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1 VM #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; From Now On I AM Staffing Everything In a Virtual Box of The Latest 2024 Puppy Linux and that is it... ; The Reason Why is it is a Condom For The BIOS... ; Rob Braxman Reccommends Virtual Machines also... ; Gang-Stalking-Virtual-Machines-flushyourmedsantizionism-nwo-footer-eof.mp4 If Link One doesn't work try link 2... ; Virtual Machines Protect The BIOS and Computer... ; Malware such as Chlorine usually destroys BIOS... ; It is like a Condom and you gotta use it... ; I know The Israeli Mossad has the Backdoor to Minix, but anyways, I made a Video of me running the Latest Puppy Linux Bookworm Distro in Virtual Box. The Other Lightweight Distros are Lubuntu, Puppy Linux, Slitaz, Tinycore, Geexbox, any CLI Distro, and if you are a Network Penetration Tester probably using Kali, again this is just a test of virtual machines in a boring video, I put ublock origin on it, ran it scaled, and live to the RAM disk, it worked out fine in OBS... ; Outside of my VM, Ultimate Hosts File List, Blocked URLS at the IPTABLES PFSENSE PIHOLE Firewall, Spoofed Mac Address To Random, Quad Nine or Eight DNS, The Basic Stuff you need... ; I preferred RAM Disk as everything is erased upon reboot... ; --Scott A Barry... ; --Scott A Barry... ; --Scott A Barry... ;