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1 DAVID MIRVISH PRESENTS 7 SHOWS INCLUDING 52 Pages Thursday, April 18, Iyar, 5773 $1.25 MIRVISH.COM This Week National Randy Bachman set to rock the Koffler Centre. Page 3 Arts & Travel Remembering the fallen Jazz trio celebrates its 20th anniversary. Page 45 Sports & Leisure Eric Nystrom to coach U.S. Maccabiah team. Page 46 Heebonics Isrock Festival brings Israeli music to the masses. Page 50 Index National...3 Editorial & Letters...8 Perspectives...9 Opinions...10 The Kirshner File...11 Jewish Life...22 What s New...24 According to Reports...29 Business...40 Books...41 Arts & Travel...42 Sports &Leisure...46 Classified Canada Post Publication Agreement # A young boy stoops at the grave of a family member on Yom Hazikaron in Israel. Throughout the country, Israelis paid homage to the 23,085 men and women who have fallen in defence of the Jewish state and to the 2,493 victims murdered by terrorists. As evening settled upon the country, mourning for the fallen gave way to celebration of the country's 65th Yom Ha'atzmaut. [Flash90 photo] Manitoba students defund anti-israel group JTA The University of Manitoba Students Union (UMSU) voted to strip funding and official club status from an anti-israel group on campus last week. The move came a day after the University of Regina Students Union (URSU) repealed its support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, 14 months after becoming the first university Acharei Mot-Kedoshim Candlelighting: 7:47 Havdalah: 8:51 Greater Toronto Area student union in Canada to endorse it. The UMSU vote on April 11 went against legal advice and bucked the trend among other student councils at other universities across the country, which in recent months have voted to divest from Israel, most recently at the University of Toronto s Scarborough campus earlier this month. The UMSU motion, which passed by a vote of 19 to 15, prohibits Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) from receiving funding from the student union or using student union facilities for club activities. The resolution references the Manitoba Human Rights Code and accuses the club of discrimination and harassment. Prior to the vote, the undergraduate student union s attorney issued an opinion reading, in part, that the actions of SAIA were well within the grounds of legally protected and acceptable political discourse. The legal opinion warned that barring the group could expose the student union to legal liability, the National Post reported. SAIA has branches on most major campuses in the country and organizes the annual Israeli Apartheid Week. Supporters of SAIA have said they ll fight the decision. Continued on page 49 Palestinians upset with John Baird please see page 34

2 Page 2 T January 19, 2012 Page 2 T news in brief The Canadian Jewish news April 18, 2013 NEWS IN BRIEF reported. Canada legalized 2006, approved extending blessings to same-sex Canada same-sex nowned professional who marriage in is More Than 1,000 Attend Cemetery Vigil Canada The a role service model in will his/her be under community chupah and and who conducted can inspire emonies, same-sex couples unions in World commitment cer- Same-Sex First a VICTORIA Quebec Minister More than 1,000 Re-affirms people held Israel a vigil Ties in Victoria a week after vandals desecrated headstones in a Jewish Vol. XLII, No.3 (2,032)* Cdns. Appointed by a younger Rabbi Larry generation Pinsker. of Jews It s in the Painting congregation Found weren t Vol. XLIII, No.16 (2,095)* WINNIPEG A Winnipeg TORONTO synagogue Supreme is about Court to year Nobel process Laureate of Elie welcom- Wiesel wanted ROME their A Marc unions Chagall to be the worldwide, culmination organizers of a three- said. satisfied with that. They cemetery MONTREAL in the British Quebec Columbia International capital. Relations Minister Gary Laforet All Jean-François of us coming out Lisée here reaffirmed and standing the importance of General Manager Gary Laforet General Manager become Justice Rosalie the first Abella Conservative Liberal shul MP in Irwin Canada Cotler to have host the than congregation. Sacks are among The others first Zedek found in has the been home talking of ex- and ing and gays British and Chief lesbians Rabbi Jona- into sanctified. painting stolen The in 2002 Shaarey was together Quebec s tells relations us that with we the will State not be of silent Israel at discussions Mordechai Ben-Dat and Chief Operating Editor Officer in held the with face Israel s of hate consul crime, general Rabbi Harry Mordechai Ben-Dat a been same-sex named to wedding the advisory ceremony. board of On the Jan. Genesis 21, Shaarey Prize, a couples will be awarded to buy joint burial It s Arthur Bottega. Blankstein, Police said 67, April told stage on the was board. to allow The same-sex first prize the Italian talk, soccer one star of the Roberto men, Brechner in Montreal, told Joel the Lion, Jan. 8 on gathering, April 3. which Vera Gillman Advertising & Assistant EditorGeneral Manager included They underlined local city councillors the many and affinities between other Carol Jamieson, Vera Gillman Controller Zedek new $1-million Synagogue award will sponsored renewal by the State of marriage of Israel was lanthropy to welcome Group, which them aims as time painted for in the 1920 congregation by the re- see plots funded in by the Genesis The second Phi- the 8 that newspaper. Le Nu au Now Bouquet, it is officials as well as the Jews two and societies, non-jews. and Advertising & Assistant General Manager the Five focused graves in in particular Victoria s historic on economic Emanu- Jeff Rosen, News & Internet Editor Carol Jamieson, Controller vows and the between Jewish Agency two men for members. to enhance While Jewish the identity Conservative among Russian-speaking movement s com- worth $1.3 million, was to nowned walk the Jewish walk. artist and El Jewish relations Cemetery and were scientific vandalized and Dec. Rabbi Harry Joseph Serge Arts, Jeff Travel Rosen, and News Supplements & Internet Editor wedded Israel. It will in a be civil given service annually to an internationally 2004, the Win- remittee Jews worldwide. on Jewish law and found in Bottega s Turin in 31 technological with swastikas co-operation. and other hateful language, Brechner Joseph Serge Vancouver The leaving economies the small of Jewish Quebec community Janice Arnold, Carolyn Blackman Joel Lion, shaken. left, and World and Sheldon Arts Kirshner, and Travel Frances EditorKraft nipeg Jewish Post and News standards, in December home. He reportedly bought Police Israel are are treating based the on graffiti knowledge and as a Jean-François hate crime and Lisée are David Lazarus, Elias Levy Janice Arnold, Carolyn Blackman it TA in Best good faith Gay City from a urging residents innovation, to come as forward well as with information. Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf, the Sheldon Paul Lungen, Kirshner, Sheri Frances Shefa Kraft David Lazarus, Elias Levy Bologna gallery in 2003, Rabbi vitality Brechner of their told institutions, vigil participants several stories Staff Reporters Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf, Paul Lungen, TEL unaware AVIV it had Tel been Aviv stolen was a about which Holocaust offer excellent survivors opportunities buried in the for cemetery. trade and cooperation Stern Rabbi Sheri B. Baskin, Shefa, E. Cara Burakowski, year earlier from a U.S. yacht Staff Reporters named best gay city for The idea that of Quebec putting would hate symbols like to see near strengthened, their graves is B. Gladstone, M. Gordon, L. Hart, 2011 being in repaired a poll sponsored in Savona. despicable the Centre and for Israel my hope and was Jewish that Affairs that person said in can a statement afterward. come G. Koren, P. Michaels, M. Mietkiewicz, L. B. Sarick, Gladstone, Y. Tastassa, Rabbi E. G. Goldstein, Steinberg A. Gropper, G. Kane, L. Kramer, by The American thieves replaced Airlines and the forward, but you know what? All of us came forward, Columnists P. Michaels, M. Mietkiewicz, Large inventory of top quality original on the The yacht city with was a Rabbi Lisée, Brechner who is said, also the according minister to responsible the Victoria for Timesthe A. Rosensweig, Cynthia Gasner, G. Troy, Joel Jacobson, R. Turkienicz copy and tricked the Chagall Columnists chosen best city of 2011 in Colonist. Montreal This, region all and of us, La this Francophonie, is hope. discussed initiatives that will make it possible in the coming years to Myron Love Diane Koven, Lauren Kramer, the Foundation Best of Gay into Cities giving 2011 the Cynthia Canadian Gasner, Correspondents Joel Jacobson, Granite expand collaboration between scientific and academic Diane Koven, Lauren Kramer, poll. stolen Tel artwork Aviv a received new authentication. cent The of the Bologna votes, gallery fol- L.A., and they own all the Canadian Israel Correspondents Bureau 43 institutions Pastor Explains and businesses in money, Quebec honey. and Israel. You go to Viva Myron Sarah Love Press per Monuments The province and Israel have already signed two lowed owner by and New two York Romanians with 14 CLEVELAND agreements, in 2007 Comments by the Rev. Keith Walk down a part of L.A. Daniel Israel Wolgelerenter Bureau and 2008, Rolex that and cover diamond the scientific places. Carolan Halpern, Viva Sarah Ruth Press Schweitzer per who cent worked and on Toronto the yacht with in in our own North York factory and technological, cultural, educational, health, economic and father trade of spheres. pop star where we live and it is so Carolan Halpern, Ruth Schweitzer Copy Editors nine 2002 are per being cent. investigated. The award Hudson, Daniel Ella Burakowski Wolgelerenter Single Stones from $750. shows that Tel Aviv-Jaffa Katy Perry, in a sermon at rich it smells. You ever smell Assistant Copy Advertising EditorsManager is a Citizenship city that respects Vote all an to the Ohio Law church on Nationality. were taken rich? amendment, They called are all it a Jews, huge Bev Bergman, Ella Burakowski Gloria Clamen, Monuments Available Within 1 week people and allows everyone LISBON to live according Portugal s to parlia- his/ pastor expelled said. in the Rev. 16th Paul century Endrei Endrei guese Inquisition said Rev. began Hudson in out It lets of descendants context, the church s of Jews hallelujah. development. Amen. The Portu- Rev. Assistant Lisa Freid, Advertising Sarah Laiken, Manager Cemetery Lettering and Restoration Honey Mahl, Elie Malka, Sholom Bev Bergman, Wargon, Gloria Grace Clamen, Zweig her ment own passed principles, a law facilitating the Huldai naturalization said. Ours of de- is Westlake belong to said a Sephardi Rev. Hudson s com- owners sions and be forced as blessed conversion as the Honey Mahl, Elie Malka, Mayor of become the Church citizens on the if Rise they in was 1536 praying and saw that mass business expul- Sales Lisa Representatives, Freid, Sarah Laiken, Toronto SERVING THE JEWISH COMMUNITY FOR MANY YEARS Ron Sholom Wargon, Doris Perez Grace Zweig new address a scendants city in which of 16th-century everyone remarks munity of were Portuguese meant origin to be Jews, to Christianity. to the extent Portugal it would had Sales Representatives, Office ManagerToronto 80 martin ross ave. can Jews be who proud fled of because who they of complimentary, with ties to Portugal, but went said make a Jewish Jews population jealous. of about Rev. Alma Delory, Doris Lucy Perez Semtchenko downsview are. religious More persecution. than 5,000 The gay too Jose Oulman far. On Carp, Jan. president 5, Rev. Endrei 400,000, also many said refugees his church from Office Karen Manager Syptak Office Staff, Toronto tourists motion, visited submitted Tel Aviv by the in Hudson of Portugal s told churchgoers, Jewish community, know estimated how to at make 1,000 cently started led in a church Spanish mission law- Office is Spain, pro-jewish where the and Inquisition that he re- Lucy Semtchenko, Karen Syptak June Socialist for and its annual Center pride Right You David Staff, Collin Toronto Promotions Manager, Circulation parade. parties, passed unanimously April 12 as an amendment has lobbied for years for the a similar motion. the to 1,500 Jew jealous? people. Have Carp, some who of makers 42 people are said to to Israel. be drafting David Collin Promotions Brian Manager, Stoneman Circulation Steeles Memorial Chapel Current Listing of Funerals Current Listing of Funerals Listing of Cemeteries Listing and Maps of of Cemeteries Sections and Maps of Sections Yahrzeit Calculator for Yahrzeit Civil & Hebrew Calculator datesfor Civil & Hebrew dates Kaddish Texts Kaddish Texts Educational Information Educational about Shiva - Information Unveiling - about After-Care Shiva - Prayers - Unveiling - - After-Care Jewish Burial - Prayers Rites - Jewish Burial Rites Jewish Holiday Dates Jewish Holiday Dates 350 Steeles Ave. W. 350 Steeles Ave. W Serving the Jewish Community since Serving the Jewish Community since don't WAIt In line for medical treatments Get ELITE U.S. Healthcare You are invited! and enjoy immediate access to the world s finest healthcare BAR/BAT Mayo Clinic MITZVAH Johns Hopkins CELEBRATIONS Sloan-Kettering,etc. IN ISRAEL Let Covers the all treatment experts costs at and Aufgang travel up to $5 Travel Million lifetime handle all the Not a details reimbursement and policy plan - expenses a memorable paid directly on simcha your behalfor you. Contact Reasonable, Debbi tax-deductible Aharon premiums at Ext. 724 Local Toll-Free Available for Canadians to age 75 Mark Halpern, CFP Tel: 7851 Dufferin St., # 204, Thornhill,ON L4J 3M4 Ontario Reg. # How How To To Reach Reach Us Us Head office: 1500 don mills rd., ste. 205, north York, ont. m3b 3K4 tel: Head Office: Advertising 1500 Don Fax: Mills Rd., Ste. 205, North Editorial York, Ont. Fax: M3B K4 Tel: Advertising Advertising Fax: Editorial Fax: Advertising Website: Editorial Subscription Inquiries: Website: Toll Free: Fax: Subscription Inquiries: Toll Free: Fax: IMP - Israel Advertising Representatives POB 7195, Jerusalem, Israel IMP Tel: - Israel Advertising Fax: Representatives POB 7195, Jerusalem, Israel Tel: Fax: Reaching 40,000 homes each week Reaching 40,000 homes each week B"H Composing Room Manager Brian Stoneman Leo Composing Berlin, José Room De Manager Freitas, Trevor Miller, Anahit Nahapetyan, José De Jenny Freitas, Wiesel Ravid Goltz, Trevor Miller, Production Anahit Staff Nahapetyan, Jenny Wiesel, Brad Young Donald Carr, Steven Cummings, Production Staff Michael Goldbloom, Jonathan Donald Goodman, Carr, Steven Igor Cummings, Korenzvit, Marty Lionel Goldberg, H. Schipper, Michael Shoel Goldbloom, Silver, Igor Robert Korenzvit, Vineberg, Lionel Elizabeth H. Schipper, Wolfe Shoel Silver, Directors Robert Vineberg, Elizabeth Wolfe George A. Cohon, Directors Julia Koschitzky, Rose Wolfe, Rubin Zimmerman George Honourary A. Cohon, Julia Directors Koschitzky, Rose Wolfe, Rubin Zimmerman Honourary Ray D. Wolfe Directors Founding President ( ) Ray D. Wolfe Founding CIRCuLATIoN President ( ) Total circulation: 39,685 copies. Total paid circulation: CIRCuLATIoN 33,055 copies. Total circulation: 41,083 copies. Total paid circulation: CCNA verified 33,400 circulation copies. August 9, 2011 CCNA verified circulation SuBSCRIPTIoNS August 7, 2012 Canada: $39.95, 1 yr. incl. taxes $72.00, SuBSCRIPTIoNS 2 yr. incl. taxes Canada: $39.95, online edition: 1 yr. incl. taxes $72.00, $ yr. incl. taxes u.s.a. online / Foreign: edition: $135 $22.54 Cdn. 1 yr. funds, incl. taxes 1 yr. Postmaster: u.s.a. Please / Foreign: return 29Bs and changes $135 of address Cdn. to funds, CJN, Don yr. Mills Rd., Postmaster: Ste. 205, North Please York, return Ont. 29Bs M3B and 3K4. changes of Postage address Paid to at CJN, Toronto 1500 Don Mills Canada Rd., Ste. Post 205, Publication North York, Agreement Ont. M3B # K4. Postage Paid at Toronto *Under current ownership Canada Post Publication Agreement # We acknowledge *Under current ownership the financial support of the Government of We Canada acknowledge through the the financial Canada Periodical support Fund of of the the Government Department of of Canadian Canada Heritage. through the Canada Periodical Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

