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1 CRIMINAL JUSTICE DIRECTORY State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 1

2 VISIT OUR WEB SITE: You may also download this document in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format [PDF] at the above site. This publication is made available to you by the Executive Office of the Governor, Legal Affairs. Contact Angela Matiyak at if you have any questions or comments State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory


4 State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

5 CRIMINAL JUSTICE DIRECTORY General Directory State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 5

6 State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

7 Office of the Governor Local SunCom Fax The Capitol, Tallahassee Governor: Jeb Bush 850/ The Capitol, Tallahassee Lieutenant Governor: Toni Jennings 850/ The Capitol, Tallahassee GENERAL DIRECTORY Legal 850/ / Room 209, The Capitol Tallahassee, FL Raquel Rodriguez, General Counsel Keisha Muirhead, Executive Assistant Heidemarie Smith, Administrative Assistant Nathan Adams, Deputy General Counsel Susan Rehwinkel, Administrative Assistant Angela Matiyak, Administrative Assistant Victoria Brennan, Assistant General Counsel Jean Hartman, Assistant General Counsel Nicole Quinn, Assistant General Counsel Danielle Harrison, Administrative Assistant Heather Slager, Notary Education Coordinator Susan Smith, Extradition Coordinator, State Attorney Liason, International Prisoner Transfer, Coordinator Wendy Hallowell, Victim Rights Coordinator Gladys Perez, Assistant General Counsel Legislative Affairs 850/ / Room 208, Capitol Tallahassee, FL Chris Flock, Legislative Director Office of Planning and Budgeting 850/ / Room 1601, The Capitol SC Tallahassee, FL Mike Hanson, Director PUBLIC SAFETY POLICY UNIT 850/ Room 1501, The Capitol Tallahassee, FL Randy Ball, Policy Coordinator Cabinet Attorney General: Charlie Crist 850/ The Capitol, Tallahassee Commissioner of Agriculture: Charlie Bronson 850/ The Capitol, Tallahassee Chief Financial Officer: Tom Gallagher 850/ The Capitol, Tallahassee State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 7

8 GENERAL DIRECTORY Florida Department of Law Enforcement Local SunCom Fax Post Office Box 1489 Tallahassee, FL Guy M. Tunnell, Executive Director 850/ Ft. Myers Regional Operations Center 239/ Sarasota Field Office 941/ Sebring Field Office 863/ Jacksonville Regional Operations Center 904/ Gainesville Field Office 386/ St. Augustine Field Office 904/ Miami Regional Operations Center 305/ Broward Field Office 954/ Key West Field Office 305/ West Palm Beach Field Office 561/ Orlando Regional Operations Center 407/ Daytona Beach Field Office 386/ Ft. Pierce Field Office 772/ Melbourne Field Office 321/ Pensacola Regional Operations Center 850/ Panama City Field Office 850/ Tallahassee Regional Operations Center 850/ Live Oak Field Office 386/ Tampa Bay Regional Operations Center 813/ Brooksville Field Office 352/ Clearwater Field Office 727/ Lakeland Field Office 863/ Parole Commission 850/ Blairstone Road, Bldg C Tallahassee, FL Monica David, Chair 850/ Frederick B. Dunphy, Commissioner 850/ Tena M. Pate, Commissioner 850/ Office of Executive Clemency 850/ Blairstone Road, Bldg C Tallahassee, FL Janet Keels, Coordinator State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

9 Department of Legal Affairs Office of Attorney General GENERAL DIRECTORY Local SunCom Fax Charlie Crist PL01, The Capitol 850/ / Tallahassee, FL sc George Lemieux, Deputy Attorney General 850/ / / / Paul Huck, Deputy Attorney General 954/ / South Florida Office 813/ Criminal Appeals Section 850/ / Carolyn Snurkowski, Asst. Deputy Attorney General 850/ / Director Criminal and Capital Appellate Division sc PL01, The Capitol Tallahassee, FL Capital Appeals Bureau Daytona Beach 386/ / Seabreeze Boulevard, Suite 500 sc Daytona Beach, FL Kellie Nielan, Bureau Chief Ft. Lauderdale 954/ / Republic Tower, sc SE 6 th Street Ft. Lauderdale, FL Richard Polin, Bureau Chief Miami 305/ / Rivergate Plaza, Suite 950 sc Brickell Avenue Miami, FL Richard Polin, Bureau Chief Tallahassee 850/ / / P.L. 01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL Mark Thomas, Bureau Chief Tampa 813/ / Concourse Center 4 sc East Frontage Road, Suite 200 Tampa, FL Robert Krauss, Bureau Chief Candy Sabella, Bureau Chief Capital Appeals West Palm Beach 561/ / North Flagler Avenue, Suite 900 sc West Palm Beach, FL Celia Terenzio, Bureau Chief State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 9

