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2 NEW MICHIGAN ECPE C2 SUPER FINAL ECPE EXAM PREPARATION Writing Team George Andreadis Peter Pappas Sarah Yu Maria Ioannou ISBN Super Course System Aegaleo Strovolos Nicosia, Cyprus All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher. 2


4 Authors Note This publication has been prepared in keeping with the University of Michigan s requirements for the Certificate of Proficiency. Its purpose is to offer all candidates a tool with which to consolidate, evaluate and perfect all the skills required at this level. Emphasis has been placed on the understanding of the organizational features of written text as well as grammatical and pragmatic knowledge of English, particularly knowledge about expected vocabulary and grammar in certain contexts. The authors have taken great care to prepare the most challenging and comprehensive publication available to date, both in choice of subject and skills required. Through detailed analysis of recent examinations, the latest developments and trends in all aspects of the examination have been accounted for. Contemporary topics are provided to keep learners at the forefront of language use and cultural context, permitting them to be proficient language users. The publication comprises 5 sections: SECTION 1 20 GCVR Practice Examinations Includes 20 GCVR Practice Examinations that take account of the latest trends in the ECPE curriculum. Particular focus has been placed on the increased complexity of grammatical items that has recently been observed. SECTION 2 Writing Includes 33 pages of essential guidance for the candidate so as to assist him in addressing the topic appropriately. Moreover, this section helps the candidate develop the presented topic in an organized way with the appropriate acknowledgement of topic complexity. Emphasis is also placed on how to communicate ideas clearly with accuracy of form. Example essays are presented throughout the section so as to ensure the candidate is aware of topic development, the use of varied syntactic structures and appropriate vocabulary. Finally, it also includes 20 recently encountered exam writing topics. SECTION 3 Listening Includes 10 Evaluation Listening Tests and 20 Practice Listening Tests. The former build up the required listening skills and the latter consolidate and perfect them. All the types of listening items are covered: those based on short conversational exchanges, those based on questions, and those based on extended talks on different topics. SECTION 4 Speaking Includes comprehensive preparation for the New Format Speaking Test and 6 Complete Practice Speaking Tests. It provides a detailed analysis of the Speaking Test Format, a complete Model Speaking Test, essential useful expressions for all stages of the exam and valuable guidelines for the teacher. SECTION 5 Extra 2 GCVR Practice Examinations Includes an additional 2 GCVR Practice Examinations to be used as mock exams or in the candidate s concluding preparation for the ECPE. 4

5 Exam Facts The Certificate of Proficiency constitutes an official certification of knowledge of the English language at an advanced level. It is awarded by the University of Michigan, one of the leading U.S. universities in the field of linguistic research, with long-term experience in the establishment and development of a broad range of English language examinations. The University of Michigan s Certificate of Proficiency is officially recognized by the Greek state as a language certification and by the private sector as a certification of knowledge of the English language. The examination for the University of Michigan s Certificate of Proficiency has been specially designed for candidates who have reached a high level of English and have exceptionally well developed abilities in all four language skills. The content and degree of difficulty of the examination correspond to the language skills and abilities required of a university level adult. The exam content is set each year by the English Language Institute of the University of Michigan. Breakdown of Final Examination ECPE Final Examination 2 hours 45 minutes 3 hours 1. Writing. 30 minutes. Candidates choose between two topics for their essay. 2. Listening minutes. 50 questions. 3. Grammar, Cloze, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. 75 minutes. 120 questions. 4. Speaking minutes. Face to face oral interaction between two candidates and two examiners. Assessment principles of the ECPE: Three section bands, High Pass, Pass, and Low Pass, are considered passing section levels. Two section bands, Borderline Fail and Fail, are considered failing section levels. Candidates who pass all four sections of the exam always pass the ECPE. Examinees who pass three sections with a Low Pass (or higher) and receive no less than a Borderline Fail in one section will be awarded an ECPE certificate. 5



8 PRACTICE EXAMINATION 1 GRAMMAR 1. Bob Dylan expanded the vocabulary of popular music politics and literary influences into his lyrics. a. by incorporating c. when he incorporated social socially b. incorporating the d. having socially social incorporating 11. Despite many sophisticated techniques, the simple magnifying glass and gut tools for unmasking fake paintings. a. instinct remains c. instinct remain the best the best b. instinctive remain d. instinctively remains the best the best 2. Many motorists have embraced these new parking meters, but confusing. a. others say they re enough c. some say they re too b. say they re too much d. say they re not very 3. Mike has quickly established himself the National Football League s most valued players. a. to be one of c. as one of b. as d. to be 4. Between, I think this task is way too difficult to complete. a. me and you c. you and me b. you and I d. I and you 5. Janine s parents died when she was just a baby, so I family she ever had. a. was all the c. was the whole b. have the whole d. have all the 6. Danielle would still be our best defender an accident. a. if she didn t have c. if she hadn t b. had she not had d. hadn t she had 7. The estranged husband desperately tried to get his message across, without success. a. despite c. however b. even though d. albeit 8. at summer camp will help them tremendously. a. That what the kids learnt c. What the kids learnt b. Learnt the kids that d. That the kids learnt 9. This community diverged from a simple hunting and gathering one a complex pattern of social organization. a. with a demonstration of c. from demonstrating b. to demonstrate d. to one demonstrating 10. We re running late and I haven t decided take with me yet. a. what should I c. whether to b. what to d. that to 12. I had no choice but to the task I had been assigned. a. have Kay to finish c. have Kay finish b. have got Kay finish d. get Kay finish 13. are poised to change the face of the construction industry in the coming years. a. Designing buildings c. Buildings environmentally environmentally designed b. Environmentally d. Designed environmental designed buildings buildings 14. Was Mary any help with your assignment? Actually, me extra reference material was very useful. a. that she gives c. she was giving b. her giving d. she gave 15. Unfortunately, Christopher failed to win a place in the 1000 meter race because he stamina. a. is lack of c. is lack b. has lack of d. lacks 16. If the firefighters had come earlier, the trapped man. a. should have survived c. might have survived b. would have been survived d. could be survived 17. The endless parade of on television has made today s young girls obsessed with their bodies. a. celebrities enhancing c. surgically-enhanced surgically celebrities b. surgical celebrities d. enhanced surgically enhanced celebrities 18. Digital technology s been around for many years, but our firm has been kind up. a. to slow of picking it c. too slowly to pick it b. of slowly in picking d. of slow to pick it 19. that Mr. Jones is planning to run for governor this year. a. Word is it c. Word has it b. Word has d. The words are 20. An inspiring speaker, Reverend Jackson always manages to the best in his congregation. a. bring up c. bring out b. bring over d. bring across 8

