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1 Short stories, blogs, poems, filmscripts, news articles, video journalism, by Bryan Adrian... follow this link B. Traven and His Circle of Friends (1996) reprinted in 2017

2 aka B. Traven and His Circle of Fiends B. TRAVEN AND HIS CIRCLE OF FRIENDS/ FIENDS, by Bryan Adrian Introduction This article will attempt to document and illustrate the sense of extreme caution with which all people, including young and old, who voluntarily or involuntarily find themselves

3 navigating the shores of idealism... be it moral, religious, or artistic... they should more prudently select their circle of friends, especially their cultural and national heroes. It will also invoke methods to employ defenses, via real examples, that might fortify their success on their mission to prevent clandestine activities from these circles of "friends" from corrupting their cultural myths and aspirations and the very culture itself they would like to preserve against these silently hostile forces. Our goal here is to weave the locus of all our dreams into a suit of armor, from even perhaps the 4th dimension in time-space, where our dreams occur, to the here and now. When one takes into account the insidious and calculated machinations that daily undermine our better instincts, uninvited collisions from these circles of so called "friendly heroes", one can more realistically contribute to the usurpation and cancellation of their global conceits. Many a man and woman in the past have had his or her life disengaged from themself and from the Jungian collective will of humanity -- they were taken far beyond the membrane of their everyday experience and tossed violently onto the merciless shoals of deceit and betrayal, engineered by this crafty Circle. Their defeat as spiritual warriors was that they struggled as one, and not as an interconnected ONE. We want here to avoid in every way possible -- this mistake from being repeated in the New Millennium. We must repeat to ourselves over and over again, the wisdom in the warning of the age old adage, that art and religion are tools of the powerful, used mainly to reinforce their power, since the time of Solomon and the precursors of his success, the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, before the time of our now dubious official historical record of humanity, and even earlier times. Revolution and experimental cultural movements have long been used to manipulate and to augment this sinister Circle s power, for so long now that the time has ultimately come to flush out the charlatans and to take back our galactic ship, Earth, so that we again navigate our own planet and not this diabolical Circle. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION FOREWARD WHAT IS NATURE? ANCIENT MAYAN SACRIFICIAL CULTS PUBLISHING DEADLINES CAN BE DEADLY NEFARIOUS DOCTORS IN WORLD POLITICS TWO GOOD YEARS FOR SEIZURES EGYPTIANS WHO DON'T DRINK EARL GREY TEA WAS AMERICA ALWAYS ISOLATIONIST? THE SLEEPING TIGER, CHINA, 1919 PROTESTS AT TIANANMEN SQUARE OUR GLOBE PARTITIONED LIKE AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN NOT ALL TRANSLATORS ARE BOOKWORMS B. TRAVEN'S ORIGINS THE POPE WHO LOVED WOMEN B. TRAVEN AND HIS QUANTUM CO-FACTORS ROY AND EDGAR MAKE SWEETHEART DEALS DIAL A REVOLUTION CHICAGO, MY KIND OF TOWN ANSCHLUSS ALFRED STIEGLITZ RODE A BIKE


5 Foreword A most fascinating point of departure to begin this journey -- into the same labyrinth as the Minotaur's foray into time-space -- is to investigate the life of B. Traven, author of revolutions and "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" and other novels. We will also discuss what B. Traven is not normally known for, but first, for those unfamiliar with the name B. Traven, he is the author of THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, which was also made into a film with Humphrey Bogart. B. Traven was also known as Ret Marut. Traven is a family name in Serbia. Marut is a family name in Poland and in Turkey. Rosa Elena Lujan, B. Traven's female partner who lived with him closely during his long Mexico years, said after Traven's death, "... sometimes I think that Traven's spirit is alive today, in nature, all around us...". B. Traven's lengthy residence in Mexico has still to this day been poorly investigated, and even more poorly understood. How can a human spirit be "all around us"? WHAT IS NATURE? What "nature" is Rosa Elena referring to here? A widely used definition that seems to conform to her usage comes from a standard copy of the American college textbook called "The History of Political Philosophy". I repeat it here for my readers, verbatim: "NATURE, however understood, is not known itself by nature. Nature had to be discovered. The Hebrew Bible, for example, does not have a word for Nature. The equivalent in biblical Hebrew of Nature is something like Way or Custom or Law. Prior to the discovery of Nature, men knew that each thing or kind had its Way or Custom... such as the ways or customs of the various tribes [Egyptians, Persians, Spartans, Moabites, Amalekites, etc.)... the discovery of Nature led to the splitting up of Custom into Nature ("physis") and Law ("nomos"). This raised the question, "are the political things natural, and if they are, to what extent?)" Jonah Raskin writes in his book on this elusive man "My Search for B. Traven" [Methuen Books, 1980]: "... B. Traven... one of the most tenaciously elusive men... ever alive." Dietrich Eckart, German professor and scholar, asserts "B. Traven is Jewish. This begs for a fresh rereading of the Old Testament": "... and the blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you..." EXODUS 12:13 It seems there is a ubiquitous element in Nature to be feared, an element that has a plan and is not arbitrary -- in an opposite fashion to floods or hurricanes and "natural disasters". This element is tightly shrouded in mystery and seems to have been conveniently "mummified". Judy Stone writes in her "The Mysteries of B. Traven", that B. Traven may have been born in Chicago under the name of Berick Traven Torsvan in She adds that Kaiser Wilhelm II was the son of Frederick III, whose mother was the daughter of Queen Victoria, and also that B. Traven was allegedly the illegitimate son of Kaiser Wilhelm of Prussia.

6 ANCIENT MAYAN SACRIFICIAL CULTS It has already been established through the efforts of earlier researchers that B. Traven was obsessed with the history of the Ancient Palenque Mayans, circa 600 B.C., during a phase of Mayan vampire cults (the same time in central America indigenous history that the Olmec language, a pre-christian culture a thousand years older than Mayan, was wiped off the face of history along the Gulf Coast of Mexico... similar to the demise of the ancient Etruscan written records -- also lost at this same time in the current Italian area of the Mediterranean). PUBLISHING DEADLINES CAN BE DEADLY B. Traven was also a central figure in the publication of "The Brickburner" in Munich, railing against the Wittelsbachs, a pulp periodical which advocated the immediate usurpation of the Wittelsbach rule. Their aim was reached during the Munich Revolution of Bavaria had been ruled by the Wittelbachs since 1180 AD. Their name came from an old Castle in Aichach, dating before 1000 AD. This line of descendents had managed well this region of the world until the underhanded intrigues of B. Traven and His Circle of Friends. By 1918, the Munich Revolution brought the Wittelsbachs down. Munich had been founded by several Wittelsbachs in By 1654, a Wittelsbach had become King of Sweden. The famous Maximilian lineage of kings were Wittelsbachs. They had ties to the Habsburgs and to the Stuarts of Scotland and England. Louis III, a Wittelsbach, abdicated in 1918, due to the Revolution. His son Prince Rupert (died 1955) descended from the Stuarts (maternal side) and led public opinion against Hitler. Many Wittelsbachs have intermarried with Spanish "infantas" since early times. Shortly after World War II, King Simeon of Bulgaria, a handsome man, along with his young wife Queen Margarita, attended parties in Madrid with the likes of film actress Ava Gardner, and Aline Romanone, a spellbinding spy of special allure who was intimate with both the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Duke Albrecht of Bavaria, who died in July of 1996 at the age of 91, was in his time the head of the House of Wittelbach. His daughter Sophie is Crown Princess of Liechtenstein. Albrecht's son is a holder of the Grand Cross of the Order of Malta of the Hospitallers, who go back to the First Crusade. The Wittelsbachs are intermarried with the Lowensteins and Rosenbergs of Portugal, and Bulgarian nobility too. Kurt Eisner was B. Traven's partner. So was Gustav Landauer, another major player in the Bavarian Revolution, and a direct forefather of Mike Nichols, the Jewish-American filmmaker who brought us the film "Wolf" and Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and regarding the film "Reds", his former wife Elaine May wrote the script for Warren Beatty. Other strong supporters of B. Traven were Max Levien, Eugene Levine, and Ernst Toller. This circle took over the Bavarian banks very quickly in their first major putsch after the 1917 Revolution. By 1923, B. Traven was in London shouting "the world revolution is under way!" and running around Mexico by 1924 doing the same. Ernst Toller emigrated to the USA via New York City in 1933, immediately before the ascension of Hitler in Toller also worked on many filmscripts in Hollywood, getting his stories in on deadline. But in the end, the deadlines killed him. NEFARIOUS DOCTORS IN WORLD POLITICS

7 Not only lawyers and money grubbers and global peddlers spoil the Body of Man. Doctors, since the time of Hippocrates, have fiddled for the Beast, along with the most rotten of spoilers, Dr. Theodor Morrell, Hitler's personal physician, who had studied under Dr. Mechnikov, a Nobel Prize winner. Rasputin had also in his time gotten under the skin and into the vital organs of the Romanov family, due to their worries over their hemophiliac son. B. Traven's own doctor, Dr. Frederico Marin, was also the brother-in-law of Diego Rivera. Dr. Sklyansky, Trotsky's doctor on his famous command train, saw as much of the world as did Trotsky, for they were constantly together. Markus Wolf was the top master spy and spy director in the former communist East Germany during the Cold War. His father, who in addition to being a dandy and cavalier playwright, was also a dear friend of another doctor who wrote the first treatise on intestinal microbes (they create our blood for us mammals) which Dr. Morrell had used on Hitler in his concoction called "multiflor", which was a mixture of hormones, microbes, sulfanilamides and powerful synthetic stimulants. Many of his mysterious intestinal microbes came from sources in Bulgaria and it is believed these microbes also exist in Stalin s first home, the Republic of Georgia. TWO GOOD YEARS FOR SEIZURES This time between 1917 and 1918 was not only a time of momentous upheaval and intrigue and war in Europe and Russia. The violent seizures brought on by global manipulators extended to the United States, China and the Levant. Over towards the southeastern shores of the Mediterranean, in Egypt, the suppression of Egyptian professionals through harsh censorship and physical brutalities had already been virulent earlier, in By 1917/1918, hostile disagreements in Egypt between Sa'd Zaghlul, a nationalist hero of dubious intentions, and Abbas Hilmi II, a unique blend of martyr and humanitarian, had clearly erupted. EGYPTIANS WHO DON'T DRINK EARL GREY TEA Sa'd Zaghlul had collaborated on a pervasive scale with English occupiers and was at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, at the same time as Marconi and many Comintern internationalists. Many copies of PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION were floating around this Paris Peace Conference, until Philip Graves in Constantinople drummed up a refutation of the authenticity of these documents, albeit publishing them to great acclaim in The Times of London, his employer. Sa'd Zaghlul ( ), aka Pasha ibn Ibrahim, studied law and married a daughter of the Prime Minister. Lord Baring, of the famous British banking family, referred to Zaghlul as "England's best friend". In 1912 Zaghlul had a major disagreement with nationalist leader Abbas Hilmi II. Within a short time World War One struck and ruptured the authority of the rising Egyptian independence movement. Abbas was demoted to a cipher and throughout the next 4 years, brutal and pervasive repressions occurred against Egyptian intellectuals and the educated classes. The British engaged in greatly accelerated and forceful colonization of Egypt during the War. By November 1918, at the War's end, the majority of Egyptians were seething with discontent.

8 In 1919, Zaghlul was in Malta, host to many covert worldwide networks, perhaps going over drafts of the Paris Peace Conference with several like-minded comrades. The Knights of Malta were named for this island nation (and American political analyst Pat Buchannan is a high standing member in today's still strong Knights of Malta, aka Knights of Saint John or The Hospitallers). Abbas II, descendent of Abbas I, was forced into exile in Switzerland. Abbas I ( ) was a viceroy of Egypt under the Ottomans. He opposed the defacement of the Egyptian landscape with so many Ottoman military colleges, and also the building of the Suez Canal (which was backed by the French) and tried to stop the construction of the Great Dam (which was the basis for providing hydroelectric power--electrical power plants are often interconnected and a powerful tool for mysterious cabals worldwide--just look at ENRON and the swindles that took place in California in the 1990s over energy). Abbas I was labeled as a reactionary for these efforts by the media, but in truth the lower classes never had a greater champion nor benefited to such a degree as under his guidance in the history of modern Egypt. Abbas I was strangled in his own guarded castle by men from his own hand-picked private bodyguard servants. Rumors near the end of his life were that he was paranoid, a result of the intrigues of his powerful enemies and their inner cabals, a network of British, French and Zionist exponents [many Zionist terror organizations were in his time quickly ascending]. Marconi was also at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, representing the new Italian government which had its roots in the Sardinian intrigues of Garibaldi, member of the secret Carbonari Organizations, freemason related. Garibaldi was also a conjurer and master puppeteer of revolution in Uruguay and Italy too. Marconi's spies and ties to special interests in Serbia were represented in the terms engineered by the Paris Peace Treaty of Marconi's professional portfolio included stints as entrepreneur, scientist, international investor, and self-styled international lawyer. Marconi helped arrange much Bulgarian land to be stripped away in the Treaty, adding salt to open wounds by granting extensive islands to Japan, through the terms he personally helped put in place in the Paris Peace Treaty. WAS AMERICA ALWAYS ISOLATIONIST? In America also, during this same short span of years, the thread of intrigue of the circle of friends was spinning off of the same spool. Woodrow Wilson grew up in South Carolina during the Civil War and married a girl from Savannah, Georgia. President Wilson's daughter was married to William Gibbs McAdoo, Secretary of Treasury, 1920, and one of the founders of the Federal Reserve. Andrew Mellon ( ) became Secretary of the Treasury in 1920 and enacted tax policies in the 1920s that worsened the flaws in the United States economy. FDR was at this time, a patrician Secretary of the Navy for Wilson and also a master Mason. In 1932 W.G. McAdoo pledged his electoral votes to John Garner. By breaking all national precedents, McAdoo controversially at the last minute reversed himself and threw his electoral votes to FDR, enabling FDR to be President. The establishment of our Social Security System grew from this back room very Masonic in style deal! I.M. Rubinow, a Russian born physician, considered the godfather of our Social Security System, pushed the Wagner Act of 1936 through the Senate. His son David A. Rubinow, a

9 master's degree holder from the University of Pennsylvania, helped a young lawyer in 1963, Ed Koch, shatter the power of the Tammany Hall political machine in New York City. David also became very prominent within Sears & Roebuck and Welch's Grape Juice. Ed Koch was very close to Dan Wolf, founding editor of the VILLAGE VOICE, and a leading figure in the Turkish Information Office of New York, after World War Two (he and Necdet Kent the ambassador to Turkey worked together -- Necdet had been a key agent in getting Dönmeh Jews out of Turkey/Europe and into USA during WW2). Norman Mailer, Nat Hentoff and Jack Newfield all got a tremendous early career boost through their association with the Village Voice at this time, as did the political career of Ed Koch. Gilbert Seldes was a good friend of President Woodrow Wilson. Gilbert Seldes was a foe of the very popular culture critic Dwight MacDonald, who in turn had a deep dislike for actor Burt Lancaster, so much that he made up a new name for him, "54-teeth". Gilbert Seldes and his brother George Seldes were raised by anarchist parents living in New Jersey who financially supported world revolutions. By 1921 Gilbert was owner of DIAL literary periodical which published "The Russian Letter", a regular submission by Maxime Gorky. Gorky wrote not only best sellers but was in addition one of the chief financial supporters of Lenin. Seldes brother, George, a journalist, wrote article after article after article in his antitobacco campaign, much like Bruce Bruggman of the San Francisco BAY GUARDIAN had been doing for decades in San Francisco against electrical and gas powerhouse PG&E. Strangely enough, cigarette sales rocketed during the decades in which George Seldes cranked up his anti-tobacco campaigning, and the entire Seldes family flourished during this inexplicable cycle of vastly increased Seldes Family wealth. Gilbert married Alice Hall of the famous Hall family of New York City, frequently in the society pages of that time. Seldes, though in contempt of Dwight MacDonald, was a very close friend of critic Edmund Wilson. Today Seldes is thought of as our Father of Mass Communications. He became the first director of CBS television and the first dean of the Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. He greatly contributed to the success of TS Eliot, Ezra Pound and Pablo Picasso. They were literally "dialed in". THE SLEEPING TIGER, CHINA, 1919 PROTESTS AT TIANANMEN SQUARE In China in 1919, 3000 students at Tiananmen Square protested the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and the aggressive policies of Japan. Chinese merchants, newspapers and telegram offices stood behind Sun Yat-sen's shrill and questionable cry from Canton of "down with the Japanese". By 1921 sun Yat-sen was comfortably living in Japan, sponging off of some of the Meiji Dynasty merchant rulers, none of them particularly fond of Confucius, nor the ancient Shinto beliefs that had much much earlier guided Japan. After he was wined and dined and rested up in Japan, Sun Yat-sen led millions of men to their deaths back "home" in China. In a parallel development, many Leipzig and Berlin trained Chinese intellectuals began vehemently attacking Confucianism as outmoded, and began championing and emulating the western powers -- their trade and treaties and frivolities. Cornell and Columbia Universities, many Rockefeller personnel, along with the YMCA, became deeply involved in

10 China, all these western circles to whom Bertrand Russell volunteered the full weight of his assistance. The beat goes on. OUR GLOBE PARTITIONED LIKE AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET The political and religious events of this time carved the globe into manageable cells, much like an Excel computer spreadsheet. Let's sort some of these events, in ascending order: Trotsky in Bulgaria composing his "Balkan Letters". Rasputin misguiding the Romanovs and exploiting the vulnerabilities of the Empress over her hemophiliac son. Maxim Gorky, meanwhile, at this time is a "... popular writer, and a major funder of arms trading, leading to revolutions and large scale wars." Lockheed brothers build the first commercial airplanes with Queen of Netherlands s money. Around this time M.N. Roy, citizen of India, scheming in China, plotting with Bolsheviks in Russia, goes off to Mexico to stir up trouble. M.N. Roy has a circle of friends in Holland, that nearly equaled the circle of B. Traven and His Friends T.E. Lawrence in Palestine with a large contingent of British commandos and a nearly all Jewish commando squadron [and some Turkish commandos on special assignment]. Nationalists in Dublin were to be supplied guns for an armed struggle via a yacht from Hamburg. The Irish Nationalists were badly tricked, however, and got a very scarce number of grossly inadequate arms from Hamburg, leaving them to fight the well prepared British army nearly defenseless. The London Black & Tanners further quelled, with karate and terror and arms, any embers of tribal pride faintly glowing among the economically tortured Dubliners, and their Celtic countrymen allies Alanson Bigelow Houghton ( ) Vice President, 1903, and President, , of Corning Glass, became a member of the House of Representatives ( ). Actress Katherine Hepburns's mother was a Boston Houghton, and cousin to Alanson Bigelow Houghton Hitler is a young secret agent. He composed his first political document of record in this momentous year -- an official letter criticizing Jewish control of German culture, and charging them with conspiracy Alanson Houghton is appointed ambassador to Germany. He serves as ambassador to England from WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN Antony Fokker, born in East Java Indonesia (1890), designed 40-plus types of attack aircraft for WWI and offered them to both sides in the War. Fokker designed the first aircraft able to fire a machine gun in flight without hitting the propeller blades with its own bullets. By 1922 his manufacturing headquarters were in both New Jersey and Holland. 1927, Lindbergh goes to Oyster Bay, Long Island, to Theodore Roosevelt's estate and gets on famously with Anthony Fokker and Al Williams and Harry F. Guggenheim (Swiss Jewish family). On May 20, 1927 there is no sign of Lindbergh's identical twin brother in America.