3 April 18, 2013 T Page 3 Planning For Retirement? SPIRIT OF HOPE BENEFIT SUPPORTS Community Outreach x22 GTA Sonny Goldstein, CFP President Confused about your financial future? Let us help you understand how to reach your financial goals. Call Call SONNY Sonny GOLDSTEIN Goldstein Chartered Life Underwriter Chartered Financial Consultant HIGHEST QUOTES ON RRIF s, ANNUITIES, etc. Creative Ideas in Financial Planning Guess who is coming to Toronto? Randy Bachman to rock Koffler Centre Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf Staff Reporter Iconic Canadian rock star Randy Bachman will be takin care of business, helping to inaugurate Toronto s Koffler Centre for the Arts next month. The singer-guitarist of The Guess Who and BachmanTurner, Overdrive fame is headlining the Koffler Rocks! fundraising concert on May 2 at the Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St. Also scheduled to perform are the Sadies and Melanie Fiona, among others. The Koffler Centre has been in a nomadic mode since Its then-permanent home was lost when the Bathurst Jewish Community Centre (BJCC) was demolished, as part of a plan to rebuild and revitalize the BJCC campus. Koffer Centre maintains its head office in the Prosserman JCC s Sherman campus and offers arts courses there, too. Over the last four years, however, the arts institution has held its major exhibitions around town in makeshift locations when needed. This October, the Koffler Centre will relocate to a new 4,600-square-foot gallery and office space at Artscape Youngplace facility in the historic and newly renovated Beaux-Arts building on Shaw Street just north of Queen Street West in the heart of Toronto s art and design district, according to Tony Hewer, a spokesperson for the Koffler Centre. We will be the anchor tenant in a multi-use arts building with other arts/ cultural/ social /community organizations, artist studios and more. We have signed a five-year lease with Artscape with the option to renew, he wrote to The CJN in an . Continued on page 17 Randy Bachman

4 Page 4 T April 18, 2013 Itamar Cohen B.A., LL.B., (Israel) GTA ISRAELI LAW OFFICE Legal advice & service on matters of Israeli Law only Property Wills & Estates Family Litigation Member of the Israeli Bar Association Approved as a Foreign Legal Consultant in Ontario by the Law Society of Upper Canada The post-pesach period is an ideal moment to take a snapshot of the state of the Jewish People. What better time than now after Pesach, Yom Hashoah v Hagvurah, Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha atzmaut, quintessential occasions of Jewish Peoplehood to take note of current Jewish People facts? Israel s Central Bureau of Statistics on Sunday reported that the population of the country is million, 6.04 million or 75.3 per From the editor s desk cent of whom, are Jewish. Some 1.6 million, or 20.7 per cent, are Arab Muslims. The remaining 318,000 or four per cent of the population are neither Jewish nor Muslim. Sixty-five years ago, when Israel was established, Israel s population totalled 806,000. The population of the country has grown by 10 times since it was founded. The poignancy of the number of Jews who live in Israel today was noted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he spoke last week at Yad Vashem during the national commemoration of Yom Hashoah. Today, for the first time since the establishment of the state, more than six million Jews live in the State of Israel. You, the citizens of Israel, are the testament to our victory. From the abyss of the Holocaust, we climbed to the peak of Zion. From a deep pit, we rose to a pinnacle. Despite the steadily rising number of Jews who live in Israel, there are still far fewer Jews in the world today than there were in 1939 when World War II began, then between 17 and 18 million. Prof. Sergio DellaPergola of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, perhaps the Jewish world s pre-eminent demographer, has just published his assessment of the world Jewish population for It was published by the Mandell L. Berman Institute North American Jewish Data Bank, at the Center for Judaic Studies and A current snapshot Contemporary Jewish Life, University of Connecticut, for the American Jewish Yearbook. The executive summary of the study tells the story. At the beginning of 2012, the world s Jewish population was estimated at 13.8 million an increase of 88,300 (0.65 per cent) over the 2011 revised estimate. Prof. DellaPergola compares the growth in Jewish numbers to the growth of the global population. The world s total population increased by 1.26 per cent in World Jewry hence increased at about half the general population growth rate. The world s core Jewish population was estimated at 11 million in 1945 While 13 years were needed to add one million Jews after the tragic human losses of World War II and the Shoah, 47 more years were needed to add another million. The world s total population increased nearly threefold from billion in 1945 to billion in Thus, the relative share of Jews among the world s total population steadily diminished from 4.75 per 1,000 in 1945 to 1.94 per 1,000 currently. (My emphasis) But as we know, as we have always been taught throughout our history, it is not the numbers of our people, but rather the nature of our resolve, character and behaviour that are ultimately determinative of our impact on civilization s progress. An eye-popping example of this observation was published last week by the unique, excellent news service, Israel21c. Based in Israel, this exclusively Internet service provides stories and features of the richly diverse, SeeJN colourful, remarkably enchanting puzzle that is the State of Israel. Compiled by veteran writer Nicky Blackburn, the story itemizes the top 65 ways Israel is saving our planet. (Please see page 36.) As Blackburn notes, Israel is exporting far more than just technology. It s also sharing its experience and skills in a whole range of humanitarian and environmental fields to help people everywhere live better, fuller and healthier lives. From environmental breakthroughs that will help reduce greenhouse emissions and technologies that can increase food production and vital crops to humanitarian aid missions in the wake of catastrophic natural disasters, Israelis are providing significant assistance to countries and peoples around the world. An IDF medical team traveled to Japan to assist victims of the devastating earthquake there in The Israeli efforts were among the list of 65 ways Israelis are saving the planet. Blackburn itemizes 65 discrete projects by Israelis that make the planet a better place. The list is not comprehensive. There are hundreds, if not thousands, more worthy projects going on every day, she writes. The full list appears on Israel21c. org. Read it. Be inspired. Take pride. MBD ISRAEL S FALLEN REMEMBERED To place an unveiling notice, please call at least 15 days prior to the date of the unveiling An Israel Defence Forces soldier lights a candle in memory of Israel s fallen soldiers before a memorial ceremony at the Knesset on April 14. [Flash 90]

5 ever occurred It never occurred to me to me that I would I break my hip If your favourite break my recreational hip activity April 18, 2013 The Canadian Jewish causes News a serious injury you might be left T Page 5 ile riding while a riding It never a bicycle. occurred to me that I would break my with a disability. It never occurred while riding to me that I would break my hip But there are options. But a bicycle. I did. while riding a bicycle. But I did. When it happens to you, Bogoroch & Associates LLP is there But I did. to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. If your favourite As one of Ontario's recreational leading activity personal injury law firms, we causes a understand serious But injury what I you is important did. might be to left you and your family: with If your a disability. the best favourite possible settlement recreational achieved in a timely activity manner. 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B O G O R O C H personal injury litigation medical malpractice litigation slip and fall & litigation ABogoroch S products S & OAssociates liability C I Alitigation LLP T is E honoured S disability L to L be P selected by Dedicated claims to improving litigation the lives Canadian Lawyer Magazine as one of the top 10 Personal of injured victims and their families. personal injury litigation medical malpractice litigation slip and fall litigation products Injury liability Law litigation Firms disability in Canada. claims litigation Toll free: Tel: L a w y e r Web: s B O G O R O C H Bogoroch & Toll Associates free: LLP, Lawyers Tel: Sun Life Financial Tower, 150 King Street Web: West, Suite 1707, Toronto, ON M5H 1J9 & A S S O C I A T E S L L P Bogoroch & Associates LLP, Lawyers Sun Life Financial Tower, 150 King Street West, Suite 1707, Toronto, ON M5H 1J9 personal injury litigation medical malpractice litigation slip and fall litigation products liability litigation disability claims litigation Dedicated to improving the lives Toll free: Tel: Web:

6 Page 6 T April 18, 2013 GTA Student union endorses BDS Wednesday, April 24 th ~ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm You re invited to Amica s April in Paris event! Come and enjoy an afternoon of fun and fine French cuisine. Indulge in an assortment of Parisian inspired dishes prepared by our Chef de Cuisine. Bring your friends. It s Free! RSVP Today ~ Call Register online ~ Amica at Thornhill 546 Steeles Avenue West Thornhill, ON Luxury Independent Rental Retirement Living Canadian Owned and Operated Cara Stern Staff Reporter Adryan Bergstrom-Borins A resolution to endorse the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel passed by a bare majority at an April 5 undergraduate student union meeting at the University of Toronto s Scarborough campus. The vote came after the group Toronto Students for Justice in Palestine (TSJP) claimed to have 1,200 student signatures on a petition calling for the vote. The endorsement brings the Scarborough Campus Student Union (SCSU) in line with the undergraduate students union at U of T s Mississauga campus, as well as the graduate student union at the school s downtown campus, which have both passed motions in favour of boycotting Israel. As well, last month, the York Federation of Students at York University, the country s largest undergraduate student association, passed a similar resolution. The Scarborough motion which passed with eight votes in favour, three against, three abstentions and one spoiled ballot asks that the SCSU commit to and demand that the University of Toronto administration also commit to identifying and divesting from companies that invest into and profit from Israel s war crimes, occupation and oppression as defined by the BDS campaign. The 15-member SCSU represents 10,000 undergraduate students at U of T Scarborough. The University of Toronto Scarborough Campus [UTSC] is now proudly a part of the Palestinian-led global resistance movement to end the illegal Israeli occupation, TSJP co-president Sabrina Azraq told The CJN. The UTSC community is now united in the global movement to non-violently pressure Israel to comply with international law and Palestinian human rights. U of T spokesperson Laurie Stephens said the school s administration has received many complaints about the resolution. She said it has referred complainants to the SCSU while reminding them that while the council can endorse the BDS campaign, it can t force its members to pursue a particular course of action. She added that the endorsement does not limit freedom of expression on campus and that the university will continue to protect the right of students to debate controversial topics. But Adryan Bergstrom-Borins, president and founder of the Scarborough campus Hillel, which fought against the motion, said she s concerned the vote will hinder the chance of dialogue taking place on campus. Compared to last month s secretive BDS motion at U of T s Mississauga campus, this one was a lot fairer, in that TSJP spread the word about the vote, she said. It allowed a much greater dialogue to happen, she said, explaining that both sides were given equal time to make their case at the meeting. However, in light of the endorsement, whether this will continue in the same form of dialogue, probably not. In the past, Hillel members have been invited to TSJP events, Bergstrom-Borins said. However, one event featured anti- Zionist activist Miko Peled, in which Bergstrom-Borins said he described Jewish history as a myth, and blamed Israeli and Jewish values for the ongoing conflict. When questioned, she said he responded that he does not talk to Zionists. I brought that up in my speech [at the council meeting], she said. I think BDS is definitely going to bring and legitimize that kind of dialogue that s really onesided and not really open. Azraq disagreed with the idea the vote will limit dialogue on campus. Joining in boycotting companies that profit off Israel s occupation will not hinder dialogue, she told The CJN. In contrary, the BDS movement has brought forward great discussions and debates to our campus. We have always encouraged discussion on campus and will continue to do so. It is safe to say that we are all united in a desire for peace in the region. SCSU president Abdalla Al-Baalawy, president also said he hopes debate won t end. I hope the debate that occurred on that day of the vote continues on our campus as we all strive for a more peaceful world and an end to all injustices being done by anyone or group on this earth, he told The CJN. When Bergstrom-Borins heard about the vote about a month before it was originally scheduled to take place, she worked with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) to send letters to council members arguing against a boycott motion. The vote had been postponed several times, but finally took place April 5. Although the meeting was on a Friday, Bergstrom-Borins said, the vote was scheduled for early in the agenda so it would occur before Shabbat and allow observant Jewish students to attend. She said the council meeting room was filled to capacity for the vote, mostly with supporters of the motion, and that the vote even attracted a crowd outside the room. Although pro-israel students were given equal time to speak, she described the atmosphere as somewhat hostile and disturbing. Continued on page 49

7 April 18, 2013 T Page 7 Baycrest is celebrating Jewish Heritage Month May is Jewish Heritage Month in Ontario. Join Baycrest in honouring the traditions and values of our community. Baycrest s Legacy: A Look Back at Cecil Street Photography and object-based exhibit Featuring photos and artifacts from the Ontario Jewish Archives and Baycrest s private collection, documenting people, places and events that have shaped our transformation from Cecil Street to the present day. Journey Through Memory Mixed media exhibit and oral history project Exploring the roles and benefits of storytelling and object-based reminiscence, using artifacts from Baycrest s own collection. Duets: Portraits of Aging and the Art of Care Photography exhibit Examining the complex relationship between clients and caregivers. Jews: A Canadian Story in Pictures Photography exhibit Showing slices of Jewish life in Canada throughout our nation s history. Cover Thy Head: Headdresses and Identities Docent-led museum tours Displaying headdresses representing religious leadership, special life milestones, professional and social groups, and diversity in Canada. Holocaust Butterfly Project Art installation Showcasing butterfly art created by Baycrest residents, volunteers, students and staff. Each butterfly commemorates the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust. For information about a personal tour of these exhibits at Baycrest, contact Ian Leventhal at x Proud supporters of Jewish Heritage Month at Baycrest: Beverley Abramson, Lois Buckstein, Florence & Sydney Cooper, Rena & Myer Godfrey, Susan & Bernie Gosevitz, Nicole Inwentash, Florence Minz, Wendy & Lou Myles, Shari Orenstein, Wendy Posluns & Lewis Mitz, Barbara Simmons & Dr. Will Cupchik, Pauline & Mendl Schwartz, Gilda & Barry Waltman, Leslie & Paul Wynn, Vivienne Ziner & Glenmorris baycrestcentre Jewish Heritage Month CJN Ad.indd :32 AM

8 Page 8 T editorial & letters April 18, 2013 An independent community newspaper serving as a forum for diverse viewpoints Publisher and Proprietor:, a corporation without share capital. Head Office: 1500 Don Mills Rd., Suite 205, North York, Ont. M3B 3K4 John Baird s courage Subtlety, nuance, balance and honesty have never been strong suits of the Palestinian leadership. Their predisposition for exaggerated polemics was much on display last week when their propaganda machine went into punishing overdrive. Their various spokespeople let loose a torrent of disparagement and condemnation of Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird for his deigning to meet with Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni at her office in eastern Jerusalem last week. The PLO lodged an official complaint with our government, calling Baird s meeting tantamount to complicity in ongoing Israeli violations of the international laws of war. Your recent meeting with Israeli officials in east Jerusalem may be deemed as aiding, abetting, or otherwise assisting illegal Israeli policies, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat charged. Invoking the usual lexicon of loaded, sinister, anti-israel buzz words, senior PLO official Nabil Shaath characterized Baird s visit as a slap in the face to the Palestinian people, particularly Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, who suffer from Israeli policies of colonial settlement expansion, ID revocations, home demolitions and evictions (our emphasis). To his credit, Baird was not cowed. Canadian foreign ministry spokesperson Rick Roth told Agence France-Press that the meeting at Livni s office doesn t change our longstanding position that all final status issues must be negotiated between the two parties. As guests, we were pleased to meet our hosts where it was most convenient for them. The essential point about the location of the Baird-Livni meeting was the one that the Canadian government made. The final status of the geography of east Jerusalem must be negotiated by the Israelis and the Palestinians. That the Palestinians do not agree with Israel s characterization of eastern Jerusalem is widely known and simply confirms the importance of the overall need to reach a peace agreement. The true substantive questions regarding eastern Jerusalem however are: why should an anomalous 19-year period between 1948, when the Jordanian army expelled the Jews from their homes in eastern Jerusalem, and 1967, when the Jews returned confer special rights upon the Palestinians to its exclusive legal entitlement? Why should the forcible division of Jerusalem by the Jordanian army in 1948 be enshrined as the permanent international legal status of the city, especially when, even as late as June 4, 1967, the Palestinians made no claim to sovereign control of eastern Jerusalem? Baird got it right when he explained what the true purpose of the diplomatic exercise should be: We re focused on trying to have an impact on the difficult and serious challenges, that being security for Israelis, an end to the conflict, and the legitimate aspirations for a state from those on the Palestinian side. We commend his stand and his courage. 25 years ago in The CJN Editorial Advisory Board: Maurice Benzacar, Michael Brown, Donald Carr, Rabbi Michael Dolgin, Jake Goldstein, Jeffrey Kopstein, Keith Landy, Lou Ronson, Alan Sandler, Rabbi Philip Scheim, Mike Shriqui, Pamela Medjuck Stein, Rabbi Chaim Strauchler, Ehud Telem, Nelson Wiseman. Yom Hazikaron 5773 We honour the memory of too many members of Tzahal who at too early an age gave their lives in defence of the State of Israel. We also honour the memories of the victims of terror. We should also remember the 11 Canadian Machal volunteers who gave their lives in the 1948 War of Independence. Former Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion said that the greatest contribution the Jewish Diaspora ever made to Israel was in providing the Machal volunteers. They were: George (Buzz) Beurling of Verdun, Que. Canada s top World War II fighter pilot. Killed near Rome, May 20, 1948, in a crash of an airplane being readied for its ferry flight to Israel. Buried in Haifa Military Cemetery, non-jewish section. Harvey Cohen and Ed Lugech, first cousins, of Toronto. Served in Palmach Yiftach Brigade. Participated in the battles of Nebi Yusha and Malkiyeh. Missing and believed waylaid by Arab irregulars near Sarafand late June (Update per Maurice Moshe Sadeh: they were lost in the battle of Malkiyeh, on the Lebanese border, May 15,1948). Reuben Schiff of Toronto. Served on the Aliya-Bet ship Paducah. Killed July 11, 1948, near Abu j Ab, while looking for his shipmate and Palmach comrade Lou Ball. Buried at Nachlat Itzhak. Sidney Rubinoff of Toronto. Served with the Palmach in battles of Nebi Yusha, Malkiyeh, Operation Danny, and capture of Lydda and Ramleh. Wounded at Latrun July 17, 1948, and died en route to hospital. Buried at Nachlat Itzhak. Sidney Leisure of Toronto. Served in the 7th Brigade, 72nd Battalion. Killed Sept. 7, 1948, during Operation Hiram in battle for Tamra Hill in the Galilee. Buried at Nahariya. Leonard Fitchett of Vancouver. Ex-RCAF pilot. Served in 103 Squadron. Downed in his Beaufighter by anti-aircraft fire on Oct. 20, 1948, while attacking Egyptian-held Iraq el Sueidan police fortress. Buried in Haifa Military Cemetery, non-jewish section. Wilfred Canter (pilot) of Toronto; Willy Fisher (navigator) of Winnipeg; Fred Stevenson (co-pilot) of Vancouver. The three RCAF veterans served in 103 Squadron. During a night supply run to Sdom, on Oct. 24, 1948, their C-47 exploded in the air after an engine caught fire. Canter and Fisher are buried at Rehovot. Stevenson is buried in Haifa Military Cemetery, non- Jewish section. Ralph Moster (pilot) of Vancouver. Killed Dec. 7, 1948, with three others when their Grumman Widgeon crashed into the Sea of Galilee during a training flight. Buried at Nachlat Itzhak. This list was compiled by the late Eddy Kaplansky, Machal pilot and historian. Wilf Mandel Thornhill, Ont. * * * Endowment fund for Jewish education In reference to Rabbi Jay Kelman s column, Four questions about Jewish eduction (April 4), about funding for Jewish schools, or the lack thereof, it brings to the forefront an issue relevant to everyone in the community and the need for a solution. I ve thought about this and wondered if there isn t a very simple solution to this issue. Namely: the creation of an endowment fund in the same way that universities such as Yale and Harvard have huge funds that provide financing for capital projects, research and scholarships. Their endowment funds are managed by full-time teams that create wealth from the initial principal, investing in all types of market vehicles. The funds have ballooned so large that the schools couldn t even spend the money they have, even if they wanted to. Compared to the state of Jewish education, couldn t two or three or 10 major Jewish philanthropists team up together to create a professionally managed fund so that LET THEM GO the Jewish-education funding crisis could be virtually eliminated? Would this solution not be (a) the most financially viable for donor and school? This, because school and donor receive and share the created wealth from the fund. The fund s principal (in an ideal situation, by confirming Yale and Harvard s example) is not touched and ever increases its base through wise and professionally managed investing. And (b), is it not an enormous fulfilment of ensuring our communities, future health and commitment to our Jewish values? Why can t this be done and why aren t our efforts directed towards this type of campaign, which has proven immensely successful in other areas of our world? Jonathan Spiegelman Toronto Ron Arad, Zachary Baumel, Zvi Feldman, Guy Hever, Yehuda Katz The head of Histadrut Canada was upset by a statement from Shirley Carr, president of the Canadian Labour Congress, that the Palestine Liberation Organization had the right to attend any peace conference on the future of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. reserves the right to refuse advertising that in its opinion is misleading, in poor taste or incompatible with the advertising policies of the newspaper. Acceptance of advertising does not imply endorsement by. The CJN makes no representation as to the kashruth of food products in advertisements. Letters are welcome if they are brief, in English or French, typewritten with lines double spaced, and of interest to our reading public. Readers are cautioned not to make sweeping claims against persons or institutions which they cannot verify, as libel laws are very stringent. We reserve the right to edit and condense letters, which must bear the sender s address, phone number and both handwritten and typed signatures. Letters sent by must also include the sender s municipal address.

