FAGOR News. Introducing the new E-VO Generation dishwashers. We're working on updating our entire range of products. Today. Technical corner.

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1 June Benefits of the new E-VO Generation dishwashers. Technical corner. Self-Service Laundry Fagor People Meet the new Fagor Industrial Area Managers We're working on updating our entire range of products Iker Alberdi Introducing the new E-VO Generation dishwashers.

2 Editorial May 2015 EDITORIAL Iker Alberdi, Fagor Business Manager PAGE 02 PAGE 04 PAGE 46 PAGE 50 PAGE 59 PAGE 60 PAGE 62 Contents EDITORIAL A short introduction from Fagor's new Business Manager, Iker Alberdi TODAY News on what Fagor has been up to all over the world. OF INTEREST Find out about the latest industry news. TECHNICAL CORNER A special feature on self-service laundry. WE RECOMMEND Get up to speed with our selection of cook books. CULINARY BLOGGERS Mouthwatering recipes from our culinary bloggers. FAGOR PEOPLE Meet the new managers who head the new Fagor organizational structure across Europe and Asia. The year 2015 is forecasted to be a period of great development in which higher business activity is envisaged and increasingly more business opportunities are detected within the hotel and catering industry. In fact, at Fagor Industrial, the expectations that we have are quite positive and, with regard to the next fiscal period, we expect great growth. Of course, this would not be possible if we didn't have a great team of professionals working day in and day out on developing the most efficient appliances to meet each and every one of our customers' needs. In order to reach this proposed growth, we at Fagor Industrial have made a great investment to renew our product catalog, thus offering our customers with appliances that provide the most innovative solutions, without sacrificing efficiency and ease of use to make work life a little better each day. Without a doubt, our star is the new Generation of E-VO dishwashers. The products of this new generation stand out for being more robust, efficient, and intelligent - characteristics that help us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. But our work does not end here: our R&D&I department is already working on the next cooking Generation and a new range of ovens which will be unveiled next year, having the highest quality and meeting the most stringent demands of a leading company like Fagor. Likewise, this year is full of projects and we will continue to expand our presence on the international level. In fact, we have participated in the Gulfood Exhibition, held in Dubai, which has become a strategic event for companies of the food service industry. Additionally, we were present in April at the Clean Show Exhibition in Atlanta and we will be at the Host Exhibition in Milan, the international home to the professional At Fagor Industrial the expectations that we have are quite positive and, with regard to the next fiscal period, we expect great growth. hotel and catering industry, which has become our key event and an excellent opportunity to keep positioning our brand amongst the best in the sector. This issue is a clear reflection of all this hard work that Fagor Industrial's team carries out to the maximum extent. In these pages, you will find interesting reports and interviews on current affairs like the surge in self-service laundry or the innovative projects of our customers, as well as the creation of the first "Fagor Bus" in Holland, equipped to do demonstrations. In addition, you'll be able to get up to date on the latest company news and the challenges overcome thanks to the talent of our team which has recently been awarded the Diario Vasco Newspaper's (Vocento Group) great prize for the best corporate website. Once again, we encourage you to keep working another year to share in Fagor Industrial's success and to keep proving that our products are of utmost quality. 3

3 New items TODAY NEWS E-VO Generation Fagor Industrial presents its new E-VO Generation dishwashers. The new E-VO Generation concentrates on offering intelligent, reliable, robust, efficient and easy to use products to revolutionize the world of ware-washing. The E-VO generation offers all the advantages and specifications of the market leaders but in a tailored range to meet your customers needs, requirements and economics. This has led to the simplification of fitted components and fixings as these are an integral embossed part of the machine. This process has resulted in the production of appliances that offer maximum levels of reliability, robustness and customer safety, being easy to clean and maintain. This generation is the result of a major investment in machinery and manufacturing tools which is revolved around a single stamped tank philosophy. Three ranges to cater for every need. Fagor Industrial brings together in just one family all the requirements necessary to cover the needs of any establishment. All these advantages and features have been rolled into one extensive and complete generation of dishwashers that comprises three new ranges. The star product of the new generation of dishwashers is the E-VO ADVANCE range, designed for those who seek not only the best, but also something that is easy to operate and maintain. The E-VO ADVANCE smart machines meet all the requirements that a professional could dream of: cutting-edge technology, robustness, customizable wash programs (time and temperature), selfcleaning functions, and self-diagnosis to optimize maintenance times. In short, an appliance designed for the investment of today and the profit of tomorrow. For installations with low water pressure and high rinse requirements, the E-VO CONCEPT+ range is the best solution, combining all the benefits and features of the top ranges with a simple electromechanical control panel. The E-VO CONCEPT+ range offers a highly effective and efficient wash system (EFFI-WASH and EFFI-RINSE), making it the perfect partner for any wash area. Lastly, for those looking for a simple, reliable, robust and efficient dishwasher, E-VO CONCEPT is the best option. Like the higher-end E-VO Advance and E-VO Concept+ ranges of this Generation, the basic E-VO Concept range is offered as standard with a totally recessed structure (wash tub, basket support guides, stainless steel wash and rinse arms, door reverse, etc.) with a double wall (door and body), and electromechanical components and control panel. In addition, both the front-loading and hood-type E-VO dishwashers allow GN 1/1 trays to be washed thanks to the minimum opening height of 380 mm for the front-loading machine. This is an essential requirement nowadays and will continue to be so in the kitchens of the future. Another advantage that mustn't be forgotten is its ability to adapt to any installation and electrical requirements due to its multi-power performance and its easy technical accessibility thanks to the multi-connections box. Designed for those who seek not only the best, but also something that is easy to operate and maintain. 4 5