11 Despite his brother's absence at the launch, Charles still flew from the East Coast to the coast of Europe in The Spirit of St. Louis (at 7:54 AM). Visibility was horrendously clouded and misty, both on land and in the atmosphere, yet Lindbergh landed in France without incidence. Amelia Earhart married George Putnam, Publisher [this neatly dovetails with the marriage of Charles Lindbergh to a powerful Senator's daughter]. Two popular novels are out now titled "I Was Amelia Earhart" by Jane Mendelsohn, and "Hidden Latitudes" by Alison Anderson. Both deal with her mysterious crash in the Pacific that is still poorly understood. A new film is being released which questions the true identity of the kidnappers of Lindbergh's child. The Putnam family, connected through marriage to the Lowell family, long politically powerful in Boston, both have deep ties to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City. McGeorge Bundy, son of Herbert Hoover's assistant Secretary of State, and himself security advisor to JFK, died this year. He descends from the Putnam family and has family members married also into the Auchincloss Family, which had raised Jacqueline Kennedy. NOT ALL TRANSLATORS ARE BOOKWORMS Gregory Voitinsky, a Russian agent of the Comintern, goes to Peking and Shanghai to set up press and literary agencies for the Comintern Maring Sneevliet, a Dutchman, succeeds Voitinsky in China. Lu Xun, the Chinese translator of Gogol and numerous Japanese writers, begins pouring vials of satire on the Confucianism of the past, in addition to political organizing. Mao Zedong becomes one of China's 12 delegates. Adolf Joffe, another Russian, approaches Sun Yat-sen, who is at this time based in Japan. Chiang Kaichek the "Generalissimo" is brother-in-law of Sun Yat-sen. Chiang Kai-chek received his military training in Japan. Was it possibly the savory sushi that compelled his frequent residence there? Galen and Borodin were Russian advisors in Canton at this time. Ba Jin, 1922, leaves China for Paris to lead an anarchist movement heralding Bakunin and Kroptkin as heroes. M.N. Roy, a Comintern agent from India, goes to China in Communism was growing under Mao, with the assistance of Chiang Kai-chek. Together they managed to "... excite and channel peasant discontent" with an extensive and expensive propaganda apparatus. In the midst of a sudden and massive destabilization in China, on April 12, 1927, Kai-chek turns on his communist allies and moves against the labor unions, executing hundreds of communists. Borodin, M.N. Roy, and Sun Yat-sen's widow fled from China to Russia. Chiang Kai-chek returned to Japan. The Circle of Friends widens. The plot thickens. B. TRAVEN'S ORIGINS So... after our whirlwind tour around the circumference of his Circle of Friends, what about B. Traven himself?? In the early 1960s, before he was deaf from old age, B. Traven, still in hiding in Mexico, was one of the top experts in the official Military Laws of Mexico. What was Ret Marut (a.k.a. B. Traven) doing prior to 1917? Check it out below. 1914

12 B.Traven and Martin Buber in Dusseldorf on theatre projects Munich. B.Traven rises to prominence in agitation newspapers and backroom meetings in Munich, home to many Bolsheviks, and the NZ Party. Signs that the Bavarian Revolution had ties to worldwide conspiracies became evident to even the least suspicious of observers, in later history. The Wittelsbach family dynasty in Bavaria successfully brought down to ruin at this time. THE POPE WHO LOVED WOMEN Eugenio Pacelli became the Archbishop of Bavaria. He is a descendent of a long line of lawyers from Tuscany. Pacelli became Pope Pius XII and formed the Concordat with Hitler in Pius XII had a notorious relationship with the beautiful and cunning Sister Pascalina, who was born into the Lehnert Family of Bavaria. Pius XII was gossiped about frequently among his cardinals who had noticed that a feisty conservative U.S. ambassador to Italy was often in private session (in intimate settings) with the Pope, for hours and hours. The "ambassador" was Clare Booth Luce, whose husband was founder of TIME magazine, and whom the Italian populace humorously had nicknamed her "l ambassatrice," as affectionately as their uncontrollable cries of "Il Duce" rang out whenever within shouting distance of Mussolini. The cardinals joked among themselves that Clare Booth Luce, a recent convert to Catholicism, was trying to convert the Pope himself to Catholicism. In America she became known as "Fulton's Folly". This passage from "La Popessa: Story of Sister Pascalina", by Paul Murphy, helps to give a picture of the times and also highlights Pacelli's ties to B. Traven's Circle of Friends: " add to their frustrations, a Berlin journalist named Kurt Eisner, a revolutionary and self-styled liberator, came to power after toppling the seven-hundred year old Wittelsbach dynasty. Though Eisner formed the first parliamentarian republic in Bavaria's history, he was a bitter disappointment to the growing numbers of young anti-semitic militants within the Free Corps. In their view Eisner, who took over on November 8, 1918, three days before the armistice, was not a socialist, as he had professed, but an ambitious Jew offering a radical form of democracy that did nothing to feed their own ambitions. The Bolsheviks, in the meanwhile, having overthrown czarist Russia, were exploiting Europe's misery in their drive to communize everyone in their own fashion. By late February 1919, Munich was a sea of death as communist mobs, with Red flags flying, stormed the city. After six weeks of heavy street fighting the Reds seized control and the new Communist Soviet Republic of Bavaria was proclaimed." B. TRAVEN AND HIS QUANTUM CO-FACTORS Charles Lindbergh made frequent disappearances from America and simultaneous long stays in Mexico of the same duration. Many other "players" in the B.Traven field in Mexico included Frida Kohl, David Alfaro Siquieros, Diego Rivera, M.N. Roy, Sun Yat-sen, Borodin, Leon Trotsky, Yampolsky, Nicolas Tesla, Natasha Gelman (nee Zahalka in Czechoslovakia), Alfred Stieglitz (nee Levi and later changed name to Loew, then Stieglitz, following his swift moving cycles of success in the U.S.).

13 One of Stieglitz's favorite themes was the "'Island of the Dead". The Stieglitz family shared many ancestral ties to the Leo and Gertrude Stein family. This Brother and Sister duo together launched Hemingway and Picasso's careers. Their father controlled the San Francisco Rail System, among many other megalithic industries and enterprises in the American Northwest. Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and Georgia O'Keefe, who had a "Levantine" mother and a grandfather named Count Gyorgy Victor Totto, a Hungarian nobleman, were other Stieglitz congregationalists. The Cardenas family (Cuban-Mexican), the Maderos family (Jewish- Hispanic ruling family of Mexico), and other powerful families were avid supporters of B. Traven's Circle of Friends, all of them as thick as blood. The Maderos family of Mexico, prominent in both banking & Bolshevism, produced Francisco Maderos ( ), who was a graduate of UC Berkeley. Francisco knew extraordinarily well Lincoln Steffens, the American "muckraker" journalist and man of letters who was in Russia for their Revolution, as well as in Washington DC, ladling out ample advice to U.S. Cabinet Secretaries. Steffens was also in Mexico for their Revolution and in Chihuahua with Orozco and Pancho Villa. Einstein's self-professed favorite writer is reputed to have been B. Traven. Einstein was a friend of Willy Muzenberg, the deputy counsel for the German communists and a great help in the legal defense of Giorgi Dimitrov, Comintern agent from Bulgaria. Dimitrov had been accused of burning down the Reichstag in Muzenberg was close to Ernst Torgler, who was Communist Party leader in the Reichstag, and snug too with Arthur Koestler, Romaine Rolland, and Henri Barbusse, the French Bolshevik novelist married to a Russian. Barbusse would later be harshly criticized for his admiration of Stalin and his propagandist activities on behalf of Soviet Russia. The Muzenberger family had ties to the Wolf family (later of STASI fame in East Germany). When the Wolfs lived in Moscow, they were neighbors of Boris Pasternak. Giorgi Dimitrov was cleared after Herman Goering' s Press Officer, Sommerfeldt, vouched to the highest German authorities for Dimitrov's right to quit Germany unmolested. After the Fire of '33 Goering was a prosecuting attorney against Dimitrov, yet he lost all emotional control in the courtroom to such a dramatic and theatrical disadvantage that "... his defense questioning was a disastrous mistake for the prosecution." Dimitrov went to Palestine during World War II and broadcast pro-communist rhetoric into Bulgaria over Radio Haifa and "Hristo Botev". Albert Einstein, on October , through Alexander Sachs of Goldman Sachs, delivered a letter to the White House in Washington, urging nuclear development. The White House may have had deaf ears over the decades to many hundreds of good intentioned geniuses, but clearly found time For Goldman Sachs with their nuclear enchantments. ROY AND EDGAR MAKE SWEETHEART DEALS The kidnapping of Lindbergh's son catapulted the unknown Masonic grandmaster J. Edgar Hoover from obscurity into stellar prominence. J. Edgar Hoover, Roy Cohn, and George Sokolsky were best of friends (the television-talking-thesaurus, William Buckley, Yale Class of 1950, Skull and Bones member, was greatly indebted to Sokolsky as an undergraduate). George Sokolsky was editor of Far Eastern Review, was reported to have been a Mongolian-

14 Jew, and was suspected of running a campaign for the purpose of spreading Communist propaganda under the financing of the Nationalist Government of China. Nicknamed "Sok," he was friends with Barbara Walters' father, notorious gangster Lou Walters of the prominent and powerful Jewish mob, unequaled by either the Sicilian or Irish mafias. Sok was also a facilitator in the New York exile of Leon Trotsky and was in Russia to aid Alexander Kerensky in his bid to set up a Parliament. His closeness to Cardinal Spellman, the "American Pope," has also been widely acknowledged. DIAL A REVOLUTION Gilbert Seldes, another friend of "Sok," was publisher of "Dial" and sponsor of Maxime Gorky, who was one of the largest financiers behind Lenin during his rise to dictatorial heights. Gorky, Lenin, and Stalin all had ancestral ties to Galicia, a hotspot area bordering the Ukraine, which has been suspect since the time of the Epistles of St. Paul. Lee Strasberg, NYC theatre guru and founder of the Actors Studio, comes from a 2000 year line of rabbis hailing from the Galicia region. He first popularized the Anne Frank story after his own father had directed several plays in Israel. In China, "Sok" was a major munitions trader and also had extensive ties within the American Iron and Steel Institute. "Sok" also was a major influence on the American television and cinema industries. George Seldes, Gilbert's brother, another good friend of Sokolsky, overheard "Sok" tell a journalist at a NYC dinner party, "'ll never make a good living...playing the game according to the rules... the only way for a newspaperman to make a good living nowadays it to be a crook." CHICAGO, MY KIND OF TOWN The romanticized "newspapermen" in the early IWW days of Chicago, and the ascendant "Anschluss" movement in the turn of the century Vienna, had many ties to each other. "... German culture is a house with internal regularity and a constant readiness to compromise--even Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht cannot arouse destructive revolutionary activity in them," pre-1905 statement by Trotsky Here is a short biography of the German speaking founders of the Chicago newspaper scene: Paul Grottkau ( ) born into the Brandenburg family of nobility and architects. He trained as a Mason in Berlin. Later, went to Milwaukee, Chicago, and San Francisco, where he became an editor of socialist publications and an early organizer of the American Federation of Labor (AFL). Louis Salomon ( ) as a young man wrote in Halle; head of Die Neite Weir. Was one of the leading young writers (German-Jewish) of the Chicago Workers Press. Wilhelm Rosenberg (1850-?) wrote for Die Neue Welt in Frankfurt in mid 1870s Chicago Cleveland. Socialist Labor leader. Contributed frequently to Chicago papers around time of the Haymarket Bombing (the origin of May Day or "Cinco de Mayo" in the world). Michael Schwab ( ) born in Franconia; bookbinder; US in 1880; arrested in 1886 for the Haymarket Bombing, and released.

15 Between , in Chicago, so many Jews migrated from Europe to the Windy city, that the gentile Germans moved away to the outer areas, and the Chicago Public School System became 80% Jewish. According to H.L. Mencken, the New York City Jewish population at this time had already swollen to well over a million (don't forget that in the 1880s, when America as a young country still had few residents, over 2 million Jews from Eastern Europe had already settled in the U.S., in larger numbers than the Irish or Italian or German immigration of that decade -- this fact is seldom taught in American public schools and its reason is not fathomable. Such distortions of the truth do not encourage candor in our national discourses IWW founded in Chicago 1906 Mikhail Borodin, nee Gruzenberg, chief Comintern agent in CHINA in 1920s, adviser to Sun Yat Sen, founds a school for émigrés in Chicago in Borodin resides in Russia and Mexico and Turkey, all in 1917; in China with Chiang Kai-Shek in Adolf Joffe visited Borodin in China in They moved on to hatch plots also in French Indo-China. M.N. Roy aids and abets these conspiracies in French Indo-China, especially the Vietnam region. [From a recent NY Times article: '" What we have found is that there are not so many rich men among the overseas Vietnamese... [When we contrast] the Vietnamese with the overseas Chinese diaspora -- millionaires who have proved to be a windfall for their homeland -- the Vietnamese are head people, not pocket people."] see history of ancient and modern Hakka Jews of China and all Asia. In the 1880s many German Jewish intellectuals left Bismarck's Germany and went to Chicago with the explicit mission to run the German American working class press and to propagate socialism among German immigrant working class workers. Many of these expatriates returned to Prussia or Germany after Shortly after they left, "...the German (Chicago) political and literary spark died out and became typically American". ANSCHLUSS Economic and Trade "Liberalism" were roundly defeated by the majority Habsburg-leaning public of Austria in the 1880s. The Jews of Vienna were the largest minority in the city and were putting much heavy pressure on Viennese culture to go liberal in trade and the arts. As a result, Jews were not allowed in the hip and newly popular Viennese Bicycling Associations, especially around The "Neue Freie Presse" was already prominent in the 1890s within the Zionist Anschluss Putsch program for all German speaking lands. Control over the Habsburgs territories and unification with the northern German Jewish "Schiller Bund" was the main aim of this early Anschluss Zionist movement. Implementation of Prussian Hohenzollern dominion was stressed energetically by several of these Zionist spokespersons. Nearly every Jewish

16 household taught Schiller along with the Torah in German speaking nations throughout this confederation (Schiller was Jewish). Victor Adler was a radical proponent of this version of Zionist Anschluss in He extensively used the "Neue Freie Press," as a German-Jewish organ. The same political language and semantics of this newspaper were later adopted by Schonerer, who greatly impressed the young Hitler. Popular Jewish author Herr Goldstein wrote at the time (1912) "... of the virtual management of German culture by Jews". Karl Goldmark, a Jew, was the very first person to successfully popularize Wagner's nationalism in Vienna! Martin Buber took up Wagner's music to represent the nationalist feelings of these Zionist yearnings. ALFRED STIEGLITZ RODE A BIKE Alfred Stieglitz was a key player in helping along the bicycle craze in America (from New Jersey onwards to New York City and to the rest of the nation). In 1896 Jews were banned from the Viennese Bicycling Associations. Immense profits were made at this time in the US from bicycle manufacturing. Stieglitz adored the artwork of Rueben's, who was better known for his political intrigues than for his paintings in his time. Stieglitz founded "Camera Work" publication, which became very influential, and he gave many photo work assignments to German-Japanese Jew Sadakichi Hartmann (born 1867). Georgia O'Keefe's grandfather was Count Gyorgy Victor Totto, a Hungarian nobleman. The Gertrude Stein family is closely related to the Stieglitz-Levy family. It is no accident that Hemingway did his apprenticeship under Gertrude Stein. In his autobiography, Lincoln Steffens writes: "Gertrude Stein was another powerful revolutionary leader who was content to be herself, do her own work, but when the young men and women came to her, she gave them all they would take. Jo Davidson put her in marble as she was, a massive, serene Buddha... Gertrude Stein made her Ford car over to fit her and her self-contentment gave you glimpses of what a Buddha can see by sitting still and quietly looking. Ernest Hemingway sat at her feet and took "not much," she said, but it was all he could use, and he wished it were more". Hemingway later went on to run 20 undercover spy agents in Cuba (1942/43) which he called his "Crook Factory". The next year John Steinbeck attended a party at the Russian Embassy in Mexico City. This did not create as much of a stir as the discovery that Steinbeck had received a small controversial check from the Bank of Bulgaria also around this time. Graham Greene's brother Felix Greene was an embedded agent in China, both of the Greene brothers were fabulous friends with Bertrand Russell. Graham Greene, lest it be forgotten, was a veteran of MI6, British Intelligence, and a close friend of Ian Fleming, who also was dizzyingly high in the espionage affairs of England. WRITERS WITH TIME TO KILL Other writers also had scarcely a minute to write, so busy were they with their far less publicized profession of spying. Noel Coward was an invaluable agent for the French Intelligence. Rebecca West's special knowledge of the Balkans drew her into the embryonic intrigues of the Cipher Machine maneuverings, known as ULTRA by the early OSS, and