10 GENERAL DIRECTORY Department of Legal Affairs (continued) Local SunCom Fax Economic Crime 850/ / Mary Leontakianakos 850/ sc Director, Economic Crimes Ft. Lauderdale 954/ / S.E. 6th Street, AutoNation Tower sc Ft. Lauderdale, FL Robert Julian, Bureau Chief Jacksonville 904/ / Riverplace Blvd., Suite 405 sc Jacksonville, FL Kathleen Von Hoene, Bureau Chief Orlando 407/ / Century Plaza, Suite 1000 sc W. Central Blvd. Orlando, FL Elizabeth Starr, Bureau Chief Tallahassee 850/ / PL-01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL Michael Palecki, Bureau Chief Tampa 813/ / Concourse Center 4 se E. Frontage Road, Suite 325 Tampa, FL Victoria Butler, Bureau Chief West Palm Beach 561/ / Flagler Waterview Building sc N. Flagler Drive, Suite 900 West Palm Beach, FL Robert Julian, Bureau Chief MEDICAID Fraud Control Unit 850/ / Spencer Levine, Director SC Ft. Lauderdale Republic Tower, 110 S.E. 6th Street 954/ / Ft. Lauderdale, FL SC Steve Kogan, Bureau Chief Ft. Myers Sullivan Centre, Suite West First Street 239/ / Ft. Myers, FL SC Scott Farr, Bureau Chief Jacksonville 1300 Riverplace Boulevard, Suite / / Jacksonville, FL SC Scott Farr, Bureau Chief Miami 444 Brickell Ave. Rivergate Plaza, Suite / / Miami, FL SC Andrea Anido, Bureau Chief State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

11 GENERAL DIRECTORY Department of Legal Affairs (continued) Local SunCom Fax Orlando Century Plaza 407/ / West Central Blvd., Suite 1000 SC Orlando, FL Scott Farr, Bureau Chief Tallahassee P.L. 01, The Capitol 850/ / Tallahassee, FL SC Mark Thomas, Bureau Chief Tampa Concourse Center 4 813/ / E. Frontage Rd. Suite 200 SC Tampa, FL Scott Farr, Bureau Chief Penasacola Seville Tower 850/ South Palafox St., 3rd FL sc Pensacola, FL Mark Thomas, Bureau Chief West Palm Beach 1515 N. Flagler Dr., Suite West Palm Beach, FL sc Andrea Anido, Bureau Chief Division of Victim Services & Criminal Justice Programs Rodney Doss, Division Director 850/ / sc Cynthia Rogers-Vallely 850/ / Chief, Bureau of Advocacy &Grants Management sc Rick Nuss Chief, Bureau of Criminal Justice Programs 850/ / sc Gwen Ford Roache Chief, Bureau of Victim Compensation 850/ / sc Toll-Free Victim Information and Referral Line Victim Advocates Nancy Corden 813/ / (Circuits: 6 th & 13 th ) sc (2 nd District Court of Appeal, 6 th, 10 th 12 th,13 th, & 20 th Circuits) Concourse Center # East Frontage Road, Suite 200 Tampa, Florida Dwight Phipps 239/ / (Circuits: 12 th & 20 th ) sc Riverfront Center 2075 West First Street, Suite 201 Ft. Myers, Florida Pamela Bennett 904/ / (Circuits: 4 th & 8 th ) sc Riverplace Boulevard Suite 405 Jacksonville, Florida State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 11

