as the highest scholarly institution in the country, and election to the. body is considered a rare honor. Dr. Rowen was elected by the academy this spring. His name then was submitted to the Ministry of Education and Sciences and to Queen Juliana, who recently ratified the action by royal decree. His most recent book is "John de Witt, Grand Pensionary of Holland, ," which was published last year by the Princeton University Press. Research for the book, which is more than 900 pages long, began during a Guggenheim Fellowship Dr. Rowen received in Republicans hold bar-b-que Mayors of Hopewell Valley present and future combine to show Bill Mathesius, Republican Mercer County Executive candidate, a good time at the GOP annual chicken barb-que held at the Union Rrehouse in Titusville. The bar-b-que, held yearly since 1956, is the largest event in terms of participants, of any single Republican event in the county. From left are Beverly P. Thurman, presently a Pennington Councilwoman and the only candidate for mayor of that municipality; Mr. Mathesius; Dick Van Noy, mayor of Hopewell Township; and Bill Walker, mayor of Hopewell Boro. ETS announces appointments Educational Testing Service has announced the following appointments to its professional staff: Malcolm J. Conway has been appointed a program administrator in the ETS Division of Continuing Education. He comes to ETS after serving as coordinator of research and evaluation at EIC-Central, Princeton, for the past three years. Mr. Conway is a doctoral candidate in educational research and evaluation at the University of Massachusetts. He has a bachelor's degree from Tufts University and a master of education degree from the University of Massachusetts. He serves as vice president and program chairman of the N.J. Educational Research Association and as a member of the Board of Directors of the N.J. Association for Educational Data Systems. He and his wife, Barbara, have two sons. They live in Hamilton Square. Bernard L. Gavin has been named manager of the Henry Chauncey Conference Center. Mr. Gavin joins ETS after one-and-a-half years as associate general manager of the Nassau Inn, Princeton. Prior to taking that post, he was associated with Princeton University for 17 years. He has also served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of State in the hotel and restaurant field. A graduate of New York University, Mr. Gavin lives in Princeton. Dr. Frieda C. Rosner has been appointed program administrator in the Teacher Programs and Services Area. Formerly assistant research professor at Rutgers University Graduate School of Education, her research and teaching has focused on relating developmental theories of learning to teaching. A resident of Princeton, Dr Rosner earned her graduate degrees in educational psychology from Temple University and her undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College. She is the widow of Dr. Benjamin Rosner, former director of test development at ETS and dean of ^-teacher education fotk tne\ City University of NeMtsSterk and Temple University. James B. Sympson has been named an associate research scientist in the Office of Data Mr. Sympson is a doctoral candidate at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Tennis entry blanks available Analysis Research. Prior to coming to ETS, he was a psychological testing consultant He has held positions in psychology at California State University and the University of Minnesota. WEST WINDSOR - Application blanks for the lllh annual fall tennis tournament and the annual fall doubles men's and women's tennis leagues are available at both the town hall and the library in Dutch Neck. This year 2 different tournament events will be offered, ranging from boys and girls singles and doubles under, the age of 12 years old all the way to men's and women's singles and doubles over the age of 60. All township residents are eligible with no entry fee required. The tennis leagues are for women during the daytime and in the evening. Mens evening leagues and couples are on Sunday evenings.

Fry Instant Word List

Fry Instant Word List First 100 Instant Words the had out than of by many first and words then water a but them been to not these called in what so who is all some oil you were her sit that we would now it when make find he

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Fry Instant Words High Frequency Words

Fry Instant Words High Frequency Words Fry Instant Words High Frequency Words The Fry list of 600 words are the most frequently used words for reading and writing. The words are listed in rank order. First Hundred Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group

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Fry Phrases Set 1. help for all areas of your child s education

Fry Phrases Set 1. help for all areas of your child s education Set 1 The people Write it down By the water Who will make it? You and I What will they do? He called me. We had their dog. What did they say? When would you go? No way A number of people One or two How

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Superstars Building Fry List Fluency

Superstars Building Fry List Fluency Sight Word Superstars Building Fry List Fluency By Jennifer Bates How I use this program I developed this program because I noticed many of my students were still trying

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Fry Instant Phrases. Give them to me. Then we will go.