17 called Enigma by the Baker Street Irregulars and many other fantastically "discreet" organizations in Europe. Dalton Trumbo was a close friend of Alger Hiss. Hiss had helped arrange the creation of the UN in San Francisco on June 26, 1945, through his intercessions with Stalin and Gromyko, whose trust he had earned at the Yalta Conference, where he was President Roosevelt's special aide. Dalton Trumbo went on to Hollywood from San Francisco s early UN and prospered for quite a while as a scriptwriter. Later he joined B. Traven and His Friends in Mexico. JAPANESE JEW ON THE FAST TRACK Stieglitz founded "Camera Work" magazine and boosted the career of German-Japanese Jew Sadakichi Hartmann (born 1867). In 1879, a different Hartmann, Leo Hartmann, bombed the train of Romanov czar Alexander II while he was traveling on the tracks near the Crimea. This terrorist, afterwards, found an inviting social sanctuary in Paris, where he recuperated from his travels and the fatigues of terrorism, restoring himself at ostentatious Parisian cafes, without incident or arrest (he was far more fortunate than our notorious Unabomber). The Wallenstein family had been supplying many spies between the Habsburgs and Bavaria for centuries. Had Leo ever sailed for Japan, or danced intimately with a Wallenstein? DEAD SOULS, GREAT WALLS, AND SOMBREROS "The savagery of the war left its mark on Russia. It is hard now to accept, that in order to establish his ideas, Trotsky had to shed so much blood. The high priests of his Idea, including Trotsky himself, never doubted whether his Great Idea would be built on the pinnacle of a heap of Russian skulls. Trotsky hurried from place to place in his special armoured train. The fact is, any dictatorship needs terror, and Trotsky, like the other leaders of the Revolution, knew it." Dimitri Volkogonov's '"Trotsky: The Eternal Revolutionary" (1996) Recall that more than 10 million people were butchered due to the regime of Chiang Kaishek, and over 38 million by the regime of Mao Zedong. Far in excess of 40 million Russians died violent deaths in the purges of Stalin. All of these horrible deaths and the great walls of human skulls stem from the Bolshevik conspiracy, which grew in strength at the very same time as the Federal Reserve of the United States of America. All of them are connected by this B. Traven Circle of Friends. "The struggle in Spain has x-rayed the lies upon which our civilization is built." W.H. Auden, 1936 "... Ely Culbertson, born in Russia to the daughter of a Cossack General and an American engineer, joined at an early age the Bolshevik forces (circa 1905) and was arrested by the Czar for revolutionary activity. When he was released from prison he went right back to his Communist outlaws and helped finance their revolutionary plot by professional gambling. He was finally picked up by the Czarist police for conspiratorial activities and put in a death cell. His life was spared only because he was an American citizen. When his father brought him

18 back to the US, he joined the IWW and became a revolutionary hobo, he went to Mexico where he participated in the Zapata Revolution and the Diaz Revolt. In Spain he became involved with the anarchist plot to assassinate King Alphonso. Again, his American citizenship saved his life and he returned to the US to become an expert in playing bridge and on this world authority on card games it has given him an entry into millions of American homes." Kenneth Goff, from one of his many books published out of Colorado since the mid-1950s. ERIDU, ERIDU U-an, a half-human creature from the sea, was considered to have brought civilization to the oldest city on Earth during the time of King Alulim, before the great flood. According to cosmology Enki/Ea began as a local Eridu god who emerged to share the rule of the cosmos with Anu and Enlil. Around this time Abzu was a deity of fresh water sources, and Tiamat was a creature of salt water bodies. For ancient Sumerian historians and any reasonable new constructs of the creation of human life on Earth, read Zechariah Sitchin s "Genesis Revisited". According to Sitchin the word Earth comes from the Sumerian capital "Eridu". Sitchin speculates that gold was needed to save the settlers of the Sumer region who were visitors from the 12th Planet, many thousands of years before the Egyptian Pyramids. Radiation was killing them at home and their atmosphere could only be shielded by satellite dispersed gold dust. Massive amounts of gold were needed to put particulate gold dust around their atmosphere, for protection to deflect a deadly radiation. Silence is golden, but it is gold which is far more silent in its secret mysterious reaches. A SOLOMONIC ORDER WEEPS FOR ATLANTIS? One could easily visualize, after reading Sitchin, at least one Earth tribe envious of the superiority of the visitors from the 12th Planet, who went on to usurp their advanced technological (and other powers) to became the core colony of today's Freemasons, Maccabees, Illuminati, Kabbalists, key Zionists, etc. Some speculate that the Sumer capital of Eridu, between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, played an important part in pre-history Anatolian identity also. Around 2800 B.C. tsunami waves of immigrants and invaders transfigured the area during a time poorly chronicled by history. At this time there was still a placed named Thera, the fabled island that may have later been called Atlantis, by Plato. Various records indicate that this island Thera had been blasted to bits by a force incontestably equal to a nuclear explosion. ISLANDS OF THE DEAD & OF THE LIVING TOO The island of Bahrain, off the Arabian coast, on its northern tip had what was the largest known necropolis ever recorded, a kind of Island of the Dead, which also contained thousands of mysterious mounds forming a seemingly endless array of enigmatic sand dunes, and over 200,000 burial mounds in the Dilmun region of Bahrain. It had been colonized by Macedonians under the flashing swords of Alexander the Great. This island and its historic lifestyle stands in direct contrast to the Boeotians lifestyle, who had lived in and around the Greco-Cretan island of Thera, long occupied by the indigenous Minyan and Minoan peoples, whom it is suspected the Argonauts invaded, then destroying the Minyan and Minoan history and civilization as extensively as they could (like Israel is doing to Palestine/Gaza today). These people were the ancient proto-bulgarians... a civilization some say had been in this region as long as 20,000 years ago... a quite distinct culture

19 from modern Albania, the name of this Alba region now, and from where both Mother Theresa and John Belushi directly descended. Albania is also the ancient name of the Baku oil region today, called Azerbaijan. Mystery tribes from this region intermarried among the highest tribes of the Solomonic Order, shortly after the time of Solomon, a topic which is still controversial today. Arguments still rage over the indisputable identity of the Hittites, before and after this time, and continue to trouble all orders of investigators. The god Abzu surfaces from the incomprehensible depths of broken fragments of history and legend, at this juncture, and it is laden with associations to the Eridu capital of ancient Sumer. THE TEMPLE OF EPHESUS The old capital of the Trojan peoples, Ephesus, circa 700 BC, in what is today western Turkey, held a magnificent temple before 600 B.C., named the Croesus Temple of Ephesus. It seems to have been dramatically incinerated to ash around 356 B.C. This Ephesus region, which had tenaciously eschewed coinage throughout its history, became notoriously conspicuous for excessive coinage after the Temple s obliteration. The destruction of this Ephesus Temple shares many parallels with the Reichstag Fire of 1933, which catapulted Adolph Hitler to power as a despot. ROCK THE REICHTAG One of the main three defendants in the trial of the Reichstag Fire was a young Dutchman named Marinus van der Lubbe, who was nearly blind, and was declared to have the "Herostratus Complex" of martyrdom, the name first given to the alleged arsonist who burned down the original Temple of Ephesus. Recall that around 88 B.C., Mithradates and the Mithraists revolted and killed off the Roman generals and Treasurers who had occupied Ephesus for centuries, retaking the city. The Essene Hebrew sect and the Visigoths (not to be confused with the Ostrogoths) combined to take Ephesus again in 262 AD, destroying the Temple there another time, and reducing it by holocaust to an ash-heap once again. The burning of the Reichstag in '33 and the suspicious events leading up to and following the Fire, force us to make uncomfortable parallels to the Temple of Ephesus, as if the same players and/or playbook had been used for both. CABALS AND CABLE TV The deeply human figures of Confucius, Pythagoras and Mani all three possessed a historical temperament that could be deeply appreciated in the 1990s. They and their disciples had tried to neutralize any and all dangerous effects of cabals against humankind, and to tap the redemptive forces within our collective human unconscious. They believed the biological fusion of our ancestral dreams -- compounded to the fount of a divine and universal and instinctive DNA-driven morality obtained from our long forgotten true forefathers -- was our most powerful defense against these alien and replicant, threatening and mysterious, circles of deceitful malign forces. Carl Jung held that dreams are a window into the collective human unconscious, the caldron of ancient thinking patterns, or archetypes, that represent the 8,000 year old

20 Atlantean Self (new archaeological discoveries show that Neanderthal Man was in some probable ways more advanced "than us today, with a bigger brain to body weight". The Neander Valley was in what is present day central Germany. Dreams are symbolic messages sent to us from the blackness of the ancient unconscious Atlantean brain. These messages are thankfully of a higher order than the images and messages cabled to us from Fox News & CNN and their tedious copycat networks. Don't fret. There is resistance! In small parts of Iran and Syria and Russia and parts of Vietnam (Austro-Asian Confucians), and other regions of the world, there persists to this day an ineradicable spiritual defense instinct of Mankind, deeply encrypted into our DNA. This Ancient Defense Mechanism maintains living ties to numerous pre-historical antecedents that have never given up the struggle against these malefic Circles. Our collective unconscious, equivalent to myth or god, will persist through our "knowers" and spread infectiously throughout the early years of the 3rd Millennium. Paradoxically, the Internet may become these "knowers" most powerful tool of resistance to the Circle of Fiends, in spite of the original intentions of the developers of the Internet. That is, unless synthetic wireless human telepathy becomes available on the consumer market any time soon. DIAMONDS ARE A DRAVIDIAN'S BEST FRIEND The first recorded effort of mankind digging slavishly for diamonds was around 800 B.C., among the Dravidians of India. Numerous archives attest to an animosity between the ancient Aryans of India, and these Dravidians, who some scholars speculate came from Africa on primitive crafts aloft on the smooth and rapid currents that at the right time of the season can carry anything that floats from Africa to India in two weeks. The Dravidians were race conscious as a people, and tried to preserve it so. The Aryans were of many mixed races (the word Aryan comes from Hindu meaning "'noble minded," with no connotation whatsoever to race). Today there are enclaves of the Dravidians on Tamil and in parts of northeastern Iran, near and around Armenia, and in Pakistan and the Himalayas. Virtually nothing is known about the migration of Dravidian speakers into India around 2000 B.C., nor why their quest for diamonds was so important, especially in the Golconda Mines, known for their harsh imposition of slavery. Today experts declare that there is strong evidence that there may be linguistic relationships between Dravidian with Hungarian, Finnish and Mongolian. The Tulu people of Kannada, near Tamil, speak Dravidian. The Tula province of Russia, and the Tula province of Mexico, both bear a few special significant affinities with this ancient pre- Christian culture. The special light properties of diamonds could one day prove to be among the most sophisticated developments in science and technology, especially in space and time travel. Jainism, the oldest Indian school of philosophy to separate matter and soul completely, especially in Tamil around 250 B.C., holds that "... time does not exist in the outermost layers of the world" (this may have connotations to metempsychosis also). Mahatma Ghandi was born and educated in the Jain capital of Ahmedabad, since ancient times a Jain center of prominent Jain merchants and temples, and a bastion of Guilds.

21 Ahmedabad is also well known for its erotic cults and the Ahmedabad Jain Temple, and for successive historical waves of unrestricted opium trade. ART! HAS IT MORE CONSCIENCE THAN LAW? "Art has been used to reinforce the power of political rulers and states since before the ancient Egyptians." --from a brochure in a London museum for the "Art and Power: Europe under the dictators " not long ago exhibited at the Hayward Gallery, London, the quote above taken from the 'Analects of Confucius' (during the same time in history as Pythagoras). Another quote from Confucius: "If you lead the people by means of regulations and keep order among them by means of punishments, they will be without CONSCIENCE in trying to avoid them. If you lead them by virtue and keep order among them by ritual, they will have a conscience and will reform themselves." (A. 23) --according to Confucius, "... activity meant to benefit others is an essential part of Virtue". THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE Since the first destruction of the Temple of Ephesus, coinage [i.e., temples and treasuries] and war have clearly ruled human activity. Here are some illuminating passages from Eustace Mullins' "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" that dissects and reveals the modern day status of coinage: "The New York Times had noted on May 6, 1914 that Paul Warburg had "retired" from Kuhn, Loeb Company in order to serve on the Federal Reserve although he had not resigned his directorships of American Surety Company, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, National Railways of Mexico, Wells Fargo, or Westinghouse Electric Corporation, but would continue to serve on these boards of directors. In addition he held directorships with I.G. Farben, Agfa, Westinghouse Acceptancy Company, Warburg Company of Amsterdam, and numerous other banks, railways and corporations. Kuhn Loeb & Company, with Warburg, have four votes or the majority of the Federal Reserve Board. (editor s note: during the first Gulf War of President George Herbert Bush, Westinghouse had been unbundling and donating large numbers of prefabricated houses, into the West Bank of Israel, supplying the illegal settlers there with their first homes). According to "The Intimate Papers of Col. House," Warburg [ a foreigner] was appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors because President Woodrow Wilson had accepted House's suggestion of Paul Warburg due to his interest and experience in currency problems, under both the Republican and Democratic Administrations. Like Warburg, Frederick Adrian Delano, aka FA Delano, a Roosevelt [Rosenfelt] relative, had also been born outside the continental limits of the United States, although he too was an American citizen. In 1925 FDR s uncle Fred Delano was the Chairman of the League of Nations International Committee on opium production. Delano's father, Warren Delano, according to Dr. Josephson and other authorities, was active in Hong Kong in the Chinese opium trade, and Frederick Delano was born in Hong Kong in In the United States, members of the Delano family include U.S. presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge, and astronaut Alan B. Shepard. Delano family forebears include the Picard

22 speaking Pilgrims from the heavily Jewish Spanish Netherlands, who chartered the Mayflower, seven of its passengers, and three signers of the Mayflower Compact. Warren Delano of Russell & Company made a large fortune throughout the 1840s trading opium in Canton, now Guangdong, China, and a great number of Delanos became astoundingly wealthy in the bloody whaling industry, including in Sag Harbor, Long Island. In "The Money Power of Europe," Paul Emden writes that the Warburgs reached their outstanding eminence during the 1880s and 1890s, simultaneously with the growth of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. in New York, with whom they stood in an intimate union and family relationship. Paul Warburg with magnificent success carried through in 1913 the reorganization of the American banking system, at which he had with Senator Aldrich been working since 1911, and thus most thoroughly consolidated the currency and finances of the entire fortune of the United States. Paul Warburg made an appearance before the House Banking and Currency Committee in 1913, in which he briefly stated his background: "I am a member of the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb Company. I came over to this country in 1902, having been born and educated in the banking business in Hamburg, Germany, and studied banking in London and Paris, and have gone all around the world. In the Panic of 1907, the first suggestion I made was 'let us get a national clearing house.' The Aldrich Plan contains some things which are today on Wall Street fundamental rules of investment banking. Your aim in the Owen-Glass Bill must be the same centralizing of reserves, mobilizing commercial credit and getting an elastic note issue." Warburg's phrase, "mobilization of credit" was an important one because the First World War was due to begin shortly, and the first task of the Federal Reserve System would be to finance the World War. The European nations were already bankrupt, because they had maintained large standing armies for almost fifty years, a situation created by their own central banks, and therefore they could not finance a war. A central bank always imposes a tremendous burden on the nation for "rearmament" and "defense," in order to create inextinguishable debt, simultaneously creating a military dictatorship and enslaving the people to pay the "interest" on the debt which the bankers have artificially created." HOW TO COOK UP AN OCCULT CIRCLE OF FRIENDS? HERE WE SUPPLY OUR COOKBOOK, IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER (A Chronology) Here is a chronology of events leading up to today's Kabbalah Kingdom, with its nexus in Jerusalem, the Occupied Territories, and the Balkans, our primary Circles of Deceit in world affairs. I have also included a few chronological excerpts from Steve Wingate's UseNet postings. 1840s Many Castros in Texas by this year. The Castro Family comes from the ancient Spanish Jewish family that had long been established in France, Egypt, Turkey, and Holland. A Castro was the Master of the Cairo Egyptian Mint in the 1500s. The Family has long been notorious for plots and intrigues. They openly professed their Judaism in Toulouse, France, in the 1600s, and have long been very powerful in Hamburg. Baruch Castro was President

23 (1645), of the Hamburg Portuguese-Jewish congregation and the personal physician to the Queen of Sweden. In the 1840s, many of these Castros settled in Texas Sun Yat-sen, anti-confucianist, educated in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Punahou School, same place as Barak Obama received his elementary and high school education. Sun Yatsen engaged in extensive relations with arms merchants. Same year (1894), was the carefully engineered Dreyfus Affair in France. The grandfather of Pierre Salinger (Pierre began his career as a gossip columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle before he became instrumental in the JFK White House), along with Leon Blum, were among the lawyers who defended Dreyfuss in France in his day. Also in 1894, a group of Americans made sizable financial contributions to the Robert College of Constantinople, for the funding of a new educational system in Bulgaria. This lasted undeterred until World War II. The Robert College has several ties to the Alliance Israelite Universelle (AIU) of Bulgaria, a Paris based organization which established schools in Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire for Zionists, leading to a clash in 1914 with the Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria. Trotsky and Giorgi Dimitrov both spent considerable time in Bulgaria in the very early 1900s The BOXER REBELLION in China was a reaction against the YMCA, Harvard, Columbia University, Cornell and Christian missionaries assaulting Confucian values and institutions. The new telegraph technology was extremely deadly to the Boxers; in fact, it was their nemesis. The new Restoration in Japan, the Meiji Era, was heavily westernized and in collusion with the American institutions above. The Boxers fought back and executed a Japanese and a German minister in China. Japan in return attacked the Forbidden City, raping the women and pillaging the national treasures. By 1905 the over 2000-year old Chinese Civil Service had collapsed. The Russo-Japanese war began immediately afterwards is known as the "Warlord Period" in China, chiefly for its "... Western lending to warlords." Alfred Milner was a British General throughout these years, originally born in Germany. After bloody military distinctions in Egypt, he became one of the chief architects of the Boer War in South Africa. After the war he encouraged extensive gold mining in South Africa, using vast numbers of imported Chinese slave labor for the mining Maurice Cohen, soldier of fortune, emigrates to Montreal. Born in 1888 England, he emigrated to Montreal in Later, he went to China (1922), and was Sun Yat-sen's personal bodyguard. He trained the Chinese army and organized it over the next 10 years. Also at this time, the Oklahoma oil boom makes J.P. Getty's father, of Dutch and Scottish extraction, enormously wealthy in this same year