12 GENERAL DIRECTORY Department of Legal Affairs Local SunCom Fax Nicole Quinn 407/ / (Circuits: 5 th,9 th & 10 th ) x1106 x1106 sc West Central Boulevard Suite 1100 Orlando, Florida Barbara Cavanagh 561/ / (Circuits:15 th & 19 th ) x 168 x 168 sc (4 th District Court of Appeal, 15 th, 17 th & 19 th Circuits) 1515 North Flagler Drive, 9 Floor West Palm Beach, Florida Judith Rosetti 386/ / (Circuits: 7 th & 18 th ) sc (5th District Court of Appeal, 5 th, 7 th, 9 th & 18 th Circuits) 444 Seabreeze Boulevard, Suite 500 Daytona Beach, Florida D. Michelle Mabry 850/ / (Circuits: 2 nd & 3 rd ) sc District Court of Appeal, 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th, 8 th, &14 th Circuits) PLO1 The Capitol Tallahassee, Florida Kristen Klein 850/ / (Circuits: 1 st & 14 th ) x 108 x 108 sc Seville Tower 226 Palafox Place Pensacola, Florida Terri Speiser 954/ / (Circuits: 17 th ) sc (3 rd District Court of Appeal, 11 th & 16 th Circuits) Auto Nations Tower 110 Southeast 6 th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tania Sanchez 305/ / (Circuits: 11 th & 15 1h ) Rivergate Plaza Suite Brickell Ave. Miami, Florida Roland Montas 305/ / (Circuits: 11 th, 15 th & 17 th ) Rivergate Plaza Suite Brickell Ave. Miami, Florida State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

13 Department of Legal Affairs (continued) Local SunCom Fax Jessica Wilson 850/ / (Florida Supreme Court, All Circuits, Statewide Capital Cases) sc PL-01, The Capitol Tallahassee, Florida Cheryl Ricciardi 407/ / Statewide Community Crisis Response Coordinator x1111 x1111 sc West Central Boulevard, Suite 1150 Orlando, Florida State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 13

14 GENERAL DIRECTORY Department of Legal Affairs (continued) Local SunCom Fax General Civil Litigation Division Gerald B. Curington 850/ / Assistant Deputy Attorney General sc PL01, The Capitol Tallahassee, FL Administrative Law Bureau: M. Catherine Lannon, Bureau Chief 850/ / PL01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL Child Support Enforcement Bureau: Priscilla Quinones, Bureau Chief 850/ / PL01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL Ft. Lauderdale - Ravi Brammer, Attorney Supervisor 954/ / P. O. Box sc Ft. Lauderdale, FL St. Petersburg - Malinda Ottinger, Attorney Supervisor 727/ / P. O. Box 3342 sc St. Petersburg, FL Tallahassee - Sonia Garcia-Solis, Attorney Supervisor 850/ / PL-01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL Childrenʼs Legal Services: Ft. Lauderdale - Cynthia Guerra, Bureau Chief, South 954/ / SE 6 th Street sc Ft. Lauderdale, FL Tampa/Bradenton - Bill Navas, Bureau Chief, Central 813/ / One Mack Center sc E. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1100 Tampa, FL Corrections Litigation Bureau: Caryl Kilinski, Bureau Chief 850/ / PL01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL Eminent Domain Bureau: Celeste Adorno, Bureau Chief 850/ / PL01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

15 GENERAL DIRECTORY Department of Legal Affairs (continued) Local SunCom Fax General Civil Litigation Division Jacksonville - Cheryl Britt Brittle, Attorney Supervisor 904/ / Irene Street sc Jacksonville, FL Orlando - Yvonne Yegge, Attorney Supervisor 407/ / South Trust Building Ext Ext W Central Blvd, Suite 1150 sc Orlando, FL Tampa - Jack Gutman, Attorney Supervisor 813/ / Concourse Center 4, sc E. Frontage Rd, Suite 200 Tampa, FL Ethics Bureau: James H. Pete Peterson, Bureau Chief 850/ / PL01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Civil Bureau: Valerie Martin, Bureau Chief 954/ / SE 6 th St, 10 th Floor sc Auto Nations Tower Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revenue Litigation Bureau: Jerry Murchison, Bureau Chief 850/ / PL01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL State Programs Bureau: Chesterfield Smith, Jr., Bureau Chief 850/ / PL01, The Capitol sc Tallahassee, FL Tampa Civil Bureau: Alison Becker, Bureau Chief 813/ / E. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1100 Ext. 709 Ext. 709 sc Tampa, FL State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 15

