Introducing Cloud Backup. File Locker File Sharing & Collaboration EndGaurd EndPoint Protection & Device Management

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1 Introducing Cloud Backup File Locker File Sharing & Collaboration EndGaurd EndPoint Protection & Device Management

2 Global Explosion of Data The demand for cloud storage is just getting started. DATA IS EXPLODING! A single exabyte could hold 100,000 copies of the entire printed material collection of the Library of Congress. 2

3 Needs to Access and Protect Also Growing iphones ipads Android Tablets Android Smartphones Newest Technology Traditional Computers Windows Desktop Windows Laptop Apple Desktop Apple Laptop Servers & Database Tech Servers SQL 3

4 The Cloud is the Center of all the Action Protect Automation saves time Significantly cost effective compared to traditional methods Off premises, out of harm s way More resistant, more reliable Recover from disaster from anywhere 24/7 availability Access Collaborate with others easily Sync multiple devices together Share files over the web Work on the go Security in the BYOD world 4

5 Overview of Cloud Backup A Full Application Suite Backup Servers, PCs, Macs, ios, and Android devices We Built a Better Backup: Simple, Scalable, Secure Cloud Backup is a simple and secure cloud-based data protection solution, and the product line includes everything a small business would need as well as server backup technologies and a centralized management Dashboard for larger organizations. Simplicity Built for businesses both large and small, simple needs and complex environments. All endpoints including mobile devices, desktops and laptops, backed up with ease. Scalability Move large amounts of data with long-term scalability. Unique encryption and compression techniques allow us to do so securely. Security The only online backup technology that encrypts data locally, in transit and at rest in the data center, which goes a long way to assist with compliance scenarios such as HIPAA, US EU Safe Harbor, and PCI. 5

6 Cloud Backup for Everyone Mobile Protection Backup for iphone and Android. iphone Backup Android Backup Tablets Desktop/Laptop Protection Award-winning backup for Mac & Windows end-points. Online Backup For OS X Online Backup For Windows XP, Vista 7, 8 Server Protection Robust cloud backup for both unstructured and structured data. File Servers Win 2k3, 2k8, 2k12 Database Protection Client for SQL Server Protection Client for Exchange Cloud Apps Our back-end technology that makes it work. Dashboard An end-to-end management platform for users. Single pane of glass management for thousands of devices. Backup Server Runs in public cloud mode to power SaaS offering. Runs in private cloud mode for innetwork enterprise deployments. 6

7 Advanced Cloud Backup Features Complete Server Backup And Recovery Backup Windows based servers and virtual machines to the cloud. Use Bare Metal image backup or native SQL server, Native Exchange, and file server backup. Cloud Backup includes file and folder backup, file server backup, native Exchange server backup, and native SQL server backup. Exchange Granular Recovery allows you to perform granular mailbox recovery on exchange backups and recover lost or deleted files quickly. Integrated E- discovery technology lets you search and preview not commonly seen in typical EGR solutions but available with Cloud Backup. Recover at the database, mailbox, or message level. Bare metal backup is available via our partnership with ShadowProtect. Bare metal backups are the best way to protect all pieces of a server, including its operating system. Bare metal backup delivers a low RTO (Recovery Time Objective), which gets your customers back up and running quickly in the event of a disaster. 7

8 Built for Business Centralized Management Dashboard Remote management, monitoring, and deployment for all server and endpoint backups. The Cloud Backup Dashboard monitors and remotely controls an entire business. Everything from software downloads, activity reporting, account management, device management, and rebranding is controlled here. 8

9 Leading Security Encryption Cloud Backup uses a unique three-tiered encryption process modeled on the system used by the U.S. military. Data is encrypted with the following process: Locally encrypted at 256 bit AES Encrypted in transit during upload Encrypted at rest in the data center A further security option, Ultrasafe, encrypts data in such a way as it can only be accessed by the user and no one else. This feature is the ultimate in data security. 9

10 The Security Difference Encryption 10

11 Overview of Cloud Backup Selects appropriate data files to backup (not application files) Runs backup at a prescribed schedule, typically daily Initial upload is largest After initial upload, only new files and changes are transferred Recover files from any location, any time, either a single file or all files 11

12 Create Your Account, Download & Install Go to to open an account. Download the Client. Install. Sign in with the address/password combo you just created. 12

13 First Time Setup You use the smart scanner to find all the files to backup. You can backup just the personal folders on the computer. You can manually select files/folders to backup, includes USB drives. Smart Scanner 13

