Converged Smart Card for Identity Assurance Solutions. Crescendo Series Smart Cards

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1 Converged Smart Card for Identity Assurance Solutions Crescendo Series Smart Cards

2 Crescendo is the proven smart card solution for a combined logical and physical access control solution. Crescendo smart cards allow me to cost-effectively and easily deploy a wide range of logical access solutions. Crescendo is a series of highly secure smart cards designed to provide out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for a variety of logical access applications. Using a Crescendo card, organizations can rely on an effective solution to protect sensitive IT resources and manage the secure identities of end users. Crescendo is a multi-technology card delivered as a credit card-sized smart card that enables logical and physical access control, also serving as an employee ID badge. The Crescendo product family delivers a solution for VPNs access as an alternative to one time password (OTP) tokens, and cloud based applications when deployed with HID s ActivID 4TRESS. The cards support document and digital signature and can be used to protect critical data during transmission between trusted parties or for data at-rest (e.g., encrypt files, s or hard drives). cryptographic keys for public key operations and symmetric keys, as well as demographic and personal information from end users). Secure solution for RFID deployments To meet the needs of current physical access control customers, the card can be customized with the physical access control technologies you can choose from HID iclass, iclass SE, MIFARE, MIFARE DESFire EV1, HID or Indala proximity, and other combinations through multi-technology Crescendo cards. The cards offer a variety of combinations of contactless technologies embedded in a single card. Compatible with SIO (Secure Identity Object) for contactless interface, Crescendo fully leverages the multi-layer security model introduced by HID's SIO as part of the iclass SE platform. This model provides increases data confidentiality and authentication for enhanced security in your access control deployment. Crescendo provides a strong authentication solution. Crescendo contains a contact chip module, based on the Java Card operating system that supports multi-applications and is capable of performing advanced cryptographic operations. This allows the Crescendo card to securely store a variety of objects (such as X.509 certificates and asymmetric Crescendo is an off the shelf solution, allowing HID to offer a much faster turn around time and lower minimum order quantity compared to many contact smart card solutions. Also, because the cards are fully produced within, the ordering process is greatly simplified, eliminating the risk associated with working with multiple suppliers.

3 Crescendo supports a wide variety of applications Crescendo smart cards provide a number of functions offered by legacy smart card solutions, but are faster to implement, easier to use, less expensive to deploy in HID Global s or third-party products (secure client software and card management system) as well as in Microsoft Windows environments. A powerful solution for controlling access to data, Crescendo smart cards enable a variety of data security applications. Windows domain log-on To support strong authentication utilizing PKI, Crescendo cards support two-factor (PIN + Card) log-on to your PC. Secure network access Crescendo cards implement the necessary cryptographic services for file and server remote access via VPN (using one time password or PKI) as well as secure web access for accessing SSL-protected web sites. They also support Wireless LAN authentication. Pre-boot Authentication Crescendo enables users to protect PC access at the BIOS level, ensuring a trusted environment prior to PC log-in. encryption and signing Use Crescendo to encrypt and sign sensitive communications, and ensure that you re dealing with a trusted source by verifying sender s certificate. Disk and file encryption Using Crescendo allows you to simplify encrypting sensitive information for storage or transfer. You can protect a single file or an entire disk with a wide range of data security applications. For an up-to-date list of supported Crescendo applications, please visit Single sign-on Use your Crescendo card to log-on to a variety of applications with a single credential. This reduces the need for a variety of usernames and passwords.

4 CRESCENDO SERIES SMART CARDS Choosing a smart card for logical access has never been easier or more economical! OS Support Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008 R2 Other platforms (such as Mac OS, Linux) Standards Support C200 4 C700 C800 C1100 C ISO 7816 Part 1-4 Part 1-4 Part 1-3 Part 1-3 Part 1-3 PCSC / CCID CryptoAPI / MSCAPI Microsoft Base CSP No (Windows XP / Server 2003 and higher) (Windows XP / Server 2003 and higher) PKCS #11 No PKI X.509 Certificates FIPS201 (CIV) No No Contact Smart Chip (optional) Java Card OS v2.2.2 Global Platform Specification Max number of Digital Certificates No 16 (1024) or 12 (2048) 21 (1024) or 15 (2048) 1 Up to 16* (depending the profile in use) 9 (1024 or 2048) One Time Password No No No EEPROM Storage (KB) EEPROM Retention (years) FIPS140-2 (chip and OS) Common Criteria (chip EAL 5+) Contactless Technologies No No No No HID iclass HID iclass SE MIFARE Classic MIFARE DESFire EV1 HID & Indala Prox and Magnetic 2 Stripe Multi-technologies with HID iclass Other Options Available on Request No No Microsoft Applications Windows Domain Log-On Remote Desktop / RDP Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 C200 4 C700 C800 C1100 C No No Outlook 2003 & 2010 No Encrypted File System No Internet Explorer (8 and version onward) Windows Certificate Authority (>2003) Applications ActivClient v6.2 and higher ActivID CMS 4.2 and higher ActivID CMS Appliance No No No No No No No No No No No No 4TRESS AAA No No No 4TRESS Authentication Server No No No No navigo 3.0 No Other Applications Single Sign-On Pre-Boot Authentication No Firefox, Netscape No VPN (SSL / IPSEC) Citrix TM Smart Card Management Utility Warranty No Years Maximum number of certificates 2 The Magnetic stripe is ABA standard 3 track, high coercivity (4000 Oe), ISO compliant. 3 Requires Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP 4 The Crescendo C200 has completed the Microsoft certification program for smart card minidrivers based on the v5 specifications 5 The Crescendo C1150 has completed the Microsoft certification program for smart card minidrivers based on the v7 specifications

5 CRESCENDO SECURE CUSTOM CARD SOLUTIONS Issue Crescendo Smart Cards Conveniently and Securely! Use Crescendo cards to enhance corporate identity and brand recognition No one wants to wear or present a plain, boring, unattractive badge. This card represents the user s personal image as well as the corporate image. Incorporate visual features such as a photo ID, name, or department color code to visibly identify individuals. High resolution printing and special inks are all available for your card design. A well-designed card demonstrates your company s commitment to security. Use Anti-counterfeiting features on the outside of your crescendo smart cards Enhance the security on the outside of your card. Holograms have been required by MasterCard and Visa for years. Passports, immigration cards, and currency also use holograms and other anti-counterfeiting features. Anti-counterfeiting options include: Surface Holograms Embedded Holograms Micro-Fine Text Guilloche Images Holographic Overlaminates Optically Variable Inks Ultra-Violet and Infrared Fluorescing Inks Use HID s Secure Identity Services to create your new badges Economically create new badges that incorporate the technologies you need with the graphics and anti-counterfeiting features you choose. HID s Secure Identity Services: Can create your ID badge layout; no inhouse graphics capabilities or equipment is required. Can use an existing photo ID database to create new, personalized ID badges. Eliminates costs associated with cards destroyed or disfigured during the badging process. Reduces overall costs associated with ID badge production. Wear and tear on in-house badge production equipment is minimized. Enables the security department to manage security, not ID badge production.

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