16 Department of Corrections 2601 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida , 850/ Title Name Phone Number Sun-Corn Secretary James V. Crosby, Jr. 850/ General Counsel Louis Vargas 850/ Public Affair Director Robby Cunningham 850/ Inspector General Gerald Abdul-Wasi 850/ Investigations Ed Sobach 850/ Legislative Director Chris Clark 850/ Victimʼs Services Mark Lazarus 850/ Chief-Population Management Doyle Kemp 850/ Assistant Sec-Comm. Corrections R. Beth Atchison 850/ Deputy Assist. Sec- Comm. Corr. Barry Groves 850/ Deputy Assist. Sec Comm. Corr. Paula Hoisington 850/ Chief-Interstate Compact Ron Williams 850/ State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

17 CRIMINAL JUSTICE DIRECTORY Judicial Circuits State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 17

18 JUDICIAL CIRCUITS Florida s Judicial Circuits State Attorney and Public Defender STATE ATTORNEY CIRCUIT PUBLIC DEFENDER William Bill Eddins 1st Jack Behr William N. Meggs 2nd Nancy Daniels Jerry M. Blair 3rd Dennis Roberts Harry Shorstein 4th Hon. Bill White Brad King 5th Howard Skip Babb, Jr. Bernie McCabe 6th Robert H. Dillinger John Tanner 7th Hon. James S. Purdy William P. Cervone 8th Richard Parker Lawson L. Lamar 9th Robert Wesley Jerry Hill 10th James M. Moorman Katherine Fernandez-Rundle 11th Bennett H. Brummer Earl Moreland 12th Elliott C. Metcalfe, Jr. Mark A. Ober 13th Julianne Holt Steve Meadows 14th Herman D. Laramore Barry E. Krischer 15th Carley Haughwout Mark E. Kohl 16th Rosemary Enright Michael J. Satz 17th Hon. Howard Finkelstein Norman R. Wolfinger 18th James F. Russo Bruce H. Colton 19th Diamond Litty Stephen B. Russell 20th Robert Jacobs State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

19 ... By City and County JUDICIAL CIRCUITS CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT Alachua Alachua 8th Alford Jackson 2nd Allandale Volusia 7th Alligator Point Franklin 2nd Altamonte Springs Seminole 18th Altha Calhoun 14th Altoona Orange 9th Alva Lee 20th Amelia Island Nassau 4th Anna Maria Manatee 12th Anthony Marion 5th APO Miami Dade 11th Apalachicola Franklin 2nd Apollo Beach Hillsborough 13th Apopka Orange 9th Arcadia DeSoto 12th Archer Alachua 8th Aripeka Pasco 6th Arlington Duval 4th Astatula Lake 5th Astor Lake 5th Atlantic Beach Duval 4th Atlantis Palm Beach 15th Auburndale Polk 10th Aventura Miami-Dade 11th Avon Park Highlands 10th Babson Park Polk 10th Bagdad SantaRosa 1st Baker Okaloosa 1st Bal Harbour Miami-Dade 11th Baldwin Duval 4th Barberville Volusia 7th Bartow Polk 10th Bay Harbor Miami-Dade 11th Bay Harbor Gardens Miami-Dade 11th Bay Harbor Islands Miami-Dade 11th Bay Harbor Isle Miami-Dade 11th Bay Pines Pinellas 6th Bayonet Point Pasco 6th Bell Gilchrist 8th Belle Glade PalmBeach 15th Belleair Pinellas 6th Belleair Beach Pinellas 6th Belleair Bluffs Pinellas 6th Belleair Shore Pinellas 6th Belleview Marion 5th CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT Beverly Hills Citrus 5th Big Pine Key Monroe 16th Biscayne Park Miami-Dade 11th Blountstown Calhoun 14th Boca Grande Lee 20th Boca Raton Palm Beach 15th Bokeelia Lee 20th Bonifay Holmes 14th Bonita Beach Lee 20th Bonita Shores Lee 20th Bonita Springs Lee 20th Bostwick Clay 4th Bowling Green Hardee 10th Boynton Beach Palm Beach 15th Boys Ranch Suwannee 3rd Bradenton Manatee 12th Bradenton Bch. Manatee 12th Bradley Polk 10th Brandon Hillsborough 13th Branford Suwannee 3rd Brighton Highlands 10th Bristol Liberty 2nd Bronson Levy 8th Brooksville Hernando 5th Buena Vista Miami-Dade 11th Bunche Park Miami-Dade 11th Bunnell Flagler 7th Bushnell Sumter 5th Callahan Nassau 4th Callaway Bay 14th Campbellton Jackson 14th Candler Marion 5th Canal Point Palm Beach 15th Cantonment Escambia 1st Cape Canaveral Brevard 18th Cape Coral Lee 20th Captiva Island Lee 20th Carol City Miami-Dade 11th Carrabelle Franklin 2nd Caryville Washington 14th Casselberry Seminole 18th Cecil Field Duval 4th Cedar Key Levy 8th Charlotte Harbor Charlotte 20th Center Hill Sumter 5th Chattahoochee Gadsden 2nd State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 19