9 21. Since I ve spent most of my life in Canada, is what I m most comfortable with. a. French language c. the French b. these French d. French 31. You didn t know that it wasn t until the late 1960s on the surface of the moon, did you? a. that man walked c. did man walk b. man he walked d. that man had walked 22. Where did you find this old thing? My husband stumbled out the attic. a. on it when clearing c. it while he cleared b. it on while he was d. on it when was he clearing clearing 23. There s so much smoke in this room that breathe. a. hardly can t I c. hardly I can b. I can hardly d. I can t hardly 24. Didn t you buy anything at the mall today? No, the dress had been sold. a. which I have liked c. that liked to me b. I liked d. which liked me 25. I m not surprised that Dave s not feeling well; he was eating at the fair this morning. a. the one ice-cream c. another ice-cream after the other after another b. one ice-cream d. after one ice-cream after another another 26. This writer s earlier novels are excellent. That s no surprise. her most recent one. a. So is c. Also is b. As well d. Is too 27. Why should I throw the milk away? It. a. isn t smelling so badly c. isn t smelling so bad b. doesn t smell so bad d. doesn t smell so badly 28. Philadelphia s new playmaker has scored over 40 points his eight games this season. a. of seven from c. out of seven from b. from seven of d. in seven of 29. Did you have a good day at the office today? No. I had to attend a(n) board meeting all afternoon. a. uninteresting c. uninterested b. disinterested d. disinterest 30. A painting is only a fake if it aims to fool someone into believing it is the real thing; it s just a copy. a. provided c. or b. otherwise d. unless 32. My father is no good at gardening, so he prefers. a. to have done it c. having done it b. have it done d. to have it done 33. Astronomers have proven that the planets in our solar system were subjected to meteoric bombardment than is the case today. a. a much more intense c. a very intense b. an intensive d. a more intensively 34. I find it difficult working for others because I my own business. a. would always have c. was used to having b. have always had d. have always been having 35. The company spokesman played down the product s problems, to safety regulations. a. claiming it c. having claimed conform conforming b. and claimed its d. claiming it conforming conforms 36. Homelessness is a condition a person does not have a permanent place of residence. a. in that c. that b. for which d. in which 37. Before you leave, check that you have my address you can send me some photographs. a. so that c. so as b. in order for d. so as for 38. political ambitions, corporate career and family to care for, Jane has no time for socializing. a. What with her c. There s her b. It s not only her d. That s just her 39. If I m not mistaken, the man the cigar was one of the robbers. a. smoking c. he is smoking b. that he is smoking d. will smoke 40. Since the early 1980s, the field of cinematography in digital technology. a. have been c. have been deeply immersing deeply immersed b. has been d. has been deeply immersing deeply immersed Grammar Score:.../40 9

10 CLOZE 1 This passage is about the Amazon. A worsening drought in the Amazon basin has prompted Brazil to (41) on its military to begin distributing supplies and medicine to tens of thousands of people stranded by the dramatic drop in water levels. Low river levels are (42) boats - for many the only (43) of transport - from using the Amazon safely, leaving communities depending on government airlifts for their survival. Big ships have also been left (44) in the world s second-largest river and millions of fish are rotting in the sun. The air force has been distributing water-purifying chemicals to (45) the threat of disease from water supplies contaminated by the dead fish. Witnesses say rivers and lakes have dried up completely, (46) behind miles of sand and mud. Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has blamed deforestation and global warming (47) the drought. It quoted scientists as claiming that the burning of forests has raised temperatures in the Amazon, preventing the (48) of clouds. Brazilian government meteorologists, (49), have said the drought is the result of unusually high temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, (50) have also been linked to devastating hurricanes. 41. a. take c. hold b. call d. carry 42. a. removing c. distracting b. protecting d. preventing 43. a. way c. chance b. means d. type 44. a. stranded c. thereby b. alone d. dependent 45. a. disappear c. contradict b. counter d. dispose 46. a. just c. leaving b. changing d. but 47. a. for c. about b. in d. on 48. a. growth c. increase b. possibility d. formation 49. a. however c. even b. who d. hence 50. a. they c. which b. but d. though CLOZE 2 This passage is about retina research. The back of the human eye, called the retina, contains cells known as photoreceptors. Much human blindness is due to retina disease or photoreceptor destruction, and once sight is (51) for either of these two reasons, it cannot be (52). Until recently, experts had thought there were only two types of photoreceptors - rods and cones. But experiments on mice, which have had both of these (53), reveal that other cells also have (54) form of light response. Scientists have found how to make eye cells (55) to light by activating a protein called melanopsin, and have thus (56) new ways to treat some forms of blindness. The researchers are now working with engineers to (57) prosthetic retinas that might help people with sight disorders see more clearly. In addition, the current research suggests (58) possible line of therapy. It is possible that melanopsin genes could be (59) into intact cells in diseased retinas, turning them into functional photoreceptors. (60), making cells in the eye responsive to light is no cure for blindness and the resulting vision may be little more than black and white light sensitivity. 51. a. missing c. lost b. declined d. spoiled 52. a. restored c. responsive b. replaced d. reformed 53. a. reduced c. receptors b. destroyed d. decreased 54. a. the c. any b. no d. some 55. a. due c. correspond b. sensitive d. exposed 56. a. formed c. discovered b. proved d. accepted 57. a. offer c. contain b. develop d. discover 58. a. some c. one b. that d. another 59. a. inserted c. included b. contained d. entered 60. a. However c. Therefore b. Indeed d. Besides Cloze Score:.../20 10