9 April 18, 2013 PERSPECTIVES Court order releases women arrested at the Wall Natan Sharansky proposes permanent compromise Ron Friedman and Gavriel Fiske The Times of Israel The Jerusalem Magistrate s Court ordered the release of five women arrested for illegal worship at the Western Wall on April 11. The women, including Women of the Wall director Leslie Sachs, were arrested for praying while wearing prayer shawls during the group s monthly Rosh Chodesh prayers at Judaism s holiest site. There were no grounds for their arrest, the judge ruled. Any disruption that took place was not instigated by the defendants. According to the Women of the Wall, Judge Sharon Lary-Bavly said during the proceedings that to arrest these women is likened to blaming a rape victim for the clothing that she wears. Police said about 120 women, including Meretz MKs Michal Rozin and Tamar Zandberg, arrived for the prayer service. This reminds me of the darkest days of our history when Jews were dispossessed of religious artifacts and not allowed to worship, said Sachs after she was arrested. This is completely irrational. The world didn t collapse when women weren t arrested last month. Police should have behaved similarly this time, said Rozin. It is unfathomable that in 2013, Israel is the only place in the world where Jewish women are arrested for praying. Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, for his part, condemned the prayer gathering as a deliberate provocation at a time when authorities are working on a finding an acceptable solution to the issue. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is said to be considering a proposal by the head of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, to establish an egalitarian prayer plaza along part of the Western Wall. That they came this morning, despite the settlement efforts that Sharansky is trying to promote, is the clearest testimony that their goal is to cause dispute and hurt feelings by increasing polarization and turning the Western Wall into a battlefield for zealots, Rabinowitz said, according to Ma ariv. Instead of looking at this holy place as holy ground, they are turning it into a place of contention, and their behaviour fuels hatred and dispute. A man who tried to burn pamphlets distributed by the women and a haredi woman who yelled abuse at the worshipers were also detained, Israel Radio reported. Police said they would arrest other women who they videotaped transgressing the ban on women reading from the Torah or donning prayer shawls at the holy site. The events at the Western Wall today are one more reminder of the urgent need to reach a permanent solution and make the Western Wall once again a symbol of unity among the Jewish People, and not one of discord and strife, the Jewish Agency said in a statement. Sharansky s proposal has reportedly been approved in principle by the government, haredi authorities, the Women of the Wall and leaders of the Reform and Conservative movements in the United States. However, Sachs said the extremely ambitious proposal could take years to implement if ever. Sachs told Israel Radio that her organization was campaigning among Knesset members to reverse the legal amendment under which women are barred from certain practices at the Western Wall. Sharansky is said to want to designate the area currently known as Robinson s Arch for egalitarian services, to rename it as part of the Western Wall, to change it from a paid-entry tourism area to an open prayer site and to directly connect it to the main Western Wall plaza. The Times of Israel has learned that the plan would see development of the Robinson s Arch area to be equal in size to the present Western Wall prayer plaza and that both sections would share a single entrance. Sharansky told Ynet News on April 10 that the plan had been presented to the government ministers, to the leaders of the Jewish movements in the United States, to the Western Wall rabbi, and each of them have their own reservations, but they all understand that the situation in which the Western Wall is a place of conflict and dispute must end and that it must be rebuilt as a uniting place. In this move we are providing a possibility to recreate agreement and a wide common denominator around the Western Wall. Rabbi Rabinowitz said that while the new prayer area does not match his worldview, he supports the idea of one site of prayer and said that the haredi community can live with this solution. The Western Wall has to unite the Jewish People, he told Israel Radio. It belongs to all the Jewish People I m seeking solutions that everyone can live with. If the proposal is accepted by everyone, if it proves feasible from archeological, security and all other perspectives, and if it essentially moves the disputed prayer arrangements away from the area that is today designated as the Western Wall, Rabinowitz said, that would be acceptable to him. If not, he added, then what have we achieved? Police guard a woman wearing a prayer shawl at the Western Wall. She is part of the group the Women of the Wall, which prayed at the Kotel last Rosh Chodesh, on April 11. [Flash90 photo]. On April 10, the Women of the Wall offered support for the plan. Sharansky s proposal was a wonderful message for Israelis, for Jews from abroad, for everyone, the group s leader Anat Hoffman said, praising him for thinking outside of the box and looking for a real solution. Hoffman, whose group has led the struggle to open the Western Wall to nontraditional prayer, spoke to the Forward hours after Sharansky presented to American Jewish leaders part of his proposal to resolve the dispute. The idea is very ambitious, Hoffman said, and represents a compromise, even if it wasn t what the group had been hoping for. You don t always have to be right, you have to be smart and compromise is a sign of maturity and understanding what s at stake here, Hoffman said. But Sachs sounded markedly less upbeat, worrying that the Sharansky T Page 9 solution would not be practicable in the short term while also noting that the group hadn t seen Sharansky s final specific suggestions, although we were consulted as the proposal was being prepared. In a statement, the Jewish Agency said Sharansky hoped the proposal would decrease the heightened tensions at the Western Wall. Sharansky said in the statement: One Western Wall for one Jewish People. Hoffman expressed concern over what could happen before the idea is implemented, alluding to statements by Jerusalem s police commissioner Yossi Pariente, who warned women against saying Kaddish. A women reciting Kaddish could be arrested, the officer explained. Rabbi Rabinowitz said that women would not be arrested for saying Kaddish after MK Alisa Lavie (Yesh Atid) intervened but then Pariente stated once again that the Jerusalem police would enforce the law. It was not a question of agreements between the sides involved, but of a court order that needed to be upheld, he said. Sharansky s suggested enlarged prayer section would be equal in size to the current men and women s sections, the Forward reported. As part of a previous compromise, Robinson s Arch is open at certain times for egalitarian prayer, but it is inside an archeological site and a fee is charged for entrance. The new proposed area would be open at all times without a fee and be essentially an extension of the main prayer section at the Wall. Israel Radio reported April 10 that the plan would involve changing the official name of the Robinson s Arch area, named after early 19th-century American biblical scholar Edward Robinson. Sharansky stressed that the plan, which would involve renovation work in a politically and religiously sensitive site, would, in order to not spark a conflict with the Muslim world, not touch one stone of the Mughrabi Bridge, which connects to the Temple Mount plaza and is adjacent to both the current Jewish prayer area at the Wall and to Robinson s Arch. The question of women s and nontraditional prayer at the Western Wall is a divisive issue in the relationship between Israel and Jews in the Diaspora, especially in the United States, where most Jews follow Reform or Conservative egalitarian practice. That s currently forbidden at the Western Wall. Western Wall regulations dictate that women cannot wear tallits in the same manner as men, as it contravenes the local custom determined by the Wall s chief rabbi. In 2003, the High Court of Justice upheld a government ban on women wearing tfillin or tallits.

