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1 RED BANK REGISTER VOLUME LXXV, NO. 37. RED BANK, N. J., THURSDAY, MARCH 12, c PER COPY SECTION ONE PAGES 1 TO 12. New Shrewsbury Adopts Budget; 63-Point Boost OKt Salary Raise; 'Parkway Zoning' Set Up as Slop Gap NEW SHREWSBURY Without objections from any, source, the mayor and council last Thursday night adopted Us 1953 budget, which calls for a tax rate of per $1,000 of assessed valuation an increase of $6.30. The budget fixes the amount to be raised by taxation for school, municipal and.county use at 168, , as against $153, asked a year ago. An ordinance tied to the new budget was given full- approval, representing a general Increase, in salaries for borough employees. On an annual basis, these are the new salaries: Assessor, $1,500; treasurer, $575; clerk, $2,350; tax collector, $2,200; director of welfare, $330; magistrate, $575; court clerk, $120; public Health nurse, $440; public health inspector, $550; health board secretary, $110; laborers, $1,375 an hour; second class laborers, $1,125 an hour. 'Stop Gap' Zoning Approved on first reading but only after considerable debate was an ordinance which would place all unzoned property In the vicinity of the route of the Garden State parkway in residential zone one. Owners' in the southern part of town whoso lands are affected said they believed the zone one restriction that homes be built on lots having no less than 20,000 square feet or an approximate half-acre might hold back building and sales progress. They withdrew their protest, however, upon council's assurance that this is only R "stop-gap" control, subject to adjustment, revision and change. The local government has been seeking a way to prevent the sudden mushrooming of colonies of undesirably smalr houses on little lota near the parkway. If the area remained uiuoned, nothing could stop such construction. Tinyhousei are unwanted because in educational and service costs they represent an economic loss. However, counctlmen agreed zone one rules might not always be the best thing for the whole area and promised the matter will be studied fully later. Swine Herders Problem An amendment to the garbage hauling ordinance was proposed by Councilman Arthur A. Erickson. Local swine herders have been upset because-present taws require them to pay fees for licenses to haul garbage In an amount based upon the number of pigs a health official counted on their farm* laat summer. They claim the rule Is unfair In that there always are many more pigs in summer than In winter. Mr. Eriekson said eight herders agreed with him on a formula which would have two count* taken each year, in July and in December, the total to be added together then divided by two. The resultant figure would be the one upon which fees would be asked the tees to range upward from $5 for a count up to 20 to $50 for as many as 100 with additional fees for more than that. Mayor J. Lester Rlgby refused to accept objections about the IMS summer count. He said all herders would have to buy licenses based on that estimate before they could do business this year, and no change would be possible In fee prices until 1H4. "I do not intend to let anyone violate existing ordinances," he told a man who complained about the system. The mayor set up an April deadline for coming to a hew agreement. Mr. Eriekson said he would go back to the herderi and tell them just how his plan would work to avoid future misunderstanding. Councilman Coletto M. Epps said he wants to get a rigid dog control ordinance on the books. He talked about a speech given by Charles Carlton, head of a dog control agency, given at a Feb. IS intermunlc i>al meeting at Oceanport, to show there Is a way to handle the problem. Mr. Carlton's recommendatlona, he said, Included provisions for restricting doga to owners premises or retaining them by aah, the hiring of wardens to enforce the law and catch strays deemed dangerous, employment of a service like his own that would make weekly clean-up patrols, and other measures. License fee money would cover most bills, said Mr. Epps. Mr, Epps said that news stories have told about children belnt attacked by dogs and he knew people afraid to go Into the streets without clubs to protect themselves. "Something has got to be done," he aid, Mayor Rlgby Instructed Mr. Epps to make a further study, with assistanee by Borough Attorney Milton Mausner. to And out lutt what dog control would cost the borough and how an ordinance should be worded. A report was received front the state's health office that Ranch Manor a Ift-acro tract of the former Harold Hendrlekson property off Newman Springs rd. ha< been approved for sewage dlipoia units needed in the construetlon ol new homed; Chief of Follco Louis A, smiang«r complained of speeding on Hhark River rd. at the Navy rd. Intersection and asked for author* y to have white lines painted so nri'osts ean be made. Mayer Rigbv asked Ernest Hlltbrunner, road supervisor, to cheek the site, beeiuia* part of the crossing In Atlnntlo township and co-operative action may bo neaded, A representative from the Hane Park Civic association brought In a rflqutat for MI In llio fonolng-ln nf a Cherry ad site li develop. Ing u a playground. Segalls to Read Weekly Service Rabbi Arthur H. Hershon will reich on "Conservative Judaism in the Realm of Dr. Schechter and Dr. FinkeUteln" at the weekly services of Congregation Bnai Israel tomorrow at 8 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Segall will ead the services. An oneg shabbat will follow. Saturday there will be junior lerviccs at J a. m., with adult services at 10. Rabbi Herahon will reach on the portion of the week. > Rabbi Hershon announced that he annual Masonic night services will be held Friday, Mar. 30, at the synagogue. A prominent speaker will be present and some of the Maaonic brothers will participate in the services. 53 New Gtizens Are Naturalized FREEHOLD Naturalization was xtended to S3 new citizens here last week before Judge J. Edward Knight. The privileges and responsibilities of citizenship were outlined by Judge Knight. Mrs. Helen Hoffman of Red Bank, vice president of the Red Bank area, League of Women Voters, welcomed the new citizens and urged hem to take an active part In voting in all elections. She also passed out copies of the league's mphlet, "Know Tour County," to ;he citizens. The list of new citizens: Elizabeth Nadler, 57 Hudson ewe., West Keansburg, German; Pasquale Importa, Cloverhlll rd., Holmdel, alian; Frieda Severin, Ninth avc, Neptune, German; George Theodore Karagias, Ridge rd., Rumson, Greek; Margit Southard, Fourth ave., Bradley Beach, Hungarian; Maria Komorek, R. D. 3, Freehold, Polish; Lui Villarln Malone, Box 221, Oceanport, Filipino; Elisabeth Cammock Thompson, Sixteenth ave., South Belinar, Scotch; Felix Meier, Fifth ave, Asbury Park, 8wlss. Helen Isabel Woodward, 12 Asbury ave,, Atlantic Highlands, Canadian; Inge Marianne Brocks, 44 Alameda ct., Shrewsbury, German; Hlldegard Gay, Westwood ave., Long Branch, German; Emma Chapman, Post Trailer camp, Fort Monmouth, German; Lilly Borman, R. D. 2, Neptune, Latvian; Nara Parker, 2T0 Pine Brook rd., Eatontown, alian; George Johan Brandon, Kent rd., Lakewood, Dutch Guiana; Margaret Solttt Berry, North Fifth ave., Long Branch, Csechoelovaklan; Margarethe Hermiane Sulka, Olive at., Neptune, Austrian; Waltraud Sullivan, 45 Main at, Oceanport, fir-man, Hug* Duncan. Curningham, Seventh ave., Asbury Park, Scotch; Prasseda Allnda Beianson, Oakwood ave., Long Branch, alian; Llaaelotte Sugawa, Plymouth ave., Port Monmouth, German; Edna May Finch, Pine Tree Trailer park, Eatontown, English; Ilie Otrtrud Southward, 24 Falrfleld ave, Oceanport, German; Agostlno Alberto Bortolottl, Summcrneld ave., Asbury Park. alian; Alolsla Jullanna Qulnn, West End ave., Long Branch, German; Olympla Marie Theresla Ware, Keyport.rd., Mlddletown, German; Margaret Boardman,' Second ave., Asbury Park, Oerman; Thonny Petersen, Catherine at., North Long Branch, Norwegian; Amelle Frances Buhler, 12 East WesUlde ave., Red Bank, German; Henryk Mojtkowakl, State hospital, Marlboro, Polish. Olga and Dimitry Tkacsenko, 60 Chestnut st.. Red Bank, Polish; Karl Herman Friedrich, Monmouth blvd, Belmar, German; Gladys Margaret Rice Macintosh, IS Haddon park, Red Bank, Engtlah; Alleen O'Brien, Summerfleld ave., Asbury Park, Irish; Lulgi Oemlgnanl, Westboure ave., Long Branch, alian; Joan Agnes Doyle, Lorraine dr., Keyport, English; Met* Von- Boraysekowakl, Second ave., Asbury Park, German; Charles Boardman, Second ave,, Asbury Park, German; Felix Mehl,. Broadway, Long Branch, Czechoslovaks; Ruth Marlon Clayton, Seventh ave, Asbury Park, Canadian. Christine Oiesc, H Willow at., Port Monmouth, Austrian; Wilhelmlne Dorothea Kole, 121 rt. 15, Red Bank, German; Helene Peppers, Elmwood avt., Long Branch, Oerman; Vllma Anna Morton, Wardell pi., Long Branch, Czechoslovak- Ian; Miguel Angel Perelra, Teddy Kalb farm, Freehold, Nicer aguan; Minnie May Isaroleta, Kdgawater dr., Matawan, English; Norah Brabin, 181 North Riverside ave., Red Bank, English; Ruth Cwllsky, Throckmorton at. Freehold, Oerman; Ernest Max Adler, Randolph rd., Freehold, Oerman; Hans Wolfgang Freymuth, State hospital, Marlboro, German; Doreen Matilda Edwards, Cold Indian Springs rd, Wayside, English. Thaler Heads Troast Campaign RUMION - Robert Thaler of Blngham hill has been appointed exeeutlve director of the Troast for Governor campaign,, Paul L, Troast, chairman of the New Jersey Turnpike authority, Is a candidate for the Republican nomination In the April primary election. Mr, Thaler will work out of state headquarters In the Hotel Essex, Newark, Mr. Thalsr was a leader In the flght of Monmouth county commuters for Improved rail safety controls and a new treitle at Mat- wan after the Woodbrldg* train wreck In 1M1. He la president of the Offlee Machine and Equipment company, Inc., of Jersey City. Mr, Thaler Is a member of Oreseent Temple, Trenton, and a I2d degree Maion In the Jersey City con«ls tory, He Is a business admlnlstia tlon graduate of Rider collige arid li a membir of the Red Bank Re< publican cluh, Etkt and Kiwtnii club of Jerity City, Elks Honor Charter Members Charter member* of tho Elks lodg* of Rod Bank who war* honored l*»t Thursday night by th* lodge. Left to right: R. V. R. H. Stout, Clinton F. Elliott, Joseph Bray, Thomas Irving Brown, Fred Mag** and Harry G. Degenring. Kiwanis to Bring Marine Band Here The 155-year-old United States Marine band, oldest military symphonic musical organization in the country, will visit R«d Bank Tuesday, Sept. 22, at the Red Bank armory under the auspices of the Red Bank Klwanls club. John B. Myers, Jr., president of the Red Bank Kiwanis club, has announced that matinee and evening concerts will be presented, with musical works "by the world's finest composers and stirring marches which have brought the Marine Band acclaim from visiting dignitaries of almost every country In the world."' Th. PmMMrt^PProved tour will carry the Marine ban 5,000 miles through the Northeastern and Midwestern sections of the country.,.will open at Kennett Square, Pa, Sept. 13, and conclude at Chester, Pa, Nov. T. "Presides)!'* Own" Conducted by Lieut. Col. William F. Santelmann. the Marine band la known to millions of Americana through its three weekly coast-tocoast radio broadcasts, ita frequent television appearances and ltd concerts in the nation's capital. The annual tours, whleh started under the direction of John Philip Sousa in 18»1, have afforded Americans living outside the Washington area an opportunity to see and hear the world-famous band, whose history goes back further than that of the capital city itself. Familiarly known as "The President's Own," the Marine band has played for every inauguration since Thomas Jefferson's. Founded In 1TW by an Act of Congress, th* band has played for all official functions in* the capital and. all history making events In this country since that date. The personnel of the Marine band Includes musicians screened and selected from some of th* nation's leading symphony orchestras, high school and college bands. To be accepted, an applicant must pass a strenuous audition on two Instruments and undergo a rigid physical examination. When the band appears In Red Bank, it will mark the first concert of the colorful Msrina musical organisation In this community. Local Presents Lung to Hospital ABBURT PARK-Lacal IN of the International Ladles' Garment Woriurs union of Monmouth and Ocean counties Saturday night presented an Iron lung to Monmouth Memorial hospital In ceremonies held at the Metropolitan hotel here. Sam Feutrsteln, business agent of the local, presented the Iron lung to Roland J. Hmss, chairman of the Monmouth county chapter of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, aa members of thu lecal'a extcutlve board, which sponsored the drive for funds for ths Iron lung, guests and George Rubin, vice president of the union and general manager of the cloak out-of-town department, looked on. The lung was donated a* memorial to the lat* aimon Abrahams, former chairman of the local. Committee members for the drive were Peter Antonulccl, Sadie La Recco, Jsne De Oenlto, lam peucritein, Sam Gross, Nick Mmpenells, Noble Resclgno, Anna Normsnd, James Puppo, Ann Layton, Boruls Jankowlch, Smile Skidmore, Carmlna Torino, Julia Marcus, Bam Wllkens, Helen White, Edgar Klebanovlch, Also, John ailmore, Into Moore, Tony Segnortlll, Mary Cerlueel, Anthony BignorelH, Joseph Attavlano,.Laura Kallcke, Joseph Saduskft Marian Steppe, Phillip Mayy; James llclllano, Alix Sadusky, Frank Vlntowikl, Lucy Salamene, Augustus Lewis and Andrew Sirns,. htss> Faislesi Udlo' Iliad* Jaokfita and %-linsth eo»ti, Man.v MylM mill flolon lo cnonin from, 1:18,0,1 to IS. Hint! 10 lo,1(1, Klilln'i, Mniml a ml front i >, Ht, 4. HUM. Ar)v«rila*m*n1, Red Banker Promoted WUUaM W. Ftatt. William W. Pratt of M But Bergen pi. Red Bank, has been appointed supervisor of the product improvement engineering department of the Wtston electrical Instrument Corp. of Newark. Mr. Pratt was formerly staff assistant to the chief production superintendent. He Joined the company as a mechanical Investigator and later was mad* head of the methods department A graduate of Newark college of Engineering, Mr. Pratt Is a member of the American society of metals. Prior to Joining the Weston Corp., he operated a marine, automotive machine tool business in Asbury Park. Hurt on Train, Awarded $1,009 LONG BRANCH Miss Joan Davenport of SM Broad st, Red Bank, received an award of (1,000 this week against the Pennsylvania Railroad company for injuries received laat July IS while a passenger on a Pennay train between Red Bank and Newark. Miss Davenport, who was represented by Edward W. Wise, Jr., of the Red Bsnk law firm of Wise and Wise, was awarded the Judgment In district court here before Judge Alton V. Ivans. According to Miss Davenport's testimony, she and a friend boarded a train in Rid Bank for the purpose of going to Newark on a shopping trip. When the train reaehed Newark she started to alight to the station platform when a ste«door that covers the steps and whleh must be raised by a member of the train crew before passenger* can descend cam* loose and fell on her foot, causing a deep Ucer atlon, The railroad was represented by James Laird of Asbury Park. Safety Program At Riverview The opening feature of an extensive safety program, initiated by Mrs. Julia Throckmorton, administrator of Riverview hospital, was presented last Thursday when the entire hospital personnel viewed a safety Aim entitled "Diagnosis- Danger!" The film dealing specifically with accident haiards peculiar to hospitals won a national award for excellence in its field. told briefly, in an entertaining yet Instructive manner, the story of a hospital administrator who had to have an accident himself before hi* eyes were opened to the dangers surrounding hospital patients and employees. told how he searched out these haiards and what steps he took to eliminate them.....,._ The Dim was shown by Albert F. Kroll of Westflekt, a qualified safety engineer, specialising In hospital safety problems, who has been engaged by Mrs. Throckmorton to lend eipert guidance to the safety program at Riverview. Two weeks ago, at the request of Mrs. Throckmorton, Mr. Kroll made a thorough inspection of the entire hospital. A week later he was invited to lecture to a gathering of hospital department heads. The presentation of the safety film was a further step aimed to broaden the program' to include, every employee. For Mrs. Throckmorton felt that only by enlisting the aid of every one from the highest to the lowest can Rlvervlew'a excellent safety record, one of the best In the state, be maintained. Choir to Sing The Craciaxlon' The choir of Trinity Episcopal church will preimt th* "Crucifixion," a meditation on the Sacred Passion of tn* Holy Redeemer, at the church Wednesday, Apr. 1, at I p. m. The public la Invited. Charles Ootschalk, organist and choirmaster, is director. The solo- Isti will be Htini Htlmer, Richard Warntr, Harry MacDonald and Walter Ludwlg, all regular choir members, The "Crucifixion" was composed by John Stalner, BIMIC on Commillce Planning Convention Frank F, Blalsdsll, Inc. Bridge avi,, Is a member of a committee planning th* th annual convention of the New Jersey Lumbermen's association to be hsld at the Olarldge hotel, Atlantic City, Wad nuday, Mar. 38, through Friday, Mar, 27. Fred W, Rchints of Chandler and Maps, Ino,, Long Branch, pmlclm of the Molly Pitcher Moo-Moo club, will prmlde. at a dinner of Ih* Oil Outrd HM-HM slues th* Uth. Stilwell Fines Eight Speeders COLT'S NECK Magistrate Stan ley Stllwell lined eight speeders S and costs of court each here Friday In Atlantic township court, They were: Frank J. Farregno, Point Pleasant; Herman F. Stark, Hackensack; Carmen V. Freda, La' valette; William Wier. Neptune, Herbert Michelson, Lakewood; Alson W. Gerahon, East Orange; Lewis F. Capnlle, Asbury Paik, and Robert Goldberg, Hillside. The magistrate lined Vera O. Jones of Englishtown and W. Howard Steever of Jersey City $19 each for careless driving. William A. Dore of Freehold paid $13 for careless driving. Passing a halted school bus brought a $1S fine to Harold Kantor of Elberon. Edmund Green of Lavalette paid $13 for Improper passing. For. maintaining unsafe vehicles Charles T. Smith of Jersey City was fined ft and Mieles Motor Transport, Inc. of Jerssy City paid $3 costs ol court. Th* magistrate fluid Louia W Kaufman of Elisabeth is for driving with defaced license plates. Fines of $ each were paid by the following for improper passing Alpha C. Muertln, Maplewood; Pasquale Vacearlello, Brooklyn; Jamei Lama, Florida; Raymond J. Waidon, Chatham; Courtney E, Muth, West Keansburg; Jerome L, Conrad, Trenton, and Foreman H, Magulre, Matawan. Elks Pay Tribute To Charter and Old Time Members Only Nine of 141 Who Signed Charter Still On Membership Koll Last Thursday night, before a capacity filled lodge room, the Red Bank Lodge of Elks paid tribute to nine out of 141 charter members, six of whom were present, they boing Joseph Bray, R. V. R. H. Stout, Harry G. Degenring, Fred Magcc, Clinton F. Elliott and Thomas Irving Brown. About 25 "old timers," having served the lodge 25 years or more, were also recognized. During the heading of "good of the order," Exalted Ruler Adolpli Weiss called upon the charier and ild timers to appear before tho altar, at which time John L. Montgomery, the faithful secretary of the lodge, who is one of the "old timers" and Past Exalted Ruler of Red Bank lodge, in his own Inimitable manner, paid a commanding tribute to all. He then introduced each charter mmebcr with appropriate remarks as to their contribution toward Elkdoni and presented tfccm each with an honorary life membership certificate, at which time the members greeted them with a tumultuous ovation. The charter members unable to be present were Richard Applegato of Red Bank, Lester "Doc" Mc- Queen of Shrewsbury, who haa been in poor health several months, and Thomas Williams, now living in California. Under the heading of "new businesa" the lodge nominated the following officers for the ensuing year: Exalted Ruler, Patrick Vaccarelli; Esteemed Leading Knight, Edwin Jacobs; Esteemed Loyal Knight, Gordon Van Horn; Esteemed Lecturing Knight, Victor Lorch; Sec retary, John L. Montgomery; Treasurer, Kenneth Smith, and trustee for five years, Harry May. A trustee for three years to fill tho uncxplred term of Peter J. Eichele, who resigned from this ortlce after having served close to IS years, will be nominated at the annual clcc tlon of the lodge to be held Thurs day, Mar. 19. At the conclusion of the business section "Addle" Kind, chairman of the entertainment committee, presented the "Battons" of Port Mon mouth, who entertained the mem' bers with their magic, mystic and mirth. Refreshments were served following the evening session with the Eleven o'clock toast given by Past District Deputy and Tut Exalted Ruler Eichele. olumbia Professor to Keynote Tonight's School Board Workshop Ceo. A. Wilde Joins Stephenson Corp. EATONTOWN George A. Wilde hag been made general production manager at Stephennon corporation, liiewsbury, manufacturers of res- Iratlon and scientific equipment, according to an announcement from the company. Mr. Wilde was ormcrly production manager of Faspray corporation, Red Bank, of which his father, Alex E. Wilde Is general manager. Juniors to Give Fashion Show LITTLE ailvb-vlrglnla Wlllett, brldsl consultant of fltclnbach's of Asbury Park, will ho commentator at a fashion show tho store will present Mar, 30 at the school auditorium hor«, Ths event Is th* annual bridge and fashion show ef the local Junior Woman's dub, Club members who will be models Include Misses Barbara Dortmu*, Gladys Cottrolt, Mrs, Edward W. Carroll, Mrs, C, J, Houtvworlh, Mrs, Kenneth Walker,,h\, and Mrs. K, C, Houston. Mis, Houston and Mi 1 *, Houiowuith Hin lush Ion ihow chalrimn, Mr*, Bshtunbuig and Mis* MHy LIM are general chair* Annual Nursing Benefit Mar. 27 RUMSON The Princeton uni verslty Glee club will give its third annual concert for the benefit of the Public Health Nursing association of Rumson, Sea Bright and Fair Haven Friday night, Mar. 27, at the high school auditorium here. Announcement of the concert was made this week by Mrs. Robert C, Ilsley, association president, Mrs. George F. Burt and Mrs. Ilsley are general chairmen, assisted by Mrs. James G. VanNostrnnd. treasurer; Mrs. Francis H. P. McCarter, special awards; Mrs. James R. Clarke, program; Mrs, George Werlemann, ushers; Mrs Randall Keator, Jr., dance, and Mrs, Bayard D. Stout, ticket sales, Mrs. Ilsley Is directing publicity. Mrs. Burt heads the patrons' conv mlttee. Assisting Mrs. Stout are Mrs. Harold Ahlers, Mrs. Frank F. Blalsdell, Mrs. David Brewster, Mrs. Edward M. Crane, Jr., Mrs. Edgar V. Denlsc, Mrs. L. H. Dennis, Mrs Holmes Dyer, Mrs. David Freeman Mrs. Philip Goodwin, Mrs. John G. Heermans, Jr., Mrs. Sherman Hoyt, Mrs. William Hutching*, Mrs, D. J. Leuthe, Mrs. Anthony L. McKIm, Mrs. Harvey Schatskln and Mrs. Arnold Tulp. Serving with Mrs. Clarke en the program committee are Mrs. Blalsdell, Mrs. Stout, Mrs. E. Jaekson Batchclar, 8r, Mrs. Edgar N. Blake, Mrs. Peter Cartmeli, Mrs. Lawrence R. Clarke, Mrs. William B. Heatley, Mrs. Je'rrold Meyer, Mrs, John Miller. 2d, Mrs. J, Spencer Pitts, Mrs. William Balladin, Mrs. Earle Snyder and Mrs. John flpurdle, Members of the price committee, headed by Mrs. McCarter, include Mrs. Batcheiar, 8r., Mrs. Crane, Jr., Mrs. Keator, Jr., Mrs, Meyer, Mm. Miller, Mrs, VanNosirand, Mrs, John Borland, Jr.. Mrs. John CalUn, Mrs. James R, Clarke, Mrs. George Coe, Jr., Mrs, James Vlnley, Mrs. Philip Greene, Mm, Eldon Harvey, Jr., Mrs, Joseph Hoagland, Jr., Mrs, Porter Hoaglander, Jr., Mre, Horace K, Hurner, Mrs, Unr rlson King, Mrs, Lloyd Lawrence, Mrs, Manton Metcalf, Id, Mrs, Norman Hamsey, Mrs, John Runselt, Mrs, Craig Heverance, Mrs, John Sin not!, Mrs, James Smith, Mrs. Norman Toerge, Mrs. Stuart A Young, Jr., and Miss Grace Portei Aailstlni Mrs, Hurt with patron nro Mrs, Callen, Mis,,Coe, Jr., Mrs, Heatley, Mrs. Homer, Ml«* Porter, Mix. Geoffrey Axoy, Mis, Alfred N, Bendlenton, Mm. M, P, Ch*mb«rlain, Mrs, Kllot Cnlanmn, Mrs. Pntet H, B, Cummlng, Mrs, Louis Hague Mrs, Merrltt T, Lane, Jr., Mrs, William B, Leonard, 3d, Mrs, Frank nitohle, Mrs, Edwird Rogers, Mrs, Oeorge Scolt, Mrs, Bennttt Vro. nun and Mrs, Young, Sr. An sddtd attraction this yea will lie th«sppnarance of th "Princeton finer," wtll-known foi lilu tumisliifc- aiitli'ii lit PCOUH foot 1mlI teamen. TlcU'tii inny he nb Uln«t( (torn Mi*. Stout. «n<4 h«i rnmmltim fflpmhot's, nr»t (h school th* nliht ef th* concert GtM>r»e A, Wilde- In his new post Mr. Wilde will have the responsibility of increasing production capacity ot Stephenearx corporation's plant on White rd., Shrewsbury, with particular mphasts on two portable model rcsuscitators. The larger unit Is ho same as that used by Red Bank's rescue squads and similar organization all over America and in several foreign countries. The smaller unit is the new "Minuteman Resuscitator," which was developed with the help of the Armed Services, and is now being used by them all over the world. This small, light-weight breathing machine has been so successful that it has expanded the resuscitation market to include summer camps, beaches, schools, Y.M.C.A's, hotels having swimming pools and even office buildings where it protects occupants against heart attacks. Mr. Wilde U also amplifying testing procedures at Stephenson corporation to include a chamber which will make testa on rcsuscitators under conditions simulating altitude pressures encountered at 1,000 to 90,000 feet. Another production project now in the works Is a small, simplified drunkomctcr, which will widen the use of chemical tests for intoxication in New Jersey and all over the country. Born In Detroit, he Is a graduate of Red Bank high school and atended Rutgers university, where he majored in mechanical engineer Ing. Mr. Wilde Is a veteran of World War, having served with the Signal Corps as a first lieutenant In the Air Corps in the European, African and Middle Eastern thcatesi. He lives with his wire, the former Dorothy Sharkcy, and their four children, Judith Ann, Jamea Alexander, Nancy Jean and Marcla Joan at 9 Irving pi., Eatontown. He is a member of the Eatontown board of education, the Monmouth county council, Boy Scouts of America, and a former member of tho Lions club. Settlement Ends 3-Year-Old Suit FREEHOLD A suit listed for trial in county court In which Arthur B. Harkin of 140 Franklin avc., Long Branch, and Clarence Llntner of Sallneville, Ohio, sued Valmore Lagelier of Fort Monmouth was settled this week in favor of the plaintiffs for $2,178. The plaintiffs, who were represented by Edward W. Wise, Jr., of the firm of Wise and Wise, Red Bank, Instituted suit for injuries received in an auto accident May 18, 1050, when all three were in the service, stationed at Fort Monmouth. The Accident occurred in Ocean port at the Intersection of Portau peck ave. and Ocearport ave., adjacent to the Monmouth Park race track. Mr, Harkln's automobile, In which Mr, Llntner was a pauonger, was traveling north on Oceanport ave. when was struck by an auto oporated by Mr. Lagelier In a westerly direction on Portaupsck avc causing the Injuries. The unusual delay In the trial was occasioned by the fact that shortly after the accident, all thro men were sent to Korea on military duty, LiiRellor was represented b; Georjro Lahey of Newark. Hollo Corp, Hct-fivca Performance Trophy KBYPORT - rtnllo Trucking Corp, of tills borough was one of firm* awarded trophic* In recog nltlon of "outstanding perfornunc In the operation of motor trucks on New Jersey highways" during 1952, Tho awards were mndo at the annual dinner-dance of the Albert W, Blddulpli patrol agency at tho Hotel Ellaftboth-Cartorot, Kllsabsth, Edward Brendel, a Rollo driver, wt» unt of 11 drivers who received a wullel and ccrtlflcatn of merit In recognition of his "courteous ami snfn driving habits." ridmwl frnnfli fend", Th# mnhfrn frottn fom* wlih elii fiislentd Ad«irtU«m«M, aril a. Elsbree, director of the Institute of field studies in Teachera :ollege at Columbia university, will ic keynote speaker tonight in the ;rammar school here at the first vorkahop of the Monmouth Couny School Boards' association. His half-hour speech, "The Duiea, Ethics and Responsibilities of School Board Members,", will be deivercd at 8 p. m. Prof. Elsbree hen will head a list of seven othr: prominent speakers in separate llscussion groups in various classooms. The talks will be wire re- :orded and published later as a report to member school boards. Though scheduled specifically for ichool board members in the coun-.y, the workshop will be open to (uperintendents, principals and clplng teachers. Howard VanBenhuysen, association president, will htroducc Prof. Elsbrcc. On the :ommlttce in ch-,>-ge are Mrs. Robrv McTague of.*.lantic Highlands, chairman; Frederic Messina, president of the host board of education; Harvey Holland, Marlboro; William Schlattercr, Howell townihip, and C. Richard Applegatc, freehold township. Local Member* Hosts Members of the local board will b,> claairoom hosts. The speaker, subject and host for each discusiion group will be: Prof. Elsbree, "Personnel Relations and the School Board," Albert J. atrassburgcr; Edward Kilpatrick, director of business services in the state department of education, "Financing Public School Education, 4 ' Charles Markham; Miss Lena Porrcca, principal of the Jackson Elementary school in Hackonsack, "Trends ia the Elementary School Program," Walter Deiss; Alfred Stone, member of the Hasbrouck board of education, "Planning th* Educational Facilities in Tour Community," William Crome; Dr, Thomas Robinson, president of the State Teachers college at Glassboro, "A Planned Program of Public Relations," A. J. Dalton; Mrs. Clifford Page, vice president of ths Fair Lawn board of education, legislative chairman of the Bergen county District Boards of Education association and member of the state federation, "Practices and Procedures ot Modern School Boards," Mr. Messina; Harold Odel], principal of Princeton high school, "Trends in the Secondary School Program," Mrs. Doris Isein; Dr. Charles Rexford Davis, legislative chairman of the st*t* federation of district boards, "Current School Legislation," Vincent J. McCue. Registration of board representatives is scheduled for 7:45 p. m. Prior to that, speakers and members of the workshop committee will dine at Shadowbrook inn. Rev. Arthur S. Joice, pastor of Shrewsbury Presbyterian church, will deliver the invocation. Scouts Alexandra Mcsalna and Howard Newman will perform the salute to the flag. Mrs. Alba White, Shrewsbury music teacher, will sing "Star Spangled Banner." Cedars Trim' 22 New Members A meeting of Bay View forest. No. 18, Tall Cedars of Lebanon was held in the Molly Pitcher hotel ballroom last.thursday evening. A capacity crowd attended including delegations from Trenton forest. No. 4; Ocean County forest, No. 19, of Tuckerton; Asbury Park forest. No. 39; Richmond forest, No. M, of Port Richmond, Statea Island, and Perth Amboy forest, No. 68. Georga R. Boyce, Claude Brideau, Kenneth H. Drury, Joseph K. Edwards, Raymond N. Fertlg, Emanual Gale, Manny LaZare. Lawrence O. Llttman, Raymond Mass, Monroe O. Marx. Albert Nelson, Amory E. Osborn, Louia Pragcr, Carlton H. Poling, Harold F. Rapp, George H. Silvers, Henry A. Westerfelt, Percy Wilson. Paul A. Young. Samuel Torg. Frederick Yorg and Nathan M. Zimmerman were properly trimmed by the B>y View forest Bark Skinners. Harry May, Jr, Frank Dennl* and Peter Pauels were presented with Pyramid Award pins for securing new members. District Representative J. Henry Dangler addressed tho gathering. Charles Stillwagon, chairman of thj muscular of Bay View foreit, spoke on this national objective of the Tall Cedar* of Lebanon. After the meeting a professional floor show was en- Joyed. The schedule of events for th* forest for tho balance ot the year are: A spring dance, Apr. 11; ceremonial, May 7; Supreme Forest convention at Atlantic City, May 21 to 24; beach party, June 31; ceremonial, Oct. 1; Ladles' night, Nov. 21, and the annual misting and election And Installation ( officers, Nov. 31. Officers for 1M3 are! Alfred Sot. omon, Grand Tall Cedar; Oabrlel Molnar, senior deputy Grand Tall Cedar; Paul E. Walsh, Junior deputy Grand Tall Cedar; Eugene Magee, treasurer; Russet L. Tetley, past araml Tall Cedar, scribe; Arthur!*, Pauels, past Grand Tall Cedar; Ray McLaughlln, past Grand Tall Cedar; and Earle B. Henschcl, past Grand Tail Cedar,.trustees; Albert F, t)auer, chaplain; Lewis flight, guide; Joseph W, Phillips, preceptor; William W. Baeher, sentinel; Kenneth C, Clayton, chief Btdontan; Walter Ob*r> relch, assistant chief Bldonltn, and Theodore B. Oetsler, pianist. LWIM* Msfks Thf limit MlMllon In N»w lituy. Wslit! «11 (ii 91 mil 14 la 44, IM* tn 110,95. Klillu'i, Hrnsil nil I'renl, UK H-lnvv Ailv«rtlitm»nt, tkkhilns ftttoltn Wf»My fir mnnlhly, Fh(me MB * tujk.j. Mnnmmilk iotkiitrlns l i «-A4v«rUi«mint.

2 FueTwd RED BANK REGISTER, MARCH 12,1958 Lawyer Explains New Auto Law George Elchler, Hudion county attorney with Jersey Mo- Hor Vehicle commission, explaining the new Security Responsibility law to the Red Bank Rotary club last Thursd»y pointed out that any person convicted of careless driving must produce evidence of financial responsibility or post an $11,000 bond with the Motor Ve- Hiicle commissioner to cover any future accidents. Under the new law, said Mr. Elchler, any driver against whom a Judgment has been granted, must settle the judgment within 60 days!or suffer revocation of his driver's license and cur registration which won't be reinstated until settlement i«made. Declaration of bankruptcy by the driver will do no good toward having the license and registration returned, he add- Effective Apr. 1. said the speaker, a driver must show financial responsibility immediately on being Involved in a motor vehicle accident an* again must be able to settle all claims within 80 days or lose his license. Uninsured drivers obtaining their licenses next year will have to pay an extra $3 while those having Insurance will have to pay $1 over their regular license fee. This money, plus one-half of one per cent of all premiums collected by insurance companies will be put into a state fund. From this fund, a person involved In an accident with an uninsured driver may collect up to $5,000 for death or Injury to one person, up to $10,000 for' two persons or up to $1,000 for property damage providing a judgment to that effect can be shown. At a penalty against the driver unable to pay the claim, he must settle the judgment within 00 days or reimburse the fund before having his right to drive returned. The speaker pointed out that of the 4,000,000 persons in New Jersey, half arc licensed drivers. He added there are 1,750,000 registered vehicles in the state. According to Mr. Eichlcr, all new motor vehicle laws are alined at getting the accident-prone driver off the road. Meet Important means to this end he stated Is the vigorous enforcement of motor vehicle laws by local police. The local magistrate, explained Mr. Bichler, hat the right to revoke the license of any person willfully breaking a motor vehicle law. The ttate, said the speaker, Is getting rid of the accident-prone driver by means of the new point system. That law, although effective July 1, 1992, Is retroactive three years he pointed out. Thus far he stated, the motor vehicle department ha* tabulated the firat 800 cases to come before under the point system. Of theboo driven, 4M have had their licenses revoked for period! fromso days to on* year. Fort to Continue Jury Duty Support FORT MONMOUTH-Emphasls- Ing the Importance of trlsl by jury In our system of Justice, the Department of the Army recently restated s policy that request* that personnel be excused from jury, duty will not be made, except in cases of actual necessity, John D. Sullivan, chief of civilian personnel here, Mid this week. Thli action followed a report recently circularised by the.district of Columbia branch of the American Bar association committee on Improving the administration of justice. The report said difficulties are generally encountered by our courts of law due to the numerous requests that prospective jurors be accused or deferred. Reviewing applicable mutations governing civil service employees' leave, Mr, Sullivan pointed out that leave without lots of pay or annual leave it granted employees appointee without specific time limitations for jury service, Africa Is largely platetu, but his little land that Is very high or very low, and hence its average elevation Alia. SCHOOL NEWS SHREWSBURY Kindergarten A. M. (Miss Jeanne Miller) We have started learning about animals. We had a movie called "Baby Animals" which greatly interested the children. We have learned several songs such as Little Bunny Rabbit and The Squirrel. Anlmnl imitations in rhythms have centered in our rhythmic activities. The celebration of Ernie Raynor's sixth birthday was one cf the spot- Ights this week. Kindergarten P. M. (Mrs. Luella Bradshaw) "The world is so full of a number of things." Mrs. Luella Bradshaw'a d»s«han been watering and watching, with great interest the growth of the narcissus bulbs that Linda Smythe brought. The first bud bloomed Feb. 20. This noted in picture on the calendar with tho other famous days In February such as ground hog day, birthdays, Including the children's, Valentine's day, etc. Tiny Hardy brought forsythia branches, also very interesting to observe. The building group met a building problem on their airplane. They all went out to the now school under construction and saw how it was met In real life, meanwhile noting how iron pipes were seamed together. John Clark Illustrated the principle of pipe making in clay when he came inside. Lniirie Bryan made teacher very hnppy with a gift she had sewed with grandmother's kind assistance. Grade one, A. M. (Mis* Marie Hamm) Donna Mount displayed a scrapbook that she had made at home and had given the title, "We Look and See." The book contains pictures of children with their pets, of flowers and plants, and a religious picture. Kathcrine Strassburger told about a trip she made over the week-end to Morristown where she visited the National Historical park. She displayed and discussed pictures of the Ford and Wick houses and the Continental Army Officers' hut. Robert Weir set up a circus exhibit for the enjoyment of the class. Grade one, P. M. (Mrs, Florence Rcichstcttei) The afternoon first eradr. class has begun a unit on the home. Class discussions and study arc being carried on and many songs and activities are being correlated with the unit. Grade two, A. M. (Mrs. Vera Wise) The second grade has just started to make puppet shows depleting the work our community helpers do in the community. Our Trip to the Post Offlee Firat we saw the box where the letters go. We taw the cancelling machine which marks the stamps. Then we saw the little scales that weigh the heavy letters. Next we saw the scales that weigh newspapers. There were boxes which were cubby holes In the wall. Each box had a dial lock and» window. The stamps are very valuable and are kept in a safe to protect them from robbery or 1 "fire. Thepostmlstress g a very nice lady. Is a very small post office in the middle of tne. x street Sandra Young Grade two, P. M. (Mrs. Ethel Lottus) The second grade made George Washington silhouettes. They were very attractive. We read stories about Washington too. We have been writing stories and drawing pictures about the people who help us, the postman, the grocer, the painter and the carpenter, and many others. We visited the post office last week and learned many things about mall. Many of us art beginning stamp collections. Third grade, A. M. Mrs. Harriet Luckenblll's class is studying about the newspaper. We made visit to the newspaper to find out how a newspaper Is printed. Now we are making charts about "What In a Newspaper." We have pussy willows In our room. They are very pretty. We have daffodils also. Holly Ann Staples SwKterlaad Fourth grade, P. M. Bwltterland is an Interesting country. I have learned that is landlocked. Is lower thkn that of This means that there are no large I seas.or oceans around. is»ur- SAVE! SAVE! SPECIAL 99«DRY CLEANING SALE Men'i Sultt 99c ladle*' Oretwi 99c Evening tresses, pleated, Ilk*, etc, tugktly higher. Men's Hal. 99c Pillows Sanitised... 99c DISCOUNT ON CASH I CARRY CASH AMP CAM tavts femew list tjno NION LAUNDRY IV UIANINO UUNOHINO tit* STOMOt. «UO CLIANINO I liffll IROAD STRUT, RID IANK rounded by France, Germany, Austria and aly. Our bulletin board is being filled with many interesting things. All of us are contributing much. Bobby Dalton brought in an oil painting of Matterhorn. He painted himself. Norma Abrams Fifth grade Alfred Snyder's drawing was shown on a television program called "Draw With Me," Sunday, Feb. 22. Alfred's drawing, "Maple Harvest in Vermont" was picked from thousands of drawings. Maija Students Eighth grade The eighth grade Is now studying the first World War. Some of the student* have gathered some old war relics. These are some of the articles we have gathered: An American helmet, an American gas mask and many aricles of clothing worn by both he Allies and the enemy. We hope Angus Cow Purchased By Shadow Isle Farms Shadow Isle farms, Red Bank, recently purchased another purebred Aberdeen-Angus cow from Angus Valley Farms, Inc., Tulsa, Okla. as to contact us, we would be very grateful. Turning to the subject of science, we of the eighth grade have been reporting on different science topics. The rrforts fiven so far have been very interesting and entertaining. Beth MacKrllte, Walter Matejovlo and Jimmy Sagurton have given their reports. They have been on airplanes, medicine and motors respectively. Our school basketbsll team hat played it* sixth game, of which we have won two. During the year we have not only played good teams, to produce a radio broadcast describing the first World War. Inboyt. The girls In the seventh and but we have also met many flne this broadcast we will try to reive the drama and tensity of this volley-ball team. They have only eighth grades have formed a girls' great conflict. Many of the stu-playedents have made displays about one game, which they lost the war. Others are making pictures and maps. to Oceanport, Jl-T. The girls have been Improving since that gsme and are looking forward to pitying Oceanport again. We have two We would appreciate it If anyone more games left in our basketball who reads this article has any in-seasonformation or any relics of the first good teams, Oceanport and Tlnton They are against two very World War and would be so kind Falls. New Skin Cloonur. Buy rtt sin, Kt sample sin. no 1 titn cost. Both. MM i For a PretMr ComplMion. S '* * -tfls LUSTRI CREMI SHANtfOO Lanolin-rich Boauty Bland. NflM Uf MINNIN SMAVI Mill BrutMus.2Bi, Tubes. 51c Vl Only Mention lithtr. 2 Big Tubts. KVl Mr COL rjfimt OKAY'S CRYSTALS Distroy clothes moths and larva*. Stock up! TfcWtMfc' MVTU MMtidiMtf. for hoirthiomo*irt, mm tomum tor M I*CS. Of F«MUt UntMl Both Giant sifts. Both Urft Rtf. (U A cuiiwim, sottmlni, oanotratini beauty croon. «ff 0*tM MyMB SMCM Offal COiOATI U TOOTWASTI 2HS* SKIN mum... Scientific port cl«w»«'cavalcade' Opens Mar. 16 for Week ABBURY PARK The annual Cavalcade of Progress tponsored by in the city and the Chamber of Commerce here, which will open next Monday and continue through Saturday, Mar. 21, at the Convention hall, will feature "top-flight entertainment and nearly 100 commercial and educational exhibits by national and local firms, government services and civic organizations,"' George E. Ambrose, general chairman, said today. Nightly entertainment will be offered, with the following entertainers highlighting vaudeville acts: Bob Eberly, Monday night; Bob Howard and Jimmy Nelson, Tuesday; Jack Carter, Wednesday; Henny Youngman, Thursday, Smith and Dale with the Tost Vikings, Friday, and Eileen Barton, Saturday, to dost the show. Howard Jones is chairman of booth reservations. A Civil Defense first aid kit Is useless if you don't know how to use it! At laatt one member of etch family should be trained In Red Cross llrtt aid. JACK ARNOLD DISTRIBUTOR ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY WIJT 4 WALL STRUTS RID BANK, N. J. PHONE RED BANK FUEL OIL-KEROSENE OIL BURNER SERVICE WHAT ABM Sttforth Sptctill RttSfcStaMUtiMMl cosy To UiKMrstond * * I.K.UMU1 NRSOMI INCOME TAX otomswiw^ies' ^^^ QlHtjJ ^^^ BJI^^BVBMI^HJT Thott lino ptpts ort coft> ttrtbto to Mhns up to $$. AssorUd stindird tnd INAMINS Qm you 3 Mi ntni:' rod B,,, Livtr Concmtnti, Iron, ni)s 10 vitamins. 72 coptulti in loll dmf wwppori A (L.J RIDUCINd MAN Scientific wiy to stondor bewty. You don't ststvo, count calorics, or ntrcisi. Start nowr CBBUBSSSBBISBBIJA SBBSBBMSBI ss^sklkj nfpiwfi p^wfi wnww ooi authoridbyatorainost authority. CMP STICK TsBBst S^SBsW abb^bbbbsmlkil tk B^BeSBBBa twcmnf Mtikottl tttti* IONT Chrornt tn im*t«nad I *r. free»fwr a at*, have keea RjC I RMsYf ilflms tlut fjput) imtn) Cancellation SHOI SHOP a IROAD STRUT RIO IANK DRUG STORES Corner Broad & Monmouth Sti. Phont K«d NOW THROUGH SAT Tow itmij s woftk Met M A ml wt% flirt! RUBBING ALCOHOLrrl* ASPIRIN lablet SERUTAN Granular S S TOBACCO PIPt CLEANERS SICK ROOM NEEDS "Madison" l-quart iovmm (400 to 01m tar) IYSOI mmautt **» ( * HOT WATtt MTTIC l^hft J H. 9tc (l#x! H) Iff. 47c IAUI1 i MACK CMHY FAtt MASK. > 33* MHOATOli (2*0T* WHI HtMM)~...Rif 1.0? 1.39 ophsfw vlit^s r M f ik^m IMv^MiWIwVvlvfwuwmti DRUG OlMNKIOIMTflJitilM) amt ammrn. w V ^ H AIM** M. Ti wntf..>.. MI 40IMCt$,.«.. Ml

3 CANADA DRY WATER.!.and hoivt proof highball* waro m o* wh CaM«ta try Witor tail ymr Blind-ability it tht ability of Canada DryWater to makit ovoiy drink taste better, parkla lonfer. ii the raiult of thtm Canada Dry iduiivet: factofe* fxefasivo Players to Give Theatre' May 3 "Theatre" by Somertet Maugham, the Monmouth Players' flrit production, will be given May 3 at Red Bank Catholic high school auditorium. The play concerns the marital trouble! of a theatrical couple. Louis* Uwes or Little Silver will play the role of Julia, Lambert, leading character, with -Harry E. Donofhue of Atlantie Highland* portraying Michael Gosielyn. Mri. Lawes has done dramatic work with the south Carolina Playmaker«; tha Playmakera Btock company, directed by Paul Green, and the Montdair Dramatic club. Mr. Donoghu* appeared with Rex. O'Mally and Irene Castle at the Paper Mill Playboute at MUlburn. He has auo played with the Montdair Dramatic club and the Playen' guild. Other* appearing in the cart will be Dlcksle Hoy t of Fair Haven, who will play the part of Dolly De- Vrlea; Gay Roger*, Red Bank, Avia Crichton; Nancy Wye, Eatontown, Evle; Nancy Bralch, Middletown, Miss Purklns; Bill Edwards, R«d Bank, Roger OoMelyn; John Hemleb, Little Silver, Tom Fennell; Bob Goodman. New Monmouth, Lord Temperly; Donald D»vU, Fair Haven, Jevons, and John Screen, Rum-' son, Sargent. Betty Field* of Bel ford will be stage manager. Robert Pearae, president, has announced that ithc Player*' next production, May 7 and May 8, will be "Blithe Spirit," by Noel Coward. Recently elected to the board of directors were Mr. Screen and Qrandln Hammeli of Rumson; Gay Earle, Atlantie Highlands, and Mr. Goodman, New Monmouth. The next business meeting will be Apr, 9 at Blngham hall, Rumson. t er. frse ahtr o s*t. kave k*m hwn wrtwtt* (us ttnw Unit) Cancellation SHOI SHOP 4 IROAD STRUT RIO IANK Langoski Will Filed for Probate FREEHOLD-The will of Benjamin J. Langoski of 323 Shrewsbury ave., Red Bank, was filed for probate last week in the office of Surrogate Dorman McFaddin. He willed $100 to Jane She* o Shrewsbury ave., Red Bank. Thi remainder of the estate will be dl vicied into fourths, one each going to Marion Linzmayer of Atlantli Highlands, Elsie P. Farry of Keyport, William H. Porter of Rumson and Mr. and Mrs. John R. Porter of Rumson. Margaret Ann Liming of High lands, who died Sept. 8. willed $1M ti a grandson, Reginald Robertson. The rest goes to her children, Ami' brose, Robert and Celina, and grandchild, Margaret McCall. Pauline D. Hargreavea of Freehold, who died Feb. IT, willed hei property at 138 West Main St., tc her sisters, Katherine Dlttmar and Elsie Dlttmar. The rest of the estate will be divided Into six parts, one each going to' her stater, Kath erine Dlttma/; sister, Elsie Dlttmar; brother, WlUUm Dlttmar: brother, George J. Dittmar; broth er, Charles Dittmar, and brother, Julius Dittmar. Isabelle R. Conover of Freehold who died Feb. 19, willed $250 tc George C. Hance; $300 to Lulu B Mason; $495 to Rose Mercer; $193 to Missionary Society for Kentuclc; Work; $250 to Fitkin auxiliary $495 to Marion Hance DuBols; $10C to Patricia H. Mahar. The rest will be divided Into 12 shares, for distribution to Edgar Wiffolt, on half; Fred Wlkolr, one half; Marion V. Baird, one half: Charlei Vanderveer, one half; Florence G Robinson, one share; Gertrude Bl anchl, one half; James J. Robinson one half; George Cordner, twi shares; Florence C. Pierce, twi shares; Howard J. Cordner, twi shares, and Fred K. Mahar, twi shares. Martha Peacock of Neptun township, who died Feb. 7, wlllei $100 each to her aon>, George an John Peacock. The rest will b shared by her daughters, Lillla and Alice Peacock. Helen H. Gledhill of Ocean Grov who died Feb. S. willed $2,000 t Elsie Taylor; $1,000 to Mabel Hyde $10,000 to Salvation Army of Aa bury Park; $1,000 to St. Paul Methodist church of Ocean Grove $1,000 to Grand Avenue Reformed church of Asbury Park;' $5,000 t Memorial hospital; $3,000 to Monmcuth county chapter, Red Cross, and the rest to the American Cancer society. Sarah Martenls of Long Branch who died Jan.», willed her estat to her live children. Earl S. Dorsett of Neptune town ship, who died Feb. 19, willed $500 each to his.stepsons, Chester E. Wilder and Harold F. Wilder. The rest goes to the widow. John Kershaw of Freehold, wh died Feb. 15, willed $500 to a grandcon, Alvin James Green. The seal goes to a daughter, Evelyn Ke shaw. Emilia Masi of Long Branch, wh i died, Jan. I,.willed her estate t her husband. BED BANK REGISTER. MARCH The teipecttve widows were named to receive the estates of John C. Burdge of Freehold* who died Feb. 13; Amos E. Krayblll, Sr., of Ocean towmahlp, who died Feb. 5; Franklin Zimmerman of Asbury Park, who died Dec. 16; William H. Pant of Sea Girt, who died Dec. 8; Lloyd Evans of Ocean Grove, who died Feb. 10, and HarUon H. Hall of Wall township, who died Jan. 14. CAR Members Tell of Ancestors Lynn and Deborah RoboUom of Hudson ave, were hoatesjos Saturday at a meeting of Mary Stlllwell ociety, Children of the American Revolution, at their home on Hud- *on ave. The children gave original themes oa their American Revolutionary ancestor*. Mrt. Carlos Ordonez, senior pre*- ident, read a paper, "Early American Music," giving the history of uch old-time numbers u "Yankee Doodle." Clara Tilton Illustrated her talk, "The Life of Edward MacDowell,'.' by playing several of the composer'* numbers on the piano. Following a game* period re-, freahment* were served by the hoatesaes and their mother, Mrs. lafatt Robottom. Other* attending were Suaanne Jone*, junior president; Mary Ellen Jones, Ann and Peter Moeller, Barbara and James Hague, Doris, Edwin and Janet Cloae, Betsy Nan Parmly, Virginia Langcndorf, Patricia Ordonez, John Howard Gibson, Nancy Dent Kendall, Suzanne Perkins, Mrs. Virginia Langcndorf and Mrs. Minor B. Tilton. The Apr. 11 meeting will be at the home of Ann and Peter Moeller on Haggcr's lane, Fair Haven. a t o a Red Cross Drive At Half-Way Mark Sunday will mark the half-way niark in the current Red Cross drive for fund*. The drive under way in Red Bank and surrounding communities which make up the Red Bank branch, "Today," said Mrs. James Grady, branch chairman, "the need (or Red CroM U greater than ever. \g people helping pcnplf. Not only must. Rod Cross continue it«regular service*, but we must help in our vital Civil Defense programs, and provide aid (or servicemen at home and abroad. And this year, our blood program takes on new and even more important eignifl-l cance due to the discovery of gamma globulin, which is the new j serum used to combat paralysis from polio." Mrs. Grady, In listing some of the chapter work for the past year, said safety services trained 3,603 people in first aid, 407 in accident prevention, and 2,733 in water safety. Through the blood program, 3,390 pints of blood were collected for the Armed Forces. The home Henries department aided 3,881 servicemen and their families. Motor corps workers traveled 89,175 miles, carrying 17,- 780 patients to hospital clinics In Monmouth county and in New York city, and to polio therapy treatment hospitals at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Canteen workers served at blood donor centers and in military hospital*, and Gray Ladiej) gave 11,080 hours of volunteer servico to fjoth civilian and military hospitals. The junior Red Cross had 100 per SUITS cent enrollment in both public and private schools. The Juniors made numerous articles for county civilian and military hospitals and sent many gl(u to children and adult* In foreign countries. Staff aides worked both In chapter headquarters and at blood donor centers, serving more than 8,200 volunteer hours. FINED, MCKNSE SUSPENDED KEANSBURG Magistrate Edward F. Ambrose Monday night fined Robert Scanlon of Jersey City $25 and co»u of court.(or careless driving. The magistrate also suspended Scanlon's driver'" license for 30 days. PHONE FOR A LOAN Take Full Advantage of BELL'S I Right in lha ajvlat an*) PRIVACY of your own NOME Tour own ftoma it tha bail ptac* for you to folk to ut about a loan. You can Ictop it at private as you Ilk* at confi'owialoi you lit*. PHONf*WftlH* VISIT BELL FINANCE U«*M KM. Ml wt numit onia mom-, 39 Mtt Mflifi Strttt an Mm ONKI^MOM: MM 11 ftftoao STRUT Tt» Di\ R. L* Licker take* pleasure OPTOMETRIST in announcing the opening of MB office devoted in itn entirety to the examination of the eye*, 114 IROAD ST. RID IANK OFFICE HOURS: Dully 5 P. M. to» P. M. TELEPHONE RED BANK Saturday, 10 A. M. In 5 P. M I o» * Not Makers, Just Sellers In si>itv of all the tnakcr-to-iccarcr vud no* midillcmuii advertising you see around ilicxv ilai/x, in: muh ins'mt that ice're just pluin rr.taikrx. Our clothing buyer in not married to any one manufacturer. Ut shofm the market ret/it hi rl if, the same as you do. h job if to sec that the clothing on our ruck* iviirescnts lite best values in the indmlnj. And that includes any typt of store you'd care to mention. DO IT YOURSELF I*'*. ABMBUBT tkmm Wm^ *U^ t a^a U B M BIBSBH Ma^att ^ivlll AaVMA' a^h^k # WlWi- w^rri WHI 'MW IB ENCLOSE YOUR PORCH You can ancloia your parch and hava an intoetfraa, comfortoblo roam this. lummar. At o ipacial low prtco, wa ara offering a tap frado combination door (with icraan and ttarm In* tortt fully wirad andvd> that it Jdaal for uta io ancloio your porch, last quality claor whlta pina with bronia wira a raal value! 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4 ry i". KED BANK REGISTER. MARCH 12,1058 Limit Parking At Oceanport OCEANPORT An ordinance which would limit to two hours the parking of motor vehicle! on the south side of Main iti from the New York and Long Branch railroad tracks to Eatontown blvd. and on the north aide of Main it. from Oceanport avc. to the Eatontown boundary line was Introduced by council at its meeting' last Thursday night. The time limit would be effective daily from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Purpose of the measure, as explained by Councilman Arthur Crochet at last month's meeting. Is to eliminate the all-day parking on that street by Fort Monmouth perionnet. After a public hearing at which' there were no objections, council adopted the 1953 municipal budget of $118, Including $114, for municipal purposes. Councilman Adrian Clough reported the hearing of the borough's case against the Portaupeck Water company, protesting the poor water service in the Portaupeck area, has been concluded. The Public Utility commission, which iteard the case at' Trenton last month, should reach a verdict by the next council meeting, said Mr. Clough, who added he felt confident the commission would decide in the borough's favor. On recommendation of the toning board of adjustment, council granted a variance to John A. Pfarr to erect a dwelling on his 65-foot lo'. on Wcrah pi,, Portaupeck. In Confirmed as special police wert Alexander Boron, Eldon Bradley, Albert Ooientino, Mr. Clough, Mr. Crochet, Howard Firehock, William P, Fleckn.r, Councilman F.llx Foggia, Norman Franks, Edgar Gaskill, Charles Guillsdeau, Alex Hyman, Councilman Franklin Ingram; Hairy S. Koch, Harry Lomax, Robert McKee, Warren Mewea, Peter Poppo, Raymond PteK, Councilman John D. Rieck, Thomas Ross, Edwin Ryan, Bernard Scarsi, Raymond Sculthorpe, Mr. Sickles, Clement Sommcrs, Paul Sommers, Samuel Talarico, Magistrate William Ulman, Charles VanBrackle, Marshall VanWinkle, Chester Douglas, Francis Washburne and Councilman Clinton Wood. Mayor Edward C. Wilson appointed- Mrs. Evelyn Riddle chairman of the welfare board to «uc-, ceed Mrs. Genevleva Wood, wao resigned. Nursing Scholarship Now Available LONG BRANCH Monmouth Memorial hospital's school of nursing announce* the availability of a scholarship for a high school graduate who is interested In becoming a registered profeaalonal nurse. This scholarship was donated by the Alumnae association of the School of Nursing and. covers the cost of tuition for the three-year diploma, program. Applications for the scholarship should be made in writing to Miss tlldred S. Schmidt, director of the school of nursing at the hospital. The applicant must meet the ad' mission requirements for. the nursing school which Include graduation from high school, or pending graduation In June, having taken the following subjects: four 'years of English'; one year of mathematics; two years of science; two years of history and enough elective! to make up credit hours. This application will be considered for the Sept class. iti recommendation the zoning board pointed out that while the property is in a zone calling; Jor 75- foot lots, Mr. Pfarr acquired The lot before the zoning ordinance was adopted and since then has been unable to buy the. additional 19 feet required by the ordinance. Lloyd N. Sickles was appointed to the borough planning board for a six-year term to succeed Col. Walter Ellis whose term has ex- If the nation is to have an adequate Civil Defense organization, pired. Mr. Ellis declined the re-therappointment. trafnotf In flr«t nlrl in»v»rv should be at least one person hn Drama Sponsored By Health Group who will usher are Mrs. John H. Bowers, Mrs. Edmund B. Sullivan, Mrs. Robert Bennett, Mrs. John Ogden and Mrs. Craig Haaran. Mra. Walter Readt, Jr. and Mrs. David J. Rosenhelm ara arranging the Pooms A SOLDIER BOY IN MECD A toldltr b. r.»n t far of Mil, HU mme Tom, Jsek, n parkaps Bill H«'«been then qulu * UsM, sad program and th* house commltt.estill In hit C>M t»t«u tkst ikla*. LONG BRANCH When the comprises Bernard Weiser, chairman, and Mlsaea Ruth and Emily For IM ii thinklnc. it mr ion k. (.a*, drsma, "My Name Is Legion," is And thit h. and hit budditi will kav. presented tonight in the high von. F. Lamarche. Ha knows, ht la dolnf his part artr tk.ra. school under auspices of the Monmouth County Health association, Transportation chairmen are Dr. dolm their ahtra. And kopn tk< paopla bsak k*bm at* Mayor Katharine Elkus White of William McGonlgle and Morris If. blood tkat k. la atklng far. Red Bank, a member of the board West.rman. Mn. Leslie V. Seely Bo lfft get tesathat aad gtoa hist of the Marlboro state hospital, will and Mrs. Rachel Field Mount have more.,, make the Introductory remarks. distributing complimentary ticket* Tha blood that you gl*t will kali Mai c Members of the American Theater wing, who will appear in themittee which includes Mrs. Milton,And I know h. would de as s»8«k with the aid of a telephone com- through, far production are Len Wayland, Edward Harvey, Henry Clark* and Mrs. Charles R. English, Mra. Ly-8a w. may go * baliaflng la ftad. A. Vreeland, Mrs. Harold Belser, For ha't a trtat fcer. doing a hard Jek, Frank Schofieid, V«ra Allen Is the man Middledltch, Mrt. Albert Oagnebln, Mrs. Allison Btern, Mn. Her- Bjr taking ui M htaven and saving ai Tha Lord will mill ut all wall director, Robert Fitzslmmons Is the narrator and the setting will bert Gaskell, Mrs. William E. Robinson, Mrs. Joseph L. Turner, Mrs. S. A. ROBUT r. BIMBUOBB, from h.ll, be presented by Earl Dawson, Mrs: Jetrold Meyer Is president of the Marie Oliverson and John Hall. rort MeasiMtk. V, 8.S. Tataila. county group.... Civil Defense Is Insurance against Boys ar. abl* to oak. Mekrt smtwy - Junior Service league members disaster. by wiling Th«RtgliUr. Ad»trtlaamaafa BALLET ART SCHOOL HELA SUVEVSKA MOM lalut M MONTI CAM.0 NEW CLASSES FORMING BALLET -TOE - CHARACTER TAP - BALLROOM FOR STAGE AND TELEVISION MtOHSSIONAL UAININ* AND ORIftlNAL ROUTINIS sneial cuss FOR F«I-$CHOOL AOI ADULT CUSSIS FOR PHYSICAL NTNISS BROAD ST. PHONES: HK & M RED BANK water 's Ytpr Guarantee ffcaf want.. 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INC. All IMC** INJAMIN PHANIUIN IM t*t**d StiMt HUMJURT'S M* WHMi ttlmi WOLPIN'S PURNITURE HOUSE ill-ll? f*wth Mntt KRICH'NKW JKKSKV, Inc., NEWARK H, N. J. Anwrleu'* tint LONO MANCH ATLANTIC APPLIANCE CO. INC. All SMttt JANOON'I HARDWARE in VOOEL'S DIPT. STORE' IM liulnr fowt K.EAHANT POINT PLEASANT HARDWAM US AIMU Avtnut RPRINfl LAKH ESTELLE'S TELEVISION CM. INI Third A«MIM TOM! RIVER t. W. P1NUV! WMWH SlrMl tw M.U Stint NIESEN MUSIC COMPANY RCA Dhtrlhutar Only flaruleu Electric.Water.. KuUtitneonpUUlyituvJatticnfM sides. This complete giant thermos bottle... kttpi wattr hot... asium you of constant hot water 'round the deck ends the wasteful xpout of beating the same water over and over again. Switch to carefree Automatic Electric Water Heating for all the hot water you want when you want it m mm VAIM MI MUMU SWVK JCP&L Jiniy Cmlnl Pewtr I Ltgkt CMMIV 01!.. " htrtkv i fill at kt rkflvtd rtiflft* if ilvm Ik., N, oruu i, lank and inontit vm and that rtad mltil al tl 1 K H Ik. h Moruuih Hll l»f, lank and nontit and rtad al a Mill* mntlnt.1 lk» H»rmi»h Hall, lud GKL, R J,, m Mirth, \*U, «l I* f. M, fur sllirallim to liidntiiilnr Mt,»t»«i»l A»*niir, Rfil Hank, N, i. I Bsfiia «f tsld tmcltcsllnnt dricrlliliiii «k«tf*iad wmk, a««<l at irn «>"l MMM l*r)ka KM * tjsalrailnn )j hid J tflat *Mf»* vkulaid turn iki i Inliniltnt of Public Works o( <h> llur. nuiih of Hnt Hank, it "i Chtitnut Slrttl, Htfl Htnli, N, J, Ml(l< mmu mi iiroiioial fora* to lurnuhtui mini l/«h.'ioimi In italtil an* Kliilni timiliiji nn tht uiititdn tht nani* nil mlilrrx n( lh> lihlitfr anil tht ntmt lit in* IMIK'I tnllllnl Allffilinii in In. clntmlur I'lanl, and mint liit ncciimimiuil liy liiimlhik i«nlni«lf Mini' «rtrlldftl rhrrk lo the ru'drr fi( lh«dili 1 * milk Trtmurtr fnr not! < than n >tr link (l«%) el Ui isi.iiai el tk* hm, and must bt ilrllvortil nt lh» iitaci ami un lha Imur «linv«miintlnntil, Yha Wtirnnsh mrrvna tha rliht Hi rt> Joel any mill all blui If itttmi Ii t. tht Intircil lif Ilia Hcjriniiih lo iln to. By nrdtr nf Inn llniiiiikh Council *t Ilit HiiiiiiiKh ui Knl Hank, HUI r.iimciiy mil, ivaa, KAT.MNK K, Will I t, Mil) 1 UP, i. ' A«V I. HMINN, 11,11 Clark.

5 Monmouth Club Honors Mrs. Back FORT MONMOUTH Mrs. Oeorge I. Back, wife of Maj. Oen. Back, chief signal officer, was guest of honor at the recent luncheon meeting or the Fort Monmouth Woman's club at Gibbs Hall, Fort Monmouth Officers club. Prior to the luncheon a reception was held In the Empire room of the club, with Mrs. Back and Mrs. Kirke B. Lawton, wife of the post's commanding general, receiving guests. Highlight of,the event was a Clbthes for both, formal and Informal wear were thown. More than 250 members and guests attended the event of which Mn. J. W. Raul- Bton was chairman. Spring flower* decorated the tablet. Seated at Mr*. Back's table were Mn. Law ton; Mrs. E. R. Petting, president of the Fort Monmouth club; Mrs. C. H. Shan backer, wife of Fort Hancock'* commanding ou fleer, and officers of the Fort Monmouth club and of the Fort Hancock Officers Wives club. DRIVER UNHURT Harold Gladstone was unhurt Sunday night when his car sklddtd print fashion show by y the Dainty Into a utility pole on Bast Front Apparel ibop of Aibury Park. Mn. at., east of Throckmorton'i gully. Jack Cattanach was commentator. I He was taken to Rlverviiw hoc Mn. Joy Edelstein wa«director.pltal. but did not require treatmtnt. That. tjt, wtt fomy*$ AMMTKIWH TfoKKi 4MV fimotvonv Tree. Me* fta1iom*wi»l $olei-lmtolioijoa-joi l«o OVERHEAD DOOR PRODUCTS CORP. :U\ IS TEAKS OF CONTINUOUS SMVIC1 4M SHREWSBURY AVE. RE M M! RED BANK HWIOT rwhi OTCfO Hoofi rt* I Room* Rot*** ManmWUmn Intortor ChoafiIS lothriam Cbi B *fsf* BiaffBia^lsBl HtvWBJBJ BP VJ UiuUlUl Hatfrfai Wot* few I ' / RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH 12,1953 Holes Revive 1918 Blast Memories MORGAN Construction of a section of the 1388,000,000 Garden State Parkway on the site of this one-time boom town In Middlesex county hat revived memories of a 1918 munitions explosion that took the lives of 76 workers and burned nd Injured some 800 persons in the area bounded by Perth Amboy, South Amboy and this place. Rediscovery by bulldoters of giant holes wrought by the blast recalled catastrophe that leveled 13 build- Ings of the Thomas A. Gillespie loading Co. Oct. 4,1918, and spread death and destruction to South Amboy and Perth Amboy with damage estimated at $14,000,000. Current work on the parkway section Includes building of the embankment, erection of two bridges over the relocated Cheesequake creek and stablliatlon of marshland between Cheesequake creek and Matawan creek. Black Saturday* Older residents of this area, like Harold Arrowsmlth, whose ancestors settled in'this section more than a hundred years ago, have recalled that it was about noon that the sprawling munitions plant suddenly "began blowing up like tinder boxes." Without any prior warning on that "Black Saturday." thousands of highly explosive shells began shooting into space, creating multiple fires and explosions that trapsed many workers, resulting in the deaths of 76 persons and burn- Ing, Injuring and maiming 800 others. Exploding ihelui and roaring flames unleashed showers of flying embers and burning debris that oared skyward over the Amboys, forcing several hundred terrified men, women and children to flee from their homes to nearby towns. Windows were broken at Red Bank, Benefit Concert Tuesday, Mar. 24 LONG BRANCH Monmouth Little Symphony orchestra will present s third annual concert for the benefit of Monmouth Memorial hospital, Tuesday night, Mar. 24, at Long Branch high school auditorium. Francis Kodama, pianist, will bt gutst artist. This benefit will be considered as the orchestra's regular March con* cert, and therefore, all patrons and sponsors will be Invited to use their regular tickets tor the concert. Ticket* may be purchased at the hospital, or at the school the night of the concert. and first aid and shelter were afforded refugees there. Newspapers and survivors told how all types of vehicles were pressed into emergency service transporting refugees from the danger tones while scores of policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses and Red Cross and first aid workers rushed to the stricken area to lend succor to the Injured. Hospitals for miles around were crowded with 300 victims, including many of the dead. County's Wont Holes wrought by the explosion were rediscovered when the area was cleared for grading and drainage work for the parkway, and i O t A N I -' '('X 5- memories revived of the most devastating and costly catastrophe in the history of Middlesex county. Tragedy struck at South Amboy a second time in May 1950, when barges loaded with munitions blew up in Raritan bay. While serious in self, that blast was dwarfed by the shell loading disaster of a past era. Few of th«millions of motorists who will pass over the parkway will realize that this section, once a thriving and active industrial community, was reduced to a ghost town by an explosion that never was explained as to its cause or origin and one that many believed was a diabolical plot hatched and carried out by saboteurs. By-Laws Revised By Auxiliary FAIR HAVEN-The first reading of the revised by-laws of Fair Haven auxiliary of Rivcrvicw hospital was heard at a meeting Monday afternoon at the Episcopal church parish housn on Church st. Mrs. Charles P. Hurd was chairman of the revision committee, aided by Mrs. John P. Mulvihill, Sr. and Mrs. Edgar V. Denlse. At the January meeting, member* pledged themselves to earn two dollars each for the auxiliary. This money will be turned over to the treasurer at the next meeting, Apr. 13. The hostesses will be Mrs. A. Livingston Lundy, Mrs. Arthur H. Rlcmnn, Mrs. Haaken Samuelson and Mrs. Stanley A. Gilbert. Mrs. Harry Gerquest will be chairman of a lawn cord party June 25 at the home of Mrs. Noel. Lartaud on Fair Haven rd. Mrs. George Crnssan is chairman of the special prize committee. Other aide* will be announced. New members introduced by Mrs. C. Theodore Engherg, president, were Mrs. Robert Tecgarden, Mr*. William Olscn, Jr. and Mrs. Alva Stew'art. An arrangement of pink and white tulips, made by the hospitality chairman, Mrs. W. T. Somervilte, decorated the tea table. Oth er hostesses were Mrs. Gerquest, Mrs. Alice Greshoff and Miss Sara Murphy.»W»4OUOl 33U3HS JO V13UI0U1 V late Mrs. Catherine Chadwlck, auxiliary member for many years. Do you waste two or three hours a week worrying over the international situation? Invest them now in the Ground Observer Corpsthen stop worrying! WITH A HEALTHFUL AND COMPORTAILI Paw f1vf> AIR CONDITION YOUR HOME NOW! YORKAIR-FEDDERS ROOM AIR CONDITIONER CONSULT WITH ANTHONY'S 59 MAPLE AVE. RED BANK Three Wishes For You The first thiuif you'd aunt would be some' tlihiif for that hoy of yours, and there's a whole new world of futhion apparel in the new niayic fibers clothes ilcsiyncd with Ins needs and his habits riijht in the center of the crystal ball. Second, entertainment. rimj the whole family next Thursday tiif/ht. Third, the treasure vhest. Maybe our jinni will conjure up a new Easter outfit on the house. tome to our BOYS' FASHION PARTY You'll too all tha wliardry of tho taxtila Induitry focuiod on boyiwaar for tirau and ttay. Th nowoit mii-and'itiatch idati for tha tiio four-to-ilx boy. aetiva toorti alathai for tho rou h*and>raady Ktapini,yaur homo in food rapatr h 600D USINESS. And, now, durinf Sprin«it tho bait timo to do all those naadad rapairinf (obi,,. paintinf, ra-rooflnf, add'nf now roomi, now ildinf, naw kitahan and bath madarnliatlon. Jutt at an aitimato of tho cott of tho work you want dono, brtnf it In to Morahanti and wo'll orranf a an FHA Loan o that yau aan pay in monthly Installments A1 LOW IANK RATIS Of INTIRIST. NO DOWN PAYMINT Up to 36 Months to Pay! afa, and mart naw twaadi and flannalt for that ftrtt data all OMCutod in naw but vary practical mafia floors ar in traditional fabrics finiihad in now wayi to add food looki and waarability. THURSDAY, MARCH 19TH, AT 81OO P. M. DOOR PRIZE IN MERCHANDISE Come Ride With Us On Our Magic Carpet ^P l^tibp ovb^bjb^tfvtj Mtmktf fmml Rcacrvc frttom Mtmlwr IMtral D«*M uwraim* CMO. R E D I A N

6 RED BANK REGISTER, MARCH RED BANK REGISTER 4Mt Broad Street, Bed Bank. N. J. ESTABLISHED 1878 By John H. Cook Md Henry Clay THOMAS IRVING BROWN, Publisher JAMES J. HOOAN, Editor M. HAROLD KELLY, Business Manager W. HARRY rennington, runt Supt. Member Audit Bureau of Circulation* M>mbfr ol tht A>locUUd Preit Th» Associated Prem i* vntitlfd»rlus!v#ly to th# lilt for repuhkcatlon of all the local news printed in thift ntwitisper, at well as nil Al* news dispatcher. The Red Rnnk Rpyister Bifumrs no financial r»spnn*ibllities for typokraphica] errors in advertisements, but wilt reprint that part of an advertisement in which the typographical error occurs. Advertiser! will please notify the management immediately of any error which may occur. Thii newapbper assurors no responsibilities for statements of opinion! in letters from its readers. Subscription Prlrc«In Advance 'One year 95.00; lix Months, $3.00 Single copy, at counter, 10 ccnti. hsued Weekly, entered PI Second Class Matter lit the. Postoffice at Red Bank, N. J., under the Act of March 3, Postmasters and Subscribers in forwarding chnnge of addreir please uso Postal Form 3547 THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 1953 Congratulations, 4-H'ert This being national 4-H Club week, we'd like to comment on (lie past activities of Monmouth county's 4-H clubs and send them all good wishes for continued success, Monnioutli's residents have always been proud of its rank as an agricultural county, thus we are happy (o note the work our young people both girls and boys are doing to maintain our status, According to L. 15. Williams, county 4-H club agent, there are (>25 members of XI. clubs in the county who work on 18 projects. They placed 475 entries in the county 4-H fair at the Freehold raceway last summer, representing a total of 823 individual projects. In congratulating the members, we most certainly want to include their 40 volunteer adult leaders. Throughout the stale, the constructive work performed by 4-H'ers is extensive. Among last year's accomplishments, for instance, were: 1,554 members had gardens totaling 631 acres; 630 members owned 71,840 birds in the poultry program; 876 members owned 16,036 animals; 150 members helped the state restock woodlands with 13,147 pheasants and 13,028 quail, and girls in home economics served 6,47!) meals, made 8,365 garments and remodeled 501 others. That so much enjoyment can be realised in performing material benefits it* a credit to that segment of our youth who march under the 4-H banner. In proudly saluting the members and their leaders, we hope their number swells with each succeeding year. Many youngsters are now working for their "My Government badge," a task which will require them to learn and understand their communities, government and legislators. Too, they are learning to solve today's problems with today's solutions, learning that scouts everywhere like people everywhere are moved by common aspirations and seek common objectives. In our birthday greeting to girl scouting, we naturally want to include the volunteer adults who make the program possible. is surprising that additional leadership is needed, for it should seem that any womau would envy (lie chance to renew her own girlhood or to gain closer friendship with her own daughters and her daughters' friends simply by helping to train tomorrow's womanhood. Our nation need never fear subversion from within nor destruction from without ns long as so many of our girls and women adhere to the Girl Scout promise: "On my honor, I will try to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, to 'obey the Girl Scout laws." May the Girl Scouts continue to grow in strength, service and manlier. School Bute. Still in Newt Just last week in these columns we called attention to the serious hazard of the misbehavior of pupils while riding school buses. A few days after The Register was published came an Associated Press report from Atlantic City in which it was stated that four special Atlantic City high school buses halted operations because the drivers said their student passengers are dangerously rowdy. According to the drivers, pupils tore each other's clothes and, in one in stance, older I toys dangled a youngster out a window while the bus was in motion. We hope there are no such infractions happening in school buses in Monmoutli county. That children do get out of hand, however, has been evidenced several times in the past. We hope all school boards add this subject to their many other duties. Com plete cooperation between bourds and oper utors will be the means of providing safety both for pupils and public. Life Beginning at 41 Today is the 41st birthday of the Gir Scouts*. In wishing the organisation many happy returns, we trace the history of thi fine movement to the handful of girls win Htnrted it in Bnvuiiiiuli, Gn,, and compare it to this year's 2,000,000 members. If fo: no other reason, the tremendous member ulilp build-up in evidence the Girl Scout started on solid foundation and we con tinning at a worthy level, Girl scouting develops skills, liobbie and interests which make later years ii life more pleasant. We could point out tha ninny of our nation's outstanding leaden in art, politics, education, welfare and clvi a Hairs art; grateful for the help they re cclvcd from scout ing, Of even greater in M>rtniice, however, is that, ninny "nvcrnge wives and mothers those wonderful per WHIM who Imve luadc and arc. trying to kcc HI!M nation nun ally strong run ussodut their early training with the brown o green uniform, Though still giving attention to woot craft, nut lire study and outdoor life, U dity'h Girl Hcout moio actively pitrtiulpuu 1 in civil! nd welfare work around her home In trying to, make her community a bi'tte plnce In which to live, our lit lie girl of ti day 1M preparing to take Iwr place as tomor IW'H cilikcn, it responsibility which tlnil grruter and greater. WE DOUBT IF ITU BE MUCH Editorial Views Of Other Papers EVENTS OF YEARS AQO FROM REQISTER FILES Tomato Varieties in New Jersey Are Fairly Well Standardized Stalin's Death We hold no mourning for Vissariou )jugashvilli, who rose from the knee of a icasaut serf to become Josef Stalin, "umu f steel." Newspaper accounts from Moscow ell that millions filed by his bier, and that he nation was plunged deeply in grief over ic death of this ruthless dictator. Was all his manifestation of sorrow really sincere? 'ime alone will tell. Stalin, all will agree, in life was a lighty power to be reckoned with. Me was he spirit of Communism, Klouil was his :oy; treachery his'password. Outwardly he loniinated the minds, spirits and lives of M million subjects. Will his successor, iregori M. Malenkov, be able to hold the Russian people and those of the satellite ations within the same rim of steel? Time lone will tell. Malenkov has a number of card* stacked gainst him, one of the most important lieng President Eisenhower's seizure of the nitiative from the Kremlin. For the present t appears it is what Washington will do, lot Moscow, that will make the big dill>rnee in world affairs. How can Malenkov, admitted he's done something of a job in the Soviet Union, mpress himself as someone to lie dealt with? Sure, he's' going to try. The word from Moscow is that his is to be an iron land. But even iron can melt. Stalin may have established himself as something of diety. Lenin before him did too. But Malenkov? What has Malenkov done? Immediately he consolidated 13 ministries into four, surrounding himself with Stalin favorites. Hut hose like Andrei Vishinsky who lost his 'oreign ministry to Molotov in the shuffle aren't likely to think too kindly of him. Malenkov has to prove he can hold in line a lot of ambitious nieit as well as some shaky satellite countries, among which we lumber China. There always can be more Titos. What will Malenkov do? That's the big question. Some American leaders familiar with foreign affairs, believe lie will follow Stalin's ways, because Stalin wus his boss and teacher. They don't look for trouble now or in the near future, but they believe that Malenkov, being a disciple of Stalin, will endeavor to carry out the dead leader's program, which in a few words is to conquer the world for Communism. Former Hussinu Ambassador ullilt who knows a thing or two about the Com miem, said in a television interview Sunday that Stalin had planned to take over al Asia before tackling this country, lie go ti big piece in China, thanks to the ap peasers who formerly dominated our for eign policy. One way of keeping ltnysia from taking the rest, Mr. ltullltt said, is to stop the shipment of goods unil war materiel ti lied China. And read this: Mr. Unllilt, wii. that 80 per cent of all goods for lied Chiui readies that country through Hong Kmi; and 75 per cent «>f all that COUICN from Great Britain. No wonder (hat, the Kuglisl Lion doesn't want to do anything to em horruss or hurt the Kcils in China, l'resi dent Klsenhower innv have; told Anthony Kden a few things ill Washington the (ithe day IHM, Britain'* priictico of doing j ness with ed China with one hand nni piui, billion* from this country will tin; other. We sincerely Impu he»ut Kdci straight, 's near time Nointtlhiiig Is don («correct, thin doultle-fiive itilsciirrlhgt'»» friendship and unit mil cimipi'i'ittlnii, In Hi meantime we should follow President Ulscii hower's MUggttMtluit and eomlumn tin; 8uvlt> Union for ('iisliiving free peoples N th result of unfortunate violation of sec re puds past I'resldeiits blindly signed, mid what is more Important, \v<< should kei'i our iitonik powder dry, HUH*In is still on grcutcit tliit'ut, uvuu tliuugli btullii ii (kud FREEHOLD Tomato varieties grown in New Jersey arc fairly well standardized. The report of the 1952 Ten-Ton Tomato club shows that varieties moqt popular last year were Rutgers, Improved Garden State, Queens and a few of the Stokes Cross Hybrids, especially the No. 4 and No. 5. Most popular for the market were Valiant and Queens, says County gent M. A. Clark. There has been gradual increase in production of '-1 hybrids for the very early At the Atlantic City meeting of he Ten-Ton Tomato club. Prof. L. Schermerhorn, head of the delartmcnt of vegetable gardening at he agricultural experiment station, ported some growers of tomatoes or processing are producing more nan one variety. This seems practical, especially hen an early variety Is planted ith a main crop one. This tends o spread the pickings over a longr period of time, thtu helping to make a more even distribution of he work of both growers and canrs, Reports for 1952 indicate that 27,f the 132 Ten-Ton growers grew a omblnation of Garden State and Rutgers, while 12 growers grew iutgerg and another early variety ncluding some of the Stokes cross tybrlds. However, certain contractors save >eed and then Is important to >lant only one variety on a farm >o that there can be no mixing of arieties. New Com Club Farmers in Monmouth county are «ing Invited to try for membership n the New Jersey Hundred Bushel orn club, sponsored for the first ime this year by the N. J. extension service. Anyone who grows live aerei of orn in one continuous plot la ellible to try for membership and he farmer selects the five-acre plots lie wishes to enter for sampling, exlained Mr. Clark. Yield* will be tstlmated from samples taken by rained judges before harvet Entrants who product 100 or more bushels to the acre in accordance with the rules will receive cer- Iflcates of membership in the club. Top growers will receive special recognition. The program Is open also to 4-H :lub members and Future Farmers if America, who grow an acre or more of corn. Last year a Belvidere high school pupil, Frank Demetir, grew 144 bushels to the acre. Three Rule* Guide Dairymen Every year, dairymen In the Dairy Herd Improvement aswoclaion program are getting more milk from their cows than they did in he year before. Figures assembled by the U. Department of Agriculture show hat cows on test marked up an average of 9,195 pounds of milk and 370 pounds of buttertat per cow last year. This 1* considerably above the average production of 5,328 pounds of milk and 211 pounds of buttcrfat for all cows In the United States. The Bureau of Dairy Industry, which guides the D, H. I. program, rtatcs that D. H. I. A. herd* do better because dairymen In the program pay special attention to three factors of good management: Cull unprofitable cows from the herd, feed the remaining cows according to their individual production and select the beat animals for breeding stock. Kgg Washing Eggs thnt are properly washed will hold their origin*! quality un dor mnrketlng condition* In New Jersey, nisertn Mlchsrd O, Meet *.*- soclnle agricultural agent. However, certain hsslo principles for washing eggs have been established! he points out, and departure from the rules can leid to trouble, Al«o, tie says, be guided by the wishes of your buyers In deciding whether to wash egg). And keep In mind that washing tgge la not a substitute for producing clean egga by good management practices, Following Is a review of the l»tes cut wnshlng iccommendbllons! Keep equipment «lcnn, NO matte how sliiiiilf or complicated th equipment, must be thorough!; scrubbed and simltltod hefore an nflei' use, Dirt In looie and come off enslcst right after equipment I; nrrit, UHP hot sunlllilng solullo nprilled with a brush to kill germs Cleaning solution Is made of ho wntei' to whliih has hern added Imcterlelilnl dittitrgfint or so-eslln /mnltlslng ngent, Th* bactericidal (tntoi'ktint timulilfle* and IOOMM dirt and kills bacterli, For belt rer«com Nevei let the temperature of the washing solutton get warmer than 140 degrees. The temperature range should be between 120 and 130, and to be sure, use an accurate thermometer. Wash eggs as soon as they have cooled, after collection. Normally, eggs stiwild not be kept in the cleaning solution more than one minute. When cleaning does not remove all loosened dirt from the shell, rinse eggs in clean hot water. Dry eggs as rapidly as possible iftcr washing. Soil Tetts The soil testing laboratory at the 'ollege of Agriculture at Rutgers las recently prepared a report of ts activities for County Agent lark has picked out items of this e^ort which should be of parcular interest to farmers In Monmouth county. Over 1,300 Monmouth ounty soil samples were tested last 'ear at the laboratory in New Brunswick and the report Is based n the analysis of those sample*, 'lark points out that another 900 lamples were toted by the Monmouth county agents and besides hat a lot of testing was done by o-operating fertilizer companies, ontracting canners and by the.eachers of agriculture In the count's high schools. The college reports that over (0 per cent of the samples from Monmouth county had a high maglealum reading. Less than two per sent of the samples submitted were low. This probably reflects the genral use of dolomlttc limestone by farmers in this area during the past few years. About half of the samples were Igh in phosphorus, but oddly nough, a fifth of them were very ow in phosphorus. No one knows IOW to account for this fact be* use it has been the habit of Monmouth county's farmers to use high ihosphorus fertiliser for a great many years. may he that' sam- >les with a low reading are from grass fields being depleted of their phosphorus by the legume* In the mixtures. Only six per cent of the sample* were low in potash, which indicate* a pretty good situation as far as potash Is concerned, although there re more samples that have a mellum reading than have a high reading. About a third of the samples has' a ph below 5.4. The most logical eason for this I* the high propor- Ion of potato land in Monmouth county where growers deliberately keep the ph reading low to control scab. Nearly half the samples had a reading between 5.5 and «4, which is generally considered favorable ' most crops. One alarming feaure Is that about one-fifth of the sample* had reading* approaching neutral. Thl* I* not good at all and undoubtedly accounts for some of he minor element deficiencies that are found on many vegetable (arm*. When the ph reading I* too high he excess lime In the soil reacts chemically with some of th*»e ml* nor plant food constltuant* so that hey are not available to the plant*. suits nun the compound mtmlmt by your marktt, In one batch of solution, 'e of suliitlona depend*, Bp (o (otl«w th N 00 qp minuftuturar'i dlrictloni, N*v*r TRUE ASSESSMENT Why I* it that when we count our blessings we almost always count only our dollars? Is beeauae we are a materialistic people? We hardly think so. Or is because counting the number of gallons of milk a cow produces Is. more readily understood than the spiritual gains made by our citizens? This probably Is the answer. But whatever the reason, we are surfeited with statistics this time of year. We learn that Stanislaus County has 137,100 souls; that snowfall of so many inches in the Sierras mean* so many more acre feet of water next year; that 1,500 people a day are coming to California to live; that four million people of this state are on payrolls, and that California's population is now nearly 12 millions. Those are important and sometimes interesting figures. But they are only relative, either to our own past, or to what we may, expect in material gains next year. What we would like to see. is some measure of the spiritual and moral and mental progress of our people. For Inevitably, as our material wealth Increases, we have or should have more time to devote to the intangibles of life. Do we have more freedom as individuals than before? Do we have a better taste for music and the arts? Have our people learned that hard work, either mental or physical, is one of the greatest character-building forces of mankind? Do they appreciate and encourage a feeling of earning one's way through life, and the self-reliance and inner strength which comes from such accomplishments? Have we enlarged our rich traditions of neigh borlinesa and friendship? Have we as a people responded as we should to the bloodbank in order to save lives of our men in Korea? Are we resting on our laurels since the revealing gains made in our community spirit when the War Memorial was dedicated a little over a year ago? These are the things that make life rich and full. They are hard to measure. They don't depend upon material gains, but material things help though they should be and probably are secondary. Perhaps there's both a reason and a distinction as to why we are inclined to list dollars Instead of intangibles each New Year. 's easier, in the first place, and secondly, our moral and spiritual attainments are individual matters, Each person ha* to make his own accounting. This making of our own account Ing*, and some estimate of our inner urge to greater spiritual salvation, are the real values we should each New Year. Turlock (Calif.) Journal, THE WVL HORN BY THE HORNS Dedicated a* we are to the prop- Mltlon that aome polite relief from the usual automobile horn I* wanted, we cannot convince ourselves that the bull horn I*. This horn, a* advertised, I* *ald to have been 'designed as a 'cattla caller' (or tockmen," and the advertiser goes on, to lay: "* gentle moo or fullthroated bawl are a from usual car Ignal* )P olltc relief WE PAY FOR THIS Mississippi Congressman Frank E. Smith was a 15-year old schoolboy when the U. 8. Congress passed the "Buy American" act as a depression era trade-protection measure, Since then Smith ha* entered the Army as a private, fought with Qcn. Patton's Army in Europe and com* out of the service as an artillery major. In the 83d Congress he leads- a direct attack abainat an outmoded law that ha* co»t the U, S. taxpayers billions of dollars in procurement expenses, as well a* inestimable good will amoung our foreign allies. The "Buy American" law requires that the government may not buy anything from a (oreign Arm unless the foreign price le at least 29 per cent below the lowest Amer< lean bid. During the war, and lately the law has been modified by executive order so M not to apply to military purchases. But much government buying abroad is non. military. Thl* tired eld turkey of a law has enabled U. S. manufacturers lately to boost price* to the gov, eminent. I* a deilntte factor In contributing to Inflation at home and the dollar ihortage aboard A bill Smith has Introductd would repeal, and also amend the rural electrification act of 1938 that require* borrower* of R.E.A. to u*i only U. 8. manufactured good* which contain no foreign material*. The world has changed drastical< ly since "Buy American" was pul through 30 years ago and so ha* our need for government economy a* well a* for foreign material*. la rather amulng to be reminded that such antiquated and costly restriction* have been allowed to tand all theae fast-moving years. Congrennun Smith, in proposing their repeal, I* more in tune with the time* than many of hi* elder* In the great body. The new Congress, If is on * toes, will givi the Smith bill quick action Denvc Post,. Th* usual dgnal, In our experience, Is a screech, or wall, each appartntly uttered by a competently trained and licensed banshee. We do not care for them; Some motorlit* have lately perfected the art of releasing these noises when precisely opposite the open window of th* car they am pasting, *o that the full force of the blait enter* the unfortunate machine and reverberate* a* In a loud-speaker, Low a* our opinion Is of the screech and wall, w* would not hastily rr >laco thorn with th* moo and bawl, Our gues* Is that hearing a gent In moo behind on* might not only fall to be soothing, un- Httllng, No one, particularly whtn bucking a morning or evening rush hour, exactly wsnts to feel that a cow h*«brokan Into the lint of traffic. Thl* would apply with apecui force to people who are timid around cattl* under any diciimstance*, Pending further thought on thi matter, we Intend to give th* bull horn th* gentle r**phsrry or fullthroated Bronx cheer. The only polite relief from the uaual car signal* 1* compute relief, We mean llenca golden, nnd encruated with prtclou* «m*,~m, Louis PoatDli. patch. CHIME FOR CHILDREN The vice prtsldcnt of a majoi hroadcaillng company ha* statci that crime programs on radio ani television "can be used to Impress upon million* of Americans that lawbreaklng I* a aordld bualnei* In which th* criminal cannot win," Th* Journal of the America Medical Association, writing about a survey of th* deletarlous effect* of TV erlme-and-horror program* on children, dtclarei: The over-all Impression gained by th* monitor* from the majorit; of tolevlalon programs for chlldrc was that Jlfc I* cheap 1, death, aui fcrlng, and brutality are subject of cailou* Indifference; and thai Judges, tawyera and law officer* an dishonest, Incompetent, and stupid When I* thn Industry going ti face up honeatly and constructive^ without pharlialoal platitude*, t< the "sordid builneu' 1 that crimi fohchlldrin hi* become on th* al waveit Th* Chrlatlan Bclanc Monitor. I* estimated that there hav been alx million vlaltors to the. restoration of colonial Wllllamsburg V»,, *lnen the roitorattd was dart 4 In MM Fifty Year* Ago. Thomas P. Brown, who w*«nominated for assessor against Albert Ivins, and John T. Tetley, who as nominated for Justice of the jeace against John Bheehan at the epublican primary, declined to un in the genaral election arid th* Republicans were having a difficult ime to find someone to run on the icket for these offices. Jacob C. Bhutts moved from hrewsbury village, where he reded several years, to the Blalalell house on Broad at., nearly op- «aite Leroy pi. The pupil* of the grammar grade! the Holmdcl publio tchool, who ad perfect records of attendance nd punctuality during February 'ere Addle Ely, Laura Francis, terrie Hance, Edward Heyer and lay Johnson. A sequel to a pretty romance relulted In the marriage of Bruno Massa, popular Red Bank tailor, to Miss Vera Charlotta Sttnberg, an.ttractive Swedish girl. The mariage wa* planned for th* summer, iut was postponed on account of llnet* of the bride's mother abroad, 'hey were married -by Rev. John I. Haines, pastor of the Red Bank Methodist church. The couple were ioardlng temporarily with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clusey of Broad it. The "Slick B" basketball ttam of. Jamea church defeated an Batontown team by tht score of IS o 7. The Red Bank player* were Ray Hounihan, captain; Willie vane, Dennis Mead, Edward Hounilan and U Pattenon. The Eatonown player* were Matthew Byrnes, aptaln; John Flaherty, Howard Byrne*, Fred Bailey and F. Bampon. The baseball club composed by boys about 15 year* of ag* was ormed at Oceanport with Thomas L. Little as manager of the club. The club was seeking team* to play Saturdays, Sunday* and holidays, mt would prefer not to play en lunday if that could be avoided. Mis* Addle AUgor, daughter ot George AUgor ot Batontown w iritlcally 111 of lockjaw caused by itepplng on a rusty nail. Dr. J. C. Rush was In attendance. Byard' Applegate, son of Daniel H. Applegate of Leroy pi., wa* thrown from a horse while riding it Shrewsbury, falling en hi* head nd being rendered unconscious. ElUha J. Ksach of Oceanic, a!lvll war veteran and drawbrldga ender, was tendered a lurprlte tarty on his 67th birthday by hi* 'amlly. Charles E. Nleman bought the Samuel Coggin* property on the ast side of Maple ave., between Leroy and Irving pi., for hi* own iccupancy, Mie* Lillian Longttmt of Mc- Laren st., a saleslady la Patterson «t Spinning store was spending a week'* vacation with friend* Manasquan and Fanningdale. Phillip Stoffel, who conducted a cigar store, both ratall and wholeale, on Broad st. for many yean, waa critically ill. Mr. and Mr*. James R. Smock of Broad st., were enjoying a May of icveral day* visiting tht point* of interest at the national capital. A fife, drum and bugle corpt wai Former with Eugene E. Patterson, saptain; John 8. Bainton, aecreary; Arthur Jeffery, treasurer; and Oscar Cobb, lieutenant. Other* of he corps were John L, Harrison, Frank Chadwlek, Scott Longttreet, Charlts Bennett, George Ounbar, Thomas Murphy. William Hulae, Henry Van Brunt, Walter Gardiner, Albert Borden, Joseph Assy, Vanderveer Cooper, Ferren Blaiadcll, Ralph Field, John Height, Jamts Cavanaugh and Charlt* Thompson. John L. Sweeney of Atlantic Highlands, passed a**ucce**ful bar examination and waa admitted to practice a* attorney-at-law. Charic* A. Root, ag* M y*ar«, son of A. Collina Root of Middletown village, luecumber to an operation for appendicitis. He wa* officially connected with the Middletown Reformed church and Junior American Mechanic*. Charlts Bowman, who for years wa* employed u a cigar maker by Morris Pash, died»uddenly in New York city, where h«went to visit a friend. Jesse Matthews, who had gon* :o Colorado for tht benefit of hi* health, died from th* effect* of throat ailment. He,w«* 13 y«an old, the son of Sarah and Ambroa* Matthews. He was survived by hla widow who wa* the former Ml** Josephine LoPleeolo of Red Bank, and a daughter. Two brother*, George, Matthewa and Ambrose Matthew*, both of Red Bank, alm urvlved. Timothy B. Mount, who had bttfl employed several year* by Mount > Bros, or Maple avt,, wt* planning to open a whetlrlght shop on Mechanlo st,, In a building occupied by V. Hutchison, Twenty-five Year* Age. Mr. and Mrs. Fred FrKsk of Ai> bury Park, formerly of Red Bank, celebrated thtlr Wth wedding *nnlversrvy. Mr*, Ftlck waa Ml** Ma tilda Kuhl before her marriage. Mr. Frick, for many yean, conducted the Sheridan hottl on Front it., oppoalt* Broad, and alao wa* part owner and manager of th* Lye«um theater on Front it, an th* lit* of th* former J. W. eut canning factory. John W. Cantllllon p B. Applegate, Lionel Flnkel- :ein, Mis* Clara Brown, and Marin Becker. The winner* accepted their award* from a group of prifm onated by the Red Bank businessmen. The Aaron Armstrong residence iroperty on the northside of Sycaore ave., Shrewsbury, was sold by ITatter J. Graham to Dr. Henry Tlcehurst of Tenafly, well known 'eternariin, for hi* own occupancy, A group of Red Bank businessicn called a public meeting at the town hall to consider forming a seal credit bureau whereby those loing 'business In Red Bank would iroteet one another against the ommon practice of maintaining lugglfh accounts, Red Bank aprently being' overrun with deadleat*. John M. Meredith of Spring at, lied suddenly at his home. He was year* old and for 2t year* had been employed at the general store if R. Hane* ft Son* on Broad st., Albert 8. Miller was reeonstructg his building on the westside of road st. A tin box wa* found In he wall* containing a story of the ilg fire on Broad st. in IMS, a hisory of the Bergen shoe business and csrds of many Red Bank bus- Ineumen dating back to the Civil ar days. The Shrewsbury Reading club relebrated * 49th birthday. * officer* were Mr*. Ada B. Nalew of Eatontown, president; Mr*. Walter Bunn of Shrewibury, vice president; Mrs. John L. Hubbard of led Bank, secretary; Mrs. Isaac llhuly of Eatontown, corresponding aecretary; and Mrs. Helen Van Jervecr of Red Bank, treasurer. Mrs. A. B. Jennings and Mis* Evtyn Valentine were the only living harter member*. The Rtd Bank Exchange club iffered a two-day tdueatlonal trip o historical place* of Interest In Pennsylvania and New Jersey to he winner of an essay contest on he life of George Washington or the Declaration ot Independence. Harold A, Hendrickaon and Carl Jhl of Red Bank were conducting the contest. One of the largest funerals held n Atlantis Highland* was <W of Dr. Qeorg* Dewltt Fay, a physician f that place for more than 45 ear*. Capt Thorn** Rlddl* of Oee«nport, a well known boat builder, died at th* horn* of hla grandlaughter, Mrs. Edward M. Berry. He was U years old. He was an lutatanding builder of iceboat*, some of which were the speediest In this Hctlon,. among them being th* Clare), Isabel, Blanche, Red Rover, Ingenue arid Mlmatti. Mr*. Sarah E. Lucas of Locust ive., wa* tendered a surprise party m tht occasion of her 73d birthday. The party wa* In the nature f a family gathering, relatives being present from Red Bank, Woodbridge, Spring Lake and Elisabeth. The three bank* of Red Bank id total depoiit* of 114,218, Th* Second National bank of Red Bank led the county bank* In deposits, having a total of 19,892,679.- OS with loan* and discount* amounting to $10,052,J«4.M. Sheriff Harry N. Johnson was considering farming out nme of hi* prisoners to Middlesex and Ocean counties In order to decrease the population at the county Jail. 'X the time there were 121 prisoner* In the Jail with only 111 cell*. Mr. 'ohnion also claimed that by farming wt prisoners, he would do way with many ot them who come o the prison every winter, content ;o stay there where they will be Fed and hav* no work to do. The Monmouth county tax board mad* publio the tax rate for 1K8. Octanport waa the lowest In the e-uinty with the rat* of per $1,000 in valuation. Red Bank's rat* was»*».«1, slightly lower than the previous year. Tht ntwly ' formed Red Bank Athlttic club elected Leon 8hu*ttrman, manager of the Strand theater a* president of tht board of director*. Mitt One* Cooley of Newburg, New York, and Martin E. Ahern of MMd elown village were married at the brlde'e home. The coupl* itarttd houaekctping at Middletown Illagt where Mr. Ahern conducted a ocal, hay and feed business. Ml** Helen Nlcolettl, daughter of Michael Nlcolettl, and Jamta Gettit, sen of Lout* Gettla, both ot Shrewibury ave., were married st tht Rtd Bank borough hall by Recorder William J. Poulson. They were attended by Mrs. Nellie Madure and Frank Madure ot West Rtd Bank. exalted rultr of the Rtd Bank lodgt of Elk*. Other officer* wer* John F. O'Nell, esteemed leading knight; Fred A, Ellison, esteemed loyal night: John Hughe*, esteemed lecturing knlghtj Andrtw R, Celtman, secretary; Thomai Voorhle, treasurer Letter B, MeQuttn, trueten; and E. A, Pomphny, tiler, Tht UdlM' Hebrew aocltty el Red Bink. retted 11,000 at Ihtlt 7th annual ball held at tht Rtd Bank Smoke Shop. Prlae* (er uauiual eeatumee wtre awarded te Mia* Betty Seheffler, Mr*. Oterg* Whltehtad, MM, Maurice Schwarta, Mrs, Charlt* Bennett, Mr*. Annie Stone, Mra. Anna Waldman, Mn, EJna Whitney, Mite Dorothy Cohen, Angelo flcotll, Wllllem Decker, Mn Herman Heller, Mis* Dorothy Btrk owlti, Robert RoMniea, Mn, Joe- BANNED BON VOYAOE? In recent year* th* trend h»a become almoit worthy of a ilogan: "Join Congress and See the World." Btcauit In the la*t decade, there ha* been aaarcely a corner of the glob* tharunei* lam's flghltr* haven't reached Into.more or lea* egltmately, congrttilonal Junketing ha* muehroomad with Impunity and plaualblllty. Any lime a Congreseman or group lh*nof miffertd a audden attack of chy feet, thtre wa* alway* a fed- ral-ald project aboard to be In* vattlgated. Waehtngton'* dog-diy* of aprlng and iwimir wer* especially productive of the patrtetm urge t* dun to dliunt land* lot th* protection and preservation of tht Amtrlcin taxpayer'* dollar. Now, a* House Rule* Committee Chairman Allen tell*, there will bt no mort of auch unfrugal frippery. His pronouncement la pro. nounetablt beeaust hi* commute! can, at will, plgtonhole bill* requeuing clearance and fund* for Inquiries, Th* lid I* firmly en Junkets, he vow*, with poulble exception»t thi mer* Important safari* by the Foreign Affairs, Armed Service* and Insular Affair* commit- M, We hav* from wimiy-chttrtng ildtwalk teure** that thl* la good MWi, Wt auo hay* from tmokenlltd room*, from unimpeachable Kurttii from authority* who da net wlah to be quoted by n»me, and from uiuilly-rtllabt* observer* oloie le Influential quarun, that something to bt filed far back In thi wilt-and-iet dr»w*r.-«t. Leu Oleba-Dtmecrtt,

7 Scout-O-Rama Set for 28th ASBURY PARK Floyd Imtay of River Plaza li In charge of publicity for Monmouth county'i flrit Scout-O-Rama show to be itag«d at the Convention hall here Saturday, Mar. 28. Scouts will feature the'theme, "On to the Pacific," In preparation for the national jamboree to be held on the Weit eoast in July. Kendatt Lee of Asbury Park, chairman of Monmouth csuneil'a activities division, <aid thli week that eight acts are planned. Cub Scouts will he featured in a paceant, and will exhibit handicrafts, games and skills prior to the show. The Scout-O-Rama will be packed with exciting demonstrations of physical fltneu, pioneering and authentic Indian dances," Mr. Lee said. Sea Scouts will move a 28- foot surf boat to the Convention hall floor (or boat drill and rescue work demonstrations, he added. Francis Bruce of Eatontown will be In charge of the "Are by flint and steel" event, and George Ouenich of Keansburg will take charge of the closing pageant. Jtmtt Flynn of Matawan win participate in an explorer scene presentation. Start* 19th Year In Bingliainton Church Rev. Paul J. Tritschler, who formerly served a Lutheran congregation in Red Bank, started his 19th year Sunday as pastor of Endicott's Evangelical Church of the Holy Nativity at Btnghamton, N. Y. The minister was graduated from the Lutheran Theological seminary In Philadelphia In 1928, and came to Red Bank where he officiated at services then held in a '«ill over Clayton Magee's Broad m. stores. He took over the Bingh.'O.ton pastorate Mar. 1, He started Tuesday a four-month adult catechetical class In his church which is aimed at preparation for person* desiring to become members of the Lutheran church. OLD MONMOUTH DOG TRAINING CLUB Monmouth County's Leading Obedience Association ANNOUNCES WEEKLY CLASSES STARTING THURS., APRIL 2 Y. M. C. A., RED BANK According to Ameriean Kennel Club Regulations liainnirs INTMMIDIATE ADVANCID Children's Junior Group Training Director, MR. KARL SCHMID FOR INFORMATION CALL MRS. ALFRID KING. JR., Pros MRS. ANITA USSNIR, Secy MISS JUNNI DUIOIS t.ftiift "A Trained Dog fa a Better Dog" RED BANK REGISTER, MARCH 12,1953 Pack 11 of Rumson Holds Father and Son Night At a recent banquet held by pack of Rumton, eight fathers and eight sons joined the pack which is one of the largest in Monmouth council. Youths who entered scouting, left to right, are Henry Wolff, Jack Sparling, Nicholas Adamson, Jeffrey Newton, Roman Whorchek, Robin Humphrey, Harry Sundemeyer and George Linstrom. Fathers participating «t the banquet, left to right, ware Raleigh Newton, Emil Whorchek, Henry Wolff, Patterson Humphrey, George Lindstrom, Harry J. Sundotmeyer and Arthur L. Adamson. The banquet was held at Rumson high school. Questions and Answers To Vets' Problems Q In applying for Korean GI training, must I submit the original! of my separation paper (DD Form 214) along with my application form, or will a carbon copy be satisfactory? A You msy submit an official carbon copy of your DD Form JU at evidence of your active service. is not necessary to submit the original. Q The Army made t determination that my disability occurred in line of duty. Is V.A. bound to accept that determination, in ruling an my eligibility for service-connected compensation? A The Hne-of-duty determination Is not binding on the V.A. However, V.A. will accept the Army's findings In tuling.on wheth er your. disability U lervice-eonrected unless certain consider* tlons would warrant a different finding. Q I am the widow of a World War I veteran who died as result of a service-connected disability. Must I prove dependency In order to be eligible for death compen«a tion payments? A No. Dependency Is not a factor in determining your eligibility for death compensation. Q Since t have been totally and permanently disabled for six. months, I have applied to V.A. for waiver of my National Service Ufe Insurance. premiums. How long must I continue to pay my prenr turns, now that I hav«filed? A Premiums should be paid until you are notified that the waiver has been approved. Any premiums you have paid beyond the required premlum-psying period wilt be re funded to you. Q My N.S.L.I. term policy hat lapsed for two months. But hasn't yet come to the end of its term. How can I go about reinstating it? A You may reinstate it by submitting a written application, accompanied by two monthly premiums provided you are in as goad health as you were when the premium lapsed. Application forms may ba obtained at any V.A. office. The star nearest to the earth is about 25,500 billion miles away. DYSTROPHY BOOTH ASBUHY PARK-Barncy A. Diebold of Asbuhy Park, vice president of the county Muscular Dystrophy association, will be chairman of the chapter's display nt the Calva cade of Progress at Convention hal Mar. Iff to 23. His assistants wil be Daniel Test. Richard Gilliam, Barney A. Dicbold, Jr., Misses. Sar Goldwyn, Mildred Cardilla and Jean Potick. REPORTS FOR DUTY Airman Third Clara Anthony Biancamano, ton of Mr. and Mr.". Anthony Biancamano of 176 Riverside avc, has reported for duty to the 18th Air Force headquarter:, Donaldson Air Base, Grccnvillo, S. C. A graduate of Red Bank high school In Airman Biancamano enlisted in June of that year and received his basic training at Samplori Air Force Base, N. Y, In Red Bank 's SKBMAN S for CUKTAINS DRAPF.R1ES SLIP COVERS LINENS VENETIAN BLINDS For 5h<!fi-tt-Hnmt S»rvi i'hon. KB Sherman's Home Decorators 45 nroad STREET 'RED DANK Page Seven GUITARS To $350 ANDERSON MUSIC 11 BKOAO ST.. MB-BANK We'll Help You With Your Homework We'll show you hew to lay a floor hang a doer install attic insulation panel a wall. You'll save up to one-hatf of the usual cost of home improvemeats when you do the work yourself. Hard jobs turn easy when you follow our detailed step-by<step directions. No charge. Our "How-To-Do-lt" service is en the house. 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HBBJlP MO BANK NEW JERSEY THt THINC TO SEE VFW Auxiliary Host to Officers MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP Mrs. Alice Trimble of Burlington, state department president of the Veterans of Foreign Wars auxiliary, and Mrs. Marian Leon of Keyport, sixth district president, made their official visit to the auxiliary of the post here Wednesday night of last week. Other officers present were Mrs. Teresa Mongolia of Camden, past state department president; Mrs. Gabriel Beyers, Hudson Heights; Mrs. Frank Loversidge of Middletown post; Mrs. Marjoric Concepslon of Cliffwood, state department senior vice president; Mrs. Marjorie Hahn of Union City, state department assistant secretary; Mrs. Edith Sullivan of Burlington, state department flag bearer; Mrs. Walter Burkhart of Middletown post; Mrs. Rosemary Summers.of Keyport, sixth district department chief of staff; Mrs. Louise Brown Oi New Brunswick, eighth district president; Mrs. Virginia KrushUa of Neptune, sixth district senior vice president; Mrs. Mclvin Leek of Middletown post, sixth district patriotic instructor; Mrs. Rita Mc- Laughlin of Cliffwood, sixth district color bearer; Mrs. Agnes Frank, Middletown post, sixth district flag bearer, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hubert of Cliffwood, sixth district Veterans administration hospital chairman. Other visiting auxiliaries were from Keyport, Keansburg, Cliffwood, Highlands, Neptune, Raritan, South River and Burlington. The visitors were greeted by Walter DeVoe, senior vice commander; Elwood Schanck, junior vice commander; Louis Dcutsch, adjutant, and Walter Burkhart, quartermaster. A tricky tray party was held, proceeds of which will' go to the New Jersey Cottage National home. The auxiliary made plans for a card party Mar. 23 nt the post home. Mrs. Eleanor Courter was named chairman. A covered dish supper was served by Mrs. Raymond Richardson and her committee, Acreage To Be Larger This Year TRENTON New Jersey asparagus growers report that they are expecting to harvest about 29,500 acres this spring, eight per cent more than fast year's 27,300-acre crop, according to preliminary estimates by the New Jersey crop reporting service. Thin includes the acreage grown for both fresh markets and for processing. The Garden state ranks second only to California in total asparagus production. Last year. New Jersey ' harvested 2,457,000 crates and California 4,996,000. New Jersey's average yield per acre last year was 90 crates, including that harvested for fresh market and processing, placing the state second In the nation in average yield per acre. STVVDV MAKE-UP DEAL Character make-up was studied at a meeting of the drama department of the Little Silver Woman's club recently at the home of Mrs. Joseph Schacffcr on Brighton ave. Mrs. Schaeffer and Mrs. Frederick Rouse gave a demonstration, using Mrs. Frank Selbert and Mrs. Charles Friederich as models. The next meeting will be Mar. 24 at the home of Mrs. Richard Ireland in Rumson. Rep. W. N. Judd Luncheon Speaker SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS- Rep Walter N. Judd (R. Minn.) will speak at the annual spring luncheon of the United Women's Republican clubs of Monmouth county Friday, Mar, 20, at Beau Rivage. He will deliver his lecture at noon. The introduction will be given by Rev. James C. Auchincloss. Rep. W. N. Judd Rep. Judd has been a member of Congress sinco He was a Congressional delegate to the World Health ssembly in Geneva, Switzerland, in June, 1950, and was one of the Congressional committee to view progress of the Marshall plan and military aid In Europe in June, 1951, at the request of """resident Eisenhower. Mrs. Alton V. Evans of Long Branch, president, will preside. THe innual election will be held, with Mrs. Joseph F. Hunter of Fair Haven as the nominee for the presidency. Mrs. John Adair Is reservation chairman, assisted by Mrs. Thomas Ford, Jr., Mrs. Charles Stephens nd Mrs. Thomas Hogan; Mrs. Joseph Coupe, flowers; Mrs. Joseph C. ~rwin, Mrs. Elvin R. Simmill, Mrs. Edward Davies, Mrs. John Lepska, Mrs. George M. Bodman, Mrs. Hunter and Miss Rosclle Bucknum, hospitality; Mrs, Thomas Morford, chairman, Mrs. Victor E. Groasin- :er, Mrs. Jacob O. Haussling and Mrs. Basil B. Bruno, membership. New Program On Health, Welfare Mrs. Leonard Shiman, second vice president of the state League of Women Voters, will speak at the membership meeting of the League of Women Voters, Red Bank Region, Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. David Kaplan on Alston ct. Her subject will be "Highlights of the Health and Welfare Picture in 'New Jersey." The league Is one of the sponsors for "My Name is Legion," which the county association for MentaJ. Health will give tonight at Long Branch auditorium. The play is a dramatisation of Clifford Beers' book, "A Mind That Found self." The author lost his mind and after three years In a mental hospital ound it again. As a result he dedicated his life to shanging conditions of caring.for the mentally ill, and his efforts are credited with the founding of the mental hygiene movement In the United States. VFW Auxiliary Announces Award The auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post of Red Bank wil' give an American history award in June to a member of the 1953 graduating class from Red Bank high school. Arrangements for the award were made at a meeting Thursday night at the post home on Mechanic st. The auxiliary made its annual contribution to the Red Cross fund. Mrs. Effle de la Mott, hospital chairman, told of a recent party given for 30 patients at the ctatlon hospital at Fort Monmouth. Games were enjoyed, prizes awarded, and gifts given to each patient. The annual election will be held Mar. 19. Members were also invited to attend a testimonial dinner Apr. 18 at the Hotel Madison In Atlantic City, honoring Charles Barney Oldneld, deputy commander. Rumton P.T.A. To Hold Cake Sale RUMSON The Parent-Teacher association will hold a cake sale Saturday at the Jane Logan shop on River rd. Mrs. John Korzdorfer and Mrs. L. E. Martin are chairmen; An auction sale will be held at the next meeting, Apr. 14. Officers will be elected. Serving on the nominations committee are Mrs. Douglas Fredericks, chairman, Mrs. Rodman Getty, Mrs. Frank Kaiser, Mrs. William Dobrosky and Marion Krouse. "Night" baseball U played In sunlight at Fairbanks, Alaska. DORtrS FOTO FUNNIES "At U»t w«have your divorce, Mri. Schmafti you are now a FREE 9>l." Oh, Yeah? Abouf frea at folks art who do not anjoy tho «trvicai and extras \we have, to offer. Oorn's Photo Shop, 15 Wallace) St. Red Bank Com mareial k Portrait Photograph n. Cameras, Supplies A Finishing for tho Amataur 1 Pro fassional. Homo Moviai. Heritage Croup Has Discussions FREEHOLD The 1953 session of the American Heritage discussion group opened last night at the Monmouth County library. Miss Julia Killian, county librarian, and Mrs. Leonard C. Lathrop, ars codirectors. Miss Killian pointed out that the purpose of these discussion groups 10* is to give the average citizen a chance to examine his heritage through the perusal of early documents beginning with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and covering the works of such well-known writers as Emerson, Thoreau, Abraham Lincoln, and the more modern writers, William James, Woodrow Wilson, F. D. Roosevelt and Carl Sandburg. "Living Ideas in America," edited by Henry Stele Commager will be used as a text book, along with various films and study guides. Monmouth County's Exclusive Leather Goods Store A similar discussion group started in Rumson in December. Sessions are held Thursdays at the Oceanic library; This group Is con* fining its interest to the readings in the first series of "Exploring the American Idea." Anyone wishing to join the Rumson group may contact Miss Esther Bruce at the Oce» anic library. 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9 SCHOOL NEWS BVMbOK I«fayetto Street Jimmy Coleman brought the kinlergarten a magic bean bowl and he. story of Jack and the Beanitalic. The beans are growing and :h» class U witching to iee if they let tall enough for Jack to climb lo the giant'a caatle. I HIM Evelyn Porter'* second trade la studying about the wind. Fhty have made lists of the good he wind does and also the harm t can do. The boys and girla have nade pictures of the things the wind can do and have placed them >n the hall bulletin board. They ir«also going to make plnwheels >nd kites. "Windy Wind" Windy Wind wanted somebody to play with. He played with' the clouds but he made it rain too much. He spread a lire. He was Mrs. Harriet Dohrn's third grade made fudge for their mothers for Valentine day. wss lots ot fun sorry, ao he «skcd the rain to put In our school kitchen doing it. year. was decided they would out. Mrs. Do.hrn'i boys and girls have hold a toy sale. Boon the Ash bowl Eleanor Thaler. planted grapefruit seeds and aregame will be part of the sale. The watching to see if they will grow. "When the March Wind Went to They have also decided to try growing carrots and sweet potatoes. The Sea" The March wind did not want the class welcomed back Todd Wilkin- breezes to help him blow the waves, son, who hm been on vacation in so they helped a woman dry herflorida. clothes, a farmer to dry up mud,, and some children tofly kite. Mrs. Grace Heiier's fourth grade Bttty Wright. observed February as the month of birthdayi. The lives of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison, aa well as their contribution to the growth of our "The Bunch of Banana*" A man from a far away country tasted bananas for the flrst time. He liked them so much thtt he brought a bunch of bananas back to his country. He promised a boy or girl the bananas if they did not talk for a week. On the last day a little boy talked to an old man who was hungry. But even though he talked, he gave the hungry man food, so he got the bananas. Georgia Lowrts. Mrs. Priscilla Wimpress 1 thirdgrade boys and girls are learning Here are some of the favorite their geography through the travel* garet Oerdlng is at home 111 and torlea of Miss Porter's secondgrade puplls: pel has returned from Florida and plan to send her some card* and of their classmates. Diane Chap- will be out for some time. They "Curious George Takes Job" Morgan Collohas ailed the mailbox games etch week to help cheer her This is a story about a monkey. with postcards. The class gave up. H* ran away from the too., He Frances Lee Johnson a "boh voyage" gift when she left for Ger- Mrs. Frances Noonan'a sixth grads found some paint and painted a room and furniture to look like a many. was a hard job keeping has two new members: Carolyn Jungle. His keeper found him andit a secret. Drowns returned to us from Little put him in the movies. He was John Tulp added a new story to Silver and Joette Lshan came from kept so busy he forgot, to be cur-puious. "Spring Is Here" this section. The boys hope the next news corner: Haslet. There are now 19 girli in Bally Sparkes. What do you think I saw a week newcomer will be ons for their ago? was a robin in our bird group of eight. feeder. That means spring Is here. Mlas Marion Peseux's sixth grade WIH OUR FINE PUP by $M» If Nairn? Come in and see the cute pup we have on display.. AU it needs is a good name. Maybe you're the one who can take it home. Just leave your suggested name on the entry blank at our store if it's the most unusual and best submitted you can have this well pup to take home. fiftr PURIHA'S Big fifty Nmln CMM NO* AMWwwl fwittt «f nutritious PURINA DOO CHOW wm«bt IM fiven for SIMI, M, «MI, SMI ptac* winners. CONTEST CLOSES NOON. MARCH 14,1953 LA WES OFFICE and GARDEN SHOP MIR HAVIN *HOmN«CINTU : 114 RIVRR ROAD. PAIR HAVIN wwwwwwvww^ country, were studied. Also the birthday of Henry W. Longfellow wu noted with a story of his lifs and poetry. Mrs. Daisy Frya's fourth-grade boy* and girls are reading about Ifeglco and each student la making a Mexican scene In a shoe box. Mra. Mao Johnston's fifth grade la making health not* books. Topic* Included>In them are: flrst aid, teeth and good food*. They are illustrating these booklets. Mar- held a class meeting recently. The class discussed ways and means to cam money for their class trip which they plan to take, later In th class president, Charles Cevll, appointed two chairmen for the sale, Joanne Alossandronl is the girls' chairman and Charles. Rice was appointed for the boys. Penny Karagiaa Is the Ash bowl chairman. Richard Owens, the magician visited our school Feb. 20, and delighted the children with his magic 360 days, Hominy HtU King'* Precious produced 11,371) pounds of tricks and good humor. milk and 598 pounds of butterfat, A group of our students attended the last In a winter series of concert* for young people at the Mosque theater In Newark Feb. 28. Sponsored by the Griffith Musi Foundation, the Little Orchestra society, under Thomas Scherman, s conductor, closed its program with a children's new opera, "Babar, th Elephant." This opera' was written by Nlcolal Beyetouski, based on the original stories by Jean d Brunhoff, Max Leavitt was director. Studenti making the trip were Jamea Layton, Janet Johnson, Harry Johnson, Eleanor Cordner, Richard Ward, Nancy Kelly, Linda Frederick, Ellen Sickles, Peter Sickles, Larry Sklar, Frank Walter, Susan Wilkinson,' Ann Thaler, Louise Fox, Arthur Fox, Barbara Krouse, Heidi Purdy, Susan Needle, Lee Ellen Needle, Julia Dyer, Mary Dyer, Nina Noonan, Polly Legg, Robert Tanner, Joan Max, Mary Stout, Billy Salladln. Mary Thaler, Edward Tralnor, Pamela Goodwin, Cheryl Murphy, Roberta Rush, Jud; Tyler, Laura Landau and Marjorie Gibson. Mrs. Needle and Mrs. Edna Johnson accompanied the group. Ths following students are on the honor roll, being neither absent aor tardy during February: William Urtoa, Arthur Fsutla, Jack Bparllai, Marr HuaUr. B.atrlca Tftam* a. Rotwrt Hubfcud, taomta MitekeH, Joatph Viaahrwerkaa, Mnirn Cook, Victoria) Milan Uata Fraa.rlek. Elton Vopl.ka, UMa tm. atttnrt Uo, J.f. fr*r P.rl, Ana Claerdlit, Suaaa. Kinfdon, Caere* ralloaj, David Bhepira, Jtr. Rutban. Taaner. Mwart Tralnor, '- Hodeckar, Waltc..jrsTUwnn'crs.iaT'john Stadia?. Wl llaai BsklBiea, Jr. tiiori. W.iaa, El«. aor' Cersttr. AMWT Me. Lee Bka HIW. Mlsa NMIM, Vsbrl. Ruksaata, SYLVANIA TILIVISIO YOU OPERATE IT FROM YOUR ARMCHAIR tips... keen* io a I fooraamfca MM CMMafWe elmmmtp* baasheamm "sir*. iaf Mfceoel tesslawk...ske ryeanfe...fmil ED BANK REGISTER. MARCH Ann. Thaler. Andrew DeLanct. Robert Hoffman. Jarne, Jaeobaon. Rocer Martin. Eugene ROM. Jamei Wanner, George Guimaraca Pale Grimfne. Maldee Ken*. Margaret ^und, Suzanne Ranney, LLogan Beeler, Jeff Maelntolh. Raymond Pryor, Walter 8<hnab.l. Mary DcVo. Joanne Foattr, Majorlt Giboon, Betty Lantthamraer, Maria Robinson, Ellen Sickle*, Richard ' April. Barry Carol. Grandin Hsmmell, Richard Johnny. Peter Sickles, Suaanne Slocum, Eleanor Thaler, Willinm Boyc. Jamea Leo, Joan Hiilleran Holly Hecrmanal Unda Hill. Joan Max, Pamela Shippee, Irene Thompfinn, Joette Lehan, William Clierdin, Jonathnn Logan, Anthony Spark*!. Hi uce Lowe, Joanne Stalin. Jane Woodman. Adriene Jordan, Brenda Tanner. Margaret Wilnon, Michael Rod< eker. sheppard MeHcnry, Hnrland Ranrey, Ermlnle Lane, Roger Kon. drup, Verion Paulaon Patricia Callmnn, Martha Riblnaon, Judith Schnabcl, Ann Sevtranea and 8ally Sklar. Guernsey Cows Mak Records COLT'jj NECK-Outstanding official advi need registry records,»u themselves to home living, ss without this help,, thess individuals pervised by New Jersey State colreported by the America lege and would have, to live alone. Guernsey Cattle club for approval The organisation also sent a annual $90 contribution to ths schol- and publication, have been completed by five registered Guernsey arship fund of the Kate Duncan cows owned by Henry D. Mercer, Smith school in Alabama. Mrs. this place. Paul Jahnes of Rumson was welcomed as a transfer member from On three times daily milking for S6S days, Flying Horse Phil's Flute, Richard Stockton D.A.R, chapter a Junior two-year-old, produced 12,- ot Ocean Drove. Mrs. William 9M pounds of milk and 649 pounds of buttcrfat. She is the daughter ot the outstanding Guernsey sire, Argllla Royal Philosopher, which has 21 sons and daughters in the performance register. Hominy Hill Eliza produced 10,- 236 pound* of milk and RSI pounds of butterfat, milked three times dally for 365 days aa a junior twoyear-old. "Eliza" is the daughter of the famous Guernsey sire, Fairhvwn Pe<rless Dictator, which has sons and daughters in the performance register. On thrie time* dally milking for starting her record as a junior twoyear-old. Hominy Hill Klng'a Winsome produced 12,480 pounds of milk and 666 pout ids of butterfat, milked three tines daily for 365 days as a senior two-year-old. 'On thr:e times daily milking for 365 days, Hominy Hill Pompom Rose produced 11,954 pounds of milk and 575 pounds of butterfat, starting her record as a senior twoyear-old. "Precious," "Winsome" and 'Rose" arc the daughter, ot the famous Guernsey sire, Coronation King of Pins Manor, which has IM sons and daughters in the performance register of the American Guernsey Cattle club. B*. ««- THE Croup Plans Tea For Patients The Junior group of Monmouth chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, will entertain at an informal tea Mar. 25 for a group of patients at the State hospital at Marlboro. Mrs. Arthur Morris will be chairman of the activitiy arranged at a meeting last week at the home of Miss Frances Dix on Mechanic at. Mrs. Claude Madrey of the state hospital staff spoke to members on the need for volunteer* to help with various therapy projects at the institution. She also said there is a need for Individuals to take newly discharged patients Into their homes, ao that the patients may have an opportunity to acclimate Schanck and Mrs. Charles Moeller presided at ths coffee table.' Mlsa Caroline Bedford was a guest. The next meeting will be an informal supper Apr. I at the home of Miss Gwendolyn Compton at Perth Amboy. Film Describes China Manufacture NAVE8INK Mrs. John Ballantine of the China and Glass shop o! Red Bank gave an illustrated lecture on line English china at a meeting of the Navesinlc River ceramic guild last week at Navesink library. By using a Him, she explained the various manufacturing methods used by Wedgwood. Members of the various garden clubs of the area were among the guests. Representing the Highlands Garden club were Mrs. E. J. Lnppalatmer, Mrs. John Adair, Mrs. Wilbur Daust, Mrs. Thomas Hogan. Mrs. Fred Bedle and Mrs. O. D. Stcelman. Other guests Included Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Llppincott, Mrs. Alice Parker, Mrs. Marjorie Evans, Mrs. Gilbert Parker, Mrs. Vincent Crist, Mra. Henry Struck, Mrs. Curtis West, Mrs. Daniel Dorn, Mra. Elbert Mason, Mrs. Robert Rathlean, Mrs. Elisabeth 8. Nelll, Mrs. William Tolsby, Miss Anne Stommell and Miss Florence Adair. "Ettht out of rttdtrt camult The Retiat.r Clanlfled Ada." Adir.rtlMm.nt. MILLER MAN SAYS: " rd TkACK 9 THAT MAKES THf (\ DIFFFkf Nre' ~ t Savsi upto lt.71 «CM* QENUINC ALL-ALUMINUM $ma STORM IT 14 " J»** IStUtMIWtlMle'SNN IMM'I el MirtMt SitmiKs in tuna wlmowi... wimowi... mi Hut #nm» tin vital: YKiM O*l. r ei.huiht awim 1-lraca 1-KI almam «IMom SSf'ait sstislt Ills K *our M mit Ml WMIW.IM. H. ssi.littl Jae > totmn. Isay Ml TMSM... as law ss i.sfmsnaknrfr STORM AJMOR PRHU7SM8MU tfotmcmtt.ittle Silver Girl Struck by Car Rose Kosik, 1«, of M0 Woodbine are., Little Sliver, suffered a bruised leg here Saturday afternoon when she was hit by a car driven by Frederick Wyatt of Squankum rd., Eatontown. According to police. Miss Kosik as crossing Monmouth at. when the accident occurred. She was treated at Rlvervlew hospital. Mr. Wyatt rseslved a summons, Issued by Patrolman Raymond Sergeant, i_a eharge of reckless driving, Tk a grand, elagant treat to be taatin'onst. Patrick's Day. Green aa the Shamrock... sweet aa an old Irish song... and richly laden with fine Pistachio nuts from the Orient. Enjoy it while available. PaM* NfflSt Since 1911 PHONE RE J. H. WHITE Nwman Springe toad D BANK Roofing of all kinds Leaden, Gutters * Complete warn air heating systems Ductwork Surah you'll be wantin' ICE CREAM ^*Wa"*>*rI- &w row mm/a wtin MAM WAS HWCMO m CKAM IN HAND oimo ouutn. nuts ANO IN rw mtm HAU OAON J. YANKO 30 BROAD ST. RED BANK Springtime is Coat Time! for women, A superb collection in quality and style *> 110 Ceah Jn the beautiful ipring fabrics weal suedes, fleeces, tweeds and the new Kamacurl. Quality mada into the newest styles flare aeats, shirt coats, bony coats and cardigan coats. Some with insulated linings. In white, pastels and the darker tweeds. Junior, misses', women's sisos. Cost illustrated a Irittany of imparted wool. In soft, natural color. 85" tairaaj" TMI V^W^Wl*, Mrs. y*j^s ITIAN BLIND MAM TO YOUR MIAWMI I W t'*" ' INI* IMAl TttlVttlOM pot AMY I I...HM just is uqr the mot BB^BaaafkaMBBh aaaalab\^aam 2 ^ ^ aaama raotji. gien sa a M O COM/ IN ASH /1MOUI OUU TlHHIfll 1H l\ DI IN Ol 32 TABLE MODELS FROM THE "THE WAGON" AT 1 ONLY collection,.stomps and "lino, of want $%n woeltdty Jilnf (or you. N. J. This* the perfectl Ida*: to bull bast pcrforit to tall at a I If you wantl uccmded inspect thlil Notice how I whctllnin ar Notice, too, I America U l Ml tsm»w MM MM a b«aw» 1 ntmmm m+ m um a*» ed i lavlt I" MMN U"*M" PAD t. Vf /Vf 11 AN BLIND CO Samitai I Measure Pro* of Ckarf ol ;d bah Sbury Park n hutnd Slant 23 Stmd St. iuy. (allsalnt dorp for children. all-wool COATS with grow-i-ytar htmi Chaclias) ana 1 sells) color coats In smart wentee*' ind flannel fabrics. Jeautlfully ejetalla. with faille or valvataan trim. '