24 Zionist Jews try to settle first in Uganda, rather than Palestine ("The Uganda Dispute") 1904 Nora Barnacle, from an Irish-Maccabbee Galway Customs House and Banking family, runs away from her lengthy love affair with a notorious Irish pornographer-publisher, and abruptly marries James Joyce. They headed immediately for Paris. At this time both Ghandi and Cecil Rhodes, very good friends [The Kindergarten Club] quote liberally and publicly from Ruskin's new book in speeches in South Africa. Cary Grant, born Archibald Leach [Jewish family history] in England in 1904, will as a very young man work for British Intelligence. In 1966, Mr. Grant became an executive officer of Faberge cosmetics company Jacob Schiff (1847 Frankfurt-1920 NYC), American financier and head of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. investments, and the leading railroad banker of transcontinental railroads of the world, partners with railroad magnate Edward Harriman. Schiff arranged the sale of Japanese bonds in the USA during the Russo-Japanese War, for which the Emperor of Japan decorated him. Schiff also funded the creation of Barnard College, and contributed much currency to Harvard, Cornell and the Tuskegee Institute Sun Yat-sen is establishing several insurgency cells in Europe at this time Anschluss time! It began as a Zionist dream, creation, and goal. A very active Anschluss drive followed the First World Zionist Congress of the late 1800s. Vienna, by 1905, had grown to be the world capital of Zionism with its zesty dominance by and concentration of wealthy Jews. The Anschluss of Hitler was only an epilogue to the Anschluss which had been sought for almost 40 years, by the Zionists, long before Hitler. The First Communist Revolution in Russia fails, thus Lenin (with his tail between his legs) is sent to Switzerland. Funds used for this first attempt had been provided by John D. Rockefeller through Standard Oil representatives. Maxime Gorky would later provide much more funding. Einstein formulates his Special Theory of Relativity and photon theory of light, after many years perusing thousands of patents in the Patent Office, as a clerk. Benedictine monk Adolph Lanz forms the Order of the New Temple, and publishes Ostara magazine, using the ancient symbol of the swastika on the cover (counter-clockwise motion of arms). Adolph Hitler would meet with Lanz at an Abbey where Hitler is introduced to Vienna's occult orders of Aryan Templarism. Many ideas in Mein Kampf came from this source with its roots in arcane ancient monastaries in Tibet, and which Hitler in his young manhood was wisked away to for his full indoctrination into the occult. IWW founded in Chicago. German-Jewish and Viennese-Jewish pro-zionist writers (Anschluss advocates who had built up the German-American press of Chicago) start to return en masse to the European continent after a very successful two decades in Chicago. Samuel and Ida Lerner, parents of writer Tillie Olson, participate in Europe in Bolshevik Revolution against the Romanovs. They immigrate to Nebraska the next year (1906) and

25 settle on a farm there. Samuel Lerner a new immigrant to USA, very quickly becomes State Secretary of the Nebraska Socialist Party. Tillie Olson, it turns out, was no simple milk complexion-faced farm girl from a rural farming family, after a thorough Jewish education, at the age of 20 she fled the Midwest and went to California to organize socialist unions and she married Jack Olson a Longshoreman organizer, before writing for THE NATION magazine U.S. Immigration officials grant unrestricted freedom to Mikhail Borodin, Bolshevik leader and future Comintern agent at highest level of Comintern. Borodin wastes no time in opening and running a school in Chicago. By 1917, he was in Mexico to serve as a key organizer in B. Traven's Circle of Friends Sun Yat-sen hatching may plots in French Indo-China after 3 years of organizing cells in Europe Albert Romolo Broccoli, born the son of immigrants to America from Calabria [stronghold of la 'ndrangheta, the local Mafia there--with ancient ties to nearby Sicilian mafia], who brought broccoli seeds with them to the U.S. in the 1870s. He takes over the family coffin industry empire in 1933, and in the same year became great friends with Cary Grant, through his Hollywood-agent cousin. Broccoli later produces the James Bond films throughout the Cold War, knowing many of the main Cold War players and agents, of both sides, on a personal basis British Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, closes five newspapers in Egypt and arrests scores of Egyptian professors, professionals, and intellectuals, after slaughtering heaps of Boers in the Boer War of South Africa. In 1874, at the young age of 24, Kitchener was assigned by the British Ottoman-Palestine Exploration Fund to a Zionist mapping-survey of the Holy Land. He was also Masonic Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of Egypt-Sudan. Kitchener hacked and slashed and shot his way through the Sudan and India for the profits of the British Empire also. He is the father of concentration camp practices, which he used extensively against the Boers in South Africa. He also played a central role in the early part of the First World War. His brother Walter, also high up in the Empire s army for the Queen, was Governor of Bermuda from 1908 to In 1902 in the Breaker Morant case, the main two Australian suspects were executed, their death warrants personally signed by Kitchener. The earl became a vocal proponent of Boy Scouts and coined the phrase "once a Scout, always a Scout." Kirchner also supported Winston Churchill's disastrous Gallipoli Campaign in From his time in Egypt in 1892, he gathered around him a cadre of eager young and unmarried military officers nicknamed "Kitchener's band of boys" and had his private rose garden decorated with four pairs of sculptured bronze boys. 1911

26 Ho Chi Minh visits NYC and Boston on a French steamer. He was exceptionally well received in Manhattan by some of the most phenomenally wealthy, insular, social circles of Manhattan high society A Turkish massacre of Macedonian villagers caused Bulgaria to issue a formal ultimatum to Turkey. Serbia fought against Bulgaria as a result of treaties in London that inflamed all parties. Romania, Montenegro, and Greece all joined against Bulgaria (Bulgaria feels it is the protector of the Macedonian peoples, who speak essentially the same language as the Bulgarians). Trotsky was in Bulgaria writing his "Balkan Letters" throughout this entire intrigue. Schiff becomes head of Kuhn Loeb for Rothschild interests. Colonel E. Mandell House publishes "Philip Dru - Administrator" outlining central bank and socialism agenda for the U.S. Federal Government Leo Tolstoy at this time is a staunch supporter of kibbutzes and other Zionist settlements in Palestine. Ghandi, with his own mysterious ties to these settlements, names his South African ashram for his "sisters," residing in his frisky ashram, the "Tolstoy Farm," financed by a German named Herr Kallenbach. Averill Harriman, at this same time, presided over the Skull & Bones Society of Yale. Austin Knight, brother of the first female mayor of Seattle, Washington, Bertha Knight Landes, and a former commander of the U.S. Asiatic Fleet, became Commander of the Massachusetts Naval Station. Austin Knight went on to become President of the Naval War College at Newport RI, and the right arm of Teddy Roosevelt, and went on to greatly enlarge and modernize the US Navy. Later up to current times, Seattle became famous again for its first woman on the First Interstate Bank of Washington's board of directors, Mary Maxwell Gates, the woman who gave birth to Bill Gates, founder of MicroSoft, whose father William Henry Gates II, a member of the elite and restricted membership secret society Chi Psi Fraternity and an Eagle Scout, was as rich as his mother was influential. Mary Maxwell s grandfather, James Willard Maxwell, had been director of the Seattle branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. In 1980, Mary discussed her son's fledgling unexceptional company with John Opel, a fellow committee member of the board of directors of the national United Way, and the chairman of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). A few weeks later IBM took a chance by hiring Microsoft to develop an operating system for its first personal computer. Bertha Knight Landes, Austin Knight's sister, cultivated friendships with Charles Lindbergh, Leland Stanford, Queen Marie of Romania, and Louis Agassiz, the biologist who differed radically with Charles Darwin over his story of genesis and the Origin of Species. Most of Bertha Knight Landes family traces back to early Huguenots of original Massachusetts Bay Colony; though tracing back to Denmark and England, "... for hundreds of years the family displayed large black eyes and olive toned skin," thus depriving them any advantages of physical resemblance to British aristocracy. Bertha Knight's husband, Henry Landes, came from a Swiss family, studied geology, and wrote many books on mining.

27 Both Henry Landes and his wife were members of the Masonic Lodge Hitler blinded this year by mustard gas in WWI. Diagnosed with "psychopathic hysteria" in a military hospital, where he experiences visions from another world. Hitler is discharged in 1918 and travels to Munich, Bavaria and later to Tibetan occult monasteries. U.S. invades HAITI and retains occupied forces there until Haiti (as Cuba has been too) served as a major artery for the Freemason movement for centuries. Both remain so today. Hermann Goering, Hitler's inner advisor and Marshall of the Empire, grew up in Haiti with his German-Jewish-Haitian ambassadorial family Rainier Maria Rilke, educated by a secret school run by the Piarist Brothers of Prague, and an early supporter of the Bolsheviks in Russia, is in and out of Munich on a regular basis, starting in Rilke welcomes B. Traven, and vice versa, in the sunny Bavarian capital. Only a few years earlier, B. Traven had been in the Cologne/Dusseldorf area, doing theatre projects, as had been Martin Buber. Rilke had a notorious sexual affair with the wife of a Russian General at this time. He had to take a break, however, from cuckolding married women s husbands in the cafes of Trieste, to compose new love poems for his next married lover on his agenda. B. Traven is still primarily a pulp journalist with no sign yet of creative genius to be noted. William (Wild Bill) Donovan was selected by the Rockefeller Foundation to go to Europe on a war relief mission. While in London, Donovan works with Walter Page and William Stephenson, who later assists in the setting up of the OSS for America. Graduated income tax first introduced in the U.S. in this year. The kidnapping of Lindbergh's son catapulted the unknown J. Edgar Hoover from obscurity into stellar prominence. The Easter Uprising takes place in Dublin with all secret communications between Ireland and Germany (a wealthy yachtsman from Hamburg supplied the weapons to the insurgent Irish) having to go through American channels to succeed. The arms shipment from Hamburg to Ireland was deliberately sabotaged in Hamburg and the nationalist army thereafter assembled was shabby and doomed to failure. World War One breaks out one week later. M.N. Bhattacharya moves from India to San Francisco and changes his family name to Roy. M.N. Roy, nee Bhattacharya ( ) led the Indian communists until In 1915 he was in league with Bengal revolutionaries and arms merchants. M.N. Roy, also founded the Mexican Communist Party, just days after the Bolshevik Revolution. M.N. Roy and Borodin worked closely together agitating for Hindu Independence. Later M.N. Roy was elected to the Indian Congress and became a long term and prominent member. (editor s note: there seems to be no familial ties whatsoever between current day pro-maoist in India activist Suzanna Arundhati Roy, born in 1961, and Manabendra Nath Roy, aka M.N. Roy, who died in 1954) Sun Yat-Sen in Mexico now. T. E. Lawrence in Palestine with a special British and Turkish crack commando unit comprised nearly only of Jews.

28 "The whole Bolshevik mystery goes to British diplomacy, banking and arms trade through London" (from the "1917 Bavarian Uprising Munich") Ukrainian Civil War wreaks havoc on native Slavic population Hitler joins the Thule Society, with roots going back to diabolical cults in ancient Tibet. Millions upon millions of war wounded need desperate help in Germany, but receive very little, if anything at all William Donovan (of later CIA fame) sent on classified missions, through U.S. State Department agency, to China and Siberia. Donovan meets Hitler at Pension Moritz Council on Foreign Relations formed in NYC under Colonel Mandell House, whose family name had been changed from the old "Huis" family of the Netherlands An urgent cable warning issued through the Bulgarian Counsel of Munich, warned about a frank conversation the Bulgarian diplomat had shared with Hitler, which stated that parliamentary government in Germany was on the verge of collapse; it had no mass or popular support of any substance or importance George Herbert Bush born in Massachusetts. "Bunny" Harriman brings George Bush Sr.'s father Prescott into U.S. Rubber Company in New York [see Richard Nixon's ties to Rubber & Tire industry during W.W.II and the recent development of the China Tire Holding Company (1993) in other sections of this article. China Tire Holding Company Chairman and CEO Allan Yap owns more than half of China Enterprises through Hanny Holdings Limited] Knights of Malta (aka The Hospitallers and/or Knights of St. John) support Mussolini in Italy. These Knights were formed in the 1500s as a branch of the older 11 th century Hospitallers military organization, which by the 1900s was calling itself a charity organization. Francis Cardinal Spellman ran the Knights of Malta in America Firming up of a major settlement of Zionists in Birobidzhan, a Jewish Autonomous Region, nestled between North Korea, Vladivostok, and Sakhalin Island, near Japan. Zionists uncertain still if Palestine, the Birobidzhan area of Russia, or Uganda, was to be the new

29 Zion-focused homeland. The Federal Reserve Bank withdraws billions from the US government Treasury, of which a large fraction is invested into Nicolas Tesla's power transmitter scheme. Tesla, originally from the Balkans, has a nephew named Sava N. Kosanović, who goes on to be Information Minister of Yugoslavia and Ambassador of Yugoslavia to USA and Mexico. FDR helps train Yugoslavian pilots in Tennessee with American trainers and money and planes. During-WWII, over two million Balkan people die in the Yugoslavian Civil War, of which a vast part of the death toll was unrelated to the world war. During the 1940s, Nicolas Tesla often thought he had spoken with the dead Mark Twain (Eleanor Roosevelt became widely recognized for her utmost diligence in making the funeral arrangements, to the very last detail, for Tesla after his death) In this year, once again, global panics and depressions occur. The telegraph enables this one to be called the Great Crash. Despite a U.S. cash shortage, Trotsky received over $10,000 USA in this year for writing very short and breezy articles for The New York Times, The Daily Express, and the Saturday Evening Post Large Dam projects in China at the same time as famine affected over 20 million Chinese people. Opium production in China greatly increased, with active distribution centers doing brisk business in India. Taxes severely oppress the poor of China who somehow as a nation survived the famine. 80% of Chinese government revenue suddenly goes towards arming a new national military might, of over 5 million soldiers Per Jacobsson, "Swedish," was prominent at the League of Nations from 1920 to 1928, then the Bank of International Settlements [BIS] Basel, Switzerland, from 1931, very soon advocating central banks to horde gold. He also undertook many important assignments outside the BIS. He was a member of the Irish Banking Commission, whose report led to the establishment of the Central Bank of Ireland, and he conducted a number of special inquiries into the economics and finances of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the Sterling Area (in December 1956, he became Managing Director of the IMF). Jacobsson holds a very peculiar soft spot and breezy confidence amongst the Meiji Japanese financial community; later he can travel freely in and out of Nazi Germany, including the time during the height of World War II, when such travel was mainly heavily restricted Japanese Special Unit assault troops invaded Manchuria. Manchurians were often in pivotal positions with money and arms during the swift moving transitions of the Communist Revolution in China. Chiang Kai Chek, brother in law of Mao Zedong, is at this time in Japan taking some time off and partying it up with lots of family money.

30 65 YEARS LATER CIA has a large office complex and staging area in Albania [former Yugoslavia]. Chevron, of San Francisco, controls an oil and gas pipeline near the Black Sea. Sarajevo, a lovely pre-historical and cultural architectural gem, and religious capital, horribly scarred and fragmented by mortar and heavy machine gun fire. Palestinians are tricked by the World Court and put on the Swindler's List, set up for expropriations now and will be many more times in the future. Ancient spiritual struggles for the soul of man, more serious than political or military campaigns, are re-ignited in the Palestine region, and in the former "Yugoslavia" Balkans region. American media defines nearly anything Islamic, both in print and on television, as some kind of "bomber" or "explosion" or "terrorism", yet completely ignores the daily occupation of Gaza and Palestine land and oppression of the Palestinian people by apartheid Israelis, especially via the U.S. funded ultra-orthodox illegal Hassidic settlers, and the tragic loss of limb and home and hearth and lives, of those so unlucky to be born Palestinian in their own homeland. GENGHIS KHAN SLUMMING IN PLATO'S CAVE? "The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men." --Plato "What is best in life? To crush your enemies, to possess what was theirs, and to hear the lamentation of their women. That is best!" --Ghengis Khan ONCE A SHAH NOT ALWAYS A SHAMAN William KNOX d'arcy ( ) made a fortune in Australian GOLD Mines and in mining monopolies in Iran with the Shah (1901). Anglo-Iranian Oil Company founded in same year; it grew to become BP (British Petroleum). Many connections now prosper between Shah of Iran with London and rich St. Petersburg families (the Shah of Iran during 1870s granted to Julius de Reuter, Jewish news tycoon, monopolies on Iran's telegraph, transportation, minerals, banking and tobacco. Reuter managed the Shah's loans that came from his St. Petersburg Bankers). Alexander Kuprin ( ) a Russian contemporary of Maxime Gorky, was educated in military schools, and played a large hand in the 1905 Russo-Japanese war. He wrote many stories about cheap hotels, factories, prostitution, circuses, and race tracks, and was also an expert on "the economics and housekeeping practices of prostitutes". After the Revolution of 1905 (Bolshevik), Kuprin was one of many Russian émigrés living in Paris. Gorky became fabulously rich in this same genre of stories that were also the staple of Kuprin. In 1899, disingenuously switching gears with a completely straight face, Gorky wrote a shameless pro-capitalist novel. When the Bolshevik Party split in 1903 Gorky had been at odds with Lenin. By 1906 Gorky was living with his American mistress on Capri, where a large colony of well off disaffected Russians had accumulated. In 1928 Gorky's return to Russia from Italy and Germany coincided exactly with Stalin's ascendancy. Gorky became the first president of Stalin's Writers Union and imposed harsh measures on all Russian writers to be Socialist Realist political propagandists. Despite this, Gorky's writings