20 JUDICIAL CIRCUITS... By City and County CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT Chiefland Levy 8th Chipley Washington 14th Christmas Orange 9th Citra Marion 5th Clarksville Calhoun 14th Clearwater Pinellas 6th Clearwater Beach Pinellas 6th Clermont Lake 5th Clewiston Hendry 20th Cocoa Brevard 18th Cocoa Beach Brevard 18th Coconut Creek Broward 17th Coconut Grove Miami-Dade 11th Coleman Sumter 5th Cooper City Broward 17th Coral Gables Miami-Dade 11th Coral Ridge Broward 17th Coral Springs Broward 17th Cortez Manatee 12th Cottondale Jackson 14th Crawfordville Wakulla 2nd Crescent City Putnam 7th Crestview Okaloosa 1st Cross City Dixie 3rd Crystal Beach Pinellas 6th Crystal River Citrus 5th Crystal Lake Bay 14th Crystal Springs Pasco 6th Cudjoe Key Monroe 16th Cutler Ridge Miami-Dade 11th Cypress Jackson 14th Dade City Pasco 6th Dania Broward 17th Davenport Polk 10th Davie Broward 17th Daytona Volusia 7th Daytona Beach Volusia 7th Daytona Bch Shores Volusia 7th DeBary Volusia 7th Deerfield Broward 17th Deerfield Beach Broward 17th DeFuniak Springs Walton 1st DeLand Volusia 7th DeLeon Springs Volusia 7th Delray Beach Palm Beach 15th Deltona Volusia 7th CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT Deltona Lakes Volusia 7th Destin Okaloosa/Walton 1st Doctors Inlet Clay 4th Doral Miami-Dade 11th Dover Hillsborough 13th Duck Key Monroe 16th Dundee Polk 10th Dunedin Pinellas 6th Dunnellon Marion 5th Eagle Lake Polk 10th Earleton Alachua 8th East Palatka Putnam 7th East Point Franklin 2nd Eaton Park Polk 10th Eau Gallie Brevard 18th Edgewater Volusia 7th Edgewood Orange 9th Eglin AFB Okaloosa 1st Elfers Pasco 6th Elkton St. Johns 7th El Portal Miami-Dade 11th Ellenton Manatee 12th Englewood Sarasota/Charlotte 12th Enterprise Volusia 7th Estero Lee 20th Eustis Lake 5th Everglades City Collier 20th Evinston Alachua 8th Fedhaven Polk 10th Fern Park Seminole 18th Fernandina Beach Nassau 4th Flagler Beach Flagler 7th Florahome Putnam 7th Floral City Citrus 5th Florida City Miami-Dade 11th Forest City Seminole 18th Freeport Walton 1st Frostproof Polk 10th Fruitland Park Lake 5th Ft. George Duval 4th Ft. Lauderdale Broward 17th Ft. McCoy Marion 5th Ft. Meade Polk 10th Ft. Myers Lee 20th Ft. Myers Beach Lee 20th State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

