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2 David Duke Interview #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; Patriotic Weekly Review - with Dr David Duke.mp4 trimmed It's weird. Hello everybody, and welcome to Patriotic Weekly Review, episode number 261. And we are live tonight on Odyssey Rumble D Live and Entropy. And we're here with Doctor David Duke, who is fiddling with his phone and isn't properly prepared. But we're still doing this. We're still doing. I just got back from picking up my dog at the vet. So there we go. I've got my Red bull. I'm cracking it open now. Um, this is my emergency supply, but it's already been open. The emergency Red bull is already opened. Ah red bull. Yeah. The emergency. Is it like the red heifer? Bull and Israel that they're going to sacrifice for the for the coming of the Antichrist? David, I've warned you so many times about speaking over the intro. You can't help yourself, can you? That cantankerous look. Oh, gosh. Well, make your point then. I'll do the also. I just want the joke. I didn't. Realize what.

3 All right, I'll start the show in a minute. Explain your point to the audience. Tell everyone you said that you had to have a Red bull. So I said, is that like the Red bull? It's going to be sacrificed for the coming of the Antichrist in Israel. Well, I know. About this, I know. So before we do the intro, briefly, apparently. And this is true, isn't it? Yeah. America exports. America exports red heifer balls to Israel, and they sacrifice them. And why do they sacrifice them? Explain this. Well, the sacrifice, apparently, is, uh, if they sacrifice the unblemished Red bull, it paves the way for the Messiah. Now, the Jewish Messiah is not like the Messiah. That Jesus Christ became a salvation for all mankind. It's a Jewish conqueror. And in. And basically, he's going to sit on the, uh, rebuilt chair in Jerusalem. This is these are weird religious cranks, right? Judaism is a very strange, cultish religion. So if you if you sacrifice this bull in the right way, you kill them. And they always say that they always do this in a, in a, in a kosher slaughter way, which is very kind to animals, actually. It's very unkind to animals. If you've ever seen films of the kosher slaughters that they use at these kosher slaughter plants, like in America and other places around the world, it's a hideous thing. They take a whole bull. Imagine putting them upside down. I can't even hardly say it. It's so hurtful. I mean, I, I like most Europeans, we're very sensitive about animal mistreatment. Right. And, and and the unkind treatment of animals. Anyway, they take these, these cows and and large animals. They turn them upside down. They hold them up by their feet upside down, and they slit their throats while they slowly writhe to death and bleed to death in this in agony.

4 But they believe that that's good for Jews because it drains the blood, and the blood they think is somehow, you know, taints the me. Anyway, the many countries of Europe have banned kosher slaughter, but I'm sure this is the way they would do it to the Red bull, too. But the point is that, um. This this is a the theoretically. So some of the Jewish crazies believe that they're going to rebuild the temple. And then there that's where the Antichrist is going to sit. And, um, that's what. Well, they don't call me Antichrist. They call him the Messiah. But their vision of the world is. And that's why they rejected Christ. Because Christ talked about a universal vision. He talked about the idea that all everybody could be saved by Christ. And, um, and that no longer would there be this chosen people, these Jews who had any sort of right to rule over the world, as promised in Deuteronomy or promised in the Talmud. Well, the interesting thing right now we have in Gaza. Well, change the subject for a second, but we have literally. Don't change the subject. I've not even done the introduction yet. The introduction hasn't even happened. Oh never mind. Yeah. You go back to the Haifa. You want to finish the introduction first? No no, no. Right. The heifer is the issue with the heifer solved and explained or is that is the more explanation. Well, there's, there's as obviously lots of nuances to the explanation, but it's all about the idea that a messiah is going to come. Now, the big problem they have in Judaism is, is there's a conflict between, as you can see, I know a bit about Judaism. I've studied it pretty powerfully, but Judaism is, um, conflicted.

