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1 COMPARE #flushyourmeds BY SCOTT A. BARRY

2 Compare #flushyourmeds Scott Barry ; By Scott A. Barry / Scott A Barry / Scott Barry... ; For Filesystems I need Windows Slash BSD Support so I use Exfat and Fat32 but not NTFS, and I use LUKS and Ext4 for linux, I do not use UFSZFS... ; Lets see how Virtual Machines Compare Actual Machines : VMS Protect The BIOS we all know that, but if you run a LIVE OS inside a VM, type sudo -i su root, even with a passwd set for root and user, it will still get root without a prompt so what good is that, so the only way Secure a Virtual Machine is Install Them VM of Say Lubuntu Latest with LUKS Drive Encryption, set a password for the root and user using passwd command, as Live OSes are still vulnerable the instant root attack, so this defeats the damn purpose of most virtual machines, the worst thing you can run in a VM is Windows XP as Chlorine dot exe destroys the OS and outside of a VM it will destroy the BIOS making the entire computer unusable and unable run any operating system install disk... ; So the way do it properly is not run a Live OS in a VM as ("sudo -i") even with a passwd set will get instant root, so you must must set a BIOS Password, a LUKS Drive Encryption on say Lubuntu Latest, install LUKS in a Virtual Machine, then rename the iso dot old after install, set a root and user password on the LUKS install with passwd command in the terminal sudo -i it is really easy, that is the only way do this, if you have figured it out by now, Live OSes with instant au root and no password prompt are not safe enough, you must set two passwords root and user all the users on the machine with the passwd command, then close all the ports, then use LUKS as drive encryption, then never ever go Live OS as this has an Au Root Vulnerability that most Script Kiddies know how get in and

3 sabotage, we're all learning, so we know now that you must have full drive encryption with a root and user password set with the ("passwd") command otherwise you are a dolt, and lastly on the Host Machine outside the VM, set Quad Nine or Quad Eight DNS, Update your Hosts file the latest Ultimate Hosts File Lists that is a bigger hosts file size, then Spoof your Mac Address in Network Settings random or some other Mac Address, Mac Address Spoofing will also bypass router logins and give you free internet... ; You are a moron if you are not doing Mac Address Spoofing with Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, Canvas Blocker, and Ruturn YTD, that in Brave, Chromium, Falkon, Firefox, and other browsers and blockinging it with Pfsense or PiHole or Iptables it is easy do... ; All the other Fake Targeted Individuals are mostly acting, real targeting is where they poison you in your home, directed energy weapons, break ins, vandalism, random items placed in your home, being forced in homelessness, that is real targeting, and anyone saying otherwise is an acr or agent there stalk and harass other targets and bait them, by saying they are a TI and helping no one, I am not going pay fifty a month for some watered down course for TIs that is mostly a scam because of the people who signed up got grabify links instead of the real videos, so you are scamming people by sending grabify links instead of turials for fifty a month, I do not have time for crap like that and we as targets should quit ebegging fifty a month for your watered down courses that help no targets and even Bryan Tew has said the TI community is being replaced with fake targets and acrs who call everyone a gang stalker when they are not. So the main Gist of this is Virtualbox is only practical as Non Live OSes as Live OSes are root by default and when you install it you set a root and user password, you set up LUKS Drive Encryption, then you on the Host system you spoof the

4 Mac Address and use a DNS Server such as Quad Nine or something better that blocks a list of domains that are bad, that is basically it, again VPNS are over hyped, because paid ones track you and your own set up on Linode does not track you as much, so seriously VPNS are free if you get a server and hook it the computer or use Oracle Cloud, Linode, any of those, or a Simple Server, router thing, that has a VPN feature built in, all that stuff is cheaper than paying for a VPN that goes a company that tracks you and sells your data, so what, Open Source is better in some ways, and Gimp it sucks compared phoshop, and Kdenlive does not do what Sony Vegas or Final Cut pro does, so you still need Crappy Windows for Taxes and Apache Openoffice wont do it, only Microsoft Office, that is because if under a black light they will not accept the affidavit and you will loose your house and property LOL LOL... ; So many people are on Phones that track them and it makes no sense, they do not even Degoogle it or set an Alphanumeric Password, or install Graphene OS, or even Pine OS for that Matter, you can even put Kali Net Hunter on it and it would be safer than Android as Google is just a tracker that tracks, Now for Search Engines, I can never find Everything, so I go Google, DuckDuckGo, Startpage, Qwant, Yandex, Baidu, Archiveday, Archiveorg, Permacc, Every Other Archiver and that is it... ; The biggest problems with Search Engines, it censors Holocaust

5 Denial Material and Anti Zionist Websites, it fails understand that Martians Started Religion and that we become Telepathic Ghosts when we die and that Jews control the Entire Press, instead it labels that as Antisemitism in the Search, it also fails give good unbiased info on Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, or how utilize Telepathic Tools attain other info and info kits on Remote Viewing are Five Hundred Dollars or More and Dane Spotts is a Fraud for the Shadow Government and his Wife Joni Douriff divorced him as she knew he was a FED agent for the Government Mafia, that is why they sold a learn remote viewing kit for Five Hundred Dollars, that is why they were funding The Smirn Off Directed Energy Weapon Patent experiment on United States Citizens, this was all on Joni Douriffs Blog and Douglas Valentine a CIA insider also exposed Dane Spotts the shill who sells overpriced crap for hudreds of dollars each fund things like Smirn Off Patents and Shadow Government Black Projects that are part of the Government Mafia, that is your real Illuminait ZOG Zionists, they sell overpriced info for five hundred each and none of it is on Google, they want control society and keep it Docile, Servile, Pliable and Stupid, they want a bunch of Brainwashed Goyim as Rabbi Abrahm Finkelstein has said. Ovadia Yosef even said the only purpose of a non jew is serve jews and all of this is going exactly The Procols of The Learned Elders of Zion... ; --Scott A. Barry... ; --Scott A. Barry... ; --Scott A. Barry... ; --Scott A. Barry... ;