21 ... By City and County JUDICIAL CIRCUITS CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT Ft. Pierce Beach St. Lucie 19th Ft. Walton Beach Okaloosa 1st Ft. White Columbia 3rd Gables-by-the-Sea Miami-Dade 11th Gainesville Alachua 8th Geneva Seminole 18th Gibsonton Hillsborough 13th Gifford Indian River 19th Glen St. Mary Baker 8th Glenwood Volusia 7th Golden Beach Miami-Dade 11th Golden Gate Collier 20th Goldenrod Orange 9th Gonzalez Escambia 1st Goodland Collier 20th Gotha Orange 9th Goulds Miami-Dade 11th Graceville Jackson 14th Graham Bradford 8th Grand Island Lake 5th Grant Brevard 18th Green Cove Springs Clay 4th Greenacres City Palm Beach 15th Greenwood Jackson 14th Greensboro Gadsden 2nd Greenville Madison 3rd Gretna Gadsden 2nd Groveland Lake 5th Gulf Breeze Santa Rosa 1st Gulf Hammock Levy 8th Gulfport Pinellas 6th Gulfstream Palm Beach 15th Haines City Polk 10th Hallandale Broward 17th Hampton Bradford 8th Harbor Oaks Duval 4th Harbor Heights Charlotte 20th Hastings St. Johns 7th Havana Gadsden 2nd Hawthorne Alachua 8th Heathrow Seminole 18th Hernando Citrus 5th Hialeah Miami-Dade 11th Hialeah Gardens Miami-Dade 11th Hialeah Lakes Miami-Dade 11th CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT High Springs Alachua 8th Highland Beach Palm Beach 15th Highland City Polk 10th Hilliard Nassau 4th Hillsboro Beach Broward 17th Hobe Sound Martin 19th Holiday Pasco 6th Holly Hill Volusia 7th Hollywood Broward 17th Hollywood Beach Broward 17th Hollywood Hills Broward 17th Holmes Beach Manatee 12th Homeland Polk 10th Homestead Miami-Dade 11th Homestead AFB Miami-Dade 11th Homosassa Citrus 5th Homosassa Springs Citrus 5th Hosford Liberty 2nd Howey-in-the-Hills Lake 5th Hudson Pasco 6th Hurlburt Field Okaloosa 1st Hypoluxo Island Palm Beach 15th Immokalee Collier 20th Indialantic Brevard 18th Indian Creek Miami-Dade 11th Indian Harbor Beach Brevard 18th ndian Lake Estates Polk 10th Indian River City Brevard 18th Indian River Shores Indian River 19th Indian Rocks Beach Pinellas 6th Indian Shores Pinellas 6th Indiantown Martin 19th Inglis Levy 8th Istachatta Hernando 5th Interlachen Putnam 7th Inverness Citrus 5th Islamorada Monroe 16th Isle of Capri Collier 20th Jacksonville Duval 4th Jacksonville Beach Duval 4th Jasper Hamilton 3rd Jay Santa Rosa 1st Jennings Hamilton 3rd Jensen Beach Martin 19th Juno Palm Beach 15th Juno Beach Palm Beach 15th State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 21