11 VOCABULARY 61. The Dutch was by far the 68. The accused man celebrated after 75. Jason s ambition is to be a largest group at the medical he was and set free. famous basketball player one day. conference. a. exonerated απαλλάσσω a. consoling παρηγορητικός a. contingency δυσάρεστο ενδεχόμενο b. exorcised εξορκίζω b. consuming διακαής b. dispatch αποστολή c. condemned αποδοκιμάζω, καταδικάζω c. consummate ολοκληρωμένος, τέλειος c. contingent τμήμα ομάδας / αντιπροσωπεία d. commuted πηγαινοέρχομαι με d. complete ολοκληρωμένος, πλήρης d. franchise προνομιακό δικαίωμα πώλησης συγκοινωνιακό μέσο αγαθών σε κάποια περιοχή 69. The movie had a effect on 76. Dawn when we broke the 62. The president was on both him - he couldn t get it off his mind news to her that her father was in sides by his devoted bodyguards. all day. a. led καθοδηγώ a. partial προκατειλλημένος / τμηματικός hospital. b. flanked τοποθετώ εκατέρωθεν b. profound βαθύς, βαθυστόχαστος a. broke down χαλώ, καταρρέω c. followed (επ)ακολουθώ c. trivial ασήμαντος b. fell through αποτυγχάνω, ναυαγώ d. surrounded περιτριγυρίζω d. superficial επιφανειακός c. came apart καταρρέω, διαλύομαι d. broke up διαλύω σχέση 63. Jack Spillane is known to be 70. The organizers said they had sold golfer who never misses a game. out, but Marcy somehow to 77. The trial was so as to allow a. an avaricious πλεονέκτης, αχόρταγος get tickets for tonight s rock concert. the defense attorney to prepare a b. a virtuous ενάρετος a. contrived μηχανεύομαι, καταφέρνω better case. c. a varied ποικίλος b. deprived στερώ a. adjourned αναβάλλω, αναστέλλω d. an avid ενθουσιώδης, φανατικός c. drenched μουσκεύω, μουλιάζω b. announced ανακοινώνω d. repented μετανιώνω c. attended παρεβρίσκομαι, παρακολουθώ 64. Our physics teacher us to d. opened ανοίγω, κάνω εγκαίνια listen to what she had to say about 71. Don t wear your denim jacket as our test results. the dress at that stylish a. compelled (εξ)αναγκάζω, εξωθώ restaurant are fairly formal. 78. It is customary for a judge to be b. imposed επιβάλλω a. convulsions σύσπαση, σπασμός in a black robe. c. expelled αποβάλλω, διώχνω b. conversions μετατροπή / προσηλυτισμός a. regaled διασκεδάζω d. repelled απωθώ c. conventions εθιμοτυπία, τύποι b. attended παρεβρίσκομαι, παρακολουθώ d. convents γυναικείο μοναστήρι c. attired ενδεδυμένος 65. Due to the lack of space, the d. retired στη σύνταξη campers rolled the blankets tightly 72. The smell of freshly baked bread to make a bundle. memories of Marie s 79. I m afraid that you will have to a. solid στερεός, συμπαγής childhood home. consult Dr. Smith - dermatology is b. complete ολοκληρωμένος, πλήρης a. evaded αποφεύγω, υπεκφεύγω not in my. c. compact συμπαγής, συμπτυγμένος b. evolved αναπτύσσομαι, εξελίσσομαι a. place έκφ. δεν είναι η θέση μου να d. stable σταθερός, ευσταθής c. evoked ξυπνώ στη μνήμη b. knowledge γνώση d. evicted κάνω έξωση ενοικιαστή c. domain τομέας 66. The murderer was in the alley for quite a while before he 73. My husband was when I told d. kingdom βασίλειο attacked his victim. a. lazing τεμπελιάζω him I had lost my job and told me not to worry. 80. The police detectives caught the b. limping κουτσαίνω a. unhappy δυστυχισμένος cat burglar while he was c. lurching τρεκλίζω b. unrepentant αμετανόητος trying to crack the safe. d. lurking καραδοκώ, παραμονεύω c. unruly ανυπάκουος, απείθαρχος a. red-handed στα πράσα, επ αυτοφώρω d. unruffled ατάραχος, ήρεμος b. out of hand εκτός ελέγχου 67. Three esteemed artists to c. open-handed ανοιχτοχέρης create the intricate mural in the 74. Kate felt uneasy as there was definitely d. hands down με ευκολία entrance of the town hall. something about his proposal. a. elucidated διευκρινίζω, αποσαφηνίζω b. consolidated εδραιώνω, παγιώνω a. dubious b. deliberate ύποπτος, αμφίβολος σκόπιμος, εσκεμμένος c. collaborated συνεργάζομαι c. circuitous έμμεσος, πλάγιος d. elaborated αναπτύσσω λεπτομερώς d. casual ανεπίσημος, πρόχειρος 11

12 81. The agile mountain goats the 88. Drinking instant coffee in the 95. Mrs. Jenson s plan to open a chain cliff in no time at all. morning unfortunately puts me on of cosmetics stores with a partner is a. asserted ισχυρίζομαι, υποστηρίζω all day. a(n) venture. b. absconded το σκάω, φυγοδικώ a. stilts ξυλοπόδαρο a. squalid ελεεινός, ποταπός c. assented συγκατατίθεμαι b. plugs βύσμα, πρίζα b. perilous επικίνδυνος d. ascended ανέρχομαι, αναρριχώμαι c. pit λάκκος c. expunged διεγραμμένος, σβησμένος b. edge (be on ~) σε έξαψη, d. irate εξοργισμένος με τεντωμένα νεύρα 82. The tickets for this Broadway 89. My young son was by the production were more expensive 96. The three brothers are always strange language around him as soon than I had. arguing about something, but the as we crossed the border into Italy. a. persevered εμμένω, επιμένω bad feelings soon. a. muffled κουκουλώνω / καταπνίγω (ήχο) b. anticipated προσδοκώ, προβλέπω a. get over ξεπερνώ (δύσκολη κατάσταση) b. raffled βάζω σε λαχνό c. evaluated αποτιμώ, αξιολογώ b. blow off ακυρώνω σχέδια χωρίς προειδοποίηση c. baffled προκαλώ σύγχυση/αμηχανία d. premeditated προμελετώ, προσχεδιάζω d. shuffled c. go down μειώνομαι / καταδικάζομαι σέρνω τα πόδια μου / ανακατεύω (τράπουλα) d. blow over καταλαγιάζω 83. The embarrassed little girl looked 90. Macy didn t want to be distressed, on as her parents boasted so she her eyes from the 97. My youngest son has always about her intelligence. scene of the accident. to become a successful composer. a. inconsolably απαρηγόρητα a. converted μετατρέπω a. aspired φιλοδοξώ, εποφθαλμιώ b. bashfully c. enviously d. fruitlessly ντροπαλά, συνεσταλμένα ζηλόφθονα αναποτελεσματικά, άκαρπα b. reversed c. averted d. reverted αντιστρέφω αποστρέφω, αποτρέπω επανέρχομαι, επιστρέφω b. expired c. conspired d. inspired λήγω (για προθεσμία) συνομωτώ εμπνέω 84. Although the mediators to 91. Michelle is a(n) worker who 98. The journalist what the end the trade dispute, no always takes great care not to government spokesman had said, agreement was reached. make any mistakes. causing a terrible misunderstanding. a. conducive πρόσφορος, που βοηθά σε εξέλιξη a. ameliorated βελτιώνω, καλυτερεύω a. disapproved αποδοκιμάζω b. honorable έντιμος, αξιέπαινος b. endeavored πασχίζω, καταβάλλω προσπάθεια b. distilled αποστάζω, διυλίζω c. meticulous διεξοδικός, σχολαστικός c. amended διορθώνω / τροποποιώ c. distorted διαστρεβλώνω, παραμορφώνω d. careless απρόσεκτος, ατημέλητος d. enticed δελεάζω d. distended διαστέλλω, -ομαι, πρήζω, -ομαι 92. That traditional English pub was 85. Cathy s such a - I don t know pretty and - I really enjoyed 99. Unfortunately, the project was a(n) why we ever invite her to our parties. visiting it. failure and it will not receive a. wild card μπαλαντέρ a. quaint γραφικός (για τοπία) further state funding. b. dark horse κρυφό ταλέντο b. run-down φθαρμένος, σε κακή κατάσταση a. out and out τελείως, ολότελα c. wet blanket που χαλάει το κέφι της παρέας c. derisory γελοίος, ασήμαντος b. down and out ξοφλημένος, άνεργος κι απένταρος d. dead weight απόβαρο, βάρος, φορτίο d. dilapidated φθαρμένος, ρημαγμένος, c. up and up ανερχόμενος, σε ανοδική πορεία ερειπωμένος d. off the beaten track απόμερος / 86. The rude old man to the front 93. Sally hadn t studied at all and was καθόλου πολυσύχναστος of the line, bumping into everyone. about taking her forthcoming 100. It would be my honor to introduce a. purged b. merged εξαγνίζω, καθαρίζω συγχωνεύω, -ομαι geography test. a. comprehensive αναλυτικός, περιεκτικός you to Mr. Harriet, an old from my political days. c. surged κινούμαι κατά κύματα, "κατακλύζω" b. incoherent ασυνάρτητος, χωρίς συνοχή a. feud βεντέτα d. barged εισβάλλω, ενσκήπτω c. apprehensive ανήσυχος, θορυβημένος b. grievance παράπονο, αδικία d. convoluted ελικοειδής / περίπλοκος c. adversary αντίπαλος 87. Borrowing Marie s notes my d. notary συμβολαιογράφος 94. It will take a lot of in order chances of success and I did very not to offend Freda at the premier well in my exams. performance tomorrow. a. enhanced ενισχύω, βελτιώνω a. brain εγκέφαλος b. embellished ομορφαίνω, διακοσμώ b. tact διακριτικότητα, τακτ c. construed ερμηνεύω c. sensibility ευαισθησία, αισθαντικότητα d. deployed παρατάσσομαι / εκμεταλλεύομαι d. austerity ηθική αυστηρότητα Vocabulary Score:.../40 πλήρως 12

