Outlook Mail Quick Fixes

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1 Outlook Mail Quick Fixes Adding a Signature a. File, Options, Mail, Signature (3 rd one down) b. Click new give it a title c. Fill in Signature block d. Choose Default Signature drop down for new messages and forward/replies e. Click OK Out of Office Replies a. File, Info, Automatic Replies b. Click in Send automatic replies and Only send during this time range c. Place the dates you want your reply d. Type message in the Text Box, click OK Spelling and Autocorrect a. File, Options, Mail, Spelling and Autocorrect (2 nd one down) b. Click Always check spelling before sending c. Click Spelling and Autocorrect for advanced features Message Arrival a. File, Options, Mail, Message Arrival b. Play a sound, change mouse pointer, show an envelope icon on taskbar Replies and Forwards a. File, Options, Mail, Replies and Forwards b. Option to Close Original message, add signature, include original message Save Messages a. File, Options, Mail, Save Messages b. Options unsent messages saved, save forwarded messages, save in sent folder

2 Send Messages a. File, Options, Mail, Send Messages b. Options Importance Level, Automatic name check, Delete meeting requests c. Options CTRL + Enter sends message, Use auto-complete to suggest names Tracking a. File, Options, Mail, Tracking b. Options Delivery confirmation to server, Read receipt, Process meeting requests c. Options Update original sent item with receipt information, Update tracking Information Outlook Calendar Quick Fixes Cancel Appointment Created in GroupWise a. Open Calendar b. Double Click Appointment in Calendar c. Click Scheduling Assistant d. Click Cancel Meeting Cancel Appointment Created in Outlook a. Open Calendar b. Double Click Appointment in Calendar c. Click Cancel Meeting, click Add Share a Calendar a. Open Outlook, Click on Calendar in lower left corner b. In the Ribbon Bar click Calendar Permissions c. Find the person by First Name, Last Name, click Add d. Do this for everyone you want to view your calendar e. Give them the access you want in the Permission Level box Work Time a. File, Options, Calendar, Work time

3 b. Change work hours, Work Week, First day of week Calendar Options a. File, Options, Calendar, Calendar Options b. Default Reminders c. Allow attendees to propose new times for meetings d. Add Holidays to Calendar e. Change Permissions f. Enable Alternate Calendar Display Options a. File, Options, Calendar, Display Options b. Default Calendar Color c. Date Navigator Font d. Show Click to Add prompts in Calendar e. Show week numbers in the month view and in Date Navigator f. When in Schedule View, Show Free Appointments g. When to Switch from vertical layout depending on how many calendars are viewed Outlook Contacts Quick Fixes Names and Filling a. File, Options, Contacts b. Change how you work with Contacts, How they are displayed Online Status and Photographs a. File, Options, Contacts b. Show user photographs when available Suggested Contacts a. File, Options, Contacts b. Automatically create Outlook contacts for recipients that do not belong to Outlook Address Book

4 Viewing Frequent Contacts a. Home, Expand Contacts, Right Click Frequent Contacts, Properties b. Click Outlook Address Book tab c. Place a Check in box Show this folder as an Address Book Outlook Tasks Quick Fixes Task Options b. Set Reminders c. Keep Track of Assigned Tasks d. Send Status Reports I complete a Task e. Overdue task colors f. Completed tasks color Work Hours b. Work hours for Tasks Per Day c. Work hours for Tasks Per Week Outlook Search Quick Fixes Results b. Search Results From: Current Folders, All Folders c. Improve Search Speed by Limiting the number of results shown d. Highlight Search terms in the results e. Notify when results might be limited because search index is not complete

5 Outlook Language Quick Fixes Choose Editing Languages b. Set the Office Language Preferences Choose Display and Help Languages b. Set the Language Priority Outlook Advanced Quick Fixes Outlook Viewed Panes a. Files, Options, Advanced b. Customize Outlook Panes Navigation Pane, Reading Pane, To-Do-Bar Outlook Start and Exit a. Files, Options, Advanced b. Outlook Start and Exit In This Folder c. Empty Deleted Items when exiting Outlook Auto Archive b. Set Auto Archiving c. Choose where archive folder his held Reminders b. Show Reminders Play a sound

6 Exporting and Importing b. Exporting or Importing Send and Receive b. Send and Receive Options Send Immediately when connected Other Other b. Prompt for confirmation before permanently deleting items Outlook Customize Ribbon Quick Fixes Install Commands on Ribbon Bar a. File, Options, Customize Ribbon b. Add commands to ribbon bar like Print, Undo, New , Save As, New Appointment Outlook Quick Access Tool Bar Quick Fixes Install Commands on Quick Access Bar a. File, Option, Quick Access Toolbar b. Add commands to Quick Access Toolbar like Print, Undo, New , Save As, New Appointment Outlook View Options Show Dated Groups a. On the ribbon bar click Arrange by b. Turn it off or on by clicking Show in Groups

7 Reading Pane a. On the ribbon bar click Navigation Pane b. You can turn the pane off, place it on the bottom, or to the right Navigation Pane a. On the ribbon bar click Navigation Pane b. You can remove the Favorite folders from showing, Normal or Minimize