Fry Instant Phrases. Give them to me. Then we will go. Fry Instant Phrases The words in these phrases come from Dr. Edward Fry s Instant Word List (High Frequency Words). According to Fry, the first 300 words in the list represent about 67% of all the words

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A Note to Parents. 1. As you study the list, vary the order of the words.

A Note to Parents. 1. As you study the list, vary the order of the words. A Note to Parents This Wordbook contains all the sight words we will be studying throughout the year plus some additional enrichment words. Your child should spend some time each week studying this Wordbook

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Fry s Sight Word Phrases

Fry s Sight Word Phrases The people Write it down By the water Who will make it? You and I What will they do? He called me. We had their dog. What did they say? When would you go? No way A number of people One or two How long

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Doonfoot Primary School. Helping your child with. Spelling at Home

Doonfoot Primary School. Helping your child with. Spelling at Home Doonfoot Primary School Helping your child with Spelling at Home Information for Parents Introduction Being able to spell words correctly is one of the most important writing skills that your child can

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SALE TODAY All toys half price

SALE TODAY All toys half price Name: Class: Date: KET Practice PET TestPractice Reading Test and Reading Writing KET PET Part 1 Questions 1 5 Which notice (A H) says this (1 5)? For Questions 1 5 mark the correct letter A H on your

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Gold Reading & Writing Sample Test

Gold Reading & Writing Sample Test Center Number Candidate Number Gold Reading & Writing Sample Test There are 50 questions. You have 40 minutes. You will need a pen or pencil. My name is:... DC (LEG/AR) 68239/3 CaMLA 2012 Blank Page 2

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Possible Topic for TOEFL ibt Speaking

Possible Topic for TOEFL ibt Speaking Possible Topic for TOEFL ibt Speaking 1. Your favorite pet 2. Your dressing style 3. What do you do in your free time? (Your most favorite hobby) 4. How do you learn English? 5. Which sport do you like

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PUSD High Frequency Word List

PUSD High Frequency Word List PUSD High Frequency Word List For Reading and Spelling Grades K-5 High Frequency or instant words are important because: 1. You can t read a sentence or a paragraph without knowing at least the most common.

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Passive exercise 2 4C Complete with the PRESENT SIMPLE PASSIVE: a) Those books (use) by our intermediate students.

Passive exercise 2 4C Complete with the PRESENT SIMPLE PASSIVE: a) Those books (use) by our intermediate students. Passive exercise 2 4C Complete with the PRESENT SIMPLE PASSIVE: a) Those books (use) by our intermediate students. b) The exams (correct) in the teacher's room. c) That car (drive) by a professional driver.

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UNIT 6 CHOOSING THE RIGHT PRONOUN. Pronouns. Pro means instead of. Noun means name. A pronoun is used instead of a noun.

UNIT 6 CHOOSING THE RIGHT PRONOUN. Pronouns. Pro means instead of. Noun means name. A pronoun is used instead of a noun. UNIT 6 CHOOSING THE RIGHT PRONOUN Pronouns Pro means instead of. Noun means name. A pronoun is used instead of a noun. Notice how pronouns have been used instead of nouns in the following sentences. EXAMPLE:

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Leader Training Series

Leader Training Series RUTGERS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION NEW JERSEY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION New Jersey4-H Leader Training Series Samples of Excellent 4-H Stories Written by 4-H ers Example of a multi-project story that indicates

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Signing Time Theme Song

Signing Time Theme Song Signing Time Theme Song There s singing time and dancing time And laughing time and playing time And now it is our favorite time SIGNING TIME! Come visit our big tree house You can visit everyday There

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A: We really embarrassed ourselves last night at that business function.

A: We really embarrassed ourselves last night at that business function. Dialog: VIP LESSON 049 - Future of Business A: We really embarrassed ourselves last night at that business function. B: What are you talking about? A: We didn't even have business cards to hand out. We

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ENGELSKA NIVÅTEST (1) Medel Sid 1(7)

ENGELSKA NIVÅTEST (1) Medel Sid 1(7) Medel Sid 1(7) Namn: Poäng: Nivå : Adress: Tel: Complete each sentence with one item from those given below. Use each item once only. Note: Each question has One mark. You must have all words in the correct

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EKOLA Junior High School Bilingual Programme Entrance Test (1h15) Sample Paper. Result:

EKOLA Junior High School Bilingual Programme Entrance Test (1h15) Sample Paper. Result: EKOLA Junior High School Bilingual Programme Entrance Test (1h15) Sample Paper Name: Result: Task 1 Which notice says what? For questions 1 5, match the correct letter A H. 1. You do not have to pay extra

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Recap of the National Corvette Museum Trip attended by the Sam Houston Corvette Club

Recap of the National Corvette Museum Trip attended by the Sam Houston Corvette Club Recap of the National Corvette Museum Trip attended by the Sam Houston Corvette Club September 23 rd 28 th, 2015 So, as the newly appointed NCM Ambassador (at the beginning of the year), I felt it was

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Flyers Reading & Writing

Flyers Reading & Writing Page 48 Flyers Cambridge Young Learners English Tests Blank Page 2 Part 1 10 questions Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. There is one example. a fridge an apartment cupboards

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Kent Valley Early Learning Center th Avenue South Kent, WA Frequently Asked Questions

Kent Valley Early Learning Center th Avenue South Kent, WA Frequently Asked Questions Kent Valley Early Learning Center 317 4 th Avenue South Kent, WA 98032 Frequently Asked Questions Kindergarten students begin their first day of school on Thursday, September 3. Kindergarten families will

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English as a Second Language Podcast ESL Podcast 292 Business Insurance

English as a Second Language Podcast ESL Podcast 292 Business Insurance GLOSSARY to lose control of (something) to no longer be in control of something; to not be able to influence how something moves or happens * When I was driving home last night, I thought I was going to

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CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIFE (Callaghan/ Matkosky)

CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIFE (Callaghan/ Matkosky) CRAZY BEAUTIFUL LIFE (Callaghan/ Matkosky) Here we are You and me and we got nothing to do It's a perfect day, shining all around us The sky's never been so blue Here we go, walking on sunshine Every step,

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That spring, the sun shone every day. I was lonely at first in

That spring, the sun shone every day. I was lonely at first in 1 Tom and Daisy That spring, the sun shone every day. I was lonely at first in the East. But I felt that this was the real beginning of my life. I walked in the fresh air. I bought books. I worked hard.

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S. No. WHAT KIDS WANTS THEIR PARENTS TO KNOW. 1 Encourage me when I do a good job ! " #$ % & "

S. No. WHAT KIDS WANTS THEIR PARENTS TO KNOW. 1 Encourage me when I do a good job !  #$ % & 1 Encourage me when I do a good job 2 Let me teach you some things. Don't always be the teacher! " #$ % & " '()&% 3 Don't show too much affection in public ( # &% 4 Let me take some risks; you did when

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USING SAMPLE PROMPTS WRITING USING SAMPLE PROMPTS WRITING In addition to developing topics to assign students and encouraging students to develop their own topics, teachers may assign topics from the sample prompts listed on the following

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Contact: Barbara McIntosh Telephone: 07801290575 Email:

Contact: Barbara McIntosh Telephone: 07801290575 Email: Personal Planning Book The Personal Planning Book was originally written by Barbara McIntosh and Andrea Whittaker. Several revisions and additions to this book have been made since the original version

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THE SCHOOL DANCE by Hal Ames THE SCHOOL DANCE by Hal Ames It was one of the most embarrassing times of my life. I was in the eighth grade at school. I did not have many friends because I was so shy, and I did not like a lot of attention.

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First Grade Spelling Words

First Grade Spelling Words First Grade Spelling Words The Hat 1. at 2. hat 3. cat 4. can 5. cap 6. tap 7. map 8. mad 9. a 10. the I tap the can. Sam and the Bag 1. am 2. ham 3. had 4. bad 5. bag 6. rag 7. cap 8. mad 9. up 10. go

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Isaac and Rebekah. (Genesis 24; 25:19-34; 27:1-40) Spark Resources: Spark Story Bibles. Supplies: None. Spark Resources: Spark Bibles

Isaac and Rebekah. (Genesis 24; 25:19-34; 27:1-40) Spark Resources: Spark Story Bibles. Supplies: None. Spark Resources: Spark Bibles BIBLE SKILLS & GAMES LEADER GUIDE Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24; 25:19-34; 27:1-40) Age-Level Overview Age-Level Overview Open the Bible Activate Faith Lower Elementary Workshop Focus: God s promises come