13 READING 1 The world beneath the ocean waves remains a great frontier whose rewards could be enormous: oil and mineral wealth to rival Alaska s North Slope and California s Gold Rush streams; scientific discoveries that could change our view of how the planet and its life-forms evolved. Natural substances found deep within the ocean could even yield new medicines and new classes of industrial chemicals. Getting there, though, forces explorers to cope with an environment just as perilous as outer space. Unaided, humans can t dive much more than 10 ft. before increasing pressure starts causing pain in the inner ear, sinuses and lungs. Frigid subsurface water rapidly sucks away body heat. And even the most capacious of lungs can t hold a breath for more than two or three minutes. For these reasons, the modern age of deep-sea exploration had to wait for two key technological developments: engineer Otis Barton s bathysphere - essentially a deep-diving tethered steel ball - and the invention of scuba in the 1940s by Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan. Barton s bathysphere could only go straight down and straight back up again, but a Swiss engineer, Auguste Piccard, solved the mobility problem with the first true submersible. His vessel called a bathyscaphe, consisted of a spherical watertight cabin suspended below a buoyant gasolinefilled pontoon. In 1960, Piccard s Trieste took a U.S. Navy Lieutenant, Don Walsh, and Piccard s son, Jacques, 35,800 ft. down beneath the Pacific to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. After its success, the number of submersibles expanded dramatically. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute s longtime workhorse, the three-person Alvin, was launched in The first tethered robots, the so-called remotely operated vehicles, or ROVs, were developed several years later. The result was a remarkable period of underwater discovery that transformed biology, geology and oceanography. Today scientists view the deep sea as an area constantly reformed by tectonic and volcanic activity and filled with exotic life-forms, many of whose properties have yet to be explored The world of the ocean as described by the writer... a. must have gold equal to that found in California. b. could make us form a different view of the planet. c. has some potentially beneficial substances for man. d. could establish new territorial borders According to the passage, divers today... a. experience low temperatures because of the cold water. b. can t yet face the dangers of the ocean. c. may even experience a rise in blood pressure. d. have breathing problems How did Picard s invention improve on that of Barton? a. It was completely submersible. b. It allowed for improved scuba diving. c. It allowed occupants to move in more than two directions. d. It was round and could accommodate people What do Alvin and ROVs have in common? a. They are both a kind of underwater robot. b. They are both attached to a surface vessel in some way. c. They both allow for more extensive underwater exploration. d. They both embarked on their maiden voyage in the Mariana Trench Which of the following is NOT true, according to the text? a. With new developments in diving, scientists are able to study the ocean more thoroughly. b. Scientists now have a deeper understanding of the earth s structure and how it changes. c. The ocean still has many undiscovered properties. d. Underwater eruptions have little bearing on the formation of the ocean floor. 13

14 READING Helmut Simon, a German tourist, first spotted the remarkably preserved remains of the Stone Age wanderer who came to be called the Iceman in a melting glacier high in the Alps in A comedy of errors followed. Firstly, Austrian policemen tried to prize the body from the ice with a jackhammer and then curiosity seekers snitched fragments of his garments. Five days later, the find was finally brought to Konrad Spindler, head of the Innsbruck Institute for Prehistory, who exclaimed that he thought it was perhaps what his colleague, Howard Carter, experienced when he opened the tomb of Tutankhamen and gazed into the face of the Pharaoh. Who was the Iceman? Radio-carbon dating established his age at approximately 5,300 years, by far the most ancient human being ever found virtually intact. He stood 5 ft. 2in. tall - short even in his day - and weighed around 110 lbs. Well prepared for the Alpine chill, he wore an unlined fur robe, whip-stitched together in a mosaic-like pattern, under a woven grass cape. His shoes were made of leather and his axe blade was nearly pure copper. He bore a fur quiver laden with a dozen incomplete arrows, two of which were primed for shooting, with flint points and feathers. His bow was made of yew and he was also armed with a tiny, wooden-handled flint dagger; he carried a net of grass and a stone-and-linden tool probably used to sharpen points. Yet, for all his sophisticated gear, the Neolithic wanderer was behind the times. While his mountain people still hunted and gathered, far more advanced civilizations were flourishing elsewhere. In the Iceman s day, Alpine Europe lagged far behind Africa, the Middle East and South America in agriculture, commerce and transportation, while in Sumeria, man had just discovered the wheel Who or what was responsible for bringing the remains of the Iceman to the public eye? a. a sharp-eyed tourist b. policemen performing their duty c. a curious looking visitor to the region d. a series of funny mistakes 107. What was the most striking thing about the Stone Age wanderer? a. his remains were thawing b. his remains were spotted with age c. the fine state of his remains d. most of his remains were stolen by onlookers 108. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the events taking place after the discovery? a. The authorities did not act appropriately. b. Onlookers attempted to strip the body. c. The German tourist took possession of the body and gave it to Konrad Spindler. d. The body was at the disposal of experts for five whole days When Konrad Spindler received the Iceman s remains, he... a. expressed his objection to the delay. b. was under the impression the remains were those of a pharaoh. c. consulted with his colleague Howard Carter. d. was certain scientists in similar conditions shared his emotions After inspecting the find, scientists reached the conclusion that the Iceman... a. had plaited grass to make a cap. b. had been appropriately attired. c. had been the most sophisticated man of his period. d. had been armed for heavy battle. READING The formerly radical notion that birds descended from dinosaurs - or may even be dinosaurs, the only living branch of the family that ruled the earth eons ago - has got stronger and stronger since paleontologists first started taking it seriously in the 1970s. Remarkable similarities in bone structure between dinosaurs and birds were the first clue. Then came evidence, thanks to a series of astonishing discoveries in China s Liaoning province in the late 1990s, that some dinosaurs may have borne feathers. But a few scientists still argued that the link was weak, claiming that the bone similarities could be a coincidence. And possibly those primitive structures visible in some fossils were feathers but possibly not. One had to use his imagination to see them. However, this was all soon to change. The find of a spectacularly preserved fossil of a juvenile dromaeosaur by a team of paleontologists from the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and New York City s American Museum of Natural History, may be the long-sought link. It has things that are undeniably feathers, exulted Richard Prum of the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, an expert on the evolution of feathers. But it is clearly a small, vicious theropod, similar to the velociraptors that chased the children around the kitchen in Jurassic Park. In fact, this small relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, dating from 124 million to 147 million years ago, had no fewer than three different types of feathers. The head sported a thick, fuzzy mat of short, hollow fibers, while the shoulders and torso had extremely fine plume-like fibers up to 2 inches long. The backs of its arms and legs were draped in multiple filaments arranged in a classic herringbone pattern around a central stem. Even the theropod s tail was covered with feathers, with a fan, or tuft at the end