4 Benefits of the new Generation of dishwashers. One of the main advantages of the new E-VO Generation is the significant savings in daily consumption in comparison with other standard and high-end machines on the market, which therefore makes this Generation competitive and cost-effective. This new Generation of dishwasher reduces water consumption in both the hood-type and front-loading dishwashers, thereby drastically reducing daily consumption across all the available ranges. Simplicity and robustness have been a crucial part of this new Generation. This is why the structure has been simplified using recessed parts, automatic robotic welding has been introduced, and the number of components has been decreased, resulting in enhanced machine reliability. Furthermore, it is now easier to access the components and the multi-connections box, which allows the machine power and voltage to be adjusted to the requirements of the installation. This means that any unexpected circumstances or last-minute change is solved there and then, reducing the time and money spent on maintenance and installation. Another of the leading features of this generation is its commitment to the environment. The new range improves the recycling index of the machines by 50 %, thereby optimizing daily consumption and the environmental impact. Saves on energy and reduces water consumption. The tables below show the main features and equipment levels for the old ranges and the equivalencies for the new E-VO Generation ranges. GLASSWASHERS OLD ADVANCE RANGE OLD CONCEPT RANGE CHARACTERISTICS AD-21 C AD-21 AD-15 LVC-21 LVC-15 LVC-12 CO-402 COLD CO-400 COLD E-VO GENERATION E-VO CONCEPT RANGE PRODUCTIVITY BASKETS/HOUR 40 (400X400) 40 (400X400) 40 (350X350) 30 (400X400) 30 (350X350) 30 (350X350) 40 (400X400) 40 (400X400) 40 (350X350) 30 (350X350) 30 (350X350) PRODUCTIVITY GLASSES/HOUR CYCLES - PROGRAMS USABLE HEIGHT (mm) WASH PUMPS PUMP POWER (W) WASH TANK CAPACITY (l) WASH ELEMENT (kw) WATER CONSUMPTION PER CYCLE (l) RINSE TANK CAPACITY (l) RINSE ELEMENT (kw) RINSE PUMP NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO TOTAL LOAD (kw) DOUBLE SKINNED TANK YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NON-RETURN VALVE YES YES YES NO NO NO YES YES YES YES YES COLD RINSE BUTTON YES YES YES YES YES NO YES YES YES YES NO DETERGENT DISPENSER YES OPT NO NO NO NO OPT OPT OPT OPT OPT DRAIN PUMP YES OPT NO OPT NO NO OPT OPT OPT OPT OPT WATER SOFTENER NO OPT NO NO NO NO OPT OPT NO NO NO HOOD-TYPE DISHWASHERS OLD ADVANCE RANGE OLD CONCEPT RANGE E-VO ADVANCE CO-352 COLD CO-350 COLD E-VO GENERATION E-VO CON- CEPT+ E-VO CONCEPT CHARACTERISTICS AD-120 C AD-120 AD-90 FI-120 FI-100 FI-80 AD-125 COP-173 CO-170 CO-110 PRODUCTIVITY BASKETS/HOUR PRODUCTIVITY DISHES/HOUR CYCLES - PROGRAMS CONT CONT CONT CONT GLASS USABLE HEIGHT (mm) WASH PUMPS PUMP POWER (W) WASH TANK CAPACITY (l) WASH ELEMENT (kw) WATER CONSUMPTION PER CYCLE (l) RINSE TANK CAPACITY (l) RINSE ELEMENT (kw) / 4.5 / 6 / RINSE PUMP NO NO NO NO NO NO YES YES NO NO ALTERNATE 4,2-5,7-7,2-10,2 13,2 13,2 6,6 TOTAL LOAD (kw) SIMULTANEOUS 17,79 17,7 11,1 17,7 14,7 11,1 6,0-7,5-9,0-12,0 17,7 17,7 11,1 DOUBLE SKINNED HOOD YES NO NO NO NO NO YES NO NO NO STAINLESS TRAY FILTERS YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES NON-RETURN YES YES YES NO NO NO YES YES YES YES DETERGENT DISPENSER YES OPT OPT OPT OPT NO YES OPT OPT OPT DRAIN PUMP YES OPT OPT OPT OPT NO YES OPT OPT OPT WATER SOFTENER NO NO NO NO NO NO OPT OPT OPT NO CO-350 FRONT LOADING DISHWASHERS OLD ADVANCE RANGE OLD CONCEPT RANGE E-VO ADVANCE E-VO GENERATION E-VO CONCEPT+ E-VO CONCEPT The launch of the new E-VO Generation dishwashers is proof that it is possible to obtain higher quality and better performance without sacrificing important factors such as economy and sustainability. CHARACTERISTICS AD-64 C AD-48 C AD-64 AD-48 FI-64 FI-48 FI-30 AD-505 COP-503 CO-501 CO-500 PRODUCTIVITY BASKETS/HOUR PRODUCTIVITY DISHES/HOUR CYCLES - PROGRAMS GLASS USABLE HEIGHT - SUITABLE FOR GN-1/1 NO NO NO NO NO NO NO YES YES YES YES WASH PUMPS PUMP POWER (W) WASH TANK CAPACITY (l) WASH ELEMENT (kw) WATER CONSUMPTION PER CYCLE (l) RINSE TANK CAPACITY (l) RINSE ELEMENT (kw) 6 2,8 6 2,8 6 2,8 2,8 1,8 / 2,8 / 3,7 / 5,6 1,8 / 2,8 / 3,7 / 5,6 1,8 / 2,8 / 3,7 / 5,6 1,8 / 2,8 / 3,7 / 5,6 RINSE PUMP NO NO NO NO NO NO NO SI SI NO NO ALTERNATE 6,72 3,52 6,65 3,45 6,65 3,45 3,45 2,4-3,4-4,3-6,2 2,4-3,4-4,3-6,2 2,4-3,4-4,3-6,2 2,4-3,4-4,3-6,2 TOTAL LOAD (kw) SIMULTANEOUS 3,2-4,2-5,1-7,0 DOUBLE SKINNED YES YES NO NO NO NO NO YES YES YES YES STAINLESS TRAY FILTERS YES YES YES YES YES YES NO YES YES YES NO NON-RETURN YES YES YES YES NO NO NO YES YES YES YES DETERGENT DISPENSER YES YES OPT OPT OPT OPT NO YES OPT OPT OPT DRAIN PUMP YES YES OPT OPT OPT OPT OPT YES OPT OPT OPT WATER SOFTENER NO NO NO NO NO NO NO OPT OPT OPT NO 6 7

5 Conversion table. This table provides an overview of how to choose the most comparable model when replacing a machine from the old range with a new one. BEFORE AFTER RANGE OLD MODEL OLD DISHWASHERS TOTAL LOAD - KW HOOD-TYPE MOST COMPARABLE NEW MODEL E-VO GENERATION SUPPLY VOLTAGE AND TOTAL LOAD ADVANCE AD-120 C AD-125 SIMULTANEOUS HEATING KW AD-120 HY AD-125 SIMULTANEOUS HEATING KW AD COP-173 SIMULTANEOUS HEATING KW AD-120 B DD COP-173 B DD SIMULTANEOUS HEATING KW AD-120 B BT DD COP-173 B DD SIMULTANEOUS HEATING KW AD COP-173 ALTERNATE HEATING 13.2 KW AD-90 B DD COP-173 B DD ALTERNATE HEATING 13.2 KW AD-90 B BT DD COP-173 B DD ALTERNATE HEATING 13.2 KW CONCEPT FI COP-173 SIMULTANEOUS HEATING KW FI COP-173 ALTERNATE HEATING 13.2 KW FI-100 B COP-173 B ALTERNATE HEATING 13.2 KW FI-100 B DD COP-173 B DD ALTERNATE HEATING 13.2 KW FI-100 B BT DD COP-173 B DD ALTERNATE HEATING 13.2 KW FI CO-110 SIMULTANEOUS HEATING KW INNOVATIVE IDEAS INVEST IN THE FUTURE ONE STRUCTURE, THREE RANGES The new E-VO generation is a dream come true and more than just a breakthrough: this generation is different and innovative... Revolutionary. FRONT LOADING ADVANCE AD-64 C 6.72 AD-505 SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD-64 HY 6.72 AD-505 SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD-48 C 3.52 AD-505 SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW AD-48 HY 3.52 AD-505 SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW AD COP EVPL-60 STAND SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD-72 DD 6.65 COP-503 DD + EVPL-60 STAND SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD COP-503 SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD-64 D 6.65 COP-503 SOFT SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD-64 B 6.72 COP-503 B SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD-64 DD 6.65 COP-503 DD SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD-64 B DD 6.72 COP-503 B DD SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD-64 B BT DD 6.72 COP-503 B DD SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW AD COP-503 SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW AD-48 D 3.45 COP-503 SOFT SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW AD-48 B 3.52 COP-503 B SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW AD-48 DD 3.45 COP-503 DD SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW AD-48 B DD 3.52 COP-503 B DD SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW AD-48 B BT DD 3.52 COP-503 B DD SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW CONCEPT FI COP EVPL-60 STAND SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW FI-72 DD 6.72 COP-503 DD + EVPL-60 STAND SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW FI CO-501 SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW FI-64 B 6.72 CO-501 B SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW FI-64 B BT DD 6.72 COP-503 B DD SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 400 V - 3+N KW FI CO-501 SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW FI-48 B 3.52 CO-501 B SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW FI-48 B BT DD 3.52 COP-503 B DD SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW FI CO-500 SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW FI-30 B 3.52 CO-500 B SUPPLY VOLTAGE OF 230 V - 1+N KW GLASSWASHERS ADVANCE AD-21 C AD CO-402 COLD 230 V - 1+N KW AD-21 D 3.06 CO-402 SOFT 230 V - 1+N KW AD-21 B 3.13 CO-402 COLD B 230 V - 1+N KW AD-21 DD 3.06 CO-402 COLD DD 230 V - 1+N KW AD-21 B DD 3.13 CO-402 COLD B DD 230 V - 1+N KW AD CO-352 COLD 230 V - 1+N KW CONCEPT LVC CO-400 COLD 230 V - 1+N KW LVC-21 B 3.13 CO-400 COLD B 230 V - 1+N KW LVC-21 AR B 3.13 CO-400 COLD B 230 V - 1+N KW LVC CO-350 COLD 230 V - 1+N KW LVC CO V - 1+N KW A new way of understanding exclusivity. Make it simple, make it possible. The latest technology available to everyone. l twitter.com/fagorindustrial 8 9