10 FaoreTen RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH TRADE Your OLD Cleaner for the New Improved 1953 GENERAL ELECTRIC Swivel-Top CLEANER MQMFv * * mfftvti W affaammmw atlamw mafaaaaaatf %lflwfl I f W ettvwvs 0 Ml Cltefitof Few* a* all liimil V QVtvrljff VyWfUliiMl 0 King Slie Threwewey Ie «-Ne Art t» <te er Kychl 0 Cteeni wrrtlt teem witheul mevlni MICE 1mta> afamsmaaamal atmtw Vt^HmwV 0t»»24 W MM hr yew «M dhmrl Swop ftforihh Dulhrpu HASSOCK-CHEST t wfctn y#ti bwy yew ne» ll! t«l«*ut«a> CleM*tl Cktll fcnllt ef kiln. e'rlee'*liieie«m«flwmi fceitaieim alaihi, ua «ia A AUfcAa 1 AAslAa < with IM% I. Hel««! fcf HWi O-l MMffvrt trftr ftnrimir Sf MflMO KIT i OfPF > mnlf fimnf for DNMMtrttfM of ffct NOW C-l Nt MlHfHrff. AtVHi #*lr. GENERAL ELECTRIC C««il llmllll (HH'li »H«"ltl DWIlltn, If* MilDM AMWt, Men fl Conducts Navy Band ASBURY PARK - Lieut. Commander Charloe Brendlcr, whose home base hu been the Navy Yard in Washington since 1917, when he went to the Navy band to fill a clarinet vacancy, will conduct the IT. S. Navy band in two concerts to be held Saturday, Apr. 11, in Morganville Bobby and Connie Murdoch of Hortcnsia farm are each raisins a shorthorn steer under the 1-H Baby Beef club program. roll Mr. and Mrs. William F. Dwyer have returned from their wedding trip to New Orleans and Mi- the Convention hall under auspices of the Ktwanis club of this city. Tickets go on sale today. When a lad of 15, Charles Brcndler enliited in the Navy. He loon found himself at sea aboard the V. B. S. Florla, his rating a "land*- man for musician," which drew him the {irihccly pay of $17.1«month. la a few yean he had played his way to the top, a higher top than any musician has. ever achieved in the regular navy before. In tribute to his fine leadership and outstanding ability he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander and conductor of the Navy band. Methodist church or Xeptune will preach at the afternoon service at' ami, and are residing with Mrs. 3:30. At the evening service at Dwycr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Au-7:30gustine Hallcran at their farm on Red Bank Methodist church will Rev. Roger J. Squire of the Pleasant Vallcy-Wickatunk rd. deliver the sermon. Between the Carole Ann Becker and Suzanne two services there will he ft church Becker attended the Robertsville supper given by the W.S.C.S. 4-H meeting last week at the home The committee in charge of of their leader, Mrs. Sostrom. Other members from the Robertsville services of the Morganville Meth- floral decorations for the Easter area present were Lydia Elff, Carole Johnson, Mimi Keck, Gerry Schllke, Mrs. Walter B. Lambertodist church includes Raymond Byrnes and Anna Mac Cappa. son and Mrs. Fred Eckel. The Marlboro Township Civic Mr. and Mrs. George Demery of association at a reorganization Beacon Hill have moved into their meeting last week at the home of Mrs. Lulu Beal here, voted to contir.ue with the present members of the executive board for another year. Mrs. Tillie Jameson was appointed chairman of a card and gumc party to be held St. Patrick'* night, Mar. 17, in the fire house. Prizes for each table and refresh merits are planned. The proceeds from the affair will go to the first aid squad. Last week. Mrs. Frank X Becker entertained at luncheon four former classmates from the St. FrancU School of Nursing In Trenton. Present were Mrs. Emerson Scully and Mrs. Gene Plainer of Burlington, Mrs. Rue S. Parker of Bordentown and Mrs. Theodore Brltton of Trenton. John E. Hermes of Roselle, formerly of Morganvlllt, was granted divorce by Advisory Master Nicholas A. Tomasulo at Elisabeth, from Mrs. Catherine 8. Hermes of Keyport. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rloptl have returned home from Monmouth Memorial hospital where they were treated for bronchial pneumonia. Mrs. David Janwlch. Wkkatunk, is entertaining her lister, Mrs. Otto Jindracek, whose husband, Chief Petty Officer Jindracek, Is serving in the U. 8. Navy In Japan. He recently wai transferred from Great Lakes Training station, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Janwlch entertained Mr. and Mrs. Skip Kilcomlna of Morganville at dlnntr recently In honor of Mrs. Jindracek. Noel and Faith Tilauo, formerly of Perth Amboy, have been enrolled In the flrtt trade class at the school. Mr. and Mrs. if, Morrli of Perth Amboy have move! to Baldwin ave. In Marlboro Gardens. Mrs. Dorothea Evans Is spending four week* at the Governor's Club hotel at Fort Leuderdale, Fla. She motored South with her sister, Mrs. William B. Clayton of Garden City, L. I., and stopped on the way at Williamsburg, Va. At the annual homecoming and call of the Morganville Methodist church today, Rev. R. A. Anderson, pastor of the newly completed home on Orchard pkwy., Morganville. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stalgaitis last week entertained Mr. and Mrs. Richard Folgcr of Matawan, who have just returned from a month's trip to Florida and a cruise to Bermuda and Nassau. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Fischer arc living in their new home on Orchard pkwy. Mrs. J. B. Gordon, chairman of the Red Cross drive for Marlboro township, has appointed the following memberst of her committee: Mra, John Williams, Mrs. Lawrence MacCary. Mrs. Stanley C. Rlttenhouse, Mrs. Stewart Whaley, Mrs. Ludwig Foss, Mra. Thoman Maresca, Mrs. W. R. Jones, Mrs. Fred Marx and Mra. Harold Quackenbush. The quota is 11,200. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Qrubb are the parents of a son. born last Thursday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. The Woman's auxiliary of the Holiday Beagle club served a turkey dinner recently at the club's headquarters in Robertsville to 50 members and friends who were participating In the field trials. The committee included Mrs. Samuel Brewer, Mrs. Daniel F. Brewer, Mrs. Daniel P. Brewer, Mrs. Albert Moore, Mrs. Virginia Irvln, Mrs. Harold Crocker. Miss Dorothy Partridge, Miss C. B. Ann Brewer and Mrs. George Eckel. At the trials Daniel P. Brewer's beagle dog, Joneidale Jack, won reserve classlbcatlon. Several. New Jareey beagle clubs took part In the meet Including Clinton, Central Jenwy ana Garden State Beagle clubi. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Englebritsen have moved Into their new home on Mill rd. Mr. Englebrltsen on a month's leave, from the Merchant Marine. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tretmaa have moved Into their new home oa Orcbard pkwy. PUBLIC SALE OF FARM MACHINERY -ON- SATURDAY. MARCH 21, 1953 AT lift) F. M. Locate* M we Kterett an* Crawler*] Center reei, ejaootta Bel Laaoraterleo aeent twe> aillee free* Helwed. MACHINERY: 1 model H International treetors fully equine*, Case manure spreader, 1M1 New Holland chopper with pickup and alckle bar attachments, New Holland automatic etrlng baler, euper il«leader, K-Z flow lime and fertlllier ipreader, ' JH. Cuttlpacker with iceder, 2 row corn planter; 3 Little Genius 14" bettorn plowe on rubber, ' Clark eutway harrow, ' Redrlek gleam disc harrow, I bar aide delivery rake, 34x14" dual lira trailer! with tilt bodies and removable tides, #B International mower, T' cut, 1 section aplke tooth harrow, 1MT Diamond T truck»h ten, Case manure spreader on rubber, a tone of wheat atraw excellent for mulching, Fairbanks platform ecalea, 100 new cement and cinder blocks, 4l"x77" skylight, cement mixing box, S electile fence controllers, a large quantity ef barbed wire, eteil fenea pott, water trough, hay feeding rake, lumber, I towing cablta and hooks, harpoon fork, flame thrower, elr pump, electric broodtr, urnell trailer, hay tedder, S eenvaiee, blllplck, chicken feederi, burlap btga, gaa hot wattr heater, electric grinder, Ice cream' inner unit, air vompreiaor, tattoo act, I cast Iron radiators, 1 ton of O-lt-lfr fertlllter, l'i tana of hydrate llm«, drag scoop, 3 cow yokes, International ensilage chopper, cultlharrow, A sections of roller trunk, paint sprayer, 38 gallon galvanised tank, cotl atove and many other lumi too numiroue to mention, Tcrniei t'aah, Owner*, J. H. Hemler and R. F. Gunkcl AucllonMin JOMHrH X. MOUNT Mnne Illghtalewn 4U-H-I. Cltjrkai,I()K»TMrTI» an*. K. BTAtKOI NK, Ownor or auutlonetr are not reeponslblo for any accident* occurring on or about these premlaea. Jersey i Now Socarity Rawoatiailily Law ftom lato Hott AVRIL 1STI Aro YOU RooaV I* Comply? STOP GUESSING MR. MOTORIST! KNOW THEFACTS ON THE NEW SECURITY RESPONSIBILITY LAW! mportant Facts You Should Know- Effoctiva April 1, 1»S3, drirer. mi owaort of motor vovkba wfll ba required to fumiw proof of financial roepowjmity tjp to $11,000 if tkey aro mvowod in an aeddoal whoro tfcere) k a doath, mjatjr, or propartf damage in excese ef $100. Faimrt to comply win Oh reejuiretaet moam AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION OF YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE AND REGISTRATION. Id You Post $11,000 Security Wtthta 60 Days? Tin M Wfewittik«««t tbom who drhrt mnkmly ma aiw tmaut to pt? #*» k*ft italmulatat >IMHB> <eaiaumf. 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PAIR NAVBN MONMOUT To Satisfy New MIMMK»-1U2-1fll PARMINwDAU a. e>. n«ts*» * tsa NHHOL0»»"«' KIANSMMw Ageaey MtffltM*/ A WtHttf» MMe KIYPORT Aekenea, VaaBMUth 4 IHtol LONtVMANCH InlaglUy* NwfWwMl Ajaajy Merle Oea Ageaey WeeWty a lierwea i MANAfOUAN NlatM4% MtMli MATAWAN amhau*^ al' BBA^IA m, * Jmmm L Vmmtaml VVWJJ aie ibvfiaji Vea'e Agaaev NVTONI Many 0. Paty Aieaey aammaam tmaamai MySowky MWf WB wam l»c/otc. f ASSOCIATION NfW MONMOUTH OCIAN WOW eli a\e PPrnWy S Ve RIOUNK Metre * tea Ageewy I. T. lawtay Ataae* O. tntm»mlmea) Aftaer Oaertee N. TMee) Aaeaey m,. BlifioM Ageaey A. W. Vea Wirtreei RUMSON a. Byrne MeVM Aisaey UA0MRT >. 0. IOMTAI Ageaey SMIrWLARI I. V. MtrnM 1! tea* IPtllNI UKI HMHTf MHMWSWRY PORT MONMOUTH fr. M8NMTNN w the) BEST "ay ft New Soearttjf Responsibility Law

11 Air Force Promotes Harold W. Scott RVaON Harold W. Scott, ion tt Mr. aas Mr*. Harold w. Scott >f Utt Park ave., New York city, lurtbmr ruismu Of tli West River rd., recently was promoted to the grade of airman lecond class at (Vhselua Held, Tripoli, Libya, where h«is serving a* a weather observer with tht JHh Weather squadron. Airman Scott graduated in 1951 from Brook* school, North Andover, Mail., where he was active in foottell and hockey. Later that year ta* enlisted In tht V. 8. Air Force and after completing basic training was assigned to Chanute Air Force base, 111., where he received his weather obierver training. The 29th weather squadron is a unit of the 2058th Air Weather wing, Wiesbaden, Germany. «* «e5 a #V«««( ee)*a " % «a a MIMMMIM*!* e*«a**«aaee«eae«a*aeee«*ae 1 * *«* t»»»eet < i I I v.v. I I V 1 IV.V. v.v. * I <V>>AVA iv.v.v.v.v.v.v.v/.v.v.v.v m mv.v v.v a... ^ e*t /» * *>» * a a ee»»»«tat our GABARDINE TOPCOATS art! wh*r«compliments aro hoard, When yaur choke combine* imirt style with sturdy fsbardins such at you ftnal in Mr Sheddtr Gabardine topcott yau jui» n't mil* leaking your bstt. A isueh, dur. Wa fabirdini made ef heavy tw*aly ellwaal wanted yarn and eravamtta procatiad, it kadi rain, too! Wa prtead them with an ay* t* yaur budget to com* In and try am in taan and flsr your share *f csmalimsnu this Sprlnf. SHOP FRIDAY 'TIL * 111 MOADWAY ION* HUNCH Rev. A. S. Joice Discusses Tour "The Near East," said Rev..Ar- AED BANK REGISTER, MARCH 12,1953 ipread in camps between Egypt to yria, Jordan to Leabon and a few in Palestine." He remarked that these thounnds live under unbelievable conitions and that most of the refugees are women and children. Rev. Mr. Joice also said that these peoples are most resentful of the Unied States and the United Nations, and that something must be done t once to help them, "if they are o have faith in' Us and be our 'riends." He told of some of the work carried on by the Presbyterian church in this area, which In 1962 gave (100,000 for the purchase of milk, vitamins and other medicines. The :hurch, he said, Is presently trying } enlarge much needed hospital facilities and to improve living And housing conditions. He said that the former Sidon school, which was once a training school for boys, now houses more than 2,500 refugee Arabs. "The Jewish people," he concluded, "needed a homeland, hut In the substantial decline in prices." At the monthly meeting of the Ntw Jersey poultrymen can expect reasonable profit* this year Ladies' Aid society last Thursday ight, Mrs. John Mauser was electd president. Other officers ore Mrs. establishing of that homeland, an only If they follow Bound practices, injustice has been done to the writes Dr. Frank V. Beck, extension specialist in farm economics. Harold Morgan, first vice president; Arabs." Members of Circle three, with Ho tees egg prices averaging about Mrs. Ralph Bhearer and Mrs. H. 8. the same as last year's and feed prices down somewhat. Dr. Beck Rlnehart as chairmen, uncheon. served Color Gallery Displayed By Coast Hardware Co. LONG BRANCH - Displayed at the uptown Broadway store of loast Hardware Co., Inc. ja the new color gallery service which is described by Morris Newberg. paint manager, as a new approach to color matching and-home decoration. "Now, said Mr. Newberg, "customers can select from a wide range of colors thi' were selected for the color gallery by foremost decorating authorities. This assortment Includes all tints and shades most often found in today's wallpapers and drapery fabrici. They are available in flat and teml-glots finishes." East Keanshurg The Brownie and Scout mothers held a card party Tuesday evening at Bachitadt's restaurant In place of their regular meeting. The committee for the card party consisted of Mrs. Thehna Werner. Mrs. William Nay, Mrs. Robert Evans, Mrs. Etta Johnson, Mrs. Harriett Gorman and Mrs. Doris Hepburn. Ta- Boylan, Mrs. George Reiner, Mrs. ' E Harry BeyltvMrt, Edward Fields, Mrs. Qeorfsverntn, Mrs. Ratph Layton, Mn. BtanKy fltllwell, 8r., ble prises were awarded to Mrs, Mrs. Ralph VanNote snd Mn. Florence Morrell, Mrs. Abigail George Rlchdate. Most, Mrs. John Shaw, Mrs. Arthur Connelly, Mrs. Robert Evans, Want to Invest In gllmdged security? Join the Orouhd Observer Mn. Etta Johnson, Mrs. Mabel Morrison, Mrs. Jean AdaySh, Mrs. Corps and Insure our nation against Christine Haielton, Mrs. Martha surprise enemy air attack. Your Herter, Mrs. Lucille Comlto, Mrs. eye* arid can may mean the dlf- Msrgaret Gould, Mrs. Elisabeth Koellner, Mn. William Nay and Mrs. Harriett Gorman. Mrs. Connelly also won the door prlie. The hostesses were Mn. Joseph Howard, Mn. Rose Brady, Mrs.. Gorman, Mra. Hazelton, Mrs. Evans, Mn. Werner and Mrs. Nay. Tentative plans were made to see the Session play, "Veronica's Veil" In Union City this month at the meeting of St. Catherine 1! Rosary and Altar society held Mar. 4th. A discussion was also held on attending the Ctnde in New Brunswick In June. The next meeting will be held Wednesday, Apr. I. Attending were Mrs. Nan cy McAllister, Mrs. Thomas Can* van, Mn. Kelson Raub, Mra. William Uoyd, Mrs. nose Brady, Miss Florence Levy, Mrs. Gerald Vltelll, Mn. Richard Lake. Mrs. Joseph Carroll, Sr., Mrs. John Williams, Mn..William Rlley, Mrs. Catherine McArdle, Miss Rita Quail, Mn. Adele Kellett, MM. Nell McOlnley and Mrs. Ella Hahn. Mrs. Bertha Brunt was hostess at a household demonstration Wednesday evening tor the benefit at the fire auxiliary. Mrs. Margaret MeOinley was the demonstrator. Attending were Mre. Terry Cruse, Mn. Mary Mayer, Mn. Mas True* Mrs. Minnie Weaver, Mn. Adele Kellett and daughter Peggy, Mrs. Josephine Vltelll, Mrs. Vera Brunt, Miss Rose Wilhalme, Mn. Evelyn Hemhauser and Mn. Blanche Gardner. Lincroft Mn. Harold Cook and her infant daughter, Oebra Lee, returned home from RIvervlew hospital last Thursday. Meetings will be held at the Liniroft school. The starting date will, ej ptriod," he states, "their purhasihg power of non-farm ems announced at the next meeting a reduced, and this will tend to have an unfavorable effect upon Lpr. 7. A puppet'show was given general business and employment." >y Mrs, Charles Conover and Mist ruila Portin. They showed %lttle AlUn G. Waller and Mr. Carntross are authors of another led Riding Hood" and "The article lingers," Sunday's service at the Lincroft 'ommunity church will be led by larence E. Beck of the Red Bank Baptist church. His topic will be "The Second Mile." The junior hoir will sing "In the Garden," nd the senior choir, "Love Lifted Me." A combined board and conregational meeting will be held In the church hall Wednesday, Mar. 18, when three trustees and wo officers will be elected. A Sunlay-school meeting will be held fter the congregational meeting. Hostesses for the evening will be irs. John Mauser, Mrs. Harold Morgan and Mrs. E. Douglas Brandt. Mrs. George Vcrncll, second vice resident; Mrs. Frank Leslie, seectary, and Mrs. Donald Hoffman, reasurer. Mrs. Fred Owens was re-elected birthday secretary. A yearly report was given by Mrs. William Diem, ' former treasurer. Further plans were made for a va riety show, which will he held in he church hall May 22 and 23. Local talent will include one-act lays, singing and instrumental ae< lections. The committee in charge f the program comprises Mrs. Ed ward Fields, Mrs. Herbert Haul, Mrs. Frank Leslie and Mrs. Charles Ccnover. The' second annual covered dish supper will he held Sat urday, Mar. 38, at 8:30. An Easter basket of groceries will he award ed at the Apr. 2 meeting. Hostsses at that time will be Mrs. William Diem and Mm. Charles Cox. White elephant awards were won by MM. George Reiner, Mrs. John Portin, Mrs. Winston Van- Note, Mrs; Esttlle VAorhees and MM. Harold Morgan. At the con elusion of the meeting a shower was held for the church kitchen. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Jchn Portin. and Mrs. Frank Lesie. AtUhilag IwtUes those men ioned above were Mrs. Edward Food Price Drop Could Boomerang n which they review the 12-year boom and warn of the seriousness of long-time debts. They speak He mentions alio the new source particularly "to young persons who of dairymen the increased «ub«tttution of vegetable fata In frortn have not lived through changing busineis conditions with declining desserts and other products. price level* and lower personal Incomes. These young people, they say, do not clearly appreciate the effect of a declining price level on their ability to pay debts Incurred in purchasing houses, cars and such at relatively high prices. "Increase In Installment credit would seem to indicate," say Mr. Waller and Mr. Csmcross, "that many Individuals would find themselves in financial difficulty in any Something More Than Just a Bottle of Milk Puritan MILK CO. forecasts prices of chicken meat nq better than in 1952 and only a slight, if nny, increase in turkey prices. Poultry faces competition from larger and cheaper Supplies of red moat. Joseph F. Hauck. extension marlifting specialist, looks for bicger production of Garden state vege- Suzanne Toop, daughter of Mr. NEW BRUNSWICK Lower food thur S. Joice in speaking at a re-and Mrs. Charles Toop, entertained prices, welcomed by consumers, Bent meeting of the Women's assoiation of the Red Bank Presbyter- night. best advantage., tables this year, with continuing DIVIDEND DECLARED al a party at her home Saturday nay not in the long run be to their MATAWAN The board of directors of Hanson-VanWinkle-Mun- lace of despair and fear." ' The Th«Lineroft 4-H club met last Th«current Issue of "Farm Ec- :ood demand. With average Ian church, "is an armed camp, a ning company here last week declared a dividend of 15 cents per Presbyterian church, recently re- members and leaders attended. agricultural economics department ably will be more plentiful, but both speaker, pastor of the Shrewsbury week at the (Ire house. About 40 onomic Situation," published by the weather, apple* and peaches prob- share on $3.50 par value common urned from a trip to Oerman refugee camps, Oreece and the Near ducted the meeting. was an-his Is so. expect a continuance of the price- Bitty Ann Holzer, president, con- it Rutgers university, explains why fruit and vegetable fanners can stock payable Tuesday, Mar. 31, to stockholders of record at the close East. nounced that 4-H Sunday would be John W. Qarneroas, author of an of business next Monday! The speaker continued by pointing out that it I* his belief that the church or have a religious service decline, points out certain conse- held May 4, when 4-H clubs RO toarticle reviewing the farm price above mentioned factors stem from, some place of their choice. Mrs. quence!; to the consumer when farm the creation of Israel, because Harold Morgan, a new leader, will prices fall off while costs of producing food remain high. 15,000 Arab* were cut off from their each Arst-yenr cooking at her omes and businesses, and replaced ome In Everett. A 4-H bicycle "If farmers' net Incomes are y Jewish refugees. Arabs. are fety club will be started in April. squecsed drastically for an cxtend- cost squeeze. More potntrms are likely to be grown this year than In (ilther of the Ia?t two years, according to Mr. Waller. The high potato prices ot the past year arc not likely to hold because of the carry-over of stocks, the larger Texas and Florida crops and the indicated intentions of growers to plant more potatoes this year, Carncross sizes up the dairy situation. He says that a mild winter over much.of the nation has resulted in a higher than usual rate of milk production and this has tended to weaken dairy product prices. 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13 RED BANK REGISTER VOLUME LXXV,,NO. 37. RED BANK, N. J., THURSDAY, MARCH 12, c PER COPY SECTION TWO-PAGES 1 TO 12. Coach Requests Better Physical Education Plant Arnie Truex Telia Leonardo P.T.A. Of Townahip Needs LEONARDO-The need for suitable space for a Isrger athletic program in Middletown township schools was stressed by Arnie Truex at a men's night supper meeting of the Leonardo grade school Parent-Teacher association Monday at Middletown township high school. Mr. Truex is athletic director of township schools. Mr. Truex pointed out that in the ten-school system there Is but one basketball court and but one gymnasium. He added that although the enrollment has doubled, physical education facilities remain the same. Mr. Truex also said there Is no male teacher for physical education in the entire syotem; no facilities' for physical education program for physically handicapped children, and no teacher or room space available to teach health education. The. director said freshmen enter high school with no experience in athletics, making it difficult to produce a good intramural sports pro gram. State's Suggestions Mr. Truex read a letter from Everett Hebel, assistant director of the state department of physical education, who, after visiting township schools, suggested that changes be made. Among them were enlargement of the school locker rooms to include shower stalls, since there are only six more lockers, because pupils must double up on lockers; better ventilation In the locker room, because there is little if any in the present set-up, and establishment of a health education room. As to what the P.T.A. might do to help the problem, Truex suggested that they work to establish hard-aurfaced playground* at each school ao that outdoor basketball court* could be started. At present school playground* are dirt and often remain muddy and unusable for days at a time. He also spoke of the need for a large auditorium in the township, saying it should be large enough for high school graduation exercises, community activities and sports program* with adequate seating space for; good audience participation. _ >*_ "All of ut," he concluded,'"t«ust recognize the urgency of th* nttd for a larger physical edueautn C sram with bigger and bttttr lltles. By working together at a unit, we can obtain tht but for our children, our school and our township/* Scouts Observe 12th Birthday FAIR HAVEN A display mark- Ing the 41*t anniversary ot tht founding of Girl Scouts by Juliette Low has been placed in the windows of the local post office by members of the Girl Bcout and Brownie troops. The display was arranged by members of troop IS, first and oldest troop in tht borough. Troop IS was founded by Mrs. ToayE. Hunting in April, 1941, and she, together with Mrs. Joseph to Piccolo, was the flrat leader. Later Mrs. Lewi* Arnold became leader. Since * founding, th* troop ha* been sponsored by the Fair Haven unit of the Daughters of Liberty lodge, and now has an activ* m«mberihip of 20. Present leader* ar* Mrs. SamuelKrevsky and Mrs.Noe' Lartaud. - Then an also two other Girl Scout troopton the borough, troop 133 led by Mr*. Clifford Grimmer, Mrs. Roland Smith and Mrs. Clifton Lewis, and sponsored by the Fair Haven Tacht club; and troop 60, Mrs. Paul Smith, acting leader, asaisted by Mrs. Edward Wtrren and Mr*. Frederick Wegel, sponsored by the Women's Society of Christian Service ot Fair Haven Methodist church. Mrs. Hunting also established Brownie troop* In th* borough, and troop 411* th* oldest on*. Mrs. William Scott Is leader of troop 41; Mrs, I. J. Schwarta, troop 54; Mr*. Charles Bnkaw, troop Ml; Mr*, Harry C. F. Worden, troop, and Mrs. Hunting, troop 90, Activities of the troops art directed by th* Fair Haven Town committee of which Mrs. A. Jackson Llndslay Is chairman. Troop leader*, aaalttant leader* and Interested parent* make up tha men* bershlp of the committee. Three Zip' Guns Taken by Police ASBUltr PARK - Homtmadt "tip" fun*, which hav* bttn known to ctu»t fatalitlt* in othtr #IMM, turned up hire laat wttk wh*n a city policeman conntctttd thret h* found owned by tttn-agt aehaolboyt. Patrolman Thomas Flanagan made a complaint against one of the 14-year*old owners, who** CM* WM referred by Magistrate Eugene Csplblanco to the Juvenile conference committee, Thret othtr boyi were released ptnding furtht tudy In the eate, Patrolman Flanagan tald tht guns wsre poorly conatruottd am was lucky, nont of thtm had been fired bectutt they probably would hav* mploded and could have killed tht thoottr, Thtat fun* when optratmg proptrly Art Ilk* any other weapon, but becauae of thtii' poor construction' probablj would have caused them to btck flic or explode, Patrolman Flintgin tald, H«In Investigating tht pomlblllty of othtr tuch wttpon* btlnf owntd by athtr bayaj Morris Laitman To Address PTA ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS-Moris Laitman of Wanamaasa, clinical psychologist at the Pollak Memorial hospital and psychology lecturer at tht College of the City of»ew York, will be guest speaker at meeting of the Bt. Agnes Parent- Teacher association next Wednesday at 8:15 p. m. in the school hall on Center ave. here. Parent-Teacher associatlona ot ;hi* area have been invited to attend the meeting. Mr. Laitman hold* a master of icience degree In psychology from :. C. N. Y., and is working toward a Ph.D. at New York university. He will discuss various aspect* of child psychology.. Associated with the Neurological Institute of Presbyterian hospital in New York city, he I* an sasoslate member, of the' American Psychological association. Mr. Laitman also I* a member of the advisory, board of the Monmouth county division of the New Jersey Parents Group for Retarded Children. ^^^^^^^^ Boys 9 Fashion Show at Kridel's Highlighting a boya' fashion show, to be ataged at Krldel'a Broad at. store Thursday evening, will be fabric* woven ot the new science fibers, according to Jim Smith, boys' department manager. Completing plan* for. the show, Mr. Smith said, "sportswear and boys' furnishings of the new miracle fibers would be modeled as. well a* new style* In tailored clothing. The range of fabric* woven in the new material* tweeds, flannels, gabardine* and broadcloths amaae* even people In the trade. Our customers have shown a lot of Interest in the new fibers, and our show will give them an Idea of what the boy*' wear manufacturer* are doing along those lines." There also will be opportunity for open forum discuolon of the new fiber material* and blend*, including th* new fibers. The interest generated by the fiber* themselves, said Mr. Smith, suggested the magic them* around which tht abow te built Mra. Emily Buck of the boys' department 1* aaslsting in the production, th* flrat on* of its kind the store has attempted since opening an estenaiv* second floor boys' wear aectlon last year. Mia* Oraclalyn of MacLevy's studios I* directing choreography, piano music will b* played by Mias Marlanna Ellis. Modtla oeltcud to ahow the new boya* atylu ara Jackie and Gary Let Buck, tons of Mr. and Mr*. Jack Buck, Colt'* Ntck; Charles Buck, Jr., ton of Mr. and Mr*. CharlM A. Buck, West Freehold; Stephen an* Alan KlaUky, aon* of Mr. and Mr*. William KlaUky, M Flther pi., Red Bank; Richard Ctli, aon of Mr and Mrs. A. A. Cell, IS Rector pi., Red Bank; Frank White, aon of Mr. and Mr*. Ennl* White, 1111 Franklin ave., Wanamatsa; Martin Havlland, aon of Mr. and Mr*. Stanley Havlland, 30 Alston ct.. Red Bank; Alan Peterson ot Capt. and Mr*. William Peterson, 77 Manor dr., Red Bank; Arthur fliegel, son of Mr. and Mr*. Morris Siegel, 14 John at., Red Bank., Adding color to the show will be Barri Barman, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Robert Btrman, 41 Spring ter., Red Bank; Nancy Hlght, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Lewi* Hlght, K Manor dr., Red Bank, and Sherry Leadbeater, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs, F. M. Leadbeater, 15 Olenmary art* Riverside Height*. Preparing for Little Silver Bridge Party Committaa mambari of tha annual card party and faihton ihow ipomorad by th* LiHla Silvar Junior Woman'i club discus* plant for tha affair ichadulad for Friday, Mar. 20, at tha LiHla Silvar grammar school. Saatad laft to right, ara Mill Sally Ltts and Mrt. J. Malcolm lahranburo, co-chairman; landing, Mn. E. C. Houston, laft, and Mrt. Chariot J. Houtaworth, fathion thow chairman. Stainbach'i of Rod lank will pratant tha thow. Methodists Unite On Visitations The Methodist churches of Little Silver and Red Bank are uniting for a Visitation Evangelism campaign beginning Sunday at I p. m. when W men and women from both ehureho* will meet in the Rtd Bank church chapel for an Inatruction parted conducted by Rtv. Reg? tr Squire. They will be given th* name* of famine* In thl* area who hav* vtdraeed Interest In ont of th* churehet. A dinner for worker* will bt held Monday at 1:10 p. m. at the Red Bank church. At that time Rev. James Marshall will lead a devotional period, after which the workera will continue to call, two by two, on prospective member*, Workera en th* vliltatlon from Embury Mtthodlat Ineiud* Mra. Dorothy Anderttn, Mr*. Jinet Badglty, William Aaman, Ml** Wlnona Damn, Mra, Virginia Clapp, Mra. Otrtrudt Soon, Mr, and Mr*. Karl Jacob!, Mra. Marjarlt Kruat, Ltwi* Lowry, MM. Evtlyn Phllllpa, William T. Sawyer. Mr. and air*. Mtll Smith, Robert Scott, Mrt. Bdwla Htrltag*, Or*, and Mr*. Wallace OaMwtll, Mra. Fr*d sable*. ilagsr, HaraM King and Mra. Margaret Bgg*nb*rgtr. Worker* from tht local Methodist church Include Mr. and Mra. Olin Holbrotk, Mr*. William MaedenaM, Gordon MaPhtraon, MIM Iran and Mtta vonotahn, Mr. and Mn. Vtrnan W. Rot* and A, Alvin Whiting, There wilt bt rtctatlon af membttt and tht aaeramtnt 61 baptltm at both churchtt Palm Sunday, Mar. W, at tht 11 a. m, worship, Partnta dmlrlng ta prettnt ehlldrtn for ChrUtltn btchltm ahoum contact tlthtr Rtv. Mr. Marshall af Lltilt Sllvtr, ir'riv. Mr. Squlr* af Wtd.Bank, I will nut b«reiponalbte for any debt* Inciirn* by sir wlff, Uerelky Until Inmirr Set 111,.... JUverllieaili. i 1 " 8- I"!*'* f lg» Hffinb float,. UMewt. K, /, Plans Complete For Club Benefit FAIR HAVEN All ticket* have been sold for the card party and. fashion show tht tvtning department of the Red Bank Woman's club will hold Monday night at Willowbrook. Sttlnbach's of Asbury Park and Red Bank will display fashions for spring. Club member* who will model are Mrs. Rou King, Mrs. H. C. Speer and Mrs. William A. Lee. Other* mtdaumjttu be Mrs. G. W. Sterner, WtF&, W Houseworthj Mrs. C. E. Wllleit and Mis* Nancy Rlelly. Mrs. E. K. Houston will b* commentator. Mra. Howard Milter will provide a background of piano music...mrs. Mtrgant King, welfare chairman, Is in charge, asaisted by Mrs. Albert S. White, Jr., Mr*. Carl Anderson, Mrs. Herbert R. Erlckson. Mrs.-, Kenneth Burger, Mr*. William Bealy, Mrs. George Drakt, Mra. Wlllard T. Somerville, Mrs. Lewis E. Connor. Mrs. Robert Shelley. Mrs. CharlM Hurd, Mr*. Louis Deapreaux, Mr*. Everett Baynton, Mrs. C. Powell BeyUnd, Mrs. Lor- «iu M. Klenk. Mn. Hugo DcLuea, Mr*. John Tyrrell, Mrs. Clifford Grimmer, Mrs. Harry Wilde, Mrs. Andrew Hofer, Mrs. James Humphreys, Mrs. Henry Labrecque, Mrs. Michael Rafferty and Mis* Evtlyn Maloney. Carol, Crozier Buy Stamp Shop Jo*'* Stamp shop at W Monmouth st., opposite the borough hall, has been sold by Joseph Morello to Irvine; Carol of Lennox ave., Rumson, and Wesley Crosier of Crosier ct., Fair Haven. Mr. Morello, who has business affiliations In Naw York city, this week announced that tht local shop opened IS months ago has proved so successful that he find* he cannot devote aumclent time to it. The new owners, who invite local residents to visit the shop "to browse and talk stamps," will take ownership Monday whin new hours of operation go into effect. The shop thtn will bt open Monday through Friday from I:M to a p. m. and Saturday! from 1:10 a. m. to :*> p.m. Prtvloutly, wa* only open Friday nights and Saturday*. Both ntw owntrs hava had long associations with stamp collector*, Mr. Carat having been secretary ot the Monmouth County Philatelic society for Several ytan and Mr. Crotler is patt president af tha society, They said thty will offtr a mort varltd stock, including album* and acctssorlea, old U, 8. covtrs, platt numbtr blocks, first day covtra, stamped tnvtloatt, old world-wide collection, mint set of tht world-umd Brltlth colonials, V. S. rtvtnue* and coins. Rumion Firemen Set Fair Dates RUMSON -Thl* borough* annual flrsmtn's fair will be held th* w**k of July 11 through July, waa decided thlt weik at a meet- Ing of tht comblntd committees of Oceanic Hook and Udder and Rumion fir* companies at Oceanic Ar* house, William Bradlty, gtntral chair man, will bt aatlttad by John Scheldt, mutant chtlrmani Frtd Bradley, trauurtr; Paul Whltfleld, astlttant trmurii; Chart** lleh ler, atcntary; Robtrt Marat, a* altttnt attntary, and John Slocum and John Kirlnja, eaf chalrmtn. A INI Pontlao ear will bt awarded doting night, Flttmtn'* night will bt htld W*da**4ty, July, or In' oat* of rain. Thuraday night, July. N*tlae future mudllnai of tk» Mayor anf OIK ef th* Biuoitsii nt Rhrawabiiry, I btsln at t P. M, Inataaa of 7i«0 P. «Wimlii* tujrtay, Asr, T,»»», Orfruii* Vet Vll«l, Sereui* Cltrk, Cov. Driscoll's Office Deluged With This and That 9 Proclamations TRENTON, (AP) The only reason New Jersey do** not have an official Potato Chip Wetk is that Governor Driscoll refusad to go along with tht idea. The hucksters certainly did their best to get DrisooU's name on tht pud proclamation. They've also tried to u*e th* value of the <>eh nobl* Cotton Week. Donald S.~Bsjaaonv-?a»--aMa ' * Oovtrnor Drlteoll, sam-mst* tao sadly-that all thisi rcquttti had to bt rejected. - Cat* are covered by Bt Kind to Animal* Wttk. he explained, tongue-in-cheek; now Jtrsey dot* hot rait* cotton; *Uter* com* under Brotherhood Week, and *v*ry day 1* expectant father'* day for someone, '. Failure to proclaim an Antl- Depreaslon Week wa* not to b* construed a* an endorsemtnt of depressions, he addtd.. A reluctance to endorse Potato Chip Week was probably prompted by an anticipation of a request from the pretael Industry. And after two week* of salty chip* and pretzels the governor would have to proclaim a Drink You-Know- What Week. But don't get tha Idea that the mimeograph raachlntt in th* governor'* office grinding out proclamation* and endoratmtnu of special days, weeks and month* hav* been silent. tfv *tt~g*w i njwaw 1»a«~ssj A total of 75 such reltut* earn* out of Drlscoll'* omc* In IMt and only eight ot tht 8» proclamation* dealt with auch official business a* calling a special session of tha tog- Mature or closing forests to hunters during a dr.- spell to prevent fires. Mott of tha requ*»t* for *p*clal days or weeks come from patriotic philanthropic, educational, health or tthnlc groups. Then there art tht commercial promotion*. Th* turkey dealer* oame up with a novel gimmick last year. They wanted to collect for an exhibit the 41 wlihbon** from the Thanksgiving turktyt *atm by tht Pretldtnt and tht 41 govtrnort. Governor Driscoll waa unable to oblige. HI* family had dlapomd of the turkey bone* before tht rtquut >.vts rtetivtd. When a group writ** in or call* about a proclamation, th* governor's office requetui detsiled, factual information plut a fufgetted proclamation. The jtovernor'* ome*. thtn consults th* Apartment concerned -health, aducatlon, banking, ate. Th* d*partm*nu ofttn htlp the govtrnor atpuatt tht whtat from th* chaff. A* a nil*, orgaalaatloa* do net car* wh*thtr tha gavamar Utut* a proclamation or a atattmtntthelr publicity valu* la about th* am*, But occasionally an influential group will aaiura itlf a proclamation by having th* glalatur* pa*t a joint letolutlon calling on tht governor to itiua *uch a proclamation, A* month* for proclamatlona go, January of 1MI wa* a alow onaonly two proclamation*. Oovtrnor Drlteoll proclaimed January March of Dimtt Month and tht wttk of Jan,, 17-U National Thrift Week, Thlngt picked up In Ftbruary, Tht govtrnor itarttd off by indorsing Children'! Dintat Htalth Wttk rib, 1, MM, and wtnt on to glvt tht nod to Heart Month, National Dtftna* Wttk, and Orlmt Prtvtntion Wtik. Tht flv* ptoclamation* for tht month Includtd Thomtt Alva Edison Day, Brotherhood Weik, and Have Your Vision Weak, Tht abttnet of thi govtrnor from hi* onv* dott not fat* tht aublls rilitltna industry. Actlaf Oavaisar Harold W. Hannold proclaimed Red Cross Month in March. They Kotp Coming A* soon a* the governor returned to his desk, he put his Alfred E Driscoll' on proclamation* calling for observance* of National Wildlife Week, Boy*' Club Week, Cancer Control Month (April), American Mothers' Week, Engineers' Week, etc., etc., etc. to be matched ing Week and...,, t Health Week and Mtntai Htalth Wetk follow**. Tht ainu* and hay fever folks ar* not organised yet, apparently. Aad just In cu* you haven't been reading your newspaper too carefully, th* sovereign state of New Jersey took official note last year to National Secretaries Week, Letter* from America Week, Fraternal Wttk, National Builnea* Womtn't Wttk, National Flower Week, Credit Vnlon Day, First Voter Week, Better Breakfast Week, 8tate Student Council Week, and lot* more. National Newspaper Wttk, Typographical Wetk, and National Newspaperboy Week rated proclamation*.so did Industrial Safety Wetk and Constitutional Convention Association Day. Statement* from the govtrnor art filed in th* governor'* office. But proclamations, which carry the seal of the itate, go to the secretary of state'* office. They have drawer* full of proclamations.. Carteret Started The earliest one on record In the ttatt houit wa* iasued by Philip Carttret In Carteret, tht first English governor of New Jtrsty, called for the return of property Illtgally taken. Colonial governor* who were appointed by th* crown and didn't hav* to count tht number of vote* special groups control issued proclamations dealing only with auch matter* as cutting timber, encouraging enlistments, and confirmation of assembly acta. Governor Drlacoll la philosophical about it all. "Th* rtqueat* run from the tub* lira* to tht. ridiculous," ha aam. "Thty rang* from tha vary worthy Back to Ood Cruaadt sponsored by tbo American Legion to an effort to get us to proclaim Expectant tether*' day. Somt of the propoaal* ar* obviously Inttnded for commercial exploitation. These w* decline, "While we screen carefully, perhip* we say 'yea'.on tome occa< llona when wt should aay 'no.' Wi try to bt co-optrative when it tetnu probable that by so doing w* can htlp to advance a legitimate philanthropic, patrlotla or profittlontl objective," Mn. Lois Peterson Tendered Luncheon EATONTOWN Mr*. Lola Pt- Uratn of BtUhaw ave., thrtwabury townihip, wa* tendered a f*rew* luncheon last Thursday at Crytta Brook inn by her co-worktrs at Coin Signal laboratory. Mn. Ptterton will nil on tht liner Amir ca Mar, 31 for Otrmtny to Joli her huiband, A travtllng clock wa«entente to Mr*. Petition, Attending win Mrt. Anno H»rrlain. Mrt, Mtleta Kotpptl, Mr*. Yolanda Greene, Mr*, Lynn Kiev*, Mr*, Matilda Uddy, Mrs, Pearl StrauM, Mr*, Mlrltm T, Syke Mr*, Franc** B, Wolf* and Mlstt* Connie Btrglla, Elliabtth Warwick, Mary Ann Tommllo, Lillian Brown Jonphlni Ptdota, Ruth O, Spark Ruth Goldman, Edith Matatia, Evelyn Hagaman, Doris Jonut, Do olhy Dwln, Elltabath DtvUon, Do othy, Host DelQrand Doris Kohl, Oltdyn Pl(t t, Ktth- tn Smith, Dorothy Lawton and Adlllat M. M Board Seeks New Teachers, Adopts Salaries Mra. Cohen lo Quit; School Progressing; Buy Electronic Clocks SHREWSBURY Following «n announcement Monday that Mrs. Mildred Coben, third grade teacher here, will resign her post at he end of the school year, Albert J. Strassburger, chairman of the ichool board's teacher committee, announced the need for three new eachers in ' The Coben resignation preceded Mr. Strasjburger's gaining approval of '53-54 salary contracts totaling $45,900. The contracts to be offered faculty members, based on Principal Howard Matteson's recommendations, will be Mrs. Luolla Bradshaw, 13,400 and $200 bonus; Miss Jeanne Miller, $2,700 and (200; Miss Marie Hamm, $4,000 ind $200; Mrs. Ethel Loftua, $3,400 nd $200; Mrs. Vera Wise, $3,200 and $200; Mrs. Harriet Luekenbill, $3,150 and $200; Mrs. Doris Buck, $3,300 and $200; Mrs. Margaret Ichiro. $3,250 and $300; Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson, $3,400 and $200; Mlas Helen Lang, $4,000 and $200; Curtis Bradley, $3,100 and $200 plus $300; Mrs. Alba White, $1,800 and 100; and Howard Matteson, principal, $5,000 and $200. The extra $300 paid Mr. Bradley is for his extra currlcular activities in directing an athletic program in the school. Mrs. Coben's resignation was accepted following remarks by Mr. Strassburger that he is "very sorry t3 see her leave the school." In other business, the board heard a report from Architect Frederic Fessler that the roof should be on the new school addition in five or six weeks. When that Is aceomplished, he said, the uilding will be 80 per cent completed. Synchronised Boaters After witnessing a demonstration by a representative of International Bualneta Machines, the board voted to Issue a change order on the electrical eontract for th* new school. The change will provide electronically-controlled classroom clocks for IMS, an Increase of $411 over the secondary clocks previously ordered. For an additional $174, six ot the clocks wll. be installed in the old ichool to that one synchronised butter system will be used for both buildings. A. J. Dalton opposed the purchase, voting "no" on both the ehting* order and tht clock* to tha old ichool. A auggeitlon by Howard Matt*- son, principal, to hire a professional apeaker for the commencement exercises was taken under ttudy. Mr. Matteaon said he believed such an expense would add prestige to the program. Of three speaker* suggested, by a commencement speakers' bureau, two would charge *15. the other $S5. Frederic Messina, president, tald th* proposal might be worthy of study provided eighth grade pupils desire such a speaker. Tha board approved Mr. Dal ton's "procedure on purchasing' which will require that requests be submitted to the board for al purchases In order that there wll be "adequate and fair competition.' Tha procedure provides for emerg ency purchates not to exceed 190 and tor emergency repalrt. Commit*** Chairmen Committees appointed by Mr. Mesaina Include finance and Insurance, Charles Markham and members of th* entire board; building and ground*, Walter Delsa; health, Mr*. Doris Iselin; leglalativt, Vincent J. McCue; library, Mr- Markham; liaison, Mra. Iselin; planning, William Crome; supplies. Mr. Dalton; and teachers, Mr. Stress burger. Tht board approved use of the school for an extension course in music by ths Montdalr Stal< Teacher* college, provided thtn will bt no exptnte Involved fo the board, Mr. Mttteaon said th* courta will b* conducted after school hours once a wetk for 30 wttkt. Teachtri In tht county taking tht count would ba working fo- dagreet la mutlc. Tht board approved the expenditure of Ml for purchaat of a nylon Amtrlcan flag. Mr. Mattenon announced that th faculty will pretent a program on aoclat studies it next. Thursday's meeting of the Parent-Teachtr association. OM Mil Paid A bill of $ for trett plant- J In October, 1M0, wa* approved for payment to Wlttenbtrg nura- ritt, Paymmt was held up at th* pnvlou* meeting btcauta nont o tht board numbers wer* familial with tht work. John D, Newman, a former board member, advlttd District Clerk!«rttr C, Scott thai tht bill wa* for tree* and gradinj around tht Memorial wing. Th< 14 treea cott $109, the rimalnde btlng for, topsoll and grading, Th* board voted to pay janito services for a seventh grsde pis to he given Mir. 30, Mr. Meaaln saying it come* und*r tht heidtn of education, A teacher ahtent from school four diys btcauta of the Illneat ol hti mother will b* paid In full, Mr Scott wat directed, Prevlout pollcj hia been that teachers ara allowe two daya 1 personal leave and tti dtya' tick leave, Mr. Slrattburgi aid "hontity shouldn't bt penal laed," explaining tha ttachtr couli hive rtported btlng *lck, Ht add* that when tick tv* Is not utti up, ttaohtri should be allowed t ut>) In tuoh oatta, The school enrollment >V Burkhardt Quits School Board Post LITTLE SILVER The board if education Thuraday nisht reclvcd tho resignation of Walter L. Burkhardt, msmber who waa irltically injured in the Feb. 6, 1951, Pennsylvania train wreck at Woodbridge. Clilni Se Uur ("nmpl#l» MlwUnn of l«itlt»' ttith Hill, 10!n 111, *a in A], U.H I a t<»ll,-atvarilhatii, Church Societies Man Minstrels The combined societies of St. Anhony'n Catholic church will hold minstrel show May 8 and 9, aconllng to plans formulated at a ommittec meeting Tuesday in the hurch hall. Samuel Carotenuto and 'red C. Bruno are general chairten. Rehearsal.1 will start this eek under the direction of Harold iblin. Frank Innacelli is chairman of he program committee, aasistcd by hlildred Pace, Ida McAngelo, Ann Irnone, Josephine Figaro, Mary 3eroni, Mary Mcllaci, Ida Mallnlonico and Angelo Claglia. John enovesc is chairman of ticket lalea, aided by John Petillo, Sophie Diambrone, Josephine Sesta, Ann lestefano, Angia DeGeorge and lorla Carotenuto. Mr. Bruno and Herman Chieffalo are property committee chairmen; Rose Malinconico, publicity; Mrs. John Petillo, door, and Mr. Caronuto, orchestra. Walter A. Burkhardt Mr. Burkhardt rataatly, tesigned as a member of the'borough's board of health and since then haa resigned his position with Chase National bank in New York city. In a letter to Lester W. Taylor, school board president, Mr. Burkhardt wrote: "I had hoped to continue my service on the school board until the end of my term (Feb. 1M4 but I have now been informed that this is not possible. The doctors hava informed me that I must take a complete rest and by this mandate I must abide." He added that 'emotional strains to which I have been subjected the past several weeks" precluded his attendance at the meeting. Following a board custom of having retiring members suggest their successors, Mr. Burkhsrdt named A. Edward Lackas, "a friend ol mint for'many years and a penon who has given unselfishly of himself in the interests of civic affair*." Hit* "SeMsh Egotism' Part of his letter real: "I cannoi tender this resignation without comment. My association with the board, the faculty and other employee* of th* school haa created many pleasant memories which will be with me always. Moat of all, I remember the encouragement and the co-operation during the period I was incapacitated and unable to get around. I* regrettable that such a large percentage of the people of our community show auch a lack of interest In school affairs until it serves their own selfish egotism to criticise and interfere. Rest assured I shall still retain an interest in school affairs as I have for a great many years and will d everything within my power to support the board, the interests of the school and the people of Little Silver." Tht letter doted with particular praise for Oeorgt W. Ryter, who was narrowly defeated In th* February election: "Before closing this communication and the opportunity affords me to comment on matters which have been moat important to me during my service with ths board, I would like to mentloi Mr, George W, Ryscr, who, In m, opinion, has set an example all of us would do well to follow In his unselfish devotion to school affair*. HI* record will long stand a* a mark for all of u* to shoot at, and by resolution or in any btht manner tht board may dttm proper I would suggeat that proper recognition be given him for hi* service, "To the board, the faculty and all my other asaoclat** In th* administration of school, affair* and particularly to the Misses Sarah and Mary Lippincott, without whost knowledge and competent guldanct I doubt I could htvt functioned a* I did, my very best wishes and my assurance of cooperation whenever Is needed or requested," Cams SvsserKri flttail In our elitn, t>rlvett«nttlti* rsmt *r oi»u irafualt sule and ( mat* At. ma, Alteration te IU reu partonallr, Fair Haven May Enact Program To Control Dogs Council Gives Tentative Approval To 12>Town Proposal FAIR HAVEN The first step toward a strict dog control program for this borough was taken by council Monday night when went on record as 'tentatively favoring" a plan suggested at a recent meeting of 12 municipalities at Oceanport. Mayor Edgar V. Denise, reporting on that meeting, said officials o? the 12 communities involved are considering a program similar to the one In operation in the Neptune area. There, pointed out Mayo.- Denise, 11 municipalities have banded together to form a co-operative dog control unit which employs Charlc.i Carlton as dog warden. Mr. Carlton, said Mayor Da> nise, would visit each of the par* ticipating towns one day a week ant 1 pick up all unrestricted dog*. Cost to the borough would be $1.30 per year per liceruse dog. In giving tentative approval to the proposal, council made it clear it was merely considering the plan and would not be obligated by the action. Chief objector to the plan was Mrs. H. Lynnwood Minton, who said <he felt such a program would punish well behaved dogs In the borough because ot the actions of a few uncontrollable animals. Mayor Denise explained the ordinance would not be aimed at well mannered dogs but at those whose behavior has resulted in the need for such restrictions. A rezoning proposal to eliminate the need (or persons owning 50- foot lots in zones calling for 73- foot lots to obtain a variance before they can build on their property, has been prepared by th* planning board, Mayor Denise reported. The hoard will hold a publis hearing on the matter Apr. 9 at the lire house. Mayor Denlt* explained that legally there is no need for such a public hearing, but that the board feels it wants to acquaint borough residents with the facts before submitting tht plan to council for adoption. Council rejected an aplication by E. L. Jabuhecy for a package liquor license. Mayor Denise explained he has received at least 20 requests for such a license, but pointed out under state law there can be no more liquor licenses lasued until the borough's population has reached 6,000. On recommendation of Councilman Tony Hunting, council authorised William R. Blair, borough attorney, to obtain deed* from tht Pair Haven fire company for tht ten feet of land it has offered the borough to permit the widening ot Battln rd. and from Allen brothers, who have offered 11 feet on the east side of Fair Haven rd., from Willow st. to Ridge rd., for the widening of Fair Haven rd. Mr. Hunting pointed out present plant call for the widening of Fair Haven rd. from Willow st. to Linden dr. Council rejected as Insufficient a bid by Harold West of Cedar ave. for $13 a front foot for the former Hodgkiss property on Cedar av*. At its laat meeting council rejected for the asms reason a bid of $300 by Mr. West for th* 50-foot lot. On a motion by Councilman Jtsst Mcllray, council authorised M. Floyd Smith to'advertise for bid* for an oil burner for the old Fiak Street school which la being converted Into a community center. Council adopted its 1933 budget of $407, as amended at the last meeting with a resolution appropriating an additional $20,000 from surplus. The added appropriation, making the total to com* from surplus M3,000, reduces tht amount to be raised by taxation originally set at $147,248-to $122, Oceanic Plans 75th Anniversary KUMSON Preparation* for tha celebration of it* 75th anniversary In May, IBM, wer* launched last week by tht Oceanle Hook and Ladder company at a meeting at which Charles Briggs, president, appointed anniversary committees. Named to committees were G. Russell McCue, Millard Aumack, Raymond McCut, William Murphy, Htnry Delningcr and George Kuhn, dinner; Hyatt Cunningham, John Karlnjt, Perry Ell, Edward Bond, Stephen Cook, Howard Grimm* and Raymond Desmond, publicity and program; Arthur Hellish, Mtl* vin J. Bchtidt, Joa*ph Duryta, Jamtt Halllgtn, Jam** Shta and Victor Emtry, dance; John Sam* mon, Thomas Oaktt, Harry Colll*, Frederick Jordan, Lawrence Cook, Frank Frieda, Cornelius Shay, August Musgg*, John Ellis, Thomaa Dollcy, Joseph Dtimond, Raymond for airvlet witihout wi Jltltil, call, Ml ess, Atvarlleenest, Hint, or ler hame South Jer " upplr, SI teal fieni at,, it:: Merl * S Meaty lenee. ftisia, lemur tatttt kill* kulldufi, ealatln* or sew, Leeg ata/ titjaaanl llfcarsl. lessa *s t l rosertlea, JOMPI 8, MeOu* fe> "us kulld lam ata/ saattsl I will not tic ixmonilblt for any il*me mttli br my «ifr, Mri, Uilla Malonl, S'll, Arthur Malnnt, l*\ 'I'htM Ulrfti. _,, I'slf Mtvtn, K, J. Atvtflittaatll, Artnd, Thoma* Woodward, John Bond, Chart** Madden. Harry Cronln and Joseph Higgins, open houte; Arthur Pauels. Robert Mara*, Paul Whltfleld, Pettr Pauili, Robtrt Ztrr, Raymond MeQIrr, Patrick Karlnja, William Stroh. mtngtr, Oeorgt Hallantn, William 2>rr, John Ktany, Stth Johnson, Rdward Dtimond and Joseph Healy, ptrade; Charltt Musggs, Henry Krute, Edward Sherman, Kenneth Mara* and William Boyct, entertainment, and Harry Collls, Frank Balgtnt, John Kondrup and Robert blty, gift, Tha first namta la tach tat* is thairmtn. *k **--*»-* Rets! BoitttT* InswilterTltll. t*v m*4al wild tea*, MM I,, Ha i,i» eat, with your 014 trmwriler, ( le asm I* >» ( iilii, or MO Hllliout tr*tt>u, Plve.yaar auaianl", alio ill nsfiea»i itwt hl l M* ianl", alio ill nsfiea»i Wnntt msehlnes, lew te M*, term*, On* In aauiltsmr, * the aupetty laati, RertaVa. tfamtma ti< MM Ctftlta ikitttatftumbh

14 Pace Two RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH EVERY WEEK Bed Bank "Let Us Learn How to Bead th* Bible Effectively" will be thei sermon topic of Rev. Charles S. Web- ter Sunday at the 8:85 and U m. gervice* in Carpenters hall. This will be the last»n a. series of Lenten sermons on the general theme, "Lenten Plea»." Dr. Car F. Mueller, minister of music, will play as the organ prelude, "O Saviour Sweet" and "Prelude and Fugu* in E Minor," Bach, The organ poitlude will be "Arioso," Bach. Mrs. George W. Grimm, Jr.. will render the soprano solo, "Teach Me O Lord," Hamblen, at the ear- Mer service. Ushers will be Arthur H. Cadman, hendj Robert M. Cudman, Paul F. Sataborne, Jr., and Charles A. Wolbach, Jr. Charles C. Magill will be assisted by Allan J. Burke on the welcoming committee. At the 11 o'clock service the adult choir will sing "Hear My Prayer O God" and "Sine Nomine." Ralph C. Dehn* will head the ushers, who will be William Brown. David A. Crowell and Arthur T. Holey. Dr. Crale; Crenshaw will assist Fred D. Wlkoff 2d on the welcoming committee. During this service a baby sitter Is providel In Westminster house to care (or children of parents attending the service. Church school will meet at 9:80 a. m. in Westminster house. A special meeting of the Session will be held Sunday at 10:30 a. m. In Carpenters' hall to receive levera'. new members Into the fellowship of the church. George W. Grimm, Jr., president of the board of trustees.and former member of the atate senate, wil' speak on the theme, "What Can Touth Do In the Community," at the youth fellowship meeting Sunday at 7 p. m. In Westminster ' house. Douglas W. MeCrum, yeuth director, will be In charge. Tha minister will preside at the monthly meeting of the Session to be held Sunday at 8 p. m. In Westminster house. : Tha first report dinner of the general campaign committee for the "Let's Finish the Job Campaign" will ha held tomorrow at T p. m. In Westminster house under chairmanship of Joseph C. e ivlson. The second dinner will ke place Monday at 7 o'clock. ' Tha adult choir will rehearse tofalght and tha junior choir Saturday at»:80 a. m. - Evening circle one, In charge of llrs. David W. Woodward and Mrs. Allen J. Burke, will sponsor a bake gal* Saturday from a. m. to 1». m. at LaBau's hardware store, fair Haven. I Afternoon circles of the Woman'* association will meat Wednesday at 1:M as follows: Circle one, Mrs. Arthur T. Holey and Mrs. P. oas Lyons, at the horns of Mrs. John L. Minugh, Rutnson rd., Rumfton; circle two, Mrs. Joseph B. Ber-»leo and Mrs. Oodfrey Olson, horns fit Mrs. Joseph C. Davtson, 8 Crest fir. Little Silver, with Miss Sara Bole* and Miss Harriet Lowe as fo-aostcsses; circle three, Mrs. Har- Id 8. Rlnehart and Mrs. Ralph jl. Shearer, home of Mrs. Rlnehart, Queen Anno dr., Shrewsbury; elrel* four. Mrs. I. Harold Wood and Mrs. Louis Fetter, homo of Mrs. William H. Wlkoff, Mapl* ave.; circle flve, Mrs. J. Harry Fiedler and llrs. Charles W. Lounsburg, ^home «f Mrs. George W. Grimm, Jr., Gooseneck Point; circle six, Mr*. Henry A. Stevenson and Mrs. Goorg* B. Miller, homo of Mrs. Hersehel Blrdsall, St Tower Hill ave, wtth Mrs. Frank W. Hewitt a co-hostess. Tha evening circles will meet Wed aesday at 8 p. m. as follows: Circle one, Mrs. David W. Woodward and Mrs. Allen J. Burky. at the home of Mrs. Hilton M. Smith, Jr., SM Branch ave., Little Silver; Circle two, Mrs. Robert L, Snowdsn and Mrs. Harold F. Dowstra, home of Mrs. Herbert J. Erlckaon, SM Spring St., and Circle three, Mrs. John C. Olvens and Mrs. Mllford R. WUtale, at Mrs. WllUle's home, 447 River rd., Fair Haven, with Mrs. William Mead a* guest speaker and Mrs. Oeorge Worthley, Jr., as CO-hOStCM, BMBVBY METHODIST Little Silver The preparatory elaee will meet Saturday at 10:W a. m. In the sanctuary with Mr. and Mrs. Wll- Uam T. Sawyer as Isadsrs. Church school Sunday Is at 9:M a. m. for grades one to nine. Nurstry and pre-prlmary groups meat at 11. At the morning worship service, Rev. William Dale Miller of Draw university will preach on the theme, "Perfect sympathy Through Our Suffering Saviour." Rev. James W. Marshall, pastor, will be attending the Middle Atlantic adult convocation for Methodist leaders at Buck Hill Falls. Rev. Mr. Marahall'wlll be representing tha adult Staff of the board of education of the Nsw Jersey Methodist confer, act. The senior choir, under the direction of Miss Marjoris FrinU, will sing "Boundless Mercy," arranged By John Jacob Niles, Mrs, George Ivlns, organist, will play "Prelude In A Flat" by Curschmann add Aahford'a "Song of the Magi," Tha altar flowers are presentee by Mil Smith In memory of his Mrtnts. At a o'clock, workers In tha Visitation Evangelism cam- algn will mset at ths Red Sank Methodist church for a period of Instruction. Afterwards they will call an prospective members in the community, MRTHOniMT Eatontown lunday school U at 9:48 t, m, Ths worship service Is at 11 a. m, The youth fellowship meets at 1:80 p, m,, followed by evening worship at TIM, Howard M, Montgomery 'Is the clergyman. "Wonderful Lovs of vjmut" will he ths youth choir's attention at tha 11 a. m, service. Tilt omelai board will meet to- artaw M a p. m. tt th* pamaif*. BAPTIST Red Bank At the 11 a. m. service Sunday, Rev. W. Clinton Powers, pastor, will speak on "Finished! Achieved! Completed!" The Chancel choir will sing. G. Truman Reeves and William Wlnn will serve on the deacon's welcoming committee. Church school meets at 9:45 a. m. The three youth fellowship groups will hold a combined meeting and covered dish supper at 8:80 p. m. Refreshment* for the Young Adult group will be provided by Mrs. Donald Thompson and Mia Alma Thompson. Used clothing for children and adults in all sizes is needed for shipment to Korea, and for American Indians. Clothing may bo left at the church. Sunday, Mar. 89, at 8 p. m., the Chancel choir will sing Staintr'a "Crucifixion." There will be a teachers* planning conference meeting Monday at 8 p. m., home of Mrs. Elmer C. Cottrell on Oakland at.; sewing day in the Junior rooms for all the women of the. church, with articles to be sewn tor Baptist missionaries at home and abroad, will be held Wednesday, Mar., between 10 a. m. and 2 p. m., with Mrs. Dewey Barr and the White Cross committee In charge; Chancel choir rehearsal, Wednesday. Mar. 18, 7:10 p. m.; and Protestant men's communion breakfast Sunday, Mar.», at 7:30 p. m. at the Red Bank Methodist church, with Theodore Parsons, state attorney general, as the speaker. ST. JAMES CATHOLIC Red Bank Sunday masses are at 8:10,», 10 and 11 o'clock In the chureh and t, 10 and 11 o'clock In tha high school auditorium. Bunday-ochool for children attending pubue schools follows the o'clock mass. Baptisms are at 1 p. m. Sundays. Confessions are heard Saturdays from 4 to a p. m. and from 7 to» p. m. ST. ANTHONY'S* CATHOUO Red Bank Sunday massea are at T. 8, a. 10 and U o'clock. Baptisms are at 11:45 a. m. Sundays. Confessions are hoard Saturdays from 4:30 to p. m, and 7:30 to The Miraculous Medal novena ie held Mondays at 7:30 p. m. The perpetual novena to St. Anthony U held Tuesday at;7:30 p. m. PBBSBTTBBIAN "- Eatontown Rev. David Ling will bring the messaga at ths 11 a. m. service Sunday. Each week a co-operative nursery is maintained during thla hour so that parsnts of small children may worship with us. A week from Sunday the offering for the "One Great Hour of Sharing" will bo received. Boies for children and envelopes for adults hav* bean dlatrlbuted In the church and ehurch school. Tha funds received will go to Chureh World Service which ministers to tha needs of destitute paeplt throughout the world. The youth of the church have regular fellowship meetings In addition to the Sunday chureh school which has clause for all agas. The juniors meet Tuesdays after > school. Tha Intermediates meet Sundays at 7 p. m. Th* seniors meet Sundays at «:30 p. m. Wednesday Is church night. This Wednesday, the 7:30 service will bo devoted to a program on Christian education. Is hoped that every teacher In ths ehurch school and every parent will bo present. Th* program will consist of two Htm strips which give Insights Into th* work of teaching the Bible In th* church school and haw ths horns can contribute to the effectiveness of this teaching. Boy Scout troop 108 meats In th* chapel every Thursday at 7:30 p. m.. The Oleanera (women's organisation) will mset tomorrow. Slide* depleting "On-going Project*" will bo shown to acquaint members with th* various national missions services to which th* Wonun's association of ths Presbyterian church, U.S.A., contribute, this will bo accompanied by a devotional period. will be under the direction of Mrs. Gertrude Swap*, program chairman, and her, committee. The communicants' class for Intermediates meets at 4 p. m. Friday in the manse. emeu or crow Eatontown Warren H. VanTuyl,.HlaMar, Invltes th* public to attend aieetlag* of thli chureh, which are' held Simdays from 1:30 a. m. to 11:30 a. _ for warship. Th* first hour U far BIbl* study, th* Mcoad for rushing aad Communion. At T i,, i practice singing period Is held, followed at 7:10 p. m. by *a opta forum discussion. BIbl* study la hold Wadntsdayi at 7:30 p. a. This group of Christian* conduct ervlot* on the balls of Ntw Testament Scripture* alene, tsiaklag where th* Bible speaks and being silent where the Bible Is silsnt. Undenominational, anyone dtelr- Ing»» worship Ood In "spirit aad truth" will and th* worship acceptable. Th* chureh Is loested OR rt M, lust aorth of th* outlaw ttetloa. BAY SHOBE COMMUNITY East Keansburg Holy Communion will bt offered by Riv, John P, Buler, pa«or, at ths morning service st 11 o'clock. Th* pastor will deliver a sermon, "No More Tears," Mits Ann Shaw, organist, will accompiny th* choir In two Lenten hynina, Bible «lss«and church school will meet st 8:48 a, m, MIDwMk Lentin N«I<VIC«will be fetid Wednesday at s s, m. FIRST CHURCH OF CHBI8T, SCIENTIST Red Bank Services In First Church of Christ, Scientist, 209 Broad st., are held Sundays at 11 a. m. and 8:13 p. m. Sunday school meets at 11 a. m. Wednesday evening testimonial meetings at 8:15. The Lesson-Sermon on "Substance" In Christian Science churches thla Sunday will show how true substance Is to be found In God's spiritual Ideas, not In material objects. The Golden Text Is from Eccleelaates: "I know that, whatsoever God doeth, shall be for ever; nothing can be put to, nor any thing taken from." (3:14.) Readings from the King James version of th* Bible will include: "The Invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by.the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead." (Rom. 1:30.) Correlative citations from the Christian Science textbook "Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy atate: "Spirit, God, has created all In and of Himself. Spirit never created matter... When the substance of Spirit appears In Christian Science, the nothingness of matter Is recognised." (P.p. SM, 480.). JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Red Bank Sunday's discourse by Raymond Bosworth, presiding minister, will be on the subject, "Have Christendom'* Religions Failed?" Congregational Bible study wilt follow the J o'clock meeting on the theme. 'Deliverance to a Righteous World.' Tha Bible study session next Tuesday evening will be omitted as Joseph Sala, presiding circuit mln< later, will begin his week-long visit with an address to the congregation that night at o'clock. The sarvles next Thursday at 7:30 p. m. and the ministry school, which follows, will be held as usual, with Mr. Saia presiding. PRESBYTERIAN Shrewsbury ' Sunday school I* at 1:43 a. m At tha 11 a. m. worship, a nursery Is conducted In the church house for the care of children. Rev. Arthur S. Jolce will deliver a sermon 'As Ws Forgive," third In the series on "Th* Lord'* Prayer." Ronald Clark I* soloist. Miss Doris Prams 1* organist. Th* junior and senior choirs will participate. Th* Arts and Craft* circle meets In 1 tha ehurch house basement Thursday* at 7:30 p. m. under th* direction of Mrs. Sherman Strong. Th* comparative religion course la held Tuesdays at 8 p. m. In ths chureh house. Men aad women are Invited. Th* Men'* club will meet Wednesday at 8 p. m. In th* church house. Junior choir rehearsals ar* Saturday* at 10:10 a. m. Senior choir rshearsals ar* Thursday* at S p. m. Th* Olrl Scouts meet Monday* at 1:30 p. m. in ths soelal room. Th* Boy Scouts meet Monday* at 7:30 p. m. In th* ooelal room. Th* chureh will receive new member* this month. Those desiring to Join should contact Rev. Mr. Joke. Th* Man'* club and Women'* association will sponsor a concert featuring Lois MacMahon Jolce, lyric soprano, Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. In th* Mechanic Street school. Ticket* ar* available from Mr*. H. Albert Vogei, Mrs. William Cram* or Morgan Knapp. Th* concert will beneflt the chureh restoration fund. Th* Westminster fellowship meets Sunday* at 4 p.m. In the social room. EMMANUEL BAPTIST Atlantic Highlands Church school meet* at 8:48 a. a. Dennis M. Lingo Is superintendent. Rev. Howard M. Ervln will preach at th* morning servlcs at 11 o'clock and at ths evening service at 3, he will bring a message from th* Book of Act*. Monthly servlee at the welfare horn*. Freehold, Sunday afternoon at 3:30. '. Youth meeting Tuesday from 7 t* 8:30 p. m., for all young people ten year* of eg* and up. This group Is directed by Mr. and Mia, Frank M. Bell. Mid-week prayer aervlc* Wedaea. day at p. m. Junior Bible hour meets Thursday immediately after school for all children from six years eld through ths eighth grade, with Mr*. R. D. Bean and Mr*. Frank M. Bell In charge., amuaiocs~llocnmr or nuends (QMkwnl ' Bhrewtbury Ths Bhrewsbury mtitlbg of Religious Boelety *f Prlsads (Quakers), meet* far worthlp at a, m. th* First-day (Buaday) la th* meetlag Mate at Broad at, aad Syoaaura av*., preceded at tt a. m. ay th* rint»day school. VUlUra aia welcome. THE BEOBOANISEO CHVBCM or JESUS CHRT or LATTEB DAY SAINTS ' Eatoatown Chureh school Is at 10:39 a. m. Morning worship Is at UiM, Meetlag* an hstd *v«ry Sunday at tha horn* *f Capt. Alia Htaaaa, IN Pin* it., lateatewn. METHODIST Ocesaport Chureh school uader th* direction af Oesrge c. D. Hurley, i«a*ial tuterlnttntdtnt, ^H M((t tt a.,45 fc n. Sunday, Th* Sunday warship servlee will b* held at fim p, m. Rev, Robert S. Judjr. s puter, MRTHODliT Tinton FalU Worship service l«st lies a, m, lunday with Howard M, Montgomery, clergyman! ia chargi, PRESBYTERIAN Rumson 'Heartbreak Hill" will be the topic of the sermon by Rev. A. Kenneth Magner, Jr, at the 11 a. m. servlee Sunday. John H. Watson, 3d, minister of music, will play as prelude, "Bourree In G" by Handel and "Hark, Hark, My Soul" by Calver. The chancel choir will sing "O Savior of the World" by Goes. Paul Reuman. baisa aololat, will sing the offertory solo, "Lord God of Abraham" by Mendelssohn. Tha organ postlude will be "March" by Handel. The church hour nursery will be directed by Mrs. William Paslcky. The welcoming committee will be formed by Clarence Hall, William Sagurton, J. Edward Wllaon, James Stalfa and William Strohmenger. Church school will meet in two sessions, with the senior youth fellowship class' In the church, and the primary department In Bint;- ham hall at 9:30 a. m. The junior and junior high department* will meet at 11 a. m. In Blngham hall. Tomorrow th* youth fellowship group will leave the church at 8:30 p. m. for a roller skating party at the Asbury Park rink. Th* pastor will be th* guest speaker at the Westminster fellowship meeting at the Pennlngton Presbyterian church Sunday night. The newly-appointed planning committee will send repressntatlvea J. Edward Wilson, John W. Kouba and ths pastor on a Held trip to Jenklntown, Pa., next Monday. The men's bowling team will meet at the Red Bank bowling center for interchurch competition Monday at 9 p. m. Communicant'a class will meet with the pastor at the manse next Tuesday at S p. m. Parents of youth fellowship members have been Invited to Blngham hall next Tuesday at 8 p. m. to meet with the exeeutivs committee and adult advisers of the group. The board of deaeona will meet at the manse at 8 p. m. next Wednesday. Boy Scout troop 11 will hold a father-son dinner in Blngham hall next Wednesday at 7 p. m. The Community Players will meet in Blngham hall at 8 p. m. next Thursday. Th* chancel choir will rehearse In the church at 8:15 p. m. next Thursday under direction of John Watson, 3d. Th* youth choral group will meet for rehearsal under the direction of Mrs. Gordon MecLeen, Jr., Friday, Mar. SO, at 3:15 p. ra. The Ladles' Aid choral group, led by Mrs. Lewis Arnold, will meet In th* church for rehearsal, Saturday, Mar. 31, at 4 p. m. Men of the chureh hav* been invited to the men's Lenten Communion breakfast for the Protestant laymen of the Red Bank area to be held In the Red Bank Methodist fellowship hall Mar. SS, at 7:30 a. m. Attorney General Theodore D. Parsons will be speaker at th* special Lenten service. Holmdel At th* opening exercises of the church school 8:46 a. m. Sunday morning, Rev. Dr. Wallae* L. Gallup, th* minister, will show a recently completed oil painting and tell the story portray*. At th* morning service at 11, th* pastor will continue the Lenten series on "The Mind of th* Matter," discussing His thought "Concerning Happiness." The recently purchased hymnals will be dedicated at this service. The congregational committee will meet at the man** Monday night at 7:30 to transact the current business of th* church and also to consider an amendment to ths church charter, relative to the reception of ntw members in th* future. Middletown Rev. John E. Bat** will preach on the topic, "On Gaining Understanding" at ths 11 o'clock Sunday morning hour of worship. Th* nursery will be In charge of Mrs. Thomas Morford, Jr. Church school will meet at 9:48 a. m. in the chapel, and th* young people will meet at 7:30 p. m. Th* Lenten discussion group will meet In th* chapsl at S o'clock Tuesday evening. Edward Koenlg will lead th* discussion en the topic, "Th* Morality of Orace." Tuesday, Mar. 34. the Weman'a department will meet at the hem* of Mrs, Oeorge Deaney. The department will sponsor a cafeteria supper Thursday, Mar. X, la I" chapel. AJX MINTS' EPISCOPAL. Navetlak i Services for th* fourth Buaday la Unt will be: Holy Communion at 8:30 a. m.j church school at ; parents' and children's service at 10, and prayer aad sermon by th* rector, Rev. Charlta P. Jahatoa, at 11 o'clock. OMsiariAff BOUNCE SOCIETY Atlantic Hlghliad* A mictlag will be ktld at 11 a, at. wbsa Bund*ysehool alsa will meet tt th* toelity'a bulldlag, M Ocean Blvd. Tutlatony mettlog will be held Wednesday at 1:11 p. m. Th* readlag room la open Tuesdays aetwssa I and 4 p. m. METHODIBT Sea Bright Chureh *ch*ot with claim for thai* af all age* will meat Sunday at 8i4l a. m, Mrs. Eleanor Uadity la auatrlnttadaal, Tat meralag warship Mrvli* will be held at o'clock. IWv. Retort a, Jutga la msaioff Port Monmouth Rev, A. Donald Magtw, taetoit Uwrenoa Wlit, lunday-echtol superintendent, aundiy*ekeol at 9i«0 *, m, Moralag womklp al UiM a. as. SALVATION ABMY ' Red Bank Capt Robert Rlghtmlre will preach the third sermon in a strles "Men Worth Knowing," Sunday at 11 a, m. baaed on the life of David. At the 8 p. m. service, Capt. Rlghtmlre will have as his subject "What Shall I do with Jesus?" Special music will be provided by Mrs. Captain Rlghtmire, the Citadel band and Mra. Alfred Beck. Company meeting (Sundayschool) will convene at 9:45 a. m. with classes for all age groups Including a Salvation Army recruit class. At 6:30 p. m. Miss Florabel Blair will lead the Young People's meeting and present another flannelgraph lesson In the aeries on Pilgrim's Progress. Tuesday the Women's Home lesgus will meet at 8 p. m. for a St. Patrlek'a day fellowship hour, Wednesday at 8 p. m. ia midweek service, "The Hour of Power," under the leadership of Mrs. Captain Rlghtmlre.. Thursday at 3:45 p. m., Junior Legion Session will be held In Fellowship hall for children from 8-11 years of age. At 7 p. m. the Corps Cadets will meet for Bible study and leadership training. Also at 7 p. m. the Girl Guards (Bcouta), girla from IMS, will meet under the leadership of Dorothy Wilson. At 8 p. m. the Torchbearers will meet under the direction of the president, Edward Schmidt. Outdoor services will be conducted Friday at 7:15 p. m. and Saturday at 8:15 p. m. on Broad at, and Sunday at 7:15 p. m. on Monmouth at. REFORMED Mtddletown Th* choir will rehearse tonight at 8 o'clock, and the junior choir Saturday morning at 10. Church school meets Sunday morning at 9:30 a. m. under the direction of Carl Helwlg. Mrs. Waiter W. Feigner will lead the The morning service will begin at 11 o'clock. Rev. Walter W. Feigner will preach the sermon. Charles Magill will play the organ «nd the choir will sing various selections and responses. The newly-elected members of the consistory, Robert Loker. George and Christian Eigenrauch, will be Installed at this service. Ushers will be Henry Gullck, Harold Hlllyer, James Stout and Alfred Pool*. Victor E. Orosslnger will bs Installed as the nrw elder-elect. The nursery hour will be under the direction of Mrs. William Meyer.. The men's bowling team will meet Monday evening at the Red Bank Bowling eenter at 8:45 p. m. The Junior Women's league will meet Monday evening at 8 o'clock at the parsonage. Mrs. George Scott will'act as hostess. The women will continue with their sswing articles for the fall baaar. Next Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Warren Bull from the New Brunswiek Theological seminary, will preach tha sermon at the Lenten service. His topic will be, "I Am the Light of the World." Following the servlee the congregation social hour will be held In th* ehurehroom. At the mid-week service. Mar. 85, a film win be shown entitled, "I Beheld HI* Glory." All the ehurchee of the community have been Invited to be with ue that evening. This a Lenten Him depleting the last days of the earthly life of Christ. Henry Gullck will exhibit his paintings In the chureh Friday afternoon and evening. Mar. JO, and Saturday afternoon, Mar. 81. A small donation fee will go to th* missionary society for s work In th* foreign field. Tickete for the men'* classical dinner to be held In th* Xeyport Reformed church Wednesday evening, Mar. 35, are being sold by Jamss Stout. METHODIST Belford "The High Call" will bs the theme of the Lenten sermon which Rev. Dr. R. L. Blaekman will preach at the morning servlee at 10:45. A nursery will be open for children who** iarenta desire to attend the service. Sunday school sstslon begins at 9:30 o'clock. The primary classes will meet In the annex Instead of the Sunday school room. Wednesday at 7:80 p. m., mid-week eenrle* in the chapel, with music by ths senior choir Dr. Blaekman will give the fifth In th* series of addresses on "Our Christian Beliefs." The Confirmation class meet* Friday at 3:10 p. m, PBESBYTEJUAN Atlantic Highland* Church school and adult Bible class will meet at 10 a. m. Rev. Elmer T. Schlek, pastor, will deliver a sermon, VHU Mouth," fourth In a eerie*; "Behold the Maa," at the morning oervle* at 11 o'clock. Ushers wlu he Clifford Herrltt and William Melntosh. The Women's Missionary society will meet Tuesday at I p. m., Junior young people next Thursday at 7 p. m., choir rehearsal aeat Thursday at 7:30 p. m. and Cub Seoul* Friday, Mar. 30, at T JO p. m. ST, JAMES EPISCOPAL EatMitown Chureh school Is at 9:30 a. m with William Oould as superintend* ent. The «obsrmatloa els** will meet at 8:30 a. m. conducted by Robert Bluaro, seminarian In charge. Mr. Bltsara will eenduct the morning prayer and sirmoh at.. was announced this week that thure I* but a IM0 debt left on the organ, due to the contribution of Mr. and Mm, Charles Morris and a contribution of the Friendship OulM af I39 BAPTIST Leonardo Rev, Richard P, Young, pastor, will deliver a sermon at the morning service at 11 o'clock, The pastor again will dnllvor a sermon al the evening service at I. BIbl* Hhoel will meet at 3;4I a. m. Junior youth fellowship will bt hold'at 3:30 p, m, / Btnlor youth fellowship will meet Moaday at 7 p, m, A Stale aehool woiktr* 1 confirms will be h«ld al 8 p, m, Tunday, Mid-week service of prayer, pral#«and Bihl* study will ha held Wtdaiaday at a s, m, HOLY TBUOTV LUTHERAN Red Bank Mi** Mlehlko Kiyshara, Japanese national Lutheran, will apeak at; th* 11 a. m. service Sunday and at the Sunday school session at 9:45. Miss Klyahara la studying at Biblical seminary in Ntw York city. Her appearance at the 11 a. m. service is sponsored by the Women's Missionary society of the church. The society will conduct a public thank offering at this) service. The choir will sing two ehorales from the St Matthew Passion by Bach. The Luther league will meet tomorrow night at 7:15 In tha Sunday school chapel. A painting session will be held. Members will do some Interior decoration In th* chureh. Men of the church Interested In working at Camp Belaler at Califon In North Jersey will meet at ths church Saturday at t a. m., and then go to the camp site. At the mid-week Lenten devotional Wednesday. Mar. 18, at 8:18 p. m., the pastor. Rev. Harold H. Hornberter, will lead the congregation In the us* of the litany during which he will read tha fourth portion of the history of the passion of Jesus Christ. Following ths devotional, the pastor will contlnuf his discussions on tha Epistle to the Hebrews,' considering ths sixth, seventh, and eighth charters. REFORMED Red Bank Rev. Runyon L. Wolff Will preach at the 10:45 o'clock Sunday morn- Ing service and will conduct the adult Bible class at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Thorns* Brereton, organist and choir director, is In charge of the music. Mr*. Irwln Hendrlcks will supervise the nursery conducted during the morning service. The conalstory will meet tonight at the church. TUe Young Women'* Social club will meet Monday evening at the home of Mr, and Mr*. George Glassey, Hance ave. The Men's club will meet Wednesday at 8 p. m. at the church. BAPTIST New Monmouth Church school will meet Sunday at 9:45 a. m. Preacher at the 10:50 a. m. service will be Dr. George Claghorn of Eastern Baptist seminary. Philadelphia. The organ prelude will be "Marche Rellgteuae" and the anthem by the aenlor choir will be "Sanctua." At the 7:45 o'clock evening worship Dr. Claghorn will again bring the message, and th* young people's choir will be heard in selections. The primary Bykota meet* Tuesday after school, and the Junior Bykota Thursday. Dr.' M. Lowe of the Binghamton, N. T., Bible training school will be the speaker at the Bible conference nest Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p. u. In the church. Ths meeting ia open to the public ST. GEORGE'S EPISCOPAL Rumson Sunday service* will Include Holy Communion at Is, m.; church school, 9:30 and 11; junior congregation with morning prayer aad addrsss, 9:30, and morning prayer.and sermon by Canon Oeorg* A. Robertahaw, U o'eloek. Muslo by Paul I* Thomas, organist, will include "O Bleated Jesu" and "Venlte," pr*lud«; "Greater Love Hath No Man," offertory; "Lead Me. Lord,'* choral respoils*, and "Alia," postlude. The second annual Baeh festival will bo held Sunday. Mar. 88, at 4 p. m. Holy Communion will be celebrated Wednesday. Mar. 88. at 10 METHODIST Fair Haven Sunday school with classes for alt agea will meet Sunday at 9:45 a. m. U William Hyatt la superintendent, and Benjamin P. Warren, Jr., assistant "Noah ths Man" will b* th* subject of the sermon by Rev. William B. Magaam at the 11 a. m. service 1. Music by Mrs. Alma Baker, organist, will include "A Prayer," prelude, and "Melody In O," offertory. Th* senior choir will ting "Clot* to Thee," and the youth choir, "J*- tut Calls.".Lincreft "The Second Mile," will be the topic of Clarence E. Beck of the Red Bank Baptist church, who will lead ths aervlc* Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday school and BIbl* clu* will be held at 10 a. m, Tha ooasblned board and congregational meeting will be held Wednesday, Mar. 18, at 8 p; m. A Sunday school meeting also will bs held. ST. ANDREWS EPISCOPAL Hlghland*- The service of morning prayer will be held lunday morning at o'eloek. Rev. Chrlstophtr H. Sayder, vicar, will preach on "How Mueh Do We Hav*." Music by Mra. Ruth Lueas, organist: Otertery anthem, "Atone Thou Ootat Perth," Traiwur. Cmireh aehool at 10 o'clock. OOODWIf,!, Rui Chureh school Is at 9:48 a. m. Sunday. At tha evealag s*rvl**, Irving Stevens, lay Icadtr, will prtach on tht tham*. "Th* W*aderful Jesus," Rev. James W. Marshall, pastor, will be attending an Adult Workers eonvocatlon at Buck Hill Falls, Pa. CHAFEI, OF THE MOLT COMMUNION, Fair Haven The ifrvlea of morning prayer will be held Sunday moraing at 11 o'clock, Rtv, Chrlstophtr H. Say* der, vicar, will preach an "The Strength of Our Faith." Muslo by Mr*. Otrtrude Meetae, orgaaltti Prelude, "Morning Prayer," Kara) postlude, "Allegro," Stult*! Offertory anthem, "Create In Me a Clean Heart," Mueller. Church aehool at its. CArETEBIA SVPPsUt MAS. M MIDDI.BTOWN VILLAOB-Th* Women's department of th* Middletown Baptist ehurch will hold a cafeteria tupptr Thursday night, Mar, M, in th* ehiptl, Mn, Oaylord Barla chalrmaa. PLANTING TIMI for HUNT and OINAMIWAL THIS FLOWIRING SHIUIS aid GRAPI VINIS (Barry Plants and Asparagus Roots latar) COMI AND an IT AND UKI IT WITH YOU is cheaper, s*f*r *nd you can sta what you art flatting«village NURSERIES MACK ft LOCH, SIND for atocriptivt prfea fet, MfsBsBaWOaMMsB I IJHIaplVIVftia. lia *Ja Hr Hft Rtwl St. Qeorge's-by'the'River RUMSON, N. J. Sundsy Afternoon, March 22, 19S3 4:00 P..J1.! Bach Festival Comblnad Choirs of it. Gaorga's (60 Voices) assistad by soloists and instrumental ansambla Directed by Paul Lindaley Thomaa Mansfields BjtkimdmfJBOSTONUM WhmNyhn Mtihmtk neelk tresm trim miat lif. i'... IEE ITLH MESI tha aokk tone thk auminer slip into this brsssacatdubf bssttty aad watch wodd of cool, wtm JOHN B. ALLEN CO. «8MM9 ST. DEI BANK TEL M»7 Naar Past Offica gotyou coming and going? Ort <90 to *MIO of HFC MNTWV >ATMMT flani its W\ rvpjb Ov OVlPMjT tot PMaw fa '«it*r*i*jfli«fw*smis*sm< Ul w cfcaw yaej w l y w Uptatf 710 Cotkuion Avtv 2naj PUur PHONIi 2^10103-Aibwfy Pork Pays to Advertise in The Register

15 SOS. GUARD YOUR PETS UiORATORY COLLKTOM AM lyiftywhim Thousand! of animal* are. vivisected every year, in college!, hospitals and laboratories. Vivisection Is cutting, burning, freer* Ing of living conscious animals., RESULT: MOBS HOSPITAL* ana MOMS DISEASES N. J. ANTI-VIVISKTION SOCTY 47 PARK ST. TINAHY. N. J. OR PMONI BLMMrilL* > >! Membership $ and SS.OO Supported by voluntary contribution.. No paid effletrs SINGE 1896 Angiliclittliwbilt pmljghilttbtitiits jout huts mi nuktt jouloviit.gnth fitting top molds d miigttwust... family pmnnii tnd dl-wtpsttttth'mg Ino siitt cutvt * smooth biplmt. limit tmonmtaotcbfot tomfort and wtsbmg tttt, toollush sdlin front ptnh, mid slimming s*li* ilditic forbscktontrol. Shu null, mtdim tlmgi. RED BANK, N. I 98 April BridoElect Honored at Shower! MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP- If uses Ann Nelligan and J«an Kaney were hostesses last week at a bridal shower for Miss Mary Lou Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Taylor of Chestnut at., Red Bank. The party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaney on Cooper rd. Mias Taylor will become the bride of Joseph J. Corrigan. ion of Mra. Mary Corrigan. in April. The brideelect WM graduated from Bed Bank Catholic high school and ts employed by the Telephone company. Mr. Corrigan, a graduate of Rumion high school, Is employed by the government at Fort Monmouth. Quests were Mrs. Robert Thorpe, Mrs. Frank Stavola, Mrs. Henay Richard, Mrs. Douglas Broaey, Mrs. Dorii Doughty, Mrs. Raymond Eckert, Mra. Allan West, Mrs. Richard Kirman, Mr«.\ Raymond Carter, Mrs. Margaret Kendrick, Mra. Peter Lev), Mrs. Eva- Oleason.' Mrs. John Choma, Mrs. Gordon Wilson, Mrs. Julia Ervln, Mrt. Edward Kaney, Mn. Thomas McAuliffe, Mrs. William Felhaber. Mrs. -John Mahoney, Mrs. Harry Rader. Misses Mary Kaney.'Bessie Criml, Vicky Zebrowskl, "Jackie" Smith, Barbara NelUgan. "Pat" Nelllgan, Wilma DeFailo, Elizabeth Mouser, Rose Marie Acerra, Loretta Bergin, Rose Mary McAuliffe, Joan Meehan, Kitty Procopla, Catherine Lang, Amy Myatt, "Clem" Criml, Phyllis Myatt, Patricia Curry, Dorothy Barrett, Dorothy Conkiln, "Teddy" Clarke, Rita Schor and Ann Kaney. Pram 4.71 to. AsrarMai to 'SIM Cancellation SHOP MOAD STRUT MB IANR RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH Chorus to Sing Oratorio 'Elijah 9 The Monmouth Civic chorus, assisted by four well-known artists, will sins; Mendolssohn'a oratorio, "The Elijah," Sunday night at Red ibank Catholic high school auditorium. Guest artuu will be Howard Jarratt, tenor; Margaret Daum, soprano; Dorothy Egsn, contralto, and Glenn Darwin, baritone. The concert marks the opening of the aeries of concerts and plays to be sponsored by the new Monmouth Art Foundation. William Gordon Pagdin will direct the chorus, and a 33-piece symphony oi cheat ra will provide the music. Howard Jarratt Mr. Jarratt sang the leading role in the recent production of "My Darling Aida" with the Metropolitan Opera company's road company, where he sang the leading role in "Der Fledermaus." Of his ringing, the critic of Musical America said, "Mr. Jarratt aang his aria* with notable technical skill. His was oratorio singing wholly in the great manner." The critic of th«new York Times wrote after 'hearing Jarratt: "Mr. Jarratt has a voice of fine natural quality, and in the near future he may become one of the greatest tenors in the Hand." Chorus members assisting with program arrangements include Helen Lackas, vice president; Marjorie Croot, secretary; Oscar Henning, treasurer; Betty Macintosh, financial secretary; Doris Little, librarian; Esther Chark, publicity, and Polly MacLcan and Edward Hlnkelman, chairmen of the conductor's committee. SSD TIME. Gus Ostrom of Keyport, appearing before Magistrate John V. Crowell Monday morning for the 5Jd time, was aentenccd to 90 days in the county jail on a charge of being drunk and disorderly. 5* Discount For Cash Mfttfst's Cask- CnitriM...S MM. tt 3 Yn. to riyntm! BUILT BY "YOU-KNOW-WHO'-YOURSELF COMMON MARS ff.ft SMI Keyport Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gehlhaus have returned from a Florida vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hausman of West Palm Beach, Fla., former residents of Keyport, aro parents of a daughter, born Feb. 9. They have two other children. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Octjen of West First at. have returned from a vacation in Florida. Returning with them wag Mis. William W. Miller of Cliffwood, who was a gueat of her son and daughter-inlaw, Mr. and Mis. Wallace Miller of Delray Beach, Fla. Harry B. Thomas of the M. B. Thomas Co. here, last week nttendcd the three-day annual convention of the American Retail federation at Washington, D. C. President Eisenhower upoke at a convention luncheon last Thursday and Vice President Nixon addressed the federation's annual dinner the same day. Mr. Thomas is a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Variety Stores and a director of the New Jersey Retail Trade association. Rev. David A. Wilson, Jr.. pastor of Calvary Methodist church, announced this week that Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Bradford, Mr. and Mrs. E. Osborne Thome and Mrs. Kate Friewald have been accepted i members of the church. Mrs. John N. Miller, president of the Woman's auxiliary of St. Mary's Episcopal church, and Mrs. Raymond L. Johnson attended a tea Tuesday afternoon of last week at the home of Mrs. Henry Gcrmond at Little Silver. Mrs. Gcrmond is president of the Monmouth county Woman's auxiliaries of Episcopal churches. Rev. David A. Wilson, Jr., pastor of Calvary Methodist church, baptized Kenneth Burton Boaactt. infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Boseert, last week. Mra. William Hell was hosten to members of her bridge club last Thursday night. Prlics were awarded to Mrs. Charles H. Miller, Mrs. James Wilson and Mrs. Hell. Others present were Mrs. Merrill H. Wallace, Mn. Constance H. Cundey, Mrs. Joseph Kennedy, Mrs. John O. Hartzler and Mrs. Edward Lockwood. A musical play, "South Persia," based on the story of Purim with musie parodying "South Pacific" melodies, was presented at a Purim party given by the Hebrew Women's league and the United Hebrew Congregation Saturday night at the synagogue. Ira Katchcn,.Long Branch attorney, was guest speaker. Mrs. Louis Pragcr directed the play. Mra. Hyman Schwartz was accompanist. Mrs. Van B. Walker was reclectfd president of the Reformed church league last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Adle D, ShultE on Maple pi. Other officers re-elected were Mm. Albert M. Halgh, vice president; Mm. Lloyd P. Armstrong, treasurer; Mrs. Bernis Stone, recording secretary, and Mrs. Rufus O. Walling, publicity chairman. Mrs, Henry E. Ackeraon was In charge of devotions. Mrs. Howard Picper was reelected president of the Keyport auxiliary of Monmouth Memorial hospital last week at Mrs. William Hitchcock's home on Broadway. Others re-elected were Mrs. William'Regan, vice president; Mrs. Edward Florian, secretary, and Mrs. Melvin A. Philo. treasurer. Others present were-mra. William Vunck, Mra. Daniel Sherb'sn, Mrs. George G. Downcs, Mrs. Arthur S. VanBuskirk, Mrs. Wayne B. Darland, Mrs. John M. Fits Gerald. Mrs. Clarence E. Bahrcnburg and Brawl Hearing Awaita Knee Injury Findings KEANSBURG Pending medical findings of a knei> injury suffered by Patrolman James Beatty in the ancst of three West Long Branch men early Sunday morning of last week during a brawl at the Dublin House on Carr ave. here, Magistrate Edward F. Ambrose Monday night once again postponed hearing of disorderly persons charges against the trio. None of ten men said by police to have taken part In the brawl was injured. Patrolman Beatty was hurt when he arrested Thomas Sperling of 615 Wall at.. Sam'Sclalla of 34 Wall st. and Frank Pro.icla of 984 Broadway, police said. Also Again in taking part in the arrest were Patrolman Eugene Bennett and William Qulnn. a special patrolman. Magistrate Ambrose last week postponed hearing of the charges to Monday night, when he took similar action pending further examination of the patrolman's knee. ENDS COURSE WITH HONORS FAIR HAVEN Pvt. William R. Graff, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Graff of 20 Battin rd., recently completed the graves' registration crfurse given by the Quartermaster corps at Fort Lee, Va.. at honor graduate of his class, Pvt. Graff, who headed the 35 students taking the course, has received a certificate of achievement for his work. Pace Three KidneySlow-Down May Bring Restless Nights Wh«B kidney function tlows down, many' folki complain of naninl backache, head, aehtt, ditifnem and logs of pep and energy. 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TELEPHONE EXPERT and CLOCK WATCH REPAIRS All work done on the premises GUARANTEED for H E A R r Discounts on all Jewelry I J. H. ROSIN '' "< '< ' IS W. Front St. BE «WH>72-M can start and end here. We offer dependable TV-Radio Re pair* and Service, on every make of set. Prompt response to service calls, and reasonable charge* always! RIVER ROAD RADIO & TELEVISION, Inc. 597 River Rd. Fair Haven Phono RE Patent Granted Shrewsbury Man S. Craig of Shrewsbury was The humidity responsive element of the foregoing equipment includes a resistance unit which absorbs moisture, and the resulting variations in it provide the means for quickly and accurately obtaining the desired measurement. However, it should be noted that these resistors arc quite reliable in their indications when used in circuits where alternating current is available, but when employed In ballooncarried devices, where recourse must be had to direct-current energy, there occurs the deteriorating phenomenon of "polarization" to which.relatively large errors are attributed. Although attempts have been made to overcome this limitation by periodically reversing the current through the humidity responsive clement, nevertheless, according to Mr. Craig, they have not been satisfactory. For example, use has been made of mechanical means which changes the direction of current flow approximately two times per minute, but this practice merely retards but docs not prevent polarization., therefore, Us the object of Mr. were Sunday guests of Mr. and11 a. m. Sunday. This fourth ser- Craig's invention to present a solution to this problem and thus he Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Meyers and piness." Recently purchased hymn- Mrs. Thomas Farrclly of Newark. mon will be on "Concerning Hap- has devised a novel electrical means daughter of Berkeley Heights were als will be dedicated at this service. which, without the employment of recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. mechanical moving parts, functions William Barker. New Monmouth to effect u reversal of the direction Miss Linda Tergis was guest of ARE YOU HUNTING of current How at a rate of ap-honoproximately 100 times per second, at her home Monday evening in ob- dies' aid society of the Baptist at a family dinner party The 40th anniversary of the La with the result that polarization is servance of her seventh birthday. for tomeone to put your TV setcompletely eliminated, Miss Pat Tuvcson was hostess at back in first class operating Mr. Craig Mates that his patent a pajama party Friday night. Overnight guests were Misses Lee may be manufactured and used by condition? Your search for re-oliable TV service and for the government of the Walkcs, Joanne Sadowskl, Nancy repairs United States for governmental purpurposcs without the payment of any royalty thereon. Miss Luis IHCOC May Bride-Elect tion with the Signal Corps at Camp Gordon, Oa. He was graduated from' Clemso'n A * M college at Clcmson, 3. C. Q/unvn AT FOOTCRAFT EASTER PARADE Motherm HT MW fniflitt lim fktittc ft** by twftf BrtwRl p M«fi rtwiif twwhli49y»vitf J I FOOTCRAFT First Aid Auxiliary Marlboro Kiwanii Club Approve! Seeks More Members The Marlboro lira company met Monday evening in the fire house, Two for Membership OCEANPORT In order to stimulate interest in the memhership acsiding. Dennis Buckley, Br., waarectors of the Lincroft-Holmdcl Xi with President William Stolz pre- LINCROFT The board of dl tivities of the auxiliary of the First appointed chairman of the clambake committee. Nelson Emmons proved the applications of John wanls club last Thursday night ap- Aid squad, the auxiliary will sponsor a new course in Mat aid. The the recipient Feb. 17 of U. S. patent No. 2,629,054, entitled "Com- course is free, and all those taking was welcomed as a new member. Portin and James Stillwell of Ev- for membership. the course will be invited to become auxiliary members and serve pensated Humidity-Measuring Circuit.thur Mancini, as representatives of Final plans for tonight's "Youth Mrs. William Stolz and Mrs. Ar-erett ia the Civil Defense activities in This invention pertains to the the Ladies' auxiliary of the Marlboro fire company, were guests at the meeting, held at Community night" celebration were made at the borough. humidity measuring devices that are used in apparatui which is carried' into the atatosphere by an the organization meeting of thechapel hall here. Also discussed The auxiliary will hold a special Ladies' auxiliary of the Holmdel was the club's program for the rest motion picture show nt the local unmanned gu-s-ttlled balloon and fire company last week. of the year... school Monday, Mar. 16 at 8 p. m. automatically reports atmospheric Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fox has just John Holmes of Holmdel was a films on air raid emergency treatments and other phases of first aid titudes. Theso radio signal* are trip to Miami Beach, Fla. ular meeting. conditions by radio at different al- returned after a ten days' motor guest of Joseph Phillips at the reg- as pertains to Civil Defense will so transmitted that they may be Mr. and Mrs. P. D. VanMater, be shown. All residents of Oceanport and Portaupcck are invited. <> of pressure, temperature and hu- Mater of Waban, Maas. recorded and interpreted in terms Sr. spent the week-end with J. Van- Holmdel midity. Week-end guests of Dr. and Mrs. Holmdel school pupils have been U FINK SHOKS SINfK 1«W M Patrick Enright of the State hospital were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Riegcrt of Dumont. Arnold Fox has been accepted into den two of the Cub Scouts. Those from Marlboro who attended the Freehold auxiliary meeting of Monmouth Memorial hospital at the home of Mn. Frank Gibson, Sr., at Freehold, were Mrs. P. D. VanMater, Sr., Mrs. Floyd Wyckoff, Mr*. J. B. Gordon, Mrs. Herbert O'Connor, Mrs. A. J. Holland and Mrs. D. W. McCreight. Mr. and Mrs, Joseph VanMater were hosts at a dinner party at their home Saturday evening. The guests were William Krause of the submarine service. New London, Conn.; Miss Mary Lou McKennctt of Trenton State Teachers college, and Robert Henderson. The Holmdel School Register was reorganized for the second half of the term. Paul Mettrick is editor and Evelyn Smale assistant editor, Citizen essays were written by upper grade pupils for the Daughters of the American Revolution. This was the patriotic effort in citizen- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wheeler, Mr. ship for the month of February. and Mrs. Howard Preston, Mr. andthe primary grades are practicing Mrs. John Walters, Miss Erma for an Easter program. will be Brown and Hans Krohn. in the form of a play, "Peter Cottontail." Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fuerth and daughter of Livingston and Sid- Flowers placed at the Sunday ney Fuerth of Newark were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. given by Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. morning service at the church were John Tcrgis. Lawrence. Rev. Dr. Wallace L. Gallup will continue the Lenten series Mr. and Mrs. Martin Loftus and daughter Eileen and Pat Mullancy on "The Mind of the Master" at Ryan, Jean Rue, Janet Scott, Rosemary Crawford and Alice Lykes, all of Freehold, and Sally O'Hare and Rita Clauberg of Farmingdale. Before the party the group attended the basketball playoff games at the Convention hall, Asbury Park. They were accompanied by Mrs, Oscar Tuveson. FAIR HAVEN Mr. and MM. Roy A. Inscoc of 31 Foreman St., announce the engagement of their last week with their leader*, Mrs. Marlboro Scout troop nine met daughter, Miss Lois June Inscoe, to J. W. Applegate, Mrs. R. S. Jones Lieut. Addison M. Shearin, Army and Beatrice Eisenberg. Old silk Signal Corps, son of Arthur T. stockings are being collected by Shearin of Darlington, 3. C, andbarbara Hoglander, Wanda Ziclin- the late Mrs. Shearin, A Mayski, Rosemary Hamilton and Linda William J. Robert* of Wilson wedding is planned. Vandcrvroot, to bo used by theavc, a senior agricultural engineer- patients at the State hospital. Miss Inscoc was graduated from Monmouth Memorial hospital school Members of the seventh -fnde of nursing. Lieut. Shearin is sta- Hobby club of the grammar school SHOES DOCTOR'S ORTHOPEDIC PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED tlfiulnunrten for Offirlnl Hoy it Virl Stout Show S6 BROAD STREET. RED BANK have been exhibiting their hobbies the last two weeks. Exhibitor! and.their hobbles are: Gala Whltson, cats; Margaret King, animals; Cynthia Jones, horses; Joan Whltson vases; Donald Smith, airplanes; Wanda Ziclinski, soap; Xavler Gonxales, stamps and autographs, and Ruth Trimmel, post card*. Everett Charles U Grant Is a medical patient at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. George Gould and children left Tuesday for Cleveland, Ohio,' where they will visit Mr. Gould's mother. The Joseph Browne family of Jersey City spent the week-end at their place here. William Stanton I* stationed at he Aberdten proving grounds in Maryland. Marjorie Antonldea and Sheila Seigi* attended a surprisi birthday party given Saturday night for Joan Bennett of Haslet. Mrs. Harold Morgan's Sunday school of Llncroft Community church held a meeting at her home Friday night. Mrs. Charlei Cox celebrated her birthday with the family Monday. Civil Defense is a responsibility which begins with the individual, and Is shared with the city, the state and the nation.. TNI INCOMPARAIU STAR OF RAOIO'TVCONCIRTS RICORDS* MOTION NCTURIS IN PERSON carrying on a magazine campaign. The school will realize about $100 which wilt be used for an educational trip and special educational equipment in the school. The captains were Robert Young and Rebecca Hall. On the first day leaders in obtaining the greatest number of subscriptions were Robert Henderson, Evelyn Smale and Robert Neighbors. Certificates were won by Rosco Infanti, Robert Neighbors church will be held Apr. 1 at a covered dish luncheon. Plans were made at a recent meeting in the Sunday school rooms. Bandages were rolled for White Cross work. Attending were Mrs. William E. Bisgrove, Mrs. George Acker, Mrs. James Griggs, Mrs. GeralUine Stout Mrs. Wilbur Coddington, Mrs. George'Herbert, Mrs. Rose Rauch, Mrs. George Myers, Mrs. Harry Coe and Misses Annie and Miss Evelyn Walling. Mr. and Mrs. William Truex have returned home from West Palm Beach, Fla. after a two months' vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Myers and son spent Sunday with Rev. and Mrs. Paul Myers of Beverly. ing major at Rutgers university, has been named to the term honors, list for the'fall'semester for He is a member of the American society of Agricultural Engineers and.the Quad club, and, participates in Intramural sports. HA is a graduate of Mlddlctown township high school. Civil Defense reminder: The flnt aid supplies in your home should be assembled in one place In a cabinet, box or cupboard in or near the family shelter area. nistnts ATLANTIC Tfcar.-Frt.-aat. Be* Mai TVRONI POWIR ruin LAUR JULIA ADAMS IN "MISSISSVPI AMMJR" In Technicolor Also OBNEAVTBT APACHE COVNTBY* Sum. Oeat RORT TAYLOt MANOR PARKM IN "MOVE MS COMPANY OP AtTISTS NEW! EXCITING! DIFFERENT! MVI* MAT! MW «T ML VMLTI MAN TNIATMM NONT ORCHISTRA mi LOM 2.M :tcs:. e T%r $2.40 mis.* MM MM rmm OfMfl ACCtptM OM FarfwmiMt Only. lilo P. M. Wtdntiday toning, March 29th CT I A'41 EC ASIURV PARK 31. JAIVIC3 rimm MM4 * VOIM COMFORT INMVIOUAL UOTMO IN-CAR HIATUS Both Futures la Technicaler www" nev^b^^erev veww SMBIVVW THI LAWLISS RRMD" "THI PATHHNDOr so.. Mea.; Taee. Mar. il-m-l? m mp ' "ROAD TO 1AU" Color by Technicolor Phil setae real kt "TANOIRR INCIMNT" We*., Tk«n., Mar. ICie Vaa MtMa Vveaae OeCerte "TOMAHAWK" Flui Tofrifory Color by T.chnleolor Maartn O'Hsrs MaeeMaM Carey _ 0 ST. JAMES NOW Thru SAT. OAVNM BB*M WAVNI Tfct I DM'» Cam OH" Plus "SON* OP INDIA" SUN. TUIS. AVMI MURPHY " UNSMOKI" ti Color Plus UNDM THI RID SIA H COMINOI ON STAOli IN MtSON-.. THI UUMR MELCHIOR SHOW W».. MAI. 21 1:30 P. M. AT ST. JAMB TICMTO HOW ON M i l FROM AT ALL WALTIR NAM THIATRU MAIL AN* PHOMg HUM ACCIPTgB) THIS WEEK AT WAITER READ THEATRES CARLTON» BANK e.eeee PARAMOUNT LONO MHMCH 4M NOW Thru SATURDAY * LAUGH- ^LOVE-HAPPY HAPPY 4T MUSICAL! UHWIf 'LEWIS HVI ami NIT AT PARAMOUNT WILVI * MWARO «MMCBMRi A\Vd tla»#>un MIVUC MTURMT HIT! P. M. CM1T0N OHIV * Thunder in th«fast" "» ROYS I OMUI IXTRAI VIBJY MTVHMT MATWU TM AON* ; ' CARTOONS COMIDHS WiSTKNS WATMN WTMN. TWO DAYS ONLY SUN.. MON. "TtuasueV* tat Ala* STRAND THUR«HI, UT. 2 MAW HtAN f I "TROPIC xonr I RIBRANK HIM NWVAW MILL "TIMIO" SUM, MON, TIMS. 2 AMNM HIM Htuufj umism sshsi^bi < snasiabi si a^oai HHRfBOH * STARTS WIDNISDAY, MARCN ISTN * NttT I MMMMV WltHMtLUN "MM fcm Hw 9m«I MAYFAIR IVst' InWNIT,lfl MlW VslI MW SRO NIT t>aramo«nt tfllt "MY PAL OOf J ""E Mar. if'te CICIL C BeWLU'S. "CUQ+ATIA" wltk CUUBiTTI COLNRT ttown Plus "UVAW MUTINr WtDNRSDAY MARCH" SurU WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18 IWAITI OR WHOM will till al r«ih«t klmer, ttn4«r Ike... _J«(I LSV, MflHS UWlii el titm J.ritr IAil4<ll «l th< NIA(,AKA ASMMY PARK EOOrMZA RWBTA HltU mtmon BMCffiM 1T>M ' lets A, kv,! whltli lln. st»ll* tsllaa will k. Mi4» ler tie ll.winn»n4 Ikirf.l, eae ) kum ilons trii eevitm (in, nsate "»hrew»kurr,'',ea Th»rUs», r.kruiry lajk, A.!>., lt» MsNk, ll at iitt e'eleik P. N.I.T,, st tk* LlMMft ttmt,m,mm»n KDITH CHAPMAN VANVUIT, iiirlnti rtse, MUJlslwWN tewmklii, Men' 111 Hsytr Drive, meulk etvriiy, New Jtrny, Hm» m*t I h. Inipid*' at Iki sko*. fsrmi, Mil AMTMONV TURI, Comlaklt, xnn. sum Nell*, el MlliMeal el Nntlt. li hinhy slv»» that lh««r; i el Ike Mkurlkeii, estiitteri el euillu snl Vleue tke Coiimii sr» tr Cewt. Prsksle nwlilu, sa fimsr, tfce firlk sir if AH. A.'D.. ll, M nnn«, Mhr A timhi,, 0,