10 Page 10 T April 18, 2013 Opinions Haters can t see good in Israel, but we should On Sunday, March 17, CBC Radio broadcast an interview I did on The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright discussing my new book, Moynihan s Moment: America s Fight Against Zionism as Racism. The interview, entitled Daniel Patrick Moynihan s Defence of Zionism, was classic Enright, who is a national treasure. He was well prepared. He asked intelligent questions. He set a warm, thoughtful tone. The conversation flowed, and the time flew. Afterward, one of the Montreal studio hosts told me the interview triggered many discussions among CBC reporters and technicians, who appreciated my distinction between criticizing Israel, which is a legitimate, democratic act, and demonizing Zionism, which is usually a totalitarian and destructive act. But, inevitably, because we mentioned the Z-word, Zionism, in a positive context, the brickbats flew. Two weeks later, Enright wrote on his website: My conversation with Prof. Troy touched a nerve with many of our listeners, and we received a lot of mail about it. He then excerpted six letters, all hostile. While Zionism might not be racism it is exclusionary and elitist One might say ethnicist, wrote a Vancouverite, claiming that had we been discussing apartheid-era South Africa, Dr. Troy might well have been an apologist for that whites-only regime. I m a Jew and I am ashamed by Israel s war crimes and inhumanity, wrote another Vancouverite. Nationalism is a form of racism in this day and age. And someone from Toronto, self-describing as Gil Troy in Montreal Israeli-born but not Israeli! called me an apologist, saying : Jewish nationalism if that is Zionism is untenable as it has proven that it cannot accommodate the first principles of a liberal democracy : protect the rights of, and give voice to, the minorities that live amongst you. Reading these comments, I m struck once again by Israel s critics hatred and lack of nuance. They cannot accept any conversation that doesn t demonize Israel. They never attack Palestinian nationalism, but cannot abide Jewish nationalism. They ignore Israel s complex security situation as well the many strides Israeli Arabs have made, while Jews in Arab states were oppressed and expelled. Their disdain is essentialist overwhelming, all-encompassing and unabating. Whether or not they re Jewish or Israeli is irrelevant Jews and Israelis can be just as wrong as Canadians. But what also struck me was the CBC sample s one-sidedness. My guess is that by now some readers have decided that this was typical media bias, trying to correct for the fact that the CBC, for once, broadcast something positive about Israel. I actually assumed something else: that this sample reflected the letters that came in, which is symptomatic of a broader Jewish community problem. As a community, we all too often are expert at complaining, but far less adept at thanking. My guess is that Enright received few positive letters or s, and that he, being an extraordinarily fairminded radio host, revealed that in his choice. I can take care of myself, but I shouldn t have to. We should learn to applaud straight shooters such as Michael Enright as frequently and as heartily as we denounce the haters. Hakarat Hatov, recognition of the good, is a core Jewish concept. It emphasizes the importance of emphasizing the positive. It s also a key media tactic. Thanking heroes and appreciating good people who simply do their jobs well builds goodwill. More broadly, it reflects the kind of worldview we should embrace. Yes, I m well aware of the haters out there, the York University fools who want to boycott Israel, the liars who smear the Jewish state, the demonizers who repudiate only one form of nationalism Zionism. But I refuse to spend my whole life fighting them. I want to delight in Zionism s success. I want to toast Israel s achievements. I want to rejoice in our good fortune to be living in the era of the third Jewish commonwealth. As we celebrate the state of Israel s 65th birthday, knowing that Zionism, Judaism and the Jewish national link to the homeland are so much older, let s commit ourselves to learning about the good not just the bad, to accentuating the positive as much as possible, and to starting to show gratitude even more frequently than we complain. It will not only improve our standing in the big wide world out there, it will make us all happier with ourselves. Next year, keep it simple! The seders are over and the matzah crumbs have been swept away. This is the first year I don t have a lingering feeling of bondage. On our flight to Vancouver to spend Pesach in a yurt on Gabriola Island with friends and our son at UBC, we ran into a large group of Jews on their way to Whistler, where a ski-and-seder week package looked incredibly alluring. We remembered the year we also considered escaping to a Caribbean island offering a sandfloor synagogue seder. The week before Pesach we saw countless YouTube items and Facebook posts lamenting how much people hate Passover. When did Pesach become so overwhelming that hotels kosher their kitchens and cruises offer seders so that we can run away from home? Taping shut the closets, turning on the house alarm and going far, far away is one alternative to the cleaning, koshering and expense and dare I say it obsession over Pesach food. Pesach bagels, brownie mixes, and the worst excuse for breakfast cereal I have ever seen or tasted feel like some kind of slavery. But simplifying Pesach is another way to deal with the holiday. I know that some of these suggestions will not work for some Jews. Still, I respectfully suggest five tips for an easier Passover next year. Take what you can and throw the rest away with your left-over matzah. Skip all processed food. Your food bill will be cheaper and you will feel less overwhelmed in the store aisles. Do you really need duck sauce for one week? Kosher for Passover noodles that you keep promising you ll never buy again because you end up throwing out most of the gloopy mess? Learn to make easy blender mayonnaise with eggs and oil. Throw some cherry tomatoes, olive oil and salt into the broiler and you ve got tomato sauce. Toast some chopped nuts and matzah farfel in melted butter and honey and you ve got granola. Learn which foods need to be marked with a label and which don t. Don t get sucked into the kosher for Pesach product vortex. This year, I saw kosher for Passover pre-mixed salt water for your seder. A clever marketer turned Passover anxiety into profit. Consider kitniyot those pesky legumes that Ashkenazi Jews do not eat. I was once a triumphalist kosherer-than-thou ethnocentric Askenazi Jew about this, believe me. I wouldn t even eat green beans which are a vegetable and not a bean because of their name. But the year we lived in Israel changed my mind and habits thoroughly. If it s good enough for the Sephardi chief rabbi, it s good enough for me. We met many observant Ashkenazi Jews in Jerusalem who do eat kitniyot because it is now the overriding custom of Israel. The Conservative movement has ruled that Ashkenazi Jews may eat kitniyot. There is even a Kitniyot Liberation Front Rabbi Elyse Goldstein in Toronto website populated by Orthodox Jews giving serious challenge to an eastern European tradition that has outlived its original concern: the accidental mixing of wheat kernels into rice. We can now buy hermetically sealed and separated packages, so what s it about? Are we concerned because it can be made into a bread-like product or mistaken for wheat, or rise if it gets a bit of water thrown on it? But not for Sephardi Jews? Tortillas look a lot like matzah, less bread-like than those packaged spongy roll-up cakes. And when my cornmeal gets a bit of water, it doesn t rise, it becomes polenta. Go outside every single day and walk. It s a spring holiday but how can we feel it if we are constantly indoors? Your stomach will thank you. And your ability to bless the flowers and sun and sky once again will be activated against the post-seder sluggishness that arises from eating too much heavy food. Invite your guests over for a pre-seder group cooking session. If your kashrut and theirs are the same, swallow your pride and do a potluck. Are we using resentful hours in the kitchen alone to assure our egos that ours are absolutely the best matzah balls in the universe and someone else s cannot possibly be as good? We are in the countdown days leading up to Shavuot. Personally, I m counting down toward next Passover for a holiday I can learn to simply love, by keeping it simple.

11 April 18, 2013 The kirshner file Ulysses S. Grant s infamous order On the eve of his death in 1885, Ulysses S. Grant, a U.S. Civil War hero and a former American president, wrote The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant. The two-volume work, written with stylistic verve, was comprehensive yet self-serving, excluding a telling episode that could have sullied his reputation as a great American figure. Left out of Grant s memoir was an official command he issued on Dec. 17, 1862, when he was a general on the Union side of the civil war in the United States. Put plainly, General Orders No. 11 was the most antisemitic edict ever issued by a U.S. government official. Described as that obnoxious order by his wife, Julia, it was promptly rescinded by the president, Abraham Lincoln. Grant signed General Orders No. 11 at his headquarters in Holly Springs, Miss., as Lincoln prepared to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, which would free African-American slaves. The notorious order expelled Jews as a class from the department of Tennessee, which consisted of Mississippi and parts of Tennessee and Kentucky. Jonathan D. Sarna examines this order in exhaustive fashion in When General Grant Expelled the Jews (Nextbook). A professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University, he claims it set the stage for the empowerment of Jews in the United States. With wartime shortages and imbalances between supply and demand posing a problem for the North s economy, Grant signed it in an attempt to eliminate black marketeers and restrict commerce with the Confederacy. It read: The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the department with twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order. By Sarna s reckoning, it affected fewer than 100 Jews in the vicinity of Grant s army in northern Mississippi, representing a miniscule proportion of the 25,000 Jews living in the Confederate states in the 1860s. Many more Jews were unaffected by it because communications between Grant s headquarters and the military command were poor. One of the first Jews to contest it was Cesar Kaskel, a Prussian immigrant who resided in Paducah, Ky. Within hours of its release, he and his brother, as well as their friends, sent Lincoln a telegram of protest, which, Sarna speculates, he probably never saw. Kaskel also mailed a strongly worded letter to newspaper editors. The Associated Press picked up the story and, in modern parlance, it went viral. As the New York Times commented, All swindlers are not Jews. All Jews are not swindlers. On Jan. 3, 1863, Kaskel was granted an audience with Lincoln arranged by a Republican congressman, John Addison Gurley, who represented a district in Cincinnati. The exchange between Kaskel and Lincoln was biblical and condescending in tone. Lincoln: And so the children of Israel were driven from the happy land of Canaan? Kaskel: Yes, and that is why we have come unto Father Abraham s bosom, asking protection. Lincoln: And this protection they shall have at once. Sarna is unsure whether this fabled and paternalistic conversation even took place. Nevertheless, Lincoln immediately ordered his top general, Henry Halleck, to countermand Grant s order, which seems to have generated a frisson of antisemitism in the Union army. Halleck followed through and the order was summarily cancelled. Unofficially, Halleck s assistant adjutant general, John Kelton, told Grant it had been too sweeping in nature. Sixteen days later, Halleck wrote Grant a letter marred by an anti-jewish slur: The president has no objection to your expelling traitors and Jew peddlers but as it in terms proscribed an entire religious class, some of whom are fighting in our ranks, the president deemed it necessary to revoke it. According to Sarna, General Orders No. 11 was not Grant s first foray into antisemitism. In July and November of 1862, eager to strike a blow against speculators in his district, he ordered subordinates to pay special attention to Jewish traders and keep out the Israelites. But when a subordinate ordered all cotton speculators, Jews and other vagrants to leave Holly Springs within 24 hours, Grant rescinded this draconian order. Why, then, only a month later, did Grant issue General Orders No. 11? Sarna offers a plausible explanation. After the Civil War, Grant, who had accepted Robert E. Lee s surrender at Appomattox on April 9, 1865, was transformed into a national hero and appointed general of the armies of the United States. Shortly after the Republican party nominated him as its presidential candidate, General Orders No. 11 came to haunt him, as a highly critical and anonymously-written pamphlet, General Grant and the Jews, circulated. In a damage-control manoeuvre designed to his candidacy, Grant s aide, Adam Badeau, claimed that the order had been directed against evil persons whose religion was in no way material to the issue. Sheldon Kirshner in Toronto T Page 11 And in a letter to a Jewish war veteran and B nai Brith leader, Grant distanced himself from the order and forswore prejudice. When Grant took his oath of office on March 4, 1869, he was, at 46, the youngest man ever to become the U.S. president. In an effort to atone for his sin, he initiated a policy of rapprochement with the Jewish community, appointing a succession of Jews to civil service positions. As a result, Jewish participation in government expanded during Grant s presidency, writes Sarna. Jews held more government offices than ever before under Grant. Grant, in this ecumenical spirit, became the first president to attend a synagogue dedication (in Washington, D.C.), and spoke up on behalf of oppressed Jews in Russia, even though Russia had stood by the Union side during the Civil War and had sold Alaska to the United States on favourable terms in News of Grant s death was mourned by many Jews. By then, having disavowed General Orders No. 11, Grant had rehabilitated himself. Striking a positive note, Sarna observes that his reversal transformed Grant from enemy to friend, from Haman to Mordecai, from a general who expelled Jews as a class to a president who embraced Jews as individuals. The entire affair, he concludes, reminds us that even stellar figures in history can learn from their mistakes. THERE S NOTHING EXCITING ABOUT IT. UNLESS YOU RE EXCITED BY MAKING MONEY. YEAR NET RETURN % % % % % YEAR NET RETURN % % % % % Romspen Mortgage Investment Fund To discuss your investment of $150,000 or more: Ron Lloyd, Results from January 2002 to January 16, 2006 refl ect the pool of individually syndicated mortgages. Compounded net returns are calculated on a cash-on-cash basis. Results from January 16, 2006 to present refl ect the Limited Partnership Fund, the successor to the individually syndicated mortgages. Compounded net returns are calculated in accordance with Canadian GAAP accounting. Returns may vary.