6 TODAY SOCIAL MEDIA FAGOR INDUSTRIAL'S STRATEGY FOR SOCIAL MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION IS KEY WHEN INTERACTING WITH CUSTOMERS, INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS, AND THE MEDIA. In this world of new technology, establishing channels for communicating with both internet users and potential customers on social networks is one of the most important marketing and promotion tools for any serious company, whatever its sector may be. As Fagor Industrial is aware of the importance of being active on different digital platforms, it has had a comprehensive social media communication strategy in place since 2010, when it started using accounts on Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Creating and maintaining new points of communication with both customers, such as industry professionals, and experts in cooking and catering - one of the groups that has experienced the most growth and increased visibility on social networks, particularly on Twitter - is one of the main objectives for Fagor Industrial, the biggest manufacturer of appliances for the hospitality and catering industry in Spain and the tenth largest in the world. Using different channels to provide useful and technical information therefore helps the company to position itself as a leading brand in the industry. 10 Interaction and visibility through content Having a channel to communicate with potential customers and making Fagor Industrial more visible among its target audience (dealers, media, and the end customer) are fundamental. That's why it's important to create content which is interesting to the public, communicate as a global brand, and handle customer service cases in a way that results in positive feedback. There are also more specific challenges, such as supporting the launch of new products across all social platforms, promoting events that the brand is participating in, or publicizing certain projects. Another aspect is encouraging interaction with customers, the media, and specialized blogs by building a network of subscribers on social media, and sharing the latest news from the food and hospitality industry. These are the main activities involved, along with posting corporate news or information related to products, projects, new launches, job advertisements or attendance at fairs and national and international events, as these are important when it comes to establishing a link to other professionals in the industry. Regarding content, the cornerstones of Fagor Industrial's social media strategy are cooking and catering matters with topical news, trends, sectoral studies, awards, events, regulations or advice, among other issues. Promotion and analytics on Twitter FagorInd_Eng) and LinkedIn precisely enable Fagor Industrial to create a marketing plan for content, meaning that communication focuses on providing information related to cooking and catering, as well as information about products, launches, news, major projects, or events in which the company has taken part. Another way to communicate with users is via YouTube. This audiovisual channel is for publishing corporate videos, content on the products, and installations equipped by the company, as well as appearances in the media and special communication activities. The last of these channels is the corporate blog. The strategy for this blog is the same one applied to the other social networks. The articles published cover corporate news and the latest developments in the industry such as interviews with customers, events, or exhibitions, amongst many other ideas. A day in the life of the Fagor Industrial Community Manager Monitoring activity on social media: Every day, first thing in the morning, the team of professionals who work on the Fagor Industrial social marketing strategy check all the company's platforms (Twitter, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Blog). They monitor the latest references, comments, private messages and analyse all the interactivity logged on each channel. This essentially involves reviewing any conversations about Fagor Industrial that have taken place while activity 2.0 has not been monitored. As these conversations arise overnight, they are the first to be checked and priority is given to those questions/ complaints that have been logged on social media. Analyzing KPIs/ Key Performance Indicators. They then measure the level of engagement with the posts to ascertain which ones have worked best and continue to boost this type of content in social media communities. After creating the annual and global communication plan for Fagor Industrial, we review the timing of communication; the main milestones for that month/year, and the communication targets set by Fagor Industrial. This is how we design the social media communication plan, a global plan which is adapted to each social platform that the company uses, says Fagor Industrial's digital marketing agency. In order to be -and communicate as- a global brand, it was decided in early 2015 that a new social media profile would be launched. In this case, communication is targeted on an international audience and is completely in English. The international Twitter was launched just a few weeks ago. It's safe to say that the profile has been very well-received among our international members. The first employees, dealers, and end customers have started to interact with the content that has been published and the profile is gradually becoming more visible on Twitter, says the agency. A global plan which is adapted to each social platform that the company uses. Publishing content: Creating content for future publication is another key point of their daily work. After welcoming new followers, the team starts to feed the social profiles with quality content. To do this, they analyse when Fagor Industrial's social media profiles have the highest level of activity and interactivity. This content is planned and organized with the Marketing Department beforehand. Monitoring current news and items of interest: Every day they monitor any references to the company that have arisen in the primary media channels (both general and specialized), on social platforms used by customers, dealers, cooking blogs, partners, etc., which gives them a general overview of the parts of society involved. They also keep an eye out for any news which is hot off the press and of interest to the Fagor Industrial community, as the type of content chosen will have a direct outcome on the level of engagement on social media (impressions, interaction ). Tailoring content to each social network Fagor Industrial's strategy for social media revolves around adapting content to suit the characteristics of each social network. The goal is to meet the expectations of all its followers. Twitter is therefore used to publish the very latest news (marketing in real time). The team use their profiles to target communication towards each audience, reaching users in Spain and Latin America as well as those in other countries, with the majority of followers being from the USA or the UK. The blog, meanwhile, is used to publish technical content which generates a lot of interest among users, as the majority are professionals in the industry. Many of the posts on LinkedIn are corporate in nature and aimed at professionals, whereas the more visual content is logically published on YouTube. According to the Marketing Department, the rate of interaction with users and customers across different social channels is looking very positive. Regarding equipment for the professional sector, the team's efforts are focused on encouraging customers or subscribers to participate. An example of this is the recent interview we published on our blog which came about through interaction with the renowned Venezuelan chef, John Guerrero. After he expressed his satisfaction with his latest installation to us, we decided that we would like him to tell us his experience first hand through an interview. The chef gladly accepted our suggestion and his post on the blog has already had hundred of visits. As well as the need to update the content on social networks on a continual basis, online customer service is also hugely important to the company in order to respond to all the questions and complaints that users send via social media. Building quality communities and relationships: Another daily task is to boost public interest in the Fagor Industrial community. The three main target audiences (final customers, dealers, and the media) will always be given highest priority. Plus, if these questions are referring to a more technical issue, they are automatically processed in conjunction with the technical department. As for the nature of these questions, the majority received through the Fagor Industrial blog are related to business (starting a business, the cost of the company's appliances, information about Fagor products, and laundry equipment in particular ). Over on Twitter, the most popular questions are basically related to business matters, plus several requests for information and some asking for sponsorship. And there is no doubt that a comprehensive media and marketing plan, combined with a boost from social platforms, has a direct impact on sales. And new technology has huge potential to raise the profile of Fagor Industrial products. The management of Fagor Industrial's Marketing Department plays a crucial role throughout the entire social media strategy. They're the ones who tell us about the brand's major product launches (NEO Generation, E-VO Generation, or Cook and Chill), give us full details of specialized events that the company has attended, and the list of Fagor Industrial clients so that we can interact with them... They are also responsible for choosing which aspects to feature in communication 2.0, as well as being responsible for approving content. The support of the Marketing Department is especially important when handling doubts and questions as it enables us to provide perfect customer service. They are also in charge of forwarding all the technical or sales questions that we register through our social media work, say the social media managers. Tools used on a daily basis: Tools are used to both boost and monitor social media activity. They allow the team to have the latest information on what is being said about Fagor Industrial or about the industry in general, which is a defining factor in social media success. Tools such as Hootsuite, SocialBro, Sprout Social, Google Analytics, and Followerwonk are supplemented with information provided by the social networks themselves. The Social Media team at Fagor Industrial: The team consists of a Communication Manager and Marketing Director (Fagor Industrial) and a company specialized in digital marketing (El Delfín Digital). The individuals involved in the project are the Director of Digital Marketing and the Social Media Manager, who manages communication directly. 11

7 TODAY EUROPE LA VIÑA DEL ENSANCHE INTERVIEW Located in the Ensanche area of Bilbao, this establishment entrusted its kitchens to Fagor Industrial as a safe choice that stands out for its reassurance and reliability as a company. _Bilbao (Spain) La Viña del Ensanche is one of the most characterful establishments in Bilbao's old town. How did it come about? La Viña del Ensanche was founded in 1927 by our grandfather Bautista González. After five years working as a waiter at Café Martí in Havana, Cuba, he moved to Bilbao and opened a bar in the Ensanche area. He soon realized that customers really appreciated being able to choose from a small selection of products that were of the finest quality. That was how he started working with companies which are instantly recognizable today, such as the ham specialist, Joselito. La Viña del Ensanche was one of the first bars where you could enjoy a good piece of ham and a good wine. Then came tuna from the Cantabrian Sea, salted anchovies, cheese, sweet Cariñena wine Your products unite tradition and quality, as do your premises themselves - the furniture is original with an innovative and homely touch. What is La Viña del Ensanche's secret for capturing the essence of the original experience from 1927? If you look beyond the fact that we've kept the original furniture, we try to change with the times without altering what was there in the first place and even the fact that we deal with the third and fourth generations of some of our first suppliers, you'll see that we are totally committed to every single one of the 1,300 people who visit us every day. Really it's the customers who keep the essence of this establishment going from day to day. The philosophy of La Viña del Ensanche has remained the same since quality over quantity Juan González Iturrioz. Juan González Iturrioz with his sisters