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Level 5-4 A Dog of Flanders

Level 5-4 A Dog of Flanders Level 5-4 A Dog of Flanders Workbook Teacher s Guide and Answer Key 1 A. Summary 1. Book Summary Teacher s Guide This is the story of a boy and a dog who were good friends. Nello and his grandfather lived

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A Sick Boy Is Made Well

A Sick Boy Is Made Well A Sick Boy Is Made Well Bible Story John 4:46-53 Teacher Challenge Today s story is about a desperate situation and how a person can bring it to Jesus and then choose to trust Him when His answer can t

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Past Progressive (Past Continuous) Tense

Past Progressive (Past Continuous) Tense (Past Continuous) Tense Note: One use of the past progressive tense is to describe an action that was happening (in progress) at a particular point in time in the past. The Andersons Very Full Day The

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Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences. Fragments Although he wanted to go to the meeting. Whoever goes to the meeting.

Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences. Fragments Although he wanted to go to the meeting. Whoever goes to the meeting. Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences A sentence is a group of words that names something and makes a statement about what is named. A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence because it lacks a subject,

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CD Our Own Way Lyrics

CD Our Own Way Lyrics CD Our Own Way Lyrics Beverly Granoff 2012 1. All The Things We See 2. Remember the Rules 3. You and Me 4. This Too Shall Pass 5. My Best Try 6. Our Own Way 7. A Little Help From You 8. My La La Melody

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God chose a family for Jesus. LEADER BIBLE STUDY

God chose a family for Jesus. LEADER BIBLE STUDY LIFE POINT God chose a family for Jesus. Obeying BIBLE PASSAGE Matthew 1:18-25 CHRIST FOCUS Jesus was part of a family. LIFE ACTION Help the kids think of different ways their parents help them at home.

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IN A SMALL PART OF THE CITY WEST OF p T h e L a s t L e a f IN A SMALL PART OF THE CITY WEST OF Washington Square, the streets have gone wild. They turn in different directions. They are broken into small pieces called places. One street

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Junk Food in Schools. Written by Alice Lee Folkins & Lynn Kloss

Junk Food in Schools. Written by Alice Lee Folkins & Lynn Kloss Cover Photo: Cookies & cream cupcake. 2009 by Angelina Cupcake. Some rights reserved. nc- nd/2.0/ Elfrieda H. Hiebert. Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed

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Read Aloud: Up, Up, and Away! The Mae Jemison Story by Howard Gutner. Wonderful Words: subject, gravity, experiment, train, endeavor

Read Aloud: Up, Up, and Away! The Mae Jemison Story by Howard Gutner. Wonderful Words: subject, gravity, experiment, train, endeavor Grade 3: Unit 2, Week 4 Out in Space Read Aloud: Up, Up, and Away! The Mae Jemison Story by Howard Gutner Wonderful Words: subject, gravity, experiment, train, endeavor Up, Up, and Away The Mae Jemison

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LESSON TITLE: Running the Race. THEME: Run the race of faith to win! SCRIPTURE: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF:

LESSON TITLE: Running the Race. THEME: Run the race of faith to win! SCRIPTURE: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: Devotion NT318 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: Running the Race THEME: Run the race of faith to win! SCRIPTURE: 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 Dear Parents Welcome to Bible Time for Kids! This

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Devotion NT246 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Good Shepherd. THEME: Jesus is the good shepherd. SCRIPTURE: John 10:1-21

Devotion NT246 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Good Shepherd. THEME: Jesus is the good shepherd. SCRIPTURE: John 10:1-21 Devotion NT246 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Good Shepherd THEME: Jesus is the good shepherd. SCRIPTURE: John 10:1-21 Dear Parents Welcome to Bible Time for Kids! Bible Time for

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2nd Grade Language Arts Practice Test

2nd Grade Language Arts Practice Test 2nd Grade Language Arts Practice Name: Instructions: Copyright 2000-2002 Measured Progress, All Rights Reserved : 1. Which word in the paragraph below is used too much? My music teacher is nice. He plays

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TEST DIAGNOSTYCZNY Z JĘZYKA ANGIELSKIEGO 1. They are the United States. a) to b) for c) from d) with 3. is your favourite colour? a) How b) This c) Who d) What 5. This is my car. a) mother b) mothers c) mother is d) mother's 7. Are these shoes