12 CLIENT: Mercedes-Benz TRIM: 5" x 6.125" PUBLICATION: Canadian Jewish JOB #: BZ-1166-APR-OH-CJN LIVE: -- News Page 12 T April 18, 2013 Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf Staff Reporter GTA Hebrew U Friends to honour Morgan Freeman He s driven Miss Daisy, helped outfit Batman, played Red, the man who knew how to locate certain items from time to time in the fictional Shawshank state penitentiary, and was everybody s favourite film version of God incarnate in Bruce Almighty. Now, Academy Awardwinning actor Morgan Freeman is coming to Toronto to be honoured for his work and philanthropy by the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University (CFHU) on May 6 at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. He will be presented with the charity s Key of Knowledge Award for his dedication to combating racism and promoting knowledge and education worldwide, according to CFHU. And yes, the 75-year-old actor is also scheduled to speak with his inimitable dulcet tones to those in attendance at the organization s Celebration of Excellence soirée. Rami Kleinmann, CFHU s president and CEO, told The CJN that his charity became interested in honouring Freeman Morgan Freeman while researching candidates for its award this year because the septuagenarian actor is a huge proponent of higher learning and study of science to benefit all humanity. As such, CFHU wanted to bring in a guest honoree who was from outside the Jewish community, yet who could appreciate the work being done by scientists and researchers in Israel. We heard about all the philanthropic work [Freeman] does in the areas of science and advancement of knowledge, and decided to approach him, he said. In his private life, Freeman is involved with multiple charities across a spectrum of causes including Plan!t Now, a disaster relief fund; Earth Biofuels, a nonprofit that promotes the use of clean-burning fuels in America, and the Campaign for Female Education. While early attempts to woo the film star were gently rebuffed, the CFHU eventually hit a soft spot for the actor. One CFHU staffer had a relationship with renowned movie producer and director Jake Eberts a prior honoree and also a friend of Freeman s from their work together on Driving Miss Daisy. The same staff member also is a friend of documentary film director and producer Paul Saltzman, with whom Freeman worked on Prom Night in Mississippi in This information, plus the fact that the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was cofounded by Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, and has produced medicines such as the cancer-fighting Doxil pill and Alzheimer s medication, Exelon, to name just two innovations of benefit to humanity convinced Freeman to accept the honour, Kleinmann said. In a statement, Freeman said he s looking forward to attending the gala. There is a saying: He who opens a school door, closes a prison. Some of the greatest problems in our world today, from racism, to the environment, health, malnutrition and disease, are caused due to a lack of education and knowledge. This is why I have dedicated so much of my time to promoting education around the world, and it is why I am proud to receive the Key of Knowledge Award from Canadian Friends of The Hebrew University an organization that celebrates learning and academic excellence. Proceeds from the event will go toward funding the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada (IMRIC), which conducts research into cancer and Alzheimer s disease and related brain disorders through joint research between Hebrew U and Canadian partner institutions such as McGill University, the Rick Hansen Foundation and the University of Toronto. The Morgan Freeman Scholarship Fund will also be established by Hebrew U to help international students studying in its public health and community medicine program. Graduates of the program go on to become leaders and educators in their home countries on areas such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis prevention and control, prevention and treatment of heart disease, malnutrition, and mother and child health, according to CFHU. One such graduate, Dr. Josephine Ojiambo, is now Kenya s ambassador to the United Nations. She will also be honoured at the event. Other honourees for the evening include Saltzman; Fiona Eberts, international philanthropist and widow of Jake Eberts; Amir Amedi, a Hebrew U brain scientist working on restoring sight to the blind via technology, and Menahem Ben- Sasson, Hebrew U s president. Emceeing the evening will be Jian Ghomeshi, host of CBC s Q talk-radio program, musician and writer. For more information about the event, visit or call , ext NYC APARTMENT HUNTING Looking to buy or rent? Contact Jonathan Weiner of the Corcoran Group A Manhattan Native specializing in serving the Toronto Community. Jonathan Weiner Licensed RE Salesperson Licensed as Jonathan H Weiner Mercedes-Benz Spring Open House Event April RECEIVE UP TO AN ADDITIONAL RATE 1% * REDUCTION ON OUR ENTIRE VEHICLE LINEUP NEW & DEMONSTRATOR SPECIALS CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED SPECIALS 660 Madison Avenue New York, NY n Monthly lease payments as low as $328 at 1.9% for 48 months* n Finance rates as low as 0.9% for 60 months* n Cash incentives up to $15,000** CORPORa T E s TOREs DREAM BIG ( 877) n Finance rates as low as 0.9% for 36 months or 1.9% up to 60 months* n Get your first three months payments waived* n Exclusive sale pricing in effect for all models* SMART SPECIAL : LEASE A 2013 SMART FORTWO FROM ONLY $99/MONTH AT 0.9% FOR 24 MONTHS.* Mississauga M a PLE M a RKHa M NEWMa RKET DOWNTOWN M i DTOWN THORNHi LL Office: (212) Fax: (212) DEDICATED SERVICE LOCATIONS QuEENs W ay green L a NE 2013 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc SLK 55 shown above. *1% rate reduction is applicable on the lease or finance of any 2013 Mercedes-Benz new or demonstrator model. 0.5% rate reduction is applicable on the lease or finance of any Certified Mercedes-Benz model. *Lease and finance offers available only through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on approved credit for a limited time. Lease example for 2013 C 250 Sedan based on $328 per month for 48 months. Down payment or equivalent trade of $8,194 plus security deposit of $400 and applicable taxes due at lease inception. MSRP starting at $37,300. Lease APR of 1.9% applies. Total obligation is $24, ,000km / year allowance ($0.20/ km for excess kilometres applies). *0.9% for 60 months financing available on all 2013 C-Class Sedans, C 250 Coupes, GLK 350 4MATIC and E-Class models(excluding AMG). $15,000 incentive applies on the lease, finance or cash purchase of an S-Class or CL-Class model (including AMG). *0.9%/1.9% financing only available through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on approved credit for a limited time. Only available for finance for up to 36/60 months and only applicable to MY Certified Mercedes-Benz (less than 140,000 km) and MY Certified smart models (less than 100,000 km). Down payment may be required. 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13 April 18, 2013 GTA T Page 13 Toronto, Israel hospitals start exchange program Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf Staff Reporter Toronto s Mount Sinai Hospital is the latest Canadian institution to forge ties with Israel in the form of a new exchange program for medical professionals specializing in intensive care medicine. The Zvi Eizenman Canada-Israel Exchange Program between Meir Medical Center and Mount Sinai began last weekend with the arrival of Dr. Mirit Lahav, a graduate of Tel Aviv University s Sackler School of Medicine and an anesthesiologist at Israel s Meir Medical Center. Meir hospital is affiliated with the Sackler School. During her one-month stay in Toronto, Lahav will join the daily intensive care unit (ICU) rounds at Mount Sinai and will attend the department s business meetings, safety and quality meetings, and research meetings, according to Moshe Eizenman, a researcher and scientist with the University Health Network, and one of the sponsors of the exchange program named in honour of his late father, who passed away in Meir s ICU. Lahav could not be reached for comment in time for deadline. The heads of the Meir hospital ICU Researcher and scientist Moshe Eizenman is one of the sponsors of the Zvi Eizenman Canada-Israel Exchange Program, named in honour of his late father. department decided earlier this year that an exchange program with a major Canadian institution was a high priority, Eizenman said. The aim of this program is to provide specialists in the ICU of the Meir Medical Center opportunities to interact with foreign specialists and different cultures while being exposed to different patient loads and treatment approaches, he said in a statement. In addition to clinical exposure, the exchange program will provide opportunities for joint research projects, ICU education and simulationteaching, and quality assurance. Brian Fredman, chair of the department of anesthesiology, critical care and pain management at Meir hospital, said he is excited by this joint initiative. There is no doubt that education is the cornerstone to successful patient management, he said. Training medical staff is a long process that requires not only time and dedication but also opportunities to see and be part of different systems and cutting-edge ideas. The exchange program provides just that. When approached about the exchange, Mount Sinai s chief clinical officer, Dr. Toim Stewart, said he thought it was a fantastic idea. We would welcome the exchange and hopefully will reciprocate in the future, Stewart added. Lahav will also participate in simulation training sessions and spend time with Mount Sinai s critical care response team. Meir Medical Center is one of Israel s most rapidly expanding care facilities, and is currently working on construction of a new 25,000-square-foot orthopedic pavilion. The centre is currently roughly the size of Toronto s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre campus. To build the new pavilion, Meir needs to raise $60 million over the next three years. The teaching hospital, located in Kfar Saba, just north of Tel Aviv, serves nearly one million people, Arabs and Jews, each year. Meir is known for its advances in the fields of cancer research, diabetes, geriatric care, pediatric care, head and neck surgery and orthopedic surgery. It currently has ongoing projects with the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Western Ontario. Canadians are also some of the most passionate supporters and strongest donors to Meir hospital, with some $2 million raised for the centre through its Canadian Friends of Meir Medical Centre charity since The charity will hold its annual Medal of Merit awards ceremony on April 28 at the Kehila Centre, 7026 Bathurst St., with proceeds going to support the hospital many endeavours. For more information, visit www. WHO IS FIERA CAPITAL? WHY HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF US? We are Canada s 3rd largest independent investment management firm with $66 billion in assets under management. THE POWER OF THINKING To learn more about Fiera Capital Corporation and what we do for our clients please contact: OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE. INTELLIGENT INNOVATION. NEIL NISKER Executive Vice Chairman Minimum relationship size $4 million

14 Page 14 T April 18, 2013 THE CANADIAN JEWISH NEWS GTA ROLEX PATEK CARTIER Rabbi, shul reach settlement after dismissal DIAMONDS BUY SELL TRADE VAN RIJK INSTANT CASH SingleS events Deadline Wed. 4 p.m. for following issue protect YOUr TablE WiTh provincial TablEpaDS lowest prices guaranteed Free in-home service Made in Canada Choose from 3 qualities Best service Magnetic Locking System Toronto Hamilton Ottawa Canada Wide Frances Kraft Staff Reporter Rabbi Martin Berman and Shaar Shalom Synagogue have reached a settlement of the wrongful dismissal lawsuit he launched against the Thornhill congregation in January. Neither the rabbi nor the congregation would discuss details of the settlement. Rabbi Berman, 63, has led the congregation since He was informed in October that the shul s board of governors and executive had decided not to renew his contract. He will remain spiritual leader of the congregation until his contract expires July 17. Rabbi Berman had alleged wrongful dismissal and violation of his rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code. The rabbi told The CJN that the terms of the settlement, which was finalized outside of court last month, prevent him from discussing it, but that he would continue working full time and will be on vacation as of mid-may. However, he will be at the shul for a couple of celebrations that take place on Shabbat, he added. Shaar Shalom president Janice Shachter said the settlement was a fair one in terms of Ontario labour law and precedents, and that it was roughly within the shul s original offer. We re at a healing place now, she said. We re all very pleased that it came to such a fast conclusion. The shul is in the process of looking for a new rabbi. We have some good candidates that we are conducting second interviews with, Shachter said. CELEBRATING ISRAEL: Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre nursery school students and their buddies from the Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School worked together to prepare for Yom Ha atzmaut. They read stories from Israel and made Israeli flags that they planned to use at their Yom Ha atzamaut celebration. Pictured, from left, are Shira Rubinoff, Pascale Lederman, Hannah Kaman, Tali Elkin and Jonathan Shi. Sunday, April 28 th 2-4 pm Open the door to a new way of living! Join us at any Chartwell retirement residence for our Swing into Spring Open House and experience retirement living at its best. Delicious desserts complimentary refreshments personal tours musical entertainment & so much more! Discover why we re known for making people s lives BETTER. Chartwell Classic Constantia Retirement Residence 784 Centre St., Thornhill, ON Call CHARTwell.COM

15 April 18, 2013 T Page 15 CHOICES JEWISH FOUNDATION of GREATER TORONTO VISION GENEROSITY RESPONSIBILITY COMMON VALUES LIFE IS BUILT ON STRONG FOUNDATIONS. Teach your children well. Walk the talk. From generation to generation and, together, we can make a stronger community and a stronger Israel. - Renee Unger Our lives need strong foundations: our families, our homes and our community. The Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto offers opportunities for you to help support and secure the long-term growth of our Jewish community. Be part of the Jewish future GENEROUSLY SPONSORED BY:

16 Page 16 T April 18, 2013 THE CANADIAN JEWISH NEWS GTA IT IS WITH GREAT SADNESS THAT WE ANNOUNCE THE CLOSING OF OUR PLANT ON MAY 3, 2013 We wish to thank our loyal customers, families, friends and suppliers for all of their support and good wishes over the past 25 years. The Weinberg and Pasternac families YOM HAZIKARON Some 1,800 people attended the annual Israel Memorial Day ceremony in Toronto to honour the memory of the 23,085 soldiers who have fallen in defence of the Jewish state and the 2,493 Israeli men, women and children killed in terrorist attacks. Addressing the assembly at the April 14 ceremony organized by the consulate general of Israel for Toronto and Western Canada at Beth Tzedec Congregation, are, from left, Consul General DJ Schneeweiss; Israel Defence Forces Cpl. Aharon Laser, a Toronto-native, who read excerpts from the Order of the Day from the IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz; and Toronto chief of police William Blair, reading the prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel. [Cara Stern photos] ASI-Canada CZCA Their job is to look after Israel. Our job is to look after them and their families. Gala Dinner Sunday, October 6, 2013 ASI-Canada and CZCA wish Israel a Happy 65th Independence Day For more information:

17 April 18, 2013 GTA T Page 17 Koffler Centre moving downtown Continued from page 3 Hewer said the new downtown space, along with the centre s administrative offices at the Prosserman JCC, will give the Koffler a presence all across the GTA. The centre also runs arts classes out of the new Schwartz/Reisman Centre in Vaughan, Ont. Proceeds from the Koffler Rocks! Event will go toward the move to the new space downtown. Earlier this month, the Koffler Centre received a $150,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for all the building renovations and fit-up for our new Koffler Gallery and office spaces at Artscape Youngplace, Hewer said. In an , Bachman told The CJN he was excited to participate in the gala and help further the cause of the Jewish, arts-based non-profit. I had done several charity shows in Montreal a few years ago just before Chanukah to raise money for Jewish hospitals and extended old-folks care. The people were amazing, the charity event was a huge success, and I was warmly embraced both personally and professionally. It rocked! he wrote. Asked what tunes the audience could expect him to play, Bachman said he planned to celebrate the modern rock Jewish writers who have inspired me Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Paul Simon, Leiber and Stoller, etc. As a Mormon growing up in Winnipeg, Bachman said he was raised alongside Jews who positively influenced his life. I grew up in Winnipeg in a Jewish community. I went to the YMHA and loved it because all my friends went swimming there, and they had great dances, which I eventually performed at. The family strength and unity, respect for the elders and parents seemed very similar to me, he said. Together with performances of live music, the Koffler Rocks! evening also includes a cocktail reception showcasing artists works from Koffler education programs and a gourmet kosher dining experience. The event is hosted by the award-winning and bestselling author of Born to Kvetch, Michael Wex. For more information, visit Meats 800 Steeles W Northwest corner of Bathurst & Steeles BONELESS CHICKEN BREAST $ RIB STEAKS AAA AGED & CAPLESS $ LB. LB. BEEF, VEAL OR CHICKEN GOODFIELD S OWN HOT DOGS 7 OZ. BURGERS FF 0FF $ $ PER PACKAGE PER PACKAGE OF 4 Prices valid until Tues. April 30 or while supplies last We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac

18 Page 18 T April 18, 2013 Frances Kraft Staff Reporter GTA Shuls celebrate special anniversaries Two Toronto congregations are celebrating anniversaries on April 28. Beth Torah Congregation is throwing a 1960s Mad Men-themed gala with gambling, cocktails and live music at the Park Hyatt hotel for its 50th on Sunday night. The same evening, the Lodzer Synagogue will host a black tie-optional dinner for its 60th anniversary, with Frank Dimant, executive vice-president of B nai Brith Canada, as MC, and featuring the Juno-nominated group Jaffa Road. * * * Beth Torah, an unaffiliated Conservative congregation near Dufferin Street and Lawrence Avenue West, was established in 1963 and broke ground in Despite its location and longtime low profile, Beth Torah began to thrive under the leadership of Rabbi Yossi Sapirman, who became its youngest rabbi in August Four years ago, the shul completed an $8-million renovation and expansion. The rabbi, who turns 45 the day of the gala, said that being off the beaten track [geographically] is probably a metaphor for what I think shuls need to start considering that maybe the mainstream is also the place most people leave from. Don t be afraid to try something new, Beth Torah turns 50, Lodzer marks 60 years he said. Probably the biggest challenge for the synagogue arose when it was struggling in the early 1990s, Rabbi Sapirman said. If not for the generosity of a few, the shul would have gone under. Among recent innovations at the shul, small children are on the bimah during the Torah service, the rabbi and cantor greet every attendee during the Torah procession, and there is a sit-down lunch every Shabbat. Founding member Mark Goldenberg said his biggest pleasure 50 years later is to see his children and grandchildren enjoying services at the shul. Goldenberg credits Rabbi Sapirman for his efforts, particularly in making young children part of the service. We weren t on the map as a shul [before] Nobody knew Beth Torah. Beth Torah s earliest services were held in the basement of a private home, and then in an unheated portable purchased from the Catholic Diocese of Mississauga, according to anniversary committee chair Ellen Scheinberg. Goldenberg remembers that the 10 founding couples young newlyweds who lived in the area each signed a guarantee the congregation was like an extended family for him when he was growing up in the 1960s. As a child of survivors, he had no grandparents, aunts or uncles. His late father, Rafuel Nosak, was a shul founder who for $1,000 to the bank, which we needed for a down payment for the land. served as longtime gabbai. Rabbi Benjamin Hauer, an Orthodox rabbi, was the shul s first spiritual leader, before family-oriented Even today that kind of Nosak describes the shul as heimish and he moved to Montreal. feeling is still there. Scheinberg said the shul, which has more The founders landsmen from Lodz than 500 member families and almost 200 supported each other financially, emotionally and spiritually, said Nosak, who is students at its Hebrew school, is now very vibrant. It s growing. co-chairing the gala with his wife. Melanie * * * Steiner. The Lodzer traces its history to 1953, As well, he added, even though the when it was founded as a mutual benefit founders had their own financial needs, the society for families from Lodz, Poland. It became a synagogue only in State of Israel and raising funds for Israeli focus of the society became supporting the Rabbi Moshe Meirovich, who serves causes like Magen David Adom. as the shul s rabbi and cantor, said the Now, Nosak said, the second generation 200-family congregation, which is unaffiliated Conservative and now egalitarian, was past, and, at the same time, go forward. is trying to maintain the heritage from the built on tremendous hope. Other recent changes include the rabbi It has grown from a place of social interaction to a place of Jewish worship, study most Shabbat mornings, in lieu of a formal teaching and engaging the congregation and adult education, he said. sermon. As a result, this year the shul instituted a study session after services, over kid- In recent years, more young families have joined, and a separate family service is held dush lunch. on the High Holidays, as well as a monthly Other anniversary-related events include family service. Also, on Shabbat, the rabbi is a Torah dedication by the family of founding members Izak and Regina Kozlowski the joined on the bimah by young children to help conduct the Musaf service, he said. day of the gala, and a May 21 concert that soldier The Lodzer s ad cjn_layout treasurer 1 4/10/13 Morry 10:54 Nosak AM said Page 1 will be part of Jewish music week. The Israel Committee of Beit Rayim Synagogue & School and the Schwartz/Reisman Centre present living with An Israeli Family s Journey loss Guy Hason was killed on August 13, 2006 in the last hour of the Second Lebanon War Join Liora Hason and her son Roi as they share their experiences and ongoing efforts to preserve the spirit and values of Guy, their son and brother. Guy lost his life defending the State of Israel during the Second Lebanon War. Let us honour the Hasons as we listen to their inspirational story. This program is supported by a Ma a lot Grant for Israel Education and Advocacy, a partnership of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and Nefesh B Nefesh Sunday, April 21, pm Please rsvp by Friday, April 19 to Schwartz/Reisman Centre Lebovic Jewish Community Campus 9600 Bathurst Street FOR THE JEWISH LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE Schwartz/Reisman Centre Lebovic Jewish Community Campus 9600 Bathurst Street / Vaughan, ON / L6A 3Z8 /

19 April 18, 2013 T Page 19 Valuing our strong community relationships By Garry Foster, Chair, Baycrest Board of Directors & Dr. William E. Reichman, Baycrest President and Chief Executive Officer O ne of the more gratifying aspects of leading Baycrest Health Sciences is having the opportunity to meet so many members of our community on a regular basis. We are highly fortunate to be able to build ongoing relationships with clients and their families, as well as with our community at large a dynamic group that comprises donors, students, healthcare professionals, volunteers of all ages, artists, researchers, business people and members of local Jewish congregations. These relationships are highly valued by Baycrest, perhaps more so than by other healthcare organizations. You see, Baycrest is much more than just a bricks-and-mortar building. It s a jewel that exists because of the vision of its founders, generations of forward-looking community builders who recognized the need for a place to care for the most vulnerable older adults. And their continued involvement over the decades has helped transform Baycrest into a global leader in aging and brain health research and innovations. We recognize the pride our community feels in this organization, and the strong connection it feels to our past and to our future. And as we continue on our journey, we are committed to ensuring ongoing opportunities for dialogue. Only by listening and responding to advice and the collective wisdom of our community can we hope to achieve greatness; we understand this, and we are actively providing the means for this sharing to take place. Our Jewish COmmunity Baycrest was founded by a group of women with the foresight to establish the Jewish Old Folks Home in 1918, an endeavor that has evolved into the world-class facility we know today. For nearly a century since, Baycrest has embraced its Jewish roots and traditions, and continues to meet the religious and cultural needs of residents 90 per cent of whom are Jewish with weekly services, holiday celebrations and a unique Holocaust resource program. Staying well connected to our Jewish community is a priority, and a number of initiatives and events enable us to maintain strong relationships. Next month, for example, Baycrest is marking Jewish Heritage Month with a number of special public art installations that reflect upon our history Baycrest Foundation President Susan Sutton shares a conversation with Evelyn Burns-Weinrib, a long-time volunteer and donor. and our Jewish legacy as seen through the eyes of artists and our own residents. Rabbi Dr. Geoffrey Haber, who joined us last year, has been meeting with leaders in our Jewish community, and has begun publishing a Rabbinic Reflections blog to share information with a broader online audience. Rabbi Geoff is helping to lead a number of outreach activities, including speakers series events and a visiting cantor s program. Members of our community were recently invited to attend our Yom Hashoah service to remember the six million who perished in the Holocaust. And on April 23, we will be joining Holocaust survivors and their families, as well as staff and volunteers, at the National Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. strategic Plan Our recently approved Strategic Plan, designed to guide Baycrest into our second century, was developed and refined after a thorough consultation process that involved nearly 700 members of our staff and our community. It was important that a strategy of this significance reflected the input of our internal and external stakeholders, ensuring we are working together on common goals and aspirations. Achieving the ambitious objectives in our plan requires a partnership with our community, one that will also require significant philanthropic support over the coming years. We know we can only be successful if our Strategic Plan resonates with our supporters, and if it aligns with their vision for our future. The plan we developed with our community s input is available on our website at OPiniOn Panels Strong relationships are built upon effective communications. And understanding the communication needs of our community and, in turn, meeting those needs is something Baycrest takes very seriously. Earlier this month, we launched an Opinion Panel to gather feedback from our clients, families and community members on a quarterly basis. These short surveys are designed to help measure our external reputation and the quality and effectiveness of our communications with you. By knowing your thoughts and perceptions, we can work to better meet your needs and forge even stronger communications in the future. The opinion panel can be accessed on our website at media updates The very column you are reading is another example of how we are reaching out to our community to share information on a regular basis. With a large readership in our Jewish community, Canadian Jewish News is an ideal forum for keeping you informed about happenings at Baycrest. But we re happy to note that Baycrest is in the media all the time. Our experts are routinely called upon for comment in the areas of aging and brain health, and our research, innovations and superior level of care attract considerable interest from reporters locally, nationally and internationally. social media Engagement is about more than just one-way communication. It s about sharing. And one of the best ways of sharing ideas, comments, photos, video and online links is through social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn have allowed us to engage with audiences on a new level, and to provide another opportunity for our community to communicate directly with us and with each other in a way that is simple, accessible and transparent. All of our social media sites may be accessed from the home page of our website. We also encourage you to contact us directly with questions or comments by ing us at Through ongoing dialogue with you, our community, we are able to ensure Baycrest remains a jewel of which we can all be proud. On behalf of Baycrest, thank you for your continued support.