8 Fagor is a safe bet. Which items of Fagor Industrial equipment have you had installed in your establishment? How have you found them to use? We currently have two kitchens, one of which is fully equipped with Fagor Industrial products. This kitchen is an open kitchen and it has two combi ovens, two induction hobs and a hard chrome grill. We also have several refrigerators that are fully built into an island (which is completely custom made) which acts as both the assembly area and a barrier between the kitchen and the tables in the restaurant. On the restaurant side, this island is topped off with an oak bar where customers can sit and watch how their dishes are made. After seeing the results, both in terms of efficiency and ease of use, our other kitchen has already started to be "invaded" by Fagor products. What made you choose appliances made by Fagor Industrial? What do you think are the company's greatest assets? Could that degree of confidence translate into other joint ventures in the future? Aside from its impressive marketing, Fagor Industrial was the only company that conveyed reassurance and reliability. That reassurance was basically founded on pillars such as experience, manufacturing, and sales. They explained the product to us, they gave us a demonstration, and tailored it to our needs. They left us with no doubts. If we decide to expand or change our facilities in the future, we'll choose Fagor Industrial because they are a safe bet. You have a dining area which looks onto the kitchen so that customers can watch their food - mainly seasonal produce and innovative dishes - being prepared. What is the purpose of this? It's about showing our work, bringing it closer to the customers and getting them involved, if they wish. It gives customers the chance to speak to the chefs, to see the products before they are cooked and, above all, to feel as comfortable as they would in their own home. When it comes to food and keeping a traditional flavor, what is La Viña del Ensanche's philosophy and what kind or products or menus do you offer? Whether we're talking about the bar, the shop, or the workshop, our philosophy has remained the same since 1927: "quality over quantity." It's true that nowadays we have to offer more and diversify, but quality still reigns supreme over what we serve at La Viña. We offer two set menus and a small menu of individual dishes for sharing, as well as tapas which are freshly made to order at the bar. Aside from its impressive marketing, Fagor Industrial was the only company that conveyed reassurance and reliability

9 One of the unique features of La Viña del Ensanche is the workshop, a multipurpose space which has been designed to offer the customer a new, exclusive experience. What led you to launch this service? What impact do you think this area of the establishment will have upon the members of the public who visit it? The workshop is an attempt to create a calmer space where people can enjoy our products at a slower pace and with more exclusive service. It's the complete opposite of the bar, where movement and noise take center stage. The workshop demands a much slower work process, which means that the impact is much more contained. You also have a shop which offers an exquisite selection of products and culinary delights that customers can take home. Why did you decide to branch out in this way? The shop is ideal for those who want to take a little piece of La Viña del Ensanche back home with them, whether that be a bottle of wine, ham, anchovies, or just a special little something for that special someone. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to be there on our customers' tables or in their gifts. The philosophy of La Viña del Ensanche The workshop has remained is an attempt the same to create since a calmer 1927 space - quality where over people quantity can Juan enjoy González our Iturrioz. products at a slower pace and with more exclusive service

10 La Viña B2B. And finally, what plans or challenges are in store for La Viña del Ensanche in the future? Within your business model, you also have a branch called La Viña B2B which is designed to offer solutions for events organizers and travel agents. What made you set up this line of business, and how important is it within your company?, La Viña del Ensanche has 36 employees to serve the 1,300 people who come through our doors every day on average. Our plans for the future include being open every day, improving what we do as time progresses, and being thankful for everything we have. It's something entirely new for us but we're ready to give it all the attention it needs. The workshop and shop share a space of almost 170 square meters right in the heart of Bilbao's shopping and financial district. They sit on a pedestrian street immediately next to a subway station and are surrounded by the best hotels. Several companies have been impressed with the style and design of the place, the fact that the kitchen is in view, and how easy it is to get here. This has led to us being approached to hold courses on coaching, business meetings, and cooking workshops. It's something that has just come up and we'll fit it in with our day to day work

11 Fagor Industrial helps to design and fit out the new premises for the Ur-Gaiñ gastronomic society in Trintxerpe-Pasaia. _Trintxerpe-Pasaia (Spain) Background. The Ur-Gaiñ society in Trintxerpe-Pasaia is one of the oldest public societies in Gipuzkoa. The name of the society means on the water in Basque and reflects its proximity to the fishing port. It was founded in 1958 when a group of individuals from Trintxerpe decided to open their own premises where they could meet, cook, and eat with friends (the main reason for the creation of the society), as well as organize various activities and contribute to sport and culture in Trintxerpe. That year, thanks to the help of various residents from the town, the group managed to rent a site on the Illunbe country house estate, which is one of the oldest buildings in the area (dating back to the 17th century). The society was based at this site until 2012, when it had to vacate the premises for various reasons. Preliminary analysis After a lot of number crunching to calculate how much each member would have to contribute towards the renovation and refurbishment of the building and the cost of buying the necessary new material, it was decided that the work should go ahead so that the new premises would be open as soon as possible. The society's new premises will have an approximate total surface area of 170 m 2, including the top floor, mezzanine area, and indoor storage. The cooking and washing area will occupy 25 m 2, almost 10 more than the kitchen at the old site. In order to execute the work, Ur-Gaiñ hired the architect Ricardo Navas - who hails from Pasaia - to manage the overall project. And Fagor Industrial's project manager, José Ignacio Hurtado (a member of the society who also comes from the town), was requested to give advice on the design so that a plan could be drawn up detailing the floor area and the necessary equipment and installations. Plan of the society's new premises before building work began. The premises that the society had been operating from for the 54 years since it opened had a total net area of around 80 m 2. Of this, 16 m 2 corresponded to the kitchen, 9 m 2 to the pantry and storage areas, while the dining and coffee/drinks area covered 55 m 2. At the time of the move, the cooking section consisted of four small ranges, each with 2 burners and an oven, which together acted as the central cooking equipment. These appliances had been recently purchased and replaced the original central range that the society had used since its founding. The work area consisted of stainless steel work surfaces with a sink, flat wall shelving, and racks (all made from stainless steel), domestic wall cupboards and a small, undercounter refrigerator. The refrigerator was located in the dining area. Other pieces of equipment included a coffee machine on a stand, ice maker, and wooden shelves for liquors and cans. When the society had to find a new location, the involvement of a resident was again key in securing new premises for Ur-Gaiñ in The new site was obtained under advantageous conditions and larger than the previous one. It was a ground floor complex measuring 140 m 2 which used to be used as a small mechanics workshop, and even had a gantry crane. It also had a small mezzanine area where the offices were located. The new premises were in an industrial building with modernist architecture designed by the San Sebastian architect Fausto Gaiztarro. The building was a local heritage site, which meant that any requirements dictated by the town council at any point could make the restoration work more difficult and expensive. However, the site had access to a pedestrian square plus a recreation area and children's playground, and many members saw this as an important advantage. Plan showing the society's old premises ( ) In order to execute the project, Ur-Gaiñ hired the architect Ricardo Navas, who hails from Pasaia. Initial approach - Distribution of areas Definitive ground layout The pantry shared its space with a writing desk which served as the office. Photographs of the society's old premises. The project was developed using the Fagor Equip program, a piece of applied software which is copyrighted to Fagor Industrial and used for 3D Autocad Architectural projects