5 So some Jews had different ideas about the Messiah. Some Jews, in fact, believe that you can't have a return of Jews to Israel until the Messiah comes. And that was one of the conflicts between some of Jewish sects right now who are kind of anti-israel, kind of anti-zionist, because they said that the technicalities provided by the Talmud and the Torah were not being fulfilled, and therefore Israel shouldn't have been settled. But people make a mistake here. They think. And the Zionists say, Israel is very, you know, bad country. They're doing terrible things to Palestinians because they're opposed to Israel being founded, because they believe that Israel can't be found until the Messiah comes. It's a technicality. Like everything else in Judaism, everything's a technicality. You can you can commit adultery as long as you're not a human being. And that's a goyim is not a human being. So you can't you can commit adultery with some other other individual. But anyway, so what they do is they have these arguments about things. But the fundamentals of Judaism is that all the Gentiles, the non-jews of the world, which would be 99.8% of the population of the world, have to abide by the noahide laws. Now there's supposedly nine noahide laws and some people say seven. Anyway, nine noahide laws. And one of the laws is that there can be no adultery, they adultery. So they view Christianity as idolatry. So right there. Uh, that disavows and says that if you're going to believe in Jesus Christ, you you've essentially die. Judaism has always been a good bit genocidal. I mean, there's 64 different places in the Old Testament where they talk about wiping out the Amalekites, the Jebusites, the Hittites, the Canaanites, all the rest of it, and, um, 64 different things. Sometimes they're mentioning 10 or 12 people at one time. We're going to kill all the man, woman, child babies. And that's what that's what Netanyahu alluded to when he talked about the the Palestinians were Amalekites, that the Palestinians are Amalekites. And every Jew in Israel knows, and every

6 Jewish religious Jew or not, they all know about the Amalekites that the that the Amalekites, that Jews were ordered to kill every amalekite man, woman, child and just to make sure they understood the specifics of it, they even said, you got to kill the suckling babies at the mother's breasts. And, uh, this is real. It's all through the Old Testament, but it's also through the Talmud. So anyway, that there is a discussion between Jews that believe Messiah is not going to come. Uh, you know, uh, as I got to come before Israel comes. Or not. But the point is, it's there's a lot of craziness to it. But those Jews who believe that and Iran Zionists, they're just as racial supremacist and, uh, absolutely negative to the entirety of the world's population, just like the chief rabbi of Israel stated, who was already a Yosef. Now his sons taken over. And by the way, he had the largest funeral in the history of Israel, very loved. He had eight. They had 8 or 8000 people at his funeral in the nation of only, you know, whatever, 7 million Jews. And it was the biggest funeral in history. And this is a guy that said the only purpose of goyim, Gentiles on earth. Is, to quote, serve Jews. And he gave the example like that. Uh, does it does a Jew want his Gentile slaves, uh, to have a long life? And he answers the question by saying to his Jewish audience at home, religious audience. He says, of course we want them to live a long life so they can just like a donkey, like a Jew wants his donkey. That's pretty nasty thing to say about Gentiles. Poor old donkeys. Our kids are donkeys, you know. Our mothers and fathers are donkeys. Our brothers and sisters are donkeys. But but anyway, he says, just like we want our donkeys to live. And he says, literally the only purpose of Gentiles, the Gentiles are born to work. The say of the dig, uh, to reap, while Jews are meant to sit as effendi masters. And eat. Oh, you can't make it up. I mean, you just can't make it. So, in.