22 JUDICIAL CIRCUITS... By City and County CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT Juno Isles Palm Beach 15th Lecanto Citrus 5th Jupiter Palm Beach 15th Leesburg Lake 5th Kendale Lakes Miami-Dade 11th LeHigh Acres Lee 20th Kendall Miami-Dade 11th Leisure City Miami-Dade 11th Kennedy Spc. Ctr. Brevard 18th Lighthouse Point Broward 17th Kenneth City Pinellas 6th Limona Hillsborough 13th Key Biscayne Miami-Dade 11th Lithia Hillsborough 13th Key Colony Beach Monroe 16th Little River Miami-Dade 11th Key Largo Monroe 16th Live Oak Suwannee 3rd Key West Monroe 16th Lloyd Jefferson 2nd Keystone Heights Clay 4th Long Key Monroe 16th Kissimmee Osceola 9th Longboat Key Manatee 12th La Belle Hendry 20th Longwood Seminole 18th LaCrosse Alachua 8th Lorida Highlands 10th Lady Lake Lake 5th Lowell Marion 5th Laguna Beach Bay 14th Loxahatchee Palm Beach 15th Lake Alfred Polk 10th Lutz Hillsborough 13th Lake Buena Vista Orange 9th Lynn Haven Bay 14th Lake Butler Union 8th Macclenny Baker 8th Lake City Columbia 3rd MacDill AFB Hillsborough 13th Lake Clarke Shores Palm Beach 15th Madeira Beach Pinellas 6th Lake Geneva Clay 4th Madison Madison 3rd Lake Hamilton Polk 10th Magnolia Park Palm Beach 15th Lake Helen Volusia 7th Maitland Orange 9th Lake Jem Lake 5th Malabar Brevard 18th Lake Mary Seminole 18th Manalapan Palm Beach 15th Lake Monroe Seminole 18th Mandarin Duval 4th Lake Panasoffkee Sumter 5th Mango Hillsborough 13th Lake Park Palm Beach 15th Mangonia Park Palm Beach 15th Lake Placid Highlands 10th Manasota Manatee 12th Lake Wales Polk 10th Marathon Monroe 16th Lake Worth Palm Beach 15th Marathon Shores Monroe 16th Lakeland Polk 10th Marco Island Collier 20th Lamont Jefferson 2nd Margate Broward 17th Land Oʼ Lakes Pasco 6th Marianna Jackson 14th Lantana Palm Beach 15th Mary Esther Okaloosa 1st Largo Pinellas 6th Mascotte Lake 5th Lauderdale Broward 17th Matlacha Lee 20th Lauderdale Isles Broward 17th Mayo Lafayette 3rd Lauderdale Lakes Broward 17th Mayport Duval 4th Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Broward 17th McCoy AFB Orange 9th Lauderhill Broward 17th McIntosh Marion 5th Laurel Sarasota 12th Medley Miami-Dade 11th Laurel Hill Okaloosa 1st Melbourne Brevard 18th Lawtey Bradford 8th Melbourne Beach Brevard 18th State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory

23 ... By City and County JUDICIAL CIRCUITS CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT Melrose Alachua 8th North Naples Park Collier 20th Merritt Island Brevard 18th North Palm Beach Palm Beach 15th Mexico Beach Bay 14th North Port Sarasota 12th Miami Miami-Dade 11th North Redington Beach Pinellas 6th Miami Beach Miami-Dade 11th Oakland Park Broward 17th Miami Gardens Miami-Dade 11th Ocala Marion 5th Miami Lakes Miami-Dade 11th Ocean Ridge Palm Beach 15th Miami Shores Miami-Dade 11th Ochopee Collier 20th Miami Springs Miami-Dade 11th Ocoee Orange 9th Micanopy Alachua 8th Odessa Pasco 6th Micco Brevard 19th Okeechobee Okeechobee 19th Miccosukee Leon 2nd Oklawaha Marion 5th Middleburg Clay 4th Ojus Miami-Dade 11th Milton Santa Rosa 1st Old Town Dixie 3rd Mims Brevard 18th Oldsmar Pinellas 6th Minneola Lake 5th Ona Hardee 10th Miramar Broward 17th Oneco Manatee 12th Molino Escambia 1st Opa Locka Miami-Dade 11th Monticello Jefferson 2nd Orange City Volusia 7th Moore Haven Glades 20th Orange Lake Marion 5th Morriston Levy 8th Orange Park Clay 4th Mulberry Polk 10th Orange Springs Marion 5th Mt. Dora Lake 5th Orlando Orange 9th Mt. Plymonth Marion 5th Ormond Beach Volusia 7th Murdock Charlotte 20th Ormond-by-the-Sea Volusia 7th Naples Collier 20th Osprey Sarasota 12th Naples Park Collier 20th Osteen Volusia 7th Naranja Miami-Dade 11th Oviedo Seminole 18th NAS Jacksonville Duval 4th Ozona Pinellas 6th NAS Pensacola Escambia 1st Pace Santa Rosa 1st Navarre Santa Rosa 1st Pahokee Palm Beach 15th Neptune Beach Duval 4th Paisley Lake 5th New Port Richey Pasco 6th Palatka Putnam 7th New Smyrna Beach Volusia 7th Palm Bay Brevard 18th Newberry Alachua 8th Palm Beach Palm Beach 15th Niceville Okaloosa/Walton 1st Palm Beach Gardens Palm Beach 15th Nobleton Hernando 5th Palm Beach Shores Palm Beach 15th Nocatee DeSoto 12th Palm City Martin 19th Nochtee Polk 10th Palm Coast Flagler 7th Nokomis Sarasota 12th Palm Harbor Pinellas 6th North Bay Village Miami-Dade 11th Palm Springs Palm Beach 15th North Ft. Myers Lee 20th Palmetto Manatee 12th North Lauderdale Broward 17th Panacea Wakulla 2nd North Miami Miami-Dade 11th Panama City Bay 14th North Miami Beach Miami-Dade 11th Panama City Beach Bay 14th State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory 23