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STUDENT VOICES Why School Works For Alternative High School Students

STUDENT VOICES Why School Works For Alternative High School Students STUDENT VOICES Why School Works For Alternative High School Students Respect me for who I am, require me to do my best, give me the help I need to achieve it. Cliff Brush Bob Jones October 2002 Oregon

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S OAPY MOVED RESTLESSLY ON HIS SEAT T h e C o p a n d t h e A n t h e m p The Cop and the Anthem S OAPY MOVED RESTLESSLY ON HIS SEAT in Madison Square. There are certain signs to show that winter is coming. Birds begin to fly south. Women

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Solutions Passive Voice PDF (Pages 6-10)

Solutions Passive Voice PDF (Pages 6-10) Solutions Passive Voice PDF (Pages 6-10) Exercise 8 a) The toothbrush was invented in the 15th century. b) The first public basketball game was played in 1892. c) The first eyeglasses were worn in the

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Activity Guide for DVD Cherub Wings: Little Heroes

Activity Guide for DVD Cherub Wings: Little Heroes 1 Leader s Guide for the DVD Cherub Wings Episode #14 "Little Heroes" Table of Contents A Note to Parents......3 A Note to Teachers... 3 One Final Thought...3 Little Heroes Concept, Objectives and Synopsis.......4

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Well, I don t know, said Miss Franny. Dogs are not allowed in the Herman W. Block Memorial Library.

Well, I don t know, said Miss Franny. Dogs are not allowed in the Herman W. Block Memorial Library. Excerpt from Because of Winn Dixie I spent a lot of time that summer at the Herman W. Block Memorial Library. The Herman W. Block Memorial Library sounds like it would be a big fancy place, but it s not.

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Sample Letters of Good Letters To Use

Sample Letters of Good Letters To Use July 10, 2014 Sample Letters of Good Letters To Use Dear J. J. Smith: This is my sixth year in 4-H. I belong to the 4-H Busy Clovers. I would like to invite you to this year s Clark County Junior Fair

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Proficiency Evaluation Test Intermediate to Advanced

Proficiency Evaluation Test Intermediate to Advanced Proficiency Evaluation Test Intermediate to Advanced Name I. Grammar / Vocabulary II. Reading Comprehension III. Writing Sample IV. Conversation / Interview Directions for the Tutor: Allow the participant

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to happen Light one candle This first week of Advent, we begin to prepare our hearts and souls for Jesus by working on different things each day.

to happen Light one candle This first week of Advent, we begin to prepare our hearts and souls for Jesus by working on different things each day. Prayers Around The Advent Wreath That time of year is here again. Advent is the season when we should take time to think about the why of Christmas. It should be a time to look within our hearts to see

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Oh no. There's almost nothing left for us to eat in the pantry. What will we give Hansel and Gretel to eat?

Oh no. There's almost nothing left for us to eat in the pantry. What will we give Hansel and Gretel to eat? Cast s (Squirrel, Mouse, Bear, Bird, Rabbit) Tsukuba International School Presents and Scene 1 Home ( and are talking at home.) Oh no. There's almost nothing left for us to eat in the pantry. What will

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Jenny from Minnesota tells her story:

Jenny from Minnesota tells her story: Jenny from Minnesota tells her story: Jenny from Minnesota tells her story: In the spring of 1998, I was in a car accident where I was going too fast on a gravel road and ended up wrapping my car around

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Lesson Plans K-3. Bullying Response Lesson Plan Grades K-3

Lesson Plans K-3. Bullying Response Lesson Plan Grades K-3 Lesson Plans K-3 Bullying Response Lesson Plan Grades K-3 Estimated Time of Completion: Two to three classroom periods, or stretched out throughout the school year. Each activity will take between 15-30

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Point of View, Perspective, Audience, and Voice

Point of View, Perspective, Audience, and Voice Lesson Da 2 Day 1 Point of View, Perspective, Audience, and Voice A story can be told from more than one point of view. If a story is written by someone who is a character in the story, then it is said

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SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF CONTRA COSTA. Mock Trial Script. The Case of a Stolen Car SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF CONTRA COSTA Mock Trial Script The Case of a Stolen Car This mock trial is appropriate for middle and high school students. The script includes a role for a narrator,