12 Building work plans The size of the new premises means that the dining area can fit more tables and, therefore, more diners. Layout calculations for the different zones indicated that the dining area could have a maximum capacity of around 80 guests (in the old society, the dining room's capacity was 52). Therefore, in the initial planning of the project, Fagor Industrial considered it necessary to install more elements in the cooking area to meet the demands of the additional guests. A kitchen installation was then designed to suit the requirements of the society. Once the access stairway had been modified, the existing mezzanine area would also provide another area where small tables could be set up to create a secondary dining area. This mezzanine would be used to gain access to the back of the premises, which is the location of the society's offices and the boiler room that houses the extraction and air conditioning equipment. Kitchen project and design. Once it was established what material was available, the equipment was laid out again using the original design and fitting in any items that could be taken advantage of. It is always a problem when it comes to laying out equipment on premises with pillars, but in this case the issue was solved by using these pillars to add a wall and thereby separate the washing area from the preparation and cooking area. Some furniture from the old premises was installed in the washing area which has a sink for washing up, a drain for scraping dirty dishes, and a cupboard to house a trash can. Some of the existing wall shelving was also put up in that area to store crockery and glasses. The new equipment added to this area includes a front-loading FI-30 dishwasher and EDENOX pre-rinse spray, model GDM2C-E. To round off the area, a small piece of stainless steel was used to extend the worktop over the dishwasher. It's important to note that the old premises did not have a dishwasher, so this provides added convenience for members and those who are involved in cleaning duties. The cooking section was designed to accommodate the four small ranges (similar to Fagor Industrial's CG-210 model) which had been connected together on the old premises to form a small central cooking unit. The greater number of guests (and bearing in mind the dishes and foods which are traditionally prepared at Ur- Gaiñ), necessitated the installation of a "fry-top" grill for roasting and a barbecue, in addition to the aforementioned pieces. In this way, the old system of a griddle plate being used over the ranges burners, which had been in use until that time to do roasting of both meats and fish, could be replaced by a barbecue grill over an open flame. Thus, the eight burners were therefore left reserved for cooking and frying using saucepans and frying pans. The griddle plates have been kept as standby equipment and can be used for roasting from time to time. Given the dimensions and potential of the premises, the BG7-10 charcoal grill with lava rock and the FTG7-10 VL grill were chosen from Fagor Industrial's 700 Series, along with their corresponding support stands, MB7-10. These appliances replace the aforementioned griddle plates on the old range tops, providing both a better level of performance and a larger area for roasting. The kitchen section was designed so that the ranges could be positioned one against the other, next to the partition that divides the cooking and washing areas. To finish up the area, the ranges were lined up with these two new machines. As the appliances varied in depth, there was a space in the middle between the ranges. In order to close this gap, a piece of stainless steel with a reinforced bottom was designed in order to create an interesting support area in the middle. Although all the appliances in this cooking section run on natural gas, a single phase electrical supply is expected to be installed in this middle area in order to accommodate any future changes to equipment and repositioning of appliances. In the future, this will be used to power the electronic valves and piezoelectrics that many gas appliances already have so that their components can be turned on and operated. The other item salvaged from the old premises was a work surface with a sink, which was positioned next to the kitchen's back wall as a Layout of kitchen machines. In green, newly-acquired materials. In red, materials used from the old premises. wall-mounted prep counter. The remaining items from the work and support area were then placed underneath: a small undercounter fridge (existing appliance), an AFP-1403-C refrigerated cabinet with a freezer compartment (for bottles, cans, and frozen products), and items related to coffee and drinks. The spaces between the pilasters were closed using pieces of custom stainless steel. Finally, the design of the granite-built prep and service counter allows an MSP- 200 refrigerated counter to fit underneath, thereby increasing the volume available for food storage. The narrow space available at the back of the kitchen was turned into a storage area and pantry for dry products and also leads to a small boiler room. Local steel workers were tasked with making the extractor fan and the stainless steel accessories and extras. The extractor fan comes complete with extraction and air intake equipment and this has been installed at the rear of mezzanine area in the machine room (on top of the boiler room on the ground floor), where the air conditioning equipment is also located. 3D Image: Appearance of the society's premises after the works had finished LIST OF INDUSTRIAL APPLIANCES USED IN THE PROJECT. However, as is often the case, financial matters were of paramount importance throughout the whole process. No sooner had the workmen set foot on the premises that unforeseen costs started to creep in, the council demanded further changes to the submitted project and the initial budget for the overall project had to be reduced as much as possible. José Ignacio Hurtado was therefore requested to modify the initial design, under the important proviso that the existing material from the old society should be reused as much as possible. All the material and equipment from the old premises had been stored temporarily on nearby industrial premises. Once the condition of the kitchen appliances had been analysed (it had already been decided that the four two-burner ranges, coffee machine, and ice cube maker would stay), a decision was made to use the two large stainless steel work surfaces found in the work and preparation area, as well as the small undercounter refrigerator and wall shelving. AF-1403 C Refrigerator Appliances recovered from the old premises - Set of 4 ranges with ovens (existing units) - Neutral worktop with sink for washing up (existing unit) - Neutral worktop with sink for food preparation (existing unit) - Undercounter refrigerator (existing unit) - 2 group coffee machine (existing unit) - Wall shelving for dishes (1,600x400 mm) (existing unit) - Wall shelving for glasses (1,200x250 mm) (existing unit) - Wall racks for utensils and lids (existing unit) New equipment - FTG7-10 VL Fry-top grill (Fagor) - BG7-10 Charcoal grill (Fagor) - MB7-10 Base units (quantity=2) (Fagor) - MSP-200 Refrigerated counter (Fagor) - FI-30 Stand dishwasher (Fagor) - AF-1403-C Refrigerator(Fagor) - EML-840 wall shelving (Edenox) - GDM2C-E Twin pre-rinse spray with hose (Edenox) - Wall cabinets (custom steel) - Coffee machine counter (custom steel) - Hood extractor (custom steel / installer) - Stainless steel accessories and extras (custom steel) - Wine display rack (private donation) - Shelving for the pantry 22 23

13 Name of section Dining area. The society's dining area was furnished using tables and benches from the old premises and by purchasing another three tables with benches that were similar to the existing ones. Five sets of small tables and chairs were also purchased, and four of these were set out on the existing mezzanine area above the toilets, alongside the offices. As a result, the total dining capacity of the premises is 94. With regards to decoration and lighting on the premises designed by architect Ricardo Navas, Mari Luz Etxaniz - an artist from Trintxerpe-Pasaia - painted a mural based on an old photograph of the town from the 1950s, which was when the Ur-Gaiñ society was founded. This mural stretches above the kitchen counter and is also a very discreet way of hiding the air grilles and the air supply for the extractor fan. The front doors to the premises, the bathrooms, and the space inside the toilets were all built to comply with regulations regarding wheelchair access and mobility. Lastly, those in charge of the society also decided to install the latest technology on the premises to enhance comfort for members. For example, it has two large screen televisions as well as its own wifi network. Members use a very intuitive touchscreen computer system to pay for their drinks. Another massive advantage is that members can book tables over the internet by visiting the society's own website. This means that they no longer have to drop in to physically write down the booking as they did in previous years. José Ignacio Hurtado Project Manager at Fagor Industrial In a gastronomic society, the cooking appliances must be simple and easy to use for any member. The photographs of the space shown belong to the Ur-Gaiñ menber Ignacio Bereciartu Along with the architect Ricardo Navas, in the direction of works, Project Manager at Fagor Industrial, José Ignacio Hurtado -also originally from Txintxerpe-Pasaia- participated in the tasks of advising on the design and creation of a layout plan for the surfaces, equipment, and facilities which were necessary in the new headquarters of the Ur-Gaiñ society. The project was drafted with Fagor's own software program, Fagor Equip. What is the difference between designing or fitting out a gastronomic society and a restaurant? A gastronomic society is a small restaurant where many amateur chefs work. The cooking appliances must be simple and easy to use for any member. Combi ovens aren't usually installed, for instance. Instead, they tend to use gas ranges and grills that are very easy to switch on and control, as well as static ovens. How long did it take to remodel Ur Gaiñ? The renovation and refurbishment of the site took roughly six months. That was the length of time between obtaining the building permit and completing the work. What are the key pieces of new equipment that Fagor has introduced? APPROXIMATE DISTRIBUTION OF SURFACES ON THE PREMISES LAYOUT OF TABLES FOR GUESTS The Ur-Gaiñ gastronomic society has had several new items of equipment put in. In the cooking area, the team installed the BG7-10 charcoal grill with lava rocks and the FTG7-10 VL fry-top grill, both with their respective MB7-10 base units. The washing up area has been equipped with an FI-30 front-loading stand dishwasher. As for the storage equipment, we chose to install an MSP-200 underbench refrigerated counter and an AFP-1403-C refrigerator with freezer undercounter. Hall: Dining room: Kitchen area: Washing area: Bathrooms: Pantry and boiler room on the ground floor: Mezzanine secondary dining area: Offices and machine room on the top floor: TOTAL: 7.0 m m m m m m m m m 2 Main dining room (ground floor) - 3 Tables for 12 diners 36-3 Tables for 10 diners 30-1 Table for 8 diners 8-1 Table for 4 diners 4 Secondary dining area (mezzanine) - 4 Tables for 4 diners 16 TOTAL dining capacity: 94 Of all the proposed improvements that were made, which one would you single out? The most significant improvement was to physically separate the washing area from the preparation and cooking area. And it has to be said that we were spot on with redesigning the facilities because we were able to fit in the two large work surfaces and wall shelving for the glasses and crockery which had been rescued from the old premises. This gave us the opportunity to install an FI-30 dishwasher, for example