15 111. The passage implies that paleontologists... a. became earnestly involved in paleontology in the 1970 s. b. have begun to accept a once extreme idea. c. are reaching ambivalent conclusions in their research. d. only started looking for more clues in the 1970 s The evidence found in the 1990 s,... a. proved that dinosaurs gave birth to feathery offspring. b. showed similarities between the bone structures of birds and dinosaurs. c. was partly based on imagination. d. did not unite the experts in their convictions What was Richard Prum s view of the 2001 discovery? It... a. convinced him that some dinosaurs bore feathers. b. disappointed him that the fossil was so young. c. led him to assume that the dromaeosaur had feathers. d. surprised him that a theropod could have been so vicious The discovery showed that the dromaeosaur... a. did not have only one kind of feather. b. had a variety of different colored feathers. c. had two kinds of feathers. d. bore thinner feathers on its head compared to its torso The passage explicitly states that the theropod... a. fanned itself with its tail. b. had a bone-like design on its arms. c. had a bunch of feathers at the tip of his tail. d. had the same plumage all along its tail READING 4 It s one of the most enduring stories of unsuspecting discovery: four young French boys out playing in nature in September 1940, near Lascaux in the Dordogne region, decide to explore a hole in the ground one of them has recently found. They toss stones in the hole, determine it is deep and set out to explore it. Once inside, they are amazed to see gigantic, vivid paintings of animals covering the walls. The four boys bring their schoolteacher back to the cave. Stunned, he contacts Abbé Henri Breuil, France s foremost pre-historian, who pronounces them authentic. Already, word of mouth is bringing droves of tourists to the cave. There, they are dazzled to find cavern after cavern covered with paintings - some 200 painted and drawn animals and symbols, along with nearly 1,500 engravings. This splendid bestiary still has the power to amaze - although it was almost lost owing to careless maintenance. Over the years, as the cave was opened to tourists, the paintings gradually faded under artificial light, then were invaded by algae and bacteria. Hence, the cave was closed to visitors in 1963, while today s tourists visit a replica. When scientists first reported the discovery of the paintings in 1941, they cited French authorities in dating them at 30,000 B.C. More recently, radio-carbon dating has established they date back to 15,000 B.C. They are the work of early men called the Magdalenians, after La Madeleine, the site of a rock-center shelter where signs of their culture were first found. The artists apparently stood on scaffolding to reach the ceiling as holes for wooden poles have been found in the walls. The painters mixed their colors on the spot, and an abundance of mixing tools has been found at other nearby sites. In all, there are some 200 caves in southwest Europe alone featuring Paleolithic art, but the caverns at Lascaux remain the most impressive The story behind the discovery of the Lascaux caves is one that... a. had an unpremeditated beginning. b. was contrived by the boys and their schoolteacher. c. represented the ingenuity of the group s systematic exploration. d. details four boys outing on a lake in the Dordogne area When the boys schoolteacher was taken to the caves, he... a. was adamant the paintings were authentic. b. felt rather uncomfortable in their presence. c. was amazed by what he observed. d. brought too many tourists with him Just after the caves were made public knowledge, their visitors found... a. more portrayals than they expected to. b. an abundance of imprints and symbols of other races. c. 1,500 tented sketches of wildlife. d. many painted symbols alluding to aquatic life forms Why was the cave closed in 1963? a. Many visitors had defaced the paintings. b. The paintings were becoming damaged. c. A replica was eventually opened to the public. d. The paintings generated bacteria and germs What do we know about the early artists methods? They... a. used a spotted design to paint wildlife. b. weren't able to reach the roofs of the caves. c. used scaffolding poles to decorate the walls of the caves. d. combined different pigments to attain the desired effect. Reading Score:.../20 TOTAL G+C+V+R =.../120 15

16 GRAMMAR PRACTICE EXAMINATION 2 1. We ll be happy to offer the new employee our assistance she need it. a. should c. in the case b. in any event d. unless 2. Shall we visit the zoo or take a walk in the park? is fine with me. a. Both of them c. Either one b. One another d. Or one or the other 3. This beautiful handmade watch was handed to me by my grandfather. a. in c. down b. over d. through 4. The athlete compete in national events, he competes in international ones too. a. just doesn t c. just does b. does just d. doesn t just 5. Although our hotel is quite isolated, guests are from abroad. a. the most c. our most b. most of our d. the most of our 6. Would you like to help me organize a surprise birthday party for your father?! a. Would I never c. I would ever b. Would I ever d. I would never 7. As a talented piano player, Jake is also an excellent composer. a. much as being c. much as he is b. well as he is d. well as being 8. earlier, more of your old classmates would have come to the reunion. a. Provided they have c. Had they been informed been informed b. Having been informed d. Were they to have informed 9. I really detest it when Mr. Hodgson speaks to me my boss. a. as if he were c. as though he b. only if he were d. like he is 10. He didn t manage to see any of his old friends back in his hometown despite so. a. of wishing to do c. wishing to doing b. he d wished to do d. his wish to do 11. Strange sound, I m going to Alaska on vacation this year. a. though it has to c. though it may b. as it may be d. as it is to 12. Have you packed your suitcase? That s one thing off my chest. Fortunately, I last night. a. got it done c. have got it done b. had done it d. was doing it 13. When Peter heard he had eventually been hired, he was with joy. a. come over c. besides him b. aside himself d. beside himself 14. Her parents are upset the midterm exams. a. that she fail c. about her failing b. for her to fail d. for her failure of 15. Look at your dad in this photo; bald? a. he had always been c. did he always use to be b. was he always being d. would he always be 16. The old mill at the river has been turned a huge shopping center. a. in c. up b. down d. into 17. In spite of, Sarah s still kept her job. a. so doing c. that she did b. what she did d. she did it 18. In some countries juvenile offenders are made community service rather than go to prison. a. have done c. to do b. to have done d. do 19. In this hospital ward, Paul is the more dedicated doctor. a. of both c. out of two b. of the two d. of two 20. Linda s been working here for almost ten years so she a lot about the job. a. was really known c. really must know b. is really knowing d. knows really 16

17 21. Normally, we don t allow pets in the hotel, but I suppose a kitten won t be a problem. a. your bringing c. for your bringing b. to bring d. that you bring 31. The kids got up early this morning because they wanted to go. a. cycling c. to cycling b. for the cycling d. for cycling 22. When Peter went to the job interview, he was accompanied his mother. a. from c. by b. with d. on 23. You should have told him the truth right from the start; telling him now. a. is no use c. it s no use b. there s no point d. it s no point 24. We are moving out of this apartment or not! a. should you like c. either you like it b. whether it likes to you d. whether you like it 32. I have no idea why my boss got so angry; all I did was him for some time off. a. to asking c. having asked b. asking d. ask 33. I strongly suggest Trevor with this project before attempting to tackle the next one. a. have finished c. having finished b. to finish d. finish 34. The new employee s personal problems are he can t concentrate on his work. a. such serious c. very serious b. too serious d. so serious 25. She is an excellent actress! You again! a. can say that c. may say it b. say it d. say that 26. being a good student, Jenny failed her entrance exam. a. Even if c. However b. Despite d. Regardless 27. Extreme should be used when the truck is being operated. a. cautious c. cautioned b. cautiously d. caution 28. seeing the police, the fugitive ran into the alley. a. From c. At b. On d. When 35. How was the film last night? Rarely such a well-directed film! a. did I see c. have I seen b. I had seen d. saw I 36. I didn t see your father enter the building, but I saw the car across the street. a. him to park c. he is parked b. him parking d. his parking 37. The new train compartment s bunk beds are 30 centimeters the existing ones. a. as wide as those of c. wider than those of b. wider than of d. as wide as 38. The new employee unfortunately fell of the boss expectations. a. short c. shorter b. shortly d. shortest 29. on time for lunch, you would have had some of your mother s carrot cake. a. But for having been c. Were you to be b. Were you to have been d. Hadn t you been 30. I d much sooner you practice on your guitar right now. a. hadn t c. won t b. didn t d. weren t 39. Herbert doesn t talk to your friends from abroad because he s prejudiced foreigners. a. on c. from b. against d. about 40. Jim and I together every morning before he moved home. a. would jog c. were jogging b. would have jogged d. used to jogging Grammar Score:.../40 17