24 JUDICIAL CIRCUITS... By City and County CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT Parker Bay 14th Parkland Broward 17th Parrish Manatee 12th Pass-A-Grille Beach Pinellas 6th Patrick AFB Brevard 18th Pembroke Lakes Broward 17th Pembroke Pines Broward 17th Pensacola Escambia 1st Pensacola Beach Escambia 1st Perrine Miami-Dade 11th Perry Taylor 3rd Pierson Volusia 7th Pinecrest Miami-Dade 11th Pineland Pinellas 6th Pinellas Park Pinellas 6th Placida Charlotte 20th Plant City Hillsborough 13th Plantation Broward 17th Plantation Key Monroe 16th Plymouth Orange 9th Poinciana Osceola 9th Polk City Polk 10th Pompano Beach Broward 17th Pomona Park Putnam 7th Ponce de Leon Holmes 14th Ponce Inlet Volusia 7th Ponte Vedra Beach St. Johns 7th Port Charlotte Charlotte 20th Port Everglades Broward 17th Port Orange Volusia 7th Port Richey Pasco 6th Port Salerno Martin 19th Port St. Joe Gulf 14th Port St. John Brevard 18th Port St. Lucie St. Lucie 19th Princeton Miami-Dade 11th Punta Gorda Charlotte 20th Quincy Gadsden 2nd Raiford Union 8th Reddick Marion 5th Redington Beach Pinellas 6th Redington Shores Pinellas 6th Ridge Manor Pasco 6th Riverview Hillsborough 13th Riviera Beach Palm Beach 15th Rockledge Brevard 18th Roseland Indian River 19th CITY COUNTY CIRCUIT Rotonda West Charlotte 20th Royal Palm Beach Palm Beach 15th Ruskin Hillsborough 13th Safety Harbor Pinellas 6th Salem Taylor 3rd Salerno Martin 19th Salt Springs Marion 5th Samoset Manatee 12th San Antonio Pasco 6th San Mateo Putnam 7th Sanford Seminole 18th Sanibel Lee 20th Sanibel Island Lee 20th Santa Rosa Beach Walton 1st Sarasota Sarasota 12th Satellite Beach Brevard 18th Satsuma Putnam 7th Scottsmoor Brevard 18th Sea Ranch Lakes Broward 17th Seaside Santa Rosa 1st Sebastian Indian River 19th Sebring Highlands 10th Seffner Hillsborough 13th Seminole Pinellas 6th Seven Springs Pasco 6th Sewallʼs Point Martin 19th Shalimar Okaloosa 1st Sharpes Brevard 18th Siesta Key Sarasota 12th Silver Springs Marion 5th Singer Island Palm Beach 15th Sneads Jackson 14th Sopchoppy Wakulla 2nd Sorrento Lake 5th South Bay Palm Beach 15th South Daytona Volusia 7th South Daytona Beach Volusia 7th South Florida Broward 17th South Jacksonville Duval 4th South Miami Miami-Dade 11th South Palm Beach Palm Beach 15th South Pasadena Pinellas 6th Sparr Marion 5th Spring Hill Hernando 5th St. Augustine St. Johns 7th State of Florida Criminal Justice Directory