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God Is Just. Bible Point. Bible Story. Bible Verse. Overview. God is always fair. 2 Samuel 11, 12:1-23

God Is Just. Bible Point. Bible Story. Bible Verse. Overview. God is always fair. 2 Samuel 11, 12:1-23 God Is Just Bible Point God is always fair. Bible Story 2 Samuel 11, 12:1-23 Bible Verse If we confess our sins he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins. 1 John 1:9a Overview Because God is

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Faces of New Canaan: Ronnie Roganti

Faces of New Canaan: Ronnie Roganti Faces of New Canaan: Ronnie Roganti We ve wanted to track down Ronnie Roganti for a while for an installment of Faces of New Canaan. A high school senior, Ronnie has been a fixture on the sidelines at

More information Example ESL English Test - Level A1 Elementary. Test 3 - Page 1 Example ESL English Test - Level A1 Elementary. Test 3 - Page 1 A1 MOCK EXAMINATION SECTION I Choose the correct alternatives to complete the sentences. 1. Where for a holiday next summer? a) do you like going b) would you to go c) would you like to go 2. Look at that

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W: May I help you? M: Yes. Can you show me that tie with circles under the stripes?

W: May I help you? M: Yes. Can you show me that tie with circles under the stripes? 2007 W: Where have you been? I ve been waiting here so long. M: Sorry, I couldn t get out of the office until 5:30. W: But that was half an hour ago. 5 30 W: May I help you? M: Yes. Can you show me that

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PEOPLE V. HARRY POTTER PEOPLE V. HARRY POTTER THE COURT: Members of the jury, the defendant, Harry Potter, is charged in a one-count information which reads as follows: On or about November 23, 2008, HARRY POTTER, did unlawfully

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Lesson 10 Naaman and the Servant Girl

Lesson 10 Naaman and the Servant Girl August 7, 2011 August s B.i.G. Idea We believe that God wants us to help others. August s Bible Verse Children, you show love for others by truly helping them. 1 John 3:18, CEV August s B.i.G. Theme We

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Hotel Operations Partner

Hotel Operations Partner Hotel Operations Partner Good evening everyone. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy lives to celebrate with us. Because after all the time and experiences we ve had getting our beautiful Inn

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The Story of Ruby Bridges

The Story of Ruby Bridges The Story of Ruby Bridges Our Ruby taught us all a lot. She became someone who helped change our country. She was part of history, just like generals and presidents are part of history. They re leaders,

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Making Inferences Picture #1

Making Inferences Picture #1 Making Inferences Picture #1 Casey and Josie are standing in front of East Moore Middle School. Making Inferences Picture #2 Sue surprised her friend with a gift. Making Inferences Picture #3 Angela isn

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From the time that children are just toddlers, they try to be helpful. They

From the time that children are just toddlers, they try to be helpful. They SECTION 1 Overview From the time that children are just toddlers, they try to be helpful. They imitate their moms and dads, dusting off tables and chairs or trying to sweep the floor. Initially, children

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Junior Soldiers. Unit 4 : Lesson 8

Junior Soldiers. Unit 4 : Lesson 8 Junior Soldiers Unit 4 : Lesson 8 One body: many parts! PURPOSE : For children to explore and understand that even though those who follow Jesus are all different in some way, God loves each of us and

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Today, it is spoken in some offices. He's going to study English hard. and talk with a lot of people in the future.

Today, it is spoken in some offices. He's going to study English hard. and talk with a lot of people in the future. Good. How are you? You re welcome. How are you? Oh, no. You mustn t help him. OK. I ll ask him. Why did you finish the report? You can t buy a dictionary. No, thank you. How are you? It s cloudy. How are

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Rev. Dan Welch Second Sunday after Pentecost Text- Genesis 3:8-15 The children were lined up for lunch in the cafeteria of a Lutheran Day

Rev. Dan Welch Second Sunday after Pentecost Text- Genesis 3:8-15 The children were lined up for lunch in the cafeteria of a Lutheran Day Rev. Dan Welch Second Sunday after Pentecost 6-7- 15 Text- Genesis 3:8-15 The children were lined up for lunch in the cafeteria of a Lutheran Day School. At the beginning of the counter was a large tray

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I / He / They me / him / them. F Mr Chan is a teacher. Mr Chan is 35 years old. Mr Chan is a teacher. He is 35 years old.