14 Confirm Your Backup, Change as Necessary On this screen you will see a tree-list of the files on your computer, you can confirm what will and won t be backed up. Here you can activate LiveProtect on select files. 14

15 Set Your Schedule Set your schedule frequency and time. Want reports? Just enter your address! 15

16 Away You Go! You can continue to use your computer normally while Cloud Backup works in the background. 16

17 Cloud Backup Main Screen 17

18 Restoring Files from the Desktop App The desktop app is the preferred method to restore files. Restore from the cloud or a local backup. 18

19 Powerful Restore Capabilities Use the calendar to roll back to a certain date. Find specific files by size or name. Specify where you d like to restore files to. Step 1: select the date Step 2: select the files to restore 19

20 Powerful Restore Capabilities Step 3: Recover the files Step 4: View the files via the Open Destination Directory button 20

21 Restore Files from the Web Go to Login with your address/password. Great for files under 500MB. 21

22 Cloud Backup Mobile Access Download the Managed Online Backup app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 22

23 Whole Management, Single Window Easily create & manage multiple backup accounts Monitor all users backups and take action Get detailed storage, file & access reports Get all of the downloads you need See all your cloud storage at a glance Create backup policies, in-client messages and more 23

24 Total Control for IT Managers Get detailed lists of users Quickly see how much cloud storage each user is utilizing Access user accounts to restore data, manage settings and more Access alerts and drill down on reports 24

25 Platform Overview File Sharing and Collaboration Preview, edit, share files/folders in the cloud. Sharing files securely across departments The FileLocker collaboration application is designed to solve growing enterprise security concerns over the method of file sharing and the control over such file-sharing and collaboration. All business departments must share files. Using FileLocker collaboration application improves employee productivity, rather than relying on or a simple SharePoint deployment. Your enterprise users are using free file-sharing for a simple reason: it gives them a convenient way to share data. FileLocker gives business users the ease of use they desire, but with the security your customers require. No more blacklisting. No more work-arounds. Use Digicel inside and outside of any company securely. 25

26 Platform Overview File Sharing and Collaboration Preview, edit, share files/folders in the cloud. Solve the file sharing security dilemma It s simple to use and easy to adopt across an entire organization. Collaboration Features Desktop Sync Search uploaded files Sort your files by title, size, date modified File viewer (Photoshop, CAD, images) Automatic notifications Edit documents in the cloud Password protect permalinks Comment edits on document FileLocker web app 26

27 Platform Overview File Sharing and Collaboration Preview, edit, share files/folders in the cloud. FileLocker offers mobile access for users on-the-go, anywhere in the world. Mobile Apps Android ios- iphone/ipad Windows Phone Comment in the cloud 27

28 Platform Overview File Sharing and Collaboration Preview, edit, share files/folders in the cloud. FileLocker includes granular administrative controls for IT managers. Administrative Controls Audit trail reporting LDAP Integration Change storage quotas by account Restrict/control external access Set permissions/control who can view items Create incoming folders Set companywide file retention policies Administrative dashboard Outbound API call integration Remote Wipe Device Authorization Admin Dashboard 28

29 Platform Overview File Sharing and Collaboration Preview, edit, share files/folders in the cloud. FileLocker security features include the option for on-premise, private cloud deployment. Security Features Private cloud deployable Encrypt locally prior to transit Encrypt in transit Encrypt in the data center Private cloud deployment of FileLocker can help large businesses and enterprises maximize the power of their existing data center. Deploy in-house and use existing equipment Create your own virtual machines for deployment Create your own physical machines for deployment Maximize the investment in your internal data center In addition, our unique three-tiered encryption system is that used by the U.S. military. 29

30 Platform Overview Endpoint Protection & Device Management Protect endpoints - Anywhere The EndGaurd Endpoint Protection & Device Management was purpose built to protect data where it lives on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Secure backup, best-in-class data loss prevention, geo-tracking, remote wipe, and heterogeneous restore capabilities are combined in a single unified dashboard to simplify management for IT. Gartner predicts by 2017, half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes EndGaurd will prepare you for the BYOD revolution Data Protection Backup across multiple OS platforms Windows, Mac, ios, Android, Windows Phones Military grade, three-tiered encryption process provides the highest level of data protection Remote wipe, heterogeneous data restore, and geo-tracking provide best-in-class data loss prevention And more! 30