14 SanwiCoffee takes the Fagor Award for Innovation at the ninth annual Euskal Herria Pintxo Championship. _Hondarribia (Spain) Fagor Industrial gets on board the mobile revolution _Oñati (Spain) Contents adapted to and optimized for any mobile device, allowing you to browse the page easily and conveniently. Roberto Artíguez from SanwiCoffee Restaurant & Bar (Bilbao) was named the winner of the Fagor Award for Innovation at the ninth annual Euskal Herria Pintxo Championship. Hezur Muina won over the Hospitality Association of Hondarribia jury and was proclaimed the winner. Aitor Urbaneja, sales manager for the northern region of Fagor Industrial, presented the winner with his certificate and prize, which was a selection of Fagor equipment for his restaurant. The competition was held at the Itsas Etxea Auditorium in Hondarribia and saw around eighty prestigious chefs from the Basque Country, Navarra, and Iparralde take part. Adopting a cooking show approach, the culinary event saw Jesús Iñigo and Nerea Sistiaga from the Ábaco Huarte restaurant crowned the winners with a dish called Sardina de Roca. The world has changed. In this day and age, we acquire information from an infinite amount of mobile devices which allow us to access the internet from anywhere on the planet; therefore, ease of use when browsing through these devices is fundamental for a positive user experience. For that reason, Fagor Industrial has applied responsive design to its website a design scheme which optimizes contents to fit on any smart phone screen. We cannot be left behind, as more than 50% of hits to websites are from mobile devices and that number is rising. In addition, 21.5% of the connections made to are from a cell phone or tablet. We at Fagor Industrial want to be close to you, wherever you are, however you look for us. In response to that commitment, we ve revamped the design of our website and, from today on, it will be adapted to your smart phone for easier and more reliable viewing of contents. The mobile revolution has arrived: more than 1,800 cell phones were sold last year and more than half of them were smart phones. Our spirit to evolve drives us to make this change which puts us one the forefront of current technological issues; being prepared, up-to-date, and adapted to the times in which we live and the necessities that come about as a result of those times. This is a change which gives our clients the positive experience they ve come to expect of us. All the marketing documentation that you need: coming soon to the private dealer portal _Oñati (Spain) Now you can dispose of all the Fagor Industrial informational bulletins. All the marking documents and informational bulletins that you need for sales are now just a click away. Because, with the new portal designed for dealers, Fagor Industrial aims to make it easier to search for, obtain, access, and even print anything you need. General catalogs, presentations, flyers, displays, POS items for the store, posters all of this is ready for printing. In addition, there is a printing guide with instructions so that things can be managed easily, quickly, and with your trusted providers. This is a portal that you ll soon be able to access via Fagor Industrial s website or directly with a URL. For access, you can use the same username and password that you currently use for the extranet. In this way, Fagor Industrial hopes to make their dealers work easier and offer all the tools necessary for good, quality sales and service

15 Fagor Industrial designs the kitchens for GASMA's Cocina tu Futuro competition. Gasma aims for a gastronomic ecosystem. _Castellón (Spain) Anchovies stuffed with strawberry gazpacho and served with a nut crunch. This is the brave and innovative recipe chosen by Angélica Catalina Quesada and Jorge Lengua Álvaro, the two young chefs who were proclaimed the winners of the Cocina tu Futuro competition promoted by the University Center of Gastronomy and Culinary Management (GASMA), which is part of Cardenal Herrera University in Castellón. The winners of the competition received an extraordinary academic prize in the form of the so-called GASMA Scholarship. This covers the cost of enrolling (around 10,000) and the 60 credits for the first year of the new degree course in gastronomy and culinary management offered by the Mediterranean center. The courses endeavour to bring this discipline to university classrooms, taking into account that research, innovation and development are some of the fundamental aspects. The Cocina tu futuro initiative also served to promote and raise awareness of the ethics of this university center (www.gasma.es) which has a clear devotion to both cooking and entrepreneurship. This is the belief of the respected chef Jordi Ferrer, coordinator of the degree course in Gastronomy and Culinary Management and one of the main driving forces behind this competition. "The feedback has been excellent for various reasons. It has undoubtedly been a very powerful marketing tool for raising the profile of GASMA and its values, providing a comprehensive insight into what cooking is, he stated. Regarded as a leading college throughout the Mediterranean area, the University Center of Gastronomy and Culinary Management at Cardenal Herrera University has taken off by responding to the needs of the market, creating a gastronomic ecosystem which transcends the physical space of the classroom, and having a clear international vocation. In addition to the official degree course, other options include various master's degrees, courses, and workshops for cooking professionals and amateurs. With the idea of capitalizing on the opportunities that gastronomy brings, GASMA aims to take advantage of the passion and interest of its students and turn them into a career. The food industry has a strong potential for creating jobs in Spain, a world leader in cuisine due to the high quality and prestige of its restaurants as well as the chefs in charge of them. This helps to increase the social prestige of cooking-related jobs and to improve management and finance knowledge within the industry thanks to university training such as the kind GASMA offers. Fagor with "Cocina tu futuro." Appropriately enough for an innovative culinary event such as this, Fagor Industrial got fully involved in the contest. Special tables were designed for those taking part in the competition and a Symphony kitchen was also provided, giving it a style befitting of the pioneering television program Masterchef. The idea came from a clear spirit for quality gastronomy which not only involves cooking well, but also managing all the resources well, said Jordi Ferrer. The competition therefore sought to recognize both the best chefs and those who demonstrated the best management when shopping for ingredients and using time efficiently. In the end, Angélica Catalina (aged 31) and Jorge Lengua (aged 19) were the pair who walked away with the culinary title. Angélica already had experience working in a kitchen as she holds a degree in cooking from the Valencia School of Hospitality, whereas Jorge has given up a business administration course to turn his love and passion for cooking into a career. GASMA spirit. In a nail-biting final that was full of tension and nerves, the jury - which included Miguel Barrera, chef at the only restaurant in Castellón to hold a Michelin star (Cal Paradís), and Jordi Ferrer himself - chose the anchovies stuffed with strawberry gazpacho and served with a nut crunch. But above all and beyond the dish itself, they chose the pair who had best represented the GASMA spirit - in other words, management skills, art, and culinary techniques. Ferrer, a renowned expert on rice who has worked in restaurants such as Ferrán Adrià's El Bulli and other Michelin starred establishments like Akelarre, Arrop, and Alejandro, announced that plans were already being made for a second Cocina tu Futuro event. Next year GASMA will offer a course which is equivalent to a university degree. This year, we're offering a foundation course. We see Cocina tu Futuro as a powerful promotional tool with regards to our campaign to attract students for our future courses. As the first private educational establishment in Valencia to bring specialized courses in gastronomy and business management to the classroom, the University Center of Gastronomy and Culinary Management has the backing of Cardenal Herrera University CEU due to it being an innovative and cutting-edge concept. Cardenal Herrera University has over 40 years of experience and is a prestigious institution, especially in the field of management and the struggle to synthesize university life and professional activity

16 Fagor Industrial takes part in GastroTEA, a fine dining event for charity. _Murcia (Spain) INTERVIEW "Unileman stands out for its close relationship with the customer" _Ciudad Real (Spain) Last March, the Association for People on the Autistic Spectrum in Murcia (ASTEAMUR) held the third GastroTEA event, a fine dining session for charity. The purpose of the event is to raise money to fund therapy aimed at helping children with this condition and enabling them to integrate with society, as well as to raise the profile of the Association and improve awareness of autism in society. Fagor Industrial and Fornet, one of the brand's official dealers, attended the event and donated a Symphony range, an oven from the Advance Plus range (range APE-101), an ATA-101 blast chiller, as well as several workable and refrigerated counters (MFP-135 from the Concept range and MFP-180 AD from the Advance range). The event kicked off with a showcase starring Eneko Atxa, chef at the three Michelin-starred Azurmendi restaurant in Vizcaya. Held at the Murcia Circus Theatre, the opening event was also attended by Murcia chefs Pablo González, Firo Vázquez, and Juan Lax, among others. Fagor Industrial and Fornet were extremely keen to do their bit for charity and support this event which also featured a cocktail lunch provided by the Association of Bakers and Confectioners (AMURECO), a cooking workshop with children from ASTEAMUR and, finally, a charity gala dinner. Fagor Industrial wins the prize for best corporate website at the 2014 DIARIOVASCO.COM AWARDS Located on the Herencia Industrial Park in the province of Ciudad Real, the Fagor Industrial dealer, Unileman, operates on a 950 m 2 site that includes a warehouse, workshop, and showroom. It started out selling cigarette vending machines and eventually crossed paths with the hospitality industry, which would lead the company to market the small appliances that clients in the industry were demanding. It now offers a complete installation service. What does Unileman offer its customers? We're a company that provides complete installation work for the hospitality sector. Our goal is to take the business idea that our clients have in their heads and mould it into shape. Our work ranges from creating floor plans to installing equipment. We also advise our customers on which equipment they need and we let them know about any new concepts that are being launched in the industry. What are the main reasons that led you to become a Fagor Industrial dealer? On the one hand, there's the quality-price ratio of Fagor Industrial products. The other reason is its wide variety of product ranges and the fact that it is constantly launching new ideas. It's a real advantage to be able to carry out a full installation with the same brand. What installations have you completed with Fagor so far? Which one would you highlight in particular? They range from army camps to wedding venues, clinics for the elderly, schools, cafés, restaurants... The ones that particularly stand out are the installations we carried out in various clinics for the elderly and schools. This is partly due to the complexity involved in terms of design (they include industrial laundry, etc.), and also due to organizational issues. In the case of schools, everything has to be dealt with during the holidays, with all the difficulties that brings. What has been your latest project? We were working on an old building - one of those farmhouses that are typically found in Castilla-La Mancha - and converted it into a hotel complex. While respecting the environment that was already there, we redesigned the site so that it could be used as a venue for all kinds of events. What aspects would you single out as Unileman's strong points? Unileman stands out for its close relationship with the customer above all. We take ownership of any difficulties that may arise during the development of a business idea and we respond quickly to those needs to ensure our clients are as satisfied as possible. What projects do you expect to undertake in the near future? Are you going to add any new lines of business? We want to really boost our service and improve the advice that we offer to our customers. We want to ensure they are always up to date with regards to innovation in appliances that are launched on the market. We want our customers to be able to transfer those ideas to their businesses, making them more profitable. _San Sebastián (Spain) The awards were organized by the El Diario Vasco newspaper, which belongs to the Vocento group, and they cover six categories: Best Corporate Website, Best Public Institution Website, Best E-Commerce Website, Best Personal Blog, Best Website for the Promotion of Basque Language, and Best Mobile Application. The candidates for the various categories were nominated by website users themselves. The title of Best Corporate Website, which was the category won by Fagor Industrial, is awarded to businesses who make effective use of a website to enhance relationships with customers and suppliers, carry out media and marketing activity, and attract more business. This year, Fagor Industrial had the pleasure of being nominated for this award alongside another two finalists: AFM and Oreka interactive. A jury of professionals from the internet industry selected the companies that had stood out for their excellence across various areas online. Innovation, design, usability, use of social media, and usefulness to the user were some of the criteria taken into account when choosing the winners