17 Mental Hygiene Meeting for PTA The Red Bank high ichool Parent-Teacher association will hold a mental hygiene meeting tonight at long Branch high aehool. Ifembtra will attend the play, "My Name I* Legion," In the Long Branch high chool auditorium and a ihort bustn«ii teatlon will follow.. Tbt PTA will hold a St, Patrlek'i card party Wednesday night at Ifeehanie Street tchool. Mrs. Horria Waiterman la chairman, inflated by Mn. Henry Inselberg Mid Mrs. Albert SchwarU who are In charge of refreshments; Mra. Fred Boyd, tickets; Mra. A. Alfred Podell and Mra. Max Benowlts. prliei; Mra. Peter Xoucbok, U- bles. Proeeeda will be'finance the aertea of Saturday night dancu spontored by the PTA for high aehool atudenta. At a> recent executive meeting, Mra. Peter Koiachok, president, aiked memben to aubmit lltts of eounee they would like to atudy at the new Adult aehool which will open In Red Bank in the fall. Mra. Kosaehok, Mra. Charles Stlllwagon, Mra. 8. M. Hoffman, Mn. Edgar Werner and Mrs. Fred Boyd make up a committee which will complete arrangement* for the observance of the JSth anniversary of the PTA In October. KNITTING FOB HOBEV Members of the Ninth Qrade Knitting club at Red Bank high aehool have started a drive to collect remnanta of wool to knit garment* for Korean war orphans. Directions for all types of knitted clothing have been aupplled by the Korean Consulate In New York city. The decorations were made by the ownera of the Yarn. shop in As bury Park, after they received an appeal from an American soldier In Korea, telling, of the need. Finished garment will be sent directly to members of the Army Chaplain corpa In Korea for distribution. REG Deon'f Lift Student PTA to View Child Study Play LITTLE SILVER The Parent- Teacher association's executive board met at the home of Mrs. Charles Edelmann, Point rd., Monday. At the P.T.A. Meeting to be held Tuesday night, the Child Study Oroup will present a play "And You Never Know." Written by Nora Sterling. Is an American Theatre Wins; Community release and Is published by the National Association for Mental Health. ' A group of players from Rumson have offered to present the play. They are Mrs. Marilyn Rouse, Robert Pesrse and Karen Hammell, with Orandin Hammell directing. Mrs. Lillian Senetiky. chairman of Child Btudy Oroup, urges mothers and fathers to attend. At the end of the play,' Dr. Sidney Hodas of Red Bank will conduct a discussion of some of the Incident* In the Edward D. Vlner play. Mlsa Kathleen Eckhart, the Edward D. Viner, who was grad- achool's county helping teacher. uated from Wddletown township high aehool In June, has made the dean's list for the current academic year at Harvard college, Cambridge, Mass., where he is a premed student. He Is the son of Mr. and Mra. Edward Viner of Red Hill rd., Mlddletown township, and was valedictorian of his class. Women to Attend Spring Conference LITTLE SILVER Mrs. John V. Crowell, Jr. and Mrs. Barto Gallagher will represent the Junior Woman'* club at the third district conference Saturday at Perth Amboy. Plans for their attendance at the event were announced at a club meeting Monday. New members given corsages and year books were Mrs. Arnold Gallbralth, Mr*. Michael Bevona and Mrs. Jack Skakandy. At the Monday, Mar. IS, meeting, Mrs. Peg LoPiccolo of Fair Haven will CHIMNEY FIRE Red Bank firemen extinguished a chimney fire Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Georgia McGuIre, peak on "Baiter Candles." Mem- 391 Shrewsbury ave., before any beri ara Invited to bring gupsts. serious damage was done. will outline and discuss the social studies program through the eighth grade next Thursday at» p. m. at the home of Mrs. Ruth Hecht, 7.1 Woodbine ave. when the Child I Study Oroup meets. CITY SELLS HOTEL SITE ' LONG BRANCH The former Scarboro hotel site at South Bath and Ocean aves. waa sold by the city commission last week for $ to William Martin, Elberon Village developer, who aald he tentatively plans to build a five or sixstory apartment houae there. The offer by Mr. Merlin was accepted by a 3-1 vote. A $10,000 offer had been submitted by a corporation headed by Barney Singer of Bayonne. The Scarboro hotel, once a shore showptace with 200 rooms, was destroyed by fire In Sept,, SPECIALLY PRICED OF THESE SUPERB VACUUM CLEANERS 44 With Yaw OM RED BANK REGISTER/MARCH 12,1953 Evening Circle No. 1 To Hold Bake Sale FAIR HAVEN Evening Circle No. 1 of the Red Bank Presbyterian church will hold a bake sale Saturday between 9 a. m. and 1 p. m. at the Fair Haven hardware store, 752 River rd. Mrs. Robert H. Forayth Is chairman of the bake sale committee. She will be assisted by Mrs. J. Murray Gordon, Mrs. Hilton M. Smith, Jr., and Mrs. David W. Woodward. DOG BITE COSTS 1*5 FAIR HAVEN Richard Stelner of 190 Hunting lane. Fair Haven, was fined $25 Tuesday morning byj Magistrate John V. Crowell on a charge of violating the borough dog. ordinance. The complaint, made by Capt. Carl Jakubecy, charged a dog owned by Mr. Steiner bit Mrs. Dolores J. Francis ot Cambridge ave. OLD FASHIONED BARN DANCE SATURDAY, MARCH 14th f P. M. TIL 1 A. M. MIDDLETOWN TWP. FIRE Co. No. 1 ROUTI 35 HEADDIN'S CORNIR HART WEBBER'S ORCHESTRA SQUARE DANCES WALTZES POLKAS DOOR PRIZES. REFRESHMENTS DONATION Look What You Savo at Nowhrry'il All Our First Quality Spring MorchaRdist Slaiktd In Prkt. NO SECONDS. NO CLOSEOUTS. Eviry Sab Htm Taktn from Our Rtgulor Stock. This Is a Ttrrifk Opportunity to Outfit tkt Family and Your Homo at a Now Low in Prkt! NIWBIRRrS for BARGAIN BUYS -S >*-< t..t S.S S m~ ' MnMiS FflCtff Mf MfJPJMTf..... Fine for layettes 1 gift giving. "Twinkle** receiving blankets with stitched edges. 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18 Page Six totsrlaa» «M KWCTANT Momn Hrfi lit Stsrf tt, Mtan fmk l-t»t?.j COMPLETE ATTIRY SIRVICE Complete ELEQRICAL SERVICE REPLACE DULL AND BURNT OUT LAMPS WITH NEW G. E. BRIGHT LAMPS PHONt > SANK ALLEN ELECTRIC SHOP "Red Bank'* Leading Electric Shop* 18 WHITE STREET RED BANK PftWHVv ojajb^bajajbj J*jww*gl 9 * N. I.. Attar* ** t-smt' MonnHHitht^yntySafeDeposHCo. limn IM. MMar-ttaM aa.m sal Ma, Mas Tea OftN WHKDAYS A. M. to I P.M. SCHOOL NEWS SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP Tlatoa rails Seventh and Eighth Gradea Picture* by Harry Ticehunt About month ago children In the school had their picturea taken in the hall between the eighth grade rooms. W«received little picturea and on* large picture. When the picture* cam* nearly everybody traded hi* picture for those of other children In hi* room. Cheer Leader* by Shirley Minor Th* cheerleader* have received their uniform*. The girl* on the team have attended every basket ball game thla icajon. Th* boya' RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH 12,1953 'ill be Whedlen Brechat, who eonlueta there *v*ry year. will be i ipecitl program for children. We ire planning to visit other Intereating apot* In th* morning before we go to the Concert, such a* the roo and the museum. There will be two Boro bu*m making the trip. If we leave In the morning we should get back to Tinton Fall* between 3 and 5 p. m. I know the children will enjoy th* concert, SHREWSBURY SCHOOL Morning Kindergarten Mrs. Bradshaw March obligingly cam* In th* traditional fashion for th* children to observe and celebrate in song sad dramatic activity along whh knowledge of the characteristic* of th* baaketbtll team hopes to win alion and lamb and their place on trophy lor not having been defeated the calendar. Also the activity of In any of s regularly tcheluled :he weather vane and thermometer. game*. - The labor on the station has been halted as Vincent Dill from th* by onnl* Wolff Our class, Mr. Finnan'* tlghth grad*. had th* highest attendance for the month of January. We r* c*lv*d a banner with yellow edgea and letter* with a blue background whleh w* ht d for th* month of February. Ml** Chupka'* clasi won for February. Wa are hoping to win back. * lorf-two PnpUs by Arthur Kravcti Two of our eighth grade pupil* hav* been traniferrcd to different school*. The two pupils are Fred Koc*n and Stanley Nappe. Fred has been transferred to Shrewsbury grammar school and Stanley ha* been transferred to Farmlngdale grammar school. Graduation by Annette Prlvltera B*for* we know, graduation will b* here. I* just three month* away. Everyone will be hurrying to get thing* r*tdy. The boya will b* getting their auits. The girls will go craiy trying to get a drca* to suit them.. Mr*. Oaborn, th* music teacher, has been practicing "The Lord'* Prayer" with th* two eighth grades. Well, there'* not much more to *ay Morning Kindergarten Ml** MUV The children in the morning kindergarten continued their study on animals. This week we l*arn*d about the animals of the wood*. Some of these animals were chipmunk, otter, beaver, mice, raccoon, squirrel, red fox, porcupine, opos- rabbit, woodchuck, barn owl, about graduation. All we can dosum, I* just sit patiently and wait. skunk, mole, tortoise, toad and frog. Sport* We learned what they ate, wh*r* by Tom Ryder they lived, what th* young look Th* basketball team ha* been like, and many other interesting successful so far thta year. We things, about each animal. have won seven game* and lost We celebrated another birthday only one. We have only three game* left to play. W«lost our flrst game, which wa* practlc* with Little Silver, by five points, Our highait winning score was against Shrewsbury, M-18. We have played two game* with Oceanport, one with Monmouth Beach, Batontown and Shrewsbury. W* won two out of thre* with Little Silver. Frank Aumack, at right guard, hlfh scorer with M points. John Wolcott I* second, at center, with 81 points. Eugene O'Rourke, at left guard, ha* 7ft points. Joe Rigby, at left forward, has 39 points. Jack Huff, a *ub*tltuti, Is next whh 30 WALUNG'S GIANT THREE YEAR SALE SMSW, Mar. 16,tR Satariaj, Har. a?:m M A. A M. M TO O ttm M P. P M M. IMS MM* - i ft* salt. YsBBSSBstSSB A t j M* JLsBBBSrAsBBBlkt as*bsbssubsssbbsbbsbssi S W M SBBSSBVBBI SSBBsl i4v*bk SBBBBsMsBBSBBaA SSBBBBBBsl SBBBBSBstst liffli Iwf VR*lffOTBt pfvmotvfl Wf mm wf Haw H*fJNT VaWtv ~ a^a^^^. Ifg ksjfamsm S^SBBBBBBAH **** **! ^^BavP^s^p OV*J t^rattw^r* s^r^spivvw, a^ojax^av "3 corner filet $.MM. 210.SMI. filet (aecondt) 10ea True Temper adie headi 1.10 ea. ISO. 12" Nicholson wood nipt.63es K&FUIMTMW file*, 35es " Kft F taper MW file. 2Sea " KftTF mill files 4Sca " sink cabineu ( polled) 15.00e«. 3 Snapmn -1" drive socket wrench M > 25,00 ea. 9. Snap-on 3%.I" drive soeket wrench sets > ea. 33 pru. 6" XH aalv. strap pr " screw driven.33 ea. 530 tbs.<30d comm. nails (slightly rusted) 3.00 per keg (overage) 1.30to5.00pr. 90 gal.*deck paint (firrt quality) gal. 4 coili. 7/16th tarred rope.30 lb Dbl. steel tackle blocks 6* roller bushed 1.30 ea. IS «r. 1W # 16 F.H. screws (slightly rusted).30 gr. 6 di. Muikrat traps (at is) 1.50 di. 4^4 gr.> Goat and Hat honks 1,25 gr. S0.1S lun R.H. jacks 25.00ea. 36 Trowelt, pointing and garden.10 ea " Kidgid pipe wrencliet 7.95ea. 6 24" Ridgid pipe wrenches 5.50 ea. 200*4 Hi. pkg. Marine Seam Compound.30ea. 500*6 lt>. aplitting wedge*.75ea. 24*11.8. Rubber coal* (over sir). * ea. THIS IS ALL FIRST CLASS MIRCHANDftE UNLISS OTHMWISI STATID. M f^dk «j aftgam smt* M*A«BISBM MssssVdlssB 14 ssssft sssstm Mtj^jB^SjMsVssA MM AsisssJ V i l ffwnvfryi ffmvvh IVf WT Wm WWfVWMnV Val Pn*m VssssM (asssm sssssm**smi asvasssft kgsjjasbgbjjaft MLst. igft*ft*lssk ^^mlm s fiiirii i w nvvf wra* m *sfsvwvniv mv iwnw VVBHCI y WALLING SUPPLY CO. Main and Railroad Av». BsHord, N. J. booklet on an animal of his choos- 1 The booklet contains a report eighth grade has been ill and un-ingable to finish fixing the door on * picture of the chosen animal. th* station *o it can open and clot* Our class has a play store. This from both sides. I* kind of Vincent to help us, children In addition and subtrac- stor* was organised to help the The das* wrote,the following let lon and making change. The storeceeper has to add up th* purchase* ter to Mrs. James Smythe: Dear Mrs. Smythe: ind th* cashier has tofigure out I think wa* awtet of you sending the bulbs to us, for letting Lin- th* change the customer must b* given. Bach child has to check on da bring them. I like the flowers th* storekeeper and clerk and gets very much. I Ilk* the way they his turn at adding and subtracting. smell and 'growed' (corrected) and The children have lots of fun and came up. I like the way they 'budded up.' makes th* room look decided this was the best kind of arithmetic lesson they could have. pretty. I like the colors. I Ilk* th* In connection with the children'* yellow in the middle. I like H sticking up. (Unfortunately the blossom is planning a trip to visit radio study of communications, th* class grew taller than the noses and station WJUC and the Aabury Park damages had to be repaired) Press. Your friends, Afternoon Fourth Grade- Linda's Kindergarten Class. Mr*. Buck Addressing the envelope auggeited activities with mail bag!, truck* and trains. on Canada, Miss Lang's pupil* pre- a program Friday for their this week. Douti* Page la now *ixsented years old. parent* and the pupils' of the fifth We also had an Interesting Urn* and *ev*nth grade*. Following an with some music Interpretation. original play, Miehile Sacco and The record used was "The March Dal* Slam did a to* dance. Piano of the Little Lead Soldiers." Th* selections were played by Betsy story Is about a little boy who re-griffith and Susan Gerard. The ceived a set of little lead soldiers for his birthday. When be want to bed he dreamed these soldiers can* to lit* and marched around hi* bedroom. The children pretended to be in a toy box and suddenly all come to life and marched Ilk* lead soldiers. Then, as suddenly M they came to life, they returned to the and doll life again. Richie Sims waa the drummer, Kenny Smith waa the bugler, and Drew Silver wa* the captain. All the reit of th* children w*r* llttl*toadsoldiers. points. Tom Ryder, at right forward, ha* 8 points. We hope to remain undefeated for the rest of the season. Oar Ma to Carnegie Hall by Mary Lou Minor On May IS, our music teacher, Mr*. Oaborn, Is planning a trip to Carnegie Hall in New York city. Sixth, seventh and eighth grader* ara to b* Included In the trip.' Chil- Morning Fin* QMSO-MM Haaun Robert Weir, Paul Roman and Ronald Messina have contributed hobby collection* to the display t»- bis during the weak. Richard dren who wish to go may do so. Nevlus has designed and. built a Th* conductor of th* orchestra small kitchen in connection with the study of th* horn*. Katherlne Strasaburger haa constructed bedroom and John Meaklm, a living room. Morning See*** Grade-Mrs. Wi** Mrs. Wise's class wrote original poems after th* pupils heard several poem* written by.robert Loud Stevenson. I'm In bed. I'm In bid With a pillow at my head. Jane Maalow NOW AT IAST...M0B N W I ARTHRITIS FASH OMI ttitt tmsstt atat tf aa> aty. As witlat «a»*t»ary twits atw, whbaw t. immr - Ot«M tftsjlt IMSJSJ Irt KOtDOUN «tlas> "ibbb. T#1 AI imcnvi AIou> turn MMD AiraiN UMBttt. *im If irnt fcm dm»wt twlltmi ss> it wuk atto. TA W k* lav ^MMV B» * " vp*sb*)abb^s^brvsb*]bajsj y a a^*j*s^ at^bas^ks^b*sbipj YMUbtalttaj Out KOKDOLIN fa I I 11 LIGGEH'S REXAIL MUGS RID MNN PHONI HI Tick took, tick tock - Sing* th* dock. Robert Sims Look at the birdie flying high Over thi roof and through the»ky. Anthony Shafer The snow, the (now Watch it go. John Polin Soon it's Spring Birds will sing. Gerry McManus I law the splashing rain Up against the window pane. Paul Walsh Si* th* flower* Tftath th* towers. Lori-Ann Lyons Watch the white (now fall Vp against our school wall. Susan Norman Naming Third Grade Mrs. LuckcnMll Th* children are studying about animals. Bach child I* making More Weather, by Judy Lou Hudson February was a month In which there were many changes. On the second dsy the groundhog saw his shadow. Some say this means six more weeks of winter. We are not so sure of this saying. There were days that the tun shone some tlm* during the day. There were only two cloudy days and three rainy days. W* noticed that March came In lk* a Hon. Will go out like a lamb? Sixth Gradr Mlm Ung by Dale Slam As a result of a unit of study das* concluded the program with i group of songs. Seventh Grade Lm Whalen. by Marlann* LoBlondo Th* Mventh grad* la giving a play entitled, "Uncle Tom's Crabbin," Mar. 20 at t p. m. The proceeds will go for a trip we wilt take in the spring. Asia and her contribution to world culture and progress. Each of>.u* Is taking two or more countries to report to the class. Is very interesting.. Our room Is beautifully and eduatlonally decorated with weather, United States and Asiatic booklets. Rudy Oueniher, who came to our class from Germany In October, has drawn many beautifully colored pictures. He is learning to speak our language and likes to participate in school activities and sports. Helmut Snyder, also of the sevjnth grade, - came from Germany four years ago and can apeak the English language now. He is teach- A WIDE VARIETY OF OTHER STYLES AND FABRICS FROM f S.M TO IN Ing Rudy to apeak bitter Bngllah Bell Finance Issues and to know the Meaning of th* words. Dr. Gilmonr.itMita Zerbe To DiteuM Pupil Health KEANSBURO Dr. Thomas J. Ollmour, school physician, and Ml** than 1,000 ptasona In thi* Mmmun- Ruth Z*rb*,' school aura*, win discus* th* Improvement of th* school y. These cards, he said, art hon- health aervic* at a meeting of the Parant-Toachar association tonight at Francis Place aehool. Candidate* for next month'* P.T.A. alcetlon will b* nomlnaud at tonight muting, SINCE 111! barbette "Activi-Tee" 8,000 Cash Credit Cards James If. Rhodes, manager of the Bell Finance company, 77 Broad at, auted today that hi* company has distribuud lnt cash credit Identifications cards to more ored by more than 8,000 affiliated licensed consumer finance office* in the United Statea and Canada. Mr. Rhode* also»tat*d that the eards are available to anyon* with a good standing In th* community "without tay coat or obligation." letlank, HI The Action Dress for Active Women Whether you wear it for comfort and good style about the home or for sports or leisure, it fits all occasions with the good grace of spick and span tailored smartness. Cut full coat style, with action back and sleeves, plus two bif pockets and a free-motion pleat-filled skirt. P a t t e r n e d with a woven Tattersall check in a choice of several two-tone combinations. Preshrunk and washably. perfect. Sizes 14 to 42 and W/ t to -Ae greatest line of FORD^WfrTRUCKS TIME-SAYING Oat Jobs Dona Bastl CMS cur WMVI» Mnouif r^tw WMtfi SdjUSiSDit BtS* With MW nan*h tpringt, ntw Mai saoe* inubbtrl Ntw onopltet eurvtd windthmd, 88% Mfftr! Ntw puih-hutton doer handltt, ntw rotor door latchtt! Ntw4ft. widt wlndowi PordF-MO.G.V.W. 17,000 Ikt, At trcetar, tmwo.c.w.m,ooon«.t DtJsattssr All tynennuutnt! j., 4. ni g. imwatj isrisamlla at Owrartrt, MfteosH Thns Ford law-raionon«vtrktad valvttniintt-lol.h.p. OpKCHMtr Ms, 148- and lm-h.p. Ctv* KUm V.8i-cut Motion powtr wrate? tavt u! Phis, lof.h,p. Twek V4 8lat Ford Economy Trucks for '63 ait coaipitttiy Mw troei tno ana upl Ntw cabs, mw chassis, now powsr, SBftafS*JBB> AfjBfhfjmg^SjBBlfftSBBBBftsaBTaTaSBl ^^ BB^^BBBBi^S^Bl SBf^ mw (nuasilsbsauisl MBIBJaBB W aavo tint, provids quick and too* nomksl truck tntmborution. Ntw tim+miai fmtum On JOBS Dora PAW... at still taw par-mot cottt BrfUtadeiianaadfeurytin of nstanfa havt font into dtvavopiag thtst Fofd Mmimy IVutks... tha > haaduai trucks tvar built! 101 COMMlTI DIMIU Comtfn-m'ttn tomorrow/ MOUNT-ENGLISH SALES CO. W ^rw^pflk^w^wlh H^W Vi^^Mt I** w9 wwaiw

19 EDWARD A. INVISTMINT VINER * CO. MANAGEMENT CONTIHUOUS ADVICE AND autcbviuon ACCOHDING TO YOVB FEMONAL FINANCIAI. BEQCIBEMENTS An you inur»twd i» capital tain: We ara recommending th» ikiititl company doing «AM buainati tad*/ and paying dlvid.ndt regularly, Thli company it now on the versa of»n eipeniion many titno in praunt tne. We think tht»e thai** now under 15 have txcellant pioipecta ot '"^"^ «am ar writ. fwarej A. Vliitr * Ct. J. inn, m t* at «w Ntw Jerao MvtalM a. MM Mai. WMMm. Mwr Jarttf.» MIMMaiM Mill Munbtrt New York Sleek Esekans. America* Slock Eichange _ JOHNSJKANVILU ROOFING " SIDING CALL BANK 6-3 I I Amtrican Homt Const ruction Co. NEWMAN arancgs KOAD, orr BBOAD ST. BED BANK TOP ar IOTTOM ROMD ROAST MMM ~ UAMIURfiER STEAK OXTHOUSI ar SIRLOIN TENDER BEEF LIVE! SHOILDERS LAMB.J*.. * " LAMB LIVER LEGS «RUMPS VEAL BREAST VEAL SHOULDERS VEAL SALT PORK * k SWULESS FRARKFBRTERS 55; BSBB JBBBSlaJ alss^a esbbbsv HB fbmlal V^rw ^rwsj U M aar ft««r I M V M M ta NrMaf U». MOLLY PITCHER SUPER MARKET 1*20 MHWMHI St. Praa Daifewy PIMM I I svftot Polio Victims Win Fund Prizes ASBURT PARK Marts Schwart* of Lone Branch wen the J March of Dime* conteat sponsored! by Louis Poline of Squtnkum who offered a ISO U. S. bond at flrat priie, $25 bond a* ateond priie and $25 bond» third prlee to the bay or girl,.ages ( to 14 inclusive, who solicited the tarfeit amou% ot money for the March of Dime* In the Monmouth county drive, The contest juat closed revealed that little IltM Bchwarli had raised $130. Joanne Schenck, 330 Ocean ave., Lcng Branch, winner of atcond prlxe had $ Robert Fowler of 560 Prospect ave., Spring Lake Heights, had SIMM for third prlte. All three winners are former polio victims, who have recovered from the disease. Miss Schwart* U confined to wheel chair but doea not let this handicap stop her. Mora than $1,300 was raised for (he March of Dimes In the contest by children. Runner-ups were Meredith Arnold of 118 Oakwood ave.. Elberon, who raised $90.50; Patty Wyckoff, Long Branch, $87, ani Carol Lee Stetter, AsburyPark, ITS. Presentation of the bonds will be made at station WJLK on date to be announced by Roland J. Hines, chairman of the Moil' mouth county March ot Dimes. DWIOHT rbomoted ATLANTIC HIOHLAND8 David Dwlght, Jr., son of Mrs. Blanch* Dwight of Flrit ave, here, was promoted to sergeant early this month. Sgt. Dwlght this week la on rest and recuperation furlough in Japan. He la stationed three miles behind the front In Korea as a cook with Battery A of the 1st Field Artillery battalion. Sgt. Dwight has been oversees since April. BENEFIT FEBFOBMANCE KEANSBURO The Ntw Point Comfort Are company wilt sponsor the showing of a full-length feature, "So This U Keansburg," a moving picture taken 35 years ago in the borough, Apr. 14 at the Fowler theater. Proceeds will go to the building fund. The present Ore house is located on Oak st., but the new one will be erected on Carr ave T next to the First Aid building. tort ar* abla to make b y i«llin«th i t cket nmuy TELEVISION RADIO * APPLIANCE SALES.SERVICE RED BANK REGISTER, MARCH 12,1953 Promoted fry Bakelite Charles E. Thai SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP - Charles E. Thul of 110 Belahaw ave., has bt*n appointed shift tors'* man tt the Bakelite plant In Bound Brook. The Bakelite company Is a division ot the Union Carbide nd Carbon corporation and products plastic raw materials. A veteran of world war, Mr. Thul has bttn associated with the company since 1986 and has been a member of the maintenance department sinct He was appointed assistant foreman In that department. Fellowship Dinner At Raritan Grange KEIPORT ~ Raritan grange held its annual fellowship dinner last Thursday and celebrated put masters' and lecturers' night. Quests included Edward Bennett. Harry Willey, Ira Coon, Karl Helwlf, Freida Coon, Annie Bchula, Ethel' Beyer and Virginia Dobbs, Presenting the'entertalnmtnt were Walter Beyer, Sr., Agnes Harmyk, Walter Beyer, Jr, Vivian Johnson, Thomas John-ton, Virginia Dobbs, Minnie Bekalakl, Htllle Carey, Stndra Solvent*, Victor Harmyk, George Harmyk, Harry Smith Wayne Beyer and Thomas John son, Jr. A youth group meeting was heli last night at the home of Agnt Harmyk. Tht group will hold i game party Saturday night, Apr, 11, at tht Walters danct studio Proceeds will go to tht grant building fund. Olendoia grange will present i good neighbor program at the Apr S meeting. TO AFFEAB ON TV SHOW RIVERSIDE HEIGHTS - Joanna Donato, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donato ot highway», HAROLDS will to a toe dance number, "Apple Blossom Time," on tht Merry RADIO I ELECTRIC SHOP Msllman'a program, tomorrow U Frwi St, B* BMk a-sme night at» o'clock on channel t. START FROM THE GROUND UP FERTILIZER SO lbs. ONLY * 2" 1 GRASS SEED Cori'ifni Kentucky Hut M4 M T«p fast frewlnf. S««tj now far bait raiultar 5 I b f. LIME YOUR SOIL With tha terdait calclta variety af lima racemmmded aisacielly far lawni. 30 b. emf 49* N. J. FORMULA No. 1 and No. 4 Rutf an U«l»er.!ty tayi tfiaia formula, ara t 4 for Jtrity -. sk *4 41 *AGRICO. SCOTT'S TURF BUILDER AGRINITE BOVUNG * SHEEP MANURE BONE MEAL - * MICHIGAN PEAT BROADLEAF "AGRIGO" and what we don't bave la ferluiien is available to yoa within 24 hour... SOIL TESTED FREE OF CHARGE ~ Let yet) taew wfcaft wkat I* M ksar, tee. 8est«ua> M M MU with cleeu ttewst-aef ta elem Jar. Uae tesnlm 1 eil llferetit epete la year jrar* te audw sure. Dent touch the sell with yew he**, tkeagk-tlma bttag 1a te Wright's Acre. AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS FOR SALTMINI WROUGHT IRON FURNITURE * FLAGSTONE GARDEN CART FROM PENNSYLVANIA Sturdy itol beefy with rub««r tlraj with tha kindy tip ap fapta katp Hack and llua in calar. whaali. laiy ta handl*. turn an a ^LLIA I^'LI...U, iatrsi thlsk sitme WewllH tra* liywf an wnr» «*v IS'*^"- ««MMSno**7' M Aaooowrr*1 <M CLOSIOUT 409b Off LIST PRICI ON AU OUR DISPLAY ITIMS OF SOLID MASS NRIPLACI IQUIPMINT. ON SALE AT BOTH STORES WRIGHT'S ACRI OWN ALL DAY SUNDAY AND WIRY IVINING. * AVA1LABUC AT MM BROAD ST. SHREWSBURY MtM# A* BissW lussssssssssb IWii lw M n OTnBf^MBs' ID IANK POWERWWWHEADQUARTERS TORO - ECLIPSE. JAGOMON REO PENNSYLVANU tad SIMPLICITY HIM NM WHO'S WHO Ol POWM MOWEM mt IT lk MIBBVB YOVM MOW. CWVMtlMl Ttrws AvalltMs. BtUVMY ON IY1RY1HIM* Stores 30 MONMOUTN S L RED BANK OflM NAV IVINIMt TIL fin M40NI EID IANK Hirer Plaza Ifarylyn Jan* MacStuly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mac- Study of. Foster St., celebrated her third birthday Saturday st a party at her home. Guest* were Peggy Let Brandt, LIncroft;Lindt Printer, Eatontown; Jacqueline and Kenneth Xowalaki, Rymton; Rita Ann Massueca, Joanne and Nancy Dunn, Jan and Richard Fox and Bruce Elgenraueh, River Plait. Also, Mrs. Gtorgo Pflattr, Mm. Frank Massueca and Mrs. Coamer Kowalskl. Linda Grlesmer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Oriesmer of Atesander dr., celebrated. her tenth birthday Wednesday of last week with a party at her homt. Guests wert Linda Dunn, Annette Zingale, Tbnl Smith, Katherlne Beke, Barbara Jean Costa, Donna Wilhelm, Ricky 0111, Jeffrey Gilt, Thomas Wilson, William Searles, Jay Gilsty, Kenneth Pftffer and Warren DeBrown, Jr. An cateutlvt board meeting of tht Farent-Teaeher association was held at tht school yesterday afternoon. Final arrangements were madt for tbt melting to be held Mar. If, at which time Dr. Frank Pignataro is slated to apeak on a phase of mental hygiene In child guidance. Hostesses for the evening will bo Mrs. Charles Malre, Mrs. Nelson Ltchllkner. and mothrt tf tha third grade. Parents of children to be entered at school nt*t September have been Invited to hear Miss Hilda Southall, director of reading In Mlddletown township, who will speak on the topic, "Our Begtnnera' Program," which will be featured at the Apr. 21 meeting. Tht February "good citizens" # chosen In the sixth grade, and announced by Miss Rita Quail wire Btvtrly Reed, Mary Lou Brownlee and Virginia Jacquen. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Becker of George st. had as their guesu for tha week-end Mrs. Becker's daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. living Lavender and sont Daniel and Neil. Also a gueat was Mr. Lavender's brother, A/aC Murray Lavender of the V. S. Air Force, who recently returned from French Morocco. A winter beach party was held at tht shore In flea Bright Sunday by well-clad youngsters, who traveled there by bike, gome of the lets hardy ventured by bus, Attending were Joseph Malre, Debby Jacques, Peggy Moore, Karen Moore, Donald vonomlen, Rutty Merrill, Michael Hendrickson, Patricia Partrlck, Dorothy Osprey, Bitll Camtniind, Barbara Coryell, Ralph Wtaeman and Mary Ann Coloslmo. Mrs, Frederick Gill of Sunrise pi, and Mrs. Samuel Grlesmer of Alexander dr. attended the flower how Tuesday In New York olty. Troop 1M ot tne Brownies will meet at tht lira house tomorrow afternoon at 2:48 o'clock. Mrs. X S. Smith of Half Mile rd. was hostess Monday at a meeting of tht Republican Women's club. Mrs. Harry H. Neubeiger of tht State Crime commission was gueat speaker for the evening. Mr*. Neuberger explained the organization of the committee, of which 'he it a member, to be a fact-finding gioup assigned to gather information about crime In the state. Her talk Included many sidelights and duties of the committee. Mn, Harry Trcacy and her son Harry Thomas, Jr., will open a grocery and dhlcatpmcn stare Mar. 1* on Willow dr., Little Silver. The atore, which will be named the "Willow Delietteaien," was formerly Teddy's grocery. Harry Trcacy, Sr., will continue with Francis H. Leggett company, wholesale grocers in New fork city. Mr. and Mrs. Treacy are active In civic affairs. Mrs. Treacy i* the Parent- Teacher association chairman of the Cub pack, now in organitation Pace Seven stage, and Mr. Treaty la treasurer of the day eamp committee, which provides summer recreation for the school children. Mrs. Doris OeFranceseo returned to Philadelphia Sunday after a visit with her father and family, Mr. and Mrs, Leonard Adduci of Carpenter at. Mrs. Adducl's niece,' Miss Jeanne Gross! ot Butler, Pa., is upending this week here. HERE'S YOUR BEAUTY SECRET FORA LOVELIER HOME... Our wsllptpsr worki magic in making your horn* leek lovslitr... fresh sgsin. Come in loon end ue our ntw tpring patterns... in modern or provincial stylet. NEW 1953 PATTERNS COMPLETE STOCK ON HAND THOMAS STRAHAN QUEENS SCHUMACHER, olhera "Juit «thade different'* 13 RROAD STREET RED BANK 6*1306 SANITAS - WALLTEX GLENDURA and VARLAR (.RANCH HOMES NOW OPEN FOR INSPECTION ACRE PLOTS LITTLE SILVER POINT ROAD OFF SEVEN BRIDGE ROAD-LITTLE SILVER SPECIAL FEATURES COPPER PLUMBING FORMICA TOPS COLORED BATH FIXTURES WARM AIR CONDITIONED HEAT 3 BEDROOMS INCLUDING MASTER BEDROOM WITH STALL SHOWER CERAMIC TILE taths Living Room with FIREPLACE DINING ROOM KITCHEN 2 CAR GARAGE $ PRICED FROM 22,000 MIC1 INCLUOIfl lantl, MNIiUATOR, VINITIAN MJNSt MAIMONE BROS, 500 PROSPECT AVENUE LITTLE SILVER TIL. RE 6-07S5 and RE

20 ATTENTION RURAL DISTRICTS GINIRAL MOTORS WATtt PUMP SYSTEMS For Information Contult ANTHONY'S 59 MAPLE AVI. RIO RANK COLORFUL AWNINGS LOOK AHEAD TO COOL COMFORT Order Now Hov* Them In Timt! Our woriummtkip perfect fit it wth known hi MMmmitfc County for the part 12 yean. WINDOW SHADES VENETIAN BLINDS Manufactured on Premise* Our price* are moderate. Estimate* Gives Ko ObUcatlon GLOBE AWNING * SHADE CO. 117 WIST MONT ST. PHONI R«d lank 6-3M9 MECHANICS STATE or raw juiuv «W JtKUt HIGHWAY AUTHORITY TRENTON NOTIC1 M HEREBY GIVEN that ealea bl«t Kill be ntilnl hj the Ntw riey Hiihwaj Authority for: Construction of Garden Stttt Park- «r. Contntt No. 4, faction 7, from out I* to Pint Brood Roto: Grtatm. iralnace «"J Pevinf. in the Borouth of >w Shrewibury, Monmouth Countjt. The principal of work tr«:. Estimated: i«t,o0o Cu. Y4i< Raatvai fauvatloa. SO,too Cu. Yds. Wtt Excavation. 10,800 Cu, Ydi. Borrow Excavation (virlnui elawci.) 7,J0» Cu. Vdi. Channel and Ditch Excavation.»».IC0 Sq. tt: Shoulders (v.rioul <S,O0O Sq. Yds. Stan. Haeadam Bai. Count (vsrloui thleknciici.) 27,700 8q. Ydl. Bituminous Concrete Course Type. FA-BC-1. 24, Yd.. Gravel Surface Couri., 17,iOO 9q. Ydi. Penetration Macadam Surface Conr.e Hot Application, 2" thick. 38,»S» Gallon. Surface titatment, Bltumlnoui Material. 2,740 Lin. Ft. Corruiatcd Metal Culvert Pip. (12" to 41") Storm Drain. MOO Lin. Ft- Reinforced Concrete Culvert Pipe, Storm Drain (12" to 72".) 1,10* Cu. Ydi.- 1. Concrete (Clan B and C) 80,000 So,. Ydl. 4" Topioiling. Bida for the above will be received at the office of the Mew Jener Highway Authority in the Anembly Room, Room 140, in the State Highway Department Office Building, 10SS Parkway Avenue, Trenton, N. 1. on Thundny. March 21, I at eleven o'clock (11:00 A. M. EASTERN STANDARD TIME) and will be opened Immediately thereafter. Bidi will be received only from thou bidder, who are properly prequaliacd with the New Jereey State Highway Department a. provided-for in Resolution 1*52-40 by which the New Jeriey High' way Authority adopted the prequalin< cation proeedurei of the New Jeriey State Highway Department. Bidder, muit alio lubmit a reviled Financial Statement and Statement of Plant and Equipment with their kid, Drawing!, Specification, and Form of Bid, Contract and Bond for the propoied work are on Ale in the office of the New Jeriey Highway Authority, 1055 Parkway Avenue, Trenton, N. J., and may be impeetcd by prospective bidden during office hours. Plane will be furniehed upon the payment of a fee of Ten Dollar. (110.00) which will not be. refunded, for each let of plani, upon application to Marvin A, Rlley, Administrator, New Jcrney Highway. Authority, Room IS", State Highway Office Buildinr Parkway Avenue, Trenton, N, J. Bid. muit bt mad* upon tht itandard' pro- Poial form, in the manner deiignated in the Standard State Highway Specification, and Suppleattnts thereto and rnunt be eneloied in lealed special addre.ied envelope. ' bearing the name and addrei* bf the bidder and work bid upon, on tht outiide, and mult be accompanied by a certified cheek drawn to th. order of the Treasurer of the New Jeriey Highway Authority for not lesa than ten per cent (10%) of the amount of the hid, provided! that the aid certified cheek shall not be less than Five Hundred. Dollars ( ) nor more than On* Hundred Thouiand Dol«lar. (ll«8,0»».0») and must be delivered it tilt abeve plice on or before the hour named. Copies of the standard place on or before tht hour named. Copies of tht standard proposal form, and inecisl addreiltd envelope, will be " '" ' eiltd lktl envelope, Rid will t be (urnliked ilkatlen, Rids, not en- cloied la._ special addmied en velope, will be eonlld*red ldd Informal If and will act bt estate*. Th* Authority relerves tht right to releet any or all bldt. Signed, New Jersey Highway Authority OBtlB 01 MOOYIR, Secretary. Ratables Here Up $364,580 Red Bank's ratable* for 1953 rose over the 1952 figure, bringng the borough's total assessments to 111,654,872. Municipalities and their ratable* for this year and last year are as follows: Atlantic Twp. I 1,(14,82! Aebury Park 23,837,50(1 At. Hlttil'd.!,741,«85 Allentown Alltnhurat, Avon Belmar 2.65(1,972 Bradley Beach 7,107,280 Brlellt SBSSSO Deal 5,374,(00 Eatontown 2,<141,83U Kngliihtown 4«9,0<l< Freehold twi>, 2,066,8311 Farmlngdalt.' 18,325 Fair Htven 4,Uit,4O.i Freehold bora T.071,750 Holmdel twp, 227 Howell twp. Hithlandt Interlaktn Ktynort Kean.burc Llttlt Silver Long Branch Hanalapan twp. Marlboro twp. Matawan twp. Hiddlttown a,484,«92 2,334,0«5 1,433,750 9,982,850»,»8»,4SO 3,501,250 18,129,740. 1,4(4,550 1,903,070 2,970,032 townrhip 10,581,101) MilUtone twp. 1,022,150 Manaequan 8,942,490 Matawan boro 2,837,7n;. Mon. Beach l,410,«9< Neptune lo,»si,2sr. Ntptun* City 1.95O52 New Shrewsbury borouirh 1,704,402 Ocean twp. (.4(0,4(9 Oceanport S.55S.3S5. RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH S ,529,500 2,699,121) 821,280 S,OK1,J25 2,1*42,122 7,(188,150 5,820,500 l,6ii«, ,401) 1,(171,250 4(1,481 2,041, ,205 3,912,430 6, i,ni,6»r. 3,248,821! 2,098,120 1,384,404) 3,937, U30 3,3*S,S6O 18,n«8,410 1, ,7114,110 2,530,12* I S ,853,3«5 2,742,101 1, ,430,22.1 1,902,170 Matawan «,269,4«l) for Mar. 25. Mrs. Edward Barnes S.H0.2F.S Gray of Woodhrldge and Mrs. Mi-anchael J. Eovino at the latter'* home steak set waa won by Mrs. Lillian Mrs. Leek are chairmen. A Raritan twp ,95ft» 1,184,975 Rooievelt 482, ,845 on Broad st. Guests were Mia* Rumion 7,158,575 1, Parkes. The women will attend Marie Malanaa, Rahway; Mrs. Michael Ceppajunl, Long Branch; this month. Attending the meet- Red Bank 11,154, the Monmouth county luncheon Shrewsbury twp U. S. Covt. Prop. Sea Brlnht '..,420,218 _ 1,413,207 Mrs. Arthur Ziegler, CIUTwood, and ing were Mrs. Paul Russell, Mrs. Bea (iirt 1,256,595 S Mrs. Phoebe A. Ziegler, Miss. Winifred Berbrlck, Mr*. Jennie vender- George Luker, Mrs. Harold Copeland, Mrs. Pearl White, Mrs. Hilda Shrtwubury borough «.,»«!i,2s0 2.81M25 Spring Lake (,421,650 (,289,500 bllt, Mr*. Thomas Walling, Mrs. Luker, Mrs. John VanKirk, Mrs. Spring Lake Gerard A. Devlin, Mr*. Harold Zlegler and Mrs. Henry Drugas, Mata- Height* I,08«,51O 071,010 Claude Richmond, Mrs. Laura Patterson, Mrs. Stanley Cook, Mrs. South Btlmar 1,037,200 1,004,925 wan. Upper Freehold Charlea Schnoor, Mrs. Mae Witlems, Mr*. Mary Sweitzer, Mrs. town-hip 1.510,090 l,457,0«r> Jack Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Union Beach 1,483,270 1,450,245 Will! twp. 4,O82,«IO 3,823,725 Mary NeR, Mrs. Catherine Conroy, Le«t Long Branch 2,489,1( Totals ,744,195 $199,827,S2( D.A.R. MEETING SHREWSBURY - Mrs. Dustan Allaire, chairman of citizenship for Shrewsbury Towne chapter, Daughters American Revolution, at a recent chapter meeting announced that the organisation has selected five high school students to be their good cltlienship pilgrims in (he state contest to be held later this month In Trenton. The meeting was held at the Shrewsbury Presbyterian church house Monday. Thomas S. Field, Jr., spoke on "The History of Monmouth County," and Lawrence Taylor, "The Importance of Patriotic Societies In America." Hostesses were Mrs. Horton B. Garrison, Mr*. Charles Conover, Mrf. Edlnund Blckels and Mrs. S, I. Strong. Mrs. Marry H. Button presldtd at the tea table. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Zlegler Mr. and Mrs. Aloyslut Ptnnettl sod daughter Diana have returned after spending a vacation at Riviera Beach, Fts,.Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Anderson and children, Serena and Anderi, are spending a month in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. George Loscoo, Washington at., entertained at a supper party recently for their daughter Frances, who war celebrating her 13th birthday. Guests were Kathy Mandevlile, Patricia Street, Gall Melnier, Mary Beth Matthews, Harriet Insley, Elsie Bennett, Kay Hockenhury, Joanne Shea and Lynn West. The 1M2-5S cheerleaders of Matawan high school, accompanied by M". Martin F. Bell and Miss Laura Gordon, attended a performance of 'Time Out for Ginger" in New York city last week. The group Included Joan Hughes, Fay Fedele, Jane Pengel, Carol Craig, Arlene Gold, Marilyn Knoell, Ann Molnar, Peggy O'Neill, Geraldlne Fogg, Mauvline Bllarccyk, Jean Kudriek, Marilynn Elliott. Anne Kelly, Barbara Tullls, Virginia Banafato,' Edith Olmstead and Anne Fotl. Mrs. Donald S. Weir of Broad st. has returned home from the city hospital In Blrghimton, N. T, where she was a patient three months as the result of Injuries suffered in an automobile accident. Mr*. Robert Zlegler of Keyport was guest of honor at a baby shower given last week by Mr*. Vincent J. Donald Miller of Broad at., suffered a broken wrist last week In a fall. Miis Marie Malanaa. Rahway, wag the guest of honor recently at a bridal shower at her home. Miss Malanga will be married to Richard Ziegler of Matawan Apr. 12. At tending the shower from Matawan were Mrs. Phoebe A. Ziegler, Mrs. Michael J. Eovino, Mr*. Robert Zlegler, Mr*. Harold Zlegler and Mrs. Arthur Zlegler. Mist Barbara Henderson, daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Howard J. Henderson of Little st., celebrated her ninth birthday at a party at her horn* last week. Prim for games were awarded to Penny Street and Karen Carey. Other guests ware Linda Wllkins, Patricia Btnner, Betty Muller, Thomas Henderson and Sharon Thorsen. Pvt. Paul Zlegler, wha was inducted Feb. M in the Army, has reported to Fort Campbell. Ky., for his basic training. Mrs. John C. Eggleston of Main at. entertained her bridge club last week,when the birthdays of Mrs. Ralph C. Bedle, Mrs. Chaontng P. Clapp, and Mr*. Marguerite R. Laird were celebrated. Priies wire warded to Mr*. Ralph W. Htrrlek and Mr*. William A. Wasrauth. Kerry Culllgan ha* returned to hi* home In Rye, N. T, after spending a week with his grandparent*, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Dsrnberger of Edgemera dr. Mrs. Allan J.: Morrison entertained the board of directors of the Matawan Woman's club at operative luncheon Tuesday of last week. Attending wan Mrs. Harry J. Kahn, Mrs. Harvey Johnson, Mrs. Donald Robinson, Mm. J. Fred Robinson, Mrs. Paul Blsh. Mrs. Fred M. Burlew, Mrs. David Bruce, Mr*. Rensselaer L. Cartan, Mrs. Charles J. Ruff, Mr*. Bayard T. Lamborn, Mrs. Walter Taylor and Mrs. W. W. Wieland. ' Belford The burning of the mortgage on St, Clement's Episcopal church was discussed at the meeting last Wednesday evening held by the Women's guild of that church, A confirmation class was held at 3:30 Saturday for Louis Drake, Roger Rohde, Kenneth Coon, Virginia and Patricia Plebeau and Patricia Zilly of this pariah and also a class from St. Mark'* church in Keansburg. Bishop Wallace J. Gardner of Trenton confirmed the class. A Dlnty Moore supper will be held at the parish hall Mar. 17th. The kitchen ha* been newly redecorated and renovated. Attending the meeting were Mrs. Josephine Johnston, Mrs. Russell Smith, Mr*. John Euler, Mrs. Ivy Fauteck, Mrs. Wilson Miller, Mrs, George Boyce, Mrs. Charles Hlmllrvck, Mr*. Normand Tetrautt and Mrs. Arnold Kull. A covered dish luncheon was served and decoration* in the din- Ing room were In keeping with St. Patrick's day, Mar. 3, by the Women'* meeting which was held In the annex of the Methodist church. Mrs. Irving Roop, Mrs. J. Crawford npton, Mrs. Sr., Mr*. Melvln Leek an Dirk Hofman were hostesses. A bus trip to New York is planned Mrs. Craig Finnegan, Mrs. Sarah White, Mrs. Ella Schwlnn, Mrs. George Yarnall, Mrs. Harry Losh en, Mrs. H. Clay Balr, Mrs. Ruth Farley, Mrs. Joseph Edwards, Mrs Leek, Mrs. Barnes and the hostesses. Mrs. Dirk Hofman entertained the members of the "IX" club Friday evening. Those attending; were Mrs. Albert Bigelow. Mrs. Orvlllc Casler, Mr*. Ernest Rutt and Mrs Albert Conzen. Headden's Corner J. W. Cornwell returned home la»t week from Riverview hospital, where he underwent treatment for Injuries suffered when he fell crossing rt. 39. Ronald Oombroskl Is eonflned to his home on Harvard st. by illness. Martin McGuIre has returned from New Mexico, where he visited relatives. ' Jane Pabst has recovered from an Illness that confined her to her home. A. J. Siegfried Is building a I«x3«> foot addition to his home.: William Casby of Walnut at. has purchased a tot at. Cooper rd. and Locust ave. from Frank Donato. FIREMAN SUSPENDED LONO BRANCH - Charles A. White, it, was suspended Thursday night by Phil Daly Hose company for six months for "conduct unbecoming a fireman." Mr. White criticised the city's volunteer firemen at a meeting of the city commission Feb. 8 when he said they "behaved like a bunch of hoodlums" at a Westwood ave.' are Jan. M. Cadet James Cottrell training, Cadet Cottrell will be In Bed Bank 's commissioned a second lieutenant SHEBMAITO for Sent to Mather Bate In the Air Force Reserve and after AINS completing hi* course at Mather, Aviation Cadet Jamis M. Cottrell, will receive the rating of aircraft son of Mrs. O. P. Cottrell of Vista observer. B pi., graduated Friday from the U- Cadet Cottrell, who graduated In week baale observer training school 1M7 from Rumson high school, at- Princeton university, where at Harlingen Air Force base, Har-tendelingen, Tex., and has been assigned he majored in chemical engineer- He entered the Air Force In to Mather Air Force base, Cal., foring. 1< weeks' training at th* Observer-Aug. 1MI. Bombardier school. / ' Bor* art able to nake Mektt one» *t MAD STRUT RED AMK On completion of 41 weeks' total by MlUm Tht Hesisttr. AdverUienent. HAVE YOUR PLUMBING, HEATING AND SHEET METAL WORK DONI 1Y MARTIN J. McGUIRE f Monmouth County $ Large$t Plumbing end netting for Horn and Indmtrial Plants Contractor* ON HIGHWAY 35-2 MILES NORTH OF RED BANK Let Us Give You An Estimate On Your Work Today PHONI RID SANK UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY IADIATORS. NXTUS - PIP!. 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PTIERCURY OT TMfl flfmri M M9 ANHVM MSeT^

21 Brownies Mark 4th Anniversary RUM80N Brownie troop 73 marked * fourth annivermry last week at Lafayette Street school. The girl* entertained guests with *on(s and charade* directed by their leaden, Mrt. ElUaon Thomp- *on and Mrp. George Wllion. The leaders also gave year pan- RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH Thaler and Carol WlUon. Other Fourth grade Kenneth Altreuter. 'Edwin Clo». William Ktllf, Robert Kran«. Ednard Mulligan, Jr. Fair Haven Brownie* preiant were Breada burger, Chrlitoph.r Scherer, Paul Smith. Berg, Norma Hall, Diane Large, New hour* of the Fair Haven Patricia Hunter. 'Judith Insensn. Judith Haa Fifth Birthday Marie Pomphrey, Eleanor Thaler library a* announced Monday by Jaltubecy, 8uian K.jl.r. Carla Ruthroft, and Oloria Thompson. Councilman Jesie J. Mcllray ar* Suian Scott, lumn Smith. Sandra Vatcerelll. Sdward Mulligan, Jr., son fit Dr. a* follow*: Monday through Friday, 11 a. m. to 8 p. m,, and Tues- tann Cewle, Ctrolyn Liebeek. Karen Shrewsbury ave., was flvn yearn old Drilled by Rotary Proceu and Mra. Edward W. Mulligan of Al*o preaent war* Mr* Marvin Fifth grade 'Dorothy Cehiaiui, Con. Beeler, MM. William Hunter, Mr*. day, from T to» p. m. The library Matth.wi, Evelyn Pryor. Helga Schneider, Saturday, and the occasion wa* John Kouba, Mrt. Edward Large, Joan Was*. Mary Smith, Janet Whitmore, 'Bruce turner, William Kellr, will b* closed all day Saturday. marked at a birthday party. The GET Lower Cost * Longer Mr*. Margaret Murphy, Mr». Joeeph Plattenpiel, Mn. Edwin The ladles' auiilury of the Fair llehard Prlebe, "Donald Rskardi, Jef. birthday cake wu decorated with Pomphrey, Mn. Robert Thaler, of Mn. Warren DeBrown on Sun-Haverl*e pi, Mn. Leonard Earl* wai shower Monday night for Mr*. Carl Sixth irade Herbert riinagan, Rui- Patrick's day. fir* company, gave a stork 'ray Hllliar. five candles and symbol* of St. Life * No Contamination Mr*. Edward Vopicka, Ellen Vopleka, Peggy Wilson, Irene Thomp- Mil ' Maai, Charlea Kranaberier. Altn chairman of the nominating committee. of Mr*. Robert Matthew*, Willow «t. Maria Clark, Judith Drltcoll. Carolyn gate, Tony DelSarrlo, Bruce Vftn- Becker of Second at., at tha home Lopea, Patrick Stlne, Lonnlt Anderion. Attending were Waynard AppledanU and world pins to Linda Beeler, Patty Oarvin, Mary Hunter, rie Robiiuon, Logan Beeler and on, Linda Hill, Karen Newton, Ma- Selected tor re-election at the The Daughters of liberty tnter- J.tter. Suitnn. Jenai, 'Jacquallna Until j, Linda Meeker, *M*reellna Rlley, Note and Bernard, Joseph and Betty Ann Mulligan. Mildred Konba, Sylvia Landl*, Bar-Brucbara Love, Cheryl Murphy, Joyce Wagner, president; MM. Belford at a meeting Tuesday night of last Large. Apr. 3 Meeting were Mr*. George Ulned past councilor* of thl* area»aneei Tualk. Plattenplel, Alice Tepper, Anne pare t» Aelwtlie la Tk* Beftster. Trultt, vie* president; Mr*. Victor week at Mechanic* 1 Seventh iiadt Judith Allan, Lynn hall. Cloie. Joanna Eltlne, 'Bonnla Bmmoiii, Tke road to better and blfter bullneti, edvertiia in Tha Ragieter regularly. Gall fleratmifeld, Jan Humphreyl, Hannah Kaiaar, Urida Keyler. tall* Maior, Mrs. Maria Offley of Cape May la vlilting Mr. and Mr*. John Hobrough of Fair Haven rd. Mr. Ho-mar, Donald Frank, 'Joieph Hunter, Luelle Pratt. Meta imlth, fllenda Grim. William Lewie, Duana Sehaldt. Bonnard REPAIR and REMODEL Telephone Keansburt HSU brough la atlll confined home by Tteiarden. illneu. Clehtll trade Rlekard Conk, 'Brute Kar«a Minton, daughter of Mr. Raeland, Laanard Cehlhaui. 'Donald Xodskin, Jaiaph lerublno. Ranald Dr. Ernest C. Gierding and Mr*. H. Lynnwood Minton of loh>nn<nann. Jar MaQoaan, Rob.rt Fair Haven rd., underwent a ton- arrlna, Thorata Multa, Charlai Btaneel, Bordoa Daaa, Lyan Beraar, Jana Insland, Judith lnrt«ht, MaiaarM Man. DENTAL SURGEON Hour*: W:te A. H. to 5:90 P. BL-Oaaai Tawaiaj 310 MAIN STREET KEANSIUR«. N. J. DEPENDABLE TV ' IATONTOWI RADIOjfc T rau«eie SERVICE TILL 10 P.M. Regardleii of tht mike, where purchaeed, or when jeu live, Eatontown'i own factory-trained teehnlclass will Imull and aervie. your TV itt at lowest ratei. Our famous reputation for dependability *utranteee complet* aauefactlen. aaino YOU* 1IT m ana MVt to K. T slx "" *wjz ariaa ye, ewr tee* aarry Sh* sat tr* am* to year aar.,. VaeVN aa** waaieyll No CaH Too Far! r*r Aay Mtb* CATONTOWkl t RADIO 6c TiIJ VISION I ^ Q M A N S T R E t T A 'ONTQWN N J f J h', nt I (if n Woman's Club Plans Election RIVER FLAZA-The entlra Hate of ofleeri of the Woman'* club here was nominated for re-election at the meeting Thursday at the home Hot, recording aecretary;.mr*. Joseph Kelly, corresponding secretary; Mn. H. Conant Speer federation aacrettr'y, and Mm, Harry E. Chamberlain, treasurer. The Apr. 1 meeting will ba held at the home of Mr*. Worth Cunningham oa Hubbard ave. At this tlma the drama department, of which Mr*. Tn. is chairman, will give it* annual play. Mra. L. J, Rtade wa«aeeapted aa a club member. Gueita were Mra. rradarlok Mali*, Mra. Theodore M. Mark*, Mr*. John Henry and Mi** Anna Braach. ' The program was concluded with a trlcky-trey party given by the waya and mean* department, with Mra. John OUen aa chairman. Refreshment* were aerved by the ho*- tea*, aafltted by Mr*. Chamberlain, Mnr. Charles OoUchslk and Mra. Edwin A. Braach. Claea of '35 Hat Busy Year Member* of tha elas* of 195S at Rad Bank high school, of which Norman 8ickels Is president, re cantly made an inventory of their activities, particularly tha ones which were a help to the *chool and fellow student*. They were "tops" in the school magaiine campaign; held three luccewful cake sal**, and helped tha sal* of the school paper, "Tha Buccaneer, 1 when they voted to purchaae the publication aa a class. Tha "Big" social event I* Friday night, Mar. M, the "Froah-Boph" dance. Other activities will include an outlmj for the winner* in the magaaine campaign; a cake sale, Apr. 3, and a class picnic in June, Currently member* are telling pen ell*. Faculty adviaon are Miss Naoma Frank, Mrs, Ida Garruto and Gaorg* Saffa. tlleetomy Friday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. The Guild of tha Chapel of the Holy Communion will serve a roast pork supper Wednesday, Mar. 15, at tha pariah house. Supper will be aerved at»!j0 and 6:80 p. m. The Junior Guild of the Chapel of the Holy Communion la planning a clam chowder aale. The date ha* not yet been decided. Mrs. Emma Morgan of Pateraon apent tha week-end with her aunt, Mra. Ida Wllber of Clay at. The choir of the Methodist church will participate In the roll call service thl* afternoon at the Morganvllle Methodist church. Mis* Donnla Blrchard, a junior at tha College of Wootter at Wooeter, Ohio, is on the dean's Hat for high acholarihip. The student, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Blrchard of Forrest ave., is a speech major and Is active in the Signet* Social club. Mr. and Mr*. John 8. Conover of River rd. celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary Sunday. They were visited by a number of friend* and received many gift* and cards. Tha following pupils of the local schools were neither absent nor tardy in February, the asterisk denoting those who have been perfect in attendance since September: WILLOW STREET SCHOOL A. M. Kindergarten Carl DeAn*«1ii, John Mellray, Cheryl Bail, 'Janet Close, Linda Ktrn, Pamela afonhouie, P. M. klndcrgnrten Jamei Farley, Jamea Wilier, Pennejr Beieh, Mary BouN arc. Sunn Fugate, Variant Ktlly. Jinct Lewli, Sharon Nelld, Photbi Smith. Hr»t gride Prudence Clayton, Mcltele Hoyt, Jacqueline Lartaud. *8uian Meeker, Amir Weberilnn, Douglai Barnai, denon. Mary Ulan Jona». fandra Lewli, Arlen* Taylor. KNOLLWOOD SCHOOL A, M. Klndersertea Brie Brl James Da»leon. Jamea Haron, Ho Monerlef, Brie Swemon, Barkara Mi raaels. Van Anna Nellea, Bllaa* Basurton. Dinah Tnektman. Klndtrgartaa Terrene Conner, Judith Cook, Maura Retail. r'irat grade Ollln liana 1. gran, Howard Gate. David Marks, M< ward Parker, Chtrlil Iklppae, JertI Wall, Kirk White, Marldrl* Kennedy. Grade 1-L-Jitk VanB*n. Diana Boweri, Carol Carletlaneaa, Ltnla Da* Angelis, Kathleen Reed. Second trade 'Barbara Black, Fred erick Boyd, Jr., Richard Brakln, 'Bruce Dunn, Thomat B. Ford, Marian (ieriten- (eld, Karen Maclean, Thoraaa Patock, Phtllp Sewird, Linda Traehtman, John Carmaaln, Btuirt Cook. 'John Urtaud, Miller Long. 'William Reardon. Dale Hall, Carol Hlcke. Nancy Morgan, Suann* Wlclti, Birbara Rooney. Third grade Ralpk AWIKO. David *>KKI. 'John Cain, Bruce Dahlgrcn, Rlehird Morgan, Robert Nve, William Wren, Judith Brokaw, Marie Herder, Jean Kathleen Meyer, 'Nincy Jane Robertaon. Fifth grade flteven Barna, Alex Burn Ide, Frank Longman, John Monerlcf, Joieph Ralph, Peter Schanck, Michael Shutmen, Barrett Slmmone, Join How. ard. Dlina Lopreitl, Carole Woaden Marguarita Cruie. Fifth grade Charlea Cook. Lewli Con. nor. 'Harvey Stewart, 'David Lartaud, Mlchul Patock, 'Kanty Vitt. Patricia Alvlno, Eleanor Herder, 'Patricia Jonei. Mirgolee, Midellne Wieien, Mary Lou Wunh.lraer. Carol Ruth Cook, Sixth grade John Oarriguei, 'Dick fiodell. Raymond Jonei, 'Michael Uttlerl. Sllaa Alken, Betly Lou Carmeiln. Linda Kberhardt. Olla Parker, DeAnna Sllne, 'Joyea Vltt. CANT PAY FINE, MAN etaiucd Charlea Orover of the Marlboro atata hospital, was sant to jail for 35 days Monday morning when he waa unable to pay a 115 fine after being found guilty by Magl'trate John V. Crowell of being drunk and disorderly at Vlnce's bar on Monmouth at. Orover, who waa arrested Saturday night by Sgt. Prank Maxxa and Patrolman William Pat tenon, waa alleged to have created a disturbance at the tavern. YIARS TO PAY AS UTTLI AS IS.M Pll MO. O SIDING a ROOFING o GABAGE8 O PLUMBING O MASONBY American Home FILUBUBYg DVE HOME Ruuell Humphrey!. MIDDLETOWN - Mr. and Mr*. 8*eond grade Mara Flannafan, Hen John M. Plllsbury of NuUwamp rd. rjr Killmar. Chirlei Keylir, Clifton near here, ar* expected to return Ltwla, 'Robert Liwii, Wajtni MeDanicI, nert wiek from a month'* vacation John Yonni, Cecil Dawion, Gay Anni Jannall, 'Jackie Llebeek. Mariant Nooe, in tha South. Mr. Plllibury la a Ceil. Rilejr, Hirsy Whit.. NIWMAN SMIN6S ROAD member of Robert*, Plllabury, 'Carton and Borenson of Atlantic High- careen. Franklin Parker, 'David Ruuek, Third grade 'Robert Haai. Von!n OH> MOAD STREET Lorraine Grimmer, Diana Holt, Lll land*, and an aaalatant prosecutor. N.lld. Jacqueline Reetajr, MILLERTON RUGS PftmNine BETTER WATER WELLS SUfflt NNANCIN* AMERICAN DRILLING RE Spring uif around tho eornarl Now is the Mm* to g*)» that work dona. Wo hove ha fatnod man, uto only quality matarlali and tho latest methods plus porional tupor* vision. 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22 Pase Ten RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH WHEN SPEAKING OF HEALTH I To Play Here in September IT IS MOT TKITE TO SAY "WE OIO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE" CNLESS CHIBOPBACnC WAS INCLUDED DR. WARREN FOWLER Ml BROAD ST. Chiropractor PHONE You Apply for $ BANK LOANS ARE BEST THE COST IS LOW You get prompt action. See us before you borrow anywhere, We Deduct («Total Cut of Loan)* $ In CMh You Becelve $ You Bepay Monthly (or U Month* $ So. par $100. yaar no ethtr < «or chirgti. ANK PERSONAL LOANS AWE 1EST THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK OF RED BANK, NEW JERSEY SERVING MONMOUTH COUNTY SINCE 1864 Opt* PrMay Iwataft hm 4:10 to I:M SAFI DIPOSIT IOXIS ".,V V'"' AVAIUMJ Eatontown The W.S.C.S. met May S at the home of i Mr*. Francis Bruce, Maple ave. Mrs.' Bruce, Mrs. Frank Oagood and Mm. Charles Dowen were hostesses. Mn. Howard Montgomery and Mrs. James VanHise were in charge of devotlona and program on Africa. The study group will meet Mar. 18 at the home of Mra. George Whitfleld, Broad «t. Mm. John Dieti, Sr, was in charge of a roast beef luncheon Tuesday. Instead of the usual silver tea, a merchandise party will be. held thin month at th«home of Mrs. Raymond Bennett, Irving pi. was decided to have a pal party in April and to have a missionary speaker at a. future meeting. The society will meet next month at the home of Mra. Annie Reynoldf, South at. The committee of Cub pack 57 met Friday evening at the Methodist church. waa decided the theme for this month and for the pack meeting Mar. 37 would be "Mardi Gras." Plans were formulated for the local pack'a participation in the "Seoutorama" *t Convention hall, Aabury Park. Mar. 28. Mrs. Francis ' Bruce reported on the success of the Blue and Gold dinner last month. Circle two of the Gleaners of the Presbyterian church met Mar. 3 at the home of Mra. Benjamin VanKeuren, South at. A merchandise club, which will begin the first week in April, was organized with Mrs. Jessie D'Aloia as chairman. Captains will be selected at the next meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeVrles of Philadelphia visited Mrs. DeVries' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dangler, South at,, for the weekend. Dr. and Mrs. Frank Howe of Kew Garden*, L. I, were week-end guests of Mr. and Mra. Leon Romlnskl, Monmouth rd. Mrs. E. L. Simpson, who reside* with the Ro-.mlnakls, 1«visiting her son, J. L. i Simpson of Bloomfleld. ' The Rosary society met Wednesday evening at St. Dorothea'* 'church hall and planned a card party to be held at the Paddock lounge in Long Branch Apr. 13. Mrs. Mary Milu Is chairman. Mrs. Marg Kelemen Is in charge of tickets and Mrs. Alice Junker Is In charge of refreshments. Mrs. Mary Rlbley Is In charge of table prizes, Mrs. Milu and Mrs. Helen Brandt In charge of door prizes. Mrs. Marion Dulage and Mrs. Mary Gasklll were welcomed as new members. The society has donated $100 toward the cost of a bell to n«installed in the church tower j by Easter. Mra, Peggy Hanlon was hostess for the evening. The society held a successful cake sale Sunday at the church. Councilman and Mra. Fred 8. Morris, South at., and Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Anderson of Long Branch spent 8unday visiting relatives in Englewood. Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Oiborni, Eton pi., have returned from a three-week trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles, Cal., and- Austin, Tex. In Austin they visited Mr. Okborne's mother and brother, Mrs. Clara Osborna and son William. Thty made the trip by plane. The U. S. Marina band, pictured en tha Capitol itapt, will appear at tha Rad lank armory Sapt. 22 undar tha sponsorship of tha Red lank Kiwanis club, John I. Myars, Jr., president, announced Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Qlaner, Miss Jean Glaner and Sterling Olaner and Miss Harriet Altafer of Hasbrouck Heights visited Mr. and Mn. Fred Glaner, Eton pi., last week-end. Nancy Lynn Wood, daughter of Mr and Mrs. William R. Wood, Eton pi., celebrated her fourth birthday at a party at home Saturday afternoon. Decorations were in the St. Patrick's day theme. Her small guests were Jeffrey Wood, Betty-Jo Burt, Bruce Purdie, Bobby Lynne and Gretchen Schnebbe and David Tanner of Freehold, Dewin and Christopher Herr of Fair Haven and Carol Wood of Mctedeconk. Grownups present were Mrs. William Wood of Freehold, Mrs. Howard Schnebbe, Mrs. Arnold Tanner, Mrs. H. A. Gocsle and Miss Evelyn Goeale of Staten Island. Mra. Harold Undemann and Mrs. Guy Stevens, Wyckoff rd., visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson of Brooklyn Sunday. The Andersons were entertaining in honor of Mrs. Stevens' son, Edward Brewer, and his prospective bride, Miss Gladys' Bishop, who will be married Mar, 21. Mrs. Howard Wilkinson and children Howard, Timmy and Mary and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Williamson spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hallmark of Weatbury, I*, t Mr. and Mrs. Jan Bakker. Elizabeth pkwy., attended a premiere of "Glory at Sea" for the benefit of Holland Flood Relief in New York city Monday evening. Milton and Michael Caffyn, sons of Mn. Agnes Caffyn, Byrnes lane, were given a surprise birthday party by their friends at the Americus Vespucci hall in Long Branch F.rlday evening. The boys were celebrating their 16th birthday. Twenty-five members of the Methodist. Sunday-school attended the skating party last Wednesday evening held for them-at the Singing Wheels arena in Shrewsbury. Eileen Frangella, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Frangella, South st., was christened Sunday at C.B.I, by Rev. Frederick Child of St. Dorothea'a church. A dinner and reception for family and friends followed. Mr. and Mrs. Boardman B. Havey of Calaif, Me., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Cadman, Elizabeth pkwy. Mrs. Caroline Hagerman, Kremer ave., was guest of honor at a stork shower Sunday evening by Mrs. Helen Sexton at her home on Kreier ave. Gifts were placed on a indow seat with a decorated baby :ale In the center. A large cake lth a stork in the center was the ib!» centerpiece and pinwheel indwlches and coffee were also served. Those attending were Mn. Gloria Woolley, Mrs. Alberta Baldassarl, Mrs. Elaine Lord, Mrs. Virginia Shore, Mrs. Angle Ftdore, Mrs. Virginia Selti, Mrs. Irene Aikins and Mrs. Harriet Hill. Those sending gifts but unable to attend were Mrs. Frances Bower, Mrs. Ray Olewine, Mrs. Adeline Greene and Mrs. Mary Ann Oihel.. The Holy Name society met Monday evening at St. Dorothea's church hall. was voted to support the Boy Scout barn dance and auction site, proceeds from which will be used to send local Boy Scouts to the Jamboree in California. was announced the spaghetti supper last, month was a great success. A Junior Holy; Name society for teen age boys will be formed this evening at the C.T.O. meetinr. The men voted to hold Holy Thursday adoration. They wilt keep watch from 9 p. m. Thursday till 8 a. m. Friday morning when the Mass of the Presanctlfled will take place. Brownie troop S8 met Saturday at borough hall and finished its project of making pencil and scissors holders. The Lions club meets this evening at C.B.I. The program 'Around the World in Forty Minutes" arranged by Leslie Seeiy. Is based on the wine Industry. The speaker, win conduct an imaginary tour of the vineyards of the world. A nominating committee consisting of immediate past president Cliff Cadman and past presidents Harry Rowland, Councilman Fred S. Morris and Benjamin VanKeuren are to report to the club Apr. 23 with a slate of officers for the coming year. A special welfare fund committee has been appointed to recommend welfare projects that should be supported by the club and the type of fund-raising campaigns to be conducted to accomplish the projects. Members are arteed to submit their Ideas to the committee. On it are Robert Braun. chairman, George Winning, Ernest Graf, Councilman Ralph L. Lewis, Homer Spauldtng, Edward Emmens, Harry Rowland, Councilman Leon B. Smock, Jr., Peter Tomalno and Anthony Rattl. MABEL LEWIS'S '6 m FIRST ANNIVERSARY PARTY STILL GOING ON INOS SATURDAY, MAR. 14 STOMWIDI 0 DISCOUNT SAL! MABEL LEWIS CARRIES A FULL SELECTION OP: FOUNDATIONS GIRDLES IRASSIERES UNDERWEAR HOSIERY GLOVES DRESSES UNIFORMS APRONS SPORTSWEAR Larger Si*e$ A Specialty MABEL LEWIS SHOPPE TaUVHONI Mitt 137-B BROAD ST. RED BANK OPEN FBIDAY EVENINGS TIL» P. M. WHERE TO BUY CUSTOM PLANNED CUSTOM INSTALLED J. H. MOUNT CO. COR. MAPLE AVE. ft WHITE ST. BED BANK 64S30 95 NAME BRAND INVITATION TO PHILCO, ADMIRAL DUMONT NOW ENJOY WRESTLING-VARIETY SHOWS-DRAMA AND ANY OF YOUR FAVORITE T.V. IN YOUR OWN HOME LOW CHEESE^Sft' ^KEEBLER OffN MONDAY THRU SATURDAY TILL f fc M. 25 MONMOUTH ST. RED BANK LIMITED RED BANK STORE ONLY COMPLETE PRICES NO EXTRAS PHONE RE 6-9S1S Ti» complau mack in lutlf-with a lively mw flavor all ita own. Very special nibbling lor your very beat friends-and you too.

23 Don't Forget... Sbadowbrooklnn read Ik, a MHt Swrtk! Hot) lawk ALWAYS OWN (Except Mondays) Per hwrttmi mi Dimtn Nothing latter Anywhere rtfes for Weddings, Smell end Large, Are Alwayt Welcome. PHONI MID IANK M J U NEARLY ACCURATE IS NOT ENOUGH/ LWATCH, 34 IROAD - RED BANK TO HOLD BUKMAGE BALE LONG BRANCH Tha Short Child Study group which will hold a three-day rummage sale beginning Wednesday, Mir. 18, at 1W XBYFORT Rev. Joseph In- (ram has been appointed pastor of Broadway, will hold a pre-sale Tuesday night, Mar. IT, from 7:30 to 10announced last week at a meeting Second Baptist church hire, it was p. m. Regular sale houra will bi from 9:30 a. m. to 5 p. m. Worship of crocodiles was once common in ancient Egrpyt. (M MM lta>m> Cancellation SHOE SHOP * IROAD STRUT RID IANK PADDED WINDOW CORNICES 421MhN trae* R*M. Second Baiilist Church Appoints New Pastor of the Keyport Ministerial association at th» horn* of Aev. Joseph Faith. Final plans for Holy week strv- Ices, to be held in each of this borough's churches, wert made at the meeting. Services will be held Monday, Mar. 30, through Good Friday, Apr. 3. Rev. Gordon M. Aldrich, pastor of the Reformed church, led a discussion on religion and psychiatry. He has been attending lectures at the American Institute of Religion and Psychiatry in New York city. Other clergymen present were Rev. David A. Wilson, Jr., Rev. Norman R. Riley and Rev. Frederick Boos. Four Speeders Fined In Holmdel Township CRAWFORD'S CORNER-Mag tetrate Stanley Stilwell fined Hans C. Peterson of Fords and Clarence E. Reider of Neptune $10 and coats of court each Monday night of last week in Holmdel township court when he Xound them guilty of speeding. George B. Karki* of Keyport and Wilbur J. Nordt of Kcambutg each paid $10 and costs for speeding. The magistrate fined Joseph For- Cows high in butterfat production Stevens' Pat Red, 79.8 pounds man of Long Branch $13 for careless driving. Ralph Russo of Ho- average; Florence Maixet'a A-il, 7».4; Newman'* Ghosty. 72.6; Newman's Jane, 72.1, and Stevens' Gayboken and Harry F. Crenner of Seaside each paid W..for improper passing. Driving without a license cost Durand Gray of Irvlngton. RED BANK REGISTER, MARCH Three Farms Set Milk Records Riverside Heights A shower for Mr«. Harry Keen, Tindall rd., Mlddtetown township, and a farewell party for Mrs. Robert M. Green, Red Bank, were held FREEHOLD Cows on therecently by Mrs. George Leek, Frost farms of George Stevens, Vincent avi?., and Mrs. Kenneth Thompson, E. VanHise and J. Everett Newman Wiimort park. Mrs. Green is leaving soon for Germany to join her won top production honors for February among member farms of the husband. Capt. Green, who has been Monmou'th County Co-operative stationed there since Isst April. Dairy Herd Improvement association. Inc. lumed 'from Palm Beach, Fla., and Amory L. Haskell, Sr., has re- Ratings Just supplied by Robert is spending a few days at his Woodland fann. Johnson, supervisor of the county extension service, showed the Joseph Plerro la home from a Guernsey herd of former Mayor two weeks' trip to Florida. George 8tevens of New Shrewsbury Mi', and Mrs. Paul Carew at- led for the month in butterfat production. The VanHise and Newman herds were the volume leaders. Mr. Stevens 18-cow herd produced milk with an average of 3S.7 pounds of butterfat, and his cow Pat Red led all others with 7».l pounds. Mr. VanHlse's S3 cows produced an average of»71 pounds of milk, and Mr. Newman's cow Jane was highest with 2,060 pounds., These were the leaders: Herds high in butterfat production Mr. Stevens' 35.7 pounds average; Mr. VanHlse's 33.8; George Hartshorn, Jr.'* 33.1; F. G. Rue * Sons' 32; J, Everett Newman's Herds high in milk production VanHise's, Ml pounds average; Rue's, M0; Byron Johnson's, SM; Newman's, (33, and- Hartshorn's, Blondie, Cows high in milk production- Newman's Jane, 3,060 pounds average; Newman's Ghosty, 2,081; Van- Hise's 575, 1,971; Henry Zdancewic's Sadie, 1,876, and Newman's Patches, 1,867. Perry Installs New Freezer at Store FAIR HAVEN-Frank Perry who operates the genera) store at River rd., last week installed a large walk-in freezer with a capacity of 100 two-and-a-half gallon containers of ice cream. The new freezer increaiea by three times the former lea cream storage capacity of the store.. In addition to enabling Mr. Perry to stock more Ice cream, the new freeser will permit him to increase the variety of Ice cream products to Include such items as ice cream cakes, epumone and Bisque Tortonl. Mr. Perry said he believes the new freeaer it one of the largest in this area. Until about 1860, theflailwas tended the christening last week of Deborah-Ann Albrecht, Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Albrecht of Highlands. Mrs. Carew is the baby's godmother. Sharon Smith, Wilson circle, celebrated her 13th birthday Tuesday of last week. M. J. Btavola, Joseph Btavola and Peter Orandlnetti have returned home from a vacation trip to Miami Beach, Fla. Mrs. Albert Snyder attended the recent celebration of the Mth wedding anniversary of Mr. and MM. W. SchwlUfager of North Bergen. Mrs, H. A. Trent, Conover lane, Is chairman of the Red Cfoee campaign for this area.,. Mrs. Albert Klouin entertained the Past Grands club of Naveelnk Rebekah lodge of Red Bank at ita lust meeting. Present were Mrs. Lily Veroneau, Fair Haven; Mr*. Frances Metcaif, Leonardo; Mrs. Helen Chadwick. Red Bank; Mra. Gertrude Lemmon, Long Branch, and Mrs. Ruth' Tallman. The next meeting will be held at Mrs. Lemmon's home, at which election and Installation of officers will take place. Members of girl acout troop 48 of Falrvlew school are making a rug and bookmarks. Work on "My Troop Badge" has been completed. was reported at last Thursday's meeting that 600 boxes of cookies, had already been sold. The Tenderfoot Scouts are working on their second class badges. Poem* THE EAGLE The Mil" tutth far frwdom, ' And fr»»dom it the tint. For our Marines will (lent and tsat.. And io vill all the Mil. Now WUer mn't nlci. And neither was Mussolini. I'd *lp«them out with a msfle weed K I *» only r«n«nlt Thmt'i whr I nr the e*(u! thi»%»t lymhot of all. And If tht soldiers k*t» it u». We'll mill* the** Communists fall I LLOYD BASKIN. fifth Grade, Ultle (Miter lehoov, BENDIX DUOMATK ALL-IN-ONE WASHER-DRYER World's only appliance that M3MMM^ does the MM* of BOTHa MMSHER \ and a fifil : in one continuous -. s Van Eltvttt' The car with tho most wanted features "ROCKIT" INOINI HYDRA-MATIC SUMR DRIVI* POWIR 1TRM0* I>OWIR IRAKIS* AUTRONIC-IYI* PRlftAIRI CAR CONDITIONING* POWIR-RIDI CHASSIS CUSTOHUIOUMOI CUSHIONS* etc* ear: A imly melting mjm. 11 SB* ej^^^^v VB^Be^B^e^FeWVe^v vv^^eva^s^retv'e^sfe^s^vw V v v ^^fj^v^^^ ^^ MM SMsVMjf Sfljp-ft ttmtf SfWtftf «im etfn fcesfflglu iimmfnj...air MWBJv HjRR} VMtV EMMMHU^M ^ ewt. OURRMUM I*M k ike 9ua«r "ITfor '53. T17 «1* wantliiail aew "Power Peslufe" est. Make a fete to see us eoow y v V wrrf jrvv MJSJWMy SMJ MJVMJ MJR Wcj*Mty can k«eejelw *» ye«saves SPACI! 0MCi«p«KiCrtiMil * UilltAM tjfsav fa n VffHfff^ IV^Wie W m M la* Iw IW H««Mr mdim wmk «*aler defter, leefx H Mt fer elewter imnes. imtmkw, it tfcf Pint ro Sot fftfs fficffiff Otntonitroflo«l tit ft»w slmpfe If ft ft t^r^ftf Sll fftt w«ritf irif wiifttr-rfrytfl Slltow tlmimf WMfc#fy CM M if of your noortif BtNDIX Dooltrf tl latw "ll* 1 *Om MM. 4 Cesirel Moh»i fehe. ILDIMOIE YOUR NIART OlDSMOll ilalll HOWLAND B. JONES MOTOR CO., 100 I. Newman Springs Rd. YOU* OlfSMOLI DIAlll ALSO MATURIS TOF VAkU IN IA»ITY*TTID UD CAM _ CALL Blgelow fomameofneares BENDIX Dealer or MAIL COUPON f or FREE Booklet mm o«m»otoii-niw JHV, me SI 1 CNy..., «> «A.".., ~ rnvnv IWt iiiiiiiiimiiii(iiii iiiiinmin(iiniti«imhiti<n»iitmi»hmihti > I MOW OWH O HiimmiiiiiiiiHiimin'iiniiiHinnMiiiuiiii WRMSfOCe I

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25 RED BANK REGISTER VOLUME LXXV, NO. 87. RED BANK, N. J., THURSDAY, MARCH 12, c PER COPY SECTION THREE PAGES 1 TO 12 teachers Ask Another Parley On Pay Hikes Canzon* Says Board** Maximum* Represent Best for This Year, Tht IUd Bank Temehen association, which ilnc«last toll hm be*n appealing In vain to the board of education for salary incrtasts, had now spokesman at Tuesday nttht'i beard meeting In tht per- on of Fred Branca, fleld repreotntatlvt of tht New Jeraey Education aiioelation. Tht teachers have bttn asking for maximum salaries of 15,700 for a teacher with a bachelor's decree and $8,000 for one with a master's degree. The board, at» Dec.» meetinr, hiked salary mlnimums from 12,700 to $3,000 for all teachers and tnaxlmums from 4,3M to $4,650 for bachelor*, and from 14,- 700 to $5,000 for muster*. After * the board cranted the raises In December, a teachers association spokesman informed the board the new salary schedule was not tatlsftetory. At almost every meetinc since then, tht board,has had request* from the teachers for more money. Mr. Branca at Tuesday nlfht's tetston told tht board he didn't think th* teachers had gone overboard in their requests and-that In his opinion the' community has the ability to pay the proposed salaries. Edmund J. Cantons, board resident/explained that in flxlnc the salaries the board has considered the budget and tax rate and feels the.salaries cranted are as far as the board can fo this year, tn answer to requests from Mr, Branca for a meetinc between the board and the teachers association, Mr. Cansona said he didn't think would do any good since he felt the board would consider no further change* in the salary schedule. Louis J. Jacoubt, teacher* association president, questioned the present school budcet which, he stated, contains a surplus of $1«,- 000 In the salary account which could be used for raises. Paul Toung, district clerk, said the surplus resulted from the resignation of several filch salaried teachers who were replaced by teachers itartlnc at the bottom of the salary guide. He added, however, the surplus had been absorbed by the granting by the board of bonuses to teacher*. Afttt an hour long dltoussjon during which. Mr. Branca sail he would rather have a meeting with the board to discus* the Issue than have to organise a "eltlsen* 1 com- title*." Mr. Cansona agreed reluetaatly to take the question of a meeting with the teacher* undti advisement. Mr. Branca asked the board reeldont If he thought a $8,000 top *alary was equitable for a teacher In tr-u community. Mr. Canwna said he did to which Mr. Branca said "I disagree with you." Mr. Cansona declared "You're looking at the matter from the teachers' standpoint but we're considering from the viewpoint of tht taxpayers.", Hlbbs Urge* Meeting Mr. Cansona agreed to study the question of a meeting at tbo urging of Dr. M. Qrtgglllbbe, superlattndent of KhooTs, who stated fit Mcms to me when yoo have the board en one side of the room and the teachers on the other I would'be advantageous to sit dow tosethtr. We're here to work to. gtther-not at swords' points." The board accepted the resign* tlon of Jane W. Whitlow, attend' ante supervisor, effective at th end of th* school yean mltted her resignation lor ream f having reached the age of U.. Mr*. Ruth Oeutee of Eatontown was employed as director of food services In charge of th* cafeterias at the high school and the River Street school. Mrs. Ooutee I* now director of food services at Monmouth Memorial hospital. The board accepted the resignation. of James Kenny, elementary teacher at the River Btreet school and employed Mrs. Dorothy Straut to reptac* him. Mrs. Straub, wh< has had U years' teaching expert enee, has been a substitute In th local school system. r*p4lt to Bat at School. On recommendation of Dr. Hlbbs tht board agreed to study a policy which would require all high school pupils to eat lunch In the school cafeteria.. Under th* policy, students could take their lunch to shoo) or buy then, but would b* prohibited tram folat horn* for lunch. The board approved th* forma- Uen of a Red Bank band parents club, Th* aim of the group, explained Dr. Hlhbs, would be to aid th* band inaneially, provide chaporones, support hand affairs and provide Information about the Instrumental program to parents, After a discussion' of the proposed school calendar for the ISM- M school year, Dr, Hlbbs agrnd to make a survey of parents and teachers on th* question of, shortening the Easttr vacation to permit the earlier dismissal of school for the summer. The proposed calendar will for sehool to open Sept,», IMS, and to dose JURVU, list. Killed in Action Lieut. Howard M. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Davenport of 9 Highland ave. late Thursday night were advised by the chief of Naval personnel that their son, Lieut, (if) Howard M. Davenport, Jr., M, had been killed Mar. 4 as the result of action in the Korean irea. A pilot, he had been serving aboard the carrier USB Valley Forge. ' A graduate of Red Bank high school in 1944, Lieut. Davenport enlisted in th* Navy V-S program and received pre-bight training at Muhlenbtrg, University of North Carolina and St. Mary's. He received hit wings at Pensacola in February, 1M7. He has been overseas since November. Surviving besides his parents are Ms wife, the former Mis* Charlotte Parrlsh of Portsmouth, Va.; a l'i-ytar-old son, Howard 3d, and a sister, Ingrid Davenport, a student at the Jnlverslty of Maryland. His father is manager of J*H. Kelly company. Red Bank to Have Fall trade Show Bob ReussiUe Will Be Chairman of Event Red Bank will have another trad* exposition this fall. This w o practically assured yesterday morning et the monthly meeting of the Chamber of Commerce when Robert RtuHill*, at th* request of President Edward H. Conway, aectptod th* chairmanship of th* arrangement commute*. Other* on th* committee will be. appointed by fresldent CojRi*i f.ja the next, few Events Arranged For Holy Week And Easter Day Lenten Play Mar. 29 At Methodist Church, Cantata at Baptist A three-hour service Oood Friday, Apr. 3, from noon to S o'clock In observance of "Thi Seven Last Words," will be held in the Baptist church, under sponsorship of he Red Bank churches. Meditations will bt given by ;ev. William B. Magtam of Fair lavin Methodist church; Rev. *enty L. Morgan, Pilgrim Baptlat church; Capt. Robert Rightmlre, commanding officer of the Red 1 Bank Salvation Army citadel; Rev. Charles E. Bourne,'A.M.E.. Zion ihurch; Rev. Dr. Wallace L. Galup, Holmdcl; Rev. Harold Horn- )erger, Lutheran church, and Rev. Roger J. Squire, Methodist church. Mrs. Francis Swartr will be at the organ., Tho services will be opened with a hymn, followed by Scripture reading, prayer and mucal section!., ' Special Holy week event* and service* have been planned a* follows: Sunday, Mar. 39, 8 p.m. Lenten Dlay at Red Bank Methodtat church. The cantata, "The Crucifixion," Stainer, together with a special order for baptisms, at Red Bank Baptist church. Thursday, Apr. 1, S p. m., Holy Communion at mort churches. Oood Friday, Apr. 2, 11 a. m service for children as well as adults at Lutheran church; 7:30 >. m., Good Friday service at Salvation' Army citadel; S p. m., sltnl< lar service at Lutheran church. Easter day services arranged are: 6:30, sunrise service sponor*d by th* Red Bank Mmlstarium on Tower hill; T:SO a. m., Holy Communion at St. Oeorge'* Episcopal church, Rumson;» a. ra., itrvlc* at Rumson Methodist and Preibyterian, Shrewsbury Presbyterian, Lutheran and Methodist churches. Red Bank; 8:» a. m,, Red Bank Baptist: 10:45 a. m., Red Bank Reformed; 11 o'clock at all churches; 4 p. m., young people's Easter service at St. George's. f, Josn C, (lasts, d* ties that -" am not Neweus l»tl* i A lar jfibls'tl; "Ml* Srvik" Strvlie fair Hues. Humnnti uu U* frltm, (>ll O, N, Wee4wsie, *B eeflmmedlei On Mar. tl of each year the (eras of els' of thi elective directors expire. Tht six whose terms are about to expire are, Edward H. Conwey. William A. Fluhr, Rlguard B, Paine, Percy Sherman, C. Donald EnglUh and Ralph Allen. Mr. Conway, Mr.,Pain* and Mr. English ere willing to aerv* another term* if-altcted.i Mr. Fluhr end Mr.. Sherman have declined to have their names preiented with the lilt of candidate* due to th* pressure of buslne.w, and Mr. Allan he* moved away.the constitution provide* that IS candidate* b* nominated and each member i* asked to vote for eta of the U nomine**, the *lx who reetlv* th* hlghtrt vote will bt the auccnttul candidates. The nominating committee consisting, of m fluhr, chairmen; Oe5«e Bwery. Rebert Worden, Mr. EnglUh and: Mr. RcusiUI* at yesterday'* mtrtlng prtsented the following -slate: Mr. Conwey, Mr. Paine, Mr. English, R. Thomas Bowers, Jules Huber, William D. Stlladin, Richard Martin, Samuel Llboviky. Robert Matthews, Mort Welnir, Bernard Natelson and Rotcoe Angle, each of whom has agretd to strve If sleeted.' Joseph Holiday, chairman of the Chrlstmu lighting committee reported that the cost of the lights was tt,4m and that all bill* had bmn paid and a mall working balance towsrds next ytttfr lighting exptnii* I* at hand. Tat annual meeting of the' United State*'Chamber of Commerce will bt held at Washington, D. C, Apr. IT, M and J». Prteldtnt Conway urged a good *U* dtltgatlon to al tend rtprtstnting tht Red ~ Chamber of Cemmirci. Oeorge Emery itported on tht mattir of parking and perking me-, tors, stating that the matter was now in thi hands ef. ths msyer snd council, the Chamber having recommindid meter* and placed i tutviy from the Chambir wltl them. '- lev Anderson, chairman ot thi retail trede committee w that a cpiclat committee hat appolnttd to work with them toward) a Mother*! cay promotion and that *!*» date* for the balance of the year bad already been Mt, but thty wire not mad* public at yesterday'* f*thirlag. The National Affair* commute* of which Ray DeRlddir I* chairmm, reported on the coming dinner to bi held Apr. at Crystal Brook Inn. Eatontown, at whlet time various Chambiri cf Mon mouth and Octan ceuntli* will gathir to hear Stary Oange of Ban Francisco, a national tneektr. A spielii iinphuli I* placid on thi fact thtt ladle* art particularly In. vlttd at thli annual gathering. President Conway la deilrou* of a very *treng National Affair* committee, and he felt that with th* r*c*nt ehtng* In th* national m mlautrttlon would be very edvaategeou* tor thi local Chambir. Four niw mtmbira win acetpt- d), thty being the Quality Shop at of toad rt., th* Rid Bank Custom Tire Company of Shrewsbury, the Feigln School of Music, 1ST Broad it., and Nitun Musio Center of 1» Broad «t, tefum UMf CltNilld All." A*V*l»lM*)H Palm Sunday Set For First Service In New Church Pr«*byterUn Edifice On Tower HiU to Be Dedicated Apr. 12 Rev. Charles B. Webster, pastor of the Red Bank Presbyterian church, ha* announced "plans for our entry' Into our v new edifice." The schedule of, services, as ar ranged, folio we: Palm. Sunday, Mar.», at»:30 and 11 a. tn., Initial worship service in th* new ediflee atop Tower bill. The rolnlsttr will preach and mutlo will b* provided at both strvlcis by tht adult and Junior choir*. Sunday, Apr. S. at t and 1 a. m. Easter services. The pastor will preach and the adult ohol win sing. Sunday, Apr.», at 4 p. m, dedication service with pre-eminent clergymen participating. The adult choir will sing. Dr. Ctrl F. Mueller, minister of music, has composed apeclsl anthem for tht occasion. Sunday, Apr. IP, at :*> and 1 a. m. Communion services, t At thi ratter service 100 new members will be officially received Into church fellowship, and the sacrament of infant baptism will be administered. Sunday, Apr., at 4 p. m. Organ recital at which the dedication of the-new pipe organ and the Installation'of ths minister of music will be held. An informal reception will take place In Westminster house after the nrvlce. Sunday, Apr. M. at :» and 11 a. m. Identical worship services. At the latter service the ordination, installation and recognition of th* church's Tt officer* will b* held. Moreover, during the wetk of Apr. 12-lsY special dedication program* will b* presented by the Men's club, Women's association and Westminster youth fellowship. Chaplain Aryeh Lev (center) it shown chatting with other person* present last Thursday night for the Convocation service conlucted at Fort Monmouth. Other* shown (left to right) sre Abraham Zager, president ot Congregation Bnal Israel, Red Bank; Brig. Gen. Wesley T. Guest, commandant ot the Signal school; Mrs. Sidney Komir, director of the Hadassah choral group, Red Bank, and Rabbi Arthur H. Herthon of, Bnal Israel and- auxiliary'jtwlth chaplain tt Fort Monmouth.' The Jewish service was th* final program In a two-night atrua. Protestant* conducted a mission in February and special Catholic services ar* planntd later thi* tprlng. The service* ar* held annually In addition to tht regular worship periods on the post. A plea for brotherhood and belief In a universal God was made last Thursday night by Chaplain Lev, who addressed about 110 persons in chapel four. "Whst is basio in religion?" was the question Chaplain Lev posed. He then commented upon the vary' ing form* observed In Jewish serv Ice* and by other religions,. "We need form, but the form* should not become the religion,' he said, while outlining three major polnte for those of <the' Jewish faith. He stated these twin's are' belief In God, In tht Torah and In New Shrewsbury Hat NBWSHREWaBURT-Thlt borough'* flrst civil dtfense drill, held Sunday,: was ctlled luceeuful this witk by Magistrate Walter N Cobb, diftnie hied, who dlrictei thtcvi. Operating et the control center at th* Tlnton Fill* school, difinst officiate dlipatohid flr* and first aid eaulpmtnt as it was summoned bj auxiliary nolle*. At one time sev en Or* trueki and th* Wayildt flril id equed wer* ctlled ta Pitch it, th* *ein* of a "Ar* bomb hit," An other lire call, tt the cormr ef Atbury ave. and Wlkoff rd,, was aniwind by om track.. First aid worker* rteelvid and treated "air raid victims" at tht Tlnloa Fallt tehool., Although he Hid tht drill "went off very well," Mr, Oobb stated thi borough'* civil deftnss forces art badly undermanned and appealed this week for volunteer workiri for fli'it aid work and others with am nttur radio knowledge to rmndli defense commun o*lloni, Then also Is a nem for more special so liei, ht i*k. Jewish Services Held at Fort Monmouth Chaplain Lav Is director of the division of Religious Activities tor the National Jewish Welfare board, New York, and has a. distinguished record in religious work, Including World War. "The V. S. Army has recognised the Importance of belief in God," he declared. This followed a similar declaration by Brig. Gen..Wesley T. Guest, commandant of the Signal school, who stated that strength comes from those who believe in God. Gen. Guest,' accompanied by Mrs..Quest, WJSJ.he*t to Chaplain Lev at's/dinner and spoke briefly at the service, acting In the absence of MtJ. Gen. Klrke B. Lawton, post commander. Rabbi Hevshon officiated in eonducting a worship service and the Hadusah choral group provided music under the direction of Mrs. Komsr. Members of ths group were Mrs. Morris Westerman, Mrs. David Sklar. Mrs. Jule Cohn, Mrs. Harry Nachmlas, Mrs. Harold Melstrleh, Mrs. Ada Weisman. Mrs. Eugene Trachtmsn, Mrs. Harry Feldt, Mrs. Bernard Hacht, Mrs. Leo Kuglcr, Mrs. Maurice Rossoff, Mrs. Albert Fink, Mrs.. Ellas Long, Mrs/Arthur Gottfried: and Mrs. Irving Rubin. Miss Rote Wolfson, Long Branch, chapel four for Ji at th* epmole. Othira-.present for the service nd-dnmer'inemded Mr. and Mrs. tisger, Mrs. Herahoa and Mr. Komar. ' ^ and civilian personnel of Jewish faith at Fort Monmouth was given the previous night by Rabbi Louis I. Newman, widely known writer and religious leader. Rabbi Newman, of the Congregation Rodeph Sholom In New York city, entitled his sermon, "Discov erlng Religion for Ourselves." He pointed out that while parental authority can Impose religion on a growing child, the time eventually comes when the individual ia full grown, and can accept or reject religion according to hit own fret choice. During this period of maturing, however. Rabbi Newman pointed out, the individual Is alto discovering the necessity of religion and s Importance, through such, experiences a* love, marriage and parenthood. He learnt, said Rabbi Newman, that when he comes to grips with reality, he netds tht healing power* of tliglon, through regular attendance at his church or synagogue. "Wise Is the man," Dr. Newman said, "who discovers for hlmsel the need of religion, snd the way that religion, can benefit him." Dr. Newman is the author of many published works, one of the best " pw ''"lt lp A meiaafe of hope for military services. Gen. Lawton welcomed Rabbi Newman to Fort Monmouth and entertained-, him at dinner. He and th* Fort Monmouth chief of staff, Col. Thomas H. Cody, atttnded th Capt. Hallanan Active In European Maneuvers GERMANY Cspt. Oeorgt H. Hallanan,. Jr., son of George H. Hsllensn, 8r., of Locust, recently perticlpsted in "Grand Alliance," an allied winter training exercise directed by the Seventh Army. Capt. Hallanan, a former Rumson resident, Is assigned as service officer in the Seventh Army's personnel and administration lection in Stuttgart.., A former student of Columbia college and the University of Maryland, Capt. Hallanan entered the Army In 1M1. He went to Europe in July, 1M0, otrvlng first with tht U.S. Constabulary and then with the Seventh,Army headquarters. 'Wrong Plans 9 Confuse Expert, End 2-Month 'Prefab' Hearing Board to Study School Expansion HIGHLANDS - William V. Rauscher, president of tht board of education here, Monday night appointed a special committee to Investigate ths possibility of building sxpenslon. Mr. Rauscher's action cam* aftir discussion, of a notice from th* tat* department of education that warned th* school board thtt receiving ichool* may refuse applicants from sending school* as a result of limited facilities]. This borough's grammar school graduates ere sent t» Atlantic Highlands high achool, Member* of tht school board concluded that thi situation could become acute within a five-year period in view of limited facllllie* then. ntrtrtet CeiuoUaiMew Appointed to the specltl committti wer* Dr. Rlehtrd A. vwtlai, Mr*. Lewi* D. smith, Oeorge King and Cormllu* Oulnty. They /will atudy the possibility of. COMOdttlon of the Atlantic Highland* chool district and th* ecbeol dietrlet htre. Thlt dutrlet h u reached th* limit of * bended, Indebtedness, but boerd member* sal* mon- y could be malt tvilltble. through the consolidation. Hoard members said renewed action will fee taken towaref th* establishment ef a regional high school. John Pitilsln, school principal will conduct a survey of future grammar school pupil* In tine with a lute-wlde study, H* also will ink te dtttrmint whither tht number of pannte working In defense plinu Will permit th* b*rough to ink ftdortt atilittnct In th* Mhool population problem, LITTLE SILVER - The two-tmonth-old hearing on Louit T. Grandinetti'a appeal to build a National Homes, Inc., prefabricated house appeared to have run aground here at Tuesdsy night's msyor and counell meeting.,thls came during dtfense testimony by Wlnfltld Walnwright. Jr., acting defence Inspector, and hit erect examination of C. F. Boester. building code expert for National Homes. Mr. Walnwright pointed out that Mr. Booster and James J. Langan, countet for both National Home* and Mr. Orandlnctti, testified thtt the "prefab" house would not use rafters, studs or celling joists. Mr. Walnwright added that the plans and tpeclncatiom submitted by Mr. Grandlnettl when he applied for a building permit listed all three items, "all of which Is not In conformity with the code." After Mr. Boester and Mr. Langan had inspected the plans referred to by Mr. Walnwright, they admitted that tht lengthy arguments they had presented to advance the National Home* cauti at the Jan. and Feb. 10 meetlnge were designed to describe plant different from those Mr. OrandlmtU tad flled. ; Architect Made Change Mr. Booster said the plane were not actual National Homes drawings because state law requires a stats registered architect to submit such plant. He said that apparently the architect retained by Mr. Grandtnettl didn't reproduce drawing* meetly. "There is a discrepancy," h* deelertd. Mr. Langan a*k*d th* "indulgence ef council'' to permit National Hornet and Mr. Ortndlntttl consider amandine appeal by ad Mr. Reueehtr also appointed the following committee*! Joseph Curneckl end William Fihlheber, building and mounds; Mrs, Vinetnt Mend** and Allen Liming, oaf* terla; Mrs, Smith end Mr. King, publla relations and studtnt nt fell*, and Dr, WiUs and Mi', Oiiln i\v, teacher*. Th* hnsi'd mtthoilmd the fnimntlon (if «hmetmll t«tm and tht purohan ef M0 worth of consider emending appel y journing the hearing to another date rether than closing. On th* advice of Borough Attorney Howsrd W. Robert*, adjournment was granted but the auettlon about permission to amtnd the appeal we* not decldtd. Priori* lh* mrpi I Jig flnlsli, Mr. Weinwrlght ttetmid that the borough would prove "that tht building not only dots net mttt the building code, but that tht eppesi grossly exaggerated," He added that the type construction offered "Is net one to h* desired' In Little Rilvir and that the horough't building todi I* not nutdated-aj thi appellants claimed sine* was only adopted In January, 1M0, and that followed recommendations of the National Building code of '«,, Offered ee an exhibit by Mr, Weinwrlght was an advertisement In the "American Builder" by Na tlenal Home* which advised "build en In dtltnie areas" to "mot coit limitations with Natlcnel Homes," Mr, Weinwrlght said (hat close to 600 conventional buildings were constructed hire In the put six and that h* knew of no oilng ihortmt, Th«m«.yor anti council conduct oil th* htarlng hersmn unlike up Parkway Target: Open By Jan. 1 Dates to Be Sought For Sweepstakes Joint Committees to Meet Tuesday Night The mayor and council, having failed, to appreciate the valuable worth of the National Sweepstakes to Red Bank, both in amount of business brought to the town as well as the thousand* of dollars' worth of favorable publicity, left the National Sweepstakea committee and the Community Chamber of Commerce in a temporary quandary. The Chamber director* yesterday morning unanimously felt that the Sweepstakea should not be dropped like a hot potato, and the coneeneui wu that th* Chamber should get behind thi National Sweepstakes committee again this year to havt tht event retained. Percy Sherman of the Sherman shop felt that would be no trouble to have a large portion of the expense underwritten by the local business and professional men, wa* estimated that the cost of the Sweepstakes would reach approximately st.000, end about onehalf of this amount could be realiced from the official program.. Immediately after the meeting The Register contacted Joseph'C, Irwln, who has «o successfully mantfed th* past annual Sweepstake* events, to ascertain If wa* necessary for American Power Beet stsoclttlon, undsr whost sanction th* Switpstakei event I* held, to guarantee them that uffielint fundt are at hand before official dett* wer* «ot. H* stated that ouch wee not necessary, and he advised Tht Register that ha would call a meeting of the Bwocpstakcs com mittee and the committee represent Ing the Community Chamber of Commerce for neat Tuesday night, following the weekly «t*j on of tht Red Bank Lions club at the Molly pitcher hotel, Arrinr,«mnnU will ht made la apply Immediately for official dattt, and Mr, Irwin felt sun that at this joint Mtslon tht pl.ini would go thesd toward the annual evtnt, and that Red Bank could be assured of having th* big claaslo again this year, SEA GIRT State Highway Commissioner Ransford J. Abbott said here Tuesday night that he sees no reason now why "you won't have your Garden State parkway to ride on clear through to the White Horse pike come next New Tears day." He made that prediction to an overflow audience of about 1,000 persons at a dinner at Sea Girt inn given jointly by the New Jersey Shore Builders' association and the real estate boards of Monmouth and Ocean counties. The forecast brought him heavy applause. Mr, Abbott spoke tt the conclusion of an address on the advantage and.success of toll superhighways by Paul L. Troast, chairman of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Mr. Troast's main point " as that the turnpike surpassed til guesses as a money-maker and the companion parkway should, too. ' Art Banks the Wall. The speeches were given in the banquet hall where the sidewalis Were banked with color maps and lerlal photographs Illustrating the detailed features of the parkway as it feeds self from North Jersey to the south or the state. A political note was given with a generous distribution of leaflets on the tables saying why Mr. Troast would be a good man to have as Jersey's next Republican governor. Greatest Interest was given Commissioner Abbott's address because it was devoted to the parkway and the economic influence would have upon Monmouth and Ocean counties along the North Jersey coaat. Real estate men and builder* have heralded the ptrkway at the fountalnhead of a "Jersey Gold Ruth" In niw home construction. Mr. Abbott, who also is chairman ot ths New Jersey Highway Authority that Is building the parkway, eaid he expects en eerly tun) favorable court decision on tht right to spend WS5.0OO.00O of the taxpayari' money on th* road. He said the courts are bound ta be Influenced by the fact that state voters agreed two ta one that the parkway should be built, with state backing. "I don't think any court will go against the opinion of the people of New Jersey," he declared. MeeeU: <fe AJMtd' Regardless of th* courts, tald Mr. Abbott, h* Is working undtr order* by Gov. Alfred E. OrUeell t i go ahead with construction, "and that* what I'm doing." He said temporary loans totaling $M,oO have been made through 137 bank* to get th* work going, and much la being don*.. Recalling there he* betn eon Idtrabl* opposition by some mu nlclptlltte* to certain phase* of th* parkway planning, Mr. Abbott aid h* Intends to do what ht can to build the road as clou as time end money allows to tht way the towns want them. And, hi said, there Is always the possibility that, whiit all requests cannot be granted now, "we can go back later and All many ot them at a later date." for WMth Some objection*, he noted, havt been over the width of the parkway. Th* commlitloner felt that it would bt mort unwlee to build it in a way that would mtk* inadequate to take cere ef future traffic congestion. That's Why, ht said, provision is mtdc for the future* installation ot a reversible traffic-one way in th* mornings th* other in the afternoons-roadway In the center. Thi* center piece won't be built until if* found ou if then'* tnough money In th* till after the ether lent* art tit in. But thi room I* there. Mr. Abbott *tld that the hop* had been that tht turnplkt wouid relieve congestion from rt. 1 through tht state. did et first, ho **ld. But lately turvty* thow rt. 1 trafllc I* building up again, despite th* hesvy use of the turnplkt. "So we have taken enough width of right-of-way in Monmcuth county to make aur* that our parkway won't become obsolete in the next few yean," thi commiitlontr said. Rtftrrlng to tuch discord that ha* com* from Middlrtown, New Shrewsbury end Eatontown over routing detain, Mr. Abbott said blda on a four-mile stretch from West Front st. to Pin* Brook rd. were opened Monday, but have not yet bun approved. "We en holding beck because we are ttll discussing tor/it ot the probltmi with official* of th* borough*," he tald. (Oeorge M. Brtwtter and Son, Inc., of Bogota wee the low blddti oi the uio of tht sand drain moth* for thi* pl««of roadway with [hit pl«e of fan nance which ars heard by the board'cf adjustment appeals bated on the building code muit by law he heard by council, Council clumbers took on something of a Judicial appearance, complete with court stenographer, expert wltnoas-»«unit nven souml motion plutui'ti, The nutter Hun hern licfoin council svhtn Mr, (MMU was tt»- pealo bued m (ht toting ei«l- (tb" nousi* nkrt a permit to build thi "j>r«- en offer of fcthml. Wtldtn Contrading company of Weitfleld tubmltttd a single bid of 19,158,037 ot tht excavatlon-of-marshland plan Me Cemlag rate Mr. Abbott said that by June tin expects all construction to bi undtr way from North Jertey soutr ti below Toms Rlvtr, Ht alto dls cussed that all bldt for Ihi areai through Monmouth and Ocem eountlu will bi received before thi nd of April. Ai to prices, hi sell, Is costing over (14,140,000 to sen< the parkway north to rt. at;, 9U.4M to span the Rerltan river bttwttn th* Amboyt and $t,mo,000 to push through ths swampy terrain mar Mttawan, Htcau*t won't b* bifon Aug., 1M4, that thi new Rtritan bridge will be Anlihed, th* present Edison bridge will bi u«id for tht perkwey at tht be ginning, lit said, Mr, Abbott ssui ths authority I dclng «M Ihst. r»n to acconipllnl two thlnga-glt th* parkway l operation by nixt Jsn, l and da thi Jnh f«r tht nunllfl.tnprovtd IMS, 000. Thtt'i w»y, ht Inaieettf he' laving to override, at least ternlorarily, the desire for changes on he part of some municipalities hrough which the road will go. The commissioner indicated that the courts don't approve the larkway borrowing program, the oad will, at first go no further han th«white Horse pike, conlecting highway for Atlantic City raffle. But he said that If th* onding financing is given the reen light, the parkway will go raight through without delay to 'ap* May. Trouble Getting Steel One thing Mr. Abbott said was uakln; planning most difficult was procurement of steel for ridges, of which there will be any. The authority, he said, did he smart thing by ordering its teel early, but the defense pro- ;ram is holding back some orders. There, again, he said, is a. reason Tor not complying with all municipal requests. Commissioner Troast's speech as devoted mostly to th* Jertey urnpike and s relation, as a toll oad, to the parkway. But Mr. Troast had some surirjses, too. He said the turnpike, is a business venture, had ex- :eeded all expectations. Original estimates, he said, were that it would take 35 years to pay off turnpike bonds and that first year traffic would amount to some 7,- 600,000 vehicles. Now unless the turnpike Is extended, and it is ilanned to be it is expected that tho road will pay for itself In IS rears, and flrst year traffic was found to number 18,330,000 vehicles. One of the IS years has now gone by. Plan Turnpike Extension* Turnpike extension plans, said the commissioner, Involve connecting to the Pennsylvania turnpike to thi West, the New York ttate hrouthway and into Hudson county, with a direct connection to the Holland tunnel. Another plan is to throw an east-west turnpike spur across the state to Lakehurst also for shore traffic use he said. If these plans are carried out, will bs some 19 years from now that the turnpike should finish paying For self. At the end of that time, he plan is ta turn tht road over ta tht etate. Tht state, he said, could either operate it as a toll road, end use the income for other road improvements, er could eliminate the tolls. wsa Mr. Troast's opinion that the advent of toll roads In the state had placed New Jersey "on the eve or an era of expansion snd progress no other state In ths union can hope to have. We expect to see expansion in all areas, particularly in travel to shore resorts, in Industry and In agriculture." Noting that the turnpike, as i». stand;, north to south through the stete. took only 23 months to build, Mr. Trosst cautioned the real estate men present that they sre sitting on top of a boom and should be prepared te take advantage of thtlr opportunities fast. But with th* court ease in the works, he felt it might take two year* to get th* parkway built. Plaoalag Takes Tim* Some of the officials prestnt told of having put in extra hard work to get the parkway program undtr way. Mr. Abbott said he had devoted 14 to 18 hours a day to hi* work. Assemblyman Elvln R. Simmill, of Monmouth county, dinner toastmuter, said he felt that hla effort may have "shortened my life." But Mr. Simmlll said the result had been to see a dream become a hope and the hope a reality. Former Secretary of State (Ue> e'.e Tom) Sylvester C. Mathia called the parkway "the greatest thing that could happen for th* thore." Senator Richard R. Stout of Monmouth county paid tribute to Qov. Alfred E. Driscoll, Commissioner* Abbott end Troast and, (specially, to Mr. Simmiil, for promoting the parkway program. Raymond Han* ley, president of the N. X Shore Builders' association, said the perkway will be the "springboard for the greatest progress we have ever had." Alex Felnberg, association attorney, said thi* state Is a "gang, plank between the north and south and in the parkway will be a real plank," Mr. Blmmlll said that in tho turnpike Gov. Driscoll had shown that toll roads can be made to pay "and we'll And tquslly true in the parkway." Other* introduced wer* Freeholder Director Joseph C. Irwln, Freeholder* Abram Voorehtt* and Victor E. Orosslngtr, the frtehold- r*' clerk, Edward C, Brngc; Sheriff Ira E. Wolcott; Couaty Clerk J, Ruittll Wooley, former Sen. Stanley Herbert, all of Monmouth; a number of Ocean county officials, snd Robert E. Scott, prilldent of the State Association of Real Estst* Boards. Holy troti P.T.A. Name. Nominating Committee rtumson-appolnted lo a nominating committee at a miitinf of the Holy Crois P*r«nt-Teacher is- oelatlon Tuesday night at Holy Rosary hall her* were Mr*. Raymond Htllktr, Mrs, Stephen C**agrande, Mre, William Patton end Mr*, Claude Mlimldl. Mr*. Henry Sanillas* was appointed chairman of a Communion brtekfeat May I, R*v, Richard A, Ewlng, assistant pastor, showed color tudte of the vestments cf a print, and prtclion in thi recitation cf s mat*. Rnimll T««Ronrn, Rmneli nv»,, Mill* 8IW*r, litinchtnni th Horn, cnovtni, f)lnnut >M, n«ni tiiti, fnrn»nn lit, Phnna UK H.I7, CloMii Montln/t. At* vtnlimtmi,,