31 were always placed prominently in Gelde's "The Dial," a New York City "humanitarian" literary publication that regularly disseminated Gorky's work. WINDSOR CASSEL Ernest Cassel ( ) German Jew with substantial financial interests and connections in Sweden, Turkey, North America and London. He was very close to the Prince of Wales (Windsor Castle was called Windsor Cassel by many Londoners). Partner with both the Rothschilds and Vickers Arms & Munitions Traders. In 1909 he penned contractual ties with the British owned Bank of Turkey. Winston Churchill was born the son of Jenny Jerome. Jenny was herself the daughter of Clara Hall and Leonard Jerome, US Treasurer of the Union Defense Committee (1863). The Jeromes traditionally hosted NYC parties for the Windsors when they came to the U.S. The Jeromes, progenitors of Winston Churchill, had originated in France as Huguenots, and then settled in England around Biblically named Samuel, Aaron, and Isaac Jerome all became prominent in the U.S., as did "Uncle Hiram" [recall that the first and most beloved Hiram of all time designed the Second Temple for Solomon, who was the first Masonic (Marx and Engels were both Masonics too, as were Teddy Roosevelt and FDR). Leonard Jerome was a law partner of Abraham Lincoln and a classmate of James Roosevelt at Princeton, father of FDR. Jerome married Clara Hall (recall that later Gilbert Seldes also married to a Hall) of the Hall family of NYC. The Jerome women were sought after by many suitors, including Ernest Cassel, the King of Serbia, Sir Jung of India, Count Kinsky (name pronounced exactly the same as wildly eccentric actor Klaus Kinsky), the Shah of Iran, Baron Maurice de Hirsch, a financier who made his fortune in Balkan railroads, and John North, the "Nitrate King" who owned most nitrate mines in Chile. Winston Churchill would grow up with and owe many of these people a lifetime of undying loyalty. Publicist Henry Suydam, aide to John Foster Dulles and an adviser to the Shah of Iran, using the same public relations agent who made Buffalo Bill famous, was behind the publicity drive that made J. Edgar Hoover's name a household word. Aleister Crowley, both a Masonic and a prominent Satanist, was until 1918 the headmaster of a school in Burma, before being appointed the Director of Intelligence for British Industry in 1918 (a precursor of MI5). Both J. Edgar Hoover and Aleister Crowley were practicing Freemasons at the same time. As a young captain J. Edgar Hoover led a company down Pennsylvania Avenue in President Wilson's inaugural parade (1913). His mother was Swiss and her grandfather was the first Swiss General Counsel to the United States. J. Edgar Hoover left at his death many boyhood memorabilia with the House of the Temple, headquarters of the Mason's Supreme Council, Thirty-third Degree, Washington DC. MANY KNIGHTS, BUT NO ARABIAN NIGHTS Disraeli was quite fond of purple vests, same royal color worn by the ancient Phoenician and Sufi high priests and affluent Sufi traders of vast international wealth for a millennium. Disraeli's ancestors were a branch of the Basevis of Medieval Italy.

32 Modern Italian history has some interesting twists that dovetail with the medieval Basevi twists and turns. Eugenio Pacelli was descended from the "Black Nobility" of 1870s Italy, and went on to become a Catholic Cardinal. One of his best friends was Cardinal Spellman of the USA. An attractive blue eyed nun named Sister Pascalina (nee Josefine Lehnert, born August 25, 1894 in Bavaria) met him in the Swiss Alps when she was 23. She was at his side when the communist mobs stormed the Nunciature in 1917 Munich, and she was also a witness when he placed cash into the hands of the young Adolph Hitler. Pacelli was an important influence on Woodrow Wilson, and exchanged much wartime correspondence with FDR. Pacelli went on to become known then as Pope Pius XII as he was titled throughout WWII. Pacelli signed two very significant Concordats representing the Vatican during his reign -- The Concordat of Sarajevo, which circuitously led to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, triggering WWI, and the Concordat with Hitler, on July 20, Pacelli outdid even Pope Benedict XV ( ), who had personally negotiated binding Vatican contracts with the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution. Cardinal Spellman, very powerful in the United States 1936 presidential election, was a prominent member of the Knights of Malta, a secret organization with global and lucrative money making operations (even though the official policy of the Catholic Church was to disallow Freemasonry, the French Branch of the Knights of Malta appointed Baron Marsaudon, a 33rd degree Freemason, as head of the Knights of Malta in France). In the 1950s, Spellman had a powerful say in the back door diplomacy regarding French occupied Vietnam. Throughout this period of the early 1900s, many natives of Muslim countries suffered countless hungry and sleepless nights, as is still the case for the millions upon millions of the oppressed there, routinely ignored by the fabulously wealthy royal families of the Arabian House of Saud world. These families, by and large, have historically maintained palatial homes and excellent relations with financiers and Ministers in London. THE ROCKEFELLER FILES (excerpts from "The Rockefeller File" by Gary Allen, written in 1976, with an introduction by Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald) "In order to determine actual Rockefeller family control over Exxon and the other offshoots of the original Standard Oil Trust (Mobil, Standard of Indiana, Standard of California, CHEVRON, Sohio, Phillips 66, Marathon, et al), we must gather all the pieces of the puzzle we can find and carefully fit them together. Quite remarkable, in that oil is not even the Rockefellers' biggest revenue. That honor is reserved for international banking. The Rockefeller family banks were the First National City Bank and the Chase Manhattan Bank. Chase Manhattan was the third largest banking establishment in the world and by far the most influential. The largest bank in the world is Bank of America of California (circa 1996), and also is the inventor of the credit card. B of A became a giant through its branch banking in California, where it had over 1000 offices. Until recently, however, when it linked its overseas operations with the Rothschilds of Europe, the Bank of America had lacked international horsepower. Chase Manhattan was created by the union of the Rockefeller owned Chase Bank with the Kuhn, Loeb & Company controlled Manhattan Bank. The marriage had been a huge success for both families; in 1971 alone, Chase Manhattan claimed $36 billion in assets. The New

33 York Times pointed out that "...a major portion of Chase Manhattan's business is carried on through affiliated banks overseas and is not consolidated on the balance sheet." [NOTE: Margaret Rockefeller, nicknamed "Peggy," died this year in 1996 at age 80. She was the wife of David Rockefeller. An Anglican archdeacon from Quebec, French Canada, officiated at her funereal. The widow of the former Shah-of Iran (Pahlavi) was also there weeping profusely; others in attendance were Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski]. NEW YORK MAGAZINE ARTICLE BY JOHN FRANKLIN CAMPBELL (excerpt) "Practically every lawyer, banker, professor, general, journalist and bureaucrat who has had any influence on the foreign policy of the last six Presidents --from FDR to Richard Nixon --has spent some time in the Harold Pratt House on Park Avenue and 68th Street, donated by Mr. Pratt's widow [an heir to the Standard Oil fortune] to the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS." The Pratts former home is now headquarters of the CFR. NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE BY ANTHONY LUKAS (excerpt) "From 1945 well into the sixties, Council on Foreign Relations members were in the forefront of America's globalist activism: the United Nations organizational meeting in San Francisco... and the U.S. occupation forces in Germany... were largely in the hands of these men." *[one of the many other Council on Foreign Relations members active in the founding of the UN, whom Mr. Lukas did not mention,... was Alger Hiss, who actually served as Secretary General at the founding San Francisco meeting of the UN] WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION Antony Sutton, former research fellow at Stanford University, writes: "... one barrier to mature understanding of recent history is the notion that all capitalists are the bitter and unswerving enemies of all Marxists and Socialists. This erroneous idea originated with Karl Marx and was undoubtedly useful to his purposes. In fact, the idea is nonsense. There has been a continuing, albeit concealed, alliance between international political capitalists and international revolutionary socialists to their mutual benefit... had the Bolsheviks been, as they are frequently represented, a mere gang of revolutionaries out to destroy property, first in Russia, and then in every other country, they would naturally have found themselves up against organized resistance by the owners of property all over the world, and the Moscow blaze would have been rapidly extinguished. It was only owing to the powerful influences' behind them that this minority party was able to seize the reins of power and, having seized them, to retain their hold of them up to the present day." RICHARD NIXON STARTED IN RUBBERS Huguenot-Quaker Richard Nixon's first important job in Washington as a young politician was with Tire and Rubber trade. Today in 1996, indiscreet Wall Street traders are insinuating in downtown bars, near closing time, and over the Internet, that the newly

34 formed China Tire Holding Company was created for many reasons, among them to facilitate the new infrastructure of China and its relations to international money lending schemes. This is nothing new. Holding companies are legendary for their powers of concealment. Janis Joplin, some time ago divined this in her "Big Brother and the Holding Company", and she was no economist nor a communist. Don't ever forget these two scoundrels: Ivan Kreuger and Samuel Insull. Ivan Kreuger, and Samuel Insull, foreigners who were American citizens who also had slender ties to Joe Kennedy but nowhere in comparison to their Goliath sized hand prints in the Crash of '29. They swindled investors out of their life savings through pyramid plans and holding companies. By 1927 Ivar Kreuger had bought banks, mining companies, railways, timber and paper firms, film distributors, real estate in several European cities, as well as a controlling stake in L.M. Ericsson & Co., Sweden's leading phone company. He controlled about 50% of the world market in iron ore and cellulose. He owned mines all over the world including the Boliden mine in Sweden, which had one of the richest gold deposits outside South Africa in addition to other minerals. Kreuger most certainly did not limit himself to matches, he was decades ahead of his time in engineering Enron-style financial swindles on a giant world stage. Samuel Insull was legendary for purchasing utilities and railroads using holding companies. Along with several other Edison Pioneers, he founded Edison General Electric, which later became the publicly held company we call today General Electric. Insull purchased many portions of the utility infrastructure of Chicago. When it became evident that Westinghouse's support of alternating current was to win out over Edison's DC direct current, Insull switched his support to AC in the War of Currents. In 1927 he purchased Chicago radio stations WENR and WCBN, which was just the beginning of his baronial control over the new medium for mass communications. The Roosevelt Administration became a powerful nemesis of Insull in Insull had invented the regulated monopoly, a unique American institutional practice that included utility companies and later AT&T. Insull fled first to Greece, and then to Turkey. The US Courts cleared Insull saying "everything he did was technically legal." Don t forget, by 1932, in America, vicious fights over food scraps in garbage cans were not uncommon. In addition, 25,000 war vets went berserk in Washington DC when their still undelivered and very delinquent 1924 "bonus" was swindled out of their hands, once and for all, leaving them homeless and hungry and senseless, bereft in the streets. In 1924, Prescott Bush of the Bush Dynasty started the US. Rubber Company in New York with Bunny Harriman. Nixon, in 1941, worked for the Tire Rationing Division of the U.S. Government in Washington, DC. His friend, Bebe Rebozo, made his fortune in retreads. Nixon's desk was next to Paull Marshall's, who became VP of America Railroads. As soon as Nixon had the authority to appoint Caspar Weinberger, Republican of San Francisco, he offered him the job to head the HEW (Housing Education and Welfare) department in Washington. Perhaps this affiliation with rubber goes back to the Amazon and Manaus and the rubber boom, which burgeoned hand in hand with the coffee plantation boom, ever within the control of just a few elite families who cleverly exploited their armies of laborers. THE MARSHALL IS IN TOWN

35 The Marshall Family is another quite interesting and exceptional family. One branch includes Louis Marshall (1856 NY Zurich), leader of the American Jewish community who argued in US Supreme Court for the exclusion of black voting rights, and to forbid parochial schools in America. He helped to hasten the discontinuance of Henry Ford's "Dearborn Independent" newspaper, and is remembered especially for his U.S. Legal Treaties extremely favorable to Romania. George Marshall ( ), descended from Virginia settlers in the 1600s, including wealthy tobacco traders and coal merchants. In 1939, he expanded the U.S. Army from only 200,000 soldiers to 8.5 million uniformed fighting men. He also coordinated U.S. military strategies in Quebec, Teheran and China. Marshall provided significantly increased aid to Greece and Turkey, and officially recognized Israel. Many call him the "Father of NATO". One of his forefathers long before him, John Marshall, had been a legal associate of Charles Pinckney, and the two worked with the French Republic in high Colonial America government positions, even before the "founding fathers" Masonic & B nai Brith Revolution. Charles Pinckney was born in Charleston, South Carolina, home of some of America's very oldest synagogues and French Huguenot churches. Pinckney was our U.S. Minister to Spain and the framer of "seizure rights" for the Port of New Orleans. Other Marshall family members of prominence were several Marshalls who had originally come from Jewish communities in old Baghdad and who had control of most of the politics of Singapore then, and still today. David Saul Marshall, from this same family, was Singapore's ambassador to France in JACKY O - MORE CHUTZPAH THAN LIZ TAYLOR Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Jacky O. John Vernon Bouvier III fathered little Jacqueline into the world. The Bouvier family comes from old French Huguenot Quaker stock. Of particular curiosity, Lee Harvey Oswald's babysitter --was a good friend-- of Jacky O's parents! JFK's mother was Ruth Pinchot. Gifford Pinchot was Teddy Roosevelt's advisor for the Bull Moose Party of 1912, and two-time governor of Pennsylvania. JFK had a sexual affair with Mary Pinchot Meyers, who was shortly thereafter murdered. Katherine Graham (nee Meyer), daughter of the first President of World Bank (Eugene Meyer, who had also been a Wall Street banker, and, director of President Wilson's War Finance Corporation, a governor of the Federal Reserve System, and director of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, in addition to running the Washington Post before Phillip Graham, one of the first CIA agents) and married to the 2nd publisher of the Washington Post, Phillip Graham (Ben Bradlee got his first plum of a job through this father-and-daughter Meyer team too -- Bradlee was an undercover CIA spook, too). Katherine learned the newspaper trade a little slowly at first, being somewhat "establishmentarian". She went on to have immeasurable control of the Washington Post news conglomerate throughout the Deep Throat Watergate maneuverings, a real blarney of an intel op. Bob Woodward had been an intelligence agent for Naval Intelligence before joining the Washington Post. Carl Bernstein's parentage and ancestral history are discussed in another part of this essay. Carl Bernstein's father had been head of San Francisco's United Workers Union.

36 During World War II, Jacky's mother remarried, this time to Hugh Auchincloss, whose family is closely connected to the Putnams, the Lowells of Boston, the Bundys, and especially vital to the Council on Foreign Relations. Robert Kennedy, while still a young buck, cultivated a special fondness for Allen Dulles. The Dulles family settled in South Carolina, before the Revolutionary War, coming from Irish descent but with many ties to Charleston, Bombay and Holland. In 1921, Allen Dulles was on the Turkish island of Prinkipo, where Trotsky had rehabilitated his strength in the waters of the Sea of Marmara. Allen Dulles visited Joe Kennedy's villa at Palm Beach Florida in 1955, on Good Friday. Jacky O. answered the door when he buzzed. Dulles had been en route to Havana for a meeting with Batista on Easter Sunday. We can safely say that this trip was not for chats with Bobby, and emphatically not for swimming. Dulles was born with a "cloven hoof," otherwise known as a Devil's Foot, which is not particularly helpful in the water. Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels, was a Navy Commander in British Intelligence in He advised William Donovan how to set up the O.S.S., and arranged Allen Dulles entry into the profession of espionage. Ian Fleming dined with the Kennedy's, John and Jacky, at their Georgetown House that Clark Clifford had arranged for them to rent, in March of Jacky's next husband, Aristotle Onassis, had been a longtime powerful tobacco merchant in Buenos Aires. He had built up a private navy, far superior to many a nation's Navy. Aristotle's family came from the same region of the sea as Prinkipo Island and Cyprus, a region that is still constantly an issue of contention between Greece and Turkey, and which is still an issue with many Cypriots. DOWN AND OUT IN SOUTH AFRICA WITH GHANDI Ghandi came from an ancient textile capital in northernmost India and he early on got involved in a Tolstoian sect in South Africa known for its wild orgies, long before becoming significant in the affairs of India. Almost all of Ghandi's friends in South Africa were Jewish, in either the law or theatre, or both. Sex scandals abounded on the 'Tolstoy Farm" where Ghandi spent most of his time during the Boer Wars. Ghandi's many royal and high military British friends were legion. Some of his prominent people of English affairs at the time included Edwin Montagu ( ), who was himself a close associate of Lord Asquith. Montagu was an assimilated English Jew who was head of the India Office for the entire British Kingdom. Henry Morgenthau was then US ambassador to Constantinople. Ghandi's rise in politics coincided with Russia's defeat by Japan in This Russian humiliation stirred Iran to challenge Russian power. The Bolshevik Revolution grew emboldened by Iran and Japan's audacity. Nicholas II, of Russia, meanwhile was rumored to be "anti-semitic" despite that Zionist spies wanting to smash down the royal families of Russia and the power of the Orthodox Church, were doing their best to infiltrate as many channels in Russia as possible at this time, and as quickly as it could be done. This disinformation of his Jew hating was plastered in nearly all the Western papers. "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" were beginning to float around intellectual circles at this time also. BOMBAY'S BENE-ISRAEL PEOPLES