17 Fagor Cooking Experience: a pioneering idea on wheels. _Rotterdam (Netherlands) THERE IS A TREND IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY FOR CHEFS ALL OVER THE WORLD TO USE INNOVATIVE SPACES TO PREPARE AND SERVE THEIR DISHES TO THE PUBLIC. THIS IS ABOUT GOING ONE STEP FURTHER. COOKING WITH A DASH OF MARKETING. This is the idea that inspired the modern, refurbished bus devised by Ron Meulman, owner of the Vis aan de Maas restaurant, a distinguished establishment in Rotterdam that specializes in fish. A focal point which is used to demonstrate the latest Fagor Industrial equipment, it also serves to support the company's network of dealers and to capture potential new customers. This is the innovative proposal that one of Fagor's customers and users has come up with. With 35 years of expertise and extensive experience in the hospitality industry, Ron is a respected chef and businessman who has always been one step ahead. The bus stops at the door of restaurants, hotels and other types of catering establishments who have requested it. The aim is to demonstrate the latest cooking technology and train their kitchen staff. The aim is to demonstrate the latest cooking technology and train their kitchen staff. Fagor Cooking Experience Under the Cooking Experience slogan, the professionals who attend these demonstrations come face to face with Fagor products. From Advance ovens to dishwashers that run on natural gas, a source of energy which has financial benefits in both the Netherlands and the European Union. The goal is to promote the Fagor brand in a market with still has a lot of potential and get across the excellent quality-price ratio that the Spanish multiproduct manufacturer offers. This type of cooking show event allows people to familiarize themselves with the products being presented and find out how it feels to use highquality appliances. The inside of the mobile bus has been adapted to fit a kitchen equipped by Fagor Industrial. It boasts a Fagor Advance APE-061 steam oven, refrigerator, work stand surface, and dishwasher, among other items. The interior has been fitted out so as a fully functional kitchen. That is why I'm so excited about Fagor's equipment and I hope that I can get that feeling across to the business owners who attend our demonstrations, says Meulman. For many years, I'd been toying with the idea of visiting institutions or restaurant owners on their own turf as their chefs hardly have any time to visit showrooms or attend product demonstrations, he adds. A company with experience in reconstructing buses and lorries for a specific purpose took on the task of adapting the vehicle, and the bus also has a natural gas engine to make it environmentally friendly. This an important issue in cities such as Rotterdam, where people are very concerned with energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. The mobile bus comes complete with electrical system, water supply, storage, and steam outlet area. Meulman says, We also have a pyramid-type tent measuring 32 square meters that we can set up quickly, and we erect this tent next to the bus when large groups arrive. There they can test the results of the cooking workshop and even have a drink. And despite the high level of investment made by Meulman Group, Ron is convinced that using a bus that is specially designed to hold demonstrations will pay off in the end. There's too much competition in this line of business and it's essential to promote new ideas which have an impact on customers and professionals, adds Meulman. The latest initiative that he has been promoting at the wheel of the Fagor Bus is live demonstrations. This novel approach allows Dutch restaurant owners to get better acquainted with Fagor Industrial equipment and shows them the best way to use the appliances installed in this showroom on wheels Ron Meulman and family at the entrance of their restaurant Ron Meulman in front of the Fagor Bus

18 Over a hundred hotel and restaurant owners in Hungary get acquainted with our Advance Generation ovens. _Hungary Last December, Fagor Industrial presented the Advance Plus range of ovens to around a hundred hotel and restaurant owners from the Hungarian region of Szolnok, Tiszaliget. The conference room at the Garden Hotel was the chosen venue for the presentation given by Fagor Industrial and Mirbest, a food supplier in the Central European country. In a session lasting over two hours, representatives from the regional hospitality, restaurant, and catering industry who attended the professional-led demonstrations were able to see the fantastic qualities of the Fagor range of ovens for themselves. Judging by the high level of interest shown by the chefs and hotel and restaurant owners in attendance, the showcase met all expectations. Fagor Industrial attends the 16th Gastrofest in the Czech Republic. The Kingsley Hotel trusts Bunzl McLaughlin and Fagor Industrial to renovate its kitchens _Ireland The Kingsley Hotel in Cork (Ireland) is a luxurious four-star hotel complex that has been purchased by Fota Collection and completely remodelled after having remained closed for several years. One of the main projects for the new owners has been the refurbishment of the three hotel kitchens and the restaurant areas. To do this, they hired Bunzl McLaughlin and also entrusted Fagor Industrial with supplying their kitchen equipment. The end result was a full catering service and range of bar equipment supplied in accordance with the specific needs of each kitchen. The process included managing the whole installation project and coordinating with all the other service providers. The kitchens opened on a phased basis, which allowed us to complete staff training and handovers to suit the client's schedule. While all the kitchens were being installed, we secured the the equipment for front of house service and bar areas where there is direct contact with guests, says Billy O Connor, Business Development and Project Manager at Bunzl CDS, before going on to add that the overall design is very good, just like its functionality. It's perfect for such a hectic environment. The spec level was well-balanced to suit the demands of each area. The Kingsley Hotel reopened for business after a complete refurbishment which lasted five months. The establishment offers a range of culinary options including lunch at Fisher s Bar, afternoon tea in the K Lounge, informal dinner in the Springboard restaurant, an à la carte service in Fairbanks restaurant, plus an outstanding banquet service. Its prestigious head chef Paul Lane says that the food is carefully prepared and presented by our team of expert chefs, offering exceptional dishes that are appealing to the eye and absolutely delicious. According to Billy O Connor, it was important for intelligent design and functionality to go hand in hand. So, as well as making sure that each area fulfilled its role, we also checked that they could be run with the best possible efficiency, he states. We design the kitchens to best suit our client and provide them with maximum value and quality Billy O Connor, Business Development and Project Manager at Bunzl CDS. New College Telford launches the National Hotel School with the involvement of Fagor Industrial _United Kingdom New College Telford in the United Kingdom has purchased the Whitehouse Hotel in order to launch the National Hotel School. The new institution will offer various courses, postgraduate and higher education and skills related to cooking, as well as conference and student accommodation facilities. In early 2015, Fagor Industrial installed the kitchen that will help train future chefs at the school. Directed by Graham Stowe (from GLS) and Carson Powell, the appliances used in the project include eight CG7-51 ranges with ovens, eight salamanders, CG7-31 gas range with oven, fryers, and electric fry tops. _Czech Republic A group of representatives from Fagor Industrial in the Czech Republic recently took part in the 23rd annual Gastrofest event held in České Budějovice (South Bohemia). The event was attended by over 200 exhibitors and managed to attract more than 18,000 visitors. Fagor Gastro CZ attended this international event to demonstrate the qualities and features of its Advance Generation ovens to around 30 chefs from 15 participating countries