26 f Pa era Two RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH LOANS, In by. IntmtM. Sif" an*" Hit! Nth. CanvtnlMl. CtnMmlial. BELL FINANCE CONPAHV Uc.NM74lamJ7»: MwuMMk t Slemr I Dr. Slocum Feted For Hospital Duty 4:30 p.. nr, but as soon as their WOMIN't 1OANS WB8T LONG BRANCH-Dr. official work day Is done they start Vera Tombleson led the devotional At the meeting of the Hailet The Crescent dub met at the t ar w*rru«* < ateyee' wemen * S»e. H«rry B. Slocum, Long Branch, a with improvised screen shovela in tervict. The topic was "Lest We Parent-Teacher association last hems of Mrs. Harold Kit* last j «M hurt *mt ttftm toh P»l- number of the medical staff of going through the day's sludge to Forget." Guest speaker was Mrs. week a scrap drive was planned Thursday evening. The newly, Monmouth Memorial hospital 90 see what they have uncovered. Armenia Brown, music therapist at for Apr. and residents have been elected officers conducted the meet- 1 veto <*»wll*ti.ri re»mi. Mien, ht yean, 24 of which have been a* The three men have pocketed Marlboro state hospital. She also asked to have their scrap ready Ing. A covered-dish, supper will be ' leon. chief of staff, wu honored at a about $100 each, according to some played several selections on a small when the truck comes for collection. Mrs. John H. Bahrenburg, Jr., dist ehuroh rooms, with Mr*. The- held Mar. it at St. John's Metho- 1M0NIY POM SHOWING rfwr. testimonial dinner «t Joseph's res-sourcestaurant Saturday night. turned up are jewelry, leather Roelif H. LeRoy, Miss Florence tie- Other things that have vlbraharp. Hostesses were. Mm. i available en» yew cie*t eiieaand Mn. Jerry Perno wera appointed on a committee for theing were Mr*. Theodore O. Bailey, odora O. Bailey ae hostess. Attend- I Kikes' htrt. Jutl pt»"» ttll Hi Mw About 90 persons saw a portrait goods, a bicycle speedometer, carpenters' tools, car locks, clothing, Mrs. Francei Woolley. Guests ware Roy,' Mrs. Dyson Woodhouse and! much you want on*, when yev will of Dr. Slocum presented to the Easter basket. Attending were Mr. Mlas Stella Bailey. Mr*. Elmer A. I be in for it. Ttw omodion <an a* hospital for display in the ataff and many other things. Mrs. Wayne B. Darland, Mrs. Armenia Brown and Mrs. James H. and MM. Fred Jensen, Mn.-Grant Bahrenburg, Mrs. Joseph R. Peseux, 1 umpliltd le mil ytur cenvenlime. room. Dr. Robert A. MacKentie, Uncovered were a' number of Meteger, Mn. John H. Bahrenburg, Mrs. Curtis Clayton, Mr*. Roelif past president of the medical board, wood paving blocks, covered with Ackerson. Members attending ware Jr., Mrs. Joseph Chapman, Mn. H. LeRoy, Mrs./James Neldlnger, MNDIY SIRVICI AND PAST made ihe presentation to Walter creosote, which were part of a Mrs. Richard Walker, Mrs, Alex Richard Button, Mn. Jerry Perno, Mrs. William Urstadt, Mrs. J. Carlton Cherry. Mr*. Oeorg. R. Im- f itontfard predict wild u«. N* its'- W. Reid, Jr., president of the hoi-$m1,s1pltalect about 40 years ago. The block* Mrs. Samuel H. Walling, Mrs. H. paving and drainage proj- Gllangl, Mrs. Elwood I. Monshan, MM. R, B. Doyle, Miss Ruth Parar, r ftp*. N* altlayi. We an net.*" f«dlse, Patrick J. MeDonough and" mons, Mr*. Frank MeCleaater, Mr*.. ««r frlenely nurltwt «n4«irtm4int Dr. MacKenile said the portrait, were unsuccessful, however; be- they would not stay in place, ner, Mrs. Stanley R. Jones, Mrs. Mn. John D. Walker ha* returned Bahrenburg, Jr., Mrs.- James H. Alvln Walling, Mrs. Llllle B. Bru- Karl E. EschhOl*. Maltland Walling, Mm. John H., ef ewr client'* net* 1!. painted by Haj. Gen. J. O. Mau-causborgne, Little Silver, retired Army and the city's founder, James A. Leon Wallace, Mrs. Augustus Bo- home from Rlvervlew hospital, Ward, Mrs. Judsen Hopla, Jr., Mrs. SIONATURI LOANS * «*m ; wemen fkifb er menle*". Meve yev officer, would be displayed In thebradley, told city council at that fart. Mrs. Beulah Thistle, Mrs. where she wae a patient. Leonard Lufburrow,. Mrs. Cyrus HeeeY werm Cm yen matt feavtar hospital 'staff room, where only out time: "From first to last it (the Frank P. Sproul, Mrs. Howard Porter, Mrs. Mile Hughson, Mn, Wil- td Mr*. Hendrlek L. Bennett, Mrs. Joseph I. Lahan, Mr*. Wayne Joyce Bennett, daughter of Mr. ROM, Mrs. Elwood I. Monahan, My hl ayimnlit T M, yen can other portrait now hangs. I* job) was a cheat and 4 fraud." art a lean hart an yew lafletar. that of Dr. Slocum's predecessor t Bell, Mrs. Frances Woolley, Been at., was given a surprise party in celebration of her Uth birthson. B. Darland and Mia* V*ra TemMe- as chief of staff, the lata Dr. Bd- Mrs. Norman R. Rlley, Mn. James Neldlnger, Mn. Dyson Woodhouse, day Friday evening. Quests were Raymond Trye and family of 1.VISIT IOANS»*nt *' *. MIM Florence LeRoy, MUt leaner Barbara Wilson. Deanna Johnson, Hailet ave., have sold their hem* toll «i Hew mwh veil w«m. Olv» Walling, Miss Stella Ballsy, Mrs. Ann MePhee, Margaret Welgand, and have moved to Union. Joseph a few feeh cwetrnln* yewnelf. ten. Dorothy Rada, Marjorle Ann An- Xamandy ef Union has purchased HMH CtwMlH mihoio omci n*m 39 EAST MAIN STRUT Ore***' Weer in IANK emei th**-. MOM 77 ROAD STRUT '. Over Ntwkirry'i leys sit abl* ta nikt saeket nonet by lelllnt The RtfiiUr. Advtrtiuatnt. win C. Field. Dr. Slocum, who joined the hoi* pltal staff In 1902, Is now senior attending surgeon. He was elected chief of staff In 1923 when Dr. Field died. In 1847 he declined renonv (nation, and when he retired from that post a reorganisation was made, assigning' chief of staff duties to the president of the midlcal board. Dredge Uncovero Sundry ems ASBI7RY PARK. - A varied assortment of miscellaneous items, ineluding cash, have been pulled out of Wesley Lake in the past two months. Dredging crews worklni en the take, are providing spectators with hours of amusement. Crews of the Thomas Procter eompany of Long Branch ara pumping the lake dally from I a. m. to Entertainment Apr. 26 To Sell Israel Bonds ASBURT PARK A gala entertalnment to promote the sale of Israeli bonds will be held Sunday night, Apr. 16, at the Berkeley- Carteret hotel. Mrs. Sidney J. Jfelstrleh I* chairman of "Cafe Night in Israel.", The planning board committee met last week at Mrs. Meistrlch's homa and heard Mrs. Bernard F. Fineman, national director of the womens' division for Israel bonds, explain the (projects of women throughout the nation to promote sale* of bonds. Red Bank women attending the matting wera Mrs. Melvln Goodman, president of Red Bank chapter of Hadassah, and Mrs. Benjamin Athln, a chapter member. RED BANK YOUTH CENTER FOR THE Extra Value! Girls 100% WOOL Flannel SPRING COAT Wonderful an wool grey flannel... princess style with gold piped cellar, pockets and buttons, ADJUSTABLE HEMS for eatra years' wear. SUM 4 to «M at this very.tow price... stse T te 14 at 13V«TV BOLERO SUIT Navy faille bolero Jacket;and skirt. Pearl and rhlneatone trim. Blue 4 to m,.. etoea T te 11 at CM. 5 FREE MATCHING BAG BASKET SET! (ibove) LORETTI WOOL AND ORLON WASHABLE COAT...19 fi Specially Priced! BOYS-6Pc. 10-WAY SUIT 1 Crease-rHlslant gaberdine Jacket t. Matching gabardine Slacks. t Contrasting heundsteoth Slacks. by COAT.CRAFT Reg Revenlbl* Weaklt. (. Reversible Belt. Contrutlng Pocket Hankie. Wear This Suit 10 Different Ways for fit for velue,. for bright new tprlng ttyltt Dr.POSNER SHOES FOR CHILDREN Hadet The Women's Society of Christian Servlee met Tuesdsy evening at St. John's Methodist church. Miss William Barnes, Mrs. Blaer.,A, Bahrenburg, Miss Vera Tombleeon, Mn. Walter Smele, Mrs. Leonard Lufburrow, Miss Anna Cowles, Mrs. William Bryne, Mrs. Russell Smith, Mrs. J. Carlton Cherry, Mrs. Say. mour Pappas, Mrs. Theodora O. Bailey, Mrs. Frank McCleuter, Miss Maria Bailey, Mrs. Laos Matthews, Mrs. Asbury Walling, Mn. Charles D. Johnson, Mn. Albert Heath, M«* Mildred Laughlln, Mn. Jay Baker, Mrs.. Frank Laughlln, home from a stay ef several week* Mrs. Xsndrlck L. Bennett and Mn. In Delrey Beach, n*. Realif LeRoy. The Mother-Daughter banquet will be held at the home from Monmouth Memorial Mr*. Jack Jeandrea ha* returned church Tuesday evening, May 3. hospital. tonldes, Sheila Sickle* and June Bennett. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mill* are the parents of a son, born Mar. at Rlvsrylew hospital; The baby has been named Craig Stuart Mn. Mill* I* the former Miss Anna Dean. George Murphy of Florida, formerly of Haslet, visited Mr. and Mr*. W. Plersen Dean Saturday. Mn. John T. Watson has returned the Frye home. Philip Walling, aon of Mr. and Mr*. Roland Walling, ha* enlisted hn the Air Corp* and I* stationed' at Sampson Air Base, Geneva, V. T. Amateur Athletic Union centrlbuttons to the 1*81 U. S. Olympic fund totaled t3tt,, The A.A.U. raised f 1M.4M» for the INS Olympic*. - Elderly Couple* Welcome PRIVATE WING 14 hour nurtinf tervic* far aft*] anal chronically til. Miry I. ekwhh, Prop. UDIANR MMI JOHNS - MANVILLE HREPROOF SPINTEX HOME INSULATION > SAVES UP TO 41% ON FUEL BEAUTIFUL SIDING THAT NEVER NEEDS PAINT ROOF REPAIRS OR NEW ROOFS THAT N LAST 41 YEARS PLUS HbrvVaPMslwB^HI Wk' wmirift' W I U i 905 MAIN STREET ASMMY PARK NO ONE, NO WHERE, NO TIME, EVER UNDERSELLS IRWIN! Don't Dream About Furniture, Own! NO MONEY DOWN! On Irwin's Charge Account Purchaee* Undor»SO-FREE ALL SIZE LIVING ROOM SUITES Regular 14M 9.75 \ TABU LAMPS Beg«]ar to MM 5.03 MAVY, Mi SIZES RegmhwlMI 7.50 WAVY COL SPHRtt LOVE SEAT Begvlar lltm MAPU LOVI MAT At SHOWN AIM AM UafgAaHJKtai U fu. m^m 191* Sfybt* ANNIVERSARY SPECIALS SsM Oak DINETTB p DOtSTTCS, MUJT I. Brgnlar l*m0 ChroMO DDfBTnE M«_*. W oakcsmras BIDKOOM SUITIS *>FC. 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27 it's a Great Day for the IRISH MARCH 17 OPEN HOUSE With. INCINNTAL INTlRTAINMINT A FUN At the COCKTAIL LOUNGE of the MOLLY PITCHER HOTEL ON TH1 SHMWMURY MD IANK Boys'and girls' Easter Shoes Mystery Play Set for 20th LEONARDO Tht senior class of Middletown towmhip high school will present a three-act, "The r Cue of the Sulky Girl," Friday, Mar. 20, in the trammar ichool auditorium here. Robert ForleiuaWill play Perry Maun, the lawyer-detective creation.of Brie Stanley Gardner. Other* In the cast are Barbara Sehoellner, Margaret Ring, Richard Humowitr, Joseph Shea, James Morford, Carolyn Otten, Margaret Hansbury, Arleeta Olsen, Carol Lefever, Ronald Tarnali and Henry Bolwyn. Understudies, prompters and stage crew will Include Harriet Marsh, Barbara Megohigal. Joan Schenk, Marian LoPrcstl. Alice Hartman, James Bartow. Richard Bayne and Paul Maresca. Paul P. Lefever, instructor in English, is directing the play. Rehearsals have been in progress for six weeks. High school students will attend a matinee next Thursday. Proceeds will go into the elan treasury to finance the senior trip to Washington, D. C., Eait Keantburg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Howard and family spent the week-end with Mr. and Mr*. George Walnsley of North Arlington. Mr.' and Mr*. Herman Koclln«r returned home recently from Miami, Fla., and Cuba, which they visited by plane. Robert Tillyer. ion of Mr. and Mrs. James Tillyer of Creek rd., left last week for training at Bainbridge, Md. Mrs. Margaret Corcoran of Ocean ave. was hostes* at a bridal shower for Miss Patricia Hudson of Neptune pi. Friday evening. She was assisted by her daughter, MiM Patricia Corcoran. Gifts were arranged beneath a white umbrella. Attending were Misses Patricia LaBar, Adrianne Herr, Irene Helnold. Hazel Foote, Mary Tillyer, Jane May, Jacqueline Hudson, Mrs. Harold Hudson, Mrs. Kate Hudson, Mrs. James Tillyer, Hits. Florence Me- Arthur, Mrs, John Herr and Mm. Mamie Bush, Miss Hudson became the bride of Pvt. Richard Tillyer Sunday..,,. Mr. and Mrs. William Lusby visited Mrs. Hc2en Barbera of Brooklyn over the week-end. RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH 12,1958 Matawan Mn. J. Raymond Kttchel, Mrs. Channinf P. Clapp, Mrs. Frank H, Bllit and Mn. Ralph Bedle spent Thursday in New Tork city rhere they attended a performance >f tht "Four Colonels." Mrs. Cheater Galloway, wife of he pastor of the Presbyterian shurch, was honored Thursday af- :«rnoon at a surprise shower given by member! of the Presbyterian Woman's association, in the lecture room of the church. The centerpiece of the table was a white satin cradla which held the gifts. Guests were Mrs. Arnold Massle, president; Mrs. Harry Wells. Mrs. J. Fred Robinson. Mrs. William Burmester, Mrs. Joseph Dietrich, Mrs. Fred Stevens, Mrs. Richard E. Oriesinger, Mrs. Allan Morrison, Mrs. William C. Noddlngs, Mr*. Milton F. Stevenson, Mrs. Elmore Kattnew, Mrs. C. William Ludl, Mrs. Lawrence Aitken, Mra. Tunis Schenck, Mn. J. G. Sterling Thompson, Sr., Mrs.. 'Gordon Magee, Mrs. Frank Kerney. Mrs. Lerey Bergen, Mrs. Maude Corbett, Mrs. Edwin Domlnick, Mrs. Ralph lerrlck, Mra. Henry Luhrs, Mrs. Clarence Lundy, Mrs. W. Rulon Smith, Mra. Stephen Thompson, Ira. George Sampson, Mrs. Peter Raaimussen, Jr., Mrs. Marie Rinek, Irs. John Lambert, Mrs. Alfredo Contrerai, Mn. Ruth Casey and Miss Louise K#rney.. Patricia Egan, daughter of Mr. tnd Mrs. Paul A. Egan of Broad t., spent the week-end on a skiing rip to the Oak N' Spruce lodge. "outh Lee, Mass., with members of he senior class of Red Bank Cath- >He high school. The group was accompanied, by Rev. Edward W. Hughes of St. James church, Red Bank. Mrs. August Ktttner of Main st is (pending a few days with Mrs. Fred Baltr of Absecon. Martha Meriya Miller, daughter f Mr. and Mrs. William Miller of Middlesex St., celebrated her third Irthday at a party last Thursday afternoon. Print were awarded to Nancy Ratcliffe and David Smith. Others present were Phyllis Mtgban. Candace Loekwood, Austn Carlion, Penny Wllkins, Barry Ward, Alan Smith, Judy Rica, William Miller. Gary Miller, Rosa Mahan. Blair Miller. Mra. William Ratclifre, Mrs. William Wilkins and Mr*. Douglas Ward. JoAnn and Debby l*iow, daughters of Dr. and Mrs. 8. it. L**ow of Main at. art confined to their home with German measlet. Mm. Conover BurteV enurtatmd at «luncheon bridge at her home Tuesday afternoon. Oueata were Mrs. Ralph Herriek, Mrs. J. Raymond Ketchel and Mra. Joseph Baler. Miss Ruranns Donnell Is en jay- Ing a three weeks' vacation in Florida. Eugene l«nzaro Is a surgical patient in the Perth Amboy General hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius A. P«nnetti and daughter Diane of Sutphin ave. n-era week-end gumts of Mr. tnd Mra. Alexander Pennetti of Laneaboro, Maas. Mr. and Mra. William J. Rabel are spending three weeka in Havana, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rleo. ; ' Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Erdmann of Sutphln ave. have purchased the home of Mrs. Franklin S. Cottrell on Main at., and expect to occupy in about two months. Mm. Milton F. Stevenson, Mrs. Walter Taylor, Mrs. Russell A. O. Sutler. Mr*. David Bruce and Mrs. Elinors Kattnew attended a performance of "The Time of the Cuckoo" In New Tork city last week. Mn. William Wasmuth Is a patient in Lutheran hospital, New Tork city. Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Zumbano are spending; a, three weeka vacation In Miami, Fla. The auxiliary of the Midway Are compuiy met Monday evening In the lire houae and made Plans for CRAWFORD WANTS a food sale tomorrow. A new member, Mrs. Lawrence Bachmann, waa welcomed. Hostesses were Mrs. George Clarke and Mrs. Leon Brown. Mrs. Michael J. Eovlno entertained the Friday Evening Pinochle club at her home. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Thomas Walling, Mrs. Henry Drugaa and Mrs. Phoebe A. ZiMler. Mrs. Howard Shlnn of Weldon rd. is visiting her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shinn of Miami. Fla. Mrs. Joseph Baler entertained the Thursday Afternoon Bridge club at her home on Main st. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Rensselaer L. Cartan, Mrs. Warren Vroeland and Mrs. Edward Currie. Mra. William Miller entertained the bridge club Thursday evening. Prise* were awarded tn Mrs. George Ritter and Mrs. Douglas Waro. George Kell of the Boston Red Sox has batted over.300 for the past seven consecutive seasons Finishes Electronics Course at Great Lakes LITTLE SILVER-Toy K. Pearsail, ETS.N T, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. f. Pearsall of M Riverview ave., has successfully completed a course in the Electronics Technicians' school at Great Lakes, I. The school i.i designed for the training of men in theory and maintenance of electronic equipment. Seaman Pearsnll i* now assigned to the destroyer Myles C. Fox at Newport, R. r. Choristers to Give All-Bach Program UMSON The Choristers of St. George's Episcopal church will present their second annual Bach festival Sunday, Mar. 22, at 4 p. m. In the church. The nil-bach program will be under direction of Paul L. Thomas, organist and choir master of the church. Soloists and instrumentajists will assist the Choristers in this musical service. Bill Jackowski, newest NMfctMt League umpire, is a basketball eav cial during the off-season. ' ; ' THAT DOGGIE IN OUR WINDOW IS FREE WIN A COCKIR SPANIEL rum H I! JUST IT GIVING IT AN UNUSUAL NAMI. INTIR AT OIM STOML LA WES Ofltct Gwsjtt) Crat* 514 RIVER ROAD PAIR HAVIN FORMICA IAR STOOLS > STO R I FIXT U RIS CUSTOM QUADITY KITCHENS REGAL PRODUCTS CO. S WIST FRONT STRUT RED BANK ALTIRATIONS - RIMOMLINft «WOOD AND MRAL CANITS tj.m 11% to 3 6* JOHN B. ALLEN CO. R RID 0ANK H «- l*7 NMI* POIT Offict Highlands Grammar school pupils presented a musical program last Thursday at a meeting of the Parent-Teacher association at the school. Jack Schwartz, music instructor at the school, directed the program. Tak ing part were a rhythm band, Sally Kecch, Vincent Mendea, Richard Maxson, Carol Fahrer, Walter Wolffe, Robert Ellis and Betsy Thompson; a violin quartet, and a vocal ensemble and chorus. A white elephant sale will be held at the next meeting Thursday, Apr.». Michael Mahoey Is en vacation in the South. Mrs. Stephen Grost and Mis Irene Decker are on three wetka' vacationjn Florida. They will visit Miami, take Worth, Palm Beach and the west coast of Florida. NOT ONE OF BIJT ONE IN ONE HUNDRED) So...regardless of Original Cost... MARKED DOWN BROKEN LOTS OF 'S SUITS FORMERLY $42.95 to $ IN 2 GREAT SALE GROUPS: A.-'i NOW BUILDING I Soon to be eompleled for Mine discriminating buyer who want! distinction at a fair price.» In one of the finest locations in fast-growing Atlantic Highlands... in the hills, with miles of view. Look at this list-for Luxurious: living. IUILT IY A WILDER OF INTESMTYI HI«H AND DRY LOCATION CITY WATIR, STRUTS, SIWIR, ALL UTILITS * YACHT HAMOR FINI CHURCHES STORK. 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28 sr.:' Fresh Flowtrs Always Appreciated^ Whether it'i to send cenero<vilotioo«for happy xcasioo, or brighten o horn* with living beouty, our dtwy flowtn convey a tneisoo* of warmth and wtll being. Let ui make up ond deliver your fawrits flowers. Com* in today. Thit Week CARNATIONS and IRIS IfCAllfDr-M Little Silver R. I. «-1tS2 PHILCO PHILCO lasheist Feesiel NO MONEY DOWN Us to M Mwik* *e P*r> PIN IVCV CVBNINO TILL t. M. TUNIR Hire's the 21-inch TV act that gives you more for your SMaay thai vtc before-the PhUeo 3233 with tam Golden Grid Tuner, Suet lifts a lee* in nation power! Everywhere, ila un> Sketched sensitivity ie the aenaetioa of the TV world. Plm fuu 24S eq/inch er*en-r20 eq. inchea LARGER than ay othtr so-called 21-inch iet(. ATONTOW 1 \ IS1ON MtE PARKING AT REAR OP STORE N T '. v*v N Pays to Advertise in The Register Headquarters for N Liberty Women ' Hold Card Party The auxiliary of Liberty fire lomptny held a card and fame party Monday night at the fire, nouse on White it. Proceed! will be given to the Red Bank First Aid squad. Mr«. Catherine B. Douglss was chairman, assisted by Hri. Gregory Figaro, Mr*. Samuel Scalzo and Mri. George Belovuss. Table prizes were boxes of stationery. Winners of special awards were Mrs. Harold Moore, Mrs. Claude REP SANK REGISTER. MARCH 12,19W Nelson, Karen Oreen, Donna Rapp, Mrs, Jean Jefferson and sonquackenbush, Kathleen Rellly.Jane Charles, Mr. and Mrs. John Jefferson and Mr. and Mra. Thomas For- Oajenac, Dolores Moan, Lola Doran, Verpent, Mexine Flnan, Rosalia jlne and children Hercules and Gil-Pada, all of Port Monmouth; Mr. andjo Aahman and Carol Allen and Lsventhal, Terry Moe, Mary Borchardt, Mrs. Matthew A. Con-Mrsnor, Mrs. Anne Fredenburg, Mrs, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Israel G. Ja-the troop. Bernard Moun. Middletown, Donna Oreen, who wu a guest of Carl Wiims, Mrs, William Turner, cobion and daughter Helen, Larchmont, X. Y.; Miss Marchla Botnlck, Junior Intermediate Olrl Scout Mrs. Christopher O'Andrea, Mrs, Alex Renxo, Miss Judy Maua, Miss Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis, Law-troorence Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Bid Monmouth school. The troop will 1ST met Monday at the Port Phyllis Catanzaritl, Dominie P. Figaro and Milton Barle, Mark, Mr., and Mrs. Ralph Pecchio, start Ha own newspaper, with Marie Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Ruben, Mr. Lawlor aa edltor-in<huf and Barbara Seeley as assistant editor; On Others present were Mrs. Joseph and Mrs. Gabriel Freldman and" ray, Mrs. Charles Glblin, Mrs, children Marylyn and Steven, and printing team one are Janet Craig, Charles Menna, Mrs, Joseph Roswell, Mrs. Dominic P. Figaro, Mrs. York city: Rabbi and Mrs. Arthur lagher; printing team two, Joan Aronka Schlcsinger, all of New Carol Thompson and ola Gal- Roy J. King, Mrs. Samuel Romeo, Hershon. Red Bank; Mr. and Mrs. Qajanet, Barbara Krutol and Barbara Sselsy, and team three, Joan Mrs. Jennie Figaro, Mrs, Rita Haley Douglas, Mrs. Bruno Tomalno, Estell of Brooklyn, and Mr. andrelaer. Maria Lawlor and ~>hilip Fingerman and daughter Linda Mrs. John Romeo, Mrs. William Decker, Mrs. William DuCloi, Mrs. Joseph Fix, Sr., Mrs. J. D. Stump, Mra. John H. Regan, Jr., Mrs. John Holian, Mrs. James Dolg, Mrs. Thomas Brasch, Mrs, Thomas Mead, Mrs. Mary Maasey. Mrs. Thomas Rlflcl, Mrs. Charles Gunnell, Mrs, Peter Galatro, Mrs. Angelo Migllara, Mrs. Alfred Ceppalunl, Mrs. C. M. Pellatl, Mrs. Jenlie Slclltano, Mrs. A. G. Suplimkl, Mm. Howard Havens, Mrs. Joseph Maua, Mrs. Frank Cannavo, Mrs. Joitph Donate, Mra. Claude Who Ian, Mrs, Vincent Cantallce, Mrs, William Boceellato, Mrs. Earl Stout, Mrs. Chadwick Hendrlckson. Mrs. Fred Dressier, Mrs. John Prcsti, Mrs. Harold Dressier, Mrs. Elmer Johnson, Mrs. Jacob Bloom, Mrs. Kenneth Woodward, Mrs. Chester J. Beaman, Mrs; James Sarnese, Mrs. Peter DeFa*lo, Mrs. Lars Ol en, Mrs. John Green. Misses Loretta Menna, Barbara Scalzo, Angela Scalzo, Angle Verange, Carmela Siclilano, Kitty Bartholomew, Joanne Donate, Patricia Whelan, Llda Mott, Mary Ann Bloom, Edith Preati and Eleanor Koch, and Chief Harry Aumack. Roy King. Samuel Scalzo, Jerold Franklin, John Hlggins and George Schmidt. Dial Telephones Used in Freehold ntcbhold Dial telephone service was Inaugurated here Sunday at 12:01 a. m. The first call waa nude by Mayor Willard Prigge to C. Edward Tilton, preaident of the Chamber of Commerce, In ceremonies at the New Jersey Bell Telephone company 1! new dial center building on East Main at, Company officials said Asbury Park and Spring Lake exchanges ara scheduled to be converted to dial aervice by the spring of 54. The whole county U due for dial phonea before 1M0. ' The former manual beard on Caurt *t, had been In operation years. The new system had been uader coastruction and test fo more than yesr. Freehold one and two-party lint customers are now able to dial mere than 8,000,- 000 telephone In Central and North Jersey and five boroughs of New York. Port Heart Divine On iuek to God' LEONARDO Joseph Divine, Monmouth county vice commander, addresssd members of the American Legion's Memorial pest here on the "Back to God" movement at a meeting Monday night at the post home on it. M, near Appleton ave. Prise winners at a recent card party held by the post and auxiliary Included Mrs. Edwin Bruntz, Sr., Mrs. H. Laurence Scott, Jr., Mrs. Emma Hutchlnson, Richard Bsnnett, Mrs.. Olive Merker, Mrs. Pauline MeCabe, Ralph Johnson, Anthony Mantellick, Robert Machette, John Langt, Arthur Maler, William Smith, Robert Martin, Martin Lawlor. Harry Quackenbush and Jamea W. Davldhetser. Port Monmoath Bernard Botnlck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Botnlck of highway M was confirmed Sunday at Bnai Israel synagogue, Red Bsnk. A reception followed at the home of his parents. Bernard was the recipient of many gifts. Attending were Mr. nessed the operation of the switchboard. Mrs. Orsen waa accompanied by Mrs. Teresa Putsch, ee-the quilt Tha girla sleeted Nancy iliary of the V.F.W. post, will award and Mrs. Harvey Botnick, Mr. andleader, and Mrs. Mildred Moon, a Mra. Herbert Levitt, Mr. and Mrs. committee member. Brownies making the trip were Patricia Pree- Michael Moun, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carotenuto and children Michael and Diane, Mr. and Mrs. tage, Carol Miner, Alice Galls, Dot Charles Mrs. Robert Rod. Osslnlng. N. T. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Tetraault celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary Feb. 28. After dinner at the Rumson inn the couple attended a show In Anbury Park. Mrs. Emily Levering and Sirs. Arabelle Burkhardt will be hostesaat a card party Klven by the Women's Republican club at Mrs. Le'verlna/s home on Main at nest Tuesday afternoon. The Brownies were taken to Red Bank Monday of last week by their leader, Mrs. Charles Orsan, far a tour of the telephone plant on Monmouth st., where they wit- Wsniel. In charge of eubecrlatlent, ads and posters ara Linda Wenael and Ixola Gallagher. The town reporter la Irene Vivian; sen lor troop reporter, Carol Thompson; Junior troop reporter, Barbara Krutol, and Brownie troop reporter, Joan Gejanee. In charge of special columns for articles, poems and Utters to the editor are JOM ant publication Is due the first Monday In April. The paper will consist of two pages. The girls have started work on a bed quilt A tewing day will be assigned at the end of March, at which time puffe will be sewed in the quilt The troop sponsors, the Ladies' aux- Hallard chairman and Blanche Hancock and Patrlela Verpent aa commutes members in charge of (ha project The Port Monmouth Home and School group will meet neat Tuesday at p. m. at the school, Tha Pert Menmouth CMe organisation will meet tonight at the school. Tha Pert Menmouth Republican club will meet tonight at o'clock at tha Mease clubhouse. Committee numbers. ef the Brownie troop will meet next Wednesday night at the home ef Mrs. Merman Pulach en Main st Mr. and Mrs. John Ketchow and children Richard and Marilyn and Mr. and Mra. George Phillips attended the christening ef Charlea A. Carew, Id, at tha home ef Ma parents, Mr. and Mra. Charlea Carew of Iselln Sunday., WANTID! 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30 Page Six RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH Smith Furs 24 Steond Avt., Long Branch FUR STORAGE Certified Cold Storage Vanlia RffMkillf RtStylill, Nr CMh Ma* f* Ordw PHONE Long Branch CHARLIE ft IDYTHI MEYIR have opened the Hi-Henry Inn Restaurant 33* IRANCHPORT AVI. LONft IRANCH Featuring ~""~^~"~~ LOISTIRS SIAPOOD STEAKS FOWL USINESSMEN'S LUNCHEON SERVED Mm 11 fa 2 P. M. Tel. LO 64)477 ANSWEMIVIRY MUNRTANT WINDOW NOtUMI M M K l i M I l t h t >iih>ah a. swowmw, MatsMMiaMN.^ 00&V«.U%AT? Catetrii el. SdMaecua>. N. V. k et. A FaMrm Plank rev Nerlk warn. N. J. AnklUcte Saaplee, 1*1 Park eve* N Yark city. GMMMI Woodcraft Co., IM. ' I Ml Cattlya ««, SthtaectsO, ". Y, DIM. R. R. NaHk Btrfem N. J. LOTS Frost Bite Fleet To Be Formed LONO BRANCH-Thl Lent Branch lea Boat and Ttcht club will give lti member! a year-'round activity with th* lateit addition of a "Froat Bite" fleet of 11-foot Chicks, of pram dejifn. Thlt new type craft will be inaugurated next fall to Ml in the period between the ancient pastime of ice-boating and the lummcr erultlng schedules. Fred Loiier, Jr., of Oeeanport will be in charge of the program. Commodore Reuben Taylor, Little Silver, announced that for the Mrat time In the- club'* 80-year history, membership la now compoied of ice-boatmen, stock and hydro outboardmen, a well-organized group of Jeraey apeed kin' racera and nationally known inboard racing driven. Holderi of the 1MI Eastern Ice Yachting club championship, recently won at Greenwood lake, the group also elaimi, through member competition, the national chanv plonihip for Claat B itock utility outboarda, the national championship for Jeraey skiffs, aj well ai the world'a atraightaway one-mile record for that elaia. Vice Commodore Robert Kelly, Little Silver, announced scheduled activity aa followa: club'a annual picnic, June 31; fifth annual Long Branch inboard regatta, July IS; third annual Long Branch-Red Bank outboard marathon race, July 11 and the cruuer division of tha club will hold the annual crulie up tha Hudton over the week-end of July JJ-M. The third annual rendetvoua for boating membera will be held on an island was emphasized tha division in the Navealnk Aug. 23, with the is In the aame category as all final club picnic Sept. 20 at the other business and industry today. Pleaiura Bay clubhouae. la subject to higher salaries, and the tripling of coils of all materials and supplies. Unless more MONMOUTH COUNTY CATHOLIC revenue is forthcoming, some phase LEAGUE of nsh and game conservation will INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES ST. JOSEPHS I hava to suffer, tha division insists. over Ptttlts. O AVI 'A legitimate deer hunter Is regarded aa a high type sportsman, R. Hlm.lwlk _..... IT J. " D»FId " - ()t _. it 111. L. Aurltmme IT and wa are sura that he will not M. Cox 16MB want to see his deer management W. Harrl program scrapped, nor would he J. S«M«i T. N«PP» 7» want to sea tht propagation and ST. AGNES 1 distribution of pheasants, quail, G. K*tinta> ID 1(3.411 rabbita or predator control discontinued, or even reduced beneath a J. G.rl.ek IT U. Hlllm.n, M. Snptr IK present level," aald tha Division of V. Schmidt IK Fllh and Game. E. Bteteh ID Becauia complainta being received by the Division of Fish and HOLY FAMILY ti. Lront W. KohlbMktr Oame on the deer license proposal V. Aeutrla. l«13s. indicate a lack of understanding P. MeDsneiitk -» 144. J. C»nro» _ M 14*. on tht flnaneea of tha dlviilon, the I. Condon SI following atatlatict wera alto made ST. JAMBS C.W.V. public: P. Amon«IK 111.1* MeBrld. HI. During tha current naeat year, B. Grimlor S.TS4 hunting licenses were Issued. H«n«ir«!ll 17 US. This includes resident, non-resident Koeh _ Ill and bow and arrow licenses. Tha R. Clambroa*. ia».il R, gtroupa IT total ravenua derived from theae V, Arnsnt IT 131. licenses is t*m.m2. Of this amount, ST. JOSEPHS t P. DtTlae tl 1T». V. Yeuneefikl. 71 1S7.». GirttUa R. glslimeitll rtt..._... *. CrTiMU ZZ'.Z'Z'.'Z'.'Z'.'Z'.'. r. DlnrektMi*» H. Aautne»...«... MM*... M 4t. '. Carroll "I ""'..!!!! "'!! 41 W. Lake ST. AONIS 1 I) MIlM «. 11. w.\ni» _..... Tit B. Wallmu 11 J. MeNf* Brrn* '...'..'.'.'."\ """"" ' lt T. Hlialas."'... li ST. AGNBS I «, Keaullt; R. Kevtiiikf ' r. Hlilmta»i 1. ritimlrlck IT C. HMlman, 8f B. Hlllman IS ST. CATHCBJNE'R t* ««!im»r»1 fi. Flftltrnwl K. MeGlnlt* J. l)urnl*h : I* F. Bareilo* 11 A. Colin ST. MARY'S I 0, Btlllr J. Cnmrt»l A. Hcolt r. Jitobxn T. I^nean R. Oskisn il ST. MARYS I 0. Neuifctea R. ftamina A. Crala 41 R Ecktrt IT RifhiH «k«t 1. O'N»I1I..» M. Uwler tl ST. JOSsVH'S 1 S..viatk* T. fnntr C. Clielirakl 4T A. Dtvlim 3. Pnvino 10 V. Halltran 1* :" til. lit. lit. lit I3S.I I.I llt.ll llt.t lt.ll I4I.!1 144. lit. lll.l lit.j 14T.T I2». l T.ll lit. 1SI.1I I SI. S.I 113, 118. Jr. Sportsmen to Hold Annual Show Of Interest to 'Deer Hunters TRENTON New Jersey hunter* and fuharmen would only pay f if they aecurcd every hunting and fishing liccme in the atate, including the propoied MIS resident deer licenae, the State Division of FUh and Game, Department of Conaervatlon and. economic Development hat revealed. These licenaei which grant the privilege of trapping, fishing and hunting on nearly all of the 3tB days of the year, Include $8.18 for a reiidcnt flahing license,, ft for a resident trout stamp, $815 for a reiidcnt hunting licenae, 12 for a reiidcnt woodcock licenae, 2 for a federal duck stamp, and $3.15 for the proposed resident deer license, All this activity, including the hunting of deer with firearm* and bow and arrow, could ba had for by law, $19,707 goes into the Publie Shooting and Fiihlng Grounds fund for tha purchass of hunting grounds, their maintenance and stocking. Thla leaves for all other operating ctpenaes $J7»,J7S. Tha huntar, In turn beneflta from tht following: two pheaaant farms, coating $11SJM to operate; one quail farm, coating $89,406; chick program (pheasants and quail) $«,57«; purchase of rabbita. $28,- 400; predator control, $38,380; 60 par etnt of cost of law enforcement, $10»,613. Thla totals $St>,157, leav. ing a balance of $17,11* to cover a gama management program, and the hunter'a proportionate share of the division's administrative coat. "To participate In two separate iporti a person should be willing to pay'an additional fee," said the division. "The cost to the division to maintain tha deer hunting sport ahould ba borne by deer hunters, aa deer management tha most expensive phase of the division's work, and involves proper enforce mint to cut down Illegal deer hunting, protecting the farmers' crops by installing fences, application of repellents and installation of food plots." Training honors at Delaware Park's 1(63 meeting ended in a deadlock bttween Oscar White and Frank A. Bonsai. Each aaddled ten winneri. Turk town of tht Chicago Cubs hurled the only one-hit game In the National league during the 1953 aeason. was a nlx-inning tie. LUMBER IN ANSWER TO POPULAR DEMAND ATLANTIC SUPPLY TAKES PRIDE IN ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF AN UP-TO-DATE LUMBER DEPARTMENT. GEARED TO MEET THfe LUMBER NEEDS OF OUR CUSTOMERS NEW AND OLD-WE WILL STOCK COMPLETE LINES OF ALL WOOD MATERIALS. LUMBER LISTS ESTIMATED PROMPTLY A N D CHARGE-FREE ATLANTIC SUPPLY COMPANY 25 W. HIGHLAND AVK. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS TEL. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS 14)303, Monmouth Boxers In Ring Tourney FORT MONMOUTH Three Fort Monmouth flghtera won thtlr bouts Monday night in - tha opining of the annual First Army Boxing tournament at Camp Kilmer. Three other Slgnaleer ncrappern wera defeated, while Monmouth's seventh entry, heavyweight Hugh Strong, drew a bya. On tht nine-bout card at Kilmer't pott gym, two first round knockouts featured the evening's activities with a Monmouth fighter Involved. Welterweight Charley Me- Naughton knocked out Howard Schumacker of Fort Dtvena at l:13r The other quick kayo was Fort Dlx's AI Montgomery defeat- Ins; Bill Johnson of Fort Dtvent in 33 seconds of the first round. Defending First Army bantam champ AI Ford and Preston Chapman, lightheavy, were the other two Slgnaleer fighters to win their bouts. Ford, who halls from Camdan, only four cents a day, the division won a thne-round decision over point! out. If a sportsman gets Norman Sldner of Fort Dix and only one- day's fishing, ona day Atlantic City, while Chapman of small game hunting and one day Chaster, Pa., gained a split decision of deer hunting he haa had 30 over New York city's Stan Drayton, entered by New York Port of hours of recreation for 3H4 centa an hour, which it about one-half Embarkation. the price of a movie ahow. Monmouth hopefuls eliminated were Ralph Artis of Plalnfleld, The statistics, prepared by thea llftht-welterwelght. light-middle administration section of the State Dennis Nabried of Phllly. and Lu- Division of Fish and Oame, were mada public In an effort to secure aupport for the proposed new $3.18 resident deer license law now before the lieglilature. ther Pettles of New Brunswick, a middleweight, Artls was TKO'd by Kilmer's Ed< die Gadaon of Cleveland In tht third round. Nabried also lost by a TKO, to Joe Johnson, Atlantic City, ag the Denver fighter flnlihed Nahrled in 40 seconds of tha second round. AI Bartee of New Rochelle, fighting under Fort Jay, made Monmouth's third leas the same as the previous ones via a TKO at 1:23 of the second round Tourney Schedule Tonight Convention Hall R*d Bank Catholic v«. SI. Mary's, (r*rth Amhoy) «:M. 1V4 Bank vt. Neptune. 7:Mi Long Branch vt. Hamilton, t:m. St. Mary'a (PA) Gym Atlantic Highlands va, Saynvllle, Hoffman vs. OartafK. S:W. TO ADDRESS STUDENTS FREBHOLD-Mrt. Edytha W. Chiovaron, guidance counselor of tha Berktley School of Secretarial Training in East Orange,'will deliver a lecture next Wednesday at 1 p. m. to high school pupils In tcreated In a secretarial career. THAT DOGGIE IN OUR WINDOW IS FREE WIN A COCKIR SPANIH. PUffV NU JUST IT ftlvin* IT AN UNUSUAL HAMI. INTIft AT OUR STORE. LAWES AfllA A AaWa^Aa www Catalan wmvr IM RIVIR ROAD AIR HAVfN ROtBUCK ANUCO!!ssr A Elbert Wins Letter At Lafayette Swimmer LITTLE SILVER Edward 3. XIbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Elbert of 14 Creat dr., hat re-foceived a latter in varsity swimming In the Middle Atlantia swimming tha year aad placed fourth at Lafayette college. championships. Elbtrt, a sophomore, swam In the 300 aad 440-yard fret-stye events I BOJI are akls to askt totkrt SUBS? aa Lafayette compiled a M record >»? etlllni Tse Htslittr. AdttUieawit. Tht New Tork Giants made tht moat doublt playa (175) in tht National league during tha IMS season. They also had tha. moit paattd balls (»). A Now W M J In your largvogt! ANewSofrtVinyourlMt! MMICOM StM With their other superb «i«fial Nvton LlrBWAiJi* apiunrwi n»r». r i. frnmtx"ont.jnar aver ^AUUTit. * *$ & rfavalodad. a banishta blow* V* lu '!Tri!ii:.u. lmk far ILSROVALTIRES Ht0 BbwMithantion SMI PlttBCtion UhPrahiction mtostnormaiapted-wknout TK.w*^t k«rm or nenatiatwbi CUM wk*t nomnn wi I* tmi cwi stuff mihmn mi mmmtl jroraimr M M mi mourn -warittvtomlrimfjfi'ifsjjitiijjil il RED BANK CUSTOM TIRE SMRIWSIURY AVI. - 1 MMJ SOUTH OP AIRPORT Rl 4>M04 CUSTOM TIRE CO. ASSOCIATE STORES CUSTOM AUTO STORE 1200 MAIN ST. MAMMY ACH S22 ARNOLP AVL ASbwy Pvfc 147M POi*» PtoMMf M1M ALL PAYMENTS MAY BE MADE WEEKLY POINT PUASANT s HERE the NEW ALLSTATE "48" BATTERY "for those who want HIGHEST QUALITY plus LONGER LIFE 00 '" THE MIGHTY FORTY-EIGHT COSTS ' ^ C SIZE 1M, ftr Bvott cars, mni om bftttry PSR MONTH OP UARANTHD MRVrCI lasw ON TNI CURRINT UST PRICI IMS,A a»«* M 'AH 0kMm^m 0*mmm JBBAttlaamUaassi *» - - *- - Aasj * VaMaa 1*mm ^ff tvm IWf mm 9fMf vffl wf IMWV MVHJf I, Iflff* I VM Iw I Mr wfjr V P N V M P J I Mnv^rV.WwHW M V W l W RS^^rW^T Vf^^Rs^^an^R>v f i v V f I n blvmv a. m, lilo p.m. CAU RIO RANK, 4*1121 Prl. t to f

31 Red Bank Elks Honor Weiss Adolph Weiss, retiring exalts* ruler of the Red Bank BUM lodge, vu honored at a testimonial dinner-dance given oy thi lodg* Saturday night at th* Casino, Atlantis Highland!., John L. Montgomery, secretary, presented th«gutit el honor with an honorary lift membership and a carrying eat*. KerbMt C. Seott and John Kwlk, pait osaltsd rultn. w«r«toastmastera. Mr. Weiss expressed hi* sppreelation to lodge membere, oaews and committees for thttr eo-optra- Morgaaville Mr. and Mrs. Uphrata U wards have returned from a weeks' vacation in Florida. The,01*0 club of ths Lavols laboratories of Morganvills sing tomorrow ni(ht,at the Lutheran church In Keyport under the direction of Clinton Htyer ef Matawan. Wayne Harrison and Ann and Charles Lathrop attended the luncheon meeting of th* Garden State Goat association Sunday at Bomervllle. Th* sewing group of the 4-H club of Robcrtsvills met at the home Of their leader, Mrs. Olaf Sjoetron, Tuesday, Among those prsssnt wsr* Mlml Keck, Anna tattd th. new group has set as!! llk Ilk and Bd Onrgt Goorg* Elff. lu goal for tht coming year the enrollment of 100 now members. The arrangement eommittos corn* prised Abe C. Dfaon, Gordon Van- Hotn* and Pat Vaecarsllt. Others present wsra Henry Aidsworth, James Aeerrsv Mr. and Mrs. hurst, Miss Elaine Cherry, Mre. John Stllff and Mrs. J. Nelson Charles Bruno, Mr. and Mrs. Her-Smithman Bracer, Mr. and Mrs. Chaster Saturday afternoon, Mr. Beaman, Mr. and Mrs. J. Baelga* lupl, Mr. and Mrs. Bugene Bad*. Mr. and Mrs. Max Benowlts, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bruno, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Degavre, Mr. and Mrs. Abe Dlxon, Mr. and Mrs. Colon Dixon. Herbert Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ellison, Mr. and Mrs. David Ellis, Mr, and Mrs. Oustava J. Freret, Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Felnberg, Sol Oreenberg, Mr. and Tuesday eventng tht American Horn* and Braille department of th* MaUwan Junior Woman's elub met at th* hem* of- Mrs. Harold Quaektnbush In Wlekatunk. Attending w*r* Miss Marjorl* Bronk- Mrs. Thomas A. Antlssll and sons Car) ind Donald motored to Bogota "to attend a family dinner party at th* horn* of Mr. and Mrs. E. Herbert Hlbb* In honor ef AnUielt's birthday. Last wssk Mrs. Leonard Lathrop; assisted Miss Julia Kelllam, rector of ths Monmouth county library at the first meeting of the MM American Herltags discussion Mrs. Oeorgs Gray, Mr. and Mrs. group at tht county George Glassey. M«j. and Mrs. M. C C. Hunt, H t Mr. M and d Mrs. M S Samuel l HofT Hoff- nan, Mr. and Mrs. William Howls, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jones, Mr. ant Mrs. ' n*r meeting of the Central Jersey Farm Equipment Dealers association William KlaUky, Mr, and Mrs. at the Cranbury inn. Kwlk, Mr. and Mrs! Irving Krako-' The Morganvlll* fir* company witch, Jamas Ludsnhoffer, Mr. aad met Tuesday evening at ths firs Mrs. Victor Loreh, Mr. aad Mrs. house. The loss ef folding chairs Jossph Menssopan'e, Mr. and MM. which have been loaned to groups John L. Montgomery, Mr. aad Mrs. and Individuals was dlacusssd and Jama* Mucarl, Mr. aad Mrs. Marry members make a survey to May. Mr. and Mrs. William May, ascertain how many can be Wilfred MeCracken, Mrs. William covered. McCracken, Mr. and Mrs, Albert Mr. *nd Mrs. John Hayes are MeCraeken.-Mr. and Mrs. Martin now living on Wickatunk rd. Mr. MeGulre. Dr. and Mrs. Fred New- Hsyea Is employed by the Herald- man, Walter O'Nell, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Psrry, Charlas Redfern, Mr. and Mr*. William Roawtll, Mr. aad Mrs. Kalman Roth, Mr. and Mrs. Lton Rueekhaus, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rsed, Mr. and Mrs. John Stebl*. Kenneth Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Morris SUlbsrg, Mr. aad Mrs. Metrla Selden. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Seott, Walter Sehroeder, Jams* Tuttls, Mr. aad Mrs. W. J. Tucker. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon VaaHorns, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Vaeearelll, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Vaeearelll, Mr. and Mrs. John Vaceartlll, Mr. aad lira, John Vaeearelll, Jr» Mr. aad Mra. Harry Wslnstsln, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Westeman, Mr. and Mra. Leo Wood, MUs Camilla Mlrakolll, Mr. and Mr*. Leonard Adduel. Mra. Tesaia Stern and' Mr*. Carrie Mayer. Community Club Has Card Party; EATONTOWJf Mrs. Richard Reulthorp* was chairman of the card earty hsid last Thursday at th* American Legion kail by th* Women's Community club. Prls* winners wer* Mrs. John Baleom and Mrs. Curtis Adasss. Mrs. Lesli* D. ieely and Mrs. Clifford Cadman assisted th* chairman. Others attending th* party wero Mrs. A. W. House", Mrs. O. B. Hollar, Mrs. John Smock, Mrs. Claroneo Masks, Mrs. Bryant Msw> comb, Mrs. Harold Magathan, Mrs. Howard Wilkinson, MM. Kenneth Wilkinson, Mrs. Kenntth Williamson, MM. Charles Thorpe, Mrs. John L Dams, Mrs. Ocrard P*llens, Mrs. Jamas K. Woleott, Jr.. Mrs. Clifford Cadman, Mrs. Ootrgo Liming, Mrs. Ralph Kmtl, Mrs. Russell Anderson, MM. Norman Thrtford, Mrs. Rlehard Robtrts, MrsvKtnnsth Hampton, Mr* - ll»t WiniMa, Mrs. WfllUm Swtpt, Mrs. John Diets, Jr., Mrs. Leon Smock, Mrs. Francis Bruce, Mrs. Frank psgoed, Miss Dorothy Cot-.greave and Mis* Mary Wtdly. library Freehold. Harold Conover of Conover brothere Tuesday attended a Tribune In New Tork city. Mrs. Frank Bicker presided at the tmcutlv* nutting of the Morganville P.T.A. last Thursday evsnlng tt tht school. Mrs. Carolyn test time to hiy Cinvft LAWMM*)*** Whs*»»<* ' wssissr arrivss r twsy«er-**uti»* r f*ttyf0fm!r*s*>»» wwvrl year ssy, pro* " Mciivs esnvst swniimt) r tnd SAjoy Ik* cesl sheds fobey provid*. No lush* ' easts*) oaitlas... so nutty* F HB) Cn*M(a ajt amm 1 at laafat* H» hsv* yew SM** tattsltsd i dt* yea *tm N9 eaitful cushmi etynat.. *>!*»»... SK US TOOAYI ^Oar awalaga are aowa wlta Dareat'e arloa thread and aarry a vvrlltsn giuuaaiso. Va to a fall year to pay. STANDARD Them reported on ths effect th* school hot lunch program of Crine's first grade have begun their unit of work on eprini. and are arrived and are being ' dieschool examples of th* approach of th* spring season for thiir scune* RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH and Robert Lafe. Mrt. Charles U, Holmea, chairman of the Girl Scout cookie tale, Country Club Eitatei Mrs. Carolyn Thorn, ntinagsr of th* school's hot lunch program, Th* children of Mr. and Mn. states that J.59T lunches were aerv el during February and an additional Tat bottlm of Lawrence j. Fox of Weat Lincoln circle wer* given a party by their parents Sunday In celebration of served to pupils who brought their their respective birthdays tvaa eeven years old Mar. «and the twins, Laurie and Michael, were birthday party was given to celebrate Patty's fifth and Blllle'e see- wers Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Prlddy ond birthday by their parents, Mr. of Little Silver, Ronald Clark, Lin tion during hu term Of omee." { nao Mae Cappa. uappa, joann.loann Lam Lambcrson, Mm Abe Dlxon. sresidnt of the! ' Ml> *"' c ~» ro1 Johnson, " nu» Hilda and Mrs. Henry Holts. da Hansen, Beverly Reed and Ml Word has bsen received by Mr. Ladlo' awlhatwhle*nwi eiuk- Oo»nl*y. Suaanneand Carole Ann luhid S^WTwiS? Unit Bseker. Jerry Byrn.s, David Daand Mrs. Robert Sober that their William Jacques of Lake Shore son Antonio has been promoted to dr. returned thla week from a midsergeant first elasi West buiineas trip. Roger Walwark of Eaet Wilton AWNING CO The next club meeting will bo Apr. t at th* Eatontowa borough hall. Th* club will koid a dinnerdance Apr. ts at Crystal Brook C. MOBAlXEft, Pwp. Est, IMT I Inn. Reservations arc Nlng roeelved by ths chairman, Mrs. Jena 411 MVsl RD. "AIR MAVtN Smock, Witt $25 f» 1500 START? af^fta^aajsi S^hSBi awlhal Ahjm ab*bba«*a a^amaava^aa vtiam *jp wiisj s awy laaw iv*mcv fl«ya«ma)wmaarl*jmaaf tsaa. you'r* fs fl ^ >.*. JSA * *S.I-^ a^k M CM MBjajap afjarjmjx py to row «**f torsmft. Lost ysor, over s mlluon rmssaaf loam solved ths mousy pfsblsm* of eomtoyod atsn and wsmoa iworrisd snd stngls iaovcty walk of lire M C M for a quick, friendly Or writ* or «omo m to Bjausaaf lossy, 2*6OHM FINANCE CO.. t AMVWIJS* 9«WNt>a^vMik itt&ntt VWP Mk> MM I ammt PMK awsmit. I <adr1.(ov*«ro*a)»)wo) «W W >n4*f***'* W*a<l twm) I fu CaORMAN AVI. MCMI led talk «4M«Hmti I-'IM asea fridsr 'Hi a P. H. ««W**aMe**«*m a P. M. Man* will* 1* rs»l4**te el ell Hriaaadlns!«'»«Ur»n««Nn>,»I4, tin * HSWIRSJ AMt Bum CtaSMlUa aavlea 75. m*4f* tiara **«. BaMarlae far ail MakM Mii.roas> *>INS*V. B'«r»j l,nni BncS 4!3 Silvan 11 lion. St. Rait Bank (1-071 it th* word for our ntw collection of cocti, suits and cvasiai. S*o thoml JULLIARD'S righting In Korea for more than circle has been cent as the doctor 100'/* ALL WOOL birthday party wai held for Mn, Lulu Baal at her home Sun day. Ouaats Included Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brautlgan, Mr. and Henry Brautlgan The Boy Who Diaeovto be presented Msr. Bank Methodist Edwin A. Wlllard Mr. and Mrs. Martin and daughters Holly, Deborah and and Mrs. Fred Sckel, Mr. and Mrs. Judith of Washington, D. C, were Clifford Ecktl, Mr. and Mr*. John Sunday guests of Mrs. B. Fletcher Ludvlck and daughter Violet, Mrs, Moore and family of Lake Shore Hlek Bowne. Mrs. Lsona LaMura, dr. Mr. Wlllard la with the American embaaty and hae recently re- Mrs. Tttll* Jamleson, Gcorg* Beat, Batty, Jossph and Mabel Beal, turned from hi* station In Paris, Freddl* Brautigan. where he and his family have been Strother and daughter Doris and living for th* past year, Joseph Brautigan. The first Korean war veteran to Texas rd. entertained 20 gueata at piny football at West Virginia uni veralty is freahman guard Ralph their daughter Maria, whose chrls Jordan of McClellandtown, Pa. Af«rt H Mix Waffle Mix Tomato Juico oulllon Catsup fkkla Spaara»«e>»2S«MfltS Illllltlll tl pmltll SArlWAVMIATI OUARANTHO TINOM, PUU RAVOR, JUICY, PIRHCT IATINO t YOUR MONIY RINNOIO. legs of Lamb OvaivRaa*Jy UCS of LAMB Pork Loins Lamb Chops Slkaol tacan """KISS. Nrfc Chaat «(»»73«Short Rlfc*flaaf< J.t43i MARCH ISSUt ON SAU FAMILY CIHCLI MACANI Tomato iulco tuhntiawn 2:: 19. Convarfa*] Rica UNdllaVI IlKUit MIX HUT MIX ""23 Cancellation 1 or. Ira* altar a p*e. have kaaa aaaa surekateo' (aw Mate I M t) SHOE SHOP «IROAD STRUT RID IANK continuing TOPPERS 9.9S T to to tt U'i to UH M to 44 USE FREED S BUDGET OR LAY-AWAY TERMS SCOTTISSUE TOMATO JUICE CARNATION SALMON CLOROX 59< >««>Mi IOM CUT % USCkeiw Sfawinf Prankfurtart»««*» Sf«Crouna'ClnKit"^. 33c Plata laaf SV^SS»1S«laafaa Up* Ca*iflih Cakat USVTOMV Lux Plakai KM CMAM OF lut MONTHt ami atais UMIMRI Git Cm»» ~**ott«nttactrrttt **«n FrtotfeFritt >«2^l t Wafflaa.»*»««*«. - *1I«2X2* Messes J 3«Cl n\n AUi IU AIAI ltstmtf4l 2'12 Ml SMoriMPi*Jt» 2^2S* C-MilkiaUft IrtMN MOW.IMHtAWI *^t.l2 MMMW»"»--27«MIW <^» H - *»«-l2«camay Soap 3&22< Camay Soap 4 *»tk k*ti Praih Coffoa AWAV *rkei IH**v* la ««Selew^SkM. 1kwusja««Mew Ye* so*' New tef*sy Ttiufssey, Intti, ts», MstaS Ulti, U*, 14* We feisoe *n ' LIMIT 4 MR CUSTOM* IMT4I LIBIY'S VAPORATIO MILK UMIT4NRCUtTOMai RID MIAST AMCVCOMM " _ LIMIT 2 MR CUSTOMIR 2 dmrobnmk AfABaMAuAatai abamavaata lomaio rusiv Table Syrup VVMil PdflS Tuna Fish Sauerkraut Facial Tissue Bananas Carrots Celery Pate Seven TMCNSMwwttiO* ' vow swtkew at any W r t y 4 CURTSY rolti Hot. 7H w..ctn AND 100ft AT TMISff VAPOUTIO MSTMO MrWYHOllOW OWN CASUI CrttCKIN C* THI SIA tfont CHOCK ANSI son GOIDIM-HIU UKI*UI wild hum * ai*.fon, SMOOTH-wiu SHA*IO-"JUnAVOt flnmi MJCAL-ail* 4 twmt 2 3 **l «*s n 25 25'» 2^25' JOOtoski 17- OMH fhumbay i MIBAY NIT Til f M.INTV Of Mil PARKIHO 362 BROAD ST., RED BANK O SAFEWAY.»

32 RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH # # Spotting Sports By Hy Cunningham WHAT ABB THBT TRYING TO DO TO BASEBALL? According to rworu eomiw out of the South, the American league tn.erted a new rullmwmch would damp down on the conduct of playert and mana- 1 ^ T it l d dwn on manager. wmch would damp down on the co py 1 ^ awmtaa if the American circuit clamped down on manager, and pleyera to silence aquawking on ball! and strike* Ba «w Rational league* Warren GUe* preiy *f the_circuit, feted he ha. no Intention»f feuewing the AL MN to etajjp SwVon the conduct of player, en.i managers..^ft *? MM rale aralnat manacera leaving the bench or etoehlag Ms % ^ t Vall«4 amkea and ball*. Wo d*n* want to get In where we make thl* gesso a ptak tea. We'n.nat profanity, and we certainly dent waat thiaga men will ssy thtap on occasion. : outlaw and we wouldn't wantto."» To pat MleBy, to- atrataed profanity la okay In the NL, We think some baseball game, can be terribly dull. Without a rhubarb now and then with a player and umpire, or manager and tunair* th* fan. would probably take a alette, in any suitable «un-*hlny Part of a ball park. We always thought that part of the gam* was a part of baseball. Fan. enjoy tremendoualy when a manager or a ball player of their respective team get. Involved in an argument with an ump regarding a strike that should have been a ball or vice versa. There are iome fana who just attend ball game* and look for an argument scene to develop, then they are In their glory when they can rid* th* umpire*, or ia a ball player on th* oppoalte ilde of th* team they are following, they'll ride 'em during any contest If rules a n go- Ing to be made each year which will clamp down little by little on manager* and ball player., they'll not be able to *n«*ie until leaving th* tall park. If it keep, up, a ball park will be aa quiet aa 11! wenin a hospital zone, pink tea.'" We agree with Mr. Ollea, "Let'a not make thu gam* OK THE WJ.8.I.A.A. BASKETBALL FRONT WUI history repeat tonight? Like two peaa In a pad, Bed Bank and He*. tone Ugh school,.tick that close each year when the New Jersey State Inteneholastie Athletic Association basketball toamaa m i rou* around. Again this jear the Bnes wtn ajeet the Scarlet Fliers and this popular Match for fan* win take place tonight en the Convention hall court The < ' " " prevailed a couple of yean ago whea the Baeeoe kaeeked a* the men twice and then lost to them la the Central Jersey greaphnnals. If Neptune I. a victim for the third time, and Highland Park defeated Manaaquan lut night, Highland Park will be all out to scalp Bed Bank to avenge the 51-4J loss handed down by th Buea for the Central Jtney diadem last year. The Baccos trimmed Neptune In regular Mien Csnferonce season game by a whstaatlal margin and then took th* m e n In the Invitational tonraajnent. bat hy only ftv* Biiato, Win the Buea take the third easf»wo hope so. They'll then meet Highland Park for another shot at the title. If thl. hardl* la Jnmped the Bankers are then eligible to seek farther laurels in this bracket Tonight the Convention hall ahould produce the best cage card held there In many a moon. Red Bank Catholic opens the evening with St. Marys of Perth Amboy at six o'clock. Nest en th* card will be Bed Bank meeting Neptune, which la aeh*dul*d for T:D> and the laat encounter of th* night will be Long Branch veraui Hamilton township far tha Central Jersey group I final*. Sounds Ilk* SRO sellout Walter Short Monday said the association could stand a few of those SRO Bight*. Bounds like the tournament Is running Into poor attendance night* which la a sure algn of financial trouble* developing. AIM tonight at M. Maty** gym, Perth Ambey, wm b* fmm toasa* hattuag for the honor of tahtag hoase the group I trophy. Cartotet aseeta HaraM Hoffman and Attaatto HlghlaM* take* an SayreviOe. The Tigers will seek to avenge a TM1 MnunJng ahwhed laat year at the hands of tat* same SayravUe i *" Jim Hudson Leads Tiger Quintet To Tourney Win Atlantic Highland* Clips Highutown, 6848, in Group I PERTH AMBOY Coach Roxy Finn'* Atlantic Highlanda Tigera got back on the winning beam Friday night when (be Red and Black club trounced HighUtoVn, (MS, In group, 1 competition In a New Jersey State IntanchoUatio Athletic auoelatlon tournament context here. Jim Hudson, Tiger hoop *t.r, one* again 1*4 hi. quintet down victory lane aa he dropped In 86 point, on M twin counter* and a quartet of foul*. took th* Tiger* Just one-half to warm up after taking a margin In th«first and then poated a tally in the second period for a advantage. The - Tiger,.tarted to pick up momentum In the third teuton by outacorlng their opponent*, 21-17, and then in the final chapter the Flnnmen hit their atride by breei- Ing through an 1M atama. Jim Bnyder waa the only other Tiger to leap Into the double figure bracket aa he toaaed In IS points for the'tiger ctuie on eight basket* and a pair of charity tosses. Ronald Chew was the main cog operating for the Hlghtatown machine a* he hummed t6 18 point. on als field goal, and six foul flips. HIGHTSTOWN O Clmr, f.._ * Kl r ^ ; t Brown, f 0 aot. f. :., 0 Ganntll. e 4 W«intr. 2 Croihtw, g i fir' lent... F 1 ( 1 0 l 0 i 0 I 2 1 I ! ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS Leonard, f Snjrdv. f. ; 8 2 I Reid, f o o Uttl, f 0 0 Hudion. t 1«4 3 Bordulia.», 2 0 Billavane*. a 0 0 Dnnean, a* * 1 r>a. g n o Turntr, o 0 Back In IMS th* Tlgen copped the group I Central Jersey crown and at that time waa Sayreville that felt the sharp claws of the Tigers. Talented eourtster* operating on that championship squad wen the Mint brothers, Charlie and Olvin, Jim Reed, Jim Htndrick* and Walt Monahan. We're noting for Coach Res* Ftaa and bis eeathbte In taje th* the grade to go oa aad eep taa SHORT SNORTS FROM SPORTS-Adam T. Sehlldgt, Jr., sen of Mr. and Mr*. Adam T. Sehlldg*. Tangtowood farm, Mlddtttewn, was awarded a junior varsity letter In skiing at Vermont academy, Sexton* River, Vermont wa* awarded at the annual winter aporta banquet Quest speaker at the affair was "Doggie" Julian, Dartmouth basketball coach. leer* kr pnlodit Atltntie HishUiuit.. HlahntowB. OBelali Phlppi, Culucel.»» I (I 14 IS it IS «i Caseys Glide Past St. Mary's Red Bank Catholic Quintet Gives Clotty Performance in Tourney Win SAYRBVILLB Coach Vinnle Gorman's Red Bank Catholic high school quintet got by it* flrit round in the New Jeraey State Interaeholastlo Athletic Association lournaicnt last Thuraday night by rapping St. Mary's of South Amboy, George Saxenmeyer and Proctor Bush teamed up to go on an offensive apree as' the Casey pair ae< % Friday night when bowttaj with Pan Dalye la tb* Shew Fir*. sbpvflvbff MtBfJfJ*** We'd Hke to knew that peek* eeeret If the glva oat the ascret lafarmatjtm. Clyde B. Smith of Oak farm, Mlddlotowa, aectptod th* boner af having hi* Irish wolfhound. Th* McOtluveudy, tead the Fighting sath regiment in the St. Patrick'* day parad*. Along with Th* McOIUaeady wu ba the Wolfhound Champion Patrick of Baltytobln. ThU will ba the ant tlm* In th* history of th* r*gim*nt that two Irish wolfhound* win * ry rgimnt t bo r*pn**nted to (ymbolla* th* raglmmt Lea and Bay Bagae of Banian war* gatata af A*j*ry L. t OtfatreMa ParVB oaaatag kwt weak i.. Chariey of Be*aad*tto (table of Ttatoa FaM*. aad B. IT. Columbia J.V. Edges Monmouth FORT MONMOUTH - Inactive until Mar. 17, th* Fort Monmouth eager*, with 1* victories, are now even In tha won and loat column with two game* left on the Signalman's regular Mhedute. The tilts stated a n Tuesday and Thursday of etst w«*k, both agalnat Camp Kilmer, a* a wlndup to th* alxth annual Flnt Army playoff, at th* a*m hou«* starting Mar. 23. Over th* week-end, after winning two straight, the Monmouth squad wa* upset by Columbia JV, «M1, at th* victors' Mornlngald* Height* fyai. Monmouth ran Into unnptcted trouble from the Junior Lions as th* SlgnalMr* earlier defeated Columbia bytea points. However, personal foul* coat the loser* th* *erv- Ice* of Orenahaw Hardy and Dave Love In th* final period and center art Byrd waa taggtd with four. Th* contest saw Monmouth trail throughout, tt-li, at th* quarter and IMA at the half. Monmouth drew *v*a at St and St-aJI in the seooad period but never could forge counted for 51 of the 70 markers recorded. Baxenmayer won scoring laurels with 29 tallies on ten goal, and nine fouli, while Buih netted 28 point* on nine basket* and a quartet of foula. Saxenmeyer, who generally Is the big cannon for the Green and Gold quintet, had some of the acorlng chore lifted off his shoulden in his tilt aa Bush and Al Boehler gave excellent performances both around the board* and In acorlng. Boehler contributed 19 markers to the victory a. he shook the cords for a halt doscn deuces and a trio of foula. The Caseys took the lead early In th«ball game and never relinquished it aa they posted margins In every period but the laat session. The Caseya piled up a count in the Initial period and then led 36-20, after posting a second quarter. The Gorman men continued to pour In the tallies in the third by outscoring the Eaglea, 20-12, and were then nipped by the losers, 19-14, In the last quarter. Bush started the Caseya off by tossing in the first three points of the encounter on a rebound and a free toss. Lovely opened the scoring tor the Eagle, with a layup. The Casey» offentlve then opened up with Boehler and Saxenmeyer tossing in seven points each and Bush acquiring sis markers. After St. Mary's' closed the Rap to 21-16, the Casey* poated five straight points to hike their lead to ten points, 26-16, a. Bush sandwiched baskets around a charity peg by Saxenmeyer. Another eightpoint apurt In which Buah was the park with a brace of basket* gave tha Orten and Gold the lead, The half concluded, 36-20, as Clark and Boehler exchanged field goal*. The Casey* Increased their lead to a comfortable margin at the end of three period*, 86-32, a. Saxenmeyer led the way with 12 tallies. River Street Beats Rumson River Street's sixth grade basketball team crushed the Rumson sixth graders, 40-17, ]ul week at a tilt on the victom' court. The wlnnera started off with 1(4 first period and continued to fatten their lead as the contest progressed. Jim aunton and John Powell led the River Street combine with 14 points each. Bob Leo was high for Rumson with six points. RUJI8ON Boardmtn, f. amlth. f. Fullon, f. Luwo, f. B. Uv, t J. l*o, t., Vanderwerkti, *. Met,». Lincoln, g, Lowe, '.. 1* Randolph, f. Powell, f. Bradley, f Codlipotl, f BrMuUrun. e ScopcUnt, e Lanfrank, e WKami. Coward, t Moi-rii. Lentil, > Malinconieo, g Stanton g Garrett, «. KIVER 8TREET Union Temple Bows, FORT MONMOUTH A third quarter ear** which nttted IS points for Fort Monmouth, provldtd the Slgnalaer* a comfortable margin a* they trimmed Union Temple, 7541 last Thursday night at th* losers' court la Brooklyn. To* Slgnaleer win waa thtlr IHh aad avenged a prevloua defeat Union recorded at the field house. Center Karl Byrd paced Moa> mouth'* scoring attack with 29 its. Th* former Morgan State College itar registered IT of his total In the first half whan Monmouth led by only on* bukst, M4t. Tied l»-all at the quarter a* Union rallied with three quick field goals, th* lead changed, hands four times In th* second period. Xarly In this second quarter, Hark Solomon of N. T. U... committed hi* third personal foul and sat out th* nst of the period. When play resumed after the half, the aeor* was elos* for th* first four minutes. Then Monmouth lumped to a lead and with four minute* to go In the period, Solomon waa charged with hi* fourth foul. Meanwhile the Slgnaleers kept hitting and led 61-4» going into th* final period. Union Tempi* never threatened In the lut ten minutes while Solomon touted but with about four minute* to go. Th* NYU eager wa* limited to nine points. UNION TsWUi OFF Urn.r, f. Roitnitrln, I Futernlek, f. Alterun, e Sehatfttr, s Solomon, (.... Friseh. t... Thaler, f. Bucs Blast Freehold In State Tourney Ralph Soldo Pacet Red Bank Quintet To Triumph; Booth Scores IS 23 * 50 RED BANK CATHOLIC at owner HI flhv M H9 The Monmouth Ski elub made s flnt organised ski tripto Big Bromley in Manchester, Vt., last w**h-md. Although snow conditions could net be rated excellent, the novice sklen gave the sport aa exerttont rating despite th* fall* and brulae* collected. The chib currently m*tt* each Wedneeday night at th* Red Bank Y.M.CJL and enjoy* that oa ski Instruction. Georg* Coughlln, who get behind and gave the new club a good puah, nporis retpons* has beta good and the aewly formed club seems will on s wayto sueetts. What a beach bet for Fort Mwwuaib soldlen oa at Fterida. Fert Meaawath, the bone Mrs. Alfred I tor the Army peat near bar y p n*gade Fans. aakj Asa. diamaa faamjasa saat a%*w igattia awi*iai*i AAfasaaasi oaafksaaaj awsm' aar*aas> BsassaV at OaMatreaai Park. He copped the foarth race aad retarasd g«m for a two h«ek ticket Fernando"»mania* wasto the. for Fort Measaeath'a dcth start,.what baaaeaatt Mrs. > anbatblng at HsUywaed Beach betot and Dick Morris, former asslstent pro at Old Orchard Country elub. wui assist Pro Angel P.treglia at Spring Meadow Country eltb, AHair*, cm*, summer time. Dick will be on hand week-end* only. Dkk, who wu not connected with a club last ttawn, participated In Mvtral town* saent* during th* local golf campaign. I f s a a a s a a At? Ataaa aphafas asm «laaew sasssa *sia^a^*sa> 4*a a^asasa.^.aaaaa^aaabsaiab. JPlTCHaaWv W HIV a^ptwacasjapw', gfaaaa SfveTaf o9o^s*an " VBvjel lbvj oww a XoV I argtuaeats when Howard Lesa rstaraa frea* the oath- Beaerto reaehlag thh eeraer taferai a* that L*ea baa oat en the Hake with Cart ~" ahead. At Intermission, Hardy had four fouls against him and Frtd Christ waa also In danger with three. After th* third period, Monmouth trailed by»lx points, St-4*. and early la the ibx pol final*session by 11. Tb* Slgnaleera reeled off nine straight point* whit* holding their opposition aconlis* to make ST- BS with three minutes to go. But th* Signalmen couldn't get th* tying basket, They trailed by three, Ml, with a minute left, but Columbia cheeked Monmouth'i all to win by lour point*. Cater Jim Mankind for Columbia, ana Burrell Shields tor the leten, etch hit for points, high la the game. PORT MOHMOUTH * '-- - * J i! li af the New York Otanto and new bead af the Otaat sntom. l>on I* itaytag at the OtaatV bam dartag bis vaw Mea. If - - we know tha Uttt* Mite," Meaal leagae baseball as he ha* ttaw far fw.eaa -.a df^aaa* A dft P I WW «TVw as ameh x*> * ttaw far, Jsat to aeshs *an CJUA dbftt^asbasass^adl aksausw *jgf_ SVSBW BBHl PJoWIWlwla J*1oWBH«Ha ta fw.eaa -.a df^aaa* a«a>aa*m«bski*am*w Aaw*a CJUA dbftt^asbasass^adl aksausw *jgf_ SVSBW P I WW «TVw om^vibbvbsl W7W BBHl PJoWIWlwla J*1oWBH«Ha Bar B. Taytor, Teas Pblpfs, Fraak 1. Ftagltofe, Bd Ceaeror, g*ta Parker, Bii Ktataky tad al the Htmkmt* we istond. Mb thl W to Mt f M Cbt db to tad Otat g, y stod Maybe thl* wwtoa Mat for MM Cbntwr dabtostady Otaat W9 pvvpotaram IWar..!»»,. Walker, * OObUMBIA JV 1 * *"" - ky*.»t kj«*. (1 SCOT* hy vtttadit led Bank Catholic... S» t» 11 7*. Mart'i 1» Omei«l» Palppi, PIckiai. Aabury Park Quintet Rallies to Win, NEW BRUNSWICK Atbury Park high school stormed from behind to whip Plalnfield, 4T-40, In a NJ8IAA baaketball tournament tuasl* last week on th* Rutgen court her*. Trailing, 1841, at the end of th* third aeialon, th* Blue Bishops got hot to come up with a lm period which pulled the victory out of the red hot coals. Don Niblick and Oeorg* Stevenson sparked th* attack with H and 10, reapectlvely. Governors Trounce Jametburg, 5843 PERTH AMBOY Paced by Jim inman, Harold Hoffman high school >f South Amboy advanced a notch In tha NJSIAA Group 1 tag* competition laat week by trimming Janweburg, SMI, on th*!»l h rehool OflMabi Jtksae, Mess. U I Last WMk Tha Register catritd a story from out F*rt Meameath way >n which Pro Jack Welsh announced the huge "Sited Rank" tournamtnt scheduled for tint month at Fort Menmeuth Country club. Tkt only entry ft* I* a "pint of blood." Pro w*mi hat atbtdaled lew aot and low gross play for the pros and amateur* and the vtoten and tther participants will be In line for tbe numsnu* arlst* whkh will ba awarded on the Anal day. Play will start Friday, Apr. M, aaj will and Isaasy, Apr. M. Udlis will ctnptte an tat int aay if eemaitj* Wt taggtat that gttftta alsaalng aa oatoitof this toaraty, bettor give their alat as ttoa as pottlme to git thi* worthy smmsaaass BMtWaWxtaas aaas wrkaa AsWhtj *%* * > tssalssaasi»» * ataataw abaektasf Is* assa ** - aaaabbbbb RnRBjarBBaaj apu Hsjar BJifaPa BBBBJ BjBJiarBma aaaaaj OJBJWIWC WI*BBBB BBB BBBJ BJBJ 4eaatod between Mar. 1 aad May ll Mike XoUe, a top-ranking badminton ttar out af Denmark, will be Ml band for the Eastern Open Badminton t*urn*y to b* held at tht aa Bright Badminton and Squash club evtr tht wttk-tnd. Ma tvtata wn bt tth*dul*d. atba> might get hack to a foal rat* ai Tat new i might bo juahtd awl wash al a ll-tt.ll gft4*mb*aaa MassB sat SMstda f TtauUaBd] - tttgda WsBgeVaVVaJ CMfsMA*Vt»JI AT<a«taBsja iiaml daf Baas* ITailABBtl gwlsbai ~~ * BBBPSF etvtanbt^ejwjbbba aamgsaaawfbvaabai ( B^BBBBaaisv^sBBr BBB BBBJBF wsaajsmtsaj BBSBBBBBJBB BBJBBBJ faatls Tao gresp lactad** naraasatomv** af tb* NCAA, the WaMtaal Nigh a>boej FodemMta, tat VNOA, A.V.I7. aad flaa. wet* m writ. to penalty i Oai aivaataga li thai taa foal ahooton theam 1r foal tbeehai with aa of tbe eitra sbeto i Allalrs returned Saturday from his und«rw*l ht Lightning la BUrid*. Afttr tinning up with a n*w Ughtnlng, "Magic," Iba boat was duaojualined and th* local crsw made nt "b*tls," TuMdsy, OMN sait tiny aitii a MM BIW fritaii by taking tat a^kallata- SearlH Fliers Rally To Beat Metucfcrcn ASBURT PARX-Tralllnc, ITU at tbe end af th* third quarter Mantua* high school rosred back la Ik* IRSI iiulon to pest a 4M0 rletory over Mstuchan In the NJalAA b*sk«tb*ll tournament TkuMday night en th* Convention halt court. Tb* Scarlet Filers appeared Is be la the *1tmtnatlon clan when thty w*r* 11 points In arrears at trnttag* of the third quarter. How v*r, th*»«rong Flier aulntel wwua't call "ejultt' and eanu oa In the anal session to rtguiei a 1*1 quarter enabling the Vllen to *t*y la competition for anothe reua*. OOP 00VAH OHOvVN MA BIUOHT-Ted Crane of Locuit and OIWw VUtor of Rumnon won th* **<ond annual round rob squash racquet* tournament he as th* S*a Bright Haumlnton and Iquaih KtequtH club, In a five gam* msteh, Crane and Vlotu llmlnaltd Jo* Moaglanrt or nui en and FraneU Uhdell, Atlanta Kuhltadt, it eta tn» caimplon p Saxfrnneycr, f 10 t 29 Bnih, f. t 4 22 oftui, f uiio,,'f. ;...;... o o o )owlen, t 0 0 «lothler, e...:.:.. I» 15 Kennedy, e 'arr«ll. c Kcnntdy. c I «2 'oreoran, t - a 'anfcii, g «.«.. 0 * 0 ilh, f,..!...» t t IT 'M ST. MAKY Tohailto, f. anion. f., I erfon. "f. lalik. t upchi, e otcly. *r. « cully, lart, ( M«Uf«r, s, Local Wolfhounds To Parade in NYC M1DDLETOWN The McGillacudy, an Irish wolfhound owned by Clyde B. Smith of Oak Hill farm, who won beat of breed at th* recent Westminster Kennel club dog ahow, haa accepted the honor of leading the "Fighting 61th Regiment" In the. Patrick'* day parade in New York city. The emblem of the "Fighting Irian Regiment" I. two Irish wolfhounds.. The McQillacudy will b* accompanied by hi. sire, Champion Patrick of Bailytobln. This will be the first time In the history of the regiment that tt was able to obtain two Irish wolfhounda to symbolise the regiment. The wolfhounds will Join the regiment at 48th st. and will continue to parade past St. Patrick's cathedral and the reviewing stand. The McQlllacudy will represent I \\m ttflbaaaff Asa *a 4Afjkart.lla«,H AflaallaBraa^ \ roar MONMOUTH M Hardy, I. Shitldi. f. - ; Chrlit. f. Brd, c J^ g yt g,..,...,., P.I t tl 1 Acerra's Wins In Shuffleboard Acerra's Bar shuffleboard team I* pressing th* leaders, Clover club, by a single gam* In th* Monmouth Shore Shuffleboard league after benefiting by a forfeit ovtr th* Star Tavern of Asbury Park Monday night. Tht Red Bank tetm will b* out to avenge a trimming auffered at the hand* of J*nt*n'f *huffllemen when the two club* meet Monday night. Th* flfth-pltee combine handed Acerra's its only lost In the laat round. : MOMIOUTH SHOat HtUPfUBOABP LCAOUE Monday's B Broidwai Inn, Lous Grill. Bradl.y B h Broidwa ill Bd Inn, ton. Braaek I. Beach I. Aitunr Psrk, I. Aeerra' y l p gii,ftv. ArtuV.rara. t. Aeertai hi* breed on a televlalon aaalgn- Bar. ltd Bank» (fnfelt). ment on "Th. Parade of Chamn- ««' Ort. Aebar* Park. I, Mar ment on "The Parade of Champions" next Thursday.,, FEBBIN FOUND OUT SALT LAKE CITY (AP> One of th* big differences between professional and college basketball I* summed up by Arnle Ferrin, formerly of th* University of Utah, and later with the Minneapolis Lakers: " you have any. weakness In pro ball the whole league knows about la a,week. You could get away with it In college but with the pro* you had twocholcea. Cither And a new profession or learn the whole game. court here. Inman, who netted 31 markers, wa* scorching th* nets from th* foul line ss he acquired onepointers and only «l*'basket* for hi* total. Ray TomassMWskl was the only other Governor to hit the double column figure* with 14 point* on five trotn th* fill* and era I. Girl Mat Champ Slated Mar. 26 ASBURY PARK Mildred Burke, th* world'* champion female wrestler, has been signed by Promoter Roland J. Hines to meet Mae Young, the Oklahoma Bombshell, at th* Convention hall, Thursday, Mar. 3*. In a U.8.O. benefit ahow. : r ") ASBURY PARK-Coach Frank J. Ftngitore's Red Bank, high school eager, coasted to «onesided N.J.ST.A.A. basketball tonrney victory Friday night wh*n the Buccos thrashed Freehold, 7l;47, on the Convention hall coiirss her*. By getting by their flnt round in the tourney the PingMdr*«*»h will tangle with their' old rival*, Neptune high school, tonight In a seml-flnal round for the Central J«r> esy Group crown. Neptune advanced a notch by edging Metuehen by only three point*., :, Th* Buccaneer* wrapped up the issue ID th* first halt as the score stood at 44-J1 at intermission time. After a'alow offensive start la the first period Red Bank let loose a barrage of points in the second 1 session to register 3*-» tally, Freehold'* Colonial* were in 'tb* contest only about mree-quarter* of the first period, at which tlm* th*y bad the lead thre* times. Tom Van lfete opened the encounter with a push shot but Gene Booth knotted matters for the Bucs with a tap-in on Milt Morris' miss on s foul attempt Jack Mayes gav* the Freeholders the lead, 4-2, on push shot and after Ralph "Moak" Talc* Boua* Dan'i Orlll Aetrra'i Clour Club... Haranny Bar... Jtnnn'a Ta»«n> Brostway Ina. M«UM«tfc Betel Star Tavern >«*.».»H.*» Hn...K»." _ <i...t. KM i Ua... If 14 IT tt t Acerra'e at Brmtwu Int. lanm'a Tavern at Clever Club. Hanaenr Bar at M*a*MvU BM*a I**. Dave's OriU at ar TSTWH. B«it art tkle t* titk* t«li«t tioaei kr MlUas Tb. BesUUr AdTcrtlMMeit. Second Nominee Payment Due For Garden State Race OAMDKN A aecond p*ym*nt of 1100 for each nomine* la due Monday for eligible, for the Oard*n State, richest race In the world for two-year-old thoroughbreds, owner* of the TIT nominees for the event were reminded tills week by Walter H. Donovan, eaecutlve vice president of the Garden State Racing Juvenile th* fall State park. th* for association, The Inaugural of classle Is scheduled meeting at Gardes The teat of a mile and a alataenth will carry 1100,000 In added money, Insuring a* tb* richeit offiring ever mad* for this type of competition. Horsemen paid more than tm.000 la originally naming their nominations last Dec. IS. "With imooo already In th* pot and more payment* to b* mad*, th* flnt running of th* Oardtn State pnbably will be the richest horse rac* in th* world la any division In MM," Donovan said. "The response which horssnun mad* to th* announcement of th* stake and th* number who already apparently atakae certain that patron* of Garden State park will witness the richest net la th* world this year. "The amount of the pur** nwa.y, th* *ag*ra*ss of owners to ** *> pete for aad th* late date of * running aaak** th* rac* stead out as a natural factor la determining th* two-year-eld ohaaiplea of MH. We ars happy. to schedule such a rac* for our pafaat," be concluded. In addition to th*woo da* for aeh nominee Monday, the coadrtloai of the tact call tor another payment of UW each July M, MOO to pass th* entry boa aad a anal 11,000 for each starter. Many *f the atigiaal aesalates hav* not started as yst aad report* from owner* ladteat* that they have aa'bettor Idea of th* potential* M their. aoauaoas now than they had whet tb*y ofigibally nominated, aad, thenfore, will bnp them *llsibt* through the teeoad payment date. At toast«a*r c«at of th* T«aoatlaeea an espected MUdred Burke The champion, who Is ratal, a $90,000 a year, grapplw, haa never bt*n defeated. Sh* la a rugged individual who haa also wrestled torn* MO mala matmen, n*vw being deftattd. Other attraction* on, the b*ntflt card will b* Lu Kim grappling th* Golden Terror. Dick Shllcat, former world's champion who has bnn wreitllng In Europe and South America for the past ibc year*, returned to wrestling In this country and he'll make his debut against Jack Dillon. In th* othar match, Adrian Baltlorgeon return* to 'Asbury to meet Stsn KowalskL. Badminton Slated At Sea Bright BRA BRIOHT-Th* got Bright Badminton and Squash Racqueta club will be the Ken* of the Bastera Open Badminton tourntment this weekend. - Mike Xoll*. a top-ranking (tar from Denmark, ha* been rated th* top-cetdtd player In th* nun's tingl*s. Kollt will b* In tough competition with Ronald Palmer of Fort Monmouth offering itlff opposition. Palmer I* th* fifth seeded player In the United States. Btverley Rich, Baltimore, second tttcv»1 player and state champion, and Harry Htekett, seeded n*it to Palmer, an also scheduled to b* oa hand for th* week-end tourney. Six event* are elated, which Include men'* and women's single*: man's and women'* double* and vtteraaa' doubles. Ths ssmt-flaals wiu bt pltyed Saturday at p. fa. and th* finals Sunday will get uad*r way at 1:M p. m. lo converted a foul, Walt man dunked In a pair of oaarlty pegs to give th* Colonials a M edge. ' ' '. Red Bank took th* lead forth* first tin* alter a five-point run, which was touched off by Morris' Jump shot. Joe Condtna. dunked In a layup and Soldo converted a foul shot after a double foul, was called. On the other end Of the double foul Freeman converted-hi* attempt to make tbe count s-t. From this point the Buc offensive «tarted to pick up Bomentum, with Soldo leading the. big aecond quarter with five field goals for 10 Of the St marker* poated.. / After hiking th* count to M-M late in the third session th* Buores*rv*a were inserted, and it wasn't until Freehold closed the gap to 61-4* late In th* fourth that U>* regulars cam* back into action. MorrU and Soldo hit with quick baskets/and after Van Note converted a foul Condlna and Morrta connected for deuces to build tip a -point lead which insured victory. Soldo, who has been superb In hla ^tournament outings, led 'the Bankers with 20 tollies on eight deuce* and four foula. Booth toaaed in 15 tellies on seven double counters and a charity peg- - 'Walt Freeman copped the seorw Ing laurels of the fray, scoring 111 pelnte on seven baskets and aevea charity flip*.... RED BANK ". ' 1 four from the charity throw lint, have mad* their second payment to remala eligible alter Mondsy. far th* city. Manaaqoan Advuicet In NJSIAA Tourney ASBURY PARK-ManasqaaaaBd Lakewood high school* produoed a alp and tuck affair Saturday sight la th* NJSIAA Bukatbtlt tournaaunt before th* Big Bin* finally conquered the Finer*, atsaasqusn profited by a 1011 flnt quarter aad a 1S-13 final quarter. Lakewood nipped th* victors, M-ll, In th* second chapter aad th*a puy*d to a l*>air third quartor. - '. Bob Mayers, Jack Brothers, Alaa Keith aad Dutch Nlcbol* tack hit doubt* Sguru for the Big Blue. John Dellgny sparked tht leeen with U tallies on eight twin counter* aad thre* foul tosmt. Lloyd (R*d) Doru. foranr ASM* lean Hxkty leagu* stsr, Is now coaching the Belleville, Ontario, team In th* O.H.A, "B" class. H* to atao th* director of retnatloa Oaleker, g... nausklon... Vaa Mete, « AMERICAN LEAGUE BASEBALL SCHEDULE cmcaoo,, ST. MUM.. DETROIT.,, CWVgUMO.u. WASHIM0T9N.. 'PHILAOCLPHIA WW VOUK, BOITON. CHAIOO M»y tl»,t,i»t, to unt Me J. u f July Alii, T.tltns, n ' May uly MTaV* MntOIT If, I* li) t&ltii** '.M '.4 tt- I lit tt. 41), wimimi MUM MgHIr YOMC B8*. ii g. I, Branehen Crusa North PiainfieW ASBURY PARK - Long Branch high school had an *asy night la anting the right to enter the Anas* of tha group I bracket of tha K J. S. I. A. A. basketball touraaauat when th* Biaachwa rolled with ease over North Plalnisld, Ml, on th* Cwvwtloa hall wart Saturday night. In marking up their 17th win In outrage, the Braaebtrs crushed the Plalnfleld quintet In the flrst half aft«r potting a Initial parted and then rolled la the tee* end ejuarter to register a SM chapter :. The restrve* tl tbt Orson Wave netlved plenty of action in th* second half as th* scor*t tightened to 1M» in th* third stulon and tb*a th* lo**n otttscond the Or**n Wart, 1M1, la th* lait'quarter. M«rb* UvlM and Wllbaf Rut- eu led. the victor* with aad M points, respectively. ' ' ' " Tonight Ung Branch will n** Hamilton township In an eneoultei which will decide the group 111 Ctatral Jersey ohamaioaihlp.- MHO BBAMCal M.«,«1 ft" N All am < BrtMt, s him. S.» j.. gatailae. "I' <2 afw*w,siwwi B einmtm">ii*<ii'ii'reiiemtiiint v» BHIae, I *; 2 7i 7i" 7i M*>Bfsteh 14 ' a MM fieri* Plal.«eM I 10 -el OWettlii Aeiermtn «*d Dlleo,, JAOKSON WAI ORID STAR CHICAGO (AP)-B*n*om Jaok* en, Inflcldtr for the Chicago Cubt, wa* a football star at, snd Cotton Bowl ftmti tf lltl and '41, At Tssajt Jackson wa* a teinv mit* tf Bobby Uyn*, All-Pro SUMliraMk ft HH) TMtrtH liiai.

33 SURF, FIELD AND STREAM Timdjr Notaa OB Tha Great Oatdoon timrvmvuir Rtd Bank 8oo«m Airt Airport Inn 41 it Olebe Motor. IS Sal'. Tavern _ - 44 TO STAOS JB. TBOTJT Nate JeweUr* 41 food aahlbg aad h*ad for Del Ray TOUUCAMBNT Sal'. Barken 41 K De Faleo'e Hardware f**sh7wb*r* they would establish Wo foal that the' following announcement akcwld bo ef great la- Neptune when th* two school* tan- Baint.Davleon hetdfaorter*. Amboy when the Caeeya roared 1: drllll Construction Ce _. IT home to a 7041 triumph. However, Al«ln»'a Texeeo Strvlee IT Bed Bank and Moamooth cemty, gle In a Central Jersey group JI the going is expected to ba much 8hen»eo4'* Sporting Go***., 41 u wen as eme erganhamons and engagement. Boneore'. Tailore 't ; 4.U tougher In tonight's tussle. Aumeck*. Ge. Ranse H 4*H Thir* to ah old saying: "Bvery merchants ef Bed Bank who are Coach Frank J. Ptngltore'a Buccaneers should be a slight favorite Proa-mnlir* Life Ineurane* 44 The third game on the slate will Cr»l«'» Bevnaita 41 a* to hto own taste," said th* old woaua as ah* kissed the cow. For iatercotod la tho promotjon ef the ba Long Branch high school meet-.t.j cop honors, especially after Daniel'* Men's Shop 21 our pert that applies to Sebastian welfare ef their future eihsens. Ing Hamilton township In it Anal marking up two wins over the eee SBBWS in the group HI division, The classy Inlet We wouldn't give two cent* Ed Buenane, president ef thescarlet Fliers. Ths first victory was Frank Ufeynt. US, Hi. Ill I Green Wave quintet displayed \ (3e»rie Grok tt" lit: Cred. tor all th* highbrow, awank ash- Mohawk Bed aad Gun crab *f Bed by a fat margin, but, In the Shore strong offensive club Saturday C. Bruno 111. US, 2*4 M«; Urry Jarvie If I Ill 111: Howard Kill _ In th* United States, Bank, advlees tt* that the Conference Invitational Basketball night when rolling over a hapleea w* want when we go on a hers of hto elubwul kold a treat tournament, the Buccos just managed to sneak home with a flve- tia, lie, ill 111; Amor* Oek*n 111 North Plainneld club. The Branoher«will be playing for their first a to get right down 111, to tho "grui rooto"-t g _ at a.later point spread. cam* In th* dosing minutes of th* fray. Leiter Stephen De* Cell* 111, am CLUB sectional title In a long span of "-th* salt grass waters of tko Mekowk pond. years. Budjr riiaker lit. r*t Amkresla til, to Sebastian Inlet * AU.Jaalor opartsmem apto age Th* sane Neptune team, under 1*1 i Oharlee Bklnn I, Martin Orakan h«m*s being g on* fofth* IS, taotastvo, who are reomeato of The Caseys ars elated to open tha I, lo* Talarlea 111. Bek Werden 111. a similar situation two years ago, Ishlag** t on tko tk Atlantic Al avewanawjai osunty, are). *a*gu** to triple-header affair at «p. m. Red Fnnel* Str.ieh I, Fred Loneee? til, was beaten twtet by th* Bankers compote. There will bo no entry Bank and Neptune are scheduled Fkll Brete til. Jule. DUtel, Br. til, Has la o Isolation there and thsn turned th* tobies to clip Jack Smith 107. John BKklund ill, fee. lo hoped skat th* en* wtt for 7:30 and then the flnal tilt of 0*n* Werde* ISI, Mil Bakmit* lit, aotoliphoai eoaaottloa with the the Pingttoromen in a NJSIAA affair on the some court. ton, la marked for I p. m. Bah Un(rank til. ««*» WiriM 0l the evening, Long Branch-Hamil- Oktek Fork., til. L»nn«rd R*m«s lie, ho ah** to aaeare a ipaalal atoak* Mtalaai, A fellow to u close to stare as he can got. Me can 1 tag from tho New Jersey Flab am Tom Andretta 114. loo* Game Ootaacll, and no BTOWBHM* hhaoilf la watching the wild Ma- JUStV LBAOUB wui be allowed to ash la tk* pea* Mr* Ufa. ar taaiflag with aueh J ^ the day of the toarnamfoja. wrapping Saaers u blues, eta trout, Women's MX. Tournament Results AVE. was through tke efforts ef tho Battlesrauadi Ina ahaaail bass, yellow Jacks, pom- Oa.ia lir. tl Mohawk Bod aad Qua eta* that the A.InalM K.llle Wooler. Belmar, Clue B double. F. Nidiol.. Ill, BCJSJO, lady flab. Max'e Bar IS I old Jersey Power a Light pond was 178, 170, 494: and B. Parcel*; 1SS. 171, M*unt*<l hit T I Issued of a modern hotel and B. efncl*. Oladj. Wrisfct. Belrehabilitated, dredged aaetclei 150, 503. Total 987. ilr* Bar 4 Grill t th.l lestawaat hto shatter Is a af-toot L. Paiiella , 148, 484: aadrrank's Bar S l.t.4 "c''eln«ies Mlriaai Ba*oi. Balaur. war aurplua traitor, which I*». VanUer, 111, lit. 142, 185. Tetal INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES the borough fathers were parauadof to take titto to, I). Deeker , 1S4, 40S: *n4 aorehod upoa a aand dun* overlooktag tho watets ef Sebutlaa In- O. WrlSllt, I, HI. 187, 4IS. Total 818. D ilnslh Baaia Samoa., S»h*ar. nut» Murdock, tapir* _ - A* dauklea atakal Bsatu.Aaa Tltke. let, where they aater th* bluo-greca Clue 0 4<nikW* E. Otto, its. 11a, Heraes. Ma*'»... Andrei, O*.l. Attoatto eeeaa. The cabins are ATTSMTIOM. SVNBBtB JR. Uf, 448; an* J, Kekerta ill, JB detihfee ~ Iran Ml*kale.B*rt P*r Tetal 141. Auma.k. Baltlegniinae Honiara. B*ttl*i"undi equipped wttk two or three bunks, arobtcmbni tt S A. Clerpeal. 147, l» ; M. Jeeok*._ * bottle oeeklag gu and electric The following to directed to thehishund Beott, Haunted Ina lights which are generated at the ",»'...» all tha laws and conduct himself as a gentleman and a sportsman. This card boars his The only good name, address and membership thing about th* number, andtoto be given you with weakening effects ths understanding that, if after he of aa attack of hu finished hunting orfishing,you fluto te us* it as flnd ho hu Injured your property an obeum to head or livestock In any way, you will for the "Land of notify ths secretary of ths elub, aad Sunshine" tor aupon proofs, you will be compensated for the damage done not to eottplt of WMIU' fishing, exceed WOO. Of course, as a awav One day last bir of th* club, he hu th* good week we called name of hto fellow sportsmen In Jo* MeCue of hto hands, and ws do not contemplate that ha will dishonor, but ws take thto action to assure you Of'hto and our good faith in ap- Bumsoa, who was also Just recuperate* VaaVUetatlng from thto bug. Jo* suggested what we both needed waa a little ultra-violet rays In eurayatorn*, and that th* kind which fieri** dtohes out at thto time of the year to "Just what the doctor X* said that he and If ra. MeCus tanned to leav* Mar, U, and won* dared if th* writer would car* to The Dean of the Flyways' RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH 12. WM Th* abovo picture shows Stew vey's hobby In carving duck decoys. Banal, e. Klndii.rikl, e. preciation for the courtesy you *s> Van Vllet; Surf, Field and Stream Mr. Harvey's handiwork blends In Pelican., s tend. For thto we thank you aadeditor of Th* Register, what* notes with the dayt when th* bays and Lohll. s hop* that thto action will stimulate aa increased regard for prop- a w«ekly feature of Th* Register mecea ef duck hunters of the en- on tho peat outdoors havs bten marshsa of New Jeraey were th* rretman, s. «erty rights on th* part of all hunter* and (toh*rmen and a favorable vey's decoys wer* recently exhibited Matt, f... for many years, sitting with Oeorg* tire country. Many of Mr. Har- ST. ion opinion of organised oportamen on ths part of the land "owners." by th* Monmouth County Historical society at Freehold. The. pic- Gterg# ( I SAX'K'S'I auhtti. f....» f, Harvey, Sr,, of Rumeon, known as "Tho Dean of th* Flyways." Readers of Stew's eolumns In last Thursday's Issue of The Register will remember that our editor went at Farmers ere.naturally hospitable ture WM takm by Xing Hemming people, and- few will resist such a gnat length regarding Mr. Har-of Little Silver In Mr. Harvey's den. drive down with them. What a straightforward, wholesome expression of a desire for friendly rela- break that, was far an old flehsrflun who waa casing at th* bittionships. Realising tha social consequences should he make neces- for a go at the brand of flnners which ere to be found at our oldsary for ths club to reimburse the Casey and Buccaneer Fives Slated *tam»lnf_ grounds ait Sebastian In- land owner-for property damages, lot rtoktog I eamp, mi Ibourn* Beach, the individual member leans over backward to conduct himself In For Convention Hall Play Tonight Ha. Our plan called for a detour at aueh a manner that will make him Melbourne, whir* our hosts would a welcome. guest on aubsiauent Tonight at tho Convention hall, Coach Vinnle Gorman's Rid drive w outtoth* end of the road vlalts... is a One *y*t*m for everybody concerned., cat* teami will see action In seml- other local flve being represented Asbury Park, two local high school Bank Catholic quintet will be th* a* tha anger of land which run* between th* Atlantic ocean and Inclan liver a distance of some 10 MOHAWK BOD AMVOVN CLOT Stato Interacholastlo Athletic a**»- with a tough opponent, St. Mary's flnal rounds of ths New Jeraey at Asbury when th* Caseys tangle miles. elatlon basketball tournament. of Perth Amboy there they would bid us Tho most thrilling tilt sehoduled The Green and Gold team on the card will be th* encounter breeied horns in s first round battle against St. Mary's of botwecn Red Bank high school and South St. Rose Five Loses, SATREVIUiB-St.' Ro**"«f"ie t mar waa dumped out of the NTStAA annual basketball tournament lait Thursday night when the Roses were eliminated by St. Mary's of Perth Amboy, tt-tt. The victors oujecored Coach Sari Gray's club in every quarter but the third when the Belmar live managed to chalk up a one-point edge, 14.15, Bt. Mary's roared off to a winning start In tha first period when the Perth Amfcoy quintet marked up a 1M period. St. Mary'* advanced to the eemlflnal round of th* Class "B" Catholio Southern division competition by eliminating the St. Ros* R cagsra. at. MAkY'i Peres, f Arnett, f.... Mania, f,... B?BTTV!lt w# Cttpttt «... ««.M»-f«1 1«u ii Ii it.11 P I 1 I Tkem»im, f J rnruftlue, t. ~- t ftt ff 1 it u ii teat*»j P.rletit. Mir»'. U IT ll-lt attention of Sam Zimmerman, chairman of the rabbit trapping aommlt- camp. There to a central ahowerhath aad washroom. Th* water Is tee. We feel that it boan looking i from aa artesian well, and Into: _j ajaun pertloa of aalphar. from recent reports which have tat wh*a Stewed to Mtato tor aa reached thto desk there appear* to hour or two loses all the aulphur bo an over-abundance of rabbit* l.i Fran flaak oakln la wau eouiaaod for m In the number of boroughs wheri rabbit* are causing a great amount of Ma f forks. dg caa'ko fead front Hmry Aradt, eengenlal ll mal- daaug* to newer gardens^allps, f*r of tke camp. daffodils, narclmus, jonquils, etc Is s Ilk* gig going horn* to your from where we sit at present we oomtpoadent. dt to to at t Sb b ' oan see a Mf, old, fat cotton toil that our mimiry goes back _ mowing down a row at tulips In M MOM to tk* days when our dad and krotker dtooovered tkls "fliker- our garden, \ Th* other day wkh* In P*te> barber shop, Uttto Silver, w* overheard su»'«parulm," aid enjoyed Mm* *C tka groatoot Ssktaf tho world some of tho customers talking about tk* damag* belni done by <rw OB to b* twty about thro* rabbits. We feel sir* that tk* T teff that time ear readan to Mr a a real rel trat treat from owners of properties In tbeo* bsroughj will welcome baviag them " tf t amral mal off Monmouth Mmuth trapped and released oa oyen kuat> Ing grouadi. We win bo glad to nroaslaitt ISOHMMB, wtend th* prtvlleg* *t our property asjbsatheai Joe fia Ilaaegaa of f RBaav In Shrewsbury. MBTBW MoBkmlag. UtU* Blrver; B^roM/aoohMa. Mlddtotown and mnahaij. aa4 ethers. We will TO heap M Basted sa tho doing* of yaw Mktef atttor.. BS BBOJait kg B'gOM rab Of BBB wookas ton about In thto ootnsjm, ktali yo«doeti* to gtvo a wklrt, dro* «s a note and w* ' " " a rooorvatua for you. inning owtatwitk yew. AeoHdlag to Meary P. Davis, edltar, luaiagtoa Miws Utter, "The problem of preamtiag better r*- lattoasblps between th* land owner and th* huatorto oat that has loag coaceraed th* thlahiag iporuman. Th* ahus* el tha laadowaar'c bw piullty by a few esui* aa entire coauaualty to withdraw ito huatlng privilege* from all. Therefor*, h U aa to ***ry haator to eeaduct himnit as a psitsaaaa homd. "The most oloatlv* approach to tho landowner to ttrough ih* frank aad open N«*fBltioa of tho toadawaefs righti. Tht gams auy bolaag to tho state, hat tbtlaadowatr was «WM tb tha habitat aad can open or 4Bje* k property to hunting as kojmo kto L WMout WMheat kto hto generous ^ vjaninnj > OJBnBjnjBvOJ^gBJ^ tor, who has hto _ own,. mu mwt dipead a KMMwax < ar*u ffat hto laort. "Tho Waya* Oauaty Sperisaien's ^ tt.tholugostergsnlaa. Uaaj at e Mad la Mliblgan, has a viry *fmttvt way *r fostering hatter teadawatr-sporiawtn relsttoat. MH **ly 4M* tbl* method auha akort frliadi for tk* club and ttj BMBJberi hut U also places Muarety oa th* shouldtrs of ths «t^_ ^_^_^^ glamgl mbifm. oltho.iaht" 7^' WoBwf M NVMB thodiaaor, awlatbe unto, foun. TOO wu fdowlt yomoawi M*BM certain that a public hmrlng will b* ulled by tho Flik and Oem* eomnltte* of tho Niw Jimy Seast*. A deflnlto time and ptsee will be decided upon War.. Th* public hearing will probably take place shortly thereafter, when you are advlie* with regard to m tk* f**pobtlbll- this mietiag your court* of action Md Bate conduct to eliar, year attmdmwttoimpwawmta oa MM M*»*HjrM hto host. Uve, Tato wm IN your opportunity to a MNMBVirbtoJh away olubs to Btoto four Intent tad desire to kill BrotecUkt KBffak aaafjaf*ft*bb>t* l tmmtmm) aftbaf U»- totoavedaa* Ideaboariag hto asm* of (hi* Kate, Club M*a»ttaM th* striped bass In tnt tidal watira ' OBBVBBJBBS *BBVBBjiBPWBr gas SBBBTBBVV saaa svvajj" a«dr*as aad *luh Msmnhlp aum should bs there, so pass ths word btr. Oa the N*MW aid*toa *»** along and lupport.tkl* cause, sag* * whtob w k read* rado as u fohewo! o! Aatauy BikN, «<lf*. Mr, \**A Ukd AM»I Owntri MIX May tko Wurat Owisiy ftmuaib dub Introdtu* to you a mimker at this Salt Water Angtirs, Sscritary, League of n*«>pr*dt sjaoelatlm of sperunten, dtdlmttd to tkt esus* of conserva Jockey Ira (BtbH Haafoid to tlm Ud OpeKsBMftllla, W< Mk oni of hone riclng'i top golfim, y*u to allow him te hunt or AshMe won HIilMR'a Flaming* tournament ait year and to favored lo M yaw toftdb tad watira, with tat twdmtudliif thit b* will rtpmt tbto yiar, D doubtt.. Shirley Ceruto-hUrle OoldM. Hlstlande, I..,_. m iisps** ft P*il*lla, 111, VuUtr, 171. Decker. Ill, : aal PI Mill Mtaainutk Oard^ SaiUeltMni M fss^aj...,«...;....i. Taial til. ill, I. Ill) aae 44*, l.tll; " 111, I. Tetsl NeVtae HW»«. M417, ly4i*iti, a UI4? JZlKi -" - JVealiel*; I, til I.HI.. R«M I omelale Wl«hol» am Celftt. BOWLING SCORES BID BANK BOllNESSMlN-a UAOUg STANDINGS Kudu. 141, Total 141. kt. Kins. 128, ill. 147, 191: M. Bakaa, lie Total 808. L. K*d*r*ha ISO, US, HI: an< 8. Healltt, I, *8, 400. Total til. e». Battlestmade «t. Fraak'a Fraaka _ r>. Pun. Ill, 1*2, : and id A. ' Baler. Frank'. Fk' klakreee. lit. US. 117, 818. Total I 7ftl. feutellan, Oaala tt. Btkra, US. 414: an< t.. Concv.r. t«l. IS». lot. I. Total 181. Ill, 111, 171. I. Wekmter, 188, 185, 114, 388: an4 l«i, ill : D. PJUI, lt« SI, 182. Total 1*1. Battlesreuad*. I. Uf, 411: L. kotdee. Haunted la*.. Ill, 441; Beatrice Claae D double. B. Caruso. Ill, Gon**f Mas* *0: Dorothr ISS, IBB. 4S2: and M. Golden, HI, l, 0. HaneaiM. toplre l.. 414! Ol.dr Total 888. Deiatad, Fraak'e D. frwhatan, 1st, ; aa* 111). C. Bnnons, 184, 111, Total HID SANK MIKBO LBAOUt 111. t BTANOINOB D. Mueller, Uf. 188, 144, 4)4: and W ill, in: ii. Kiae. in, ill. us." ii'i M. Mueller, l,»7, Ul, 824. Total Til. A* Falea'e Mardvtr.. 47 a*. Balr« U. lit. 4111B. Haalltt. 114, 117. I. 440: teelba Kedtrek*. TSAH TOTALS.,* «Baa. Jemler* B. B. Savin.-. A Lean Ill, s. Ill, 117: Pete Pus*. "<>. " C MsnaMiian No. 1. fll, Ohanp'* Bar 4> Grill 115, 41.: Anil* Oelabrw*. 144, 14*. lit. 7»l ; Edith'. Boauty 8alm, 414! Meriaret BUre, Hit Bland., s, ,088: 8k*r. Inaa Ima Cs Cnnever, nimr, 144, S : E. man Pontlu. Freehold. *, (I*, fll, I B.d Baak Reereaikm... Ii Wekitar Ill, Us, 111: Dot Unge, 1,128: Una- Branch What, Lons Brand, T , 74* ,147: Cedar Inn, HI**. Saraett'e I landi. I. 141, I, 1,117; Luekr INDIVIDUAL AVBBAOBS rik**, A*kurr Park !, I. i B. C**av*r Tt «'dais mass t> Ssser Beaver*, IM Beak, 4*1. ~ Ill, ~ *7S7T,tl4i / Bedtr. Ca.. BOWUNGJCORES < VAK HAVBNUUOUt 111. *. tu. 1.H0: Be* Slit. I. j lanni Brutes, RID BANK SOWUNO CENTER W b Red flaak Bawllaf Ceater 41 IT fid leak Beelas. 40H u% ^!!2L==i. \\ lwleaai Z... UH Hit * series Tern UPreete 141, Ml, Jeaa Pataadrta* ITI. 141, tll-hi. ill geriee-cke'le* BHUeae, I. 114, Ill Cloke-JI*>*if Tattle til, Pet aagwibi tit Clab-M. Saltb Ml, tt* ttot< _ at^irs* tersmi I.!«f^rViil. Jiai Cl7.,rio.. Hlik Teui Three G.*»««-Wlllo»kreok Hlsk Team Th»e G*«ue let Bank tlmeia- at the auvaor, beetdos a lot 1,111, rowl.r'i Hardwire t.llf, Keier'e Boonnf 1,4*4. Reekr's Bit* Bh*P 1,117, Stall** 1,411, gtiafl'l 1,141. Hlsh KM!* Tea* Oiate-Kejrer'a a. Hljk llnsle Oi M Rei Bank R«*S*s tie* I. Pewltr'a Hardaar* iff. Ill, inset. Ill, leckjr'e Bit* Shop Ml. jfhwb ft TIMI TO STAirr GITTING U SHIPSHAP Whor will your boot ntsd rhii yaor? He** loekooj hor ovtr and ehacktd th«thing* thot nmd dolno? Jot thtm down, ond bring tht lilt into The Bootmon'l Shop, whtr* you will find complitt lin of tht butt boot rapair, matarieli and occttiorim. All our aid friend* know thli: If y*mi havan't viilttd in, thtrt'i a traat In Mara for you aa< for your boot! Coma im /ar ymr o J W TUa UbU. Mttit*/ «f ft Parfclnf! JAt faxononk SkopL 24. Whorf Avtnut Rid Bonk S. Aeerra... t Asnlai. SM S,... I4.I _ 11.11, _.,l w I llt.1 AT MI PfettNfM L. Oattla... 14T.4I COMMUNITY CHURCH 1XACUS Helnke -, T».7B. Petrueeltl 71 U2.47 Standlnf. Smith _ 7J 17J.4I D. Wlie ;_ «0 1S*.4I Bllatea.a I;4.JJ M. Oollno 71 1S7.4J W L Ciiteltafd* 71 n».lt P. Mlnton 41 1S7.2I Air Forte Chactl I* Turnoek *«n2.4» G. Turnoek Rmburr (M.tao41et> 41 IT E. Carhart. IS4.48 R*4on**4 (MiMletovn).. 41 IS Dl"»» :; S4 Rumaon (PrMkrterian) M. BalT.rtr P.tru.elll,.. 72 HJ,«Shrowiburj (Prtibrteritn)... tt M. rrancl F.JIer _ 7! HJ.ll Lat. Sunen SI i* P. Hflnk. ft Jonannemann «9 1S8.8I Uttle iutn (Baptiet) D. Fallrr l 1.1.1* Frenet. «s D. Mecill 40 U2.J7 High three lamee Air Forte. 1,111; WOMEN high team tame Reformed, 881; klfk I. Smith Tl J. Parle fl l«0.«l thr.«gamm Sutherland. (87; klsk Vaa Vllet «111.8 V. Jshannemann 41 14Mname, Gtrino, 144. FISHERMEN-SPORTSMEN THE OUTBOARD OF THE FUTURE... YOURS TODAY AT STRAUSS STORE WHITI ST. RIOIANK INTRODUCING NEW AIR-COOLED 4 HP TWIN SEE THE WHITI IT. 3 GREAT MODELS 3 H.P. SINGLE 6 H.P. TWIN 6 H.P. 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34 Paore Ten RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH 12,1958' SPLITS and MISSES BY PAUL A. ALBRECHT Last Saturday night, 35 of the top women keglera of Monmouth county met at the Red Bank Recreation to try and match their atrlkea and spares to see who would take the J. Stanley Herbert trophy away from Red Bank. The five gals who represented Long Branch were the successful ones. Viv Wilson was the star keglerette this time as she tonoed all bowlers with a 533. Her opening effort waa her best game, a 199. Marie Kowatayck wasn't far bthind with 817 and a 207 single effort Minnie (DeBias) Zaccaria added a 462, Bebe Taylor a 480 and Madeleine Rafferty this team went in with an»15 team average and for tlr«e three games, averaged 814. So you aee, they did not explode but then acain neither did they let their fans down. The Belmar- Neptune outfit of Fay Cogan. Doris (President) Megill, Nellie Woolley, Marion Smith and Jane Burdge entered with a 7*3 team average and emerged with an 804 average. Actually thi* wa* th* only team that rolled better than its average and it did bring them in aecond. Long Branch totaled 2,443 while theae gal* collected 3,41*. In other word*, they lo»t by 25 pins. The Red Bank representative* held the highest entering average with 821 but could only manage a. third place finish. Lenore Gattis did her best with 198 and 52*. Dot Aschettino threw In a 198 with Mary Smith a 490. Millie flabaatano and Amy VanWet couldn't find that 1-3 pocket often enough, so now these gala must wait until next year. Kay Bauter, who won the women's portion of Oene Camoosaa Asbury Park Sweepstakea, led off for Asbury Park. Kay added another medal to her growing collection by rolling a 1*0 triplicate. Fay Coftan knocked down 202 plna in her final effort to give her a 503 total while Jane Burdge'a (Insl 193 gave her 530, Besides the trophy, Long Branch finished first in all departments. Their 863 waa high game, Marie's 207 was high single effort and Vlv's 63S high three-game effort. Yes, Long Branch was in all the way. The Monmouth county women'* seventh annual bowling tournament rolled up * official curtain at the Bed Bank Recreation Sunday afternoon. The teem were net toe high ao the present leader* may not atay there. Then again, they may. Belmar aeemed to have everything s awa way aa far a* the single* were concerned a* the Irac plate In all four classes I* occupied by a Belmar heflerette. Nellie Woolley, with 467, head* class A, while Gleiya Wright at *M la top* In B. In C wa* Miriam abot with MR and In D, Emma Emmon* with 447. Bed Bank's hotter waa apheld In the doubles, however, when the class A and B leaders eaaie from that fair town. Mabel Benton and Ann Tlghe teamed ap for a MS total to top au the other elasa A'a. In the B dlrlelea it waa Fran Nichols and Burt Parcels with a Mi eeant. Highland* gala moved Into the Brat place slots In the two lower elaasea In the personage* of Evelyn Otto aad J* Beberta with H* in C and Shirley Caruso and Marie Golden In D with 848. In both the single* and double* event* we Bad that the B claaa keglera aeem to have at little the better of They ueually manage to come up with higher scores. If we go hack ever the men's tournaments, back when they had the class system alto, we believe the eame situation weald he noted. Why this Is se wa do not know but seems to be tha caae. One of th* differences between th* man's and women'a tournament* that w* have noted I* the manner In which tho women roll their team event. The women change alleys for each gam* ao that they roll each gam* on a different alley.. In one way thl* make* for mora even cores. Should a kegler have trouble with an alley or pair of alleys tho trouble will laat only for that one gam* and not for all three. On the other hand, aome bowjera take almost a whole game before they And an alley. For thl* type of bowler, changing alley* will throw them all off and the chance* are that thty will have a poor night. The men'* tournament was run on thl* system in th* beginning also until the tournament grew too large. Were th* mtn to go back to thia system they would bowl until after midnight and many of the bowler* on tha laat equad would not enjoy it. Thtre are pro* and con* on all systems ao you can take your pick. No matter what system la used all contestants ar* rolling under the same aet of rule* ao they all have an equal chance. There were only class C and elasi D teams rolling Isst Sunday In this greatest of all bowling evente for the Monmouth women keglerettes. In claw C, alanaaquan 1 moved out in front on game* of 723, M2 and 791 for a 2,17* total. Arvlll* Groa led th* attack with a anappy ML Her partner* were Margaret Gesche, 42»; Mildred Keegart, 434; Mary Frostick, 41*, and Cdith Btnnttt. 37*: Freehold came Into the picture via the bowling of the English Fetd repreaentatlvee In D claaa. ally Brockland, 39*; Lillian Vaakin, 418; Audrey Jasper, 379; Eileen Albreeht, 343. and Phyllis Larson, 480, totaled 1,M* to top D claa.. Well, ntst week will aee If these leadtr* will remain Imden or drop down the COMPILED MAR. I "A" DIVISION INDIVIDUAL. AVERAGES O Sdward Taylor 43 Tomaino 43 'iort Cordon* loieph Rufflnl Mkt Meyers Carl Schnieder 17 Charles Howard 34 Edward Farley it Louis Agnlme L... krthur Sieo :andy Stromberg : 13 Coaeninto Wtnril Wytkoff Dun Dlllione fonjamin Gruber. labe Anthony ubbjr (ioilno «iter Clayton... 'eter MAZE* 'at Ambrosia dwtrd Bahr M l n Edad. William Van Pelt lino. Here aad there about th* com*/. Maa* a taw average aum. relts for years wltheat aver UMlag a «a set Oae of these kegler* Sal s*. Sal Is the epeaoer of the lal'e Barber's *>e Laat week Sal *** * hit a M» count. How. over, ho accomplished this la tha Bed Baak Beereatioa leagao Tuesday night where ho bowl* far Tony Beacon ON Boacsre'e ^, Tailors teat*, Sal had IN, 1» aad ft* for tl*. Tha aeit Monday night ho was a happy maa ever tha whets thing hat whea the alght was aver ho waa aet so happy. His Sal's Bar* hen team tangled with his arch rivals, Derate*. Hardware. Now there Is a private llthe bet between gal aad DtFalce en which team wlu end la front af th* ether. Whea the alght start*., Sale waa thro* games ta tha good hat they weat'heme ad even. All af Sal's rooting dldat bdpto. the least, his team Mil test all three games. Sal Is etw of tat* beet opeaeers aad proved himself a good loser aba. with *Vt* wash* left this will be a alee little private battle. With ej Sal s* deserves eengratalstloat tor his *1* aad ws with him Ms MM* af them. All bowler* have experienced the happy feeung of rolling tho beat game of hi* llf* one night and thtn the ne*t time out Just couldn't setm to get a strike. Something like this happened to Nordy Aachattino laat Thursday night in the Bayahore league. Nordy collected 39* pin* for a 1H average but his total looked a llttl* anemic as h* was th* only one on the team who failed to hit M0. This Nat'a Jewelers team stt a new high three-game seriea for tht county and a total that hasn't bte rolled in the county for many a year, 1,181. Thia was accomplished o gamea of 1,024, 1,0*3 and 1,071, From this looks as though thsy would have hit 1,100 if thty rolled another garni. Red Bank'a bowiln dentist, the one and only Morgan "Doc" Colio, cam* close to two honors as he led this team to the record smashing total. Doc opened with 247 and then came back with a pair of Ml*. This gavs him a Ml,. mere nine pins shy of 700 and that first game kept him from a triplicate, Don Holdrldge almost stayed with Doc to the tune of M2. A w*a[ opening game of 201 waa the difference. Don came back with SIS an 23*. Dan Laytou came home with MS with a 227 tap effort while Joe Tomaino rounded it out with KM on I ID best effort. Nordy wa* teady all the way as he opened with a 210 and thsn finished with 112 and 194. Perhaps an oddity In this* games Is th* fact that In non* of the games were there five 200*. In the first game Dan and Joe were low with 176 and 190; the second game taw Nordy'* 192 aa low and In the third, and highcat game Joe and Nordy were again low with 192 and 194. Vc«, these boy* know what to do with that 11-pound tphere, Cedar Inn rolled an opening game that would ordinarily get a few 'Viih " lls " ls>1t * 9SZ """* *'*" Ju " run * ( - n( - ml "' Tohn *hamk circle and that for «04. Crte * Wednesday aad Thursday nl M seems*! to be big hawhag nights ap there In the Highland* aa Mahler's Trimmer* started all this hot bawling Wednesday a* they mated) kach late a Srtt plat* Me. They were engatfm the Irtt pme* dwritm, Mir'* Landing, and made a clean sweep. This aeon* wasn't *a*agh for tkem, they did with a learlih. Jeo Ctaralek, Stewart Mag, George "Glpp" O'Neill, Jtha Bsmaadettl aad MaroM Tha ass" Mahler added up HI, MM aad Ml far MM, three deeen pin* *hy af a dream total «f jjje* HmM hlmtsif toeh charge Secretary Ed Bahr mferm* M M am nme m ma hlstsry of this leoa that Mahler's ha* ever erarhed that I,*** elast. They msthava waited a long time to crack, hat when they did H split wide open.»'«"""«. Mr*. Howard Mewe*, for tr* tetter dwelling Lobster Ml, opened with a 1*8 aad the* righted hlm**tf far «f«aad 118 I* total «N. Thl* helped the Pats t* a sweep over the New Jerftry Natural Has I:*, 4j.lnt*t. Ed nynn continue* to tlo a yeoman job as eecretary of th*. Oak' hurst BuniMfMinfiV» loop, They roll Wednesday averting* In Wist Leni Branch snd inott of tha lime we havitht mulls and up-te~d*t«slant Ings on Thursday, If Ed mallt this Information we have no later than Friday, This In stlt m*y not bo s* nswsworthy w*r* not for the fact that Ed does not have a typewriter and. doe* everything In long hand and only recently has h* taken ta using earbtn paper, Keep u the good work, Ed, Your loop rally owts you a vets of thank*, Last wash Hoy Townssnd took matttrt Into Ms awn hsndt and sit a nsw league high of 171 with eounu of 3M, IN and 144, Run Wright almoit matched him when he celltcud ill, n* snd 138 for US, Other* to rash the 100 club wtre Pete Mnia, 111 snd 113; John Vltola, 90S and Nt Jas Hornlck, till Jos l%tltn, 214; Vines FrasJ, 2IS; Ed Clark M* rred Vllnla, I) Dan Layton, JIB; Walt Wordtn, 214; rrtnk Van' Brunt, MM, and Dan fttlte, 103, looks st though ill loops ar* gttttng la practice for that Monmouth county tournament mat month. Now t.ta*llat*t*g«thot.' Shore Firemen's Bowling League Averages AVE oneph Tomalna 'red Hecro... jeorge Cook Javid Senuto IS IT... <t... I* *(... If... 4*... IS 12 ndjr Bruno i«nnia Arnon* loward Monehaai 4ft amea Emmona 44 Anthony.Suono. 12 Idwin ynn... IS Ivan Vanderveer I* [enry Huhn... 4K 'red 8. Morria 22 red Hurley indrew Dale._ IT 'eter Urlwlla I* imory Oabora it alph Lewla 42 ewis Nelson SS 'ineent Moyes 14 nthony Melina 31 Merrill Morgan I M.rvln Edward. 2> Willi V Pl * ! lai lii.n 1S S2.H1 1J2.24 llt.l IJI.M J.S * , HI IK ' I lay Pearee ge Moser.nlhony Matovaky loienh Hobko Gene Wllkins DIVISION ft IS «2 IS I... ( 'nil Hendrlelts 43 Randy Cook 13 Richard Brae* IS Joseph Baker 13. Henry Canonieo fit Al Dander Ben DeAmlls 13 George Wooda 44 larry Smith Villlam Devereaux I* Jack Drum - 4* ohn Mulvlhlll 84 tobert Roussell 13 Harry Urrieon Harria 45 Warren Mawes 12 William Vtnner 12 Thomas Berton "> Harry Hopkins 5t Russell Writht Joseph Matovsky IS Frank Roberta 14 Benjamin Stanton Lake Pryor ; 3S John Murday Sam Yorg 4t J. Ruiaell Hlbhetts 13 Fred Yort 41 Ernie Farley Frank Turner ft Thomas Fry tl Walter Delis 44 Warren Chandler IK Edward Murphy 51 Walter Warden I* Charles Le* 2» Frank O'Brien Sen* Teatlno 41 AVK IS »4 tobert Denbigh Charlea Zimmerman Raymond Megill John Wagner i. Stuart Blair John BruM I* IS 14 I* 47 IS Thomaa Filedntr *" Fred Bender» Dan Infant! I* Helvin Longatraet (rnneth Smith 41 Lawrence parley 13 Jacob Ratdorf ts Harry Hugglna I* William B. Jeffrey ' 17».4» 171,15 178, » T2.J S S 171.J2 171.SI t.ll 17t.ll llt.ll lld.ll lll.i' I7.J4 lii.r 1IS.SI 1IJ S 14S J Kenneth Orndorff 13 Fred S. Wood 47 J. Edgar Rowland 12 John Greenleaf S2 Edward Saundera - S< William Connor I>1 Warren Joline 18 Jay White Jay Alfired Hurley hi SO -D" DIVISION 'red Hurley H Russell Francis Ill 114.8* Michael Cuoeei M Josepk HundeHpJund 14 Jamea Herbert...:.. 4*; Hi Danlelson 4* Gilbert TW«!VM, 24 Howard Hundertpfuas) 21 George Camburn S* Leonard Robinsoa *3 Tony Robinsoa..» 13 Tony Infant! 13 John Buakay M William Addle Walter Gilbert 47 KanniU MeKeaa..-»7 Milton Hampton 21 Roy Hibbetta S Jamea Curley.»«Arch Shaw I* Earl Swlsher _ Oliver Peiley 44 Richard Klefer. Sr. 14 Maurice Cuoeci 41 Alden Batter (I Frank Van Brunt - * Harry Hodman 4* John Lay ton Leroy Ward William Smith 52 Joseph Gondnough., IS Ren Har»»y! 17 Phil Maneinl Thomas Foggla 3* Melvln Brower John Hendrlckaoa 41 Arthur ftouaaell 4* Donald DeRoae 14 David ImmMs 41 George 8traehla z* Fred Bowea t Willla Atklosoa 1* Jamsa Cullea I * llt.ll 1IS ,2 lll.j* I0.J US.81 llt.ll lit.l * 1S7.I U7.1 1M.I lil.t I "C DIVISION (leori* Tralll tester Wileex I* Robert Miller Gretory Filar* Charles Miller» William Hart Ill Joseph Domenieo, Anthony Chrlstophsr Rrneat Herseg tt Rev. 0. Celentana IT Jamea i. Ounn tl William Curik.11 Samuel Bennett.IT Westan Dangler ( Ben Van Note IS Edward Wenier tl William Mldtley St Robert Cosentln* IT "."Zl"! ss IT l»a"wilara"'»..v...'.v.v.".rz-"t 1 ** Klvln Uk* 14 Al Werner William Warner tt Spencer Morton... HaroM Van Mete Chester Henry William Brand William Waraer Claude W. launders _ Kenneth Ormsbee Reginald Pyle William Franks. Jr Joseph Shield* John Moray William Harnett F k Sith, 4T. tl t*, I* ' SI Frank SmTlh..."... St J, Bussed Waalltf. Jr. tt Wilton Dansltr SI Paul White ;.. SS Frank Sully IT Raravld Hurley. tt Walter Ctnraw *4 B. r. Weelley I. M. Morris tt Uull Cuuon Qsorte Wyekea? tl Milton Matthew* SI Nael Brld*n IS AVE 1TI.IS ni.t 1TI.4I 1T4.4T 114, lt llt.t t.IT ,11 Illitt 111,11 lll.t ,11 141,14 111,21 141,14 14,1* ,11 1, G John Dowena 62 Edward Wade el Robert Ormsbe* r>7- George Pepper 44 Robert Wood fit Daniel Uyton 41 Robert Truex 44 William Moyea 11 Russell Munson 13 Bert Skldmore Harry Fary Everett Daviton in Richard Far) er el William Morgan I George-Moore Harry Woolley Amerigo Bruno >7 Joseph Ahlers :. Russell Woolley i3 Charlea Broun St Dominie Torchia 30 William A. (layton Dan Osip Henry Allen 12 Peter Mallei- CI Nyle Garrison 63 Kenneth Woolley. fi3 John Bennett Alton Smith. 44 Albert Duryea. 44 Andrew Marsh IS Dominie Mana 13 Jamea Katski r,4 Niles Cole William Hooper 13 Harry Soden " Elmer Kochil >' William Van Riunt 19 William Metcalf Jr i.i Ernest Piergion i>9 William Berrens IS Joseph Pace 14 Harvey Walling 1.1 Charles Morgan 13 Ralph Morris 12 Raymond Hill!«Stanley Richards IS Joseph Wayman».1 Harry Cuttrrll 9 James Robins tobert Van Brunt Waiter Mortis 84 loward Noble 10 tobert Holdsworth tl Harold Peterson 41 Clifford Bray 10 Sdwin Peterson»2 Walter Obeinch SI) Frank Holmgren Otto Schneider SI Larry Stanch >9 laymond Bryk 14 William Donens 52 Ilonnlrt Soulhsid 27 Carlton Rurnmue 29 loseph Franks 5 4 Robert Kroner 50 Arnold O'Shi a '.4 Eric Jensen William Miller lay A. Pettit Hubert (Jonover William.Tansey Melvln Ely Theodore Miller frank Tomaino Russell Tomainn George Wood Jeorga Noble Bdwln Walling Cverett Donahay William Hansen lamea Ford Lafayette Danley toseph Walters arshall Wist Sdward Hazlci Bernard Roaenben Jame* VanSant Alfred Robbina Herbert Mason " 'red Zeller Stanley Bruton E" DIVISION Robert Vnlmer (.-, Mward Dugan is Ernest Daley 57 Charles Lambertaon tl Robert Forbes SI Mlehael Sastokaa S3 Wgar Phillips., 5a Joseph Urtch SJ Milton Coeyman _ 12 William Tltu 13 keo O Connor M William Herbert C3 tdward Pietoli «Erneat Peseux fit Herbert Megill * Mmund Thomsaon, Jr. tl William Horaman 44 Richard MeConnell 47 August Colmorgen Jamea Juliano st Robert Thoraen 62 George B. Brown, Jr.... tt George Hoy A John B. Kelly ~. 11 Alfred J. Oakee 2* 2," r ««Smith lit William Palmer S4 George Mansfield _ IT Bordon Wilson tt «* " PatUraen t3 William Brown :.. 12 Jarry Hover 32 Wward Estrow so Jos»i>h Calver..._ 43 Edmund F. Sltkele tl Harry Aumack tt i*j"i Deuglaaa 22 Bllhert Boyer 51 rank DeRoa 44 Mmund Ryan 42 ^Dombrowesl IT Milton Ear e t2 William taraen...r.:...: Howard Walling tl Uwrenc* Cornell 52 Jonn Foreman 53 Jam** Moran 1.1 noy Hulse 34 Ecltor Wright Andrew Morrll Calvin Carhart t l William Bloom is Arnold Thompson 42 Harrison Covert 51 William Guyet M Rdwln Volcer tl James Neldlnaer George Johnson Frank Lyona 4!) Charlea Hoffman Jack Thompson.'. it Jane* Oarrlty 41 skirt Holbroek. M ssemond Whit* r arr*n Aaaay 11 ita JCno> 41 ft AVE !!! ,11 111,14 itl.u 111,19 I llllt «n lt.l silnald Walla 14 li*n ryl* William Beanstt Cht Dennla d SI Cluster t^'n»\v'...~i.z.«i.z«..^ 11 Qaers* B*un«*ra Mlehael Naitaal*) George Farwell (I Jaieuh R'llly tl Wallace Canner Milton NasaUr John Hperk *4 Ohsslar Smith Damlnlr Figaro James llurkln Dale Slsier ;..,. Jarnh MaeFarland Wllll A l 141,4 141,21 141,11 141, laa.en lll8t llt.l MI 111,24 Reginald Hyde tl llf.m William Cnnwsr 14 IM,l John Oranlnettl IM. Ul.lj Mt I Wllllaai Aaplissl* *l Miar Walllnf 14 I. Stanley,. Mert«rt SI asurte Whit, SI Donald P»le Ctrl Ardnllno Al lilrk Hnfman m Ogden H, Johnson it ank Maisa 4,1 1 Huaanll '»»..ii man fltrudwlck»» r'leil Kiolmlnakl *! «Henry la Anthony Cosentln*,,4 Car Rrufllinir 47 Wl Him Daf*Rls Hdvlt Kaplm.. MM llii.t 101,4 {4.J # I!T MI 1M.4N iiim iii.m 1*1,21 IM,4 m m,!i«ut,r 141,41 I4S.I4 I4M S \t,j'.'::< , I,', *>8.7 l.u , :i C W = :,? tni Holman 41 Bernard W.lford M Th*m«s McCann it 2? S 2?,W Sf m * Wllllaai Mlnery Harry Johnson Willi dill Harry Johnson 11 William dillan M Walter Smale 54 John Rohertaan SI Jaek rawler»t BvrnHt Barkalaw Claude Herbert sa Clsrane* Taylor 41 a*art* A. Brown ikvk": ii Jeasa Cask ClartBra Canmona. Am* laakaan tl tioorga Langs, Jr,. S3 William Veron (2 Alex.Romo Claud* Borchardt. (S ohn Adubato 41 Clannc* Joyi Coldsberry forman Sicklaa. J Richard Johnson 12 Monroo Marx 40 Kollln Shumsrd, Jr. 41 (ieora-e Hall 4S 3b«rles Barth - 41 lamea Kerrigan 24 ohn Fagan - 42 amaa Bly 41 John W. N«pp Ii O«org* Col* - S5 Franda Dlatrich S3 tollin 8humard, Sr. 41 «*ster Hurley 37 iussell Tilton - : Howsrd Brand Cieorge.Bartolf Herbert North larold Noreros* Jack Stojre Allan Wooley, it,...:, tobert Luna Thomaa Sraieh John McCabe alo GaltUecio. lex Su i*mki _ Andrew Chritttnsea Clay Davidson Fr*d Ckatay.. Gtotga Morris Harold Hurley Arthur Cretin oftn Jones tobert Robinson 8arl Wllion John Polhtmu'a Cnarle* Huhh CHIT Hackman " red' R«yar ohn Hand Robert Berry Fred Warner li HL if tt n& S S9 40 S 41- SI IS r I4K il H H e L K O Wllliard VVIU '. Roy Steward Ben Moffett laymond Maia ''rank Fllsgerald William Anderson Stanley Schnledar William Wmdt Sdmond Moor*. Jr D. 8heehan Georg* Marx ^arry Jordan «C«DIVISION i«org# Paterxon, Jr. Richard DaHart rhomas H. Catlty Edmond Blom William Bruenlg Melvln J. Scheldt : Alfred Pound Vincent White John Vetterl :... Frank Wllgus Frank Hall Rny Miner Ch»rlr«Hull...: William F. Anderaon William Mark. Kenneth DeRose ramas Polidora tobert Stillwagon \ennetli I,. Smith >onil««parkar Paul Wagner John Crow*ll 4L lit.14 G*orgt Wllkina 14 1S1.12 Mward Bloom - S3 151.S»aroH Tetley _ »obsrt West Henry 7.ebrowaM S Loul» Clerplal Brneet Dodd, »a«l Wbltfleld :! David (Vborn 4 U8. Oliver Marcelli S S Joseph Dangler Chtitsr Anderson 4S 14S.SS William Lyons AVB I.3T t.ll lit.* llt.ll llt.l T.2I 13T *, 13I.» U 1J5.2S S4.5 * UI.S7 1.K.56 1S*.3* Ut.4 14t.25 14».24 14t.ll llt.l , 14T.I IT *.3t 144.S4 140,12 14t,l 141 llt.ll* MM m,:4 131,11 vvmsw «^WK e««iee«ai*ia«eea«a«aa**a IT lflball fiirtar*; Canto...' 41 I 7 Ralph Johnit* ,4, James Carney fatk Um**rt**a avneat Karley it Uwtrd Miller.'.'LZr. tl TaonsiJ<el*e* rrsnk West 41 Edward Reid 11 Ralph Uyto* it F" DIVISION Paul Alhretht...;. M R**er«Unfraak Ram Malta tl Atktrt Keisltr Thomai Wllhurn Thompson I I 114, ,1 112, ,11 llt lll.t AVI. 174,28 rtavm Hirram* Jamta Bourn* Andrew Knnswlts John Murphy Robert Kaiiirtnn Frank tu iiur rley 1 < *><«* Vlll rj MIMIMMIMIMM ttil Ruaaell Cotlrdl Richard Morgan! 11 frank Unt tt alia., v... Alex Roaa Oll'lter! W" * AN I I 111,1* I, 113,11 143,8ft 142, 141, ,4* MMA l»»,44 158,HI 1AH.1* Al ('(...,,, Jsfk. Henjy, Hiihn. tsneth l.ilk* Rmisaall, Us Tlltta ""I"'" 0 14 I * I»M 157, ,11 SAT.SI' 1(17,1 MM* IAA.H Inn, n ISA, HI US, S M S ,111 IM,4I 111, ? S ).12 15S.10 tit.t J lt , S.3S ; Ill lt t.47 lit * S (1.32 U0.5I t.( « ! I,-, Ralpk Data 41 Francis Hoffman Charles Sehulta Fred Beam Howard C Haatley Ed Randolph Robert Fix Edward Freibott... William Trimblt... Ed Leroy William Molsoa Edmond Fette William Carlos*... 'ank* Hanjamii Arthu mln V ir Harl VanKeuren «*ld Robert Harasa Robert Cadman William Aat Robart Dangler Wilton Moora.. Spaneer Canwnter I SO, , ! Usttr Joete 42 Phil V.nowita 3* J. E. W. Kuper M Theodora Uwla Stanley Moore». 21 Thomaa Jennings S4 Jamas DeForast 38 Le.ter Herbert Robert Wens Daniel Schumann 40 Richard Bonfen 4t Harold E. Heekman, Sr. 48 Edward Corry Joseph Shafto «William T John B Chl , t > T lt m Taggart Bajltalupl.- SO Charles Hodtta Byron Holme* Edgar Fulton Richard Tetley Robart Stout... Frank Fluhr. 34 4J Arthur Mtlllah 14 Stanley Dexter 21 Hyatt Cunnlna+am 31 Richard Oharlla.. W. Peare* Charlts Laag Sam'Woolley Peter Tomaino Henry Wonlley Frank W. Baiajent. Joseph Domtal John Keim Robert Deane William Strohmangtr Ralph Conover Charles Boyc* John Titdemann Larry Pick Harold Drasslar James Milne Alvln Bills Arthur Totartlll Joseph Krau» Leroy Lovaland 'H 1 DIVISION an * , ' ), , , 47 _., 54 Henry E. Soden, Sr. 18 Chedwlek Hendrlesson 48 Charles VanCyren Alei ogct...: Dominic Clement* Lewi* B. Hendrieka... Thomaa Tomnlno Arthur Manclnl Gen* Masco v Claud* Whaicn Darr«1l Dundaa Frank Hartley Joseph Caneitro Albert White Lewi* Hai-ker William Fittertr Ray Krukowky Charles Johnson Herbert Bush Harry Sickles William D. Lyon Robert Reuther Charlas E. O'K*ef* John Slocam Frail Bradl*y GeraM Carroll Alex Heinbacher... SS Uster Maekey G. Drey*r 34 William MockHdg* 41 Nick Ru>ao 58 John Horter 54 John Johnson 41 Al Zilly Oliver Honpaeh Calvin OhlMn David Lame lll.t * HO.t !<«. _'.-, I4S MS.tS Jacques Guir* Elmer Bahrenburg. Arthur Isakeen Clifford Cook... Harold Hart Abner AlUgood Robart Everdell John Newman Steven LamberUoa Jack Murray Harry Nilolek 4* Clyde Packard 4T John L. Alias 44 fieorge Wills 4t lll.l Joseph Holiday _ John W. Woolley Harry M. Sate Robert T. Ralaon lll. t' Jamas Warnoek Pater Kaiabo : Jl James Cattanach Dominie Foggla Walter Horn George Coder Charles Lambertaea ltl.ll IS " Jamea Bennett 4* Philip Navollton Haivey Tilton 42 I.* Emmttt Spies Myron Tatlmadge ' William Harahmaa 41 Raymond Tyler Owen Dunfee..: 10 Ueter Bueh 28 Raymond Guarlna. 41 William Katab* 4«Lean Walllner Norman Pradham 41 Donald Schmidt Jam** Waanar.... 2T Bmer Blumel J. G. BaumgartK William Cheesemaa...r... Wooli*/ Thompsss I* John MeBride. 4T Edward Aaay..._.._._ Walter Dangler «...*... IS James Scrlvner 41 William Harries : tt William Bradler > Kdward Oelso tl John Millar - 2T Richard Kins....: 10 DanW Flood..: IS- Jams) l>wls 2* Roy King : 51 S. Kornon ; '.»* John Jaekaon 2t William Conover 41 Thomas Kandtla : 27 William Bedford»5 Fred Tilton Joseph Donato r 1i»J llt.ll llt.l? I.H llt.l ltl ltl.ll ' 128.* 1SS.S4 lit.*, * t.ll 107.SI Firemen's Loop Standings STANDINGS "A" DIVISION W! Phil Daly'a 1 41!t Eatontown Highlands 1 17', 23 U Liberty 1. Red Bank 34 % 2«',i Freehold 1 35 Oecannort 1 25 Rmnchport IS 43 Independenta Wayside 2 87 *A ale Ukewoed 1 Waet L«ng (ranch I Allenhurst 1. Uneieelled i Vi »',i West Long Branch 1 ;... 27',, Belford 1 27'/, Uh*rty 1, Whiteevllle tl Octan t. Paint Pleasant Little Silver DIVISION..!...*! 4T f 14 Manmoath Beach' 1.- Haslet t»... Avon Plre Dept. Batont»wa 1 Hamlltan 1...; Deal 1. West Lane Branch 1. Comanunlty 1 Fair Haven I 11 IT } A 14 IS IT DIVISION. w.s.arj ladependente I. Wanamassa 2 FmhoM 2 _ Ocean, Sea Bright Haalet 1 Red Bank tl 14 i\ i\ IS" 8* M SI \ R.«.nrt4r.::.:z.Tz Oceanic 1, Lent Branch... South Belmar I OUT.7Brraa" "itzzz Uneroft ii Volunteers 2 T' DIVISION 41 "* * DIVISION Onkhnrst 1 Deal 1 :. Wanamaaaa 1 ITnlon Hase t - Unexcelled 1 Eagles I Avon 2 Bradley Beach... Fair Haven 1 Oakhurat I Shrewsbnry 1 _ Washington 1 Oliver Byron 1 Portaupeek 1 Haalet 4 ; 11% Oakhurat t... ::=:::. : IT "C DIVISION Sea Olrt t :. 41 Independent* 1, Leag Branah * 18 IT»tt 24 "3!4 **5 :t *8 IS ilti Glendola Ocean 1, Point Pleasant... tl tl tl 27 IWHnHI i ( Shrewsbury Reliance 4, Ukewoed 41 Liberty I.- Red Bank 41 Hamilton I 39 Oceaiiport 2 ; '. 31 Oakhtirst I.. Belford 1... Bradley I ;...'.'..'..'.'.'. 12 Brevent'Park I...:.. 12 Liberty 2, Whiteaville Shrewsbury I vgs. Independents. Bradley Beach 21 W*st Long Branch 4 22 * Ladder I la % N*ptun* City I u ' "C" DIVISION Katie* 4'.'. B. H..Stok*s C.-. Pioneer* 1 IT Hook a Udder i, Oceanic 2. Rumson ll'.j Eatontown I Atlantic Highlands 2 21',, Uneietlled l> 21 Community 2 20 u Allenhurst 2 21 Hamilton 2 it Volunteers 1 lt(i S" 41 I* : t* IS io 31 I* * s* 11! i* IT 41 * DIVISION tl 8 Union Hos* 2.. Avon I Belief 2 Marlboro, elford I Washington J Haal*t' I Wanamasta I Neptune City 1 Weet In* Udder Russian Fir* C*. Pertaupeek 1 M... m.».» Kasles 1.M..W.HM.. - South Belmar t.'._ MlddUtown 1 IravMi Park.UeaaN* I... For consecutive ytars (1»M> 1M», Ty Cobb batted an aa av*r> ag* of M run* per seaaoa. I* I /.. ; Doirt blame your car for STALLING until you try this GAS at* b t n Ossetm* aow atatsjas aa aatsgndimt tkat Mr* pn- Nytur«irfit*iadami)»oodwMtlMr (SO* to8s*> duringtlmflntflftmb mlnutut of drir. log, tht chanom an UM CUM carburetor Icing. ThU ii not tht fault of your car. Ifacbaa* leal adjuatmrati can't curt it EMO Bttrt now ontalna built-in anti.fmn that virtually Umlnatoa cartauttoinclngand' f good in can with auteatatio ^ g y g n a t all-anund ctwmnatlonctquajltltm)... quick tarting, fart wim-up, high anti-knock, powtr, and long alloago...fvwythlng you naid for Happy Motoring from tho inatantyou touch thoitart«.blt*^wmk wnmnmotor* lato uoo Brno Brtn than «w othar promlum guollmlatlmtdb>bdl Ut-MUMD 6AS0UNKWA CAWWI VtAft 'MUNOI