18 CLOZE 1 This passage is about advertising. The advertising industry spends $12 billion every year on ads aimed at children, (41) young audiences with persuasive messages. According to studies, the average child is exposed to more than 40,000 TV commercials a year. And ads are even (42) children in schools - with corporate-sponsored educational materials and product placements in students textbooks. There s obviously been a (43) in the way our society thinks of children. Not long ago, they were regarded as vulnerable beings that needed to be nurtured; however, today they are (44) an economic resource that must be exploited. Children aren t hard to exploit as they (45) to trust adults even when they shouldn t. They don t understand the notion of intent to sell and frequently believe advertising messages. Marketers know this, and take advantage of the fact that children don t (46) the motives behind advertising or realize that the products advertised may not be (47) for them. Nevertheless, this does not trouble advertisers and marketers. If they have any qualms, they (48) a good job of repressing them. They believe that (49) they can make the child a brand-loyal consumer at an early age, they can (50) the child for years to come. 41. a. associating c. exposing b. spreading d. bombarding 42. a. reaching c. getting b. viewing d. aiming 43. a. gap c. transfer b. shift d. move 44. a. regarded c. viewed b. thought d. considered 45. a. turn c. tend b. respond d. appeal 46. a. grasp c. believe b. deny d. control 47. a. enough c. good b. available d. responsible 48. a. do c. get b. have d. make 49. a. when c. if b. only d. once 50. a. contact c. arrange b. own d. conform CLOZE 2 This passage is about the dodo. University researchers have taken samples from a preserved dodo specimen in an (51) to uncover the extinct bird s family tree. They worked with the British Natural History Museum to collect and study (52) material from a large number of specimens: a preserved dodo, the extinct solitaire bird, and 35 kinds of living pigeons and doves. Their analysis (53) the dodo and the solitaire to be close relatives with the Nicobar pigeon, their nearest living relative. The dodo lived on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It was a flightless bird, bigger than a turkey. By 1681, all dodos had been (54) by hungry sailors. The solitaire, which (55) a bit like a dodo, had gone the same way by By extracting short pieces of the dodo s DNA and (56) these with the DNA of living birds, the scientists were able to deduce when the dodo evolved away from its (57) into a separate entity. The scientists can now (58) assume that the dodo developed its distinctive appearance and features as a (59) of its geographical isolation. They are now convinced that it separated from the solitaire about 25 million years ago, long before Mauritius (60) an island. 51. a. attempt c. intention b. order d. assistance 52. a. living c. extinct b. raw d. genetic 53. a. advises c. involves b. shows d. recommends 54. a. disappeared c. vanished b. killed d. extinct 55. a. appeared c. existed b. looked d. seemed 56. a. studying c. comparing b. researching d. combining 57. a. relatives c. species b. island d. independence 58. a. surely c. hardly b. highly d. safely 59. a. means c. result b. factor d. reason 60. a. discovered c. became b. developed d. transformed Cloze Score:.../20 18

19 VOCABULARY 61. Because of our limited facilities, we have to the number of students visiting the library. a. annihilate αφανίζω, εξολοθρεύω b. restrict περιορίζω c. agitate (ανα)ταράσσω d. constrict (περι)σφίγγω 68. There is usually a between family members that can t be broken. a. chain αλυσίδα b. knot κόμπος c. loop θηλιά d. bond δεσμός 75. The clay pot stood balanced on the edge of the ledge. a. haphazardly ανοργάνωτα b. formidably τρομερά, φοβερά c. precariously με επισφαλή τρόπο d. negligibly ασήμαντα, μηδαμινά 76. As a talent scout, Barry the 62. Please stop in my affairs and 69. After a long afternoon sightseeing, country looking for promising mind your own business! we returned to our hotel at. a. involving εμπλέκω, παρασύρω a. tusk χαυλιόδοντας young basketball players. b. irritating εξάπτω, εξαγριώνω b. lawn γρασίδι, γκαζόν a. coerces (κατ)αναγκάζω c. concerning d. meddling αφορώ ανακατεύομαι, χώνω τη μύτη μου c. dusk d. dawn σούρουπο, δειλινό αυγή b. scours c. fascinates d. traverses διατρέχω αναζητώντας σαγηνεύω, γοητεύω διασχίζω 63. The new rules can t be before they are tried and tested. 70. So as to be more competitive, the textile companies in this area have 77. Your great grandmother s antique a. incited εξωθώ, υποκινώ formed a. vase was sold at for over b. acquired αποκτώ a. collusion συμπαιγνία 2,000 dollars. c. stimulated διεγείρω, εξάπτω b. consideration μελέτη, εξέταση a. auction πλειστηριασμός, δημοπρασία d. implemented θέτω σε εφαρμογή c. consortium κοινοπραξία b. yield σοδειά d. conglomeration συνονθύλευμα / c. allowance επίδομα / χαρτζιλίκι 64. Mrs. Smith gave a short speech κοινοπραξία επιχειρήσεων d. benefit (οικονομικό) επίδομα after lunch to express her for 71. Their plans have been postponed the retirement gift. due to lack of funding. a. appreciation ευγνωμοσύνη, εκτίμηση a. indecisively αναποφάσιστα 78. All teenagers are to the b. apportionment καταμερισμός b. incompetentlyανίκανα, ανεπαρκώς subtle advertising messages they c. apprehension φόβος, ανησυχία / σύλληψη c. indefinitely επ αόριστον see on television. d. appeasement κατευνασμός d. indelibly ανεξίτηλα a. attested b. paramount επιβεβαιωμένος ύψιστος 65. The blasting from the quarry 72. The acclaimed author s new novel c. susceptible επιρρεπής, ευεπηρέαστος through the rural town. will be in the autumn. d. objected αντιτιθέμενος, εναντιωμένος a. reverberated αντηχώ, αντιλαλώ a. freed (απ)ελευθερώνω b. ricocheted εξοστρακισμός (για βλήματα) b. liberated (απ)ελευθερώνω 79. The hotel manager decided to c. vibrated δονώ, -ούμαι c. discharged απαλλάσσω / απολύω distribute the food to a d. shuddered ανατριχιάζω / τρέμω d. released (απ)ελευθερώνω / κυκλοφορώ nearby orphanage. (για βιβλίο κλπ) a. remnant υπόλειμμα 66. Many of the farmer s chickens were 73. I people who pretend to b. infatuated ξετρελαμένος, καταγοητευμένος killed by a dog. know everything. c. residue υπόλοιπο, ό,τι απομένει a. nomadic νομαδικός a. disapprove αποδοκιμάζω d. surplus b. vagrant περιπλανώμενος b. imbibe ρουφώ / εισπνέω πλεονάζων, παραπανήσιος c. stray d. fugitive αδέσποτος (για ζώο) φυγάς c. detest d. ignite απεχθάνομαι, αντιπαθώ αναφλέγω, -ομαι 80. The pill you gave me made me so that I fell asleep. 67. Peter owns a very business, 74. Sandra is raising her two children a. immune με ανοσία so he is quite wealthy. and taking care of her father. b. hilarious ξεκαρδιστικός a. influential b. affiliated c. lucrative d. insolvent που έχει επιρροή αδελφοποιημένος επικερδής χρεοκοπημένος a. lush b. invalid c. hindered d. elder πλούσιος, πολυτελής ανήμπορος παρεμποδισμένος γεροντότερος c. drowsy d. lenient νυσταγμένος, γλαρωμένος επιεικής 19