37 In 1901, Ghandi was only a minor player in national Indian politics, chiefly in Bombay. Bombay had long been the ancient capital of the Bene-Israel tribe of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel that fled the northern kingdom of Israel, when it was overrun by Assyrians. The Bene-Israel tribe had arrived in India in 721 B.C., and grew to be the Cochin peoples, with constant contact with the Arabic speaking Jews of Baghdad. They are in appearance almost identical to the Hindi (not surprising after over 2,500 years of residence and assimilation). These Cochin people conducted much trade with India and Portuguese merchants and the Dutch in the 1500s and 1600s. OPIUM AND ROSE FIELDS (ROSENFELTS-ROOSEVELTS) The Opium trade has often enjoyed success on a unprecedented scale in the world, especially where the ancient Roosevelts-Rosenfelds had customarily conducted centurieslong global sea trade. During this same time the British had been crushing Zulus for an alleged rebellion. Ghandi would often dress up in military uniform and visit the battlefields out of prurient curiosity during combat. In 1906 the Empire Theatre of Johannesburg, popularly known as the "Jewish Theatre," was filled to the brim with Indian attendees and delegates from all over the Transvall. At this time the largest theatre in all of southeast Europe was in Sofia, Bulgaria. The big question at this time, before NYC's Broadway was imminent, and if London was not possible, which capital should an aspiring actor choose in these early years of the 20th century? Sophia, Bulgaria or Johannesburg, South Africa, clearly a difficult decision, especially if you are fluent in Macedonian, English or Dutch, or all three! Ghandi was known for frequently boasting around this time that he "... often benefited from secret and occult oaths and that oaths were his business"." In 1912, a charismatic economist from India and close friend of Ghandi's, Krishna Gokhale, visited South Africa, and brought a large number of wealthy traders and lawyers from Ahmedabad his home town, to the Transvaal. Jain merchants were very prominent for eons in Ahmedabad, it had long been a textile and Sufi capital in northern India and it is where Ghandi grew up. Ahmedabad was also known for exotic cults and as a bastion of Guilds. Huge amounts of money from the opium trade went also through Ahmedabad. THE TOLSTOY FARM Ghandi helped set up an orgy opulent ashram in South Africa called the Tolstoy Farm, disregarding his marriage and his family back in India, with money from a German Jew named Herr Kallenbach. By 1913, Tolstoy was a well known and staunch supporter of Zionist kibbutzes in Palestine. Ghandi had two large groups of "sisters" on his ashram, with whom he regularly "cavorted". The British Press alleged that Ghandi was involved in secret alliances with international terrorists. Making matters worse, the Tolstoy family had been mysteriously involved in secret police operations and political intrigues dating back before 1600 (and Peter the Great), with numerous links to Turkey, Naples and Sweden. Leo Tolstoy was born in the Tula province of Russia, and educated in Kazan, and was no stranger to clandestine affairs. AN OSTRICH FEATHER FOR YOUR THOUGHTS

38 Today, South Africa is the largest producer of ostrich steaks and skins, and a partner or supplier in several State of Texas endeavors of the same nature. The demand for ostrich meat and skins is currently burgeoning in Europe too. It is easy to imagine, after a hard day's work in Africa in a DeBeers diamond mine, an imported guest-worker would almost be willing to die for one of those ostrich steaks, and with some luck to have such a steak washed down by an ice cold frothy Dutch beer. IS EVERY JEW A HEBREW? Very few Jewish people today are actually descendants of ancient Hebrew tribes and even fewer speak Hebrew. Most Jews today who identify themselves as culturally "Jewish" have little affiliation whatsoever with the Hebrew language -- a language that has preceded renewed modern and/or sect-like Zionist activities. For a Catholic to equate themselves with some ancient Italian ancestry or a dead language, say, such as Sabine or Latin, that preceeded the Vatican as it exists today, is tantamount to a Jew today leaping on board the titanic global ship of Hebrew or Maccabbee or Zionist revivalism, clamoring to be the envious Chosen Ones. It is not only modern Absurdism, it is dangerous to us all. THE BASEVIS The Basevi family, of both Portugal and Prague, claim to be from a long line of directdescendants of the Hebrew King David. Torquemada feared the Basevis in Spain (at the time of Ferdinand and Isabella), Benjamin Disraeli, former British Prime Minister, is a descendent of the Basevis, their family branch that fled to Italy at the onset of the Inquisition. The Lions (Loewes) at the Gate legend is tied to their name and was recently in the news again during the digging and tunneling 1996-raid of right wing Israelis close, very very close, to the Dome of the Rock, Rachel's Tomb, and almost directly under the First and Second Temples. THE COHENS AND THE LEVIS "Cohen" is Hebrew for a Jewish priest of the Order of Zadok, Zadok being the founder of the Priesthood of Jerusalem when the First Temple was allegedly built by Solomon in the 10th century B.C. According to legend Zadok appointed Aaron as first Jewish priest; then his younger brother Moses was allegedly "chosen". This began the blood and ancestral descendent line of the Levi tribe. David and Solomon were laymen and had not been accorded the status of this hereditary honor. The lowest groups of priests were named "cohanim" and were later replaced by Rabbis. "The Damascus Document", otherwise known as the "Zadokite Fragments," are the most important fragments of sacred text for the ancient Essene Palestinian Jews. These fragments date before 200 B.C., but their exact date is unknown. At one time they were in the prominent Ezra Synagogue of Cairo. These fragments contain enigmatic "exhortations" and scholars have not been able to properly identify their original leader, Zadok. What has been established, however, is that since its beginning, the highest levels of the Essenes (Zadoks) have forever been controlled by a "Guardian," who judges admissions and instruction of their new members.

39 A cohen has since its formulation been strictly forbidden to attend funerals, or especially to go near the dead. Very similar to the NAZI'rite Hebrew tribe, which was forbidden to approach a dead body, even that of a nearest relative, in accordance with post-exilic law, in respect to an improper and vile and then well-known usage of the dead, in those times (which today has been almost forgotten, historically). If this prohibition is broken by accidental defilement, the Nazir'ite can cut off his hair to show atonement. The mythology of Samson's locks are about this. He and Samuel were Nazirites. The word NAZI-r (nazir) in Hebrew means to vow or to make an oath, and which also includes oaths of revenge. The Consecration of Samuel has also its parallel in the dedication of an unborn child, by its mother, to the service of the Ka'ba, a god that many declare emerged from comet fragments in the desert. It is not only an Islamic belief. The spirit of warlike nationalism that characterized the old religion of Israel could scarcely fail to encourage such vows, and from allusions by Amos we are led to suppose that at one time the Nazir'ites had an importance --perhaps even an organization -- parallel to that of the prophets, but of a very different religious type from the Canaanite nature-worshippers (see "Amos and Hosea"] " --- excerpt from the 1913 Edition of Encyclopedia Brittanica] THE BERNSTEINS In the early 1930s, Jessica "Decca" Mitford's several sisters in London entertained the highest ranks of the Nazi SS, especially Goebbels and Goering and their delightful wives. Jessica Mitford married into the old Cohen family of Transylvania, who had changed their name to Treuhaft in the US. In 1931, Jessica ran the Petaluma Women's Bolshevik Tea Club of California. Jessica Mitford worked with Al Bernstein in San Francisco, who was not only boss of the United Worker's Union, but also the union organizer of prison guards of Alcatraz, something the film producers didn't remind you of in the action film "The Rock," with Sean Connery, our cinematic former Agent 007, and Ian Fleming MI5 invention. Al Bernstein's son, Carl Bernstein, years later, along with Bob Woodward, working for Katherine Graham Meyer, wrote "All the President's Men". In their writings they created the holographic "Deep Throat". Carl Bernstein now has a new book out titled "His Holiness: John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time". In it, he and Italian co-author Marco Politi, a renowned Vatican journalist, allege that former CIA director William Casey and the Pope's closest aides were convinced that Bulgaria was involved in the assassination attempt on the life of the Pope in Perhaps Mr. Bernstein will soon write a novel to surpass even the success of his x-wife's best-sellers, called "The Birdman of Bulgaria" a double acknowledgment of his father's work on Alcatraz and his own musings on Bulgaria. [editor s note: Jessica Mitford died in her sleep July 23, She had been a guiding light in the editing of Mother Jones magazine, and had participated in several profitable Mother Jones telemarketing money drives. Jessica had excelled in money drives earlier in her life also; she was involved in whiskey sales and solicitation fund drives for the Bolsheviks. Check out the Petaluma fleamarket at the old fairgrounds in Petaluma any weekend for scraps of residual history from this era].

40 NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY (excerpt from "None Dare Call It Conspiracy," by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham) "In describing the characteristics of the Rothschilds and other major international bankers, Dr. Quigley tells us that they remained different from ordinary bankers in several ways: they were cosmopolitan and international; they were close to governments and were particularly concerned with government debts, including foreign government debts; these bankers came to be called "international bankers." One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history is that the Rothschilds were Jewish. Anti-Semites have played into the hands of conspiracy by trying to portray the entire conspiracy as Jewish. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The traditionally Anglo-Saxon J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller international banking institutions have played a key role in the conspiracy. But there is no denying the importance of the Rothschilds and their satellites. However, it is just as unreasonable and immoral to blame all Jews for the crimes of the Rothschilds as it is to hold all Baptists accountable for the crimes of the Rockefellers. The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organization called the Anti-Defamation League as an instrument to try to convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds or their allies is an attack on all Jews. In this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarship on international bankers and made the subject taboo within universities." Ezra Pound, in 1935, held that: "...organized anti-semitism might be the hidden war of Swiss Protestant dynasties against the Rothschilds, whom they never had forgiven for breaking into their banking monopoly." Think of Lord Byron's famous poem about the Barings and the Rothschilds. THE ADL DOES AS "... THEY SEE FIT" AND DISREGARDS U.S. LAWS The Anti Defamation League (ADL), according to recent court records and the Associated Press, might soon temporarily "... stop gathering restricted information on hate groups -- while at the same time denying any wrongdoing of spying on American citizens -- under a tentative settlement due to an Arab-American group's lawsuit that grew out of a San Francisco police scandal.". The ADL had conducted illegal intelligence gathering on an estimated 10,000 individuals and 1,000 political, ethnic, and professional groups, through the services of two spies working for Israel in San Francisco, namely, Tom Gerard, within the SFPD (San Francisco Police Department), and his very intimate friend, San Francisco art dealer Roy Bullock. These two had been caught red handed in the act of spying some years back. The evidence against them was as equally incriminating as the cut-and-dry Israeli spy case of Jonathan Pollard, apprehended under similar conspicuous circumstances long ago. The two traitors, Gerard and Bullock, were in the end merely charged with "misdemeanors."

41 Pollard's wife is now a popular playwright in Israel, specializing in dramas about her husband's sainthood and purity and innocence. A South Korean spy, Robert C. Kim, was caught in the last few weeks lifting classified military information from a sensitive government locale, the exact locale where Pollard had been guilty of stealing secrets from the U.S. (the Office of Naval Intelligence in suburban Maryland). The ADL to this day insists that they had engaged in "no misconduct of any kind," and that they would continue to gather such information on San Franciscans, Californians, and American citizens, "as they see fit". THE BEGINNING OF THE SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC) 1933 Reichstag Fire. FDR was inaugurated in 1933 just a few days after the hell-licking flames of the Reichstag Fire had destroyed all valuable evidence of arson. A heartbeat thereafter, FDR rapidly built the Fort Knox Gold depository, and, the Hoover Hydroelectric Dam Joe Kennedy was appointed first SEC director. Even though he had a widespread criminal reputation, Joe Kennedy became the first director ever of the Securities and Exchange Commission of our nation. Bobby Kennedy, his son, was "in close" with Senator Eugene McCarthy, who ran the Communist witch hunts of the 50s with Roy Cohn s father, who was known to be an extremely powerful and influential Judge in New York City. Judge Cohn had never been afraid to push his weight around and it seems he inherited this trait from his mother, who had immigrated from Romania, same as had many aristocrats in the House of Windsor, who also trace back to Romania-Transylvania. THE HEROSTRATUS COMPLEX In Hebrew Scripture there is the story of Herostratus of Ephesos, for which the "Herostratus Complex" is named. Herostratus was blamed for the burning of the famed Temple at Ephesos, and for many, for this condemnation of him, he had become a martyr. Similar delusions of martyrdom were affixed to Marinus Van der Lubbe, the Dutch anarchist Sparticist, who was barely twenty years old, nearly blind, and was apprehended with Bulgarian Georgi Dimitrov in the '33 Burning of the Reichstag. Marinus Van der Lubbe was sacrificed (by execution) for the crime. Georgi Dimitrov and the "other suspects" (fellow Bulgarians Vasil Tanev and Blagoy Popov; and Ernst Torgler) got off very lightly, all things considered. FRENCHMEN WHO ATE WITH CHOPSTICKS Andre Malraux, French author of "Man's Fate" had set his novel in the time of the Chinese Revolution. Malraux tied his future in his early manhood to a very wealthy and older Jewish woman. Together, very early in their close relationship, they oversaw extensive and expensive archaeological digs in Cambodia. Malraux also worked feverishly for the release of Giorgi Dimitrov, the Bulgarian mentioned above, one of the three main defendants charged with the burning of the Reichstag in '33. Dimitrov was also the Director of the Central European Section of the International Comintern.

42 Malraux, in addition to helping clear Giorgi Dimitrov of guilt, played a very large part in creating the League against Anti-Semitism, in France. He was also a personal secretary to DeGaulle, and a Minister of Culture. PARIS STUDENT PROTEST LEADERS OF '68 DESERVE SOME OSCARS Jean Paul Sartre had much to do with "Danny the Red" (Daniel Cohn-Bendit's) rise to prominence as a radical student leader (see the book by Annie Cohen-Solal). Cohn-Bendit was a member of the March 22nd Movement, and an ardent Maoist. Sartre did more than anyone, outside of Cohen-Bendit, to promulgate the reputation of Chairman Mao in France. Cohen-Bendit called for the overthrow of traditional power structures in France, yet offered no definition whatsoever of an organizational structure besides Pop Maoism. He advocated an "... unstructured mode of self-_expression for all!" Many of the most publicized German speaking left-wingers of the 1960s, in France and Germany, are high in centrist government and/or finance today in Germany (Benneter, Koenigs, et al). ONCE A DIMITROFF, ALWAYS A DIMITROV Stephen Dimitroff died this September, 1996, near San Francisco at the age of 86. He had been a prominent Bay Area mural painter. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Dimitroff, a Bulgarian, studied under Mexican muralist Diego Rivera as an apprentice. Dimitroff married the daughter of the composer Ernest Bloch. Born in Dobromirka, Bulgaria, Dimitroff came to the U.S. in 1920 and became a prominent AFL-CIO labor union organizer in Michigan, in the auto industry in and around Dearborn. There should have been numerous occasions, at least in Mexico, for sure, for Stephen Dimitroff to have reminisced upon Bulgaria with compatriot Giorgi Dimitrov. TROTSKY'S DEFT GOOSE STEPS TO 'LA CUCARRACHA' Joseph Freeman, a US journalist for the Daily Worker of NYC, wrote an article m 1937 titled "Trotsky in Coyoacan, Mexico," questioning Trotsky's relations with the GESTAPO. Freeman was summarily expelled from the Communist Party afterwards. Trotsky, nee Brohnstein, his mother's maiden name Shpentser, was of the large publishing dynasty in southern Russia, and who had in addition to the Brohnsteins, many family connections to the Ginzbergs of Eastern Europe and Russia. The following year, Charles Lindbergh (who had an identical twin brother!) made great efforts to help Hitler build up the German Luftwaft, after misspending much of Henry Ford's money (who was in name the most famous resident ever of Dearborn, Michigan) in a swindle for which Ford never forgave him, for all time hence viewing Lindbergh as a slippery aviator and conniver. PHARAOH OF BECHTEL FDR created the TVA Hydroelectric and the nearby Oak Ridge Atomic Development Project. Caspar Weinberger was a protégé of Jessica Mitford's husband in San Francisco and then went on to become a young pharaoh of Bechtel Engineering. Weinberger, later in New York City, had a good friend in Sidney Gottlieb, of Simon & Schuster publishing. Gottlieb & Weinberger cleared Jessica Mitford's name of all communist scandal by adroitly using the media and the law at their disposal and command. Weinberger went on once again to become chairman of Forbes Magazine, after this public relations triumph. Later, 1953,

43 Sidney Gottlieb became project director of the clandestine warfare and classified weapons programs named MK-ULTRA. THE MORMON-FORBES RUSH OF 1848 The Forbes family was one of the founding families of banks and water utilities in San Francisco and Oakland before the Gold Rush of B.C. Forbes arrived in San Francisco from 5th Avenue, Manhattan in 1848 and was assisted by Herbert, Aaron and Mortimer Fleishhacker, from an old Hebrew family that started the first banks in California -- with other British internationalists and trade liberals. They also helped found PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric), and the steel industry of Mormon Salt Lake City (1922). The Forbes and their partners, the Mormons, greatly enlarged the minuscule population of the heretofore relatively unknown small Mormon settlement called San Francisco, even pre-dating the Gold Rush. NO MORE MORMONS SINGING IN THE RAIN Mormon Temple rituals are based on the Masonic rituals of Scotland and England from the early 1800s. These Scottish and English Masonic rituals (Scotland Yard has a large number of Masons in their ranks) are founded upon the ancient Solomonic rituals. There is a strong consensus among biblical scholars that temple rituals in ancient Israel were conducted in absolute silence... that is, no words, no scripts, not even songs nor prayers. This is astounding when you think of standard synagogue practices of today and especially the unrestrained singing and the liberties of the ever present cantors. SKULL AND BONES, ANYONE? Recall, that in the late 30s and early 40s Averill Harriman worked closely with a Silesian named Schulte (an international Jewish arms merchant) on spreading propaganda around the world -- enlarging public awareness of a massive Holocaust -- "before it was in fact a reality". ( for more detailed information on Schulte and Harriman, see the 1996 book "Gentleman Spy", by Peter Grose). Both Averil Harriman and Roland Harriman were graduates of Yale (Class of 1913 and 1917 respectively) and were members of the exclusive secret society Skull and Bones (as were both Prescott and George Bush when they were students at Yale). The Harrimans, moreover, through Brown Brothers investments, heavily financed both the rise of communism, and the rise of Nazism. UNION BANK of NYC, and the Hungarian-German Thyssen family, were also pivotal players. PG&E SUCKS UP CHEAP POWER WITH BLESSINGS FROM THE FEDS PG&E recently cut a deal with the Mexicans between Emica and Comision Federal de Electricidad, General Electric and Bechtel, with star billing going to Union Bank of Switzerland, to supply vast amounts of extremely cheap energy to PG&E. It's quite evident that soon Clinton and Gore will "grudgingly" deregulate the utilities industry, state by complaining state. There is at this time no indication that California consumers will pay less in 1998 for this "windfall". There is much writing on the wall, however, warning us that