I / He / They me / him / them. F Mr Chan is a teacher. Mr Chan is 35 years old. Mr Chan is a teacher. He is 35 years old. Day 1 Date: Personal pronouns Lesson 1 I / He / They me / him / them Time limit: 15 min 1. A pronoun is a word that stands instead of a noun. Examples of personal pronouns are he, him, them. We use pronouns

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Now I See! References John 9:1-38; The Desire of Ages, pp Memory Verse One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see! (John 9:25, NIV).

Now I See! References John 9:1-38; The Desire of Ages, pp Memory Verse One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see! (John 9:25, NIV). LESSON Year A 4th Quarter Lesson 4 Now I See! SERVICE We serve God when we care for others. References John 9:1-38; The Desire of Ages, pp. 470-475. Memory Verse One thing I do know. I was blind but now

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INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SANTIAGO APÓSTOL Resolución de Aprobación No 04344 del 18 de Noviembre 20 Present Perfect exercises - regular verbs The Present Perfect: have/has + Past Participle I have listened to the song. (Present Perfect, 1. person

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MY AU PAIR STORY: THE MAXI COMBO OF WORKING, STUDYING, AND HAVING FUN MY AU PAIR STORY: THE MAXI COMBO OF WORKING, STUDYING, AND HAVING FUN At 22, I decided being an au pair for the first time. I ve just graduated from my university in Indonesia and started to begin a new

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Badger Bytes. Upcoming Events. Principal s Corner - Mr. Snow. God bless you all. Have a wonderful

Badger Bytes. Upcoming Events. Principal s Corner - Mr. Snow. God bless you all. Have a wonderful Badger Bytes Principal s Corner - Mr. Snow The staff of St. John Lutheran Church and School would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please remember to keep Christ at the center

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JUST A LITTLE CHRISTMAS Type: For: Characters: Costumes: Props: Optional: Sound: Setting: JUST A LITTLE CHRISTMAS A Christmas Skit Elementary age children (Children s Version) About 12 actors and actresses: Narrators (1-3) Mary

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KidSlot #15 Forgiving Others

KidSlot #15 Forgiving Others KidSlot #15 Forgiving Others Lessons are available at for you to print copies of the necessary materials for each child in your group. Materials Needed Skit

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Bible Focus: Genesis 6, 7 Bible Memory: This is love for God: to obey his commands (1 John 5:3). Life Focus: We can obey God even when it s hard.

Bible Focus: Genesis 6, 7 Bible Memory: This is love for God: to obey his commands (1 John 5:3). Life Focus: We can obey God even when it s hard. Noah Obeys God 4 Bible Focus: Genesis 6, 7 Bible Memory: This is love for God: to obey his commands (1 John 5:3). Life Focus: Heart to Heart God asked Noah to build a large ark, although Noah probably

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Chapter 1. Mum s new baby

Chapter 1. Mum s new baby Chapter 1 Mum s new baby I threw my school bag onto the floor in my room, changed into jeans and a T-shirt and then ran back down the hall. Mum called me. Jenna, I need you for a minute. I looked at my

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coolf g olf or w. coo n lf o o d p l a et. g or co w w et. ww w.efa w ww rg Do you remember when you learned to ride a bike? The most important part was getting the balance right. Once you could

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Most Common Words Transfer Card: List 1

Most Common Words Transfer Card: List 1 Most Common Words Transfer Card: List 1 the to a and in you that of it not for I is an Meg is in the bed. That is not for you. It is in a bag. I am not mad. Most Common Words Transfer Card: List 2 on with

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SONG IDEAS FOR THE CLASSROOM SONG IDEAS FOR THE CLASSROOM There is a common perception that all learning should be serious and solemn in nature, and that if one is having fun and there is hilarity and laughter, then it is not really

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Rules from God The 10 Commandments Exodus 20:1-20; 24:3-4, 12-13

Rules from God The 10 Commandments Exodus 20:1-20; 24:3-4, 12-13 Fall 2015 ~ Beginners Lesson #5 Learning Objectives Rules from God The 10 Commandments Exodus 20:1-20; 24:3-4, 12-13 1. The children will retell the story of the Ten Commandments. 2. The children will