20 Page 20 T April 18, 2013 GTA HAMILTON HEBREW ACADEMY ICRF honours women of action Susan Minuk Special to The CJN SPECIAL TRIBUTE IN MEMORY OF ROSE LAX A H 60 s RABBI GARRY SEIDENFELD class of s DR. JOEL YELLIN class of s RISA (COHEN) DRIMMER class of 1984 YIGAL RIFKIND class of s DEVORAH LEAH LAVIN class of 2005 A passionate defender of Israel, Rose Lax a'h inspired countless individuals worldwide to champion the cause of the Jewish People. Her legacy of conviction, strength, and resilience continues to inspire all that knew her. The 12th annual Women of Action luncheon raised more than $400,000 for the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF). Some 400 guests attended the luncheon at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto on April 9 to pay tribute to four women who have made a difference though their achievements in business and medicine and their contribution to the community. Lynda Reeves, founder and publisher of the Canadian House & Home magazine, received the inaugural Carole Tanenbaum Women of Action Business Award for her contribution to the business community. For the past six years, Reeves, together with her team, have designed and decorated the grand-prize show house for the fall lottery in support of the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, helping to raise more than $40 million for the cause. Tanenbaum, the creator of the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection and a longtime supporter of the ICRF, said that as a past Woman of Action business honoree it is gratifying to continue to award outstanding women in business for their accomplishments and success, adding that she hopes the award will inspire all women to pursue their goals and follow their dreams. Honoree Jill Reitman, a community leader, received the Vicki Campbell VAST Community Award. The VAST award was established in 2012 to honour the late Campbell, who devoted much of her life to enhancing the lives of people in Toronto, Israel, and around the world. Campbell was an ICRF Women of Action honoree in Reitman thanked the ICRF for giving her the opportunity to serve as a role model for others and to inspire the next generation to action. I thank them for the opportunity to pay tribute to an inspiring and wonderful friend of mine Vicki Campbell. Honoree Emmanuelle Gattuso is a breast cancer survivor who became an advocate for breast cancer patients. Along with her husband, Allan Slaight, Gattuso has raised $25 million to establish the Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre at the Princess Margaret Centre, which is a model for other cancer centres in Canada and beyond. Honouring From left, Jill Reitman, Emmanuelle Gattuso, Dr. Meredith Irwin and Lynda Reeves, were honoured at the Israel Cancer Research Fund s Women of Action luncheon. [Susan Minuk photo] Honoree Dr. Meredith Irwin is a clinician-scientist who has discovered several novel functions of genes that belong to the p53 family. Her studies are aimed at unravelling the mystery of how genes are involved in pathways that lead to the development of cancer, and how they determine the sensitivity of cancer cells to therapies. We are delighted to celebrate four deserving women as this year s Women of Action for their contribution to our community, said ICRF president Bryna Goldberg. We are honoured that they have chosen to help ICRF in our important mission of raising funds to support cancer scientists working in universities and cancer labs throughout Israel. Since its inception in 2002, Women of Action has funded 40 Israeli scientists and raised more than $3 million for ICRF. Luncheon guest Elaine Todres, a cancer survivor, said that if we haven t been touched by cancer directly, then we have been touched through our families. She added that it s extremely important for there to be a wide societal understanding of the need for research and changes in clinical care and that s why I am here. The Women of Action presenting sponsor was RBC, and the event co-chairs were Debra Campbell and Wendy Kady. Elizabeth and Tony Comper, CM Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Keynote Speaker Peter Munk, CC For more information please call or visit Four Seasons Hotel 60 Yorkville Avenue Please call ORT Office Tickets and Sponsorship Opportunities web:

Jews in Jail. Inside. No charges for the Dawgfather. Filmmaker stays out of the picture. Campaign aims to cancel rally TORONTO THEATRE STARTS HERE

Jews in Jail. Inside. No charges for the Dawgfather. Filmmaker stays out of the picture. Campaign aims to cancel rally TORONTO THEATRE STARTS HERE APRIL 9, 2015 20 nisan, 5775 $2.00 44 PAGEs WWW.CJNEWS.COM Inside Jews in Jail Iran nuclear deal: what does it mean for Israel? Obama and Netanyahu differ on whether region will be more or less secure.

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Just Peace in 2008 History of the Conflict...7

Just Peace in 2008 History of the Conflict...7 The Wall Must Fall 2007 Contents Page 1 Preface...2 Message from Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians CUPE Supports a Just Peace in the Middle East, Barry O Neill, CUPE BC President Introduction...4

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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The Healing Has Begun

The Healing Has Begun The Healing Has Begun An Operational Update from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation May 2002 Message from the President, Georges Erasmus Danet e: Welcome to The Healing Has Begun, a publication of the Aboriginal

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Well, it s time again for another article.

Well, it s time again for another article. POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION S UN C OA S T The official quarterly publication of the Sun Coast Police Benevolent Association Volume 41 Issue 2 April 2014 INSIDE THIS ISSUE 2 SCLEC Keeping Busy! 4 What

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SETTLED! The Revolution in Online Dispute Resolution. By Charles Brofman. Settled! The Revolution in Online Dispute Resolution Draft 6 10/10/2007

SETTLED! The Revolution in Online Dispute Resolution. By Charles Brofman. Settled! The Revolution in Online Dispute Resolution Draft 6 10/10/2007 SETTLED! The Revolution in Online Dispute Resolution By Charles Brofman The Lexicomm Group 0 1 Dedication To Ariel and Sean You are limited only by the boundaries of your imaginations. Love, Dad The Lexicomm

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lawyer spring Complex Litigation: Emory s Leading Players Mary Dudziak Joins Faculty Emory Law s Evangelist also inside

lawyer spring Complex Litigation: Emory s Leading Players Mary Dudziak Joins Faculty Emory Law s Evangelist also inside lawyer spring 2013 Complex Litigation: Emory s Leading Players also inside Mary Dudziak Joins Faculty Emory Law s Evangelist Reunion Weekend 2012 More than 200 Emory Law alumni returned to campus last

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The Boca Raton Tribune

The Boca Raton Tribune Community Gov. Scott Promotes Business Rent Sales Tax Reduction see page 3 Community New Homeowner Help Initiative Launched see page 4 Municipal Boca Raton man Convicted in Most Lucrative Insider Trading

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YOU CAN T SAY THAT?! You Can t Say That?!: Limits on First Amendment Freedoms Unit Overview We believe that your visit to the Newseum, along with this unit of study on the exceptions to the First Amendment, will immerse you

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Bread Not Stones. Taking Action to End Child Poverty

Bread Not Stones. Taking Action to End Child Poverty Bread Not Stones Taking Action to End Child Poverty Jesus said: Would anyone among you offer your child a stone instead of bread, or a snake instead of fish? If you know how to give your children what

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SUMMER 13. magazine. OCountry. Our. Serving

SUMMER 13. magazine. OCountry. Our. Serving SUMMER 13 magazine Our OCountry Serving Editor s Letter Volume 21, Number 3 A Proud Tradition Courage. Honor. Duty. Sacrifice. These are some of the terms that come to mind when we think about the men

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Minnesota Police Journal

Minnesota Police Journal Minnesota Volume 88 No. 2 April 2015 Police Journal The Official Publication of The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association Photo by Michael Murray St. Paul Police Federation Helps to Score a Goal

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chicago jewish history

chicago jewish history Look to the rock from which you were hewn Vol. 27, No. 1, Spring 2003 chicago jewish historical society chicago jewish history 1943: Marshall Commandos Are City Champions in Stadium Win The juniors of

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Review of the 30 YeaR Rule

Review of the 30 YeaR Rule Review of the 30 YeaR Rule January 2009 CONTENTS Chairman s Foreword iii 1. Time to Look Again 1 2. The Rule and the Act 3 3. International Comparisons 9 4. Domestic Developments 13 5. The Evidence 20

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dialogue DePaul University College of Law Brightest in intellectual property share scholarship, offer critiques

dialogue DePaul University College of Law Brightest in intellectual property share scholarship, offer critiques dialogue Winter 2012 THE MAGAZINE OF DePaul University College of Law Brightest in intellectual property share scholarship, offer critiques Professor Roberta Kwall s vision of a collaborative ip scholars

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Reaching the. Age of Majority. A Law-Related Education Project of the Nebraska State Bar Foundation

Reaching the. Age of Majority. A Law-Related Education Project of the Nebraska State Bar Foundation Reaching the Age of Majority Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities A Law-Related Education Project of the Nebraska State Bar Foundation Underwritten by: The Marvin and Virginia Schmid Law-Related Education

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JANUARY 2011 VOL. 83 NO. 1. Journal NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION. Youth Courts. The Power of Positive Peer Pressure. A special issue on youth courts

JANUARY 2011 VOL. 83 NO. 1. Journal NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION. Youth Courts. The Power of Positive Peer Pressure. A special issue on youth courts JANUARY 2011 VOL. 83 NO. 1 Journal NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Youth Courts The Power of Positive Peer Pressure A special issue on youth courts NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Attorneys, judges and law

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March 2002 Adar 5762

March 2002 Adar 5762 March 2002 Adar 5762 Hasbara Handbook: Promoting Israel on Campus Published and produced by WUJS, the World Union of Jewish Students. The World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) 9 Alkalai St., POB 4498

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Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013

Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Southern California National Commander Visit 12/9/13 (Monday) 1000 Riverside National Cemetery 22495 Van

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COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations

COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations I N S I G H T COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES Reaching Out Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations january 2011 All community foundations do good. Some do better by making full use of board

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LEGAL LEADERS. Will Ferguson & Associates. New Mexico. some medical devices can hurt more than help Page 8

LEGAL LEADERS. Will Ferguson & Associates. New Mexico. some medical devices can hurt more than help Page 8 LEGAL LEADERS presents New Mexico s top rated lawyers of 2013 Will Ferguson & Associates personal injury leaders Page 3 also inside New Mexico LAW 2013 Page 5 some medical devices can hurt more than help

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Columbia College TODAY. Good Chemistry. James J. Valentini Transitions from Longtime Professor to Dean of the College. Fall 2012

Columbia College TODAY. Good Chemistry. James J. Valentini Transitions from Longtime Professor to Dean of the College. Fall 2012 Columbia College Fall 2012 TODAY Good Chemistry James J. Valentini Transitions from Longtime Professor to Dean of the College your columbia connection. the perfect midtown location: network with Columbia

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The Marin Lawyer. The Marin Lawyer. An Official Publication of the County Bar Association An Official Publication of the Marin County Bar Association

The Marin Lawyer. The Marin Lawyer. An Official Publication of the County Bar Association An Official Publication of the Marin County Bar Association The Lawyer The Marin Lawyer An Official Publication of the County Bar Association An Official Publication of the Marin County Bar Association July 2007 Volume 38, Issue 7 Past President Matt White tunes

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The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED

The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED The ULTIMATE guide to motorycle accident cases in Washington MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT SECRETS UNLOCKED Tricks and traps that wreck Washington injury cases. The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Accident Cases in

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YLD Gears Up for Law Week Activities

YLD Gears Up for Law Week Activities INSIDE MCBA Board Statement Regarding County Disputes p. 2 VLP Awards Reception p. 10 President Green in Profile p. 12 APRIL 2010 Volume 29, Number 4 YLD Gears Up for Law Week Activities The American Bar

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Rhode Island Bar Journal

Rhode Island Bar Journal Rhode Island Bar Journal Rhode Island Bar Association Volume 60. Number 6. May/June 2012 The Haymarket Riots and a Legacy of Injustice Riggs Case: Clarity on Net Metering Energy Family Limited Partnerships

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LEARNING EACH OTHER S HISTORICAL NARRATIVE: Palestinians and Israelis. This is a preliminary draft of the English translation

LEARNING EACH OTHER S HISTORICAL NARRATIVE: Palestinians and Israelis. This is a preliminary draft of the English translation LEARNING EACH OTHER S HISTORICAL NARRATIVE: Palestinians and Israelis This is a preliminary draft of the English translation This project and publication of this booklet have been made possible by: The

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Trial Court Orientation special offer See page 11. by Bill Archambeault

Trial Court Orientation special offer See page 11. by Bill Archambeault Trial Court Orientation special offer See page 11 MASSACHUSETTS BAR ASSOCIATION WWW.MASSBAR.ORG VOLUME 13, NUMBER 5 JANUARY 2006 The threat of terrorism cannot be greater than the curse of tyranny In December,

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Women in the Law Issue: Practice Leadership! Practice Group Chairs at Ryley Carlock & Applewhite.

Women in the Law Issue: Practice Leadership! Practice Group Chairs at Ryley Carlock & Applewhite. greater Phoenix edition april 2012 Women in the Law Issue: Practice Leadership! Practice Group Chairs at Ryley Carlock & Applewhite (left to right: Susan Brienza, FDA Law;

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