44 Californians will actually be footing a much higher bill for their utilities in the future. Some states, though, are on the ball, and through OTAG are fighting such control. Recent 1996 news regarding PG&E -- the western states power blackout recently suffered by residents, will menancingly enhance the Federal Energy Commission's (FEC) efforts in Washington to authorize creation of an ISO (Independent System Operator) in California, and all the states involved in the end, will be a godsend to PG&E. The ISO would be and agency independent of the states, and their regional power companies, and authorized to regulate power flow, regardless of all the predictable negative economic impact on the many small deregulated power companies. This federal legislation will, in the end, benefit the profits and powers of the behemoth major companies, such as of course, PG&E and ENRON in Texas and other upstart companies in Texas and Scotland. Goldman Sachs is not unaware of all this. INTRA-CRANIAL VOICES Cap Weinberger's son grew up while Timothy Leary and Gordon Liddy were roaming the hills of San Francisco during of the heady times that periodically take hold and dominate the incredibly transient nature of scenic San Francisco. Recently, at 3220 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, Danny Sheehan, who co-founded the Christie Institute with Jim Garrison, near the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., met in the City by the Bay. Jim Garrison, standing at 6' 8" tall, is now an Executive Director of the towering Gorbachev Foundation, which occupies a waterfront office in the Presidio of San Francisco (title of yet another Sean Connery film, "Presidio" -- what is it with Sean Connery -- who is his agent?). After JFK's demise, Jim Garrison was behind the prosecution of CIA operative and suspected assassin, Clay Shaw. Many key JFK "sniper" killed witnesses died directly before testifying, so Garrison's case quickly collapsed. It was also the Christic Institute that filed what some call a "frivolous" lawsuit against Oliver North and George Bush Sr. during the Iran-Contragate hearings, which in the end -- against all common sense seemed to bolster the reputations of the two accused national American cultural icons, Ollie North and Bush Sr. At one time the Christic Institute had been examining claims of microwave bombardment of people's head spaces known as "wavies." or intra-cranial voices. In today's military parlance and intel covert operations this mind reading telepathic use of brain frequencies and microwaves is called remote viewing or "synthetic telepathy". ENIGMA & BBC William "Samuel" Stephenson, born in 1896 in Canada into a powerful British family, wrote "A Man Called Intrepid" in 1979 near the end of his life, while at the same time he concentrated on his many businesses and holdings in Jamaica and Bermuda. His family had set up the railroads of both North America and England much earlier, and they had long been key players in international politics too. In the 1920s, besides setting up the fledgling BBC radio, and bringing small receiver sets into thousands of English homes, Stephenson also added Charles Proteus Steinmetz to his inner circle, a prominent Jewish scientist who mixed religion with politics. Stephenson already by this time was well on his way to monopolizing his film, recording, an

45 entertainment empire, which had been flourishing in appearances on the outside of the Hollywood system, at that time mostly controlled by the Jewish mob. Chaim Weizmann next joined Stephenson's circle. A few years before coming on board, luckily for Stephenson, Weizmann had perfected a new munitions process for making an acetone-based explosive, much more effective and cheaper than ever before produced for military and warfare usage. Winston Churchill joined this inner Circle and together they "... encouraged the dream of a Jewish dominion in which Jewish creative energies would combine with British improvisation". By the 1920s, Weizmann had become President of the Zionist Organization, and was known as the "uncrowned King of the Jews" (both quotes from "A Man Called Intrepid"). Stephenson married Mary French Simmons, a young girl from Tennessee, on August 31, Before the end of the same year, Stephenson's Berlin operatives turned up the Enigma coding machine and offered it to him as a device that was "... a secret writing mechanism to frustrate inquisitive competitors" (i.e., a corporate espionage tool before ever having been employed for military advantages by the Nazis). GOOD OLE' BOY NETWORKS Other important and related topics of concern, for people threatened by the existence of networks similar to Stephenson's Circle, B. Traven & Friends, and George Seldes Circle of Buddies, follow below: Halley's Comet brought war and upheaval in 1910 (or so it appears). Every 76 years brings the return of Halley's comet (called by some a God of War). Mark Twain was born on Halley's Comet day and died exactly 76 years later, also on Halley's Comet Day. Why have we had so many scandals lately with tainted blood in the Red Cross [it has many ties to the occult organization, the Rosicrucians], especially in France, where the Schweitzer family (of Albert Schweitzer fame) has been 'splattered' by scandal? The symbol we all know of the Red Cross -- the red cross on the white background -- is an undisguised copying of the ancient symbol for the Order of the Temple, the Templars who used the same symbol on their crusader flags. Another incongruity today. An enormous mass of documentation confirming a neurological and systemic disorder known as the Persian Gulf Syndrome exists in many clinics and hospitals worldwide. Why is it so fiercely denied by spokespersons of the US Government? Why are so many veterans of the war seeking treatment at the Atlanta Veterans Hospital for the exact same symptoms, by some now called "Burning Sperm Syndrome"? Pat Buchannan is a Master in the Knights of Malta, received in 1987 (the Knights of Malta may have more authority than the Vatican Swiss Guard). H.L. Mencken was a close friend of Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Joseph Conrad, Ford Maddox Ford, Wyndham Percy Lewis, etc., and was very well versed in the life of black Haitian revolutionary Touissant L'Overture. Touissant collaborated with Napoleon's soldiers in Haiti (four of Napoleon's brothers were Freemasons). After his "'Haitian Revolt," Touissant disappeared in the French Alps, shortly after his revolution failed in Haiti. Hermann

46 Goering of the Nazis grew up in Haiti whose his step-father was a German diplomat there. Goering was raised as a child by his mother's intimate friend, Jewish Count von Epstein, of Bavaria. Cuba today has an elaborately large number of Masonic members and lodges, disproportionate by all means to its size. This is similar to the incredibly large number of Masonics in Istanbul, perhaps it is necessary to repeat here, that Freemasonry is strictly forbidden by the vast majority of Muslim nations, however it is known in some research circles that a branch of the Sufis are freemasons. UNABOMBER FOND OF CONRAD Joseph Conrad wrote extensively in his lifetime upon hereditary Polish dynastic families. Such selections from Conrad's contributions to such writing and political thought were found in Ted Kaczynski's wooden shack in Montana, after he was arrested on charges of being the vilified Unabomber. In the autumn years of his life, Conrad, although married, found joy and consolation in a love affair with the much younger "Ginny" Anderson, who had cultivated a notorious worldwide reputation for her anti-american radio announcements from Berlin, during the Nazi highpoint. Ginny Anderson Conrad was fervently against American involvement in arachnid-like trade ventures around the world, and found a like-minded comrade in Conrad, whose invectives and excoriations against colonialism and the Belgian control of the Congo (read the book "Berlin Calling"), was like a sexual stimulant for her. Perhaps the U.S. Government, in its accumulation of records against the Unabomber, which has already collected 1,600 pounds of records on him, could more appropriately concentrate its efforts on the more subterranean levels of political conspiracies that affect the nation much much more. EPILOGUE Life as we see it is an illusion, we hear more and more. As long as "... B. Traven's spirit is alive today, in nature, all around us" so too is Death an illusion, as we now know it, and regretfully we should know much more about the reality of life and death with all of our recent and forthcoming advances in genetic engineering and cloning. The next millennium should prove quite interesting, and the new style of hero to lead us out of the web of lies ruling our perceptions, is perhaps about to detonate against itself. Of course, those who attain enlightenment are best to contribute to this incineration of the lies that encircle us like a circumcision. end

47 ##### QUILLER-FOR-HIRE: Short stories, blogs, poems, filmscripts, news articles, video & tramp journalism, by Bryan Adrian... click this link Pilot Training Class/Pilot Officers who graduated ROTC 1956, roster, many going on to top careers in CIA, NSA, NRO, DoD, Pentagon, and defense contractor executive consultant jobs... including a governor of Florida! Times Square Call to STRIKE GOD OF WAR GOD OF WAR! In memory of my mother Dolores Ann Adrian

Chapter 22: World War I. Four most powerful European nations in the early 1900s were Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia.

Chapter 22: World War I. Four most powerful European nations in the early 1900s were Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia. Chapter 22: World War I The Beginnings of World War I World War I was fought from 1914-1918. United States entered World War I in 1917. The Origins of Europe s Great War Nationalism Four most powerful

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PUSD High Frequency Word List

PUSD High Frequency Word List PUSD High Frequency Word List For Reading and Spelling Grades K-5 High Frequency or instant words are important because: 1. You can t read a sentence or a paragraph without knowing at least the most common.

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Phillis Wheatley, 1753-1784: Early African- American Poet

Phillis Wheatley, 1753-1784: Early African- American Poet 17 December 2011 Phillis Wheatley, 1753-1784: Early African- American Poet A rare signed edition of Phillis Wheatley s poetry from 1773 (Download an MP3 of this story at

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Napoleonic France, 1799 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte as a young Officer

Napoleonic France, 1799 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte as a young Officer Napoleonic France, 1799 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte as a young Officer 1 2 1796 Napoleon crossed the Alps & drove the Austrians out of Northern Italy. He then turned N. Italy into the Cisalpine Republic and

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Foreign Affairs and National Security

Foreign Affairs and National Security Foreign Affairs and National Security Objectives: TLW understand and explain the following questions as it relates to the Foreign affairs of the American Government What is foreign policy? What is the

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Devotion NT267 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Second Coming. THEME: Jesus is coming again. SCRIPTURE: Matthew 24:27-31

Devotion NT267 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Second Coming. THEME: Jesus is coming again. SCRIPTURE: Matthew 24:27-31 Devotion NT267 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Second Coming THEME: Jesus is coming again. SCRIPTURE: Matthew 24:27-31 Dear Parents Welcome to Bible Time for Kids. Bible Time for

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Animal Farm. By George Orwell. Allegory and Satire in History. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Animal Farm. By George Orwell. Allegory and Satire in History. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. Animal Farm By George Orwell Allegory and Satire in History All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. George Orwell British Author & Journalist 1903-1950 Born in India Noted as a novelist

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The Xenophile Historian

The Xenophile Historian The Xenophile Historian Map Gallery Map 1: The spread of civilization in thousand-year steps. The purple areas became civilized by 3000 B.C. Civilization spread to the green areas by 2000 B.C., yellow

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Late Medieval Period (WHI.12)

Late Medieval Period (WHI.12) Name Late Medieval Period (WHI.12) Label on Map: England, France, Spain, Russia, Holly Roman Empire, Paris, Rome, Mediterranean Sea, English Channel, Atlantic Ocean Term: Nation-state Describe: Draw: 1

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Here is the list of history courses with cross listings and how they fit in each of the sections of the History Major.

Here is the list of history courses with cross listings and how they fit in each of the sections of the History Major. Here is the list of history courses with cross listings and how they fit in each of the sections of the History Major. Note: if you take a History course that is cross listed and you take it under the

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World History Course Summary Department: Social Studies. Semester 1

World History Course Summary Department: Social Studies. Semester 1 World History Course Summary Department: Social Studies All World History courses (Honors or otherwise) utilize the same targets and indicators for student performance. However, students enrolled in Honors

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What Do We Mean by Democracy and Freedom? (Speech scheduled for a Boston America First rally on December 12, 1941 that was never delivered)

What Do We Mean by Democracy and Freedom? (Speech scheduled for a Boston America First rally on December 12, 1941 that was never delivered) What Do We Mean by Democracy and Freedom? (Speech scheduled for a Boston America First rally on December 12, 1941 that was never delivered) In the slogans and propaganda that have been hurled back and

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WILL WE BE MARRIED IN THE LIFE AFTER DEATH? Explanatory Notes: WILL WE BE MARRIED IN THE LIFE AFTER DEATH? Series title: Topic: Marriage in heaven / heaven as a marriage Table of Contents: Message 1: What is the Life after Death Like? p. 1 Message

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Name Class Date. Ancient China Section 4

Name Class Date. Ancient China Section 4 Name Class Date Ancient China Section 4 MAIN IDEAS 1. Han dynasty government was based on the ideas of Confucius. 2. Family life was supported and strengthened in Han China. 3. The Han made many achievements

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Fry Phrases Set 1. help for all areas of your child s education

Fry Phrases Set 1. help for all areas of your child s education Set 1 The people Write it down By the water Who will make it? You and I What will they do? He called me. We had their dog. What did they say? When would you go? No way A number of people One or two How

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Sam Houston, 1793-1863: An Early Leader of Texas

Sam Houston, 1793-1863: An Early Leader of Texas 12 November 2011 Sam Houston, 1793-1863: An Early Leader of Texas Cavalry soldiers line up at Fort Sam Houston, Texas (You can download an MP3 of this story at

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Theodore Roosevelt 1906

Theodore Roosevelt 1906 Theodore Roosevelt 1906 what has especially directed the attention of the friends of peace is President Roosevelt's happy role in bringing to an end the bloody war recently waged between two of the world's

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OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF REJECTION Series: Freedom From Your Fears - Part 7 of 10

OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF REJECTION Series: Freedom From Your Fears - Part 7 of 10 Series: Freedom From Your Fears - Part 7 of 10 Proverbs 29:25 Fear of man is a dangerous trap, but to trust in God means safety. (Living Bible) INTRODUCTION Today we're looking at the Fear of Rejection.

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Unit 4 Lesson 8 The Qin and Han Dynasties

Unit 4 Lesson 8 The Qin and Han Dynasties Unit 4 Lesson 8 The Qin and Han Dynasties Directions Read the False statements below. Replace each underlined word with one from the word bank that makes each sentence True. Word Bank Ying Zheng army copper

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German initiated battle in western europe that attempted to push back the allied advance that was un. Sample letter requesting financial assistance

German initiated battle in western europe that attempted to push back the allied advance that was un. Sample letter requesting financial assistance German initiated battle in western europe that attempted to push back the allied advance that was un. Sample letter requesting financial assistance from employer. German initiated battle in western europe

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The Nuclear Weapons Debate

The Nuclear Weapons Debate Scottish CND - Education Pack The Nuclear Weapons Debate Scottish CND s educational resource Nuclear Weapons: Yes or No is aimed at late primary to early secondary school pupils. It has 4 units: The Nuclear

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Second Grade Ancient Greece Assessment

Second Grade Ancient Greece Assessment Second Grade Ancient Greece Assessment 1a. Which letter is labeling the Mediterranean Sea: A or B? A B 1b. Which body of water is labeled with an A? A 1c. Label the Mediterranean Sea. Then, answer the

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1. BODY AND SOUL 2. ATOMIC BOMB 3. GOOD NAME 1. BODY AND SOUL When I play my kind of music I m playing for your Body and Soul When I sing my kind of song I m singing for your Body and Soul If you find yourself feeling happy Better come and dance

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YEAR 1: Kings, Queens and Leaders (6 lessons)

YEAR 1: Kings, Queens and Leaders (6 lessons) YEAR 1: Kings, Queens and Leaders (6 lessons) Contents Include: The United Kingdom and the Union Jack Kings and Queens The Magna Carta Charles I Parliament The Prime Minister Suggested Teacher Resources:

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What are you. worried about? Looking Deeper

What are you. worried about? Looking Deeper What are you worried about? Looking Deeper Looking Deeper What are you worried about? Some of us lie awake at night worrying about family members, health, finances or a thousand other things. Worry can

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the call of moses after before

the call of moses after before the call of moses after before The Moses Series Day 1: The Call of Moses Sketchboard title: "God chose a leader" Text: Exodus 1-4 Introduction: Have you ever been asked to do something you didn't want

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cold war Short Answer

cold war Short Answer cold war Short Answer 1. Recognize Ideologies The banner carried by these East German demonstrators in the autumn of 1989 reads, Improve Politics--only with new Government. Explain the meaning of this

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How successful was the Civil Rights campaign in achieving its aims between 1950 and 1965? I have a dream...

How successful was the Civil Rights campaign in achieving its aims between 1950 and 1965? I have a dream... How successful was the Civil Rights campaign in achieving its aims between 1950 and 1965? I have a dream... Civil Rights Aims Desegregation Voting Rights Civil Rights End to Discrimination Methods Legal

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Devotion NT347 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Hall of Faith. THEME: God wants us to trust Him. SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 11:1-40

Devotion NT347 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Hall of Faith. THEME: God wants us to trust Him. SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 11:1-40 Devotion NT347 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Hall of Faith THEME: God wants us to trust Him. SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 11:1-40 Dear Parents Welcome to Bible Time for Kids! This is a

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Armin T. Wegner. Intellectual, Doctor in Law, Photographer, Writer, Poet, Civil Rights Defender, and Eyewitness to the Armenian Genocide

Armin T. Wegner. Intellectual, Doctor in Law, Photographer, Writer, Poet, Civil Rights Defender, and Eyewitness to the Armenian Genocide Armin T. Wegner Intellectual, Doctor in Law, Photographer, Writer, Poet, Civil Rights Defender, and Eyewitness to the Armenian Genocide The photos of Armin T. Wegner are among the few that capture the

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Egyptian History 101 By Vickie Chao

Egyptian History 101 By Vickie Chao Egyptian History 101 By Vickie Chao 1 A long time ago, before Egypt was a united country, there were two kingdoms -- Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. Upper Egypt was in the south. It controlled the areas along

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Literature Novel Animal Farm English I Summer Reading Guide

Literature Novel Animal Farm English I Summer Reading Guide Literature Novel Animal Farm English I Summer Reading Guide Join the journey to Animal Farm by following the directions to assist you in overcoming any obstacles in your path on your way to an A to begin

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The Sequence of Causes of the Cold War

The Sequence of Causes of the Cold War The Sequence of Causes of the Cold War Outside the U.S. In the U.S. 1917 Revolutions in Russia 1917-1919 Russian Civil War 1941-1944 Second Front against Hitler Casablanca Conference 1943 Teheran Conference

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Not Only My Victory Speech by Angela Davis on September 11, 1972 Berlin Friedrichstadt-Palast (translated from German by Lenore Bartko) Friendship! Dear comrades, dear Comrade Honecker, dear comrade members

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That spring, the sun shone every day. I was lonely at first in

That spring, the sun shone every day. I was lonely at first in 1 Tom and Daisy That spring, the sun shone every day. I was lonely at first in the East. But I felt that this was the real beginning of my life. I walked in the fresh air. I bought books. I worked hard.