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Proficiency Evaluation Test Intermediate to Advanced

Proficiency Evaluation Test Intermediate to Advanced Proficiency Evaluation Test Intermediate to Advanced Name I. Grammar / Vocabulary II. Reading Comprehension III. Writing Sample IV. Conversation / Interview Directions for the Tutor: Allow the participant

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March 15 - Leader Guide The Light of the World Grades 4-5

March 15 - Leader Guide The Light of the World Grades 4-5 March 15 - Leader Guide The Light of the World Grades 4-5 Scripture Reference: John 3:14 21 Lesson Focus: Jesus glows in the dark. Arrival Activity Spark Resources Activity Pages we ll have copies for

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MODULE 1 FEELINGS. Story 1: Full of Feelings

MODULE 1 FEELINGS. Story 1: Full of Feelings MODULE 1 FEELINGS Story 1: Full of Feelings Session 1: Feeling sad feeling happy Session 2: Feeling angry or annoyed Session 3: Feeling jealous Session 4: Feeling nervous Story 1 Full of feelings Full

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Created by: Erica Parra

Created by: Erica Parra Military Child Buddy Program: Start one in your school Background: For military-connected students relocating often causes stress. Common stresses include new school achievement standards, new school protocol,

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BIBLE LESSON # 18 1. BIBLE LESSON 1. Jacob was on a long journey going to his father's home. Jacob had his wives and children with him and he had many cows and donkeys and sheep and camels as well. Jacob's twin brother Esau,

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JESUS HEALS A MAN WITH LEPROSY mark 1:40-45 JESUS HEALS A MAN WITH LEPROSY mark 1:40-45 A man with leprosy knelt down in front of Jesus. He begged Jesus to heal him. People with leprosy had to stay away from other people. They could not live with

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MEAT GOAT. 5-6 year old Project Book. Step 1 NAME

MEAT GOAT. 5-6 year old Project Book. Step 1 NAME MEAT GOAT Step 1 5-6 year old Project Book NAME 1 What you will learn How to take care of a meat goat Where a meat goat lives What a meat goat likes to eat How to identify body parts of a meat goat Ways

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How To Use Your Magic Wand And Create A Wellbehaved. Behavior Doctor Seminars 2014

How To Use Your Magic Wand And Create A Wellbehaved. Behavior Doctor Seminars 2014 How To Use Your Magic Wand And Create A Wellbehaved Child Behavior Doctor Seminars 2014 Drama in your life? Ten Rules of Behavior Behavior is learned- If your child is having a behavior you don t like-

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In this case, I focus on the fact that a mistake was made, but I do not blame anyone.

In this case, I focus on the fact that a mistake was made, but I do not blame anyone. Use of Passive voice Passive voice is used when the focus is on the action. It is not important or not known, however, who or what is performing the action. Example: My bike was stolen. The focus is on

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~ 1 ~ OLYMPIC THEME TITLE: CHAMPIONS FOR CHRIST ~ 1 ~ OLYMPIC THEME TITLE: CHAMPIONS FOR CHRIST LESSON TWO TRAITS FOR A CHAMPION PURPOSE This lesson is based upon what character traits do we need to be a winner or a loser? It will stress how we need

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Objective: God is all Powerful! Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 19:26b With man this is impossible, but with God all things are THEME OVERVIEW

Objective: God is all Powerful! Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 19:26b With man this is impossible, but with God all things are THEME OVERVIEW Jesus the Magnificent Scripture: Luke 8:40-56 and Luke 18:35-43 Objective: God is all Powerful! Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 19:26b With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. THEME

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VIDEO TEACHING GUIDE. for use with Program 10 FRIENDSHIP. In the Youth Guidance Video Series EDUCATIONAL GOALS YOUNG ADOLESCENTS LEARN: VIDEO TEACHING GUIDE for use with Program 10 FRIENDSHIP In the Youth Guidance Video Series EDUCATIONAL GOALS YOUNG ADOLESCENTS LEARN: To recognize what makes a good friendship. That it is normal for friendships

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Use the essay rubric to evaluate the following essays.

Use the essay rubric to evaluate the following essays. Use the essay rubric to evaluate the following essays. We see texting happening all around us today. Write an essay analyzing the significance of texting today. In your essay, evaluate the pros and cons

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