7 Short, they want to sacrifice the red heifers to bring forth their God. They believe that'll bring forth their God, which is like a dictator. Of the end. Yeah. Okay. Well, now I'm going to do the introduction, which you interrupted. So we're live tonight, as everyone knows, on Rumble Odyssey and D live. Uh, David. Intro. David. David, uh, interrupted the introduction. So we're live, you know we're live. Please share the stream. We're usually here for two hours, but, uh, David's here tonight, and David, um, can definitely talk. Uh, we're going to try to keep him on target tonight, but I'm going to try to not lose my temper. And David's going to try to not wind me up too much. So we're going to see if we can we can see if we can pull this together. But because it's. Exciting if I wind you up. Yeah, maybe so. But as David's here, I will make my usual pledge. We will go as long as it takes. So if people donate and people keep asking questions, we will keep the show going. So we'll keep the show going as long as there is a good stream of questions. The questions start at the end of the first hour, and as long as people keep wanting the stream to go on and keep asking questions, I will keep asking them to. David. Now, um, if you want to donate, you can donate via Odyssey or Entropy. Please consider giving something whether it's $3, $5, $10, anything you can afford, uh, please do uh, donate if you value my work. All my work is free. Nothing ever goes behind the paywall. Obviously, I do this, uh, for full time. I do this, uh, you know, as a sort of as my job. I run patriotic alternative. I also do these streams and all the other work I do. So if you like all of that, you

8 value it. You value my book and all my other work. Please consider a small, uh, donation. Now, secondly, you can donate via cryptocurrency or the crypto links in the description below. And finally, you can write to me at Marc at the Fall of Western Man Comm. I've got several things happening this week. I've got this stream now. I'm live with Doctor David Duke again on Friday. That will be at 4 p.m. UK time. I am also doing a live stream on Friday evening, and that live stream is going to be whether the electoral road is viable for nationalists in the UK. Now. People asked me to do that stream. I'm going to do that as a long form lecture. I'm going to go into, uh, all the things I've listed that I'm going to go into on my telegram, the actual voting system, the two party system, that, that, uh, system of voting creates, uh, spoiler parties and finally into the role of the media. Then I'm going to discuss the election results from last weekend and what we can learn from that. I'm going to talk about four nationalist parties in the UK, no. Five, in fact, who all stood and give you their results and how they did. And finally I'm going to then take questions and answers. Then on Sunday, I'm doing a film review, The Long Good Friday, that's film club and Warren Balog is the guest. So that's the intro done. And the intro was obviously late, but if you can share the stream, if you can get the word out, that would be very much appreciated. Now, uh, David, how have you been? And firstly, uh, you and I talked a lot about Covid when Covid was the big thing and you warned people not to take any of the Covid jabs you were very vociferous about, don't take the Covid jabs. And there were some people in that community who were saying, well, maybe you should take them, but you and I were always on the side of do not take the jabs. This is a bad thing. They are not going to be good for people. Now, today I'm going to read you a headline from, uh, one of the British papers, the Daily Mail. You will, of course, have heard of that. And the headline from the Daily

9 Mail this morning. The top news story was AstraZeneca removes its Covid vaccine worldwide after rare and dangerous side effect is linked to 80 deaths in Britain, and this has been admitted in court papers. So they are now admitting that the AstraZeneca jab, that was the one produced in Britain that has been linked to 80 deaths in the UK. So if they're saying it's 80 deaths, it's going to be many, many more than that. Probably 8000, not 80. Yeah. Well that that's what I thought. I thought that seems like a, a very low, um, a very low balled. Estimate by a really good scientist that there were 13 million. Reward. That's from, uh, from the vaccine. And that was some major scientists. Who studied it. So that's pretty shocking. And there certainly was one thing we know for there to be a fact, okay, that there are more what they call side effects from these mnra vaccines. Then all side effects, all bad results right from all the other vaccines in the history of vaccines. There are more specific. And again, the numbers we give 80 or something vaccines that most people that are born in the Western world are much, many parts of the world. We give a lot of vaccines out, but there's no question that the Covid vaccine has the most bad results and the most adverse effects of any. --Scott A. Barry... ; --Scott A. Barry... ; --Scott A. Barry... ; --Scott A. Barry... ; This is the First FOOTER EOF of all of this useless drivel text writing rambling nonsense... ; This is the Second FOOTER EOF of all of this useless drivel text writing rambling nonsense... ;