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Although the dominant military confrontations of the 20 th century were centered on the

Although the dominant military confrontations of the 20 th century were centered on the To what extent were the policies of the United States responsible for the outbreak and development of the Cold War between 1945 and 1949? Although the dominant military confrontations of the 20 th century

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History (Specification B)

History (Specification B) General Certificate of Secondary Education Specimen for June 2015 examinations History (Specification B) Unit 2 Twentieth Century Depth Studies Specimen for June 2015 examinations 91452 For this paper

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The Tudor Myth. and the Place of the Stage

The Tudor Myth. and the Place of the Stage The Tudor Myth and the Place of the Stage Shakespeare s History Plays Two tetralogies (series of four plays): First Tetralogy (1590-93): Henry VI, parts 1,2 and 3 Richard III Second Tetralogy (1595-1599):

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The Walls Came Tumbling Down The Story, Chapter 7: Joshua Sunday, October 19, 2014 Lakeside Lutheran Church Almost every Sunday morning, I post an

The Walls Came Tumbling Down The Story, Chapter 7: Joshua Sunday, October 19, 2014 Lakeside Lutheran Church Almost every Sunday morning, I post an The Walls Came Tumbling Down The Story, Chapter 7: Joshua Sunday, October 19, 2014 Lakeside Lutheran Church Almost every Sunday morning, I post an invitation on Lakeside s Facebook page about what will

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Chapter 9: The Policies of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

Chapter 9: The Policies of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Chapter 9: The Policies of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Department of State, Department of Treasury, Department of War, Attorney General, Postmaster General : 5 government departments established

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TEACHER S KEY SESSION 1. THE WORLD BEFORE THE GREAT WAR. PRETASK. 3. Pre- listening. TEACHER S KEY SESSION 1. THE WORLD BEFORE THE GREAT WAR. PRETASK 3. Pre- listening. 1. Before 1914, the nations of Europe were involved in a race to obtain overseas colonies all over the world, mainly

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Ancient Greece: Teacher s Guide

Ancient Greece: Teacher s Guide Ancient Greece: Teacher s Guide Grade Level: 6-8 Curriculum Focus: Ancient History Lesson Duration: 2 or 3 class periods Program Description Warring city-states flourished into centers of culture 2,500

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TEST BOOK AND ANSWER KEY The Story of the World TEST BOOK AND ANSWER KEY Volume 1: Ancient Times Peace Hill Press Charles City, Virginia How to Use These Tests and Answer Key These Tests and their accompanying

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The Protestant Reformation

The Protestant Reformation The Protestant Reformation Mr. Montreuil April 2015 1 The Big Picture I can explain how the Protestant Reformation impacted Europe religiously, politically, & socially. This Lesson I can identify Reformation

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Social Studies. Directions: Complete the following questions using the link listed below.

Social Studies. Directions: Complete the following questions using the link listed below. Social Studies Name: Directions: Complete the following questions using the link listed below. Questions 1-8: (Pages 1-2) Questions 9-17:

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DBQ on the Roaring Twenties Historical Context Task You are not limited to these suggestions.

DBQ on the Roaring Twenties Historical Context Task You are not limited to these suggestions. 1 Mr. Saccullo 8 th grade Social Studies DBQ on the Roaring Twenties Historical Context The Great War was over and America s sons returned home having witnessed the horrors of war. The survivors brought

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LESSON TITLE: Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus

LESSON TITLE: Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus Devotion NT257 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus THEME: Jesus always has time for us! SCRIPTURE: Mark 10:46-52 Dear Parents Welcome to Bible Time for Kids!

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WORLD WARS (1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945) First World War (1914 to 1918) I. One mark questions (Answer in one sentence each)

WORLD WARS (1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945) First World War (1914 to 1918) I. One mark questions (Answer in one sentence each) WORLD WARS (1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945) First World War (1914 to 1918) I. One mark questions (Answer in one sentence each) 1. When did the First World War begin? First World War began on 28 th July

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THEME: We need to completely trust in Jesus.

THEME: We need to completely trust in Jesus. Devotion NT238 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: Jesus Walks on Water THEME: We need to completely trust in Jesus. SCRIPTURE: Mark 6:45-52 Dear Parents Welcome to Bible Time for Kids!

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SELECTED WORLD EVENTS 1879 March 14 born in Ulm, Germany, in Bavaria 1880-1894 school in Munich 1881 sister Maja born EINSTEIN S LIFE 1889 begins reading physics, math, and philosophy on his own 1894 joins family in Italy 1895

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THEME: God desires for us to demonstrate His love!

THEME: God desires for us to demonstrate His love! Devotion NT320 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Gift of Love THEME: God desires for us to demonstrate His love! SCRIPTURE: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 Dear Parents Welcome to Bible Time

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Reformation Lesson Plan. Central Historical Question: Why did Luther challenge the Catholic Church?

Reformation Lesson Plan. Central Historical Question: Why did Luther challenge the Catholic Church? Reformation Lesson Plan Central Historical Question: Why did Luther challenge the Catholic Church? Materials: Reformation PowerPoint Copies of Documents A and B Copies of Reformation: Guiding Questions

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WELCOME TO GOD S FAMILY WELCOME TO GOD S FAMILY To all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband

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Theme: The deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt demonstrates God s power

Theme: The deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt demonstrates God s power Title: THE LIBERATING POWER AND LOVE OF GOD Theme: The deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt demonstrates God s power Bible Basis: Genesis 15:13-15 CEV; Exodus 1-12* Introduction: We have been learning

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Adolf Hitler. The man that did the unthinkable

Adolf Hitler. The man that did the unthinkable Adolf Hitler The man that did the unthinkable Hitler s Childhood Born on April 20 th 1889 His hometown is the Austrian town of Braunau His Mother was a housemaid while his father was an Austrian Custom

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The Name of Yahweh is a Strong Tower

The Name of Yahweh is a Strong Tower The Name of Yahweh is a Strong Tower by Rev. John Cortright The book of Proverbs offers a tremendous metaphor describing the strength and safety in the name of Yahweh. Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD

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Religion and Science

Religion and Science Religion and Science Glossary Cosmology the study of the origins of the universe How did the world come into existence? Theory one Aristotle Taught that the universe has always existed and would always

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Cold War Lesson Plan. Central Historical Question: Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War: The United States or the Soviet Union?

Cold War Lesson Plan. Central Historical Question: Who was primarily responsible for the Cold War: The United States or the Soviet Union? Lesson Plan Central Historical Question: Who was primarily responsible for the : The United States or the Soviet Union? Materials: PowerPoint Copies of Timeline Copies of Documents A-D Copies of Guiding

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Unit 9 Lesson 5 Popes, Kings and Challenges to the Church

Unit 9 Lesson 5 Popes, Kings and Challenges to the Church Unit 9 Lesson 5 Popes, Kings and Challenges to the Church Lesson 5 Popes, Kings and Challenges to the Church Directions Read each False statement below. Replace each underlined word with one from the word

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Sparta was the greatest military power in the Greek city-states Spartans lived in harsh conditions, without luxuries, to make them tough fighters.

Sparta was the greatest military power in the Greek city-states Spartans lived in harsh conditions, without luxuries, to make them tough fighters. Sparta was the greatest military power in the Greek city-states Spartans lived in harsh conditions, without luxuries, to make them tough fighters. There is much less information about the Spartans than

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Haslingden High School RE HOMEWORK BOOKLET Year 8 Block A

Haslingden High School RE HOMEWORK BOOKLET Year 8 Block A Haslingden High School RE HOMEWORK BOOKLET Year 8 Block A Name: Form: Subject Teacher: Date Given: Date to Hand in: Level: Effort: House Points: Comment: Target: Parent / Guardian Comment: 0 Year 8 Block

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Life of Moses, Part 6 God Never Wastes an Experience Exodus 2:1-10

Life of Moses, Part 6 God Never Wastes an Experience Exodus 2:1-10 Life of Moses, Part 6 God Never Wastes an Experience Exodus 2:1-10 Just thought I d drop you a note to clue in on my plans. I ve fallen in love with a guy named Jim. He quit school after the eleventh grade

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Objective: God is all Powerful! Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 19:26b With man this is impossible, but with God all things are THEME OVERVIEW

Objective: God is all Powerful! Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 19:26b With man this is impossible, but with God all things are THEME OVERVIEW Jesus the Magnificent Scripture: Luke 8:40-56 and Luke 18:35-43 Objective: God is all Powerful! Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 19:26b With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. THEME

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I N V E S T I C E D O R O Z V O J E V Z D Ě L Á V Á N Í ABSOLUTE MONARCHIES ABSOLUTE MONARCHIES Absolutism: Louis XIV of France born in 1638, ruled 1643-1715 as a child, he had to face the Frondes Revolt when the French high nobles rebelled against him he managed to take control

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Poster 5 - This is a primary source ; a poster ordered by the British government during the first world war. It was addressed to the English.

Poster 5 - This is a primary source ; a poster ordered by the British government during the first world war. It was addressed to the English. Poster 1 ordered by the British government during the first world war. It was addressed to English men to incite them to enlist in the British army. - A military leader, Lord Kitchener, is drawn and painted

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BEFORE THE ROOSTER CROWS BOOK 3, PART I, LESSON 5 BEFORE THE ROOSTER CROWS THE BIBLE: Luke 22:54-62 THEME: We remember that Jesus taught about love and showed love in everything he did. During Lent and Easter we remember and celebrate

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Chapter 8, Section 2 The Louisiana Purchase. Pages 272-277

Chapter 8, Section 2 The Louisiana Purchase. Pages 272-277 Chapter 8, Section 2 The Louisiana Purchase Pages 272-277 American Settlers Move West By the early 1800s, thousands of Americans settle in the area between the Appalachians and the Mississippi River. Kentucky,

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Men from the British Empire in the First World War

Men from the British Empire in the First World War In 1914, Britain ruled over one quarter of the world s surface area and 434 million people. This was known as the British Empire. When war broke out, Britain was desperate for men to fight. Unlike France,

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Introduction. Slowly, this strange fear grew into horror. Yes, horror. If I tell you why, you will not believe me. You will think I am mad.

Introduction. Slowly, this strange fear grew into horror. Yes, horror. If I tell you why, you will not believe me. You will think I am mad. Introduction Slowly, this strange fear grew into horror. Yes, horror. If I tell you why, you will not believe me. You will think I am mad. The Black Cat is one of Edgar Allan Poe s most famous horror stories.

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California Treasures High-Frequency Words Scope and Sequence K-3

California Treasures High-Frequency Words Scope and Sequence K-3 California Treasures High-Frequency Words Scope and Sequence K-3 Words were selected using the following established frequency lists: (1) Dolch 220 (2) Fry 100 (3) American Heritage Top 150 Words in English

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THEME: God has a calling on the lives of every one of His children!

THEME: God has a calling on the lives of every one of His children! Devotion NT298 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: Paul s First Missionary Journey THEME: God has a calling on the lives of every one of His children! SCRIPTURE: Acts 12:25 13:52 Dear Parents

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Jane Addams. The good we seek for ourselves is uncertain until it is secure for all of us

Jane Addams. The good we seek for ourselves is uncertain until it is secure for all of us Jane Addams 1931 The good we seek for ourselves is uncertain until it is secure for all of us Jane Addams spent her life trying to help the poor. She is best known for establishing Hull House. This was

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Assignment Discovery Online Curriculum

Assignment Discovery Online Curriculum Lesson title: Reflections of Ancient Greece Grade level: 5-6, with an adaptation for older students Subject area: Ancient History Duration: Two or three class periods Assignment Discovery Online Curriculum

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King Solomon. ~ Philip Graham Ryken Crossway, 2011 254 pages

King Solomon. ~ Philip Graham Ryken Crossway, 2011 254 pages King Solomon The Temptations of Money, Sex, and Power ~ Philip Graham Ryken Crossway, 2011 254 pages Take-Aways Neither a successful beginning nor a strong mid-life can insulate you from failure later

More information 2 2 Create your own Home Front diary for the Second World War Use the documents and photographs in our Home Front website as evidence to help you write a diary about how your life was affected by the Second

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Introduction 11 Chronology 15. Chapter 1: Background on George Orwell

Introduction 11 Chronology 15. Chapter 1: Background on George Orwell Contents Introduction 11 Chronology 15 Chapter 1: Background on George Orwell 1. The Life of George Orwell 21 Contemporary Authors An ardent proponent of human decency, individuality, and social welfare,

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Credit-by-Exam Review - US History A

Credit-by-Exam Review - US History A separation of powers checks and balances individual rights popular sovereignty federalism separation of powers Mayflower Compact Thomas Paine's Common Sense abolitionists What was the difference in the

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YEAR 3: ANCIENT GREECE- UNIT 2 (5 lessons)

YEAR 3: ANCIENT GREECE- UNIT 2 (5 lessons) YEAR 3: ANCIENT GREECE- UNIT 2 (5 lessons) Contents Include: Greek Philosophy The Rise of Alexander the Great Alexander s conquests The death and legacy of Alexander Suggested Teacher Resources: A Little

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Chapter 11 Quiz- The Roaring 1920s

Chapter 11 Quiz- The Roaring 1920s Chapter 11 Quiz- The Roaring 1920s Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Ch. 11.1 The Republican Decade 1. Key features of Republican administrations

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The Greeks 500 300 BC. Greek City States Early Greek sates called polis Usually built around a market or fortified hill top called an acropolis

The Greeks 500 300 BC. Greek City States Early Greek sates called polis Usually built around a market or fortified hill top called an acropolis The Greeks 500 300 BC Greek City States Early Greek sates called polis Usually built around a market or fortified hill top called an acropolis Greek City-State Political Monarch - ruled by a single person

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How accurate is it to say that the Black Power movements of the 1960s achieved nothing for Black Americans?

How accurate is it to say that the Black Power movements of the 1960s achieved nothing for Black Americans? How accurate is it to say that the Black Power movements of the 1960s achieved nothing for Black Americans? An answer given a mark in Level 5 of the published mark scheme In the 1960s different Black Power

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Gold Coast s Elmina Castle, a Dutch-Ghanaian monument Text and photographs by drs (Msc) Dirk Teeuwen

Gold Coast s Elmina Castle, a Dutch-Ghanaian monument Text and photographs by drs (Msc) Dirk Teeuwen Gold Coast s Elmina Castle, a Dutch-Ghanaian monument Text and photographs by drs (Msc) Dirk Teeuwen Photographs are not available. See text on page 6 and 10 P.1 Elmina Castle from the east; Elmina Castle

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MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS The American Legion MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS P.O. BOX 1055 INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46206-1055 (317) 630-1253 Fax (317) 630-1368 For God and Country Memorial Day 2016 The American Legion Media & Communications Division

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Table of Contents. Part One: Social Studies Curriculum

Table of Contents. Part One: Social Studies Curriculum Table of Contents Part One: Social Studies Curriculum Chapter I: Social Studies Essay Questions and Prewriting Activities 1. Western Political Thought 1 2. The Age of Revolution 6 3. The Age of Napoleon

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Remember the Alamo. The Changing Border of the Southwest

Remember the Alamo. The Changing Border of the Southwest Remember the Alamo The Changing Border of the Southwest Interact: What do you think this picture shows? In the year 1820, the new country of the United States and the newer country of Mexico had a lot

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A. Solomon: a Wise King Acts Foolishly B. Rehoboam: a Privileged Son Repeats a Father s Mistakes

A. Solomon: a Wise King Acts Foolishly B. Rehoboam: a Privileged Son Repeats a Father s Mistakes Title: The Kings after David Divide Israel A. Solomon: a Wise King Acts Foolishly B. Rehoboam: a Privileged Son Repeats a Father s Mistakes Theme: (Producer develops theme(s) from the following resource

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Mama Maggie: The Egyptian Mother Teresa

Mama Maggie: The Egyptian Mother Teresa Mama Maggie: The Egyptian Mother Teresa A Long Journey of Love and Giving Leads to a Nobel Nomination She is a woman whose thin body belies the amount of strength and energy that overflows from it to serve

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The Golden Calf. Pre-Session Warm Up. Opening Prayer. Memory Verse. Lesson. Moses Lesson #13 Page 69

The Golden Calf. Pre-Session Warm Up. Opening Prayer. Memory Verse. Lesson. Moses Lesson #13 Page 69 Pre-Session Warm Up The Golden Calf (Exodus 19-32) Imagine being invited to visit a king in his palace. How would you act? Would you run into the throne room, laughing and talking? Would you ignore the

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THEME: Jesus knows all about us and He loves us.

THEME: Jesus knows all about us and He loves us. Devotion NT224 CHILDREN S DEVOTIONS FOR THE WEEK OF: LESSON TITLE: The Woman at the Well THEME: Jesus knows all about us and He loves us. SCRIPTURE: John 4:1-42 Dear Parents Welcome to Bible Time for Kids!

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The Book of Ephesians

The Book of Ephesians The Book of Ephesians A study using 18 questions per chapter The purpose of this study is to find out What the Bible says. THE WORD FOR THE WORLD STUDIES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT by Bill DeLaughter Bill DeLaughter

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Cold War Spreads to Asia

Cold War Spreads to Asia Cold War Spreads to Asia China China becomes Communist 1920s Mao Zedong leads communist forces against Chiang Kai Shek leader of China s Nationalist government During WWII set aside civil war to resist

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Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau on Government

Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau on Government CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS FOUNDATION Bill of Rights in Action 20:2 Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau on Government Starting in the 1600s, European philosophers began debating the question of who should

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Soul-Winning Commitment Day. Sunday School/ Small Group Lessons. Soul-Winning. Commitment Day

Soul-Winning Commitment Day. Sunday School/ Small Group Lessons. Soul-Winning. Commitment Day Sunday School/ Small Group Lessons Soul-Winning Commitment Day Purpose of Lesson: This guide is for the purpose of preparing older children through adult Sunday school members to understand the importance

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Ordinary Moments of Grace

Ordinary Moments of Grace Ordinary Moments of Grace To everything there is a time and a season for every purpose under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to sow and a time to reap. A time to laugh and a time to

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Created by Paul Hallett

Created by Paul Hallett The Cuban Missile Crisis was a confrontation during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States regarding the deployment of nuclear missiles in Cuba. The missiles had been placed to protect

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~SHARING MY PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE~ April 2012 ~SHARING MY PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE~ Dear Friends, It is a certainty that shared values encourage cooperative relationships. I don t know who first said this, but I certainly believe it to be true.

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