35 ;: / «RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH S3 FINER THAN EVER... FINEST Of All 1. AUTOMATIC "MAGIC MONITOR" Circuit Syateai anr if faak-palat if EffiMtioy 2. NEW AUTOMATIC WHF-VHF TUNER On raaahra al Statins la aay ana (aphaaali axln) 3.H WAGE" ina lar iwai aaip aaajt PICTURE RCA VICTOR "Clendale" 4. N0JJGJBIM RECEPTION * *wpjanw a ^tj a*^aj aja^mhba^uj ^a^b^pa^p^ba^ai *^v* ajaiw ajwajaiab Hf VCMWIC-«* flmmtt MM'I 17 hub Nfftlilm b «tmpkt MM* wi<il n w MIMT " f4 " L L^L ^^^^JM^AM^ ^^^^^^^^ ai^^^ft*as^*^ ^MA^^^ flfttf^a Aj ^*_ Stntrt C0fna)«xt c«t)w h Hn» 229K laamaal IMI ktwcy! 5. HOK CMWI Sims, FKKS tim war Mart ta ASK ABOUT THE RCA VICTOR FACTORY- SERVICE CONTRACT WHICH COVERS EXPERT INSTALLATION AMP SERVICE! Wa ara an autherlxtd RCA dtaltr. Ivary placa af mar«handlta wa advarllta and tall 'earrlat tha arlglnal factory tarlal numbar... Thlt yaur POUILIOUARANT by bath, Mia RCA factory and Atlantic..-, *;, 25 MONMOUTH ST. RED BANK rim«- wit"" Jl'ltOHTW. inffchkkl-mm Knprtl-MU CLOSE-OUT BRAND NEW 1952 RCA VICTOR "MAGIC MONITOR" TV ORIGINAL FACTORY-SEALED CARTON REGULAR FACTORY WARRANTY GIGANTIC SAVINGS! DOWN NOPAYMENT 2 YEARS

36 Page Twelve KED BANK REGISTER, MARCH 12,1958 SELLING OUT OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF YARD GOODS LAST 3 DAYS THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY! DISCONTINUING ALL FABRICS (RATES * OTHERS) TO MAKE ROOM FOR READY TO WEAR MERCHANDISE 4l"Draawry m Crafta rnhnww iflflf nflefll SalM ChiMias SaanHekar MitiaWlxi 69* nifranifi, -*! vfwfjcivtin OrfaMaiiaa Stjrim Ire. RED BANK VALUE CENTER 25 Weat Front St. Tel Red Bank MARGIE CROSS TAP-VOGUE STYLE FEATURING GRACE i TECHNIQUE BALLROOM Teenager* ft Adulti BALLET ART SCHOOL 4M0ADIT. RID IANK Rl M72I 3474-M Th» gunls a n sum in luek tonight This &$ g& striking tiiemjusr right! ^-' Martin and Lewig at Carlton Dean luhia Md Jerry Lewie prattle* their huartoim antlee la Hal Wallte' brand new Parametjat comedy. Tew ttoeia." atw at the Cariten theater. Featured la the cast are Mljr Bargta, Maries ManhaU and Eddie Mayeho*. RaBuon Charles. I. Bettf, Sr., of River rd., left lut week for S«n Diego, C»l., where he will m«ke hie home with hii son end daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Francis BetU. Frank X. Rich, Jr., son of Frank X. Rich of M First st., U «rvinf aboard the attack aircraft carrier, U3S Oritkany, in Korean waters. Planei from the Orlikany, an element of Carrier Tuk Force 77, pound Communiat troop*, supply concentration! and other target* daily. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. McCue of Ridge rd. left Sunday for Del- village, left Monday for Florida, where they are eptadiag aeveral weeks* vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Madden of Bingham eve., have returned home after several week*' vacation In Florida. Mr. Madden operates Rumson inn. Alice Cromiy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Cromey of Park ave., returned, to Holy Cross school Monday after an absence of aeveral weeki due to Illneaa. The junior and senior Holy Name societies of Holy Crou church received Holy Communion at the 8:30 a. m. mass Sunday. ray Beach, Fla., where they are Betsy Carton, daughter of Assessor and Mrs. John W. Carton, Jr., spending a month's vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Whitney K. Mun-oson of South Cherry la., OM Farm birthday Saturday with a party at Robin rd., celebrated her seventh home. Her guests Included Ann Koridorfer, Suile Powell, Joan Iannarone, Kathleen O'Brien, Kathleen Langler, Kathleen McManui, Stephanie Turkingten, Peggy Dedick, Barbara Hensler, Susan Heck and Sharon Carton. Thomas Wsrke of Bay st. la on a week's vacation from his position with the Boro Bus company of Red Bank. Mrs. William Hlnttlmann, Jr., of Old Farm village, left Friday with her brothers, Edward and Frank Tompkina of Connecticut for the Virgin Islande where they are pending an 11-day vacation. Allen Gallagher, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gallagher, returned home lut Thursday from Rivervlew hospital, where ha underwent an appendectomy. Sweet Patoetie, contender for Juvenile filly honors for is one of the smallest horses in racing today. She atanda only h&nds two Inches hiih. When ftlte are anglingforgood cheer. They find lob mom in khieger Beer! little Silver Harry B. Smith of Sunnyerest has returned home from the Elizabeth General hospital, where he underwent a serious operation. Ha is much improved and a speedy recovery is lookeh for. Souvenir postal cards have been received by the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Albert* of Alwyn ter., who have been vacationing at Islamoreda.'Fla. Mr. Alberts, who is an ardent fisherman, is having the time of his life with his rod and reel. The official board of Embury Methodist church met Thursday evening at the home of Mr, and Mrs. H. A. Fritsche, MO Prospect ave. In order to adequately care for the Enter Sunday congregation it was voted to have two ser- Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William T. Sawyer, for Middletown township ichfols. Mrs. E. S. Neill, George Quacken- Mrs. Joyyce Weader and sonwilliam went to Virginia Wednes- school board. Rev. Andrew VanOyke and sonmr. Fllce ia a member of the vices one beginning at 8 and thebulh, other at 11. The board, upon receipt of a gift from the Woman's Thursday with Mrs. VanDyke and House nursing home. Richard. Mr. and Mra. N. R. Nllson day of last week and returned on MM. Anna Aronson is in the Ivy society of Christian Service, voted to Install an outdoors amplifying system in the church tower. This will broadcast sacred music Sundays and during holiday seasons Ilka Christmas and Easter. Robert BuMley is in charge of Installation. Attending «hla meeting were Miss Marie Wllby, Robert Bursley, Clifford Kelhl, William Asman, William Sawyer, Nell Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Fritsche and Rev. HiresHOT Jamei W. Marshall. A family night covered dish was held In the church hall Friday. Following the supper George Quaekenbueh showed slides he had taken WATW-AICOHOL while serving with the Army in Korea. Attending were Mr,, and Mrs. George Ivins, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Phillips and daughter Jeanne, Mrs. Carrie Carhart, Miss Marie Wilby, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Butler and children Eric, Renata and Jolly, Mr, and Mrs. Gordon Thomas and son Stephen, Mr. and Mrs, Neil Smith and son Stephen, Miss Margarie FranU, Mrs. Thelma Johnson and sons Hugh and Stan- and daughter Joyce and Morrell Moore. Middletown The Cedarettes auxiliary of Bay* MU* Bonnie Thomson was win-viener in the Brownie troop of Mid- forest, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, dletown for having sold the most boxes of cookie*. She sold 40 boxes. ley, Mr. and Mrs. William Asman and children Virginia and Billy, The Bridge club met Friday at Mrs. Jennie Burnett, Rev. and Mrs. the home of Mrs. Herbert Franck. James W. Marshall and eons Kent Winners were Mrs. John Warren, and Peter, Mrs. Margaret Eggenberger, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Jacob! Mrs. Thomas Gopsill, Mrs. Wylie Pate and Mrs. Milton Vreeland. The and son Edward, Mr. and Mra. next meeting will be held at the Robert Scott and sons Billy and home of MM. Victor E. Oroulnger. Bobby, Mrs. Virginia Clapp and Miss Susan Matthews was a daughter Amity, Mr. and Mra. model in a fashion show In Little William James Taylor and children Silver school Friday evening, Lee-Ann, Oaye and William James, was sponsored by the Little Silver P.T.A. YOUR HIRIS DIAUR IY RIO ROCK OTTUH#> CO, VICTORY children Sally and Stephen. Assistant Prosecutor and Mrs. John M. Pillsbury are on a trip to Nassau. will meet in the Reformed churchrooms next Tuesday at 8 o'clock. One of the new Curley homes on highway 35 has been sold to Mr. and MM. Joseph McFarland of Celdwell. They will move into their new home May 1. Mrs. Wallace Thomson baa been confined to her home with the flu. The P.T.A. board meeting will be. held this afternoon at a o'clock. The association will meet Thursday, Mar. 19, at 8 p. m. Thomas Fllce will apeak on the current budget, AND SHATTER PROOF MARKETS-RED BANK 11 W. FRONT ST DELIVERY "0 MQNMOUTH ST. TEL VCLIVBKT TIL SWIFTS SELECTED STEM REEF SWIFTS RONELESS POT BEEF CHOPPED BEEF 3 9l PLATE CORNED KRUEGER fxtra Light, Dry Beer MoreOl in krucger How MUCN ballyhoo «Jo JMI lib in your boar? Should wa proaaiaa that if you drink Kruonr you'll lind a Hollywood contract or p i a raiaa from lha boil? Or ihould wa uyi "Look you drink bear for rjtor, for pteaiura! And whibwa UM lha choicait gnin ana malt and hoot, and braw our boar with lha moat modarn aquipmant, wa doubt if you'ra inttmud. Wa baliava you'ra mora concarnad with Krutgcr'i vtnitrful ktli knijkmp So thtt'i our ctaimi lacauaa of ila euparb flavor, ihara'a mora dmr in Kruapr loari Nam lima, atk (or Kruagar Baar at your favoritt lavarn, ilora or rciuurani. Wa think ihatonca you try il, you'u alwtyt buy ili 0. KftUIOIR WINO CO., NIWAIK, H.t. NCI till I FRESH JERSEY WHOLE or HALF PORK LOIN SMWWMTE SHOULDM A A t 110 or RUM*,#% 4fc VEAL 29 VEAL 39 WB VEAL CHOPS 4 9 BREAST VEAL CHICKENS HEN TURKEYS 49U ***> BEEF 59 CAIJP. CRISP ICEBBRG LETTUCE 11' BBsM^ ^i^«aib»b^^ ^a»^bsss»bbse» nhlfl wttrm TOMATOES GREEN PEASli^l9 c U.S.No.lRIDtUSS E. ^Ac NEW POTATOES 9 "* MfW A TINMR BEANS PASCAL CELERY15* -..» BUNt APPLES FLORIDA SWT JUICE ORANGES em

37 RED BANK REGISTER VOLUME LXXV, NO. 37. RED BANK, N. J., THURSDAY, MARCH 12, c PER COPY SECTION FOUR PAGES 1 TO 16. Dog Ordinance Introduced By Middletown Committee MIDDLETOWN The township committee yesterday introduced a dog control ordinance, increasing license fees from $1 to $2. and providing tor the appointment of av dog catcher. If the ordinance is adopted, no dog shall be permitted to run at large with the exception of hunting dogs during hunting seaeon or while they are being trained, providing at all times such dogs are under control ot tht owner or trainer. Public hearing on tht ordinance tchtduled for Wednesday afternoon, Mar. 25, /at 3:30 o'clock. Mayor Lawrence A. Carton requests all interested persons to be present at the public hearing to exoress their opinions, The former Grossinger property on Leonardvllle rd. was sold at a spirited auction to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peters for $3,729. Other bidders were Mr. and Mrs. Arnle Truex, Mr. and Mrs. William Glendinnlng and Harry Sage. Martin Patrick, who said he wat sneaking for the Bayslde Heights Clvio group, lodged another protest against the storing of scrap lumber on the Edward Bennett property on rt. 36. The police and Are departments were directed to Investigate. The committee had previously had complaints on the lumber yard. A contract for the Installation of sidewalks and curbs on a local assessment basis was awarded to Michael Stavola of Chapel Hill for Park pi., River Plaza. ' Members of the fire department were praised by committeemen for their good work on the basis of the annual report submitted by tatt year's chief, William Stobo of River Plaxa. Mr. Stobo said the firemen responded to 671 alarms and IT drills, and the fire damage WM hild to an estimated David Simpson, building Inspector, reported 16 permltt issued In February tor building estimated at I1M.470. Chester Henry, welfare director, reported relief costs for February at I860, a three-year lew. waa announced that Stephenvilla Homts, Headden's Corner, had received state approval for a sewagt disposal plant. New active firemen approvtd Included Norman James Sickles, Jr., and Charles Albert Bennett, Belford Engine; Leo John Carton, East Xtantburg; and Richard R. Schwarta and Joseph Peter 8am bataro, Belford Independent. Edward C. Asey waa appointed a special police offlctr., Police Hunt Missing Mother WALL TOWNStOP-Polici here are searching for a woman who left her one and two-year-old sons et a We** Belmar home Tuesday of last week and vantshtd. Tht woman, who gave her name at Barbara Lowery, lift tht youngsters at the home of a West Belmar women and promised to return i Thursday to pay for their board. Che never showed up, according to Mice Chief Vernon Shibla, who aides one of the boys has slnet become gravely 111 and the nothtr needed. Chief Shibla said Mrs. Lowery called the New Jersey state employment -office at Red Bank last wttk and asked if they had listed the same of anyone who cared tor children. The employment office referred her to a Fair Haven woman who in turn recommended the West Belmar resident. Mrs. Lowery left her youngsters there later that day, She left and rtturntd In an hour with tht boys' clothing. Nothing has been heard from hir since, said Chief Shibla, although alarms have been Issued Inee ont of the boys waa tahin I. According to Chief Shibla, Mrs. Lowery, who gave the boys' names at Douglas and George, said she wat tht wife of a Fort Monmouth Midler and wes looking for an apartment. Chiif Shibla said he had checked at Fort Monmouth and could find no soldier luted by that name. «Y' Dinner Meeting Wednesday Rev. Dr. Wallace L. Gallup, a termer chaplain In the V. 8. Army, will be the apeektr at the aanual dinner meeting of the YMCA's Wistelds branch. New officers and members of the committee of management will be Installed at this event te be held next Wednesday at :4B p. m. In the banquet room of the Wettsldo "Y." Merrill Rlchsrdson, en attornty and chairman of thi committee ot mtnegtmtnt, will present reports on the operation ef Ihe branch T'-ovtr the past year. Or. Ctellup pastor of the Holmtill church. Born on a farm south f Boston. Mate., he ttudlid at Srtwa unlvtrtlty and Union tern- Iftiry. Ht hat served pastorate la Manhattan, Brooklyn and Valley Stream In New York, and alto In Orteawlch, Conn., and Newark, Dr. Oalluf) wes a former regional dlrielor ef the National Conftrenct f Christiana and Jews, Vllo GenoveM Properly To Ba Sold Apr. 6 ATLANTIC mohlandh-shtr- Iff Ira E, Wolcott h«,i tit Monday, Apr. t, at tht datn for the salt of t'.ie Vlte Otnovcst property at 130 Oman Wvd, to tatltfy a 111,000 ' dsmtnt vltd against Iht proper- -by thecarujo Cenntruttlencomny for reconstruction ef thi rrnln house en the property la ittl and INI. The Judgment wen levied by thi law Arm ef rto'ieru, Plllsbuiy, Carten and flortnson on behalf of Stmlnlck A, Ctruio, an official c ilii eeaitruetloa company, Army Adviser Assigned to 644th MaJ. Stanley Lyons, a veteran of 12 years' Army service and combat duty In Europe and Korea, has been 'assigned as Army advissr to the.ottth Tank battalion at Red Bank. MAJ. BtaaJer I*tM * In Korean action as axecutivt officer of the T2d Tank battalion In the Second Infantry division a year, Mtj. Lyons returned to the IT. S. last month. In World War, ht servtd with tht Fourth Armored division, winning tht Silver Star medal tor gallantry, the Bronte Star medal with clutter, tha Purple Heart medal and the combat Infantryman's badge. H«wears five campaign stars for World War and three for tht Korean action. A natlva of Now Britain, Conn., ha Joined the Connecticut Natlontt Ouard In IMS and was commissioned In 1M3 at Fort Bennlng, Qa., as an Infantry officer. He haa been assigned to Armored Infantry and tank units sinca then and Is a graduate of the Armored Officers Advanced course at Fort Knox and the General Staff Officers courst at Fort Leavenworth. Now residing In Shrewsbury, MaJ. Lyons, his wife Shirley and their daughters Patricia, 4*. and Carolyn, 2, expect to move to the Elkwood development In Eatontowa when their homo U constricted. Mrs. Lyons ( an active member of tht Soeltty of Mayflower Descendant*. Board Issues Budget Brochure ATLANTIC HIOHLANDS-Retldeifta ot this borough today will receive by mall a brochure issued by the board ot education giving detailed information about the disbursement of the school district tax dollar. The 14-page booklet gives percentages and amounts to be expended In the 1MS-M achool bud-' get for the high achool and grammar school, which are valued at f3»,sm. Detailed are the follow- Ing amount*, purpeeit and percentages: H0M78, Instructional lervlce, per cent; $11,475, operation, nine per cent; $l(,0d0.m. debt service, nine per cent:, auxiliary agencies, 11 per cent; tl,m0, capita! outlay, two per cent: (MM, general control, one per cent; W,«60, plant maintenance, flva per cut, and f»,m flked charges, one per cent. Resignation OK'd Meeting last night at the library, tht board accepted tht resignation of Mrs. George Knutson, a cafeteria employee, and autheriied Herbert B. Melnert, superintendent of schools, to replace her with one or more employees with a total expenditure ef 180 per week. The board authorised the purchase of ten basketball team Jackets at I14.M each, The jackets will be lettered to Indicate tht team't chtmplonshln status. Tha board's kindergarten program has been approved. by the atate department of education, Efforts will be mads te have the Highlands board of education ttt the entering age at live year*, or five yean within ten dayt ef the opining, of school, In lint with the prectlct here. Attending last night's teuton were William V. Rauscher, president ef the Highlands board, and William Fehlhaber sjid Dr. Richard A. Welts, board members. Workshop TetUght Beard mimbtrt will attend the Monmouth county School Boar**' workshop tonight at, Shrewsbury school. Mm. Robert 1. McTague, board prttment hen, Is chairman ef the workshop. Board membere alto will take pert In dedleetltn eertmonlit at the Mithedlit church Sunday afternoon, Mar, 91, The beard tut night amended t charity drive policy te ptrrnlt funds te ba rtlied in tht school upon proper application and con. formation with procedure. Blllt ef $711,34 wire ordered paid and the nurchatt ef worth ef banbell equipment authorlite, The meeting WM adjourned until p, Hi, Thursday, Mar, M. WtUTHsM Hl ni W I#W 4w MM _... morrow with M k ef Mi Oeatle to MtdtriUt totrthtoel wind! ** day and ttnlghi. Moderate ee«th* eat* to taut* M Council to Write Auchincloss on Inlet Stand Disappointed at Hit Attitude Toward Low Moor Project SEA BRIGHT This mayor and council decided Tuesday night to write Rep. James C. Auchincloss (R.-Jd DisO of its disappointment iver his stand against the opening of an Inlet across tha Lew Moor section of the borough. Mayor George H. Krauts and Councilman Ralph W. Lawrence have been backing a project of the Saa Bright Lions club to get federal and other money to cut through tht inlet. They say it would benefit both commercial flalv ing and national defense. Mr. Auchincloss, in a recent letter, stated waa too early to say what tha attitude of the Eisenhower administration might be to *tieh. a program. But he Indicated chances were not too bright because Congress is now "economy minded." Council's feeling this week was that Mr. Auchincloss apparently had dismissed tha proposed project without giving it enough study. Responding to a complaint the borough made that the gas bills of some residents have seemed to be overly high ainct the use of natural (as was started last year, tht New Jersey Natural Gas Co. said there has been no rate change alnct it acquired gas properties from the Jersey Central Power * Light Co. Housing Program Set Council approved the subdivision of a large plot of South Beach property extending from Ocean ave. to the Shrewsbury river, west of tht Edgowater Beach hotel, Into 31 building plots. The property is owned by the P. A. L. Realty Co, headed by Pasquale A. Long, North Bsaeh resident and North Jersey automobile dealer. Also approved waa tha subdivision of the Walter E. Babcock property. 11M Ocean ave.. South Beach, taking from it ont IU97- toot lot. Council vottd to put all borough employees under tha protection of V. S. Social Security insurance under a plan Just approved for municipalities.. Mayor Krauat said ht had talked ever, with Freeholder Abram D. Voorheet, the recent proposal that the county build a sidewalk from tha Sea Brlght-Rumton bridge exit across to the sidewalk on the south Jdo.of tlw.eapcoaea-.te the.* bridge..'. -; 1 ' '... Wat Mr. Voorheea' first opinion, said the mayor, that the county couldn't do this work, because it would tut eerost the front of two service station properties, The freeholder thought that a sidewalk was built would have to be done Continued on page J> County School Survey Started ARDENA County Superintendent Joseph E. Clayton, designated by the state department of education to conduct a state-wide survey of school reeds, began the actual task Monday afternon at tht How ell township school. With about US representatives froej practically every school district in Monmouth county prestnt, Mr. Clayton explained tht purpose* of the survey and how will be carried out. He called a "very reallstie eurvey" and aald la part of tht nationwide program thai has already beta completed In IT states.. Ha said the results garnered In Moameuth county would be used at a "pilot study" for tht statewide survey. Questionnaires were handed out to tht school officials and Mr. Clayten said ht hoped thty would 'be completed by Apr. 1. Field worktrt from the atata department ef education, ht said, would visit tht various school' districts to assist In completing the questionnaires, Tht county superintendent said the survey would be conducted la two parts. Tha first deal* with the Immediate needa In schools and tht, second phase, which will be started Immediately afttr completion of tht first, will determine tht nttde for a ten-year period. Each school will be tattd satisfactory or unsatisfactory as to existing fseimitt. Tht completed turvey will give educators a Brit-hand picture ef every phase af school ft cllltltt in tha state. The qutetlonnelres aak about tht numbtr of children housed in substandard classrooms or rtntid quarters, tht number af claiiet In double Mitlont, transportation and tht need* for remodeling existing facilities. School Completion Set for February EATONTOvVN-Tht beard ef td ucatlon mtt In executive session Tuesday night with Almndtr Merchant, architect, and learntd that th«completion dttt of tht new school would b* Feb. 1,1PM, Members had. hope! would be com' pleted by next Christmas. Mr. Merchant tdvited mimbtrt thai bldt wilt be rtcetvid May 13, If contracts are awarded that Right, whtoh unlikely, work will start In tht third wetk la May, The beard went ever plam for the building with Mr. Merchant and exptett to havt another tttilen before final approval, Tha boird Is scheduled lo meet mat week with the architect on (he federal building prejio edjicini la tht new school till. Well-Baby Clinic Opens at West Keansburg. Craver Hits Walling's 'HalMruths;' Board Protests Dwight Rd. Dead-End At new wall-baby conference, which Monmouth County Organization for Social Service opanad yesterday at Watt Kaaniburg lira home, Public Health Nurie Mn. Gledyi Pelunv be and Mri. Wayne Oarland of Haxlet weigh nine-montht old Joieph Lamb, Jr., ton of Mr. and Mri. Joseph Lamb of Middle rd., North Centerville. Joiaph'i mother (right) and filter Bette look an. Clinic, attended by 20 children yettarday, will be hald monthly to provide periodic madiaal cheek up for infants and pro-tchool children. Or. Robert G. McCurdy, Atlantic Highlandi pediatrician, axemined tha children. Member* of the M.C.O.S.S. Atlantic. Holmdol-Raritan auxiliary atiitted. Parkway Scraps Compromise.Pact By Own Official, Says Willett NEW SHREWSBURY Acting Mayor Herbert L. Willett, 3d. said last night that tht New Jersey State Highway Authority has "scrapped or Ignored" terms of a compromise agreement that would have, settled the borough-state dispute-over tha Garden State parkway. "Now," he said, "we have to pick up our fight again where we left off." On Friday, he said. Jack Leonard, conaulting engineer, met at Llncroft with Mayor J. Lester Rigby out an agreement with the borough. "And, In harmony, - were made -on : both sides that left lie mutually satisfled." On Saturday, the borough's Citlxent' Parkway committee met and approved the terms. "We know that a letter from Mr. Leonard containing the terms waa delivered to Harry Hartman, prelect: engineer, at Trenton Monday morning." said Mr. Willett, adding: "But whsn, on. Tuesday I asked Chief Engineer Glffln what.action the atate planned to take as a result of the agreement, Mr. Glffln said he had not seen and did not Intend to bother himself to look up our letter. ' "Then we learned that Commissioner (Ransford J.) Abbott Monday night sent out a letter reject- Ing all our demands and before we even knew this he released the fact to the press. We are Indeed shocked and bewildered to get auch treatment from the atate." (Mrs. Rigby said Mr. Abbott's letter had not arrived here up to last night.) "In hit letter, Mr. Abbott suggests we are lucky to get four Interchanges In our borough. He should count again, there are three. And we'd be only too glad to have none. What are they, anyway things to put our people out of their homes and provide access to towns other than thla one. He talks about our under-and-overpasset. Where are they? All at county road. Intersections Sycamore and Tinton aves., Wayside rd. and rtt. 33 and 66 except one over Pine Brook rd., that one really given to "the Jersey Central railroad along tide the road, not to us. We want one crossing at Rlverdtle ave., and that Is refuted us." Order atom Attorneys Ai a result ef this, Mr. Willett tatd, "I have contacted Mayer Rigby who Is on buslneee at Providence. R. I, and am permitted te say that while court action net Fair Dates Set x By Fire Company MIDDLETOWN - The annual fair of Middletown fire company No. 1, Headden'a Corner, will be held July on the company's grounds on rt. 35, it was announced today by Edward Finn, company president.,:,., r - v «, i v Mr. Finn named Joteph Donate and Harlan Hogan as co-chairmen, to ba assisted by Lawrence Flanagan, Oabrltl Slmpllcio, Frank Johnaori, Howard" Dunst, William Scott, Calvin Ohlstn, Peter Orandlnettl, William Tallman, Walter Patterson, Richard Nagle, Arthur Soden, August Drcyer, William Kane and Mlllard Wane. Edward Asay. Arthur Cadmtn, Victor Eyerman and Leon Zuekerman were appointed as the publicity committee. The fair la the company't major fund-raising activity and proceeds are used towards paying the coat or tht Are house built two ago. ThorngreentoSell Shadowbrook Inn SHREWSBURY - Fred Thorngreen is negotiating to sell Shadowbrook Inn, former residence of Dr. Ernest Fahnestock, to Gerard H. Keller and Robert F. Downs of Livingston. is understood that a conditional contract of sale has been signed. Mr. Thorngreen long has been a restaurateur In the county, having bwned Squankum inn prior to purchasing the cleborate Inn here. The buyers are acquiring the beautiful landscaped property and magnificent.mansion thereon as well M tht business, They expect to take title so as to begin operations next month. BROAD ST. STORE RENTED The store at 121 Broad at., which Is being vacated by Lit Ambrose, who has conducted a sportswear business there, hat been rented through the Rabton Waterbury agency to the Nleeen Music Center, with stores at Asbury Park and Toms River. la understood that tha new ttnanta take occupancy a* of next a desirable procedure, we ha»ej WMk BBd,, horhy open their (Continued on page» liew place ef business thereafter. Four to Fight for GOP Nominations Jacoubs, vonkauengell to Run Again At tht deadline for filing pilltlona for tha April primary election appreachtt a four, and perhaps five, way scramble for tht two Republican nominations tor ceunell Ii developing, Midnight tonight Ii the deadline lor filing, Petitions already have been Slid by Slguard Thompson,, William r. Beaty, Charles Bruno and Councilman Harold Hurley, Although thtrt havt httn rumor* thst John Warren, Jr,, might become a candidate, Mr, Warren refused to commit himself when questioned by Tht Rtrtsttr anil a«of tht time Tht ntglster went te prtut had nnt filed a petition. Tha Republican stterlng a melting last week, presided ovtr by Councilman Oeorge A, Oray, tndersed Mr, Hurley and Mr, Bruno. Id vonkatttngtil and Louis 3. Jacoubs, Democrats, will flit petitions for nomination at their par ty't candidates for council, wat ennounctd ytiterdty by John Ptttllo, chairman of tht Red Bank Democratic county exeoutlve committee, who DA lit the men ar«running again In response to a "aubllo demand." Mr. vonkauengell and Mr. Jaeeubs, whe ran en tha Democratic ticktt htadtd by Mayor Katharine Blkus White In last November'a election, lost to O.O.P. can dldattt Harold Hurley and Cvtrttt Baynton, Mr. vonkatttngell wae 44 votes short of winning a council seat whllt Mr, Jaeoubs trailed by ttt votes. Mrs, Whltt dtftattd Mr, Hurley In the mayoralty contest by a ROJ vote margin, To ht filled In tht November election will he two council sent vacancies cnattd by tht «xplra< tlon nf th«term* of Mr. Hurley and Mr, Oray. Mr, Clrsy,. who aenlsunt county prosecutor, said this week he will not seek the nomination because ef tht pressurt of his law business. Mr, Oray Is In tht rlnel ytar tf hit attend three yter ttrm on council. He..was nominated In 1MT whtn ht wat high man on tht tloktt In tht O.O.P. primary Inadlng J, Albert VanScholk and Harold Allen who trailed, He was elected In tli* following November's itlec tion snd began his flnt term Jan, L 1MI. Sherwood Makes Teacher Changes LITTLE SILVER William G. Sherwood, chairman of the teacher committee of the board of education, Thursday night reported tht acceptance of applications for two new fifth grade teachera tor '83-'M. Mrs. Carolyn T. Kingston of Gooseneck Point and Miss Barbara Finigan of Beaver college, Pa. At tht same time, Mr. Sherwood announced that Mrs. Rose Stega will move from the fifth 'to the sixth grade and Miss Marie Koskey from the sixth to the seventh. Tht resignation of Miss Jean Coughlln, flfth grade teacher, effective at the end of the school year, wet accepttd. Miss Coughlln Is to be married. Benjamin Levin questioned Mr. Sherwood and board membere relative to their being satisfied that all members of the faculty are qualified "in teaching and In temperament." Mr. Sherwood said he is end that he knows of no difficulties, adding that any difficulty between pupil and teacher should be taken up with the principal. "We can't act on second hand knowledge," Mr. Sherwood declared. Mrs. Frances Burdge, board member, suggested that constructive criticism about a teacher's temperament should be studied in committee. Mr. Sherwood agreed, saying that 'definite Incidents" ahould be referred by Charles Thompson, principal, to the teacher committee. Mr. Thompson aald he had no criticism ot any member ot tht faculty. The board authorized the eighth grade class trip to Washington Apr. 22, 23 and 24. Taking it will ba 39 pupils, a nurse, Mrs. Margaret King and the next oldest teacher in line of service. Lester W. Taylor, board president, gaid that plans for the new school building are "shortly to be completed." Recommendations of alternatives, In conttructlon waa made bv board members so that W. James Taylor, architect, could proceed with hit drawings. Karl Jaeobi's suggestion that special groups pay $5 custodian fees for use of the achool waa adopted. Regular local organisations already using the school will not be charged. Mr. Jacobl Mid he will meet with the Parent-Teacher association relative to use of the cafeteria. Committee appointments made by Mr. Taylor, the chairman being named first in each Inatance and the co-chairman aacond, are: flnance, Walter A. Burkhardt, Mr. Sherwood and Mr. Jacobl; education, Mr, Sherwood, Mre. Burdge and Mr. Burkhardt; buildings and grounds, Mr. Jacob), Mr. Burkhardt and Mrs. Burdge; student welfare and safety, Mr*. Burdge, Mr. Jacob! and Mr. Sherwood, and lunchroom, Mr. Jacobl and Mr. Burkhardt. Announcemtnt ef Mr, Burkhardt'i resignation trim Iht board was made following tht appointment*. r Nine Compete For Police Jobs Nine ctndldattt for thrtt vacant positions In the Rtd Benk police department took a competitive examinations Tuesday night at borough hall, Thi examination was given by the Slate Patrol- «,?,"? - Benevolent association, Chief Frank W. Reuther ssld to. day hd exprct* to have tht examination results this week, Vacancies in tht dtiptilment were caused by the recent retiremerit of Lieut, Lewis B. HindrUskt and tht rtslgnatlont last fall of Patrolmen Krnist Blakely and Isadora Cattlano, or tht nlnt men eking the examination thru of tht top nvt will bt ulectii, Thou who took tht tut are Frank P, Ktthl, Jr., Arnold n, Patterson, Petir DiPonll, William Smith, Iloutn D, ncott, Paul P, Lang, Herbert A. flwanson, Wllburt L Galloway and Savirta Mtllnt. Law Introduced On White Road LITTLE SILVER An ordinance providing for the straightening, widening; and reconstruction of White rd. was Introduced at Tuesday night's meeting of the mayor and conncil. An $11,000 project, state aid will provide $3,500. Ten-year bonds will be Issued to cover $6,950, the balance having been budgeted In this year's capital Improvement account. Charles W. Stephens, road committee chairman, said the work will provide a 34-foot wide street from Branch ave. to the railroad crossing. At present, the street ia about 25 rect wide. In all, there will be a 50-foot right of wp.y to provide space for sidowalk construction. Mr. Stephens also reported that King's rd. will be scraped preparatory to surfacing it. He added the project should be completed by May. A manhole &t Rumson pi. in Sltverwhite Gardens will be Installed by the end of this month. In connection with that, Mr. Stephens was authorized to advertise for bids for a complete cleaning of a 15-inch drain on Rumaon pi. The work, expected to cost more than $1,000, should correct a problem on that street which has long plagued the borough, he said. Freeholder Joseph C. Irwtn has promised county action to correct a drainage condition In lower Sunnycrest caused by a closed culvert under Branch ave. a county road, according; to Mr. Stephens. Francla W. Palmer of West Long Branch was awarded «garbage contract from April. 1953, to December, 19M, for $3«,000. He was the only bidder. A provision In the contract specified that he will be paid $1 per month additional for each new house, except that for the first 25 housea built there will be no charge. In recommending the contract's award, Councilman Oeorge Woodhead praised Mr. Palmer for having done "a good job" in the past for the borough. Mayor Joseph C. Davison added his compliments to the contractor, saying Mr. Palmer deserved congratulations for his excellent past performance. Councilman Donald IS. Lawes reported the Community club has asked for atop streets at Willow dr.-prospect ave. and at King'sVrd.- Prospect ave. Borough Clerk Fred L. Ayert said he Is awtlting a vis from the Motor Vehicle depart ment Inspector the state must approve all stop streeta-and that the recommendations will be given to him. Jerome Drew asked for "dead end" sign on Point rd. at Seven Bridge rd. because many motorists use the street, thinking will lead them to Rumson rd. Mr. Lawea said tha sign will be erected. LEONARDO-Harry S. Craver of Chapel Hill, a member of the Middletown township board of education, once again last night replied to criticism ot the method of selecting an architect for the 31- claasroom central school now under construction on Tindall rd., New Monmouth. Mr. Craver's resume of the method of procedure came at a regular board meeting at the grammar school here, when Luther Walling of Belford, who ran last among five candidates for election to the board last month, asked whether criticism of campaign fliers issued prior to the election wu directed at literature he had used in his bid for election. At a meeting held immediately after the election, Thomas Files of Middletown, who ran second in the election, scored fliers calling for hia election with Martin V. Lawlor of Port Monmouth, who was high man, anl Me Walling. The fliers also called for the defeat of budget questions. Misleading' Mr. Lawlor also disavowed the fliers a.i being issued without hli authorization and at containing statements with which he was not n total agreement. After Mr. FUea criticized tho campaign literature, Mr. Craver also took exception to criticism of the school board's methods in selecting an architect, finally choosing Aylin Pierson of Plerson & MacWilllam of Metuchen. Last night, In a lengthy and detailed resume, Mr. Craver declared Mr. Walling'* filers to be "completely misleading." He called "particular attention" to dates cited in the flier and charged that Mr. Waiting had indulged in half-truths which "many times are much worse han complete falsehoods." The flier noted the request of A. Eldridgt Brower of Locust for consideration in the selection of an architect, and alleged shabby treatment of tht re* quest. Mr. Craver said that plant for the school had been discussed by the board prior to hu election, but that the previous board had mad* provision for the new board to select the architect. He said the board received Mr. Browcr'j request after "12 or IS" architects had been reduced to "two or three" eligible choices. The board replied In a let* ter that it regretted that Mr, Brow* er's request had come so late. How* ever, despite this in view of established procedure, the board said it would consider Mr. Brower*e remarks at a meeting last Mar. 12. Mr. Craver said last night that the fliers alleged that the choice ef architect had been made on the 10th. He said the board waited until 10:4S p. m. after Mr. Brower had been Informed that the meeting would be held at ft p. m. and that hia (Continued on Page IS) Cobb Finet Beanie 918 for Speeding WATSIDE Magistrate Walter N. Cobb last night fined William L. Beattle of 78 Ridge rd.. Rumson, $15 and $3 costs for speeding. Frank C. Hertler of Spring Lake Heights waa fined $10 and 13 for a stop street violation and disregarding a summons. Paying $5 and $3 for stop street violations were Neta Battin of 60 Main at., Eatontown; Alfred Labaton, Asbury Park; Ralph W. Hall, Neptune; Edward VanDecker, Avenel; Ernest J. Mitchell, South Belmar; James Uland, Neptune, and Leonard Muolo, Trenton. Lawrence Cant ot Neptune wat fined fts for careless driving. Edward S. Nolan of Newark waa fined $8 for disregarding a flasher warning. George H. Knobloch Held for Grand Jury FAIR HAVEN-Oeorge H. Knobloch of 471 River rd. waived hear ing Tuesday morning when arraigned before Magistrate John V. Crowed on a charge of threatening tht lift of his wife, Mrs. Ruth L. Knobloch, same address, and was ordered held for action of the grand Jury under 12,000 ball. Tht alleged threats were made over the telephone, according to the complaint. According to Police Capt. Carl Jakubecy, he arrested Mr. Knohloch at police headquartert early Tuesday morning on a warrant issued by District Court Judge AI ton V. Evans, Cilerella Market Sold lo Erie Heckei SHREWBBURY-Brle Heches, a vettran ef 10 ytara la food marketing, I* the new owner of Clttr* tlla's Marktt on Broad St. htre, having purchtstd from Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Clterella. Mr. Heckes owned tht H and M Clrcit Super Market In HtrasoU, Fit., before coming hire, Prior to that h* owned a store In Elisabeth, He said ht will handle only prims best and top grades of merchandise and product, Ht intends lo aid a dttleattiun to tht bus), ness, Mr. And Mrs, CltnrclU. who are now vacationing in Florida, havt purchased a liquor bunlnosi In Octan county, OK'D Tht toning board of adjustment last night vottd to recommend to the mayor end council that Congregation Bnal ratl bt permittee' to ust the property has purchtied on Spring St., for a synagogue, Milton Abiamoff,WAI counsel for tht syntioiut, Abrtham J, epptarid tor tht congregation, Oceanport Worn: Wins Settlement The suit brought by Mrs. Elva Sheldon of Oceanport In the N»W Jersey Superior court against the De Bello Construction company of Vlneland, was terminated Tuesday by the court and jury approving a settlement agreement of $17,500 to Mrs. Sheldon midway during the plaintiff's submission of evidence. The suit wat for pereonal injuriea sustained by Mrs. Sheldon as tho result of an accident on rt. 130, near Pcnns Grove, Aug. 25, Mra. Sheldon was a passenger in a car driven by Dr. Caspar Zadikian of Red Bank, when the car was struck in the rear by a truck owned by the De Bello company. Mrs.'Sheldon contended she suffered severe injuries which resulted in black-outs and which prevented her from continuing as secretary for Bernard Baruch, well-known financier, by whom»he had bet* employed 25 yeara, The defendant contended the injuries were not thi result of the accident and had occurred as the result either ot another accident or'were unrelated to any accidents. The case was unusual in that ten specialists in neurology and psychiatry were scheduled to appear in the medical testimony involved In the case. The plaintiff was represented by Lawrence A. Cartoa, Jr., of Atlantic Highlands, and J. Victor Carton ef Aebury Park, while the defendant was represented by Edward C Kueblcr and Arthur A. Sullivan, both of Newark. Mrs. Sheldon Is the widow ef Alva Sheldon, former pastor ot the New Monmoulh Baptist church. COP Committee Endorses Slate WEST LONO BRANCH-Sev»» candidates for the Apr. 31 primary tltctlon, County Judge John C. Giordano, West Long Branch Democrat, and District Court Judge At* ton V. Evans, Long, Branch Republican, were endorsed Monday by the Monmouth county Republican steering committee, Called to a special mtetlng by County Chairman J. Russell Woolley, the qommlttee vottd unanl. mouily to recommend to Gov, Alfred E, Drlicoll tht rteppolntment of Judge Glordsno and Judge Evans, The appointment* are expected to be tent to tho ttttt tenet* Mondny, Given support for tht primary were the following Incumbents! Assemblymen Elvln R. Blmmlll and Alfred N. Beadleiton; Sheriff Ira O. Wolcott; Freeholders Jottph C. Irwla and Walton Sherman, and Mrt. Qtratdlne L, Thompson and Edward C. Brotge, mimbtrt of the Republican slate committee, Tht committee, with 19 of I ill members present, took notation on indorsing a candidate for leveinor until Us milling Wedntitay«

38 r RED BANK REGISTER/MARCH Abbott Rejects *Fact-Finding' Study Plan in Parkway Dispute fi:: TRENTON, M*r. 10-Ch*lrm»n CRaiuiford J. Abbott of the New Sjersey Highway Authority aald to-!?d*y that the Garden State Parkr way's completion would be delayed iand cosu would be inflated inordinately if all requested local aert-vicea were provided along the 1«8- "mile route. t "By and large, local authorities i'have given splendid co-operation to- *ward expediting conduction," Abr bott continued. "The Authority ~h»a done everything In it* power : to help solve local problems, and i to make the parkway fully bene- V.flcial to all." i "In a case such aa the disagreement at New Shrewsbury, how- *ever." Abbott said, "it is unfair to "penalize the people of th* entire ; state, who««tolls must pay all by accepting all local defmande." >' As an example Abbott cited the I requested Riverdale ave. overpast, : -which would cost an additional N OO,O00 in capital outlay and Interest. This expanse, he said, would "have to be made cimply to allow r» cars daily to save less than a Mnlle of travel to another of eight ^overpasses and underpasses which will be provided in the borough, ;"some within a mile of Riverdale Xave. > In a letter sent yesterday to New "Shrewsbury Mayor J. Lester Rigby, ""the Authority declined to submit -"final parkway decisions to fact-nhd-»ing boards, Including out-of-*tate "engineers and tax consultants., r. Pointing out that the Authority.was charged by law with protection of the interests of the entire 'state, Commissioner Abbott noted that this responsibility could not legally be.shared or delegated. ;. Hi* letter to Mayor Rigby is as ^follows: ; Dear Mayor Rigby: - I have your telegram ef Mar. 8, ^proposing that your disagreement ; 'with the New Jersey Highway Authority be aubmitted to a ftct- ''finding board upon which each of, ;us would be represented. The re-! ;*pon»lbllity which tht legialature. -Imposed upon the New Jersey : "Highway Authority to to build the ; Garden State Parkway in the ihortest poulble time to serve the state a* a whole. The Authority Jiaa made every effort to ascertain ' *nd to consider the views of the 'municipalities most immediately affected and benefited by the parkway. However, the duty of making final decision cannot be delegated or iharcd with local factfinding boards without jeopardising the interest of the entire state in the rapid completion of the park* way and departing from th* legislative mandate. Th* Authority ha* always... deavored to acquire no more land j than, necessary, consistently with ; the present and Immediate foreseeable needs ot an express super 'highway. That policy wa* followed in New Shrewsbury and further tutted and implemented following -Ottr conference* with you.. Further reduction of roadway.would only reault in later purchsae \ of th* same property at valuta In-. fitted by th* advantage* of tn operating/ parkway. We ar* confirmed ; 'In tnli estimate by local govern- Coamlailoner Darby, who** of Mar. 8 to the Authority ftatee: "I nay say that in my opin- *ed on observation of the Signaleer Boxers Seek Ring Title FORT MONMOUTH Chances Fort Monmouth wlnninj 1U Inial First Army boxing championhip zoomed Tuesday night as all ree Signaleer fighters won their Dutu on an eight-card program. Ldded to Monmouth's three trimphs of Monday night and with our men in the finals for ten -eight titles, the Signaleer boxers ow lead the other six Posts on olnts for a' team title. < Welterweight Charley McNaughm won his second bout In the ourney by deciaioning John Hurrtell of Camp Kilmer in three ounds. Both battlers hall from hlladelpbia. Prccton Chapman, also a Vlnner he night before, won a three-round eclslon in the light-heavy class ovr Ruperto Brown of Panama and 'ort Dlx.-Chapman is a native of hester, Pa. Monmouth's third victor for the evening was Hugh Strong of Washington, D. C. The Signaleer heavyweight defeated Camp Drum's Marc lutchinson of Baltimore in three ounds. Johnson Held For Grand Jury Ernest Johnson of 147 West Icrgcn pi., was ordered held for iction of the grand jury this morning under J500 ball by Magistrate John V.. Crowell on a charge of ttcniptcd break and entry. Johnson was charged with trying to break into the home of Harrison Williams, 19 St. Mary'*.pi., Feb. 2). Williams, who shot Johnson as he wa* allegedly running from the house, is awaiting grand jury action on a charge ot assault with a dangerous weapon. Johnson, who was struck In th* heel by Williams' btast, left Monmouth Memorial hospital last week when he wa* arreated by Patrolman Irving Krakowltch. He appeared before Judge Crowell Friday morning, but had hi* arraignment postponed until today. Johnson appeared in court this morn- Ing using crutches and with hi* root heavily bandaged a reault if shotgun wounds. Smith, McConnell To Seek Re-election ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS-Mayr Waldron P. Smith and Councilman Patrick J. McConnell will seek re-election here next November. They will file petition* a* Republican candidate* In th* prltntrlt* Apr. 31 before tonight'* midnight of new highways, thai in transportation fa fah Utter *ut** _. Son, baud xonit ruction an Incre***...._ wtltlet, particularly Improved highway*, doe* inereai* the value of properties adjacent to *ueh high- ^fh* Authority I* also unable te -thar* er surrender it* legal duty to decide finally «ueh matter* a* Jh* need for Riverdale ave. overpta* to aarve tbe pr**ent traffic (80 ear* dally), at a capital outlay of 1400,000, and an equivalent ameuni of interest over the term ef thi bond* which would to be limed ti finance this construction.. We ar* confirmed in this decision W the fact tbat New Shrewsbury will have eight overpauea am underpasses, two road relocation* aad four interchange*. The aggre- R t* of the** local facilities and provementa already exceed* th«provisions made for any other municipality along the l«b-mtle routi ef the parkway. - Our policy has, and will be, tc give careful and sympathetic con' *ld*ration to the view* of sll municipal local official*. Our first duty, however, is to the people ef the tate. They are the beneficial owner* of the parkway, and I* theli tell* which would pay for any un warranted local service*. Aftei - careful consideration we are unabli to agree that it is worth 8800,000 ol.the people's money to provide ai overpass for the daily use of autos which will be able to use two other ovcrpasse* within a dtotance ot less than a mile. In view of the interest en. gendered by your telegram, released by you to the press. I am sure thai you will not object to the slmllai rtlease of this answer. Sincerely, ; Ransford J. Abbott, ' Chairman, New Jerse; Highwsy Authority fudge Crowell Fines Jloboken Driver $50 "- Sebastian Mansl of Hoboken wa* fined 190 by Magistrate John V 'Crowell yesterday morning en charge of permitting Jacoba Bio man, Hobokcn, an unlicensed drh «r, to operate a motor vehicle, Mn Bltrman was fined $10 for drlvln.without a license,.. Stanley Straus of I.onj Brand.wan fined $5 for careless driving.and W. N. Erlckien, Mlddletewi.township, th* ssme amount foi parking on th* wrong aid* of thi *lrt*t... Fined IS i*ch for Impropir par ing w*r* Anthony Fontaa*, 1' Hudson av*., and Jam** Psla.drano, Willow at,, Rid Bank Elmon E. Smith, Mlddlitown tow hip; Fernand Oerln, Naveslnl River rd., Locust; Harry Sitrlr long Branch, and Theodora Wrlgh Wl*eb*th. Wayman Roddy ef 1 Willow it,, Red Bank, wa* fin* for Impropir parking, and Thel na Davis, 1M Hamilton rd., Eaton "town, 12 for overtime parking.,-> BMIONg FBOM~BOARD " FREEHOLD-A mold Tannnr, «ioiney, submitted his resignation th* Freehold bond of educatlo «*rly IhU month, Th* rcaion foi th* action, Mr, Tsnnir aald, WM tlv* from Ohltf JuiUc* Vai Hit dlnctlng that no judge trate I* th* Niw J*n*y eeui _. held an elictlv* efflc*. ire la magliuate la H; I. deadline. Councilman Robert J. Cone, whose term also will expire, said this week that he will not eeek reelection. He said the pressure of business dictated his decision. Also to file today 1* H. E. Donoghus a* a Republican candidate. James T. Fallon has announced that he will seek election as an Independent. His petition had net been filed this morning at Freehold, where Independents must file the primary. for Parkway Scraps (Continued from page 1) been forced to Instruct our attorneys to prepare for legal action." The agreement worked out between the borough and Mr. Leonard specified: 1. The authority would build a parkway-crossing; bridge over Riverdale ave.; would install passageways for the handling of cattle on the Wayside farm of Joseph E. Wardell; and, perhaps with financial co-operation by the borough, would Install mains for future water connections through bridge! at Sycamore, Tlnton and Riverdale 3. ' The borough would withdraw all complaints ever the width of the parkway right-of-way an average 884 feet through town. t. The borough would call a special meeting and sign papers giving the authority full approval of construction plane In New Shrewsbury. Mr. Wlllett said.that "it now seems dear that the authority gave no consideration to recommendations by s own consulting engineer and Intends to scrap or Ignore this at well as all of our own requests without further study. Our position Is that we do not intend to yield peacefully to any such treatment and consider the compromise a maximum offer." At last Thursday night's council meeting. Mayor J. Lester Rigby;. Instructs* Borough Attorney Milton Mausner to ptepaie to file suit in Chancery division of Superior Court. would aek the state to show cause for the need of s elaborate demand* In the borough. Sunday, Mayor Rigby disclosed that negotiations were in progress that might forestall the suit, although he would not withdraw from Ms position that the borough will so to court If parkway plans remain unchanged. The parkway discussion that followed after regular parkway bualness was tenas and dramatic so much so that the walling of fire sirens just outside wasn't enough to attract many In the audience away from the room. Mayor Rigby took the occasion to attack not. only the highway administration and its spending policies but to tongue-lash Senator Richard R. Stout and Assemblyman Elvln R. Simtnlll and efflclais In other county towns for doing nothing to help the situation, and everything they could to, Instead, speed what some are calling the "Jersey Gold Rush." May Frobo Spending, He said only Assemblyman Alfred N. Betdletton, among the county's higher authorities, had written In personal support of an investigation, but that other legislators from outside the county had agreed to co-operate In a probe of the parkway spending program. The mayor said he was spending borough money for his fight and asksd that any who didn't like that to speakvout now. Silence was tak en as a sort ot vote of confidence. Armed with petitions ha said had been signed by most borough resident*, Mr. Rigby said he was ready to aek direct help from Qov. Alfred E. Drlieelt. Highway Commissioner Abbott was blamed for "Intensifying the situation" by neglecting to contaet the borough directly with his latest views but, Instead, "analysing our status In the press and trying to make us took very foolish something for which we do not Intend John Fllteroft has Slid his petition for assessor, Borough Clerk Nelson H. Roberts said. Thrse petitions are being circulated by Democrats here. Lowry, Stephens File For Council Seats LITTLE SILVER-Stgns ot a qulst primary ilectlon here were shown this morning when Borough Clerk Fred L. Ayers announced that petitions have been filed by Mayer Joseph C. Davlion and Councilman Charles W. Stephens for re-election and by Lewis R. Lowry as candidate to succeed Councilman Donald E. Lewes, who declined to seek re-election. In the past two primaries, Mr. Lowry filed as an Independent Republican, last year being nosed out by a narrow margin. He li chairman of the borough's planning beard. Also filing were commltteemen and commltteewomen: Mr. Aye is and Mildred Darragh, first, nnd Frank M. Gregory and Mrs, Eleanor O. Kenyon, second. Mr. Gregory will succeed Mayor Davlson In the committee past. No Democrats have filed. ' Two Join. Liberty Hose Co. Auxiliary Two new members, MM. Bruno Tomalno and Mrs. Henry Hlggins, were accepted at the meeting of the auxiliary of Liberty Hoie company last night at the fire house to stand." Supporting the mayor* claim on White st. Mrs, Peter Oalatro was named axillary delegate to the executive council of th* combined auxiliaries ef the Red Bank fire dtpartmtnt, replacing Mrs, Joseph Roswtll. Th* resignation of Mr*. Catherine Douglas wn«accepted, Mr», Chrlntopher D'Andrca wax elected to fill Mrs, DouRlan''tinc.\plrcd term as record- In* secretary, Mr*. Galatro won the meeting prise, Hostess** were Mrs, Doug- s, Mr*. Thomas Mead and Mn, Dorothy Anderson, Th* nixt mitt- Ing will be Apr, t, BEOVLAB O.O.P. FILES SHREWSBURT-Borough Clirk Ortrudi C, VanVilet this morning reported that a slatcof "igular Republican!" have filed pstltlon* here, Tn seek n-mfet^n *r«connellmin Harold McCnrmlek and Davld W, tluheil. Sinking the untilplnd two-year term of William D, Uyton, who rulgned, li Robirt R, Oriham, who wi* appointed te the font thin month by Mayor John Hnwklnn. ".neklng th* tins*- plied onc-yrnr term emmed by Mayor Hiwklnn' elevation from eouncllmnn Is John rf, Ogden, who w*i appolnttil to the council In January by Mayor Hswklns, " puhlloin county eommute*m»n I* Charles Jonrs, commltt««wom«n, Mm, nuth Andermn, Th* only Democrat* filing win J*m«s Ttlerdin, cammltuimtn, and Sylvia A, Utvilln, cosutltthwemb, that th* borough and nuny ot a teitdmt* wer* threatened with eeonomlo crisis, Alfred W. Chapman, owner of th* Standard Supply Co., general building material* *tor* near th* Juetlon of rt*. 81 and 88, In th* Niptun* area, eald likely that th* parkway will esat him a fortum. Ctte* peieenal lee* If plan* ar* lift unehtngid, he said, th* parkway will: Absorb In s path 18 acres and make Inaccesslbli another 78 acre* of hi* Und now ready for a horn* development projtet; styml* hi* supply business by euttlng off from the highway*; prevent hi* construction of big motel; fill up a lake *toek*d wltr flab, and put hi* baicball-iporti rang* out of busts***. Hi dvoeated, with the mayor'i full *ndorsement, a ehahg* that would send a lateral read dulgnid to. connect Hamilton ave, with rt. <8 ov*r a different lection te brli I! out on rt. 81. That, he Mid,'would allow emerging traffic to turn two directions, Instead of Just t< th* right, and would maki mor* el hi* tcreige usabl*. But, s*ld Mr. Chapman, parkway elfietais. Including Harry Hsrtman, district «nginler.rhavi made themselves less ant 1 les* availabli ta talk ev*r sue Idea*. The** things wire ravelled after: 1. Council Introduced a new ord nance putting all unioned land In the parkway ana Into residential sen* one calling for halt-acre building plots a* a "stop gap" mi«- sur* against th* mushroom-growth of umconomle housing developments. Council **iur«d eb)*etori, Including Mr, Chipmin and Sydney Nimlti, who own land affected, thi eonlng will later be modlflid by munlelpal aetlon, ae cendltlen* warrant. 1 Mayer Rigby epsk* at tingt against ths way th* authority h*i been handling i niiotlstloni "li complete tbindonmint ef eui rights and thos* ef th* Individual Former Mayor Qeerge Steven* anured thi audline* that thi authority also had glvin him a cold shoulder whin hi beggid laat year that more care be taken to i. this town a terrific tos*. Mr. Stcv ns said he still I* aurc men*] could hive him savid, as will * piraonil Interest!, if thi read had bun awung te th* last of Tlnton Fall*. He aald h«was told nethlni about thi flita-tnslng ef Ttlvird*. av*. end ths wldming of th* right of-way trom an tvetag*boa to IU f«*t through town, Taking art aminlw 8. Chlif of Pelle* Louis A. Brianger *ald atate conetrvatlon mm whe th* miyor dlsclohd wir* corn- Ins; hen tn g«t land samples provs I* J»nk"-vlilt*d hi* Rlv*i dale avt, property. Whin hi r* fund to let thim dig, hi add, thty went off with "hsndiful ef dirt. 1 * I, Council unanimously went record endorsing * Mil prepared»: Ammblymin LM*tn* ot Em county which would nqulri thi a thority to p»y fr«m toll* a yur mm tt all atmi*d usitlhutiu ast*. make up for their loss In taxes parkway land for the first 15 rears of its use. Mayor Rigby said bill Is being fought by Monlouth legislators and towns hroiigh which small sections of the Dad will go. He looked tor th* bill fall. Say* Eagiaeers lied Mayor Rigby gave the He to the Matawan office of Mr. Hsrtman which, he said, Informed him In fanuary the right-of-way "would lever be wider than 600 feat," later aying it would be eut te 800, then denied that and finally "let ue see map* thawing will really rang* from about 400 to over 1,000 flet.". Of county legielatora, he said: 'Mr. Beadleston I* th* only one»ho promised to try to blip us. Mr. immlll never replied to our.letters snd Senator Stout Just doesn't ears; he Is eager to see the parkway go through." Mayors of four towns In this region, he *ald, w*r* "vary cool" to hi* proposals, be-.ut* little of their land la being taken. took* Ilk* I'm th* only mayor who w*»n't invited to Tuesday's Gold Rush' dinner at Sea Olrt celebrating thi parkway program. What I ought to do li picket the place." Mr. Rigby said he saw no foundation for truth In state authority claims that would cause a sismonth delay and cost 11,000,000 to change routing plan* now. "All hey say," he added, Is "we have no time to make changes our time Is very short. They admit their own foollshnesi In trying to get everything slammed through In a hurry." Mr. Rigby said that the authority "precluded opposition such as ours hoping w* would be stupid enough not to take a ruler and measurs the lines on a map. Fortunately, we know how to use a ruler." Sandwich Spots' Out He said Commissioner Abbott on Feb. 21 admitted he saw no good reason for the right-of-way to be so wide through here and questioned hi* engineers about. He said thty responded that the highway must be wide enough for beautlfieatlon a* a lure to motorists. Hi! said Mr. AMbott agreed to cut out all the bfg parking and service areas in the borough, saying to his sngincers: "Tell the people to take their sandwiches somewhere else." Ssid the mayor: "They can tak* them to Hadss for all I ear*." The mayor said parkway people answered his objections to the borough's prospective less of $80 acres by saying- that "you should be Riad we are taking all your scrap land and Junk like your gravel pits." "I told them," he said, "it waa >ver Just such 'tunic,' as they call, that fine residential centers like Shark Rlvir Hills was built. When they.referred to our swamps, I told them to tak* a look at th* industrial program going on In ths Jersey msadowa outside Newark." H* said th* authority waa tending In oil tutor* her* to prove * lack ot value. About Riverdale ave., Angtlo Zantttl, member of the borough board of adjustment, spoke out asking "What chance do we have there when the previous administration gave away our rights?" Stove** I* Angered Former Mayor Steven*, who led negotiations for parkway development hera until this year, jumped to his feet. Tou are talking about me," ha called out. "I'll hav* you know, air, we gavi away no authority whatsoever to allow any road to be cut ell! We egrsed only that Hamilton rd. could be dead-ended If later** roada wer* Installed, on* on each aid*, leading to th* Aabury avi. and Wayside rd. crossings." Assured by Mr. Rigby that wa» thi case, Mr. tanettl apologised. Mr. Rigby «*ld the authority told him he shouldn't worry about Riverdale ave, saying "look at all th* other bridges you get." The mayor aald "Riverdale Is the only bridge w«ask for thi other* *r* for Monmouth Park, Bradley Beach and Aibury Park, not New Shrewsbury, and you'd havi to build thim anyway." About th* bridges, the mayor aald that too much money was being sp»nt giving thim granlta-faeed footing* ta make them look pretty. Dog Owners Fined At Union Beach UNION BEACH-Two dog ownor* were fined 18 each last night by Magistrate A. Henry Giordano on charga* of violating the borough dog ordinance. Mr*. B. Cottrell, Jersey'ave.. wa* charged with permitting her dog to run at Urge and Miss Shirley Weston, UT Center it,, with not having a lleins* for her dog. Judgi Giordano warned all dog owners that their animal* must be lleinssd and kept under control at alt times. In traffic court last night Albert Nelson of «i Oreengrova ave., Kiyport, wss fined $7 for apeed- Ing. Anthony Toma*nw*U wa* «nsd on thi *tm* count. Union Beach Man Hit By Car at Newark UNION BBAOH-AMl Rodlc of 84* Aiimvk avi,, suftend a broken lag U*t night whin (truck by & Mr In Newark, Police tar* were notified ot th* aecldsnt at I o'clock Mil* morning by police at Nswirk. Mr. Rodle I* a patlsnt at Newark City hospital, whir* hi* cendltlon I* reported a* 'not serleu*." Mayor Smith Says Beach a 'Reality' This Summer Salaries to Be Hiked; Dowd Retirement OK'd, Alverton Transferred ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS Mayor Waldron P. Smith Tuesday night dsclarsd that this borough will have a bathing beach thi* summer. The mayor'* announcement came at a meeting of borough council. He (aid that the beach long has been an aim of his administration and "now that»omethlng definite Is developing" he thought right to announce that th* planning board, harbor commission and Lions dub hav* formid a committee with borough council to promote plan* for the beach. ' Mayor Smith wld the project will coat between UNO and HMO. will be located at th* eastern end of the municipal harbor where bathhouse*, ahower* and toilet* will be located. Two employee* will be hired, th* mayor said, and season tickets will be Issued. Financial aspects of th* beach project will receive the study of Borough Attorney John M. Pillsbury and William A. Sternkopf, Jr., borough auditor, Mayor Smith added. He said bids will be sought tor the work, which, he addsd, can be completed within two weeks. "The beach will be a reality this *ea«en," he promised. Salary Imrfaaes Council set S p. ra. Tuesday, Mar. 14, tor public hearing of an amendment to the salary trdinance grant- Ing a ten per cent Increase In the alarics of all full-time borough officers and employees. The measure was introduced Tuesday night. Also scheduled for the 34th. Is public hearing of a resolution to remove rent control* In the borough. 'Council unanimously approved the retirement, effective Apr. 1, of William H. Dowd, 75, an employee ot the water department more than SO years. He will receive half-fay. Council's action followed the declaration of an emergency to finance the $1,3».M pension this will intall. Mayor Smith lauded Mr. Dowd aa a "fine and faithful employee" who has earned retirement. He called attention to Mr. Dowd'* advanced age and congratulated him for his "dependable service." Also approved waa the transfer of Edward Alvsrson, an employe* of th* street department, to the water department to replace Mr. Dowd, effective next Monday. Hie salary will remain the «*mi. The appojntment was mad* on the recommendation of Councilman Everett C. Curry, chairman of th* atreet* department, and Frsd Weiler, a lenior borough employe!. 'Blght-of-Way* Proposed sal* of a tract ef land adjacent to Henry Hudson spring ha* prompts* apprehension on th* part of resident* of Maxwellton Park that a aulrwiy on the hill to thi beach below might be closed. At Tuesday's meeting, a group ot residents again appeared to register protest* to the closing, asserting that access to the beach thus afforded during mor* than a JOyur period has reralted In an MMment for public us*. Their protest* w*r* volc*d after Borough Clerk Nelton H. Robert* read a petition signed by 14 residents whleh eltsd their position and suggested borough acquisition of ths property for solution of th* problem through dedication to public use. Also enclosed In a letter to council waa a copy of a Utter to Harvery H. Bowtoil, rial estate broker, with offices en rt. M near here. The letter declared that resident* "will resist all efforts to change the statin of the property In question." Mr. Bowtell Tuesday night declarid that th* purchaser cited no longer Is Interested In the tract. He said th* right-of-way Is conceded, but rest* on private property and therefor* I* not a matter of concent to borough council, except Insofar a* a contingent parking problem I* concerned. Mayor Smith agrnd that the right-of-way should be maintained. He said parking by "urdmlrabln" Council to Write (Continued from ptg* 1) - by the owner* of tba private property involved or might be a joint project with the county road department, the mayor said. However, because of th* seriousness with which Mr. Lawrence viewed the problem, the sidewalk matter.was held over for further investigation and action In th* near future. The fear has been that by coming directly off, the bridge into traffic, pedmtrians might git hurt. Watt for tha Pfcrk' Freeholder Director Joseph C. Irwin responded to a. borough letter, recommending that action be taken, to turn Ocean ave. over to the state.a* a highway, by saying that this Is a matter long under study. Mr. Irwla said would be a aur* thing that the road would go to the *tat*. If th* proposal to set up a state park on thi Sandy Hook pinlniula ever was carried out. Th* implication wa*. that th* state is In no hurry to *et up the highway which.wa* provided for a* far back a* INS. Borough Clerk Clarence Steven* waa directed to write a litter to the State Department of ConservatloA and Economic Development asking s support In a plan to have the V. S. Army engineers, whenever possible, dump waste aand from channel dredging operations into the ocean offshore from the borough. '. This was after a letter bad been received from Col. A. H. Davidson, Jr.. of the Army engineers' New York district that in a test som* years ago there wa* "no appreciable benefit" from such dumping off Long Branch. Sea Bright ha* contended that while the dumping might not hav* helped Long Branch did give this borough mor* sand. Councllmen remain convinced of this and point out that 'while beaches along the coast to the south have eroded, Sandy Hook'* beach ha* built up, with a northern movement of the sand. Cite* Big Saving' Mr. Stevens, who gave council the Idea, said that he was pleased when council decided to purchase machinery to mark dally beach badges to be need at. the municipal beach this summer. The badges will be of plastic coated paper. Mr. Stevena said that he felt the sav- Ing* In money by giving up th* hard material badge* used In other year* will enable the borough' to "break even far the first tlm*" on * badge* this year and aav* perhaps up to 12,090 a summer In future yean. He said the plastic paper will be strong enough to last one day after which then badges must be discarded. Council xehtred John D. Watklna a* aewer plant operator and gav* him a two ralse-from 12,400 for a year's work, to $9,800. Also approved waa ths setting up of a TMCA-aponaored "Touth Good Government Day" program to b* held during the ichool'* Butor vacation, Mar. 37-Apr. *. On that day the young people "tak* ovsr" ths local government a* official*. Gerald Crammer wa* approved aa a new member of tht fir* department. Councilman Thoma* Farrell reported that the niw police car ha* been delivered. Three Convicted Of Manslaughter FREEHOLD Three young men were convicted Tuesday of manslaughter In.the asphyxiation of Ancs Flaming. 4T, 713 Elivsnth ave., Belmar, last Oct. 31. The jury of nine men and three women took only two hours to reach it* verdict after the weeklong trial before County Judge John C. Giordano. Th* ttate had asked for conviction of second degree murder charges. Judg* Giordano set Mar. 2T for sentencing: th* three defendant*, Roy Alexander Ward, M, Fifth ave., Belmar; Vernon Morris, 34, and Donald Sims,, both of Flnlcy *t, West Bslmar. They could b* given up to ten years «ach. Autitant Prosecutor Charles Frank*], who pmentod th* stats'* cast, eentsndsd tha three defendant* beat Mr. Fleming In an all«y tn Btlmar and dragg*d him 10 feet to the porch of hi* house. While dragging him, Mr. Frankel said, hi* coat bacam* disarranged»nd eovired hi* mouth, caustag atpbyxlatlon. Henry Gulick to Show Paintini* Two Days MIDDLBTOWN VILLAGE - Henry T. Qullck will show his and Saturday. painting* Friday Mar. 30 and 31, In the Reformed church room* her*. Th* exhibit will benefit the Donald Rois Msc- Nulll Missionary xnelsty ef church.. Mr. Gulick'* paintings have been PERSONALS ** Mr. and Mr*, Elmer R. Mitchell ot Linden pi, left M*t.7Thur*iay afternoon for a»tay,,of several weeks at Daytona BeacH, 'Fla. While away the couple wtj^hav* the. pleasure ot celebrating; ^helr golden wedding anniversary. Allen Straaburgm iori of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stra*burg*r of Oakland it, has been named to the dean'* list, at Washington Square college, New York university, for the seventh con**cutiv* term. H* was cited for "meritorious work and high scholastic attainment" Mr. and Mr*. Lout* Sealao of OUnmary ave. have r*turn*d hem* after vacationing In Florida.. J. Dantel Tuller of Everett, pr**w dent of the Tuller construction com* pany of Rod Bank, was a member of a committee which raised 11,000,. 000 toward the construction of two engineering laboratories at Cornell university. '.<.' Dr. Eugene Traehtmen, optora*- trlit, of S Monmouth *t. la attending th* two-yur port graduate, court* In orthoptic*. and vision training being conducted on the Newark campus of Rutgers university. Robert Warr*n of Red Bank, a fireman with the U. S. Navy. U a member of Ihe cr*w of tha *ubmarine Diablo now on a winter cruise In the Caribbean. " Thi first birthday of Marie Elena Porcelll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Porcelll of Molly Pitcher village, was celebrated Saturday with a party "at the Porcelll home. xhlbltod on. a nation-wide basis, and two ars part of th* permanent collection of th* Newark museum. An Intereitlng not* about the artlit is that h* didn't atart painting until he wa* 74, and then he did a* aa *xp«rlm*nt. His work has also bun shown at the Pennsylvania Acadimy of Fin* Art*. Th* exhibit will b* open from 1:30 and 4:80 p. m. and from 7 ra. Mar. 30, and from 1:80 p. m. Mar. 31. Women of th* church will serve tea, and contributions will bs taken for th* socltty. _- Mr. and Mrs. John 8*latlnp of the -Leonard st; are parents of a daughter, born Friday at Rlvervlsw hospital. ; Mr. and Mr*. Harry Silver of U- to» p. to 4:80 BKWEft rbmrct PLANNED ASBURr PARK-A mandatory 1411,000 iiwir plant expansion project, necii**ry to comply with an order ef th* slat* department of health, will hav* to be stsrted noon, City Mantgtr 3, Oliver Armstrong has announced, City council suth orlwd th* hiring Tu#sd*y of th* «n ini«rlng firm ef Frldy, Gauker, TruKfttt and Frldy, New York, to proeetd with plan* for th* program, RBftlltUCANa ELECT FRBBHOLD-Earl B, Din, Jr,, mi sleeted prmldent of th* recently organised Young Republican club ef th* Fruhold *r*a*t a m**t< Ing TUMday night, Other ofllceri chenen wer* Robert Ferrell, vice president) Thorns* Felton, storetaryi John,F. Wiggins, trca*ur«r, and Uador* Xlotkln, county gtt*. making reference to practice* In the put when group picnic* by out-of-towner* wer* held by person* arriving by truck could be reitrlcted by th* police. The mayor aid council must await the advice of Mr. Pilhbury, who is on vacation In th* South, but council member* and hs win visit th* alt* during th* week-end and dlicua* th* problem with MildenU. UftMM Beaewed. Council renewed thi taxi llconsti held by John B. Logan and Or«ndln Chapman, who maintain tw«vehicle* each, and.ordered th* routine >aym*nt of )U,U0.0) In bills. Clifford.Barkar, supervisor of this borough'* "Operation Skywatch" at the yacht harbor, one* again oundtd a call for volunteer* to man th* pott at night. Mr. Barksr laid his ataff now number* US P*HOM, but volunteer* sr* needed for night-time pirlodi of two or four hour*. Th* post hi* hem manud hour* pu day sine* mid' July. Only four posts in th* stats hav* maintained thi* 100 per eent record, Mr. Barker Mid, Mayor Smith and council will.attend dedication c«r*monl*i at th* M«thodl«t church, Sunday afternoon, Mar.. Thsy win tx guest* of th* Lien* club th* following night at tht Log Cabin Inn. Ninn Violators >ay * Fine* «t Middlelown MIDDLETOWN -- Speeding violator* paying fine* to th* violations bureau hera during the put week were Theodore Avchin, M«tuch*n, Ml Bylva Schnlber, Irvlngton, I Anthony Chlafullo, Lang Branch, Hi Oiorg* Hcdgion, Llndin, IB, nnd Thorn** Roblniion, Jtrsny City,, Cosl/i were pnld on all fines. Thru drlviri w»r* flnid for falling to kisp to th* right on th* highway, Thty wir* Oiorgi Ling, Wharf ave,, Red Bank, 18; Carl Johnson, Newark, IB, and Leonard Tuttmin, Dial, ID, Jam** By 7«C«nttr at, Atlantic Highland!, paid lit ann fnirt* for lllni to stop CHURCH NEWS mcfobmed Coif* Neck T. Howard Lloyd of Matawaa will dillver th* atrmon Sunday at U a. m. Sunday-iehool will m**t at t:48 a. m. with Irving 0*mm*ll a* *uperlntendsnt. The *«n or choir will mist on Wednesday night at 7:80. Junior youth fellowship will meet Friday night at 7 o'clock with Mn. J. VanMaldtn, Mr*. William Lelbel and Mr*. Rand VanDtrVoort In charge. Senior group m**f* Thursday night at T with Mr*. Irving G«mmell a* leader. ST. MABY'S CATHOUC Colt'* N*ck Lenten servlcss Wednesday night* at 7:80, W»y ot th* Cross," and mas*** Wednesdays, Saturday* at I o'clock, Mr*. William Hardy will direct th* choir. CALVABTBAPTKT Red Bank R*v. jr. B. Olkhrlit win diuv*r th* aarman at th* 11 a. m. **rvlc* Sunday. Sunday-school in charg* of Mrs. Annie Jackson, meet* at 1:80 a. m, The ushers' organisation will ob- **rv* o 48th annlv*r*ary at t:m p. m. Sunday. > They al*o will pr«- s*nt th* N*w Jirsey GotpriHra at th* 8 p. m. service. Thoma* Epp* I* president of th* ushers' group. Prayer and song cervices an held W*dneidays. t METHODIST ' Navulnk "Th* Croi* and ludamptlon," will b* Rev. Howard Shoemaker**»ub- )ect at thi 9:48 a. m. Mrvlet Sun- day- Attorney to Ask Lloyd To Set Aside Order FREEHOLD-Stanl*y Cohen of Long Branch, attorney for Irving Well* of Club 113*, Ocean ave., Long Branch, will make application tomorrow to Superior Court Judge Frank T. Lloyd, Jr., to have let side an order signed by Judge Lloyd upholding the action of the prevlou* Long Branch city commission and rescinding th* operating permit of th* club. The prtviou* commission rescinded the permit after two private InvMtlgatora allegedly paid for the privilege ot staying at th* club overnight. The dub EM listed it- (elf u a non-profit organisation. Mr. Cohen contend* that tha ord*r was entered without final determination of th* fact and that h* wa* not nouflid that th* order WM to b* Mibmlttod to th* court. Th* attorney further contend* that th* permit wa* transferable to Wei**'* brother, Motes, who tad lnee purchased the property. Edward P. Jvska 1* representing th* city of Long Branch. Ticket Supply Exhamted For Glee Qub Concert FORT MONMOUTH Th* aupply of tlck«u tor th* cone*rt ot th* W*rt Point Ole* club at thl* port Saturday night, ha* already b**n shauatod, tt wa* announc*d by th* PubUe Infenutton afltea h*r* toroy pi. are parent* ef a daughter, born Friday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mn. Mary F. Bleritadt. R«d Bank high school faculty member, wa* among the ISO teacher* from all sections of the state, who vulted the Hillside plant of the Bristol- Myer* company, Friday. The tour was made tn conjunction with th* mid-winter meeting of the New Jersey Buslnei* Education association. Mr. and Mr*. Harry Clayton, who re sojourneylns; at St. Petersburg.' Fla., are sending.souvenir postal cards to their many friend* back home. The card received at Th* Register office said they at* enjoy- ing th* races, baseball gam**, *te. Both are in good health and a«nd their best wi*he* to their many friend*. Mr. and Mr*. Rlctard E*h ant daughter Kathl ct Chlcopee, Maw* are visiting Mr*. Eich'* paruta, Mr. and Mr*. William Macintosh ef Newman Spring* rd. Mr. and Mr*. J. Jo**ph Conacr of Branch av*. are ipendlng a month at Berkshlr* Hou»* at Pin*- bunt, N. C. Mr. and Mr*. Sal Vattl of Shr*we bury ave, ar* *p*ndlng a month in Miami, Fla. Mr. Valtl la ownir ot Sal'* tavern. Mr. and Mr*. William J. Maloniy ot Cranford apeat the we«k-«nd with Mrs. Maloney'a brother-in-law and (liter, Mr. and Mr*. Thiodor* Mou. Sr., of Hudson av*. Mr*. Nlchol** O. Lamb of Red Bank manor spent th* w**k-«nd with her aon-ln-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jam**. Clarkln of Jersey City. Mr. and Mr*. Arthur B. SlatUry of WalUc* *t arc vacauonlng In Hollywood, Fla. Mr. Slattiry I* foreman of th* looal postoffie*. Mr. and Mrs, John Hwratekaf of Branch av*. ar* pannte of a daughter bom. Monday at Bivir- FIBBT METHODNT Highland* ^ BIT. Howard Ihoimakir, pa*t*r, ha* ehoiin "Th* Cros* and R*> demsuon," aa hi* eubjict far th* U a. m. wrvlci Sunday. At tha 7:80 p. m, fenowihlp h* will iptak en."will Oed 8*nd a Slnnir to H*hr M A etrteja number of th* free ticket* w*r* mad* available to civilian* from Fort Monmouth'* neighboring communities, and wir* sent out whll* they laited, on a "first com*, first **rv*" ba*l*. In r**pona* to written request*., Thos* who hav* r*e*lv*d tlckita and find that th*y ar* not abl* to attend ar* requested to return them, a* th* demand ha* far «xc**d*d th* Mating The conent will be hild In th* view hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Harry B«U aad Fort Monnuuth fi*td houm, and wlll'btgin at 8 'etaeh. I* being *pon*or*d by Fort Monmouth chaptor, National Sojoumm. Named Service Agency For Power Mower line Edward Jaeeba, maatg*r of J*- eob* Hardwar* company, 373 Shrewsbury av*., announced today that hi* (tor* ha* b**n Mlseted a* th* authorised aarvlc* aginey In th* Rid Bank ar** tor th* Bm*)to power mow*r Una. Thw* mowir* Inelud* th* Exeslk, Monarch, Falrbaaks, Mors*. Firtston* and. Wlaaad and ar* manufactured by H*ln«k* add company of Springfield, Til. Jacob* tor* has had th* *al*«ag*xy for Excdlo for **v*ral years. Ml* BACEBS PAY SHREWSBURY- Boldltr* BBCOBD BVDOBT ABOPTBD NEPTUNE CITY-Th* 1*81 budget, calling for 2M,? be raised by taxation ai against tlm,- 148,13 last year, wa* paamd by borough council Monday night, Th* Increase remitted in a record tax rate of for each 11,000 of assessed, valuation, a. ta* rate rlie of 149,11. Mayer William Ollv.r called th* budget and lax rat* "rldleulouily high" ana *ald much «f waa due to th* hiavy burdm of tit* sehool system, bratlng their r*l**s* from Army Mrvtc* WIN fined IN and IS cost* aeh h*r* Saturday morning by Magittrate Mirrttt U H JivTh* mm, Emitt Bay Llnton of N*w MMIM and Bamuti Oabriii of PhllUdphla, win ehargtd with racing Friday night en Rycawors av*. Judg* U M alto finiddren* Paquitt* ef MajaachuMtta IT and for passing a r*d light. A y*ung b*y wa*r*r*rr*d t* th* county juvtnll* court en a chug* of taking a' pal' *f tkati* from an auto. LEWIS, WOLCOTT FILE EATONTOWN-Wlth midnight tonight th* dndllm for filing petition*, Borough Clerk Andrew O. Beekir laid thi* Councilman Ralph morning that U Uwl* and NtlRHER TO MEET LONO BRANCH-The Amfilcin Nui'ie* sjsoctritlon's economic ««cuilty prukrsni adopted In a number of (tales, but not yet In New Jirsiy, will bi the (ubjiet fer dk> cudlon at a meeting of gtneril duty section four of the itat* aslochtlen next Thuriday tt I p, m. at * r*s tight. tt Monmouth nursia' hom«, Momorlt) hoipltil Mr*, Carmell* Ar n»n*, nttra* at Mv*rvl*w hoiplttl, hi yrciltfint of netltn four. Jamil N. Woleott, Jr,, have fitid fer rs-*l*etl*n en th* Riauhllcan ticket. Flrrt dlitrkt Republican* Ming w«* Edward Bmnwni aad Mr*. ChrtotU* Sohulte. Thir* ar* thr«* *thir dlitrlcti, two bun added this yiar. having VIBE AT MOVUN BOtlOE ; EATONTOWN - Flnmen wcr«called at IliW thi* morning to *xtlnguuh a bias* In th* Moulin Boug*, highway M, Fir* Chief Oeorgi Winning Mid damag* wu light, bilng conftnid to icorohid biams, Hi slid tin fir* wu caused by» rlisrhii lodged undtr thi,«ar>ettng at a glii* bloek will, daughter, formerly ef Old Oak*, Rumion, have moved te We*t te* Angeles, Cal. Mr*. B*U le the f*r> m«r Peggy Hill, daughter ef Mr. and Mrs. C. C, Hill whe were former reildente ef Bed Bank, raiding at 315 Bread «t. Mr. and Mr*. D*vld Jerolamon ef 104 Sllverton ave., Uttl* Silver, are partnte of a ion born Sunday at Rlvervitw hospital. Mr*. Jeroif mon I* th* former J*aa*tt*. Heff* man of Wa*t su Mr. and Mr*. Jerolamon *lae ar* p*r«nte ef a daughter Joyce. Mr. and Mr*. William. B*ek*a* tcln ef 118 Monmouth at. ritumtd horn* Tuesday from a W**t Indie* crulm, mad* en th* Maaedui. Mr. and Mr*, Jam** Av»U ef Spring *t. are parent* ef a *oa born TuMday at Blv*rvl*w ke*> pltsl. Mr. and Mr*. Leon HU1 et We* Bergen pi, ar* partnte ef a daughter born y**tetd*y at Blytrvttw hospital. Oeerg* W. Biay, borough ***» or, Uft Saturday by car fer a. stay et thru w««k* la Miami, Fie. Medical patient* at RlvervHW hospital thi* week Includ* Mr*. Augusta Dougherty, IT Canal at.; Andrew Ferguson, 31 Pttcrs pi.; Armand Crupl, 33 Drummond pi., and Mr*. Agnu Malenconloo, Drummond ave. Among the *urgical patlmt* at Rlvwvlcw ar* Mr*. Harry Wtleitan, M McUfin St.; Anton Hdmberg, tl Cheitnut it., and Mil* Evalyn Uvim, Alston et. R«v. Roger J. Saultt ef Broad *t., paitor of th* Bid Bank Mttkedlit church, his b*in coaflned ta the parionsgi with a chut eeld, Thli morning he wu riportid "greatly Improved." Mr*. Ctiarl** 8. Bucklln ef Twis Oabtii, Rlverild* av*., returned thi* week after ipindlng a montk la Miami, Fli. Rntnion Board Seta Commencement Date RUMBON Cemm*nc*m«nt and baecauurtat* dates war* set lut night by th* board ef education her*. Commenciment ixerclm* will b* held Thursday, Juni, and th* baccauurcat* nrvlc* wa* KhNtiled fer Sunday, June 14. The board granted. for tho following iv*nte: Drama elub, thaptrened by Earl Themp> «en, te attend a pity In Niw York In April or May; Ml** KethUtn Chrlaman, to, ohaptron a group of muslit uupllft to a New York'Touth concert at Carnigli H*ll MUfelln* Zelik and nita A, Sorinbrtfculty mim»«ii, to attend tnt'eiatarn Builnei* Tiaehm* BMeclatWn convention, and Albeit'Lou* te tiki M history pupil* to'vlitt thi United Nations headqutrtifi In Niw York city,. Th* hoard»l*o ayprovtd thi UN kuibtil ind trick aehidufei..

39 RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH Pan Hire* ENGAGEMENTS iisli s* Wilson Engaged to ClVeiley Shapter 6apC Robert Rightmlre, commanding officer of the Red Bmnk citadel, Salvation Army, 30 River- We ave., and Mra. Rifhtmire, announce the engagement of MIJ» Dorothy F. Wllion, to Charlea Weel»y Shapter, ion of Hr«. Malcolm E. Mlnton, M Tower Hill ave., and the late John Shapter. Mlu Dorothy T. Wilson Miss Wilson has been connected with the Salvation Army since childhood. She came to this country from London, England, two years ago and has realded In ' Rochester, N. Y. and New York city. At present «hc is leader of the Salvation Army Girl Guard (Scout*) troop in Red Bank. Mr. Shapter served as a sergeant in the U. S. Air Forces during World War, having seen duty in North Africa and the Middle East. He has been a member of tha Salvation Army several years and la acting as recruiting sergeant for Salvation Army «oldler». Joan Ann Piney Becomes Engaged UNION BEACH Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Piney of Rose lane announce the engagement of their daughter, Joan Ann, to William Butterfleld, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Butterfleld, of Lincoln, Vt. Miss. Piney attended Keyport high school and is employed by the Landau Knitting corporation, Keyport. Her fiance was graduated from Bristol high school, Vermont, and recently was discharged from tht Navy after aervlng (our year*. Union Beach Girl'a Engagement Announced UNION BEACH Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Laura Marie Shlffner, daughter of Mr*. Harry Shlffncr of Dock at., and the late Mr. Shlffner, to John V, DiFcdcIc of Matawan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jannarone, Fair Haven. Miss BhifTner, a graduate of Keyport high school, is employed aa a bookkeeper by the National State bank. Federal sq. office, Mewark. Mr. DiFedtle was graduated from' Matawan high school and operate* a truck farm with his brothers. Alice Joan Kenny Of Fair Haven Engaged FAIR HAVEN Mrs. John Ken-. n*y of Lexington ave., announces tha engagement of her daughter, Misa Alice Joan Kenney, to George Dederlan, con of Mr. and Mra. Sirk-s Dederlan of South Otone Park, N. Y. The prospective bride was graduatsd from Red Bank Catholic high echool and New Jersey College for Women, where she receive* bachelor of science degree. Mr. Dederlan received a, bachelor of science degree in physics at Queens college, and his master's degree at New York university. Tenth Anniversary For Stirnweistea Mr. and Mrs. George H. Btlrnwelsa of 140 Maple ave. celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary Friday night at a party In their home. Oueita included Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Henrich of Rldgewood, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wojclehowlct of Wanamaasa, Rev. Joseph F. She*- han of Fort Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. Frid Kltpp of Matawan, Mr. and Mrs. John Petillo of Red Bank, Mr. and Mrs. William Honan and PFC Joseph Honan of Wcitbury, L. I., Miss Joan Manferl of Brooklyn, N. Y., Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Holland of Marlboro, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Powers of Springfield, Lieut, and Mrs. Andrew BMrnwelss and tare* children of Patuxint River, Md., Mr., and Mrs. Chester U Forrar and Mr. and Mrs. James Kearney and chlmrtn Michael and Jaraee of Shrewsbury and the ave atirnweiss children, Susan, Barbara, Oeergt, Jr., Edward and Kathy, Teen>Agers to Hold St. Patrick's Dance KEANSBURO - The Parent Teacher association will open * prliw **rles of Informal dsneei at the Francis Plate school tomorrow night with a St. Patrick'* dance for teen agert. rough teen agers are In complete cha>ge of the eveat, Committee members Include Carol CoOetd, Peggy Manner, Jayne Llneewea. ver and Diana Trenery. Mrs, Em* ma Bogart of the P.T.A, servos la an advisory capacity, CHBtim MEET TONIGHT FORT MONMOUTH-Tho Mon* mouth County section of the Amir lean Chemical moiety will meet tonight at I at the Bquler Signal laboratory, A dinner will precede the meeting at Crystal Brook Inn, Ealontown, for, P. Lee of the Tltaaiftn division of National Lca< compasy at South Amhoy, who will dlkuss the functions of a corrosion engineer ' Using actual examples drawn from hie experience In this field, He will emphasis* methods of analysis and solution* of problems together with their economic significance VVIUm P, Ny*. chair man of the section, will preside, Concert Mar. 24 For Church Fund Lois MacMahon Joiee will give a concert Mar. M for the benefit of the Shrewsbury Presbyterian church restoration fund at the Mechanic Street school auditorium. Sponsoring groups are the Men's and Women's organisations of the church. Accompanying Mrs. Joiee at the piano wilt be Elsa Fiedler of New York city. Miss Fiedler, sister of Arthur Fiedler of the Boston Pops orchestra, will play two groups of piano solos as part of the program. She studied in several European countries and has appeared on the concert atage in every part of the United States. Tickets are on sale at the Presbyterian church house or may be obtained from the ticket committee, H. Albert Vogel, Mrs. William Crome and Morgan C. Knapp. Students will be admitted at a reduced rate.. ' Awarded Citation For Membership MORGANVILLE-The American Legion post of Marlboro township received a citation at its last meeting for reaching an all-time high in membership and an honor ribbon for completing the IBM enrollment by Dec, The citation from the New Jersey department commander, W. C. Doyle was presented by Vice Commander Joseph DeVine of the Mon mouth county executive committee. Capt. Arnold Covet of Perth Amboy addressed the post on the "Back to God" movement. All members and their wives have been invited to attend the celebra tlon of the 34th anniversary of the Keyport Legion post Saturday night. There will be an initiation of new members and a social per iod... Memorial day services at Old Brick church are being planned by a committee consisting of Walter Voorhees, chairman; John O. Ben< nett, Harold F. Broyer and Douglas Alt, post commander. The post Is sponsoring an essay contest on the subject, "Safety" tor the sixth, seventh and eighth grades of the township schools. There will be gold, silver and bronze medals awarded as first, second and third prices. In addition, a bronie plaque wilt be presented to the school which the first prlza winner attends, to be kept for one year. The contest Is to continue for three years and at the end of that time the school which has had the plaque for two of the three years will own permanently. The three prlse-wlnnlng essays will be entered In the county and state contests. Republican Women Elect Three Officers RIVER PLAZA Three officers were elected at the meeting of the 1-5-B Woman's Republican club of Mlddletown township Monday night at the home of Mrs. X. S. Smith on Half-Mile rd. They were Mra. Harry Mayer of Mtddletown village, recording secretary; Mrs. C. A. Mitchell, Batontown, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Francis Rauch, New Monmouth, treasurer. Ouest speaker was Mrs. Harry H. Nsuberger of Everett. She Is the only woman member of the state crime, commission, and told of the duties of that body, and how their program is carried on throughout the state. Mre. Morgan C. Kncpp, president, said that on Mar. M the members will participate In the program of tha State Women's Republican club and visit several state Institutions. Middletown members will visit Jsmssburg, Marlboro state hospital and the Child Treatment center at Brisbane. State Trooper Give* Safety Talk WEST LONG BRANCH - Sgt George Ellla of the New Jersey State Police, sneaking on safety, told members or the West Long Branch Parent-Teacher association Tuesday they can teach good safety to their children in everything they do, In the manner In which they drive their care, cross the atreet or walk on a sidewalk. He also said parents should teach their children the correct rules for riding bicycles, because "safe bicycle riders, eventually make safe ear drivers." Mrs. Herbert E. North, Jr., aald Girl Scouts of the borough will distribute the pamphlets-on state aid to education recently purchased by the board of education and given to the P.T.A. for distribution. Fourth grade pupils of Mrs. Fred Williams' clue will hold a cup cake aale Wednesday, Mar.. Mothers of fifth grade pupils, headed by Mrs. Edward Turner and Mrs. Loon Cordner, eerved rsfresnmente, Seout Fund Drive Passes HalfWsy Mark ASBURY PARK - Monmouth county's 1161 Boy Scout fund drive to raise 180,000 tor the 8,000 Scouts In tha county organisation has passed the half-way mark, was reported this week by Merrill Thompson of InUrtaktn, county drlvo chairman. Mr. Thompson Mid UMM.M has been received. More than 1,800 volunteers are taking part In the funs drive, he added. Last year's figure of I41.1M was Increased 11 per cent to meet demands of additional membership of 1T.C per cent, Atlantic Highlands, East Keensburg and Mlddletown have exceeded their quotas, Mr. Thompson said. The drive was launched last month In connection with the 4M anniversary ef Scouting, flenera drives are yet to he organised at Little Silver, flea Bright, Highlands, Haslet, Oceanport, Shrewsbury, Millstone township and Roosevelt, PALM SUNDAY FLOWER MOW RUMSON-Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Splwak will hold their annual Palm Sunday flowsr show Mar. In their greenhouses and flowsr shop on Ave, of Two Rivers, By public request, the show will be h«ld two days, opening Saturday Mar, M. Cann Adolf Nuptials Mr. and Mrs. Julius Adolf, Jr. HIGHLANDS-Miss Lola Mae Cann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cann of 311 Bay ave., Saturday became the bride of Julius F. Adolf, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Adolf, Sr., of Buffalo, N. >'., in a ceremony performed by Rev. Howard Shoemaker at the Highlands Methodist church. The church was decorated with all-white flowers-and greens. Mrs. George King, Sr., wa* the organist. George King, Jr., sang "Because," "I Love You Truly" and "The Lord's Prayer." A reception followed at Log Cabin inn. The bride was given In marriage by her father. Her period style gown was white brocaded satin, made with a fitted bodice which had a atandlng collar, trimmed with buttons and long sleeve*. The skirt was bouffant of unpressed pleats and fell over hoops with an underskirt forming a chapel-length train. The bride wore a cap of Chantllly lace, trimmed with rhinestonea, and a three-tier veil, edged In matching lace, Her flowers were white roses and white carnations. Mrs. Whesley Andrews of Atlantic Highlands was matron of honor. Her gown was melon color, made with a fitted, strapless bodice of taffeta and a swirling full skirt of net over taffeta,, draped at the aides of the hemline to show cluster* of yellow roses. She wore a matching stole and taffeta headpiece and carried a colonial bouquet of yellow roses and yellow variegated carnations.. MM. William O'Neit of New Brunswick and Mrs. Herbert Mah- PTA Hears Causes Of Mental Illness FAIRVIEW -An unhappy childhood and unhappy home conditions" are the moat frequent causes of mental Illnesses in children, Frank Musa, psychiatric social worker at the Brisbane child treatment center, declared at a meeting of the Parent-Teacher.association Tuesday, at the grammar school here. Mr. Musa said W pstisnts between the ages of five and are undergoing treatment at the canter, the children's unit of the state hospital at Marlboro. All these children are of "normal and better than normal Intelligence," Mr. Musa said. Mentally deficient children are treated at other «tate Institutions. "Thoughtful parents could prevent an unhappy childhood and unhappy home conditions," he declared. He said more than SO per cent of the children at Brisbane make complete recoveries and good adjustments to normal living. Victor Eyerman waa appointed chairman of a nominating committee. The PTA wilt hold its annual community supper tonight In the school cafeteria. Exceptional Child' Is P.T.A. Subject FAIR HAVEN Mrs. Helen Sullivnn, Monmouth county helping teacher, gave a talk on "The Exceptional Child" at the meeting of the Fair Haven Parent-Teacher aesoclatlon Tuesday at. Knollwood school. The association will buy more books for thi school libraries and will finance an outing for the eighth grade In June. Noel Lartaud said that the borough Ir renovating the former Flske Street echool and when the building is finished, all scout aetlvltlss will bo hsld there. Named to the nominating committee were Mrs. Edwin Close, Mn, John Murphy and Mrs, Lartaud. Dr, Sidney Hodas, Red Bank psychiatrist, will speak at the Apr. 14 meeting at the Willow Street school. A motion pleture, "The Feeling of Hostility," will be shown Junior Holy Name Society Organised AIT KBANUVRO-Rev. Franel* Ounner, spiritual director of the newly-formed Junior Holy Name society of at. Catherine'* church, addressed th«14 young men present at the organisation meeting In the fir* houn, Installation of officers and raeep*' tlon of member* will he held Menday evening, Apr, 13, at the church, with the director officiating, Louts Lombard! 1* president) Oerald Velll, vice president! Donald Hardy, secretary, and Joiiph MeLstighll-, treasurer. Louis A, Relssner, vice president of the Monmouth County Federation of Holy Name aocletlin, was acting chairman, He has Invited tha officers (o attend the convention to h«i hold Sunday. Mar, M, at Friehold, ler of Atlantic Highlands were the bridal attendant*. Their gowns were spring green net and taffeta, made like that of the honor attendant. Their colonial bouquets were yellow roses and yellow varlgated carnations. Beverly Cann, the bride's niece, was flower girl. She wore a yellow taffeta frock made by the bride, The dress was styled with a bertha collar and a bouffant skirt of bande of net and taffeta. She carried a basket of roses and varl-colored carnations. Rudolph Rlgo of Buffalo, N. Y. was best man. George Cann of Englewood, the bride'* brother, and William O'Neil, New Brunswick, ushered. The bride's mother chose dusty rose lsce over taffeta, with navy blue accessories and a corsage of orchids. The bridegroom's mother wore a toast-colored costume with matching accessories and a corsage of orchids. For her wedding trip to Wllliamoburg, Vs.. and' Miami, Fla., the bride wore a two-piece navy blue bengailna dress, trimmed with rhlnestone buttons and yellow and navy blue accessories. Her corsage waa yellow roses. When they return the couple win make their home at SIT Bay ave.. Highlands. The bride waa graduated from Atlantic Highlands high school. Mr. Adolf has recently been discharged from the Army after service In Korea. He Is a graduate of Seneca vocational high school in Buffalo, N. T. RBCH Pupils Hold Ski Outing y pupils of Red Bank Catholic high school, eight chaperons and Rev. Edward W. Hughes, assistant pastor, participated In a winter sport program at Oak N' Spruse, South Lee, Mass., over the week-end. The group enjoyed a bu«y two days by taking part In Ice skating, skiing, horseback riding, mountain climbing and square dances sponsored by Oak N' Spruse. Making the trip 1 were Joan Gil barte. Susan Price, Margot Curtln, Pat Egan, Judy Kenny, Marjorle Ooff, Helen Jeffrie*. Rosemary Mehm, Sue Lynch and Pat Schuck er, John Bennlng, Dan Bills, Fred Crlne, Don Bryne, Al Callforlo, Joe Cierl, Tom Farrell, John Knockel, Barney Crelghton, Anthony Busch, George Coleman, Joe Divers, John Sheehan, Proctor Buseh, John Loftus and Ray Brats, Chaperones Included Father Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Oswald, Mr. and Mrs. John Dunnigan, Mrs. Salvatore Petrlllo, Mrs. John Pettlt and Mr. and Mn. Thomas O'Brien. The trip was made In a New York-Keensburg-Long Branch Bus Line but, with Jack Stone operat ing the vechlcle. Attend Echo Hill Camps' 17th Reunion Several campers from the fled Bank area attended Echo Hill Camps' itth annual reunion banquet Saturday night at Orandvlew grange hall In Flomlngton. A "country fair" program was presented and camp movies were shown after a turkey dinner. Mr. and Mrs, Robert Leehner, directors of the camps, hosted the affair. Other highlights of the evening Included birthday celebrations, a father's hat modeling contest, a poetic weather forecast for the summer by William Paslcky, principal of.river Street school, Red Bank, and a show by Ward, the wlsard, Campers attending from Red Bank and vicinity were Judy McUughlln, William Woolley, Ronaid Cohtn, Clyde Smith, Jaekion Lowe, Noel Olblon, David Wark, Mary Laulee Johnson and several parent! and friends. Miss Anne Dugan of the Happy Hour play chool and Mr. Paaleky attended M members and assisted with the program.^ Jamboree Contingent Has Room for S Scouts Monmouth county's contingent oi I0S Scouts and 1] adult leaders t< the national Scout jamboree thin summer In California has room for only Av«mors Scout*, was reported this week by Kendall Lei of Asbury Park, More than 44,000 reservations for the Jamboree have been made, J, Fred' Blllett, seout executive, reported. Ho said attsndance by more than 60,000 Scouts from this country and IT foreign lands Is assured, County Scouts will I-MV» We* Trenton July *. Tht Jamboree wl run from the ITth to Md, LOCAL WEDDINQS ADAMS SH1CK LITTLE SILVER Mils Alice Jean Adams, daughter of Frederic Knight Adsama of Hudson ave., Red Bank, and Maj. Dale Howard Shick, Army Signal Corps, ion of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Andrew Bhlck of Urbana, 111., were married Saturday afternoon at Embury Methodist hcurch. Rev. James W. Marshall, pastor, performed the ceremony, smistcd by Rev. Roger J. Squire, pastor of the Red Bank Methodist church. The church decorations were white spring flowers and greens. Mrs. George W. IviM was organist. A reception followed at the home of the bride's aunta, Mra. H. Earle Farry and MM. Samuel Blackwood on Broad at., Red Bank. The bride wa* escorted by her father. She was attired In a light blue silk shantung ccxtume styled vitth a Jiatteaux neckline, a fitted bodice and a bouffant cocktail length skirt. She wore a wreath of white camellias in her hair and ferried camellia clusters with bouardla. * Mra. Daniel L. Huebner of Little 8ilvcr was matron of honor for her cousin. Her bouffant styled gown was pink silk shantung. She wore a wreath of spring flowera in her hair and carried a nosegay of matching bloaaoma. Mlchele Shick, the bridegroom'* daughter, was flower girl. Her white organdy frock wan dsnlgnnd with a full skirt over pale blue taffeta, and it was tied at the waist with a wide, blue satin sash. She wore a wreath of small spring flowers in her hair and carried a miniature nosegay bouquet. James A. Delano of Rye, N.., wa* best man for his cousin. When they. return from their wedding trip the couple will reside on Forman at., Fair Haven. The bride was graduated from Red Bank hlgyh school and Wllaon college. She is president of Monmouth WiLson club, college alumnae group, and before her marriage waa a service representative In the Red Bank office of the telephone company. Mrs. Shick is the daugter of the late Mra. Alice Shreve Adams, Maj. Shick la stationed at Fort Monmouth in the Appliance Communication section of the Officers' division of the Signal school. During World War he served in the European Theater, 'and has recently returned from service in Japan and Korea. Maj. Shick was graduated from the University of Illinois,, and received hie master's degree at the University of Missouri. HUDSOK-TXTER KEANSBURG Miss Patricia Grace Hudson, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Harold Hudson of Neptune pi., Eaat Keansburg, and Pvt. Richard Tillyer, -on of Mr. and Mrs. Jamea E. Tillyer of Creek rd., were married Sunday at St. Ann* Catholic church by Rev. Edward Corrigan, The bride wa* given In marriage by her father, and her wedding gown waa made with a bodice of white Chantllly lace with long sleeves-and an Illusion neckline trimmed with seed pearls, The bal lerina length skirt was nylon tulle, bouffant and over satin. Her fingertip length veil was attached to a laee crown, trimmed with flowers, and she carried white orchid* and valley lilies. MUia Jacqueline Hudson waa maid of honor for her slater, and Miss Mary Tillyer, the bridegroom's sister, was a bridesmaid. The maid of honor wore a pink nylon tulle frock, over satin, ballerina length, and had a crown of pink flowers and carried pink roses. The bridesmaid wore aqua. nylon tulle, over satin, with a crown of brown flowera in her hair, and carried pink roses. The bridt's mother wore an Iri descsnt grey and orchid gown of silk organta, with navy blue accessories. The bridegroom's mother wore navy blue with whit* sects sorles. Joseph Barna of East Keansburg wa* best man, Donald Barna, also o( East Keansburg, was an usher. After a reception at the Ideal bar at East' Ksansburg, the couple left on a Southern wedding trip. The bride'* traveling suit was navy blue. The couple will meke thslr home with the bride's parents. The bride was graduated from Red Bank Catholic high school and Is employed at Fort Monmouth. The bridegroom has completed hi* training school course at Fort Lee, and will leave for Korea this month He waa formerly employed by N«w Car Carrier* of Metuchen. He is a graduate of Bloomflsld high school Shore Camera Club Meets at Long Branch ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS - Boy Scout troop Jt will participate In the Scout-O-Rama Mar, M at Asbury Park with a demonstration, "Flint and Steel," according to plans mads at a troop meeting Tuesday at Atlantic Highlands Methodist church. The new assistant leader, Ronald Davis, was introduced. Arrangements were also completed to have fathers of scout* help In patrol work, Workers will be ae follows: Tiger patrol, Ned MacLaughlln. loader, Henry Wigglnton, father representative; Fly- Ing Arrow, Robert Karl*, leader, Jsmee Hlggins, father representative, and cobra, Richard Rlppke, leader, and 8, Borsky, father representative, A new group, the Panther patrol, wa* formed with Henry Oregerson a* leader, A father representative will he named. Father* will attend a meeting Tuesday at the church to plan patrol programs, Mlddlelnwn Firemen To Hold Barn Dame MIDDLBTOWN - An old-fash lonnd barn dance will bfl held by Mlddletown Are company No, 1 at the Headden'* Corner fire house Saturday from I p, m, (o 1 a. m Hart Webber's orchestra will play for dancing, which will Inoludo fox ti'uth, waltios, polka* and square risitcm, Entertainment will b«provided hy the Dorothy Tola.-* d»nc studio. V THOMAS HARTSHORNE NEW YORK CITY-Miss Valerie Howard Thomas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Banks Thomas of 2I'J East 7M «t. and Rumson, was married Saturday afternoon in the chapel of the Church of the Holy Trinity to Nathaniel Harrison Hartshorne, son of Mrs. Edwin Megarcee of 253 East 4Mb st,, and Edgartown, Mass., and the late Robert D. Hartshorne. Rev. Charles P. Johnson, rector of All Saints Bpl.icopnl church, TJOCM, was assisted at the ceremony hy Dr. James A. Paul, the rector. A receplon was held in the Victorian mite of the Carlyle. 'Given in msrriage hy her father, the bride wore a gown of ice-blue imported Chantllly lace over bridal satin, with a bouffant cotillion length skirt, and a vett of French illusion, Attached to a. fitted cap of matching lace and elbow-length mitt* of lace. She carried a white prayer book covered with white orchids and iceblue satin streamers. Miss Patricia/ Powell of New York city was her only attendant. She wore an ankle-length bouffant gown of blue silk organza, carried a basket of spring flowers and had a matching spring flower circlet on her hair. George S. Schrelber of Saddle River was best man. Ushers were brothers of the bridegroom, Reuel K. Hnrtflhornc of Morristown; Robert D. Hartshorn-, Jr., Cambridge. Mass.; the bride's brother, Lloyd Bnnka Thomas, Jr., and Edwin I. Megargce, stepbrother of the groom. Honorary ushers were Charles N. Robinson of Villanova, Pa.; Francis I. Gownn, Chestnut Hill, Pa.; James K. H. Young, Rumson; Richardson P. Rycrson, Old Lyme, Conn.; John M. Schwarz, Tenafly; Charles W. Knapp, Jr., Greenwich, Conn., and Alexander Flesh, N. Y. The bride attended the Emma Willard school at Troy, N. Y.. and was graduated from the Ethel Walker school at Slmsbury, Conn., In 1949, and she also 'studied at Parsons School of Design In New York city. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Joseph H. Gibson of Carsicana, Tex., and the rate William Banks Thomas. Her maternal grandparents were the late Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tirrell of New York city. Mr. Hartshorne Is the grandson of Mrs. Hugh Hartshorn* and the late Mr. Hartshorne and of the late Dr. Reuel B. Klmbatl and the late Mrs. Paul Harrison of Rumson. He attended St. Paul's school at Concord, N. H., and Hamilton college, and Is a member of Sigma Phi. In World War he served three years with the Naval Reserve In (his country and In the Pacific. He Is employed by Vision magaslne. WAIXER KESSLER ALTOONA, PA Mrs. H. A. Mc- Kinncy of this place announces the marriage of her daughter, Mrs. Annabelle Waller, to Howard F. Kesiler. The wedding took place last Thursday at Oakhurst Methodist church with Rev. Champion P. Goldy performing the ceremony. Mrs. Stephen Butters, Jr., of Asbury Psrk and William Keaaler of Jersey City, the bridegroom's brother, were the attendants. Mr. and Mrs. Kesaler will make their home at 119 Lincoln ave., Fair Haven. Mrs. Joan Boa Cited For Achievements FORT MONMOUTH In recognition of meritorious performance a* aecretary to the special. services officer since Oct. ISM, Mrs. Joan K. Boa of Long Branch, received a certificate of achievement from Maj. Gen. Klrke B. Lawton, poat commander. Praised for her tact, enthualaam and competence in handling assignments, the citation states that she "has made invaluable contribution towards the fulfillment of the missions of special services and its post-wide programs." Mrs. Boa resides with Jher aon, Martin, age 7, and her parents, Mr. and Mr* James C. Kirby, at IS Arthur ave., Long Branch. Trinity Guild Plans Luncheon Meeting John L. Montgomery, Sr., will apeak at a luncheon meeting of the Woman's guild of Trinity Episcopal church Tuesday at 1 p. m. at the psrlsh house. Hostesses will be Mrs, Otto F. Beutell, Mr*, Hermann Aaendorf. Mr*. Horton B. Garrison, Mrs. Georgs D. Noreom Mrs. Jacob Schilling, Mrs. Frederick Turnoek and Mrs. Jay D. Williams, Girl Scout Leaders To Hear Dr. Seanlon Dr. Virginia Seanlon, consulting psychologist of Long Branch, will be the speaker at the training course for Olrl Scout leaders heing conducted In Red Bank borough hall Friday nights. The course U sponsored by the Northern Monmouth County Council of Olrl Scouts, The course, In Us fifth wssk, will be concluded Mar. 8T. Dr, Bosnian's lecture will be followed by a question and answer period. RECtPERATINO AT NOME UNION BEACH Patient a month st Perth Ambey Oeneral hoipita) after suffering burn on his right ankle In an Industrial accident, William VanChartdorp In recuperating at file home on Front st, hsre, H* Is employed by Welln Davit and Boat work*, Perth Amhoy, and Is. a former member of the police department h*rr, Hi underwent skin-grafting *'hlle a patient at ths hospital. Married at Long Branch Mr. aad Mr*. Lester Rogers Mr. and Mrs, Lester Rogers, whose wedding took place Feb, 32 at the Pentecostal church, Long Branch, have returned from their wedding trip and are at home at 180 Branch ave., Red Bank. The brld* la the former Mum Jeanettc Frances Ullery, daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Donald E. Ullery, Sr., of Patten ave., Long Branch, and the bridegroom's parents are Mr. and Mra. Lester Rogers of South St, Sea Bright. Proposed Garden Trips Discussed MARLBORO Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Clear were hosts to the Root and Branch club at s last meeting. In response to an Inquiry by the local group about becoming a federated club, Mra. Clsar reported she had learned from Mre. Wilaon, of the Garden club of New Jersey, that the local club would have to be accepted on a provisional membership bail* for one year and be sponsored by another federated club. Mrs. Wilson offered to attend a meeting and speak to the group, and it waa decided to Invite her,for either th* April or May session. The group discussed a trip te the DuPont gardens and a visit to the Rutgers experimental gardens was also considered. Vaaea donated by Mr. and Mrs. Earl Benton were won by Mrs. Abble Kerr, Mr*. Mellnda Saccone and Mrs. Rose Greenman. Members were requested to bring arrangements of forced branches to the April meeting to be held at the home of Mrs. Warren Fuhrmann, Matawan. Attending: the meeting, In addition to those mentioned, wera Miss Elizabeth Geyer, Mrs. Elisabeth Rtultz, Mrs. Margaret Bray, Mrs. Anna Bohn, Misa Edith Richards, preeldent Mra. Murvan Fuhrmann, Mrs. C. Floyd Wyckoff, Mr*. Arthur Mancinl and Willard O. Aumaek. ^^^ Junior Red Cross Works at Blood Bank Four member 1 of the Junto! Red Cross of Red Bank Catholic high school served at the county blaod donor center yesterday at the Red Bank Methodist church fellowship hall, when the Red Cro*# bloodmoblle made its monthly visit. Th* girls did typing and other clerical jobs. Participating were Audrey Hanlsch, Joan Gilbert*, Ann Curley and Dorothy Carla. Another unit of Junior Red Cros* member*, pupils in the home economic classes at River Street achool, made all the cookie* «erved to donors. Mr*. J. Henry O'Hern, county Junior Red Cros* chairman, directed the pupils, Melchior Show Coming To St. James Theater Laurits Melchior, tenor, who stars In the show named after the former Metropolitan artist, will be heard Wednesday, Mar, IS, at I.SO p. m, at St, Jams* theater, Asbury Park. Members of the east of "The Laurits Melchior Show" Include eoprano* Angelene Collins and Shllee Emmoni, tenors Val Vatentte and Alan Werner, baritone Michael Roberts of Ihe Broadway hit*, "KIM Me Kate" and "My Darlln' Aide," baas Edward Williams and duo* pianists Oeorg* Roth and Ted Sadlowskl, winner* of the 1S61 Paderswikl Foundation award. O MKKT The Monmouth county Philatelic society will meet tomorrow night at the Batontown borough hall, second floor of fire house, at which time the collectors will devote a Urge portion ef the regular meet- Inn semlon li a philatelic courie, Anyone Intti'fsttit In tht collection of foreign or doitimtlo ntumpn, cover* and cftncolletlonn will b» welcome, Ked Bank Notary Club To Hear William Maiee William Msge* of the firm of Clayton and Msgee, Broad at., will be guest speaker at ths meeting of the lied Bank Rotary club at 13:13 p, m, today st ths Molly ritcher hotel, Mr, Msgee recently waa re leased by the Air Force, In which he did radsr work, The club will elect three mem tier* to ttif lioinl of directors at next week's meeting. Those noml' nnieil Include Uoicoe Angle, Don' aid Hfthoock, Rlclmtd Burnett, 8, Hmttu Hoynton, Kdgar V, DenlM, Leo Levin and Morris Portnir. Glove Designed By Mrs. Boyce SEA BRIGHT A new patented glove, designed by Mra. Henrietta E. Boyce, 11 Peninsula ave.. Sea Bright, la making its first appear*' ance before the public on the current Embassy cigarette poster being displayed throughout the coun* try. The poster carries tha design*, er'a name and trademark. i Mra. Boyce, a fashion designer, ha* received a 17-year functional' patent from the IT. 8. Patent office. She was assisted in preparing sample* of the glove by Mrs. Helen K. O'Brien of Little Silver, and her daughter, Ml** Marlon Boyce, has worked closely with her on ttj* promotional end..', ' A contract for manufacturing the glove ha* been signed with the Alexctte Bacmo Glove Corp.. Gloverevtlle, N. Y. The product will bo available in stores next September. Rspresenting Mre. Boyce in the contractual negotiations were John A. Petillo, Red Bank attorney, and Woolsey Shepard, Atlantic Highland*, a New York city attorney. The designer Is the wife of George K. Boyce, who la with the Ray VanHorn agency In Fair Haven. Mr. and Mrs. Boyce are former residents of Ridgewood. Boy Scout Drive Launched by Mayor SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP Major J. F. Frlckel has offlelaltp launched the I9S3 Boy Scout drlv* in thi* area. Members of troop SS and Cub Pack 85 have delivered to the home of resident* literature describing the services the Boy Seout movement renders in com* muntty activities. Tha local campaign Is part of tha county-wide drive under way to raise the operating expenses of tha 5,000 Boy Scout organisation In Monmouth county. Sharabbas Host ;. At Farewell Party '-, Mr. and Mr*. Jasper Sharabba were hosts at open house Saturday night at their home, IS Hudson ave., In a farewell party for their son, Robert Sharabba, who will leave tomorrow for Army baate training.. More than 100 persons attended the open house. A buffet supper was served. Jasper Shtrabba entertained with songs, self-ucconf panted on the guitar. TRAINING AT FORT PIX FORT DlX-Charles D, Naughton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Naughton of Main at., Port Monmouth,. nas been assigned to Bat* tery "B," 34th Field Artillery bat* tallon of the tth Infantry Division, for eight weeks,of basic training. Pvt, Naughton attended Red Bank Catholic high school and Manhattan college, H* wa* employed at Squler laboratories, Fort Monmouth, before entering the servie*. TO AprKAR ON TV SHOW,' Students of the Video talent studio of White St., formerly tha MacUvy dance stmllo, will appear on the Merry Mailman program on TV, channel I), tomorrow night st» o'clock. They ars Angel* Fsl. co, vocalist! Gloria Updike, Sussa Scolt, Lucille DlPeiiy and Gerald* tne Bruno, ballot dancers, and Joanne Donato, toe unncer.» LUNCHEON MKETINO - MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP Mrs, Waltscs Stafford of Conovsi lane will be hostess Monday at k covered-dish luncheon for member* of the Mlddletown townihtn atuft Mary of lvcrvlew hospital, Lunck* eon will be nerved IU p, *,, followed hy a builneis meeting,