20 81. We could just the ship on the horizon. a. disguise μεταμφιέζω b. discern διακρίνω c. dislodge αποσπώ, αποκολλώ d. distinct ευδιάκριτος 82. Gavin has trouble making ends meet on such salary. a. a countless αμέτρητος b. an ample ευρύχωρος, επαρκής c. a vast απέραντος, τεράστιος d. a meager ανεπαρκής, ισχνός 83. Can I use your computer for my project? Sure! But please be careful not to any of my files. a. detract αφαιρώ, μειώνω b. withdraw αποσύρω c. tamper σκαλίζω, νοθεύω d. delete διαγράφω 84. What a child! One would think she was an adult the way she acts. a. precarious επισφαλής, αβέβαιος b. premature πρώιμος, πρόωρος c. premeditated προμελετημένος d. precocious μικρομέγαλος 85. You will have to pay off your car loan in twenty four, monthly. a. insurances ασφάλεια, ασφάλιση b. installations εγκατάσταση c. installments (χρηματική) δόση d. interests τόκος 86. If you drink a glass of water, your may just stop. a. hiccups λόξυγγας b. hints υπαινιγμός / υπόδειξη c. hoards αποταμίευση / οικονομίες d. homage φόρος τιμής 87. The vegetation allowed many birds to find shelter in the nature reserve. a. lash μαστίγιο b. lust πόθος c. lush πολύβλαστος d. leash λουρί (σκύλου) 88. The new printer was not with our software, so we had to return it. while I was walking up the stairs. a. compatible συμβατός a. gusto απόλαυση b. conscientious ευσυνείδητος, φιλότιμος b. gust ριπή (ανέμου) c. complacent ευησυχασμένος c. gutter υδρορροή, λούκι d. competent ικανός d. gut έντερο, σπλάχνο 89. Members of Parliament were unable 96. May considers those who to reach a on the issue of the against immigrants to be narrowminded capital punishment. a. conduct διαγωγή / χειρισμός and conservative. b. milestone ορόσημο, ιστορική καμπή a. disgruntle δυσαρεστώ c. contract d. consensus (έγγραφο) συμβόλαιο αμοιβαία συναίνεση b. disregard c. discriminate αγνοώ, αψηφώ κάνω διακρίσεις d. disinfect απολυμαίνω 90. When we asked Amber if she knew where Mary was, she 97. In many European countries, much ignorance. of a store s is displayed a. ruminated στοχάζομαι outside. b. mimicked μιμούμαι a. clientele πελατεία, σύνολο πελατών c. feigned υποκρίνομαι, προσποιούμαι b. merchandise εμπόρευμα d. inflicted προξενώ, πλήττω c. conversion μετατροπή / κατάχρηση 91. The police suspect that was the cause of the fire. a. arson εμπρησμός 98. The invitation arrived ; three b. aspiration φιλοδοξία, επιδίωξη days after the seminar was held. c. arsenal d. array οπλοστάσιο παράταξη, σειρά / συλλογή, a. belatedly b. awkwardly καθυστερημένα άβολα / αδέξια ποικιλία c. genially καλοσυνάτα, εγκάρδια 92. Passengers are kindly requested to from smoking in the aircraft. a. prevent αποτρέπω b. distract αποσπώ την προσοχή c. refrain αποφεύγω d. proceed προχωρώ, συνεχίζω c. hump καμπούρα 93. I ll never forget the details of that day; they are in my mind. d. hunch προαίσθημα a. scratched b. carved γρατζουνίζω χαράσσω, λαξεύω 100. For justice to be served, a trial c. etched χαραγμένος στη μνήμη μου must be fair and. d. curbed χαλιναγωγώ, ελέγχω a. impromptu αυτοσχέδιος, πρόχειρος b. impartial αμερόληπτος, απροκάλυπτος 94. And then John got really mad. He probably doesn t appreciate such jokes. a. prolific καρπερός, γόνιμος b. primitive πρωτόγονος c. crude άξεστος / ακατέργαστος d. savage άγριος, πρωτόγονος 95. A of wind blew my hat away d. avarice πλεονεξία d. perpetually αδιάκοπα, συνεχώς 99. I had a that you would be late for the appointment. a. hunt κυνήγι b. hurdle (κινητό) εμπόδιο c. congenial ευχάριστος, συμπαθητικός d. prosperous που ευημερεί / ευνοϊκός Vocabulary Score:.../40 20

Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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TOEFL ibt Quick Prep. Volume 1. Go anywhere from here.

TOEFL ibt Quick Prep. Volume 1. Go anywhere from here. TOEFL ibt Quick Prep Volume 1 Go anywhere from here. INTRODUCTION Introduction About the TOEFL ibt Test The TOEFL ibt test measures your ability to use and understand the English language as it is read,

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ACCUPLACER Sample Questions for Students

ACCUPLACER Sample Questions for Students ACCUPLACER Sample Questions for Students 0 The College Board. College Board, ACCUPLACER, WritePlacer and the acorn logo are registered trademarks of the College Board. All other products and services may

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Now You Can Discover and Develop Those Riches BOB PROCTOR YOU WERE BORN RICH Now You Can Discover and Develop Those Riches Millions loved him in the hit movie - The Secret The Next Step? Get coached by Bob and learn how to set up (MSIs) Multiple Sources

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Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко. Вышэйшая школа. Правообладатель Вышэйшая школа

Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко. Вышэйшая школа. Правообладатель Вышэйшая школа Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко CONTENTS UNIT 1. ABOUT MYSELF............................. 4 UNIT 2. HOUSES AND HOMES........................ 33 UNIT 3. EDUCATION................................

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Is There Anything Good About Men?

