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3 Workshops of MODELS 2014 WS1: GEMOC 2014 WS8: CMSEBA 2014 WS11: MULTI 2014 WS13: OSS4MDE 2014 WS16: MD2P WS18: ME 2014 WS2: AMINO 2014 WS3: ACVI 2014 WS7: ModComp 2014 WS10: XM 2014 WS14: AMT 2014 WS4: ACESMB 2014 WS5: OCL 2014 WS6: CloudMDE 2014 WS12: MRT 2014 WS15: MoDeVVa 2014 WS17: MPM 2014 Sunday, September 28, nd Workshop On the Combining Modelling 1st Engineering on Monday, September 29, 2014 En Tuesday, September 30, 2014 of Em Workshop on the Cloud shop on digm Modeling Actos, Red Cube Aprende, Red Cube Yellow Cube Auditorium, Aprende, Red Cube Descubre, Red Cube Red Cube Green Cube Descubre, Red Cube Aprende, Red Cube Yellow Cube Green Cube Aprende, Red Cube Red Cube Red Cube Actos, Yellow Cube Descubre, Red Cube 4

4 WS1-GEMOC 2014 Sunday September 28, 2014 Benoit Combemale, Julien DeAntoni and Robert France Room: Gabor Karsai Session 2 Editor. Markus Voelter, and Sascha Lisson. Tony Clark Session 3 5

5 WS2-AMINO 2014 Monday September 29, 2014 Tony Clark, Balbir Barn, Vinay Kulkarni, Ulrich Frank, Robert France and Dan Turk Room: Session 2 Session 3

6 WS3-ACVI 2014 Monday September 29, 2014 Julien Delange and Peter Feiler Room: Julien Delange Javier Gonzalez-Huerta, Silvia Abrahao, Emilio Ins- Session 2 Tutorial AADL Inspector Pierre Dissaux Session 3 - with AADL Tutorial Brian Larson Session 4 Julien Delange

7 WS4-ACESMB 2014 bedded Systems Tuesday September 30, 2014 Florian Noyrit, Susanne Graf and Iulia Dragomir Room: Invited Talk Julien DeAntoni Tariq, Jacques Florence and tem Architecture Markus Oertel, Michael Schulze and Thomas Session 2 - Session 3 Paula Conclusions 8

8 WS5-OCL Tuesday September 30, 2014 Room: Aprende, Red Cube Session 1 From EOL to SQL SQL Session 2 Marcos Arjona, Carolina Dania, Marina Egea and Session 3 Panel Discussion The Future of OCL 9

9 WS6-CloudMDE 2014 Tuesday September 30, 2014 Richard Paige, Louis Rose, Jordi Cabot, Marco Brambilla and James Hill Room: Dániel Varró Session 2 Session 3 form Conclusions 10

10 WS7-ModComp 2014 Monday September 29, 2014 Federico Ciccozzi, Jan Carlson and Massimo Tivoli Room: Descubre, Red Cube Ivica Crnkovic - Session 2 Conclusions 11

11 WS8-CMSEBA 2014 Based Approaches Sunday September 28, 2014 Langer, James Williams and Manuel Wimmer Room: Aprende, Red Cube Benoit Baudry Your Models. Session 2 Varro Vangheluwe Conclusions 12

12 WS10-XM 2014 Monday September 29, 2014 Davide Di Ruscio, Alfonso Pierantonio and Juan De Lara Room: Aprende, Red Cube Session 2 Athanasios Zolotas, Dimitris Kolovos, Nicholas Ma- - Session 3. dovykh, Pedro Maló, Salvador Trujillo, Xabier Men- Conclusions 13

13 WS11-MULTI 2014 Sunday September 28, 2014 Colin Atkinson, Georg Grossmann, Thomas Room: César González Pérez Gogolla, Sedlmeier and Hamann Jahn, Roth and Jablonski Clark, Gonzalez Perez and Henderson-Sellers Atkinson, Gerbig and Kuehne Session 2 Guerra and de Lara Demuth, Riedl-Ehrenleitner and Egyed Van Mierlo, Barroca, Vangheluwe, Syriani and Kuehne Modeling Techniques for Enterprise Architecture Trojer, Farwick and Haeusler Conclusions 14