40 A YEAR AGO JANUARY, GUSTAVE ALBRECHT... OF UNION BEACH NAD A STROKE... HE'S NEEDED THE RED CROSS EVER SINCE! If you'd asked Quittve Albrccht two yean ago what h«thought of tht Red Croat, he'd liave probably itld something llkt, "Oh, I guess 'i a good organization. But doesn't do much tor folks around here." That was before Guitave Albrecht had a atroke, back bout a year and a half ago. Ever since then, he'a had to go to' tha Monmouth Memorial HoiplUl twice etch week. Quite a trek, all the way from Union Beach, especially,* h«n you don't have a car or any way to get there, But the Red Croti tniwered the call, Hat betn picking up Guftava Albrecht twice each week, for more than monthi, Driving him down to the hospital, Waiting until hit treatment over. Then driving him hack home. The Red Croat trantportt people In tnli arct to torn* 19,000 hoipltal trtatmentt a year, Quite a aervlct, when you come to think of, And to keep up, they netd monty. 127,500 U Red Bank't quota for the H33 Fund Drive. ANSWER THE CALL SOON YOU TOO MAY NEED THE RED CROSS! GIVE FREELY ITS NEEDED! Jr. Sportsmen to Hold Annual Show TRENTON All lection* of New Jersey will be represented it the sixth annual Junior Sporitman show of Middlesex county to be held at the Rutgers University Field House in New Brunswick from Mar. 25 through 38 inclusive. There will be over 40 exhibits depicting Ash and wildlife In natural habitats and conservation practices to be followed to increase the wildlife population of New Jersey. The attendance this year is expected to xceed 30,000, including; numerous rganixed groups of achool children, Charles A. Campbell of Highland 'ark, a member of the New Jertey sh and Game council, Is the chairlan of the show again this year. (e has declared that all exhibits 'ill be expanded this year and will lso include comprehensive collecions of birds, snakes,-and animals native to New Jertey. Three of last year's most popular exhibits will ne shown again. Including a family >f live chinchillas, an txtentive "Terms collection, and hand-carved lininturca of wild waterfowl. Other prominent exhibits on hunt ing, fishing and conservation will sponsored by the State Division f Fish and Game, Department of lonservation and Economic Devel ipraent; numerous tportsmen't clubs from Central New Jersey, and several department! of Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey. Again this year, Central Jersey Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, who participated in the first Junior Sportsman show, will have exhibits again this year. The Rutgers college if Agriculture will also sponsor an xhtblt pointing out the important at agriculture In fish and game conservation. Tht show will open nopn on Mar. 25 with appropriate cercmonieev Dr. Dewla Webste Jones, president of the State Uni- ersity, will officiate, The general public will be admitted free of charge dally from noon until 11 p. m. School children will be admitted after 9 a. m. durng the last three days of the show,' when accompanied by a teacher.: The committee In charg emphasizes no admission is charge and nothing is sold at the show. Boy«arii abln to niakt»oeket monqr, r scllllti The Roiiliter. Advrtlttm.nt. HAROLDS RADIO i ELECTRIC SHOP IS Free* M. MBMfeMTM MEET US NOT THE JUDGE font Mitt! ihiamy wnn out tim, o ccidtmi, jail and dimtgts! Sittf it htf* for wick, sun safety duck-up M owkitnribcbearequipcitat. 'talk Vairltpalr MM FN ' im Accwtiif That Didn't Happen' Hi Betn "Quality" Since IMS Joseph WiMMger Go. Body Builder* BebolMlag... attwalebiag OallM H«4tU ant Dump Btdita * Shrewsbury Ave., MMM Bed Bank, N. J. BE MMI SAFETY MEAVAITIlt *Vv IBw Irani M00IRN So utterly timpw...tnl ytt, ae gotitoualy (kh. Htf* it SttfUag of maative weight, superbly signed, radiantly btautiful.indttd, here it Sterling of distinction. RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH /»«Advanced Training A3/e Richard I. Lewrjr UTTLB SILVER Richard I. Cowry, ton of Lewis R. Lowry of Rumson rd., hat eompltttd - baaie training at Sampson Air Forct base and has bttn promoted to Airman third class. He it now tnd of April for tht benefit of the after three montha' ttay at. their building fund for tht ntw pariah taking advanced training In aircraft armament systems at tht. Harold Trahman, awards chair- winter home in North Miami Beach, louse. Lowry Air Force bast near Denver, Col.,, where he exptctt to btawards wtre made by Curtit Bradman, announces that the following «tttioned for at least tlx months. ley, cubmatter, at tha Blue and A graduate of Red Bank high school, ht attended Lafayette before entering service. His brother Robert is in the Army, stationed at Karlsruhe, Germany. Keyport Newly-remodeled, the Curley beauty aalon at 71 Broad at., reopened Monday, Larry Biseman proprietor. He purchased the butlnets In IMS from Mrs. Thomtt Bohntack after moving here from Port Chester, N. T. Mr. Eiseman was awarded first prlxe for hair cutting during last year's annual convention of tha New Jertey Master Hairdressers tasoclatton. Jack Roman was guett of honor at a party at a meeting of Cub Scout den three at Mrs. Joseph Merintky's home on Jackson it. Monday afternoon when he celebrated hit ninth birthday. Present were John Yablontkl, Thor Cuts, Thomaa Leonard!", Wlllitm Ludwig, Lawrence Poland, Bert Morris, Joseph Merihtky andelbert Mertn< iky. Louis Sapplo of Been at. a patient at Perth Amboy Genert hospital. He la a meter reader env ployed by the borough. Membera of the high school band, ehorut and twirters art preparing for tha fifth anniversary tprlng concert to be held Tuesday, Apr. 38, in the high school auditorium. Homer -Oerluten, music director, aid thia week that the band wil present si program of material held to be the most Interesting during the put five yean. The band number! 71) plecat and the mixed ehorut Data to pupila. t.-iht 16th aaniveraary year of tht American Legion will bt marked by members of Rarltan pott here at a party Saturday night at Red Men'i ball. Twelve memben of tht pott will bt Initiated. Jam** Ooldle will present Aalk talk on "The Story of Chris In tht Garden of Oethaemane" al tht aecond session of tht Junior Church institute tomorrow,at 7:JO p. m. at the Baptist church. Thtme at tht aeaaton will be "Tha Latt Supper." Others who will takt part an Mr*. Everttt Poling, Mn. R. A. Applegtte, Jirai N. W. Walling and Mn. Percy Hytr. Eatontown Tha 1-J-J Womari'a Republican club will matt Tuesday tvening In the library room of borough hall. Lttllt D. Stely, South at, la on a business trip to Suttax county. Mr. and Mrt. H. Franklin Iceland and children of Mountalntldt visit ad tht Btelyt Sunday. Tha American Legion auxiliary met Tuesdty at tht Ltglon hail. An eight-cup percolator will bt awarded in March. Mania Blllard of SI Pltrct avt. waa hotttts Friday at a fartwtll party given by the Cosy.Corner club for Patricia Cannon, who moving to Long Branch. Guttts wert Joyce Hastent, Roberta Monroe, GeraMlM Morgan, Leanna Louden, Barbara Egbert, Arllne Trepp, Floreda Bowater, Patricia Purdy, Judy Miller, Carol Kavchak, Prlacllla Rohdt, Jan Bakktr, Bobble Becker, Robert Tomaalnl Howard Myer, Jamta Ray, Nick Stltt and Alvin Burton. Shrewsbury Mrt. Alfred Cooney chairman and Mrt. Bernard Marx la co-chairman of an informal "April Shower" danea which will be held Apr. 11 in tha Art house, sponsored by the ladles' auxiliary of the fire company. Tha Neighborhood association will meet Tuesday at S p. m. in tha social room of tht Presbyterian church. Stewart VanVliet of Sycamore ive. it vacationing at the Sebastian Inlet Fishing camp, Key West, Fla. Tht by-ltws committee of the Civassociation will mett Saturday afternoon at tht home of Walter Bouffard, Garden rd., to work on by-laws for tht organisation and to >lan for the Mar. 36 meeting at.he social hall of the Presbyterian shurch. Mitt Bessie Greene and Miss May Pierson, Broad at., left yesterday for Columbia, S. C, where they vill visit Mist Plerson's nephew, Gordon Woloott. The Mothers' club met Monday ivenlng at the parish house of Old Christ church. Mrs. Arthur Jamet and Mrt. Howell Walton, co-chairmen, are making plant for a bridge and fathlon thow to bt held the Gold banquet a week ago last Friday at the school: John Bales, one gold and two silver arrows; Billy Bryan, one silver arrow; Dickie Griffith, bear badge; Billy Horvath, one silver arrow; Hugh Gwyn-Willtamt, two silver arrows; Billy Lay ton, one silver arrow; Danny Johnson, bear badge; Larry Johnton, bear badge; Philip Thomsen, denner stripes; Barry Morton, bear badge; Albert Btrassburger, one silver arrow; Robert Dalton, two ailver arrows; Harold McLean, one gold arrow; Alfred Snyder, one silver arrow; BUI Goslau, one silver arrow; Jack Myers, one gold and one sliver arrow; Billy Trahman, one silver arrow; Douglas Steele, wolf badge and one gold arrow; Tommy Clark, bear badge and one gold arrow; Billy Deckert. Robert Laacaro and Norman Eckstein, each one gold arrow. Billy Trahman, ton of Mr. and Mrt. Harold Trahman, Garden rd., entertained hit fellow den membert at party Feb. 31 In celebration of hit tenth birthday. Cubs auandlng were Jimmy Brown, Robert Warren, Jimmy Billett, Douglaa Dlehl, Jackie Myers, Dudley Hager and Tommy Dunlap. Billy's aitter Maureen assisted at hostess. Mrt. Jack Balmer, Beechwood dr., entertained her card club Thursday evening.. Pretent were Mrt. Walter Bouffard, Mn. John Koxak, Mrs. Robert Gerhold, Mrs. Jamtt 8taples, Mrs. Harold Trahman, Mn. Arthur Bnow. Weekend gueatt of Mr. and Mn. Balmer were Mr. and Mrt. William Congdon of Orange. Mr. and Mrs. George Blair, But tonwood dr., have returned from a butlneas trip to Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mn. John Kosak. Gardan rd., were hotts at a surprise seventh wedding anniversary celebration for Mr. and Mn. Walter Bouffard Saturday evening. The Bouffardt were preiented grab bag gifts. Othert pretent were Mr. am Mn. Harold Trahman and Mr. and Mn. James Staplet. Mn. Russell Hodgklst, Thomat ave., 111 with the flu. Bt. Martba't guild met Tuesdsy evening at the home of Mn. Stewart VanVliet, Sycamore ave. Tht ladlet planned tht chicken salad tupptr to be held Sunday at «:» p. m. In the parish house of Old 3hrltt church for old and new memben and frlendt of the church. Intermediate Girl Scout troop 91 held a hobby show Tuesday at tht parish house of Old Christ church. F. Young, Mr. and Mn. Stanlty >roettda wtrt'contributed to thefowltr, Mr. and Mrs. Chtrlts Ellenbergtr, Mr. and Mn. Paul Covtrt, Red Croat campaign. Thert ware dltplaya of foreign coins, foreign Mr. and Mn. Edgar Welch, Mr, dollt, stamps, china horses, shells, and Mrs. A. D. Nelton, Mn. Raymond Hellker, Mn. Paul antique dolls and china rabbits. Peterson, Tha girls learned the Girl Scout hortethot. promlm, lawt and hymn and learned a song for tht jamboree In May. The troop will at tend th* tkatlng party for Brownlea and Girl Scouts of the borough Tuesday at the Singing Whtelt. Girl Scout troop 47 rolled out and cut clay tllta which tht girla will glaxt and hand-paint for their potttry badgta at a meeting In the social room of tha Presbyterian church Monday. Intermediate Girl Scout troop I, led by MM. Nell Clifton, Mrt. WllllamTodlet and Mn. Robert Reuetllle visited tht S.P.C.A. In Eatontown Mar. 3 In conjunction with their cat and dog badge and contributed their day's duet to tht society. The girls began work Mar. on their tewing badge by mending their own article*. Mrs. G, E, Delatush. Mrs. William Smith and Mrs. George Melvin are assisting the girls with thlt badge. They art alto working on their batketttry badge, a group meeting each morning at Mrt. Clifton's for thia purpose. They will lew a lining In the baskets which they will use to hold their ttwing. The purple pinty hat been aelected for the troop crest and the girlt will tew them on their unlforma Monday. The troop recently completed their game badge with the aatittance of Mrt. Charles Blair. Mrs. Melvin is In charge of tht troop'a cookie drive and reports the tale of «M boxes. June Yodlce told boxet. Other troop membera are Dlant Babeock, Lea Cabeen, Carolinda Brophy, Holly Clifton, Alice Conrow, Brenda Dlehl, Jane Hopkins, Barbaralee Melvin, Kathy Meyer, Janet Pagdln, Nancy and Patricia Reuatelle, June Robinson, Judy Smith, Patricia Southerton, Irene Sieber, Susan Silver, Barbara Travlt and Diane Delttuth, Sea Bright Mr. and Mn. William Fowltr, Jr., of Church it; havt rtturntd homt Fla. They wert accompanied by their ton-ln-iaw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Burgtat Emmont and daughter Carol. Mrs. Ruth Hall of Neptune hat been absent from her duties at teacher of the fifth and sixth grades at the local achool for more than a week. She hat been confined to her home by illness. The Home and School astoclation will meet thlt afternoon at 3:10. After the meeting, Mra. Heliker'a class will present a variety ahow. They will present the same thow at the school for the public at 7:80 p. m. tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bowaer of East Ocean ave. have returned home after a tour of the Southern states. They attended tht Mardl Gras at New Orleans. Mrs. John Carlson of Church st. has taken a poeitlon with the New Jersey Bell Telephone co. at tht Red Bank exchange. Mr. and Mn. Lester Rogert, Jr. returned home Friday from their wedding trip through the Southern states, Mrt, George H. Krauat waa honored at a birthday party Saturday night at Harry's Lobster house. Donald Alegre of Newark, now In training with the Navy at Great Lakes Naval training center, la spending a week with Mr and Mrt. Cheiter Lee and Frank Featajo at their home on Rlvtr it. Mrs. Castle Greer of New at. and Mra. Hattle Saunders of Ocean ave. are vacationing in Bermuda. While there they will visit Mn. Saunders' brother-in-law, Richard Saundert, and his family In Hamilton. The Ladlet' auxiliary to the Sea Bright fire department will meet next Wednesday night at tht flre house. '. Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Recchl of Jamaica, L. I., spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Thomat Xucaola and Mrs. Mary Douglas of Beach ai Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sage, Sr., and childrtn William and Sharon and Mitt Marilyn Saga and Lawrtnct Policattro were dinner guests. Tht Sea Bright Lions club held a card party Friday night at Har. ry'a Lobster house for the benefit of tht Home and School association's dental and milk funds. Mrt. Raymond Hellker won a special prise. Pretent wert Mr. and Mrs. Lawrtnct McCormlck, Mr. and Mn. Arthur O. Axelten, Mr, and Mra. J. Franklin Young, Mr. and Mn. Cart Nelson, Mr. and Mra, Travis Thomat, Mr. and Mre. Stanley Rtnshaw, Mr. and Mrt. Herbert Mn. Claude Minaldl, Mrt. John Keentn, Mn. B. E. Vroman, Mn. Walter Johnson, Mrs. Harold Kelly, Mrt. Frank Cermac, Mrt. Dorothy Lacey, Mn. Mildred Anderson, Mrs. Audrey Hauter, Mn. Alberta White, Mn. Betty Smack, Mn. V. C. Perotti, Mrt. Her.ry Slocum, Mra. H. F. Young, Mra. Franela Carlson, Mn. Jennlt Altraan, Mra. Anna Albrltton, Mrs. Emily Stevens, Mrt. Anna Norcrott, Mra. Selma Bwenion, Mrs. Muritl Swtnton, Mra. Emily. Carlson, Mrt. Gertrude Welch, Mr. and Mra. Ralph Lawrtnct, 8r.,^ the Misses Loulat Douglas, 'Mae Welch, Jant MlaaMi and Sigrld Nelson, and Reginald Layton, Frank, HnMa and Frank T Wallace. HINT A SINGER MA(H!N SINGER StWING MA CM IN I; COMPAN Y 49 lrm«j St. RtfJ PHONIRI4-3IM THAT DOGGIE IN OUR WINDOW IS^ FREI WIN A eocrdi.], SPANia MJrfY Mil JUST IT ftlvin* IT AN UNUSUAL. NAMC. INTER AT OUR STORE. LAWES Offct ft %mi&m Ctnw 114 MVn ROAD PAIR HAVIN YOUR LOCAL BONDED TRAVEL AGENT " '. FOB World Widt Airlina. Sftamihip Hottl Raierti Rail Tours lus Tours Cruisos is tho ODONNILL TRAVEL AGENCY 12 BROAD ST. RE 4-50M RED IANK BUDGET NAN AVAILABLE There NEVEB a caaiffa far ear aenrle*. 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41 Elect rs. E. J. Davies ; LITTLE SILVER - Mrs. K. J. Xiavies, Jr., was elected president of tbe Little Silver Woman's club at the annual meeting yesterday. Officers will be installed Apr. S, which is vice president's day. Also elected were Mrs. C. Parker Runyon, Mrs. Marshall VenWinkle, Jr., and Mr*. Harold. De- Ming, vice presidents; Mr*. George H. Merrill, recording secretary; Mrs. A. H. Grimmlnger, financial secretary; Mrs. Charles Stephens, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. P. Roger Wight, treasurer. Mr*. Fred Ellison is retiring president.. The program Included a food and auction sale, with Mr*. Oertrude Davis as auctioneer. Quest speaker we* Rev. Dr. A. H. Behtenberg. pastor of the Presbyterian church of Metuchen, who described his round-the-world trip. New members Introduced were Mn. X. S. Smith, Mrs. George B. Hanford, Mrs. Edward,F. James, Mrs. H. Burnham Rowe, Mrs. Charles R. Stillwagon and Mrs. William Q. Sherwood. An honorary membership was presented to Mr*. Frank W. Giles of Little Silver Point. She has been a member of the club many years, serving in various depart* ments, and also as publicity chairman. Mrs. Pavies, Mr*. Ellison and Mrs. Albert V. Jones will be delegate* to the state convention In May, with Mrs. Joseph Schaeffsr and Mrs. DeMing as alternates. Tea table decorations were done by Mrs. C. Parker Runyon. Hostesses were Mr*. Robert J. Runyon, Mrs. Theodore D. Parsons, Mrs. J. Crawford Coropton, Mrs. Harold Bailey, Mrs. Thomas Masson, Mrs. Arthur Wade, Mrs. Richard Ireland, Mrs. Marshall Ribe, Mr*. Ernest Johnson and Mr*. Jules Distel. Child Study Group Hears Dr. L. K. Frank Dr. Lawrence K. Frank,.lecturer and writer, spoke on "Must Adolescence Be a Time of Stress and Strain," at the meeting ot the Shore Child Study group Monday at the Mechanic Street school. Said the speaker, "The demands, expectations and life tasks which culture imposes upon adolescents, In addition, to the biological changes they must face, are the reasons for strain and stress of adolescence. is paramount that parents understand the child's aspirations and proem of development at thl* time, because at this time a, child must learn and matter certain skills, face frustrations and denials." Dr. Frank suggested that parents help their children through this period by giving their children self-confidence, respect them and believe them, and help them eonform to a group, but to hold their own integrity. Local Psychiatrist IV Address P.T.A. Dr. John R. Ayers, Jr., director of the Central New Jersey Mental Health clinics, will give an illustrated lecture, "Emotional Maturity," at a meeting of the Mechanic Street Parent-Teacher association Tuesday at the school. The psychiatrist will show two Dims, "Chlldren'a Emotions" and "Problem Children," which illustrate the need for parents and teacher* to understand problem* which may arise, and how they can best be dealt with In the child. : The speaker, who maintain* hi* own. private practice In psychiatry In this borough, is a member o the stall* of Rlverview. Fltkln hospitals, and Marlboro atate hospitals RED BANK REGISTER, MARCH 12,1953 In Ogietr Induing John B. OVetlly "'*<: John B. O'Reilly, an of Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. O'Reilly ot 1* Caro ct., has completed basic training and leadership school with the Fifth Infantry division at Indiantown Oap, Pa. and Is now In Officers Candidate aehool at Fort Bennlng, Oa. He la a graduate of Red Bank high school and Syracuse university. Scouts to Secure Blood Donors KETPORT Girl Scouts' working for their community badges will secure donors for the visit of the Red Cross Bloodmoblle to Keyport Apr. 1. Plan* for thl* project were made at the meeting of the Keyport Town committee Tuesday at the American Legion hall. Scouts will receive donor card* from Mrs. Merrill H. Wallace, committee lesretary, who with Mrs. Alfred E. Bedle, arranges the unit'* visits to Keyport. The Bloodmoblle will be at Calvary Methodist church Apr. 1 from noon to 5 p. m. Mr*. Thomas Fallon, Jr., organisation and training chairman, re: ported four new troops in Union Beach. The committee also made arrangement* for a program meeting Apr. 7 at the Legion hall. Attending were Mn. Garrett Post Mr*. James H. Kistell, Mn. Irving 8toke*,. Mrs. James Leach, Mr*. Fraud* H. Walshe. Mn. William Mordecal, Mrs. John Hart, Mr*. William Whltacre, Mrs. John Morrlasey, Mr*. C. H. Olaaiey, Mrs Frederick L. Kruser and Mn. J. I<eon Behanek, Jr. High School Art Contest Begins For the second time the Red Bank Woman's club Is sponsoring a spring art contest for pupils at Red Bank high school. Pupils at Red Bank Catholic high school were also Invited to participate but were unable to do so because of a heavy schedule. Mn. Stanley M. Dahlgnn. general chairman, said prises will be tlo, flrtt; IS, second, and, third. Students may submit entries - In any media on any chosen subject. All entries will be exhibited at the Mar. JO meeting when prises will be awarded. Judging will be done next week by Geia DeVegh, Jean Watson Parmly and Dorothy Brown. Edd Patterson, chalk artist and magician, will speak at: the meeting. The program has been arranged by Mrs. Dahlgren. high school art chairman, and Mrs. Robert Dlsbrow and Mn. Maver Campbell, chairmen of" the American home and art departments. Woman Breaks Hip in Fall Mrs. Mabel Graee Hartsgrova, 72, of 6* Fourth St., Highlands, Is reported Is good condition at Rlverview hoipital where she was taken Friday after her left hip was broken In a fall on a sidewalk. Others treated at Rlverview during the past week were William MeGraw, 4, 12 Willow *t, Port Monmouth, cut right eye when a door flew open hitting his hesd; Nina Wilkinson, 6, Auldwood lane, Rumaon, hit in the head with a stone while playing with ether children; Arthur Reedy, 10, N Parker ave. Fair Haven, bruised lower lip, pulled a chair over on himself; Carl Helnman, 13, IM West Front st., Red Bank, cut right palm and left wrist, carrying a Ash bowl which broke; Jonathan Warrlngton, M, Naveslnk, finger brdken while playing; Mr*. Grace Merrlman, 17 Manor dr., Red Bank, cut her linger while cleaning a glass top table; Robert Falk, 16, Mapla ave., Keansburg, cut thumb, killing a chicken with an ax when ha hit-his thumb; Charles Arkle, 7. of 82 John St., Red Bank, hit hi* head en car windshield; Oeorgianna Manning, 82, 73 Wast Washing-ton ave., Atlantic Highland*, cut right Index linger In a wringer; James Gibbons, 15,»7 Wallace St., Red Bank, cut right Index finger while skinning a muskrat; Garfleld Turner, 24, Beachwood ave., Keansburg, cut leg* with saw; Richard Moeik, 11, Center ave., Leonardo, cut' scalp, hit his head on car windshield when the vehicle stopped suddenly; Leroy Purdy, it. 19 Poplar ave., West Keansburg, dog bite, and Lawrence Cottrell, 8, SI Rector pi.. Red Bank, cut scalp, fall against a radiator. "Bight, out of miffs mnh Tkt lusltter Clsulntd kit." AdnrtlMnant. THAT DOGGIE IN OUR WINDOW IS FREE WINACOCKU SPANIH, PUPPY M i l JUST IY IVINf IT AN UNUSUAL NAML INTtt AT OUR STOM. 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42 COUNTY BIRTHS r Mr. and Mrs. William Sonborn of River rd., Fair Haven, arc parent* of a daughter, born last Thursday at Rlverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cubbage of Chapel Hill rd., Middletown township, are parents of a ton, born Wednesday of last week at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Henry 8ehaible of Orchard st., Keansburg, are parents of a. son, born Friday»t Rlvtrview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Cover, Jr., of Van's Trailer Park, route 35, Eatontcwn, are parents of a daughter, born Saturday at Fitkin hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vena of Orchard st., Keyport, are parents of a daughter born Saturday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. _^ Mr. and Mrs. Edward Engebretson of Mill rd., Matawan, are parents of a daughter born Saturday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miles of High it., Eatontown, are parents of a daughter born Saturday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. James Bedell of Oceanport ave., Oceanport, are parents of a daughter born Sunday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mr*. Andrew Darby of Lakeland dr., Port Monmouth, are parents of a daughter born Sunday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Thrall of Brainard ave., Port Monmouth, are parents of a son born Monday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Mills of Bethany rd., Hazlct, are parents of a son born Monday at Rlverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. David Jerolamon of Silverton ave., Little Silver, are parents of a son born Sunday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Borges of Center ave., Atlantic Highlands, are parents of a eon born Saturday at Rlverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Splecker of Main st., Matawan, are parents RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH of a daughter born Monday at Fitkin hospital. Mr. and Mrs. William Lewis of Brown's lane. Fair Haven, are parents of son born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bailly of Woodbine ave.. Little Silver, arc parents of a son born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Pardl of West St., Rumson, are parents of a daughter born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr, and Mrs, Chester Carman of Main St., Keansburg, are parents of a daughter born Tuesday at Rlverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller of Florence ave., Leonardo, are parents of a daughter born Monday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heuscr of Fifth st., West Keansburg, are parents of a daughter born Monday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mri. John Duncan of Bay ave., Highlands, are parents of a daughter born yesterday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Card of Seadrift ave., Highlands, are parents of a daughter born Tuesday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Boots of Main st., Matawan, are parents of a daughter born Tuesday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Mr. and Mrs. John Fisler, Broadday, Belford, are parents of a daughter born yesterday at Riverview hospital. Mr. and Mri. James Paris of Port Monmouth rd., KeansburK, are parents of a daughter, born this morning at Rlverview hospital. Needlework Guild Bake Sale Mar. 21 The Red Bank branch of the Needlework guild will hold a bake sale Saturday, Mar. 21, at Davidion's market at Little Silver. Mrs. Theodore D.' Parsons is general chairman. Oulld members assisting are Mrs. William G. Sherwood, Mrs. John B. Allen, Mrs. Frank Hewitt and Mrs. Harry C. Morford. Deaths in Red Bank and Vicinity ROBERT A. BRAUN "HOME FOB ninebals" One of the county's most modern funeral homes with a completely home-like atmosphere. IN BBOAD STREET EATONTOWN MMS H. Laurence Scott MORTICIAN Church Street, Belford, N. J. AIR CONDITIONED Phone Keotuborg 64)333 THE fluuriu H0H1E Of PERSOnflL SERVICE WIWAMXXNMRSON 3042 Huiboa Aw. Red Bank MD SANK KDWIN H. WHABTO1T KEYPORT Edwin H. Wharton, 70, a former councilman and board of education member, and husband of Clara Camp Wharton, died Friday morning at his home, «M Main at., after a. long Illness. He was associsted'wlth his son, Carleton R, Wharton, in the proprietorship of the Matawan-Keyport Monument Works here, after being employed by the L. L. Manning and Son Arm of Plalnflnld many yean, A charter' member of Liberty Hose company, Mr. Wharton was a member ot.bayalde lodge, I.O.O.F., and Coronal council. Royal Arcanum. For many years head of the Keyport auxiliary of the Salvation Army, he was a member of'calvary Methodist church. Surviving besides alt wife and son are two other sons, Councilman Hewitt W. Wharton and Kenneth B. Wharton. and a sister, Miss Alice R. Wharton, all of this place; fix grandchildren and a great-granddaughter. The funeral was held Monday at 'nlvary Methodist church, with Rev. David A. Wilson, Jr., pastor, officiating. Burial under the direction of the Bedle funeral home 'was in Old Tennent cemetery. MISS CARRIE STEINBERG Miss Carrie Steinberg,, 81, died suddenly Sunday morning In her room at the home' of Mrs, Grace M. King, 47 Elm pi., Red Bank. Born in New York city. Miss Steinberg was a daughter of the late Louis and Fannie Stern Steinberg. She had been, a resident of Red Bank and vicinity most of her life. For several years her father operated the old Central hotel at the corner of West Front st. and Maple ave. Mlsa Steinberg Is survived by her brother, known professionally In theatrical circles a«william St. Willis of New York city. The funeral was held yesterday morning at the Worden. funeral home, with Rev. James W. Marshall, pastor of Embury Methodist church, Uttl«Sliver, officiating. Burial was In Monmouth Field Jewish cemetery, West Long Branch. HENBY gchappebt RUMSON - Henry Schapptrt, 77, of 68 Washington at., died last Thursday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. Born in Germany, Mr. Sehappert was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schappert. He had been caretaker of the Nelson estate here 40 years. Surviving: Is a nephew, Charles Schappert of Flushing, L. I. A requiem mm was offered Monday morning at Holy Cross church, Rumson, by Rev. Gerald Grlflln, curate of St. Anthony'* Catholic church, R«d Bank. Burial, under the direction of the John B. Day funeral home, was In.Mt. Olivet cemetery. Rev. Richard Swing offered the benediction at the grave..bearers-were Charles Woodward; Joseph Duryea, Jay E. Molly. George Combs, James Fanning and John Tanner. Father Grlflln recited he Rosary Sunday night at the funeral home. MM. MABYMOBB HEADDENS CORNER Mrs. Mary Morris, 81, died last Thursday t her home. U Oak Hill rd.. after The Adams Memorial Home Sueeaiior fa Mount Mtmarlal'Hamt FUNERAL DIRttTORS 310 Ira.. Strati Had lank. N. j. Phone 'RED BANK w t,» a Amoral lhia«of ani tkat KM aafal affaaiaatsaa Ike family ha W«4N tv Haaati fail that aaauaa a U MBA saaasw TacaaW awarat) to raistt, in aar a*. total asrvka, tab camaat W aw tba faaailr ia a traly aartattal WORD 0 I.NIONT IT. MD IANK M.Jv Dffptndablff. Economical Strvice 7/ wo weeks' lllntss. Born In Mladlitown township, Mrs. Morria was a daughter of the late Benjamin and Ana Johnson Morris. She had been a resident of this area all htr life. Her husband. Isaac Morris, died several JUars age. Mrs. Morris haves her niece, lira. Esther E., wife of Amo* C. Em. mons, with -whom aha made her home, and aevsral other nieces and nephews. The funeral was held Monday afternoon at the Worden funeral home, with Rev. Walter W. Feigner, pastor of. the Middletown Reformed church, officiating. Bearers were Joseph and Lee Davis, George Orega and George Cmmons. Burial was in Fair View cemetery. M M FMMUNCE W. SMOCK PATERSON MM. Florence White Smock of Wt East SMh it. here, for many years a resident of Red Bank, died Sunday morning in Peterson General hospital. Born In Red Bank, Mra. Smock was a diagbttr of the late John James and Etliaboth Ilegler White. Surviving Is a brother, James William White of Patersoa. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at the Adams memorial home,.with Rev. Charles S. Webtier, pastor of ths Bed Bank Presbyterian church, officiating, Burial was In Fair Viiw cemetery. CHARLES L. BEEVES, SR The funeral of Charles L, Reeves, Sr., of 35 Laurel dr.. West Long Branch, who died Wednesday of last week, was held Saturday afternoon at Trinity Episcopal church, with Rev. Robert H. Anderson, Jr., former rector, and Rev. Wither E. Hogg, Jr., interim rector, officiating. Burial, under the direction of the Worden funeral home, was in Fair View cemetery. Bearers were John B. Ackley, Jr., Kenneth C. Larabee, Donald E. Lawes, Matthew Lyon, Bryan L. Syer and Jack T. Zoldak, Jr., vestrymen of Trinity church. Mr. Reeves was a junior warden, Sunday school superintendent and secretary of the church, and an adviser of the Mr. and Mrs. Club. Honorary bearers were Harrison Bance, senior church warden, and Harry H. Sutton. MCOLO STRANIERO CBNTERVILLE Nicolo Stranlero, 58, of Middle rd. here, husband of Rosalie Toscano Straniero, died Friday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. He was born In aly, eon of the late Mr. and Mm. Nicolo and Nicololna Straniero, and came to this country 40 years ago. An employee of Armstrong Cock-Co., Keyport, Mr. Straniero was a member of the Church of the Holy Family, Union Beach. Surviving, besides his wife, are six sons, Salvatore, Joseph, Nicolo, Glno, John and Tony Straniero, who live at home; two daughters, Mrs! Anne Cannlssaro of Keansburg and Mrs. Lena Pallito of Newark; a brother, Salvatore Straniero of Union Beach, and three grandchildren. The funeral was held Monday at the Church of the Holy Family, where Rev. Edward R. Sullivan, pastor, offered a requiem mass. Burial, under the direction of the Bedle funeral home, was in St. Joseph's cemetery, Keyport. OEOBOE T. OAKLET FREEHOLD George T. Oakley, 71, of 30 Hudson st., here, husband of Emma S. Oakley and a veteran of World War I, died Tuesday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. He was born in England, son of the late Jaeob and Charlotte Oakley, and was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post here. Surviving besides his wife are a daughter, Mrs. Nancy Combs of Sea Girt; a stepson, Charles I. Borden of this place; three stepdaughters, Mrs." Walter Cullen and Mrs. Donald Hampton of this place and Mrs. Leroy Scanlon of Marlboro, and a sister, Mrs. Minnie Lyons of this place. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock at the Freeman funeral horn* and at» o'clock Rev. Bernard M. Garllck, reetor, will offer a requiem mass at St. Peter's Episcopal church. Burial wul be la Mapltwood cemetery. MBS. MABOABET V. DOBINSON HILLSIDE Mrs. Margaret V. Robinson, 74, of Middletown ave. hers, widow of Daniel Robinson, died Friday at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Ruth Reevy, 150 Third st. Fair Haven, where she had made her home three months. She was born In Virginia, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Plat, and had been a resident of this place many years. Mrs. Robinson was a member of St Paul's Baptist church, Atlantic Highlands, and the Order of Eastern Star. Also surviving are ' three other daughters, Mrs. Marjorle Lane of Atlantic Highlands and Mrs. Thelma Jennings and Miss Pearl Roblason, who live at home. Ths funeral was held Monday at MBS. ANTHONY LAZZATI LEONARDO Mra. Lillie LJZsatti, 68, wife of Anthony Laiiati and a resident of this place more than 20 yean, died Saturday at her home oh Center ave.,.after *n illness of several months. She was born In New York city, daughter of the late Edward C. and Matilda Glaser Jurlich. Mrs. Larati was a member of St. Agnes Catholic church. Surviving, besides her husband, are a son, Frederick Lazzatl, who lives at home; a daughter, Mrs. Matilda McCabe of Gar wood; two brother*, Joseph JurlscH of West New York, N. J., and George Jurtach of Bristol, Pa.; a sister. Mri, George Stah] of Union, two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.. The funeral was held Tuesday at St. Agnes church, when Rev. Carl A. Wagner, assistant pastor, offered a high mass of requiem. Burial, under the direction of the Condon funeral home, was in Si. Gertrude's cemetery, Rahway. FREDERICK BURG FAIR HAVEN Frederick Burg, 83, of 302 Buena Vista ave., died Saturday at the Belmar Home for the Aged. Born in Alsace-Lorraine, France, he was a son of the late Fred and Magdalena Burg. A resident of Roieile Park prior to moving here five years ago, Mr. Burg retired in 1945 after 45 years as an Inspector with the Singer Manufacturing Company of Elisabeth. He was a member of the Singer Veterans' association, Workingmen's Sick and Death benefit society, Odd Fellows lodge of Elisabeth, and Aaure lodge, Free and' Accepted Masons, of Cranford. Surviving Is a son, Fred J. Burg of Fair Haven. The funeral was held Tuesday at the August F. Schmidt memorial funeral home, Elisabeth. Burial was in Evergreen cemetery, Hillside. MBS. HARRIET IVINS UME8 Mrs. Harriet Ivins Limes, widow of Rev. J. Lelghton Limes, a minister of the Baptist church, died Feb. 34 In Alhambra, Cal. She was a daughter of Robert Barclay and Cecilia Haddon Ivins, former Red Bank resident. Mrs. Limes was born near Hlghtstown and with her sister Caroline, attended State Normal school at Trenton. Upon being graduated, both of them taught In the Red Bank schools. Later Mrs. Limes moved to California, where she taught school for a time in Riverside. She Is survived by her sister, Miss Laura A. Ivins, a retired newspaper writer, now of Loi Angeles, and her brother, Barclay Ivins, of Denver, both formerly of Red Bank. PEABUKE MHXEB Pear line Miller, two-day-old daughter, of Edward and Carrie Miller of 150 Catherine St., died last Thursday at Monmouth Memorial hospital, where she was born.. The iuneral was held Saturday at the Harris funeral home, with Rev. Charles Bourne, pastor of the Shrewsbury avenue A. M. E. Zion church, officiating. Burial was in White Ridge cemetery. JAMES I. TATLOB VANDERBURG-James L. Taylor, 82, died Monday at the home of a nephew, Alfred Wlnfleld, on Dutch lane rd. here. He also is survived by several other nephews and nieces. The funeral was held this morning at the Freeman funeral home, with Rev. T. M, Jones, pastor of Second Baptist church, officiating. Burial was In Atlantic cemetery, Colt's Neck. hie wife, Mrs. Myrtle Homewood, a son, Douglas Homewood, Jr., living at home, and a brother, William Homewood of Canada. The funeral will be held at 2 p. m. Saturday at the Adams funeral home. Burial will be In Fair View cemetery.. Shower Tendered Miss Eleanor Ash FREEHOLD Mies Eleanor Ash of Atlantic at., Keyport, was honored Tuesday at a luncheon and miscellaneous shower at the American hotel, by her fellow workers In the county courthouse. Miss Ash Is the bride-elect of Dr. O. Harry Aumock of Freehold and Beverly. Miss Ash Is private secretary to Sheriff Ira E. Wolcott. The shower was. arranged by Mrs. Haael Russell and Mrs. Marie Stryker. Spring flowers decorated the luncheon and gift tables. Attending were Mrs. Marie Van- Scholck, Mrs. Emma Light, Mrs. Mae Lewis, Mrs. Reva Moccl, Mrs. Evelyn Fourett, Mrs. Mabel Keith, Mrs. Viola Russell. Mrs. Sally Tilton, Mrs. Dorothy Moore, Mrs. Carolyn VanWickle, Mrs. Gladys Combs, Mrs. Marian Reed, Mrs. Minnie Arnone, Mrs. Clara Mason, Mrs. Ann legate. Mrs. Beatrice Webb, Mrs. Iola Rlcard, Mrs. Isabella White, Mrs. Rita Duncan, Mrs. Johanna Coyne, Mrs. Mildred Kohlage, Mra. Frances Rosihoop, Mrs. Roslne Felnsteln and Misses Mary Collins, Annabclle DuBolt, Dorothy Walling, Ruth Lamarche and Elsie Dlttmar. JOSEPH J. CAIXAHAN For Your ' P«K. of Mind Making advance anaaftmtata for ths last service has helped free mlnda from avoidable worry. You atleet the service you decide the cost Phone, write or come in for all data sn prearranged plan*. Is as Important to your family's security and peace of mind at your will. John E. Day Funeral Home Rlvsriia 1 * Avsnva hen* a-ou: Raa* lank Keyporl avanoa-ki Magto ft Telephone MIM NaivSactarlan Lady AttsnaW St. Paul's church, with Rev. V. L. Peek, pastor, officiating. Burial, under the direction of the Posten funeral home, was in Crystal Stream cemetery. Naveslnk, t NORMAN JOHNSOH * BELFORD Norman Johnson, 70, of 10* Church st. here, husband of Katherlna Werneke Johnson and a lifelong resident of this place, died Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital, after a long illness. Son of the latt Harvey and Julia Compton Johnson, he was employed aboard Ctatrtl Railroad of New Jersey ferryboats, until his retirement about five years ago. Surviving, besides his wife, are a daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Vaccarella, who lives at home; a sister, Mrs. Harvey Johntry of Little Sliver, and a grandson. Ths funeral will be. held this aftsraoon at I o'clock at the Scott funeral home, with Rev. Robert L. Blaekman, pastor of the Methodist ehureh, officiating. Burial will be la Fair View csmitsry. EMILY I* THOMPSON MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP- Mn. Emily Lulfburrow Thompson, at, of Church at,, widow of William M. Thompson, died Tuesday at ths Rlvirtrsst nursing heme, Chapla ave., Red Bank. Bora la Middletown a daughter at ths late Richard and Caroline West LuRburrow, Mrs. Thompson tad been a resident here all her lift. She WM a aumbt r of Christ BaUeopal church here and a charter member of Monmouth chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Ths funeral will be hild tomorrow at i:m p, m. at Christ Bplsco- Kl church, with R«v, Andrew Vanrke, rector, officiating, Burial under the direction of the Adnnu KEANSBURO Joieph J. Callahan, M, husband of Mary Cloffl Callahan and a resident of thii borough more than 30 years, died Monday at his home, 08 Highland blvd. He wai born at Jersey City, and was a veteran of World War I. Mr. Callahan was a licensed real estate and insurance broker with offices on Carr ave. Surviving, besides his wife, are two sons. Donald Callahan and Frank Callahan of this place; a brother, James Callahan of Jersey City; a sister, Mrs, Mary Coleman of Jersey City, and two grandchildren. The funeral was held this morn- Ing at St. Ann's Catholic church, where Rev. Edward A. Corrlgan, pastor, offered a high mass of requiem. Burial, under the direction of the Ryan funeral home, was in Mt. Olivet cemetery. MBS.' ELLBN*KtXMARTIl»: 7REEH0LD - Mrs. Ellen Xllmartin, W. widow ef Mark Kilmartln, died early Saturday morning at her home on Freehold-Marlboro rd. She was born in Freehold township, daughter-of ^he late Michael and Margaret Coleman, and Is survived by two sons, Charles Kilmartln, who lives at home, and Frank Kilmartln of Morrlitown; two daughters, Miss Helen Kilmartln, who also lives at home, and Mri. Gui Welsh of this place, seven grandchildren aad 11 great-grandchildren. The funeral was held Tuesday at St. Rose of Lima Catholic ehureh, whira Rev. Bernard A. Coen, pastor, offered a requiem mass. Burial, tinder the direction of the Freeman funeral home, was In St. Rose of Lima cemetery. CROMWELL HAtLAM LITTLE SILVER. Cromwell Haslam, 73, died Saturday afternoon at his home, IS Orchard pi. Born In England, Mr. Haslam was a son of the late William and Isabel Adamson Haslam. He came to the United States at the.age of three and had lived most of his life In Brooklyn. He moved to Little Silver four years ago. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American war. Surviving ara his wife, Mrs. Nellie Parker Haslam, and a son, Lloyd Haslam of little Silver. The funeral wai held Tuesday morning at the Adams memorial home, with Rev. James W. Marshall, pastor of Embury Methodist church, officiating. Burial was In Evergreen cemetery, Little Silver. STEPHEN TTVAK BRUNT EASTORANOE-Stephen S. Van- Brunt, «retired Bait Orange police officer, died Tuesday at nil home on Mt Halitead st. He was born In Lower Bquenkum. soa of the tote Alvla and Hester Freeaun VanBrunt, and spent his boyhood In Monmouth county. Beildes his wife, Mrs, Aseaata Melktejoha VanBrunt, he Is survived by a son, Edwin E. Van- Brunt, director of athletics in Montdalr school!. i Funeral service! will be held tomorrow night at T:tt o'clock at the Colonial home, 1M Ssuth Mar. riton st., last Orange. A Masonic service will follow. LOWSDsUX'Osae Stephen Louis DsirOpo, msathold son of Aubrey and Janet Le- JOSEPH E. HULSE Joieph E. Hulse, SO, formerly of Red Bank, died Tuesday night at his home, 104 Pemberton at., Providence, R. I. Born In Red Bank, Mr. Hulie was a son of the late Jama and Mary Posten Hulse. A resident of Red Bank most of his life, he was a retired carpenter and an exempt member of Union hose company of the Red Bank fire department. Surviving are two sons, Alden Hulse. Mlneola, N. Y., and Benjamin Hulse, Manasquan; three daughters, Mrs. William Dandreta. with whom he lived; Mra. Clara McGowan of Chicago and Mrs. Alice LeValley of Red Bank; a sister, Mrs. Anna Perry of Long Branch, and eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. The funeral will be held Saturday at a p. m. at the William 8. Anderson funeral home, with Rev. Roger J. Squire, paator of the Red Bank Methodist church, officiating. Burial will be In Fair View cemetery. The Red Bank ore department will hold services tomorrow at 7 p. m. at the funeral home, with Rev. Roger J. Squire, department chaplain, officiating. FBEDEJUCK W. HANNOK SHREWSBURY Frederick W. Hannon, 68, of IS Thomas it., died Tuesday at the Bronx Veterans' hospital In the Bronx. Born la New York elty. Mr. Han* non was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charlei Hannon. A professional hone trainer, he started his career in the Dominican Republic and worked In South America and throughout the United States. He was a member of the Horsemen's Benevolent Protective association. Mr. Hannon was a veteran of World War I. Surviving are bis wife, Mrs. Lois Johnson Hannon; two sons and a daughter. Frederick Hannon, Jr., and John Hannon and Ann Hannon, living at home, and a lister, Mrs. Kelson Wyatt, Mutton, N. J. A requiem man was offered this morning at St. James Catholic church by Rev. Edward Hughes. Burial, under the direction of the Anderson funeral home, will be In the V. S. Military cemetery, Beverly, N. J. Father Hughes recited the rosary last alght at the funeral boms. SAMUEL FtNREf. HIGHLANDS Samuel Flnkel, M, of Newark, an entertainer wellknown In this borough, died Tuesday of last week at ths East Orange Veterans hospital, after an Illness of three months. Among his survivors are m brother, Al Flnkel of Peak at., and a nephew, Joseph Flnkel, now serving with the Navy. OOVOLAS MOMEWOOBv ML TINTO FALLS Douglas Vail Community Church Woman's Club Meets SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP - Plans were made at a meeting Monday evening of the Women's elub of Vail Community church at the parsonage for a nursery to be conducted during the Bunday morning service. Favorite Bible verses and elections were read and explained during the devotional period. Mrs. Emily Lynch, president, presided at the business session at which future ehureh activities wers discussed. Others attending were Mrs. Harry Power, Mra. Betty Schneider, Mrs. Thomas Brown, Mrs. Burton Rochelle, Mra. E. V. Edwards, Mrs. Belle Benson. Mrs. Worth Harris, Mrs. Ann Dalton and Mri. Garneld Adams. Hostesses were Mrs. E. N. Harrison, the minister's wife, and Mrs. 8. J. Lanulotti. COUNTY OF ttojmoutm" STATE OF NEW JERSEY _ Notice bids will ke received hi. Choeen Fntkolder* off ( Honmoutk for the Plere No. I and 10 «over Deal Lake, between and Inlerlaken, Hew Jerttl and read In public st tk* Freehold, New Jority, on mi. at t o'clock F. M., " ara Time. The receipt and opening of side are tukiect to tk* proper qusliscstltis *t the kldder ia tccordanit wltk Ikt protrl.lbni of tko proquallteitlen law and. the regulation, edopied ky Ike Boerd ef Ckoten Freekoldert. Drawing., tptelfleatlent. sad torn et bid., contract and bond for tke propoeed. work, preptrsd by Leo K. MeKte. Coui«ly Engineer, kite keen lied In tke eshe Jere with a eopjr of t elfleatioiii by tke tl d sad.- the dnaiest sad ese* elfleatioiii by tke Insloeer upoa proper nstlee a»d puaent ef a dtpeilt ef Tea (118.00) Dollere, wklek will ke relented ldd tke plsae are reigned prler te Juit be aade on gundird Prow petal Form. I* ike menner decimated therein and required ky the ibttllsa*. Hon.. auit be enclose* 1 la sealed es*. vtlopoi hairing Ik* name aad tddrett ef Ik* kldder snd neat* ef work ea tk* eau tide. addreimd lo Ik* Board *f tt**e* Freekoldect of tk* County *i Mmaeath end nun be accompanied by * Beading Certificate end a certified ektck. drswa le Ik* ordtr of tkt County.Tieemrtr for not leu than ten per cent 111%) of iko saount kid aad>* delivered *» the place snd on tht hear a**v* I " Tkt Standard Propetal For fumltkid upon application Tk*' right ti rtwrved te' rojttt sir er sit bldi If deeaed to the Interert V tk* County I* to do..-'.--''-.... By order of the Board of Free*. koldtrt of tht County of Monauutk. 111.*! JOSIPH C. IRW1N.- Dlreelor. - EDWARD C. BROEOC. Clerk, Cerd ef Tanks We wick lo extend our thetikc to tke many frlendc, nelghbore snd rclstlvet for their kind upreiiloni ef irmpetkr *»' Ing our reeent keresvement. Alee tmm who cent now»n. nnllbesreri, Dr. 1. W. Farktr, Sr - the Worden funeral home and Rev. Welter W. Felmcr. Mr. end Mrc. Amos C. lament. Adtertlitmtnt. CeTd ef. Thaake The ferallr of the let* Core A. Totter wlihee to thtnk the pactor end ekoir of t'iik Chipel, and psllbeireri for their ccrvlcec, alco the menr-frlondc for lorsl piceu, «rdt end other meant of «; prenl kerea'iveaent. Adrertlctatnt. Viol* Tsrlor. _. A. Berry snd Family, - STATE OF NEW JERSEY ncfartment OF STATE CERTIFICATE OF DISSOLUTION To ill to whoa tktii preitnti air come. Greeting t WHEMAS, appear, lo my latlifaetlon. fcy duly authenticated record of Ik* proceeding* for Ik* voluntary dl.iohitlen Iktrtof ky tkt tinanlmoui eonceat.ef ttoekholdtn. dapnltcd In ay ogue> tkit Wtlte'i Oardent, Inc.. i corporation of this State, who., principal **U* la eitunted at Tlnlon Avenue, In the Bof ough of Eatontown, County *f Man* aautk. Slate of New J*ney (fain Walt*, being Ik* agent therein sad In chare* thereof, upon whoa proeeti Bay ke erved), kae compiled wltk tkt require, mente of Title 14, Corporation., General, of Revlted Statute* of New Jtreey, preliminary to the Iliulng of thtt Ctrtfttate of Diceolution. *> NOW THEREFORE. I. tko Secretary of State of Ike Slate of New Jemy. D* Hereby Certify that the isld corporation. did, on the Fourth day of Mareh, ISM. Me in ay offltt a duly nttitii aid tteittd content In writing I*'tkt tilleolution of ttid corporation, uecated ky all the ttotkholdeet tk*r**f, wkltk uid eonttnt *nd the record ef tke proeccdlngj sforemld are now on 01* la my uld oblte aa provided ky law. IN TESTIMONY WRBRSOP, I ktvt hereto), act ay ksadjiid ef- SEAL and ay e*eltl Mat, al Trenton. Ihla Fourth day of MsNk, A. D. on* thonund lint hundred ell fty-lkic* LLOYD B. MARSR, Secretary of State. IN I PARRO Xlgktcenth asnlverwrr Seb emn Hlgk Mat* of Reealea will W offered for tke repot* ef tke e**l el IJaa.. cete* M. Ferro, oa Seturdey, Maftk I4tk sk I A. M. at Ik* Church of Our Udy Star of tk* See. Ung Branch, H. t. RelatWn ana Meadt in kiialy Inlted te " " ' l n. C. end Lucia ht. Part* Homewood, lr., 4f, sf Beraadotts farm, died suddenly yesterday at Monmouth Memorial hoealtal Hs was bora fa Tsroate, Canada, son of Mrs. Donald WHM Homewood and the lats William Homewood. Employed as a horsemen at the farm, he was a rssmsat here two and one half years. Surviving are PUBLIC NOTICE Te tke landlords aid leant* ef tke Towatklp of Middletown lad to all *5- er penene keying Intereit la Ike Mala* tenant* or akolltlon of m t eeitrel hi tke Townihlp of Middletowa; PtnamM t* tk* pmittms *t seetles»4 (J) (I) ef aa ect ef Ike United Stiles Csagceit entitled "An Act R*. tl»» ie atxlmiim rents ea keetlaa at* *oaa*dttl«ii t* repeal ewtela mm vliloae of Fuklle h i HI, S*>enty.ale>tk Cengrett, snd for otker purpoici," Al tnended, wklek act ell* eppeere si U.B.C.A. till* epp. tee. 1S*4 <J) (I) I bli h i ill k hld k h U.B.C.A I public pp. te will uwe.»t ti e... *a W held fcy tk. Townthlp ef [ alter* ttand- Your Expn$»ion of 7r»dr Remimbrmu* Of I Na ether act man's Ufa gh complete soul satlsfaeuoa than ths building of a Memorial to his lava ones whs have gone on. Our select Barre Memorials bear the Guild mark of approval, your guarantee of a tner Memorial at no estra cost Visit our showroom and see our displays of these certified memorials. JOHN VAN KIRK MSlt H F. D. las 10t Raa Baa* termlat wkttktr er not Ikere no Uager eiltt* talk a thtrugt la renui ktu.lng iee**naodatl»t witkla nil Towntklp f Mlddletcwn ii te melt* nat, *eetrel la Mid Towatalp. at wklek tlmt all ttrisai lattre.ted ekall be siren as *p» HrteaHr te be heart. BOWABO V. MBEaTS,, TewaiklB Clerk, NOTICE TO toller *'*d "ill'v»r«ev"... dklmal radlatle*. aid fer la* tin tkertcf ia Ike kalmlaf keewa ee tkt nit* Street Stkiwl BalTdlit, til In. m.hi. «*,» epwvmcsiiow w.!* Bt Ike esjee of tbe Boroegfc Cerk. Side Beet be *ti*ap*nl*d ky a eer* life.ktek rinawl lees Ikaa tea Mrt^t^fcismBOiiee vitala tnalrtd I* raialia a ser> I,la a fern aettftael* te j C*eatll. "rlgkt Is rchrvee I* reject air er *nd [» m liftratllllte Hie PVBUC NOTICE Aa ordinance entitled "An Ordlntnt* U Amead and Supplement ea I Entitled 'A* Ordinance Fixing tsllm ef B * k OM d Me. la tk.i New Jentr'. VI duetto* end irtt 14. fl ky tk Little Silv IS wat... _ J Atleeti Fred L, Aren, Beraask Cttf. will he In Pair- Memsrlal hnme view etmetery, MM M0HAEI. HIOHLANDB-Mrs. Dorothy Corrlgsiti M, of MT Biy 'ave, horv, wtfi of Mlehael Cotrlgan, died Tuesday at St R h l t l i N York city Yk lt g Ron hospltil in Now She wai born In Now O iy. York elty, Mra, OorrlRin alto Is urvlved by three sons, Oenrgn C"rrlg»n of Brooklyni and a dnughtor, Mri. Dorothy rvtcr of thli t'uco, The funeral will h«held timiortow sftoraoun at 1 u'uliick si I lie PMten funeral home, nuilnl will be la Sty Vliw t f urey an Dotu Dell-Omo of Molly Pitcher ct., died Tuesday morning at heme. Surviving also arc bis asternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dell'Omo of Red Bank and his maternal grandparents, Mr, and Mri. Lee LeDoux of Lyndhunt. The funeral wai held yetterday afternoon at the John B, Day' funeral home, with Msgr, 'Salvitoro nil<oi'<inio, paitor of St, Antnupy's Citholle ehureh, oniclitlng.. Burial was In Mt. Olivet cemetery, rrkdemcrtwt MVEIXEB rnebhold-rredtrick W. Mud- Isr, M, a painting contractor here, died Wednesday night of last week Ht his home on Dutch Lane rd, He survivsd by a ion, Hmry A, Mueller of freehold, and a diughtor, MM. Marie O, Salisbury of Baftlmore. Thi) funeril was hold Saturday ut th«freeman funeral home, with Rnv, C'h«Hf«H, Boynon, Jr., pn>- I or of Ihr Mclhnrttai nhiirnhi offlclntlnsr, Ciemntlon wm it ROM Hilt ctimstoiy, Linden, MONMOUTH MONUMINT COMPANY UewldeaB Coreat, MiddJetown, Route 35 JAM J. HUM.IY, Manafar PHONE RED BANK tv8810 Loaf BnuMh * Day or Night BBlB MByj BBBBa»a DISTINCTIVE ARTCRAFT MIMORIALS Entitled A* Ordinance Fi tsllm ef B*r*uik OMcert Me. la tk.i Seiensk f New Jentr'." V dt d OMcert aad _^.-. nsk ef tilth Tlver'. I sreteitsd for litre. Madias ea Fetrurr Meyer ead Ctvatll ef k d ea Mirth, jd MMevedi l M rubuc NOTICE Aa ersliute titltltd "Aa Ordlnaet l. rtltet d t l l k ll d Aa ersliute titltltd Aa Ordlnaet I* vscilt. rtltete and extlne»lik nelle Hgkti la lid te part *f Julian (late. In ike B*r*«gk of Little Silver, C*»nly f Monmoutk snd Stele *f Ntw iertey,* 1 td f ltdtlo* md Silt I! k Ik f Monmoutk snd Stele *f Ntw wat pntented for litr*d«etlo* md Silt readlig on Fekrusry, I! kjr Ike Hsyer snd Ceuntll of Llttl* Sllrcr Ber. eusk and «Muck 1«, IMS WH Satlly.d.,..d j-yp^ WerkaMaaWp Now Our memorials arc manufactured by skilled artisans la our well eaulppsd plant al Wart Long Branch, LONG BRANCH MONUMENT CO. lac Wall 51. Tel. LO West Long Branch SRNU mm ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE, tmiliimmef W«.,ik."sii"dir Mir Beat, *c, In default tker.ef, Judgment may ke aide igitam ytu at the Superior Ntw Urn, ikeil the Super or Court ot Ne tklnk Tke okeet of Ml* wit le eilela rrlifi ketwhi ret ll«tkoe"«*jlila«airrlifi ketwhi ret ll«t "ffltf, is'ttis'tf-ax itleritr fer Fills mi* Menaeelk Cewrty Serrteilt'i OMes OF WALTSR E. WALLIN9, a-jjkkia'l" <» " ; * tfohhah NfFAftntN, Miirromte of the County of Hiinmoiith, thii dny nindr, on Ihe anpllcation ef the iiniltirilunoil, Administratrix of tilt of the imwult.r H, Walllni, MJ.UM, notice Ii riven I* Ik*, treijllori */ laid deoenxid. tn nrtlilil'wsite"i. MM the" iilf Admin'lirlrfiirlK" lila *fi Ii. JriT'iaro"*;:./" 11 w*."* m> " u r i ue, Oiltei Ftkriiiif, mi, ADA ft WALJ ikuw, C Ri Rektrl a H Atlttl ii Illik nren l H, mi, WALLJHO. neieuik r Cartlit ALLJHO.. euik, r I. lit a Hn Atltntlt Hli Al srni>i,

43 ER HOW MUCH BETTER )RY CLEANING REALLY CAN BE! ONLY LEON'S SERVICE WANS Mon Obt lemovtd! Stubborn Spots Out! longer loskng Press! RUGS fc CARPETS CLEANED fc DYED Cflf Mtlotf OUT CALL RE TODAY NOW! SERVING DAILY LITTLE SILVER & SHREWSBURY LION'S ttncc ISIS CLIANIRS. LAUNDUIRS RUO) CLEANttS Always Ample Patfilafto Pratt af Pint WHUI ST. RIO RANK Health, Welfare Work Discussed MIDDLETOWN Mrs. William Leicester of Pittstown, a member of the New Jersey Health council, waa the speaker at the meeting of the Junior Service league of Red Bank Tuesday at the home of Mr*. C. Leslie Rice on Blossom Cove rd. Active in the establishment of tbe new Hunterdon County Medical Center, Mrs. Leicester spoke on the integration of health and welfare services, describing the medical center, which will serve all of Hunterdon county, and telling of the work of health councils in other. states. She wai introduced by MM. William Blair. Mr*. Bernard White announced the appointment of new chairmen for the comming year as follows: Community arti, Mrs. J. Spann Jetfen; public relations, Mrs. William Russell; mimeography, Mrs. Walter Daggett; nominating committee, Mrs. A. Gardiner Fox, and hospitality, Mrs. James Robottom. Mrs. George Cattleman was elected vice president and Mrs. Milton Ross cor- RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH Keansburg grand deputy. Monday evening at the West Keansburg lire house a Mrs. Edward Z«lley was Incovered dish supper was served. charge of the program held Monday evening by the W.S.C.B. of the niversary dinner to be held at Ye Plans were discussed for the an- Methodist church. Her topic waa Cottage Inn In April. The next "Africa." The society will finish a meeting will be held Mar. 23. room in the newly-built addition as A membership drive is beinjr conducted by the first aid squad aux- their project. Socks were brought in for distribution among children iliary. The president, Mrs. Betty in Puerto Rico and more will be Hanson, and the secretary, Mrs. brought in at the next meeting. Eileen Cameron, are in charge. Towels and dishcloths for the annual bazar are being collected. Mrs. Frank Grenger and Mrs. Zelley were hostesses. Members of the Chums Athletic club, who formerly played basketball In Balbach's auditorium, held a reunion Friday night at the His. Eileen Cameron won a prize it the meeting Monday evening. Sympathy was extended to Mrs. Mary Adams for the loss of her mother In Newark. Attending were Mrs. Florence Becker, Mrs. America Fox, Mrs. Jeanette Padner, Mrs. Lee Spafford, Mrs. Mildred O'Brien, holtie of Mrs. Mary Barbells at Mrs. Harriet Langley, Mrs. Claire Iselln. Attending were Mrs. Eve-Cameronlyn Bennett, Mrs. Edna McCarthy, Mrs. Irene Preston, Mrs. Martha Mrs. Lorraine Krysinskl, Mrs. Abbie Schahl, Mrs. Doris Molta and Mrs. Orace Ounfee. Plans C. Cameron. Ruhman, Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. were made to hold future get together meetings. nd Mrs. Charles Johnson of West Diane Johnson, daughter of Mr, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kennelley Keansburg, was Riven a family of Leola ave. are spending a week party on her second birthday Sunday. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. with Mr. and Mrs. J, Sheehan of the Bronx. Rudolph Wilhelm and John Burns Election of officers of the auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Hechler and daughter Beth, Car- of Newark, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond responding secretary. Wars was held last Thursday at tent, and Dr. and Mrs. T. J. Oilmour, Jr., and children Marsha and Mrs. Craig Haaren, the hall. Mrs. Helen Moran is the welfare new president, Mrs. Verlta Aalbue, chairman, reported that the Bloodmobile committee directed by Mrs. Ryan, senior vice president; Mrs. John Edmund Sullivan had recruited a y, junior j r vice vce president; Mrs. Sah t M E number of donors for the Red Harry Sachs, treasurer; Mrs. Edith Cross collection of blood In Red Williams, secretary; Mrs. Martha Bank Wednesday, and reported the JJi Ruhman, chaplain; Mrs. Frances ffklfrakn an Vtar thii IAA *VUA <tl» hlnkn purchase by the league of a piano for the Marlboro State hospital. Mrs. Willis Sleson told of a drive for donations of used clothing, which Mr*. Jerome Drew and Mrs. John Fowler are conducting at Red Bank Manor apartments. Mrs. Francis Taylor, league member on the board of the new Monmouth Arts foundation, told of the program of concerts and plays scheduled by that gorup, and passed out pledge cards to members wanting to enroll for the scries of five performances. Ways and Means Chairman Mrs. William Salladln named Mrs. Ellott Lawes head of a dinner-dance to be given for league members and their guests Apr. 24. Mrs. Peter Cartmcll announced that her group of provisional members will take an examination' tonight at her home on the course of lectures they have been attending during recent weeks, followed by interviews with placement Chairman Mrs. John H. Bowers 40 assign them to volunteer work for the remainder of their year of training. VISIT A1BMAN BAYARD NEW SHREWSBURY-John W. Bayard, who Is stationed at Sampson Air Force base, N. T., was visited last week-end by hia parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Bayard of William St., Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Maggs and son Dickie of this place; Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Wolchak of Mlddletown township, Miss Mary' Lou Mayer of East Keansburg and Mils Mary Lou Brown of Manasquan. The group spent the week-end In Geneva and haca, N. T. Airman Bayard was accompanied by Airmen Milton W. Lupton and Robert Baker of Portsmouth, Va., who also are stationed at Sampson. Whlls in haca, th* flfth birthday of Dickie Maggs wu celebrated with a dinner party. Thacke, three-year trustee; Mrs. Ajrnes Elefson, two-year trustee; Mrs. Bertha Papa, one-year trustee; Mrs. Mary Kelly, guard; Mrs. Bertha Papa, patriotic Instructor; Mrs. Agnes Elefson, historian; Mrs. Sadie Alexander, Mrs. Laura Pelose, Mrs. Viola Christ and. Mrs. Helen Newman, color bearers; Mrs. Verlta Aalbue and Mrs. Harry Sachs, district delegates, and Mrs. Helen Thacke and Mrs. Lnura Pelose, alternates. The president chose Mrs. Mebus as Installing officer and Mrs, Sachs ai installing conductress. Installation will be held in April. Mrs. Sachs was the winner of a prlie. At the next meeting Mar. 19 the birthday of secret pals will be celebrated om HAVMI MIDDLETOWN Bruno Talerlco, 71, of 33 Central ave., Red Bank, and Frederick F. Grau, 33, of MS Dartmouth ave., Fair Haven, were Issued careless driylng summonses by township police Sunday afternoon after their cars were Involved in a crash on rt. 35 near here. Frank MigliaMo. 85, of 145 Catherine St., a passenger in Talerico's ear, suffered a cut leg in the acci- and a covered dish supper served. SILVER JEWELERS Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Vorhies of 6th st., West Keansburg, recently celebrated their 46th wedding nnniversary at a turkey dinner *t dent which occurred, police said, their home. Guests were Mr. andwhen Talerico attempted to make Mrs. Frank Summers and Mr. and "The little pink «hop pint a few steps off Brouti St." a U-turn on the highway and his Mrs. John Vorhies of Bloomfleld, car was hit by Qrau's car, going Mr. and Mrs. Edward Beck, Kcarny; Mrs. Fred Buflce, Mrs. Ger-ao refused treatment for the cut. outh on the highway. Mr. Migllaztrude Schmidt, Gladstone, N. T.. and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Vorhiet of Patrolmen Melvln Leek and Wil- All WATCH atpaiaim MNB»M MIMtt this place. ' 11am Woodward investigated. Miss Lillian Mayer wu guest of honor at a bridal shower at the Buy a 3 Bedroom Home home of Mrs. Elmer Hanson at Jersey City. Attending from here wern Mrs. Chris Hanson, Mrs. Mary Hanson, Mrs. John Mayer and Misses Marylou and Betty Ann Hanson. The birthdays of Mrs. Cortlandt Ogden, Mrs, Violet Crear, Mrs. Abbie MeNamara and Mrs. Yva Englemann were celebrated at the meeting Mar. i of group four, C.I.A.. of the Methodist church at the home of Mrs. Josephine Andrus. Mrs. Myrtle Kerpen of Keyport will entertain at th* next meeting. Mrs. David Prentice was Installed as sub chief daughter of tht Lady Jean MacCorquodal* lodge by "Bsat out *f rtidtn eoniull Th* l»irl»ur Clawlart hi:" Murtummt. Mrs. Agnes Watson of Kearny, TRADE-IN SALE! CASYSpindrirr $o14 evtrjfwhertfor $179 & Tom, Mlddletown. Martin Lohsen Is attending a convention of the Standard Oil company this week. He Is staying t the Pocono Manor in Pennsyl* vanla. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Schmidt and family recently returned from a two months' vacation In Tampa, Fla. Mrs. Clifford Roberts of Elisabeth spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Louis Egnatovlch and family. Passenger Suffers Cut in 2-Car Crash CAKISIAD Hi 50 Climit* IS4.S ollir Aprils»».*> oftw April * New ELGIN SHOCKMASTERwcrld'i oalr hock-minim wuch with unbreakable DuraPowcr Mtia tptins. 'Dun and i SILVER JEWELERS and ELGIN Sf K I M INTRODUCTOIY Of H«on exciting new watches Plus other famous name Elgin* as low as $3375 ACFLtTTE(A)$44.7S limctlette (C) WM ofttr April * after April J New ELGIN Bftcelttu-world's lint (hock-miitut bracelet witch! Only brsce* let watch with the h**n that amr brisks. Shop and save during ELGIN'S SPRING TIME SAVIN6S 11 MONMOUTH ST. RED BANK Bstwttn Wycltoff Rd., RtynoIJi Driva, A Bread St. Eait of Route 35 EATONTOWN, N. J. 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A,» 1*11. it o'oliitk A, MV el which lint isnllttllsn will ht mis', fnr th» illtwanii *f «mlmliini mid <«unttl (annul fiti, l.uri, Wlis CsurtM litri > * RS, ilantuwn, Ntw jtut r» a *.wiv." r ' I1MI YOUR 010 WASNM NO"'" DOWN Oaf mh fernowl 1MUB> Eoty SplnoVlor at a eric* yew can't afford to mlu. Eoty dees a on* hour. OM Mb M-Ma - tajalsw 4sksi> ssassltssw f V than spins clothes md.lllmafaucal.nrt* I* - no tat tvbs TvOlvVv Cfvtv GOftflf 'Ww doller you ten'i beet (till Eesy beraalnt SAVINOWI BETTER HOUSEKEEPING SHOP 46 MONMOUTH ST. RED BANK PHONE HK OPIN IVININftS TIL f O'CLOCK. C10M UTUWUY AT 4 (*. M., Immediate Occupancy On A Fete; Homes... The first, seeend, Third and fourth sections ef Elk weed sold out in reeortj time. Is new one ef Eatentewn't lovelies* residential sections. Veil 100 lucky families ere already enjoying fraeious llv ln at Ilkweod... AND NOW the FIFTH SECTION Is wiling fast... about mere of these outs. tienal homes ere available et e family budget price: 112,100. Convenience eluil ntar fine sehetli, churches, shopping, rocreatlen, transportation. If ycje're loevtnej far a home... don't min (hit home "buy" ef the yoerl letter get ever te Ilkweod while thlt limited group ef homes is ttlll available. 5 Different Model Ranch* Style Homes To Choose From VIHIT OUN XHW MOhtil, HOMH lafmml from H«l llmik Houl. lir. to Wyckof! Koiil, <Jmt Man Kstontown Circle), turn ««! to mnd.l horn* SR Miylowhrook AVP. CHKK THUI "LUXURY MOW" MATUMS Olatt»Henm re*. ftstto le O NSBJOMM ALLEN BROTHERS, INC. 590 RIVER ROAD OFFICE) Rad lank e VeNeeNer. FAIR HAVEN MODEL HOMIi Eatentewn 1.01*1

44 RED BANK REGISTER CLASSIFIED RITES TfcrM C«itt W«r_ Miibmm Cb*ft: $1.00 D«U i IUU l*r Doubt* Spuing Blind *di. using Th. RegUttr'i P. 0. Bol. lie ntrt. Right 1«el*nify, edit sr M.ect any advertisement li reierved bjr Tht Register, W«(till not b* rnponiibl* for rron unleil thsy *re dtucttd befora tht second inicrtion. No cancellation* will bt *ec*pted or change* mtd«in advertisement! Ota hour after receipt tt office. DEADLINEi Real Emit: Tutldilf NMI All Olberi: p. m. Wednesday. Call Clarified Red Bank t>0013 FOR SALE NEW TABLE TOP electric domestic hot water heater. Bargain. Cnr.dall Plumbing Company. RU * AUf58ATrc^H0T"WATER~ia'a"*Hntrr and a 0. P. Universal gas stove with nven and broiler. In good condition* BE t-.iosi after 4 P. M. UPRIGHT PIANO Excellent condition. Buy at 150. B, Mack, 111 Brighton ave., Deal, ABC O.MATIC WASHING m.ehln. 175, onlr two yeart old, uied seven monthi: Coolcrttor I IT), 100.pound rapaclty: antique rockers 112:50 and IBS; A d l k f 1 8 k paclty: antiqe roks 12: Andstalter -tesmer trunk i 1 rock Andstalter tesmer tuk f 1 maple drel-er and mirror 126: bureaus, 10, 112, 115:.null railiol. all typo, }S to : two vanities., 19.50, 112.Ml; tnelal kitchen cabinet 120 (lee thii one): 'booki 25 cent! each, live for fl: heating stoves. S u f35; pin* ehest fa.50: four-piece Victorian living? room el, only 140: vacuum cleaner $>.50; bric-a-brac, glassware. Limoiie, Dreaden, pottery, chain, stands, mirrors, Inlckknnclis, lumps, liewter. chlnn. also lii.que. Tricycle Is, good: combination nriio-nhonorrnph fnil. At Roscoe't Used turn Store. 173 Second >t., Keyport. nly nine little mile! from Red Bank. >ppn seven days, 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. How Vets. Join the V.F.W.' LOST AND FOUND LOST Boat cover. Between Rumion and Riverside Heights, or Naveaink River rd. Color aluminum. Reward. R *- 1141, or O'Neill, 30 Stilciir pi.. Riveraide Height FOUND Ladies' watch, in Fair Raven. Owner may have mmt by i identifying T roperly nnd paying for this ad, RU 04S6-R between 6 nnd " P. M. LOST Montgomery, LOST Patlbook number 50,50! for Sec ond National bunk, Kid llnnk. Finder pleabe_return_io_aliove_bhnk. LOST Brown unit white (snblt) cnllie. Ten months, mule, l'ull white collar. Beward,_KB T>St80C.^R.. LOST Bed dicker Spaniel in Tort Monmouth. Hn> lieil llmik license No Cull KE K. LOST Brown and tan ihort haired terrier. Answer* t«name of "Hex." Child heartbroken, Kcwnnl. Cull KE W. LOST Young femnle Dnlmntian ilog. Robert Howard. RU 1.14H4. Rtwaril. FOR SALE PAN BELTS AND PULLEYS for elic< trie motors In stock. Douglae Kite trie Co. Si Eaet Front at. Phone RE *ED TlH-S All '!<». i.a.unabl. prices. Kecapolng ana repairing, all work guaranteed. Dwyer'i Sky-Trak Sir* te* Station, Highway IS. near Fiv* Corners. Middletown. WEAK KN"APP Aeotred shoee for comfort, quality and long service. Made with ouiit-in arches and cushion Inner louls. Priced from I'J.W and up. Call 1. J., Clarion, LO 4-llft-M. ~[ifd ftadtatoss New and used for your car or truck Guaranteed unconditionally. Same di-y tervlce on cleaning and repairing. Red Bank Radiator Work*. 118 Wett Front it. RE , lou O. ib UJUNO MATERIALS. M»ioa UKPlles. National Lumber Co, outh Seventh *v«, at th* railroad. Phon* LO e abl KB F OSPITAL BEDS RENTXD N«w modare adjuitabl* hospital bed! for rent. New and used bed! for sale, Call RE I-ZI14, aik for "Patient Service." free.... -, t-nleal 8upply Bank. Tro= ekrume wh«l chair* fer rant. tuaien- 1*. New aad M*d (hair* for Ml*. Cal ' 1*1114, ilk far "Patient Servl-e." dellviry. loutk Jeriey Surgical y. 18 Bait Front it., Red Bank.... _8 RETREADING, vulcaoiling our peelalty. Your car tied up only minutes to put loeners on while we regal your Int. No ckarg* for loaner aorvle*. Mount Tlr. Servic*. 75 White Red Bank. Pkon* RE rAL. REMINGTON. Underwood an". L C. Smith typewriter!, low ai I.».SO. B«cendltioned: guaranteed. _ Serpleo'e. 101 Monmouth it. Phone RE aluminum windows. OHBISAON aluminum windws. to 10% discount on heavy duty, three track, extruded aluminum windows,! goaranteed window with a guarantee fmullation. No money down, up t< tkree years to p.y Fre. homa demon ttratlon. Phone KE 7-I8U-W. WSULATION bik idi IOAL STOKER 21" rinit. Hagerman Lumber Co. RF, fl , RE YllU GOING to convert to tpin fuhing this tenson? If so, we are laturing the. Airex Spinster for only lists for much more, 'l na of our specials at Cohen'e Dept, itore. Shrewsbury ave. Opposite River reet school. FOR SALE YOUTH BED and mattress. Excellent condition. Call RE W.' EASTER. BOSSBrrt and hatt for girll. Sites to 12V4. nly 98 cents. Regular lo , Girls' cotton blouses, altei 7 to 14 for 9H cents. Red Bank Value Center, 28 West Front it... Rsd Bank. STUDIO COUCHES, sofa beds, inner- pring mattresses and box springs. Our law overhead save! you money. See how reasonably you can furnish your home. A few steps oft Broid st, will save more than you think possible, Rosen* feld Furniture, 12 White St., Bed Bnnk. RK t-s WlXEIS HAY-Cledmar Farm. Scobey- Hpartenette. All aluminum exterior. Birch Interior, Bedroom ha» twin beui. New condition throughoul. Price , treated at Fishnhol, Stunrt, Fla " 1-007SI, If write, Box. SJPRAV CARTT barrela of sulphur, scale, snow plow, new mowing machine; also a Jeep: new bushel baskets, barbwlre. RE R. nhol, Stul, la. B answer, RE t-4700, or $JtiM GEr^WHRiT»AT;HTNrrP«fect working order: Martha Washington sewing cabinet, walnut, perfect condition, nine pairs Marquisette curtains, nlmost new: Chinese cabinet, reproduction, antique green; two Oriental rugs, 2^x4 feet, solid maple drop-leaf table, RE ,' 5! LIVING ROOT* SETT Kitchen set, table, (our chairs', metal nuble hrd, pprinc, mattress, otlii dresser, hnir; table top kerosene conk stove, upiwht viiciium cleaner, attachments, misellaneoilt ems, Can be seen all day iatiirday,.sunday until 4 P. M., Whltton, S tirnlnnnl nve.. Port Monmouth. H'fiS AR KAIlXE"~ VALUES llest offer. Custom mnilr nntliiue love sent, blnck acqucr nnil gold leaf circular coffee able, black lncquer glnis top end tables, Tcn't Kolf. clubs, famou* make, eluht on., three v.-nndi and ban. 37-B Spring er. Anti. R.r_t-J2S1*M. Wfc HAVE AN EXCELLENT selection nf bucktail* nnd trout streamers, made >y fishermen for fishermen at Cohen's Dept. Store, Shrewsbury ave. They are priced from 30c to.10c,-none higher. WHITNEY-BABY ' CARTHTiTjrr-^T'facT tically new, Wilson nve,, and Creek rd.. Port Mnnmouth. KE 0B08-M. TwTNTfEDS Leather headboards, box springs and mattresset. Two yellow cnndlcwick sprrnils nnd pnlr of drape! to_mntch. Cnll EA.1-0f.:3-R. "JEAIJTIFUL PI3RSlA"N Inmb coat. Worn ten times. Cost 11,1100. Reasonable,.PH'on for Felling, moving South, Phone M. FISHERMEN won't be long befote we're wetting our llnei. Don't fall to visit my enlarged tnckle dept. There's plenty to see.. Jnck Cohen, at Cohen's Dept. Store. Shrewsbury ave. "jnlvwffal"ttotat.y~~ironir Ho. table top Magic Chef mnxo 12*, painted fireplace mantel 11 (I, white stag grey gabardine tkl suit, tile 14, Worn onee, " Ml J. 13,, 5!X YARDS OF Wilton carpet hall runner, grey, green, black and rose. Perfeet condition, t i l. >4 Madison ave.. Red Bank. RE J. Call afternooni, OPPOlffl}NTfTSVTf)P ANTIQUES Nice enrly walnut wall table with drawer, 33x20 Inches, burl trim, pretty turned lags, mahogany marble top; three-drawer chest, top drawer velvet lined for si!.' vert Bristol and Dresden lamps, mirrors, picture frames. Papa Biedermeier deft'ikncd console nnd pier mirror, china, hric-a-brnc, Kins*, brnss, copper, tinware. We huy nnd sell. The Matthews, 115 Broadway. Keyport, KE FOR SALE LINOLEUM REMNANTS Th* belt grade at St cent* a yard for this week only at Swartr. Furniture, Highway 35. RE, '' Opposite Middletown Kir* Co. Open every evening until I. REDHBATJK Slx-room home, with enclosed porch. JCxcellcnt location on dead-end street. Just painted. Hot water heat, playroom In basement, Immediate noiscttion. St, Niehola* pi. RE * LEFT fo SELL on consignment. Threepiece parlor set, hand-carved mahogany, a very good buy. Waihing mi* chine, In excellent condition; 9x12 At Swartr. Furniture, Highway d Opposite Middletown Fire Co. Open every evening until *. rug.. RE C wheel balincer, battery charger,- Door and roller jack!, braka testing machine, drum euttir. brake riveting machine, four pott lift. We will sell separate, Rathbone'i Of mi, State Highway 85, Keyport. COMB AND LOOK at our good used furniture department. Very good re-. frigerator 189, three-piece bedroom lit 159, kitchen seta 1>, studlot 110, mattresses 14, stovel 129, two txlt rugl. and many more good bargain* at Swart* Furniture, Highway IS. RE t-1213, Opposite Middletown Fire Co, Open ever/ evening until a o'clock. CLllB ('HAIR and channel back chair. loth with slip covers. Complete walnut bedroom let. Will sell separate pieces. Miihognny end table, man'a top coat, slr.e 44. Bargain; 9x12 and 12x17 rugs. KE_ «' CROSXEY REFRIGERATOR In iood condition: 125. Phone RE J.' RANCH TYPE HOME OWNERS Attractive stock of old pine oblong, round hutch, harvester, and laty-susan tables. Pennsylvania Dutch sinks, cupboards, and bars of all L,. V. Minford. Crossroads Antiques. Toma River B-1636, 300 COMBINATION gas-coll stove, 100. HO ^i"SlXoN~HBT~WATEIl tank, with h d fitti A l t TEN-PIKCK WALNUT dining room suite 140, double Hollywood beds 140. odd wicker chair 14, cheit, single bed. spring and mattress»70, studio couch ISO, Ave-piece kitchen let 110, three* piece walnut bedroom suite with spring and mattress 1100, maple crib and mat* tress f%5, six-drawer maple eheet 125, Rnlhiway bed %2n, odd living room chairs 110, odd bureau 17, two-pieee living room suite 1115, high ehalr 13. office straight back, iwivel and arm chairs, mahogany chest, mahogany night table, tingle and double bedl. Crex rugl* wrought Iron breakfast tcti, hanoek*, Blaekstonn washer, kneehole deaki, Or* thopedic box spring and mattreae, Fireatone Slumber foam rubber box spring nnd mattress, *4 box spring and mat* tress, six mahogany dining room chairs, Strobe light portable or A.C. three extra Malleries, 11x7 view camera with Alfa studio tripod. Hurdge'e Warehouse. (Next to Stcinbach's parking lot.) 24 Clay st. RE t BUSINESS NOTICES PAINTING AND PAKBKANGIHO - Conti ntracted»y ih. r*u. J. Mileiii.,.~ aad ru«h work, wlibur lvlni. it West Buiiet avi. Phone RE I-4I8H-B SO CROSLEY STATION WAGON. Per* feet condition. On* owner. Price O< RE «.I7-R.» toitth MANtH. H**on *nd plasterer. No job toe emlll sr large. 119 Lincoin St., R. F. 1>. Middletown. fhone M ts*44w M t*s*44*w. CEWfool. CLBAHINO anel bululng ieptie tanks; dry and gravel wells and drains. 3» Peach at (New Shrewsbury B h ) Ph BE 41I4I C H drains. 3» Boroufh.) Wil Phone RE , ROOMWG All buy C. H. BinClfMAN ROOMWG All k.nds of roofing; and aiding and gutter! and leaders. Free estimates. _M-_VM*-wr^win"*"*-*? * -" rs an «-5O7l IT&>aBiea-aa'B *» x «,* * *.«*«, -J--^^ ' SWTlC TANKS and" cesipooli clemedi alls dry wll d d l i t l l d Light hauling. Rl d Rumson.,141 Good condition. On* owner. Call MA J after t P. M. TlC TANKS and cesipooli clemei alls dry wells and dralm installed, h hli Cill Pomphreys. 49 last RU s6mtm Light hauli Rlvsr rd., KisnHnsmnsts6KmTm«i it den* now at winter prices. Call Janet Kilsey,. Woodlawn ave.. Port Monmouth, KB 4-134J.J. Part* aad serviee. MOWERS»e* your loeal (ft ) _.._»e* yur l lawnmower shop or write (factory as.) Carl Beckmann. Box 187. Sea Bright, INCOME TAX RETURNS prsparec at your bom* or business. Allen Accounting Service, RB 1* PLYMOUTH COUPE Good con* ditlon. EA from I A. M. to ifi OrlEVftbLBf deluxe tudor iidin. Powirglide, heater. Ixcellmt condition. Phone RE I-024I-M. PAINTING Exterior and interior: paper hinging; expert workmanship. Reason. able ratea, i'or free estimates, call RU. _. "stfeatand rapid, Spiciiliit In elcinlm greny kitehem. RB t-1471 er RE I* «87. ^TRCTudor IS. Fatted Inspeetlon. Bhlp-thape and perfect trimportation, Wilton. RB I.f77«. Beattie Park, Bed Bank, GENERAL OONTKACTOR. Landscaping, grading, top toll, till dirt, cinders, ravel, manure, cesspools and dry wells built: driviwaya repaired. Lionel Simon. Phone RE t REFRIGERATOR In use now, available, three-piece walnut bedroom set, drn-sintr table with long mirror, child's bed and folding bed, porch glider, rockers. reclining chnlr, IH Washington tt. Red Bank. RE 6.J784." GAS WATER HEATER. Automatic. $50. RB S.2542." Pric l heater and fittings. 18. KE J. Almost new. FLOOR POLISHING machine. Commercial type, U h. p.. 10-inch, including wire brush, landing attachment and two brushes. Call BE J afterj7_p. M.' BABY~~CARR1AGE. Thayer, folding coach. Including inattrena. Used very little. Call RE J.' POWER TOOLS 1"2"'' band saw with bladei and ateel stand: combination disk and belt sanding machine with steel Btand and motor. Moth in excellent condition. Call RE (-4275-J after 7 P. M.» FISHERMEN Don't forget that we ll- ne license! and don't forget that you need a trout ttamn this year. We have them both at Cohen's Dept. Store,. Shrewsbury ave. Open every night until 8. ANTIQUE SHOP Beautiful eupt, saucere. Am china lamp*, pin* Victorian; furniture. Other deilrahl* em* at at* tractive prices. Vllllore, ealleclori wet* come. Neat Or* house, Mai* it., Port Monmouth, Dally, Sundayi, Just ell rt. S6.* rt. 6. tiooi) MILKING COW 25 quartt a day. Fresh in thre* weeki. Road aeraper, pool type, MA i-amsm" FAtfOUS MAKE glass spinning l lft9!i i i li f At only t Ch g pg ',.pinning line, from 80e up, t St S h b only lft.9!i,.pinning line, from 80e up. At Cohen's Dept. Store, Shrewsbury ave. You don't have to buy. we're more than glad to hav* you com* In and leek around. THREE-PlsCE BBDROOM SET, walnut, i'mmont mattrese. AT Mill.' SACRIFICE Mink-dyed equlrrcl cape jacket. Worn three tlmet. Cost 1376, Wll _ttll for_so. Call LO D _ttll fr_so. Call LO 62 GLENW66D COMWNATION ga oil range. Call Ml»-008J.w\ EL NK= i and.. AEOLIAN APARTMENT grand piano. I). C, player movement. Price b t Ad R W I. C, pyer movement. P Can be seen at Anderson Rros. house, Red Bank. RB « T^ir^'TB1l 1 fye 1250 Ware house, Red Bank. RB « BTAl:K3TO^ir^'RTNGB1l- 1 fype' wash- Ing machine. Perfect condition, it Washington ave., or call HI Snr~ANTIQUE Handmade laddertack rush bottom chairs, 5 each. Ideal heavy duty power mower, 1125; asy washer S. *xlg rug, floral design, 10, RE H.S4I4-J. PORCEI.A IN ICEBOX $5, vacuum clean. er 15, collapsible liaby carriage is, blue canvaa collapsible etroher with hopping bar and I'm shade 15, All excellent condition. RE f.45»4-j. tvu. b~kess~suit~aiid tugedo." Bxe.i: lent condition, ail* 40, 110 each. RE «-t42t.' bv t42t. MbVlNG TO SMALttlR quartert. Must sell Westinghouse Laundromat, automatic, good condition, 1100; Philco, advanced design refrigerator, like new, 1150; porch glider 110. lawn mower 110, paint eompres* ISO. exhaust fan $10, assortment of garden toole 110, RCA console radio ISO, automobile radio lit, bei camera, foot stool 13, automatic lid-open garbage can 14, hand Vletrola ft.kq, draperies, solid gray IS per pair. Also miscellaneous household RB (4I38J BUSINESS NOTICES ELECTRIC MOTOR rebuilding ll eur lusineib, Call us for quick ecrvice. Douglas Electric Co., IS East Front i t. Rud Bank. Phone RE I.Ol. SEPTTO~TANK9, cesspools, laterals, dry wells: pumplnir and building. Jacob Perl, trading at "Atlantic Ceispooi Service," Shrewsbury dr., Rumion, RU BULLUO^EH SKRVsUi., excavating. i,n«clearing, driveway* built and repaired, l dit nd l t ll d l clearing, dr till dirt, land den Tieei I ey* d gravel, and stum i f l ult and repaired., top toll end cln* mps removed. Grad* l KB «IO WATER WKLLS-Lowett price on deep wells, Drilling, pumps, financing, American RB 4-2B42. COMPLETE LANDSCAPE»ERV1(;E Evergreens, ilirubi, rotes, etc. tupplied and planted. Lawns made or renovated, maintained by week or month. Steveni. RE e-2523-r, CABINET MA kgll-all klndi of fur. nlture. antique, modern repair and polishing. Saw sharpening all description. Cutlery grinding a specially. Bridge ave. and Oakland it. Ficlns itatlon. ' COOPERMAN FUR SHOP hat moved lo 550»-A Bergenlinc ave., Wett New York, N. J. Phone Union i-«974. Will pick-up and deliver for local cuttomerl from new location. CaUl RE or BE I-27S8. ROBERT ROBSON Fresh eggt, butter nd cottage cheese. Wholesale and retail delivery. Ill Parker ave.. Little ~ lver. RB S.S228-J. ini * va ( «* vvvhaaasv**** DRAP.Ifc8~MADE to order. Phone for appointment. BU 1-OO-J. I. M«pcs. f den Tieei and stumps removed. Gra Ing and seeding of law* KB «-IOl..XPERT DB1VINO iutrueuo I ft t di fl Learn k f.xert D1VINO iutrueuou, Learn In safety, to drive safely. Look for the car with two (tearing wheelt. PI onten in auto driving instruction* tine* 1931 laey Method Auto Driver Training School Salt Front it. RB I Alien Bank N cleaner, repaired any Bake. Eiectrli Shop, Whit* at,, Rid IRON RAILINGS (or aerekm,.talr. waya, ete. Made to order ky Se*> dorf Coapany, 14 year* at t Witt «Red Bank. Phone R l M i l t. GENERAL. CONTIAUtOB aa* ceupoul* cleaned: eartlag and grading, top oil. rn.nute, fill dirt, cinders (ravel and and., Eitimate* given. Paon* RB I Oscar Becker, 47 Second et. Fair Haven p em. Also misc RB (-4I38-J, FUfcL TANK=27S gallons, S5. At I'- I 043B. ^^- ^" '.ra".*. 1 '.. 0 ' «AIV VANCUr-llotor lieed., SULATION. brick siding: variety of colon; IT.GO pir squire. Alia renflm iper at bargain price. Call Al. KE - WE BUT AMD «U- uymlafl C*i'«aM al a****, itere*. *iwte*> ellara, attln, eilag, -lauwtm, M* tlaats, art ebjieta and all brle-a* bra*. Rusell's, last Front it. Paoae RB Win_e«JI for 120, RB SIX HIVET~OF ACTIVE beet with super's, Coldspot refrigerator, man'* ardrobe, coal burning cook atove, di h KB I O t l l W' ttudlo couch. KB 7-0tlt.W.* STALL SHOWER Like niw, Jlxll. ltd. BArTEQUlPMF.NT and furnishings. In* quire at 1-ou's Bar A Grill, 102 Shrewsbury ave., Red Bank, er call RE -t87«costamd RAIL reeled. No ehirg* 4IH-R-1 f«el ler r.«iom»«animates. RE DD FOR FIREPLACE Seasoned oak. Thorn** McGuire, Marlboro-Phalanx ti. HO Evening. HO BAlV CHICIfft From our own bread* ing floeki production.bred Leghorn and Sexlinks. Meat type Hocks. Order In advance at we do not lit blind. State unervlsed; limited aptc* available for Pullorum-clean Custom hatching Ruby Polt F M l b FR ti39» A ENAMELED KEROSENE kitchen range. Can be used for heating. * Wyckoff rd., Eatonlown. Widrich. USEli JOWTSR-DRIVER Ideal lawnmower. Complete with gang mowers. 1'.. h. p, motor. Excellent condition, rice Contact William Reese, Pull C Poultry Farms. Marlboro. AtTlNtloN HOME owh b d i i y t-i39». P-SiT. money by modtrniilng your house pourulf w* are equipped to tupply K i with all th* malerial* necessary. ail -onthly payment! arranged on purchase of any material!. Hera are oas* of th* Jobs you can dot Attll Inauiallon. application of tlleboard In kltek* - i a l,, B «, *ttl*. J ar den. Com* klell line of lumber, nlllwork. h*rd»«re. naint. wall board roohr -"- wrod. uoor«. windowi Free estimates on your need* ORCHARD DUSTER Ni*gar*: 8 h. p. Witeonsin engine, 175, May be bought separately. Two 1 h, p, electric motors, IS,', each. Call after I P, M, MI t- 2*«.R.> auiatlon. application of tllebo ** er etta finish your basem Into playroom, bedroom er I Supply, H! at Headden'a Comer. Mlldteto a, hardware ng. aiding, ply Insulation, ote. d American lk it Free estimates on your neede. American Lumber et Balldlng Supply. Rlgkway it t H d d' C Mlldtt RB 4 lgkway it wn. RB 4- ARE YOU ASHAMED to bring company Into your kitchen? Plan now. New formica toi>» and cabinet*. Custom work only. Regal Products Co., l i t W. Front St.. Beil Bunk e.2svi. T l7t0~ Tot *oll7t(3p~goll. ion" toll. 'g'riv. fill dirt, loi-uit posts, Lawm graded and teeded. Large arett cleared. Call. j'lreplaee, ttove, kindling. Charlee H, Wilson's wood rard,»» pifach St.. New Boro Shrewsbury. Phan* RF. I TlrTtiTHYHfAY Early cut, fine qual. liy: nlso KOO alfnlfa and straw. De< llvet*d anywhfre In trunk Ints at rras nimble pricrv Fred Messllng. Phone ClinIon 327-J*8. Nt ll USED bicycles. Service and r,*rts Conk * Rlcrl Bk ' " lit Monmouth st. RKJU tt 78JT WE fiuv/ckytrllnq *nd everything tnd glv* the bist prices. Cull Swirls Puinltiire, Highway»B, RB «-«2l» ANTlQUE*XAMl f.< beautiful dinner *n tea leti. Bristol ind satin glasa v*sei eafidlestle.ks, relish ami biscuit j.irs, MH- Jollca, Brleek, Wcdgwond, Worcester, tc, Pattern tills", Crown Derby, figurines. Numerous ems. Alice Sand, RE I-S.ll. MOIlERrTT'oWtl.MoWI.Kg-A"ri~iru"r' poie lawnmower. weed cutter, trim* mer. self prupellt', non.self propelltd. Si 1 * your dealer or write (factory agent,) Carl Heclimann^Box 127, 8e» Bright. Cf'KXRANCKI Airtfowns'and'piiiimii. Flannrl. silk cotlun and nylon grent- ' ly redurid. From 11,10, Dlnne i, 28 While it., lied Until. While it., lied HHI, W t lllvrtd'ciad irads.lm on your old faralture as we < an outlet for. U»U Hwaitl VufliUuie Illghwar, UK l^louaty«lfinfakhy Tinpr ton. Nuwi'il with rruili't In hmtrn rurlng and to maintain orlglnnl quality (leerga Htrvens Karm, Kycamore avc, AM^IUT 400 rfkw and.ii'nnil.lianil In, cilit wlre.fnirr HJ»I>, llroadnicsiliiw F*r». K'.l.nv, HrtLUX miivlf "rh'mrft,"" ifiin" wltar 1.4i "in, Yvars..,'i, mm Yvars I,D, Nalco louml iirnjeelnr, lira enlirglng camera, developing tiink, Nor nod exposure miter, toxliq lialllnne l t ii'rffh, (ilnp-i'd-m ranio'flmlrri trl iiiiti. t'liwelltf. Ml fi.ikint.w. l 0 T w l l K 14.Ini'li TOW Cminver llrni,, t'ltie, I'l Jr,»»l's am «I3I Illhtlr ' Cmier wy*h*rrl«and I'lsri.t J Wlrkatunk, HO «. Hr»'' WTiliTT Illh Mliwy urvlrv, TtUm 0TO *rrl«and lktk «I3I, UmTIHcr».. HuWTnilliTrT r'or"oirt«tln nlamer, cai-l. HVH Iliile nroj-clur, hade, Ulra Tyin-A, yellow anil fillers, Auln.Knlin, 30x410 V»r BY MANGLEMotor needs r Win_e«JI for 120, RB RB «-l2*7-m. Uo. superintendent, Bank. ontact William es, 41 Plnekney rd., Red OTtlBNfAT VASES and brle.a.brac, patterned glass, empire gam* table, sll bench with chest and many othir me bargalni. Buddy'!, corner Firit and 'ulton iti,, Keyport, Open dally 10 A, I. to I P. M. KE T-Ot*M. OlftSTNUT Quarter.type riding horse. Three-gilted. Free moving and eound. Also about 150 bales clover and alfalfa HO t-7414 after I P.M, 0~RO0M COUCH Brand new, Purchased for Will nil tor l»0. IU I-0I94-J. 15 Center St.. Rumion.' iwilch electric fan, tore lite, brand new. Six modern reflector ceiling lights. Retionable. Call RE «-oat2. 12/A PENN SENATOR big game reel with rod, never used, 155: 7" Walker- Turner circular aaw with blade, fence, and mitre gauge, till V-slle pool table with all equipment, 13(1. RB between 7 and 10 P._M.» _ BENDIxr~WASIHNG MACHINE New motor and burlngi, 110. Inquire Mrs. L, V«n Brunt, 211 Willow dr., Little Sliver. ttousfrtlailb In latontown, 1»4«. Indian Chieftain deluxe, tandem, with doily, electric brakes, electric water beater, refrigerator, gai range, ell heat. ihower. Bleep* four, Reiionable, or will rent to reliahl* couple. MO R. 2,000.EGG~lNCfjBATOR, Lincoln, elec. trie. Will Incubate and hatch any amount up to egg* at one time. Also have dosen pedigree basket* and electric eandler and tray rack, like new, Used one season. Guaranteed perfect, Will eacrince. E. Johnson, BE -84H7. ieywool) WAKCF-tlb stroller. Used only a few times, RE -0I99. tt^rb scale car i Ph Ml YAIAGB 10, s bed 13. Good condition. t-0440-w after 8:30 P. M car Phone Ml O.L~~rTOim~ltE~CTHi=Brand new. We bought it at a ipeelal low prle* of 12*0, hut ean't us* in our type of home, Will sell for Ills. All parti and oil tank Included. Call Mn. J. M. Herman. AT IB BED BANK Spaa Craft Stuellos, picture framing i ell paiatlag*. *tck. Ing* and enunvlng* -eetored: full-el framcleti mantel nit id nces lawn tlgna, framed mlrror Eaat Front at?aon«bb mil. Kfc Lff F t l ^ " i toed: fulleli* itron, window t«lframed mlrrori. IT BB mil Eaat Front at?aon«bb mil. AKfc OLff FtOOB3lo^k"llienew. Rent. our high-steed floor under and edger. Low rates. Caglar LunVer Co.. (bone KE , CESSPOOL AND SEPTIC tatik eoatrae* tor. uesipool* dug and cleaned Septic tankt and dralna Installed; yean' etperlcnc*. Hjward Tllton. Is Center it. Rumson Phone RU SERVICE WHILE YOU WAIT. Sav* on ervlce charge by bringing your radio r television set in for repairs. A. C. -dio^anj Television Compiny Amend A. Crupi, owner, l i t 8hrewi*ury avi. RB 4*4711 fjuttena, LEADERS, IB *i*j«* or g lim. Call uitor as tatlaata h tl k J V B vanlim. Call ui to any sheet metal work. Foster st. River Pl RB MT ui tor as tatlaata oa work. J. V Bogart. 71 Plata. Reel Bank. Phane it-hou* MRVICB la* («p*lr at radloi aa4 tleitrlral i»«. W* till (er ana dellvir. Htreld't Ragle tit ElectrU Sao*, Wist Front tt, IM Bank. Pita* RB « FOR THE BEST in shos repairing, hat cleaning and ihce shirts, it'a Th* Bine Ribbon Shoe Repair Shop, t Monmouth it., iuit off Broad it.. Red Bink. JURK rjurtk rjtfnk f""*-"nj»ttl* """in* dealer. We pay belt price for rags. Iron, paper and mattrenes. Call RE I-826I-J. US1NESS OPPORTUNITIES STORE Delieatewen and luncheonette. Two room* In rear. On Palmer ave.. Bait Keantburg. Good butlnits. now in operation. Must tell, due to Illness. Reasonable, Inquire In person. 178 Pal' mer ave., aet Keansburg, between Highway and. TAVERN Located in Elixabeth 1',4 tory, frame building. Tavern portion two year* old. Well iltuated. Doing gooi buttnesl. Forced to tell because of health. Write, "Elian," Box 111. Red Bank. fjuro fjusohbonfitk, restaurants, bathing cnneelllon, boat conceiilonl. plumbing business, apartmint buildings, etores, faetories, kuiineii aitei. industrial sites. and many other types of builnesi fo sale. Bay Stillman. RE MIT. * **# viiilillliilii aeie» v-gii li AT(rro"PP6RtlJNlTY (ori man wbo want! to have a farm or garden on hat* plan, t will tupply land. tool*, fertlllaer and leede. You supply the labor. Apply Donald X, Lawes. BE I AUTOMOBILES MAURICE SCHWARTZ 41 SONS, d r y ler. Plraoutk ) International track ales and t*rvl*e beadvuartirv Pk*a«~ I.07IL DODGE AND Plyoouth pawengir MM, D*dg* Job-rated trmka, aatbarlted ervlw; nedara jerviee iutl*i. Fraak Vaa iyikl*. 14* Wait F»*al w. B«lk (waa(.f wpl* mo*. DOES (OUR GAB ateir kardt Da you wbhl* ihlmar t L*t a* iorr**l the traukla Save your tires. Uteit gear all* «ad fri-m itralgklenlag aoulpaiiat. rraak Vaa Byekli. 14t Wait Fraat lifted Baak. wait al Mapl* ave. Our own bunding. Aik far Jaik Hanlir. Pkon* BE I-I2H. UARBURE1OR9 and magaetee rebuilt. Quick factory workawnakla. Deuglai Electric C«.. Eatt Treat. Ili Bank Pt; GUAKANTI i BE TELEVISION uglai Ilia servicing hay. IU I0I94J. 15 Center it.. RIDTNO~p"oW mhowijr-s2" h, p, motor, chain drive, 1100 MIW-0288.W.I after 5 P. M. HliifiEr^CIVl MI cut. J Call... BOOM «ut!e, with custom slip covert. Call David Schnonr, 78 Campbell ave., Belford. KE N : B W~""BR_ guft Bond ~MMU«lvi;. Never worn. Alsn overcoat. Roth site 4! long, no Lovett ave,, Little Sliver. RE L4I27J.- ~TBY~SC*ATE8 and Taylor-Tot, guitar, boy't hike, 140 each; c*mcr*s. Revere ware, etemwsre, waffle Iron and grill, ukelele, parts '17 Olds I encyelopedla and history. Best offers, 27 Pnclflc ave,, East Keanshurg. LlVlNft tlodm""set=th«cplece, 18th century, mahogany, good condition, custom made; also living room floor lamps. Call RU I.04.M *fter t P. M,«, OTS RANGE, chest of drawers, dresser, tingle hed and three Boston roekvri, Renioniihly priced. HI! «.,'>4.9, 7 } l U " r i f i V ~ K ~ " J f i qurrh and tin flnliqiic ith bl VcKc«or Jrawcfi cwlnir table, mahog. Cll RB *sn7 and tin flnliqiic scwlnir table, mahog. nny, with marblp inn, Cull RB *.snil7, r7)\vtnoi't>wer=.otisht~b7iggt-;ird StrHttnn motor, Used one scalun, t'to, K «-07»«.n. UKirpizrMBtxrBETO.'Toirsiiriniv, mattrisirn, dressers, marble top tide, board, mission library tattle, mild walnut illnlng room table, folding couch, walnut kltrhen table, RE ,' A"i;m>^NiN^ocuJW"eT«cTrinr(ranrg machine i wheelchilr. full tile and ad* Juitabli, with cane seat, hack and leg rests, Both Ilka nrw, Low rrlcei, 151 Wilson ays,. Long Hrunch,' l!8~-ko()t~amrkic!an~thulllehoar i a;"s>tt limn 11 montlis old, t'himp, Vail KK PIANO Mathuthek baby grand. Walnut caie, ^ Very good condition, with bench, Call Mn, J. M, Herman, AT PARAKEET PLAYPENS made to order, See Ben Denlte, l i Riverside ave., Red Bank. Apt. 1-7, or Red Bank Pit Shop, Monmouth it. INCUBATOR Treadle itwlng machine, EA I-07I7.M. TtlKrHfe trlkrhfefthctratob. with free.- rr. Used ten rnonthi, 1125; full site beds. Inner tprlnir mattretiet, American Oriental rugs, dressers, H-Icker porclt set, rllshes, pillows, trunk. Other articles. 131 Broad st, Ring upstairs bell, U8tiroF" desks, typewriter desks, letter Dies, arm chairs, straight chairs, conference tables, kneehole desks for th* home. Rusells, 25 East Frontj^. STORK WINDOWS and screens, combln. tion doors, two.plsce living room aulte, wather, coffee urns, eleetrie mower,»xlj rug, ten-piece dining room tulle. Ruicllt, 25 I«tt Front it, VALUES THAT CAN'T be beaten I New TV table 19,50, foohtooli 11.79, Portable* radio IU.r.0, new ha»ock«ij.95, pair of twin beds, complete, 129,50 each: Playpen 14,75. Rusells, 23 East front t within two hourt from your call. A. C Radio an* Television Company Artaand A Crupi, ewner. Ill Shrswikury ave. PAINTERS AND OECOBATOBS, A yean *gp*ri*ne* la metropolitan ana. laurlor aad exterior work, plaittrlag and glailag. ave.. Hi PAINTIR. hanger Raphail Salaa, St Shrews. hlands Phone HI t-1411 JUATOB «pa Interior and uierlort i tt years' experience. Citlmatn eheerfully glvea, U«l* Castaa 441 Skrewikarr eve. Hen Bank. Phone RB t.4l44.m. OIL LAMM **n«erted fer, llntricity. LaaM rewind. We'call fay and deliver. Harold'* Radle an«electric Shop, tt Weit Front it. Rait lank, rkeo* M M744, Wai LOAN KOU tirea, a* ikarg* wall* yours are being rnajiprt, Houat Tin Service, 71 Wilt. th. l*d feaak. Pkaai RE «.04M tloovcr tlianeri rebrl-tied. All hi F rebrltied. Al White it. Fhona ripalrid, braelii Metric Shop. ANERI Allen Eectrlc Ihop. na RE loll! ANTIQUES! Vases, palntlngi, etchings, teakd t d Viti f TIQUES!Vases, palntlngi, etchings, teakwood stands. Victorian frames, olid mahogany hanil-rarvnl lib bl Vitri bl t bl fames, library bl olid mahogany hanilrarvnl library table, Victorian mnrble top table, marble tatuary, rhlna, glaiiwur* and brle-a brae, Rmclls, 25 Bust Front st. ORIY SPRING SUIT Three skirts, tlie 1». P, AT I.OD.M, till ORIENTAL RUG. Almost new,'cost Will iierlflfe im HOOt 40.gallnn Rheem gai hot water heater, two mart old, 170, LO I.HH.J,. BT; 'fflljhpkt ann" ic'corillun; "" it, Al liarunln prices, Bull's, illl-a Monmouth»l, Hed Bunkj IOYCLr>~(lIrrs,.«.lnoh. Newly paint* ill, nrw rhrnme wlieds, ipoku, handle har, Mm clmln giihiil, Charles Mnraller, nil Jnnii. it,, Hhrewilmi'y, RK d.nih.j,' )Kll(IVI0V(!l,H=:(llrl'r"«~ln;iiTt7)r5"iI l(ivi0v(!l,h(llrlr..ln;iitt7)r5ii lilll" Mill Willie, (liirii) nindlllnll,».». Mm, Mrhklir, Mill llrlnk ill., (.'nil's Ni't'k, tlkaiiv.maiib'smp WlV«BH"'-"'New > irlnit pn im'n«in ftnraii or IO nlni'f, Jimt the rljjht Ihlng In hrlihten ill' yimr hnmn for riaile-r, ('hairs 1)1,11,1, snfn U 111,Mi, infns 7.H5, (luarati. Ifrrl tn fit nr your money bark, llnien. Mil Furniture, 1. Whit* it., Hed Bank,."AftlES 1 " 'willtr~unir'0r»«7~".."rt each, Nliei 12 In to, llnl Hinh VHI Ct'iiter, 8,1 Wilt front (t,, IM Hank, l>ih(:f)ntinuinfl""*ir»avi."v«5i(ir"ti'i ftinko rtifint fur I'ffttly tu wrni' ftifr* rlinmllie, Terrlllc mvlmki on nil dniitiy nd ilreii tnatarlnl*, Ksluiilny Is ill. ls«l d>y Bed IlmiV V«lii* C*nl*r, it Will riant I!.. M lit*, SINOIH KLEUTHK) sewing macklne, Lnvely cnninle, Ilka new, IMS eashi tylifwrlter, nlllrii model,.m metal bed anil spring ITi, rugi 110, Ureisurs, din. Ing mom suite 1150, l.'o»t I4U., Ilfll Stcnnil _ ave., Athiiry T*wrk, HOUSEHOLD ITEMS repalnd i hard war*, lamui, kltekta anil batkroor, Jiturei, «0PMr, ellver ana b Kit Bank Rdi Wk, kltekta anil batkroor, «0PMr, ellver ana brass war*. k Radiator W.rki, I Will B J l l 7 T USED CARS BOUGHT. eom and e. hinged: Paitlae lals. abti-?et»lc.. hinged: Poatitc eale Te'aiB. Q, M A. C. R lit Iroisj it. Bad Btak. Mat. les ant a*t»lc* Rum Brotkirt, k P RI m Brotkirt, Paint RI LATE MODEL used car wanted. Clean. Phoni an.tlm*. RE 4-M14. i»4"0'dodce"two.doorto"«cll7siiil1ng ret.onablr. Call Robert L. Cook. 102 Hance ave,, New Skrewikury. RB t- I78IJ Hance I78I-J. HIGHEST PRICES for your old car. W bur. * *>!. * trade. Coast Aut tales Inc.. corner Broad and Newaai dprlafa rd.. Red Baak. Pkoa* RB Mil or Rt Hill. AUTOMOBILES I960 OLoSMb-IUS tt, four-<oor, ajt." *- Call EA J.0422-R afttr SilO. ifl0~l'ontfac"~t club coup* mile*. Fully equipped, many txtra*. Jail KA I-1010, *xt M, G. tutjffr Very good eonditlon. Inquire at IS South av*., Atlantlc Highlands. ltir<5qlsro*r)tu. SWAH-flood running condition. EA W. irbtnct.iupiirs condition. Low price. ^TBWfli^rc.ry,oi «-344»-J. *68= l»47 LINCOLN ehh c««p* with 1950 Mercury motor. Fully quipped. Good condition I 1410, Phone RB I-I202-R.*.. TOHTTT)ELtXE two-door udan. Radio, heater, whit* wills. Perfict :ondltlon. tgooj^c*!! RE lilt DESOTO Four-door sedan, six l» DESOTOfourdoor da ' eyltnder. good traniportttion. ffcr, RE J,, six Mike 1148 OLDS CtUBTcOUPE. Black, radio, heater. Call.RE I-01S9.R after t FORD COUPE 40. Wised Inspsc. lion. EA I-07I7-M. TRUCK. INTERNATIONAL. 12-foot rack body. Finest tirea and puncture sealing tubes. Seen rear of Union Bar, What! tit., Red. Bank. Best offer, 1150 FORD Four-door sedan, cyllnder. Excellent condition; 24,000 miles. 195 RB «J25» HELP WANTED YOUNG MAN F«r dimrtmnt atar*. Full tin*. Tumea'a Depirtmint ere, 81 Wrat are,. Atlantic Hlgklaatg. rimill^of general Art* wart; 110 per week. House and other considerations, G. Seaeau Cenover, Loeuet Lawn Frm. Colt'l Neck. Phone FR t.h.' lauctffktw wltl n«* ornc. arm. Coltl N. Po WlAU-cTffk-twI.t. wltl n experlsnee. Apply. in neraen. acht Works. Sea Bright. ne FR th. wltl n«* ornc. lobel'a YOUNO HAH TO LEARN rial «lit* kuilnen. Lent itttbliikat) rctl estate offlc* having built and told over 1,000 yc*r-round koull* offer* unusual opportunity for lilt*. minded young man te letm real '* tale butlnili. Priviiui iilil *xp«r. l*ni* not require* hut must ktv* good eduestloa end a! person* allty. Writ* fully, giving eomplet. background, <* "Young Men," go» til, Rid, Bank. uenslval HOUoaiWORKsr. Bleep in. Plessant room. Twa adult* and child. HO OENBRAL HOUSEWOBKER-SlM» In. Top aalery to right tenon. LO t-lltl or LO YOUNG MAK Interested In permanent Intlde position. Star Cleanert and Launderen. M»rtle ave,. Len«Branch. SKRtTAftY tight boolikieplng, good typist. Mutt hsve pleating perton* alily; &Vi*d>y week; good nlny, paid vacation, holiday*. Pleasant surround* Ings; permansnt position for tk* right party. Writ* to "Job." Box I, Kid B k tti background age and ex Ecell RB l»50 PONffAC~SEDAN Like new, 29,- 000 miles; radio, heater, One owner: 11,425 KE «-ls48-j^ ONETfBN PICK-UP trufik. 1«4«Studehaker. Will till reasonable. Call RE J. Bank, ittting background, igl and expcrionee. etc. YOUHO LADY For dintil imliuat. Typing eiscntial. Experienced pre. ferrcd, but will train desirable applicant. Local r«sld«nt. Writ*, "Dental," Box t. Red Bank. HANlfTTTAN to work outsids and in house; on small place Also to drive. Steady, year around. Writ*. "L. B.," Box ill. Red Bank. YoUSO LADY-^WH knowledge «bookkeeping and typing, for Heady office position. Fred D, Wikoft, Co., 1» West Front St., Red Benk. PETS UVE STOCK I7I.R.S LtNiTI KEHNILS Cseker Spanltlt, AKC reglttered. Puppiei; ttud tervlce; trimming. Kennel veternariia super* vised. Highway 15. Oekhurtt.- Deal U 0447-M. - M7TCI 8IAMUE CAT for stud pwrpoiea available. Call RE after t CANARIES'. Finches, Famkeeti.'Suppliei; eages. Closing cut sale. Five Toy Fox Terrier puppies, four fomalas, Cocker pupi, one male. Springer Spaniel. AKC; one proven Bitch Black Cocker, AKC. Merrick'* Bird Houic, Highway 14, Holm* lei. HO 8-4I54. HY CHlCKB Production bred. New JUmpshlr* Reds and Whlto Leghorn!. H. Wlllgerodt, Newman Spring* rd., Lincroft. Phon. RB M. POODLES Miniature, black, four monthi, Innoeulated, AKC regiatered. Rl *.4452-W-2 afttr I P. M., or Saf ur«ay» and Sandtyt.* HALF-MOON PARROT Finger tame; Parakeeti, love birds, ca. narisi, pupplei. hamilira. white mice, tropical and goldfish: aquar. lum plant*. All atuarlum and pet luppllei at lowest prices. Helen Miller'* Pet Shop, largest on the shore. Highway 11, six milii north sf Rid Bank, between Laurel and Palmar aves. Open daily and Sun* *yi until» P. M. Cloud Wedoe*. dtys. MI 1-034), TON TBRKIS5B FUrra taal*. Ion bred; nlee pet. Call AS l> BOTJERMAN PIN^CTJIS-T'/WO famalei. en* AT l. B BRMAN * mil*. llttt.* PINBCHIRSTTO fewa Call Friday alter I P. HELP WANTED CHECKERS, SORTERS and prut oper* atori iremalc.) Full benefit*, good St Cl d Ladr*rl ROBERTS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, I Broad it. RB I.UOf. Commarclal. domuttc, hotel and restaurant. Houra»:IO A. M. to l»:io P. M. fpllfec^eimr imurner aervlee man, on all make*. Write, Hating experience tu "Oil Burnir," Box I. Red Bank. BUYER For purchasing department. Should be familiar with sources for cittingt, ttamplngt, screw machine product* and have background In metal fab* riratlng. Phon* for interview. Communication Product! Co., Inc. Mirlbcro. FR 8-18»o. SENIOR DESIGN engineer with produetion experience In eleetrie and' *lee* tronle* field. Permanent position, attractlv* lalary. Apply Communication Product! Company, Inc., Marlboro. FR * BLTCTltO MECHANICAL engineer, cspabl* of operating a production.pltnnlng department concerned with electronics specialities. Should have de* tlgn and development background. Apply Communications Product Company, Inc., Marlboro. FB l*l»80. PflCE ClkS OFFICK ClRL Some experience bookkeeping, typing, needed. General. office work. Full time. Write, "Offlc* Work." Box 611. Red Bank. DOAGED OTAN For full time work. Sleep In, Two dayi off per week. Nl» location. For further Information. call AT M. im l be pay. Star Cleaneri and Mvrtlo ave.. Long Branch. eft*, gd Laundir*rl, BUDGET SALESMAN We a n looking for; a young man whs la willing to work,! alert and aggiestlv*, and la Interested In growing wltk a new business. Previous aaua experience desired, but lot enentlal. Good starting salsry, excellent opportunity. Write, giving age. «dncation, experience, lalary (eiirid. P. O, Box 407. Shrewsbury. mmsit6eimitsvi««ksm Easter holidays. Apply In r.rson. Do not phone. Loft Candy Shop, 43*A Bread a«., Rid Rink. MEN OR WO! id Bank, )MEN ntercited in extra income. No investment. KB «-0SIJ-R between land 12: tito to t P. M. CXERK-TYTlBT^ A pply B. *C Cloi*. Hanson-VanWinkle-Munnlng Company, Matawan. phone call!, Apply I it" Sweet Shsppi, ponov v w«ev* *»«*^*T*. v e **.*» U e-raaeae-i* MARRISD KAN Preferably over «0 yeare of age, for farm work and milking. Wage 1200 Per month: also house and milk. Lone Pin* Farina, Hanovir, N. J, Phone Whippany 8.02H. renuukafher-boukreeper Loeal retl estate office, want* neat, ex* ptrlenead and eourteoui worker. Apply in own hand, itating experience and lalary expected. Write "8t*nographir- Bookkeeper." Box nil Rd Bk' W ite "8t*nogra. Red Bank.' WOMAN Far general housework In mall houte, for buslnet* people, tilo to t. Five-day week. Muet be neat, hen* eit and reliable. A year around job. Writ*. "Y. R. J.." Box Ml. Red Bink. Writ*. Y. R. J.. Box Ml. Red Bink. «SCHlNISTS=Tool makers, and lithe ' hand*. Good working conditions. Matawan Tool 4 Manufacturing Co., 29 Main it. MA P an it. MA ALL EXPERIENCED beautician. Year d iti Gd alary. Call LO dd LL EXPERIENC around position. Good (alary. t-4107 any day hjt Wednesday *ak*a->*^ieb tewt*tkh;*ahg?m^kta*"^^g B^>Y"*aV«?^Kef- v *x I **g»'*sawzl*~^^^ b Good ( jt We > Y"*V?^Kef- v *x I mirmtalr»u6lt Ta'cie with experience only need apply. For di' t l d d W Ply with experience only need apply. ladies' coat*, ault* and dressei. We l th h i h t l K d' ladies coat*, ault* and dre only the highlit lalary. IH Broad it.. Red Bank. ssei. We Kreid'l butuhek Experienced, For Keantburg. _ 8teady. Write, Wagner Market Co., PO Box 247, Newark. «teno(5ra>hr.ft Pemale! Penaanint tenldent of Red Bank. At* tt to to nan, thre* year* cxperleaee. Mist ke fait and accurate. All* icneral erne* eaperlcnee. Apply tn person to manager N, J. State Employment 8erviee, 49 Bait Front at.. Red Bank, road»t.jud Bank. OtNEHXirHOUSEWbRlttR. who eook: iliep in; HMllent laliry. Two In family, Sunday* and Tkuridayi aft. Write. P. O. Box 108. Locait. CAPABLB WOMAN er girl te kilp with housekeeping and eneklng. Live In, Snail home, la Ilkeres. LO t-jltl. BABY CHICKS Whit* Rocks, Whit* Leghorns, Red Rockeross and New. Hampshire Reds. Also other bree'i on pcctal order, All btieds from U, S. Pullorum clean flocks. No order* loo small. Monmouth Hstchery, Mill* ave.. Port Monmouth. KE M. _OOl5~HOME WANTED for purebred black male Cocker, No papert. Very Intelligent and houscbroken. Adult* preferred. Reasonable. Call RE M. nfy~pxr~akeef5 ::r Seven wcekt o\i. Pair peach faced love birds. Breeding cages. Call after 5:30. KE f-0281-m.' DACHSHUND PUPPIES. Delightful ft". male puppiei, Champion ttock. Inoculated. AKC registered. Four months, ISO. BA t*0872. _ healthy young birdi, each. RE «-04U. llue and white and orange. Good lingeri. Alto Pom per- nlin dogs. Pedigreed female Persia* cat. HO. RE t*>074, 8PR1NGIR SPANIEL-:>iale. Liver and white, tight months. Registered hunting atock. Black female cocker, proven Matron, two years. Two black female puppies. HO > BEAUTIFUL BOXER Finest pedigree. Need good home, Ray Smith, Butna Vista ave. RU LOVB" RBIP-Preven breeders. Black mask and peaeh face. Parakeet babiet. all color* from controlled breeding, HO -I584.. HORrJE MEAT Fresh froien. Packed from United States inspected.meat. Chopped, chunks, heart, liver. Low overhead maku ponlble our low price. Helen Miller'i Pit Shop, Highway K. Is miles north of Rid Bank, between Laurel and Palmer aves. Open dally and Sunday* until I P. M. Closed Weoncidayi. Ml I*OI4>. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT SEVERAL CONVENIENTLY located houiei in Little Silver now available. Oil heat I garages. Call 134 "Mapl* ave..»ed Bank. BB I-OHO-H, GIRL OR WOMAN to make iindwlehei. Apply in person to California R*itaurant. Xatontowa Tram* Orel*. iaplk AVB. M double houee, Recently rsaovatat, 8lx large room*: An» Ishid atti* and cellar. Mrs. K. R. lit Mipl* ave,. Red Bink. "TRAILER latontown klghway. taurant. B B-tontowa. S 1 7I Little Silvir. ar Belfard-Hlgktanda aallk route. B-perlene. aad wide a«- quaintance helpful. Applicant should be aalesmlnded. Very good opportunity fer hustler. Red Baak Dairy, U Welt B*rgen pi. ; ' ACCOUNTANT Part time, ponll full day er. make Pa month. P. * L. t d i il>l F? To rua general leditatimint, uml.annull statement and Ineeme ta«nturn. Should hav* reftrenees. Write, "AteouTitant," Bex 111. Red Bank. CLiAri ha t." Bex til _M Mi CLiArg;... WAITRBSS*=bnr tl, f*r alglt wort". Apply Park* Grill, Rumeon.' ttcttiltb^d~biiir n.' ttfcttilrtb^dbiideirr. A.Uela* lien of New Jersey hav* vacancy In their olrc* for beekkeeper. Mlddle-lged man preferred, Fer acpolitmeat, call SITUATIONS WANTED ORGANIST For a small -kureh. One ervlce on Sunday and choir practice nee a week, li minute* by kui from Red Bank, If Interested, contact Jame* A. Stout. Ml S-0184-W between I and SALESWOMEN For permanent po- itlons Experience required. Apply BnarsTST»IEiP : Fuiror~pirt~tlmrnn retail dry good* (tore. Permanent work. Can arrange hours, Good piy. Surprise Store, 8 Broad tt.. Red Bank. WAKT1D-TO WY-Ut* ai»det»i* M b l Private pan'ei j, Mun be cl*aa, only. Will pay utj Ml P. M. to.' IO DESOTO CONVEttlr.XE'^I* parfiet condition. Four new white wslle. W. I. Beautt, lit Mapl* «*. BJt «1147-J, EXCELLENT OPPOBTUNITY for farm* er-helper, wk* 1* also handy with sola for established Holmdll iteer farm. No dairying. Good w*g*>, Heady allyear employmmt. Feur.rtom eotttie provided with modern bathroom, thower, eleetrie range, refrigerator and hot water, Pkon*, reverie charge to HO I* I'll for appointment TARDIfJIR ND TRUCK lisi GlfC in dump traek. T h d bd d l N UCKliSI GlfC in dump traek. Thr*e.y*id body, two-ipeed *xl* miles Owned by private contractor. h RU l048t LO I No h**vy us*. RU l-048t *r LO , _ ' Tt»6~BBe 2-TON chiul! and nb, I wo pied relr. 8:11.10 Urea, front ind dual rear, 11,200! 4S limc li-lon plekup 1425; 1947 Chevrolet (tatlon wagrnt 2I. Many cttheri, Dumeii, ( *, pickups. Uencral GMU Sales. Inc., 1110 Main at., Bradley Belch i Congieai St.. Ukewood. AS 1*2111. or LA t-llll. till Klb U.ten panel truek! arouad poiltlon. Good (alary, plua many benerlti. One wko can handle power machinery. Write, "R. B.." Box til. Red B«nk. Pkeae?B If, AND 8. WTOUBBOP All work built to order, 8cre*ni, valamet, cupolas, hutters cabinets, lawn furniture, etc, Estimates gladly given, Dick Heldel, Locust PI, rd,, Navrslnk. AT t.(wl».j. BXRPBNtY SND~HOTB repilri; shelves and closets, No Job toe small, r'ugena Unfnr. Ill Bay avi,. Atlantic Highlands, AT Hill-'. KOLRDA CONSTRUCTION CO,, INC. Usneral contracting. Building, rl* mndellnr, Financing arranged. RB I.S3U.M. P. O. Beg 141, Rid Bank. MUHT HKI.L by Mar, 14, No reasonable offer rifused, Flvr.plec* kllchin let. two kltrhrn tililn, chuts, winiden rlnut with full mirror ami <lntwrr, girl's.«" lilcytli-, vinuon <nnw), hullnl, INmlrr. tor, *'. tirh grlflclle, etc, H'l Liberty M,,_LrtiiK funrht.., ^..... (1AM arilvk-kour hunirrs, Iwn draw'. en, Isri* (ivni, Hrnllei* In gnml rnn. iluuri, fin, RH «.r,ll«l,' NTNOBH I.HIMT imrfnble nr A, V, 'I'hrre rmra btllerlei, In! view ramera with Agfa iluillii Irlnml. Hiirdgr. i Ware. hniii*. (Next to Httlnhiirh'i lurking lot.) 1.4 Ulay it. HK it - Q K v d. JJSUL HMALI. UROAN With ilefllrlo attach. menu, In v»*;' toml iiundltlon, At a gonrl prlrr, (Jnll llnrothy Mwarli, nf Hwarli Furii'tiirx, Highway nit, UK « , Onmislt). Mlrldlrtown Urs Co, On.n rvity ryrjniik untlj_ *, LKAvTSd Hmr.~WlirMl'i*ir«liy irnml lilnnn, (lining iluim isl, Many iillief B'l't'aai! *" " {< >lm ''''' *' '''""" FLOOR ^AXIN0_; Call airier Floor Wlilag _onu!jd_lr IFjelai'lj. anefs RB 1*1411.! Oa, PrlftU in(j~--r'loor and wall Samplei ih*wi, m* estimate! given, Rudy Hltkamgii Him»l,_Ked BatH, Pk.M RK t-mltl rubber and motor, *1011, WM, i. LBVINB AUTO. or **ll with eonrdaneat H of a <«h lury In business, Larg* iileetlon of lit* model used c»n. Severll prcwin. Lowsit do-in paimint, loniest tirmi??!'»'..tla'j-^».«,o...»p.rl V I ua>*p*w*i-t4vrtut*ib*r*w r n IWU- m dtimitle, radio, healer, Kxflllent ton* dltlnn. Ooiid tires, IM5. RB S-J. ll Komi KDuks V.I Tudor. Hood ' condlllnn, Radio and heitlr. Paene KB after 4ISO.* fill DOkxiu *i.t0n pickup, KiT pt*d trinimlsslcn. Cuitegi cab. esan ileti with dlrictlonal ilgnala ind heatar. ll CHlv-pMlbCT I Four M I tlr»i, Rerei nd, gond -nter, lilt ar UJWi SEPTIC TANKS and Hteeli.rillwdi also dry well*, drain* lailallid, Es- " Uutr B*i«er.47 Bee. en, P»»n* B» H.I4I4, ainti err wen*, uraieie miitiiiva llmiti'i given, Outr R*ik*r_4 " F>.!?. Haven. Piano BE ( 81'KIJIALIZINO In mikift work and Pin. work. Na lab too large Jobi Donate, Jr,, them or t AT (MPKNTER.I'ONTnACTOn, Allen. Huns, Consult in hifarr ytu connwirr iire-fnh "iinlriinllun, lixpirl work, h.i-miiiiislili',.t'»ll rvenlmi, AT I.-.-W, Tilt) COMMUTER! WIM md Llquai Ion Invllei you In t*k* idvint i n and enjuy eur "imply kollla nlitk.up lervlre," iviry Salurdiy, 0*11 now, RH , Pal and Lou Tomslno priiin,, 114 Monmouth it,, H«il llnnk. (JKHUPOOI.H ulvmiirit and built I until unki uleamil ami Inililleil, drilni In. Of,I'd. I'lio"} «ny lime Hiy nf night, NU , Mirvey C, Illlen, jr Uftk. IMI 4)*ltt WIV-BBUW Doad condltlea. Rerently new front,... or bad offer. Can k* wen avealngi ar we*k.*nd(. tt Slamllih* rd,, Lltll* Illver, u (all M lltl KlWn CONVBIlTlRLB Eneelleai condition, Hark green, tan ton, railo, heater I I.U50, Call RR M *f. nil CHKVROLET carry all tukurban 17,000 miles, Heitei', undinoalid flnod cun.lltlon,.kl, KB I.QH2.W,' Uit<V»Uf1tXfUintiifhai»n, mperlor luntilng cnnilulnn, 4,'ilt RK nnnn HKK Tlllfl ONK-I,liie«ln, l»,ll, four dimi', hyrlramntlc, rmlln and heller, elc, Mri'hiiilrslly iierfri't, 11,9(1* ml lei ««e )i»"ei( Reul frbnt/riinm rondhlnn H-M oltrr nvir 11,41111, C'lll KB 4' I.MWW anytlmi ider P,_W,«lilt OHRVROLBT twn.door «-JlJ-!-JjMi_.rhtlt. BB M. Oled 1141 I Irfll FONTIAO I ~ Rtandaril two-diinr Milan, I'erftft rnnillllan, I ",0110 ml I. lull after tk 1\ M,, Kl t.o.m.w, Oorw*oiiiFiaii(»(rrriiir;r vntlbl* Mi'fl'l, Onnrf rtnrtltloii. Idoi [r#l, mrtlrt a nil heater, Will I'll In _< I 1 '!; " 1 ** * iu Ci M I-47. ', ll for ap ARDIfJIR d ointm AND i HANDYMAN, Gd l WE WILL TRAIN ievcr.1 neat appearing and pcrionahle young ladlri, over 31. Contacting homa owners. Five houra dally. Weekly alar/»3s. Bxcellent potential, American Horn* Construction Co, Newman Springe rd., off Broad it., Red Bank. Apply Friday, Saturday I ta A. M, lbmtwwwrer steady peiltlon, Pleasant work. Apply Frank Vin Irektc, Inc., 149 Wcat Front at. Red Rank, between 10 A. M, and 4 P. H. tsoat~livicdtni.c7il.t«wtr.l> Uia* eral boat building and repair wask. Apply Saturday and Sunday, Coast Beit Co., foot of Mnrford pi., Bed Bank. CHILDREN KEPT for working m*lh*n by th* day. wi*h or month, la ay horn*. AIM baby ilnl«%t tha hour ome. Alts ba rhlle you ikop. 240».' 1J7 kf.pi. «v*. BB AN W1SHBS PAHT-Tlal-I 0b. painter, paperhanger aad Hours, A. M. t* l:t«p. tdot* tdot. RESPONSIBLE MARRIED womaa win car* for children any evening or Saturday. RB *.58!4-M.' BXYirWTiK^t" i TIOTHBR would Ilkt t* can for children In her home. Any age, RB 1-.I8I-M.' ARDENERKxperience4 all llnei "of estate work. State particular!, "Gird* ner." Box StI. Red Bank.* ljf D R ~ l WOM~CNn*>BglltBS poiltlaa as dirktypist. Some eneea. RR I.14I2 Red B«nk/ experience and n 2-W. t River cle refer- MirrTed. Vatloot experlsaie, wantt work 11:10 P. M. to 7 ill) A. M. Phone EA W. 1 (XPtRIENclirWoTIArJ would HVe iwo d h k Bt f f PtRIENcliWo days hniisework. EA * IArJ would HVe iwo Best of reference. WOMAN DESIRES two ar thre* days work, (land reference, KB I*ttl7.'»4»ULirTroU'UKB"i~fiTw~houTr"fr*V. dom from your dally ehorei and knaw that while away from howl* you eould feel assured your family, < children or leml-lnvalld would ke tared fer by a capable, cultured gentle woman, laterview welcomed. Write. "Capable," Bog Ml, Red Bank.' xou H TCB j Frlgldalre,... Call EA I-O4DI-B. TOga AT 1-OttO-H. BANK HUMS «iix rooms, bath, lavatory, all heatl two-car gamuv. Handy location: Ilia per month. Available Immediately. Chai. H. Tindall Aasacy, East Front it. BB t*»030. SHArM Companion young Sidy or etipl* wantid for furnishsd. comfort. abl«, new ranch home. Adulta only. Clem room, bath with ihower, Complitiljr private. Boird tnd giraite if deilrcd. lot Norgrove ave«jilbcroa Village. LO.t;tt*J.._.. [ANSBURli Adulti only, FrU' vata horn*. Fiv* rooms and bath. Newly decorated. Hot watir hiat and onvenlent to kui, Bent tit a month. EAS uraished. Quaint three. re*a* cottage, Available to Juaa 15th. 171 raeathly. Redecorated thru-room partmint, I, Adulta preferred. Unfurnlihid, lix-rooai home, Int. Immediate occupancy, Dcnnla K, Byrat, Real* tor*. Phono JV I-1UO.» bath. HI t.nn -'oir wall roomi and 8ultable for a coupla. Phone.W. ANCH LONfJ BRANCH OIBce, front, in build* Ing Broadway. Heat fur. alahid. Avallikle April 1. Now occupied by an attorney. Approximately 311 a. ft. Rent 145. Write, Wagner Mar. kit Co.. P. O, Box 217. Newark. IUH8OH Heir kui. Residential'area. Five.r»om Cape Cod colonial. Garage; ell heat, furnished. Reference* required I *115 monthly. Sweeney Agency, Phone "* 1-I4M. JN(J7.L6vV-Pour room, and ' bath. furnished ar unfurnished. Call after LJiaJt 0 ' 31 «- nrwliheb~~tungalow 50 Herbert it.. Rid Bank. RE OVER-ROOM" HOU3E=Juir^... fre_«_broadjt 1 C.llRBMIM, IDNBAXOW-In smell house In the rear. Nice grounds. Rent 14.. Call RB I.Sill and aik lor Mr, Led, i ffljtlex HflUlE-In Belford. Fiv* rooms, Available Immediately) IO a month. Call KE I.O5I4-R. WANTED UNG HAN.^TCBDS b Sd UNG HAN.TCBDSpirt tim* *v*ni*ig job ar Saturday and Sunday. What hav* you I em do? Anything wlthla r*awn, fonildirad. Ckt«"f*«r, palallag, carpentry, gardening, in Halloa at* Undant, storm windowi d*wn,, Hnim up. Hav* ear, W l.tltt.w.' TR Til l ll ih OTRN Wl position a* di up. Hav* ear, W ltltt WOTRN WltlTilrl la coll iti kk itt ilrl la college, wishes kr litter ovialnt*. Will it " C t t " B COW MAN Opportunity for right man. Excellent wgrklng condition-, taking car* of Uuirnsty herd, RU I.0S1I. CLERK! AND TYPMTS-Fimali. Expirlenc* not ntciisarr, X7 W-hour wiek. Permanent poelllon, vlclally «f "-1 Rank, Buelienl working «sadltl*m, lira *m<* kulldlng with cafeteria. ml alliallen, group life laiuiant* ( providd AH d PM l alallen, group life provided, AH and PM W,., "Cl.rki.Typlili," an roil air- Sn I, MAN Rifrlgerallon and alr-caadltlon- Ing irrvlee man. Eaperleneed, flood alary, plui over time, Alt kinirti, Paid, Call Mr,»r*i«rl«k, RB < OARIir.NK«.HANDYMAK - All yssr round Job, r'»- aparlmenl. Complete charge nf ratntr. Must drive autnmnhlle, K *.2H4il WOMAN-Tn live In nd.lit with houiiliold I'hnrea nn Krlitiy, Hilurdiy and Munrlav. Including Munday night, I. ry A, Inqulr* Rl?.0tl4, position a* kakr litter ovialnt*. Will do mending. Writ*, "Competent," Bog *'I. Red Bank. WrnreXHTV rnrexhrtvofi CHILD in my hem*. Phone RB I.IH4.-..W.' imkv"t~a'*rk i Phone RB H4.W. CfiMPKVA"NT~WUMAN'*wlTrkoar4) ehtiel by the diy er week for wnrklng nether, reisonsbly. For further Inform*. lion, call RB I.1BUM otatjroccdu S iral hcuscworkir nt of rifireri ehanle it., ar TOirRiTW1«_ leilllen a* ten»» weak, at her homi, Ooed rifirmtii, I-1414'W,' HANDT~ANDY~=Klirtlni, promptly"and itlsfaclorlly done, by brush or roller, ane room or one house. Available for washing walls, cleaning window* and ioi. cellars aa*j graundi In GRAND PIANO, Spinet or small upright wanted from private natty. L'anh Im. dlately. Pleate ten* detail* lo Box lit Broidway. N.» or tllephoni Parke. Clrel* j. ltlt N, Y.> iictwu.ll Best privet 7 T ^ S T lmw lt dlamwar*. clotuiee. statulea. liwelry, limp*, eld r*volveri, silver, fin* furnl. onmoith county kooki, maps. for four onimwari, glanwari, aall«aei, la* liaani, furnl.... ft. LD nirniture, antique*. «itaa. lltaware, art okieiti and brle.*.br*c, atmdlil* nib for anytklnt and every- (HyNll'i b i t Print at,, phen* UUIU, ft60avi_ map* and lampi. will* Hid. lifng to the Hudiea 117 BtMd IU Red Bank BB iea. I-. linger eewlng J*I la Mill typewrltirs,»d> dirs, eaih rsgliteri. rugi, Spinet planoi t* 1104)1 itere merehandle aturt any dirs, eaih rsglit t* 1104)1 itere m fcuilneii any a eri. rug erehandl t, pt pla se, naturt*, any W b ost with panahlt sewlag matnlm by thi day nr will da Hwlng<i hime, Rl I. IAITM IBLL1NU pailtlam for wemin, Full tin*. tilo to lilo, Pail lime, 11 to 4, Also mm* pir. minenl pniltloni, Appllt*ll*ni,il ornee Monday, Thursday, tiso lo 0, Niwhirry'i, Rid Dank, BXPRIRNCKD ULKANINU wimiin fur t'ntril houi'-wfirk end Isiinih, Mill IHUllli ill/, l«o Ifi Mill' Mill. Canlm B, O, Ashliy, arllils 1 repriiintillv*. Rlvinld* a»!,, lied pvitli.,, WCOHI TA&MTURN prihrid, narl wnft^' famaw." l a M mmm kii-vbaaaik ar-ieaabbi L " l». hn Ban R ore, ll tlo onnout M l Inlereitil live, form imill warl, " alliklaii 1 ' l*a 111, Rid UA Int. minting, fk laip iienl t* 1104)1 itere merehandlse, naturt*, any fcuilneii, any amount, We buy most ""P 1 "' R«b«'ts (V, I lot Second J t J f l i m U N K l - 4 J. i r A I l u i T T MOO. A, B, lift.. Aillmtor,.' HPBRICNCD di PBRICNCED, RltlilABLB ptnon I* drive ear to Miami, Fli. Leave Mir. ill, Eiehangi traniportatlon, Will p all ear espenies, liifcrencci reiiulrcd, jjk t'"* 4. Twd iitflvr.ns-«(in driving in LOI> Anil*l«i about Murh H. Kefereticrs urihtniid., Al il-ltll,»h» Fifth»vi., A! -t"'"i' "hare? ««piniei,' ' VITEBAH Waiil^uy m«rble"top tat.1?.', wiihilindi, nm plclur. frnmo, glassm*n, visei, ihlnn,»ll Inmim,' >t>lnu (ur- Rllurt. lie, Wlut you old In your nftles, tat KK H.I3I..J or Wrlts>,!_«x.71,