19 Renewing partnerships with Bunzl McLaughlin _Ireland Fagor Industrial consolidates its position in the Irish market thanks to its renewed partnership with Bunzl McLaughlin (http:// The agreement is to continue for yet another year in order to improve its share of the market in a highly competitive area. During the course of the CATEX 2015 event held in Dublin, Carmelo Villanueva, Fagor Industrial's Area Manager for Europe, and Martin Darling, the Director of Bunzl CDS, sealed a partnership agreement between both companies which will last throughout This means that Fagor Industrial has become Bunzl's primary supplier of catering equipment, and remains linked to one of the leading companies in the market. The targets for the current year are also standing strong; these are to increase the presence of dishwashers in this market by taking advantage of the boost that the new E-VO Generation will bring, and to increase sales of combi ovens thanks to the Advance Generation being well-received by the market. CATEX 2015 The meeting took place in Dublin during Catex 2015 (17-19 February), an event that both companies attended. The format was innovative as the stand was turned into a working restaurant for several days, to the delight of industry professionals. Oier Biritxinaga, Fagor Industrial's corporate chef, was in charge of operations in the kitchen and the end result couldn't have been better. portfolio-2-cols/ Evolving together for 35 years _Belgium Elpo Cuisinex has been one of the leading exporters of Fagor Industrial products and appliances in Belgium for the last 35 years. The long-standing association between the two companies has been mutually beneficial in terms of improving professional prestige and increasing sales in the Belgian market, especially with regards to professional cooking equipment. During this time, Elpo Cuisinex has gone from being a small company to a firm which is highly renowned in its country due to its corporate growth alongside Fagor as a loyal partner. A high level of cooperation and continued mutual contact still remains today. Elpo Cuisinex and Fagor Industrial have evolved together, they say. However, there have also been difficult moments during Elpo Cuisinex's four-decade journey due to the crisis in the hospitality industry. But thanks to an excellent team of staff and a good track record in business, any difficulties have been ironed out as they arose. ELPO CUISINEX IN FACTS AND FIGURES Address of the main office and showroom / Hasselt ELPO-CUISINEX GHG Bedrijfsstraat 18b Hasselt - Belgium Tel: 0032/11/ Fax: 0032/11/ Elpo warehouse : Walenstraat Hasselt Belgium Staff and salespeople: 12 employees Technical Staff: 12 people Warehouse staff: 2 employees Foynland discovers the new E-VO Generation dishwashers _Norway To celebrate the launch of the new E-VO Generation of dishwashers, managers from Fagor Industrial travelled to Norway in January to organize a training session with Foynland, its exclusive dealer in that country. Over the course of the session, both Foynland staff and their clients were able to learn about and appreciate the features of this new Generation. After the training session, the managers of the Norwegian dealer organized a team building activity to bring people together. Those in the course had to cook in pairs in order to prove who could make the best risotto. The typical Spanish paella made by Fagor's Valencian marketing manager and his colleague won the prize, and this was the icing on the cake for a session where the new E-VO Generation dishwashers had been the real stars of the show. Trust, understanding and flexibility The secret to our success lies in the high quality and design of the appliances that Fagor Industrial has to offer, they say at Elpo Cuisinex. "We're very happy to work with their equipment. They are a loyal partner that we appreciate and we feel very satisfied that we have been able to work together all these years in the professional cooking industry, explains Eddy Leyssens, the owner of the Belgian company. He goes on to state that trust, understanding and flexibility are essential in a business relationship. Combined with all that, we also have a great desire to keep the business relationship going in the long term. With the help of Fagor Industrial, Elpo Cuisinex has undertaken major projects in a significant number of Belgian establishments; and direct sales to hotels, restaurants, catering companies, and homes for the elderly currently account for a large part of their portfolio of customers. But sales aren't just restricted to their own country, where they are wholesalers to around 120 dealers, because they also work for the Dutch market. We carry a large volume of stock with around a hundred different Fagor Industrial products in our catalog, which means that dealers can receive their order quickly. That's one of our greatest strengths, they say. They have also been involved in overseas projects such as for a hotel in Curaçao, plus a beach club, restaurant, and nightclub in the Cape Verde Islands. Over the course of Elpo Cuisinex's impressive business history, the way the firm has evolved in the industry has enabled them to learn more about their customers' desires and needs every single day. It's important to keep up to date and be aware of new trends in the market. Sometimes a new perspective is needed and, in that regard, we also believe that Fagor Industrial is doing a great job by pledging its full support to progress and development, remarks Eddy Leyssens. All of this will ensure that Elpo Cuisinex and Fagor Industrial continue to evolve and work in close cooperation with each other in the future. Branch in Liege: ELPO-CUISINEX Rue de la Clef MELEN. Tel: 0032/87/ GSM: Fax: 0032/87/ Branch in Liege: 2 salespeople Management: 5 people Eddy LEYSSENS Owner of the company and Senior General Manager. Jort LEYSSEN New General Manager Annemie DE BOCK Financial Manager Guy MOTMANS Buying Department An LEYSSENS Buying Department and Advertising 36 37

20 TODAY AMERICA Innovation, creativity, self-belief, and zero dogmas are the must-have ingredients for any creative culinary process. _Venezuela Now 35, the renowned Venezuelan chef John Guerrero has been working in kitchens since he was 16 years old. I've spent more time working in the kitchen than I have outside of one, he points out. His training and career are his life experience itself. A very culinary interview with He started out working in Caracas at a restaurant (Café Olé) that had very sophisticated kitchen. He then progressed from being a kitchen assistant to a chef de partie at another establishment (Citron Café). In the late 1990s, he decided to travel to Spain - and also Frankfurt - to get to know other cultures, interact with other professionals and see the culinary techniques that other societies use. The highlights of his impressive career include working under the prestigious chef Santi Santamaría (Can Fabes) and Jordi Picamont (Vic, Barcelona). After advising various restaurants, he decided to set up a culinary bookshop in Madrid which is aimed at chefs and the cookery world. Called Cocineros.info, it is the first specialized bookshop of its kind both nationally and internationally and it has been a true milestone in his career. The shop is both a physical space and online site (with 14,000 visits per day) that offers books published in Spanish and written by leaders in avant-garde cuisine, covering a certain technical level and a broad spectrum of the latest culinary knowledge: Arguiñano, Arzak, Santamaría, Manuel de La Osa, Quique Dacosta, Aduriz, Adrià The initiative essentially led to John Guerrero's current venture, which involves providing consultancy services plus project development and management. It's a company where chefs employ a rather multidisciplinary approach to develop concepts, ideas, projects, and products. We bring everything we can to culinary development from both an intellectual and operational perspective. JOHN GUERRERO How did you start out in the food industry? How old were you when you first started to take a particular interest in cooking and everything that goes with it? I didn't really have a special interest in cooking or being a chef; it was something that just occurred by chance. I was preparing to study Political Sciences and my encounter with cooking was a one-off. At that time, I didn't see it as something to make a career out of. There were a series of circumstances that came together. Then I started to seriously think about working in the world of cooking. My first foray into professional cuisine was in a restaurant in Caracas, where I started off as a self-taught kitchen assistant. That was where I started to understand how a kitchen worked. How did you make the journey from being a self-taught apprentice to the prestigious chef and culinary advisor you are today? The chef mentors who influenced the start of my career decided that it was all well and good if I wanted to study for a catering qualification at college, but they wouldn't be teaching me anything that I hadn't already taught myself. They therefore advised me to travel and get to know other restaurants and to keep learning by gaining more experience in the kitchen. I thought that was a good idea because, among other things, going to catering college is seen as something posh in Venezuela. In fact, the first book that I bought - La ética del gusto (The Ethics of Taste) by Santi Santamaría - helped me enormously because it conveyed what it was to be a self-taught chef and gave me a rather personal insight into gastronomy. As a recognized entrepreneur in the industry, you demonstrate multidisciplinary gastronomy in your daily work. What does the concept involve? It's a way of portraying gastronomy as a combination of science, culture, and the idiosyncrasies of a society or professional environment, such as the world of cooking. It aims to make things easier for industry professionals by explaining certain technical concepts for an idea or a product. That is the essence of multidisciplinary gastronomy, and this is why our staff keeps track of both the administrative side (management, finance ) and the creative side, where we have chefs who work with architects, designers, or food and product engineers

Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably

Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably to refer to any manager from any department responsible

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