14 WS12-MRT 2014 Tuesday September 30, 2014 Room: Session 2 Session 3 Priscila Cedillo, Javier Gonzalez-Huerta, Silvia Abra- Robert Heinrich, Eric Schmieders, Reiner Jung, Kiana Rostami, Andreas Metzger, Willhelm Hasselbring, Discussion Breakout Sessions Conclusions 15

15 WS13-OSS4MDE 2014 Sunday September 28, 2014 Room: Open Source Tooling Francis Bordeleau Bernhard Schaetz Session 2. Session 3 Zoltán Micskei, Raimund-Andreas Konnerth, Bene- Session 4 James Williams, Nicholas Matragkas, Dimitris Ko- Richard Paige and Conclusions

16 WS14-AMT 2014 Monday September 29, 2014 Juan de Lara, Juergen Dingel, Levi Lucio and Hans Vangheluwe Room: Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Conclusions

17 WS15-MoDeVVa Tuesday September 30, 2014 Frédéric Boulanger, Michalis Famelis and Room: Erwan Bousse, Benoit Combemale and Benoit Baudry Loïc Gammaitoni and Pierre Kelsen Session 2 Xiaoliang Wang, Adrian Rutle and Yngve Lamo Julien Brunel, David Chemouil, Laurent Rioux, Mohamed Bakkali and Frédérique Vallée and Heinz Schmidt Session 3 Pranav Srinivas Kumar, Abhishek Dubey and Gabor Karsai Conclusions 18

18 WS16-MD2P Sunday September 28, 2014 and Michel Chaudron Room: Aprende, Red Cube Ankica Barisic, Vasco Amaral, Miguel Goulão and Ademar Aguiar Gabriel Costa Silva, Louis M Rose and Radu Calinescu Session 2 de Beeck, Sam Michiels, Wouter Joosen, Gustavo Eric Knauss and Daniela Damian Conclusions 19

19 WS17-MPM 2014 Tuesday September 30, 2014 Daniel Balasubramanian, Tamás Mészáros, Room: Descubre, Red Cube WebGME Akos Ledeczi Viktor Steiner and Gergely Mezei Session 2 - Romuald Deshayes, Bart Meyers, Tom Mens and Hans Vangheluwe Robert Bill, Simon Steyskal and Manuel Wimmer Session 3 Brian Broll, Peter Volgyesi, Laszlo Juracz, Tihamer Levendovszky and Akos Ledeczi Joachim Denil, Rick Salay and Daniel Varro Daniel Balasubramanian, Tihamer Levendovszky, Abhishek Dubey and Gabor Karsai Session 4 Discussion and Conclusions 20

20 WS18-ME 2014 Sunday September 28, 2014 Alfonso Pierantonio, Dalila Tamzalit and Ber- Room: Descubre, Red Cube mer, Werner Retschitzegger, Johannes Schoenboeck, Wieland Schwinger and Manuel Wimmer Juri Di Rocco, Davide Di Ruscio, Ludovico Iovino and Alfonso Pierantonio Session 2 Babajide Ogunyomi, Louis Rose and Dimitris Kolovos Vadim Zaytsev Miguel Angel Zuñiga Prieto, Javier Gonzalez-Huerta, Silvia Abrahao and Emilio Insfran Conclusions 21

21 Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) Blue Cube 3rd Floor:Registration Desk 4th Floor: Auditorium Access J Grey Cube 3rd and 4th Floor: Kube Restaurant RedCube 3rd Floor: Salon de Actos 4th Floor: Aprende Debate Descubre Yellow Cube 3rd Floor: Salon de Actos Av. Los Naranjos G 4th Ingeniero Fausto Elio 22

22 24