45 KL.0 BANK REGISTER, MARCH 12,1953 rage Nm» POATS BOAT SUPrMBS AH» «> *'". ne«di u»«er. on. roof. BrerTtalng far the boatman. Na* Jarier'i largeit marine luridly heuii. Onn Suafa/a an* holiday!» A. H. ta 1 t. U. Week-tori 8 A. M.,to I P. M. Tke Baataua'a ' Shop. 24 Wharf ave.»b.»ll. l»s.~8c6tt""afwxfbr a.». lei* k»tt. Fitted anua-elear, ipara prapolror. IjdO.RB l-> HI-W after I P. M. 20-FOOT DORY TY*_I -Kfff, CabllSi leepi two, Unlvenal marina engiae, marina toilet, convertible tap. Good tanditlon RE I-!1M - 18-FOOT CEtfTDKV Sea Maid. Six-toot beam. 115 h. p. Chrjriltr Crown, full* aulpmd, wtvaa cover, tpotlicht, hath* er niti. Trailer alone worth MOO. Beat new cmt over 13,(00. Dealer* eleom.. 11,860. RE l-el»0.» A. M, ta I t. M. Tom Lynn. SI-FOOf LAP8TKAW deublt-eader. Mareont rig: aleepi two. Practically nav 45 h, p, Palmer motor. Toilet, ilaki much equipment, IS,000. Ml BXRISimototrV t ROOMS 111 BROAD ST. Urge, double, plell- lit room. Kitchen privileges; car pace. Aikury but at door: 112. Alia llngle room. 18, Call after 8:30. WE A M A YOlJNG touplf with a nice aunnj fvntllitd room, llnana included. Plenty of kot water. Breakfast privllegti. it Harding rd., corner Broad ''"**- '' *.l'' "' *"* r * **' " * FURNIfHED ROOafiP^ia private home. Double or elnglt. Oil treat. Quiet niigkkorkeod. Ill Wallace at. RE I- IW-M. _^ _ S kdl 1 2 f feet runninir o 21««-J after iu ltrv*». 9. Qm.tnrder, Call U 21««J after iiu, SEE THE buffioard ol tae future today. The new air-cooled Looion, at Straun Stores, White at., Red Bank. BE ; MAHOGANY RUNABOUT, IT feet. Ford V-l engine. Keedn only minor re* pair*. Bargain at Sea at lrwin'e Yacht Worhi. or eall BE!.»! < SMALL CABIN BOAT Two kunka. Re built Marina motor. Hull rebuilt llll> R. MacCrlndle, Plymouth, are., Port Monmoiith., NINE-FOOT SAILING DINGHY Full equipment, 195: 414 k. p. Jehmon motor, with both regular and Ion* ihaftl and hoiulngi KB 1-1MT Between 7 and 10 P. *!. ' REAL ESTATE WANTED HAWKINS BROTHER! TT Broad at RE Raal eitata. laawanca and mortgage loana Lilt rear property lar ti<r with Ul. CONSTANCE SMITH AGENCY 14 Mapla in., (air Ha»e«. RB M i l l real eiuie, linuianca. mertgaia loam. en for all iipee of aroparty. Write a» Phone Informatloa.* MORE CLIENTS than listing!. We ha»e many burerefn ll,o- lt.e»o rantt. Liit your home with ua for aettoa. Rueaell M Boru* Agency, 108 Rlrtf ti.. Fair llawii. Re I.U. ADAMS AGENCY If you want your home iold. let ua «how la our large ellentele. RE M-hour aerflca. WS~HAVE STtRtOtfSTroipaetii far ill tynea o( Uitlnga. Prompt and attaint acrvlee, Allaire A Sona Agtner, Inc. RC -S48O. SSE- kodlt 1 <2lean Uatne. ^forking man preferred: per week. RE I- "44-J. lot ghrtw»bi;rr ave,. Red Bank* VmnSRHV WJUW With kitchen prlv l fdcl mnsrhv WJUWWith kitchen prl ilegei. Buaineu eouple preferred. Close ta bulinesi lection and bui line. Garage, Call RE I-H-W. 2.1 South.' UfTtB dllvm KrleV chlerfuffut. nlihed room In private home. Excellint location, within ahort diitance railratal nation: ten minutei walk to Fort Monmuulh. Red Dank but pai&ct home. RE Monmuulh. RE ter~b RE tar<>er~bouble. >unny room. Nicely furnished, In private home. Plenty of t d ht t Kith i i i i furnish heat and if d l d ed, In p hot wa H rivate hme. ter. Kitchin th If dellrid. Homey etmoiph.rt. Rciidential lection, near bui. RE I-4178-J._ LAkOE, rornisrl_b"~room Private home. Gentleman preferred, RE I M. BR'AN-H AVB. Comfortable room. Twin or double bed, /or one or two gentlemen, in quiet home. Walking distance to buiincii center. Convenient to Fort Monmottth. on bui line. RE I 2I COZY ROOM In private home, two block! from aenter of Red Bank. Reasonable. Woman only. Call RE «-9202-J. ROOM WinaSSt In a nice KBule. Innerspring mtttreit. 27 Spring it., jjed Bank PLEASANT. SINGLE ROOM In private home, Convenient location. RE I- HJi-J. OUR.ROOM APAKTMENT, beautifully ^furniahed: In a choice location in Red lanv. All utllitiei included: for couple: 120 monthly rental. Call RE * ITTllOOir'TjNWIWllltt) "apartment: htm and hot water auppliad. Located ;:s Clevelmd ave., Long Branch, Will lecornte to lult. LO I-449S. N d t l O> DOUBU. with or without kitahea prlvileirei. Near bue and railraam atatlon, Fiva minutei from Fort Monmouth. Call between «and 1 P. M., RB I-48I7-M- LARGE ROOll^Sieely furnuhed. "Conveniant to kui and railroad. 19 Hec i RB I.QIHY' T veniant to kui and r tsr pi. RB I.QIH-rY.' MICK ROOM FoTTdU TTOOITFOB COUPLE 104 Hud- an ave. RE I-1I6I. APARTMENTS LISTINGS OF HOMES ant fareaa within the turrounding town! of Red Bank. For white or colored. Call aftar I P. M. John H. MarCrar, Real Eetata Broker. F.A W, rattm3"~xn» "CoUNTBT tstatk The New York Herald Tribune will publish Annual Sprint Llltingi Sunday!, March «. 15. K. M. April I,. Ta Place your ad aea jour local advirtlilnc agent, broker or lend til a full deaerlption of your froperty. auneitea a< with colt will fee lent ta you. Net obligation unleia accepted. Every ad reprinted free in Herald Tribune 1! Spring Farm Catalog. Addreii Herald Tribune Farm Dealt, MO Wnt 41st at,, New fakt O Wa Kara cllantl wilting to nurehaia all t»ma ( dalirabla property In the Red Bank area. Far remit!, phone, viilt ar write the John h. Mlnugh Ajmmv Htmio*. rt- Rumion Phone HIT I-WM-* frm HAVE crj-nth waiting far fanai. choice building lot! and acreage. Contact A. F. -ehwiera. Jr. ll.uafia pi. RB WANTED TO RENT RED BANK-FAIR HAVEN AMA-«ea- on, boithouie. cottage, ilrailar at' enmmatinm, iuitihla threa arlulla, Prak* ably would be uwd only week-end! In order to enjoy gr.atar uie af amall Milboat than preient arrangemeata permit. Phona MO M!2«after I P. M.. ar write, "Seaion," Bear 111. Bad Bank. lumton Taree rsome. utilities. UMI Dec IONT aaibar ^ARGi e lal occupancy, Sea H l G i r ^ O o d r T enette. Private entrance: parking pace. Utllitiei Included In rent. Do everything I can to make it pleaaant. Call KA MEW AMD MODERN apartment!. Furalahad and onfurnlihed. On bue line. Chaffin Agency. EA 3-lltJ or KA 1- om-w. LARGE THREE-ROOM furniihed ai'»rt ant. Eicellent location. Ne«r tranaportatlon. Couple rrrferred. AT : evening-, AT 1-O76J-M. fkkibt^tin0«s«3 50~TBRWPL. Furniihed, four Ur7e lunny roonn. Bath, continuoui hot water, oil burner heat: Frigidalrc: ««- ratce, BuiineRi couple. Reference!. Immediate occupancy. RB I-Olto-M between a A. M. and I Ml MAPllENtfor imme ditto occupancy. Fine location. Fur. shnl to iuit tenant. Uuieili, 35 Knit ront n. RE 4.1I9S. f r R r ' R KIBROSMTtiNF0«S«3HEDrTdcT for toupla. Convenient to atorea and comeaulera. All utilltiei, heat ga>, electricity and water included: *80 pir month. Call RB «-»4iS, fwu APARTMENtT^Z'/i and 3-room. all. furniihed. Plenty h»t and hot water. 4 Penlmula ave., Sea Bright Phono H l-0»»4j.. "*"hotts# Dupont~axacuUTa; thraa amau ihlw riren. Call South Hirer I-Ilia, ad. I' hawa Vy and tkree fintm ok roim-unt-o-t profeiiional man. Wifa I children. Unfurnished (weald eaaiidar furnished.) In luburbaa anrraundlaia. (Prefer Little Sllvar.l Naar food elementary ichool, Year'l leata. Call KA Mitt, eat. Ili*.»T3RNISH«n~ROOS for woman. South Cllntoa pi.. Rid Baak. " NICE BUNGALOW Hauat, ar... Tl RS I- fwo OR THREE-ROOM modern fur nlihed apartment. All utilities, it Mount ave., Atlantia Hlghlandi. AT I twotroom FURNISHED apartment.»< Waat Bergen pi,, Red B»nkj liarack APX5TMENT =^Three roomi, fully turniihed. Heat and utilitici Included. Adulta only: ISO monthly. Boraa Agency. Fair Haven. RE WSTtoRotaSTTOcheV bath. ntit oar. Second Boor, one bedroom, kitchen, bath., At 250 Bridge ave. In tulra 184 Bridge ave.. Red Bank.' ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS Two-room furniihed apartment with bath. Private entrance. Buiineaa woman oi touple. All utilitici., AT 1-U521.J Syer. l» Fourth ave. AtLANtTC~HlGT)CA'8bS Vnfurnlihed, NISSilWl four-room apartment With bath. Newly deeoratod. In private home, Beil realdantlal aectlon. Large porch, vie«of hay, private entrance: garden: oi heat. Alt utmtlia included. AT 1 '"ijf _ VtieiMiykA^ ->- Three-room, aeeond' Joar apartment with two extra room In eapaneion attle. Commodloui cloiet*. Heat, hot t l i i d T klk Heat, hot TW4 kloeka water, electricity aupplled. from buiineia center, Phone after 1 P. M., BB M5»7. mu.ruukl FUBNlSR-S apartment. Suitable for couple. All convenience!. Utllitiei aupplled. 82 Shrewibury ave., Bed Baak. Call RB M.' garage or ore apartment. Twa kairaami, nnftimliked: yearly. Two alulti. Will keep property In eieellent condition- Fair rent, Vineent Rokerti. till Seeand aw.. Aibury fart. AS I-itlT. INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE MODERN ITORI far rent I Ilidl fait. wlta large ataraga aallar. Watar u 4 heal lupilled.. bain lerplea'a. Ill Monmotttk it.. Bad Baak. EB l-lllf. ) Moaaaulk ITORC FOKIUBJT at tl* at.. Bad Bank. Na fail u w au!» Monli and Not laws Bealtj Broad at. Red Bank. run HUT, aouire fail. nfltc for warikouie-or maaufaatartai, f t-tlll. For avallahla Induitrjal aaa tamiaitt* clal loeationi in Red Rank area, call ar write Roland Pierian, Sckwarta-Maiklin.» White it. BK I-I121. FACTORY FOR BlNT Mil aej two-itory. Weitilda ave., Rank. arket: grocerki, moat, green good*) taodara aquipment, atock, good will aad real eetate. Groiilng I50.COO yearly: 111,- «00. See Roland Plirlon, fchwartl- Maeklln. 8 White at- RE l-llll. FOR SALE Bakery hullneia. Complltely equipped, Groiilng 145,090 yiarly. Same location for " - t - - Pienon, Schwarta RB I-8HI. oiling 145,090 yiarly. r 15 yaara. lee Roland s-maeklla, I White at. LIQUOR LICENSE! Package liquor, itorf, plm general atora line) Only 129,000. Exeluilva trade. Owner re'lrln* haalthy. Your neitl V Adama Agency, Eait Bergen pi. ' RrS l-»0»l. 14-hour ler'vict.* SERVICE STATION aad garage, em>e and lubrication room with lift. Three hayi In rear with drive-up ramp, kady work and repalri, All equipment, lit,- uoo, Write ts "atlon-oarage," Bag 811. Red Bank. ROOMS MAPUt AVE.-r«raliaed Mats*, Oaa or Had laak'a mait eanvaalant wat> tlnnn, Call RB l-llll. at re Qqwilra. VOMKORTAILT ruknueil kedraaej, In vrlvala BUM. Na alkir raagtir* Rnldentlal lection. RB d-lllll.w. KI»~TJ1lNminrTr0dM=«(i~ double. I!ko.* am 1lNmHinrTr0dM«(n 97 Elm pi,, Red Bank, rtomit ilaan, m»tm ant aionabli ran. Oinllimia 1 *iml»h Wallace». daukl rnlikli OMI I ngle or double, Prlvata Saaie. New modern furnlihiagll al ll Oron enlllatlon I ki 1 "W I e, Pvata Saaie. iagll alaan, ajylil, rking. ReaeaMlla! 1 "* "«? child, Hoi water fu knunekeeplng. Prlvata Il m k for^ «o«ilt» niihed, Comelita entriaee. Alia prl Niwly knunekeeplng. Prlvata entriaee. Alia Ingle room, reaionakla prlee. Niwly palmcd, I Morford»! Bed Bank, Niar Klimi'i ing Mai If Pltilar, M d-tlll), ^ 1.AR0I!,' l,lffht~kciuieke«pln«roami. Ronini with kitchen prlvllfli tnd teeplng roomi. Beit location for bum and itorn, Lati of parkin ipati, RE 4.2I0K, trwr wttk. itfiofft kiiraom ilonblt kltchrn, for two rouplei hare, Urge ronm with two larga l«la hedi for Iwn gmlkmen to laare, ar imlnmi touple, All. utllltlei, RB I, f!»ilat I I Rrldga a TWO BOOMS Newly decoratet Very aieely furniihed. Houiekeeplng faellltill, waiher, utilitlia and linem IUP Had. Convealently located. Call RE I' tl-m after I P. M., or anytime Sun' TOO APAMIKHT-Horth light ana mint. All modern Im- Ina residential laetion, I Third ave., Atianti I-0I8I-J.' IH pravamenta. r av«n klaadl. JDIO APARTMENT Furnliaed. '* Hock from hue Una and itotei. Con< lilting at bedroom, living (pom, ktteh< eaetta and hath. Rent 1737 with utill tlei. RU 1.04M.' OnBOTFuRNlSHlD four-room apart miat. Centrally located. Heat and hot tr auidlied, I3, Phone RE J Tn'.... UNrVKKflHCD Thru-room apartment. Niaa laeatlea in Sea Bright. Ground foor. Heat, kot water eupplled. Yearly rental I ponthlr. Available April Jet1CaHafterll\_MJ_IHJ_J^>5M_ NEWLY DBCORAfkD Four-room furnllhed apartment, with private bath, elielrle nfrlgirator: garage: all utllitiei " BE l-tllll.w. FOU-llouM apartment -. Mia. ill Jeriiy Shore'! only co-operative garden apartmtnti; one hour from Near York. Eicellmt location and tranltartatlon for eommuter. Plentl Mat, kot water, eloteti: janitor aervlei ' (dad In monthly maintenance of 170, I-HIS-M after 7 P. M.,. AND i.hdokt apartmenta availahle. ll«and 1105 reipectively. Aptly at Tke Terrace Inc. Superintendent at apartment IS-A, Spring ter., Rai Bank.. FURNISHED Two or three roomi oi Highway, Welt Keamburg, K t-ihi-j.' NEWLY DBCORATED 2',»-room fur aiihed apartment, All utilltiei. Yeai arouad tenanti. Quirt, ilx-family hou monthly. KB I-19I1-B. Ill'man fmb. Privat. VOONS camplelfly furnlihei..'ivata entrance, Privat* bath, Rail dantial neighborhood. Convenient ti kumi, All utllltlm furniihed; 190 per mmth. Available April 1. Phone RB I- I.. - ROOMS, living roum, kitchen, kllki garaie, Nicely furniihed, Jacel. leal taeatlan. South it., Red Baak, Marik. (H.nneiiy.) f_tjrtdolirxni)"bath. N.wly... aratad. Heat, electric, hot water an laa itava; 110 month, 15 Loh " mihuig, KB , _r unfurnlthed, Three raom apartment I t?5 per month, In eluding all ulllltlei. Phune AT l-oail ti«i1cr~thwhr60m TinTuTnliliVJ aaartnrnt Recently redecorated, Ef< lilih' kllehia, tile aath, ample close! laaci. Convenl.nt Incatlnn, Imnidlati aeenmaee, BB I-H>»-M, FIRIT PLOOR Thru roomi, Owner de. Iril middle-lied i couple who woull! appreciate large paneled living room! high Mlllngi, four wlndowa, larga bee roam, twa aloieti with llghti, tile ball kawor, modirn alictrle klichm unit ample!*, ventilating fan. Area com' pare! la lome 4 and 4 H-room apart< minli, Na children, no pete, irorauon, til MiLaian it., Rhoxn fay apna!«l< mint only, All no* equipment, enpen. lively decnrateil, veitlliilk rntranee from ' ' ilk ilonr rntera at 11)0, Including ga larae front vorch, bwk ilonr rtitera a tailed garage. Rent 11)0 ' ' " rue. Phone Rii, EAUTIPU THREK.HOOM nirtm.nt Furnlihed. Private kliehrn anil halh Clean, quiet homf, lt««t, lloht luppllrd flaraitv Adiilti, I/' «. MH, M ' U'h LEANi Nl.H nlihid room, Vtlllllii ant ' v»i«home, *>nl«ntly k I r. H. «r nyttib* raom, Nauiikeialng failllllei. nil llnrii lupalladi N*l In»f. i, Hnt»l it» «LR»iir,Bitli, Canlotiliit,. RR d.jmi.m afiir if anitliaa imdirs TWO-ROOM allrirtlkly fiirnuhh ii mftit, with halli. Ullllllri liinlutr deal for «oui>l#, 1ST Chelita «vi,, l.nm coir, raan, inarlmenl. itchtnilte, hath, " ' gated In l.ivlm RMMBn APARTMKKT I.WIn raem.hedrnsm riimblnatlon. Til kllikin, ill mw ai>u!lon<<ei, Hhari lial with awner, AT 1.078'ii lnat.ri, WvT piltfuriinrrnlihll^;fim7fi Hul Mil k«t wattr, U Wallava Aim HI* IH«.room fnrnlahext apirtmeni hut aid hot wal»f, 77 Wellaci it, I'oi Ifpalktmint, nil RB «>«llt. APARTMENTS REAL ESTATE FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 'HREE-ROOM UNFURNISHED apartment with heat. 14 theitnut it., fair iven. ARGE. FURNISHED one-room apartment. Newly decanted: reainnable. Ine ihort block to kuilneia diitrict, 57 'eteri pi.. Red Bank. HREE.ROOM rurnished ipartment. Nire residential location. Red Bink. lamge available. Near bua line. RE 4512-R.'.TLANTIC HIGHLANDS Fourth ave. Three room* and bath, all utilliei mpplied. Furniihed or unfurniiheri, D obeetlon to children. Reaiomble ice. Call AT 1-0»P».* NFURNI8HED APARTMENT AT 21 Main at., Eatontown. Inquire at HO >wli it,, Eatontown. HREE^ROO'M FURNiSMlD apartment. Private bath, private entrance. All illtiei furniihed. plenty of kot water. icond flour. Adlllt. only. IS W«ihgton it. RE " l V E R f R f J VERfRoBT^PARfJIBMT For biiiincu couple; fully furniihid. Bedoom, ilresiing rnom, large living room, lompleta kitchen and bath, In quiet reidentiat park, twa blocki from Red Rank tatlon. No pen. Phone RE I-2887.' 1VE ROOgAND~SATH: all utlllti'i: furniihed, centrally located. Call RE 3.180, IELFORD Four-year-old house. Twe bedroomi. modern bath, kitchen and urn combined ; living room, expaitiloti tie, floor laid; oil spare heater! lot 2%xiOO. C. I. mortgage assume for l,t>l)o. Call AT ^.* *5rMl "f3srat_s=_l«le~stlver. LTt 135x190. Full grown trees. Excellent location. Owner. BB I-2I7O-R.* BEST EOCA'TION^Foiii' ma»ter bedrooms, 3';t baths, servanl'a quarters; Ive-ear heated game and apartment. mmaculata condition, Six magnificent crel. Selling and listing exchange, scrice, Amot Hoagland, Broker. Asking >_.S00! Phone_K. IMonllll,_RU_I OUSfe Seven rnnmi and bath for mli or rent. Hot water heat, oil burner; larage. Selling price asked 2.SO0 or 'cut 190 per month,, I. Hennettey, Jrolter, 451 (,'hurch St., North Long nch, or call LO t-100j. EOflAtfr>0 Five-room, well kept home, Llrgi _ ilaped living room, large lodern kitchen, modern bath, full eeloil-flr^d hot water circulating heat, 17.11)0. Call after 12:30 P. M.. AT I- IHARMIWti THBK-nOoM apartment; large, tunny: privato entrance. Parkipttre. Everything furniihed; IS. l4 r l«rwshedlargo room and kltchenettr. Block from railroad, Aeron from Irati't Beveragcn, IS North Bridge ve.. Red Bank. lbroomitmnlshl5datia7tse t on Monmouth it. Near railroad and ui itatlon. Inquire 201 Monmouth it.. 1<MI Bank. Call KB M or RE I BEAUTIFUL Three bedroome, t«o batha. Fine toeation, on bui line, In private home. Referenccl. 29 Harding rd., Rtd Bank. Alto tworoom and bath apartment. At 23 Harding rd., Red Bank, 271-W. IOAT BASIN Shop, apartment and. aereag. on Point I'leasatit-Bay Head anal, Mrs. K. Dorbcck, Wrrt Point i9ts 0~FOTT"THli_lt-BEl)lVOOM ranch home. Hot water heat: ereeted on 'our lot, Low down payment. For aplointmtnt to na completed model, call ) I-0I79-M. NEW HOSE for sail or rent,.17 Mount ave.. Atlantic Highlands. AT I BELFOltD BunKalow, fii.i rooms. Full cellar and endoied porch. Near but- IC leetlnn, ichool, ehurehei and beach,.ot 75x100. Will sell furnished for or uttfurnilhed (or 11,000, Call KB I-O988-J. WSTBRTHONT PROPERTY Highlands. Six room, 1 Va baths; garage; dock and lulkhead; 115,000: ll-room houee, priate hiich, HU7IO-foot lot: 117,500; lx-room home, four bungalowt; garage, irlvate dock, new bulkhead, (23,000. See Ouiney, broker, Sit Navesink ave., _ghlanils. >, COUNTRY HOSE On high bluir. Shad. treei. Living room, fireplace: dlnlnu 'oom, two bedrooms, hot water li.nt, iil-ftred; expansion attic, den, full eelir; larga garage; f 1 H.OAf). Schanck gency, 8 Linden pi. Phone HE C EW MODERN HOMES for G. I.'i. Livinir room, modern kitchen, two lieilroomi, tile bath: espaniion attic: autolatic heat: full baitment; 810,600, 1000 down, including legal fecit. Ichanck Agency, 8 Linden vl, RE < rshebapartlnikt fkr IKKC roomi. new bath, completely 'emodcled. Heat, water, private floor, iliii. Leane required. Bowt-ll. AT I-0IK TJRT*rSH6D'~AP"AlffJIENT^^RTf7lS' JTrSH6DAPAlffJIENTRTf7lS ator, utllitim, hot runnlnr water. Near 'tntion, but line. 129 Bridge ave. OU R~Tt00MS=Paftly~f urn 1 i>ied7~am! hath. W. J. Cooni, Seventh ave. and Hillilde ave., Atlantic Highland! *'lfrslsr l>l d k llago room and kitchen' ette. Block from railroad atation. Acroii from Crate'i Beveragea, North Bridge av»., Red Bank.* OUR-lKOOMrAPARTMfNT Largo H ini room, two bed roomi, bright :ltchen. modern tile bathroom, apaeloua loiiti, furniihed or unfurnlihed. Yearl rental. Call after «P. M.. AT 105M bev "fhrrt^rl r unfurnlihed. Yearly «P. M.. AT 1-05-M. ^ROOll." unfurnlihtd h Bth d ObERV fhrrtrooll. unfurnlihtd apartment. In new houie. Bath and private entrance. Lovely for newlyweda r buiineia couple. Everything Included. 175 a month. AT W. TWO ROOMS FUHfflfrtlED All lltili tin. Private entranet. Near Fort Monmouth, Sent Hi monthly. Call LO TWO VERY NICELY furniihed roomi fur colored, with kitchen privilege! ft. k Cll Dth S t Swa r colored, with kitchen privilege!: a week. Call Dorothy Swarta.ef rta Furniture Store. BE R ^ r ~ ^ : iirntihvdar5rt ment In Eatontown. Near Fort Mon< louth. Children invited. Call Dorothy»art«at Swarta Furniture Store, RE «-3JlS. VECSBfte UNIVRNUHEDfSolrTirTn Eatontown..Threa kloeka from Fort Monmouth, Children Invited, Call Dorothy Swartt of Swam Furniture Store. nn»»»2h TWO SUNNY JtOOJI- All utilltiei, Handr to itori and bui, Alto trailer Mtcpt four. Lower tent until May I RE J".» ;RNI-MED APARTMKKf Living room, bedroom, hath and kltehen. Near Fort Monmouth. Phono RB I-. IfRiSG-nuoil rukifrsnkd apartmen with bath. Eaat Sunut ave., Rid Bank.* REAL ESTATE FOR SALE rranklth O. HAVIUHD. krakar. Riildaatlat. aaraaga. tormi aad earn- trclnl bromrtlae Llatli McLarta at.. Rod Bank Han aallelted Tl i, RE». CONSTANCB SMITH Ajeaey, Mapla are.. Fair Havea. RB I- HOI. Wo kava attraetlvi houaaa ia Red Bank, Fair, Havea, Rumion, Shrewibury, Middlitawn, Eatantawn and vicinity. Phane na lar belt huyi. Te mi arraagtd. PAUL P STRYKER. Realtor. Farma and farm ntatee. Stall Mlg». way 14, Haladil. Pkaaa «O BAY STILLMAM, RBALTOR. Larga %8!& a. s.r.;».7r:a.ypei of prapartlea ttrooihaut Maa mth nty; farme towa d " yp mouth coun rail. Iowa aad cauatrf rtlin kuilaeii niralerve»ou TlBJMIlir" ** bousei wtterfroat propartlm kuilai oi'porlualtlet Calk writ* raur raemii menu Urn aid lomntml Mai LET US PUT A SIX-ROOM home oa your lot and foundation far only 32» dow» Call (manual Ivarta af Swarla Kurnltare RB I-Hll or RE I-I4. LITTLE SIC\W= arie calanlal kerne. Five bidrooim, niw kat watar kaat. all burner. Studla apartmial furnliaei Incoaa, Half-acre (rauadl. mar aelool and itorn: «a km Unit I.Qat. RB UTTLE SILVER IH aero hulldlng alta. ^K 1 *" MM * **"** Ci " MARIE COX AOKMCY. eaah«ta aag Iniu'ora. lalm roarl* aad aim* aaar rantala. Camaaikt dt, Fart- upeck. Pkaaa LO g WILL CONOVRR Baallar. Cam- Plata real eittta Mrvlia, Aa Mar il your ihiat la nr*a r*l, Wail rraat M. RB l-ltll, NOPERTIEI OP ALL BIND! fay tali. Llailaia wiaiti. laiaraaia klali. rim* loan, A»»I» R. V. B. R, att, 1T-TI Iraat it.. Rat Baaa. Pkaaa RB till, RUMION Five-loom haute, Twa bedroami, Ilia bath, alaitir walli, kaaemint, eipamlon atlle, full aerietia, orm ain, Venetian kllnda aad eleitila range Included, Lot alllo, Hoi wate-r ol liiul, Thre. y.arl «ldl 111,1)00, Phon HU I.Illlll, HANC STVfJ at'ucio kiant" riji, room! and tile halh, Full ctllan fi aero i>f laml, Oall MA 1-lHli-H-l, OCKANl'ROMf 'V"draim~kouia~WlTI Ihrrs hrdronmi. Iwa I* hslhi, mod ern electrln kitchen, flreplars, Attrac lively fiirnlihed, Hhowar room mil l«v atory nff oitlni oll.nreh aeal, line inn deck facing nc»«n and firlvue aeirh, Tun minr Important ditilli In mention all nf them, Mtlll s». t«liinrfdlal* Asking I4A.0D0, Marl*,C'n«Agency, Ciimmii'hi' dr.. Pnrtaupxk, LO a-lloa A«r,inirvrro»Tilv«f^«Tnrr«nn Imiirnvemenli, Threa acrai n rihind, Thrre.tar gariir, Niw traitor of lie I Baiik. Wklla ar aoriit. t'al after I Pi M, inhn, MaeCray, Nia K«lnti> Mrokir, RA 8.0H-W, A^WT^KHRAll'rift'hHnTnirXtiiiHtl Mlghlaiiili, Beaulllul fiivlrnnmnnl Nine rniimi, modern kilrhin, In fan very fnri»tnl»tire, tih Tinlmnmi, tw rulhi, t'omimetfly linilinnth grniind John H, MieCtlVi Rill Eitlli Biaka BA llltw ;UMSON Old Firm Village, 1 Vi acres, over 200-foot road frontage, high levitlon. All utilities available: K.- JO. Kchwartl-Macklin, i Whit. st. E_«_l 121. IN THE COUNTRY Three brdroomi. ranch house. Large living room with ining room area, equipped kuchep. anomatie hoat; attachetl garage. <l. I. need! l«0 rlnwn. Price ll'j.401). Sehwarli-MackUn,» White it. RE I ~alie over large Gl loan. Two-year-old cottage In Little Silver: 41, nice room', in exellent condition. Large living room, ncautlful kitchen with dining space, twn Inrge bedroumi, hot watvr h«at. oil; full ellar: 110,000; 11,5011 cash. Borui lgeicy._fair Haven. RF. 8-4:^3. i hit tix-room ranch home. Only two enri old and in prrfect condition, Large living room with fireplace. Nice dining room, deluxe kltch.n, three lame berlronnni: attached garage. Many extrai; '.-.. Borui Agency, Fair Haven. RB «.4S32.. URSlRABLE RIVER OARS Handsome colonial In mperlitive condition. Liv Ing room!4xl4 with nreplace. Charm ing dining room with corner cupboard. Tiled bath. Beautiful mnroom, full eel- Three large bedrooma <om unfinished.) RUMSON HOME Living room. pbvch, kitchen, dinette, two bedroomi; at :ached garage. Nlco location. Price Other home, from 14,200 to I I D.0 0 0, Let ua know your requirement!. Ott Agency, 19 Well River rd. RU RUMSON RANCH HOHt-I.srgt living room, thrcn bedroomi, full bntement. Nice Duiet Ideation. Clou to atorei, ichaola and bun line. Excellent value, 16,800. Ella Wiltshire. Agency. Rralon. Phone RE or SE Open wcek-mrta, STONB FrfO'NT^Four-bedroom, two bath home. Tile kitchen, Attachrrl garage: full haicment, Lot 75x.1lo, Fine Little Sliver location. AikitiK 121,' 500. Ella Wiltshire Agency. Realtor!. RB I-3304 or SE Open week endi. _ _ C5W BoWfl PAYMENT And fs5 monthly buya thli almost new ho,me, Expandable attic: baiement; tile bath lovely kitchen. F.lla Wiltshire Agency Realton. RE l-ssot or SE Open Week-cadi, ACRES IN AULDWOOD Excluilve Kumfon location. Alto plant for threebedroom, two-bath modern home, all for 15,600, Ella Wlltihlre Agency. Realton. RB t-5301 or SE Open week-endt. TbANTIC HIGHLANDS Nlco raaldel tlal area. Attractive) six room house, erfoet condition,.tiled bath, hot watar teat, oil. Wall to wall carpeting, mage, large plot. Asking K.SI0. Submit offer. Sweeney agency. Phone RU RUMSON Five-room Cape Cod colonial Niea location. Hot water heat, ell, Are. place, tiled hath, insulation throughout larage. Atking 114,500. Sweeney Agency, Phone RU I.M SHREWSBURY Three-bedroom, Cape Cod. Fireplace in living room, equipped kltehen, hot air oil heat; tuhi In.cellar: attached garage: IKI.SOCI Schwarta-Macklin, ti While it. RK I Ilil BOROUGH OT SHREWSBURY Only eight montha old. Four roomi and tile bath, electrle range, larga electric hoi water heater, oil heat, storm windowi and icreeni. Large mortgage obtain able. Only 111,500. Schwarti-Macklin, White. RB LSI21. OUTSKIRTS OF RED BANK*Tt7oTbfd room home with expansion apace fn two more bedroomi: living rnon, kiteh an. fully equipped: tile bath, hot ai automatic, heat; taxea rtatonable, G. I, ntede 1100 down on 110,100 home. Schwarta-Maeklin, I White it. RE I lltl. UMSON GATE HOUSE Eitata arel Two-acre plot, lovely treei. Living room, dining room, electric kitchen with dlahwaiher; three bedroomi, modern bath; new G. E. hot water ail beat; ample garage ipacr: 121,500, Mlnugh Agency, Phone RU LOT.' NEW SHREWSBURY 15-acro farm. Houia (without Improvement!) and outbuilding! in poor condition. > dlitlnet challenge to a young couple with energy and imagination. Price IS.SOO. Caih required to right party, Hlmmh Ag.nry. Phona RU I-07.* HIGHLANDS (Portland Road Seetlnn. Enthantlng river and ocean view. Par tlally furnliherf. Ten-room houlc, l',i bathl, one tiled: heated lunroom, ateam oil heet, new ropper plumbing; garage Mlnugh Agency. Phon RU 1 (17.' RUMSON ESTATR AREA Mader ranch knuie, Larga living roam with.' placet dining room, ultra modern electrle kltehen, formica topped eountero, deluxe electric dove, two droomi. IV tiled bathi, Enclosed breiitway; aluminum awningi, combination itorm tall and icneni, Hot water ell kilt; dr. kaiimint: attacked two.rar garage, Black topped driveway. Delightful view from hill topt l't-acre nloli 133,000. Mlnugh Agency. Phone RU , FAIR HAVEN Corner plot. Largo ilxroom nungalow with aspamlon attic, Tiled bath, fireplace, hot watir oil heat biiement recriatlnn ronmi threa-ear gl taga: 111,500, Mlnugh Agency, Phoni SHRBWSRURY-Modirn bun galaw, Thrio bedroomi. Rath, hot al nil heatl large kltehin, dry crlir; hreeie way 1 garage 1 larga shaded plot, Aakln 111,510, Mlnugh Agency, Phone RU I J M T r fmsontrvbrfhbnt- HalNacrlTpio liottaga t'linlalni living room. flri» plici, dining room, kltrnm, lavatory, Screened port-h, twn hetlroomii, bath up- lain, Cottaga needi renovation and I imhaatoil, utntanil ng value at Ill.nOO, StoUKk_4Mr».V, phnna HU 1.(171(1,' LOCUilV - lleitrakle nrlghb, ihnnd. Doubla living mom, flriplacai dlnln room, larga modern kitchen, ttinroonti laundrt, downitalra toilet t five btilronmi tiled hath hot waier nil heat I acre pint 1 m,flnnt Mlnuih Aaincy, Phone RU RUMSON AtliatlTie mmlfrn ranc 1 houae, Plm (iinilrrl VIK roum, nr*> plan I dining mum, kitchen, laundry,! aaitroomii lllnl halhi uumnlele Insulation hnt water radiant htati garaget IH.'JOO Mlnuh AiJUi >l!u?»i! r RUkJSON-OMer nl, homt r d Ing renovation, Near tratitiinrtaith>n Mlk Mhsol, four kidfaomii, balk, living mum, dining room, kitchen 1 pier leu rnal hell I pint 8l7f.l enrakf 111,1100, Kxt'luilvily thniiivli Mlmiul Ajiyiiiy, Bjl.tryiill nl..phonf I! I.»;!«.' I'AIN ' lu'viinf MivVrfrnnl, ' K«c"elifi'i vlfw, tanrly hoatli, Fnnr li'iiiiiomt, 'J>«tllnt tiattii, (>ln«pantltil llvlim rnnm with i'km re window anil fli«nl«i'» Menu nil heali Iwn.rar aarmi U<,00 Hlauia Ai«i>. Pkiaa Vu LCIU," latontown Lew down payment. Five roomi and tile bath; fully euuilipcd trhen. full rrllar, forced hot air neitt, l-flrcd: 11,150 clown: lift.31 nor month, pint ta\i'i..schwarte-mncklin, ' White it. RE JHi AND SKt. A"N esri-iunt homt in n excellent neighborhood. Priced rnnerly: plm all the charm of renter all, large living room with, fireplace, ttrictiv. liinlntf room, there bcdrinmu, '.-j lite bitthi, cellar and [wo-car starnge; i7.5l)ll. Kay SUmau. K «-.'.I. ;OTHINC~LlRK IJWNIN«your own home. New rcil- ranch honi. of disnction, Whltt roof: thrt.. bedroomh, Us- baths; attached garage: cellar, iliuiily ving room and dining room; I'i2,.wio, in large lot anil handy to shopping, chonl and nation, Ray -Stillmnn. RK -.'.HI. on corner plot. Including fireplace, Iving room, two bedroom, and tiath; lso expansion attic, cellar ami garage. lard tn duplicate in thes. dnys at the rice. Ray Sllllmaii. RB H-5I. feed FOUR BBDRObjfS? Brick ffoift home with ipaciout living room, nrelace: and dining room, two bedroomi nd tile btth down: two bedrooms up: ttached lint-age. All for In ood neighborhood. Ray Stillman. RE ifjlmdkl AREA 113 acres, 70 tilwu> balanct woodland: brook and pond ite. Convenient location, adaptable as itock farm. New Jertey type farm horn, vith all conveniences: four bedroom* nd bath: usuiil outbuilding!:!.'> *>,000. :«y_stillman. _ RK 6-.">]. "N THE SHHKWSHUHY' RIVER twoncrei, with garago npartments: beatiiful trees, nrdrn, rtowrrfl, greenhouse, pace for dogs: Severn] hundred feet on ivcr, Asking 121,000. Wonderful Poshilities. Ray Stillman. RE B.lill I. room hou»e anil chicken hoii>tr!: L'ICCrie. gas. eli'. Tall AT 1-0C73-W. heilroom*. tilrd hath and a half-tiled itchen. Hot water, oil burner; two-car nrngr, VR R.SH34. DUTCH COLONIAL Original owner oltera this very attractive lixroom houii. Recently painted and decorated. Fireplace; shade treel, garden. Exceptional value, only tl4,000, Stanley K. Downs, Realtor, Shrewsbury. RB 1-101". NKED FOUlTTJEUOOSrs7 l.ik«a tile bath with shuwrr? Fireplace ill living 'oom, modern kitchen? Garden, play rea. Set this home: 115,800, Stanley I. Downs, Realtor, Shrewsbury. RE < ifountrv ACllE= lia7minif cottage..completely rtiuenrntctl. Three brdroomi, two hathi. Three mllet to Ret! Bank. Immediate posarsslon. Priced fur quick tale, f 14,500. Stanley K, Downi, Realtor. Shrewibury. RE CUSTOM RANCH HOUSE. Spacioul living room, dining room, icience kitchen, three matter btdroomi, two tile bathl, plaster walls, full basemtnt; two-ear garage. Incomparable; 123,500, Stanley K. Downl, Realtor, Shrewibury. RE A YEAR AROUND HOME for lale. Fiva roomt and bath, oil heat and garage: eaih. KB W. VAN HOHN Ordere taken from model veteran't ranch house. Baiement. expansion attic, tiled bath, cellar closeti; 1400 cash. Price 110,600, Ray Van Horn, Realtor!, 804 River rd.. Fair Haven. RB I VAN HORN Park-like neighborhood. Numerous treel. Six-room colonial. Tiled bath, oil. steam; fireplace, ring', refrigerator; garage 117,500, Ray Van Horn, Realtors 804 River rd., Fair Haven. RE I VAN HORN Hilliite, Slate-rooftd modern eolonlat. Four acrei. Eight roomi. Threa bathi; double garage; recreation room. Often Invited. Ray Van Horn, Realtor!, 804 River rd.. Fair Haven. RE VAN HORN Acre plot, near river. Seven-room ranch house. Rambling design. Two tiled bathi, ciaacti, oil heat; double garage: 122,500. Cash Ray Van Horn, Realtor!, 804 River rd.. Fair Haven. RE OWNER TRANSFERRED Offer! year old, three-bedroom ranch house, General Electric hot water oil heating tyitem. Many extrai. Attached garage. Aiklng I iy Van Horn, Realton, 801 River rd., Fair Haven. RE EARLY AMERICAN farm home. Recently remodeled. Pretty village letting: 1!4 tcrei: 12-foot living room, fireplace; three bedroomi, modern bnth; garage. Aiklng I, v00*. Ray Van Horn, Realtor!, 804 Diver rd., Fair Haven. RB VAN HORN To aettla estate. Seven-room River Oaka colonial. Two bathi. Kndoird breeieway; doubla garagt: rail fencing. Offtrl Invited, Ray Van Horn, Realtor!, 804 Rlvtr rd,, Fair Haven. RK I TWiTH CHARM-C.rn.r plot 14'xld' living roam. Front patio with Iron railing, Large kitchen with pine cablneta; tiled bathroom, two comfort able bedroomi. Attached garage; 111, S00, Ken Lawley Agency, Exclusive list Ing. BE SACRIFICE SALE! Red Bank cottage on enrntr plot. Four roomi with fintihed baiement playroom, pine panelri bar, Enclosed breeieway and attarhed garage, 12 Dniaimond ave. Only ID, VBTBRAN'S~HOME^Capa~Cod, i 7.Vxl42' plot, Living room, kitchen two hedroomi, hath, full haument, ve. neitlnn blind!, combination sloiro anil screen ilih, ranat and refrigerator 18,190 mortgage, on IS-year baili ( atiume. Asking 110,1011 for the wnrki Kxcluslve with Uwley Agintv. HK ( OjMO. MUST SKLLI Twii.ynr.n'ld l.uiivslot. offered at original, price, Living room Klk-heii with formica rfiunter* tups, (la range, Weitlltghousii rtlrl»ialiir, l.nuli dry mom, tiled hath, two tieilronm with e.\liaiislon Nllli', ('oniei' >lul I O,< Aon firm. Inclusive with t.nwlty Ageui'y HUN ANClillilMK- IJvIng wit nreplar.t illnlnx tlrove, mnilern kltrh en, two bedroom* with hiillt.lti r rf»»er.«tllrrl ballirnnm, etpanat'in altlrl al tarhrrt gnragr, K.^itras Inrliiile rang* ipfrlberatni', and Washing machine, Ask In* > it I y 11,1,1)00, f.ii'liisive with Law.. living rim with fli'tnlnce. Cheerful kllrhrn nil formica Inpil tllfil hatlirnoin, Iwo liril rnomt downstalrii ona largn tieilru tipitalri with threa expniurci, tin mint with waimuhi mil ilirk niiini Attached garage, Man* extras, AiMui l_!_. n 5 l.awley AKeni-y, HH a;0_l. luimnon IDKAWAV I'ufiLt fm'tr llrfd iiouiile ur sumiiim' hiinie, 'IV ai'l'i'l ul si'clikliin I,nine ii'i'i'ilii'il IMTI LHI'V. pin. isti"<iil llvini'illnliig I'otnliln Minn. Pinrldl kllchrn with all anul ancia, Twn hrhrnomi with ha I hrnnttt Fully furnisher! In mnitfriti U,S00, Law llf Afiatf, Bl 041», UMSON Sutuili liungalowl Pint 20O'x:M.*i'. l,'om[>inntii>n living.dining oom (.''x!.*>'.) Kirfplncf, ruiseil hearth: wu btnlrontnh, tile bnth, MIJSSI-P tub; hot WHtcl* oil: attlicllril Klirilg.; I tir.'i'r..'. wny) : 4: DinnU K. Byrne, llenliom^on Niliri'Paroch'fai school ATtractive thrt'e-lifdroom home. Bath, ien, piprlcxs Klis hcilt: onc-cnr garage. Ntwly decorated. Plot 5n'xl3.V.. Excellent buy! Asking O/J, Inspectlun Invited. l)i-iuii«k. Kynie, 'Realtors... in- HU " iibti"tuntv=ne'.ir~ho. iital. 1 "( luctnr'it location.) linru* romliinntlon irik-dinin^r rnnm. tile kiti'hi'n, thti;e (li»nm», )>ulh, hot w.'ttcr oil heit; hrec- citr itnrtttr, AnkinK ttfi.oufl. I>cni«K. liyrtir, r;i tou. l'lionc RU 1- I.-IO.* Acre and a tmnrlcr i»u»ts. Si>lcnili,t iirrounditiks, Aitiin.?.'i,".(IO. Insiu-i-tion nvitnl. Cfinrkji K. Swrciu-y AKcncy, numson^nic^7e_rdrntiiin5artl^n.~lm fi,s\l«h, New four-room bungalow, ili>(, tilth, liitdlic, ulnmttlc hmt; nmgp; $l.t,i r i0d, Iiinjirrtion invtlnl. wppy Atttnty. Phone RU L t m. EA"CB~A'NI> Q0.T In thu ahf^s*. bury location. Hrlctt home, Three bf'd- ooms nnd bi\lh, Inrnc iivinji room, rr..ion hull, dining loom, modern kitchm with K*** rfti'ife and r»;frinerhtor, t-'dar with pnwilrr room, larsc «.\[itins.o(i ittic; oi.<?>cnr garage; lot 150xl.'i0: patio rid shrub* and flowers; $3I,_00, Chnrtin VK ncj^ K A_3-11.*!». lavfc. YOU HfcAlin of hiddni trchi. urea? We luive it riuht in R.d tunk. HTfi brdroonm and bath, living room, nit.k room, niodrrn kitchen with i UP; full crllar with playroom; $15,0.0. t.hnllin Agnuy, EA.".-I t.i3. iittle SILVER ls'xlln 1 living room with Areiilare; l>sy window; dining nom, tilril kilfhrn, termini «iil* porrh, ill ttnvtirr room, thrr*. linlioomn with bnth. fu'l brtemrnt; Rtinrhi-tl KH- Split mil fi-nri-. Just, r^iiiro.-- rateil: 119,5011. Kvi-litiiva with Litwly Atieney. K «-ntlo._,umson~!tan'f r H fl'ome <!7ntral hall. I4'\2i' living room with fireplace; '2'xl.V ilinlnir ruom, fi'xli' tiorrh, thiee ilroomft with two ti>il baths; ihrgn itmriit : Httnchril twn.rgr Kti'igt; 10'xl-tli" plot ; l^:t.5l)0. l.iiwlcy Agency. IK t-lulil. HltKWSHUuV COI.ONTAI. - l.iving rnnm with lirntiliicp; minroom, dining nnm. kitchin with lirrakfan bay. powler runim, four lurgp hrtlrnnms v]\\\ two ilni hathroums. Ha-^mi-nt iilnyroom; llachcil ilouiile garage. Aiking t'lti.' llt>. KNrhisiv«with l.awlry Agency. KJI-Olin K'VV"*itUMSl)'N"'i:OLONiAlr-Choli.-a lection. tji-ntrst hull; I4'.\21* living room ith nretiluce: ilinintf room, tileil iiowil^r nnm; 11'xlV rnrlcimeil breeseway : l'.\*24' miuti'i* lipilronnu. Two More lit'il- [>unii ami tilfil halhronm, i-*um liaseenl. Attachvil twn-car ««;<?.»»«,«J. uwli'y Agi'iiry. _HK «.I 4I». ; '7\llt MAVKN Ni'vv hum;.. ("entral fnycr; 14'x--' living room with tlrelace; I a'.\ 16' pinv paneli'd ilen : 10'xlQ' iile porch, ilinlnir runnt, three hedroomi 'ith twn tili'il tuithnmml..scroml ftoor lartliilly tinlnhi'ii for two mum hrilrnnml il tmth. I'llll liasemrnt : sttarheil twonr Knrntir-: hnlf-nrip itlut, Most Inca- : 1.10,1100, l.nivlcy Ag«ney. K I- 11.' REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ftlldver Ranch houi«, 8tvtn roomi, 11» year* old. Nt»r ttortt»nh rhoo), Thpf* h»>draoni», I»rK«knotty pin* H*n ; t*"o-ci r %tlirh<*i'] guratr*!; Rcr'ffiftt porrh; ioi'xio*)' lot. M»ny f\tra», itrisonibly priced. KB 6- FAIH HAVriN' Waterfront!.Spurious 11 vinif mom (i»»«utiful villa window'.) Two betlroomi, til«bi»th, fiieiil»c«; i.en, rttlir clnsrt*. Rlvnm oil hrnt. nttiichcd Knraitc, Hulkhe*d; K. Hynif. leenltors, J'hon* RU 1* ll.-.o.' *' (cinder btocl..) Tilu bath, hm ii littitl, utility loom; tub.-*, ()n'>cnr :nrnkt\ AI tic roof iti*ii!fitr(l. Krunt uniiik-r A-kiiik' *i;i.'.mi0. Drnni-t K.t lyinr. Konltoiy. Phoiu* 1(U 1-115') * Me* tip Cod huiikmlnw. Located in Rumson, Two brdroomi and bathi la we liv inn room with lhrvnlncr; modern kltehrn. full cellar, hot air oil heat, extmniinn attic; attached Karaite; lance lot; # Chuffin Afftncy. EA 3-1M3.. WANT A OMfi to %aii ymi'r imckttbook? llere'i tli* place. Two br<)> roomi *\nd bath, Hvin* room, large mod. ern kitchen with plenty of cnhlncti, ale trie raniic, rofriiieratnr. full cellar, it ea oil hrnt: traraite; $IO,8UO, ChnlKn Aaenc RA l)otit~walt, bfeliatk or tie.itat* on thil niio, IlilnKalow. Pennsylvania itonf, Two bfdrauma and larse bath mom, living room, large kitchen, hut air, oil heat; anil garage anartmrnt with ^u roomt and liath, lame t\mtiorch, steam oil heat, Reined for S per month. Lot 100x322 ; I IS, 000. L'hafltn Aatnty. EA a-lki3. CURLEV HOHEI-Orlilnally prited, plus utililiei. Landicatiina* adorablr. Three-bedroom ranch, radiant heat. Shrewibury. Owner trahsfcrrtil. Prk» 111,900. Ailama Aneiicy. ID Kast Hcrgen il, K I- >o;ltl. Open evening!. 24-hour service." OUTSTANDING BARGAIN! Fourbedroom ranch, Thrvt yeara old: 12,100 cash; approximately»» monthly. Occupancy ivithin five dayi. Won't lait long. Adama Agency, I* East RcrKcn I'l. RE I- & hour tervice.* 1 t'lve-ttnbm HUNCiALOW All year around. Outside needi work, inside dccoratril. Lot 50x113. Asking l."i, Athury ave., Atlantic Highlands. Af W. fi rlv#r, >,j-fnilf) from railroad atation And it ores, Five* room apnrtmrnt over lariie hnbby dhoti,.st'immte entmnce to necond aimrtmi'iit I furnished) for in< corip, KHruj(p and tool room, (.rounds beautifully land neaped, contttl* Inif of tuliiix, pconsfd, nhrubi, raapber* r\e*t Btrawherrioi. BSMaragun, atipu and othrr fruit, (iretnhous* (nil tmrnt-r) ; turkey (ien, brultri roum, \ny\ug house and privhtr tfrnicn, tnough tn ken nmipint anil xlan frrd thf family. 'At M iii imfi)t and hulldlnirn In *»xc# lltn ^umlltjdii, ('an he accri by aiipultitmcnt throutrh ynur own hrnkrr. K, fj. Adama, Jiiirnsotii. KloridH. Rlntflinif 4-!iHH9. RED BANK -Mechanic tt. Sh^irt tilitanc* from Hrand m. Kfnt floor, livinv room, dlnlnjf ruom with wall«tu«wall enriiet, modern kttchrn, ticlosed porch; ecnnd floor, two brdroomi, modtrn tmthronpi, nutnmntic KM hunt. PHr* l.ouh. t'.or.bunc. Smiih/ 14 Mmiic vr., l''wlr_ Hayi-ji, BB H-2.10M. AOlllfA'tilC hotmr, Hath, 22 acrtu, hlffh, dry, cleared, IS.'JCO. Ad dlttnnnl 3D acrtfl, reninnablf, Wfi ean nburir, K B_«.J MJ. K,_ BUNOAMiW Oil heat, Venetian blindi I.AKBWOO Mral rist home. Vrr. largu house. Thira acres: garage: ol heal: line urniiniu. All city Imiirnva tnrnti: )l»,. r,l)ll, Mrs, I,. M.ekrr, Hive FOR A (ioon HOMK Prlffil rlvht. Se* thla nutnuiultttf ottert ll ti no* vacant. In on* of LlttU All* ver'a finfr reildrnllnl art'im, On %>acra of «rrninrt, V»»r lirdrnnm*. two bmlim, livinir runni will, flif lilarv, tllninir ruom, kltrli»n, hot air hf it 11 nrif'cai' attauhtd KHTHWI l.l.oon, Wnlkrr * Wntkxr, HmU turf, Khiewxhtiry, JIK «*.UI., Oprn Ki'VPit liny«, llulf.t-wrl! kriit, Mi ^ m hrlck. hofn#( Nlca tin* tonmt. IfrUflivmnl ftnor«( living tnom, din* I n if room roin hliiitt inn, with t\rt* lilftft*, VHrh'-i, Invntitry, i!n«iflii#trr NI, two hrilrnnmi, til* tmth, all nit it hi* ftitnri full CfUnr, txit nw nl) linttl llltlk'llril Kr.m(/»t M'tft* lr.ll'1' nt'ttiu'il I'luU IJVIKXI, Walrirr A Wrtlkrr, Hhrtwibury, KK t*h'l\'i, Onvit icvcii <th.i, liai.r; HMAl.t, IKIMK-- A.I lima Hun and riiinlllliin, I.I'MH VIM rooni.illiii'lle, (Ireplai'itI (wn bpiliiinnis Ulenly ut eluut t w, rnintnl lilt lialh il»lll>. MllllHifll kllrhfll, full ill* ha<r rnrni,.murheil mill. Nlm me Im rt.sp hiiutnl, iimlliy ihrduutrf, Mm. IMfll, US Viili, SHKfiWSBURY.Ve»r bui Unf. N>ar ichooli, Pleaiaijl arex, t'ati* Coil home, Two bedroomi, livlnf room, kit chin i til* bith,»er«cned porch; garage; fenced*.ri yard. Thi* i*i a getiuin* baiicain at $11,500, Wi. ker A WMker, Realtor*. Shrewibury, KB *-52tl. Oiitn levti. dayi, MotJSK t'our Liedroornil bath, larye dining and livirnc toomi, two flrciice«, modern kitchen, automatic heat; nn-i>; uonicr Inuntmn, (tn b\i» \'\nv \ Ift.iniii. Kmnk H.J.uwts. KK. < J_T.*»." 'HIS KXQUIHITK DKAM HOMK ii imtoit'i challcnv«to "Mr, Hl*nd- ' An-liH-L-tutjiiiy i»* rffct aiwi ex* -lleiitly Ioctittd, in itttlnit.'ly for the 'i'iy di.'criminatlinf. Very iimcioui liv- HiC-dinintf com bin* tion with marble trimmed flrtpliice, The dvn with its match*d 1'cnnnylvnt.U mica ttofi* firt- >lhce la a tmly in ntlid comfort, A clitrhtful Inrgit kiuheu and diuloic arta nmiilftn with d mi hit nvui eject lit 1 HiiKf. di*h\va,ih»t, lotn of raliinoii and loutf formica covtiitd wovk turfact, A irivhtt hlack tiled pink f)<, but it? the master bed ruom. Second bed* oom, veconii bath of tfray t'tlv and AM- onnet flxturti. Two I'lx'it partially Intahud roomi uvvr the two-car Kar«Ke iiti-ri any number of comblnationa for ho bt>ht In livinir. Thi. wlntc ii 'deal r uhildr.n, gu.iti, ur an part nit nt ir moth, i* ami dad. LargM cloicth, ikrtntic biiiemcnt» ttci«lly dt-hitcned for 1 riih!>iri_r. ituxrohiil rniliunl hent, liltier wnll«und crllln^n; 140,100. Mere void* enn't do thin home justice, f'anidioii>t huytri, put thil at ih'«top of our "muit «e" lilt. You won't look further, Irvinir Knyr Asoicy, 110 Broad- YES, YOUI.r. KIND it easy t» like and own thlt nvt-room ekitanllon atlic home. Modern. n>>ir schools, lho:>pin«ar.a, pleasant nslahborhooil. Asking IM.900. Act quick on this gsnnin. bargain. Call Walker A Wslktr. Realtors,.Shrewibury. RK Open seven days, THIS 13 A PROPERTY [or tn invalimenl-ininijtd purchaser, ll il in good condition and will mike you a KIHHI hume. Three beclroomi, hath, living room, dining room, large kitchen, cellar, oil-flreil iteam heat: plot In busineit zone. Also potential increase in lite value priced for llllick laltj J.OOI). Walker a W.I. ker. Reallorl, Shrtwibury. RB I. SSI 2. brick mid framt hom* wat well worth Kn,.~>Of), but Iht owner will tilt enntidrr your nfter. Conveniently located >n a 100x200 p'oi, hai a llvini room, irrplac*: dinette, kitchen, two bedroomi, >nth. Th* txpamion attie with two dorfieri h»» room for mor< bedroomt. Ga* nift 1. Electrio rang*, refrigerator. A iltch G, I. mortffigt ean bt takin over. *'onuct tht Irving Kiya Agency, 140 Krnadway. LO 5(00. Cveninttt CA 3' osos. KCoN'OMiO TIVlNti ii uiualw'a mui. for the new coupt* or tht ratired :ouple, You can't b*at thil cutt Occanmrl homr. offering annual htit coiti of )»iy $70 and taxct of 182. Urg_ livintf oom. kitchen with dining area, two ice bedroom*, bath: garag*. Fenced lot..ftkiiitf 10,,*iQO. We van prove owning thin home U not only chtaptr than rent, but a mon»y iaver, ton. Irving Kay* Aurncy, M0 Droad«ait 1.0. olqq, Kv*-nin_»_KA, a_-ftsqg. ' LfTT I. K S Ft VtR HOM I. Conv*ni«ntly locatnl, oftert a IJ'sIS' living room nth fireplace; dellirhtful mndo-n tile Jtchin where will t» a p>aiur«t<i >rrpar«and cat your miala. T«Q bedroomi, tll» bath. Attached garage Stain In larg* attic. Oil hot water hetti: flatter walli. A gaod b_y»! 113,000. Irving Kay«Ag#nry. Mi llrnaiiway. 1.0 f-stoo, Kveningi KIT I-04M, TUB ISVnUt trom~m~four-room7~batn partmrnt o*tr a four-car garag* will pny off your mortgava on thin West LfHijr Branch Dutch rqlnnial. Well construcud and roomy, offer thre* bed. roomf, bath, living room, dining room kitchen, tun mom, bailment, oil hot wntcr heat, You'll never f*rl crnmpetl on the well lindacaped i2'.i_2't' plot with beautiful ihad* maplii, ihrutti, fruit Ueef. Aiking 19,»Q0. Th* b_»t In life gon t«thoit abl* tfl viiualii* opportunity, frying Kaya Agency, l.fl Broadway. 1,0 t.s«0fl, Evening! RU tfflfr~warm ATVoWtftRt: o. tn.. brick and it ore Lit tin Silver ranch lomc In an invitation to comfortable living. Nicely designed entrance. Living room with fireplace. RIC«.<) picture window overlook! brick planting box dinette. dclitfhtful kitchen, powder room two nice bedroomi, b»th, Th* pnneleu dm coulil eaally h* uih at a dining mom, extra bedroom, \\xy w.ll* Imure a dry bagement. Attached garage, A $24,000. h includei Rcndix, electrl rntigt, Hotpn.nt rrfrlirerator. Don't mi* thin on*. Irvinir Kaye Agency, I -.«Broadway. LO S-S«OO, tverlngi, RU 1-04*4, SKMI-RUNGALOVY Mving room, fireplace: dining room, kitchen, one bedroom, tile bath; second floor completely finished. Full basement, automatic heat; garage attached. svico Joseph L. Carlone, Realtor. 81 Bridge it., corner Oakland, RB I-MJO. OWNKR MUST SELL lovely ranch typn home. Containing six roomi. (Three btdrooma and tile bath.i lull baiement. oil heat, copper plumbing, plaster walli, automatic waiher, refrigerator and many extrai, Immedi- 'at* occuiianiy, Tike 118,300, Joseph 1., Ctrlona, Realtor, Bridal, ave,, corner Oakland, HE ATTRACTIVE three-year-old bungalow, Living room, tile kitchen, t*a bedrooms, tile bath, copper plumb. ing, automatic heat; one-car garage. I.o* tain. Price 110,300, Joseph L. Carlone, Realtor, 81 Bridge av«., comer Oakland, RB Mill, TWO.STOnY HOMK In *xc«!1ent nelgliburhnoii, Llvlnrf room, nrf* pile*; dlnlnir room, modern kitchen, iiniiorch) In va to ry i four brdrunmi and bathi r'ull h**i'wierit. automatic heatl Ivo-rar garage, Lim«i Int. Prtva 91M0A. Joitph L. Carloni, ftchltcir, N4 Hrldg* avi,, corner O«k land, UKMU0, LEONARDO Homt of eight rooms anil hath, full cellar. Hot vvuter oil-fired teat; two-car garage, Heautifully landcaped plot 160x130, Bay view. Asking l«.(l(lo, Chas. 1!. Tlnilnil Agency, 15 I Front "I. RK R ten tit Man a farm,* CICI. lovely vt»w, Mvlttg ruom, frr pliwipi larjtt kitchen, den. bar, flv* bed K-iim, twa t>allit, laundry. errm*>i JK-, autornatln h»ai I two.cur Ranme w (HX"»i '.'. ' (ID, Jonei Axvney, Mn OLMDKI, M NLiet. Old cnlmila hiuue, IJ.vlnK rvmm, Aifivlnvrt room. d»-n, motif in k lichen, finii* (ted roonn, twit modern bathi. If you <t-r!u*l<m, ihl» (>rr.pfi(y rn\)f hfta. MM.IHIO. Jot)ft Agency, I.lticrofl, KR i.tii,m tkl. -rtmaffarmrtvfrvrrfir Intilil home, I.IvIii* room, illnlnx rount t.«tli», Niiiuinailc heat i oitracii' garff r' imittnit*, n'fdi I'ltimlilnj»n huatltmii IJI.UOO, Jonti Ai»ncy, Un crnfi. K Mm,*. NodeU t*m\y for IniMt'... Two and thrf«*b*itrut>m nntn tn>» homo. On I ona I irrannm«nt may mim thrvt'btdfooin kum* nt twi>»b»4reum mod*). MMiitlful ltltrh»m, cablncti, for* ml.a tu iat tiled balhii, MeinrHtf «ll ti I f. M rmttni, Hmmu l»r,t» mtit w.ll ininiif. lift IR Mr Mniiy Inlvrfitltitr (fmnifi, fl tlonil trralmihli hatfiflrri plnl*. M* h\m tiuitd in m m vmir irmiilirmrnti t'\\» tiititiiiii from til turn imtlnit f'rluril from M'If. In IT,\0'i, r'rmt W, MtK'nna, Attnty, 3TI Mi»ii(. I MJK l*.uii* ESTATE FOR SALE AIL rrom YOUR own land, fair Ha. ven. Six-room Ubrf. bedrooms) home, ireplace, heated porch, pmio; double arage and storage space. Asking , Krank W. McKenna, Agency. 271 road. RE 6-27J5.' 5 ~ ~ * r f c 7LNew. Capa Cod, Living room, kitchen, two bedooms, tile bath, cedar cioectj. cellar, p.nslon attic; 410, DUO. With full igth dormer, Veterans 1700 to,000 down. Kranli W, McKenna..««tvry. ii< Broad it.j^rk 6-57_5o.^ r AIR HAVEN Beaiitiful ""new ranch type home, Choire location. Two bednomf, tile Viath, full cellar. Near school, hopping center and bus line. Must lea rpeia:* 1. Selling price J hon«huil.lrr, RB l-il'il,' EP BANK Home nf six nice rooms. I Vi bath*, oil-fired htat, full cellar; 'o-car garage. CMH to everythitiic; Ih.s. H. Tlndall Agency, 1» Cast Front s^ RB ti.9»3fl nrew~bclfy~^0~rn7r transferred. V.i ronmi and bath. Expansion second nnr: breeieway snd gnrage. Plot (,'lx'jlil. Asking 11.1,750. thai. H. Tinall Agency. 19 Kast Kronl St. RK I- H30 _, 2 J,3 baths..steam oil-fired heat; two-car saraga th apartment over, Ftent of apart* nent liayi taxe *, Priced to 1*11 af,'j00. Chai. K. TindMli Agency, IS!nit Front it. RE H-ffO.^n iacugtou'str-ttfitaf 2>ij acrei. rif«r river, in tiumnon. Pine paneled inif room, kitchen, bedroom, b^th, epinir pnrch, hot water hent, oil: l*rg» icrt'ened iinrch, tomidctely ftirnlahed. king I IT..".On. CroMingfi* A Keller, Iroaii and Mechanic jli, RK 6*_l00. tk H-I43J. RTSITTiV QUAlTftY built on your lot. Variety of t'l«n«. K^reMent material, oml construction; ft:],000 ii[i. Grossintr 4 iutlcr, Hroiul and Mechanic ill. IK #.2100, RB_«jj_* 3 *'. 'A"m~HAV>;N bungalow. Three hctltoom*. (.replace, bajement illy room : thre»-car garakt; 118,500. iroailnirer A Heller, Hroa<l nnd Mechanic _/: R A*-i^^. RK tiann., hutcll COLOMIAI- LarK* living room. fireplace; dinink roum, kitchen, porch, hrfe hfilrnom^, hath: sntnec', barh**cur. MJO neinhborhood: tl,'>."i00. Croniinncr : H-lUr, Hr.-inf and Mechanic *'.«. RR ' - Jlill). HE «_-l «a-i. ixcellent HUMSoS VACUE Near river. Hun* living room with fireplace, large dlnlni; room, dtlux«kltehert with many extrng, three Inrce bedroomt (mauler hai private hath.) Full cellar, 'wn-enr n'tached ifarn^c Larire ovfred orch. Priced at _a,.100. Horn.. Agency* Fair Haven. KK fi*j53'i. 'SilftKWSHUleY COLONIAL--FoiTTTariJa bcdritonii and two hut hi u[i<ttftiri, full it tic floored, Livinir room 25x11 with Ireplace: larg* dining room, mnroom.,tl»<i Mlchcn with breaufaiit. b«y; POWicr room. l''ininhed haifment with playroom and wnrk hench, Altachrd two-car Knr»gi>. Situatfd on a **>]] lanitncapeii ilot "Ssl.'iO; l.ii.soo. Bonn Agency, *alr Haven. RE "" l«nt Fair Hiv«n location. Six loftlf roomi (thret lars* hrdroomi.i Tiled hith, automatic heat; plot 71*200; 14, Borui Agency, Fair Haven, RE 4532, fflacflvb RUMflo^ OorrACE Plot 83xl#0. Living room with ftr#- >1ac*, combination kitchen-dinette, threa large b»droomi. tiled bath, full cellar. team heat, oil; attached garnae: HO. Borui Ageneji Fair Haven. Rfc I* 4331, RLTHSON RANCH!(0RK^Situat*<i on~a lovely wood*-! plot ntar th* Shrewibury river. Thre* lovely bedrootrifi overtited dchix*) kitchen, fviu dry cellar, an<1 attached garage. Good value at only : Borut Ar-noy, >*Alr Hatin. RKJI.4n_. SNlf(T~HAft"Bf)R A fine two-itorr eoloniai. with a deep water anchoraga In your back yard. Lame living ronm with flreplnre: dining room nnd heated mhrnom; thrr«attractive bedrooms and hathi, oil heat: garage: low ta\m. Offered at 119,000, Rom* Agency, Fair Haven. RE «-4_3t. HEALTH CHANGBSi'liAVa n«*r muit iell hi* lix-monthi eld home. twlng room with fireplace: dlntnff room* ii«tii.\* kitchen, two lovely bedroomf, tll*(, hath. Stain to attic. Full cellar, oil heat; garage. Combination aluminum irreenf nnd storm sash. Fully Insulated, Alt plaif-r construction: 14,.*iOO. Boruf Agency. Fair Haven. RB CoWHUtCTS'^NKW ranch home. Con. venient to «v_rythin(t, on t SO'xlSO* lot. Three lame hedroomi, two baths. over*lx»d den<dining room. Excellent plan offers front and rear pattoi, targ* >aiement, entrance foyer, fully pu.t*r*d, hot witrr heat, many extras; I2S.O0O. Rower* ft Harrii, 12 Broad it, Rfi RK i_07huj, ' UNUSUAL" PLAN feature* expansion,' third bedroom. Kcaf ichool, hopping'. Fireplace, dining room, combin* alion itorm windows, larga lit* tot, bai*f ment; garage, Priced under ft Hawtn. «Harrii. 1_ ilroad it. RE « RR «-ft?81-j. SCfPffitoirkNOCI.Woot) location.' Sixroom home with full dry basement. Lam* -id* porch in excellent neighborhood. Plastered, top quality construe* tion, many unusual featurei. Fireplace; aeparate dining room, electric kitchen. Asking fl_.4o0. Howeri A Harrii. 13 HroBil! RK # RE #.OTS1-J. FOUR~BEl>ROOSiS--Iir"a"n~o'ider. bvt excellently maintained home, Picturei<iu«i«tllng with»u coiwcnltnc** clou by, g*nerou*!y ilscd rooms, wltli irace to move around. Features den, utmuy room, plun dry full basement; larg* open attic with it air*; two-car irirage; three purchei. Only ll4,500. Bower* ft llarrii, 12 Broad it, RK RR i-otmi.j. EKPAKSiON FVCllXflfc^ combined witk good preient layout, make thil attractive hom* worth inveitiyatinff. Quiet feet inn. Good neighbor*', corner lot. Four roomi, hath djnwnitairs; one room lll'jitnlri; full bsuement. MHiiy extras; lri,_00. B»w*rs ft Hirri*. 13 Broad *t. RE «1900. RE H-OTSt.J. UoKflOUTH HEACil Enjo7~your summer In an almost new home, Living oom, fireplace with heatilator; modern kitchen, two bedroomi, til* bath, wn*h*r, Venetian blind* and itove included. Price 3.K00. F.I I* Wiltihire Azoncy, Real, ton. RK #-3.0< or 3K , Open wppj,.p_n_j», TNCH HOME Larue llvinii und dining room c»<nv.nttl. Hot 'water radiant irat, three bcdfoomi, (lied bathroom. Mnrtgai. can remain. Price S S.hanck Agency, a Linden nl, HE - OJtt7,.'XTK ffxven Hunitaluw for ample, Living room, tmnlng room,, kitchen. bedroomi and den, warm a ir heat, oilfired: garage ; 110,-00, Schtinck Aizencv, 8 Linden PI., Red Bank. Phone RE HiHfSW X-ESCVNrw JnTonliil home, Living room, flreplacr: kitchen) tile bath, two hedroomi, expansion attie, oil heat, full crllar attached garage) 113,300, al Kast Front St. BK , BXHT"TBXrt!~iiTl'r T(BXBUlliiTlelrg tate. Job transferred, house, Bath with shower. Lot Tj.vljir. All windows aluminum combination, Wai aaklng 11,'JOll. Will accept for qulckjale. Phone KK , I'AIK HAVBN- : -Wcsl"biilir amfln" 'i*1 cellrnt condition, Citu Coil, flvr* room home, Tile hath, strain heat, oilftrnli full cellar: garage, Near bin and school, Price 11,1,91)0, Mchwarti. Maeklln, * White it, RK I-3UI. tltflt(icv»r~»^7v-'~lf tf_l!ticv»!r»^v7lvrilllfnrrl7. Cane Cod, with four bedriiiims and twn liathi'. living roam with Ntenlacr, dining roum and eqiiliipeil kitchen, full cellar, hut air, nil heat, anil attached ga. rave, (luu.l >!».» lot: H.Odn, Srhwarli. Ma..'klln, 1 While st, RK 1.,11'JI. WKHT I.DN'trilHANi'll-Thrce.liMlrmim ranch Bouse, In excellent rrjlilrntlal arm, Hut air nil him, rtfrlkcratnr, electric rang., full crllari on larga tnti near srhnnl ami bn«i 113,SOU,."rliwarti. Macklln, a While it. K , THOMPKOV A(ir.N.V- Attractlv. rn'ml'. ern ranch hnmn, l.lvlnr room, flirt* tnir room, kitchen, thre. lifdnilims, Iwa hath*, utility ruom, nit heati arr«pint) I>.I» ISI' IJJ.JOi). Ill l.ail Front I, RK I.UTAH,' Tlll>tlPl0N"A0ltKCY-Miiilern"inl""iinil homm ll«ln< nnini, klu'hrii, l*n hfil. moms, lilt halli, reilir elni.tsi lulnnit. Ho hiali eaiianilnn alllp, crllar. flmall dawn paisxenl f«r veteritm»i»,io». HI Ran Wuhl it, RR l.07»n,_ LOT**-Ci)rn»r of Rrlarcllff t<l, and Won* mnilth ive,, Purl Munmtiuth I M*IOf){,IMI, I'all Mr, Jut.tihttn, Miirhili «.,111011, btato Hi M«CMNaiwi Nwt rait