Is There Anything Good About Men? Is There Anything Good About Men? Is There Anything Good About Men? HOW CULTURES FLOURISH BY EXPLOITING MEN Roy F. Baumeister 1 2010 1 Oxford University Press, Inc., publishes works that further Oxford

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CAHSEE on Target UC Davis, School and University Partnerships

CAHSEE on Target UC Davis, School and University Partnerships CAHSEE on Target English Language Arts Curriculum Published by The University of California, Davis, School/University Partnerships Program 2006 Director Sarah R. Martinez, School/University Partnerships,

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Thinking in Systems TIS final pgs i 5/2/09 10:37:34 Thinking in Systems Other Books by Donella H. Meadows: Harvesting One Hundredfold: Key Concepts and Case Studies in Environmental Education (1989). The Global Citizen (1991). with Dennis Meadows: Toward

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THE ONE WORLD SGHOOLHOUSE THE ONE WORLD SGHOOLHOUSE............ EDUCATION REIMAGINED SALM AN KHAN l T W E L V E NEW YORK BOSTON Copyright 2012 by Salman Khan All rights reserved. In accordance with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976,

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Managing Professionals? Don t! Managing Professionals? Don t! Managing Professionals? Don't! 1 Elgraphic - Vlaardingen 02-05-14 10:06 Managing Professionals? Don't! 2 Elgraphic - Vlaardingen 02-05-14 10:06 Managing Professionals? Don

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1Chapter. The Sociological Perspective

1Chapter. The Sociological Perspective 1Chapter The Sociological Perspective Even from the glow of the faded red-and-white exit sign, its faint light barely illuminating the upper bunk, I could see that the sheet was filthy. Resigned to another

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Why Parents Should Stop Overprotecting Kids and Let Them Play An Interview with Hara Estroff Marano and Lenore Skenazy

Why Parents Should Stop Overprotecting Kids and Let Them Play An Interview with Hara Estroff Marano and Lenore Skenazy Why Parents Should Stop Overprotecting Kids and Let Them Play An Interview with Hara Estroff Marano and Lenore Skenazy Hara Estroff Marano and Lenore Skenazy have long observed and chronicled the decline

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On That Point! An Introduction to Parliamentary Debate John Meany Kate Shuster International Debate Education Association New York Amsterdam Brussels

On That Point! An Introduction to Parliamentary Debate John Meany Kate Shuster International Debate Education Association New York Amsterdam Brussels On That Point! On That Point! An Introduction to Parliamentary Debate John Meany Kate Shuster International Debate Education Association New York Amsterdam Brussels On That Point! An Introduction to Parlimentary

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The Way They Learn CYNTHIA ULRICH TOBIAS. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, Illinois

The Way They Learn CYNTHIA ULRICH TOBIAS. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, Illinois The Way They Learn CYNTHIA ULRICH TOBIAS Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, Illinois THE WAY THEY LEARN Copyright 1994 by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, M.Ed. All rights reserved. International copyright

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0-5: How Small Children Make a Big Difference

0-5: How Small Children Make a Big Difference 0-5: How Small Children Make a Big Difference Provocation Series Volume 3 Number 1 Alan Sinclair Contents Introduction 4 1. Where are we going wrong and can we do anything about it 7 2. The evidence for

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PARAPHRASING: THE AUTHOR S THOUGHTS IN YOUR WORDS 3 PARAPHRASING: THE AUTHOR S THOUGHTS IN YOUR WORDS I n order to respond to others, we need to understand their thoughts, but we often read inaccurately and incompletely. Writing a careful paraphrase that

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Morning Has Been All Night Coming

Morning Has Been All Night Coming Morning Has Been All Night Coming Books by the same author Remembering and Other Poems When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat Journey in the Fields of Forever The Power Pause 3-Minutes, 3-Steps to Success

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TOEFL ibt Quick Prep. Volume 2. Go anywhere from here.

TOEFL ibt Quick Prep. Volume 2. Go anywhere from here. Volume 2 Go anywhere from here. INTRODUCTION Introduction About the TOEFL ibt Test The TOEFL ibt test measures your ability to use and understand the English language as it is read, heard, spoken, and

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Play as Preparation for Learning and Life An Interview with Peter Gray

Play as Preparation for Learning and Life An Interview with Peter Gray Play as Preparation for Learning and Life An Interview with Peter Gray Peter Gray, research professor at Boston College and past chair of its Psychology Department, originally trained in neurobiology at

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A True History of the Johnstown Flood

A True History of the Johnstown Flood A True History of the Johnstown Flood By Rebecca Gilman Directed by Robert Falls Contents 2 Introduction to the Study Guide 3 Drowning in Money: The Johnstown Flood of 1889 8 New Orleans and Johnstown:

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Copyright 2013 by PILMMA Publishing

Copyright 2013 by PILMMA Publishing ABOUT THE AUTHOR Florida Attorney Frank M. Eidson has practiced law since 1998 in Central Florida. Since that time he has represented thousands of injured clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents,

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What Every Westerner Should Know about Energy

What Every Westerner Should Know about Energy Report from the Center #4 What Every Westerner Should Know about Energy Patricia Nelson Limerick Claudia Puska Andrew Hildner Eric Skovsted Center of the American West University of Colorado at Boulder

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How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

How and When to Be Your Own Doctor How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon This book is not copyright; it is public domain material. Reproduction and dissemination is encouraged as long as the entire

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Time Together : A survival guide for families and friends visiting in Canadian federal prisons

Time Together : A survival guide for families and friends visiting in Canadian federal prisons Time Together : A survival guide for families and friends visiting in Canadian federal prisons Lloyd Withers Canadian Families and Corrections Network Regroupement canadien d'aide aux familles des détenu(e)s

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COMMON SENSE GOVERNMENT WORKS BETTER &COSTSLESS. Vice President Al Gore. Third Report of the National Performance Review

COMMON SENSE GOVERNMENT WORKS BETTER &COSTSLESS. Vice President Al Gore. Third Report of the National Performance Review COMMON SENSE GOVERNMENT WORKS BETTER &COSTSLESS Vice President Al Gore Third Report of the National Performance Review Common Sense Government Works Better and Costs Less Vice President Al Gore Third Report

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Business Certificates

Business Certificates Business Certificates Business English Certificates (BEC) CEFR Levels B1, B2, C1 Handbook for Teachers CONTENTS Preface This handbook is for teachers who are preparing candidates for Cambridge English:

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The Unity of Place. Giving Birth to Community Environmental Monitoring

The Unity of Place. Giving Birth to Community Environmental Monitoring The Unity of Place Giving Birth to Community Environmental Monitoring Peter Plastrik October 2012 Peter Plastrik is a writer and consultant and vice president of the Innovation Network for Communities.

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TOOLS OF THE TRADE Thematic Aspects of Designing. N. John Habraken January 1996

TOOLS OF THE TRADE Thematic Aspects of Designing. N. John Habraken January 1996 TOOLS OF THE TRADE Thematic Aspects of Designing N. John Habraken January 1996 Table of Contents The Quality of the Common...1 One: Managing Parts...5 Two: Against Program...7 Three: Systems - Collective

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CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Principles & Perspectives 2005. Joan Littlefield Cook Greg Cook. 0-205-40028-0 Exam Copy ISBN 0-205-31411-2 Bookstore ISBN

CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Principles & Perspectives 2005. Joan Littlefield Cook Greg Cook. 0-205-40028-0 Exam Copy ISBN 0-205-31411-2 Bookstore ISBN CHILD DEVELOPMENT Principles & Perspectives 2005 Joan Littlefield Cook Greg Cook 0-205-40028-0 Exam Copy ISBN 0-205-31411-2 Bookstore ISBN Visit to contact your local Allyn

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