46 RED BANK REGISTER, MARCH 12,1953 REAL ESTATE FOR SA1 SCHWEER8 REALTY LaTge raijth home Entrance hall, gracious living room with fireplace, dining, modern i kitchen with deeli-frecte, three beautiful tbedroomi; attached enrage on Urge lot, [in cholc. locality. Near bus. trslns and.echool Contact Al Schweers, broker. IT Linden pi. RE t ^APPROXIMATELY ONE ACRE In I lovely wooded section of Eatontown. Restricted location. Land partially i cleared. RE M^!. *A FIVE-HOOM With attached garage. In Little Sifter, with a nice C. I. ibortcsce which can be assumed. AlK- ing price 113,800. Hot air heat, gas- fired. Redden Agency. Inc., 259 Maple ave. RE wm.. AN EXCEPTIONAL HOME Colon, isl ranch style. Living room 15x!2, fireplace, dininb room 15x15, thre* nice bedrooms, two beautiful bath», latin tnclotwl tunporch, ov«raiied two-car canine, attached: full tellari tear patio; lovely grounds, ili-acrc. Hot nir hi'bt, cns.lired. Many extras which make this offerin* outstanding. Unsurpassed beauty in decorations and gracious living. Askinit *37,000. Redden Agency, Inc. 259 Maple ave., HE ( 'OUT IN THE COUNTRY, with complete ', town convenience, plus a lame plot! for that Harden which you have wantled. A ranch-style home with mnny unusual feature*. Three bedrooms, full 'price, Redden AKency, Inc., cellar, and ottered at a very reafonable '259 Maple avo. RE t 'RUMSON Outstnndmc Ilumson rd. estate, four beautifully landscaped faerei; residence contains eitfht rooms (four master bedrooms, 3 Vi tiled mas- ter bathroom.') and servants wine with ; bath. This properly i» in fxcellcnt condition: (35,000. Minuch Agency, Rum- '«onrd. Phono RU SCHWEEHS REALTY Lovely homo in ' very Kood section of Red Bank: larkc 'tivin* room with fireplare; dining, kitchen, full cellur; Uirei- bedrooms and bath upstairs. Double garage on l»t,60x150. Taxes *2!iO. S»-o A. K Schweers, Jr., 17 Linden pi. Kr. 6- fjg~1. = = = = = = BEAL ESTATE FOR 8AIE SEAL EtTATZ FOB HUE WILLIS CONOVER AGENCY ROLSTONWATERBURY REALTOR OFFERS THE FOLLOWING RESIDENCES: 300-FOOT BULKHEAD RIVER- FRONT. Beautiful view. Excluaive neighborhood. Shade tree*, fruit tree*. Barbecue, Screened porch. Spacious llvinfr room with fireplace. Two tile bctha, tile kitchen. Two-car attached garage. Three bedroomi, one on Jlrst floor. Cuatom built and designed by noted architect for owner. LARGE, SOUTHERN COLONIAL. Two acre* land, Waterfront. Perfectly proportioned aunken living room, with flreplace. Plants, trees and ahruba from all over the world. Five bedroom*, three battu, two-car garage. $35,000. GATE HOUSE In finest residential area in Rumson. Beautifully landscaped two acre*. Shade trees. Six room*, bath, automatic heat, attached garage. All modern improvement*. $22,500. NEW three bedroom ranch type. Large plot. Fireplace, picture wlndowa, tile bath, attached garage. $15, I. mortgages available. G. I., 1600 DOWN Five rooms, attached garage. New, Large lot $12,000. MORTGAGES APPRAISALS See us for complete listings of homes of all type* and descriptions. ROLSTON WATERBURY REALTOR AND IN8UROR, WEST FRONT STREET. PHONE RE 6-U00 REALTORS HOMES WITH REAL DOLLAR VALUE SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER, when the thoughts of men turn to boating, fishing, outdoor summer sports and other things. We have listed an outstanding riverside residence that it an ideal background for gracious hospitality. Three large bedrooms and two tiled baths. Large, unny living room, overlooking patio. Beautiful view from s own 300-foot water frontage, which is well bulkhcaded. Well constructed and artistically decorated. Two-car garage, with > stairway leading to two rooms above. Moor your boat "alongside" and enjoy this restful, suburban living. Asking *48,0OO.OO. BUILDERS' DREAM OF PER- FECTION. Modern ranch type home In one of Little Silver's tneat neighborhoods. Three large kedrooms, with walk-in closets, two modern tile baths, 14x28 living room, with fireplace and pacloug picture window*. Large dining alcove. Screened porch, overlooking H acre of beautiful lawn. Ultra modern kitchen, with many new features. Ideal for bird and flower lovers. Exceptionally well constructed. Outstanding in charm, personality and comfort. Asking (38, JUST THE PLACE FOR TOUR FAMILY. Brand new, well-con- tructed colonial. A stone's throw from school* and buses. Desirable Rumson neighborhood. Living room, with fireplace, kitchen with dining area, two large bed* rooms and a bath. Stairway leading to an expansion attic, with large, Dutch dormer. Excellent buy at $13, NEW, ULTRA MODERN RANCH STYLE HOME. Ideal, for children, on a quiet street, near chools and shopping. Large living room, with flreplace, dining room and attractive, up-to-date kitchen. Three extra large bedrooms and bath. Attached, ovcr- Siie garage and large storage rea. Attractive Little Silver location. Asking $17, VBRT ATTRACTIVE BUNGA- LOW. Well constructed and in excellent condition throughout. Modern kitchen and tiled bath, two large bedrooms and spacious living room, with open fireplace, Attached garage and expansion attic. Asking 113, HIRE'S YOUR CHANCE to pick up an excellent Red Bank home with four bedrooms and two bathi. Ideally located, near cboou, buses nnd shopping area. Living. room, with flreplace, sun room, screened porch, large dining room nnd modern kitchen, If you appreciate a distinguished home, good nelrhnor- hood and fine construction, this is your buy. Asking (16,800,00. ANDREW CARNEGIE said: "The wise young man or wane-earner of today Invests his money In renl estate, suburban real estate."' TOUR PROPERTY LI8TINO SOLICITED! WILLIS CONOVER AGENCY REALTORS 76 WEST FRONT STREET, RED BANK AUTOMOTIVE COMPLETE LINE OF RK-BUH/r OKNKRATOHri line, Hudson, Kilsvr, Nh, Hludulisker, Packard, Ho,) SPECIAL THIS WEEK STRIP FIRE NEFLBCTOR OUTSTANDING BUYS IN REAL ESTATE?HIS MAY BE IT Tour bedroom house (3 years old) in Shrewsbury. Excellent area for children. Two car ;ar«ge. Lot 76xI 0. Ankintc $12,000. IAVE YOU BEEN LOOKING for n half-acre ot land in the country? With city water? Neflr ichonln 1 This lot will rapidly IncrpHse In value. (iopd ne.khborhood. You can build to your ov» pecificationfl, or we enn build for you ith a Innse selection of model*? from Mch to choorr. AH little ait f 500 down. ir«imtneilintely. ElEO BANK Cape Coil built in I960. Two bedroom* and lialh tlownntairp, >n«bedroom nnd large unfinished room in ma to nil floor, im-kc living room, din- UK area, fireplace, oil fit-eel, hot writer leai. full cellar. Lot 100x150. Many! xtrail. AfikinR 116,500. DOCTOR'S ORDERS ~ Owner must Bell his three bedroom notice In excellent evidential location of Red H:ink. Large g room with fireplace, sunporch, tf room and kitchen with breakfast ook. Asking $15,000. EW SHREWSBURY Colored or white. Cozy four-room burifcrilow'. Perfect condition. OiUfircd hot-ali- heat, full l llar. Screens, storm doom, atom, wlnows and washing machine included,. Uklng 19,900 5Q0 DOWN PAYMENT! Approximately $50 monthly payments (20 years), for home In the country. New hutikntow >n *i acre. Two bedrooms, living room, large kitchen, Ens fired hut air heat; ear»choot, WEART-NEMETI! AGENCY 102 W. FRONT STREET (CORNER MAPLE AVE.) PHONE RE USED AUTOMOBILES FOB SAUS MERCHANDISE FOR BALE STEPHENVILLE ONE MILE NORTH OF RED BANK $1,000 DOWN GI $3,800 DOWN NON-GI Newt EA8IER flnanelnt terms enables you to own on* of the** beautiful homes FEATURING I family sii*d bedroom* Ceramle t4l* baths A colored fixtures fully equipped Motpolnt kitchen Lara* living room with dining are* for family gatherings Full basements Hot water h*at Fully insullted Doubl* court* red c*dar shlniil* exterior* Garage Overslsrd plot* 75x125; aorn* larger You art ju»t five minute* away from tht Red Bank Railroad ttatlon and ahops. Tht (radt aehool it on th* property. Afewmlnutea to be a c h e* and boating. $13,400 to $15,990 Modal Roaaw OMR DaHr 'Ul Dark STEPHENVILLE HOMES CMa«r M. huddlrtm Tewashl* Oat Hilt t* lud Bank, Highway W I* Cee**r M Bielualv* H* Aunt LE1CHNER.T1MPSON ft CO. 1ST Mala Btsneh OHe» Coowr M. 114 auk»!» N. J JOSEPH G. McCUE AGENCY REALTORS OFFERS This CutfuKy S«ltct«d List of Houtts For Salt RUMSON-NMT. wtll.bullt ranek keuh Full bxtranit. rlvtr vltw, uildit «ntury-old o*ki< Tkrce Hdraomi, tmt tiled bithi, N»r kti>, ehurehu. ihop. l.lm «nt«r. yacht bula. ll>l»l UNBELIEVABLE? Sure it's unbelievable But true! Never before has so much been offered for so little! Three Complete Rooms Of Brand New Furniture - PLUS - your choice of a brand new 1B53 PHILCO TELEVISION NO.RGE REFRIGERATOR BENDIX WASHER ALL FOR ONLY $329 AND PAY ONLY $2.89 weekly on the easiest terms around fi-pc. LIVING ROOM GROUPING Pc. Upholstered Living Room Suite, End Table*, Cocktail Table, S-Way Larrip, Pictures, Mirror, Smoking Stand, Ruga, Table Lamps, etc. 11 PC. BEDROOM GROUPING Pc. Modern Walnut Bedroom Suite, Pillows, Nitc Tablos, Drapes, Scatter Rugs, Vanity Lamps, Bed Lamp, etc. (1 PC. KITCHEN OUTFIT 5 Pc. Solid Oak Dinette, Dishes, OlaMware, Cutlery, Utility Cabinet, «tc, ATTENTION KOREAN VETS! You may me the State of New Jeraey Korean Vet Plan MO MONEY DOWN 'AND TAKE. 3 LONG YEARS TO PAY At the SURPRISE STORE 7-H E. Front St., Keyport, NJ STORAGE FREE DELIVERY : Telephone : : STORE HOURS: Dally t a. m. to t p. n. Wed. and Friday 'til 9 p. m. C*>port li located ji»t off Hiehwat S5, kttwttn R«d Bank and Perth Amboy, SAFE BUYS Compare these prices with competitive offerings and you will appreciate these EXCEPTIONAL VALUES '46 Dodge 4-dr. Sedan SSo. '47 Plymouth 4-dr. Sdn '49 Packard Del. Sedan 875. '50 Ford Tudor Sedan '50 Ford Custom Fordor '51 FordCus.Cl. Coupe '5t Chev. Del. Cl. Cpe '51 Plymouth 4-dr. Sdn '49 Mercury Sta. Wagon '51 Ford Conv. Coupe '51 Mercury 4-dr. Sedan '50 Lincoln Cos. Sedan Heaters oh all cars, radios on most. Showrooms open Friday Evenings and all day Saturdays ENGLISH MOTORS MOUNT-ENGLISH SALES CO. Faid oprejontatlvm Since 1804 Maple Avc. and Monmouth St. Red Bank USED AUTOMOBILES FOB SAKS USED AUTOMOBlXm FOB BALE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY i 19c I'T. STRAWS STOEH Whtu, R«d Bank SHREWSBURY Ranch houw. Ptrf«t condition. Two»can old. Radiant kcit. Nice plot. Two rse bedroomt, ttl«bath, attached saiasc lls.iot. LITTLE SILVER tour ktdmsmt. T«batha. Well located, two-year-old home; 100% liuulated. Rclrls«rator, itovr, whhlni machlnt Included! RUM8ON Ne«home, full haacment, three btdroomi, tile bath, llvltr room, kitchen. On heat, AtUckad «ar*ie, U.800. MIDDLBTOWK-Modern bumalov. Pinttr.d wall,, tiled kitchen, dln.lte and bath. Two bedroomi. Full binemxnt, (lartke (overhead door). Low Ux«. 11,500. JOSEPH G. McCUE AGENCY REALTORS U Bldf* Road, RumtoB Phone Rumen 14M4 HELP WANTED SECRETARY FORQET COMMUTING PROBLEMS-CHOICE LOCAL POBITION8 OPEN Inilimlrlal relation! d«ti, iitrdi youm woman InteiMtfii In devrlihlna (tv fiucliiatln*- vmteil kills tuiintttnf «lt iiemunntl activity In law TV lomsanif Ki ilii, amurat* tyiilng a mud, MIRK M«r*tkrl*l txuarltnt*,»lmant»utf»lni lumunalltr, KO iu»urt. Many txtra ben*fit.i until uttltf hnllaiy«, nverllmi iirnnlumi, iiald lit* inauianc*, tt«, Th U lood iiualllqn, Ani'ly In IXMOI Of writ full dlll U lood i Of writ* full VIDEO PRODUCTS CORI (1 Wot M, net Ban IMPORTANT NOTICE! Regional director will appoint responsible men or women to own nnd operate a route of Automatic Dispensers that dispense new type of popular confection item. Excellent locution* will be available and our Regional Director will make all nccesimry arrangement* for your rout*. Can be operated in an little u hours a week or you can mate* thli your fulltimo occuimtion. This Is not net-rich- tiiick liusinem, but one that will ulve you h in-ofiutitc incomfe the rest of your life. This opportunity will iay you exceptionally hixh weekly Income immediately nnd will' rapidly Increase as buslnes.i expand*. You need no specific, educational nttiinutw. An or physical condition i» of no condeiiuence. A cash Investment nt $ l JO(t required to cover the cost of equlpmenu We are only Interested In the type of 'ponum who In capable of making a. decision. If you are a "Shopper" or the "Think over type" please don't waste our time or your own. We are definitely going to establish these people in this area immediately, ff you are genuinely interested or fully qualified, write, living phone number to Box! Bed Bank, NJ. WE MEAN BUSINESS! COMPARE! LOOK THEM OVER! ' YOU'LL BUY! Low G.M.A.C. Terms 1946 CADILLAC CL. CPE 267. Down 1946 OLDS. 6-CYL. SDN Down 1947 CADILLAC "60" SPECIAL SEDAN 335. Down 1946 CHRYSLER 6-CYL. CONVERTIBLE 167. Down 1947 BUICK SUPER CONV Down, 1947 BUICK SUPER SDN Down 1948 CHRYSLER 6-CYL. SEDAN 265. Down BUICK SUPER 2-DR Down 1949 PONTIAC SEDAN 400. Down 1949 OLDS. "98" SEDAN 435. Down 1950 HUDSON SUPER "6" SEDAN 435. Down Low Mileage One Owner 1951 OLDS. 98 SEDAN 700. Down 1951 PONTIAC CATALINA 700. Down 1948 CADILLAC CONV Down 40 Others to Choose From AH with Radios and Heaters Foreign end Domestic Cars DOMESTIC '51 Nash Rambler 147S. Country Club Sedan. MR. Directional!. Low mil****. '50 Willys Sta. Wagon HeaUr, Ovcnlrtv*. '4? Ford Tudor Custom 995. Radio and Htater '49 Chevrolet Conv H*at»f '49 Jeepster 85o. Heattr, oirerlrlt* '49 Willys Panel 75o. 47 Chrysler Traveler 850. Sedan. M l y equipped FOREIGN '52 MG Black with rri trim. H«ater. '52 Hillman Sedan '50 Morris Convertible 850. '49 Austin 675. HeaUr '49 Angela 350. MATTHEWS BROS., NIWMAN SPRINGS KOAD HD BANK I-4ICH OPBN EVENINGS TIL t VBED AVTOMOBtXN FOB SALE COLONY BUICK USED CARS 1952 Buick Super Riviera ' 1951 Buick Special Sedan Buick Special Sedan 1949 Buick Super Sedan 1951 Olds 98 Sedan WEEKLY SPECIALS 1941 Cadillac Sedan Pontiac Sedan, 700. COLONY BUICK 163 MONMOUTH STREET RED BANK, N. J. RE Opp. Red Bank Railroad Station Open Fridayi to S P. M. Saturday* to S P. H. ship of Middletown will receive bids on March 25, 1953, at 8:30 o'clock^! the Township Hull, Kings Uiajuf*>, Kiddle town, New Jersey, fott ajfc&ofcfaatel 00 tons of patch materiel fir t*»road. This material shall be Rocktte or equa delivered to the Township Garaire 1.. truck load lots a* ordered by the Town, ship Road Supervisor. The Township Committee reserves th* right to accept or reject any or ail bids. Specifications may be obtained from Craig Finncgan, Township Engineer. 1st East End Avenue, Oelford, N. J. Dated: February 25, l'j53. HOWARD W. ROBERTS, 2«4 Township Clerk. HELP WANTED VSDfESS NOTICE Fanltara t)>k*lrttry Slls C«*n LUXURIOUS QUALITY at BUDGET PRICES Reupholstering Slip Covers Drapes & Cornices MALE Turret Lathe Operator Milling Machine Operator. Engine Lathe Operator Tool Maker Die Maker Tool Grinder Upholsterer Tester Electrical Prcaaer Machine Spotter Serviceman Radio A Television Mechanic Auto Houseworkera Laborer! FEMALE Bookkeeper* Stenographer! Clerk Typkt! Operator! Sewing Machine Laundry Worker* Houseworken Cooki Counter Olrla MALE OR FEMALE Dairy Farm Couple Practical Nune Apply NEW JERSEY STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE '«East Front St. lied Bank Apply In Perion. Mo Feei, Stop! Look! Listen! Now is the season for big trade-in allowances.. just before the big spring rush. We can allow you top price on your used car on a beautiful new Nash "Airflyte." Stop in today. FRANCIS MOTORS 901 MAIN STREET ASBURY PARK OPEN EVENINGS NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Notice 1* hereby given that *e*led bid* will b* received by th* Township Committee of Atlantic Township for the construction of Colt'* Neck-Montrose Road. Section Two, in the Township ot Atlantic, Monmouth County. M. J., with gravel surface upon a dirt foundation. Estimated amount of gravel required is 5,760 square yards. Bids will be opened and read in public at the Township Hall in Colt'* Neck. N, J., on March 21, 1SS3. at 8:00 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. Drawings, specification, and Bid Forms for the proposed work, prepared by George K. Allen, Engineer, and approved by the Btat* Highway Commissioner, have been tiled In the office of the said Engineer at 1? Linden Place, Red Bunk. N. 1. and at the office ot the State Highway CommUilonn-, Trenton, N. J.. and may be-inspected by prospective bidders during business hours. Bidders will be furnished with a copy of the specifications and blue prints of the drawings by the Engineer on proper notice and payment of cost of preparation. Bids must be on standard proposal forma in the manner designated therein and required by the specifications, must be enclosed in icaled envelopes, bearing the name and address of the bidder on the outside, addressed to the Atlantic Township Committee anil must, be accompanied by an Equipment Statement and a certified check for not less than ten (10) per 'cent of the amount bid and he delivered at the place and on the hour above named. The standard proposal form is attached to the supplementary specifications, copies of whieh will be furnished on application to the Engineer. By order of Atlantic Township Com- " 'warne L. SNEDEKER. Chairman. 11.0ft HARRY CRINE. Clerk. NOTICE TO CONTRACTOR*-". Th* To B " takln f*«««*i*' NOTICE Sealed proposals will be received bf L. C. Scott, District Clerk of Shriwa. burr Borough Board ot Education at the icboo hou«e on Monday, April 19, 1951 at 8 P. M., at which timo the proposal* will be publicly opened and read tor furnuhinic Educational supplies for th* school year. Specification! can be seen at the office of the Principal, Mondays through Fridays, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 3 P. M. Tho Board reserves the right to r«- ject any or all bills, and to waive imitcrial formalities, LESTER C. SCOTT. I21C District Clerk, NOTICE AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING AND REGULATING THE PARKING OF MOTOR AND OTHER VEHICLES ON CERTAIN STREETS OR PARTS OF STREETS. BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and. Council of the Borough of Bed Bank! Section 1. That from and after th* passage of this ordinance, no automobile or other vehicle shall be parked or stationed on the streets or parta of street* or roads following: (a) On the we«t ildo of Clny Street from Canal Street to Harding Road. (b) On the east side of Hudson Avenue from Linden Place to Harding Road. (c) On the east side of North Wash- Incton Street from East Front Street to Union Street, (d) On the east side nf Shrewsbury Avenue for a distance of ISO feet northerly from-the intersection of the north side of Monmouth Street with the east side of Shrewsbury Avenue, Section 2. Any person violating tbia onlinnnco shall, upon conviction, pay n fine of not more than. Twonty-Ave Dollars ($25.00) or be imprisoned in th* County Jnil for not more than five (5) days, or both Section 3. Any and all ordinances or during business hours. Bidders will be parts of ordinances conflicting with or HOWLAND B. JONES MOTOR CO. 100 Newman Springs Rd. OPEN EVENINGS TIL 9 P. M. BED BANK U No em but no one can tompar* with Alan when come* to quality workmanship at budget prlcenl If VoUr furniture is shabby nnil needs hey need reupholserlnii... o new slip cnvera, mil Ainu... you'll get Ih* llncst tor less, Our it Mars experience In mnnufnetur. Ing tin* furniture Is at your servic* aloag with on* of the faruiit,,, most complete selection of dip cover meurlale. Call for our repr*mnt*tlv*,, no obligation la ye*. He'll give you a free *«tlmste and show sou > complete line of fabric* from which you may ehooie. for Quality, Price k Selection* Call ALAN UPHOLSTERY. SHOPS, INC. TO South Seventh Avcnut LOng Bunch 6-O3SO Diitributor For L«rg«it Manufac+urtr in World: In IU field has nutnlnii In.mroWrtsd ton-ltory for ntut, lnt*lllg*nt, slnc*r* men, an ilivihlonal mannger, This Is not nn tirder taking position, but offers very lucrative and permanent futurf. EXPERIENCED AND INEXPERIENCED MEN tint ; mnlasl ewnsslulon HELP WANTKD-FEMAI-H EARN U0-$80 PER WEEK PART-TIME Amliltloiiii hmihf-h'lvm nlnl lotltinwiimen I* liff«l*il I'kftllrlil <iuo«r«in IliU ills. lilfl, A(v illritiit«will li* UIHI to run. ililfl Holli' imillim, KMKH'Ifiirn illiliurr*. ;«ry, i'«r f««inllnli I'm' ilmill< wills U I 1,, Din Ml, IM Ilitiik, N, J, Mu»t have a car. Salary or drawinii agalnat commuilon write your own l>ay ehtek with us. Our awllcatlon U Oom«wrtltt an*. IndiKtilal *<iulpm*nt, A*>ply T. & T. R»frig«r«tion S«l«i I Strvict, Ine. :)2t Central Ave., Newark, NJ A >i>ly mnrnlnd unly. Ask for Mr, Gunnlnaham llninrmn NOTIOR EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING ON PM3MIHKS SILVER JEWELERS "Th«I.* rind IkM JU a Urn Run*.ft itm Hr..»" MONMOUTH HI',, ABD HANK $30, WORTH OF USED CARS MUST MOVE TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW BUSINESS 1KB NASH Stateiman Sedan, 3,000 mile*. New car guarantee,' new car price, $2, Sale price $2, AUSTIN Sedan, 20,000 mlltf, very well taken care of. $1, M1 NASH Atnbauador Sedan, bydramatic, 0,000 mile*. Like car. 11, MSI NASH SUteiman aedan, green, new tlrea, clean job, radio, heater, overdrive. 11, »51 NASH Rambler ctatlon wagon: 17,000 mtlef. Cannot be tom (ram new.,1, (51 NASH Rambler convertible olub coupe; dark blue, very dean. J.S M1 HENRY J SU tedan; a good buy, very dean. 11, M0 FORD Custom Sedan; black, 17,000 miles; a very clean, black job. tm75,«0,, l»50 NASH Statesman tudor «dam blue. A bargain. 1,3TS.OO. 1M0 NASH Ambauador aedan, bydramatic; a well kept, gray job. IM MI TORD tudor icdan, dark blue. We have put thla car In excellent ihape, fmoo. 1MI NASH 800 Sedan, dark green; motor reconditioned, fully guaranteed. $1, / IMA NASH Club couplo 600; two. tone job, M75.O0, IMS WIUiYS JKBP; mow plow cuatom body,»»75.o0, 1M7 CHRVROIiKT Station wagon, An If $ MANY OTHERS ( # Eastern Auto Silei Co. NASH IDS lirondwuy, I.onj: Disnoh Open Till o P, M, Gtn*ral SMC S«lts, Ine. i l i o Main St. Bradley Beach, N. J. 23 Congress St. Lakewood, N< J. We have a complete stock of used Pickups and Panels '39 GMC V, ton pick-up t125 '42 GMC 1 ton flat body #225 '49 Chev. 1 ton panel 975 '48 GMC Yi ton pick-up 850 '49 GMC H ton pick-up 925 ton pick-up 975 NOTICE NOTICE U hereby given that <h* fallowing la a true copy* of an Ordinance introduced at a meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Little Silver, held on Tuesday evening, March 10th, 1953, and at that time passed nrit reading and was laid over tor second and final pssiag* to the meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of dittle Silver to tt* hrld nn March U at the Borough Hall of Little Silver at 8:00 o'clock, at whieh time a public hearing will be held upon the am* and all persona given an opportunity to be heard. By order st the Mayor and Council. FRED L. AVERS, Borough Clerk. AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE HFROVBMENT OF WHITE ROAD nconsistent with this ordinance ara herchy repealed. Section 4, This ordinance shall take effect upon Us pnssngo and publication according to law nnd as othcrwls* provided by law, PUBLIC NOTICE The foregoing ordinance «-ns Introduced and passed first reading at a regular meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Morouuh of Red Bank, held on Monday, March 2, and will come up for final consideration and pas> sage at a regular meeting of said governing body to be held on Monday. March , at 8:30 1*. M., at th* Council Chambers, in the Borough Hall. Monmouth Street, Red Bank, New jersey, at which timo and placo all person* desirlnir to be heard thereon will b* given full opportunity. Dated! March 3, 10U. AMY K. SH1NK. Borough Clerk. 'SO GMC 'So Chev. '51 Chev. 39 Ford panel '40 Mack chassis & cab '46 Chev. Panel ton pick-up 950 ton pick-up 1O7S '48 International Panel 575 '48 GMC Panel 850 IN THE BOROUGH OF UTTLK VBR AND APPROPRIATING. COST THEREOF AND AUTHORIZING BONDS AND NOTES TO BE ISSUED TO FINANCE THE COST THEREOF. WHERAS. the improvement of White Road, In th* Borough ot Little 8)lver from * Intersection with Branch Avc. nut, to a intersection of the right of of th* New York and Long Branch oad 1* in need of widening end! eftnatruetion; and WHEREAS, heretofore application was ad* to th* State Highway Department way of I Railroad at State ot New Jeraey lor an al< lottasent of fund! from the Special Mu aielpal Aid Fund to ba used toward th* «nt of th* construction of the said lm. prov.saent and the sum of 19, wa* allotted out of the 1853 funds of the Slate Highway Department, Now There t0 BE IT ORDAINED BY THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF UTTLK SILVER: Section IT That the Borough at Little Silver proceed with the improvement of White Road from a Intersection with Braneh Avenue- to its Intersectluu with tk* New York and Long Branch Rail' d di t l d lfle* tk* Ne Yk and L road according to pla tloat *ai«by O. W. Ei id k t Long Branch Ra an* and ipielfle* Mi B * and ipielfl* Morris, Borough it t id MAURICE SCHWARTZ A SONS CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH INTERNATIONAL DIMCT FACTORY DBAXBft PRICED TO SELL! 1952 Ford 2 Door '52 De Soto 4-dr. '51 Ford Hard Top '5o Hudson Sedmette '5o Chrysler Sedan 49 Ford 2-dr. '48 Chevrolet 2-dr. '47 Chrysler T4C Conv. '47 Dodge 2-dr. Sedan '47 Chrysler 4-dr. '46 Chrysler 4-dr. 141 W. FRONT ST., MD IANK Open Fridays Til 9 P. M. Tht buimirf wit. tk* lt*4 RE tloat *ai«by O. W. Morris, Boroug Engineer, said work to consist et widen ing Ih. tald White Road to width of nfty (50) fett, bting twenty-live - (15) fe*t on caeh side of the center line and th* grading of th* same and construction foundation of gravel and surfacing of 1MB* with bituminous surface, th* eoit of Mid work Including acquisition of additional land to m*k* width ana remainder of said work not to exceed th* ana of Eleven Thousand (»11,050.00) Dalian. Section t. That th* sum of Eleven Thousand (111,000.00) Dollar* or to such thereof as may lie necessary to carry aut th* provisions of thla Ordinance I* hanky appropriated for salt 1 purpose: th* sum ot Three Thousand Five Hundred <ll,500.0or Dollar* to be reeslved from the State of New Jersey t* apply from tk toward th* laid cost and th* SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY CHANCERY DIVISION, MONMOUTH COUNTY. Docket No. M-MlT-H. CAROLINE ALLEN, Plaintiff vs. DON- ALD R. ALLEN. Defendant. Civil Action. NOTICE OF ORDER FOR PUB- LIC.VnoN. TOt DONALD R. ALLEN. By y\rim of f\n order of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division. Monmouth County, mnde on the 25th day ot February. 1933, in a cause wherein Carolino Allen it plaintiff, and you are defendant, you are hereby required to answer the complaint of the plaintiff on or before the 27th day of April. 1953, and in default thereof, aueh judgment will be rendered against you as th* Court shall think equitable and just. Th* object of inid suit ll t«obtain a judgment of divorc* bttweea. (aid plaintiff and you. Paved t February t«u, m i, FLORENCE F. FORGOTSON. Attorney for Plaintiff, f» Broad 8tnet, Red Bank, Niw Jmtf HIM _ of Five Hundred Fifty ( Dollaro kss been provided for In the Capital Improvement Fund of the Budget tor tke year 1»5I and shall be *P- Heel toward said cost and Bond* tor th* kalane* thereof In th* sum ef 111 Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty IM.tJ0.00) Dollar* at* hereby author. l**d la be Issued for th* purpose of flukdnt th* cest ef said purehaie. The total amount of bunds issued shall not xenl th* sum of 8lx Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty <M.»60.00> Dollars, which th* eitlmated amount of bonds ar note* to he Issued. Th* minimum amount of Honey to be raised from all saurcea for the atld purpose I* Ileven Thousand ( ) Dollars. leetlon a. Is hereby determined tad declared a* follows) ( ) That all hondi or bond antleu allon note* Issued pursuant to thl* res. olutlon shell bear Interest at a rale not exceeding 'six per centum Per annum, and th* maturities, form and all other mailer* not determined herein shall be determined by resolution or resolutions at Id* damning Body ef Ih* *tld Ror. oulk of Little Illver, adopted pursuant t*> law, i t) That th* period of usefulness ai lied by th* Statutes of New Jersey I* aereby determined la be ten 110) y**fi, ' (c) That tk* iupnltmenttl debt sttti- R ent required kr lection eoimj of tht ivlied -Statutes was, prior lo the pas. Mi of tkl* ordlninei on first readw duly Iritdr and filed In the Office of the Borough Clerk of Ih* Borough of Lltlli Silver, and laid lupnlsmentat debt state. AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO TWa UIR OF AND RENTALS FOR SEWES FACILITIES AND PROVIDING FEN- ALT1ES FOB NON-rAYMaWT Of RENTALS THEREFOR. BE IT ORDAINED by th* Meyer and Council at th* Borough of Red Baaki 8*ctloa 1. Erery owner *r **e»panl f premise! served by th* uwar or drala yatem of th* Borough thtll pay a«tr> Ml* on tke Brit day* of January/April. July aad October of each year a natal cha.g* for th* us* thereof of i per cent of th* amount of aaid owan't or occupant'! water charge or natal aad hall reeelv* th* same rata ( dimouat thereon ai may from tlm* Is Urn* be «x*d by tht Witer DiptrtoiiM ef tht Borough. Section I, Evsry owner *r txtpaat f premimi used for residential aarpose* who** premise! a* owned er *ecupi*d trt lerved by the sewer or drain system ot th* Borough and who I* not a «oa. umer ot water. furnished ky th* Bor. ugh ihall pay quarterly as and whea provided la 8ectlon 1 of thli ordlsanet tor th* ui* of said icwer or drain system a flat eharg* of 112 per year wkert th* ftuvbir ot plumbing nature! Is»v* or leu, tnd an additional chart* of for itch plumbing litur* la *ICIH at In... Section I. Every owner er occupant of piemliei lerved by th* i«wer er drain y*t*m of th* Borough on which ar* op* rat«d laundries, factories. Industrial and eommereial plant* of any kind ar d*. ttrlptton, who la not a eonsumir of wat*r furnished by th* Borough, shall pay ftf the ui* of nld iswer and drala ayitia a flat eharg* of 11,000 per an. urn, or In lieu thereof may elett, a* (remitter provided, to have Installed later or meter* to measure the water lowing into th* borough sewer or drain lyitsm and th* eharg* for such metered water shall be at the rate of 10 per cent A ot Ik* regular or normal char*-* tht % Wtter Department would make for water f consumed. Th* election herein.provided for shall be evidenced in writing, du rsotid to h* Water Department of tht Borough, Any charges or rental! pro. Tided tor In this lection shall b* paid on tr before and become dua ai and when provided for In Section 1 of thli ordinance, Seetlon 4. Any charge* provided for la thl* ordinance shall he and bsiam* Hen on the premise! lerved until fully paid, together with Interest thereon at ka rat* ot sever, per eent Mr n u n rom Ik* du* date thereof, Tka Borough shall hav* tk* right ef hutting off th* ui* of any user of the lewer or drain system of Ih* Borough who I* la arrears ai lo any such charge! er renuli for more than thirty dare. Tht Borough ihall alia have tht Mm* relief, ramedlei and Hem for Ih* eollee. lo* at well charge! nr rentals, with In. lereit thereon and (oil* and penaltle* FOR QUICK, EFFECTIVE RESULTS USE CLASSIFIED DISPLAY that thi obligations tulhorlied hy Ihli eidlnant* wlube within all debt limit*- tlom preitrlhed hy th* Local Bond Law, Icitltn 4, finding Ih* liiumc* of iau tandi, tk* cni of laid work may be temporarily nnsneed hy the Issuane* >osd anticipation not.s i ' ' ' itlii Hall eon lain, a r led In antlclpallnn autd nf km nt li kosd anticipation noted and each of sa ai an of which the note'li 'ii'iu'adi 'ffllai ihn.... of.the) lisuanr* nds, and shall describe In purnnie or scribe In genera tuirnotea for Ih* term* the nnsnolng _ All such miles mar h«issued for itr. ledi of not enweillng on* (I) year, and mar ka rtntwid from time In tlm* for periodi «f not aaetedlm on* (I) year, but such nntet, Including runtwali, thai matur* and he paid not more than twn (1) yean from the ilme of Ihn origins tjotti, ««r»lit ij iliidlncally iirovldtd Ir Strtlnn , lakeeir.rl twtnty CIllJ ilayi a(t>r Ihi drii publication Ihtrtof after Dual!> ' nn, lll.l * may from tlm* to tlm* ky law for th* collection rial aitate,. MtlMl. An. and til of tun tt lalmi, r*m< dlei, Hem and other right* whieh hav* iiiiued tt th* Borough or wkiik may urnftir teerun to under an ordl. Mace njltled "An Ordlntne* RiUtlng I* fa* tit* of Scwei* and Fixing Th* IcnUl File* Thereof," adopted D*cim. ir, If, ar* hrrchy ixprtnly re. falned and saved. Except ai provided I* Ihli sicllan her«nf laid ordlnane* adopted Oiiiarktr,, kinky rips*led, ictlon I. Thli erdlnane* ihall hi tnd become eflacllve on tnd beilnnlag Apr 1. lltl, and on I ranai* tut publliatlon according lo law, FURLtO NOTICa The foregoing onllnance wai Intrs. dund and pmstd tint nailing tt» ind patted tint ctaillng at a muting of th*.mimir nnil of Ih* Qnrouih of lied flniih, Mondai, March >, UM, and will J. fflll». r. Oounjll t torn* up for fltijil corttctiration'aiid ihi. be h.aif ;thm«im will ki nppiirliin Iri- Dt'.idl March I, " ifyn D' 111,11 Aki^.r BHINN, ik Clira,

47 Frank B. Lawes 12 COAL - FUEL OIL Premium Quality None Better BURNER SERVICE FUEL OIL -i-cporgal. Tit M HOUR SERVICE CALL RE Television Engineering Corp. 1 W. BERGEN PLACE RED BANK KM MOMRN NEON SIGNS ft MAINTINANCI COLD CATHODE LIGHTING ROAD-AD SERVICE, Inc. 45 S. MAIN ST. ASBURY PARK N»F!»er UveotmenUUi F«t«re HapplMMS i REUSSILLES 1 No flntr tymbel of your an> fjafamanr promiioi than tho nav«mo>ba-dimmad baauty ndl brtllianca of ono of our oxqui* ilto diamonds. Mead from $75 Reussifles Meet your Albtate Auto Insurance Man Allitato Af tut for Monmoutli County Ha k a AilMlata auto inauranoa apodali of AUatata, tha inauranoa company foundad by Saan, Roebuck and Co., to pnvmatteutimot in protection for vour auto imuranoa dollar. Beforayou buy or rtnaw auto inaunnco, fat tha beta froabia about AllaWa Lotyowowai iprovatha ajraater valuaof At tato protection and aarvioa. FU1 out and null tha ooupon nowfeefull intonation. Abaolutely no obligation. l-iml Mayor to Make Packard Award Friday, the ISth. wilt prove a lucky day for the one who signs the winning Packard certificate at LaFreda's Sales and Service, the new Packard agency at Monmouth and Pearl sts. For tomorrow night at 10 o'clock Mayor Katharine Elkus White will make the award of a $1,000 credit, to be used as down payment on a new 1953 Packard car purchased at the agency. Edward N. Conway, president of the Community Chamber of Commerce, and Packard company officials will be present at the awarding of the prize, and many visitors are expected at tha showrooms where the new Packard models will be on display, An opportunity will be given persona who have not already signed the coupon to do so up until 10 p. m. tomorrow. Many hundreds of these blanks have been already signed,, according to Jack LaFreda, hii sales manager, John A. Mac- Vetch, and staff of assistants, who remind the public that any signer up to the time of the awarding has an equal chance to win. They added that pictures will be taken by a photographer from Corn's of the winner and other views In connection with this big Packard night. SPEAKS ON CERAMICS EATONTOWN Mrs. James Todd of Deal spoke on ceramics at a meeting of tho auxiliary of the Monmouth-Ocean chapter of Professional Engineers last week at Crystal Brook inn. She exhibited several pieces of greenware and finished pieces, explaining the various phases used in making a finished piece of pottery. Later in the evening, members joined men of the organisation to see a film on Yellowstone park, Colt'a Neck Plans for a square dance Apr. 21 at the school building were made at the latt meeting of the Atlantic township Ladies' flre auxiliary. "Pop" Stout's orchestra will provide the music and refreshments will be served, Mrs. L. S. Hlllcr is chairman. Present were Mn. Harold Gunther, president, at whose home the meeting took place; Mrs. Arnold Conover, Mrs. Hiller, Mrs. Leroy Daniels, Mrs. Harry Sogotsky, Mrs. Charlea Crtne, Mrs. Peter Brett, Mrs. Granville LeMeune, Mrs. William Miles, Mrs. Edward Wylie, Mrs. Lester Rlchens, Mrs. Franklin Decher and Mrs. Martha Oecher. A covered dish supper will be held Saturday of next week at 6:30 p. m. by the. Helping circle at the church. Arrangements were made at a meeting at Mrs. Irving Gcmmell'a home in Vanderburg. Mrs. Wallace Uykcman, president, presided at the buslneas session and Mrs. R. D. Heulltt was cc-hoeteas. During a social period refreshments were served. Attending were Mrs. William Nlakau. Mrs. John Sherman, Mra. Warren Gerow, Mrs, Lewie Snyder, Miss Margaret 81ckles. Mra. George Fitch, Mti, A. C. Buck, MM. Emily Weeks, Mrs. Annie Buck, Mrs. John LeMont and Mrs. Harvey Drelbells. Week-end guests at the home of Mr. AIM! Mrs. William Lecbtrecker were Mr. and Mrs.. N. Dickerson, Chevy Chase, Md., Mr. B. 8. Dlckerson and son Robert, Middletown; Mr. and Mrs. David Lechtrecker and daughter Deborah, Lodl; Mr. and Mrs. William Borden and Mlts Helen Bulkley, Newark, and MM. Borden of Chatham. Mra. Joseph Moreau, Sr. attended quilting party last week'at the home of Miss Susan Ketcham, West Farms. Mr. Moreau has been on a business trip to Oklahoma. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur O. Freer and family attended a birthday party Saturday honoring Hlii Vie* let Freer of Manasquan. Mra. William J. Shearer and Mrs, Eugene Reynolds, Ellsfcbeth, have ended ft week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. William Clifford of Picket Fence farm. The eighth grade school pupils will apend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week in Washington, D. C, where they will visit many places of Interest. They will be accompanied by Mrs. Marian Eaton, Mrs. Helen Engle, Mrs. Jack Sparrow, Mrs, A. O. Freer, Mrs. Henry Blelfeldt, Mrs. J. VanMalden and Mrs. Harvey Drelbells. Reed Oager, school principal, returned his dutlei Monday after being kept home with a virus attack. Mrs. Edward Wylle of Venderbun la home from Fort Lauderdale, Ft*., where she visited her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dean. Hans Papenhaien and Walter Heriber* of the Old Mill house have returned from a vacation trip to Florid* and Cubs. RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH 12,1953 Belford Mr. and Mr% Edward Fisltr celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary Monday. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. James Morrow and Ted and Mrs. James Morrow, Jr., Matawan; Misa Betsy Doremus, Fair Haven; Mr*. John Stanley and Robert Fisler, this place, and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Myers and son Howard Myers of New Monmouth. The couple received a wedding cake and many lifts. Louis Kaufmann, ton of Mrs. William Sutherland of Main >t, was given a surprise psrty prior to his leaving tor the Air Force bate at Sampson, N. V. recently. Attending were Mrs. John Httns, Miss Loreen Sutherland, Mr, and Mrs. Richard 8chwarti and eon Richard, Frank Benson and William Sutherland, thla place; Misa Arnie Nichols, Atlantlo Highlands; William Diets, Oceangate, and Jsck Gamache, East Keaneburg. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kalberer and son William and Mrs. Thomas Driscoll of Brooklyn spent Sunday with Mr. and Mn. Herbert Vivian of Esst rd. Mr. and Mr'. Benson attended the funeral of relative, Edward S. Cody of Brooklyn and spent the week-end with MM. Bemon'i brother, James McPhelin of Flatbush, Brooklyn. and his family, Mr. and Mra. Edmund Mc- Phelin of Cincinnati, O., were also guests there. Carol Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Herbert Brown, celebrated her ninth birthday Sunday at t family party. At the morning service Sunday at the Methodist uimi'ch, Rev. R. L. Blackman baptized, Romona.ynn Hutee, daughter of Mr. and Mr;. Edmond Hulsc of Bast Keanaburg, and Miss Helen White of Belford, Becausa of the lncreaied enrollment in the primary department of the Belford Methodist Sundayschool, it hss become necessary to move the children from the Sunday-school room to the annex to provide more room for the classes. The Sunday-«chool room will be completely renovated and new tile floor and booths to separate the classes will be Installed. A Dinty Moore supper will be held Tuesday in the parish hall of St. Clement's Episcopal church by the members of the guild as planned at their meeting Wednesday evening. The kitchen has been newly redecorated and renovated. Attending the meeting were Mm. Edith Kull, Mrs. John Euler. Mrs. Ivy Fauteck, Mrs. Wilion Milter, Mrs.. George Boyce, Mn. Russell Smith, Mn. Normand Tetrault, Mrs. Charlea Hlmllryck and Mrs. John Johnston. The burning of the mortgage and a confirmation lervice was held Saturday afternoon at St. Clement's Episcopal church. Bishop Wallace J. Gardner of Trenton performed. Those confirmed were Virginia and Patricia Pleheau, Roger Rohde, Louis Drake, Kenneth Coon and Patricia Zllly of Belford. Miss Lillian Mayer, Mrs. Rebekah Ivens, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Lorchelm and Harold. Cambrics were confirmed here and are members of St. Mark's church in Keansburg. Mrs. Catherine Policaatro, Mrs. Sylvester Elkner and Richard R. Sullivan were received. C'apt. and Mra. William Morrisroe of Ocean View ave. are visiting FINED AT MJMSON ' RUMSON Ronald Sickler of Fair Haven rd., Fair Haven, wan fined SIS by Magistrate Arnold Tulp Monday night on a charge of reckless driving. Sickler wan iaaued a summons Mar. 1, after the car he wag driving struck a light standard on Rumaon rd. Robert Stanley of Keyport was fined $100 for not having his driver's license in hi* possession and fot having his car Improperly registered. George Rahey of Asbury Park paid a $5 One for failing to stop at a stop sign, and Thomas Masse of Highlands (3 for parking in a restricted tone, CHIMNEY FIRE The home of Mrs. Cornelia Eggleston, IS Lelghton ave., Red Bank, w«i slightly damaged Tuesday afternoon by a Ore in the chimney. The Male wan extinguished before terlous damage was done, Capt. Morrlsroe's parents In Boston, Mass., for a week. Miss Anne Richmond and father, Louis Richmond, are visiting relatives \ in Fort Lauderdale, Fie. Cynthia Bodtmann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Bodtmann of Clinton five., observed her ilrst birthday Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Plebeau entertained for their daughters, Patricia and Virginia, Sunday at a family dinner. Attending were Mr and Mrs. Victor Cartler, 8r.. of North Bergen, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Cartier, Jr., and children, Jerrlyn, Kenneth and Union of Duinont, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Welgand of Jamaica, U I., and Mrs. Helen Mnom of li^rminffdmla f*. I Pace Eleven NEW LAMPS Pin Up & Table From 4*50 the REGISTER NOW FOR TRAINING IN HUMAN RELATIONS AND CONFERENCE LEADERSHIP To b. conducted by J. CLIFFORD DAMICO Director of Human Relation!, Inc. At the RED BANK BUSINESS INSTITUTE 121 BROAD STREET RED BANK, N. j. BEGINNING MARCH 19, 1953 Limited Attendance: So that each person participating will have ample opportunity to obtain full benefit from the Instruction, we are forced to limit attendance at each conference to IS persons. Please make your reservations at once, by calling REd Bank «S»04 INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL I a.~^~i=r 5jjfff*j sbl* ALL IN ONE CABINET! M Jesst A Maska* ONLY AT ATLANTIC!! YOUR OLD-FASHIONED HARD WORK WASHER OR ORDINARY DRYER IS WORTH TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE TOWARDS THE PURCHASE OF THE NEW MIRACLE INVENTION BETTER WASHING tint stamaflf TBHnfcaW»atsf.WiBl Mfacbfe How w^uwwgt Wl^B^Paro^PMt^rw ^PIWo%^^HJ O^g^V ^W ^r^f^o*o^e^pt% WkjMeV^P wl Wwtt W^^ ^T^HirWe^P WWW I^PW dt" FoMctI M> in*«mi «Muk HMHr~lo fm MM cmhn chmmr. Inii hoialk IHM Iiifct. k^ftj-ma! -j* «LM-^-fL -f^f flg -J f r am-ftl nw MVeOT WVMI WwMWt» wwwj 9 HPJW BETTER DRYING Hft BMffal IUHWA a*^ BAaVM #LWn^nWLK^^nw1 eftmmi frttfll B^^U^^A fa^ bvef VOWB i^^bi ^ IPMf w «wj P ^PW *"W"J wwpj IWM WWP^PJ IW wtyirl Iffi if sill (Mpviivii ni Ayi FASIRi Nil mi BnMnlh) fttfav»aljw B^MBM.faffc Mitt at tmmlvtfl fafdmn^aaanflb tsifv^ MIlvJI i ow VfJUFJ vw Mrf i^pji»i fwpfw^^ww WB/iW LalBJI LfJJU. flg _*-) ajfljaji JaM MJ «MH yk i gmfl tthli P^^TPJ MMBWJt PJ f^wmfl 9tS S F *^^ WlWfWIOaWOv VWOI WHHV DOES THE WORK OF DOTH WASHER AND DRYER IN ONE CONTINUOUS AUTOMATIC OPERATION Bum THIS AD WTH YOU TOR YOUR SKOAL TRAMIH, AUOWAHCU Ml VilMIOR NhM Mrw MWNM 25 IHMMOUTN ST MS UNI Mill INflANCI COMPANY fountjtd by IOOM, ftoobuck ond Co. A vtahr^wmi MiMeNw»ef lean, ekmi * Ce, «H* e*m* ert HeilM* M M I tftfl Mftrtto ft* At pare* M*H*r> Men* OMMI CMuee, HMeeli

48 7 J BANK REGISTER. MARCH Jacobs Hardware Co. PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE That Hat Been Choten TIE AUTHORIZED DEALER IN RID IANK AND VICINITY FOR EXCELLO POWER MOWERS SALES 6 SERVICE Jacobs Hardware Co. "Red Bank't Quality-Value Store*' 273 SHMWttURY AVI. RID BANK RID BANK 4-JaM Council Studies Water and Dogs BATONTOWN-'AfUr hearing a 'tiume about do* control submitted by Charles Garlton, dog.warden, local official* lart night discussed the dor aituatlon and decided to continue meeting with the Monmouth County Regional Health committee, which proposes'an area ' For Your Old Refrigerator OnTMs NM.1N UMIMIATOs SIB US ABOUT VMIR NBIM AHB tavft i tvmar m i MMMM MT AT MA««r tram very Rwasag Ti IM. K AIMI MTU E ATONTOWkl RADIO 6c TELEVISION I ^ I ; 19 MAIN STREET EATONTOWN N J Phoni- l-'.atontnwn \-04OO York, ashing far special consideration. log control program. Councilman James V. Wolcott, Tr., said one difficulty with employins dog catchers ii that the friendly dog at large which doesn't cause trouble will be picked up, whereas the wild dog that is troublesome will evade being caught by running o*. Councilman Ralph I** Lewis pointed out that the borough now baa a contract with the S.P.C.A., and tbat there' hate been no complaints. Mr. Lewis reported it would cost be borough a year to provide water on Victor ave. and Elm pi, Residtnts of those streets have requested water service and Mr. Lewis's estimate resultsd from a survey mad*.by Monmouth Consolidated Water company. SUM For Water The company.:advised Mr. Lewis that MO feet of pipe would be r,equtred to' service the nine homes involved at a cost of t»,*jm>. The company. Is entitled to 16 per cent of that, or 5tf 44. The residents, paying.a water bill of about ISO a year would provide $170, leaving a balance of $344.44* the borough would have to pay. Mr. Lewis added that two flre hydrants would be installed at an.additional yearly cost of 490, making the JSM.M. figure. About the Urge cost, Mr. Lewis said would be prohibitive, became another area without water would require 8,500 feet of pipe. Although. admitting the residents should have water, he said he did not see how the borough could order at this time. He promised, however, to contact the Victor-Elm residents to see If they are willing to bear'the cost of the whole project. Councilman Leon B. Smock, Jr., questioned Councilman Spencer Patterson about the planning board's progress In preparing a _. master plan. He said the newly Covlngton, Asbury Park, treasurer, Bids on several properties were received, but action on them was withheld pending Investigation. Included were a SOslU lot on West St., known as lot 10», block I, $300, from James N. Wolcott Sr.; lots 71, 74 and 75 on Wall st., $1,400, from Albert Tomeiani, and onequarter acre of land adjoining the borough dump near Old Deal rd., ISO. from Mri. Leon Buckalew. Council accepted a bid of $100 from Boy Scout troop 3t of Long Branch for lot So, block 25, on Parker rd., for uae as a camp site for Scouts from Eatontown, Long Branch and West Long Branch. Auction on the bid will be held at the neat meeting. Building Inspector Charles Roberts reported that eight permlti were Issued last month for estimated construction of $17,420. A letter from Tide Water Oil company advised council s price for high test gas is 21.1, the same as now being charged by Lewes Coal company. Mr. Lewis eaid that since Tide Water Is a local taxpayer, and wants the business, it should be given it. No action was taken, however, pending a check to determine If the borough hi* a contract with Lawes. Councilman Morris praised Police Chief William Zadorosny for his continued efficiency and Patrolman Harry Leo for zealously attending to duty. Mr. Morris said both men's service,are a credit to the borough. formed Chamber of Commerce Is being stymied became cannot advise Interested Industry of the true status of planning to date. Councilman Jamas N. Wolcott add ed that the board has been, work' ing on the plan for more than a year.. Mr. Patterson answered that rough draft of part of the master plan has been: completed. Is being recopled, he said, so tbat counellmen will be able to view copies prior to meeting with the planning board. Mr. Smock submitted a sugguted code ' for dry cleaning establishments, which he asked Borough Attorney Howard W. Roberto to Indude in the Are prevention ordinance. Borough Clerk Andrew O. Becker reported that notices have been; served on the eight properties listed as flre hazards. Councilman Fred 8. Morris said the Club Brvel building has been repaired, Mr. Becker saying that be will advise members of the lire prevention bureau wko made the original investigation. Mr. Becker referred to the borough attorney a letter fro- " I CHURCH NEWS Red Howard Dance Aidg Scholarship SKA GIRT The New Jersey Shore chapter of the Howard University association marked its flrst anniversary at a formal dance Friday at Sea Girt Inn for the benefit of the college scholarship fund. The chapter was founded by J. P. Scott of Reevytown, Dr. John Hayes. Jr. of Asbury Park, chapter president, was dance chairman. Others serving were Mrs. James W. Parker, Jr., of Red Bank, vice president; Mrs. Elisabeth E. Williams, Point Pleasant Beach, secretary, Miu Bernice and Dr. James W. Parker, Sr., Red Bank, public relations. Dr. Joseph F. S. Carter of Asbury park was master of ceremonies, and Moses Garland's orchestra of Montclalr played for dancing. Hebrew Society Hat Purim Event LAKEWOOO More than 300 guests attended the Slst annual Purim ball of the Ladies' Hebrew society of Red Bank Sunday night at the Fairmont lodge. Following a cocktail hour in the lodge's Celebrity room, dinner was served In the main'dining room, followed by dancing to the lodge orchestra. Mrs. Samuel Fellshus was chairman, assisted by Mrs. Herman Coben and Mrs. Morris Siegel. Proceeds will be given to the bunding fund of the Congregation Bnal Israel..? - A floor show wss presented with Jack Phillips as master of ceremonies. Participating were Harry Kane, vocalist; Marilyn and Martinea, dancers, and their daughter Iris, singer and dancer, and the Chimes family, Ed, Gilbert Craig, harmonica players, New Marilyn, pianist. and and Did yau tinaw fhat QaGannara Hi COATS, SUITS ft TOP* ms M*/O TO 4i*/o uv. IWI bacilli* it it PAC- TOtY-TO-YOU SHOWROOM! Mora than (hat MNAKO'S AMNNTI art. faaturad in tha laafjinf Warn* an'i Waar mafiitnai... far far mart than DaSannar* laal I fust adare tha axquliita tat. lorina a* NMNNARO Ml* MCI... Fertimann, Straack, Miran, Anfta, Jutlllara*. an«j many athari... but bait af all, I MIVU MY MR AITIR. ATIONS at Da (pannara'sl Man to Face Four Charges at Matawan MATA WAN- Joseph Rutley of Morganville was Issued a summons here yesterday charging him with reckless driving, driving.without a driver's license or car registration and having the wrong registration plate on his car. According to police, Patrolman Charles Cox saw a car Sunday night parked in a line of traffic on Main st. The car had but one license plate and that was upside down, police said. The vehicle's driver, apparently seeing the pollei car, backed out of line and went through a red light. Patrolman Cox spotted tha cat again last night on Main at. He stepped the driver, John Rogers of Morganville, who said the car was owned by Rutley, When questioned, according to police, Rutley admitted he was driving the car Sunday night He is to appear before Magistrate James H. Martin Mar. SI. VAIL Rev. Roger J. Squire wilt preach Sunday at the 11 o'clock service on "The Trust of Jesus," the fourth in a Lenten series on the general theme, "Behold the Man!" Music directed by John Ferris will be: Prelude on Psalm 34;" soprano so-, The Heart Worships," to be -endered by Frances Killmu; offertory, "O Lamb of God;" choir anthsm, "God 80 Loved the World" and postlude, "Fugue In B Minor." The minister's subject tor the 8 m. service will be "Following the hrist." Altar flowers will be In mamiry of Mary Warden and her husband, Xelby Warden, given by their daughters, Miriam and Nanand will also honor the memiry of Mrs. Annie Carver, mother ot Mrs. F. Valleau, Mrs. J. S. Valleau, Jr., Mrs. E. Worthley and W.. Ashroore. The intermedlste youth fellowhip will meet Sunday at 5 p. m. ind the senior group at 6:45. Alpha Kappa Pi class meets tonight in the fireplace room. Metings ot the various circles of the W.S.C.S. are: Circle B, Tuesday at 1 p. m., with Miss Dollle Beaumont, S21 Broad st., Eatontown; A, Tuesday at 1:80, with Mrs. Stephen H. LeQuler, 229 River rd.; F, Tuesday at 1:30, with Mrs. Chester Adams, Broad st.; D, Tuesday at 1:30, at Applebrook farm with Mrs. Donald Wright; C, Tuesday, with Mrs. Edward Conway, W Hance rd., Fair Haven: E, Mar. 24 at 2 p. m., with Mrs. F. M. Dennis, M South it.; R Mar. 25 at 8 p. m., with Miss Meta von- Glahn, 94 Hardinur rd., and I, Mar. 25 at 8 p. m., with Mrs. Roger J. Squire, 235 Broad at. A delegation from this church will attend the district mid-year conference next Thursday at the Bradley Beach church. Dr. Luther ~>. Powell, faculty member of Drew university, will speak at the 6:30 p. m. district banquet on "God's Ian for His Church." The men's Communion breakfast will be held Sunday, Mar. 22, at 7:30 a. m. Attorney General Theodore D. Parsons will be the speaker. Tickets are available from Victor Fox and Malcolm E. Mlnton. The adult fellowship group will meet Thursday, Mar. 26, in the fireplace room for a social time. Mrs. Vincent B. Smith and helpers are in charge of the program. Thursday, May T, at 6:15 p. m. ths date and time set for the annual mother-daughter banquet sponsored by the W.S.C.S. Mrs. H. W. Bland Detwller, wife of the Pleasantvills, N. X, Methodist church pastor, will speak on "The Romance of Rings." She Is a former member or the Women's Division of Christian Service, ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL Red Bank Sunday's services will be litany and matins at t a. m. and church school at 10:30. Confirmation class will meet Friday at p. m., followed by Stations of the Cross at f:30. Rev. Kenneth E. MacDonald Is rsctor. E. Gaylord Latlmore will be organist "and Miss Betty Ann Mason accompanist. METHODIST Atlantic Highlands Special cervices this Sunday and the following Sabbath will mark the general dedication proceedings In observance of the liquidating of Eatontown Sunday-school will n u t at 1:45 a. m- and the worship service will be at 11. Rev. Edward N. Karrison's, junior sermon will be on "The Greet Big Clock" and the subject of his regular message will be "The Great High Priest." The junior choir will sing. Mrs. Edward N. Harrison Is organist. Starting Sunday there* will be a nursery conducted during the morning service for the convenience of parents attending this service. Junior choir rehearsal will bs held Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. at the church. The Good.Mews club will meet Tuesday after school at the church for the young folks of the community. ATTENDS TESTIMONIAL HIGHLANDS Mrs. Hosea Chark of Bay ave. spent the weekend In New Tork city with her sister, Mrs. Dorothy Boyd of Greenwich Village. She was a guest Sunday at a testimonial dinner at the Armenian Episcopal church honoring Heratch Yervant, editor of the Armenian daily newspaper ot Boston the part 40 years. There were: 250 guests. KISUN'S _ = Country t* Sport Clothe* Will. SUf tkl clothe* Walle Slaf MWHT clothes, kathlag salts, lulu, shorts. Hue denims, riding saints, leather wits. eyed* Jackets. hud A E. Freat. Rod Banko-iMS - NOTICS - M0T1CS Is hsrebr SITSB thatike fellaving. I* a trae of sn Ordinsnee intraducad st a sating of tks Town. skip Cnmltts* ef tka Township of Middletowa. bold on Wcdocidsy. March 11. 1»H and at that time passes flnt read- Ing sad was laid over Jer second and Inal paaaaga to tka meeting of the Township Commute, to bs held en March 15, l t l l at tho Township Rail at *:IO o'eloek, at which tlma a public hearing will be held upon tha asm* and all persons given an opportunity to be heard. Tha said project will b* undertaken as a.local Improvement and tho coat thereof assessed upon the owners ot the property abutting an said Park Place. By order of th* Township Committee. HOWARD W. ROBERTS. Township Clerk. ATINO THE COST' AMONG THE ABUTTING 1 OWNERS. BB IT ORDAINED by the Township Committee of th* Townihip of Middle- Beetles, t. That sidewalks and curbing shall ba constructed end laid on both sides of Park Place lta antira length. Section 1. Said Curbing shall bo constructed and laid on ths propertyjlnes bordering on both sides of Park Place. Section I. The ssld sidewalks and eurblng aball ba ot eoncrato and shall ba af the width and slio as shown upon tho plsns and specifications for asld sidewalks and eurblng prepared by Craig Ftnnet Townihip Enelneer, now on andertaken as a local Improvement and tha eoit. of laid sidewalks and curbing hall be aaaeiaed a«almt tha owner or. YOUR CHOICE Your choice of inaur* nee agent ia juat M iuporlant M your choice of doctor or lawyer. Your entire structure may some day - depend on how well he has performed Us Job. Grossinger IHeHer Broad & Mechanic Sts. Red Bank, N. J. Tel. RE < SUPERIOR COURT Or NEW JERKY Chancery Drvlsiaa. Mouaavth Csejaty DOCKET NO. M.I»e«-SI To JOHN JOSEPH COLEV: By virtue of an Order of tha Superior Court of New Jency. Chaneery Division, Monmouth County. Docket No. M-SI44* M, m>de on the 30th day of February. 1653, in a certain cause wherein Evelyn Marie.t'olcy is plaintiff, and you, John Joseph Coley, are defendant, you art required to appear and plead, answer HI. with the Township Clerk. Section 4. The aald work shall be owners of.lie land In front of which tha same shsll be so constructed snd laid. Section I. Tk* said property owners have mad. application for the construction of eald sidewalks and eurblng and have Indicated'their; approval of the amount bid and waive the thirty (30) day Notice whereby they eonatruet the ante thfmselr*. and all M wrfrk shell ba taken over by the Township of Midiletown forthwithafur tha effective data of this specific Ordinance. Seetion I. That the sum of or so much thereof ae may be sufficient to carry out tha provisions of this ordinance Is hereby appropriated for said purpose and a down payment has been provided for in th. capital Improvement fund In the current budget for the ycur s! for tho sum of Three Hundred Dol- I lara ( ) and assessment bonds for th* balanc* thereof for Fivo Thousand Seven Hundred (15,700.00) Dollara are hereby authorised to be Issued for the purpose of financing tka cost of said work. Tho total amount of bonds Issued shall not exceed the sum of Five housand Seven Hundred (15,700.00) Dollars which is th. estimated amount of bonda or notea to ba issued. The maximum amount of money to be raised from all sources for the asid ' purposes Six Thousand ( ) Dollars. Seetion T. is hereby determined and eclared aa followa: (a) That all bonda or bond antlelpa Ion notes Issued nuriuant to this ordi lance shall bear interest at a rat. not exceeding elx per centum per annum, and th* maturities, form and all other mat ters not determined herein shall b* de termlnail by resolution or resolutions, of th* governing body of said Township adavtsd pursuant to law. (b) That th* average period of usejlness of the purposes described above. within th* limitations snd provisions of tk* Local Bond taw Is ten years. (e) That tha supplemental debt state' mant reeulred by Seetion «0tl-J» ot tha Revised Statutes was, prior to the passag* et»hls ordinance en first reading. uly mado and filed In th. Offiee of the ewashlp Clerk, and said supnlemental abt statement shows that tha gross ebt of said Townshln. as defined In Sec- Ion 40:1-71 of tho Bevlsed Statutes, is not Increased by this ordinsnee and that th* obligations authorised by this ordinsnes will be within alt debt limitations prescribed by tks local Bond Law. Sestlon I. Tending tho Issuance of ssld ssscssment bonds, Ihs cost of slid work msr be temporarily flnnncsd by tk* Issuance of bond anticipation notes: aad of tk* Issuance ot bonds, and shall describe In W a^vslt a-^woyw B _^ v w*- k* not* Is Issued. the debt Incurred in the bulldlnc or demur to plalntiff'a complaint on or be Issued for a period of not exceeding on* (I) year and may b* renewed from la>s to tima for periods of not «eeeo- Ing one (1) yaar, but aueh notes. Including renewals ahall matitr* and ba paid not more than two (2) years from the date of th* original not**, exeent I, apcelally. provided In Seetion 40:1-42. Section I. This Ordinance ahall lake effect twenty (30) days after the.first publication thereof after (nil paisage. I1I.SI served Mar. IB at the 11 a. m. service when several adults and a class of young people will be received into church fellowship. Baptism will also be observed. Harold Shaw of Philadelphia will be guest soloist. The senior choir will present a musical service Sunday at S p. m., the theme of which Is "The Christian Tear In Music" Mr. Shaw will gain be heard as soloist. Sunday school will meet at 1:45. m. and- the youth fellowship meeting will follow the musical service. Tho official board will meet Tuesday at I p. m. Worh-nlght will be observed Wednesday at 7:30 o'clock. The schedule of services for Dedication day, Sunday, Mar. 21, is as follows: I a. m., Holy Communion; Rev. Or. B.. Harrison Decker, preaching; 4 p. m., dedication and mortgage burning, with Bishop Fred P. Coraon ameuttng, and 5:30, social time and refreshments In fellowship halt '' be made against you as the Superior Court of New Jersey aball think etiultabl. and just. The object of said auit Is to ebtsln a judgment for divorce dissolving tha marriage between jro-.i 'and tba aald plaintiff. ' Dated: March 5th, U5S. WISE a WISE. Attorneys for Plslntlff, 54 Broad Street, Red Bank/ N. J. 112.(0 Menmeatk County.Sarretats's Cwrt Nallce to Crtoitere to Present Claims Agalaat Eatate ESTATE' OF CORA A. FOSTER, DE- CEASED, Pursuant to the order of DORMAN McFADDIN, Surrogate of the County of Monmouth, this day made, on the application of the undersigned, Viola Taylor, Sole Executrix of the estate of the said Cora A. Foster, deceased, notlcs is hereby given to the creditors of ssld deceaied to present to the aaid Sola Executrix their etalme under oath within six months from thla date. Dated: March 1*. SI. VIOLA TAYLOR, 74 Cedar ave.. Fair Haven, K J, Persons, lab>k«,u»/ Caaieaa 4 Combs. Red Bank, N. J. Attorneys. TO SETTLE ESTATE Flaranca M. Craft, Draffar I I ft. Una,, {4.3 baam, «Jrawi 4.0 ft. 22 frail tarn, 14 nat tarn, 34x34' araaallar, with Chryilar Kayal Inflna 4.41 ta I radhictlan faar, 131 H.r\, fully aqutppad with whith and laid. Aka tashtflag Wa ml ht avaryaody but avarybady wlia wanti * tava an COATI. SUITf and TPfflM in tha latait fabrici and itylat buyi at DeGennaro Manufacturers of Fini Garmtnls for to Years 247MUMI AVINUI M0 IANK r (Hill UMk Msrtk ef W. Benes flics>, fkm M *V1373 Osea Kverjr Dey Thru Islurday A.M. le «P.M. Wednetdir' Md Frldsv Kvenluss Till I ',M. MM Kot, lsa r»umsm loaf, IM (I) U) (I) (I) <l) W <1> O) <l> 0) Aikinff price la 12, Blda accepted to settle Ertate to be aubmilted >vlthla S week* to ARNOLD TULP, Attornty 1ST MOAD ST. RID IANK sflw BHHB Tnawla Vial BMM Trawl., Vie. Traek <UM) Dtrfft, Hattiiy Mi. Aakinf price for abo*e item - 12, Complete Found bmlneee eeailehlbg af tha fouewlafi rathata M'saT (new rwjtness ta I H*hohi) (I packs! rahwllt, «ew twine last year) aata hearts Mg and tswut 0) sat Mir last yaar. tmim (I) Raw last yea,, MR Off atmm pvmwb latfcaa. Cam. new thread rope. Tha Township Committee ef tke Towa. ship of Mlddletswn will receive bids on March!i, t«si, at tilo o'clock at tke Township Hall, Kings Highway. Mlddls. town, New Jersey, for approximately 1,000 cu. ids. ot road siaval, delivered and applied ta various roads In tke Township of Mlddletown, under tke dlreetlon and supervision ot the Tawaakls Bnsincer. Tha Townihip Committee ressrvas the right to accept or rejaet sny sr all kids. Specifications may be obtsinsd free* J^*& tu f\muf. h Tawmhlp Glsrk, MeaaMMtk Geaaly a>srrsf sts's NstlM to CradMef a to Preeeal Pursuant to Ik* order ef DORMAM MeMDDIN, lurregste et Ike Cea ef Menmautk. tkle dsy sside, ea u aitllsallen et tk* underslgtsd, Mar* sent Nsess, Ms sesvltls eftke ** late ef tke said Bridget AM Oeaehee. deaaased, astlee Ii given le the rradltars sf ssld dsssased to prsssal to tke ssld ssle.sseutrla their elslas dar oath wu»l» ' - ' '.sseulrla tkelr < " x SMntwt ftens.. j:a.j A«pl»iste, Tetter, Rsussllle ttornrys, Netlss el SsUlaaasat el Asseval, Netles Is hirehy given that Ike si. counts ol tha subscriber. Substitute Uuirdlin. ef the rststs nf ssld Insem* relent, will he audited and ststad by Iks Rur^,.._«fJh._Coun ( «;B «d TJ,.d Kurresata of (he for settlement In sues ef nommliilons aad ssunsel Diledi Fsbrusry I*, A, D,, till, HARVKV 0. HARTMAM, Rrnsd Street, HiibililiitH Cluarilin. Mfisri, Aiinlsisle, loiter, Isuiillls * Cnrnwtlli general terms th* for tka financing Airnoae. wklek All suck pates msy NOTICE NOTICE Is hereby given that th* fol< owing Is a tru* espy ef an Ordinance atrcdueed at a regulsr meeting of the 'ownshlp Commlttss of tho Township sf Mlddlet.wn, hild ea March, IHI, at which time passed Irst reading and wae laid over ta second and final passag. t* a regular mealing of Iho Townshin C.mmltU. of th* Township of Mlddtstowa to be held Wednesday. Msvch. lilt, at lilo o'clock at th* Middletow* T.wnshlp Hall it which time public bearing will be held *n Ike same nd all persons will be given aa sppor- Unity I* a* heard. HOWARD W. ROBERTS. Townihip Clerk, Alt ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN OR. DINANCE ENTITLED "AN ORDI NANCE TO REGULATE. CONTROL AND DESCRIBE THE METHOD AND JNRD by Ik* Township CesMluee el the Tswnshlp af Midi" tewe, In tke Cevnty ef Menmouth: Seetlea 1. S**tl*n I* wklck this Is aa ssmndment Is kersky *a*ndid I* pv. Sectlea. la ths mitttruettan *f all frsme buildings all. ^-. -». v v ^v* ^ w BlovS JvJ atajsll en pistes at seek story or ksvo a eon' tlssjaua Ore step at seek ' ' kilters i skill ks < twa er mere talll aad all I mere < koasse level. All tallseama cairylng double headers shall be doukl.d. All beams sarrylsi eksll ks raa«lni ruitaa i felli Irsmeats la Orsl far dwelling lewti tke 'sslalawss. Iser. Jslst esastl keusss skall ks as l"»l" spaeed " ea fester wltk ssax. lues seen af IS fast.."all 7 epaeed " an eentsr with ssaa mum SMa of 14 feet. I'sll" smisd " en ssntor wltk aisnlihi* spa* et fset. Brl4 lsa ssiit ks Instslled Any ipens grsster tkan lihi* spa* et fset. Brl4 lsa ssiit ks Instslled svery I feet Any pens t tk Iks; abov tad must.kave collar beams. All reefi taf^rtflfsheapllshefret a '' I* tk* feet. 1 fatten I* feet ea pltsh et ael.~m I" ie tke feet, fair 7 raftsrs test sa pits, sf a,*l less lbs* S" ta tke feat, fer leefe ef sreelsr thsn I"»ll*b, lie ef nftsrs to he dsilded br tke!«hslsr sf islldlngi, Tks ipef* ikill bs fir weed... snd llt.ssund asphalt ihlnglss, In en*!,!<*!* ' kesles sklsslss, rsfisn skill BO InsrsiMd I Inihes mere an ipins. All, oslirlri ISM than S"al". " SMSM tail r studs skill not.. _. _.' en tenter <*r spin exeat that an tastory en keuiss of lha t»t mads by Ike Nstlsnsl Hnmei Corps alien, or koumi es.usl I* that style sm a l n «r houses asusl I* that sty lyps af ( nslrutllsn sll sultrier frs skeuld net ba less thin i"*l".tl rsmli ts». ssnle hl "Wkira" d b Ini n»we«t h ssnlef (eryperu Wkiran»we«i shsslhlni Is used, wind brsns mint h«initallsd at all e-rnsri. All wall sills an missary Is ks i"*i" fsl wllk sll Sde Sf'slfTs ** #iii " " "'"' "'' anenln ''sl" f 4 si to e t fset llasksi anenl 4"st" is a I feet esenjng, d''sl" an I feet SMMU, t ir»l»" 1 f* a f jfijliit. «'»ll" a feel eninl ee nlm passed snd If s Ifillen I»t Im Si smsndsd kv'orllnsiii ld.»kru*ry I.I, IHO, sreysd nkruary, IHO, Ifillen I, This OrdlniKis sksll HI e»sft Immsdlsttly UMH US filmt* si lil.ll sybiliiiisa aitoidiai le law. Ml MOTICIlrkeraby iwlaat Is a tnsa ' itrodiiead at a... ownshlp Coasmittee llddlotswn, held on. hlcb time passed s laid over to eas t 8 GULAT1ON OP DOGS IN '. WNSHtf OF MIDDUTOWir,: ildl*tewa~"ts7 H hel arch, Hit, at 1:10 _. Iddletowa Township HaU. ma a public bearing will ba -.. b* aim* and nil persons will be A opportunity t» b* hesrd. HOWARD W. RORHMli Towmbl. CfiJt,N ORDINANCK PIOVIBINO FOB REGISTRATION. LICENSING ' KEGl TOW BE IT OSDA'naFby^e'fsrnelkb) lommktcs et tke Township ef MlddE "STstlon 1, Krdeif sbslljua aflsisjs any tim* in this municipality. SSMPV hi* provision shall not apply to " nsr dogs during bunting season *r.. icy an being trained, providing ai.i times such dogs are under *catr*t ownera or traner. Section 2. Any dog off a* premise* f th* Person owning, keeping «r barlorlng it shall bs iccompsnlsd by per* oa wbo Is capable ot eontr*llisg -aad rho hss th* dog securely eonnned sad ontrolled by aa adeauato leask ast Dre than six feet long. Section t. No parson owning er kavng ths car., eustody or control of any of shsll permit such dog to soil er dole or to commit any nuisanc* apoa ay sioewalk, street or thorsugkfari, or upon any public property, or In upon th* property of persons ethsr tbnn th* owner or. person having tr< care, custody or eontrol of suck dog. Beetlon 4. No person owning er hav- Ing. ths csre. custody or control of ear og shsll suffer or permit to soil er leflle or do any Injury or damage to any iwn, shrubbery, flowers, grounds, trees >r sny property of persons other than th* owner or person having th* care, custody or control of such dog. Section S. No person shall keep, hnror or maintain any dog which habitual* 1 barks or cries ao aa to disturb tk* public pesee. Section 6. Th. owiiei' or custodisn any dog shall bs responsibl* tor any imaga don* by such dag. Section 7. Each and every dog shall e duly licensed and shall bear evidence tf such lieens* at all timea. in aeeord* mce with tho lawa of the State of New k'ricy. The annual fee for such llcenta 'hall be two (12.00) Dollars for each log, plus twenty-five (25c) cents for ho registration me for each dog. Th* laid licenses, registration tags and renewals thereof shall expire on the last day of January In eaeh yaar. Section 8. The Township Committee hall have power to appoint a Pound* taster or other designated ' authority rhos* duty it shall ba to. enforce th* provisions ot this ordinance. Tha Township Committee shall alio hive powsr to enter into n contract with ona sr lore persons for the exercls* of tha duty if Dog Catcher, Dog Warden or Poundnaster and to enforce the provisions «t.his Ordinance. Section 9. The Poundmastsr or any other person appointed for th* purpose shall take Into custody and Impound, or cause to ba taken into custody and Impounded, and thereafter destroyed or lispoicd ot as provided in this sactlmt (a) Any dog running at large In this municipality.. (b) Any dog off ths premises *f tk* owner or tho person keeping or karkor* mg Mid dog without a current regietrstion tsg on his collar and not conrolled by a isaih is provided la tklt irdinsnee.. (e) Any female dog In Mason, off tk* premises of the owner or of the person keeping or harboring said dog. When any dog so seised has bmn detained for seven dsys attar nstlea, when notice ean be given, or has bean detalned for seven daya after aelsur* whan notice cannot ks glvsn. In accerdane*»lth the Laws of th* State ef New ersey. and th* owner or person keepng or hsrborlng said deg has not plstmed said dog and paid all expenses Incurred by reason of s sslsura and de. tentlon, and tha dog bs nnllssasad it the time of tka seisure, ind th* owner or person keeping or hsrborlng said dog iss not produced a lieens* and reglstra. tlon tag for said dog. tbo *oundmsster, or other designated authority, aiar cause the dog to be dastroyed In man* aer causing as little pain as Section ng 10. little pain as Every ssttlea af n possible, tbli'-osr" t t inane, or subdivision «r separate part thereof, shall bo consid.rod a separate rovision to tha Intent that If any portion shsll ka diclsred Ineffective. shall not affect the remaining parti et tklt Ordinsnee. Section 11. Any person who violates my provision of this ordlnancs skall be abia to a penalty ot not more than fifty (130.00) Dollara for sack offense. and upon failure to pay ssld (aa and the costs and charges incident thereto may ba Imprisoned In tho county Jail tor a period of not exceeding ten days In lie ease of the first conviction, and ia the case of a conviction for a second, subsequent or continuing violation, far Period not axeeading thirty days. Section. All ordinances and parts of ordinances Inconsistent herewith are repealed, and tbla ordinsnee skall tsk. effect ImmtdiaUly upon s passage. pproval and publication as provided >» law. iu.14 PUBLIC NOTKK An erdinanco entitled "An ordinance prohibiting and regulating. Ik.'SlrkhSS of motor and other vehicl.a ea parts» etsto hlghwsy No. tt ia Ike town* ship of Mlddletown" was preatated for introduction and flrat reading an Fab- >ry 25. by^tha Township Cammlttea the Township of Mlddletown and on - * - w"»» "*.^- w* "VIVBIVIMK sjagim vea Marck u, «M «M, adestsd aad as- UWRBNCE A. CARTON, Msyar. Townibip sf Mlddlitowa. roved Ait; itestt HO WARD W. ROBERTS. Clerk, NOTICE Is hereby given that aa offer ksa been received by tks Township Committee of tha Township of Mlddlet.wn «the purchase of property loested la the Townihip of Middlatown. bains) 1 s t til, on ths Map sntltlid Nsw Kesas. burg *1 for ths sum of l00.t«upon ka following terme: Cnski and tklt a I. at.towmhls a(tr.and. o'eloek at wl imltla*. will ether i ~ nd ratify terms an.. k"vid"f«if, *tker ptrssn. My Order of Iks Commltlc*. will c*nsidsr said w *!«. ta ',A_«'»* MB* lecsrd* ere* Uer ershrty by > CMBalttes er eeilrs; and ratify tks M«s a*<«. lag ta said tsrme, and smdiucas. > vssp?&#..#»-*«any. thsr pers*n. Dstsdl Msr.k tk, 1191, HOWARD W. ' ' ' Tswn itklp Olsrk! sf the luatrier siiry plvlslen, wkers- "*,,«piojnun, Sad idint, y*u er* kirtkfr** ejulred I* inewer tk* iraplitit *i tk* Plaintiff m er before the Ills del «f April, Illl. ind Is defsult tkcres* nil ihdgmsnt will k* rendered against TaV as tks Csun shall tklak *etmskte sai luit. The *b.«t sf ssld suit Is te emela e,.u'tfssnt far divers* bstwese ssld plslalll ind you. Dstsdi fskruiry 171k, till, rwrbncb P, rpmottoir, Mternr-fe* rialatlt, R.d B i:;t,n7w t >.ri.r urn Ttellss el Mtlsssea. si' c«"»va* or UIOUB K M"* ' N«tli*;ls kinky slvsn that the ae* cuunts of tks luhirrlkers, RsstllSM, «f lha sitsle ef sa d Dstssijsf, will urllt.d and ttstad ky Ik* Stm*gil* of M*nm*i ik and issa «)i in. Vouitsi.. Red Bilk s si Urn, i, K, i,

49 <eew lem l>e ssmdlis to h M k l» ff)wr fjmvt! M N N VRM VMR fuvmt e * **Hy.»Htts> mt aiuy «Meke«wtk M*» * weier.,. ww M ink, a**l sr Me. AvaaMI* la amy ttkn te awst it.wtw Nkeaie. Mnd le Ml yew aejt * #t pem ei tedsy fet Ik* seen** MeieraftU DeMt S.M Eulwlvtty to Meuiealb, OMM ua Ssuthna MiMh* eei Cevrtlt* ky OVERHEAD DOOR PRODUCTS CORP. Ml aurwrakwy Ate. BE MIM tl Teere ef Ceatleuent Swvlee Passenger Injured In Three-Car Crash NEW SHREWSBURY l*wtenc«odenlco of Camden, a passenger In a ear driventoyoaesar :. Midora of Philadelphia, luffered cuts on the Jorehead Monday morning in a three-car crash on Tlnton ave. Aceordinr to itat* police, a ear driven by William Beeknan of 7 Crawford it., Eatontown, traveling wait on Tlnton ave.. collided with the eaat bound Midora ear which Ideawtped a car driven by Frank Tomainl of Low Branch. Mr. Odenlco was treated at Rlvsrvlew hospital and rileaaid. Trooper Samuel Cochrane of Shrewsbury barracks Investigated. Sell Your Poultry - Ts H. LBVINMHT POULTRY DBAUR th AVE. BELMAR, M. i. WRITS OR PHOKB. ULMAR l-mis Pram te e.ti Asiirdlag to MM 1». free aftor are. hove ke«i keea utilmii (ae HUM I M I) Cancellation SHOI SHOP 4 UOAD STRUT RIO RANK Willowbrook Restaurant 74* RIVRR ROAD. PAIR HAVIN, N. J. IS AGAIN SERVING DINNERS DAILY PROM 140 to tioo K M. SUNDAYS UiM H«M TUISDAY, MARCH 17 LUNCHIONS Scrvad frssa * te lin r. M. RUSINRSS MIN'S LUNCHIONS 90e to $1.50 HOT mi COLD landwichif Mvato I M M for 'For Reservations CALL RED BANK OmtimUmiun CIRCLE CHEVROLET Ott wrpub MTIMATB tfc* MM tat ywi mti My r*hlr wwfc. You'll I N why w* M«t ' t yen sasasy whlla M m you taa. CHEVROLET/ CIRCLE CHEVROLET CO. If MKNANIC IT. RID RANK C. Stamelman Opens Law Office lono BRANCH Laurence C. Stamelman of 108 Pavilion ave,, opened offieta Tuesday at JU Iroadway for the general practice f law. A ion of Mn. Anna Teager and the late Abraham Stamelman, Mr. Stamelman graduated from Long Branch high «chool in He received a bachelor of science degree in buiinem' administration from Rutfers university, itlng with high honors In ir and received his bachelor of law degree from Cornell university law. school in 1951 During world war IT, Mr. Stanv llman served * a weather observe In the Army Air Corps In the South Pacific. He held the rank of sergeant when discharged. He U a former law clerk with Parsons, Labrecque, Cansona an Combs of Red Bank and Wan Kremer of Asbury Park. Formerly associated with Koeatler ft Koestler of Elisabeth, Mr. Stamelman passed the bar examination in Oct. IMS, and was male an attorney at law In Dec Ha is a member of the Monmouth county bar association and of Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity. HOSPITAL PATIENTS Among the surgical patients Rlvarvlew hospital this week are Mrs. Lillian Belt*, MS First it,. Key port; Theodora Brown, Broadway, Key port; Mrs. Mary Daust, M Valley at., Highlands; Mrs. Rose Dayton, Tlensch ave., Leonardo; Victor Dorn, 1M Whit* st., Shrewsbury; Earl Bastmond, Key port; Mrs. Margaret Hanawsy, Matawan; Mrs. Qenevlev* Kelly, U Washington av*., Kaaniburg; Danlet Walling, Keyport; Samuel Wolf, 815 Main it., Keyport; and John Wiley, Colt's Neck.'. Medical patlinti at Rlv.rvlew Include Mrs. Queen Brown, Monmouth Hills, Mlddletown township; Mrs. Ella Cremeans, Chapel Hill rd., Mlddletown township; Mrs. Janet Cuslek, M Park av*., Fair" Avenf Mrs. Frances Hlckey, Manning pi., Keaaiburg; Arthur Hulse, MS First st., Keyport: Mrs. Margaret Korpon, 41 Leonard ave., Leonardo; Mn. Camilla, Nappl, Middle rd.. Keyport: Mrs, Sarah Thomson, W Woodilde av*., Kaansburg; Mrs, Anna Wohlleb, 10 Conover pi., Middlttowa township, i!m Wolfe, 60 Sllverbrook rd,, Shrewsbury. FLAW COVEBBD DISH SCPPEB ATLANTIC HIOKLANDS - Brownie troop 14 and Olrl Scout troop 144 at a meeting last week at the home of Mn. Nlcholw «gl' dlo, Bay ave., made plans for mothers' and daughters' covered dish supper and for a trip to the Philadelphia loo. No dates wen Mt. ATTBNDIMO CONFBBBNC1 Mn. Eugene Badgley of Uttle Silver, presidmt of the Lsagus of Women Votan, Rid Bank nglon, li attindlng tho two day riglonal conference In Grlfllth auditorium, Newark, The conference, whleh opened yesterday, has "The Pollt! eat effectiveness of a Non-Partlsa Group," as its subject. REP BANK REGISTER, MARCH 12,1958 little Silver Mn. Joieph C. Davlson, chairman tf the March of Dimes campaign in.hia borough, reported thli week hat $1,031 was collected in the Irive, including (210 from the hool. In thanking local residents for "their hearty co-operation," the chairman pralied Mr. and Mr*. Raymond Pagan, Mn. Ernest L. Ruh and Charles Thompioon, ichool principal. Councilman Charlei W. Stephen! announced Tuesday that a poiltion In the borough'i itreet department kers present were Mrs. Elaine Wright, Mrs. Rosie Crowell, Mrs. Judy Earlc, Mn. Lucy Bruno, Mrs. Margaret Ellison, Mr*. Evelyn Clark, Mr*. Lucy Pace, Mrs. Phylis Tetley, Mrs. Catherine Wade, Mrs. Jean Fix, Mrs, Haxel Tetloy, Mrs, Kay Dressier, Mrs, Joyce Stillwagon, Mrs. Patricia Stout and Mrs. Lilian Lovekln. Mrs. Phyllis Tetley and Mrs. Harold Tetley and tfrs. Wade were hostesses. Miss Julia Parker, Mrs. Robert ilcklee, and Mrs. Warren Herbert ittendcd tha concert given by the He aika reildenta in- Apollo club Thursday evening in the Crystal torrace room of the open. tereated in applying for the Job to contact him. The annual salary li 13,800. The local Citlieni' auodatlon will meet next Thursday at 1:1S p. m. In the borough hall, when offlcera will be elected, committees appointed and by-laws adopted. All eeldents are welcome to attend. Mn. Charlea LeMalitre of Silverton ave., who haa been a patient at St. Vincent's hospital In New York city, haa returned homi and Is slowly improving. The American Horn* department of tho Woman's club will collect needle*, thread and cotton materfor a German Youth project which calls tor collection of these objects for shipment to Germany. Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Oanlde of Sunnyerest dr. have returned home after visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. William 'rice In Xllleen, Tex. WhileIn Texas Mr. and Mrs, Oaraide and Dr. and Mrs. Price visited the Alamo in Ban Antonio and also Monterey, Mexico. Mariner troop 129 reviewed 1U first aid work Thursday to help one of the member* nnlih her first aid badge, The girls alio began work on stanchions for their landship Albertlna, which they have set up in Mrs. Richard Clapp's barn. The troop with their leader, Mrs. Clapp, and Mrs. Jack Landa's troop from Long Branch, went by Boro bus Saturday morning to' the Naval Air base at Lakehurst. They were met at the gate by an Information officer WAVES, who conducted, them on a tour of the aerology office and the base. In the office they watched a radio transmitter which was receiving information from the truments of a weather balloon which had been.set up upon the girls' arrival. They watched the course of a blimp traveling down the coast being charted, The blimp also radioed back weather Information. They, toured the helicopter hangar, Zeppelin and airplane hangars. wss especially interesting to set the helicopter that rescued a man trapped recently in a water task at Point Pleasant. Trainees are taught In a classroom in a plane which is actually traveling through the air while they learn the fundamentals of flying under actual conditions. A parachute packers' plane was shown from»*lch a packer must leap In 'chut*" he has packed himself. The troops at* lunch aboard the bus enroute home. A visitation evangelism campaign will be carried on at Embury Methodist church Bunday, Monday and Tuesday. The mid year session of tho Mew Jersey annual conference of the W.8.C.S. will b* held Wednesday at Bradley Beach. Dinner will be at 6.10 p. m. Richard Lowry, son of Lewis R. Lowry, Rumson rd., Istakingad vanced training at Lowry Air Force baa* near Denver, Colo. He has been promoted from airman to airman third class. Mr. and Mn. Clark Kemp, Rum son rd., an vacationing in St. Petersburg, Fla. Mr. and Mn. Walter Dennis, Mr, ind Mrs. Harold Tetley and Mn. Uitan Lovekln visited. Mr. and Mrs. Wlllard llllott of Maplewood'Sun day. Mr. and Mm. Philip E. Ballly, Woodbine ave.. an parents of a son born Monday at Monmouth Memorial hospital. He his been named Philip K. Ballly, Jr. Th Balllys also have three daughters, Nancy, Adel* and Elaine. Mr. Ballly Is tho son of John Edmond Bsllly, Jr, proprietor of Ballly Brothers ttudebaker agtney. The auxiliary of tha an company mt Wednesday evening at the Ore house. A cake sal* Is being planned for th* end of this month and gam* party for next month, Mem' IMPORTANT NOTICE W in m mur AMTMINILE owot CtmUaraU* publicity h" already baan f Ivan th* Nsw Mater VsMela Financial Raipanilblllty Law affaativ* In this itata aftar April I, l). Tnli itatuta pravmai that yau will raqutra*) ta furntth tfa*f»f financial iat>an»i> blllty to tha aitent af $11,000 In tha avant yaw car lnvalva«l In any accident where there li death, becllly injury er»re»erty damafe In eiceit af $ Failure te furnish ivch preef, whether yey ara te blame ler the accident er net, will remit In 'atitematlc MiBtniien ef yeur driver's license and reflitratlen. >. The meit eaenemlcel and effective way te meet the requirement* ef this act li te carry sufficient Debility Insurance. If yau ere net eretetted by this type»f cever* ef e, TODAY Is the time te secure it. Qualified driven can eliminate this risk ef leilnf their drlvini privilege at a east ef anly $4f.lO. CALL KO M M Weart-Nemeth Agency HEAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 111 WRIT MONT STRUT CORNRR OP MAPtl AVR, Rl» RANK, HIW JRRSRY Berkeley Carteret, Carl Herber, son of Mr. and Mr*. John C. Herber, Prospect ave., graduated from the Naval Photographio school at Pensacola, Fla., and went by Army transport to Augusta base in Sicily. From there le flew to Naples, where he joined Us ship, the Tarawa. He writes that he has been skiing in the French Alps, and expects to be overiaa several more months. Brownie troop 88 met Tuesday at the Methodist church under the direction of Mrs. Murray Gordon and Mrs. Joseph Pace. The girls ara working on the Olrl Scout cookie drive and have sold 800 boxes. They learned a new Scout song, "Let Me Call You Sister," and the Girl Scout promise a* part of their tenderfoot requirements. They also made place cards for the mothers' party in May, each girl making her own mother's card. Brownies present were Varian Ayres, Phyllis Burs- Icy, Judy Doan, Linda Flnley, Carol Jeon Griffith, Ruth Gordon, Carol Ann HoUltng, Barbara Hubschmann, Joanne Jullano, Peggy Nordt, Lucy Pace, Ann Perley, Martha Ann Potter, Mary Raff, Janet Zambrano and Penny Sanders. George Quackenbush, Rumson rd., who was with the Army in Korea and Japan, showed color slides of those countries at the family night dinner Friday at Embury Methodist church. DINNER FOR ENTRE NOVS and a member of the The Entre Nous held a dinner meeting last night at the Strand restaurant on Broad et., followed by an Informal card party. Attending were Mrs. Rita Haley Douglas, Mrs. William Decker, Mrs. Charle Giblin, Mrs. Joseph Bray, Mrs. George Clevenberg, Mrs. George Reddan, Mrs. Nlcholss O. Lamb, Mrs, Edward O'Flaherty and Mrs. John Higglns. CHOWDER SALE The Ladies' Aid society of the Red Bank Reformed church will hold a food and clam chowder sale Friday afternoon, Mar. 27, in the church dining room on Shrewsbury ave. Mrs. Harry Carter Is chairman, MONEY LOANED an Jewelry, Silver, Munleal Instruments, Cameras, Binoculars, etc. U<MM< nt kan*4 b r SUM.1 N. J. tve PAY CASH FOB OLD GOLD and SILVER Broadway Loan Co. tog Broadway Long Branca) WINES * LIQUORS::,.ir- FREE DELIVERY RED BANK COMSTOCK DAVIDSON PALI DRY GIN COMSTOCK WE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE SHIPMENT OF IMPORTED (COMSTOCK BRAND) Distilled by a Very ram*** Seoleh Distiller la Scotland, Eirluilvely for Davidson Bros. FIFTH DAVIDSON'S BLENDED WHISKEY 4* 40*/* Whiskey 4 and S Veen OM RONDRD RFPR DbLn DAVIDSON'S MPROOF UNft GRAIN RYE or BOURBON j I N Prsaf-4 Taws OM GOUHN MAI Part Shiny Maatatat 8 FIFTH FIFTH A CASE U Fifths CASE M STEINIES No Deposit COMSTOCK Whiskey Blend DAVIDSONS KENTUCKY f% n BOURBON 3f Boar Mash M Proof 4 rear* OM M ABOVB iron ncltnvst wm DAVIDSOT* Re 0-95 *0.Q1. MM GAL MIDOLETOWN SUPER MARKET KINGS HIGHWAY For Quality& Service Call WE DELIVER U.S. ROUND R RIB -^ TOP SIRLOIN S NEXT TO POST OFFICE MID 5* M0 AT LOWEST 1 PRICES 59; CHUCK ROAST 49: CHUCK STEAK Freshly Ground BEEF COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE a specialty 59 SIAMOOK'S FANCY 10 ei. Pkg. PEAS 2 * 35 OVIN TURKEYS RIADY V.$. MAINI No.1 POTATOES SOIb Sock 18 Ibf. er evtr 49 Ib.

50 ii WATCH THE BIRDIE I Allan D. Cruickshank, who is shown perched In the picture on the left side of this page, has been watching birds since he was a youngster. As a result, he is an official photographer for the National Audubon Society, lecturer and instructor at its nature camp in Maine, and on* of the most successful among the host of Americans now hunting birds with cameras instead of guns. His pictures have appeared in U.S. Camera Yearbook, National Geographic, Natural Magazine, Audubon Magazine, Notural History and Life, as well as in many newspapers, and he is the author of two books on birds, a bird song imitator and story teller extraordinary. Here ore some, of his prize shots, which are among 90 outstanding nature photographs selected from 20,000, and now part of an Audubon "Wildlife on Parade" exhibit.' '-""'"':\?'-:\'*-<' vi ' : -"-" ', " - * ' v i.. -^,. /; - %; «.*<» WHITE IBIS. Sometimes called "white curlew," this long-legged wading bird with black-tipped wings is a dweller in southern marshes* CRUICKSHANK in action. He hat flown, climbed, crawled and ridden to vantage points all over the country in pursuit of elusive birds. FLAMINGOES. These tall, red birds, reflecting their own images in the water her*, or* only casual visitors to th* U.S. mainland. GREAT WHITE HERON. This largest of American herons dwells on mangrove island* along th* Florid* c**st, le shy and scare*. BARN OWLS. Monkey-faced owls, at they are known olio, are the "ghosts" of many a haunted houie, but do much good by catching rodent*. BABY PELICANS. Looking Ilk* a couple of Cl's in fetigu* clothes, these fellows while small feed from their parents'mils. BROWN PELICAN. With 6-feet wing spread, the common pelican seems Ilk* something out *f th* prehistoric world. 's en awkward but skilled fisher, Tkk WMk't NCtUM NtOW-AS N>W«I«WIK.

51 Children to Hold Skating Party Invitation* have been sent to a large miip : of children, between the ago*;bf nine and 13, to attend M "givejand' gather" skating party Saturday morning between 10 o'clock and noon at the Singing Wheels arena at Shrewsbury. A "traie-a-toy" table will be a feature. Additional toys will be sent to children in Institutions (or Banter. ; Mrs. Colin Bellar of Monmouth Hills Is party hostess, assisted by Mrs. Herbert Gaakill of Oceanport, publicity chairman of the Mon- HoUtli County Parents Group for Retarded Children. Proceeds will go to the Retarded Children's fund. Other highlights will be a protram of games with prizes, and a ftve-act skating show, arranged by Harold, Jacobsen, manager of Singing Wheels. Soda and cookies will be served. Children assisting Mre. Sellar and Mrs. Gaskill include Lucinda Scllar. Shannon Spurdle, Jerl Ann Val- 'entlne, Cornelia Rlkcr, Carol Ilch, Virginia lane, Diana Ferris," Lee Gilbert, Mary Ellen Jonei, Kathleen O'Brien, Frances Goff, Saranne Olen, Charlene Morgan, Leslie Wilson, John Campbell, Peter Donohue, Cordon Woolley, James Finn and Allan Sehnabolk. Belford Arthur Glass, son of Mr. and Mn. John Glass, Jr., of Clarement ave., celebrated his fourth birthday Friday at a family party. Those present were Mrs. Nilo Schumacher and children, Eileen and Mllo, Jr., Mm. C. S. Herring, Long Branch; Mrs. Theodore Moss and son, Kevin, Bryan and Theodore, Jr., of Red Bank; Mrs. John Glass, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Glass, Miss Mary Glass and John Glass 3d. The Scout Building assoelation met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Smith Thursday evening. The association has been requested by Mrs. Letand Richmond/skipper of the Mariner troop 44, to sponsor the troop for another year. The troop turned in $15.82 to the build- Ing association from a recent household party and dance. A new merchandise club will be started in April. The -winners of the recent one were Mrs. Harold Tarnow and Mrs. Rita Nelson. A gams party li planned for Mar. 30 at the Scout building. Attending the meeting were Mr. and Mrs. Luther Walling, Mia. Otto Hacker, Mrs. Iceland Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hanser and Robert Behler. Michele Richards, daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. E. B. Richards of Park ave., observed her second birthday Friday. Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer, and Mies Mildred Morris spent the week-end with their aunt, Miss Emma Snowflack of Jersey City. A family birthday dinner was held Sunday- in honor of Miss Snowflack's birthday. Oscar Johnson of Green ave. celebrated hu TJd birthday Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Barker and family at a dinner. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson and-family of Brooklyn and Mrs. dear Johnson., Albert Cook, who Is stationed at Anacosta Air Force base, Washington, D. C. spent the week-end with hu parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cook. Sen. O'Mara Rumored Ai Kenny Opponent TRENTON State Sea. Edward J. O'Mara, Hudson county Democrat who has a summer home at Rumson and Harding rds., Little Silver, announced yesterday he will not be a candidate for re-election. The 55-year-old attorney is serving his 13th year in the Legislature. The announcement brought reports that hs will head a ticket in the May IS Jersey City commission election in opposition to Mayor John V..Kenny's Freedom forces. Sen. O'Mara has declined comment on the rumor. Blaisdeli, Bill. File; No Demo Petition's MIDDLETOWN Frank F. Blalsdell and Walter J. Bills wil seek re-election to the Middletown township committee. They have filed petitions as Republican candidates in the primaries Apr. 21. Philip Leonard has Wed in the GOP primary as road supervisor. Township Clerk Howard W. Roberts said this morning that no petitions have been Bled by Demo erats. Deadline is midnight tonight. Mtrrily We Roll Along By Harold Jaeobsen gives me great pleasurs to announce that one of the skating clubs is planning an "Old Timers' Jubilee" this season. Plans are now forming and looks like it will be dated the first week in April. With just a rumor traveling around has brought many comments from the skaters. has all the appearances of becoming "The Event." I have a list of all the muaic that was played here during our first years in business, together with a copy of the evening's program, Everything possible will be done to make the evening a memorable one. Any of you old timers who are interested in attending, please let us hear from you. Also, please convey this Information to any of your former skating friends. I, as well as you, will be looking forward to an evening with the "Old Faces" around the rink. Even it you don't plan on ikating, drop in and lit In the grandstand and see how many faces you recognize. Of course, we are going to celebrate St. Patrick's day with a different program. A pleasant evening is being formulated for Tuesday, Mar. IT. We will again have prizes for the most green, etc., so please get yourself ready to enter the contest. We have had contestants with toe nails and fingernails in green but never any with green lipstick or green checks, yet. But I do expect someone to use soon. The F.Y.I. Bureau Jimmy L. and Khrys J. make a cute couple. Joe C, who Is that blonde you are always talking about? Could it be that blonde from Asbury? I have no intentions of closing the rink-harold. Butty S, what happened to your bracelet? Audrey S., we've seen you around with B. McG. Anything to? Dorothy B., how are you making out with Gordon? M. B., please tell Bette truthfully whether or not you like her. Marilyn B., who was that boy you were skating with Wednesday night? Camllle L., please don't stand In the doorway with George W. Don't you know that is a fire exit? Spring Casuals for Moderns by DOaOTHY Asmilttfl Fress Fashion Editor Bonnie Cashln Is a designer who has visualized "a kind of woman" and "a kind of life" as her guide In creating fashions. Her,: "kind of woman" seems to be Mrs. Average American, who likes her clothes simple but smart, casual but flattering, versatile enough to ses her through all the' many activities of her busy day in comfort and In style. Miss Cushin recently has been designing collections for various manufacturers, refusing to tie her talents down to any one Recently she " * «" «*"<»* ** a great deal on knitted fashions, and kae done as well as collection of rain-or-ahine coats for town-imnd country which she calls "Barnstormers" costs that can be thrown over an evening dress r a shorts outfit with equal ease. The "Barnstormer*" are as different from the traditional rainseat as the one-hou shay from a IM model ear-but they're Just M practical and just as waterproof. One' Is a heavy stubbed black and white rayon fabric, for Instance, designed like 'an artist's smock, and trimmed with a black velvet tie. Another I* a reversible coat, wool-;jersey on one'side, textured: rayon on the other. A metal shot cotton tweed Is used for still another. Her kntttd fashions fangs from: Jackets and dresses to complete costumes, are done In soft pastils and neutrals, look like hand-knits but are done by machine. They, too, are typical of our "modern "kind of life." DEMr-COAT... Casual knit charmer with shawl collar that turns Into hood. VERSATILE KNIT... Two* piece outfit contrast monk cotlar, sleek slim lines. RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH 12,1953 Crav.r Hitl (Continued from page 1) viswa would receive consideration. was this full story that Mr. Craver said Mr. Walling failed to ell. Proof Asked Harold Copeland of Belford, >oard president, said the board aalured Mr. Brower that he would be leard and said that Mr Brower ad replild that he would attend he meeting. Mr. Walling Insisted hat he had presented information in the flier in "full faith" after cx- :emive investigation and reading if minutes. In reply to another re- [Ucst mads by Mr. Walling last tight, the board will produce "proof if. the state's- recommendation" hat a sits of 21 acres was desirable for the central school, he was assured. Aftsr Lawrence A. Carton, Jr., Joard counsel, briefed board mem* ers on the proposed route of the Garden State Parkway, the board unanimously adopted a resolution protesting plans to dead-end Dwlght rd.-in Everett when the-parkway is built. The dead-end would "inconvenience the school board in its reimportation of pupils" on the Red Hill rd. bus route. Mr. Carton aid members of the township committee will meet next Tuesday with parkway officials, and he will deliver he resolution of protest. MegUI's ecommendatlons In a progress report to Dr. Wylie G. Pate, superintendent of schools, and the board, William K. Megill, ilgh school principal, said that Ills investigation of the Coll it on eysem of awarding points to football teams In New Jersey State interscholastic Athletic association competition had resulted in two tentative recommendations that he will make to the association's extc. utivs committee. Mr. Megill said r $450 the first year and (120 for each additional year is based on the school board's $2,000,000 investment in the system, Mr. Lawley said. Mr. Filcc, chairman ot the finance committee, reported that the board has received $158, to date of a federal giant of $ Mr. Fllcc said $55, has been expended to date, Chairman of a special committee to rcstudy the school population situation, Mr. Fllce said his committee will meet tomorrow night. The study Is being made in view of the board's experience last September when estimates of Incoming pupils were low. This committee's findings might lead to a special election asking approval of the use of the balance of a $532,000 bond issue authorised last spring for extensions to the school under construction at New Monmouth. To Seek Bids Referred to the athletic committee were bids on athletic supplies submitted by Sherwood Sporting Goods of Red Bank and, Levin's Sporting Goods of Perth Amboy. District Clerk James W. Davidhciscr was authorized to advertise for bids, to be received Wednesday, Apr. 8, on a tractor to pull gang mower*. Me also was authorized to get estimates on screens for every other window at Lincroft school, site of a particularly extensive fly problem. Representing the board at tonight's Monmouth County School board workshop at Shrewsbury school will be Mr. Filcc, Mr. Craver, E. Tyeon Mntlack itnfl William Hj'csj. The board's athletic committee will investigate the request of East Koansburg'a Ideal Teen canteen for sports equipment. 4-Way Demo Ilace, No G.O.P. Filing Expected HIGHLANDS The terms hat teami, to ba considered etig-.g.o.p. Councllmen Matthew.. Ible for. football championships, Horan and Frank J. Hall will exshould be required to plsy a min-; plre here thla year, but the Republmum number of games in their jlican organization Is not expected own groups and In their own geo- to ale petitions for the primary graphical area. He said he also Apr. 21. Deadline for filing Is midwill suggest thst the practice of night tonight, awarding points to defeated teams I A four-way i race is expected In be discontinued. As an aside, Mr.! Democratic ranks, with the regular Megill said that investigation of I Democratic organization and its records in the office of Walter E. offshoot filing petitions for two Shert, executive secretary of the N.J.S.I.A.A., disclosed a 11-7 lots by Leonardo to' Manasquan In 18«. Leonardo didn't play Manasquan in IMS, Mr. MegMl ssld. Board members have protested the loss of the Central Jersey Group championship last year after an undefeated season. Highlands Park high school was awarded the championship, using the Collltion system of award- Ing points. Highland Park suffered two losses and one tie. The board accepted the resignation of Mrs. Nancy Rees, first grade teacher at the grammar school here, effective Apr. 30> and of Mrs. Paul F. Lefever, social studies teacher at the high school, effective May 15. The board granted a leave of absence to Mrs. Elnar Petterson, high school Spanish teacher, effective Mar. 31, and hired Francis Kinese at $2,500 per year to replace MM. Petterson. Mlaehlsi* leiesireana - On the recommendation of Francis W. Lawley, chairman of the Insurance committee, the board authorised $10,000 worth of malicious mischief insurance. Premium of candidates oacli. Mo petitions had been received by Borough Clerk Frank Bolcn this morning.. ON FIJORIDA VACATION Andrew Richard of Atlantic Highlands, owner of extensive real estate holdings here, left Saturday for a Florida vacation. Fair Haven The well-baby conference of the Public Health Nursing association of Rumson, Sea Bright and Fair Haven, will he held Thursday afternoon. Mar. 19, In the health room at Knollwuud schuol. Pvt. Paul F. Gale, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Gale, 128 Fair Haven rd., has been assigned to Battery "B." 34th Field Artillery battalion of the 9th Infantry division at Fort Dix for an eight weeks' training; course. Pvt. Gale attended Red Bank Catholic high school and wss employed by Bechtel International corporation, New York city, before entering the service. Eighth Grade to Give Safety Program OCEANPOBT-Eighth grade pupils will conduct a safety patrol meeting at the session of Oceanport Parent-Teacher association next Wednesday night at the school. Their teacher, Mrs. Flora Laverty, will direct the program, and mothern of first grade pupils, headed hy Mrs. Walter Lulken, will serve refreshments. Charles Magill, principal, announced program plans at the executive board meeting last night at the school. Arrangements were furthered for the barn dance Apr. 11 at Price's at Pleasure bay. Robert Hcrplch nald ticket sales are limited to 250. Brownie troop 94 will conduct ft cake sale at the dance. The spring conference of tho county P.T.A. will be'held Apr. 15 at the school. Page Fifteen If yen m» InUresUd In speech or public puking... in professional training for stege, screen, radio, and television... If your enltdran ar* interested in expression ot dramatics... If you ara interested in developing their confidence and poliie, you will want lo look into these spring clauses at the Red Bank Branch of th* K*agin School. The aprlnff term will last 8 weeks. Clauses for adults day or evening and for teenagers and children afternoon and Saturdays. Tuition for children and $20.00 (or milutts a term. Private instruction, of course. Telephone or write for catalogue or personal interview to Feagln School, 157 Broad Street (Harding Road), ReU Bank S-58S!». onddrtana SEE FAMOUS GULISTAN CARPETS Made Here In Freehold.*.And Sold Everywhere McKelvey's Gulistan Showrooms McKelvey's long experience In Belling GUAUU Carpeting your Insurance that you are, a«uing the most in style, beauty, riuslity and service for the money you spend. Here you c»n see the COMMIT! UNI Including the nationally known Renaissance and twrj qualities of Hard TVist carpeting famoua for quality and lastinx beauty. Heine; one of the largest Gulistan dealers in the United States we buy In large quantities ami stock thousamla of yards for immediate delivery at McKelvey'a low cash prices. We employ only aipert layers with years of eiperlance. *J GULISTAN'S LUXURIOUS BROADLOOM CARPETING This deep, thick, all wool pile carpet will ( ta beautifully with your modern or «aua\ ranch house or ha equally at hume in an exquisite tghteemth century room. An air oc soft luxury la achieved by the high, nubby pile of this carpet. comas in four of the most popular colors halgt, green, gray anil sand. 9 ft.. 13 ft., anil IS ft. widths. Only Remember style leading Gullatan costs no more then; ordinary carpet, ao com* in and inspect the many other Gullatan carpets. We ahoir the complete Una *v*rr quality, color and weave t* auit»very purs* and taste. W. Ship Rugs All Over th. United St.!.. Frat Delivery Within 50 Miltt McKELVEY of Salesrooms for GulitWt Famous Rugs Hatfo hi Fr hou And /or Tint fumiturt From America's Bert lafcm 21 WEST imain ST., FREEHOLD, N. J. ltor«ora Hour*; Hotm: MOIMUV Me thru ftfurdgy.«am. to SM P.M. Boy«are able to make pocket monir! jp m m m$lqu OMM MIPAY UNTIL 9M P. Hi,, first in PACKARD. FREEHOLD FREEHOLD OUUSTAM MILL NEAR OUR STOKE J The ixurioitr Packard*, with advanced contour Htjling, sets the new trend in automobile design. Amazing new driving conveniences and the world's must luxnr- ' ioun ride tiiuke Packard the first car of the land. Famous Packard engineering.. # rich, distinctive interiors truly make Packard not only the first car of the land, but also the value car of the lund. If you're thinking of spending 2,500 for any car... see your Packard dealer flrat Come In And See Two Great New Lines For '53 With 'Greater Horsepower! Power Steering! Power Brakes! AMERICA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL CARS! tad coabim inner ofour fsrilmm with cut* fat Intpenlon of evt fu* gnu lint fef 'SS-ih. lumirjoui Packs'*]*, with SJVMCKJ coetovr uju ing HIM sen the aewimd in iihombilt dfiln -la*" tat antinlf aew Fscktrd Clipper'; >>h* Hl-t.r MIU» tmtd'mm'ft nut ton. miwir wktt you pita to if***!, look ta Packard with hi* grist new liaes for your (wit motorcar invntmtnt. Xeateabu. "Built like i Pwksio" eui hilt» kul ' ASK TMM MASWBO OWNJ ONmf SARNITORMKR 1,., luln-omhlne cost In Maek KNIT TWO-TIMEH,., MuUI-strlpt min-or-fun and white ilubnift rityrm, mit JlkV artlit'f smock, dreu with cover>u i stole for «ll-d«y w«sr. Alt with blsok vtlvtjjjjle, ari dulfnid by Bennli Cuhln, LA FREDA SALES & SERVICE 117 Monmouth St. Red Bank, N. J. Phone) M «-tro2

52 Pftffft RED BANK REGISTER. MARCH 12,1968 Camera Club Prints on View LONG BRANCH The Shore Camera club, meeting Tueaday night at the Garfleld Grant hotel, waa host to Edgar Bondi, president of the Bergen County Camera Club.association; Conrow Faldiewlcz, secretary of thn Teancck Camera club and Bergen county association, and George Mum, president of the Teaneck club and director of the Photographic Society of America club print circuit. The guests criticised and judged prints submitted by the local group. Arthur Meess placed first in the judging, L. E. Stevenson, second, and A. Russell Coble, third. Mr. Coble, Mr. Mcess, Mrs. Meesi and Gene Sigcl tied for fourth, and L. E. Evcnson and Albert Hulitt for fifth. On display in the business office f The Red Bank Register are three photographs submitted by members of the Shore Camera club. The prints are outstanding examples of what is submitted by the club members at variols exhibits. One of them is entitled "Manhattan" and shows an East River view of New York harbor with New York skyscrapers in the background. A companion'picture entitled "Manhattans" shows a beautiful cut glass pitcher wilh two glasses on a silver tray, the glasses filled and the pitcher partlv fi"».d with the popular beverage. The third picture is entitled pulling the Net" and shows five sturdy fishermen pulling in a deep sea net which is filled almost overflowing. The picture entitled "Manhattan" has been exhibited, not only in several cities in this country, but has also been in the London Terrace Camera club show, Hadassah Plane For Election Officers were nominated at a meeting of Red Bank chapter of Hadassah Tuesday at the Jewish Community Center. M». Abraham J. Zagcr waa chairman of the nominating committee. The following slate waa lilted: Mrs. Edwin Lichtig for president; Mr. Ezra Davidson, Mrs. Vita Cohen and Mra. Philip Shapiro, vie* presidents; Mr*. A. C., treasurer; Mri. Harold MeUtrlch, financial secretary; Mr». Edward Straus, corresponding secretary; Mm. Norton Krongelb; amlitant corresponding secretary, and Mra. Samuel Irfeltahui, recording aecretary. Several members plan to attend the regional donor luncheon aext Wednesday at the Waldort-Aatoria hotel In New York city. Mm. Ber- ' nard 8chreibman, a new member, wee introduced. Ira. Benjamin Aehln, Iaraelbond chairman, Introduced the speaker, Adam Oillon, area manager of the American Financial Development corporation for rael. Th* apetker, a native laraell, la In.thla country to promote the sale of laraelbonda. He ahowed a aound fllm, The Wanderer'* Return." I Tinton Fall* The ladles' auxiliary «f th* fir* company met Monday at the horn* of Mra. Dorothy Burnhardt when it waa announced that th* women will furnish refreshment* at the firemen's dance Saturday, Mar, 38. Present wer* Mrs. Sarah Scott, Mrs. H. M. Waddell, Mrs. John Lemon, Mrs. Thomas Oalaadrlello, Mra. John Cottingham, Mra. Carlle Oarafola, Mrs. Anthony Monto, 8r., Mrs. Burnhardt and Mr*. Edward Carney. Miaa Wild wae welcomed to membership. Mrs. Mary Young, a former member, also attended. The next meeting will be held Monday, Apr. 13, with Mrs. Calandriello, Mrs. John Cottingham and Mrs. Carney as hoiteaaea. The location will be announced. Mra. Burnhardt won the white elephant prize. St. Patrick's day refresh' ments were served. Mrs. Eric Molyneux and daugh ter Ruth spent Sunday in Nutley visiting Mrs. Molyneux'a mother. The youth fellowship of Colt'e Neck gave a farewell party to Freemont Cromer Thursday night. A junior in Red Bank high school, Freemont enlisted In the Marines and left Tuesday morning for North Carolina. He Is the *6n o Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cromer ol Freehold rd. He received an en' graved Identification bracelet. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Park o' Plainfleld spent Sunday with Mrs. Park's parents, Mr. and Mra. Anthony Monzo. James Green of Green Grove rd, missed his first meeting aa treasurer of Wayside Grange In ten years. He was confined homi by Influenza. Mrs. Russell Peterson spent Sun< dav at her home sere. The ladles' auxiliary of Capt, David A, Walling American Legion post will meet tonight In the lire house, Charles McMenamy spent tht week-end at his home here. MIM Marie Borden, daughter o! Mr. and Mrs. John Borden, has returned to the eighth grade here after having been conflnid horn 'four, weeks by illnesi, Mra. Daniel Unehan has returned home from the south with Misses Marlon Brady and Mary Herson of Park ave,, New York city. Mri Lewis Roberts la employed In tho cafeteria of the local aehool. Mri. Jessie Mclntyrs Is confined home by Illness, Mr, nnd Mrs, Clinic, McClellan and rtnughter Gretuhen have returned home from the south, Firemen were called to extln. gulsh a grans fire at tht airport Monday. All farms of Life - Casualty. Fir. MS «lvir Road Rei laak, ft, t, UK *-4IH 3 at Fort Monmouth Are Granted Patents FORT MONMOUTH Three Monmouth county residents em- \\oytt by the SignsI Corps englleering laboratories have been granted patents, it has been announced by the Signal Patent agency. The three are associated with Evans Signal laboratory. Dr. Fred B. Danieln, 90 Throckmorton avc,, Red Bank, who is chief of the electromagnetic wave iropogation flection of the applied physics branch, has been granted * patent for improvements in wide Frequency range magnetic recording and reproducing systems. James Snyder, Fifth ave., Asiury Park, received his patent for mprovementa in delay systems. His invention functions to shorten the length of delay lines for radio frequency pulses. Mr. Snyder Is in the sound section of applied physics. The third patent was granted to erome Rothstein, E st, Belmar, if the solid state section of the thermionic* branch, tor improvements In electron discharge devices which operate at high friluencies and with high power and ifficlency characteristics. At Ordnance Training Center Pvt. Michael Basso, eon of Man-land Mra. John J. Btanton, Key' ro Basis, 11 Deforest ave., and port, recently arrived at the Ord< Pvt. William Sttnton, aon of Mr. 1 nance Replacement Training cen DAVIDSON'S COFFEE KONOMY Dl LUXI MIAMAST ter her* to undergo an sight woks' basio training eourae. After completing th* count they will become full-fledged members of the Ordnance Corps, which Is charged with the supply, maintenance and repair of everything the army uses from trucks and tanks to timepiecei and tin shears. In the ordnance training center the privates will be taught ammunition atorage and supply, light ar- tillery repair, ordnane* itorai* and supply, arm* repair and ordnance blackamithlng. LOSE SWIM MEET FORT MONMOUTH Red Bank Catholic high school'* girl*' swimming team loat a meet to Trenton Central, 32-27, Friday afternoon at Fort Monmouth's pool. "Bfht out of retderi eoniult Tht Ktsiiter Clitilaed Adi." Adnttlumtnt. DIANE says mnsmsmabmmi^mamm»,.. Smart ppearanca start* with food posture and a proper ieundauen... a GOOD IRA and GIRDLE! We have design* In BBAS and GIRDLES that ar* created especially for your needs, and can help you eleefc the atyle* BIGHT for jour flgure up Intimate Apparel 28 WHITE ST. RED BANK «*» If ysti havaa't kata Msaaiaf hart ya«awr kaaw what yaa'ra misslrf! Hara'i m bif Haa snaarmartat ut» ft**, with tba matt waattarhl frttb fas*, lif varlttyl lkj stlaehsal Uts af avarytmai that's RsJaMMs aaal aatritiaait Waha sa) NOW * tfcs tf Hniais yaa'l fat fcara. Cam* ia far tba hair fvov vvys #f yovr Nfft* CMMlitl FWl MRMf t Phf. ceo Hum Ttatya-M m. I MM. M. MUD POTATOH UMy't-M M. Special Price McGRATH TOMATO JUKE BONITO KON-TIKI ICY POINT PINK **w TeA MBit SkMlClMtM NOT MM K» MiffiriM Pretty nlc* that Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stratum hav* movad Into their new homo in neighborly AppUbrook Farm. We'd Ilk* to wish them lot* of luck and happiness for th* future. Jacob R. V. M. Leffertt Charlei T. Kilcomim Afplebrook Farm Rout* SS Juat north of Naval Undarpaaa Mlddletown Towneblp, New Jeraey OPEN LATE FRIDAY NIGHT TILL 9:00 Davidsorfs THI WTTW tu»t»mahkct AJAX - WCG. ICY POINT MID ALASKA SOCUYI Salmon ' C Salmon UIWANB AIASKA Salmon Stewed Tomatoes 2-39 NO PWCI INCMAU ON BflKENT 2.71 CAJT. COUBNAwON OfMt SWIRL Red tonic and Uttlt Silver Saltines-25 1

Fry Instant Words High Frequency Words

Fry Instant Words High Frequency Words Fry Instant Words High Frequency Words The Fry list of 600 words are the most frequently used words for reading and writing. The words are listed in rank order. First Hundred Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group

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Fry Instant Word List

Fry Instant Word List First 100 Instant Words the had out than of by many first and words then water a but them been to not these called in what so who is all some oil you were her sit that we would now it when make find he

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Fry s Sight Word Phrases

Fry s Sight Word Phrases The people Write it down By the water Who will make it? You and I What will they do? He called me. We had their dog. What did they say? When would you go? No way A number of people One or two How long

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Fry Phrases Set 1. help for all areas of your child s education

Fry Phrases Set 1. help for all areas of your child s education Set 1 The people Write it down By the water Who will make it? You and I What will they do? He called me. We had their dog. What did they say? When would you go? No way A number of people One or two How

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Fry Instant Phrases. Give them to me. Then we will go.

Fry Instant Phrases. Give them to me. Then we will go. Fry Instant Phrases The words in these phrases come from Dr. Edward Fry s Instant Word List (High Frequency Words). According to Fry, the first 300 words in the list represent about 67% of all the words

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Guide for Families from Other Cultures

Guide for Families from Other Cultures Guide for Families from Other Cultures By Suzette J. Jones and Nancy G. Todd Department of English Language Learning Burlington Public Schools This guide was written with the assistance of parents, teachers

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Brinkworth - Memorial Inscriptions

Brinkworth - Memorial Inscriptions 1 HUGHES Sarah died a 66 2 WEBB Amelia Spencer d 18 Oct 1861 a 88 stone erected by her late Master and Mistress for 20 years 3 nothing 4 CROCKER Hannah d 12 Dec 1832 a 65 YOUNG Lucy died in infancy daughter

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PUSD High Frequency Word List

PUSD High Frequency Word List PUSD High Frequency Word List For Reading and Spelling Grades K-5 High Frequency or instant words are important because: 1. You can t read a sentence or a paragraph without knowing at least the most common.

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8. How many states are there in the Union (the United States)? 10. Independence Day celebrates independence from whom?

8. How many states are there in the Union (the United States)? 10. Independence Day celebrates independence from whom? The following are sample U.S. History and Government Questions that may be asked during the Naturalization Exam. Typical Questions 1. What are the colors of our flag? 2. What do the stars on the flag mean?

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***CURRENT NATURALIZATION TEST*** Sample U.S. History and Government Questions for the Current Naturalization Test

***CURRENT NATURALIZATION TEST*** Sample U.S. History and Government Questions for the Current Naturalization Test ***CURRENT NATURALIZATION TEST*** Sample U.S. History and Government Questions for the Current Naturalization Test USCIS will begin administering a redesigned (new) naturalization test on October 1, 2008.

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Superstars Building Fry List Fluency

Superstars Building Fry List Fluency Sight Word Superstars Building Fry List Fluency By Jennifer Bates How I use this program I developed this program because I noticed many of my students were still trying

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NEW JERSEY E-GOVERNMENT: BEST PRACTICES IN MOMOUTH COUNTY Please attribute this information to: Monmouth University Polling Institute and Public Policy Graduate Program West Long Branch, NJ 07764 For immediate release: Tuesday, May 10,

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Three Branches of Government. Lesson 2

Three Branches of Government. Lesson 2 Three Branches of Government The Executive Branch The President of the United States is the leader of the executive branch. The President s duties are to: Enforce federal laws and recommend new ones Serve

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BEACON SQUARE CIVIC ASSOC. NEWS October 2008 Volume 1 Issue 8

BEACON SQUARE CIVIC ASSOC. NEWS October 2008 Volume 1 Issue 8 BEACON SQUARE CIVIC ASSOC. NEWS October 2008 Volume 1 Issue 8 3741 DRIVE ~ HOLIDAY, FLORIDA 34691 PHONE: 727/849-3740 EMAIL: ACTIVITIES

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Pocahontas, : An Important Player in Early Jamestown

Pocahontas, : An Important Player in Early Jamestown 21 January 2012 MP3 at Pocahontas, 1595-1617: An Important Player in Early Jamestown A painting portrays the story of Pocahontas saving the life of Captain John Smith SHIRLEY GRIFFITH:

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The colors of the U.S. flag are. The flag is composed of

The colors of the U.S. flag are. The flag is composed of 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Tell the class what you know about the American flag. The American flag is called The colors of the U.S. flag are. The flag is composed of Look at the document below. What

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Creating America (Survey)

Creating America (Survey) Creating America (Survey) Chapter 7: The American Revolution, 1776-1783 Section 1: The Early Years of the War Main Idea: The American desire to gain rights and liberties led them to fight for independence

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Red, white, and blue. One for each state. Question 1 What are the colors of our flag? Question 2 What do the stars on the flag mean?

Red, white, and blue. One for each state. Question 1 What are the colors of our flag? Question 2 What do the stars on the flag mean? 1 What are the colors of our flag? Red, white, and blue 2 What do the stars on the flag mean? One for each state 3 How many stars are there on our flag? There are 50 stars on our flag. 4 What color are

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Chapter 9: The Policies of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

Chapter 9: The Policies of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Chapter 9: The Policies of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Department of State, Department of Treasury, Department of War, Attorney General, Postmaster General : 5 government departments established

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Passive exercise 2 4C Complete with the PRESENT SIMPLE PASSIVE: a) Those books (use) by our intermediate students.

Passive exercise 2 4C Complete with the PRESENT SIMPLE PASSIVE: a) Those books (use) by our intermediate students. Passive exercise 2 4C Complete with the PRESENT SIMPLE PASSIVE: a) Those books (use) by our intermediate students. b) The exams (correct) in the teacher's room. c) That car (drive) by a professional driver.

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Music in Early America Part 1

Music in Early America Part 1 Music in Early America Part 1 When the first settlers of the United States came from England and other countries in Europe they brought with them a love of music making, just as people enjoy playing music

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him to visit the Hyde family. Here young Hardy met

him to visit the Hyde family. Here young Hardy met The Hardy Family MARION D. AND RUTH V. WESTON Thomas Hardy, brother of John Hardy of Boston, came to America from England with Governor Winthrop in 1630. He was one of the twelve founding the town of Ipswich,

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10. EA/EIE Circulation List

10. EA/EIE Circulation List 10. Federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Office of the Executive Director Mr. John M. Fowler, Executive Director 401 F Street, NW, Suite 308 Washington, DC 20001-2637 Deputy Assistant Secretary

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JUDGE TERRENCE L. HOLMES JUDGE TERRENCE L. HOLMES 455 Milam 77701 (409) 832-6041 Email: PERSONAL Married Tammy Holmes, Registered Nurse Children Tamaria Holmes, Educator Brittanie Holmes, Attorney at Law

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MARION COUNTY COMMISSION OCTOBER 7 th, 2015 The Marion County Commission sat in regular session pursuant to its adjournment on Wednesday, September 23 rd, 2015. Present were Commissioner Garcia, Commissioner VanGilder and President Elliott. The

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Founding of Queen s College (1755-1771)

Founding of Queen s College (1755-1771) Chapter One Founding of Queen s College (1755-1771) Rutgers University was founded as Queen s College in 1766. The religious leaders of the Congregational, Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Baptist churches

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Level 2 Student Book Revised Edition

Level 2 Student Book Revised Edition Level 2 Student Book Revised Edition by David Quine The Cornerstone Curriculum Project is the family ministry of David and Shirley Quine. We are dedicated to providing the best quality products at a reasonable

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's of the N.S.C.A.R. Museum

's of the N.S.C.A.R. Museum ABC The 's of the N.S.C.A.R. Museum Road to Independence Exhibit 2015-16 N.S.C.A.R. Museum 20 x 63 located on the 2nd floor of the DAR Building between N.S.C.A.R. Headquarters and DAR Officers Club. Fifty-eight

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Convention Sees District Lions at Crossroads

Convention Sees District Lions at Crossroads MD 105 British Isles & Ireland We Serve Eric Wright District Governor-District 105C District website address Club diary site Twitter account

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Practice areas 803.684.9604 803.366.3388 803.684.9604 803.366.3388 Disclaimer

Practice areas 803.684.9604 803.366.3388 803.684.9604 803.366.3388 Disclaimer W i n d o w s Winter 2013 W i n d o w s Winter 2013 New Rock Hill Office in the Works Morton & Gettys is pleased to announce our involvement in an exciting new six-block development in downtown Rock Hill

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GRUNDY, FELIX PAPERS 1820-1840 State of Tennessee Department of State Tennessee State Library and Archives 403 Seventh Avenue North Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0312 GRUNDY, FELIX PAPERS 1820-1840 Processed by: Harriet Chappell Owsley

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American Legion Auxiliary Missouri Girls State

American Legion Auxiliary Missouri Girls State Delegate/Parent Information Booklet American Legion Auxiliary Missouri Girls State June 26-July 2, 2016 University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, MO 64093 Please read the enclosed material prior to filling

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Legal Aspects of Alcohol

Legal Aspects of Alcohol Legal Aspects of Alcohol Developed by Terry McCarthy, Esq. Attorney Learning Objectives: 1. To understand the ramifications of violating risk management rules of the organization and school 2. To understand

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CURRICULUM VITAE ANDREW ANTHONY PROTOGYROU CURRICULUM VITAE ANDREW ANTHONY PROTOGYROU BUSINESS ADDRESS: Protogyrou & Rigney, P. L. C. 500 East Main Street, Suite 1520 Norfolk, Virginia 23510 Phone (757) 625-1775 Fax (757) 625-1887 Email:

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EKOLA Junior High School Bilingual Programme Entrance Test (1h15) Sample Paper. Result:

EKOLA Junior High School Bilingual Programme Entrance Test (1h15) Sample Paper. Result: EKOLA Junior High School Bilingual Programme Entrance Test (1h15) Sample Paper Name: Result: Task 1 Which notice says what? For questions 1 5, match the correct letter A H. 1. You do not have to pay extra

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The Making of a Nation: The French and Indian War

The Making of a Nation: The French and Indian War The Making of a Nation: The French and Indian War During the eighteenth century, Spain, France, and Britain controlled land in North America. Spain controlled Florida. France was powerful in the northern

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Chapter 8 Section Review Packet

Chapter 8 Section Review Packet Name: Date: Section 8-1: The Articles of Confederation Chapter 8 Section Review Packet 1. Constitution 2. Republicanism 3. Limited government 4. Suffrage 5. Articles of Confederation 6. Ratification 7.

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2016 Merit Based & General Scholarships

2016 Merit Based & General Scholarships 2016 Merit Based & General Scholarships These are general descriptions of scholarships available for s and/or College Students who may meet the criteria outlined. The online application will be available

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GUIDE TO THE FRASER FAMILY PAPERS GUIDE TO THE FRASER FAMILY PAPERS Collection Abstract: The Fraser Family Papers include genealogical materials, memoirs, and reproductions of photos and documents relating to the history of the Fraser

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ENGELSKA NIVÅTEST (1) Medel Sid 1(7)

ENGELSKA NIVÅTEST (1) Medel Sid 1(7) Medel Sid 1(7) Namn: Poäng: Nivå : Adress: Tel: Complete each sentence with one item from those given below. Use each item once only. Note: Each question has One mark. You must have all words in the correct

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Masonic Youth Scholarships Available in Missouri

Masonic Youth Scholarships Available in Missouri Masonic Youth s Available in Missouri **All Missouri Masonic Youth should check with their local lodge. You Assembly, Chapter, or Bethel home lodge most likely offers a scholarship. And, if the lodge in

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Location: First National Bank of Martinsville Building (1882? 1953); 239 North Jefferson Street (1953 )

Location: First National Bank of Martinsville Building (1882? 1953); 239 North Jefferson Street (1953 ) McNutt, Hurt & Blue Founded: 1882 Location: First National Bank of Martinsville Building (1882? 1953); 239 North Jefferson Street (1953 ) In 1882 Charles G. Renner founded a law firm that boasted of the

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DeVane Dispatch Newsletter of John DeVane Chapter General Society Sons of the Revolution

DeVane Dispatch Newsletter of John DeVane Chapter General Society Sons of the Revolution DeVane Dispatch Newsletter of John DeVane Chapter General Society Sons of the Revolution Inaugural Gala A Hit! John DeVane Chapter General Society Sons of the Revolution August 9, 2008 On Saturday, August

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Today, it is spoken in some offices. He's going to study English hard. and talk with a lot of people in the future.

Today, it is spoken in some offices. He's going to study English hard. and talk with a lot of people in the future. Good. How are you? You re welcome. How are you? Oh, no. You mustn t help him. OK. I ll ask him. Why did you finish the report? You can t buy a dictionary. No, thank you. How are you? It s cloudy. How are

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DIRECTION TO OTHER CHURCHES IN NEW JERSEY DIRECTION TO OTHER CHURCHES IN NEW JERSEY Asbury Park - St. George Church 700 Grand Ave., Asbury Park, NJ 07712 732-775-2777 Take Garden State Parkway to Exit 102, "Asbury Park." Continue following signs

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SALE TODAY All toys half price

SALE TODAY All toys half price Name: Class: Date: KET Practice PET TestPractice Reading Test and Reading Writing KET PET Part 1 Questions 1 5 Which notice (A H) says this (1 5)? For Questions 1 5 mark the correct letter A H on your

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Voting: It's Your Right

Voting: It's Your Right Voting: It's Your Right Voting: It s Your Right A resource guide developed by: In collaboration with New Jersey s Administration on Developmental Disabilities Partners: Suggested Citation: Coffield, C.N.

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